Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 27, 1873, Page 16

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 27, 1873 Page 16
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16 THE HUMANE SOCIETY. Ammal lSlcetin? of the Gentlemen Who Propose to Enforce the Lairs Against Persons Who Cruelly Treat Their Ani mals. Report of Work Done Since January—lmprove’ ments Inaugurated in ihe Stables— Swill-Fed Cattle—Electica of Officers. The annual meeting of tho members of the Hlifiois Society for ths Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, for tho purpose of electing officers, etc., was held yester day afternoon, in tho rooms of the Society In the Cen tral Union Block, comer of Madison and Market streets. Edwin Lee Brown, President, was In the chair.' Messrs. J. C. Dore, J. O. Shorten, Prof. O. O. Wheeler, B. P. Darickaon, Perkins Bass, and other gentlemenwere present, Seth B. Howes, Esq., who gave SSOO to the Society, was elected a life member, and Messrs. Wright, Mason, end Sheridan, Police Commissioners, C. E. Felton, B. T» Jacobs, H. B. Miller, J, L. Gerber, A. H. Pickering, Dr. Zenas Coleman, J. V. LeMoyne, and S. B, Chase were elected members. The following gentlemen were elected Directors for the ensuing year: L. P. Wright, Carlile Mason, Mark i Sheridan, E. L. Brown, S. T. Atwater, William H, -Sharp, B. W. Raymond, J, O. Dore, H. C. Goodrich, Perkins Bass, W. B. Troax, M. M. Graves, Peter jfichuttler, B. F. Culver, Samuel Stone, J. H. Fisher, ,‘N. S. Bouton, R. P. Derickeon, John G. Shortall, John 6. Sherman, John Jones, Prof. C. G. Wheeler, S. B, Howes, J. L. Pickard. The following report was read of work done since the Ist of January, 1873: AH complaints are not en tered upon the complaint-book yet, but, from nemo • ran da kept by each officer, and tho regular record, we - find 200 complaints attended to, 46 •prosecutions made, 16 abandoned horses lulled in city, 62 disabled cattle killed at Stock Yards, 47 sheep iniiftfl &t the same place, and 19 horses in the Yards and vicinity. The fines amount to $350. During most of the time, there have been but two officers in tho city and the one at the Slock Yards. A jgood deal of the time of the Agent has been taken up •With the clerical duties of the Society, which seemed to demand attention. A large number of horses have been condemned in the street-car stables, and a better condition of omnibus horses was de manded, and, where immediate efforts in this direction were not made, arrpsts at once followed. An evident and acknowledged improvement is seen in the condition of the horses of most of tho largo stables in the city, a result of this vigorous policy. Small ’bus lines,'which are continually migrat ing from one part of the city to another,'are more difll • cult to manage under existing regulations. The new ordinance now before the City Council will, when passed, enable us to reach this class of offenders. The statement made in the January report in the Humane Journal, in reference to the stabling of cows and Texas cattle, that are being fed upon swill from the distilleries, is referred to as a matter demanding ' serious consideration. The filthiness of some of the stables is simply horrible, and tho ground all around them one mass of liquid filth. The following from the report referred to is all that can be said at present, as the Board of Health have these in stitutions in charge: “As a general proposition, it cannot be denied that tho continuous confinement of rows in a place such as we havo described, for six months at a time, is other thin inhuman and cruel. For these long months these animals stand in a space barely the size of their own bodies. And the milk •from cows kept in this way is daily sold to our citi zens, who, if they could see the stables, the cows, and the milkers, would no dount feel their stomachs hesi tate to receive the draught coming through so much filthiness.” All the prominent stables where Texas cattle are kept were visited, and a large number of stables, both large and small, where milch cows are stabled. Ventilators were caused to be put In. and their crowded condition remedied as far as possible, but the buildings in which these animaia are kept admit of bnt little being done toward improvement. Before another winter passes it should be understood that better stables, admitting of plenty of air, must be built. Recently a number of horses have been suddenly at tacked with & disease of the spine, in the region of the kidneys, and have fallen upon file streets and died. The street car companies have had a number of cases of this kind. Bo far, the best horses are attacked. 6cme die immediately, while others linger along and partially recover, but it Is problematic as to their ulti mate cure. Considerable time has been devoted to the condition of horses* feet which have been ruined in most inaiATi>oa by the cruel and nonsensical cuttings practised by oar borse-shoers. The lameness of a majority of horses run upon our streets can be shown to arise from the use of the knife by the farrier. Bruises, commonly called “ corns,” are directly at tributable to the paring of the sole, and cutting away of the frog of the horse’s feet. These provisions of nature, to protect the foot of the horse when it comes in contact with hard substances, are ruthlessly cut away, and the fresh, tender parts are easily bruised, and all Tnarmpr of foot diseases follow. It is hoped that stop may be put to this practice, which is con demned by all good veterinarians. - Tne report was adopted. Mr. Shortall moved the appointment of a committee of three, acting for the ensuing three months, to so licit annual subscriptions at $5 each. He believed they could get 720, which would defray the necessary ex penses of the Society. Mr. Dore observed that under the general law it was the duty of the County Board to make an appro * nriation of money. That being so, it was perhaps hardly the thing to call on private citizens to subscribe to secure the enforcement