Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 28, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 28, 1873 Page 6
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6 MONEY AND COMMERCE. MONETARY. (Utuiidat Evekiko, April 30. The demand for bank accommodation has In creased steadily during tho past wooh, tho groat bulk of tho applications coming from tho mor dant!!© department of trade. Drygoods mer chants, carpet dealers, Jewelers, and in other •cognate linos of tradolhavo had a dull business, (and poor collections in tho country for a mouth past, and aro obliged to havo larger accommo dations ibau usual to onabio thorn to meet their maturing obligations. In Bomo eases banks havo declined to oxtond any ' tnoro aid, and parties havo boon obliged, within tho past few weeks, to arrango with Eastern creditors on tho heat terms they could for moro time. Tho loans of tho banks aro now probably as largo as they havo boon at «ny time In tho past six months. Tho specula tion In corn, a«d particularly In provialops, has absorbed a groat deal of capital, and has contrib uted to expand tho banks to a point boyond which it la believed thay doom it imprudent to go. There Is, howovor, a pretty good supply of monoy yet In tho opon market to lona on good collaterals, but tbe necessity for ready cash has in somo cases obliged capitalists who havo hold somo of tho best local; stocks to soil out, and has somewhat depressed tho prices of nearly all the stocks. Tho shipments of both bogs and cattle to tho East by rail havo boon unusually heavy during tho past month, and it Is probably this circumstance that has prevented money becoming vory stringent. Notwithstand ing tho largo amount of exchange mado against shipments of hogs and cattle, Now York funds continue vory scarce, and In default of a suffi cient supply to moot the demands of their cus tomers tho hanks have boon obliged to ship cur rency to Now York ovory day. Bales of ex change between banks aro made to-day at COo per 81,000 premium. Tho bank clearings for tho week were i Dale, Clearing!. Balance*. Monday $3,805,237.71 $158,884.83 Tuesday 3,875,838.47 374,003.00 Wednesday 3,843,007.60 304,085.80 Thureday 3,702,733.18 339,758.31 Friday 3,850,500.24 340,754.31 Saturday 3,160,028.02 1610,518.70 Total $18,354,000.78 2,108,695.04 Corresponding wook last year 14,119,070.14 1,789,118.90 Tbo following quotations of local stocks are furnished by Mosers. Hammond & Gage: Did. Asked. First National Dank 160 Third National Hank 137 140 Fifth National Sank 137 Commercial National Bank... 140 145 German National Bank 125 130 Manufacturers’ National 8ank........ 105 115 Corn Exchange National Bank 120 125 City National Bank 145 Cook County National Bank. 100 National Bank of Illinois 110 ... National Bank of Commerce 104 ... Chicago City Hallway ICO ICS West Division Railway 175 185 North Division Rahway 03 100 Pullman Palace Car 113 116 Elgin Watch Company '. 105 110 Chicago Gas-Light and Coke Company, 108 110 Chamber of Commerce 04 OS Traders’ Ins. Co. 090xd1v.102 Sales—slo,6oo Cook County National Bank at 100; $5,000 Com Exchange National Bank at 120*; $12,600 Chamber of Commerce at 01# to 05; SIO,OOO Pullman Palace Car Company at 112. LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MARKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston & Koan quote as fol lows this afternoon: JJuyitvj, Selling. ....118* 118# 5-208 of ’62, B-QOuof’C4. C-208 Of ’65. 6-20 a of ’63, Jan. and July 117 }{ 117# 6-208 of '67, Jan. and July 110# 110# 6-20 a of *GB. Jan. and July 117# 117# 10-408 113# 113# U. S. 6s (now issue).... Gold and Gold Coupons. Gold Exchange Sterling Exchange northern Pacific Gold'MOaioo^ita'C Chicago City 7b 69j4 & int. Cook County 7s 89# & lut, Illinois, County snd Township 10s. 92(395 LAND WARRANTS. ICO’aNot War 1812. 120’b Not War 1812 Agricultural College Lund Scrip. New York, April 2C.—Considerable excitement was caused on Wall street this afternoon by tbo report that tbo Atlantic National Bank was in trouble. The bank made nil its clearings to-day, and continued business as usual up to 3 o’clock. Ur. Soutbworlh, the President, states that Ur. Lalntor, Cashier, requested tho Clearing-House to make an examination, owing to speculative operations of his own, and the examination is now making. The bnnk statement shows a gain la reserve of (574,076, tho bauks now wanting only $309,276 to have on hand In lawful money 25 per cent of their liabili ties. Tho National Banks havo $319,400 above tho 25 per cent, and the State Banks, under no restrictions as io reserve, aro $028,675 short of the 25 per cent re serve. The prepayment of tho May interest without rebate, expected to have begun on Monday last, it Is now said will commence on Monday next, but on that point Sec retory Richardson only Is informed. Money was easier to-day, and call loans ranged from 1-04 to 6 per cent. Tho receipts of currency woro $1,400,000. Specie shipments, $153,000. Forelgo exchange ruled dull and weak, with only a limited business, at 108 V for prime bankers* sixty days, and 109 V to 109 V for sight. Gold was dull and steady at 117 V to 117 if* The . rates paid for carrying wero 4, 3, SV, 1, 2, and 7 per tent, and for borrowing V per cent and flat. Clear ings, $50,994,000. Treasury disbursements, $57,000 on account of Interest and $2,600 In redemption of 5-20 bonds. Customs receipts, $248,274. Tho business in Government bonds was very light. State bonds very quiet, Tennessee issues were Slightly firmer. The stock market to-day reflected the dull ness which settled on tho Stock Exchange dur ing the latter part of the week, tho volume of business and changes having been oven Ices important than on previous days. Tho widest fluctuations was IV per cent, but in most Instances V to v was tbo range. Tho market was alternately weak and strong, but towards tho close weakness predominated. Pacific Mall rose from 68V to 69 V, and declined to 68V at the close. Western Union fell off from 60 to 86Vi recov ered to 66, and later declined to 84jf. Bt. Paul com mon recoded from COV to 59V, rallied to COV, and finally went off at 69, V. Lake Shore declined from 03V to 02V, and Now Jersey Southern from 30V to 35V« Tho other changes wero V to V per cent, with the lowest quotations current at the close. Sterling, 100’,'. GOVERNMENT BONDS, Coupons, '67. 110?f Coupons, *OB 117 V Now 5s 116 V 10-40 Currency Cs 114 V Coupons, *Bl 120 V 5-20b of ’62 118 V Coupons, ’04.........118V Coupons, *65 120 V Coupons, *65 (now).. .117 V BONDS. Virginias, old 43 North Carolluas, 01d..25 North Carollnas, now.lGV STATE Ulssourls 03V Tonnessccs, old 80 Tonnossoca, n0w......79V Virginias, new. St Faulpfd 73 V Wabash 70 V Wabash pfd.,, 80 Fort Wayne 03 Terra Haute 15 Terre Haute pfd..... 80 Chicago & Alton 109 V Chicago & Alton pfd. 11l Ohio & Mississippi.. 44V 0., O. & 0 80V C.,8. &Q 109 Lake Shore 02V Indiana Central 89 Illinois Central 110 Union Pacific blocks. 82V Union Pacific bonds. 86V Central Pacific bondn.lo3V Del. Lack. It Woslorn.loo 8., H. it Erio 3 Canton, W, U. Tel.. Quicksilver, Adams Express 04V Wells Fargo 79 American Express... 67V United Slates Ex.... 72 Pacific Mall 68V New York Central... 101 V Erie Erie pfd, Harlem.. . 05V , 73 .123 Harlem pfd..........125 Michigan Central... .104 V Pittsburgh 68V Northwestern 81V Northwestern pfd,... 87 Rock Island 109 V K. J. Central. Bt. Paul ,100 V . 