Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 28 Nisan 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 28 Nisan 1873 Page 7
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THE COURTS. Important Judicial Opinions' Just Published. Tho City Soavongering—Cunningham & Gray vs. Board of Health. Tho Taylor and Brown Alleged Bank Swindles. Tho current Legal News publishes tho follow lag! . Tho opinion of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, delivered by Agnnw, J„ holding that tho option liquor law, passed In IBTI, is constitutional; that tho Lcgls* Inturo cannot dolcgslo its power to mako a law ; hut it Can mako a law to delegate a power to determine some fact or state of things upon which tho law makes, or intends to mako, its own action depend. Chief Justice Itand and Justice Shnrswood dissent. Tho Chief Jus tice seems to think that liquor is necessary to tho proper enjoyment of tho Comouulal Cele bration, for ho says: “Tho question of license Is to bo submitted to tho citizens of Philadelphia at tho general election lu October, and if the vole Is against license, then tho city will bo under a prohibi tory liquor taw during tho wholo Centennial Celebra tion, to which wo havo invited tho whole country. On 1 tho 4th of July, 1778, overy patriot drank to the Indo- Jcndouco of tho thirteen States : shall it bo that on the th of July, 1870, all wo can lawfully offer to our to guests on this great anniversary will bo a glass of tkhuyUdll water, seasoned -with a lump of Knicker bocker Ico?” Tho opinion of tho United Slates District Court, District of Oregon, by Deady, J., holding that an in dictment which charges tho defendant with carrying on tho business of a wholesale liquor dealer without tho payment of s special tax therefor, at a certain place, continuously between certain dates, Is sufficient Without stating tho mokna or circumstances by which to became such dealer. Tho opinion of the Supremo Oourt of this State, by Lawrence, C. J., stating tho difference between a de cree merely erroneous and one void for want of Juris diction, and holding that when a decree is collaterally Assailed, It is sufficient to show that tho defendant was In court by service or appearance; that the decree was ono which a court of equity has power to mako, and that the subject matter upon which it oporatoe was brought by the bill before the court. THE Oil* fIOAVEKOEMNa—PETITION FOB MAN- DAMUS. lu tho Circuit Court, Benjamin B. Cunning tarn nnd Stephen Gray on Saturday filed a pe tition for mandamus against tho Board of Health of Chicago. Complainants aver that that they wore awarded, on tho 20th March, 1673, tho con tract for tho city scavongoring, such fact being Advertised in a local paper and admitted to com- Blainanta by I. W. Bussell, Secretary of tho oard, on tho 21st of tho same month. Acting under a belief that a legal contract bad boon made between them and tho Board, complaiu .nnta proceeded to expend money, make con tracts, and incur obligations, in rotation to tho ’Scavenger work, buying borsos, harness, oto., to tho value of $2,000; also purchasing from ono Lovi P. Wright a “ piggory" for $14,800, all which contracts wore consummated tho 21st of March, 1873. On tho afternoon of Saturday, March 22. complainants ioamed from Mr. Bauch, Sanitary Superintendent, and a member of tho Board, that a special meeting of tho Board was to bo bold on Monday, tho 241h of March, to reconsider tbo vote awarding complainants tho scavenger contract. Complainants filed a re monstrance in oflico of tho Board, notwithstand ing which one 801 l got tbo contract, whoroforo coupJaiuanta ask for a writ of mandamus to bo Issued, directed to tho Board of Health, com manding them to acknowledge tbo award to them, and declare it tbo'only legal contract. A CtmiOUS TBADE INJUNCTION. Edward and John Good, copartners under tbo firm name of E. & J. Good, bring suit in tbo Circuit Court agaiust John Davis, Joseph Cross well, E. G. Hall, J. J. Walworth, R. M. Eddy, and Goorgo B. Bowon. Complainants state that thoy wore creditors of John Davis and Joseph Orosswoll, doing business in Chicago under tuo Damo of John Davis & Co., at tho timo John Davis & Co.-failed, in November, 1872 ; that, together witn other creditors, thoy accepted from tho insolvents a compromise of eixty-fivo conts on tho dollar; that it was decided that John Davis & Go. should .carry. on their business, under tho supervi sion of a commlttoo to revise the same for a limited period; that tho Committco appointed consisted of E. G. Hall, J. J. "VVallwortb, and R. M. Eddy, who appointed Goorgo B. Bowon Ito colvor of tho moneys of tho estate; that com plainants aro creditors of John Davis to tho ex tent of about $1,478: that tho Supervising Com mittee and tho Receiver have failed to carry out the wishes of tho creditors, and liavo misapplied tho assets of tho estato, and failed to call in moneys duo on contracts, and other works done, nnd have allowed John Davis & Co. to tako now contracts,—among others, furnishing tho boiler and heating apparatus for tho new Tromont and Briggs Houses, whereby their assets aro very much imperiled ; whoroforo complainants pray that a writ of injunction may ho issued restrain ing tho suporvicory from misapplying tho assets of tho estate and from proceeding with any of tho contracts already mentioned. PRISONERS Iff JAIL BUR A HANK. 11. P. Taylor, ono of tho lato firm of Taylor & Hrown, who oro at present languishing within tho cold prison walls under tho Court-llouso Awaiting trial on a charge of swindling the Fifth national Banlt by getting them to cash a forged draft on Now York, have filed a pnccip© for a summons, in the Superior Court, against tho said bank, in a plea of assumpsit. Mr. Taylor, .it seems, at tho time of his retirement from pub lic life, had in tho bank abalanco of some $7,000, which no has since wished to draw out. To this ■effect ho has drawn cheques to tho amount of $5,700 which tho bank promptly dishonored. Peeling, doubtless, that this was a di rect affront to his nice sense of honor, and a slur upon that spotless representation which is more to a business man than thousands ■of capital, Taylor, senior partner of the lato firm whoso Now York connection wont hack on thorn so unkindly, consulted a lawyer, and is go ing for tho bank m tho most approved stylo. THE COURTS IN DRIEF, Tho caao of Kloin v. Plattor, in tho trial of which, it will bo remembered, two vonal jury men figured, camo up before Judge Rogora, on Saturday morning, on an application of plain tiffs for a now trial, based on the improper con duct of said jurymen. Ilia Honor sustained tho .application, and tho verdict was sot aside, costs to abide tho final judgment. In Heaney v. Chase Bros. <fc Co., the plaintiff abates S7OO frpra tho amount of the verdict, and ; defendants’ motion for a waa overruled and judgment entered for.JJiGOO. “ • The case of Eldredgo -v. the Chicago & North > western Railroad Oompariycame up before Judge ' Rogers, yesterday, on a motion by plaintiff for now trial. In tho original suit, defendants wore sued for loss of gOQds.jta common carriers. Tho . goods wore lost m the groat fire, and had boon warehoused, upon which fact tho Company ■ based their defense, which hold good. The mo i tion was overruled. Harry Hammer, on Saturday, commenced suit r against John 11. MoYlckor, in trespass, $5,000 t damages, in tho’Buporlor Court. BANKRUPTCY MATTERS. In the matter of Goodrich & Kirby, insol vents, rale to show cause was entered, and pro- Nolonal warrant of seizure was issued. Tho firm of & Rosmirg, jewelers, of New York, BlalnTn.' creditors to tho extent of $784. In the n ' attor ot -William Batterman, an In •olvont, EiaJ-' %*«. fMomoya, fllod a poti tlou tor toea, ana , <h ° Aeo'gnso itaa directed to pay them. - . NEW The Oirouit Court:—6.7oo— Bcnuison; coufeaulon of vr Uo i 62, 0,710— Benjamin F. Ohaao ot al. y. Newton eta).; petition for mechanics' Hen. 6, Herzog v. John August Zclbn ot al.; co.. fcsslon of Judgment, $705. 0,719 W. F. Butler v. W. F. B}onj} trespass on tho caao, $50,000. 6,713 —T. B, Boyd V. Elizabeth Klrchoff: assumpsit, SI,OOO, 6.714 —Louis lllrschoffer v. F, E. Rclchard and H. L. Martin J **• aumpalt; SI,OOO. o,7ls—John M. Stephana v. Lucrella J. Bigelow; petition/or mechaujcs'lion, o,7l6—John Kennedy v, Arthur Warren et al,; rotorod caao. 0.717 Lyno 8. Davison t. Frederick M. Clark ; confesainn of judgment, $350. o,7lß—Robert Uull v. Edward Hay don ; assumpsit, S4OO. o,7lo—William Grebe v. Ehro ?;ott Kaosborg, Nicholas Slrauer, and Philip Rolmj respana on tho caao, $2,000. 6,72o—Appeal. 6,731 Tho People ox. rel. Cunningham k Gray ▼. Board of Health of Chicago. 0,722 E. kJ. Good v, John Davis, Joseph CrosHwoll, E. 0. Hal], J. J. Walworth, B. M. Eddy, and George B. Bo won ; bill for Injunction. T uk Huvzmon Court,— 43,2ll—Charlotte v. John O. Blanton; divorce. 43,212—Conrad Hoffman v. Henri Rusterholz; confession of Judgment, $168,85. 43,212—Dan. M. Gammon v. Dan. D. Schroodor and G. W. Smith : trespass, S3OO. 43,214—Harriott* hi. Locke v. Benjamin W. Locke; divorce on ground of desertion. 43.215—Theodore Holman v. John Black; assumpsit, S2OO . 43,210 George 11, Edbrooke v. Hiram and Charles Hastings; assumpsit, $525. 43,217—Ap peal, 43,118—Mathias Now v. George A., Ferdinand V., nnd Frank Gludole ; aasumpsit, $2,000. 43,210 Aim v. Andrew W. Freeman ; divorce on ground of cruelly. 43,220— Appeal. 43,221—D. Harry Hammer v. John 11. MoYlckor K. Hubbard et ul. v. John Fulrnnnn ; confession of Judgment, $97,08. 43,223 H. F. Tyler, for use of Joseph Blakcslou, v. Fourth National Bank ; oeaump fit, $7,000. 