Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 28, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 28, 1873 Page 5
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*HE SUPREME COURT. ‘Full Text of the Last Batch of Opinions, A Question of Uio Suspension of Interest During' tho War.. Tho Bights mid Liabilities of Married Women. Chicago’s Celebrated Botten Dried-Beef Suit. IlK) Lane,™ Bastardy Caso in Its True Light. Another Deoision Respecting tho Liability of Common Carriers. Jurisdiction of County Courts Wlion tlio Amount in Controversy Ex ceeds SSOO. Special Correspondence of The Chicago Tribune, Jttawa, HI., April 20, 1878.—-I send you all tho opinions filed to date, being for tho March term, in tho Supremo Court, that are of any in terest to tbo people of tho Northern. Grand Di vision of tbo Btalo of Illinois, including Cook County. THE SUSPENSION OF INTEREST DOBING THE WAB. Tho property referred to in tho following opin ion consists of Clock 17, of Canal Trustees’ Sub division of Section S3, 30, 14, and was convoyed, on Bth May, 1857, by James Bomay, to William O. Yoaton, ono-thlrd; Edmund B. Duval, ono third; Cohort Bovorly, ono-slxth; and James K. fikinnor, ono-sixih. Tho opinion was by Justice McAllister, as fol lows: On th.e Bth of May, 1657, Bcraay, tho appellee, sold to appellants a certain block of laud, situate in tho City of Chicago. Of tho consideration, tbo sum of thlrty throo thousand and forty dollars ($33,040) was to bo f>ald by appellants in flvo Installments, ami for which hey gave their flvo Joint promissory notes of that date, payable to tho order of appellee, iu one, two, throe, four, and flvo years respectively, after date, at tho office of 8. 11. Kcrfoot A Co., la tbo City of Chi cago. Nono of tbo notes boro interest on their face. To secure these notes, appellants gavo back to appolloo b mortgage of (ho premises purchased. At tho time of these transactions, Bcmay.tho payee, W&o a citizen and resident of tho State of 'Alabama, whore he continued to reside during tho whole period of tho ponding of tho Into civil war, and kept all of tho unpaid notes lu his possession during that time. Tbo appellants Bovcrly and Sklnuor, two of tho mak ers of tho notes, wore within tho Confederate lines during tbo war, os was tho payee, Bornay; and tho appellants Yoaton and Duval, tbo two other mak ers of tho notes, wore all tho timo during tho pend ency of tho war within tho Union lines. These facts nro conceded by both parties. It is nlpo conceded that appellants have paid all tho principal and interest ‘on these notes except tbo sum of $3,055.68, which was tho omount of Interest accruing upon such portion of said Indebtedness an remained unpaid during tho pend ency of. tho war. Appellants, claiming that such un paid portion did not draw interest during tho war, Hied their bill against Bornay to havo tho mortgage declared satlaflcd and discharged, whereupon ho an swered and ffiod his cross-bill to fore close tbo mortgage for this Interest. These facts oppoarlng, tho Oourt below dismissed ’ appellants’ original bill, and entered a decree of foreclosure upon tho cross-bill. Tho complainants upon tho original hill bring tho case to this Court by appeal, and assign for error tbo decree of tbo Court dismissing tho bid, and granting the relief upon tbo cross-bill. Wo aro of opinion that tho Court below decided correctly. Thceo notes were made payable at & specified time fend place. It was not necessary for Bornay to make '« demand of payment at the Umo and place specified, in order to maintain on action upon tlio notes, or a till to foreclose tbo mortgage {Butterfield v, Kluzle, 1 Beam,, 145); But, If the makers, or auy of them, wore nt tbo place at tbo tlmo deftfgnated, and woro ready end offered to pay tlio money, nud could not pay It because tbo notes woro not thoro to bo surrendered up, such readiness and offer would bavo discharged them from liability for interest (Wallace v, McConnell. 18 rotors’, ISO). * Two of tho makers of tbo notes resided during all the time In question within territory entirely under the control of tho Qrovcrmnontof the United States, to which they adhered, Tlio placo whoro tho notes woro specifically payable was also within such territo ry. It would have been no breach of duty on tho part' of theso two makers, toward their Government, to liavo prepared theuselvca. and olfcrcd at tho placo where tbo notes woro payable, to pay tho money. This was all they woro required to do to discharge them selves from all liability to pay Interest, ami tbo clr curastauces present' no legal obstacle to tho acoom pliehmout of that result. Thou, on tbo other band, tbo other two makers re sided within tho so-called Confederate States: and they and tho payee of tho uolcs woro all tho time within tho military lines of that do facto government. Bornay had tbo notes then In his possession. What lo cal obstacle was there In the way of payment (hero 7 The circumstances of tho case do not bring it within tho rule, or tho reason of tho rule, by which Interest Is suspended during a stato of war. The decree of tho Court below must bo affirmed. THE CELEBRATED DHIED-DEEF CASE. Tho very last opinion filed by tho Supreme Court is that of the celebrated dried-beef con tract case, which was fully reported iu Tub Tribune at tho time of tho trial at Chicago. Justice Scott writes tho opinion of tho Court, as follows: This wna sn action of Assumpsit, brought by tho ap pellee* in tho Circuit Court of Cook Couuty against tho appellant. Tbo appellees allege that they pur chased a largo lot of dried beef of the appellant, which, they claim, ho warranted to bo sound aud of morchaut ablo quality, and on ascertaining that It was not as they say it was represented, they olfercd to return It, but ho refused to receive it. and pay back (ho con sideration, with reasonable damages. Tho ap pellant explicitly denies that ho ever warranted tlio beef ; aud states that ho refused to do so, and that tho appellees agreed to take It on Board of Trade in spection, and, when tbo meat was delivered, It boro iu- Bpcctlon by tho Board of Trade Inspector. Tho principal errors assigned aro, first, that the verdict Is against tbo weight of tho evidence; second, that tbo Court erred in giving tho first aud second in structions on behalf of tho appellees. Thoro woro but throo persona present at tbo making of tbo original contract. viz: tbo appellant aud bis £on, nod tho appellee, Collins. There is a direct con let in tbo evidence os to whether tho appellant war ranted the moat to bo of n certain quality, or whether tho appellees agreed to take it If It boro the Board of Trade inspection , In this doubtful state of tbo evidence, tho guarantee Subsequently written under tho Invoice and signed by feppollant was evidence of tha most important charac ter, If li was signed in pursuance of tbo original contract, it would bo conclusive of tbo rights of tbo |>artlca ; but If not so signed, it would not strengthen the appellees’ cause. Ou this question, (bo Court gavo tho following instructions; “If tbo Jury believe Iron tbo evidence* that tho dofitadant In this case sold bo plaintiffs a quantity of drlqrt beef hams at a prico $f cents per pound, and in consideration thereof iho defendant gave his written warrantee, as shown iu iho evidence,” oto, Tho instruction Is erroneous, aa It would lead tho jury to believe that they might find a verdict for tbo Appellees on tbo subsequent written guarantee inde pendently of tho question whether such guarantee was d part of tho original contract. Although tbo law Is ac curately stated iu (ho instructions for tho appellant, wo are inclined to think, ou examining tho evidence, that tho Jury woro misled by this Instruction, for which reason wo are of opinion that it would tend to iheoads of Justice that this case' should bo'reversed and submitted to another Jury without tho objoctlon feblo instruction on this vital question Iu tbo caso. ' Wo are unable to