Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 30, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 30, 1873 Page 8
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8 FOREIGN. Reports of Another Carllst Victory Near Pampcluna, Copy of the Will of the Late Emperor Napoleon. War in Southern Africa —Death of Maoroady, the Actor. GREAT BRITAIN. Tons, April 29.—Oalcraft, too celebrated fngiiati hangman, according to an Irah newspaper, baa announced bis Intention to reliro from official lire. Richard Evans, a well-to-do fanner, an aealslantfor fourteen years, will bo Calcraft’s successor. Tho cor poration of London will pension Oaloraft on bis full honorarium of XI per week, and tho Homo Office is naked to supplement this, Calcraft’s last touch of art was on the woman Cotton, at Durham. .... London, April 23.—Ton thousand emigrants left Liverpool fast week for tho United Slates. A largo party of Londoners will leave on the 6th of May for Halifax. Tho day previous, a farewell demonstration Will take place in Victoria Park. Speeches will bo knade by a number of persons, Including several the burning of tho Lancashire Hallway Company’s works at Manchester is $400,000 Instead of April 29.—Mr. Hawkins, of toe proseon •*lon of the Tlchborno perjury case, to-day concluded the opening address, which was commenced on wod * Hamilton moved that the Government bo Instructed •to purchase toe Irish railways, stating that Ireland waa ready to defray too expense of too transfer. Glad 'stone opposed the project. He offered to help the railways with loans at a low rate of Interest. Ho was ready to assist them in every war, but would not pur chase. Ho advised amalgamation of too roads, Tho motion was rejected, [A'ew York Herald Special .l London, April 23.—Tho following is tho true will of tho late Emperor Napoleon, under which letters of ad ministration are now applied for. The estate is sworn to under X 130,000 sterling, and this sum is subject to claims which will reduce it one-half; This Is my will: I commend my son and my wife to the high authorities of tho State, to the peo ple, and to tho army. The Empress Eu genio possesses all the qualities requisite for capably conducting too Regency, and my son dis plays a disposition and Judgment which will make him worthy of hie high destinies. Let him never forget the motto of the head of our family: 11 Everything for the French People.” lot him fix on his mind the writings of toe prisoner of St. Helena. Let him study the Emperor’s deeds and correspondence, and finally let ittm remember, when circumstances permit, that the cause of toe people la the cause of France. Power is a heavy burden, because one cannot always do all the good ono could wish, «nd because contemporaries seldom render Justice; Wo that in order to fulfill one’s mission one muet have faith In and conscientiously appedate bis duty. It is necessary to consider that from Heaven above those whom you have loved, regard and protect you. It is too soul of my illustrious uncle that has ml ways Inspired and sustained me. The like will apply to my son, for ho will always be worthy of his name. I leave to tho Empress all my private prop erty. I wish that, at too majority of my son, she shall live at the Elyses and Blarrotz. I trust that my mem ory will be dear to her, and that after my death she may forget whatever unhappiness I may have caused lor. With regard to ray son, let him keep as a talis man the seal 1 wore attached to my watch, and which comes from my mother. Lot him carefully preserve everything that came to me from the Emperor, my uncle, and lot him bo convinced that my heart and my 'soul remain with him. I make no mention of my faithful servants. lam convinced that tho Empress and my son will hover abandon them. I shall ale in the Catholic Apostolic and Roman religion, which my ■on will always honor by his piety. X>one and signed with my hands at toe Palace of too Tullories, the 24th of April, 1866, (Signed) SPAIN. London, April 20.—The Carlist Committee hero have received telegrams from Spain reporting that on Thursday last, a groat victory was won by inolr friends at Vers, in Nevarro, five miles north of Pam* peluns. The Carlisle, numbering 700, defeated a Re* Jiubllcon force of 1,400 strong. The battle began at II n the morning and lasted until dusk. Bands com manded by the Cure of Santa Onus fought with great heroism, The Republicans were completely routed, with the loss of eighty killed and wounded. • Gen. NouviUas* plan of the campaign in the north has failed. The Carlisle are receiving largo supplies. Reports that Don Alphonse has recrossod from the frontier into France, and that Baballs had fled, are pronounced false. Geneva, April 30.—The police of this city have ar rested the Chamberlain of Don Carlos, who was Just starting for Spain with a howitzer packed among his baggage. The Federal Council has approved the action of the police. London, April 30.—3 a. m.—Marshal Serrano and Denor Sagasta have left Spain. Additional advices, received through Carlist chan cels, represent that Chieftains Baballs, August, Menu rot, Soiilla, Valles, and Gristavy nre capable of concen trating all their forces, some 10,000 fn the aggregate, in a few hours. Baballs is blockading the City of Vich, S7 miles from Barcelona. Don Alpbonao la in the Province of Sorlda, where 600 men of San Ferdinand's regiment of the regular army have deserted to his banner. AUSTRIA. [AVw York Herald Sprcuif.] VawwA, April 29.—The American scandal still occa •!om great oxcjtement in aristocratic drcloa. It ia dls cussed with sneers, as another Indication of the work ing of democratic institutions. Gen. Mayer, acting under advice of counsel, has peremptorily refused to surrender the official papers with the list of exhibitors and allotment of space. The new Commissioners ore completely hampered, and will probably request the Interference of the Austrian Government. Dr. Rup paner, another of tho suspended Commissioners, has left for Switzerland. Van Baron la still hero. The Prince and Princess Imperial of Germany and tho Count and Countess of Flanders have arrived in this city. FRANCE. Pabib, April 20,—M. Barodet made an eloquent ad dress to bis constituents to-night. Ho declared that Democracy was everywhere increasing. The minors of a Ministerial crisis are renewed. It 'is said that M. Goulard, Minister of tho Interior, will resign: and M. Grevy, late President of the Assembly, will take his place, or enter the Ministry in some other department. AFRICA. - Npw Yogis, April 29.—A recent arrival at Liver* •JopVEng,, from tbe Cape Coast of Africa brings nows of I the people there being in a state of great excite meat in consequence of on expected invsslon by the Ashantees, who were reported then to be only twenty four hours’march distant. The Fantees bad been everywhere beaten. The Ashunteea number between TO.OOO and 60,000 men, and it was supposed to be their Intention to take Elmira from tho English. They were marching in four divisions, tbe King using at the head of.the principal one. HOLLAND. Toe Haock, April 29.—A debate arose in tbe Cham ber of Deputies to-day on the origin and conduct of the Atchinese war. The Minister of tbe Colonies ex plained the grievances which led to the expedition against Atcheen, and defended the declaration of war, which he maintained was fully Justified by the circum stances, and challenged a vote of confidence. CANADA. Ottawa, April 39.—Tho Grand Trunk Railway Ar rangement act hae paaaed both Houses of the Domin ion Parliament. Halifax, N. 8., April 29.—The Nova Beotia Legisla ture waa prorogued to-day. PRESIDENT GRANT. The Executive and ills Friends in Co)orado»--A Groat Reception at Denv«r**.A Mountain Pealc Mamed In His Honor, Etc. Dikteb, Col., April 39.—Tbo President enjoyed yes terday a delightful trip to tho mountains on the Colo rado Central Railroad, accompnnlod by hla family and friends, and a few Invited guests. The party halted for a few minutes at Golden and black Hawk, receiving hearty demonstrations from crowds of citizens. They dined at tho Teller Uouao, in Central Oily. They then took carriages after dinner for Idaho Springs, where they remained only one hour, ana, returning by train, reached Den ver at 8:30 last evening. The public reception at 0:30 continued for two hours, and about 4.000 people passed before the President, a majority of whom wore not sat isfied without a grasp of his hand. After tho recep tion the President and hla parly attended a ball which was given In hla honor by the Governor’s Ou&rd, oud tho dancing continued until a late hour. The Presi dent and bis party left Denver at 8 o’clock this morn ing, and will proceed directly to Omaha. It la proposed to name a prominent snow-capped mountain, In full view from this city, 11 The President's Peak,” In honor of this being the first visit of a Prcsldsnt of the United States to Colorado. OnKTXNHW, W. T., April 89.