Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 2, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 2, 1873 Page 7
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OITY REAL ESTATE. ■ciob salb-noiitii sum nitsmimois pbopeb 50X1UO foot, corner Ohio nml Plno*itl. 60s 100 foot on Ohloit., now Cats.. S9HsIOO foot. Ohlo-Bt., nonr Oam. S6xloo foot) Ohlo-al., near lluah. 20x100 foot, Oiitßrio-Bt., near I’lno. 26x80 fool, Btato-st., near ittlo. pliiOO foot, Gblcago-av., near Uuch-Bt. 28x100 foot, Huron, noar State. . . 80x100 foot, corner Goarborn-at. and Onloago*ar> • 73x160 foot, l)oarbora-it., noar Division. •JoxUOfcct, Doarbom-st., corner Goethe. 86x160 foot, l)oarborn*at., near Goolho. ftulfio foot, Dearbom-at., near Gnothe. HixUiOfoot, UoMborn-at., corner tic'illlor. 60x160 foot, Hoarbom-Bt., near Oootno. >• 60x160 foot, Doarborn.flt., near North-ar. POXl&O foot, LaB&llo-at., corner Maple. 67x118 foot, LaHallo«at., oornor Maple. 60x160 foot, LaKallo-at., corner Goolho. 24x106 foot, LaHallo-ot., cornorOak. 26x110 foot, LaSalle-at.. nonr lJlm. __ For tortna, etc., apply to WM. H. KRIUiOOT A CO., 90 Rast Washlngton-et. 25 feotmiLangloy-aT., between I\jrty*«ooond and Forty* tl ‘E&"corner andKonwood-oonrt. 160 foot on Kenwood-court, between Forty-sovomh and Fort y-olghth-sU..within 1 blookof Kenwood alal lon. 48x160, Klmbatk*av., between bitty-sixth and Mfty fourth-sla. , .. . . 10 loth on Western-av., near Laughton-«b. v Sfllulaon Laughton and Morvln-st., near Woslorn-aT. lOlotaonßooond and Erlo-sts., between Roubon and 60x170 on Mlchigan-av., with first-class house. 25x110, with 2-story framohouso, cnbourlb-av., bolwoon Harrison and Polk-sts. lOlots ouK«nn-ftT., cornor Htowart-ay. . ‘ WING * PAULIN, 85 Hast Wnsbington-lt. IPOR BAXIK—BY W. U. PHARE, U3 LABALLE-BT.. ■ Major block, ground . . ~ , . 3 B-aoro blocks, fronting litotiy Island boulevard and lilgbty-sovonUi-st. B acres fronting boulevard, 1, w, it* 4U notes, 1, 67, 13. 70 acres, 6, 87, 13. 4 10-Boro blocks. 18, 83, 14. fO acres, 80. 83, It. 80 acres. 2fi, 67, 14. 120 acres, la, fl/, 14. , 40 acres, 1, 87, 14. 80 acres, 2lf, 87, 14. tnarbfo front, on Park-av., between ‘Wood # brick basement house, In good order, on In* Thirty-fifth ■ Park. atrlctly fint-ohu. In all Its appolntmnnia, sds;Ka?^ Wnmtity dooda. A very email payment down, flve yoar ■ tlrao, Cnorconi Interest: No agonoy buslnsM. Apply to owmir, ALUBHT CItANE. STCWiib&sb-ftT. . 4rioil SALK—COTTAGES ON lIUTTEnI'IELDST., r nn> . ThlHr.Hrat: I’raltlo-tTii DOtr I3oilftlaa*placo» *Wlnchoitor*ftv.. near Von Buron-st.; Hubbard- t ll ° Noble; corner (iakloyand Socoud-ala. brlck and frame ro.idonoos: Indiana-av.. near C.\luiiiol-4V.,*ioarTwonly-DlntU-st.; rhirty-Urtt-«.. near w«hSihjit • Colf&x-ov.. atTblrty-Bocoud-st.; Mannlloia* prX Wfek" 1 1^To6t5SIi),Km V lB. Major Bloclc, LaSa»o«Bt. t corner Madison. b °«8ldouco, 3 stories and root front, nicollont location. West Side, Sff.KW. UKNRV Waller, JR.. MBaatWathlnßton, Room T7IOR SALE—S2,2OO WILL BUY NEW IM-BTORY J} house and 80x126 foot lot on Fourlh-et., cast of wcat orn.itr. Only S2OO down, balance monthly. ft OLARKBUN, 183 South Clark-st. faOR BALE-100 FEKT, MIOUIOAN-AV.. NEAR J? Forty-aocond-Bt,; very easy terms, ono-tWri o»Bb, pslsnco u years’ time. 8. !<• GROSS, Room IC, Major Block, 147 LaSallo-at. lOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT ON WARREN-AV. Cheap; $3,200. J. FERGUSON, 171 Fast Madison. T7OR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, LOTS ON Wostorn-ar., Lexington, Polk* Taylor, and Camp* bcll-sta. Parties wishing to build, no money mulrod down: also 6 now homos containing 10 rooms each, 8600 cash, balance on terms to suit. Immlro on premises of OEO. OADWELL, or at 185 South Clark-st.. in bank. I TOR SALE-OR KENT—HOUSE ANDOROUNDS, 1 with bam and stable, in complete order, on Unlvor slty-placo, Evanston. This place, near depot and lake, Is very desirably eituated for a residence. Apply to HENRY M. KIDDER, 108 Wost Randulph-si. T7OR SALE-WABASH-AV., 60x173 FEET ON WA ILI baah-av.. north of Thlrty-flftU-st..Douglas-placo. SNYDER & LEE, No. 14 Nixon’s Bnlldlug, northeast comorMonroo and LaSallo-sta. fa OR SALE-TWO-STORY FRAME.HOUSE, WEST Jj Washtnglon-st., near Hoyno: lot 30x126; SO,OOO. SNY DER A LItE, 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast comer Monroe and LaSallo-sts. . Fob sale-ok ExoiiANOis-Fon ahouse and lot worth about $6,C00 and about $3,000 In cash, bal ance on time, an elegant residence on Leavltt-st., noar Madison, lot lOOby HO, fino garden, with and fruit; placo worth SIO,OOO. BLDNEiT L. UNDERWOOD, P0 Mauiaon-st. 171011 SALE-LOTS IN TUB WICKER PARK 1 Tract, fronting Robey, lloyno, and other streets, and ttio Pork. Now is tho Unto to purchase before prices aro marked up, oomoquont upon tho early extension o .Ntch* olson pavements and horse-railroad. H. O. MOREY, 77 tjlark-at. ’ OR SALK-aY H. O. MOREY, 77 CLARK-ST t Brick bouse and lotonSemluary-av., near Fullerton -67., at a dticldod bargalo. XIOB SALB-AT A SACRIFICE—A. WIOE IHllCilC .T house and lot on South Side, wb ioh Inrns tdo 11, $ MW. 34 oa<ih t wlUbuylt. Address OWNER, Tribune otuoo. IPOR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN—IO3XS3, ; northeast coruor of Jolferson and poKovon-ala., price, SO,OOO. Inquire at 135 South Clark-st., In bank. TTOR SALE-ONE AND A HALF STORY HIAMB J? cottage, Including lot on Thlrty-sooond-st., just oast of Wallace. Hinnll payment down; balance In monthly tm-monta* 6 roars' time. Water on promises and con- KSSnt to cam. Apply to FRED. P. FISHER. 148 La- Ballo-st., basement. ■ TTiOR SALB-A NEW 13-ROOM. COTTAGE, 207 Jj Woßtcm.av., built for two families; purchaecr can realize 14 per cent. AleoS-storybrlckstoro, with 6 rooms, closots, bath-room. Ac., Wojlfil West Lake. Apply to JIENKY A. COLE, 270 and gTJ South Wator-at. .■ BARGAIN-NEW 9-BTORY FRAME O’ house, 1U rooms, marble mantels, gas, and water, on South lifarboru-st., near Thlrty-thlrd-st.; lot 80x110. Fdco, 85,600. Also houses on Michigan. Indiana, Prai rie. and Vornon-nvs.. and lota on Bnant-av.j alien easy terms. W. 11. PHARE, US LaHoUo-Bt., Major Block, Brat lloor. ' 17>OR SALE-CHEAP AND ON EASY TERMS-NEW J? Uothio house, 9 rooms, 4 closotf, bay window, brick basement. Lot 60x125; high elevation, good water, 10 minutes’ walk from street-cars. Would exchange for de sirable lot at Englowood, UydoPark, or olaowhore. In quitoonpremlm. W. lITUttYAN'r, Lo»vltt-.t„ on. door north of North-av, TTOR SALE-RESIDENCE LOTS ON CONGRESS J? Park, Van Huron. Tyler, and Harrlson-sts., only B>.f mile from the Court-House; cheap, and on longtime; will sell without cash payment to those who will.lmprove Immediately. Apply to CAMPBELL JJRO., 181 Madlson >t., corner Clark. EiOB SALE—TWO MARBLE-FRONT HOUSES (00- tagon) slots 133 f jot deep to a 80 foot alley, have lino massive stono stoop, with moulded steps and rail; also solid moulded stono /once. Those houses are tlret-omss In every respect, and embody tho result of 25 years' expe rience ns a builder; work donobytho day; hare all mod em improvements; contain 14 rooms; 5 marble mantels. 5 marble slabs with basins, 3 wator-olosots and a good sub-collar for fuel, lurnnoos, eto.swlll bo.soldier a lea# Borconingoon tho coat than any houses in tho market, all and see them at 481 and 4M Adoms-st.. close to Asli land-av., or address owner, J. W. 11AMBLUTON, 845 Wnrrcn-av. OR SALE-NEW COTTAGE HOUSE WITH LOT on Erlo-st., near Robey. Tonus easy. Apply to owner, 8. fll. MILLARD, 135 South Clark-st., Room 9. OR SALK-ON EASY TERMS, SIX NEW BRICK two-story and basement houses, on Adams-st., near Wood; octagon fronts, with all modem improvements; 513,Cai and Inqulro on promises, or at 23 North olVorsunst. • F“ OB KALE—I WILL SELL FINE LOTS, 26X125, ON Leavitt, Oakley, and Davls-sta., at $650 for tho next It) days. They aro decidedly’ tho cheapest lots in the city. U. H. GRIFFIN, 133 Alaillson-st., cor. Clark. 1‘ pOR SALE-S7OO-LARGK LOTS, 60X140 FEET. ON ' rulloriou, Aloud, and Shorldan-sta., only one block from Humboldt Huulovurd; only two blocks from depot en Chicago ft Pncitlo Railroad, and threo blocks from Omnibus linn. Gnmud laying high; good improvements; lltlo perfect, and full abstract of title furnished each Eurchasor, G. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Madison-st., ourner of lurk. 1710R RALK-OR - RENT-A NEW TWO-STORY ■ dwelling on Unlon-av., 8 rooms; .price 84,500; easy terms; will rent for S4O. F. I). HAMILTON, Rooms 25 and 2d, Gallup ft Illtohcock’s Building, corner LaSalle Mndisuli-iita. ' l?OIl SALE—2-STORY AND BRICK BASEMENT 1' bousoon West Jackion-st., near Uontro-av., furnace, , raiißui Ac.: lot 26x165 foot to a 40-foot alloy; limit bo sold. ‘ FNYDKU A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Bluuroe and LaSallo-Bta. lIIOR SALE—S6OO DOWN "WILL BUY A 2-STORY * and basement house, corner of Langley and Forty socond-sls. $3,200and53,600. dnwn, S2.OW In rtvo roars, balance to suit purchaser. LINULE A PAULUW, iit Duarhorn-st. . 