Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 3, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 3, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMERCE. MONETARY. Frmut Eveniho, May 9, Money continues to work easy id this market, and now that lako navigation ban boon resumed, there Booms every reason to expect that it will continue so and that business willt»ocomo more active. In anticipation of tlio movement of produce to tho Eost, exchange hi turning in favor of this city and against Now York, and this usually indicates a tendency la funds to accumulate hero. Tho price was artificially de pressed yesterday by tbo sottlomontof tho option trades in tho grain trade to ?5o per SI,OOO dis count, but reacted to-day to Its normal price, which for tbo present is about par. Tho tendency, howovor, Is downward, aud tbo prospects are that It will gradually decline so as to cause cur rency to flow back to this city from Now York. There woro some orders from the country to-day for considerable amounts of currency which are probably required to move tho grain of tho Northwest. Tho Fifth National Bank of this city has de cided to Increase its capital stock SBOO,OOO, which, addod to iho present capital of $600,000, will make SBOO,OOO. Tho present surplus of tho bank is $126,000, and tho now stock to bo sub scribed by iho present stockholders is to bo paid for at 126, thus making an addition of SBOO,OOO to capita)' and $76,000 to surplus. Tho Cook County National Bank has moved into its now and splendid office on tbo north west corner of Dearborn aud Washington •treats. THE BROKEN BANKS. Tho Comptroller of tho Ourrouov recently de clared a-dividend of 26 per cent in favor of tho creditors of the Scandinavian National Bank of this city which is boiug paid now. Tho assets of tho bank do not, howovor, seem to“panout” very well, and whilo it is understood that they will eventually pay tho depositors In full, there isiiomoaua of 'knowing when tho rout will bo Said. Tho Comptrollerlias also declared a divi oud of 82 per cent to tho creditors of tho Una dllio. National Bank of Now York, and has di rected iho Bocoivor of the Eighth National Bank of Now York to make a requisition of 64 per cent upon tho shareholders of that bank to supply tho deficiency required for the full payment of tho creditors. A small requisition is also to bo made upon tho shareholders of tbo Farmers’ and Citi zens’ National Bank of Brooklyn, for tho samepur poao. Tho latest detailed statement of the affairs of tho Atlantic National Dank of Now York shows that it has available assets in tbe sbapo of cash, bonds, exchange, and bills receivable estimated collectable to the aggregate amount of $550,000. The amount duo depositors is $610,000, aud its outstanding circulation Is $99,000, making on aggregate of $616,000. and showing that there will bo adoficlt of $06,000 which tho stockholders will h&vo’tdpay. Tn addition to this, tho bank Is supposed to bo liable for $102,000 of securi ties belonging to individuals ond Intrusted to *lt, for solo or safe-keeping, and which tbo Cashier' abstracted. This makes a total deficit of $227,- 000, for which tho stockholders can bo assessed, they being Uablo for an amount equal to tho capital stock (8800,000). Tho stockholders lose an aggregate of $584,000f as follows: Tho capi tal stock, SBOO,OOO ; tiro surplus, ss7,ooo—re ported iu tho quarterly statement of Fob. 28 , aut, and tho $227,000 deficit. THE CULPABILITT OF BANK DIHEOTOB9. In two rocont articles In The Tribune we have commented on the culpable negligence of tboir duties on the port of Itauk Directors, who, after lending their names to help giro a bank credit, seem to forgot that they have any duty to per form, or that they are in any way responsible for Us mismanagement, or for the swindling of the public by its failure. A remarkable incident, il lustrative of this curious indifference on the part of Directors, is related by the. New York Commercial Advertiser as having occurred in connection with the rocont bank failures in that city: “A business man, meeting a friend, mentioned a rumor afloat iu tho street affecting tho credit of another well known bank, tho Cashier of which, at a salary of $2,500, is frequently couspic •uoua behind a four-in-hand team In Central Park, and is otherwise notorious for ‘fast* ways. ‘You think tho bank unsafe?* 'Ido; stock down to 80.* 'Not best to deposit then, I suppose?* 'I should not do so/ ‘I am much obliged to you for tho hint; lam a Direc tor of tho uank I ” Ho would have added more, but probably tho absurdity of bis own position flashed across his mind, and ho was dumb at having pronounced his own condemnation, fl’boro are always plenty of weak men who, by reason of fortuitous circumstances, have become possessed of some money aud credit.aud who ore ambitious of being known as “ Ilanu Directors,*’ but have neither the ability to direct or advise in tho conduct of a bank,. nor the honesty to admit that they don’t know any thing about it. These men are convenient, pliant tools for others who make use of them to pull the wool over tho eyes of tho public. It is all smooth sailing as long as tho bank gets into no trouble, but whoa develop ments Tike those in tho cases of tho Atlantia and Scandinavian occur, thoy feel very foolish, and tho public fool as though thoy ought to bo mado to suffer tho samo penalty as tho actual em bezzlers. LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MARKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston & Kean quote as fol lows this afternoon t Buying. Silling. lutf iux 1 MV 114tf .110?; 317 .in*; in’; .no?; 119;; H7;; 117;; ,iw»; us .ns;; ii 4 .no* ns?; no;; ioa.v@io9;; 100 &int, 99, V & Jot, 09# &lut. *4oßof w. 6.20s of >64. 6-203 of *OS 6-20b of ’65, Jan. and July 6-20s of >67, Jan, ami July. 6-aOnof’6B, Jau, and July. 10-40* U. 8. 6b (new Issue) Gold and Gold Coupons... Gold Exchange Sterling Exchange Northern Pacific Gold 7-30 a Chicago City 7b. Cook County 7s Illinois, County and Township 10a. 8J395 REAL ESTATE. The following instruments were filed for rec ord on Friday, May 2: city rjiorsnxT. Archer av, a w of and noarTtiirty-thlrdat, n w front, Lot 13, dated March SI; consideration, (1,000. Lot 11, near tho above, dated April 1; considera tion, SI,OOO. Thlrty-firet at, 23 ft wof Laurel el, n t, 23x125 ft, dated Dec. 29,1871; consideration, (700. Thlrty-flrat at, 40 ft w of Laurel at, n f, 23x129 ft, dated Jen. 7 ; consideration, S7OO. West Adams at, 84 7-10 ft w of Ogden av, n f, £0 ft to alloy, dated April SO; consideration, $12,800. Ogdon ar, n w of and near Polk at, so f, 24 ft to alley, dated May 1; consideration, $2,000. Koenou at, w of and near Ashland av, a f, 24 ft to al ley, dated April 10; consideration, $025. Mitchell at, hot Ashland av and Paulina at, n f, 24 ft to alley, dated May 1; connldoratlon, $1,700. Burnside at, lil ft a of Thlrty-flfth at, wf, 21 ft to alloy, dated April 22; consideration, $1,600. Milwaukee av, near a o cor of Union et, Lots 01 and 52, dated April 29; consideration, $3,000. Lot 7, In Picks and Winks’ 2 ncrca in Block 20, Seo B. 50, 14, with buildings, dated May 2: consideration. |OOO. ’ Green st, s of and near West Jackson at, w f, 25x135 It, dated April 38 ; consideration, $3,135. Calumet av. but Twcn'.y-seccmd and Twenty-third its, w f, 33 ft to alley, dated April 80: consideration, $16,000. Lessing at, 79 ft sof Front st, wf, 33x100 ft, dated April 10; consideration, $1,250. Lot 22, in Block 4, etc., In Block 14, in Sheffield's Addition, dated April Si); consideration, S9OO. Oakwood st, oor Hush st, u f, Lola 15 to 19, and e 18 ft of Lot 14, with buildings, elated July 3. 1673; con sideration, $10,740. Canal at, but Monroe and Adams ale, of, Bub-Lot 9, of Lot 4, with buildings, dated April 1: consideration, $13,000. Prairie av, bet Thirly-Afth and Thirty-sixth blb, w f, Lola 18 to 16, and a 11 6-12 ft of Lot 13, with buildings, dated April 80; consideration, $7,600. Woat Twentieth «t, 36 ft west of Itoboy at, n f, 35x 136 ft, dated April SO; consideration, $760. Turner av, 26 ft b of Nineteenth et, of, 160x125 ft, with 160x125 ft ou Homan av, lu same block, dated Oct. 6, 1873; consideration, $4,000. 