Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 6, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 6, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE. MONETARY. Monday Evening, May 6. There la still n sharp demand for money nt tbo banks, and particularly at such banks ns have largo linos of grain accounts, but la general tbo local money market seems to bo progressing toward an easier condition. The same may bo ealdof Now York and other Eastern markets, and with the disappearance of tbo extreme atriogonoy there tbo theorists bavo ceased, for a time, to puzzle tbolr bonds with finding causes for It In tho “ deficiency of currency M nud other similar nonsense. Tboro woro in fact no causes for ibo recent stringency, except the loss of capital in the Boston and Chicago fires, and in Iho inflation of railroad stocks. Exchange was weak to-day, and sold between banks at par and at 60a per SI,OOO discount. Tho demand from tho country for currency to move tho grain crops is increasing slowly. WSAT IS TUB ACTUAL DimEOIATION 11? VALUE OF anCENDAOKS? There is n class of closot-financiors to whom tho question of tho supply of currency is so dif ficult a puzzlo that they are continually making public statements of queer crotchets about it. Tboro would, perhaps, bo but little harm iu this, if It woro not that many of tho men who assort somo of tbo wildest vagaries about currency, and attempt to maintain them by arguments, aro mon whoso liositioua give their opinions an influence not astlflod by their argumouta. A short time ago, or Instance, Prof. A. L. Perry, of Williams Col lege, reiterated In a Now York paper his state ment that tbo real depreciation of greenbacks is about 40 per cent instead of 16 (with gold at, nay, 117). Prof. Porry arrived at this conclusion because currency prices of commodities iu ibis country axe, on tbo average, 40 per cout blgbor than they woro boforo tbo war, but ho over looked tho fact that tbo iuoreaso of taxation einco tbo war adds at least 20 per cent to tho general average of prices. But now comes Mr. Amasa Walker, of Massa chusetts, and lu a recent speech -to tho mer chants of Ban Proncieco, makes a similar argu ment to tho effect that: Tho paper money of the country is worth for domes tic uses, that is, for tho erection of bulUliugs, tho man ufacture or purchase of homo commodities, not more than 60 or 65 ccuts on tho dollar. Instead of a differ ence,as many imagine, of some 13 or 15 per cent, ibo mere gold premium, tho real difference is some 40 or COnor cent, Mr. Walker argued at considerable length that It is because tbo Secretary of tho Treasury “ has been playing tho hear in thb gold market for tho last four years ” that greenback© appear to bo only 15 percent discount when they aro really depreciated 40 per cent. Now this is not argu ment at all, but Is simply assertion, and cannot bo maintained by auy cogent reasoning. Tho teal depreciation of greenbacks la Just what it appears to bo, and mou occupying positions liko those of Prof, Perry and Hr. walker do much harm by confusing tho public mind with statements which seem to ho mado for tho express purpose of finding some abstract and obscuro cause for things which aro cosily explained by apparent ones. Mr. Walker’s statement la utterly absurd and Impossible. Tboro is, in fact, but ono standard of values in tho world, and that stan dard is gold com; all other values, whether of commodities or credits, aro measured by it, and greenbacks are in nowise an exception to tbo rule. If, as Hr. Walker assorts, greenbacks aro worth only CO to C 5 cents on tbo dollar in tho domestic exchanges of tbo country, ho must measure their value by somo other standard than gold, and wo think it would puzzlo him to say what this now standard is. Tbo valuo of greenbacks, however. Is fluctuat ing, and in tbo trado transactions of this coun try mon do make somo allowance in prices to cover the range of thoso fluctuations. But ibis is comparatively small, and affords no explana tion for Mr. Walker’s extraordinary statement. In arguments about tbo currency, people must hold fast to tho fact that tho value of gold does not change. In tho daily fluctuations of tho “ gold premium ” it is not gold, but tbo value of greenbacks, that changes. They sell ovory day for just as much gold as they aro worth, to ex change them for commodities wboao prices aro regulated iu goldby the demand for them. It wfll of course bo naturally askod: WU7 ARE ODKEKDAOKB DEPRECIATED ? Being a promise of tho Qovornmont to pay gold, aud it being presumable that the Govern ment will bo able to pay all its debts; why are greenbacks not worth par P Tho answer to this makes it necessary to recall tho fact that at tbo beginning of tho war tho Government bad no eulficient supply of roady'monoy with which to pay for tbo munitions of war. It bought these of tho people on credit, promising to pay for them in gold, and tho $350,00,000 of greenbacks represent that part of tho debt which tho Gov ernment promised to pay on demand. —at least ibis was tho inference, because there was Do date of payment mentioned in tbs Sreenbacks os there was in tbo bonds, osidos this, the National Banks have practically promised to pay $340,000,000 of gold in redemp tion of their notes, contingent upon tho Govern- Dient paying its greenback notes in gold. Hero aro $700,500,000 of promises to p&y gold on de mand. But tboro has never yet boon a sufficient amount of gold in tbo country to admit of tbo Government and tbo banks venturing on the ex periment of paying tbo gold promised in tboir notes. People see that wo buy so much more of foreign countries than wo sell to them, and we borrow so much to build railroads and make city improvements, that it takes all our ready money to pay off tho balance of trade, and tbo $100,000,000 or $120,000,000 of annual interest on tbo debts wo owe to Europe. This is leaving loss and loss money in tbo country every year, and, as tbo prospect of ac cumulating enough money to pay those $700,- 000,000 of demand notes does not improve, there is a lack of confidence in their payment. This is the whole secret I Lack of confidence in the ac cumulation of sufiiciont of tbo ‘“world’s money”—gold—to pay the notes! llenco It is that, whenever tbo money—tho gold—is exported more largely than usual,, tbo value of greenbacks aud bank-notes declines in tho proportion that confidence In tho accumulation of real money la this country declines. The fluctuations in the “gold premium" (aside from some very temporary effects of speculation) show the fluctuations of this lack of confidence. This is the only cause of tho depreciation of greenbacks, and the whole.of the effects of this cause are measured by the premium oti gold over green backs. LOCATE STOOK AND BOND MAKKKT. Messrs. Hunt, Preston «fc Kean quote as fol lows this afternoon: Buying. Stlling, *-20 a of’63 lUX . 115 8-20aof’G4 .’.lit?/ 115 a-aoßof’cs ilex ii 7 *-20b of ’CS, Jan. and July 117-*£ H7 3 f B-20s of ’67, Jan. and July .110 11 y*s C-203 of ’CB, Jan, aud July U7»f 117*: KMOs 113,£ . U3tf V. 8. Si (new issue) in# 114# Gold and Gold Coupons UG-tf 11G# Gold Exchange 117 Sterling Exchange... .... 108#@109, # f Iforchem Pacific Gold7-30s .... 