Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 1, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 1, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. Weunkbdat Kvtmino, April 80. There was more then the usual activity In the local mouoy market to-day on account of the preparation to pay for grain expected to ho de livered to-morrow on May options. Many of the banks are becoming disgusted with the po. rlodio disturbance of business caused by this demand for the loan of largo amounts of money for ono or two days to enable specula tors to settle up their option .trades at tho beginning of ouch month. Dank ors say they ore willing to loan mouoy for thirty days in reasonable amounts, bub not in tho ex traordinary sums required by tho speculators for only ono or two days. A speculator may have two or throe hundred thousand bushels of wheat, for instance, coming to him In May, and Which ho expects will bo delivered on the Ist. *At the same time ho may have as much wheat or com, or something else to deliver to other parties on tho same kind of options. Ho must pay for tho ono and got pay for the other, and In tho aggregate his receipts and payments of money may amount to several' hundred thou sand dollars, while his own actual capital may not bo over ono-flfth or one-tenth of that sum. Tho grain is simply moved around from ono holder to another in this market, and tho money shifted around from ono bank to another. It is much the same as if tho banks wore to attempt to settle their respective demands against each other without tho old of tho Clearing-House. It causes an immense expansion of bank credits, and requires a groot deal of currency for Just one day at the beginning of each month. It depresses the price of exchange and deranges business generally. The banks claim that they make nothing at all out of it to pay for the trouble, and some of them declare they will not ao it any longer. Several of the applicants for largo sums to-day wore refused at various banks, and It is doubtful whether they wore able to mabo preparations to pay commensurate with the expected largo deliveries of grain and pro visions. It seems probable that as the volume of spooulatlon in the grain and provision mar kets increases, some other plan of settling up those option trades, culminating with the ena' of each month, wiU have to bo adopted. A clearing-house for option trades was sug gested and discussed a year or two ago but tho plan did not seem to bo fully under stood, and no attempt was over made to put tho idea into practice. If tho bankers ore really in earnest and should hereafter refuse to furnish tho < moans of settling tho option trades of tho gram dealers, tho latter would probably adopt some such plan of making their clearings. Aside from tho temporary activity above re ferred to, tho money market seems to ho grow ing easier. Ton days ogo, when tho banks did not find satisfactory employment for all their ’ money here, and while it was extremely strin gent in Now York, tho banks were all disposed to increase their balances in Now York for the sake of the interest they could got from their Now York correspondents. Cut now money has be come easy in Now York ond tho prospect is that the largo movement of grain to tho East in a few days will make a largo amount of exchange and increase their Now York balances more than is desirable. Tho decline in tho price of ex change, therefore, indicates a disposition to hoop a larger proportion of their funds hero. The demand for currency incident to tho set tlements in the grain market caused a depression m tho price of exchange to-day, and some largo amounts wore sold at 800 per SI,OOO discount to day. This, however, was lower than tho general condition of trade would naturally make tho oboul ttU(i tho logitimato ono Tvould probably bo Messrs. Lunt, Preston & Kean quote as fol lows this afternoon: B-20aoPfl2 6-20aof *O4 5- of *65 6- of *65, Jan. and July, «-20 a of *67, Jan. and July. C-20a of *OB, Jan. and July. Ift-iOs tJ. B. 6a (new Issue) ’ w-i 110’ Gold and Gold Coupons... ..110** 117 u Gold Exchange 11 Sterling Exchange... 108J<@109»/ Northern Paclft* Gold 7-30 a 100 & Jnt. Chicago auy 7e OOtf&lnt. Oopw county 7« 09j<f &lnl tuinois, County and Township 10a. 62<205 REAL ESTATE. Tho following Instruments wore fUocl for rec ord on Wednesday, April 80: orrv PBorznTT. The promises No. 63 West Liberty at, dated April 29 consideration, $2,325, Bub-lot 18, of Lindsloy’s Lots 13,10, Ac., In Block 6 RockweU’s Addition, dated AprU 23; consideration $1,500. Duflaold st, 100 ft wof Union Bt, b f, 25 ft to alloy with Improvement**, dated April 29; consideration 11,000. North Clark Bt, between North Water and River sts, ® f* Lot l t dated April 10 j consideration $24,- WO. Deaplalnee at, between West Adams and Quincy eta B f. 65x99 ft, dated April 28 ; conelderatlon, $27,000. Auhlaud ar, near b w cor of North av, of. Lot i, dated March 16 ; consideration, SI,OOO. ’ BraUon* $976 inlng 010 abovo » dated "arch 15 1 consld- Lot i\ In Wobb’B part of Block 1, Rockwell's addition, dated April 80; consideration, $1,200. ' Crosby Bt, 1° ft sof Hobble at, of, 25 ft to alley, dated Feb. 14; consideration, $550. ** Crosby st, 60 ft b of Hobble st, e f, 25 ft to allev dated Feb. 14; consideration, SOSO. Thirteenth place, near n w cor of Centre av. s f 80 1 conßldoratlon, $1,300, * _ .1? a ? d «In Block 28, of Clark’s oVof sw v Bee 13. 39,13, dated April irfj consideration, $1,300. ' Emerald av. n w cor of Thirty-seventh st.ef.4oft to alloy, dated April 1 • consideration, $1,600 * * uSW'tf 1ndi ”. 1, .“ “ n ' l ovs, nt, 23x60 ft. dated April 22 ; consideration, $0,600 Ost, bet Hoisted and Tucker Bts, n f, 23 ft to alloy dated March 7; consideration, SOSO, 1 » av * 80 nof Harmon court, ef,4oft to al iSi*", 1 '. 1 10 03. In block 24, of Elalon’a o d n. on ’ d^ tcd April2o; consideration, $2,500. Bodgwick st, B t, 34x00 ft, dated April 30; consideration, SSOO. »-4^ a J7" e .?j? V| Uoyno and Robey eta, n f, 30x124 f I srithbulidinga, etc., dated March2o; consideration,' iotl of Lot 1 of Macubin’s Lot 6. In Mather's n a v floS, 4 ’ 331 d »“ A P" M ? oen.Mori Jif 1 Winohestor and Lincoln sis, n f, n ' a “« 4 "•catTwontlo t b«t,22sft W of llolwy.l, n f, 25i12J Wl? M 3 L '“ncMernllon, S7OO. ’ IS^iforSnVfe 1 S °°- 31 ’ SD - “■ MCdT ° h ' &sjhsjs l » 4-, U same, dated April 29; consideration, ISM* 41, In same, dated April 20; consideration, lits 16,17, 23, and 27, In Ovlatt’s Lota 44 to 62 in SSSK&2 JUi» 800 *ia -800 “• B °- .Emerald av, nof and near Tblrty-clchth st w t m ft to alley, dated April 10 ; consideration, $765. * Ashland av, a w corner of Kccnon st. Lots i . n ,i o dated April 80; consideration, $2,500 ' Wabash av, 112 ft sof Eighteenth st w f 2RtlrhW dated April i; consideration, $14,500.' ’ 20x188 r » Mourn or oiijr umitb. , ®? d to OX of Block 18, 800. 29. 40 14, dated March 11; consideration, $1,700 * f T , BOUTII OP CITY LIMITS. Lota 23 to 25 and 44 to 61 of Lota 1 to 20 In Brighton asassiyoj **“ os.ea j M i.?f‘„°n n : »Sid'.“uo“fer ck7 ’ I ‘ M ‘f io ’ 8010,1 Al ’ rll - J ; COMMERCIAL. _ . „ WEDNMDii Eteeiko, April SO. Tlio following wore tho receipts anil shipments »f the loading articles of produce in Chicago during the past twenty-four lioure, and for tho corresponding date ono year ago: IteOEJPTB, 1872. 