Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 6, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 6, 1873 Page 7
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CITY BEAL ESTATE. IjIOR bale-grand boulevard, between X 1 Thirty-seventh and, Hfly-first-sts.. 791 foot. Oak wood boulevard, between Grand boulevard and Via* cctmos-av., MO foot. Vlnoonne«-av., between cUy limits and nark. 975 foot. Wabash-av.,between Thirty-first and Fllty-Hrst-sts. DSS Mfchlgan-av., bolwoon Twenty-fifth ami Fifty-fourth gta., .176 foot. Calnmot-av., between Thirty-fourth and Fifty-fourth pts.. 160 foot. Indiana-av., cornorFiny-ihlrd-it., 163 foot. ’ Pralrto-av., four corners Flfty-thlrd-st., POO foot. Facing Bonth Park, corners Fifty-Third and Fifty fourlh-sts, 600 foot. For an Investment or improvement, this list comprises Iho most beautiful ami attractive residence property south. It trill bo sold In lots tn suit purchasers, am) on •asy forms. Tho attention of builders N especially called to this property, and also those socking Iho very host Rroporty for Invosttnont or for future Improvement, bluing superior to itoan bo found onywhoro. As for■ tlio park and boulevard property, It Is tho “ororap” of llrst class property. sou cannot fail to advance largely and * npl jf if WARDEN” IB Ohambor of Commerce. FOR BALE-TUB VERY CHOICE FIVE ACRES fronting IVabash-av., Slato-at., and Flfty-flfth-st, boulevard; lias a frnnlago of 343 foot on boulevard, nnd 800 foot on each of tho other Biroots; will bo sold on easy terms; n largo prolU can bo made on this property ultblu tho coming year. Mlchlgsa-av., IUX) foot on northwest corner of Flftloth *t.j will l)o sold cheap. • North Doarborn-at., 100x186 foot, la choice location. Wabssh-av.. 235 foot southeast corner of Thirty-fourth- It.; $l6O per foot. Wabash-av., near corner of.Thlrly-olghth-st., 60 foot, oast front; SIOO per foot. ' , 6Hchignn-av., uearThtrty-ilitU-st., 60foot, oast front; 6105 per font, Wabash-nv. and Btatn-st.. 60 foot each front, botwoon Forty-fifth nnd Forty-slxth-sts. Uurnsido-at., 88x133foot, near Forty-fourth-st.; will bo •old on lotig Umo. FRED. L. FAKE ft CO., ’ ' 83 Washlngton-st. ■nOB SALK-A LARGE NUMBER OP COTTAQE3 JP nnd brick rosldencos ou South and West Hides, prices $2500 to $36,000. Also lots on SUto-st., near Twenty-sixth andThlriy-nlghth; Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth •ta., near Wallace; Thlrthy-olghth-st., near Lnngley-av.; Bonth Cansl-st., near Taylor; van Burcn-st., near Lin coln and Uuboy-sts.} Sccloyav., noar Jackson-st. *, I'olk nnd PauUna-sls., wlnohoatcr-nv., nnd Roboy-st., near Harrison; Flournny-at.. noar Wcstorn-av. Dcslrnblo. dock property, near 'I wonty-seennd-st. bridge. O. L. EiANN ft E7 A. UONGDON, Room 19, Major Block, aßnllo-st., corner Madison. __ [IDOU HALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FpLI.OWINO X streets s State, Rurnsldo, Bntlcrflold, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Hummer, Winter.Mur ray, and Hnlstod; also on Wentworth, Shurtlolf, Portland ana Stovvart-avs; also on Alexander, 1 wouty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twonty-sovonth, Twenty-eighth, Napolonn, Twoniy-idirthVKatl. TJilrtlolh, Harom Thlity-nrst. Thlr ty-socond. Thirty-third. Thlrty-iiflh, Thlrly-Blxth, Thlrlv •ovonth, Fontaine, andThlrty-clghth-Bls. Title porfoct. Warranty doods. A very small payment down, flvo year’s Mmo, C vor cunt Interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 873 Wnba»h-av. DIIIOK ' house, 14 rooms, near Kigliloontb-sU ; prico, 821,000; No. CO3, 8-story and basoniont matblo front bouse, In rooms; modern Improvements; price, ® Pralrio-nT., No. 1011, flstnry and basement marble-front house. W rooms ami billiard-room; handsomely llulsbod; Splendid barn; tonus easy. Indlnna-av., 2-story frame bouse, 10 or IS rooms; lot 60s I26;ptlce, 910,000. . . . ... West Taylor-at., Gotblo frame house, brick basement; 16rooms; water, gas, etc,; Wi foot front; with good barn, ■hade trues, oto. Cheap, and easy terms to suit purchas er. FllaD, L. KAKB 4 Co., EOU SALR—HV KERR. DAVISON A WELCH, lioal folate Dealer* and Dtokors, U1 L&Ballo-it.5 hKMSoo, 11, SSL lit, I'ißy-lifth-Bt. li w b w ii Soo. if, sa, lit, riftj’-flftli'St. 8W«Soo. 15, &J, 13, Hlxlytlilrd-st. ' 80 acroi Soo. ft, 39, 13, on now railroad. CO loot on Wool Madison, near Paulina; cheap. 127, on JJannl-at., near Randolph. Do»lrablo building lots on Indiana, Prairie, and Mlchl gan-ava. ' For sale—at a great ji/jiaOBI lots on Wostorn-sv., Lexington, Polk. Camp boll-ats, Parties wishing to bulla, required dona: also 6 now homes containing 10 At each, SSOO cash, balance on tonna to suit. promises of GEO. OADWELL, or at 135 Mouth bank, orsale-orkxchanoe-for lot worth about $6,000 and abouts3,ooHn cash, bal- Sneo on titan, {inelegant roaklenco on LcaVitt*»U, near ladlenn, lot 100 by 140, fine garden, with Bhrubbory nod fruit; place worth SIO,OOO. BIDNEV - L. UNDEUWOOU, B9 Mndleon-st. I7IOR SALE-ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME : cottage, Including lot on Thlrty-iocoud-st., just oast of Wallace. Small payment down; balance In monthly payments; 6 years' time. Water on premises and con venient to cars. Apply to FRED. I’. FISHER, 149 La* Ballo-st., basement. I pOU HALE-TWO MARBLE-FRONT HOUSES (OO ! (agon); lots IS3 feet deep to a 80 foot alley, havo fine massive siono Bioop, with moulded steps and rail; alto ■olid moulded atooo fence. Those bouses nro flrsb-olnss in every respect, and embody tho result of 95 years'expo vicnco as a builder; work done by tho day; havo all mod* urn Improvements; contain 14 rooms, 6 ronrblo mantels. Bmarblo slabs with basins, 8 wator-closets and a good ■ub-collir for fuel, furnaces, etc.; will bo sold fur u loss EorconWgo on tho cost than any bouses in tho market, all and soo them at 481 and 486 Adoms-st., close to Ash lnnd-av., or address owner. J. W. liAMBLETON, 24S Warrou-ttv. .‘tpOß SALE—2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X? hoasoon Warron-av., half block from Union Park; iurnscQ and gas fixtures. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon iutldlng, northeast corner Monroo and LaHallo'Sta. 3 BOR SALE-SIX ELEGANT 2-STORY AND BASE, moot ootogon front brick houses on West Adaros-st., pear Wood: luU 33x180 ami. 22x130. SNYDER A LKK, 14 yflxon Bulldlng.northoaat corner Monroo and LaSalle-sts. ,T7>OH .SALE—9-BTORY FRAME HOUSE. BRIOK founoatlon;l3rooms;aU modern Improvomonts, and |ot79x2oj feet, on Washlngton-st.,' near Elizabeth; one »third of tbo prico will bo taken in uulmprovod property In Ithooity. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, north* east corner Monro© and LaSallo-sts. rTfnOR SALK—2-BTORY AND BASEMENT OOTA. X 1 gon-lrunt brick house; 13 rooms; on Park-av.. between {Wood aid Lincoln; modern Improvements; brick bArn. BNYDERA LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Wonroe and LaSnUosts, (fjtOß SALE—I WILL SELL FINE LOTS, 25X125, ON ML 1 Leavitt, Oakley, and Davis-sts., at SOSO fortho uoxt 40 days. They nro decidedly tho cheapest lots la tbo city. Cl. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Madlson-st., cor. Clark. SjTORSALE—S7OO—LARGE LOTS, 50X140 FEET, ON JL 1 Fullerton, Mend, and bborldan-sts,, only ono mock from Humboldt Boulevard; only two blocks from depot on Chicago A Pacific Railroad, and threo blocks-from oitmlbiulino. Ground laying high; good Improvements; title perfect, ami full abstract of tlilo furnished ouch purchaser, U. B, GRIFFIN, 133Madison-at.. Comoro! Clark. .TTOR SALE—THE BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON X West Sido, fronting on Division, Leavitt, and flhober eta., near Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lota 121 feet deep, with sldotralks and city water. Price, S6OO, 5709, and fSI»UO9. Terms, one-third cash. Warrantoa oeds and abstracts of title. A reduction on first cash payment: if required, to thoso who build this spring. In • quiroofF. ARNOLD 4 CO., Groonobaum's Bank, No. 76 Fifth-av. • FOR SALE-LAST CHANCE TO BUY CHEAP LOTS —Goingoil fast. Twenty lotion Sherman,■ Wallace, and WlntoratH., near Union Stock Yards, fur snlolow; easy tom*. Inquire ©very morning from Sto 10o’clock at ‘tho Stock Yard Exchange. 771011 SALE—THE SOUTH HOUSE OF THE NEW X 1 marble front block, southeast corner North Dearborn and Maplu-sts.; 3 stories and basement, finished la bast planner, F. O. TAYLOR, 210 East Wushlngton-st. FOR SALE-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, COT (ages on Dayton-st.. noar Wobstqr-av. Inquire on promises of SCOTT 4 OAOK. For sale-no cash down where • pur. chaser builds; goad lots on Warren-ar., justoutalclo of flro ilmlti. J. 11. BISSELL, 46 Bryan Block. F“”OR SALE—AT A BARGAIN-TUB HANDY COT tugo, lot, and new barn No. 806 Thirty-third-st.; con tains 7 good rooms, closets and water. Must bo sold Ibis week, inquire on promjgcs. F~"‘ORSALE— HOUSES AND LOT3-TWO OCTAGON stone frouts, two stories and basement,with all modern Improvements, on lndlana-av., hotwoon Twenty-ninth and Thlrtlotb-ats. Inquire on promises. For sale-marble front house, on in dlana-av., near Twontloth-st. with or without furni ture. MATSON HILL. 103 and 110 Dearborn-st. (base mont office lu Kendall Building)* FOR SALE—2OOXICI IT., NORTH-EAST CORNER Wabash-av. and Finy-aoventh-st. Will soil on 6 P*riles who will build Immediately. AlAlftON HILL, IQS and 110 Doarborn-it. IPOR SALK-TWO GOOD. FULL 2-STORY COT- Mages, 7 rooms, gas, bard and soft water, mantels, etc. very near horee and steam ears, South Side n«ar Oakland (Furtloth-st.,) $3,600, s6ooaycar. ULRICH 4 BOND; 87 Dcarborn-st. 1“? OR SALE-BAROAIN-THK BEST BARGAIN IN } tbo market. A Drexol-av. Boulevrrd lot at an im inotisoancrlficu; vary near horso aud steam cars; must bo sold. Parties having