Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 30, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 30, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. Important Decision in a Stook-Droker- ; ago Oaie—A Jury’s Double Summersault. Tho Kentucky lottery Business Settled— Bankruptcy Holes—Tho Trcmont Uouso Kohh ary. A caso of considerable interest occupied the day in Jhdgo Rogers* Court, in which John D. Parker brought action against the banking firm of Follansbeo & Son to recover a sum of money duo him on n certain sale of Bock Island Block. At tho time of the fire, tho defend ants to the present suit were carrying considerable Block, say 20,000 shares of various kinds, for parlies In this city. Some of those, anticipating a fall in tho stock market aa one of tho Immediate commercial re sult® of the fire, gave orders to Follansbeo & Bon to telegraph immediately to their agouta in Now York to sell. Tho plaintiff in this suit was ono of these provident Individuals, and on tho day ho gave this In struction tho stock—Rock Island—was commanding 107. rollanabeo subsequently tendered him lo2jtf, which was declined, and the present action arose, Thedefcndanta assort In defense, that at tho time of the crisis they, acting on behalf of all their clients, sold all tho Blocks they hold on their account as soon as possible. Naturally, tho prices varied considerably, and, to do what Boomed to them tho square thing, they struck an av orage rate, at which they offered to sotUo with plaln- Uff. Ho urged, however, that, by virturo of the dis tinct instruction given by him on a certain dav, he should bo settled with at the market rate of that day. The ease was tried without a Jury, and His Honor rendered hts decision In favor of plaintiff, carrying a Judgment for $11,233.75. btxunqb termination op a jurt xmal. • *bs Jury in the case of Thomas While, burglar, (ha particulars of which wo published In Tux Tribune of yesterday, added yesterday morning another link to the chain of peculiar circumstances which Is fast rais ing doubta In the public mind aa to tho wondrous ad yanlagoa of the jury system. On Monday evening, at the close of the court, lb was evident that a lack of unanimity prevailed nmongat (ho Jury, -ana it was agreed that a scaled verdict might bo delivered. At 8 in tho evening Judge Farwoll returned to court to dis charge the Jury if they had not coma to terms. The juryhad done so, however, and yesterday morning tho result of their counsels was rendered in a verdict of “ Not guilty.” State’s Attorney Reed considered tho verdict so utterly at variance with the evidence pro duced that bo domondod that the .Jury bo 41 polled.” Nino of tho jurymen here upon stated that tho verdict was not In accordance with their convictions, they having probably fallen in with tho obstinate trio who stood for acquittal, with a view to taslo the sweets of horns and a smoking supper that they know awaited them elsewhere. The Jury wero then sent back to recon sider, and In ono brief hour they returned with a ver dict of guilty, fixing tho prisoner’s punishment at one . year’s I’oultontlary. This case will give a further foot bold to the growing class of skeptics who assort that a full stomach, rather than a well-balanced brain, la the sine qua non of tho modem Juryman. The following are the Jurymen who havo thus Immortalized them selves : J. T. May, W. Montgomery, E. G. Bowen, Henry Freeman, E, Kennedy, O. M. White, P. W„ Wethorcll, H. M. Fowler, J. K. Fnmham, B. hi. Green, Charles McElhany, and Q. n. Wood. ALLEGED DItEAOU Of CONTKAOT, AND WOIXRE. Catherine E, Whlfller obtained, in tho Circuit Court yesterday, a capias for tho arrest of one David 8. Bears, against whom she is about to bring an action. Com plainant avers that in February last she entered into a contract with Bears, by which he agreed to build her a 90-feet square, twcwlory frame house on Hulburt street, in consideration of which ho was to receive from complainant a warrantee deed for two lots In Mrs. Whislor’a Subdivision of ground In the south OX acres of southeast X of southeast X of southeast X of Beo. 17, T. 88 N. It. 11 east of 3p, m., Cook County; (hat a slight alteration in the contract was subse quently agreed to by both parties ; that, according ta tho terms ot the contract, complainant gave Scarfs warrantee deed for one of tho lots; that the lots were worthssoo apiece; that Soars had not fulfilled any part of tbo contract, but has sold the lot to ono Gam mon for S9OO, being S2OO loss than its actual value, and that the solo was made fraudulently and with Intent to cheat plain till'. wruT’am anamk? VI ..A. O .41 A 41AMA 4 Mrs. Sophronia L. Patch, who has struggled for years with a constantly growing dislike for the name which she assumed with the matrimonial bond,wishes to mend matters byhavlngtho 44 Patch 1r ora8ed and “Lovo l*oo ” substituted in its place. 44 Sophronia ” was sweet, ** Lucinda” lovely, but ** Patch” a perfect pest, an atrocious. anti-climax, that tho powers of the Su perior Court must bo petitioned to abolish. 1 With a flue regard tooUiteratlou, a suitable surname is chosen and Mrs. Sophronia Lucinda Lovelace, late of Nova Scotia, aud Clarence Lovelace, nee Patch, her miner child, may soon return to their snowy wilds and air their now-found cognomen to the dismay omt envy of all the less enterprising 44 Patches” on tho face of tho mighty Dominion. WHEUK IB THE COPT OP THIS LEASE ? Mary L., widow, and tho children of tho late Philip F. W, Pock, filed a bill in chonccry against Wilson K. Klxofx and William S. Johnston. Complainants state that in his lifetime said Philip p, W. Pock was tho S wn .l r 2f P lec °°f land on tho southwest)corner of Booth Clark and Washington streets, Lot 1 and tho east 27 feet of Lot 2 In Block 61C, in tbo original Town of Chicago, snbjcct, however, to the terms of a twenty-voara’ lease to Wilson K. Nixon, ono proviso of which lease was that Nlxou should not sub-lot tho property without the. consent of tho lessor or bis heirs; that the lease also provided for two ap praisements. by virtue of which tho rontol might bo Increased; that Nixon has, without tho consent of tho holm, sub-lot tho property to one William 8. Johnston. who declines to allow moro than ono appraisement; that the original lease was lost In tho great fire, and that Johnston alone possesses a copy (hereof. Com plainant, therefore, asks that defendants may bo brought into court to make answer in tho promises,- and that Johnston bo required to produce said copy of lease. ALLEGED ILLEGAL TAX BALES, Goo. W. French files a hill in chancery in the Circuit Court onaiust Henry A. Gage ond Annlo F. Griswold. Complainant avers that in March, 1803, ho loosed from Miss Griswold the east 60 feet of tho south of Lot 3. In Block 49, of Canal Trustees’ Subdivision of Sec. 7, T. 39, N. B. 14 E. 3 P. M., In City of Chicago, said lease hold to conlinuo until May 1, 1878; that a special covenant in tho leaso provided that complainant should pay all the taxes on tho property, which ho has dono; (hat on© Henry A, Gago holds four tax certificates of sale on tho property, tho legality of which complainant denies ; wherefore plsinOff, fearing that tho color of claim on tho prop erty may affect hia rights as leasee, asks that Gage may be brought Into court to make direct answers to com plainant's allegations, and that an injunction may bo leaned restraining sold Annlo F, Griswold from fur ther proceeding to declare sold lease forfeited. A..:tK2IUPTOr MATTEIW, In tho matter of the Commercial Insurance Company cf Chicago, an order was filed that Harmon Bpruauco. of Chicago, attend before Register Hibbard on May 2 next, to submit to examination as to what amount of funds belonging to said estate remain in his hands Mid proof to bo reported to the Court. Judge Blodgett yesterday Issued ou injunction, re straining Alexander DoltoroU from levying noon tho property of S. Thomas Slather, to satisfy a Judgment on a debt contracted ‘previously to his being adjudi cated bankrupt. In the matter of John Jacobs a certificate of oxemp tlons was filed, ond it waa ordered that Assignee allow ■nd sot off to aald bankrupt $l6O in money In addition to exemptions of certificates. Bradtord Honcock was oppolntcd Arovislonal As signee to tho estate of Arnold & Slpson, bankrupts. William A. Hawley was yesterday