1873. Flour, brla Wheat, bu Corn, bu Oata, bu Rye. bu Barley, bu., Ortsa aeod. 1t5..., Flax aeed, . Broom corn, Iba... Gurod meata, Iba,,. Beef, brla Fork, brla Hard, tba Tallow, lbs Butter, Iba Dreaaed bogs, No. SSaSK™:;:: 6,073 10,850 85,308 27,240 B,BSD 8,400 104,780 20,860 1,700 3,385 66,030 1,050 84,820 10,200 64,740 117,180 8 480 13,460 8,000 27,080 ”B,ols 3.3541 18,010 40,970 82,600 97 14,022 6.009 No . (117 7flt llllljn, 108,(1(0 70,000 lllßlntliiM, brla.... ok ' 2 oo Wool, lh.. 70,820 00,980 I’olotocß, bn.. 10,007 coos Lmnlter. m ft...... i 4:17 itm m alooo o|oßo miNh;:' 223 ™ Witluln ‘ftwn from Btoro yesterday for city con- Gumption t 8,889 lm wheat, 1,675 bn corn, 6,009 bu oats, 18,75 bu ryo, 1,547 bu barloy. TUo following grain has boon Inspected into j fltoro this morning, up to 10 o’clock s 02 care 1 wheat } 111 car* com ; 10,600 bu rejected do by canal $ 20 cars oata ; 1 car rye \ 1 car barloy. Total (174 care), 00,000 bu. Advices from tho country indicate that there will noon bo an incroaao in our receipts, espe cially of wheat. Several country receivers write that grain is pouring in upon them so fast that they are obliged to draw for money to moot It. Our receipts of canal com are kept back by the fooling that tho inspection ia '-too high, and a good deal of grumbling Is hoard hero about it. Tho reason assigned for grading most of the canal receipts as rejected is that they are damp. Wo know not how much ground, there is for the complaint, but, If that Committee of Appeals wore In existence, tho grievance could bo re ferred to them at once. As it is, there is no moans of deciding whether tho complaint bo well founded or not. Tho barley muddle fa about to rocoivo a now light, which moy, possibly bo of considerable ser vice to tho trade. Mr. L. J. Kadlsh, bat) ad dressed a letter to Mr. Harper, the Chief Inspec tor of Grain, which contains the followlup j By your actions, I am loti to believe that Ills your •arnwit determination to remedy tho existing evils concerning tho Inspection of grain ; and, on this basis, I herewith enter n complaint against the Inspector at tho Rock Island Elevator, whose province it Is to In spect grain ont, and I beg of you to Investigate this matter, and secure for mo such redress as lies In your power, J Tbo fa ,°b) in tho case are those: Ontho2fllh (April), Messrs. Rumsoy Bros. & 00. loaded for my account four cars of No. 3 barley in the Rock Island H ?va{or, to bo shipped to For ii Thomas, in Cincin nati. Yeatorday (30tb) 1 went to your offloo and examined, the Inspector’s sample, taken from the cars monlionodr and bearing tho corresponding tag. ’ I found that tho barley delivered as No. 2 was not up to tho standard of No. 2. and could, tinder no pre tence, bo Inspected Into tho house bettor than No 3, as it Is even below No. 3 In the Galena which lam drawing this grade at present. By tho rules of the Board of Trade, No. 2 barley shall bo ** sound ond reasonably clean.” Tho barley I received la not sound, and consequently not No. 3. I am Informed that your Sub-Inspectors have given bonds for tho faithful performance of their duties, am! I request of you to hold tho bond of said luspoc-. tor as security to indemnify mo for the damage I may sustain in consequence of this wrong Inspection. I would further remark that, In my opinion, It Is tho duly of any Warehouse Inspector to inspect grain from elevator Independent of what has boon inspected in | so that If No. 3 barley has boon inspected in as No 3, It docs not follow that It must bo Inspected out as No. S. , Tho loading produce markets wore moderately active to-day, and grain wos generally Arm at the inaldo prices of yesterday, ond provisions wore Btrongor. The news that tho Straits are open and the weakness in freights tended to counter act the downward tendency duo to fine weather and the near approach of delivery-day (Thurs day). There wore few nowfeaturos to note in any of tho markets. In the dry goods market there wore no notice able changes. Trade was quite as active as could reasonably bo expected, and tho market ex hibited a healthy tone. Groceries are mooting with a gradually-increasing demand, though there is not as vet auy particular activity in any department of the market. Prices generally are firmer than at tho close of last week, and in coffees, sugars, and spices there are indications of on early advance. Tho butter market was more liberally supplied, and wore off a little. Shippers • ,,oro no* operating to any extent, while local consumers wore beyond moot ing current nocoasi*’ :,J> Sagging remains steady ot 370 for 35 0 for Ludlow: 84)£ofor Lewisto** rtQC * ft * SSJ/a for American. No chanc wd wore reported In tho canned goods, coal, and fish morkols. Dried fruits mot with a fair inquiry and wore steadier, dealers seeming to entertain tho opinion that tho prices of domestics have reached their lowest point. Hides were in demand and wore steady at tho late reduction. In tho leather, pig iron, tobacco, and wood markets no now features wore devoid oped. Oils wore in fair request with prices higher ° XC ° pt for carbon i wWch mb o^o Trade at the lumber yards, under tho influ ence of ploaaaut weather is improving steadily each day. The higher grades remain firm, but common lumberis rather easy in sympathy with tho wholesale market. Lath are quoted low er. Iho receipts at tho docks tills morning wore heavy, and trade opened fair. Metals, tinners’ stock, iron, and nails, aroin moderate demand on local and interior account ♦ metals and nails rulo steady at quotations. Naval stores wore fairly active and firm. Tho demand for brick, lime, cement, etc., is increas ing* • there was no variation in prices to note. Wool was in moderate request ana easy. Hops remain quiet and nominally unchanged. The trade in broom corn 1s fair, and present quota tions are for tho moat part adhered to. Seeds wore quiet and without quotable change. There was an excessive supply of potatoes on tho mar ket, and with only a moderate demand prices ruled weak and lower. Green fruits wore un changed. Turkeys continue scarce and firm. Chickens are plenty, dull, aud lower. Tho re ceipts of eggs wore heavy, and with a light local inquiry prices wore weak and irregular. Hjghwines were iu good demand at tho outside Quotation of tho past few days, though with no particular encouragement to holders in tho tone of advices from other points. Thoro wore sev- ' cral orders on tho market, and all tho offerings 1 were freely taken. Solos wore reported of 500 brls at 870 per gallon, at which price tho market ; closed firm. ■ buying. Selling. ....HB,v no ....118 V 118 V ....110,# 120 V in*' ....110# ....117 V ■ 118 ....113*2 113# Lake freights wore qniot, bat quoted steady at former prices. One vessel was reported olrnr i Buffalo for corn, ono to Prescott Q V"° for corn, and ono to Sarnia at through rate. These will take out 55,000 bu. Outside of tliia there waa no inquiry, aa tho majority of shippera Boomed determined to hold off till rates come down to auit thoir views, though it la acitnowledgod that there ia now a fair profit in shipping corn. Ono vosaol waa offered at XOo for com to Buffalo, and ono bid was made for it at 90, while othora only offered ?S* '’“oat to Kingston waa quoted nominal at 170. nail freights are understood to bo weak owing to competition among agenta. Tho rate to New York ia not over 450 per 100 lbs, though published as 500. * B Provisions wore more active, and decidedly lirmor, though tho feeling waa principally noted in tho speculative articles, pork and lard. There was a bettor inquiry, and not very much offered, ibo reason of the greater firmness was probably tho fact that tho May deliveries hod all boon set tled up, or provided for, and operators felt a lit tie more confidence, while those who did want to buy wore obliged to bid up, aa all tho weak hold ers had previously unloaded. There was also a rnSSn toao , ¥ork. Moss pork advanced 40@500 per brl. Lard 250 per 100 lbs, and meals SVJY 'fm I ’ or lb l tbo “K h nothing woo done in the latter. ihe market closed at tho following rangoof s'*““' M ,°™ Pork cash or seller May, $17.05 ' l “?° n ° ryun °. SlB.-10@18.i6 1 do seller July, Slß.ojK@lß.7o j prime moss, none hero: * IU - 6 J@17.0°. Lard, cash or seller May, So.lofflo.lß j do seller Juno, 40.40@0,i5: do seller July ®9.C5@8.70. Sweet pickled hams atnvnna/H® 12 ?’ ?, ry sailed moats quotable at o%@oJio for shoulders; BJf®BKo for short r i lb “ i ““8_8@0>i;o for short clear, lloxcd shoul 'Rltaib °® %o ,or 8h0 « ed at B V? rt ol «W- Haoon la quot in J 10 H for ehouldora, 10c for clear riba flborc f ,ear » and 12K@Mo for hams, aft ElSmfffiiinS? 8 , boo I»; $9 ‘ 00 @ L, - 25 5 extra mesa do, boOf homa ' s‘-8-00@20.50. City taUow, 7%@80; grease quotable at CVrtDCik'o °f 600 brla nlosa poili seller May at $17.75; COO brls do seller Juno at $18.35 • l ß rsm b i r ,S« (l i 0 “'ti® 1 ?’ 3 ! 0 ’ 1,250 brls do at $18.251 Sl’m cn b 1 I d een°! lo , r J H ly at ® lB - C5 i 200 brl » <1» J SIB.CO ; 1,000 brls do at $18.60; 100 les lard ’ 250 tcu <lo seller June at $0.35; 260 too do at $0.30; 260 les do at 80.25. Hour was loss active at yesterday's prices. The aggregate sales wore fair, but most of the few !e™i“? ld ou di if ot ordo ™. there being very fmolc 'e i!’,;, 1°" *’/“ 1 , 00r ' buporiluos wore 3orit 71rn, u °“ lor i ‘u sympotby with Now irji l.Vie ~r i W 8 H l a ' oli wore reported of 160 hr s white winter extras on private terms: 200 brls spring extras (Minnesota) at $7.50 • 6(i ! lr ilnn d l 0 i°'“ U 1 'P 0 br,H do (ttootlngs) at $0.25; 1,000 brls doion private torma ; till) brls spring JWS.W I t™ brla rye lleur on private Tbl J„Sts° f" “ d o ’f '" 10 ' ’J'ntal, 2,5110 lu ls. Ihe following wore the quotations at the close j «*• Good to choice spring extras ’.V* o* w , £ « Low to medium.,..,. "...V J*S J} J*l* Minnesota* {patent) "* Good to fancy Minnesota ’ o*0(j mhw ittur" 1 ' S 3":" j!;” flour <•» (di.-tu ull.UO Wheat was rather lees active, and averaged IXo lower than yesterday, being sick early as a consequence of line weather, aud steady with a firm tono later, when the skioa clouded un Now York aud Liverpool wore quoted quiet aud SHIPMENTS. 6,838 .48,480 190,179 64,927 413 6,003 0,148 4,783 10,349 002,204 6,071 1,200 2,995 77,987 724 818,900 82,800 239,219 10 109 88,126 19,000 87,085 0,800 17,400 805 810 113,330 110,003 inn sib 93,300 115,407 8,358 004 J.aii tbb 1,710 1,030 131 05 1,313 OflO THE MARKETS, BROOM COUN~Tho demand for fair to good corn continues fair. I’oor qualiUoa aro plenty and dull. Wo again quote j No. 1 hurl, CSfljtfc per lb; No. 1 dt V ‘Q** o • No. 8 do, 3@3J 4 0, inside greon, 8Xo; do red Up, 8®4o; do pale and rod, 2@2Xc. ** • A * ND i r^AS— There waa a light inquiry from the retail trade for choice beans. Poaa ore un fV®° god * w ° f epoat: Choice hand-picked Darios. $2.60, do mediums, $2.45; Inferior grades, $1.25ftl 90 • ycJlow do (In bags), $1.25. ’ rinh!^ MArERIAIia—Tho demand lor all mate rials Is Improving. Prices wore without essential change, “follows: Stucco, $2.5002.75; New York stucco, casting SeS^S™ s $3.60® 4.00; Portland cement $7.00(0,8.00 per brl; Roaondalo ooraonL $3.25@3.80: Utica cement, $2.00 per brl; Louisville cement. $2.00: Akron cement, $2.00 ; marble dust, $3.25@3.60: Imo In bulk, 90c@$1.00j lime (brls), $1.25 per brl; white sand, per brl. $1.76@2.00; plastering hair. ,o rh H , 40@60° ; Hue brick, per 1,000, $40.00(390 00 • building brick (common), $8.50®9.50: sower brick *l a -re^i,A ou S lr y *>3.60, 'delivered ; old brick,; St. Louis hydraulic pressed, $45.00, delivered; Milwaukee pressed, $32.60, delivered* do common, $14.00 ; Racine pressed, $30.00. delivered* do common. $14.00; Hillsdale, $25.00, delivered : Indi ana pressed, $22.00®24.00;d0 common, $12.0 i ; flro clay, per brl, The following la the list of prices per box of 60 feet for domestic window glass from which a roducUon of 45 and 6 per cent la made nrH i Vmtbh «ia v. a QuaUlyi tlrenqth. Ox 8 to 7x0.... ........8 6 70, asm! Txioto sxio Gw • f-jg Bxll to 10x13 7 35 10*00 flxli to 10x16 .. . 810 l"‘no iixutoioxn.... s’™ IrSo 18x18 to 10x20 0 25 ifl nS 14x22 to 10x24 ....... 1000 Iflm IHX22 to 18*00 ii Jo M 20.08 to 81.30 iJoS M sens .... it™ 2!-29 to ie oo M am5at0a5iH,,.......... ioso M aj.toiosoiie .. . iiSS S'SS so.ii) to aa«aa a,vSS ' I"-™ 0t.6H1081.00 yflxWUo4UxCo *.| mi ■ tt*""**i'ho market wum more liberally aunnlf'cii , a,, d prlcce wuro ln<tn firm all around, the wunkw »1 n’i nK , n,orH , i ot lcoablo In roll than In /lacked but ter, Iho demand wna fair, though mainly of a Iona! character, Utrlutly choice dairy won wauled at 'O/a JJj» I lho u ? utßl,, o bol “ B ol| kinaMo a eiimll wS °»* /n T lO 0 • Oonnuou to choice roll. Sicisou • * P acko,l » 32f5300} medlmniogood! 25ta2«oj Inferior to common, 10(3230. “ • UAuGINQ—-WftH nuotod quiet and ateady at fe a r W our Hat as fotfow. Htark, 370 ; Ludlow, 85o; Lowlaton, 84!rfo: American 33 #°« Amoikeag, 83#c| OUer Qrcok, iioj burlap unchanged, ■which loft our market to bo swayed entirely uy local considerations. Tlioro woo not much demand for cash lota, and tho business con sisted largely In changing oyer from May Into Juno; tho demand for the transfer was oven greater than yesterday, and tho difference bo tween tho two options widened to fully Okb in consequence. This transference baa boon de ferred this month much later than usually. Ordi narily It Is begun not later than tho 20th, and tho bulk of tho business, la cleared off by tho 25th. while there was little Of it done this month till the day. doforo yesterday; probably on ac count of tho relative absence of capital in tho market to assume tho carrying responsibility. Seller May opened at 41.24& declined to $1.2?% advanced to sl.24jtf, end closed at sl.2lK.tflollor Juno sold at closing at Seller tho month, or regular No. 2 spring, was nominal at 81.28>£®1.24>f, and fresh receipts closed at $1.25. No. 3do was puiot at 81.15|tf@1.10, and rejected do was nominal at 98@01)o. Cash sales wore reported of 3,200 bu No. 2 spring at $1.25 : 0,400 bu do at 61.24U; 1,000 bu No. 8 spring at sl.lO ; 400 bu do at $1.16)1; 400 bu by sample at $1.45 ; 400 !m do at 1.42 ; •1.000 bu do at 31.40 ; 400 bn do at $).88 ; 400 bu do at $1.05. Total. 14,800 bu. Corn was . moderately active in options, and almost lifeless in cashloto, there being no ship pers on the market. It opened very wcok, prices running down rapidly, some %o. but speedily recovered, and then a fair business was done at yesterday’s Inside quotations, mailing the average about lower. The business was largely in changing over, os in wheat. Several lots wore offered early on country account for May delivery, but withdrawn when it was found they wore not wanted, as tho de mand was for Juno In exchange for May. nnly Juno opened at 400, declined to *W°» aud advanced to 400 ot tho close, f ®“ or *l*l B0l( J closing at 07K® 87%0. Boiler July sola at 41m@420, and souer August at 42%(5)430. Seller the month was on tjrely nominal. Strictly fresh receipts (now) of No, 2 closed firm at 880., Rejected was In fair demand at 340. Cosh Bales wore llrallod to 4,400 ba No. aat 38o; 10,200 ba do at 37X0 i 6,001 ! bu do at 870 ! 10,000 bu No. lat lootod at j 10,800 bu do «t 840, Total, 41,- COO bu. ' ' Data wore modorololv aotlvo, but weak, do wning Xo per bu under heavy offorlnge, but raUying subsequently, though quoted boavy in the latest dispatch from Now York. Seller Hay doollnod to 80Xo, and cloned ot Bogulor No. 2 Bold early at 300, later was offered at 20X0, and cloned firm at 29”.f0 bid. Seller Juno Bold at 32X@330, closing at 32X0. , Bllo “„w<>ro reported of 1,200 bu ot 80j?o: JjSM 6“ at 80<<fo ; 6,000 bu at S0%o ; 5,000 bn at 30Xo; 30,000 bu at 30o; 6,000 bu at 29H0: 1,290 cn'n r i 0^0< i lod i Si 20 “ i 800 6y sample at OOWo; 000 bu do at 330. Total, 63,400 bu. Eye was quiet and firm at tho range of several' days past, though quoted nominally lower by ? , iSJ? n , tUo ,V u y in ® Bk, °- Saloe wore confined J holders generally tjF o r s?r TOl7 quiet, but stronger on regular No. 2 (Kook Island receipts) which sold at 71)<to; wiiilo car lots in other honsoa were nominally unchanged, at 780. No. 3 was quoted at C2@Q7ot and rejected ot 43@480/ tho • Inside In tho Kook Island. Gash sales were reported of 2,500 bu !» ? D °« 71 #° * 400 ku by sample ot 950; 400 bi 400 bu do at 80o; 400 bu do at G6o and 400 bu do at 690. Total, 4,500 bu, OUT INSPECTION. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune : Sm: For tho hptfoflt of many interested par ties, will you please publish that part of the Warehouse law relative to tho inspection of grain out of tho elevators. Wo wish to know we ore liable to pay inspection fops *■»«o do not want our gram ' xours respect fully, ■ _ Miller. Section SO, of tH ■ rtU * of 1871. contains tho fol lowing: “ a “O grain shall do delivered from such • •‘•rehouses unless it ho inspected, on the of m oroo^1 ft duly authorized Inspector Some of our shippers hove steadily refused to pay tho out inspection foes, claiming that tho State has no constitutional right to demand nay for such service, when that service is not wished for by tho owner of tho grain. They say they have had eminent legal advice to sustain them la their position; and they certainly have not paid any of those foes as yet. Tho matter will probably be settled in tho courts. PRODUCE ITEMS, Tho New York Produce Exchange WceJclv says: * tn T , h i£? wer ? tranßifc for 010 United Kingdom April 13,1873, oxclubWo of steamer shipments from America and the Baltic Soa porta, 277 cargoes of wheat and 39 cargooa of corn, against 108 cargoes of wheat and 29 cargoes of corn at tho corresponding date in 1872, and 119 cargoes of wheat and 21 cargoes of corn at tho corw responding date in 1871. Tho cargoes of wheat In tran sit April 12, 1873, comprised 195 from tho Pnclflo coast, averaging 48,000 lm each, equal to 9,300,000 bn, ami 62 cargoes from other parts of tho world, avcrnclnff about 24,000 mi each, w 2,o«u,uuu m/, maklntr • tolalof wheal In transit for United Kingdom, April 12.1873, of 11,328,000 bn, against 11,028,000 bu Jan. 1, 1873, Included in tbo 03 cargoes from South eastern Europo and other parts, there were 10 steam ers, with about 480,000 bu. Tho amount In transit April 12,1872, was about 2,032 bu. Included in tho list of wheat cargoes, there are 0 from Australia, with estimated aggregate of cargoes of 200,000 bu. Advices from Odessa under date of April 2 report tho departure, during the week ended April 1, of four steamers bound for the United Kingdom with cargoes aggregating 31,615 qrs. of wheat. The reports from Taganrog, Bordlanskl, and MnrisnopoU, porta of the Azov Soa, Indicate unusually small Blocks of wheat for shipment on tbo open ing. of navigation, ond tho continuous winter shipments from Odessa, with tho moderate In terior supplies, has left a small stock of wheat thore as compared with tho slock AprU 1, 1872. The stock January 1,'73. was 900,000 tsohetwerts of about 0 bush els each, which had boon reduced during the winter mouths, 400,000 tschetwerts or 2,400,000 bushels, leav ing a stock of 600.000 tschetwerts, or 3,000,000 bushels, sgalnst about 9.000,000 bushels April 1, 1872. Tho stocks of wheat in tho five principal ports of tho United Klugdom, AprU 1, *73, aggregated 024.244- qrs., against 1,030,670 qrs. AprU 1, ’72, and 1,100.714 of corn at samo ports. HtS wc J r S„, 4 2i'“ 4 238,009 qra. April l, *72, and 703,113 qrs. Deo. 31, 19, Isolating, reduction of stocks since Jan, 1, >73, of about 300 obo qrs., or 2,400,000 bu. ' ? f wheat in MarseUles, April 4,1873, was 62.328 metrical quintals of 220tf lbs avoirdupois each. for the week ended April 4, 1873, woro 67,300 metrical quintals, and since Jan. 1, 1873. 768.200 metrical quintals, against 1,167,800 metrical Quintals for tho corresponding period in 1872. LATEST. Wheat was fairly notivo in the afternoon, and Arm. No. 3 spring sold at SI.2IX@L24>K Boiler May. and $1.a7%@1.28 aollor June, bothldosing at tbo inaido. Corn was in fair demand and I/O S" r ,i /°' 2 sold at 37V@380 aoUer May, and 40v@40%0 seller Juno, closing at 40!<fo: also 42X0 ami seller July, aollor August. Oats at W@««0 seder May, and seller Juno, Provisions wore higher. Sales of moss pork include COO brio sober May at 818.00 5 200 brls do seller Juno’ at 818.50 i 1,000 brio Roller July at 819.00. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. _. .■'VEDNESDAiHviNnra, April 30. re,l “ oal - 01 P” cent proof I. I bags, 4 »n«H bu, 200320; gunnies, single, 17®18o: i ‘double, 28029 c; wool sacks, 07Vfc. • J&5 NED G 9 OD ? WQKtaa-A falrmnnber of , onloM wore placed to-day. but they vroro generally . small and mainly confined to poaches, corn, tomatoes 1 oudplokloa, Prlcoii wore without decided change * „ CANNED GOODS, * i Benches, 9lb Peaches, a 1b...... roam, 2 lb * I’lums, damsons, 2 lb Green gages and egg, 2 lb Qulncoa, a lb 7, Htrawlierrios, 2 lb Ilanpberrloa Blackberries, 2 lb Gooseberries, 21b Tomatoea, 2 1b.............. Tomatoea, 3 lb. i Corn, Elgin Corn, Ponton Harbor Corn, Yarmouth Pcss,2lb, pod Peas, 2 lb, soaked Lima beans, 2 lb Succolaab, 2 lb Lobster, 21b Lobster, 1 lb Oyatera, 1 lb, full weight Oysters,' a tba full weight Oysters, 1 lb, elaok weight Oysters, 2 Iba, alack weight _ „ PICKLES. »WlE r * k »V $10.60011.80 ?r m ? '* % r l # » , » 100 P° r Medium, brls, 1,200 per pkg B.Bo® D.CO Medium, U brls, COO por pkg 6.25® 5.75 5?» , Coo .£? r p **v 7.00® 7.50 Hv r B » 800 p , or pk * 4.60® 5.00 In 10 gal..kege, per keg 8.75® 4.23 J* 8 ke * t » Por keg 2,76® 3 h Chow Chow (Harvey), qts C7sw it™ (Harvey), pts B*oo® B*so S* £jL**saorted pickles, qts... 6,76® 705 O. ft B.’s assorted pickles, pts B.Bo® 4*23 MAPLE STROP. * Pure, X gal. cans, per doz $®lo 00 Pure, quart cans, per doz 5 rn® n no Extra golden, X gal, cans, por doz fl!so® ?!oo Extra golden, quart cans, per d0z....... 4 no® i os rai&aE-qmtaUon. motaingii. ““igM buolncss was doing at the annexed rango • of prices : Now York factory, 16016 c; OhJofaclory,'l3ol4u c Western factory, 13@14tfo. * COAL-Jtomams inactlvo ond unchanged. Following 2,? W.GO018.OO; propar- I ed, $12.60013.00; Lackawanna, $12.00: Erie, $10.00: itnm.% * lO 'W; Walnut Hill, $10.6o: Woisburg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, $9.00; Hocking Valley, $9.00 . Inda na cannol coal, $10,00; Indiana block, $9.00: Kirkland gralo, $0.00; Mluouk, $8.00; Wilmington, it OO*OPEßAai^Tho.inquiry for packers’ goods la Ught. Olbpr dcacriptlons nro In moderate request. Staves are scarce and firm. Wo quote: Pork barrels, $1.2001.30; lard tlerocs, $1.0001.70; whis ky barrels, $1.0002.10; flour barrels, 60®CGc: pork slaves, rough, $I7.00®20.00; do bucked or $20.00025.00; tlorco staves,rough, $20.00® 25.00; do bucked or sawed, $25.00028,00; whisky W-00@28.00; do, bucked, $30.00® 33.00; flourslavcs,s9.oo@U.oo; circle flour beading. 7@Bo per sot; flour hoop poles, $14.00016.00 per m; pork and tlorco poles, $30.00035.00 per m. EGGS—Were In liberal supply and weak at ll@l2o. There was only a moderate local demand. Sales In elude 139 cases and 10 brls at 120 ; 1,200 dor ot 11 Uc • 720 doz at lie ;20 doz gooso eggs at 35c. ** * FEATHERS—-Tho scarcity of feathers continues, and prime live geofo sell readily at tho quoted prices. Chicken feathers are unchanged. We repeat: Prime at 73 <3 7Gc » t frpm first bands; jobbing prices, 78083 a for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, gootl gradss, 60®C50; common do, 00®45o; chicken, 0® FISH— I Trade In this department was satisfactorily actiyo. and prices continue Ann as follows: No 1 vrhltoflsh, « brl, $7.00; No. 3 do, $0.75: No 1 shore mackerel, V brl, $11.00011.26; No. 1 bav •$0.0009.25; No. 9 bar mackerel. V brl, $7,23« 7.50; No. 1 there kite, $1.0501.00; bank codfish. P®£ WO lbs, $0.0000.35; George’s codfish; $0,600 0.75 ; Labrador herring, split, brln, $0.0009.60; do H brl, $4,7505. W; Labrador herring, round, brl. - $8.0006.60 ; do K brl, $4.2504.50* * liu. 1, 31@330; bo»herring. <Mrt4so; Columbia lUror salmon. V b» , j<v aw.ui)010,25, i i ;, h TTT S O , NUTS—Nothing now was noted ln *k° market. Trade was only moderately acitvo and prices underwent no materia! chance • ronFjOK—Dates, ByV@ot£o;8 y V@ot£o; figs drums, 110140 • epa" Turk «y PruuM, OWMIOo* ralslu!' $2.6002.90; Zanto currants, 808)1c. Domxstio—Alden fiSStharn®,!? 