Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 2 Mayıs 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 2 Mayıs 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE. MONETARY. * • ■ TmmsDAT Evbwiko, May L Tho demand for money In tho local market ymtinues active, and .finances woro disturbed ivon moro to-day than yesterday, in consequence )f tho settlement of tho May options in tho jraln trade. Tho demand for currency to sottlo lalancos at tho Olearing-Uoiiso was so groat .hat it depressed oxebango to 750 por SI,OOO dis count, and yet oven tho banks that wore largo creditors at tho Oloarlhg-llouso to-day woro afraid to uso their currency to buy oxebango, be cause they may bo asfiargoly debtors to-morrow. But, asido from this temporary disturbance tt tho market, there is an evident .progress toward an easier condition. Prime (Sommorolal paper is in demand in tho open mar ket, and tho supply of money offered by brokers So larger than q week ago. There is a very largo amount of real estate paper In tbo market, but there is a class of lenders who prefer it to any other, and It is pretty easily disposed of at about 12 por cent. Tho bow 6 por cent bonds are quoted io-day, exclusive of tho quarter's interest duo May 1, at 114. With gold at 117%, the market value of the bonds in gold is loss than 97 cents, while tho gold value of the 5-20s of 1802 Is about 97%. Nona of tho other 6-20s aro above par in gold, and, os thoy aro not likely to bo disturbed for many years by any refunding scheme, there Is no in ducement to exchange them for tho 5 por cents at tho same price, or to soil them for the sake of buying tho now bondsovhioh boar 1 per cent loss interest por annum. The significant hint comes from Washington also that, unless tho Syndicate exhibits greater energy than it has up to tho present timo, it will not bo necessary to send any moro of the now 5 per cents to Europe for a long timo. This does not Indic&to any very bril liant success on tho part of tho Syndicate, and naturally causes people to speculate about tho. result of -the call for $60,000,000 of 1802s, to bo redeemed in coin on Juno 1. and to what extent tho Syndicate have boon able to mako exchanges of bonds. THE ALABAMA CLAIMS. Some apprehensions aro entertained in Lon don as to tlio possible ofToct on tho money mar ket of tho' payment of tbo Alabama claims. By tho terms of tho Washington Treaty, England Is obliged to pay on a specified day in Septem ber, to tbo ofacers of tho United States Treasury at Washington, $1(1.500,000 in gold coin. If tho Stipulations of tho Treaty aro literally complied With, it will bo necessary to draw something over £8,000,000 of spocio from tho Bonk of England some tlmo in August. Tho condi tion of tho bank Is bettor now than it is likely to bo in August, and it is foarod that tbo withdrawal of .so large a sum would so change tho ratio between tbo cash funds and tbo liabilities of tho bank that tho Di rectors would fool bound to act in accordance with thoir rule in such cases, and advance tho rato of discount lor 2 por cent. This change iu tho rate of interest in London, or ovon tbo an ticipation of it, would probably have an unfa vorable effect upon American securities in that market, and causo considerable depression iu the interim between tho tlmo it was drawn from tho Bank of England and tho tlmo it could bo paid into, and edmo out of, tho United States Treasury in ony way to favorably affect tho money markot on ‘this sido tho water. The London THmcs proposes that the amount bo paid in Installments, and it is possible that tho desire to bring the Government of tho Unit ed States to favor this plan, tho prospects of financial disturbances have boon a little exag gerated. TREASURY NOTES. Tbo Secretary of tbo Treasury has directed the Assistant Treasurer at Now York to sell $1,000,000 in gold on tbo first, third, and fifth Thursdays, and $1,600,000 on tbo second aud fourth Thursdays, in all $0,000,000, and to buy $500,000 bonds on tbo first, and $600,000. on tbo third Wednesday of May, in all $1,000,000. Tbo Secretary has also directed the payment without rebate on and after Monday, 28th inst., of tho interest duo on bonds, May 1. —The Comptroller of tbo Currency has just boon dealing with two Bank Nccolvors, who, after closing up their duties, fixed their own foes under some protended local authority, and re tained tbo amount so determined. One, in Brooklyn, bad paid himself 5 per cent, amount ing in tbo aggregate to SOB,OOO. Tho Comptrol ler, in both cases, ordered the Receivers to' pay. tbo whole amount Into tho Treasury and await adjustment of tbo proper foes, and they finally, to prevent tbo threatened suit upon their bonds, have complied. “ NICKNAMES FOR STOCKS.” A London paper gives a list of tbo “ nick names " lor prominent stocks on tbo Exchange: “Long names ore inconvenient in Stock Ex change dealings, and similarities between names aro confusing. Securities with long names aro consequently spoken of by some abreviation or ‘nickname’; and, where two or more stocks bav,e names with only some small difference be tween them, some feature or association in one of them often supples a name by which they be come known. The 1 nicknames * given in some instances are not a little ingenious. For exam ple, Turkish six-por-contH, of 1805, aro known as ‘muttons’ tbo loan being secured in port on tbo sheep tax; Turkish bonds of 1669 are known as * Cohens,* hav ing been brought out by tbo firm of that name; and, for a similar reason, French six-per cents are known as ‘ Morgans.’ In several cases railway stocks are known by tbo namo of some place on their respective linos, as ‘ Dovers for Southeastern, ‘ Yorks ’ for Groat Northern, •Leeds’ for Lancashire & Yorkshire, ‘Bor wioks’ for Northeastern, and ‘Brums’ or‘Bir mingham ’ for London & Northwestern, united States five-twenty bonds woro commonly called * Greens,’ from tbo fact of tbo first issuoof those bonds, now paid off, being colored green. Eng lish and Australian copper shares go by the name of ‘ Smelts,’ and British Indian Extension Telegraph shares ore called ‘ Siugaporos." Tbo latest addition to tbeso nicknames is that of ‘ Dogs,’ which has boon given to Newfoundland Telegraph shares." ‘ LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MARKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston «fc Kean quoto as fol lows this afternoon: JlUj/fnp. StHing. ...114* 114* ..114* 114* .117 117* 6>2osof ’62. 6-20* of’o4. 6-20fl of >OS. B-20s of *65, Jen, and July 117# 117# B-20a of *67, Jan. and July 119# no# 6-30s of *6B, Jan. and July 117# 118 ICMOa 113# H3# TJ. 8. 6s (now Issue) 113# 1U Gold and Gold Coupons 116# 117# Gold Erchauge 117# Sterling Exchange 108#®109# Northern Pacific Gold 7-30s 100 & lut, Chicago City 7s 09# it hit. Cook County 7s 09# it lut. Illinois, Cojjbty and Township 10s. 09(206 .... REAL ESTATE. Tho following instruments wore filed for rec ord on Thursday, May 1: oxtt rnorEHTT. West Washington at, near so cor Paulina at, nf, w X of e of n Lot 0, dated April 80; consideration, $8,600. Keith at, hot West Chicago av and Huron at, wf, 21 ft to alley, dated Jan. 8 ; consideration, SO6O. The premises No. 720 Canal at, dated May 1; consid* station, $3,100. Lot 0, In Block 1, of O’Neil's Addition In 800 29, 30, J4, datod May 13,1872; consideration, SSOO. Prairie av, 697 ft n of of Thirty-seventh st, w f, 83x 424>4 ft, dated April 4 ; consideration, $3,300. Lot 24, in Block 1, of Blocks 1 and 4, in w # of no 34 Beo 32, 90,14, dated Jan. IS; consideration. S7OO, Ohio at. near s w cor of North Market at, n i, 60 ft to alley, with other property, dated March 1: consider ation, $25,000. Henry st, 325 ft w of Laflln et, b f, 25x124 ft, dated April 10; consideration, SI,OOO. Lot 25 of Biller’s Lota 17 to 30, etc.,ln Block 40, Beo 7*09.14, dated May 1; consideration, $4,300, “A" et, s e cor of Gago st, lot IS,dated Nov. 26,1872} consideration. SOSO. Twenty-fifth st, bet State st and Wabash av, n f, 25 (t, dated April 4: consideration, $7,890, The premises No. 1190 Michigan av, dated May 1 * consideration, SB,OOO. Indiana av, n e cor'of Twenty-ninth si, wf, 20 B>l2x 12S ft, datod May 1: consideration, $12,000. Irving Place, s or Wilcox at, w f, 24x148# ft, datod April 1; consideration, $4,200, Park av, bet Oakley and Leavitt sts. s f, undivided V of Lots 32 and 33, dated May 1; consideration, $2,700. Tho premises 950 West llandolph st, datod May 1; consideration, $5,600. Thirteenth place, bet Blue Island av and Waller et, W.lJSfeot to alley, datod Fob. 27; consideration, frorcat av, n w cor of Thirty-seventh st, of, 08x124 ft, dated June 19,1872: consideration, $9,600. °* North Sangamon st, Q f, 25#x 100 ft, dated Aprils; consideration,|l,2so, Front sit, n w cpr of Sangamon st, s f, 25x123 ft, latod April 4; consideration, $1,660, Lincoln st, 190 ft n e of Leo av, so f. 23x192 ft. dated ttaroh 20; consideration. $1,050. ’ ’ Milwaukee av, 87 0-10 ft w of Wood st. no ft. 25x110 Vdated April 90; consideration, $3,600. Lot 38, In Block 8, of Davis’ n e of ■wv of See iB, 89,14, dated March 12 ; consideration, $1^260. Lot 10, in Block 7, of same Subdivision, dated March 12; consideration, $1,250. 