Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 1, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 1, 1873 Page 5
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THE STATE CAPITAL. Report of (ho Conference CommltUo on (he Compromise Rail-' road Bill, The Senate Declines to Consider tho Salary-Grab Resolution. Senate Action In Favor of Abolishing the Two- Mill School Tax. The Sum of $1,000,000 to Bo Allowed for School Pur poses. The West Side Park Bill—House Action on the Jury Bill. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, CONFERENCE COMMITTEE’S REPORT. Springfield, April 80. — Mr. Hart, Chairman of tho llonso Conference Committee, stated this morning that Mr. Hay declined to servo, and tho House excused him. Tho Speaker then ap pointed Mr, Connolly, but Mr. Connoß/boing ft member of tbo House Bailroad Committee, also asked to bo excused, andtho House unanimously allowed it. Then Mr. Tiison was appointed, And so far has not declined. Mr. Hart, from tho Conference Committee on ' Railroads, reported, recommending that t tbo Bonato recede from their amendment fltrmng . out Section 8, and to amend tho section by strik ing out tbo word Chicago, and inserting Spring field, so that tho advertising should bo done in Springfield papers, showing that Springfield had . anand in tho amendment. Tho Committee rec ommended that tho following bo added to tho eighth section: Provided. That tho schedules thus prepared shall not bo taken ns orlma fade evidence, oa herein pro vided. until schedules shall havo been prepared and published no aforesaid for oil tho railroad companies now organized under tho laws of this State, and until tho 16th day of January, 1874, or until within ten day* of tho mooting of tbo next session uf this General As sembly. Provided a session of this General Assembly shall bo hold previous to tho 16th day 01. January .aforesaid, • Thoy further recommended that tho House recode from their refusal to concur with tho Bonato in striking out Sec. 0 aud concur In said Amendment. , . } Mr. Baldwin made a corresponding report in IhoSoimle. Both ;vcic ordered printed and will jbo noted upon to-morniw. | Tbo general opinion to-night In that tho report ; of tho CojitVircneo Conii oiU'C i?« Lcrfngc; to feftvo tho bill, aud if thorn in any prin ciple in tho eighth section it. is not affected one way or tho other by the umundmont. Members cf tho House don’t relish the motion of postponing action under the section for an indefinite timo, and say if that bo any virtue in tho section it hod hotter bo utilized as early ao possible. Thoy do riot mourn tho loss of tho ninth section very deep ly, and could bear that bereavement with mauly equanimity if tho eighth had not boon mutilated. Most of tho Senators who votod to strike out tho sections regard tho amend ment as on affront, and proumuioo tho wholo thing nonsense and a delusion. Still, !u all prob ability, the Senate will odopt tbo report. It re quires a change of seven to add to tho 19 to make 2G, tho constitutional majority. For toll, Ware, Casey, aud Hampton w ill ho four of the seven, and probably Donahue and Burke, two more, leaving but ouo to save tho bill, ana un doubtedly tho one will ho found. In tho Houbo 3horo is a disposition . to swallow tho compromise and take the chances and go homo. *rho bill will therefore probably bo passed with All tho excrescences. It will got not a few votes ■fcocauso it offers an excuse for on adjourned .passion. Already it has boon proposed to moot ngain in November, co that defects iu Xbo bill may- bo ’ remedied, and. that iho schedules prepared by tho Commission ers may bo embodied in a. law. Tho □Railroad Commissioners are beginning to ap prehend that thoy havo a full summer s work toforo them iu attempting to fix rates for all tho railroads in tho Stato. On tho wholo, thovo is a '.prevailing notion in many minds that tho rail road legislation of tho session will prove an utter ialiuro m many respects. THE BEYEKUE DILL. That portion of tho Cook County delegation there request tho constituents of Messrs. Poltzer, Sherman, Kano, and Condon, to send them down •fey Friday morning, as on that day tho House will bo asked to concur in tho Sonato amendment to tho Bovenuo bill repealing tho two-mill tax, a measure of pecuniary importance to Cook Coun ity, every vote will toll. Those gentlemen havo .boon absent all the week, which is a shameful neglect of their public duty. OENERAIi APPROPRIATION BILL, Tho House discussed tho General Appropria tion bill. When the section giving 4)1,000,000 to tho School Fund was .loaohed, Mr. Connolly moved to add $500,000. Then Mr. Snow mpved, os a enbatituto, to strike out tho section so that an unlimited amount might bo colloctod under tho School law. After much eloquence, including a strong speech for lax by Mr. Connolly, which was ably answered by Rountree, tho substitute was lost— *7o to 55—and tho Connolly amendment safely laid on tho table, 08 t <f 67. Tho $1,000,000 fWos allowed to remain. Tho appropriation intended for tho incidental and contingent ex penses of tho Supremo Court in tho Northern Grand Division of tho State was out down from $3 000 to $2,500. The sum of $9,000 as a con tingent fund for uso in any of tho grond divis ions was stricken out. Tho salary of tho fikato 31ouso Commissioners was cut down to SI,OOO each. For public printing, $71,000 was allowed lor the two years, and $20,000 for binding for tho name time. Mr. Jones offered a section appropri ating SI,OOO for,tho necessary expenses of travel ing committees, tlio amount to *bo certified by tho Chairman. Sir. Thornton moved to insert g2,000, which was accepted, and then ensued a abate on Mr. Hawes’ amendment to mako it tho actual expenses,.which was lost. Tho $2,000 was adopted, and the nomadic committeemen are re joicing. Tho pay of tho chaplains and the value of their prayers were irreverently discussed, and fixed at nothing. Tho bill was ordered to a third treading. ESTRAVR. Tho Senate passed the House bill amending iho act prohibiting domestic animals from running at large, so that tho takor-up can bring suit against tho owner, levying upon tho vagrant animats for tho amount of tho Judgment, which taay vary from 83 to 810. THE INTER-BTATE BRIDGES. . Tlio Senate passed a House bill providing that *ll bridges, structures across any navigable Btroams forming tho boundary lino between tho |3tato of Illinois and any other State, shall bo assessed by the township or other Assessor in Ihe county or towship whoro tho same is located as real estate, and all provisions of law relating to tho assessment and taxation of real estate ahall apply to tho assessment and taxation of Bucb bridges. THE RUMMEL CASE. In tho Senate Mr. Hampton tried to suspend tho rules to call up tho report of tho Rummol Investigating case, when Mr. ninchcliffo moved io include tho salary grab resolution. Tho Pres ident ruled Mr. Hiuohollfro out of order, when ie