5 do » ; Western do, s®dl ; Southern do, 4,Vos.Jtfob peaches, pared. 17<ai9e* peaches, halves, 60C,ftc; do, mlxot/, 4 W®s Vo • black! 9@9,V0; raspborrlcs, 40041 c; pitted cherries 22024 c. Nuts— Filberts, 14@15o; almonds. Terra! gona, Q1023o; Naples walnuts, 24025 c; Drarlls r n & BB » U ® l3 X e J A ™c*n peanuts, O*o7c; JWlmlngton peanuts, 7®8o; Tennessee peanuts, 4,^® m2i?t E ?^ r ? UIT “Rf& ngea nnd Io ®onsore In flood rc v?fl S ronn!?. Olbor frult was quiet and cofly. wo repeat. Apples, common to fair, $1.0003 50*ffood to choice, $3.7603.75 per bri from store; cranbefriea f l WM&W I>or brl; common *do at $5.0009.00; lemons at $5.6007.00 per box; Valencia oningca, $12.00(§13.00 nor case; do per box, $5.00® d 0» pcr box ‘ JW.B0Q8.00; Messina dc? $4.00(36.60 ; Havana oranfloa, $13.00 nor brL ir.?S? C t ERI ? 3 “^ hcr^ w ? 8 Über#l »mount of trading to thia department, and staple articles, as well as moat ride goods, were /airly firm. Quotations remain tho Bi Card Soda— 1 7*f@9c. Corrscs—Mooha, 32@330; 6. G. Java. 37®280 • 2C( S 2O /V c I fancy Bio, 24Q24t/o: choice 1 23 '** 0 • P.rimo Hio, 23#®23#c; good do, 22 >/ e C i° mraon d 3. 21 V@ 21 ?* C » roasting do,lov® «iK°* g l°gaporo, 2J*®/4c; Costa Rico, fancy. 24W® ' Maracaibo, 23®2&f0. ® l i ,fl wnitfhl, aoxK§2ic;stcarino! tun weight, 15#®l«Jo; do abort weight, 14 V®l6c. * iii? c S7Jj5 lna s B #@ B ** 0 * Una, BjtfQ9o; Loufalana, 8®8„Vo° JS£t??" ,pa i ont cu . t I ,onf » 13.VCT18*<e; ernahod, a i n^ n o tal ,°i d A« 12 ® ia^0 5 A » lltf@ll.HO; do No, 3, ll&lltfo: B. 107<®llo- ntl * °No, 2, 10tf®10,tfo ; yellow o| 10tf choice brown, 10@l0j*c ; prime do. o*/® 8 -^® 2 tf c » choice molasses s ngar, 10 in^irfiy^ 0 ’ Now Orleans sugar, choice, 10® lOtfo* do prime, 9#@9;* o ; do fair. 9® Ojtfo: common, 808tfc. * * vw Kthups—Diamond drips, $1.8301.35 ; sliver drlna “ ” 72 ® 750 ? eood synTp, d 2' % Now Orleans molapacs, choice, 82* @85o; do prime. 76080 c; do common, 65Wf100 • Porto @*4ocf a °^ aH,ea * °“ o * ce * W ® Cs ° 5 common molasses, 82 Balxiutuh—Common to beat, o@loc. E™?- cs—Allaplce, 17@18o ; cloves, 37@380 : caasln. 88@40o; pepper, 23tf@24ifo; nutmegs, f1.26@l 30• ginger, pure, 280300 ; do No. 1, 20@360 ; do Na 3, l 5 t3^rF r m U Uo ?’ 6 >®°>« c : Gorman mottled, palm, Savon Imperial, 6tf®o*/o. '*' 9 Stauch—Oloas, 9tf @10o; corn, 9®llo; laundry. 6® 7c; common, stf ®Oo. * oy » NAY—The receipts both of loose and pressed, contln »£ r< i &30 i ftn £ prices are working downward. Wo on ?Sf« pri £? id Coalers, os follows,can to contain 20,000 Ha; Ok Tiuck—Timothy, boater urea, aod.$16.00017.00: timothy, loose pressed, $15.00015.50: walrle, pressed, $13.00013.60. Ok Wagon—Timothv fooso, $16.00018.00: prairie, loose, $14.00017.00. For tauco 017 ° f proSßßd » $1.0001,60, according to dla- HIDES—TVoro «lc«dy at tho tala decline. A fair number of ordoro were placed on local and Eaulcm nc count, at the following quotations : Green city butch ora’, 7o; green cured light. . P S rt ou ™ d i 10 9 10 itfo* green calf, 17o; 1 5 CJ 2flo; dry kip, 220; dryaaltod. 17@18c; dry flint, 20@21o» long-hairod kip, 12c: deacon skins, 6tN3CSo: grubby, scored, cut, or other wise damaged, two-thirds price. IIOPS-Thero was no change In this market. Tho demand Is very light, and prices oro without quotable change, as follows j Prime to choice Western at s9° I v nir v 8 i? 0 A 35 ® 38c , * common to medium, 23(| SOo, Now York, «o; English, 40Q60o; Emmet Wells’ circular gives the following: Trade continues quiet under the Influence of more favorable report from Wisconsin concerning the condition of the roots. Further examination of the yards prove the damage by frost to be less serious than was at first re ported, and the chances of oa good a cron as was grown in that State last year are now more favomUlo. Our advices from tho groat hop district of Now YbiTc f.™ qu L l °,. o H cour “» lD ?' It fa generally be- Moved wo shall have to depend largely upon Europe for hops next season, as very fow yards will oomo Into bearing this fall, and with tho rapidly Increasing do. mand for consumption, wo shall bo short of supplies, oven with a large crop. Tho unprecedented high price and scarcity of roots will prevent au extended increase In the acreage this spring, hence, high prices are likely to rule for some years to come. Foreign hops have now been well Introduced Into (bis country, and have mot with much favor with our brewers: It stands American growers In hand to take extra care of their hpiv-yards this season and strive to Improve tho quality of their produce In order to compote with foreign pro duction. Stocks are very much reduced hero, and ?, u ,y Korlo'is mishap to the incoming crop will set hops “ kiting,” * IRON AND STEEL—There was no change to note. Merchants report a fair trade for tho season. Follow ing are tho quotations: ir0n......... 4® 4 8-10 rates Uorewihoo iron 0 @ a 8-10 rates rlato Iron, common tank Ojtf @7 rates Russia Iron 20®310 «ib Russia Iron. No. 1 stained 180 39 lb Norway nail rods im ®lon «lb Gorman plow steel 11 « ib English cast plow steel 13 Qiavc 39 1b American tool steel I7tf sjißo wib Chrome tool steel 18 rates English tool steel 31# @33 ra i es English spring steel 11 @13,V0 39 lb LEATHER—No changes were noted in the leather market.' We continue (0 quote ; UKMLOOK, Oily hnrnoc* Country harness Lino, city, V lb Kip, y ib Kip, veals City upper, No. 1, ft ft Oily upper, No. 3, 9 ft Country upper, No. X Collar, y it Calf, city Calf, country Hough upper, light Hough upper, heavy Hough upper ilnmuged....... Jluflalo olaughlerßole, boat... liiidnlo slaughter solo, No. 3, 11 H. A,” nolo .% aoft 4i . 800 88 41(4 48 60(4 UO «50 1.20 280 80 360 27 26(4 27 20(4 23 .. 1.20(4 1.40 ~ 1.10(4 1.25 .. 3J(i 35 .. 800 83 .. 37(4 80 .. 85(4 87 .. 830 84 .. 800 82 Calf.; 1.2 L 4 1 48 Kip, No. 1, medium . B.w j' m Kip|No. 3. heavy .’.V " 760 80 Harncau 400 45 French calf. Jodot.. C 3.00000.00 French calf, Lemolno ', co.00(480 oo French calf, 24 to 20 lbs .”!!.. !! iffiS ngo French calf, 20 to 80 Iba ijraJa an* French calf, 30 to 80 ]bi IXSM 2*20 French kip, 60 to 100 lie } JnS fS MISTAIJ3 AND TINNKIUJ’ BTOOK—Thore wau a q l m£linl"' lUlry f ° r thMO Uio subjoined Urin I Sft T rnT I ?A IOxI< Vi ?IB,BOj do . 12x12, $16.00 ; do, fiO.CO; do, rooting, io, SIB.OO j do, I'lo Tw—Largo, 420j small, 430; bar, 440. rt51 , ,' , 0i ,0! 11,11 ««a<W0i Sheet InOK—No. 24, 6»fo ‘rate*. O Ti ‘9N—NO. 10020, ISo; No, 230,24.100 • ,3 ® an * Mo! No. 30, ioc. A discounl of IB per coni Is made from Iho mt, uwmun* ft»?47ortooS P copJ;°"« n o '' 489 * 80 i » T ‘’ rlJ ™ue-3 to 8 Be: 0, 8, nnd 0. lOo; 10 to 11, 110 • la. »i_ 1 ? ft nlu L„ » J Manilla, Ho: 17,lBo: 19 Mo; 10,10o; 20, 20o; full bundle, IB per cent dis count; fence wire, 7M07\(0. 1 u “ —V £. ero i? “eWMid, and steady. Wo quote: 10000(1. nor hep. $8.60 rale* ; fld do, f5.70; fld do, $<1.00: uJiSSSSSSK-* 1 " f "' rlj “ c,ITO - ™'"wl DB »r, Manilla rope, ft N> ft in m ropo/7, lh. ......... * }5 g |2 Jlcmnsash cord, ft lb 2n S M»nfco,v gg § gg Tarrod rope, ft lb jg S ii Oakum, ft halo K iS JJ nich.vbri * lm gJ’JS ", g’gg. ®J*JJ ,0“{8-Oarbon was held at Mo blphor to-dayfeiora. land being quoted at 10>tfo, Lard, linseed, whale, and i».l| 0 «h 08Cripl on ? wwp«t°adT«tirfflnn. Following an tho prlcea ourront : Carbon, lO*02Oo; extra lari Si™ ?J?.» ,°j. It, 720 v ?°* 3 > 670 J linseed, raw, 07o: do boiled, $1.02, whale, 88o; sperm, $2.60@2.X0; neata ioo^ 1 . 1 » Bt «u 1 do ®xlra, 950; do No. 70o .».Mraltfl, 78o: elephant oil, OCot tL?comm'o“MSf th "' n.phl ...$ 1.860 3.00 ... 2.880 3.18 ... 3.000 3.25 ... 3.000 2.28 ... 3.780 3.25 ... 3.780 .1.00 ... 