Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 30, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 30, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. OTTS, HNTIBH STOCK OF w T O *T"F‘ . JZ3L ■ ES S AT GOST I In order to make room fbrour Spring Stook fif Watohea, wo shall close out our present argo stook of Watches, which reaobod us too late for the Holiday Trado. at the actual ooatof manufacture and importation. NO HESERVAuTIof*.' 8.000 GOLD WATOIIES? ot from S3O to $l5O oaoli t' usual prico, S4O to SSOO. GILES, BRO. & GO., 266 & 268 WABASH-AV., AND 334 WEST MAMSOW-ST. TO RENT. munuß. No. 40 Rondolph-st., 85x100, four stories and basement, fin ished in the best manner. Ap ply to THE WESTERN NEWS COMPANY, 42 and 44 Ran dolph-st. TO RENT. Second and third floors of 74 and 76 RANDOLPH-ST., very light. To right parties a low rent will be made. Apply to J. li. WAYNE & SON. TO RENT, Three Floors, separately or togeth er, of large building on Stato-st., near Van Buren, well-lighted, with elevators, suitable for wholesale business or manufacturing purposes. Apply at Ko. 623 Wabash-av. To.Rent}. - Well-lighted office*, finished In flnt-clau style, on La* Balle-ab., near Randolph, corner of alley; first floor, S2O tottt; second, sl6 to SBS; thltd, 813 to S3O. WILLIAM H. QONDON, 47 Laßallo-sfc., Room 3. TO RENT, Desirable Stores and corner Basement in Briggs House, corner Fifth-av. and Ran* dolpn-flt. Apply to PHASE & ADAMS, 31 Bryan Block. “X s <0 lOLESiKTT Two' Well-Lighted Offloea on First Floor, with rood Vaults, built /or Banka bat suitable for Jtoal Estate. Railroads, or any kind of Office-Business. Alio, Suites of Effices la Second and Third Btorios of Carter's Building, os. Wand <8 South Ctark-st,, next to Shorman House, ignite at Room Wo. 4, 48 South Olark-st. TO RENT. From May Ist. fornlshod home, No. 11l South Wood-st,, In boat condition, two-story and baaomoiit brick, with barn. eto.; all modern Improvements. Apply at once to D. Q. BRADLEY, 151 Washlngton-st. RENT. Offices, Offices, Exchange Building, corner Clark and Wash* ington-sts., H00m.43, TO RENT, Desirable Offices in the Metropoli tan Block. Inquire of A. A. HUN GER, Offloe No. 8. . HOTELS. Summer Hotel. Tbs new Hotel at Highland Park will be open Jana 1. This Hotel is only thro* stories high, but contains 125 rooms. It la too feet long, has broad halls running full length of home; 600 foot of plarta 12 foot wide; » broad decs on tho top of tne borne, 800 foot long, overlooking Lake Michigan. It is one hour's ride from Chicago, In the growing town of Highland Park, where a pier Is Doing built for the accommodation of pleasure excursions from Chicago. Klogant Billiard Hall, Croquet Grounds, and fine Liverr Establishment in connection with the Hotel. The Hotel will bo under tho management 010. D. Hop kins, formerly of StanwU Hall. Albany. For further information apply to O, D. HOPKINS, Proprietor. High land Park, or F. P. HAWKINS. Agent fl. P. B. Co., H3 Monroo-sU, Itqom 4, Chicago. BRIGGS HOUSE, REBUILT, Corner of Eandolph-st, and Ilfth-av, OLD TERMS, 83 PER DAY. BIOKOOBDS & HUWTOON, Proprietor*. GENERAL NOTICES. CMcap & Nortiwestem Railway. SPECIAL NOTICE. On and after Tbureday, May 1, the pity Of floo for the ealo of Ticket, will be at eoutb we.t corner X.aßalle and Kandolpb-ete. Commutation Ticket. will be .old at tbie office only. MABVXtT HUOniTT, Qen. Bupt. W. A. THHAJ.Ii, Bon. F. Agt. THE PORTSMOUTH IRON BUILDING Association have osUbllshod an agonoy At 48 South Clark* it., where they will be happy to receive orders and make estimator for contractors and builders. Room S. J. 11. SMITE. Agent. CARPET GLEANING. KING CARPET CLEANER Boston Carpet Cleaning Co,, 44 AND 40 WEST ADA.IIB.faT., . Br.Mh, <«» 0N 40Q STORAGE. QTOIRA.G-El. nMWBB WABEHOOM. 1M 10 MO UABKBIBT. of .11 Mod. of moroh.ndUo.troj.OMLl. r01... JEWELRY. Ac. FINE WATCHES, We have the largest assortment of Fine Watches in the West, which we are selling at remarkably low prices/ We have just received another large invoice of GOLD GUARD CHAINS. N. MATSON & CO., STATE &lOSROMS.' CHINA. CROCKERY, &o. -A.T RETAIL. mm, CROCKERY, ‘GLASSWARE, Silver-Platefl Gootls, TABLE OUTLEET,&c BURLEY & T7ERELL 274 276 & 278 faW-av., CORNER VAN BTJBEN-BT. WE ARB SELLING Wle QMna Dinner Sets, 141 Pcs,, for $35,00. Media Tea Sets, 66 Fes.,for 6,50. In faot, we are closing out our entire Wholesale Stock* at Retail, AT WHOLE BALE PRICES, in order to make room for an elegant Retail Stock for Spring Trade. Scott yraitonßros., 219 West Madison-st. PAPER HANGINGS. Don’t Fail TO CALL ON HUGER, JEHEIRS &FAIOH, 107 