perceive any objection to the sec ond Instruction given for tbo appellees. Tho Judgment h reversed and the cause remanded. fIUITa AGAINST THE fiEPPAUATE PHOPERTy Op ' maubied women— the laws op different STATES. Tho following decision of tho Bupromo Court embraces several points of interest, not merely to lawyers, but all having property or engaging In trade. Opinion of Justice Bcott s Ibbuci having heou Joined upon tho replications to tho clean of coverture, tho Court, on motion of tho appel lee, struck thu same from tho flics, This action of tho court below is tho principal cause of error assigned, to which our ottcnlion Ims been called, and la tho onlv ouo doomed to bo material to bo conaldurcd In tho de cision of tho case, Tho fourth and fifth pleat arc. In •übatauco, tho same, ondln them It h averred that: at tho dalo of tho making of thoHuvdral alleged contrabla. tho appellee w«b, ami still id, a married wtmian, living with her husband, Tho replications to thosu plouß Hot rppfti,' by way of avoidance of (ho effect of cover ture, that tho several promises and undertaking* lu tho declaration mentioned wero made and entered Into in the Btatoof lowa : and (hut tho services performed, material furnished, am! money expended, by tho atA pollant, for tho nppolloo, as alleged In the declaration, were done, performed, and furnished, and expended: and wore contracted to bo so done, iu tho Htato of fcowa. concerning the necessary care, aqd for U)o bwoi fit of tho flopumto property of the appellee, then owned by her under the laws of that State; and by tholaws of the Rtato of lowa, then and now In force, Uio an- Eolloo could bo anod Mono on contracts, In regard to or separate property, notwithstanding hor coverture. Tlio objection taken Is, (hat although tho contract between the parties In valid by the lima of lowa, whern it was made, it cannot bo onlorccd in thin State In a court of law, and to support (ho objection tho case of Mitchell v. Carpenter, CO 111. 470, Is cited, A party seeking to enforce n contract valid by (ho laws of another State, must avail of tho remedy provid ed by our own laws. In case of contracts made by mar ried women, If (he remedy wan only Inequity, ns hold In Mitchell v. Carpenter (tho case cited), then the party would havo to purnuo hin remedy In chancery, and not otherwise. It won doubtless on tho authority of that caso (hat tho Circuit Court hold tho replications bad. Tho rule slated In Mitchell v. Carpenter won modi fied,.in Ooolomn v. Toole (January T*» 1871), and it wan thoro hold that a married woman might bo sued alone nt law on contracts affecting her separate property (in Illinois,) That part'of ihu replication which alleges that, by tho lawn .of tho State of lown, a married woman could be sited alone on contracts concerning hor separate property, did present an Immaterial Is sue. A fonimo covert may bo sued at law on con tracts; but it Is under our laws, and not by reason of anything contained In tho laws of lowa, After rejecting that pari of tho replications as sur plusage, enough remained to constitute a complete answer to tho plead of coverture under tho rulo In Oookson v. Toole, and It was error In (ho Oourt to strike the Issues from files (Hamer v. Smith j January T,, 1872). For tho error Indicated, tho Judgment la reversed and thocause remanded. TEARING DOWN A TAX-BALE NOTICE. In Fnuld v. Tho People (appeal from sen tence for tearing down a notice of tax-salo), the Supremo Court of this Stato has filed an opinion, of which tho following is a copy: Tho defendant was Indicted for unlawfully tearing down an advertisement posted by authority of law. It Is assumed that (ho notlco was nut put up six days prior to tho Halo; (hat it w&a therefore void, and tho act charged wan uo offense. Tho notlco was posted on tho 16th, In (ho afternoon, and tho solo was to ho on tho 21st of tho samo month. In computing tho number of days wo must Include, as ono of them, tho day of posting. Bitch Is tho uniform rulo In analogous cases. Tho day on which tho notlco was put lip must bo. roolconod an ouo <lny, for ths law docs not recognize a part of a day. It is also urged that, as tho defendant had roplovluod tho property levied upon from tho Collector, before (ho day of halo, tho notlco had fulfilled Its ollico, and tho defendant was, within tho exception of tho statute, creating the offense. Tho statute provides that (ho offenso shall not extend to defacing or destroying an advertisement, after tho expiration of tho time for which it is to remain up. Tho timo had not, In fact, and tho .officer might In somo manner havo obtained thoposscsslon of tho prop erty before tho day of sato. If tho affidavit was in compliance with tho statute, tho party could not havo obtained his writ of roplovy without committing per jury. • The advertisement was posted in accordance with tho law, which Imposed tho duty upon tho officer, and it should not have been disturbed until the expiration of tho day of nolo. Until that day, any interference with it was a palpable violation of tbo statute. It.cannot be tolerated that a parly whose property has boon seized for taxes, and a sale of it duly advertised, can, before tbo sale, roplovy it from tho officer, take it out of tbo custody of tho law, —perhaps by rolflo swearing,—de stroy the advertisement of tho sale, and thou, as an oxouso for his violation of tho law, claim that tho pur poso of tho notlco had been fulfilled by his own offi cious act. Uo might have sued tho officer on trespass, or, under some circumstances, have enjoined tho sale, but ho had no right to suo in replevin. As to tho remaining error, wo must presume that tho Oourt instructed tho Jury orally by consent. Tho Judgment is affirmed. - - JJABIUED WOIIEN’H EABNINOB (DZFOBE 1880). Although married women may now do busi ness and earn money lu their own right, there Is a liability of such earnings, before tho passage of tho Married Woman’s act (so-called) of 18G9, for tbo husband’s debts, also, prior to that year. A decision of tho Supremo Oourt on this sub ject, is in John Jassoy ot al. v. Wm. Delius ot al., by Justice Sheldon, as follows: This was a creditor's bill, brought by tho appellees against John Jassoy, and A. B. Jassoy, bis wife, to subject a certain property hold In tho name of tho lat ter to tho payment of a Judgment which had been re covered by the appellees against John Jassoy, tho hus band. The Court below rendered a decree against the defendants for tho sum of $273.89, aud costa. They appealed. Tho proof shows that in 1881 John Jassoy failed in business as a banker; that his dwelling house was sold ot a public salo by his assignee, nubjoct to Jassoy’s homestead right and a mortgage for SI,OOO, and was afterwards purchased by his wife, A. B, Jassoy, who subsequently sold it for $2,500, ond, after paying tho mortgage on it of SI,OOO, purchased iu her own nemo another house for $2,200, where she and hor husband now live. In 16G2, Mrs. Jassoy entered into tho milllnory busi ness. which was successful, ami sho continued iu it until in 1871. From tbo profits of this business sho purchased a store, in hor own name, for $4,600. This house and store, together with about SI,OOO money at Interest, sho appeared to bo possessed of at -tnu timo of tho _ decree. Aside from profile of hor millinery business, tho proper separate estate which sho over had was only about $2,100. Tho $2,000 which she had at tho time of her marriage, that being before tho passage of tho Married Woman’s not, so-called, of 1801, belonged to bor husband. Tho profits arising from tho conduct of tho millinery business, previous to the net of 1860, allowing to mar ried womou their comings, ot least beyond tho Interest on tho amount of tho wife’s separate capital which was employed, we think must bo regarded as tho comings of tlio wife, and os such, bo hold to belong to tho hus band. Tho proof allows satisfactorily that Mrs. Jasnay held In her name property of hor husband to an amount at least