7?OR HALE-WEST WABHINGTON-ST., NEAR X 1 Ellrnbolh, 2-story Gotblo framo house, all modern improvements; lot 70 feet front. SNYDER 4 LEE, 14 Nixon building, northeast comer Monroe and Laßallo-at. TJtOR SALE—I6OxI6O, EAST FRONT, ON WABASH- X' nv.. between Fifty-sixth and Flfty-sovoiith-sts. 2iorlCo, cast front, on Mlohlgan-av., northwest corner Fifty seventh-st. 2 acres on euutheast comer of Flftr-first-st. and Seam xnon ev.; soworod from I'ifty-tifth-st. to youth Branch of Chicago River. This is n splendid cor ner and can bo bought cheap. THOS, A. HILL, 123 Doaiboru-st. iloimtug A Speed Block, first lloor. TTOR HALE-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, TWO J» new houses, containing 8 rooms each, with 25-foot lot, situated near Cotlago Orovo-av, Uno of street oars; in good neighborhood; Tmmcdlalo possession can bo given, Those aro very desirable houses and otlored ohof.p. I. A. BROWN A 1). NORTON, Real Estate AgouU, No. 160 Doarborn-st. In Oil SALE-6M ACRES IN B. E. M OF 2. 88. 13; ' S7,«W. 6 aero. In Lake Ylow, 00 ,, Room 18,.Major Block. F’ OR BALE-DR. HENSHALL'S CHARMING RES (donee at Oconnmowoo. Wls., known as Sunnybrook, an Lake Fowler, Tudor, Qotlilo brick bouse, 40x40 ft,, 16 rooms; all modorn Improvonients; brick stablo and car riage house: all nnneisary outbulldlnga;clght aoros. Ap ply to Ur. J. A. HEKtiIIALL, Ooonomovroo, Wls. Refer lotion. Anson Htngur, ti. D. Klmbark, Esq., 11. 11. Shu feldt., Eau., Chicago. For sXle-lot'h on haurihon, flournoy, Lsxlngion, and Polk-sts., very ohoap aud on easy terms. Apply to tho owner, B. M. DURHAM, 148 La Ballo-st. THOU SALE-ON TIIIRTYNINTII-ST., NEAR BUD. II dan, qbolon lot at a bargain, on easy terms. A, T. UE6IINOWAY, Room 66, 143 Latialle-st. ■Ftor sale-tiiicbebt and cheapest LOTS ON X 1 West Hide, fronting on Division, lamvltt, and HKober* its near Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lots 124 foot doop. with sidewalks and city water. Price, S6OO, feTOO aim SI,OOO. Terms, ono-lhlrd cash. Warraotoo Seeds and abstracts, of tlllo. A rodiictinn on first cash payment slf required, to those who build this spring, lu* a ill re of I’’. ARNOLD 400., Oroouebaum’i Rank, No. 76 Flfth-av, > IVOil HALE-LAST GHANCB TO BUY CHEAP LOTS .» r -ail nanft fast. Twenty lotaon Bhorman, Wallace, fnd Wlntursis., noar Union Slock Yardju for »aJo I low: sasy torms. Inquire every morning from 6tolo o clock at (ho Stock Yard Kxobango. CITY REAL ESTATE. Jion SALB-t-BT LKTI WIKQ * 00„ X7B DHAB llouioami ot, JTfl : Homo and ot, Mlchlgijn-ar.. near Fmirtwrtth*«t. Hmuoaml ot, Thlrty-llni-fit., nonr WatiaiU-ftV. Homo and ot. Colfaiar., Homo and ot, Waihlujilon-it., noar AP. a * Homo ami ot, Woit Artami-it., near OamrboU. • MnlmproTod fota In varlom locationi. XiioVui mOn~8AI.It“llY 11. 0. Mon'RY,, 77 OLAUK-ST., F nlco two*«torr nmisn, with brick foummtion, on Adoms-st,. nonr OftraoboU*»T., with 12fl tfroontl- Also M foot corner Aifiunß-ilaud Oainiiboll*&v., Rtrbar* gsln. I chnlao cornorlot forinnnufftotutlnß. on Dosplnluoa-st. nenr Harrison, olforod Rt R bargain (or R tnvr nays. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE^ Jj Dealers, aontboaifc corner of Clark and MadUon-sts.. Si Oontral Park Ipta, at $460 to SDOO each, ono-fourtb Qn Monroo and Adams-sts., near Oalifornla*OT.» ft&tOtos!,OWs easy terms. . 16 lota on North-av.,- Tory cheap. 100 loU at Englewood, #350 to S4OO each. Buo loot front on Houglas Park. • 200 foot front on Control Park. 100 foot front on Humboldt Park. . . .. . 600 foot front *on Humboldt boulevard; will doublo in ot*doslrabl« traola of from Dto 40 aoroa each nonrUio Weal Bide parks. , . At Washington liolgbls 40 acres, a bargain. On Park-av., two desirable homos, cheap. BALE—L AllQ BTIIACTATIiINBDALK, Nil AH 80 aoros*at Washington Uelglita. 1 block at Washington IIol«lils. o“.yi n °? nDM * ,lT ‘ Room 18 Major Illock, Laßallo-st., corner Madison. T7IOU SALE-LOTS AT MAPLEWOOD,- ONLY 4 i> i mlloi from tho court.houso icommuUtlonfaro, 6>s cooUs largo frontage on Humboldtbonlov/vrO. Fullorlon, »ml SVcitom-ar*. i sidewalk* have boon laid, ami tree* sot oat ofor tbo cntlro property { artesian well superior to any other In tills vicinity, Honing at rate of DoO gallons per minute ofpuro water, equal In every respect to tuatot Lake Michigan. Parties looking for homes would do well to visit Maplowood before purchasing. Price of lota from gIOO to ?GOJ, WING & FAKLIN, & East Washington? Room 4. • ~ OR SALE—I WILL OFFER FOR ONE WEEK » housesand cottages of froraß to 10 roo .?i*, l “J North Evanston, and Glencoe, at lower tlgufos than any oarty canaoll for who doci not Acal exclusively In his own nroDorty: yon that want houaoscomo direct to mo and taro the commUslonj ono-llftlidown and monthly or yearly payments will buy a homo, lots in any of tho places named at wholesale prices 5 lumber furnished thoso who will bnlld snono need apply who havo not a lit tle money. O- B. lIhoWNK. Grover's Block, Evanston. For residences at evanston. from sSooto sl6,ort)s alio choloo building Ip»« w and acro-prnportjr for subdivision, on oaay toms. ALHIhD 1,. bEWELIj, IMLaHallo-st., Chicago. TTUjli SALE—AT OAK PARK, SEVERAL OUOIOB JM residence*: also groat variety of vacant loti. A, T. HEMINGWAY, WLftSallo-at., Room 86. Inoß BALE—I HAVE 75 OHOIOE HOUSES AND ' lot* which I shall offer for aalo at groat bargains for thonoxtlondaya; now Is tho tlmo to secure a good homo on easy terms. And also olioloo building, lots conyoalont to thoaopot. on hotter toms than can bo made m Evans ton. Pallor address J. R. I'OWLEIt, Evanston, 111. ‘•non BALB-AUBTIN-FINR residence lots 1‘ on Uiorldao. onlySM nalnntoa’rldo from tho city. CRAFTS A SNOW, M LaSftUo-at, ar.^ tn,m 0 T7IOR BALK—ON FOHTY.NINTn.ST., NEAR «««' r dim, olioloo lotßt abawln. oncMytonna. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Boom 86. 149 I*ballo-»t. ~ wnn TRACTS AT, HAWTHORNS F BDd lUvonldo. by OIIAOB A ABELL. 1M Uoarborn. =l7ion BALK—SEVERAL COMFORTABLE REBI- F doncet and lino Grounds at Uydo Pa r k ». ® o >?£ asaaj:J/-.WraS»t^ Doaibora-Bt. _ : _ —OH HALK-AT niDQKLAND. BKVHUAL OIIOIOK . A.“t‘ "uKHaaVAY, ‘S?3 BSSSK.'" lloom 36. . ■ —OP. HALE—SOUTH EVANSTON—WK ARE NOW several ftno brick residences, finished with all modern Improvements, Including both gas and water. Alao. Burao TCrT oioollont brfok b«.omoot <litc 1- logs, built in a Tory superior manner. This Is without doaljttho finest suburb, and possoaaod of adTantaßOS on joyed by none other around Cmoago. Wo havei a low lots yot unsold, near tho donotand lakodtivo. which are ad vancing on account of tnolr splendid location and tho fino improvomonts being made in their vicinity. Aiicao aro splendid investments, and just the place i°L„., Any of tho ahovo wo aro offering for a few days on very easy tonus. WARREN, KKiINKY A OO.» 186 Dear* born-sU • WOR SALK-CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON TUB JJ MUwankoo Railway, rix mllos distant, and twenty minutes’ rldo, InOlyboom’s Addition to Ravonawood. Those lots are laid out-WxlBS fcotonlW foot streets, and will bo sold upon easy lenns, at from S6OO to 8700 per lot. Tho facilities for access to and from tho city—the desir ability ol tho land—lt being high and thoroughly drained —tbo proximity to first-class improvomonts, churches, schools, and society, oommoud this property as tho best ■'at tho price now In tho market, .. . . ■ Comparison challenged! Tbo attention of tho Indus* trious-tho thrifty—tho cautioua-ls oallod to those lots as altos for homesteads or Investments. Call, for a printed abstract and plot, upon • ROBERT GREER. MLaaftllo-st., Room 3. —OR SALE-DY 11. dTMOREY, 77 CLARK-ST. A splendid house ot Whmotka, 11 rooms, hot and cold water, furnace, mantels, bath-room, water closoU, brick foundation, largo collar, and ono aero of ground. Offer od ot tho low price ot $6.7001 for a fow days. ’ , 6Ago&ffi?iiLß2.£ l,,lltlll/ pwm °° la ' For bale-40 acres on 0.. b. jTq. b. b.. near Hawthorne; alio 10 acres. J. 11. KfcKLEH, 145 Clark-st., corner Madison. ■ FOR SALK—five or ten acres, southeast corner of Ashland-nv. and liorty-ninlh at; a llttlo cash, balance at the end of 5 years, at low rate of Interest. TUI# property will make a splendid subdivision. A plot can bo soon at owner's otlloo, NELSON THOMASSON, Room 6, Honoro Block. IitOUBSALE— AT EVANSTON-TWO-BTORY HOUSE } on Benson.av., oaat front, threo blocks south of depot; house was built last fall; 13 rooms, closets, and base ment; would take a close carriage on tint payment, bal ance in monthly payments. Apply on premises, or atp. J. BOAHDMAN’S Llvory Stable,l3 East Monroo-st., Chicago. - • FOR SALB—FARMS—fruit farms and nine cboap lots at Washington Heights. FlllThCH & 00.. Real Estate Dealers, blond 83 South Clark-st., Rooms 9 and 11; formerly Otto Von Fritsob, LaSallo-at. FOR BALE-GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, from SBOO to $16,000: also choice building lots and aero-proporty for aubdlvislon on easy terms. ALFRED L; SEWELL. 169 LaSallo-at.. Chicago. , For balk-at austin-a fine house, (with lot) with all modern improvements. Apply to LY MAN BRIDGES ft CO., corner Sangamon and Car roll-sta. . . OR SALE-VERY FINK LOTS NEAR STATION at Englowood at $350t0 $400; title perfect: abstract furnished oaoh customer. Those lots are decidedly cheap. O. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Madisoo-at., corner Clark. Ipou SALK-ON EASY TERMS, BY GOLDEN ft ' FUEBIIWATER3, 83 South Clark-sl., Room 16t 40 acres In 800. 11, 34, 13. • 40 acres In See. 16, S3, 13. • For salk-at north f.vanston, near de. pot, church, and school-house, one house with lot 60x150 foot, ouo house with lot to suit purchaser; thoso Souses arc both within threo minutes’walk of the depot, avo well and cistern, 40. Special advantages olforod to parties who desire lots to build on. Apply to If. B, ABBOTT, at North Evanston depot, who will show tho property, or to 11. M. KIDDER, 108 West Randolph-st. F” ORBALE—EGANDALE—BEAUTIFUL BUILDING sites at Egamlalo, near parks and boulevards, tine growthorqamantattroos; loUWxlGo to alloy. "ULRICH ft BOND, 87Dearborn-si. FOR SALE-SOUTH ENGLEWOOD—I OFFER 3 llvo-noro blocks In my original Subdivision just west of tho railroad and south or Eighly-sovontUst., at 81.800, g1,400, and SI,S(XJ per aero, on very easy tonus. 