Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 3, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 3, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 2(5. TABLE SILVER. . Every variety of Useful and Ornamental Sil-' ver Ware. Rogers, Smith & Oo.’s and Gorham’s manufactures of Silver-Plated Ware made, ex pressly for us. TEA SETS, CASTERS, Urns, Fruit, Berry, aud Cake Stands, Knives, Spoons, &c. A S6O TEA SET for S3O. All GOODS GUARANTEED TO BE THE HEAVIEST PLATE IN USE. GILES, BRO. & OOJ 266 & 268 Wahash-av. .334 West Madison-st. ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK. GoulGßros. &DiDWee, 149 & 151 State-st., Chicago.. OIUITAU ARTISTIC Metal Work, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Fountains,. Vases, Statuary, Drinking Fountains, ■ Aquari ums, Deer, Dogs,' Lions, Copper Weather Vanes, Emblematic Signs, Stable Fittings, Orest ings, Iron Furniture Brackets, and Store Stools. EXCELSIOR LAWN MOWERS. Agents for tho French Patent DOtJTiB VAHD OHAIRS and SETTEES. , „ • Agents for Younglovo Architectural Iron Company. HTAJI’S Patent lUumlnatod TUo. PROPOSALS, OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES Centennial Commission No. 904= WAI.NWT-ST. PniLASRLFinA, April, 1873, Projosals for Plans for Die Geateiial An niyorsary Balias, ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS, and othara are hereby Invited to oiler preliminary sketches or designs for tbo buildings to bo erected In Falrraount Park, Philadelphia, for the International Exhibition In IS7«. SPECIFICATIONS and other djcnmcMa prepared for thoae desiring to compote lor the design, Together with Information da to the Sums to. bo paid for the plana whioh may be aolootod, Will bo tarnished on application to Lowls Walq Smith, Boorotary of tho Centennial Commission, No. 901 Walnut* •t., Philadelphia. All plans must bo placed In tho bands of tho Secretary of tho Commission Before Moon on the Fifteenth day of July, 1873 After which time no designs will bo received. By direction of the Oommlttco on Flans and Architec ture. A. T. GOSnOKN, Chairman. ARTESIAN WELL HEN. Ineompllancswtth Instructions from tho City Connell if tbu city of Denver, Colorado, proposals, and so mark* ad, will bo received by mo for tho sinking of on Artesian Well to the depth of S, 000 foot, providing flowing water is not obtained at a less depth. Tho Well to bo sU laches In diameter, and cased. Twonty-flvo per coni to bo paid when each four hundred foot Is sunk, and tho balauco when tho contract Is completed (ell to bo paid In curren cy). Bidders must state tho rate per each one hundred feot, and bo prepared to giro autllciont bonds to Insure the faithful prosecution of tho work. Tho right Is ro* served to reject any or all bids. Work to commence by July 1. W. J. BARKER, Chairman Committee on Wator for Irrigation, Donror, Colorado. Notice to Contractors. Sealed proposals will bo received until noon of Wodnes* day. May 14, 1873, for tho erection of now School Douse at Turner Junction. Plans end specifications can bo soon, and all loforma* tloa obtained at the oltioo of tho Architects, on and after May£, 1873. Proposals to be Indorsed and addressed to tho nndor* signed, at tholr office, 188 East Madlson-st.. Chicago. Tho Dlroetors reserve the right to themselves to reject any or all bids. W. CHAPLIN Jt CO., Architects. Notice to Builders. Proposals wanted for building a Warehouse fifty by one hundred fnet, two stories and basement. Part payment to bo made lu real estate. Apply at 110 MndUoa*st., from 13 to 1 o’clock. WANTED. ~S 7V^JSra 3 ?3E33D», Every Carpenter. Oabinot*roaker, and Wagon-maker in Cook County to call and examine a band and fool-powcr machine (orcatting and ripping lumbar, of any thickness, dry or groeu. Bumottilug umlrolr now. constructed uu now principles throughout.' Small, light machine, eas ily conveyed from one job to anoOmr: noodod in every ehop: has also boring attachment. Call and see It work. 1121 ntato-st., Room I. BLACKSMITHS AND BLACKSMITH’S HELPERS I I WANTED—A number of blacksmiths and helpers. For the best workmen the highest wages paid, or piece* work. Apply at McCORMIOK'S Reaper Works, Blue lsland-sv.. nearWoslom-av. HOTELS. Summer Hotel. Tbo now Hotel at Highland Park will be open Juno 1. ThlsHotolia only three stories high, but contains IM rooms. It Is 800 foot long, has broad balls running full length of bouse; 600 foot of piarta 12 feet wlde;a broad dock no the top of tho house, 800 foot long, overlooking Lake Michigan. It la ono hour’s rldo from Chicago, In the growing town of Highland Park, whoro a pier is Doing built for tho accommodation of pleasure excursions from Chicago. Elegant Hilliard Hall, Croquet Grounds, and flno Livery Establishment in connection with tho Hotel. Tho Hotel will bo under tho management ofO, D. Hop* kltis, formerly of Htauwlz Hall, Albany. For further information apply to O. D. HOPKINS, Proprietor, High land Park, or F. P. HAWKINS, Agent 11. P. 11. Cu., 1W Monroo-st., ItoonH, Chicago. TO RENT. TO BENT, gesirablo Stores and oornor Basement In rlffKS House, oornor Fifth-av, and Han dolpu-flt. Apply to OH ABB & ADAMS, 31 33 BUSINESS CARD. 0. E LAWEENOE & 00., PROVISION AND PRODUOB COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NEW OKLEANS, LA. ®Sj) €'• tju' P SILVERWARE. REMOVALS. K. P3 IMI O V A. la., FIBEIN3UEANOE OFFICE CHAS. H. GASEI To No. ICO Washlngton-st. f CAPITAL REPRESENTED OVER I 16 MILLION dollars] SPRINGFIELD FIRE AND MARINE j ■ INSURANCE 00., OF MASS. £ NORTH AMERICA, T OF FHILADBLPUIA. » H O Jk. XjJ OF LIVERPOOL. ' Losses paid by above Companies amountA to over $50,000,000. , •Dwelling*, Household Furniture, Store Building*.