equal to that found by tho decree. The decree must be affirmed. APPEAL FROM BASTARDY SENTENCE. Considerable attention Ims boon directed to the appeal of tho bastardy sentence in People ox rol Eurolio Lancau v. Louis Christman, which, had it resulted in obtaining a reversal of judg ment by tho Supreme Court, would have boon received as a direct encouragement of immoral ity throughout this Stato. The Supremo Court has decided as follows: This was a prosecution ou ft charge of bastardy, wbero a verdict mid Judgment woro rendered against tbo defendant, from which bo has appealed. It lo urged that tho verdict was against tbo evidence. After a careful examination of tbo testimony, wo find that It sustains tho verdict, and that there is no suffi cient ground for disturbing the finding of tlio Jury upon tho evidence. Wo perceive no error In tho instrustious. It is objected to tbo first ono that It toUs tbo jury they may convict on a pre ponderance of evidence. It is often boon hold by this Court that tho proceed ing in question, though lu form criminal, Is, iu olloct, a civil proceeding; cod that it la not essential to a conviction that tho evidence of guilt should exclude every reasonable doubt, but that a preponderance of proof will bo sufficient. It is objected to tho form of tho Judgment that it ro quires tho defendant to gtvo n bond for tho payment of the costs of the suit, as well as for tho payment of Iho installments for tho support of tho child. Tho de fendant is adjudged to pay tho several Installments of mouoy and tho costs of tho prosecution, “ aud to oxo outo u proper and sufilclcnt bond tor tho payment of tbo judgment heroin In duo forni of law.” The statute only requires the bond to bo given for payment of tho Installments of money adjudged to bo paid, aud wo do uot think tho Judgment should bo con strued ns requiring anything moro than tlio statute docs In this respect. Wo consider, thou, that, under the Judgment, tho defendant Is only required to give bond for tbo installment, and uot for tho costs of suit. Tho Judgment must bo ufilrnted. LIAWUTX OP COMMON CARRIERS. Illinois Central Railroad Company y, Furet Friend is ono of tho last opinions filed. Tho ap-. peal from tho judgment of tho Court below is granted for tho reasons hero stated, which will prove of value to thoso who forward consign ments by common carrier t This woe an action brought against the Railroad Company to recover for goods destroyed by fire. Tlio property iu controversy was loaded Into a car of tho Illinois Central Railroad Company on tho afternoon of Oct. 4,1871, at Mattoon, IU., consigned to the appcUoo at Chicago. Tho cor arrived in Chicago about A o’clock in tho afternoon of Oct, 7, 1871, Which was Saturday, and by about 6 o’clock of that afternoon the goods had boon un loaded and stored In a safe aud suitable frolgbt-bouso of tho Company. On Monday morning, Oct, 0, 1871, between 6 and 0 o’clock, tho frclght-uouso aud con tents, Including tho property iu question, woro de stroyed by tho groat fire lu Chicago. The uooUine bus been repeatedly declared by this Court that carriers by railroad aro neither bound to deliver the goods car ried to the consignee personally, nor to glvo notice of their arrival, lo discharge their. UabUlty aa carrloyo ; that If tho consignee Is uot present to receive the goods ou their arrival, tho carrier can store tho goods safely lu a suitable warehouse, to await tho demand of (ho consignee; and when thus stored tbo duty of tbo railroad, as a common carrier, terminates and that of tlio warehouseman begins, (llora decisions are cited ) Tho Instruction given for tho plaintiff below was In conflict with this rule, Tho second and fourth In structions asked for on behalf of (bo defendant was In accordance with ouch rule, but they wero refused by tho Court. For error In such refusal of Instructions, tho Judjment is reversed and the cause remanded. JURISDICTION OF COOCTY COURTS. In Tho People ox rol. Bamuol Poto and Wm. K. Patterson v. Holou L, Moud, tho Supreme Court has defined tho low ns to tho jurisdiction of County of Courts as to tho amount in contro versy. Tho opinion is by Bcott, J., and Wa? fol lowa’s This was a petition for a m;uidan\Uß to compel tho Clerk of tho lafhllo Cuii\\ty Court to Issue a summons in a cause whcrolu pio relators wore plaintiffs and Nohemlnh I), Harris was defendant, and where Urn amount olilmgd to be duo to tho plaintiffs exceeded tho •Aim 9/ |SpO, The respondent refused to Issue tho process, on the wrounu thht tho County Court of lu- Sallo County ban no Jurisdiction In causes whorq U\e amouul in controversy exceeded thu uum of S3CO. Under tho act of 1805, tho County Court of LoiSallo County h:4 concurrent jurisdiction Iu au civil causes with (no Circuit Court of that county. In Ulsko ct ol V, Beckham et ul, (d‘' - l.i*'d at die present term), it was held that tho exte... 1 Jurisdiction conform! by tho act of 1805 unop tho Court of BuHallo County wah repealed by'tho provisions of tho Constitution of 1870, aud that that Court can now only cxerclsd such Jurisdiction us is conferred by tho general law in forco July 1,1873, By tho provisions of tho general law, County Courts have no Jurisdiction in civil causes when (he amount lu controversy exceeds S3OO, Tho THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1873. respondent property refused to Issue the process, ...... Tho peremptory writ of man damus is denied. TUB JACQUE3*BSniII RAPE CASE. Tho celebrated Jacques case, in which James Jaoqncs and George Harris wore charged, tho latter with committing a rape on tho person of Jane Smith, a girl of IC, and tho former with aiding Harris to abduct her, has boon reversed, on tho ground that thoro was no ovidonoo what ever sustaining the charge. Tho men wore sen tenced to tho Penitentiary for ono year, Tho caso is ono of tho most extraordinary on record. Wo summarize from the’opinion filed: Tho girl was staying at a Mrs. Goodyear’s, who kept a naloon at Leyden Centro, a suburb of Ohioago, and, at tho invitation of Harris, took somo wiuo, which, it was charged, had boon drugged. As his entreaty, sbo walked towards Chicago, and Harris and Jacques followed In a buggy, and picked hor up. They all got out at ono Baxter’s saloon, corner of Union and .Erie streets, whoro Jacques remained behind, and Harris and tho young girl walked to tlio National Hotel and registered ao man and wife, sleeping together. Thoro was uo disturbance during tho night, and no complaint made in tho morning; tho parlies wont away quietly, as they camo. On tho witness stand. tho girl said sho know nothing further than that she woke up iu the morning with Har ris in hod with hor; how ho camo there, or what had transpired, she professed to havo no recol lection of. She distictly swore that Harris had no improper intercourse with hor, so far as sho know. The Court below was moved for and re fused a now trial on tho ground that tho charge was not sustained, and this was orror, and tlio decision must ho reversed in consequence. Tho Court scorn to entertain no doubt as to tho guilt of tho parlies as to a deliberate attempt to ruin tho young girl, but tlio fact that thoro was no ev idence adduced at the trial except such as tended to show tlm girl bud boon an assenting party throughout was fatal. THE SUICIDAL MANIA. Two Cases Vcstorday. Tho suicidal, mania has prevailed to an alarm ing extent in this city during the past week. There have boon no leas than live self-murders, and the moans by which the victims have ac complished their mad desires have boon both peaceful and violent, and, If wo may judge from the suicides of yesterday, this week promises no abatement of the lunacy. . The first case developed was that of a beau tiful young lady, Miss Nellie A. Crawford, who hung herself in the house of her brother, Mr. Charles Crawford, who resides at No, 013 West Washington street, yesterday morning. The not was committed while the family wore at church. When thoy returned, the