Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 6, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 6, 1873 Page 8
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8 FOREIGN. Tbe Slave Trade to Bo Suppressed on the Arabian Coast. How America Does Not Exhibit at ■ the Vienna Exposition. Bitter War Between the Canadian Lib eral Catholics and the Jesuits. Wholesale Excommunication In Genova. CANADA. New Yens, May 6.—A loiter from Montreal states that a bitter war, increasing in violence, is being waged between the Liberal Catholics and the Ultramontanoa of Canada. Tho former aro under tho load of tho Archbishop of Quebec, <end tho latter of tho Jesuits and Archbishop of Montreal. In the last election tho Quebec party increased their delegation in Parliamont from fifteen to twenty-eight, and the representation of tho Montreal coalition shruukfrom fifty to thirty-seven, losing tho control of tho Parlia ment. Tho party sought to subvert tho au thority of tho Archbishop of Quebec and destroy his influence, in hopo thereby to regain power. The Archbishop visited Homo, and has just re sumed. bearing a reprimand for tho Jesuits, which Is lixoly still further to intensify tho con fiict, and may load to tho expulsion of tho Jesuits from Canada. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Ottawa, Ont., May s.—Tho Pacific Hallway Scandal Committee commenced to-day to tako testimony. Two short-hand reporters will take the evidence in oxtonso. The publication of ev idence at present is interdicted, though public opinion is strong against any secresy in tho matter. Those who aro in a position to know state that tho faot of money having boon se cured from tho Americans to aid tho elections boro can bo proven, but that Sir John A. Mac donald's connection with it has boon so careful ly guarded as to prevent more than circumstan tial evidence of faot. This week promises to ho the most stirring of tho season. Thoro ore rumors of tho pro roguing of tho House about tho 10th lust., but this is improbable. Tho Canadian rovenno for tho past month from customs, excise, post office, public works, bill stamps, and miscellaneous was $1,050,080. 'The expenditures were $1,530,050. Tho Hidoau Canal is to uo reopened immedi ately. Tho Govoror-Gonoral’e assent has boon obtain ed to tho Grand Trunk Hallway Arrangement act. This enables tho Company to proceed at onco with tho change of gaugo from Stratford, in On tario, to Portland. Tobonto, May s.—Tho Ontario Government havo sent tho Secretary of Public Works to Eng land to clear up tho difficulties in tho Emigration Department, ARABIA. New York, May C,—From lato files of London papers, a dispatch dated Bombay April 23, says: Sir Bartlo Froro’a Mission was well received at Muscat, and tho result of his efforts has boon that Syud Turki has signed a treaty, in which tho latter undertakes to forbid tho importation of slaves, and declares free all negroes and othor bondsmen, hereafter, arriving in tho territory of Oman. By tho provisions of this treaty, ho likewise agrees to put down all public slave marts, and any one who may bo proved to have imported slaves will bo amenable to tho law. Similar engagements have also boon entered into with tho Sheiks at Makullnh, on the Sadramaunt Coast. Tho political resident at Bushiro will tako oil precautions on the Arabian shore of the Persian Gulf. Sir Bartlo Froro will proceed to Mahabulcshwar, whore ho will have an interview with the Governor, and thence ho will go to Simla. ITALY. Rome, May B.— The Pope is again confined to bis bod. Frimo Minister Lanza stated in tho Chamber of Deputies to-day that tho King had decided not to accept tho resignation of himself and bis colleagues. Tho Mims tors would consequently rosumo their oillcos, and the Toronto bill, over which the difficulty arose, will bo withdrawn. It is announced from tho Vatican that tho Popo to-day received a party of forty-flvo pilgrims from France, and mado a long reply to their ad dress. TURKEY. Washington, May C.—Owing to tho scarcity of Arab horses in certain parts of tho Ottoman Empire, tho Turkish Government has forbidden the exportation of horses from the vilayets of Bagdad, of Syria, and of Aleppo, for tho next seven years, to date from April 9, 1873, In consequence of tho bad harvest, that Gov ernment has prohibited the exportation of all kinds of cereals from ilio districts of lloust chouk and of Vidou for threo mouths from April 12, 1873. AUSTRIA. Vienna. May s.—llapid progress has boon made in tho arrangements of the interior of tbo Exhibition building since the opening. All tho departments are filled with goods, except that of tho United {States, which is still empty. Groat indignation Is felt by tho American exhibitors at the state of things. Tho public have been ad mitted daily since the Ist of May. Tho woathor, however, has been unfavorable, rain having fall en almost constantly since tho opening, aud tho number of visitors thus far is below what was expected. SPAIN. Mabiud, May s.—President Flgiicras, in bis reply to the speech of Gon. Sickloa, on Satur day, declared that Spain was fully capable of realizing tbo glorious work of Washington, but in tho meantime tbo national patrimony should never bo diminished while tbo government was in tho bands of tbo Republicans. Bayonne, May 6.—The Carlists have'reoccu- Eiod the town of Vera, in Navarre, after a sharp gbt with tbo Republican troops. jpu, ,OPb [Herald Special. ] Madrid, May o.