—President Grant and party arrived here at noon to-day, and remamod two hours. They wore met at tho depot by military and Territorial officials. After a flno collation at tho Rail road Uouao, tho President received callers until a p.m., when he left fur Omaha. Ilalirond News* Ratatll Kane County, lU., April 29,—Having com pleted their track to this point, the Northwestern Rail road Company are now taking from the stone quarries In this place ten car-loads of stone per day in laying the foundation of their now car-works In Ohlcogo, Their passenger depot In Batavia Is Just now receiv ing the finishing touches from the pointers, and will loon be brought into use, os It is auuouncod that Northwestern passenger trains will arrive here daring ibe coming week. Boston, April 39.—The bankruptcy hearing In tho case of the Boston, Hertford A Erie Road, assigned In the District Court for to-day, baa gone over one week. Brutal niurdtir. PfTTfßireoH, Pa„ April 39.—A young girl named Busq wm hmUUy oqUfged vm} Btitfylwfdyw- terd*T forenoon In a grove nearftlUburg, Pa., fours, teen mile* from Pittsburgh, on the PitUmirgh, Wssli- Inaton h Baltimore Railroad. Uor akull was fractured In|wo place*, and the hair matted with blood. Two tramping painters, named Poylo and Hyndeman, who claimed to have worked recently In Cumberland, Md.» and who passed through Baltslnfrg on Monday fore, noon, were arrested Boro to*day, charged with the fiendish murder. The girl was 14 years old, an adopted daughter of Mrs. Ohriatlan Kline, residing near Soils burg, and Is said to have a father living somewhere In Ohio. The prisoners will hare a bearing on Friday, The Coroner hold an Inquest on the remains of the murdered child, and a verdict of death caused by some party or parlies unknown to tho jury was rendered. LOUISIANA. Reported Conflict on Sunday Between tho Citizens and military. N*rr York, April 29.—A Now (Moons dispatch says! Tho detachment of the Metropolitan brigade which was sent to Livingston Parish, met with strong armed re sistance along the lino of tho road. A courier slates that fighting commenced on Sunday morning, and ho beard the booming of cannon during tho day. Tho forco of armed citizens in tho field is said to bo 400. NBWOnutAMs, April 29.—Tho political difficulties in Livingston I’srlih are reported as amicably adjusted, with no fighting. MARRIAGES. KOMP—OARR—In this city, at All Saints' Church, by the rector. Kor. Henry Q. Perry, oq tho 27th Inst., John F. Kotnp, Esq., and Ml&i Mary E. Carr, all ot Chicago. HARRIS-BAKER-In this city, on the SOth Instant, by the Kor. At. At. Porkhurst, Air. George Harris and Alary, oldest daughter of Air. win. Dakar, formerly of Heaslolgh Mills, Worth Alolton, Devon, England. HAYNES—In this oily, at 1263 M Pralrio-ar,, Sunday evening, April 88, 1870, of oongestlonof tho brain, Infant daughter of T, O, and Francis L. Haynes, sgod 10 weeks and 6 days. CUNNINGHAM—At 186 Rebecca-st*. April 99, Mrs. MargretCunningham, aged 7 anasmonths. Immoral to-morrow at 1 o'clock. Cer'CloToland and Columbus, Ohio, papers please copy.’ GUILD—On the SOth instant, Marlon Gronnell, wife of Albert D. Guild, Funeral sorvloes at tho residence of tho family, 889 West Jaokson-at., Wednesday, thoOOtb, at 9 o'clock, p. m. WRIGHT—On tho 29th Inst., at6loFnlton-st., Louisa, wife ot Septimus Wright, of consumption, aged SO years. Funeral serf loos at union Park Baptist Church at 11:16 a. m, to-day. CRAWFORD—In this oily, April 37, Miss Nellie A. Crawford. ib«il a? ye«m. Funeral from Die rosldenoo of her brother, Ohas. Craw ford, 643WostWashIngtoa-st., to-day, Wednesday, atl:3o p. m. SITUATIONS WANTED—TEMALE. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY SOME OP THE BEST O eookt and ohambormalds in tho city, on the lakes. Captains, if yon give oar office one trial you will always continue to patronize ns. Satisfaction guaranteed. Ho tels, restaurants, laundries, boarding and private bouses Ire Invited to give ns a call, as wo work to too Interests of each and every one. Wo furnish first-class female holp, with references, to all branches ot bnslnoss, MRS. POTTER can bo found at No. 5 West Madlson-st. W. A. REDDY, Ilrnnoh office, 126 West Monroe-at. Star Employment Office. T OST-ON SATURDAY EVENING LAST, EITHER JLi on Warron-av., between Oakley and Lincoln-*!#,, or on Lincoln, between Warren-av. ana Krle-st., a small rod pocket book, containing 980 in currency, and a few news* paper scraps. Tho Rader will doubtless bo glad to learn that It belongs to Mrs. T. Z. Cowles. No. 6»0 Wo»t Erie sU, and that it may be loft at the Tribune office, whore a suitable reward will be paid for Us return. T OST—YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, ON HALSTED, JJ between Monroe and Ewlng-sts., a brown cloth buggy cushion. Reward given if returned to TOWER BROTU ERS, 105 South OUnton-st. LOST— $5 BEWARD-ON MONDAY, BETWEEN the corner of FHtb-av. and Adams-st. and Harrison* ■t., a motnorandam book containing some receipts of no valne to anyone but the owner. Tho finder will receive tho above reward by leaving it at 866 Sooth Olark-et. T OST-ON S3D INST.. BETWEEN TWELFTH AND JLi Washlngton-ste., by way of Clark, Harrison, and LaSallo-sts., ono heavy box, containing p&rta of anon* glno, marked J. J. S. Wilson, Chicago: tho finder will bo suitably rewarded by delivering to western Union Tolo* graph Company, or J. J. B. Wilson, corner Washington and LaSollo-sti. T OST—S6O REWARD-ABOUT APRIL 11, 1873, A XJ pookotbook containing a fow note*, also coupons on Johnson County Railroad bonds, Nebraska, <m which paymonthaa been stopped; coupons No. as follows: 60, 68, 67. Kl, 89, 88. 87. Bd, 85. 81, 91, and 92. Address W. F. COOLBAUOH, Udloq National Bank. Napoleon, Lost-monday last, between twenty ■ixtb and Thlrly-clghth-slii., - a portmonnalo with broken clasp, containing S3O. Findor will bo amply re* warded by leaving the same at 64 Laogloy-av., Cottage Grove. MISLAID-APRIL 89. AN OLD MAP OP COOK County, edition of 1873. By returning the same toil. R. SALMON, Room 24. 134 South Olark-st., tbo finder will confer a favor and bo suitably rewarded. aonn REWARD—I WILL PAY THE ABOVE iPQUu rawardaud no questions naked for the return of gold watch and chain, lookot. and pencil taken from Room No. 406, Sherman House, Saturday night, April 26. Address X Y Bhonnan Homo. TO EXCHANGE. rF.KOKANGB-8Q FRET. CORNER WEST LAKE st., 3 blocks west of Woitoru-av. Incumbrance, $3,000. Want a good house and lot worth $4,000 or $6, 000, west of Union Park; or for good house and lot at Oak Park or Lombard. This Lake-st. property Is Increasing 20 per cent per an num. Apply to M. HALL, Room 86, Central Union 1 Block, or evening at 890 Fulton-at. St.; rent cheap. Cause; other business. rpo EXCHANGE—UNTIL MAY 1. SB,OOO WORTH OF X buildings with lot, near Blue isfsnd-av., that will rant for SI,BOO per year; will take about hall In aero prop erty or lots, and balance cash payments. M. A. LAW RENCE A CO.. 181 East aittdlson-st. rro EXCHANGE FOR CHICAGO PROPERTY, x ioidb ofaoloo tracts of ooal lands In the 'Wilmington coal Hold, by L. INGLEDEW, IfflLaSallo-st., Boom 17. Bryan Block. TO EXCHANGE—FOR GOOD HOUSE IN OAK Park or Elmhurst, my residence, BOS Walnut-st. House contains 11 rooms, pantry, and closets; hard and soft water; gas-pipes In every room; marblo mantel; price ? 16,000. The house Is In good order and la only one block rom street-cars. Address OWNER, BlßJtfWest Lake-st. mo EXOAHNGB—LOT IN BURNT DISTRICT X worth $80,000; will take house and lot In eity or sub urbs for psrt payment, balance to suit. Address CAPI TAL. P. O. Box 849. City. TO EXCHANGE—NORWOOD PARK BLOCKS OB lots at reasonable prices for business lots In city or thriving country towns. S. E. WELLS. 168 Doarbom-st. TO BXOHANOE—HOUSE AND LOT AT IRVING Park (or will rent) or sell. At Austin, lot 60x186, $lB por foot, if down, balance 1. 3. and 8 years. Cheap. EVAIfIX <T DICKINSON, 125 Olsrk-st., Room 28. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—LOT AT SOUTH Lynne, three blocks from depot, for flrst-olaas E boston, suitable for ladles’ dnvlng. Address S 06, Tri* ana office. WANTED—TO RENT. "UTANTBD-TO RENT —BY MAN AND WIFE; TV no children— B rooms suitable for housekeeping, within three bloeks of Madison-st.:'West Side; rent not to exceed sl6 per month. Address P 49, Trlbnno office. TXT ANTED—TO RENT-COTTAGE, FROM « TO TV 7 rooms, in the south part of the city, east of Stale st. Address, giving location and number, J 83, Tribune office. TATANTED-TO RENT-ON SOUTH BIDB-FUR TT nlshed room, with bath-room attaoUod, with or without board. Address T 84, Tribune offico. VATANTED—TO RENT—I HAVE FROM 20 TO 80 Y V first-class tenants wanting cottages and dwellings In different divisions of tho city. Property-owners wishing to secure first-class tenants will consult tholr boat Inter ests by calling at the House Renting Agency of Q, 8. LACEY, 119 Dearbom-st. TAT ANTED—TO RENT—COTTAGE OR ROOMS ON VY West Side, north of Madtson-it.: must be reason able and In good location. Address H 43, Tribune office. TATANTED-TO RENT-1 OR 2 UNFURNISHED TV rooms, on South Side. Address RIP. Trlbuos office. for 8 days. TATANTED-TO RENT—IMMEDIATELY, A FUR TT nlshod front room, for gentleman and wife, whore day board can bo had close oy, on West Side, west of 'Madlson-st. Address T 83, Tribune office. MACHINERY. BALE—A SIX-HORSE ENGINE AND BOILER J} nearly new, warranted. Inquire of GRAHAM BROS. A CO.. 908 Lake-st. TOOK fIALU—TWO BOH.RRS, 9 FLUES, EACH 90 X’ 1 foot by 49 la. steam drum, safety valve. mad drum, whistle, grAto bars, eto. S3O West Van Uurea-st. ■non SALB-A FIRST-CLASS, UPRIGHT EIGHT JO bono )iui«er ou«lno tui boUsr, In fine running order I at my factory, 40 Uoyae-st. 11. Tt/rACHINKRY FOR SALE—SURFACE PLANER, irX stlokor, moulder, doweling machine, circular taws, etc.; all neatly now, at a bargain. Q, MUNN, 61 Sooth Qreenst. ■REMOVAL OF PIANO ROOMS TO 974 BTATE-BT., XV noar Vanburen. Pianos to rent and for aalo. Estab lished 1860. WM. R. PROSSER- SILVER B FLAT CORNET. ENTIRELY NEW. FOR sale ot a bargain. O. MUNN, 61 South Qreen-st. rpo KENT—A GOOD PIANO. AT 313 SOUTH PEG JL rik-st. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—A FINK JURQENBBN Tv watch, with chain, for a tlrat-olaes piano of stand ard make. Call or address K. O. LAWRENCE, 70 La Salle-st. TXT ANTED—PIANO, STANDARD MAKE, IN GOOD VT repair, in exchange for tint-class board, near centre of buiinesa. Address D 48, Tribune office. _ SEWING MACHINES. r\ ROVER A BAKER’S BBWINO-MAOHINKB-QEN IJT oral office, 160 State-st.; branch office, 979 Wabash av. Pureons having old Orovor A Baker aonlcg-msohinoa are Invited to call and toe the now improvements, and boar something to their advantage. WHEELER A WILSON SRWINO MACHINES, TV the new improved sold or ranted on easy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, pltioo, 838 West Madlson-at. s will remove shout May 1, 1878. to ififi Htito-st __________ T\iyOROEB—LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEB AFTER XJ decree. Scandal avoided. Nlne>cars'J»raoU«o iu the courts of Chicago. Address P. O. Box HOT. . VTO DIVORCE, NO FEE-DIVOUOEB LEGALLY Xv obtained fur causes: all law business attended to. Room 8. 817 South Olark-st. Inclose stamp. TINFORMATION WANTED-OF JOHN FLATLRY, X who formerly lived at IBS Margaret-st., with Peter Far roll, by MICHAEL COB, 117 Larrahoe-st. "PERSONAL—ACADEMY OF. MUSIC, MONDAY X evening, second seat on loft side orchestra circle, near stage. Please address person sitting ou end of seat in Xrwi. durtagUataot. AddrenK«, Tribuneeflloe. DEATHS. Domostioß* DOST. MUSICAL. DIVORCES. PERSONAL. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1873. TO RENT—HOUSES. TO RRNT-DY O. B. LAOBT. 119 DRARBORN‘BT. t No. 681, comer Hubbard and Wood-»U., 9-itory frame, biiok basement, 19 rooms, modern Improvements, barn and carriage homo t grape and rose arbor ;large grounds, beautifully laid out with flowers. Entire house carpeted. llroOT ., mod. •m improvements, fine grounds, first class, 8100. Nos. 719 and 714 WashlngUm-av. 713—11 rooms, modem Improvements, bam. $65. 714—store and fixtures, $26 \ 6 rooms, $56; both. 919. Collage In Austin, near depot, grooms, 888, No. s£g Dayton-st., 0-atory frame, gas and water, 98 rooms, 81001 or will rent separate floors. Comer Homlnary and Llli-ars., S-atory frame, 11 rootna, $4Ol or first floor and upper front room for 838. Ho. 140 Vlnoennos-av., 11 rooms, modem, 868. Ho, 1468 lndlan»*av., B rooms on upper floor for SOB, Ho., 6 rooms each, $35, Hlowart-av., 9-story frame, Brooms, $35. ’ Ho. 1065 West, 4 rooma and closets, S3O. No, Big Wasblngton-av., 6-room cottage, •furnished complete, S6O. No. lEOßouthllalsted-at., 6-room cottage, In flrst-olaea order, lumtshod complete for housekeeping, $65. No. 209flhurtlefl-av., now 8-room house, water. S4O. No. 84 ltnhlo-st., 8-room collage, S3O. House, West Washingtou-st., near Oakley, 19 rooms, good repair, modern Improvements, SIOO. Cottage, 8-alonr and collar, on Holvue-av., between Forty-third and Forty-fourlli-sl*.. 8 rooms, $37.60. 407 Butterfleld-st., 10 rooms, S6O, or separata floors. 600 West Madlaonot., 6 rooms, first-class, $45, Twonty-olgblh-st., botwoon Btala-st. a wabash-av.. 13 rooms. SI,OOO. Athland-av., 8-storrbrlck, swollfront, 13 rooms, mod ernlmprovomonlß, SI,BOO. 239 Farquor-Bt., 4 (lower back) rooms, $lB. rrORKNT-BY DREW A NEWDURYToENRRAL E ,t #. O T *2 tl „ Ro P tln » Agency, Rooms 8 and 9 Bryan lilook, KM LaSallo-st.: .Mlohlgan-av,, second boose sooth of, 15 rooms; good barn. AHwabash-av., 8-story and basement marble front: will bo put In thorough repair; 91,800. -itcty and baaomont marble front; iVI Oalumot-av., 8-story and basement marble front; 91/SOO. M and MVinoonnsß-ftr., 8-itory and basement marble fronts: SI,OOO. BW3 Washlngton-av.; 910. U7 Third-ay., 18 rooms, S9OO. 819 South Olark-st., 6 rooms; SBO. We,t a-story and basement marble front; Ashland-ar., corner. Uubbard-st., 8 hoasos, 7 rooms each: 980. 067 West Ilarrlson-st., 3-atorr and basement brick; 975. Other houses in all parts of the city. Torent-lstohy ootAqon marble-fronts. 1161 .Michigan.ay.; $1,200. * Jj2o Miohlgan-av.j, 91,660. Pralrlo-av., noarTwonty-nluth-at.; 91,800. Homos arp new, elegantly built, and are perfect In all respects. Tho furniture can bo had with 1163, If desired. The houses on Pratrio-nr. are Tory deep, and have bay wjudunsinresr, lanor colling*, frescoed hall, oto.; or wllljsell, 91,000 dorm, balance In fits yean, or will take good real citato in part. I boilt the bouses when land and material ware low, and can sell for lose than they can bo reproduced at prosont. Tho hnnsee will boar Inspection. B. AHIILBY AIEARB, owner, U9 Laßnlle-it, TO RENT—3-STORY FRAME, 445 WEST JACKSON, st., 8 rooms, gas, water, nice barn, largo lot. will be repaired, 8605 also, store and fatnlly-roorasonß, good location, SBO, and Bback-rooms 918; also, two 8. story and baaomont houses, to bo nicely finished) good neighborhood, on Irvlng-plaoo, between Leavitt and Oakley and Adams and Monroe-sts., one at S3O. and one of B rooms at S4O. D. B. FISK, Itoom 6, Otis Block. TO RENT-A SIX-ROOM COTTAGE HOUSE ON Twenty-iovontb-st., near Garibaldi, at S2O pop month. W. T. NOBLE A 00., 76 Van Buren-st. TO RENT—X MARBLE FRONT HOUSE ON illClll gan-av.. near Elghtcenth-st,. togothorwlthbamand large lot. BROWN AIIOIITON, Estate Agents, 150Doarbom-st. TO RENT—B6I WEST MONROE-ST., 3-STORY AND basement house, 8 rooms, bath-room, oto.. ront9Go por month. Apply to ALLAN PINKERTON, 193 Fifth- TO RENT-FURNISHED. TO A GOOD TENANT, No. . P»rk Row. SIDNEY L. UNDERWOOD, 9& fllndlson-st. RENT-FURNISHED. TO A GOOD TENANT, for tho jummor, N0.63 Tnlrteonth-st. S.L. UNDER WOOD, 99Madlson-at. TO RENT—M9>tf FULTON-ST.. ’ S-STORY HOUSE, 9 rooms. SBS por month. Apply at 208 West Bake-sly. from 9tolt a. m.. 3to4p. m. JOHN DAVIS. * TO RENT—NO. 1029 MICHIGAN>AV., 3-STORY and basement brick house. 13 rooms; possession May 1. FRED. L. FAKE A CO.. MWashlngton-st. TO RENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT FRAME housoß3 Twonty-slxlh-st,, partly furnished; owner, young lady, to resorvo two rooms anil board with tenant, Ront 960 month: without furniture S6O month. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON A 00., 141 LaSaUo-et., Oils Block. rnO RENT-HOUSE, NO. 3 HUBBARD-COURT. IN X Very good ropolrjlOor 11 rooms, with furnace and gas fixtures complete; rent, 9100 per month In advance;none need apply unless tho TOl7 boat references. Apply to MYRON X*. PEARCE, 87(3 Wabwh-ov., or OTTO MOOR, 7 Maiket-st. r RENT-IN NORTH DIVISION, SOUTHWEST comorof Ueldon-iw. and Halstod-st., largo 2-story and briok basement bouse of Brooms, with modern Ira. provomenls. Dining-room and kitchen on mala floor, OGDEN, SHELDON <* GO., Nixon's Building, corner LaSalle and Monroo-ste. mO RENT—THE TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE. NO. X 170Walont-st,; bouse In good order; rent low. LEVI WING. 178 Dcarbom-st. r RENT—FURNISHED. HOUSE, MODERN CON vonlcncoß. 