adjudicated a bankrupt, and Bradford Uancocx was appointed Pro visional Assignee, In tho matter of Israel R. Bognrdus, tho Assignee made bis final report of the sals, and order was issued approving and confirming tho same, and directing tho Assignee to make and execute a deed of the real estate, in report described, to Mathow 8. Rellolonoy, and to pay Jared Ayer the amount due on his mortgage on said real estate. A general meeting of creditors is csiled, to ho bold at Rolvldcro, on the 34th of May next, at the office of Register Wood. James Long, Assignee of the estate of the Equitable Insurance Company, was yesterday authorized to settle and compromise on his beat discretion claims due to the bankrupt, either for stock or upon stock notes, or any persons Indebted thereto, and ordered to make a monthly report of what he has accomplished. In the matter of John 81ms, Mr. David J. Mitchell, tho Assignee, filed bis account, to-day, showing cash on hand, $1,079.94; total receipts, $2,018.04 In the matter of the Great western Insurance Com pany, Mr. O. W. Upton, the Asaignceo, for somo time showed no cash on hand, but at the end of this month be shows cash on hand, $3,704.88; total receipts. $5,730.13; expenditures, $1,971.25. CBIMINAX. OODKT ITEMS. A nolle prosequi woa entered yesterday, In tlio case of Michael Hayes, who watt convicted. a abort timo •go, of stealing a load of hay from a farmer In the suburbs of tbe city. George Saunders and Edward Costello wore found some time since locked up in a closet of a house, whither they bad gone to ovado the police. They bur glarized their way into the home with intent to com* snlt larceny, and were arrested. The Jury recom mended a year’s Penitentiary apiece. The Tremont House Jewelry robbery case, with the particulars of which tbe readers of Tins Tribune are familiar, camo up before Judge Farwell in the Criminal Court yesterday. The prisoners in dicted woro James 11. Barron and Ignatius Schoen, only tho latter putting In an appearance. Mr. Barron, as many of those who had some knowledge of tha Individual expected, failed to turn up, ami forfeited bis ball bond of SIO,OOO, thereby obliging Mr. lllchard Blakcman to pay tbe amount. Richard, who laanox duloctlvo. and has tho reputation of being a gambler, can hardly bo expected to possess so largo a share of this world’s goods. In view of tho default, Judge Will iams will doubtless continue tho Investigation ho be gan, immediately after granting tho ball in question, as to whether ho had boon Imposed upon by Barron’s counsel with regard to Blakeman’s responsibility. This is another instance of the poor policy of changing Judges every month in the Criminal Court, for, were Judge Williams now on the peach, no attorney would allow a client to default ball for which ho himself was, at least, morally responsi ble. In presence of (he Judge before whom the straw ball was given. In tbe absence of tho principal prls ontr, tliocMO vra» conrtuctej a ß iln,t gcl.oeu Mono, lie was defended liy Mr. Truda, who endeavored to [how that tho prlaonot’a action In the matter waa that of a dupe. Several witnesses woro brought up for evi dence ss to the highly respectable character of tho prisoner. Judge Farwell yesterday gave bis decision In the Kentucky lottery business, which was advene to that philanthropic institution's continuing to shower Its blessings among Chicago citizens. He held that, not* withstanding the astnte argument to the contrary, par ties idling such tickets witliln the Btato of Illinois laid themselves open to Indictment under its statutes. He showed that the agent of the lottery could be sued for* not honoring a ticket he bad sola. The trial of thoi ; c&ae ls sot for Friday. . . in* counxa nr siucr-mew sum. no. The Hyde Bark condemnation caso for too extension and widening of Forty-first street was concluded in' Judge Booth’s Court yesterday, when the Jury retired to deliver a sealed verdict. In the ease of Barnes v. Swallow, plaintiff was al lowed to amend garnishee summons by adding the names of Oarrlok ft Gather and A. J. Unna as par ties defendant. The case of Barter v. Kimball et ah came up for trial before Judge Tree, yesterday, when a nolle prosonue was entered by plaintiff os to Kimball. Tho plaintiff, a milkman, had ninety-five bead of cattle seised and Impounded by defendants. Ho not tho cattle back on a writ of replevin, and brought the present action to J wove finally who owns the kino, and to obtain damages or their seizure and detention, which ho did to tho amount of $125. In tho United States Circuit Court William Henley and Henry Epstein, for the use of Lewis Gross and William Henley, bring suit in assumpsit ogalnat Patrick J. McNamara, for $5,000 damages. Mortimer 0. Cooke filon a bill in iho Circuit Court against Samuel Horoy and Joseph E. Orundal), Com plainants oeok for a decree for the foreclosure of mort gage on a ploco of laud commencing on tho N. bounds of S. W. M of 8. W. Hof 800. 10, in T. 08 N. R. 14 E. of 3 p, m, John M. Shrovo brings suit in the Circuit Court against Edwiu Walker for trespass on the case; dam ages, $5,000. Alexander Wcedo sues Magdalena Busso, In the Circuit Court, in a plea of assumpsit, laying damages at SB,OOO. NEW SUITS. Tins SuPEnton Cotmr—43,233—lsabel v. Jobn H. Wllsou; divorce. 43,234—Rachel E, v. Edward H, Merrlmnn; divorce. 43.233—Carl v, Wilholmlna Solan; divorce on ground of adultery. 43,230— Ap peal. 43,237—Petition of Bophronfa Patch to change nemo. 43,238—'William Bulchart v. Elliott H. Crane and all whom it may concern : petition to establish and confirm title to Lot 32, In Sub-Block 1 of Block 40, In Canal Trustees’ Subdivision of W. W and tho W. Jtf of N. E. of Soc, IT, T. CO, N. It. 14 12. of 3d P. M. 43,230—Joseph Cahill v. Hugh Goodwin:. confession of judgment, $3,177,02. 43,240—Ernestine ▼. John Nlohollo ; divorce on ground of cruelty. Tits Ontaurr Court—o,733 —Catherine E. Wheeler ▼. David S. Soon ; bill. o,734—Samuel L. Grooloy, and Edwin O. Lamed v. Michael and Bridget Gavin, Catherine Slavon, and Sarah GoUina; ejectment. o,73s—Mary K. Peck ot oU V. Wilson. K. Nixon. 0,780 —Mortimer O. Cook v. Samuel T. Conley and Joseph B. Orundall; bill to foreclose mortgage. 0,737-8 —Ap- assumpsit, SB,OOO. o,74o—Fred. Btoohor v, Kasper Gj Schmidt; petition to supply record. 6,741 W. M. Doe v. Patrick McCarthy; assumpsit, SI,OOO, 0,741 G.W.Fronchv.H. A.Gage; bill. 0,743-Appeal. 0,744 Charles E. Wlswall et al. v. Edward Woho: assumpsit, SI,OOO. 0,745—J0bn M. Shrovo v.Edwin walker; tres pass. $5,000, o,74o—John Mahon v. Ann Mahon, Mar garet Coughlin, and John Coughlin; hill for partition of real estate. o,747—James A. Nicholson v. Eugene Coryell; assumpsit, SSOO. o,74B—Appeal. 0,749 Samuel A. Tolmtn ct al. v. O. L. Goer; assumpsit, $200.72. 6,76o—Same v, O, O, Smith it Teeter; same, $162.14. 6,7sl—Tolman & King v. Stokes A Csss; same, $140.20. SANITARY MATTERS. A regular meeting of the Board of Health was hold yesterday afternoon, Hr. Johnson In the chair. There wore present a full Board, Including the Mayor. On motion of Hr. Rauch, determined to Instruct tho Secretary to call tho attention of tho Joint Committee on Plans to (ho necessity of securing a plan, (he sani tary arrangements of which should bo unobjection able. Hr. Rauch’S weekly mortality report was presented, embodying tho following facts: There wore during tho week 151 deaths, the principal causes of which wore: accidents, 0; consumption, 17i convulsions, 10; fevers, 6: small-pox, 11; hydrocephalus, 6; and pneu monia, 11. Compared with the preceding week, there was an increase of 94 deaths, tho difference being greater than has occurred daring too past three mouths. There wore 8 more deaths by accidents. 