100 Aiut, Chicago City 7s 09# & Ini. Cook County 7b 09# L lut*. Illinois, County and Township 10s. 02GJ95 .... REAL ESTATE. The following Instruments ware filed for rec ord on Monday, May C CITY moPEBTY, Polk st, w of and near Habited st, s f, Lot 10, dated May 3; consideration, $2,500. Lota 1 to 6, In Block 2, inMcCbrd’a Lots 4 toll, In Block 3, la O’Neil's, aud Lots 1 to 4. In Block 2, of Da men’s Subdivision, all In no corner of ue & Sec 20,39, 14, dated May 1; consideration, SU,OW), Jefferson st, n e corner of Bunker st, Lot 30, dated April 26; consideration, (2,000. Lot 19 and o Xof Lot 18, in Block 7, Bhoffleld’s Ad diUon, dated April 38; consideration, $8,900. The premises No. COO West Indiana st, dated April 6: consideration, SIB,OOO. Western av, 90 ft sof Laughton st, of, 21x134 ft, dated March 28; consideration, $1,900, Milwaukee av, 133 9-10 ft. u w or Wood st, n ef, un divided of 25x118 ft, dated May 3; consideration. W. 125. Uurlbut st, n w cor of Grant place, e f, Lot 11 and a Ift of Lot 10, dated Jan. 13; consideration, $6,000. Loomis st, u w cor of Howard at, of, 24x199 ft, dat~ ed April 6; consideration, $1,690. Lots 29 and SO, in Block 7, in Uolsteln, dated May X; consideration, SI,OOO. Noble st, bet West Ohio and Indiana sts, w /, Lot 10, dated May!; consideration,sl,oso. Market it, 100 ftn of Yaniiureu at, e f, 60 ft running Jto river, dated March 1; consideration, $30,000. Calumet av, bet Twenty-first and Twenty-second sts, wf, 45x300 ft. dated April 22; consideration. $69,000. William 11. W. Cushman to William Bross. Washington st, s w cor of Franklin st, n f, 100 03-100 xBO 65-100 ft, dated April 33; consideration, SIIO,OOO. William Bross to William li. W. Cushman, of Ottawa, Michigan av, 350 ft s of. Thtrty-fourth st, e f, 60x 174 8-19 ft, dated April 25; consideration, $19,000, West Polk st, 119 ft oof Campbell ar, n f, 69x124V ft, dated May 1; consideration, $4,600. Bark av, between Oakley and Leavitt sts, if, 82 ft to alley, dated April S ; consideration, $7,400. ButUrM U. iialtK.B JMtU-Jla) 1114 WSlStolSfc. ond sts, w f, 25 ft to alloy, dated Deo. 39, 1872 ; con sideration, SI,BOO. Lot 81, In Diode 9of a w # 6co 30, SO, 14, dated April 0; consideration, sl,Boo* Augusta si, 207 ft o of Ashland nv, n f, 21x134 0-10 fi, dated March 13 ; consideration, $1,200. Judd at. between Jefferson and Clinton nts, n f, OS ft to alloy, dated May 5 { consideration, $3,700, Milwaukee nr, 148 ft n wof Wood et, u of, 100x118 ft, with 60x130 ft on Park st, In eamo block, dated April 10 7 consideration, $13,000, illnraan et, 37S ft w of Paulina st, a f, 60x135 fi, dated Jon. 80; consideration, SI,BOO, NOnTII OK CITY LIMITS. Lois 1 and 2, in Slock 1, llaveuswood, dated April 8: consideration, $3,000, 11 Lot 1. in w# of Block 17, of o # See 29,40, 14, dated April 24; consideration, S3OO. Lots 13 and 14, in Pick’s o# of Block 18, 50029, 40, 14, dated March 7; consideration, $1,700. OP CITY LIMITS, south Brook at, 28x141 ft, in Block 9, Cloavorvlllo, dated Juno 21, 1972 ; consideration, $8,606. • Wentworth nv, ef, 53x133 ft, with 26# ft In roar, in Carr’s llcsubdlvlsion of Kodzio’s sw#of so W Sco 0, 38.14, dated March 16; consideration, SI,OOO. W # of o 67 of u 170 ft of Lot 11, Block 6, In Oleavor vlllo Addition, dated April 22; consideration, $2,000. E # of tho above, dated April 22 1 consideration, $2,000. * COMMERCIAL. Monday Evening, May 6. The following woro tbo receipts and shipments of the loading articles of prodttco in Ohloago during ibo past forty-eight hours, and for tho corresponding dato ono year ago: nEOßirrs. autrucNTs. 1873, 1873, 1873. | 1873. Flour, brls 0,151 5,603 7,8211 5,737 Wheat, bu 36,630 10,430 73,643 18,076 Corn bu 93,970 151,200 294,3911 168,333 Oats, bu. 80,060 24,480 65,239) 16,810 Rye, bu »,657 1,767 1,160 • 1,480 Barley, bn 745 1,350 0,400 6,000 Crass seed, its 69,633 20,210 00,003 13,665 Flax seed, lbs ...... Broom corn, 1b5.... 9,fiou 30,000 800 23,740 Cured moats, 1b5.... 46,140 70.030 871,438 764,035 Beef, brl 10 60 80 Fork, brls CO 138 704 1,021 Lard, lbs 16,740 90,000| 20,600 107,130 Tallow, lb 11,093 14,3301 114,378 Butter, lb 61,651 42,350 6,900 22,380 Dressed bogs. No.. 21 Live hogs, No C,3HO 3,0)0 6,857 4.873 Cattle, No 677 444 2,501 - 3,100 Sheep, No 360 431 3,074 Hides, lbs 79,300 69,130 248,621 126,008 Higlminos, brls.... 650 143 1 661 616 Wool, lbs 103,110 62,690! 07,516 43,729 Potatoes, bu 10,203 2,247 7,458 418 Lumber, ra ft...... 8,081 7,194 2,818 1,154 Shingles, m 3,824 2,080 l 1,415 1,296 Lath, 205 3-121 138 85 Salt, brls 7,000 5,000| 1,001 711 lowa-lhc im this distribi port di TUo following shi etuffa shipped froi weok: Shipped Cfarn. Flour, £52.213 60,529 10,224 .... 130,500 1,071,611 23,221 .... 91,950 800 1,790 18,550 .... 73,wn 04,877 21,775 .... 11,787 .... 106,165 87,079 25 800 By rati By canal... To Bußato, To Etta.... To Oiwceo... Other U.a.P'a To Moolroal.. To Cnlborno.. To Kingston. To Goderich.. Other O. ports 459.035 1,877,609 83,074 Totals. Al«oß,o76buryoby rail. ‘Withdrawn from store on Saturday for city con sumption : 18,119 bu wheat; 1,115 hu com; 1,017 buoats; 160 bu rye; 1,086 bu barloy. Tho following grain has been inspected into Btoro this morning, up to 10 o’clock: 00 cars wheat; 120 ears com; 15,C00 bu rejected do, by canal; 86 cars oats; 25,170 bu No. 2 do, aucl 7,600 bu rejected do, by canal; 6 cars ryo. Total (252 cars), 150,000 bu. Several of tbo barley-doctoring establishments in this city have suspended einco the recent ex posure of'their practices; hut wo hoar that an other concern has boon started not long since, near tho corner of Lako and Canal streets, where the sulphurizing process is now being carried on in full blast. Wo understand also, that there is one of these establishments at or near Syca more, 111,, doing a big business. Tho Now York canals will bo open on the 15th instant, tho only doubtful one being tho Oswego canal, which, it is believed, will also bo ready by tho same date. An effort is now being made to effect a desira ble ebaugo in our wheat trade, which will permit tbo buyiug and selling of Minnesota wheat on its merits. It is well known that many buyers pre fer the Minnesota wheat, and send to tho Mis sissippi lUvor, whereas they would order it in Chicago if they wore euro of being able to obtain it boro. It is thought that tbo change can best bo effected by putting tho Minnesota wheat into tho grades at present called Nos. 1 and 2 hard. The latter term has been abused so much that those grades do not now amount to anything, practically, and might just as well be turned to some useful purpose as not. There will bo no power to change grades till July; but it is com petent for the Inspectors to xfiako tho distinction above suggested, and they probably will do so if it shall appear to be tbo wish of tho trade. TUB MARKETS. There was not much doing in the produce mar kets to-day, except in wheats, and moot of them were steady, with small variations in price from the range or Saturday. The finer weather, with every appearance of a mono settled condition of the atmosphere, has not so far produced the de pression which so many had anticipated. The shipping movement is fully as active as could have boon expected, and is taking on now life now that freights have declined to a more rea sonable figure than those of the winter. Gen eral business is also moro active, bub has not yet taken on the bustling phase usually noticed at this season in past years. Dry goods met with o fair inquiryfromlocnlre tailors and the near-by trade, and the aggregate of sales made a good showing. Values wore without important change, ruling steady for the loading staples, and for seasonable goods gen erally. The grocery market was without now features. Business, though not particularly active, was fully up to the expectations of job bers. and prices of most articles in the list were firmly maintained. Butter woe dull and weak. 801 l butter was unsalable, except at 2@30 de cline from last week’s prices, buyers refusing to pay over 22@270. No change took place in the nagging market, trade ruling quiet at former quotations. Choose was inactive and nominal. Tho demand for coal was limited to small orders to supply current necessities, and prices under went no change. The schooner Montauk ar rived to-day with a cargo of coal, tho first received this season. In the fish and dried fruit markets there wore no changes to note. The demand was fair, and prices wore generally sustained. Tho hide trade was dull, and prices wore weak and lower, green cured being quoted at 10(5) for heavy, and at ll@llj£c for light. Huy continues quiet, and prices of timothy were weak, with, a declining tendency. Tho only change in prices of oils was a decline of 2o in turpentine, tho present quotation being Gl@G2o. Carbon, lard, and linseed wore firm. There was a good inquiry for lumber this morning at tho yards, ns well as for cargoes allqat. Yard prices are & tritlo lower on common flooring. There was no change in prices at tho docks, except that they were steadier. Tito trade in metals and tinners' stock is rather light, though prices are without change. Nails are in fair request and easy at tho rates quoted. Tho demand for iron and stool is only fair, imported stock remaining firm. Building materials .woro quiet and unchanged. Naval stores woro in good request and steady. Wool wasin moderate request and easy, lions woro Inactive and lower. Broom corn was in fair demand, and all good grade* are firm. There was moro inquiry for timothy at about former prices. Hungarian and millet woro in moderate request. Other seeds wore quiet and unchanged. Potatoes were in moderate de mand, choice lots being mostly wanted. There was no