cash inquire of ULItIUU 4 BOND, $7 Doathota at. IT’OR SALE—S4O A FOOT UNDER MARKET PRICE, ; lOxlbO, to 29-foot alloy, Kllla-av., north of Tldrty nlnth-st., vonr near horso and steam cars. Also, houses and lots at Oakland, Kenwood, and Hydo Park, from $3,0011 to $50,000, ULRIUH 4 BUND, 87 Doarborn-st. F‘ OR HALE-TAKE THE BARGAINS AS THEY GQt Splendid lots, A 1 streets; growing and first-class neighborhood, near street cars, schools, *40.; no railroads to crOEs; In tho future huartof Chicago, Just outside tiro limits, oast of Westurn-av. and south of Madliou-st; lots for $1)00; tho grandest ohancoof tho season; investigate, See plats with EDWIN A. RICE 4 CO., 147 Ra ndolph-it. FOII HALE—AT A HAOUIFICK-A NIOE BRICK house and lot on South Side,which 1 must soli; stf.ooD, $4 cash, will buy It. Address OWNER, Tribune office. HALE—OH TO III2NT—FURNISHED—THIS • dwelling No, l£JOalmnot-av., north of Twenty-fourth at.; parlor, dining-room and kitchen on first floor; good basement with laundry, da.; owner going away Juno 1, but can giro possession any timu. Apply on tbo promises, or toll. F. GUYTON, iv and2l llaudolpb-st., Rouen's Rlook. For salb-state-st., near twenty-fifth, SHU per foot; Contro-et., near Lincoln Park, sl36per foot. PHILIP MYERS A CO.. 18 Alsjor Rlook. IpOR SALE-GREAT BARGAIN—IF SOLD TO-DAY, ■ 100x176 on Wabaah-av., southwest corner of Forty ■ooond-at. M. 0. BALDWIN A 00., 81 and6o LaSalle- Sl., Room 21. THE OWNER, NIOE HOUSE AND X' lot on West Bide, near stroot cars. Call ISO Clark .si., Room 8. t'OR HALK-5 NEW BTONIS-FRONT HOUSES ON X 1 Pork-av., I>«J blocks west of Union Park, very cheap; will bo ready for occupation Ist May. Apply to R. FOW LER. 102 East Washlngton-st. * FOR SALE—I33xI76'FEET ON WAHAHH-AV.. NEAR I'lfty-lint-st., $45 per foot; also 76 foot on Ktate-st.,, $45 nor foot. MATSON HILL, Real Estate Office, lub aud 110 Doarboru at. EOR SALIt-ifYE. O. OOLEA’CO.. 138 LASALLE at.: DlTielou-st., near Larraboo, lot 35x110, SIOO. Honthwestcru-av., one lot at Taylor-st. FORHALE-ATA GREAT BARGAIN, 1,000 FEET on State and Wabash-ar., near Emdowood, only «1;1 per foot. Lull uulck. L. A. GILBERT A CO,, Slid La- BaUo-sL I noil SALE—SEVEN ELEGANT MARBLIM’RONT 1 houses on Langloy-av., at a decided bargain, if taken soon: easy tonus. J. U. MuOORD A CO., loV Dear tiura-sL- * FOR BALE-TWO ITWO-STORY AND BASEMENT brick houses, 10 rooms, water, gas, nmntolH, olo,; only $6,d00; easy toms, J. U. AIcUOUD A CO., 109 Doaihuru-sl. 171011 HALE -RIVER FRONTAGE, IWxlUfl FEET ON X 1 the North Branch of tho Chicago River, and on tho nhfeugo A Pacific Railroad, suitable fora manufacturing business. lIUYAN LATHBUP, 18 Exchange Buildhig. iiTOIi^HAI.E ~-^i T O~ PAINTERS—WE CAN BELL A ' nice hit ou North Hid* and take part pay in houso painting. HESS, WHITNEY A CO.. 14U LaSallu-st. l?bU SAL it-$!!, SdU-DWE LLI NO, STORE-ROOM X’ Lolow 22x10: lot 2lsllu, good barn; SI,OOO down, bxl ■noo easy: on llaUtJd-st., near Eighiveutb. T. B, fiUYP. ItiWcst WtablcgWu-st. CITY REAL ESTATE. IJIOR BALR-ON WEST HARRIRON-BT.* ONE 1’ aoro, will subdivide Into eight lot;, each U7M foot front by 163 foot deep. BRYAN LaTHROP, 13 Exchange Building. Libit” BALE—IIB FEET ON NORTH OLARK-BT., X' near Division. . IN) tent nn North Dearborn-st., oornorNorlh-sv. is feet on North Dearborn-*!., corner Indiana. 1M feet on West Randolph-sl.. corner Morgan. P>) foot an Morsan-st.. sou I It of Randolph. 70 foot on tho Clroon flay Road. liO lots in Pierce's Addition to Holstein. 73 lotsut Uivor Forest. fW minutes’ ride by rail. . URYAN LATHROP, 13 Rxchango llulldlng. For balk-cottage, lot, and barn? « Wlnchcfitor-nv.; Prlco sf,6po. Apply on promises. F~ OR SALK-CO'ITAOE OF 6*1100618, WITH LOT, on Uobey-st., north of *"lwaukoo-av.» for $1,300, s3Woash,_J. T. DALE, 11 fl, TrUmnobulldlug. __ WOR BALR-BOULEVAIw. * PROPERTY NEAR r llalstod, 6or 10 acres, 11ULDU11D A CO., 808 La- Hailo-it. EIOR salk-nortiiwkst corner cottage Orovo-av. and Forty.llfth-it.—looxl7o, a splendid cornet. Wabash-ar.i east front north of Fifty-elghth-st.;Boxl6o. 2-story now frame building (store) with lot on Stale it., noar Thlrty-llrst; $7,u00; rents fors9oo. , 2-sUwir frame houso with lot on South Park-av., near Tvronly-ntntU Bt. 5 35,000. J, HENRY WE,L, IMDoarboru-it., Room 6 Fuller's Building. JiIQR BALK-0R EXCHANGE—ftSOO DOWN WILL ■ a'. 3-story nnd basement houso southwest corner angley-av. nnd Fnrly-socond-st. ;S3,3ooand $3,6A1: $3,000 In 6 years, and balanoo to suit purchaser. LINOLE ft DAItLOW, 125 Dcnrbnrn-st. O R 8 A L8—76x176 FRET. EAST FRONT, ON WA -1 bash-nr., Just south of Thlrty-oighth-st.; will givon groat bargain to any one for cash: owner Is bound to sell. Call Immediately If you want a bargain, T. 11. BOYD, 180 Wost Wflshlngton-Bt.. . IjiOß SALE-SOME OIIOIOK ACRE TRACTS NEAR 1 depot on tho Chicago ft Paoltio Railroad, good to subdivide, at SU)O per aero; some noar Dauby at tho samo price. WM. D. PALMER ft CO., 146 LaSnllo-st., (base. Mont). FOR SALE-NEW BRICK HOUSE AND LOT, with marble nuutols nnd nil modern Improvements, now carpets, furnneo, range, nnd gns-fixtum. a real scm5 cm of a homo, for $8,600; clioaprit $10,000; South Sldo. Iso, marble front nnd 80-fnot lot noar union Park, samo {nice. Do tint buy elsewhere until you have soon those tsrgalns. HK3H. SVHITINO ft CO.. HULaSaUo-Bt. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. TTIOR SALE-4 ACRES VERY CHOICE GROUND. JJ One neat Qotlrfn homo on hlgli grove lot. Houso nnd largo lot-on Hlxly-thlrd-Bt.,at Kuglowood. 2j lots near Humboldt bonlovard. 3 lots at Irving Park, obvap, or would trade in part pay for grocery store. Throo vory doairablo farms, nicely im proved, witblnSOmlloaof Chicago, at loss than S6O per aoro. 106 acres noar Cambridge, Ilonry County, 111., Ml Im proved, at 920 per aero. 400-acro farm, woll improved, near Watselta, 111., cheap, or will trade for clt yor suburban properly. Bov oral other bargain* in city ntid euburban property. Real citato bought and sold, rents collected, loans ne gotiated, oto. STOEFOUD & BFRNK, •ROR SALE-CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON THUS X’ Milwaukee Railway, six miles distant, and twenty minutes' rldo, In Cljbouru’s Addition to Ilarcnswood. Those lota nro laid out 50x163 fcot on 80 foot stroots, and will bo sold upon easy terms, at from 8600 to 8700 por lot. The facilities fur aoeoss to and from tho city— tho doilr ability of tho land—lt toning high and thoroughly drained —tho proximity to first-class Improvements, churches, schools, and society, commomUbls property ha tbobost at tho prloo now In tuo market. ... Comparison challenged! The attention of tho indus trious—tho thrifty—the cautious—ls called to thoso lots as shoe for homesteads or .Svoitroonls. Call, fora printed abstract and plot, upon ROBERT QUEER. 84 Laßallo-at.. Room 3. TROU BALIS-AT A BARGAIN—BY GOLDEN * A} li'URSmVATKUS, 83 South OUrh-sU, Room 16. Macron In See. 11, S3, 13. 40acres la Soc. 15, 30, 13. 10 *.cro> to 800. 23, 83, 13. 10 acres in Seo. 17, 83, 14. I? OK BALB-BAVE YOUR RENT-SGOO CASH AND monthly payments buys a beautiful, now. 8-room homo and 60 foot corner lot olono to station and Normal School, Englewood, coir 80 minutes' rldo, plenty of trains day and night. STORES A WARE, W Wasblngton-Bt., Room 10. For sale-barqain-on 0., b. a q. r. r. 40 acres olobq to Clyde Station.' $1,360 por aero; this la in tbo centre of tbo district whoro all tho sales have recently •boon made, and whoro Qno Improvement* aro being inaugurated. For particulars call on STORES A WARE. 81 WasblngUm-at., Room 15. • ■fTIOR SALE—HIQHWOOD—FIRST STATION THIS X' side of Lake Forest, and on as beautiful ground as in Lako Forest, with tbo same trains as tho millionaires rldo to their palatial residences; now houses, from SSOO to 84.000, with email nr no payments down, $176 to S6OO yearly, Including interest; commutation faro, ISoontn. Either of houses would rent for more than I ask monthly for thorn in Chicago, and with mo you will llndyoursolf possessed of homestead, paid tor, In two to flvo years, E.* ASHLEY MKARS, ilwLsSallo-st.; residence, Hlghwood. For sale-lots in south englewood, the "Original Flat.” Do nut burin additions " at South Englewood.” Easy terms. HENRY W, BROOKS A 00.. IloonH, Empire Block, 129 and 130 LaSallo-st. For sale-oakland-a beautiful home, lako-shoro property, near depot and atroot oars; house finely finished, has furnace and gas, good garden, and largo barn;• easy terms; will ahow customers, ULRICH A BOND, 87 Dearborn-at. IPOU BALK—I‘WILL OFFER FOR ONE WEEK IB . honsos and cottages of from 6to 10 rooms la Evanston. North Evanston, and Olcncoo. at lower figures than any party can soil for who does not deal exclusively in his own property; you that want housescomo direct tome and •avo tho commission; ono-tifth down and balance in monthly or yearly payments will buy a homo; lots In any of tho places named at wholesale prices; lumber furnished those who will build: none need apply who havo not n lit tie money. O. E.BROWNE, Qrovor'a Block, Evanston. T7OR SALE-AT NORTH EVANSTON, NEAR DB- X - pot, church, and sohoobbouso, ono house with lot 60x160 foot, ono bouse with lot to suit purchaser; theso houses aro both within throo minutes’ walk of tho depot, havo well and cistern. Ac. Special advantages olTorod to parties who dcslro lots to build on. Apply to H. U. ABBOTT, at North Evanston depot, who will show tho property, or toll. M. KIDDER, 109 West Raudolph-at. FOR SALES—GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, from SBOO to $10,000: nleo oholco building lots ami aora-pronprty for subdivision on easy terms. ALFRED L. SEWELL, 159 LftSslle-at., Chicago. TJIOU SALE-VERY FINE LOTS NEAR STATION X* at Englewood at $350 to $100: title perfect: abstract* furnished each customer. These lots uro decidedly cheap. G. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Madtsou-at., cornet Clark. For sale-40 acres of excellent land adjoining Bluo Island. Inquire of E. F. McULIN TOCK, Blue Island, 111. TjlOR SALE-GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, X 1 from SWK) to $16,000: also choice building bits, and acre-property fur subdivision, on oaiylorma, ALFRED L. SEWELL. 169 LaSallo-st./Chicago. IjlOR SALE-ACHE PROPERTY ON THE LINE OF . tho Chicago, Burlington 4 Quincy Railroad, inflec tions 18, 22, kl, 27, and 2d, Town lit), 1 tango 12, la tracts to suit purchasers. Alsolu Sections 10, 11, nndls, Town SB, Rango 13. Ogdon-av,—Several largo lots fronting Ogdon-av. and Douglas Park.; may bo subdivided uml sold at largo , Chiengo-av.—Several iloo lota near . North av.—Finely improved business property corner Norlh-av. and Church-st. G. 8. HUBBARD, JR., IsaWashhißion-st. ITIOR SALE-LOTS AND AGUE PROPERTY AT . Norihwcstarn car-shops; Cl) acres of tho finest land joining the car property; the best bargain by oil odds to bo bod in that .vicinity; also 2d lota uu Ohicago-av. and Kcdzlo-st., noar llumbuldt Park, and 40 hits fronting on Fullerton and Kimblo-avs.: no cash down from thoso that will build. LARKIN 4 JENICS, at tholr now office. 146 LaSallo st., Major Block. _ IpOR SALE—SM ACRES IN RK S( OF2. 18. 13, 07,000, ■ live acres in Lake Viow, $13,500. PHILIP AIYERS 4 CO., 18 Major Block. IpOR SALE-LOTS IN EVANSTON 23 FOOT FRONT } by ICO (loop, with 20-foot alloys ami 75-foot street for £300; this Includes sidewalk and trees: terms, M cash, balance 1, S, and 8 years, or slomonthly payments; lib oral terms to parties who will build. ROBERT COM MONS, 142 LaSallo-st. For bale-at south englewood-onk 2«- n ac «ort^b?. :, ',W , .r on . o . 3 ’ ,loro lot * $13,000; usual tonus. u. R. BROUSE, £1 Wanlilngton-st., Room 2. T7OR SALE-ACRE PROPERTYSOUTII AND WEST X* of tho city. HENRY J. GOODRICH, Real Estate Broker, 125 Uoarborn-st. , IpOR SALE-9 LOTS AT PARK SIDE, NI3ARSTA } Uon; trees on them; 60x163; oaat of Stony Island-w.; cheap. Also lots in Ulrich 4 Bend’s subdivision ou Sov cnty-llfth st,. east of Stony Island Boulevard: choun. ULRIOH 4 BOND, 87 Doarbom-st. EOR BALE-162 LOTS AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD, price $250 each. Will soil 4 choice lota for $1,009, payable $250 cash, and (bo balance at tbo ond of 4 years at 6 par cont, with tbo privilege of paving at any time before maturity in sums of SSO and upwards, Ootnploto abstracts furnished each nurohasor. MATSON HILL, Real Katnto Ottiuo, 108 and 110 Doarburo-st. For bale-ioo feet on michigan-av., near lorty-BOCond; onu-thtnl enuh, balance nine years’ time. Also, two comers on Wabash-av.. south of city limits. B. E. GROSS, Iloom 15, Major Block. FIR RALE—ON EASY TERMS, BUILDING LOTS near now Northwestern Railroad car-shops, and with in two blocks of depot. Cull ami examine; no trouble to show property. A. C, ODELL, Room 19, 123 Dear buro-st. FOR SALK-20 oil 49 ACRES ON O. B. A Q. R. R., near Hawtborno. very dosirnblo for an iuvostmout. J. H. KEELER, 145 Olark-st., corner Madison. Foil SALB-ENOLEWOOD-WABABII-AV., ON 15 block from elation, oast front, all grovo, 165x170. •Tlioro it no finer residence property In op orimml Chicago. The location will suit tbo most fastidious, as It Is only a short distance to tbo South Park; 28 passenger trains each way daily; commutation $46 par year. 11ULDURL) A CO., 208 LaSallo-st. TJIOR SALK-ENQLEWOOD-CO ACRES ON HAL* X* atod-st. at adocidod bargain, UULIIURD A 00.. 208 LaSallo-st. For halb-englewood-$3,r00 house and lot* centrally located, Moash audJlWa month until paid for. HULBUUD A CO., atii LaSallo-st. FOR SALK-CHOICE RESIDENCE LOTS IN OS borno's Addition to Hawthorn, on 0. B. A 0. R. R. ( only IJ4 miles from city limits; are most desirably situated nearpgdeii-av., graveled drive-way from tho city the on tiro distance. Will bo sold In monthly pH-mouta from SIM 10 *3OO. JOHN O. 03U0KNK, No. 135 UMtMaiH aon-st., Room?. • EOII BALK-IN AUSTIN—IO ACRES AT A RAR gnln. Also SOaoros on Lako-st. on easy lorms; tho host thing on tho market. W. R. WOODBURY. 6d Washing too-at., Roomfi. X' statoof cultivation, 82 miles from Chicago, on Fort Wayne Railroad, at Hobart; price, SBS per acre, payable Slower month. Office days, Friday and Monday U to 8. . EARLE, owner, Room 3, basement 163 Monroo-st. liIQR SALK-AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD. 4 6-AOIUS X 1 blocks, near tbo depot, aud fronting Kighty iovenlh •t„ SI6OO per acre, payable one-filth caiti, and uulanuo at tho ond of 8 and 6 yours, 8 per cent. Will release half-aero lota at any lima upon payment of amount duo on iho part released. MATSON If ILL, KB end 110Duarburn-at. (baso inonl oH'ioo In Kondall Building). FOR SALE. T7IORBALE—ONEDROP-LKVKII SCALE. 9.61U LRB„ X lu perfect order. Inquire of J. 11. SMITH, 48 South Clark-at, F' )R BALE-CHEAP! CHEAP! OHEAPI FOR cash, one Vcuuul Compass and chain. Address A 03, Tribune office. TBOH SALE-WIRE CLOTH. AT WHOLESALE AND X' retail. WM. AA. W. WHEELER, Hl6 Htato-st. ITtOU HALE-ABOUT 60 FEET OF ROUGII BHELV- X' Ing; cheap. Apply at 153 and l6sSouth Walor-st., ioornntllnor. DIVORCES. fSIVOROEK-LEOALLY OBTAINED—FEE AFTER XJ decree. Scandal avoided. Nlnoyuars’ inactlcula (be courts of Chicago. Adtlreis X*. L>. Box loJ7. Divorces obtained'for causes, all law buxlutii kUeudid Vo, l\am 8, Sil South Olark-st. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, MAY 6, 1873. COUNTRY BEAL ESTATE. TDOR BALE—A HANDSOME LITTLE COUNTRY JL* seat, all oomplotoly-furnlshodi plenty of shade and wlll uko Partin trade. LARKIN ft JUNKB, U5 LaHallo-st. l?OU RALK-SPLUNDtD FARM IN KENDALL AND MVJ«a n 2 l ?,?v oll, iySs". c,J ' J^ or ?"“ at ft bargain. I’lllLH’ MYBR9 ft 00., Major Blnok. FOR HALE-OR EXCHANGE FOR CHICAGO City property—A lot of C acres, small house, ham. fruit trees, .to., in tho village of St. Charles, JIS miles west of Chicago. Alio, moral good farms, small and large. In that vicinity. H. H. JONES, Room 33 south oast corner Adams-st. and Flfth-av., Chicago. TBOH HALK-A FLOUR MILL, A' with ll notes of land, including mill pond, situated 8j miles southoastnt Madison, Wls.t eiro of mill-house, IkJxfi) ft., three stories in height, containing throo run of ■lone, driven by o 18 inch Dayton wheel. with bond of water from oto 7 foot on a uovor falling stream. Alio, hog-pons ami sloamor house, Ml In good order. Price, 86,000; will take part payment In city property. For par tlculnrs apply at 336 llliiu Island-av. REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED— ONE ACRE OP LAND FOR A REHl donee, within an hour’s rldn of Chicago. Address A P7, Tribune otlico, stating prlco and terms, nnd giving description of property, _______ TXT ANTE!)—HOUSE AND LOT ON WEST HIRE. it about SI,OOO. nil cash, for ncustomor. WHITNEY ft CO», HO LaSnllo-st. \\T ANTED—LOTS I LOTS I LOTSI-WR hAVE A it eashouilombrtorgoodlnfildhiglols. JACOBC.MA GILL, 81 and 83 South Olark-st. ■W ANTr:,, -' I ACRES’ ACRES I—WE HAVE i r constant Inquires for aero property; can make quick , Bales at good prices. JACOB C. MAG ILL, 61 ami 83 South Clark-st. BOARDING AND LODGING. West Side. nn ABERDEEN-ST.—ELKOANTLY-FURNISHED *j\j rnnms; board and everything llrslclnns, homo- Ul:o. nnd stylish, lu largo marblo front; oholou of rooms can bo ongagwl. ; A_(\ NORTIi -OREEN-BT.—GOOD BOARD, AIRY TtU rooms; terms $4.60 per week. Apply for four days. n A HONORE-ST —ANICKLYi'URNIsfIED FRONT I room for Rent nnd wife or (wo gouts; also unfur nished room or ologamly furnished front parlor for two, with hoard. QQ SOUTH BANGAMON-BT.—A NICELY-FUU- Qty Pithed front room, ou second floor, with board. OAO WEST WAHIUNGTON-ST. - A LARGE, £j\J%J pleasant, front parlor to rent, furnished or un furnished, with heard. Table boarders accommodated. OOQ WEST MdNR6E.sf.-BOA"RD AND HAND eomoly furnished hack parlor and front room fur. BUhod or unfurulsbud. Brick houso of modem improve ments. OOQ WEST MONROE-BT.-HANDSOMELY FUR- Dished back parlor; also largo front room, fur nished or unfurnished, to gentleman and wife or single gonlloraon; brick houao; niodorn improvements. QQ/» WEST ADAMSST.-CAN ACCOMMODATE 0013 persons with nicely-furnished rooms oudflrst class tablo; also ono or two day boartjors. AND 116 WEST MAD leou-st.—Everything first-class; terms $Q por day; tablo board $6 por wook. OT. CHARLES HOTEL, 48 AND 48 SOUTH DKS- O nlalnos-st.; 82 por day; board and rooms $7 to $3 por wook. Host nceonimocnUuus at this houao. THE OTTAWA HOUSE, m SOUTH HALSTKD at.—A largo, now 8-slury building, recently lilted up for hotel purposes, will open on Monday, May 6, for tho accommodation of tho public. Hoard by the week from 8«to86{ by tho day, 81. CHARLES W. MONROE. South Sifto. MELDIUDOE.OOURT~PESmAHLR ROOMS, UN sulto oV elntrlo, furnished or unfurnished. Da;. hoarders accommodated. I’rlcoa reasonable. A Q HUIIBARD-COURT-NEW BOARDING-HOUSE; :±D first-class boord, with room, $4 to $5.60 per week, with uso of piano; day-board, 84. Q7 O MIO 111 G A N-A V.-NIOELY-FURNISHED OlZl front rooms, with or without board. Day-boarders accommodated. QOQ MICHIGAN.AV.-TO RENT—FURNISHED OOV orunfurnUhed rooms, with or without board; also a 60-foot barn. CiZ Q STATK-ST.-A FEW MORE GOOD BOARD' yrJOora at Dayloy Hotel. ffCI WABASII-AV—LARGE SQUARE ROOM, WITH IOX first-class table, for two gentlemen; also, single room. Table boarders accommodated, QOUTHWHST CORNER OF WABASII-AV. AND O Twonty-third-bt.