Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 2, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 2, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26, RUBINES3 CHANCE. TREMONT HOUSE FOR SALE. Fnrira, Fiilra, ai I* Of the Present Treiont House. The house is moat odmirably adapt ed for families, haying 120 rooms, 40 of which are in suites, with aU the modern improvements. Furniture in most excellent condition, most of it being now. Tho house is in splen did order, rent low, and will be sold upon liberal terms. If not disposed of on or before Monday, May 6, it wiU be sold at public auction, due notice to be given hereafter. JNO. B. DRAKE. REAL ESTATE. JACOB C. AA-A-Q-IXjXj, t»tu A T. ESTA.TU, SI anti S3 South Clax-lc-st. sucre.. See. Mi 89, !S°t?onlina nhforaldo Boalowrd, 68.000. Will par 200 per cent to subdivide. * A acre!, Hoc. 31. 89, H, s<so; caiy terms; a bargain. 88 acres. 800. 10, 87,18, $200; easy terms. Macros! Bee. 83, 88, 18, 8460! easy terras; cheap. 80 atros! 800. 7, 87, forahomo. VINOENNEB-AV.—Araarblo-front, SB,MO; s6oodown, ** IaSiILTON* AV. - 3-etory and baaomoat, octagon front, • a iIEAH“/BUL*ND.AV. AND VAN BUBBN.BT.- I* «toy, 9-room house, and lot, $3,500; hi down, balancol, **J^BHla/LND«AV.—Elegant rosldonoo, $H,000; easy **Boo for sale column Sunday Times. Desirable Investment. lim Instructed by owner* lo offer for wle, on favorable torma, 6, 10, 20, 80, or 40 aoros V)( the property known at the VStool Farm," aliuated in 800. 26, T. 89, R.lB, In the aonthweetern part of tbo city, bounded north and eouth by Twenty-sixth and Thlrty-first-ita, and eaat and west by Kedrle-ar, and Mowry-sti. Tbla property adjoins Lawndalo on the south, and la certain to advance rapidly in value. The attention of Capitalists is called to this Advertisement. Apply to JOHN JOHNSTON, AgoniforOwnora, Room 4, Noa. 84 and 86 Laßalle-et. Waul Pari Bali Co„ Office 158 MONROB ST., Room 4, Kent’* Building. Homos and Lota for sale on eaay tonne. FRANK P. HAWKINS. Agent. TO RENT. TO RENT. Second and third floors of 74 and 76 BANDOLPH-ST., very light. To right parties a low rent will he made. Apply to J. li. WAYHB & SON. TO RENT, Desirable Stores and corner Basement in Briggs House, corner Fifth,-av. and Ban dolph-at. Apply to . y qtt ahh Ac APAMB.3I Bryan Block. PAPER HANGINGS. Don’t Fail TO CALL ON HUBER. JBNEINS & FAION, 107 STATE-ST., And see the largest and most com plete stock of Paper Hangings, Dec orations, Window Shades, Dace Cur tains, Damhrequins, Bedding, &0., to be found in the city—all Now and Beautiful Designs. GENERAL NOTICES. CMcap & Norttwestem Railway. SPECIAL NOTICE. Oa and after Thursday, May 1. the City Of fice for the sale of Tickets wul bo at south west corner LaSalle and Randolph-sts. Gommutation Tickets will be sold at this office only. MARVIN HUGHITT, Gen. Supt. W. A. THRALL, Gen. F. Agt. LANDLORDS & HOUSE AGEHTS. Havlngnow in typo the form of what ia called the “Old Tribune Lease," we aro prepared to furnish copies In any ,n«U„.tr.d M .d i g™. ; Monniß 4 BULraERi Printers, IflflState-Bt. HOTELS. Summer Hotel. The new Hotel at Highland Park will be open Jane 1. This Hotel is only threo stories high, but contains 135 rooms. It is 800 feet long, has broad halls running full length of bouse; 600 feet of plaxxa 13 feet wide; a broad deck on the top of the homo, 800 feet long, overlooking Lake Michigan. It la ono hour's rldo from Chicago, in the growing town of Highland Park, where a pier is Doing built for th» snnnmmndatlon nf nlaasiiw* excursions from Chicago. Elegant Billiard Hall, Croquet Grounds, and fine Livery Establishment in connection with the Hotol, Tbo Hotel will bo under the management ofO. D. Hop kins, formerly of Stanwix Hall, Albany. For farther information apply to O. 1). HOPKINS, Proprietor, High land Park, or F. P. HAWKINS, Agent U. P. D. Co.. 163 Monroo-st., Room!, Chicago. BRIGGS HOUSE, IRIBBTTIXsT, Comer of Eandolph-st, and Piftli-ay. OLD TERMS* 83 PER DAY. RIOKOOBDS & HUNTOON, Proprietor*. A. F. WKLLB, formerly of Rrlggs House, I W. D. RECTOR, late of Uarnoa House, { u*«*s. PROPOSALS. TIE CALCASIEU SELPHI AM Mining Company of Lonlslana Invites proposals for the construction of a shaft tn Cal casieu Parish, State of Louisiana. . . ■ The object of said shaft Is to roaoh a deposit of sulphur, about four hundred and forty (440) foot below the surfacq of the ground. The nature of tho soil, and thickness el etratsa are as follows : First—l6o fast of elsy containing sand, Reoond—l7o foot of quick saud. Third—llo fast of Calcareous or time stone, and next the sulphur bod, which la about one hundred and ten (110) fsulthiok. The Company will exhibit apian and specifications to contractors for said shaft, and has on the spot iron rings, extraction engines and tools, imported from Europe, with the view aiming tho Kind 4 Ohandron system, also a steam saw-mill, abundance of timber, necessary build ings, eto.. etc., etc. The work will be done under the supervision of the En gineer Of ths Company. Proposals will be received uo to the Ist of Jaly, 1878. Address V. A. UELAUME. fleoretary. BA4 