further change in green fruits. The firmness iu oranges and lemons continues, while apples are slow and prices irregular. Poultry met with a moderate local inquiry, at about tiaturd&y's rates. Eggs were in better request, and firm at ll>£@l2u. Uighwlnes woro in good demand, and advanced another Wo, in sympathy with (Innnees in New York. Sales wore reported of 60 brls at H7)(o, and 200 brls at BHo per gallon, tho market closing firm at tho outside. Lake freights wore qulot and a shade firmer, being quoted at VMt&'jyfo for com tolluffato, and XOo for wheat to do. A total of seven char tors was reported, of which five wore late on Saturday afternoon, at 150 for wheat to Kings ton. These veeeew will carry out 110,000 bu whoat and SO,OOO bu corn. Provisions wore qulot, and dull. Moan pork ruled steady during tho greater part of the bos eion at a shade below Saturday's quotations, but weakened later under one or two offerings to sell, and cloned ICo per brl lower. Lard wan dull and unohangod. Moats wore In light re 3ue«t, but firmly hold, as our Blocks are now own to about 15,000,000 Urn. Pork and lard aro In about the name Block as a month ago, tho shipments having been very nearly balanced by liberal receipts. The market cloned at tho fal lowing range of prices : Aloes pork, caxh or Bfiller May, f17.C0@17.65; do seller Juno, f17.90@17.05: do seller July, f 18.12>*@18.15 ; 4«nii « ertlw U»j, WiflWifeW i d 9 seller Jmio, do seller July, $0.3fi@0.373tf. Bivoot picklod hnma quoted (it KKjpllic. Dry salted moats quotabtonl for ahouldots; B#J@Oo for abort riba; Mid for abort dear. Boxed shoulders, English moats. oH@9}{o for abort riba; for short oloar f . Bacon is quot ed at 7%0 for shoulders, 10>£o for clear ribs. 10-J-jO for shore clear, and for bams, all Sacked. Moss beef, $0.00(3)0.25; extra moss do, 10.00@10.25 5 beef hams, $28.00(5)20.50. City tallow, 7%@80{ grcaao quotable at Sates woro reported of 750 brie moss pork seller Juno nt SIB.OO ; 1,250 brls do at $17.00 j 600 brio do seller July at t 1,000 tea lard seller Juno at $0.12)£; 1,250 brls do nt SO.IO ; 100,000 lbs short ribs, seller Juno at picklod bams (13 Ihs) nt lljtfo. The following aro the stocks of pork product on baud In this city at the dates named, ns re ported by the packers and warehousemen to tbo Hoorotory of tho Pork-Packers’ Association t Mat/ 1, April 1, April 18, 3873. 1873. 1873. Clear pork, br15,,....... 490 > 480 ’.... Mom pork, now,brla.... 69,637 63,603 83,411 Mean pork, old, brls.... 18,341 80,310 Prime moss pork, brls... 01 60 .... Lard, tea 41,032 42,200 80,601 Sweet pickled bams, tee. 28,492 30.239 10,1)04 Sweet pickled hams, brla 3,310 3,160 .... Dry Baited shoulders, lbs 3,741,975 6,056,600 7,050,000 8. picklod shoulders, tes, 25 .... .... Rough Bides, lbs 105,000 134,000 Cumberland middles,lbs 70,000 70,000 .... Long clear middles, lbs. 00,000 117,300 .... Short clear middles, lbs. 8,392,370 8,874,330 3,546,000 Short rib middles, lbs... 7,320,750 0.002,900 6,065,000 olllet, lbs 322,000 107,000 Crease, pkgs 3,929 3,088 .... All the meats held by tho Jobbing trade aro Included. Lard hold for mruufacturlug purposes not included. Flour was quiet, tbo market bolng inactive during & groat part of tho season,with some buy ers disposed to shade prices wboro they could ef fect sales. Tho buying was chiefly done by local dealers. Wo uoto that tbo receipts of flour aro again largo; but much of it is carried direct ly through Ibo city to tbo East. Bran was high er. Bales woro reported of 200 brls spring ex tras (Minn.) at $0.50; 100 brls do at $0.25; 05T brls do on private terms; 100 brls spring super fines at $3.25; 50 brls ryo flour at $1.20; total, L.IOO brls. Also, 20 tons bran at $11.60 on track. The following woro tho quotations at tho closo: Fair to choice white winter extras $ 8,00 @10.65 Red winter extras 7.00 @8.55 Good to choice spring extras, Low to medium Mlunoiotas (patent)......... Coed to fancy Minnesota.... Spring superfluos Ryo flour Bran Wheat was again quiet and firmer than on Sat urday, at about the eamo range of prices. Tho market opened weak and lower, but soon gath ered strength, though without any urgent de mand. The reasons adduced for this are that Liverpool was quoted firm, with a decided de crease in stocks, and that there is a prospect of largo shipments from ibis .point now that freights ore reduced. Besides this, it was no ticed tbit there aro yet a great many deliveries to be made on tbo option of seder May, a very unusual circumstance, from which it is argued that there are yet a good many shorts for this month. There wore a few buying orders on tbo floor from outsido, but tbo trading *was prin cipally local, and governed by tho considerations above named, holders not being anxious to sell. The option of soilor Juno opened at $1.25%, ad vanced to $1120%, aud closed at $1.25%, -Holler tbo month, or regular No. 2 spring, sold at $1.23%@1.25, closing at $1.21%. Bollorlast half of May sold at $1.24%@1.25%. No. S spring was nominal at $1.15, aud rejected do dull and easier at 08c, tbo lower grades not being wanted, while No. 2 was in bettor demand at a premium !of %o for fresh receipts over regular. Cosh sales wore reported of 2,800 bu No. 2 spring (hard) at $1.25% ; 5,000 bu do (fresh receipts) at $1.25%: CU.OUObudo at $1.25; 10,000 bu do at $1.21% ; 15.000 bu do at $1.21%; 5,000 bu do at $1.24% ; 35,000 bu do at $1.21%; 400 bu re jected spring at 98o; 800 ba by sample at $1.35; 400 bu do at $1.30. Total, 135,000 bu. Corn was loss active, and averaged %o lower. Tho market was quite dull during a groat part of tho session, though strong at tho decline which was brought about early, in sympathy, with a liko condition in wheat. Then a fair de mand sprung up near tho close, principally for opliona, which fell away when Now xork was quoted unsettled and heavy. Thcro was a light demand for shipment, but tbo heavy shipments of tho past few days have largely reduced our slocks, though most.of it was afloat. Still tbo property is moving, and making room for money wherewith to pay for moro grain, which fact helps to sustain tho market. Seller June opened at 3S)%c, advanced to 40% c, and closed at 40%0. Soilor tho month, or regular No. 2, solo at 37%@ 380, closing at 37%0, with a premium of about %o’in favor of strictly fresh receipts. Seller July sold at 41%@42%0, and soilor August at 43@13%0. Cosh sales wore reported of 0,400 bu No. 2at BSXo ; 4,000 bu do at 38%0 ; 15,000 bu do at 380 ; 00,000 bu do at 37%0 ; 16,000 bu do at 37% c ; 0,400 bu rejected at 810 : 5,000 bu do at BG%o ; 11,200 bu do at 30%0, add 5,000 bu do at Soc, all alloat; 400 ba by sample at 300. Total, 120,200 bu. Oats were loss active, and weak, declining %o Eor bu under the infiuonco of wbat appeared to o a boar movement, though tho fact of more liberal receipts may have bad something to do with tbo weakness. Holler tbo month, or regu lar No. 2, opened at 81j%o, aud recoded to 31%0 at tho close. Holler Juno sold at 83%@33%c. and seller July at 84%@34%c, both closing at the iuiiido. Strictly fresh receipts closed nomi nal at 31%0. Cash sales wore reported of 1,800 bu at 32% c; 1,200 bu at 320; 15,000 bu at 3lko; 20,000 bu at 31%o; 10,000 bu at 31%o; 10,000 bu at 31% c; GOO bu rejected at 3Io; 1,200 bu do at 80%0. Total, 50,800 bu. Ityo was rather loss active, and steady at Sat urday’s quotation, though in rather bettor sup ply. Halos wore reported of 7,000 ba No. 2at GB%c. Barley woa again quiet and unchanged, except In Hook Island No. 2, which is rising in favor now that dealers have & little more confidence in' tho out-inspection at that house. It was quoted at 74obid, and 75c asked. Strictly fresh receipts in other houses wore steady at 82@830. No. 3 was quoted at C5@CSc, and rejected at 45@400. Sales wore restricted to 800 hu No. at 830, 1,200 bu do at 620, and 800 bu rejected at 4'Jo. Total, 2,800 bu. bread -10 post mtlon of luring tin Bartfif, 403,261 81,833 81,883 403,711 The following are tho aggregate exports of the articles named, from the ports of Portland, Bos ton, Now York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, for the week ending May 3: Flour, brls. Wheat, Im. Corn, 1m... Fork, brls.. The stocks of grain in Now York this morning woro: Wheat, 282,023 bu; corn, 636,233 bu; oats, 272,CCG bu; rye, 27,360. bu; barley, 46.7G4 bu: malt, 181,490bu. The Now York Produce Exchange Weekly has the following: The stock of wheat In San Francisco la estimated at from 1,250,000 to 1,600,000 bu. Tho exports from Portland. Oregon, to Groat Brit ain, from Oct. 1,1872, to April 11,1873: li’Aeaf, eentah, 100 lbs. Value. Previously reported, Oct. 1, 1872, to March 15, 1873 473,357 $700,813 April 6,barkTamngn, Queenstown.. 