of the State law. He be lieved in appointing a committee to labor with the County Board. Mr. Shortall temporarily withdrew his motion, in orderto allow of the election of officers. J. 0. Dore was chosen President; R. F. Dericks on and Perkins Bass, Vice Presidents; S. M. Atwater, Treasurer; and William H. Sharp, Secretary. It was ordered that the President and Vice Presidents consti tute the Executive Committee. Hr. ShortalTs motion was agreed to, and Messrs. London, Graves, and Wheeler were selected as the Committee. It was ordered that, after the present year, the an nual meeting be held on the first Saturday in Slay. A committee, consisting of Messrs. Wheeler, Brown, and Sharp was appointed to consider the propriety of getting up a Co-operative Association of Ladies. The meeting adjourned. The White Star Idne—Resolutions of Pas. senders on Board the Celtic. The London Shipping and Commercial Exprut of the 10th Bays; The following are copies of documents received by Messrs. Isznay, Imzie k. Co.: On the evening of Mon* day, the 7th April, on board the screw-steamer Celtic, the Hon. K. S. Isham, of Chicago, 111., called attention to the propriety of giving some expression of thank* of the passenger* to the efficiency of Capi. Thomp son, officers, and crew of the Celtic. Judge Bacon, Utica, New York, in the name of the passengers, testi fied to the fidelity of the Captain, officers, and crew, and to the good behavior of die ehip. Senator Henry Corbett, Oregon, said he lolly concurred In all that had been said ; that he had traveled in many steam era, but in none had ho ever observed more efficiency in Captain, crew, and in everything that could conduce to the comfort and ease of the passengers, coupled with the staunch sea-going qualities of the ship. They were all looking forward to the time when the requirements of the company would necessitate a tri-weekly service, and the line would then justly bo called the “ Star ” line of the Atlantic. In conclusion, he moved a vote of thanks to the Captain, officers, and crew, which was carried unanimously. On the following morning, after having heard of the lose of the Atlantic, and in furtherance of the fore going, Judge Bacon presented the following formal resolutions, which were unanimously adopted: Euolved, That as the end of the voyage is apparently ▼cry near, we cannot separate from each other, nor de part from the good ship which has gallantly borne us over the great waters, encountering as she did at the beginning of the voyage the “Storm King’* in his jjower, without testifying to her staunch and sterling character as a model sea boat, well appointed, well piMiied, and in aU respects well served, and tendering to Gapt. Thompson, and his able and accomplished as sociates, the expression of our grateful acknowledg ments for their care and fidelity to all the great trusts committed to their hands. JUsdved, That m view of the most appalling and dis tressing calamity which has reached our ears in the wreck of the Atlantic and the loss of many hundred precious human beings, we are more than ever im pressed with that prompt and ceaseless vigilance, that power, not only of stem demand, but of tempered self-restraint, and that instant surrender to the call of duty' irrespective of all selfish gratification or personal ease, which have char acterized the conduct of the Captain of . the Celtic, and to which, with the aid of his able officers and the crew, we all feel that, under a kind Providence, we aro so xniidi Indebted for the comfort, safety, and prosperity of the voyage which is now about to termi nate. JUiolvcd, That the foregoing resolutions be tender* ed to the press for publication. Signed by 22 gentlemen on behalf of the 130 saloon passengers on board.. A Great China and Glassware House. The firm of Soott & Ovington Brothers, of Brooklyn, N. Y., hare, since their establishment in that city three yean ago, so conducted their business that connois seurs of china and glassware look to them exclusively xcr the newest and most tasty articles of crockery. Less than a year ago a branch establishment of this nna, doing a wholesale and retail business, was started here, and in this short space of time their Xore has become a settled institution at No. 219 West Madi -1 We capital, and a thorough knowledge of the wants of all housekeepers, to those who are economizing a modest income, they hare heretofore been able to m eet every requirement. One of the firm ia constanUy In Europe purchasing tho latest novelties, and shipping them here in such quantities that they Recced ing at the lowest rate. Their reputation as sterling business men is well known East among all minor dealers whom they supply. Their Western trade is rapidly assuming formidable proportions. Tremont House Pumiture for Sale. By reference to another column the reader will find advertised the sale of the furniture, fixtures, and tens ?r u*»jmßßf Hhb. the fire ministered to the comforts of Mr. John B. Drake's guests. The house is admirably adapted for families, having 120 rooms, 40 of which are la suites with all modern improvements. The boose is In ex cellent order, rent low, and trill be sold upon liberal terms. If not disposed of on or before Monday, May 6, it will bo sold at public auction. The City Hall Plans In the Land-Owner. Tho contest for the City HaU plan is n.trowing down to a decision. ■ The public are extremely anx loua to oee tbcee plane, that they may Judge for them eelvoa ot an article for which they wlllbo taxed mill lone to pay. The May isauo of that auperb Journal, the Lend- Oirnrr, will he on all the newa-standa Wednesday morning, and will contain the plane, en graved at the cost of eevcnil thouaand dollars. In sdditlon to these, the Land-Otmer will also have a magnificent engraving, showing 300 men at work on Palmer’s Grand Hotel by calcium light,end many other liloetratlons of current evauta and new buildings. This is the grandest number of the ever produced, being a doable sheet. KetaU price, 10 cents per