young lady was missing, and, as she was an In valid, and therefore seldom wont out of the house, search was made for her. Mr. Crawford proceeded to hor room, and, upon attempting to open a closet door, found it locked on the inside, lie at onco bccamo alarmed, and broke open the door. His blood was curdled in his veins, at seeing his sister hanging from ono of the clothes hooks by a leather strap which encircled hor nock. Ho at onco ent nor down, and laid hor upon hor bod. But life was then extinct, and the body cold. Bho had evidently boon dead for some iimo. Dr. Adolphus arrived soon after, but of courso could ao nothing. It appears that tho unfortunate girl had wrapped hortmawl strnps around hor nook, and lightly budded them. She then ran a trunk-strap ilnough them, aud, getting on hor trunk, hod fastened it securely to a hook lu tho coiling of tho olosot. It is presumed that, after closing the door, she made tho fatal leap from tho trunk widen re sulted In hor death. Insanity, brought on by a spinal disease, was tbo causo of hor committing tho rash act. Tho disease began with a hemorrhage about ono year ago. Last January she camo to hor brother's bouso in tho hopo of being cured. But sho has boon growing gradually worse, and, for somo time, nor mind has boon disordered. Her dementia has shown Itself In continued depression of spirits, and in tho mistaken impression that sho was unworthy tho affection of hor friends, and tho privileges of tho church of which sho was a member. Miss Crawford was 27 yonrs old, and a most estimable young lady in every respect, and much beloved by all who know her. Her sad death has almost overwhelmed tho family of which sho was a member with grief, and caused deep sadness among a wide circle of friends. The second caso was that of a young man immodJohn Coffee, who committed suicide at his boarding-hoiiHO, on tho corner of Clinton and Maxwell streets, at 5 o’clock, by shooting hirasolf with a shot-gun. Ho placed tho muzzle of the gun at Ids mouth, and fired it off by putting nla too iu tho loop of a string, which ho had attached to tho trigger of tho gun. Tho top of tho head was blown completely off. Tho body was removed to No. 510 Soutii Hulstod street, the residence of bis daughter. Deceased was a widower, and was 51 years old. ‘Whisky is believed to havo boon tho causo of his death. SEE-SAW. Photographed for (hr. Chicago Tribune, Fifty architects bung pictures on u wall, Sharp competition fur tbo now City Hull. Gaouca—Ono little, two lltllo, three little pictures, Four little, five little, six little pictures, Half a hundred neat Uttlo pictures, AU for tho now City Hull, Fifty Uttlo pictures banging in a line, Ono withdraw and loft forty-nlno. Chorus—Ono little, two little, three Uttlo pic tures, Ac, Forty-nlno pictures, all to bo scon, Tho rest foil out, aud left eighteen. Cuonua—Ono little, two Ultlo, three Uttlo pic tures, Ac. Eighteen pictures, aU very fine, Half got rejected, and thou there wero nlno, Cuonua—Ouo Uttle, two Uttlo, throe Uttlo pic tures, Ao, Nine successful architects, wasn’t this a fix ? Three In tho dumps, and (hat left six. Cuonua—One Uttlo. two Uttlo, three Uttlo pic tures, Ac. Half a dozen architects, merry as could bo; Half came to grief, ami thou there woro three. Ouonus—Ouo Uttlo, two Uttlo, throo Uttlo pic tures, Ac, Three happy architects, thinking It was fun, Two disappear, and thou there was ouo. Ouonus—Ouo Uttlo, ono Uttlo picture, Ac. Two disappointed, couldn’t lot It bo, . So climbed lu again, that mado throo. Ouonus—Quo Uttlo, two Uttlo, three Uttlo pic tures, Ao. Throe unhappy ones kick against tho pricks, Got reinstated, and that made six. Ouonus—Ouo Uttlo, two Uttlo, throo Uttlo, Ao, More unhappy ones ralno an awful whine. Labor with tho Board, and thou thoro nro nlno, Ouonus—Ono Uttlo, two Uttlo, throo Uttlo pic tures, Ao. Itoet of tho architects, swearing It was mean, •• After further figuring, book came olglitoen. Ouonus—One little, two little, throo llttlo pic tures, &c. Kept tbo ball a rolling, pressing Into line, Bet’em all up again, tho first forty-nlno. Chords—One Uttlo, two Uttlo, throe Uttlo pic tures, Ao. Fifty eager architects; tl must come to that; How to get Iho right ono: Shake ’em in n hat I Ouonus—Ono Uttlo, two Uttle, three little pic tures, Ao. BENEFIT CONCERT. This ovonlng a complimentary benefit concert will bo given to Miss Kate Van Wordragon, tho excellent alto singer, at Orpheus Hall, with tho following programme: rant I. 1. Amphlon Quartette ZMessrs, Jlauney, Hall, Williams, and Widen, 2. n Judith ” (soprano solo) Ooucono JfflJ. A. Francis. 3. Plano solo Mr, Louis Falk. i. My Bong (now) Gumhert Miss Van Wordraycn, 6, Aria and recitative “Krniml” Vordl Mr. James Nehnadig, I’AllT 11, 6, Ballad and Polonaise (violin and Plauo) Vlouxtoinps Mrs. Ilorwit: and Mr. Ilunuemcn. 7. “O Lucedlquosl’nulma " Donizetti Miss Jllanchs j'ucker. 8, Fantasia on “ Martha” (zither solo) Flotow 6*. FttlUvjer. 0, " Farewell” (with planouml horn) Broch Miss Ton Wordrai/rn, Mrs. llontriU, and Mr. Hehreder, 10. “ (lo of All tho Best tho Noblest ” Bchmnann Mad, A, Francis, 11, “Rccoquel flero” Ooata ■ Miss llastreiler, Miss Kan IKon/rnj/en, Mr, Hun mnnan, and Mr. a'loan. A Killing* &'rost« Charleston, H. C., April 27.—Advices from neighboring coast uoatloim report disastrous re sults to crops from tho killing frost of yester day morning. Much of tho cotton will have to bo replanted, and tho injury to early vegetables Is irreparable. Frost so late in tho sou sou baa not occurred lu this eoctlou for fifty years, - DISTRESSING CALAMITY. Tho Only Son of tlio Hon. Isaac N, Arnold Drowned at Dixon. Affecting Particulars of tlio Disaster— A Heavy Bereavement. Tho Bad nowa reached tho family of tlio Hon. luaao N. Arnold at thoir residence on Pino Direct, near Superior, la tho North Division, at a Into hour on Saturday evening, that thoir only bou, Arthur. Mason Arnold, a lad of 14 and of unusual promise, was drowned in Rook Blvor on Satur day afternoon. Tho hriof and hoart-rondiug In telligence wan confirmed, and znado ovon more sad In ita nature, by tho full and distressing par ticulars of tho ovont brought to this city yester day morning by a gentleman from Dixon, a friend of tho family, a special messenger, with tidings moro Bad In thoir purpart than aro usual among tho visitations of our households. Mr. Arnold and Uls family havo for somo months boon preparing for an ostondod tour iu Europo, and thoir arraugomonts wore mado and borths secured In tho return tripiof tho iil-fatod Atlantic, of tho White Star Lino. Tho appalling disaster to that steamer deferred Mr. Arnold’s departure, which, however, was soon to tako place. Tho residence had boon routed to E. H, Wboldon, Esq., and tho final mattora woro being disposed of. Mr. Arnold owns a farm on the Rook River at Dixon, which ho has mado tho honcio of a rela tive. It has boon a familiar sight la our streets Mr. Arnold and his beautiful boy, mounted on a grey stood and a grey pony, end many have turned on our thoroughfares to mark .tho pair os they wore taking their rides together. Tho horses wore to bo sent to tho Dixon Carm to bo kept during tho tour in Eurotpo, and Mr. Arnold and his son wont out on Friday to see *tho pots disposed • of, and bid foiowoll to frionda. For aomo post, Arthur, whoso inventive and mechanical turn of mind his foud parent had encouraged,, bad boon buildiug a small boat with his own braids in tho yard at his homo hi this city, and! was very proud of his achievement. Tho -craft wan a sail boat, and was fitted up throughout by the boy, with such advico and study (A Ixo could bring to boar in tho task. This boat was* fin ished, and tho kind parent consented that it should bo put »ou board i tho ears, to bo loft for safe keop'fng at Dixon. s In tbo mysterious dispensation, of Providence, it was an instrument of fate thoft has plunged tho family and a wido circle of friends in grief. From our informant from DAxon wo loam tbo