12rooms, furnishings good; rcßponslblo parties. Apply at 618 Mlohlgan-av., near Sixtcenth-st. TO RENT-NO. 18 UNION-AV. (WEST OP COT tago Gime and south of Egan-av.) with good bam. Apply at 16 Unlon-av. TO RENT-TUB NEW BRIOK HOUSE, OCTA gon front, corner Ontario and Utato-sU Elegant lo cation; 10 rooms besides cellar. HOWARD, 301 East Waahington-st. mO RENT-COTTAGE HOUSE. NO. 19 WILLARD- X place, 10 rooms, furnished, from May 1. Apply at No. 16 (next door). mo RENT-A NEW fr-ROOM COTTAGE ON THIR- X ty.Bccoml.flt., third door oast of Wallace st., thro* blocks from Ft. Wayne Dummy; commutation faro, 6 ota. Apply on promises. *rnO — RENT-WESI' HIDE, 4 FRAME BOUSES 9 x rooms, marblo mantel,gas and grate, on North Pan. lina-st., from Mar 1. Good neighborhood, 840 por month. loqulro at 109J4 North Paullua-Bl.t up-stalrs, TO RENT—GOOD HOUSE AND ONE ACHE Off (tardea In four blocks of Union Park. W. wat.t'wfl No. 8, awfitato-it* TO RENT-SEVERAL COTTAGES ON WEST SIDE: also .dwelling No. 4U West Madlson-st. W. WALLER, No. 8, O State-st. TO RENT-HOUSE 859 WEST FOLK-ST.. 6 ELK gant rooms with water and gas, marble mantel, and every convenience. Also, 6on gronnd floor. Rent low. TO RENT-AN 8-ROOM HOUSE, NICELY FUR ntshod, with modem improvements, for 6 or 12 months. Inquire on the promises, 27 Cottage Ornve-av, BRUSH, SON A CO., Auctioneers, 188 Boat Madlson-st, TO RENT—TWO COTTAGES—BI3 AND 814 WEST Pratt-plaoo. loading from Hoyno-st. Inquire of PRANK MUNROE, 480 Wabash-av. TO RENT-FURNISHED COTTAGE, 1498 PRAIRIE av., with reservation of right by owner to use one room If desired. Inquire at 14W Prairle-ar. Rent S4S per month rpO RENT-NEARLY NEW-STONE FRONT, 11- X room houses, all modem improvements: a few loft In the block on Monroo-et., corner of Wood. For ****«■ call at 618 Mottroe-st. M. D. BABBITT, rno RENT-GOOD fi-STORY 7-ROOM HOUSES, 76 (T O RENT-763 LAKE-ST.. NEAR ROBEY, 8-ROOM Xhousoandbarn: 80-foot lot: S4O, Other booses to rent. DAY A SANBORN, IIP LsSalle-st. rno RENT—A BRICK HOUSE Off 10ROOMS; COLD X and hot baths: northeast comer of West Van Boren and Throop-ata. Inquire at ISO Throop-st. mo RENT-NEW COTTAGE 7 ROOMS. ON FOB- X ty-flf th-st., half block from Cottage Qrovo-ov., first class. t Also. 0-room 9-story house, finished 10th of May, one block from Cottage Qrovo-av. cars, and throo from ateam cars. Apply to owner, 44 Langley-st., comer Thlr ty-olghtb. TO RENT-HOUSE 461 OARROLL-AV., 8-BTORY and basement, stone front, all modem improvements. In good condition. Apply to the owner at 463 same street. Splendid location. mo, RENT—9-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X dwelling W6 Wabash-av,, 10 rooms, modem oonvon bo put la thorough repair. Apply to WIL SON BROS.,southeast comer State and Washington-sts. rpO RENT—THB FIRST-CLASS COTTAGE NO. 637 X West Indlana-st. Rent $25 per month. Annlv to WM. M. JOHNSTON. 85 West Monreo-at. , RENT—A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, LARGE bam and grounds, north of Tnonty-sooond-st., on Prairle-av.; possession May 1. Address Y 99, Tribune office. TO RENT-HOUSE 183 THIRD-AV,, ADAPTED FOB two families. Inquire at 213 East Randolph-st. rpO RENT-188 ABERDEEN-BT.. 2-STORY FRAME Xqwol lng, 7 rooms, S4O. Apply to T. E. PATTERSON, it Mloblgan-av., Room 2. rno RENT—FORFOURTO SIX MONTHS, A PLAIN- X ly-foroUbod cottage of 8 rooms, corner houao, fine shade-trees, one block from street oars, two bloeks from Union Park. Inquire at 143 Boat KtotU-at. rpo KENT-SECOND FLOOR, NO. 876 NORTH-AV.: X 8 rooms, gas and water; will ront to responsible paf ties at 926 a month. Apply on premises. rpO RENT-HOUSE ON .FULTON-BT.. NEAR T.TN. A oola, t rooms, modern improvements, andpara; Also, cottage, 6 rooms, on Uubbara-st., near Westorn-ar. Call at 99 Park-av. to-day. TO RENT—NEW HOUSE OP 9 ROOMS, ADAPTED for two families, 89 Davls-at. s S3O. J. 8. WOLF, 84 Deaplttlnoe-et. \ TO RENT—FURNISHED COTTAGE. 6 ROOMS. 1104 Indiana at., sfio per month. At. O. BALDWIN A CO., 84 and 86 Laaallo-at., Room 24. rpO RENT-HOUSE 141 NORTH MOROAN-BT., U X rooms and small barn. Apply to J. WAUGH, 197, In same block. Rent, S4O per month. rpb RENT—A NEAT 8-ROOM COTTAGE; EXTRA X width, 9 loti: gafland water, and bam; handy to steam andborto ears;6W Wentwortb-av. Inquire at 258 State-si. rpO RENT-A LARGE TWO-STORV AND BABB- X moot houso corner of Paulina and Kinzlo-sta. j will accommodate twenty boarders; hot and cold water; fur niture to rent or for sato. Apply to JOHN MORRIS, 163 Dearhorn-st., Room 17, cron the premises. TO RENT - A TWO’.'fITORV MARBLE-FRONT house, with parlors, dining-room, and kitchen on one Door, all modern Improvements, on Indlana-av,, south of Thlrfoonth-st. 11. F. ELDIIRD A 00.. 166 Monroe-at. rilb RENT-A THREE-STORY AND BASEMENT X framn homo handsomely furnished on Mloblgan-av 11. F. HLDIIKD A CO.. 166Monroo st. TO RENT—OOTTAQB OF 6 ROOMS ON GATHER- Ine-st., Just east of Blue la)and-av,; S2O a month. BASH A BHAPLKY, Room 8 Otis Block, corner LaSalle and Madlson-ats. rpo RENT-TWO OP THOSE FINE OOTAOON STONE X front houses on Indfaaa-av., between Tnunty-ntntb and Thirtloth-sls.. just completed, 9-stnrlos ana base mont: or will soil. Inquire of ownor at 11)0 South Park av». morning beforo 9, oveulpgaftcr6. rpo RENT-FURNISHED, THE ELEGANT 8-STORY X sud basement brick house No, 4 Park-row: 16 rooms, all modern Improvements. SNYDER A LEU, 14 NUon Building, northeast comer Monroe and LaSallo-sts. rpo RENT - BIX-ROOM COTTAOB, 130 WEST X : water, gas, etc.} S6O per mouth. By J. B. UENNUOUuIIY, northeast corner Madison and Lo- Sallo-sls. TO BKNT-nOOD FIVK-ROOM OOTTAQB. HAHN, and lotSSxhU: water in kltchnn. Possession Imme diate. Will soil, to right party. Inquire of owner, on premises, northwest corner Polk and Itobey-sts. rpo RRNT—FURNISHED UOUBB OF TEN ROOMS X and bathroom: good haras water la both { on Prairie av., near Thlrltatu-st. Inquire at 141 Hlate-st. rpO RENT—SIX-ROOBI COTTAGES, 117 AND 119 X South Idneoln-at., near Monroe. In good repairs par or and sleeping-rooms above, dining-room, ate., below. INloo bouses for small families, and central. Apply until mum at 116 Lluoolu-at. TO RXNT--HOUSES. TPnKLri'^ , • nMrT ' i»r --114 Mlllor-ai., K rooms, 985. 8 rooms, 7W West,, 980. 2rooms,,, s<o. 8 rooms, 831 West Madlson*st.,?66. 19 rooms, 101 West Madlson-sl./ilfio, ii 7 wln. t ’i W . Bo^ h,, suUablo for 8 families, i*' M rooms, 975. J22 West Wasblngton-st., 976, W8,, 9«. - 8M Follon-at.,950. <2O bulton-st., 9120. iSlHouth Paulina-Bf., 985. §4l S6B!, 963. IP9.W) Honore-st., sls. a l7 f u |{ on - , t.» with barn, SSO. Anuolhors, TVJ^P- N 9; 87 TWENTy-FIfTH-GT., MARBLE •d ,ro°»n«i bath, do., handsomely finish. TD^r> d r?fi ra , b,( U.’^ ll b8 rented to May!, 1871, or sell. FRED. L. FAKE A QO., 88 Washlngton-at T O .- n . n^ T T A . COTT . AQE OF 6 ROOMS, WATER, llolitod st° M t*' Parties without children, at 113 South T o _i l Jf" T T* K . OOND BTOHY, 0 HIGH, LAIIOR roo ( !D.*t 1 eloiote, pantries, and water-closet, brick house, 061 south of Twenty.flrst. fTO RENT-HOUSE WITH TEN ROOMS, ON BqSKTttonMML Not “ 1 0l “ k “ nd B “ rborn '* u ' 010 IIKKT-NO. 801 WKBT ADAMS-BT., A HlßEß ttary ftt \d b&somont brick boose, with barn: alto two* !» f? v I O,B house on comer of Oalumot-av. and Twouly. Il«lh.«. P. A. BUOWN AD. HORTON, Ro.l H. 1.10 Ag.nt., 180 Do.rbQm-.t. T9. HEN!— RRAUTIPUL COTTAGE. <BB WKBT IN- J. dlana-st.; also, two-story house, 477 Hnbbard-et., with largo garden; chosp. W. WALLER, No. 8, 820 Btate-st. rrO RENT—COTTAGE OF B ROOMS, 3 CLOSETS J- and pantry, corner of Thirty-first and Hnhb-sta.; three blocks west of Fort Wayne track. Rout 918. Apply on promises. To RENT-TIIE TWO-STORV ERAJIE.IIOUSE, NO. 69 Warren-ar., just west nf Union Park, contains 11 rooms, bath-room, eto. Wewlllpaperthofrontandback parlors, ball and throe bod-rooms, and put the houso In R™d'onlor ijonorally. Rent, SBO per month. W. D. KHIUQQT A CO., 110 But TO RENT-TO FAMILY WITHOUT CHILDREN, oottagp. 8 rooms. No. 880 Oalumel-av.. near Twenty. mnth-st. F. A. BRAGG A CO., 46East Harrlion-st. TO RENT—COTTAGE NO. 76 WALNUT-ST., JUST been painted Insldo and ont. 930 per month. Apply to W. 1). KURFOOT A CO.. 90 East TO RENT-THE DESIRABLE HOUSE OP ELEVEN . ro'iSlSu-.SL O *- 312 North A. F. uOllOltKilDT, 8 Chamber of Oouitneroet fpO RENT-TWO NEW HOUSES ON JAOKBON-RT.. X .west of rid city limits. Band 10 rooms, rent 905 and 945. 1. R. ANDREWS, oflloe 8 Kendall Dlook. fro RENT—NO. 604 WEST ADAMB-BT.. A THREE. X. story and basement house, together with barn, P. A. BROWN A D. HORTON. 1M Dcarborn-st. TO RENT-HOUSE ON BOWBN.AV., BETWEEN Cottage Ororo and Vlnoonnos-avs.; 9 rooms, and at* oove'and nasomonlLrentsßo per month. SIiIPMAN A MOKEEVKR, 133La8allo-st t , Room 16. mO RENT—HOUSES—NOS. 24, 86. 88, AND 80 WA ± pansoh-av. (Thlrty-sovouth-st.), 4 house*. In good ro- Ealr. lo rooms; S6O por mobth. 6. E. WELLS, 188 toarborn-st. r RENT-A LARGE TWO-STORY AND BASK, moot house, corner of Paulina andKlnslo.sta.; will accommodate twenty hoarders: hot and cold water; fur. nltura to rent or for sale. Apply to JOHN MORRIS, 163 Dearboro-st., Room 17, or on the premises. TO RENT-TWO NEW 6.R00M COTTAGES ON Wllcox-sN, Just west of Oallforala-av.. water. Ac., 930 nor month. Apply to W. W. CALKINS, 838 South Wafer-at., Lumber Exchange. TO RENT-A COTTAGE, WITH OR WITHOUT THE use of a barn. Inquire at IS9 North Reuben-at. ■ rpO RENT—B-BTORY, BASEMENT AND SUB -1 collar marble-front bonao. all modern Imdrovomonta, including furnaco, No. 830 West WaahlngUm«et. Apply at No. 86? West Randolph-st. for terms. ’ mO RENT-HOUSE 788 MADISON-ST., CORNER X Lincoln s contains 8 rooms, closets, pantry, and bath room; all rooms leading into nail; wall arranged; refer* enoes required. Inquire at stare. TO RENT—OR FOR SALE-FULLY FURNISHED houso 881 Mlohlgan-ar.. 14 rooms. Parties can sao it now by applying to W. u. BARNEY, 163 East Ran*