160 ft In name Block os above, dated Feb. 16; con sideration, $2,100. Coulter st, o o corner of Chase court, n f, 144x100 ft, with 0 other lots In same block, dated April 24; oon rtdoratton, $10,960. Htate st, s w corner of Thirly-flfth st, ef, 43 ft to alloy, dated April 23; consideration, $7,200. West Division st, n w corner of Hoyno st, 7 SS-100 acres, dated Feb. 8; consideration, $27,600. Indiana av, no corner of Twenty-Hocond st, wt, un- Blvldud of 70x108)4' ft, dated April 11; cousluora- Uon, $17,600. Slate at, sof and near Thlrty-elxth st, of, 24 ft to alloy, with other property, dated April 39; considera tion, $4,600. ’ ' Twonty-ulxth st, n e cor of Butler st. s f, 25x135 ft, jrith other property, dated April 29; consideration. $3,500. * * llnUted at, no cor of Thlrty-fourth at, wf, 280 ft running ato DoshleU st, dated April 20; consideration, |27,000. Thirty-two lots In Block 8, of Block 18. 800. 03.39.14. dated April 39; consideration, $25,000. 1 * Wabash av. near Thirty-eighth nt, of, 75 ft to alley, dated March 37: consideration, $7,&8. J ' Lot 8, of Zulrer’s Lots IS and 10, in Block lo South Branch Addition, dated AprlUOf consideration. $3,939 West Huron st, ■ 0 cor of Ashland av, nf,toft to alley, dated May 1: consideration, $3,600. Sant H of n # Lot 0, of Block 6, In Rockwell’s Addi- Jtoa. dated Auru3B; consideration, $3,250. park av, h w corner of Leavitt St, u 1,30x124 ft, dated March 22; ronhldoinflnn. $0,090. Lot 0, In Block 32 of Johinton, Roberts ft Storm* Ad dition, dated May 2 ; com (duration, $3,509. Front at. 35 ft went of Sangamon st, sf, 33x100 ft, dated April 7 j consideration, $1,230. Loin I to 8, In Block 3, of Morton** nWn w X See 11, 80,18, dated April 1 • consideration, $4,300. Lot 22. In Block 13 of Harding's w ol u Boo 'll, 88, 111. dated April 1; consideration, SI,OOO. Hedgwlok at, bet Menominee and Wisconsin sis, w f, Lot 10, dated March 0 ; consideration, SI,OOO. Wahash av, near a w cor of Twenty-third at, of, Lot IS, dated April 33; consideration, SII,OOO. Lot 20 In Block 8 of Cushman's Block 4. Rholflold’s Addition, dated April 23; consideration, $1,300. Lot 43 in n % Block 37, Bee. 10, 80, 14, dated March 20; consideration. $750, Hastings st, oof and near Ocnlro r :f,2sft to al loy, dated April 21; consideration, si, —d. Warren av. near h w cor of Oukloy si, n f, 20 ft to alley, dated April 14; consideration, $4,000. litit lUO In Block 3 of Walker's Sock Addition, dated May 3; conslderallofl, $3,000, south or city limits. Evarls av, s wcorof Forty-ninth at, of, OflflJfxWl# ft, dated flopt. 30,1673 ; connUlnrallon, $2,000. Lots 10 aud 11, In Uniburd’i Block 4, of Loin 34 and 85, In Soc. 10, 3R. 14. with building, dated March 20; consideration, $3,500. B H of Lot 8, in Block 2, and Lot 6 ond w H of Lot 4, In Block 3, of Lots 17 to 91, Bco. 10, 88, 14, dated Match 90': consideration, $3,375. NK of Lot 8, In Block 9, aud o of Lot 4, In Block 8, same subdivision as above, dated March 20 ; consid eration, $3,375. Lola 30 to 45, In Block 3, of Jackson 6 Weago’s Bub division, in ne # of 800. 9, 38, 14, dated April 29; consideration, $3,500. Lot 30 In Block 3, in Uolntz'a Subdivision, ini w& of Beo 4, 88,14, dated May 3 ; consideration, SOOO. wttsx op orrr limits. Block 5, la Bold's w Wof so K See 27, 39, 13, dated April 10; consideration, SII,OOO. • Block 3 and vkof Block 2, lu Hubbard’s part of o VofneX 80028, 39, 13, dated April 6; considera tion , $20,000. N V of Lot 54, in Block 9, la Blare's Subdivision la nov of Bos 86. 40, 13, dated May 1; consideration, $2,500. COMMERCIAL. Friday Evening, May 9. Tho following woro tbo receipts and shipments of tbe loading articles of produce In Chicago during tho past twenty-four hours, and for the corresponding date one year ago t 1879. 1673. Flour, brls 8,894 7,251 5,5011 1,913 Wheat, bu 1.. 24,900 0,257 41,5(391 17,914 Corn, bu 122,725 100,424 230,280| 376,843 Oats, bU 59,959 80,434 70,797 16,983 Ityo, bu 3,107 1,760 1,213 301 Barley, bu 2,400 3,200 2,831 824 GriBBROOd.rU 63,709 10,800 30,618 11,723 Flax seed, it 5..,.. Broom corn, 1U.... 11,800 10,080 5,474 Cured meals, tbs..'.. 79,810 98,440 489,99$ 147,000 Beef, brls 20 10 30 Pork, brls 214 200 1,709 Lard, Its 239,230 9,470 18,000 150,250 Tallow, IU 28,800 23,100 15,6:18 380 Butter, tbs 89,309 43,095 .11,470 7,410 Brcaaca hogs, No.. 11 12 Live hogs, No 14,080 14,978 8,288 10,538 Cattle, No 3,033 3,699 2,09' i 8,279 Sheep, No 4,299 R3l 433 083 llidce, Jba 09,078 134,300 60,982 61,939 IJlghwinoß, brls.... 150 482 Sl3 291 Wool, Its 40,950 48,190 59,152 03,012 potatoes, bu 16,349 3,200 6,600 615 Lumber, mft 0.438 1,003 2,019 1.017 Bbhigles, m 2,640 2,370 1,643 1,009 Lath, 390 70 V 234 70 Balt, brls 140 1.047 185 Withdrawn from store yesterday for city con sumption, 6,280 bu wheat; 5,029 bu com; 7,149 bu Withdrawn from store yostordi sumption, 5,280 bu wheat; 5,029 bi oats; G43 bu rye; 1,014 bu barley. The following grain has boon inspected Into store this morning, np to 10 o’clock: 02 cars wheat? 110 cars corn; 6,000 bu No. 1 do, 17,500 bu No. 3 do, and 81,000 bu rejected do, by canal; 82 cars oats; 5,000 bu No. 2do by canal} 2 cars ryo. Total (206 cars), 150,000 bu. A gentleman in Bloomington, 111., who signs himself “Producer,” writes a letter to the Tnm une which wo would print but that it is couched in terms scarcely fit for publication. Ho finds fault with tho statement mado in these columns of tho 80th ult., that a gentleman had Just re turned from Minnesota, who said there is yet 12,000,000 bu of wheat to come forward from that State. All wo have to say in the matter is that wo gave that report as wo give any other item of nows ; and we publish just as cheerfully tho counter statement of “Producer” that “her cron of 1872 was estimated at 15,000,000 bushels, ana there is comparatively littlo to spare at tho present time, and what is loft is mostly owned by Milwaukee and St. Louis.” Thoro is a good deal of fooling-somo hard, and tho rest bitter—on 'Change, relative to a contemplated movement of tho provision dealers into quarters of their own. Tho principal reason' adduced for tho proposed movement is that the lirovlsion dealers cannot mount so high in tho iot weather, aud want rooms on the ground floor or as near thereto ns possible. Of course they have a right to trado whore they please, but the numerous momborsof tho Board who deal principally in grain, but bavo also a commission business iu provisions which makes a considera ble aggregate in the course of a year, fool very sore about it. They say they would not bo able to watch both tho grain and the provision mar kets at once, if the two sots of business are carried on in different buildings. Again, it may bo remembered that there are several provision dealers who also do a respectable amount of trading In grain, and one would think that tho movement would bo detrimental to their interests. it has been suggested, however, that If tho provision dealers take rooms for separate occu pancy, they mil hold thoir gatherings In tho afternoon or tho evening, so as not to interfere with tho regular session of tho Board of Trade. They might as well moot in tho afternoon as in tho morning, but there are scores of good reasons why evening trading should bo discour aged, and several of those wore those columa last winter, ponding the attempt to institute an Evening Provision Board. Tho Straits of Mackinaw are open at last. Telegrams received this morning state that tho propellers which have boon boating around there for some time have passed through, and that the passage is fully open for sail vessels, and now let tho grain go forward. THE MARKETS. Tbo loading produce markets woro Jobs active to-day, with a very irregular fooling, the weather influencing but little, though bad, while there was little disposition to trauo on anything ex cept in wheat, com, and oats. The shipping movement was a little more active, but shippers still hold back from operating on tuo markets to any considerable oxtont; and the business all round was still of the winter character—chiefly in options. . In the market for domestic dry goods, no Im portant changes woro noted. Only a fair dogroo of activity was noticeable in any department of tho market, and, os a rule, prices wore easy, them being more or leas “cutting under” all around. Groceries are