Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 28, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 28, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. REAL ESTATE. hout house FOB SALE. Lease Of Die Present Tremoiit House. Tho house Is most admirably adapt ed for families, having 120 rooms, 40 of which are in suites, with all the modern improvements. Furniture in most excellent condition, most of it being how. The house is in splen-. did order, rdnt low, and will bo sold upon liberal terms. If not disposed of on or before Monday, May B, it will bo sold at publio auction, duo notice to be given hereafter. JWO. B. DRAKE. JACOB G- nST-A-O-IX. BLEAJj ESTA.TE, SI and S3 South Olax-U-st. Macro., 800. 23. 89, nl.or.ldo Boulevard, 42.000. Will pay 200 per cent to subdivide. 40aoroi. Hoe. 21. 88,H, 94W; ussy tonus; a bargain. S3 acres, Sec. 10, 87, 13, 8200; easy terms. 40 acres, See. 28, 33, 18, ftJM; easy tonus; cheap. 80 acres, See. 7, 37, ID, STiSO. or will oiobango for a homo. VINOBNNEB-AV.—Aniarblo-front, $0,000; s6oodown, and basement, octagon front, e ffiu aß /sriLAND.AV. AND VAN BUREN-BT.- 3-storY, 9-room house, and lot, S3,MO; if down, balance 1, 3 ’ ASHLAND-AY.— Elegant rosldonoo, $H,000; easy *°B?o*for sale eolnmn Sunday Times. FOB S-AX/EJ S'Z' G. S. Hubbard, Jr., 108 WASHXNGTON-ST. Severn! very choice Acre Tracts on the lido of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy B. R., between Chicago and Riverside, in tracts to suit purchasers, from 5 to 40 acres. Q. S. HUBBARD, JR., 109 Washington-st. CORNELL. Ono*balf acre near Elghty-Ufth-st., and Stony Island* av. for sale. Property hereaway has advanced largely of lata. ABELL A HOTCHKISS, 41 Otli Block. FOR BALE. Tbs two-story and baiementbonio No. 1499 Pralrio-av., with S3 foot of ground. OIIaNQE SARD. JR,, 88 and 40 Lake»st. HieWefl Pars Bill Co„ Office 163 MONROEST., Boom 4, Kont’a Bnlldinff. Homes and Lota for salt on easy toms. • FRANK P. HAWKINS. Agent. TO RENT. OFFICES. ■ A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Room 1 Nevada Block. TO RENT. Furnished bouse No. 11l South Wood-st., two-story and basement brick, with barn, and all modern Improvements. A rare chance for a good tenant. Apply to D. O. BRADLEY, 151 Waahington-st. TO E=k.E3P^T Two Well-Lighted Offices on First Floor, -with good Vaults, built for Banks but suitable for Real EsUte, Railroads, or any kind of Office-Business. Also, Suites of Offices In Second and Third Stories of Carver’s Building, Nos. ill and <8 South Olark-st., nozt to Bbonuan House. juquiro at Room No. 4, 48 South Olatk-st. ' TO RENT, Store 80x100, No. 329 West Madlson-sL. fronting Abor ideen, now occupied by Canon, Plrio A Co. 1). OOLB A BON, House Agents, 188 West Madlion-st. TO RENT, With steam power, two fine rooms, 40x116 foot each, being 8d and 4th floors of Store Nos. 213 and 216 Bast Lako-st., well lighted and admirably situated for mechanical pur- Eosos. Apply to JAMBS J. WALWORTH, on tho prem ies. HFLEKKnE*. Offices, Offices, Exchange Building, corner Clark and Wash- ington-sta., Room 43. To Rent. The two appor stories in throo-story brick building. con* talnlng 80 rooms, Including largo parlors and dining* rooms, bath-room, gas and water; suitable for hotel or boardlngrbouse: In the centre of business and town. In* quire ot H. KAUFFMANN, Evanston, 111. TO BKNI The f-stojT and basement brick building, No. 223 Wash* IngUm-st. On desirable terms to a good tenant. W. M. HOWLAND, _ IfiSWashlngtoa-st., Room3l. PROPOSALS. Great Western Railway of Canada. The Directors of this Company Invito Tenders lor the Grading, Bridging, &c. required for doubling the track of tho Mein Udo from Wlndiorto Glencoe (78 mlloa), tho Jonollon of their new Air Lino from Olonooe to Buffalo. Plane will bo ready for exhibition at the office of Mr. John Kennedy, Chief Engineer G. W. It., Hamilton, on Saturday, thoSdth Aprlllnet., from whom Forma of Ten* dor, Hpoolfleatlona, and ail neooaaary Information can be obtained on application. . ... . fonder# (or the nork, aealed and indoned *'Tender for Double Track,” muet bo In the band* of the under* elgued by 10 o'clock on MONDAY. 13th May next. JOSEPH PRICE, Treasurer, Canada, April 18, 1873. 3blef j)fflccß, Tlaml FLOUR. MAIZE FLOUR. THE UNITED STATER MAIZE FLOUR MANU FACTURING COMPANY, located at Rook Palls, 111., Smith A Phelps, Proprietors, most respectfully announce to tho citizens of Chicago and tho public generally that they havo secured the right to manufacture (under Jones A Standing's patent) their celebrated Hllvor Flake and Golden' Hut Indian Maize, or Corn Flour, and are fully prepared to supply the trade. lor sale by all tbo leading grooers in the city, * H. H. MoOREA A CO., 187 Biat Washlngton-st., lloome I and 9, Chicago. MEETINGS. Musouic. LAFAYETTE OIIAPTUU NO. 9. R. A. M.-Hall No. 139 Regular Convocation this Monday even ing at 7>tf o’clock, for business and work on the M. M. D*. glue. U< N. iUOKUIt, See’/. Wbt Cljicftigu itailji tribune- FINANCIAL, Mai MU Si, Bankers, First National Bank Building, sontlwest corner of Slate ani Wasklngton-sts„ GMcago, Dealera In Gold and Silver Btillinn, Brt, Loaf, Shoot, and Granulated lorra, for mechanical purposes. Deposits rocolvsrt in oltbor currency or ooln, 1001001 to chock without notice. , Six per cent Interest allowed on all dally balances. Chocks upon ua pass through the Clearing House as if drawn upon any eitjr bank. , . . Interest credited, and accounts current rendered Coin and Oorrenoy Pratts on Now York. ASSIGHED ESTATE OP THE EMselvicsGonaiif. The sooond dividend (forty-throe per cent) awarded by the Auditor, will bo paid by THE PHILADELPHIA TKUQT, BATE DEPOSIT AMD INSURANCE COM PANY, Assignees, at their Office, No. 4U Chestnot-st. A form of receipt will bo sent to oach creditor whose 'address is known to the Assignees.' I. L. ERIUNGDR, { Vico President. CHARLES H. BROWER. R. PARSER PIERCE. ' PIERCE & BROWER* BROKERS, 03 TWAraSOKT-ST. Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Govern- ( monfc and Western Soourltios. UlinolalOj per oont Registered Coupon Ponds. 3DXC3-. i Wo boro Attorneys everywhere, and collect tho claims of Wholesale Mprobanta and others In any part of tbs oountir. No Attomoy’a foes In suits: oodiarecs until collections are msdo. FHApIEUB MEHOANTUJ3 COLLECTION AOKNOY. HirMadieonal. REMOVALS. Removal. Tlib Goon Gomity National Eanß Das licmovcd to Its Now Office, NORTHWEST CORNER OF WASHINGTON AND DEARBORN-STS. AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY. REMOVAL. The WEST SIDE Branch Offlco of this Company baa boon removed from 318 Ilandolph-st. to 60 South Hoisted* at., corner of Madison. Tho BOUTH BIDE Branch Office, 620 Wabosh-av., will bo removed to Wabaah-av., oornerof Twenty-eocond-st., May 1. _ B. Q. SEATON, Agont. April 16, 1673. REMOVAL. J. M. W. JONES, st-a.txo3st:br. Has removed from C 3 Canal and 107 Glark-sts. to !Nos. 104 and 106 Madison-st. A SPLENDID STORE. PLENTY OF GOODS* AND PAIR PRICES. REMOVAL. Wo have removed to our new and spacious store, Nos. 10 and 21 Ean dolph-st. ENOS SHOWN & CO. REMOVED TO THE OLD STAND ! HENRY SOHOBLLKOPP, Nos. 532 and 331 East Uandolph-st.. Groceries and Gor man Produce, wholesale and retail, established 1861. The partnership existing horotofoso under the lirm of floury Schoollkopf A Bro. has this dnrboon dissolved by mutual consunt. and tho business will bo continued undorthei above name. HENRY SOHOELLKOPF. CHINA. CROCKERY, &o. WEARS seuiljlkt a- Wie CMna Dinner Sets, 141 Fes,, for $35,00. WtnteCMaa Tea Sets, 56 Fes,, for 6,50. In foot, wo aro closing out our ontiro Wholesale Stock, at Retail, AT WHOLE SAIiB PRICES, in order to make room for on elegant Retail Stock for Spring Trade. Scott&Ovinfitonßros., 219 WestMadison-st, PAPER HANGINGS. Don’t Fail TO OALL ON HILGBR, JENKINS & FAXON, 107 STATE-ST., And see the largest and most com plete stock of Paper Hangings, Dee orations, Window Shades, Dace Cur tains, Lambrequins, Bedding, &0.,t0 be found in the city—all New and Beautiful Designs. FLOWERING PLANTS, &o, FLOWERING PLMTS, Boupets, anfl Floral Desips. A choice assortment of House, or Sodding Plants, at reasonable prices, at tho largo Conservatory on North OUrk'Bt., one block north of (Jhloago-nv., or at southoaat corner of State and Waehlngton sts., ontranoo through Iloddlo A Hamilton's, Jewelers. WM. T. SHEPHERD, B'XjOH.IST. WANTED. Lumber. A fJontloman who has been In the Lumber I)iiHlnestf» mid who understands It thoroughly) wishes to engage with sonio Yard us Salesman or Country Solicitor. (Jan furnish the very best of reference* Addrcs K Tribune of fice* DRY GOODS. Last Day BUT ONE! SipiJorwell&Co, 146 & 148 Twenty-seoond-st,, AND 196 & 198 West Madison-st,, WILL POSITIVELY CLOSE THEIR GKEt:E3.A.T COST SALE On TUESDAY Evening at 0 o’clock. Ladies should not fail to embrace this. opportunity of securing Special Bargains in Dry Goods. We ODBD THDBSDAY, May 1, At 79 and 81 State-st., Between Randolph and Washington, tho Old Location. SIMPSON, NORWELL & 00. WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. CALL AM) EXAMS® THE HARTFORD Woven Wire Mattress At tlio Company's Branch Office, 280 State-st., Chicago. THE BEST BED IN THE WORLD, For solo by tho FURNITURE DEALERS everywhere. J. T. STONE, Manager. YOUR LIFE S QdS* IS SPENT IN BED. You got the Most Comfort by using PETERS* IMPROVED Woven Wire Mattress. An Improvement over all olher*. Bold by dealers In .Furniture and Bedding, WHITTLESEY & PETERS, 120 LaStiUp.wt., 0d Door N. of Madison, HOTELS. Rummer Hotel. i Tho now Hotel at Highland Park will bo opon June 1. 'This Hotel Is only throe storlos high, but contains 135 Vrooms. It Is 800 lost long, has broad balls running full Wengtb of homo; 600 foot vt piazza IB foot wide; a broad d-olcnn tlio lup of tuo liou.o, 800 foot long, overlooking Xako Michigan. It Is one hour’s rldo from Chicago, in tho growing town of Highland Park, where a plor la Doing bull! for tho accommodation of pleasure excursions from •Chicago. Elogant Billiard Hall, Croquet Q rounds, and flao Llvcrr Establishment In connection with tho Hotel. Tho Hotel will bo undor tho management of O. D. Hop* Aina, formerly of Btauwlx Hall, Albany. For further Information apply to O. D. HOPKINo, Proprietor, High* land Park, or F. P. HAWKINS, Agont H. P. B. Co., 163 Monroo at., Room 4, Chicago. BRIGGS HOUSE, , REBUILT, ! . Corner of Eandolph-st, and liftli-av. } OLD TERMS. 