7 by brain dis eases, 3 by consumption, 4 Jby convulsions, 8 by croup, Bby dysentery, 4by congestion of the lungs, 8 by measles, oby pneumonia, aud 3 by whooping-cough. Bronchitis, cancer, puerperal fever, scarlet fever, oorobro-spinal monlgitls aud tabes mesenteries wore at a discount. The highest doath-mto occurred In the Seventh, and tho lowest in tbo Fifth Ward. A marked decrease was observable in tbo number of houses in fected by smali-pox, tho only increase having occurred in the district south of Twelfth street and west of the Chicago River. . Hr. Rauch suggests that all persons who are about to move into houses that may have boon infected by small pox during tbo past two mouths, be warned of that fact, in order that they may bo induced to suffer vac cination. Blnco Sunday there had been a marked In crease in the numbor of coses reported, owing to im ftortations, and tho lack of vaccination on the part of hose prejudiced against It. The Doctor wanted physi cians to understand that there was plenty of virus from the cow in tho city. Tbo report was placed on file, and tho mooting ad journed. ALDERMEN AND GAMBLERS. Ono of the prime requisites for a well-salaried Police Captain is a familiarity with tho city officer?. A police man who blnndora into tho arrest of a turbulent mem ber of tho Common CouncU might as woll resign at once. His work is done. He has disgraced himself, and, oven should ho bo riddled with bullot-holcs, re ceived in tho capture of outlaws, his services ore no longer required. While this is true of a patrolman, it is moro than true of a Captain. By tbo time ono has commanded a district ton or a dozen years, ono Is supposed to know block from white. One can tell an Alderman from a gambler, although it sometimes happens that tho gambler is mistaken for an Alderman, and sometimes tho Alderman for the gambler. There Is one now in the . Common Council. It Is true ho Is not tbo worst man In that body,.but it makes things uncomfortable for tho Captains. They argue thus: If a gambler is an Alderman, and an Alderman is de serving of respect, therefore a gambler is deserving of respect: therefore, ought not to bo orrostod. Hence, too, an Alderman • who is not known as a gambler, ought not to bo a treated when found in a gambling don. Tho forco of these remarks will bo appreciated by Capt. Hickey, as bo will admit to any ono who oaks him. Last week tho veritable Captain pulled a gam bllug den, and found there a crowd of gamblers,— among them an Alderman. Tho gamblers were cap tured and tho Alderman allowed to walk away. On the following evening another gambling den was pull ed, and another Alderman arrested, by mistake. When tho mistake was discovered tho Alderman was released. On tho following evening both Aldcrmon wore cap tured together and released. Will an Alderman from tho th Ward bear in mind that a theatre is a place of public amusement, and that when ho appears there in company with a fashionable gambler who keeps ono of tho most notorious places in town, ho offers an Insult to tho respectable members of tho Common Council 7 THE ELEVEN O’CLOCK ORDINANCE. Tho ordinance requiring tho closing of saloons at 11 o’clock at night was signed by Mayor MedlU yesterday, and will become a law as soon as it shall havo received tho necessary publication. It is tho avowed intention of tho Mayor that this ordinance shall bo rigidly en forced, for tho belter accomplishment of which he will request tho Board of Police to direct tho members of tho Police Department to arrest qn sight parties guilty of keeping tholr saloon open after 11 o’clock, and without going through tho usual form of serving a summons to appear m court. A legal point has been raised by somo of the lawyers in the Interests of sa loon-keepers, as to whether tho new law can bo applied to parties uow holding saloon licenses. This point Is of no consequence whatever, because all licensee ex pire on tho Ist of July next, and also for tho reason that, in any event, tho Common Council has the power to pass ordinances regulating the sale of liquor, with out reference to tho license. This power is distinctly set forth In 800. 1 of Chapter 44 of tho Revised Or dinances. wherein authority is given to tho Mayor to grant licenses, “conditioned that tho tho party so licensed shall faithfully observe all ordi nances heretofore passed, or to be passed, during tho period of such license.” By this it wifi be seen that the saloon-keepers cannot hope to escape the operation of the ordinance by an appeal to the courts. Mayor MedlU yesterday stated his intention to have the 11-o’clock law enforced with reference to every place whore liquors are retailed. Hotel bars will be compelled to suspend operations at that hour, and res taurants will not be permitted to retail liquors after tho stroke of 11. Billiards may bo played, cigars may be smoked, meals may be served tho same as before, but tralfio In tipples must cease. So says the Mayor, who is supposed to know what ho is talking about. THE HON. T. LYLE DICKEY. Ottawa, HI., April 39, 1073. To the Editor of Tho Chicago 'l Vjftune .* Sin: Tho Hon T. Lylo Dickey, well known in Chicago and throughout tho State, is a candi date for Judge of this Circuit. In order to show his position on the groat issue now agitat ing tho popular mind, I subjoin a resolution of fered by him at a convention of farmors, at tbiq place, in January, 1800: Jlaoleed, That corporations aro regarded In law as artificial persons, but have no higher qualities or more sacred rights than natural persons; and, while they should, like natural persons, be protected in (heir rights by tbe law, they, at tho same timo, like natural persons, should be eubjoot to the law, and may, Uko natural ponsous, bo restrained by law from extortion and wrong. It is hold, in all civilized countries, to bo competent for tho lawmaking powor to fix a maximum rate of interest on loaned money, a maximum rate of ferriage, aud a maximum rate of toll for grinding breadstuff!), and this upon tho principle that extortion, where ouo party has tho advantage of tho other, may bo prohibited by statute. Upon this principle wo assort the right of the public to bare maximum rales of travel and transportation by railways fixed by the Legisla ture, aud (be present arbitrary discrimination between different points on tbo same lino prohibited. HYMEN IN THE SUBURBS. EVANSTON, One of ths pleasantest events of tho season at Evans ton was the marriage of Miss Eda J. Hurd, daughter of Hon. Harvey D, Hurd, of that suburb, to Georgo L, Lord, son of Dr. Lord, of tbo well-lroown firm of Lord ft Smith, druggists, of this city. ‘ Tho ceremony woo performed by Dr, Willis Lora, President of 'Wooster THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, taio. College, Ohio. The bridesmaids wore Mins Jennie Wicks, of Brooklyn, N. Y., cousin of the groom, and Miss Untile Hurd, sister of the bride; the groomsmen wero Mr. Frank Fitch, of Bridgeport, • Conn.; and Mr.' William Hurd, of Chicago. A very large number of Invited guests from Chicago wero present, and the •occasion was one of unusual festivity and enjoyment. The returning train brought the happy couple and lliolr friends hark to Chicago, from which point the former embarked for their honeymoon excursion. dose utUi, An interesting marriage was performed at Bose Hill Station, on Monday evening, by (he Bov. W. A. Adron, of Evanston, Tho groom was Mr, Hugh D. Sopor, of Woalville, lad., who has attained tho age of 73} and tho bride, Mrs. Mary B. Fish, has neon CO winters, tho sum total of both lives being 120 years, One or tho most remarkable features of tho occa sion was the presence of the children, grandchildren and grcat-grandchttdron of tho ancient but frisky groom, who gathered around their now relative after the wedding ceremonies wero com- Elclod, and welcomed her to tho family circle with leecs and embraces. According to the custom of tho time, Mr. and Mrs. Soper loft tho city yesterday morn ing for a wedding trip, which will bo extended through Missouri and further West, ‘even to tho Modoc coun try, whore they havo sons and daughters, grand children, and great-grandchildren. Mr. Sopor has been married but once before, and lived with his for mer wife fifty-ono years. Mrs. Sopor has neon a widow seven years. Both paillca are well preserved, and expect to live many years In the happy union Just consummated. THE CITY IN BRIEF. The contract for plastering the engine-house at the Water-Works was awarded, by tho. Board of Pnbllo Works, yesterday, to D. Keating, for S4BB. Mon required by housekeepers to assist in moving, to-morrow, can bo obtained by application at the Belief Employment Bureau, Oourt-ilouso Square. Tho alarm of fire, from Box 285, -at 6 o’clock yester day afternoon, was caused by tho burning out of a chimney at No. 383 Warren avenue. No damage. A apodal meeting of the Literary Club of the Young Men’s Christian Union will bo hold at No. 758 Michigan avenue this evening. Matters