* tad contents Insured on favorable tonne. j 160 Washington-st,, Chicago. 1 Removal. | ■wit h.'grubey,] MRCHAHT TAILOR, Has removed to his NEW and ELEGANT STORE, i 107 SOUTH CLABK-ST.; (Methodist Ohuroh Block). REMOVAEi. f' c. dmXjinsrxiTca-Tossr, I ntPOETEE OF HAND AND MAOHIHB j NEEDLES, Ilae rsraovod to 177 East Madlßon-at., where hla friend* • and tbo tr&do in general can see the largest nnd moat complete stock of Sewing Machine and Hand Noodles to be found In thereat, nnd possessing, aa I do, superior* advantages for Importing direct, 1 say, without hesitation,« no houau In thla country will or can mako lowerprioea. REMOVAL. C. R. FIELD & C n „ Real Estate and Loan Agents, If Occupy Room lOPortMßlock Southeast corner of Dearborn and Waahlngtoa*st«. H. E3 H&E O ‘V-A. L or , SPRING-BED FACTORY. \ Finding my present factory entirely Inadequate formr' Increasing business, I have purchased tho steam mill property at 753, 751, and 767 Stato-st., and fitted tho same up with tho necessary machinery, etc., expressly for a, manufactory of Spring-Bods and Cots, of which I make fourteen varieties. 1 shall romovo to my new quarters about tho Ist of May, after which tlrao 1 shall be propuvred to fill all orders, both from city and country dealers, 'with promptness. Dont forgot thonumbor, 753 Stato-st., tVirce blocks south of old factory. L. 0. BOYINGTOH. REMOVED. The Offloo of tho HASKELL & BARKER CAR COMPANY is To moved to No. 08 Washington-st., Portland Block. LARKIN & JEMS, Real Estate Dealers, have removed to tholr new Office. 146 LaSalio-et., In (ho Major Block. Olhco on ground floor, and very convenient. BAUER &LOEBNITZ, ARCHITECTS, Have removed to 84 LaSallo-st., Room 31. second story. STOVES, RANGES. &o. RATHBONE’S STOVES Aro favorably known all over the United States. Among tho most popular patterns is tho FEARLESS COOKING STOVE, For Hard Coal, Soft Coal, or Wood, with Low Enameled lUionvli, or with Plpoa for Il..tlnj| Water (or Bath Rooms, oto. Wo also manufacture a largo variety of GOOD CHEAP STOVES, Using tho same quality of Iron as In the Fearless, which can bo bought as low as an Inferior Btovo. FOR SALE TO THE TRADE ONLY, BY RATHBONE, SARD & 00., 38 & 40 Dako-st. Above Btovos are forsalo at retail by tho prominent deal* GENERAL NOTICES. Chicago & Northwestern Railway. SPECIAL NOTICE. On and after Thurnday, May 1. the City Of fioo for (he sale of 'Pickets will bo at south west corner LaSalle and Handolph-sta. Commutation Tickets will bo sold at this ofllce only. MABVXN HHGHITT, Gen. Bupt. W. A. THBALL. Gen. P. Agt. THE PORTSMOUTH IRON BUILDING Association have established an agency at <8 South Clark. st«, whore they will be happy to receive orders andmako bstlmatos for contractors and ballders. Room 9. J. H. SMITH. Agont. 3ST OTICEi. PAIRBANKS, MORSE k C 0„ liars reaumed bualnesa at 111 & 113 LAKE-ST. A full lino of Bool**! Truck*, do., on band. All order* promptly filled. tn Dloolc. BREWSTER & GO., Fifth-av., cor. Fonrteenth-st., 3STBW YOKE. In all tho fashionable varieties, from original designs of nur own and tho best stylos of Paris and London, oxqnls itoly finished In all Sllk-Satlna, French Morocco. and the finest Broadcloths. Special attention Is called to tho fact that every Carriage offered In our Ware rooms is tho pro duction of our veil known BROOME-ST. FACTO |tY» and equal, in every rospoot, to those built to tba order of tho most valued customer. In addition to our stock of tho LARGER vehicle*, we offer a complete aiaortmont of ROAD WAGONS, with and without topi, IN ALL WRIGHTS, for FLRABURR DRIVING OR SPEEDING, embracing in tboir eonatraa* tton tho variant improvements Introduced by na daring tho past fifteen years, and which havo made tho SCALES. CARRIAGES. OF BROOME-ST., WABEfcOOMS,. Elegant Carriages, “BREWSTER WAGON” The Standard for' Quality. OUR PRICES BRING FIXED AND UNIFORM TO ALL, orders by mail havo equal advantages with those placed in person. To prevent confusion, tho public will ploaao remember tbat wo are not eonnootod with a Joint Stock Company of Carriage Dealer* now socking to share our reputation by adopting a firm namo similar to oar own. BREWSTER & CO.. OE BROOMB-ST. Vareroomßi Fifth-av.i oor. Fonrtconth-Bt. CHINA. CROCKERY, &o. WEARS ssXiXiXisro Me China Dimer Sets. 141 Pcs,, for $35.00. Media Tea Sets, 50 Fes., for 6.50. In faot, we nro closing out our entire Wholesale Stock, at Retail, AT WHOLE SALE PRICES, In order to make room for an elegant Retail Stock for Spring Trade. Scott&Ovinitonßrfls., 219 West Madison-st. WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. CALL AND EXAMINE THE HARTFORD fora fire latiress At tlio Company's Branch Office, 386 State-st., Chicago. THE BEST BED IN THE WORLD. For sale by the FURNITURE DEALERS everywhere. - J. T. STONE, Manager. INSURANCE. Phoenix Ins. Co., OP HARTFORD, CONN. Phoenix Ins. Co., OP ST. LOUIS. hb3sj:o*vtbid to 149 & 151 Madison-st. JAMES AYAHS, JB,, Agent. REAL ESTATE. 