Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 3, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 3, 1873 Page 7
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ALD. BCHAFFNER AND CAPT. LULL. Aid. Sohaffnor in now engaged In a profitable ftualnooß, if not ft very honorable ono. 110 is liiiloavoring to defeat tho appointment of Ser geant Louis Lull to tho West Bldo Captaincy. Ho has invented several handsome narratives lalcnJatcd to Injure Louis. Wo will assist Aid. BchifTnor by giving publicity to ono of them, rritb tho unqualified-indorsement that there Is not a particle of truth In It. Aid. SchafTuor hut tonholon an Alderman and tolls him that on tho night of tho groat lire of Oct. 8,1871, Borjjoanfc Loulo Lull seized nn express wagon in winch a lonely widow was removing her goods to a place ef safety; tliat lio overturned tho goods, and drove, with tho wagon, to tho house of his mis tress,' and saved all nor earthly possessions. This is ono of Aid. SohalTnor’s stories, and ho iml a clique In tho Council who opposed good or der at tlio tlmorof tho ejection of ox-Commia lionero lleno and KloUUo, are busy circulating it, and others like it. It is tv noble pursuit this of back-biting. Tho clique is .moving, heaven and earth, and tho other, place, to accomplish this purpose. Tho reason is that Lull, fell in with the law-and-ordor party, and had nothing to make out of mutiny and discord, ana is an American by birth, yrhilcAld. BchatTnor and bin associates arc Americans -by adoption, ami wish to prove their veneration for the naturali zation oath by proscribing an ollicor because ho happens not to bavo taken tho same pledges that they disregard. Jayno’s Expectorant. Wesfc Sensitive Throats oro severely tried f>y tho sudden 6hango of temperature occurring dur ing our winters, aud la consequence Asthmatic Affec tions, Inflammation of tho Lungs, Pleurisy, Bron chitis, and similar complaints arc sure to bo moro or less prevalent,' Coughs and Colds, tho forerunners of these often fatal complaints, and frequently the cause of them, should bo prudently token In bund on tho first symptoms, by resorting at onro to Dr. Jnyne s Ex pdctMAiu. ou old and well-tried remedy, certain to re move your Cold, and to exert a healing and strength ening effect on tho XHilraonary aud Bronchial organa. Bold everywhere. , Burnett’s Toilet Preparations »r« choice and eoloct, and alwayo please. BOARDING AND DODGING. South Side* A Q ItUBBARD-COURT NEW BOARDING* 10 houses lirst-oloss board wllhroom, s4toso.W per nock, withuso of piano; day board, $4. Tno ELLTS-AVI-A SPLENDID CHANCE IS OP* iUo forod for a few who wish good board, andaflno homo, at reasonable prices; otn block from, and one from Uydo Park train; in tho most desirable part of tho city. * ■o - TWENTY-NINTH-ST.—FURNISHED OR UN 100 furnished rooms, with or without; on aulto or tingle; first-class. Also barn room. _ tick MIOmOAN-AV—FRONT OH BACK PAR- lots, furnished or unfurnished; also, aldo room for gentlemen. Day board, $5 per week. _ Qoq WEST WABHINGTON-ST., CORNER MAY OJjO —Nicely furnished rooms with first-class bocru; for contlcmon and wife or single gentlemen. . AQ A MIOHIGAN-AV. DESIRABLE ROOMS, ttO X with board. Also barn. Inquire on promises, or at Room lU, Chamber of Commerce. A Ol MIOIIIOAN-AV-A PLEASANT ROOM FUR* xttJXnlshod, with hoard, on second tloor for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen. Uouso has oil modem im provements. AQQ SOUTH DEARBORN (BURNSIDE-ST..) A:UUnoar Twonty-ulnth-at.—A nice, cheerful family hotel, with oxoollont table and surprisingly low prices. Btnglo rooms, $6. han MIOIIIOAN-AV. —an elegant front OOD room on second Boor, furnished, with board, for gent and wife. hfiQ WEST I,AKE-ST. —WANTED TWO OR UOw throo boarders In a private boarding houso two blocks from Union Park. Gas, hot and cola water, and bath room. rr *r A MICmOAN-AV.—VERY DESIRABLE FUR -4 dtt nlshod rooms with board. References required. rjCip: MIOIIIOAN-AV.—SOME VERY PLEASANT 4 L/t) rooms, with first-class board. Rooms furnished and unfurnished. INDIANA-AV.. CORNER OF TWENTY* XUtJ I thlrd-st.—Two nicely fnrniihod front rooms to rent with board. 11 OQ MIOHIOAN-AV.—TO RENT, 8 PLEASANT 3. rooms, singly or on suite, with board. CIORNEU DEBPLAINK3 AND WASHINGTON /sts., ;Bt. Charles Hotel), Board and rooms, $7 to $9 par week. Boat accommodations at this hom-c. IJUAIUIE-AV.,— A MIDDLE-AGED GENTLEMAN . who loves quiet, elegant apartments, and palatablo lead, msy address Room 8, 163 Doarborn-st. TVost Side. Ip SOUTH UNION-ST.—ACCOMMODATION FOR iU a fow more boarders, single and double rooms, from $6 to $6 par weak. on NORTH BANOAJIONST.—TWO PLEASANT gjl/roans, each suitable for two gentlemen, with board, and gas. QQ SOUTH SANOAMONST.—TO RENT, WITH CjO board, a pleasant furnished front room, ou second 1 9Q WEST MADIBON-3T,, PLEASANT ROOMS board. Tnblo boarders wanted. 1 KK SOUTH HOYNE-ST.—NICELY FURNISHED east or roulh front room, with board, ia private family; bath and gag. Ol n FULTON-ST., COR. PKORIA,~A FURNISH- X/J.U od room with all modem Improvements. with good board, to man and wife ortwo gootlomou; brick houao. QQ/i WEST WASIIINGTON-ST. PLEASANT OOMbrooms with or without board, llouso first-class with all tho modern ImprovomontSj ('C\A "WEST ADAMS-ST.—BOARD AND TWO Uvtfc elegant front (mils on second liner, furnished and unfurnished. Single rooms for nonriornau; tiro, barn to rout. Roforonooa givon and required. nQK WEST I.IADIRON-ST.-A LARGE BACK Dt/(J room tor gomloman and wife or two gmUomon, with goad board at g(5 pur week, on ground tloor; en trance outside. OHNSTONE HOUSE, 114 AND 118 WEST MAD- Imn-st.—Everything first-class; terms $2 per day; table board $5 por wock. fpHE OTTAWA HOUSE, 813 SOUTH HALSTED- X it.—A large, now 8-story building, recently fitted up lor hotel purposes, will open on Monday, May 6, for tho accommodation of tho public. Beard by tho week from g 1 to $5; by tho day. sl. CHARLES W. -MONROE. North Side* OfinREDGWIOK-ST.— PLEASANT FRONT ROO3I, fund-died orunfurulcaod, with hoard, on reason able to:ms; few other hoarders can bo accommodated. Country. COUNTRY BOARDING, THIRTY MILES FROM the city, ono of tho most delight ful locations In North ern illli'.oh, cm tho bank cf a beautiful lake; tlrst-olpss board for tint-class price; tho moat dcslraV'o opportunity that will bo offered this season. Address U 83, Tribune ollioo. MioooUanoous. Married ladies whose husbands ark away from homo a largo part of tho time, nr ainglo ladies wishing board, can Imd good accommodation in & LutlnoH purl of tho city, at reasonable rales, ’buses and ■trout cam convenient, by addressing C 23. 'Tribune olllce. BOARD WANTED. Boardinq-for man and WIFE, OR 1 OR 2 tiuglo goallcmon, iu a llnt-cluss private family. Call tit 124 wuiiorn-av., or on Tcuosdoll A Brown, 175 West Mndlson-st. ' • BOAHD-BY 4 GENTLEMEN ON THE WEST SIDE, not west of Saugamon-Bt., and accejslbla to street cars. Private family preferred. Address, BtutlngkUrms uud location, RC, Tribune ollioo. BOARD-BY a YOUNG GENTLEMAN, IN A private family, or uhoro thoro aro fow other boarders; won of Bluo laland-av. and south of Twolflh-st. Address, stating terms, Y 95, Tribune olHem BOARD-FOR SELF, Wll'ls, AND TWO OlHL dron, 6 and 8 ycataold, in suburbs, within half au boat's rluo of Chicago. Address OASIIiEK, Carxlot No. 8. BOARD-BY A RUSPEOTABLE YOUNG LADY, cmWoatSldo. Addroa* MINNIE, k3 East Washing ton-st. ■ BOAHD-BY A RESPECTABLE LADY OP QUIET dispoiitlon. In some small gcnteol family. References required. Addruis R 19, Tribune ollioo. 556 AII!)—WITH A PRIVATE FAMILY AND SUITE XJufruuuis, on llrst Hour, uut furnished. for a gentle man and lady; wlclilti four block* of corner of Twenty third and Stato-sts Givo tbo street and number. Address ItU, 'lTibuno otHco. STRAYED OR STOLEN. STRAYED-ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 80, fromtho slablua of NUou’s Amphltboatro during <he ozcltoment attending tbo tiro on WashlngUm-it., two fcorscs belonging to iho Grunt Chicago Show (which with cotiiu eighty others wore Maiding at the above place), one black burro r.nikd Tom; ho was lately clipped, and has a white murk cn his back caused by clrclnglo. Also ono oorroluiaro, nuppmmd to bo In company with the black, borso. A suitable ruward will bo paid for tholr return to Q. STOKES, NUon’s Ampuitboatio, Ollaton-st,, Cldcngo,_llU . , c TRAY ED OR BTOIiEN—A WHITE COW WITH lO two rod oars: JJ on ono horn. Any ono finding or rn turning her will bo paid for tholr trouble. JOHN DAYIN, owner, 121 Brown-st. OTRAYED-FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, ON TUB 5D evening of tho 29th ult., a dark bay maro, medium •ize, long tail, mane tnrn*d to the right, shoos all newly •ot; had on now halter whon shn bit. Suitable reward inr her return,to owner. GEO BHBRWOOD, 001 West AladUon-st. LOST. T ORT-A SHEPHERD DOG-SIO REWARD WILL 4 J bn paid for t ho return of samu to 747 West Madlsou-st. JAMES ERWIN. T OST—FRIDAY, MAY 2. BETWEEN POLK AND JJ Randolph-sli., orSlmrmim or Flfth-av., a ba’.u of webbing, from loam. Finder will bo rewarded on Its re turn luM. S. R. U. dapot, Casblm's 011100. TVTISLAID—APRIL 28, AN OLD MAP OF COOK itl County, edition of 1972. By returning tlio siimu to W. It. SALMON, Rerun SI. 131 South LClsrk-st., the finder will confer a favor, and bo suitably rewarded. F.i A/\ REWARD-LOST-A CHESTNUT SORREL hnrio, Dyoarsold, weight about 1,000 IDs; a (op bn/gy, yacht hudy, hrown lluiug, patent wheels. Iron rr. I through soil, Above reward will be paid. W. G. bnilOKfhll. Renm4. L'n. 7 FOR SALE. 17«OU SALK-TO BE RKMOVISU-2 GOOD FRAME II uuttnt'us. 11l audits Elovonth-st., Bluo laloud- j r . M w. J. ON A HAN. 58 Uontral Union Block. CLAIRVOYANTS. • rtMDNKT SEANCE THIS EVENING, BY MRS. E.M. \j phyi-lcal ami test iniidlmu, at 4J Siutth Morgan. PERSONAL. INFORMATION WANTED OF Mlf.3 3 Minnie lircoks. Address MAGGIE OUUUUAN, Tro* picut House, city* CITY REAL ESTATE. I'^onjßAtj£nyvf^^ « Major lllock, gronnd floors .... , , • ft C-soro blocks, fronting Stony Island boulevard and Elghty-seventh-st. . .. 