Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 6, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 6, 1873 Page 3
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THE COUNCIL. Col. A. N. Waterman Nominated ncalth Commissioner. The Erection of the Twelfth Street Viaduct Ordered. Comptroller Burley Thinks Ho Can Eun the City with $5,731,103.22. Tho Chicago & St. Paul Eallroad Or dluanco Again Postponed. A regular mooting of tbo Council was bold yesterday evening, Aid. Woodman In tho chair. Present, Aldormon Bowen, Blcbardaon, Dixon, Warren, McGonulsa, Cooy, McAvoy, Sldwoll, Btono, Pickering, Tracey, Schmitz, Cullorton, MoOlowry, Balloy, Powell, O’Brien, Bond, Clark, Bwcot, Koboo, Heath, Minor, Bbonvood, Mooro, Cleveland, Quirk, McGrath, Eckbardt, Stout, Mohr, Longncbor, Scbaffnor, Carney, Cannon, Brandt, Woodman. BOARD OF HEALTU. Tho Mayor nominated A. N. Waterman ns member of tho Board of Hoalth, in place of S. A. Hoard. Tbo communication was referred to tho Com tnitloo on Judiciary. PETITIONS. Petitions woro presented and referred for opening North Franklin, for paving Cornell, street from Milwaukee avonuo to Reuben, for compelling railroads to adopt some moans to prevent damage from sparks from locomotives, against opening North Franklin, against opening Vomon avonuo, for opening Forest avonuo, for Improving Adams from Robey to Western avenue. The invitation to tUo Council to bo present at tho dedication of tho Hall of Star of Hope Xodgo, eiuco their prosonco would bo an encour agement to tbo tomporanco cause, for which that honorable body has so efficiently legislated, was accepted. ORDERS. Tho Board' of Public Works was ordered to build a newer iu Orchard street, from Sophia to Wisconsin ; to report ordinances for ftvo lamp posts on Bremer street, from Hovoy to While ; for sidewalks on both slues of Summer and Win ter streets, from Twenty-sixth to Twenty-eighth; Twenty-eighth, from Hanover to Halstcd; Oneida, fromHalstod to Laurel 5 and Shuttles avenue, from Thirtieth to Thirty-first; to build a sower from Centre avonuo to Vernon Pork out of tbo money appropriated for tho park. Tho Corporation Oounsol'was ordered to report an ordinance for establishing a hay market in Market Square. STREET IMPROVEMENTS. Tho Board of Public Works submitted ordi nances for paving Twenty-first street, from Indiana avenue to rrnirio avenue; Peoria, from Lake to Fulton ; and Wentworth avonuo, from Twenty-first to Twenty-second, which wore passed. Tho ordinance for vacating a portion of Elm etroet was passed. Tho ordinances for opening Douglas avonue, from Uliman to Ashland avonuo, for opening Quinn street, and for widening tho alloy in Block S, Murray's Addition, wore passed, and that for fixing tbo grade of Gan&l street at Sixteenth street was laid over. TWELFTH STREET VIADUCT. Tho ordinance for tho construction of a via duct across Canal street at Twelfth, tho monoy being paid by tho Fort Road, to tho amount of $25,000, any additional expense to bo borno by tho city, was taken up. Aid. Bchaffuor moved to refer it, to see if it was to bo a Truosdoll span. Ho did not want any Dixon accident hero. Aid. Scbnffaor offered tho following, which was adopted: Resolved, That tbo Board of Public Works be re peated to inform tbo Council, at its next meeting, wbat kind of|brldgcs,and by whom made,are now used on tbo various viaducts la Ibis city. EXTEEDINO WATER-MAINS. • The Board says it is provided that any surplus revenue from the water rents may bo used to mako additions to tho works approved by tbo Council. Tho interest on the water loan bonds for last year was paid out of tho funds appro priated by tho State, and tho revenue has accu mulated faster than usual. There is now a sur plus of about SIOO,OOO, which might bo applied to extending tho mains, of which there is groat need in several streets. There are now fifteen miles of streets where tho rovonuo would vary from 15 to 65 cents per running foot per year, so soon ns as tho pipes wore laid. They therefore recom mend the adoption of tho following : Ordered, That the Board of Public Worka bo au thorized to use such portion of tbo surplus revenue derived from water rents, as in their judgment ahull bo deemed necessary for extending tbo water mains, first reserving tbo estimated current expenses of the interest ou tbo water debt. Tho matter was referred to tho Committoo on iTinarico. DELINQUENT TAXES. y The Corporation Counsel submitted an or dinance providing that tho City Collector, by tho 20th of May, shall return J tb tho County Troas uror,_ as Collector, all real estate delinquent for municipal taxes for 1872. and prior years, aiid tho Treasurer is directed to apply for judgment at tho July term of tho County Court for tho amount of unpaid taxes. It was referred to tho Committee on Finance. .The Game officer also submitted an ordinance In rogord to cutting sod on tho lands of others, and to wilfully cutting trees, which was refereed to tho Judiciary Committoo. ESTIMATES. Tho Comptroller submitted the estimates of tbo various departments, which were referred to the Finance Committee. They are as follows: Assessment expense $ 23,075.00 Board of Public Works 1,570,000.80 Bridewell (bonds issued and 501 d)... Cemetery Hay scale Contingencies. Costs tax sales Entertainment visitors. Evening schools Fire Department General Sinking Fuad—one mill tax, Health Department House of Correction Interest on bonded debt. Judgment account Legal expense........ Pouco Courts, Police Department. Printing....,.., Police library—fifth of one mill Salaries 100,857.53 Schools 1,110,930.06 School Sinking Fund—one-fourth of a mill Sewerage Fund 223,012.10 Sewerage tax—one mill Street lamps Tax sale certificates Extension water mains—one mill lax Total. And threo mills and nine-twentieths of a mill The total income is $0,098,489.00, including $1,218,304.75. to ho received from the State. Tho bonds duo during tho year amount to $1,855,- 779.22. The total amount of judgments unsettled is $10,105.85. MILWAUKEE A ST. PAUL* Tho Obioago, Milwaukee & St. Paul ordinance was taken up. Aid. Kehoo made an explanation, and Insisted, as an individual, that tho rood should do for him what it had promised to do. The officers had told him if ho lot the tracks go down they would compensate him for hla injuries. Messrs. Gault and Walker told him they looked on him as a friend. They wore lawyers and could do things In a difforentaray than ho, but ho didn't liko their actions. Aid. Moore explained tbo pending ordinance did not in any way affect Aid. Kehoo. Tho ono which aggrieved him was passed in 1871. Aid. Kehoo said it was a delicate matter, and ho did not want to dofond himself any moro than any ono else. His neighbors had thought last year ho was bought up by tho railroads, since he dissuaded litigation, lie could bring a delega tion of such. It was altogether trifling lor Walker and Gault to behave as they did. They had deceived him and his neighbors. If tho Railroad Committee would go up there he would explain it all, and if tboy did not believo him ho would surrender. Aid. Quirk said a week 'ago Mr. Walkor