Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 3, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 3, 1873 Page 3
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BOSTON. Tho New Scare with a Long Name —Harvard Concerts. A Hit at the Radicals—English Radicals—Tho Gentle Crusader, Fronde. Wendell Phillips’ Mode o( Lecturing— Private Theatricals—Chil dren’s Parties. CCIio Young- Girls’ Club-—Tho Coming Anniversaries. JVom Our Otm Correspondent, Boston, April 30,1873. After the emall-pox score bed subsided, Bos ton drew along breath of relief, end began to look forward to spring-opouinga and anniversa ries with tho usual complacent emotions; began to puff up with tho old prldo, and give utter ance to tho accustomed pleasant prophecies of approaching felicities end successes; In short, began to show signs of health in tho usual Bos ton brag; when, presto I without herald of warning, a now, grim goblin of disease appears, to which tho physicians givo tho long namo of OEREDRO-SPINAIriIENINOITIB. Tho rural visitor turns up his noso at this long namo, and talks about “ spotted fovor;” hut tho doctors corao in with thoir science, and carry tho day with tho long name, which is a study ih pronunciation to tho uninitiated. T believe, however, it is pretty well set tled that tho disease is only an aggra vated form of hraln-fovor, which is slightly epidemic, but not contagious, and tho result, probably, of tho groat severity of tho winter and spring. A sudden chill and a pain up tho spinal column put tho timid at onco into a fovor of ap prehension, and it Is quite common to hoar tho following bit of confidence moro than onco on a round of morning calls i “ I had a chill, you know, and a dreadful pain in tho back of my nook, and I really,” etc., etc. But all this doesn’t keep tho fair Bostonians from thoir beloved concort-golug In all winds and weathers. Tho most roohercho of thoso aro THE AFTERNOON CONCERTS of the Harvard Society, which nro familiarly opokou of as “Tho Harvard Concerts.” Those take place in Music Hall, and boro, if tho oua shines or tho rains fall outside, tho usual num ber of enthusiastic hearers, most of them fominlno, congregate, and go into .well bred, esthetic raptures over tho classi cal performances. My. Goorgo William Curtis, in tho “Easy Chair” of February,tolls all about these classical Harvard perform ances much bottqr than I can. How tho Bach music is “ tho thing,” and tho Strauss melo dies saorilogo thoro. And how everybody, whether they know anything about thoßaoh music or not, go into “ tho dim and melan choly hall,” on tho “ Harvard afternoons,” and lislon, or protoud to listen, to those classical harmonics. “ Do you boo that old follow with tho pig-tall ?” says Mr. Onrtia, in tho “ Easy Chair,” “ that’s old Wax-Candles. Do you suppose ho cares about Bach ? It is tho fashion to como, and ho comoa. If 'tworo tho fashion to sit on tho State- House stops, ho’d piously seat himself, and look as if ho liked it." And os 1 sat in tho “ dim and melancholy hall,” tho other day, though I think I may say that I did not protend to listen after old Wax-Candies’ fashion, but lent asympathotio oar, I still could not help taking in now and then tho truth of Mr. Cnrtlo’ picture. I didn’t happen to eit where I could eoo Wax-Candloa, hut clirocily in front of mo I am very certain were his daughters. riKE oihls they were, in Tory fine feathers. Hair la Pompa dour, with miraculous bonnets on the top, and otherwise a miracle of stylo aud taste. Put, underneath all that wonderful head-gear, such dreary, weary faces, that I was perfectly sure a Strauss waltz would have chaugcd like magic. Hut thoy sat on minute after minute, little martyrs mat thoy wore, stilling yawns behind their threo-buttonod gloves, and lying to tho littlo dandy in attendance, with all their might, in tho Intervals. “Oh I isn't it lovely ? ” was their invariable exclamation: immediately after which littlo duty thoy would fall into an ani mated nonsensical talk, which had no reference whatever to music, classical or unclaeslcol, but which had ouo merit, —that of heartiness.' It is a hotter sign, however, to simulate an interest in what is over our heads than what is under our foot. Bettor, that is, to have Harvard classical concerts “ the thing ” than “ The Black Crook.” But hero, In modern Athens, everything has tho upward tendency to,such a degree that wo are in a little danger of being taken off our foot alto gether. I remember, last year, when TUB RADICAL CLUB was at its height, watching tbo faces of some of tho nice girls about mo,—nice girls who would poiaist in boring themselves by listening to what a good many older and wiser people couldn’t make head or tail of,dimply because it was‘‘the thing,” or they thought it was, to bo up to this brain-business. And this reminds mo of a remark by ono of these older and wiser ones, which, half in fun and half in earnest as it was, is extremely suggestive of my subject. It was perpretratod by an occasional visitor. “Ihavo just como,” said this visitor, “from .the don of tho unintelligible in pursuit of tho unat-i tainablo." Some of tho Radicals had sufficient sense of humor to appreciate this mot at tholr expense; hut others couldn’t see tho Inn of it at all, and wore, in consequence, a good deal in censed against tho author. I heard, tho other day, a qulto now and inter esting fact concerning Radical thinkers. All verso-readers, of course, aro familiar with tho name of Groonwoll, whoso poems came out hi this country with an introduction by John G. Whittier, a fow years ago. It seonte that THE BROTHER OF HUBS QKEENWELL was a Church-of-Euglaud clergyman, who, be ginning to question tbo established doctrines and dogmas, became at length such a Radical Froo-Thlnkor that ho gave up a lucrative “ liv ing” in his own country for conscience’ sake, and, finding Conservative England too hot for him, or painfully critical and embarrassing, bo como to this country. Bottling In Boston, ho opened a book-store and circulating library on Washington street, in which ho was assisted by his wifo. Very little known, aud with vorv few friends, ho followed this occu pation for two or three years, until, I bollovo, some legacy, or other friendly opening at homo, enabled him to return, without compromising his now views. Tho Radical Club was not then in existence. If it had boon, what a boon such a modest and honest lion would have boon there, and how quickly ho would have found his name famous, Instead of infamous, through that me dium. Evidently Mr. Groonwoll, like some of our intellectual sophists of to-day, didn’t think that he could do more good by remaining In tho Church, and, ton years in advance of his congre gation, gradually drew thorn after him. As an example of manly courage and honesty, Mr. OrecnwoU certainly deserves a crown. Radical ism in tho Church, and out of it, has spread so rapidly In England, within tho last fow years, that to-day this courageous gentleman will find himself in a by-uo-raoano small and unimportant company. . , , . „ . And, in this connection. lam reminded of that very clover