copy, at all the news-slauda. Subscription, $1 per year. In wrappers for mailing at ths counting-room, Ho. 91 Madison street. The Housekeeper’s Delight is a clean, bright carpet, and the Wheeler Novelty Car pet-cleaning Machine of B. A. Edwards & Co., at. Noa. 253 and 255 South Clark street, will make soiled and dirty carpets clean and new, and free them from moths, without injuring thorn, a strong current of air removing oil the duet from them, while they are bcatch with the least possible friction. Every one who sees the machine in operation testifies that this is just what is wanted, and the large number who send their car pets there to be cleaned is proof that the proprietors understand their business. As a clean carpet lasts longer th* n a dirty one, it is ecouomy.tohaveit cleaned. Any leading carpet-dealer will tell you what he thinks of it. Treadle Power. We had the pleasure of examining Cowles* universal treadle power for sewing-machines, at No. 154 Madison street. It Is one of the most remarkable pieces of Tnectmuigm; and of the most practical value, of any new thing in Chicago. It produces a radical change, and accomplishes many advantages that it would re quire too much space to enumerate them, and we would suggest to all interested in sewing-machines to call on Mr. B. W. Robinson and examine it. The Last Opportunity. Braun’s famous Autotypes of Paris, which have at tracted so much attention in the Old World as well as in the principal cities of this country, will remain on free exhibition until Tuesday evening next at Rice & Thompson’s, No, 259 Wabash avenue, when they will positively be removed. Let nolxxly miss this opportu nity to go and see them. A Card. Mr, F. D. Ryan would respectfully announce to his friends and the public that he is prepared to execute orders for decorating and frescoing in all the modern styles, and in all shades of tints, in the most artistic manner. Orders left at J. J, McGrath’s paper hnng in&esUblishznent, Nos. 174 and 176 State street, will receive prompt attention. All work warranted, or no charge. First-Class Vehicles. Having fbiw spring enlarged and improved our warerooms, we announce to all interested in fine car riages that we have a large stock of first-class vehicles which are unsurpassed for quality and style in the city. We would be pleased to have the public call and examine. AH our work is warranted, and our prices cannot fail to be satisfactory. Garland, Holmes & Co., Nos. 60 and 62 North Canal street. Fine Groceries. Messrs. Stephens k Hayes, at No. 80 State street, have just opened a retail departmeet iu connection with their wholesale grocery trade, and are prepared to offer extra Inducements to purchasers both in quality and price in teas, coffees, spices, and everything per taining to the trade. The Best chance to make money in Chicago will be acid very cheap for cash,’ If applied for at onco. The Merchants* Dining Booms Restaurant, situated at No, 53 West Madison street, is now doing a large business. It presents to any party having a small cash capital a splendid opportunity to make money. Apply on the premises. Whyland & Foss, proprietors. Worth Hearing, The sublime symphonies of Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart are rendered to perfection on the George Woods k Co. Parlor Organa. The deep foundation of contra-bass, and the exquisitely-voiced solo stops they possess, produce orchestral effects surprisingly beauti ful; no one should fail to hear them, Warerooms on Adams street, near State. A Perfect Boof. A good roof is a desideratum long needed. Build ers and architects are interested in the new fire and water-proof roofing of Messrs. Perry k Brooks. It has stood every teat, and meets everywhere with un qualified approval. Bead their advertisement. Furniture at Auction, We call special attention to the sale of elegant furni ture tc be sold at auction by Ellison k Foster, at No. 635 West Washington street, on Tuesday morning, April 29, at 10 o’clock. Parties wishing beautiful furni ture should not fail to attend this sale. The Genuine Geyser Spring: Water la drawn by Buck & Bayner, at both atorea. TO BENT. FOK. lEV-EHST'a?. Stores, Offices, and Dwellings, in all parts of the city. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., Real Estate ana Renting Agency, 144 LaSalle-sU, Otis Block. TO RENT. The Store in Hamlin Bros. Build ing, Ho. 89 Clark-st., and basement in rear of same, under Foley’s Bill iard Hall, from May 1, 1873. Ap ply to J. A. HAMLIN & 88.0., ■ 177 Fifth-av., 3d floor. TO RENT, FIRST-CUSS RESTAURANT, With good-wri 11 and fixtures for sale, doing a good busi ness, which is increasing daily; for sale at a bargain; sit uated on Bast Madlaon-st. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON k CO., TO RENT. Second floor Wo. 242 East Madison-st.; size, 80x20, opposite Eield, Beiter & Co.’s: key on third floor.* Eor particulars apply to SEAVEV, POSTER & BOWMAN, XO and 12 Madison-st. TO RENT. Four 4-story and basementßrick Stores. Nos. 63, 65, 69 and 73 West Wasbington-st. Steam power, if wanted Inquire at 16 South Jefferson-st. 8 370 Rent Three upper LofU of the French Building, southwest corner Fiilh-av. and Madison-st., 47x80; hne light and completely finished throughout. Apply to „ W. H. SAMPSON k CO., Real Estate and Beating Agency, 144 LaSalle-st.. Otis Block. To Rent. Second, third, and fourth floors of Building No. 31 East L&ke-st., size 32x160, with steam heat and elevator. Very desirable. Apply to J W, H. SAMPSON k CO.. 144 LaSallo-it., Otis Block. To “E1.023.-t, „ , _ . . , W. H. SAMPSON A CO.. Block Ute “ d Eoalia * A «oncy. 144 LaSalle-st., Otis TO RENT. Furnished house No. HI South Wood-at., two-story and basement brick, with barn, and all modern Improvements. A nr* chance for a good tenant. Apply to D. O. BRADLEY, l&l Washington-st. To Bent. No. 6CSWaba*h-aT.; 10 rooms: furnace, gas fixtures and ■table. HEA A COATES. 