6 Acres fronUnff bouloTArd, 1, 83,14. 40 acres, 1, 87, in. 70 nans, £, 87. 18. 4 10-floro blocks, 18, 83, 14. BOncros. 80, 89, 14. 80A0rc5.28.87.i1, 120 acres, 13, 87.14. 40noros, 1,87,14, 80 Acres, 29, 87, 14, ■ CM Aoro«, DO, 87,14. . . _ , 6 linuacs, marble front, on Park-av., between wood ami Llnooln-sts. , .* , _ 3-story ami brink basement house, In good order, on In dJana-ar., near Thlrty-llfth-st., 811,600. 3-slory and brick basement on Vomon-av., Thirty-fifth st., unty termst $7,000. ... , , Macbfo front uotino in Ellis Park, strictly first-class In all Its appointments. OH BALK-GOOD LOTS ON THIS FOLLOWING •trflfltss Btala. llnrnMdo, Hntlorlluld, Arnold, Gari baldi, llanovor, liuijor, Wallace, bnmmor, Winter, Mar* ray, anti Halstud: alaoon Woutworlli, bhnrtlolF, luriland and BtcmarUaTe: also on Alexander, rwonty»fmtrtli, Twenty-sixth, Twonty-rnronlh, Twonty-riK itln Napoleon, TwonlyoUnlli. EarL Thirtieth, Havon. Thlt ftr.Hoooml.Thlrly.ttilrd. Thlrty-llflh, Thirty-*)* h, Thirty* •ovontli, Fnntahio, and Thlrty'Olßhth-ele. Utloporfoct. Warranty tlcoda. A vory email payment down, live yonr’e Umo, G per cent Interest. No nnim«y liuslnoia. Apply to owner, ALHKUT UIIANK, &7J WV.Tiili-av. JL' reildonoo. Satorloa and basommit, 10 rooms, lot 29 loot front, exenllont location. .West Hide. SO t COO. IIICNUY WAtiI.KU, JR., 66 Hast Washington, Room 4. IHOII BALIC-AT A GREAT BARGAIN, LOTS ON 1 Wostorn-ar., Lexington, Volk. Taylor, ft ml Camp 'boll-sts. Parties wishing to build, m> money required downs alsofinewhomos containing 10 rooms each, S6OO casb, balance cm terms to suit. Innutro ou promises of CJKO. OADWHLL, ornt 135 South Clark-st.. iu bank. tXorbale-o'r rent-house and grounds, X' with bam and stable. In complete order, on Unlvor •lty-placo, Kvanston. Tula place, near doputuml lalto, Is very desirably situated for iv toildonoo. Apply to HUNKY M. KIDDKU, 1011 West Handulpli-st. FOll SALE—WAUABII-AV., 60x179 FKKT ON WA bash-av,. north of ThlrU-lUih-st.. Douglas-placo. BKYDKII A LICE, No. I t Nlxou’a Building, northeast cornorMonroo and LaSalloata. ' _ lAOR SALII-TWO-STORV FRAME HOUSE, WEST Jj Wnshlnglon it.. nearUoyuo: lotUCIxl&i; fetJ.OUO. HNY DICK A Lift*, 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo-sta. i FOll BALE—OR. EXCHANGE—FOR A HOUSE AND lot worth about JfS,O(XI and about 93.000 In cash, bal ance on tlmo, an elegant rouldouco on Lcavitt-st., near Madison, lot 100 by 140, fine garden, with shrubbery and fruit; tilaco worth ,10,000. SluNut L. UNDERWOOD, 99 Maaison-st. I pOR BALE-WILL GIVE A BARGAIN FOR ALL } or half cash j first-class 2-story house, 8 rooms and al cove, In that beautiful groro on Forty-ltrst-st., between Cottage Orovo and Viticunncs-avs., near etroot and steam cars. Address or call on owner, Ji L. MoltUUVKll, IC3 Laßalle-st., Room 10. ITIOR HALE—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT MAR* ' blo-front homo on lndlana-av., botwoon Twenty* ninth and Thirtieth-sis., $11,600. Two-story framo houso, 000 Allohlgan-av. Throe-story marble-front houso, 171 Calumot-av. Throo-story marblo.front houso, 697 Wabash-av. A nloo raarblk.front homo, with aaat front, on Mlohl gan-av., bolwoon Twolfth and Thlrtcenth-sta. A 8-story marble-front houso on lndlana-av., botwoon Twentieth and Twonty-flrst-sta. Tiro-story and basement brick house, 10 Lako-av., 44 foot of ground, BU.M. A , J. AVKRKLL, _ Real Estate Office, 160 Doarborn-st., Hnnoro Block. FOR BAIiE-WABAriH*AV.-60x170 FEET. WEST front, on Wabash-av.. north of T’hlrtySlftli-st., Douglas-placo. SNYDER ft LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner of Monroo and LaSalle-sts. FOR SALE-LOTS IN TUB WICKER PARK Tract, fronting Robey, Hoyno, and other streets, and the Park. Now Is tho time tonurchaso before prices are marked up, consequent upon tho early extension of Nich olson pavements and horse-railroad, U. O. MOREY. 77 Clftrk-st. . TTIOR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN 66X160 J* foot, Mlchlgan-av., near Forty-sovonlh-st. GKO. A. EMERY, 161 Lariat lost., basement. InOUSALE-WHO WANTS TQ BUILD ON THIS? ■ 76x170 foot on Wabash-av., oast front, near .Thirty* (oartli-st., $l6O per foot. Only $1,260 cash, balanoo in live years, at 8 per cent interest, OKO. A. EMERY, 164 LaSalle-st., baaomout. ... . For bale-hy h. o. morey, 77 clark-st* Brick bouse and lot on Somluary-av., near Fullerton ay., at a decided bargain. UIOR'SALE—THE SOUTH HOUSE OP THE NEW JO marble front block, southeast corner North Dearborn and Maplo-sts.; 3 stories and basement, finished in best manner, F. O. TAYLOR, £lO East Washlngton-st. For salr-at a saortfioe-a nice brick bouse and lot on South Side, which I must sell; $6,000, cash, will buy It. Address OWNER, Trlbuno olllco. FOR BALB-AT A GREAT BAROAIN-103X83, □orthoaat corner of Jolforson and DoKovon-sU., price, $6,000. Inquire at 136 South Clark-st., in bank. For sale-one and a half story frame cottage, Including lotonThirfy-socoud-ot., just oast o{ Wallace. Small payment down; balanoo In monthly tnrmonta: 6 years’ umo. Water ou premises and con venient to cars. Apply to FRED. I*. FISHER, 143 La. Sailo-st., basement. For sale-a new 12. r00m cottage, 207 Westom-av., built fur two -families; purchaser can realize 14 per cent. AlsuS-storybrlckstoro. with 6 rooms, clneots, bath-room, ftu., No. 931 West Lake. Apply to HENRY A. COLE, 270 and 273 South Water-at. IjfOß SALE—OHEAP—A GOOD NEW SHOP SUIT* 1 ablo fur sillier a carpenter, wagon maker, or black smith, with sm,all houso of 5 rooms all built within a year, with long Icaso oloso to tho vary centra of business. Ad drosfiJ tl*. Tribune olHeo. I nOU SALE-NOS. 05 AND 07 FOURTEICNTILST., ’ botwoon Stato-st. and Thlnl-av., very cheap; oiler wanted. CANFIELD ft MATTESON, OJ LaSalle-st. For Balk-forrest~av.-m feet front on Forrest-av., noarThirty-socoud-st.; will soli without any monoy down to parties who will build immediately. SNYDER ft LICE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner of Monroo and Lariallo-sts. IP OR SALE—STATE-ST., NEAR TWENTY-FIFTH, ; sllO per foot: Contro-at., near Lincoln Park, $135 par foot. PHILIP MYERS A CO., 18 -Major Block. FOR SALK—PRAIRIE-AV.—SO OR 100 FT. FRONT ou Pralrlo-av., ncai Tlilrly-sovonth-bl. SNYDER A LEE, No. M Nixon’s Building, northuast corner of Mon ruo and LaSaHo-slo. FOR BALE-ONLY $2,000 IF SECURED TO day— Elegant new brick cottage and lot uonr Stato and Thirty-ttoventh-stHi; very easy terms. R. Cl. GOOD WILLIE, 133 WoatMadUon-st. . . FOR SALE—S2,2OO WILL BUY NEW Ijtf-STORY house uud 30x125-foot lot on Fourth-ut.. oast of Wost orn-av. Onlv S2OO down, balance monthly. WHIPPLE & CLARKSON, 133 South Ulark-st. TpOR SALE-A BARGAIN-NEW 3-STOUY FRA-MR X 1 house, 10 rooms, marble mantels, gas, uud water, on South Doarbimi-st., uonr Thlrty-thhd-at.; let 80x110. Price, $5,600. Also houcos on Michigan, Indiana, Prai rie, and Vernon-avs., and lots on Bryaut-av.; all ou easy tonus. W. li. PHARE, M 3 LaSailo-st., Major Block, first Iloor. T?OU SALE-OR RENT-GOOD HOUSES ON JACK- X 1 sou und Adams-st., oast of Callfornla-av. (lake wa ter.) Address MoO ALLY, Builder, ICUI Jaokion-it. TiVoil SALE-CHEAP AND ON EAaY'TEUMS—NEW X’ Golhlo house, U rooms. 4 closets, bay window, brick basement. Lot DUxKS; high elevation. good water, 10 minutes'walk from fitroot-oars. Would exchange for de sirable lot at Englewood, Hyde Park, or olsownoro. In quire on promises. W. 11. BRYANT, Loavitl-at., ono doer norm of North-avV IpOR SALE-RESIDENCE LOTS ON CONGRESS ' Park, Van Huron. Tylor, and Hanison-ats., onlyUAf mile from tho Court-Houso; cheap, and on longtime:: will soli without cash payment to those who will Improve Immediately. Apply to CAMPBELL BRO., 131 Madison ■t., corner Clark. It OR SALK-TWO MARBLK-FRONT HOUSES (OO tagon); lots 183 foot deep to a 80 foot alloy, havoiiuo massive stone stoop, with moulded steps and rall;aNo solid moulded atonu /once. Those houses aro tint-class in every respect, and embody tho result of 25 year*'expo rioucu aa obulldor; work done by tho day; have ail mod ern Improvements (contain 14 rooms, 5 marble muutol?, fi marble slabs with basins, 8 water-closets and a genu sub-collar lor fuel, furnaces, etc.: will bo sold for a less Gorceutagouu tho coat than any houses in the market, all and sea them at4Bl and 48(1 Adams-st., clnso to Aah- Inndav., or address owner, J. W. IIAMBLETON, 215 Warron-av. FOR BALE-NEW OOTTAOK HOUSE WITH LOT on Erio-st., near Robey. Terms easy. Apply to owner, 8. M. MILLARD, ISsSouth Clark-at., RoomO. I~pOR SALE-ON EASY TERMS, BIX NEW~BRIOK ’ two-story and basement houses, on Adnms-st., near Wood: octagon fronts, with all modern improvements; sl2,sWJnndslo,6W. luqulro on promises, or at 28 North Jouorson-Bt. ’ Chestnut, 64 ft. CANFIELD A AIATTESUN, 60 LaSullo-st. irtOß-BALE-l WILL REEL FINE LOTS, 25X125, ON X Lonvltt, Oakley, and Davla-sta., at $650 for tho next 10 days. They are decidedly the cheapest lots in tho city. U. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Madlson-st., cor. Clark. IPOR HALE-OR TO RENT FUIINISURU-THK • dwelling No. 163 Oalumat-av., northof Twenty-fourth at. Parlor, dining-room, and kltchon on first Iloor; good hasomont. with laundry, oto. Owuorgolug away Juno 1, but can give nosHoaslim at any llmo. Apply onpremises, or to 11. F. GUYTON, PJ ana 21 Randulph-at., Bowen’s Block. For sale-six elegant 2-story and base inuotootacun front brlok houses on West Adami-it., near Wood: lota 83zlB0 and iililSO. SNYDER A LEE, 11 Nixon Building, northeast oornor Monroo and I^iSnllo-ali. FOR RALE—S7OO—LARGE LOTS, 60XM0 FEET. ON Fullorton, Mead, and Shsridau-sts., only onu block from Humboldt Boulevard; only two blocka from depot on Chicago A Pnolllo Railroad, and throe blooks from omnibus lino. Ground laying high; good Improvements; title perfect, and full abstract of titlo furnished each Burohasor. G. 11. GRIFFIN, 183 MadUon-at., oornor of lark. . . ■ntQR BALE—2-STORY AND PRIOR BASEMENT J? uuusoon West Jaokson-st., noar Ooutro-av., furnauo, range, Ao.: lot £5x165 foot to a 40-foot alloy; must bo Bold. KN¥i)ER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeastoornor Monroe and LaSalle-sls. • • I'ftOß BALE-WEST WABHINOTON-BT., NEAR 1 Elizabeth, 2-story Oolhlo ftunio houto. all modem Improvements; lot 70 foot front. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast oornor Monroo and LaSallo-st. OirSAIxCvKUY CHEAP—CfIXIW FTTI’RAIRIE'. av., near Forty-slxth-st. GEO. A, EMERY, 164 LaSallo-st., basement, I' nbu'BALE-lWlxlftO, EAST FRONT, ON WABASH -1 av.. between Fifty-sixth and Flfly-sevoutU-sts. 2501100, east front, on Mlohlgan-av., northwest oornor Fifty* seventh-at. 2 acres on suulUeast oornor of Flftv-first-st. and Ream mun-av.; Bcammon-ar. Is soworod from Flfty-tifth-st. to South Branch of Chicago Rivur. This is n splendid cor ner and can bo bought cheap. THUS. A, 11 ILL, 123 Doarbum-st. Henning A Spood Block, tirst Hour. I“p6 irsXidi-I WEEN ~MONROIS 1 and Adams., naw'Jstory and basomunt brick homo, with all modern Improvements! good stablo; forms easy; a good bargain. J. It. BUTLER, 40 Flttb-av. ‘ FOR HALE—CHEAP—A NICK BIX-ROOM COT tugo, In llrst-rato repair, in u good location on tho South olde.iwlth four yean* ground luaso at $6 per month, and can bo 'roloasod on long time. Being msldu ‘of tiro limits, with no taxus on outcago during said lease. I will giro ono year's rent and tho cottage for tho pi 100 of throe years'rout paid lu advance. Apply at 87 South llalsted st„ upstairs. B« W» WHITE. YSoitHALE-ON TUIRTY-NINTII-HT., NEAR BUI) 1* dan. ulielcolutat a bargain, on easy tortus. A. T, HEMINGWAY. Room t>6, 112LaSallo-st. riOR BALE—THE BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON X 1 Wustblde, fronting on Division, Igjavltt, and Shobor- A... iwlt Wlok«r-P«rk. lot. It I foot duop, with sidewalks and city, water. Price, S6OO. S7OO, and SI,OOO. Terms, ono-thlrd cash. Warrantee «uds and abstraela of tlUo. A reduction cn tirst cnah payment tlf raciulrod, to those who build IbUaprng. In* (lulru of iK ARNOLD A OU., Groeuubaum’s Uauk, No. 76 Flflh-av. Iron SALE-LAST CIIANCK TO BUY CHEAP LOTH J' —Going oil fast. Twenty lots on Shurmau, Wallnoa, and Wlntorsfs., near Uuluu KUtuk Yards, fur sale low: easy terms. Imiulro every morning from Bto 1(1 o’clock at tho huivk Yard Etohaogc. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, MAY 3, 1873. CITY REAL ESTATE. I pOfl SALE—BY LEVI WINO .1 00., 178 DEAR ■ born-st. s House and lot, 179 Walnnt-sfc, House and lot, Mlchlsnn-av., near Fourleonlh-st. Homo and lot-, Tblrty-llrst-st., uosr Wnbash-av. House and lot, Cnlfat-av., noarTlilrty-sooond-01. lloiiso and lot, 'Washtiißton-st., near Ada. House ami lot. West Adamvst., near Campbell. Also, unlmproTCd lots lu various locations. ______ F~ oil Bale-hkouhb“it to-hay-only $1,200 —Neat oottaxo and lot near Indiana and OaUloy-sts.; very easy terms. 11. G. GOODWILL!! 1 !, 183 West Madl- BOU-St. FOll BALE—BY 11. O. MOREY. 77 OLARK-ST., nice two-story house, with brick foundation, on Adams-st., nearOampboll-av., with 123 footof around. Also 6t) foot corner Adnms-st and Campboll-av., ntobnr ual». rTlOll BALR—STjAUOIITIIRICD—LOTI INRAII COR- X* nor Indiana and Oakloy-nta., only 6800; 004? tonus. 11. O. GOODWILLS, 183 WontMndlaun-at. w Ij7O!V BALR-ORUAT BAUQAIN—BO FIJKT ON } South Clark-at., 200 foot ■oulh of the PAollla Holol, price, $21,870, $11,875 cash. 4 810.0 ft by November 1873. This properly will bo woHh sl,f>oo a foot in 0 months. Inmilro of JACOB WKIL & CO., corner of Dearborn and Alndlaon-stn. FOU BAI.IC-s<o A FOOT, UNDER MAUKKT ptloo—lOxlSO to 20 ft. alloy, Kllla-av. north Thirty* ntnth*nt., very near hnrso anil otonm cars; abo houaoa ami lot* at Unklaml, Komvnod ami Ilyilo Park, from $3,000 to sw,ooo. UMtlOlt A BOND, 87 Doarborn-gt. 1,1011 HAM',-ON UUTTIIUI'IKIiD.ST.. CIOOD lIAHII JL* incut, coltnfto 111 moms find lot near Ttilrjy;»r"v-Dt., 'iilfnblq for two families, $3,700. J. 11. KISM»KII, Ho Clark-st. F" Oft SALE—UY H. 0. MOREY, 77 OLMIK-ST., A. nholoo oorncrlotfnrmanufaoluring, on D«tiplnmos*Bt< near Garrison. ntforod at a bargain forji^ovMlaXH»__^._ SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. iron SALE—LOMBARD HOMKBTKADS-$3.6iW X’ trill buy 2-story framo dwelling with nuq-lmlf ncro lot, good collar, well, nmtclstoro. Will trado for city lots or soil on quarterly payments. ... . _ , go, too will buy lluo homestead with ono to flvo acres in will buy onn aero. well Improved, with nplomlld 9-story dwelling. • Will soil or Undo for city property. SI,OOO will buy half onro lot, with 2-story and basoraont framo dwolllng; llnost location iu town. . _ , feiVO, SBOO, or S6OO wilt buy u homostoud lot on 1, 9, 2, 4, and 6 years'oroult, . ... 81, SOU expended in building cottages. Will boouto sight* ly building lots gratis. WAI. F. BREWSTER, 1M LaSallo-st., basomont. FOll RALR-5# AOP.U3 IN 8 12 H OF 3. 89, 13, 87.000. PHILIP MYERS A CO.. 18 Major Block. I nOR BALE—HOUSES AT HIGUWOOD, BETWEEN : Kvanston and Lnko Forest, from 8600 to $4,000. and will soil at samo payments, monthly, as houses would rout for tn Chicago, audatondof Jltoß years you will hnvo hmiHo4 raid and own your homostuad. u. ASHLEY MKARB, -00 LaßaUe-at., nuar Adams. 1’ noil BALE—OiI EXCHANGB-FOR GOOD SUM* ’ urban lots or aero property, a splendid houso with lino S rounds, In Young’* Addition to Blue Island. Hi is is a no opportunity to accnro a nlco country homo. For par* tloulara, call on U. F. CLARKE A CO., 123 LaSalle-st. I pOR SALE—BEAUTIFUL FARM—AN ATTRAO* ' tiro aero tract of 73 acres, 17 miles from tbo Chicago Depot, on tho Chicago, Alton ft Ht. Louis Railroad, 4 miles beyond Juhn Wontworth’a "Summit 1 ’ farm. This land lies but a fow rods nrom tbo depot. A larga projjor* tlon of it is from 60 to 100 foot high, la covered with a lino erovo, has Bond water, Is well fenced, Ims a good houso, bam, oto. Only $13,000, If taken within throe days. Aa an Investment, I boliovo thnro Is n fortune In this proper* ty. J. EriAIAS WARREN, la Chamborof Oom..crco. TTtOR "SALE-LOTS AT MAPLEWOOD, ONLY 4 X* inllos from tbo court-house: commutation faro, v} 4 cunts: large frontage on Humboldt boulevard, Fullerton, and Woslorn-ars.: sidewalks have boon laid, and troos iot out over tho ontlro property; Artesian well superior to any other in this vicinity, Sowing at rate of 350 gallons pur rainnto of-puro water, equal In ovnry respect to that of Lake Michigan. Parties looking fur homos would do woll to visit Maplewood bofoie purchasing. Price of lots from S4OO to SOOO, WING A FARLIN, W East Washington* st.. Room 4. For sale-save your rrnt—snoo cash and monthly pnymonts buys a beautiful, now. 8-room houso and 60 foot corner lot close to station and Normal School, Englewood, only 30 minutes’ rldo, plenty of tralnnday and night. STORRS A WARE, IB Washlngtou-st., Room 15. F” OR SALK-BARGAIN-ON 0., B. ft Q. R. R. 40 acres oloso to Clyde Station. $19.50 per aoto; this is in tho contra of tho district wboro all tho sales bavo recently boon made, and whoro fino Improvements aro being Inaugurated. For particulars call on STORRS ft WARE, W Washiuglon-st., Room 15. For sale-i will offer for one week ib houses and cottages of from 6 to 16 rooms in Evanston, North Evanston, ana Glencoe, at lower figures than any party can soil for who docs not deal exclusively In bin own property; yon that want houses corns direct to mo and save tho commission; ono-fifth down and balanoo In monthly or yearly payments will buy a homo; lots In any of the places named at wholesale prices; lumber furnished those who will build: nono nood apply wbo havo not n lit tle money. O. E. BROWNE, Grover’o Block, Evanston. For sale-good residences at kvanston. from $600to$16,000: alsoohoico building lots, and aoro-properly for subdivision, on easy terms. ALFRED L. HE WELL, 169 LaSallo-st., Chloago. FOR SALR-AT OAK PARK, SEVERAL CHOICE residences; also groat variety of vacant lots. A. T. HEMINGWAY, 149 LaSallo-st., Room 86. ‘IT'OU SALE—BARGAIN—THE BEST BARGAIN IN X tho market, A Droxot-hv. Boulevard lot, atanlm mnnso sacrifice, very near horso ami ntoam oars, murt bo sold. Parties having cash luquiro.of ULUIOII ft BOND, 87 Doarbornat, For sale-i have 75 ohoioe houses and lots which I shall oiler for sale at great bargains for tho next ten days; now is tho tltno to nocuro a good homo on easy toms. And also choico building lota convonleut to tho depot, on bettor terms than can bn mailo in Evans* ton. Gail or address J. R. FOWLER, Evanston, Hi. For sale-austin-fine residence lots on tho ridge, only SO minutes* rldo from tho city. CRAFTS ft SNOW, 54 LaSalle-st. For saij?