appealed, but the Chair was sustained. Tho jHampton motion failed—ls to 20. MISCELLANEOUS. Tho Senate passed tho House Landlord and Tenant bill. Tho Lomax Bottlo bill mar ordered to a third reading in Iho Senate. Tho Senate piwsod the House bill providing Trustees for tho Southern Insane ftaylnm, and tho Southern Normal School. Iho Bonato passed tho House bill allowing Circuit STudges to hold branch courts on invitation of iho Judges in other circuits, giving them 810 a flay out of tho County Treasury for such ser vices. Tills bill is intended to relieve tho Cook County courts by borrowing Judges from coun try circuits. THE WEST BIDE PARK RILL «vas called up by Sir. Loo this evening, but tho ponate refused—2o to 16—to suspend tho rules, and it remains in the limbo of unpaasod moaa tubs, whoro it will probably remain. DI3HEOTIOH HILL, Tbo Sonata voted against Dconsldoring tho is pootion bill, tbo motion requiring two-thirds. TUB ADJOURNMENT QUESTION. A desperate effort will bo made to adjourn this vreok. and, if the Kailroad mid General Appropri ation bills B° through, nothing will koop quo rums boro after Friday. JURY DILL. The House considered the Jury hill this p. m., flealing with numerous Bonato amendments, Xououn-inK in Bomo nnd rejecting others. Tho providing thst persons who Usd toed accounts of tho orimo In newspapers should hot / bo disqualified as Jurors, was amended by the* Bonato so that they should have no fired on definite opinion ns to ilio guilt or innocence otl tho accused, which it would require evidence to) remove. The House rejected the amendment. • ' CONSCIENTIOUS COMMITTERS. Mr. Carpenter, Chairman of tho Finance Com mittee, reported that ho had,drawn sll.7s*woiih of stationery, of which 04 cents’ worth waa used, andtho balance returned,and that the Temperance I Committee, of which Mr. Carpenter Is also’ Chairman, used $3.02 worth of paper and Ink, both of which aro reasonable charges, axnd show tho Committees to havo boon cousolonillous and economical. Next. appropriations. The Houbo adopted a resolution calling on tho Appropriation Committee to report tho total amount of money appropriated In bills for build ing purposes. Had the Information been forth coming a month ago, it might havo boon of uso In limiting tho appropriations. Now it la lock ing tho stablo-door after tho animal haa boon stolon. THE SALARY ORAD. The majority of tho Senate put Itself on rec ord a second lime this morning, in favor of the salary grab, by refusing, 25 to 15, to consider tho House resolution condemning tho steal. Tho vote was a party one, with tho exception of Senators Whiting and McGrath, who voted with tho minority repeated during the night, and returned to tho boeom of tho party this morning. An tho Sena tors are “grabbing " $5 a day for doing llttlo or nothing, it is perhaps not surprising that they failed to condemn tho more magnificent robbery of their Washington contemporaries. Tho House passed tho resolution by alqtgo majority of both parties. Only four or live voles worn recorded against it. As many of tho Senators aspiro to Congress, it may bo interesting for “their pro posed constituents to scrutinize tho following list, and at tho proper timo remember who in dorsed tho swindle. Tho motion was to take up tho resolution for consideration, those voting in tho affirmative being against tho steal, those in the negative tacitly approving it. The vote was as follows: TEAS. Archer, lluntTloy, Vorla, Burke, Kchoo, TV ore, Cuaoy, Lee, r Warren, Cummings, McGrath, Whiting, llinchclliro, Starno. Youngblood—lS. NATS. Baldwin, Jacobs, Steele, Canfield, Nicholson, Strong, Castle, Palmer, Thompson, Cunningham, Patterson, Upton, Cuaoy, Reynolds, ‘Waite, Donahue, Sanford, Wilcox, Dow, Sheldon, Williamson, Ferrell, ‘ Shepard, Yager—2s. Hampton, REVENUE AND APPROPREATION.B. 1 Tho House Kovonuo bill, raising $2,500,000 ‘ from tho levy of 1873, and $1,600,000 from tho levy of 1874, when sent to tho Senate, was re ferred to tho Finance Commitboo. OPhis morn ing, Mr. Shepard, who led tho anti-two-mlll mon, reported tho bill back with on amendment to; tho effect that $1,000,000 was to bo raised for# school purposes in place of tbo two-mill school} tax, and repealing all laws inoonaistout there-! with, moaning iu particular tho oixtjy-clgbtbi ncction of tho School law. Thnro was* a light on accepting tho report, on, adopt ing tho amemhuonl, on disohnrginn lull f-om aud un ordnr ingthu hill to got a third muling. Finally It waft advanced that for, and wilt pass when tho House will havo to concur, whicli'ft will do with out much delay. Tho Bonato will havo rm oppor tunity to rociprocato by concurring in Urn Houbo amendments to tbo General Appropria tlou bill. WEST SIDE PARE DILL. Tho West Side Park bill is in tho Sonsio, with little prospect of its passage. Tho lobby has gone homo, with ono exception, and hods* mourn ing tho fate of tho bill. Even if tho Senate con curs In tho Houso amendments ana ad opts tho limitation, it is very doubtful if tho Ho uao will bother itself with tho bill any moro. COOK COUNTY —SHERIFF'S FEES. It was always supposed that tho ShoriXf*s of fice in Cook County was a lucrative institution under tho former system, nnd that ovon wi th tho reduction of tho foes it paid well. When it' foil. Into tho hands of tho county, and tho Oo.onty Commissioner began to mismanage it and higher salaries than were necessary, it was al leged that the foes would not pay tho oxpomws. Consequently tho Commissioners sent down* a bill raising tho foes about 25 per cent, to tSho former standard, and it passed tuo Sonato. PRESENTATION. Mr. D. A. Bay, tho courteous and efficient Secretary of tho Sonato, was presenter! with av watch by tho Senators this morning, Mr. Young-1 l>w(.u D a v u.uiuiiuai, < FEES AGAIN. Tbo Senate clißCuaßod the bill raising the fooa of Justices and Constables about 25 per contia counties of tbo first and second olaas. G no clauso allows $2 for each contested case. Mr. William son moved to include Cook County, iffbon Mr. Cow objected on tbo ground that it would glvo Chicago Justices from S2O to SCO per day extra, and, iu tbo course of debate, U was stilted that one Chicago Justice made SII,OOO during bis first yo&r in office, and that none of thorn made less than the Judges of tho Circuit Court. Tbo amendment was properly lost. LECISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. SENATE. SmiiNontU), IU., April 30,1873. The Senate mot at 0:80 o'clock a. m., Presi dent Early in tbo chair. Poll was called and answer'dl>y forty Senators. PETITIONS. Senator REYNOLDS presented a petition of physicians and Burgeons of Chicago asking tho passage of a bill for tho aupproasion of obscouo literature and advertisements of articles for pro curing abortion. THE 9ATAHY QUAD. Unflnishod business was taken up, and tho Senate, by vote of 25 to 15, refused to sus pend tbo rules to consider tho resolution condemning tho President and our Senators and