69V REAL ESTATE. There has been a grout deal of trading “in options ” and contracts to sell land in tho specula* tivo district west of Washington Heights during tho past ton days. There have, however, boon very fow actual transfers of tho foo of the laud. People do not seem to want tho land so much as they do something to speculate in, and those “ contracts-to-soll" seem to furnish tho same sort of speculative pabulum as tho options on wheat and com for future delivery, which fur* nish so largo a part of tho business of tho Board of Trado. Wo hoar of but ouo actual transfer of land in that quarter during tho past week, viz i a tract of 40 aoros in northwest & of southeast H of Section 20, Town of Lake, being four miles directly west, and one mile south of tho Normal School, at SSOO per aero, terms }£ cosh and balanco in one, two, and throo years. This land is Just two miles south west of tho nearest railroad station South Lynne, on the Great Eastern Railroad. This solo affords not only an index of the present rango of prices in all tho surrounding district for a mile or two north and south of It, but fur nishes another instance of tho recent rapid ad vance in prices in that quarter In tho foot that tho prico which this sold for Is Just tho samo as was asked for tho land immediately at South Lynne six months ago. This shows that the prices of six months ago are now asked for lands two miles further from ilia city, and at least two milou further from any tnoans of communication with tho olty. It Is, of course, understood that tho pushing out of tho speculative fever into this district is based entirely on tho expectation of d railroad being built through It this summer. As men tioned last week, wo areuuablo to trace this ex pectation to anything but talk. It is an old say ing that “ Talk Is talk, but it takes money to buy land I** This does not quito bold good In con nection with laud in the district south of tho Heath Branch and west of tho Groat Eastern Railroad, and It might also ho changed to road 11 Talk is talk, but it takes money to build rail roads,’* TUB RELT-BUDUmiAN RAILROAD, Thoro aro now not loss than balf-a-dozon su burban railroad projects being talked of: One is to build a bolt-railroad around tbo city outaldo tlio city limits. Another bolt railroau la also talked of, in which It is proposed to utilize a groat S art of tho present tracks that run in the general Lreotionof tho projected Hue, vizi tho now branch lino of tho Northwestern Company from Irving Park south to tho now car shops In Bee. 10; thence oast on Kinzio street to tho lino of tho Croat Eastern, on llookwoll street; thence south on tho Groat' Eastern track to Brighton 5 thence oast on tho Stock-Yards track along Fortieth street to tho lako shore ; and, pos sibly, by somo arrangement with tho Il linois Control Company, thonoo north along tho lako shoro to tho depot at foot of Lako street. It will bo soon that thoso tracks already furnish a continuous lino from the Illinois Cen tral depot southward along tho lako shoro and around tho city to Irving Park. By building four miles more of track from Irving Bark, or somo point south of it, to tho lako shoro at LakoViow, this routo would furnish a bolt railroad entirely around tho city. Whether thoro would bo busi ness enough to support such a rood would do pond on what uso tho main-trunk railroads en tering tho oity from ovory direction could mako of it in tho transfer of freight oars, etc. It is not probablo that tho suburban passenger travel on this circuitous routo would amount to much ; but, as tho tracks aro already built, except tho four miles from Irving Park to tbo lako shore, it would not cost much to try tho experiment, If the railroad companies owning tho different tracks could ogroo upon a plan, and would pnt a train on tho road. Tho Union Stook-Yards Company have a charter which gives thorn tho right to build a railroad almost anywboro outside tho oity limits, and the Directory of this Compa ny Is composed of officials of nearly all tho rail roads that enter tho city: so that, if it can bo made to appear that a bolt railroad would find business enough to justify its operation (which is doubtful), they will probably supply such short links as aro requisite. Even If none of tbo exclusively suburban rail roads now boing talked of aro built, tho entrance of at least threo moro main-trunk linos now bo ing built, viz : tho Baltimore it Ohio, Canada Southern, and Chicago it Pacific, will so largely increase tho aroa of suburban lands available for residence or manufacturing purposes that, not withstanding tho rapid increase of our popula tion, Chicago will continue to bo tho most thinly populated city in tho world. Instead of boing an objection, this will always bo an advantage, because it will koop tbo prices of land low enough to place tho ownership of a homo within tho roach of ovon poor men. This, in turn, helps to mako tho population moro permanent, and furnishes tho never-falling supply of labor no oossary for tho permanent establishment of tho manufacturing industries. Tbo following recent sales of suburban acres give indications of prices in various quarters} Fifty acres in Soo. 2G, in Town 88, 13, noar South Brighton; consideration, $17,600. Seventeen acres in S. W. K of N. W. H Soo. 22, Town 89. 13, mile west of tho city limits, near Twelfth street; consideration, SI,BOO por aero. Ono hundred and sixteen acres near Maywood; consideration, $102,000. Eighteen acres in S. E. X of S. W. yi of Soc. 12, in tbo Town of Evanston; consideration, SI,BOO por aero. Eighty acres, E. K of N. E. }{of Soo. 22, Town 88,10,1# milo west of tbo Junction; con sideration, $l5O nor aero. Ton acres in w. KofS. E. of Soo. 7, Town 87,14, Jjalf-mllo northwest of dummy track sta tion at 'Washington Heights; consideration, $1,600 per aero. Eighty acres in E. of S. E. of Sec. 8, Town 89,13, quartor-mllo west of the city limits and near North avenue; consideration, $2,000 por aero. Five acres in Soc. 24, Town 10, 18, about two miles southeast of Irving Park, adjoining tbo Town of Lake Viow ; consideration, SI,OOO por aero. 118* .117* no* .110* .110 .110* HO* 117* 117* 109*0109* .125 140 IBS Twenty acres in Sec. 85, Town 89,18, two and a half miles S. W. of South Lynne ; considera tion, $12,000. MICHIGAN AVENUE RESIDENCES. Messrs. E. T. Sumwalt «k Co. sold- yesterday, for Peter Pago, liis throe-story and basement marble front residence No. GG4 Michigan ave nue, with lot 25 foot front by 175 foot deep, to Win. T. Gibson, of Indianapolis, who will movo to Chicago and occupy it, for $23,000. A similar residence, nearly opposite tho above, was sold a few weeks since to Mr. Henry Cor wltb, the wealthiest, and one of tho oldest, citi zens of Galena, who will make Chicago hie home. One-hundrod and thirty-eight feet on Prairie avenue, between Forty-eighth and Forty-ninth streets; consideration, S7B per foot. Ton lots In tho Town or Evanston, Robert Common’s subdivision; consideration, $250 each (for inside lots 88x150) aud $450 each (for cor ner lots 45x150). One hundred by one hundred and nlno, south west comer of North Clark aud Erio streets; consideration, $44,000. Sixty by one hundred, northwest comer of State ana Erio streets; consideration, $16,000. Four lots on Archer avouue, comer of Free man street, 25x125 each {.consideration, $4,000. One hundred and sixty-eight by ono hundred and twenty, corner of Oak and Lake Shore; consideration, $2,500. Lot on Hastings street, near Blue Island ave nue ; consideration, $1,400. Fifty by ono hundred, on Hinsdale street, near Wells street; consideration, $4,625. Fifty by one hundred and twenty-five on Di vorsoy avenue and West Hastings street; con sideration, $4,000. Two lota on Brown street, between Lake aud Walsh streets; consideration, $1,660. Four lots comer Burling street and Webster avenue: consideration, $2,600. Twenty-four by ono hundred and twenty-four on Emorald street, between Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth streets; consideration, $750. Twenty-four by ono hundred'and four on Mor gan street, between Gurloy and Polk streets; consideration, $1,250. A largo number of dwelling houses, ranging in cost from SSOO to $3,000, aro being erected at tbo present time south of Twenty-second street and west of tho avenues, running out toward tho Stock Yards, and east of tho Stock Yards. The following is tho total amount of city and suburban property transferred during tbo week ending Saturday, April 20. City property: Num ber of sales, 170; consideration, $800,878. North of city limits: Number of sales, 0; con sideration, $258,150. South of city limits: Num ber of sales. 88; consideration, $709,775. West of city limits: Number of sales, 2; considera tion, $14,000. Total solos, 219. Total considera tion, $1,881,803. The following woro tho receipts and shipments of tho loading articles, of produco in Chicago daring tho past twonty-four hours, aud for the corresponding data ono year ago: RECEIPTS. SHIPMENTS. 1873. 1872. 1873. 1872. Flour, brls oTtOO 6,100 6,079 3,423 W>cat, bu 11,910 7.R83 31,182 22,270 Corn bu 107,600 109,200 169,094 111,854 Oats/bU 66,783 16,630 22,559 47,649 Rye, bu 700 2,000 Barley, bu 3,210 1,800 7,439 1,634 Grass seed. lbs 37,710 66,100 6,894 82,673 Flax eocd, lbs 1,240 Broom corn, lb 12,6001 40,000 13,347 Cured meals, lb 188,140) 05,140 078,930 1028,018 Beef, brls.. IS 6 ........ Pork, brls 2 61 IS Lard, lbs 19,060 14,6101 65,000 18,276 Tallow, Ibs 17,076 17,4501 Butter, lbs 88,879 85,830 0,000 21,800 Dressed hogs, No.. 120 12 ........ Live hogs, No 10,768 7,038 10,869 7,281 Cattle, No 6.207 2,250 1 3,004 2,152 Sheep, No 053 256 761 328 Hides, lbs 84.957 07,350 07,000 66,534 Hlghwluos, brls.... 898 200 216 115 Wool, lbs 127,289 88,820 1,050 276,784 Potatoes, bu 10,820 6,908 925 1,206 Lumber, mft 1,813 2,297 1,921 2,734 Shingles, m 2,180 2,200| 1,606 2,294 Lath/ra 205 351 110 141 Balybrls 140 70 772 1,300 Withdrawn from store on Frida; eumptlou i 4,010 bu whoat; 3,80 bu oato i 008 bu ryo j 2,077 bu for do during Ibo woolt, 20,023 In bu corn; 20,075 bu oata ; 5,800 bi barley. Tbe following grain baa been SUBURBAN ACHES. OTHER SALES. SUMMARY FOR TUE WEEK. COMMERCIAL. Saturday Evening, April 26, iyfor city con -1)0 bu com; 833 i barley. With in wheat 5 12,120 mryo; 11,802 bu Inspected into THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY, APRIL 26, 1873. storo this morning, up to 10 o’clock i 7 cars wheat { 120 cars com ; 18,400 bu No. 2 do, and 02,700 bu rejected do by canal j 18 cars oats i 10,000 bu No. 2 do, and 4,000 bu rejected do by canol; 0 cars ryo •, 1 car barley. Total. (152 oars), 130,000 Ini. Tho following wore tho receipts and shipments of broadstnlfs and Block at this point during tho vrook ending with this morning, and for corre sponding wooks oudlng as dated: RECEIPTS. ApnlOttf April 10, April 27. . , 18™. 1873. 1872. rlonr. lirlfl 63,708 42,030 20.051 Wheat, bu 83,131 60,688 41806 Com, bu 438,023 282,277 020,673 280,832 214,440 103,470 Jlyo. b « 3,020 0,277 4,230 liarlov, bn... 40,070 io 020 12 043 lilvo •hoffS, No 69,823 66,280 -46,483 Cattle, No 18,781 20,244 14,630 SHIPMENTS, Flour, brls 45,039 42,100 24,037 Wheal,lm 168,130 101 007 120,806 S°P». bu 627,460 82,821 731,849 O at "» bu 108,740 105,070 189,004 b » I*2oo 4,204 7,679 parley,bu,.. 47,208 -42,781 00 039 Ltvo IIOKO, No 49,780 48,827 43,002 Cattle. NO 14,857 16,013 12,681 Tho proprietor of ono of tho grain-doctoring and mining mllla that disgrace this city is trying to znako pooplo bollovo that tho charges against tho nefarious trade, and tho men who conduct It, aro false $ first, because there is no doctored barloy above tho grodo of rejected in tho Rock Island Elevators, and, secondly, because ho has not a sulphur bath in his mill, and “ would not touch doctored barley" if ho know it. Tho lat ter claim is true, but its value may bo under stood when It is Known thathosondshis inferior barley to other mills to bo put through the brim stone process, and then has it sent away with all possible speed to find a customer before it 11 spoils.” Even if It wore true that there is no sulphurotod barloy above tho grade of rejected in the houses named, tho fault lies with the In spectors, and not with tho gentlemen who do tho doctoring, Rut our remarks included grain mixing as well as graln-doctorlug, and there can bo no doubt that tho soiling value of every g ratio of barloy in tho IlooU Island Elotalori as been depreciated, cither by mixing or doctoring, or both. Neither is there room to doubt that tho selling valuo of every bushel of barloy in this city has boon do 6rociatod by those vile processes, though proc eed on only a part of tho grain. Wo aro as sured that our straight No. 2 barloy (any house but tho Hock Island) is just as good as tho Canadian barloy, which is bringing 20@250 por bu more in Now York. There is no reason why tho two should not sell at exactly tho same price, outside of tho distrust felt by Eastern dealers, who fear to tako hold of any barloy from this city, because some of it has boon tampered with. However muoh tho manipulators may blow about tboir right to do what they will with their own property, tho honest portion of mankind can aoo but littfo difference between this practice and tho raising of chocks on a bank. But thoro is good reason to hope that tho thing will bo stopped, though not without strong opposition, as tho mixing uusinoss is abetted, if not carried on, by somo mon who havo been honored with high office in tho commercial community. Tho honest dealers in grain will welcome tho following order, Issued by tho Chief Inspector. It has tho right ring to it: Notice Is hereby given that, In order to prevent gross injustice to holders of warehouse receipts for low grades of grain, the Asslntant Inspectors will bo instructed, on and after thla date, to pass all grain that may arrive in an unmerchantable condition, or that has been subjected to any chemical process, or that has been mixed with screenings or other refuse matter as “ unmerchantable.” W. 11. Uanrsn, Chicago, April 25, 1873. Chief Inspector. A country shipper who road this notice said bo was glad of it. Ho bad doctorod grain bim solf, no a good many others did; but occasion ally tboy would got tripped up on a car. and tbo loss woo more than the gain on doctoring amounted to. Undoubtedly no spoko tbo senti ments of all but tbo Chicago sharper ones, who can play tbo bower ovory time. It is a singular fact that aomo of our largest rocolvors of grain from tbo country aro on tbo boar sldo of tbo market, especially in com, which would Boom to bo directly contrary to tbo interests of their clients. Tboy bavo evidently sold short, but wbothor for tbomsolvos or for tboir customers is not generally known. TUE MARKETS, Thoro was a fair amouut of trading in produco to-day at about tlio same avorago of prices as on Friday, provisions and com being weak, while wheat tended upwards. The weather was bettor than heretofore, being warmer, and without rain, but stil far from clear. Tuo receipts of produce wore not such as to make a material dif ference in prices. The shipping movement was more active, owing to an easier feeling in freights. Dry goods mot with a good demand from country roorohauts and from local retailors, at about former rates, prices of most articles rul ing steady and firm. The grocery market was without now features worthy of special mention. The demand continues to improve, and prices seem to bo working a little firmer, though nomi nally unchanged. Batter continues to come for ward sparingly, and anything good enough for tablo use finds buyers at full prices. Low grades are slowly accumulating. The bagging trade was Suiot ; and former quotations word unchanged, btiung occurred in the choose market to dis turb the quiet that has so long prevailed, and prices remain easy at 16@lGo for Now York fac tory, and at 18@15o for Western do. Goal was dull. Canned goods wore moving to a moderate extent at the quoted prices. No change was vis ible in the fish and dried fruit markets. Hay was in bettor supply, and was easier, tbo tendency being downward. Hides ruled quiet and com paratively steady at 11 for light cured, and at 10%0 for heavy do. There wore no changes In oils, paints, pig iron, tobacco, and wood. The pleasanter weather has produced a rather more cheerful fooling among lumber dealers. Though trade is still for from being active, tboro is more inquiry on local account, and the coun try trade is also improving. Excepting common boards, which arc 60c off, there was no change in yard prices. The offerings at the wholesale market woro fair this morning, and qaito a num ber of cargoes woro disposed of. though the de mand does not appear to be urgent, and prices for most descriptions are barely sustained. A largo fleet Is expected in the first of next week, but the market con hardly bo considered in running order until the west shore ports are open. Green Bay is not vet navigable, and the ice blockade has prevented vessels from entering or departing from any of the other ports on this side, widen woro previously open. Tho market for metals and nails continues fairly active and steady. Tho. demand for iron is fair for tho season, a firm tone being noticed in regard to all imported stock, while common bar is rather easy. Naval stores met with a tolerably fair inquiry at the quoted prices. Thoro has boon some inquiry for wool lor a day or so past from Western manufacturers, prices generally favoring buyers. Hops remain quiet and un changed. Tbo . demand for broom-corn was fair, tho quoted prices being generally sustained. Beads woro m good re quest and very firm. Timothy advanced 