STATE-ST., And soe the largest and most com plete stock of Paper Hangings, Dec orations, "Window Shades, Laoe Cur tains, Xambrequins, Bedding, &0., to be found in the oity—all New and Beautiful Designs. FLOWERING PLANTS, Sc o. FLOWERING PLAITS, Boiianels, aifl Floral Desips. A choice assortment of House, or Bedding Plants, at reasonable prices, at tbo large Conservatory on North Olark-st., one block north of Chlcago-av., or at southeast eornerof State and Washlngton-st*,, entrance through Boddin 4 Hamilton's, Jewelers. WM. T. SHEPHERD, PLOHIST. CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS. JOHN MIDDLETON & SON, Carpenters Oilers, 60 and 62 Third-av. GENERAL CONTRACTING, STORE & OFFICE FITTING. COD DIVER OIL. •WIX.XiSO3ST’S CARBOLATED COD LIVER OIL Is a flpeelflo end Radical Cure for CONSUMPTION AHD 80B0FUL0US DISEASES. Remembor the name. * 1 Willson’s Oarbolated Ood Lifer Oil." It oomoa In largowedge-shapod bottler bearing the Inventor*! signature, and la sold by the beat Drag gists. Prepared "by J. H, Willson, 30 Platt-et., H, T, Wholesale Western Depot, HPRLBDT k EDSALL, 44 & 46 HlTer-Bt„ CMcagO. TO LEASE TO LEASE, OR FOR SALE. LONG TIME. The moat dosiroblo location outside the Are-limits, near Ashland-av. ondVan Baron at., in separate lots or one entire bloolc. T. B. PATTBRBON, 48 Iglohlgon-av., Hoorn 8. BUSINESS CARD. John Lyle King, LAW OFFICE, i IJ3O .OLAKK-ST-, , Bstwson Washtagtoa and Madison. MACHINERY. RICHARDS' IRON WORKS, 47 & 40 South JolTorson-st. TT, B, BATEIIAM, Pmt. J. O. BIOItARDS, Si OP PIUST-OIiASS irtable and Stationai Po: ENGINES, AND IMPROVED ELEVATOIt MACHINERY. THE "OLD RELIABLE” Richards Fewer Oorh-Sheller. Over 1,500 In Pally Use. WARRANTED to shell clean from the cob without cut* ting or bruising the grain, and clean tho com In flrst-olau condition for marked Tho sales of these machines the past season hare ox* tended throughout tho Union, to California and South America* and their already high reputation greatly enhanced by recent valuable improvements. Thou simplicity of mechanism and substantial oonstmc; tion warrant the assertion that they will do more and bettor work* with leak expense for repairs* than any other machines in the market. Wo mako a SPECIALTY - of the construotlon of. IMPROVED ELEVATOR MACHDTERT, In all Ita details, Including Estimates. Pinna and krrl.f.”n■\r;^?u«s;h^n.r;»^srfa^fc West, wo an prepared to advise with those contemplating building, and suggest many valuable improvements in handling grain and saving noodloas expense. - Wo refer to over 100 Elevators of our own construction in tho west} also, to the Chicago Board of Trade, Bail* road Companies. Mills, do. Bir^BondforOataloguos^^^ ——^^ BUSINESS CHANCE. TREMONT HOUSE FORSALB. Fnmitnre, Fixlnres, aid Lease Of la Present Tremont House. The house is most admirably adapt ed for families, having 120 rooms, 40 of which are in suites, with, all the modern improvements. Furniture in most excellent condition, most of •it being new. The house is in splon , did order, rent low, and will be sold .Upon liberal terms. If not disposed ■of oner before Monday, May B, it will be sold at public auction, duo jnotioo to be given hereafter. JTTO. B. DRAKE. STOVES. RANGES. &o. EATHBONE’S STOVES Are favorably known all over the United States. Among 1 tho most popular patterns Is the PEARLESS COOKING STOVE, (For Hard Coal, Soft Coal, nr Wood, with Lew Enameled . Kosorrolr, or with Pipes for Heating Water 1 for Bath Booms, oto. We also manufacture a largo variety of GOOD CHEAP STOVES, ' Using tba eamo quality of Iron as in the Fearless, : which can bo bought as low as an inferior Store, ( ron BALE TO THE TRADE ONLY, BY .EATHBONE, SARD & CO., 38 & 40 Xako-st. Above Stoves are forsale at retail by tbo prominent deal* ere In the city nod country. EMPIRE COOK STOVE THE FINEST EVER MADE I BOMETHDIO ENTIRELY HEW I Has More Good Features Than Any Other! An Examination Will Convince You I Manufactured by SwottiQulmby I Sold Wholesale and 4 Parry, Troy N. Y. ! Retail by JOHN D. MACLEAN & 00., 33S STA-IMS-ST. FINANCIAL. ASSIGNED ESTATE OF THE EaterDrisG Insurance G.BHitaiiy. Tha second dividend (forty-three per coat) awarded by the Auditor, will be paid by TUB PHILADELPHIA TRUST. SAFE DEPOSIT AND INSURANCE COM PANT. Assignees, at their Offlco, No. 421 Ohoitnut-at. A form of receipt will be sent to each creditor whose address is known to the Assignees. I. L. ERRINGHR. Vice Prosldoat. OHARLE»a.oftoirn» R. PARKER PIERCE. PIERCE & BROWER, BROKERS, £53 MADISOOT-ST. Local Stocks, Commercial Paper. Govern ment and Western Securities. Illinois 10 per cent Registered Coupon Bonds. $10,000.00 Fourth National Bank Stock for Sale, For prieo and particulars apply to O. H. FIELD A GO:. 