168 Wabash-av. TO RENT. A first-class new bouse, with barn, on North LaSalle it., near Oak-st. House has IB rooms, and all modem improvements; east front. Inquire of JOHN MoEWEN, 243 North Welis-st. TO RENT. .Three front offices and one rear office in Miller A Fry’s Building, 81 and 86 LaSalle-at. Inquire of GEO. 0. FRY, Room 35, is iamo building. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 1873. RANGES, &o. LF.DiarifiUloi (Sncoecaora to E Moneuße & Dnpaiqnct) OH 3STJBW YOBS, Have Their IMPERIAL HOTEL min MMis, Broilers, Carving-Tables, Coffee and Tea TTms, Etc., in succesaefol operation in the following; Hotels in Chicago; GRAND PACIFIC HOTEL, Jackson, LaSalle, and CUrk-Bts. , , . GARDNER HOUSE, corner Michigao-av. and Jack son-st. . _ NEW BRIGGS HOUSE, comer Flfth-sv. and Ron oStlEKT HOTEL, corner Slate and Vanßorcn-it. MAULTON HOUSE, corner North Market and Ktn- CENTBAL HOTEL, South Msrkot-st., between Wash ington and Madiaon*ets. CONTINENTAL HOTEL, corner Stato-st. and Eld ridgo-court. BIGELOW HOUSE, Wabash-av., near Tironty-fint-st. ST. CAROLINES COURT. Eliznbotb-it. BURKE’S EUROPEAN HOTEL, 140 and 143 Madl ion-at. CONLEY’S EUROPEAN HOTEL, Clark-at,, between Lake and South Water. _ UNITED STATES HOTEL, corner Cottage Orovo-av. and Thirty-first-st. BT. JULIEN’B EUROPEAN HOTEL, 151 and 163 Dearborn-*t. Also Id the following Restaurants and Dining-rooms: 8. H. THOMSON’S DINING-ROOMS, 81 Clark-st. OREGAN’S DINING-ROOMS, Superior Block. D. F. IBAOU’S DINING-ROOMS, FUth-av., between Washington and Madison-ats. HOLLY THEE COFFEE-ROOMS, comer Washington and Market-ets. JOHN SMITH’S RESTAURANT. Clark*st. BORCKEY & MILAN’S DINING ROOMS, 167 East Madison-st. CHARLES RAYMOND’S DINING ROOMS, 181 Wash- Ington-st. SNOAD A KENDALL’S RESTAURANT, 160 Wish. Charles keen’s restaurant, Monros-st., near LaSalle. And arc now putting them into THE COMMERCIAL, corner Lake and Doarborn-sts. CLIFTON HOUSE, corner \Vab«h-av. and Mon ■oe*at. CONDON’S RESTAURANT, 47 LaSalle-st,, and other daces. We are the sole agents for the sale of those Ranges, etc., for the Northwest; and also kocp on hand & full sup ply of Family Ranges, Hot-Air Furnaces, Stoves, Kitch en utensils, etc., etc. M. W. & F. LESTER, 304 State-st. RTIAL ESTATE. $5,500.00. HOUSE AND LOT. Monthly Payments. Or will sacrifice for all or half cash. One left of three first-class houses; possession May 1: situated in that beautiful grove of high land on Forty-flrst-at., between Cottage Grove and Vincennes-avs., built well, with nice finish, marble mantels, inside blinds, gas. cistern, large bam for two horraes, a cow, and carriage. Coll on owner. J, L. MoKEEvEE. 133 XiaSalle-st., Boom 16, or any evening, 87 University-place. IFCKR. S-A-LI3 IB'S" G. S. Hubbard, Jr., 168 tVASHIKGTON-ST. Several very choice Acre Tracts on the lino of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy B. E., between Chicago and Biverside, in tracts to suit purchasers, from 5 to 40 acres. G. S. HUBBAKD, JE., . 108 Washington-st. SAN DIEGO; CAL. FOR SALE, choice property very cheap. Now Is tho time to buy before the great rise in real estate. Work on the railroad la in foil bfaat at San ± CQ _ 48 South Clark-at., Room 4. FOB, SALE. The two-atory and basementhouw No. 1499 Prairie-av. with 33 foet of ground. Price, 57,5C0. GRANGE SARD, JR., 3S and 40 Lake-st. TO LEASE • The southwest comer of Fifth-av. and Jackson-st., for a term of years. Apply to 0. a & a 0. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Commerce. Uanlcii Lais far Lease. 40 acres on Ashland-av., just west of Stock Yards; will rent a part or the whole. Inquire on premises. - W. L. SAMPSON. PRESERVES. JAM. Ohuroh’s celebrated Bake Supe rior Bed Raspberry Jam; the finest flavor, and most delicate preserve in the market. Sold by all retail grocers, in quart, half-gallon, and gallon jars, and at wholesale and re tail, by WM. ARCHDEACEN, Sole Agent. 211 East Randolph-st. OPENING. GRAND OPENING OF THE GREAT Exposition $1 Bazaar, 165 and 187 West Madison-st., cor. Hoisted, On TiJ-OxcSPAY, May 1, at 6 p. m. MEETINGS. Masonic. The special assembly of Van Rensselaer Grand Lodgo of Perfection will be hold at the Masonic Temple Monday evening, tho 28th inst,, at o'clock, for work. By order. JAMES H. MILKS, Or. Secretary. Masonic. LaFayctto Chapter, No. 2, R. A. M., hall 132 LaSalle st.— Regular convocation Monday evening, April 28, at 7>£ o'clock, for business and work on the M. M. degree. B. N. TUCKER, Secretary. Removal. MASONIC—A Regular communication of Miriam Chap ter will bo held Friday evening. May 3, at their new hall 74 Stato-st., near Randolph, when important business will be transacted. Mrs. 8. S. BUFFUM, Secretary. k. p. St, John Lodge, No. 21, K. of P.. hare removed Iholr Castle Hall from 14 South Clark-st. to 55 North Clark-st. Members and visiting brethren pleaso tako notice. By order of the O. O. THOMAS KELLEY, K.R.AS. American Protestant Association. The members of Garden City Lodge No, 7, A. P. A., are requested to assemble at tho ball of Star of the West No. 8, northeast corner of Randolph and Clinton-ste.. at 9 o clock on Sunday morning, 27th Inst., to attend tho funeral of our late Brother. James Eccles. Members of sister lodges are earnestly requested to attend. S. o HENAN, Recording 800*7. •American Protestant Association. The members of Star of the West Lodge No. 3, A. P A., are hereby requested to assemble at their hall, north eaat comer Randolph and Clmton sta., at 9 o’clock. ♦SlilP’i 0 # Sund , a ? morning, 27th Inst., to attend the _ lat « Brother, James-Ecclos, of Garden City Lodge No. 7. MATHEW MAYNE, Recording Sec'y. Ancient Order of Foresters. A * O. P.. are requested to . ha P» 83 Randolph-st., on Sunday of”! A. O. G. p. Jaaa3&f3sss&&gi&ff“» of « O. H. ARNOLD, W. G. FINANCIAL. Mi Ml & Si, Bankers, First Monal Bank Building, sont&west corner of State ana WasMngton-sts,, Chicago, Dealers in Gold and Silver Bullion, Bar, Loaf, Sheet, and Granulated form, for mechanical purposes. Deposits received in cither currency or coin, subject to chock without notice. Six por cent interest allowed on all dally balances.