43,224— Appeal. Jayno*e Expectorant. Because a person hsa a had cough U should not ho of consumption la rarely mot Tilth Unaccompanied by a distressing cough. 'Where, however, a disposition to pulmonary disease exists, a cough, If loft to itself, strains and racks (ho lungs, wastes tho general strength, ami soon establishes an Incurable complaint. In all cases, then, It Is tho sofor plan -to got rfd of a cough, ccld, or hoarseness without delay, and for this purpose «o remedy acta moro promptly or surely, or with more benefit to tho organs of tho chest than Dr. D. Jaync’n Expectorant, a medicine scientifically com* fmumicd from carefully selected drugs, and which, on rial, will always ho found worthy of Its world*wldo reputation. Sold overywhoro. Qhio BjOfflnlntlvo Proceedings. OoT.UMnos, 0., April 20.—1n tho Ilouso to-doy the following bills woro pansod: ITouno bill to authorize County Commissioners to vacate ditches ; Sounlo bill to provide Boards of Flro Commissioners for Cincin nati and Cleveland, In the Senate, tho following bills woro passed: To provide that one Justice may bo sued before another Justice for neglecting to pay over money collected by him officially, when the same docs not exceed SIOO. Tho Ohuse Heirs. Cincinnati. 0., April 20.—A coll has been Issued to (bo bolrn of the Townloy Chase estate, of England, who reside In this vicinity, to meolnt tho Deckel House, In-Dayton, 0., on tho 28lu Inst., to take stops toward recovering the property. Ocean Steamship News. New Yonn, April 28.—Arrived, tho sloamships Mosel, from Bremen, and Glamorgan, from Cardiff, BUSINESS CHANCES. A LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR SALE, IN THE CITY u\. of Louisiana, PlkoCo., Mlaaourl, 117 mites abovo St, Louis, on tho Mississippi River, with all tho nocossaryar rnugomonta for tho pork butinoss, smoke-house, oto., with throo acres of ground attached. This Is a raroobauoo for auy party desirous of going Into the pork and provision business, as the surrounding country Is well stocked with hogs, and a ready market for the sale of the product either In St. Louis or Chicago. For further particulars, apply to GILBERT PRYOR A GO., Provision Brokers, No. Ififl Mint AVaabluatou-Bt. - A RARE CHANCE A DRUG STORE, ESTAB- Ushod seven years, in a thriving town of LOOti Inhab itants, now doing a good business, for sale. Stock about S9,SCO. Sates, SB,OOO per annum. Will sell or rent Moro building. Inquire of JOHN MoKINNEY, Sturgeon Bay, Dorr Co., Wft. A PROFITABLE-PAYING FLOUR MILL AND machinery for sale; partpaymont taken in stock: sales guaranteed. Address F. T. FOSTER, Look Box 18, Eaton. Ohio. A MEDIUM-SIZED RESTAURANT FOR SALE, corner Clark and Adams-sts.; two years' lease con bo bought cheap and on easy terms. Address B 63, Tribune offlao. AFUIBT.OLA.SB BILLIARD-SALOON, WITH •took, fixtures, and everything complete, for salo; owner going to Europe reason for soiling; first man first chanco. Apply at 6a Chloago-av. IDRIOIC YARD AT A BARGAIN-TOOLS. MA- U uhlno, carts, oto., for sale, exchanges, or to lot: dry ostand best located In city; plenty boat clay; short haul. Jag. InouJro of DIiWITT, or MR. PARKER. Brick. makers* Agency, 163 Hast Wasblngtoo-at. ijUSINKSB INTERESTS SOLD. PARTNERS PRO. X) cured: legitimate openings on band for men with SHOO to SIO,OOO. Worth Investigating. J. E. KIMBALL, 126 Dosrborn-st. Boarding-house, lai north halsted-st., for salo; furniture and fixtures complete; a groat bargain. riANAL BOAT. WITH STEAM POWER, IN RUN VJ nine order, for salo. Inquire of ALEX. MaKIUDY, 241 South Water-st., corner of Franklin. ri ROPERY STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR SALE \JHHhetp; corner location; business established. Gall at 263 Wost Obioago.av. I WISH TO ASSOCIATE WITH ME A PARTY wbo can command $6,000 to establUh tbo manu factory and salo of ono of tho most practical and boit soiling articles over brought before tbo public; QlOfOOO&yoarcanboraado, ami security given for tho In jveatraont. OaU or address Room 14, nowlirlgga House. ON ACCOUNT OTP POOR HEALTH, I WILL SELL my DRUGSTORE; also furniture, piano, Ac.; givo Jong lease of storo and dwelling: or will exchange for bouso and lotor fans worth 94,000 to SB,OOO. To drug gl*ts, physicians, or ono wishing a safe, profitable busi ness, this is tbo best obauco over offered In this city. Torms easy. Address J. L. WEBSTER, 830 Cottigo Grovo-av. Rare business chance-in order that i may devote moro time to banking, I offer for salo or rout my storo-room, £6x6o, two stories high, dwelling ad joining. Splendid collar under tho whole, with good warehouse, bam, and other outbuildings convenient. Have built up within tbo last fifteen yean a largo and prompt-paying trado; have tbo oldest and best business comer In town; surrounded broao of tho best farming communities In tho State; and to a lire man, who means business, will oflor a good bargain and on reasonable terms. 8. D. ALFRED, Ja., Cambridge, 111. mo RENT, OR LEASE FOR SALE-A 8-BTORY X ana basement bouse well located, aud adapted for Ico cream parlor* and flue restaurant, on Wabaab-av. In quire at FOLEY’S, 87 South Olark-at. T~' HE BEST BUSINESS CHANCE WEST OF NEW York, for aalo, a splendid retail and Jobbing millinery trade, long established In ono of tho boat towns In tho Wost: goods all now; nobadstook. Tho only object la soiling oat la to increase oar business In a largnr city. For lull particulars address DALY, LOEU A CO., 144 and 14fi Wabath-av., Chicago. HORSES AMD CARRIAGES. A VCTIOS MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESD AY day of horses, wagons, carriages, harness, 1 hack, and a car-load of mules and horses; car-load of borsos to bo sold to tho highest bidder; good stabling for borsos; money advanced on goods. J. MORTON, 421 Stato-st. fJANKRUPT SALE— 1 HORSE, HARNESS. OPEN J-> buggy and express wagon olferea very low. Tho prop erty may bo soon at Whoulor A Cook's stable, No. 140 Mlohlgun-av. For tonus apply to GEO. W. CAMPBELL, Assignee, Room 28, No. 160 LaSallo-st. CARRIAGES. ROCKAWAYB, PHAETONS, BUG glos, and a fine assortment at low prices, nt337Stnto st., between Congress and llorrison-gta, P. L. SMITH. FOR SALE-OHKAP-PAIR CARRIAGE HORSES, at 1344 Indlana-av. For sale—the celebrated trotting Stallion Hoart of OaU; several fine trotters and pacers. AdCKKMAN, CS Eldrldgo-oonrt. Fir salb-a basket phaeton, nearly Apply nfc, Oontro Avonuo Stables, Wost Madi son-st. ROBERTS A BRO. For sale-i two-skated top carriage, a top buggies, n fow light road wngons, 2 light grocery or express wagons, at HATHAWAY’S, WO Btato-st. TFYOU Wisii TO BUY A STRICTLY FIRBT-OLABS X buirgy, builayes or road wagon, top or open, ami at a V. r , ,c ,?,ij2 at ~\ Tll^onablo J ou to I * vo j the plaoo to do It Is FLETCHER, LAZEAR A CHENEY’S, 825 Statc-st. JR. BROOKMAN. 190 TWENTY-SECGnD-ST.. • corner of Stato, lias for sale now and second-hand buggies, open or ton; business wagon# with ono or two scats, single and double harneaa: also a few good burses. Carriages and buggies of every doaoriptlun to lot, with or without horses. WE ARB BIANUPAOTURINQ STRICTLY FlßST clasa light carriage* of all stylos, and all work guar anteed, which wo soli at living price*. If you arc In want of some, give us a call. FLETCHER LAZEAR A CHE NEY, factory comer Sodgwlok and Dlvlsion-sts., saloa* room 825 Stato-st. TITANTED—GOOD HORSE AND BUOGY; PUE vr for to nay with real estate, but will givo catdifora bargain. Address or call at 99 East, Room 4. Cn7^-r IIOIISE - BUGGY. AND HARNESS— -1 XJ * • Horso a pacer," child or lady could drivo him: not afraid of oars; also now mllch-cow, prioo $35. 238 Calumot*av. MISCELLANEOUS. CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND . inißCßUMioouß goods of any kind, by sending a letter to I. QELDER, Loan Ofljoo, Stato-st. CASH PAID FOR LADIES' AND GENTS' OAST-OFP clothing, old gold, silver, and every description of personal valuables. Liberal loans given on abovo men tioned. ABRAHAM WILKINS: Money Loan Office 753 Btato-at., batwoon Fourteenth and Fifteenth. J. GALLERY A CO.. TEAMSTERS; FURNI* • ture moved; good, careful men always on hand at 48 Sooth Markot-st. OLD BOOKB-OABH PAID FOR PRIVATE, MEDI cal and law libraries, at the Standard Old BookStoro. OHAPIN BROS.. 214 and 2l4>£ East Madlson-st., four doors east of Franklin. ntWO THOUSAND GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, X jewelry, oto,. at half price to pay advances; l! 0 per cent discount allowed from factory priou-lUta on all American watCnos: weekly paymonta taken. Old gold, Bilvor, and old In exchange or bought for cash. J. O. B All PLE IT'S Loan Ottlce, kO3 Heat Madison-st. WANTED-TO PURCHASE-ON NORTH SIDE, .for removal, a frame homo. Addrois, statingluoa* ilou, lowest prioo, Ao., MBS, Tribune office. WANTED— ON ACCOUNT OF SICKNESS, I WANT a druggist, totakoobargoof my store fora term of years; must have best of reference as to ozporioneo and .responsibility. Address J. L. WEBSTER, 286 Cottage Grove-av. ■\ATANTED—QAB*FIXTURES FOR PIIIV AT K TT house; must be first-class and cheap. Address B 28, Trlhnnn olllou. FINANCIAL. /"ILAIMO KNIOKEUROOKER, - HOME. GREAT \J western. Chicago Fire, Equitable, and Gnnuanla Ininranoo Companies’ olalnts cashed by J. N. WETXi* ERELL, ISO Uoarbom-Bt. T CANS NEGOTIATED ON CHICAGO REAL EB* XJ tato; applications for turns of from SI,OOO to $17,000 wanted. W. E. FURNESS, Room 10, 1W Moaroo-at., Chicago. IDEAL ESTATE LOANB-I HAVE IN HAND FOR xl/ Immediate Investment four sums of SIO,OOO. 87,000. $0,600, and $9,600 respectively. 