fiartioulars of tho sad casualty. Arthur, boy iko, was eager to try his salt-boat. Mr. Arnold consented, but for safety took a /largo, clumsy, fiat-bottomed skiff, and attempted to keep with his son. A Haw of wind carried.Arthur's craft suddenly somo rods away, mrd then ovor-tminod it. Tho llock’lUvor was running a full spring cur rent, lev cold. Tho lad bcavoly dung to his -cap sized skiff, and seemed to hold it strongly. Agonized by bis peril, tho father mado e very exertion with his clumsy boat to roach his eon, but tbo current being against him, and his son not far from tbo bank, Mtr. Arnold jnmpodashoro,« ran along tho bank, seized a heavy plank, and 1 iloatod it out toward Arthur, it came so near that iho boy mado an effort to solzo it, but, benumbed by cold, missed his grasp, and sank to -rise no more, almost in reach* of tho horror-stricken father. The body was recovered, but beyond resuscitatum. It would ’ bo an idle and ungracious task to seek to add* a lino to paint tbo anguish of tho blow, sad to all, but sadder to tho most loving of fathers, whoso sou thus perished before bis eyes. A few family friends wont out to Dixon last evening to moot Mr. Arnold, and pay tbo mourn ful tribute of condole®co in his great afllictiou. This party return to-day with the remains of the bright and noble boy,who, a few hours since, so * full of hopo and life, wont out to place his pot i pony and boat in good keeping while ho was*! abroad. Tho funeral will occur on Tuesday. Tho event has caused a profound sensation# amoug > tho numerous friends of the fam- i ily in this city. It is mysto—J nous tfabt a life oo bright in its promise should £

havo closed thus sadly. And yet may wo not.] add that it is within human experience that, ' among those who mourn with Mr. Arnold and# his house, there will bo somo who, in after years, u will envy this stricken family tho cherished mom*s cry and green billow of turf that aro all that will remain of Arthur, as compared with the,* blighted life of some worse wreck of boyishfj promise In their own households. It is a gift from Heaven to havo loved and lost such a son., PERSONAL. Gov. John J. Bagloy, Michigan, is at tho' Sherman House. Gon. Goorgo Booch'Crfleldll, N. Y., Is at tho Bhornmn lloubo. F. L. Mathews, Centennial Commissioner, is at tho Sherman House. Hon. Horace Rubloo, Minister to Switzerland, is at tho Sherman. lion. Subsidy 0. Pomeroy, Kansas, it) at tho Tromout House. Among tho arrivals at the Tromont* Honoo yesterday wore tho following; Joaeft’i M. Bwoot, Now York; E. H. Pressing, Waterloo; JohuP. Kansas and wife; Newark, N. J.s tl. H. Bryant, Burlington, Vt.; J. Gillespie, M. H. Carter, San Francisco. Among tho arrivals at.tho Gardner House yesterday wore tho following: W. R. Hollow* iy, Indianapolis: J, P. Downier, Now York; Fra d orio Cromwell, Brooklyn; j. L. Trumboll, ft t. Louis; E. W. Moaloy, Maryland; T. Q. Clomonta » Omaha; Thomas Simpson, Council Bluffs. Among tho arrivals at tho Gault House yostor* • day wero tho following: B. P. Oorpoutor, Phila delphia ; J. E. Yfalkor, Minneapolis: John Taffo,.*i Nebraska; L. B. Beardsley, Milwaukee; George'S Smith, Idaho; P. K. Dodorick, Albany; L. Morrison, Philadelphia; A. G. Gainfort audfl family, Memphis. [ Among tho arrivals at tho Sherman House, fl yesterday, wore tho following: Goorgo W,P Jowott and wife. Now York; I). W. Honatmo,!] Philadolphift ; Chos. Q. Johnson, Now Orleans ;r John McKottnok, St. Louis ; Thomas Orchard, j England; John Crockett. Sam Francisco ; T.t Von Schrader, Detroit; Otto iCrab, Prussia;} Emil do Plonciuo, Now York; P. R. Townsend, Boston. Congressman Shanks will build, this/ summer, tho Anost houso in Jay County, lud. Capt, James P. Armstrong, of <Uio United States Navy, died at Now Haven, iDonn., ou Saturday wook. MonsolgnourFabro’s consecration aa/Coadjufor Bishop of Montreal and Gruntiauo] tolls takes placo on the Ist of May* Mrs. Gon. Hallook, who has for 'some time past mado hor residence in Faribault, Qdiun., has removed to California, ' Geu. 800. F. Butlec baa bought a) SBOO,OOO farm, tbo papers say. Strict honesty «nu<l closo applioatiou to business did it. A London paper announces that IDoro will visit America in August next, “with a barge and magnificent collection of works of art." Tho late Anson Ballard, of Appleton. sVia., be queathed $75,000 to tho Appleton Oollofcdato In stitute, conditioned on tho ruisiug of .another $75,000. Tho Bov. Palos H. Newhall, formerly Prctfossor in tho Wesleyan University, at Middleton, Ct., has boon elected President of tho Ohio Wo sleyan University. Capt. J. A. T. Hull, Secretary of tho lowa State Senate, has purchased tho Bloomfield licpuhlican, which has of late been managed by Mrs. 13. T. SYhito. Miss Angola Lozano has won tho English Pro fessorship iu the Female College in the City of Mexico, iu a competitive examination with six gentleman candidates. George P. Kane, Sheriff of Baltimore City. Md., has resigned. Ho was tho Police Marshal arrested by tho United States authorities soon after the War began, iu 1601. t James F. Clark, Headmaster of tho Obtloago, Burlington A Quincy Bailroad, has resigned his Into position, for tho purpose, rumor has it, of accepting tho Assistant Buporiutondoncy of tho Union Pacific Bailroad. Chief Justice Butler, of Connoottaut, is about to retire from tho Bench, and It is being ar ranged that Judge Seymour may servo as Chief Justice until next February, when ho, too, must retire. Judge Park, tho present senior member, will then become Chief Justice. Jesse Grant, sop of tho President of that Ilk, has gone to California with Senator Cole’s fam ily. His Excellency wants him to knock around awhile, and got some of tho green rubbed off by tho attrition of tho world, boforo settling him down to supersede Colonel somebody on Goa- oral somebody elso’s Louisville Courier- Journal. J. H. Dovoroaux, lato General Manager (at Cleveland} of the Lake Shore Hallway, who haa accented the executive control of tho Erie, At lantic A Great Western, and Cleveland, Colum bus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railways, bad, Bays tho Cleveland Leader, good roanouß for bln change of bftHo. A clean bonus of SIOO,OOO and a salary of $20,000 a year would bo an " Induce ment " to almost any ronflonablo man to bocomo monarch of throe railroads. And that is just what President Watson agreed to pay Mr. Dov oroaux. SUBURRAN WATTERS. mooting of tho IKyilo Park Trustee*— Tho Evanston Oovcrumont ku Coun cil—Other items oS Interest from That Suburb. ' A mooting of tho Hyde Park Trustees was hold on Saturday afternoon. Tho following plat was approved : Rosubdl tlhlou of Lots 1, 2, and 3 of Jordan and Hawyor’o ItOHubdivislon of part of Block ID of Iho roaub dlviaion of Blocks ID and 10, lu Cloavorvillo, in 800. 2, T, 28, N. It. U E. A warrant was ordered to James H. Ely, Town Oollootor, for salary and expenses, $1,144.80; also, for $2,000 to Nelson & Benson, in advance payment on account of Stony Island avenue Im provements ; also, for $2,112.81 to Beatty A Bar ker, In full for amoimt duo on estimate on Fif ty-first street sower. A petition was received from Bartow A. Ulrich to have signs on street comers. Referred to tho Committee on Streets. In this connection, Pres ident Cady called tho attention of tho Committee to tho petitions heretofore referred to them, to have all tho streets and avenues consecutively numbered, and to adopt tho decimal system of numbering lots. 110 advised early action on this subject, so that tho signs may bo made to conform. A now pump was ordered for tho well at tho Village Hall. Tno Superintendent made his yearly report of tools on hand, as follows : Throe sprinkling carts, one plow, one scraper, twelve spades, ana six wheelbarrows. Tlio peremptory order of Goo. A. Emory, 1). R. Tenney, and 8. B. George was ordered to bo laid on tho tablo. They demanded the opening of Forty-fifth street and the laying of a side walk on Indiana avenue, claiming to have paid in