Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 1, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 1, 1873 Page 7
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CITY BEAL ESTATE. JIOII SALB-NOBTII SIDE RESIDENCE PROPER. fOxIOO foot, corner Ohio and Plno-sts. WIxUH) foot on Ohlo-st., near Casa. SWMxUKI foot. Ohlo-sl., near Cass. 2.7x160 fool. OUlo-st., noar Rush. 20x100 foot, Ontarlo-st., near Pino. 26x80 fant, Btato-nt., near Erie. 60x90 font, Chicago-AV., near Rusb-st. 20x100 foot, Huron, near State. 801100 foot, corner Doarborn-Bt. and Ohloago-tv. 73x160 foot, Dearborn-st., noar Division. 701110 foot, Dearborn-st., corner Oootlie. 26x160 foot, Dearborn-si,, ncarUootbo. 60x160 foot, Daarborn>!«t., Jicar Goethe, Poxl.’O foot, Dearborns!,, corner Hohlllor. 60x160 font, Doarburn-Bt., noarOootho. 60x160 foot, Donrhorn-st., near North-av. POXI6O foot, LaSal o-at., corner Maple. 67x118 foot, LaSal o-st., comor Maplo. 60x160 foot, LaSal o-st., corner Onotho. 24x1 (Vi foot, laSql o-ot., corner Oak. 26x110 foot, liaHnl o-st., noar Kim. For tonus, ole., apply lo WM. D. KERFOOT & CO., CO Hast Wnshlligtou-at. I”i'tbU SALK-BY W. H. PHARE, 148 LABALLG-ST., ■ Majrtr Ulocl:, ground floors ~ , , 3 6-aoro blocks, fronting Stony Island boulevard and Klghty-aovonlh-fl. . 6 ncros fronliiiß boulevard, 1, 89, 14. 40 ucroi, 1, 87, (8. 70 acres, 6, 87. 18. 4 10-aoro blocks, 18, 89, 14. EO t< TQs, 80. IW, 14. Ponoros, 26. 87, 14. 120 acres, 12,-87, 14. 40 acres, 1,87,14. 80 acres, 2P, 87, 14. 6Vj ncros, 80, 87, 14. _ . 6 bouses, marble front, on .Park-ar., between Wood *»ul Lincolti-sls. tr* tury and brick basomont houso, In good order, on In* .Mnua-av., noarThlrty-flflU-st., $6,61 X). , ■* 2*story and brlok basomont on Vomon-av., - Tlurty.Qfth at., easy tortus; $7,000. > ' Marble front houso in Ellis Park, strictly first-class In all Its appointments. ■ I' non SALE-10 LOTS ON EQAN-AV., CORNER • Stewart. , 25 foot on Langloy-av., between Forty-second and Forty* tblrd-sts. 126x160 corner Forty-elghth-st. and Konwood-enurt. 160 feet on ICenwood-court, bolwoon Forty-soventb ana Forty-olghth-sts., within 1 block of Kenwood station. 49xl&i, ICliubark*av., between Fifty-sixth and Flfty -60x160, on Indlana-av., between Fifty-third and Fifty* fourth-ffts. ID lots on Wostem-av., near Laaghton-st. 20 lots on Laughton and Atarvtn-st., noar Wostfyri.nT. 10 lots on Second aud Erlo-sts., botwoou Ilouben ona Noble. DOxUOon Mlohlgan-av., wlthllrst-clnsshouse. 26x110, with 2-story framehouse, on I-ourth-av., between BTirrison and Pulk-sts. 10 lots ouEgan-av., corner Rlowart-ftv. ... . tVINO.A FAULIN. Kaat Wasblagton-it. ■ L'Oll BAI.H-OLYBOUiIN-AV. -TWO ,Nisw a *. story framo house, of 11 rooms each and lots, east front, on Ulyboum*av., near Ilalsted-st. F. J. WsulH* iNOKU A CO., Real Estate Agent, Room 61 Metropolitan Hock, nnrthwost corner Randolph and Laballo-sts. IPOR SALE-OU RUNT—ONLY ONE OF THQSB ■ beautiful marblo octagon front and roar houses, on Pralrloav.; and ono on Mlohlgan-ay., elegantJy fm- Isbod with fancy coding:subsUmlally built: all iraprovo mnnts: only s6oodown; long tlmo. S. MKAUS, owner 609 Wabash-av TJIOR bale-west lake-st.—frame cottage X' house and lot, 25 foot front, on West Lako-at., isoar Robey. F. J. WEIDINGEIIACO., Real Estate Agents. Room 61, Metropolitan Block,northwest corner Randolph and LaSallo-ste. For sale-good lots on the following streets: State, Burnside, Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, llnnuver, Butler, Wallaco, Summer, }> Inter, Mur ray, and Hoisted; also on Wentworth, Sburtlotf, Portland •aj'X Stowart-avs; also on Alexander, Twonty-fonrth, Twdntr-slath, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twonty-yiwu, Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, Thlity-first, Thir ty-second.Tiilriy-tbird, Thlrty-llfth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty anvonth, Fontaine, anctThlrty-olghth-sts. Title perfect. .Warranty deeds. A very smalt payment down, five year’s ., fi per cent Interest. No agency business. Apply to >wnor. ALBERT CRANE. 873Waba«b-av. IpOR SALK—PRAIRIE-AV., NO. 1041, 2-STORY, . basement and Mansoad-roof marblo front house, 14 rooms, with Annbllllard room. and .all modern improve monte; brick baru, ono of tho best In tho city. Terms are very easy. Possession May I. FRED L, FAKE 4 CO., E8 Washlngton-st. 11108 SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, LOTS ON ' Wostoni-av., Lexington, Polk, Taylor, and Camp boll-sts. Parties wishing to build, no money required, down; also Snow homes containing 10 rooms oaoh, SSOO cash, balance on toms to suit. Innnlro ou promises of OEO. CADWKLL, or at 155 South Clark-st., In bank. | IHOR SALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN—IO3XB3, , northeast corner of Jefferson and DoKovon-sts., price, $6,000, Inquire atISS South Olark-st., In bank. * IpOR SALE-ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME 1 ' 1 cottngo, Including lot on Thlrty-socond-st., Just cost of Wallace. Smalt payment down; balanco In monthly payments; syears’ time. Water on promises and con venient to cars. Apply to FRED. P. FISHER. 148 La-*- Ballo-st., basement. • IPOR SALE-LOTS INSIDE OLD CITY LIMITS ’ from SIOO to SSOO, on easy terms, and near street oars and omnibus linn; highest ground In tho city: title perfect; save $3 a week, and own a lot accessible to busl- Koss centre; wo furnish an abstract to oaoh. Call and us tako you to scorn them, froo of charge. A. RTORY A SON, 116 South Clark-st., Room 8, and 287$ BlUwaukoe-qv. FOU SALE-AT A GREAT BAROAIN-68X160 FEET on Michlgnn-av., near Furty-soventb-Bt. GEOHUB A. EMERY, 153 LaSallo-st. *I7OR 8 A LE—B RY A NT-AV., GREAT BARGAIN IN X 1 a 60-foot lot for 4 days. AVERY, MILLER A RIG DON, 143 Monroo-st. I ‘iT’OR SALE—OHIO-ST.—LOT MxtOO FEET FRONT, 1 X 1 on Ohio-st.. near Pino. F. J. WEIDINGER A CO., ileal Estato Agents. Room 61, Mutropolitan Block,norths west corner Raudulpluind LaSnlla-sts. IJIOR SALE—FRONTING CENTRAL PARK, A VERY JLESHSS&.i 0 Wffi I ' bJuSS; 'W.mrj. taMit 145 Clark-st., corner Madison. FOU SALE—A NEW 13-ROOM COTTAGE, 207 Wostam-av., built lor two families; purchaser can 14 poroent. Also2-«tory brlekotoro, with 0 rooms, “Enisots, bath-room, Ac., No. OJI West Lako. Apply to, HENRY A. COLE, 270 and 372 South Watcr-at. FOR SALE—NO. 810 MldiilGAN-AV., BETWEEN Twenty-second and Twonty-thlrd-sts.; 14 rooms; all modern Improvements; will sell furnished ortmfnrnishrd, at groat bargain. Apply on promises, or to R. M. ‘CANNON, Board of Trade. 1‘ jIOR RALE-A BARGAIN-NEW 2-STORY FRAME houao, 10 rooms, marble mantels, gas, and water, on South Doarboru-Bt., near Thlrly-thlrd-st.; Jot 30x110. Price, $6,600. Also houses ou Michigan, IndEaua, Prai rie. and Vurnon-avs., and lots on Bryaut-av.: all on easy terms. W. U. PHARE, 1-13 LaSallo-st., Major Block, first floor. T?OU SAI.E-MICIIIOAN-AV., NO. M 2, ELEGANT X 1 3-Mory and baNi'incnl marblo front house, 14 rooms, bath, cto,;wlll bo sold onvery easy terms, and immodiato Cossi'selon given. FRED L. FAICE A CO,, 60 Wash igton-st. TfiOll HALE— POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY—FINE X 1 residence on KHts nr.. second door south of Brook (l’orllofh)-st. containing all modern conveniences. with Crct-class barn. LotMilßO foot to 20-foot alley. Elegant eliado-trcoa, lawns, do. For terms, price, Ac., anuljr on the premises, or at thu ofllcn of lIONFIELD A SWEE ZEY, 162 Washlngton-sU, Room 52. SALE-CHEAP AND ON EASY TERMS-NEW X’ Gothic house, 9 rooms, 4 closets, bay window, brick basement. LotWJxI25; high elevation, good water, K) minutes’walk from street-ears. Would exchange for do* elrablo lot at Englewood, Uydo Park, or clsowhoro. In* Sulro on promises. W. 11. BRYANT, Loavltt-st., ouo i,or north of North-av. IpOll SALE-RESIDENCE LOTS ON CONGRESS 1 Park, Van Huron, Tyler, and Harrlsoc-sts., only O.’-i mile from tho Court-llnuso; cheap, and on longtime; will soil without cash payment to those who wilt impruvo Immediately. Apply to CAMPBELL BUG., 131 Madlaon st., corner Clark. ITIOR SALE—POLK-ST.—C3 FEET. NORTH, ON • Polk-st., between Dosplalnos and Hoisted, easy pay ments. F. J. WEHUNGEII A CO., Real Estate agents, Room 51. Metropolitan Block, nurlhwost comer Ran* dolph and LaHallo-pts, I ”>011 SALE-TWO MARBLE-FRONT HOUSES (OO ' ingon): lots 163 foot dcop to a SO loot alley, Lava lino massive stono stoop, with moulded steps and rati; also solid moulded stono fence. Thoso houses aro Hrst-claas In avtiry respect, and embody tho result of 25 years’ expo rleoco as a bulldor; work done by tho day; have all mod om improvements; contain 14 rooms, 5 marblo nfivntols, 6 marblo slabs with basins, 8 water-olovets mid a good iqb-oollnr lor fuel, furnaces, oto. twill bo soldforal?ss 'oontngoon thu cost than any houses In tho maikot. , • and sou them at4ol and 48G Adams-st., closo to Ash t/uFT-nv., or address owner, J. W. UAMBLETON, 215 Warren-av. TpOR SALE-LOTH ON NORTH RIDE-VERY I? cheap; first payments taken in painting. HESS W HITNEY A CO.. 1M La Hal 10-at. ijiOß SALE-A NEW 3-STORY AND BASEMENT X’ brick dwelling: 10 rooms; nil modern improvements. erms to suite. Inquire of owner, 329 Fnltun-st. UOIfSALU-UY J. F. PIE I IH OnT*ROOM fi, 121 X’ Uoarbem-st.: Monroo-st., 45x190 foot, just west of LaSallfst., lino location for heavy business block. *|B OU BitTWEEN X 1 Wabash and Miahlgan-avs., 48x125 foot; nice real donco lot. Inquire of J. F. Ploraon. 