Representatives in Congress for participation in tho Congressional salary grab. Senators WHIT ING ana UcQRATH wore tho only Republicans voting for a suspension of tho rules. “ COSTS.” Bonato bill 216, amending tho chapter of the Revised Statutes entitled “Costs,” was taken up on a third reading and passed yeas, 83; nays, 0. county couniß. Mr. PALMER called up for the second read ing Senate bill 183, increasing the jurisdiction of County Courts, and the same was ordered con sidered by sections. House bill 123, fixing the terms of tho County Courts for probate business, was road tho sec ond time; also House bill 60S, prohibiting trade in obscene literature. DOUGLAS MONUMENT. The House bill appropriating 860,000 for tho completion of tho Douglas monument was road a first time. REVENUE RILE. House bill 667, providing tho necessary rev enue for Slate purposes, passed a second read ing, and tho Committee amendment striking out the 2-mill tax and substituting 81,000,000 was adopted, and tho bill discharged from considera tion by sections, and ordered to a third reading. FEES AND SALARIES. House bill 171, concerning foes and salaries, was ordered to a second reading. SECOND READING OF RILLS. Tho following bills woro considered by sec tions : House bill 110, amending Secs. 40 and 41 of the Poes and Salary act. Senator BURKE offered an amendment reduc ing tbo per diem of Justices in contested cases from $2 to 81. Adopted—ayes, 1G; noos, 13. - Tho bill was ordered to a third reading. Adjourned until 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. RILLS DISROBED OF. Upon reassembling further consideration of bills on a second reading was, on motion, post poned until to-morrow, and the order of bills on a third reading was taken up. Bonato bill 271, providing for tho manner of electing officers of county agricultural societies. Passed, —yeas, 20 } nays, o,—after drumming up a quorum. Senate bill 230, amending tho Practice, act. Passed—yeas, 2G ; nays, 0. Senate bill 291, revising the law in relation to replevin. Passed—yeas. 29 ; urys, 0. House bill 548, providing for taxation of inter state bridges, was discharged from consideration by sections, road a third time, and passed—yeas, 46; nays. 0. House bill 605, amending tho Revenue bill, was considered by sections, and ordered to u third reading. House bill 680, making an appropriation in favor of Seth Brock, was react a first timo ; also, House bill prohibiting domestic animals running at largo. House bill revising the law in relation to landlord and tenant was taken up on a third reading and passed—yeas, 8-1 5 nays, 0, lUU.UOAD SILL. Tlio Commlttoo of Conference on tho Railroad bill submitted a report. Ordered printed. TUB IIUUHEL OAUE, Mr. HAMPTON moved a suspension of tho rules to consider tho report of tho Investigating Oommittoo in tho matter of alleged malfeasance in ofllco of ox-Socrotary of State llumniol. Mr. HINOHCIJFPK moved to amend by add* ing for consideration tho resolutions censur ing tho Congressional salary steal. THE CHICAGO DALLY TRIBUNE: THURSDAY. MAY 1, 1873, Tho latttor was ruled out of order and tho mo tion to suspend tho rules lost. CEMETERIES. Benatobill 400.onabling cemetery companies to sell land not us2d for burial purposes. 1 assed —yeas, S31 nays, 1. BOUTHERN INSANE AHTLUM. House bill 523, concerning organization of Bouthorn Insane Asylum ami Somhoin Normal University. Passed—yeas, 38 5 nays, 0. TOWNSHIP INBUUANCB COMPANIES. House bill incorporating township mutual ilro insuranoo companies was wcomimuoa. I Houbo bill 80, mlthorieliiß Cirmiit Jiulrob to llbold branch courts, Passed—yeas, 02 1 uays, 2. \ Adjourned. . 1 HOUfIB. ApJQrayer by tho Hov. Ur. Halo. f Mr. HART lnforraod°tbo Honan that Mr. pioMoollnoil to 801-VO on tbo ConroroncoComm ftoo n,.pointed yoatorduy, end BBkod tbnl ho bo iiOTßod. Mr. Hoy was oxoueod, and Mr. iiuaon moiuted in his place. REVENUE DILL. BenatOfbiU 091, to provide for tho ordinary and mtlngont exnoneoe of tho Btato Mn COJiLINO oltorod on omondmont lodiiclng 10 amount plow! at tbo dlepoenl ot Hio Gov :nor fot.qontlngcnfc oxponeoe to 86,000. Lost, ho following obangea wore made: lor oiaric ire in Governor’s .office. amount reduced. to 2,500 ; for Governor's.jplnco, to cover P oat Jß°i degraphing, stationery, oto., amount reduced rom $1,200 to SI,OOO per Annum. For/bnliar fr expenses of tho oftlco of of State, f* amount reduced from $2,£W) to $2,000. Iho 1 clause allowing tho Auditor $&000 por annum as ea contingent fund was stricken out, The allow ganco of $2,600 for clerk-biro for tho office of T-Slato Superintendent was reduced to SI,OOO. I Tho allowance to tho State Superintendent for •office expenses was reduced to SI,OOO P° r ftQ “ l< uum. ’ \ The contingent allowanco of $3,000 fo? ox • ponses of tho several divisions of tho Swpycinfl * Court was stricken out. Tho contingent fnud.of .the Northern Grand Division was reduced to $2,500. Tho allowance for public printing was fixed at $35,000. Tho words “por annum" wore stricken out. The allowance for public binding was fixed at SIO,OOO, and the words "per an num" woro stricken out. , Mr. CONNOLLY offered an atgcqdnTont in creasing tho amount appropriated fbo aup - port of schools from $1,000,000 to $1,000,000. Mr. SFOW offered a substituto, striking out tho clauso appropriating $1,000,000 for .school purposes, llocosa till half-past 2 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. TUB REVENUE DILL. Mr. Snow’s substituto was lost—yeas 65; nays, 70. Mr. Connolly’s amendment was laid on tho* table—yeas, G8 ; nays, 67. An amendment, reducing tho salary of tho Clerk of tho Stato Houso Commissioners to SI,OOO por annum, was adopted. An amendment appropriating $5,000 to pay for copying tho laws ana Journals was adopted. < , An amendment allowing a sum not to exceed. $2,000 to pay expenses of committees while on. oxtradutv was adopted—yens, 51 ? nays, 41. Tho bill was onWod. to a third roftdmg, nnd order tor to-mu.r-iv afternoon. I Til*-*- RMLUOAP JUI.L Tho Commlttou oi '’onferenco nti tUo House Comproiuiao Railroad bill reported tho ronult of. tho oonforoaco, recommending that tho Bonato recede from its amendment striking out See. 8, also amending said section, and recommending that tho Houao concur in striking out Sec. 9. Ordered printed.. JURY RILL. •' », Houbo bill 304, tho Jury bill, was taken up, ‘ and various Sonato ' nmoudmeuts concurred in and otiiers rojoctod. Ponding its consideration, adjourned. NOTES AND OPINION. Tho Illinois election of Circuit Judges occurs* on .Monday, Juno 2, and iho announcements* already oxcood seventy names, ranging from ono to five in each of the twenty-six Circuits. Con ventions havo boon called as follows : Circuit. 10. May I—Democratic; Quincy. 22. Muy 2—Lawyers ; East St. Louis. 18. May B—Lawyers ; Whitehall* 16, Muy 6—Republican ; Paris. S3. May B—Fanners; Coutralla. 13. May 9—Formers ; Lacon, 9. May 13—Republican t Monmouth. 18. May 15—Farmers ; licracut. 