Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 5, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 5, 1873 Page 7
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DEDICATED. Opening: Services of Grace M. B. Church. The Dedication Sermon Preached by Bishop Foster. Report of tho Board of Trustees— A Collection. The opening services of tbo new Grace Metho dist Episcopal Church, built to replace | tbo one destroyed In tbo groat fire, took place yesterday morning, and wore attend ed by a largo concourse of people, who crowded to overflowing tbo chapel lu which tbo exercises wore conducted. Tho -main auditorium of tbo church being as yet unfinish ed, tbo congregation will worship for tbo pres ent in tbo vestry or chapel. Tills they can easi ly content themselves to do, for tbo room is pe culiarly handsome and attractive with its bright and tasteful frescoing, high ceilings, and plenti ful supply of light. It was rendered more than usually obarmiug yesterday by a profusion of beautiful floral decorations, arrang ed with fine taste and effect. There wore present a largo number of prominent Methodist divines, among them Bishop Foster, tbo Itov. Dr. Fowler, tho Bov. Dr. Dandy, tbo Itov. Dr. Dugboo, tbo Rev. L. Hitch cock, tho Itov. J.*n. Leonard, the Itov. E. M. Boring, and tbo pastor, tbo Itov. M. M. Park- The exorcises began with an organ voluntary, followed by tbo reading, by Dr. Fowler, of tho hymn commencing From all that dwell bolow tbo pWm, which tho congregation united in flinging, Then Dr. Dandy offered an appropriate prayer; the ortraiußt followed with “ Homo, Swoot Homo; the responsive reading of Pealma was conducted by Dr. Bugboo, and a hymn woe sung. ' THE BEUMOM. ♦ Tbo Scripture lesson was road by Bishop Fos ter, from the 4th chapter of tho lirst Epistle of John, the 14th verso of which was taken for his text, as follows: “And wo have soon, and do testify, that tho Father sent the Son to bo the Bavior of tho world.” Tho Bishop began his Bormon hy saying that tho propositions sot forth in tho tonus of human speech are of ‘value pre cisely in tho proportion that thoy contain truth. Containing no truth, thoy aro of no valuo,—no matter how fine tho utterance, or how grahdtho promise. Any form of speech contaiiUug truth la of some value to some part of being. Truth Is somewhat of tho nature of GodlllmfloU; In deed, Ho defines Himself as Truth. But truths are cot of equal value, and it is wieo to discriminate among them, and select tho moat valuable. Truth that relates to moral duty la of value only as it is apprehended by tho being bound under It—over whom it holds sway. It is of no value solely in tho mind of tbp groat Law-Giver; it must bo convoyed to mankind. Tho truth in tho text is tho most important one over announced '■to this world. ‘Whether it have significance to tjooplo of other worlds,—and such there may to,—we do not know. It is of value along the whole swoop of intelligent existence as the most profoundly-momontoua truth , that has over come to tho oars of man. If It ho a fact God has sent forth His Bon to save tho world, it matters little what mistakes occur in human hooks or human con jectures; if it is false, thou It matters little what else is true. Tho men who speculate upon Jesus as they do upon common men seem not to know that they aro thrusting a dagger into the jvory heart of tho world’s salvation. Whither does the speculation tend, and what would ho its /consequences if made good? Christ expunged srom (ho faith of men, and removed from the tphoro of human thought, and it follows that ’<3od has never given a sign out of. Heaven that tie over thought of man, or that ho has the elightoat care concerning tho people of this Kvorid. Tho whole subject of human destiny is shrouded in impenetrable darkness. Whether death is tho upshot of human exist tonco—tho Odd of all, tho oblivion to which avo come—no mortal has over done more than to ‘merely conjecture ; nothing authoritative baa ' over boon spoken or written. From tho begin- Ring of tho world death has pursued his romorso )bb march, but through all those ages stillness , md silence have reigned, and not a sound has come back from beyond tho grave. Some fif teen years ago tho sneaker preached wbat ho jeonsidored then an able sermon on the immor tality of tho soul, in which ho advanced certain theories which seemed to him tenable-; but, Jator than this, when ho stood at the open grave ©f tho greater part of his being, and .when ho returned to a desolate homo, nud listened and strained his oats to catch eomo sound of comfort, ho realized liow poor and vain wore all the theories and conjec tures of philosophy. It was not until ho laid {bis head upon tho breast of Jesus that ho found eny solace or hone. Expunge Christ from hu man faith, and those walla, out of tho cmoulderiug rums of a great city, might as well to torn down; thoy wore reared for naught. k With man, it is Jesus*or nothing. Without Jesus the world is poor indeed. It was Jesus that taught tho world that God has a father’s |ioart and a father’s love. ‘ The assertion of tho text unfolds a wonderful • fcnystory—that the Sou, who was of His Father nud coequal with Him, was sent by tho Father to the earth on a divine mission. It contains two distinct propositions: that Christ was in the world, and that Ho was sent to tho world by God. The learned thought accepts tho first fact; Relieves that Ho was on oartn, and dwelt in Judea; that for tho space of three years and six months Ho appeared m publio and gave utter ance to certain doctrines. The fact that Christ was on earth is just as well ascertained as is tho *act that Julius Cccaar or George Wash ington over lived. There can be no question of His earthly life. Tho other jact—that God sent Christ into tho world — stands upon entirely different ground, No mind on earth, or in Heaven, can testify directly to • that fact. God is tho only one who can estab lish it—who can say. “ This is My Som whom I liavo sent upon oartu." God has established it In tho New Testament, every word and lino of Srhich is true, no matter how supernatural it may scorn to us. Tho speaker had no sympathy or afilnity with those theologians who emasculate Iho Scripture by leaving God out. Glory ho to God for this glorious manifestation of tho res urrection and tho life 1 TnUSTEEH* BEPOUT. Mr. O. 11. Horton road tho Trustees’ report, tfrom which it appears that frtttn tho proceeds of Insurance upon tho church, and from tho Balo of its eito, enough was realized to pay tho dobt duo upon tho property; to purchase and pay for tho lota on tho comor of LaSallo and White Btrcota : and to build tho temporary chapol,—which is to Xo finished as a parsonage,—and loft a balanco pf 81,280.13 to apply ou tho erection of tho now church. Tho organ, costing SI,OOO, has boon • provided by tbo ladies aud by the children of tho Bunday-BcUool—Bl,ooo by tho former, and 8500 Xy tho latter. Tho cost of tho ohurch has beon as follows: Masonry and plastering, $21,802.81); carpoutory,workund,matonal, $11.021.00; plumb jug aud gas-fitting, S3OO ; painting and oiling, $200: fresco painting, $150: window-glass, $250; Bteam boating, $1,911): architect’s foes, $1,000; Iron and tin work, $1,810.23; sl&to roof. $1,822.51; Bundrioa and incidentals, §595.00: total cost of Jmildiug, $13,091.50. Tho furnishing account is as follows: Gas fixtures, $050; carpots and Dialling, $1,100; chairs, $050: tables aud inci dentals, $250; total, $2,850. Total expenditures, $10,011.50. Tho receipts wore; From balanco jof insurance aud lot proceeds. $1,280.13; from relief collection of tho M. E. churches, $34,105; from subscriptions paid and to bo paid, $4,088. Total receipts, $39,583.13. Amount to bo pro vided for, $0,503.37. Tho Ilov. Mr. Parkhuret gave a brief sketch of tho progress of rebuilding tho church, showing liow tho groat, loving, throbbing, pious heart of Methodism took hold of tho Chicago brethren in their calamity and helped to restore their churches. Ho said it was now proposed to pro vide for tbo debt of $0,500. A COLLECTION was boro taken up, and owing to the porauaflivo ’ appeals of JJinhop Foster, Ur. Fowler, and tho pastor, who wore aided materially by a rule that whoever got hungry for dinner and wanted to go tiomo before tbo collection way finished muut pay $5 for tbo privilege, considerably more Iban tbo amount required way eubscribod. irbon tbo Doxology way sung by tho congrega tion, the benediction way pronounced by tho Jlov. Arthur Edwards, and the forenoon oorviooe •wore at au end. IN THE AFTEBNOON, tit 3 o’clock, the dedicatory services woro con tinued, Dr. Fowler preaching tho sermon, while the Bov. Dr. J. 0. Took, tho Bov. A. J. Jutkinu, And tho Bov. S. O. Lathrop oaaiatod in the sor- Ticea. IN THE EVENING •occurred tho Sunday-school jubilee, which prov ed to bo a moat iutorostiuK and ou joy able occa- sion. Tho exorcises wore varied by Ringing by the scholars, tho reading of Scripture, mayor, report of the Secretary, an address by Maj. 8. W, Whittle, and tho presentation of a banner to tho “ Bonner Glass.” SUUUniJAN NEWS. Ilootlnff ol ,lio Hyao Parle Trustee—- Ituin* of Interest from JCvanstou and Its Suburbs. Tho regular mooting of tbo Trustees of Hyde park was