161 Monroo-gt. WANTED. Lumber. A Ocntlomnn who has boon In llio I.umlior Business, and who uudurstuuds It thoroughly* wUhea to engitgu with some Yard ns Salesman or Country Solicitor. Can fnrnlsb the very beat of reference. Addreu It 28* Tribune of> flee* bxjA.oecst^:iti3:s AND BLACKSMITH’S HELPERS I I WANTED—A. number of blacksmiths and helpers. For tbs best workmen the highest wages paid, or piece* work. Apply at MoOOltMfOK’tt Reaper Works, Blue IsUnd-at., nearWeslero ar. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1873. IR, IB HOV .A. L. ttrt! nsußAnoE ornon CHAS. H. CASE, To No. ICO Woslilngton-st, CAPITAL REPRESENTED OVER 16 MILLION DOLLARS. SPRINGFIELD FIRE Aid MARINE INSURANCE CO., OF. MASS. NORTH AMERICA, IFt O ‘'ST Xji, OF LIVERPOOL. r liosbob paid by above Companies amount to over $50,000,000. • DwoJllng*. Household FnmlUtr*, Store Building* and content* Inturod on favorable term*. 160 Washington-st., Chicago. REMOVAL. ry MRS. 6. SCHOEN & GO, AOXilirEra]B.T, 200 West Madison-st. The tatoit and OholoMi Stylo* of Paris and Igndon Fashions. QurpricoivtU plsaM everybody. Oall and convince yonrsolt. REMOVAL. J. M. W. JONES, ©T-A.arXOIDTBIR, Du removed from 89 Canal and 107 Olark'ite. to Nos. 104 and 106 Madleon-st. A SPLENDID STORE, PLENTY OF GOODS* AND FAIR PRICES. AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY. REMOVAL. The WEST SIDE Branch Office of this Company has boon romdvod from 319 Dandplph-aU to GO South llMatod at,, oorootof MsdiioD. The SOUTH BIDS branch Office, 630 Wabaeh*av., will bo removed to Wabosh-av., corner of Xweflly-iooond-et., May 1. . B. O. BEATON, Agent. April 28, IS7{ REMOVAL. Our office after this dato Trill beat Room No. 44 Port* land Block, comer Dearborn and Wanbington-ste. , HITOHOOOK, DDPBIS4 BVARTS. Marl. 1! FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK. SECURITY FHO3I LOSS BY RODDEItY, FIRE, OR ACCIDENT. FIDELITY Savings Bank AND Safe Depository, In tholr now Fire-Proof Building, 143, 145 & 147 Kandolph-st,, Receive for safe keeping In their GREAT FIRE AND BUROLAR.PROOF SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS (among the bosk in the world, haring cost orer one hundred thousand dollars). Coupon Bonds, Securities, Family Plate. Colo, Deeds, Wills, and Valuable's of orory de scription. Also, rent Safes In tholr Vaults at from. $lO to 950 a year, according to else. , . , Trusts of every kind rooolrod and executed. Interest Allowed on Savings Deposits. SesiraMe Investment. I am lostruotod by owners to offer for tale, on favorable terms, 6,10, 20, 80, or 40 acres of the property known as the "'Steel Farm," situated In Beo. 9% T. 88, R. 13, In the southwestern part of (be city, bounded north apd south by Twenty-sixth and Tblrty-flrst-ste, and oast and west by Kedzlo-av. and Mowry-sta. This property adjoin* Lawndale on the south, and la certain to advance rapidly In value. The attention of Capitalists is called to this Advertisement. Apply to JOHN JOHNSTON, Agent (or Owners, Room 4. Nos. 84 and 66 L&Salls-at. $5,500.00. HOUSE AND LOT. Monthly Payments. Or will sacrifice lor all or half cash. One left of three first-class houses t possession May I: situated in that beautiful grove of high land on Porty-first-st., between Cottage Qrovo and Vlnoennos-avs., built well, with nioo finish, marble mantels, inside blinds, gas. cistern, large barn for two how, o cow, and carriage. Call on owner. J. L. MoKEB vBR. 133 LaSaUo-st., Room 10, or any evening, 37 University »plaoe. FOR SALE, House of 9 rooms, with lot . 80 foot front on Lake-av., near Kenwood Station, with or without tho Furniture, at a bargain if sold soon. Apply to WM. a. DOW, Room 1, Nevada Bloolc. At a Sacrifice. Throa-story briok hnnse, la ft good neighborhood, EP9 Randolph-at., near Elisabeth. Rented for SI,BOO to good tenant. 