Osronilelst-st., New Orleans. gold pens, &o* Foley’s Gold Pens Bell more in New York than those of all other oaken to -108 East Madlson-it. Wat WiieuQO QaUij WSbmu* HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. MANDEL BROTHERS Are offering some SPECIAL BAR GAINS IN Msetew Ms, SUCH AS Nottingham Laces, Bleach’d & Brown Table Linens, Sheetings, Shirtings, Tickings, Pillow Case Cottons, Toilet Quilts. ALL-LINEN TOWELS From Ono Dollar per.doßon upward* STATE AND HARRISON-STS. TTOTY-SECOND-ST, AND MICM-AY. REMOVALS. REMOVAL. CAMERON, AIBBRB & GO, STATIONERS, Hftvo removed to the LARGE and ELE GANT PREMISES, No. 84 Lake-st., Opposite Tremont Houae. Removal. wm. h.'grubey; KHCHiHT TAILOR, Has removed to his NEW and ELEGANT STORE, 107 SOUTH OLAEK-ST., (Methodist Ohuroh Blooh). REMOVAL. J. M. W. JONES, SIATIONBB, Has removed from 68 Oanal and 107 Olark-ate. to Nos. 104 and 108 Madison-st. A SPIJSNDin STORE. PI.ENTY of goods. AND PAIR TRICES. REMOVAL. G. R. FIELD & CO., Eeal Estate and Loan Agents, IwOcciyßoomlO For W Block, Sontheast corner of Doayborn and Washlngton-ats. AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY. REMOVAL. The WEST BIDE Branch Office of this Company has boon removed from 318 Uandolph-et. to 60 South Halatod* at., corner of MadUon. The SOUTH SIDE Branch Office, 630 Wabash-av., will bo removed to Wabaih-av., corner of Twonty-aecond-it., May 1. S. O. SEATON, A*cnt. April as. 1673. FINANCIAL WALKER, AIMS & C 0„ 14 ’Wall-at., N. Y. AI9I3RIIWS c*j 00., 10 Flaoo Vondome. PARIS. Travelers’ Credits Issued, both la STERLING, oa UNION BANK OF LONDON, And In francs on PARIS, UNDER THE SAME LETTER. Circular XXotes, Of £lO, £2O, and £6O on the UNION BANK OF LONDON. Commercial Credits: Eic&aage on London & Pans. Stocks, Bond*, and Gold bought and sold on commis sion. Railway Loans negotiated. ASSIGNED ESTATE OF THE EntGrorisß Insurance Gomow The Beoond dividend (forty-threo per cent) awarded by tbe Auditor, will be paid by TUB PHILADELPHIA TRUST. SAFE DEPOSIT AND INSURANCE COM PANY, Assignees, at their Office, No. 431 Obestnot-st. A form of receipt will be sent to each creditor whose address la known to tbo Assignees. I. L. KRRINOER, Vice President. Lamar In Cm In pnnnanoe of • decree of the Superior Court of Cook County, all persons baring claims against this Company are notified to appear before Frank Dennison, Esq.. Mm* tor lu Chancery, at bla Office, Rooms Nos. 67 and 68 llryan Ulock, LaSalli-et., In Chicago, and prove their claims. The undersigned will attona at said place on the loth, 12th, 18th, 14th, and 16th days of May lust., at 3 o’clock in the afternoon of each day. Claims not proran will net uartioloate la the first dividend. _ _ p ,p GKORQB CHANDLER, Rooolrer. BnPrELDTdPALL, Attorneys. CHARLES H. BROWER. R. PARKER PIERCE. PIEECE & BEOWEB, BROKERS, 03 TVT A TiTHOST-ST. Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Govern ment and Western Securities. Illinois 10 per pent Registered Coupon Bonds. BUSINESS CARD. 0. H. LAWRENCE & 00. PROVISION AND FRODUOII COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NEW OUT,BANS. I,A. John Lyle King, LAW OFFICE, 1138 OLABK-ST., Bstween Washington and Madison. STORAGE. STORAGE. Furniture and all kinds of Merchandise. Money loaned on goods at Burlington Warehouse, corner Bixtaenih and Btate-sts. U. U. HAWYEU. CHINA. OROOKERV. *<>■ ■A.T IRET-AIL. mhchm, CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, Silver-Platefl Goofls, TABLE CUTLERY, &o BURLEY & TYRRELL 274,276 & 218 Watehv, OODNBB VAN EUDBN-ST. WE ARE SDEn^LXiisra- Me China Dinner Sets, 141 Pcs,, for $35.00. Wile China Teasels, 56 Pcs,, for 6,50. In fact, we are closing out our entire Wholesale Stock, at Detail, AT WHOLE SALE FDIOEB, in order to make room for an elegant Detail Stock for Spring Trado. Scott Mvingtißros, 219 West Madison-st. CARRIAGES. LARGE VARIETY OF ELEGANT CARRIAGES, Light Park Phaetons, lour and Six Scats; T Carts, Dog Carts, Landaus, Landaulettes, Coaches, Coupes, Broughams, Kendall Jump Seats and Pouy Phaetons, Four and Six-Seat Roclcaways, Bead Wagons, Concord Wagons, Omnibuses. Hill’s Celebrated Concord Har ness. GOAN & TEN BROEKE CARRIAGE MPG 00., Randolph and Ann-sts. CARRIAGES. R, M. STIVERS, 01 U4 ( 146, 148, 150 and 152 Fast Tmrty-flrst-st., 3NTBW TOBK, la manufacturing, and baa three largo show rooms, equal to 400 feet long by Bfi faot wide, fillecf with a splendid as sorted stock of Top and Light Road Wagons, Bog Oarts, X'our and 61x Seat Phaetons, Ladles' Pony Phaetons, Rookaways, do. Parties in Chicago, by calling on O. M. CLARK. Koi, TOand 91 Slxtoonth-it., can boo samples, get particulars, and order through hlraif moroconTO- Slont. R. M. aTfVBRH. New York. FOR SALE. 3VCjft.3STXIjX.