beginning to move rath er moro freely, and, fortho staples, a somewhat Armor fooling is manifested. This is especially truo of sugars and ooffoos, tho former having undergone a further odvanco of an Spices &ro tending higher, owing to hostilities between tho Dutch and tho natives in tho Island of Sumatra. No quotable changes woro made in Slices of and domestic dried fruits, rough some descriptions (among them, raisins, dates, and prunes') wero sensibly easier. Fish continue in good request, with prices firmer. Cod and mackerel have something of an advanc ing tendency, butothor descriptions ruled steady. Hay was in liberal supply and was nominally low er. Hides and leather woro quoted unchanged. Tho paints, nig Iron, and wood markets wore without new features. Oils woro moderately ac tive, and with the single exception of turpen tine, yesterday’s quotations woro fully sustained. A fair business was transacted at tho lumber yards to-day. Prices wore without particular change, though rather easy for tho common grades. At tho docks tho olTorlngs woro libera), and there was a tolerably fair inquiry on local and Interior account. Metals, tinners’ stock, iron, and nails are in moderate demand at former prices. "Wool was in light request oud easy. Timothy seed was in better supply and easy at $3.85(®4.25. Hungarian sold at $1.45. Other seeds woro quiot and nominally unchanged. Fotatoos woro in liberal supply and mot with a tolerably fair inquiry, at tho decline in prices noted yesterday. Apples woro dull and weak at $1.00@3.C0 nor brl, while lemons and oranges aro firm. Turkeys continue scarce and sell readily at former prices, but chickens are moro plenty and slow of sale. Eggs woro in fair request on local account, but owing to largo olfonngs prices woro in tho buyer’s favor. Highwlnoo wore In good demand, and ad vanced per gallon, In sympathy with 5 stronger fooling m Now York. Bale was made early of 100 brla at 870, and lator of 100 brls at 87£$o; also 800 brla buyer tho mouth at 880. Tuo market closed Arm at 87K°* Lake freights wore active for futnro. Nine firopellors aud ono tow woro chartered to arrivo, o carry on through rato, understood to be 45c por 100 lbs. They will take out 200,000 bu wheat, and 80,000 bu corn. Ball freights wore inactive, quoted at 100 for corn, and Ho for wheat, to Buffalo, as the asking rates. Provisions wero dull and castor. Thorn was almost nothing doing except In mess nork, which was inactive till near the clone, buyers and sailers being opart in thoir views. It then weak enod 250 nor brl from tho reduced price of last evening, but olonod up only lower. Lard was dull and about 10c per 100 lbs lower. Monts wore dull and onny, in sympathy. but sot auota bly lower, nu tho absence of buyers did nob much affect holders, tho stocku being light. The market closed at the following range of prices i Mohs pork, cash or sailor May, 917.76® 18.00; do Roller June, do seller July, 918.20®18.25; lard, cash or seller May, $8.l)0®8.05; do seller Juno, $9.16@9,20; do sbllor July, $9.4G@0.60. Bwoot pioklod hams quoted at 0)£@12o. Dry salted moats quotablo at for shoulders t B%@By<o for short ribs ; - and for short clear. Boxed shoul ders, o,J<@7c. Engllah'nioatrt. 0@9).g0 for short ribs; for short clear. Bacon is quot ed at tie for shoulders, 100 for clear ribs. 10 Vo for short clear, and for hams, all Sacked. Moss hoof, $9.00®9.25; extra moss do, 10.0U@10.25: boof hanip, $28.00@29.80. City tallow, 7%@80; grooao quotablo at 6,#@05(0. Sales woro reported of 60 brls moss pork cash at 917.86; 2,600 brls do seller tho month at $17.75; 1,600 bids do seller Juno (last evening) at $18.26; 1,760 brls do at 918,00; 600 brls do seller July (last evening) at $18.05 ; 1,000 brls do at $18.25; 600 brls do at $18.20 ; 600 brls do at $16.10 ; 600 tea lard, seller Juno, at $9.20; 100 tea do, loose, at 80. cash ; 60,000 ton shoulders at C^o; 200,000 lbs snort clear at 9>j,o ; 60,000 lbs do at Go. Tho stock of lard In Liverpool on the 81st of March was 8,260 tons, or 67,750 tierces, against 11.700 tons, or 81.900 tierces In 1872. The hog product exported from tho United States from November to May, this season over last, shows .an increase equal to the increased product of Western packing, within 84,000,000 rounds, consisting or 19,000.000 of moats and 6,000,000 of lard, yet to ho shipped out to equal the increased packing. Flour was loss active, being in light demand. A few shippers wore making Inquiries, hut wore very backward about purchasing, when Now York was quoted dull, especially as wheat was lower hero. The stock hero . has steadily de creased, being now 41,290 brls, against 48,070 a mouth ago; but it is still more than double tbo 21,120 brls hero on the Ist of May, 1872. Prices to-day woro said to ho un changed, hut so largo a percentage of tho rocont sales nro on private terms that no intelligent comparison can be instituted. The sales report ed to-day woro 100 brls white winter extras at SB.OO ; 100 brls do on private terms : 100 hrls spring extras (Athlete) at $0.76; 100 brls do at $0.05; 126 brls do at $0.40 : 100 brls do at $0.07#; 026 brls do on private terms; 100 brls spring BiiporflnoH at $4.25 ; 100 brls ryo flour on private terms. Total, 1,460 brls. Also 10 tons ofbrau at $11.00; and 10 tons middlings at $ll.OO, both on through cars ; and 10 tons corn moai at $16.00, at tho mill. Iho following wore tho quotations at tho close : Pair to choice white winter extras $ 8.00 @10.60 Bod winter extras 7.00 0 8.50 Goodtocholcoaprlngcxtraa,........... 0.00 0 0.75 Low to medium 4.7S 06.75 Minnesotan (patent).. 8.25 011.00 Good to fancy Minnesota 0.60 @ 8.00 Spring suporfluea 2.00 0 4.75 Byo flour 4.16 0 4.40 Bran 11,00 011.50 Wheat was loss active, and irregular, but av- Wheat was lobb active, and irregular, but av eraged nearly 1%0 per bu lower than yesterday, In epito of tho storm last, evening, and tho to-day of more storm to come, which made many operators think tills year is marked out in tho calendar of Old Probabilities as a rainy season. Tho market was weak early, owing to tho advent of a streak of sunshine hero,. and the recent nows that Liverpool was 2d nor 100 lbs lower, with fine weather and a very dull fooling, which brought out numerous sailors hero, causing some change from tho long to tho short side. Tho sky soon clouded over, howovor, and then tuo tida turned, and made .tho market strong, though New York wa‘s quoted heavy and inactive. Tho later strength was probably duo to au im pression, widely entertained, that tho liberal of ferings early wore made by tho bear interest, who wanted to depress prices so that they might buy in at reduced rates for sbipmont. SoUor June was tho principal option dealt in; it opened at $1.20; declined to 81.25; advanced to $1.20,%, and closed at $1.20%. Seller tho month, or regular No. 2 spring, sola at $1.22%@1.24%, closing at $1.21. Strictly fresh receipts closed nominal at $1.24%@1,24%. No. 1 spring was in active. No. 8 spring was relatively firm, at $1.16 for regular, and inspected do scarce at OSo. Gash sales were reported of 6,000 bu No. 2 spring at $1.21%; 8,800 bu do at $1.21; 10,000 bu do at $1.28% : 20,000 bu do at .$1.23%; 45,000 bu do at $1.23%; 20,000 bu do at $1.23% ; 15,000 bu do at $1.23 ; 5,000 bu do at $1.22% s 6,000 bu do at $1.22% ; 7,G00 bu No. 8 spring at $1.15%; 3.200 bu do at $1.15% ; 1,000 bu do at $1.15 ; 400 bu rejected do at 03c. Total, 146,G00 bu. Corn was active in options, and moderately so on cash lots. Tho market was strong, but aver aged %o lower than yesterday, advancing stead ily to tho outside after tho regular session open ed, though Now York was quoted dull and heavy. Smppors wore not buying to any considerable ex tent, as they claim that freights are yot higher than they can afford to pay ; but there was quite a number of orders in from tho country to uuy, partly to fill shorts, and partly to go long, doubt less stimulated by tho ram. Seller May, or regu lar No. 2, opened nt 37%0, advanced to SBc, de clined to 87% c, and rose to 83%0 at the close. Seller Juno sold at 39%@40%0 : seller July at 42@42%0; and seller August at 43@43%0, all closing strong at tho outside. New receipts of No. 2 closed nominally at 38%0. Cash sales wore reported of 6,000 bu No. 1 at 300, afloat; 1,200 bu No. 2 at 88%o; 6,000 bu do at 88%0 ; 5,000 bu do at 88%o; 42,400 ba do at 380 { 120,000 bu do at 87%o: 16,000 bu do at 87%o; 12,000 bu do ot 87%o; 8,800 bu re jected at 810 : 5,800 bu do at Stic afloat. Total, 223.200 bu. Oats were more active than for a long time past, and advanced %o per bu uudor an urgent demand, both for cash lots and options. Tho weather, and sympathy with wheat and corn, caused tho advance. Seller tho month, or regu lar No. 2 opened at 81%0, advanced to 31%0, and closed firm at 81%0. Strictly fresh receipts cloeod at S2o. Seller Juno sold nt 83%@33%0, closing at 83%0. Gash sales wore reported of 8,600 bu at 320 ; 10,200 bu at 81%0 ; 10,000 ba at 81%0 ; 80,000 bn at 81%0 ; 20,000 bu at 81%0 ; 30,000 bu at 31%0 5 10,000 bu at 81%0 ; 1,800 bu rejected at 30%0 ; 2,400 bu do at 80o: COO bu do at 29%0. Total. 