of Importance are ex pected to come up for discussion. At 0 o’clock on Monday night, officer Andrew Casey saw that the gas-jot in tho show-window of Mrs. F. A: Edwordo’ store, No. CG3 Wabash avenue, bad-sot fire to a piece ofilrapcry. Ho broke (bo store open and ox? Ungulehod the flames. Loss, $lO. The organization known os 44 Our Club ” will give a May party to-morrow evening at Carr s Dancing Academy, comer of Wood and West Lake streets,. The .JlnceDtlon,CommUteo.aroMi"«aa A. L. Gray, E, Caw on. May Clifton, and Louise Voice. . The boy Luther B. Johnson, who wos lost on feature nrday evening from No. 0 Bryan place, was safely re turned to his parents the same evening about dark. He was found on the comer of Chicago avenue and Lincoln street by a policeman. A bust of Henry Olay has boon erected upon Ashland Block, on tho northeast comer of Clark and Randolph streets. Qon. 8. U. Buokucr, anxious to have bis na tive Btato represented, chose the groat statesman to give tone to bis building. Yesterday afternoon, a team of horses attached to a buggy containing Mr. James W’iHJams and bis wife, ran away on South Dcsplalnc* street. Tho occupants wero thrown out, bnt wore not seriously hurt. Joseph Rumps, a German emigrant boy, got separ ated from his family, upon their arrival in Chicago, on Saturday night. Ho has been kindly oared for at tho bouso of Mr. John Heubner, No. 306 North Reuben street, where his friends may find him. Tho boy Franz Rios, of Ho. SO Front street, who was run over last Saturday on tho Chicago & Northwestern Road, died from tho injuries ho received yesterday morning. An inquest was hold, at which tho Com pany was exonerated from all blame. Another accident occurred at the Chicago b Northwestern Railroad at half-poet 10 o’clock on Mon day night, whereby James S. Arnold, of No. 680 Bum aide street, had his left arm taken off. Ho was walk ing on the track at tho time of tho accident, and was knocked down and run over by engine No, 361. He was taken to tho County Hospital. Yesterday afternoon, at half-past 3 o’clock, a boy named Frank Matcakio, aged 0 years, while attempting to get on a freight-train of the Michigan Southern Railroad, near Twenty-third street, fell beneath tho cars, tho wheels of which passed over his left arm and leg, completely severing them. Tho boy was removed to tho County Hospital. Tbero are no hopes of his recovery. Ho lives 'with his parents, at the corner of Buddan and Twenty-fifth streets. On Monday night Mr. T. E. Ramsey, of Boston, was enticed Into a bunko don, near the corner of Madison and Desplalnes streets. At on early hoar yesterday morning he came out of tho place, having lost $135. Ho reported his loss to tho West Side police. Tho keep er of tho bouse, a man named Malcolm Lock, was ar rested, and yesterday morning fined SIOO by Judge Scully. Oapt. Lull should " spoil ” this place, ' Yesterday morning, a Bohemian boy, aged 0 years, was run over by a switch engine of tbo Chicago & Northwestern Road, near Sloan street. Two engines wore passing at tho time, going in opposite directions. Tho ooy attempted to run between them, and was struck aud knocked down. His left foot was split open to (ho ankle, and tho calf of (bo leg torn off. The boy lives at No. 21 Sloan street, whether ho was taken. Detective Flynn, yesterday afternoon, arrested two boys named Wellington Boyle and Ed. Riley, who bad in their possession a largo amount of Jowolry, which it is believed was unlawfully acquired. At the time of their arrest tho fellows were endeavoring to sell tho stuff in a saloon on West Madison street, at prices be low Us first cost. Tho property consisted in part of twenty-one Jewelry sots, three Elgin watches of tbo Ryorson pattern, flfty-tbreo rings, and eight silver watch cliolnn, tho whole being valued at SSOO. The property awaits Identification at tho Madison Street Station. Tlio Board of Public Works loaned (ho following building permits yesterday; Bout A Stanley, four story aud basement etono front, 20x80 feat, East Wash ington street; Henry Zimmerman, tbroo-atory and basement brick. 22x53 fost, No. 42 Clybourn avenue; 0. F. Loomis, tureo-slory and basement stone, 101x47 feet, Warren ovenuo; L. if. Griswold, three-story and basement brick, 82x75 feet, No. COl West Lake street; Samuel Simons, two-story and basement brick, 24x25 foot, Elizabeth street; Nichols & Helmor, two-story aud basement stone front, 48x58 feet, Warren avenue; Northwestern Horso-Nall Company, two-story brick, 85x150 feet , Clinton street. Several dealers In Ore-werka colled on tbs Board of Polico yesterday, and bad a consultation with the Commissioners In reference to the modification of tho ordinance requiring tho storage of Ore-crackers, rock ets, etc., in a fire-proof vault. The gentlemen con sidered it too stringent, and stated it to be their in tention to petition tho Council to change tho ordi nance so that they can carry on their business. Tho Board, individually, expressed themselves as satisfied with tho law, ana said they did not consider its provisions too stringent. The dealers desired to comply with tho ordinance, but they wanted a definition of “ fire-proof vault.” Tho Board wore unable to glvo it, and tho gentlemen withdrew. Fire-Proof Building’S' The public has been of late very strongly Impressed with the necessity of finding somo moans by which unavoidable conflagrations can bo rendered loss dan gerous and disastrous. Tho Attention of architects, builders, and others is called to a model for Mansard roofs, floors, and ceilings, now on exhibition at Tub Tiudune ofilco for a few days, invented by J. Gilbert, tho patentee of tho well-known corrugated Iron arch coiling for fire-proof buildings. The material employed Is tho familiar corrugated Iron in sheets, and tho speci alty is itn mode of attachment to the Mansard front and roof, and to celling and floor-beams, by being riveted to T Iron strips, fastened laterally upon tho frame-work. Tho latter may bo either of wood or iron, but by this principle tho former is made entirely safe, with much economy, by the intervention of an air-chamber throughout the whole surface. The now arrangement for receiving and holding tho sheets, used In the ceilings and at angles in a cast-iron Jaw, firmly fastened to the frame as before, tho principle is ono (hat will everywhere commend Itself in respect to economy and perfect safety. As a proof that tho roof needs oniy to bo seen to bo appreciated, we will state that H. 11. Uonoro has given it the preference over all other roofs in tho market, and has contracted to have his now hotel building, corner Adams and Dearborn streets, covered with It. For further information ad dress Jos. Gilbert, or A. Knleoly A Oo„ Nos. 73 and 74 Wost Monroe street, who are the authorized agent* for this market. To the Ladies. Pierce A Sllvoy, corner of Stato and Twentieth streets, have Just opened a choice lino of the latest novelties In black and colored silk fringes, elegant crochet, Jot, beaded, and passementerie gimps and cloak ornaments, loops, buttons, etc., in all the new shades; black thread, guipure, and yak laces In choice patterns, which they offer at extremely low prices. A large assortment of thread and Spanish veils, in all now shapes. New Billiard Hall, The many friends of Mr. A. Bohn, for ten years lo cated at No. 20 North Canal street, will ho pleased to know that ho has fitted up an elegant billiard and re freshment ball at No. 768 West Lako street, where ho will be happy to aeo them all this evening, the occasion of its opening. The billiard ball is fitted with two of the unrivaled tables from tbo J. M« Brunswick ft Balko Co., and in every otbor department Ur. Kohu’s estab lishment is also first-class. Jayne's Expectorant. I have long known the virtues of Dr. Jayne’s Expec torant, and frequently tested them on myself and fam ily when afflicted with coughs or colds. I bollovo It to be one of tbe boat remedies over discovcrod*for these maladies, lam about to sail in a week or two on a voyage to Europe, and should as soon think of expos ing myself to tho changing shies of England without »n overcoat, as without a supply of Jayne’s Expecto rant.