-A MAPPING PAPER AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, BY CULVER, PAGE. HOYRE & CO.. 118 & 120 Monroc-st, Tracing Cloth, AT J. G. LANOOUTH'B, QPTICIAN, 83Btato-st„ between Washington and Randolph- For Sft-PorM Gent, In quantities to suit, at $0.60 per barrel, at 147 LaSolle-st., in basement. STOCKHOLDERS* MEETINGS. BTOOK-HOLDERB’ ANNDAL MEETING or TUK Lake store & MlcMean sonttern Hallway Co. Omoß or Tar Lass Boone A MiomoAK Sotjtbxbh) Railway Company, > OtxvilAND, 0., March 37, 1878. ) The annual meeting of the Stockholders of this Com* paoy, for the election of Directors lor the ensnlng year, and for tbe transaction of otber Important business, will bo bold at the office ef the Company, In the city of Cleveland, 0., on Wednesday, 7th Day of Hay □ext. between the hoars of II o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock In tho afternoon of that day. Tbe transfer books of tbo Company will bo closed at the close of business, on the 6th day of April next, and will rs-onen on tbo morning of the oth day of May next. • GEORGE 11. SLY» Sogrotary. omoß OB Oliicap, Hock Islail & Pacific RAILROAD COMPANY. April 9ft. 1978. The annual mooting of the Stockholder* of tho Chicago, Rook Island & Paclllo Railroad Company, for the election of Directors, pursuant to law. and tho transaction of such other business aa may come before them, will be bold at the office of tho Company, lu the City of Chicago, on Wednesday, the 4th day of June nest, at U o’clock a. n. JOHN F. TIUOY, President. F. H. TOWS, Rooretarr. GOD LIVER OIL. •WIX,XjSO3ST’S CARBOLATED GOD LIVER OIL Is a Specific and Radical Cure for CONSUMPTION AND SOEOFULODS DISEASES. Remember the name, ‘'Wlllson’a/Carbolstod Cod Liver Oil." It oomos In largo wedge-ehapod bottles, bsarlug the Inventor's signature, and is sold by/thn bsst Druggists, Prepared by J. H. Willson, 30 Platt-st., H. Y. For sale by all Druggists. GARPET GLEANING. KING CARPETCLEANER Boston Carpet Cleaning Co., 44 AND 40 WEST ADAMS-ST., Branch. WJtf Twenty-ssonnd-st. A. N. UAMIUNfION 4 00. CHICAGO, FRIDAY, MAY 2, 1873. INSURANCE. MILLER & DREW’S INSURANCE OFFICE, 162 LA SALLE-ST., BK.TTA.3Sr BLOCK. NONE BUT ITOST-OLASS COMPANIES, EEPBESENTINfI $13,500,000 CAPITAL. COMMERCIAL - UNION ASSURANCE CO,, LonsnooKT- SHOE AND LEATHER INSURANCE CO., BOSTON. PRESCOTT INSURANCE COMPANY, BOSTON. ARCTIC INSURANCE COMPANY, 3STBW PORK. ADRIATIC INSURANCE COMPANY, 3STBW TT ORK. FIREMEN'S FUND INSURANCE "COMPANY, 3STBW “3TOH.IE- JAB. E. MILLER Phoenix Ins. Co., OP HABTPOBD, CONN. Phoenix Ins. Co., OP ST. LOUIS. REMOVED TO 149 & 151 Madison-st. JAMES AYABB, JB,, Agent. FRANKLIN FIRE INSIISm COMPANY, OF INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA. Chartered Capital, $500,000. Paid Up Capital, 250,000. Fire -Bisks on till Olobbos of Property Ac cepted at Equitable Bates. JOHN 0. 6HQBMAKBR. Prfli't. WM. WESLEYwOOLLEN, V. Pros’t. JOHN A. CHILD, Soo’y. A. 0. GREENEBATJM, Agent, 170 WwwMnglim-at.. Chicago, 111. FISHING TACKLE, KNIVES, &o. “FISHING TACKLE.” SPORTSMEN and DEALERS will find everything da slrablo in Boat, Lines, and Equipment*, at BIQGS, SPENCER A CO.'S. 835 Wabash-av. “TABLE KNIVES,” In Irorr. Bono, and Rubber Handle*. Thirty stylo*, from 53.00 per doton upward. BIOGS, SPBNOISn A CO.. 335 Wanash*aY. < “POCKET KNIVES.” Flro hundred different design*, of the very finest qual* Ity. our own make, IXL. and TV'dgers’, from 25 cents to QM.OOeaoh. EIOGB, BPKNCKU4 00., 83S mbuhnr.. “CORKSCREWS.” 00 patterns of tho best Baalish. French, and Gorman manufacture. comprising all the Novelties. BIGGS. BPBNOEB A 00.. 88* Wabsab-ar. OFFICE FURNITURE. AT COST. Oar Entire Stock of Fine DESKS. Other Office Furniture at Reduced Prices DURING THIS WEEK. pOOmH77ftT7JC 119 & 121 West DUuiVfIUAD Washington-st, NOTICE. FAMES, USE & C 0„ Hava resumed business at 111 & 113 LAKE-ST. A full line of Scales. Trucks, do., on band. AU orders promptly filled. -Wj9I3XTTJESX>, Every Carpenter. Oablnet-raaker, and Wagon-maker In Cook County to call and examine a band and foot-power machine for cutting and ripping lumber, of any thickness, dry or green- Something entirely now- constructed on now principles throughout. Small, light machine, eas ily conveyed from ono Job tp another s needed In every shop; has alio boring attachment. Call and see It work. Uai Htato-at., Room I. ' BLACKSMITHS AND BLACKSMITH'S HELPERS I 1 WANTED—A number of blacksmiths and hslneri. For the best workmen the highest wage* paid, or piece work. Apply atjMoOORMIOK’S Uosper Works, Blu* lelopd-ar., near Woitern-av. DRUMMER For a Produce Onmmlulon House. One having expert, enoe. who oan Inlluonoo shlpmtnls and come well rooom* monuod. Addreas, stating route. W 6C, Trlhniiej)flloo._ HENRY N. HOLDEN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of HARDWOOD LUMBER, Also. Mahogany, Hoaowood, Florida Oodar, Voneern, &o. . Particular attention paid to filling blU* for any kind of Hardwood or Fancy liumbor. OFFICE AND YARB-Wn. all Sonlh Market-st. Masonic. Ortsntal Lodge. No. S3. A. F. and A. M. Regular com munioaiion this (Frida/) evening, at 7X o’clock, forbuol n... .nd ...V on U.. A CHAS.W. DEEW. SCALES. WANTED. LUMBER. MEETINGS. WASHINGTON. Proposed Congressional Inves tigation of Transporta tion Routes. What the Windom Committee Pro pose to Do, and Where They Will Go. Increase of Trado Between United States Ports and Cuba. May Statement of the Public Debt. Special Dispatch to 7*Ae Chicago TVfftim#, TRANSPORTATION ROUTES—PROPOSED INVESTIGA- TION. Washington, D. 0., May l.