dolph-st. TO RENT-7 NICK DOOMS AT M 0 WI'.ST TYLEI •t., all complete. TO RENT-HOUSE, 285 WEST MONROE-ST., OF 10 rooms: also, 6-room cottage, 369 Forquor-st. Apply at 287 West Mouroo-st. fpO RENT—TWO HOUSES ON COTTAGE-PLACE, X Nos. 12 and 18, sls per month. Apply on premises. TO RENT-FURN!sUKD HOUSE, CM WEST WABH lugtoh-At., near Union Parks 11 rooms, beautiful lo cation, all Iroprovdmnntas furniture nearly now, In com plete order; would take board In part payment for ront; Immediate pOMCistea. rpO RENT-A COTrAOE, NO 6M WASHINGTON- X ay. at S3O por month. Apply to F. I), LITTLE, 113 North Canal-sc. TO RENT-A TWO-STORY BRICK HOUSE FRONT lug on Union Parks S3OO nor year to party paying 1 year's ront In advance. JACOB' O. MAQILL, 81 ana 83 South Clark-st. fpO BRIOK BASEMENT HOUSE X on Groert-st ~ near Washington,; SBS per month, T. B. BOYD, 180 West Washlngloa-st. 110 RENT-ONE HOUSE OP 7 ROOMS IN NEW 2- . story and basement brick block, corner of Adams-st, and Seoloy-ay, F. M. GRAY, Room 6,127 Laßallo-at. TO RENT—IN CHICAGO, A SPLENDID TWO slory house, only 3 block* from 2 street railroads; rent, $45 per month. B. F. CLARKE A CO., 132 La- Saile-et. - TO RENT—3-BTORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, containing 10 rooms, modern Improvements; No. 163 Contro-ar. Inquire at 166 Contre-ay. 310 RENT-FOB ONB YEAR, COMPLETELY FUR* nl.hed linen. plat*. piano. An. Apply at ISo wonty-flrat-et. TO RENT-BASEMENT AND TWO-STORY ROUSE, 957 Llnooln-av., containing 10 rooms, summer kitchen, and 10 oloiots, for $36 n month. Apply on the promises. mo RBNT-DWKLLfNO OP 7 ROOMS, 8 CLOSETS, Jl and pantry, cheap, to responsible parties. 537 Twon* ty-flftb-st. mo RENT-HOUSES ON WABASH AND MIOHI- X gan-avs., between Twelfth and Twonty-thlrd-sfi. FRITSOII A 00., Rooms 9 and 1L 81 and 83 Soatb Clark* at., formerly OTTO VON FRITSOH, LaSallo-st. r RENT-565 HUBBABD-ST., COTTAGE, 6ROOMB, pantry, closets, gas, and water. Inquire at 148 North Ada-st. TO BENT—COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS, NO. 267 TWENTY* nlnlh-st., near Wabash-ar.: alio cottage, & rooms, No. 691 llntlorftnd-sfc. J. U. KEELER, 146 Olark-st,, corner Madlson-st. TO RENT—ON WEST SIDE, NEAR UNION PARK, and Tory oonTenlont to Madison and Twenty-second* st. oars, ono tenement, & rooms, water and gas, $25; one tenement, 6 rooms, water and gas, S4O. Apply at 804 Stato-st. TO RENT-8-BTORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE- Ironthoose, 1020 Wabash-ar. The homo la partly fur nished : to a good tenant It will be rented on the moat favorable terms. BLANCHARD A NORTON, Boom 83, 166 Bast Waihlngton-st. TO RENT—DWELLING OVER NEW BRICK STORE 931 West Lako-at., 6 rooms, pantry, china closet, bath-room, water closet, $36 a month. Apply 191 South Paullna-tt. TO RENT-436 AND 437 VAN BUREN-ST.. NEARLY now; 8 rooms, closets, bath, water closets, gas fix. tares, oars, pared street; only SSO per month. Inquire 843 Tyler-st. r RENT—I 3 ROOMS AND BASEMENT IN PEKIN Tea Company’s Building, 876 State-at. TO RENT-POUR RESIDENCES, CORNER OF Robey and Uabbard-ate., at SBO and SBS per month. Also ono flno cottage near same corner at SBO, 8 rooms. House No. 181 Ourtli-st., SSO per month. Home No. 10 Bryan-ptaeo. E. B. OAD WELL A CO., Room 8,188 Madlson-st. TO RENT—CHEAP, WITH OR WITHOUT BARN, expressly adapted for boarding and saloon; homo TOM and 101 Btowart-ar., corner Barbor-st.: room for 40 boarders and 16 horses. Apply to O. McDONNELL, 171 East Madlson-st., Room 9. TO RENT-HOUSE 13 ROOMS, WEST WASHING* ton-st., near Green, $75 per months furniture for sale; bargain. J. B. KIMBALL, 126 Doarbom-st. TO RENT-HANDSOME COTTAGE, 7 ROOMS, closets, Ac., convenient to business t also other houses byJ 4 8. KIMBALL, 126 Doarbom-st. TO RENT-HOUSE 860 WEST MADISON-BT., $76. 781 South Joflonon-st., near Onualnort-ai., 17 room* end .tore, SSO. EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Madlson-st., corner Dearborn, Booms fl and 7. Sub or ban. TO RENT-A LARGE FURNISHED BRIOK REST denoo at Highland Park. Address or call at Room 89 Tribune Building. TO BENT-SEVERAL HOUSES IN NORTH EVAN •ton, and one in Glencoe; or will sell lor monthly pay* menu. O. E. BROWNE, Grover’s Block, Evanston. TO RUNT—AT EVANSTON—A HOUSE AND LOT onlOhloago-av.. opposite grounds of Ladles' College: 0 rooms. OI&ENLBAF A PAUL, Room 17, Central Union niook., I non tiAiiU—at navnNSWooD-s z.oto, imxuSi ' well located, about 8 block* from depot; $1,260, worth <1,700. D. B. COOMBS, 185 Washlngton-st. TO RENT—A FINE LARGE HOUSE AND LOT AT Qloncoo, near tbs lake ebnro, 18 mile* from Chicago, 4 minute*' walk from depot; situation high and healthful; school*, church; neighborhood and surroundings delight ful; oora to Chicago oy theyoar lowswill soil cheap, In* quire of F. W. NEWHALL, corner Lakoand Canal-sts. rno RENT-A NEW HOUSE AT OAK PARK. AP -1 ply to H. 80HR0KD1CU, HO North Unlon at. rno RENT—BY M. V. HOTCHKISS. 87 OLARK-ST.: X llousei and lota at Maywood, at from S3O to $lO por month. TOO RENT-HOUSE IN LAKE FOREST. S ROOMS, i with largo Improved grounds. CANFIELD A MAT. TgSON, 60 LaSallo-st. • TO RICNT-OR FOR SALK-AT HINSDALE-ONE house of 10 largo rooms; grounds la good order; furnace. Ao. Ono bouse of 8 rooms, with fruit. Ono house of 7 rooms. Ono largo houso of 16 rooms, nicely adapted for a boarding-homo. For exchange for city property: 8 good homes and lot*. D. L. A Ci. W. PERRY. rno RENT—AT HYDE PARIC-A FURNISHED X bouse, for the summer mouths, to a small family; in a very desirable location, and within ono block of railroad atatlon. Apply to the Cashier, at No. 315 Ilandolph-at. 110 UUNT-AT NORWOOD PAHK-TWO-BTOHV house, grooms, well and cistern water; rent, $25 per month. F.M. FOX. 150 LaSallo-st., Room 5. rRFNT-OR FOR SALK-CHEAP. AT BARRING, ton, a good homo, 10 rooms, collar, wall, cistern, barn, 0 acres of ground, 100 fruit treess convenient to do pot. Apply at 110 North CurtU st. mO RENT-AT OAK PARK, THREE GOOD COT* X tagos, ono of them furnished; also, homo at May. wood. A.T, HEMINGWAY. Room 88. lift UHallo-at. TO RENT-STORES. OFFICES, &o. TO RENT-STORE WITH LARGE SHOW-WlN dows at 116 South Ilalstod-iU r RENT-A LARGE CORNER STORE INA GOOD location, suitable for auy business: ohoap rent, and Immediate possession given. Apply at £uu West llarrl* ■oq-it, s TO nKNT-IUUf 01> MY HI'OIUS Foil ANY light business; prefer hair, pattern agency. or drosses trimmed and suits. Apply to Cl. WOOD, M 5 Wabash-av. rno RUNT-18 ROOMS AND BASEMENT IN PEKIN X Tea Company’s Building, 876 Htato-st., well adapted for European Hotel, boardinghouse, or furnished rooms. rnp RENT-A LARGE NEW STORE, SUITABLE X for groceries, hardware, boots and shoos, or dry goods, eomor Robey and Hubbard-sts. Apply to E, E.UAO* WELL A CO., im UMt MadUoa-st.. Ifeem 9, TO RENX--STOR a)S. OFFICES, &o. TO RENT—CHEAP—FOR A TERM OF YEARS, A largo hall, 830 by 76 foot, comer Canal and Jackson* eta., running to Clinton, over tlio wholoaalo market#} suitable for the storage of wool, etc., or lighter heavy manufacturing. Apply on the promises of JOEL ELLIS, DAWSON AMILLAR. r RENT—ROOMS WITH POWRR. INQUIRE AT U. DIHSTON A SONS, Lind D'wk, Randolph and Market-sta. IPO RENT—FROM MAY 1, STORE AND DWELL* X tog, No. 14ft Blue Islnnd-av. j also 24x42 j good looa* linn: lanowooeuplAdasaboet and atine store. Inquire at 859 llalstodst,, between Kwlng and Forquor. rRKNT— STORE AND BASEMENT, NO. SOS WoatMadlion-st., Thompson's Dlook, 25x70 i light and airy, 14 footcelllng: aullablo for any firat-olaas boat* noaa s rout cheap to tlio right party: business onntro of tho Woat Hldo, WM. H, TIIOMI’SON, 239 West Madlaon at. rno RENT—BASEMENTS, 86X70, ON WEST MAPI* X son-st.. light and airy: anitaliln fnrnny business: rontchonp. WAf. 11. THOMPSON, 2» West Msdlaon-at. rflO RENT—B ROOMS IN THOMPSON’S DLOOK, X Woat Madlaon*at., noltablo for oflleos or light house, keening, gar, water and water-closet. WM. H. TIIOMP BON, 239 WoatMadlion-st. FpofRRNT-VERY OIIRAP-THB SUBSTANTIAL X brick atoroa with collar# Nos. 80S and 297 Woat Ran* dolph-at. 8. 