17,603 33,500 Total Oct. I, 1872, to April 6, 1873, 22 vessels’....; 492,620 $803,913 Total Oct. 1, 1871, to April 0, 1872. 10 vessels 108,203 . 450,701 Tho shipment to California ami coast ports from August i, 1873, wore 273,290 quarter sacks of flour and 35,915 centals of wheat, against 273,671 quarter sacks of Hour and 210,302 centals of wheat for the correspond* lug period iu 1871*2. There were In transit for the United Kingdom April 10, 1873 exclusive of sioamor shipments from Amerl* can nml the Italtio Bca ports, 279 cargoes wheat and 62 cargoes corn, against 130 cargoes of whoat and 20 car goes of corn at tho corresponding date In 1872, and 130 cargoes of wheat and 28 cargoes of corn at the corre sponding date in 1871. The cargoes of wheat iu transit April 19, 1873, comprised 101 from tho I’aclfio coast, es timated to average about 18,090 bushels each; 6 from Adelaide, Australia, estimated to avorago 18,000 bush els each; 10 steamers from Southwestern Europe, estimated at 18,090 bushels each; and 60 vessels from other ports, estimated at 21,000 bushels each, make the aggregate of 11,730,000 ImihOls, against an estimated .amount iu transit iu 1812, averaging tho cargoes at 24,000 bushels each, of 3,120,000 bushels. Another report makes the number of cargoes of grain in transit April 17, 1873: Wheat, 307 cargoes; corn, 23 cargoes, against 120 wheat and SO corn ut the corre sponding date in 1873, and 103 cargoes of wheat and 20 cargoes of corn at the corresponding date in 1871. This report makes 12 cargoes from Adelaide and 2 from Melbourne, Australia, or eight more than tho previous account, and 20'J cargoes from the Pacific const, or 16 more than tho previous account, which, averaged at 18,000 hit each, will augment tho stock in transit to 1,152,000 bu, makiug tho aggregate In transit 12,888,000. . a 4 Navigation was opened at Taganrog, » port of tho Azov Baa, on tho 21th of March, with one steamer and one sailing vessel arrived. It was expected that the shipments of grain from Taganrog and Rostoff will bo small for soma time to come. The advice* concerning ttie grain sowing in the neighboring provinces were of the most fnvurablo character, and, with abundant rain, was all that was desired to strengthen tho hope for good crops. The stock of wheat at Odessa, as well as supplies from the interior, arc comparatively small, During March, 1873, about 219,900 quarters of wheat had beonshlppea to ports of the Adriatic, (he Mediterranean, and North ern Continental Europe, uud only relatively a small quantity for tho United Kingdom, Erom the 2d to the Oth lust, four steamers departed from Odessa for tho United Kingdom, with 39,313 quarters of whoat. Tho stock of wheat at Genoa, Italy. April 12,1873, was 160,900 quarters, equal to 1,230,900 bushels. The WMfftWWW bmJjel* (ft Utf juidiuijiQrUi* 6.00 Q 6.70 4.75 @ 6.70 8.25 @11.05 6.60 @ 8.00 2.00 @ 4.70 4.16 @ 4.40 11.60 @12.00 PRODUCE STATISTICS. . 37,277 Beef, brls.. .174,800 Lard, lbs... .417,200 Bacon, lbs.. . 8,503 Tallow, lbs, . 3,844 . 8,200,300 .17,017,300 . 2,340,000 03,000 bushels, There were some purchases for SwUxor laml. Tlio Imports of flour and wheat Into tho United Kins dom, loss exports, from Sbpl. 1,1673, to April 19,1873, Imvo been equal to 6,100,530 qrs, which la at tho rate of 13,241,883 qrs per annum, against an annual grons import of 0,705,900 qra In 1371-9, Bopt, 1 to Aug. 31 : 0,200,070 qra in 1870*71 ; 10,228,868 qra In 1809.70, and 8,170,229 qra In 1808-9. If tho required importa phttll booquallo 13,241,883 qra, tho amount to ho Im ported from April 12 to Aug. 31,1873, wIU ho 6.135,353 qra, equal to 41,082,824 bu, from which, deducting tho amount in tranait, there romolna to ho provided for on tho basis of 13,241,883 qra imports per annum. 20.340,824 bu. Tho surplus of Australian wheat for export atJateni advices was placed at 180,000 tons, about two-thirds of which It is estimated will ho required for tho neighbor ing colonics, leaving about 00,000 tons, equal to 270,000 qra, for export to tuo United Kingdom. Generally aallafnolory reports of tho appearance of tho crupa In Germany, Holland, Belgium, and olhor continental countries are given. Tho Imports into Loudon, including receipts of home-grown grain Omos. ended yisl, 13 mo*. 13 mo*. Flour, hrlß, 103 Iba 08,017 311,008 040,189 Flour,socks.2Bolb9... .802.113 1,188,280 1,088,831 Wheat. qrs.. 334,00* 1,084,078 1.081,101 Maize, nr 000,024 401,033 Oats, qrs 300,803 2,313,094 3,000,323 Barley, qr5..... 200,030 700,005 089,441 Boas, qrs 20,270 84,372 08,710 Beana, qr5.,,,.,,, 81,101 130,349 137,008 Tho rlso la wlioat la tho most of thu French provlu otal markets has assumed such unexpected proportions that the query has been raised whether tlicro is auillc lont wheat lu Franco to meet tho required wants with out having recourse to tbo Importation of foreign wheat. Tho consumption of wheat per capita Is much larger In Franco than In Great Britain, being about 7 bushels In tho former agalust 6 B*lo bushels in tho lat ter. pplyof grain, Incln Inclpal points of ac (a, lu transit by rail was, April 20,1873 The vlslblo sup granary at the prl and seaboard port New York canals, W'Aeat, 6u. In »lor« at 899,303 Now York., Albany.... HufTalo.,.., -Milwaukee. Duluth Detroit •Oivtoro... Bt. Louis.. 983,380 n.iwo 46,000 ''“w.’sia 8,000 400.720 09,405 fiOO 126,000 110.617*! 178,31(1 104,467 29,40(1 28,878 3,024,000 77,916 913,016 60, 1)00 888,301 6,790 891,880 Holton Toronto.. •Philadelphia •Ha1tim0r0........ Water shipments. • Hall shipments.... OaN.Y;caaaUi... 76.000 65.000 217,010 53,120 Total w00k,... Tdtal-Apr.19,’78. Total—Apr.l3, *73. Total—Apr. fh ’73. Total—lNlar.39, *73. Total— Mar.23, '73. Tolal-Apr.27, *73. 1i,671.291 11,783,418 10,937,325 11,120,349 11.658,11*0 10,777,240 7,015.746 7.400.001 7,608,473 7,536,633 7,413,689 7,330,8011 tUstimalod. Thero is apparently a reduction of (bo stock of wheat and corn. There was afloat in Chicago about 800,000 bu wheat, and 1,500,000 bu corn, but only a por» Uou of this Is represented in the lake aulptnonta to 201U April. Tbo next statement will correct it. Tho Dally Bulletin gives tho following ns iho imports of dry goods at Now York during April: ENXinno von consumption. 1871. 1872. 1873. . Manf’o of wool (1,997,015 $1,097,511 (1,333.042 Manf* of cotton 1,870,010 2,041,510 1,500,400 TUftnf'B of elite 2,830,049 2,222,770 1,238,990 Maaf'B of flax 1,013,847 1,102,320 1,011,000 Aliaccll‘B £ry goodi 1,160,032 928,940 630,094 Total, WITHDUAWN PROM WAUEUOUBE. Manufactures of wool. 833,037 008,000 042,610 Manufactures of cot:on 410,700 620,018 700,120 Manufactures of silk,, 654,330 001,667 855,051 Manufactures of (lax.. 414,770 41H.C0S 400,005 Miacell’adry g00d5.... 134.053 161,603 211,050 3,397,530 2,009,088 3,208,918 8,833,459 7,093.075 5,701,098 Total Add ent'd for con. 11,290,989 10,992,763 8,970,010 Toll thr’n upon mkt, ENTERED FOR WARCIIOOStNQ. Manufactures •of wool 763,370 1,137,773 Manufactures of cotton 340,475 405,025 Manufactures of silk. 600,720 729,445 Manufactures of flax. 260,776 680,410 MJsceUano’a drygoods. 143,064 295,074 Total 2,169,060 8,2.18,632 2,«!1«,733 Add oafd for consnmp 8,893,460 7,003,076 6,701,093 Total ont’d at tho port 11,062,459 11,231,707 8,699,831 LATENT. In the afternoon wheat was fairly active ami a shade higher. No. 2 spring was quiet at $1.2-l.}(f @1.2-1% seller the mouth, ami sold at 31.25%@ 1,20>6 seller Juno, closing at #1.20. Corn was quiet and steady at 37%@3vi0 seller the month, and iOyCo seller Juno. Provisions wore weak,' pork declining UQo per brl. Sales wore reported ofGOObrls moss pork seller May at $17.30; 250 do at $17.25; 500 bcls seller Juno at $17.00. Juno was offered at $17.70 at the close. One charter was reported for corn to Buffalo at a rate not named, but supposed to bo 3>£o. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Mondat Evening, May 5. ALCOHOL—Was In demand at lo advance, owing to a rise In higlmlues; 01 per cent proof Is uowquuted atsl.7G@l.H2. BROOMCORN—There was a fair Inquiry for broom corn; the better grades are quito firm as they arc becoming scarce. Common qualities wuro dull and unchanged: No. 1 burl, 600)4c per tli; No. 1 stock braid, 6@s>sc; No. 2 do, 4@4)4c; No. 8 do, 3®3»<o: inside green, ajtfc; do rod tip, a@4c; do pale ana red, 202)40. BUTTER—The receipts of this staple continue mod erate for tbo season, but so light la tbo demand that stocks are now steadily accumulating, and prices are slowly working downward. Choice packed dairy in ' not in excessive supply, and sold readily to-day at 300 33c. Roll butter was neglected and lower. We quote : Common to choice roll, 22027 c; strictly choice dairy, packed, 30033 c; medium to good, 25@270; Inferior to common, 12Q33c. BAGGING—Nothing new was noticeable in this market. A moderate business was doing at'the following prices: Stark, 37c; Ludlow, 05n; Lewis ton, 3iXc; American, 32>40; Amoskeag, 32>fo; Otter Creek, Sic; burlap bags, 4 and 5 bu, 20022 c; gun nies, siugle, 17018 c; double, 280290; wool sacks, 07 Xc,