hold on Saturday afternoon. Col. Thompson’s bill as Village Clerk, $200.00, was allowed, and ordered paid. Tbo Committee on Water-Pipes asked for further time. They favor cast-iron pipes ns best and safest, but, if tbo heavy cost cannot bo wish to teat wrougbt-iron pipes coatodwrllb cement. Petitions wore presented from Goo. A. Emory, J. Y. Scammon, and others, to have tho Wykoff patent wooden pipe adopted for water-pipes. Mr. Clark objected to specifying a special kind of pipe in sower contracts, as ho wants to com pote with his. Mr. Wilcox deprecated the wholesale con demnation of cement sower-pipes, and claims that his pipes would withstand acids. Sundry owners of property on Evans avenue, between Forty-first and Forty-third streets, wore very urgent to bavo on outlet for five or six foot of water in their collars, caused by tho Into rains, and tho stoppage of Brooks street sower. The Superintendent was directed to investigate and relieve. , , _ , It was resolved that tho Committee on Drain age Inquire by what right Jkho South Park Com missioners construct sowers through tho streets of Hydo Park, and then deny tho people drain °BXt -WHO nlno ronolvod that tho Buporlntondont, bv consent of tho Town of Lake, construct cul verts across State street, at Forty-fourth and Forty-seventh streets. , .... Palmer & Arnold, of Grand Grossing, petition ed for license to sell liquors by tho bottle. Harry M. Boloyn asked for tho remission of a 850 lino imposed upon bim by Judge Homo for an assault on William Frontier. Capt. George W. Dinford presented his report, showing fifty arrests by tbo police tn April. The whole amount of fines assessed was 8386, and the amount of cash fines collected SO9O. Three petitions wore presented by owners of property te open, extend, and widen to 100 feet Prairie, Calumet, and Indiana avenues, from Fifty-first to Sixty-third streets. President Cady said they ought to go to Ninety-fifth street. It was resolved to refund to Lester Bmdnor, Jr., 810 voluntarily paid by him for tho fine im posed on George Johnson, for cutting sods m violation of tho ordinances. A communication was received from tho South Park Commissioners, asking effective action to prevent cattle from mining thoir park improve ments, and suggesting a conference with Capt. Berry on tho subject. Capt. Berry said bo would erect a pound at PavilUon parkway at tbo Commissioners ox- Pe Tho Committee was Instructed to report what extension of proscribed- cattlo limits is nocoa- Ba Slio Finance Committee was requested to re port what Interest is due to Gen. R. W. Smith on an old warrant ho holds on tho Stony Island avenue improvement. It was resolved that for all bills or claims audited by tbo Committees and adopted by tho Board, tho Clerk bo authorized to issuo a war rant without further orders. Tho Clork was directed to Inquire and report what action is necessary to tho issuo of wagon licenses and badges, . . ... Considerable discussion was had about tho pro priety of tho present proceedings to macadamize Wabash and Indiana avenues. South Shore owners wore present to nrgoim- Yncdiato improvement of Seventy-fifth street. Tbo Engineer reported the present graded street crooked. It was ordered that tho Engineer sur vey and report if plats and subdivisions oro made on tho proper lino. .... ~ Gray’s plat of addition to Cornell, being tho subdivision of tho W. Mof the 8. W. X of the N. E. X, and tho N. M of the W. H of the E. X of tho S. W. X of tho N. E. X of See. 26, Town 38, North Raugo U East, was ordered to lio over ouo week for examination as to comformity. Tho petition for a sower on Cornell street was referred to the now Committee on Streets. Tho Board then adjourned until to-morrow morning, at 8 o’clock, when it will make a tour of inspection over tho whole village. EVANBXOK MATTERS. TUo Evanston Philosophical Aaoociatlon moots to-morrow night, in tho Public Library, at htvlf- past 7 o’clock. Tho Eloctlo Reading Club will moot thio even ing at tho residence of 0. D. Paul, Esq. Tho Trustees of tho Village of Evanston will hold thoir first regular meeting at tho ofilco of 0. K. Bannister, village Clerk. • A select company of ladies and gentlemen from Chicago will visit Evanston on Tuesday evening, and givo an Old Folks’ concert at Lyons Hall. They will bo accompanied by instru mental musicians. „ . Tho Hon. J. D. Easter will leave Evanston on Wednesday, for Europe, lie will bo accompanied by his wife and daughter, Mrs. Gov. Beveridge, Idiss Minnio Kimball, of Chicago, and Miss Bmlth, of Springfield. Tho Try Society will meet in tho North Evanston School-House to-morrow evening. Tho Musical Society will meet this evening at tho bouso of Mrs. Valentino, North Evanston. Two blocks of marble-front buildings aro to bo built in South Evanston during tho season, by : Mr. Bruner, of tho Chicago Marblo Works, j Tho Trustees of tho Village of South Evanston I will meet this evening, and a full attendance of I tho Board is requested. THE PRESIDENT IN CHICAGO. His Excellency tho President, accompanied by Mrs. Grant, Miss Nellie Grant, Miss Kimball, and General Babcock, arrived in tho city at 7:15 yesterday morning, having loft Galona at half past 11 Saturday night. Tho party carao in a special car over tho Chicago & Northwestern Railroad. They wore received at tho depot by Mr. John B. Drake and United States Marshal Campbell, and wero taken to tho TromontHouso in carriages. During tho day several personal friends of .tho President and ms family called and paid their respects, among thorn being Liout.-Gen. Sheri dan, who has just returned from tho South. In tho aftornoou tho President took a carriage xido through tho city with Mayor Modill, and was both surprised and gratified at the marvelous improvements which wero pointed out to him. In tho evening ho visited his brother Orville, and later, Oou. Rucker, at his residence on Michigan avonuo. No special programme has boon laid out for to-duy. Tho President will run around town and make somo personal calls. It is possible that tho party will attend tbo opera in tuo even ing, as an invitation has boon extended by tbo management. , * . Ou Tuesday ovonlng, a reception will bo given by Mrs. Modill, at tho residence of tho Mayor. Ou Wednesday afternoon, tho President will lunch with tho Hon. Norman 13. Judd, and in tho evening will attend a reception to bo given by Mrs. Georgo M. Pullman. On Thursday morn ing, tho party will loavo for Washington. Miss Nellie Grant is tbo guest of Miss Kato Mcdill. Tho President and lady, Miss Kimball, aud Gou. Babcock aro at tho Tromont. Jayno’s Expectorant. la February last a bod of mine, aged 17 years, wpa attacked with pleurisy. Ills breathing -was laborious, a racking, painful cough developed Itself, and ho com plained of severe pain extending from tho arm-pit to the waist on the right side. As tho readiest remedy within reach, I immediately administered nearly throe tablospoonsful of Dr. Jayne’s Expectorant, and applied Jayno’s Liniment over aU tho parts aiToctod, covering him up warmly In bod. lu fntoou minutes bo vomit ed, and was afterwards easy for two hours. Tho palu In tho side returning, I gave him a smaller dose of the Expectorant, and again used the Liniment, which af forded him Instant relief. On tho morning of tho Htb ho was decidedly better, raising considerable phlegm with blood. Continuing with tbo Expectorant tho dis ease was entirely broken up in a day or two, and ho was able to go about as usual. Knowing how prevalent and how often fatal these attacks of pleurisy, and similar lung complaints are during tho winter In this section of tho country, I gladly xnako known these facts, and at the same time express my cnllro confi dence In tbo virtue of tho remedies mentioned.—/?. C, G. Siektna. £aq,, Justice oj the Vtace, Ellin, J'uluaki County, ill, _ Superb Oil Paintings. Messrs, John Levison k Bon, proprietors of tho American Art Gallery, Now York, in offering their largo and valuable collection of C*'relgu and America: oil paintings to tlio competition of art-buyers of Oblcn go, will stato that every picture will )>o poßlllvcly sol without reserve. The collection Is of a very high or dor, representing favprite artists of tho modern schoc in a catalogue of over 200 works of art. Thosalowi: take place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and evenings, May 7 and 8, at tho salesroom of Win. A. Nutters it Co., auctioneers, Nos. 65 and 67Houth Canal street, whore they aio now on free exhibition. The pastel pictures and crystal medallions aro worthy tho place of honor In any private collection. Condon’s Dining Booms, No, t7 LaHallo elrcot, botwcoo Lake ami Randolph, will bo open to-day at pood. Oo there tvs dhmor, TlJJ’i CIIU;A(*U JJAUj.i .1. )>Uii IJ i iliwuli/il, IIUX-M. LxJ 4 ' JI COLLISIONS AT SEA. Tho Rule of llontl ut Sen, mid IRognln- j tiouu ns to Sliced lit Crewdcil Cilmn nolu—Dcclftiou of tlio Admiralty Case Against tho Propcllor t’rco Slatiii ■ Justice Emmons Ims decided tm important ad miralty case, In the United States Circuit Court, dismissing tho libel entered against tho propeller Free State, for collision, by which tho scow Moisei was sunk. In tho District Court, tho libelant obtained a decree, and thia decree