—Tho Committed on Transportation Boutos, of which Mr. Win dow, of Minnesota, is Chairman, has decided upon a plan of investigation which Is umbrtvood In tho following general divisions : First, tho Lake and St. Lawronco routo 5 second, the Lake Erie Canal and Iludson Bivor routo ; third, tho James Bivor and Kanawha Canal routo, embrac ing improvements of tho Kanawha and Ohio Bivors 5 fourth, tho proposed Georgia Canal routes ; fifth, tho Mississippi and Gulf routo ; sixth, tho various railroad routos from tho inte rior to tho coast. In regard to tho Lsko and St. Lawronco Bivor routo, inquiries will bo mado as .to tho advantages which this route offers for through transportation from interior points to Europe 5 the practicability of employing lake sailing and steam vessels on tho St. Lawronco Bivor and canals, and on tho ocean; tho commercial odv ou tage offered at Montreal for tho transshipment of merchandise, charges on tho Canadian canals, tho capacity of thoso canals, actual tonnage and number of vessels employed on this routo dur ing tho past twonty-fivo years, tho actual value and amount of American productions exported to foreign ports by this routo via Moutroal and Quo boo during tho last twouty-flvo years: ac tual cost of transportation to European ports; probable timo required by sailing and steam vessels from lake ports to Liverpool, and tho disadvantages of tho routo arising from ice, fogs, and other dangers of navigation, and tho shortness of the season of navigation, freight charges, and insurance. In regard to the Erie Canal aud Hudson Bivor route, inquiries will be mado as to the actual freight charges from lake ports to New York during the last twenty-five years: cost of transportation per ton nor mile; cost of transshipments from lake vessels to canal boats, including the general subject of tho storage of com and grain whilo awaiting tho demands of consumption; length of season of navigation ; timo consumed in transportation: probable reduction of charges by tho proposed

enlargement of tho Eric Canal for tho capacity of boats of COO tons, and tho probable increased capacity of tho canal ns a commercial highway by such proposed enlargement; rates of insur ance} thp relative advantages offered by this routo and of freight railways, &o. In regard to tho James Bivor and Kanawha Canal, - Investiga tions will bo mado in regard to tbo value of the Ohio Bivor as a commercial tributary of the' canal: tho geographical lim its and population of the territory seeking this outlet to tho seaboard; probable omount of Western products which would pass through this canal if now completed 5 Srobablo cost of enlarging and completing tho uiiov lUvor ami Kanawha Oauol and iln connec tions ; probable timo required to complete same, and cops of such construction and improvements: length of season of navigation, oto. Under the fourth division, or Georgia Canal route, inqui ries will bo made os to the value of the Tounca-', scoßiver as a commercial tributary of this route: the geographical extent aud population of the territory seeking this outlet to tho ueaboad; ' tho probable amount of Western products which would pass through this route; probable cost of construct ing the Georgia Canal and making the required river improvements } tho probable timo required to complete tho some, togthor with tho length of tho season of navigation and any other com mercial advantages which tho route may ap pear to offer. In regard to tho Mississippi Bivor routo, tho Committee will inquire as to the actual freight charges from various river ports to Now Orleans during tho last twenty live years 5 the depth of water for navigation from tho several river ports to Now Orleans at all seasons during tho same period; tho Kbicability of transporting corn and gram in on tho Mississippi Bivor and its tribu taries, and storing it at Now Orleans ; tho num ber of days in each year of suspension of navigation at St. Louis and other river ports on account of ico or low water; amount and value of com aud grain exported from Now Or leans during tho last twenty-five years; tonnage and pilot charges at New Orleans 5 rates of in surance; probable cost of proposed Improve ments of tho Ohio Bivor, and tho Mississippi above Bt. Louis, and tho rates of freight from Now Orleans to ports of Europe and North At lantic ports during tho last twouty-flvo years. Under tho sixth division, which relates to rail road routes from tho interior to tho coast, tho Committee will inquire as to the actual cost of tho several trunk roads, exclusive of watered stock; tho actual freight charges per ton per mile during tho last 25 years; tho percentage of freight receipts consumed by actual east of transportation; timo necessarily consumed in the transportation of agricultural products of tho West from the principal points to seaports; tho cost of transhipments and storage; speed of maximum profits for freight traim; relative charges for through and way freights, and other inquiries. For