12,000,000 ACRES! CHEAP FARMS I Tho cheapest land in market for sale by tho UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD GO. In tho groat Flatto Valley. 3,000,000 Acres in Central Nebraska Now for salo In tracts of forty aoros and upwards, on five and ten years’ credit at 6 per cent. No adrauco interest required. Mild and hoalthfal climate, fertile soil, an abundance cf good wator. THE BEST MARKET IN THE WEST I The great mining regions of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Neva da being supplied by the farmers In tho Platte Valley. EdUM to a Homestead of 160 Acres! - ME BEST LOCATIONS POE COLONIES ! FREE HOURS FOR ALL I Millions of acres of oholcs Government lands open for entry under tho Homestead vlaw, near this groat railroad, with good markets and alt tlio oonveniences of an old aottlod country. Freo passes to purchasers of railroad land. Bootlunal Maps, showing tbo land; also new edition of Descriptive Pamphlet with now maps mailed froe every* whore. Address O. D?, DAVIS, „ Land Commissioner U. P. R. R., Omaha, Neb. Mai Investment. I am Instructed by owner* to ollor for talo, on favorable toms, 5, 10, 20, 80, or 40 acres of the property known as the "Stool Farm," situated In 800. M, T. 89, R. 13, In tbo southwestern part of the city, bounded north and aoutb by Twenty-sixth and Tblrty-Urst-sU, and east and wesibyKodxle-ar. and Mowry-sts. This property adjoins Lawndale on the south, and U certain to advanco rapidly In valuo. Tbo attention of Capitalists is called to this Advertisement. Apply to JOHN JOHNSTON, AgontforOwnors, Room 4, Nos. M and 86 LaSalle*et. EOR SALE 08, RENT, At Highland Pork. largo frame dwelling, with well cistern, collar, and lot 100x200 feet, oast front. Price, SB,OOO. lids Is a bargain. If not sold soon will bo fo: rout at $lO a month. . O. GRANVILLE HAMMOND, M Washington*st. HUM Purl Biij Co, Ofllco 1U MONROR-ST., Room 4, Kent’* Rulldlox. Hoiuoa and Lots for aulo on oaey tonm. FRANK P. HAWKINS. Ago^. CHEAP LOTS At FORREST HILL, on monthly payment*; beautifully located tatroola{traded: near depot and ibres railroad*, treat of Englewood, on ueitern-aTy 113 and 115 South WuUwt. CHICAGO, SATURDAY, MAY 3, 1873. ENOCH MORGAN’S SONS’ S A. IP OLIO Ir a substitute for Soap for all Household par* poses, oicopt washing olollios, SAP O L I O K For cleaning your hnuio this Spring will bats tho g labor of one cleaner.- gSAIPOLIO 5 Will not inlnro or dhoolor Paint, but roatoros col* g or and brightness. Try it. SSAP O LI O 9 Cleans Windows without water, and b&tcb tbo g trouble of removing oartainß andohrpaU. SSAP OLIO Brightens Kniroß at samo tlmo they aro washed, g saving tlmo and labor. Uso it. SSAP O L I O 5 Cleans Bath-Tubs, Table?, Floors, do., quicker m and bettor than Soap, Try It on. sapolYo w PollshesTin, Brass, Ooppor, andallMotalWants, rendering thorn as bright aa now. iSAPOLIO For washing Dlahosand Glassware is Invaluable. Cheaper than Soap. SAPOLIO Removes Stains from MatbloMantcls, Tables, and Statuary, from Hard-finished Walls, and from China and Porcelain. 10 cents. SAPOLIO Removes Stains and Grease from Carpets and oth* er woven fabrics. Depot, 86 and 88 South Water-st., OHXOAGO, ILL. FINANCIAL. roxztdCHs SATIHGS^BiNK, 106 CLARK-ST., Motiiodint Church Block. Biz per cent interest allowed on deposits, payable somi* annually, July 1 and Jan, 1 in each year. w „ GKO. BCOVILLB, President. Wm. Kxlbet Rum, Cashier. NOTH.—Until further notice, any boy or girl calling at the Dank will bs presented with a pats book free, and one dlmedoposlted to his or her credit, which sum can be drawn out at pleasure. BANK OF MOITREAL. THE OFFICE OF THE BANK OF MONTREAL BAS BERN REMOVED TO TUE ’ MAJOR block:. Comer of LaSalle and laflison-sts. WM. BIOHABDSOM’i Manager. Lamar in Gonanr. In pursuance of a decree of the Superior Court of Cook County, ail persona haring claims against this Company aro notified to appear before Frank Dmmlson, ICso., Mas ter in Chancery, at his Oftlc?, Rooms Nos. 57 and 68 Bryan Block, LaSnllo-Bt., In Chicago, and prove tlioir claims. Tho tmdorslgnod wilt attona at said place on tho 10th, 12th, 18th, Hth, and 15th days of May fust., at 3 o’clock In the afternoon of each day. Claims not proven will not participate In tbo first dividend. GEORGE CHANDLER, Receiver. BnurELDT A Ball, Attorneys. WE BUY AND SELL - Business Paper, And negotiate loam on Collaterals. WREKKT & BREWSTER, Bankers, OO Wnslilngton-st. 3DICr_ Wo havo Attorneys everywhere, and oolloot tho claim* of Wholesale Merchant* and others in any part of the country. No Attorney’s foes In suits; no charges anti! collection* aro mado. FRASIER'S MERCANTILE COLLECTION AGENCY, Mfl MadUon-st. Tentouia Inrm .dm. A few Policies wanted for c&ah. Policies in all Eastern and Chicago Co.’s bought. IT. S. DIETRICH, Room 8, 77 West Madlson-nt.. up stairs. HATS. GREATEST VARIETY and LARGEST STOCK, at BREWSTER’S, Corner CM mi Mailison-sls. DRESS-CLEANING. Dresses Of every description, cloaaedwithout rem‘oTinpi Qtrim mlosß (velvet or lace) by a now-proccss, and by nli h tbo goods seep the sumo ]astro and ebapo as wlien now. jSI.. SOEtWARZ, 264 West Maflism-st - -158 DlinoM RUBBER GOODS. 