money for tlioao objects several years ago. Tho' Trustees claim .that tho assessment for tho sidewalk was rescinded,and that tho S7O paid in by Mr. F. Sawyer (alleged to bo tho only payor) was refunded to him. Mr. J. H. Dunham withdrew tho authority given to purchase 2,500 foot of four-inch water pipe for film, for use in Madison Avenue Park. The bond of Asa D. Waldron, Village Treas urer, for $200,000, with Charles Hitchcock, D. O. Bradley, J. 0. Lyman, Samuel A. Downer, Winchester Hall, and N. B. Judd os sureties, was presented and approved. A balance of $31.30 being found to tho credit of tho Forty-seventh street condemnation fund, it was rcßOlyod to expend tho samo in repairs of said street approaching Kenwood Station. Tho Superintendent of Public Works was au thorized to construct a breakwater protection to the Fifty-first street pier. During tho eossion a number of bills woro presented, and referred to tho proper commit tees ; and another debate was had on tho subject of water-pipes,—wood v. iron. It’was arranged to go on an exploring expedi tion .pn Thursday, May 1, at 8 a. in., to intro duce tho now Board to the forty-five square miles of territory it is expected to govern. EVANSTON NEWS. Tho inhabitants of this village woro awakened yesterday morning by tho alarm of fire. The Fire Department hurried to tho scone of tho conflagration, only to discover that brick-layers •and carpenters woro then more needed. The now chemical engine was brought to play upon the expiring flames, and showed itself to bo an interesting toy. The fire was discovered at half-past 1 o’olock ; but must have been burning some time before tbo alarm was given. Tho house, an occupied oue was undergoing repairs. It was insured in tbo Hartford for $1,500, and valued at SI,GOO. The house was owned by H. W. Bhockor, and was, without doubt, sot ou fire. The loss was total, nothing being saved. Tho building was in a remote part of the village, on tho northern part of Orrington avenue. Tho Boat'd of Trustees .of tho village mot Saturday night hi tho office of Charles K. Ban nister, Village Clerk. Present, Charles J. Gil bert, William Blanchard, Oliver A. Willard, Wilson Phelps, Heman G. Powers; and Lyman J. Gage. As the mooting was a private one, tho roporforial corps, which bolds such an important (?) ‘relation to tho Board, was not In attendance. The proceedings woro of a strictly private nature, and not for publication. Water works wore dis cussed. pondered ou, calculations mode, and tho subject completely exhausted. Tho glaring and outrageously unjust valuation of Evanston property was well shown up. Members of tho lloard stated tho oases of persons owning prop erty on tho same street almost contiguous, whore the one possessing twice as much in front as Inn neighbor paid tho smaller tax. It was shown that tho largo estates in the village woro assessed at a more fraction of their true value, while tho homos of tho working classes and tho poor woro crowded up almost to their market price. Tho Board proposes to roach and right this great wrong which has been patiently borne by tho poor, and winked at by tbo rich, in tho shortest and most olllciont manner. It is thought by those well posted that a fair valuation on tho Assessors roll would throw tho burden of tho contemplated assessments for water-works on tho wealthy, and not in any event lay a heavy burden of taxa tion on those least able to hoar it. It is to be hoped that tbo Board will see justice done to all in this matter. The Board adjourned with out transacting any business of moment. This evening Dr. N. S. Davis will deliver tho first of a series of lectures before tho students in tho University Chapel. Tho citizens are in vited to attend. Evanston lays claim to tho highest toned moat market in tho State. Last evening thoro was a mooting of tho American Bible Union in tho Methodist Church. Tho exorcises wore of a very interesting na ture. Mr. M. Jennings’ now brick block is approach ing completion. Tho uppor part is to bo mado into a hall COxIOO foot. Sir. Isaac B. Hitt is,mnking arrangements for tho construction of a block of fivo brick dwell ings, with octagon fronts, on Orringfcou avouuo, opposite tho now Ladies’ College. Also another double brick houso of a similar desorption in tho samo neighborhood. Tho theological students will moot tholr frlonds In tho parlors of Hook Hall on Thursday even ing next. Tho Fry Literary Society will moot at the resi dence of Mr. Ambrose Fox, North Evanston, to morrow evening. Tho Musical Sooloty will moot tills evening at tho houso of Mrs. Yaloutino, North Evanston. inaiiwoon. Miss Mary Evorts is to read a paper before the LUorary Club at the noxt regular mooting, Tues day evening, April 29. THE CITY IN BHKEF. At noon, yoatorrtoy, an incipient fire damaged iho residence of David Bloomlngdalo. No. 840 Noble stropt, to tbo extent of $25. (Moor Bios put .it out. No insurance. Tbo little girl, tbo daughter of Mr. L. Hard ing, who was so severely burned on Friday at No. 107 West Madison street, died in groat agony yesterday afternoon She will bo burled to-day. At half-past -7 o’clock. yesterday evening, a driver of the Independent Bus Lino, named N. O. Thomas, fell from the top of bia 'bus, at tho corner of Madluou and Canal streets, and was taken up insensible. Ho was earned to a drug store, and attended by a physician, who pronounced his wounds not serious. Ho was taken to Ida residence by Olllcor John Butler. In our account of tho demolition of tiio Mc- Laughlin don, on Saturday night, it was said that a rough named Fred. Brown, doing business at No, 217 West llnudolptr street:, was arrested by tho police because it was ho who managed tho battering-ram with which tho door was broken in. It is a well-known fact that police men are universally addicted to tho habit of giv ing their prisoners bad reputations, whether they are deserving of them or not, and it was in this way that our reporter was misled. Several respectable resi dents vouch for tho honesty and good behavior of Mr. Brown at all times, and agree in tho statement that ho was wrongfully arrested while standing on the sidewalk watch ing tho orowd entering tho building. It would seem that Capt. Hlokoy has at last become conscious of tho fact that the great mass of tbo people in bis district demand the imme diate eradication of the disreputable cigar stores and saloons which infest It. Yesterday morning a squad of police under Beret. Buckley raided nine of them, located ao follows: Cigar store at tho corner of Wabash avenue and Harrison street; cigar stove No. 182 Harrison street t No. 112 Fifth avenue; Nob. C6O, 405. and 407 Blftto Biroot; Nob. 10 and 51 Taylor street, and No. 509 Clark street. In tho clkar-atoro at tlio comer of Wabash avenue and Ilorriaon ntreot. a young and innocent girl wna found, who sold blio nnu boon taken there by a young man on Saturday afternoon, and thou deserted. She said nho belonged to a respectable family on the Wont Side, but declined to give her name. She was balled out with tbo other mombora of tho house, and. it Is to bo pre sumed, returned yootorday to nor homo. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Foreign ItlnrkctHi Liverpool, April 28—11 a. m.—Flour, 27a fld. TV In ter wheat, 12a 2il; spring, 11p($13a 3d for No. 3; while, 11h Bd®tin 10(1; club,- Ha 10d@13u 2d. Cora, 27s Oil. Pork, 87s Cd. Lard, 42a. Liverpool, April 20—2 p, tn.—Breadstuff's un changed. Lard. 41s 9J. London, April 28—5 p. m.—Oonaols, 03*4 j 6-20 a of ’65, oiyjf; 6-203 of ’B7, 03*4 JlO-408, 80*4 { now Gs,6o;* J Eric, COJ4. Frankfort, April 20.-5-203 of *O3, 05*4, Liverpool, April 20.—Cotton dull; middling up land, Oljjd; Orleans. o*4d. Sales 10,000 halos; Ameri can, 0,000; speculation andoxport, 3,000. Brcadstuffu quiet; red winter wheat, 12a 2d. Flour, Q7« fld. Corn, 27h Od. Lard, 4ts Od. Ohocae, 08a Od. Cumhcrlanda, 98s Od. Short ribs, 40a Weekly Review of tlio Albany Live* Steele Market* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Albany, N.Y., April 27.