Checks npon ns pass through the Clearing House aa if drawn upon any city hank. Interest credited, and accounts current rendered monthly. Coin and Currency Drafts on New York. iOZBi/EB SAMS f#| BAM. wlngp' ’ 105 Cl/AKK-ST.* MeillodUt Church Block. 81x per cent interest allowed on deposits, payable semi* annually, July land Jan. 1 in each year. _ GEO. SCOVILLE, Prealdont. Wm. Kelsey Reed, Cashier. NOTE.—Until further notice, any boy or girl calling at tbo Bank will be presented with a pass book free, and one dime deposited to bis or her credit, which sum can be drawn out at pleasure. CHARLES H. BROWER. R. PARKER PIERCE. PIEEOE & BEOWEE, BROKERS, ©Q TW Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Govern ment and Western Securities. Illinois 10 per cent Registered Coupon Bonds. IDIGr ■i rmmT** a&B ma We have Attorneys everywhere, and collect the claims of Wholesale Merchants and other* in any part of the country. No Attorney’s fees In suits: no charges nntil collections aro made. FRASIER’S MERCANTILE COLLECTION AGENCY, 148 Madlson-st. REPUBLIC INS. GO. Certificate* of Indebtedness purchased by M. F, SCANNELL A CO., LaSalle-sU CARPETS, &c. Carpets, CURTAIN GOODS, AND Paper Hangings. lam offering ray entire *tock of CARPETINGS, OUR* TAIN GOODS*; and PAPER HANGINGS ut reduced prices. Those goods are all of the latest styles and most desirable in the market. SPBIB I, PM, 195 & 197 Wabasb-av., fCor. Adams-st.) CARPET-I.INTN G. CARPET LINING. THE BEST, BY lick EIW Papp dm, I*3=o LAKE-ST. MACHINERY. SCEILLO, COMM & SIM, IRON FOUNDRY, 87 TO 95 WEST POLK-ST., Furnish HEAVY and LIGHT BTULDINQ and MACHINERY CASTINGS on abort no tice. Call for estimates. Counter Brackets, Cool Hole Covers & Baker Furnaces for sale. LUMBER. HENRY N. HOLDEN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of HARDWOOD LUMBER. Also, Mahogany, Rosewood, Florida Cedar, Veneers, &c. Particular attention paid to filling bills for any kind of Hardwood or Fancy Lumber. OFFICE AND YAHD-No. 211 SoaH MaM-St. FLOUR. MAIZE FLOUR. THE UNITED STATES MAIZE FLOUR MANU FACTURING COMPANY, located at Rock Falls, HI., Smith A Phelps, Proprietors, most respectfully announce to the eitlxons of Chicago and the pnblic generally that they have secured the right to manufacture (under Jones ,A Standing's patent) tbetr celebrated Silver Flake and Golden lint Indian Maize, or Corn Flour, and are fully prepared to supply the trade. For sale by all the leading grocers in the city. S. H. McOREA A CO., 187 East Washlngton-st., Rooms land 8. Chicago, HOTEL. ST. CHARLES HOTEL, Corner Desplalnes and Washlngton-sts. $2 per day. Board and room $7 and $8 per week. Lodging DO and 75c per day. Best accommodations at this house. IRVING HOUSE, 148 WABASK-A.V. Centrally located. Terms, s2.ooperday. Table board, $6.00 per week. R. L- OAKHAHT, Proprietor., BUSINESS CARD. CASS. F. MAURER, Manufacturer and Dealer In <-iT«-ATra cS3 TOBACCO Foreign and Domestic, Wholesale and Retail. 187 SOUTH CIiAKK-ST. REMOVAL. KEMOVA T a. J. Xj. ■WA'ZTSTE «Ss SQ3ST, DEALERS UN HARDWARE, Have removed to 74 and 76 Randolph-st., near State. MISCELLANEOUS. BETHESDA MINERAL SPRING WATER OF WAUKESHA, WI3. Acknowledged cure of Bright's Disease, Diabetes, Stone in tho Bladder, and all diseases of the Urinary Organs, and Bilious Diseases, N. T. CC7KTH, Agent, BAROMETERS, AT J. G. LANGGUTH’S, OPTICIAN, 82 Statp-st., between Washington and Randolph. GOOD ON CAKES. Genuine Maple Syrup, warranted pure and unadulter ated, pat up expressly for family use. Call and examine. WM, ARCHDEACON, ICE CREAM. BRAZELTON’S ICE CREAM DEPOT, 149 Twenty second-et, is removed to 158 some street. Leave family ordera at the new place. BRA2ELTON A EMPSON, 158 Twenty-second-st. TO EXCHANGE Acre property for large residence, stock of goods, or business property, $50,000 to $120,000. Also 9 or 4 extra tint-class farms, salted for persons of taste, to be ex* changed tame way. S. W. SEA A CO., 151 Mpnroc-tt. AUCTION SALES. By ELISON & FOSTER. Beautiful Furniture At the Marble-Front Residence HE. G. PE EOHNE 3, 564 Michigan-av., alt auction, MONDAY MORNING, April 29, at 10 o’clock, consisting of vory rich Parlor Suits, Marble-Top Chamber Seta, 3far ble-Top Tables, Easy Chairs, Paintings, ; Engravings. Brussels Carpets, Bods and Bedding, Dining-Room and Kitchon Furniture, Stoves, Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware, etc., etc. Also best make 7-Octave Chiokering Piano, full round-comer Rosewood ease. Sale positive, as the family are going abroad. ELISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. 