118,000 bu. Bye was Inactive and nominally dull nt %o de cline from tho quoted prices of yesterday at 68%0 for round lota of regular, and 690 for oar lots of fresh receipts, No. 2. Sales were confined to 400 bu by samplo at 710. Barley was dull but firm at the advance recent ly noted. Wo quote No. 2 at 72@800} No. 3at Gs@Cßo: and rejected at 43@490, the insido for Bock Island receipts, and tho outside for fresh receipts in other houses. Gash sales to-day wore restricted to 800 bu No. 2at 80o: 800 bn do at 72c; 800 bu rejected at '49o} and 400 bu by samplo at 650. Total, 2,800 bu. LATEST. In tho afternoon wheat was moderately active and lower. No. 2 sold at $1.232£®1.24)Y sober tho mouth, closing at the inside, and $1.20 seller Juno, closing at sl.2o>£. Corn was fairly oolivo and a shade easier, closing at seller May, and io}£o seller Juno. In provisions sales woro reported of 1,000 brls moss pork, sollor June, at $18.15. Threo char ters woro reported, two for corn and one far wheat, by sail to Buffalo, all at 100. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Fsudjli Evxktoo, May 3. ALCOHOL-Wiva la demand and higher, owing to an advance in highwlncs; 04 per cent proof is auoU~ bio at $1.7631.81. BEANS AND PEAS—Wore in request. Choice navies are scarce and linn, Wo again quote: Choice hand-picked navies, $3.6502.00; do mediums. $3.4003.46; inferior grades. $1.3603.00; green peas (In brlfl), $1.4001.05 j yellow do (in bugs) $1.29. BUTTEU—In anticipation of lower prices by and by when the supply shall have become more liberal, hold* era seem anxious to prorout, as far as possible, an ac cumulation of slock, and all grades below common are worked off as rapidly as possible at such prices os buyers are generous enough to offer. .Oholoe dairy Is also rather easy, but present prices will be malnUiuod until the market is more liberally supplied. Roll butter Is neglected. Wo quote} Common to choice roll, 340300; strictly choice dairy, packed, 83035o; medium to good, 25028 c; inferior to common, 10033 c. BAGGING—Not a single now feature was developed In connection with this market. Trade continues moderate, and values rule steady and uniform. Fol lowing are the quotations ; Stark, 07o; Ludlow, 85o; Lewiston, 34>fo: American,32»tfo; Amoskeag, 82 Uo; Otter Creek, 340; burlap bags, 4 and 5 bu, 3O033o; gunnies, single, 17@l8o; double, 28039o; wool sacks! 073tfc. ' BROOM COHN—Was In tolerably fair request, and steady at the prices given below; No. 1 hurl, (l®ojio per lb; No, 1 slock braid, 605#0: No, 3 do, 4@4Wo : No, 3 do, B®3*{a; inside greou, 8&o jdo red Ud. U@4o t do pale and rod. 2®3Wo. * BUILDING MATERIALS—Wore In moderate de mand. We continue to quote • Hlucco, $3,600 3.75; New York stucco, casting, $3.7904.00; bu perflno do, $3,0004,00; Portland cement, $7,000 8.00 per brl; Rosondalo cement. $3.3303.90; Utica cement, $3,00 per brl; Louisville cement, $3 00' Akron cement, $3.00 ; marble dust, $3.3503 so * Umo In bulk, CDo0$l.OO; lime (brls), $|.3S per brl; white sand, per brl. $1.7603.00; plastering hair, porbu, 4O03Oo: One brick, iwr 1,000, $40,00090.00: building brick (common), $3.5009.80; sewer brick $13.00013.00; country brick, $13.00, delivered; old brick, $0.0000.60; St. Louis hydraulic pressed. $49.00 delivered; Milwaukee pressed, $33.60, delivered: do coimuou, $14.00 • Itaolue pressed, $30.00, delivered* do common. $14.00; Hillsdale. $35,00, delivered; Indi ana (pressed, $33.00024.00: ao common, $13.00 ; fire clay, per brl, $1.0005,00. The following U the list of prices per box of 60 feet for domoatlo window glass from which a reduction of 48 and 6 per cent la made to doa era: nrM Double qualilu. slrtnqth. 7xloto Bxlo 0.79 9,w) fllti to 10*15 MO 10.00 12x18*01(1x20. ißxaa to ißxao. aoxoa to aitno. 80x00 to 40x60. OfIKKBE—-LUtlo or nothing vu doing in this mar ket aside from supplying tho Immediate vranla of local retailors, and prices aro purely nominal. Old choose Is virtually out of (ho market, and not enough now la yet arriving to establish a market. Wo repent our list as follows: Now York factory, 1601 Co; Ohio factory, 130140 S Western factory, 19014 c. COAL—This market remains Inactive and weak. Orders wore few and chiefly for quarter atld half tons, Just to moot current necessities, as mate rially lower prices are expected to prevail by and-by* Wo quote: Lehigh, lump, $19.60013.00 ; pre pared, $19.60018.00; Lackawanna, (19.00; Krlo, (10.00; Ilriar Kill, SIO.OO ; Walnut 11111, $10.00; Lloas burg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, $9.00; Locking Valley, $0.00; Indiana canncl coal, (9,60; Indiana block, $0.00; Kirkland grate, $9.00; Mlnonk, $8.00; Wil mington, (6.00. COOPERAGE—Was quiet and unchanged. Wo quote: Pork barrel*, $1,9001.30; lard tierces, $1.0001,10; whisky barrets, $1.0003.10; flour barrels, 6O065o; pork staves, rough, $17.00020.00; do bucked or sawed, $20.00023.00; tierce slaves, rough, $20,000 35,00; do bucked or sawed, $25,00020.00; whlaky staves, rough, $24.00029.00; do, bucked, $30,000 83,00; flourslavct,so,oooll.oo; circle flour beading, 7@Bo per sot: flour hoop polos, $14.00015.00 per zn; pork and tierce polos, $30.000 35.00 perm. EGGS—Wore in fair local demand, but tLo offerings are excessive and prices more weak, at 11013 c. Sales Include 68 brls (In shipping order) at 13o; 372 canes at 12o; 1,300 doz and 23 coses at llxo; 630dozand S3 brls at lie. FEATHERS—Prime live geese are scarce and firm. Other grades are unchanged. Wo repeat: Prime live geese at 780730. from first bands; Jobbing prices, 760 860 for sssorted feathers; mixed feathers, 4O0C5o; chicken, 806 c. FIBU—Tbo situation of the fish market remains substantially tbo same as Tor tho past fortnight or more, a steadily fair demand existing, and prices rul ing firm both for take and salt water descriptions. Cod bare advanced a trifle at tbo East, and mackerel also are quoted firmer, but in the market values remain unchanged: No, 1 whltoflsh, brl, $7.00; N0.3d0, $0.76; No, 1 shore mackerel, brl, $11.00011.35; No.lbay, $0.0000.25; No, 3 bay mackerel. Jflbrl, $7,950 7.60 5.N0. 1 shore kits, $1.8301.00; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, (0.0008,35; George’s codfish; $8,500 0.75; Labrador herring, split, brls, $0.0000.50; do u brl, $4.7506.00; Labrador herring. .round, brl, $6.0006.60; do X brl, $4.2504.60; box herring No. 1, 31033 c; box herring, scaled, 42046 c; Columbia Hirer salmon, « brls, $10.00010,25. FRUITS AND NUTS—A fair amount of business was transacted in (his department at about previous {iriccs. An easy feeling seemed to prevail among tbo rado generally, and fair orders were usually filled at a slight concession. Wo make no change In our Hat, except to drop the quotation for raisins to $2.0503.76. Foiuuon— Dates, 8@9o ; figs, drums, ll®14e ; figs, box, 14^010X0S Turkey prunes, O&QlOo; raisins, $3,0603.76: Zanto currants, 806,'tfo. Domestic— Aldon apples, 18®20o; Michigan do,O07o; Western do, 500 c; Southern do, 4tfo6Xo* peaches, pared, 17013 c; poaches, halves, CQOWo; do, mixed, 4#05,V0; black berries, 909 / S'°s raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 32024 c. Nuts— Filberts, 14010 c; almonds, Tetra gons, 31023 c; Naples walnuts, 34035 c; Brazils, 11 013o: pecans,. HQlSltfo; African poauuts, 6^070 ; Wilmington peanuts, 708o; Tennessee peanuts, 4#© 60. 