125 Doarbom-st., Room 6. I~ilOR SALK-TUIRD-AV., JUST SOUTH OF VAN 1 Buron et., frOilht foot, oast front; pries low; terms «uy. For particulars apply to J. F. PIERSON, 121 Doerbom-at., Itomu C. I?OR SALE-NOS. 93 AND 97 FOURTEENTII-HT., * between Htato-at. amlTtilrd-av. j'wlll sell at a bargain; .n odor wanted. CANFIELD A MATTESON, €0 La- Ealle-it. TpOR BALK—SOXICO ON PRAIRIE-AV., BETWEEN X Forlv-fifth and Fm-ty-slith-Bts. ; cheap. GEORGE A. EMERY, 152 Lsballo-sL For sale-ne’w cottage house with lot on Krio-nt., near Robey. Terms easy. Apply to owner, 8. M. MILLARD, 135 South Clark-st., Room 9. Foil SALE-1168 SOUTH STATE-HT., WITH LONG loaaoof lot. MEAD A COE. 163 LaSallo-st. Irfoß SALE-LARGE TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE, * with lot, 76x128, on the southoaat corner of Lincoln nud llubbaru-sts. MEAD A COE, 163 LaSallo-st. , Kgan-av, and Oakland Station. MEAD A COE, 103 jLaiSallo-Bt. I7\OR SALE-BO LOTS IN SHEFFIELD'S ADDI ’ tlon, on Elston Rond, Annibigu Road, Wood and other streets; 6, 10, or 2U lots at A solo. MEAD A COE, 168 LaSalle-st. «_ X' noil HALE - LINCOLN-AV. - NEW 2-STORY ' frame homo of 12 large rooms, barn, and S3 foot, oast front, on Lincnbt-av., near Fullerton, easy payments. F. «T. WRIDLN'UEII A CO.. Heal Estate Agents, Room Cl. Metropolitan Block, northwestern comer Randolph aud LaSallosla. IpOR BALK-AT A BARGAIN FOR GASH, OR ■ on easy monthly paymonts-2 oesy now cottages, Just completed, and nlooly located; also a bargain In some Brat-da.* pine-land* in Wisconsin. JAMES 11. MAY, 16. Madlson-st., Rooms 1 and 2. FOR BALE-NO. 463 dACKSON-ST.; 46,260. Nn. 420 .lacksun-Ht.; 47,600. No. 311 Tylorst.; 46,000. Longtime, easy payments. O. B. THOMAS, 109 LaSalle-st. JtOR HALE-200 FEET AT GRAND BO'ULEVAUD ontranae of South Park; a splundld piece, very cheap. ENHY P- GEORGE, bdClark-st. ’ RASY TERMB, BIX NEW BRICK I' two-story and baeumunt houses, on Adams-st., near Wood; octagon fronts, with all modern improvements; tfld.fXoand 4ll),600. libjulro on promises, or at 20 North Joiionon-bt. TRIOR HALU—IIOUHI'B fIW ANO WKST WADI i JU b(iii*bl., at ft ((real bargain. I’linHUl A CO., llooma 1 Band 1L tf«a. 81 and W South Clark-st., formerly Otto Von Frltsob, ' SOUTH HOUSE OF THB NEW X 1 ircrlilo front block, southeast corner North Dearborn i Maiilo-bls. ; a stories and basement, finished la boat •’ ” "nor, F. C. TAYLOR, 210 Kant Wsshlngtou-st. lion balic—looxiixTfeet. with a coo'd dwkl -1 lings, on® has all tnndorn Improvements ; good barn. Sta, South front on Lake-sl., near I oorla. 7. Wft u«.fn offer on this properly ; will soil at a great bargain. # Small pkrantaoVa. T.iu.UOJfC, IBOWo«tWM6i"j!Wn-it. CITY REAL ESTATE. TPOR SALE-RY .IAOOD WEIL A 00., NORTH X’ west oor. of Doarbom and Madlson-ste.: G3U foot on Wabash-av., 166 (Vint deep, between Twenty, ilxtfi andTwonty-PlKlHh-alf.S sl«pw *«><• T)llr(#n . 60 foot on Imllatm-av., 185 foot deep, between Thirty-first ami Thlrty-spooud-slo, j $125 per foot. 75 frothy 100, on Iho norllioast comor of Donglaa-plaqo and Oalumet-nv., frontjng down tho great Boulevard. * SjJffmrosou tho corner of Flfly-flfth-at. Boulevard and Ashland-av.; $2,000 nor aero. .. _. . , lajlb fronting on MUwaukeo-av., North-av., Girard and Elk Crove-sto.. at very low llguros; nil street Improve; roontspaldonMllwaukoo-nv. by tho present ownor; and sidewalks laid on all tho other streeta. ..... . Lota on Twenty-seventh and Twenty-elghth-sta., no. tnoon Wallace und Butler; $l,lOO per loti one-tilth cash, balance In 1, 3, 8, and 4 yearn, with ll por cent Interest. 169x101 foot, on Monrue-st., aouth front, near Callfor* ula-at.s S6O por foot; ii cash, bnlanco In I and 2 years. tats fronting ou A, B, O, D and K-ava., between Hal; atod and Laurel-sU,, and bolwoon Duuglas-placo and Kgan-av. Prlco S7OO por lot, FOR SALK—FRAIUIK-AV., SOUTH OF TWRN ttolli>st., brlok house, stono trimmings, two-story, Manoard roof, basement, sub-collar, and good stable. Lot 26x190 foot; houso is complete in alt its appointments, In excellent order, and elegantly furnished, for salt), wltn furniture, at a reasonable price, and on easy terms. Park-nv., oast of Wuod-st., two-story and basement stono front, 14mums;lust completed. West Adsms-sl., near Jefferson Park. two«story brick bouse, modern Improve* mrnUslot 40x180. North Morgan ; nt., double two-story and basement framo houuo, wllhlot, 40x1«3 feet to alloy, fur s?**.fioos hi casli. Tlio premises pay a rental offfll.&W per mini. West Indiana at., two-story frame houso, Inlu.. basomont; lot 22x70 fesU North Garponter-st., two-story framo houso t lot 43 feet to alloy. Boulh Iloliey* ,1.. near I’olk-.1., Iwo-.tow franm liim-JI ?,W',jJ O .!VV bafancnmonthlypaymonts. WlUi I LKShV, BUNNELL A BATES, HoomJ>, Major Block, 149 LaSallo-al. 7^7) R BALI'VCKNTRE■ ST.”, NEAR LINCOLN PARK; uo°ar Twenty-fifth; $l6O por foot. Flno homo ami lot, Allchlgan-av., near Twonty-flftb* it . $;7 poo West Hnr’rlaon-sl., near Morgan, 61.f00t, with build ings : $9,000. PHI LIP MYEItS A GO., * * RoomlS, Major IBook. IpOR RALK-AT A SAORIFIOE-I HAVE A NICE ' brick house and lot on South Side, which 1 must soli; $6,000, hi cosh, will buy It. Address OWNER, Trlbuno oQlco. For bale-a laror9*btory house, isroomh. all modern improvements, No. SOO 1 ark-av., with CO or CO foot of ground, at a bargain, lor particulars, boo OWNER, on tho promises. ; FOH OAIjB—TWO 80-AORR BLOCKS IN NEARLY thoeenlreof South Chlongn, title direct from the Canal Commissioners; Block 7 ami Block 23. See. 88, Town 89, R. 14; or would exchange ono or both for firs t class Improved business properly In South Chicago. E. H. CUMMINGS, 102 East Randolph-st. 1‘ non SALK-NEW COTTAGE AND LOT FOR $1,650, ' close in town; only SBOO down, balance monthly. Also lots for S3O down, balance S2O por month; oloso to House and Jot noarThlrly-seventh-sf.. on- Htanfon-av., at s4,Boo;largo lot. HESS. WHITNEY A CO.. 146 La* Sallo-st. •TIOU BALE-POLK-BT., BETWEEN DESPLAINES T and Halstod, 25x110 foot at SIOO per foot. , Boren loU In Plorco’s Addition to Humboldt Parle, a k Khdit lots comer Fifty-nlnth-it. and Blowart-ar., very cheap. Etißlowood, 920 foot front, 813 per foot. ..... South Chicago, 185 acres, raoro than a mile river front, S3OO pot aero, M cash. - , . lndlana-nv., corner Sovonty-sovonth-st., 200 by 170 foot. Ow,.r M al.«.lT ? r. t BUNNKLL & BATES, . ■ Room 9, Major Block, HO LaSallo-st. FOR SALE-SIX - new COTTAGES and lots, near Forly-eovonth-st. and Wontworth-av. 1 also cot tage and lot ou Slxtoouth-st., Just west of Halstod; small payment down, balance In monthly payments. Apply to y. H. WILSON, 77 South Olark-st., from 12 to 1. TJIOR BALE-NO. 61 NORTH OARPENTER-ST., JD 2-story frame bouse, 14 rooms, nicely finished, and In good repair: lot 40x125; barn, ote. FRED L. FAKE A CO.. 88 Washlngton-st. For salk-oheap lots, cheap lots, on Bovonty-tifth-st., oast of Stony Island boulevard; lota high; street to bo macadamized: tonus easy; only fow left. ULUIOH A BOND, 87 Denrborn-st. FOR BALE-MARBLE FRONT (SWELL) HOUSE on Indiana-av.. near Twonty-flrst-st.. very elegant and comfortable. FIHTSOH A CO., Real Estate Deal ors. Rooms Band 11, Stand 63 South Olark-st., formerly OTTO VON FRIToOII, LaSallo-sL For bale—m feet, corner olark and Chestnut-eta., good business corner. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 LaSallo-st. For sale-west adams-st. near wood, 2- story framo bouso, water and gas; lot 26x93, ton wldo alley. A groat bargain; easy payments. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo-ats. IPOR SALE—I WILL SELL FINE LOTS, 25X125, ON ' Loavltt, Oakley, and Davla-sts., at $650 for tho noxt 10 days. They aro decidedly tho cheapest lots In tbo city. O. 11. GRIFFIN, 133 Madlson-st., cor. Clark. FOR BALE-BELOW COST-BRICK HOUSE AND lot; South Division. Bath and water closet, marble mantels and basins, gas fixtures, furnace, range, now Brussels carpets i a real com of a homo, 88,600. Also, stoao front houso near Union Park; hot and cold water, marblo mantels, and nil modern improvements, $8,600. They must bo sold. HESS, WIIITNKYAOO., 146 La- Balio-at. . FOR SALE—3-STORY FRAME HOUSE, BRIOK foundation; 10 rooms; modern Improvement s; 1a148x125; northwest corner Monroo and Llnooln-sts.; 810, COO: oasy terms. SNYDER A LEE. 14 NUon Building, northeast corner Monroo aud LaSalfo-sta. For sale-or exchange for other city property—A desirable lot, 40x180, on Mlchlgan-av.. north of Jaokson-st.; thin lot will ho sold very cheap, and on easy terms. K. N. BKMEKT, 163 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE—B7OO—LARGE LOTS, 60X140 FEET. ON Fullerton, Mead, and Shoridan-ats., only ono block from Humboldt Boulevard; only two blocks from depot on Chicago A Papula Railroad, and three blocks from omnibus Tine. Mrpuud lavb.o -«.ouis ; title perfect, and fulT abstract of titlo furnished oaoh purchaser. G. B. GRIFFIN. 133 Madlson-st., oornor of Clark. TpOR SALE—3-STORY AND BAREMKNT BRIOK X 1 houso on Warron-av. half black from Union Park. Furnace aud gas lixturoa. SNYDER A LKE, 14 Nixon Building, uortneast oornor Monroo and LaSallo-ats. FOR SALE—MICHIGAN-AV., BETWEEN TIIIR- Uotband Tlilrty-firut-sU., 3-story and ba-ement hrlok houso, Atansard roof, lot 23x11)0. SNYDER A LEE, 11 Nixon Bulldinc. northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo-sta. For sale-praiuie-av.. no. Usd, sstory framo liou«o, 10 rooms, handsomely finished; framo barn, lot 26x135 foot: offered until May 1, ut a groat bar gtttn. FRED. L. FAKE A CO.. 83 Washlngton-st. lIOR SALE-NEAT NEW COTTAGE. R ROOMS. IN tho grove, near south city llmito. $3,C00, long time. HENRY P. GEORGE, 89 Clark-st. FOR SALE-LOTS ON HARRISON, FLOURNOY, Lexington, and Polk-sts., very cheap aud onoa?y terms. Apply lo tho owner, B. 51. DURHAM, 118 La Sallo-ot. FOE SALE-NEW MARBLE FRONT HOUSES ON Woat Vnn Uuron-st., at cost prices. FRITSCII it CO.. Real Estatedealer*, Rooms 9 and 11, 61 mid 63Suuth Clark. Formorljr Otto Von FrlUuli, LaSallc-st. FOR SALK—2-STORY MARBLE FRONT HOUSE on Walmsb-av., near Twonty-thlrd-st. FRITHCH A CO.. Real Estate dealers, Rooms 9 and 11, 81 and 83 South Clark. Formerly Otto Von Frisch, LaSallc-st. FOR SALE—sl9,ooo—€oXl2] FEET. WITH 2 STORY house, bam, oto., on, near Unyno. Terms easy ; south front. T. B. BOYD, 180 West Wash* lugton-fet. For dwelling, lot 21X125 to alloy, on Groon-st., near Washington. Pus* session now. Also, 89x129 foot, with 12>rootn 2-story dwol* Hug, on Oroon-at., near Madison—sß,ooo. Houses aru in splendid condition. T. B. BOYD, ltd West Washington at, M SALE—ON TimiTY-NINTH-ST., NEAR BUD. n. cbolcolotat a bargain, ou easy terms. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 93, UOLsSallo-st. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. I nOR BALK-AT HALF THE USUAL RATES— . 9 lots, each 50x193, In tho best-located blocks in Irving Park: must bo sold to moot luoumbranoo; alto, 20 acres InSoa. 14, 87, 13, fronting on Johnson-nv., a bargain: ii cash, balance to suit. 11. WHIPPLE A CO., 76 South Canal-st. FOR SALK—LOTS AT MAPLEWOOD, ONLY 4 miles from tho'coart-honso: commutation faro, cents: largo frontage on Humboldt boulevard, Fullerton, ■ud Westorn-avs,: sidewalks have boon laid, and trees set out over tho entire property; artesian well superior to any other In this vicinity, flowing at rate of 360 gallons per mnmto of pure water, equal in every respect to (lialof Lake Michigan. Parties looking for homos would do wall to visit Maplewood before purchasing. Price of lota from 8100 to BCOO, WING A FARLIN, & East Washington. St., Room 4. I HOR BALE-0 ACRES ON BARRY POINT ROAD, 1 west of city limits. 2>£ acros on Forty-flfth-st., west of Cottage Grovo-av. J. U. KEELER, 145 Clark-st., corner Madison. 1' nOR KAIiK—FOR SUBDIVISION. 145 ACRES IN ■ Cook County, on tho Chicago and Pacific Railroad; depot located on tho land; just oiforod, and nt half Its valuo.t Apply to GIBSON A UOtiMER, 110 East Ran dolph-at. ITtOR BALE OHBAP MONTHLY PAYMKNTBt ; Norwood Park, 21ote, sUi2(XJeach:wolleUuatod. A. D. BELLAMY, owner, 157 and 159 Laoallo-st. YDOU HALE-COTTAGE HOUSE, IRVING PARK, 7 X rooms, lot 60x126; will sell for what tho houso cost, s2,Boo;>nonthly payments, AVERY. MILLER A RIG DON, 143 Monroe-st. For sale-1 will offer for one week ib houses and cottages of from 6 to 10 rooms In Evanston, North Evanston, and Glencoe, at lower figures than any party caneoll (or who does not deal exclusively In hla own property; you that want houses oomo direct to mo and ■avo the commission; ono-flfth down and balanoo In monthly or yearly payments will buy a homo; lots In any of tbo places named at wholesale prices; lumber furnished thoso who will build: none need apply who havo not a lit tio money. C- K. BROWNE, Grover’s Block, Evanston. I JIOU BALE-GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, } from 4600 to $16,000; also eboleo building lots, and acro-rrnnorty for subdivision, on easy term/). ALFRED L.HEWIi LL, 169 LsSalle-st.. Chicago. FORBALR-ATOAK PARK, SEVERAL OHOIOU residences; also groat variety of vacant lots. A. T. HEMINGWAY, 140 LaSaßo-st., ItoomM. IPOR BALE—I HAVE 76 0110108 HOUSES AND ' lota which I shall olfor for oalo at groat bargains for tho next ton days; now is the time to socuro a good homo on oaiy terms. And also choice building Into convenient to the depot, on hotter toms than can bo made in Evans* ton. Call or address J. R. FOWLER, Evanston, lIL I JIOII SALE—AUSTIN—FINE RESIDENCE LOTS * on tlio ridge, only 20 minutes* rldo from tho city. CRAFTS A SNOW, 61 LaSallo-Bt. T?OR BALE-LOTS OH BLOCKS IN THE VICINITY X' of tho O. AN. W. corahopa, close to West Forty olgh(h*st. depot .and only one mile from Central Park. CRAFTS* SNOW, M LaSallost. ORB A LR—OR EXOIIA NO E FOR GOOD fiUBUIU ban lota or aero property, a sploudld hoiuo, withtlpo {’rounds, In Young's Addition to Blue Island. TliU 1h a Inu opportunity to aocnru n ntco country homo. Fur pur* tloulars call on B. F. CLARKE A CO., 123 UHallu-hf. F OR SALE-ON FOIITY-NINTH-ST., NEAR BUD dan, choice let at a bargain, on easy toms. A. T. HEMINGWAY. Room M. UP LaSalle-st* IPOR HALE—ACHE TRACTS AT HAWTHORNE ‘ and Riverside, by OH ACE A ABELL, 161 Dearborn. Ipori BA LK-BKVKHAL OOMFpUTAHLJ? ItKtu ' donees mu! lino grounds at llydo Park, omi for $6,000 nmltmu forsU),ooo, both noar lako ami uoiiot; two for $14,000. Hovornl at Oakland, noar dopol and boreo-oars. Will show oußtornora who wish to buy lu that luoalliiN- Albo, several residences to runt. ULUIOII A 11UNO, s7 Dearborn-si. ; _ Foubalb-atutdoeland, bbveual choice lots; alsu blocks near dopot: oinullnnt itroimrly for •peculation. A. T. HBUINOWAV, 110 l*aSallo*st., Room SC. , FOU BALE—CHOICE LOTS AT WASHINGTON ilolgbti, below value. iuirSOII A CO., Real Us* tato dualurs, Uuuina 0 and 11. 81 and 83 South Clark. Formerly Otto Von I'rlUcli, Laaallo-st. ‘•RiOIl HALE—AT RAVENSWOOD-3 LOTS, 100X153, X' well located, about 8 blocks from depot: $1,80(1, worth SI,7W. D. fl. OOOlllib, 1M Washlngwn at. . THIS CHICAGO SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. •DIOR SALE—SODTII EVANSTON—WE ARE NOW J} completing aovoral fine liriek roildonoo*, finished wltn all modern Improvements. .Including both gaa and water. Also, Botnovery excellent brlok basement frame dwell* Inga, built In a very superior mnnnor. This is without doubt tho finest suburb, and possessed of advantages on* Joyed by notto olbor around Chicago. We liavo a few lots yet unsold, noar tho depot and lako drive, which are ad. vanolng nn account of their spinadid location and tho lino Impruvomonla being made In their vicinity. These aro splonutd Investments, and Just the place for a homo. Any of tho above wo aro offering fop a fow days on very easy tonus. WARREN, KEENEY A CO., 160 Dear* bont-sU I‘pOß SALK-CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON TUI? ‘ Milwaukee Hallway, six miles distant, and twenty minutes’ ride, In Olyboum’s Addition to Rnvenswoud. Those lots aro laid out 60x163 foot ou 8d foot afreets, and will be sold upon envy terms, at from S6OO to S7OO per lot. Tho (aoilitios fop access to and from tho city—the desir ability of tho land—lt being high am! thoroughly drained —tho proximity to first-class improvoinonts, churches, Bchools, and society, commend this property as tho best at tlio prlco now In the market, . , Oomparlson ohallongodt Tho attention of the indus trious—tho thrifty—tho cautious—is called to those lots as •{ton for homesteads or Investments. Gall, for a printed abstract and plot, upon „ . ROBERT GUEEH, 84 JjiHallo-et.. Room 2. FOR SALE—LOMBARD liOMKRTICADS , . $8,600 will buy 3-story framo dwelling, withM-aoro lot, good cellar, well, and cistern. Will trade for city lots, or soil on nuartorJy payments. .... * . $0,600 wilt buy lino homestead with one to flvo ncros in * $7,600 will buy one aero, wolMmprovod»- with splendid 2-story dwelling. Will sell or trade for oily property. $4,000 will buy jtf-acrolot with 2-story and basement (frame) dwelling, finest location in town. ... , S2OO, SBOO, or S6OO, will buy a homestead lot onl, 2, It, 4, and 6years’credit. ~ , $1,200 expended In hulldlng cottages, will secure ollgl bio bulldlns lol«, B r»U.. WM _ p RREWRTERi FOR BALK—lots in south knolkwood, the "Original Flats” do not buy In additions "at South Englewoodensytorms. lIKNRYW. BItOOKS AGO., Room 4 Empire Block, 138 aud 180 LaSallo-st. ___ OR SALK-GOOD RESinENOES AT EVANSTON, from S9OO to $16,000: also choloo building lots and acro-proporty for subdivision on easy terms. ALMILU L. SEWELL, 169 LaSallo-st., Chicago. FOUBALK-AT AUSTIN-A FINE HOUSE (WITH lot) with all modern Improvements, Apply to LY MAN BRIDGES A 00., corner Sangamon and Gar roll-sts. ’ l?OR SALIC—VERY FINK LOTH NEAR STATION X 1 at Englewood at $.160 to $400: tltlo perfect; abstract furnished oaoh customer. Theso lots aro dooldodly cheap. O. B. GRIFFIN, 183 Madlson-st., corner Clark. FOR SALK-ON EASY TERMS, BY GOLDEN * FRESHWATER#, fa South Clark-st., Room IB:, 89, 19. 40 gores in Soo. 16, 89, 10. Tnon BALE—AT NORTH EVANSTON, NEAR DR. X' not, church, and school-house, ono hoftso with lot 60x150 foot, one house with lot to full purchaser; thoso houses aro both within throo minutes' walk of tho depot, bavo well and cistern, Aa. Special advantages oflorod to pnrtlos who desire lots to build ou. Apply to 11. 11. ABBOTT, at North Evanston depot, who will show, tho property, or to 11. M. KIDDER, 108 West Randolph-st. TPWBALE-EGANDALE-^BiTXuTIFUL BUILDING J> sites at Kgandalo, noarpark;and boulevards, lino growth ornamental trees; lots6oxlo3 to alloy. ULUIOH ft BOND. 87Duarbom-»t. . For sale-south knolewood-i offer s live-aero blocks In my ordinal Subdivision just west of tho railroad and south of Klgbty-sovonth-at., at 81.1)00, 81.400, and 81,600 per aero, on very easy terms. I bavo contracted for tho Imniodlato sotting out of 1,000 largo shade troos on this property, of which work purchasers would receive tho bonollt. This ground is from four toslx feet higher than that directly cant of tho railroad and la sorer wot. Comparison with prices asked for adjacent property Is Invited. W. .O COLE, Methodist Church For sale-cornell-av., grand junction. 10 acres, comer of Hovouty-llfth-at.ond Stony laland Boulevard; high, dry land. SNYDER ALEE, No. 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast corner of Monroa and La* Lnllo-ats. ' FOR SALK—OREXOIIANQIS—at lombard, fine 2-story houso with largo lot: also good houso at May* wood. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 36, 149 Laßallo-»t. FORBALE-NORWOODPAUK, LOTS, BLOCKS, OU aorot for sale or exchange, at prices which will certain ly glvo purchaser a largo profit this season. Kavonswood—Several hundred foot at low prices. Washington Uolghts-6orloaoros on Tracy and Pros pect-ova. B. E. WELLS, 183 Doarborn-st. FOR RENT-NEAR PAIRVIEW STATION, A good ond woll-furnlshod house, stables. and largo 6 rounds. Apply to J. F. PIERSON, 124 Dcarborn-st., loom 6. ' TpOR SALE-LAKE FOREST RESIDENCE PROP- X 1 orty— Those Booking homos should visit this beauti ful suburb, which, with its soda! advantages, schools of high grade, ologant ro.ldcnoes and grnundo, beautiful and healthy location, hotels and churches, oilers unusual inducements to those doslriug suburban homos. CAN FIKLD A MATTESON, W LaSallo-st. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. lilOR SALE-SOME CHOICE TRACTS OF COAL * lands in tbo Wllmlngtotrcoal hold, by L. INGLE DEW, 163 LaSalle-st., Room 17, Bryan Block. For bale-a very rich fruit farm near St. Joseph. FiUTSOU A CO., Real Estate dealers, Kooms9nnu It, 81 and 83 South Olark. Formerly Otto You Fritsoh, I*aSallo-st. HEAL ESTATE WANTED. Tl/ - ANTED—FOR READY CUSTOMER, ON WASH- T» ington-st., or south and oast of Woatorn-av., a house andlot, $5,000 tos6,ooo:s2,ooocash; must bo a bargain. BIUGIIAM A MOULTON, 13 Blothodist Church Blook. TVANTED—A LOT ON SOUTHWF.STERN-AV., VV botv.ocn Westorn-av. and Douglas Park, fur cash. J. IT. KEELER, 1-15 Clark-st., *\SrANTHD—AT’ ONCE-A BARGAIN IN ACRE Vi property, SIO,IXX) vonh; havo $3,6C0 cash to pay down. Addroaa Q 28, Tribune oPJco. WANTED— A BUILDING LOT, WEST OF UAL ntod-st., south ol Slxtosiilh or north of Indiana. JACOB C. MAQILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. WANTED— HOUSE AND LOT ON SOUTH SIDE, worth from s2,btO to $1,000; also house and lot mirth of Thirty-second-at., worth must bn In gnod neigh borhood. Apply to or address 11. S. DKITRICJU, 143 J*a- Sftllo-Bt., llMjor Block. WANTED— Td”BUy—6U FOOT LOT ON WABASH av., near TlUrty-littli-at,, htaroasannlilunrice, by a ready oustumor. Apply to W. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 141 I*aSfcllo-8t. t Otis Pluck. » ANTED-HoUmT AND LOT ON WEST BIDE v.-nrlh SS,UCU. Will give a lot on Cattagn-plnco, ho twcon Tblrtr-drst and Tuiity-seoonil-sts., cast front, ns nari|vay, balanco cash. T. 13. BOYD, 180 West Wash luglon-st. . ANTED-TO PUROHASE-A GOOD COTTAGE or3-st(in* houao to bn rcinovcd;must boon WustSldu. Address P 10. Tribune otllco. BUSINESS CHANCES. A LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR SALE, IN THE CITY of Louisiana, PikoCo., Missouri, 117 miles abovo bt, Louis, on tho Mississippi lllvor, with nil tho nocossaryar raugnmenta far tho pork buslnojs, nmoko-houso, oto., with throeacres of ground attached. This is iv rnrocb.uico fur any party desirous of going Into tho pork and provision business, as tho surrounding country Is wall stocked with hog*, and a ready market fur tho salo of tho prod net either Id St. Louis nr Chicago. For further particulars, apply to GILBERT PRYOU A CO., Provision Brokers, No. ICC East WasUlngton-at. ANY PARTIES HAVING MORTGAGE OR OTHER securities, or unincumbered, Improved, or unlm* firuvod lands in this State, either in city or country, can cam of a safe and permanent investment (that will boar a thorough Investigation) yielding from 30 to Conor cent prutit, with nominal risk and lirst-qlasa parties for asso ciates, by addressing INVESTMENT, caroP. O. Box 49, city. A HARE CHANCE A DRUG STORE, KSTAB lished seven years, In n thriving town of 1,000 Inhab itants, nnw doing a good business, for snlu. Stock about 82,500. Sales, l*tl,COO per annum. Will sell or rent storO building. Inquire of JOHN AIcKINNEY, Sturgeon Bay, Dorr Co., Wls. A SPLENDID BUSINESS OHANOE-FOR BALE, A stock or clothing, hats, caps, and gouts’ furnishing goods, located In one of tho best towns In lowa. Best of reasons for soiling. Address A 0 H, Tribune office. A FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT DOING A Busi ness of $20,000 per annum, for sale; owner going East. Calloi 119 Doarbom-st.. Rooms. An old-icstablisiie'd AND newly FITTED up dining-room for salo cheap. Inquire ot 374, South Btato-at. Alt HER SHOP TO RENT, VERY CHEAP; NO charge for good will; tiiut rate chance for a barber to commouco business. Basement 149 South Dosplainos-st., corner Adams. /"HOAR STAND FOR SALE AT 80 KXOHANGK \J plnoo; a good Investment fur small capital; call at once. CONFECTIONERY, NEWS, AND TOY STORE FOB salu aheap; present party hua run It for three years. Apply at ttlu South Canal-st. TVUJG.STORR FOH BALE I NICELY FITTED UP, XJ good location; oboap. Address J 95, Tribum^pltlce. I MB AN IIUBINE9H. TO A PARTY WHO OAN COM mnnd 85.0C0, I olfor Inducomonta that n fortnno can bo realized la a very short time; badness secured to mo by thu United States Government. Cull at Room 14, now Briggs House. I"* HASH AND MACHINERY OF FURNITURE-SHOP JNo. 29 North Jodorson-st., second door, for salo cheap; price only $1,009. ONE BASH, DOOR, AND BLIND MANUFACTORY for sale: 7 years In operation; with all machinery. In qulro at 137 North Dosplalnos-st. ONE-HALF INTEREST IN A GOOD REAL EBTATK oiUco for sale. Address or inquire at Room SI, 125 Clark-st. ONE OF THE BEST MARKETS ON THE WEST Sidofor sale;tho prollta fur 1672 wore over $6.00(1; , good reason! for toilings those moaning business may ad dress ABU, Tribune olilco. R‘ ARB BUSINESS OIIANOE-IN ORDER THAT I may duvuU) more time to banking, I otlor for sale or ’xoiit my store-room, StlxGO, two stories blab, dwulllng ad joining. Splendid collar under tho whole, with good pvarahouio, barn, and otbor outbuildings convenient. • Hove built up within tho last llftuon years a largo and , prompt-paying trade; have tho oldest and boat business corner In town 5 surrounded by ono of tho best faming communities lu tho State; ana to a Ilvo man, who moans «'business, will olfor a guod bargain and on reasonable | terms. 8. D. ALFRED, Ju., Cambridge, 111. lOTOCnCIN'''A PLANING. O mill, doing n good business, fursnloor exchange for rualoatate. bor further information apply to CHARLES W. UUIUUB, U6 Wosbington-st. . WANTED— TO BUY—FOR CASH, A SMALL JOB oliioe In this city. Addrcws J £3, Tribune 011100. WANTED— PARTIES HAVING SMALL CAPITAL, wishing to make money fast lu legitimate business. Call at HU Doaiborn st., Room S. Patents wanted. 'conn cash will purchase bar. fix. <pOUU turoD, and license of sauiplo-room at 606 South HuUtod-st. FINANCIAL. TNBURANOEOLAIMBBOUOUTIN ALLBANKRUPT X companies. Como and see mo buforo soiling. 11. S. DIETRICH. 77 Wu»t MadUon-st., up-stalra, 111,12 II Money in hand ro loan on collaterals orshort tlmu paper bought. Address 0 81, Tribune 011100. __ rno LOAN—S2, OOO, *5,0,10, AND, #IO,OOO for FIVE X years ou llm«oInn Üblcuße rcul estate. Improved or unimproved. ALFRED JAMES, southwest corner Clark and Madison*«ts. ‘ nto LOAN-WOOd IN HAND, FOB 8 OU 6 YISAIIS. X MEAD A COE, 163 l/Crif AREC' PREPARED TO NEGOTIATE LOANS IT on realoslato - oocurity In lento nr small sums. Wo havo now in hand throe emus at si,too, $3,000, and $6,000. Wo can close aovoral loans for larger sumi with little delay. McKINNON A MARSH, 135 Clark-st. hru\ nrin to loan on fiuht-olash inside jyOU.UUU properly, for one or two years. In sums of SI,(MI aud upwards. Room 6,1830J&rk-aU U. LOWY, ►AILY TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1873. BOARDING AND LODGING. * South Side, no twenty- rnmi-BT., palaor-ptjAob-two ZiO splendid nnrtnn), single or on snlloj also, largo aln* .gin room, oterlooklng tlio lake, with board| very pleas* ant, and half a block From Cottage Grote-at. caw. A Q HUnUAnD OOURT-NEWnOARDINOiIOUrtEj ‘±o first-class hoard with room, $4 to fB.M per week, with use of piano { day board, 84. fi \ WADABII-AV.-A FEW DAY-BOARDERS O*x wanted. Alio, nloo front room on flrat floor. 1 AO KLLIBAV.-A SPLENDID CHANCE IS OP. Jl \Jo ferod (or n few who with eood board, and a lino homo, nt roaionablo firlcoa; ouo block from liorao-oan, ami ono from llydo Park train | in liio moat doalrablo part o( Uio city. T7i QHOUTH PARK-AV.-A GENTLEMAN AND i/XO vrlfo or two bloklo Roullemon can have Rood board with pleasant aulto of roonu at rontoimblo rale*. AO A MIOHIOAN-AV. - DESIRABLE ROOMS, *XO*X* with board. Also barn. Inquire on promises, or wt Room Id, Chamber of Commerce. . CfT.I WABABH-AV.. NEAR IIAUMON-CpURT- Two elegantly furnished front rooms; tablo first class. , fiO/l WABASH-AV.-A SUITE OP ROOMS, ALSO O J'x single room, with board[references required; accommodations first-class. • nf\n MIOIIIOAN-AV.-SOME VERY PLEASANT I ill) room*. with flrst-olasa board. Rooma furnished and unfurnlaliod. 1 MK7 INDIANA-AV., CORNER OP TWENTY XUt) I thlrrt-«t.—Two nicely furnished front rooms to rent with board. ihQQ WABASH-AV.-A FURNISHED FRONT XUOO parlor and one single room, with board. T1 OQ MIoTnOAN.AV.-Tq RENT, B PLEASANT rooms, singly or on sulto, with board. IT 7/1 PRATRIE-AV.—VERY DESIRABLE FUR XX iTC nlshodrooms, with board; house has all tho conveniences; location very doslrnblo. ONE BLOCK FROM BTATF.-BT. OARS AND WITH- In 20 minutes’ walk of Oourl-Houao-To rout, to gun tloman and wlfo. with first-class board, In aprivnto fami ly, an elegant* alcove suite, sooond floor front, furnuhod If desired; roloronoosexchanged. Address Q 8, Irlbuuo ofllco. THE COTTAGE GROVE HOTEL IS NEWLY FUR nlihodi will bo oponod May 1; street oars, pass tho door; prices to suit tho times. West Side. rrA WEST VAN BUREN-ST.-APLEASANTROOM, I ‘Xwlth board, for two gentlemen; 6 o’clock dinner. QQ SOUTH MOROAN-BT.-A WELL FURNISHED OO room to rout, with first-class hoard, suitable for two gentlemen; houso haa all modern Improvement!. bp CKNTRE-AV.—SUITE OF PLEASANT FRONT OO roomswith board;modornlmprovomonU;oonvoa* lont to Htrool-can. • no south green-st., northeast corner U O of Monroe, furnished ami unfurnished rooms, with bonnl; also, dny boarders wanted. "I nrr WEST ADAMB-BT.—SEVEN OR EIGHT XV/ I boarders can bo accommodated with good board and comfortable rooma. Terms, $5 per week. TA ft WAUREN-AV.-A FURNISHED FRONT room. In a pleasant location, with first-class board, for two gentleman or a gentleman and wifo. ICC SOUTH 110YNE-BT.—NICELY FURNISHED XOcI cant or sooth front room, with board, in private family; bath and gss. mWEST IIARRIBON-BT.-2 GENTLEMEN CAN good board In a private family; a oomforiablo room on easy terms. QA Q FULTON-BT., NEAR MORGAN-BOARD- ZittO tag for two or three parsons la a private family, at meliorate rates. References exchanged; rooms furnished or unfurnished. - OQ fl WEST WASIIINOTON-BT.—TWO PARLORS £u\J and bod-rooms, wltb hot and cold water, newly papered and painted, to rout unfurnished, with board. non WEST WASHINGTON-ST. CORNER MAY— Furnished aloovo suite, with first-class board. QQ7 WEST RANDOLPH-ST. - NIOELY FUR- Ot7 I nlshcd front and back rooms to rent wltb board. Family associates. A AO WEST UANDOLPH-ST.—ELEGANTLY FUR nlshcd room for gentleman and lady, wltb board for lady only. C/f r» WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—BOARD AND tJuiU nlco room, with largo closet, on second floor. In private family. Oos, hot and cold water, eto. nt\P WEST MONROE-ST.—9 VERY NICE ROOMS, I UO with water, gas, and closets, with lirst-olsss board If desired; splendid neighborhood; charges mod