6. HAYES, M LaSalloat., Metropolitan Dlook. rpo RENT-STORE 20x85 FKRT NO. 193 WASHING* X tpn-st. t also double atom 40x86 In antno, brown atone building. Those atoroa are splendidly lighted, have a 25 foot alloy directly in mart flro-tiroof vaults, and havo finished basements, which may bo rented with tbom or not, at pleasure of tenant. Apply directly to owner, 1 Room 6, No. 193 Washington^. rpo RKNT-NIOR BRICK BARN WITH COACH- X man’s room, gaa, and water, on Woat Waahlngten*«t., near Kllrabotli. Apply at C 6 Bast Lako-st,, up stairs. RRNT—SECOND FLOOR, WRLL-LIGUTRD IN frontandonthnsidobyalloyi aullablo for a Jobbing business. Apply on promises to lIBRHINQ A 00„ 46 Btato-at. ■ . TO HUNT—STORK NO. 970 NORTH OLARK-ST., with seven good living rooms above. Apply to W, D. KBRFOOT A CO., OJ Itast Waahlngton-at. rpo RENT—A BARN SUITABLE FOR TWO HORSES X and a carriage, at No. 80 Contra av. TO RENT-STORB-ON WEST MADISON-BT.. near llalstod-at., in good order, and will bo rented reasonable to a good party: suitable for boot and shoo, dry goods, furnishing goods, or hat and cap store. Ad dress, giving name, it 68, Tribune office. rhO RENT-TWO STORES ON MILWAUKEE-AV.- X One storo on Kindest. t also cottage. Apply 834 West Randolph-st., up-alalra, r RENT-OFFICE. FURNISHED IF DESIRED: also, desk room in tine, front law officej also, a good alooplng-roora, with water and marble waau-baslnt all on second Hour i rent moderate. llooma I, 9, and 3at 1&3 Wsushlngton-at. TO RENT—A HANDSOME STORE IN BRICK bnlldlng in Rockford, 111,; centra of business, 62x20; dry-goods, clothing, or boot and shoo business preferred; ford ,oar> dd(OU ANTON SUIUCKIfiR, Rook- rilO KENT—A STORE AND EIGHT ROOMS SUITA- X bio for a restaurant and boardlng-hnuso; ront loir to a good party. Apply to GEO. A. HUAVKRNSj <587 Ol&tk st., near Fourteenth. fTO RENT-BRICK STABLE, AT 797 WABABH-AV, I X first-class, four stalls, and plenty oarrlago room. TO RENT —DESIRABLE STORE, LOFTS, BABE moots, and offices, an Stato-sU, fronting Congress. 0. H. WALLER, B2Q Stato-st., Room 8. rno RENT—WITH OR WITHOUT TOOLS. HORSE- X shooing shop, a good stand for oarrlago orwagon shop. 197Twonty-fourth-Ht., noarHtato. H7O BENT-THIRD STORY OVER 203 WERT MAD- X lson-»t„ corner Green. sultahlo for manufacturing purposes. EUAUTUQ H. GOODRICH. 203 West Mad uon-st. TO BENT—A STORE ON STATE-ST.. OPPOSITE Potter Palmor Hotel i also, oflioos and lofts, all well lighted. Inquire at Room 11, 161 Monroo-st. TO RENT—SBO—STORE AND 8 ROOMS: IIALSTED *t., near Jackson. Larger stom and rooms. $-15. TRUESDKLL A BROWN, 176 West MadUoa-st. TO RENT-TIURD AND FOURTH FLOORS. 78 and 80 Rtato-at.. between Randolph and Washington. CANFIELD A MATTEBQN. 00 LaSallo-st. • mo RENT-ONE FRONT OFFICE, CORNER OP X State and Madlson-sts.; also a largo oomor office on Btato-st., ooruorof Van Huron. Apply to J. B. OTIS, 70 Madlaon-sf, Room 18. r RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, 25x80, AT 818 South Clark-st. Inquire in Room No. 2. TO RENT—WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, IN tbo Trainer Building, opposite Potter Palmer's Grand Hotel, 183 Stato-st., for jewelry or any other manufactur ing business, four front rooms on the comor of a 20- foot alley. lor particulars inquire at Room No. 11, In the building. TO RENT - FOUR-STORY AND BASEMENT brick store No. 838 Clark-st., nr will rent first floor and basements alsoSd, B<l, aud 4th floors ovor 820 01ark-s$ 11. F, ELDREP A CO., 166 Monroo-st. TO RENT—A LARGE FOUR-STORY AND BASE mont atouo-front atoro on Wahasb-ay., afowdoors south of Adams, at a reasonable ront if taken at onoo. 11. F. ELDREP A CO., 166 Monroo st. rilO RENT-STORE 11 AND 18 MABKET-ST., 45 BY X 85. Also largo tofu, on earner Lake and Markct-sts., all In Oarrott Building. Apply U>o. LUNT, Room 0, Methodist Church Block. _ mo RENT—THE STORE 627 STATE-ST., CORNER X of Ilannon-court, from May 1. H. HITOUCQOK. nio BENT-NO. 09 BLUE ISLAND-AV., A SHOP X sultahlo for any kind of work. TO RENT-BASEMENT 40x85 FEET, NOS. 105 AND 197 Waahlngtnu-st.; has wide alloy directly In rear, fira.proof vault, sidewalk lights, and finished throughout. Apply at Room 5 satno building. rno RENT-OFFICES, SINGLE OR EN SUITE, WITH X flro-proof vaults: only one flight stairs, first-class In alt respects. Apply to owner, Room 6 same building, No. 193 East Washlngton-st. rno RENT—WELL-LIGHTED OFFICES, FINISHED X In first-class stylo, on LaSallo-st., near Randolph, cor ner of alloy; first floor, S2O (o $35: second, sls to $35; third. sl2 to S2O. WILLIAM if. (LONDON, 47 Lafisllo at., Room 3. TO BENT-WEST MADISON-BT.. BHOB STORE, 635, to a responsible party. A. BLAKE, 137 LaSalle. rilO RENT-ONE OF THE FINEST BASEMENTS IN X the boat business portion of tbo city (for a res taurant); the party must have moans to make it sn A No. 1 place, Tnqinroto-day from 9 toll a. m..No. 149 Monroo-st.. near LaSalle. PETER OROETSOII. r RENT—A FIRST-CLASS STORE IN THE 8-story brlok building, No. 1300 Stato-st. Apply at 169 Archor-av. fpO RENT-STORE AND CELLAR 100 WEST X Lako-at. Inquire of G. HOWARD, up stairs. , TO RENT*—ROOMS* r RENT—UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLE, men In second and third stories brick building corner Randolph and Jofferson-nta.; bare Inside blinds, with gas, and closets on same floor. Apply at Room 40, No. 105 west Randolph-at. rpO RENT-1263 WABABH-AV., A FURNISHED X front room. Rent $lO per month. TO RENT-SUITES OF ROOMS AT $lO TO $13.50 per month In the new building at the northwest cor ner of Arnold and Twenty.nlnth-sti. Apply at tbo bulld- Ing between 10 and 11 o’clock. TO RENT-LOWER PART OP HOUSE 083 SOUTH Doarbom-st., corner Thirty nlntlrst. s s2opor month, 6 rooms, pantry, olusots, oto. Inquire of J. W. GOULD, up-italrs. r RENT—TWO SUITES OP UNFURNISHED room* at 818 South Clark-st. Inquire Room No. 8. mo RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED APARTMENTS. X single or on suite, in the now Parkor Block, northeast corner of Halstod and Madlaon-sts. Entrance, 63 Sooth Il&lilcd. Office, Room 43. TO RENT-PLEASANT ROOMS, FURNISHED AND unfurnished, to gentlemen, lu a private family, at 81 Twcoty-fourth-st. rno RENT—THE SECOND STORY OF BRIOK BUILD. X Ing 349 South Park-*v.. 6 room* and closets, witball modem Improremonte, to a small family. TO RENT- TWO FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH USB of kltchoD, for light housekeeping, to a widow and daughter or man and wife, at 30d West Van Buron-at. References required. TO RENT—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED rooms, to gentlemen or gentlemen and wires from May 1, at 599 Wabash-av. TO RENT-895 WEST JAOKSON-BT., NEAR GEN* tro-ar., two good rooms and large pantry, to man and wtfo without children, at sl9. TO RENT—AN UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM, without board, ot 14 Csntro-av. mO RENT—A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, SUIT* X able for ono or two gentlemen. Inquire at 19 North Oarpentor-st. mo RENT-THREE NICE ROOMS, SUITABLE X for light housekeeping; good location; water and gas. References required, aw South PoorU-st. mo RENT-641 WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED AND X unfurnished rooms, with alcove, wator, gas, oto. At>- ply to ENOS TURNER, 99 East Madlson-st., orontbo promises. . fpO RENT-A FRONT, ALCOVE ROOM TO TWO X gentlemen for $lB a week; near Tbirtoonth-»t. Ad drew Q 81, Trtbtmn office. TO RENT—FOR TWO GENTLEMEN—PLEASANT suite of novrly-furnlibed room* /routing, on Union Park (No. 0 Bryan-plsoe), with or wllbout board. In a quint family; goi ana bath-room; reference required. /no RENT-817 FULTON-BT.