Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 2, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 2, 1873 Page 3
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SCIENCE BAULKED. Outrageous Conduct of a West Side Policeman, Tho Planet Vulcan Escapes Through His Interference with an Astronomer. Pull Particulars ot the Occurrence ot Union Park Yesterday Porcncou. Aa the street-ears wont back and forth past Union Park, yesterday forenoon, from tho ris ing of tbo sun oven till near mid-day, tbo con ductors and drivers noticed, in tbo middle of tho park, a man standing out in tbo rain, bosido something whicb'.lookodllkoamountod toloscopo. At flrot they thought It was an employe of tbo ’ Board of Public Works, running a lino of levels; bat, aa tboy saw that bo remained continually; at tbo eamo spot, they concluded that ho must • have something to do with tbo artesian well, which, as every one knows, Is to bo sunk there tbiseummer. . Some of tlio roßidonta on Washington Direct and Pork avenue, walking through tho Parle on tholr way down town, Baw tho man with hia telescope, and Blared at him curiously from bo noath tho rims of their umbrollaa, ■ and took It for granted that ho was In tho employ of tho Board of Public Works. Since it was bo wot, and tho man stood out in tho mid dle of a graßß-plot, thoy did not stop to ask him any questions. But tho email boys in tho neigh borhood,'who disregarded tho orders of tholr mammas and wont out in tho rain, camo at once to tho belief that ho had a Uttlo poop-show, and that, if thoy could only look through tho little hole at one end of the braes tube, thoy could boo Wonderful things. So thoy formed a circle around tho man, and stared at him with open mouths, after tho fashion of children. As for tho man, ho looked occasionally at tho sky, and then, after rubbing tho rain out of his oyos, ho looked at his watch, and then ho gave a groan. Tho boys remained.silont for somo little space, fancying that this was tho showman’s way of in troducing his subject, but when ho kept on look ing and groaning for many minutes, thoy found it wearisome, and finally attempted to enter into conversation with him, after tho courteous man ner of the youth of tho West Division: ‘‘Bay, mister, how much do you ask for look ing at your show?" To ibis tho man made no reply, but gazed at tho blackening sky, and groaned again. Then ho observed that there soomodto bo little chance of an observation, and asked the children what thoy woald give. Thoy fumbled in their respec tive pockets, and brought forth flvo coppers, ton marbles, an old door-knob, a top, and a slate pencil. which valuables, he thought, would com pensate him for gratifying tho curiosity of youth. So ho put them all in hia pocket, and then hold tho boys up to tho littlo end of his tel escope: but, though thoy looked with tho loft oyo and tho right, and screwed up their little faces with many wrinkles, it all looked black to them. Thoy did not seo anything, as was natu ral, for the man had not taken the cap off his tolescopo. Then the Uttlo ones grow indignant. Informed tho man that bo was a fraud, aud insisted upon tho return of tholr valuables. Ho declined to do anything of the kind, and then they, instead of appealing to tho law. withdrew in a body to the gravel walk, a shore distance off, and began heaving rooks at tho man, who at onco unfurled hia umbrella and hold it as a shield in front of his instrument, Tho stonos camo thick and fast, and tore rents In the gfbgharo, whereat tho man groaned still more profusely, and bewailed the necessity that compelled him to sacrifice a 75-cont umbrella in the cause of science. While ignorance, typified by small boys armed with chunks of limestone, was waging war on knowledge, crouching behind its gingham umbrella, tho vigilant custodian of tho pork, who warns people off the grass, hires out boats at exorbitant rates, curses ex pressmen who try to drive through his domin ions, and slaps children who attempt to food tho animals on matches and glum vinin, Unard the row, and, after hoisting his umbrella, sot out lor the scone of action. When tho boys saw him coming they scattered like a flock of ducks when a shot comes among them. Tho man with the instrument, feeling that tho shower of meteoric clones had ceased falling, furled his umbrella, after looking pathetically at tho holes in it, and felt his instrument, to see if it had sustained any injury. Then ho took off his hat, which had not been fully sheltered, and stared ruefully at a couple of dents in it. • By the time bo had concluded theso investiga tions, the guardian came up, and wanted to know wb&t business ho had there. Ho did not want any loafers running around trampling down his herbage. Where was his license ? If ho did not show him bis permit for exhibiting bis penny-show, ho would hand him over to the police. Then tho man took out of his pocket a book of logarithms, and extracted from it tho follow ing J , Omoi Boons Punuo Works, April 80, 1873.—7 having been represented to this Board that a plan named Vulcan will he seen in Union Park to-morr forenoon, in company with tbo sun, and that, In e way not understood by this Board, it is of impor*. to tbo commerial interests of Chicago that tho• should be seen, permission is hereby granted —, to occupy tho gross at Union Park from till noon. By order of tho Board, P. U.Bailet, So Tho watchman read this laboriously, observing it was all right, marched oil. Bo the man with (the telescope, loft r. >. self, nut his permit back in his p looked at tho lowering sky, and o’ Vulcan would leave that vicinity / utos. •> Shortly afterwards, a private by a conple of fine horses, drov era entrance of tho park. Tbr it the Hon. J. Y. Bcammon, th' of tho .Chicago Astronomical ' . from his paper, two or three tho Observatory, and alar, scope, and a zenith sector, carried to a spot about the place selected by tho' ;■■•■! ■cone. Then Mr. Scanr ously at tho other oh tomptuously at h' amenities of science a little stool, under brolla. He boguilf reading tbo three volume of the c r■■■;;: v A ■• ’' >• • •-.Quel l >■ note ;Scam- i ! .1 .fetches • ■ , HAAlng ight were them out, ■ the leaf in • •• >nborg says • iO spirit of a . • (ho sphere in ■ is, that being > M > «tho writings of .rom the Board, .. . ‘ one given above. :, .* the ways of tho ‘ raraon returned to Swedenborg. Tb book, and Btood znon. The snbc and looked at t r inis unit party lunatics out a whereat Mr.' .his book at 4 that under aaother-in which be* one of t’ - that we. aimila* The Boor his) . -..ins g a passage to the J, “ How grand!" • i -.i 1 ; Jviduol wltlx a green U ' rubbers on, came pat ,-• i.. and, seeing Mr. Scam . id, addressing no one In jjoct of their gathering a just answering, had in r two words, when ho was ♦porlor: .• n. I)o not give any informs jkod one or two preliminary :. 1 ho, addressing tho man .> > < ■ nkaccount." i t if the' Inter-Ocean ?" isiblo for mo to give you dd be contrary to all my jng for nothing. Ido sir, as you may soo by 4 lie who glvoth to J. bo Lord.' ” tod to know" started .ry man with tho tolo ■ wont up to him, and here for. ho was there to find boon stated that tboro wm a llttlo planet- natnetl Vulcan. wblch was bo near tbo oun, being only about 10.000,000 miles . from it—ibero tb6 stranger began to open his eyes and -breathe bardl—tbatlt was impossible to boo it at all, ox* oopt at very long intervals of lime. It was ns difficult to boo Vulcan twice In a lifetime as to boo tbo bird Pbnmlx. 