1 have contracted for tho Immediate sotting out of l,ooolargo shade trees on tills properly, of which work purchasers would receive tho bonollt. This ground is from four to six foot higher than that directly oast of tho railroad and Is never wot. Comps risen with prices asked for* adjacent property is Invited. W. O. COLE, Methodist (Jburoh Block. FORSALE-OUEXOHANOE-ATLOAIBARD, FINE ■ 3-story house with largo lot; also good house at Aiay weod. A. T. HEMINGWAY, itoem 36, 119 LaSullo-st. FOR SALE—A GREAT BARGAIN IN 40 ACRES, ' 1 block from dopot at Waahluglon Hclghta. ISAAC R. HITT ft RUO, 19 Major Block. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. InOR SALE—BOAIE CHOICE TRACTS OF COAL • lands in tho Wilmington coal Hold, by L. INGLU DEW. 163 LaHallo-at.. Room 17. Bryan Bluck. REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED— HOUSE AND LOT ON SOUTH’ BIDE, worth from $2,000 to $4,000; also houso and lot north of Thlrly-sccond-st., worth $0,000; must bo in good neigh borhood: Apply to or address H. B. DEITRIOU, 143 La- Bailout., Major Block. WANTED-A LOT ON SOUTHWESTERN-AV., between Wostorn-av. and Douglas Park, fur cash, J. 11. KEELER, 146 Clark-st.. comer Madison. WANTED— LOTS ON PRAIRIE-AV., AND NORTH of (Ihloago-av., oast of Rush-st.; want good houso on South tiido to movo, B. F, HEAD, 130 Clark-st. WANTED— PROPERTY SUITABLE FOR A bakery, south of I-ako_ cast of GurUs-sts., worth 56,000S 6,000 or loss, all cash, must bo cheap. GEORGE SUM* lifRH. 168 Aladlson-st., Room 4. TIT ANTED—A BARGAIN IN ACRE PROPERTY j VV 10 to 20 acres with a first payment of $5,000 to SB,OOO. FUITtiCII A GO., Rooms a and 11. 81 and 83South Clark* at., formerly OTTO VON FRITSOH, Latia»q*Bt. WANTED-IIOUSR AND LOT AT IRVING PARK Room 88. FINANCIAL. TNSURANOEOLAIMB BOUGHT IN ALLBANKRUPT X companies. Ooroo and suo mo before soiling. 11. ti. DIBTRICII, 77 Woit MadUon-st., up-stairs. TO LOAN—S9,OOO, $6,000, AND SIO,OOO FOR FIVE yean) on flrst-ctaa Chicago real citato, Improved or unimproved. ALFRED JAMES, southwest corner Clark and Madlson-ita. . mo LOAN-ON UNINCUMBERED CITY REAI X oilato, In sums of S6OO nr upwards. M. MAUOHAN, SI Reaper Block, northwest oonur of Washlngtou and Clnrk-ats, ' fllO LOAN—I HAVE MONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS 1, of not lois than SIO,OOO on real ostato security for throe or fivu years. DAVID FALEB, 41 Portland Block, (SI nnn TO LOAN ! LONG TIME. ALSO, S6OO, iM.UUU for short time. A. S. PALMER, Jr.,.W Washlngtou-st. Rooms 18 and 17. c*i nnh to loan for six months or one iTIXtiJUU year. In sums to suit, unreal estate security. Address O 13, Tribune ottloo. • iuty A/\/\ AND $1,6C0 CASH IN HAND TO LOAN, •PO.UUU ABUOrr 4 OLIVER, Roomß, 163Muu •roo-st. • n/m TO LOAN ON CITY PROPERTY. «3)U.UUU Funds In hand. CHANDLER 4 CO., M Mnrket-st. INSTRUCTION. WANTED-BY A LADY ACCUSTOMED TO TUI VY tlou, a few pupils In music, French, and Gumma. Highest references. Inquire at 735 Mloulgon-av., be* (WMU lao boar* of 8 nod 4 p. m. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, MAY 2, 1873. BOARDING AND LODGING. West Side* 1 Q SOUTH UNIOK-3T,-ACCOMMODATION FOU JLO a few moro boarder*, single ami double room*, from $6 to sfl por wook. , ■ A rr“80UTII iIAIiSTKD-flT.—a Oil oknti.kmkn u:l can obtain pleasant front room and board | term* moderate. ' 1 CM WAUEEN-AT., CORNER WOOD-RT.-HUUM lOx and board for twoyomig gents; anpcrlortnblo board for fowday hoarders. Only ono block from nlaa« tson-st., and near Union Park. LAn WAUIIEN-AV.-A FURNISHED I'HONT ItU room, in a vloasant location, with flral-olaaa board, for two gentleman or a gentleman and wife. I 100 oaat or south front room, wllhlioard, In private family; noth and gas. - nA Q Fur/roN-aT., nkar moroan-iioard- Ayu:o.lng for two or throo persons In a private family, at moderate rales, References exchanged i roomslumishoa or unfurnished. . • ■ OQQ WAIHIKN-AV. - A HANDSOMELYFUR- ZrOtJ ntshod front room, with board for two, sls, good bousoandnolghborhood. ’ 000 WEST WASinNOTON-ST.—SINGLE ROOMS OOJj orrooms on sulto, with board, for gentlemen or gontloinan and wlfo j nloovo sulto from May 1» reference* required, , . , noo WEST AUAMS-ST.-UEAUTirUL SUITE On rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board. A OENTLItMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO CIBNTLB. JX inon, can have pleasant room. wilhall wmlorn con voulonoosi and board, on Wost_Bldo} roloroncoi ox changed, Address 09, Tribune office. _ “foiiNsTONB liouafs, ill and'™ U l*on-at.—Kvorytlung flut-clMs; term* $J por uaj { table board $6 per week. South. Side. i o imnnMiD OOunT -mw hoarding- Xu lionooi drit-olaßi board wIUi room, $1 to $5.50 por nook, wlthußO of piano; day board, s!■ 1 no ELLIS-AV.-A SPLENDID GIIANOKJB OIL iUO fowl for a fow who wlnh Rood board, homo, at reasonable prices; ono block from horao-onrH, ami bno from Hydo Park train; In the most desirable part of thoolty. ■ •_ A Q,f MICIIIQAN-AV. - DKBIRABLK ROOMS, with 1 Minrd. Alsu barn. Ininlro on promises, or at itooro 10, Chamber of Commoroo. A Ol MIOHIOAN-AV.—FURNISHED ROOM, WITH Att/JL board, on tho second floor, for two t house;aU mod ern Improvements j families accommodated with talilo bo&rd. Ann south Dearborn (burnsidei-st., 4i*y U noar Twenty-nlnthst.—A nloo, cheerful family hotol, with excellent table and exceedingly low prlf ca. ZaC*' MIOHIOAN-AV. -AN KLKOANT FRONT 000 room on sooond floor, furnished, with board, for gent and wife. frQC MIOHIOAN-AV.-SOMB VERY PLEASANT /y O room*, with flrat-olasa board. Rooms furnished and unfurnished. ' QQA INDIAN A* AV., NEAR EIGHTEENTH'S! I . OOvA lino furnished front aulto; also parlor, unfur* nlshod, oioopt oarpot and curtain* i to rent, with boartt. Dosiro pormanont partios. 1/\csr INDIANA-AV., CORNER OF TWENTY XUOI third-Bt.—Two nicely furnished front rooms to rent with board. . 1 OQ MICHIGAN-AV.-TO RENT, 8 PLEASANT I flO rooma, «lngly or on auite, with board. North Side* ONR BLOCK FROM BTRRBT GARB AND with In 20 minutes’ walk of oourt-hougo—To rent, to Ron- Reman and wife, with Uret-clata board. In ft fami ly, an elegant a\covo aulto, aooond lloor front.fumlshod if doslrod* references oiohangod. Addroaa Q 8, Iribuno oflloo. Country- COUNTRY HOARDING, THIRTY .MILKS FROM tbo city, on# of tho moat delightful locations \n North cm Illinois, onthohank of a beautiful lake; tlrßUclaßS board for first-class price; tho moat doalrablo opportunity that will bo offered this season. Address U 83, Tribune OtflOQ. - CimST.OLASS ROOMS to rent. witu board, j} two minutes’ walk from depot. IBAAO L. HINDS, Hinsdale. Miscellaneous. An elegant alcove suite, second floor, furnished if doslrod, toront to gentleman and wife, with first-class board, In a private family, ono block from •troot cars and within 20 minutes’walk of tho ourt-houao. Roforoncot oxhangod. Addroaa^j^^ribung^ofllco^^^^ BOARD WANTED. BOARD-BY TWO YOUNG MEN, ON WEST OR South Sldo. Also stablo roora for horse. Terms must bo moderate. Address 018, Tribune otDco. Board-witha pleasant room in a put vato family on South Hide, by a young married lady whoso husband will bo necessarily abronddurlng Urn sea son. Best of references given. Address W 44, Tribune olfioo, stating location, nocommodatlun, and prlco. Board- for gentleman, wife, and child In private family; ono largo room or suite of rooms; WostHide profr rods doslro to furnish rooms complete oioopt carpet' Vduros^ — HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A LL MEN WHO WISH TO BUY A HORSE, TALK .A ftbout a horse, or look at a horse, will please come this day. as wo have thorn In ovory variety, fancy, work, or stylo, and aro bonnd to soli, aud no deception, and par ties wishing to soil will find it the host place west of Now York to dispose of stoek. 