83 PER DAY. BIOEOORDS & HtTNTOON, Proprietors. IRVING HOUSE, \ X4S WABASH-AV. Centrally located. Terms, SS.OOperday. Table board, 86.00 per week. 11. L. QAItiIAHT, Proprietor. STOVES. T3EHES m'lEJ'W' EMPIRE GOOK STOVE THE FINEST EVER MADE I , SOMETHING ENTTEELY HEW I Hat More Good Features Than Auy Other! ! An Examination Will Oonvinoo Yon I • Manufactured by Bwott, Qulmby I Bold Wholesale and A Perry, Troy N. Y. | Retail by 'JOHN D. MACLEAN & 00., 33S STATE-ST. CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS. JOHN MIDDLETON & SON, Carpt6rs& Billers, 60 and 62 Third-av. GENERAL CONTRACTING, * STORE & OFFICE FITTING. RUBBER GOODS. Etfcßiiiis&BaMs, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CULVER, PAGE, HOYRE & GO., 118 AND 120 MONROE-ST. CARPET CLEANING. KING CARPET CLEANER Boston Carpet Cleaning Co., 44 AND 40WEST ADAMS-BT., Branch*o33tf Twcnty-second-st. • A. N. HANKINHON A CO. GENERAL NOTICE. Chicago & Northwestern Railway. SPKCIAITNOTICR. On and after Thursday. May 1. tho Olty Of fice for tho enlo of Tickets will bo at south wont corner LaSalle and Handolph-atu. Commutation Tlokots will bo sold at this olUoo only. MARVIN HUOHITT, Oon. Bupt. W. A. THRALL, God. P. Agt. STORAGE. FURNITURE STORED. Burlington Warohouae, cornor Rlxtoonth and fitato-sts. Money advanced on all kinds of property. H. I£. RAWER. CHICAGO, MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1873, FOREIGN. Tho Vienna Press on the Traf ficking American Com missioners. Affairs in Spain Dccoming Hourly More Critical. The Communists of Madrid Arresting and Imprisoning Conservative Loaders. Excitement In Paris over the Elections. AUSTRIA. [A r «io York Herald Spuial.] Vienna, April 27.—Thoro la much oxoitomont boro over tho suspension of tho corruptly-ap pointed American Commissioners. Thoro is a report that an assistant of tho Hoad Commis sioners borrowed money of a man who obtained tho refreshment contract, and operated with oth ers in ft similar way. Tho now mon aro already at their duties, and aro socially of bettor po sition. London, April 27.—The scandal In relation to the appointment of the American Vienno-Expo flitlon Commission occupies publlo attention in Vienna. The subject Is being discussed by tho Journals. Qon. Van Boron has addressed to President Grant a strong remonstrance against his suspension. It is openly charged that ,ho was cognizant of tho exactions. Tho euepondod Oommlsaionors nro die* Spßofl to deny tlio authority of [mister Jay to temporarily romovo them. An editorial in tho JVicue Freio Presso quotes Min ister Jay as its authority, and is evidently in spired by him. It alleges that largo sums wore paid to the suspended Commissioners before leaving America, by a number of largo firms, for various concessions. Tho monoy was ac cepted on profeoxt of a subscription for erection of a model school-houso, and tho Journal ironically remarks: “ They thus exhibit tho fruits of that Institution.” It mentions that two restaurant-keepers, Gormans, paid each SI,OOO for tho school-houso. Minister Jay and Gen. Van Baron have evi dently boon fit. variance from tho beginning, and delay and disorganization in tho American Department of tho Exposition is the necessary consequence, Tho list of Ameri can exhibitors, and plans of allotment of space to them, arc not forthcoming. It is reported that thoy wore sent from Loudon by express, and are lost, but it la probable that thoy are among tho official papers that Gen. Mayer refuses to de liver to tho nowly-appolntod Commissioners. ManntD, April 27.—The Minister of Finance announces that arrangements have been made for tho payment of Treasury bills duo at the end of May, ono-tbird In specie, and two-thirds in now acceptances, payable one month from date. The band commanded by the famous chioftain, Baballs, has boon routed, and its loader has dis appeared. Oapt.-Qon. Velarde has ordered the inhabi tants of country districts invaded by tho Carlists to abandon their farms and houses, and retire into tho city with all the provisions they can carry. [A'cw York Herald Spepial.] Madrid, April 27. —Tho ultras demand tho es tablishment of a Commune, and aro engaged in hunting down members of tho Permanent Com mission. Sagasta was surrounded in tho street by armed men, tho loader hearing a Phrygian cap .on his bayonet. Secorra was arrested in tho bouso of Serrano’s mother. Figuerola was imprisoned yesterday. The in creasing fury of the ultras must necessarily load to a massacre, as tho monarchical volunteers are disposed to fight against tho oxooulion of the decree for disarming them. St. Petersburg, April 27.—T1i0 Gorman Em peror arrived in this city to-day, and was received with extraordinary honors. He was met at Gats ohina, thirty miles hpneo, by tho Czar and Grand Luke, who accompanied him to tho city. The two Emperors made tho entrance in tho presence of immense crowds of people, who manifested tho greatest enthusiasm. The Emperor William first reviewed the regiments of which hols tbo honorary Colonol, and was then conducted to tho Winter Palace, whore ho was formally re ceived by tho Court with tho most imposing cer emonies. Tho Czar presented to him his por trait, a sword of honor, tbo Cross of St. George, the Iron Cross for merit, with tho additional in scription “ For Valor,’* andaninkstandand vases in lapis lazuli. Paths, April 27. —The election of a Deputy to fill tho vacant seat for this city in tho Assembly was held to-day. Tho vote oast was unusually large. Tho following are tbo latest returns: M. Barodot, Radical, 160,000 ; Baron Stoffol, Conservative, 127,000 ; Count do Itomusat, sup porter of President Thiers, 25,600. Tho official returns will probably differ little from those fig ures, which insure the election of M. Barodot. Largo and animated crowds aro in tlio streets, notwithstanding a cold rain, awaiting tho latest nows, and eagerly discussing tho result. Elections wore hold to-day in Marseilles and Bordeaux, in which tho Bodical candidates wore also successful. London, April 27.