1 prefer to deal with bor* rowora directly. Hrut-olais Improved city property re* qufrod, with unexceptionable names. I can furnish sums of from SIO,OOO upwards at lowest current rates. NOR MAN C. PERKINS, attorney, Rooms 12,13, and 14 Ken* dnll’s Building, TO LOAN-MONEY IN BUMS SI,OOO OR MORE, ON pity real oatate or Blinula farms. B. L. PEASE, 79 West Madlaon-st. rfo LOAH-83.000, X years on llliloago real estate. ALFRED JAMES, southwost corner Clark and Madiaon*sts. WANTED— $6,600 FOR ONE YEAR ON A SECOND mortgage; will pay l>4 nor month; good security, and a good party. _Addreia Jo, Tribune olfleo. FOR SALE. For balk—a ticket to new youk. in. Quire at D.P. BARRETT A CO.'S, 184 and 1M Monroe (R. FOR SALK-HOUSE, BARN, FENCES, TO BURE* moved, 46 South Aim-st., cheap. Almuutglvci. awuy. TniOß JALIT-EHOW OAfiS COUNTEiL - AND ]} Sholvlog, No- MS West Maulson-st. F’ OR SALU-AN EUtUT SYRUP MARBLE SODA fountain, used one season, cheap for cash, nr will ox* change for other property. Apply at 126 South HalaUidst. IjiOU SALE—SHOW-CASES, FIXTIJRKH, AND X' Block of cigar and stationary store, In lots to suit par* lies. 87 EastKiozlo-at. REWARD. winn nuwABD-i wii.i. pay tub above ue. •T’OU U ward, and no rjuoilioiu asked, fur tho return of gold watch, chain. IcokeL ami pencil taken from room No. 406 Hhunuan Homo. Saturday eight, April 20. Ad dress X Y Z. Hhorinan House... TAKEN UP. TAKEN UP—HKD SPOTTED COW, WHICH THE X owner can have by proving property oud paying charges. Apply to CHAS. BUIIAHDf, cor, Dlvorfloy-av, THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1873. CXTY REAL ESTATE. For sale—the very choice five agues fronting Wahash*av., Stato-st.. and Flfty-fifth-st. boulevard, has a frontage of Dia foot on boulevard, and DOO foot on each of tho other atroots; will bo sold on easy toms; a largo profit can bo mado on this properly within tho coming year. , • Mlehigan-av., 800 foot on northwest oomor of Fiftieth* st.: will bo sold cheap. North Doarbom-st., 100x185 foot, inoholon location. Mabash-av., 225 fool southeaat corner of Thirty-fourth* st,:slsonor foot. Wihrum-av., near corner of Tliirty-ofghth-at.; CO foot, oait front; SIOO por fool. Allchigan-av., noarThlrty-sUth-st., CO foot, oast front: stßs por font. AVnlmsh-av. and Blato-st.,CO footoaoh front, between Forty-fifth and Forty-slrth-ats, Dnrnsldo-st,, 88x123 foot, near Forly-fonrtti-st. swtU bo auld on long tlino. FRED. L. FAKE 4 GO.. For hale-a 3. story marulk-frontiiousa on ludlana-av., between Twentloth ami Twenty-first* sta. Tho B-story marble-front house No. 1143MichIgan-av., $15,000. The 3-story marble-front house No. 171 Oalumot-av., noarTwonty-foarth-st., $13,000. A3-slory and basement brick house on Twenty-eighth* st.. between Michigan and Wabaah*avn., SII,OOO. : ThoS-atory marhlo-front houae No. 697 wabash-AT.,noar Fourteenth-st, A nico 3-story brick house, No. 19 Lsko-av., 44 foot of ground, $11,600. Tho S-story and basement brick bouso No. 85 Grovoland Park, wit h 50 foot of ground. A nice marblo-frout houso on Mlchlgan-av., near Twolfth-st,, oast front. tkvornl first-olaes houses eligibly located on tho avenues at prices varying from $20,000 to $50,000. A. J. AVRRRLL, Reel Eatato ofilco 180 Doarhorn-at., lloaoro Block. JpOR BALE—MARBLE-FRONTS, 4-STORY (OOTA licfnnd 1153 Miohlgsn-av.; $13,500. 1120 Mlchlgan-av.; $16,000. Pralrlo-av., between Twenty-ninth and Thlrtlcth-sti,: SIB,OOO, SI,OOO down, balance in Byears. The housos’on Prairie at. liavo swelled roara as well ah fronts, and arc finished in tho mnat complete stylo: wator-bowis, bath-room, two wator-oloeots, fanny colling*, froscood halls, doors all Brained, plated and bronzot) door-knobs; are elegant and nUhort places: or will lako first paymont In real estate. It. ASHLEY MUAUS, owner, 148 LaSnlio-st. JplOR SALE—BY O. P. BAY, 683 NORTH CLARK* $3, OCX), houso and lease. No. 1 Rucker and Kinzto-eta. SSOO, four nice lots 35x100 foot, Fuilorton-av., West Bldo. $2,000, choice €0 acre farm adjoining Crystal Lake. $4,400, house, barn and 33 aoros, by Dolton Station, SIO,OOO, 88>$ acres, Calumet rtvor and Ualstod-st. F)R SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING streets: State, Burnside. Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur ray, and Halstod; also on Wentworth, Bhurtlelf. Portland and Stowart-avs; alto on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twonty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth. Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, ThUty-first, Thlr* ty-socond,Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh, Fontaine, nna Thirty-olahth-sts. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small paymont down, five year’s time, 0 por cent interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE. 873 Wabasb-av. OR SALK—BY J. T. MATTHEWS A CO., 140 AND 161 Madlson-st., In CltUous* Bank: Two-story framo house of -10 rooms, with barn, and lot COxIJW foot, onWnl nut-st. will bn sold at a bargain on monthly payments, or exchanged for unlinprorod property. TjIOR BALE—AT A BARGAIN, COTTAGE WITH JJ bafcomont, and lot. No. 300 Thlrty-tblrcl-st., ono block wont of Htoto j 7 rooms, closets, and now barn, laqulro on premises. For bale-or to rrnt-tiib 2-story frame bouso No. 6CB Mlcbtgan-av. A. J. AVP.RELL, Real Estate office No. IBP Doarboro-st., Honoro Block. FOR BALE-107 FEET ON INDIANA-AV., WITH an oast front, near tbo corner of Tlilrty*nintb*Bt. A, J. AVBUELL, Real Estato olfioo No. 180 Doarborn-st., Honoro Block. F“ OR SAXiK-NO. 61 NORTH OARPRNTISR-ST Two-story framo bouso. 14 rooms, nlooly finished, and In good repair; lot 40x126, barn, oto. FRED L. FA ICE A CO., 88 Washlngton-st. FOR BALE-MIOniOAN-AV.. NO. 602-ELEGANT O-story and basement marblo front bouse, 14 roomi, ,balb,oto.; will bo sold on voryoasv terms, and Immediate poBBOSBIon givou. FRED L. FAKE A 00., 88 Washing ton-si. TjfOß SALE—PRAIRIE-AV., NO.IOII-TWO-STORY, JJ baaomontand Mansard roof marblo front house, 14 rooms, with fine billiard mom and all modern Improve ments; brick bam, ono of tbo best lu tbo city: terms aro vory easy; poareillon May 1. FRED L. FAKE A 00., 89 Washlngton-st. For sale-no. 48 south may-st.-house, brick basement, 14 rooms, two bath rooms, furnace, hot and cold water, gas, and all modern ounvonlonolcs; lot 86x120 to alloy; location ono of tho pleasantest In tho city; between Washington and Madlson-sts.: eonvonlont tohaalnoaa coateo. and within a fow blocks of Union Park; can bn had ala bargain if taken previous to May 1. B. F. CULVER, 147 LaßaUo-st.. Major Block. For sale-parties looking for improved or unimproved property can find a oholco list at tho West Side Agency. West Sldo property a specialty. Par ticular attention given to non-rosldoots. D. COLE A BON, Real Estato Agonte, 188 Wost Madlson-st. OR SALE—FIVE NEW STONE-FRONT HOUSES; will bo ready for occupancy May 1; with all of tho Im- payment balance long Umo. R. For sale-at a great bargain, lots on Wostorn-av., Lexington, Polk, Taylor, and Camp boll-sta. Parties wishing to build, no money required down: also 6 now homos containing !!) rooms each, SCDO cash, balance on tonus to suit. Innulro on promises of GEO. QADWELIi, or at 185 South Giark-et., In bank. FOR HALE-NO. 28 815MINARY-AV., 2-STORY hniomont and French roof bouso, 11 rooms, bath, do.; bouso now and in porfoot repair; good brick barn; lot 80*12 B. Terns can bo inado very easy, FRED L. FAKE AGO,, 83 WnslUnglon-st. FOH~SALIS COTTAGE, LOT, AND BARN, 43 Winchcator-av. Ap ply on prom I sea. IpOR SALE—COTTAGE 1# STORIES, CAMPBELL . av., corner Wilcox-at.. $4,000; enttaao on Buttor fiuld-st.. near Egan-av., $2,200. HENRY WALLER, Jr., £6 Washlngton-st- FOR SALE-AT A CHEAT BAUOAIN-lft3Xß3, northoaat corner of .?c/Tcrson and DeKoroast*., price, S9,WO. Inquire at 135 South Qlark»st., injjiuik. FOU SALE—CHEAP—OCT^QON-FKONT - BIIfOK residence. two atorloa and basement, 10 rooms, lot 29 foot front. Exoollont location. West Sltlo. llilNllY WALLER, JR., 66 Wunbington-st. FOR SALK-96C0 DOWN WILL BUYABURSTAN tIaIIy built two-story and bnsemont bouso and cor ner lot, Langley and Forty-socond-sls, near Coltago Grovo oars; beat neighborhood; $8,600; $2,50011) 5 years; bolauco to suit purchaser. LINOLK A DARLOW, II OUa Block; after May 1, 125 Doarborn-at. FOR BALIS-S-STORY IIOUBH.IO ROOMS, EXCEL* loot dollar*, bath-room, oto. Darn for 2 horaca and 1 cow. with 6l», or 100x180 foot of ground, fronting cant, on Indlivim-av.. south of Twanty-thlrd-st. EDWARD W, JUNKS & CO., 84nnd B<l LaSallo-sl., Room 23. ]~pOR SAM’,-HOUSE AND LOT ON INDIANA'S'!’., ’ near Oakley; cheap- SI,D(W; onsv forms. W. 11. PHAKH, Major Block, 113 LaSallo-at. I'pOU BALK-21 LOTS, ALL ORPAKT, NEAR ASTI -1 land*av., and liuldo boulevard, on tho south, at S2OO each. Addroas M 40, Tribune olhco. ipOll RALK-OR EXCHANGE FOR OTHER CITY X 1 property— A desirable lot, 40x180, on Mlchlgan-av.. norib of ,raokson-Bt.j this lot will bo Bold very cheap, nnu op easy terms. E. N. BKMENT, 153 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE-HOUSE AND TWO LOTS ON ASHLEY, 83,700, on monthly payments. JAS. ALLEN, 145 Olark-st., Room 12. I 1011 SALE-FINE RESIDENCE ON ELLIB-AV., goad barn; possession Immediately; also lot 60x100 foot, ooutbwcßtoni corner Ohio and Pmo-nts.; cheapest property olforod, For particulars apply at 59 and 01 Mor- For sale-one and a half story frame cottage, including lotonThlrly-HOOond-st., just cast of Wallace. Small payment down; balance In monthly payments; 6years’ time, Water on promise* and con venient to oars. Apply to FRED. P. FISHER. 148 La* Sallo-st., basement. TpOll SALE-MIOIIIO AN-AV.