361 and S63otato-Bt. BRAD* LEV A WILLS. T“RARK OPPORTUNITY FOR PARTIES HAVING A horses for sale; I Unvo orders for all kinds ot horses, bring thorn in, no obnrgo If not sold; my stable ia ono of the best In Chicago, brick whh modern Improvomonts. MoIIENRY'S SALE STABLE, 43 llannun-oourt.. "I FULL LINE CARRIAGES, PHAETONS, BUG- A. Bios. fto., from tho boat manufacture™ in tho country at reasonable prloes, at 853 and U55 West Ran* dolph-at. U. L. BRADLEY. Abargain-s&o BUYS A YOUNG TROTTING-, horse (llamblotonlsn brood), worth :gI,COO. The own or la going West. Inquire at corner Twenty-nfth-st, and Oottngo Gruvo-av., basomont. • T7IOR BALB-A GOOD FAMILY OOUPI2 CARRIAGE, J? will trade for a pair of horses. Inquire at Contro-av, stables, 870 and 373 West Madison-st. For salk-or exojiange-for horses, a now ton buggy, Chicago make; now road wagon, SU* vor’s Now York make, at 193 LaSalle-st. . For sale-one heavy horse, or will ex ebango for a light buggy. Call at 160 West Vaußu ren-sU, at noon. __ FOR BALE—A TWO-SEATED, SHIPPING-SEAT, standing-ton tookawny. In pv{«J, will bo sold low, Inquire of BLAI&DELL ft ALDRICH, 44 Paolile-av, . • For sale-one heavy lumber wagon, one singlo lumber wagon, one sot double harness. Can bo noon at No. 69 Twenty-fourth-st. FOR SALE-HORSES WEIGHING 1,400 AND 1.600 lbs. each; fast brooding maro. $75; Mid horses of all kinds cheap, hi. C. WILBUR ft ImO., 167 Mlohlgiiq-av. FOB SALE-TUB FINEST SHETLAND PONY IN Ihls city (very small) suitable for small children, with carriage,'sleigh, harnoss, brldlo, saddle, blankets, and complete rig. Inquire at 315 West Washlngton-at., or nor Sangamon. FOR SALE-SEVERAL GOOD HORSES. CHEAP. Apply at mill on Mltcholl-st., between Lumbor-st. and Stowart-av. FOR BALE—THE CELEBRATED TUOTTINQ Stallion Hoartof Oak; several lino trotters and pacers. ACKERMAN, 63 Kldridgo-court. Horse markkt-john morton, auotion oor, formerly on tho corner of Washington and Afar kot-ats., la now resuming business, has a valuable otook of horses, stuck, fto,, onbnnd. To-morrow at 10 o’clock a, m. ho begins sales at his present stand, on Twelfth st., between Union and Halstod-sts, .HobasagoodtAck of norsoa on band to ho sold to tho highest bidder: bar gains are offered. Attend, if you want horses fto. cheap, Tuesdays and Fridays. JOHN AfOUTQN. WANTED— BASKET PHAETON, SECOND-HAND, Answer before 13 o’clock to-day, with price and do scrlptlon, M 67, Tribuno oUlco. "lArANTED—A GOOD. SQUARE BOX TOP BUGGY »V In exchange for a uno <iuartor oouond-watcb. N bl), Tribune ofiloo. ' WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—NICE LOTH IN IRV- Vi inir Park for good bone and buggy. L« IhOLEi PEW, RJ LaHallo-at., Room 17, Bryan irtook. TO EXCHANGE. alO EXCHANGE FOR CHICAGO PROPERTY, some choice tracts of coal lands In tho Wilmington coal field, byL, INOLEDKW, lUJ LaSallo-at., Room 17, Bryan Block. TO EXOHANGE—NORWOOD PARK BLOCKS OR lota at reasonable prices fur houses and lots in city or thriving country towns, H. E. WELLS. 188 Doarborn-st. rno EXCHANGE—SUBURBAN PROPERTY ANE L cash for cheap bouse and InU not above $4,000. p, L. MANN and IS. A. CONUDON, Room 18 Majoi Block, LaSalle, corner Madison-st. WANTED— TO EXCHANGE- GRAVEL-HOOFING for ono or two horaoa. Apply ftt CHICAGO ROOM ING COMPANY, 193 Ltt3allo-at. VIfANTED—TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRY iV goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots and shoos, and furniture, 3 farms In Mason County. 111., all undor a good otato of cultivation, near market and railroad—ono farm of 116 acroa, ono of 244 aoros, and one of 035 aoros. Alsu a lino now dwelling houso and 2 lots in thoOltyof Poorla, ill., with all modem Improvements. Tho titles aro perfect. Allworth $60,000 cash. Will trade part or all. Address Hot 1443, Poorla, 111. FOR SALE. For sale-lease and fixtures of office No. 227 South Caual-st., northwest oontor of Van Buron: iiiturosand furnllnronows splendid location for a bank ofllco or store. Inquire of CHILDS A MORTON, Room 6, No. 146 Madlion-st. InOR SALK—TO BE RRMOYKD-2 GOOD FRAME ? cottages, 111 and 113 Elavonth-sU, near Blue Island* ay. W. J. ONAUAN, 68 Central Union Block. TBOR BALE-AMKDIUiI.tiIZED HERRING SAFE, JC almost now, Apply at Room 3, 212 South Wator-st. FOR SALE-PART FIXTURES FOR A BARBER'S shop, at 76 East Madlson-st. For balk-1 drop-lever. 9,600 pound scale, in perfect order, Inquire J, 11. tiMii'li, 48 South Ulark-st. FOR HALE-ONE OF WILKES' PATENT BROIL ors, (or hotel or restaurant; cost S9O; price $36; equal to now, louulro this morning at HB South Clark-st. For balk-a so foot"walnut bank counter and railing, nearly now, cost $260, wll bo suld ohoap. ] ntmlro at 241 Worth Clark oral 141 Duarlmrn-st. TO LEASE. rpO LEASE-DOCK PROPERTY ON TUI! HOUTH X Branch, near Twonty-socoml-st., 100 ft. na tho river by 220 ft. to O. AA. It. U. Apply to HENRY P. JtiHOU, olliooof liham A Lincoln, Portland Ulook. fllO LEASE-DOCK LOT ICO FEET ON RIVER, X Just north of Twerdy-sooond-at. bridge, and now ou (jiailod by Danlol Uoyloas a coal-yard. Apply In base moot, northeast corner ot Madliou and Dearbora-sts. frOLUABE-A BUSIN KBS LOT ON OANAL-HT., FOR X any time, at a bargain. Call uu tho owner al 79 and 74 Doarborn*st. O. J- HTOUOU. rro LEASE-DOCK LOTS, 100 FEET. AT EAST UNI) X of Eriu-at. bridge. GOOKINS 4 ROHEUTH, 86 fpb LEASE-HOOK AT BRIDGEPORT (010 FEET X may bo leased In parcels) I raUroaiUaolllllrißS Immedi ate possession. Apply to S. SUIIOUNEMAN, ournur of Arouor-sv. aml j a L FOUND. ‘ITOUND—BK'rWKEN WASHINGTON AND PARK- X 1 av., a lady's gold bracelet. By proving propoily and paying for inis advortiioiuont, tho owner cau bavo the lame at 636 West Lako-it. -BOOSES. TO BENT- mo nBNT-BY DHKW * NItWIIUIIY, ODNItnAT. JL Kosl Estate And Renting Agency, Rooms 8 and 9, Brranßlook, No. IMUBane-str *• 464 Wsbaih-av., 8-atory and basement narblo front, 14 tonms; 91,800. , , 171 Calumot-av., 8-alory ana basement marble front; •VS? Mlchlgan-av., S-story and basement brick; $1,200, MUMlohlgsn-av., fl-itory and basement marble front; SI,BOO. 7«n Wabssh-av.; $!,!».., .... lt , 43 Vornon-av.. bcanltlul Louse, cotnplotely furnished. 117 Thlrd-av, t S9OO. - 601 Stalo-it. s 7 rooms; $45; t HfiThroop-st.» S7O. , - 674 West Adamsst. \ $36. . • 867 Westllsiriaon-it.; $75, . .. . • . Also soTornl other houses 10 desirable locsuons. TO "RENT—B33 MIOUIOAN“AV., FURNISHED OR unfurnlahod, or all or part ot furniture lor sale. Ap ply on the premises. mo RENT—COTTAGE HOUSE, ™ WILLARD X place. 10 rooms, furnished. Apply at No. 16, next door. ■ . rno RENT-GOOD 2-BTORY HOUSE WITH! ACRE i of garden, In 4 blocks of Union Park, at $36. W.WAL LRR, No. 8, am Btatc-at. ; : . : : hlO RENT-COTTAGE, 450 WEST INDIANA-JBT. A - Also dwelling 411 Weal Mndlson-st. W. WALLER, . No. 8, BJO Htatont. , ■ . rjno RENT-HOUSE 137 LOOMIB-BT., 11 ROOMS? rpO RENT—A 3-BTORY HOUSE, B ROOMS, 121 X Wostorn-av.. noir Adams-st.. Apply ot 147 Western ov., or on promises In the afternoon. rno RENT—HOUSE 3 HUBBARD-COURT, 10 OR 11 X rooms, In good ronaln fumaoo and Bai-llxturcs com nlola. Innulro of M. L. PEARCE, 5,0 Wabash-av«, or to OTTO MOER, 7 Mnrket-st. ' mo RENT—IN NORTH DIVISION, SOUTHWEST X corner of Bolden-ov. end llnlstod-st.. largo 2-stpry and brick h&somont house of 8 rooms, with modern im provements. Dining-room and kitchen on main floor. OGDEN, SHELDON * 00., Nixon’s Building, oomor LaSalle and Monroo-sts. TO RENT—HOUSE 401 OARROLL-AV., 8-BTORY and basement, stono front, all modern Improvements, .In good condition. Apply to tlio owner at 463 same street. Splendid location. ' fllO BENT—A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, LARGE X barn and grounds, north of Twenty-second-st., on Pralrlo-av.; possession May 1. Address Y 99, Tribune oUlco. ; • • ■ T“ *0 RENT—IN CHICAGO, A SPLENDID TWO story house, only 8 blocks fromS street railroads; rent, $46 por month. B. F. CLARICE & 00., 132 La- Bnllo-st. rno BENT-nOUSES-NOS. 24, 20. 28, AND 80 WA- X pnnaoh-av. CThlrty-sovonth-st.), 4 bouso« t !n good ro- Snlr, 1U rooms; S6O por month, fl. E. WELLS, 188 lonrborn-st. mo RENT—TWO-STORY FRAME DWELLING, 400 X West Vanßnrcnat, PfIILIP MYEUB A CO., 18 Major Blook. 0 HUNT—TUB LARGE AND ELEGANT BRICK dwelling now being pat In good order, on tho northeast oornorof Pralrlo-av, and Twonty-third-at.: iramedtnto Snasosslon given. Apply to A. J. A J. »W. COOPER, o, 164 LnSallo-at. mO BASEMENT AND BUB JL collar marblo-front house, all modora Improvements, Including furnace, No. 830 West Washlugton-sU Apply at No. 86/ West RnndolpU-st. for terms. rpO RENT—HOUSE WITH 12 ROOMS AND BARN,. X with lot 69x126, shade-trees, Ao., No. 169 Wostorn-av., near Jncksan-st. Rent, S6O. luqalro P. MORAN, Do South Wator-«t. mO RENT—HOUSE, NO. 121 TWKNTY-FIRBT-BT.. X between Wabash and Miohlgan*avs., 3-story and basomont brick, with good barn; will rent furnished or unfurnished. Apply at tho house from 3 to4p. u., and from 9 to 19 a. m. to 8. W. PEASE, 166 LaSallo-st. TO RENT—NO. 795 COTTAGE GROVK-AV., LARGE 3-story house, $66 por month. No. 191 EUls-av., 8-story and basement brown ttono front, furnace, bath-room, and all modem Improvements, SI,OOO por year, very near borso and steam cars. 8 houses at Uydo Park, near etpam-oars, $66 por month. Inquire ULRICH A BOND, W Doorbomst. TO RENT-DWELLINGS 147 FORREST-AV.. 11 rooms; 836 South Fark-av., U rooms, with all modern Improvements. Apply to,*!. M. MARSHALL A CO.. Rooms 9 and 10 Reaper Block, northeast corner Clark and WashlngUm-sts. mO RENT—DWISLLINO-HOUSB4BB WEST TATLOR- X st.. two-story and basomont brick, now, all modern Improvements; brick barn. W. J. ONAILAN. 68 Con trol Union Block, northwest corner Madison and Market- fro RENT—A MARBLE-FRONT HOUSE ON MIOHI- X gan-av., near Elghtoonth-at., togotbor with barn and largo lot. Also, two-story frame- house. 13 or 18 rooms, largo grounds, desirable location, southwest cor ner ualumot-av. and Twenty-slilh-st. Also, No. 81 Twcnty-nlxth-st,, two-story framo house, 9 rooms, rout cheap. BROWN A HORTON, Rooms 0 and 7, 160 tyiup born-st. - mO RENT—THE COTTAGE NO. 637 WEST INDIANA- X st., noar Lincoln; ront $35 nor month. Apply to WM. M. JOHNSTON, 85 Woet afonroo-st. TO RENT-DWELLING, TWENTY-NINTH-ST. AND Wabnsh-av., only $69. lu Kuokor-st., only SBO. J. M. OUTLEB, 18 Oils Block. TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE OF 8 ROOMS TO small family who will board owner. Also first.story of bouso of 4 rooms, rent S2O pot month. BENEDICT, Bos ton Square Dealing Store, Clark and Madlson-sts. atO RKNT-A BRICK HOUSE OPIO ROOMS; COLD . and hot baths; northeast corner of West Van Baron and Throop-sts. Inquire at 180 Throop-st. TO RENT FURNISHED—I4-ROOM HOUSE ON Pralrlo-av., barn, gardon, otc.. for throe yours, r. O. YIEKLINU, 121 Dearbora-st., Room 18. TO BENT—A 6-ROOM COTTAGE ON TWENTY sovonUi-st., noar Garibaldi, at S2O por month. W. T. NOBLE A CO., 7d Von Buran-st. TO RENT-1222 PRAIRIB-AV., 2-STORY AND