told him ho did not care if tho ordinance wero post- Eonod for thirty days. Ho himself would not avo signed tbo report recommending the pas sage of the ordinance if Mr. Walker had not said ho would pay Mr. Kohoo. Tho three roads run ning in thoro wore practically one. The oity had dono well by them, and they ought to recom pense property-owners they damaged. Ho could not vote for the ordinance till tho property owners wore compensated. Ho understood Mr. Gault was not now anxious for tho passage of tbo ordinance, slnco it could mako arrangements with tho 0., 0. A I. 0. Aid. flchaffuor thought it was for tbo Interest of tbo city to pass tbo ordinance. Btlll it would bo well to postpone till tboy bad settled all dolma. They romomborod bow tbo Chicago X Pacific waa not lot in till it bad satisfied all olalma. On tbo whole, it waa bettor not to paaa It that evening. ....... ... Aid. Mooro called attention to tbo foot that tbo ordinance bad boon ponding about a year. Aid. Longaobor waa In favor of withholding tbo francblHou till tbo Company Bottled. Ho waa glad bo many Aldormon took that view, in aplto of tbo abuao of tbo proas. ~ . ' Aid. Dixon waa willing to giro Aid. Koboo further time if bo wanted it. Aid. Scbaffnor should veto for tbo ordinance If it oamo to a direct vote, since there was no motion for delay. .. 1 . Aid. Pond asked if thla ordinance did not out off access to tho parka. Aid. Cullorton said it ran ountof tho parka and just by Humboldt Park. Ho waa glad tbo Council bad thla chock on tho Board, and bo would vote against tbo ordinance. Ho moved that its further consideration bo postponed for two weeks. It was agreed to. STREET ENDS. , Tbo resolution forbidding tbo future leasing of street ends, and ordering tbo Board of Pollco to keep them clear, waa taken up. . ~ Aid. Dixon opposed it, since tho city bad boon getting $13,000 a year from tbeso leases. If not leased, adjoining property-owners would occupy them. . , Aid. McGrath favored leasing some, and not leasing others. Ho moved to recommit it, to specify street ends which might bo leased. Aid. Bond saw no objection to renting them south of Harrison and north of Kinzio. Be tween those points, whore tbo water pipes woro. smaller, it should not bo done. Tho matter was finally recommitted for a week. The ordinance for opening Vernon avenue was temporarily postponed. _ : ENGINE HOUSE. A resolution directing the purchase of a lot on Wells street, north of Division, on which to build an ongiuo house, was adopted. Tbo ordinance so amending tbo flro ordinance as to prohibit putting wooden signs on top of buildings over two stories in height, was dis cussed for somo,tlmo and finally recommitted. WEST BIDE CAPTAIN. Tbo Polico Committee recommended tbo con firmation of Sorgoant Lull as Captain in tbo West Division, and tbo matter was laid over. Tho Council adjourned. SHOCKING SUICIDES. Death on tho Wedding iWom—Tragic End of a Long Courtship. From the Philadelphia Press, May 1. Our city was shocked yesterday by tho report that a well-known citizen had suddenly'ended his existence byohooting himself through tho heart with a Smith and Wesson revolver. Tho suicide was Mr. Bichard Dale Pettit, a sou of tho late Hon. William Pettit, and a nephew of Rich ard Pettit, Esq., Naval Paymaster for this sta tion. Tho sad affair took place at No. 248 South Eighth street, where tho deceased hod boon boarding forsomo years. The unfortunate man was iu company with friends until nearly 12 o’clock on Tuesday night, and appeared to bo in tbo best of spirits. Ho spoke of his excellent prospects lor* tho future, and alluded oxultingly to Ills approaching mar riage with Miss Rebecca Staley, a most estima ble lady, daughter of the l&to Andrew Staley, tho well-known brewer, and a niece of tbo late Hr. Robert Caldclougb, a wealthy physician, who re sided for many years on Chestnut street, below Fifteenth; Hr. Caldclough died some months -since, and by his will left quito a large fortune to Mlse Staley. It seems that Mr. Petit hod boon engaged to bo married to Miss Staley for the past thirteen years, tbo delay having boon caused by a desire on tbo part of tho lady to wait until both scorned fortunes suffi cient when joined to Insure a competence, ease, and enjoyment for the rest of their natural lives. -This bright and hopeful picture was ut terly obliterated yesterday morning by tho terri ble act of which wo have spoken. The nuptials wore to havo boon celebrated at noon m St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, on Locust street above Sixteenth. Tho announcement was made some time since to the relatives and Immediate friends on both sides, and extensive preparations had boon going on to make tho coromonioa os im posing as possible. Bridesmaids and grooms men wore selected; dressmakers of extreme taste engaged to lend their aid to the occasion. Tho wedding at St. Mark’s Church was tho theme of gossip among those who*make up Its audiences at such times, and, after breakfast ibis morning, many a maiden as well os matron repaired to her chamber to pre pare her toilet, not expecting' so soon to re ceive tbo startling intelligence that tho hand some bridegroom had put an end to bis own life. Tho nows was broken to tho brido in a delicate manner, from whom there was no response, but a look of woo not bearing description. She re tired at onoo to hor chamber, where sho remains shut in with her own grief. What makes this affair additionally sod is that tbo brido and groom had laid out plans for a wedding tour to Europe, and had engaged passage in a vessel plying be tween Now York and Liverpool. , It appears that tho deceased retired about midnight, and nothing was hoard of him again until 7 o’clock yesterday morning, when tho ' household was startled by tho report of a pistol shot. A boarder. Mr. Thomas Hail, proceeded to Mr. Pettit’s chamber, and there found his lifeless corpse stretched upon the floor. Ho summoned the people of tho housS, and physi cians wore called in, but all efforts to percolvo the slightest sign of life wore ineffectual. It was fonnd that tbo ball had entered tho heart and caused instant death. There wore no signs of any promeditation in tho act. Tbo deceased was only partly dressed, and had taken tho pistol from a bureau drawer, while opporontly - arranging his toilet. It seems to havo boon an. act committed'on the spur of tbo moment, without previous intent. Thoso who wore with him .on Tuesday night state that ho drank only alo and beer,' and was mostly engaged in conversation touching his projected wedding tour to Europe, speaking of nis forthcoming wedding with all of that enthu siasm which characterizes a person on the ovo of a happy matrimonial alliance. Several persons presented him with loiters of introduction to prominent personages la Loudon and other cities, all of which ho took thankfully, and promised to use. Tho deceased was an impulsive man, but kindly in disposition. He was about 36 years of age, and was not engaged in any business at the time of his death. Ho had studied tho pro fession of modictno some years since, but li&d never practised tho healing art. 6,000.00 8,000.00 10,000.00 30.000. 