110 bad boon telegraphed that Vulcan and tbo aun wore together at Sbong bao, China, on the 23d of April, and would leave tboro that afternoon for tbo East. They were therefore duo on the meridian of Union rant BOmelimo between buutlbo and noon, and, If It would atop raining and clear off, bo hoped to boo thorn. At that moment, however, tboy woro In tbo oontro of an area of low barometer, as bo could- , porcolvo by loolting at ono of those useful Instruments. which waa banging from ono of tbo branches of amountalu-ash near by. This waa tho only tlmo that Vulcan could bo soon from Union Park for half a century, and, bliioo bo did not expect to live bo long, ho waa in groat and natural ulstroßH. Hero a tear trickled down bis ebook, and was lost In bla board. It was then about 11 o'clock. A fow minutes afterwards a policeman camo In Bight with dome email boys behind him. They wore tho youths of that morning, tbo ones who had bartered tbolr valuables for a look Into a bolo with only ono cud to it. It appears that tbo more those small boys brooded ovor tho loss of tho marbles and top, tbo worse tboy folt, end at last tboy told a policeman that a man was run-: nlng a swindling gamo in tbo park, and bad cheated thorn out of much wealth. It bo bap-, ponod that this ofiloor read tbo papers, and is: 'amlliar with tbo many complaints which have boon made tborolu of tbo nogllgonco shown in, - dealing with West Side gamblers. So bo Bald to himseif, 11 1 will arrest this sport, and to-mor row In tho papofa I will road a paragraph com-, mending Officer Bplvin's for bin prompt discharge’ of duly, and recommending that bo bo made a Sergeant.” Followed by tho boys, ho marched up to tho' man with tbo telescope, and informed him that ho wos.undor arroet for running a confidence gamo. Tbo man expostulated, showed bla por-, mit, and told of Vulcan, and bow bo would not bo around tboro for fifty years, but tbo officer' waa two smart for that, you know, and told him to Bhouldor bis traps, andinorch. Then this man, with bis soul distracted with foar lost Vulcan should fall into Mr. Scommon’s bauds, and be roebristonod Scaramonla or Swodouborgla, ob served to tho officer, “ Then why don’t you tako those follows over tboro ? Tboy aro running twice as big afenmoaslam.” Tboofilcorthougbi that was reasonable, and promised to a treat tbo Sositlon party aa Boon as bo could return from Ing up his prisoner, whom bo convovod to tbo Lake Street Station and put in a coll, and bis instrument bo sbovod into a corner. Then, going back to tbo park, bo learned from ono or . tho small boys that the Soommou party had de parted. Tbo man with tho toloscopo amused himself meanwhile by drawing diagrams of tho motions of tho planetary bodies on tbo walls of his coll, and than trying to organize an astronomical class among tbo officers off duty. Late in tbo afternoon tho errorwas discovered, and tho man discharged. Tbo zealous police man, finding what bo bad done, loft town last night, " IIOOSIER BROWN’S TICTISI. Characteristic Letter From Tim* W Fuller—EDow the eminent Chicagoan Lost Ills ITXonox and Watch—His Advice to Oliarlo y Reed* New Yodh, April 38, 1879. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Sin: In your wide-spread journal of the 25th Inst 1 find an article Betting forth I bad been robed by one Iloosior Brown of $9,000, 4 that mo 4my partner Ilalnforth aro now under in dictment lor conspiracy to defraud 4 on account of my being East our trial will havo to bo do ferod. Also its very doubtful if Brown did rob mo—that I may havo given Brown tho money that I might have a good excuse for remaining away from Chicago. Also that tho Slates Attorney was very indignant when ho learned of my ab sence, but has dono all in his power to punish tlyese two swindlers. My reply is this : I was walking down Broadway on tho morning of tho ICkh inst., and mot Eli Brown. Was glad to boo him, ns I had dono him some favors in days gone by, in his hour of need, and supposed, of course, mooting him hero he must bo well fixed for money. So imagine my disappointment, when ho told mo ho was broke ana asked for a loan, and ho got it, a small ono, however. From that time uutil Saturday, 19th inst., we root often, and wo mot too on that Saturday morn rather early, and a cold disagreeable morning ’twos snowing, and raining. So wo took something to cheer tho inner man, 4 of which something wo repeated several times through thu day, until tho shades of evening chased about ns near tho Aalur House, when I engaged a cab to tako us to our respective.homos, 4, on looking for My Friend Brown (who I sup posed was beside mo), I found him gouo. Hav ing occasion to timo tho cabman,! found my watch was also gone, & soon made tho discov ery my $1,400 (not $9,000) was gono which was inaU.S. Ex envelop in tho breastpocket. I soliloquised, Twns mine. Tie yours. Will ho bo as generous to roe when broke, as 1 was to him. I wont to my room 4 slept, 4 dreamed, of fortunes fickle goddess, & on Sunday wont to call on Brown but ho had changed his sleeping place Late in tho day 1 chanced to meet him 4 I says Brown divide : give mo half my money 4 tho pawn ticket for my watch 4wo will call it square. Ho gave mo such a look of holy, horror 4 inno cence, and denied so strenuously having either, ‘hat I believed him. I says, well, I am broke. '*s I passed a S2O cony last night 4 will ''e gave mo $5. I never spoke of my *»r, till the following Wednesday to an eating house to stand or my breakfast, till I could • /o heath, Chicago Ero I had • proprietor introduced mo to I tho Metropolitan Detective ■ ,y 4 much as 1 hate to meet this . ■ found him very much of a u. v fo gave mo good advice. I took it, u W r- ’*y morn the 19th inst ho sent for j come to tho central Station. I he asked for a description of my ; t-■ gave it. Hb then told mo had my .-■ir. at Brown hod sold it to a party for $25 ' jn he stole from an Illinois man. I did • e Brown arrested but Mr Farley brought . from 6th avenue Hotel. Looked him up • ime for a witness. .mjust now subpoena to appear before tho ad Jury in his case to-morrow, 4 from a ■, ,y of tbo subpoena with instructions on tho 5 ,ck I take the following, (viz) If for any jason you desire tho charge withdrawn or to aavo looionoy extended to tho accused, state tho samo to tbo District Attorney up stairs, •as there aro some cases in which tho law allows such withdrawal 4 wherein leniency is just. Now I know how tis myself 4 propose to have it withdrawn if possible. Mr Bood noed not bo indignant at my absence, lot him try me same as though 1 was there 4 if con victed I will ho on hand 4 abide tho result. Ho noed not even send anybody for me. 1 only re quire to bo notified by letter. My place of bala nces is at 188 Broadway, sign of Fuller 4 00, • hut 1 shall return auyway Boon as I can make a ruuo. Now Oeuilomon xuu have given mo many a hard rub in your paper, please insert this with out comments 4 oblige 4 Believe me most Re spectfully Yours Tim. W. Fulleu Gen. n. F. Clarke and family, Newport, are at tho Gardner. Col. J. R. Lewis, United States Army, is at tho Sherman House. H. 0. Atkins, Superintendent of the Chicago & Milwaukee Railroad, is at tho Sherman. 