tho Circuit Court re versed, dismissing llio libel. Tho grounds of difference mainly woro that tho District Judge founded his docroo on tho supposition that the channel was crowded with shipping, which im posed upon tho Free State tho duty of slacken ng speed, a stale of affairs that tho Circuit Judgo could not find from tho record. Tho facts wore substantially as follows: The Moisei was coming up tho river between Mal den ami hols Blanc Island, and near the Canada shore. Tho propeller Freo Stale, well equipped, manned and lighted, with lookout and olllrers well placed, waa coming down somewhere near said channel at full speed. At tho same time, tho ateamor Cooke carno up between tbo Melsol and the Canada shore, and ex changing tho usual signals for so doing, they panned each other to the rigid. Tho Moisei, as the Oooko passed between her and the shore, starboarded, and him, If not before, displayed alone her green, and shut out from tho Freo Btnlo her red light, Iho wind was over the larboard quarter of tho Moisei, and she had a clean run before nor la tho course which tho display of her green light Indicated of over half a mile. No other vessel was In tho vicinity, and there waa nothing to Induce a suspicion on the part of tho Free Blato that she would not run out tho course upon which she had Just en tered, In circumstances rendering such duly Impera tive, Ah tho Conko passed tho Free Stale, and while tho Melsol was displaying her green light, Indicating, aa she was actually rnunluk, a course to tho northwest, directly across that of tho Free State, tho latter, as was not only her right but her duty, starboarded, In order to pass tho Moisei. While tho ships were In this pout tlon, and In such close proximity as to make n col lision Inevitable from tho movement, tho Moisei port ed, and displaying her rod light to tho propeller, ran across her bows, and was sunk so instantly as to result in loss of life. Tho instant tho rod light was opened to tho Freo Stale, fcvory effort was made to ar rest her progress. Tbo morning had so far advanced that vessels could bo Been a mile away. Tho atmos phere waa clear, so that lights wero In no way ob scured, All tho conditions of navigation wero favor able for safely. It presents but tho common caao of a descending vessel mooting a ship without a circum stance to oxclto fear of collision. If tbo duty of slack ening speed exists, It In only because tho rule Is uni versally applicable In all circumstances contemplated In Article lU, oven though tho ships In fair weather moot In tho open sea. Buch a rule, counsel contended, tho District Court administered in this case, and moro fully explained and Illustrated tn tho case of the Milwaukee. It Is 'islsled that both Judgments, when taken In .auction with tho facta In this record, constru. .rtlclea 19 and 10 of tho net of 1804 as Imposing upon all steamships mooting end on or nearly end on, the duty of both porting and slack ening speed cotomporaueously. As a necessary re sult of such a rule, It is agreed a llko duty Is Imposed upon ah steamers meeting a sail vessel In circum stances demanding a change of course In order to avoid them. From this construction of tho rules and all Its consequences In practical navigation, wo are compelled to dissent. We can discover lu tbo facts as wo have stated them, no duty on tho part of tho Freo Btato to slacken her speed, until tho unfavorable pre sentation of tho rod light of the Melsol Immediately under her bows suddenly prompted tho attempt. As everything possible in the circumstances waa then done, wo bold her to bo without fault. In this opinion tbo learned Judge entered at groat length into tho history of similar cases, and tbo rules adopted In this country and Eng land, as tho result of mutual experience and i conference, in reference to tbo rule of road at ! .soa, namely, to port bolm in coming atom on from different directions, and, where there is danger apparent (such as crowded shipping), to j slacken speed. It appeared that tbo scow star boarded her bolm, and thus tbo collision took place. There waa nothing to show that tbo road . was crowded, and therefore no necessity on the i part of tbo Free State to slacken speed. BOARDING AND BODGING. West Side* Af> NORTH OREEN-ST.-GOOD BOARD, AIRY rooms; terms $4.60 per wook. Apply for four daya. T Aft WARREN-AV.-A FURNISHED FRONT J/xU room,ln a pleasant location, with hrst-class board, for two gontlcmon or a gontloman and wlfo. QOQ WESTWAHHINGTON-ST., CORNER MAY OAO Nicely furnished roomi, with good board, for gontlemon and vrlvoa, or single gentlemen. Uoforoacoa exchanged. nop WEST ADAMSST.-OAN ACCOMMODATE 000 portoos wishing board, Willi nicoly furnisbod room; first-class tablo. Boardinq-for man AND WIFE, OR 1 OR a Biugio gontlemon, In a first-claas private family. .Call nt 131 we»tom*av., or on Trucsdell A Rrown, HO West Madlson*Bt. ________ OHNSTONE HOUSE, 114 AND 116 WEST MAD laon-st.—Everything first-class; tonne $2 por day; table board $5 por week. TUB OTTAWA HOUSU, 843 SOUTH lIALSTED ■t.—A largo, now 8-story building, recently fitted up fur betel purposes, will open ou Monday, May D, lor two accommodation of thu public, Board by llio week from $4 to $6; by tho day, sl. CHARLES W. MONROE. South Side. A q hubbard-court. - new hoarding ttO house; lint-class board, with room, 84 to $6.60p0r vrook, with use of piano. Day board sl. MTWUNTY-SEOOND-ST.-A NICELY FURNISH ed front room to rent with board; eullnblo lor two porsous; also day boardorn wanted. A OQ SOUTH DEARBORN-ST. (BURNSIDE), NEAR *XUU Twenty-ninth—A nice, - cheerful family hotel: goodtablo, and exceedingly low prices; slnglo rooms, sii to 87. hnn MIOHIOAN-AV. -AN ELEGANT FRONT UUU room ou second door, furnished, with board, for gent and wife. nnr MIoiIIOAN-AV.—SOME VERY PLEASANT | u*J rooms, with firat-olnas board. Rooms furnished and nufurulsliod. ' 11 Ol STATK-BT., SOUTH SIDE HOUSE—A XLZiI. ploaAnt family hotel, first-class table, $5 per IT QO PRAIRIE-AV.-S OR 4 GENTLEMEN CAN ,1 InZi find comfortable rooms aud plain board In ft pri vate family; references required. MTOHIOAN-AV., NEAR TWENTY-FIRST-ST.—2 guutlemon can b&vo pleasant room and board, and 2 orScanbavo day board; references required. Address M 76, Tribune ollioo. SOUTHWEST /CORNER OF WABASII-AV. AND Twonty-thlrd-st.—Board for gentleman and wife; also, accommodations for a few gentlemen. Genteel locating. Miscellaneous. Married ladies whose husbands are away from homo a large part of the time, or single ladles wishing board, can hud good accommodation lu a business part of the city, at reasonable rates, ’buses and street cars convenient, by addressing O S3, Trllmno office, BOARD WANTED. Board-for self, wife, and children, a and b years old, In suburbs, within half au hour's ride of Chicago. Address CASHIER, Carrier No. 8. Board -a gentleman wishes board on West Washlngton-st., or within llvo blocks, either side. A single room only required; best of roforoueos given. Address, stating terms, M 60, Tribune. PARTNERS WANTED. TJARTNEU WANTED—WITH FROM SIO,OOO TO X 816,100 to join tho advertiser In buying out a first claisnaru are ustablUhmout, lu which ho has had several years' experience, tho present owners intending to retire from tho business. None but those moaning business need apply. For particulars and roforoueos, address JrI AHDWARE, Drawer 2.812. Quincy, 111. T)ARTNEH WANTED—TO TAKE AN INTEREST X in the stock and trade, or real estate, of a No. 1 mer chant mill. Address WILLIAMS 4 FUIIMAN, Laclede, Linu County, Mo. “PARTNER WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED X banker and business man, with small capital, to enter into some established business as junior partner. Is a good financier, andean take charge of all kind of ottloo work. Speaks English, French, and Gorman. Dostofcity references. Address KIW, Tribune office. TJARTNKR WANTED—£I6,OOO TO $20,000 WILL HE- I euro a partaurslilp interest in a safe, legitimate. ami lucrative business wolf established. Address A 01, Trib une utlico. 13ARTNER WANTED—IN A WELL ESTABLISH- X od cabli, retail dry goods house with $20,000 capital to match au equal amount. An excellent omwr. tunity offered. Addreia agency ol TAPPAN, MoKILLOP A CO., Chicago. ___ 15ARTNER WANTED—A GENTLEMAN OF FAIR X education with $1,600 ta equal partner In a legitimate busluoaa, thoroughly eystondzed at great ezponao: a for tune can now bo made in a short time: no risk; closest Investigation desired. Address A 70, Tribune olheo. I>ARTNER WANTED-A GOOD OPPORTUNITY X for a business man, wild $1,600, to Join In tho manu facture of an article used by every family. Inquire at 83 West Wushlngtou-st. M ANY WHOLESALE LIQUOR HOUSE WILL MAKE $60,000 within tbs next six months by becoming my partner. Address V 100, Tribuuo olheo. riASU PAID FOR OLD BROKEN, ALSO GOOD. watches, jewelry, old cold, silver, tiro-arms, and all goods of vqlue at 203 East Aladisun-st. • C" ASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of nay kind, by sending a lottor to I. OELUEit, Loan Otfloe, cdl Stato-st. AS if PXIDFOnLADI’ES t ANU GENTS’ OAST-OFF clothing, old gold, silver, ami every description of personal valuables. Address ABRAHAM WILKINS. 