0. May 18—Farmers ; Priucovillo. 4. May 19—Republican ; Aurora. 17 • T.llinnln —John Scholfiold, of Marshall, Clauk County, tho Hold alone, iu tho Second District, for I election, Juno 2, to tbo Illinois Supuome Court, lyico Thornton, resigned, term ondinj; in 1879. * —Senator Daniel D. Pratt, of Indiana, turned 1n«54,120.C0 to Treasurer Spinner, rand is ono of tboso to whom no credit has boot i given, while others wore claiming credit for raoc ioy not turned in. And this injustice will contimi oto bo douo to others, wo fear, until tbo tn itb is made known. Tho Springfield Jiepuhlia . m well says of tbo no-publicity dodgo : “ That is an odd whim, surely, which makes honest men* so anxious to pass for thieves.” —The amount turned in by Bam uol 8. Cox, of Now York, was $4,812, accompanj :ed by a note from bis banker, saying: Ab bo never expected to receive tbiff*i fund, and as It was not part of bla contract wben bo m ilured upon bia' duties, and as lie cherishes (bo good vl It of bis proper < constituents iu Ohio and Now York, hot Joslrca to mako bla remarks against tbo measure omplu dlo by this dle- position of the money. —John A. Peters, oi-M. 0., of Sit line, emptied his pockets of stolon money in ordt tr to receive and accept an appointment on. tho Supremo Bench of his Stato. This was a 4 Gubernatorial appointment, and tho people of Ha inoaro joal- oua about thoir Judges. But what. os-Congroßs man, appointed to office of honor and trust by the President of tho United States (and thoro have boon several sinco tho adjout rnmont), has felt called on to empty his pockc ta of stolon money ? —Tho people of .Pennsylvania hat /o to elect, in October, a Justice of tho Success e Court, vice Bead, who dosiros to return t,o pxii ate life at tho end of his term. Therefore, tt .0 Harrisburg Stale Journal (Republican) ; rymtui ks : At tbo present lime tbo Re pubUotm t.'arty 1* inspired with exultation and coufld* •which j&ouc'lts lead ers with tho belief that tlr luft Haos of tho c/guaiization will dent any man to any ojflaj o jflaj w^om they tuay nomi nate. Wo regard this os nnforlrmato, p&rtieujarly if la to apply to the homin' lon forsyupromo Judge, as, In our Judgment, the peo* ,j 0 t a ]i o ju ore intoroatimtbosuc ccbblou to that olhco a /this particular lime than they do In all tho other po dtlcal mow amenta of tho day. No observing man can f t 0 fIDO t jj the struggles •which are shortly to lake 7 ,i aco j n the * courts between capital and labor will rear Jrethohlghi sst Judicial ability and integrity faithful! , an ,i i m parU ally to conduct, and to stand aloof from' jfjo tcmptatla ns which great power and wealth will 1 present to sway authority'from Its just balances. To n ,oyt this emerge ucy, wo must now pre pare by tbo elo< jilou of himeSt 4 tua üblo man to tho Judiciary. —Tho Mic Jiigan Logialatu ro voted & donation of §75 to each of tho no' wspapor-roportoro in which donatia a tho gentlemen of tho press Oeollnod to receive, as having no moral right to/take it. Boa Bubl or would naturally sneer at/this, and figure’ up by what fraction of a cent oach individual Mining andor was indebted to thi& honorable example. —Because Bon Butlor couta ols Federal patron age In Massachusetts, his m 'mluatiou for Gov ernor, by " party,” lavu ‘tually conceded, — and epppodod, too, by thoao li ho timidly hope ho won’t asU'foa It.. X®t “ tho- 3 >arty ’’ polled, last year, 133,472 Totoa t . hnd that a mmborof persons ape* hold, In MausaohuQQttiqv to fear tho parly r lash and to Oringo under tUQ’i party-spur. Have i they not, at Butler's bidding declared Charles • Sumner an alien and nu .euomn ? 1 —“ Ihiddy ” Cain, Uerotofra ro a negro field hand, and plantatioiwpreauhn r i but now Cou gKOsmau-at-Largo for- thp* ‘ State of South Carolina, is under/ obtaining money hj' frau iL 1 ho charge does not have reference to t’uo 87),QtKH P or annum which ho may now dru w uj »on, which ought to sufllco him, but is, 1 specific, "'hy, that ho has poukotod the purchase-’ Money 1* ™ roul oatuto Uo did not own, and could I not, thi^ r °f° ro » deliver. His credentials are goo' 3—as ft 001 igrossman. —When Mr. Dudley 1 iV. Adams wa 0 a while ago nominated by somoboc ly at Watork 10 for Gov ernor of lowa, all t no faithful 1* ostmastors raised a shout of dorls lon, "Who’s A dams?”— followed by a howl c tf rago that "Av lams is a Democrat,” and “Tho .Democrats are gobbling tho Grangers.” Now r< iad, from tho ovor-l ’althful Davenport Oaxcite: The Grange Is a con- soiled power in tbo Bint, b a,l(1 Dudley W, AUaina, by oil’ lolul position, Is Us rapra B 1 m " stive man. lie was Man tor of tbu Bute Orange Sear, and Is now Preside it of tho national orguiu f on, Ho la a Ilopui >llcau, a gontloman of \ tclllgonco and culture, a: ad baa shown superior qua, }* ties as a presiding o%w ■, Having rebuked a surrepty l " Uoua use of his name for tho Aral office, and taken the tofllllon that the Patrons must not allow their organ isation to lie converted Into a political party, ho tins vindicated hla fidelity an a Republican, and no obstacle nowoxlatatohla nomination and acceptance of tho office of Lieutenant-Governor on tho Republican ticket, — l Tito LnCrosso .Republican, edited by ft syndl* onto of Federal office-holders, gives prominence to a communication in which wo find these sen tences: Tho issues nnd candlliona of the coming struggle are rapidly assuming definite form. That struggle la to bo between Monopolies and tbo People, and tho first battle of tho campaign will bo between Iho Transpor tation Companion and tho allied forcoa of Trodo and Production. .... That some slaughter will bo made among politicians thoro in no doubt, for thla movement of tho farmers, backed alike by tho sym lathynfnll Labor and Trade, will crush politically hoso who oro arrayed against (I. In tho near future tho plow-liamllo will bo Iho sceptro of dominion, and tho furrow tho path to power. —Tlial portion of tho Republican press char acterized by our neighbor (the Albany Evening Journal] as “blucksliddou,’’ la dally growing more numerous aud raoro perverse. “Tho en tire respectable press of tho party is slowly wheeling Into tho unfriendly ranks." remarks Iho JVhfion, which is Itself a backslider, Tho same fact Is recognized by tho JV'afional /Repub lican at Washington, which is as orthodox and devoted as tho Etening Journal Itself, but at tho samo time is candid enough to admit a matter how unwelcome It may ho to Itself. Tho Jlcnuhlican remarks that “ it Is plain to any ouo ' who oven pays tho slightest attention W> tho sub ject that tho Republican party is losing Its newspapers day by day.’Wftanw Armu?. —A Rood many people laughed at drank Hair ivhon ho Bald that, if Grant ouoo got a Boot In tho Presidential Chair, ho would novor willingly ro oitm it. President Grant liob manifested lust that flodatlvo tenacity which Blair prophesied, and has evidently oomo to regard the Govern ment ns hie own private property.