—There are indications of ac tivity. This city ia placarded with manifestoes urging the people to domand the immediate proclamation of a Federal llopublio, tho aboli tion of capital punishment, tho abolition of Btato Council, and tho separation of Church and State. General Contreras has been requested by the Federal Committee to become President, but de clined. The Federalist meeting to-day was excited, but no disturbance took place. The people did not como armed, as was threatened. „ SWITZERLAND. Geneva, May 6. —Pero Ilyacintho Bald mass yesterday, in a private building, in the presence of a congregation numbering 1,200 persons. A decree of excommunication has been pronounced against those who attended the ceremonies. llallroiul News* Special Dhpatch to The Chicago Tribune. * WASHiNaTON, Pa., May C.—A mooting of the stockholders of the Wheeling, Pittsburgh & Baltimore Railroad Company was hold to-day lor the purpose of electing a President and Di rectors. 0. M. Pood, who was President during the test year, was re-elected to that position. Ti;e following gentlemen wore elected Direct ors: 0. M. Rood, W W. Smith. W. Workman. 8. P. Hayes, of Washington 5 W. J. Plssoll, of Pittsburgh s Col. J. P. Ford, of Wheeling, and Thomas ?£. Pisor, of Paltimoro. Tho rood Is an extension* of tho old llompfiold, running be tween Washington and Wheeling. It is to make connection with tho Pittsburgh & Connollsvillo Pood at or near Layton’s Station, and is in tended to form part of a through route from Chicago to the seaboard. Titusville, Pa., May s.—The Courier will publish, to-morrow morning, a very comprehen sive statement of tho affairs of the Atlantic & Groat Western Railroad. Its statistics show that the road must earn $0,000,000 per year be fore it can approach a solvent condition or have ly'roqidred 01 ° f moQt^nß l m y juou tu absoluto- Th« Labor Question* New York, May C.—J. A. Briggs, a largo bar fel manufacturer, has agreed to import no moro barrels from Maine and furnish no more barrels to these sugar refineries which use or Import luch barrels. It now acorns probable that tuoro Will bo no further striko of tho coopers. Only two shops In tho city still hold out •gainst Crispins, and it is expected that those Will soon give in. The strike may be said to bo tu an end. *o.DKasioira, 0,, May 6.—Tho atrikore ara •WU inclined to interfere, by extreme measures, •With any who are disposed to go to work. About half-past 11 o'clock on Saturday night a shot was flrod into tho houaer of Ephraim Cloudy, of Liberty Township, who had gono to work at tho reduction. passing within a few Inches of bin wife. Tins is only one of a number of at tempts of a like character to inflict tho greatest injury possible on those who aro willing to Y°i * i , ro P°rtod that the operators have determined to-day to combinoaud bring on from Castle Garden 1,000 mnlgrants. This will proba bly end the strike and break the union. New Your. May s.—Tho ship-joiners of this city contemplate a strike, and hold a meeting to morrow to consider tho subject. They now re ceive S3.CO and want $1 per day. A few aro al ready on tho strike. NEW YORK. Eiiiapcnfllon off n Largo Tea B&ouso Famous Suit— Thu Stolcca Case— Frightened Uurglnri—Found Dead —Another Homicide—Miscellaneous JLocal Nows* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New Your, May s.— lt is stated that tho father of George Englohart, the amateur oarsman, is lying in a critical condition at his rosidonco in Union place, near Eagle street, Qrooupolut, from tho effects of a boating recently received at tho hands of two rufllnns, who attacked tho old man and knocked him senseless on account of politi cal differences. Mr. Euglohart is not expected to recover. Owing to his latest unsuccessful attempt at suicide, it was feared that Hebert P. Blcakloy, tho murderer of Maud Merrill, would bo unable to appear in court this morning. Judge Brady, District Attorney Phelps, ox-Mayor mil, and Dr. Howe, tho prisoner's counsel, woro in Court sorao time when tho prisoner arrived, appearing very feeble, with his right arm bandaged and tied up in a sling. Sheriff Brennan and Deputy Shiols supported him to his seat apart from his counsel. Mr. llowo, at tho suggestion of'the court, asked Bloakloy whether ho would bo able to sit through tho day in court, to whioh tho prisoner replied: “Idou’tcaro whether you go on or not. tt' makes no difforonco to mo. You are trying to prove what no man can prove." The case war. Thou proceeded with. Toward tho conclusion, tho prisoner created a sensation by suddenly springing to his foot and shouting: “I want to speak. They aro not trying this right." Tho court ofllcors pushed him hack into his scat, but ho continued to mutter, “I want to speak to Judge Brady." iJVi the Associated Press. 