67. COO. Muit bo sold this day. * AYRES A Hogg. 71 Washlngton-at. ACRE PROPERTY Near Central Park. for talot Five acre blocks In our new .uMllUloa c, S. *. HlillaM Par! Dili Co, Office m. MONROE BT., Room 4, Kent'* Balldlog. Homee and LoU for *ale on easy terms. letter Heir, File, & Daier, WITH I INDEXES. CULVER, PAGE, HOYB «i CO., 118 AKD 120 MONROE-ST. BLANK BOOKS, In great variety and at lon prices, at TREES! TREES! Ten thousand Booloh and Austrian Pine, from two to ten foot high, lor sale at extremely low flgnres, attho Grassland Nursery, forty rode north of Greenland Oeme toryOttioe. Take North OUrk-st. oarelnoonneollonwlth the Grassland Dummy, Also, a general assortment of Ornamental Trees, Rumba, Qroanllouse and Beddlng out pf ;a u. CIU Vtpot, rn North REMOVALS. OF PHILADELPHIA. THE JOHN O. ttatwfih. President. BEAL ESTATE. FRANK P. HAWKINS. Agent. TOR SAXE. INSURANCE. IISURMCE! TUB AGENCY OF UIOMCO, OFFERS i Momnlty DisniDsel To Parties doairing lamrance on DWELLINGS, ! HOUSEHOLD ; FURNITURE, I BUILDINGS, MERCHANDISE, LEASES, GRAIN, PROVISIONS, And Other Property liable to the PERIL OP CONFLAGRATIONS. Seven Reliable Companies are represented by ua. a. M, MOORE & CO. COAX, COAL. COAL. £. L. HEDSTEOII & GO., MINERS AND SHIPPERS OP Anthracite Coal, AND DEALERS IN OfflO, INDIANA, aßfl ILLINOIS SOFT COALS, Haro now afloat and for aale tho following oargooa: Sohr OILB'T MOLLTSON, Fair Haven, 607 ton* Range. 6cbr ORIENT, from Pair Haven, 610 tone Chestnut. Schr CORTES, from Fair Haven, 603 tons Chestnut. Sohr JAS. PLATT, from Fair llavon, 804 tons Sm. Egg. Sohr O. M. BOND, from Fair llavon, 485 tous L. Egg. Sohr LILLIE PARSONS, Fair llavon, 433 tons Range. Bark CORNING, from Buffalo, 1,100 tons Chestnut. Bark ONONDAGA, from UufTalo. 900 tons Range. Bark REDWING, from Buffalo, twO tons Range. Chicago, 146 Markot-st. Will shortly remove to 71 Washington's!. YARDS—North Branch, cor. Klnzleand Klncsburr-ita. South branch, loot of East BUtoenth-st. Retail orders filled promptly and with caro. HORATIO PRATT, Agent for Chicago. Principal Eastern Office—Buffalo, N. Y. Lake Shipping Points—Buffalo, N. Y.; Fair Haven (oa Lake Ontario). FISHING TACKLE, KNIVES, &o. “FISHM TACKLE.".. SPORTSMEN and DEALERS will find over} thins tie eirabln In Rods, Lines, and Equipments, at BIGGS, BPBNOKR A tlb.’S, & Wabaeh-av. ' “TABLE KNIVES,” In Irory, Bono, and Rubber Handles. Thirty atrles, from $3.00 per dozen upward. BIGGS, SPENCER A CO., 336 Wauaah-av. “POCKET KNIVES.” Fire hundred different designs, of the rory finest qual* Hr, our own make, IXL, and Rodgers’, from %'t cents to s6o.oosash. DIGGS, SPENCER A CO., 336 Wabaah-av. “COEKSCIEWS” 60 patterns of the boat Bnsllah, French, and German manufacture, comprising all the Novelties. BIGGS, BPBNCKR A CO.. 835 Wnbaab-ar.

WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. CALL AND EXAMINE THE HARTFORD Woven fire Mattress At the Company's Branch Office, 286 State-st., Chicago. THE BEST BSD IN THE WORLD. For sale by tho FURNITURE DEALERS everywhere. J. T. STONE, Manager. CLOTHING. Clothing. SPRING OVERCOATS, FINE ASSORTMENT. Custom Department at West Side Store. EDWARDS, BLUETT & CO., 45 and 47 West Madison-at., aoa STATB-ST. CARRIAGES. Carriages. ZEE. 18. HILL, Dealer In a groat variety of Kino Rockaways, Victorias. Barouches, Phaetons, Jump-Bunts, Wide.Heat*, Top mid Open Buggies, Pony Phaotouu, Oonoords, Ac., atKopos ‘a? & 29 SOUTH CLINTON-ST., NEAR WASHINGTON. LUMBER. HENRY N. HOLDEN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of HARDWOOD LUMBER. Also, Mahogany, Hooowood, Florida Cedar, Voneorn, &o. Particular attention paid to filling bills for any kind of Hardwood or Fancy Lumber. OFFICE ARP YABD-HQ. 211 Sonlt Market-st. DRESS-MAKING. Fashionable Millinery AND DKESSMAICING, At Mrs. D. A. Jackson’s Parlors, 80 STATB-ST. THE MODOGS. The Lava-Beds the Scene of An other Fearful Massacre. A Small Body of Troops En trapped and Shot Down. Twenty-five Killed and as Many More Wounded. List of the Victims ns Far as Known. Sak Framoisoo, April 20.—A courier who has arrived here reports another terrible fight with the Uodecs, In which 10 of our men wore killed, Including CapU Thomas and Lieut. Howe, of the Fourth Artillery, and Lieut. Wright, of the Twelfth Infantry, and 93 wounded, Including Ltcnt, Harris, of the Fourth Artillery. Others ore missing. Particulars soon. Lava-Beds, April 20.—A rooonnolssauco, composed of Batteries K and A of the Fourth Artillery, and Company E of the Twelfth Infantry, loft camp at 7:30 this morning, proceeding in a direction known to lead to tbo present Modoc strong hold, Capt. E. Thomas, of tbo Fourth Artillery, being In . command. A dozen or so of the Worm Spring Indians wore expected to co-operate on Oapt. Thomas’ left. Tbo troops, baring formed a lino of skirmishers, advanced without hesitation until they arrived at the foot of tbo bluff south of tbo lava-beds, haring In the meanwhile signalled to the camp that no Indiana could bo found. On reaching tbo bluff the Modocs opened a severe fire, causing the troops to seek such shelter as they could find in the crevices and chasms, and, as usual, the foe was unseen. Tho first position became untenable, owing to tbo fact that tbo Indians obtained both a