138 LAHIS-ST. 138 EUBBEE mFIEATHEE BELTING Engine ami Conducting Hose, AND ALL JONDS OF RUBBER' GOODS. E. B. PRESTON, ’ - 138 LAKE-ST. COD LIVER OIL. wiXiXiso3sr s s GAR6OLATED GOD LITER OIL It a SpocUlo and Radical Curt for CONSUMPTION AND SOEOFULOHS DISEASES. Romembor tho name, “Willson*# Oarbolsted Ond Llvor Oil." It oomot In largo wedge-shaped bottlos. bearing (bo Inventor’# signaturo, and la aotd by the boat Druggist#. Prepared by J. H. Willson, 30 Platt-st., N. Y. For sale by all Druggists. HENET N. HOLDEN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer la all kinds of HARDWOOD LUMBER. Also, Mahogany, Eoeowood, Florida Cedar, Voneors, &o. . Particular attention paid to filling bills for any kind of Hardwood or Fancy Lumber, OFFICE ADD YAEHo, 211 Soith Mariet-St, attn • ethane. SAPOLIO. HATS. LUMBER. WASHINGTON. The Authors of America’s Humil iation at Vicuna. Another Congressman Robs Pe ter to Pay Paul. The Indian Question to Bo Considered on tho President's Return. ■Why- Minister De Long Was Recalled. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribunt, THE INDIAN QUESTION. Washington, D. 0., May 2.—Ae soon as tho President returns there trill ho a Cabinet consul* tatlpn, whereat tho Indian question will bo folly discussed, and some plan adopted to meet any outbreak of tho savages that-may occur this - summer. Tho President Is expected hero at tho bogining of next week. In tho meantime no now arrangements will bo mado t olthor as regards tho Modocs or tho other hostile tribes. A prop osition has boon made to bunt tho Modocs from their stronghold In tho lava-bods with blood, bounds, as was done la Florida during tho Soml nolo war. This, however, finds no favor at tho War Department, and is uotlikoly to bo adopted until all othor moons of dislodging thorn have failed. God. Shorman regards this as ho does tho scalp-bounty business, rather a dishonora ble warfare, ovon against so heartless and treacherous an enemy as tho Modocs. Thoro aro officers of tho army, however, who think it will bo Impossible to got tho Indiana out of tho lava-bods m any otbor way. TUB CABLE MONOPOLY.

In viow of tho action of- tbo Atlantic Oablo Company in increasing its tolls, an effort will bo xnado to induce tho Government of Newfoundland to avail itself of a clause In tho charter of tho Company which gives tbo Government power to purchase tho ca ble at a valuation at the end of twenty years. * The time will expire in 1875, and it is said tho Government is disposed to act in tho matter, though tho Cable Company is doing its utmost to h&vo this feature of the charter extended. A KLEPTOMANIA LINGUIST. George W. Bohoido, who has served in several capacities os a clerk, was arrested la this city io * day, on tho charge of stealing hooks from tho Congressional Library, in which place ho bad boon given temporary employment upon the solicitation of Representatives Myers, of Penn sylvania, and Cotton, of lowa. In Bchoido’s room woro found about 500 volumes bolongiug to tbo library, which, it is alleged, ho has car ried homo by twos and throes and successfully concealed until now. Bohoido is represented to bo a very intelligent man, speaking some six or eight languages, and was formerly a student of medicine, lie will have a hearing to-morrow. HOUSING PETER TO PAY PAUL. The Hon. Jas. H. Bless, Representative from Alabama, has placed his back pay at tho disposal of tho poor pooplo of his district, the Sixth. I To the Asiodntal Press.] oun noMiLiATons. Washington, Slay 2.—Several days ago a tele gram was published, giving tho names of eleven gentlemen of tho original Vienna Commission, who aro free from any ohargo of irregularity. Tho names of tho othor throe Commissioners .who aro implicated in tho charges of improperly receiving money aro William Mayor, Robert Ser geant, and A. E. SHasuy, together with Chief Commissioner Van Huron. Bo far telegrams only have boon received by this Government, but a full report is expected in a few days. It id understood that all those Commissioners woro appointed on tho recommendation of Qon. Van Huron before Congress made any appropriation to defray the expenses attending the American display at tho Exposi tion. and that ho was cautioned to bo particular in his designations. Gon. Van Huron will, how ever, have a fair opportunity to bo hoard in reply to whatever charges have boon made against him, when it is hoped ho will ho able to estab lish his innocence. Tho statement made here tofore, that tho present action of tho Secretary of State against Gen. Vaußuron orgiuatod in un friendly personal