3.600 3.78 ... 3.600 3.75 ... 3.000 3.18 ... 3.330 3.60 ... 3.380 3.40 ... 3.000 3.78 ... 3.880 3.00 .. 2.800 3.00 ... 3.230 3.80 ... 8.180 3.60 .. 1.000 1.70 1. 3.600 3.78 ... 3.400 3.68 .. 3.400 3.60 ... 3.600 3.05 .. 1.300 1,30 .. 3,200 3.30 1.000 1.10 .. 1.600 3,00 Strictly pure.. Fancy braudj, ZINO. Genuine Velllo Montague American Snow white.., „ . OOLOU3. Maeury’s railroad colora Palace car colors In cans llochcllo ochre English Vcn, red English orange mineral. Pittsburgh orange mineral English red load American red lead English vermllllon, per lb Scarlet Tormilliou ♦ Paris white ' Whltiug .......V.V.*. 0.60010.50@13.60 .... 3.600 3.76 ... 4.000 4.25 ... 15.60010.00 .. 13.00 . 12.00 . 11.00011.150 1.40@ 1.46 39,00 3.80Q 4.00 2.000 2.60 iStto™. - .::;;. R q( 9 at Armor quotations : ' ° B tond> sca.oo@o7.oo Ma.niHon Sl™ Lako Superior itßwifflJnm Chicago stono coal * **, CB.oo® 00.00 Missouri filono coal ... mamul?P~' 1 ' 110 oupplywaa iu excess of the do - I SR U ,d conso , ( l l u . ont ly prices wero weak and lower. y rnuis°i P. ooclll >lowß ore In fair request, but Inferior and mixed lota are dull. Sales Include 1 car choice poechblowß at 60o; 1 car do at 430; 2 cars at 450 • 1 car poor mixed at 300, all on track ; 1 car (fancy) poach l>om TnV Th ll, goo v at 60o l both m ? rkot waa liberally supplied with wak at T Mg f od fllowly and I>ricc9 ‘ m)ro w^® 4 : 25, Turkeys are scarce and Arm at lo@lßo. Wo nolo sale of 4 coops chickens att4°s* a ooopn do at SI.OO i 2 coop, do at «.75™00 tta tVrkijf fnir . at tho annexed qno ■ «?m? d B * *“ d ??» lllw ' One, 12.00: ordinary coarse, $2.00! coarse Diamond o7 £2 25 • oronmi solar, $2.25 ; cialry, without bags, *3.60 : whb bags, $1,25@4.60; Ashton dairy, per sack, it 25 • ground 4n* Tnrkk Maud M m * a 0 AMD DLINDKxAdo 'IJ -Snrov Ing, Prices are steady, as given below :■ Unprov Doom—roun panel, SUe. 2x CbyCx C 2x CbyOx 8 2x 0 by fix 6 2x 8 by 6x 8 2xlObyCxlO DOOIIS—TWO PANEL. 2x 6 by Cx fl 2x a by Ox 8 2x 6 by Cx 0 2r 8 b* Ox 8 , OUTSIDE DLINDfI. T h J e h nm ' Size, } 3-iJ Bxlo } 2*}2 } ®*i® Wxia J n «is MO* 2*5 alas/ SUe of Wight] Priceper ‘ , . window, window, »$::::::}£8 S:::::.::£ ?*&£!!* IS? OIH 13-10 1n... ail b?eS Wxia 13-10 in aiio hltS S! i w jn....;::S s£s .oxl4 X 0-8 In Qx 7 bvfixß on« axio bycxa :,...;; ,, 8 00 luf dlacount °* 15(330 per cent la made from tboobovo ThicKn'ua. 13-10 1 3-10 13-8 13.8 1 3-10 ,18-10, 1 3-10. 1 3-8 . 13-0 . SEEDS—Wore quiet and tmehangod. Tlmothvwas itSl B ir!4i P A l o^‘ mtl /?. oltl “***.ooo*3s. Hungarian sold at Clover quotable at $5.0006 25 Mil- SI «W‘*«w?; 0 n V 6O b ?®s, Hungarian at ’ 60 “age at $1.40; 0 bags at $1.25; 20 bags at xivAtt—u*o continue to quote: Young Hyson common to fair, 60®C0o; do good, 65@750 ilo ollolco to extra fine, »1.00@1.10; common iSri.f «n«s! a ,sc @*>-00: common im penal, 60085 c; good to choice do 80c®$1.10: fine to KM?*? 01 :- 70 , c @«/ 10 / c bolco, $1.1501.20; extra, U 3501.45, choice to extra loaf Japan, 90c@$1.00; fair T J AVn o^?S. common »o «@15o; cSoroil ioln. rai loaf Japan, 65@650 • common to fine Oolong, 35® 45 rnSAO^n J^Ti G5 t U ’ chD!cl) J ■“ 0Ilr ». 86offl$l,00. ® TOBAOpO—Prlcco wore firm ot tho followlnir ranoo: Ounivuto—lino Out—Extra, 75@850: cholcn^Ma 75c, common, fistaooc; poor, ,6 ® Bo ° i br, « hl ' 33 ® M ° ! “ e,lium - 300520 i falrty active at tho annexed Beech, $10.00; maple, $11.00; hlck.ory. ; slabs, $7.0007.50, delivered. I\OOIr--Thcrc la a moderate Inquiry from Western buyers, who are purchasing amall quantities for Im cenaumptlon. Stocks are light, and prices weak and Irregular, Wo quote: Tub, washed, extra medium 61®58q Tub, washed, common to fair ’ 45552S Common dingy is/aivS Fleece, washed, XX, light ‘"l,* 46® JS Fltooo, rra.ho.l, X.lloht ” SilS Fleece, washo<l xk, dingy Flee™; «.tio.i; x, biugfr...;:.;;;;;; . O f« 0 Fleece, washed, medium light 43®480 Fleece, washed, medium dingy ’airS^Oft Fleece, unwashed, X&XX.In good condition...*.SOo33o F eeco, unwashed, X4XX, dingy. 20® Mo Fleece, unwaahed, coarse to medium 80®330 i^r,’p n „7.a.';?. il . t . , ;““‘'’ “ UJ dininr §l2;° Extra/ pulled / / J* Burry wool 6Qloo less! CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. m.. . , . . JTnnmj Evehiko, April 30. llio rocoipta of llvo stock smco Saturday have boon as follows: Monday.... Tuesday..., Wednesday. TolM <•■••••••»»••••*• 17 323 it 337 7 jcqo S«mo time laet week 0.340 asV'O A™ Week before last 13 200 SoftS Shipments worn as follows: ~ , Cuttle, JJoqs, Sheen. Jf on day 2,0(8 8,528 P OAilLE—lLorowoß not as much doing as on yesterday, or Monday, and prices wore sub jected to a further docliuo. Notwithstanding there was a marked foiling 0 11 in tho receipts, buyers were timid, although soliors woro willing to toko off 10@16o per 100 lbs, tradiug was slug gish from tho opening to tho closo. Materially lower prices prevail at all points East: hoiioo. Ir?i V . or ?i“ ro ' * uo hrriug pretty heavy losses on their ehininonts of last week, and thoro was an evident determination on thoir part to rostrict purchases to the minimum, unless holders would lower prices to moot their views. Consequently salos wore extremely slow, and comparatively 1.,f1°,W“ accomplished toward clearing tho nous. All of tho cottlo-yardsmid many of tho hog and shoop-pono have boon brought into requisition to accommodate tho enormous receipts of tho poet three days, and, after deducting tho shin, inonla end tho number taken for tho city trade, there (till remain uusold somewhere in tho neighborhood of 0,000 head. Whether this sup pl>—-iiiidilition to tho daily receipts—can bo worked off without a further tumble in prices, it is quitei impossible to foretell. At all events tho prevalent foaling toward tho close of trudo was unequivocally weak, oud holders generally would have boon glad' of an opportunity to sell, oron at a reduction of 260. Tho above roiunrts are only applicable to shipping cattle" llutcbirs stuff and stockors wore salable ot very fiU prices, ho offerings of such no more than equalling tho domainT Tho former sold at $11.50@5 25, end tho latter at «!™0®6.00 Veal calves were in bettor supply and" sold lower. Common to medium qualities are dull at 38.0004.011, .ud good to choice at 54.76© Commenting upon an article published la the SoiomouOityiiowmapor, m which It Is claimed that Uoulßoa is tn bo tlio groat dlatributlng point of Term, oud that after tho present soa soii very few eattlo will bo driven north, tho Kansan City Cattle Trail says: Tho liloa that fow or no eattlo vrUl l»o driven north after this season la.hardly worth noticing. It la the opinion of nil fnlclllKout Block men that la Io»u thau ™°J D ? n n oaual Chicago as a Block JJJhi A* from Texas are generally thin until thov midi tho butlulo or niCHqult graaeca of Kansas, Hero ilioy fatten rapidly, and buyers nro al ways on bond thua Having the drover time and money. „ . . QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded alccru averaging 1,430 ftg uml upward#,' m 00/ an 01 Choice IJoovea-Clno, fat, well formed a year ' C5U “° to 6 year oldatoon, averaging l.aoo to Wiirra lead. .$11,00011.60 . 0.00010.60 14.50 11.60013.00 11.60 I'oxrr, Price, ..$2.50 .. 2.75 .. 2.75 .. 3.00 .. 3.00 Th« —ml,,#. i EDNEfiDAT Evejoxo, April SO. receipts of lumber were heavy this morning ofa rat ? ndnnco ot buyers on both local rlor account, and a tolerably fair business was d ' thou pk °wlng to the large offerings prices wero rather weak. A, largo number of cargoes were choice strips and boards at fIS.OOQIC.OO ; select boards at $22.00@23 00 • fair to C *io a s^ii^ l . r,rß ' * l3 -°?®is.oo; joYsu iSa ?*££ nng, *10.50(311.00; common boards andstrina «♦ «n cn ®Th"V •w«Bi«,wSa3 %"x. p ‘ m - 50 Tho following sales are reported : Cargo schr L-o a? ( SSBf 183 m boardß and Btrlps «*»&»: InSSM tT ° m Ludlnßlon - 00 m miU run 110 m “m - //m U?i“\ k S. 133 “ bMrt * Price. ..