0. E. Gorham. General Manager Western Di vision of tho Port Wayne Railroad, is at tho Gault House. Among tho arrivals at tho Tromont House yesterday wore tho following : J. B. Guilford, Denver: George Wells, Quincy: J. 0, Johnston, Aurora; L. 0. Kilham, Oneida, N. Y. Among the arrivals at the Gardner House yes terday, wore tho following; 11. E. Berg, Phila delphia: R. J. Ingram, Cincinnati: E. b. Biden, St.-Louls; P. 0. Mersoreau, Now York. Among the arrlvols at tho Gault House yester day, wore tho following s L. B. Beardsley, Mil waukee : Dr. Chao. M. Harris, Philadelphia; F. W. Wilkinson, St. Louis; J. W. Ross, Pitts burgh; L. P. McDuffy, Boston. Among tho arrivals at tho Sherman House yesterday wore tho following: W. Ivving, Ne braska; O. W. Crawford, Philadelphia; J. M. Barclay, Washington; 8, Boymor, Pittsburgh; Fred. Potre, England; Dr. luchlngs and wife, Rockford: George M. Preston, Boston; Q. A. Winston, Louisville; 0. Markell, Duluth. —Certain property, it is just now known, was saved from the groat Boston lire in a singular way. Mr. Richard Newcomb, of Quincy (about 10 miles from Boston), a few days since, on re moving a pile of boards, found a noto for SIOO with eight 60-cent sorlp pieces, all partially burned. They bod all boon laid away iueomo desk, and at tho time of tho Are had floated through the air that long distance without sepa rating. it was queer, for the hat ho had over hoard 1 cook-stove, romarka -1 and giving out little i the. sellers said. So a was hunting for a to explain. It bad The “ Knickerbocker M Defeat ed at Washington. Railway Bight of \Vay--Tho “lift mar” Going Into Chancery. A SIO,OOO Gouging Affair—Bank ruptcy matters, Etc. Tbo efforts of tbo Knickerbocker Insurance Compauy to prolong their dying agonies by try ing to delay action under tbo adjudication de claring tbo Compauy to bo a bankrupt, camo to a termination yostorday, tbo Supremo Court of tbo United States having dismissed tbo writ of error sued out by tbo Company. Tho following telegram to a lawyer In this city, who is prose cuting some $250,000 of claims against tbo Com pany, will bo interesting: Washington, May 1, U73. TO Thomas Dent, AUornq/: . Insurance ease against Comstock dismissed for want of Jurisdiction. l w . MloDurnw , ! Clerk of tho United Stales Supreme Court, , OOINO BACK ON ms DABOAIN. John I. Montague and Doxtor Belknap fllo a bill in chancery, in the Circuit Court, against Albert B. Cook. They aver that, on tho 27th of November, 1871, they purchased from Cook, who woe acting as tho agent of tho owners in tho Eaot, a property consisting of two hmo kilns and; the usual appurtenances, agreeing to pay there for $12,C00, seller engaging that tho lenses of tho property on which tho lime works wore situ-. atod should bo extended for*at least two years from tho Ist of May, 1870, at an annual charge of $1,200 ; that since tho solo complainants have boon in possession of and havo worked tho lirao kilns, and paid Cook over SB,OOO on the purchase price; that Cook has failed in his performance of tho contract of aalo, not having settled tho rents of tho several lots as provided or procured tho ex tension of tho leases ; that, on tho 20th of April, Cook obtained -possession of tho property by moans of a writ of replevin : that ho stopped tho working of tho limo-kllns while they were In full operation, and is, by bis action, in a fair wav to destroy oomplaiaantß' business; wherefore, they fllo their petition for an injunction rcstralmuj : Cook from Interfering, by moans of tho writ o replevin, with tho progress of tholr business, and that ho may bo summoned to make answer to tho charges in a Court of Equity. A SIO,OOO EVE-OODOWO. Morris Flynn begins an action in tho Circuit Court against Edward Fitzgibbons, in which ho seeks to recover SIO,OOO damages. Flynn, to gether with one Edward Barrett, on tho 14th day of December, 1871, wont into Fitzgibbons* bar on the corner of Wright and Jefferson streets, and offered to treat all present. At tho same time ho asked Fitzgibbons how much ho owed for previouo potations: Fitz looked through two ponderous tomes without finding complain ant's name, and vented his spleen at not suc ceeding by assaulting him, and winding up by knocking out his right eyo with an iron weight. Forever two years Flynn has nursed his wrath, and now ho wishes to obtain redress at tho hands of tho law. and, to render his victory more cer tain, ho is having Fitz arrested and hold to bail. WAS IT A SUICIDE ? PERSONAL. THE COURTS. Tho oaßo of Groyor v. The St. Louie Life In- Buranco Company, was resumed before Judge Tree yoßtorday, and proved very interesting. Tho ovldonco as to •whether tho insured, P. w. Perkins. committed aulcido or not, ia pretty evenly divided on both sides. Tho fact is (shown that Perkins purchased a revolver, and two days subsequently was found lying dead in hla store, with a revolver beside him of similar pattern to that he had bought. Against this there is brought tho fact that there is no reason why ho should have boon tempted to commit the act, as his social and businoßß relations at tho time of his death wore as pleasant as could bo. Tho case will probably bo concluded this morning. WELL-DESERVED DAStAOES. In Judge Booth’s Court tho case of Frederick Boettcher v. Hugh Schweitzer, Leonard Ingalls, ■William P. Gray, Pony Powell, Edward Good man, Edward Austin, Spencer Kimball and Julius Kimball, for assault and false imprison ment, was concluded yesterday. On the night of tho 25th of May, 1872, in the town of Jeffer son, defendants dragged plaintiff out of his house, choked and kicked him, broke his arm, and lauded him forcibly in tho town Jail whoro they kept him for six days, feeding him on brood and water. This cruel treatment so depressed plaintiff that bo has over smeo boon partially in sane. Ho was released from jail on a writ of habeas corpus granted by Judge Gary, and imme diately began a suit against the defendants which was tried before Judge Rogers, and resulted in favor of the gallant crow. Thia time, however, Boottober won, none of the defendants appear ing in answer to the charge, the jury finding for plaintiff,ooo damages. THE “ LAMAS" TO GO INTO CHANCERY. George Chandler, Receiver of the Lamar In surance Company, reported yosteaday that the claims against the Company which have been re ported to him amount to about the sum of $135,- 000, some of which are in judgment and others are wholly unsettled j that ho has no moans of ascertaining the particular amounts or validity of unsettled demands, and. therefore, asks that the affair may bo referred to one.of the Masters of the Court of Chancery to take proof and as certain the amounts due to tho several creditors of the corporation. INTERESTING BAILED AD BIGHT OP WAY CASE. Some little time since tho Chicago (c North western Railroad Company filed a bill in tho Kane County Circuit Court, asking an injunction restraining tho Chicago «fe Pacific Railroad from entering upon tho right of way at tho junction of their main and branch roads near tho city of Elgin, Kano County. Tho Judge of tho Court in that county having some personal fooling in tho matter, sent the application for tbo injunction to Cook County, ana the case ’carao up, before Judge Williams yesterday. On tho part of the Chicago & Northwestern Road it was con tended that tho Chicago & Pacific did not intend to make a crossing at tho point in question but to run up on the right of way of tho Chicago & Northwestern, and