0.00 Q 0,75 4.75 0 6.75 GREEN FRUlTS—Oranges and lemons aro In re* quest ami firm. Other fruit la quiet, and prices are rather easy, except for very choice varieties, which aro scarce. Wo quote: Apples, common to fair, SI.OO 02.60;g00dt0 ch0ice,52.75(93.76 per brl from store; cranberries (cultivated) at $8.00012.00 per brl; lemons at $0.0007.00 per box; Valencia oranges, $12.00013.00 per case; Palermo and Messina, $3.5005.50. lloP3—Were quiet, and nominally unchanged, as follows: Prime to choico Western at 40060 c; common to fair, 250350; Now York, 45c. GROCERIES—Thero la now a fairly acllvo and steadily increasing demand for sugars, and this fact, coupled with the gradual hardening of prices at tho East, Imparts a buoyant tone to the market, and we have to nolo o further upward movement to tho ex tent of *(o In all roflncd grades. Coffees also are mov ing more freely, and aro stronger, In sympathy with (ho lato advance at tho East. Syrups, rice, candles, soaps, and snlcratus woro quoted steady and quiet. Bplccs are strong, with something of an upward len dcaey. A fair amount of sales woro effected at tho subjoined quotations: Hi Oahu Soda—'7#@B*fc, Corpses—Mocha, 32@330; O. G. Java, 27@28c; Java, No. 2, 26020X0; fancy Rio, 24024XCJ choico do, 23X®23?£0; prime Rio, 2JX@ ,J3 X°» good do, @230; common do, 21X021X0 • roasting do, 19X0 Singapore, 23X024c; Costa Rico, fancy, 21X© 24)rc; do, prime,23Xo2lo; Maracaibo, 23023X0. Candles—ntar, full weight, 20X0210; stenrluo, full weight, 16>{0lflo; do short weight, 14X0l R c» Bios—Patna, 8X08Xo; Rangoon, 7X®Bo» Caro lina, 8X0Oo; Louisiana, 80SXc, Buoaus—Patent cut loaf, 13X013XC 5 crushed, powdered, and granulated, 12XQ13XOJ A, standard, U»;®UXo;doNo. 2,llXoll*ic;D, llX011.Xc; ex tra O,IIOIIXO > OKo. 2. 30XQlO»lo; yellow 0,ll),X 01O;s(o ; choico brown, 10@10Xo ;.primo do, OX01O 3 ? fair do, 0X09X0; choico tnolnsscs sugar, 10 01O.Xo: fair do, OX® 9 Xo? New Orleans sugar, choice, 10010X0 « do prime, tf.X® 9 # o « <l° fair, 90 9&o ; common, 808 XC. Stsups—Diamond drips, $1.3)01.35; silver drips extra fine, 79{g730; good sugar-house syrup, 45048 c ; extra do, 50®550; Now Orleans molaeaca, choice, 83 085o; do prime. 750800 ; do common, 65070 c ; Porto Rico molasses, choice, 550G50; common molasaes, 32 0400. Balrbatvb—Common to beat. 9010 c. Spiojcs— Allspice, 17@18o; clovct, 37039 c ; cassia, 38040 c; popper, 23X034X0; nutmegs, $1.2501.30; ginger, pure, 28®30o; do No. 1, 2O023o; do No. 2,10 ®l9c. Soaps— French mottled, 6X06X0; Gorman mottled, 7X@7X« J Golden West, 60OXo? White Lily, 6XO 0J£o; White Rose, CXOOXc J brown Windsor, 4XO 4Xo; palm, 60OXo; Savon imperial. 6XOCXo. Btaßoh—Gloss, 9X01Oo; corn, 90Uc; laundry, 60 To; common, sXo®°* HAY—A dull, weak feeling characterized the hay market, and loose descriptions and pressed prairie were oil ft little. Receipts exhibit a steady Increase, while tho demand continues slack. We quota whole sale prices paid by dealers, as follows, cars to con tain 20,000 lbs: Ok Track— Timothy, beater pres sed, $16.00017.00; timothy, loose proaced, $15.00015.60; firolrlo, pressed, $12.00013.00. On Wagon—Timothy, oose, $16.00018.00 : prairie, loose, $14.00017.00, For delivery of prejsoa, $1.0001.50, according to dis tance. . 8.25 011.00 . 0.60 @ 8.00 , 2.00 0 4.75 .. 4.16 0 4.40 11.00 011.50 HIDES—Wcrs moving on a moderate scab at (bo E rices current earlier in the week. The recent decline as bad tbe effect to chock receipts to a certain extent, and the market la now pretty well cleaned up. We quote: Green city butchers’,7o; green cured light, Ujrfoi do heavy, lOkfo; part cured. lOQlojtfo; green calf, 170} veal kip, lio; dry calf, 20o; dry kip, 220; dry salted, 17018 c; dry flint, 20@Qlo; long-haired kip, 12o; deacon skins. 60@030 5 grubby, scored, cut. or otherwise damaged, Iwo-thlrd* price. IRON AND STEEL—The market was moderately active and Arm for Norway and English goods. An nexed sra the current prices : iron 6 4-100 4 8-10 rates Horao-ehoo irob 0 0 0 8-10 rates

Pinto Iron, common tank 6% 0 7 rates Russia Iron 200210 lb Russia iron, NO. 1 stained 180 lb Norway Iron 9 @9XO lb Norway nail rods ; * U# 0100 VH» German plow stool 11 @l2o lb English cast plow stool 12 012,X0 lb American tool stool 11)4 @lßo ylb Chroma tool 5t001.... ....IB @2O rates English tool 5t001.... 31X @23 rates English spring 5t001,..., 11 @12,V0 VH> LEATHER—DeaIers report a steady moderate In quiry from locol and Interior dealers, and under light stock (ho market maintains tho firm tono that lias characterized It for several weeks past. Wo repeat our quotations: Oltyharnees $ 300 41 Country harness 300 83 Line, city, Vlb 41(3 43 Kip, lb 000 1.10 Kip,veals 85@ 1.20 City upper, No. 1, ft 280 80 City upper, No. 2. V « 960 37 Country upper. No. 1 260 37 Collar, ft 300 30 Calf, city 1,200 1.40 Calf,country... 1.100 1.25 Rough upper, light 330 86 Rough upper,•heavy........ 300 33 Rough upper damaged 270 30 Buffalo slaughter solo, best 850 87 Buffalo slaughter solo, No. 3 330 84 41 8. A,” solo 800 S3 Kip, No. 1, medium, Kip, No. 3, heavy... Harness French calf, Jo jot , <55,00(300.00 French calf, Lomoluo <>o.oO(.i 80.00 French calf, Si to SO ILa 1.60(4 3.00 French calf, 30 to .'JO lbs. 1.70(3 3.35 French calf, 80 to 30 iba. 1.05(3 2.30 French kip, 60 to 100 1b«.... 1.10(3 1.06 METALS AND TINNERS' STOCK—Wore In moder ate request at tbo annexed range of prices: Tin Plate— lo,loxl4, $16.00; do, 10x13, SIO,OO ; do, 14x30, SIO.OO { do, roofing, 10, $10,00; do, 20x20, (31.00. Pio Tin—largo, 12c; email, 45aj bar. 440. Sheet Zino—l’uH caskc, llo; bad casks, ll,V®U#c; leas quantity, ll#a; ebb, 90. Sheet Iron—No. 24, o*£o rates. Galvanized Iron— Nq, 10®W, 15c; No. 32321,100; No. 33320,170; No. 27,18o; No. 29, 20c. A discount of 15 per cent Is made from tbo lint. Corpcn—Copper bottoms, 45®480; braziers, over 12 Ibß, 470; tinned copper, 43c. Wine—2 to 6, Be; 0, 8, and 0, lOo; 10 to 11, llo; 12, ll#o; 13 and 14,12#c; 15 and 10, llo; 17,16 c; 19, 10c; 10,10 c; 20, 20u; full bundle, 15 per cent dla count; fence wire, 7#®7#o, NAlLS—Continue to meet with a fair Inquiry. Wo repeatj lOQOOd, per keg, $6,50 rates; 8d do, $5.75; (Id do, $0,00; 4d do, (0.25; 3d do, $7.00; 3d do, flue, $8.50; 2d do, $8.75; clinch, $7.87#; 12#o off to the trade. NAVAL BTOIIEB—Wore fairly active and eleadyat tbo quoted prlcea: Uaullloropo, lb.lß 0 19 Sisal rope, ylb 10 (4 17 Hemp Basil cord, 3? lb 20 Q 23 Marline, lb 20 (A 22 Tarred rope, 1b.... 10 ® 17 Oakum, V bale 6.00 «0.50 Pitch, V brl 6.00 @7.00 Tar. y brl 5.50 ®O.OO Oll.B—With tho exception of turpentine, which was weak and a trllle lower, tho market exhibited a firm tone, notably so for carbon, bird, and llnaood. The fol lowing prices ora current: Carbon, 30(>'420/<o: extra lard oil, 770; No, 1,720; No. 3,070; linseed, raw. 07c; do boiled, (1.02; whale, Bdo; sperm, (2.00(32.10; neats foot oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, 93a; do No. 1, 60or bank oil, 70s ; straits, 70o; elephant oil, Wo; turpentine, 61Q03o; naphtha, 03gravity,20021a; naph tha, common, 17(&18u. I’AINTB, COLORS, AND PUTTY—Remain quiet, with prices favoring buyers. Wo make no alterations in our quotations, as follows: Strictly pure.. Fancy fcranilj, Qenuln# Ye111i110nUgup,.,....... 14,60 n,as m.oo 11.00 10.00 w.oo ai.oo HEMLOCK, 1.250 1.45 650 1.10 7S@ 80 400 45 wurrx I. EAT, American.. Blftimrj*a railroad color*... Palace car colors la cans.. llochello ochre.. . English Vcn. rod English orange mineral.... Pittsburgh oranno mineral English ml 10ad.......... American red 10ad,,....... English Tormilllon, per lb. Scarlet vormllllou Paris white. Whiling. rtrrrr. In bulk In bladder* •V*** *t * '<* , TIG iron—Was In fair request and--firmly bold at former rate*. Block* aro light. Wo quote: Bcolob {according to brand) .