Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 1, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 1, 1873 Page 8
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8 WASHINGTON. Fire Millions of Postal-Cards for Public Use To-Day, Tho Vienna Commissioner Scandal- Commissioner Van Buren. Internal Revenue Matters and Receipts. Special Diepateh to The Chicago Tribune, postal. RELATIONS WITH FRANCE, Washington, April 30.—50 many conflicting state ments have been published recently about tbo probable failure of tho negotiations between tho United States and Franco for the establishment of a postal treaty, that an explanation of the real slate of affairs is mado neces sary.- Negotiations for a postal treaty between tbo two Governments have been ponding about three years. Franco has never attempted to adopt a cheap system, but has endeavored to secure a profitable revenue from lla postal service, quite In contrast with tho poUcy of tboTJnlted Stales Oovornmcnt,whoeo endeavor is merely to make thoPoßt-Olfico Department self-sustaining. In faot,for the past 60 years, tho rates of postage In Franco have been unchanged, except, perhaps, a slight in crease that has boon made since tho Franco-Prusslan war. Wo now have treaties with England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other powers, at rates rang ing from oto 8 cents lottof postage. Tho correspond ence between Franco and this Government relates mainly to the rates to bo adopted, tho United States contending for low. and Franco for higher rates. There are other questions of minor importance to be settled, but no difficulty is apprehended re garding them. The negotiations will probohly be concluded very soon, oa tho French have so far conceded as to agreo to adopt 0 cents, as against 8 cents or loss, as agreed to by those Governments with which wo have postal treaties. Ton cents prepaid Is tho present charge for letters mailed to countries with which wo havo no postal treaties, and those letters are subject to tho Internal rates charged by those Governments for final delivery. Tho cost of sending to and delivering a single fetter In Franco Is 24 cents, whereas a letter from this country Is deUvored at any point In those countries with which postal treaties exist for 0 or 8 cents prepaid. Tho general custom now, however, Is to send letters to France via England, by which means only 10 cents are charged, as they are thou treated as British mall, and, under tho treaty between England and Franco, are delivered at their destination free of extra charge. BUSINESS IN GEORGETOWN, At Georgetown, in this district, business Is duller dow than It has been at this season for years. Tboro aro but half a dozen vessels at the wharves, and tho Cumberland coal business bos boon greatly chocked by tho advance in tho tolls on coal mado by tbo Chesa peake ft Ohio Canal Company, but which have Just been reduced to tho figures of lost ywr. by consent of the boatmen, who lately demanded and forced the increase. That advance, added to the In crease on freight allowed the boatmen* has, it is asserted, brought tho canal company to competition with the railroad which are bidding strong for the coal-carrying trade. POSTAL-CARDS. Up to today applications have been received for over 13,000,000 postal-cards. Flvo million will bo ready for distribution among tho principal cltloa of tho Union to-morrow, and other orders will bo filled as rapidly os possible thereafter. The Morgan Envelope Company at Springfield, Mass,, to whom the contract for famishing the postal-cards was awarded, telegraphed to the Postmaster General to-day that they could sup ply 760,000 of these cards each day, at which rate tho demands of Postmasters and others will be ooropUod with until all are satisfied. No fear is entertained that she postal-cards will bo counterfeited, as tho profit on them is not sufficient to compensate the risk. Accord ing to law and custom. 3 per ceitl of tho amount real ized from sales of postage stamps is allowed to parties designated by the proper authorities, and it is supposed by many toot a similar percentage will bo allowed on sales of postal-cards. Therefore hundreds of applications for agencies for the lotter articles have been sent to tho Post-Office Department, but that Department decided to-day that no percent age can be allowed on postal-cards. TBS VIENNA SCANDAL. Tbo Department of State having given its version of the Vienna scandal, lb is slated by Ocu. Van Buren’s friends that ho win shortly have published his side of of tbo story, wherein ho will show that tho fault was not his, but that of Secretary Fish. Of course, this will only odd to tho muddle, and help to spread the scandal; but Van Buren’a friends say that Fish has endeavored to ruin him, and he must defend himself. (To the Associated l*ress,] POSTAL-CARD REGULATIONS, Washington, April 30.— Tho Third Assistant Post master-General decides that postal cards that have been once properly transmitted through the mall, and the stamp thereon canceled, can, after their being returned to the sender in a sealed envelope, with a remittance, be retransmitted to the person originally addressed, with the word “Paid” stamped or Indorsed thoroon, by placing upon tbe card a one-cent adhesive postage stamp. Thu Poolmaster- General decides no discount can be allowed to pur chasers or agents who desire to keep postal-cards on bond for sale to tho public. ANOTREH IRREGULARITY. On account of irregularities in tho United States Depository at Mobile, Secretary Richardson has de cided to close that oflicc, aud hereafter tho business of tbat point will be discharged by tho Assistant Trcos arer at Now Orleans. The Secretary of tbo Treasury decides that rubber boots, with felted lining composed in part of wool, are cot subject to doty as wearing apparel composed of wool, imposed under tbo act of March 2,1867, but are subject to duty as rubber-bools, which is 80 per cent under tbe act of August 5, 1861, with 10 per cent re duction under the act of June 6, 1872. REVENUE RECEIPTS. The total Internal revenue receipts for the month .ending to-day were $7,560,400: total receipts for May, 1872, $10,100,175; total receipts from all sources for tho first four months of 1872 were $41,045,936, end for tho first four months of the present year, $32,004,609. There seems to be no doubt that tbe esti mated receipts for tho present fiscal year, namely, $110,000,000, will bo fully realized. The receipts al ready amount to over $03,000,000, with two months re maining of the fiscal year. Commissioner Douglass Is in daily roodpt of esti mates from Collectors of Internal Revenue for tbe ex penses of collecting (bo revenue under tho new law Solng into effect on tho 20th of May. Tho present in- IcaUons are that the saving anticipated under the new system will bo fully realized; tbat Is, not less than $1,000,000 per annum. DES MOINES. XHiconraged Farmers—A Church Scan- <lal»-Poraoual* Sveeial Dltpalch to The Chicago Tribune, LesMoineb, Ia. r April 30.—Tho bad weather of a late spring la upon this section again to-day with a cold, drizzling rain. The farmers are getting thoroughly discouraged, and certainly not without reason. A queer suit for damages has just boon com menced In the District Court of Lee County of this State. A woman named Garrett sues a church for •0 ,000 damages. Bho had bad some trouble in the church, and was suspended in consequence. Bho per sisted, however, in attending church, and when her enemies were praying she would mako horsolf conspic uous by putting her Augers in her ears, and looking anything but angelic. Thin aggravated tho brethren so much that she was forcibly ejected from tho church room. Bbe now sues for damages in tho sum of SO,OOO. Col. George C, Tlchcnor, for many years a resident ef Dos Moines, and for a long lime prominent in tho political and public affairs of this Btato, has removed from this city to Chicago, and left for there to-ulght. She Colonel was for six years Postmaster of this city, and for two years Chairman of the llepublican State Central Committee, and In those and other pub lic positions attained much prominence and acquired great popularity throughout tho Slate. Ho will en gage In permanent business at Chicago. Fires, Avoca, lowa, April 30.—The fire last night made a total wreck of the Delta oftlco and the buildings ad joining at. Mr. It. P. Foss' land office, and the office of Mr. Fitch were burned. All the hooks, papers, etc., in both offices wore saved. The fire originated In the northwest corner of tho Delta office, and as there was a pUe of straw at that corner it Is supposed that a lighted cigar, thrown carelessly into it, produced the Are. Nothing was saved from tho office save o half dozen cases. The township records are all consumed. Ur. Adams, tho proprietor of the Delta, being Town ship Clerk, kept tho records In his office. Mr. Fitch’s loss Is about $300; Mr. Foss' about S4OO, and Mr. Adams'about SI,OOO. There was no insurance on tho printing office nor on tho huUdlng, Memphis, April 28.