— Tho Daily Telegraph ex plorer in Assyria has mot with great success. Ho has found eighty now Inscriptions, Including histories known and hitherto unknown of fbo Assyrian Kings. Among his discoveries is a highly important tablet containing a collection of provorbs in two languages, which will aid in tho further elucidation of the whole class of inscrip tions. Many of tho inscriptions have definite dates. HALiFAX.ApriI 27.—Tho efforts to bring about a union of Prince Edward Island with tho Do minion of Canada have not boon wholly defeated by the overthrow of tho lato Ministry. Poyo, tho now Premier, has gone to Ottawa to reopen ne gotiations on the subject. Crushed to JOonth* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Hazleton. Ind., April 27.— Marquis Ford, a respectable farmer residing about 4 miles oast of this place, mot with a terrible accident last night, causing death this morning. Ho had brought in a load of wheat, which ho exchanged for flour. After transacting his business, con trary to his usual custom ho visited a sa loon, and, it is supposed, was under tho influ ence of liquor, when starting homo last night. At one point tho road is very rough, and runs along a deep embankment. Over this his horses plunged, throwing him to tho ground, and piling the wagon and load upon him, breaking his back and crushing his ribs. In this terrible condition ho remained conscious till found by his father this morning, who could not extricate him until ho received assistance from neighbors. The un fortunate man expired at 11:80 this morning. Ohio Legislature* Columbus. 0., April 27.—1n tho Senate on Saturday, tho following bills wore passed: House bill to authorize towns and villages to exchange lands donated* for school purposes for other lauds for tho same purpose: House bill to authorize cities and villages to take control of parts of tho national road os Ho within their corporate limits; House bill to authorize mu nicipal corporations to prevent tho overflow of water-courses; House bill to authorize munici pal corporations to extend streets and alloys ourosß railroad tracks, Tito House spout all the evening discussing tho House hill to authorise tho organization of rival gas companies in cities, but tho hill was Anally placed on tho table by an adjournment. Oonwocration* Baltimore, Md., April 27.—80 v. W. H. Gross was to-day consecrated Bishop of Savannah at tho Cathedral, in tho presence of «u immense congregation. An imposing procession moved from tho ArchepUoopul residence to tho Catho SPAIN. RUSSIA. FRANCE. ASSYRIA. CANADA. dral at 11 o'clock. Thoro wore pres out fifty clergy, and sixty seminarians. bo eidoa unmorous altar boya. I’ho altars wore very brilliant. Tho Moat Rev. J. R. Bayloy, Arch bishop of Baltimore, was tho consocralor, with Bishop Becker, of Wilmington, aa sonlor-asslst ant. and Bishop Gibbons, of Richmond, Junior assistant} tho Bov. John Foloy aa assistant priest, and Fathers Volz and Loo aa Deacons of Honor. Tho Doacou of Mass was Father Ly man, and Suh-Doncon, Father Bavtlott. Bishops Wood, of Philadelphia; Shanahan, of Harris burg ; Mullin, of Erie ; Dominic, of Pittsburgh} and Williams, of Boston, wore present. Tho sonnoii was pronchod by Father Wayriolc, of tho Rodomptoriot order. Haydn's Coronation Mass was rendered by eighty choristers. Tho core monies, which very imposing, commenced at 11

a. m., and concluded at 8 p. m. FIRES. .Partial Destruction of Several Ilcsi doncos in Washington—Narrow Es capes—Huntings Elsewhere. Washington, April 27,—This morning a fire broke out in tno basement of tbo houso occu pied by Pay Inspector J. N. Carpenter, in Mlchaolor row. on F street, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets, Before the family wore aware of the danger the* firo had reached the upper stories, and Mr. and Sirs. Carpenter with difficulty escaped to tho street, the latter scream ing for nor child, which was sleeping in tho Man sard story of tho building. On hearing her cry, William Diegos ran through tho adjoining house and along tbo cornice to tho burning dwelling, burst in a window, seized tho nearly suffocated child, carried it out on tho roof of the next house, and delivered it to a colored man, who restored tho child to its mother. Tho gentleman had his wrist severely out by tho glass or cornice. Tho interior of tho houso was almost entirely destroyed. It was tho property of A. It. Shopord, and insured. Tho flames spread to tho adjoining doublo-Mnnsard roof of tho rosldonco of Col. Doun Platt, on tho west, burning it to such an extent tbai it will have to bo ontiroly removed. That gentleman’s library and most of his furniture wore saved from tho flames, but some of tho lattor was in jured by water. Ho had no insurance whatever on tho house and contents. Tho flames also ex tended to tho Mansard rooms on tho oast, dam aging moro or less eight or ton of them. Tho most of tho furniture in tho upper stories was destroyed by Are, and that below considerably injured by water. Loss ou tho houses compara tively small, with tho exception of thoso belong ing to Mr. Bhopard and Col. Piatt. One of tbo bouses in tho row was oc cupied by Lieut. Wheeler, of tho United States Engineer Corps, and where ho and his associates wore employed completing tho record of tho sur vey mode during tbo last four years in Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. All tho surveying instru ments, records, plates, photographs, oto.. wore saved. Harry EllUt, a young lawyer, while as sisting In removing furniture from ono of tho house, foil through tho opening of a window stairway to tbo basement, a distance of about 45 foot, receiving serious injury of tho spine. Memphis, Tonn., April 27. —Tho Village of Stanton, on tho Memphis & Louisville Railroad, was destroyed by firo last night. No particulars. Loss estimated at $160,000, Paterson, N. J., April 27.