100, now quoted at $3.50@4.00 for fair to choice seed; the offerings are only fair. Potatoes woro in fair sunply ana lower; tho shipping demand has fallen off, and trade is principally local. Oroen fruits woro quiet and unchanged. There was a moderate local* inquiry for poultry, turkeys being scarce and firm. Quickens are more plenty, and hardly as firm Eggs woro In moderate re quest, and weak at 12@130. Lake freights woro dull and inactive. Carriers still hold to their quotation of 16 and IGo asked for wheat and com to Buffalo, but there is prob ably about as much truth in it as in tho claim of a savage Chief to bo called “ King of tho Uni verse.” The charters effected yesterday at 180 for wheat by steam to Kingston are about equal to for com by sail to Buffalo, and it is whispered that some of tho com charters made two or throe weeks ago have boon given up at lie, the intending shipper paying the difference. At tho same time, it should k bo stated that tho shippers are putting their best foot foremost to secure a decline in freights, and this backing down may bo one of tho stops In this flank movement. It was rumored also th&t rail freights are down to 4Go per 100 ibs to Now York, hut wo arc assured that tho regular linos' do not accept a mill loss than 6So, and the ir regular, not loss than 60e. Hlghwineu wore quiet, aud rather dull, at Fri day’s quotation, at bid and 670 asked. Sales woro limited to 60 brls at 870 per gallon. Provisions wore rather quiet, and weak. Moss pork declined 40@450 nor brl, and lard 10c per 100 lbs, the weakness being greatest on May op tions, which woro liberally offered by parties who expect deliveries to bo made on Thursday next, which they wore not prepared to receive. This dragged down Juno options by revealing tho fact that tho demand for Loth has died out. Tho shorts appear to have been nearly all filled, and no one wants to invest at present prices, which are generally understood to bo tho result of an unnatural speculative inflation. Even moats weakened in sympathy, though in very light stock, being quoted fully Ko per lb lower on English outs. Tho market closed at tho following range of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller April, $17.85(y)17.40; do seller May, $17.40®17.45j do seller June, $17.05@18,00 j do seller July $18.20@18.25; prime moss, none here; old pork, 11G.C0017.00. Lard, cash or seller April. . $0.05@0.10; do aollor May, so.lo@D,l2>£{ do seller Juno, $9.25(5)0.00: do seller July. $9.60@9.66.. Sweet plckloii bdma quoted nt 9>tf@l2o. Pry Baited moatn quotablo nt for obouldora 5 8%@8%0 for abort ribs; nnd 9@9>£o for . abort clear. Boxed Bbouldora, ojjf@7o. English monta, 9@9>£o for short riba; for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 8o for anouldorn, 100 for dear riba, lOk’c for abort clear, and 12)tf@14o for bams, all Sacked. Mobs beef. $9.00@9.25; extra rooeu do, 10.00@10.25; beef hams, $28.00@29.50. City tallow, 7jJ^(7pßo; grease quotable at Saloo wore reported of 600 brla mesa pork aolfer May at $17.50; 600 brla do at $17.40; GOO brla do sollor Juno at $18.40: 600 brla do at $18.05; 1,000 brla do at $18.80; 600 brla do nt $18.25; 250 brla do nt $18.10; 600 brls do at $18.05; 8,600 brla do at SIB.OO ; 860 tea lard aollor May at $0.10; 760 tea do sollor Juno at $0.80; 600 tea do at $0.25; 276,000 Iha abort riba sollor May at Iba do aollor Juno at 9«^o; 250,000 lbs do at Oj^o. Tho Daily Commercial Report glvoa tbo follow ing aa tbo abipmonta of proviaiouo from this city for tbo week ending April 24, 1873, ond aiuco Nov. 1,1872 ; also comparative flgurou i Vork, Lard, Ihtmi Should'r» ilUMlet, brh, tot. tet, lbs. Ibt, W’kodg Apr. 31, “OBT,!} IJHH BJ3B 0)3,000 1,419,600 B*mo vjook ’72... 4,298 1,703 1,810 1,004,800 1,1(14,400 filnoo Not. 1.’73. 185.6*9 101,078 55,171 36,754,114 140,050,615 Baras The Bblpmontn In doiall wore an follows : Shoulders, 203 bxs; abort rib, 056 bxa; short clortr, 170 bxa ; long clear, 235 bxs; long bnms, 800 bxs; fltrotfords, 145 bxa ; Staffordshire, 76 bxs; south Staffordshire, 250 bxs ; Irish cut, C 3 bxa; bacon, 49 bxa ; long rib, 63 bxs; Oumborlanda, 00 bxa; shoulders, 810 pea; short riba, 6,670 pea; Yorkshire, 10 bxs; long backs, 83 bxs. Tbo bulk of tbo moats now going out nro spring mired. iflourwas very qulot, tboro being acarcoly any thing wanted, except on ono diroot order for a round lot of Minnoaotaa. Prices woro unchang ed, holders being qulto firm iu tboir viowa fn sympathy with tbo, tono provnlllng in tbo wheat market. Bran was firm. Sales woro reported of 800 brla spring extras (Minn.) at $0.60; 60 brla do at $6.60; 300 brla ao on private torma; 120 brla epring auporflnoaat $8.50; 100 brla do at $3.40; 40 brio ryo flour at $4.85. Total, 1,410 brla. Alao 10 tona bran nt $10.25 at mill, and 10 tons do at $10.26 on iraok: 10 tons middlings at $13.00 doliroiod. Tbo following woro tbo quo tations at tho closo: Pair to choice white winter extras $ 8.25 ©10.60 Red winter extras 7,00 @ 0.55 Good to choice spring extras 5,75 ©0,70 Lowto medium...., 4.75 © 5.75 Mlunosotas (patent) 8.25 @ll,OO Good to fancy Minnesota @ 8.05 Spring auporfluca a.90 @4 75 Rye flour 4.15 @4.40 Rran 10.00 @10.60 Middlinga 10.00 @14.00 Wheat was lobb active in tho general market, but strong, and averaged about the same as yes terday, though* receipts ■wore larger, aud ‘tho weather more favorable. But Now York was stronger, and tho understanding that a decline in freights had occurred brought out a good shipping demand, which was believed to bo large ly on Canadian account, some being for Now England points. Hence our aggregate of cash sales is considerably larger than for several days past, though there was much less trading in op tions. lu that department tho bull and the bear elements eporred rather than fought, but It was generally understood that tho bull side has recently received a considerable accession of strength, which made tho bears afraid to net. Seller May opened at $1.25, declined to $1.21%’. advanced to 1.25%, foil to 1.25%, and improved to $1.25% at the close. Seller Juno sold at 81.27%@1.28%, and seller the month or regular No. 2 spring at $1.24%@1.25, all closing at tho outside. Strictly fresh receipts of No. 2 spring closed at $1.25%, aud No. 8 spring atsl.l6. Re jected do was nominal at 960. Cash sales woro reported of 2,000 bu No. 2 spring at $1.25%: 59,200 bu do at $1.25; 25,000 uu do at $1.21%: 16,000 bu do at $1.21%; 5,000 bu do at $1.24%: 0,600 bu No. 3 spring at sl.lO. Total, 112,800 bu. Corn was active, but weak, declining %@%o nor bu, though reported stronger in Now York. The cause of tho easier fooling was more liberal offerings from holders, duo to larger rocopts here, aud probably to tho prospect of finer weather, as tho com crop would be all right if it should clear up now. Tho weakness was great est on the May option, holders being afraid of largo deliveries on tho first of the month and anxious to avoid further weakening before that time in consequence. There was no shipping demand apparent, except for a fow car lots of rejected at 33%@31c. Seller May opened at 07%0, advanced to 880, declined to 87%0, and closed at 37% c. Seller Juno sold at 40@40%0, closing at 40%0. Seller July sold at 41%@42%0, and seller August at 42%@43%c. Seller tho month, or regular No. 2, sold at 80%@37%0, closing at 37e. Strictly fresh receipts woro in active. Cash sales wero reported of 25,000 bn No, 2at 37%0; 15,000 bu do atB7Ko; 10,000 bu do at 370; 5,000 bu do at 80%o; 5,600 bu reject ed at 310 j 1,600 bu do at 33%0; 11,400 bu do at 85%0, afloat; 400 bu ears at 83c, on track. Total, 74,000 bu. Oats were in good speculative demand, but principally for Juno delivery, which option was very strong early at yesterday's outside quota tions, thou eased down slightly after the outside orders' had boon filled. There was little demand for cash lots, and May deliveries woro relatively weak, owing to tho fear that they will bo heavy In amount. There aro plenty of oa Uj hero, and plenty back in tho country, but operators eay that few oats ham been sown, and that it is now too late to count upon a crop from seed that is not already put luto tho ground. Boiler Juuo opened at Bdo. and de clined to 83%0 at tho close. Seller May sold at and seller tbo month at both closing at tho in side. Cash sales woro reported of TyOOO bu at 81^0; 6.000 bu at 31>60; 14,000 