—Tho business part of the town of Como, Miss., was destroyed by fire this morning, loss, $75,000. Insurance unknown. Joliet, 111.. April 30.—Tho bam of It. E. Barber, in this city, was burned this forenoon. Cause unknown. Coes SOOO, covered by Insurance. Louisville, Ky., April 80.—A flro to-day, at tbs comer of Twelfth and Market streets, in an old frame building used as a furniture store and factory, spread Co several adjoining buildings, Including two now three-story bricks,* destroying buildings and bouses to the amount of 113,700, with Insurance in tbo North American and North Missouri of SI,OOO each : Louis ville, $3,000 ; National, Hartford, SI,OOO. Now Hampshire 131oc(lous«>Dlsputod Returns* Concord, N. H., April 29.—Returns of the election In the Bocond Congressional District gave Austin F. Wke seven plurality. It is now alleged that errors were subsequently discovered, which, if corrected, would give fl. N. BoU thirteen plurality. The Gov ernor and Council to-day discussed the question of their power to go behind the returns, and ft Is under stood that thoy will submit the matter to the Judiciary tot a decision. * . OoNoonn, N. n., April 80.—In the session of the Governor anU Council, thhi •ft.moon, It noa doomed to submit the question of tho power of the Governor and Council to go behind tho ofliclal vote returns of the Town Clerks in the Congressional election ease In the Second District to the Supreme Judicial Court for adjudication. A Cincinnati Sensation* Cincinnati, April 80.—A singular story has just come out, and is creating a sensation here. Dr. JSyman, of this city, bad two sons at achool at Mary's Roman Catholic Institute, Dayton, Six weeks ago ho was coifed upon by llio Principal of tho Institution tn bring mio of thorn homo, on account of some disabling ailment to bis lop. Tho boy at first naltl ho rocolvod the Injury while ploying at foot-boll, but afterwards. Blalod that Uln Injury was from boating by ouo of tho teachers, Tho ntatomonta concerning tho affair arc in boiuo points conflicting. ■ Tho boy la said to have stated that no was threatened with punishment by tho teacher In caao ho should .not say that ho was hurt playing ball, Tho father recently called In nevernl other phyalclann, and It was found that his log had boon broken between tho knoo and ankle. It has ulcerated, and tho condition of tho Ind Is precarious. Investigation will probably clear up the matter. NEW YORK. Tho Question of Train’s Inannltj— Another .Defaulter—Another Hard ware Firm lu Trouble (or Violation of tlioltovonuo Lawit-Jiliioollanooui Local Items* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, April 80.—At tho Train matinee this afternoon, Augustus Kauntz, tho millionaire hanker, testified that Train was one of tho organizers of tho Union Pacific Railroad, and that ho was ouo of tho party who broko ground for the track, on which occa sion he mado a speech predicting (bo completion of the road in 1870. The pick and shovel used on that occa sion were produced. They havo tho names of the gen tlemen present engraved on tho handles. Mr. Kauntz was one of tho original Directors of tho Road. Ho was also a Director of Credit Fonder. Train origin ated this schemo, and had Uo solo management. Its purpose was to Improve Western real estate. It was composed of a number of gentlemen, who subscribed SI,OOO each. Among them tho witness recalled Gen. John A. Dlx; oue of the Willards, of Washington; Oakes Ames, Dr. MlUner, Senator Sherman, A. A. Lome, Mr. Rogers, and Dr. Durant. Tho witness saw no change in Train. Ho was no moro crazy now than ten or twenty years ago. Tho witness transacted a groat deal of business with him. Tho Credit Fonder, under Train’s management, real ized some $0,000,000 or $8,000,000. Tho Hon, Jos. W, Bcovluo, ox-Prcsldent of tho Now Jersey Senate, testified that Train purchased from tho Stato of Pennsylvania a charter, which afterwards served for the ostabUshmout of tbo Credit Mobtllor, for $50,000. Tho witness' information was de rived from tho old OoUootor of tho port of Philadelphia. Tho witness was sent by Mr. Train during tho last campaign to Mr. Greeley, to ask him to resign his candidacy In Train's favor* Mr. Greeley respectfully declined. Dr. Augustus K. Gardner, formerly resident physi cian of tho Boston Lunatic Asylum, and an expert on insanity, testified that bo had boon intimate with Train for many years, and that ho had thoroughly ex amined him this morning In prison. Train is entirely unchanged, except that his peculiari ties have become slightly exaggerated, as was natural. Ho la as sane as possible, lie uses ex aggerated expression to convoy ordinary Ideas, and la so egotistic that ho will do anything that will roako him talked about. That Is all. His actions are tho consequences of this egotism fostered by tbo public since his boyhood. They are based on the principle that It is bis duty to constantly strive for prominence. Tho witness saw no reason to doubt that Train had founded tho Commune. He bad described how bo had done It by a conspiracy with kindred spirits, among them Olusorot, In Marseilles, and by making speeches to largo crowds, to 100,000 per sons in one instance. Train recited portions of these speeches to the witness, and they excited him. Ho could easily Imagine what effect they would have on fiery Frenchmen ripe for revolution. This, Train claimed, woe the beginning of what afterwards devel oped into the Commune. Train reasons logically, but In witness* opinion generally from false promises. As to his being a Pagan, that was merely an unnecessarily strong term to convoy that ho Is an ultra atheist and a * disbeliever In tho teachings of tho Christian religion. Train has no sympathy with Woodbull, Olaflln ft Co. He espoused their cause merely for tho sake of the notoriety It would bring him. Ho would load a mob through the streets any day, if be thought the newspaporswould mention him conspicuously. Train's egotism is very offensive to those who have a Uttle egotism themselves. The witness, for Instance, would not ride up Fifth avenue with him. because Train would cause his horse to show off all attention would ho attracted from witness. The witness know Train to cause a remarkable horse of his to cavort around so In tho riding-school that no one else could manamvre. The witness was subjected to a severe cross-examination. His tes timony elicited considerable laughter. Once tho spoo tators applauded, ond Judge Daly administered a se vere rebuke. At tho close, some person called In a loud volco for "throe cheers for George Frauds Train,'* hut the demonstration was promptly sup pressed. {To the Associated Frees. 1 New Tour, April 3o.—Joseph J. Morrln, who as saulted Jay Gould yesterday, gavo bail to-day to answer at tho special session. Richard Moecly was arrested in Brooklyn, this morn- tho charge of fatally boating Julia QlUum last Edward D. Johnson, Town Clerk of North Bergen, absconded with $5,000 to SO,OOO of tho town's money. United States District-Attorney Bliss bos begun a suit against WollT k Roasthal, hardware Importers, No. 49 Murray street, to recover $75,000 penalties for al leged violation of tho act relative to tho undervaluation of invoices. STATE LEGISLATURES. OHIO. Coluudus, 0., April 30,- Jd the House, this morn ing, the Senate hill to authorize tho appointment of three Commissioners to Inquire into tho matter of tho artificial propagation of fish lu Ohio waters was passed. In tbe Senate, during a discussion on tbo General Appropriation bill, a motion to submit to a voto of tbo people of tho State tho question of paying $130,000 for damages done by the Union forces during tho Mormon raid was disagreed to. The Appropriation bill was again defeated—yeas, 14 ; nays, 17. In the House, tho greater part of tho day was spent In discussing the bill to allow free trade In money, but the bill ,was finally defeated, yeas 39 ; nays, 53. A motion to reconsider this voto also failed. A resolu tion was adopted appointing tho Governor, Attorney- General, and State Auditor to confer with tho Hamil ton County officers, as to the prico for which tho State can purchase tho Long View Lunatic Asylum. In tbe Senate, tbe General Appropriation bill was passed on tbe sixth attempt, by a two-thirds vote. Among other things, It contains an appropriation of $130,000 for tho payment of the Morgan raid claims. Tho bill now goes back to tho lower House for concurrence In tho Senate amendments, and it is highly probable tho battle will bo renewed there. Tho following bills also passed: House bill to authorize Trustees of colleges to change their location and to erect and maintain wcodemies auxiliary thereto; House bill to authorize tbo purchases of unfinished railroads and complete tho eame; House bill providing for the conversion of plank roads into free roads; House bill to provide for vacating ditches. A vigorous discussion was called out by a series of resolutions endorsing tho present peace policy of tho General Government rela tive to Indian affairs. Tho resolutions wore laid on tho table, there being a decided difference among tbe Senators on this question. NEW YORK. Aldant, N, Y., April 30.