basomont house; 13 rooms, and all modem Improve ments; brick bam. Apply to 0. D. HUODLESS, Room 18, 133 LaSallo-st. - ' rp6 RENT-BOARDING-HOUSE, 12 ROOMS. SUIT- X able for mechanics, on West aide, 2 blocks from Randolph and Unlatod-st. oars. X. A. QUINLAN, Room 8 Major Block, 143 LaSalle-at. mo RENT—BBIWAHABH-AV., BRIOKOFllROOMS; X rout, sll6. No. 831 Warron-av., bride of 10 rooms; root, $65. No. 1186 Jaokson-st., now house of U rooms, $36. 1. R. ANDREWS. Olßco 8 Kendall Building. fnO RENT-NICE 6-ROOM COTTAGE, NEAR DE- X imH atEnglowood, ready for good tenant. Inquire ol ABBOTT A OLIVER, No. 3, lb3 Monroo-at. *pO RENT—BY GOLDEN & FRKSHWATERS, 83 J, South Clark-at., Room 16, a 7-room cottage, Rl6 Wood if., iu good repair, oto. mO RENT-HOUSE NO. 107 SOUTH JKFFERSON- X et., containing 6 rooms, will bo routed in two tone mnntslf desired. A. P. DOWNS A CO., 163 Washing tou-st.. Rooms 16 and 10. • fpO RENT—S AND 7 GROVELAND-COUHT, TWO X blocks south ot Douglas House, 8-story and hasomoat brick, 10 to 12 rooms, good repairs, modem improve ments, S6O per mouth. 8. K. WELLS, 183 Doarberu-st. FilO RENT—NICELY-FINISHED HOUSE. ACCESS- X iblo to Cottago Grovo-av. ours and Oakland station. lUJLuballo-at., Room IC. SHIPMAN A MoKEEVEIt. rpo RENT—NICE COTTAGE, 6 ROOMS. 441BECOND- Xat., ouly S2O per month. Apply at JWO West Lako-st. rpO RENT-A iSTORY AND~BASISM ENT~ailiOK X house, with barn. 9eß West Monroo-st., only S6O; possession immediately. rpO RENT—7-ROOM COTTAGE, AND BARN WITH X carriage room, 717 Washington-av. rpO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE * COMPLETE X with piano; K) rooms in thorough order; very conven ient, no basement: ball: and wutur-olosots, for 6 months or longer: on Mlonlgati-av.. south of Twenty-sixth-st. Inquire BASH A SUaPLEV, Room 6, Otis Block, cor ner LaSullo and Madtsou-sU. rpO RENT-BY It. O. COLE ft CO., 138 LASALLE- X st.: Cottage Ml North PoerU-st., $lO. Cottage 766 West Van Buren-at., $46. Bultorllold-st., 016, arranged for two families, sl6. South Poorla-st., IJI, modern, $75. Hubbard-at~ 433 ami rpO RENT—I 33 NORTH WOOD ST., NEW HOUSE X 16 rooms, hot and cold water, bath-room and closet, furnace, gnu fixtures, and horn; furnished or unfurnished; rout, S6U; with furniture, $65 per mouth. Inquire of D. COLE A SON, oronprumUja. ’ TO RENT-TWO NEW 6-ROOM COTTAGES ON Wlloox-st., just west of Oallfurnia-av.; lake water, too. Apply to W. W. GALKINS, 238 South Wator-st. r RENT—A TENEMENT OF 6 ROOMS, ON THU Nortli Side, within two blocks of Clark-st, coq. Xn qulrout 101 EoatMadlson-Bt. ■ »v fpo RENT—A GOOD HOUSE, NO. 930 MICHIGAN- X av., modem improvomouts, largo garden, stable, Ac. Cheap to responsible tenant. Apply at WAHL BROS., 126 Aiicblgan-av. rpO RENT—HOUSE 175 SOUTH PEORIA-ST., CON- X tabling Grooms, good oollnr, water, gas, Ao, Apply to TAYLOR A T1 iDMAS, cor. Market and Van Baron. rpO RENT—THE TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE. X No. 176 Wnlnut-at. ;.porfuot order; low rent. LEVI WING A 00., 176 Doacborn-st. fpO RfSNT-HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, 763 MADISON-BT., X second floor, double parlors, good order. 8. M. MOORE A CUMMINUS, 116 LaSallu-at. TO HUNT 690 FULTON-ST., fl-STOHY FRAME liouao, with barn, all modern Improvements. .Also cottage house ot 7 rooms, near Wostoro-av. on Hubbard* st. SNYDER & LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northoaat cor. Monroe and LaSallo-ats. MlO RENT—MARBLE-FRONT, D-STORY HOUSE, 83 X Ashland-av., 16 roomy, all modern Improvements, with K-story brick barn. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Build ing, northoaat cor. Monroo and Laßallo-ata. TO RENT—2-STORY AND EASEMENT BUIOK, now. o( 11 rooms, all modern Improvements, _ Thirty* sixth-fit., near Mlohigau-av. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast per. Monroo and Laßallo-ata. rpo ';ent-2 bt6ry and basement brick X houbo, 8 Aahland-ar., corner Park-av., 13 rooms, all modem Improvements. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northoaat corner Monroo and Laßallo-stfi. TO RENT-FURNISHED TO A GOOD TENANT, No. 4 Park Row. SIDNEY L. UNDERWOOD, W Madlaon-at. rilO RENT-FURNISHED, TO A GOOD, TENANT, X for Uio summer, No. BSThlrtoonlh-lt. S. L. UNDER WOOD, ID Madlaon-at. rpo RENT-18 ROOMS AND BASEMENT IN PEKIN X Tea Company's Building, C76Staw-st., well adapted for European Hotel, boarding bouse, or furnished rooms. fpO RENT—HOUSE NO. 15 SOUTH GREEN-HT. X near Washington, 11 rooms, besides garrot. Imiuln of STEIN, HIRSH A CO., 18 West Randolph-st. fpO RENT-A NEAT COTTAGE OF FIVE ROOMS, X on Woutom-av. Apply at 857 Madlaou st. rpo RENT-HOUSE, Cil MICIHGAN-AV.. CORNER X Eighteenth-fit.: want to rent to a private family; is an elegant place. O. CORYELL, 84 and 86 Randolph-st. HR) RENT—OR FOR RALE-TfoUdliTsai MICHIGAN- X nv., 14 roums, fully furnished. or to rent unfurnhihod. Can be Been by applying to W. J, BARNEY, 163 East Randolph-st. , _ mo RENT-135 VAN BUREN-ST., NEARLY NEW; X modern Improvements, paved street, cars, lino looa tlun; only SSO per month, innulro 842 Tylur-at. Sail urban. fpO RENT—A FINE LARGE HOUSE AND LOT AT X Glencoe, near the lake shore, 18 miles from Chicago, 4 minutes' walk from depot; situation high and healthful; schools, church; neighborhood and surroundings delight ful ; ours to Chicago by the year low; Util sol) cheap, in quire of F. W. NEWHALL, eornor Lakoand_Cttuah»t<. A GOOD X aud woll-furnishud house, stables, and largo grounds. Apply to.I. F. PIERSON, 124 Dearborn-st., Room 6. rpO RENT-A LARGE FURNISHED BRICK llßfll- X dunce at Highland Park. Address or call at Room 29 Trlhuno Building. rpd RENT—SEVERAL HOUSES IN NORTH EVAN- X stun, and one In Olonooo; or will sell for inenthly pay* U. IS. BROWNE. Urover’s Block. Evanston. ■ rpd* RENT—IN MAYWOOD. NEAR THE "DEPOT, X Urge, now, modern house, 11 ruums. 80 minutes from Wulls-st. depot; hourly trains. GEO. P. KIMBALL, 45 Wo»l Washingtonit., Room 5. TO RENT-HOUSES. South Side—-Oontlnnoit. rRRN'JVAT SOUTH I EVANSTON-A LARGE elegant house, with all modern Improvements, near depot. WARREN, KEENEY A CO., niO NEW HOUSE, LARGE X Ann lot. near lake shore. Brooms, collar. H. M. ffitAVES, Wlnuotks. ___ rno rent-well-furnished b-room house JL" In Evanston, sto. - Apply, before 1 o'clock, at Room 12, 164 East MadlSon-»t. ■ t6lienx-'-st6res* offices, &c. r RENT-SECOND FLOOR, WELL-LIGHTED IN front and on Uio aide by alley; suitable fora lobbing business. Apply on promises to HERRING <kOO„ 40 BUto-st, rro RENT-A HANDSOME STORK IN BIUOIC X building Id Rockford, 111.; centre of business, BDSO; dry-gauds, clothing. nr boot and shoo ImslncM preferred; ? fK d Hlf >oAr ‘ ddroßß ANTON SOUIOKKU, Kook- TO RENT-STORE U AND 18 MARKET-BT., 45 BY 85. Also largo lofts, on corner Lake and Markot-sta., all In Gorrntt Building. Apply to O. LUNT, Room b, Mothndlat Church Block. rnq rent-desk-room in a desirarle op- X lice. . 175 South Clark-at., corner Monroe, Room 9. rilO RENT-TWO DARNS AND LARGE YARD X wllli or without rooms, for living; onu smalt well lighted bksement; one brick atom wit h basement and sulto of rooms. Apply to K. F. BOSLEY, on tbo promises at 117 West Washlugton-et. ____ niO RENT-FRONT BASEMENT, 645 WABABII-AV. X sls per month. mo RENT—HOTEL ON TUB CORNER OF FIFTH- X at. and Adams-at., containing 66 rooms, Including bath-rooms, walor-olosnts, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on thn promises, or DREW & NEW BURY, Room 8, Bryan Block. TO RENT-WTTH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION IN the Trnynor Building, opposite Potter Palmer's Grand Hotel, 162 State-st., for Jewelry or any other manu facturing business; 4 front rooms on the corner of a 20 foot alloy. For particulars Inquire at Room 11, In thoballdlng. mo BENT-STORE AND FAMILY-ROOMS AT 14M X Stato-st., good location, S3O, and 8 back-rooms sl3; also. , two 3-story and basomcab bouses, to bo nicely finished, good neighborhood, on Irvlng-plsco. bolwcoa Leavitt and Oakley and Adams and Monmo-tts.. one at S3O, and one of 9 rooms at S4O. : D, U. FISK, Room 0, Us Block. • IO RENT—IB ROOMS AND BASEMENT IN PEKIN . Tea Company's Bonding, 876 Stato-st. TO RENT-DOUBLE OFFICE AT 148 WEST MADI son-st.; fumltaro In both olDoos for sale at SIOO, cheap. 1 TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT. 221 NORTH Olsrk-st., 12 rooms above; gas and water. Apply to R. H. FLEMING, Room 14. 1M Washlngton-st. TO RENT—STORE—I 3 FEET DEEP. WITH A GOOD collar aad ono largo front room, 207 South llal*tod-at. Also throo roomg over 205. Inquire at the same. TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—A YOUNG LADY CAN SHARE WITH another lady a front parlor and bedroom by calling at 1262 Wabash-av. ________ TO RENT—A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM SUlT ablo for two gentleman: also, a single room, lirlcu home, modern Improvements. 411 West Madlson-at. niO RENT—NIOBLY-FURNISURD APARTMENTS. X stnglo or on suite,'in the now Parker Block, northeast corner of Ualstodand MadUon-sts. Kntranoo, (Q South Halstod. OtHoo, Room 42. TO RENT—B ROOMS IN BACK PART OF HOUSE, 871 West Uarrison-st., to a small family; roats2opoi month. ■ r RENT—TO A RESPONSIBLE PARTY. WITH no children, 0 rooms; bath, gas: mantel, and closets; all In splendid order. Apply at 728 Cottage Orovo-av. TO RENT-ELEGANT BURNISHED ROOMS FOl gentlemen, at 639 Wabaah-av. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, KN SUITE OR single; also two large unfurnished rooms; hot and cold water on Uoor; gas In rooms. 17 Eldrldgo-court. TO RENT—2 SUITES OF ROOMS AT $lO TO $19.60 por month, respectively, In the new baildlng at tho northwest corner of Arnold and Twonty-nlnth-ats. Apply tho building between 10 aad U o’clock. TO RENT—ONE LARGE FURNISHED ROOM, X with gas and bath, to single gentleman, in throo itory brick house, 638 WestWashlagton-st. r RENT—THE UPPER FLOOR, CONTAINING 8 rooms, of a first-class briok-houeo, with modem im provements, to a family without children. Address Q 89, Trlbnno office. TO RENT-8 ROOMS. GAS. WATER, AND WATER closets, suitable for housekeeping. No. 285.Went Modison-st., Thompson's Block. SVII. 11. THOMPSON, 229 West MadUou-nt. ' TO RENT-18 ROOMS AND BASEMENT IN PEKIN Tea Company’s Building, 876 Stato-st. TO RENT-HANDSOMBLY FURNISHED ROOMS, slnglo or on sulto. 101 South Clark-st., Room 6. alO RENT—AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOM, . to gentleman; private family. 843 West Washing ton-Bt. TO RENT-AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED LARGE sultoufrooms at llonotoßlook, comer Monroe and Doorbom-sU. Apply at Room 33. TO RENT-2 ELEGANT UNFURNISHED ROOMS, parlor and slooplug-room: also ono email room. sl3 Sot month. Apply to Dr. OLARKH, 107 West Ran olph-st. TO RENT-OIIRAP-FOUR ROOMS WITH CLOSETS and water, suitable for housekeeping, two blocks from tho comer of Halstod and Uarrlson-sta. Apply to P. MoHUuII, Room southeast corner of LoSallo and Monroo-sts. __ TO RENT-TWO TENEMENTS OF SIX ROOMS oaoh; gas-fixtures and water; over store, 221 North Clark-st., $45 and S4O nor month. Apply to R. H. FLEMING, Offloo 14, 166 Wasblngton-at. THO RENT LARGE FURNISHED SLEEPING- X room. sl2. £54 West Adams-st. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED-TO RENT-ON SOUTH SIDU-FUR niaUod room, with bath-room attached, with ot without board. Address T 84, Tribune ollico. AAfANTiSD-TO RENT—-LO W Eli PART OP HOUSE VY or small cottage, not to oxcood sl6 per month, suit able for housokoeplng foreman family: must bo convo nionb to street oars: West Sido preferred. Address HOUSE, Box 167, City P. O. WANTEU-TO RENT-BY TWO GRNTi,EMEN, furnished front room, with attendance, oast of Stata-nt. and near Twenty-second. Address 0 16, Trib une oDloo. ~ WANTED— TO RENT— A SMALL HOUSE, OR part of house, in good neighborhood for an American family of throo persons, unfurnished. State location and rent. Address ri. 11. HALL, Continental Hotel. WANTED-TO RENT-PERMANENTLY, BY A young gentleman, a furnished room in vicinity of Ashlaml-av. Good references. Address V 49, Tribune -oliitto. WANTED-TO RENT—A FLOOR OF FIVE OR BIX rooms, suitable for housekeeping,. on one of tho Boutli Side avonuos. Reforonooa exchanged; prompt pay. Address F2, Tribune ollico. WANTED-TO RENT-COTTAGE, OR PART OF house, 6to 8 rooms. Boat city reference given. Ad dross Q. 0(1 West Washingtou-st. MISCELLANEOUS. CARPENTERS, CABINET-MAKERS, ATTENTION —Boforoadvortlslug for more help read advertise ment on first page of now hand sawing machine, for cut ting, ripping, Ac., with which ono man can do tho work often. CASH PAID FOR OAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscolianouus goods of any kind, hysoudluga lottor to L OELDKIt, Loan Ollico, s>l Stato-st. T\ J. GALLERY A CO., TEAMSTERS; FURNI XJ* turo moved; good, oarolul men always on baud at 43 South Market-st. THiQUIPMENTS COMPLETE FOR MOVING IIOUBE boId goods, furniture, plato glass, marble, stocks of goods, oto. Orders loft atltoum 11, Metropolitan Block, or at delivery utUoo, M.0.R.R., in freight depot, will meet with Immediate attention. MoMUUTUY A BRO. EGO PRESERVER-EGGS KEPT FOR 3 YEARS and bo as fresh as tho clay they were laid: this groat .secret sent for $2, Address P. N. GHEKNEY, Vermont, HI. '• ; I WANT TO INVEST IN SOME PAYING MUSl ness $1,006 cash where my own labor is needed. Nc I>orson need apply but those that can show plainly tliol: )U»ino88, together with responsible roforonco from partioi in this city. Address N 88, Tribune ollico. LUMBER-WE WANT TO BUY a COUNTRY LUM bor yard, wlioro 2,660,006 or 0.000,C00 foot o! lumber can bo sold per annum; anyone in Illinois having such a loos ilon can tlnd a cash customer by addressing HANNAH, A’.MAN* A CO., 60 Maln-at., Chicago, 111. M* ns. liORCHEUT, FRENCH DRESS AND OLGA] Making, 197 Cbtcago-av., corner Wolls-at. PURIFICATION DAY FOR HOUSEKEEPERS HAS come, and all who practice economy and neatness are getting their dusty carpets cleaned. Cleanliness la one of tho Christian virtues, and the carpet-cleaning cs tablUiimontof It. A. EDWARDS A CO., 243 and 5165 South Canal-st.,- Is working day and night to make tho homos of thousanda look clean, bright, and cheerful. AH who see their machlno operate, any: ** Wo’ll have our carpets cleaned there." And they do. mills PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING X under the uatno of A. Ilubaook A Co.. at 440 South Ca* ncl-at., baa tills day bean (Unsolved by mutual consent. Mr. Andrew Hubacok will Bottle all liabilities and_ collect all debts duo to said firm. ANDREW UUBACEK, J. V. EAGER. MATHEWS HUBACKK. ■\\rANTED—OFFICE FIXTURES, BOOKKEEPER'S TT desk, and counter: now or Bocend’lmnd. SriLEB, OOLDY A MoMAHAN, 46 La Ballo-st. , WANTED-TO BUY OUT FOR CASH—THE Btook In trade of a wolMocatod grocery outside of Gbloago. Address, with particulars, J. P. CAMPBELL, No. 4'Je West MadUon-st., WANTED-HTOOK OF MERCHANDISE. OR A buiiuoss, for notes well eecurod by trust deeds on roalostato, and good real ostato. DID, Tribune olltco. WANTED— A DRUG STORE FOR CUSTOMER that will Invoice abont $2,000 to $3,000 on ono of the principal business streets. Gall at No. 162 Washington >l., Room 25. . WANTED —PLASTERERS, PLUMBERS, AND gas-fitters to figure on building. Apply fur plan and apooilicutloa, at ROBINSON'S, IwrEait Lako-at. WANTED-CUO MEN WITH *lO AND UPWARDS V T to Invest in real ostato. 178 Mtato-st.. Room 13. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. AT PRIVATE BALE-AT 6C9 WEST ADAMBHT., furniture, carpote. orookery, kitchen furniture, eto. PKUKSSNKU, MANUFACTURER ANI) DEALER • in furniture, mattresses. eto., 149 East Eighteenth it,, near State. Fine upholstering made now uud re paired. Hair mattresses made te order. Furniture var niched on short notice. . PARTIES HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS TO BUY or soil fur oath will do well to call on I J, 740 West Madison st. ■ ARTIES HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS ON inorohumllso of an/kind fur sale will find a cash pur* oliasor by addressing w 53, Trlhuno ulhoo. MACHINERY. •\\7 ANTED-ONE SECOND-HAND FOOT-LATHE, YY with Iron sides (o he used for drilling and turning wood, four feet lung s give description, price, ao. 1. o. OLAIIKU, Paxton, Ford Ce., 111. _________ WANTKD-l PAIR 8* OR 4-FOOT BURR MILL YY stones, suitable for food mill. bUMaxwelhst. biL yens a darker. ■ DIVORCES. TYIVOROES—LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEE AFTER J-/. decree. Bcaudal avoided. Nine years* j>raotloo in the courts of Chicago. Addioss P. O. Box 1037. No’divorob, no 'fee-divorces legally obtained ter causes; all law business attended to. Room 8, 847 South Clark-st. Inoloao stamp. WANTED-MALE HELP. Booldcoopors, Olorln. Eto. \xranti;d—t\vo good okiiman dry goods i T salesmen. Apply nt 861 Dlvlslon-st. 11TANTKD-A SALESMAN FOR OHIO, WHO CAN it ’ represent ns In onniieotlnn with his hrosontbusl* iwi. WHITTLESEY A PEl'Kllß, 129 LaSalle-st. Trndoa, WANTKD-A HARNESS-MAKER. APPLY, AT VV JOSEPH STOCKTON A 00/8. 220 aud S3l Mar- KOt-81. ■ - ' WANTED ~ SEVERAL FIRST-OLAES „ UPHOL VV sinters, Immediately, atSAMI’SON, GILBERT A 00/fl, 2C7 and 2gl Wabash-av. WANTED-BFINKOOATMAKRRS, TO WORK ON it the host of custom work; also two ycstmaknrs (la dles); the journojrmon tailors’bill of prices jinldsonly flnt-oIAHS Itanda need apply. THOMAS McOULLOUOiI, Davenport, lowa. ITANTRD-3 GOOD WAGONMAKERS—TO GOOD I Bloody tnoti I will giro constant employment and good »B0«; would Ilko ono with some experience on spring Uions. B. H. WILSON, Paduofth* ICy. \yANTRD-6 GOOD UPHOLSTERERS—STEADY VV work to good men. Apply 253 West Madlson-st. WANTED— 8 GOOD UPHOLSTRRERS AND A foreman. JOHN MONZEL. SCOBtato at. WANTED - IMMEDIATELY - 2 .FIRST-CLASS pattorn-inakorfl. Apply at works, Kgau and Stow ati-ava. Tho American llrfdgo Company. *WANTED-2 OR 8 FIRST-ULABS GOAT-MAKERS, VV to go to Muskegon, Mloh. Good prions and steady work for Btoady hand*. Inquire of LEWITT, tnor chnnt tailor, Muskegon, Mich. WANTKD-OAHVnRT-MAKERS AND CARVERS VV at factory corner of Stowart-av. aud Twenty-sixth- St. W. T. NOBLE A CO. 'ANTED-A GOOD BLACKSMITH, AT 233 COT tago Orovo-av. X,. MOHN. WANTED-A GOOD DARBEH AT 111 NORTH VY Wollß’St., corner Ohio. JOHN OOLDICNSTERN. W ANTED-A CARRIAGE-SMITH'S FINISHER and helper; must bo llrat-oloss, Inquire of O. E. WAITE, 063 West Lako-st. WANTED— CYLINDER PRESSMAN, THIS MORN WANTED-AT PEOPLE’S BAKERY. 196 SOUTH Dosplalnos-st., a stout boy; nono nood apply but tb oso who wish to loam tho trade. W ANTED-A BOY TO FEED CYLINDER PRESS, at 150 South Clark-st., fourth door. FRANKLIN co. ; WANTKD-A BOY FROM 16 TO 18 YEARS OP VV ago. Apply from Bto 9 o’clock a. m. U. A. ADAMfcT A CO., No. 6 Booth Olark-st. ' ■ ■ WANTED— OARPENTBRS. CALL THISMORNINO at 230 Mloblgan-st. WANTED-OYLINDER AND GORDON PRESS VV. feeders. Experienced hand* only need OT TAWA Y, BROWN A COLBERT, Printer*, 7 ond 9 South JoiTorson-st. ITTANTED-AMANWHO GAN DO GOOD OAUJI VV mining and paper-hanging, at49o Woba»h-av. WANTED-A GOOD BI,UMBER, AT A. W. MUR RAY'S, 787&Woat, MadUon ; at. WANTED— 2 GOOD FINISHERS; GOOD WAGES. Apply to 0. R. HEWITT. 