1 New York, May s. —Tho Bulletin announces the suspension of tho tea jobbing house of N. H. Gillette «t Co., whoso liabilities are stated at £150,000, aud their assets at about SBO,OOO below that sum. This failure does not attract much attention, but it is believed, however, to bo tho result of tho condition of the tea trade, which cannot bo regarded as satisfactory. Importa tions havo been very heavy, causing a great depreciation in prices. Tho present stock is said to bo fully equal to twelve mouths' con sumption. Judge Harden, a short timo ago, gave a de cision sustaining tho demurrer interposed by James 11. lugorsoll, in a suit brought against him by tho State, 'holding that tho State had no right of action unless tho county was made a party to the suit, and to-day, on tho appeal, Judge Ingraham affrmed tho decision. This is tho famous suit for tho recovery of $5,000,000, which the late ring is said to have taken from tho Now York County Treasury. A rumor prevails to-day that tho general term of tho Supremo Court has denied tho application for a now trial in tho case of Stokes. One of his counsel says that ho would not bo surprised if thoreport proved true, hut ho Is convinced that tho Court of Appeals would grant a now trial. Burglars entered No 30 Fulton street early last evening, by moans of false keys, and com menced operations to rob tho jewelry store of . Squires & Co., adjoining. They had succeeded in removing tho wall, laying bare tho back of tho safe, when, for some reason, they wore fright ened off, leaving behind a complete sot of superior burglars’ toolo. A. O. White, a member of tho Stock Exchange, was found dead in his bod at his houso on Staton Island yesterday. A detachment of 150 United States soldiers loft hero yesterday for tho Modoc country. Mayor Ilavemoyor sent to tho Board of Alder men to-day tho following nominations j Tax Commissioners. John' Wheeler, President, for six years; George H. Andrews, four years ; Severn p. Moultop, two years. Tho nominations woro iaid over for further consideration. It is re ported John Foley will bo nominated for City Chamberlain. Nicholas Powers, n policy dealer lu Brooklyn, was sentenced to ninomoulhs’impriaounieut and to pay a fine of $250. The sale of stocks hypothecated by Taiutor, the Cashier of the Atlantic National Bank, ad vertised for to-day, was forbidden and the trans fer stopped. Tno stocks are tho property of Samuel Williamson, Trustee. Tho detective police arrested this afternoon A. D. lloimann, an insurance agent, residing at 001 Second avonno, on the charge of having blackmailed Charles Frank. 181 Fust Houston street. Tho accused threatened to givo infor mation to tho police that Frank’s wife poisoned her former husband, but was willing to compromise matters for $30,000. Ho finally agreed to settle the Blatter for $5,000. The police put up a decoy parcel of money and gavo lloimann a chock for SI,OOO on tho Ger mania Bank. Ho was secured whilo presenting tho chock at tho Bank, and taken to headquar ters. Ohio Legislature* Columbus, 0., May 6.—ln tho House, this afternoon, the following resolution was adopted by a vote of GO to 20: Whereas, Tho action of tho last Congress, Increas ing the compensation of tbo members thereof, tbo President of tho United States, and other '■‘Ulcers, was unnecessary, uncalled for, distasteful to tbo people of Ohio, and, It Is believed, of tbo whole Union, and Its speedy repeal Is earnestly demanded by tho people : therefore, Jlesolved, That our Senators and Representatives bo requested to zealously uso all honorable efforts to pro cure the repeal of said law, or so much as relates to such compensation, at tho earliest practical period. In the Senate, the Senate Joint resolution rati fying tho second act of tho Thirteenth Amend ment to tho United States Constitution, sub mitted by tho First Congress in 1780, providing that no law varying tho compensation of Sen ators and Representatives shall take effect until an election for Boproaontatlvos has Intervened, waa adopted, 25 to 4. Louisiana Affairs* New Orleans, May 6.— lt ia currently reported hero that the Metropolitans last night attacked Cant. Doßlauch’s forces near St. Martinsville, ana were repulsed, with the loss of three men killed and two wounded. DoDlanch is said to have 200 men, with one piece of artillery. It is stated that the Metropolitans wore driven back into St. Martinsville. . Later advices from St. Martinsville report tho position of tho Metropolitans precarious. Tho impression is that thoy may, almost at any mo ment, bo overpowered by the “law-resistors" un der Doßlauch from St. Martin and adjoining parishes. Tho people of this section seem de termined to pay no taxes to tho Kellogg Govern ment unless compelled by tho United States forces. Telegraphic llreviticn* At the burning of a bouse in Newport, N. IT., on Saturday evening, 12. 12. Itichardson and George Williams wore killed by a falling ohim noy. Tho Department of Btato has received infor mation of tho removal of O’Kolly to Havana ; that his case is doomed loss serious than was anticipated, and that all proper facilities will bo extended him. John Selignor, murderer of James Lang, at Belleville, Hi., on Saturday night, was captured yesterday morning, and Jacob and Ferdinand Selignor, bis brothers, and Michael Poland, wore arrested os accessories to the fact. Tho Fourth Regiment of Infantry, stationed at Little Rook, Ark., for the past four months, loaves for Omaha, via tho Cairo & Fulton Rail road, on Wednesday. Tho Keokuk Northern Packet Company Intend to establish a regular lino of packets between Bt. Louis ond CiuoinuuH, The Lucy Bertram will bo tho pioneer. John Collins and George K. Tenney wore yes terday elected delegates to the International Ty pographical Union from tho Cincinnati Typo graphical Union. Tho Gorman Convention, authorized by the Southwest Gorman Conference, comprising Illi nois, lowa, and Missouri, have located their col lege at Mount Pleasant, lowa. Tho Scandina vian College, now at Galena, I)!., is to be re moved there. James Ray, a young man of Plattovlllo, Wis., being suddenly seized with a fit of frenzy, at tacked two friends in whoso company ho was, and, before ho could bo captured, wounded them fatally by stabbing iu tho breast. Tbo Mormon Conference has adjourned. Tho only business publicly transacted was tho ao coptauoo of tho bonds of tbo now Trustees iu trust. An old negro In Louisville on Saturday drank a nuarb of*whisky at one fell-swoop, on a bet, ana died tho next morning. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, MAY G, 187:5. WASHINGTON. Marked Increase of German Im migration, Fearful Condition of Affairs on tho Texan Border. Special Dispatch to The Chicago JVibuiid, GERMAN IMMIGRATION. Washington, May 6.— Tho tide of immigration from tho fatherland is rather on tho increase. On Saturday last tho North Gorman steamship BeVHn, which arrived at Baltimore from Bremen, brought 800 immigrants, all Gormans. Without waiting to inspect tho Eastern cities, they loft at once for Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis, aud othor points in tho West, whore they propose to settle. They occupied twelve oars, and had flvo car loads of baggage. » THE TEXAN BORDER. Late Information from tho Texas frontier shows a terrible condition of affairs in that sec tion. It appears that the marauding Mexicans are murdering and robbing American settlors un checked. The civil authorities are, of course, powerless, and there docs not appear to ho auy troops near tho ocono of the. outrages. Tho Mexican Government takes no cognizance of its Jhiovlng subjects, and tho farmors*aro compelled to defend themselves as boat they may. The* ox-Colloctor of Customs at Corpus Chrlstl writes, under dale of April 15: “As is customary, tho farmers must, when those raids are made, leave their work and shoulder their muskets to protect their homos, although they havo no right to do so in accordance with tho now existing law, but aro compelled to it from tho want of troops to protect them. They, on Sunday last, gathoroa together some fifteen determined men from tho neighborhood of Ban quette, aud pursued tho robbers. They dis covered in one chapparol tho evidence -that 125 cattle had been stripped of their bides, in another 80, and in another QB, and, overtaking the gang a running fight ensued, and they wore so fortunate as to return homo with seven cap tured noraoa, tho saddles being empty. Com plaints liko those are so common that tho Gov ernment docs not appear to take any notice of them.” THE CONSCIENCE FUND of the Treasury is assuming respectable propor tions, growing out of tho return by Congress men of tho salary steal. Up to this dato twouty sovou Hoprosontativoa and Senators havo turned their “swag" into the Treasury. Tho total amount thus 'far turned in is $111,222.07. This shows that tho great majority of tho Congressmen ore not afflicted by auy qualms of conscience, much loss touched by a souse of official decency. Those of them who openly defend tho steal say that by tho timo tho next election comes around people will havo forgotten all about it, and they will not lose a hundred votes on account of it. national bank circulation. All hut about $9,000,000 of tho $54,000,000 of National Bank circulation provided for by tho act of 1870 has boon taken up. Tho greater portion of tho remaining $9,000,000 has boon subscribed for. It is not likely tho last dollar of this additional circulation will bo given to tbo banka, as that would bo in conflict with tho ideas of tho Department in relation to this matter. Tho act which made provision for tho withdrawal of $25,000,000 of iho circulation of National Banks in tho Eastern States for distribution m the Western and Southern States expressly provided that that act should not tako effect until tho re mainder of tho $54,000,000 had been taken up. Tho.Dopartmeut holds that it would bo impracti cable to reduce the circulation of tho Eastern banks, and that instead of withdrawing any of tho National Bank circulation from tho Eastern States, it would bo bettor and more practical to extend tho circulation of £25,000,000 at tho rato of $5,000,000 per year for flvo years, as was recommended to Congress by the Comptroller nf tho Currency last year, that expansion to fall to tho benefit of tho Western and Southern States. It will, therefore, bo no difficult matter for tho Department to prevent the absorption of tho entire $54,000,000j until an other opportunity is offered Congress to legis late on tho question, although such action was not fully expected. NEW TORE CENTRAL TAXES. Tho Commissioner of Internal Revenue was of tho opinion to-day that it was quite probable tho Now York Central Bailroad would make nu offer of compromise to tho Collector of Internal Rev enue at Albany, N. Y., where another solo of property of tno Company was to have taken place this afternoon, to satisfy tho demands of the Government for tuo scrip dividend tox,which tho Company refused to pay. If no such offer is made, another levy upon tho property of tho Company will bo mado immediately, and oth ers will follow until tho full amount, $400,000, exclusive of coats, etc., is recovered. [To the Associated Press.) IMPORTANT PENSION RULING. Washington, May 6.