bu at 31o; COO bu (special house) at Sl^o; 6,000 bu rejected at 80o; 600 bu do at 29>£o. Total, 82.200 bu. Byo was quiet and higher. There is llttlo offering, and not much demand. Hound lots of regular No. 2 aro quoted at G9@G9)£o, and fresh receipts, in car lots, at 700. Boiler May is nomi nal at 70c. Cash sales wore reported of 400 bu No. 2at 700 ; 600 bu do at 69^0; 800 bu do at GOo. Total, 2,000 bu. Barley was dull and inactive, tho recently ex posed irregularities having- taken all tho lifo out of tbo trauo. In tho absence of shipping orders tho only inquiry is for one or two lots for seller May, which is nominal at 700 : and tho shorts welcome the trouble in hopes that it will enable them to fill in at a still further decline. Car-lots of No. 2, in other houses than tho Bock Island, were quoted at 75@780. No. 3 was nominal at 05@6(J0, and rejected at 46@4G0, outside tho Book lulaud. Cash sales woro limited to 400 bu No. 8 at Gso, and 400 bu, by sample, at 740. WINTER WHEAT. Tho Agricultural Bureau furnishes advanced shoots of its reports for April, ou the condition of tho winter wheat crop. Tho ipfonnation given is of a “ general" character, and is sum med up In tho first paragraph, as follows: On tho first week of April a considerable portion of tho northern belt of tbo winter-wheat area was cover ed with snow. The condition of that which was visi ble gave promise of general exemption from winter injury, leaving the crop subject to tho meteorological vicissitudes of April. In tho Middle States a groat improvement upon tho showing of last spring is everywhere conceded, especially In Now Jersey and Pennsylvania, Tho prospect In the States

south of Maryland Is loss favorable than last year, and there are Indications of diminishing area for tho cot ton States, though acreage Is not intended to bo given lu this report. Michigan, tho only State of tbo north ern border m which winter wheat Is mainly grown, presents green and vigorous growth, wherever suow has disappeared sulficlcutly to reveal It; aud Ohio makes far more favorable returns than last year. In Ken tucky a more checkered showing is made, giving the present appearance a decidedly unfavorable cast, with Indications of future Improvement as tho weather be comes settled. In-Indlana ami Illinois tho unfavorable returns outnumber tho rose-colored : tho dry autumn retarding seeding and germination, and leaving tho plants too weak aud shallow-rooted to endure well tho ef fects of winter’s changes of temperature. Similar causes affect tho condition of wheat lu Missouri, but a great improvement over Inst year la reported; and a still more favorable condition exists lu Kansas. In Wis consin, Minnesota, lowa, and Nebraska, as is known, very little winter wheat is produced, but full reports are given of such experiments. Tho indications from California all point to another yoarof great abundance, scarcely a county reporting unfavorable condition. As a whole, the wheat prospect at the close of winter Is moro favorable than at the same date In 1872. LATEST. In tho afternoon wheat was moderately active and %@Ka higher. No. 2 Mining Hold ut $1.25@ 1. 25% soflor the month ; $1.25%(5)1.25% eoUer May, tho latter closing at $1.25%. Also at $1.28%tfp1.28% seller Juno, closing at tho out* side. Coro was in moderate request at 87%@ 37%0 seller May, and 40%@-10%0 seller Juno. In provisions, salon wore reported of 500 brininess pork, seller July, at SIB.OO. It was rumored on the Open Board that tho Straits wore open and one or tho propellers had passed through. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Batuuda? Evening, April 20, ALCOHOL—Was In fair request and steady at $1.74 @I.BO. BUOOM OOUN—A fair business was tranaacted in tho hotter grades. Blocks of all grades, except the very poor ones, aro somewhat reduced, choice hurl be ing especially very scarce. Prices orco unchanged, ns follows : No. 1 burl, O0O!{o pur lb ; No. 1 stock braid. 6Q5)»c; No. 3 do, 4{s4&o; No. 3 do, 3@3).£0: inside green, 8%o; do red tip, 304 c; do palo and red. 202^0. BEANS AND PEAB—Boans wore in raodorato local demand. Peas wore nuletamlstoady. Wo quote: Choice hand-picked navies, $3.00; do mediums. $2.45; inferior Srades, $1,2601.00; green peas (in brie), $1.00; yellow o (In Wo. lI.M. BUILDING MATERIALS—Tbero was no change to nolo. The demand is moderate, at the annexed range of pricea: Stucco, $2.5002.75; Now York stucco,canting, $3.7604.00; aunorftnodo, $3.6001.001 Portland cement, $7.0008,00 perbrl; Itosnndalncement,s3.2so3.6o; Utica cement, $2.00 per brl { Louisville cement. $2.00: Akron cement, $2.00 ; marble dunt, $3,2303.001 Umo In bulk, OOo0$l,OO; lime (brie), $1.26 per brl; white Band, per brl. $1.7602.00 ; plastering hair, per Im, 40360O! flue brick, per 1,000, $40.00090.00: building brick (common). $8.60010.00; lower brick, $13.00013.00; country brick, $10.00012.00, delivered’: Ot. Louis hydraulic pressed, $45.00, delivered; Mil waukco. $32.50, dol yorod; llaclne, $30.00, delivered; J r il! Hjn 3 ♦i 5 - 00 » delivered : lire clay, per brl, $4.00® G.OO. The following is the list of prices per box of 60 feet for.domoiltu window glass. from which a reduc tion of 46 and 6 per cent la made to dealers: Strut Double n a . „ . quality, tlrenqlh. S*2!° $6.75 smo 7xlo to Bxlo f1,76 non oxll to 10x13 7.25 10 00 Bxl4 to 10x18 8 10 12 of) 11x14 to 12x17 8.75 14 00 12*18 to 10x20 0,28 IfiioO 14*22 to 10x24 10.00 18.00 18x22 to 18*30 11.00 10.00 20x28 to 24x30 ; 13.00 21 00 20x28 to 24x30 14.00 24*00 20*34 to 20x40 16.00 2o!o0 23x38 to 28x44 10,00 28 00 to 30x48 18.00 29.00 30x40 to 32x62.... 1 30 00 32x64 to 34x60 .... 30 00 84x68 to 94x60 .... 42*00 aoxooto4oxoo I BUTTER—Prices of this staple ranged about the samp as during the proceeding days of the week, but the tone of the market was scarcely an firm. Choice grades pro expected to soil high for Homo little time yet, but common and medium descriptions it would room must soon decline. Local buyers wore the prin cipal operators. Wo quote; Common to cholco roll, 24Q310; strictly choice dairy, pack, 33037 c; medium to good, 250280; inferior to common, 10023 c, BAGGING—A fair number of orders wore received, and wore promptly filled at the quoted prices, which are os follow,: Stark, 370; Ludlow, 350; Lewiston, 34>fo; American, 32)*0; Amoskoag, 32w0; Otter Creek, 04o; burlap bags, 4 and 6 bu, 2O022o; gunnies, single, 17018 c; double, 28029o; wool sacks, 07,W0. CANNED GOODS AND PlCKLES—Dimness wa* slack at the quotations given below: CANNED GOODS. Peaches, 2 lb $ 1,850 2.00 Peochcs, 3 lb 2.850 3,16 Pears, 21b 2.000 2.25 Plums, damsons, 2 lb 2 000 2 25 Oroon gages and egg, 2 lb 2.760 3.25 Quinces, 2 lb 2.760 8.00 Strawberries, 2 lb 2.500 2,75 Raspberries 2.500 2,75 Blackberries, 2 lb 2.000 2.15 Gooseberries. 2 lb 2.250 2.50 Tomatoes, 2 lb 9.230 2.40 Tomatoes, 8 lb 2.600 2.75 Corn, Elgin 9.850 3,00 Corn, Benton Harbor.,.,. 9.800 9.00 Corn, Yarmouth 3.250 3.60 Peas, 9 lb, pod 3.160 3.60 Peas, 9 lb, soaked. 1.000 1.70 Lima beans, 9 lb 9.60® 9.75 Buccolasb, 2 lb 2.600 2.05 Lobster, 2 lb 3.40C4 3.50 Lobster, 1 lb 2.50® 2.05 Oysters, 1 lb, full weight 1.200 1.30 Oysters, 9 lbs full weight 2,200 2.30 Oysters, 1 lb, slack weight 1.000,1.10 Oysters, 9 lbs. slack weight 1,800.2,00 PICKLES. Small, brls, 3,200 per pkg $10.80011.50 Small, brls, 1,100 per pkg o,oo® 0.00 Medium, brln, 1,200 per pkg 8.60® 0,50 Medium, H brls, COO per pkg 6,25® 6.73 Largo, brls, 600 per pkg 7.00® 7.60 Largo, W brls, 300 par pkg 4.60® 6.00 In 10 gaf. kegs, per keg 3.75® 4.26 lu 6 gal. kegs, per keg 3.76® 3.25 Chow Chow (Harvey), qta 6.76® 0.76 Obow Chow (Harvey), pU B.oo® 3.60 O. fi D.’a assorted pickles, qta 0.75® 7.35 O. & L.’fl assorted pickles, pts B.Bo® 4.35 MAPLE sruup. Pure, K (Pb cans, per doz $ 9.50@10.00 Pure, quart cans, par doz 6.50® 0.00 Extra golden, gal. cans, per doz 0.60® 7.00 Extra golden, quart cans, per d0z......... 4,00® 4.35 CHEESE—In tho cbccao market a very quiet feeling prevailed. Only a few orders wero placed, and scaroly enough was doing in tho way of' sales to establish mar ket values. Following are tho nominal rates: Now York factory. 