—A fire in tho St. Charles Hotel, opposite tho Erie Depot, this morning, completely gutted tho first floor, and tho whole building was considerably damaged by tho flro and water. A number of boarders nar rowly escaped with their lives by leaping from tho upporwindows upon adjoining buildings. Ono man who jumped from tbo third-story window to tho ground was voiy badly hurt. Two women woro seriously injured, and several firemen near ly suffocated. Cincinnati, 0., April 27.—A woman named Jenny Haggerty, a paralytic, was burned to death in her stooping room audit midnight to night. Sho occupied a tenement, tho passage to which led through a stable loft. Tno stable burned, isolating bor from assistance. Tho damage to tho property was slight. • Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune Lafayette, Ind., April 27.—Between 11 and 12 o'clock, last night, a flro occurred about two miles south of Otis, a small station at tho cross ing of tbo L., N. & C. and Lake Shore Railroads, in which an old man aged 70, named Glees, to gether with his daughter and five children, woro burned to death. Tho origin of tho fire is not known. War Department ‘Weather Prognoati* cations* Washington, April 27.—Tho tomnoraturo will continue increasing very generally from tho Mississippi to tbo Atlantic seaboard. For tho Northwest and Upper Lakes, and ihenco to Lower Ohio and Lower Missouri Valley, cloudy weather, falling barometer, fresh to brisk southeasterly to northeasterly winds, and occasional rain. For tho Southwest aua Western Gulf States, southeasterly and southerly winds, falliug bar ometer, threatening and rainy weather. For tho Upper Ohio Valley and Kentucky, winds .veering to southeasterly, increasing by oloudly and warmer weather* For tho Lower Lakes and Middle States, generally clear weather, with northwesterly to southwesterly winds and higher temperature.* For Canada and Now England.- northwesterly winds, partly cloudy, aua cool weather. Cautionary signals are ordered for Mobile, Now Orleans, Duluth, Chicago, Milwaukee, aud Grand Haven. Railroad filattors* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Lima, Ohio, April 27.—1t is understood hero that tho Lake Erie Sc Louisville Railroad will ho completed to Cambridge City, Ind M this year. A force of graders have commenced on tho lino be twoou St. Marys, Ohio, and Union City. Ind., and as soon as tho weather settles work will being in earnest. Tlio work of laying iron between Luna and fit. Mary's is progressing slowly, owing to so much rain. J. H. Burgeon, Superintendent, and E. L. Bennett, Chief Engineer, havo this por tion of tho lino in charge, and will roach Si. Mary's in as short a time as possible. Detroit, April ,27.—Tho work of laying tho double track on tlio Michigan Central has boon resumed. Telegraphic llrovitlcN. Bartley Smith, of Lima. 0., while removing a portion of his house, on Friday last, was caught in such a way as to cause very serious internal injuries. It Is thought that ho cannot recover. Senator Whiting, of Bureau County, tho ac knowledged loader of tho anti-monopoly move ment In that section, has written a letter to tho Bureau County Herald, declaring for Chief Jus tice Lawrence. Fifteen hundred singing birds of different varietios.imnorted from Germany by a society or ganized for that -purpose, were turned loose in the suburbs of Cincinnati yesterday. Tho obloot is to domesticate them in tnis country if possible. Navigation items* Buffalo, N. Y., April 27.—Propeller Equinox, tho first vessel of the season, loft hero this morn ing for Cleveland. At op. m. she reached Wind mill Point, and was slowly working her way through a mass of floating ico, which had come down from tho Upper Lakes. St. Louis, Mo.. April 27.— Tho New Orleans linos of steamers nave concluded an agreement to run amicably for one year, one boat to load at a time, and the agents of both linos to solicit freight for it. ftlovomoiitw of tho Presidential Party* Denveil Col., April 20.— President Grant and party reached Denver safe and well at 1:80 p. in, to-day. • They will remain hero till Monday morning, when tho party leave on a special (rain for Golden, Blaokhawk. and Central City. From Central City to Idaho Springs thoy take private carriages, returning to Denver on Monday even ing. The President will give a public reception on Monday evening at the Governor's Guards* ball, and will probably go East, via Omaha, on Tuesday. Obituary* Poughkeepsie, N. Y., April 27.—William W. Eoyuolds, for nearly forty years a merchant of this city, died to-day, from a stroke ot paralysis. He was well known among grain-dealers of tho Western Btatos. ' Evansville, April 27.—Herman Bchutz, for many years foreman of tho Journal oflloo, died to-day, after an illness of four years. James Watson, 07 years old, formerly of Vin cennes, died in a ilt last night. Pacific Count Atoms* Ban Francisco, April 27.— Tho body of Clen. Oauby is expected to arrivo at Portland by steamer on Tuesday. Many branches of business are almost para lyzed by tbo epizootic. A fow fatal cases are reported. Tho disease is spreading rapidly. WASHINGTON. Correspondence Relative to the Ciise of Phelps, Dodge & Co. The Treasury Programme for May. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, TUB LOUISIANA TROUBLES. Washington, D. (J., April 27.—A Cahluot ofllcor, lu conversation to-day upon tho Louis iana difficulties, said thoro was one thing tho no groos of tho South had yot to loam, and that was to protoot thomaolvoa, and not roly to so largo an extent on tho assistance of tho Federal Gov ernment. Thoro is a growing indisposition on tho part of tho Administration touso any troops in Louisiana until tho Kellogg Government has manifested some vigor in its own dofonso. This fooling was communicated to Kellogg some time since, and It accounts for tho aggros sivo policy inaugurated by him towards MoEnory and his adherents. Tito full effect of tho anticipated indictment of MoEnory for troason will bo appreciated when it is re membered that tho court before which ho may bo tried is of tho same political complexion which has already decided tho Kollogg Govern ment to bo tho legal government of tho Stato. TUB VIENNA EXPOSITION SCANDAL An exceedingly sharp controversy is promised between Commissioner Vanßuron and tho Sec retary of Stato over th 6 alleged irregularities growing out of tho Vienna Exposition scandal. Tho friondu of tho Commissioner explain that tho vory reason why ho did not ' fllo his bond arose from tho fact that tho fourteen general appointments of Commissioners woro made by the Stato Department, and Yanßiiron did not propose to mako himself responsible for tho distribution of a fund amounting to $200,000, In a letter written to-day on this subject, Sec retary Fish said that a detailed report of tho ex amination now taking placo in Vienna will bo forwarded shortly, ana at tho earliest moment tho suspension of all who shall not bo implicated will bo removed. THE DISTRICT LEGISLATURE convenes to-morrow in regular session. A lively intrigue is already in progress between tho Board of Public Works ana the Pennsylvania Central Bailroad, for tho control of tho Speakership of tho Houao of Delegates. Tho Board is at war with Tom Scott over prospective legislation concerning tho grade of the track of tho Baltimore A Potomao Bailroad. which rune through a park south of tho Capitol building, and thonco proceeds up to Pennsylvania avenue in tho very heart of tho city. The Vico President of the Board of Pub lic Works is running his brother for tho Speaker ship, while Tom Scott's candidate is a moro pop ular and loss objectionable man. Thin feet makes Scott’s success a certainty, so far as this contest is concerned. [7b tho Associated Press.] treasury programme for mat. Washington. April 27.— ‘The Secretary of tho Treasury has directed tho Assistant Treasurer at Now York to soil $1,000,000 In gold on the first,. third, and fifth Thursdays, ana $1,000,000 on tho second aud fourth Thursdays, in all $6,000,- 000, and to buy $500,000 in bonds on tho first and $500,000 on tho third Wednesday of May, in all $1,000,000. Tho Secretary has also directed tho payment without robato on and aftor Mon day, tho 28th inst., of interest duo on bonds May 1. DIED. Commodore John 11. Bullok, U. B. N., on tho retired list, died horo this morning. THE CASE OF PHELPS, DODGE A CO. The Treasury Department publishes tho cor respondence relative to tho caso of Phelps, Dodge A Co. It appears therefrom that on January Od, last, Special Agent Jayno reported to Secretary Boutwoll as tho result of hie examina tion of tho books of said firm that tho firm had deliberately violated every provision of tho law of 1803, governing tho invoicing and entering of imported merchandise, paying ad valorem duty. Tho total value of invoices examined amounted to $1,760,000 which, uuder the law is forfeited to tho United States, not by any technical construction or far-fotchod interposition, but by deliberately and systematically stating tho cost of goods below tho pur chase price by a false Invoice, ro&do false for no conceivable reason hut to lesson the duties. Tho items proven in those several invoice s to bo un dervalued, when taken separately, amount to about $275,000. The percentage of loss on tho whole amount is, therefore, small, yet, says Jayno, tho importations of tho houso aro very extensive, and if tho same, or nearly tho same, percentage of fraud extends through thoir im portations othor than those included in tho state ment, and on which wo have positive proof, the ontiro loss to tho rovonue must havo been some SIO,OOO or $15,000 per annum; perhaps moro. United States District-Attorney Bliss, under date of Jan. 2, writes to Solicitor of tho Treasury Banflold, transmitting cn offer of compromise made by Phelps, Dodge A Go. Davis says tho investigation showed that defend ants committed two apparently distinct species of fraud. Ono consisted in invoicing tin, shipped from Liverpool, tho prices paid for it in Wales, of which undervaluation thoro is no moans of knowing tho amount; whilo othor species of fraud consisted of tho trifling undervaluation of some single Item, or class of items, In an in voice In which most of tho Items wore correct. Thoro is no actual evidence of fraud, says Bliss, In either class prior to January, 1871. Tho books, neither before nor since, contain any evi dence of fraud, but it is found hi the memoranda and in duplicate invoices, if those over existed. For tho importations prior to about January, 1671, they havo boon destroyed. Tho Informer asserts that tho fraud extended over several years, and thoro is considerable indirect proof that this is so In tbo similarity of ratos and standard items before and since January, 1671. Tho