—The Usnry bill has been amended in the House to continue in force for two years from tho Ist of July next. Tho Governor has signed tho New York City charter. Albany, April 80. —Tho Canal Debt Funding resolu tion passed the Senate to-night, amended by a provis ion that all the said debt and interest shall be paid by revenues from canals, and not one dollar of it by di rect tax. Buffalo Livestock market* Buffalo, N. Y., April 30.—Cattle—To-day, In cluding 20 cars to arrive, 1,003 head, making tho total for tho week thus far 7,010 head, or 440 cars. Market flat and dull st off from yesterday’s prices. Tho unfavorable news from tho East caused tho regu lar buyers to haul off, and very fuw Eastern buyers were In attendance. Trade was confined to local and country dealers. About 050 head wore disposed of. Bales: 204 Illinois steers, av 1,100 to 1,358 lbs, at $6.7S @0.30; 84 Missouri steers, av 1,085 to 1,166 lbs, at $6.C3@6.75 : 40 Missouri oxon, av 1,250 lbs at $6.60; 43 Michigan steers, av 1,132 to 1,200 tbs, at $5.2606.00; 22 Michigan stockers, av 818 lbs. at $4.85 ; 40 Canada Blockers, av9l2 lbs. at $5.25 : 37 Ohio Balt ers, av 487jtf lbs, at $5.25. Sheep and Lamdh—Receipts thus far this week, 565 head. Market dull and slow, buyers holding off for a decline. Bales : 600 Ohio dipped at $4.25@0,00 : 310 Ohio wooled, av 81 to 116 lbs, at $5.00@0.30 ; 30 Indi ana wDoled sheep, av 00 lbs, $0.76. • Uoos—Today, 1,600; making the total for tho week, 16,000. Market dull at $6.60@5.80 ; oxlra lots a shade higher. Hales : 707 Illinois hogs, av 170 to 212 lbs, at |5.62X@6.80; 00 rough Ohio hogs, av 176 lbs, at $5.65. South Carolina Finance*** Charleston, April 30.— Morton, Bliss it Co., of Now York, have applied to tho Supreme Court at Columbia, to-day, fora writ of mandamua to compel tbo Comptroller-General to levy a tax auOlclout to pay tho overdue and accruing interest on tbo State debt. Tbo writ la made returnable on Tuesday next. Tbo Obambor of Commerce of this city bad a epeolal meeting to-day, to consider the subject, and adopted a preamble declaring it important to determine tbo char acter and amount of tbo State debt, and that tbo pro ceedings in tbo Bupromo Court may not result in tbo recognition of fraudulent bonds: also, a resolution declaring it due to tbo credit and good faith of the people, and to tbo holders of the unquestionably valid bonds, that tbo tax-payers bo re presented by counsel in tbo suits. A committee was appointed to procure counsel and carry out the roaolu- The Komucky Itourbonn* Louisville, April SO.—Only about thirty delegates bad arrived at Frankfort this evening to attend the Stats Democratic Convention to-morrow. The Courier- Joumal special says but little interest is manifested In Convention. Tbo Bourbons have prepared a fuo similar of the resolutions of *3B, but tbero is strong opposi tion to the adoption of any platform. If resolutions are adopted, it will be under (be spur of the Bourbon loaders, who will load their forces into the Isva-beds to-morrow. Thoattondance will be small, and the Convention Is not a representative one. Some dlsousslou will le bad over the proposition to change the manner of select ing the State Committee, giving each Congressional District the right to choose Its own commlttoe-raou. Railroad Nows* PzTTsmman, April 80.—About 8 o’clock this after noon tho Pittaburgb A Oonuollsvllle Railroad Company aeot a force of men to restore the track on tho Broad ford Branch, destroyed some weeks since, as charged, ,by parties acting under tho direction of the Pennsyl vania liailroad Company. The laborers were met by a force from tbo Pennsylvania Railroad Company's shops, two hundred strong, who prevented the accom plishment of the work by demonstrations of violence, THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MAY I, 1873. They, also, burned two small bridges on the part of the road next to tho main lino of tho Oonnouavillo Road, thus effectually defeating tho object of the ex pedition. The GonnoUarllle force quietly withdrew according to orders. Tho Interruption to travel has boon tho oaußO of serious complaints from persona doing business on tho branch road. Tho Connells rlllo Company has filed a hill In equity to prevent further Interference with their rights. Argument will bo heard in tho Supreme Court at llarrlsburgh next week, Bt, Louis, April 80.—In 1608, tho Legislature of this State passed an act releasing the State Hon on (ho Missouri Pacific and Noflh Missouri Railroads, and tho former road was Sold to tho stockholders forfc.OOO.OOO. Tho full amount of tho Hon was $18,000,000. Last month, as was reported at tho time, tho present Legis lature, by resolution asked Atty.-Oen. Ewing for on opinion ns to tho constitutionality of tho act, under which the State Hen was relented. That ameer replied that it violated tho Constitution. In order to settle tho matter, It has boon agreed by all tho parties Interested that Gov. Woodson shall adver tise tho road for solo to satisfy tho balance of Stato Hen. $8,000,000, and tho Railroad Company will apply to ttie Supremo Court for nn Injunction to restrain the sale, and a full hearing of the case will bo bad. Tho order of solo will bo mado to-morrow or Friday. Louisvillk, April 80.—It Is said that prominent fiarilos in Henderson are prepaalng suit to sot aside ho recent consolidation of the Henderson ft Nashville Railroad with tho St. Louis & Southeastern Railroad. WALL STREET. Review of tlio money, Gold, Stock,' lloud, find Produce markets* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York,' April 80.—Money was more active and stringent to-day, call loans being 7 per cent gold to 1-82 In tho morning, and X-10 to to during the after noon. Albany dispatches report (be passage of tho Usury bill, amended so as to take effect on July 1 and remain in operation for two years. Mercantile paper Is moving freely at 10013 per cent for prime. Bom choice names arc held at 0 per cent. STOCKS. The stock market was alternately weak and strong, but tho fluctuations wore confined within very. narrow Unhts. Tho lowest quotations of the day were generally current after 0 o’clock. Tho Cloaring-Houso Committee have examined Merchants’ and Manufacturers' Bank, and find it all right. This and tho Continental have been tho sub jects of very unfavorable rumors since Saturday. Tbo main cause of the decline in stocks was the In creased stringency In money. Tho market closed dull and steady. The active list during the past few days has boon exceedingly circumscribed. In Western Union, which baa boon tho most active, tho trannao tlona are very puzzling. They seem to Indicate that tho clique which have boon carrying tho stock so long have been selling out. But If they have sold, an other oUquo has been uuylng with groat freedom and boldness, which has prevented any serious doc Uno In tho market. Bt. Paul and Pacific Malt have been next In interest. Soir.o of the brokers connected with Jay Gould have given a precautionary hint to tholr custom ers not to sell Bt. Paul, which means, of course, to buy It. GOLD moved up to 117# again this afternoon, and stood quite strong at that point toward the close of tho mar ket. The bulls are confident In the abiUty of tbo clique to advance tbo premium when tho signal shall bo given, and look for assistance from tho condition of affairs in Franco, whore opposition to Thiers ap pears to be Increasing. Some Uttle influence Is expect ed from an Indian was, in case tho powers at Wash ington should decide to eullst troops to make tho war on the Modocs and other Indian tribes effective. The Scotia arrived to-day with $500,000 gold for tho Dank of Montreal, which is tho first importation of bnlUon for throe years. EXCHANGE AND BONDS.. Foreign exchange waa dull and heavy, and Govern ments firm. Flour was more active, but prices wore without material change. Tho demand was pretty general. Large lines of shipping extras aro scarce. Sales, 13,800 brls: receipts. 