—Beeves—At the opening of the market on Thnrsdoy there was a moderate at tendance of local buyers and good supply of cattle. Sales aggregate only a few car loads, which woro dis posed of nt tho closing prlcco of last week. On Friday the attendance of Eastern and Now York buyers was largo, trade lively, and eaten as largo an usual for that day. On Saturday tbo attendance was good and Bates large, about 1,800 head having been disposed of. , On Sunday nearly all tho remaining cattle woro sold, about 350 bond, not more than IGO head remaining lu tho pens unsold. Tho market this week ruled very steady, closing this evening at tho opening prices of Thursday, The average quality this week was very much superior to last week, though extras are scarce. Mit.on Oowr— Not much doing. Buyers scarce. Bcccinln about 80 head. Prices from $45 to |OS, $6 to $lB a bond off from last week. Sheep and Lamds—Supply this week little In oxccbo of last week. Trade rather dull. Receipts 11,600 head, aud 2,400 head remain in tho pons unsold. Average quality good. Prices show a decline of Aft&tfopor lb. Wo quote fine-wool whoop, uushoru, at 6&08O ; shorn, 6@o>tfc; lambs, 7>4oß^c. Next York Dry floods Market* New York. April 20. —Tho trade movement was slow to-day, and the Aggregate distribution light nnd unim- Eortant. Standard brown sheetings are firm. Fine rowus nro active nnd In short supply. Light weights are brisk at tho decline. Fine bleached shootings meet with a good demand, and lower grades are brisk at tho reduced rales, Utica wldo shootings are lower. Col ored cottons are strong and nctivo. Prints are quiet nnd steady. Importodgoods arovery dull, Drygoods Imports for tho week, $3,088,748. Pitfshiirgh C'nttlo market* Pittsburgh, April 20.—Oattlk—Market firm ; or rivals fair ; best, $0,60®7,00 ; Btookcru, $1.0081.60; common, f 5.2535.76. Siibzp—Market drill; arrivals fair; boat, $0.6037.00; medium, $5.6030.23 : common, $5.0035.25. Uooh—Markotuncuaugcd ; arrlvala fair; Philadel phia, $0.0030.10; Yonkers, $5,0035.70. Pittsburgh Oil lllnrucli Pittsburgh, April 20.—Crude petroleum in fair de mand and higher; $2.00 per brl at Parker’s Landing, equal to per gallon hero. Refined quiet and un changed at lO.Vc. H'lio Produce Marlcclii NEW YORK. New York, April 20.—Cutioh—Steady, with mod rato request; middling uplands, 10 Wc, Breadstuffs—Flour dull. Receipts, 13,000 brla; superfine Western and Stnto, $5.8500.85; common' lo good extra, $7.0007.60; good to choice, $7.5608.25; whlto wheat extra, $8.50010.60; extra Ohio, $7.00® 10,50; St. Lonls, $7.60019.50. Rye flour and corn meal unchanged. Wheat very Ann for prlmo, which was offered very sparingly; receipts, 15,000 bu; No. 3 Milwaukee, $1.08; No. 8 spring, $1.6801.00; rejected spring, 11.4501.65. Rye quiet: Western, 00c. Bar ley dull end unchanged. Corn in fair demand and a shade firmer: receipts, 19,000 bu; now mixed 'West ern, 70071 c; Inferior to choice old do, C80G9O; prime, 08>tfc. Oats active and higher; receipts, 18,000 bu ; now mixed Western, 54050 c: old do in store, 65c ; whlto Western, BfIQSTW'o ; black, 610550. Seeds—Clover need, $8.5009.00; timothy, $3,600 4.00. Enas—Steady; Western, 10®18#o Hay—ln fair aomand. Hops—Quiet and firm at 85050 c for crop of 1879. Leather—ln fair demand at 28031 c; Orinoco, 97 ‘@2Bo. Wool—Active ; in buyers* favor ; pulled, 33045 a ; Western medium, 10092 c ; Ohio, 48053 c. Groceries—Coffee active and strong; Rio, 19c. Sugar firmer at C*£o9c. Molasses quiet and steady. Rice steady, Petroleum—Strong and blghcrjcrudo, 10c; refined, 91c. Turpentine—Lower at slt<c. Provisions—Fork unsettled aud lower; moss, $18.60 @19.00; extra prime, $15,23 ; prime mess, SIB,OOO 18.00. Beef unchanged. Out meats Id moderate de mand but lower; shoulders, 7c; hams. 12013 c; mid dles quiet and unchanged. Lara quiet and steady ; Western kettle, 9?Xc; steam, 9;so. Butter—Steady. Cheese—Quiet and easier; common to prime, 11 v 013*^0. Whisky—More active at 90,^0910. Metals—Copper—Manufactured, unchanged t in f;ot, quiet, without decided change, at 23#c, cash, for ake. Fig iron dull ami nominally unchanged at $31.00050.00 for Scotch, $40.00050.00 for American; bar dull ut SIIO.OO for refined English and American. Steel nulot and nominally unchanged at $10.00017.00 gold for Russia. Nulls a shade firmer; fair demand at $5.0005.25 for cuWOd to fiOd; $0.6007.25 for clinch. BUFFALO, Buffalo, April 20.—Wheat, sale 1 car white at 77c. Corn, Bales G card ou track ut 550OC03Gltfc. Oats, sales 1,090 bu at 45c. NEW ORLEANS. New . Orleans, April 90.— Hay—Firmer, prime at 340; choice at 28c. Provisions—Dry salt meats at 7#o9#@lOo, Bacon firmer at B^olo^olo/#, Groceries— Sugar lu better demand at 708 c; for common fair to good fair at 7Xoß<£o. Cotton—Dull; sales 1,800, nt yesterday’s quotations. Receipts, 2,103; exports, Liverpool, 5,341; Continent. 8,076; couetwlflo, 803; stock 157,010. Whisky—Firm at 87c. Provisions—Pork lower; $19.00 for July; $10.25 fop August, Hulk meats hold firmly, hut little doing. Bacon quiet ami lower; clear rib sold at 10c; clear, lOlfc —both for last half of May. Lard nominally loner ; prime steam offered at Oo without buyers, llfoas and Oattlf—Unchanged. LOUISVILLE, Lodisvillp., April 20.—Breadstuffa—Flour firm aud-unclmngcd. Provisions—Quiet; mesa pork, $18,76(319.00. Bacon —shoulders, 8>fo; clear rib, IOL'QIOXo ; clear, 10#c. Packed bams, plain, 13®I3#c • sugar-cured, 14@14#c. Packed bulk moats unchanged. Lard firm; choice leaf In tierces, 9,V@loc; prime steam, O^o, 'Whisky—Steady at Bflo. CLEVELAND. Cleveland, April 20.—Bread stuffs—Flour firm. Wheat quiet and unchanged. Corn quiet and firm, at 60c. Oats firm ; No. I State, 440. Refined Petroleum—ln good demand and un changed. TOLEDO. Toledo, April 20. Breadstuffi]— I Flour firm. Wheat higher; No. 1 white Michigan, $1.90 ; amber Michigan, $1.76®1,76V, spot; No. 1 red, $1.81: No. 2 do, $1.79, Heller May. Corn a shade hotter ; high mix ed. 45# c ; spot, 40o; seller Juno, low mixed, 450; yellow, 40#c; white, COo; no grade, 44*£ c. Oats better; No. 1, 46@470j rejected,B9o. Oi.ovku Seed—s4.Hs. Receipts—Flour, 600 brla; wheat, 7,000 bu; corn,. 14,000; oats, 1,000 hu. Hiiri'MENTß—Flour, 1,000 hrls; wheat, 18,000 bu; corn, 6,000 ; oats, 1,000 bu. BALTIMORE. Baltimore, April 2(l.—Brkadstupph— Flour steady and unchanged. Wheat Is In good demand, but scarce and Armt white, $2.05@2.10 ; good to prime rod, $1.85 ; common to fair do, $1.73(31.80; Wcatern rod, SI,BOO 1.85. Corn scarce, hut active and Arm ; mixed Went orn, OCo for spot. Oats steady; mixed Western, 400 ; whlto do, 610530. Ilyo quiet and unchanged. Hay— Unchanged.’ Provisions— Quiet and Arm. Moss pork, $18,60(3 10.00. Bulk shoulders, 7tf®7Xo J dear rib, o>tf(3o«fc. Bacon shoulders, clear rib, 1O j £olO#c. Lard, Mo. Sugar-ouroa hams, !3>tf®lso. Whisky—Nominal at Die. MILWAUKEE, Milwadkm, April 20.—Breadstuff*— Flour quiet aud unchanged. Wheat steady; No, 1, sl.3o)tf ; No. 3, $1.27)1, Oats Arm; No. 2, Corn scarce aud Arm; No. 3, 41c. live steady No. 1, COc. Barley dull aud nominal: No. 3,650, Freights— Unchanged. IlEOKrpra—Flour, 8,000 brls; wheat, 23,000 bu. BiUPMENxa— Flour, 2,000 brls ; wheat. 1.000 bu. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, April 20, — Brkadbtuffs Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat quiet aud Ann ; red, $1.0001.22: umber, $1.0501.0(1. Ilyo hold at 84@R50. Com lu bettor demand ; yellow, O20O3o: mixed Wes tern, 02)1o J white, 05c. Oats—Withe, 510630; mixed. 4H«*@49tfo. Provisions— Tomllug higher. Lard active and higher; hold at 10a. Petroleum— Firm ; crude, 14o; roflncd, 10**o, Whisky—Hold at 03c. OSWEGO. Oswego, April 20.—Wheat quiet and unchanged, flora steady ; Western, (Wo. Barley quiet: up Lake Canada, sl.lO, OINOINNATI. Oinoinnati, April 20.