ami very reauihlo now book by tho English essayist, w. n. OREO. “Enigmas of Life” Is tho titlo, andJ.R. Os good A Co. bring it out in reprint quite equal, In lottor-pross aud binding, to tho English pub lishers. Some of these essays take up many or tho Radical problems, and show what Radical belief and disbelief thoro is in tho Church of England. Last year or tho year hoforo wo had “ Literary and Social Judgments ” by this author, which, in literary and social ways of thought, was is liberal ami progressive as the present volume. To go fropi therm quiet lions of thought to those who roar moro loudly, let ua say a word ibout THAT CIENTLK OUDBADEn, ITIOUDB. In the lirct rluco, now wo aro on the subject of Itadicals, I wonder if it Is generally known that Fronde, years ago, wrote a nook which was so Badical that it raised a little storm about his oars in England,—a book whose significant title was tho “Nemesis of Faith,” and which ho sup-, pressed later. Ho • wrote also a novel whoso title. X think, was “Morning-Clouds,” and which was merely a vehicle, I hollovo, for some of hid locullnr menu of government and nllglon. But, o come down to the present Froudo. Rumor— that llboral-tonguod dame—says that Mr. 1 rondo, jrcntly disappointed in the reception of binloc ,uroß hero, at length asked the adyloo of Mr. Robert 0. Winlhrop concerning Ida further course. Should ho go or stay? AudMr. Wiuthrop eaid, “ Co.” This advice, it Is said, dolor mined him. The London Times had boon thun dering array at him from tho outset, and many other reasons had urged hie departure, none of which ho bad heeded. So tho fun-lovers to whom this atory cornea, and who will have their joko, talk pleasantly about Mr, Winihrop sending Froudo homo I To rmoak of Fronde now suggests at once Ida friendly antagonist, rniLLira, whom you have had amongst you this winter. Perhaps everybody knows by this tlrao, wbat Is so well known in Boston, that Mr. Phillips never writes a lecture, but, with his subject thought out pretty thoroughly, goes upon tho platform, and, inspired by bis audience and tho moment, elaborates hlfl nubjoct upon that occasion for tbo flrat timo. A first-class ohort-hand reporter does his duty so thoroughly that, laior, Mr. Phillips has tho verbatim copy, of bio glowing words, which ho corrects, or prunes, or adorns, as ho pleases, for future HBO. I heard this winter a good story about hlfl rotontlvonosß of memory in this connection, and which also proves a point in another direction. Ho wont to a neighboring city to deliver a lecture before tbo lycoum. In tbo ante-room It occurs to him that ho haa delivered the looturo in ques tion, at another time, before tho samo lycoum; “ Gentlemen,” ho says, “ I think 1 have given rou this looturo before under a dllforont name, and perhaps you would -prefer another In that case.” “ But you haven’t your notes, Mr. Phillips." “ I never use notes,” rolurni*- Mr. Pliillipa; and thereupon ho gives a list of bin lectures, from which they may choose. They choose the O’Ooin noil lecture. Afterwards, on tho platform, while tho Chairman Is introducing him with the usual : preliminary woixls, Mr. PhllUps whispers to one of tbo gomlomon-commlttoo, “ 1 ou said Tho 0 - Connell lecture, didn't youf" ~ tl , , Comment Is needless upon this, but It reminds mo of an enthusiastic criticism which some ouo mndo upon Mr. Phillips once. “■Wherever ho strikes, bo strikes fire, for ho hlrasolf is pure flarao all through.” , „ , . ’ Outside of tho lectures, and tho clubs, end tho classical concerts, tho PRIVATE THEATRICALS aro having thoir day, and tho players and tho audionco aro having a good time out of them. I went, tho othor evening, to tho Hollis-Stroot Ohapoi—Unitarian,—to see that brightest of cblldron’s books, wbloh older folks appreciate so fully, “Tho William Henry Letters, in a little drama of five scones. Most grown-up pooplo who have children, and a groat many who havou t, havo laughed over those inimitable loiters, which aro tho vohiclo of a real Now England homo story. Tho dramatization ”*and tho acting wore surprisingly good. Tho tendency towards private theatrical is yearly in creasing, and several slips of aristocracy aro said to bo seriously considering tho logitlmato stage as thoir future profession. OiniiDnEN’fl PAUTIEB have boon quite a feature in society this spring, —absurdly brilliant little affairs, where tho small creatures, in ruffled silks, puffed tarlotan, and thread-laces, aro early taught tho follies, but not tho graces, of lifo. It is tho last whim of entertainment to hire a ventriloquist to atnuso tho little guests hi tho intervals of danc ing. Tho kottlo-drum-toa growo in favor for older folk, and bids fair to run lato in tho season, after tho clubs aro over. Tho Young Girls’ Club sooms to bo in tho most thriving condition, just now, of any. A wook or two ago, 001. John Hay carao on from Now York, and road an essay boforoit. In Hay, THE ANNIVEUBAimtS will bo upon us, and tho rural districts will mako a grand show upon tho in tho Public Gordons, and up and down Washington and Tro mont streets. Then wo shall listen to John Wolss and Octavius Frothinghnm, and tho rest of tho disciples of Free Boliglon, in Tromont Tom- Elo. Then wo shall hoar Wendell Phillips raise Is voice in Horticultural and Fauouil Halls on tho labor movement, and tho roar of discussion which will follow; or then wo may go into Musio Hall,—for I suppose, by that time, tho Grand Bazaar will ho a'thing of tho past,—and listen to the decorous soyiuga and doings of tho Unita rians. And so on ad infinitum, through all tho denominational hoys. And thou, perhaps, the thermometer in tho nineties, if wo expect tho experience of last year, thoro will bo a general ilooing from tho summer-wrath to come. But, in the meantime, with tho weeks crammed with the Bazaar-fairings, and all the rest of tho jun ketings, wo shall have plenty to occupy uh, and plenty to brog about. Gahetii. BANYON AND “MONTY.” Etc-Aid. Montgomery Firmly Estab lished in Dogberry’s Court—Who Xlcauties of the Balling System Ex emplified—Slow Uanyou Taken Cnro to Leave No Clue by Which Property Can Bo Wraccd. It ia a disagreeable fact that one cannot invos tigato a certain clasa of offenses without coining ncrosß Justice Bauyon. The reporter who is en trusted with the delicate mission of inquiring Into the truth, or otherwise, of certain allega tions, cannot help it if tho course of his duty brings him face to face with that per son, whether ho will or no. It is a misfortune that is becoming a boro to tho reporters, that every .now and then they find tholr journalistic path blocked by Mr. Banyon. Ho Is always turning up, when least expected, like a 250 pound Jack i’ tho box, and ho is always turning up to his own discredit. It looks llko persecution on tho part of a news paper when it contains oxposis, every week or so, in which tho samo Banyon Is always tho per son exposed; hut tho persecution is really tho other way. It Is Bauyon who Is persecuting tho newspaper. If ho would only stop doing dis reputable things, tho newspaper would bo spared tho painful task of