11,608 brls. Wheat was lower and Irregular, with the demand limited, as freight room is scarce. The inquiry Is chiefly for export, though fair for milling. Bales, 10, COO bushels; re ceipts, 85,300 bushels. Pork continues quiet and steady. Now mess in the wholesale way is soiling at $18.75, and SIO.OO for email lots. Fifty barrels moss ordinary sold at $18.75. For future delivery no business is reported. Receipts, 580 pkgs, For cut moats tbo demand is gen erally very light, and this has unsettled prices. I)ry salted shoulders are about 70740; plcklod hams nom inally Receipts, 1,609 pkgsi Bacon was moderately active and steady. Long clear Western is quoted at Ofto; do city at 1040. Three hundred bozos Western short clear on the spot sold at 10KO. Lard is moderately active and firmer, with sales of 200 tes at 940 for city, and 9409 7-ICo for prime steam West ern. For future delivery, wo nolo sales of 1,000 tes at 940 for tho last half of May, and 104 c for July. Juno is held at Ofto. Receipts, 300 kegs and 1,178 pkgs. Eighty thousand tons of Scranton coal were sold at tho regular monthly sale to-day at a slight advance over last month’s prices. Tbo following aro tho quo tations: Lump, $4,274; steamboat, $4,224; male, $4.47404.50; egg, $4.0004.70; stove, $5.1005.12,4; chestnut, $4.2504.334. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE. Wilson Brothers’ Shirt-Factory, Fair banks, Itlorso 6s Co., and Potor Smith, tho Victims—Xho JBntiro Bloch in Dangor-Prohablo JLosb, 8100,000. At half-past 1 o’clock this morning tho watchman In the tower of tbo Tempest Engine House, at the corner of Olinton osd Washington -streets, observed flames in tho third story of No. 63 WestyWashlngton street,which Is occupied by Wilson Bros.’ ahlrt-faotory. An alarm was at once turned in from Box 871. At tbo time of tho discovery the flames had gained considerable headway, so that when the en gines arrived the whole of tho third story and part of tho fourth stories were burning. Tbe flames wore leaping from tho alloy windows and touched tho house on tho opposite side. A second alarm was turned in at 2 o’clock. No. 65 had by this time bccorbo a victim to tho devour ing element. In tho third story of this building a terrific explosion occurred, knocking down part of tho division wall between tho two buildings, which crashed through tho floors into tho scale store of Fairbanks, Mono k Go. Some of Oapt. Bull!winkle’s mon narrowly escaped being burled in tho ruins. Both buildings aro owned by Mr. A. £. Bishop. They were almost gutted, at half-past 2 o’clock, and will probably bo a total loss. No. 63, where the flro originated, is occupied as a shirt-factory by Wilson Bros., and by Peter Smith, a heavy notion dealer. Tbo latter will lose his whole stock, valued at $40,000. Tho former will lose SIO,OOO. Tbo United Slates Express office was on tho first floor until a few days ago. Tbo first floor of No. 65 was occupied by Fairbanks, Morso k Go., scale dealers. Fart of their stock was saved. Probable loss, $50,000. At a o’clock tho flames communicated to No. 67 ad joining, through tho roof, and In a short time tho rear part of tho fourth floor was ablate. Water was poured into tho window unstintedly, and, In conse quence,tho stock of goods stored on the different floors was materially damaged. A. E. Bishop owns tho structure. Dean Bros, ts Hoffman, stationers, occu pied tho entire building, and, their stock being very perishable when water is thrown nnon It, their loss wilt bo very heavy. Ho. 69, occupied by the Watorbury Watch Company, was slightly damaged. CITY ITEMS. The Coroner hold an Inquest yesterday on tbs body of George Otto, who foil dead in a saloon on tho corner of Cantu and Randolph streets on Monday. Dr. Em mons made a post-mortem examination, and a verdict of death from inflammation of tho heart woa rendered. An inquest was bold st tho Morgue on the body of a dead babe. A verdict of death from look of care at time of birth was rendered. Commissioner Wright, of the Board of Police, has recently introduced upon tho streets tho Monitor Btreot-snrlnklor, which has been in general use in Cen tral Park, New York, for some time, and where it baa given much satisfaction. It chiefly recommends it self in Us economy in the use of water, and the power which tho driver has over tho stream. If the matter of sprinkling the streets la taken into the city’s own hands, It Is to be hoped that tho Monitor will bo adopted. The Loulevilio and Portland Canal* Cincinnati, April SO.—Tho Committee of the Cham ber of Commerce on the Louisville & Portland Canal reported tho results of their recent visit to the Directors of tho canal, from which It appears that up to tho 11th Inst, they had received no official notice of tho passage of tho law authorizing the United States to assume control and management of the canal; that they were ready to surrender their trust in the full compllaucoof the General Government with the act of tho Kentucky Legislature authorizing the same, which contemplated the actual payment of the debt. In tho event of tho bondholders de clining to give up tho bonds not yot due they would consent to disregard the tochnlcollty, and still trousfor the property. In view of tho circum stances, tho Committee recommended a resolution in viting tho attention of tho Secretary of the Treasury to the act authorizing tho transfer, und urging him to carry tho law into effect at the earliest possible mo ment. Horrible Fratricide* Memphis, April 80.— On Thursday night. In Tate County. Mississippi, a terrible fratricide was commu ted at the bouse or Thomas White, twelve miles west of Bonatobla. under tbo following circumstances; Daniel, the elder son of Tbomaa White, was engaged to bo married to tbo widow Boydson, The younger brother. John, was opposed to the marriage, and as sorted that ho would kill his brother rather than he should marry her. Thursday evening on altercation took place, when John, being ormed with a revolver, aud In presence of his father and mother and Mrs. Boydson, shot Daniel near the navel, aud thou walked out of the house. Boon after ho returned, declaring his iuteu tiou to kill bis brother dead then, as his other shot had not killed him. With some dltlluuUy his father took the pistol from him, and as bo stepped from the house bis brother, wounded as ho was, seized a shot-gun aud fired at him, but missed him. Daniel died from the effects of his wound the next night, The day follow ing the murderer was arrested aud taken to Bonatobla, whence ho was committed to Jail. Navigation Items* Cleveland, Ohio, April 80.—Propellers Richmond and Tweed, that left Buffalo on the 39th, arrived here to-day. Thoy followed the north shore, encountered considerable Ice, until they reached Po|t Oolborne, They passed through a stretch of about twenty miles of almost solid Ice. Maokinao, April 80.—The propellers has disap peared westward. The Straits may now be consid ered open,: Oswego, April 30.—£ ho schooner Morning Light, from Detroit with wheat, orrlvod this mornings the first vessel through the Welland Canal this season. Sporting Itomn* London, April 00.—In (ho 2.000-gulnoas stakes races at Newmarket won by Grang Forward, Kaiser was sec ond. and Suleiman third. The hotting Just before the atari was 0 to 1 against Grang Forward ; 3 to 1 against Kaiser, and oven on Suleiman against (ho field. Ton horses ran. Baltimore, April 80.—Base-ball, championship game : BaUlmoros, 13 ; Athletics, 10. KlyatorloiiE murder* Indianapolis, Ind., April 80.—The,engineer of tho Rooming train on tho Cincinnati Railroad, when near Waldron, 0., saw tho body of. a man lying alongside tho rail. Ho stopped tho train before reaching the body, and took It on board. It proved to be that of I‘onry Clayton, a well-known former of that vicinity. The back of his head was crushed In, and ho was un doubtedly murdered and laid on the track. Infanticide and Suicide* Kingston, N. Y., April 30.—Tho wife of Louis Pridenkcr, while temporarily insane, last night, from nn attack of puerperal fever, arose from her lied, ami, taking with her her infant 0 days old, leaped into tho cistern in rear of tho home, and both were drowned. Tho husband awoke at 4 o'clock, and, missing his wife, made search, with the result stated. Ocean Steamship Nows Liverpool. April 80.—Tbo steamships City of Ant werp, Colorado, and California,, from New York, tho Scandinavian, from Portland, and tho Nostorlan, from Baltimore, havo arrived out. New York, April 30.—Arrived, tho steamships Vic toria, from Glasgow. Scotia, from Liverpool, and Thuringia, from Hamburg. Obituary* Columbus, Ohio, April 80.—William S. Sulllvant, a prominent citizen, died in this city this morning, of pneumonia, aged 73 years. Now Orleans market* New Orleans, April 80.