*-60x172 FEET SOUTH X’ west corner of Mlobigan-av. ond Twonty-tiftb-st. SNYDER A LEE, No. 14 Nixon's Building, northoaat cornor Monroe and LaSallo-ats. IPOR BALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN ON MONTH* . ly payment*, Bnow houses and lotn;oach houso 9 rooms. Inquire of GEORGE OADWELL on promises or at 135 South Clark-it., in bank, FOR SALE-LOTS INSIDE OLD CITY LIMITS FOR from (frtfOto S6OO, on easy forms, and near street can and omnibus lino; highest ground in tho city: tltlo perfect; save $3 a week, audowaa lot accessible to busi ness centre; wo furnish on abstract to each. Call and let us take you to soom thorn, froo of charge, A. G. STORY A SON, 145 South Olark-st., Room 8, ond 287 Mllwaukoo-av. FOR SALK-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS—COT tngosonDayton-st., near Webstor-av. Inquire on promises. FOR SALE. OR EXCHANGE FOR OTHER PROP* orty—2 stores with 4 years’ lease, located on North WelU-st,, near Chlcago-ov. MRS. B. M. HANSFORD, 167 Madlson-st. IpOR BALE—NORTH BIDE-TWO-STORY “hlliok JJ house on Hurlhut-Bt,, woll-fiutehod; lot 116x125, ono block from Olark-st. and Lincoln Park. BNVDKR A LEE. It Nixon’s Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSalUo-stß. EOL BALE—2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK house, 10 rooms: Oatherlno-at., near Loomis; lot 60x 124. SNYDER 4 LEE, U Nixon’s Building, northeast corner Moaroo and LaSallo-sta, For balb-warrrn-av., near union park, 8-story basement brick house, 10 rooms, modorn im provements; furnace and gas fixtures; lot 26x125: a bar* gain. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSnllo-sts. FOR BALE-a-STORY AND BASEMENT (OOTA. goo front) brick house, Moraau-st.. corner of Wil liam; lot 25x100. SNYDER A LEE, 11 Nixon’s Building, northeast corner Monroo and Laßalio-sta. FOR SALK-8 OR 10 ACRES, CORNER OF ABll land-av. nnd SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon’s Building, northoait corner Monroo and LaSalle. 1?OR SALK—INDIANA-AV., NEAR PAmC*UOW— . elegant 2-story and basemont marble front dwnlllns houßO. hNYDKRA LEE, 14 Nixon Building noOTart oonior Monroo and Laßallo-ats. 13CR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT FOR $1,700: EASY \ terms: one with half acre let out of town, s4>oo: homo and 33-foot lot near Thlrly-sovonth-st., $4, boo ; brick liiWAiß for lQ ° cc “ iiy - WOH SALK-WEST ADAMS-RT,, NO. 009, 3-STOHY X’ frame house, 8 rooms, and lot 26xW: will be sold at a bargain. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, north east corner Monroo nnd LaHnllo-sts. F)lt HALE-NICE COTTAGE AND LOT WITH good barn ou Evans-av., near Foriy-HocnmLsf., in Forcstvlllo near cars; $3,000, easy terms. ULRICH 4 BOND, 87 Dearborns!. pdU SALE—S6,6OO—HOUSE AND LOT-MONTHLY X 1 payments, or will sacrllluo fur all or half cash. One loft of throe llrat-olass buuia.s possession May 1, situated In that beautiful grove of high laud on Furty-llrst-st., bn* tween Cottage drove nnd Vincoimos-avs.; built well, with idee finish, marble mantels, Inside blinds, gas, datum, large barn i«r two homw.a cow, and carriage. Call on owner. J. L. MoKHEVER, 133 LaSalle-st., Room 10? or any evening at 07 Unlvorslly-placo, COUNTRY HEAL ESTATE. TTiOR SALE—A FINE STOCK FARM 0F237 ACRES, X' near Elgin, 111., or would exchange for paying city yroporty. Address er call at Room 29, Tribune Building. 'bale-some cno laiT tr a ct/Tof bo a l X’ land* In the Wilmington non] Hold, by L. INGLE* IlliW, IC3UH.IIimI„ llirnmn, llrj.ll TT'OR HALE-OR WOULD EX OifANhu -O N K OF X* tho beat rcthloncos In tho Cllyul Madison, WJs.j line largo grounds, well covered with an abundance of fruit and shrubbery, overlooking tho lake, good beat, boat* house, do.; a very desirable place, ami will lie exchanged for city er suburban property. O. B. QRIFFIN,IU3 Alndlsen st., corner Clark; TT'OR SALE-TUB BERT HOUSE AND LOTH IN i' Toulon, anti one (f iho best lu Wyoming, SI,C(X), Bill oxohuiigo furlii'provad or unimproved properly In Address M. MINER, Wyoming, BUrk SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. TBOR SALE-UIOnWOOD. BETWEEN EVANSTON J? and Lako Forest, on the lake shore, In a beautiful park, with vigorous growth of largo,shade trees, gravel* walks and drives. . _ . , . SSOO, cottage, partially finished, $lO monthly until paid. SI.2(M). cottage, side wing, two, piazzas, hay window, inside blinds, SSO down, S3O monthly, Including interest, until pnfd. . . . $1,600, cottage, same stylo; cash down, SSO; monthly, s2(»j.2yonra, $1 OCO in D years, $9,500, a-story frame. s6odown:s2omonthly. $4.0C0, spacious brick, near W, w. Iloytnglnn’s palatial residence. Tills residence will bo rented at SSO a month, pavahio inboard; has lino view of Lako, andean bo filled with summer boarders, , . „ . $4,000, 3-atnry brick with 2-slory brick addition, parlor, silting, family, and dining-room, first Door; piazza and bay window, o chambers and 0 closets; any terms, no matter how favorable. ...... All abovo houses havo desirable lots.' Houses aro carefully and substantially built; one hour from Chicago; yearly commutation, 13 cents a tide. Tho terms oti which 1 olior thoso houses will cost you only what you aro now paying for rent; so you can dooldo bo* tween a rido of ono hour to your own homo on trains that carry a largo number of tho wealthiest merchants of Chi* oagorfiest Hlghwood to their palatial residences in Lako Forest, or hang }{to f..of an hour on roar of streot-car to routed house to poor location, subjecting yoursolf to an* noyanoo of frequent removals and over-advancing prioo of rents. In lifghwood you will have elegant homestead paid for In Uto 6 years. In Olilcogo all vim will have to snow (or vour money paid and gone will bo landlords* receipts. Bo choose. You can leavo at4slop. ro. anngooutand boo property, returning same ovonlng reach Cluoniro at 7:40. . E. ASHLEY MBARB, Residence, High wood; ofilco. 148 LaSallc-et. POR BALE-BY O. S. HUBBARD, JR., 168 Washinstnn-st., several very choice acre tracts on tho lino of (ho Chicago, Burlington 4 Quincy Railroad, bo* twoon Chicago A Riverside, infracts to suit purchasers, from 6to 40 acres. G. S. HUBBARD, Jr., 168 Wash-' lugton-at. IJtOR SALE—CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE \ Milwaukee Railway, six miles distant, and twenty minutes* rldo, in Clyboumo’s Addition to R-avonswood. Thoso lots aro laid out 50x153 foot on 80 foot stroots, and will bo sold upon easy toms, at from S6OO to S7OO por lot. Tho facilities for access to and from tho city—the desir ability of tho land—it being high and thoroughly drained —tho proximity to first-class Improvements, churches, schools, and society, commend this property as tho host nttho price now In tho market. Comparison challenged! Tho attention of tho Indus trious—tho thrifty—tho cautious—la called to thoso lots as altos for homesteads or investments. Galt, tor a printed ahMnoe and plot, upon ROBERT GREEK, 8f LaHallo-at., Room 2. FOR SALE-IN LAKE VIBW-A NEW AND BEAU tlfnl houso with ono aoro ot ground, delightfully sit* uatod upon a wooded ridge in town of Lako view, near tho lako shore, 2jj miles north of Lincoln Park; houso two stories, 10 rooms, bath-room and water closets, but and cold water, well and forco pump In basement, first* class furnace and kitchen range: everything entirely now: houso never yet occupied; can bo had at a bargain and upon easy terms. This is a raro opportunity to secure a beautiful country homo within one hour’s rido by street ears from the heart of tho city. B. F. CULVER. 147 LaSallo-st., Major Block. FOR SALE—HYDE PARK-VERY DESIRABLE lots and hoosoa In different sections of tho village of Hydo Park by OIIAOE A ABICLL, 184 Dearborn-st. For rale-half acre lots at washing. ten Height)). The subdivision contains 160 sores, Is Handsomely lalchont with a publlo park of ton acres, In tbo centre. Tho park is well sot with shads and ornamen tal trooa. Flno mapln and elm trees are now growing in front of all tho lots, Tbo lots are oaoh B4 by 370 foot, to a SO foot alloy. All tbo Biroots, avenues. nod places are 100 (not wide. Tho subdivision U bounded by Nlnety-ilf th and Ninty-ninth-sta.. Johnson and California-avs. Prioo, $690, SOOO, and S7OO, S6O down—balance fivo years, Opor Cent, or $25 cash, and $8 por month, 6 por cent Interest: Milo absolutely perfect. Abstract with oaoh sale. C. W. DEAN, 133 South Clark-Bt., Room 16. FOR SALE-919 FEET FRONT ON LAKIv-ST.: average depth. 163 It.; at now oar shops. SBO por front foot, $B per foot down, balance five equal payments. C» W. DEAN, 183 South Olark-st., Room 16. For salr-i will offer for one week is bouses and cottages of from 6 to 1U rooms In Evanston. North Evanston, and Glencoe. at lower figures than any party can soil for who does sot deal exclusively In bis own property; you that want bouses coma direct to mo and ■avo tho commission; ono-flfth down and balance in monthly or yearly payments wilt buy a homo; lots in any of tbo places named at wholesale prices; lumber furnished those who will build: none coed apply who havo not a lit* tie money. O. E. BROWNE, Grocer's Block, Evanston. FOR BALE—AT RAVENBWOOD-A NEAT GOTHIC dwelling, brick basement, 8 rooms, hard and soft wafer, and fumnoo; lot 143x163 foot, with fruit and shade treesjoasytonns. Apply to ROBERT GREER, 84La oslloat., Room 8. 17\On SALE-GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, ' from SBOO to $10,000: also choice building lota, anil Kore-nronorty for subdivision, on easy terms. ALFRED L. SEWELL, 169 LoSalle-et., Chicago. For sale-i have 78 choice houses and lots which I shall offer for sale at great bargains for tho noxt ton days; now Is tho time to secure a good homo on easy terms. And also eboleo building lota convenient to tbodopot, on butter terms than can bo mado in Evans ton. Call or address J. R. FOWLKIt, Evanston, 111. F"~ OR SALE—VERY CHOICE LOT ON MADISON av.. between Fifty-sixth and Flfly-sovonlh-sts., Hydo Park; trees on It, near depot, sidewalk, fonoo, gaa nines laid; offered at a great bargain for one-ball cash. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Dearborn-st. IpOR SALE-6 ACRE LOTS: HIGH STATE OFOUL tivatlon: good dryland; 32 miles from Chicago, on Fort Wayne Railroad: ono-fonrth mile from Hobart; pop. nlatlon, l.ow); price, including city lot, $600; cash. $2&; balance, SlOjnonthly. Othco days, Monday an Friday. 9 toil. J. EARLE, RoomO, basement. 163 Monroo-st. FOR SALE-LARGE SUBURBAN RESIDENCE, modern improvements, U-story barn dwelling for gar* donor, 26 acres 7-inch timber, 4 clover, largo spring, 200 foot from Hobart dopot, commutation to Oalcapo $10.60 monthly i price $10,IKX); oflioo days, Monday and Friday, 9 too. J. EARLE, Roomß, basement, 163Monroo-at. JnOR, SALE—A SPLENDID BAROAIN-78 ACRES ' on tiio Chicago A Alton Railroad, 17 miles from Chicago, with good houso, barn, fence. Ac.; kmilo from dopot at Willow Springs. Tho greater part of tho land la from GO to 190 foot high, commanding a splendid viovt cov ered with tino forest trees. Will bo sold at iv groat bar gain if taken immediately. As an Investment there is nothing to compare with it near tho city. Will only re main in market for a fow days. J. ESAIAS WARREN. 16 Chamber of commerce. OR SALE—SPLENDID RESIDENCE LOT ON South Park Boulevard, Oak wood Boulevard, and Egan and Vlnconnca-avs., just adjoinlog tbo South Slilo oliy limits: will bo cold hi lots to suit purchasers. Tbo n'tcntlouof builders Is especially called to this property. J. ESAIAB WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. For sale—winnetka—nf.w 2-story house, 8 rooms; largo lot: prlco $2.1410; ooay terms. Apply on tbo iiremises to E. J. CLINTON, ortoWM. RAN DOLPH it CO., 29 Exchange Building. 1?OR* SALE—OR RENT-AT HINSDALE—I HAVE X 1 ono elegant plnoo, with oao or inoro acroa, at u great bargain. Also, & largo now house, and ono or muraaorcß. at $2,560. Anlcoplftcoof7rootnß, andbaoros of land, at a great bargain, cm monthly payments. A good place of 8 rooms, aud aero of land for $2.000: Tory oafiy terms. A uont, email place for $1,500; easy terms. Call on tho owner,“at 72 and 74 Doarborn-Bt. O. J. STOUGH. FOR BALE—IO ACRES ON RAILROAD BETWEEN Oak Psrk and Thatcher; 10 acres and 3W acres In 7. 18, 14. .amllO acres In 0. 5«, M: also, C acres hi 8, 86, 14. J. W. liEDENimno, ttlEast rtadUon-st., Room 4. FOII SALK—LOTS.ATN. W, OAR-SHOP; 1-0 OARH. balnnoo4 years; also lots oomor of Kedrin and Chi cago-avs.. and on oomcr of Fullerton and Kimblo-avs., Boino of thohnostooruoranovrla tho market. LARKIN A JENKB, 145 Olark-st., Roorol. IjlOR SALE—AUSTIN—FINE RESIDENCE LOTS ‘ . °uly 20 minute# 1 rldo from tho city. GRAFTS A SNOW, 51 LaSallo-st. OR SALE-LOTS OR BLOCKS IN THE VICINITY of tho O. A N. W. carshops, oloso to West Forty- Ail" 0 .” 11 ' 11 f,om c “° tr “ l P "l • For sale-or kxouange-co, 40, or go acres near tho city limits, suitable for subdivision. Will exchange for Improved property; will assume equal In oumbrauco. A rnro chance to any ono wishing desirable aero property 4J$ miles from tho Court-House on a rail, road, and near a depot, PiIJLPOT A lIGNORE. 157 Washington-fit. FOR SALE-07.10 ACRES BETWEEN SHERIDAN av. (Hqvonty-ulntli-st.) Sovonty-olghth, Throop, aud Aoa-sts; bqautl/ul high ground, near station on two railroads. Also, 6 acres at South Englewood, EDWARD W. JONES A UQ.,'6l and 86 LaSallo-st., Room 23. Foil bale-lots in Austin! no iiisTAKii about It, If you buy now, you will got a big thing, boouro a homo on easy terms, or double your money In ono year. Cars aro to run every hour: time, 20 minutes: faro, 7>tf cents. W. R. WOODBURY, 86 East Washing’ toii-st. IBOR SALE—6-AORE BLOCK AT WASHINGTON X 1 Haights, very aheap. JAS, ALLEN, 145 Olark-st., Room 12. For hale-houses on easy terms, bev oral brick dwotllugs, with modern Improvements, at Oakland, near city limits south, convenient to sto&m and horse-oars. Excellent location. B. F. DOWNING, 83 Waablogtou-st. FOR SALE-MY COTTAGE AND GROUNDS, AL so one of tho best building lots in South Evanston. Both are on a splendid stroot, in a good nolghborhood, and within two minutes’walk of tho depot. G. SHACK ELFORD, omoo Traveler's Insurance Company, No. 84 LaSallo-st. For salr-at Norwood park-qotiuo house, 8 rooms, lot 60x200. well and olstorn: urlco. $3,600; near depot. F. M. X'OX, 119 Laßoilo-st.. Room fi. T?OR BALE-GREAT BARGAIN AT OAKLAND X’ Two good 2-story bouses, neatly now, very nonr horse and stoam oars; price, $3,500, SU)O cash, balance S6OO a yoar afc 8 per cent.; now renting for S4O per month— cheaper than paying rent. Inquire ULBIOIIA BOND, 87 Doatborn-it. For balb-at north evanston-a bbauti ful homo, $3,600; 3-story frame house, lot 100x200; t * towns. GEORGE BUMMERS, tWMadlson-st., Room). Ij\Oß HAI.II—I.OTB IN EVANSTON, ail FT. FRONT ■ by 150 deep, with sidewalks and trees, for SBOO. Tonne, ono-fourth cash, baianoul, a, and 3 years, or $lO monthly K8» &SSZS. b “ Ud - REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTRD-A MBDIUM.SIZED HOUSE AND DERP lot. monthly payments: will Improve by building; price from $3.60(1 to $6,000. Address M 13, Tribune uiHuo, TO LEASE. rno LEASE—A BUSINKBB LOT ON OANAL-ST., FOR X * Rn y tlmo, at a bargain. Gall on tbo owuer ot 73 and 74 Donrhom-st. O. J, STOUOH. MIO LEASE—FOR 20 YEARS 170X100 FEET, FOR X manufacturing purposes. In the heart of business, and low rent. W. U. WOODBURY, 66 Washlagton-st. LEASE—A iDOOK—BOXB3O FEET, ADJOINING X Olloot s coal-yard; alio, ono oppotdtu Meeker's Blast iJCOiICO foot. Apply to Wal/TUB B. MAlUill, BWFultou-j»t. rpO, LEASE-DOCK LOT 15(1 FEET ON RIVER, X just north of Twomy.*eoond-it. bridge, and now oc cupied by Daniel Boyle os a coal-yard. Apply in base, moot, nurthem corner of Madison audUoariiorii-sta. MUSICAL. DO NOT. BUY. AN ORGAN UNTIX. YOU HAVE soon tbo Nicholson. Ills tho bust and ohuanuxt. Prices, S6O to SOOO. Manufactory and salesroom, 63 Bust ludlana-st, IpOU HALE-AT HALF-PUIOE, A SPLENDID 7- • octave piano; will exchange for a gold watch and hardware, Call Monday or Tuesday tbo latest, at 60 West Modlson-st. PEMOVAL OF PIANO ROOMS TO 374 STATE-ST., Xy near Vaiißuron. Planus to rout aud for sale. Eslab* Ilshod 1860. WM. U. PUCSBUR, W" ■ ANTED-TO exchange—a finkjurgensen wiitoh, with chain, forallrst-olsss piano of stand ard innko. Call or address E. O. LAWRENCE. 70 La Buie it. TO KENT—HOUSES. r RENT-HOUSE NO, 67 TIIIRD-AV., 8 OH 10 rooms, suitable forfaralllo*. with all conveniences. 163 Olatk-st., Room C. 11. LOWY. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. IHfl WASUINOTON-AV., near Ellsabeth-sl,, rent SOO pop month, suitable for two families. Apply on the promises. niO KENT—7B3 WEST L AKE-ST., B*ROOM COTTAGE JL and barn, SO foot lot; s4oper month. DAY A BAN* HORN, 14QLfl3alln-at. fpO RENT—COTTAGE, WITH FIVE ROOMS AND X barn, No. 13 Onno-sl., noar Cnlumot-ar., only s3oper month. HARKKU WAIT, I(*U Doatboru*st. rpo rent—house, no. a huuuard-oouiit. in X rory B°od repair; 10 or 11 rooms, with fumaoo Amiga*, fixtures complete; rent, SIOO per month In A<lvaußo;nuno noeil annlyunloss tho Tory host references. Apply to MYRON L. PEARCE, 870 Wabash-ar., or OTTO MOOR, 7 Market**!. TO RENT—IN NORTH DIVISION, SOUTHWEST corner of lioldon-av. ami Hnlalod-»t., largo 3-story and brick basement homo of 0 room*, with modern Im* proTomont*. Dining-room and kitchen on main lluor. OGDEN, SHELDON A GO., Nixon's Building, comer LaSallosnd Mouroo-its. fpO KENT—A HOUSE OP TWELVE ROOMS, AND Xfurmlnro for eoloatanroat bargain; rent chimp, and homo full of good paying boarder*. Apply at 283 West Lako-st. TO RENT-HOUSE, 733 MADISON-BT., CORNER Lincoln, .has 8 roomn. with closets, pantry, and bath* room. All rooms load into tho hall; well arranged. In* qulro at Btoro. m HUNT-TWO go6d frame dwkllino M. house* with largo, well Improved garden. In town of T<ako View, near Dummy Road. Apply to SCHRADER HIIUO., 1M 1.a8t110.8t., Room 7. rpo RENT—FURNISHED—H-ROOM HOUSE ON X Prairlc-ar., bam, garden, oto., for throo years. F. O. VIBHLINO, 124 Dearborn-*!., Room 19. TO RENT-NO. 37 TVVKNTWHi^ILST.—AfARBLK front house, 18 rooms, bath, otc., handsomely finish* od, and Tory.doslrablo; will bo rented in May 1,1971. or wIIIboH. FRED L. FAKE A CO., 88 Wtt»hlngton-Bt. rpo RENT-NO. 1U29 MIOHIOAN-AV.-TWO-STOUY X and basement brlok house, 13 rooms; possession May 1. VRED L. FAKE A CO.. 68 Washlngton-st. ' rpo RENT-310 WALNUT-ST., 3-BTORY HOUSE, 9 X rooms, bath-room, ras, and water; house In gnudro* jalr, Apply to Plro*Manhal WILLIAMS, Room t> City TO RENT—4-BTORY OOTAQON MARBLK-PRONTB, llfil and IK>3 Michlgan-aT.; $1,200. 1120 Mlchigan-av.j $1,650. I’ralrlo-av,, near Twonty-ntnth-it.; SI,BOO. Ilousoa are now. elegantly built, and are perfect In all roepootß. Tho furniture can bo had with 1163, if desired. Tho homes on Pralrlo-av. are Tory deep, and havo bay windows In roar, fancy colling*, frescoed hall, oto.; or will soli, SI,OOO down, balance lu live years, or will take good real estate In part. 1 built tho houses when land and malarial wore low, and can soli for less than they can bo reproduced at present. Tho homos will boar Inspection. B. ASHLEY MBARS, owner, 149 LaSnllo-at. TO RENT—BIB—MAY 0. NICE COTTAGE 201 HUB bard-at,, 4 room#, pantry, and kitchen. Q. P, PAY. 683 North Olark-st. niO RENT—COTTAGE NO. 699 WARIIINQTON-AV. t JL rent. $35 per month. Apply to F. B. LITTLE, 113 North Canal-ot,, In day-time, or 16 Abordoon-it. in oven log. • TO RENT-NO. IB UNION-AV, (WEST OF COT tago Oroyo andsouUi of Kgsn-av.) with good barn. Apply at 16 Union-ttv. rpORENT-ATWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X house. Inquire on tho promisee, 988 WcstMonroo-it. TO RENT-HOUSE 859 WEST POLK-ST.T SIX RLE gant room a; also, six on drat Uoor. Rout SBO por month. alO RENT—CDGNORTIILaSALLK-ST., FIRST-CLASS e. etono-front houso, 8 stories and basement complete, nil modern Improvomonta. Apply to WM, O. DOW, nl, Nevada Block. rpo RENT-PROM MAY I. FOR SIX MONTHS, TO A X small family with no small children, furnished cottage No. 843 Calumot-av. This cottage baa 10 rooms, besides Closets, bet and cold water, bath-room, water olusot, ami furnaco. Only those who want a comfortable homo and will give good references need apply on tbo promises or address N 87, Tribune office. • TO RENT-DWKLLING-PART OF 263 AND 265 WostMadlson-st., 8-atorybrick, 16rooms: splendid for renting furnished rooms; onlysl,6ootoaresiioiulblo party. TItUESUELL A DROWN. 