chronicling them. If ho con ducted his court loss llko that of a backwoods Justice, six days’ journey by wagon from any other settlement, and more m accordance with the rules of decency, not to say tho requirements of law, tho newspaper would have nothing to say of Bauyon. But when ho isn’t drunk on tho public streets, when ho isn’t open ly disregarding tho law in his Juatico Court, or violating it in tho Police Court, ho is constantly committing outrages of ono kind or other that subject him to reproof and publicity, and thus' It is that Banyon is invariably persecuting the newspapers. A few days ago, ono Joseph Lutz was brought up, in tho Criraino! Conrt, charged with bur glary. Ho bad boon committed, with ono Jo seph B. Daniels, by Judge Bauyon, sitting as Police Justice for tho South Side, charged with burglary of a quantity of alcohol. The case was fully reported at tho time it occurred, having some features of a peculiar character, tho Justice having hero in made ono of his extraordinary definitions of tho law (as to including tho greater offense in tho looser), that showed snob incredible ignor ance of tbo criminal legislation of this State, and such laxityin bis Court in tho practice thereof, as could not bo passed over without notice. Daniels was bailed out by ox-AJdormau Mont gomery, and tho other sent to jail. Tho attor ney for tho people, not knowing anything as to tho financial condition of Mr. Montgomery, asked to boo tho bail-bond, and to bo satisfied as to tho property to bo secured. Banyon replied warmly to tho effect that he know what ho was about, and that if ho was satisfied with tho bail everybody else must bo. Mr. Montgomery was reputedly r safe security, and if ho (tho Justice) was satisfied nobody had a right to complain. This being, unfortunately, tho law, tho attorney loft, fearing much for tho security of tho ball. Xu e, fow days tho man Daniels absconded. Tho case, Daniels, impleaded with Lutz, be ing called on at tho Criminal Court, Lutz was brought up by tho jailor. Tho State’s Attorney cried out, “ BringlnDan ielshringln—Daniolswhero’oDauielß—fotohalom Daniels I" In his usual abrupt manner j and, ft being explained that Daniels was out on ball, and that Montgomery was in court, tho latter was told he must produce tho man, or forfeit answered that he didn't know whore the man was. Attorney Heed said that bo would have to pay tho amount on tho bail-bond, in that case. Montgomery said ho didn’t tjiluk Mr. Rood would collect that much. Attorney Rood asked how much it was worth. Tho ex-AUlorman guessed that if tho Attorney tried to make anytliiug out of him, it would toko a long time to do it. ... Tho Attorney said ho would do ms boat, and a solro facias was Issued. As nobody knows where tho property of tho ex-Aldermun is situate, and as most people, in cluding himself, say ho lias none, except what ho gains by going bail In Canyon's Court, tho chances of collecting that ball bond aro rogardpd , aH remarkably slim. An examination of tho bond i reveals the fact that Juatico Banyon omitted .. mention of tho property on which tho ox-Alder i man was sworn as bail, and there is no prospect i of anything being done to realize. Meanwhile, the statement la advanced that Montgomery la ball on quite a number of other bonda before Judge Bauyon, and that nomo of those have fail ed, oy nemo inexplicable “accident," to And their way to tho Criminal Court. Banyon ia determined to keep on persecuting tho papers by giving them evil doodfl, illegal deeds, or stupid dooda, to record, until they shall turn around, and, lu revenge, persecute him. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Final Report off tlio Relief Committee of the Independent Order of Odd Fel -1owr»IDow the Contribution* Sent flloro wore Disbursed* I3tc« Wo have received tho advance shoots of tho forthcoming Final Report of klio Relief Oommlt too of tho I. 0. O. F., appointed to receive and disburse relief Bent hero by the fraternity. The • volume, a copy of which is to bo Bent to every lodge or encampment In tho world, la a neat spoc imon of typography, and contains, among other things, a comprehensive account of tho Groat Fire, at tho tlmo of which thoro wore In Chicago twenty lodges of tho I. 0. 0. F., with a tothl membership of over 2,000. Besides, thoro woro six encampments, with a membership of 877, and several Rohokah Degree Lodges. Kino lodges and two encampments, with a membership of 094, woro burnfad out. Tho first appeal to tho j Order for help was made on tho morning of Oct. 10, by E. D. Sherman, of this city, who sent a telegram to James L. Ridley, Grand Secretary of tho Grand Lodge of tho United States, at Phila delphia, tolling him that 1,000 Odd Fellows, with tholr wives and little ones, woro homeless and penniless. A similar dispatch was sent to California. Responses woro at once received from all parts of America lu tho shape of car loads of provisions, remittances of money, cloth ing, etc., with visits by committees to as certain what was needed. Tho Grand Lodge of Illinois hold a mooting ou Oct. 10, appropriated $2,000 to tho Relief Fund, and ap pointed a Relief- Committee, consisting of tho Hon. J. Q. Rogers, J. Ward Ellis, and E. B. Bhorraan. Those gentlemen gave tholr entire time to tho work, and secured tho Fifth Baptist Church as headquarters. They woro greatly as sisted by tho Graud Master of Illinois, Gen. J. O. Smith, and by tho ’Relief Committee of Cin cinnati, Boston, and other cities. From ton to fifteen persons woro employed In tho work of distribution, until April, when relief was given only lu special cases of need. On tbo 23d of March tho Committee determined to rooolvo no further contributions, and all which came after that time, amounting to $0,644.79. woro returned to tho donors. A largo portion of tho report is’ taken up with a detailed statement of contribu tions received. Tho amount of cash received and retained by tbb Committee was as follows: Alabama SIO.OO Nebraska $105.00 Arkansas 202.00 Now Hampshire 700.00 California 14,400.00 Now Jersey.... 2,131.50 Colorado 176.00 Now York 10,025.71 Connecticut,... 3,341.30 Nevada 1,625.75 Delaware....... 1,100.26 North Carolina. 60.00 District of Co- Ohio 2,333.00 Imnbla 835,00 Ontario 1,065.90 Georgia 262.00 Oregon 1,781.01 Illinois 17,032.80 Pennsylvania.. 33,405.30 Indiana 4,803.39 Rhode Island.. 1,405.00 l owa 8,288.13 South Carolina, 10.00 Kansas 1,103.50 Tennessee 054.20 Kentucky 835.89 Texas 27.60 Louisiana 200.00 Vermont 201.00 Lower Prov- Virginia 404.65 inces.D.N.A. 155.36 West Virginia., 1,018.75 Maine 1,050.00 Wisconsin 800.00 Maryland 1,841.50 Now Mexico... 00.00 Massachusetts.. 0,290.48 Europe 238.41 Michigan 100.60 Unknown 60.00 Minnesota..... 011.15 Missouri • 2,406.00 Tho amount of cash r< i Total $107,075.84 returned by tho Commit- too was as follows: California $1,070.77 Now York $ 200.40 Ohio 00.00 Oregon 35.00 Pennsylvania..., 3,030.74 Rhode Island,... 25.00 Houth Carolina,.. 30.00 Tonuuasco 10,05 West Virginia.... 80.00 District of Colm’a 17.00 610.00 00.60 Georgia. Illinois. Indiana, 20.07 108.00 10wa.... Kansas Maryland 117.20 Mnsnaclmuotto ... 