$03,00007.00 Tuscarawas...... M Massillon Lake Superior 88.00@00.00 Chicago ntonocoal. ’ _ 07.00 Missouri stone c0a1..... R7.00@89.00 POULTRY—Chickens aro plenty and dull at $0.3-7® 4.00 per doz. Turkey* are scarce and nnlablo at 16® 17c. Wo nolo calea of 6 caop*«c)ilckcn* at $4.00 ; 8 coop* do at $3.76; 17 coop* at $3.60 ; 0 coop* at 53.3 5; 3 coop* turkoya at iflo, . ... POTATOES—Were Jn largo supply. but thoro wa* more Inquiry, and pcachulowa aold at 46®600 on track; mixed at 360400, delivered. Wo nolo Bale* of 3 car* choice poachbtowa at COo ; 1 car do at 45e : 1 car do at 480 ; 1 car peaohblows and early rone at 40c, nil on track j 8 cam choice poacbblowa at B2o; 1 car at 600 ; 1 car at 48o: 3 cam at 450 ; 1 car mixed at 400 j 2 cam do atSSc. all doUvored, BASH, DOORS, AND DUNES—Were In moderate demand at previous rate*. A discount of 10030 per cent In mado from list price*. SALT—Waa In fair request for the season. Follow ing are the quotations : Onondaga and Saginaw, flue, $3.00; ordinary coarse, $3.00; coamo Diamond 0, $3.26; ground solar, $3,38 ; dairy, without hags, $3.60; dairy, with bags, $4.2604.60; Ashton dairy, per sack, $5.60; ground alum, $2.2602.40; Turk's Island, $3.00. SEEDS—There wa* rather more timothy offering, but it was cblolly In small lot*. The inquiry woo mod erate at $3.76(34.25 for fair to choice. Hungarian sold at $1.46 for choice. Clover .was nominal at $5.00@5.25 for ordinary, and $6.00 for mammoth. Millet at 90c® $1.16. Wo note sales of 40 bags prime timothy at 54.25; 25 bag* at $4.20; 08 bags at $-1.00 : 33 bags at $3.00 : 11 bags do at $3.85; 10 bag* at $3.76; 1 car and 71 bag* Hungarian at $1.45. TEAS —The demand was light, and price* wore freely shaded for all grades below choice. Wo make no change in our Hat, as follows: Young Hyson, common to fair, B0@60o; do good, C 60780 do choice to extra fine, $1.00@1.10 ; common to fine old ZTyaon, 76c®51.00; common im perial, C0@05o; good to choice do 8(lc@$1.10; lino to good gunpowder, 7Oc0$l*lO: choice, $1.1601,20; extra, $106'<41.46; choice to extra loaf Japan, 9Oc0$l.OO; fair to good do, 70@80j; common do 42®450j colored natu ral leaf Japan, 65006 c; common to fine Oolong, 35® 450; good, 63@C6c; choice to extra, 85c@$1.00. TOBACCO—Wo quote: Chewing—Fine Out—Extra. 76085 c; choice, 66® 760; common, 65@60c; poor, 40(350c. Plug—Naturallcnf, 76080 c; half bright, 60@70o; black, Bound, 45@65c. Smoking—Extra, 03033 c; medium, 80@32o; com mon stems, 27029 c, WOOD—I* In good demand and In ample stock. Price* remain steady,as follow*: Doccb,slo.oo; maple, $11.00; hickory, $12.00: slabs, $7.0007.60, delivered. WOODEN WAKE AND BROOMS—Dealers reports tolerably fair trade at the prices given below: Two hoop pail*, $3.30 per doz; 3-hoop do, $3,60; 3-hoop dai ry, $4.25 ; extra do, $4.75; extra chocao tubs, $13.60 ; No. 1 tubs, $11.60; N0.3 do, $10.00: N0,3d0, $W)0; tubs, 3 In neat, $3.65; koolern, 6 In ucst, $1.76; half-bushel measures, plain, $3.76 per doz; do iron hound, $4.60; peck measures, plain, $2.60; do, Iron bound, $3,76; churns, No. 1, $11.00; do, No. 2, $10.00: do, No, 3, $0.00; do, No. 4. SB.OO per doz; headed clothespins,sl.lool,2s per box; washboards, $3.85® 2.G0 per doz; barrel cover*, $2.00@2.60 ; kanu&kius, $3.00@3.60 per rack; butter tubs. oak,"o in neat, $1.55; do, ash, 2lu nest, $1.10; broom bandies, $13,00010.00 * per tn; No. 1 brooms, $2.75; No. 2 do, $2.2503.60; do, common, $1,7302.00. WOOL— - Was In moderate request. Wo again quote: Tub, washed, extra medium 51055 c Tub, washed, common to fair .45053 c Common dingy 46®470 FJcoco, washed, XX, light - 450470 Fleece, washed, X, light 440460 Fleece, washed, XX, dingy 400430 FJcoco, washed, X, dingy 40044 c Fleece, washed, medium light. 43045 c Fleece, washed, medium diugy 37012 c FJcoco,unwashed, XAXX. In good c0udU10u....300330 Fleece, nuwnihod, X&XX, diugy 20029 c Flcocc, unwashed, coarae to medium... 50033e Fleece, unwashedt coarse, and dingy 27030 c Super, pulled .380430 Extra, pulled 36044b Burry woo! 6®loo Jean. RAILROAD FREIGHTS—F< current to the loading Eastern ollowli points Chicago to New York Boston Philadelphia and Baltimore. Pittsburgh Albany Buffalo.. Cleveland Washington Wheeling, W.Va CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Friday Evening, May 3. Tlio receipt*! of lire stock Mince Saturday hare boon na follows: Cattle, 7<Blo 0,009 3,133 3,053 2,130 Monday..., Tuesday..., Wednesday, Thursday ~ Friday Total 23,141 Same time Inst week...... 18,553 Week before last 19,627 Shipments wore as follows: Cattle. How. Steep. 2,018 8,528 8.G50 7,023 . 802 B,ICS 6,810 2,002 6,288 43: Monday..., Tuesday..., Wednesday. Thursday.. ToUl 10,8Q 83,258 1,828 CATTLE—The volume of Bales aoraowhafc ex ceeded yoatorday’a, Eaetom buyers taking be J ratbor moro freely, but in prices there was no improvement. On the contrary, tho average of the day’s sales shows a slight reduction from yesterday's prices, nothing fetching over $5.75, while, with two or throe exceptions, $5.50 was tho highest figure obtained. The quality was not as good as on the preceding days of the week. The fresh receipts would compare favor bly, but tho stale cattle wore less desirable, and brought down tho average. Stockers was tho only description of which tho supply did not exceed the demand, and the only description for which prices wore main tained with any show of firmness. Feodors paid $4.00@4.50 for poor to choice lots of from 700 to 000 lbs average, and $4.75@4.90 for good to prime droves of heavier average. The demand for veal calves was light, and Bales dragged at tho decline noted earlier in the week, or at $U.00@3.75 for poor to common, and at $4.00(2)5.25 for medium to choice. Tho market closed dull and heavy. QUOTATIONS. Extra—^Graded steers averaging 1,150 Its and upwards .$5.8006.10 Obolco beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 3year to 5 year old steers, averaging 1,800 to 1,460 tbs 6.6005.70 Good beeves—'Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200t0 1,300 Its 6.1005.33 Medium Grades—Steers la fair flesh, aver aging 1.100 to 1,260 lbs butchers’ Stock—Common to fair steers, end good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0005.00 Block Cattle—Common cattle, lu Accent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs 8.8504.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, sings, bulls, and scallawsg steers. Cuttle— I Toms, Northern wintered. Cattle—Corn-fed Texas CATTLE HALES. 2i’o, Av. Price, 1(1 roo<l atcora .1,310 (9.35 ir»good atm* 1,117 8.13# IB good afters 1,380 6.45 81 oxen ami rough atoeru 1,644 4.80 16 rough Btoors 1,;i03 6.15 10 good atoora 1,351 6,’J5 15 extra atiora 1,375 5.75 SI good atoera ...1,300 6.35 ID medium atcora 1,317 6.C0 73 choicealcota 1,314 B.W) 15 choke steers 1,130 5.60 14 choice atcora 1,334 6.C5 ISO good atcora 1,301 6.45 04 good ateers 1,370 6.16 08 good atoora 1,280 6.15 45g00d atcora ...1,333 6,30 01 good atcora .....1,209 6.12# 44 good etecr* .1,1100 6.25 73 good utccra 1,333 5.18?f 13 good ateora 1,010 . 6,30 03 good atcora. 1,300 6,30 87 good atoera 1,203 6.26 Ufl good oleora .1,163 6.15 17 good atcora 1,103 6,15 61 good 5teer5......... 1,353 6,35 10 good atoora... 1,353 5.30 117 Texas uteerrt 1,140 4.70 31 medium atoera 1,308 6.05 33 good ateora ~1,155 6,35 47 butchers' at00ra...... 1,193 4.70 12 Block atcora 1,131 4.05 14 choice atcora 1,404 6,00 14 stock atoora.... ...............1,325 4,75 HOGS—Tho situation of tho hog market thus without chango la any important particular. There war, perhaps, a little more life In traclo than on yesterday or Wednesday, but the im provement. if any there was, wart entirely duo to the easier footing evinced by holders, who, in a majority of instances, wero willing to concede a further decline of 6c, in' order to 11 close out." Notwithstanding tho comparatively low prices at which tho slock was offered, less than one-half tho supply was disposed of, and tho market olosod as it opened, weak and unsettled. Bales wore at $4.0U(g)4.05 for inferior, at $6.00®0.16 for common to medium, and at $5.20@3.80 for good to extra—chiefly at $D.00@6.16. Cloning rates wore at $1.00(5>0.20, 11,60013.00 h'o. Av. Price, 01 108 £>.lo 51) 200 6.15 01 108 6.15 12 200 6.15 61 205 6.00 GO 331 6.30 07 333 1.00 38V 117 8.15 OS 189 6.16 75 201 6.05 6.11 212 6.00 , 05 189 6.17;* 60 ICI 6.10 , 08 170 5.13)* CO, 316 5.00 00 210 6.30 07 180 6.20 69 107 6.00 49 373 5.16 SHEEP—Woro In bottor supply, but thoro was a corresponding increase in tho demand, and for fair to cboico mutton grades tho market maintained tho firm tone that characterized it earlier in tho week. Tho offerings wore divided between local butohors and shippers at sl.oo® 4.75 for poor to common; at55.00@5.50 for me dium, and at $5.75@0.50 for good to choice. ..0.60010.50019.60 15.800W.00 ' 19.00 Tho offerings at tho docks wore liberal (bis morning, but trado opened