—lots oh blocks in the vicinity of the O. ft N» W. currhops, close to West Forty oighth-st. depot, and only onoiullo from Central I’urk. CRAFTS ft SNOW, M LaSnllo-sl. F' OR SALE—CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE Milwaukee Railway, clx inllcn distant, and twenty minutes* ride, In Clybourn'n Addition to Ravenswood. Those lots aro laid out 60x152 foot on 83 foot streets, and will Ijo sold upon easy terms, at from SSOO to S7OO per lot. Tho facilities for access to and from tlio city—the desir ability of Urn land—lt being high and thoroughly drained —the. proximity to first-ulnas improvements, ohnrohos, schools, and society, commend this properly as tho boot at the prlco now in tno markof. Comparison challenged! Tho attention of tho Indus trious—tho thrifty—tho cautious—U called to thoso lots as sites fur homesteads or Inrostmonts. Call, for a printed abstract and plot, upon ROBERT QUEER, 81 Laßallo-at., Room 2. FOR SALE-BY IL'o. MOREY, 77 OLARK-ST. A splendid house at Wluuotkn, 11 rooms, hot und cohl valor, funmos, mantels, bath-room, water closets, brick foundation, largo collar, r.mlonu acre of ground. Oifor od at tho of $5,703; fora fair days. ■ corner of Ashland-av. and Forty-ninth at: a Ilttlo cash, balance at tho cud of 5 years, at low rate of interest. This property will maka a splendid subdivision. A plot can bo soon at ownor’a office. NELSON THOMASSON, Room 5, llunoro Block. TT'OR SALE-GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, X* from sstiO to tlli,000: also cholco building lots uuil ncro-propurty for subdivision on nuiy terms. ALFRED L. SEWELL, 159 LaSallo-at., Chicago. FOIIHALE-AT AUSTIN-A FINK HOUSE (WITH lot) with all modern hnprovementa. Apply to LY MAN BRIDGES A CO., corner Sangamon and Car roll-sts. FOR SALE—VERY FINE LOTS NEAR STATION at Englewood at $350 t<» $100: title perfect: abstract furnished each customer. These lota aro decidedly cheap. O. B, GRIFFIN, 133 Mndison-at., corner Clark. FOJI HALK-AT ENGLEWOOD—3 NEW HOUSES, $2,800, $2,850, $4,600, on easy tonus. UOLUURI) A CO., 20a Ijßullo-st., basement. FOR SALE-AT ENOLEWOOD-20 lots ON SIX ly-Hrut-st., near Htatlnn, and Stowart-av.; cheap, and on easy terms. HULBUIID & CO,, 203 Lnoallo-st., basumout. XpOR HALR-OR KXCHANGK-AT KVANSTON, A ' tine corner 76x180 on the ridge, 4 blocks from depot, and In vicinity of 11. B. •Hurd and J. 11. Kedzio’s bsautl ful residences; will soil choap nr trade for lumber at our runt rates. 11. OSBOItN & SON, 128 South Clark-st. F"OR SALK—TEN-ACRE TRACT ON HIGHEST rldgolu Washington Holahls at $760 porncroiabnr gulu. YOUNG & ROWLEY, liuom 8, 162 Dunrboro-st. For salk-a number - of‘houses and loth noar Ilydo Park Depot and tho Luke; also lino build ing lots In same vicinity. Will take partin' wishing to buy to look nt tho property at anytime. SIDNEY L. UN DERWOOD. W Mudison-et. POR SALK—AT HINSDALE—ONE NEW HOUSE In tho grovo, location beautiful. Hot and cold water, bath, piped for gas, marble mantel, oto. Price SB,OOO. Also ono now hoano for $10,000; one for $5,000; ono for $3,100. W. ROBBINS, b Trlbunu Building. P" 'OR BALE-OAORU LOTS, HIGH STATE OFCUL tivatlon, good dry land, Chicago Hi miles on Fort Wayno Railroad, nt Hobart Station, population 1,000; prlco- inciuriiUK city lot SSOO, $lO por month, no agunny Imelnoii; oßioo days Alonday and Friday 9 to 11. J. KARLK, owner. Room 8, baiomout 163 Alonroo-st. IpOH SALE—2O ACRES AT HIGHLAND PARK FOR »' $5,000. LARKIN & JENKS, Hi LaSallo-st. Good t uvea tin o nt. OR RALE—LOTH AND BLOCKS AT N. W. OAR Work;), 1-0 canlt, balance 4 years; also flnoloUon Chlcago-av.. tionr Humboldt Park, and on oornor of Ful lorum and Klmball-av. s some flno bargains and uneasy tom*. LAIUCIN A JENICS, nt IhOlr new office, 145 LaSalle st, Major Block, office on ground Door. friOß a ALE—FIRST CLASS FARM, 239 ACRES. 15 X 1 miles from Chicago ; plenty trult. Call at 712 West Washlngtou-at., and got full parlloulara. IpOR SALE—ON EASY TERMS, BY GULDEN A J FRESIIWATKRS. 63 South Olark-st., RoomlCt 40 acres luKoo. 11, 89, 18. 40 qorOH in Hoo. ID, 89, lit. FOR BALK-SOUTH ENGLEWOOD—I OFFER 8 livo-acru blocka in uiv original BubdlvUton just went of the railroad and sruth of Klghty-sovunthet., nt SI,OOO, SMU), Mid $1,500 pur acre, on very cosy tonni, I have contracted fortho immodiato sotting out of 1,000 largo shade trees on this property, of which work purchasers would receive tho honolit. This ground Is from fuur to six foot higher than that directly oast of tbo railroad and U never wot. Comparison with nricoii asked for adjacent property is Invited. W. O. COLE, Methodist Cuuroh THOU SALE-A GREAT BARGAIN IN 40 ACRES. X' 1 block front dopoir at Washington Heights. ISAAC R. HITT A BRi). lilMajnr Block. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. IBOR SALE—SPLENDID FARM IN KENDALL AND } LaSallu onuntloa-RCO across—atobuigalu. PHILIP MYERS A CO., 16 Major Bluok. 156 it KALE-HOME CHOICE TRACTS OP COAL 1 lands In the Wilmington coal Hold, by L. INGLE DHW.ItU LaSallo-st,, Ituoinl7, Bryan Block. REAIj ESTATE WANTED. \\T ANTED -HOUSE AND LOT WORTH SI,OOO. r I Will pay SI,OOO cash nmi 2 ooron at Washington Heights; very choice. WHIPPLE A CLARKSON, lU3 SyulliClnrk-bt. FOUND. IjIOUND—A POCKISTBOOKCONTAINING A SMALL i.' amount of money, rmto, gold pouoil, and othor pa purs, which (ho ownor can have by proving proporly and psylnj fur this advertisement, by oalling at uttloo 627 West Mi.dlßun-s!. fIIAKUN UP-A YOUNG DARK BAY MARE. X about 15 hands high, with new halter cn, Tuesday night. 110 Went Mfidiauii-atj INSTRUCTION. UfASSACHUSETrS INSTITUTE OF TECIINOLO i\I. gy, Eutranoo oiamluallun Juno 9 and It, ami Oct. 1 mid 2. For cataluguc, rooont tmtrauou uxamluatbm pa pers, or further mfonuatiou, apply to Prof, SAMUEL KNEELAND, HooroUry, Beaten. Mass. TO BENT—HOUSES. mo HUNT-ooTTAOit noUHit, id willakd X place, 10 rooms, furnished, Apply at No. 16,' next door. 110 RENT—GOOD 2-STORY HOUSE WITH 1 ACRE . of cordon, In 4 bloolts of Union Park, at $36. W. WAL ,KU, No. 8, 020 mate-si. , ritO RENT-COTTAGE, 4M WEST INDTANA-RT. J. Also dwelling 414 West Madlson-st. W. WALLER, No. B, 826 Stato-st. mo RENT-HOUSE 9 IIUBDARD OOURT, 10 OR U X rooms, In good repair; furnace ond iias-flxtures com- Biota. Inquire of M. 1,. IMSAIIOE, 670 Wnbaah-av., or to TTO MUlClt, 7 Markobsb. , 110 RENT—IN NORTH DIVISION, SOUTHWEST corner of Boldcn-av. and Hnlsted-st., largo 2-story and brick basement house of 8 rooms, with modern lm* provmuonls. Dining-room am! kitchen on main iioor. OGDEN, SHELDON A CO., Nixon’s Building, corner LaSallo mid Mnnroo-sts. a"~IcTfIENT— HOUSES—NOS. 24, 20. 28, AND 80 WA pansoh-uv. (Thlrly-BOvenlh-at.), 4 houses, In good to- Jnlr, 10 rooms; SSO per uouth. S. K. WELLS, 183 loarbom-st. fllO RENT-HOUSE WITH 13 ROOMS AND HAHN, X with lut 62x133, nhado-trous, .to., No. 163 Woxlorn-ov., noar Jaekson st. Rout, SSO. Inquire P. MORAN, cS Smith Wntor-ut. rnO RENT—NO. 7M COTTAGE GUOVE-AV,, LARGE X 8-story house, $65 por month. No. 101 Kllls-av., 8-story and .basement brown stone front, furuaoo, bslh-room, and all moilorn Improvements, sl,pyo per year, very near horse and steam cars. « houses at Hydo Park, near steam-ears, $65 por month. lu(;ulro ULUIOH A BOND, 87 Doarborn-st. ffT6*RE N O-IIOUSTS 4PB WESiTtXy'LOIL X .at,, two-storyand basement brick, now, all modern Impmvemonts; brick barn. W. J. ONAHAN, 68 Cen tral Union Block, northwest corner Madlaon an J Market sis. ■ . ' rro RENT—BOARDING-HOUSE, 13 ROOMS, BUIT sL able lor mechanics, on West Side, 2 blocks from Randolph and llatstod-sl . cars. T, A. QUINLAN, Room 3 Major Block, 143 LaSallo-st. fTIO RENT—6 AND 7 OROVELAND-COURT, TWO X blocks smith of Douglas House, 3-story and banomont brick, 10 to 13 rooms, good repairs, modern Improve* moats, £6O por mouth, o. IC. WELLS, 168 Doarborii*at. Fiib RENT-BY E. O. OOLE A CO.. 138 LASALLE* X st.: Uotlago 144 North Pooria-st., $lO. Cotta go 766 West Vanßuron-st., $lO. Butlurllold-st., 010, arranged fortw'o families, 940. South Pooria-st*. 131. modem, $76. Ilubbard-st., 438 aud 436>tf ( 6 rooms, only $35. fllO RENT-138 NORTH WOOD*ST., NEW HOUSE 'X 10 rooms, hot and cold water, bath-room and closet, furnace, gas llxturos, and barn; furnished or unfurnished; rent, S6O; with furniture, $63 por mouth. InqulrUCf D. OOLEASON,-or ou premisoa. TO RENT—A GOOD HOUSE, NO. 939 MIOHIGAN av., modem improvements, largo gnrdon. stable, Ac. Cheap to responsible tenant. Apply at WAUL BROS., 13d Mlchlgan-av. I'tO RENT-FURNISHED TO A GOOD TENANT, . No. 4 J>ark Row. SIDNEY L. UNDERWOOD, W Madlson-st. . TO KENT—FURNISHED. TO A GOOD TENANT, for tho summer, No. 63 Tlurtoonth-st. S. L. UNDER* WOOD, TO Madlson-st. mo RENT-HOUSE, C3l MIOHIOAN-AV., CORNER X Klghtoonth-st.j want to root to a private family! la an elegantplaeo. U. CORYELL, Wandßoßandolph-st. TO RENT—OR FOR SALE-HOUSE 831 MIOHIOAN nv., 14 rooms, fully furnished, or to ront unfurnished. Can bo soon by applying to W* J. BARNEY, 163 East Randolph-st, rno RENT—THE LATE RESIDENCE OFTIIR REV. XO. J. Ooodspood, No. 867 Wostjaokson-st., 16 rooms, all modern Improvomunts, attic 24x61, largo grounds, 65 xlßo, barn, 010. This property will bo leased lor ouo or a term of yoars, to tf tirst-olnsa tenant. Soo owner on prom* Ison, or (tt 256 South Halstod-st. Also, 2 tonomontsofll rooms each, ovorlooliiDg Jeffer son Park. 1. mo RENT—BASEMENT AND 3-STORY HOUSE, 257 X Llncoln-av.. containing 10 rooms, summer kltohon.and 10 cloaots, for $35 por mouth. Apply on tho promises. Mb RENT-FIRST AND SECOND :Fl7o(fßB HOUSE X No. 76 South Saugamon-st. Apply on promises. atO RENT—7SOx763 MIOHIGAN-AV., TWO THREE . story dwellings; will bo routed togothor, If desired; a good location for Jirst-claas boarding. R. C. UARRA BJtANT, Woodruff Hotel. m 6 RENT— EIJCGANT OOTTABU, 953 FDLTON-BT.; X six rooms, closets, and pantry; lu llrat-olasa repair. Apply on promises. mo RENT-NEW HOUSE, TEN ROOMS, BATH- X room, closets, Ac. Inqulro at house 10(17 West Monroe st., or 722 West Loko-st. a^OITICNT-N037~ 574 AND 676 ’WEST ADAMS-BT., . brown stone, 2-story and baaomontln good order; price, SI,OUJ per year. Inquire at 074. 1"lO RENT-HOUSE 73 LINOOLN-ST., 8 ROOMS. . gas, water, and sower; also 46 Wiiioboster-av., 8 rooms, with gas,* water, and sower. Apply ol 331 West UandulpU-st. nib RENT-LARGE, ROOMY HOUSE, THIRD-AV., X noar llarrisop-et. WM. POST, lit Otis Block. ItO HUNT— S2O— COTI'AOB, ti ROOMS AND OLOS cts, No. lU7O Jaokson-st., In nice order, water in house, to small atm carelul family. TUUKSDELL A BROWN, 176 West Madlson-st, 110 RENT-ONE OP THE BEST PLAGES IN IIINB - nloo bouse; largo rooms; furnace, obandaliors, window soroous, oto. I>. L. A O. W» PERRY, 166 La- Hallo-st.