—Bbeadstuffs Flour dull: xx. so.i 2: xxx, $7.13: family. to.ooaio.oo. Corn lower: mixed, S7o; white, CTQGOc. Oats fair sup ply, 410. Bran—Dull at 80@85o. Hat—Firm; prime, $24,00036,00; choice, $27.00. Provisions—Pork dull; hold at $18,60; dry salt moats duU; shoulders, 7Jtfo9X@lOo; bacon dull, 8# 08?{o; clear rib, 10*f o: dear, io^o; bams, 14«tf@lB&o Lord, refined, scarce; tierces, 0 o: keg, 10?Xc. Groceries—Sugar, molasses, whisky, and coffoo ore unchanged. Cotton—Quiet; soles, 4,000 bales ; good ordinary, 16l{c; low middlings, 17©I7A£c; middling, IBJrfo (mid dling Orleans. 18j£o; receipts, 6,284; exports to Liver pool, 6,805; Continent, 9,314 ; stocks, 162,070. MARRIAGES. MAOILL—STEARNS—On Tuesday evening, April S3, 1871 at the residence of tho brldo'B_paronts, by tho Rev, O. H. W. Stocking, Rooter of the OTinrch of too Epiph any, Jacob G. Maglll and Miss Nellie M. Stearns, younger daughter of John Steams, Esq. No cards. FORSYTH—BLACK—By Rev. Jamoa MoLaughlao, Thomas, Forsyth, of Chicago, and Margaret Black, of Marysville, Cal, DEATHS. FARMER—At Evanston, April 80, Gilbert Farmer, aged 71 yean. Funeral at tbo residence of hla brother-in-law, Mr. Joseph M. Lyons, on Thursday, at 1 o'clock in tho after noon. Tho remains will bo taken to Massachusetts for io torment. C37”Boiton and Lowell papers please copy, BLACK—Ia the City of Chicago, at 191 Rash street, at 7 p. ia,, on tbo 80th of April, Mary, tho beloved wife of Joan Russell Black, Ksq.j after a short illness. Funeral So. m. on Friday, 2d of May, to Graeoland Cemetery. Friends will please accept this intimation. PHlLLlPS—Suddenly, at Philadelphia, Pa., Tuesday* April 39. Samuel U. Phillips, in his 25th year. COFFIN—In this oily, on tho 30th of April, Helen A., wife of Q. B. Collin, aged S3 years. Remains to bo taken to Boston for Inlonrtont. papers please copy. BRINKISRHOFF-On Tuesday, April 29, of cerebro spinal meningitis, Alotto, daughter of Albert aud Susan na Brlnkerhotl. aged 2 years and 1 month. Funeral on Friday, at 9 o'clock, from ISO SUmton-av. »IT*NBw York City papers please copy. HALE—Ia this city, April CO, Mrs. Sadie P.. wife of D. T. Halo, aged 80 yeilrc. Funeral services on Friday, It a. m.. from her homo, 678 Michlgan-ov. Carriages to Rose Hill. Friends aro in vited without further notico. WOOD—At tho Bigelow Ilouao, in this city, at half past IS o'clock;, on tho 80th nit.; Mrs. Marla Louisa, wlfo

of Dr. Q. B. Wood. from tho Blgolow House, on Wabash-av., near Twonly-scoond-st., on Friday, May 9, at 2 o’clock n. m., to Oakwnod Oorootory. WAtches, JEWELRY, &o. AMERICANS VISITING EUROPE Will find at our liouse, in Paris, a salesroom with a choice se lection of DIAMONDS, GEMS, FINE JEWELRY, WATCHES, BRONZES, FANCY GOODS, &c., and at onr Watch Manufactory, at Geneva, a stock of WATCHES, CHAINS, and JEWELRY. TIFFANY & CO., Union-squaro, Now York. In Genova—lo Grand Quai. In London—29 Argy 11-st., Regent-st., W. In Paris—Tiffany, Reed & Co., 57 Rno Chateandnn. TO EXCHANGE. rpO EXCHANGE—FOR CITY REAL ESTATE, X clothing storo doing flno business, 163 West Madison ■t.; rent cheap. Causo; other business. rpO EXCHANGE-FOR OHIOAGO PROPERTY, X somo choice tracts of coal lands In tbo Wilmington coal field, byL. INGLEDEW, KaLaSallo-st., Room 17, Bryan Block. TO EXOIIANQR—NORWOOD PARK BLOCKS OR lots at reasonable prices for houses and lots In city or thriving country towns. S. E. WELLS, 168 Doarborn-st. TO EXCHANGE —ll PORTABLE GRIST-MILLS; Just the thing forfarmsornlantatlons; bostFruuoh burr-stones In the market, 16. 2u, 34 Inch; will soil at dis count fur cash. or exchange for Chicago property. F. L. EASTMAN, No. 3 Aroade-oourt. mO BXOHANQE-60-ACRE FARM AT DOWNER'S X Orovo for Cottage and lot worth $8,000; want SI,OOO cash. T. B. BOYD, 180 West Washtugton-st. TO EXCHANGE—IO LOTS NEAR CORNELL Watch Factory, on llnoof Stony Island Boulevard,for furniture. Address JAMES R. MAY, 181 East Madison st., Room 3. TXTANTED—TO EXCHANGE-LOTS 17, 18, AND 19, ¥r in Travers* Subdivision, in part payment for house and lot. Call at Room 85, Otis Block. WANTBD-TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OP DRY Tv goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots and shoes, and furniture, 8 farms lo Mason County. 111., all under a good ststo of cultivation, noar market and railroad—ono farm of 115 acres, one of 314 acres, and ono of 33fi acres. Also a line now dwelling bouse and 3 lota la tho City of Poorla, 111., with all modem Improvements. The titles are perfect. All worth $60,000 cash. Will trade part orall. Address Box 1449, Panrla,_llj. . PERSONA!,. TJKUaONAL WILLIAM E. II I IX AND SIDNEY X DUss- I have matters of business Importance to com municate to you. 11. GUERDON, 733 Lako-st. ■pEUSONAL-I HAVrsOMiS 'MONEY FOR JOHN X M. Poyton. Will he, or his holre, or friends address H. GUERDON, 733 Lakost. IDKRSONAL—GEORGE BANDYOOOK. WE WANT X to 800 you at 173 West Mimroo-st., right away, for something very particular. L. 11. TITILLTHB'DETECTIVE WHO CALLED AT ROOM VV 4, No. 7 Markot-st., twioo. on Saturday, In refer* auca to a lost borso. oali again? MATRIMONIAL. \fATRIMONIAL-A MIDDLE-AGED AMERICAN I>X gontlomatl wlslios to form thp acquaintance of some respectable American Protestant lady, 29 to 35 years of age: steady habitat sincerely Inclined to matrimony. Unexceptionable references given and required. Can ad dress in confidence, O 80. Trlhunojjlllco, CLAIRVOYANTS. DR. MATHEW AND MADAME MAYNARD OAN toll of business, marriages, Journeys, law suits, absent friends, lost or stolon property, or anything you wish to know i euro tits, paralysis, rheumatism, deafness, sore eyes, seminal weakness, consumption, liver complaint, sguo, catarrh. Dolloato diseases cured in a few days. I Jure or no imr. building material. FOR SALE—PORTLAND CEMENT, IN QUANTI tIos to suit, at S6.W per brl, at 147 LaSallo-st., bate* ment. ______ t UMDKR-WK HAVK U M Off DRY NOUWAY I j piao lloorlng for sale; a nice artioio. HANNAH, LY« man a go.. aoMaln-et.’ FOUND. fpAKEN UP-BY DAVID SULLIVAN. AT SOUTH X Englewood, April 25, a bay pony, white atrlpo on fore head, U. S, on loft hip, ami mano sheared. Owner can have same by calling aud paying charges. INSTRUCTION. A PERFECTLY COMPETENT TEACHER, OF short band wsntod who will give lossous ovonlogs. Address X. £6l Thlrtleth-el.. TO RENT-HOUSES. rfO RENT—B-STORY MARBLE-FRONT HOUSE. 409 X Wost Madlson-sb, 14 rooms, suitable for hoarding* houso. Now brick house on Loavllt-st., Just couth of rink. $1,300 a yonr. Madlson-st., 14 rooms, root 11, WO a year. 6(19 Wnsblngton-av., Brooms, 960 a month. M llnnore-at., 10 rooms. 876 a month. Brick house, 401 West Tylor-st., 10 moms, $75 a month. House at East Hinsdale. 6 moms, 9800 a roar. Lower part of btuuoßH Wahmkst., 7rooms, $36 a month. 63 snd M North I’oorla-af ~ in rooms naoh. 970 a month. Apply to W. 11. SAMPSON A (JO., rpo RENT—LAROR HOUSE, 10 ROOMS. WATER X and gas, barn, No. 344 Tylor-st. | S6B por month. G. S.jrUOMAH, 169 LaSalle-at. a rpO UENT-Cfll WEST MONROR-ST., 9-STORY AND X basement house, 8 moms, bath-room. etc.. rent 960 per month. Apply to ALLAN PINKERTON, 103 Filth or. fpb" nKN’&URNISHRD. TO A GOOD TENANT. X No. 4 Park Row. SIDNEY L. UNDERWOOD, » Madlson-st. rpd RENT—FURNISHED. TO A GOOD TENANT. X for tlio summer, N0.63 Tulrloonth-at. S, L. UNDER WOOD, 09 BJadlsotvst. Mb ItKNT~NO, I 0» MIOIIIOAN-AV., 2HTORY X and hasomont briok house, 12 moms i posscsston Mar 1. 1-ItKO. L. FAKII A CO., M Wn.Mngton .t' ' TO lIENT-HOUHB, NO. 3 HUBBAIID-OOURT, IN . very good repair; 10 or 11 rooms, with furnace and gas uxtures complete; rent, SIOO nor month Inadranootnono PPf'J, "IT’lunless. !>’<» «ry bout roforonoos. Apply to MYRON* L. PEARCE, 8(6 Wabash-av,, or OTTO MOOR, 7 Markot-st. TO RENT-IN NORTH DIVISION, SOUTHWEST corner of Holdon-av. and Hnlslod-st.j large B-atory and hrlok hasomont house of 8 rooms, with modern Ira- K l ST?n , il a, . l !;.wyU? ln K^ oon U ftatl kitchen on main floor. OGDEN, SHELDON A CO., Nixon’s Building, oornor LaSalle and Monroo-sts. TO RENT-A NEW 6-ROOM COTTAGE ON THIR* ly-sooond-st., third door cast of Wallace at., throe blocks from Ft. Wayne Dummy! commutation faro, 6 ots. Apply on premises. TO RENT-WEST SIDE, 4 FRAME HOUSES 9 rooms, marble mantel, gas and grate, on North Pau. linn-st., from May 1. Good neighborhood, S4O per month. Intjulro at !09>tf North Pauuna-st., up-staln. 