cross-enfilading flro and a direct fire. So exposed was tho position that up to tbo present writing (7 o’clock in tho evening) only two of our wounded could go to camp. As nlno wounded, Including Lieut. Wright, of tbo Twelfth Infantry, had sought shelter In a oreritio which was particularly open to tho Modoc flro, grave doubta exist of their ultimate safety. As soon as information Waa received at headquarters relative to tho peHl of the troops, aid was at onoo pushed forward to their rescue, four companies being ordered out—two of cavalry from this camp and two from OoU Mason’s. Stretchers for tho conveyance of tho wounded wore forwarded. These returned just now without having* achieved the object for which they were Intended. Poor fellows I a bitter cold night at least Is before them. It Is barely poa Bible that, considering the character of tholr enemy, somo of them no longer hoed either tho cold or heat. Tholr comrades who are coming in camp show plainly by their demeanor tbe heartfelt sorrow they feel for them, but they aro powerless. April 27—0:30 a, m.—A dispatch received from Col. Green, of tho First Cavalry, who went out with rein forcements yesterday morning, shows the surprise to have been much more complete, and was more terribly fatal, than was at first supposed. Tho dlspatoh states that Capt. Thomas and Llout. A. K. Howe, of tho Fourth Artillery, wore killed ; Lieut. Harris, of tho Fourth Artillery, badly, perhaps mortally, wounded; Llout, Cranston, of tho Fourth Artillery, missing. A full list of the killed and wounded cannot be ob tained, but it is known that privates Ward, Battery K, and Parker and Collins, Battery A, are killed; private Boyle, of Company E, Twelfth Infantry, and one othor man of tho same company, are suppoood killed, and that the Modoca burned tho bodies of the two latter. In addition to tho list given above, the names of First Bcrgt. Bobert S, Boemer, Battery A, and private John Higgins, of Battery K, Fourth Artillery, are given as badly wounded; Matt Murphy, Company E, Twelfth Infantry; James Noble and Charles Cuff, Battery A. Fourth Artillery, slightly; Acting Assistant Surgeon 13. Scmlg waa wounded In two places while attending the womided troops. 5 r. m., April 27.—From a second dispatch sent by Col. Green It appears that there are now collected and waiting conveyance to camp sixteen men killed, In cluding Capt. Thomas and Llout Howe, of tho Fourth Artillery. Llout. Wright, Twelfth Infantry, and eight wounded, including Lieut. Harris. Fourth Artilory. Those, added to tho number of wounded men above cited, show a largo percentage of casualties from tha small number of men engaged. Some sixty or slxty-ono Modoca aro armed with Spencer carbines and brooch-loading muskets; nor is St a single instance only where tho Modoo has been known to have possession of two or moro Bpencer , rifles, enabling him to keep up a rapid flro of shots from his natural or artificial breastwork of rook. Tho surface of tbe ground iu many places is tom np by volcanic action, leaving crevices, and these aro adapta ble to purposes of either hiding or points of de fense. There wore several instances of soldiers knowing nothing of tho topography who have como unawares on ouch fissures; therefore, they could not escape; their positions were confronted with a wily Indian rifle leveled, with finger on trigger: death, or at least a dangerous wound, was tbo result; and too ■ often tho cowardly redskin escapes by so many paths known only to themselves. Lava-Beds, April 27—8 p. m.—Col. Green’s dispatch, giving an account of tho disastrous repulse by tbe Modoca on Sunday, states, aa a sample of tho treachery of tho savage cunning, that a portion of tho Batteries A and K, Fourth Artillery, end Company EL Twelfth Infantry, finding themselves In danger of being out flanked, took shelter In a hollow spot, which afforded a partial cover. Some twenty had no sooner done so than the Indians, who know and com manded every ogress from the cavity at that point, and numbered twenty-one warriors, detached seven of tholr number on ono side, fourteen remaining on the other, and opened a cross-fire on tho poor fellows, who could not show head or band without the certainty of being struck. Very few escaped injury, and tbe rest wore either killed or wounded. It Is next to Impossible to ascertain the number of Modoca killed and wounded yesterday. Capt. MoKoy, reported that his Warm Bpring Indians had taken four scalps. This may bo tho whole, and may be only a portion, of those killed, tho Modoca being very careful to destroy, aa far as possible, all