Mb RENT-THE TWO 2-STORY FRAME HOUSES X Nos. 166 and 157 Sburtlotf-ar. Root low. LUVX WINU A CO., 1/j Doarbom-st. Iib^RENT— TWO-BTOUY FRAME DWELLING, 400 . West Van Buron-at.. PHILIP MYERS A CO., IB Major Block. . fpd RENT-1120 MIOHIGAN-AV., 1332PRA1RIK-AV., X both 4-story octagon fronts, ologsut. bouaoa. E. ASHLEY MEAUS, owner, 20vJLaSnllo-at., noar Adams. aid RENT—BRICK HOUSE NO. 8430WABA8H-AV., . 12 rooms. alltmßwo Uoori hob and cold water, gns llxtnros, wlndow-shados. ana cornlcos go with house; brick barn; sent reasonable to good tenant. Possession immediately. Inquire of O. B. POPE, 23 Chamber Gum moruo. mo RUNT—TWO NEW STONEFRONTB, IX ROOMS, X modern Improvements, corner Monroe and Wood* sts., SBS per month. JIKJ Woud-iit., 11 rooms and collar, $75 nor month. 11l Ahonloon-st., It rooms and barn, $75 pnr month. 76 and 82 Paulina, noar Madlsun-st., two-story, aovon rooms, $53 per month. For tonus call at 618 Monroo-st. W. 1). BABBITT. rpO RENT—NO. 182 FOURTH-AVENUE, 2-STORY X briulc house containing 10 rooms, Inquire at 181 Feurth-av. BYRON CALDWELL. . 110 RENT—DWELLINGS—IIO SOUTH JEFFERSON at., 11 rooms, with all now improvements. 825 South Pnrk-av., 11 rooms. 147 Forost-av., 11 rooms, lid South P«rk*av., 15 rooms. 856 West Aladison-at., 8 rooms. Apply to J. 51. MARSHALL A CO., Rooms 0 and 10, Reaper block, northeast corner of Clark and Washing* toii*sts. rpO RENT-LOWER PART OF 236 BURNSIDE-ST., X near Twouttotli, containing u rooms, at $23. F. O. VIERLING, Room 18, 126 Doiuborn-st. fpO RENT—HOUSE OF 5 ROOMS. $25 PER MONTH. 1 Apply to HENRY J. GOODRICH, 125 Doarhorn-st. fpO RENT—DWELLINGS-8 NORTH ADA-ST., 7 X rooms; 2JI West Randolph-st., U rooms over store. UMAR BtTSHNELL, Rooms 11 and 12, 13(1 Dcarborn-st. rpd^RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE OF 0 ROOMS, X complete, for S2O per month and day board fur one lady. Apply at 124 Wosiem-av. or to Trucsdoll A brown, 175 West Aludison-it. rpO RENT—BASEMENT COTTAGE ON TWENTY- X slxth-st., west of and noar Siato. A. S. PALMER, Jr., 34 Waahlngtnn-3t. * rpo RENT—7-ROOM COTTAGE, WITH BARN AND X carriage-room; references required. 717 Washing* ton-av. rpb JUStfT—A NICELY-FURNISHED EIGHT-ROOM X house In Evanston, SSO. Apply to-day at 101 East AladLsou-st.,_Roum 12. fpb RENT—HOUSE NO. 353 WEST POLK-ST., SIX X large rooms, with gas and water, marble mantles, and all conveniences; rout low; now vacant. rpo RENT—HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS, MOUGAN-ST., X near Washington, in good repair, S6O; possession Munuay. J. E. KIMBALL, Agent, 126 Dourbotn-at. Suburban. rpo RENT-SEVERAL HOUSES IN NORTH EVAN- X ston, and ono In Glencoe j or will soli fur monthly pay* sients. O. E. BROWNE, Grover** Block, Evanston. rpO~RENT—IN MAYWOOD, NEAR THE DEPOT, X large, now, modern house, 11 rooms, 30 minutes from Wolla-st. dopul; hourly trains. GEO. 1. KIMBALL, 45 WestWashlngtou-st., Room 6. NEW HOUSE, LARGE X lino lot, near lake shore. Brooms, collar. U. 51. GRAVES, Winnetka. rpo RENT-HOUSE AT HIGHWOOD, OF 3 ROOMS: X $22 u month, and and of 27 months will make youdoud et b’luna nnd lot. Which do you prefer, house paid for or landlords' rocoipt, and moving in rain,.or homo of yonr omO E.ABIILEY MEAUS, 2UULaSaI(e-Bt.,noar Adams. TO RENT—ROOMS. rpo HUNT—NICELY-FURNISHED APARTMENTS X single or on aulto, lu the now Parker Block, uorthea* corner of Halstod and Madlson-sta. Entrance, 66 Soul. Halatod.Cilice, Uoom 42. • FpO II E N T—ls LUO ANT FURNISHED ROOMS I*oll X gentlemen, at&D Wabaah-av. rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, EN SUITE OH X single; also two largo unfurnished rooms; lot mid cold water on Hour; gau lu rooms, 17 Eldrldge-Oourt. fpo KENT ONE LARGE FURNISHED ROOM, X will) gas and Until, to single gentleman, In throe story brick house, 664 Woat Wu»alugum-Bt. rp'O RENT—6 ROOMS, GAS, WATER, AND WATER- X closets,' suitable for housekeeping, No. 265 West JladlHou-Ht., Thompaou's Block. W&l. U. THOMPSON, SEP West Madlsuu-81. ■ mo RENT-TWO TENEMENTS OP BIX ROOMS X each; gas-llxturos und water; over store. SEE North (Jlark ut., $lO and s4(l tier mouth. Apply to R. 11. FLEMING, Office 14, 1 66 WasUUigten-at. rpo RENT—A SUITE OP FRONT ROOMS AND X double parlors, furnished or unfurnished ; also, fur nished lodging room. Apply at 661 West lUudalph st., up-ululrs. rpb RENT-FIRST FLOOR, OF FIVE ROOMS, AT X North Dußploinea-at. . rpo RENT—4 UNFURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE Xor on suite, with or without hoard. Rooms are plena aid and lino neighborhood, Apply 457 Jackaou-at, TO RENT-FIVE OR SIX PLEASANT ROOMS, suitable for hutuukeeplug, References .rouulrod. .161 Twouty-nlnth-at. rpb RENT -FURNISHED ROOM, WITH ALCOVE X andolusut, suitable fur goutiemau and wife or stuglo ladles. Apply at 666 Uhioago av., pint of Olark-st. fpO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, BED- X room, and closet oil; also single room, suitable for two gentlemen, with mo ol bath and gas} $lO, $lO. and S3O per month in advance.lUflPj Wabash-av. rpO RENT—THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS IN A X limt-chus brlok building three blocku west of Unlou Park; house has every modern improvement. Address M 76, Tribune ulHce. r«V6 iUtKT-in4TriOHIOAN.AV.-VERY Pi.EASANT X rooms newly lilted and furnished. Permanent; private family. rpb RENT-SUITE OF FOUR FRONT ROOMS, WITH X twocloeeti, water, and gas, lu mutblo-frout building No.jkUJ West Lako-st. Apply on promises, Room B. rpo RENT—NICELY furnished room buita- X bio fop two gentleman, with gas, hot and cold water; ivluo, single room. Brlok house. 411 MadUun-sl. SEWING MACHINES. GROVF.R A BAKER'S BEWINQ-MAOIIINKS—GEN oraI office, 160 Stalest.; branch office, 1)76 Wabash av. Persons having old Grover A Baker sewing-machines arc invited to call and sue the now improvements, and hear aonmthing to thole advantage. WHEELER A WILSON HEWING MACHINES, the new improved sold or ranted on na«y monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, office, UM West Madison-st.} will remove obout olayl, 1671), (o IU SUIO-st TO RENT-STORES. OFFICES, &o. TO RENT—BY J. B. CRAWFORD A CO. Bioroa 170 East Adams-st., 20x40. filoro 200 Flfth-at.', 30x70. Htoro 207 Flfth-av., 80x70. Store M North Wolls-sL, 20x00, HluroM North Wolbi-st., 20x60. Boaomonl SOGand 2(J7 Filth-av., 40x70. llßaaomontMNorUt Wollxst., 2oxKUl. Basement 63 North WolU-st., 26x66. Ofllcoa M and W North Wolls-st., 20x30. Hotel (now) 205 and 207 UHlh-av., 60 Rooms. - First, second, and third floor, No. Go ami 63 North Wolls-sj. {for manufacturing purposes, 4flxlU6. Comnlotoly furnlahud hunso, nurtli of Twonly-tmrd*st. on Goitago Qrovo-av., eight rooms] modem Improve ments. T" 6 RENT-SECOND FLOOR, WELL-LIGHTED JN front and on tlio aide by alloy; suitable fora lobbing business. Apply on promises to HERRING A CO., 46 Stato-st. - mO RENT—A HANDSOME STORE IN BRICK X building In llooklord, 111.; controof bustnoss, 82x20; dry-goods, clothing, or boot and shoo luminous preferred; f &< d *l?i r mr * * ddroa ANTON BUUIUKER, Rook- rro RENT—STORE 11 AND 13 MAUKET-ST., 45 BY X 86. Alsolargo hilts, oncomorLakoand Mnrkel-sts., all In Gsrrott Building. Apply toO. LUNT, Room 8, Methodist Ohuroh Block. Q 10 RENT—TWO BARNS AND LARGE YARD . with or without rooms Inr living; ono email'well lighted basement; ono brick store with uasomont and suit o of rooms. Apply to K* F. BOSLEY, on the promises at 117 West Washlngton-it. .. rro RENT—FRONT BASEMENT, MG WABABIIAV. X sls per month. • _____ T*o liIiNT—HOTEL ON THE CORNER OP FIFTH* at. and, containing 65 rooms, Inoltidlng bath-rooms, wator-olosots, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on the premises, or DREW A NEW BUJtV, Room 8, Bryan Block. TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT 231 NORTH Olark-st., 13 rooms above: gas and water. Apply to R. H. FLEMING, Room 14, 160 Washlngton-sU TO RENT—THE liABEUENTS, 40x60, NOS. 128 AND 120 West Kandolph-st. Imiulro at No. 124 West Run* dolpb-st., Room No. 2. ~ rro RENT—A 2-STORY NEW BARN. ,22x86. IN X Centre Place, In rear of 130 West Rqndolph-st. In* quire at 131 Wost Itamlolph-nt., Room 2. ntO RENT-STORE ON MILWAUKEE-AV.. STORE X on West, also a cottage. Apply at 834 WostHandolph*st., up-atalra. _ TO RENT-FIXTURES FOR SALE-STORK NO, 605 State-st. Poiioßslon given when desired. TO RENT-OFFICES WELL ‘ LIGHTED, CON* vonlont, aud furnUhod in good stylo, at 47 LnSallo st., near Randolphs prices from sl3 to $36. WM. H. CONDON, 47, Room 3. TO RENT-BARN IN REAR OP HOUSE ICO WEST Adams-st- Apply at 75 South Sangamon-st. T‘"cTRBNT-AT 243"WKST POLK-ST.