BEANS AND TEAS—Wore in moderate request, and steady at the following range of prices; Choice hand-picked navies, $2.5502.00; do mediums, $3,400 2.45; inferior grades, $1.2502.00; green peas (in brls), $1.4001.05: yellow do (in bags) $1.25. BUILDING MATERIALS—Were dull aud un changed. A bettor feeling exists, however, owing to the finer weather. Wo repeat quotations: Stucco, $2.50 @2.75; New York stucco, casting, $3.7504.00; an perflno do, $3.5004.00; Portland cement, $7,000 8.00 per brl; Roseudalo cement, $3.2503.50; Uti ca, Louisville, aud Akron cement, $2.00 per brl: marble duat, $3.3503.50; lime In bulk, 90c@$1.00; lima (brls), $1.25 per brl; wblto sand, per brl, $1.76 @.00; plastering hair, per bu, 40050 c ; fire brick, per 1,000, $40.00000.00; building brick (common), $3.6000,60 ; sewer brick, $12.00013.00 ; country brick, $12.00, 'delivered; old brick, $0.0000.60; St. Louis hydraulic pressed, $45.00, del. ? Milwaukee pressed, $92.50, del.; do common, $14.00; Racine pressed, $30.00, del.*, do common, $14.00; UtUsdale, $25.00, del.; Indi ana pressed, $22.00024.00: do common, $12.00 ; Qro clay, per brl, $3.00, or SIO.OO per ton. The following la tbo uat of prices per box of 60 feet for domdHtlc win dow glass, from which a reduction of 45 and 6 per cent la mado to dealers: 7xlo to Bxlo. Bxl4 to 10x15, 12x18 to 16x20. 18x22 to 18x30. 30x38 to 24x30. 86x00 to 40x60. COAL—The situation of the coal market was with out Important change. An is usually the case at this season uf thu year, orders were few and small, con sumers restricting their purchases to supplying im mediate necessities in anticipation of a speedy decline in prices. The first cargo of coal received this season, arrived at Robert Law’s yard this morning: Lehigh, iuntp, $12.50013.00; prepared, $12.60013.00; Lack awanna, $12.00; Erie, $10,00; Briar Hill, $10.00; Walnut Mill, $10.00; Blosslmrg, SIO.OO : Cherry Mine, $2,00; Hocking Valley, $9.00; Indiana cancel coal, $10.00; Indiana block, $9.00; Kirkland grate, $2.00; Minouk. $8.00; Wilmington, SO.OO. CHEESE—Remains inactive, with prices unsettled and nominal. We make no change lo our quotations : Now York factory, 160160; Ohio factory, 13014 c; Western factory, 12014 c. COOPERAGE—Woe in light request. Wo continue to quote : Pork barrels, $1.2001,30 ; lard tierces, $1,600 1.70: whisky barrels. $1,9002.10; flour barrels, 6U05C0; pork staves, rough, $17.00020.00; do bucked or sawsd. $20.00025.00; tierce slaves,rough, $20,000 29 00; do bucked or sawed, $25.00028.00 | whisky staves, rough, $24,00028.(10; do, bucked, $30,000 33.0U; flourstavos,s2,oooll,oo ; circle flour heading, 7080 per sot; flour hoop poles, $14.00015.00 per m; pork and tierce poles, $30.1)0035.00 perm. EGGS—Met with a fair inquiry und ruled firm, at 11)4012c. Bales include 3,400 duz aud 40 cases at 120 ; 2.100 doz and 4 brls at 11)40. FEATHERS—The scircHy of choice feathers contin ues, and all oiferiuge sell readily on arrival at the quoted prices. Chicken and pour grades are in request aud steady* We quote: Prime to choice live goeso at 7307f10. from first hands; jobbing prices, 780 850 for assorted feathers ; mixed feathers, 40006 c; chicken, 6@Bo. FlSH—Business was reported fairly active, with prices generally firm, the only notable exception being whlteflsh. Following oro the prices current; No. 1 whlteflsh, K brl, $7.00; No. 2 do, $0.75: No. 1 shore mackerel, >4 brl, $11,00011.25; No. 1 bay, $9.0002.25; No. 2 bay mackerel, J4 brl, $7,250 7.50; No. 1 shore kits, $1.8901.20; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $0.0006.25; George’s codfish; $0,600 6.75; Labrador herring, split, brls, $2.0009.60; do X brl, $4.75 0 5.00; Labrador borrliig. round, brl, $8.0008.60; do >4 brl, $4.2504.60; box herring No. 1, 310330; box herring, sealed, 420450; Columbia River salmon, )4 brls, $10.00010.25, - FRUITS AND NUTS—Trade was only fair aud for mer prices were nut subjected to any quotable change. The prevalent fooling was easy. Wo repeat our list J Foucion—Dates, 802 c ; figs, drums, ll@14o; figs, box, llX016)4c; Turkey prunes, 9)4® 10c; raisins, $2.6302.70; Eauto currants, 808)4c* Doxiusxia—Alden apples, 18@20o; Michigan do, 6@70; Western do, 606o; Southern do, 4tf@fi)4os peaches, pared, 17@l9o; poaches, holves, O0U)4c; do, mixed, 4XO6XCJ black berries, 9Q2)40 { raspberries, 4U041c; pitted cherries, 22021 c. Nuts—Filberts, 14015 c; almonds, Terra gout, 31023 c; Naples walnuts, 24025 c; Brazils, 11 Q13o; pecans, 11®12,)40s African peanuts, 6X070 | Wilmington peanuts, 7@8o; Tennessee peanuts, 4jtf 00c. - , (MLlmn&M Hi* wsrket Him* UAI ] —OTTO: O, 1575, won a liberal amount of trading for the Reason, nn<l tlio quoted prices were adhered to rrith a fair dogroo of firmness. Sugars are meeting with an Increasing demand and (ho tendency is still upward. Coffees, spices, mid rico were, also, strong. Wo quote; Ui Gaud Soda—7X@BJ/c. Coffsm—Mocha, 33®330j O. G. Java, 27@380; Java, No. 9, 2802f1,V0; fancy Rio, 24024X0} choice do, 33,^033^01 prfmo Rio, 23,^033^0} good do, 32 5f 023o; common do, 21X021 "fo; roasting do, 19X® Singapore, 23X@24c; Costs Rico, fancy, 2*X@ 24X«! do, prime,23?/03Io; Maracaibo, 23023X0* Candler—blar, full weight, 20U0310{ stearlno./ull weight, 15X01Oc; do short weight, 14X0180* Itioe—Patna, PXOBX C S Rangoon, 7x®3c; Caro lina, BXo2o{ touislana, 808Xc. SonAiia— Patent cut loaf, 13X013,‘»0 ! crushed, powdered, and granulated, 12X012X0} A, standard, ilj;®lUfc; do No. 2, UXailXc; b, lIXQUXo; ex tra 0, llotlj,'o s ONo. 2. 10,V@10Xo ; yellow O,IOV 0lO,Xo; chofco brown, 10X010X0; prime do,OXO 10c: fair do, O.Xo2xo} choice molasses ougar, 1U 01OXoJ fair do, OX@2,Xo» Now Orleans sugar, choice, 10010X0 J do prime, 0X02X0! do fair, 1)0 2Xo! common, B(SBXe. Synurs—Diamond drips, $1.3301.35 5 silver drips extra lino, 720730 J good sugar-house syrup, 4/5@480 ; extra do, 800530 } Now Orlcaun molasses, choice, 82 @B3O 5 do prime. 7D@Boo j do common, 05070 c; Porto Rico molasses, choice, CCQCSo; common molasses. 32 @4oc. ‘ 1879. 1871, tUiiCnATUS—Common to best. 0010 c. Smoeb— Allspice, 17@l8o; cloves, 370H80 ; cassia, 38®40o; popper, ginger, pure, 280'JOo; do No. 1, 20025 c; do No. 2,10 ®loc. Soaps— French mottled,Gorman mottled, 7«<®7 Uz\ Golden Weil, CQfl>;o; White Lily, fl w® C?£o; While Rose, brown Windsor, i wg 4,V0 J P“lm, OQO^o; Oavon Imperial, o>s®CJ(c, Stauoii— Gloas, 0tf@10o; oorn,O0llo: laundry, 00 7o ; common, 6XOOo. GREEN FRDlTS—Apples and cranberries remain quiet and easy. Oranges and lemons areinroquoßt, and very firm, owing to a simitar fetllng at the East. Wo quote: Apples, common to fair, (1.0002.60; good to choice, $2.7603.76 per brl from store; cranberrlds (cultivated) ut $8.00012.00 per brl; lemons at $6,500 7.00 per box; Palermo oranges, $4,7606.00 j Mcasiua do. $6.00. ultng (bo stocks In ;csmulatlon at lake I, and frozen In on Darlev, Am. HOPS— Western hops are easier, now quoted at 25® 450. Tlio market Is inactive, Tbo amount of hops winter-killed lu Wlsconeln proves to ho less than nt first supposed. The damage was principally among the old plants. Wo now quote • Prime to choice West ern at 35@450: coimnonjo fair, 23030 c, HAY—Timothy was again dull and weak, there be ing little or no inquiry for it, either oh local or out side account. Prairie was in fair request, and was firm. Loose hay on wagons in more plenty, and lower. Wo quote wholesale price* paid by dealers, as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: On True*—Timothy, beater pressed, $16.00017.00; timothy, loose pressed, $16.00® 16.00; prairie, pressed, $12.00013.00. On Waqon— Timothy, loose, $16,00018.00 ; prairie, loose, $l4XO® 17.