—The Commissioner of Pensions to-dav announced tho following high ly important ruling t Sec. oof tho act of March 8, 1873, provides for no addition to tho $2 In crease of psnsion in any case. It is a consolida tion of Sec. 2 of tho act of July 25, I860; and Secs. 4 and 5 of tho act of July 27, 1868, with an amendment to the former sections so os to give tho same increase to tho widow of a soldier or sailor for tho children by a former wife as for tho children by herself ; and to tho widow of an officer as well as a soldier or sailor. It also gives tho increase to all children un or 10 years of ago of officers, as well as of soldiers and sailors, instead of all but one, whore there is no widow, or whore she has died or remarried. In other respects, it embodies tho provisions of the three sections named. CLAIMS PAID. The Treasurer to-day paid tho last claim of tho loyal citizens of Loudon County, Virginia, for live stock seized for the army under the orders of Gen. Sheridan, dated Nov. 27, 1864. Those claims amount to $61,821. THE NAVY. Commodore Case will Bail from Now Yorlcnoxfc Wednesday to reliovo Hoar Admiral AJdou or command of tho European squadron. Under tho act of Congress retiring naval offi cors at tho ago of 62, Roar Admirals George I. Em mons, Charles Stoedmau, Wm. Rogers, Taylor and Thornton A. Jenkins will bo retired this year. Commodores John J. Almy, James H, Strong, E. G. Parrott, and William Reynolds will bo pro moted to HU vacancies. ndNEST MEN. The aggregate amount paid into the United States Treasury up to noon to-day by twenty seven members of Congress, it being their re turn of extra compensation, is $lll,OOO includ ing a check received this morning from Secreta ry of the Senate Qorham, on account of Senator Sumner, for sl,l-14. GREENBACKS. Legal-tenders outstanding, $357,180,010. COURT Off CLAIMS. Argument was commenced in tho Court of Claims on tho Government's plea to jurisdiction in tho caso of E. J. Kelly, involving questions whothor tho parties relieved by President John son’s amnesty proclamation from liabilities to seizure of their property, under “ tho captured and abandoned property act, ” can bring suit after the expiration of tho two years* limitation prescribed by said act. This proclamation of amnesty was not mado until two years from tho date of said act had expired.* THE TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE, Senators Cussorly and Bayard will leave Wash ington to-morrow for Richmond; where they will start out on a tour of inspection of the lino of the proposed James lUver and Kanawha improve ment, for connecting by a groat water-course Chesapeake Pay with the Ohio Itivor. Senator Cassorly is a member of the Senate Committee on Transportation, of which a Bub-Committee will sit during the summer in San Francisco, and perhaps in Portland, Oregon. Ho and Senator Bayard will bo accompanied by United States engineers, who have surveyed the proposed lino, and by Col, Carrington, President of the James liivor and Kanawha Company, and other citizens of Virginia. Alrany, May s.— The Assembly to-nigbt op- Eointod a Committee to moot the United States onate Committee on Transportation Poutos to the Seaboard and represent the interests of this Blato, Obituary* Paris, May C.—Admiral Rigault do Gonovllly Is dead. Ho was Senator and Minister of Ma rino and of the Colonics during the rojgu of Na poleon HI. Philadelphia, May C.—The Hon. Hugh N. McAllister, of Centro, Pa., Republican dologato at-large to the Constitutional Convention, died this morning at bis temporary residence In this city. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York. May s.—Mr. William Black, of tho well-known firm of Pall, Black A Co., jewelers, of this city, died on Saturday night, tho primary cause of his death being a corn on tho foot, which, in time, affected tho log in such a manner as to oauso a fatal termination. Mr. Black was iu business on Broadway fifty-four years. His remains have boon taken to South port, Conn., for interment. Bt. Petersduo, May 5, via London, May 0— 6:00 a. m.—Tho lion. James L. Orr, Ambaeia- dor of tho United Staton, died In ibis olty to night, of inilammntlou;of the lungs. Ho had boon ill from cold for ndmo time, but hla death was wholly unexpected. Richmond, Vft., May 6.—Dr. ‘William H. Mo- Guffey, Professor of Moral Philosophy at tho University of Virginia, and author or tho woll known MoGnffoy’a school-books, died to-day, in OharlottOßville, Vo., after a long illness. New York, May 6.—Lord John Ludford Chichester is dead. THE MODOC.WAR. How tlio Rod-Sklnn Were Driven Out of the Lam-llod*. Washington. May B.—Capt. Ilomlloy, of- this city, has received n letter dated “ iava-Bods, April 20, in which tho writer says j I have just come in from Jack's stronghold, whore I have been m a light for tho last throe days, I wont as a volunteer, and was attached to Maj.Thomaa’ battery of four Oohorn mortars, and it was the mortars which drovo tho Indians out. Five thou sand infautry could not have done it in six mouths, without tho loss of one-half tho command. Words cannot describe tho character of those bods. Tho newspaper reporters may try to do it, but they cannot convoy au idea. Since tho fight I have boon through part of tho bods, and that was enough for mo, It la impossible to toll what damage wo havo done to the Indians, as thoy concealed or burned their dead, and tho former la very easy, as all thoy havo to do is to . merely throw (ho bodies into a crevice, and then All it up with rocks. Tho hods aro full of caves, ond many aro undoubtedly bid away, for every once iu a while a stray shot comes out. Our cavalry have gone out in pursuit. Wo have hero six dead, twenty wouud od, and about tho latter number on crutches from sprained ankles from falling over rocks. To give you some faint idea of tho sharp rocks, ono-hslf of our men wont in with now shoos, and came out mostly barefoot, aud with foot blooding. Washington, May 6.