—Jvcto YorK —What Interest In this country is there that Grant and hie friends’ policy have not Injured ? Wfl would like florae supporter of G™l*o.Admin istration to point oat what iutoroet in this ooun 'tfalhafc helped tho pooplo. ho has helped during hfiwrm aaProsldont. liis whole policy Is op proßßlvd (p tho maaBOB and beneficial only to a W and* they generally hifl relatives.—Quincy (III.) Herald. • „ . _ —Either several Southern nowspapore have boon taken in by a canard, or Gon. Grant lately aflsurod Gen. Gordon that no officer should bo allowed to remain ip'tho civil employ of the Government who was proved to bo immoralln his life. diahonoßt in his official habits, or tho protege of a ring. On tho strength of this os .fluranco, one newspaper calls tho President 0 i at tention to tho case of tho notorious Supervisor Perry, who did bo much toward tho glorious vic torytoNorth Carolina, last August. Perry, ac cording to this nowepapor, ia objectionable on <ll throo of tho grounds mentioned hy Gon. brent, being immoral, dishonest. and indbbtod for iris place to a ring, of which his hrothdt-in law XTr. Oojumhus Delano, is tho Hoad-Coutro. br.otherfl-in-law, thorp's Casey. If. tlio President Molly moans It, ho can t find a bet- SSSJ’aon-t bo' yr. Curtl fl forrCßl ß nn g

..hi. fauov plnro of Til oiv “; ° Ami fonu. a flin. - ' ,9 T K7 DOW ? • (bon, »iwl wool u. ••■..•A >:of. only the Horyle™ bo rendered in Giant's cloon'm. b.nt th? far,* that hoisstill ftiiuppuvtcrof the ■ ' and tho Administration. an “ignoramus for supposing that u 4 * ‘ J 1 _ had abdicated In his favor." “must not Imagine himself to bo tho h. . 1^ of creation. 1 ' Another describes him J “crotchety, uneasy, and unreliable man, troub. with hypocritical fastidiousness.” Ho has boon subjected to not a little of tho grossest sort of abuse from tho dirtier kind of organs. In view of all those facts, it must bo said this is pretty I rough. —Cincinnati Commercial. —'The United States sooms to bo fated to have Its full this your of disclosures of corruption. But a new source of mortification has arisen in tho Commissioners to tho Vienna Exposition, tho rooro keenly felt because It Is inevitably so notorious. Every patriotic citizen has cause for Bhamo and regret in thta unfortunate business. Detroit Tribune. ■ —lt is impossible to exaggerate tho annoyance and disgust which must overtake tho pooplo of our country at tho scandal which haa boon dis closed at Vienna. We already have burden enough" to carry before tho world in the acknowl edged corruption in politics, In tho judiciary, and in tho speculative dealings of tho country.— Xeio York rimes. , , —lt is too baa that tbo United ,States should etanct 00 unfortunately before ine -•vorldbocauoo of tho venal and disgraceful ComraisHionora ap •pointod to roprosont this country ati tho Vicuna iExpositiou. In a number of those appointments Hhore are signs of a “big job.”— jmtfato Com •fnnrcial Advertiser. - . . . —Tho American must have tho toughest ot {sensibilities who can road, without a blush of shamo. the tolograma from Vienna and London ■ published in ouriasuo of yesterday. .. . . • Xloro, then, wo have >a magnificout illustration of tho very evils whichProsldontOraiifc promised to reform and did not.—Si. Louis Hepuulican. —Tho requests of tho pooplo for relief havo boon contemptuously thrown aside; a corpora tion, or tho agent of a corporation, or aUtato Treasurer can go to Harrisburg, and by tho llffc i ing of a finger those eamo representatives can ho induced to drive through tho Logislaturo, un der whip and spur, any iniquitous bill to Infringe upon tho people's rights. —Philadelphia Ledger* —Mrs. Harriot Beecher Stowo thinks. With suitable instruction, alligators may yet be soon in tho Legislature. They certainly would not bo more grasping and voracious than many In tho situation; aud there ia a flno openness about their manner of doing things that is prepos sessing." . . . , —Tho most profitable property wo know of at present is a live Congressman. There s Robinson, of tho Ferry Company, owns one, and tho result is that tho Captain iaDoimty-Colloctor of Internal Roveuuo; E. D. Swooncy, his attor ney aud relative, is United StatosOomraißsionor; Wuliam Jackson, Bwoonoy’s law-partner, is Post master; Mr. Allen, Sweeney’s brothor-iu-law, is a clerk in tho Post-Offico; and if there aro any other near relatives in tho district wo presume they are also provided fur, —Jiock Island Union. BIGOTRY PUNISHED. A Methodist l»rcnchep Cowhldcd. Elmwood, 111., April 28,-Tho Rov. Mr. Prazoll, pastor of tho Methodist Episcopal Church of this place, was publicly whipped by Mrs. Leslie, widow of tho late J. I*. Loalie, for remarks. made by him -at a temperance meeting held in tho Congregational Church on last Sunday evening, to tho effect that tho expensive collln used to inclose tho remains of tho late Mr. Leslie was purchased with tho tears and groans of the drunkards’ families. Mrs, Leslie met tho Rov. Frazell in tho store of Dr. P. V. R. Defoe, and pro-' cocdod to whip him, when ho escaped after a few blows by running down tbo nearest alley. THE RANKIN-RANNY DIFFICULTY. In a paragraph in yesterday’s Tribune it was slated that Mr. McKco Rankin, tho actor, was assaulted la Myers’ Opera-House by J. U. Ranuy, and badly injur ed. Tho latter claims that too first account Is untrue, asserting that Mr. Rankin wan tho aggressor, and that ho only defended himself “ as any man would do, i vou know. 1 ’ 111-feeling between the two was ongeu-’ dored by a lawsuit to recover money loaned by Ranuy ■ to Rankin, In addition to tho amount advanced, which, however, has boon settled by Rankins bonds man, llauny claims that Rankin owes him $l6O Salary. For the purpose of learning If ho intended paying it, as Ranny states. ho accosted him in tho Opom-llouso by saying Good evening.” Rankin looked at him contcmptuouily.and renuosted him in o surly manner not to address blm.A following this remark up by taking hold of llauny aud* striking nlm. Mr. Myers Interfered, separated tUem,! aud Ranuy went down-stairs. Reaching tbo sidewalk ho picked up a small piece of brick or atone and waited to eco if Rankin, whon ho came out. would strike him again. When Rankin descended tho stairs, which ho d?d in a few moments, he saw Itanny, and, as tbo latter says, forthwith caught him by Uio coat-collar, and “Jammed him upi against tho door,” at tho same time striking him in face, and “blacking both his eyes.” Tbo blood trickled from jUßllco been done him “by the one-sided statement,” and hence this “correction is made. Persona trio wltiicaaea llio iJW to ba the victim of a preconcerted plot, as nro men wore seen to bn busily engaged In thrashing him, Mr. llanklu remained at iho Orient House all day yester day JIo la not seriously hurt, hut his oouutjmanco is so badly disfigured that if be appeared on tho street ho would attract tho attention of everybody. 