invoices showing tho same prices before 1871 in the classes of goods shown to havo boon undervalued since that time, of Invoices entered since early hi 1871, which aro tainted with fraud. Tho Items in which undervaluations occur amount to $271,017.23, whilo tho amount of un dervaluation is $0,658.76. Tho total amount of duties lost to the Government was $166,468. Tho total importations of defendants &ro about $6,000,000 a year. Whilo tne Investigation was going on various proposals of compromise wore made, but woro such that tho Collector doomed it worth whilo to hold out a hope that they would bo accepted. Bliss, aftor careful consideration, howovor, recommends tho accoptnnco of tho compromise now offered. Ho is influenced to this course by the foot, that the nominal amount claimed Is so enormous In comparison with tho amount of un dervaluation and fraud, (hat it would bo difficult to obtain a verdict for tho amount claimed. Tho smallness of tho fraud also makes tho amount offered an adequate, perhaps extraordinary, pun ishment for the offense committed. Tho propo sition made by Bliss is from tho attorneys of PhOlpa, Dodge A Go., and, while protesting that no frauds havo ovor boon entertained by the firm towards tho rovonue, offered the Treasury $260,000 in currency on tho ground that thoro may havo boon nets in connection with tho ontry of importations in violation of tho statutes. Mr. Jayno, also, on January 6, recommended tho acceptance of this offer. A second proposition offers tho s&mo amount as a compromise of all violations of the Bevonuo laws, ami settlement of all duties, pou allies, and forfeitures between tho Ist of Jan uary, 1868, and tho same dote in 1678. Tho prop osition was verbally rejected by Baufiolu, and was subsequently withdrawn. Mr. Bliss, on Fob. 8, encloses to Banflold a third proposal from tho attorney of Photos, Dodge A Go., offering to compromise all viola lions of tho Bevonuo laws for tho*sum of $271,017.23. This settlement is recommended by both Bliss and Jayno. Mr. Banflold, on Fob. 18, writes to tbo attor neys' of Phelps, Dodge A Go. that tho first prop osition waa rejected because accompanied by assertions of imioconoo of all intent to do fraud tho rovonuo, and tho second ho declined to recommend because it contained a condition that tho sum offered should bo full satisfaction for nil violation of laws between Jan. 1,1871, and Jan. 1,1873, no facta being submitted to justify tho Secretary of tho Treasury in giving so broad a release. The third proposi tion is opon to tho same objection, and Biuiflold declines to recommend it. On Fob. 17, howovor, Banflold writes Secretary Boutwoll that ho is inclined to accept tho last proposition upon tho understanding and condi tion that tho release to ho given shall cover only such alleged frauds as havo boon called to tho notice of tho Treasury Department by Special Agent Jayno. Mr. Boutwoll, on tho same day, authorized r NUMBER 252. Banflold to Bottlomontln accordance with tho tormo of Tho proposition woei ac* cordingly tracj- ;Uod to Diatrlct-AUqrnoy Bilan, who, on MonrSj'replied that tho mottora India* Sutohnd hooI f »j|iftUy aottlcd for tho aum of 271,172 8-lOflin Hio final aottlomont la accom panied by a 10/g ►‘from Mr. Jayne to tho effect that hla inveai'g ,loha covered all importations of tho House S-lvo years next preceding Jan. 1, 1873. pJI ?£*W YORK. Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune « New York, April 27.— I Tho authorities say that tho examination of tho accounts of Hr. Whiting, Caahior at tho Poat-Ofilco In this city, shows them to bo correct in ovory particular. [J'o the A eeoclateil Frees.] New York, April 27.— There is o movement on foot among tho St. Crispins to strike for oipl t houra and an increase of wages. Tho societies hold aocrot mootings and resolved to strlko at an early day. Tho Times loarna that DoLoug Is likely to bo continued Minister to Japan. The old United Slates Arsenal, oroctod In 1812, on Jersey City Heights, Is to bo torn down after tho Ist of May. Ivoa Lctvoquos, a Quartermaster on board tho stoamahip Poroiro, committed suicido at noon to-day, by Jumping from tho yard-arm to tLo dock. DETROIT. Tlio Commercial Advertiser Annual Lottery »-I>ruwncd« Special Dispatch ter The Chicago Tribune. Detroit, Mich., April 27.— Tho annual distri bution of prizes’ to tho subscribers of tho Com mercial Advertiser took place yesterday after noon. James A. Vlegar, ono of the County Audi tors, took tho $2,000 prize. Mrs. T. 0. Colo, ol Monroe, an equal sum. E. M. Bradley, of Du luth, won SSOO. It is said that no more of there distributions will bo allowed, au they are practi cally lottery performances. While Charles Handy was fishing In tho rivor at Ann Arbor, yesterday, ho fell in and waa drowned. THE RAILROAD QUESTION. Portland, Me., April 20,1873.' To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Sin: In financial circles in all tho cities oast of Chicago, I find almost a panlo, certainly a very panicky fooling,—gold and bonds going up; currency scarce; trade depressed; collections difficult; discounts out of tho question at tho banks; merchants embarrassed to moot their maturing bills; and laborers and trades-unions contemplating strikes, or altogether out of em ployment. I also find tho pcoplo of Maine agi tating tho groat question of railroad monopoly, which is now absorbing so much attention in tho West. Tho Maine Central Bailroad is tho big fish horo which has swallowed, or is preparing to swallow, all the