$1.75 .. 2,03 .. 2.05 • i , . at xmc TAUDS. gyaras. Clear lumber Is scarce and firm. Common radea are rather easy, and lath lower. Hardwood fi i moderate request. Wo quote: orawooa is first clear. ; Second clear, 1 Inch to a Inch Third clear, 1 Inch Third clear, thick *!*.!!*,*.!!**' second dear flooring,’ together, Oomnson s’ldtag 1 ! 1“!.' Common flooring, dressed, MOolmoo Common flooring, dressed,second........ 3000(332*00 TV agon-box boards, selected, U Inchos and Q st'SSSM B slock board. . oamilnm Common board. ....V....; ffi" Joist, sculling, .moll tlmb.r, olo.Vld Vest r “l u “ der 14.00015.00 •scouing; id -todi Wo,::;:;;:; ass SSSrn’ 5fJ? ar ° 14.00015.00 splitV,*.*.".".*.* IV.*,* 11*00^18*00 posts, round 17,00@25.*00 Lath, on track.!!!*.’.’.*.!!...'. 3*oo A oV hST* “ hIDBICB 1.80@2:00 A op Star q Kf v?q Shlngleaon track as® an no. 1 sawed iSieS nJs liCkllCfi8 ~ I ' iVO B^lnß^ca 10 lTro inches In thick- Length—Sixteen inches. SFm H. 00035.00 Counter topa (aolocl) * . i ool°i*Sn °" ln ‘ 8 roov ° (1 and matched....! *. ’ ($75*00 Kte:;;;:;::::;:;;;;;: SSSS gST" SSBSS OuUa 30.00040.00 wuua Cattle. Ilona. ghm>. 7.R10 11.515 oil 6,009 14,022 017 3,600 15,000 1,000 I ARRIVED April 80 Scow Mennald, Saugatuck, GO m lumber, 20 m lath. Scow M. Dixon, White Lake, 75 m lumber, 31 m lath. Scow Laurie, Duck Lake, 70 m lumber. Schr Clipper City, Maulatcc, 120 m lumber. Schr Geo. Grant, Manistee, 100 m lumber. Bohr Lizzie Doak, St. Joseph, 60 m lumber. Scow Magdalina, St. Paul's Pier, 65 eda wood Scow South Bide, White Lake, 135 m lumber. Schr Mlchelaon, Lmllngton, 130 m lumber. Prop 8. O. Baldwin, Milwaukee, 650 toua Iron ore Schr Wm. Smith, South Haven, 45 m lumber. Schr Ida, Manistee, 180 m lumber, Schr J. Bean, Jr., Muskegon, 135 m lumber. Schr E. O. Good, Muskegon, 110 m lumber. SchrMary. Muskegon, 150 m lumber, 1 erd slabs. Schr Harriot Ann, While Lake, 70 eda wood. Schr Little Bello, Muskegon, 110 m lumber, 60 m lath Schr Truman Mobs, Muskegon, 180 m lumber, 160 m Schr Wm, Jones, Muskegon, 130 m lumber, bchr Herald, Muskegon, 150 m lumber, Schr Warren, Muskegon, 75 m lumber. Schr Autarcs. Muskegon, 116 m lumber, a m lath, Schr h. Scovlllo, Muskegon, 105 ra lumber, 30 m lath Schr Tuacola.Peulwator, 1,700 m ehluglos. Schr Lmma, Lmllugton, 100 m lumber. Schr Eliza Day, LuiUugton, 116 m lumber. Scow D. R. Owen, Muskegon, 3,000 railroad tlee. Schr Mary, Dysh Bay, 80 m Imnbcr. Schr R. Simmons, Muskegon, 200 ra lumber. Sopw U. Mclu, White Lake, 125 m lumber, Schr Vhlrlwiud, Lmllnglon, 110 ra lumber. Schr G, Ellon, Ludlngtou, 85 m lumber. Schr l-alcou, Ludington, 110 m lumber. Schr Spy, Milwaukee. CO m brick. Schr A, L, Potter, Milwaukee, 480 tons iron ore Scow Gray, Ludwig's PJor, 00 eda wood. Brig J. M. Hill, Manistee, 100 in lumber I Scow J. P. Chimin, Manistee, 120 m lumber i Schr J. B. Nowlaml, Manlatoo, 160 m lumber Schr Goslne, White Lake, 00 m lumber Schr Progress, Holland, 45 eda wood. Schr A. J. Skidmore, I’vutwator, 83 m lumber, 300 m ohlnglos. * Schr Lavlula, Dopuyalcr Pier, 45 cds wood. Schr !■ our Brothers, White River, 00 m lumber. Scow Dan Hayes, Manlatoo, 145 m lurab-jr. SSS £oriproclty, L «‘ lln fi‘on, 180 m lumber, jffi ?•ID'lrtlngton. 1 D'lrtlngton. 180 m lumber. Bohr Arctic, Muskegon, 170 m lumber. k KlW # M Ury t L^“!^ lou » m m lumber. , unii }? acW i a ? , »» Hamlin, ioo m lumbar. sS? I ? l J Hk ‘ , Hon, 100 m lumber, Hthr Gladiator, Manlatoo, 130 m lumber. Schr Presto, Manlatoo. 140 m lumber. Scow Itowona, White Like, 80 m lumber, 160 m ahln- SSj; BU , r ; Ppntwator, 185 m lumbar. ,c< i lor » Holland, 83 in Imnbor, Htwr Muakegon, Grand Haven, 33 bxa flih. 80 m na-? ( * li H ' I 1 Mucco, 100 cases grease bxs, 803 bdla woodeuwaro. * ’ ® c J* r Warren. Mu«kegonfitghh D * Bchr B. Scovllle, Muskegon, light, Schr Uealne, Davis' Pier, light. Behr Prowsas, Holland, light. , J5(18 " irl 6 l!'l Butchers’ Block—Oommou to fair Mean' 6,0 °® 5 ' 20 ond good to cilnv cows, for city BJaughtcr. averaging 800 to 1,1001b5..... f 4 aa Stock Oalllo—Common cattle, in focont 4,00 ® 5,0 ° _ flosb, averaging 700 to 1.080 rf«. . o SI OATTIi* BALKS. ' ao extra steers .Ah £ r JS 4 * 04 Texas nlecra *»il? HToxbb Bteera : J&J fgJJ 22 Toms ateo.'fl 4.60 10c0wa..,. 1,057 4.75 Wgoodßlcora V.'.V. '** ?« 87 ® 4.76 02 good Btoora j^ 33 B ** J 7# H butcliera'fltoppß |»?§3 6,:| ° 18 butchers'Blocra H?? 4.75 31 medium Btoora }»9i? 4.75 10 medium Bteera 10 medium elecra Ml? 4.00 82 medium Blcora A ’2Ji B *°o 13 rough fllcora * * ;' 2 * 7 6,00 64 stock Blcora ?»* 23 6,25 40 good Btocra VS?S i-*i* 14 medium stcora s*?? 7 » good Bteera J® 8 -°2 62g00d Btoora !!!!!*‘*i , 2Ba r’2S 47 medium Bteera }*?«? 40 good Btoora h l }% B *gg 60 good Btoora }V,9 B * 3B go good stcora }s? 77 choice etcora i»jj2J “•'l® 85 good Btoora., J*ol2 J*<jj 10 good stcora ?*}J S».r:- 3 |* 82 stock . ,2g 10 cows }»®*f c.oo Ucowfl }»ggl 4.60 10c0w8,,,..,,. * ••♦••......1,034 4.25 17slockora . * *’nlJ 4.00 73.tockoro .“.'".'"“I"";;;; jjjjj J-JJ »t??HehtSsslW I * ao °P“«a'dnU andhc&yy 1 n.Ef 8 , doo “ n .° from yesterday's prices. Ah tbo day advanced the demand improved but thn ff:f Vity did roanltTanTapproo^ malE ?°* TO 7.° Nt iQ Prices, the market re maining weak to the oloso. Tfco supply was tho't?n?l« d °“ l> ” lJ ? r “Wy MOOOdod tUo P W»nta of tbommud remaining in “ho pons lonrhloh no buyers could bo found at tlm \vo ouotn I S#1 “? Wor ° ohlofl 5 «5.30®6.60° lo’I o ’™ 1 ” dosing prices at 55.20@5.30 for Info ' medium, and -V°. A,. W..Vo”“ 59 2°. *jM 9 100 105 * s - m .9 2™ s’i2 63 204 5.50 48 275 6.40 67 242 6 j<i 65 182 6.40 60 207 6*50 05 203 6.60 7fl 360 640 30 250 6.40 70 105 k’kq 57 2U 6,35 69 a«l 6.0S > J 94 5.33 54 239 6.60 iiß 52 239 5,i0 ?i 3 r< 6,30 48 200 6.60 65 352 6.60 C 7 173 6.40 01 277 6,40 53 201 e'lTt' 49 ™ 6M 05 240 sliso^l 5? 299 5.40. 118 213 6.35 8 J C,<s 65 228 6.50 41 ?2J ®*J£ 83 240 6.45 i\ 8,35 83 220 6.05 73 207 6.37# 47 307 5.60 61 247 6.46 67 230 6.60 tl.S E iirS ricM T™. ro , flrmor > under the con tmitocl email receipts, but did not fulvnnnn any quotable extent Cal totohorfworo tllo at SauOffi°T°™ Woquoto P°° r to common “,cticfamf4 a S“‘ SWB ® fc^-™a LUMBER. HARDWOOD. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. April 30. Bchr It. J. Bkldmoro, Ponlwator, light. Hcow Lnurlna, Bsugaluck, light. Bchr Four Brothers, Maiilatoo, Ughl, Bcpw Dan Hayes, Manistee, light. BchrOol Ellflworth, Iluimio, ai.MObucorn. * - 1 | c }* r 0. If, Uaokcy, Buffalo, 14,110 hu corn. Bchr Ostrich, Buffalo, 18,602 I>u corn. ( Bchr Hungarian, Iluiralo, 10,032 bu corn. m W cbo < Lroscott, 10.200 bn corn. 1 ATOp Bhiokluna, Montreal. 13,650 bn No. 9 wheal, 600 1 oV B fl oor» 200 brla commoal, 87 bnloa broom corn. 1 Bchr iin^A 0 u" 0, i o,cl . K°o‘l"| 1 roll carped 1 trunk, Hcow Harriet Ann. Whlta u«i.» B.r B o Mormp, SO ° W S;t! I “ Wk - L " ,?Ota - “ ■»*• «™«n0.,8 tel. Bchr Minnesota, Menominee, light. Bchr Honest John, Mtmkcgon, light. Dr g Fashion, Cedar River* light. " Brig Olad-ator,' Maiilatoo, fight. Scow Itowona, Manltowoo, 75 bags feed, 1 C h«.t Bchr North siar, Pentwator, 1 ton food, 6 brla pork. S q . M", sto pkga groceries. • ' potlt » s Bchr Presto, Manlalee, light. nSr S ic r2 lo i , l I 1101 l 300 bu wheat, and annda. Bchr VnVjo. C "’„ Io i l , Colborr, “l I4 .' J3 ‘ bu corn. ti.™ Y 2 k BuIWo, 18,023 bu corn. S?£g" s “uiraer Oloud) Buffnlo, 22,000 bu com. « m i r *i d > Kln «" l<m . «,7il bu com. c C ? wr i ) 'A l, Owen, Muakcgou, light. Bchr D. Nowhall, Muskegon, light, gchr Mary, Muskegon, light! xr °* 2r ray * Mustegon, light, b»a SW™-. “I'ffoio, 12,010 bn No. a com. • «-ii?. wro, l? e » Uuffa l°. 21,838 bu corn. Stlk SfJSS 6 * p unfii0 > 21,821 bn com. Bch?I o te.1 0 ' S tt s“!°» 27,000 bn com, f£h£ a »,.» BufTßl o. 01,782 hu com. 5 Buffalo, 14,979 bu com. n^£ A M lran^’i D J IT “ ,0 l lljE** bu com. Bcow Mormald, B.ugatuoL Uoht. SSSITtEEP I !" 3 !