par allel to their road to tho city of Elgin. Tho Ohicogo & Pacific denied any such Intention, but hold that they had right of condemnation to a portion of such right of way, whore such por tion did not materially injure the Chicago & Northwestern Road. Judge Williams, on hear ing tho arguments of counsel that tho petition bo modified, ordered a special injunction to issue, not preventing tbo Cnicago & Pacific Road from crossing tho Chicago & Northwestern at the point in question, but restraining them from building their road alongside tho other, and on their right of way, except by taking such stops as tbo statute provided. George Sawyer ap peared for the Chicago & Pacific Railroad, and A. hi. Harrington for tho CUioogo A i^ortU wostorn. ACTIONS FROM A DERRICK ACCIDENT. Tlio caeo of Doig v. Wilson and tho Prairie State Truet Company was tried before Judge Rogers yesterday. Plaintiff, Who is a Packman, sought to recover damages arising from tho de struction of bis carriage by a falling derrick which had boon hoisted in tho construction of the building on the corner of Desplainos and Wash ington streets. Tho same derrick, in falling, killed one man and severely injured another. The case was thrown out as to 'Wilson, tho con tractor, but a verdict for SCOO damages was ren dered against tho Prairie Btato Trust Company, who moved for a now trial. Two other actions, arising from tho same accident, will be tried shortly. DANKnurrov matters. In tho matter of A. S. Osgood, a bankrupt, leave was granted to amend by changing debtors' Christian name to Algernon instead of Augustus. In the matter of Joseph Farnsworth and Sam uel Brown, bankrupts, tho petition of M. D. Wells & Go. to havo certain damages by forfeit ure of lease by proceedings in bankruptcy, which they allege they have sustained, and that they bo allowed to prove tho same as a claim against tho estate, was dismissed. In tho matter of tho United States Brick Ma chine Company it woa ordered that, Jacob John son having failed to comply with tho order of Court to give bond as directed yesterday, tho sate made by tho provisional Assignee to F. 0. Wells bo, and tho same is. ratified and confirmed. In the matter of F. P. X’otrlo, an insolvent, George W. Campbell was appointed Assignee. William 11. Ouylor, Assignee in tho estate of Milo R. Buttles ot al., shows receipts, $057.00; payments, $10.1)0. R. E. Jenkins, Assignee In tho estate of tho Commercial Insurance Company, shows balance on hand of $10,081.87. In tho matter of tho Unlou Screw and Bolt Company, Charles L. Page, Assignee, shows a balance,on hand of $010.35. The Assignee ro liorts that, with tho exception of one box of )oUs, ajl tho property In his hands has been realized upon, and accounts to tho value of $580.83, which ho has beou unable to oollect. R, E. Jenkins, Assignee iu the aetata of For- dinand B. Winslow, shows a balance on band of $7,740.15. . : mark Kiribati, Assignee In the estate of tho Mutual Security Insurance Company, shows tho working of tho estate since tho. 23d of Novem ber last. Balance on hand thou was $130,360.00. Bcoelplfl since then havo amounted to $33,087.00; expenditure, $110,244.05; leaving balance on hand of $47,003.01. THE COURTS IK irniEF. In tho case of Beasley v, the Chicago & North western Hallway Company, tried before Judge Booth, in which plaintiff sued to recover the value of 180 bags of onis, shipped on said rail road and lost, a verdict was returned for plain tiff, with $211.02 damages. •As Judge Troo goes to the Criminal Court on Monday, lucre will bo no further call of tho cal endar iu his court until tbo first Monday in Juno. In tho caso of James V. Gould, tried in Judge Booth's Court, tbo jury, without leaving their seats, returned a verdict, for the plaintiff for $272.81 damages. Mr. Poliak amused himself yesterday, in tbo absence of more serious occupation, with brush and paste-pot posting tho notices of election of fivo Judges of tho Circuit Court, to bo hold on tho 2d of Juno next. Tho day’s work at tho Criminal Court was light. Throo vagrants named Glbbins, Williams, and Jorgan, who wore found by tho police hud dled together fast asleep in a vacant house cor ner of Lake and Franklin streets, wore remanded for sentence. ’ Florence McCarthy drove away a horse and cart belonging to a Mr. Motz, and got thrown out. and rather seriously injured. Ho was found guilty and remanded for sentence. NEW SUITS. The Superior Count I .—43,2so— Appeal. 43,251—1n xo Alice M. Raudebanli, ft distracted person; petition to'restore record. 43,252— Henry E. Reynolds v. M. McK. Tooke; petition to restore judgment. 43,353 13. D. Cogswell v. Charles O. Ogden; assumpsit, SSOO. 43,354—Jeremiah Ryan ct nl. v. George Brown ; as sumpsit, $3,000. 43,335—Christian Busso et al. v. wm. E. 8. Dyer; petition for mechanic's lien on Sublet 3, of original Lots 6to 0, of Block 30, of the original Town of Chicago, Tnn Oihouit Count,—o,76s—Jcromlau Sullivan v. .Mary-G. and Clarence J.reck; assumpsit, $3,000, o,7oo—Charles E. Wlswnll ot al. v. Patrick Klrko; as sumpsit, SI,OOO. o,7o7—John J. Montague ot al.y, Albert R. Cooke; bill for injunction. 0, 708-Morris Flynn v. Edward Fltrglbbous; trespass on tho case, SIO,OOO, - . THE “TIMES” AND THE PLANS. Tho pardonable curiosity felt by tho public with regard to tho fifty plans hung up in Ken tucky Dlopk for inspection by tho Joint Commit-- too alono was allayed from tlmo to lime by that model of journalistic truth and purity—tho Times, As thoro was nobody on that excellent shoot capable of obtaining admittance to tho building In which tho designs wore hung tip, savo and except a member of tbo family of tbo janitor appointed to guard and protect from in trusive eyes the competitive designs; and os this single privileged person’s stock of adjectives was -limited to tbo ono convenient word, ‘fnico," tho Times was in difficulty as to bow it should allay tbo fovor of public curiosity. A happy compromise was effected by the em ployment of tbo janitor to act as critic of tbo fifty plans, each ono of which was tho result of at least six months’ labor on tho part of tho ar cbltoctj and could, therefore, bo disposed of in a very fow words. It so happened that tho vocabulary of tbo janitor of Kentucky Block is as limited in quali fying nouns as his occiput in intelligence, and that beyond insulting Mayor Medill ovory two or three days, .and making uso of tbo word " flno," ho is capable of next to nothing. Tbo earlier descriptions of tho plans that appeared in tho Times fully corroborate tbo statement that thoy wore strung together by a carpenter's apprentice ; tho reader shall see some excerpts from them. As the word "flno" palled upon tbo city editor of the Times, tho janitor’s rela tive gove him a hint that it was becoming mo notonous, and that unless a decided change for the boitor wore made immediately bo would lose his situation as architectural critic. The younger brother, in a condition of gloomy despair, turned to the dramatic notices of the Times, and found the words “ introspective,” “syllogistic,” “multiform,”, “synchronous,” with many other polysyllabic compan ions, and scattered them hero and there, after which his critiques wore handed over to the more experienced member, who ran bio eager pencil through them, and substituted the word “ nice,” which was allowed to remain. In tills way was the public .enlightened. The janitor, acting on instructions from tho City De partment, continually applauded tho plan “Eureka,” and as continually decried the re mainder. Ho took his cue from tho authorities of tho paper, and this accounts for tho following, the italics having boon inserted to call attention to carpentry of the sentences : March 2C.