15016 c ; Ohio factory, 13®15o; West ern factory, 13016 c. COAL-frade continues dull, with no quotable change iu prices. Wo repeat our list, ns follows: Lehigh, lump, $12.60013.00 ; prepared, $12.50® 13.00 ; Lackawanna, $12.00 ; Erie, $10.00; Briar IHU, SIO.OO ; Walnut Hill, $10.00; Ulnssburg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, SO.OO ; Hocking Valley, $9.00; Indaina cannol coal, $10,00; Indiana block, $9.00: Kirkland grate, $9.00 ; Minouk, $8.00; Wilmington, $3.00. OOUPEIIAGE—There was no special change, the inquiry is light, ami prices are without variation. Wo repeat: Fork barrels, $1,2001,30; lard tierces, sl.oo® 1.70; whisky barrels, $1.0003,10; flour bar rels, 60@65c; pork staves, rough, $17.00018.00; do bucked or sawed, $20.00023.00; tierce staves, rough, $19.00021.00; do bucked or sawed, $25.00 028.00 ; whisky ’ staves, rough, $22.00025.00 ; do, bucked, $29.00032.00; flour slaves, $9.00011.00; circla flour beading, 7©Bo per sot: flour hoop poles, $14.00 016.00 per m; pork and tierce poles, $30.000 35.00 per in. EGOS—’Were in large supply, and rather slow. There was a moderate inquiry on local account, prices being weak at 12013 c. Sales comprise 21 brls packed at 13o; 180 cases at 12Wo; 10 brls at 12>fo; 8,200 doz ot 12c. FEATHERS—Aro In good request and very firm, owing to light offerings. Prlccn range as follows s Prime live geese at 73075 c, from Aral hands; jobb lug prices, 78&830 for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, good grades, 60©C5c; common do, 30045 c : chicken, 0(3007 Bales include 000 lbs chicken feathers, port dry, at 70. FlSH—Dealers reported fair activity in tbo Ash trade, and the prevalent fooling was again one of firmness. The market Is hare of whitoflsb, but moat other descriptions aro in fair stock. Prices range as follows : No. 1 whltofish, )i brl, $7.00; No. 3 do, $0.75; No. 1 shore mackerel, ji brl, $11,00011.35; No. I'bay, $9.0000.25; No. 2 bay mack erel, a brl, $7.2507.50 : No. 1 shore kits, $1.8501.00, bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $0,0000,25; George's codfish; $0.6000.75; Labrador herring, split, brla, $0,0009.50; do W brl, $i.76@0.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $8.0008.00; do X brl, $1,2504.60; box herring No. 1, 31®330; box herring, scaled, 420450; Columbia Hivor salmon, # brln, $10,00010.25. FRUIT ANd NUTB—Prices woro unchanged. A moderate amount of trading was dono at the annexed quotations: Foreign—Dates, 8)4®9o; figs, drums, ll@14o; figs, box, 14)4016)40; Turkey prunes, 9)401Oo; raisins, $2.8002.00; Zauto currants. 80 Btfc. Domestic—Alden apples, 18®20o; Michigan do, 6)407)4o; Western do, 60Go; Southern do, 4^05^0; peaches, pared, 17019 c; peaches, halves, do, mixed, 4^os>^o; blackberries, O09tfo; raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 22024 c. Nuts —Filberts, 14015 c; almonds, Terragona, 21023 c; Naples walnuts, 31®250; Brazils, 11013 c; pecans, 1101314 c; African peanuts, oK®7o; Wilmington pea nuts, 7(38o; Tennessee peanuts, 4)40C0. QUEEN FRUlT—Apples and cranberries oro dull and easy, especially the former, which aro In liberal supply: choice varieties are becoming scarce, and aro quotable at $3.6003.75. Oranges and lemons aro un changed. Below are the current prices: Apples, com mon to fair, $1.0003.60; good to choice, $3,7503.75 per brl from store; cranhorrloe (cultivated) at SIO.OO 013.00 per brl; common do at $5.0009.00; lemons at $5.5000.60 per box; Valencia oranges, SIO,OOO 13.00 per case; do per box, $5,0005,60; Palermo do, per box, $3.6004.00; Messina do, $4.0005.60; Havana oranges, $13,00 per brl. GROCERIES—Orders from the Interior were more numerous, and local retailors also operated with rather moro freedom, and the market was somewhat im firovod in Its general features. Prices were firm for ho loading staples, and wore fully sustained for nearly everything In the list. We quote: Di Cars Soda— 1 7)4®90. Coffees—Mocha, 32033 c; O. G. Java, 37038 c; Java, No. 3, 20©20)4o; fauoy Ulo, choice do, 33#©23.V0J prune Rio, 23)4033)40; good Jo, 22 ?4 023 c; common do, 21)4021)4o; roasting do, 19)40 20<*o; Singapore, 23Af0240; Costa Rico, fauoy, 24)40 54)40; do, prime, 33)4031o; Maracaibo, 23®33)40. Candles—star, full weight, 20)4®2lo; stearluo, full weight, 16)40100; do short weight, 14)4@150. Rice—Patna, 8)408)40; Rangoon, 7)4©8o; Caro lina, 8)409o; Louisiana, 8®8)4o. Sugars—Patent cut loaf, 13)4013)4®; crushed, lowdorod, and granulated, 12®12*40; A, standard, U4@ll)fo; do No. 2, ll@ll)4o; 1), 10)40110; ex tra 0,10)4010)4 ; O No. 3,10)4©10)4o; yellow O,IO H 0lO)4o; choice brown, lO01O)fo; prime do, 9)40 10c ; fair do, 9)4®U)40 ; choice molasses sugar, 10 01O)4o; fair do, O)409)4o; Now Orleans sugar, choice, lOQlOifc; do prime, 9)409)4® 5 do fair, 00 0)fo; common, 808)40. Syrups—Diamond drips, $1.3501.40; silver drips extra flue, 730750 ; good sugar-house ayrup, 45©480; extra do, 600650 ; Now Orleans molasses, choice, 63 065o; do prime. 76080 a; do common, 05070 c ; Porto Rico molasses, choice, 650050 ; common molasses, S3 ©4oc. Balebatos—Common to best, 9010 c. Spices—Allspice, 170180; 'cloves, 37038 c ; cassia, 88040 c ; popper, 33){@24)f0 ; nutmegs, $1.3501.30; glugor, pure, 28030 c; do No. 1,20025 c; do No, 2,10 019 c. Boats—French mottled,C)4o6)4o; German mottled, 7)407)tf0 ; Golden West, 608)40; White Lily, (1)40 0)4c; White Rose, 0)400)40: .brown Windsor, 4)4© 4)4c ; palm, C@0)4o; Havon Imperial, 0)4@0*40. Btarch—Gloss, 9)40lOo; corn,l)0llo; laundry, 00 7o ; common, 6>4000. HAY—The moro liberal receipts weakened tho mar ket somewhat, though not to uuy quotable extent, out side quotations being paid for primo offerings. Wo quota wholesale prices paid by dealers, as to contain 20,IKKUbs: On Track—Timothy, boater pres sed. $10.09017.00: timothy, looao pressed, $15,00015.60; prairie, pressed, $13.00013.60. On Wagon—Timothy, loose, $18.00010.00: prairie, loose, $15.00017.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001,60, according to dis tance. JUDES—Were again quoted easy, amt wo drop our Quotations of cured ami part cured. Dry stock la acarco at former rates: Green city butchers’, 7o; green cured light, ll#@llKos do heavy, 10#@10|je; part cured, 10@l0Mo; green calf, 17@18o: veal kip, 14c; dry cnl’f,2oo; dry kip, 33a: dry Bailed, IC@l7c; dry flint, 100200; Ipug-hatrcd kip. 120 : deacon skins. CU@flsc ; grubby, acorud, out. or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. HOPS—Domain quiet. Tho following are tho quota tions: Prime tocholco Western at 40050 c; fair to good, 33@380; common to medium, 350300; Now Varb,46e; English, 40050 c; Bavarian, 50055 c. JUON AND HTEEL—The market was moderately active at former rates, as follows: Iron ~. 4 4-100 4 8-10 rate* Ilorac-nhoo iron 0 04 C 8-10 rates Plate Iron, common tank,,,, 0% 0) 7 rates llussla Iran 20@3!0 V lb llussla Iron. No. 1 atuluod IHo V lb Norway nail rods Utf @loo Vlb Gorman plowatoel.... It @l2o V tb English cast plow ut001.....,,. .13 @12)40 %llb American tool stool 17j4 0180 Vlb Ohromo toolulecl 18 @2O rutoa English tool 5t0e1.......... 31)4 @23 rates English spring steel U @13)46 Wlb LUATUEU—No changes were noted iu tho leather market. Trade remains quiet, and prices arc steady and firm: USMLOOK, City harness 890 41 Country harness 300 83 Line, city, 79 lb 41(4 43 Klp.qatb. floe* Kip veals 850 1.20 OUy upper, No, 1,79 ft 2RO 80 City upper, No, 2, sft 333 27 Country upper, no. 1 25© 27 Collar, W it...'! 20(3 23 Calf, city 1,30® 1.40 Calf,country... 1.100 1,23 Hough upper, light 330 05 Hough upper, heavy 80® 03 Hough upper damaged 270 00 Hufralo slaughter solo, best 33(3 87 Buffalo slaughter solo, No. 3 030 01 "B. A." solo 800 32 Kip, No. 1, medium 66® 1,10 Kip, Np. 3, heavy 700 80 Harness.... 400 45 French calf, Jodot •••• 06.00000,00 French calf, Lomolno CO,OOO 80.00 French calf, 24 to 20 lbs 1.800 2.60 French calf, 20 to 00 lb 1.750 3.35 French calf, 00 to 30 1.05® 2.20 French hip, 60 tolOOlbs 1.100 1.05 METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—Merchants re port & fair trade at the prices quoted below : Tin Plate— lo,loxl4, (16.60; do, 12x12, $10.00; do, 14x20. $10.60; do, roofing, IC, $16.00; do, 20x28, $31.06. P:o Tin—Large. 420; anfal), 430: bar. 44c. Suebt Zino—Full casks, lie; half casks, llj*foU#c; loss quantity, 11 Vo; slab, 9c. Sheet Iron—No. 24, 6*£o rates. Galvanized Iron—No. 10020,16o; No. 22024, lOo; No. 25020,170; No. 27,18o; No. 28, 200. A discount of 15 por cent Is made from tho Hat. Copper—Copper bottoms, 46@480; braziers, over 12 lbs, 470; tinned copper, 430, Winn—2to 6. 