—I NICE ROOMS, PAN- X try. closet, water, to man and wile; only 093 por month. TO RENT-0 FURNISHED ROOMS, ALL IN FlßßT olass order for housekeeping; rent, S2O. Also day board for ono lady. TUUESDELL St DROWN. r RENT—3 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH or without board, to Arst-class parties. Apply to TRUEHDELL A SHOWN, 176 Weat flladlsonst. a' l 5 RENT— SEVEN GOOD HV'INO ROOMS OVER . No. P7(J North darkest.; ront, $25 per month. Apply to W. D, KKUFOOT A CO., 90 East Washlngton-st. rno RENT—THREE SLEEPING •ROOMS IN BUILD- X log on northwost corner Wabash-av. and Harmon* court. W. D. KERFOOT A CO., 90 Ea^tWaahlngjoust. rno RENT-ROOMS SUITABLE"FOR UOUBKKEKP. Xing. Innulro at 70 Honoro-st., or of 11. M. MoOANN, 12 and 11 South LaSnllo-st. _ rno RENT-SUITE OF FOUR FRONT ROOMS, WITH X two cloHole, water, and gas, in marble-front building, 036 West Lake-at. Apply on promises, Room 8. rilO RENT-125 MAY-ST., SECOND POOR FROM X Twdlfth-st., asultoof 60r7 rooms to a family without small children. Apply on promises. rno RENT—A SUITE OP FRONT ROOMS AND X double parlors furnished or unfurnished; also, fur nished lodging-room. Apply at 831 Wost Ilandolph-et., up-s lairs. T’ O RENT-TWO FURNISHED SUITES; ALSO,TWO unfurnished parlors, at No. 12 Eldrldgo-oourt. Day board next door. a' lO RENT—S ROOMS, FIRST FLOOR, 155 Jauk«on-at., nasr Dosplalncs. S3O per month. /HO RENT-ONE FURNISHED BED-ROOM, WITH X thoprivilege! of sitting room wllhtwu other gentle, wen. Rout low. ltd Rast Krle-st. f|lo RENT-608 WABASH-AV. IS BEING NEWLY X furnished, paporod, and painted, and will be kept by the ownur. Gentlemen and tholr wives. or slnglo gcnllo man, will Had pleasant front rooms, without board. Day board obtained uoit door. Roforoacos required. rno RENT-a ROOMS, PANTRY. AND CLOSETS. X also throo rooms, pantry, and closet; water on both floors: two doors from Vaußursn-st. oars. Apply Inroar of IWI South Wood-st. fflO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM FOR X ono or two gentlemen, at 110 South Qrooa-s(. Private family and good location. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS. WITHOUT X board, at 814 West Adams-st., to a private family. alO KENT-FIVE ROOMS, BATH, AND WATER. . olosot; also store In cuimoctiou wil ■ MlO samo, on Wa« liaih-av. Hont miulorato lo right pu... o*. Apply to U. P. FULTON, 401 Wabash-av. TO RENT-ROOMS. r RENT-SIX NEAT ROOMS. _|» WEST LAKE, it, I water in kitchen i root 800 per month. M. WILLIAMS, 707 Wabashav. TO RENT-13 ROOMS AND BASEMENT IN PEKIN Toa Company's Building. 876 Btatc-st. r RENT-SECOND FLOOR, 8 OR 9 ROOMS, WITH marblo mantels, gee. water, and wstor-oloioU, it tho marble-front building No. 810 South Clark-st., between Van Duron and Ilomson. Inquire of the owner, botwoon 1 and 8 o'clock p. in. TO RENT-9 ROOMS, PANTRY, AND 3 CLOSETS, wllb water. 147 Aberdoon-st. TORRNT-AT IM WEST WABHINQTON-BT., TWO largo furnished rooms suitable for tbroo or four gon. tlomon each. T‘ 0 RENT—NICELY FURNISHED SUITE OF rooms \ also sleeping rooms for gentlemen, at 1063# Wflb«sh-av. TO RENT—RLRQANT ROOMS, SINGLE OR RN suite, fnrnlshed or unfurnished. Ashland Block, op. poslle Hborman House, inquire at Room 81. TO RENT—4 ROOMS ANDOLOBKTBI WATER ON the promises. 45 Kmma-st., one block from tho Mil* wankoo-av. car stable. TO RENT-TWO DESIRABLE BOOMS IN A OEN tra) location | botuo will bo painted. Apply at 47 South Ann-st. ' r RENT-ON AND AFTER MAY 1. HANDSOMR- Iy furnished rooms, slogle or on suite, at 161 South Olatk-et., Room 9. TO RENT-FURNISHED SITTING-ROOM. BED room, and one closet! terms moderate. Apply at 198 Marrlson-st. r RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED ROOM, SUITA bIo for two gentlemen, with Bae.hotand cold water! also, single room; brick house. 411 West Madison-st. TO RENT-873 MIOHIOAN-AV.-NIOELY-FUR nlshed front salto and other rooms from May 1. TO RENT-A SUITE OF NIOELY-FURNISBED rooms at 18 Sonth Ann-st. rro RENT-ONE NICELY FURNISHED SQUARE Jl room, with 3 closets, suitable for two gentlemen. Terms roodoralo. 127 North Olark-st.. up 8 flights. rrq rent-no. t north, one X large furnished front room, first floor. Ilont Ql6 per month. BOARDING AND DODGING. SnutU Sldo. A Q HUn BAUD.COURT—NEW nOAnDINaHOUHKI TtiJ first-class board with room, $4 to 96.50 per week, with uso of piano; day board. 84. A £ COTTAOB-PLAOE—FURNISHED AND PART. *xO ly furnished rooms, with board, near the lake and steam oars, between Thirty-first and Thlrty-second-sts. I (IQ ELLIB-AV.—A SPLP.NDID CHANGE IS OF luO foroU for * row who wish good board, and anno homo, at reasonable prices J ono block from hone-oars, and ono from Hyde Park train {in the most doslfaulo part of tboolty. TOO COTTAGE OROVE-AV., JUNCTION OP XtJiJ Calumet Handsomely furnished front room*, with board. Pleasant summer location j flho shade aad croquet grounds; houso first-class. • 1A Q TIIIRD-AV.—TO RBNT WITH BOARD, TWO splendid parlors; unfurnished; except carpets; aoparotd or together. •I A Q SOUTH PARK-AV.—A GENTLEMAN AND 'XrrO wife 6t tiro single gentlemen can haro good board with ploaaapt anlto of rooma at reasonable rates. COn WABABU-AV., CORNER HARMON-OOURT OZi\J —Pleasant rooma, furnished or unfurnished, with boards will bo readyto occupy on or before tho Ist of May. K/<Q WABABH-AV.-A HANDSOME ALCOVE Uu:o roomtorontwlthboard; also largounfurnlshod room. References required. Knn MIOHIGAN-AV.-TO RENT, WITH FIRST. Oil/ class board, a front room woll furnished, to a gen tle ma n. 6 o’clock dinner. __ erte WADASU-AV.. CORNER TWELFTII-ST.- UI O largo and elegant rooms with firat-olasa board. CO7 WABAf/11-AV.—TO RENT. WITH BOARD, OO I rooms on suite or single, furnished or uafumlah «d, by Ist of May. Day board. £nOWABBII-AV.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, A Uvai largo furnished room, with elosot attached, oapa bio of accommodating two or three persons. AOA'WADASH.AV.—A SUITE OP ROOMS, ALSO OJx single room, with board;references required; accommodations first-class. rtCA MIOHIGAN-AV. FURNISHED ROOMS I for man and wlfo.. Also single rooms for gentle* men, with first-class board; all modem Improvements| references required. nrr A MIOHIOAN-AV—FURNISHED SUITE OF 4 I ± front rooms td rant with board; also a back room ftcullng cast. 2 doors south of Twoaly-scoond-st. rjQC MIOHIOAN-AV.—SOME VERY PLEASANT I Uti rooms, with firat-olasa board. Rooms furnished and unfurnlshod; QOn INDIANA-AV., NEAR EIQHTBENTH-ST.~ OOU Very pleasant furnished rooms; on suite or sin gle; to rent with board; also lino parlor, unfurnished ox* cept carpet and curtains; doslrO permanent parties. QQ7 MIOIHOAN-AV. - TWO DESIRABLE FER- UjJ I nltbod front rooms to rent with first-class board, for two or three persons. 1 IVCfT INDIANA-AV.. CORNER OF TWENTY* JLUu I thlrd-st.—Two nicely furnished front rooms to rsntwlth board. inQQ WABASH-AV.—A FURNISHED FRONt? JIUQQ parlor and one slnglo room, with board. 11 HA PRAIRIK-AV.—VERY DESIRABLE FUR JULIET nlabod rooms, with board; boast bio all tho conveniences; location very desirable. CAN BOARD MAN AND WIFE, WITH AN EXCEL lent suite of front rooms, on ono of tho avonuos, near Tblrty-thlrd-st., and with a private family* Address X 83, care of Carrier 41. Glorious news-the cottage grove Hotel It newly furnished; will be opened May I; street-cars pass the door. Prices to suit tho times. Southwest corner op wabash-av. and Twonty-thlrd-st.—Board by tho letot May: pleasant front rooms, furnished or unfurnished, for gentleman wlfs; also accommodation for two goof. West Side. 1 A ABRRDEEN-ST.—FRONT ROOMS, WITH ix board, for families or e login contlomon. on NORTH BANOAWON-Sll-FRONT PARLOR, Zj\J unfurnished, with board and gas; also two smaller rooms suitable for two gontlomcn or two young ladles em ployed daring tho day. nr T SOUTH BANOAMON-BT., THREE DOORS I I from Madison—A comfortable bedroom for two gentlemen, with good board. QQ SOUTH OREBN-ST., NORTHEAST CORNER t/ O of Monroe, furnished and unfurnished rooms, with board; also, day boarders wanted. T t\rj WEST ADAMB-ST.-BEVEN OR EIGHT XU I boarders can be accommodated with {food board and comfortable rooms. Terms, g5 per week. mWARRE N-AV,, CORNER WOOD-ST.-DE llgbtful unfurnished rooms, with strictly superior board, for young married couples, at moderate terms. Rooms single or on sake; only one block from Madison* sfc., pear Union Park. Dellghtlul summer homo. 1 inO WEST WASHINQTON-ST. - PLEASANT XI Zi front room to rent with board 1 also back parlor, furnished or unfurnished. 1 r SOUTH HOYNB-ST.-NIOELY FURNISHED XOU east or south front room, with board. In private family { bath and gas. QQA WEST WABHINOTON-ST.—TWO PARLORS ZixJ\J and bed-rooms, with hot and cold water, newly papered and painted, to root unfurnished, with board. QO£ WEST ADAMS-ST.-OAN ACCOMMODATE A ODD lady and gentleman or two gentlemen with a nice ly furnished room; first-class table; private family. QCQ WEST LAKE ST.-BOARD AND TWO FUR OOO nlshod rooms. In tbo pleasant residence corner of Ann-et., for gont and wife or gentlemen, single or on eolto, nnd MONROE-ST., WEST OF ABERDEEN—ONE O l D largo second-story front room and drosslng room unfurnished with board. n«rt WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-BOARD IN PUI OUOvate family, with two largo rooms nicely furnished, suitable for gentlemen and their wives. Also, single room. nnw WEST RANDOLPH-BT. NICELY FUR- Oy i nlshod front and back rooms to rent with board. Family associates. A AQ WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—ELEGANTLY FUR- nlihed room for gentleman and lady, with board for lady only. CA A WEST WABHINOTON-BT,—BOARD AND OttD nloo room, with largo closet, on second flqpr, In private family. Ose, hot and cold water, etc. QQO MONROE-ST.