the purpose of ascer taining how tho railroad facilities for tho trans portation of Western products to tho East can be increased, tho Committee will personally examine each of the water routes, such exami nations to bo made with tho special view of de termining tho relative value of each. As they all have tnoir advocates, who are desirous of re ceiving a share of tho attention of the Commit tee. The kind of information desired can only bo obtained from’poraoual observations, by vis iting the various localities. Inquiry will be mado of freight charges from Now Vork and other ports of the United States to European .ports during tho last twenty-five years; the value and amount of corn and groin imported into England and various other com and grain-importing countries 5 tho average {irico of com at lake ports, at ports on tho At antic ond Pacific Coasts, and at various foreign fiorta during the last twenty-five years ; rates of usurance, &0., A. Inquiries will bo made in regard to Canadian laws or commercial regula tions which discriminate between British vessels, or which operate in tbo nature of suon discrimination. The Committee will ascertain the annual increase of tho West re quiring transportation to tho East, ond tho rela tive increase of railroad mileage in tho Western States, and tho routes for transporting each products from tho West to tho seaboard. They will also obtain tho most reliable information which can bo obtained from official and other sources as to tho amount of tho surplus pro duct of each of tho Western States, and tho demand for this surplus by geographical dis tricts, viz.: tho Eastern States, tfio Middle States, tho South Atlantic, tho Gulf States and I foreign countries, thus determining the relative | value of tho homo and foreign market. > While the Committee have thus prepared for themselves a chart embracing tho geuoral scope of their inquiries, tho plan will ho modified and enlarged in such maimer as may appear to bo required by tho results of their investigation and practical observation, after visiting the various parts of the country. The Chairman of tho Com mittee, Mr. Wlndom, is now vigorously pursu ing tho investigation of tho subject, and is pre paring blanks, schedules of inquiries, etc., which will soon bo sent to tho proper sources of information in various parts of the country. In pursuance of a resolution of tho Committee, ho will, about tho 20th of May. visit several of the principal ports of tho Atlantic coast and tho lakes, accompanied by tbo clerk of tho Committee. After returning, Mr. Windom will make appointments for mootings of tho Committee at different points to be determined upop, aud it Is expected that the Committee will meet together for this purpose some Umo in th tn this point to OUnton tho Chicago, Burlington & month of August. IS‘-Quincy track may boused. Mondota Interests . . TUB ATLANTIC dank swjndlb. : 'ci Will seek to have this road make this point In- A belief Is quite prevalent hero that Talntorj 0 . itooa of Walnut or Clinton, the defaulting Cashier of tho Atlantic Notional San Francisco, April 80.—Work on tho Con- Bank at Now York, has so manipulated thlngdHji ra i Narrow-Gauge Railroad from Bonocla to Red an to soouro a large amount of money, and thatg Units will bfa commenced at Bonocla to-mor ho will endeavor to compromise his coao by pay-,p dw. Tho line is 180 miles long, ing over tho greater portion of that money »«di3 ’La whence. Kh., May I.—At «io annual meet bo released from prosecution, with considorablois ig of tho stockholders of tho Kansas Pacific of his ill-gotten funds still at his command, p' allroad Company, hold hero to-day, Robert B. His coolness, Indifference, and effrontery are ;■> arr, Adolphus Moir, 0. S. Greeley, S. M.Edgoll, subjects of general comment hero, as well as . uohn D. Pony. p. w. Mossier, D. W. Lewis, elsewhere. . | Jr., and Edwin' Harrison, of Bt. Louis: Thomas A. Bcott and M. Baird,’ of Philadelphia; and John MoManis, of Reading, Pa., woro elected Directors. Robert E. Carr was ro-oloolod President; Adolphus Moir, Vice-President; 0. S. Greeley, Treasurer; and Charles B. Lamborn, Secretary. The an nual report gives tho gross oornlngs of tho rood for 1672 as $!),722,00D. an Increase of $411,105 over those of 1871. Tho not earnings for 1872 wore $1,40-1,000, being an increase'or $484,619 ovor those of procoding year. TRADE WITH ODRA. Tho records of tho several executive depart ments glvo evidence of tho continued prosperity and growth of trado botwoou tho United States and tho Island of Cuba. It is ascertained that tho number of vessels engaged in this trado from Now York and other Atlantic ports has al most doubled within tho past eighteen months. This has been done, despite tho Invidious port regulations at Havana against vessels from tho United Qtatos. Applications are fre quently mndo at tho Post-Ofllco Department for tho privilege of carrying tho malls to that Sort, for tho reason thatmallvessels aro froonn or existing treaty provisions from thoso annoy ances. This unwarranted interference on the part of tho Cubans, or rather tho Spanish volun teers, with American vessels, is now tho subject of a sharp diplomatic correspondence between our Government and that of Spain. .Tho object in to obtain tho samo privileges in tho port of Ilavaua that aro accorded British vessels. \To (/id A BBodatcd Preet ,] PUnUO DEDT HTATF.MENT, (. WAfIiirNOTOM, May I.