10, in same, dated March 12; consideration, Kollh (it, bot Chicago av nml Huron *l, TTf ( 24 ft to alloy, dated Jan. 0 ; consideration, $1,200. Lot 62, In Dlock 11. of Elatou'a Addition, dated April 30: consideration, f J,125, DfrUlon nt, near a w cor of Larrabeo at, n f. 25 ft to alloy, with buildings, dated April 21: consideration, $9,100,, 300 ft w of boaplalncn st, a f, undivid ed Vof GOxIIO ft, dated May 1; consideration, $1,300, Lot 60, of Walkot’n Blocks 12 and 19, of BmllU’a no v of See 30, 80,’ 14, dated Oct, 1, 1972: consideration, $9,000, , ’ * * . ■ Konxn op errx limits. Lois H and 4, lu Woftgo H Uydo'fl Lot 1, of n w % s o M 800 30, 40,34, dated Jan. 1; conoldorallon, SI,OOO, noirrn or city limits. Lot 1, In Olarko k Bbarpo’fl Lola 1 to 4, In Block S of Walker & Stinson’* w of aw X Goo 2, 88,14, dated Fob. 16; consideration, $9,040. QLotai, in Block 4. in Favraolt’s Subdivision, In a w M of See 4, 88, 14, dated April SI; consideration, $1,600, • Lot 11, in Block 4. of Helntz’u Subdivision, in s wWo! Soo 4, 08, 14, datod April S3; consideration, 1050. • Lota 1 to 6, In Block S, Jn Travers’ n no V Sco 6, 38,14, datod Doo. 7, 1872; consideration, $3,700. Lots 1 and S, in Lot 7, In Crawford’* Lota 8 and 7, Block 3, in Bnltonstall k jlubboll’s w Itfofnojfuf ao u 800 8, 38,14, dated April 20; consideration, SB,OOO. Lota 8 and 4, In Block 15, of o aw Af 800 13, 88,13, datod May 1; consideration. $350. Hoisted st, a w cor of Fifty-ninth st, of. 607 B*lox SOO 0-10 ft. dated April 34; consideration, $33,600. School at, 63 ft, with buildings, in Noyes’ Subdi vision, innok Bee. 0. 38,14, dated May 1; considera tion, $1,600. Lot 34, in Block 2, in Duncan*a Block 6, of Taylor & Krelgb'n ok ofnwk 800 4, 88,14, dated April 17; consideration, $670, WEST OP om LIMITS. Division Bt, nw cor of Ilynmn av, 40 acres, dated Bopt. 10,1873; consideration, (40,000, Und }i( of w 800 6, 89,13, dated Fob. 10; consideration, SIO,OOO. Chicago av, a w oor of Crawford av, 940 acres, dated Doc, 14,1879; consideration, SOOO,OOO. Joel D. Uarvoy to Chicago b Northwestern llallroad Company. COMMERCIAL. TnunflDix Evening, May 1, The following woro tbo receipts and shipments of tbo loading articles of produce in Chicago during tho past twenty-four hours, and for the corresponding date one year ago: 1879. 1873, Flour, brls 7,010| 3,583 7,532 6,499 Wheat, bu..,.; 91,700 0,800 07,238 90,910 Corn bu... 79,100| 108,435 I 831,985 310,859 Oats, bu 65,040 39,000 04,876 67,992 lire, bu 9,840 827 6,548 Earley, bu 8,050 1,500 4,943 1,279 Grass seed, lbs 70,348 13,410 90,020 317,600 Flaxseed, ibs 90,000 Broom corn, 1b5.... 20,000 10,000 7,400 5,070 Cured meats, 1b5.... 138,010 09,000 901,000 096,701 Beef, brls 18 6 00 Pork, brls 347 130 6 307 Lard, lb 337,700 83,D30| 809,283 Tallow, lb 30,250 7,9301 6,000 Butter, Iba 44,988 35,076 0,800 ... Dressed hogs, No.. 92 9 Live hogs, No 10,440 17,014 8,819 8,430 Cattle, No 8,183 4,G07 3,100 9,050 Sheep, No 609 1,391 Hides, lbs 74,430 117.070 93,060 30,340 Highwinoa. brls.... 102 106 . 107 . 600 Wool, Iba 39,845 00,800 100,800 46,970 Potatoes, bu 16,622 8,850 4,250 1,000 Lumber, mft 6,143 1,993 1,468 980 Shingles, m 3,090 880 l 1,453 1,964 Lath, ra 273 998| 42 170 Salt, brls | 1,460 0,149 Withdrawn from storo yesterday for city con sumption : 1,193 bu wheat, 1,289 bu com, 2,977 bu oats, 1,109 bu rye, 8,811 bu barley. Tbo following grain has boon inspected Into store this morning, up to 10 o'clock: 43 oars wheat; IGO cars com; 0,090 bu No. 2 do, and 6,000 bn rejected do by canal; 88 cars oats ; 7,600 ba No. 2do by canal; 8 cars rye ; 1 car barley. Total (260 cars), 124,000 bu. Tbo quotation, in tbla morning's commercial column, of rail freights to Now York at 45c per 100 Ibs, should have road “lako and rail." They aro offered at that price, but wo aro assured that all roil freights cannot now bo obtained at loss than 600 per 100 Uis to Now York, aud tbo market is quoted firm at that rate. llTho out Inspector at the Nock Island Elevator bos boon relieved,' pending the bearing of tbo charges in regard to inspection of barley, mado by Mr. Kadisb, as printed in om* issue of this morning. In this connection wo may refer to tbo intima tions, rather freely thrown out in certain quar ters, that tbo warehousemen take advantage of the inspection system to either sell, tbo best of each grado on their own account, by sample, or to lift it Into tbo grado next above. It would bo absurd to suppose that such things could not bo done, or that they have not boon done; and wo called attention only a few days ogo to tbo fact that tbo circumstances offer strong temptations to warehousemen. But there are two points which ought not to bo lost sight of. First, tbo percentage of the lower grades, now in store is loss than that received, because No. 2, being the speculative grade, is kept boro to trado on, and its price is generally l@2o higher than it would bo as judged by quality alouo, compared with the grade next below it. Hence tbo ship per buys all bo can of tbo low grades, finding them tbo most profitable; and a good deal of tbo wheat sold In Now York as Chicago No. 2 was nothing but No. 8 wbon taken out of tbo elevator hero, as it was Inspected No. 8 wbon put into store. Secondly, it is a common practice with some shippers by lake to lot down grain by mixing. They will load a vessel ostensibly with No. 2 spring, and have several oar loads of No. 8 emp tied in at different stages of tbo filling process, and “ this ’’ mixture is sold as “straight Chico f;o No. 2," when it arrives on tho seaboard. Un css tbo warehouseman bo tbo shipper, be obtains no advantage from this arrangement, which in ures only to tbo benefit of tho shipper. Wo may odd that our No. 1 spring does not find its way to the seaboard. The greater part is taken up by our local millers, and tbo rest is bought by millers in tbo interior. The complaints in regard to tbo inspection of certain boat-loads of canal com as rejected would appear to bo without good foundation. It is reported that a committee of grain exports examined some of this oom, and pronounced it to bo rejected. A number of car-loads of com that woro inspected rejected, and then com plained about, prove to have been “ plugged" with a layer of defective com at the bottom of each car. It is only right, as it Is legal, that, in all such cases, whole car-load should bo in spected as belonging to the lowest grado in tbo car. Somo of our Chicago lumber-brokers are as sorting a power which neither the law courts nor oven the Government, of tho United States have yet assumed. ' They seek to dictate what shall bo published in tho market reports, and refuse to fuTnish Information of their business, or oven to allow tho public record to bo inspected, unless tho reporters for tho press will do thus and bo. Chief among their demands is tho one that tho papers shall publish tho names of tho brokers with every