—BARN IIOLD- Inga homos. To RKNT-A TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT store, with dwelling nbovo, No. 1268 Statn-st., to bo leased ’for ono or moro years, cheap to a Rood tenant; atorola2sx6o foot, brick, now, and lu splendid location; toady Juno I. Inquire corner Twenty-eighth and Slate ■la., drug store. npO RENT-OFFICE AND DESK ROOM, CHEAP, Xln lino building. No, 210 LaSallo-st., corner Adams. E. 15. RYAN A CO, TO RKNT-A LARGE STOREROOM AND BASE monbon Weal Lako-at., near tho bridge. Call at 230 West Washtngton-at. m 6 RENT-2 DESIRABLE BANKING OR INSUR- X anco ollloofl: also a number of smaller otllcos—all with vaults. WM. IIANSBUUUGH, 131 LaSnllo-wt. - WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED-TO RENT-ON SOUTH HIDE-FUU nliliod room, with bath-room attaohud, with or without board. Address T 61, Tribune ollico. W' ANTED-TO RENT-LOWER PART OF HOUSE or small cottage, nut to oacccd sl6 pur month, suit able for housekeeping for email family: mustboconvo nlnut to strfiot oars: West Stdo preferred. Address HOUSE, Box 157, City P. U. WANTED-TO RENT—BY TWO GENTLEMEN, furnished front room, with attendance, onnt ol Sloto-st. ami near Twenty-second, Address CIO, Trib uqo ottlco. . WANTED-TO RUNT-4 OR 6 ROOMS, OR A small cottage, by a family of two: must bo con venient to street cars. Rent not to ozoood sl3. Address j 87, Tribune olfioo. aStEd-to hent-a small, IIOOM, with bod, table, and chairs. Muut bo cheap. Address R SO, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT—BEFORE MAY 16, A dwelling of 7 to 9 rooms In good locality; small family. Address, with terms and location, 61 W, Trib une ollico. * WANTED-TO RENT A WELL FURNISHED room north of Twelfth-el. ancloastof Sir to. or any where In tho Burnt District. Address BOW 6 JAMES, 117 Olark-st. . WANTED— TO RENT-3 OR 8 ROOMS RuITABLF fur dressmaking lu tho vlolulty of Eighteenth and Woshlagton-sts., from$I&lo $lB per mouth. Address 775 Wabosb-av. WANTED— TO RENT-8 OR 4 ROOMS SUITABLE housekeeping in tho vicinity of tho Post-Oilloo. Ad dress 1). T., Box 80W, city. • WANTED-TO RENT—COTTAGE, OR PART OP house, 6to B rooma. Bost city rufuronuo glvun. Ad dross U, L 0 Wont Wasblngtou-st. FINANCIAL. CLAIMS— LAMAR, KNICKERBOCKER, TEUTO nIa, Garden City, Chicago Flro, nml Equitable In surance claims oosbod byJ. N. WITIIERELL, 160 Dour born-st. - COMMERCIAL AND REAL ESTATE PAPERPUR chasod.. CANFIELD A MATTESQN, GO LnSallo-st. TNSURANOEOLAIMS BOUGHT IN ALL BANKRUPT X companies. Como and soo mo before sailing. 11. b. DIETRICH, 77 West Madtson-st., op-stalra. COLLATEU.UA HOUSES ON LEASED Jj lots, furniture, Ac. L. R. CARSWELL, 149 East MudUon-at. rpO LOAN-TWO SUMS OP SI,OOO EACH, ON LONG X tlmotalso SSOO, short lima. A. S. PALMER, Jr., 01 Washington-at., Rooms 16 mid 17. rilO LOAN-1 HAVE MONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS 1 of not loss thou SIO,OOO on estate security for tbroo or tiro years. DAVID FALKS, 44 Portland block. fpO LOAN—SI,OOO UPON REAL ESTATE SKOU* X rlty. LYMAN A JAOKSON, 88 Portland block. __ WANTED— $2,000 TO $3,500, FOR 3 YEARS, AT 10 percent. onrjaloatuto security. Apply to 11. J. OOOIJIUUH, 125Doarborn-Bt. C*o f\CU\ $3,000, AND $6,000 TO LOAN ON IM proved city real oatato. KIMBALL A It RAKE, Room U Foot block, cornorOlark uud Mon roo-als. oi A nt\f\ (OR ANY PART THEREOF IN SUMS JPXU.VJUU of notions than SS(W). Pnrehago money paper secured on Chicago real estate for pale at n fair ills* count.__LA_ddro3H J. 71, Tribune olllco. AGSXITS WANTED. Agents wantkd-good canvassers arts making $lO to sl2 o day with my goods j nvury article Is as staple ua lluur. Particulars free. O. At. LINING* TON, 177 EastMadlson-st., Room 10, Chicago. A" GENTS WANTED-TO SELL OUR NEW BUTTON* Hole flutter aud Noodle-Threading Thimble. Agonln clear S2O per day. V 9 Knat Madlsuu-al.. Room 5. *1 (JKNTS WANTED—EVEIIYWIIERIC—S6 TO $lO A JVday: easily nmilo by either sox. Sample tree. MER RILL A CO.. 23 West Lake-st. Agents wantkd-uewitt fluting, polish iug, and band Iron; selling fust, good pay. Id) East M&dlsou-st. Agents wanted-to sell the champion tinting and smoothing iron: the bent oua mndo. CHAMPION FLUTINU-1 RON COMPANY, 41 Thlrd-av. TuKNTH WANTED-IN EVERY TOWN AND CITY XV In tbo Wcetorn States, to canvass for subcciipllona to tho Now York Citizen and Round Table. Tjvoniagnllicont obrumos given away to ovory subscriber. Aotlvo agents, male or lomalo, cun nmko tram slu to S2O dally. J. SMITH, brauoliOllioo 7(1 Dnarborn-al , near Randolph, Room 13, Chicago; lit. * * Send forclrcular. BUILDING MATERIAL. InOR SALK—CHEAP, 250,000 GOOD COMMON RED } brick, 60,600 dark red pressed brick, at IGI East Mon roo-st. DUNNE A SOANLAN. • 7?OR SALE—PORTLAND CEMENT, IN QUANTI- X 1 tloa to suit, at $6.60 per brl., at 147 LaSallo-st., base- Biout, ____ TSOII SALE-OLD BRICKS. ABOUT 250,000: WILL X soil cheap it removed Immediately. Apply at 3SB Old oago-av. ! T~UMIIEII-WE HAVE 76 51 Jj pine lloorlng for salo; a nice article. HANNAH, LY MAN A CO.. bO Muln-st. rpb CONTRACTORS—FOR SALK-50 YDS CELLAR, X nhn 60 yds lake sand. Apply ntSSflFifth-av. i nnn of brick, also stone and X.UwUiUUU lime, wanted In exchange fur brick lumiiojind lob on. South Bido, oicollont location. C. S. BURDICK, WW>Hhington*st. TO EXCHANGE. rpo EXCHANGE-PROPERTY AT IUVINO PARK X for good unimproved lowa laud*. I). S. INGHAM, 64 South Dcwplutuus-ut. rpO KXOUANGU—NORWOOD PARK 111,00 Kb OR X lots at reasonable priced for houses and lots In city or thriving country towns. 8. E. WELLS, ibt) Dearhoru-st. T~lTe xo ha nge-b mb k no us iTa nd'xol'7 con vouluntly located, tor Uriah, stuno or lime, or will soil on o&iy toruis. 0. o. BUItPIOK, 13 Waulilnglon-at. ' \\r ANTED —TO EXCHANGE A FINE GOLD YY watch, worth $360, fur oommnu lumber; would take good lumber that has boonusod lit relief buildings. Address X 30, Tribune ollioo. \iTANTKD—TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRY YY goods, notions, wluthlug, furnishing goods, boots aud shoos, and turnliutq, 8 farms in Masou County, 111., all uudaru good state of oulllvatlon, near market and rallruad-oiiu farm of 110 acres, ouo of 1144 acres, mid ouo of £ls acres. Also a lino now dwelling huusu and *J lots lu the City of Peoria, 111., with all muanrn Improvements. The titles are perfect. All worth S6O,UW cash. Will trade jiuHerall. Address Box MACHINERY. lAOR SALE-1 NEW HORIZONTAL ENGINE, 10X16, JJ with tly-whoel, inimp, and healer; also, steam plpo and llttiugs. SAMUEL 1. POPE A CO., U7 and 60 WostLaku-ut. ■ \\/'ANTKD—ONE SECONDHAND FOOT-LATHE, YY with Iron sides to bu used for drilling and turning wood, four feet lung: g|vo dosuriptluu, price, Ac. F. S. CLARKE, Pmtou, Ford Co., Ill* WANTKD-l PAIR BM Oil 4-FOOT BURR MIL), If stones, suitable fur loud mill. bl) Maxwell-si. bTE VENH A BARKER. TO LEASE. rpo LEASE-DOCK PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH X Branch, near Twenty-second-Bt., lu.) ft. «n the river by fcJU ft. to U. AA. U. IC. Apply to HENRY P. DRAM, olliuoof Iblisiu A Lincoln, Portland Block. fp6 X lust north of Twenty-sccnml-nt. bridge, and now oc cupied by Daniel Boyle an a coal-yard. Apply In base mout, nurthoabt Oornor of Madison and Doarhoi n-ats. rpO~ LEASE—DOCK AT BRIDGEPORT (810 FEE/ X may bo leased lu parcels); railroad faclUHosj immodl ate possession. Apply to H. dOHOENUMAN, corner t Arohor-av. and fiali-at. MUSICAL. SITUATION WANTED—A LADY:WISHES A BIT- O nation In a city choir. liana good contralto voice. Hast of city references. Address ALTO, earo of Lyon A llnaly. rpo UENT-A GOOD PIANO, AT 216 SOUTH PEO~ ifU-ib WANTED—MALE HELP. Bookkeepers, Olorkn, Bio* TVANTKD-HY A PHILADELPHIA HOSIERY, Tt notion, nnd white goods Jobbing-house—A Hrst-oloss trawling salesman Acquainted with tlio business, nml having an established trade. Addioss, stating amount anil location of trade, experience, 010., COX, SMITH A GO., Phllatlolpbln. ' WANTED-A HUY FOR A FEW WEEKS, 10 TO 19 >T years old, to attend store; must linvo gome knowl edge of table and pocket cutlery. Address, with refer ouco, M HI, Tribune iitlico. W* ' ANTED—A GOOD BOOKKEEPER AT323 WEST RandolpU-st. STANLY IHIOH. WANTED-A HOY AS CLERK IN A LAW OFFICE; it must write a Rood hand. Address LAW, Tribune ofilco, stating salary. _______ WANTED— A GOOD SALESMAN; STATIONER DK slrablo. Address 11 IQ, Tribune olHco. Trade** WANTED-HYO. HAWLEY A 00., MdGRISGOR, lowa, a first-class oarrlago trimmer at onuo. WANTED— 3 GOOD WAOONMAICKR3—TO GOOD steady men 1 will give constant employment and good wages; would llko nnu wttli some oxjiorlonoo on BprlDg wagons, S. H. WILSON, Paduoab, Ky. WANTED - IMMEDIATELY - 3 FIRST-CLASS pattorn-nmknrs. Apply at works, Egan and Slow art-avs. *i'ho American Bridge Company. W”' ANTED-OAHINET-MAKERS AND CARVERS at factory coruor of Htowart*av. aud Twenty-sixth- St. W. T. NOBLE A CO. WANTED-A GOOD BLACKSMITH, AT 333 COT tage Orovo-sv. L. MQIIN. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY, SIX GOOD ORAOIC or bakers. Apply to 0, b. WOODMAN A CO., coruor Canal nnd Auams sts. • WANTJH)— FIFTEEN FIRST-CLASS PAINTERS by FISHLEIGH A OUR, Highland Park, Lake 00., 111., on Milwaukee Railroad. ■ WANTED— A WOOD CARVER; ALSO, ONE GOOD carpenter for uhup work. Apply at roar of 19 Aboc doou-st. WANTED-A BARBER AT 11. WOOD’S, 697 SOUTH VV Oonal-at. t>‘ WANTED —PAPER HANGERS AT W. A 11. BTUANQ’H paper etoro, U37 West Uandolph-st. WANTIfib--IMMKDIATICLY— A FIRBT-OLABB MAN cooknt JOHNSTONE HOUSE. 114 and HQ Wost Mndlson-st. ■ WANTED— THREE JOB COMPOSITORS AT »12 por week. Apply nt Franklin Co., fourth floor, 160 South (Jlark-st. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN AS LOCAL EDITOR in charge of a large country newspaper; must bo a good Job oomposltor and invest SI,WXI. Address J 89, Tribune 011100. WANTED-A FIRST-OLARB WOOD-OARVER. AP ply at the Northwestern Plantng-Mlll, corner Green st. nnd Ohloago-nv. WANTED-PAPER-IIANOERS. NEWEST RAN dolph-at. _____ T\7 ANTED—PAPER-HANGERS. AT NO. 889 WEST Vl Lsko-at. P. CULLIN. WANTED-PLUMBBRS AND GASFITTERS AT JAMES McQINLEV’S, 210 East Mudlson-st. "Wf ANTED—PAPEU-HANUEItS. APPLY TO REED , Yt A GANTS, 60 Blue laland-av. Employment Agooclos, WANTP.D-MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, and State. to soil our now button-hole cutter and noodle-threading thlmblo. Agonta that wish tho goods will Biivomonoy nud time by buying dlroov of tho manu facturers, atW East Madlson-nt., Room B. T\rANTED-at) MORE MEN FOR F.SOANABA. VV Michigan, to lonvo this day. Apply at 269 East Ran dolph-sl., Ituom-l. U. V. SNELL, Agent. MEN FOR RAILROADS. RAW mills, and farms. Apply to CHRISTIAN A DING, 1 South Clark, orlUl South Uanal-at. MiscoUanoonsi WANTED— SEVERAL FIRST-CLASS BEWlNG mauhino mon to trayoi. Bottling agents’ accounts, Ao. Good men, good salary. Address 07, Tribune ollico. ANI’EU-100 RAILROAD LABORERS; $3.20 PER dny; froo fare; 2J mon, U mon and their wivos fur farms; lot) wood choppers. 21 West Randolph-st. T\rANTRD-A A! AN WHO UNDERSTANDS HIM- T i salt to canvass business utlioos for a superior standard article. Mono? in It to tbo right man. HADLEY BROTHERS, Booksellers, 136 Htatu-st. WANTED— IN EVERY TOWN AND CITY, MEN to handle Prof. HENRY’S uon-oxidoHtvo ponder fur komsono nil; oulls readily at a prollt of 200 per cent, and to tbo trado at lot) por oont. A. RAY, 25 Wool Lako-lt. WANTED-A GOOD, RELIABLE, HONEST, AO tlvu collector, to colluct routs, and mako blmsolf Sonornlly useful about a real estate mid houso-rontiog of ce. None utbor need call. J. At. MARSHALL A CO., No. 97 Olark-st., Rooms 8 and 10. WANTED-A GOOD HONEST, ACTIVE BOY TO do chores around a hotel, Johnstouo House, 114 and 116 West Madlson-st. i\ v ANTED—BOY 15 OR 16 YEARS OF AGE THAT IT Is an apt scholar. CJI at 227 Tivouty-first-bt., In tho evening. WANTED-HY A JOBBING BOUT AND SHOE house In Boston, a talesman with an established Western trado. Address Box 2173, Boston Pust-Uthcc, Alius. TVTANTED—A SALESMAN FOR OHIO, WHO CAN V r roiuosunt us in uomiucUon with liiti presentbuslnuss. WIIITTLISSKY A PETERS, 123 I.aSaUc-nt. \\TANTED—CANVASSERS,—BIO PAY: ARTICLES T T now; selling fast. Como to-day. ITflEostMadlson at., Room 16. WANTED— A GOOD BOY. APPLY AT NO. 8 Abordoon-st. <■ WANTED-AN OFFICE BOY. APPLY AT 11. W. WETHERELL’S, 46 and 47 Jaokson-st. WANTED— A BARTENDER; ONE WHO CAN wait on table. Apply to GEURGE F. DAVIES, 225 West Madisim-st. WANTED— SMART MAN TO WORK-IN A MEAT in.irkot. Apply at 115 South Dcaplatnos-st. WANTED—GOOD ACTIVE MEN READY FOR ii business, to call on or address JONES A CO., 71 South (Jnnai-st, 8W to $lO a wook easily cleared. WAN TED^MEN ~OUT~OF~EM V LOYMKNT AND willing to work at good wages, to call at 1U South OJlnlonut. 1 WANTED— A STRONG, ACTIVE YOUNG MAN to look after horse, etc.; one who understands paints and oils preferred. Apply 60 llluo lslaud-av., between 7 audit)o’clock. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Doniostios. nfANTED GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE \ I work. Apply at CM Wnbash-av. WANTED— A GIRL TO COOK AND WASH FORA inmily of throe. Call during forenoon or evening, at 1025 Wabash-av. ■\ AT ANTED—AN HONEST AND RELIABLE ENG- Vi Hah or American girl to take caro of children; a goad homo for the right person. Address M CD, Trlbuno ollico. •\\TANTKD-T>VO GIRLS. GERMAN OR NOR ii wegian preferred; ono for cooking, tho other for washing. Ironing, 010. Apply WlMlchlgan-av., corner of Elghtoeoth-st. WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK lu small family, lie!) West Washington-st. ANTED-A CHAMBERMAID AT 334 AND BCO West Madtaon-st. Como early and prepared to stay. W ANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL WORK IN A ' family of throo; a good homo for tho right person. 1103 West Waslilngton-at. WANTED-TWO GIRLS FOR RESTAURANT. IN qulro aUIQ West Mudlson-at. W ANTED-A GOODOOOK; ALSO GIRL TO WASH and Iron. Apply at 813 Wost Washington-st. ANTED —A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND Irouor, at 20 Indlaua-av., corner Thlrtoonth-st. W ANTED-A COOK SUITABLE FOR A BOARD- Ing-houso; wages, $6. Apply Immediately at 409 South Dearborn (Burnside) at., near Twenty-ninth. WANTED A THOROUGHLY .. COMPETENT cook at 754 Miabigan-av. WANTED-LAUNDUY, KITCHEN, AND PANTRY girls at Burko'a European Hotol. ■\\rANTISD—A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL >T housework In family of three. German, bwudo, or Norwegian preferred. Apply nt 148 Staaton-av. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work. COO Wabash-av. •VT/ANTED-A COOK IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. VV Apply WO WabagU-av. , WANTED-A FillST-OLASS GIRL FOR GENERAL iT housuwnrk immediately in n finit-class family, fWJ West Jackson, ooruur iluuure. Tho best of wages will bo paid. WANTED-TWO DINING-ROOM GIRLS, TWO olmmbormtiids, cook, and good gltla for general housework, at El South Ollnton-at. W*A NTHD—A~GiRL TOc7)OIC, WASH, AND IRON; nuuu but those thoroughly competent need apply. 298 IlUnola-ut., corner of Rush. Nurses. WANTED— A GOOD NUKKK IMMEDIATELY AT lolu Ptalrlo-av., between Twoutj-eoooml and Twenty* thlrd-bU. MisooUanoonn. WANTED— A HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN IN A bath-room; no Irish need Apply. Cull At Turkish Bath*, 26ilMlchlgan-av. WANTED— 2 WOMEN TO GLEAN 5 OOME EARLY. MISCELLANEOUS. CARPENTERS, CABINET-MAKERS, ATTENTION —Uoioro ndvorllidng for muni help read advertise ment on lirstpugo uf now hand sawing machine, for out* ling, ripping, do., with which omiuuuoau do tho work of tun. DJ, GALLERY & CO., TEAMSTERS5 FUUNL • turo moved 5 good, oarolul moo aliraya on huud at 43 South M«rkot*bt. l .i QuIPMENTH COMPLETE FOR MOVING HOUS E •J?j nold goods, furniture, Plato glass, marble. stocks of goods, oto. Orders lull at Room 11, Metropolitan Block, or at delivery oilico, M.0.11.11., in freight depot, will meet with Immediate attention, MoMURTUY «l BUO. L' LUM her yard, where 2,000, 000 or fl. Odd, 00(1 foot of lumber can bo sold per annum; anyone In llllnoli having siioh a locu tion can find a cash customer by addicting HANNAH, LYMANA GO., K) Maln-st., Chicago. 111. mO MOULDERS—FOR ttALK-W'YDS OF HAND. X Apply att’ttd FHth-uv, FIXTURES, BOOKKEEPER'S desk, and counter: new or snoemHiaud. STILES, GOLDY A MoMAHAN, 45 La Hullo-Hi, TATANTICX)—HEObNU-HANDHAFE, MEDIUM HIZIC. 11 Address G IHt, Trllmnu oilico. it Address, forllvojluys, _ •\V^NTia)-f;ioM£WiTiiWAN II Invoi-t In rgal-oalalo. 178 Hlato-st.. Room 1:1. { HOUSEHOLD GOODS. 1?OR HALE-FURNITURE FOR HOUHEKEEPINO. L 1 all In good order and llral-elaus goods: awe, lease ol limiso for Tour years; ehoan; No. 61(1 South a pood ohanco to keen boarding house, is. ROUAUa, m East Maill»ou-st., lloom 0. Ip - KUESHNEU, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER i’ , In furniture, mattresses, oto., MU EaH Eighteenth, st., near Htato. Film uphelstorinic mado < now and re paired. Hair mall rcsios madutourdor. i’Uiiilturo vur* nltLcdeu uhurl notice. i,AUTminiAvimnK>u«™ X or sell for cash will do wall to cull on IJ, 14U>>ust Madlmm ut. TJAUTIEH HAVING IIOUSEHOLD GOODS ON X merchandise of any kind tor «Hu util ttud a cash pur* chaiur by addroseing \y 53, Trlhuun eihud, SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Bookkeepers, Clerks. Ace* CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG.MAN IN O grocery or dry goods atom, whero.ho can make blmsolf Ufloful. Address JOHN McGOVKHN, cars of E. IS, HYAN A UP., 210 LnHallfl-st. ; CITUATION WANTED—AH SALESMAN IN A Owboloinloor manufacturing house, by uuo experienced in business, who can loan the llrm S6, OWI cash. AH com. nmnlcatlons confidential. Address, with name of llrm, etc., W K, caro of P. O. Box 197, Bloomington, HI. IT UAf IO N~ WANTED -AH BOOKKEEPER: HAVE A I references nnd seven years’ experience In tills city, and can handle any firm's books. Address i)O2, Irlbuna oltlco, . • ____ SITUATION WANTED—MY A IYOUNO MAN IN A wholesale or retail grocery, wliu ban had throe years' experience, and not afraid to work. Addrots RO, Trlb- □no 011100. S*“ IT UAT ION WANTED-A COMPETENT DRUG and iircrcrliiMun clerk, who Is conversant with Eng* Ilsh anil German, deslroa a situation. > Address *'PHAR MACEUTIST,” Trihuuo onioo. Trattos. CITUATION WANTED-UY A YOUNG ENGLISH- O man, as miliar; ban hud novou years' experience { will ing to work: oan figure and write well. Address K !13, Tribune onioo. ITU AT ION WANTED—BY A FTUBT-OLASS TIN, copper, and sheet-iron workman, in the city or coun try. Address M GO, Tribune otllco. CITUATION WANTED—PRINTERS—A YOUNG p man with 4 years' experience nt printing; bo could loam Job composition under Instruct Ion; oan do good; Job preaswork; will work cheap. Address W 47, Tribune olllcu. ' S' ITUATION WANTED-UY AN EXPERIENCED man from the East, inn Jewelry atoro as workman or ■alcanian; reference given. Address A. J. BOOKUB, 214 and aid South Wator-at. Oonokmon, Tonmstorfi. &c. * SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN WHO eponkn English, Herman, nnd Scandinavian, to drive a wagon; la well acquainted with tho Northwest Side and la not afraid of work. Please address lu two days, W 49, Tribune olllco. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN BY A young man (Dane) with n private family, Is a good driver and understands taking care of horses ; willing to work. Address J 73, Tribune office. MlsooUimoonn. SITUATION WANTED-AS TRAVELLING SALKS, man In wholesale house (grocery preferred) by a young Englishman, aired 23, n ronldnutof this city throe and a half years. Address J 66, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTEU-BYA COMPETENT AND experienced editor, city or ooantry. Address J 67, Tribune otllen. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domofitlos. Situations wanted-by two swede anttss ono as second girl, tho other kitchen girl, In private family. Apply at JM North Dosplalucs-nt. iTUATiONB*^WANTfii)—AS SECOND-GIRL OR nursemaid. Apply at2l Buttortlold-nt. A OTvRMAN OIUL, TO do general housowork In a privato family. Apply at SO3 Twenty-lira t-st. Honsolxoouors SITUATION WANTRD-DY A MIDDLE-AGED woman, as huusokoopor in a small family, or for a widower. Country preferred. Call at 253 Huubard-at., corner May, Wont Side. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE indy with n small baby, ns houukoopor or to do houso work lu a small privato family. Address AIRS. E. ASU TON, lllonla lluuso. - . ■ . MlsooUnnoons, SITUATION IWANTKD—BY A YOUNG LADY AS dork In a grocery storo; bus bad experience; can fur* nil'll roforonco. Address J 68, Tribune olltco. OITUATION WANTED-AS LADIES’ NURSE; IS 1 J willing to bolp around tbo homo. Apply at 431 Sodg w lek-nt. BUSINESS CHANGES. A LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR SALE, IN THE CITY of Louisiana. Pike Co.. Missouri, 117 miles above St. Louis, on tbo Mississippi River. with all tho nocosaaryar rungomonta for tho pork business, smoko-houso, etc., with throo acres of grutiud attached. This la a rarochanco fur any party doalrouaof going luto tho pork and provision business, no tbo surrounding country Is welt Blocked with bogs, and a ready mr.rkot for tbo sale of tho product either in St. Louis nr Chicago. For further particulars, apply to GILBERT PRYOR A CO., Provision Brokers, No. 166 East Waahlngton-Bt. A RARE CHANCE - A DRUG STORE, ESTAB- Hulled bovoii years, In a thriving lawn of 1,000 Inhab itants, now doing a good business, for snlo. Stock about $2,6(20. Sates, su,lXMJperanmim. Will soil or rent store building. Inquire of JOHN MoKINNEY, Sturgeon Bay, AN OLD-ESTABLISHED AND NEWLY FITTED up dlulug-ruum lor aalo ohotp. Inquire at 874 South Htata-st. A PROFITABLE PAYING FLAX AIILL AND AfA. ohlnnry for sale; part payment taken in stock; sales guaranteed. Address F. T. FOSTER, Look Box 16, Eaton, Ohio. IJUSIKES3 INTERESTS SOLD. PARTNERS PRO. J) cur xl. Flret-oliu* openings ou band for mou with JI'OO to SIO,OOO. J. E. KIMBALL, 126 Dcarborn-st. B“ OOIC AND JOB PRINTING OFFICE FOR SALE— Htonm newer. Ono of tho best and mast ouroploto in Central Illinois. Inquire of MARDER, LUSE A CO.. 1119 and 141 Alouruo-»t. t Chicago. Book-bindery and blank-book manufao. Tory for sale. Good reliable run of profitable work. Now and tlrst-class machinery throughout. Inquire of AIARDER, LUSE A CD., 139 and 14f Alonroo-st., Chi cago. C OMPLETE AND WELL-LOOATED FLOUR MILL In Illinois for salo. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 LaSallo-st. DAILY NEWSPAPER FOR SALR-A NEW EVEN* Ing, Indopondout paper, and now ruuningnt a profit. Vary lilt to capital roquirud. Inquire of MARDER, LU»E A GO., lU9 and Ul Monroo-st., Chicago. F"‘‘ UUNITORB, FIXTURES AND LEASE OF HOTEL for balo cheap. If all cash. Central location; low rent. LEVI WING A CO.. 178 Dearborn-st. IHOR KALE-A HALF INTEREST IN A WELL EB - tnblUbod hardware business that will boar a close In vestigation. Capital rociuirod—s3,ooo or SIO,OOO. Address D 25, Trlbuno otneo.- Grocery forsale-thu oldest and rest family grocery on tho South Side, between Twenty eucond-Ht. and Hyde Park. Business $50,000 a year. Has a lino lot of paying customers. No bonus asked. Parties are going into the manufacturing business. Address GROUEItS, caro P. O. Carrier No. 10. Newly fitted-up grocery on west Side (cost $1,000), will bo sold for S6OO or less. Good lease, new stock and fixtures, at tho best bargain ever of fered In tho city. Will positively bo sold to-day, at some price. No bettor obanco, for a couple of enterprising men. In Chicago. Quod business already established Impilro of EDWIN A. RICE A CO., No. 147 Run tlolph-»t. O' NIC OF THE BE/fr MARKETS ,ON THE .WEST Side for Bale; tho profits for IB?i woroovorsfi,tX)tij good reasons for selling; those moaning business may ad. dress ABU, Trlbuno ottico. T5 ARE BUSINESS CHANCE—IN ORDER THAT I Xl» may devoto more time to banking, I odor for ealo or rent my storo-room, 2ilztio, two alorlos high, dwelling ad joining. Splendid collar under the whole, with pood warehouse, bam, and other outbuildings convenient. Have built up within tho last fifteen years a largo and prompt-paying trade; have tho oldest and best buslnosa comer in town; surrounded by ono of tho best farming uemimmitles in tho State; and to a live man, who means business, will oiler a good bargain and on roasonablo terms. H. D. ALFRED, Ju,. Cambridge, 111. KETAIL DRY GOODS STORE DOING A~ FIRSfc clasi all cash trade, for salo; rare obanco to stop into u nlco paying business; 111-health cause of Boiling. L. S. BANTA, No. HSMStato-st. ; STOCK OF BOOKS AND JEWELRY FOR SALE in ono of tho most thriving villages In Northern Michigan. Stock, $l,lOO. Profits last year, S2,MO. Tills la a rare chance for a practical watchmaker. Bust of rca- Buns for selling. For particulars, address Drawer 487, Newaygo, Mich. mo RENT—OR LEASE FOR HALE-A 11-RTORY X and basement house, well located, and adapted for Ico-croam purlers and fine roilauraut, on Wabash-av. In* quire at FOLEY’S, 87 South Claik-ot. C-1 nf\A WILL SECURE THE RIGHT MAN A <PX* UUU half Interest la an oldlustabllsund business taut la paring woll and can bo rapidly Increased. 137 South UlarK-st.._Ruom 38. i PARTNERS WANTED. TJARTNKR WANTED-WIITI FROM SIO,OOO TO X sl6, COO to join the advertiser In buying out a first. class nardwnru ostnbllHhmunt, in which ho has had several years'experience, tho present owners intending to rotlrd from tho nusluoss. None but thoso moaning- buslnosa need apply. For particulars and references, addrosa HARDWARE, Drawer2,3l9, Quincy, HI. TJARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE AN INTEREST X in tho stock nnd trade, nr real estate, of a No. 1 mer chant mill. Address WILLIAMS A FURMAN, Laclede, Linn County, Mo. ■ "1 JAHTNKII WANTED—IN A WELD ESTABLISHED X cash retail dry goods homo. with S2O, U>o capital to match aq eoiml Amount. An excellent opportunity odors. Address Agency of TAPPAN, MoKILLOP & 00., Chicago. PARTNER WANTED—A MAN OF BUSINESS with $1,50(1 to $2,1100 onpltAl, to engage In a well* established hardware business In Milwaukee, Wls. Ad* dross P W, Milwaukee) P. 0., Wls. PARTNER WANTED-A WHOLESALE LIQUOR dealer $5,000 cash will mslro SS(U!(KI within six months by liocorolug my partner. Addroas tl 0, Tribune otllco. I>AIITNI£R WANTED-EITHER SPECIAL OR AG- X tlvo, to (nko nu IntmGit In tho tanning business. Gap* ital reunited from SIU,(K;U to $70,000, Address il 71, Trlb* uno otlloo. TJARTNER WANTED—IN A LEGITIMATE OFFICE X business, cloarlng sl'i,l()u per year; SSOO miuirod} good business man wanted. HU Dourbonml., Room 6. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A FULL LINE OARIUAUKB, PHAETONS, BUG* plod, Ao., from the host mnnufuotnrors la tho country at reasonable prices, at 853 and 1165 West Ran* delph-ut. G. L. BRADLEY. F”OR HALK-AT C27~ WKHT MADLSON-OT., 10 huraoa, & buggies, and I set of buggy humous. 1/1011 HAMi-HPLKNUID Cllibiimi'M WAGON, J? horse, and harness, cheap, together or separately. Imiulro at !H7>a South Unlated-st. _ __ . I'iOU SALE—A TWO-SKATED, SHIFTING-SEAT, 44 PaoHlc*av. IjTUITy’AUS -UNH lIHAVY LUMIIHU WAaON, ONM X 1 sliulo lumber wagon, one sot doublo haruosi. Can be toon ut No. 6tt Twonty-iourth-st. lAOR - SALE—HORSIiS WEIGHING 1,400 AND I.&KJ 11 u )f . each: fsstbmnUmrmaro. s7’>; and horses of all klmis clloiip. XL Oj_WlLßult_A HUG.. lU7 Mtohlgan-ttv. lAOli BALE-THE FINEST SHETLAND PONY IN X this city (vary sinnll) nullable for email ohtldron, with carriage, sleigh, harness, bridle, saddle, blankets, ami coninlelu rig. Imiulro at 215 Meat WushlngUmnit., cor* nor Sangamon. 1’ poll SALK—THE CELEBRATED TROTTItfS 1 Stallion Heart of Oak; several lino trotters and paoon. AOKEIIMiVN, 63 W'ant’eu-ico Yioiuhsh for the new yof 1 market, ranging from 1,100 to 1,000 Ihs each. S lIEINEMAN, ul Hhuloln & Clark’s stables, IDJ tit' Cli 7 K-HORtiE, BUGGY, AND HARNESS' •?.l I u a "pacer;" child or lady ooulddrir afrnldntcar*. iLkiGalmuut-av. DIVORCES. IVVOHGHH—LEGALLY OBTAIN J ./decru). Srandal avoided. Mu' cmirtmd Chlcugtn Address P. G o invbucE, no nhtntnad for causes; a)’ U'.am <?. til fjguVU Uliuk-»t 7

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