relations, has no foundation in fact, as those gentlemen had boon pleasantly in timate previous to tho late scandalous disclos ures. The present investigation was ordered in consequence of grave charges against some of tho Commissioners, and to vindicate tho charac ter of this country from ovon tho suspicion of having improper representatives at tho Vienna Exposition. THE CIVIL SERVICE BOARD. The Hon. Samuel Bhollnbargor has oigDiflod to the Boocotary of State his acceptance of tho appointment tendered him by the President, as a member of tbo Civil Service Commission. IMPORTANT DECISION. Tho Supreme Court, of this District, in gen eral term, has overruled tho motion made by tho special attorney of tho United States to sot aside the award of $268,000 ns bounty to tho captors and destroyers of tho Confederate vessels at Now Orleans in April, 1862. POSTAL CARDS. Yesterday was tho day fixed by tho Post-Office Department for tho issue of tho first lot of postal-cards, but, because of tbo inability of tho contractors to prepare tho necessary quantity, distribution has been postponed for a few days. MINISTER DE long's CASE. It is ascertained that tho recall of Minister Do Long from Japan was owing to his having re peatedly made presents to tho Mikado. On re ceiving an intimation of this fact, tho Socreiory of State reminded him that, under general In structions to our Ministers, such proceed ings woro forbidden, as all presents to a sovereign must bo mode through his own diplomatic representative, but Minister Do Long, instead of desisting, repeated the act, and was again reminded of hm instructions. Be sides those objections to Mr. Do Long, ife was thought that some othor person should bo ap pointed, who would more faithfully represent tho United Btatos. The President will, on bis return, appoint a successor. NEVADA. Verdict in a Heavy Suit—Great Ex« cltoment—A Cliallouffo—Throe Mon Shot. Virginia, Nov., May I.—The groat mining suit of Raymond and Ely v. Tho Hermes com panies, which has boon ponding in tho United States Court at Piocbo for two months, resulted to-day in a verdict in favor of tho Hermes. Piocbo has boon greatly oxoitod pending this suit, tho result of which was made tho subloct of noavy betting. Forty thousand dollars changed bands tboroon. A personal difficulty between the opposing counsel baa grown out of tho suit, resulting In tho ohnllonging of Harry J. Thornton by I). Porloy, of counsel for Ray mond ami Ely. Tho excitement at Piocbo is still running high. Throo men wore wounded in a shooting affray to-day. One will probably die. Virginia, Nov., May2.— Five men woro injured by accidents in tbo Belcher and Crown Point Minos to-day. In tho Bolcbor throe mou dropped fifty foot down an incline by a breaking ropo. One had his log cut off and tho othor had broken bones. Tbo excitement in Piocbo is unabatod, A number of stroot lights occurred to-day. A mau named Welch was wounded in a fight yesterday and died to-day. Tho fovorishnoss consequent upon important mining litigation continues. A stay of proceed ings was grunted to-day in tho case of Raymond Ely v. Hormo. Other heavy suits of tho former Company against tho Kentucky and Pioohe Pho uix companies aro sot for trial tho present month. Awards for Amllnn Siippllos, New York, May 3.—Tho following awards for supplies and transportation for tho Indian De partment woro ipado to-day? Frank .Chapman, Lea Yegnos, Now Mexico, transportation from Pueblo, Colorado, to Fort Defiance, Now Mexico, por 100 pounds, per 100 miles, $1; Q, M. Jpodgo, Council Bluffs, lowa, 1,200,000 pounds AX flour, F T'i’s „P or m ,n 0 „ r n 'v™ d ° lo H a tutlTon nn oacort to t»ko oliargo of tlio remain. v?*nS& innSl 2. por 100 ? n lf # oo,o vSi W l, J*'W\'mll! after tbo fuuoral ceremonies In Now York *L!™’ 1,1 , ror , mo l ,t ! 1 ’ f i or Whotstor' |dty. A, detail from tho .Capitol police wIU re- P° r hundred, to bo dollvorcd I 'movo tho remains from tho rosidonco of the do* nS t y ’* . Frank,l pi Co., Ohloam g -toaaod on Saturday morning to tho dopot, whoa 2.£ 00 nu 8 t ? l,acco *5 J 3 .K°; Qoorgo B- Jonoi«. 'hoy will boconvoyod by tbo 8 o’clock morning « oWtt A 4o ?r U ;, fl Bal L to Jf o ?°i v , or °.« >'* Yovk to that city, and bo deposited In oV.nn nnn t» ■-? vo * ip°lmli ~ rftU * Dn * ; Sj ?raco Church, whoro they will remain until tbo i,000.000 Ibß XX flour, 1G0,CG01I)H nor inoutb, a'.j 'unoral ceremonies, which will toko place on $1.70, to bo delivered at tboSIUU lUvor lunday. Tho Doorkeeper will represent tho Montano} 480,000 Ibo XX flour, 40,00Q0 Wgoant-at-Armfl, ami tho remains will bo In vv <i or W’P ». lham fiarco of John T. Chouncoy, ono of tbo oldest .? ou iv 6 9/ 000 at e3 ;, 17 iM’S of tho Houbo of Representatives, until S2S 1° 0 »000 lbs per month, at sß.l7iu ;foy aro removed to tholr final rostlng-placo. 700.000 Iho XX flour, 58,000 lbs nor month, atl ' iproßontativo Morrlam, of Now York 5 Gov. 83.17, to bo delivered at Yankton 5 Joseph ¥mcConnlck, of Arizona 5 Samuel J. Randall, of Loooh, Sioux City. lowa, 75,000 bu good mor- Pennsylvania 5 and J. 11. Slobb, of Alabama, ox cautilo wheat at to bo dollvorod at Sioux pressed tnoir intention tp accompany tho ro- City 5 11. O. Lovell. Colorado, transportation mains and attend tho funeral. from Puoblo, Colorado, to Lob Pmoo New York, May 2.