cargo sold. Wo presume that tho general public, for whoso information tho mar ket reports in tho doily papers are published, would And it intensely Interesting to read that John Simpson sold live bushels of potatoes to Mark Smith, and to read several hundred such important announcements every day; and thoro Is Just as much reason for publishing tho names of tho buyers and sellers of potatoes, or eggs, or grain, os those of tho men who bay and soli lumber. THE MAUItETB. Tho loading produce markets woro rather ac tive to-day, but in & speculative way, and the movement of prices rather depended upon the question of settlement th&n on either tlio weather or the tone of the markets in other cities. It was delivery day on May options, and receipts for pork and corn moved round in a way that put the furniture wagons to the blush. Deliveries of wheat were rather light, and were unimportant in oats. The weather was wot, but the rain was not heavy, and was generally regarded as not particularly hilarious to the crop prospects,. alio dry goods market was quiet, and without important change in prices, though tbo fooling seemed rather easier all around. Quotations woro the same as on the previous two days, but there was some . outliug under in nearly all de partments. Groceries wore in light request, with no change In prices except for roflued sugars, which advanced an alio demand for butter was moderate, and mainly confined to tho hotter grades. Oommon and medium descriptions are beginning to accumulate, and are working easier. Choose remains inactive. Coal was in limited request at former quotations. No now features woro noted in tho caunod goods and fish markets. Dried fruits were quiet, and imported varieties woro rather easier, though raisins and dates alone woro lower, fray met with a light inquiry at about yesterday's quota tions. Hides and leather woro unchanged. The oil trade was reported quiet, with prices gener ally firm. Tho only quotable change was uu ad vance of yiz in carbon, tho present rates being 20®20tfo. Tho lumber market was quiet Co-day, owing to the stormy weather. There was no ■ quotable change in yard prices, though for some of the oommon grades they are ralhor weak. At the docks the offerings were liberal; but the Inquiry was light, and prices ore lather easy. Building materials were also auiet. and without material change. Tho demand for metals and tinners’ ‘ Block is light, but present prices- nro generally adhoroil to. Nalls wore in ,moderate request. Hops, wool, and broom com, aro without par ticular change, the former is very quite, while wool has mot with a moderate Inqnrly from Western manufacturers, prices ruling weak and irregular. Broom corn is in average demand, sales being mostly qohflnod to the bolter grades. There was a fair amount of trading'in Hunga-i rlnnand millet seeds to-day, but other yaroltloa wore quiet and unchanged. Tho street markets wore quiet, tho storm hooping buyers away. Poultry and eggs wore dull and Tower. Potatoes wore In largo supply, slow, and easier. f Tho green fruit trade was also inactive,and prices re main unchanged.. Lake freights wore quiet, and nominally nn* changed, at 10c bid for corn, and lie bid lor wheat, by sail to Buffalo. One vessel was taken Inst evening for wheat to Kingston at 100.. She will carry out 14,000 bu. -The aggregate amount of grain contracted for shipment this season, tip to date, Is stated at 827,000.bu wheat, and 1,828,- 000 bu corn. Bail freights aro quoted at 500 por 100 lbs on grain to Now York. Highwinos wore ’firm* blit loss active, at yes terday's figure, with a fair demand and light of ferings. Bales wore reported of 200 brls at 870 por gallon. Provisions wore slightly more active, and ir regular. Tho chief interest centered on moss pork, which opened out strong, and advanced some SOo por brl, but weakened under liberal of ferings, and olosod at 5o advance on yesterday’s quotations. Lard was quoted strong early, but there was little demand, and prices foil off 100 per 100 ihs. Moats wore quiet and unchanged. The deliveries of pork woro liberal, but thoy had all boon provided forhence tho early strength, which 'changed into weakness when operators found that the receipts of hogs for tho calendar 1 year, thus far, aro more than oO por cent greater than for tho samo timo twolvo months previ ously. and woro again largo to-day. Tho market closed at tho following range’ of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller May, $18.00@18.05: do flouor Juno, $18.45@18.50; do seller July, $18.7G@18.80; prime mess, none hero; old §ork. 61G.50@17.00. Lard, cash or seller May," 0.05@9.10; do seller Juno, 80.25@9,00; do seller July, 80.05(5)0.70. Sweet pickled hama quoted ot l)%@12o. Dry salted meats quotable 1 at o%@G%ofor shoulders: 8%@8%6 for short ribs ; ana 9@9%0 for short clear. Boxed shoul ders, 0%@70. English moats. 9@0%0 for short ribs; 9%@9%0 for short clear. Bacon is quot ed at So for shoulders, 10c for clear ribs, lOk'c for short clear,-and 12%@140 for hams, all pocked. Moss beef, $9.00@9.25t extra moss do, 810.00@10.25: beef hams, 828.00@29.60. City tallow, 7%@80; grease qnotablo at C%@o%c. Bales woro reported of 1,000 brls moss pork seller Juno at 818.75, 500 brls do at 818.00; 4,200 brls do (Part last evening) at $18.60 ; 250 brls do at $18.45 j 1,000 brls do, seller July, at $19.10:1,000 brls do at $19.00: 1,000 brls do nt $18.80: 2,750 tes lard, seller Juno, nt 89.40; 250 tea do at $9.80; 60,000 lbs short ribs at 8%0. Flour was In very small demand from buyers» on tho market, though the aggregate of report ed sales was fair, as most of tho lots sold wore on direct order by mall or telegraph, and for known brands. Prices were well sustained by dealers, though New York was reported dull and* heavy. Bye flour was firm, and bran 600 higher, being scarce. Sales woro reported of 100 brls white winter extras (Gem of the West) nt* $8.75 ; 100 brls spring extras at $7^87%: 100 brls do at $6.75; 100 brls do (None Better) at $0.70; 700 brls do at 80.60 ; 100 brls do at $5.87%; 800 brls do on private terms; 200 brls spring Buporflnos at $3.75; 100 brls rye flour (Beloit City) at $4.40. Total 2,800 brls. Also, 10 tons middlings at 812.00, at mill. Tho following woro the quotations at tho oloso : Fair to cholco white winter extras.B.oo @10.60 lied winter extras 7.00 @8.50 Good to choice spring extras fl.oo @o*7s Low to medium 4.75 @ 6.75 Miuncßotos (potent) 8.25 @ll.OO Good to fancy Minnesota @8 00 Spring superflnea a.OO @ 475 Ryo flour 4.15 @4.40 Brsm @11.60 Wheat was moderately active, but weak, and fully %o lower, in spite of bod weather. New York was reported heavy, and offerings for this • month woro more liberal than usual, though tho deliveries woro light. This caused a heavy feel ing, and unusual timidity among buyers in tak ing hold on now deals; the purchases mado were mostly to fill shorts for next month. Tho ship pers took hold sparingly of car lots. Tho ad vices of more liberal receipts to come in from’ tho country, and the more cheering assurances with regard to tho yield of tho coming crop, woro' generally regarded as weakening, and specula tive buyers wore inclined to hold book for lower prices, especially as there is no prospect of a speedy reduction of* oar stocks in store. It is timo that mil shipments aro large, and jnst now some of tho railroad freight agents report orders for more cars than thoy have to spare, which is encouraging to holders. Boiler Juno opened at $1.28%, declined to $1.26%, and closed at 81.20%. Boiler tho month sold at $1.23%@1.24%, closing ot tho inside. Boiler' July was inactive. Strictly fresh receipts of No. 2 spring closed ot $1.16. Rejected do was nom inal at 930 bid, being quoted scarce. Cash sales woro reported of 4,300 bu No. 2 spring (fresh) nt $1.25; 1,000 bu do at $1.24%; 27,200 bu do (part regular) at $1.24%; 15,000 bu do at 81.24 V: 15,000 bu do at $1.24%; 80,000 bu do at $1.24 : 10,000 bu do at $1.23%; 20,000 bu do at 81.23% I 1,200 bu No. 3 spring at $1.16%: 1,600 bu do at $1.15. Total, 