—Thopublio dobtatatoraeut for May rnahcs Hil following allowing Blx per c«at bonds.. Sire pcr.contbouds, Total coin bonds, Lawful mono/ debt. Matured debt....... Legal tondor notes,..., Certificates of deposit. Fractional currency.. Coin certificates Total without Interest $ 453,803,610 Total debt. Total Iniorost, Cash in Treasury: Coin Currency..; 2,997,871 Special deposits hold for redemption of certificates of deposit as proved by law 25,120,000 Total In Treasury, Debt, less cash In Treasury. Decrease during tho month, Bonds Issued to Pacific Railroad Compa nies, interest payable in lawful money, principal outstanding (J4,023,612 Interest aeruod and not yet paid 1,202,470 Interest paid by United States 18,600,280 Interest repaid by transportation of malls, etc 4,185,438 Balance of inloroatpald by United States ( 14,323,843 RAILROAD LITIGATION. Argument was hoard to-day before tho Secre tary of the Interior in behalf of tho St. Paul & Pacific Railroad and Northern Pacific Railroad. The point in controversy is as to which com pany is entitled to a largo tract of laud at the crossing of the two roads. SUPREME COURT. The Supremo Court of tho United States, to day, postponed until October tho application of counsel of ox-Qov. Warmoth for allowance of an appeal from the decision of Judge Duroll iu tho Louisiana case, and gavo leave to Phillips, counsel for Warmoth. to file record and other papers in the case. Tlio Court adjourned sine die. Tho date of tho next mooting of tho Court is fixed by law for tho second Monday in Oc tober. Tho following decision was rendered by tho Supremo Court to-day: Brigham Young, Trus tee iu trust of tho Church of Jesus Christ, Latter-Day Saints, versus Qodbe; error to Su premo Court for Utah. In this case, Godbo had an account against tho Desorot Navigation and Canal Company, and believing that Young, in his capacity of Trustee of tho Church, also rep resented tho Navigation Company, ho presented the bill to him as Trustee. Young refused pay ment, claiming that, although ho liad tho man agement of tho Company, it was in no way con nected with tho Church. On the trial, tho main question was whether tho Church aud Company wore one or soparato things, and a witness was put upon tho stand who testified that while clerk in & mercantile house ho remembered to have hoard a fellow-clerk say that upon preseu tatiou to Young of a similar bill ho paid it by giving credit on the tithing account. This testimony carried tho oaso against the Trustee In trust, and ho brought it boro,where judgment is reversed, tho Court holding that (ho testi mony in question was purely hearsay evidence, and should uot have boon admitted. Incildontal ly it is said for tho benefit of parties in tho now trial that tho creditor is entitled to interest on on overdue debt, aud that whore tho account is stated the interest runs from that date, and that In tho absence of any rate of interest proscribed by Territorial law to apply in such oases, a rea sonable allowance should be made by way of damages for non-payment. Tho reason for the postponement by tho Su premo Court to-day, of tho application of tho counsel for Warmoth for the allowance of an appeal from the decision of Judge Duroll In the Louisiana case, was that the Court had nothing but the application before it, and therefore could not act. Counsel was granted leave to file record and other papers in the case preliminary to its consideration. Several eminent lawyers practis ing before the trial, are of opinion that tho Su premo Court will not act immediately upon tho subject at tho fall term, to which it has adjourn ed, but will delay In order to give Congress an other opportunity to not upon the subject of tho Louisiana complications, as a political question, thus removing it from judicial review. A DENIAL. Washington. May I.—Qcn. Sherman denies that ho favors the taking of scalps, if for no other reason that ho can see no advantage in scalping dead Indians. MORTUARY. The remains of James Brooks will bo taken to Now York on Saturday, under charge of tho Sor goant-at-Ams of the House of Representatives. The funeral will take place In Grace Church in that city on Sunday. A post mortem examina tion will bo hold this afternoon. Erastus Brooks arrived this morning. THE FARMERS’ MOVEMENT. Kloetiuff oftbe Anil-Monopoly Men of Vermillion County* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Danville, 111., May I.