—Gen. Sherman, in a con versation on Modoc affairs, shows that ho fully appreciates tho situation, and has entered upon the subject with his characteristic energy. All tho reinforcements required will bo sent to Qon. Scofield without delay to tho last man that can bo spared. A regiment will ho convoyed to Omaha, to bo in readiness for prompt movement. A body of 100 Indian scouts will do raised for service against the Modocs just as fast as fit men can ho found. Senator Cassorly had sev eral interviews with Gen. Sherman, and is satis fied that no effort will bo spared at headquarters to enable Gcu. Scofield to inflict on Capt. Jack aud his follow savages a blow that will not soon bo forgotten by them, or other tribes on tho Pa cific Coast. Gen. Sherman has no fears of a general Indian war. San Francisco, May 6.—A dispatch from Yroka to-night says that at tho camp couth of Tullo *Lako, on May 8, everything was quiet. Not a shot had been fired on either side since the afternoon of tho 2Glh fast. Largo fires wore seen in’tho evening in the direction of tho place whoro Maj. Thomas'command was slaughtered, a distance of about five miles. On May 4, •Cnpt. Bernard, First Cavalry, had been ordered to proceed to Camp Bidwoll and station his troop, Company G, and tako command of that post, relieving Llout. Winters, Tho First Cavalry will join his troops in tho Hold with all tho available mounted men of Camps Bidwoll, Warner, and

Harney. Lieut. Winters lias proved himself a good Indian lighter, whilo his troop Company G, First Cavalry, was stationed at Tucson, Arizona, at Camp Bowie. L. S. Dyar, tho Indian Agent- for tho Klamath Agoocy, Oregon, mado application to tho milita ry authorities at Fort Klamath, Oregon, to have a detachment of troops stationed at that plnco for tho protection of tho families of tho employes and tho Government property. Whether ho fears an outbreak of tho Klamath Indians, or a raid of tho Modocs on tho reservation, ho is not able to state. Tho Bottlers on Gooso Lake, and Surprise and John Day Valleys aro greatly alarmed, dreading an outbreak of several tribes of Flutes on thoir reservations in Southern Oregon. Tho post commander at Camp Bidwoll con siders tho post unsafe and defenseless. There is at present a largo number of Pluto Indians in Surprise Valley. Gen. Wheaton, post commander at Camp Warnor, wbo was in command of tho troops in the first fight with tho Modocs, has been ordered to tbo front. FIRES. Destruction off Property in Various Places* London, May 8. —A flro in Bradninch, Devon shiro, burned seventeen houses, making a largo number of people homeless. St. Louis, May s. —Tho flour-mill of Ooorgo B. Soofry, at Carmel, HI., was burned on Satur day night, with a loss of $20,000, and no insur ance. Little Rook, Arlt., May 8.-—Tho auction atoro of Harris £ Brooder, on Main street, caught fire this evening, and goods to tho amount of sovoral thousand dollars wore badly damaged boforo tho flames wore extinguished. Tho building, a two story brick, was saved, though badly damaged. Buffalo, N. Y., May 6.—Early this morning iho hotel in tho town of Hamburg, owned by Joshua Smith, was destroyed by fire; also a barn near tho premises with’twonty head of cat tle. Tho llro was tho work of an incendiary. Boston, May s.— Tho factory of tho Middlesex Stone ana Brick Company. In Wellesley, Mass., was entirely dostryod by fire on Sunday morn ing. Loss, $55,000 ; insurance, $25^000. New York. May s.—Tho onteusivo window glass and hollow-ware glass works of Warrick & Stranger, near Olaeshury, N. J., were burned last night. Loss, SB,OOO. Sporting Items* Cincinnati, May 6.— Advices from Lexington, Ky., say that oxtra trains will be run on tho roads centering there during the progress of tho spring races, which aro to commence on tho 12th lust. Tho stablos at tho course aro already full, and oxtra stabling for horses to arrive will bo scoured. Tho interest in tho contesting horses waxes warm. Indications are that the mooting will be a groat success, and the attendance the largest over assembled on tho Kentucky Associa tion's grounds. Svecial Dievateh to The Chicago Tribune. New York. May s.— The first championship base ball match this season in this vicinity was contested this afternoon between the Mutual and Baltimore Clubs on the Union Ground, Will iamsburg. The day was fine, and there was an immense attendance. The game was brilliantly played throughout. Tho following is tho scoro: Innings— 129460780 Mutuala 0 0 0 0 O' 0 0 1 o—l DaUlmoroa 3 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 o—o Mr. J. Harrington, tho backer of John MoMa hon, of Vt., and Messrs. MoFlyun and Bishop, tho backers of Homer Lane, of Now York, met in this city to-day dndput up tho final deposit of S6OO a side to wrestle for SB,OOO and tho championship of America. There being no suitable hall vacant in Troy bn tho day originally named, tho match has boon postponed until tho 30th. 8. J. Tuomey, of thirdly,was ohosen final stakeholder. Bold and Successful Forgery# Bt. Louis, May D.