—No. 2 is sent In with tho motto of " Vene tian,” and Is a building of tho Italian stylo of architec ture, • * * * * Tho main building is not re markable for'anythiog very its appear once. No. 6, by " Eureka,” Is a building of the heavy, tnas tive, Doric (?) style, audit is understood that "Eureka” has a nice chance of finding out bow to beat hla com petitors. There will bo some difficulty, probably, In excelling tbla design in the matter of beauty ot archi tecture and external appearance, whatever may bo Us merits in respect of internal accommodation. The next mention of tho plans was on April 3, when tho following elaborate and critical do peription was given: No, 2, “ Vault,” (7) while presenting an attractive ex terior, bas evidently sacrificed the internal arrange ments to external show. No. 6, "Eureka,” Is massive and rich, with im posing entrances and finely-proportioned towers, while tho bulls and rooms are well arranged and lighted. On tho following day, April 4, the Janitor wrote: No. 2, by J. O. Cochrane, is simply a couple of cham bers of commerce put together, tho estimate for which is f3.i100,000, while it will require hardly Ices than a million to finish the inner court alone. The estimated cost of No. 6, by Tilly It Longburst, is $2,800,000, with brick reckoned at sl3 a thousand. Tbo design la ex cellent, which, by an ingenious arrangement, gives all tbo rooms light from the outside. On April 17, tho Times' carpenter wrote : No. 2, Venetian, Corcoran, architect. This is a grand-looking plan, tbo elevation being massive, There are two courts, COxICO feet in size. Tills gives plenty of light for the inside rooms, but it is a waste of nearly half tho entiro square of ground. Tho ground j)/an« are square; the totcer is fair. No. 6, "Eureka,” Tilly & Longburst, architects. This is In many respects one of tho finest plans on exhibition. It would appear that tbo architects h&vo indeed found tho proper plan: provided that they can satisfy tho Committee that thoro is light ah admitted to tho Interior of tho ng. It presents a grand elevation. Thcro are four grand entrances, one at c&ch of tho four cor ners of tbo square. Consequently, tbo building, if erected, will present the y>pearanee of a Greek cross. Tbo around plana are well arranged, although tbo cor ner main strike the street lino a few feet beyond tbo allotted apace. In addition to the necessary room tboro la on the third floor an Immense public ballt IBOxM feet In size, (No, in weight, surely), with a larg. o«U«py above, AU tbo rooms are liohtad from Uio out<* aide. On April 10 ho added : There la no doubt but that tbo " Eureka” plan bas more admirers than all tbo others combined. The readers of these wonderful criticisms concluded that, while tho writer was evidently on ignoramus, his consistency In upholding tho same plan gave considerable weight to tho opinion indorsed by tho Times that Mr. Tilley’s plan was excellent, and No. 2 was quite the reverse. When, therefore, on Sunday. April 20, tho following appeared on the editorial page, readers of the Times became distrustful s One of those plans, and the one which Ima received a

prompter recognition than any other from the press, people, and others who have viewed tho plans, is in tho form of a Greek cross, with such on enormous stretch of exterior walls and such height of dome as to swell Its cost to at least $4,000,000—a sura which, though perhaps justifiable os a means of securing City 1101 l In every respect magnificent, is not Justin* able in view of the other parts of tho plan referred to. Quo cf these faults is on arrangement oi corridors which would positively convert them Into thorough fares for street pedestrians, to tho detri ment of tho jiropor business of the Court-House; , another, a ground plan which excludes light from the openings, apparently designed to furnish that groat desideratum: another, the fact that tho building 1s a story higher than the architects wore allowed by tho Committee’* Instructions to pro vide for in their plans. Boiuuchfor Eureka. Of No. 17 It la claimed with justice that the interior Is well designed, having tho essential merit of being well lighted, and tolerably well arranged for the conven ience of tho public. The same Is true in varylugde greea of Nos. 9,18, andO? but No. 17 has on exterior plan (Including tho central ‘‘shot tower'*) which the public (that Is, tho Times) wIU steadfastly refuse to like. Ou Wednesday lost another editorial contra diction of tho above appeared, correcting tho statement that the “Eureka” plan was four stories high, llonoo tho confusion In the minds of the readers gave place to suspicion, that somebody had ,, Boou , ' tho Times. A gentle man in Holvidoro wrote a brief communication to Tub TnmuHK, calling attention to this sud den “twist,” as ho called it, and hiutlug his suspicions. A paragraph was added to the com munication, remarking that our correspondent was not tho only ono who had observed the “ twist,” and suggestlngthftt tho Impecunloalty of tho author of tho “Eureka” plan was tho T7 ™zn —reror" only explanation likely to moot with general ac ceptance. This roused the wrath of the janitor-orlUo of the Times, who succeeded In getting a reply, re markable for its unfamiliarity with syntax as well as for the savagery of its tone. It is proba ble that the managing editor was not permitted to see it before it went into the paper, or ho would havo loft It out. Tbo writer loaves as much doubt as over as to which plan tho Times prefers. Ho says that pm* correspondent alleges " that the Times has taken a ‘twist’ against a certain plan for the Chicago Court-House called ‘Eureka’ (the plan which presents a combination of five Greek crosses placed ‘cornorwiso’ upon tho public square), and in favor of a certain plan called ‘ Venetian ’ by tho Illinois State-House archi tect, but which is unquestionably one of the most objectionable of the nine plans from which tho choice Is to bo mado.” How docs the janitor place fivo Greek crosses on four comers ? Ho concludes with something nasty, and declares tbo Times “ would not choose either of tbo plans abovo mentioned, behoving thorn to bo two of tho least suitable plans among tho nine for tbo odifleo which tho public inter ests will require." Now, does this moan that tbo 2fmc« docs or docs not think tho plan Eureka "excellent." "nice," "grand," "fine," "imposing," "well lighted," etc. 7 It is of such vital importance to tbo community that It ought to state its prefer ence. THE JUDICIAL ELECTION. Kewakee, 11!,, April 14,1878. TAonifla 0,. Frost, Esq., Chicago :. : Dear Sin: Yours of tbo oth Inst., asking my views regarding tbo oloctlon of Judge Lawrence, was received in duo time, and would havo boon answered sooner but that I Lave boon more than usually busy since tbo Springfield Convention, and now take tho first opportunity to reply. I see that you think 1 am opposed to tho ro-oloo tlon of Judge Lawrence. You no doubt re ceived that impression from a loiter of mine to J. P. Day, of Bock Island,—a letter hastily written soon after tho decision of tho Supremo