—Breadhtofm—Flour, $7.60 (37.76. Wheat steady; $1.6501.07, Corn Arm; 43c. Ilyo Arm ; 80c. Oats Arm; 40017 c. Barley Arm. Provhioho—Quiet ami easier; mesa pork hold at $18.75. with SIO.OO bid. Lard nulet, aud nothing do ing ; hold ut UVo for steam, uml Otfo for kettle. Bulk moatu easier; uomlually, shoulders, 7o ; clear rib, Oc. llucou u shade easier; shoulders, 7J,'080; clear rib, 0Ho; sales early ut 0 l-6u ; dear. 10', ; early 10 1-50. ' ' Whisky—Firm at 850, DETROIT. Betroit, Aprll2o,—Breadstuffs—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady; extra white, $2.0202.02>£; No. 1, amber, $1.70. Com steady at 480 40c. Oats in good duinaud at 400, Clover Herd—ss.oo. UT. LOUIS. St, Louis, April 20,—Breadstuff*—Flour quiet and unehongod ; only au order trade. Wheat in fair do mnud uml higher: No. 2 soft spring, $1.33; No. 3 red fall, $1.03; held lilgber. Corn steady; No. 2 mixed, 300 uutv;:ki i jA/vciia. Dav* miAL wid drooping; No. 3, 31,V032c on track; 88a sacked. Barley firm. Bye Arm ; No, 3, 700. Illinois Itlvor and Canal Nows* Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago TYibune, LaSalle, 111., April 20.—Tho slmr Last Chance ar rived light to-day, having left tho canal boats Norway, North American, am! Parson Brownlow, all from Ohll llcotho, and tho Cataract, from Hennepin, all loaded with corn, about a nillo below her In connoquonco of tho failure of her holler. The canal boat Paraou Brownlow aflorward camo up under sail. Tho atmr .Too Fleming arrived at Peru, lowing an Ico-bargo from St, Louis, and departed lowing alx bargea of Ico for Blotnphia. Tho Parson Brownlow pasnod Into the ca nal with corn for Chicago, and the Champion passed out with lumber fop Bonrdstown, Most of tho canal boats ou tho river aro loading for Bt. Louts. Canal Collector’* Oppiok, Chicago, April 80. AnmvKD—R. 13. Coodoll, Ottawa, 105 hu oats; Isa bella, Ottawa, 0,000 hu coni; Sunrise, Marseilles, 8,000 bucorn; Maple loaf, Bird’s Bridge. 0,000 hu com; and sevoral boat loads of stone; Monte Christo, LaSalle, 4, G00 hu corn, 3,G00 hu oats, 0,200 hu potatoes; Bril liant, Morris, 6.800 bu corn. . ' ' Olkaiu'.d—Klirabolh, Lockport, 4,812 bu wheat: 10,- 050 Iba machinery, 25 brla (four, 6 brla meal; Qipsoy Queen, LaSalle, 119,272 foot lumber; Orion, Marseilles, 01,089 foot lumber, 110,050 lathe; Dolphin, Ottawa, 14,787 feet lumber; J, D. Leonard, Laßallo, 120,190 feet of lumber; and several boat# UghtTor Lomont and other clouo points. Vcnsol* PnMsad Detroit* Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune, Detroit, Mtan., April 37.—Pashed Dr—Propellers, Caldwell, Java, Roanoke; barka, Montmorency, Arar hla ; schooners, Bentley Ollmoro, Mixer, Llbble, Mon? licollo, West Side, Now Dominion, City of Milwaukee, Nevada, Merlck, Mirch, Warmingtou, William Young, Passed Down—Bark, E, Jouoo. Wind—West. SPECIAL NOTICES. Virus in tlio Air. Wo know that a peculiar poison Is evolved from marshy ground and from tho decomposing filth of cities by the sunshine of spring, ond that tills element, which' U too ■ubtto to bo detected by solentlflo analysis, produces epi demic and endemic fevers, aggravates dyspepsia and ail bilious disorders, disturbs tbo bowels, relaxes tbo nerves, and debilitates tho general system. Luckily an antidote to this atmospheric virus, and a specific for tbo diseases it generates, has boon provided. For a period of more than twenty years Hostetler's Slomach Bitters, a modi, cine in which tho finest vegetable tonics and alteratives aro combined with a perfectly pure stimulant, has taken precedence of every other preparation as a specific for the ailments most prevalent at this season of the year. It Is agrooablo as well as effectual, and eminently safo and wholesome. Tho Supremo Court of the United States has recently given a decision in favor of the Qorham Man ufacturlng Company, enabling them to protoot their designs from all other manufacturers who Imitate and copy thorn. PARTICULAR NOTICE It requested to tho fact that tho tamo artists aro engaged in tho production of designs, whether for tho Sterling Silver Department,*or for tho celebrated Qorhnra Plato, but tbo Company never reproduce In their Electro-Plato Department tho designs which they dovoto to Sterling Silver. Each has Its own special trade-mark, as follows, stamped upon every article Trade-mark for. Qorham Sterling Silver. . Trado-markfor Oorli&m Electro-Plato. GORHAM MANUFACTURING CO., snsuiiNa Providence, R. 1., anil No. 1 Bond-et., Now York. Manufacturers of Sterling Silver, Tea, Dossort, ton Din* nor Services, and Wedding Outfits; also, manufaotur* era of tho celebrated Gorham Electro-Plato. ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPORTABLE, LEA & PERMS' Worcestershire Saner. 18 INDISPENSABLE. JOHN DUNCAN’S SONS, New York, Agents for tho United States. DRESS GOODS. BEYOND DOUBT CARSON, PIEIE & CO., No. 329 West Madison-st., Arc selling Dross Goods and Silks cheaper than they can bo bought elsewhere. Japanese Silks about half price. Black Ground White Stripe Silks, all silk, at 75 and 90 els. Colored Strife Silks at SI.OO, very cheap. Elegant quality Grey Stripe Silks, $1.20, really worth $1.75. Black, all silk, Qros-grains at SI.OO, good sight ly goods. Better and richer qualities Black Lyons Ores grains at sl.lO, $1,25, $1.50, and $1.75, very cheap goods, Richest and finest makes of “Ouinets," “Pon sons,” and “ Bonnet's " Black Gras-grams, from 75 c(s. to $1,50 per yard hclow tho market price, Kich quality Silk and Wool Bpinglincs, choice shades, 75 cts„ well worth sl.2a. Finest quality Cashmeres, new shades, 90 cts, price elsewhere $'1.25, Choice now shades in host Ronhaix Poplins, 35 cts,, worth 45 ds. Handsome shades in all-wool Cretones, at 40 and 50 cts., regular value 05 and 80 cts. Plain, Figured, and Striped Mohairs and Pop lin Alpacas at 37 1-2 ds., cheap.' Wo defy competition in Black Alpacas, Mohairs, and Brilliantines. Bargains on tho Cheap Dress Goods tables at 18, 20, and 25 ds. PROPOSALS. TIE CALCASIEU SULPHUB AM Mining Company of Louisiana Invites proposals for the construction of a shaft In Cal oaslju Parish, Stato of Louisiana. Tlio object of said shaft Is to reach a deposit of sulphur, about four hundred and forty (4-10) feet below the surface of the ground. The nature of the soil, and thickness of stratas aro as follows : hirst—l6o foot of clay containing sand, heoond—l7o foot of quicksand, Third—llo foot of Calcareous or Umo stono. and next tho sulphur bod, which is about ono hundred and lon (110) foot thick. The Company will exhibit a plan and specifications to contractors for said shaft, and has on tho spot Irou rings, extraction engines and tools. Imported from Europe, with tho vtow of using tho Kind & Ohamlron system, also a steam saw-mill, abundance of timber, necessary build ing*, oto., etc., oto. Tho work will bo dono under tho supervision of tho En gineer of tho Company. Proposals will bo received up to tho Ist of July. 1873. .Address V. A. BKLAU.ME, Secretary. flltf Csrondolftt-at., New Orleans. REMOVALS. REMOVAL. On and. after May 1, the Chicago Agency of the MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. will occupy the Basement Office, No. 170 LaSalle-st., Bryan Block. EBISBXB & RABBLBYB. General Agents. rusMov^Xi. u. L. ■w.A.'srxsriß <sc soisr, DEALERS EST HARDWARE, 11.™ to 71 anil 7g Itwmlolnli-iit.. near State. TO BENT. DOUBLE BASEMENT TO EtESrCT, Under Government Goods Depot, 105 and 107 Bast Imke-st., 40x186 feet, suitable for first-olaas Restaurant or OoiTeo House, or will be rented for business or storage pur posos. Apply on premises, up stairs. CHEOMO. ISTEW ch:romo 3 ENTITLED THE CONVALESCENT, Giron to each customer by the GREAT ATLANTIC .t I‘ACIKIC TEA COMPANY, llfl Wp.t Waihlngton-it., ISS Twnnty-BBcnml-.t. MISCELLANEOUS. FRANK A. OANIt baa boon discharged from our em ploy, and wo caution the public against (rusting him on our account, as wo will nay no debts of Ids oonirnctlng. Carpet Cleaning. The Chicago Onrpot*Clo»nlng and UenovatlngOompan* aro proporcu to do ull kinds ol work in tholr lino, las? In diauu-avM cor. Tvroaty-Udrd-it. M. W. BAlOtfiß 4 (jq, 5

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