'WlKConeiu liwuno Hospital# SvecMlUapatch to n« Chicago Tribune .. iniHhu wia *Anril 33.—Tbo Trustees of the Stale IlolttSlwor the ‘intone bold » meeting boro lost oven- Itmand tcwlay, and have elected a* Superintendent In iw i h elected to Congress, Dr. Slark Ilaunoy, for eight yearn past Superintendent of #i.« r tawa iiiHoue llosnftol. Ho has bad twenty-five years’ experience In Insane tUo^ortli 1 Lo will Hive blab satisfaction. Patients from the north- J.r the state us far south as Ozaukee County! one west to Dodge and Marquette, will bo re moved lo tbo Oshkosh Hospital. Tlio Noih Murder. r.TTflDuimu, p.„ April to ttiu umnlor of lUo little girl, Nui, «l BaU»- bum. near this city, yesterday, utlll tomluuoH. iuo sboca of the two men, Poohl and Uaudman, erreatcKl yesterday. lit In the tracks discovered at the spot whore the murdered child wm lylnfl. hut no other evl- denco iWlrifl guilt on tho prisoner* him toon discov ered. Severn! now thoorle* have boon advanced to day. in view of tlio noßulbillty of tho Innotencoof tbo men In custody, ana tho dotoctlvoß are working ouor gotlcally. BLOOMINGTON. Fault lon able fjnnt of Her llnce»West l»olnt CaGol. Speeait Ditpateh to The Chicago Tribune, Bloomington, 111,, April 00,—A wodding In high Ufo eftrao off yesterday. The parlies wore Mr. Abbott, of lUo firm of Hunt it Abbott, and America, daughter of Dr. H. Sohrooder, a wealthy citizen of tblaclly. The newly-wedded pair loft boro this afternoon, for a trip to Mlnnlo Learner, a Gorman girl of this city, lost her father, motlier, and six Bisters and brothers in the 111- Tbo appointment as cadet to Went Point from this District was awarded tbla morning to Charles A. Bradley, of Normal, McLean County, who stood at the iead In the competitive examination. Bradley Is 17 rears old, the sou of a carpenter and builder at Nor* mal; and is of modest and unassuming manners. Fatal Xlotlor Explosion. Philadelphia, April 00.—A boiler In flloanltaltor, Howard it Co.’s saw-mIU exploded Ibis morning, Kill ing Ezra K, rancher, tbo engineer, and wounding throe others. __ MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now York Financial Now*. KBW Your, April 80.—Money .was more active and stringent at 7 gold to )g per day, closing at the higher rate. The express companies brought $1,900,000 cur "storllng wan dnU and heavy at 108# for 00 days and 1 °Galil° woh rrnor, rising from 110# to U7K, with a am all business. Loans. 2®7 per con*. Clearings, 40 000.000. Treasury disbursements, $5,360,000. busloms Receipts, $340,000, aovornmonts wore # bettor end firm. . _ State boudfl wore dull and Tennoasecs rather lower. Stocks wore alternately weak and strong, but the fluctuations wore generally confined to narrow limits. Western Union was active, and advanced from B*# to 85#, but receded under tight money to 84f*. laclflo Mall rose from 87 to 07#, but closed at the opening flSre. Panama sold from 109 up to ller elewtag al 110 bid. St. Paul ranged from 68# to 67#, 6 J* 67#. It Is rumored that the Northwestern Directors voted to make a common pool of earnings with the Ht. Paul, Hariom advanced from 124 to 12j, reacUng to Lake Shore ranged helwcon 01#®W#, New York Central, 100*0101; Dock Island.loß*® 108*{ Wabash. 60#®C9# : 81. Joseph. 40@41, a d 0., o. &I, 0., 37#®37#, The market closed dull but steady. Sterling, 108#. aOVEUNMKI Coupons, *Bl 120# ' 6-208 of *O2 118# Coupons, *Ol 118# Coupons, ’65 120# Coupons, *OS (now).. .117# IKT BONDS. Coupons, ’O7. 119 & Coupons, ’08,,.......118 Now 5h 110 10-40 Currency Cs 114?f BONDS. STATE Mlsßouris... 93jf Tennessee*, 01d......70 Tcnnossoos, now 78)tf Virginias, now.. 49 rtoi Virginias, 01d........43 North Carolina#, 01d..20 North Carolines, now.U St Paul pfd IVi Wabash C9,V Wabash pfd 85# Fort Wayno 02>tf Terro Haute 10 Torro Haute pfd 45 Chicago k A1t0n.....109# Chicago A Alton pfd.lll 'Oldd&'MlBalBBlppl.. 43X C.vO.itO 87 ,0., D. It Q 110* Lake Shore 01V Indiana Central 87, V Hllnola Central 110 Uillop Pacific Blocks. 81K Union Pacific bonds. 80V OoutmlPsclfio bomls.lo3V Del. La'.’W. k Wcfltrrn.lOlV B„ H.&Urta ...-nx Cant0n.............. 90 W. U. Tel 84»X ■Quicksilver 39 .Adams Express 96 Wells Fargo 70 American Express... C 7 United States Ex.... 71*f Pacific Mail...' 67 Now York- Central.. .100# Erie MX Erie pfd 73 , ‘Harlem pf(L..*.....426 MichlHftn C«nlral....Rp .TVUwhurglt MV N0,., -(.iicrn ho • Northwebv. ... sjr/ Rock Inland.. * iov: N.J. Central -» s 6t.Paul •“•.‘k Porctffii Jiinrhets; • liivznroon. April 2D—ll a. in.—Fljup, 'ifsCd. »-»-» *JSvhw»t, 12s2dj spring, Üb@l2b2l for N0.2 its tdSlls lid: club, 12«©12« 2d, Com, 27b dll's* Q7« nri Pork, 67b Od. Lard, 41b od. a7 l.?4n'»°ot April 30-1 p. in,—Market uncljanße|l. lSvkSpg'oi-! April 30-1:30 p. m.-Drcadatulfo dull and unchanged, Jjard, 41s. Now Vorlc Hvc-Stoclc market. "•Nitw Yobs April 30.—JJkkvks— To-day 138 cars, or 2166 head, ilarkct ucaettlod and decidedly weak, at n’docUne of H®H° P or lb » ‘lrossod weight, or about JO in/gMa 8 lotion VO7V owt^nct t wcro *WM*t lb9 ‘ Xb ° Martot flat anti demand nnitmnoUilDßr Good ehcarod ebcop, 00 lbs avoiago, SJbftStMil for more than BXos*o. Only one n c O 0 OI !ir», or 1,500 hog,. Demand md nrloca tending downward. Live boge .are quotoll nr oji9W*i nna °t ty arcDßea ttt 7;i(S3e. Now York Dry Good* Marlcot* NJ'W Yonn, April 30.—Buelnooa wee moderately no li™ Uvdnv. The Daily Bulletin saya there has boon an uuoxDoctod break in iho market for olandard obcot inee and floo brown oottono. Atlantic, Indian need. Am rton Adriatic, Wacbuooll, Peppered, Neebua, and ffiSatoo been reduced Me. Pnppcroll wide ehcel inna are down a,Ac. Androscoggin and Pepporoll wide bleached abeotbiga are down 2Mo. Colored eotlonn are Mti™ end oloady. Prints arain fair request. Drew JSxU «o quiet in drat band., Woolen, rule inactive Blbbons are aemng very largely at ancllon, and are freely duplicated at prices ofiored. Other roreiga eood».«rPiUul}, 1 PUtshnrgh LIT67St6 market. 'prrrßDOnou, Pa.. April 30.-CATTLE-Markot dul ; AtilvaUhoary: WbC*3.25@0.70 { $4.0004.80, bWw ; arrival| H g bt; beat cupped, t5.2555.70; modern, |5.OO06.1O; Cbroinon, $4.-50 W noOß-Markel alow ; arrival, fair j Philadelphia, $0.0006*26; Yoikcra, $5.C0@6.70. .Pittsburgh Oil market. riTVsmman. April 80.—lloflnod petroleum, l7Xc, atSng ; crude! Parker's Landing, *3.16. poualderablo excitement. I’ho .produce inarfcoli* NEW YORK. „ 14 , Ntw Yens, April 'JJO.-^otton— Very limited re a„oat- lower mlsdUuK.upUn.Jii, o**o. Sales future.., irtino vales- May. 18 U-lC^W^o; Juuo, IBH® 18* 13-16 c; Ally, 18 35-16018 c; August, 18JS01JC J Flour quiet; xoceJpta, 14,000 brls: super Western and State, tM.00Q8.85 : eoiumon to •7 no/»7 bo • rood to choice, t7.55Q8.-5, w bite wheat extra $8.50® 10.50; extra Ohio, fQ.00Q10.60; 8* Louis, $7.60012.50. R/e flour $4.1005.78. Coro meal In fair demand , Y e UP*y e ?J“ crii. $3.1003.50. Wheat lower : moderate export de mand ; holders disposed to realize; _ receipts,,B6,ooo bu; No. 2 Chicago spring* 1L69! p *hS?