Court in tho McLean County railroad caso. Whatovorfaultlmayhavo found wltUthodociaionj In that, or in speaking, was directed at the Court, and not at Judgo Lawrence personally. You havo probably no idea of tho state of fool ing among tho farmers, both before and after tbo decision. Indeed, it would bo necessary for you, as Charles Boado says, to "put yourself in our place," before you could realize or appreciate the importance of that decision to us, and tho anxiety and impatience with which tho people wore looking forward to it, as a possible present relief from some of tbo burdens that soomod no longer boarable. When it oamo, tho Indignation consequent upon tho disappointment of their hopes gave rise to many hasty expressions of oonsuro among thoso who perhaps did not clearly understand tho merits of tho decision ; white many who did, thought they saw in it only tho shirking of a responsibility which tho Court bad not tho moral courago to moot. Thoy behoved that, as tbo Court was now constituted, no law could bo framed that would stand tho tost of tboir scrutiny; and that tho only way to tho legal relief wo desired was, in the language of Tub Tihduhe, to " reverse tbo Supremo Court,"— i. 0., put men in tbo ploco who, instead of for ovor looking to past agos for precedents, would bo wise enough to see tho needs of tho present, and bravo enough to establish a precedent for tho future in so just and righteous a cause. I am *no lawyer, and know that most lawyers consider it tho height of presumption on the part of tho people to have opinions upon questions of law, —much loss to dare to criticise any of their decisions ; but I believe tbo timo is earning, and rapidly, too, when our law-makers will bo chosen more directly from among tho people, and our laws will ho framed more in ac cordance with tbo principles of living justice than of dead traditions; when oven law yers will behove that tbo law is mado for the people, instead of tho people for the law. I have no personal acquaintance with Judgo Lawrence, but bohovo him to bo all you represent; and, while I would like to see in that position, a man who would bo likely to take tbo most advanced ground in tbo construction of tho law upon tho question that could bo maintained, I would rather trust one whoso ability is so well and widely known, and whore integrity is undoubted, than to mu tho risk of having tho place filled by one unfit for tbo po sition. In no case could I give my vote to any man who would pledge himself beforehand, to secure the position, to docido this or any other ques tion that might come hofpro him, In a given manner. I think tboro is now no doubt of Judge Law rouco’o ro-clection. I am told that the dologa tion from this county to tho Princeton Conven tion will sustain him unanimously, and 1 shall act in harmony with thorn. Truly yours, S. M. Smith. P. B.—You aro ot liberty to use this lottorin any way you thbik boat. S. M. S. WEST WASHINGTON STREET FIRE. Tho following !r a list of tho losses and insur ance on tho buildings Nos. C 3, G5 and G7 West Washington street, burned yesterday morning. Tho buddings were owned by Mr. A. E. Bishop; loss about $10,000; insured as follows: Alloma nia, Pa.‘, $3,500; Alps, $1,000; Kansas, $1,000; Hamburg and Bremen, $4,000; Girard, $2,600; Humboldt, $2,500; Citizens’, Ohio, 82,500; Na tional, $2,500; Franklin, Ind., $2,500. Fair banks, Morse & Co., scale manufacturers, lose $6,000, and have the following insurance: Tri umph, $5,000; Homo, Now York, §7,500; Amer ican Central, St. Louis, $5,000; Imperial, Lon don, $10,000; Gorman American, Now York, $2,500; Hartford, $2,600; St. Paul Fire and Marino, $2,500. Peter Smith, notion deal er, loses $5,000 ; insured for $3,000 in tho Amazon of Cincinnati: Bremen Milwaukee, $3,000; National, Now York, $3,000; Exchange, $2,000 ; Homo, of Now York. $6,000. Wilson Bros.’shirt factory occupied tne third and fourth doors of No. C 3, and was totally de stroyed. About seventy-five sowing machines wore burned up, and sixty-five female operatives for tho present thrown out of employment. Tho total value of property destroyed in tho estab lishment is estimated at SIO,OOO ; insured ns fol lows]: ' German, Pennsylvania, $3,500 ; Michi gan Slate, $2,000 ; Lycoming. $2,000 Pennsyl vania, $3,000 ; Commercial, St. Louis, $1,500 ; Williamsburg City, $2,000 ; Eureka, Pennsyl vania, $2,000. Dean Bros. & Hoffman, who.oo oupied N0.1G7, lose about 85,000. Their insurance is $2,600 in the Girard; $2,500 in tho Globe ;$2,500 In tho North Missouri; Armenia, Po., $2,500 ; Fairfield County, SI,OOO ; Provincial, Canada, $2,500 ; $7,500 in tho Traders,’ Girard and Allo mania. Tho Waterbnry Clock Company occu pied tho first floor and basement of No. G7, and sustain a loss of SB,OOO, mainly from water. ‘ In eurod in the American Central for $5,000 ; Ger mania, $2,500; Detroit F. and M.. $2,600; Trades man, N. Y., $5,000 ; Continental. N.Y., $5,000 ; Hartford, $2,500 ; National, $2,500 ; Western, Toronto, $5,000 ; Fire Assurance, Pa., $2,600 ; Hubert, Newark, $2,500 ; Farragut, N. Y., $<2,000 ; Farmers/ Pa., §2,000. Tho total loos Is about $50,000, all tho losers being fully insured. But for the efficiency of tho Fire Department, the entire block would have boon destroyed. APPRECIATED. Tho following admirable letter, received by Fire Marshal Williams, yesterday, needs no ex planation : jt, a. Williavit, Kaq„ CMe/o/th* Fire Department: Sin: It affords mo much pleasure to express my appreciation of tho gallant efforts of tho Flro Deport ment and tho Insurance Patrol toward subduing tho flro this morning, which at ono time threatened tho entire destruction of my West Washington street buildings. As a slight evidence thoroof, bo pleased to And inclosed my chock for SIOO. payable to tho order of tho Firemen’s Benevolent Association. Ouioaqo, May 1,1H73. A. E, Bifluor, Wilson Brothers and the Fire. Tho flro that occurred in Wilson Brothers’ extensive shirt foctory, Nos. 63 and 05 West Washington struct, yesterday morning, destroyed all their slock and ma chinery In tho building, but they have made arrange ments for tho immediate resumption of work. Their business will not ho at all Interfered with, and ordora will bo flllod with tho samo fldclity, care, and dispatch as they woro prior to tho flro. Tho Arm stands high, and will undoubtedly maintain their reputation, gained by many years of energy and carefulness In supplying customers, Tho articles manufactured by tho Wilson Brothers arc standard everywhere. Collars for Gentlemen. Travelers of all kinds leaving Chicago should tako with them a supply of Elmwood or Warwick Collars. Thoy will always have a nice collar to wear, and escape that bane of travelers, hotel washing, which is another name for a “draft ou the pocket,” SCALES. jn» PAIEBANKS' Kp’fl STANDAIID | 4 SCALES 3,I^—OFALLBIZKB. )jMBS?^MFAniBAKKB,MORSE &CO JaPPgW WEST WASHINGTON'S!'. AMtISEMFTTT! MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. MAX MARRTZEK LUOOA-KELLOGG Grand Italian Opera. )UR NIGHTS ORLY, AND SATURDAY MATINEE, Commencing Monday, May D. Farewell LYRIC -r» /x TT-r .n\TT! liUOOA. Last appearance previous to her departure for Europe of America's favorite Prlma Donna, CIiAJBA LOUISE KELLOGG. Monday-LUGC A Ttionday—lCULTiOfi O Wednesday—l,lJOCA-KETyLOHU nil<4NON Frlday-IiUCOA-lUSIiIiOC4<a-UON 4JIOVANNI. Saturday—PAllls\VEl*Ti DIATINEE. REGULAR PRIOKB OFAIJMIHBION. ! i Admlßsion, *2. ResorvodSoiUßln First Italcony, Wl ox tra. - Reserved Boats la Orchostraand Orchestra Olrolo. 