176,400. Corn was active, but weak, opening at tho advance attained yesterday, and declining through the session. The bad weather caused early strength, but Now York was quoted dull oflu easier, and deliveries hero on the option of sollor May were so largo as to cause heavy offer ings. which enabled the short Interest to fill in freely at, a decline. Tho receipts woro some what larger, but really light for tho season: we have bad but little from tho canal, as yet, and it is stated that some com holders along tho line of tho canal are about to aond tholr com elsewhere. Ono of them hoe threatened to ship to St. Louis, notwithstanding his .experience in that direction throe years ago, wnon ho was obliged to sell at a heavy loss. -Sellertho month' opened at 38%0, advanced to 38%0, and declined to 37%0 at (ho close. Seller Juno sold at 40@ 40%0{ seller July at 42%@42%0; and seller August at 48%@48%0, Oil closing at tho inside. Strictly fresh receipts of No. 2 closed at 880. Cash sales were reported of 7,200 bu No. 2 at 88%0 { 2,400 bu do at 88X0; 55,800 bu do at 880: 70,000 bu do at 87%o; 40,000 bu do at 87%o: 25,000 bu do ac 87Vo; 10,000 bu do at 87%o: 0,000 bn rejected at 84o; 5.800 bu do at 85% c! afloat. Total, 222,200 bn. Oats were moro active, a&d advonced a %@lo per bu, under & good demand early, which was probably duo to tho rain; but fell off later, when Now York was quoted lower, and thence ruled dull. Boiler the mouth opened at 81%0, and closed at 30%@80%0. Strictly fresh receipts closed ot 31%0. Seller Juno sold at 83%@33%0, closing at tho Inside. Cash sales wore reported of 7,800 bu at 31%0 ; 5,400 bu at ffl%o: 13.000 bu at 81%o; 25,000 hu at 31%0 5 80,000 bu at 810 5 15,000 bu at 80%o; 2,400 bu rejected at 30o; COO bu do at 29%0: 600 bu do at 290. Total, 100,400 bu. . Rye was quiet and %o lower, owing to moro liberal offerings, and a very limited demand. Cash sales woro reported of 800 bu No. 2 at 69%0; 400 bu do at 690, and 6,000 hu do on pri vate teipaa. Total, 0,200 bu. Barley was moro active, and a shade firmer,’ being in bettor demand, while tho offerings were light. Tho change In tho out in spection at tho Rook Island Elevator caused a greater degree of confidence In tho out inspection at that house, and there was an inquiry for a cargo for shipment, but it could not bo obtained at yesterday's quotations. Tho market closed nominal at 720 for Rook Island No. 2, and at 78 @BOo for receipts m other houses. No. 8 was quoted at 62@070: and rejected at 45@490—th0 inside in the Rook Island. Cash sales woro ro- Sn rt0 ? O nni 800^ bu t N . o Q ' 2at 81o i 1.200 bu do at 800 i 6,800 bu do at 780 i 20.200 im do at 71%0 : 400 bu rebooted at 490 j 400 bu do ot 460: 800 bu 0fo?ToU®0 bu°. bU d ° “ 750 iiW Udo “ . „ LATEST. *'* attojnoon tbo loading grain markets woro active. Wheat was weaker, declining %o por bu. It sold at 81.23%ff11.235-i' sollor tho month, cloning at 91.23%; audatßl.2o%@l.2o>? aollor Juno, closing at 81.20%. Com was a “ fl ”'*“ r . closing at 87%@37%0 sober tho month, 40%0 bid for oollor Juno, and 42%0 soil, or July. Nothing was reported in other grain. 0 B A*°° °1 krls pork sollor Juno at 818.25, and 250,000 lha short door at 0%0., CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. _ . TnonsDATEvening, May 1. ALCOHOL—Was In moderate demand at il.74(Ai SO for 04 per cent proof. BUOOM COUN—Dealers report the average demand at the annexed prices; No. 1 burl, per lb; No, L^q o ljr f id l No * 3 do, 404,140} No. 9 do, 309*40! Juaido green, B*os do rod Up, 804o; do pale and red, 302140. r* * BEANS AND PEAS—There was a light local Inquiry for beans at tho quoted prices. The offerings are We repeat: Choice hand-picked navies! $2,00 5 do mediums, $3,45; inferior grades, $1.2501 un* green peas (In brls), $1.4001.66; yellow do (inlwgs)', BUILD INO MATERIALS—Owing to tho unpleasant weather there was very little doing. Quotatous are giv en below: Stucco,s2.sOo3.76;NevvYorkstuoco,coating $9.7604.00; superfine do, $3.8004.00; Portland cement! $7.0008.00 nor Lrl; lioeendalo cement, $3,2508.60; Dtlc* cement, $3.00 per Arl cement, $3,00: Akron lime la bulk, DOcOIX.OO} lima (brisk ILIV no* hr!! wli)to sand, per brl, $1.7603.00; plastering heir, pot-bu, 40@80o j-flne brick, per 1,000, $40.00000.00; bulldmg brick (common), $8.0000.00; cower brick, $19.00318.00; country orlok, $13,00, delivered; old brick, $0.0030.60; St. Louie hydraulic pressed, $46.00, delivered | Milwaukee pressed, $33.60. delivered: do common,nsl4.oo {Racine pressed, $90.00, delivered; do common; $14.00; Ililladale, $36.00, delivered : Indl ana proeaed, > $83.00034.00; do common, $19.00 ; Arc day, per brl, $4.0006.00, The following in the list of prices per bo* of 60 feet for domestic window Rises, from which a reduction of f.5 and 5 per cent la made to dealers: T’lrH Double wttWy, itremth. 7*lo to B*lo (1.75 0.00 B*l4 to 10*15 H.IO 19.00 12*18 to 16*90 P. 35 10.00 18*22 to 18*30 10.00 20x28 to 94x30..., 13.00 . 21,00 Sox6oto4ox6o 45,00 RUTTER—Prices ranged about tho same ns on yes terday, but were weak except for choice qualities, (ho demand for which keeps pace with tho supply. Ship, pors aro still operating very sparingly, prices boro be ing relatively higher than at other points. The receipts qro slowly Increasing, and the tendency of prices Is still downward. Wo quote: Common to choice roll, 24@300; strictly choice dairy, packed, 320350; medium to good, inferior to common, 10093 c. RAGOING-No now features wore noUcoahlo In this market. Steady, fair Activity characterizes tho de mand for grain bags, while other goods in tho list aro quiet. Prices remain firm all around; Stark, 370 ; Ludlow, 86o; Lewiston, 34V0; American, Wjfo; Amoskoag, 82Vo; Otter Orcoit, 340; burlap bags, 4 and 6 bu, 20022 c; gunnies, single, 1701 Bo: double, 28029 c ; wool sacks, 67 Vc. CANNED GOODS AND PICKLES—No Improve mont was noted In tho demand for this lino of goods, and tho fooling of weakness recently developed Is still a feature of the market. If wo except com and toma toes, fair orders aro being filled at a concession from tho quotations: CANNED GOODS. Peaches, 2 lb $ 1.850 2.00 Pears, 9 lb 2.000 3.25 Plums, damsons, 2 lb 9.00® 2.25 Green gages and egg, 2lb 9.76® 3.25 Quinces, 3 lb 9.780 0.00 Strawberries, 9 lb 2.80@ 2.76 Raspberries 9.80© 2,75 Diackixsrrics, 9 lb 9.000 2.16 Gooseberries, 2 lb 9.250 9.60 Tomatoes, 3 lb 9.95© 9.40 Peas, 9 lb, pod 8.180 3,60 Peao, 3 lb, soaked I.oo© 1.70 Llmaboanß,3lb 9.800 2,75 Succotash, 9 lb 9.40© 2.66 Lobster, 9 lb; 8.400 3.80 Oysters, I lb, full weight. 1,20© 1.30 TIOBLEfI, Small, brls, 9,200 per $10.60@11.80 , Medium, brls, 1,200 per pkg B.Bo® 9.80 , Largo, brls, 600 per pkg 7.00® 7.60 In 5 gal. kegs, per keg 2.75® 3.25 ObowChow(Uarvoy),qts., 6.760 (1.76 O. frD/aassorted pickles, qt5...... 6.75® 7.25 AtAFLB STRUT. Puro, X gal, cans, per doz.. $ 0.50@10.00 Extra golden, w gal. cans, per dor..; 0.60® 7.00 CHEESE—Very little trading la being done in this staple, the few orders received being small. Stocks arc inconsiderable, and prices for the present must bo considered entirely nominal. Wo repeat our list os fol lows : Now York factory, 15®lCo; Ohio factory, 13® He; Western factory. 12®140.' COAL—In this market business continues dull, con sumers buying no more than required to natlsfy im mediate wants, as, with the first arrivals by lake, lower prices oro anticipated. Wo quoto: Lehigh. lump, |I3.6O®10.OO; prepared, $12.60013,00; Lackawanna, $13.00; Erie, $10.00; Briar BUI, $10.00; Walnut IIIU $10,00: Blosaburg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, $9.00 : Hock ing Volley, $9.00; Indiana cannel coal, $10,00; Indiana block, $9.00: Kirkland grate, $9.00 : Minonk, $8.00: Wilmington, SB.OO, • . COOPERAGE—The demand was moderate.’ Staves aro scarce and firm. Wo repeat quotations; Pork barrels, $1.20®1.30; lard tierces, $1.0001.70; whis ky barrels, $1.0002.10: flour barrels, 60@560; pork staves, rough, $17.00020.00; do bucked or sawed, $20.00025.00; tlorco staves,rough, $20,000 25.00; do bucked or sawed, $25.00028.00; whisky staves, rough, $24,00028.00; (ip, bucked, $30,000 83.00; flour staves, $9.00011.00; circle flour heading, 708o.per sot; flour hoop polos, $14.00016.00 per m; pork and tlorco polos, $30.00035.00 perm. EGGS—Wore in moderate local request at ll®l2c. Bales include 600 doz at llo; 1,600 doz at lltfo; 310 cases at 130, FEATHERS—There was no change. Goose feathers aro scarce and choice,* bringing 760. Chicken feathers are unchanged: Prime live goose at 73076 c, from first hands; jobbing prices, 7S@BSo for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, 40®C50; chicken, C@Bc. FISH—Wore -in good demand, and wero firm as previously quoted ; No. 1 whltoflah, H brl, $7.00; No. 2 do, $6.75; No. 1 shore mackerel, & brl, $11.00011.25 ; No.l bay, $9.0009.26; No. 2 bay mackerel, Itfibrl, $7.25® 7.50; No.l shoro kits, $1.8501.90; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $0.0006,25; George’s codfish; $6,600 6.76; Labrador herring, split, brls, $9.0009.50; do brl, $4.7506.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $8.0008.50; do % brl, $4.2504.50; box herring no. 1, 31033 c; box herring, scaled, 42@450; Columbia River salmon, H brls, $10.00010.25, FRUITS AND NUTS—Raisins, arc lower East, ond tho market; hero has - sympathized to tho extent of 10a per box, $2,7002.80 being tho present Juotatlon. Dates also are "off” a little. Aside rom this the market ruled steady at former rates: Foueion—Dates, 80,9 c; figs, drums, 11014o; figs, box, 14^®16Xc; Turkey primes, %®10o; rnlulus, $2.7003.80; Zanlo currants, B@B>tfc. Domestic—Aldcn apples, 1802Oo; Michigan d0,6@70; Western do, 6®0o; Southern do, 4Jtfosvo; peaches, pared, 17®19o; E caches, halves, 60O>tfo; do, mixed, 4V Q5&0; blaeb erries, o@9Vo; raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 320240. Nuts—Filberts, 14016u; almonds, Tetra gons, 31023o; Naples waluuts, 34025 c; Brazils, 11 ®12o: pecans, Hol2>;c; African peanuts, CV©7o; Wilmington peanuts, 7@8o; Tennessee peanuts, 4#© 6c. ' GREEN FRUITS—Were quiet and unchanged. Or anges and lemons are firm. Apples are in fair supply ana weak. Wo quoto: Apples, common to fair. Sl.fK) @3,60; good to ch0ice,52.76®3.76 per brl from store; cranberries (cultivated) at $10,00012.00 per brl; com mon do at $5.0009.00; lemons at $5.5007.00 per box: Valencia oranges, $12.00013.00 per case; Palermo and Me551H8,53.6005.50. GROCERIES—Trade was rather quiet to-day, hut tho general market exhibited a firm tone; notably so for coffees and sugars, both of which are still advanc ing at tho East. Refined sugars wero in good demand, and were strong at an >£o advance. With this excep tion our quotations remain unchanged, aa follows: Bi O&nn Soda—7X@S?<o. Oorrxxa—Mocha, 32033 c; O. G. Java, 27028 c ; Java, No. 3, 26026k0; fancy Rio, 24024^0; cholco do, prime Rio, 2JV@23.Vc; good d0,22?< @330; common do, 2U>fo3l?£o; roasting do, 20Vo; Singapore, 39#0240; Ooata Rico, fancy, 24V® do, prime, 23&0240; Maracaibo, 23®23,Vc. Candles—ntar, full weigh t, 20V@210; stcariuo, full weight, 16V016O; do abort weight, 14^@15c. Rice—Patna, 8^08^0; Rangoon, 7.V@80; Caro lina, BV@9o; Louisiana, 808j£c. Suoahs—Patent cut loaf, 13«£®13#o; crashed, powdered, and granulated, 12V@13j£o; A, standard, llVOUHo; do No. 2,11V011UO; B, ex

tra O, lO;,'011o; ONo. 2, IOXQIO&o; yellow o,lo>£ ®lo>£e; choice brown, 10010V 0 ijprimo do, O’{01Oo; fair do, 0.V@%0; choice molasses sugar, 10 @10Vo« fair do, OVQDtfo; Now Orleans sugar, choice, 10010^0J do prime, 9V®9J£c 5 do fair, 90 OVo ; common, 8@8&c. Brnirps—Diamond drips, (1.3301.85 ; silver drips citra lino, 72076 c; good sugar-house syrup, 46048 c : extra do, 60@550; New Orleans molasses, choice, 82 ©85o; do prime. 76080 c ;do common, 65©700; Porto lUco molasses, choice* 65006 c; common molasses, 82 ©4oo. Salebatos—Common to best, 9@loc. Spioes— Allspice, 17©18 c; cloves, 57@330; cassia, 38040 c; popper, 23,tf024if0j nutmegs, (1.2501.80; ginger, pure, 28030 c; do NO. 1,20025 c; do No. 2,16 019 c. - Boaps—French mottled, 6Vofl*fo; Gorman mottled, IHQTXo; Golden West, 60OWC; While Lily, Ctf© 6^o; White Bose, 6V@B>tfoj brown Windsor, 4^o; palm, 606#e; Savon Imperial- 6>tf@o»^o. Stabcu—Gloss, 9j^01Oo; corn, 0011 c; laundry, 6® To; common, s>tfo6o. . HAY—Deoolpta fell off some to-day, and the quota tions wore more generally sustained than on yes terday, but there was an uudor-cnrrcnt of weak ness. and an early decline is looked for. Wo qnoto wholesale prices paid by dealers, as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: Oh Tback—Timothy, boater pres sed, $10.00017.00; timothy, loose pressed, (16.00016.60; firalrio, pressed, (12.00013.60. On Wagon— -Timothy, ooeo, (10.00018.00: prairie, loose, (14.00017,00. For delivery of pressed, (1.0001.50, according to dis tance. - HIDES—A fair amount of trading was done to-day, both by local and Eastern buyers, aud the market wua steadier. Following are the quotations: Green city butchers’, 7o; green cured light, lltf @ll Jfo; do heavy, 1OU01OXO: part cured, lO0lO)rfo: green calf, 17o; veal kip, 14o; dry calf, 26c; dry kin, 22c; drysaltod, 17@16o; dry flint, 20021 c: long-haired kip, 12d; deacon skins, 60005 c : grubby, scored, out, or other wise damaged, two-thirds price. HOPS Wore quiet ami nominally unchanged : Prime to choice Western at 40@80o; common to fair, 26@35c; Now York, 46c. litON AND STEEL—Merchants report a tolerably fair trade. Imported goods are very firm. Following aro tho prices current: ir0n,...: 1 4-10® 4 8-10 rates Horse-shoe iron... 6 @ 0 8-10 rates Plato Iron, common tank, Russia Iron.; Russia Iron, No. 1 stained 180 lb Norway Iron . 0 @ o>tfo Vlb Norway nail rods U# ©loc Gorman plow stool. ......11 ®l2o y lb English cast plow sled 13 ©l2>tfo lb American tool steel 17# (£lßo lb Chrome tool stool 18 ©3O ratoa English toolsloel 21# <£2.l rates English spring etccl 11 @12.V0 Vlt LEATHER—Continues quiet and steady at tUo prices given helow : HEMLOCK, City harness I 33(3 11 Gauntry harness 800 33 Line, city, ylb 11(4 13 Kip. y lb 000 1.10 Kip, veals... 850 I,'iO Oily upper, No, 1,%J ft 2RO 30 Olty upper, No. 3, yft 36:4 27 Gauntry upper. No. 1 250 27 Collar, y ft..,. 200 23 Galf,city..; Wins 1,10 Calf, country. 1.10(4 1.25 Hough upper, light 33(3 05 Hough upper, heavy 00(4 83 Hough upper damaged 27(4 80 Buffalo slaughter sole, best.- 05(4 87 Buffalo slaughter sole, No. 3.... 83(4 81 “B. A." solo 80(4 83 Kip, No. 1, medium. Kip, No. 3, heavy... Harness... French calf, Jodot 05.00000,00 French calf, L0m01n0.................... 00.00080,00 French calf, 24 to 20 lbs 1.800 2.60 French calf, 20 to 80 Its 1.760 3.35 French calf, 80 to 80 Its 1.060 3.30 French kln. 60 to 100 tbs..., . 1.100 1.05 METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—Trade In this - deportment Is less active, hut prices are steady at the i atsuiid nuuu | . tin Pi.atr-10, 10*14, $16.60; do, 19x19, $10.00; do, 14»20j *10.60; do, rooflng, 10, $16,00; do, 20*28, I’ia Tin—Largo, 420; smell, 430 { her, 44c. Buret Ziho-JFiiII casks, lie; half casks, 11V@11VC{ loss quantity, 11X0; slab, Oc, n ' Sheet Iron-No, 24, O,Vo rates. Galvanized Iron—No. 10330,16 c; No. 22324, Iflo; No. 93@20,170; No. 27,18o; No. 28,200.. A discount of 16 per cent Is made from the list. Copran—Copper bottoms, 45048 c; braziers, over 19 lbs. 470; tinned copper, 43c. Wire—2 to 6. fle; 0, 8, amlO, loo; 10 to 11, lie: 12. UXo: 13 and 14, l3Xo; 16 and 10, 14c; 17,18 c; 18. lOo; 10,10 c; 90,20o; full bundle. 16 nor cent dla count: fonco wire, 7«®7«0. * ' NAILS—Were In fair ilomnnil, at the followlno quo tallonn! 