— Rev, Dr, Dowling, formerly ptutor of Derean Jiaptiot Church, h’ew York, A Great China and Crockery Houae, In our notice of tho crockery and china house of Messrs. Scott k Ovlngton Brothers, which appeared tn Sunday’s Issue, U was inadvertantly said, 11 since tholr establishment lu Brooklyn, throe years ago.” On the contrary, they have boon established and doing busi ness lu that city for more than thirty years past. Their brunch house In this city is at No, 219 west Madison street. It is No Trouble To bavo your carpets thoroughly cleaned without in jury, at A, B. Edwards ft Co.’s works, 353 and 353 South Canal street. Drop them a line, or leave orders with Allen ft Mackey, B. F. Hollister, or Green ft Spear, and your carpets will bo taken up and re turned to you clean and bright. OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Meeting of tho Board ot Education—Appointment, Ronlfl , nation, end Transfer of Teachers—Gorman In tho School*—Young Mr. Hosing’s Bright Plan—Superin tendent’* Report-Over 32,000 Pupils Enrolled, A meeting of the Board of Education was held last evening, President King In the chair. ■ Tho Building Committee reported that bnt two pro posals bad been received for the nnlo of a school site in tho vicinity of Wentworth avenue and Twenty-nlxth street, and asked further time in which to receive bids. The propositions received ranged from $3,C00 to $4,600. The additional time naked for was granted. Tho question was rained aa to who should superin tend tho conntructlon of now school buildings. On motion, Mr. Samuel Johnson woo appointed to have ohrrgo of tho work. A bill of |6OO, by tho law firm of McOagg, Fuller A Co., for legal advice, was allowed. The Committee on Examination of Teachers report ed, recommending that partial certificates be granted to tho following: MaryO. Ayers, Haltlo 8. Funoly, Elizabeth L. Smith, Abbto O. Bancroft, Mary A. Thompson,. Anna I’nyno, Helen O. Keeney, Hattie B. Barbour, Marla Scott, Mary J. Earle, Lydia A. Hanlln, Helen it, Bnnbco, Sophia M. Cose, MlUlo A, Hand, Flora A. Holcomb. * Tho Committee on Appointment of Teachers rec ommended appointments as follows: Mary E. Baker, assistant In Mosoly School; Annie Mallory and Lizzie Patterson, assistants in Newberry School; Sarah M. Smith, temporary assistant, Newberry School: Marga ret A. van Wauken, asslalant, Skinner School; Ellon A. Campbell, asaistant, Haven School; Carrie E. 81ms, assistant. Haven School: llclon if. Boynton, assistant, Peoria School; Amaua Gates, temporary assistant, Mitchell Street School; Carrie Mallory, assistant, Lin coln School j Julia B, Adams, assistant, Polk Street School, ■ Transfer—Ella BrAinard, from tho Foster to the Skinner School. . Resignations—Mary L, Burkin, Peoria School; Isa bella Patterson,ElizabethStreet School; Adelaide B. Grilling, Lincoln; Street School; NolUo M. stoarntf, Mosoly School; Margaret A. VanWaukon, Skinner School; Fannie B. Johnston. Holden School; Eliza A, Prentice, Washington School; Jennie MoAuloy, Scam mon School; Marion L. Egan; Clarke School; Mrs..B. D, Oates, Scammon School; Mrs, M. Dralnard, Boll ing Mills School. Tho report was concurred In. An oztondod and exhaustive report on (ho study of Gorman in tho schools was read by Inspector Hcslng. Fault is found with tho manner in which tho language Is and tho Committee recommends that it be made a graded study, to bo extended through a course of three years, for .which time It should be compulsory. Such a plan, In tbo opinion of (bo Committee, would go far toward abolishing all distinctions as to birth, and make our population homogeneous In Its charac ter. Gorman is now taught in but thirteen of tho schools, and tho Committee recommend that it be taught In all tbo schools. Tho report was laid over. Tho roontaly report of Superintendent Pickard was presented, showing that for the month of April tho High School enrollment was 855; average dally attend ance, 810. Tbo number enrolled In tho Normal School woa 85; average daily attendance, 70. The nnmbor enrolled In tho North Division was 0,930; average at tendance, 8,473. In the South Division the enrollment was 7,604; average attendance, 0,000. In tho West Division, 17,257 were enrolled, with (in average attend ance of 14,877. The total number carolled was 91,807;

average dally attendance, 27,000. Tho highest enroll ment, 82,408, was for the month of January; the lowest, 31,620, In February. Tbo average for four months was 82,093. Suspensions for misconduct were somewhat more numerous than under tbo old methods of discipline, hut a marked decrease was noticeable daring the past month. The average of suspensions for the time was 1 for each 8,000 pupils. On account of the recent exam inations hold with reference to tho Vienna. Exposition, it was thought advisable not to hold the usual spring examinations. Tbo examination papers not sent to Vienna, nor placed In tho Public Library, showed an average of 80 per cent,—a bolter result than ever be fore In an examination among pupils of all grades. Teachers have Buffered more from sickness than ever before. The report wan ordered published. Tbo resignation of Miss F. O. Lolso, teacher in tho Fearaon Street School, was accepted, and Hattie M. Butterfield was elected to fill tbo vacancy. Miss Palmer, bead assistant of tbo Ogdon School, having resigned, Mary E. Graves was elected to that position. Tho Board adjourned. AMUSEMENTS. rnOF. VANEK. Nixon's Ampltbeatro will without reasonable doubt bo crowded on Monday evening, when Prof, Vanek, tho magician and prestidigitatour, will make his bow before a Chicago audience. The gentleman named la considered one of the most skillful in tho profession and has been loaded with presents by the autocrats of tho far East. There is one trick above all others which dofles solution, known os the 11 decapitation trick," In the performance of which tho magician severs (ho head from the body of any person in tho audience who cares to un dergo this novel treatment, and in seven minutes fastens it on the nock again, and allows his patient to depart without evono scar, Tho operation is performed upon an ordinary table, and leaves no room for sleight of-hand. Hero is on opportunity for tho so-called “spiritual" Jugglers to Icam another “manifests tlou," Tho season subscription Bale for the opera begins this morning at Movickor’fl. Tbo general feeling in musical circles Indicates that the season’s business will bo a repetition of the last one. In addition to the announcements of “Faust" for Monday night, “Martha” for Tuesday, for Wednes day, “ Lon Giovanni ” Is underlined for Friday. On Monday next, tho Oates Troupo commence a sea son of opera bouffo at Aiken’s Theatre. On Monday night. “ThoOrand Duchess” will bo given: on Tues day, “ Tbo Flower Girl of Paris.” Wednesday, Offen bach’s “ Los Darvardo," for tbo flrst time in this city; Thursday, “Tho PrJma Donna of a Night;” Friday, “Daughter of the Regiment.” for the benefit of Mrs. Oates; and Saturday, “Fortunlo.” Tho sale of seats commences this morning. BENEFIT TO TUB LEONS, A benefit to tbo Loon Drollurn—one of whom was severely injured a abort time elnco by a fall from the tranozo—la to bo tendered by tho Turners at Vorwarts Hall, on West Twelfth street. Tho loading Turners will appear, as will also Prof. Rogers and sons, Mr. Lalßceflo, and many other volunteers. Tho pantomime of “ HumptyDumpty” will bo presented, with now tricks, transformations, and scenic effects. Tho Dra matic Company will also appear in o selected piece. THE PLANS, Belvidbrr, 111., April 28,1873. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune .* 8m: Have you noticed the peculiar and strange 11 twist” that tho Timet has, oa Sunday last, taken to it self, more especially with regard to one plan, “Eureka?” Now, I am a disinterested party, as to Individuality, but, as an Inhabitant of tho West, I am interested in our metropolitan Improvements. I have followed, with other papers, tho Timet, which does not forgot occasionally to boost of its power, and noticed that paper hoe particu larly praised (ho “ Eureka ” plan, and commented on its favorable points. On Sunday last It gavo an edito rial on tho plans, and unmercifully slashed away at tho “Eureka”and other plans; I may say all but No. 2 out of thonluo aoloctcd. Now how is this? Money I know could do this, but, 1 ask, is it so, or how? I write this to Justify tho architects of some of tho plans and my own peculiar sense of impartiality. How is it that the “Eureka” plan’s estimate Is only $2,800,000. and tbo Times says it will cost $1,000,000 ? Does tho Times presume to bo an architect and builder combined, capable of forming estimates bettor than practical men ? By giving publicity to this you will favor An Impartial Ooseutzb. Answer : Our correspondent is not tho Oral Inquirer upon this subject. We, in common with a very largo namberof citizens, havonoticed tho sudden “twist” In the Timet relative to all tho plans but No. 2. Tho architect of the “Eureka” plans, though a genius, as seen from his design, Is not a successful competitor for State-Hiuse buildings, and is not, in consequence, a millionaire. This probably explains the sudden “ twist ” referred to. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED April 3). Scow Ohrlelle, Muskegon, 135 m lumber. Bohr Emelino, Muskegon, 130 m lumber. Bchr J. 0. Mobb, Muflkegon, 160 m lumber, 80 m lath. Soow Banner, South Haven, 60 cords bark. Schr O. R. Roberta, Grand Jlavea, 76 m lumber, 13 a lath. • Bohr Leo, Grand Haven, 90 m lumber. Schr Guido, 81. Joseph, 60 m lumber. Scow L. Strom, Baugatuck, 10 m lumber. Prop Annie Laura. Abaopoo, 0,803 railroad (lea, 460 telegraph poles. Scow Sea Star, White Lake, 85 m lumber. Schr Elbe, South Haven, 45 m lumber. Oltuc Ooroun, US, Josoj.b, 47 bxa Aab, 200 brlS bulk, household goods. 105 aka turnips, 25 brls apples. Schr O. Harrison, White Lake, 100 m lumber. Bohr Mystic, Muskegon, ICO m lumber. Bchr Liberty (Muekcgon, 60 m lumber, 80 m lath. Scow South Haven, South Haven, CO m Umber, 30 eda wood. Prop Ira Chnffeo, Baugatuck, 10 rolls leather, 100 m lath, 40 m lumber, 20 boxes fish, Schr Wm. Bates, St. Joseph, 80 m lumber. OLEABED April 29. Prop H. Oroh, Manistee, 11 coils rope, 1 bdle packing, Bohr J, O. Moor, Muskegon, light. Schr Emollno. Muskegon. light. Scow Christie, Muskegon, llghtl Prop Annie Laura, Muskegon, light. Schr Loo. Grand llaven, light. Schr O. R. Roberts. Grand llaven, light* Scow Banner, South Haven, light. Kcow Boa Star, Whitehall, light. Scow Guide, St. Joseph, light. Scow Louise Strom, Baugatuck, light. Schr Elbe, Lutlwlg'd Pier, light. Btmr Corona, St. Joseph, 318 pkgs groceries, 14 bbls oil, 45 pkga dry goods, 110 pkgs hardware, 3 horses, 40 koga beer. Bchr T. Y, Avery. Port Oolborno, 19,595 bu corn. Schr MidiJghl, Buffalo, 18,255 lm corn. Schr Ban Jacinto, Buffalo, 17,660 bu corn. Scbr Thoa. 11. Howland, Oswego, 21,950 lm corn. Bchr Kate L. Bruca, OalUugwuod, 22.881 bu corn, Bchr O. Nelllsou, OoUlngwood, 23,816 bu corn. Bchr Clara Parker, OoUlngwood, 27,200 bu corn, Bchr lake Forest, Buffalo, 28.097 bu com. Scbr Phmaiz, Buffalo, 10,018 lm com. Scbr Uysllo, Muskegon, light, Bchr A. Harrison, White Lake, light. Scow South Haven, South Haven, light. Steam Barge Monitor, South Haven, Ught. Prop In Chaffee, Baugatuck, 800 hides, 30 brls Ume, 40 boxes groceries, 20 esses dry goods, 20 begs clover seed, Bebr William M. Dales, fit. Joseph, light. LAKE NAVIGATION. . „ Maonnaw, April 20.—Raining. Thermomolor co dog. No change in tbo state of tho lee. Ao Baulk, April 20.—Wind west, IMt; weather warm. Ice heavy. Prop Wenona came Insight, yester day p. m„ forcofl herway to dock this aim. • Buffalo, April 20,—Several propellers loft ttua morning : font nro out of sight. Two sail vessels also left: ono is out of sight. . .. . Tho following letter wno received by the agent of too Northern Trannportatlon Company: . , “Dktuoit, April 28,—Tho Nnnnua wont up « W o’clock last night. Tho Champlain, Oily of Boston, St. Albans, Lawrence, ami Qiiy of Toledo nro abreast of fit. Helena, above McQulpbin’a Point. The Champlain broke her wheel In the lee.” LAKE FREIGHTS. , _ _ Grain freights are ocarcoly quotable. Bates to Duf falo, on corn, ore quoted all the way from 10®14c. wltn no charters reported. Tho schr Mary Battle wan taken for wheat to Kingston, at 17o; capacity, 21,000 bu. LUMBER FREIGHTS. \ Manistee, $3.00; Ludinglon, $2.78; $3.80; OConto, $1.00; Menominee, $3.2593.80 ; rent water, *2.7603.00; While Klvor, $2.7803.00 { Grand Haven, $2.2502.50 J Saugaittek, $2.50. Salt from Baglnaw at2o@2oo per brl. MISCELLANEOUS. Tho following propellers from below aro now pegging; away at tho Ice at tho Straits: Tho Champlain, St. Albans, City of Boston, Lawrence, Colorado, Java, Jim Fisk, and City of Toledo. Tho Milwaukee and Brook lyn aro probably at tbo Straits by this time. —Sailors' wages aro quoted at $1.7602.00 per day. There are a plenty of sailors boro. —Tho following vosacls left this port to-day 1 Pro pellers W.-T. Graves, Idaho, Badger State, and Van derbilt; schooners Mocking Bird, Meats, Sunrise, Pamlico, Kate Barley, and James B. Sawyer, for Buffalo. Propeller Montgomery, for Port Huron; schooner Orkney Lass, for Oswego. The propeller BalolgU left last evening. —Vcflßols aro now leaving for tho Green Bay ports. Manitowoc Is still blockaded with Ice. —We arc indebted to Mr. King for tho following dispatch s '* Oconto, Wls., April 28.—Will commence loading tho Mott to-morrow.. Ico broken up and now moving from this shore.” . —Tho propellers Oneida and Chicago left Milwaukee to-day for tho Lower Lakes. ‘ —Pout Coldoumb, April 20.—Tho following vessels have passed through tho Welland Canal: Down—Schr Morning Light (tboflmfc sail vassal to arrive), BChrs Ball, E, P. Dorr, and tho Nassau. Up—Tho {bark Canada; prop Ocean; nebrs J. Mollinsnn, Jennis Mullen; props Nashua, Lake Ontario, Onnlte State; sebrs J. li, Noyes, Knight Templar, Rising star, Kale Kelly, John Magee, Garibaldi. —An order bas boon passed by tbo Dominion Govern ment abolishing tolls from freight, and imposing 2 cents por ton on steamers and 1 cent on sailing vcsaola passing through tbo Burlington Boy Canal. —Navigation on tho Miami and Erie Canals is now In full blast. —Tho steamboat Huron, now of Saginaw, la 23 years old. '—Advices from Whltoflsb River aro that tho pros pect of an early opening is not at all favorohle. —Tho attempt to raise tho sohr Wanderer, ashore on the southeast shore of Kelley’s Island, has boon given up for the present. Capt, Pinnlnglon, who wont out with a steam pump, found the leak lathe vessel so largo that It would fill as fast as tho water was pumped out.' •—The Ashtabula Citizen announces that Copt. Robert Brown, an old and well-known navigator, lately of tho schooner Mosher, Is to havo tho management of tho floating elevators in Chicago, ' —A Cleveland exchange says: 1 Tho propollers Mlchl- Ban8 an and Pralrlo State, of tho northern Transportation . ompany’s lino, aro offered for stlo. ] —The sahr Bessie Smith was launched at Toledo, j) Saturday afternoon. Bho is over 200 foot in length, 37 feet breadth of beam, and 17 foot depth of hold, and. will cost about $45,000 when completed. She is de signed for the ore trade, and will bo capable of carry ing about 1,400 tons. —lt Is stated that tho New York Central & Hudson. River Railway Company bos formed a lino of steamers between Buffalo and Duluth, known as tho Ward'* Lino. It Includes tho steamers Keweenaw, Mlnnoapon bs, Bt. Paul, Mayflower, and Annlo Craig, NEW PUBLICATIONS. STAR MUSIC BOOKS. BITS ON «fc CO. offer the following resume of iroml nont books roooally advertised: STANDARD, - Price, $1.50 Emerson A Palmer's Famous New Church Muslaßook. Sells flooljr. CHEERFUL VOICES,'- 50 cents. L. O. Emerson's Brilliant Now School Song Book. All tho Schools will nso It. SPARKLING RUBIES, 35 cents. One of tho brightest of bright Sunday School Bong Books. CLARKE’S,"S2.SO Tho most widely known and usod of all Reed Organ Methods. STRAUSS,"- $2.50, $3,00, $4.00 The Geras of Strauss has had an unprecedented sale. Gob one for Summer Playing. Either book sont, postpaid, on receipt of retail prloo. OLIVER DITGON 4s CO., OHAS. H. DITSON & CO., BOSTON. 711 B’dway, Now York. LYON & HEALY, Chicago. JUST ISSUED; MAN-WOMAN; Or, Tho Temple, Iho Hearth, Tho Street. From tho 1-roncu of A. Dumas, Jr. By George VaivlonholT. YfitbaMomolrof tho Author. 12mo. Extra cloth. SIICO. “It Is a remarkable work, containing many startling paradoxes, some untcnablo proportions, some (also rea* soning. but a largo substratum of truth, sound aonso, good advice, Just sentiments, and true morality at bot tom.”—Now York Homo Journal. POEMS. By Clara Augusta. 12mo. Extra cloth. SI.CO. THE QUIDDITIES OP AN ALASKAN TRIP. By W. IT. Bell, Cant. O. S., U. fl. A. A Series of Ilia#, trattons Burlesquing n Trip to Alaska. Obloug Quarto. Extra cloth, gilt. g'j.fio. QUEEN LOO, And other Poems. By Gay Naramoro. 