175 West MsdUon-st. TO RENT-OR FOR SALE-FULLY FURNISHED bouso 834 Mlchlgan-av., 14 rooms. Parties can boo It now by applying to W. J. BARNEY, 163 East Ran dolph-st. O RENT—MARBLE-FRONT HOUSE, WITH ALL modern Improvements, barn, Ao.. furnlthod or tin furnlshod, 481 West Washfngton-st. D. COLE A SON, Homo Agents, 188 West Msdlson-at. TO RENT-FURNISHED, UNTIL OCT. I, TO A small family, S-stury and basement brick house No. 1020 Pralrlo-av. Inquire on tbo promises Monday and Tuesday. TO RENT-NO. 795 COTTAGE QROVE-AV., LARGE 3-otory houso, $66 por month. No. 181 Ellls-av., 8-story ond basement brown stono front, furnace, bath-room, and all modern Improvements, SI,OOO per year, very near horso and steam cars. 8 bouses at Hyde Park, near Btaam-can, $55 por month. Inquire ULRICH A BOND, 87 Dearborn-st. TO RENT—THE ELEGANT 8-BTORY AND BASE inont brick house No, 4 Park Row, 10 rooms; all mod o.n improvements; $3,500 per year. SNYDER & LEE, 14 NlxonVliullding, northeast corner Monroe and La- Sallo-sts, TO RENT—HOUSES 108 PARK-AV., 169"WESTERN ftv., 1187 Mlohlgan-av, SNYDER A LEU. 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast comer Monroo and LaHallo-sts. ' TO RENT-e-ROOM AND .BASEMENT COTTAGE on Langley and Forty-lifth-sts.; $25 por month. In quire at 8U Douglas-plaoo. TO RENT—2-STORY AND BASESIENT BRICK houso, 916 Wnbash-av., 19 rooms, all tbo modern im provements; will bo put ia perfect order. Apply to Wli.- SON BROS., southeast corner Stato andWoshington-sts. TO RENT-A COTTAGE”WITH 8 ROOXIsTgahT and water, on Burnsldo-st., near Twenty-ninth. An ply at 167 South Olark-st., Room 5. TO RUNT-2 STORY HOUSE, NO. 73LINCOLN-ST., near Waihlngton-av.; rent, SBO por month; G rooms. Inquire at C 74 Wsshington-av., corner of Lloooln-it. mO RENT—2-STORY FRAME, 415 WEST JACKSON. X st.. Brooms, gas, water, nlcolmrn, largo lot, will bo repaired, 850; also, otoro aud family-rooms on Stato-st.. good locution, S3O, and 8 back-room# sl2; also, throe 2- story and basement houses, to bo nicely linlshcd, good neighborhood. on Irvlng-plaoo, between Leavitt and Oaldoy and Adams aud Monroo-sts., two at S3O each and oao at S4O. D. E. FISK. Room 6, Oils Block. mO RENT-NICE C-ROOM COTTAGE, S3O, NO. 1003 X West Jaokson-st., oomor OainphoU-av. H. O. MOREY, 77 Clark-at. mO RENT-FROM MAY 1 TO OCT. 1-TO A CARE- X fill prlv&to party, furnished house o( 11 rooms, bath room, and modorn conveniences. Centrally located on West Side. Apply to J. BARSTOW, hattor, 66 West Madlaou-Bt., or 125 Olark-st. Suburban. TO RENT—AN ELEGANT, LARGE TWO-STORY brick bouso. 10 rooms, largo lot, wilderness of fruit, 5 minutes' walk from depot in Waukegan, 111.; S3OO. Ap ply to E. 8. HUBBARD. Waukegan, or N. B. HYDE, &77MadUon-at., Room 14. j TO RENT—A LARGE FURNISHED BRICK RKSl donee at Highland Park. Address or call at Room 29 Trlbuuo Building. TO RENT—AT ELMHURST, NEAR THE DEPOT. 16 miles from Chicago on tho Galena Division of tho Old oago A Northwestern Railroad* a One country homo, good' house, bam and out-housoi, lino grounds, well ornament cd, about 28 acres of land, with a largo number of cherry and other fruit trees, belonging to tho estate of E. M. Hagons. deceased. ’ Inquire of BRYAN LATHROP. Room 12, Exchange Building, or JOHN R. CASE, Elm hurst, and 44 Booth Uroou-st. TO RKNT-IIOUBB NKAR woodlawn station, furnished or unfurnished. Apply to GILAOE A ABELL, 181 Doarboro-st. mO RENT-AT EVANSTON-AN EXCELLENT X house and lot on Ohlcago-av., opposite female collono. OREENLEAF A PAUL, Room 17. Central Union Block! TO RENT-MY VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE AT Riverside, complete, as to water, gas, steam heating, oud sewerage. Apply at 883 Stato-st., comer of Right- from 11 to 13o'clocko. m. Dr. J. 11. TO RENT-SEVERAL HOUSES IN NORTH EVAN ston, and ono In Qlenooo; or will soil for monthly nay* meats. O. K. BROWNE, Qrovor's Block, Evanston. rpO RENT-AT KENWOOD, CORNER OF DREXEL- X av. and I'orty-Bovonth-St., a very pleasant, furnished cottage, having 11 rooms, besides bathroom and closets; largo grounds, and everything complete. Inquire at 13 Oliatnhorof Commoroo. TO KENT—ROOMS, mo RENT-FURNISHED ROOM, ALCOVE, AND X octagon, overlooking tho lake, suitable for gentle man and wifo or ladies. Apply at 888 Chlaagu-ov., oast of Olark-st. rpO RENT—A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT PAR- X lor and bedroom. Apply 146 South Halstod-st. TO RENT-LARGE CORNER ROOM ON SECOND floor of Orpheus Hall Building, corner Lako and Poorla-sts., 86x42, well lighted and ventilated; suitable for society or light manufacturing purposes. W. 11. PHARE. TO HUNT—LOWER PART OF HOUSE DB3 SOUTH Doarborn-sf., aomeeThlHralath-et. ; asopopmouth, 6 rooms, pantry, olosoU, 010. inquire ol J. w. GOULD, up-statra. TO RUNT—SUITES OF ROOMS IN THR NUW building at tho northwest oomor of Arnold and Twou ty-nlnth-sts. Apply at tho building any day between 10 and U o’clock. r RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED PARLORS,WITH gas and bath. Also, to a single gentleman, ono large furnished room, with goa and bath, at 639 West Wasbington-at. qiO RUNT-TWO SUITES OF UNFURNISHED X room* at 818 South Olark-st. Inquire Room No. 3. TO HUNT-TUB FIRST FLOOR WITH 8 ROOMS? pantry ami oioaoU in the house, 1774 Btato-st., corner Tlilrty-nlnlUjUiohorso-oars runout paat hero. Inquire at the place. Rita rent—Nicely rurnisiiedrooms bythe X Ist of Mir, at 164 and 166 East Wushlnaton-st. Inquire at Room 41 for terms, between I and 3 and 6 and 7p. ui. nib RENT—nioulV furnished rooms aI 4 X 1062!$ Wabash.qv WANTED—TO RENT. TU ANTED—TO RENT—HOUSES. I HAVE GREAT J.V,S , . c -4 l .'. an ,4 *P r houses, from gi»od tenants. O. W. PIERCE, Real Estate and Noto Broker, 181 East Uadi son-st., Room 7. T\f ANTED—TO RUNT—A GENTLEMAN DESIRES _* ■ * largo furnished room, without board, on tho South Bide. Address, stating tonus, F <4, Tribune office. \\T ANTED—'IO RENT—IN BUSINESS CENTRE, T T oboap room In wbioh to do printing aud publishing. A Iso wanted printing materials. Address 1128 Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT-UY THREE YOUNG MEN a furnished sloeplng-room or rooms, within ton min utes* walk of the Trlbunn office on tho South Bide. Slate tonus. Address T 11, 113 West Mouroti-ut, WANTED— TO RENT-AT EVANSTON, A SMALL furnished house fur tho summer. Iliupumdblo party. No children.. Address_P 44, Tribune office, SEWING MACHINES. /S ROVER A BAKER’S BEWING-MAOITINKS-GEN VT oral office, lW Stato st.t brunch office, U72 Wabash av. i’orsons having old Grovor A Baker sowing-machines aroluvltod to call ami sou tho ujw imprufumouts, and hear soipothlDg to their advantage. GINGER, WHEELER A WILSON,TioWE,"FLOU kJ onoo, and all llrst-olass mwlng-mnchiuos, elegantly finished, ami fully warranted, for Toss than half-price at wbioh samo aro sold by regular agents. A. W. PERCY A CQ., Agents, No. 213 West MadUon-st. GINGER OFFICE OF A. J. MELOHEUT, 213 SOUTH kJ HaUtudit.—Machines sold on monthly payments: office opeu ovoulugs. 1 WHEELER A WILSON SEWING MACHINES, Urn how himrovod sold or rontod on easy monthly * *LANNEUY, Agent*? IM3 loUfi'etitiVl #oa ,t ‘' r,uIOVQ 1> TO RENT "STORES. OFFICES.&o. r RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT-NO. 617 South Sfato-Bt. Apply to SCHRADER BROS., 123 LABallo-st., Room?. a\o RENT—CHEAP—FOR A TERM OF YEARS, A . largo hall, 820 by 75 foot, corner Canal and Jackson* sta., running to Clinton, over tlio wholesale market*| suitable for the storage of wool, 010., nr light or heavy nmtmfnal tiring, tllo promises o! JOKE ELLIS, rpo. BENT—9D, an, AND 4TH FLOORS, WELL •X lighted, corner Wnbash-nv. and South Wator-st. i steam and hand elevators. Also, 3d llnor over 7, 0, and II Wabash-av. ; also, base ment under 7, 9, and 11 Wabash-av.. low to good tenants. Apply to OIIARE, HANFORD ft CO., corner Wabash av., and South Wator-st. rno RENT-ROOMS WITH POWER. INQUIRE AT 1 11. DIS3TON A SONS, Lind Block, Randolph and Msrkot-sts. rPO RENT-FROM MAY 1, STORE AND DWELL- A Ing, No. 115 llluo Island-av.; slro 31x42} good loca tion; is now occupied ns a hoot and nhno store. Inquire at 859, between Ewing and Forquor. Mb RENT-ELEGANT STORKS CORNKROARPEN. A torand Modlsnn-sts.l 86x120 foot oaoh; vaults, Ac. Store 333 West MndUon, 23x100. Store 189 West Madison, STixHT, ft., near Halited-st. D. COI.E A SON, House Agents, 188 West Madlson-st, .. rpO RENT-STORKS E39« AND 811 WEST RAN- A dolph-st. j 2-story house 839 West Itandolph-et.; 2- story hnuso 1 May-et. :3 cottagoß, Ashloy-at., near Ilouoy. N. F MERRILL, 13 6Ub Block. TO RENT-STORE 189 \VR§T MADIBON-BT., NEAR Ilalstod, 25x85. A 1 location. D. COLE A BON, Houao Agenta, 188 West Madlson-st. TITO RENT-STORE WITH LARGE BUOW-WIN. A dows. 110 South HaUted-at. TO RENT-THAT BEAUTIFUL LIGHT AND AIRY Billiard Hall. 915 West MadUon-st., from May 1. Ap ply at 827 