—Ou Friday morning hint an elegantly dressed young man entered the West Btl Louis Bavluga Bank, on Franklin avenue and Fourteenth street, ana presented plotter pur porting to bo from E. D. Randolph it Co., bank ora. Now York, introducing James A. Adams, and Inclosing a draft for SB,OOO in his favor, and cor tillod to by the Nassau Bank, Now York. W. F. Worni, Cashier of tbo bank, being absent, Mr. Harkcr, a young man who was tem porarily acting as Casbior, examined tbo papers. and. thinking them all right, gave Adams $2,000 on tho draft, that being all that ho desired at tho time. Later in tho aay, Harkor suspected that'all was not right, and on telegraphing to tho Nassau Bank and Randolph & Co., in Now York, received replies that both tho draft and letter wore forgeries. Tho police wore notified of tho transaction, but Adams has not boon arrested. Tho Proposed l>nrioa Ship Oaiml. New Youif, May s.—Members of tho United Btntas Isthmus of Darien exploring expedition report that tbo slilp canal via Napipi and Do guado Elvers will bo 28 mites long ; tbo length of the tunnel will bo 8 miles, and tho estimated cost of tho ontiro work $76,000,000. An Actor Attempts to Shoot an Editor* Indianapolis, Ind., May 6.— 11. 8. Yahoo, an actor at tho Academy of Music, attempted to shoot George O. Harding, editor of the Saturday JJeraUl, this afternoon, tiring ono or two shots without effect. Yauco has boon arrested. Escape of XOO lloyw from a lloform School* Worcester, Mass., May 6.— As tho 400 boys in tho Woatborough lloform School wore marching from breakfast tbiu morning, they made a break for tho gates, and 100 succeeded In making their escape. Bitlcldo* Watertown, N. Y., May 6.—Lieut. John L. Worden, an army olllcor stationed at Madisou Barracks, Saokott’a Harbor, committed suicide yesterday morning by cutting his threat with a carving knife. Tho death of his wife some mouths ago, It Is supposed, deranged his mind. Ho wan a non of Admiral Worden, who com manded tlio Monitor in tho conflict with tho rebel ram Morrlmao. WANTED, A CLERK. Tho proprietor of one of the many humbug employment agencies of the city was arrested last night by Detectives Miller and Silver, in tho person of William Crnslmw, who has an ofllco at No. 02 South Olinton street, lie was arrested at tho instauoo of a young man named Joseph Grant, whom ho Dwindled out of $76 last Monday. Orashaw's favorite plan of operation is to insert in some newspaper an advertisement stating that ho is in want of an ofllco-olork. Wliqn tho young man applies for tho place, ho consents to take him if lie will make a deposit of money. In this way, it is said, ho has made over 8200 out of a single advertisement. Grant deposited $76 with him last Monday, but. Bus pooling that something was wrong, ho bad a warrant Issued for his arrest. Orashaw dodged (ho ofllcors for some time, hut was captured last night, and locked up -in tho Madison Street Station. FATAL ACCIDENTS A fatal accident occurred about 4 o'clock yes terday afternoon, at Bober it Dralnhard’s plan ing-mills, No. 09 Bocch street. An old Gorman named George PJgorohardt, in descending a flight of stairs, from tho second story to tho street, foil and broke his neck. Ho was 07 years' old, and loaves a wife, who ia very near tho same ago, at No. 00 Hope street. At the timo of tho accident, tho man had a box of shavings on his arm, which prevented him from taking hold of tho railing. Ho was a laborer In the mill, and had boon employed there for some timo. At 7 o’clock last evening a Gorman named Fred. Smith, in attempting to cross tbo track of tho Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, at Blue Island avenue, was run over by a freight train. Both bis logs woro cut off at tho knee. Ho was removed to his residence No. 44 College street, whoro ho died, lu groat agony, at 9 o’clock. Deceased was 40 years old, and loaves a wife and 2 children. u ROPERS.” A necessary adjunct of every successful gam bling-house is a man who la known by the sev eral titles of “guy,” “roper,” “ateoror,” and “spot.” It is tho business of this person to loiter about hotels and jn public places, and in duce unsuspecting persons to visit the house. Sorgt. Sam Ellis some time ago resolved that those follows must quit thoir business. Ho accordingly warned them that if they remained a week longer in Chicago they would bo arrested. Some took tho hint and loft tho city. Yesterday thoso who. remained were arrested and locked tip in tho Centra) Sta tion. Among them wore “ California Jack ” and Frank Scarlos, both notorious “ guys.” They will bo brought before Banyon this morning, and will bo pursued until they leave town or abandon tboir business. STABBING AFFRAY. Yesterday evening, about half-paat 7 o’clock, & man named Billy Swantz was stabbed In tho right hand by an unknown person, on tho comer of Milwaukee avonuo and Halstod street. It seems that Swantz had some trouble with three men, a fow days ago, in which they woro badly beaten. They then threatened to have revenge. Last evening, as they were passing tho above-named place, one of thorn seeing Swantz. drew a knife and struck at him. Swantz cftught tho blado in his hand. Tho men then ran away. Thoir names are unknown. Swantz is a young man, and a waiter in a saloon on Milwaukee avonuo. \ Who Was Ho 1 Winona, Minn., May 5. —John Baldwin shot his cousin, Philander Baldwin, at Homer, Minn., on Saturday, killing him instantly. Cause, a woman. MARRIAGES, PKURY—COOK—At tho Unlrnrslty-plnca Baptist Church, by (ho Hot. A. J, Frost, assisted by Prof. K. O. Mitchell. B. J. Perry, M. D., anil Alisa Francos A. Cook. deaths. SCHWAHZ-Leonold Schwarz, on tho morning of tho Dth Inst., at 6 o’clock, at hla residence In this city, aged 41 years. lAinoral to-day (MayC)at2o’clockp. m., fromlfa MU waukoo-av. ... „ MuM-bcc. or Hamah Lodge and all mombora of tin I. O -11. 