12mo. Extra cloth. SI.OO. For sale by Bookeollors generally, or will bo sontby mail, postpaid, upon receipt of tho prlco by J. B. LIPPINOOTT & 00., Publishers, 715 Jb 717 fllarlcct-at., Fhilmlelphla. OCEAN NAVIGATION. ALLAN LINE Montreal Ocean SteamsMij Co, First-class Steamships, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, running on tho Shortest Sea Ilontcs between EUROPE AND AMERICA RATES OF PASSAGE: CABIN aa low as by any other FIRST-CLASS LINES. Return tickets at great reduction. STEERAGE Ticket# either to or from Europe, alio at lowest rates, and through to points in the West lower than by other lines. HATES or I-RRiailTi Tariff arranged on all classes Merchandise from Liver pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chicago. For otbor information, or frolghtoontracte. apply at the Company’# Office, 73 and 74 LaSallo-st. ALLAN A CO.. Agents. Balling twice a wook from Now York, and carrying pas senger* to all parts of Groat Britain. Irolnml, Continental Europe, and tha Meditorrnnoan. Cabin from S6O; Ktoor ago, llrlilih and Irish ports oast. *BO ; west, $22. Conti nuntnl ports same ns other rognlarllnos. All payable in U. 8. currency. Apply for full information nt Iho Com. pany’aofllcos, No. 7 RowlingGroun, New York, and N. E. corner LaSalle and MadUon sts,, Ohlcnyo. HENDERSON BROTHER3*_Agents. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY. Theso elegant now atoamora will sail from State Liao Pior. Pulton Peer)', Brooklyn, N, Y, asasfollwa: PENNSYLVANIA, 2.600t0ns ..Wednesday; May?. GEORGIA, 2.600 tons Wednesday, June-1, VIRGINIA, 9,600 t0n#....,., Wednesday, June 18. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN <t CO.. „ „ , Agents, 72 Broadway, N. V, Steerage office, 48 Broadway, N. Y. TENTS. TENTS For sale cheap; 500 Wall, House,.and Hotel Tout*, com- Jloto, mostly now. and In flrst-olara ordor. sultafilo fop emigration, Families going West, Colonisation Societies, Railroad Building Parties, Lumbermen, Fishermen, Hunters, State hairs,Oamp-Uootings, do. Just received, and with other kinds of Quartermaster and Ordnance Sleraa, to bo told cheap. COL. O. LIPPINOOTT, Government Goods Depot, 199 and 197 Easl Lako-st., Chicago, 111. AMUSEMENTS. MoYIOKER’S THEATRE. MAX MAHBTZEK. LUOOA-KELLOGG Grand Italian Opera. FOUR Him ONLY, AND SATURDAY HATHFEB, Commencing Monday, May 5. Farewell LYTUO FA.’PXiXPra XiXJOOA. Lint appearance prertoua to hor departure for Europe of Amorlove farorilo Prime Donna. CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG. Monday—ljUCOA.. .4. FAUST Tuesday—KElVLOf 30 MAKTIIA. Wednesday—TiUCO A-KEf/UOOO..ftIIONON Friday—l,UCCA-IfiEETjOGO-DON GIOVANNI. Saturday—FAltEWElili LUCOA MATINEE. SPECIAL HOTICE, SUBSCRIPTION for the 5 PERFORMANCES, Reserved Beals In Orchestra and Oroboal.ra 01r010..... sls Reserved Boats In/Flrot 8a1c0ny..,.... 13 Tlio aalo of Bubsorlpdon Ticket* will begin - this piornlng, April 30, at 9 o'clock, ana oloio. at: ’ . . HItOIfLAU PKIOEB Off ADMISSION. Admission, *B2. Reserved Scats In First Balcony, 81 ex* tra. Reserved Boats in Orchestra 1 and, Orchestra Circle. $3 oxtm.^/itlmlsirinO to Hocohd'Balcony,®!. Reserved Boats in Seamed Balcony, W cents extra. - The aaln’uf seats for slhglo nlghla will commence to* morrow (Thunday) morning. , ! : HOOLEY’S THEATRE. BP,ST COMPANY IN AMERICA. Wednesday, April 80, Aftomorih and Night, and Theirs day Evening, first prosontatiop. season of Vlotorlcm Bardon'a E'/qutsito Picture of Real Life, entitled , j Mountod ahd Pbworfully Cast. j Frlday-Bonefltof thepopplarenmodlah, JOHN DlL ffin J[ ®roa AT M ffir- lr, “ u - ,, ' R&u ' Monday, May ft—An entirely nerrDomoxUo Drama by Bartlor/ Campbell, ontltlod RIBK3. Box Bboetnow open: GLOBE- THEATRE. ~ D..31. ALIEN jf ! HABEY WUIVXo! First appetranee of the popular artiste. Miss KATIE ESTELLE, IN HER SPECIALTY OP WHITE EAGLE; Or, THE MODOC WAB. Ju?“°VmdEtfygVa°sAi; mxoE’s. JWNDAY EVENING, April 39. during the week, and at Wodtioaxlay and Saturday Matlnece, Cie wotld-faraoua Oharaefer-Artlsts, MdKEE and ROGERS, Supported by their Great VATOEVUtIiB COMBINATION, IrwiSonsoly Btrengthoncd for their engagement In this city. Now Stage. Elegant Scenery. I'rloea ns usual. JAMBS DUNCAN, Agout. AIKEN’S THEATRE. MANAGER Mr. HARRY O. CLARKE. ONE WEEK ONLY, commencing Monday, April 88. also, WodnostUgM|tf tho MRS. G. C. HOWARD, Will appear In her Original and World-renowned charao terof TOPBY, in tho colobratod Ajnorlcan drama of XINCLB TOM’S CABEX, Snpported by a powerful company. MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. Monroo-st., between Dearborn and Stata-sts. Arlington, ColtonTlemMe's Minstrels. * U°HN SHEPPARD AND JOSEPH BLUEBKLN. ftlackln and WUaon In their inimitable Hongs and Dances. Ibo Modoo Queitlon-Qulot Lodgings—The Tbroo Graces—Vocal Qnartotto. Every evening and Sat urday Matlnoo. Next week—Tho Kitty Blanchard Barlosquo Company. AIKEN'S THEATRE. 1 THE SALE OP SEATS WILL COMMENCE THIS MORNING for 3VTIB.S- J-A.S. A.. OATHS And Hot Oomlo Opera Company. Six Nlghta and Two MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. ( LaeC Troofc of tho Popular Actor, Mr. Mark Smith,’ Every oronlag and Saturday Matlnoo. tbo beautiful and* pfcturoiquo play emitted ( ONE HUNDRED YEARS ODD, 9 JaqnotFaarol..... Mr. Mark Smith. Aa played by him for over two montha, at IhoUnlon Sonar® ■ Theatre. N. Y. Next week—GRAND ITALIAN OPERA. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. i Monday Evening, April 38. and Wednesday and Saturday Matinees, LITTLE 3STELLI THE CALIFORNIA DIAMOND, and her onUro Com pany, In the great sensation, FIDELIA, Tho Firo Waif. Including tho Groat Flra Scene, Galvanic Battery, and Nitro-Olycoriuo Honsatlen. AIKEN’S THEATRE, Chorus Singers Wanted Apply at tbo Box Office of Aikon'o Theatre, Wednesday morning, April 30, between tho hours of 10 and 13 o’clock. MILLINERY. CHOICE ULLiEBY! FROM WEBSTER’S, 241 West Madison-st. Hyacinths, Jonquils, Dahlias, in every shade; Pansies, Marguerites, and Violets are displayed in tempting Wreaths and Clusters, and form most attractive garnitures. An el egant Hat Is in oiol Turquoise, caught upon tho side by delicate sprays of polo, blue Lily oftbe Valley; Aigrette of Out Steel Facets; two shades of blue faille Ribbon, surmounted by A beautiful Tea Hose. A nice Straw Bon nothasarouloauofLllaoOMpeanda Moire Eibbon to motob, fastened by Pearl and Sil ver Anchors; tho crown Is wreathed with Violets and Lavender Muguots. Drab Orope Hat with elegant monture of Flowers In the now shade of blue. Pearl and Silver Stars glisten among tho sprays and add to the general effect. ‘•Sonora’* hat of pale blue Turquoise, faille Ribbon to matoh, coronet of Morning Glories and Tea Rose Bud*. Other loading styles are tho Gazelle, Moldau, Flor entine. Daniello, and Henri XI. MISCELLANEOUS, Divifleuft No. 2, Tentonia Insurance Co, Cleveland, 0., April 3d, ICT3. Notice la hereby given that, by order of tho Probate Court, a dividend of five (5) per cent, payable on and after May 8,1873, at tbo National City Bank of Cleveland, hua boon declared to the creditors of tha Teutonia Imur auco Company of Cleveland, who have proved thoir claims according to law. Dividend orders oan ho had on application to . JOHN F. WIIITISLAW, Assignee Teutonia Iniuranco Co, NOTICE Is hereby given that application baa been made to tbo AUautlo and Telograph Company for the roiseue o bUsV,°.ll th » Feb, «. la», No. 700 1 16 shares, bob. SI, 1&&, No. 08; 23 shares. JOHN ORBRAR. INDELIBLE INK. PAYSON’SI SftKffisffiSS w t Trade supplied fly r-i * i ,i rullor « Fullor. Canvassers Combination 4 °°- l^^mnjiloa^yrman^Boonte. SCALES. FAIEBAKKS’ STANDARD I, SCALES < op ALL BHSKB. MOUSE &00 fir « WEST WABUINQTON-ST. timr table. arriv/al AM DEPARTURE of trains, ....DUIRCTOH Winter Arrangement. or R*ranßjfo* m MICHIGAN CENTRAL&Giiirf \ ****** *C°? 1 **/ t*tke it ..ana ye Tiekft ofil't, 76 ftiwat-jt,. roi Matt frla main and air line) Way •*f Accommodation A|JaDU'.»Kapre»» ’’ Night itxproas imollnapolir via rrno hoad. Ma 11,.*.,.., Night* Kxprens, *! onAttb rapida and pkhiwatbr. Motiiinr Exjncst Nl#h Kapreaw. CHICAGO ft ALTON W Alton <£ fautt TTirouj then route frofn Chteagc I)epol t Side, near Mndtiun-it St. lionls A Sprlnefiold Kxtirbss, via Main Lin0.....;;..,... ;. • 9:IB«. to. • ftllOp. m. Kansas City Fast Biprost, via v Jacksonville, 111., and LonM* ... ana, M 0.'