littlo ones, and, like tho Caradon A Amboy in Now Jersey, threatens to rulo and ruin tho Stato, —ls, indeed, ruling it. All sorts of monopoly rings oro in existence In tho interest of tho man ogers of this road. Wood rings, lumbor rings, town slto, manufacturing, and construction rings, lobby rings, election rings, banking rings, newspaper rings, and I don't know but church rings, ore in existence, In tho interest of tbs managers of tho Maine Central. Tho stock holders, on tho ono hand, and the pooplo, on tho other, are tho victims of these schemers knows as financiers and railroad kings. Tho people, however, are waking up to tho perils of tho situ ation, and are catching tho spirit which Is swoop ing over the West. It seems to mo that theso fires will moot on tho Alleghenies, about four years from now, and envelop tho nation. The Boston AdDcrfiacr, tho organ of monopoly In general, and of the railroad monopoliats of Now England in particular, in yesterday’s issue, in a lengthy loader on tho situation, aftor sum ming up tho probahlo results of the great up rising in Illinois, declares, oracularly, that the proposed legislation in Illinois, fixing maximum rates and prohibiting unjust discrimination, ii accomplished, “will not bo obeyed by the rail* roads.” Of course tho railroads referred to are the Chicago A Alton, and the Chicago, Burling* ton A Quincy, as theso roads are chiefly owned by Boston capitalists, and are controlled by Bos* ton mon. Tho Directors, I beliovo, are mostly Boston men, also. If tho Advertiser understood tho question it discusses, and tho tmo interests of tho stock holders It trios to represent, it would mako com mon causo with tho pooplo of tho West against tho managers of theso roads. Both tho people and tho stockholders are tho victims of tho schemers who monago tho roads. If tho Advei'- User understood all about tho “ Bed Lino," “ Bluo Lino,” “National Lino,” “White Stax Lino,” and a dozen other rolling-stock rings, with tho Pullman Sleeping-Car and Palace- Car ring, and. tho coal-mining and transportation rings, and various rings and schemes of railroad managers, by which stockholders aro swindled, roads worn out, stock and bonds depreciated, and investments ruined, it would discourse in a very different strain, os tho mouth piece of the and Directors it is supposed to represent. Tho people in tho West are getting thoir oyos open to those tricks by which Superintendents, Presidents, Purchasing Agents, Treasurers, and Attorneys of railroads hocomo millionaires in a few years, whilo tho stockholders grow poor and tho pooplo starve. It wos lately proved in court that a Vico-Prosi dont of tho Erie Boad made $lO on ovory through freight car that ran over the Erie Boad, for several years in succession. If u , ( 4dtor- User would find out how much tho mu .gora aro interested in theso various rolling stock and Pullman-Car [companies, and how much it costa tho stockhold ers in wear and tear of track and engines, and how much is actually paid for handling theso cars, which novor finds its way into tho treasury of tho roads, it would have vastly moro sympa thy with tho farmers of tho West who pay nil theso bills, and, instead of threatening disobe dience to a maximum freight law, it would go in for hanging a fow railroad raanogors to a limb of tho big olm on Boston Common, providing they should ovor have tho assurance to attoud a mooting of their Directors in that goodly city, and providing.the Advertiser was capable of any righteous Indignation whatever, or could grow rod in tho face oven whilo catching tho hand of a thief In Us own pocket,—either of which con dition of things is altogether unlikely. A. J. G. LET IT GO ON. Tbo police of tho Armory Station last night renewed tboir onslaught on the houses of pros titution. The raiding squads were, as before, led by Sergeants Buokloyand Lull. Several largo houses vroro brought in, filling tho cramped quarters of the prison to overflowing. Some of tuo poor creatures wore bailed out, but by fas tbo greater number • remained imprisoned ail nighL and paesod tho time away in sleeping on tho rude benches and la singing. -The Star Saloon, No. 4.09 Clark street, furnished nine inmates ; tho houses Noa. 453 and 4GO State street, owned by Jack and Lizzie Weekly, furnished thirteen inmates, and Jack Weekly, tho proprietor. Sarah Nowmau’s house, on Clark street, and several others wore visited, but wore found almost deserted, Those croa tbros will come before Justice Bauyon this morning : and, since tho entry-book at tho Ar mory Station shows that 128 persons are cited to appear before His Honor this morning, that ofliclal will have his hands full. CITY NEWS, Last evening, about 0 o’clock, Joseph Gould got into a fight with a negro named John Alex ander. at No. 60 Taylor utroot. In tho moloa Qoulcl struck tho negro with a shovel, breaking his loft arm. Goulu was arrested by Officer Bur gout, and looked up in tho Armory Station. A certain prominent physician, who has been connected with Cook County m an ofliclal capac ity. was yesterday found lying on tho sidewalk, not far from tho Madison Street Station, dead drunk. Ills pookolu wore turned inside out, and a gold watch and valuable diamond pin missing. Ho was brought to tho station by Ofllcor Bridges. Ho laid himself out on tho floor of tho room whoa brought in, and could an swer nothing. Ho was in a filthy condition, be ing covered with mud some boys bad been throwing at him.

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