82 extra. Admission to Second Balcony, 81. Kosorvott Heats In Second Balcony, M cent* extra. tttta Tho ealo of seals for slnglo nlgbls commences THI8 ; MORNING at Box Office. • HOOLEY’S THEATRE. BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. Friday, May 3,1873, Bonefttof the Popular Tolm Dillon. - : FOUR FAVORITE FAROES. BOUGH DIAMOND-KENNY LIND itocltatlon-SIIAMUS O’BIIIKN. The Bibbscs, and Seeing Dillon. Saturday—Last Frou-Frou Mallno p. Saturday Nlabt— Blow lor Blow. Monday—Bartloy Cbmpboll’a now play ol Risk*. GLOBE THEATRE. FRIDAY EVENING, May 3, BENEFIT of Katie Estelle, And Last Night but ouo *of the ■WHITE S-A.GHUEL laturday-ORAND MATINEE. STAE LEOTUEE OOUESE. robbbt ■ C O L L Y E IEL- Will toll his Groat Btonr»abont “Our Folks ond. Otlucr Folks,” NEXT TUESDAY NIGHT* closing tho second Star Course. Tickets will bo for.aalo to.morrow morning at Dyoho A Co.'s, cor. Halstod and Madison ats.. and Doll’s, i 495 Madlson-st., our. Sheldon. Admission, 60o; Reserved NIXON’S. i MONDAY EVENING, April 23, during tho week, ami at Wednesday and Saturday ilatlnooe, Uio world-famoua. Oharaotor>Artlata, ___ McKEE and ROGERS,. Supported by tholr Croat VAUDEVILLE COMBINATION, . Imraannoly strengthened for tholr oßaagomont In thla‘ Now Staffo. El Agoat. AIKEN’S THEA.TRE. MANAGER Mr. HARRY Q. OLARKB. ONE WEEK ONLY, commencing Monday, April 98, .1.0, the ; MRS. GK C. HOWARD,! Will ttppoar In her Original and l World-ronownod oharao* tor of TOPS*, in tbo celebrated American drama of UNCLE TOM’S CABIN, Supported by a powerful company. MYERS’ OPERA. HOUSE. Monroo-st., bolwoeu Dearborn and SUto-ats. ArUnglen, Cotton ft KemMe’s Minstrels. LAST WEEK OP THE BEABON-Monday, April 98, benefit of BILLY RICE. The laughable burlesque of JOHN SHEPPARD AND JpUEPII BLUKSKIN. Maokln and Wilson In their 1 Inbnltablo Songs and Dances. Tbo Mndoo Question—Quiet Lodgings—The Throe Graces—Vocal Quartette. Every evening and Sat* urday MnjHnoo. . „ . _ Next week—'Tbo Kitty Blanohaxtl Durloaquo Company. MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. Laat weak of tho Popular Actor, Mr. Mark Smith, Erory ovontog and Saturday Matinee. tha boautlfal and picturoaquo play entUaod ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD, JnnuoaFauTOl .....Ur. Mark Smith. As played by‘him for over two months, at the Union Square Theatre, N. V. Next wook—OHANU ITALIAN OPERA. academy of music. Monday Evening, April 28, and Wednesday and Saturday Matinees, LITTLE OSTEXiXiI TilE CALIFORNIA DIAMOND, and her entire Oom pao\y. In the great oonsatlon, FIDEUA, TUo Tiro Waif. Including the Cheat Fire Scone. Galvanic Battery, and Nltro-Olyoorlno Sensation. ViIKTEML, DECAPITATOR, is convciisra-, WITH HIS AQ.TOSQQP, :new publications, MAMOOD, WOMANHOOD, ADD NERVOUS . DISEASES, PUBLISHED BY THE PEABODY MEDIOAL INSTITUTE, No. 107 South Clark Street, CHICAGO. Dr* G. W. WARREN, Consulting Physician. J/edleal Knowledge for Everybody. Tieoililllon Copies Sold. A BOOK FOR EVERY MAN. THE SCIENCE OF LIFE, or Soli ProSerratloo. A Medical Treatise on tho Cause and Cure of Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decline in Mon. Nervous and Physi cal Debility, and Hypochondria. This is Indued a book for stmt man. Price only sl. 386 pages, bound In cloth. A BOOK FOR EVERY WOMAN, Entitled SEXUAL PHYSIOLOGY OF WOMAN, AND HER DISEASES; or. Woman Treated Physiologically andPatbologloally from Infanoyto Old Age, with Elegant Illustrative Engravings. 850 pages, bound in beautiful French olotb. Prtco 82. DR. WARREN may ba consulted a* above at all boon e( the day upon any of tbo above-mentioned diseases. HU groat experience, attained by a apeolal practice of twenty yean in hospitals, tbo army, and In Europe, qual • ify him for assuring patients a speedy and permanent onro In all sexual and delicate complaints. jfp try man and woman wko read* thlt nodes sftoufd pcs' set* thus valuable and Intereiting books. Confidential atturanee and ratileal relief , CHROMO. 3STB-W CHROMO. ENTITLED THE CONVALESCENT, Given to each customer by tbe GREAT ATLANTIC S, PACIFIC TEA COMPANY, ltd West Wttsblugtoa-st., 138Twonty-sooond»at. COAL AND WOOD. 0. H. DYER & CO.. Corner Wabash-av. and Madlson-at., dealers In all kinds of Fuel, Illinois Goal per ton, delivered, $0; Kirkland Orate Coal (best Indiana) per ton, delivered, $0.60; Wa bash Coal (Indiana Bituminous) per ton, delivered, $5.80. Hard Coal and Wood of all kinds always on hand. DISSOLUTION. The partnership heretofore existing between the sub scribers under tho firm narao of Bayrs, Gilmore A Co., is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All debts duo and owing said firm are to be paid to Horny Sayrs, (Signed) H. BAYRS. FRANKLIN GILMORE. EDWARD W. THOMPSON. . Chicago, 111., Mayl, 181 U. The undersigned will continue tho Wholesale Tea Bull ness, under tho firm name of Uayrs, Thompson A Co., at 41 and 4tf South Wator-st. IH£NUY SAYItS, . K. W. THOMPSON. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership heretofore existing between John Jones and Peter Horn Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Tho business will bo continued by Fetor Horn, at the old stand, 119 Dearborn**!. Chicago, Majrl, 1873. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. MmlllMilFiM .DIRECTOR Winter Arrangement. EXPLANATION OP RRFXIIRNaK MAHKB.-1 EhUutUfXo csptod. * Sunday exooptod. 1 Monday excepted. lAr* tin BnndayatSiOOa.-m. ftDallj. MICHIGAN CENTRAL «GREAT. Depot, fnot 0 f JsflW f* • ""•* / ticket rjjffff, 7B rawflM« t «o Mail (via main and air lino). )ay Express... .Inckion Accommodation......... ; Ltlantlo Express... Night 8ipr0M..... . INDIANAPOLIS VIA PERU 110*0. Mall Night Express GRAND RAPIDS AND PXNTWATEH. doming Expre55.................. light Express • CHICAGO & ALTON RAILROAD. Chieano, Ahnn «fc St. Lou fi Through TAne, ar iilo.) net a abort mule from Ohitagoto Kama* Depot, Went Side, near VaiUeon-tl. bridge. Bt. Louis k Springfield Rxpross, via Main Lin0.................... Kansas OHt Ifast Rxpross, via Jacksonville, 111., and LoulsM Wommo, Laoon*, ’WashingtonV • 9:18 a. m. press (Western Division.). a, ,,. tn „ _ ,Toilet A Dnlglit AcoomoM' ,*,*••* * l;,x p * ™* St. LoulsA Bprlngliold Llr 4s, ° *»' m ' Rxpross. via Main Wno> via Jacksonville Dlvlv (n a _ n(lftl *° m Kansas Clf; Kxpross. •'i’i’VuVi' T ' B:oop ’ m * TBf^oMon , ClJv , &u» ,, dslana, Mo.. Ufl:00p. m. jg;::-. y.SR B: except Tia Jacksonville Division. CHlO'aoo. MILWAUKEE & St (/town 'jepot, eomtr ifaiUeon and . 87 llV.t Jfadl«im-«<. ant Milwaukee, St. Paul A Mlnnoap . ollaDay Exproaa Mllwaukoo A Pralrlo du Cblon Mail and Erproas Milwaukee, fit, Paul ft Mitmoan ollaNlght Eiproaf.. ...» CHICAGO. BURLINGTON &C Depoh—Foot qf laki-et., Indiant and Canal and Sixteenth**!*, Tit and at depot* Mall and Expre55..,.............. Dubuque ana Hloux Oily Exp.... Pacific Fast* Lin0..... Galesburg Passenger Wendota <k Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Passenger........ Aurora Passenger........ Aurora Passenger JSunday) Dubuque A Sioux City Exp Paolflo Night Express 'Downer's Grove Accommodation Downer's Grove Accommodation Ottawa and StreatorPassengor.. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Dipot foot of JAkt-ii. and foot of fteentu-ueom o.fic*, 76 C’annNit., comer of McuUser St. Louis Express..,,. St. Louis Fast Lino Cairo Ma 11,.,,,,,,,,... Cairo Springfield Express... Springfield Express... Uubnquo * Sioux City Kx Dubuque A Sioux City Ex -••G Iman Passenger Ilyi o Park and Oak Woods HydeParkand Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Park and Oak W00dj....... Hyde Park ami Oak W00d5....... Hydo Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Park and Oas Woods Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... ••On Saturdays tills train will be CHICAGO & NORTHWEST! Ticket otfee, 81 H~««f Pacific Fast Line. . a i, Dubuque Day Ex, Vail Clinton. Pacific Night KxprMa Dubuque Night Rr. via Clinton. Freeport A Dubuque Express.... Freeport A Dubuque Exprcas.... Milwaukee A1a11... Milwaukee Express Milwaukee Pa55enger............ Milwaukee Passouger <uatU>.... Oroon Bay Express, Bt. Paul Express Green Bay Express Bt. Paul Express,... CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & I Deputy comer q f Harrleon and'Sh 83 Madlti Omaha, LeaTOOwUhAAt-chlsonEx Pom Accommodation Night Express Loftv'Onwortb A Atchison Express LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN St Depot, corner HatrUon ami Shi norihieeit corner Clark ami Jlan corner Canal and ilaJiian-e<t, Mall. via Air Lldq and Mala Lino * Special Norr York Express, via Air Lino • 9:00 a. m. Atlantic Express, via Air Lino.. 6:15 p, ra. Night Express, via Main Lino.... *19:00 p.m, ElkhartAocoromodation * 8:40 p. m, Sooth Chicago Accommodation.. 12:00 m. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAI Pauevgrr Drpot at P., C. tb St, LdUit Depot, eo nal and Kin*le-st». Freight and Ticket office 169 WatMng-tot ETftoaTUle ATarre lianto Kx.... M:UO PITTSBURGH. FORi WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express * 9:00 a. m. t 7:60 p. m. Pacific Express.,,, k. (5:10 p. ra. * 6:80 a. m. Fast Lino t'9:oop. m. t*B:ooa.m. Mall * 4:56 a. m. • 6:10 p. n». Valparaiso Accommodation...... * 3:40 p. m. * 6:60 a. m. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPF.K TO nOBF.t.LE.) . _ Depot comer JfaUted and Xorth Jiraneh’tti, Oenera l office 18 Metropolitan Block, corner Jiautiolfh and LaSalle-iis. Roselle Accommodation..,.. River Park Accommodation. River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO* INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. JVom Great Csnlral Railroad Depot, foot of Lake-sl. for through tiekele ami sleeping-car berths apply at Ticket ojjlee, 76 Chnaf-Jt., comer iimUtou; 120 UaeMnyfon•»*..* nemont House, eomsr, and Diehiaan-av.; also foot of rifenty-»#eon(/-it. LoaTB OUICBHO . Arrive at IndlanapolU. ArrlTo at Cincinnati Only Uni Pullman MEDICAL CARDS. DE. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4W Slato-st., Ohlcajro. It Is well known by all roadors of tho papers, that Dr. C. Bigelow is tho oldest established physician In Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. B. the most re nownod SPECIALIST of tho ago. honored by tho press, esteemed of tho highest medicalattalnmontebyalluie *n«dio*l tnatitnto* of Umdny, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF HIS LIFE In perfecting remedies that will euro positively all eases of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL* DISEASES In both saxes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladles and gentlemen. Coll. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, t» Dr. O. BIGELOW, No. 481 Stato-st. DR. F. BROOKS. Chicago, 111., offloo IBS South Clark-ot., eornorof Monroe, cures all forms' of Cancers, Ulcors, Wens. and Bablrrous Tumors, and particularly Ulcerations and Cancers of tbo Womb, Sexual and Urinary Diseases, and all dlQloultloe of a delicate nature Incident to the generative organs. A Hook describing causes, symptoms, and effects, for ladles and gentlemen, sent tree to any address. NO CUBE! NO PAYII 860 South Clork-st., Chicago, May bo confidentially consulted, personally or by mall, free of charge, on all olmmlo or nervous diseases. DR. J. KKAN Is tbo only physician in tbo city who war* rants cures or no pay. Office hours from 9a.m. to 8 p.m. DR. A. G. OLIN, 163 South OUrk-st., Chicago, tho longest engaged and most successful Specialist to tho treatment of all private, chronic, and nervous diseases In both sexes. Bond tw® •Umps for Medical Treatise. Full Information. Con. ■dilation free. Correspondence confidential. Separate rooms for ladles and gentlemen. PRESCRIPTION FREE Forthospoody euro of Nervous Debility, Early Decay, and tbo whole tralnof gloomy attendants, Lossot Uetp rv Knarirv .to. Any druggist has the ingredients. AO* rfr.M nit/WILTONA Ohio. fractional currency. $5 Packages MCTIOEL CUBEBHCY TErBUME OFFICE JOHN JONES, PETER HORN. WESTERN RAILROADS foot q/‘ Tiffntu-iteond’rt ornertif Madtion. Arrive. Aente. * 8:40 p. m. * 8:00 p. m. (10:20 a. m. li fi:UO a. m. r*6:3o a. ra. • 6:30 a m. * 9:00 a. m. 6 3:35 p. m. i 6:16 p. id. f»9:oop.m. *B:4Bp. •8:30 a • 6:80 a. m. IflslOp. m. 9,00 a. m. 10:10 p. m. 8:00 p. m. *6:00 a. to. ,'ORTH. \ ier Agent. / HENRY 6. WENTT General Passoni ITnfo* Leave, Arrive. * 9ll ’.jß. m. * 8:10 p. m.' * BtlO p. m. * 8:10 p. ra, * 9:40 a. m. 117i80p. m. 117:30 a. ra. u7:Boa. m. *8:10 p. m. iturday, via a, and dally. ULWAY. ! * Tieket Office r. PAUL R/ CannUnte,; id a< Depot, Leave, Arrive. *9:ooa. m. J7:2oa. m. * 4:30 p, m. nidJOa.'m, It 9:00 p. m. 1*6:00 p. m. IUINCY RAILROAD. i-op. , and Sixteenth-ft., •Jett offie* fn Brigge IToust hate. Arrite. * 7:45 a. ra. * 9:ln a. m. *10:00 a. m. * 8:15 p. m. * 4 30 p. m. * 1:45 p. m. * 5:30 p. m. I.OOp. m. 19:00 p. m. •flliOOp, m. *11:00 a. in. * 0:15 p, m. 7:46 a. m. * 4.15 p. m. • 8:10 p. mj • 8:16 p. m; * 8:00 p. m| * 9:65 a. m. * 6:16 a. m. • 8:65 a. m. 0:55 a. raj t 7:00 a. m. j 0:00 a. m 4 • 6:60 p. m. •7:16 a. m. 6:00 p. m. >n; T.tate, Arrive. • 7:8(1 a. m. t 8:15 p. m. 4 7:30 a. m. t 8:16 p. in. • 7:30 a. m. t 8:15 p. m. 4 9:16 a. xn. t 9:00 p. tn. * 5:15 p. m. * 0:10 a. xn. • 7:10 a. m. 4 9:00 a. m. 412:10 p- m. 1 8:00 p. m. • 4:3flp. tn. * 6:16 p. m. * 6:10 p. m. •lldiOp. m. * 9:00 p. m. * 7:65 a. m* * 9:00 p. m* * 7:55 a. tn. * 9:00 p. m. •7:66 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. * 7:00 a. m. * 9:00 a. tn. * 8:43 a. xn. * 7:46 a. m. * 8:40 a. m. * 9:00 a. xn. 410:80 a. m. 6 1:46 p. m 4 1 5:20 p.m. * 6:55 p. m. * 7:85 p. m. xmpalgn. 10AD. i run to Obat FERN RAILRI Madfeon^t, Leave, Arrive, *10:15 a. m. . 10:15 a. ro. +10:16 p. m. 10:15 p. m. • 9:15 a. m. • 9:15 p. in. • 8:00 a. m. • 9:30 a. m. • 6:00 p. m. {ll:00p. tn. 9:40 a. xn, *10:10 a. m. • 9:00 p. in. t9:3Q p. m. • 8;45p. m. .8:45 p. ts. 10:30 a. TO. 0:30 a.ttu • 9roop. m. • 7:00 a. m. *10:15 a. m. ■ 4:00 p.m. • 7:40 p.m. I 6:00 a. tn. 1 7:16 p.m. • 0.00 p. ra. • 6:30 a. m. t8:60a.-m. PACIFIC RAI herman'ite. 2 tori-K.. . IILROAD. . Ticket qtflcA Arrive, J,eace, *10:1S a. m. • 6:00 p. m. +I0:00p. tn. 710:00 p. m. * 8:45 p. tn. * 9:3oa«ra. 1 7:00 a. nt. I 7:00 a. m. OUTHERN RAILROAD. erman-tlt, Ticket ejftcet, tdolph-elt., and eoulhteetl Arrive. Leave, * 9:20 p. m. 8:40 a. m. * 6:00 p. m. 8:00 a. ta. •16:30 a. m. •10:10 a. m. l!sop.^> ULROAO. omrr of Cx» Arrive. Lea vi. * 7:10 a. m.i* 1:40 p. iq It 7-SO aim. Leave. Leave. Arrive, 6:00 a.m. 9:10 a.m. 6:16 a.m. 10i5la.m. BiflOp.m. * 8:00 a. m. { 8:00 p. ro. * 4:20 p. m. 6 8:50 a. m. * 9:30 p. m. } 9:16 a. m. lug Saturday night ti pm on night trains. Dr. Kean, OF FOR SALE AT

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