traces of tbolr casu alties, burning tho dead bodies. Their wounded are supposed to be hidden lu caves. But few of them bavo been seen so far. Justice to tbe memory of the gallant dead compels us to record tho following wcll-anthcnticated facta : When Capt. Thomas found himself and his men sur rounded by tho vindictive foe, true to his nature as a soldier, be sought to cheer the soldiers on to the bitter end, obtain, if possible, life for life, and sell their Uvea dearly, saying: “ Men, we are surrounded. Wo must fight and die like men and soldiers." In his noble ef forts to sustain tha courage of hla small command, be waa ably seconded by Lieut. Howe and Llout. Wright. After receiving hla mortal wound he burled bis gold watch and chain among the rocks and emptied hla re volver among the enemy before dying. Xf living he would also write in terms well deserved the praise of Lieut. Harris, who was similarly situated. Oapt. Thom*o, with » portion of his Batter/ K, Fourth Artillery, sot an example of bravery and de termination to bis men, uttering such sentiments as those already quoted, not that they required such ex pressions to stimulate them to deeds of bravery, when every man would willingly bavo followed either ofllcer wherever bo chose to load; yet they show tha mutual confidence existing between them. Since they were to fall, it is a pity that tbpy bad not been where they could have opposed a worthier foe; but it la a mournful consolation thot each—Capt. Thomas, Llout. Howard, and Lieut. Wright, tho aon of a soldier—met a soldier’s death in tho defense of tholr Government and the laws of tho country, , Of the men killed or wounded, it is perhaps sufficient to say that they proved tnolr bravery with their blood —tba former with their lives, and tho latter in tholr total or partial disability. 8:90 p. in,, April 27.—Bolnforceraenta sent out under Cot Green, together with tho killed and wounded, are expected momentarily. Thn heavy rain, now falling, Is beneficial to the poor wounded men, alleviating their suffering and relieving their fevered limbs. Tholr arrival is moat anxiously looked for by tbolr more fortuu&to comrades in camp. Every preparation boa been made for tboir proper reception. When tho newt of tho massacre reached tbe camp soldiers who had grown gray In the service wept Uko babies at the fate of their o ill cars and comrades. oa. m., April 18.—The troops, with the killed and wouuded, are returning. In addition to the death-list given, add; First Sergeant lloberl B. Homer, Battery A, and private James Hose. Battery K, Fourth Artillery, dlod yesterday; Sergeant Hack, Battery A, came iu wounded. Homos not pre viously mentioned. In many instances it is difficult to recognize the dead but for some article of dress knowu to have belonged to thorn. Indian barbarity has defaced the lineaments of those killed to an extent that few friends of the peace policy would readily believe. In the present instances the Indian policy has effected, Indirectly, the death of Gen. Canby, and an equally noble Christian, Dr. Thomas: yet the recent history, beginning on ths 10th, IClh, and 17th instants, was a continuation of the usme policy, but it required the massacre of the 20th to add the orownlng feather of glory to the Indian Bureau and Its supporters. The complete list of killed and wounded is now la camp. Killed—Oapt, Evan Thomas, Fourth Artillery, Bat tery A ; Lieut, Albion Howe, Fourth Artillery, Battery A; Sergt, Robert 8. Bonier, Fourth Artillery, Battery A; Private Parker, Fourth Artillery, Battery A; Pri vate John Lynch, Fourth Artillery, Battery K; Private James Rose. Fourth Artillery, Battery K; Private Joaouh W. Ward. Fourth Artillery, Battery K; Private NUMBER 254. Michael Wallace, Fourth Artillery, Battery K; Lieut. Thomne Wright, Twelfth Infantry, Oompanv.B; Pri vate dreed, Twelfth Infantry, Oonjpany E; citizen Levies Webber, of Siskiyou Company, Twelfth In fantry ; Private William Boyle, Company E, Twelfth Infantry ; Private Howard, Company E, Twelfth In fantry; Private Newbury,Company E, Twelfth Infantry, In addition to the foregoing, eight men wore burled on the field, whose namea could not-bo ascertained, Lieut. Arthur Crauetou and four men of Battery A are Bill! milling, • ■ Wounded—Private Joseph B. Roderick, Battery A, Fourth Artillery, left thigh; I’rlvato Mathew Murphy, Company E, Twelfth Infantry, rlno-flngor; Prfrato James McMillan, Battery A, Fourth Artillery, palm of right band; Private John 11. Gilford, Battery If, Fourth Artillery, back and thigh; Oorp. James Noble, Battery K, Fourth Artillery, nook; Private