1039 WABASH-AV. Elegant Furniture -A.T AATTCTXOIC, Monday morning, April 28, afc 10 o’clock. We are instructed to sell at-auction the en tire Furniture of house 1029 VVabaah-av.. comprising very rich Rosewood ondßrocatel Parlor Furniture, Block Walnut Chamber and Dining-Room Furniture, Velvet Car pets, Pier Class, splendid full 7-Octave Knabe Piano, Curtains, China, Tableware, Glassware, Bedding, Kitchon Furniture.etc., etc ELISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. lapitat Furniture AT AUCTION! At the Marble Front Residence No. 035 West Washington-st., third door west of Xiincoln, on Tuesday Morning, April 20, at 10 o’clock. Magnificent Parlor Saits, very rich Chamber Sets in Black Walnut and Gilt Wax Finish, Beautiful Gilt Inlaid Parlor Cabinet, Black Walnut Chamber Sets, Rasy Chairs, Marble-Top Tables, Very Rich Din-. ing-Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Beds and Bedding, beautiful Carpets, etc., etc. We call particular attention to this s Ale, being one of thehandsomestfurnishedhouses in the city. EDISOH & FOSTER, Auctioneers. 884 Indiana-av. HonsehoM Furniture AUCTIO3XT, Tuesday Morning, April 29, at 10 o’clock, At dwelling house BSi Indlana-ar., consisting of Parlor, Chamber, Dining-Room, and Kitchen Furniture, Car* pots, Mattresses, Bedding, Crockery, Glassware, etc. ELISON A FOSTER. Auctioneer*. AT A PRIVATE RESIDENCE, 6C7 MICHIGAJf-AV. Beautiful Furniture it.-acTXO3Nr, Wednesday Morning, April 30, at 10 o'clock, Elegant Parlor, Library, Chamber, Dining-Room, and Kitchen Furniture, Body Brussels Carpets, Pier Glass, Paintings, Engravings, China, Table Ware, Glassware, Mattresses, Bedding, etc., etc. Also Billiard Table, complete. KT.TSON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. 129 West Madison-St. BANKRUPT STOCK OF TOYS AND FMCY GOODS AT AUCTION. Notice is hereby given that vre wil* sell at public auction on WEDNESDAY, the 30th April, at 10 o'clock a. m.. at No. 129 West Madlson-st., the stock of TOYS AND FANCY GOODS belonging to J. A. Pierco A Co., Bankrupts. Also, the Show Caves, Gas Fixtures, Counters and Shelving, Circular Desk, Plat* form Scales, Office Table, Chairs, Ac. By order of GEO. W. CAMPBELL, Assignee. ELISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. 670 MICHIGAN-AV. GENTEEL FURNITURE iVT jiUCTZOPir, FRIDAY MOENING, May 2, at 10 o'clock, At the marble-front residence, 670 Michigan-av., contain ing Brussels and Wool Carpets, Parlor, Chamber, Li, brary, Dining-Room, and Kitchen Furniture, Mattresses, Bedding, Stoves, etc., etc., all first-class and will posi tively bo sold. ELISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 3, AT 9% O’CLOCK, -A.TJCTIOISr SALE OP* SECDM-HAM FDSifITDBE, At our Salesroom, 87 MABKET-ST. Partlos having Furniture to dispose of will please send it in before that data. EUSON S FOSTEB, Auctioneera. By HAVENS & CO., Auctioneers. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of every description of family declining housekeeping, for sale, MONDAY, APRIL2B, at9#a. m.. at 79 Honry-st., near Contre-av, UAVENS A CO., 63 South Canal-st. Dry Goods & Notions Of Every Description, ON WEDNESDAY, AT 9 1-2 O'CLOCK. HA VEINS A CO., Auctioneers, 63 South Canal-st. AUCTION SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT, 903Fnlton-st., Wedndesday, Aprils), at 11 o'clock; new two-story framehouse, 10 rooms, closets, and ball. Lot 25x140 to 16-foot alloy, south front. Sale peremptory, and on the premises. Terms mado known on day of sale. For particulars apply to H-A/VEHSTS Sa CO., - Auctioneers, 63 South Canal-st Look Oat for the Largest Sale of Household Furniture EtER OFFERED IN THIS CITY, Next Saturday, May 3, at 9 a* m* HAVENS A CO., Auctioneers, 63 South Canal-st. By EDWIN A. RIOJE & CO. Attraotiye Sale of Elegant Furniture AT PRIVATE RESIDENCE, 1500 PRAIRIE-AT., Tuesday, April 29,10 A. M. Sharp, Consisting of rich Bmeatollo and Hep Parlor Sait*. Black Walnut and Oak, Marble-top Chamber Sots, Marolo-top bureaus, Marble-top Wash-Stands, Comodes Centre- Table; also Lounges in Brocatello and Rep, Tote-a-Tetcs, cosy Camp and D. R. Chain, Etogcres, Brussels, and Ingrain Carpets, Window Shades. Hair, Cotton, and Husk Matirossos, Refrigerator, Extension Table, Stores, Gas Fixtures, Kitchen and Dining-room Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, Ac., do. Sale positive and without reserve. EDWIN A. BICE A CO.. Auctioneer*, Office 147 Randolph-st. Auction of the entire Pumiture of a Hotel. Rare opportunity for housekeepers! Unreserved sole of tho entbro contents of tho EAGLE HOTEL, on the comer of West Kinzlo and West Wat c r-st•opposite Northwestern Railroad Depot. WEDNESDAY, April 30, at 9a. m., sharp, raia or shine. Tho Fnrnltura*»fva rooms, consisting uf Black "Walnut Parlor Suits, B. W, Bodstoads, Bureaus, "W ash-Stands, Centre-Tables, Ixmnges. Mirrors, Fine Black Walnut Extension Tables, Spring Mattresses, Bodding, Brussels and Ingrain Car- D-(s; Easy, Parlor, and Dining-room Chairs; Heating and Cook Stove*; a great quantity of Crockery. Gloss and Silverware, Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Furniture, large Ice-Box, etc. Also a lot of Canary Birds (fine singers); also Bird-Cages. Sale prompt and positive. EDWIN A. RICE A CO., Auctioneer*. Offices, 147 Randolph-st., Fidelity Bank Building. AUCTIOKT To-Morrow Evening at laif-jaat 7 o’clock, M Hati Mm Being part contents of a 15-roomed house, and moved for convenience to store 177 TWBNTY-SECOND-ST., Consisting of Marblo-Top Chamber Sots. Parlor Saits, Body Brussels and Wool Carpels, Hair Mattresses, Din ing-Room and Kitchen Furniture, Ice Box, Dining-Room and Kitchen Stores. Ac.. Ac. Sale positive, and goods mast be removed before noon the following day. Every variety of Useful and Ornamental Sil ver Ware. Rogers, Smith. & Co.’s and Gorham’s manufactures of Silver-Plated Ware made ex pressly for us. TEA SETS, CASTERS, Urns, Fruit, Berry, and Cake Stands, Knives, Spoons, &c. A S6O TEA SET for S3O. All GOODS GUARANTEED TO BE THE HEAVIEST PLATE IN USE. GILES, BRO. & CO., 266 & 268 fatal-av. 334 fast ffiaiwt AUCTION SAXES. By G. P. GORE CO., 23. 