erate. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OCCUPYING A PLEAB - front room, first floor, on Wamn*av., near Jlornost., wishes an agreoabto roommate. Address 1. U. Box 262. North Side* 1 OR NORTH DEARBORN-ST.-NEW AND NICE- XiiO ly furnlshod or unfurnished rooms, suitable for ladles or gentlemen, with flrsFclass table-board. This la one of tho best locations in tbo city, being within easy walking distance of tho badness portion of tbo South Bide. Roforonoos exchanged. lOR NORTH DEARBORN-ST. FURNISHED front parlor, suitable for two gentlemen or gen tloman and lady, withllrst-olasa table board; references exchanged. FLEASANT ROOMS, FURNISHED AND UNFUR libbed, with good board, northwest corner noils and llinsdslc-ats., brick building. Country. /tOUNTRT BOARDING, THIRTY MILES FROM \J tho city, une of tbo most delightful locations In North ern Illinois, ou tho bank of a beautiful lake; iirat-olass board for first-class price; tho most desirable opportunity that will bo offered ibis season. Address U 83, Tribune otllco. tnxn*T CLAMS KUO.MS iIT Ut.NT, WtTIl liOAUU, X 1 two minutes' walk from depot. 13AAO L. HINDS, Hinsdalo. BOARD WAN TED. BOARD-FOR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND SlN glo gentleman, within 10 minutes 1 walk of Oakland station. Address .Ml, Tribune oltlco. BOAIID FOH THREE GENTLEMEN ON, THE West Hldo; broakfait and 13 o’clock dinner. Address, staling terms, 0 03, Tribuuo ollloa. BOARD-IN PRIVATE FAMILY, BY GENTLEMAN amlwifo; terms must bo moderate. Address, staling location, terms, and accommodations, K 83, Tribuuo otbco, BOARD-UY YOUNO GENTLEMAN, WITH SIN- Kle room, In a prlrato family, or wboro few other boarders aro Uopt; location on either Wabash or Mlohl gon-uvs. Address E UP, Tribune oitico. B* OARD-A YOUNG GENTLEMAN WISHES hoard in a privato family, without dinners, whoro tonne nro moderate. Address, giving lucntlou and price, T 80, Tribune ofllco. _ HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AS IT IS NOW AN ESTABLISHED FACT THAT 2CI and ‘XA Stato-st. is Ihu only reliable place In this city to bay or sell a Imrao or buggy, would only say that wo hare just received soma 230 head of fresh horses—woikors, roadston, and trotters—and plenty of room for ntoro, with lots of customers at thuirroal value. Nufoolislmcas. but business, and you that moan it come and see us. BRADLEY 4 WILLS. A FULL LINE CARRIAGES, PHAETONS, BUG gioe, Ac., from the boat manufacturers in tho country at rcosiinnbto prices, at 303 aud 385 West Ran dolph-st. G. L. BRADLEY. EOR SALIC—A TWO-SEATED, SHIFTING -SEAT, standing-top rockaway, in good order, nearly now: will bo sold luiV. Inquiry of BLAXSDELL 4 ALDRICH, 44 Pacillo-av, SALE-ONE HEAVY LUMBER WAGON, ONE X 1 single lumber wagon, ono sot double harness. Can bo soon at No. 69 Twemy-fourtb-at. IJIOR SALE—HORSES WEIGHING 1,400 AND I.COO X' lbs. each; fast brooding innro, $75; ami horses of all kinds ohoap. M. C. WILBUR 4 BRO., 137 Miohlgan-av. TJOR BALE-OHEAP-1 PHAETON BUGGY, I TOP X’ buggy with patent wheels, and 1 opon buggy. OSCAR FIELD, 42autl44Con|jroS8-at. I pOU SALE—A GENTLEMAN’S DRIVING HORSE, • and black horse, safo for lady to drive; also single and double harness, top buggy, and light carriage: prop erty of Dr. John Davies, deceased. Inquire P. H. MORGAN, 90 Wolnut-st. IjlOR BALE—THE FINEST SHETLAND PONY IN J] this city (very small) suitable for small children, with carriage, slolgb. harness, bridle, saddle, blankets, and complete rig. inquire at 245 West Washington-st., cor nor Sangamon.' I POR SALE-ONE FIRST-CLASS OPEN BUGGY, * li seat, cheap, at IPO) Stato-st. FOR SALE-LIGHT AND HEAVY EXPRESS AND delivery wagons, of all kinds; also, 2 second-hand express wagons, cheap, at 201 South Oanal-st. Irion SALE-SEVERAL GOOD HORSES, CHEAP. } Apply at mill on MUoboll-st., between Lumbor-st. and Btowart-av. TtOR BALE-TUB CELEBRATED TROTTING X' Klalllon Heart of Oak; several fine trotters and paoora. ACKERMAN, 63 Kldrldgo-oourt. ITtOR SALE—HORSE AND PIIAF.TON, A HAND- X 1 some rig; the owner going to Europe, will take In ozcliungo real ostato. Apply basement 77 South Clark at., from 12 to I. SEVERAL HUNDRED HORSES WANTED FOR Now York nmrkot, from 1,100 to 1,600 pounds, and from 6to 0 years old. They must bo in good condition. BHUHLEiN 4 CLARK, StabluslM Stato, noar Mouroo. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE NICE LOTS IN Hi ving Park for good burso and buggy. L. INGLE DEW, ll3?LaSaUo-Bt., Room 17 Bryan 81u0k.7 TirANTRD SECOND • HAND SHIFTING-TOP, JJI, IH WANTED— IMMEDIATELY, 60 , TEAMS. BIG pay. A years’ steady work. Apply alter 12 o'clock at Room 3, 36 North Cannl-st. C*l n K—HORSE, BUGGY, AND HARNESS-HORSE iJ)X |u a ♦'pacers" child or lady could drlvo him; not afraid of oars. 233 Calmunt-av. TO LEASE. a tO LEASE-LOT 80X300 FEET DEEP, CORNER . Carrul-st. River. Root $3,000 without lores. Luasu two or throe yuan. Apply to W. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 141 Laßallo-sL, Otis Block, fpO LEASE-DOCK LOT IN FEET ON RIVER, X lust north of Twonty-scoond-st. bridge, and now oc cupied by Daniel Hoyle as a coal-yard. Apply In base ment, northeast Corner of MadUon aud Doarboru-sta. ritOLEASE-A RUSINESS LOT ON OANAL-ST., FOR X any (lino, at a bargain. Call on the owner at 73 and 74 Duaruom-at. O. J. BTOUGH. TO LEASE—ON LONG TIME-THREE BUILDING lets on Erle-st., between Hoynu and Robey; £6O a year 5 nu laves. Also live lots oast of Douglas Park. Apply toF.R. WILSON, 77 South Clark-st., from 12tol. r LEASE-DOCK LOTS, 1(X) FEET 7 AT KART END of Erle-st. bridge. GOOKINS i ROBERTS, 80 Washlugttm-st. . TO LEASE-DOCK AT BRIDGEPORT (DIO FEET X may bo loused In parcels): railroad facilities: immedi ate possession. Apply to S. BOIIOENEMAN, corner of Archer-ay. and Snft-st. _ AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-to sell our new button. Holo Cutter and Noodle-Threading Thlmblo. Agents clear SBO per day. 1/J East Madlson at., Room 6. Agents "wanted—good* canvassers are making $lO to sl2 a day with my goods: every article Is as staplo as Ilnur, Particulars (roo, A. M, LINING TON, 177 East Madlson-st., Chicago. Agents wanted-oity and country, for . Howltt'a Ruling, polishing, and band Iron j patented 1873; good pay; solllng fast, lit) East Madlson-st. AGENTS WANTED—THROUGHOUT THE COUN JV try to handle goods that noil readily everywhere: sam ples (roc, ami $6 to sl3 « day guaranteed. MERRILL A UQ.,W Wo«tUke-»l. WANTED—MALE HELP. Bookkoepors, Glories. Etc. WRANTED-BY A PHILADELPHIA HOSIERY, r» nollon, and white goods jobblng.houso—A llrst-eloss traveling salesman acquainted with tho .business, and hating an established tradu. Address, slating amount ami loeatjorj of trade, experience, etc.. COX. bMITH A WANTED - A DRUG AND PRESCRIPTION t r clerk. Apply between 10 a. m. and 3n. m, Wodnoa* day orThorsday, at Room 0, 188 East Madfsoo-st. TATANTED—A GOOD CLERK UOR A CLOTHING tv stores one that sneaks tho Ocnuan and Swedish languages. H. MAHOUB. 85 Boat Cliloago-av. Tvnftoa* WANTRD-A IIARNttSB-MAICRR. APPLY AT VV .IOHEPII STOCKTON A CO.’S, 229 and 1131 Mar* TAT A NTKD—FIRST-CLA BH WOODOARVERB, AT VV F. BARKER'S—Benedict's Mills—corner Oroonond Klu*lO-fllS. WANTED SEVERAL FIUST-GLARR UPHOL VV storora, immediately, atSAMPSON, GILBERT A CCVB. 867 and 269 Wuhaah-av. * . WANTED-A OO'OO'UARDKR. 276 WEST KIN WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE IRONKU. m None other nood apply at 418 West Lako-st. O. STONE, WANTED-FIRST-OLASB CYLINDER FEEDERS; VV also. Gordon feeders. J. W. DEAN, Printers’Ex change, No. 7 Trlbnne Building. WANTED-FOUR GOOD CARP ENTERS, AT SHOP VV In roar of 616 Wabash-ar. OAHU A BARTLETT. WANTED— A CYLINDER PRESSMAN WHO UN" dorstands running an otiglnn. Apply to FRANKLIN CO., 160 South Olark-st., fourth lloor. ■ ~ ■ WANTED-A GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTER AT 1063 Htato-st. WANTED— 10 PAINTERS AND CALOIMINERS, AT WILLIKEN’S, lUB Twenty-thlrd-st. WANTED-A GOOD JOB TINNER. THIS MORN- Ing at 8 o’clock; at ahop rear 101 West Madlson-st. W, H. BRIDGES. WANTED— CARPENTERS—AT 47 LaSALLE-ST. P^ H. CONDON. WANTED— EXPERIENCED GORDON PRESS feeder; steady work. Q. B. IIICIIARD3OH, 74 East Madlson-st. * WANTKD-ONE GORDON OYLINDER FEEDER. 