3,600.00 12.000. 060,061.65 68.U8.73 35.000. 275,000.00 10,105.35 16.000. 3,000.00 608,600.00 20,000.00 A Man Burnt Himself to Death* Tho Xenia (O.) Torchlight gives tho tallowing particulars of tho recent suicide of Richard Will iamson : “ Richard Williamson, a man 85 years of age. and for some years past suffering from mental derangement, terminated his life in tho follow ing fearful manner: Ho fancied m his deranged condition that he must sacrifice himself on tho altar as a burnt offering for tho cause of Christ, tio firm was he ia this resolve that , his a short time since, through fear, abandoned tho house. On Saturday, tho 2Ctb, no devoted most of tho day to gathering into his log house, which ho termed his altar, brush, straw, etc., preparatory to his dreadful and speedy self-im molation. About 8 o'clock ho fired the building, ascending to tho funeral pile,-and there, upon bonded knees, remained until tho devouring fiamos ended his life. Mr. Furnas, who resided near by. used every exertion to rescuo tho un fortunate man. butwitbout avail. Tbo deceased man is of good family and was in fair circum stances. The light from tho burning dwelling was visible at Spring Valley.” 600,000.00 20,131.02 .$5,731,103.22 Tho Detroit lliver Bridge, From the Detroit Tribune. Hay 3. For several weeks past engineers in the em ploy of tho Bridge and' Tunnel Company, by which the tunuol explorations wero made, havo been making surveys and investigations with the view«of constructing a bridge between Detroit and Windsor, for railway purposes. They have ascertained the depth of tho channel at many different points up and down tho stream for several miles, and especially near Belle Isle. They havo also investigated tho character of tho bottom, and find that near Bello Isle good clay can ho obtained, which would furnish a good fouudation for a bridge. Tho distance between Belle Isle and the Canada shore is by no moans so great as across tbo channel below tho Island, and it is not im firohable that this will be selected as tho best ocatlon for building tho bridge, if its construc tion can bo brought about. Tbo ongiuoors of tho United Stales Lake Survey, under instruc tions from the Government, will during this sea son make a thorough survey of tbo river in this vicinity, with a view to report on tho feasibility and wisdom of constructing a railway bridge. Tho whole matter will undoubtedly come boforo Congress at its next session. Secretary Robosou la oboufc to build or buy a bouao at Long Brauch. Wo should think he would find it cheaper to anchor a United States steamship off the Branch and spend tho summer in that.—ZoußoWe Courier-Journal, Sliorltlnn’s Protest Affnlnst Enforcing tho 11 O’clock Ottll- Annual Estimates—sßo3,COO Asked for tho A regular mooting of tbo Board of Police waa bold at City Hall yesterday aftornoon. Present, Commissioners Wright, Mason, and Sheridan. Tho resignation of Patrolman Marshall B. Allen, of tbo Fourth Precinct, waa received and'ac cepted, Mr. Sheridan’s protest against Mr. Woohburn’s order referring to tho execution of tbo 11 o’clock ordinance was tho cause of a spirited ooavo rsa lion between Mark and President Maaon. The latter s£id, emphatically, that tbo protest was an outrage; that it was incendiary In jta character,’ and was In tbo nature of odvico to tbo moo, toll ing theta that whatever tboy did to further tho observance of tbo ordor, tboy did at tboftr peril. Mr. Bboridau defended himself, saying that tbo protest was not made to tho men, nut to Mr. Mason as President of tbo Board, ahd that it wjm, therefore, a mistake to say that it wan advice given to the force. If the jptpctra bad not published thd protest, it would newer have boon road by tho men, and If tbo papom’glvo it to thorn, that was not bis fault. During tho conversation, which at times was very violent, Commissioner Wright acted as peace-maker end soother between ftbo dis putants, who arrived at no amlc&blo under standing. , TUB ANNUAL ESTIMATES • of tbo Board woro approved, as follows : • To A, 11, Hurley, City Comptroller: Tho Board of Police present the following ea their estimate of the expenses of tho Police Department for tho current fiscal year, to-wlt.: For 3 Commissioners $ 9,000 For 1 Secretary 2,C00 For 3 clerks * 3,400 For General Superintendent 3,c00 Fori Custodian 1,200 For 3 Captains 0,000 For 17 sergeants 23,500 F0r670 patrolmen 670,000 For 24 patrolmen acting os roitadsmon 28,800 For 30 horses and equipments. ' 4,000 For feed for hones 2,600 SIGNS. For secret police service 16,000 For gas, fuel, rations for prisoners and lodgers,* dubs, belts, stars, buttons, and furniture far stations, and Janitors’pay 16,000 For special policemen for emergencies, as riots, - elections, etc,, telegraphing, postage, blank* books, printing, stationery, and Incidental expenses . 10,000 For repairs of stations 3,000 For enlarging and remodeling tho Third Fro* duct Station, in addition to unexpended balance ' 4,000 For enlarging and remodeling tho Seventh - Precinct Station, in addition to unexpended balance.... 4,600 For enlarging the Eighth Precinct Station.... 3,000 For rebuilding tho First Prodnct Station, In addition to the unexpended balance 40,000 For exchange of tho Sixth Precinct Station for church building, corner of Orcon and Wash* ington streets, and remodeling tbo same.... 00,000 For additional station for new precinct to be ' located in the vicinity of Blue Island avenue and Twenty-second street «... 10,000 For steam-heating apparatus at tho Twentieth, Seventh, Eighth, Eleventh, end Twelfth Pre cinct Stations 25,000 For stables and sleeping-rooms for mounted f0rc0....i 0,000 Mrs. James A. Oates, tbo actress, is at tho Gardner. * Capt. O. D. Burke, U. S. A., is at tho Sherman. Mr. Joseph Bogy, of Bt. Louis, is at tho Gardner. The Hon. O. L. Hancock, of Boston, if at the South Side Briggs. P. V. Smith, Esq., of Philadelphia, is stopping at tho West Side Briggs House. J.' Johnson, # Esq., England, is at tho South Side Briggs House. Hon. F. A. Pierce, of Georgia, was at tho Gault House yesterday. Mr. Hoff man Atkinson and niooo, of Japan, are at tho South Sido Briggs. * Col. S. L. Gillespie, United States Engineers, was at tho Tromont Houso yesterday. ■ BOARD OF POLICE. nance* Current Year. SHERIDAN'S PROTEST. Total '.....1803,600 Respectfully submitted, Oarlislb Mason, • Mark Sheridan, L. P. Wright, Board of Police Department, PERSONAL. Maj. T. H. Warwick, of tho United State Army, is at tho Gault House. T. W. Morse, of St. Louis, loft tho West Sido Briggs House yesterday for Ills homo. Hon. W. A. Galbraith, wife, and daughter, of Brio, Penn.,.are at tho Gardner. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Eastman wero at iho Grand Hotel, Par}s, on tho 21th of April. Thomas A. Hudson, a prominent railroad con tractor of lowa, was at the West Side Briggs yesterday. John 0: Gault, General Manager of the Mil waukee & Bt. Paul Railroad, is at tho Sherman House At'the Union Park Congregational Church, this evening, Robert.Ooliyor will toll about “Our Folks and Other Folks. J. H. Beasley and G. I. Clarke, of Odeta Rica; G. Lord, of Lima, South America, ard at the Sherman Edwin Adams, tho celebrated actor, loft tho West Side Briggs House yesterday afternoon for Milwaukee, whore ho is to play an engagement this week, supported by tho dramatic company of MoYfcKor’a Theatre, In this city. The following were at tho Tremont House yes terday : James A. Evans and family, San Diego, Cal,; A. W. Richmond, Buffalo; James 8. Bai ley and family, Brooklyn; Walter Scott, St. Louis; P. J. Hickey, San Francisoo. Among tbo arrivals at tbo Briggs House, West 1 Side, are 0. B. Knowltpn, Logansport; Col. F. Scott, Texas; Dr. Y. K. Johnson, Grand Rapids; Edward K. Swott, Milwaukee; Charles I. Wood bury, Rockford Jiegiater ; and J. W. Newell, tit. Louis. A cable telegram from Nice, Franco, received yesterday morning, .announced tho death, by consumption, of Alice 8., wife of George M, Frink, of this city. She hod gone to Nice in hope'of recovering her health. Mrs. . Frink was tho daughter of Mr. Thomas Eckardt, of this city. ' Tho following wore tho prominent arrivals at the Gardner yesterday: R. M. Howland, San Francisco; F. H. Rawlins; M. R. Tunis, New York; 8. H. Fonger, Buffalo; T. S. Stewart, To ledo; M. J. Hawkins, Madison; J. O. Cutchoon, Hartford, Conn. Tbo following wore at the South Side Briggs yesterday; J. J. Konnin, Now York; B. Gillett, Duluth; F. E. Halo, St. Paul; G. H. Pago- Mil waukee ;G. H. Burrows, Dauvillo; J. 8. Water man, Sycamour; J. G. Laurence; D. M. Swan, Leavenworth. Tho following wore tho prominent arrivals at tho Gault House yesterday: W. H. Hudson, Nashville, Tenn.; T. H. Thompson. Now Or leans ; Frank B. Bush, San Francisco; B. P. Bliss, fronton, O.; F. Q. Mitchell, Quincy ; T.O. Hamilton, Providence, R. I,; John Rawson, Lin coln, Neb. Sunday morning A. 0. Botkin, Esq., Managing Editor of tho Times, and author of " The Mys tery of Castlo Hollow, a Drama," was gratified to learn that ho had added to his laurels, and had become tho author of a female baby. Ho is much prouder of this production than of the other, and is confident it will have a much longer and more profitable run. Tho following were tho prominent arrivals at tho Sherman House yesterday : W. A. Rogers, ■ Mansfield, 0.: A. Warner, Bloomington ; A. K. Seymour, Utica; B. Fletcher, Detroit; A. J. Hibbard, Now York; A. D. Beaman, Milwaukee; W. H. Keouo, Baltimore ; S. Lewis Gillett, Bos ton ; A. Campbell, LaSalle; W. A. Bteel.Joliot; A. A. Adams, Pittsburgh; H. W. Wheeler, Washington, D. 0. Borgt. Dennis Fitzpatrick, of the Twenty second Street Police Station, was presented, on Sunday evening Ret. by tho St.John’s Benevo lent Association, with a oano of a vory unique and ornamental design. In tho head, which is of Ivory, is a diminutive watch, tuo key to which is concealed under tho disguise of au or nament. The cauo was presented to tho officer as an evidence of tbo esteem with wuich he is regarded by some of the most prominent oiti jsous in his district. Ex-Gov. 11. B. Hayes has takon up his perma nent residence in Fremont, 0. Mrs. M. E. Smith, tho State Librarian of Min nesota, lias resigned, and is succeeded by a man. Tho Law Faculty of tho Lolpslo School. Fob. 25, gave tho degree of Doctor of Laws to Miss Johanna EwrlnofT. President Abbot, of tbo Michigan State Agri cultural College, sails for Europe JuuoM. Ho will bo accompanied by bin family. William Nelson, of tho Vlroqua (Wlb.) Censor and Slato Souator, hna purchased nn interest in tho LaCrooso Jicpublican , and will edit that paper. It is ntmorod that 0. 11. Dorranco, now As fllfllant Superintendent of (ho Kansas Pacific Railway, will auccoo'd Mr. Ohanuto ao Superin tendent of tho Leavenworth, Lawrence & Gal voetoa Railroad. Lieut. Arthur Cranston, of Battery A, Fourth Artillery, who la missing sinco the last Modoo battle, in a hrothor-in-law of Col. Martin, of Gen, Sherman’s staff, ami a few years siuco married a Mias Bacon, of Washington. Erostus Corning, tho younger, was married in the chapel df All Saints, Albany, N. Y., last Wednesday, to Miss Mary, daughter of Judge Amass J. Parker. Tho coromouy was performed by tho IU. Bov. Bishop Doauo. Simon Cameron’s portrait, it la reported, has boon painted over twice on a panel In tho room of tho Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, as one of tho four most eminent Chairmen or that body blnco tho foundation of tho Govern ment I It ought to receive a third coating of whitewash with a gold border, to mako It a sig nificant likeness for that location.— Boston Transcript. THE CITY IN Bill EE. Tho Decoration Committee moots this evening at the Gardner House. All members are re quested to bo proaout. An unimportant mooting of Urn Directors of tbo Intor-Btato Industrial Exposition was bold in tho SlaalS'Zciiung Building, yesterday after noon. Tho regular annual mooting of the Chicago Oratorio Society, for tho election of officers, 'reading of reports, etc., occurs this evening at Lyon ATlcaly’s, corner of Btato and Monroe streets. - Tbo regular monthly mooting of tho Board of Oounoillorß of tho Hospital for Women and Children will be bold at 2 o’clock this afternoon In tho hospital, comer of 'Wood and Baulina streets. Tho West Chicago Lyceum moots in tho Leavitt Street Congregational Church to-night. Question for discussion: “Resolved, That tho Government should exterminate tho Modoos and all hostile Indians.” Yesterday rooming, F. F Colo, a South Water street merchant, was before Commissioner Hoyne, charged with having used canceled reve nue stamps. Tho prosecuting witness not being present. Colo was held in bonds of SSOO to ap pear this morning aud make answer to tbo charge, At the inquest on tho body of George W. Washburn, at tho County Hospital, yesterday morning, a verdict of death from concussion of tbo bram, produced by falling, was rendered. No additional facte wore elicited. Tho body was sent to Boston, yesterday morning, for burial. An inquest was hold yesterday on tbo body of Joseph Horak, a lad who was killed by tbo cars of tbo Chicago, Burlington «k Quincy Bead on Saturday night, at tbo corner of Brown and Walsh streets, while attempting to got on tbo foot-board of an ongino. A verdict of acciden tal death was rendered. Tbo Council Committee on Police hold a sort of a secret mooting in tho City 'Clerk’s office at an early hour yesterday morning, in roforonco to tbo confirmation of Sergeant Lull as Captain of tho Second District Police force. It is under stood that Aid. SchaiTnor reluctantly consented to withdraw his objections to tho officer’s pro motion. Edith O'Qormau, tbo escaped nun. gives her celebrated lecture on 4 * Convent Life ’’ ibis even ing in tho Michigan Avenue Church. She comes highly recommended as a platform speaker, and her lecture is spoken of by the press of the cities in which she has appeared as being remarkably interesting. Deputy Coroner Pilgrim held an inquest yes terday, at tho Mattoson House, on the body of Davlu N. Blaight, a waiter, who committed sui cide on Sunday afternoon by taking laudanum. Dr. Emmons made a post-mortem examination, and found a largo quantity of tho deadly liquid in bis stomach. A verdict of suicide was ren dered. Yesterday morning a stage-driver, named Pat rick Byan, of tho Brlckmakor's Lino, foil from his scat, near tho corner of Bluo Island avonuo and Taylor street, and tho front wheel of tho ve hicle passed over his face, laying open one cheek,‘and bruising his head. Ho was taken to his homo, No. BGB Catherine.street, and attended by Dr. McCarthy. His wounds aro not serious. Tho anniversary' exorcises of tho Baptist Theological Seminary will bo hold on Thursday at tho First Church, ns follows : At 0 a. m., annual mooting of tho Trustees ; 10:80 a. m., annual mooting of the Baptist Thooligical Union. Pub lie addresses will ho delivered. Tho annual re port will bo road; ana the officers will bo elected. 8 p. m., anniversary exorcises of tho Theological Seminary. Addresses by tho graduating clean,