10000:1. pee lie ft, $5.60 rales; ad do, $5,75 • fld do, $0.00; 4d do, $0.28j 3d do, $7.00;.3d do, fine. $8.60; 2d do. $8.75; clinch. $7.87#; I3Xo off to the trade. NAVAL STORES—Wore lu demand and aloady at the quoted prices: Manlllaropo, H lb $ ig 0 10 Bleat rope. 1b...... Ifl 17 Hemp sash cord, Wlb a......... 20 ra 23 Marline,„ 1b...... ! ao « M Tarred rope, Vlb 10 0 n Oakum, V halo 06.80 Mtoh, y brl 6.00 @7.00 Tar, brl 6.60 @O.OO OILS—A further advance of Jfo in carbon la noted, but otherwise the market was without visible change. Lard and linseed arc very firm, and bid fair to advance. Other descriptions may bo quoted steady, Tallowing arc tho prices current: Carbon, 2O02OXo; extra lard oil, 77e; No. 1, 72c; No, 3. C7o; linseed, raw, 07o; do boiled, $1.03 ; whole, 88o; sperm, $3.0009.10; neats* foot oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, 950; do No; 1, 80o; bank oil, 70o; straits, 760; elephant oil, 950; turpentine, 65c; naphtha, 63 gravity, 20®21o; naph iha, common, 17@18o. PAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTY—Trading In this class of goods was limited, tho weather being unfavor able for an aotlvo movement. Prices wore easy, as follows: Striollypuro... Taney brands. Genuine Volllo Montague. American...., Snow white Masury’s railroad colors * n.60 Palace car colors in cans 0.60@10,60®12.60 Rooholle ochro 3.60@ 3,75 English Yen. red 4.00© 4,23 English orange mineral 16.60®10.00 Pittsburgh orango mineral 18.00 English rod load 13.00 American rod load 11.00011.80 English vcnnllllon, per lb 1.40© 1,45 Scarlet vonnllllon 23.00 Paris white 3.50@ 4.00 Whiting a.OOO 2.80 In bulk.. OXO3XO In bladders. jj® 4& o PIO IRON—Was again quoted quiet aud firm. Scotch (according to brand) $03.00(387.00 Tuscarawatf ci.oo Masßlllon... 01.00 Lake Superior 80.00@C0.00 Chicago stone coil 57.00 Missouri Blouo cool .. 67.00@58.00 POULTRY—Was dull and lower. Turkeys ore quotable at 10®17c; chickens at $3.5004,00, Sales comprise 3 coops turkeys at 16«<o; 4 coops do at 16o; 10 coops cholco chickens at $4,00; 3 coope at J3.87W ; 8 coops at $3.76 Ml coops at $3.60. POTATOES—Were In largo supply, dull, and weak, nt 46@520 for poachblows, and mixed lots at 82@350. Sales include 3 cars poachblows at 660, delivered; 1 car at 480. SALT—A further odvanco is noted In Ashton dairy, ■ now quoted ntfß.6o. Other grades are unchanged, A tolerably fair trade is reported. Onondaga .and Saginaw, lino, $2.00; ordinary coarse, $2.00; coarse Diamond O, $2.25; ground solar, $2.25 ; dairy, with out bags, $3.50; dairy, with bags, $4.2504.60; Ash ton dairy, per sock, $5,00; ground alum, $2.25® 2.40: Turk's Island, $2.00. . BASIL DOORS, AND BLINDS—Arc quiet and un changed at 15®30 per cent from list prices. SEEDS—There was a fair omouut of trading In tim othy and Hungarian, but other seeds were quiet and unchanged. Wo quoto: Timothy at $4.0004.25 for fair to choice; clover at $5.00@6.25 ; Hungarian at. $1.37V0L45; millet at 75c®51.15. Bales were reported of 10 bags timothy at $4.25; 10 bags at $4.12^; 10 bags at $4.10 ; 4 bags at $4.00; 340 bags Hungarian at $1.45: 120 bags at $1.42 ; 38 bags at $i,37V ; 60 bags millet at Q1.15 ; 60 bags at $1.05: 40 bags poorat76o. TEAS—Business was quiet at the annexed range of prices. Young Hyson, common to fair, 60@600 ;do good, C5@760 do choice to extra flue, $1.00®1.10; common to fine old Hyson. 76c©51.00; common Im perial, GO® C6o; good to choice do 80c®$1.10: fine to good gunpowder, 70c@$l,l0; cholco, $1.1601.20; extra, $1 8501,45; cholco to extra leaf Japan, 00c@$1.00; fair to good do, 70@60o; common do 42®450; colored natu ral leaf Japan, 65®C60; common to flue Oolong, 35® 460 ; good, 55®C6c; choice to extra, 85c@$I,00. TOBACCO—Nothing now was noted in this market. Prices were steady as given below: Chewing—Fine Out—Extra. 75085 c; cholco, 06® 760; common, 65@600; poor, 40@500. Plug—Natural leaf, 76®B0o; half bright, Co@7oc; black, sound, 45®550. Smoking—Extra, 33085 c; medium, 30@320; com mon atoms, 27029 c. WOOD—Wo quoto tho market steady, at tho following prices : Beech, $10,00; maple, $11,00.; hlck,ory, $12.00; elabs, $7.0007.60, delivered. WOOL—Tho condition of tho market is essentially tho same. There was a moderate inquiry from West ern mills, but tho general trade is quiet. Prices aro easy. Wo quoto: Tub, washed, extra medium ,G1@550 Tub, washed, common to fair ,45052 c Common dingy 45047 c Flceco, washed, XX, light 46©470 Fleece, washed, X, light.. ......44045c Fleece, washed, XX, dingy Flooco, washed, X, dingy 40@440 Fleece, washed, medium Hunt .430460 ricoco, -washed, medium dingy 37©4Q0 Fleece,unwashed, X& good condition.,.,3oo33c Fleece, unwashed, X&XX, dingy. 20039 a Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 30@330 Fleece, unwashedt coarse, aud dingy 27030 c Suiior, pulled 38©430 Extra, pulled 380440 Burry wool 6@loo less. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Thoiisdat Evening, May 1. Tho receipts of Evo Block since Saturday havo boon as follows: Monday..., Tuesday.... Wednesday, Thursday ~ Total 10,458 65,877 3,097 Shipments wore as follows: Cuttle. Bone. Sheep, Monday 3,048 8,623 .... Tuesday 3,066 7,623 895 Wednesday 8,100 8,810 .... Total 7,870 24,970 895 The movement of Uvo-atock during the month of April ia reported by Assistant Secretory Will iams os follows: Cattle, Hops. Sheep, Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific... 10,723 60,110 2,369 Illinois Contra! 8,704 48,070 8,668 Chicago, Burlington k Quincy... 33,003 103,635 7,160 Chicago k Northwestern 13,402 39,528 8,461 Chicago k Alton 10,261 34,456 8,141 Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne k Chicago. 60 358 .... Michigan Central 85 749 349 Michigan Southern 878 094 278 Pittsbnrgh.Cinclmioll &St.LouJs. 379 1,229 18 Chicago, Danville k Vincennes., 183 8,214 .... Milwaukee k Bt. Paul, Driven lu Total 84,249 292,903 25,670 Deceived In April, 1872 68,393 109,140 24,771 Deceived in April, 1871 46.144 71,632 23,379 SHIPMENTS. Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne k Chicago 20,290 45,800 0,017 Michigan Central 14,007 73,140 1,855 Michigan Southern 22,-419 105,710 8,729 Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St. Louis 448 Chicago, Dock Island & Paciflo... 786 133 81 Illinois Central 1,741 387 103 Chicago, Burlington k Quincy... 825 sol Chicago A Northwestern 1,000 039 -112 Ohlcago&Altou.,.. 859 .... T0ta1..... 69,631 325,715 12,708 Shipped in April. 1872 62.474 145,161 17,328 From tho foregoing, it will bo Boon, that in comparison with April, 1872, our receipts have increased to tho extent of 25,850 cattle, 123,751 bogs, and 700 sheep. Tho receipts or horses show an increase of 1,270. Tho average weight of tho hogs sold during tho mouth was 218 lbs. CATTLE—To-night closes unqualifiedly tho most unsatisfactory market-day of tho season. Thoro was an utter absence of activity in tho de mand for shipping grades, and no amount of urging on the part of sellers could infuse any llfo into tho trafila. Tho Eastern markets, as well as our own, are largely overstocked, and are still declining, and thoro woro no shippers to bo found willing to operate, save at a furlhor.rcdaotlon of 16@250 nor 100 lbs. This makes tho decline since Saturday fully 500, and, judging from the present outlook, tho end is not vet. Tho man ner of boovou In tho sale-pons foil little short of 11,000, of which number somewhere in tho neighborhood of 0,000 remained unsold at tho close of -trado. Butchers' oattlo and stackers, which heretofore have hold up firmly, woro to day sensibly lower, the former being oil fully 250. Tho range of tho markot was $3.00@5.70, though most of tho salos woro at $4.60(0)6.40. Tory fow sold above $6.60. Tho following quo tations are at present little better than nomi nal : OX @7 rates S0(£21o V lb QUOTATIONS, Extra—Graded stoors averaging 1,190 tbs and upwards 13,0000.15 Oholco Heaves—Fine, fat, well formed 3year to 6 year old stoors, averaging 1,800 to 1,400 lbs 0.6006,70 Quod Beeves—'Well-fattened, finely formed ulcers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 6,1000,85 Medium Grades—Bloora lu fair flesh, aver aging 1,100 to 1,260 lbs 1.8006.00 Butchers* Block—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs. 1.0005.00 Stock Onttlo—Common cattle, la decent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,060 Ins 8,8501.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, hulls, and scallawag steers 8,0001.00 Cattle—Texas. Northern wintered 4.0004.60 Gattlo—Corn-fed Texas 4.0606,00 1,260 1.45 850 1.10 760 80 400 45 No, Ac, Price, 80 good steers., 1,140 $5.25 Osgood steers L 233 fidw 10 good 8100 m.,.. 