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.00®1.60, accord ing to distance. HlDES—There was only a limited amount of trading In hides, neither local nor Eastern tanners evincing any inclination to operate at* present prices. Conse quently a steady accumulation of slock Ib* witnessed, and the present feeling is unequivocally weak. Wo revise our quotations as follows: Qrecn city butchers*, 7c; greou cured light, ll@lljtfc; do heavy, 10®l0*<c; part cured, 10@10.Vo; green calf, 16c: veal kip, lie; dry calf, 260; dry kip, 22c; dry salted, 17018 c; dry flint, 20®21c; long-haired kip, i deacon skins, 40 ®COc; grubby, scored, cut. or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. IRON AND STEEL—Trade under this head Is only fair, the market being firm for all imported stock. Following are the quotations iron 49,133 40.000 14,8(11 40,090 833,033 05,000 17,843 320,000 33,609 75.000 8,920 13,611 18,741 16.000 65,310 18,000 119,013 193,887 7,103 46,000 26. WW 6,650 22.4,111 85,200 ’ 63,904 78,133 670.491 837,843 - 901,678 1,070,913 1,318,798 1,137,356 3.701,316 3,779,76(1 8,950,196 4,035,7 th, 4,083,676 4,498,305 Ilorao-shoo Iron Pints Iron, common tank, Husain Iron Suaala iron, No. 1 stained 18c lb brwoy Iron 9 @ 9j<o lb Norway nail rodi (sloc lb Gorman plowßtool ........11 @l2o, lb Eugllnh cast plow stool .12 (313#0 lb American tool filed ITtf @lßo $Mb Chrome tool steel ...13 @2O ' rates English tool 5tee1.......... ,21# ($23 rates English spring steel ...11 ®l2#o $> lb LEATHER—The leather trade continues quiet, the demand, as for some lime past, bolus restricted to small orders to satisfy immediate requirements. Prices re main Arm and unchanged, ranging as follows: City harness $ 390 41 Country harness 80® 38 Line, city, ylb 41® 43 Kip, Mlb 60Q1.10 Kip, veals 85® 1.30 City upper, No. 1, ft *2B® 30 City upper, No. 2, ft ffG® 27 Country upper, No. 1 23® 37 Collar, ft 20® 23 Calf, city 1.20® 1.40 Calf, country I.IO® 1.25 Hough upper, standard so® 35 Hough upper damaged 27® 30 Buffalo slaughter sole 83® 37 '* B. A.”'sole 30® 32 030,333 013,433 631,105 600,862 212,977 Calf Kip Harness. French valf,#odot 6S.UU®9O.()U French calf, Lumolno 6D.UU®BO.t)O French ca1f,.24 to 36 Ibu 1.65® 2.50 French kip, GO to 100 lbs I.lo® 1.65 METALB AND TINNERS 1 STOCK—Trade is quiet and prices nominally unchanged, ns follows : Tin Plate— lo,loxl4, $15.60; do, 12x12, $16,00; do, 14x2(1, $16.60; do,, roofing, IC, $16.00; do, 20x28, $31.00. l'io Tin—Large. 42c; siqall, 43e: bar. 44c. Sheet ZiaO— Full tanks, lie; half casks, 11#® ll#o; less quantity, ll#c; slab, 9c, Siibkt Iron—No. 24, 6#c rates. UaLVanjzku Iron—No. 100' JO, tßoj No. 99(3)04, ICo J No. 25®20, 17o; No. 27,18o; No. 28, 200. A discount of 13 pur cant la made from tho lint. Coi-i’Eß—Cupper bottoms, 4G®4Be; braziers, over 12 lbs, 47c; lluuedcoppor, 43c. Wire— 2 to 6, 8c; 6, 8, and 9,10 c; 10 to 11,11 c; 12, ll#c; 13and 14,12#c; 15and IC, He; 17,15 c; 16, 16c; it), 10c; 20, 20c; full bundle, 16 per cent dis count; fence wire, 7#®7#o. NAILS—Wore lu fair request. There was no quota ble change tu prices, though they are rather weak, owing to a tendency to competition among local dealers. .Wo repeat: 10@C0d, per keg, $5.50 rales; fid d 0,55.75; fid do, $6.00; 4d do, $0.35; 3d do, s7.po; 3d do, flue, $8.50; 2d do, $8,75; clinch, $7.87# ; 12# o off to tho trade. NAVAL STORES—Were active and steady at the subjoined quotations: Manilla rope, V lb $ 18 @ 10 Sisal rope, lb 1(5 & 17 Hemp sash cord, lb 20 ® 23 Marline, %nb 20 0 22 Tarred rope, Vlb 10 0 17 Oakmn, V bale 6.00 06.60 Pitch, V brl 6.00 @7.00 Tar, brl 6.50 @O.OO OILS—If wo except a further decline of 2o In tur pentine, prices uf oils range tbo same as at tbo close of last week. Business was more active, under the In fluence of pleasant weather, aud the prevalent feeling seemed firmer. Wo now quote: Carbou,2o@2o)4c; ex tra latdoll, 77c; N0.1,720; No. 2,67 c; linseed, raw, 97c; do boiled, $1.02 ; whale, 88c; sperm,s2.ooo2.lojneats foot oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, 96c; do No, 1, 80c; hank oil, 70u; straits, 75c; elephant oil, 05c; turpentine,6l@C2c; naphtha,o3gravity,3o©2lo; naph tha, common, 17018 c. PIG IRON—Remains quiet and steady, ae follows: Scotoh (according to brand)-....,,..... ...$32.00067.00 Tuscarawas 61.00 'Massillon 61.00 Lake Superior 68.00060.00 Chicago stone coal 57.00 Missouri stone coal . 57.00068.00 PAINTS AND COLORS—Business was slightly moro active and a bolter feeling prevailed. Prices were steady, &a follows; Strictly puro.. Fancy brands. zxno. Genuine Velllo Montague American... mrat Double quality, itrenulh, .. 0.75 9.00 Masury’s railroad colors., palace car colors la cans. 12 00 10.00 10.00 21.00 Rochelle ochre 3 600 3.75 English Yen. red 4.000 4.25 English orange mineral 15.60016,00 Pittsburgh uraiigemiucral..... 13.00 English red load 12.00 American rod 1ead..,.. 11.06011.60 English venullllou, portb.v Hcarlot vormilliou Paris white , Whiling in huik 3x03x0 In bladders 304)/o POULTRY—Chickens and turkeys unit with a mod crate local inquiry, at $3.2504.00 for the former, ami 160160 for thu latter. Wo nolo sales of 3 soups choice chickeus at $3.7504,00 ; 35 coops at $3.6(1; u coops at $3.00 ; 1 coop turkeys at 16c; 1 coop do at 16c. POTATOES—'Very choice poachblows sell readily, but common aud mixed lots aro rather slow. Tho supply is fair. Bales Include 8 cars choice poachblows at 60c; 1 cur do at 48c; 1 car mixed at 3lc; 1 carat 38o; 3 cars at 40c; 3 cars mixed at 30c, all delivered; 1 car peach blows at 470; 1 car do at 4So; I cm* mixed at 290; 1 car do at 20c, all on track. SEEDS—'Timothy seed was In fair demand at $3.70 (24,35, tho latter price for choice In small lots. Hun gariau and millet wore ,iu request and firm. Clover and llax remain quiet; tho former Hold, in a small way, at $5.35 for choice. Sales embrace 87 bags cholco timothy at $1.35 ; 293 bags prime nt SI.OO ; qo bags at $3.95; 151 bag* at $3.80 t 40 bags poor at $3.70 ; BO bags Hungarian at $1.60 ; 30bags at $1.46 ; 53 bags at $1.40; 75 bags millet At $1.16 ; 76 bag* do good At sl.lO. HASH, DOOIIO, AND HLIND3—Tho demand is im proving. A discount of 16030 por cout in made from tho lint prices, HALT—Was in moderate demand at tho annexed pricey. Several cargoes of salt have arrived by lake. I’ricea ore unchanged as follows: Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $3.00; ordinary coarae, $3.00; coatee Diamond 0, $3.25 ; ground solar, $3.35 ; dairy, without bage, $3.60; dairy, wllU bags, $4,25@4.60; Ashton dairy, per sack $6,50; ground alum, Turk’s island, $3.00. TEAS—Wore quoted quiet and steady at the follow ing prices: Young Hyson, common to fair, 60(£)C0o; do good, 06@78u do cholco to extra fine,‘sl.oo(3l.lo; common to Quo old Hyson, 75c@51.00; common im perial, Co@Mo; good to cholco do 80c(g|l«10; Quota good gunpowder, 70c@Jl.10; choice, $1.16(31.20; extra, $1 35@1.45; cholco to uxtra loaf Japan, 9Uc@ll.oo; fair to good do, 7U@Boc; common do 43@150; colored natu ral leaf Japan, 65@05c; common to Quo Oolong, 3S@ 45u ; good, 65@55u; cholco to extra, 86c@|l.Ul). TODACOO— In this market there were no changes to note, prices remaining steady, as follows: Oiikwikq— Fine Out—Extra, 76(i5850; choice, 050 760; common, BQQQUc; poor, 10(460o. l*tuo—Natural leaf, 76@80o; half bright, 00(S70c; black, sound, 45@Q5c. Hmorino— Extra, 35@350; medium, 30@320; com mon stums, 37@390. WOOD—Tho demand for wood continues to increase, and the market is now ncUvo, Wo quote: Deech, $10.00: maple, $11.00; hickory, $13.00; slabs, $7.00® 7,6o,'delivered. WOOL—Tho market was without especial change. Tbs inquiry is light and prices easy as given below: Xukk -Wft>bqO> MUe TOUlWj.ii <■ iimm v. i_wawp. 1 1-10@ 4 B*lo rates 0 @0 8-10 rates fl* 0 7 rates 200210 V lb HEMLOCK 1.25® 1.45 75® 1.10 40® 46 .$11.00011.50 . 9.00010.60 14.50 11.50013.00 canons. .2.50010,50012,50 1.400 1.45 23.00 3.500 4.00 3.0U0 2.50 ruxxy. Tub, washed, common to fair, 46@820 Common dingy .45fr^470 Flooco, washed, XX, light 46®470 Fleece, washed. X, light. 43 0450 Fleece, washed, XAXX, dingy..... 