6 RENT—AN 8-ROOM HOUSE, NIOKLY FUR nlshod, with modorn Improvements, for6orl9months. Inoulro on the promises, 37 Cottage Grovo-ar, BRUSH. SON A CO., Auotlonoors, 188 East Madlson-st, TO RENT-HOUSE 481 OARROLL-AV., 8-STORY and basement, stone front, all modem Improvements, In good condition. Apply to the owner at 463 aamo street. Splendid location. rno RENT—A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, LARGE X _ banr ana-ground., north of Twoaty-sobond-st., on Pralrio-av. May 1. Address Y 09, Tribune office. TO RENT-SECOND FLOOR, NO. 876 NORTH-AV.; 6 rooms, gas and wator; will rent to responsible psr* tics at $26 a month. Apply on promlsoai TO RENT—FURNISHED, TUB ELEGANT 8-BTORY and hasomont hrlok houso No. 4 Park-row; 16 rooms, all modern Improvements. SNYDKR A LEU, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe atld LaSaUo-sts. TO RENT J)Y U, COLE’a’SON, HOUSE-RENT- Ing Agents, 168 WestMndlson-at.: flnnwbrick houaosonLoavltt-st., noar Tyler, S6O. 178 South Leavitt-st., S6O. 114 Millor-st., 6 room#, 826. Brooms, 763 West Madlson-st., 830. 6 rooms, fiCCWoetMadlson-it., S4O. Brooms, West Madlson-st.,sßs. 12 rooms, 191 West Madlson-st., sloo. .12 tP,°«is, 95 South Hnlslocl-it., sultablo for Bfamilies. 117 Wnlnut-st., 14 rooms, $75 133 West Washlngton-st., StiSWalnut-st., $46. 358FuUon-st., SM. 430 Fnlton-sc.. $l2O. 191 South Pauliua-st., 833. 641 Hubbard-H-, $65. 348 and UIBM lluubard, $39. 643 Fulton-nt., $66. 101 and 110 Honoro-st., $46. 637 F'ulton-st., with barn, S6O. And others. TO BENT-NO. 117 TWENTY-FIFTH-ST., MABBLE front house, 13 rooms, bath, oto., handsomely finish* oa. and very desirable: will bo rontod to Mayl, 1874, or will soil. FRKU. L. FAKE A CO., 88 Waahlngton-st. TO RENT-BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE, 468 WEST IN* ;a!so, two-story house, 477 Ilubbard-at.. with largo garden; cheap. W. WALLER, No. 8, 82QStato-st. r RENT-IN CHICAGO, A SPLENDID TWO stnry house, only 3 blocks from 3 street railroads; rent, $46 por month. B. F. CLARKE A GO.. 123 La* Hallo-at. RENT—S-STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, containing 10 rooms, modern irnprovomonta; No. 163 Uontro-ar. Inquire at 166 Contro-ar. rpO RENT-BASEMENT AND TWO-STORY HOUSE, X 267 Llncoln-av., containing 10 rooms, summer kitchen, and 10 closets, for $35 a mouth. Apply on tho promises. rpO RENT-HOUSES ON WABASH AND MlOlll botweon Twelfth and Twonty-thlrd-sts. I RIiSOH A CO., Rooms 9 and 11, 81 and 83 South Clark* st.. formerly OTTO VON FRITSOII, LaHallo-st. TO RENT —FOUR RESIDENCES, CORNER OP Robey and Ilubbard-ats., at S3O and $25 per month. Also ono lino enttago near samo corner at *3O, 8 rooms. House No. 181 Ounia-st., S6O per month. House No. ISBryan-plaoe. E. E. OAD WELL A CO.. Rooms, 188 Madlson-st. TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED HOUSE. 9 roonifl, and bath, from Ist Juno, for 8 months, in* quire atlHO Waahlugton-av. TO RENT —Bl4 WAHASILAV.—BRICK HOUSE, famished. Apply at 171 Madlson-st., Room 17. TO RENT-UOURES-NOS. 24, 20, 28, AND 80 WA pansoh-av. (Thlrty-soventh-st.), 4 houses, In good ro- Bair, 111 rooms; S6O por month. 8. E. WELLS, 168 >earhorn-st. TO RENT-NEW SEVEN ROOM COTTAGE NEAR Hoyne and Van Buron-sts. S4O: also two-story house on Hoyno et., no&r Adams, S6O. GEORGE D. PEASE. 79 West Madlson-st. T°,lig?l7.?W USmgJS »iUffilSS?! Apply on promises. rpO RENT—TWO-STORY FRAME DWELLING, 400 X Woat Van Buroa-st. PHILIP MYERS A CO., 18 Major Block. TO RENT-COTTAGE AND BARN, 47 WINCHES* tor-av., S6OO por pear. HAIR A CO., Room 26 Bryan Blocks TO RENT-301 SOUTH ROBEY-ST., SOUTH OP Harrison, basement cottage, sultablo for two families; each floor has 6 rooms Vllh pantries and clothes presses; rent, $25 each floor, or will sell for $4,000. Inquire on promises or at 836 West Madlson-st. TO RENT-760 AND 763 BIIOUIGAN-AV., TWO throo-story dwellings; will bo rented together If do. elrod. A good location for first-class boarding. R. O. OAHRABRANT, WoodrotT Hotel. rpO RENT-NORTH SIDE, NEAR CARS. UPPER X part of double cottage, S3O; lower. sl6; house over storw, $lB, all six rooms. A. T. GALT, 77 Dcarborn-st., Room 11. TO RENT-A NEAT 5-ROOM COTTAGE: EXTRA width, 3 loti: gas and water, and barn; handy to steam and horso cars; 856 Wentworth-av. Inqolro at 266 Stato-st. mO RENT-TWO-STORY 11-RUOM HOUSE, BATH- X room, oto., on Forost-a?., pleasant location. 860. LEONARD A VAN ORMAN, 183 LaSallo-st. rno RENT—TWO-STORY HOUSE 7 LARGE ROOMS. 1 858 West Washlngton-st., by D. LEONARD, 1331*- Sallo-at. COTTAGE. ATTIC FLOORED, 1 19 Kondall-it., near Polk ana Roboy. D. LKON ARD, Boone Blook. TO RENT-COTTAGE 1009 JAGKSON-BT., COR. CampboU-av., S3O. A. KIDDER, St. Charles Hotel* 48 South Dosplalnos-st. TO RENT—BASEMENT COTTAGE ON TWENTY sLxth-st., west of and near Stato-st.; possession given. A. H. PALMER, JR., 94 Washlngton-st. TO RENT-COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS, 267 TWRNTY nIoth-st., near Wabash-av. Also, cottage69l Butter fiold-st.. near Thirty-tint, 6 rooms. $25 por month. J. 11. KEELER, 116 Clark-st., corner Madison. TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE. 10 ROOMS, barn, and largo grounds. sltnato in iho suburbs, to a small family who would board tho owner, wife, and ono child: to the right party a good chance will be otlerod; everything In godll order. Address B 91, Tribune olHoo. TO RENT-BRICK BASEMENT COTTAGE, SEVEN rooms, besides bath-room, pantry, and closets, gas fixtures In all tbo rooms, location 74 Twenty-fifth-st. Call at the house or 79 Twenty-liftU-at., for terms. TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE COMPLETE, sonth of Twonty-slxth-st., on Mlchigan-ov,, to a small family: roforonoo renuirod. Inquire BASH A BHAP LEY, Room 6, Otis Block, comer of LaSalle and Modi son-sts. mo RENT-A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE, NO. 843 X Lako-av., 8-story and basomout house, furnished or unfurnished, accessible by Illinois Central Railroad or Cottago Grovo-av, oars. H. MoKEY, 77 Clark-st., Room 3. riiO RENT-ONLY S2O. COTTAGE ON JACKSON- Xst,: 6 now rooms, closets, lino well and cistern. nnmp toosob, all in nice condition: ono block west of Groat Eastern Railroad. TRUESDELL A BROWN, 175 West Madison-st. TO RENT-76 AND 89 PAULINA-BT., NEAR MADI son, 7-room two-story houses. 679 Monroo-st., 9-room. 114 and 116 Abordoou-st. Call at 618 Monroo-st. M.D. BABBITT, TO RENT-18 ROttMS AND BASEMENT IN PEKIN Tea Company's Building, 876 Stato-st. mO RENT—II-UOOM STONE FRONT, NEW HOUSE, X at tho comer Mouroo aud Wood-sta.; all modern Itn- Brovomonts. Also, 11-room brick dwelling, 100 Wood-st. all at 618 Monroo-st, W. D. BABBITT. rpO RENT-THIRD HOUSE FROM THE CORNER X of Forty-aocond-st. and Erans-av., 8 rooms, with good closets. Koyatthoßov. Mr. Brlinhairs, north side Forty-socond-st. Also, largo furnished rooms In Republic Ufo Building. Dining-room same floor. Impure at Room 81, in same building. A. E. DARLING. alO KENT—A GOOD FRAME HOUSE, MODERN . Improvements; largo garden and stable; cheap,to re eponslulo tenant. No. Wil Mlchigsn-av. Apply at WAHL BROS., 130 Mlohlgan-av. rno RENT—THE LARGE AND ELEGANT BRICK X dwelling now being put In good order, on tbo northeast corner of Pralrlo-av. and Twouty-thlnl-st. s Immediate possession given. Apply to A. J. 4 J. \v, CUOPER, No. 164 LaSallo-st. mo RENT—DWELLINGS—BI ABERDEEN-ST.. 10 X rooms. 8 North Ada-st., 7 rooms. Ml West Ran* dolph-st., 6 rooms, over store. UMAR BUSHNKLL, Rooms II and 13, 130 Dosrborn-st. a tO RENT—TWO-STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 183 . Fourth-av., containing 10 rooms, in good condition. Inqutro on promises. r" RENT-435 AND 437 VAN BUREN-ST., NEARLY m»vr, tine location, 8 rooms, water«closot, bath, gas fixtures, oars, pavud alroot, only 460 a month. Inquire at 313 Tylcr-at. fltO RENT—COTTAGE OF THREE SMALL ROOMS, X ront 430. Also oao of 3 rooms, sl3 . 633 West Vsu Buron-st. fp'6 RENT—B-STORY, BASEMENT AND SUB. JL collar mnrhlo-front bouse, all modern Improvements, including furnace, No. 330 West Wasblugton-st. Apply at No. 367 West Uamlulpb-sfc. for tonus. rpb KENT-tisr FULTON-STi, '3-BTOKY FRAME, fl X rooms, water, ate. Also cottage aud barn corner of I.ako aud Davis-sts. Apply to Treasurer llooloy's Opera 1 loUBO. filO RENT—THHHIC-BTORY AND BASEMENT MAR. X blu front homo, GUI Wabosh-nv,, 16 rooms, modern Improvements; rout, $3,400 a year. Apply to W. 11. SAMPSON 400.. nijCaSallo-st., Otis Block. fjlO RENT—HOUSE, 10 ROOMS, MOROAN-BT., X near Washington, S6O; cottage, 7 rooms, closets, ,Vo., S4O; and other homos, by J. K. KIMBALL. 136 Doarburn-at. fpO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE 8-STORY AND X basement brick house, 1039 Mloblgaii-av. 11 rooms aud bath-room. Rent. $1,200 a year. Apply to WM. 11. SAMPSON 4 CO.. Hi Laoalle-at., Otis Block. rpO RENT-8, STORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE- X front house, 83Twenty-llfth-st. 14 rooms ; rent sl,- BUU year. 9-story and basement brick house, 109 Smith Park-av, IS rooms. $1,300 i»or year. Apply to WAI. 11. SAMP* HON 4 UOi, 144 La pajle-st., OOs Block. TO RENT—HOUSES. fllO RKNT-TWO-BTORYAND BASEMENT BRIOK X hou*elU6 Wabash-av.: 10 rooms j modorn Improve* monls ilhs houso Is In norfont order: rout 91,800 a roar. Apnljr (°WM. 11. SAMPSON A 00., 144 Laßallo st. Oils' block.) ' ’ rilO RUNT—NEW COTTAGE, 814 WASHINGTON. X av. 17 rooms t 940 a month. 