* or ° m Poln ‘i bsbt; Bchr Mlchelson, Ludlngton, light. n m n ‘i?. S i 0 i ~lh Uaven » 000 bu com. Milwaukee, light. Scow South Bide, Whitehall, light? Scow MagdaUna. White Lake, Ught. 9 c Jj p Zt *®Loak, St, Joseph, light, Bchr Qon. Ornnt, Mmilhloo, llobt. Scow J. P. Chapin, Manistee, light. Bete Spr. aionjateo, light, firhr t‘ w t? ,U / IB tons hsy, 160 bu oats Bohr O. Ellon, Olay Bank, light. * n^riv ra , y * Ludwig’s Pier, light. | c j*r Jones, White Lake, light SJj* S' 4 " 16 , 1 A . nn » -White Lake, light, ® cbr ruacola, Pcnlwalflr, light. W Bchr Talcott, Pier Market, light, Bchr Antarofi.Lmllogton, light, Bohr Emma, Ludlngton, light. Bchr Whirlwind, Ludlngton llnhL ** Bchr Little B C ll/MußkS|in?®r Bchr Irurnan MoßH,*Muskogou, light, Bchr Herald, Muskegon. Ugk ’ 8 Scbr Clipper City, Ludlngton, Ught. fr?” 1 ' Luck Lake, 1 box tobacco, 1 lamp, ’f r * GrandlUvor,light.' P Bchr Ida, Muskegon, light. u hr v,;,P ,mmonß » Muskegon, 5 brlsUmo Scow Wilton. Wlilto Lake, Ug »t. * Bcbr M. Bali, Buff.lo, lf,3Mbucom. ■l*Vo, Av, Price, 64 380 $5.45 43 208 6.60 - 120 207 6.C0 61 800 6,60 33 281) 6.40 61 233 6,35 33 240 6,40 66 3G6 6.45 108 259 6.45 40 378 6.40 170 225 6.40 02 318 6.45 64 219 6.37# 61 177 6.36 174 180 6.35 43 2GI 6.37# CO 242 6.37# 69 274 6.35 45 251 6.35 ~ THE STRAITS OPEN. ■. considered opened, although the too wilhprogroe/ofvoVaolaaTmbSro da£ vV^'" 0 Dethoit, April 30.—Telegrams this mom ns fmm ■various points on Lake Huron report imnrov!? moot In condition of lako navigation. sr»nk?n # i!w C 5» t P. nt a .i ßC i^? J dlfl l )atcl1 wan received from’ r„/~J* aw> the propellers weronot through, but a fog provontod tholr being seen. The general lm seaaon° n owovcr * tliat the straits oro open forlho- ® HE^ N Bat, April 20.—The Ico on Green Bay com menced moving this morning. The weather Is nulto wi«? d ra ny, ( 1^ cro 18 B prospect of Earnnaha imr *°fL bo: 1«B open Inelde of a week, unices tho weather turns cold. Vessels can gctlnto Menomlnoo. •Tini E — A y i,EE ' .April 29.—Wind from tho northwest. WjPB owt Think wo haro got rid of it. A vessel is loading at tho pier now. LAKE FREIGHTS. . aTio engagomonts reported wore DchrFlootwlng, corn to iluualo, at He; schr Comanche, corn to Prescott, at 17c { prop East Saginaw, com to Sarnia, through rate Total, 8. Capacity, 65,000 bu. LUMBER FREIGHTS. Manistee, $3.00; Ludlngton, $2.75 ; Muskegon, £. c 2« to t.»* h oo ,* Monomlueo, 53.25Q3.50; Poulwatorl $2.75 , White Lako, $2,76; Grand Haven, $2.25(32.60: Bangatuck, $2.60. ’ Salt from Saginaw at 20Q250 per brl. The schr 8. 8. Osborn, with 35,000’hu of com. left this morning for Buffalo. * -“Very few vessels aro leaving this port for tho lower lakes to-day, owing to tho fact that, by waiting until to-morrow (May 1), a rebate of 10 per cent on tho Insur ance is secured. Tho wind is also unfavorable. A largo number will leave to-morrow, —Tho Captains coming In this morning report seeing a belt of Ice about ilfty miles long and twenty miles wide below Milwaukee. —lt is said that tho Vessel-Owners’ Towing Associa tion will launch one of their now tugs on Saturday next. J It might bo well to call tho attention of the lake Cap. « talus to the fact that tho hrldgcn are allowed to bo open for vruAla »n pass only u minutes; only ] n e»con tlonal coses nro they allowed to bo open longer. Tho Harbor Master slates that a lumber-ladou schooner prevented tho bridge from being closed, this morning nearly twenty minutes, without cause. Tho Captain wm ordered to pass on, hut did not. His pica is that ho did not hear tho order. Tho penalty for disobeying orders In those cases Is $25. 3 ® t, T N .°. (?, rlUcr trpublo Is anticipated with Ico between Detroit River and Welland Canal. —Vessels of twenty tons ami upwards must bo en rolled and licensed. If loss than twenty tons, licensed only, * * P ro P° BC d now to so enlarge the locks of tho EH O as to pass boats carrying 600 tons. —Tho schooners Souvenir and Jason Parker, tho former ashore near Ludlngton, and the latter at Man istee, aro to bo rescued If possible. m“? ho BC V oonor Walcska, while loading grain at Sheboygan last week, sprung a leak and will have to bo docked. —Tho lilllo schooner Eva, which sunk In tho slip near Wolf ft Davidson’s shipyard, late last fall, has been raised. ’ .t52.000GR.00 . i7.00@50.00 . 98.00@40.00 • 45.00 —Thrco propeller* and tho Lark Constitution left Buffalo on tho 28th. upward bound, and passed through Iho !co without difficulty. Tho propeller Fountain City hag arrived at Detroit. y —Tho propeller Hurd, now of tho “People’* Lino” and tho Mayflower oro about to leave Detroit for Chi. v cago. —The Bteara barge Henry Howard, with tho barre proadnaught in tow, has arrived at Detroit fromßuf. falo via Chippewa and tho Welland Canal. —Tho strike of tho Bailors at Cleveland for £2.60 ner day is subsiding. $2.00 aro tho offered rates. —The schooner Boa Bird, sunk at Kelley’s Island, has broken up; nothing being soved from her but a part of her outfit and a small quantity of her cargo of coal. x. —The steam tug Dime,of five tons burden, arrived at Detroit on the 28th. She left Buffalo on tho Btb, aud la tho first vessel to arrive at Detroit from Buffalo BUo Is bound for Silver Islet, Lake Superior, and while on roulo will visit tho east shore of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, Her voyago on Lako Brio was attended with extreme hazard. —Tho propeller Russia is about to leave Detroit for Buffalo, now that tho Equinox has burst tho Ico bonds there. —Tho schooners Nevada, West Side, George 8. Fan-, ning, J. 8. Gilmore, Dibble Nan. aud 0. O. Mixer aro In the river at Detroit en route to Chicago. —Tho steamer Keweenaw has returned to Detroit from Detour, going and coming by way of tho Camda Shore of Lako Huron. Tho Captain reports Lako Hu. Ron clear of Ico from Thunder Bay to Mackinaw and Detour. At Plko Island tho Ico was two feot thick, and quite firm. From Thuudor Bay to tho Bt. Clair, tha Captain ropori* more ice afloat than at any time with in bis recollection. —Tho first cargo of grain discharged at Kingston this season was that of tho schooner Louise, consisting of 10,000 bushels of corn, taken on at Toledo last fall. —Tho Dominion Government is transforming tha old wind-null, about two miles below Prescott tho scone of tho Patriot battlo of Nov. 13, 1838, Into a lighthouse. Tho mill stands upon a prominent point projecting into tho St. Lawrence River, and its top la about seventy feet above tbo water. For years tho want of a light at that point bus been seriously felt by mariners while making tho trip down to, and un from, tho inputh of tho St. Lawrence canals at tho Onlloups. This light will also ho of groat service tc>, vessels making tho lower harbor, on this side, In tha night time, and, with tho Improvement contemplated, —extending the canal to tho head of Spencer’s Island —wlllmaKo tho navigation of this part of tho St Lawrence as safe in tho night as it is now la Iho day time.— Ogdenebttrph Journal. 3 MISCELLANEOUS. iiteM No. 2, Teutonia Insurance Co' ■ . . Cleveland, 0., April M, 1873. Notice Is hereby given Unit, by order of the Probate Court, u dividend of flvo (5) per cent, payable on and after May 8, 1873, at tho National City Panic of Cleveland, baa boon declared to the creditors of tho Teutonia Insiir. nnco Company of Cleveland, who have proved tboli claims according to lair. Dividend orders can bo had on application to John p. wiutisiaw, ■ Astlgnco Teutonia insurance Co. ITOTIOE Si' J?S' K°' ™i 16 itiaroi. bob. SI, 16GS, No. 681 £5 shares. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Pnirldonoo, U. I„ Bulldor ot tho HARRIS-OORLISS ENGINE, Will* Harris' I'.tontod ImpronnoiiU, Bond (or Cltcui SCALES. SCALES OF ALL SIZES. (FAIRBANKS, MOUSE &QO M WEST WASUINGTON-ST. / MISCELLANEOUS. JOHN ORKItAIt. FAIBBANES' STANDARD

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