«2»°* *2 qtS waukoe afloat, $1.0801.00; white Western, $2,070 3.15. Rye steady; Wcfltern. Biu-loy duU and heavy ; Western, 860. 'Malt quiet, State, Coro heavy and lower; old Western mixed, O80(JUo: now ofloatf 72@72>tfc : inferiw 7°o. Oste dulland , heavy ; now mixed Western, 8205-to ; now white, 630 65j/o; now black Western, 60@5f10. w Herds— Clover seed qiUot at $8,5009-00 , timothy, Heavy ; Wesloro, l^>tf® lCo * VvoaT-IuSmoUS/;; domestic fleece, *460460, C a*oo b .E«»-boffM strong; nio, i7«iw, g»u. an gar active and strong; fair to good n *rtnK } lXQ7Jge, Molasses quiet; uaohangod. Rico quiot, 7^OBX C - Crude Petroleum—loX; refined, 21e. Turpentine—Dull, 630930. .... _ PnoviHioKß—Pork steady: mod on to b u«I n m B,n e w tnnus SlB 02018.75; prime moss, $17.60. Hoof steady, unchanged. .Out meats nominal; middles, Ann; long clear, 10^0! short clear, 101fo. Lord firmer; western atiuiio 9>:09 7-lO; kettle. OXe. Rutter—Dull; fe?r to prime western, 32033 c. Cheese— Steady, 12010X0. Wwauv—Pinner, 01X®- CINCINNATI. Cincinnati. April 80. —Cotton —Dull at 18J£o. DnttAusTurrs—Flour firm at $7.5007.75, Wheat steady at $1.5601.08. Cora Ann at 44 c. Ryo Arm, at , 88c, Oats firm, at 40048 c. Harley firm. Provisions— Stronger and more active. Pork nom- I Inally Blrougcr, at $18.50: light ofleringa. Lard quiet; 1 Baka attain at Oo; kottlo Sold ot OKo. Bulk meata . steady on tho spot oud firmer for future; shoulders, 6 T 4®7Mo buyer Juno; sales of clear nb, 00, 9’ a o buyer Juno,/100 buyer July; 10Xo bldbuycr August, aud 10kfo *£>uycr September; clear oldcs, 0X03*.0 Hsoon steady; shoulders. «al<* at 7Jic, generally held at 8o; clear rib sides held at UA*< s 5 aalea at buyer July; clear sldca bold at 100. Wiua*iV —^ u l°t and weak at BCc, MEMPHIS. MBMrinß. April SO.-Oottoh-Dullj; good ordinary, ICOS low mldtlllug, 17»Xo 5 rocolpU, 1,004 bales; bUli>- xneuts, 233 balesl stock, bales. _ v llUKAPSTUtfi'B—Flour Armor at $5.10. Cora—No •ales; heldatSßo, Oatslu fair demand and Arm at '44C4Wo. Cormimil dull at $3.65. . Puovihionb—Pork In fair demand ami Arm at $19.50 ,<aio.7s. Lard quiet and unchanged. Haeon dull and drooping I Cleveland, April UO.-UuKADaTurrfl-Flour In fair domuud aud Arm. Wheat dull; No. 1 red $1.78 S No. 3 do, $1.68. Corn steady { mixed, 61(352c. Oats quiet ami unchanged; No. 1 State, 45c. Putuoleum—ltoAucd, upward tendency; car lots, UStfo. TOLEDO. Toledo, April ao.—liuEADSTurro— IPlour dull, but uncUuugoi. Wheat Irregular; No. I.white 13 15; No. 2do,sa.oi: No. 3 white Mlcblgoti, $1.05 , amber do seller kay, $1.7101.73; seller June. $1,78« ; No. 1 rod do. $1.71)#: No. 3 do, sl.Ol ; rejected do, 11 43 Ooru dull. o a\mdo lower s high mixed apot, «o ; seller May, 47&o: Juno, 46?*'o; July, 4fl»*oj August, 480 s low mixed spot, 44>tfo; seller ftlsy mjt June, 44J.Ce. Oats dull uml lower; No. 3 spot, 40p teller Juue.4lo. DJB< St louii. April SO.—Cotton—DWl and unchanged, Übioubtutm—Flour llrmor and unchanged ; flunor vlntor. W.'iS (56.00 i extra winter, $5.1(0(35.70 ; double extra wToo®o.6o; treble extra, $0,75(37.60; family wlntw« 18.60G6V.60. Wheat in falf duuaud and ftnn. bill only BMnplo loin mid. Com ilMdy, JWX®37e on track 1 45X0 for yellow sacked. Oats d m and lower; No. 3, ?K)X@9IXo on track. Bariev steady, No. 3 spring, 80Q85O. Rye quiet and unchanged , prime, 08®«9o. Whisky—Firm at 87c. , Provisions—l’ork quiet; offered at fIR.K* fl P°t without buyers ; sold at $10.25 seller August. Pry salt meats nominal at 7®t!@oXc loose. Macon firmer, bold higher; buyers stood off, A few lots of clear sides old at lie, buyer Juno and seller July, Lard nominal, Hoas—Quiet at $4.0606.40. DliTltOIT. Detroit, April 30.—Breadstuffr—Flour nn ebangod. wheat steady } extra. $2.00 ; No. 1, sl.Bß® I. amber, $1.73. Com steady at 480. OaUlu good demand at full prices, 4104I&O, Freights—To Oswego. 10c. louihville. _ . - , Loniß, April 00, —Bur adhtoffs—Flour In fair demand, but prices unchanged. Grain steady; com at 64067 c? 0at5,42®460, both In sacks. Wheat con tinues nominal, and receipts very light. Rye Ann at 800 for choice lots ou arrival. Hay—Dull J choice, $20,00, Provisions—Mess pork sleadv at $18,600510.00, Bacofi easy ; shoulders, BQSXc; clear rih, 10c; clear sides, 10X® 10X°- Packed hams firm; plain, 13Q13M0, sugar-cured end fancy at 14®14X°* Packed bulk meats easy t shoulders, 7X° s clear rib, 0»foj clear sides, o?*c, loose. Choice loaf lard In llorcos, 9X® l0 °, In keg, 10X011 o. Wuisky—Firm at 80(3 87c. MILWAUKEE Milwaukee, April 30.—BntAUBTUFrs—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady at $1.80X5 No. 2 do, 11. OMs dull nnd lower; No. a, 30X0. Com nolot and unchanged ; No, 3 mixed, 40Xc. Ryo dull and lower; No. 1, COo. Barley In folr demand and ad vanced ; No. 3 spring, 88c. . . - Freights—Buffalo, dull and nominal} Oswego, do, PHILADELPHIA. rnlt.Anr.oruu. April 30.-llnoAnworro-Hoor dull; superfine, $6.0006.25; extra, $0,00(30.70. Wheat firmer; red, $1.08@2.00. Ryo sternly at,Bsc. Corn active: yellow, 63005 c; mixed Western, 03004 c. Oats in improved demand ; white, 61X052° 5 mlxcJ » —Crude. Ho} refined, Whisky—Firmly held at 030. BALTIMORE. . . Baltimore, April 30.—Breadstuffs—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat firm and unchanged. Corn aulot; mixed Western, CSX@C6o. Oats active and rm; Western mixed, 40®50o; white, 820. Ryo qui et and unchanged. Provisions—Dull end weak. Mess pork, slß.oo® 10.00. Bacon—Shoulders, B®BX° 5 dear r '° 10@10X°» Sugar-cured hams, X3X®l6c, I*ard, 9® Western quiet and steady; good to choice tub, 83®350. Wuibky—Nominal nt OOXc. OSWEGO. Oswkoo, April 30.—Wheat steady: No. 1 Milwau kee, $1.70 : No. 2 do, SI.OO. Corn unchanged; west ern. COo. Barley quiet; Canada, $1.09, * BUFFALO, Buffalo, April 80.—Phovikions—Business re stricted, owing to light stock. Market A™* Bales 3 cars on track at BOXo. w hu ,♦ Milwaukee club nt $1.63. fcurlcy—3,ooo bu Western at 86@900. Oats offered ut 45c. Seeds—Bales 600 bu timothy at $4.0004,36 . 300 bu medium clover nt $5.26; 100 bu largo clover at $0.76. Vessels X’asMod Detroit* Detroit. Mich., April 30.—Ur-Pron Fountain City, Memraora, Bello Croaao; sclirs John ii««oo f Bogota, Bahama, Kato KeUoy, Holt, Nowaboy, Morn ing Star. Down—None. ■Wihi>—Norlhcaat, Hllnola River and Canal Nowsj Svedal Ditpateh to The Chicago JMbun*.. LaSalle, in.. April 30.—Tlio steamer Friendship ar rived from Bt, Loula this morning, towing the canal boat Industry, light, fromPcWn, having Ico-harßes at Peru. The steamer Dopuo and her bargo arrived from Hennepin, loaded with wood forth© La* Ballo Qlasa Factory. The propeller Storm, .JowJng the J. D. Leonard and tho Banner, all loaded with lumber for St. Loula. Tho Industry passed in light for Mor ris, Oakal CouxcTon’a Office, OmoAoo, April 30. AnuxvKD—'Peter and Paul, Ottawa, 6,700 bn corn , North Star, Ottawa, 6,000 bu corn, and aovernl boats loaded with stono and sand. . . n , B _ i-r.ruiEP—Numerous stono-boata for Lomont, also boat Walker, for Lomont, with 30,000 fcot oMumber. SPECIAIi NOTICES. X.m C;u) ’n t .t Your Bottom Dollar aij '* l *- • tlfMi exist* aii esao of Rhouma tl*m, >- .