—Tho Arcadian Club, Com* Agency, per 100 lbs per 100 mllcß, mon Council, Democratic Liberal Gomralttoo, fl*lP? .Choyonno, W. and other aflßoclallona passed resolutions ox -270.000 lbs XX flour, 23,000 Ibn per month for proaalvo of their boubo of grief at tho doath of Upper Arkansas Agency at $3.25 : 500,000 Iba James Brooks, and thoii sympathy with hla bo- XX flour, 41,000 lbs nor month, for tho Kiowa roavod family. Tho Tammany Qonoral Commlt- Agonoy at $3.25; 138,800 lbs XX flour, 11,525 too moot to-morrow ovoulng, and tho Assoaiatcd lbs nor month, for "Wichita Agency, at $3.25. to, proas to-morrow afternoon, to tako appropriates bo delivered at Kansas City; D. J. McCann action. Nebraska City; transportation from Choyonno, W. T., to Red Cloud Agency, per 100 pounds nor 100 miles. $1.20. . Goo. Marshall, Council Bluffs, lowa, transportation from Fort Randall, Dakota, to Whetstone Agency, nor 100 lbs por hundred miles, $1.12 j A. 11. Wilder, Bt. Paul, Minn., all transportation on tho Missovrl Rlvor, at special monthly rates nor 100 lbs. Tho awards for tho yoar havo now nil boon made, WALL STREET. of tli« Rlonoy, Stock* Gold* Bond* and lT«m..^v Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, May 2.—Money was active and stringent during tho early hours of tho day, but daring tho afternoon there was a gradual return to ease, and before 3 o'clock loans woro mode at 7 per cent. After that hour broker's balances lout down to 5 per cent. Tho Harlem Company Is paying off $1,600,000 of matured mortgages. Tho money was yesterday deposited in tho Bank of the Metropolis. Mercantile paper was neg lected in tho morning, but later became active. STOCKS. Tho stock market, generally speaking, was quiet to-day, with small fluctuations. Tho load ing features wore Pacific Mall, Western Union, 0., 0., & I. 0., and Union Pacific, in which deal ings woro moderately largo. Tuo market was alternately wc&k and strong, but in tho after noon tho depression was tuo most prominent feature. Tbo course of speculation on tbo Btock Exchange has become so occontrio of lato that it is very difficult to form any idea of tho future, especially as tho market is not now juidoa by precedents, as was formerly the case o some extent. GOLD AND GOVERNMENTS were quiet. FOREIGN EXCHANGE closed firmer. DREADSTUFFB. Flour 'dull and lower for all grades under $8.76. Choice family extras and fancy Minne sotan in moderate demand and firm. Good lines shipping extras scarce. Common No. 2 and superfine more plontv. Tho storm cheeks busi ness. Bales, 6,700 barrels. Receipts, 10,703 barrels. Wheat—assortment limited and mar ket firmer for choico and dry spring j damp lots dull aud heavy; winter strong and heavy. Sales, 24,600 bushels. Receipts, 21,080 bushels. PROVISIONS. Pork was quiet and steady. Sales of cash and regular woro 187 barrels, at 810.00 for now mess, and $18.75 for uninspected moss ordinary. For fnturo delivery, May quoted about $19.00, and no business. Receipts, 371 packages. Cut-moats still dull and prices nominally unchanged. Dry salted shoulders, however, 7 1-16(®7>60. ■Of fresh hams, 1,000 In bulk sold at ll|£@lßo per lb. Receipts, 1,847 packages. Bacon very quiet and about nominal; quotations for short clear, in tho absence of business, 10@10%o, and long dear, 10@10k’c. Lard easier and market ac tive. City hold at 9>£c, and quiet. Bales of 100 brls at 99gc, for prime steam Western. For fu ture delivery, 1,000 tierces, May, at 9 7-16 c 1,000 tierces, Juuo, at 918-lOc ; 500 tierces do a ; 9%0 ; 250 tierces, May, at 0%0 \ 600 tierces, July, at 10c. Receipts, 939 packages. THE INDIANS. Latest from tlio Lava-lluila«*-Xroublos Xltroatoued lu Novnda, Ban Francisco, Oal., May I.— Tho following is received: . Yheka, May I—Afternoon.—Capt. Silver aud Mr. J. W« Johnson arrived from tho front this afternoon, leaving Qon. Gillom’d camp on Tues day morning. Mr. Johnson says thoro has boon nothing done elnco the hattlo on tho 26tb of April. Everything was quiet. No,future policy for fighting tho Modocs had boon settled upon. An opinion prevailed that it would bo porfoct folly to attempt to whip tho Modocs In tho man ner thus far pursued. No scouting had boon done. Nothing had boon hoard from Cranston and tho missing mon, who havo prob ably boon burned. Eight bodies aro known to still bo on tbo fiold of battle. Capt. MomlelhaU’s command arrived at Camp South Tule Lake on tho 28th. Gon. Davis, with an escort of twenty five mon, loft Ball's this morning. Tho bodies of Limit. Bhorwood and othor officers arrived at Yroka this afternoon, and will bo brought to this city via Reddings. San Francisco, May X.—A dispatch from Yreka says that ail tho settlors at Butte and Bogus Crooks havo left. Batteries A and Kof tbo Fourth Artillery have consolidated, under tbo command of Lieut. Leary, and Companies E and G of tbo Twelfth Infantry, under the command of Lieut. Cramp. Tiioro will probably bo no active movement against the Modoca at present. Washington, May 2.