8c; C, 8, and 0, lOo; 10 to 11, llo; 12, lltfo; 13 and 14,12>tf0; 16 and 10, 14c; 17,16o; 18, 10o; 19, lOo; 20, 20o; full bumllo, 16 per cent dlt© count; fence wire, 7V@7#o. NAILS—Wore In fair demand at tbo following rates s 10@00d. per keg. $6.60 rates; 8d do, $5.76; Od do, $0.00; 4(1 (In, $0.25; 8d do, $7.00; 3d do, fine, $8.60; 2d do, $3.75; clinch, $7.87 V; 12 vo off to tho trade. NAVAL STORES—The inquiry continues fair, and tho market steady at tho subjoined quotations : Manilla rope, 79 lb $ ig © io Sisal rope. 79 lb 10 © 17 Homp sash cord, 7? lb 20 0 23 Marline, 79 lb 20 0 22 Tarred rope, 79 lb 10 0 17 Oakum. 79 bale s.oo @o,bo . Fitch, 79 brl * 0.00 @7.00 Tar, 79 brl 0.60 @O.OO OlLS—Prices were firm all around* The demand was not active, though the movement was fair for tho season. Wo quote: Carbon, 10Vo; ex tra lard oil, 770; No. 1, 720; No. 2, 07c; liusecd, raw, 07o; *do boiled, $1.03; whale, 880; sperm, $2.0002,10: ncatsfoot oil, strictly pure, $1,10; do ex tra, 950; doNo. l, 80o; bank oil, 70o; straits, 760; elephant oil, 05o; turpentine, 07@C8o;napht gravity, 21@220; naphtha, common, 17@18c. PAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTY—Trado was quiet, with no decided change in values, tho following prices being current: WRITE LEAD. Btrlcllypuro.. Fancy brands, Gonuino VclUe Montague, American Snow white Masury’s railroad colors 11.50 Palace car colors In cans 0.50010.50012.60 Rochelle ochre 3.50® 3.75 English Ven, red 4.000 4.25 English orange mineral 16.60010.00 Pittsburgh oraugomincral 13.00 English rod load. 12.00 American rod load 11.00011,50 English vermlllion, per lb 1,40® 1.45 Scarlet vormUllou. 23.00 Paris white 4.00 Whiting 2.60 In bulk In bladders. PIG-IRON—Was quoted steady and Arm : Scotch (according to brand) Tuscarawas 61.00 Massillon t 61.00 Lake Superior 69.00060.00 Chicago stonecoal 57.00 Missouri stone coal. 57.00@88.00 POULTRY—Turkeys were in Ught supply, and Arm at 16018 c. Chickens wore more plenty, and hardly as Arm. We note sales of 1 coop turkeys at 18c; 20 coops choice chickens at $5,00: 0 coops do at $4.75 ; 4 coops at $4.50 : 1 coop ducks at $5,00. POTATOES—There is less luqulry for ohlnmcnt, and this, with the increased offerings, produced a decline. Peachblows are now quoted at 50®38o; mixed iota at 35@400; early rose wore offered nt 60c. Bates Include 1 car lowa pcuchblowa at 63c; 1 car at 60a, both on track ;1 car peachblows at C2o; 1 caratCOc; Icar white nt 45c ; 1 mixed white nt 4oc, delivered. SALT—The market was fairly active at the quoted prices. Slocks are very light. WoquQto: Onondaga and Saginaw, Ado, $2.00; ordinary coarse, $2.00 ; coarse Diamond O, $2.25 ; ground solar, $3,25 ; dairy, with out bags, $3.50; dairy, with bags, $4.2504,50; Ash ton dairy, per sack, $5.00 ; ground alum, $2.2502.40; Turk’s Island, $2.00. SASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS—We continue to quote: doom—roun panel. Thic/cneet. 1 3-10 Size. .Qx 0 by 6x 0, ,2x 0 by Ox 8. 13-16. ,2x 0 by Ox 6. .2x 8 by Ox 8, .2xlo by oxlo, 18-10. noons— two panel. 13-16 2x 0 by Ox 6 2.25 .2x Bby6x 6. 18-16. ,2x 6 by Cx 6, ,2r 8 by 6x 8. OUTSIDE BLINDS. Size. Price. Bxlo X $1.75 Thickness, 1 8-10.,,,. 1 3-10. .10x12, 1 3-10. l 3-ie. .10x15 1 3-16. Size of Thick - Size o/li-light Prieeper glatt, nett. tcindno. window. Bxlo 1 3-10 In 2x 3# by 3x0)4 400 9x12 1 3-10 In 3x 7 by 4x6 670 9x14 1 3-16 in 2x 7 by 5x2 64p 10x13 1 3-10 In 2xlo by 4xo 670 10x14 1 3-10 in 2xlo by 6x3 04a 9x14 13-8 In 2x7 byßx2 ••••....800 10x14 1 8-8 In 2xlo by 6x2 800 A discount of 16® SO per cent is made from tho above list Z SEEDS—Timothy was In good request and a further advance of 100 was established. Fair to choice is quota ble at $3.6004.00. Clover remains firm at $5.0506.25. Hungarian was active, and higher sales of choice wore at $1,4001.45. Millet was In demand at $1.0501.12)4. Flax la quoted at $1.00®2.00. Wo note salon of 42 bogs choice timothy at $4.00: 22 bags do at $3.05; 76 bags at $3.00; 20 bags good at $3.85; 200 bags at $3.80; 10 bags at $3,50; 20 bags prime clovur at $5,26; 40 bags at $6.05; 13 bags at $5.00; 10 bags Hungarian at $1.45; 410 bags do at $1.40; 27 bags millet at $1.12)4; 38 bags do at $1.10; 24 bags at $1.05. TEAB—No now features woro noted In this market. A moderate amount of trading was dono at tbo quota tions followingj Young Hyson, common to fair, 60® COc; do good, 65®750; do choice to extra fine, sl.oo® 1.10; common to One old Hyson, 75c®51.00; common Imperial, 00®65c; good to choice do BUc®sl.lo; lino to good gunpowder, 70c®$1.10; choice, $1,1601.20; extra, $1.3501.45; choice to extra loaf Japan, 90c®$1.00; fair to good do, 70@80o; common do 42®4a0; colored natu ral leaf Japan, 65®G50; common to hue Oolong, 86® 460; good, 60@70u; choice to extra, 90c®}1.00. TOBACCO—Wo quote: OuxwiNa—Fine Out—Extra. 76@860; choice, 05® 7Co; common, 65@C0c; poor, 40050 c,—Natural leaf, 76080 c; half bright, 00070 c; black, sound, 4S@63c. Suokiho—Extra, 33@350; medium, 30®32c; com mon stems, 27@290. WOOD—Remains steady at tho following prices; Beech, $11.00: maple, $12.00; hickory, $13.00; slabs, $7.6008.00, delivered. WOOL—Western manufacturers have been in tho market buying quite freely, though prices are rather irregular and generally In tho buyer’s favor. Wo quote: Tub, washed, extra medium.. 61®660 Tub, washed, common to fair 45@520 Common dingy 45®470 Fleece, washed, XX, light.... 45@470 Flcoco, washed, X, light..... 440450 Fleece, washed, Xx, dingy 40043 a Flcoco, washed, X, dingy 400440 Fleece, washed, medium light 43@460 Flcoco, washed, medium dingy 37042 a Fleece,unwashed, X&XX.In good condition..,.Bo®3.lo Flncco, unwashed, X&XX, dingy. 20020 c Flcoco, unwashed, coarse to medium 30033 c Fleece, unwnshedt coarse, and diugy 270300 Super, pulled 38®430 Extra, pulled 33044 c Burry wool 6®loo less. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Rovlow Cor tlio Week Endiiii; Satur day livening, April SO* Batduday Evunino, April 20. Tho receipts of live stock during the wook bavo boon as follows: Cattle, Uono. Sheep. 3,369 8,61)3 219 3,018 8,013 1,703 2,953 12,223 1,853 4,008 14,333 9)5 6,207 10,708 C 53 800 7,000 Monday.... Tuesday.... Wednesday, Thursday,. Friday Saturday... Total 10,335 00,030 5,338 Same time last week..,.,.,,,. 19,853 60,388 7,037 Week-before last. . 14,164 01,050 6,083 SvMiondlngTpriisi7,oiio aj|osi 7|6iia Total, i weeks Samo period in 1873.. Increase 70,1)83 201,871 21,010 62,101 161,001 21,081 18,188 113,777 2,031 Bhlpmouto wore oh follows: Cattle . lloge. Sheep, 1.553 7,171 2,600 0,028 105 1,181 7,702 2,121 8,701 608 3,001 10,380 751 Monday Tuesday..,. Wednesday. Thursday.. Friday Total... Last week. 11,030 11,021 1,722 17.325 16,810 0,810 CATTLE— I To*nlght oloboo onothor week of re markable activity in tho market for boot cattlo. Latit wook’a aupply of 19,853 baa boon followed by 19,855 tbla week, a muck larger number than over received during a corresponding period in any former uoason. Yet uuoh naa beon the oliar actor of tbo demand that tho supply at no thuo Boomed opproaalvd, and tho market maintains tho firm tone that hay characterized It for tho past four wooke or moro. Notwlthstcn'Hng tho Taoi that -wltliln tbo pant fortnight over 80,000 hooves have boon sent eastward from tills point, X alone, tboro bau boon no overplus In any of the markets bolow, and no depreciation In values. Ibo truth 1b that tbo middle and Eaotorn Statoo aroi now pretty thoroughly drained of fat cattle, and from thin tlmo forward until early fall, the eoa-board markets must depend almost entirely upon tbo West for their supplies of beef. Dur ing tbo first half of the week tbo arrlvalfl, com paratively, wore moderate, and pricoa took a Bharp upward turn, advancing a strong )Yo all around, but under tho unexpectedly heavy re ceipts of Thursday and Friday (0,215 head wore yarded) a somewhat carder fooling obtained, and at tho close pricoa show very little difference from thooo current at tho oloho of tho previous week. As to tho quality of tho offerings no fault can ho found, tho bulk consisting of smooth well-fattened, well matured steers of from 1,100 to 1,450 lbs average, for which tho ruling prices woro $5.00@0.00. ' Tho demand for stookors continues umntomptodly active, and prices havo further advanced, good to prime lots now commanding $1.76(5)5.00, while poor to medium descriptions aro salable at $4.00@4.50. That feeders feel justified in paying those