—Board f&r pontloman and wife; also, accommodations for a iow goutlomon. Uontocl locatluu. ’Country. TTUJRNISIinD OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO X' rent, with board. In tho beautiful suburban town of Wlanotkq. Inquire at Dr. STULL’S oilico, 863 Wabash-av. Miscellaneous. TtfARRIED LADIES WHOSE HUSBANDS ARE X'X away from homo n largo part of the time. or elnglo ladles wishing board, ennimd good accommodation In ft business part of tho city, at reasonable rates, 'buses and street cars convenient, by addressing O S3, Trllmno office. BOARD WANTED. Board-with room for gentleman and wife, In private family or small boarding houso. Ad dress N 10, Tribune office. , Board-a lady would like room and board north of Elghtccntli-st., on South Bldo. I* ab sent through day. Address for threo days N17,-Tribuno ofUco. TJOARD—FOR SELF. WIFE, AND TWO -OHIL- X> drou, 6 mid Byears old. «» iyj>tjin half an rldo of Chicago. Address CASHIER, Cornu. BOARD-WITH A PRIVATE FAMILY AND SUITE of rooms, tm Aral floor, not furnished, lor a gentle man and lady; within four blocks of corner of Twenty* third and Stato-ats.; giro tho street and number. Ad dress U 3, Tribune office. TJOARD—AND ROOM-BY A SINGLE GENTLE JJ man, on West Side. House must have modern im provements. Will nay liberal for first-class accommoda tions. Aildross M 13, Trihuno otflqo. _______ BUSINESS CHANGES. A LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR HALE, IN THE CITY of Louisiana, Pika Co., Missouri, 117 miles nbuio St. Louis, on tbu Mlr.dii&ippl River, with till the necodjary ar rangomonts for tho pork business, smoko-houso, etc., with Uiroo acres of ground attached. This is a raruchaneo for any parly desirous of going into tbo pork and provision buiieus*, us tho turrmindliij'country is well stocked with bogs, and n ready market fur iho rnlo of the product olthor tn St. Louts or Chicago. For further particulars, apply to GILBERT PRYOR 4 CO., Provision Brokers, No. 150 Kant Wasliiiir.Uin-at. A HARK CHANCE —A DRUG STORE, ESTAlt llsliod seven years, in a thriving town of 1,000 inhab itants, now doing a good business, for saio. Stock about £3,5(0. Sales, ftß.uou per annum. Will toll or rent atoro building. Inquire of JOHN McKINNEY, Sturgeon Boy, Dorr Cu., Wla. A RETAIL GROCERY, DOING A BUSINESS LAST your with a groii profit of $19,000. Sold on accouut of 111 health. Terms cash. AddresaZ 17, Trihuno oißco. An. ESTABLISHED PAINT-SHOP FOR SALE, with tools, ladders, and some stock, everything com plclo for carrying on tho business, at half price. Addrosa A 91, Trlbnnootlico. A FIRST-CLASS MEAT AND VEGETABLE MAR JV. kot, on the corner ol two principal streets on tho West Side; everything new. Addro»s U2, Tribune olflco. A CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING BUSINESS FOR Mdo or oxclisnc© tor teal estate or patent right*. D. STONER, Patent Solicitor and Negotiator, 126 South Olark-st. IJUSINUSS INTERESTS SOLD; PARTNERS PRO -IJ cured. Good ©pollings on baud fur men with s6tw to £10,000; worth Investigating, J. E. KIMBALL, 126 Dearborn-st. Boarding house for sale, a splendid op portunity lor any person wishing to go lulu tho bail net's. Reason for selling, wishing to retire from tho busi ness. For parllculara call fromto 11 a, m., or 2(o lp, in., this week, at 222 East Vanßuron-st. Do nut cMI on Sunday. . IpOR HALE-A HALF INTEREST IN A WELL E3- 1 tabllahod hardwaru busiuciH that will bear a close in vestigation. Capital required—sß,ooo or SIO,UK). Address D 26, Tribune ulliuo. Grocery stock and fixtures, kstab lished 6 years, doing good trade. Beit location on South Side for cash trade. Address B 98. Trlbuno oOlce, HALF-INTF.UEST IN A PAYING, ESfAIfIXSIIKD nmnufßoturliig imtdnosa in Gmail Rapids for ralo; good buHlnufai man and about sß,Odd romiired. A 1 olmuco. Fullest itivesUgatlua eollcitod. J. E. KIAIBALL, 126 Doarbornat, ' ONE OFTHE BEST MARKETS ON THE WEST Sido for eulo: tbo profits tor 18T2 wore over £(l,uk); Sood rouHuns for Holllng; those moaning bnsiuoss may ad rois A U O, Tribunu ullico. NEW GROCERY ON WEST SIDE (COST $1,000), willbosuldfnr SOOO or less. Good lease, now stuck and fixtures. Will positively bo Bold tu-day nt tuuuo price. No hotter chance, fur a couple of enterprising men, In Chicago. Good business already established. Inquire of EDWIN A. RICE 4 CO., 147 Randolpb-at. I)AUK BUSINESS OIIANOE-1N ORDER THAT I Xb may davulo more timo to banking, 1 offer for sale or rent my storo-room, 20x60, two Btorlua high, dwelling Ad joining. Splendid collar under tho whole, with good wnrohouflo, barn, and othor outbcildlugs convonJoiif. Havo built up within tho last fifteen years a largo and prompt-paying trade; have tho uldoatnnd best business corner In town; nurruundod by ono of tiio host funning communities in tho State; and to a live man, who moans business, will offer a good bargain and on reasonable terms. H. D. ALFRED, Jn., Cambridge, HI. QAI.OON AND RESTAURANT FIXTURES FOR O ealo olioai), If taken Immediately. Apply at No. 09 West llandolpli-Bt. OPKCIALTY TO THU RIGHT PERSON WHO IS O willing to glvo tlmo and attention, and can command $5,000. can associate themselves In a manufacturing hu-d --no«s, largo cash orders on hand, and security will bo glvonfortlio money invested, and SIO,WW guaranteed. Call cr address WETU FRILL A 00., caru Bard A Foote, IfeJSlnlc-at., Chicago, ill. rno DRUGGISTS—FOR HALE—AN EXCELLENT X drug stand, doing a splendid business, situated In a prosperous and growing city, 85 miles from Chicago. To a party with u capital m about SS,UCUn rare otiportunKy.U offered, For tonus, reasons for selling, Ac., apply to HANNA, BAUUHTT A 00., 0 aud 10 Doarborn-st., Chicago. . rnO RICNT-01l LEASH FOR BALK-A 8-STOIIV X and basement house, well looatod, and adapted for Ico-croam parlors and lino restaurant, ou Wnhaalwav. In (|ulro at FuLKY'H, 87 South Clark-at. rno PARTIES SEEKING IBUSINKH9 WE HAVE X for brlu drug, hardware,.and grocery stores. Grncory South Side, corner store, good trade. All at MoPHEU KON A OQ.*S Agency, lUJ Wuildngton-st., Room 25. WANTEU-PAin’IES HAVING SMALL OAIMTAL, Tv wishing to mo ko money fast, call at ll'J Dearborn at.. Room 8. Pond patnuts wanted. PERSONAL* INFORMATION WANTED-OF ELLEN ROYD, J.liy bor sister, Nancy Royd, No. 220 West Polk-st. liEHSONAL-A WIDOWEII WITHOUT CHILDREN X wishes to correspond with soinu ladies, ago Ik) to 40; object matrimony. Address, with real name, with con fidence, where au iuterviow cuu bo had, U 1, Tribune office. PERSONAL - LEXTER 11E0EIVED. WRITE again. K. IJEIISONAL-BUNDAY. TURNER HALL; PARTY X In balcony with fun. Please address old friend MW, Tribune odium FOUND, HiOUND-A SMALL MARE, WHICH THE OWNER X* can havo by proving property and paying espouses, liniulre at Nu. <6 Sliolto-st. fMAKKN UP-ONE LARGE BAY HORSE. OWNER X can liava same by proving in-op 'rtr, iiai liui charges, and taking him away. K. EUWAIIDS A BON, Caigrolu Hoojo, Beutb Oblcsgo, 111, TO BENT~HOTJSES. TO RENT—THUEB-STORY HOUSE, 1093 WABASH* av., near Twonty-fourth-st.j 10 rooms, modern con* yonloncos. Inquire of BOLON MoICLUOV, No, S3 Bryan Block. mO RICNT-FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS HOUSE X No. .70 South Bnnganiim.Bt. Apply on promises, mo RENf—FIRST-CLASS RKHTDICNOR 4.fOENTRE* A av.; poiaoailon given Immediately; alio throe good of* floo -rooms 829 West Madison si. Apply to Dr. N. S. BARNES, 828 West Madison-st., Room 3. T“0 RENT—B-STORV, BASEMENT AND BUB-OKL lArmarlilo.frnnt house, all modern Improvements, In* eluding furnace, No. 880 West Washlnglim-st. Apply at No. 337 West Randolphs). fop terms. ■ niO RENT—SEVHRALdOTTAORS, HOUSES. AND .1 stores. Apply at the real estate otlloo of HENRY J. GOODRICH, lift Dearborn-si. TO RENT-UOUaUS-NO. 91, 28, 38 AND 80 ON Thirty.aevonlh-st., between Lake ana Elllsavs. ; In Bnod repair, at reasonable rent. S. E. WELLS, 168 lonrborn-sl. 110 RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE ON PRAIRIE.AV. . andThlrty-llrst-Rt. Inquire of W. D. ALLEN, 141 Btalo-at. j ■ T- O RENT—O-ROOM COTTAGE, 909 McGREQOR st., lintwoon Twenty-fourth ami Twonly-llflh-sla.; S3O per month. Inquire of 0. W. SHELDON, Room P, Cub tom House. T* O ' RENT—NIOR 4.R00.M HOUHR, 920; 6-ROOM homo, $25; good neighborhood. O. \V, DEAN, 183 Soufh Clark at., Room 16. fllO RENT—A TWO-bTORY BUILDING. 13 ROOMS, X and closets; gas and wator. 110 HluoLat., botwoou SodgwlckanJ Wells. . ' qiO RIiNIvijRAUTIFUL COTTAGE, 460 WEST IN- X dlnna-at. Also dwelling, 414 Madlaon-st. W, WAL* LEU, No. 8, asostato-Bt. ' 110 RENT—TWO-STURY HOUSE. 477 HUBBARD. . at., with largo garden; will bo repaired; rent, $35. W. WALLER, No. 3, 820 Btato-st. HID RENT-DWELLINGS, NO. 8 NORTH ADAST., X 7 rooms; 231 Writ llnmioiph-at., 6 tumnanversloro. Apply to OMAR BUSIINELL, 180 Doarborn-st., Room 11 and 12. mo RENT-HOUSE 291 PARK-AV., LARGE LOT, X SEO per month. Apply at 168 Btato-st. O. W. STE VENS. TO RENT—THE LATE RESIDENCE OF THIS REV. E, J. Goodspood, Nu. 867 West Jackson-st., 16 rooms, all modem Improvements, attic 94x64, largo grounds. 66* 180, bam, oto. This property will bn loaaedforononr a term of years to a first-class tennnt,chcap, Soo owner on promises. TO RENT—FRAME HOUSE CORNER OF Twolflh-st. nnd lodlann-nv. For terms, apply to 11. M. OURTIH, 107 EastTwolfth-st. Hid RENT-HOUSE NO. 107 SOUTH JEFFERSON* X st., 8 rooms. A. P. DOWNS 4 CO., 162 Washlng ton-at., rooms 18 nnd 19. • rro KENT—HOUSE OP 0 ROOMS, NICE LOOA JL tlnn fora small hoardlng-houso, 160 Fourth-ar. S. H. JONES, Room 23 Rollgio-Phlloiophlcnl Publishing House, southeast corner ot Adnmt-at. andFlftb-nv. TO RENT—IO*ROOM HOUSE ON PEORIA AND Tylor-ats., 850. Ton-room house on Sangamon and Itnndolph-sU., $65. Ton-room housoon Qroon-at., near Washington, $75. T. B. BOYD, 160 West Washington- TO RENT-HOUSE OF EIOIIT ROOMS. CLOSETS, oto., gas ami water, 167 Warron-ar.: all Id good order; brat-darn neighborhood. Apply to 0. E. HOLMES, cor. South CHuion-at. mo rf7tn-furnishkd residence at iitqii** X land Parks root. SIWO, Addroiu Room 23, Tribuuo Building. TO RENT —HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS, cheap to good tenants. JACOB C. MAUILL, 91 and 63 South ChrVst. TO RENT-DO NOT PAY A HIGH RENT XINTIL you hate soon tho cottngo and lot wo hnvo for“l,r>so— cash, balanco monthly. HESS, WHITING A CO.. 14d LaHullo-st. TO RENT—NICELY'.FURNISHED COTTAGE. 7 room* and bath-room. Gas aud water, and good barn. 567 Weal Adaros-eU TO RENT-HOUSE NO. UO3 INDIANA-AV. t GOOD houso, can bo routed low. THOS. A. HILL, 123 Dearborn-si. ; • TO RENT—OCTAGON MARBLE FRONTS. MIOHI nan and Prairlo-arfl, near Twonty-nlnth-st., 4 story: Sr will soil, SI,OOO down, balanco 5 years. E. ASHLEY IP.AUS. npO RENT—OR FOR SALE—A FIRST-CLASS MAR. X bio front house, with all modern Iruprovomonls, on Indlaua-av., near Thlrtoonth-at, U. F. ELDRBD & CO., 155 Muuroo-at- mo ItENT—LARGE BRICK HOUSE, SUITABLE X for hotel and boarding-house, at Highland Park: rout taken In board. E. ASHLEY MEARS, 2CO LaSallo-at. Suburban. rpo RENT-SEVERAL HOUSES IN NORTH EVAN- X stop, and ono in Glencoe; or will sell for monthly pay monta. O. E. BROWNE, Orovor'a Block, Evanston. mo RENT—6 ROOMS AND CLOSETS, UP STAIRS,