150,00 Missouri 82J.05 Total New Jersey 100.00 Tho estimated valuo cash, is as follows: if donation, other than Illinois., Indiana. Kentucky Massachusetts. Missouri. Now Hampshire, Now York Ohio . Pennsylvania. Ithode Island. Unknown.... Total $17,390.00 Tho total araouut contributed in cash and do nations was: Amount of cash retained for relief., Amount of returned Value of donations other than cash Total, To this should bo added not loss than 82,000 os including contributions which wore sent by lodges to the Relief aud Aid Society, and also those which woro sent out not received. From tho report of tho Auditing Committee it appears that 5,773 applications for relief wore received; 28,912 persons wore relieved, averag ing nearly 197 per day, with an average of about 40 applications per day. Tho number of different persons regularly relieved was 8,220; number relieved, 5,000. The Committee, in their report, mako hand some acknowledgments of assistance received from tho officers of tho various railroads enter ing tho city, who almost rniforrnly brought all supplies free, aud also furnished gratuitous transportation to hundreds leaving the city. Tho Committee name W. 0. Clolaud, General Western Passenger Agent of tho Pennsylvania Railroad; F. E. .Morse. General Passenger Agent of tho Lake Snore and Michigan Southern Railroad ; John C. Gault, then General Superintendent of 'Chicago & Northwestern Railroad; J. O. MoMulliu, General Superintendent Chicago & Alton Rail road ; Gen. Lowis Vlole, General Freight Agent, Chicago & Rook Island Railroad: E. St. John, General Passenger Agent of tho same road; and Joseph F. Tucker, General Freight Agent of tho Illinois Central Railroad. -They also acknowl edge generous treatment by tho United States, American, Merchants' Union, and Adams Ex press Companies, in bringing free money and valuable packages. PERSONAL Tho Hon. A. D. Harris, of Louisiana is at tho Sherman House. Cant. Charles 11. Booao, U. 8. A., was .at tho South Side Briggs yesterday. Tho Hon. J. A. Noonan, of Milwaukee, was at tho South Side Briggs yesterday. Tho Bov. L. L. Poaallo, Naporvillo, lowa, was at tho South Bido Briggs yesterday. R. Oowlin, Esq., Mayor of LaSalle, was at tho Mattoson Houso yesterday. O. A. Prescott, Esq., of tho Missouri Blvor, Fort Scott A Gulf Railroad, is at tho Gardner. George H. Parker. Esq., a prominent lawyer of Davenport, iu at the Tromout. 0. 11. Hamilton. Esq., United States Marshal for tho Eastern District of Wisconsin, is at the Shormau House. Mr. MorrisSollora, general agent for the Wost inghouso Air Brake Company, is at the Bhor muu. Hon. J. W. Shoahan is notified that thoro will bo a regular meeting of the Directors of the Public Library to-day, at 8 o’clock. United States Senator William- Windom, of Minnesota, aud family, arrived at the Tromont yesterday morning on route to their homo. Tho following wore at tho Tromont yesterday: Murk Ilannoy, Alt. Pleasant: W. 3'. Woodruff, Conn.: Walter Scott, Bt. Louis; 11. A. Alien, Pitteford, Vt.; IX. M. Worthington/Louisiana. Aid. Ogden saluted tho Mayor yesterday after noon with, 11 How do you do Mr. Mayor? I’m electioneering.” and thou proceeded to show up the merits of Plan No. 8. Tho following wore at tho Gardner yesterday: E. Wood, Irvington. N. Y.; E. F. Pratt, Mil waukee; J. P. Douny, Now York; W. A. Jen kins, Denver, Cal.; John Wasson, Tucson, Arizona; P. 11. Pastor, Milwaukee. Tho following woro tho prominent arrivals at tho South Side IMggs, yesterday: 1. W. Aloycr, Oakland, Cal.; E. Al. Crawford, Now York; 11, Holbrook, Du Bois: E. Frank Field, Boston; J. W. llodofor, Keokuk; J. A. Lohum, Hook ford; L. Duntou, Manchester, Iowa; L. 11. Duncan, Detroit. David O'Hara, Esq., will sail for Europe on Aluy 21, in the Ouimrd steamer Calabria. Ho will leave tho city some time before ho takes his departure for tho old world. Everybody wishes him a pleasant journey and lots of fun. What can they do in Japan without assistance from Chicago ? Mr. P. 11. Chandler, of this city, sailed from San Francisco on April XO, for Joddo, as agent for a firm of railroad contractors, who have m view the construction of twenty miles ofhorso-rallroad track in that distant sub* urb. ' Tho'followinrr worn tho prominent arrivals at tho Matloson House yesterday ? 0. O. Stanch- Hold, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Obarlos 0. Dills, Bos ton s 11. Levy, Newport ? J. D. Collins, Bt. Louis 5 William Collin. Ottawa; 0. Brewster, Jr., Now York; J. J. Hlnraan, Battle Crook. Tbo following wore tho prominent arrivals at tbo Gault Houso yesterday t 11. W. Lamborton, Winonat F. P. French. Cincinnati? A. W.* Man fin, St. Louie ; 11. J.Takonbaob, Columbus Fred Smith, Manchester, N. H.; D. T. Watson, Pleasantvillo, Pa.; 11. F. Mann, Pittsburgh; Garret Brady, Newark; 0. P. Boevs, Ht. Paul. Tbo following woro at tbo Sherman llouso yes terday? Guyo W. Destine, Cleveland; J. 11. Hamilton, Toledo; 0. H. Graham, Haverhill, Mass.; 0. 0. Miller, Tomab. Wls.s J. W. Hoyt, Springfield, Mass.; J, 11. Doss, Madison? L. Bastow. Boston; A. E. Bash, Now York ; L. J. Bose, California; D. M. Weston, Boston. Mr. Harry Hogg, of tbo roportovlal staff of Tun Tribune, was lost evening presented WitU a neat and appropriate gift, loft for him by 001. James 11. Fiunigon. whoso departure for Cincin nati was chronicled some days ago. Tho pres ent was commemorative of tho pleasant limes spout together by those gentlemen, oud was use ful ns well os ornamental. Mn Lovorott Brown, originally a resident of Massachusetts, oud at one lime a citizen of Chicago, died, on April 27, at Indianapolis, of fdouro-pnoumonia. Ho took a prominent part n tho construction of several now railroads in tho ooutral part of tbo State during tbo past four years, and by his honorable and manly dealings won hosts of friends, who mourn his early death. A delegation of tho Directors of tho now Mer chants’ Exchange, of Bt. Louis, visited our Board of Trade yesterday. Tho party consisted of Col. Goo. Knapp, Col. John Knapp, Webb M. Bamuol, D. P. Roland, Goo. H. Morgan, Daniel G. Taylor, J. R. Lionborgor, and Col. James 11. Britton. They.came for tho purpose of Inspect ing our Chamber of Commerce, as a moans of gathering some hints of value in tbo construc tion of tuolr proposed now balL Hammond, tho revivalist, has himself photo graphed in various attitudes of prayer I Justices Field, Miller, and Strong, of tho Su premo Court, will visit Europe this summer. Tho late Senator James Dixon, of Hartford, Ct.. loft a million to bo divided among his four children. Lucien J. Barnes, formerly of St. Louis, has boon appointed Insurance Commissioner of Ar kansas. Tho “Byron secret” is out at last. Ho had a wife, so runs the story, at tho time of his mar riage to Miss Milbank. Parson Brownlow is much bettor; a Knoxville reporter hoard him “rippin* and cussin’” tho other day just as natural aa over. William A. Wallace, for ton years a Senator in Pennsylvania and loader of. tho Democracy, has taken his reword in tho shape of tho Vico Pres idency of Tom Scott’s Southern Pacifio Rail road. Horny Wotloraon, tho