extreme prices, indicates unbounded faith in tbo future of tho market. Now milch cows havo undergone no material change in value, soiling steadily at $20.00@45.00 per hood for poor to choice. Tho Inquiry for voal calves has boon fair at $3.76@—according to quality. Tho receipts of Toxas catilo havo boon liberal and mainly of de sirable quality, most of tho offerings consisting of good to choice oorn-fcd steers of from 1.100 to 1,200 lbs avorogo. For thoao tho prevailing rates woro $4.75@5.40, though in a few Instances a shade higher figures woro obtained. Rough thin lots sold at $4.00(5)4.50. Tbo traffic in this foreign stock during ibo approaching season promises to fully equal, if, Indeed, it docs not exceed, that or any previous year known in tho history of tho trado. Tbo sources of supply in Toxas and tho lower Indian country aro practically inexhaustible, and as ibo facilities for marketing tbo stock aro be ing increased and improved from year to year, tbo trado mar bo ozpoctod to exhibit a steady growth. Already wo hoar of Immense droves that have been started northward, and it is estl-* mated that at Elsworth, Wichita, and Coffee villo alone over 600,000 cattle will bo received this year. Owing to tho unparalleled steady so vority of tho past winter, and tho extreme back wardness of spring, tho cattle will not bo ready for market at as early a period os m former sea sons, but they will undoubtedly come in hotter condition, tho experiences of tho past having clearly demonstrated that thoro is no mono? to ho made in sending them forward until they aro fit for slaughter. To-day tho demand for tho different grades was fairly active, and a firm tono pervaded tho mar ket throughout. Largo as was tho supply about, everything was worked off, sales making at $3.50 @5.25 for inferior to medium, and at $5.40@0.4S for good to extra. Following aro tho closing 1.260 1.45 .$ 11.60 . 9.00010.60 14.50 11.60012.00 11.50 QUOTATIONS, Extra—Graded oleors averaging 1,450 lb* and upwards $6.2600.60 Choice Boovca—Fine, fat, well formed 8 year to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,000 to 1,460 lbs 6.75Q0.10 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 5.40Q5.05 Medium Grades—Steers In fair flesh, aver* aging 1.100 to 1,300 lbs 6.00Q5.8Q Butchcra* Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0006.00 Block Cattle—Common cattle, in docent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs 3.85Q6.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulla, and scallawag steers 3.0004.00 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered 4.0004.50 Cattle—Corn-fed Texas 4.7605.40 IIOQS—A xnoro active demand has existed einco the date of our last weekly review, and rather bettor pricoa have prevailed. The re ceipts, as will ho scon, havo increased oomo, bub the supply no moro than kept paco with the legitimate wants of tho trade, and at tho closo of tho week wo find prices about 15@20c higher than on Saturday last. Tho quality is improv ing a little, hut tho average is still very poor, common, coarse, unoven, and mixed lots of from 170 to 240 lbs avorago comprising tho groat hulk. To-day, trading was active and prices wore Arm and higher, liayoru took hold with moro than usual interest, and sales wore quick at $5.25@ 0.85 for poor to common, at $G.40@5.45 for medium, and at 65.50@5.C5 for good to choice. Ouo or two o?tra lots fetched $5.70. Tho market closed steady at tho above quotations: UOO DALES. iVo. .in. Price. 67 240 $5.60 25 169 6.65 65 200 6.37k? 64 235 6.40 53 £27 6.45 53 218 6.55 63 233 6.65 70 192 6.40 60 199 6.60 64 233 6.40 88 302 6.23 63 241 6.60 60 189 6.40 49 239 6.45 65 257 6.40 70 167 6.40 62 223 6.45 141 100 6.50 Cl 210 6.45 Xo, Ap. Price. 67 109 $5.50 64 234 6.50 64 184 6.40 63 218 6.45 64 234 6.30 67 270 5.62W 65 250 6.05 65 289 6.70 66 236 6.35 24 200 6.40 69 243 6.60 65 210 6.50 Cl 190 6.40 07 198 6.40 21 169 4.75 62 241 6.45 64 100 6.60 65 176 6.40 60 274 6.40 43 210 6.50 Price, ..$2.50 SHEEP—Tho week just closed has developed nothing new in tho sheep market. Tho supply and demand continuo pretty evonly balanced, and prices rule steady and uniform at sl.oo@ 4.75 for poor to common, at $5.00@5.60 for mo diura, and at 85.76@0.50 for good to really choice. Host of tho week’s business was trans acted within tho range of $4,75@G.00. The above quotations ore for unshorn sheep. Saturday Eveviko, April 26. There was a fair attendance of buyers at tho whole# ealo market Ibis morning, Including quite a number from tbo country. Tbo receipts of lumber were light.’ and tboro was not much of an assortment to select from, but nearly all tbo cargoes were disposed of. Thcro was no quotable change In prices, they being a littlo stronger to-day, If anything, owing to tho mea gre offerings : though, on tho wholo, tboro Is a rather unsettled fooling in regard to tbo future. Piece stuff end shingles wero in good request, at $ll.OO for tbo former and f3us@a.37jtf fop tbo latter. Six cargoes wero reported, and it is said that two or three more were disposed of, tbo sales of which wore not mado public. 'Wo quote: Good to choice strips and boards at $16.00@I7.00; select boards at $23.00; fair to good boardo and strips, $13.00016.00 ; joists and scantling, $ll.OO ; common boards and strips at $11.60012.60 ; lath, $3,0003.23; shingles, “A,” s3,37>rf. Tiio following sales wero reported : Cargo schr Whirlwind, from Ludlugton, 100 m Joists and scantling at $ll.OO. Cargo schr Eliza Day, from Ludington, 116 m joists and scantling at $ll.OO. * Cargo schr Robert Campbell, from Pcntwater, 400 m shingles at $3,25. Cargo barge City of Erie, from Grand Haven, 181 m boards and strips, to arrive, at $13.37.#. Cargo sebr G. Knapp, from Ludlugton, 175 m pieco stuff ot $ll.OO. Cargo schr U. S. Grant, from Ludington, HO m piece stuff at $ll.OO, First olcar, Second clear, 1 Inch to 3 inch Third clear, 1 inch Third clear, thick First and second clear flooring, together, rough 40.00® 13.00 First and second clear aiding, together... 33.00034.00 Common siding 80.00081.00 Common flooring, dressed, first 35.00038.00 Common flooring, dressed, second 30.00033.00 Wagon-box boards; selected, 14 inches and • upward 37.00@40.00 A stock boards 37.00(<540.00 13 stock boards 38.00030.00 Common boards 16.00010.00 Joist, scantling, small timber, etc., 16 foot ' and under. . 14.00@16.00 Fencing Joist and scanning, IB to 21 fcot. Pickets, square Pickets, tint Cedar poets, 5pi1t...... Cedar poets, round Lntb Lath, on track 3.25®3.50 No. 1 sawed shingles 1.60M3.C0 A or Slur. 3.60® 3.7S Shingles on truck 3.25®0.30 No, 1 sawed 1.23®J,.50 TUrco dollars per car to bo added whoa transferred, which charge follows tho shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to be two Inches In thick ness. Length—Sixteen inches. Oak (dry Black walnut, Maple Ash (dry).... Butternut.... Oouutor tops (select) 1.00(£ 1.80 I’looriue, (Wu. grooved and matched 0475,00 Ax1e5........ 600 78 Wagon poles (each). Hickory Hox boards Common • Clear. Culls. DISSOLUTION NOXIOUS. ioissoxyuacioiN. Public notice is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore oxlstlutr between Theodore Hlouo uml Daniel W, Ryan, both of Chicago, Cook County. Illluuii, d»lu* business ns Loan Broken, and doalors In patout rights, etu., At Rooms 4 and b. No. Ill) Duarburn-st., Chicago, Illinois, under the linn name and stylo of Stone * Ryan, has boon (his day dissolved, tho said Daniel W, Uyan having withdrawn from said oopartnorsldu. All persona are hereby warned against trading or Irausaotlng any business of any kind with tho said Ann. or with any per* son to tho name of suldtlrm, after this date, as the said Daniel W. Uyan will not bo responsible for, nor recognize, *" , " oh DANIEL W. BYAN. . Chicago, April 88. 1873. Xo, Ap. Price* 48 223 $5.60 63 202 6.35 63 175 5.37 M 67 183 6.40 22 200 6.23 62 2-21 6.C2.V 64 170 6.30 60 253 6.70 46 304 6.35 48 213 6.60 60 239 6.45 54 250 6.40 64 180 6.35 106 103 6,40 70 314 6.80 71 183 6.40 61 261 6.45 70 205 6.60 62 361 6.70 LUMBER. .$52.00@65.00 . 47.00(350.00 . 38.00@40.00 . 45.00 10.00® '12.00 14.00®15.00 12,00® 14.00 14.00®18.00 17.00®25.00 3.60® 3.7$ n*nDWO<’D, ,$20.00(395.00 . 96.00&C0.00 . 14.00(433.00 . 50.0b®40.00 . 35,00®60.00 65(<i 00 50.00(3)76,00 35.00310.00 20.00(325.00 80.00@10.00 12.00311.00 /

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