X in Lake View, 2 blocks from North Clark-at. cars. Apply at H)1 Enet Madlaon-at. mo RENT-A FINE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick house. 10 rooms, all modem Improvements: $55 pormonth; In Cottage Grove. J. C. McOORD & CO., 100 Uoarborn-at. T6~rent- at winnetka-uouse, iq rooms, barn, outhouaos, 6 acres of garden fruit-trees, grovo shrubbery, oto., looking oror Lako Michigan, 3 bTnoks from depot, S6O per month. Call on T. B. SIIEPERD, at Wtnuotka. TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS EN SUITE OR 'single;also two largo unfurnished parlors, with all modern Improvements, In tnnrhlo front houao No. 13 Rldrldgo court. Alsu largo dining-room, or whole base rnout. , HIO.RENT—ELEOANTLY-FURNISKED ROOMS, BY x the <iay, wcou, urmuaiti, m Williams* Dluok, No. U7 Doarbom-at.; charges reasonable. TO RENT-A PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT room, with or without beard, suitable tor two gentle men, or man and wife, cheap if taken immediately. Ap ply at 200 WostMndlson-at. rro RENT-MI WAD ASH-AV.-PLEASANT FUR- X nliliod and unfurnished rooms wJUi alcovo, water, cos. Ao. Root reasonable. Apply to ENOS TURNER, W EasfcMndlson-st. * fllO RENT—A SUITE OP TWO FURNISHED FRONT X roonia, with or without board, at IBoThlrd-av. TO RKNT-5 ROOMS, ALL IN NICE CONDITION, soar poet-olHco. Ito tit reasonable to unod tenant. JOHN M. WAU’B, m Doarborn-st. mo RENT—BF.AUTiFULLYFURNISIIED SUITES X of rooms In marble block, overlooking Like. No. 2a Twenty-llflfi.Bt. Inquire of PALMERi COLT, U! Wash* Ington-st. TUO RENT—A FRONT AND BACK PARLOR FUR- X nlshed for two or throe gontlomoa, without board. Addrmm N 18, Tribune office. rro REN’f-NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS. SINGLE X or on suite, at 776 Mlchlgan-av., near Twonty-ioc ond-st. TO RENT-OH WEST SIDE, CONVENIENT TO business, lower part of houso of livo rooms and part of hnsnun'iit and garden. Cheap to good tenant. Apply at 1113 Stntu-st., third floor, from It) to 4. X houso to lor 3 Bluglo gentlemen. Call at 1U South Groon-st, rp6 RENT—G FINE ROOMS AND BATH ROOM, I X hlook from street earn, $35. Apply to R. RANDALL, 16 Silver-at.; or R. KENNEDY, Real Estate Agent, Room 26, Hii Clark-st. mO RENT-UNFURNISHED ROOMS. SUITABLE X for gentleman and wife, without children, or would bo rented singly to gentlemen. 21 Cottage Oruvo-av. hto: RENT—DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS. X with hot and cold bath; two unfurnished parlors, ami front basement, at 472 Wabash-av. T“ ORENT^TIIIIKE~NICELY FURNISHED SLEEP ■ lur rooms, nlth plenty of light ond air, at 73 West Madibun-st., up stairs. 16 RENT—IN THOMPSON'S BLOCK, A SUITE OF . 6 rooms ; gas, water, and wator-otosots, suitable for housekeeping, 235 West Miullann-st. WILLIAM 11. THOMPSON, 229 West Madtson-st. rno RENT—SOB WAHASH-AV., LS BEING NEWLY X furnished, pnpored and painted, and will ho kept by tbo owner. Gentlemen ana thotr wives, or single gentle men, will front rooms, without board. Day board obtained neat door. References required. fpO RENT—2£I) CALUMKT-AV.—FIRSTHAND SEO* X ond storiesseparntoat $35 and S4O par month; very pleasant ior two small families. . fpO RENT-THE UPPER STORY OF 137 MATHER- X st., uearllalstotl; Grooms, closots, water, and sower; elegant house and nearly now. -Rout, S3O monthly in ad vance. a tO RENT-FIVE ROOMS, THE UPPER STORY . la housoNo. 81 South Greon-st. Applyou the prom- RO3. mo RENT-FOR ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN, X furnished rooms, well ventilated; QIU aqd sl3. 164 West Waililngton-st. rno RENT— A NIUELY-FURNIHHED FRONT ROOM X with closet and gas, sultablo for two gentlemen; ref erences exchanged. Apply at 1060 Wabasn-av. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED-TO RENT—A FURNISHED BEDROOM if In some house whore tboro aro do boarders; must bo convenient. Hunt mu«t bo moderate. Address, stating terms, M $3, Tribune ottico. (. n T\TANTED-TO RENT-ON THE SOUTH SIDE, A it small cottapo or pari of a homo, furnished or un furnished, siidnbln for housekeeping for two persons* Cull on or address AI. STRAUrt.S.No. 9LaHalle-st. WANTED— TO RENT-THREE OR FOUR ROOMS fur housekeeping, on West Side, oimvonlont to Madlaon-st. corsi root, not to exceed s3ojior mouth. An gy tod. M. ( Grand Central Clothing House, 112 and lit tato-st. WANTED— TO RENT-A GOOD HOUSE, WITH 13 to U room* in good order, and tv good bant for throo horses aud carriage; neap Union Hark preferred. Call or address It. TOWLES, 163 East Washlngtoo-at. . \ATANTED—TORENT—SMALLCOTTAGEOH PART T| ofboasobra family of throo’ adults, In a desirable location; West aide preferred. Terms uot to exceed $35 per month. Address Nl, Trlbnuo office. WANTED— TO'RENT—A FLOOR OF FIVE OR HIX rooms, suitable for housekeepings South Hide, north of imrtiotb-st. References exchanged. Address . U 90, Tribuoo office. W‘" ANTED-TO . RENT-nr A YOUNG MAN-A single furnished room In a private family, anywhere between fourteenth and Twonty-soocnd-sts., and oast of biato; can give good references. Address UIOO, Tribune olUco. WANTUO-TO KENT—ON Wnrreuor Park-avs., ami east of Wotdoru-av., by tholOlh Inst., a comfortable house of from 6 to 8 rooms. Rout must bo moderate. Address MARTIN, General OQioou Chicago A Northwestern Railway WANTED-TO RENT-AT ONCE, 4 OR 6 GOOD rooms, near business portion of tho oily. Address it. s 11., Tribune ottlco. ANTED-TO RENT—IIY A GENTLEMAN, SIN. glo room, with or without board, nartli o£ Harrison and oast nf Union Park, at reasonable price, Address M 111, Tribune olllco. WANTED-TO RENT—UOUBKS—WE HAVE NU luonms applications foi houses from good tonouls, AjjjLL,_Hland MiHouth Olatk-Ht. SEWING MACHINES. riROVKRA UAKER'H HEWING-MAOIIINKH—GEN \X oral nlllop, 160 btnto st.; branch ollioo, 973 Wabailt sv. Persons having old Grover A Baker •awlng.iusohlnos are tnvllod to call and sea tho now Improvements, and boar something to their advantage. OiNpEROFFiOR UFA. J. MELOHERT, 915HOUTH kJ Hatsted-st. Maohlnos sold uu monthly payments, and rented. Opou evenings. WANTKD-A WHEELER A WILSON IMPROVED f f Sftw ng-machlno lu exchange lor Urst-oUss deutls try. Address AW, Tribune office. TVrUEELKU A WILHON HEWING MAOHINKH, M tho new improved sold or rooted mi eaiy monthly PiTinonts. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agiuti, uiticu, d3b West iUdiaoo-it. j will rouova about Slay J, lb7J, to 1U BUU-U * TO RENT—S TORES. OFFICES. &o. T~ O RKNT-STOnE, WITH ROOMS, AT 428 ELSTON* av. rno RENT-A ROOM 88x43 ON SECOND FLOOR.* X onrnoruf Lakoand Poorla-sts. j well suited for auololy purposes or light manufacturing; well lighted; water, gnu, ole. W.TI. PHARE, H3Lakallo-st. mo RENT-BASEMENT UNDER GOVERNMENT 1 goods depot, 193 nnd 107 East Lnko-st., 40x180 ft.. wilU use of oiovaturi oatraiioo front ami rear. Apply up. Rtnlrs. rRENT-STORRH-ELEGANT STORE 189 WEST Madlson-at., near Daisied, 25x83. Store 189 Wont Mndlson-st., near Ilalstod. 2(1x63. Store 78 South Hal. stod-st. D. COLE 4 BUN,' lluuio Agouti, lbß West Madison-st, TO RENT-A HANDSOME STORE IN BRICK building In Rockford,!)).; csntrunf business, 82x2t); dry-goods, clothing, or boot and shoo business proforrud; ?o B S *R| r y ° flr ‘ i ' ddrow ANTON SOIIICKER, Rook- O* RENT—BARN IN REAR OF HOUSE 169 WEST Adama-st. Apply at 75 South Snugnmon-st. 1' 10 RENT—OFFIOi ~AND~D RHK~ ROOM, CHEAP, .In tlno building, No, 210 LaßaHo-et., corner Adame. IS. E. RYAN 4 UO, rpO RENT-GOOD, LIGHT ROOMS. WITH STEAM X power. Inquire on promises, corner of VanUuren and Franklin-sls. rro’ RENT—A LIGHT, PRY BASEMENT. WITH X css nnd wator.froniinc on street and river.* Apply to WHEATON 4 HENDEItdON. 280 South Watorat.J TO RENT-SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH floors,. with power and elevator, 148 Olnrk-st., uoar Madison. Apply at SOU WEIZEIPB Colloo llouso. TO RENT-TWO VERY DESIRABLE DWELLINGS, about 10 rooms each, well, cljtorn, garden, do.; good location; S2OO and $225, respectively, per year, nr for tho summer, If desired. »W. 8. FLUSKEY, Real Estate Agent, Kenosha, Win. DIO RENT-HOUSE, FURNISHED COMPLETE, X will; pintle, 10 rooms. In thorough order, very conve nient, nobnaomont, bath nnd watcr-closot; far u months orlongers Mlchlgan-av., south of Twonty-slxth-nt. In quire of BASH 4 SIIAPLIfiY, Room 0, Otis Block, cor. nor LaSallo nnd Madlson-et. ' HID RENT-HOUSE ON WEST WASHINGTON-BT., X $35; bousa on lloyno-st., S6O; Coltngo, 7 rooms, nonr Boyne and Van Buron-sts, S4O. GEORGE D. PEASE, 70 WostMadUonst. . rpO RKNT-CUWABASU-AV., BRICK HOUSE, PUR- X nished. Apply at 111 Madison-st., Room 17. TO RENT-A HOUSE ON SOUTH PARK-AV., near Twonty-nlnth-st., 10 rooinn and clusols, wlln brick basement and modern Improvements. Apply at 266 Oottsgo Orovn-av. TO RENT-HOTEL ON TUB CORNER OP FIFTH* av. and Adama-at., containing 66 rooms, including bath-rooms, water-closets, laundry, hot and cold wator. Apply to ownor ou tho promises. TO RENT-LAUNDRY OF THE ST. CHARLES HO to), 49 South DoapUinog-at. rro KENT-FINE OFFICE, 14X15, SECOND FLOOR, X ats2o a mouth; also desk-roam aud lino slocping rooms, atlßj Washlnglon-st., llcoinl. TO RENT—DESK-ROOM IN A REAL ERTATR office, Apply at Room 19, southeast corner Madison andciatk-sts. TO KENT—FURNISHED DESK ROOM AT NO. 0 Statoat. P. 11. MOFFATT. TO RENT-OFFlblTs WELL LIGHTED. CON- TouloDt, and turotshod In. good stylo, At-i7 LaSalle at., noar Randolph; prices from sl3 to SSS. WM. 11. CONDON. 