rather quiet. There was a fair au tendance ox buyers in tho afternoon, and a fairly active business was transacted, though lower prices woro ac cepted, Joists and scantling sold at f10.00@i10.25, and lath at $2,76(93.00. Prlcoa range as follows: Good to cholco otrlps nud boards at (I5.00@lfl.00! select boards at (22,00033.00; fair to good boards and strips, (13.00 ($16,00; Joists and scantling, $10.00010.25 ; common boards and strips at (10,60012.00 ; lath, (2.6003.00 ; shingles, $3.25. Tho following sales woro reported : Cargo scow Dan Sickles, from White Lake, 60 m common boards and strips at$11.00; 6 m lath at (3.00. Cargo sebr Pilot, from Muskegon, 00 m common mtaed at SIO.OO ; 103 m lath at $2.60. Cargo achr Beloit, from Pentwotor, 700 m shingles at $3.23. Cargo schr Nowhcll, from Muskegon, 127 m medium boards at (13.00; 20 m lath at $2.76. Cargo echr Curlow, from Muskegon, 164 m Inch at” $14.00; 33 m lath at $2.75. .Cargo scar Jessie Phillips, from Manistee, 170 m 3 inch at $10.25,* Cargo sehr Maine, from Manlsteo, 130 m Inch at $ll.OO. Cargo schr Australia, from Manlsteo, 140 m 2-inch (largely 16-foot) at SIO.OO. Cargo schr Glpsoy, from White Lake, 100 m boards and strips at $ll.OO. Cargo scow Herald, from Newaygo, 160 m, mill run, at $14.00. Cargo ncbr Fisher, from Sangatuck, 60 odi beech wood at $0.50. Oar schr Emollne, from Muskegon, 100 m medium Inch at $13.60; lath, $2.75. Cargo schr Annlo Tomlno, from Manistee, 125 m Joints and scantling at $10.50. Cargo schr T. a. Simmons. from Manistee. 140 m 2-lnch at $10.25, .Dealers report n fair trade, common grades of build ing lumber being mostly Inquired for, Following aro the prices current: First clear. . ; Second clear, 1 Inch to 9 1nch..... .. 'i'liinl clear. 1 Inch....' Third clear, thick First and second clear flooring, together, rough 40.00(312.00 First and second clear siding, together... 23.UUC321.U0 Common siding..... 20.00(321.00 Common flooring, dressod, flrst 85.00038.00 Common flooring, dressed, second 30,00032,00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 inches and upward 37.00040.00 stock b0ard5....... 87.00@40.00 Bstock boards 28.00@30.00 Common boards 14.50@16.C0 Joist, scantling, small timber, etc., 10 feet and under.... 14.00®16.00 Fencing... Joist and scantling, 18 to 24 feet. Pickets, square. Pickets, flat Cedar posts, split Cedar posts, round Lath Lath, on track No. 1 unwed shingles. AorStar Shingles on track.... No. 1 sawed Thrco dollars per car to bo added whoa transferred, which chare® follows the shingles. Thickness—Fire shingles to b« two inches la thick ness, tbe rates ig are Length—Sixteen Inches, i £ m n 5.2.& Ifi PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED May 2. Schr 0. Hibbard, Pontwatcr, 1,200 xa shingles, 000 telegraph poles. Schr S. J. Holly, Racine, 1,005 telegraph poles, 3,000 50 B5 45 35 45 30 zW posts. Schr It. B. King, Saucattick, 80 m Inmbor. Prop Annie Laurie, Muskegon, 235 m lumber. Schr Llzzlo Throop, Olay Bank, 1,218 cedar posts, CO cords tan bark. Schr Harmony, Manistee, 350 m lumber, 100 m lath. Prop Obas. Rlotz, Manistee, 160 m lumber. Schr W. 11. Hawkins, Manistee, 130 m lumber, Schr Jesse Phillips, Manistee, 180 m lumber, 60 kero sene brie. Schr Seventh Ohio, Muskegon, 130 m lumber, 20 m lath. Scow D. G. Wright, Portgage, 25,000 railroad ties. Schr 001. H. O. Keg, Portage Bake, 160 m lumber, 60 m pcs lath." Scow Dan. Sickles, White Take, 05 ra lumber. Schr Two Charlies, While Lake. 80 ra lumber. Schr Lumberman, Black Creek, 140 m lumber, 60 m lath. Scow Annio Tomlno, Manistee, 130 m lumber. Schr M. Mollor, Manitowoc, 6,600 railroad tics, 1,200 telegraph poles. Brig Pilgrim, Muskegon. 175 m lumber. Bohr J. M. Forrest, Manistee, 160 in lumber. Scbr Restless, Portage Lake, 60 m lumber. Scbr Denmark, Jacksonport, 1,660 telegraph poles, iJogt. Sheen. 11,816 971 14,022 617 10.440 609 14.086 1,299 10,596 1,733 68,159 61.630 60,090 400 posts. Schr Corluvr, Muskegon, 170 m lumber, 30 m Mb. CLEARED May 3. Schr It. "Winslow, Buffalo, 60,000 bu corn. Schr W. Rodington. Buffalo, 60,60614-60 bucorn. Schr Atlanta, Buffalo, 16,964 40-60 bu corn. Schr Hattie Wells, Port Oolborne, 19,441 31-66.’bu corn, Bohr Kate Hindman, Kingston, 13,372,30 bu wheat. THE STRAITS FULLY OPEN. Mackinaw, May 2.—Straits of Mackinaw fully open. Several propellers passed down last evening. Blowing a galo there this morning from northeast. BauU Canal opens on tho Stb. Tho following vessels, to arrive, were chartered. Props. Java, Dean Richmond, Montana, Thomas A- Scott. Winslow, Gordon Campbell. Cuba, and Milwau: koo, for wheat, and the prop. Philadelphia and schr. Annie Sherwood for corn. All on through rate (sup posed to bo 460 per 100 lbs) to New York. Total, wheat, B—capacity, 200,000 bu; corn, 2—capacity, 80,000 bu. In tho afternoon tho echrs. Ponsaukee and Norman wore taken for corn to Buffalo at 10c, and the schr. jlStna to the same port at 10c. Manistee, $3.00; to mouth of the river, $2.76; Lu dlngton, $2.76@3.00; Muskegon, $2.60; Oconto, $1.00: Menominee. $3.2503.60; tculwatcr, $2.75; White Lake, $2.76; Grand Haven, $2.2502.60; Baugatuck, $2.60. Balt from Saginaw at 20026 c per brl. NOTICE. Tho night office for the clearing of vessels will open May 3, 1873, at 0 p. m., in Boom No. 6, Lind Block. The City of Toledo, of the Northern Transportation Line,which loft Ogdensburgh two weeks ago yesterday, arrived in port this afternoon, and Is the first vessel to pass through tho Straits of Mackinaw tho present sea son. Her oflicora state th-.t they found the ice at tho stralto from one to two feet thick and solid. Tho pro pellers wero between four and five days in getting through - , each iu her turn butting against the lea •turn first. Tho ice waa broken up In this way for. over twenty miles, tho propellers working day’s and resting nights, The Champlain broke her wheel while breaking Ico. Tho Toledo Sot through yesterday about noon,tho othorefollowing, ho met with only a little floating ice In Lake Michigan after passing SklUagaler Light, but tho ico lu tho straits, though broken up, Is likely to froozo together, and will prove a hindrance to the passsgo of sail ves sels for a fow days yot at least. —The Champlain. St. Albans, Lawrence, City of Bos ton, Milwaukee, Colorado, and Brooklyn, oro probably la Milwaukee by this lime. The five steamers which' kft thU poet v.nd Milwaukee were mot going down. The City of Toledo will leave to-morrow night for De troit. —Tho schooners M. L. Higgle, City of Chicago, John Minor, Flcotvriug, and St. Lawrence, loft this evening for Buffalo. 4.6006.00 3.0034.00 4.00(34.60 4.05(*6.00 —Tho tug Admiral Porter, loft this evening for Be* trolt. She will tow on tho river there In future. —The ochr Curlew, loaded with lumber, while being towod into the Magazine slip this afternoon, rau against tho plorand forced her anchor through her bow, and wktor-logged immediately. She will go Into dock far repairs. . —A Norwegian seaman named Thomaa Nelson, while scraping one of thu roasts of tho sohr It. 1). Hub bard, foil off tho trhmglo this morning and was severely Injured. • —A Toledo exchange says: u lt is reported that the tohr ItuHl, of Chicago, is ashore on the east alda of Polnt-nu-PeUee.'* —The following vessels are delayed nb Port Huron, awaiting the opening of navigation on Lake Huron: Darks Bt. Lawrence, J. O. Woodruff, Jorslo Drum mond, Arabia, Montmorency, City of Milwaukee, Maggie Mcltao, Cavalier, Lottie Wolf, Monarch, ami Admiral; schooners Woct Bide, Nevada, P. J. Plug, Wm. Young, O. P. Minch, U. Wurringlou, W. J. Whal ing, J, It. Bentley, M. P. Merrick, Now Dominion, Queen of tho Lakes, Camden, Anulo Craig, Thomaa Parsons, Montblnuo. Uontcalm, George L. Wrautij 0, O. Dreed, Della Walbrldgo, Empire State, MolUson, M. A. Muir, Kulght Templar, J. I'. Mott, Mary Elizabeth, Admiral, City of Palnesvlllo, Kute Kelley, Bahama, and John Magee. There are also quite a number of steam barges with their tows. —Appearances are now favorable for a speedy disap pearance of the Ice. If thu wind and weather bold goad It must soon break up and rot, but on the other band a southwest wind might drive the whole mass down Into tho bay again, and effectually shut up Buf falo harbor for another week or fortnight. A large number of vessels, many of them loaded, have taken their clearance papers, and will make a start as early as possible,— Buffalo Couritr, —The Western Elevating Company of Buffalo give notice that 00 and after the opening of mtvJglUon, and noo BAI.RfI. .Vo. /iv. 77 170 $6,10 178 IRO 6.33 53 333 -0.20 44 218 6,20 25 203 6.10 no 303 6,30 61 317 6.10 00 205 0.16 110 200 6.16 113 108 6.16 12ft 310 6.15 138 208 6.05 47 313 6.10 131 183 6.10 100 208 6,13){ 60 114 5.05 66 203 6.10 70 103 6.10 So. Av» 4a 2'iO $5,13 u 100 aao 8.i6 CO 10.1 0.10 65 339 3.10 65 349 6.60 160 331 6.30 63 337 6.16 61 334 6.15 75 304 6.03 63 314 6.16 07 317 6.10 66 807 6.10 63 230 6.10 03 313 6.16 40 247 6.38 08 185 6.30 34 317 6.10 103 310 6.10 LUMBER. AT TUB TAUDS, .