Charles Cult. Com- Eany E, Fifteenth Infantry, hand; Sorgt. M. ouncJy, CompanyE, Twelfth Infantry, right elbow and breast; James T. Butt, Company E, Twelfth Jt>Jntry, both temples ; Private John Higgins, Fourth Artillery, through head and shoulder;/Tra de Frank Rolls, Battery K, Fourth Artillery, loft; •—* Private Geo, vandewalor, Company E, Twelfth I _* itry, right hip; Private Wn, McCoy, Battery K, F/‘ Artillery, right buttock and right hand: Private/ v£d. McLaughlin, Battery K, Fourth Artillery, boU. E 3 * and right shoulder; Ser geant Aug. Beck, Bal 5 , Fourth Artillery, right arm; First: Sergeants* lylon, Company E, Twelfth Infantry, loft leg: **£ ,to M. Breman, Company E, Twelfth Infantry, do ; Z, hns fractured ; Limit, O. M, Harris, Fourth Arty \ back; Surgeon B, Bomlg, United States Armyr-' t leg. Sak FnAudrsoo, A’i* ’.ID. — A dispatch from Treks to-night says that triple of that place and Scott’s Valley are arming, apprehensive of a general war. The ladles have taken measures to send the sick and wounded lint, bandages, fruit,'and other necessaries. Mendenhall's troops, ISO in number, were expected to Join OlUom last nigiit. The settlors In the Tillages of Oregon, above the lake and lava-bod, are getting out with their cattle and f roperty. They are afraid to remain any longer. No urthcr news from the front. Mew York, April 30.—Tho Herald special from tha Inva-bcds, dated Itho 20lh, Raj's : “ The forco uudex Capt, Thomas, which started to rcconnoltcr the posi tion to. he hold by the Modoca, nma bored sixty-nine men. The ohjoct waa mainly to flad out how tho Modoca wore situated and whether mortars could bo brought up and used effectively against them. As tho troops approached tho cavo and lava-beds, about half-past 10, our com* mand was brought to a halt, and tho men allowed to take a rest. The story of tho first flro Is differently reported, somo saying flro or six shots wore fired, and others only four, but Tlcknor states positively that It came from a party of nine In diana who oocuplod tho bluff to the eastward of whero tho troops were stationed. MaJ. Thomas Izn mcdltely throw tho men Into skirmishing or der, with Lieut. Wright’s company on the right. The latter, however, had not got Into position Jboforo they were flanked to the right by a party of fourteen other Indians that had come up to the advance of those who fired tho flrat. Tho croas fire on Wright's men proved very demoralising, and they broke back in contusion, leaving their gallant loader In ah oxpoaed condition and supported by a few non-oommlasioucd officers. In the meantime, another small party of Indiana had obtained position to the left, and opened a raking fire on the two batteries of artillery. It waa a fearful trap, and the . first four shots were only fired to draw tho troops moro directly between the fire of the Indians between tho right and left. The rout was complete, and with tho exception of tho officers and non commissioned officora t tho majority of whom lay stretch ed on tho rocks with their life-blood ebbing fast away, the watchword was saute quipeut. Confused and de moralized aa they wore, the men became an easy prey to the Modoca,woo, confident in tho protection of their native rocks, shot them down like so many frightened deer. Occasionally news waa brought in by the scarod stragglers, exaggerated in the extreme, but significant of somo dire disaster. Many of those men who hod deserted tbolr officers in tho time of peril had soon an hundred Indians all around them. Fear had distorted their vision, and made them so helpless that ono of their number was afterwards found dead on tho field without a shot. Ha had been butchered by knives, and so panic-struck ho could not fire a shot In bis own de fense. There was a mystery about tbe attack that no body appeared to solve, as to bow the troops were so completely surprised. It appeared so strango that a party of alxty-nlno men should bo almost surrounded by Indians without their bning aware of a sign of an Indian as far as they could eeo. This fact alone will give tho publlo an Idea of tho nature of the ground In which those ludlaus fight, and what our soldiers have to contend against. During the night tbe Indiana wore creeping through tho rocks to scalp and atrip the dead. Boldlcrs coming through Col. Qrcen’s fine told him whero tbe re mains of the members of Batteries K and A were to be found. Col. Qreon Immediately moved forward his line to tho placo indicated, andlhore,hld in some sage-brush,wore tho naked bodies of MaJ. Thomas, Lieut.. Howe, Borgt. Homer, and sir others. Co). Wright’s body lay a little to tho left, and on the right waa Lieut. Harris, severely wounded, and tho bodies of five of his men stripped of all their cloth ing. Forty-nine were killed and wounded out of the command of elxty-nine men. Washington, April 29.