47 LaLnllc-nt., Room 2. mORENT-A WEST HIDE BASEMENT FOR DIN- X lug-rooms or manufacturing purposes. Call at 125 South Ollnton-at. oronD. S'fONEK, 125 (Jlark-st. TO RENT-TH U STORE NO. P3 fiOUTUHALSTED- Bt., 3-aloty and basement. Inquire of F. A. QUIN LAN. Room 2 Major Block, M 3 LaSalla-st., or of tho owner, 815 West Lako-at. ISf. QUINLAN. TO EXCHANGE. TO EXCHANGE—A FIRST-CLASS BRICK BESl donco on Washington-*!., near Lincoln. A largo flouring mill In n tino location, for merchant and custom work—will trado for a farm. Good suburban lota and CABhforhouao and lot worth sß,oooto $4,000 In city or country. A lino residence In Maywood for cottage and lot (n Chicago. Two cottages and lota In Ilydo Park for city lota. Good property on Lako-at., near Ann, for nubuebaa lota or cottngo and lot. R. KENNEDY, Real Estate Agont, 143 Olark-at., Room 2d. alO EXCHANGE-GOOD HOUSE WITH 10 LOTS AT . Mhywuod for smuo cash and other property: como and ico mo. COLORADO, Kuhns'llntoL O EXOHANGE-COTTAGK-GROVE-AV,, near Egnn-av., 109 loot front, rained at $111,500, hart cash, balance lu farming lands. \VM. D. i'ALMEU i CO., No. 146 LaSnllo-at., hoseinont. fro EXCHANGE—WE HAVE SOME DESIRABLE X city business property to exchange for n farm or a real donco. KERB, DAVISON A WELCH. 142 LcSallo-at. r. EXOHANQK-315,000-125x450 FEET, EAST front, onOlarU-it., nonrDivorsoy-ar., with 14-room, 3-story, brick baaomont dwelling, for residence In Brook* lyn or Now York- T. B. BOYD, 180 West Waatilugton-at. a 10 EXCHANGE-GRAIN .brick residence, at Lanark. 111., forelock of goods. Inquire of J. L. SPROOLE, 127 LnSnllo-st. rpo EXCHANGE—4OO ACRES OF VERY HEAVILY X timbered land for real estate or merchandise. Subur ban property for a good farm. 1 block noar Union Park for unimproved property north of Flltloth-st. O. L. MANN A E. A. CONGUON, Room 18, 113 LnSnllo-st. TO EXCHANGE-TWO LOTS ON SOUTH CANAL nt., near Harrison: will exchange for house and lot or f;ood farm within tiOmlloa of Chicago; also some ciiolco ota on Stato-st, to exchange fur improved city property. L. A. GILBERT A CO.. 206 LaSallo-st. WrANTED-TO EXCUANOK-A CHOICE SRLEO f i tion of groceries, lung lenso of atoro, for a suburban lot or saloon stand. Call 760 Ashland-av. WANTED— TO EKCUANOI3—AN P.LKOANTLY. embroidered China ornpo Miawl (while) entirely now, for a good parlor carpet. Addrosa QBtl, Tribune otlico. TtfANTED—TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRY tt goods, notion*, clothing, furnishing goods, boots and shoes, and furniture, 3 farms in Mason County. 111., all under a good state of cultivation, noar market and railroad—ouo farm of 115 aoros. ono of 24-1 acres, and ouo of 335 acres. Also a tlno now dwelling houso and 2 lots In tho City of Poorla, 11)., with nil modem Improvements. Tho titles aro perfect- Ail worth $60,000 cash. Will trado part or nil. Address Box 1442, Peoria, 111. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. Arrived, last night, a oar load op good hones. Nut? on band. A Bond assortment of nil graded. Also, a few putilus, buggies, oxpresa wagons, audharncas; now ami second-hand: am! must bo sold. 261 andi'tTiStAto-ot. BRADLEY & WILLS. *A UCTION “EVERY SATURDAY OF GOOD BUSl ii nogs horses, buggies, wagons, and burnous. Partins having hones to soli will tiud ready aalo at my stable, LI Hanmm-court. A NO. 1 RIO FOR SALE—HORSE, RUGGY, AND harness will bo sold cheap for cash. Cauhuaoou at 113 Wont Madison, or rear of 15 and 17 llannon-court. C'IAURIAGKS— JUMP-SKAT BUGGIES, PHAETONsT J etc., sold at Eastern factory prices, at 10 and 13 West Rauclolph-et. 11. J, EDWARDS. IPOII SALE—QIIEAP—UY A PARTY WHO IS I.EAV . lug for Etiruno. u good horse, enltablo far buggy or oxprcfs; price, SIOO. Apply, fromß to 10, Tuesday, at 413 Weal Van Uuron-Bt. 1?OR SALK-A FAST COLT : A FINE ROADSTER 5 . a very Rout lo driver: top buggy and harness: tbo most beautiful uinrclntuoStatc. itearof lOGOWabaali-av. TJOR EXCHANGE—A Xj cemia or oarrlago for a smaller and fast horse. Roar of 1060 Wabaah-aT. ‘ InOR SALK-A 4-YEAR OLD HORSE, NEW EX } press wagon andjiarnoas. Applyal2eo Wcs>Erlo-st. •T7OY SALE-HORSE, PHAETON. AND HARNESS? X 1 S3OO, or would oxuhnngo for a lirst-class top buggy. Address A 81, Tribune nllico. FOR SALE-SEVERAL DRIVING AND WORK horses; also, a splendid span of black horses, S years old, gouml, kind and gontlo. 68 and 70 West Moaroo-fit. IJLETCIIKR, LAZEAR& CHENEY AUK MANUKA C -1 luring lino Hrst-class buggies, buslnoss and road wa gons, etc., and soil them at lowest possible cash prices. Factory corner Sedgwick and DU Lion-sis.; salesroom 325 Klato-at. TjlOR SALK-A LARGE STOCK OF FIRST-CLASS X' carrlnccsiind buggies Just received at Nos. 27 and 23 South Ullmon-Bt., near Washington, 11. H. HILL. F“” OB SALK-A NEARLY NEW PHAETON. A llAll gain, Apply at Otmtro-av, Stables. ROBERTS A BROS. OR SALK—I’AIR OF JF.T BLACK. WELL matchod carrlagfl-horsce, perfectly gontlo and usud lo city, together with double harness auu carriage. Gail at stable mar of 288 Palmnot-av. T7IOR SALE-ONE HEAVY LUMBER WAGON, ONE X* single lumber wagon, ouo sot double humous. Can bo soon at No. 53 Twcuty-fourth-at. Jli; BKOOKMAN, 130 TWENTY-SEOOND-RT., • Ima for sale now and scoond-imml, open and top bug gies, phaetons, single and double-seated business wagons: also, a ear load of nldo aprlug Concord wagons, well adapted for business purposes, prioo S7O each. Carriages and buggies of every description to let by the mile, hour, day, week, month, or year, with or without bonus. ■p.OOKAWAY, 'PHAETONS, SLIDE SEAT. 1 !, TOP, Xvund open buggies In great variety, at 337 Stato-Bt.: low prices. P. L. SMITH. _ WANTED— HORSE—1 "WANT TO BUY A GOOD family horse. buggy, and harness. Will nay good Hboingor organ, balance cash. Address ti, Ml west Lako-st. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—WITH FROM SIO,OOO TO SIA,I'UQ to Join tho advertiser in buying out a fn at class hardware establishment. in which he has bad several roars'experience, the present owners Intending to retire from (lio business. Nona but thoso meaning business nood apply. For particulars and references, address HARDWARE, Drawer ‘J,3l2. Quincy. 111. PARTNER WANTED—TO TAKE AN INTEREST J, lutho stock and trade, nr real estate, of n No. 1 mer chant mill. Address WILLI AAIS A FUUMAN, Laolodo, Linn County, Mo. PARTNER WANTED—SI6,OOO TO s'lo,ooo WILL SE- X ouro a partnership lutorust In a safe, legitimate, and lucrative business welt established. Address A b\, Trib une office. PARTNER WANTED—IN A WELL ESTABLISH- X od cash retail dry goods house with s.W,ujt) capital!*) match an equal amount. An exoollont oppor tunity otforod, Address agency of TAPPAN, MoKILLUP 4U0., Chicago. pARTNFJi WANTED—EITHER ACTIVE OR BI- X lent, with SI>U(I to $l,0"0 cash, to upon n legitimate Saylug business risks. Address, lor throo rytt, J II 11, Room 8, 168 Washlngton-st. PARTNER WANTED—A LADY WITH S3OO T()$300 X capital, to take onodinlf interest In a lirsl-olas* dress making p&torn emporium, alto manufacture of hcciij mm of tlm host ohanooa over ottered lu this city. Address N W.-Trlbuno Qllioe. ■JJAUTNKR WANTED—IN A HEWING MACHINE X business well established and doing a profitable bust* ness, to lake tho place of a retiring partner. Gail or ad d runs 411 West Madlion-st. FIHTNER WANTED—HITHER ACTIVE OR Hl loiit. with $3,000 to, in a business that will pay hotter than auy other in city fur tho money Invested Pent of references glvon, Address, with name, UIW, Tribune office. REWARD. ©OK REWARD-LOST—A LEATHER POCKET -040 hunk, on Saturday evening, on J-aku-st., between Paulina and Green, containing a sum of money and cor- Utlcatuof deposit fur S6WI with L\mt, Prestuu & Kean, Bankers, Chicago, payment of which has been stopped. Tho above reward will ho paid uit the return of Ihe cer tificate, and no questions asked, up stairs, at 225 West Randplpli-»t. INSTRUCTION.' A FUENCIIMAN WHO IS WILLING TO LEARN JV hugliih wishes to ilnd some one (e live wiili him that wishes to team French. Inquire during the day at O. W. BAXTER A CO.’S mlllalouo factory, Wait Waler-st., foot '*f Waihiugtou, or aftorfio'olookatti3ourloyit., West Bids. WANTED—MALE HELP, BoolclcooporM, Glories, Eto, TyANTED—A YOUNG MAN THAT GAN OOMK YY well roootmnmitlod; must bo n good penman and out* reel in figures. Address, in ovn handwriting, M 48, Trlb* muiuollioo. W’ ANTED-A YOUNO MAN OF KXI'KHSRNOK IN tbo list ami cap business! references required. Apply alCOSmato-st. * • «i iw TyANTED—TWO NO. 1 SALESMEN; BEST OP j1 references required ; liberal salary. Apply at unco at Now York Oiio*Prjc« Clothing House, 79 West Washing* (on-sL, corner ol Jefferson, T\rANTED—AGTIVK YOUNO MAN AS OLEUK, Yt wlib snino knowledge of bookkeeping. Good refer* onccsrequired. Address A 08, Trlbunoomoo. WANTED— A YOUNG MAN ABOUTWOR 18, ONB who has been lu retail drug business o year or two. ApplyatlHiU West Madison-st. WANTED-GOOD STEADY BOY, 10 OB 17 YICABB YY old, that understands bookkeeping | roforonooro* qnliou. Gall a 1227 Twcnty-first-at. WANTED-AN INTELLIGENT, ACTIVE YOUTH to make himself useful in an olilco; must bo quick at figures mid write a good hand, Only.tbnso