75‘J Stato-et., Money Loan Olheo, between Fourteenth and Flfloonth-its. Equipments complete for moving house hold goods, furniture, plate glass, marble, stools of goods, etc. Orders loft at Itoom 11, Metropolitan Blauk. or at delivery olheo, M.0.U.R., in Indent depot, will moot with immediate attention. Mo.MUUTRY «x BRO. IJUROHASERS SEEKING INVESTMENTS IN X business, manufacturing, dock, residence, nr su burban property, aro Invited to oxamino lists at FRED L. FAKE A CO.’S., B8 Washington-st. W"~ antih)—wirSuin' wfnl si o~a nd upwards to invint In nmi estate. 17*Stato-st., ltm>m t'i | FOR SALK. nl l?OR SAI-F-A fITKAM OAWAL UTONKHOAT. IN 11 I? unmiilniH runiilnc urdnr, «t a groat bargain. ALEX, m McKIUUV, till South iHOIfBALK-A f’OMPl.lifli 80l)A.WATKUAl»PAU. I'atuH a f .uDtalu# of 19 gallon* oach, and a No. 1 uoi>. ijiHf uonoriiV-r. F. UUIJZIC A 00., Nn. 21 North Omul. MACHINERY, AI.ARGK ABHOIITMHNT OF HF.CONU-HANI) hollars nml ungluas. Two aocond-hauil tuliulrir bailor*. itO h. ii., nil comploto with trimming* ready tor use, Ohoan fur cash. Apply at Ohloago atuata Uollor Workj, WMlchlgaa-it. CITY TUBAL ESTATE. sAui'-Tiiirvi'ciiY cTioiuie rivn acres X fronting Wabssli-av,,,, and Flfly-flfth-st. boulevard: lias a frontage of 312 feet on boulevard, and :«Kl fcnloii (inch of theuthorstrools; wlllbo sold um easy lurms; a largo protit can bn made on this iiroputty within the mining year. . . . .. Mlchlgnnnv., 301 foot on northwest corner of Hftloth »l,i wHfbri nob! cUmip. , ..... North l)o&rbnm-«l.. lOOtlur* foot, In choice loofttlon. Wnlmsh-aVy 225 fool sunthuust corner of Thirty-fourth- B Hvi?biil!ll-ftv.. o noftP corner of Thlrtyolghth-st., CO foot, oast front; 4100 per foot. . . , , , Mlchlgan-av., near Thlrly-alxtli-at., 50foot, east front; and Blato-st., CO foot each front, between Fony-rtllh and Forly-slxlll-sts. . . burmddo-st., 86x123 foot, noar Forly-fonrth-st.; will bo ..Id ... long tlmo. FHRD. h. FAKH * 00.. 89 Watlilnglou-81. irOll BALK-GOOD I.OTS ON TUK FOLtiOWINQ J' streets; State, Burnside, Butterfield, Arnold, Garl* bald), Unmivor, buGor, Wallace, Hnminor. Wntor, Mur ray, and Hoisted; also on Wentworth, Hlmrtlolf, Portland (tint Slowart-ava; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twonl&anvonUi, Twenty-okhlh, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth. Karl, Th r ob, Haven, Tlihty-flm, Tlilr-, T1i1.1,-nitli.'tailrlv seventh, Fonlatno, and Thirty'-eighth-ala. Title porloot. Warranty dooda. A vory small payment down, tiro yosr’a time. 6 nor cent Internal. No agency buainoaa. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 872 irOll BALR—MICIiiO AN^AV.—U-STOIIY lIHtOK X' inmso, 14 rooms, near KlKbtoontU>st.; prloo, $31,000; No. CC3, B-alory and lusomont marblo front houso, 13 rooms; modern improvements; prloo, sls ()(K) rValrio-AT., No. Kilt, R-stnry and baaemont marblo.front lioiisc, 13 rooms and billiard-room; bandsomoly Untshod; sptondld barn; tortus imsy. , . tn Tiidiana-av.^ 2-story frame homo, 10 or 13rooms; lot COx U AIIS Gothic framo house, brick basement; 15 rooms; walor, cas, oto.; CO foot front; with Rood bam, shade trees, 010. Cheap, andl oaur terms to suit imrchas nr ' FiIUD. L. l- AKIC .t CO., ’ 88 Waihltißlon-st. FOR SALR-RY Tint ownrr, onr op tiir rkst and cheapest cornorn (120x133 feet), sullablo for a block of restdoncuH, on tho West Side, within 10 nllnulcs , rtdo from Court-House. X block from atroot oars; 129 foot, southeast oornor Vincennes and KRan-nva., soon will be come * choice business comor;B7X foot on Washloßton st„ near Huyno. Tbo abovo property will all bp sold ata bargain If taken soon, aa 1 wish to bo to Co oradp; a very small cash payment If Itnprovotl Immediately, by B. W. lIAGKRTY, Itoom 10, 133 Olark-st, TTiOR BALR-OHKAP—OCTAOON-PRONT DRIOIC X' roaldouoo, 2 stories and basement, IDi rooms, lot ja foot front, excellent location, West Bide, $9,600. lIKNRY WALLER. JR.. 86 ICaat Washington. Room 4. T7IUR BALR-AT A OHICAT BARGAIN, T.OTS ON X Wcstom-uv., Lexington, Poll, Taylor, and Camp boll-au. Parties wishing to build, no money required down: also 6 now homos containing 10 rooms oaoh, SSOO cash, balance on tonus to suit. Inonlro on premlsos of GKO. OADWKLL, or at 185 South Clork-st., in bank. Inoil BALE—OiI EXCHANGE—FOR A HOUSE AND 1 lot worth about $6,000 and about $3,000 In cash, bal ance on time, an elegant residence on Leavitl-st., near MadUon, lot looby HO, tins Barden with ahrubborr and ruit; idaoo worth SIO,OOO. SIDNEY L. UNDERWOOD, $ Madlson-st. . OR SALE-TWO-STORY AND BASEMKNT MAR blo-front homo on Indiana-ov., botwoou rwuuty nlnthanrt Thlrtleth-sts., SIL;Wd. Two-story frame house, 606 Mlohlgtro-ay. Throo-story marblo-front house, 171 Oalumot-av. Throo-story marble-front house. 607 Wabash-av. A nice marblk-front house, with oast front, on Mlcnt gan-av., between Twelfth and Thlrteenth-sls. _ A 8-story marble-front house on Indlana-av., between Twentieth and Twcnty-tlrst-sta. Two-alory ami baaemont brick house, 10 Lako-av., 44 footot grouutlt SII,NXJ- A , j.'AVmr.LL, , Real Eitato Office, 180 Dearborn-st., lionoro Block. TjlOR SALE-ONE AND A HALF BTQRY FRAME X' cottago, Including lot on Thlrty-socond-at,, Justoast of Wallace. Small payment down; balance In monthly payments! 6years’ time. Water on promises and con venient to cars. Apply to FRED, P. FISHER, 118 La- Ballo-at., basement. FOR SALE-TWO MARBLE-FRONT HOUSES (OO tagon); lots 183 foot doop to a 80 foot alloy, bavo lino massive stone stoop, with moulded steps and rail; also solid moulded stone fence. Those houses arc urst-closs tn ovory respect, and embody tho result of 35 years’ expe rience asabulldar;work done by tho day; have all mod ern Improvements; contain 14 rooms, 6 marble mantels. 6 marble slabs with basins, 8 walor-oloseU and a good sub-cellar for fuel, furnaces, etc. swill bo sold lor a less Gorcontage on tho cost than any houses In thomarkot. all and boo them at 481 and 4M Adams-st.. closeto Ash lsnd-av., or address owner, J. W. IIAMULEION, 245 Warron-av. FOR SALE-2-BTORY AND BASEMENT BRICK hnusnuu Warrou-av., half block from Union Park; furnaco and gas fixtures. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast oornur Monroe and Laoailo'Sts. tpbn'BALK-BIX BLIIOANT 2-STORY AND BASE 1’ montoctagon frontbrickhnusoson West,, near Wood: lotaß3xlßo and 22x130. SNYDER 4 LEE, 14 Nixon Butliiing. northeast comer Monroe and LaSaUo-sts. FOR SALE-2-STORY FRAME HOUSE, BRIOK foundation; 12rooms;all modern Improvements, and lot 79x200 foot, on Washlngton-st., near Ellinbeth; ono third of thoprlco will bo taken in unimproved property in the city. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, north east corner Monroe and LsSallo-sts. F" OR SALK—2-STORY AND BASEMENT OCTA gon-front brick house; 13 rooms; on Psrk-av.. between Wood and Lincoln; modern Iniprovomonls; brick barn. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast cornet Monroe andLaSallo-sts. Fob salk-on hasy tkrms, six new brick two-story and basement houses, on Adams-st., near Wood; octagon fronts, with all modern Improvements; 512,600 and $10,500. Inquire on promises, or at 28 North ottorsonal. For sale-i will sell fine lots, 25x125, on Leavitt, Oakley, and Davls-sts., at $650 for tho next 10 days. They are decidedly tho cheapest lota In tho city. G. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Mndlaou-st., cor. Clark. FOR SALE—S7Od—LARGE LOTS, 60X140 FRET. ON Fullerton, Mead, and Shoridan-ats., only ono block from Humboldt Boulevard; only two blocks from depot on Chicago 4 PaolHo Railroad, and three blocks from omnibus lino. Ground laying nigh; good improvements; tltlo perfect, and full abstract of title furnished each purchoaor. G. B. GRIFFIN. 133 Madlson-st., corner of OR SALK—IIONORE-ST., BETWEEN MONROE am! Adams., now 2-slory and basement brick bouse, with all modern Improvements; good stable; terms easy; n good bargain. J. R. BU'i'LElt, <0 Flftb-av. IjlOll BALE-TUB BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON } West Side, fronting on Division, Jgjivltt, and Sbober sts., noar Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lots 124 foot deep, with sidewalks and city water. Price, SWW, S7iW, and SI,OOO. Tonus, one-third cash. Warrautoo oods and abstracts of title. A reduction on first cash Smout: if roquirod, to those who build this spring, in • ro of F. ARNOLD & CO., Groonobaum’s Bank, No. 70 Flfth-av. For sale-last chance to buy cheap lots —Going ol! fast. Twenty lots an Shortnnn, Wallace, and Wlntorsts., near Union Stoak Yards, for salolow; easy terms. Inquire orory morning from Bto 10 o'clock at the Stock Yard Exchange. For sale-great bargain-25 feet on South Clark-st., 200 feet south of tho groat Paotlio Hotel, price. $21,875, $11,876 cash. SIO,OOO by November 1873. This property will bo worth 81,600 o foot in 6 months. Inquire of JACOB Wh.lL <h CO., corner of Dearborn and Madlson-sta. For sale-or exohanor-fou other city properly, a desirable lot, 40x180, on Mlchlgan-av.. north of Jackson-st. This lot will be sold Tory cboap,and on easy terms. E. N. BBMENT, 163 La Sallo-st, 17IOU SALE—BY O. P. BAY, 683 N. CLARK-ST. s X 1 83.000—House and loose, No, 1 Rucker and Klnrio-sts. s.’>o(l—4 lots, 25x100 feet, Fuilorton-av., West Side. $2,1'00-Choico 60-acre farm, odjolnlng Crystal Lako. s4,4oo—House, barn, and 23 acres, by Dolton Station. $ 10,000—38)$ acres, Cftlutnot Rlvorand Ualsted-st. l?OR SALE—ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, COT- X* tngoe on Dayton-st., near Wobator-nv. Inquire on promises of SCOIT & GAGE. _____ F" OR SALE-NO CASH DOWN WHERE PUR chaser builds; goad lota on Warren-ay., just outside of lire limits. J. It. BISSELL, 45 Bryan Block. EOR SALE—6O FEET ON ADAM3-ST., NEAR THE corner of Jotfurson Park; a desirable lot. Q. B.