.;.. .. * 9:i6 a. m. * flilftp. tn. Wonona, Lacou, Washington lli- • press {Wcßtom pijLrtenr.) • -4:lo p. tn. • l;10p, to. Jollct'A Dwight Aeborf.o’d&ton. * 4:10 n. m. * 9:40 a. m. «t. Louis ± BprlnlrAoM Lightning Express, vWMMn Lint, and also _via Jacksonville Division., U9:oop. m. K&fi&a City Express, via jack* sonvllle, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. s9:oop. m. tl7:80a. m. Jeffersoni Olty Express...., 1i9;OOp. m. H7:Boa. to. Peoria, Kookuk A Dnrl’n Ex * 9:00r. m. i 8:10 p. m. Dally, via Main Lino, and dally except Saturday, via Jacksonville Division. it Dally, via Main Line, and dally •zeept Monday, via Jacksonville Division. ‘ CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL RAILWAY. Union Depot, carrier Madieon and Cannl-ste,; Ticket O/Bcs 87 Veit Madhon’tt, and at Depot. Leave, Arrive, Milwaukee, St. Paul ft Mloneap. , u ,MO -- “• ,<:3op - “• ■ oils Might ... t9rt)op. m. *6:00 p. tn. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON ft QUINCY RAILROAD. JJepott—Fbot qf fake-et., Lndiana-av,, and £fcts«ntlU«4,. and Canal and SiztcenOt.He, Ticket office in JJrieat Uouh ana at depote . Leave, Arrive, Mall and Express •" 7*43 ». m . •415 n Dubuquo and Sioux Olty Exp.,., • 9:10 a. m. • ajlOp, S Pacific Fast Line •10:00 a, m. • 8:16 p. m, aSSSga’SSSSteasft;:: : SlMg; S;: IStfi Aurora Passenger • 1-46 p. m. *BISa. m. Aurora Pa55enger................ • 6:30 p. m. • 8:66 m. S! t JSft S: t fS£ | Pacific Night Express.. tU:«Op. ta. | 6:00*. Si Downer's Grove Aooommodatlon -11:00 a. m. 1 5:80 p. m. Downor’a Grove Accommodation • 6:15 p. m. * 7:15 a, ml Ottawa and BtreatorPasaongor.. 7:45 a. m. 8:00 p. m, ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. N • Depet foot of Lake-it. and foot of T\scntu-te<i6nd-tt, «.t.i office, 76,, corner q f 3fadisen. , Leave , Arrive,, fit. Louis Express * 7:30 a. m • o-oon m ‘ fit. Louis Fast Line f Up S • ?SS. Si & ■**}•« 1 7:Wa. m! • **op S ate::::::: * S:: &£ S: t SlitS: S: *• lt\. S' Hyde Parkand Oak Woods # B:l0a. m. # B‘4Ba* S* MydoPnrkand Oak Woods • 7:10 a. m. • 7-45*. m* |}7ds Park and Oak Woods S 9:00 a. m. • 9'-loa, m lpH°n* I i CRIU iR ft I c S 13:10 p. m. •IdOa. m. Drd° Park and Oak Woods I 8:0(1d. m. SlO'SOa m HydsParkandOakWood*.:::::: v s I ?:SS Si , int lS*! t S * 5:15 P* S. * 5;30p. S? li{3®S ar } can jR ft H^ oo^# * 5:l0p. m. • 8:65 p. m. flyde Park and Oak wood m. • 7i»p!ml ••On Saturdays this train will bs run to Ohampalgn. CHICAGO ft NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. ' Ticket office, 81 Weet JfadUon-et, Leave, Arrive. Pacific Fast tine *10:15 a. m. • 8 45 n ™ Dubuquo Day Rx.Tla b11n10n.... U);15 a. m. B:<sp, ra! Taclflo Night Express..... tlOdßp. m. it£o *1 m Dnbuquo Might Kx. via Clinton.. !i):lsp, m. * fildo a. m. FJoeporf. A Dubuque Express • 9:15 a. m , • 2:COp. m. Sn22Sv* M a u“ woß * prw 9:15 P- “J. • 7:00 a.m. J wankoo Mall • a : oo a. m, *10:16 ». m , M waukco Express • fl : 30 a. ra. • 4:00 p. Si MUwaukoo Passenger... • 6:00 p. m, • 7;40 p, a , Mflwauboo Passenger (dally) {11:00 p. m. f 6:00 a. nt. Oroen Bay Express 9:40 a. in. * 7:15 p. ra. W. Paul Express «lo s io a . n,. . «.oop, m< Oroen Day Express • 9:00 p. m. • 6:30 a. Si Bt. Paul Express t0:30 p. n. t 6:60 a. m. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND ft PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, corner of Darriton raid 55rnnarwU. Ticket office. S3 BV,IJ/bil(ioii.,l, Ivtave, Arrive. Omaba.LeavenwHbAAtcblsonEz *10:16 0. ra. • 8:46 p. m. £? r SA? eommodaUoD • 6:00 p. ra. • 9:30 a. ml Night Express... tl0:00p. m. t 7d»a. Si Leavenworth A Atchison Express 110:00 p.m. ; 7rf»a. in. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Jiepof, comer ITnrriton and Sherman-ete. Ticket oflee*. northieetlcorner Clark oncl and touOncJi comer Chnatnnd Madhon.ile. Malt via Air line and Main Uno • 6:40 a. m. • I Special New York Express, Tia Air line.... • • t E *Pro>*> via Air line.. 6slfip. m. E NphtHxprosß. via Main Lino.,.. •tfl:00p. m. # 2( llknartAccDminodaMou • S:4op. m. »lt Bonth Chicago Accommodation.. 13:00 m. j CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. ?&?!£■> a * a - >**•*** <*• Freight and Ticket office 168 Kvttusvlilo A Torre* 'Haute *itx” ” • 7:00p! m!|J 7:80*.* ra! PITTSBURGH. FOR, WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express.,.. Pacific Express........ Past Line..... Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO HOSBU.E.) Depot comeT'llalited and /forth iiraneA-slr. General o/ftee 19 Metropolitan Jiloeh, corner Kandolph and Xo&ille^te. Roselle Accommodation. River Park Accommodation! River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. From l?\e Great Central Ftaitroad Depot, foot of For through ticket* and lUtping-ear berlKe apply at IYeA«( office, 76 Canal-et,, comer Ifadhon; 130 Waehinaton-et.t lYenont Houie, corner and Mlchlnan-av.; olid joot,qf Tuentg-iecond-et, liOare Chicago.. Arrive at Indianapolis ...... Arrive at Cincinnati Only Una running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman sleepers on night trama. . - DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. Tho copartnership heretofore existing under the of 0.11. Beckwith A 00. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Their successors, O, 11. Beckwith A Bens, as* same all liabilities of said firm, and ore authorized to make all collections. O. 11. BECKWITH, F. 11. 011AI Chicago. April 23, 1873. L. F. Referring to tbo above dissolution, we announce the continuance of tho Wolesalo Grocery business at oar old •Und, corner Dearborn and South Water-sis., under ths name and style of medical cards. COBURN Medical Institute, treatment and cure of all forma of obroalo and special disease* in both mn. Tills Inatltuto la unanostlonabli tho moat acleatitto In this country for the treatment of » r ' °H l « m i ra 18 a . r ®* u, ® r graduate of medicine, and has throe'diplomas from tbo boat colleges In tha world, and baa had more oinorlonco In tho treatmen 10l private dUoases than any physician In Chicago. Youdj men who ro«inlre a phyalolan nnver fall to tlnd apeedy re lief and a permanent euro at tho handa of Dr. Coburn. Bond two atarapa for bla hooka on male and femala disease I to any„addra««. In loalod onrelopos. Addreaa lottera. Dr. • op iUBh. ra.nd 177 South ci»Tk «' ahic.”o', ill All confidential. OtQoo hours: Oa. m. toB p, m.: Sunday. a totp. ro. * DR. C. BIGELOW OONFIVKNTtAI.PHYStOUN, <fM Stu...t„ 0h10.,0. o.’atew Science and aiporionoo have made Dr. 11. the naitn. Downed SPECIALIST of thu age, honored by the press esteemed of the highest medical attainments by all the medical InstUntea of tho day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OP 1118 LIFE In perfecting remedies that will diMksiMLSSSS. of OIIRO^°AND , CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for lad on and gentlomen. Call. UORHBSPONDBNOIB MW Dr. Kean; 360 South Olark-st., Ohioago* May bo oonfldontlallr consulted, poraonally or by mall, free ul charge, oa ail chroulo or nervous diseases/ UR. J. KEAN la tho only phyalolan in tho city who war rants cures or no pay. Omoe hours from to 6 p.n>» PRESCRIPTION PREB For tho .pMd.cuM ol Norrou. Dulilllty, Early Decay, and tbo whole train of aloomy attendants, Low of Uomot nr, Energy. Ac. Am-driiuglat has tbo InuredlonU. Art dross Dll. HILTON A CO., Cincinnati. Onto. Salorflayaif. londty «xeepi«(j, JjJ. tißiunoAos ,fntr *l f Madlton. k Itaee, Arrlea. B:.TO» m'. • I 9:00 a. m. ■ f »:•»!>. in. Ml nslßp. rn. i 1 :*8:00p, m. |* B:4fi p, ta. ,2:00 p, m. 10:50». iq, H;PO a, ra. !’ou3oi.ra, B:M ft. m. »8;45p, m. tflslOp.m. »i;S<3»S. P.W«. m. *:00 p. nj k Ij:‘Q P. m. 'OiOOft. mi O. WRNTWORTII. “* ural Pasaangor Ageitt. IIBNRY ( Otm« iAilroAd. igh Line, and ZcUUhna je to A antat City, Union it, bridge. ] Iravt., \ Arrive, ~ Ideate, Arrive, 930 p. m. 8:00 p. m. 8:00 a. m. 26:30 a. m. 18:10 a. m. I=6o p. m< Leave, Arrive. Leave. Arrive, * 9:00 a. m. 1 7:30 p. m. EfijtOp. m. 4 0:50 a. m. V9:oop. m. T*8:00a, m. * 4:65 a. m. * 6:10 p. m. * 8:40 p. m. * 8:60 a. m. Leave, Arrive. 6:00 a.m. 9:10 a.m. 6:16 a»m. 10:61 a.m. * 6:00 a. m. 4 8:00 p. ra. * 4:30 p. m. 4 8:E0a. m. * 9:30 p. m. 4 9:16 a. m. 1. BECKWITH, iB. L. BECKWITH, . MASON. O. It. BECKWITH A SONS.

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