40®440 Flooco, washed, medium light.... ..43® (So Fleece, washed, medium dingy 37®420 Fleece, unwashed, XAXX, in good condition. ...300320 Flcete, unwashed, coarse to medium 30®300 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy..........27®3U0 Hunor, nulled ,38043 c Extra, pulled ..38®4t0 Burry wool D@loo loss. CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Monday Evehimo, May 5. CATTLE—Received oinco Saturday, 2,600. Although tho fronh receipts wore light, the sup ply-actually on sale was largo, thoro being about 11.600 stale cattle. Tho depression prevalent on tho closing days of last weak was a foaturoof tho market to-day, and prices favored buyers, while not quotobly lower. Tho attendance of oulsido buyers, was not as full as usual, and those who did enter nn appearance showed little interest, and only a limited amount of trading was dono. Values remain nominally unchanged. QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,450 lbs and upwards $6,0000,10 Choice ilooves—Fine, fat, well formed 3 year to 6 year old oloors, averaging 1,300 to 1,460 lbs 5.6005.70 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs* 0,1005.35 Medium Grades—Steers In fair flesh, aver aging 1,100 to 1,230 Its 4.60(35.00 Butchers* Slock—Common to fair steers, and- good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0005.00 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, in docent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,030 1t5.,.. 8,8505.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, hulls, and scallawag 5teer5...,..... 3,0004.00 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered.. 4.0004,60 Cattle—Corn-fed Texas 4.0505.00 HOGS—Received. C,OOO. Tho bog trade was fairly active, and tho market—under moderate receipts—was stronger. Tor tho boat grades there was quite a lively competition, and some sales wore made at a substantial advance over Saturday's prices, but common and medium lota were without appreciable change in value. Bales wore reported ai51.90@5.15 for poor to medium, and at $5.20@5.35 for good to choice. Among tho day’s transactions wore tho follow ing: , noa BALSA, [Ao. Ao. Price. \ 121 183 $6.15 49 101 6.16 67 210 6.16 01 205 6.16 63 260 6.00 48 254 6,00 111 185 5.12 W 60 185 6.12W 64 260 6.05 ' 65 208 6.30 1 21 100 6.35 47 188 6.10 85 241 6.10 41 340 6.40 Jio. Ao. Prict. 48 203 $5,15 60 188 5.15 68 100 6.16 80 147 9.60 149 160 6.10 863 217 6.00 231 260 ' 6.00 121 221 • 6.00 47 210 5.00 165 210 6.00 37 317 6.00 06 101 6.16 172 234 6.16 204 217 650 44 210 • 6.10 SHEEP—Sboop woro in fair request at about Saturday's prices, or at for unshorn, and at 83.70@5.00 for shorn. LUMBER. Monday Evenino, May If. There was a good Inquiry for lumber this moruiug, but the offerings were limited, and, as o consequence, a firmer fooling was developed. Nearly all the cargoes wore disposed of before noon. Piece stuff was 12V($ 25c higher. . First and second clear, Manistee lumber, sold this morning at $16.00, and third clear at $40.00 £orm. Selects at $30.00. A largo fleet of vessels left ere yesterday for tho lumber ports, and dealers look for liberal receipts lu a few days. Following are tho quotations: Good to choice strips and boards at $15.00 @10,00; select boards at $20.00(422,00; fair to good boards and strips at $12.00@14.00: joists sod scantling at 510.13X@10.25; common boards and strips at $10,60 @11.60; lath at $2,60@2,75; shingles at $3.55. Tho following sales wore reported: fichr Mariner, from Muskegon, 105 m strips and boards, with 30 m Norway, at $12.60, 6 m Norway edgo boards and 2*lncU at $10.00: scbrLovl Grant, front Manistee, 190 m - lucb at $10.25; sent Sinai, fromLudlngton, 110 m - lunti at $10.13 X;. ‘Bohr Moss, from Muskegon, 140 m ntrlps and boards at $14,60; echr Jennie Hell, from Mivulntee, 12 m first and second clear at $46.00, l*i m third clear ot SIO.OO, 25 m selects at $30.00; echr Llvo Oak, from Manistee, 120 m joist and scantling a 1510.25, CO m lath at $2.76; echr Persia, (rom White Lake, 06 m common mixed at $10.25 for Inch, and $ll.OO for 2- lifoh; lath, $2.50. LimtlEtt TORTOTITB. Manlateo, $.1.00 (to rnoulli of (bo rivor, $2.78); Lnd- Ington, $7.7C®1.00; Muskegon, $3.50; o.:onto,s4.CK): Mouomiueo, $3.75®3.fiU; I'entwiter, $2.76; Wbllo Lake, $2.76: Grand Haven, $2.26®2.80j tiaugatuck, fj.6o. AT TTTK Vinoa. Posters report a fair and steadily-increasing trade at llu* yards. Clear lumber in srarcu and very firm. Common (trades are easy, sod flouring is lower. Fiat pickets oroecarco and higher. Hardwood was in re quest and steady. Wo quote;. First dear. ...I Hi'cond dear, 1 Inch to 2 inch. Third clear, 1 inch Third dear, thick First and nor.oud dear flooring, together, rough.. 40.00®<2.00 First and second clear siding, together... 23.lMlCj'i4Jlrt Common siding ao.OOO'i'i.DO Common flooring, dressed, flrat 34.00030.00 Common flouring, dressed, second 20.0U032.00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 Inches and Upward 37.00<340.00 A stock boards 37.000*0.1)0 Jl stock board 28.000311.00 G stock boards.. JH.OOOTi.OO Common boards 14,50016.60 Joist, scsntlliig, small timber, etc., 16 foot and under 14.00015.00 Fencing 14.00015.00 Joist and scantling, 18 Vo 2i feet 1f.,0«0*«.U0 Pickets, square 14,00015.00 Pickets, Out , . 13.00015.00 Cedar posts, split 14.00010,00 Cedar posts, round 17.00(3*15.00 Lath 8.600 3.76 Lath, on track No. 1 sawed shingles, A or Star Sbiuidoa on track. No. I aavred Throe dollars per car to he added when transferred, which chargofollows the shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to he two inches in thick ness. Length—Sixteen inches. , UA.BDWOOD. UA..U I. VW. Black-W*'*' s *!, Counters, $100.00(2150.00 : clear, SCS.OOQ7C.uj; common, $10.00060.00; call, $30.00(3 36.00; flounLc $50.00(300.00. Ash—Clear, $30.00010.00 ; common, $20.00025.00 ; cull, $12.00018.00 ; flooring, $30.00010.00. Oak—Clear, $30.00010.00; common, $20.00025,00 ; cull, $12.00018.00. Hickory—Clear, $35.00015,00; common, $25,000 35.00 ; cull, $12.00018.00. Maple—Clear, $30.00010.00; common, $20.00030.00; cull, $10.00015.00. Butternut—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $35,000 35.00. Cherry—Clear, $50.00050.00; common, $25,000 ’36.00 ; cull, $12.00018.00, Whltewood—Clear, $30.00010.00; common, $20.00 030.00 ; cull, $10.00015.00. Wagon Htock—lllukury axles,' per set, $1.0001,50; vragou poles, each, 430650 ; box boards, $35.00010.00. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED, PropW. M. Tweed, Buffalo, 60 pkgs tin, 80 pkgs drugs, 80 pkgs paint, 213 pkgs tiu.j .• . Bcbr Montauk, Buffalo, 650 tons coal. Bcbr Jo Vilas, Muskegon, 100 m lumber. Bcbr Tibbets, Muskegon, 130 m lumber. Prop George Dunbar, Muskegon, ISO tu lumber. Barge Contest, Muskegon, 260 m lumber. Btmr Muskegon, Oram) Haven, 14 brls .Hour, 200 brls stucco, and eumlrica. Prop Europe, Sheboygan, 2,500 brie salt. Bcbr J. P. Ward, White Lake, 83 in lumber. Bcbr W. 11. Willard. Ludiugton, 100 ui ft lumber. Scow Plauet, Manistee, U0 m ft lumber. Bcbr Touuebnl, Manistee, 120 in ft lumber. Btwr Brooklyn, Ogdeuuburgb, 20 orates crockery, 02 bare Iron, 00 bdls irou, and sundries. Btmr Lawrence, Ogdensburgb, 3 boxes nails, 02 bdls iron, 6 crates glass, 400 bdls Iron. Btmr 6t. Albans, Detroit. 1,200 tubs; 12 pkgs sundries. Btmr J. Fisk, Jr., Cleveland, 1,100 bars railroad Iron; 20 tons castings ; 62 doz chairs. Bcbr Paulino, Muskegon, 103 m lumber; 20 m sash. Barge Wyoming, Grand Haven, 60 m lumber , 60 m lalb ; 730 ra shingles; 610 m pickets. Barge City of Grand Haven, Muskegon, 230 m lumber. Prop Philadelphia, Erie, 173 bxs tin; SI brls sugar. Bcbr Mariner, Muskegon, 100 in lumber; 100 m lalb, Bcbr Kate Lyons, Muskegon, 200 m lumber. Scow Lillie Gray, Ludwig’s Pier, 60 m lumber, Bcbr Persia, White Lake, 00 m lumber, Bcbr Levi Grant, Manistee, 200 m lumber. Bcbr Live Oak, Manistee, 140 m lumber. Bcbr Annie Sherwood, Detroit, light. Bcbr M. O. Cameron, Gedoricb, Canada, 9,417 brls sail Barge Golden Harvest, Muskegon, 220 m lumber. Bcbr J. O. Moss, Muskegon, 160 m lumber. CLEANED Bark W. W. Sturgis. Buffalo, 17,242 bu corn. Btmr L. M. Mason, Buffalo, 14,161 bu corn. Btmr Aunio Hhorman, Erie, 41,000 bu corn. ‘Prop Java, Buffalo, 40,000 Im wheat, 1,600 brla flour, 7 brls eggs, and sundries. Prop Milwaukee, OgUobsburg, 76 pkgs lard, and sun dries, Btmr J. Fisk, Buffalo, light. Bcbr K. W. Dundon, Buffalo, 22,021 bu corn. Bcbr Aitna, Buffalo, 20,006 bu Ho. 2 spring wheat. Prop City of Toledo, Ogdensburg, 11,471 bu corn, 060 brls Hour, 50 brls pork, 6 casks tallow, and sun dries. LAKE FREIGHTS. □ rain freights to Buffolo tiro quotable at QXQOtfo for corn, ami 10c for wheat; to Kingston 14 ami 180 on corn ami wheat. Charters were: Uchra Montcalm, Moullcello, Reindeer, Mont Kline, and Monterey (Saturday), for wheal to Kingston at 150, alt to arrive: prop Nashua, coru to Ogdensburgh, through rale (2Hci to Bouton; schr Mary Colllue, coru to Buflolo or Fort Colboruo, ehlpper’s option, on private terms. Total, 7« Wheat, 6; capacity, 110,UOO bu. Coru, 2; capacity, 80,000 bu. The schooner Lucy J. Clark was taken In thu afternoon for corn to Buffalo on terms not made public (supposed to be OXc). * OUR LAKE MARINE. The report o! the National Bureau of Statistics gWct 0 Ul4o UIS United Hlafea merchant vessels belonging to the several cus toms districts bordering on the lakes. This Includes Lake Champlain, The totals are as follows: •• IfltO. 