82 choice steers... 81 medium Bloom, lOslock stoerfl...; 83 ohalco Bloom. 77 choice steers, M good atcora ...1,338 0,30 49g00d atcora.i 1,378 0.30 83good ntoorn.. ~.,..,1.310 0.30 78 good Btofera, : 1,380 0.30 7flgoodßloora 1,390 0.40 17 good nlocrfl 1,300 0,38 40 good atoora 1,328 0.20 OOgoodaloora 1,204 0,30 48good atoora ......1,333 0.40 • 10 good atoora 1,308 0.00 81 rough atoora 1,381 0.18 10 rough atoora,... 1,048 0.95 18 oxen I,COO 0.36 IB atoefcora 1,005 4.85 17 good atoora 1,330 6.30 76 good atoora 1,108 6,10 17 good atoora 1,210 0.25 SOoxon... 1,030 0,35 43 Texas atoora 1,117 4,80 81 good atoora ..1,330 6.37>tf 13 choice atoora 1,805 6.00 78 good atoora ...1,144 0.00 80 mitchcra’ stuff, 680 4.23 lOoows; 1,130 4.00 IBcowa 770 8.75 HOGS— I Tho bop market was “flat." Tho con tinued heavy receipts placed buyers in a position where they could successfully dictate terms, and they demanded, and without much difficulty ob tained, n farther reduction of lC@2oo per 100 lbs, prices settling down to $8.00@6.80, at which range tho market closed weak with several thou sand loft over unsold. Bales wore reported at 55.00(5)C.10 for poor to common; at $5.16(5)5.20 for; medium; and at $5.28@5.00 for good to choice, mostly at $5.10@5.20. Xo, Av, Price. 66 210 $6.20 20 IDS 6.26 20 102 6.10 CO 932 6.37)4 68 218 6.00 08 228 6.12)4 C 4 204 6.12)4 CO 225 6.12)4 67 248 6.20 63 224 6.20 '6l , 170 6.20 00 200 6,20 03 207 6.25 00 216 6.80 260 200 6.36 ,$11,00@11,60 . 0.00@10.60 14.50 11.5Q@13.00 11.80 SHEEP—Tbo sheep trade woe quiot at steady prices, or at $4.00@6.60 for poor to choico woolod. Some shorn sold at $4.00@4.C0. A salo of lambs was reported at $4.60 per hood. _ . ... . , Tiiursdat Evening, May l. Trade at tho wholesale market opened rather quiet this morning, owing to tho storm, but toward noon buyers began to make their appearance, and a fair number of cargoes wore disposed of. Tho offerings wero large, and quite a number of cargoes wore left over. Prices arc rather easy. Wo again quote: Good to cholco strips and boards at $16.00016.00; select boards at $22.00(323.00; fair to good boards sod strips, $13.00015.00; Joists and scantling, $10.60011.25; com mon boards and stripe at $11.60013.00; lath, $3.00: shingles, $3.25. Cargo schr Pilgrim, from Grand Haven, 118 m ft boards and strips at $14.60. Cargo schr Bill Jones, from Muskegon, 118 m ft boards and strips at $13.60. Cargo schr Gamecock, from Muskegon, 150 m ft common mixed at $11.60; 68 m lath at $3.00. Cargo schr White Oak, from Manistee, 160 m ft Joists and scantling at $10.75. Cargo schr Albrecht, from Manistee, 171 m ft Joists and scantling at $10,60. ‘ Cargo schr Presto, from Manistee, 140 mft Joists and scantling at $10.60. Cargo sobr Dan Hayes, from Manistee, 140 m ft Joists and scantling at $10.60. Cargo schr Qcslno,. from White Lake, 00 m ft com mon mixed lumber at $10.75. Cargo schr Hamlet, from Manistee, 100 m ft Joists ond scantling at $10.75 ; 80 m long timber at $12.00. Cargo sobr J. L. Johnson, from Manistee, bold full Joist and scantling at $10.50 5 dock load of long Umber at *|13.00. Cargo sobr Menomonee, from Manistee, 80 m ft 3- inch Joists at $13.00 ; 130 mft Joist and scantling at $10,60, Manistee tally. Cargo 'schr Recriproclty, from Ludlngton, 185 mft Joist and scantling at $10.05. Cargo achr Arab, from Muskegon, 125 m ft Joist and scantling, and 34 m ft boards and strips at $11.25. Trade ot the yards was quiet to-day, being temporari ly Interrupted by tho storm. • There was no quotable change in prices, which aro as follows: first clear. $52.00055.00 Btfeond clear, 1 inch to 2 inch 47.00050,00 Third clear, 1 Inch 38.00040.00 Third dear, thick 45.00 First and second clear flooring, together, rough.. 40.00043.00 First and second dear siding, together... 23.00024.00 Common siding 20.00021.00 Common flooring, dressed, first 35.00038.00 Common flooring, dressed, second 80.00033.00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 Inches and upward....;... 37.00040.00 stock boards 37.00@40.00 B stock boards 28.00@30.00 Common boards..; 14.60016.60 Joist, scantling, smalt timber, eto., 10 foot and under —• “/SSSfS’JK Fencing,. 14.00@15.00 T.i.l »uu scauiiujg, ia to 24 feet 16.00022.00 Pickets, square 14,00015,00 Pickets, flat. 12.00014.00 Cedar posts, split 14,00018.00 Cedar posts, round 17,00025.00 Lath 3.50 Lath, on track 3,00 No. 1 sawed shingles 1.6002.00 A or Star 3.6003.76 Shingles an track .' 8.2503.60 No. 1 sawed 1.2501.60 Three dollars per car to bo added when transferred, which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to be two inches in thick ness. Length—Sixteen inches. Oak (dry $20.00036.00 Black walnut 25.00000.00 Maple 14.00035.00 Ash (dry) 8J.00@40.00 Butternut 35.00@60.00 Counter tops (select) 1.000 1.60 Flooring, 6*ln. grooved and matched 076.00 Axlea....: 600 75 Wagon polos (each) 650 60 Hickory 60.00075.00 Box boards 35.00040.00 Common 20.00025.00 Clear 80,00040.00 Cattle, Bogs, Sheev. 7,816 11,816 971 6,009 14,033 617 8,138 16,440 ' 609 2,500 13,000 1,000 CuUa, ARRIVED May 1. Bchr 0. R, Johnson, Saugatuck. 120 m lumber. Prop Oconto, Milwaukee, 1,600 brla flour, 100 tea hams, BO tons aower pipe. Scow Ahnapee, Grand Haven. Bchr Coral, Lincoln, 100 m lumber, 6 m lath. Barge Mars, Ludlngton, 190 m lumber. Bcow Flora, Saugatuck, 80 m lumber. Schr L. Ludlngton, North Bay, 1,700 telegraph poles, 1.600 cedar posts. Schr Kitty Grant, Saugatuck, 70 m lumber. Bchr Pilgrim, Grand Haven, 117 xn lumber. Bcbr B. ft 0. Albrecht, Manistee, 200 m lumber* Sohr J. B. Morrill, Manistee, 175 m lumber. Bark Menominee, Mauls too, 220 m lumber. Schr Oeu. Slgol, Manistee, 135 m lumber. Bchr Myrtle, Muskegon, 176 m lumber. Scbr Arab, Muskegon, 145 m lumber. Prop Dunbar, Muskegon, 120 m lumber. 100 ra lath. Bchr St. Peter, Pontwater, 110 m lumber, 200 m shingles. Barge Comet, Muskegon, 220 m lumber. Bcbr Gamecock, Muskegon, 160 m lumber. 60 mlath. Bcbr J. A. Travers, Muskegon, 70 m lumber. Bcbr A. M. Boars, Muskegon, 140 m lumber. Bcbr Ethan Allen, Ludlngton, 180 m lumber. Scbr Kate E. Howard, Ludlngton, 100 m lumber. Prop Ira Chaffee, Saugatuck, 70 m lumber, and sun- CIS 1,005 61 184 .... 79 dries. Bchr J. A. Holmes. Manistee, 135 m lumber. Bcbr J. A. Catcbpolo, Manistee, 120 xn lumber. Bohr Hamlet, Manistee, ICO m lumber. Bcbr J. Hibbard, Wbito Lake, 35 m lumber. Bohr U. Blood, White Lake, 125 m lumber. Bohr Evening Star, White Lake, 306 telegraph poles, 6,300 peats, 35 ode wood. Bchr It. B. Hibbard, White Lake, 06 m lumber. Schr Qortnide, Pontwater, 30 m lumber, 800 m shin- Rloo. Bohr Black Hawk, Poutwater, 100 m lumber, 275 m shingles, Schr Winnie Wing, Pontwotor, 200 m lumber, Schr A. J. Mowry, Hamlin, 180 m lumber, 10 m lath, Bclir Beloit, I’ontwator, 60 cds wood, 050 m shingles. Bohr White Oik, Manistee, ICO m lumber. Bchr Jenny Lind, Grand Haven, 100 ro lumber. Bchr.O, L. Stearns, Ludlugton, 100 m lumber. Bchr U, B. Grant, Ludlugton, 125 in lumber. Bchr J. Dresden, Manitowoc, 6 m cedar poster, Sohr.Pllot, Muskegon, 115 m lumber. Bchr P. Uaydou, Muskegon, 126 in lumber, Bchr Minerva, Muskegon, 200 in lumber. Bchr Gipsy, White Lake, HO m lumber. Bchr J. i\ Tracey, Manistee, 105 m lumber, Bcbr Gazebo, Manistee, 80 m lumber. Hark Oocilla, Manistee, 170 in lumber. Bcbr Maine, Manistee, 185 m lumber. Bchr EJ Tempo, Maulstoo, HO m lumber. Bchr Z. G. Simmons, Manistee, HO m lumber, Bchr 0. L. Johnson, Manistee, 180 m lumber. Bcbr Oolllngwood, Buffalo, 17,033Jbu corn. Bchr Chicago Board of Trade. Buffalo, 28,000 bo corn, Bcbr Eveline, Buffalo, 16,176 bit corn. Schr I’oorls. Buffalo* 11,208 buoorn. Bchr Mary Battle, Kingston. 21,004 bu No. 2 wheat. Barge East Saginaw, Goodrich, 11,787 bu corn. Bcbr Northern Bello, Buffalo, 18,300 bu corn. Bcbr B. F. Gale, Buffalo, 14,417 bu coni. Bchr A. Broody, Buffalo, 10,469 bu corn. Bchr M. Williams, Buffalo, 20,000 bu corn, Bohr M. J.Wllcoz, Buffalo, 23,700 bu corn. Bchr O. It. Johnson, Baugatuck, 600 brls salt, Bchr Floetwlng.Buffalo, 20,674 bu corn. Bchr Hubbard, Buffalo, 17,000 bu corn. Rates by sail to Buffalo ore quotable at lOQUo on com and ll@l2o on wheat. The aohr Kate Uinchmau was taken (yesterday) for wheat to Kingston at 10c. Detroit, April 80.