—A comparatively brief tele gram was received by General Sherman to-night. It contains nothing now relative to tho Modoo expedition in addition to the press accounts, which it con firmed. Washington, April 29.— Capt, Thomas, reported among the killed by tho Modocs, waa the son of Gen. Lorenzo Thomas, formerly Adjutant-General of the Army. Llout. Howe was the son of MaJ. Marshall Howe, and son-in-law of Gen. Barry, commandant at Fortress Monroe. Lieut. Wright wan the son of tbs late Gen. George Wright, and nephew of the late Qon. Sumner. Wlmt the Indian Commissioners Think of tho RedNkins* New Yobk, April 29,—The Indian Commissioners, In their discussions last night, thought that their moat important Held was among the Sioux Indians, who nutfiber about 215,000. and many of whom may bo disposed to give trouble if a satisfactory arrangement la not made with thorn In regard to (bo Northern Pa cific Railroad, Spotted Tail’s baud Is restless because of tho recent murder of some of their Chiefs. A rising la feared in the Black Biver and Powder Hill country, should a now expedi tion seek to open that country. Tho Commissioners will have a council with tho Ncz Forcoa in tbo sum mer, and do not expect trouble from them; neither do they oxpcct trouble with tbe Klnmaths, Snakes, or other Indians in the Modoo country. Indian Troubles Anticipated in Ore- gon# Bah Fhahoisco, April 29.—A dispatch from Fort- . land to-night aaya 400 Indiana are camped at White Bluffs, Yakima River, above Walla-Walla, and aro putting up breastworks. The sottlera are greatly alarmed. Indians are traveling about painted, and warning tho whites to leave tho country. The Bpohano Indians aro threatening, and also vrarn log tho settlers to leave. Massacres like those by tho Modocs are feared. • METEOROLOGICAL. Signal Service Bureau Reports and. Prognostications* Cuioaoo, April 29—10:16 p. zn. The following reports have boon received from tho places mentioned below: Station, I Xiar.jrArl JTincf. I Wtather, N. 8,, gentle. 8. W., gentle. N. E.. fresh. N. ( fresh. Breckinridge, Buffalo. Cairo... Chicago... Cincinnati Cleveland.. Cheyenne. Davenport Denver.... Detroit..., N. E., light. Calm. N., brisk. S. E., fresh, N. E., fieab. N. t fresh. Calm. Duluth, Escanaba... Fort Garry. LaCrosse... Marquette.. Milwaukee. Omaha..... S. W., fresh. Calm. Calm. £., gentle, [Calm. 30.18 20.03 30.04 30.04 30.08 Pembina. 6t. Paul. Toledo.. Yaukton Keokuk.. Calm. |K., gentle. |E., fresh. 30.01 probabilities. Washington, D. 0.. April 20.—Temperature will in* oroftHo to-morrow in tho Mississippi Valley and gener ally over tbe country eastward. for the Northwest! ami Upper Lakes, and thence to Missouri and Ken tucky, northeasterly and southeasterly winds, falling barometer, increasing cloudiness, and rain. For th» Western Gulf States and Tennessee, southeasterly winds, cloudy weather, and occasional rain. For the Eastern Quit and South Atlantic States, north erly and southeasterly wind, rising temperature, partly cloudy weather and occaalonsl ram. For the Middle States and Lower Lakes temporary clearing and partly cloudy weather, with occasional ra'n and light, varia ble wfndi. In Canada and Now England, generally cloudy weather, occasional rain, and southeasterly and northeasterly winds. Ocean (ttemnslilp ffowi* Queenstown, April 29.—Steamship Idaho, from Now York, has arrived. Liverpool, April 29. Steamships Bremen and Main, from New York, have arrived out. Steamship Yllle du Havre has arrived at Brest. New York, April 29,—Arrived—T’te steamer Hum boldt, from Copenhagen. Bho experienced heavy weather and lost two fans of her propeller. Navigation Items. Mackinac, April 29.—N0 change In tho condition of the Ice. Thermometer. 60 degrees. Raining. Albany, N. Y., April 29.—ft Is now thought the Os wego Canal can be opened by May 18. Three Rive os, Canada, April 29.—Tho St. Lawrence Is clear of Ice to Montreal. Steamers commence regu lar trips to-morrow. Obituary. Washington, April 29.—Ei-Oov. W. L. Sharkey, of Mississippi, dlod hero this morning, aged 63. London, April 29.—William Charles Maorssdy, the weU-kuowu English actor, is dead, aged 60, Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Fair. Clear. Cloudy. Fair. Clear. Cloudy. Fair. Clear. Clear. Cloudy. Clear. Clear, Cloudy.

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