118 and 116 SUte-at., up *talr*. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS TINNER, NO OTHER need apply, at 72 East Adama et. WANTED —DO PLASTERERS AND 20 CORNICE hand*, corner Adams-st. and Wabaih-av.; oomo, with tool*, tula morning. WANTED-CARPENTERS, AT 63 AND 64 NORTH Jefferson-at. ' WANTED— AFIRST-GLASS BARBER AT.MAUL ton Hnuflo Barber Shop, North Market and Klntlo eta. P. OAROIQTTO. . • TSTANTED-ONR GORDON AND ONE CYLINDER, VY feeder. Apply at 214 Illlnois-sU FERGUS PRINT ING CO. - Employment Ageooios, W"ANTED—3 MACHINISTS I'OU CITY! . EAHM VV bauds near city; 20 moro for various places; 200 choppers nud batk-poolorai 100 railroad men, 82.00 per day. ANGEt.T. A OOAKBU, 21 West Randolph-st. WANTED —ls GOOD CANVASSERS. MONEY made rapidly. Articles now; needed In every fam ily. CHICAGO .NOVELTY CO., 179 East MadUon-st., Room 16. ■* • ANTED—IOO RAILROAD MEN; 26 FOR. SKO* tlon work; froo faro. 10 men for city work; IB farm hands, 01 per day and board. 69 West Randolph-st., Room 8. WANTKD— MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY, and State, to sell onr now buttou-bolo cutter and noodle-threading thimble. Agents that wish the goods will save money and time by buying direct of thomauu faoturors, at W East MadUon-st., Room 6. WANTED -800 MEN FOR RAILROADS IN Wis consin and Ohio; company work. Also, 6 sawmill band* and 8 good hands to aort. lumber. Free faro. HENRY HJORTUACO., 210 South Wntornnd 20 North Oanal-Bt. WANTED— 200 TRACKMEN AND GRADERS FOR Michigan Northwestern Railroad Company at Escan aba and Nogannoo; wages, 83 per day; freo faro. Apply UiO. V. SNELL, agent lor tho Company, 259 Last Ran* dolph-st., Lind’s Block, Room 4, up-staira. WANTED— 600 RAILROAD MEN FOR A NEW road, wages $1.76; board $8 to 83.76 porwook. Plen* tyof station work at liberal prices. Also, 100 choppers, 60 farm hands, and 10 saw-mill hands.. Apply forpaitloulars and transportation, to CHRISTIAN a BING, No. 1 South Clark-Bt., or 101 South Canal. ' WANTED-IO SAW-MILL HANDS TO LEAVE TO VV day. For particular* and free transportation apply early to CHRISTIAN A BING, Ho. I South Olark-st., or 101 South Cannl-iit. Miscellaneous. WANTED-SEVEUAL FIRST-CLASS SEWlNG machine men to travel, aottuug agents’ accounts, 4c .Good men, good salary. Addrous 07. Tribune otlico. WANTED—TiIREK OR FOUR ACTIVE MEN TO TT BOH a book needed by every one. partloalarly Just now, and soils at sight. Apply to It. R. THOMPSON £ CO., 499 Wabaab-av. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, BETWEEN THE AGE oflOaudlK), to raako himself gonorally useful. Ap ply with written communication stti37Lako-at. WANTED-BY~G. HAWLEY* & CO., MoOREQOR, lowa, a firat-clanj carriago trimmer at onco. WANTED—GOOD, ACTIVE WEN. READY FOR YV business, to coll on or address JONES & .CO., 71 South Cauul-st. trim to S4O n week easily cleared. WANTED— THREE GOOD FARM HANDS. CALL to-day between ll and 111. A. N. HART, 100 Dear bern-st., llonoro Block. WANTED— A YOUNO MAN TO TAKE EDITORIAL charge of a Republican country paper; must bo a practical job printer, and havo SI,OOO to invest. Addrosa J Tribune othco. ' WANTED— IN ' EVERY TOWN AND CITY. MEN to handlolProf. HENRY’S non-explosive powder for kerosene oil; sells readily at a pro tit of i!tO doc cent, and to the trade at 100 per cent. A. RAY, 25 West Lako-st. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WHO CAN SPEAK Gorman and English, to drlvo horse and makehim self generally useful inn grocery store. Inquire at KUHN * JACOB’S, 63 West Rondolpa-st. WANTED— MEN WITH SMALL CAPITAL LOOK ing for big paying logltlroato business. Call at 119 Dearbenvat., Room 6. Good patents wanted. BUSINESS CHANCES. a'IAROE PORK HOUSE FOR SALE, IN THE CITY A of Louisiana, Plko Co.. Missouri, 117 miles above St. Louis, on tho Mississippi River, with all the nocossary ar rangements for tho pork business, smoke-house, ote., with throe acres of ground attached. This is a rare chance for any party desirous of going Into tho pork and provision business, as tho surrounding country Is won stocked with hugs, and a ready market for tbo sale of tho product either in lit. Louis or Chicago. For further particulars, apply to GILBERT PRYOR & CO., Provision Brokers, No. 166 East Waahlngton-st. A RARE CHANCE-A DRUG STORE, ESTAB IUbod seven years, In a thriving town of 1,000 inhab itants, now doing a good business, lur salo. Stock about $‘1,600. Sales, sd,oooj)or annum. Will sell or rent store building. Inquire of JOHN MCKINNEY, Sturgeon Bay, Dorr Co.. Wls. . ■ ' A N OLD-ESTABLISHED AND NEWLY FITTED A up dining-room lor sale cj»pap. Inquire at 874 South otato-st. SPLENDID BUSINESS GIIANOE-FOR SALE, A stock of clothing, hats. caps, and gouts' furnishing goods, located In ono of tho host towns m lowa. Best of reasons for soiling. Address AO B, Tribune offleo. A PROFITABLE-PAYING FLAX MILL AND MA. A chtnory foe salo; part payment taken in stock; sales guaranteed. Address F. T. X Obl'Eß, Lock Bex 16, Eaton, Ohio. FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT DOING A BUBl iiobh of $20,0H0 per annum, for sale; owner going East. CallatllO-Doarboru-at., Room 6. •OKNNARD’S LADIES’ AND GENTS' DINING OJ ball, for sale. Cent rally located. Inquire at Restau rant, 100 East Madlson-at. DRUG-STORE FOR SALEI NIOKLY FITTED UP, good location; cheap. AddrossJ 95, Tribuuoolnco. IJIURNITURE, FIXTURES AND LEASE OFHOTI ' for salo cheap, 11 all cash. Central location; low ro) LEVI WING A CO.. 178 Doarborn-Bt. F~ OR BALE—A HALF INTEREST IN A WELL Es tablished hardware business that will boar a close In vestigation. Capital required—sß.ooo or SIO,OOO. Address D 35. Tribune office. _ Grocery forbalk-the oldest and best family grocery on the South Side, between Twenty, eooond-st. and Hyoo Park. Business $60,000 a year, lias aline lot of paying customers. No bonus oskod. i artlos are going luto tho manufacturing business. Address GROCERS, care P. O. Carrier No, 40. < riOOD LOCATION, STORK AND THREE DWELL \J ing rooms; rent only S2B por month; stock and fix ture* (or sale, prloo $25. References required. Apply at 809 North Welta-st. TTOTKL-NEWLY AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED, 1~l with over bo boarders*; for aalo. Apply, aftorSp.m., at fill West Madlton-et. T MEAN BUSINESS TO A PARTY WHO CAN COM- X maud $6,000. 1 offer Inducement* that a fortune can bo realised In a very short time; business scoured to mo by the United States Uovornmout. Cull at Room 14, now ifrlggs Houso. ONE OF THE BEST MARKETS ON THE WEST tildofor sale j tho profits for 1873 wore over SO,OOO ; Soort reasons for soiling: those moaning business may ad rets A B U. Trlbuno oitlco. PARE HUBINEHB OHANOE—IN ORDER THAT I Xb may devote more time to banking, 1 offer for sale or rent my storo-coom, 30x00, two stories high, dwelling ad joining. Splendid collar under tho whoio, with good warehouse, barn, and other outbuildings convenient. Have built up within tho last ilftuoii years a largo and prompt-paying trade; have tho oldest and beat business corner lu town; aurroundoU by one of tho boat farming communities (li the Statu; and to a live man, wbu means business, will offer a good bargain and on reasonable terms. H. D. ALFRED,_Ju., Cambridge,JlJ. OTOOIC IN A WELL-ESTABLISHED PLANING" £5 mill, doing a good business, fur sale or exchange for real estate. For furlhor Information apply to CHARLES W. GRIGGH. 160 Washlngtou-st. LjTOOK'OF BOOKS AND JEWELRY FOR SALE O in uno of the most thriving villages In Northern Michigan. Block, $4,000. Profits last year, $3,600. 'this Is a rare chance for a practical watchmaker. Best of net tuns for selling. For particulars, address Drawer 481, Newaygo, Mich, rpwo OF Tiiifi HEBT PAYING GROCERY STORES J. in Chicago for salo, without bonus. Other good busl* ness openings. J. K. KIMBALL, 128 Dearboru-st. flit) UI'.NT-OU LEASE Hitt SALE-A X aud basement houso, well located, and aduptoa tor ioo-oruum parlors and fine restaurant, on Wabaah-av, in quire at FOIdCY’S, 87 South Ulark-st. „ C*Taa will buy mV office furniture. t3>XUU consisting ol 3 desks, onrpots. signs, waps, stove, and everything oomploto. lie lit of both offices $lO per immth. Call at 118 West Madlson-st. O l Him win. HituuiiK Tiiit iiiairr man a iJII.UUU ball liitoro.tin anold-«.t.b11.b0(l bii.bwM Unit is paying well'and can be rapidly Increased. 127 South Clark*it.« Room 88* WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domovtioa* WANTF.D-BKRVANT GIRL, SWEDE OR NOR woglan, at 03t Wont Monron-st. TtrANTHD-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GENE* VV ml housowork at 007 West Wonroo-st. Uofcroaus required. . ' ■ ‘ ■ ’ WANTED - GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VV work. Apply at CM Wahaah-ay. ■■ - _ WANTED— TWO GIRLS| ONE A FIRST-CLASS cook* and ono to do second-work. Apply at 11 South Bholdon-at, WANTKD-A GIRL OR WOMAN TO DO GENER/ L VV, housework. No washing] s4por woOk. No. *S«9 War* ron-ar. . WANTKD-A COMPETENT WOMAN TO DO it Bowing and light obamborwork. Apply atCOOMloul* gan.fty, ; , • ■ ■ ITANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL , I housowork In « Bniall family. Good wages Id A Btrti ft rl. ApplyatOaCoollilgo-st., corner of Pino IslancLav. t WANTItD-OHAMBEUMAIDS AT BISHOP COURT yV Hotel, 611 WostMadlson-st. WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS COOK AND’IUONRR, Immodlatoly. ApplyatßS6Mtohlgan-aV.,.trom Bio 10 this morning. . . , WAIfTED-OIRL FOR OKNRRAL HOUSEWORK; VV private family. 