West Madlson-st., up«italr». TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, NO. 235 WostMadlson-at., Thompion’i Ulook, 25x70 ; light and airy, 14 foot coiling; suitable for any llrst-otass busi ness ; rout cheap to tho right party; bnslnnsa centre of tho West Bide. WM. 11. THOMPSON, 229 West MadUon-it. niO RENT-BASEMENTS, 25X70, ON WEST MADI- X son-st., light and airy; suitable for any buslnosa; rent cheap. WM. 11. THOMPSON, 229 West Madlson-st. mo RENT-3 ROOMS IN THOMPSON'S BLOCK, X West Madlson-st.. suitable for oltloofl or light house, koonlng. gas, water and water-cloiot. WM, 11. THOMP SON, ifjQ West Madlson-st. mo RENT—STORK AND BASEMENT. NO. 87 X Third-av., suitable for any business or light msmi factoring. ltd Olark-st., Room 6, 11. LOWV. mo RENT-STORE 627STATE-ST., CORNER STATE- X at. and Harmuu-oourt. Apply In drug store, 529 StfltQ-Bt. mO RENT-BASEMENT AT NO. 03 EAST KINZIIS- X Bt., with barroom fixtures, opposite Galena Depot. mo RENT-ROOMS WITH STEADY STEAM POW- X or. Inquiro on prohiUos, corner Van Boron and Fronklln-sUj. TO RENT-STORE NOW OCCUPIED BY M. QUAFF A Co., Wand 61 Markot-st.; safe, olllco fixtures, oto,, for salo. X'or particulars, apply on promises. mo RUNT-TWO STORES AND ROOMS FOR PRI - rate families or moms for single gontlomon, In good business location. Inquire In banomont southeast cor* and Nurthray., In a largo 8-story brick building. r. RENT-VERY CHKAP-TIIR SUBSTANTIAL brick stores with cellars Nos. 295 and 297 West Ran* polph-st. 8. S. HAYES, £6 LaSallost., Metropolitan Block. mo RENT—FROM MAY I—STORKS AND OFFICES X in Masonic Building, corner Halsted and Randolph* sta.• Parties; also store Ml West Randolph* at. SNYDER A LEU, 14 Nixon's Building, northeast corner of Monroe and LaSallo sta. rpo RENT-STORE NO. 43 SOUTH WATER-ST. X (near Wabssh-av.), a lino 4-story and basement, rnltablo for any buainoss. O. A 11. PRICE, Room I. 87 Washlngton-st. * BOARDING AND LODGING. Sonth Sido* •A Q , HUDBARD COURT NEW BOARDING. XO house; ilrst-olass board with mom, $4 to 86.60 Dor wook, with uso of piano; day board, 84. Q A TWENTYFIFTILBT. - TWO FURNISHED O tt rooms with board, for four young men. at 86 a week t so other boarders. 1 T7Q TWEN'ry-TUINP.ST,, NEAR WABASII-AV X I U Furnished room to rent, with board, suitable for • two or throe gontlomon. Day boarders accommodated. AQA WABASII-AV.—NICE ROOMS, KN SUITE TtuX and Blnglo, on first and sccoud floors, with first* class, board; also a low day-boarders can bo aooommo dated. /LQQ SOUTH DEARBORN (BURNSIDEI-ST., V noar Twonty-nlnth—A nice, ohoorful family ho tel. oxccllont table and surprisingly low prices; aeulto of front rooms for sl4 to marrlod couple: single rooms 66 and $7. ’ v KCfl MIOHIQAN.AV.-QURNIBUED ROOMS AND OUU board for gontlomon and wives or gontlomon; no children. 1 Q4.9 BTATB.BT.-A COUPLE OF GENTLEMEN bo aooommodatod witb day or-wook board In a small family. Toms reasonable. •CTROM MAY I, JUST BELOW EIGHTEENTH. ON X 1 Wabash-ay.. furnished or unfurnished rooms to rent, with first-class board. Call at 393 Wabash for two days. PARTIES WISHING FIRST-CLASS BOARD AND good accommodations on tho lake shore, can obtain by addressing E. R. THOMPSON. Itnclno, tVls. SANDS HOUSE-HO AND 118 FIFTH-AV.-FIRS? class day board at rcasouablu rates. SOUTHWEST CORNER OF WABABH-AV. AND Twonty-thlrd-at.— Board by tho Istof May; pleasant front rooms, fumiebod or unfurnished, (or gentleman and wife; also accommodation for two gents. West Side. I ftl SOUTH PAULINA-ST.-TO RENT, WITH XUX board, a pleasant furnished parlor or back room, nn-stalrs, In a prlvato family, whoro there arobutthroo other boarders; uso of bath-room, do.; pleasant location, and term# to suit; roforonooa exchanged. Apply at house. QOQ est mpnrpustTTl^eatTabeTTdeen^ dvw May 1, bade parlor to rent, with board, to one or two gentlemen; references required. Address NBS Trib une omco. JOHNSTONE HOUSE-114 AND llfl WEST MADI son-st. Just opened; everything llmt-class. Pleasant moms, single or on eulto. $3 pur day: tablo board, £5 par wook. BOARD WANTED. Board-on the south side, east of wa bashav., by a young gentleman. First-olses accom modation roquirod. Unexceptional references given. Address 2 18, Tribune oOlco. . BOARD-WANTED, TO RENT FOR THE SUM mcr. at Evanston, two bod-rooms adjoining, Ifporsl uie, with board for throo adults. Address P 43. Tribune oliico. • PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—WITH PROM SIO,OOO TO $16.(00 to join the advertiser in buying, out a lirst class hardware establishment, in which ho ass hud several years' experience, tho present owners Intending to rotlro from (bo business. None but thoso moaning business need apply. For particulars and rofcroacos. address HARDWARE, Drawer 2,812, Quincy, Hi. * PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE AN INTEREST lu tho stook and trade, or real ostnfo, of n No. 1 mer chant mill. Address WILLIAMS* FURMAN. Loclodo. Linn County, Mo. PARTNER WANTED—S3O,OOO TO INVEST—THE advertiser has tho above amount cash, with which ho would take on active interest In a woll established whole sale business, or first-class manufacturinghouso; thobest of olty references given and required. For particulars address U 68, Tribune offloo. N. B.—No notice will bo taken of any but first-class applications. PARTNER WANTED—IN AN OFFICE BUSINESS established throe years; pays well, and can bo rapidly increased by the help of a good business man; SI,OOO cast required. Address U 78, Tribune offloo. pARNNEU WANTED—A PARTY* WITH A FEW X thousand dollars in cash, and tho true business ring tu his composition, oanlnako a fortune by joining tho ad vertiser, who has a good wholesale and retail trade ostab. lishqd, plenty of territory, a splendid contract with a good company, and a sowing maohlno Inferior to none, now store woll located In the city. References given ana required. Address Z 08, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH.S4Oo”IN' A BOARD- X Ing-houßO full of boarders. Apply at 43 Uubbard court. ♦ PARTNER WANTED-IN A GOOD WOOLEN X mill; some capital needed with him. Address P. O. Box 47, Chicago. TO EXCHANGE. TO FEET. CORNER WEST LAKE st., 2 blocks west of Woitorn-av. Incumbrance, $3,000. Want a good homo and lot worth $4,0000r SB,OOO, west of. Union Park; or for good house and lot at Oak Park or Lombard. ibis Lako-st. property Is Increasing 26 por cent per an num. Apply to M. HALL, Room 26, Central Union Block, or ovcnlng at 630 Fulton-at. TO EXOIIANOrt-a ACRES IN NORWOOD PARIC for cottage and lot in city: pay dllTcronoo In cash: also ono block noar depot, 000 foot front, to oxohango for email stock farm: houso and lot In Irving Park for rosl* douco In city. GEORGE SUMMERS. Itß Madlson-st.. Room 4. TO EXCHANGE —FOR GOOD HOUSE IN OAK Park of Lombard, my rosldoneo, 90S Walnut-it.; liouia is la good order anil well luoatod, contains 11 rooms, bo* sides pantry and olosota, lake and cUtom water, gas pipes to every room, marblo niantol; price $6,000; to exchange Bubufijun property; Oak Park preferred. Address OWNER, 916& West Lake-st. TO EXOIIANOE-UNTfr, MAY 1. 59.0C0 WOIITII lU> buildings with lot, noar Blue Island-av., that will rent for SJ,wX) per year; will take about half la aoronrop* nrtvorluts, and balance cash payments. M. A. LAW* RENORACO., 181 East Madlson-st. rilO EXCHANGE FOR CHICAGO PROPERTY, X aotno choice tracts of coal lauds fu tliu Wilmington cool Hold, by L. INULEOEW, 102 LaSallc-st., Room 17, Urynti Block. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanthd-to sell our new button* 11010 Gutter anil Noodlo*Thronding Thimble. Agents clear sllO per day. 1)9 East Madlson-st,, Room 6. A GENTS WANTED —NO MORE EXPLOSIONS JX from Korosono—ln ovory city and town in tho United States and Canadas to soil Prof. Johnson's non*oxplosivo korosono oil powders. Agents can clear from $b to $lO nor day. Liberal dfmnmtmado to grocers and druggists. Dealers In korusuno oils send for circulars. Bammo box sent on receipt of 360. Address JOHNSON A CO.. P O. Box 660 Chicago, 111. A GENTS WANTED—if 3d SILVER WATCH FREE JX for 80 days, and host chnncu for making inonor in tho West; samples free. MERRILL A CO., 25 West A «KNTa WANTKp-niIHTHRBAD.OUri’KRSFOR JX Singer, llowo, \Vooil, Whoolor A Wilson machines, ready to-day. bnmplo, J« cents. A child winds bobbins llko spools of cotton with our spooler. Our spool-holder U worth It* weight In gold. Sample* of tlio throo mailed, $1.75. CHICAGO. NOVELTY COMPANY, 179 Eusl Madlson-st., Room 10. A GENTS WANTED-TO SELL Til 15 HEWITT FLUT JX Ing, Polishing, and Band-Iron, all In ono. Flutes any length. Good territory aud pay; soiling fast. 179 East Madlson-st., Room 15. DIVORCES. DIVORCES— LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEE AITKR dccrou. Scandal avoided. Nino yearn'practice in (ho courts of Chicago, Address P« O- Box 1937. NO Dfvoßuicrif6~FEifi T LEGALLY obtnlnod for causes: all law buslnosa altondod to, RonmH, 817 South Clark-st. Jnoloso stamp. CLAIRVOYANTS. Mrs. butt, natural clairvoyant, test, and business usoiUurr vhjtlval exiuuloallotw, as Si South Dw'jlnly-,'*??. //;*, M, WANTEU--MAEE KEEP. Bookkeeper*. Cleric*, Eto. TITANTED-RY a PHILADELPHIA HOSIERY, tr notion, and white goods iobhln^-homo—A Jirat-eJns* traveling iftloemAn acquainted with tho business, nml having an established trade. Address, stating amount and location of trade, ozporionoo, oto., COX, SMITH A 00., Phliadolplila. - Trades* WANTED-A MAN THAT UNDERSTANDS WOOL ft on maohlnory, carding, oto. ; salary and an interest. Address P. O. Ihix 47, Chicago. WTANTED—FIRRT-OLARS WOOD OAUVEUR, AT VV .TAMER BARKER'S, Benedict's Mill,corner Green an/JKjnzlo-sfs. •MTANTKD-a GOOD HOUSE-PAINTERS AT B Wi VV North Wollfl-st., Chicago. Call early Tuesday morning, Misoollanoottit. WTANTED-GOOD ACTIVE MEN TO CANVASS » » for tho now Improved Howo Sowing Machine In the city of Milwaukee and vicinity. This Is a comparatively unworkod territory, and ngenta can make Inrun wages. Are offering unprecedented inducements for the right klndpf men. Address O. CADY, City Agent, 118 Wls oonsln-st-, Milwaukee, Win. TJT ANTED—THIS FORKNOON-AN F.NTKRPRI VV Bing Afflthodtit man. HEADLEY A CO., 772 Oar roll-it. •WANTED —EXPERIENCED LIFE INSURANCE VV Bollcitotß. Apply to ERNST PHUSBINO, 09 West W' ANTED-MAN AND WIPE TO KEEP A DININO haII with ovorythlngfiirnlßhod, including rent, stock, and provisions. 