$53.00(360.00 . 47.00(360.00 . 38.00@40.00 . 45.00 14.00@15.00 10.00@22.00 14.00@15.00 12.00@14.00 14.00@18.00 17.00@ 25.00 3.50@ 9.75 3.00 1.6002.00 3.60@3.76 3.25@3.50 1.25®1.60 MARINE. LAKE FREIGHTS. LUMBER FREIGHTS. MISCELLANEOUS. until further notice, the following raton wilt lie charg ed ny Uio Cothpany j I'nv elevating, including Ova days’ storage, ouo cent per bushel; for osch succeed* lug flvo dayn’ eloro/ro, or parts thereof, one-quarter ot one cent per huahol. In Addition to the above, vciboli to pay one-quArter of quo cout, . :new publications. STAR MUSIC BOOKS. • • • • * DITSON Sc CO. offer tha following resume of promt* nont book* roooullj advertised s STANDARD, ’ ■ ’■ ■ Price, $1.50 Emerson A Palmer's Famous Now Church Motto Book. Solis Unoly. • , CHEERFUL VOICES,’■ 50 cents. L. O. Emerson's Brilliant Now School Soug Book. All tho Schools will usa IC. SPARKLING RUBIES, 35 cents. One of ths brightest of bright Sunday School Song Books. CLARKE’S,' - ■ $2.50 The most widely known and used of all Rood Organ Methods. STRAUSS, - $2.50, $3.00, $4.00 Tho Gems of Strauss tins bad an unprecedented sale. Gotono lor Bummer Playing. • • • • • Either book sent, postpaid, on rooolptof retail price. OLIVEE DITSON k CO,, OHAS, H. DITSON k Oft, BOSTON. 711 B'dway, Now Tort liYQg & HBAIiY, Chicago. MANHOOD, WOMANHOOD, AND NERVOUS DISEASES, PUBLISHED BY THE PEABODY MEDICAL INSTITUTE, Mo. 167 South Clark Street, .. CHICAGO. \ Dr. O. W. WARREN, Consulting Physician* iltdieal KixoultdgeJ'or Ectryhody. Tuo Million Copin'' Sold. A BOOK FOR EVERY MAN. THE SOIBNOB OF LIFE, or Self Presorvallon. A Medical Treatise on tho Cause and Cure of Exhausted Vitality, Premature Docllno In Man, Nervous and Pbysi. eal Debility, and Hypochondria. This Is Indeed a book for every man. Prlco only tjl* 2Sfi pages, bound In cloth. A BOOK FOR EVERY WOMAN, Entitled SEXUAL PHYSIOLOGY OF WOMAN, AND HER DISEASES; or, Woman Treated Physiologically andPatbologleally from Infancy to Old Ago,with Elegant Illustrative Engravings. 850 pages, hound In beautiful French cloth. Prlco $3. DR. 'WARREN may bo consulted as above at all hours of tho day upon any of tho above-mentioned diseases. Ills groat experience, attained by a special practice of twenty years in hospitals, tbo army, and in Europe, qnal- Ify him for assuring patients a spoedy and permanent cure In alt sexual and delicate complaints. Every man ami teaman xrho read* this nolle a should pas* sess these valuable and interesting looks. Confidential as tvranee and radical relief. Ready TMs Day: A $2,000 GARDEN. Play and Profit in My. Garden. Byßor. B. P. Roe, author of *’Barriers Burned Away.* A record of eznorlonoo, showing haw a professional man, gardening for recreation, with two and a quarter acres, received in ono season $2, C00 from the bklo ol fruit and vegetables, besides an abundant homo supply. 1 vol,, 12mo. Prico, $1.&0. For salo brail Booksellers, and mailed on receipt ol price by DODD & MEAD, Publishers, _7f>2 TTrmuV New York. SUMMER RESORT. Congress Hall AND SHELDON SPEINGS,. StKCBLIDOISr. *VHH3SdTO3sfa7, Are situated 8 (olzht) miles by Hallway oast of St. Albans. Vermont. St. Albans is reached by all the Railroads ol How England, the Canada, and all tlio United States Railroads. Sheldon Springs are 330 miles from How York, duo North, 286 miles from Boston, 60 miles from Montreal. The following sir advantages moat proclous to invalids and thole friends arc found tiara: Ist. A pure mild air, hardly anr easterly winds at any season. Ono of tho honlthlaat of places, no malaria, no fevers, no dysenteries, no fogs, no swamps, no mosqui toes. Pure granite water for all domestic purposes. 3d, Ono of tbo best and largest mineral ana medicinal Springs In tho world, flowing 14,000 gallons dally. 84, Tbo finest sot of hot, cool, and tepid mineral water baths, known anywhere, 4th. A Hotel well furnished, well ventilated, and well wormed when necessary. There are 760 foot of piazza on throe sides of tho houso. Shade at all times. Tuo Table, none hotter. Quail, Venison. Prairie Ohlukon, Wild Pig* cons, Brook Trout, Fresh Salmon, Beef, Mutton. Lamb, Voaf, Turkey, Ducks, Chickens, Groan Turtle, Kggs in *ll stylos, llam, Roast Pig, Wallies, Griddle Cakes, Rolls, Ice Creams, Water loos, .Tollies, ilctdluiws Grapes. Peaches, Canned and Candled Fruits, Ralslus, Almonds, Huts, Groon Pass, Sweat Corn, Grocn Beaus, UauUllowora, Tomatoes, Melons, and all garden vegeta bles. Tho cooking, baking, and confectionery not ox ooedod anywhere. First-class ;Fronoh and American cooks. 6th. Beautiful Sconorr, a largo river flows In front ol tho hotel, with 119 feet (all, 70 miles of the Groon Mown tains in full view from tho piazzas of tho house. Beauti ful boating and Ashing, a good library of oboloo reading, Croquet, Nine-Pins, Billiards. 6th. The sanitary effects from the amnsoraeots, tha mineral water and mineral water baths, and tho exquisite sir. Pulmonary Consumption Is soon helped, and in its early stages oared; Hoad, Throat, and Pulmonary Catarrh, soon cured: Expectorating, Hawking, audSpit ting, Ao., soon cured; Cancerous Affections. Threat Diseases, Hoarseness, and Weak Voice, Bkla Diseases. Headaches, Rheumatism, all Kidney complaints, and Abscesses, Dyspepsia, and Female Complaint* promptly relieved ami soon cored. Price of Board, S3.OU to >B3.oopor day. Cheaper la Slay and June, and to the 15th of July, and in October and November. For rooms and Information, write or call on Dr. S. 8. FITCH, at 714 Broadway, Now York, or 25 Tromont-st , Boston, or at Congress Hall, Sheldon, Vermont. The Hotel opens on tho first of May, and continues open tinlil the first of Docnmber, and later If roquln d. TO RENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in tho Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices ore not equaled in the city. The host for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Doom 1 BTovada Block. GETTYSBURG WATER, GETTY SBXJEO- EimisiiE water. TheUnltod StAtoaDUponiatorr, tho authorized record of out Materia Medico, cloitoa UiU wator with tho roo*k renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Bpring* of Europe. It for cicala any other known lu l(« aelf.|iresorviim proper ties. U doo« not deteriorate by holtllug and keeping. It uas novorbeoti claimed lor any other mineral water tbo Rower to dissolve (ho urates, or so-called chalk formations t tho body or 011 thu limbs and Joints. Tills tho Getty*. bur(rl%tt«lyalno Water has dona In hundred# of instances, (lour,-Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia. Gravel, Dla. botes,'Kidney and Urinary Disease* generally have all yielded to Its Intluonce. It has restored Muscular Powci to tho parslyllo, cured Abdominal Dropsy, and given healthy action to tho Torpid Liter. It has cured Ohronfo Dlarrhtca, Piles, Constipation, Asthma, Oa* tarrh, Dlioascs of (ho Ukki, General DsblUty and Nor* tout Prostration from Mental and Phytloal Excess* oa. All them by tho bottled water. It is & powerful antidote lor ICiooeslvo Eating or DrluUn". It oonsots tho Stomach, promotes D'vostlon, and ru« notes tho Head almost Immediately. Pamphlets contain* Inga history of tho Spring, roporm/rom omlnent PhysU clans and medical writers, marvelous and wcU.attosUxl cures, and testimonials from distinguished ciltzous. will be lurulsliud and »om by mail on application to .JVlllTNlcy IlftOM., Gen’l Ag'ts. SCALES. tSgf PAISBAITZB* fij*i STANDARD jL SCALES I fit r H OP ALL SIZKB. FAIRBANKS,MOUSE ScOO HI AND US LAKK-SU

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