and conferring of degrees. 8 p. m., reception at tho residence of Dr. Northrop. Tbo Sonator-Aldorraan from tbo Fifteenth 'Ward informed tbo Mayor yesterday afternoon that ho would not veto for tbo confirmation of Borgoaut Lull as Captain. Ho said that when ho was a member of tbo Council Committoo on tbo Social Evil question bo found out a groat many things about Lull. Tbo vorsatilo statesman’s discoveries appear to bo satisfactory to bimaolf only, as bo said nothing about bringing posi tive, unimpeachable evidence to bear on tbo Council. A special train of one baggage car, two coaches, and a palace car, containing tbo Lucca Opora Troupe, loft 6t. Louis Sunday at 6:20 a. m., via tbo Illinois Coptral Itailroad, and arrived in Chicago at 5:05 p. m., making nino stops, in cluding ono of 50 minutes, at Champaign, for dinner. Taking out the timd consumed in stop ping, tho actual running time was about sovoa ana a half hours, at tho average rato of 40 miles an hour. This is said to bo tbo quickest tlmo over mode between Chicago and St. Louis. -Tbo Council Committee on Firo and Water, at its mooting yesterday, decided to report against making the exchange of tho Union Street Police Station and lot for tho Congregational Church .building and lot. at tho corner of Green ami Washington streets. Tbo members of tbo Com mittee aro of the opinion that tbo owners of tho lost mentioned property ask $l5O a foot too much. Tbo Committee also agreed to recom mend to tho Council that tbo Comptroller bo in structed to advertise for a let in tbo vicinity of Woet Indiana street and Ashland avenue on which to construct an engine bouse, Evanston was tbo scene of a successful burglary on Sunday night last. During tbo ab sence of Prof. It. L. Cumnock, bis residence, on Greenwood avenue, was entered from tbo roar, and thoroughly ransacked by burglars. Tbo Professor, bla wife, and tbo hired girl woro all out to church. On their return they found, tho back door open, and tbo clothing which bad boon taken from tbo drawers and closets strewn over tho floors. Investigation showed that tbo burglars bad succeeded m ap propriating Mrs. Cumnock’s jewelry-box, con raining several sols of bracelets, oar-rings, and ono elegant sot of jewelry complete; also two Pul Upsilon badges owned by tbo Professor, and marked with bis name. They also found a purse of Mrs. Cumnock’s, and a sot of jowolry belong ing to tho girl, which tboy carried off with thorn, tho whole Going worth several hundred dollars. Ho ono has boon arrested os yet. Yesterday afternoon, about 2 o’clock, a Gor man woman, named Sbllua Eirscb, was seen to jump into tbo river from tho north plor. Somo sailors saw her, and procured a boat and rescued her as she was sinking tho second tlmo. Tboy took her to tbo. Huron Street Police Station. She was insensible when taken out of tho water. Wbon sbo revived she said that it bad been bor intention to commit suicide for somo tlmo, and sbo was sorry sbo bad boon rescued. She said sbo bad taken 25 cents’ worth of arsonlo before leaping into tbo water. Dr. Loo was at onco called, and an antidote was administered. Sbo was then sent to tbo City Hospital, where sbo speedily recovered both from the effects of tbo poison and tbo immersion. She would not toll why sbo wished to commit suicide, but said she bad a reason. A slimly-attonrtod meeting of tboßrlokmakora’ Association was bold in Schloossor’s building, yesterday afternoon. It was decided to rout and furnish a room in the building for tbo purpose of tho Association. It was reported that tho North Bide brick manufacturers soora unwilling to loin or have anything whatever to do with tbo body. Tho Treasurer stated that there woro $135 in his bauds, and that $253 woro guaran teed. Tbo Secretary was instructed to notify members that there will bo anotlior mooting at the same place, at 2 o’clock, next Monday after noon. A motion was made favoring tho reduc tion of employes’ wages, but no action was takou on it. It gave rise, however, to an inform al discussion on the subject of strikes and wages, in which most of those present favored paying salrios but ouoo a month. It is probable that tbo members of tho Association will make an effort to put this rule in forco, and at tbo name time make a small reduction, THE "REPUBLIC.” Important Proceedings Before Judge Blodgett Yes terday. A Motion that Threatens tho Existence of nil the Suits now in Court. A point of great interest and importance camo up, yesterday morning, in tho United Staton District Court, before Judge Blodgett, in tho suits brought by Mr. Paysou against the stock holders of tho Bopnblio Insurance Company, for assessments on tho capital stock, on a motion to tho effect that tho declaration was not good, it being founded on a written instrument, and a copy of tho written Instrument not having boon attached to tho declaration. Mr. Tenney’s defense was that the declarations simply declared that tho stockholders took stock in the concern, and wore liable for it. lie had snout considerable time on tho declaration, and if lit was faulty it was so deliberately. They wore well aware of tho objection that could bo raised had they relied ou tho written instru ment; hut, instead of that, they had elected to roly on tho fact that tho stockholder was liable. His Honor took the matter under advisement. Wo givo that part of tho declaration in reference, It not having nlthoi to boon published: For that whereas, the Bald Republic Insurance Com pany, before It became a bankrupt, was a corporation, created by and existing under an act of tho General Assembly of the Htnto of Illinois, entitled “ An Act to incorporate tbo Republic Insurance Company of Chi cago, 1 " approved Feb. 18, IBCS, and tbo several acts amendatory thereof, for tbo purpose of carrying ou tbo bUHlncna of insurance, and bad a capital stock of (5,000,000, divided into Rharca of |IOO each, which stock, so far ns tbo samo was tanned, wan Issued upon tbo following terms and conditions, which wore agreed to by tbo .defendant and by each of Its stockholders, to-wlt,; That “ tho real and personal property of each individual stockholder filiall bo hold liable for any and all losses and liabilities of tho Company, to tbo