—There U but little doing In freights, but rates are settling. The schr Thomas films was chartered to Oswego with 13.000 bu wheat at 10c. * THE STRAITS, lUaxpuw, May I.—Weather hasy. Wind gonth- NMU Uttht. Uanmnr The aloht twosel- ~...1,348 6.60 ,1,998 B.TO HOG BALEfI. Xo. Av, Price. 67 170 $5.20 C 8 328 6.90 69 203 6.35 40 108 6.25 280 220 6.25 00 335 6.25 68 214 6.25 60 262 6.25 01 218 6.30 02 322 6.45 130 103 6.20 1 65 302 6.25 I 62 240 6.12# 44 200 6.121* iVo. Av. Price . 63 185 $5,15 358 161 6,15 63 237 6.15 45 189 6.30 34 248 6,20 CO 103 6.20 57 270 6.30 60 334 6.25 05 180 6.25 01 101 6.26 83 210 6.20 20 825 6,00 30 210 6.13# 87 ... 6.13 }S UO 238 6.16, 07 . 203 6.29' 09 227 6.15 LUMBER. AT TUB TAUDB. hardwood. 13.00014.00 MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. LAKE FREIGHTS, lot* aro mldwoy on Wnugoshancc, and not making much headway. The other throo at oast end iro still working westward. Au Baklk, May I.—Wind oast. Woathor cloudy, cold. No ohArign In Ico, I’ort Auflxi k, May I.— Wind light, southeast; cloudy, Ico just visible. • A prlynto dispatch from Port Huron, dated May 1, «a>*: “Ico ia running very heavy, so that vessels cannot got out ■ ' '* LUMBER freights. Manistee, $3.00; to raoulh of the river, $2.75; Lu dlnglon, $2.70(33.00; Muskegon, $2.60: Oconto, $1.00; Menominee, $3.2T»(§3.50 • I'ontwalcr, $3.75: Whlto Lako, $3.76; Grand Uavon, 13.25Q3.80; Haugatuck, . Balt from Saginaw at 30@230 per brl. , MISCELLANEOUS. Sailors' wages ore $1.76(33.00 por day. Tho following vcanals loft thin morning for tho lower lakes : Tbo sours Hungarian. Margaret Doll, Bummer Cloud. Eliza Qcrlacb, A. lluau, Advance, San Jacinto, American Union, Goshawk, I’bUo Bcovlllo, OomaUebe, James 0. King, and Dane. Tbo James Ooucb lies at anchor ontsluo. Tho schoonors Higgle & Jones, and Skylark, which left (bis port last Monday, woro soon this morning, by the Captain of ono of tbo vessels which como In, near Waukegan, or lees than forty mllos from Chicago, It should bo remembered, however, that tho wind has blown strongly ahead. A private dispatch, dated May 1, soys “that tho bark 9°|dcn West passed Into Lake lluron this morning at 8:30. This vessel is loaded with coal for this port. Parlies In this city having vessels at Buffalo have received dispatches stating that S2OO Is tho price asked for towing vessels out of that port Into dear water. Tho schoonor Bussell Bart, which wont ashoro at Hoover’s Point, last fall, with a cargo of coal, has boon got off with cargo on board and token to Port Bo bin* eon dry-dock, Tho Bchoonor Grenada, which arrived at Toledo od Monday from Oswego, had a perilous passage. Bbo started with a cargo of 2,250 brls of salt, but arrived In port with only 76. Thoscboonerlicd Wing, launched at Tonawands last fall, has arrived at Buffalo, and Is now ready for business. Her dimensions aro as follows : Length of keoJ, 187 foot ; Jongth ever all, 104 foot; breadth of of beam, 83 foot; depth of hold, 14 feet, Bho meas ures 715 tons, now stylo, and will hold about 40.000 bushels. Cant. Woodruff will command her ■ A tug caUcu tho “ Post Boy” is being bulltatßuf faJo. She Is 37 feet long and will have a lOxlO'cnnine; —The propeller A raxes bos boon sold recently to Messrs. Hsb and Armstrong, and McCabo & Joesaman by the union Steamboat Company, for tho considera tion of $21,000. Bho will engage In the Iron ore trade bolwcon Marquotlo and Black Bock, and will tow the bark Racine. —The following shows the dates on which naviga tion has opened at Buffalo for eighteen yearn, and the name of tho first vessel to enter or leave tho harbor each year, so far as known: 1866—May 2. 1858—April 18, 7, prop. Equinox. IB6o—April it, prop. Equinox. April 13, prop. Queen of tho Lokoa, 18^2— April 0, prop. Eollpso, 18(>3—April 7, prop. Equinox, April 14, prop. Acme 1860—April 22, brig Paragon, ISOl—April 19, flehr. Republic, 1808— Aprllll,prop, Caniatoo. 1809— May 1, prop. D. Richmond, 1870— April 10, prop. Idaho. 1871— April 1, prop. Araxca. 1972—May 0, prop. Badger State, 1073—April 28, prop. Equinox, During the winter of 1845 tho steamboat United States mado a trip each month between Buffalo and Detroit, tho only Instance on record. Tho propeller Oconto, of. tho Goodrich lino, leave! this evening for Green Bay. Tho steamer Sheboygan; which left Milwaukee for Manitowoc on the 30th, was, at Inst accounts, foot In tho Ice near tho latter port. Tho wrecking tug Leviathan, on Tuesday, sue* ceodod In getting off tho schooner Lookout, ashore al Grand Haven. Tho Lookout will bo repaired at tho Haven. The tug American Eagle has been sold at Milwaukee fay Starke and Co. to Charles Cook, Weston Brothers, ami George M. Smith, of White Lake, for $0,600, an advance of SI,OOO on the price paid for her last winter. Tho schooner Madeira loft Milwaukee, on Wednes day, for tho lower lakes. She is the lirst sail vessel to make a start from that port for below. Other ves sels arc expected to leave soon. OCEAN NAVIGATION. GVNAED MAIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 1840- Steam Between Now Yorlc, Boston, and Liverpool. FROM NEW YORK: Cuba,.,. Beotia.. Algeria. .April 801 Abyssinia, ..May 7 Batavia.., ..May 141 Calabria.. And from Boston ovary Tuesday. Cabin Pnsfmsot 880* 8100 and 8ISO* Gold* Excursion Tickets at Beducod Bates. Steerage Passage, S3O currency. Passongors and freight and from nil partsoi Europo at lowest rates. SlghtOrafls on Great Britain. Ireland, and tbo Continent, P. 11. DUVKRNKT. Qon’l West’n Agent. ■ N. W. cor. Clurkand Itandolph-sts. ftl (Jailing twice a week from Now York, and earning paa aongora to all parts of Groat Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, and too Mediterranean. Gubin from 4C5j Steer age, Britiah and Irlali porta east, 9JJO; weat. $33. Conti nontal porta aanm aa otbsr reguiarllnoa. All payablo In U. S. currency. Apply for (nil information at tbo Com pany's offices, No. 7 Bowling Croon, Now York, and N. E. corner LaSallo and Madison-ats., Chicago, HBNDBHSON BHOTHBB3, Agents. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. BEL. FAST AND LONDONDERRY. Those elegant novr steamer* will sail from State Lino Pier. Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y. as as (ollws: PENNSYLVANIA! 2,MU tons Wednesday, May 7. GEORGIA, 2,600 t0n5..... Wednesday. June 4. VIRGINIA, 2,M0 tens Wednesday, Juno 18. .Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. Agents, 73 Broadway, N. V. ■ Steerage office. 46 Broadway. N. Y. TO RENT. OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo- cation. W. C. DOW, Room 1 Nevada Block. THREADS. f & F. COATS’ m BEST SIX-CORD WMte anil Black Tlireais Arc soft finished* without the use of any sab« slnncu whatever to iiroduco un urtlUeiul. lilusy* thereby preserving the superior strength of alx-oord thread* Tho new shade of blade has a silken polish* and all numbers are warranted six-cord to 100 inclusive* Tor Sa!o by all Dry Goods Hosiers, ASK FOR J. & P. COATS’ BLACK* And nso It for Maohtno_Bowlng. MISCELLANEOUS. DiyiM No, 2, Teutonia Insurance Co. OhEVELAMD, 0., April 86, 1673. Notice Is hereby given that, by order el the Probata Court, a dividend of five (6) per cent, payable on and after Slay 8, 1673, at tho National City Bank of Cleveland, has boon declared to tho creditors of tho Teutonia Insur ance Company of Cleveland, who havo proved tholi claims according to law. Dividend orders can be bad on application to . JOHN P, WIIITELAW, Assignee Teutonia Insurance 00. NOTICE Is hereby given that application has been made to the Atlantic ami Pacino Telegraph Company for the relismi of the following certificates of stock, tho originals having boon lost, mislaid, or destroyed t Fen. 84,1869, No. 799. 16 shares. Feb. 24,1800, No. 68 {4ft shares. JOHN OBKBAB. .May 10 .Mar 17 .May 34

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