having un exceptional references need address, stating wages want* od, u 8, Tribune otfioo. Trattas. \\T ANTED—BY O. HAWLEY A CO., MoGREGOR, jjY lowa, two llrat-class trtimnora at once. WANTED-A CARRIAGE PAINTER SOON, AT lOWStato-st. WANTED-A BLACKSMITH, ONE WHO UNDER* II stands horso-shulng and wagon-work. Apply at 265 Cottage Orovo-av. WANTED— ONE OARRIAOE-PAINTER. GALL AT \y ANTED—SIX GOOD HOUSE-PAINTERS. H. >V LOVE’S Paint Store, 718 West Lako-st, WANTED-GOOD PAINTERS, AT 78 GRANT* TY place. P. L. lIAILAND. WANTED-FiVK”PLASTERERS AT CORNER OF T Y North Franklin and Wbltlng-sts.; Btoo a. in. PAINTERS,* bOUNICR FRANKMN . and WhUtug-sta., or COSTELLO A DODUE, Englowood. • WANTED-THRER GOOD COAT HANDS, THREE Vr good pants band-, one vest band, and one repairer. Inquire of T, F. PHILLIPS, lOand 12 Madlaun*at., up* stairs. WANTED-A SHOEMAKER THAT CAN MAKE VI good sowed and peg work; n steady man wanted; the highest wages paid. Unit immediately at 1778 Mouth Ilnlslcd-st., Union Slock Yards. PATRICK TIERNEY. ANTED-OARPENTERS*. AT CM FULTON-ST. TyANTED—A FIRST-CLASS SHAPER MACHINE* tt Hand. Nono hut a llist-clatm man need apply to BOWLES A BATES, rear 11 to 17 Uaual-st. • WANTED— 6 ALOIMI NEKS AND PAINTERS AT 783Stato*nt. The blgliost wages to good mon- .Call early. T\TANTED—A YOUNG MAN TO LEARN THE PIIO - togiophio art. A good chanco for one of the right Call at SMITH’S Gallery, 29 West RaodolpU-at. WANTKD-A nELL'UANGKiIs ALSO A LOOK. TT smith, at ÜBStato-at., in basement. *W* ANTKD—PLIIiIBEU, FOR JOBBING, AT 88 Tt Markot-st. WANTED - GOOD CLOTUINO-OUTTERS. IN VT quite of 11. A. KOIIN & JJUO. — 111, 12. und 14 Lake at. ~ WANTRD-SOMU FIRST-CLASS SHOEMAKERS Vf'iT. translating and uow work. A. GOLDMAN, 4« South Olark-st. WANTKD-BIIORMAKEUS ON TINE BEWED TT work, at J. CURTIS’ Factory, northwest corner Lake and Stato-sls., third lloor.' T\TANTED—CAKE-BAKER. APPLY AT 195 DEB** VV platnoa-et. D. E. MEURIAM. WANTED-AT THE ADAMS HOUSE, A MEAT TT cook, corner Clark and Uarriaon-sta. WANTED —A GOOD PAINTER. WHO CAN Vr Hlrlpo, Apply at 83 and 86 llllnols-st. J. \V. RLKDY. WANTED— TO• BOOKBINDERS—A FIRST-CLASS rulor and forwarder. Address, to-day,* M 67, Trib uno oQico, WANTED-TAILOR-A COATMAKER. TO GO TO TT acountrytown. Call atKIMQN MEYER, STRAUSS AGO., Wabash-w., 8-80 this morning. TALANTED—A FIRST-CLASS BTEAMFITTER TO TT not as foreman: one acquainted with all kinds of work; a good man with $3,000 or 63.000 could obtain an in terest in thu business, Address, with name, M 61, Trib une office. \\TANTED—A GILDER. INQUIRE. W. W. STRONG VT FURNITURE (JO., SCO and 209 Wabash-av. \\rANTED— THREE WOOD MACHINE HANDS; TT one fur tononor, one for upright shaper, one for throo-sldo moulder. Six cabinet-makers, accustomed to and office furnlutro. None hut compound, siondy men need apply, at F. E. CANDA & CO.'S Car Works, corner Blue Island av. and ICoboy-st. Employment Agencies, TTrAKTRD—MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY, T» and State, to sell nur now button-hole cutter and needle-threading thimble. Agents tbat wish the goods will save money and lime by buying direct of the manu facturers, at W East Wndtaon-st., Room 6, TATANTED—IMMEDIATELY, 6WI MEN FOR RAIL* TT roads, saw-mills, and farms. For particulars, apply to CHRISTIAN* BING, No. I South Clark, or 161 South Onnal-st. ■\\TANTED—IMMEDIATELY, 13 MEN FOR THE T T city and W0 for tho couulry. to li audio goods that soil at night. Mon are now making $lB to $43 a week. .Samples to country frod. A. RAY, i 5 and 27 West Lake. WANTED-25 RAILROAD MEN, 10 FOR STATION work; freufato; also U farm hands, $1 per day and board. O'J West Rauuolph-st., Room 3. TV r ANTED—2S LIVE LIEN; LIGHT WORK TILL TT fall, and good pay. Call from oto 4, at 178 West Waslilngton-st., up-stalrs. • Coaohmon. Teamsters. &c. TyAKTED-AT EVANSTON, MAN TO DRIVE CAR- V f rlnge and make nimaolf useful about a place. Callat 242 South Watof-st., Irnm 1 to2p. m. Miscellaneous* WANTED-GOOD, ACTIVE MICN READY FOR »» business, to call on or address JONHS A CO.. 71 South Oanal-st. S3O to SIU a week easily cleared. WANTED -AN EXPERIENCED ADVANCE. Agent. Address A 05, Tribune olllco, ■\Af ANTED—lIY~A JOBBING ROOT AND SHOE i t bouso la Boston, a salesman with &a established Western trade. Address Ror 2173, Boston Post-Ollico, Mass. W" ANTED—A PRACTICAL MAN CAPABLE OP ligiirlng and taking charge of slate and metal roofs. Apply at 363 West Randolph st. . WANTED— A NEAT, ACTIVE COLORED BOY TO wait cm tabic and work around tbe house. Apply at 761 Wabnsh-av. WANTED— OI'TTOE BOY. ADDRESS IN HAND wrltlng of applicant, stating age, etc. Address A 82, Trlbuno oHico. LOST— $30 REWARD—ON MONDAY MORNING, about Bo’clock, on North Clark-st,, from Division to Mlchlgan-nts., apookotbook containing S2O In money, a lease, a receipt, and a promissory note of $2ol», signed by W. Bolb, and payable to the order of undersigned, and I warn herewith anybody to buy the anno. Tho honest find orwlll receive above reward. F. WEUIC, Kofi Astor-st., near Schiller. WA NTED—THRUE GOOD FARM HANDS WILL find permanent employ ment by calling at our olllco between 11 and 12 to-day. MGARS, RATES A CO., cast ondKlnzlo-st. bridge. WANTEU-A GOOD ROY ABOUT 15 YEARS OLD, one who is smart and active. Application must bo made by parents. Call at jewelry store 101 East Madl aon-st. WANTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY. TT and State, to soli our new button-hole cutter and needle-threading thimble. Agents that wish the goods will save money and time by buying direct of tho manu facturers, at 99 East Madlson-st., Room 5. WANTED-A BOY LIVING WITH 11IS PARENTS, Inquire at tho cigar stand in Kuhns' Hotel; salary S3.CO per week. WANTED-A MAN THAT UNDERSTANDS VKOR tablo gardening nod tbo care of horses. HOLMES HOPE, 62 East Van Buroo-st. \\T ANT ED—MEN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT AND ti willing to work, at good wages, to call at 92 South Ollnton-st. WANTED-AT OUDKN HOUSE, COR. FRANK IIn and Washington-sts., six lirst-closa while boys for waiters; also one hund-waltor; references required. WANTED-25 TRACKLAYERS, AND 1(X) MEN TO V > work on gravel train; good wages. Call ut274 South Wator-at., near Luko-st. bridge. 2i. F. SIIAW & CO., Agents. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. TTTANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK si for a family of throe; work light; SnulhHldo; nlco neighborhood, just buluw city lluills. Cull at first cottago west of Cottage (irove-av., cm Forty-tlfth-at. WANTED-A OIULJOU GENERAL HOUSEWORK in a email family. Cull At 41 North Carprntor-st. WANTED-AT 1174 IMIAIUIBOV,. A GOOD KB. llabloßwcdlsh girl lor fcucoud work. WA NTKD—A~GIUiroir WOMAN TO GO ON A farm wlioro tbcro io very light work. Inquire 103 Polk at. from IU to IS. WANTED-AT 575 WKST WABIHNGTON-ST., corner of M nod, a pood conk, washer, and lionet; must bring good references. Call uftor 8 o’clock. WANTED —GIRL--BKST REFERENCES In quired and wages paid. Apply 126 Throop-at. work, at 759 Mlchlgan-av.; wood wages; Bwodo or German preferred. \\TANTED-A GOOD RELIABLE GIRL TO DO YY goaoral housework in a small family. Apply early at 801 West Randolph s!. • WANTED— GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND IRON, with good recommendations.ll49 Indiana.av. WANTED-A 000D"”dIUL"TO~DO GENERAL housework, ntNo. 85.*KlIark-at. WANTED— A GOOD COOK. ALSO ONE TO ASSIST burin tlio liUcbon, In a prlvato boardlng bouso. Ap ply at_63 South Mofgauat. WANiqjD-OOdpCbOK, WASHER, ANDIRON* or, at 292 Mlohlgan-av. Must have references. WANTED-A GERMAN oirNOUWEmAN GIRL to do general housework at 1226 Wabash-av. Good wagoapald. WANTED— A YOUNO GIRL TO TAKE OAHE OF children and assist with sowing. CaUMoudayand Tuesday at 128 llunuro-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL WORK lun family of two. Gall at northeast corner of isvaiis-nv. and Forty-thlrd-st, WANTED-A. GOOD,.GIRL TO DO GENERAL YY housowork Inn small family; liberal wages will bo paid. Apply for two days, !40 Hoventoouth-at. ____ WANTED-A WOMAN UOOK AT* THE' OOTT'AUE __ Grove Hntol, onrnorof T'hlrly-socond-st. WANTED-AT THIS PAUKEiriToUHET GGUNIHt Madison mid llulstod-sis., two scrub girls and one girl towashdiHhca, iXTANTED-a DINING-ROOM OIULB. GLARE'S » Y European Hotel, corner LaSalle uud South Water. AT6UI WAUAHII-A.V., A GOOD COOK. WANnW-A. FIRST OLASS COOK AND a DISH- Y I washer, immediately, at llaylcy Hotel, tk>3 Htatu-st. \V A NTED-AI»i6E*GiRCT(n)O LIGHT WORK YY nmt tako nmio caru of children in a small fanftly. Call at 614 West Wuslilngion st. W" " anted—aYit uin roast cook, apply to Jiead ouok Atidersim’s European Hotel, Madlson-it. WANTEIV-TWO ' GI IA MB EU MAIDS, DINING" room girls, cooks, and guud ulvls tor general house work, at once. Gall at K! South OlJnlon it. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domostioß--Coiudnno d* WANTED-A GOOD STRONG GIRL FOR OEN tt oral housework t German nt Norwegian; In & email American family. 