GRIFFIN, 133 Mudlson-it., corner Clark. F’" OR BALE-HOUSE AND LOT NO. 130 PARK-AV., nt a bargain. THOMAS FREE6IAN, 66 West Ran dolph-st. lAOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN—THE HANDY COT X' tago, lot, and now barn No. 800 Tblrfy-third-sl.; con tains? good rooms, ciosots and water. Must bo sold till week. Inquire on promises. FORSALE— HOUSES AND LOTS-TWO OCTAGON stone fronts, two stories and basement, with all modern Improvements, on ludlana-av., between Twenty-ninth anil Thirtloth-sts. Inquire onpremises. 1?OR HALE-MARBLE FRONT HOUSE, ON IN- X 1 <liana-ay.. near Twontloth-st. with or without furni ture. MATSON HILL, 1(H and 111) Dearboru-st. (base mout ofllco in Kendall Building). FOR BALE-200X1C1 FT., NORTH-EAST CORNER Wabush-aT. and Flfty-BOVonth-at. Will soil on 6 years, time to parties who will build immediately- MATSON HILL, IQS and ltd Doarboru-st. 171 OR SALE-126 FEET, EAST FRONT. ON- WAL ' ittco et., corner Forty-sovonth-it., for $1,800; )$ cash. WM. H. CONDON, Room 3. 47 LaSallo-st. Ip OR SALE-TWO GOOD, FULL 38TOIIY COT ' tagos, 7 rooms, gas, hard and soft water, mantels, oto. very near horse and steam care, Houth Side near Oakland (Fortioth-st.,) $3,500, S6OO a year. ULRICH A BONO, 87 Dearborn-st. For sale-will gave a bargain for all 01 half cash; llrst-class 3-storr house, 8 rooms and alcove In that buautlfuijrrovo on horty-llrst-st., betwoon Co: tngoUrovn and vlnconuosavs., near street and stoat earn. Address or call on owner, J. L. McKEEVER, 1. LaSallo-st., Room 10. FOR* SALE—LOTS ON OAKLEY-ST., FLOURNOY at.,, and Woaloro-av., south from Madl* son-st. Bargains; on tlmo to unit parties who wish to build. EDWIN A. RICH A CO., 147 Randolph-st. TPOII SALE-ONLY ONE OF THOSE BBAUTL X 1 ful, subiUntlally built : octagon front and roar marble houses, on Michigan, audPralrlo-avs. S6OO down, long tlmo. B. MEAUS, HOP LsSallo-st. FOR BABB—BARGAIN—TiII! BEST BARGAIN IN the market, A DroxoLav. Boulovrrd lot at on lm* monse sacrifice; vory near horso and steam car#! uiuat no sold. Parties having cash Inquire of ULHIOJI4 BOND, 87 Dearborn st. . FOR BALIS-S4O A FOOT UNDER MARKET PRIOR, 40x180, to IhMoot alloy, Ellls-a?., north of Iblrly nlnth-st., vory near horse aud steom oai*. Also, houses and lots’ at Oakland. Kenwood, and Hyde Park, from SO,OOO to $60,000. ULRICH A BOND, 67 Doarborn-it. ITIOR HALE-AT A BARGAIN. BY GOLDEN A X* FRESH WATERS, 83 South Ulark-sl., Room Wt 40 acres In 800, 11, 89, 13. 40 acres n goo. 18. 80, 13. 10 acres In Hoc, vfl. 80. 13. 10 acres In Sco. 17, 39, 14. .. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. ITOR SAI.B-A GOOD MIOIIIQAN WINTER X'wheat anti stock farm for sale, or exchange for city uronurtv. A rare bargain. Protjts of the farm pay 2j per cent Interest on Its value. Address B 20, Tribune office. Vp6ir*HALR-A X'LOUR AND CUSTOM MILL, X' with II aerosol laud, Including mill pond, situated SB miles southeast of Madison, Wls. s site of mill-house, UOxitUt., three stories In height, containing throe run of •tone, driven by a 49 inch Dayton wheel, with head of water from 6to 7 feet on a never falling stream. .Also, hog-pons and steamer house, all In good order. 1 non. SC,UKI; will lake part payment In oily properly, her par ticulars apply at &»0 Bine IslamLitv. LOST. T ORT-MAY 4. THREE DEEDS AND TAX RE JJ colpts, with other papers: one deed to R. IL l»a>; brouck, and two deeds to M. Haabrouck. '1 hp tinder will be rewarded by returning the same to M. IlAhmtCUUtv, luCl Stato-st., or addressliigwhora the same may bo found. L'OST-A LIGHT RAY HORSE, BLACK LEGS, A little white on the left shoulder, about 10 hands high; no shoos, A liberal reward will be paid for his return to 63 Superlor-it. ClO r li ICWARB—I.OST ON BATUHIIAY NIOUT on, between Twelfth and Twonty-drst sts,, a roll of bills tu the amount of SIOO. '1 he Under will receive the above reward by returning It to A. F» COWLIN, BUtC-it. SnBURBANnEAI^ESTATE^ m uon HAUi-onotoK BuimnnAN t.ots on tub X’ Milwaukee Railway, six inline- distant, and twenty minutes' ride, In Clyhourn’s Addition to ilnvcnswood. Those lota are laid nut 50x163 font on BO foot alrnota, and will bo aold upon cany tnrmi, at from S6OO to $7iK) per lot. Tho facilities for access to and from tho city—tho dnalr ability ol tho land-lt being high and thoroughly drained —Um prualmtty to llrst-dnss Improvements, nmjrohos, •chooli, and society, conimnml this propotty as tho boat at tho urlco now in the market. ..... Comparison challenged! Tito allonHnn of tho Indus trlona-tho tlirllty—tlm cantlona-la called to those lota aa altos for hnninsloads nr Invustmuntß. Call, lornprlntodabßtractandidot, upon ' UOIIKUT GKEKR. HI LsHnllo-it., Hoorn 3. lIOU BALK-AT A BARGAIN-HY (iOI.DKN A FURSHWATICRS. 83 South Clnrk-st., Itooni 18. 40 acres In Hoc. 11, 38, 13. 40 acres In 800. 10, 13. 10 acres In Hoo. S3, 80, IH. ID noros In 800. 17, 84. 14. Tpbil BALR-BAVK YOUR HUNT—SBOO OAHH AND X monthly paymonla buys a beautiful, new, 8-room houso and CO foot oornor lot oloso to station and Normal School, Englewood, only «D mluutoft’ rldo, plenty of trains tiny and nlubt. STORKS * WARE, HI Washlugton-st., Room 15. TilOll HALE—BARG A IN-ON 0., B. A Q. R. <0 X acres closo to Clyde HUtlon, $1,350 par aero; this is In tbo oontro of tho district whoro nil tho snlos havo recently boon tirndo. and wlinro fine liiiprtivnmonls aro being insuguraloa. For particulars coll on 81 CURB AWARE, PI Washlngton-at., Itoom 16. ■ • I“nbß SALE—I WILL OFFER FOR ONIC WKICIi IB ■ bousoaaud collaitosof from fi to HI roonia In ICyanilon, North Krsnston, and Gloncoo, at.lowerllirttrosthan any party can soil for who dooa not deal oioluslvoly In his own property s yon that want houses oomo direct to mo ana ■avo tho commission; ono-ilfth down and bniatioo in monthly or yearly paymonts will buy a homo; lots la any of tho places named at wlioloaalo prices; lumbor Inrnlshoa thoso who will builds none nuod apply who havo nut a lit tlo money. U. K. HKOWNIC, tlrovor’s block, Kvanaton. BALK-UU. HKNBIIALL'S CHARMING, RHS- V idenoo atOconomowne, Wls., known as Snniiybrook, on Fowler, Tudor, Gothic brick bnuso, 40x40 ft., 10 rooms; alt modem Improvements; brick stable and oar tlaao house; all necessary oullmUdlnKS{OlKht noros. Ap ply to Dr. J. A. IIKNBIIALL. Oconomowoo, Wls. Refer toOon. Anson Blagor, B. D. Klmbark, Usq., 11. 11. Bhu foldt., Kin., Chicago. TJlOll BALR—GOOD RKBIDRNOKS AT KVANBTON. X‘ from SBOO to fctfi.OOO: also oliolco building lots and noro-property for subdivision on oasy terms. ALhItRD L, BEWKLL. 169 LaHallo-st., Oldoago. IJIOU BALR-VKRY FINK LOTS NI2AR STATION X 1 At Rnglowood ats3so to $400; tltlo perfects abstract furnished each customer. Those lots are decidedly oboap. O. D. GRIFFIN, 133 Madlaon-st., corner Olatk. UtOR BALE—OR RXCIIANOE—AT KVANBTON, A. X lino oornor 16x180 on tho rldgo. 4 blocks from dopot, and In vicinity of H. U. Hurd and J. 11. Kpdzio'a beauti ful tesldoncos; will aoll "hoan or trade for bimbor at out rent rates. 11. OSBORN A HON, 128 South Olark-st. TTIOR 8 A LB-6 AORB LOTS, HIGH STATE OFOIJL- X' tlvatlon, good dry land. Chicago 33 nillos on Fort Wayno Railroad, at Hobart Htntlon, population 1,000; prloo Including city lot 9500, $lO per month, no Agency business; ofllco days Monday and Friday 9 to 8. J. EARLE, owner, Room 8, basomont 153 Monroo-s t. TTIOR BALK-0N EASY TERMS, BY GOLDEN A JU FRKBIIWATKR.S, 83 South Clark-»t., Room 10: 40 acres in 800. 11, !W, 18. 40 acres in 800. 15, 32, 13. IpOR BALK—OR RENT—HOUSE AND GROUNDS, ) with barn aud stable, in complete order, on Unlvor slty-plaoo, Evanston. This place, near depot and lake, 1» very desirably situated for a residence. Apply to HENRY M. KIDDER, 108 West Randoiph-st. For rale—two m aorb blocks nearly in tho centre of South Chicago, on and near Thirty flrst-st. Blocks 7 and 23, Hoc. 83, Town 89. Range 11; tltlo direct from the Canal Commissioners ami unincumbered. Or would exchange for first-class Improved realty in South Chloano. and if necessary will add another block worth slso,Uw.’ B. U. CUMMLNGd, No. 102 East Ran dolph-st. OR SALE—NORWOOD PARK-LOTS, BLOCKS, oraorosfor sale or exchange, at prloos which will certainly give purchaser a largo profit this season. Ravmiswood—Several hundred foot at low prices. Washington llolghte-B or 10 acres on Tracy and Proa poct-ay. a. B. WELLS, 183 Doarborn-st. TfTiOR SALE—4O AORUS OF CHOICE LAND FOR A X' subdivision, only 9 blocks from depot at Washington Heights. A groat bargain can bo had In this ptoco. Q. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Madlson-st., corner Clark. TTIOR SALE-40 ACRES OP EXCELLENT LAND X' adjoining Blue Island. Inquire of E. F, McCLIN TOCK, Blue Island. HI. OR SALE-GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, from SBOO to 816,1X10; also cholco building 1«U. and acre-property for subdivision, on easy terras. ALFRED L. SEWELL, 169 LaHalle-at., Chicago. FOR BALE-ACRE PROPERTY ON THE LINE OF tho Chicago, Burlington & Ouincy Railroad, in Sec tions 18, 22, 21, 27, and 28, Town at, Range 18, In tracts to BU Also la*BocUnns 10,11, and 16, Town 88, Range 13. Ogdon-ay.— Several largo lota fronting Ogdqn-av. and Douglas Park.; way bo subdivided and sold at largo D Chlcago-av.—Several lino lota near Llncoln-st. Norlh-ay.—Finely Unproved business property corner North-av. and Churoh-st. . Q. 8. HUBBARD, JR., 168 Wasblngton-at. FOR SALE—AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD. 4 6-ACRE blocks, near tho depot, aud fronting Llghty-sovomh at., SI6OO per acre, payable one-fifth rash, and balance nl tho end of 3 aud 5 years, 8 per cent. Will release half-acre lota at any time upon payment of amount duo on tho pari released. MATSON HILL. IWand 110Dearborn-st. (base moot office in Kendall Building). BUSINESS CHANCES. A LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR BALK. IN THE CITY ii. of Louisiana, Plko Co., Missouri, 117 mllos abovo Bt. Louis, on the Mississippi River, with all tho necessary ar rangements for tho pork business, smoko-liouio, etc., with throe acres of ground attached. This is a rare chance for any party desirous of going into tho pork and provision business, sa tho surrounding country is well stocked with hogs, and a ready market for tho sale of tho product either In Bt. Louis or Chicago. For further particulars, apply to GILBERT PRYOR A CO., Provision Brokers, No. 166 East Washtngton-st. RARE CHANCE - A DRUG STORE, ESTAB lishod seven years, In a thriving town ol 1,000 inhab itants, now doing n good business, lor rale, block about 42.6C0. Sales, $6,000 por annum. Will soil or rout store building. Inquire of JOHN MoKINNEY, Sturgeon Buy, Dorr Co.. Wts. RARE CHANCE TO INVEST $1,600 IN A MA~N~- ufacturiug business, a monopoly. Largo profits. Address U 2a, Tribune olllco. A RESTAURANT DOINO A GOOD CASH Busi ness for sslo, tho best location In Chicago; reason for selling, tho proprietor engaged in otbor business. In quire at 84 South Cllnton-st. RETAIL GROCERY. DOINO A BUSINESS LAST year with a gross profit of SIO,OOO. Sold on account of 111 bo&lth. Toma cash. Address Z 17. Tribune olllce. Boarding house for sale, a splendid o purtunlty for any person wishing to go Into tho bui noss. Reason for tolling, wishing to retire from the bui ness. For particulars call from » to 11 a. m., or Jto 4 m., (Ills week, at 229 East Vanßuroa-st. Do not call i Suntloy. For sale-a half interest in a well es tablisiiod liardwaro business that will bear a close in vestigation. Capital required—sß,ooo or $1(1,000. Address 1) 25, Tribuno office. ' Grocery stock and fixtures, estab- Ushcd 5 years, doing good trado. Best location on South Side for cash trado. Address B 93. Tribune office. ONE OF THE BEST MARKETS ON THU WEST Side for sale; tho profits for 1873 wore over $6,000; Sood reasons for selling; those meaning business may ad rosa ABO, Tribune office. Rare business ohance-in order that i may dovote more time to banking, I oflor for sale or rent my store-room, 26x60, two stories high, dwelling ad joining. Splendid cellar under tho whole, with good warehouse, barn, and other outbuildings convenient. Ilavo built up within tho last fifteen years a large and prompt-paying trado; haro tho oldest and best business corner in town; surrounded by ono of tho host farming communities in tho State; and to a live man, who moans business, will odor a good bargain and on reasonable toms. 8. D. ALFRED, Jn., Cambridge, 111* SALOON AND FIXTURES FOR SALK, INCLUDINf pigeon-bolo table. Apply at 103 Westlwoltth-st. 110 RENT—OR LEASE FOR SALE-A 8-STORY and basement house, woll located, and adapted for leo-cronm parlors and lino restaurant, on Wabash-uv. In quire at FOLEY'S, 87 South Olark-st. hi Ann BUYS A HALF interest in a well itlX.UWUcstablishod, cash business, that is paying cnnimh for tho support of two fnmllloa, nndcanborap idiy inoroasod. Call 127 South Clark-st., Room 88. FINANCIAL. nLAIMS—LAMAR, KNICKERBOCKER, TEUTO \J pin. Garden City, Chicago hire, and Equitable In surance claims oathod by J. N. WItfIiERELL, 150 Dear bora-st. T NSURANOE CLAIMS BOUGHT IN ALL BANKRUP'I X companies. Como and soo mo before soiling. 11. S. DIETRICH, 77 West Madlsna-»t., up-stairs. T~6aNB ON COLLATERALS, HOUSES ON LEAKED JJ lots? furnltnro, Ao. L. R. CARSWELL, 140 East Madlson-st. . "VfONEYI fADVANOED AT LASSEN'S I.OAf iYX olllco; into Jacobs A Co., on diamonds, watches, and other valuables. 177 Clark-st., cornor of Monroe, Room 6. rnO LOAN—S2OO TO S2OOO, FOR A FEW MONTHS, TO X part Ids with good soourily; secured notes bought. J. A. OWEN, Attorney, 185 Washlogton-st. rpO LOAN-I HAVE MONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS 1 of not loss tUan slo.olXlioni real estate security, for throo or live years, DAVID FALKb, 41 Portland Block. rpo LOAN—SO,SOO FOR SEVEN OR TWELVE X months. No commissions. Address M 47, Tribune office. W" ANTED—SI6,OOO FOR 8. 6, AND 7 YEARS, OR longer; boat city securities; 0 nor cent per annum, but no oxtra comnitsalon paid. Address II IW, Trlbuuo office. • - fr nnn TO LOAN WITHOUT delay ON O.UUU good cHy improved property. KIMBALL FRAKE, Room 0, Foot Block, corner Clark and Mon. roo-ila. ' c?i n nnn (or any part thereof in sums feuU.UUU of not loss than $600). Purchase money paper aoourod on Chicago real estate for salo at a (air du« count. Addross J 71, Tribune office. boo AAn for loan upon real estate. R. W. BRIDGE, 411 Wabash av. SEWING MACHINES. Grover a baker’s hewing.jiaohinf.r-okn. oral office, 160 Stale st. 5 branch office, 070 Wabash av. Persons having old Grover A Baker sewlng-maohlnes are invited to call and see the now Improvements, and hoar something to their advantage. l?OU BALE-A FEW SINGER AND GROVER A X 1 Baker late family sowing maohluos In complete order, at half cost. 809 Indlano-sf., betwoon Hush and Flno. QINGHK OFFIOITdF A. J. MELOHERT, 315 SOUTH D Machines sold on monthly payments, and roulodj Open evenings. WHEELER * A WILSON SEWING MACHINES. VV the new Improved sold or routed on easy monthly payments. iIUKNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, office, 33H West Madlson-st.; will remove about May I, 1873, to 155 Stato-st TO EXCHANGE. niO EXCHANGE-BRICK HOUSE AND LOT, CON. X voulently located, for brick, stone or lime, or .will sell on easy terms. O. S. BURDICK. 1)3 WANTKD-TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRV \V goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, hoots anti shoes, and furniture, 8 farms In Mason County. 111.. all under a good statu of cultivation, near market aud railroad—one farm of 116 acres, one of U44 acres, and one of U3A acres. AUu a tine now dwelling house aud 3 lota In the City of Peoria, HI., with all modern Improvements. Thu titles are perfect. All worth $50,000 cash, Mill trade part tirnll. Address Um llt'3, Peoria. HI. DIVORCES. Divouckh-legallv obtained-fee after decree. Scandal avoided. Nino years’practice la the courts of Chicago. Address P. O. Box ItEIT. Divorces obtained FoiroXuses, all law business attended to. Room U, M 7 South Clork-st. WANTED—MALE HELP. Boollltoopors. Olnrltn. Etc. WANTKD-lIV A PIIIT.ADKI.rmA iiqsmnir, notion, nml whllo goods Jobblnu-houao—A llrat-olnss traveling salesman acquainted with tho business, and having on established tradn. Address, slating amount anil locMlnn of trade, experience, etc., COX, S.Mllll * CO., Philadelphia. _____ WANTKD-AN EXPERIENCED SALESMAN I*OR Ohio to represent ns In conimcMon with Ills present business. WHITTLESEY A PETERS, 1211 USalln-st. Trnttns. WANTED— A ?< HAND TO RUN TWO* GORDON and onn Ulubo pioss. sl9.per week will bo paid. Address Republican, Cedar Rapids, lowa. . \\rANTED-A GOOD WORKMAN IN FURNITURE VY store, and olio a varnlshor; only Ihnso that under* aland tho {radonood apply* Xfi. GOLDSTEIN, No. LCD South btatomt. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY! A, FIRST-CLASS llnnor ono that Is tomporalo and can bring o good recommend, an American preferred. I*. MARSH, lv onaton. _ W“" ANTED—PAINTERS AND ICALOIMINERH. Will Klvo good wagon to good workmen. None oth ers wanted. Call Monday evening or early Tuesday morning fttSUjtf Norlh WolTi*»t., Chicago. . [irANTED-BY O. HAWLEY A 00., McGRKOOR, , V lowa, two first-class trlnunore at oncm lirANTlfiD-STKADY BOY ABOUT 16 YKAUR OP VV ago to learn Irailn. Apply, with reference, GOLD LEAF MANUFACTORY, 07 West Wasblngton-st. WANTED-A fewgood custom, goat-mak- VV ors. Inquire at 11. A. KUHN A BROS., 10 and 12 Lako-st. _ ; . li’rANTED—TWO OORDON PRESS-FEEDERS. AP- Vv ply early this morning. GUSHING, PARSONS A THOMAS, 150 South Clark-st. . ‘ANTED—fWO GOOD GAI.OIMINERS, AT 27 Wnitllnt*.l 7.11.1.-Bt. l-1111.1l- W. KKll'litt. ■\XrANTKD-6 OR 6 GOOD CARRIAGE-PAINTERS, VV ats6l South Ganal-st. Employment Agencies, \irANTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN.* COUNTY, VV aud State, to sell our now button-bolo cutter and noodle-threading thimble. Agents that wish the goods wilt savomonny and limn by buying direct ox tho manu facturers, at W East Madbon-st., Room 5. TirANTED—UOORAIIiUOAD MEN FOR THE NORTH VV western, Wisconsin:s'J.2o to 4‘J.tOpor day;frpofaros S5 farm hands; 10saw-null men; 200 choppers. ilWcst Itandolph-st. • WANTED- 500 MEN FOR RAILROADS, SAW mills, and farmr. For particulars and Ironsporta tlnn apply to OHUISTIAN A BING, I South Olark-at., oi lul South Cnnul-st. Coachmen, Teamsters. &o. •TAfANTED-A GOOD GOAOIIM AN (COLORED PRK- Vi forred). Roforouoo roqulrod Apply at the atoro of HART BROS. 711 and 81 Wnbash-av. Monday morning from 8 to 10 o’clock. ' ■IVANTED-A. BOY THAT UNDERSTANDS THIS VY care of horses; wanes* sl6 P« month ami board. Ap ply at 96JuJd-st. Miscellaneous. WANTED— SIX GOOD RESTAURANT WAITERS, at BUUCKY A MILAN’S 167 and 169 East Mftdl- WANTED— SEVERAL FIRST-CLASS SEWlNG machine men to travel, nettling agent*’ account*, &o. Good men, good salary. Address U7, 1 ribuno olllco. WANTRD-A GOOD, RELIABLE, HONEST, AO VV tlvo collector, to collect rout*, and make htmailf generally useful about a real cats to and houso-rontingof noo. None other nood call. J. M. MARSHALL A CO., No, D 7 Olark-at., Rooms 8 and 10. WANTED-GOOD, ACTIVE MEN READY FOR business, to call on m address JONES A CO., 71 South C'anal-st. S3O to $lO & wook easily cleared. WANTED AN EXPERIENCED ADVANCE Agent. Address A G6, Trlbupo olllco. WANTED-BY A JOBBING BOOT AND SHOE house In Boston, a salesman with an established Western trade. Address Box 2173, Boston Post-Ollioo, Moss. • WANTED— ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT .MEN OF good address who aro willing to workbusiness Bcmanont, pleasant, and protUablo. Call at 297 South lark-st. WANTED— A GOOD CARVER AT GRAND OEN tral dlnlng-rrooms, southwest corner Washington autl Olarlt-sts. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. WANTED-A GERMAN OR BWEDE GIRL TO cook, wash, and Iron, for a medium size family; must bo competent in uvory particular. High wages aro ottered to tho right girl. Apply quick at 1487 Indtana-av. lArANTKD—A COOK FOR A BOARDING-HOUSE VV Wages ®6 to $7. Apply at 499 SouthpoarbornfUurr ddo)-st., near Twenty-ninth. Vlf ANTED —AT 199 WEST WABHINQTON-ST.. A Yr good cook and dining-room girl; one who under stands her business. W’ ANTED-A GOOD FEMALE COOK; ALSO, AN ironor and dish-washer, at 95 South llalstod-at. Employment Agencies* Of ANTED—GOOD OIRL3 FOR PRIVATE FAM tY lies, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, and Germain cooks, nurno girls, general housework. Now Intelligent Olllco at MRS. DUSKE'S, W, MUwankoo-av. ParlU wishing to obtain such can do so by applying as above. WANTED-GOOD GIRLS FOR PRIVATE FA Mi lies and boarding-houses over? day at tho Bcandt navian Employment Room lor Ladles, 131 Soporlor-st. Nc foes. Nurses. 'ANTED-YOUNG NURSE GIRL AT 1257 INDl ana-uv. WANTED-A MIDDLE-AOED WOMAN AS A VY nurse, American preferred; one who can do house work for a small family. Apply ot No. 11 North Curtis st., lu roar. • Laimdrossos. WANTED— A FIRST-OLABS LAUNDRESS; ALSO n diningroom girl, who thoroughly understands hor duties, at 1-00 Pralrlo-av Miscellaneous. WANTED— A GOOD LADY BALLAD SINGER with good wardrobn. Address A '6O, Tribune office. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A NO. 1 RIO FOR RALE-HORSE, RUOGY, AND J\. harness will be sold cheap for cash. Can bo soou at 112 West Madison, or roar of 15 and 17 Harmon-court. FOY SALE-HORSE, PHAETON, AND HARNESS, S3OO, nr would exchange fur a tirat-cluss top buggy. Address A 81. Trlbuno office. I” pLETOHEII, LAZEAR A GIIENEY ARE MANUFAO -1 tuning lino first-class buggies, business and road wa gons, otc., and soil them at lowest possible cash prices. Factory comer Sedgwick and Divliluu-ste.; salesroom 32j btato-st. For sale-a large stock of first-class carringosand buggies just received at Nos. 27 and Is) Smith Cllnton-st., near Washington. 11. B. HILL. FOR’SAXE-A NEARLY NEW PHAETON. ABAR galu. Apply at Cuntro-av. Stables. ROBERTS & 7710R SALE-PAIR OF .lET BLACK, WELL- X* matched carrlngo-horscs. portcctlygentlo and used to citv, together with double harness aud carriage. Cali at stable roar of 263 Oalumot-av. I poll SALE-ONE HEAVY LUMBER WAGON, ONE 1 single lumber wagon, one sot double harness. Can bo soon at No. 62 Twonty-fourth-st. J" R. BROOKMAN. IDO TWENTY-BECOND-ST., • has for salo now and second-hand, open and top bug gies, phaetons, single aud doublo-aoatedbusiness wagons: also, near load of side opting Concord wagons, well adapted for business purposes, price s7ll each. Carriages and buggies of every description to let by tho mllo, hour, day, week, month, or year, with or without horses. E' OOKAWAY, PHAETONS, SLIDE HEATS, TOP, and open buggies in groat variety, ut 327 Stato-st,; lon prices, P. L. SMITH. TWO TOP BUGGIES IN FIRST-CLASS ORDER, Brown’s Novelty Works make. Reasonable prloo. PENNOYER. SHAW A CO., 1125 and 337 Wabn*.h-nv. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-good canvassers are making $lO to sl2 a day with my goods: every article Is as staple as ilour. Particulars free. O. M. LINING TON, 177 East Madlson-st., Room 10, Chicago. AGENTS’WANTED’-TO SELL OURNEW DUTTON' Hole Cutler and Noodle-Threading Thimble. Agents • clear S2O per day. 99 East Madlson-st., Room S. A GENTS WANTKD-TO BELL THE CHAMPION fluting and smoothing Iron; tho boat one made. CHAMPION FLUTING-IRON COMPANY, 41 Thlrdav, Agents wanted— experienced live can vassers, to take nrdon. Apply, after 1 n. m., to ASBESTOS FELTING COMPANY, 274 South Wator-st. GENTS WANTED OUR THREAD-GUTTERS for Singer, Howe, Wood, Wheolor A Wilson Ma chines now ready: sample SO cents; children wind bob bins like spools of cultim In minute with our spooler; worth Us weight In gold; our spofdhqldor ovorvone IlkOB: 0 mailed on receipt of $1.76. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO., 179 East Madlson-st. A GENTS WANTED-S2O SILVER WATCH GIVEN xL to agents and guaranteed the biggest paying business anywhere on small; double sample 25 coots. MERRILL A 00., 25 Woit Lako-st. Agents wanted—roll the oity and coun try, lor goods of ready and largo prollls. A. M. RICHARDSON, ltd Rust Madlsou-st., Koom 16, for* uiorly at 170NJ South Halstodst. Agents wanted-for iiewitt's fluting, polishing, and baud Iron, throe irons In one; llutoß with gloss any length; tho champion of oil. Koom 16, 170 Hint Madlson-st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. CASH FOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANOS, mirrors, carpets, etc., in any quantity. 9 Eight oonthst. FKUKSSNER, MANUFACTURER and dealer , lu furniture, mattrosß'*!. etc., M 9 East Eighteenth si., near State. I'ino upi olatoring made now and re paired. Hair mattresses made to order. Furniture var nished on short notice. 13 ARTIES HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS TO DIB - peso of will rind Rto their Interest loaddross HODGES 4 CO., 613 West Lako-st. I*, H.—Wo will have a nice lot of goods to bo sold at private lalo this week fora gentleman leaving tho oity, and in no hurry to dispose o( them. Call at our ware rooms, 613 West Lako-st. PARTIES HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS ON merchandise of any kind for sale will rind a cash pur chaser by addressing W 62, Tribune ortlee. BUILDING MATERIAL. For sale-about 100 feet of glass parti Mou; also, some matched flooring. Apply to HATH BONE. SARD 4 CO.. 3d ami 43 Lako-st. I^ OR SALE—A LARGE STOCK, ALL SIZES AND ' lengths, 3-lnch joists and all kinds of llnlsbliig lum ber, at W, S. ItABi'OOK'S lumber-yard, 4(H) Lumbor •t., near south end Canal-st. 'ibblifLAND CEMENT IN QUANTITIES TO SUIT X at U7 LaSallo-st. i nnn ninn of brick, also stone and X.UUU.UUW lime, minted In exchange fur brick bouse and lot nn South Side, excellent locution. G. H. BURDICK, W Waslilngton-st. MUSICAL. IjlOU—A. aiiIOKKKINa PIANO, STOOI-, J. and cover; also p. vaas low for cash. Pianos stored. PROSSER, 971 State. Established IsStf. IN BUYING A PARLOR OUGAN, GO DIRECT TO J. the factory and get tho bout and cheapest. 1 rloes, SSO to slKw. Nicholson Organ Factory, Kl East Indlaua-sL 1 VICMOVAirOF PIANO ROOMS TO 274 STATp-ST., XV near VunUurou. Pianos to rent and for sale. Rout ing a specialty. WM. R. PROPER. . SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE.^ Boolcltoonors. Glorkn. A:o. SITUATION WANTED—BY AOOMPETISNT lUISI- Qnosa man, who ima boon toiler In a bank forlOyojraj Should Ilko a situation aa cashier nr confidential dork Id a wholesale homo; speaks KnoHili and German! best of oily references. Address Old Trlbmio ojllco. SITUATION wantkd-by a young man witii O fl years' experience, as ft dork or bonk-koopor Id a clothing or gents' furnishing aloro. Address SD, Trlbmio olllcn, • ■ QITWION'WANTICD-nY A YOUNG MAN JATB. O ly landed, Irift grocery or liquor store 5 Imaba olKht years'experience at nolb s Ims good reference: a perma nent sttuntlon more an object thou salary. Address M to, Tribune olllco. Trnrtos. SITUATION WANTKD'-AS ENGINEER BY A OOM petentman; host of -•oforoncos given. Address M. W. BALDWIN, Tribune olllco. Miaoollnuoouß. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNO MAN JUST from Now York, active, honest, and intelligent, do* sires work In an; capacity, from night watchman to (ton* oral manager. wages not so much an object to com* mouco with as an opportunity of advancement. HtrlctlJ temperate, and best ot roloroncoi. Address A 07, Trlb* nnooflloo. _ _ . STTUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE' Nurses. SITUATION WANTED-BY A NURSE WHO GAN furnish the best of references. Apply at 236 Calumet* ftv., between Twenty-tilth and Twonty-slxth-Hta. Employment Agencies. SITUATIONS WAm'ED— BY TWO -GIRLS TO GO In ono family, and a number at other girls for private families and boarding-houses, at tho Scandinavian Em' ploymont Boom, Ml nuporlor-st. Miscellaneous. Situations wanted-bytwo Scandinavian women to clean houses. Apply at 78 Hubbard-st. TO RENT—HOUSES. TO RKNT-THUEK STOUY HOUSE, low WABASH av., near Twonty-fourth-st.j Ul rooms, modern con veniences. luqulru of SOLON MoELUOY, No. 23 Bryan Block. . fho’RENT—NO. 705 COTTAGE GROVE-AV., LARGE X 2-story house, $65 per month. No. 101 EUls-av., 8-slory and basement brown atono front, furnace, bath-room, and all modern Improvements, SI,OOO por year, very near horse and steam cars. 8 houses at Hyde Park, near stcam-oars, $55 por month. Inquire ULUiOII A BUND, 87 Doarborn-st. 110 RENT—OR FOR SALE—HOUSE 381 MICHIGAN . av., 14rooms, fully furnished, or to rent unfurnished. Cau bo seen by applying to W, J, BARNEY, RU East Randolph-sU TO RENT-FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS IIOUBH No. 75 South Sangamon-st. Apply on promises. TO RENT-BRICK HOUSE NO. 843 WAI3ABII-AV., 13 rooms, all on two Hour: hot anil cold water. gas fixtures, window-shades. and cornicos go with house; brick barn; rent reasonable to good tenant. Possession Immediately. Inquire of U. 11. POPE. 33 Chamber Com* morco. . rilO RENT—FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE 43 CENTRE- X av.; possession given Immediately; also throo good of lico rooms 326 West .Madison at. Apply to Dr. N. S. BARNES, 328 Wcat Madlson-st., Room 3. TO RENT—3-STORY, BASEMENT AND SUB-CEL lar marble-front bouse, all modern Improvement*, In cluding furnneo, No. 330 West Washlngton-st. Apply at No. 857 West Itondolpli-Rt. for term*. ' rpO RENT-761 MICIIIQAN-AV., A HANDSOME, J, largo parlor land bedroom, furnished or not; rofor oncoa exchanged. T" O RENT-A LARGE, PLEASANT HOUSE, WELL located, South Hide; accessible to street oars; fur nished or unfurnished; owners will board if desired. Ad dress B, carrier 43. r RENT-PRAIRIE AND MIOHIGAN-AVB., ELE gant octagon marble houses. Wontworlh-av., stores, houses, and rooms, cheap. S. MKAIIB, 609 Wabash-av. TO RENT-OR FOR BALE-GOOD HOUSES ON Jackson and Adams-sls., oaal of Callfornla-av. Lake water. Inquireat 1091 Jackson-at. DO RENT—OHBAP—HOUSE NO. 435 VAN BUREN at. Nearly now, modern Improvement*, 0 rooms,paved I root, good location, limuiru at 312 Tylor-st. T" 0 RENT-SIX ROOMS, CLOSET, PANTRY, AND water. Inquire on tho premises, 361 Oontro av. a' 10 RENT—HOUSE 608 WEST WASIIINQTON-BT., two-story and basement, brick; all the modern im provomont*. Call to-day. TO RENTING. 93d FUI.TON-ST. IS A FIRST-CLASS two-aiombouio; will sell on liberal terms, orozohange foe North Blue vacant lots. Apply to-day, from 9a. m. until 6 p. m. Suburban. mO RENT-A FINE LARGE HOUSE AND LOT AT X Oloncoo, near tho lake shore, 18 mites from Chicago, 4 minutes’ walk from depot; situation high and healthful; schools, church; neighborhood and surroundings delight ful; cars to Chicago by the year low: will sell cheap, in quire of F. W. NEWHALL, comer Lake and Canal-st*. fpO RENT-SEVERAL HOUSES IN NORTH EVAK X ston, and one In Glencoe; or will sell for monthly pay* moots. O. E. BROWNE, Grover’s Block, Evanston. Mb RENT—MY DESIRABLE HOUSE AT RIVER- X side, having ton rooms and modern Improvements complete, with narn; elegant lawn and lurgo garden. Apply at tho Avenue House, corner of Wabash-av. and Tucmy-accond TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED APARTMENTS, slnglo or on eulto, in tho now Parker IBook, northeast corner of Ualstod and Madlson-st*. Entrance, C 3 South Halstod. Olllco, Room 43. r RENT-0 ROOMS, GAS, WATER, AND WATER closets, suitable for housekeeping, No. 235 West Madlson-st., Thompson's Block. WM. H. THOMPSON, 229 West Madlson-st. rptXRUNT—FURNISHED ROOMS KN SUITE OR X single;also two largo unfurnished parlors, with all modern Improvements, In marble front house No. II Bldrldgo court. r RENT-1 NICE TURNISUED ROOM FOR 1 OR 3 persons, No. 192 South Halstod-st., nearjnekaon. ntO RENT-FOUR ROOMS AT *163 MADISON-HT., X corner Robey. TO RENT-4 ROOMS, WITH FURNITURE FOR solo, at 71 Fourteenth-fit., between Wabaah av. and aud Stato-at. rpORKNT—TO A FAMILY WITHOUT CHILDREN, J. 6 rooms, at 233 North Wolls-st.; references requited, mo RENT-ELEOANTLY^'IjRNISH ED"r6o’M S TO X gentleman only. In Williams 1 Block, 85 Deatborn at.; the best of references Riven and required: none but those desiring Hrst-clasu accommodations need call. fpO RENT-ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS AT X Huuoro Block, corner Monroo and Doarborn-sta. Apply at No. 1«. FpO RENT-ONE-IIALF OF A 2-STORY HOUSE. X corner of Thirly-aocoud-cl. aud ludlana-av., to a small family. 1’ 10 RENT—CHEAP—4 NICE ROOMS, WITH OLOS . ots and water, suitable for housekeeping, at 22 Gold at. Apply toP. MollUOll. Room 33. 133 L»8allo-»t. b”RENT—TO A RESPONSIBLE FAMILY. 4 NICE rooms, bath-room, wator-olusot, oto. Rout 830 pec month, In advanco. No children. Apply at Oliver's Lunch-Room, IBSUast Madlson-st., or at the bouioNo. 78 Paullna-st., near Madison. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES, &o. TO RENT-STORE AND ROOMS IN A GOOD Busi ness location for a harness-maker, clothing, or tin shop. Inquire 678 Elston-av., near Olybourn-placo. UE, WITH ROOMS, AT 428 ELSTON- fp'6 RENT—STOI X av. rpO RENT—S2O—A FINE OFFICE. SECOND FLOOR, X Room 2,163 Washlngton-ot.; also desk room. mo RENT—A ROOM 88x12 ON SECOND FLOOR. X corner of Lako and Pourlu-sts.; well suited for society purposes or light manufacturing; well lighted: water, gas, otc. W. 11. PHARE, 143 LnSallo-st. rno RENT-BASEMENT UNDER GOVERNMENT X goods depot, 193 and 197 East Lako-st,, 40x160 ft., with ueo of olovator; ontranco front and roar. Apply up stairs. TO RENT—STORES—ELEGANT STORE 189 WEST Madlson-st., near Halstud, 25x65. Store 188 West Madlson-st., near Hulstod, 20x62. Store 73 South Hal stod-st. D. COLE A SON, lloueo Agents, IbS West Madtaonst. TO RENT-SECOND FLOOR, WELL-LIGHTED IN front and on tho side hr alloy; suitable fora jobbing business. Apply on promises to HERRING A CO., 4a State-st. rno RENT-A HANDSOME STORE IN BRICK X building In Rockford, III.; centre of business, 62x20; dry-goods, clothing, or boot and shoe business preferred; S6OO nor year. Address ANTON SOHIUKER, Rock ford, 111. TO RUNT-STORE 11-ANDI3 MARKET-ST., 46 BY 66. Also largo lotts, on corner Lako and Market-sta., all la Garrett Building. Apply to O. LUNT, Room 8, • Methodist Church Block. TO RENT-BARN IN REAR OF HOUSE 169 WEST Adams-st. Apply at 75 South Sungamon-st. fpO KENT—A TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X store, with dwelling above, No. 1255 Stato-st., to bo leased lor ana or mure yours, clioap to a good tenant; Btoro is 25x60 toot, brick, now, and In splendid location; ready Juno 1. Inquire corner Twenty-eighth and State. bib., drug Btoro. KENT—OFFICE AND DESK KOOM, CHEAP, .In rino building. No, 310 LaSallo-st., corner Adams. E. E. RYAN A 00. TO KENT—VERY DESIRABLE DESK KOOM IN basement of Major Block; uso of vault. D. B. DEWEY A CO., 147 LaSalle-st. mo RENT-GOOD, LIGHT ROOMS, WITH STEAM X power. Inquire on promises, corner of VunUurou and Franklhvsts. I'lO RENT-A LIGHT, DRY BASEMENT. WITH gas and water, fronting on street and river. Apply to WHEATON A HENDERSON, 860 South Wator-st. fpO RENT-SECOND, THIRD. AND FOURTH X liners, with power and elevator, i4B Ulark-Bt., near Madison. Apply at SCHWEIZEU'S CotTeo House. fjfiO RENT—FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, FRAME X house and lot No. 971 Wnbash*av.. near Twenty-sec ombst., adjoining office of American Express Co. SNY* DEU A LEE, No. 14 Nixon's Building, northeast comer of Monroe and LaSalle-st*. fpO RENT—THE STORE NO. 93 SOUTH HALSTKD- X 5t.,3 »tory and basement. Inquire of I*. A. QUIN LAN, Room ‘J Major Block, 143 LnSallu-st., or of thu owner. >ls West Lnko-st. 51. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED— TO RENT—ROOM IOR SINGLE GEN Roman, furnished or unfurnished, n private family, between Eldrldge-court am Fourteenth-st., oust of State. Address V 99. 'irtbune office. i\rANTF.D-TO RENT—A FLOOR 01- FIVE OR MX >\ rouinß suitable for housekeeping, on one of the South Bido avenues; prompt pay; references exchanged. 833, Tribune office. • WANTEI>-T'J aKNT—BARN—SOUTH SIDE, BE IT tween Twelfth an.* Twonty-socoiui-sis. Must bo 9 sto ries, with 9 stables at lent, proportionate carriage room, ami conveniently titled m . Address, for 9 days, BOX 55, Tremnni House. TO LEASE. fpO LEASE-DOCK PROPERTY ON THE ROUTU X Branch, near Twonty-socoml-st., 100 ft. on tho river by 820 ft. to O. AA.K. K. Apply to HENRY P. IMIAM, office of Isham A Lincoln, Portland Block, rpb LEASE-DOCK LOT 160 FEET ON RIVER, X Just north of Twonty-seoond-st. bridge, and now oc cupied by Daniel Boyle as a coal-yard. Apply In have, mont, northeast uornnr id Madison ami Dmrborn-stn. PERSONAL. ELLEN BOYD. Xby her sister, Nancy Boyd, No. 229 West Polk-st,