1871. *1672, No. of sailing vessels 2,646 2,621 1,685 Tonnage 252,464 2Cf1,4C8 205,182 Bleam vessels C4l 077 731 *, Tonnage 142,474 151,030 104,322 Unrigged vessels 3,164 3,230 0,022 Tonnage 285,635 298,875 200,603 Total number of vessels.. 5,343 6,624 6,336 Total tonnage 080,404 717,001 720,100 The unrtgeed vessels mentioned in the above tablo are principally canal boats. Excluding these, the ag gregate tonnage of Iheimll and steam vessels for tho three yearn was as follows: 1870, tons, 804,028: 1871, tons, 417,408; 1872, tons, 420,611, The Increase from 1870 to 1871 was 22,670 tons, and from 1871 to 1872 It was 13.013 tons. The last Increase was less than 3 per cent. The schooner Montauk, Cant. Barry, arrived this morning from Port Oolboruo. being tho first vessel to make the full trip of tbe lakes, by B&ll, this season. Bho was about two weeks getting through, stopping four days at Detroit. Cam; Barry states that bo was four days in tho ice on Lake Huron, and found plenty of Ice la tho straits, but by dodging around no was able to got through safely. Saw tho City of I’alnesvlllQ and Camden fast la tho ico, near old Fort Mackinaw* Also met with a good deal of ice betwoen the straits andlhoßcaron. Tho schooner O. M. Cameron also came la this morning from Goderich, leaving that port last Monday. Bho was about two hours In getting through tho straits, and saw the Millard Fillmore at anchor there. Both vessels report mcolingsoveral of tho grain craft which left here lastwook strung all the way along from tho Beavers south. Tho largo fleet which left here yesterday wore also soon. —A dispatch dated Cheboygan, Mich., May 6, eaye : “ Hiinrlso passed yesterday afternoon, second vessel.” (The namo of tho first vessel Is not knows.) —A dispatch from Tort Huron says tho lako oulsido Is full of lee. —Tbo schooner Prince Alfred arrived from below this evening. Tbo propellers Philadelphia and Mon tana are also in port. —Tho schooner Advance Is understood to bavo boon in Grand Haven yesterday. It was discovered that in some way her pump had got clogged up with grain, and she pat into tho abevo port to mako It right. Tho Advance proceeded on her voyago this tnorulug in m good condition as when eho left boro. —The scow Planet Is being unloaded at Evanston, and Is probably off tho shore by this time. —Tbe schooners Annlo Sherwood, Crossthwnlto, Board of Trade, and Bay Stato left for below this evening. —The Detroit papers report that large vessels expe rience much trouble In crossing tbo Flats. —Tho Oswego Canal will bo ready to open on tho 15th, simultaneously with tho Erie Canal. —Vessels are leaving Buffalo as fast as tho tugs can tow them through tho ice, —Tbo schooner Magdala, which was ashore all win ter at tho “ cut,” near Long Point, has arrived at Cleveland, and gone into dry dock for repairs. —Tho steamer E. B. Word, Jr., recently made tho run from E. B. Ward's dock, in Detroit, to Cleveland, in seven hours and thirty minutes, tho distance being 130 miles. liYo, Ao. Price* 64 207 $5.16 CO 245 6.00 60 108 6.16 45 260 -6.45 49 274 4.00 23 240 6.00 ' 64 260 6,05 ' 69 216 6.30 115 230 6.30 61 214 6.16 CO 807 6.00 43 210 6.20 125 205 6.25 68 207 6.60 -—The schooner Wanderer, ban boon abandoned by the present. Largo boles wore fr usual means will have to afloat. —The schooor QlonlfTorin was launched at 61. Cath arines ou tho 29th, —Tho Boboouer E. M. Portch was tho first sail vessel to arrive at Detroit from Buffalo. —Tho schooner John McGee bad bor foresail and mainsail burned up and & part of her foregcar scorch ed, by a spark from the tug Hector. which was towing her Into Lake Huron Thursday. Sue returned to Port Huron for repairs. —The mammoth propcllor*Amazon was launched at Trenton on Friday. She belongs to tho Northwestern Transportation Company of Michigan, and will cost $125,000. —Largo additions are being made to the ore docks ob Marquette. —The hark Erootus Corning Is said to have got aground while being towed out of Buffalo, and waa hard and fast at last accounts. OCEAN NAVIGATION. CUNiKD MAIL LINE. SSTABLISHBB 1840- Steam Between Mow York, Boston, and Liverpool. NEW YORK: .....wjJAprll 30 I AbrnslQia,.,.'. ..*,.May 71 llalatia ....Marti | Calabria Ami from lioatou over/ Tuesday, Cabin Passage, 880, SlOOuml Sl3o* Gold, Excursion Tickets at Reduced Kates, SteorsßO Panaro. S3O currency. Passengers and freights bnoknd to and Irum Ml parts of Ruropo at lowast rata** BlghlUrafiagiiOr.atlirltnlD, Ireland. and tlieContluonU P. U. J)U VKUNttT. Oeii‘l Wesfn Agent. N. W. cor. Olarh aud Randolph-aU. Onba..., ttootla.. Algeria. FOB EUBOPE. INMAN LINE .$52.C)0®55.00 . 47.<KI($fiO.IIO . 38.00®W.»M) . IG.OO ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. 'Will sal! from Now York at follows 1 . CITY OF BALTIMORE Thursday, May*, 3P. M 4 OITY OF MONTREAL Saturday, May 10, 1 P. M* CITY OF BRISTOL Tltaraday, Mar If., »A. if. CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday, May 17, 10 A. M. And each auccoodlng SATURDAY and THURSDAY* fromFlorNo. <5, North lll»«r. Cabin PaNSaaro* 885 and 8100 Gold. Staartge, to British Port* $30.00 Currency. Blosrsg*. toGerman Hlo«r»« 9 > Brumon or Scandinavian rorls 88.00 Currency. SIQUT DKAFTB for t&la at low rate*. General Western Agent, 80 South Market-et., Chicago, 3.00 1.60@'i.00 . 3.60(^3.75 8.25(33.60 1.26(31.50 Balling twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas- Hungers to all parts of Croat Britain. Ireland, ConUnenLcl Europe, and the Mediterranean. Cabin from 465; Steer age, British and Irish ports east. 930; west, 432. Conti nontal porta same aa othor rogmarllDos. All payable la U 8. currency. Apply for (nil Information at the Com pany's offices. No. 7 Bowling Orcou, New York, and N. B. corner LaSallo and MadUou-sla., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Aguntß. mm LINE. Sailing from New York for Queens town and Liverpool every Satur day, and for London direct every fortnight. Cabin Passage SBO, S9O, ana SIOO Currency. Excursion Ticket* at favorable rates. Intending pas sengers ahould mako early application for bertha. STEERAGE, 429.Womrrnor. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool. Queenstown. Londonderry, Glasgow, OardilT, Bristol, or London, $31.00 I’asseugnrn hooked to or from Gorman and Scandina* Tlan points at low rates. . ...... The Steamships of this lino are the largest In tho trade* Drafts on Great Britain. Ireland, and tho Continent. WiLLIAjr MACAIiTSTEB. Gen’l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Randulpb-ata. (opposite new Shuman llmiao), Chicago. May 5. SPECIAL NOTICE TO EUROPEAN TRAVELERS. Your attention is respectfully di rected to the full advertisement, in next Monday’s Tribune, of the EX PRESS AND AGENCY COMPANY OP LONDON. Chicago Branch,-73, Portland Block. JAMES H. DOWLAND, Agent. STATE HUE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, DSL. . FAST AND LONDONDERRY. Thesn nlogant new atoamara 'till aall from State Plnr. Fulton Furry, Brooklyn. N. Y, as a* (uilwa; PENNSYLVANIA, 3,UWloui Wednesday, May 7. DROltniA, S.Muiuna Wednesday, JuiuJ. VIRGINIA, 2,600 tons Wednesday. .limalS. Fortnightly tburuaftur. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. Aeonta, 73 Broadway, N. x. htoorayo office. 43 Broadway. N. Y. TENTS For isle cheap; 600 Wall, House, ami Hotel Tents, com* nieto, mostly now. ami In first-class order, sultaolo for Kiutgrallon, Families going West, Colonization Societies, Railroad Building Fartlos, Lumbermen, Fishermen, Iluutora, State FaTrs,Oamp*Moutlngs, do. Just received, and nltli other klnde of Quartermaster and Ordaano* Wore, tobo.oiaoli.ap. Q fiovormneut Quods Depot. .May 6. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages FRACTIONAL CDIMCI TRIBUNE OFFICE. MISCELLANEOUS. nibore at Kelly’s Island, . fitoamor Maguot for tlio 'ound in bor bull, and uu bo resorted to to got bor .May 10 . M ivj U .May 24 FRANCIS O. BROWN, TENTS. OF FOR SALE AT

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