editor of tho Louisville Couriei'-JoumaL baying settled up all tbo littlo diflicultios in Kentucky, and elsewhere, which have conaplrod to mako journalism in tho South* west lively this winter, is about to march off tho Hold with flying colorß..nnd take a six months’ furlough in Europe, sailing on tho 14th of Hay, with his wife, babies, and all. Judgo W. E. lofllngwoll, of Lyons, lowa, who after all, does not defend Stokes, has had a re markable career as a criminal lawyer in capital oases. Ho baa defended sixty-five murderers, not ono of whom waa copitally convicted, though four woro sent for vorioua tonne to tho peniten tiary. Four of tho caaoa woro ladlea for taking into tholr own hands tho subject of divorce and murdering tholr husbands, lie baa at the pres ent time briefs In throo mardor oases. Gonoral Manager Dovoroaux, of tho Lake Shore lino, who has accepted tho Presidency of tho Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indian apolis Railroad, will probably bo succeeded by Hr. Paine, who now holds a subordinate position in tho Lake Shore Company. Tho operations of tho road will probably bo superintended by ono of tho Directors, Mr. Stone, who will bo known as the Managing Director. —Buffalo Courier, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps oamo up to Boston from her homo at Andover, Inst Monday, to road a paper, on “ Dross Reform" before tho Woman’s Club. Her looks are a flat contradiction of her writings, which seem to represent her as a vi vacious, hcnlthfulperson. overflowing with hope. Bo ■ on tho contrary, she is frail, sallow, and vf 111, and wears not a bright tint in all her chnkumo to give it a cheerful gleam. —Boston Times. .$7,044.70 $1,055.00

150.00 1,805.43 4.100.80 60.00 787.05 30.00 0,170.00 16.00 47.00 100.00 Tlio wife of Lieut. Albion llowo, ono of tho slain officers, is a daughter of Gen. Barry, and lias relatives in this city. Wo nro informed that when the Lieutenant was called from his post on Maro Island, noor San Franolsco, Mrs. llowo wont over to tho city and mado her homo.with tho wife of Capt. Evan Thomas, to whoso com pany Lieut. Howo belonged. Now they oro both mado widows together. —Buffalo JZxprcus. Liout.-Col. Fred. Grant, who Is spending a few days in Washington, entertained a small circle of frionds last evening with an interesting account of hia travels in Europe, particularly re garding social lifo among tho distinguished fam ilies ho was presented to. Ho contrasted tho formalities of tho continental customs with tho* republican manners of this country. His de scriptive powers are very good, and, if tho Presi dent could command words as readily as his .$107,076.84 . 6,044.70 . 17,800.00 .$131,120.63 oldest pon, ho would never bo accused of mak ing short speeches.—iSVto York JfcvaldrWash ington Bispaich. NORTH FRANKLIN STREET, 0 Xiao Owner® of Property Opposed to Cutting Through from Division to Siegel Street* A meeting was hold at No. 395 Division street, yesterday evening, for tho purpose of testing tho feelings of those property-owners who will he financially affected by tho proposed opening of Franklin street, from Division to Siogol street, a distance of ihroo blocks. An ordinance au thorizing tho improvement, introduced by Aldor- Lougachor, Is now ponding before tho Council. Sir. Sullivan was chosen Chairman, Ho said ho was opposed to tho opening of tho street, and believed that a majority of tho property-owners coincided with him. Tho number of those who favored it was very small, and was composed principally of men who would mako comer-lots by it at tho expense of others. Ho had spokou to Alderman Longaohor about the ordinance, and was informed that tho matter would not bo pressed unless a majority of tho people were in favor of it. The Alderman would not disclose tho names of tho persons who woro at tho bottom of tho ao-callod improvement. Tho business of tho mooting was to appoint commit tees to prepare a remonstrance ami procure sig natures to it. Active work was needed, as tho document should bo presented to tho Council on Monday night. Tho opening of tho street would coat $76,000, and perhaps more, and If tho peo ple could afford to pay that amount of money without getting any return, and wore willing to do it, ho would sink his objection, and go In with them. There being no speakers, it was moved that a vote bo taken on tho question of opening tho street. Tho feeling of tho mooting was pretty thor oughly indicated by a unanimous and prolonged shout in tho negative. „ , , Messrs. Sullivan, Horn, Stock, and Probst wore appointed a Committee to prepare a re monstrance. Tho following persona wore aolootod to call upon property-owners and ask them for their signatures: Division street, Messrs. •Walsh, Dodrlok, and Horn; Granger street, Messrs. Cudmore, Hein, pud Barry : Goolhe street, Messrs. Hawthorn, Nich olas, and Carry ; Siegel street, Messrs. O’Leary, Proust, and MoForlano. , , . , , Tho above Committees wore Instructed to hunt for names to-day and to-morrow, and nieot at the residence of air. Probst, No. "90 Slegol street, at 7 o’clock to-morrow evening, whoro tboy will find tho Remonstrance Committee. The mooting then adjourned. To Arteelan-Woll Borers. By reference to tho advertising column* will bo found tho call of Mr. W. J. Barker, Chairman of tho Committee on Water for Irrigation, of tho Common Council of Denver, Col,, for proposals for an artesian well In that city. The bids aro to bo for a well 3,000 feet in depth, provided that flowing water is not ob tained at Bless depth, six Inches In diameter, and cased. Twenly-flvo per ceut la to no paid when each 400 foot la sunk, and the balance when tho contract U completed. Bidder;, must state the rate per each 100 feel, and give bonds for tho folthful prosecution of tho work. California Sunday Train. The through Pacific Express train for Council Bluffs, Omaha, Ban Francisco, and all other Far West points, will leave tho Wells street Depot of tho Chicago & Northwestern Hallway at 10:15 n. m., Sunday, May 4, lU7B. Through tickets via Chicago. Burlington fc Quluoy and Chicago, Rock Island & I’aoiflo Railways will bo good on this train. IS HE A MURDEUEIU A Yon tiff fflnn IHalcon ConfoMion of tlio IHimtor oC n nintor-in-Lnw In €3or nmny*«BDoTrlDo Was Referred by One Official to Another* anil Finally Ola* appeared* Tho fact that there are already a goodly num ber of murderers confined in tbo County Jail may, In tho absence of a boitdr reason, bo bold accountable for tho peculiar action of tbo jailor under tho very peculiar circumstances narrated* below. Yesterday morning a hnggard faood, sunkon-oyod Teuton, whoso fur tive, balf-frigbtonod glance, and gener ally woo-bogottoa appearance,! would hardly fall, in nino cases out of ton, to excite tho observer’s pity, called upon tbo Town Col lector of tho South Bido and asked to bo directed to a State court. Tho Town Collector put him on the track of Judge Williams, and at tho court of that gentleman tho Qorman noon presented himself. Ilia talc was brief, but contained a revelation that must have startled oars which, for tho lost throe weeks, have