—An adjourned meeting of the Vermillion County Farmers’ Club wos held at Gidding’s Hall, to-day, attended by rep resentative men from every part of the county. Prominent officers for the ensuing year wore elected aa follows i President, Qoo. W. Wolf 5 Secretary, A. B. Daniels; Treasurer, B. M. Payne ; Business Agent, Wm. M. Hay, and one Vice President for each township. To-day’s meooting was handsomely presided over by David Miohner, Esq., of Vance Township. Upon the conclusion of tho election of officers, Hr. Jesse Harper, editor of tho Danville Com mercial, a newspaper alive to tho interests of the fanners, addressed the mooting with becom ing severity. Mr. Harper denounced tho ungod ly extortions practiced dv tho railroads, and dep recated that unjust levy laid upon tho West for tho benefit of eastern manufactures. Mr. Harper was followed by tho Hon. John Pearson, wuo calmly reviewed the question under consideration in all its bearings. The following resolutions wore adopted : JUtoloed, That the farmers of Vermillion County boliovo that the City of Danville baa the facilities fur manufacturing equal, if not superior, to any city in the Woat, and that we will support with our patronage any person who will engage in manufacturing agricul tural machinery, if sold at as reaaonablo rates as can bo had elsewhere. lleaolvedf That wo will support no man for office who Is known to bo opposed to our movement against monopolies. On motion, tho Convention adjourned to moot on tho first Saturday in Juno, at 10 o’clock. Railroad Items* CoLDiniUB, o.,Mayl.—Tho Directors of the flouthoru Pullman Company met in this city to day, and declared a dividend of 10 per cent for tho year ending March 80,1873, etill leaving con siderable surplus from tho earnings. BUrplUb * .. Sp«<rfal Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Mendota, 111., May I.—E. M. Talbott's party of engineers, in charge of S. K. Riobarda. com pleted the survey of the Lafayette, LaSalle a Clinton Railroad line to Walnut at 3 p. m. yes terday, nearly an air-lluo to Walnut, and from NUMBER 256. POLITICAL. Kentucky Democratic State Conven tion-—Nomination (or State Treas urer—Tito Platform* FiiANKFonx, Ky., May I,— I The Democratic State Convention, to nominate a Candidate for State Treasurer, mot in this city to-day, and was the smallest State Convention ever bold hero, there being only delegates from fifty-one comi- ties In attendance, and quite a number of these wore proxies. At 11 o’clock, the Convention was called to order by tbo Chairman of the State Central Committee, the Hon. O. W. Craddock. The Ilou. Q. G. X’orkins, of Kenton County, was elected permanent President. Tbo Committee on Koaolutions and Formanont Organization of tbo Party wero appointed. Tbo Chairman announced that nominations for tbo ofllco of Stato Treasurer wero in order, and Mr. James W. Tate, tbo present incumbent, was nominated by a unani mous vote to bo tbo choice of tbo Convention for that office. The present Central Committee was continued, with the addition of an Bxocutivo Committee of ono from each Congressional dis trict. Tbo following resolutions wore adopted, after which tbo Convention adjourned sine die. $1,333,738,050 414,667,800 (1,748,305,060 $ 14,803,000 3,624,660 357,331,684 23,120,000 45,004,625 24,787,400 (3,218,637,110 $ 40,050,360 JiMolved, That the Federal Union was formed by, and is composed of, coequal sovereign States, and its Government possesses none but delegated powers, all other powers not prohibited to the States being re served by tbo several States respectively, and all attempts to exorcise any power in violation'of the fundamental principles are subversive of theOonsti* tlon, iu direct conflict with the rights of the State, and destructive of the interests of the people. ..Second—That while we earnestly maintain that tbo Federal Government should ho sustained in the proper exorcise of every power delegated to it In the Constitu tion carefully and strictly construed as the established means of securing Jostles and harmony among tho several States, tbo chosen medium of communication between them and other nations and the safest moans of dofeuao against forclgu aggression, we hold it to be essential to the preservation of tho liberties of tbs citizen that tho several States shall be maintained in all their rights, dignity, and equality os the most competent aud reliable administrators of their own domestic concerns, and tho surest bulwark against antl-ropublican tendencies. Third— Every attempt in tho part of the Federal Government to exercise a power not delegated to it in the Constitution, or to exercise o delegated power in a manner not therein prescribed, is an act of usurpation demanding the instant and unqualified condemnation of a people Jealous of their Shorties, and especially that every unconstitutional interference by the Genera] Government with tho local affairs of any State to any extent or under any pretoueo whatever, should bo a( once repudiated and condemned by all classes iu every section of tbo Union, as all such acts tend directly to the destruction of our Federal system and the consoll* datiou of all power in u centralized despotism, and U a most alarming instance in point wu denounce, as ws feel that all good men should everywhere, tho atrocioux conduct of the present Administration toward the , sovereign State of Louisiana. Fourth—' That tho