463 Wnbnsli-nv. TyANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE tY work In ft family of 0. Gall lu store 050 West Lake* »t. to-dny. T. ,T. McKINNY. TyANTED— A GOOD FEMALE COOK FO*U APHI * Y TAto boarding bouse. Apply at CO3 Slato*B(. WANTItD— TWO GOOfTsMAIIT DINING ROOM Rlfls: «I"t» l.dlsbwr.slior. JOHNSTONE HOUSE, in and 116 West Madlson at. IVTANTRD—A OIUI, TO DO GENERAL HOUSE rr work In ft family of a. Apply at. &I Wnluat-at. Employment Arcoxioios. WANTRD-80RUI} GIRLS, KITOUKN OIBLF, » T dlnlng*ronm girls, cbambornmlds, cooks, and laut* arossqs; also 20 good girls forgntiernl bnnaownrk. Al nly at Iho I'omnlo Kmployrastit Bureau, 07 West Ran. uelpb-sl., Rico A Jackson'a Block, Rooms 8 and 4s old rooms of Ladles* Aid Hocloly. . Millinorn* Ty ANTED -AN EXPERIENCED MILLINERY JJL ?no acquainted with city trade. HOTOH KIN, PALMER A CO.. 137nndl39Stnto*t. iyAMTED-8 FIRST-CLASS MILLINERS TO CO the country! liberal wages. Apply to D. B. FISK A CO., corner Wabash-av. and Wasbtngton-at. SotunstrosßOki WANTED -25 FIRST-CLASS,, RHIRTMAKKRO. T l Wbeolor A Wllaon’s nmcbtno- Nono but the tort <p pratora need apply. BROWN, PRIOR & FISK, 163 Via. bOßli-av., corner Monroo st. WANTED-SIX FIRST-GLASS DRESSMAKERS.' with sowing niaoblnoa. Apply to MRS. NIBLO, 153 West Madlson-st. RHIRTMAKICUS, AT WILSON BROS., 7U West Washington-st. WANTED - A FIRST-GLASS MILLINER AND TT dressmaker; quick bauds. Applyat sloro 1M Wo»t Madlson-st. Zsnnntlroßsoß. WANTED-TWO STRICTLY FIRST-GLASS WASH* «nw-sT'" ’r ' vn KCB uald. Apply at ANDER SON'S dtonm Lstmdry, Btato-st. and Eldrlcigo-court. Honsokooporg. WANTED-A HOUSEKEEPER; ONE NOT ’' • V* wnrl£ - Inquire at 74 East Twolftb st., cor* nor of Wabanli-av. Rilsoollanoons, WANTED—IMM EDXATELY, 25 BALLET LADIES. ti*r» o^.l‘lh®/ arn, * hcd l “ aIQT * sure. Apply to MRS. HALL, WH State-st. WANTED-3~ PRACTICAL WEAVERS (WOMEN) » \ no powor-looms. A. O. GARFIELD A 00., 239 end 241 Laku-sl. . ANTED-A GOOD LADY BALLAD SINGER with good wardrobe. Address A 63, Tribune otlico. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE, Booldcoopors, Glories, &c. OITUATION WANTED -IN A WHOLESALE O house, by an experienced bookkeeper, who is well re commended. Address P. O. Box 125. OITUATION WANTED-AS SALESMAN IN A DRY k_> Koods store; several years’ experience; boat of refer* oncoa. Address M 69, Tribune office. OITUATION” WANTED-AS SALESMAN IN A. O clothing or cents' furnishing store, hv a competent manjbostof references. AddrossMM, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED—BY 'A YOUNO MAN AS kjciprk or copyist; can wrllo and speak English, German. Ac: have oxporlunoo and kooU references. Address M 71. Trlbunoollleo. * OITUATION- wantkd-by a young man in kj any respectablebusiness capacity; Isa good penman, and not afraid of work. Address M 60, Tribunn office. OITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS kj ontryclerlcor bookkeeper. Good references oivon If desired. Address A 1437 Indiana-av. OITUATION WANTKb“IIY' T A~ YOUNG MAN kJ (Swede) as clerk or portor. Being many years ac quainted with hardware trade, sucb employment pre'or tod. Kotoreneca given. Address A 68, Tribuno office. OITUATION Oil PARTNERSHIP WANTED—BY~A kJ responsible elderly Roman Catholic of varied business experience, crodlhla references, and proofs of strict Integrity, Ac., as clerk In a coal or other office, or eterj. or any light indoor position. Would lend n solvent em ployer some money, if milted. Or Invest about SI,OOO, ag partner with another reliable elderly mau, or woman near sixty, whoso corresponding proofs of honosly, sobriety. Ac., would satisfy in part for capital. Disinterestedly hmiost parties only, giving particulars, address I. Mo,. 129 West RanJolpb-st. OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO kJ had 8 years’ experience In the wholesale and retail gvo eery business as salesman, as well ns bookkeeper and clak; can speak Gorman and English, and is very anxious to pet employment; would also like to do some copying and take charge of a sot of books at homo during the evening. Please address, for 8 days, A 91, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED-A CHANCE TO PROVE k3 that. lean keep or straighten out any sot of books; A I references; Byears' experience. AddressN 100. Tribuno office. Coachmen, Teamsters. &o, SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY YOUNG man to drive toam or work with horses; can bring good references. Address M 30, Tribuno ollico. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG SWEDE TO drive boms, ordo general work. 69 West Randolph, at., Koum3. OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN kJ.(Danp)aocoachman in a private family; is well ac quainted in the city, and understands the driving and taking caro of homos. Address A 95, Tribuno ofllco. Misoollnnoons. OITUATION WANTED-OF TRUST-BY A YOUNG kJ man of fospoctnblo family; speaks English, French, Gorman, and the Scandinavian languages; writes agocu hand, is quick at figures. Best of references: also, seen rlty given. Address A 86, Tribuno olHoo. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG MAN OF 21 kJ wishes a situation In some legitimate business, whore “nd good habits will bo appreciated. Address A 67. tribune omco. CITUATION WANTED—IN A WHOLESALE GRO. kJ eery or Commission House as salesman or city trav eler; largo experience tn tbo trade; good references. Ad* dross B V, Tribune oliioo.- CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN kJ either an bartender, billiard-tender, porter, or night dork; can do anything around a hotel; temperate and tho best of city references. Address, for 2 days, A 92, Trib une olllco. CITUATION WANTBD-A YOUNG MARRIED MAN, kJ active and honest, desires work In any capacity; c.m give the best He. Louis references. Address A. !•'. M., Tribune olllco. SITUATIONS WANTED—.FEMALE Domestics. QmiATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL TO GO P as sowing girl-and children’s nurse in a respectable private family. Apply for throe days at 2QQ Townsoiid-st. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO SCOTCH OIRL3 . for general bouaowork. Call, between tho hours of Id and 4, at 121 Ourloy-st., oil Aberdeen. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, IN A respectable private family,to do second work; good ref erences given.' Please call or address 300 south Dee* pbdnos-at., between Polk and Ewing. SITUATION WANTED—IN A FIRST-CLASS PRI* vale family, to cook, wash, and Iron. Apply at 74 Ohlo-at. CITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK P for a boardlug-Uuuso, or a pastry cook In a betel. Ap ply at 077 Wabash-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN P aa laundress or second girl in a small private family. Please address 8 6, Tribune olttco. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL IN A private family. AddroisNo. 127 Fourth-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-OLASSCOOK, P meat nr pastry, in a largo boarding-house or small hotel. Ploaio caUatCoS South Jollorson-at., up-stalrs, for two days. SITUATION WANTED-BY AFIRST-OLASS COOK; uo objections to washing and Ironing; South Side, near Twonly-eucond-st., preferred. Ploaio call at No. 143 d South Stato-st., between hand 3. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO SECOND-WORK or general housework In a small private family,by a girl from Milwaukee. Gall, Tuesday, at 722 West Washing teu-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY YOUNG WOMAN, AS moat and pastry cook la private boarding-homo or res taurant. Call at WH) Stato-st. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS, Paa dining-room or chamber girls. Call at 334 West Washlngton-st. Tuesday merging; together If possible. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL AS cook, washer, and Ironor, or would do general house work In a small ptlvate family. Call for two days at S3 Rottor-st., between May and Sholto. Situations wanted ~ry two girls, as cook and second girl; boat city references: WoslSido preferred. 653 West Tv.elfth-Dt. S' ITUATION WANT’ED-AS COOK. IN UESTAU rant or boarding-house. by uno who understands ail br.mciio.iof cooking. Address D 62 Olark-Bt. OITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO 01UL8; ONE TO O do second work, tlio other plain sowing, in a prlrato family. Ain>ly at 213 liuttortluld-ut. Niiroes. SITUATION WANTED-BY A NURSE WHO CAN O furnish tlio boat of roforoncoa. Apply at 236 Oolumot at., botweon Twouty-tifth and Twouty-sUIU-sts, SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD"WOMAN AB elck-mirso. Can bo soon at Woman's Homo, Wosb Jackson-st. employment Agouolos. SITUATIONS WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY Ofer two Swedish sisters, Alio for other good cooks and house girls. Mrs. WHITTAKER, 265 Ghtesgo-av. OITUATIONS WANTED-FOR A NORWEGIAN Owoman with child 2 wooksold, aa wet nurao. Also gned girls for all kinds of work. GREAT WESTERN BUSI NESS EXCHANGE, corner Union and Washlngton-sts. OITUATIONS WAWmwfTIHRS^^ O lies, for Norwegians laundress, socond-girl, s~.a yon* ctol housowork. MISS BARTON'S OUioo. 883 Htatc-st., ontranco on Eighteenths!. _____ SITUATION WANTED -BY A FIRST-OLAB3 O pastry cook. Also girls wanted for Evanston and city. Mrs. HAMILTON, -Id South Union-st. i OITUATIN WANTED—ANY ONE WISHING FOR O help, male nr tomato, for the city or country, boats©* vessels, apply at 80 Sherman-st., opposite Rook Island depot. Soamstrossoß. SITUATION WANTED—BY A DRESSMAKER TO go out by thoday; prices reasonably has lato pat turns: gives roluronoe, uto. Address At Cl, Tribuneoliioo. C«ITUATIO'N“YVANfI!I)-A8 SEAMSTRESS[WILL O assist iii light works can furnish bur own machine. Address A 85. Tribune oHico. ; __ I 'ITUATION WANTED-BY A DRESSMAKER AS O soumstruas In a private family, or go out liy the week t cun cut and tit well, Gall at 61 North Oarpoutor-st. Miiaoollnuooua, SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, TO j write In oil olliut»._ Address .TCH, Tribune oliioo. TO LEASE. TO LEASE-FORA TERM OF YEARS. S3 TO 135 fuetouLakost., lialf block oast of Union Park, on easy tonus. d.O. STARK, 56 West UaurtolpU-sl, mo LKASE-DOOK PROPIMITV ONTHI! south X Branch, near Twouly-sucoud-aU, IhO (t. on tlio river by 22U ft. to U. AA.U. R. Apply to HENRY P. ItiHAU. olhoo oMuhatu A Lincoln, Portland Block. T' ib LKABE-IKiUK LOT Ro'FEKT ON RIVER, Just north of Twoiily-aucond-sl. bridge, nud now oo* ouplad by Dtulul lloyloss a coal-yard. Apply in base, moot, northeast corner ui Madison and Desrbom-sti, 7

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