boon kept sacred to hearkening unto civil suits, and in whoso re cesses but a faint echo, if any, remains of tho vernacular of the Criminal Court, with Its potty larcenies, assaults, and other equally vulgar trespasses. If tho Judge was startled, ho was not interested, when tho man opened his heart to him and told tho secret which wasknawing into Ids brain and making him tho miserable man bo looked. Calmly and quietly, with hut an occasional halt as tho remembrances of bis horrible crime crowded too fast from tho recesses of bis memory, ho confessed tho mur der of his sister-in-law in Germany: told how bo had done it, why ho had done it, whore ho bad done It, and how, shadow-Uko, tho memory of his arimo lingered and clung to him, ringing iu his oars tho last words of his victim: pictur ing to Ids eyes her last look. Quietly and calm ly, without a waver, ho told Ida humble story, andwith an equal quiet and calm that must bavo astonished tbo poor follow, tho Judge referred, him to str. O’Hara. “No Jurisdiction,” decided tho Chancery Judge, and tho repentant killer of Ida wife’s sister was allowed to try again. Qo did so. Tho jovial faco of Mr. O’Hara looked a • kindly welcome as ho hoard tho story, and, with tho Innatoprnotlcallty of a Scot, ho roforrod him to Mr. Foltz, tho jailor. To him tho still re pentant criminal repaired, and told his talc., with tho samo frankness ho bad hitherto shown. Foltz wouldn’t bavo anything to do with him, and ho wont off, inwardly* wondering what sort of a country ho had como* to, whoro a confession of one of tho most horrl-* bio of crimes results only In a conplo of refer ences to other parties, and a final intimation that" ho had bettor go about his business, H Tbo most interesting part of tbo wbolo thing is that not one of tbo parties bo interviewed had tbo gumption to ask tbo man bis name, so that-? now tbo wbolo known facts of tiio case are that l a young German, apparently about 80 years of ago, name unknown, confessed a murder yostcr-'* day to a Judge, a Criminal Court Clerk, and a * jailor, and then quietly walked out of tho Sher iff's office, and was lost In Clark street ami ob-. livion forever. . . CIRCUS AND MENAGERIE. MOHM7, Mil 12, AND NOT UNTIL THEN. Tie Great Foieiail Sfc 1,000 MSN AND HORSES. Five Mammoth Tents. TWO ENOEMOTI3 MENAGERIES, A Double Circus and Two Magnificent Mu seums, will exhibit at Chicago ONE WEEK ONLY, as follows: WEST BIDB-Tlonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. May 12,13,14 and 15, corner Madison and Eliza both-ats.; and SOUTH SIDE, corner State and Twonty-soooud-hts., two days only, Friday and Saturday, May 10 and 17, after noon and evening. See luturo announce ments, programmes, &o. Wait For It. ADAM FOBEPAUGII, Proprietor. TENTS. TBKfTS For Baloohoap? 000 Wall, Houso, and Hold iilota, mostly now, and In Arst-clans ardor. suitable for Kinlltrutlim, Ffimulo' going Weal, Colonization Societies, Railroad IlnUcUnjr Parlies, Lumbermen, Hiacrmon, Hunters, Statu RimsCaiup-Mootliigß, Ac. Jnsl rocolvcd, and with other kinds of Quartermaster and Ordnanoo {.Lores, to bo .old cboap. 0 „ ppmooTTi Gurammoiit Goods Depot, ins nml 107 Kant Laho-aj.. Chicago, Til- SALVE. All Itlrrht Salvo for Burns, Bulls, CORNS! DR. STF.PIIF.NS. iaiDoarhornst.s S6 conti OHROMO, 3STBW OEIH-OlvlOa ENTITLED TEE CONVALESCENT, Given to caob ouatomor by tbo GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA COMPANY, 116 West Wftßhlngtun-at.. 133 Twonty-gccoml-st. GOAL AND WOOD. 0. H. DYER & CO., Corner Wabasb-av. and Madlson-nt., dealers In all kind* of Fuel. Illinois Coal per ton, delivered, S3; Kirkland Grato Goal (beat Indiana) por ton, delivered, $8.60; Wa bash Goal (Indiana Bituminous) por tun, delivered, SB.M. Hard Goal and Wood of all kinds always on hand. MISCELLANEOUS. DiiM Ho. 2, TenMa tar* Co. .Oluvelakd, 0., April 25, 1873. Notice Is hereby given that, by orJor of tho Probate Court, a dividend of five (B) per cent, payable on and after May 8, 1873, at the National Olty Hank of Olovolond, ha# boon declared to tho creditors of tho Toulonla Inaur once Company of Cleveland, who have proved tholr claims according tolarr. Dividend order* can I >o joVj P^V HITKI AW Aeelguuo Toulonla Insurance Co. NOTICE T* hereby given that application ha* boon made to tho Atlantic ana PacUlo Telegraph Company for tho rolesuo of tho following certificates of Block, tbo originals having been lost, mislaid, or destroyed: Fob. 24, ltx)9. No. 703:16 shares. F.b.No. JOnM onEnAlt . BAELOW’S INDIGO BLUE In tlie oheanofd. and boat article In tho market (or BLUE ING OLOTIUiS, Tho genuine has both Barlow's and Wlltborgor’s names on tho labol. and la nut up at Wihborgor's Drug Store, No. 233 North Bocond-et., Philadelphia. „ D. H. WILTUUimUB, Proprietor. JIT* For aalo by Qrocors and Uruggluta. WILLIAM A. HARMS, Provldunoo, R. 1., Builder of the HARRIS-00RLISS ENGINE, ■With Harris’ Patented Improvement*. Send for Olrou lars. STOCK-HOLDERS’ MEETINGS. Stockholders’ Meeting. NoUoo is hereby given that tho annual mooting of tho Stockholders of Ohlongu South Branch Book Company, for tho election of Directors of said Company, will bu hold at tho cifilco of said Company, No. M 3 \V abaab-av., In thn UUj of Chicago, ot W a. in., A. D. Boofotary_of Chicago Booth Brandi Dock Company FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OB’ FIACTIOML CmiCY FOR BALE AT TEIBUNE OFFICE. AMUSEMENTS. MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. MAX MARETZKK DinEOTOU LUOOA^KELLOGG Grand Italian Opera. FOUR BKHITS ORLY, ABD SATURDAY MATINEE, Commonfling Monday, Mnyß. Farewell appearance of' Udrone's GREATEST LYRIC TRAGEDIENNE, 3g».A.TT3CjiX3Xra3 XjTJOOA. Last appearance previous to her departure for Kuropo of America's fnvorllo Prime Donna, • CL AKA LOUISE KELLOGG. Monday—LUCCA .777777777, FAUST Tuesday—ltULLO (3 (3 MARTHA Wednesday—LUCCA«KUl,l,o(l< 4 MH4NON rrldny-I.UC'CA-ICUIiTiOtIU-DON HIOVANNI. Saturday—FARUWISLL LUCCA MATINEE. REGULAR PRIORS OP ADMISSION. Admission, 93. Reserved Hcalsln Flr-f Balcony, 91 ex tra. Reserved Heats in Orchestra and Orchestra Circle. »‘J extra. Admission to Second Ilnlcony, sl. Reserved Boats In Second Balcony, f>o oonta oxl rn. Tho onto of seats for single nights commenooa THIS MORNING at Box 011100. HOOLEY’S THEATRE. BEST 1 COMPANY IN AMERICA. Saturday, Mny R, 1878, ATTRACTION EJCTUAORDI NARY. Grand Matlnoo at 2 p. in., for tho laittlmo, Bardotra boat play, ipirotj - ifirotj.. Saturday Night, tho powerful drama of . Slow ioic- Blow. Monday, May C—RISKS. ' STAR LEOTURE COURSE. KOBBBT OOLLYBB Will toll his Groat Story about “Our Folks and Other Folks,” NEXT TUESDAY NIGHT, closing tho second Star (Journo. Tickets lor salo at Dyoho A Co.’s, oor. Halr.leu and Madison ala., and Boll’s, 4?5 Madison st., cor. Sbol don. Admission, Guo: Reserved Boat. 2fia extra. CARPENTER A SHELDON. Managers. NIXON'S. MONDAY EVENING, April 28. during the week, and at Wednesday and Saturday Matineci, the world-famous Character-Artiste, McKEE and ROGERS, Supported hy their Groat VAUDEVILLE COMBINATION, Immensely stronglhnucd for thoir .engagement In this CU,. HU,.. j;i, a .otj 0 t j H A C.n.y bu ftlc. A . t n, mA. AIKEN'S THEATRE. MANAGER Mr. lIARRY O. CLARKE. ONE WEEK ONLY, commencing Monday, April 38, also, Wednesday and Saturday Matlncoa, tho GREAT ARTISTE, MRS. G. O. HOWARD, Will appear in hor Original and World-ronowned'charnc tor of TOPHY, In tho celebrated American drama of TJNCLE TOM’S CABIN, Supported by a powerful company. MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. Monroo-st., between Dearborn and Stato-sts. Arlington, Cotton & Kenffle’s Minstrels. LAST WEEK OP THE BEASON-MOndar, April 28. bcuofit of BILLY RICE. Tho laagbablo burfosauo of JOHN SHEPPARD AND JOSEPH BLUKSKIN. Mnokln and Wilson In thoir Inimitable Bongs and Dances. 