344 and 240 llllnols-st. \XTANTED-10 OR 15 CARPENTERS ON NEW YV building foot of Loomls-st. WANTED-A BOY WITH A KNOWLEDGE OF sign writing. Steady work. Apply at J. MoDBR MOTTA CO.’S, 103 East Monroo-at. •\\rANTKD-A FIRST-CLASS OAKE-BAKER. AT W 199 Bluo Island-av. WANTED —AT 891 BTATE-BT., 8 CARRIAGE painters. Apply to 0. MONINOER.- WANTED-A GOOD PRE3BBIAN TO WORK ON custom pants: a good man will bavo stead; employ* moat. Address 141 West Van Buron-st., np-stalra. W* ANTED-FOUR PLUMBERS AT V. A. REED’S. 929WestLoko-st., whoro you soo tbo flag; call before 8. WANTKD-A GOOD CARPENTER TO GO EIGHT YY miles fn the country; two months work: good pay. Call at9lß Mouth Stato-st., from Uto 4. WANTED— PLUMBER, OR A YOUNG MAN 8 OR 4 years at tho business, at 1223 Stato-st. \\T ANTED A GOOD PAPER-HANGER, THIS VV morning. Call at CM West Washington-st. WANTED-A GOOD BARBER AT 787 WABABH YV av. THOMAS BRADY. WANTED— FIVE GOOD PAINTERS AND CALBO - Steady work; good pay. 163BouthMor gan-at. ' WANTED-AT ONOB-TWO GOOD CABlNET makers; steady job. Apply between 12 and2at32 West Washlngten-st. WANTED-AN APPRENTICE TO LEARN OAR rlago painting. 176 West Adams-st. WANTED— GOOD COAT-MAKERB TO GO TOTIIE country. Inquire of 11. A. KUHN A BROS., 10, 12, and 14 Lako-st. WANTED-FKED-BOY AND CYLINDER PREB3- man. BASSETT,.BUSH A MITCHELL, 12 and 14 LaSnllc-st. Coachmen, Teamsters, &o. ■WANTED-A COACHMAN AT 801 OHIO-ST. ONE YY who can make himself useful. Roforonoos required. Miso oil ano oaa< WANTED-MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY, and State, to soil our now bntton-holo cutter and noodle-threading thlmhlo. Agents that wish tho goods will save money and time by buying diroot of tho manu facturers, otW East Madlson-st., Room 6. WANTED—SEVER AL FIRST-CLASS SEWING VV machine men to travel, settling agents' accounts,. Ao. Good men, good salary. Address 07, Tribune office. WANTRD-THREE OR FOUR ACTIVE MEN TO sell a book needed by every one. particularly just now, and soils at sight. Apply te 11. R. THOMPSON A CO.. 499 Wabssh-av. WANTED-A FEW SMART MEN TO CANVASS YY (or tbo "Now York Citizen and Round Table." Two splendid premium chromes givonawoy to each subscriber. From 810 to $25 made easily dally. J. SMITH, Citizen Branch office, 70 Doorbom-st., Room 19. WANTED— 100 RAILROAD LABORERS FOR Wis consin: 83.20 per day; free faro; 25 farm hands; 100 wooduhoppors. ANGELL A COAKER, 21 West Itan dolph-st. W' ANTED-A YOUNG MAN, BETWEEN THE AGE of IG and 20, to make lilmaolf generally useful. Ap ply with written communication at 637 Lako-st. W"ANTED-A MAN, 26 OR 80 YEARS OP AGE. TO YV take caro of nn invalid gentleman; must bo nblo lo rend well, und have goou luferom-ua. Addrsw K. E), Tribune olfico. WAKTED-A BOY THAT UNDERSTANDS PHO- Yt togrnph printing, and can make himself generally nsoful, at 122 West Madlson-st. WANTED-BY G. HAWLEY 4 CO., MeGREGOR, lowa, a llrst-olasa carriage trimmer at onco. ANTED-20“FAUM.IIAND3 AND 6 QUARRY men In Illinois: 6 men for cltywork; also, 1 coach man. 123 North Wolis-st. WANTED-CANVASSERS-READY NOW, OUR Vr throad-cuttrrs for Singer, Howe, Weed, Whoolor4 Wilson machines; our spooler winds perfect bobbins In ouo-quartorr.f a mlimto \ spool-holder soiling well; good profits to agents. 173 East MadUon-st., Room 15. ' WANTED— 25 MEN FOR THE CITY, if 1.75 PER day. and farm hands at $26 par month and board. 8. MATIIISUN, 63 West IlauaoTpn-st., Room 3. WANTED-A TIDY OFFICE BOY AT $3 PER week. Apply at Room 2, i'lfth-av. ACTIVITmaN WITH $75, TO TAKH charge of on ollice; also coachman, teamster, ami porter, at 1U South Clintou-st. WANTED-TO LEAVE THIS DAY, M SAWMILL laborers; wages from $Cd upwanls, and board: faro furnished. CHRISTIAN 4 RING, No. I South Clark, or 101 South Caimi-st. ■\ATANTKD—GOOD, ACTIVE MEN, READY FOR VY business, to call on or address JONES 4 CO., 71 South Can&l-st. SBO to S7O a week oasily cleared. WANTKD-600 RAILROAD MEN FOR A NEW road, wages $1.76: board $3 to $3.76 por woek. Plen ty of station work at liberal prices. Also, 100 choppers, 60 farm hands, and 10 saw-mill hands. Apply for particular* and transportation, to CHRISTIAN 4 BING, No. 1 South Clurk-at., or Ml Sooth Canal. WANTED-A DELIVERY-MAN, AT 430 STATE YY st. Must bo acciualntod with streets on South Side. W“ ANTED-A MAN TO DO CHORES AND BUILD fires about a restaurant. 81 Clark-st. • WANTED-A YOUNG MAN AT 283 STATE-ST. up-stairs, at 7 a. m. WANTED— EARLY THIS MORNING. 10 SAWMILL hands for Wisconsin: must loavo bolero noun. Cali at 29 Wust Madisou-st. SHAW 4 WILSON. WANTED TWO GOOD HOSTLERS AT THE Northwestern Stables, 500 Mtchigaa-st. WANTED— 600 MORE MEN FOR RAILROADS IN Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio; company work ; froo faro. Apply to HJURTII4 CO., 210 South Water-st., or SO North (Jaual. ■WANTED—WAITER TO WAIT DINNERS ONLY. YV at Bennett's Dining Rooms, rear No. 83 South Water-st. WANTED- 200 RAILROAD LABORERS FOR Vi Michigan and Indiana, farm and saw-mill bands. Free faro. Apply to 0. V. SNELL, 259 East Randolph st., Lind’s Block, Room 4. WANTED— 76 MORE RAILROAD LABORERS AND Id teams; good wages anti free faro. Apply to A. ANDERSON 4 CO.. 15 South Canal-si. LOST. 1' OST-ON SUNDAY EVENING LAST, EITHER J on Wnrrun-av., between Oakley mid Linooln-sls., or on Lincoln, between Warron-av, and Erio-at.. a small rod pookot book, containing SSo in currency, and a fow news paper scraps. Tho finder will doubtless bo glad to learn that It belongs to Mrs. T. 7,. Cowles, No. 6bo Most Erio at., and that it may bo loft at tho Tribune ofiloo, whoro a suitable reward will be paid for Its return. T OST-ON 23D INST., BETWEEN TWELFTH AND j j Washington-st*., by way of Clark, Harrison, and LnSallo-stu., ono heavy box, containing .parts of un en gine, marked J. J. S. Wilson, Chicago; the finder will bo suitably rewarded by dolivoring to Wostorn Union Tele graph Company, orJ.J.B. Wilson, corner Washington anaLaSallo-sta. T OST—S6O REWARD, AND NO QUESTIONS J j asked, for Uio return to tho ollice of Andorsou’s Ho tel, the bank book, railroad tickets, and papers lost on tbo morning of tho ftHh of Aprl*. Papers and tickets are no n«o to anybody but owner, os payment has boon stopped. IOST-ON WEST WASHINGTON'S? 1 .. WBDNISS- J day, between 10 and 11 a. in., a Indy's nand-satchol. Tho finder will bo suitably rewarded by culling or Bond ing word to 823 Woat Madlson-st. MKUUD A LOCKE. IORT—A LE ATHKU-TOP SIDE-SPRING CONCORD J buggy, painted dark-areon. patent whools, near shaft /r.ioliiroj; nlio Imrnou. T<oll(r KLMISR WASUUUUN, Qonural Suporintondont of Police. Lost— Tuesday, on Randolph or clark-st. cam, or in Lincoln Park, ono oar-ring. Will pay far roturn to Jollut Iron and Stool Company, 61 Washington. LOST— $6 REWARD-AN ISLE OF SKYE TERRI PR dog; answers to tho name of Tommy 5 when lost had on a collar with small boll attached. Any parson return ing tUn same to 663 BiUturilold-sl., will receive tho abovo toward. No questions asked, LOST-A LONG LEATHER POOKET-UOOK. CON talnlng nearly $225, on Madlson-st., between Clark and Canal. Tho tinder will be liberally rewarded by ro turning samo to IB and 60 Wabash-av. MISLAID-APRIL 23. AN OLD MAP OF COOK County, edition of 1872. By returning tho samo toW. 11. SALMON. Room 24, 111! South Glark-at., tho finder will confer a liivorand bo sultably rewarded. STT^EWARD—LOST—A MEMORANDUM BOOK, «j)tJ containing soma papers of no valno to any one but tn» owner. The Under will receive $6 by leaving ll at SCO South Clark-at. RKWARD-JAMEB KAIN.ITYKAUS OF AGE, tall, slim, light oornploslou,black htir closo cut, blue eyes, no beard, lilack broadcloth suit, tail blue cap, no collar or nook!lu; clothes too small*, talks little; drinks moderately: 110 apparent trade; says ho has amuthurln Chicago, loft my employ at U o’clock with ait old black poekoibonk, rubber Land, containing sloo‘countor money, ■lx $6 bills, balance In $1 and $2. Twenty-llvo dollai-s re ward for tho money end man. M. WESTBROOK, 43 West Mndlson-st. eO/Vf| REWARD—X WILL PAY THE ABOVE JJpOv/U reward and no question* asked for tho return of gold watch and chain, locket, and pencil taken from Room Nu. 405, Sherman House, Saturday night, April 23. Address X Y /, Shoniinn House. DIVORCES. Divoroiir-leoally obtained-fek after decree. Scandal avoided. Nino years' practice In the courts of Chicago. Address P. O. Box HOT. NO DIVORCE, NO FEE-DIVORCES LEGALLY obtained for causes: «U law business attended to. Room 3, 347 South Ulark-sl. Inclose stamp. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics* WANTED-TWO COMPETENT GIRLS TO COOK, VT wash, andlnms wagrs, l»4. Inquire at 443 Cottage Ornto-at. Gorman or liohouilan preferred. I’laou on Wabnali-at., near Twonty-Blxth-st. WANTED— A filllfi TO 1)6 OKNRRAIj UOUBR. __ work In ft family of two. Inquire at 47 torost-av. W" ANTED—A GOOD COOK, NO SV ASHING, AT DU Illlnolsst. Fitlf wngoß paid. »• WANTKD-A COMI’KTKNT GUUi TO COOK, TT Wft»h anil Iron. Wjiko»s4. Apply nt -ICO Mlchlgftti-ftv. WANTKD“-'wf KniHT CIiASS'IToUSK HRUVANTH, cooks, second girls, Ac. Apply to AIUS. HOOT, 1P55 Slnto-st. No fees. W 7 . ANTED-A UICHMAN 01RL TO COOK. WASH. • f ami Iran, In a privain family; nnno but a competent poraon tioot! Apply. 431 Wo*t <)acbion>it. WANTED— SERVANT GIRL, SWEDE OR NOR woglan, at KH West Monroo-at. a good - girlT~ TO DO GENERAL bousoworklnafamllyof throo: Unlit work and good p«y to e Bond girl. Apply at etoro 203 West Madlson-st., or liousotl Warron-av. to-day. WANTICU--A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL work. Inn family of throo ponon*, wlioro a sooond girl Is kept. Apply with roforonoos at 79 Vlnconnos-av. TM"ANTED— AT 63 SOUTH IIOVNR-BT., A NEAT YY Rlrl to do Iho general housework In a small family s must bo a good cook, washor and ironor. No Irish nood , apply. W* ANTED-A GERMAN GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework In a private family, at 789 Monmo-st. NT KIlIa"6 BUMA n“h : WED lIIITOR*NORW E- Vt elan girl about 16 years old, to do sooond work. Ap ply at 1167 Wabiiah-av. WANTED-A GOOD RELIABLE OIRL TO DO general housework; must bo a good waabor and Ironor. No Irish nood apply. 