amount of tbo stock subscribed or hold by him and not actu ally paid in.” And (bat “in all cases of losses exceed ing tbo means of tho corporation, each stockholder shall bo liable (o tbo amount of unpaid stock bold by him.” And that 20 pot cent of tbo par value of said stock should bo paid ou tbo delivery of tbo slock certificates, and tho rctnalng 80 por cent thereof should bo assessed only in tbo event of tbo 20 por cont cash fund becoming Impaired by losses. And whereas, tho defendant heretofore, to-wlt.: on tbo Ist day of October, A. D. 1871, at tbo district aforesaid, became ond was and ever since has been tho owner of —• shares of said stock upon tho terms and conditions aforesaid, upon which 20 por cent of tbo par value thereof, and no more, bad then bcon paid, and wan at bis request entered os a stockholder to that anfount upon tbo books of said Company, by moans of which said defendant thou and tbero became liable to pay to said Company the remaining 80 por cent of tbo par value of tbo stock ro bold by him upon tbo terms aud conditions aforesaid. . And being so Uabto, and In con sideration thereof, tbo said defendant than and (hero undertook and promised to pay to said Company tbo remaining 80 per cont of tho par valuo of tbo stock so bold by him. or such part thereof as might bo duly called for, whenever thereafter tho said 20 por cont cash fund of said Company should become impaired by losses, and snob losses should exceed its means of pay ment, and a call and assessment therefor should bo duly made. Directly tho argument was over, a number of attorneys made similar motions, and the court was occupied half an hour or so merely noting tho members. * To-Day the patrons of Anderson's European Hotel and Res taurant, No. 145 Madison street, will bo offered o tempting bill of faro. Twcnty-ono kinds of fish, in cluding Brook Trout, Rocky Mountain Trout, Shod, Striped Baas, Flounders, Smelts, Codfish steak, Had dock Bleak, Halibut, California Salmon, Lobsters, Green Turtle soup, Mackinaw Trout, White Fish, Eels, Bchrimpe, will bo served, under tbo direction of Mr. H. 8. Aufltwlck, who has been secured as chief cook. This fact alono guarantees that satisfaction will bo given. This house is daily offering a most tempting bill of faro, and throughout tbo summer season its restaurant will bo stocked with tho choicest fruits and vegetables. Tbo diunor to-day will be peculiarly a fish-dinner, and will bo a rare thing in a city of tbo in terior. • Resumed. Tho public will fcol interested in knowing that, by tho restoration of business upon tho South Side, Z. M. Hail, whoso storo withstood tho great fire, feels war ranted in resuming tho rotoil department of his busi ness, where ho will hereafter servo his former patrons and tho public generally with tho best teas that tbo world produces, and coffees and spices that aro strictly pure; ami all who have a proper regard for health and comfort will do well to make a uotu of this. How is This P There will bo n grand free concert and auction sale o a magnificent church organ at the Conservatory o Music, No, 0118 Indiana avchuo. corner of Twentieth street, Thursday, May 8, at 3 o’clock p. m. Some of (ho host musicians In tbo city will givo tbo entertain ment, and Messrs. Edwin A. Iticu & Co., auctioneers, will sell the organ.* All are invited. A Collar Furore. v Quito'a furore has been created by tbo Elmwood and Warwick collars. Gentlemen who would not hereto fore wear paper collars have tried thorn, with so much satisfncliim, that they continue to use them, while others will find that these collars can bo worn longer than ony others. CIRCUS AND MENAGERIE. HOIMT, HAY 12, AND NOT UNTIL THEN. Tie Great Forajail Slow, 1,000 MEN AND HORSES, live Mammoth Tents TWO ENORMOUS MENAGERIES, A Double Circus and Two Magnificent Mu* flouras, will exhibit at Chicago ONE WEEK ONLY, as follows: WEST SIDE— Tuesday, Wednesday, and m **. . r : ; 12,13,14 and 15. , ■ iv.' ; i i;s beth-Bta. • . i? ' . -i. ■; . ’ ■ and Tw > . < -• -.u -t; .oi Friday a ’ • ■ r r.- noon on«. • ; monta, p: \ q . ■ -T P^-. GBi'TYSBUEG KATALYSINE WATER. Tho United State* Dispensatory, - the authorized record of our Materia Modlca, classes this water vrlth tho most renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Springs of Kuropo. It far excels any other known In Its aolf-prosorvlng proper ties. It does not deteriorate by bottling and keeping. It baa never boon claimed fur any other mineral vrator the fiowor to dlflsolvo the urates, or so-called chalk formations n tho body or on tho limbs and faints. This tUoGottys burg Katalyslno Water bas done In hundreds of instances. Gout, llheumatiam, Neuralgia. Dyspepsia, Gravel, Dla botes, Kidney ami Urinary Diseases generally have all yielded to ita iniiuonco. It lias restored Muscular Power to tho paralytic, cured Abdominal Dronsy, and given healthy action to tho Torpid Liver. It baa cured Chronic Diarrhoea, Piles, Constipation, Asthma, Ca tarrh, Diseases of tho Skin, General Debility and Ner vous Prostration from Mental and Physical Excess es. All tlioso by tho buttlod vrator. It ia a powerful antldoto fur Excessive Eating or Drinking. U corrects tho Ktomaoh, promotes Digestion, and ru llevos tho Hoad almost Immediately. Pomphlota ooutaln. Ing a history of tho Spring, reports from eminent Physi cians and medical writers, marvelous and well-attested cures, and testimonials from distinguished citizens, will bo furnished and sent by mall on application b> WHITNEY BROS.. Oen*l Ag’ts. 237 South Frout-st., Philadelphia, Pa. Oottysburg Spring Co. Porsaloby VANSCUAAOK. STEVENSON A REID, BUCK A UAYNEIt, and drugglsta gcnorsUy. DIVIDEND NOTICE. Mei No, 2, Teutonia liisnrancc Co. Cleveland, 0., April 2d, 1873. Notice Is hereby given that, by order of the Probata Court, a dividend of tlvo (6) per cent, payable on and utter May 8, 1873, at the National City Bank of Cleveland, has boon declared to the creditors of the Teutonia Insur ance Company of Cleveland, who Uavo proved their claims according to law. Dividend orders can bo bad on application to JOHN F. WiIITKJiA'W, Awslgnmt Teutonia Insurance Co. DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. Tho copartnership heretofore existing between tbo un dersigned, under tho firm name of 0. Strong A Co., is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Charles Strong con tinuing tbo business in his own name, Chicago, May fi, 1R73. SCALES. FAIRBANKS’ If-n STANDARD 8 SCALES f I OF ALL SIKE6. 111 AND 113 LAKE-ST. MoYIOKEE'S THEATRE. MAX MABUTZItK,.,, LUOOA-KELLOGG Grand Italian Opera. This Evonlnff, May fl» CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG. MABTHA. LADVinCNIUICT'rA CI.AUAIiOUIHH K.TXT,OfSO NANOY .........Honora li. Hiur/, MONICt, (111# Ural appearance).,....Signor <l.Venal PLUNKRT Hlgnor Juinut TO.MORUOW-WKDNKBDAY, liiiccA-UKi.i.iMai nnoNON Frldfly-I.|I<;(:A-Ki:M,0<l(i-imN (iIOVAN.NI. Hflt.mln>-FAin:\Vi:Lli IjIJCCA MATINIiC. Keats can now bo nnourod nt uox Ollioo. Next week—ICDWIN ADAMH. OPERA LIBRETTOS. Sato SO cental Only correct and complete edition. PIUOK, ONLY 15 OHNTB. . MIKM PRICK, ONLY IB ORNTS. For.ialo by JOHN MOLTICII, 120Wo»tMxdlxoo-at. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MONDAY, MAY 13, FIRST WEEK OF Mr. Josh Hart’s Talented THEATRE OOMIQUR COMBINATION, from 514 Broadway. The artists ol tho Comique Combination have never appeared in this oily. Tho performance will bo under the solo direction of . MR. JOSH HABT. An entire change of bill will bo prcaonlod ovary weak. The olio will bo enacted by STARS, who havo boon so* looted with groat onto, regardless of coat. Novelty of llio highest order will bo presented in rapid succession, em bracing FAROE, DRAMA. BURLESQUE, PANTO MIMIC, MINSTRELSY, SONG. Ao., pleasing both old and young, male and fomalu. For tho accommodation of ladies and children who aro unable to attend thu evening performances, the regular WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAY MATINEES will bo given, with the entire night bill. HOOLEY’S THEATRE. BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. MONDAY, May 6, 1873, during the wookabd at the Matinee, afterwooksof preparation, Bartley Campbell's now play, written expressly for this Theatre, entitled fI.XSXS.SS I NEW SCENERY—Lons Island Sound I (Now.) Dug. luyn Cottage 1 (Now.) The Varney Villa Illuminated. Tno East Hirer by Moonlight. In Rehearsal, *'Tho Oontlo Savage," and in propara tlon, ** Through Fire." • THE PIEST ANNUAL BALL OF KEYSTONE LODGE, NO. 639, -A., IF- Sc A- 3VE-, (postponed on account of tho storm), will taka place this Tuesday Night, the 6th inst., ■ fstonn or no storm), at KLARE’S IT ALL, 70 and 72 North Olark-st. A first-class llroo Is anticipated, and all mam bora of the Lodge and all tlckot-hnldora are requested to bo In attendance. lire. K. RON AYNIc, Bro. B. F, PRINCE Bro. O. L. EOKVOLL. Bro. S. M. BAMUIII.SON, Bro. FRED. BECKER, Committee of Arrangements. AMPHITHEATRE. MOMDA7, May 5, every evening during tho week and Saturday Matinee, tho WOUNTDIBR OF *WO3Srr>ER,S THE GREAT DECARITATOB. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. JOHN K. MORTIMER, AND An OctcS. Trlcli, With the selected oast, a Groat Hit. Tho house con vulsed with laughter. Entertainment to commence with a favorite faroo. STAR LECTURE C.OUESE, ROBERT COLLYER Closes the West Side Star Course at tho Union Park Congregational Church’ TO-KTIGECT. “Our Folks and Otlier Folks.” Tickets, 60nnd750. For sain ot Dyoho 4 (/O.’s, comer Jlalstod and Aludlson-sta., and noil’s Drug Store. 495 WestMndlson-st. CARPENTER A SHELDON. MYEES' OPERA. HOUSE. This (Tuesday) Evening, May O* EVERY EVENING, and WEDNESDAY and BATUR DAY MATINEES, tho Grand Spectacular Burlesque Shakspoaraan Extravaganza, IDIOKISir 2 Founded on Durhaud's Richard 111., with an ENTIRELY ORIGINAL OPENING, presenting for the first tlmo at this Theatre tno Kitty Blanchard Burlesque Combination. GEORGE LOSGII, Musical Director, with n Band of Twelve Selected Instrumentalists. No change In prices. AIKEN’S THEATRE. FAREWELL PERFORMANCES OF UVTRS, A. OATES Aud Her Comic Opera Company* This (Tuesday) evening, Plowor G-lrl of !Parle». Also, at the Grand Matlnoo to-morrow afternoon. To morrow (Wednesday) evening, first titnu In Qhluago. LES 11AVARDS. Thursday. PRTMA DONNA OF A NIGHT and an ALARMING SACRIFICE.. Friday,JUKNEFIT OF AIRS. tIAS. A. OATES. Saturday afternoon and night, last potfonuancos of Airs. Jos. A. Oates and her superior Opera Company; ACADEMY OF MUSIC. SATURDAY NEXT, Afternoon and Evening, jVlMlEk' TriW?i:'* i*r V r , 'V5 t* • " MlJt :'Aa. *-v ? U:, ■; ; ••• -'.-r- .* •• ill . i liurllllng ( *• ROMISH ■ Ho: j. Tickets 60 cunts. Roaervod soata, 76 cents. For sale at Carpenter A Sholdeo’a, 958 Wabawh-av. CHORE MlLtmiY WEBSTER’S, 241 West Madison-st. We call special attention to our large stock of imported FLOWERS—new shapes—Mol dau, Vienne, Pauline, Marguer ite, Daniello, and Henri 11. . NOTICE la hereby given that application baa boon made to tba Atlantic and Paolllo Telegraph Company for tho reissue of the following certificates of stock, the originals having boon lost, mislaid, ordestroynd s Feb. 24, lhti9. No, T£W: 15 shares. ■ Fob. 21, 1809, No. 68; 25 shares. JOHN ORBUAU. TO CONSUMPTIVES. PR. PHILLIPS, late of Toronto, Canada, has rooms ot Kuhn's Uurouosn Hole), Doarborn-al., where ho oures Consumption, Bronchitis, and Nasal Uatairh, by tbs agency of Oxygenized Air. Mudlcatud Vapors, and Atom. Ir.od Holds. By leaving tno address at tho othoe, tho Dr. will visit patients lu tho city or country. Catarrh cured in one month. BARLOW’S INDIGO BLUE Is tno cheapest and host article lu tho market for ULUE* INO OLOTHICa, The genuine has both Harlow's and Wlltborgor’s names on the label, and Is put up at Wllthorgur'a Drug Btore, No. 253 North Bccomi-at., IMiilailelphla. D. S. WILTBRHURU, Proprietor. gXT* For sale by Grocers and Drugutsts. CHAS. STRUNG, max yitonfiioH, All Jllul.C Salvo for Hum". Holla. CORNS! St C oot, , box, PH, (j'I’JiWIKNS. 191 Dwtboru it. AMUSEMENTS. .DinnoTon (Formerly Nixon’s.) VANEK, MILLINERY. .A.T MISCELLANEOUS. SALVE. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS Winter Arrangement. Rkplakatiok or lIEFnnRMOK AlAnnß.-tSalurdf.rnt. copied. • Sunday uxcoptod. i Monday oxooptcd. I Aj> riro Sunday at 8 :o0 a, in. fi Daily, WESTERN RAILROADS fool Oj' Tteenlu-steoivJ-st orntrtyf Mailtion, MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT ' JJtpoi, Soot fj/’; r tl . amt J\ Tiektt Qj}Ut, 7fi co: kfall (*la main and air lino) : lay Kxproas... Jaokaon Accommodation Atlantic ICtpress Night Kxproas INDIANAPOLIS VIA I‘BIUI IIOAD. Mall <lßlll Kxproas ISAND lUI’IDH ANUrUNIWATniI. doming Kaprons,.., Night Kiprcaa,.,. ' 0:30 a m. * • 0 KH) a. m. * i n::V> p. in. (1 i fiilßji. in. I t' }' •BdMa. m. •B:<sn. m. 10:10 p.m. •OilWom. 0,00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. 10:10 p. m. *6;ooa. m. 0. WBNTWI oral I’a«soui{( "lIKNUY Uom CHICAGO & ALTON R CMrnso % Allan (ft fit, Lanin Throw, (.1 la, ) tiei« Mori roult/ron i Chlrngi Jlf/int, Wmt Miile, near flailituii’nl iAILROAD. •flh Lit le, nr joto Knntat •I. bridje. SI. Louis A Springfield Express, via Main I,lnn. Kanins Clly Font Express, via Jacksonville, 111., ami Loulsl sun, M 0,,,,....., Wmionn, Moon, Washington Ex pros* (Western Division.) Joliet a. Dwight Accnmo'datlnn. 81. Isjiilb A .Springfield Lightning Express, via Main I,lnc. andalsu via Jacksonville Division Kansas Clly Express, via Jack* snnvlllo, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jollorson City Express Peoria, Keokuk A Ihirl'n Ex 1 0:15 a. m. * 0:13 a. m. • <1:10 p, m. * 4:10 p. m> •JO.-OOp. m. Y9:00 p. m. 7ill;(K1 p. tn. • Oiltli*. in. UDally, via Main Line, and dal Jacksonville Division. 11 Dally, i except Monday, via Jacksonville j illy except Saturday, via via Main Line, and dolly Division, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & S Union Depot, corner .tfmUion ami it. PAUL Ri I r.inaLil*,,* ml at Depot, Leave, Arrive. Milwaukee. St. Paul A Mlnneap- ' oils Day Express *6;ooa. m. 17:20 a. m. Milwaukee A Prairie du oliion _ Moll and Express *4:300. m. MlsM*. m. Milwaukee. Si, Paul i Mlnneap* oils Night p.m, * 6:00 p.m. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON & OUINCY RAILROAD. Depot!