81 Btxteonth-st. • ~ WANTBD-A GIRL TO DO'WARinNO AND IRON* TV ing of family and nn-nhor of bonrdora.. Apply at IL4 Worron-aT., comor Wood-st., Woßt Bldo. - *WANTEI)-A GOOD RELIABLE GIRL TO DO ‘ VV general housowork; must ho a good, washer and i ironor. No Irish nood apply, 45U»pli-st. t near Indiana. fANTED-WOMAN TO COOK AND WAHII FOR ' one man alono in tho country. Inquire No. 102 West Ik-at. ' W ANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* work fora small family; good wage* will bo paid. Apply at HOD Wabashar. , , . . WANTED— GIRL TO TAKE CARE OP CHILD, must have roforonw; also girl to do plain eowlng. Apply at 95ft Indlana-ay. WANTKD-A COOK I*OR A BOARDING-HOUSE; .J wages. $0 to ®7. Apply Immediately at 492 South , Dearborn (uarnstdehat., near Twonty-nlntb-st. * , W-ANTBD-AT 166 EOAN-AV., A GOOD GIRL FOR ; >YV general housowork In email family. Gorman. Swede, ••’ or Norwegian preferred. • ' ' ' WANTED— A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO OBN oral housowork In a prlvato family; wages, &4 por week. Apply at 21 North Oortls-st. ■WANTED—AT 88 BISHOP-COURT, A GIRL FOR V» - general bnnsowork; a good wosbor and Ironor. WAIiTRD-A GOOD GIRL; MUST UNDERSTAND cooking. ‘ Apply at 816 West Washlngton-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL AS COOK AND LAUN VV dress In private family. Apply at 890 Mlehlgan-ay. WANTED-2 FIRBTOLABS LAUNDRY MAIL'S. , Also, a sood dining-room girls, at Johnstone llouio, 114 and 11(3 West Madison-st. ■ WANTED— AT UULIOH HOUSE, STATE AND Twonty-*ooond-sts., two dlulng-room girl*, two chambermaids, andono dish-washer. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work at 106 Oarroll-st. ■ - Seamstresses* WANTED-TWO GOOD WASHWOMEN AND ONE plain Irooor, ottho Atnorlo&n Steam Laundry, 129 West MndUim-st. 1 WANTED— TWO IRONERB. APPLY AT THE Ganlt House, West Madlson-st.. near Canal. Nurses* ‘TXTANTED—A.NURBB TO TAKE CARE OF A BABY W three monlLa old. Smith’s Oyster Uousoand Res taurant, 63 Uarrlson-gt.. corner Stato- . WANTED-A NURSE TO TAKE CHARGE OF A elcklady. Apply IWSouth Wood-*t. ( atonoo. Housolcoouors* WANTED IIOUSEKBEPKR. ‘ MIDDLE-AGED American lady, with child, to do the work for a fain* ily of young men on a farm. Apply to U. M. SEAVEY, 890 Wabaah-av. . ANTBD-A YOUNG MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN as housekeeper in a family of live, to so to a pleas* ant city 100 miles from Chicago. Address WB4, Trlbuno otllco. ■ '• ♦ Miscellaneous- WANTED-A GOOD GIRL, TO LEARN TO GILD on glassi $3 per week for tho tintithroo months; steady employment given. Call at 270 Olark-st., corner Van Huron, lloom B._^ SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Booldioopors, Clerics. &o. SITUATION WANTED —AS BOOKKEEPER OR cashier. by a young man of two years' experience in tblsclty. Reference given to former employer*. Address A B U, Cl Mllwaukoo-av. SITUATION WANTED-AS ASSISTANT CLERK IN a wood and coal-yard by one who is not afraid to work. Address O 17. Trlbuno ottioo. SITUATION WANTED-BY, A YOUNG MAN IN grocery or dry goods store, whore ho can make himself useful. Address JOHN McQOVERN, caro of B. B. RYAN A CO., 210 LaSallo-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PRACTICAL AO couniant, with lirat-olass references, In a wholesale or Bhipplug houso. Address O 10, Trlbuno ulßoo. SITUATION WANTED-AS SALESMAN IN A wholesale or manufacturing house, by one experienced In buslnosß, who can loan tho firm 85,000 cash. All com* munlcatlous confidential. Address, with nuno of firm, ole,, WK, caro of P. O. Box 197, Bloomington. HI. SITUATION WANTKD—BY A. YOUNG MAN, IN a wholoralo houro nr uipross offleo; understands ship ping and marking of good# thoroughly, and not afraid to work. Good roloronco. Address M 60, iribuoo otilce. Trades. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH* man, aamlllor; ha* had seven year*’experience fin ing to work; can figure and write well. Address K 33, Trlbuno otßcq. _l SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS TIN, p copper, and shoot-iron workman, In the city or coun try. Audross M 66, Tribune olHco. Coachmon* Toamstors. &c. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY MAN AND WIFE 5 UK as llrst-clnsa onaobmnn: she as cook op laundress 5 host city roforonccß. Addrosa 0 11, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY, A OKBMAN, AS p coachman; can giro good roforoncoa. Address 018, Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG DANE AS coaohmon In n private family; lo wolf acquainted with tbo business; from the old country. -Please call or ad dross 260 West Mndlson-st., In tho cigar-store. _ SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN.QHIL for general housework or second work. Call at IJO Wontworth-av. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO COMPETENT girls, ono as cook, and tho other as second girl. Ap ply SI Bluo laland-ttv. SITUATION WANTED—AS COOK BY A YOUNG p woman that understands her businessls prefers South Side. Apply oornor,Olilcago-av. and Sodgwlck-st., up stairs, VoiustaJt'u building. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS laundress, or 000k, washer, and Ironor, In a private family of Bor 4, whore another cltl la kept. Ploaso ad dross, Friday forenoon, W 60, Trlbunooißco. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD SWEDISH girl to do second work In a gontoel private family. Call at 282 North Frankltn-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—FOR TWO GIRLS IN A p private family or llrat-olaas private boardlng-hnuso. Boat city reference given. Call at CO2 West Adams-st. QIT CATIONS WANTED-BY TWO XHRST-OLABB p Gorman girls {sisters), one to'cook, wash, andiron; tbo other, eocond girl; together or separate, in family without email children. West Side preferred. Apply at 80 Park-av., before 3 p. m. Mlsoollanoonn. SITUATION WANTED—AS LADIES* NURSE: IB p willing to help around tbo house. Apply at 431 Sodg wlok-st. PARTNERS WANTED. ACTIVE OR BPR cial. with about SIO,OOO, to join tbo; subscribers'(who have on equal amount) in a safe, protllablo. and legiti mate jobbing business. A 1 references given and re quired. Address 8 95, Tribune otfloo. TSARTHUR WANTED—WITH FROM 810,001™ X $16,000 to Join tho advertiser In buying out s first class hardware establishment, In which hp has bad sovorM roars'experience, the present owners Intending to retire from UlO business. None but those moaning business need apply. For particulars and references, address HARDWARE, Drawer 2,312, Quincy, 111. TJARTNKR WANTED-TO TAKE AN INTEREST X In tho stock and trade, or real pstato. of a No. I mor chant mill. Address WIIi.IAMS A FUIIMAN, Laclede, Linn County, Mo. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $20,000 CASH. IN AN established wholesale house doing a successfulbusi ness. A fint-claaa chance offered. Address, for 2 days, Jll3.Trlbuno otflco. . PARTNER WANTED-A GOOD OPPORTUNITY for a business man, with $1,600. to join In tho moou faotnro of an article used by every family. Inquire at 83 West Washlngton-st. PARTNER'WANTED-WITH $3,000 TO 85,000 CAP. X ital, to go In a largo manufacturing business; Drofita over IQO per cent; a largo city trade osUbllshod | m»* chlnory all lu good running order. Address W 48, Trio* une office. ■PARTNER WANTED—IN A WELL ESTABLISHED X cash retail dry goods houso, with $-0,000 capital to match au equal amount. An excellent imwrtuulD' otters. Address Agency of TAPPAN, MuK.ILLOP a tO., Chicago. . ARTNER WANTED—A WHOLESALE LIQUOR dealer $6,000 cash will mako s6o,two within si* months by becoming my partner. Address Rfl Trlbuno othoe. PARTNER WANTED—IN A WELL PAVINO X established business with from SOUO to SI,OOO cash. Call at Builders* Exchange, to-day. from 9 to 11 o’clock, 183 Laßallo-st. R. WANDS. PARTNER WANTED—A SMART MAN, WITH X highest testimonials, to . join mo In the best paying business that will bo offered In Chicago this year. Party will nood about $1,600. Address T 83, Tribune 01800. PARTNER WANTED—IN A WELL-ESTABLISHED X manufacturing aud jobbing business; a offered to an active business man with $4,000 to $5,000 cash. Inquire at 73 East Adams jt. TjAUTNISn WANTKU-iN A I.KOITIMATE OFJIOB T buslno.i clo.rlni! HIM mi ,f«n }%™“, good business man wanted. 119 Doarl)orq gt.,_ltoqm - o. — SEWING MACHINES. A ImvnSPUOVIiD WHEELER A WILSON SEW. AlnS machine.Vmproml fcc-.iuokrumrkor. oto.; cab I notoMosJu porfeot order, cost S9O, price, S«J. Real. donee, 7 Elght«ontJi-*t. ; wnvi-'u iIIAKEU’S HKWINCJ-MAUIII NEK-GEN- G e?aT oLo. lW HUto st.; branch office. U73 Wabash- Persons having old trover A Baker sowlng-maohlnos are Invited to call and soo tho now Improvements, and hoar something U) tholr advantago. ; WHEELER 4 WILSON SEWING MACHINES, W tho uow Improved told or ronton on otsy monthly nsmonts. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, omoo. BM West Madlson-st. j will remove about May 1, 1878. to jS6 Ktatost ~ CLAIRVOYANTS. MATHEW MAYNARD CAN \J toll of business, marriages, journoyi. law-BUIU, absent friends, lost or stolen property, or aiiylblng you wish to Feo6oooutii 9wW«BtMttdUoa-iIM Rwmtf, 7

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