only power delegated to Congress to Impose laws upon tho people, consists In tho right to collect revenue for the purpose oj paying the current expenses of the Government and Tor the payment of tho Federal debt, and all other duties imposed for the purpose of protecting one class of labor at the expense of another, ore in violation of the Federal compact, and subversive to tbo rights of tbo people. That Justice to tho people, as well as the dic tates ot common honesty, demands tho most rigid economy in the administration of both the State and tbo Federal Government, tbo speedy and impartial ar raignment of all abuses of public trust, of whatever character or description, both before tbo established tribunal of Justice and the groat bar of popular Judg ment ; that a zealous care of tho elective franchise, .recognized by tbo founders of our Government as tbs exclusive property of the several Btatea and the pal ladium of their independence, is essential to the perpe tuity of our republican institutions ; and tho preserva tion of ■ civil liberty itself requires, at all times and under all circumstances, tbo absolute subordination of the military to tbo civil authority. Sixth— Referring to tbo spirit of generosity and sym pathy which the Democracy has uniformly exhibited to our citizens of foreign birth, us a guarantee of bus sincerity, wo wilt in tho future, os wo have always done in the past, extend a cordial and hospitable welcome to tho honest, Industrious, and intelligent emigrant, not only to the rich fields of enterprise presented in ou\ State, but to a Just participation in our rights os free- Seventh—That thoDeraocracy. of Kentucky forgetting all past political differences, and looking to the best In terests of the whole country, cordially Invite all who are opposed to corruption and consolidation to co-op erate with them, $ 70,070,440 $ 105,004,311 |2,163,489,188 2,247,485 BATTLE CREEK. A Disciple of WoodUull itloeta with a Warm Reception* Special Diepatih to The Chicago Tribune, Battle CuEEk, Mich., May 1. —The excite* incut into which this city has boon thrown the past two weeks ovor the fact that Mrs. M. H. Brinkorhoff, a woman’s rights lecturer, had, deserted hor husband, and had found on affinity by tho nemo of Squires, reached its height to night. Mrs. B. attempted to vindicate her freo lovo doctrine at tho Opera-House, whore a low, rowdy class of people assembled, who frequently hissed tho sneaker until tho lecture was finally interrupted hy portions of tho audience leaving, and some of the rowdies singing, “ I Want to Bo an Angel," in response to tho remark of the' speaker that she considered hor affinity but a> little lower than the angels. Tho Woodhull sentiment does not find admirers even among the class of people who went to hoar her. SPRINGFIELD. Railroad and Waroliouao Commission ■■Secretary Elected* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Springfield, 111., May I.—Mr. A. MoLaugblln, editor of tho Independent, of Harvard, McHenry County, 111., was to-day elected by the Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners. Secretory, to succeed James A. Raymond, resigned. Mr. Mc- Laughlin has filled tho position of Clerk of tho Railroad Committee of tho House this winter, and bis ability to discharge his now trust is con ceded on all sides. Wav Department Weather Prognostic Washington, May I.—For tho Northwest and upper lakes, and thence to the Lower Missouri ana Lower Ohio Valleys, northeast and south east winds, rain, and threatening weather, partly clearing by to-morrow, with lower temperature. For Tennessee and tho Gulf and South Atlantic States, occasional rain, southeasterly and south westerly winds, partly cloudy and clear weather. For tho lower lakes and Middle States, falling barometer, southeasterly and northeasterly winds, threatening woatbor, and rain. For Can ada and Now England, increasing cloudiness fol lowed by rain. . „ . Cautionary signals.continue at Duluth, Chica go, Grand Haven, Milwaukee, Detroit, Toledo, and Cleveland, and are ordered for Buffalo, Rochester, and Oswego. Fearful Tragedy, St. Loms, May I.— Adviooa from Marshall County. Ky., give an account of a terrible trag edy which was committed in that county a few days ago. It appears that about a B B° James Daugherty married the daughter of How ell Smith. They lived unhtmpily, and finally separated. On Sunday last Smith told Daugh erty that bo could Hottlo tho difficulty between him and his wife. Daugherty replied by shoot ing tho old man dead, and thou fiod. Bubso aueutly ho was captured, and was being taken back to Marshall County, whou a son of tho murdered Smith, being ono of tho capturing party, fired on Daugherty, wounding him in tho hand and arm : after which ho clubbed his gun and with tho butt of it mashed Daugherty I head into a Jolly. The Pennsylvania Republicans* Haubisddiio. Pa., May I.—The Republican fltato Central dommittoe mot Ihlo artomoOT. ana decided to hold the State Contention in lUrtta burg ou the 10th of August. \ cations*

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