46 Rush-sc., near Indiana. WANTED— A STRONG OIRL (ENGLISH PUE fecrcd) to assist in general work In an English fam ily. Apply at 209 South Cllnton-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK AND WASH FOR n family of throo. Call during foronoon or ovonlug, at 1025 Wabaab-av. •\ATANTED-AT WABHINOTON-AV., A YOUNG YY girl (not Irish), to care for ohildron and work about house. - WANTED— IN SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A girl to cook, wash and IroniOormau, Swede, or Norwegian preferred. 1231 Pralrlo-av., noar Twenty •lxtb-nt. WANTED-A GOOD LAUNDRESS; ALSO, A GIRL to assist in tho kitebon. Apply at 83 South Mor g.m-at, . WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Apply for two days at 176 Third-ay. WANTED A FIRST-CLASS EXPERIENCED cook; no wishing or Ironing to do; nono but such as can got up a good moal need apply. Call at 114 Cain mot-av. WANTED— TWO DINING-ROOM GIRLS FOR A first-class restaurant. {Apply at 426 West Vanßu ron-st. WANTED-AT 183 TWENTY-NINTH-ST., A YOUNG Gorman girl, or Scandinavian, to wait on tabloand assist in general housework; references required. X\T ANTED—A FIUST-OLAKS SECOND-GIRL FOR YY Evanston. Also, cooks for city and country. MRS. WHITTAKER, 266 Ohlcngo-av. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work; must bo a good cook, and well recommended. Apply immediately at 133 Klllsav., south of Wahpansch. WANTED -THREE KITCHEN OIRI.S AT TUB Ogdon Houso. Como ready for work. WANTED-AT 61 NORTH OARPENTER-ST., IN A private family, a girl to tako caro of children and do second work. ■ ■WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL Vi housework; German, French, or Scandinavian pre ferred. Cull between tho hours of 3 ond 6, at 413 West Monmo-st. XKJ ANTED—TWO DINING-ROOM GIRLS, CHAM- Y» burtnaids, and good girls will: roforonoos for gem era!housework, at 92 South 011nton.«t. "WANTED-AT THE EXOKLSIOR EMPLOYMENT IT Olllco, good girls for all kinds of housework. Call early In morning. WANTED— GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work. 700 West Monroo-at. WANTED-A QIRL'TO TAKE CARE OF A BABY, YV abl99 Blue Island-nv. "IjrANTEU—CHAMBERMAID AND DINING-ROOM YY girls for country hotel; also, girls for olty, at Mrs, THOMPSON'S OUlco, 1000 Slato-st. WANTED-AT 199 WEST WASHINGTON-ST., A good dining-room girl. Call In tho basement. antedwT gi tuTtoTd6“ general nousn work Irtasmall private family, Oortnanor Bwodo; must bo a good oook; liberal wages will bo paid. Call at once, at 433 Mlohlgan-av. WANTED—ONE FIRST-CLASS COOK AND ONE YY laundry girl. Apply, with references, at 838 West Washington-st. WANTED— AT 119 SOUTH OUEEN-ST., ONE GIRL that understands general housework; come early prepared to stay. WANIED-AT DBBWABAHU-AV.. A GIRL TO DO dining-room work; ono that is willing to make her self generally useful. "WANTED-A GOOD SECOND GIRL WITH REF iV oroncos; can gel a good place to-day at 607 Wa basb-av. Milliner St •\\rANTED~TWO FIRST-OLABS TRIMMERS, BY V> MADAME KUEBSNER, 859 Stato-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS MILLINER AND dressmaker at 195 West Madlson-st. Beamstressosi WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKER; A lady possessing good taste und experience fn cutting ond fitting will bo liberally dealt with. Address, giving references and past experience, J 69, Tribune office. at YY HOTOHKIN. PALMER 4 CO.. 137 and 189 Stato-st. WANTED-BEVEHALGOOD CLOAK AND DRESS >» makers. Apply at «tera. BIOICERTON A JISF FKRY, 80 East washlngfon-Bt., two doors cast of Stato-st. WANTED-5 EXPERIENCED RONNKTMAKISUS. Those not accustomed to first-olas* work nood not ap ply. D. WEIiHTKU 4 CO., 273 ami 373 Wabash-av. Laundresses. WANTED— FIRST-GLASS SHIUT-IUONI'RS. AP plyat Boston Lauudry, 737 South Stato-st. _____ WAKTED-A” AT Vr Johnstone House, cur. Dcsplalncs and Madlson-sta. TO WORK >i on jil-jcj-work. Apply immediately at laundry, 100 Eust Madlson-st. XIoUSokoODOTS. WANTED -HOUSEKEEPER FOR WIDOWER, with one child, in country. No objection to a mi* man with a child. Apply at airs. THOMPSON'S, 10CO 8:ato-at. MinooUouoons. XIfANTED-A SWEDISH SALESWOMAN IN A V ? dry goods store, who can apeak English nud has been In the fuisiuoaa before. Rofovcacoa required. Call on E. J. BERNSTEIN 4 BERKHON, 289 East Uivluion-Bt, PARTNERS WANTED. IDARTNER WANTED—IN A BUSINESS FOUR .L years established and paying a fair profit: onoablo to keen bunks and attend to otllco business preferred; cash required, $2,000. E. N. HOPKINS. Roomß, No. 77Wcst Mudison-st. -UARTNBR WANTED—EITHER ACTIVE OR BPK- X cial, with about $1(1.030, to join tho subscribors (whe have on equal nmnum) in a sate, profitable, and legiti mate jobbing basinets. A 1 rofuronces given and re qulrod. Address B 85, Tribune offloo. ' -PARTNER WANTED-A liADY WITH $9,000 CAN X find a good chnnoo to invest as partner in an estab lished business on Stato-st. A good homo in tho family is ottered ono having suitable rotercncos. Address E64, Tribune otlico. PARTNER WANTED—WITH FROM SIO,OOO TO X $15,C00 to Join the advertiser in bmiug out a first class hardware establishment, in which Ip* ban had sovoral years’ Axiterlonco, tho present owners Iniomiiug to retire from the business. Nona but those moaning business need apply. Fur particulars and references, address HARDWARE, Drnwora.3l2, Quincy. 111. 1 PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE AN INTEREST . In tho stock and trade, or real estate, of a No. 1 mer chant mill. Address WILLIAMS 4 FUIIMAN, Laolodo, Linn Oimnty, Rio. "PARTNER WANTED-A SINGLE MAN WITH X a email capital, in a boarding stable, immediately. Call rear of 310 Palumot-av. TJARTNKU WANTED—AJPARTY WITH SI,OOO TO X join the advertiser in a fine and in ovory way first class hotel a low miles from tho city, and a splendid summer resort. Will par 10 per cent on half above amount. Address K 79, Tribune olSco. PARTNER WANTED—SILENT PREFERRED— with aboutsl,2oo, Inn good paying manufacturing business already established. with work under contract. SISOO down, balance If needed to pay labor. A capital In vestment. Address K 76, Tribune otllco. 13AllTNER WANTED—IN A LEGITIMATE OFFICE X buslnoes clearing sl2,oooper year; SS(X) capital ro* good buslnosa man wanted. 119 Dearborns!., WaUTNER WANTED—WITH $20,000 CASH, IN AN X established wholesale house doing a successful busi ness. A llrst-olasi chance ottered. Address, forfidays, 1112. Tribune ollice. T)ARTNKU WANTED—A GOOD OPPORTUNITY X for a business man, with $1,600. to loin In tho manu facture of an article used by every family. Inquire at 82 Woat Washing ton-st. l 5 ARTNEU WANTED—WITH #2,000T0 S6,OOOOARH, X toslnrtdrygoodsorgrocory; one of tho boat comers on South Side 5 rent (roo. Address J 76, Tribune otlico. PARTNER WANTED—WITH PROM $4,000 TO $6,000 cash, lu a tirst-clasa mauufaoturing business, well os tnbllshod. Ready talo (or goods ut good margins. A good chance for a business man with tho abovo amount. Call at 72 East Adanm-at. TjAIITNER WANTED—A SMART MAN. WITH X highest testimonials, to join mo In (ho boat paying business Unit will bn ollored In Chicago this year. Party will need about $1.600. Address T 82, Tribune utllco. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. At private sale-at m west adambkt. furniture, carpels, crockery, kitchen furniture etc, li~KUKSSNi:U,IiIANUbTUTUItEiI AND DEALER X' . In furniture, mattresses, etc., IVJ East Eighteenth at., near State. Flue upholstering made now and re paired. Hair mattresses made U» order. Furniture var nished on short notice. P*" ARTIES HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS TO BUY or sell for cash will do well to cull on I J, 740 West Madison at. T> ARTIES HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS ON J. inorchandlso of any kind for sale will find a cash pur chaser by addressing W 62, Tribune cilice. \\rANTED-HLACK WALNUT MARBLE-TOP I? chambersol: muHthulnueed order and a bargain; ■tato price and where it can to seen j cash- Address J. L. It., Tribune olden. SEWING MACHINES. Grover a baker’s skwino-maohineh-gen oral otlloo, 150 Statual,; branch olHcu, 1)73 Wabash av. Persons having old Urovnr A llakor sowing-machines are Invited to call and sou the now Improvements, and hoar something to their advantage. WHEELER A WILSON SEWING MACHINES, the now improved sold or rented on easy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY. City Aponte, oilioe, 838 West Madlsoustt. *, will reiuuvu about Way L 13711. to 165 Stale st INSTRUCTION. \\rANTED-BY A LADY ACCUSTOMED TO TUI V? tloa, a few nnpiU In music, French, and Gorman. Highest references. Inquire at 726 Mleulgun-av., be* tween the hours o! 8 and ip. m. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Booldcoopors* Glories* fto* CITUATION WANTED—A THOROUGHLY COM* Q potent bookkeeper doslros anongagomont from let of May. City references. UW, Ttribuno office. HOOK* p keeper has a few clnya of tho wook to spare, and odors tils sorvloos (o thoso business men who cannot engage n bookkeeper for themselves alone. Bonks In disorder will ho oarolnliy regulated. Boforoncos oau bo glvon. Ad* drcaa O. A. OHRIHIEN, H3 Cblcago-av.. third lloor. ■itUATION VVANTKD-AH RIIIPPJNG CLERIC BY > a young man with llrat-olaas roforsnoos. Address Fl* rlbuno olllco. SITUATION WANTFJJ—I WILL GIVE $25 TO S6O TO any person who will furnish mo with steady employ* mont In office, watchman, or mitaldo biialnosa. Write a fair hand, correct at (Inures, and have knowledge i f bookkeeping. Can furnish Rood city roforonooi* Address C 20, Tribuno office. SITUATION WANTED—HOOKA OPENED AND O closed, accounts adjusted, posting by day, wook or month at roodoratu charge. Address M n Tribuno office. SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPEITon oaahlor, by a young man of two yearn’ experience In thin oily, Ileforunco Riven to former employers. Address A II O. 01 Milwaukoo-nv. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN AS traveling aaloirnsn, that understands tho wholesale srnoqry business; roforcncos hrst-class, Address Q 37, Tribune nflloo. SITUATION WANTED—A PARTY HAVING LONG nxporlonoo in Liverpool Importing grain and pro* vision houses, wishes a situation as salesman and assist* ant bookkeeper or oashlor; accustomed to travel. High* ent roforonco ns to ohnrsolor and ability.. Address O US,' Tribun office. ■ ' ’ ■ ■ SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT DRUG and prescript Inn clerk, who is conversant-with English and German. Address DRUGS, Tribune olllco. Trodos. SITUATION WANTED-DY A YOUNG ENGLISH* man, as miller; has had seven years' experience: will. Ingtowork; can llguro and write well. Address K 113, Tribuno olllco. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS TINi copper, add shoot-iron workman, In the city or coun try. Address M 6C, Tribuno olllco. ~ ■ Coaolunori. Toamßtora. &o. SITUATIONS WANTED —BY MAN AND WIFE AS ouaohman and cook; have long experience; best city roforonco. Address LIOO, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED —AS COACHMAN OR groom by an English stableman, with good references. Address O IH, Tribuno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RIDING MASTER (lato of tho Groat Western Riding School, London), so 8 room and coachman; can break, teach ladles to rldo or rive, and thoroughly understands tbo caro of bones. Address KBO, Tribune office, SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN O (Swodo) as first-class coachman: lias had several years’ oiporlonco; of aohor and steady habits: la not afraid to work: heat of roforoncca. Please address W 61, Trlbuno olfleo. Misoollanoonfli SITUATION WANTED—A VOUNO MAN JUST p from Europe, ao(iaaintod with French, Spanish, and Italian languages, desires to obtain any position la tbo city, either commercial or private business. Address II 77, Tribune olfleo. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GENTLEMEN, AGED 28, any kind of employment j unozooptlonablo refer, oncos: bos capital to invest, if required. Address Y 69, Trlbano. , SITUATION WANTED -AS GARDENER , AND coaobroan; good references. Address lU9 Dos plalnoast. • SITUATION WANTED—AS CASHIER IN A RES* taurantor confoctlonory; can glvo good roferonoos. Address, 2 days. F 7. Tribune oHlco. SITUATIONS "WANTED—FEMALE Domoatios. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY SOME OF THE BEST cooks and chambermaids in tho city, on thn lakes. . Captains, If yon give our olfleo ono trial you will always continue to patronize ns. Satisfaction guaranteed. Ho* tols, restaurants, laundries, boarding and private houses aro invited to glvo us a call, as wo work to the latorosts of each and overy one. Wo furnish Urst-class fomalo help, with roferonoos, to all branches of business. MBS. POTTER can bo found at No. 5 West Madlson-st. W. A. REDDY, Branch office, 126 West Monroo-at. Star Employment Olfleo. " SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE Protoatant woman, as chambermaid In a private fam* lly; can bo soon (or a low days. Inquire at 636 West Six* tcenth-st. SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE girl, for general housework In a private family, or soooud work in a respectable private boardieg-houso. Call at No. 13 Liborty-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A NORWEGIAN GIRL, in a private family, as scooud girl: know how to taka oaro of children. Apply to Mrs. JIIANSON, 145 West„ up-stalrs. ■ SITUATION WANTED —BY A YOUNG GIRL (Protestant), toassistln housework or takecaro ol children; bostol roforoncca. Addroaa Z 76, Tribune of fice. , SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-GLASS COOK In hotel or first-class boardlng-houao. None but tboas that will pay good wages need apply, at HOW. Monroo-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO WASH and Iron or to do second work; Woet Bldo preferred. Apply at 263 Arohor-av. Situations'* wanted-for all kinds op fk. maloholp: 25 bouso-cloanors onliand. Apply early to MRS. ROOT (formerly Mrs. Fatah), 1665 Stato-at. CITUATION wanted-in a private family 010 do laundry work by a competent Swede girl. Gall at Bio Thompson-st. SITUATION WANTED —BY TWO RELIABLE girls; one as kitchen girl, tho other ns aocond; good roforonooa. Apply at 137 Buttorflold-at. _______ CITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD COOK, O washer, and Ironor, In a private family. Apply this morning at 668 Mloblgan-av. • SITUATION WANTED-IN A FIRST-OLASS PRl vato family, an American Protestant girl os cook, and second girl In eamo place: boat city reference. Oadl at 118 Burnsldc-at., betwoon Sixteenth and Sovontootb. SITUATION WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE Bid to do second work or general housework In a small private family; host of roforcnco. Ploaso call at 261 Twon tloth-at., upstairs, South Sldo. Situations wantkd-for some of the best girls in the city. Groat Western Business Exchange, corner West Washington and Unionists. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do aocond or gouorsl housework. Apply for two days at 119 Ontarlo-at. Soamstroißoa. SITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS seamstress to do family sowing; good references given. Address Q2l>, Trtbuno office. Wnrsoa. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED nurse to tnko caro of a baby or small children. Apply at 74 Sholto-st. ’ Houßolioouorß. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT PROT. ostnnt woman as housekeeper in a private family; widower's family preferred; beat of roforouecs givon. For particulars address U 1, Tribune ofllpo. MISCELLANEOUS. /10LONY—WANTED. A FEW MORE MEMBERS V_/ for Array and Navy Colony. Coma and soo us at onoo. Wonrosending members. Free homos for all.’ 11. B. STEVENS, Secretary, 163 Madlsmi-st., Room a. ABU~PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending a lottos to I. OELDKR, Loan Oflloo, Bet Stato-et. Tv J. GALLERY A CO.. TEAMSTERS; FURNI turo moved; good, careful men always on baud at 43 South Markot-at. __ LUMBERr-WE WANT TO BUY A COUNTRY LUM bor yard, whoro 2,000,000 or 3.000,000 foot of lumber can bo sold per annum; any one In Illinois having *«ch ft l ?®?’ tion can tind a oa»U customer by addressing HANNAH, LYMAN A CO., fcO Mala-at., Chicago. 111. MISS HAAS, FIRST-CLASS NURSE, HAS RE tamed from Sun Irauolsoo, Cal. 1030 Wabash-av Mrs. boroheut, french dress and cloak Making, 107 Chlcago-av.. corner Wollft-st. nniE PARTNERSHIP y lIERIITOFURE EXiSTINO X under the mine of A. Hubacok A Co., at 440 South Ca nol-st., lias this day boon dissolved by mutual consent. Mr. Andrew llubacck will settle all lUblUllos and collect nil debts duo to said llrm. ANDREW UUBACEK, J. P. ZAUKK, MATHEWS HUBACEK. WANTED-M0 MEN WITH 810 AND UPWARDS TO Invest In roal-ostnto. 178 Stato-et., Room 12» WANTED-CONTR ACTOR TO BUILD TWO BRIOK stores for adjoinlnc properly; also, two cottages. J.* H. IHSSELL, 45 Bryan Block. WANTED-TO PURCHASE—A GENERAL STOCK of merchandise, stoves, hardware, Ac., In exchange for a small farm, well improved, ouo hour from Chicago, ■ml valuable farming laud near Laming, Mioh., oloso to railroad. Address K 84, Trtbuno olheo. WANTED— A STANDING-DESK ABOUT 8 FEET long. Address K 81, Tribune office. WANTED - TO TEAMSTERS AND CONTRAO tors—Estimates on excavation. Apply at 131 MU* waukoo-av. *\\rANTED— OFFIOIS FIXTURES, BOOKKEEPER’S Vt dosk, and BULKS, GOLDY A MoMAHAN, 45 La Sallo at. WANTED-TO BUY OUT FOR CABII-THB ■took in trade of a well-located grocery put*lcle of Chicago. Address, with particulars, J. I*. CAMPBELL, No. 4& West Madlaon-st. WANTED— A GOOD OFFICE DESK. 0. J. ADAMS, Itoom IdUrj'ftQ Block. WANTED—A GOOD LAWYER TO OCCUPY JOINT- V Y ly with mo a tlrst-olaia otlico la poarborn Building. J. P. ATWOOD. WANTED— TO BUY, A SHOW-CASE; MUST BE aheap for cash. Apply, to-day, at 164 Madlson-at., Room 13. ■WANTED—A STOCK OF HOOTS AND SHOES OR VV clothing in amounts of 45,000 and $8,000; will pay lu good city or farm property. Address J 71, Trlhuno_Q»jcgi MUSICAL. ITtOR SALE—A FINE TONED ROSEWOOD PIANO * all In complete ordur for only 41115 cn»h; also, a goou IjiOß SALE-A KNAHE PIANO, CHEAP} NEARLY * uow. Address 1110, Tribune otlico. I N SAVE MONEY irWiS MMIS&n WoMbioii* 6-1 East lmllima-at. ■ - - WANTED— PIANO. STANDARD MAKE, IN GOOD JepM r. in wchango lujard. near con tro of Imslncis. Address IJ iJ. lrUiuuo ollioo. •« »T - tvi’iVn *i’(i EXCHANGE—A FINEJURGKNBEN Sallust. • ■% l FAN I~KD—TO EXCHANGE—AN ELKGANTLY- W embroidered cropo shawl (white), entirely; uow, for • goed parlor carpet. Address QIW, Trthuno othco. Vir ANTED—IMMEDIATELY, ONE FIRST AND Vi second violin player; also, harp and Huto player. n>ll to day, at til Emit klnalu-st., from 0 to 13. STRAYED'OR. STOLEN. ormAUMumuTTmaui^ O piano-box buggy, patent wheel-shifting top, W. O, Pllnurmako, Lap<ulo, lad. PlatepalntoCom; can he. aeon hy clobu observation. Two small torn.places on the top. gM) roward. J.^^l > YNB,_Caluiugt^JlL^____ — MACHINERY, WANTED— I PAIR B>4 OR 4FOOT BURR MILL* stones, suliabloforieodmUl. fc'JMaivrull'it. SIU« YENS 4 UIIIKEU. 7

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