— Font q/' Lake-il., Indiana-av., and SixUenlH.el,, and Canal and SlxUenth-ite, Ticket office in Driaat Home ana at depot! Leave, - Arrive. Mall and Exriress. • 7:45 a. m. M.tfi’p. m. Dubuque and Sioux City Exp.... * 9:10 a. m. • 2slop. in,] Pacific Fast Lino *I(J:lK)a. m. • 8:16 p. m. OalosburgPasßongcr. • 8:16 p. ni. • 8:00 p. raj Mondotn A Ottawa Passenger... • 4:20p, m. • 0:66 a. in . Aurora Passenger • 1-45 p. ra. • 8:16 a. m. Aurora Passenger . # 6:3 op. m. *B:6sa. m. Aurora Passenger (Sunday) I.oop. in. 9:65 a. m; Dubuque A Sioux City Exp + fl:«)p. m. t 7:00 a. ra. Pacific Night Express fllsliOp. tn. 1 6:Wla, ra,' Downer a Grove Accommodation *11:00 a. m. • 6:6()p. m. Downer's Drove Accommodation • 6:15 p. m. * 7:15 a. ra. Ottawa and Stroator Passenger.. 7:45 a. tn. 8:00 p. in. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot of Lake-tt, and fool of Tireiity-teeond-it, Ticket office, 76 Canal*tt., corner a/' .WaJfiou, Leave, Arrive, fit, Louis Express • 7:30 a. m. •~9:0<lp. m 7 St. t Louis Past Lino + Bslfip. m. • 7:55 a. m. Cairo Mall * 7:EO*. m, * 9:00 p. ra. gMro Express tß:l6p. ra. *7:65*. ra, Springfield Express * 7:30 a. m, • 9:00 p. m. Springfield Express. tß:lsp. m. • 7:66 a. ra. Dubuque A Sioux Olty Ex •9;15a.m. *2:oop. m. Dubuque A Sioux Clly E* t 9:HOp. m. » 7:00 a. m. « G J I, W n i PM JS B ,?W*.v * '•dSp. m. • 9:00 a. m. HydeParkand Oak Wood • fi-.lOa. m. • 6:48 a. m. IlydoParkand Oak Woods • 7:10 a. m. • 7:46n. tn, llydo Park and Oak Woods 8 9:00 a. m. • 8:40 a. ra. Hyde Park and Oak Woods tl2:10p. m. * 9:00 a. m. 1 ydo Park and Oak Weeds » 8:00 p. m. 810:30 a. ra. llyda Park and Oak Wood • 4:30 p. m. 4 1:45 p. mj IlydoParkand Oak Wood *6 : lsp. m. *6:2 op.m. Hyde Park and Oak Woods * fl:lt)p. m. • 6:65 p. m. Hyde Park and Oak Woods *l!:0Qp. in. • 7:35 p. ra. * f On Saturday! this train will be run to Champaign. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket office, 81 Pest Maditanat, Leave. Arrive. Pacific Fast Liao *10:15 a. in. • 8:46 p. im Dubuque Day F£x. via Clinton.... 8:45 p.m. Pacific Night Express +10:15 p. m. 16:30 n. m. Dubuque Night Kx. via Clinton.. 10:15 p. ra. 6:30 a. tn. Freeport A Dubuquo Express * 9:15 a. m. * 2:00 p. m. FrooportADubuquoExprcss • 9:16 p. ro. * 7:00 a. m. Milwaukee Mall * 8:00 a. m. *10:15 a. m. Milwaukee Express * 9:30 a. ra. * 4:00 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger... * 6:00 p. m. * 7:40 p. ra. Milwaukee Passenger (dally) ilhOOp. ra. 6 6:00 a. tn. Green Bay 9:40 a. m. 1 7;15p. m. Bt. Paul Exp rest *10:10 a. m. 6.00 p. m, Groon Boy Express * 9:00 p. tn. * 6:20 a. tn. St. Paul Express t9:30 p, ra. t 6:60 a. m. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, comer of Ilarriion and 6’A»rman-rii, Ticket office. 83 fi’eri J/mhean.K. Leave, Arrive, Omaha,Leavcnw’thAAtchlsonEx *10:16 a. m. * 3:45 p. m. Peru Accommodation,.. * 6:00 p. in. * 9:30 a. m. Night p. in. 2 7:00 a, m. Loavenvrortb A Atchison Express +10:00 p. m. i 7:00 a, ra. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN S( Depot, corner //nrrlion and Slu narthUMt corner Clark and Dan corner Canal and Madieotfils, OUTHERN RAILROAD. ennan-ite. Ticket offiete, \Jolph-tit,, and eotUAuctl ' Mall, vl» Alr Line and Main Lino * Special Now York Express, via Air Linn * Atlantic Express, via Air Lino.. Night Express, via Alain Lino.... *1 ElkhartAccommodatloo * South Chicago Accommodation.. 1 CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. rattenger Depot a I ,C, t tSl, Louie Depot, corner q/ Ca nal und Kintie-ele, • I'reiffht and Ticket office 169 iriuA(np-4oiv^<. Mall ~ Evansville 4 Tone llauto Ex. PITTSBURGH. FORi WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD Day Express...... Pacific Express Fast Line Mali Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (opkn r • noaELUJ.) Depot earner JTaUIeJ and / Sruneh-ele, General office 16 tie i*.. ’'orfr, r. • . Mlph und LoSalle-*U. corner Cotigr*. IHcentp-ivcond-il. ...:*vo Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Cincinnati 11* SflUt .1* 9:30 p. u Only line running Saturday night train to Otnu Pullman sleepers on night trains. . COAX AND WOOD. C. H. DYER & CO., Corner Wabash-av. and A{adlson-st., dealers in all kinds of Fuel. Illinois Coal per ton, delivered, 86; Kirkland Grate Coal (best Indiana) per ton, delivered, $8.60; Wa bash Goal (Indiana Bituminous) psr ton, delivered, $6.60. Hard Coal and Wood of all kinds always on hand. BUSINESS CARDS. 0. H. LAWRENCE & 00., mOVIBION AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NEW ORLEANS. LA. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Provldonco, R. 1., Builder of iho HARRIS-00RLISS ENGINE, With Harris' Patonlod Improvements. Bond for Circu lars. MEDICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHVSIOUN, <S4 Slato-st.. Chicago. It Is well known by all loaders of tho papers, that Dr. O. lllgolow Is tho oldest established physician In Chicago, Science and experience havo made Dr. It, the moat ra« Downed SPECIALIST of tho nge. honored by (he press, esteemed of tho highest medical attainments diy all tb« medical Institutes of the day, having devoted iWKNIY Yit A ItS OK UIS LIKK | u parfo f( [n k re m ode s that wl 11 cure positively all oases of OUHONIO AND SPLOIAL DIKRASKH In both sexes. .«, ..p.. paptoin CONSULTATION FURR. ,SEPA{lAr|{ PARLOUS lor ladles amt gentlemen. Call. „.{i, JfJ.i,,, CONITDKNTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. 0. lUOICIiOW. No. Stale st. T)t*. 'pO'W DTJSIESiKrXX, 183 SOUTH OLAHK-ST., Continue. In euro .11 Ol.runla, Nervour, .od Utln.rr H1.. «l bolb.nil inny boconWonll.l j' cun ■lilted nurionally or by mall, free of charge. I'cnmlo dUllouitivs treated with safety and success. Ills Medical Treatise to ladles and gentlemen sent free. DH. & *3? O 3XT 313 , Confidential Phyaloian, 112W,Madison-st.,Chicago,lH.| (A regular graduate In medicine) cures all chronic and '•Special iJlsuasos," of both sexes, at reasonable prices. Meulolnesfurniihed. Nomercuryused. Causultutiun free. liarsouslfyor by mail. Oures guarantotd. All “fetnuledif. lenities 11 treated with safety and success. Olroulartfreo, S8 S&fl Dr. Kean, 300 South Olark-st., Chicago, May bo confidentially consulted, peraonslly or by mall* Itoe of charge, nn all chronic or nervous diseases. DU. d« ICR AN Is tho only physician in the city who war rants cure* or do uay. Office bouts from 2a. m. to 8 p.u< Arrive, * fls-tfi p. m. • 8:00)), in. tl0:S0a. m. 6 8:00 a. m. 1*6:30 a. tu. 'ORTH, c«r Atfont' id Louteiana City, Union Leave, Arrive, * R:l0 p. m. ' 8:10 p. m. • 8:10 p. m. * 9:40 a. m. 117:30 p.m. 117:30a.ra. 1)7:30 a. ra, * 8:10 p. m. ULWAY. Ticket Office Leave, Arriee, 9:20 p. m. 6:40 a. m. * • 8:00 p. tn. 8:00 a. m. •16:30*. m, '10:10 ». m. 1:60 \>. in, * 0:00 a. m. • 6:15 p. in. M 9:00 p. tu. *j * 3:40 p. in. *1 12.00 m. Atwiv V ;40 o, m. * 1:40 j». tu. 7:00 p. in. > 7:30 a. m. * 9:(Xi a. ni. t 46:10 p. in. 4 VSiOOp. in. r * 4:65 a. m. * * Bi4op. n». * 7:30 p. in. C;l!0a in. *8:00 a. ro. 6:1(1 p. in. 8:50 a. in. .4rrfr«. ilp.m.

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