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD. A OOJj nloo suite of front rooms to gentleman and wife, furnished or unfurnished; rooms newly papered and oaloiminod; only two In family. SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS. WITH CLOSETS, and board; modern Improvements; In vicinity of Boo* pad Baptist Church. Address Q 85. Tribune office. North Side* -I 0/2 NORTH DEARBORN-ST.—NEW AND NICE* ly furnished or unfurolsbod rooms, sultablo for ladles or gentlemen, with first-class table-board. This is one of tho boat locations in tho city, being within easy walking, distance of tho business portion of tbo South Bide. References eiohoogod. lO a NORTH DBARBORN-BT. ~ FURNISHED front parlor, suitable for two gentlemen or gen tleman and lad/, with Urst-clau tablo board; reference* exchanged. Ol H ILLINOIS-ST., NEAR BTATE-ST. RRIDGE-A I Tory nice, largo front room, to bp letunfarnishijd, suitable for a family j also, a largo furnished room. Un exceptionable references required. PLEABANTROOMB, FURNISHED AND UNFUR nlshnd. with good board, northwest corner Wells and Hinsdale sis, jbrlcrft building, Country. rtOUNTRY BOARDING, THIRTY MILKS FROM V/ tho city, one of tho most delightful locations In North ern Illinois, on tho bank of a beautiful lake; tlrst-olass board forllrst-olass price; tho most desirable opportunity that will bo offered this season. Address U 83, Tribune olßco. HURST-GLASS ROOMS TO RKNT, WITH BOARD, 1’ two minutes'walk from depot. ISAAC L. HINDS, Hinsdale. - _ BOARD WANTED. 130ARD-A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, WITH THE X) very best of references, desires a homo In a strictly S rivals American family on the West Hide. Please ad ross letters as soon as possible. TB7, Tribuno olfloo. I}OARD^BY _ A _ yblJN O SIAN ON SOUTH HIDE ,1 1 (by May 6), north of Elghtoonth-st. and oast of State* st., at Sfl per wook. Address P 48, Tribuno office. TJOARD—WITH SINGLE ROOM, BY YOUNG QKN- X> tlcman In a private family, or where few oilier board* orsaro, lobooneltberWabash-nv. or Mlohlgan*av„ not south of Tweltth-st. Address P 28, Tribune oillco. BOARD-FROM MAY 20, FIRBT-OLAB3 ROOM and beard, north of filxtoenth it., for self and wife. Address BOARDER. P. O. Box 204. BUILDING MATERIAL. 171011 BALEvVfbOOO COMMON BRICK. INQUIRE X 1 of M. D. FLAHERTY. Room 18, 189 East MadUun-at. F“ OH SALE—SCO M RED PRESSBD-BRIOK. IN* quire at Box 60, Mechanics' Exchange, 183 LaSallo-at,, Boone Block. TUOH SALE—PniLADELPHIA PRESSED BRICKj Xj ajjout 20,000; cheap, F. LYMAN, Room 17 Portland T UMBER—WE HAVE 76 M OF DRV NORWAY U pine flooring for satet a nloo article. HANNAH, LY* MAN A CO.. 80 Malu-st. *___ FOUND. HIOUND-A POCKET-BOOK CONTAINING A X 1 small sum of money, which the owner can hate by calling at 401 Thlxd-ar. AUCTION SAXES. By ELIBON&FOSTEK * AT A PRIVATE RESIDENCE, 007 MIOHIOAN-AV. Beautiful Furniture AT ATJOTIOW, ■Wednesday Morning, April 30, at 10 o'clock, KloHunt Parlor, library, Ohambor, Dtnln. lb»a, aad Kltobon Furniture, Body Brussels Carpets, Pier Class Paintings, Engravings, China, Table Ware, Glassware! Mattresses, Redding, elo., etc. Also Billiard Table* complete. BLISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. 129 West Madison-St. BANKRUPT BTOOK OP TOYS MD FANCY GOODS AT AUCTION, Nofloe Is hereby given that wo wUI ■ell at public auction on WEDNESDAY, the 80th April, at 10 o’clock a. m.,jkt No. 129 West Madison-st., tho stock of TOYS AND FANCY GOODS belonging to A. Pierce A 00., Bankrupts. Also, tho Khow(Ja»oi,Gas Fixtures, Counters and Shelving, Olrcnlar Desk, Plats form Beales, Office TablotOhalrs. Ac. By order of ORO. W. CAMPBELL, Assignee. ELI BON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. 670 MICHIGAN - AV. GENTEEL FURNITURE AT AUOTIOKT, PEIDAT MOEima, May 2, at 10 o'clock, At tho marblo.front residence, 970 Mlohlgan-av., contain* ing Brussels and Wool Carpets, Parlor, Chamber, LI. , brary, Dining-Room, and Kitchen Furniture, Mattresses, Bedding, Stoves, ote., etc., aUflrst-class and will poll lively Ut> «vld. BLISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 9, AT 9 H O’CLOCK, GREAT AUCTION SAT-E 03? fflOm-HAM MllNlira, At our Salesroom, SIABHEX.ST. By G. P. GOEE CO., 22, 34, and 26 East Randolph-st. EEGULAfi WEDNESDAY'S SALE. ajt A-TTOxxoisr, 1,200 oqsos Boots, Shoos. Balmorals, and Slippers. Also, a lino stock from Philadelphia, o t Woman’s, Miegoa’, ond Children's Goods, BY CATALOGUE. OH WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, At 91-2 O’CIOCIC. . O. P. CURE A CO., Auctioneers, 22,24, and 26 East Randolph-st. ' 61 T757 - arrea-av. GeiM inii Fnrnitnre AT AUOTIOW, On WEDNESDAY. April SO. at 10 o’clock. Wo will sell tho entire household olfocts. oonaiatlngln part of Parlor and Chamber Sols. Sofna, Lounges. JExtonslnn Tables, Bureaus, Bedsteads. Mattresses, 100 Chest, Mirrors, China, Silver, and Glassware, Stores. Ac. GKO. P. GORE A CO., Auctioneers. 332 Cottage Grove-av., near 29M AT AUCTION, FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE. On THURSDAY, M.t 1, at In o’clock. Parlor Suit*' Marble-Top Chamber Sots. Extension Tables, Chairs, Rockers, Loudros, Marblo-Top Tables. Bedsteads, Mat trossos, Bedding, Mirrors, tco-Ohoeta; Silver, China, ana Glasswnroi Cook and Parlnr Hfnvoa. GEO. P. GORE A CO., Anolloncor*. . 2), 24, 26 Randolpn-sW By >VM. A. BUTTERS & CO. THIS (WEDNESDAY) MORNING, At 25 & Slowest Wosliiiiffton-st,, CO Currlngca, Om ji ami Top Ilugfflcc, Pluie* tons, ttldc-Sr?lmt Express Wagons, and O Huffff7 llorsca. TO. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneers. ON THURSDAY, AT Otf O'CLOCK, Sale of Desirable Stock of DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, AND BOOTS AND SHOES, At 65 sod 67 South Oanal-st. - TO. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers* ON SATURDAY, MAY 3, BUTTERS <Sb CO, WILL HOLD A Mammoth Sale Household Furniture, At 65 & 67 South Canal-st. By TAYLOR & HAKRISON. AUCTION SALE OP Dry Goods, &c., This Morning, at 9 1-2 o’olook, Tho entire stock of a Retail Dealers con alstinffof HOSIERY, HDKPS., TOWELS, NAPKINS. POOKJSTBOOKB, UMBUBL LAS and, tPARABOLB, DRUBS QOOLS, CLOTHING-, PLATBIJ WARE, TRIM MINGS. LAOBB, NOTIONS, &0., &o. In addition to above we will offer our usual full line of seasonable goods. TAYLOR A HARRISON. Auctioneer*. 81 and 83 South Canal-st. AUCTION SALE OP Carriages & Harness, At 31 and 33 South Oonal-st., on May I* at 10 o’olook. OPEN AND TOP BUGGIES, HOAD WAGONS, BOOKAWAYS, and two extra second-hand TOP BUGGIES. Also, 30 Sots SINGLE HARNESS. Sals peremptory. TAYLOR A HARRISON. Auctloneare. By EDWIN A. BICE & CO. The Entire Furniture of a Hotel Raro opportunity for houfloknnpor*l Unreserved sala of the onlfro contents of the KAQLB HOTEL, on tha cotnorof Went Klnrlo and West Wa/cr.jw v opporita Northwestern Railroad Depot, WEDNESDAY. April 30, at 9a. m. t sharp, rain or shine. Ilia Furniture of 9 rooms, consisting of Black Walnut Parlor Suits, B. W. Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash-Stands, Marble-ton Con tro-Tablos, Lounge*. Elegant Mirrors. Flue Black Wal nut Kilonslon Tables, Spring. Cotton. Husk, and Foathor Mattresses, Bedding, Brussels and Ingrain Oar* pets; Eaav, Parlor, and Dining-room Chairs; Heating and uook Stores; a groat quantity of Crockery, Glass aua Hllvorvraro, Cooking Uteusils, Kitchen Furniture, largo Iqo-Doi, ore. Also a. lot of Canary Birds (fine singers)) also Biril-Oagoa. Halo prompt and positive. EDWIN A. RICK AGO., Auctioneers. Offices, 147 Randolph-st., Fidelity Bank Building. By HAYDNS & CO., Auctioneers, ©OS PTTIiTOISr-ST, PEREMPTORY BALE Off HOUSE & LOT, -A.T •A.xra'rioasr, WEDNESDAY, April CO, at 11 a. m. A now two-story frame dwelling, 10 rooms, closets, and hall, Lot 23 by HO to alloy. Tonus made known ou dsy of sale. Fur par* tieulan apply to HAVENS A CO., Auctioneers, 63 South Ouual-st. Dry Goods & Notions Of Eyory Description, ON WEDNESDAY,' AT 9 1-2 O'CLOCK, HAVENS A GO,. Auctioneer*, 63 Sou IhCoual-st* S©o WEST LAKB-ST, Household Furniture, .A.T A.TTOTIO3NT, FRIDAY MORNING, Hay 3, at 0 H o'olooV, Consisting of Parlor. Chamber, DlnlngJloom and Kltob. on Furniture, Laos Curtains, Carpets, Mattresses, Bed, ding, Crockery* Ulaaawaro, go., Ac. HAVENS A 00.. Auctioasors, 83 South CUnal-efe

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