34, and SO Eutßandolpb-st. REGULAR TUESDAY’S SALE 0? Dry Goods, Notions, Hats and Gaps, Hosiery, Gloves, &c. Extensive Line of ladies’ Plaid Wool Shawls. Elegant line of Black and Colored Otoe Grain Ribbons, fine une of Black Alpacas, Silk and Gingham Umbrellas, Genta* Famishing Goods, Ladies* and Children's Under wear. At 11 o'clock, promptly, special offering of 100 rolls Brussels and Ingrain Carpets by the piece only. On TUESDAY, April 29, at a. m. 1393 Indiana-av., AT AXJCTIO3ST, On Tuesday, April 29, at 10 o'clock, All the Parlor, Library, Chamber, Dining-Room, and Kitchen Furniture, Carpets, Mattresses, Bedding, Mirrors, ' China, Silver and Glassware, Stoves. G. P. GORE & CO., Auctioneers. REGULAR WEDNESDAYS SALE. AT AUCTION, 1.200 cases Boots, Shoes, Balmorals, and Slippers. _ Juso, a fine stock from Philadelphia, of Woman's, Misses’, and Children’s Goods, BY CATALOGUE. On WEDNESDAY, APEIL 30, At 91-2 o’ClOfi. O. P. GORE & CO., Auctioneers, 53,24, and 26 East Randolph-st. @3. Genteel* ImM Fiiim AUCTION - , On WEDNESDAY, April 80, at 10 o’clock. Wo will sell the entire household effects, consisting in part of Parlor and Chamber Sets. Sofas, Lounges, Extension Tables, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Mattresses, Ice Chest, Mirrors, China. Silver, and Glassware, Stoves, Ac. GEO. P. GORE A CO., Auctioneers. 332 Catlap Grow., near 29M AT AUCTION, FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE. On THURSDAY, Mayl, at 10 o’clock. Parlor Salts, Marble-Top Chamber Sets. Extension Tables, Chain, Rockers, Lounges, Marble-Top Tables, Bedsteads, Mat tresses, Bedding, Mirrors. Ice-Chcsta; Silver, China, and G last ware: Cook and Parlor Stoves. GEO. P. GORE A CO.. Auctioneers. 23, 24, 28 Randolpn-st. REGULAR SATURDAY’S SALE OF Household Pnrhitnre! AT AUCTION, On SATURDAY, Msy 3, at 9>s o’clock, at our Store, 23, SI, 36 East Bandolpb-st. Tho entire contents of Household Purnlturt removed from several first-class dwellings, consisting, in part, of Elegant Parlor Sets, Marble-Top Chamber Ssts, Black Walnut Wardrobes. Sideboards, Extension Tables, Rock ers, Chairs, Sofas, lounges. Mirrors, Hall Trees, Extension Tables, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Spring Mat tresses, Marble-top Tables, Carpets, Crockery, Glass ware, ©to. geo, P. GORE * CO.. Auctioneers. By TAYLOR & HARRIS (XN. MORTGAGE SALE OP COTTAGE No. 009 Washington-av., Monday, April 28th, at 2 O'clock P. M., ON THE PREMISES. By Tlrtuo of forecloiore. wo will 801 l tho aboro cottago at auction. A rare chance for party wishing a cheap homo. TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneers. and fa South Cand-st ADHION SALE OF EUROPEAN PLANTS XMPOBTED fhom pbanoe, AT NO. 385 WABASH AVENUE. On Tuesday, April 29, at 10 o'clock A. M. A very targe collection of C All ELIAS, MAGNOLIAS, AZALEAS, the finest Hoses, Ao.Frtdt Tree* of every description, by TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneers. 798 Wabash-av. TUESDAY, April 20, at 10 o’clock, at auc tion, the entire HOUSEHOLD GOODS contained in the above dwelling, CONSISTING OF Elegant Parlor Pnrnitnre, in Silk; Splendid Chamber Sets; Eioh Velvet and Brussels Carpets; OH Paintings, and other Pictures; Platedware and Crockery, Glassware, eto. By TAYLOR 4 HARRISON, Auctioneer,. By J. B. CHAMBERS & CO., Auctioneers. On Monday, April 28,1873, 01 o’clock a. m., at No. 64 "West Madi»on-st., I shall sell at Auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, the one-story PBAME STOHE No. 62 West Madison-st., and the Front Addi tion to No, 04 "West Madison-st. The build ings must be removed by Ist of May. Also, Carpets, Dining Chairs, Crockery, Glassware, Gas Fixtures, Household Furni ture, Counters, Show-Cases, and all the Fix tures of ailrst-class Restaurant. J, B. CTTATvrREHS & CO. By BRUSH, SON & CO. EXTENSIVE SALE OF First-Class Furniture TUESDAY, APRIL 29, AT 10 A. M. All the lurnltoh) in the 3-story and basement dwelling, No. 871 Wabash-av., near Eightoanth-st :1 piano, cost SBOO, splendid Instru ment ; elegant French-plk to mirrors, lace and damask cur tains, parlor suits, easy chairs, marble-tup centre tables, Brussels and ingrain carpets, marble-top chamber sets, hat racks, bods, bedding, bureaus, bedsteads, comedos, dining-room and kitchen furniture, stoves and heaters, oak