—Gen. Sherman has re ceived a copy of a letter addressed to Oon. Oan by by tbo Governor of Oregon, dated Fob. 6. ex pressing tbo utmost confidence in Col. Wheaton's conduct in tbo Modoc campaign, and.saylng that his plan of attack on Jan. 17, which resulted disastrously, was approved by all tbo most ex perienced frontiersmen present. Virginia City, Nov., May I.—A mall-carrier who has arrived at Elko from tho north, reports that tho settlors at Mountain City, in tho Capo district, are greatly alarmed at the threatening attitude of the Indiana. Snakes and Piutoa are pouring in from all directions, all in their war- Saint. A public mooting bod been called at [ountaiu City to take measures to procure Arms so as to bo prepared for ah outbreak. • San Fbanoisco, May 2.—No courier has arrived from Yroka up to 8 this evening. No further nows from tho Lava-Bod. Tho escort with tho remains of the officers last killed loft Yroka this afternoon. Lieuts. Harris and Egan, and Surgeon Somlng, wounded in tho last fight at the Lava-Bod, are getting along, and will probably recover. THE INDIAN QUESTION IN ARIZONA. Qon. Crook has addressed the following lottor to Delegate McCormick, of Arizona: PnrsooTT, Arizona, April 11, 1873. Mr Dear Qovehnob; Please find inclosed two orders which sum up the Indian question in this Tor* rilory, Cochise oxceptod. Permit me to thank you, in behalf of myself and the troops under my command, for the able manner in which you hare represented tho question in Washington, Wo feel that we .are in a great measure in* dobted to you for the moans we have had to work with in the accomplishment of tho task Just finished. Although we may hare some scattering depredations in some parts of tho Territory, I feel that the main work is over, and (he necessary corrections can he made by tho Post-Commander, I expect, how* over, to be kept busy for several months to come watching that the Indians on the various reservations settle down in the right grooves, but I hope that by the time another election Is held in the Territory I shall ho able to glvo you another solid voto from my Indian friends. Yours, wry sincerely, Oeouqr Ciiook, U. B. A, To tho lion. It. 0. McCormick, M. 0. Tito JLato James llrooks* Washington, May 2. —Tho remains of James Brooks will leave here on Saturday morning, in charge of his son, and will roach Grace Church, in Now York City, af 5 o’clock in tho evening. Tho funeral will take place from draco Ohurcu at 2 o’clock on Sunday afternoon. Dr. Stone, this morning, took a plaster oast of tho face of tho lato James Brooks, to assist him in making a marble bust of the deceased. Mr. Elder, of Richmond,Ya.,‘ an old friend of Brooks, was also present to-aay, gathering materials for a picture. Mr. Ordway, Sorgoant-at-Arms of tho House of Representatives, in view of tho fact that the late lion. James Brooks was one of the oldest members in the service, and following precedent in tho case of tho lato Thaddcus Slovens, ’ has tendered in behalf of the House of Kopreaou- NUMBER 257. NEW YORK. George Francis Train’s ITlallnoo—Tito Atlantic Dauk-mClty PolitlcsmCona cort Iftnlls. Special Vitpatch to The Chicago THbune. New York, May 2.—This was a field-day in tho Train inquisition. After a number of wit nesses, Including Oliver Onorllck and one medi cal export, Horace IT. bay, bad testified to Train’s sanity, and tho Jurors bad forcibly pro tested against tho Introduction of any moio similar testimony, on tho ground that it was cumulative, George P. Bomis, Tram’s Privata Secretary, was called to the stand. Ho rapidly sketched bis cousin’s extraordinary career, and fully boro bim out in all bis assertions. Ho tes tified that Train is a millionaire, and that his money is so invested that it cannot fall ultimately to bring bim enormous wealth* Ho said that Train’s incarceration in Dublin for debt das owing to tho bad faith of James HoHoury, to whom tho money in question bad boon entrusted to pay oil tho obligation six months previous. After ho had finished, Train himself entered tho witness-box. Tho scone that followed was ono of the most extraordinary ever witnessed in a court of Justice. The witness, in an impassioned manner, and with graceful ges tures and rapid utterance, wont over bis ontiro life from boyhood, described his education and ambitions, and sketched his various gigantic en terprises in their regular order, givmg names* dates. and figures with astonishing minuteness. Ho said bo purchased in Phil adelphia the charter for a general fiscal agency foe s2s,ooo.patd SSOO more to nave tho name changed* to Credit Mobilior, and then sold his purchase to the Union Pacifio Railroad for $50,000. His nar rative was interspersed boro and therewith char acteristic comments, which oHdtod uproarious laughter oven from tho Court. Ouco the spec tators burst into loud and enthusiastic applause, which continued for several minutes. Judgo Daly, after rapping for order In vain, became on gry, and gave notice that should a similar