'Tho Modoo Question-Quiet Lodglftgu—Tho Three Graces—Vocal Quartette. Every evening and Sat urday Matinoo. _ . . _ , „ Next week—Tho Kitty Blanchard Putlosquo Company. MoYIOKER’S THEATRE. Last week of tho Popular Aotor, Mr. Mark Smith, Every evening and Saturday Matinee, tho beautiful and picturesque play entitled ONE HUNEKED YEARS OLD, Jnqhoa Fauvol Mr, Mark Smith. As played by him for over two months, at tho Union Square Theatre, N. Y. Next week—GRAND ITALIAN OPERA. ACADEMY OF MUSIO. Monday Evening, April 28, and Wednesday end Saturday Matinees, LITTLE NEL X. 1 THE CALIFORNIA DIAMOND, and hor ontlro Com pany, In tho groat sensation, FIDELIA, Tho Fire Waif. Including tho Great Firo Scene. Galvanic Battery, and NUro-OLvcorinu nommllon. GLOBE THEATRE. SATURDAY MATINEE AND EVENING, •WrHITIB B-A-GKILE MT.RS KATIE BSTEXIjB. OCEAN NAVIGATION. ALLAN LINE HmHea Dseau Steaasbic Co. First-class Stoamsliips, Unsunmfsod for Speed and Comfort, running on the Shortest Sea Routes between EUROPE AND AMERICA RATESOF PASSAGE: CABIN at low as by any othor FIRST-CLASS LINKS. Kotum lickots at great reduction, STEERAGE TiokoU oithor to or from Europe, also at lowest rates, and through to point* In the West lower ‘"‘° b, "l h “ tlln &ri3 0 F TOE1CIIT: Tariff arranged on all classes Morchandiao from Liver pool or GIaagowTJIROUGII to Chicago. For othor information, or freight contract*, apply attho Company's OtUoo, 72 and 74 Laaalle-st. ALLAN A 00., Agents. FOE. EUROPE. INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. WUUall from Now York as follows; CITY OF BALTIMORE Thursday, May A 8 P. M. CITY OF MONTREAL Saturday, May 10, 3 P. M. CITY OF BRISTOL Thursday, May 16. 8 A. M. CITY OP BROOKLYN......Saturday, May 17, 10 A. M, And eaoh succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 45, North Hivor. Cabin Piußiigb, 885 anil 8100 Gold* Steerage, to British Ports SBO.OO Currency. Hloorage, to Gorman Ports 85.00 Currency, Steerage, to Bremen or Scandinavian Ports .... 88.00 Gnrronoy. SIGHT DRAFTS forsalo at low rates. FRANCIS O. BROWN, Gonoral Wostom Agent, 80 South Morkot-st., Chicago. GUNAEB HAIL LINE, ESTABLISHED 1840. Steam Between Now York, Boston, and Liverpool FROM NEW YORK: April 001 Abyssinia ..Slay 7 llatavla . May 141 Oalabrla And from Doatoa every Tuesday. Cabin Passage, 880, 8100 and 8130, Gold Excursion Tickets at Reduced Rate*. Steerage Passage. S3O oarronov. Passongors and freight booked Co and from all parts of Europe ut lowest rales. BlghbOraftson Great Ilrlloln, Ireland, and tbo Continent. P. 11. 1)0 VitlUjiST, Gcn'l Wesrn Agent. N. W, our. Clark and Raudolplnsts. Cubs...i Scotia.. Algeria. Sailing twice a week (ram Now York, and carrying pat* nenyms to all parts ot Great llrltalu, Ireland, Continental Kmucf. ami tno Mediterranean. Cabin from if Go; Htocr ago, ItiiuNh and Irish ports east. Bboj west. SB3. Conti timital purts tame as other rtiMUlarllnes. All payable In U. H. currency. Apply for fall information at the Cum* pany's offices, No, 7 Rowling Green, Now York, and N. E. corner LaSalle and Madison sts., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Aconta. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, DEL* FAST AND LONDONDERRY. These elegant new steamers will sail from Slate line Pier. Fulton Ferry. Brooklyn, N, Y, asasfollwit PENNSYLVANIA, 3,600 tons ;W n0 l ,U * GEOROIA, S.tCMtons. .Wodntaday, VIRGINIA, ‘i.WO !«>«...,r-n 18, rn,UU.UUy UuHUIMr. toSISw. N.'V. Stesrage office, 46 Broadway, N. V. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL m DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. Winter Arrangement. KXPiiAKATroN or Rkfkhf.ncr MAnns.— t Saturday ex> copied. * Sunday oxcoptod. 1 Monday excepted, 1 Ar rive Sunday at 8 :U0 a. m. 6 Daily. MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT . Depot, foot (if fAikei it . firm f( Itcket ojjlce, 76 coi ifail (tin main ami Mr 1in0)...... Jay Kxproas dnokann Accommodation AtlAtitlo Express Night Kxprnta IN DIANAI’OLIH VIA I'EIIU UOAD. Mull rißltt ICtprOHR.. □ HAND ItAPIDB AND I'F.HTWATEU. darning Express.,.,.,., S’lght Kxproai... ilifiNUY O. WKNTV General Pasaom CHICAGO & ALTON RAILROAD. Chlrngn, Afjon rft .tf. fault Through Line, nn i.l/n.) neic thort route,from Chlervjolo Knn*m )epot, Weel Side, near HadUon-el, bridge. St. Louis A Rprlnftflolrt Express, via Main Lino, *0:168. m. Kamos Oily last Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and Luuisl. •no, Mo. •Oslßtt. m. >Vononn, Lacon. Wnslilnulun lux* _press (Woatarn DlvMon.) * 4:top. m, Jollol A Dwight Accomn'dallon. * 4:10 p, m, St. Louis A Hprlnßlinltt Llßlilnlng Express, via Main Lino, ami also via Jacksonville Division. U9:oop. m. Kansas City Express, via Jack sonville, 111., A Louisiana, Mo,. Jefferson City Express....,,, Peoria, Kooknk A Burl’n fix, BiDally, Tin Main Lino, mid daily oicopt Saturday, t!» Jacksonville) Division, tt Dally, via Main Lino, and dally except Monday, via Jacksonville Division, CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE 6 Sf. PAUL R/ Union Depot, corner Jfadiaon nml Chnnlwf*.; Leave. Arrive, Milwaukee. St. Paul A Minneap olis Day Kinross * 9:00 a. m. 17:20 a. tn. Mllffaukoo * Pralrio du dues Mall and Express.. *4:3 op, m. *ll:2oa.m. Milwaukee. Bt.Pnul AMlnnoap oils Night Express + 9:00 p. m. *6:oop. ra. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON & QUINCY RAILROAD. Depali—Font qf Lnke-st., Indlana-no,, and Sixteenth-it., and Oinal nml Slxlcevth-ili, Ticket office in Briggs House and al depot! Leave, Arrive, Mall and Kinross • 7:45 n. ra. • 4,15 p. tn. Dnbuquoand Sioux City Kip.... * 9:toa. m. * 2slop. tn«| PaoltloFaat Lino *10:00 a. tn. * 8:16 p. m. Galesburg Passenger * 8:15 p. m. * 0:00 p, mi Mnndota A Ottawa Passenger... • 4:20 p. m. • 9:66 a. m. Aurora Paßsongor * 1:45 p. tn. * 0:16 a. m. Aurora Pnitiengor * 6:30 p. m. * 8:65 a. m. Aurora Passenger (Sunday) 1.00 p.m. 9:66 a. m» Dubuque A Sioux City Kip f 9:00 p. in. 1 7:00 a. m. Paolllo Night Express rlliOOp. ni. 16:00 a. m,' Downer’s uroro Acoommodnliou *11:00 a. m. * 6:60 p. tn. Duwuor’s Grnro Accommodation * 6:16 p. m. * 7:15 a. m. Otlftwa and Btroator Passenger.. 7:45 o. m. 8:00 p. tn. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot of Lake-st, and foot of 7V<nitM«ond-»/. Ticket Office, 75 QsnaNif., corner of Madison, Leave, Arrive, St. Louis Express.... * 7:80 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. Bt. Louis Fast Lin0..... t 8:1Ku. in. * 7:65 a. m.’ Cairo Mall • 7:80 a. m. • 9:00 p. m. Cairo Kinross f 6:15 p.m. * 7:66 a. m. Springfield Express * 7:30 a. in. * 9:00 p. m. Springfield Express,.., + R;lsp. m. * 7:66 a. ra. Dnbuquo A Sioux City Ex * 9:16 a. m. * 2:00 p. m. Dnbuquo A Sioux City Ex t 9:00 p. tn. * 7:00 a. m. ••Oilman Passenger • P:lsp. m. • 9:00 a. u. Hyde Park and Oak Woods * fi:loa. m. * 6:48 a. tn. IlydePnrkand Oak Woods • 7:19 a. m. * 7:46 a. m. Hydo Park and Oak Woods 6 9:00 a. in. * 8:40«. m. Hyde Park and Oak Woods $12:10 p. tn. • 9:00 a. m. Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... 1 RjOOp, ra. {10:30 a. ra. Hyde Park and Oak W00d5,...... * 4:80 p. ra. 4 1:45 p. m 4 IfydoPorkand Oak Woods • SJBp. m. • 6:20 p. m. Iff do Park and Oak Woods • 6nop. m. • 6:65 p. m. Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... *11:00 p. m. 1 7:33 p. m. •’Cn Saturdays this train will be run to Champaign. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. 2'ieket office, 31 Ultrt Madison-st, Leave, Arrive. PaelfloFaatLlno..... *10:16 a. tn. • 3:45 p. m. Dnbuquo Day Ex. via Clinton.... 10:16 a. m. 8:45 p. m. Pacific Night Exprois tl0:l6p. ra. 4 6:30 a. in. Dnbuquo Night Kx. via Clinton.. 10 it ap. n,. o.uo a. iu. ProoportADubuquo Express *9:16 a. ra, * 2:00 p.m. Frooport A DubuquoExpress..... • 9:15 p. ra. * 7:00 Milwaukee Alai) * 8:00 a. ra. *10:15 a. in. Milwaukee Express * 9:30 a. tn. * 4:00 p. in. Milwaukee Passenger... * 6:00 p. tn. * 7:40 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger (dally) {11:00 p. ra. 4 6:00 a. m. Green Day Express 9:40 a. m. * 7:16 p. m. Bt. Paul Express *10:10 a. m. 6.00 p. m. Green Bar Express,. * 0:110 p. in. * 0:20 a. in. Bt. Paul Express... 10:30 p. ra. + 0:69 a. tn. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, corner of Harrison and Sherman-lit, Ticket office, 83 U’cit .UuJi»on-if. Leave. Arrive. Omaha,LoaTOQ'w’thAAtcbisenEx *10:16 a. m. * 8:16 p. ra. Peru Accommodation * 6:00 p. m. * 6:80 a. ra. Night Express +10:00 p. in. t 7:00 a. m. Leavenworth A Atchison Express Tl0:00p.m. j 7:00 a, m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, corner Jtarrhon and SJurman-its, Ticket offices, northwest corner Clark and Handolph-sts,, and southwest corner Canal and .l/nJiron-sts, Leave, Arrive. Mail, via Air Lino and Main Line * 6:40 a. m. • 9£op. ra. Special Now York Express, via Air Line * 9:00 a. tn. * 8:00 p. m. Atlantic Express, via Air Lino.. 6:15 p.m. 8:00 a. m. Night Express, via Main Lino,... *|9:oop.ra. *10:30 a. m. ElkhartAocomniodatlun * 3:40 p. ra. *10:10 a. m. South Chicago Accommodation.. 12:00 m. 1:60 p.m. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAI raiitngtr Depot at P., C, <&St, Louie Depot, eo nol and Kinvle'th. Freight and Tiektt ofiee 163 Watldngdot Mall * 7:40 u. m. * 1:40 p. tn. Evansville A Torro llauto Ei.... * 7:00 p. m. t 7:30 a. in. PITTSBURGH. FORi WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Kinr055........... Pacific Express Fast Lino Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO BOBELI.1t.) „ , _ Depot comer JfaUted nmf A*wr/A Jlranch-ets. General optce 16 .IfrfropoNfan Block, corner Jtandolph am! LaSalle-stt. Roselle Accommodation..... River Park Accommodation, lllvor Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE, VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. iVoin the Great Central Jlaitroad Depot, foot of For through tiekelt ami sleeping-car berthi apply at I'ic'.-et ojtiee, 76 C'anal-if., eomer itadtson} 120 jytmont House, corner Congress-si. and2llehlaan-av.; also j'oot of Tteenty-ieconu-tt. Leava Chicago .. Arrive at Indianapolis . Arrive at Cincinnati Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman sleepers on night trams. . DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. • The partnership heretofore existing between the sub scribers under the ilrm name of Sayre, Gilmore AOo., Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All dobts duo and owing said firm aro to bo paid to Henry Sayre, (Signed) Jl. BAYPS. 1 “ ' FRANKLIN GILMORE, EDWARD W. THOMPSON. Chicago, 111., Mayl, 1873. Tho undersigned will continue the Wholesale Tea Dust* □obs, under the lirmasmo of bam, Thomuson A Co., at 11 ‘ nJ “ 8 °" lU W *“ r - t> TiioM^bN. JJISSOLDTIOX. The copartnership heretofore existing botwoeo John Jones and Peter Horn Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Tho business vrlll bo continued by Fetor Horn, at tho old stand, 119 Doarborn*st. Chicago, Mr.yl, 187 H. .May 10 .Mnjr 17 .May 21 MEDICAL. CARDS. DR. 0. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PIIYBIOIAN, 464 State-st., Chicago. It Id wall known by all roadcrnof ihe papery, that Dr. O. Bigelow is the oldest established physician In Chicago. Science ami experience have made Dr. 11. the most re* nownod SPECIALIST of the age. honored by the press esteemed of the highest medical attainments by;all the medical Institutes of the day, haring devoted TW LNI V VICARS OF lIIK LIFE la perfootJryr rawed os that will cure pusltholy all cases of OIIIIONIO AND SPECIAL DISEASES la both soioa. nanmna CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladles and gentlemen. Call. LURHLSI ONDLNOL CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. 0. HIUKLOW. No. <t)l Stati st. NO OUKIi! TJy, Yoon NO PAY !! • -Ca-t/CJ/U., 800 South Clork-st., Chicago, Mor bo oonfl.lonll.llr ooniiilto.l, por.ou.lly or by m.U. «f ohnriro. on all olmmlo or nervous diseases. Ir ¥m J* KEAN I# the only physician In the city who war rants cures or no pay. Ottfce hours from «a. »u. to S p.m. Tr»t*- *E l O“W'!KrS&3E32STIO, IC3 SOUTH OLARK-BT,, Continues to onro all Uhronlo, Nervous, and Urinary Diseases of hath sexes, and may bo confidentially con suited, personally or by mall, free of charge, honult ilUllcuUlc* treated with safety and success. Ilia Msdical Treatise to ladles and gontlumou sent free. lm ® “E? O 3ST 3E3 „ OoDfldentlalPhyalolftn, 113 W.MadUon*Bt, Chicago,lll,* (A regular graduate In medicine) euros all ohronlo and '•Special Diseases,” of both suxes, at reasonable prices. Medicines furnished. No mercury used. Consultation free, itorßonallym'bynmil. Cures guaranteed. All “femaledlf boultlos'' treated with safely and success, Circulars (res. WESTERN RAILROADS r oot of rtf*nlu-ttcond-tl truer t\f Sfadlton. Arrive, Leave, • BH5p. nt. * B:D0p. m. (10:30 a. in. 4 8:00 a. re. 1*0:80 ft. m, • BißOft m. * B:l)0ft. m. « SiOTp. in. 4 s:lfi p. in. T*8:00p. m. •B:4ftp. ra. .*6:Boft m. 8:00 p. m. *8:00 ft. ro. * fiiiWn. re. 10:10 p. re. P.oon. m. 10:10 p. re. rORTII, ter Agent. nrl fautelanm City. Union Arrive, Leave. * 8:10 p. m. ' 8:10 p. m. • 8:10 p. m. * 9:4 oft. m. U7:80 p. m. tiliftOa. in. It? :80 a. m. * 8:10 p. m. ISitW p! in. I* 0:00 r. m. MLWAY. JVc*el o£ l<# ILROAD. interop Ca- Arrive. Leave. /.nice, 1 0:00 a. m. i ‘ 55:10 p. m. 4 i t*9:oop. m. t 1 • 4:53 a. m. • 1 * 3:40 p. m. * : 7:30 p. m. i 6:30 a. m. r' * 6:10 p. m. 1 8:60 a. m. Leave. Arrive. 6:00 a.m. 9:10 a.m. 6:16 a.m. 10:51 a.m. 8:30 p.m. 7:21 p.m. • 8:00 a. m. • 4:20 p. m. • 9:30 p. m. 8:00 p. in. 3:50 a. m. 9:16 a. m. JOHN JONES, PKTBR HORN.

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