counter and bar fixtures, crockery, glass-ware. etc. BRUSH, SON 4 CO., Auctioneers. Office, 188 East Madison-st, : AT THE PEIVITB EESIDEHOE, No. 238 WARREN-AV On Tuesday Homing, April 29, at 10 a. m., We will sell the entire content., coneUtln* cl one Retire Plano, round-corner rosewood frame. Parlor, Dining, Chamber, and Kitchen Fomitnre, Carpet., 4c., do. Tbe goods in nse loss man one year and must be sold, as the parties are leaving the city. . . HODGES 4 CO.. Auctioneers, 613 WeitLake-st. p g —Wo will sell the ootlro contents of No. 816 Wal nut-'et.. 656 Moaroc-st., 47lFultcn-st., and 236 Madison st-, at our Warerobms, on Wednesday morning, at 10 a. m., and evening at 73* o’clock. By order of ownera. “ » “ u " T HODGES 4 CO., Auctioneers. SHERIFF’S SALE, MONDAY. APRIL 28, AT 10 A. M., At Burlington Warehouse, cor. State and Slxteenth-sta. Lot of Wines andLitiuore.2 Hones, 1 Bnggy. nearly new, with top, 1 Wagon, 2 Harness, 1 Family Horae. Sale Positive. T. K. STACY, Deputy Sheriff. SILVERWARE. AMUSEMENTS. MoYIOKEE’S THEATEE. MAX MARBTZEK, LUCCA-KELLOGG Grand Italian Opera, ME EIGHTS OILY, AID SAIDEDiY KAIME, Commencing Monday, May 5. Farewell appearance of Europe's GREATEST LTBIO TRAGEDIENNE, pattxiXktt: XjXtooa. Last appearance previous to her departure for Europe of America’s favorite Prim* Donna, CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG. Monday—LUCCA Tuesday—KELLOGG Wednesday—LUCCA-KELLOGG Frlday-LAST NIGHT OF LUCCA. Satoiday—FAKE WELL LUCCA MATINEE. SPECIAL MICE, SUBSCRIPTION for 118 5 PEHPORIANCB. Reserved Seats in Orchestra and Orchestra Circ1e.....515 Reserved Seats in First Balcony. 13 The tale of Subscription Tickets will begin on 'Wednes day morning, April 30, at 9 o’clock, and close at 6, at Box Office. REGULAR PRICES OF ADMISSION. Admission, 82. Reserved Seats in First Balcony, $1 ex tra. Reserved Seats In Orchestra and Orchestra Circle. 83 extra. Admission to Second Balcony, sl. Reserved Seats in Second Balcony, 50 cents extra. The sale of seats for single nights will commence oa Thursday morning. ONE WEEK—Commencing Monday evening, April 29. Matinees, Wednesday and Saturday. The greatest living Sensation Artists, MoKEE and ROGERS, (formerly with Manning’s Minstrels), supported by their GREAT TnM Coilillra! Including the favorite Gymnasts, LEOPOL ID, M’LLTS GEEALDUfB, and LEO. BUTLER & FOSTER, Pantomimists. THE WONDERFUL French Twin Sisters. WILLIAM A. HUNTLEY, the Classic Banjo Artist, and 20 BRILLIANT PERFORMERS! New Stage. Elegant Scenery. NO ADVANCE IN PRICES. Secure yonr seats. JAMES DUNCAN, Agent MYERS’OPERA HOUSE. Monroe-xt., between Dearborn and State-* ts. Arlliti, Colti k KbiMb’s MH(rSTn£3ZjS. BAST WEEK OF THE SEASON! MONDAY, APBIL2S, BENEFIT OP BILLY BICE I The Laughable Burlesque of JOHN SHEPPARD AND JOSEPH BLDESKIN. MACKJK AITO WHiSOH* In their Inimitable Songs and Dances. THU MODOO QUESTION, QUIET LODGINGS, THE THREE GRACES* NEW VOCAL QUARTETTE. Every Evening and Saturday Matinee. Monday Evening, May 6. KITTY BLANCHARD BUR LESQUE COMPANY/ HOOLEY’S TEEATEE. BEST COMPACTS’ m AMBHICA. GRAND. GALA WEEK Owing to It* great success, and In answer to A GEN ERAL DESIhE, Monday and Tuesday, April Tom Taylor's masterpiece. THE TICKET-OF-LEAVE MAN, With an unapproachable cast. Wednesday, afternoon and night, and Thursday evening, Sardou’s exquisite picture of society. FROIJ-FROIJ. Friday—Benefit of the popular comedian, JOHN DTIr LON. Saturday Matlnoe—FßOU-FROU. Saturday Night-TICKET-OF-LEAVE MAN. Monday, May - Bartley Campbell's “RISKS.” McYICEER’S TEEATEE, Last week of the Popular Actor, Mr. Mark Smith, Every evening and Saturday Matinee, tbo beautiful and picturesque play entitled OhTE HUNDRED YEARS OLD, JaqnesFanvel Mr. Mark Smith. Asplxyedby him forover two months, at the Union Square Theatre, N. Y. Next weak-GBAND ITALIAN OPERA. HOOLEY’S TEEATEE. Benefit of John Dillon, FRIDAY EVENING. MiyS, 1873. FOTJB FEABFDT.LT FUNNT FAECES. • Box Sheet now open. . ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Monday Evening, April 28, and Wednesday and Saturday Matinees, LITTLE 3ST IE HLXjI THE CALIFORNIA DIAMOND, mi bar entlro Com pany, In the great sensation, FIDELIA, The Fire Waif: Including the Great Firo Beene, Galvanic Battery, and Witxo-Clyccrine Sensation. AIKEN’S THEATEE, EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT—FareweII edgagemetff prior to her departure for Europe of Mrs. 3 as. A., Oates* And her now and powerful COMIC OPERA COMPANY. Six nights and two Matinees only; commencing Me* 1 * day, MayS. in Offenbach’s Comic Opera, LA GRAM>“ DUCHE3SE. Salo of seats will commence Wodnww morning. KEYSTONE LODGE, NO. 639, A.F.AA. M., will give Us FIRST ANIiUAL BALI Thursday, May 1,1873, AT GLARE’S HALL 70 NORTH CLARLST. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT Miss Kate Van Wordragen, MONDAY. April 28, at Orphstu HaU. Assisted by some of the best ar tistes of Chicago. ..DIRECTOR FAUST .lUARTHA ..MIGNON HISOFS.

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