43 West Madlson-at., Room 1. WANTHD-A FEW MEN TO BELL NON-EXPLO it Bton in city and country; oosta 8 cents, sella for 25 cents- steady chance for good men to mako $4 a day. A. RAY, 25 West Lako-Bt. \\T ANTED--3,000 LABORERS FOR WORK IN IN- Vi dlana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois; free faro. Apply at 23 West Kandolph-st. O. V. SNELL, Agent. WANTED-800 MEN FOR RAILROADS IN Wl3* / i oonnln, Ohio. Indiana ‘.company work; free faro. Apply parly to HENRY IIJORTU ± CO., 210 South Wa tor and 20 North Oanal-sts. WANTED— 200 RAILROAD MEN FOR WJSCON aIn; wages $2.20 to $3.40 per day; free faro; agent gees out with tho men: 15 farm hands; 20 choppers. AN* DELL A CQAKER. 2i West Rnndolpfi-st. ANTED—2B MORE LIVE MEN, LIGHT WORK VV and big pay for tho summer. SMITH BROS., 174 West Washlngton-st. Room 4. WANTED-M RAILROAD LABORERS TO LEAVE to-day for Indiana; wages, $1.75 per day; good board; free faro. Apply at 61 AlUwaukoe-av. ‘ ANTED—7S MORE RAILROAD LABORERS AND JSJ.&iPIJuSS. OII wages and free faro. Apply to A. AJfDBRSON A CO., l&South Caoal-st. T\TANTED—IOO RAILROAD HANDS, 15 STATION TT raon.f roe faro; alno 16 farm bands, 81 por day and board. BEWostßandolpb-st., ItoomS. XVANTBD-600 KAItnOAD MEN FOR A NEW TT road, not far from Chicago; wages at first 81.76 por day: board from 83 to 83.60 por wook. Plenty of stalled workatllboralpricoß. Also, 200ohoppor* and t1o*makora for Indiana. Apply to CHRISTIAN i BING. No. I South Olark-at.) or lul South Oauaf. WANTED— GOOD ACTIVE MEN READY FOR . business, to call nn or address JONES A CO., 71 South Osnal-»t. SBO to $lO a week euro money. WANTLD-MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, f T and State, to soil out now button-hoio cutter and Ooodlo-thrcad(ng thlmblo. Agents that wish tho goods will savomoney and time by buying direct of tho manu facturers, at 99 East Madlson-st., Room 6. • WANTED— THREE ORIFOUR ACTIVE MEN TO eolla book needed by oyory ono. particularly Just now, and sells at sight. Apply to 11. R. THOMPSON A CO.. 4W> lVabagh«ar. < WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Doraosfdoa. TV - ANTED—AT THE MABBABOIT HOUSE, OPPO- Ti rite Michigan Central Depot, a first-class female moat and pastry cook. Wagoa no object. Apply Immo* □lately. WANTED-A GERMAN, SCOTCH, ENGLISH, OR Norwegian girl to go to Genova, 1(1., to do tho gen* oral housework of a small family for six mouths from May 1. Apply at 973 Mlchlgan-av. WANTED-A GOOD COOK; ALSO ONE GIRL FOR » T washing, Ironing, oto. Apply at 631 Mlchlgan*ay.l corner Etghtoontb»Bt. TATANTED-A COOK FOR BOARDING-HOUSE; T t .steady situation and wages $0 to 87 por wook, at 493 South Dearborn (Burnalde-st.) nearTwonty-nlntb. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL TO COOK, WASH. TT and Iron In a small family; good wages paid: nono pood apply unless perfectly competent. Apply 819 Mich* igao-av. WANTED-60 GIRLS, GERMAN, NORWEGIAN, TT and Swodo in private boarding.houses, hotels, boats,!and vessels. Apply 80 Shonuau-st., opposite tho Rook Island depot. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE TT work; alto ono to do second work: come alters o’clock prepared to atay. 823 Wabasb-qy. ANTED—AT 807 WABASII-AV., A GOOD COOK. WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN OR SCOTCH GIRL TT by a prlvato family, to tako oaro of a child a year old and sow. References required. Apply at 43 Twenty* fourth-st., near Calumot-av. W ant sD-IMMEDIATRLY-A FIRST*CLASS TT cook; also a nocond.cook and dining-room girl atJohostooo House, 114 and lid West Madlson-st. WANTED— 26 GIRLS FOR ALL KINDS OF HOUSE* work in tbo bost prlvato famllloa in the city and country: also ono good nurso girl to take enro of ono child. Call at 166 Third-ay. WANTED-A GOOD STRONG GIRL FOR GEN _T t oral work, whore another Is kopt. 128 fihomian-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Boohkoepora. Clorks. &o. QITUATION WANTED-BV A YOUNG MAN AS O paying tailor in somo good banking institution: hot had live years* experience. Address U 69, Tribune olßco. DITUATION WANTED—AB SALESMAN IN A LUM- O her yard for city or country solicitor; understands tha business thoroughly, having bad several years' oiDorionco. Address K 29, Tribune office. Trades. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG ENGLISH kJ man, as mlllor; lias had seven yours' experience: will- Ing to work s cau figure and write woll. Address K 23, Tribune office.- Situation wanted-by a paper-hanger Address U 49, Tribune office.;? SITUATION WANTED-BY A BOY 16 YEARS OLD O to learn a good taado, photographer or any other kind, or work In an 011100. 1 can wrlto a good hand, and « ru S&JfJfiPl&nAt Apply or send by nisdl to ROBERT A. sWEPMAW, IMTownsond-st., City, Coaohmon, Toamstors. &o. DITUATION WANTED—A PRIVATE FAMILY WHO wish a married man as ooaobmnn, who cau give tho best or roforonoue, will please address T CO. Tribune office. . MisoeUonoona. DITUATION WANTED—A YOUNO MAN AT PREB - ont traveling In Western Illinois and Southern lowa,- with dry goods samples, will bo open for an engagement about Aug. 1. Ho commands a first-class trade. Nona but first-class houses treated with. Address JUB. 167 tourth-Bt., Milwaukee, IVls, SITUATION WANTED—AS HEAD WAITER IN A first-class hotel; has lived 10yearn in one hotel in that capacity: can furnish best of references. Please addresa Z63, Tribune oiaoo. . DITUATION WANTED-BY ABOBER AND STEADY kJ Swedish man to work in a store or to drivo for a Com pany; la a good driver, and can glvo tho boat of refer* cocos. Call or address SS, 03 Bromor-st., fofr two days. DITUATION WANTED-BY A GENTLEMEN, AGED kJ 28, any kind of employment; unexceptionable refer, epees;has capital to Invest, if required. Address Y 69. Trlbuno. * SITUATIONS * WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. DITUATION WANTED —BY A MIDDLE-AGED kj lady, us nurao and sowlug-woman lua rospcolablo family. For further particulars apply at 166 North Mur gau-st., Monday and Tuesday. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL IN private family, to do second work or general house* work In a small family. Cali at 873 Thlrd-av. J DITUATIONB WANTED-FOR TWO GIRLS: ONB kj as cook, and the other as second-girl; host of refer coco from their proaout place. Apply to 1896 Pralrlo-av. ; DITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG La6y OF O several years' cxporlsnoo, as sales-lady In a notion or corset and underwear department. Beit of reference given. Applyur address SALESLADY, 776 Wabath-av. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. POR SALIC—CHEAP IP TAKEN TO-DAY—I BED spring, 1 baso-burnor parlor stove, 1 iyj Peerless cook stove, a fi-foot ston-laddor, and a 3-whoolcd baby car riage. Apply at 880 Cottage Ororo-qy. I?OR SALE—CHEAP—FURNITURE SUITABLE L' for housokeopidg, and flvo rooms to rent. Apply 191 tVoß upstairs. . *I7OH SALE—A PEERLESS COOK-STOVKs SIZE. -U IJ4\ In good oomUtlun. Price SBS; Apply at 869 Cot* tage Orovo-av. *I)ARTIES HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS TO BUY X or soil for cash will do well to call on IJ, 740 Wool Madison at. . PARTIES HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS ON X merchandise of any kind for sale will find a cash pur* chaser by addressing ll 76, Trlbuno olflco. LOST. TOST-S6O REWARD—A OHESTNUT-SORREL Xi horse, byoars old; weight about 000 lbs., and tophus gy, yacht body, brown lining, patent wheel# Iron rod through the soat. The above reward will bo paid, na Questionsasked, by W. O. BTRICKLER, Room 4, No. » Markot-st, T OST-ON SUNDAY, EITHER IN LINCOLN PARK XJ or Roboy-at., noar Indiana, a mink boa. A reward will ba paid by leaving It atl79 South Groon-st. PERSONAL. PERSONAL—IF THE GENTLEMAN WHO BA* X alongside a ludy In tho west gallery of tho Couteiiar* Church last ovouing. and took tho wrong hat away by mis* take, will rotnru It to tho ownor, Room 8 Chamber of Commerce, he will receive his own, with thanks. PERSONAL—MISS LOUISE BTKNI)EL( DRESDEN). X or any person knowing hor rosiilonou, u hereby ro. (inested, In order to hear somolhiug odvnntaguomi. ta forward her address, under ohltfro, F. B. DRESDEN to. Tribune olllco. INSTRUCTION. Tl English studloß. Address U ill), Trlbuno olllco. \\TANTED-UY A LADY ACCUSTOMED TO TUP Y1 Ron, a few pupils In music, French, and Gorman. Highest rcl.nonou*. lunulru at 726 Mlohlgaa-ar., bo* twoon the hours of ti and 4 p. m. BUILDING MATERIAL tSimbnsion htonk. omo mviin frkb U stone la lilooks, Missouri (Scotch) granlto la blocks SMITH O4I, ABOncy » -WHouUi Clark st., Room 2. J. 11, 1?OR HALE—PHILADELPHIA PRESS El)' BRICK* ' about 20,000; ohonp. F, LYMAN, Room 17 Portland Block. .MACHINERY, Pou hale-copper, 8,000 gallons, stili^ worm, guotiu, and culumn 40 luohos altmutor 19 apartments. Also ono Hd-inoh column and gooso; all modern ounitructlon; equal to now. at half-price. 86 oonta Uuur oltUor or til, Address U A O, Wd UrosuwloU-st^ 7

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