-inlh, on'iDlng. or Stiff J|jQi\ Joint?, which w.,. (jectHtir I.lutuiout /aL'Tk'w whlto ,Tr '-i ,Jcr > alleviate and j Mark the dliToron<’«. Ill* Him-.. tautLlnlmout, yellow wiapper, wide.. ißdgaln placing so many usod-up tier- Sgy .g— lo3 in tho harness. Wo cara not whoth io!dj/\TpTC or tho cmo bo Spavin*, Sweeney, Scratches. Strains, orany SwolUng-tho effect la wonder ful. . Children Cry For Pitcher’s Castorls. It reflates the ■tomaeb,. ernes wind colic, and causoe natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. Tho Gorliam Manufacturing Co. Remind tho public that tho Supremo Court of tho United States has recently given a decision In their favor which secures full protection from tho imitators of tbolr designs. SPECIAL ATTENTION la requested to tho fact that tho following trado-marka aro stamped upon every article manufactured by them: ‘ Trade-mark for I „ Trade-mark for Gotham Sterling Silver. 1 Gorham tloctro Plato. Ip ETEIU.INO iSalttlMUffo, GORHAM MFO. CO., Manufacturer* of Sterling Silver Waro and Fine Electro Plato, Provldonco, R« 1., and No. 1 Bond-st., Now York. TeaSorvlooa, Dinner Services, and Wedding Outfits In groat variety, from tho largest to tbo smallest, of tho highest ord6r, aro oonstantly Issuing from tho Gorham Works. Schonok’s Pulmonic Candy Emhntooa In « itrealdoßroo nil thotirioolplo. o( Bohonok’. Pnlmonlo Syrup, and. while as pleasant to the potato as tho purest of confections, its medicinal properties render It onoctuai In coughs, colds, bronchial and catarrhal al lections, 40. It ft tho most acceptable remedy for child ron or Infants, and can bo given with Impunity; while for professional gentlemen, or those wlfo sudor from loss of voice, It la Indispensable. ...... , . ’ These candles aro put up In 25 cent boxes, convenient «■" >’" kcot ' ‘“ d “ r ° to j ”!l? §&&no6?T bon) d “ l ’ p y. K. corner Sixth and Aroh-sts.. Phtlndolphta. _ ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK, M Bros. & lie 149 & 151 State-si, Chicago. DMAIITM. & AUTISTIC Metal Work, Fountains, Vases, Statuary, Drinking Fountains, Aquari ums, Deer, Dogs, Lions, Copper Weather Vanes, Emblematic Signs, Stable Fittings, Crest ings, Iron Furniture Brackets, and Store Stools, Wholesale and Eetail. CATALOQUES FURNISHED OH APPLICATION. Agents for Youuglove Architectural Iron Company. ~ ~ .. HYATT’S Patent Illuminated Tile, vault Xilghta and Rings conotantly on hand. CHROMO, qSTB'W CHBOMO, ENTITLED THE CONVALESCENT, Given to each customer by tbo GREAT ATLANTIC A PACIFIC TEA COSIPANY, 116 Woat Wnblngtoo-Bt.. 139Twonty-Becom!»Bt. __ SHIPPING TAGS. VI DKNNISON’S I‘ATJiINT TA in SHIPPING TAGS. ||\ \ Over 20i) million* have boon lined within tho IfiS 91 \ jiaatlOyeara, wllhont i complaint of U>m by IFn Tljtho tag becoming detached. All Exproaa BBk aXr\& Companion ueuthum. Hold liv l-rlntnrM nml Wlnllmiorw Everywhere, COAX. AND WOOD. "~oTh. dyer. & 00., Corner Waba.U aT. and Madliou-at., doaloi. Inallkl >« nl Kaol, Illlnol. Coal por ton, dollrorad, Wl Kirkland Grata Coal (float Indiana) por ton. dollrotod, fcLli Coal (Indiana llllnmlnou.) pa. ton, da l.orad, »S.W. Hurd Coal ami Wood ot all kludi alaayr "" 'mad- MEDICAL. i PILES. . MVn , qr np pll rs—lnternal. Itching, blind, or ANY CASK V . f,,,* ciai-B, by u now, iinlulest, and ■bleeding -cured in l ifo HUrK i o af operation, ami no modi woadorlnl romodr. No “Ur«iaai t ( lr „nt„d at a qlno to taka. OarM warranioa. m( JORUANi IJlatauco. Call. « atwrcf ßml Hartlluaflt., Oblaatio. DRESS GOODS. Tel Me & Ci, Having leased the elegant and spacious Stores, wWfistlaioniflPfißM-sts., Undeniably the largest, best lighted, and finest premises on the West Side, respectfully give notice that they will close and vacate their present Store, No. 329 West Madlson-st., on Mon day, May B, and WILIi OPEN TUESDAY, MAY 6, In their new quarters, 130 & 232 WEST MADISON-ST., CORNER PEORIA. Their new Store, on its open ing, will contain one of the fin est and largest assortments oi DRY. GOODS in the city, and their rent and other expenses being less than one-fourth that assumed by their South Side competitors, they are in a posi tion to make such MUTING FRIGES As ■will draw old customers and new from the remotest parts of the city. DRV GOODS. HAMLIN, HALE & GO. Offer tills week a Beautiful Assortment of American Percales, at tlio reccut reduction. Also, an entire new line of American, Sprague, Ancona, Pacific, Dnnnels, Eiclimond, Cocheco, Gamers, Washington, Manchester, and Merrimac choice styles of Prints, n;; J I nrge additions ic ' h 0 Dreas UW;.-. ."vnartment, ('V X\J : M ! I. the attention 01 buyers ie respectfully solicited. MADISON AID FRAMLIN-STS, REMOVALS. REMOVAL. ERNST PRESSING Has removed from 66 West Lake-at, to 143 East Randolph-st., (One door west of Sherman House), HDELm BATE DEPOBITOEY BUILDINO. Seal Estate aaft Loan Agency. ESTABLISHED 1853. QBNEBAX, AGENT EOB THB IMMONWEALTH LIFE INSURANCE CO, OF 3STEIW 7QBK. REMOVAL. E^^SAGHTJSETTS LIFE INSURANCE CO, will occupy the Basement Office, No. 170 LaSafic-st., Bryan Stock. ERISBIE & BABBLE YE, General Agents. BBMOY-A-X-i. DR. ADAM MIt.LKU hfts hU Olßco to No. S!1 West Madtsom«tMjvhhJJ£i^JL^il!SSiM-»""^^gg DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. The partnership horotoforo existing botween thesub- ■ sorlbors under tbo llrm name of 9 pnoro 4 Co., U - this day dissolved by umtualoonflnat. AlldobU duo and owing said llrm aro to bo to Hflnry Sayn. . (Signed) M&CLlfc OILMOIIB, EDWARD W. THOMPSON. Chicago, HI., May 1,1878, Tbo undersigned will continue tho Wbo 1 osaloToi Biuh no», undo, tho firm ol B.y ? T1K,n,0.00 * 00.. •( « .od 19 South W.tof.t. ftBNRY “*Y» h liao!( CARD. On rotlrlnK from tho hoo.o at Snjrt, A Co., with which f liavo for so many years been associated, I w to sly to my friends throughout the country, that ln uo*vav can they remember mo more .11 ...a at tho same time promote their own Interests, than patronago with my old partner, uudor ?ho llrm ol Sayrs, GILMtmBt DISSOLUTION . Tho ftrm tlorotoforo oxlitlng under tho ta D.nM Bogin * Co. wa. ihlt d.» dl.wlvocl Dnn'l Uoglo wIU oolloot .11 M.ol. ° tUo Uto finn. 0 L bail ey, JOHN BTBAHNS. Chicago, May 1,1873. Tho undoralttnod liar. till! day lotmd • I co ?* rt °“" b J und.rZfl-nfn.mool BOULB i CO , ...d ;.m =o„Uuu tfl. Coal liualnoaa of Urn law 0-m JOHN BTBARNS. US) and 161 Eaat MadUon-i! I. 187 J. Chicago. Mi CQt» AttTNgKSHIP NOTICE. ' • “ uJ SI. I li Uarrli * Klrk.Oontraotlmt Oarpontota an EE“ Bhm, In roarol Vo. Ik ABanfton,...^^ April 19, 1873. A^JiOlinON^ lake nA VIG AT I GNj M Gil M il PEI Tho Propeller OCONTO will loavo ft QUEEN BAY. MENOMINEE. OOONTf and iutormodiato po^ts, This (.Thursday) Evening, May 1, at 7 o’oloo Office, foot of Mlohigan-av. ’ T. G. XjUTWN, Bitti 5

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