dem onstration occur ho would have tho guilty per sons arrested and committed to prison, Sudso quoatly another outbreak was on tho point of commencing. but was promptly suppressed. At ono time Train grow very excited when referring to his position, bat immediately apologized. Thera was no oross-oxnmination. The Assistant Dis trict-Attorney was afraid to tackle him. Train, made an exceedingly favorable Impression. Tho inquisition adjourned until Tuesday,, with tho understanding that it will bo then concluded. This proposition mot with considerable opposi tion from Train’s counsel, but tho jury werci firm. They will probably give a verdict oi ** sanity ” without leaving their Boats. [7b the Associated Preae, 1 New York, May 2. —Receiver Strong, of thi Atlantic National Bank, reports $304,000 of se curities missing. The liabilities ar* sot down at $1,037,300; the assets which ore $304,000 short, may bo further changed by now developments in the investigation. The Grand Jury, to-day, made a presentment on the subject of the suppression of concert saloons, in which they say the Excise licensee shield the proprietor, and only the owners of the promises are liable to criminal prosecution and punishment. It is rumored that a combination has been made in the Board of Aldermen to defeat all nominations mado by Mayor ‘Hayoraeyee unsatisfactory to them, three Republi cans, four Democrats, and ono Apollo Hall being tbo parties. It is ' also assorted that no provision having been mado in the now charter for the retention of Mayor Havomoyer, as in the case of heads of departments, ho will go out of ofllco with tho expiration of the old charter. If the rumor bo well founded, Alder man Vanco, representative of tho Custom-House interest, would bo Mayor until tho next elec tion, provided for by tho now charter, viz.: 1874. Superintendent Kelso has ordered the police to make a census of all disreputable bouses aod characters in tho city. METEOROLOGICAL. Signal Sorrlco Hiircnu Reports and l*rogiiostlcn( ions. OmcAoo, May 2—10:16 p. m. Tbo following reports have been received from the places mentioned below: Station. | Bar.¥hr Wind. Weather. Buffalo 29.70 38 E., brisk. Lt rain. Cairo '29.76 61 W., fresh. Lt rain. Chicago 29.06 40 N., brisk. Cloudy, Cincinnati 29.04 62 W., gentle. II rain Cleveland '29.42 46 E., I'rcah. Tbroat’ng Cbeyenno '29.88 42 8., brink. Cloudy, Davenport 29.70 46 N. E., fresh. Cloudy, Denver 29.04 46 Calm. Clear. Detroit 29.60 46 E., ficsb. Lt rain. Kookuk 29.73 46 N. E., fresh. Cloudy. LaOroase 29.88 40 N. E., fresh. Clear. Milwaukee 29.70 30 N., brisk. Tbreat’ng Omaha 29.90 63 N. W., gentle. Clear. Toledo 29.01 40 N. E., fresh. II rain. PROBABILITIES. Washington, May 2.— For tho Gulf States, Tennessee, and tho South Atlantic States, generally cool, clearing weather, northwesterly to southwesterly winds, and higher pressure. For tho Northwest and Upper Lakes, and thonco southward to tho Lower Missouri and Lower Ohio Valleys, occasional rain, partly cloudy and clearing weather, with lower temperatures. For tho Lower Lakes and Middle States, cloudy and rainy weather, northeasterly and southeasterly winds. For Canada and Now England, falling barometer, tbreateuing woatbor, and r&ln. Cautionary signals continue at Duluth, Mil waukee, Chicago. Grand Haven, Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, Oswego, Norfolk, Baltimore, Capo May, Now York. New Haven, New London, Boston, Portland (Mo.), and East port, and are ordered for Savannah, Charleston, and Wilmington. Blschurgq of a, Minor from Military Service* Cincinnati, May 2.—An exciting case occurred hi tho Probate Court to-day. Leonard A. Harris, a minor, enlisted, some time ago, in tho United States Army, deserted, and came homo, was' ar rested, and confined in Newport Barracks. His mother, Margaret Forints, of this city, brought him hoforo Judgo Tildon, of tho Frobato Court, on a writ of habeas corpus. United States District-Attorney Boloman claimed that the case should bo left to tho Federal Courts. Judgo Swing, of tho United States Court, could not hoar tho case to day, bo Probate Judge Tildon hoard tho evi dence—that tho boy was a minor; and holding, under the United States statutes at largo, being a minor, could not bo hold to military service, discharged him. Under tho Impression that pre vailed during the day ,at tho Court, and which, It is stated, was shared by Judgo Tildon, the prisoner when discharged hid until after being convinced that there wuro no United Slates soldiers waiting around the Court-House to arrest him. Rank Trouble in Memphis* Mimpuib, May 2.—Under an order of tho Sec ond Circuit Court, to-day, tho Sheriff took pos session of tho banking house of the Jackson In surance Company and its contents. Tho act was supplementary to a suit of tho executor of J. 0. Polk, against Kiri land & Co., of Now York, for $43,000, of which firm, it Is held, J. B. Kirk land, President of the Jackson Insurance Com pany, was a member. It is believed that fcha lank is solvent, and trill aoon reopen.

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