843 West Washlnoton st.. 9-story and basement brick housoilo rooms is&) a mouth. ?S« W Bt . V A° ", 0 rooms t S4O a month. rpO lIENT-lIOURE WITH 19 ROOMfTAWnuiIN.' Xwlth 10r,63*126, shade-trees, Ao., No. 109 Woriorn-ov.! South Wator*Bt.’ Bol,t, ® M< In(l " lro Pl MORAN, *9s rno RENT—HIX-UO OM COTTAGE, 809 Mo*. X Oroflor-st,. between Twoaty-fourth and Twenty flfth-sta., four blocks went of Htato-st. Rom *nn aA ply to O. W. BIIKI.UOW, Hoorn p. oVutom tfonM?' ‘ rn° niiNT-!S vi noknnks-av., DiiTbTTTiousnT X 10 rooms, SOO nor month. * Three-atory and basement marble-front bouse, $79 Wa bash-av., 14 rooms, SI,BOO peryear. llrick houses, 46, 47,, 10 rooms. (60 por month. ’ * 108 Douglas-placo’, 0 rooms, 960 por month. W. 11. SAMPSON A CO., r RENT-TWO NEW COTTAGES ON ar., near Green Hay-road, 6 rooms; rent 896 nor month. Apply to W. U. SAMPSON A CO., 144 USsHo st., Otis Block. TO RENT-188 VINOENNES-AV., 10 ROOMS: 800 por month. 46 Kgan-jyr..lo rooms, S7O por month. Cottage 108 North Curtla-st., 5 rooms, 995 nor month. Very desirable cottage houso 47 South Poorla-st., 10 rooms, 878 por month. £4^ ,h .°S. ll , OU9ftWPftrit -* T M 10rooms, sl2spor month. 743 West Trier-st., 11 rooms, $730 por year. Now brick nouse 147 South Thropn-st.. 10 rooms, $75 per month. Apply to W. 11. SAMPSON A bo., . 144La8allo-st., Otis Block. mo RENT-NEW 3.STOIIY AND RABEKIENT BRIOK X houso 164 North Doarborn-st., 16 rooms, modorn Im- E.*]?«.T e i n lV ont $ P«, r I5«-. Now 9-story and bnao ment brick house 714 North i<Yankl(n-nt.. t II rnems, rent ffiarsAf^ u - sAMrfoN *°°- ■« rpdRENT-HOUSE, NO. 121 TWKNTY-FIRBT-BT..' X between Wabash and Mlchlgan-ays., 2-story anA basement briok. with good barn; will rent furnished or unfurnished. Apply at tho house from 9 to4p, m., and from 9 to 19 a. m. to 8. W. PEASE, 165 LaSallo-st. Suburban. TO RENT-A LARGE FURNISHED BRICK REST, donoo at Highland Park. Address or call at Room 29 irlbuao Bonding. rilO RENT-SEVERAL HOUSES IN NORTH EVAN- X ston, and onoln Glencoe; or will sell for monthly pay monts. O. B. BROWNE, Grover’s Block, Evanston. TO RENT-OR FOR SALE-AT HINSDALE-ONE houso oflO largo rooms; grounds In good order 5 furnace, £s,‘m. on nl , i. M i , ° of 8 rooms, with fruit. Onohousoof7 b ?.l uo of ‘5 rooms, niooly adapted for a hoarding-house. For exchange for city nronortvs 9 good houses and lots. D. L. Aa. w. PEKR,Y7 poriyi 4 010 HUNT—IN MAYWOOD. NItAK TUB DEPOT, .■if !? rß 9< now, random hou.o, 11 room., SOralaatos from WolL.t. dopot, houtlr train., OEO. A KIMBALL, « West Washlugton-at., Room 6. rro RENT-AT BpUTU"EVANRTON— A LARGE h7««? Ib *waflOPAfy Jl9 d ?ni Improvements, near depot. WARREN, KEENEY A CO., 186 Dearborn-st. rpO RENT—S6O—FURNISHED HOUSE IN EVANS- Ii iMiSSt, “• riTNlilt - M ‘° TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES, &o, rro BENT-onEAP-Fon a term op ybabs, a X largo hall, 820 by 75 foot, corner Canal and Jackson- Bta .l» tunning to Clinton, over tho wholesale markets; suitable for tho atorage of wool, oto., or lightor heavy 55AWHON r i felLlSln ° n th ° I,roml “• “ J O KL ELLIS, rpo • RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, NO. 233 X West Madlson-st., Thompson’* Block, 25x70 ; light and airy, 14 feet celling; anltablo for any flrst-oiaes bush a 10 RENT—BASEMENTS, 26X70. ON WEST MADI* . son-st., light andl nlnr: sultablo for any business; rent cheap. WM. H. THOMPSON, 226 West Madlson-st. TO RENT—B ROOMS IN THOMPSON'S BLOCK, West Madlson-at., suitable for offices or light house s^;"&TO.a o d r ir.r^ r ' elo,ot - wm - u ' i ' hump - rpO RENT—VERY CHEAP—THE SUBSTANTIAL X brick stores with collars Nos. 296 and 297 West Ran dolph-st. S. B. HAYES, 66 LaSalle *t., Metropolitan Block. rpO RENT-STORE 20x85 FEET NO. 193 WASHING- X ton-st. s also doable store 49x86 in same, brown etoun building. Those stores arc splendidly lighted, have a 26 foot alloy dircolly In rear; flra-proof vaults, and have finished basements, which may bo rontod with them or not, at pleasure of tenant. Apply directly to owner. Room 6. No. 193 Washlngton-st. r RENT-SECOND FLOOR, WELL-LIGHTED IN front and on tho aide by alley; suitable for a Jobbing business. Apply on promises to HERRING A CO., 46 blalo-Bt. TO RENT-OFFICE. FURNISHED IF DESIRED: also, desk room In fine, front law office ; alto, a goon slooplng-rootn, with water and marblo wash-basin; all on second floor; rent moderate. Rooms 1, 8, and Bat 166 Washlngton-it. - TO RENT—A HANDSOME STORE IN BRICK building In Rockford, 111.; centre of business, 83x20; dry-goods, clothing, nr boot and ehoo business preferred: j»WO 5u >ro<>r ‘ A “ drM * AN ' rol * hOUICKEII, Rook* TO RENT —DESIRABLE STORE, LOFTS, BASE moots, and offices, on Stato-st., fronting Congress. O. B. WALLER, R2O Stato-st., Room 6. TO RENT-THIRD STORY OVER 203 WEST MAD- Ison-Bt., corner Groon. suitable for manufacturing purposes. EHASTUB 11. GOODRICH, 203 Wost Mad ison-st. Ipo msm-A DTUItn Olt OTATBST. Mlh'Oßli iv X Potter Palmer Hotel; also, oflfeon and lofts, all won lighted. Inquire at Room 11, 151 Monroo-st. rpO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, 26x60, AT 318 X South Olnrk-st. Inquire in Room No. 2. TO RENT-STORE 11 AND 13 MAUKET-ST., 45 BY 85. Alsolarge lofta, on comer Lako and Mnrkot-sts., all in Garrett Building. Apply to O. LUNT, Room 8, Methodist Church Block. TO RENT-THR STORK 637 STATE-BT.. CORNER of Harroon-court, from May 1. 11. IHTOHOOOK. To rent-no. j» rlub ISLAND-AV., A SHOP suitable for any kind of work. rpO RENT—BASEMENT 40x85 FKRT, NOS. 195 AND X 197 Waahington-st.; has wide alloy directly la roar, fire-proof vault, sidewalk lights, and finished throughout. Apply at Room 6 aamo building. TO RENT-OFFICES, SINGLE OR KN SUITE, WITH flro-proof vaults: only one flight stairs, first-class in all respects. Apply to owner. Room 6 aamo building, No. 193 East Washlngton-sU TO RENT-A FIRST-CLASS STORE IN TUB 8-story brick building, No. 1390 Stato-st. Apply at 169 Arcbor-av. TO RENT-STORE WITH LARGE SHOW-WlN dows at 146 South Halstod-st, TO RENT-A LAROB NEW STORE, SUITABLE for groceries, hardware, boots and shoos, or drygoods, corner Robey and Ilubbsrd-sts. Apply to E. L. OAD WELL AGO., 168 East Madtaon-b.., Room 3. IPO RENT-STORE 18X60 FEKT, WITH PLATE. X glaaa front, wator-oloaot, oto., No. 863 Wabash-av., opposite Post-Ofiloo; rent $33 por month. Apply at 823 Oalumot-aT. TO RENT-STORE 1207 BTATB.ST., 29X35 FEKT, for $0) per month. AUo, etoro 1910 Stato-st., with four rooms oaok, for $36 per month. Apply at 1203 State at., ortoO. B. WAITE, llydoPark. TO RENT-DESK-ROOM IN A DESIRABLE OF floe. 176 South Olark-at., corner Monroe, Room 9. fpo RENT-TWO BARNS AND LARGE YARD X with or without rooms for living; uno small well lighted basement; ono brick store with uasemont and suito of rooms, Apply to E. F. BOSLEY, on tbo promises at 117 West Waabiugton-st. TO RENT—CHEAP—DOUBLE BASEMENT, 78 AND 80 Stato-st., 88x120, suitable for trunk store, plumb* log, or any business oxcopt saloon- Inquire 80 Stato-st. TO RENT-TWO OFFICES ON SECOND FLOOR, aud 4 sleoplng-rooms on third floor, northeast corner of Madison and Halstod-sts. Apply to EVANS, Blfbl. MONB A CO., 63 South Halatod-st., Room 13. TO RENT-FRONT BASEMENT, 845 WABASH-AV. sls per month. TO RENT-STORE ON WEST MADISON-BT-, near Halstod. on south side of street. TRUESDELL A BROWN, 176 West Madison-st. TO RENT—S3B—STORE AND 3 ROOMS: HAL6TKD st., noar Jackson. Larger etoro ana roams, $45. TRUESDELL A BROWN, 17S Wsst Madlao-nst. mO RENT—BEST CORNER ON SOUTH SIDE, FOR X dry goods or grocery building; now; rent reasonable to the right pari}’. Gallon or address A.BENN, 93 South Water-st. mo RENT-A DOCK, FROM MAY 1, ON NORTH- X west corner of Lako-st. bridge. Apply to R. CHES TER, Lamp Manufacturer, 4 WoatLake-st. TO RUNT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF FIFTH av. and Adams-st., containing 65 rooms, Including bath-rooms, wator-closots, laundry, hot and ooldwator. Apply to owner on the promises, or DREW A NEW BURY, Room 8, Bryon Block. mO RENT—OFFICE OR SUITE OF THREE, WH7I J. vault. No. 23. 163 Washlngton-st. TO RENT-STORE-ROOM IN BRICK BUILDING No. 468 Stato-st. Rent low. D. HARRY HAMMER, Attorney, 188 Madlson-st. TO RENT-BRICK STORES 991. 925, AND 997 Stato-st,; also rooms,second and third floors 997 Stato st. Stores, s7sper month; dwelling, S6O por month. Apply to W.H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. TO RENT—VERY DESIRABLE BRICK STORKS 316 and 317 East Randolnh-st., 20x70, ront $1,600 oaoh. Apply to W. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Block. TO RENT—ROOMS. npO RENT-KLEOANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO X gontlomon only, in Williams Block, 87 Doarboru-at. References rctiulrou. T' O RENT-ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING, ONE block west of Union Park, on Smlth-st. O. E HOLMS, 69 South Olluton-at. fltO RENT-A YOUNG LADY OAN SHARE WITH X another lady a front parlor and bedroom by calling at 1363 Wabash-av. fpo RENT-373 MIOHIOAN-AV., NIOELY FUR- X uiahed front anltu and other rooms. rpO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ALCOVE ROOM. X Apply at 937 West Wssldngton-st. TOlim-11 ROOMS, SECOND FLOOR, 297 WEST X Uandnlph-st.: rent, S3O a month. Apply to W, 11. SAMPSON 4 CO.. 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. fpO RENT-SECOND FLOOR 287 WEST RAN- X dolph st., 6 rooms and closets: in good order. Kent, $36 par month. Apply to W. 11. SAMPSON 4 00., 144 LaSallost., Otis Block fpo RENT—I WILL RENT A NEW AND VERY X convenient 3-itory cottage of 6 rooms, pantry, eloselc, water, 4c.. comfortably furnished, ami glvo $lO per month besides, to a small and respectable family who will board inysolf and wifo. Uoforonoos required. Ad dross O 18, Tribune ullloo. fpo RUNT-435 MAY-ST,, A SUITE OFSIX ROOMS X and closets, with water. Second door from Twelfth-st. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOA! ONlffrillßD X floor, northeast corner Clark and Monroo-ete. Call at Room Bth FURNISHED FRONT ROOM BUlT ablo for two gentlemens also, a single room. Brick house, modern Improvements. 411 West Madison-st. fpo RENT—A NIOE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM X at 63 West Mouroe-st. fpo RENT—I 3 ROOMS AND BASEMENT IN PEKIN X Tea Company’s Building, 316 HU'.OSt. TO RENT—ROOMS. fpO RENT—UNFURNISHED UOOMfI FOR GENTLE* t> P 1 ?”. 10 second And third stories brick building hornet Randolph and JeHorsonst*,; liato Inside bllnos.i.wltli *IU °d° 1° h on Bftrao floor. Apply At Room iO, nOv-105 TO,^? NT ~NIORbY-FURNraiIKD APARTMENT* flnmSu.ffl *' l ho, ln tlio novr Parker Block, northt*sß iiir.”,!. 1 w™* <° a-*"-. T O .S.M?m7n A | At-OOVIt ROOM TO two’ -T?"bano*lmo" I '” kl A<l rRENT-NIOKLY FURNISHED SUITE OP' rooms; also Bleeping rooms for gonllepnm, otlOOTj^u WAbSBII«AV, ' ffio RRNT-ELKOANT[IOOMS, SINGLE OR EM ; X suite, furnished or unfurnished. Ashland Block, op pQßlto Sherman House. Inquire At Room (M. - rflO RENT-ATM ABBRDEEN-ST., FIRSTOLABS, X everything now mid elaborate : choice of rooms; band* some parlor, bath, gas, oto. Back parlor for odloo. TO RENT-.UPPER PART OF COTTAGE, LOOAT— qd on Page-st., No. 16, between Hubbard and Klnsio.. mint reasonable. Apply on premises. rroWT-S ROOMsIn BACK PART OF HOUSE,' month 1 , to a small family; rent S3O pop: rro RENT-8 ROOMS WITH CLOSETS. GAS, ANB»< iforth Hl&o ° Wer floor ’ for housekeeping, atllSSlogel-st... T°..^?, r ? T r A _, FI NE B . UIT OF FRONT ROOMS, ' 1 V or dentist; also nicely furnished and unfur-4 Dished slopping.rooms, at 263 and 3C6 West Madlson-st. rpo RENT—3 NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS IN A.r x very pleasant locality, to some rospootablo gentleman a will rent them separate if desired; rent •mortorato, In-k quire at 163 Woatworth-st., 8 bouses south of Archor-av. TO RENT-670 FULTON-ST.-LARGE,NICELY FUR- Diahod front room, with closet, cheap, togontlomana Also single room. 10 RENT-315 WEST ADAMS-ST., A NICELY FUU nlshod front room. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS* on suite or single, At Room 43,10 and 13 Madlson-st.: near Mlchlgan-ar. " fTIO RENT-SOUTH SIDE, EAST OF STATE, NORTI X of Twelfth! 6 rooms, sultablo for small family. JOUJ M. WAITE, 1m Doarbom-st. TO RENT-SUITES OF ROOMS (TWO RAOH) I^ ; the Halstod-Strcct Opera House building, cornotfl Halsted and Harriaon-sts.. S2O to $35 per month. J. If. KEELER, Haoiark-at., errnor Madison. qio RENT-8 LARGE FRONT 1100519, WITH MAR-i X bio mantel, gas, water, and water cloaots, second' floor, at tbomarblo-front building, No. 819 SouthUlark— st., between Van Bnroa and Harrison. Inquire of thwj owner between 10 and 13 a. in. TO RENT-FIVE ROOMS WITH WATER ANI* cloaots. No. 293 West Polk-st. rno RENT-TWO SUITS OF ROOMS AT $lO TO 81fli X per month respectively, In tho now building at thtfj northwest corner of Arnold ivnd Twonty-nlnth-Bta. An- • ply at the building betwoon 10 and 11 o'clock. TO RENT-18 ROOMS AND EASEMENT IN PRKIM I Tea OompanyVs Building, 876 Stato-st., well adapted ) forKuropnan Hotel, boardinghouse, or furnished roomsV WANTED—TO RENT. TXTANTBD-TO RENT-ON SOUTH SIDE-FUR nuhed room, with bath-room attached, with oB without board. Address T 81, Trlhuno olhoe. TyANTED—TO RUNT-BY TWO BROTHERS, A " T pleasant unfurnished room on tho North Ride, with or without board} private family preferred. Address M 3, Tribune office. T\TANTED—TO RENT-LOWER PART OF HOU.SH tt or small cottage, not to exceed SIS por month, sult ahlo for housekeeping foreman family: muit bo conve nient to street oars} West Side preferred. Address HOUSE. Box 157, City P. O. j WANTED— TO RENT-A NEAT COTTAGE, OB or 6 rooms, oonronlont to street can, by a family i two. Address 0 83, Tribune office. WANTED-TO KENT-SMALL OFFICE OR DESK room, eastof Wolls-st., between Monroe and Wash ington. Statu location and price, WB3. TrilmimjjQlco^ FOR SALE. For sale-one large van cooking range. with earring-table, broiler, Ac., cost $1,200: wlllbj sold cheap, and nn easy terms: nearly new. Apply to r. R. WILSON, 77 South 01ark-»t. ( from 12 to 1 o'clock. For sale-wire cloth at wholesale anb« rottil. WM. A A. W. WHEELER, Ol&Btate-at. TpOR SALE-LEASE AND FIXTURES OF OFFICII I? No. 237 South Oanal-st., northwest oofper of \am Huron; fixturosaud furniture now: splodtM'lpcatltm fol abankofilos or store. Imiulro of CHILDS A MORTON Room 6, No. 110 Madlsonst, FOR SALE-STORE FIXTURES, SHOW-OASES, counters, shelving, desk, stove, Iron stools, etc., ah yoarowrMTrjcosmustbnHolc^cMlay^^lT^fitato^tt^^^^ AUCTION SALES. By EEISON & FOSTER. 670 MICHIGAN -AY. GENTEEL FURNITURE jajqp AUCTION, PBIDAY HOMING, May 2, at 10 o'clock. At the raftrblo-front residence, 670 Mlcblgan-ar., contain* tog Brussels and Wool Carpets, Parlor, Chamber, Li brary, Dining-Room, and Kitchen Furniture, Mattresses** Bedding, Stores, oto., etc., all first-class and will petU Uvolv bo sold. ELISON 4 FOSTER. AuoUotmrfl. FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 3, AT OK O’CLOCK, GEEAT AUCTION BALE OP smi-mra fdhituik. At our Salesroom} 87 MAEHET-ST. ELISON & FOSTER. Aacttonoarß. By G. P. GOKE CO., 23. 24. and 26 East RaudolpU-st. 332 Cottage Groie-av., near M-t AT AUCTION, FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE. On THURSDAY, Marl, at 10 o’clock. Parlor Salta,. Marble-Top Chamber Sots. Extension Tables, Chairs, Rookorv. Lounges, Marble-Top Tables. Bedsteads, Mal trossos, Sodding. Mirrors. Ico-Cbosta; Silver, China, and. Glasswaro: Cook and Parlor Stoves. GEO. P. GORE 4 CO.. Auctioneers, 22, 34. 26 Randolph-st. By WM, A. BUTTERS & CO. ON THTOSDAY, AT OX O’CLOCK. Salo of Desirable StocU of DET GOODS, CLOTHING,. AND BOOTS AND SUOI2S, AtMandCTSonthOanal-st. WM. A. RUTTERS & CO.. Auctioneers. 118 SOUTH CLABK-ST. EeslauranTFurniture A.T ATJOTION, On Thursday, May 1, at 10 a. m., AT NO. US SOUTH OLABK-ST.* Comprising everything pertaining to a first-class rostau* rant. Including one largo Wlokirs Range and Broiler, complete, Steam Table, and Copper Furniture, la nioa order. Also, Crockery. Cutlery, Glasswaro, Furniture, Counter, do. WM. A. BUTTERS d CO.. Auctioneers. ON SATURDAY, MAY 3, BUTTERS Sc GO. WILL HOLD A Mammoth Sale OF Household Furniture, At 55 & 67 South Canal-st. By TAYLOR & HARRISON. AUCTION SALE OP Carriages & Harness, At 31 and 33 South Oanal-at., on Thursday. May l,at 10 o’clock. OPEN AND TOP BUGGIES, KOAD WAGONS. KOOKA WAYS, and two extra second-hand TOP BUGGIES. Also, 30 Sots SINGLE HAH NESS. Sale peremptory. TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneers. By HAVENS & CO., Auctioneers. sea WEST X^-A-KIB-ST, Household Furniture, •A.T A-TTOTIOISr, FRIDAY MORNING, May 3, at 0 H o’clock, Consisting of Parlor. Chamber, Dining-Room and Kitch en Furniture, Laco Curtains. Carpet*, Mattresses, Rod. ding, Crockery, Glassware, do., do. HAVENS d CO., Auctioneers, 63 South Oanal-at. HAVENS d GO. will soil. SATURDAY, May 8, at a.ui., tho largest aisurtmcnt of elegant Household Furniture! Ever offered la tills city. 25 Splendid Parlor Hulls. 25 Hiinorb Oliiimtiur Suits. to dllleroui styles and mialittos of Carnets, Ulnsswaro. Stovos, llooU-Cnseij, Hidohoimls, Dusks. Ice Boxes, dec., dec. 25 Superior bowing Machines. HAVENS A 00.. Auctioneers. 03 South OAuhlk 1

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