11. assemble at Covenant Hall, at 1 o'clock p. m. to day, for tbo purpose of showing tbo last tribute to tboir deceased brother. By order of tho P. S. Kurstadtou. PEIUOLAT—On Monday, May S, Josephine Louise, only child of Khinoholt and Llbbto Porlolat, aged 9 months and 18 days. Funoral from tho’realdonco of tho parents, 625 West Madiaon-st., (oGracoland, on Wednesday at 2 p. tq. DIKE—By drowning at tho bridge Occident, at Dixon. HI., May 4, Robert Dike, brother of Henry and tho lata Isaac Dike, of Chicago. McGILLEN—Mayfi. at D o’clock p. tn., Francis McGll lon. son of Thoinnn McGlllcu, at tho residence of his father, 5*53 West Madlson-st., aged 7 years. Funeral Wednesday, May7.atll o’clock a. ra., by car riages to Calvary Cemutory. Friends of tho family aro la- Tiled to attend. WATCHES, JEWELRY, &c. AMERICANS VISITING EUROPE Will find at our house, in Paris, a salesroom with a choice se lection of DIAMONDS, GEMS, FINE JEWELRY, WATCHES, BRONZES, FANCY GOODS, Ac., and at our Watch Manufactory, at Genova, a stock of WATCHES, CHAINS, and JEWELRY. TIFFANY & CO., Union-square, New York. In Geneva—lo*Grand (Inal. In Loudon—29 Argyil-st., Regent-st., W. In Paris—Tiffany, Reed & Co., 57 Rue Ohateandnn. FINANCIAL. INSURANCE CLAIMS BOUGHT IN ALL BANKRUPT X comnanbs. Oome ami see mo before soiling. 11. S. DIETUICII, 77 West Madlaou-st., up-stalra. TVTONEYJ (ADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAN ill. olllooj Into Juouba A Co., on diamonds, watches, anil other valuables. 177 Clark-st., corner of Mouroo, Room 6. qpo LOAN-SUMS OF S2OO TO $2,000, FOR SIX X months or luhb. Secured notes buuulit at fair rates. J» A. OWEN, mO LOAN-AMOUNTS OF >31,000 OR MORE ON X city real estate or Improved Illinois farms. B. L. PiSASK, 7H West Madlstm-st. SO I Ann TO LOAN FOR ONE YEAR ON REAL L.UUU estate Boourlty. WM. UAKNETT & (JO., Mouruo at., Room 2. 09*0nn TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. W. M. HOWLAND, 16& Wasblnston-at., Room 21. CAnn TO LOAN WITHOUT DELAY ON nptJ.UWv/ Rood city Improved property. KIMBALL A i'll Alv IC, Foot Bluok, corner Clark ami Monroe-sta. CIIWiTTA INTIANITtO - LOAN - JN~iMPiIOVKD qpU.UIJ V city property for ouo year. Will takn pur chase money paper. WM. D. PALMER & CO., No. Hi LaSallu-st., basement. <Jli n (\l\(\ <OH ANY PART THEREOF IN SUMS vXv/.uUU ofnotlcai than $600). Purchase money paper secured on Chicago real estate fur sale at u fair dia count. Address J 71. Tribune otllco, . tf»9‘b non *'OR LOAN UPON REAL ESTATE. Q^O.UUU U. W. mtIDGK, 411 Wftliftili-nv. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. COOK STOVE AND REFRIGERATOR FOR SALE wry cheap at 760 West Wasblngion-st; stove baa com* ploto furniture, and Isof approved pattern. CASH FOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANOS, mirrors, carpets, etc., In any quantity. 7 Eight eanth-st. MUSICAL. EOR BALE—GOOD BTEINWAV PIANO, SEVEN outave. only used about live years. Inquire of O, W. HALL, lUd Dearborn-si, 13HMOVAL OF PIANO ROOMS TO 271 STATK HT., XL near VnnUnreii, Plano* to runt and for sale. Rent- Ins a specialty. WM. R. PROWSKIt. MACHINERY. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF HKOOND-HAND boilers and oiirlucu. Two aecoml-haud tubular bolters. Mb. u., all compute with trimmings reedy lor use. Cheap for cash. Apply at Chicago Steam Boiler Works, WMlchigaust. MISCELLANEOUS. CASH PAID FOR OLD IJUOKKN, ALSO GOOD, watchoa, jewelry, old gold. allvor, flro.arma, and ail gondeof value at SO3 Kait Madlion-it. OAfill PAID FOR OABT.OFF CLOTHING AND mlioollanoonagoodaof anykind, by sending Blotter to I. OKLUER, Loan Office, 8M Btateat. OAfill PAID FOR LADIES’ AND GENTS’ CAST OFF clothing. old gold, allvor, and every description of personal taluabloa. Address ABRAHAM WILKINS,' jM Stalest,, Money Loan Office, botvroon Fourteenth and Flfteenth-sta. T\UDLRYOFFRRfI GREAT BARGAINS IN CLOTH. JJ Ing for mon. youth#, and loye, 82& Woat Washington. at._No rout paid or charged. I?dUiP.MKNTS COMPLETE FOR MOVING lIOUfIR. iii hold gooda, furniture, plate glass. marble, atocka of goods, oto. Orders loft at Room 11. Motropolllan Block, or at delivery offloo, M.0.U.U., In (might depot, »il\ nnjot vrlUi Immediate attention. Mc.MUUTRY £ BUO. tpLENTVR A CURRAN, MERCHANT TAILORS, J.' .hare removed to their old corner of Klozlo and Wollß-at, GENUINE BANNOCKBURN TWERDB. ALL COL* VT ors, mndo to ordorln Bulls for $35, AtGUANGER'U. 128 South, up-stalrs. TNVKNTORB. IOALL AT STONER'S INVENTORS’ 1 Bureau. STONER A CO., Patent Solicitors and No gollators, IRS Clark-st., Rooms from 73 to 70and 4fltoM. PURCHASERS SEEKING INVESTMENTS IN JL business, manufacturing! dock, residence, or su burban property, nro Invited to examine lists at FRED L. FAKE A CO.’S., 63 Ws»blnglon-at. mURKISII BATHS, SM MIOHIOAN-AV.-LADIKB X ami gentlemen now taking thosa baths pronounce them to bo the best they over found anywhere. Try thorn. TTSRORAUVIL’S CURB FOR PILBS-TIIR BEST vJ known remedy In the world. Sold by city druggists, and wholesale by the old plonoor Btoro ol VAN BUIIAAOK. STEPHENS * REED. •UTANTED-TO FIND A GOOD LOCATION FOR A Tr hardwaroatore and tin shop. Any one having a hard* ware store for sale whore the tin business can bo made profitable will ploaao address JULIUS, Box 33, Pocatonl ca, Winnebago Co., HI. WASHING AND IRONING DONE TO ORDER AT V V 468 Hubbard-st. Please call. SALOON ICE-BOX, BASEMENT 441 WANTED-TO BUY A SALOON LICENSE. ANY one having auch, call or address 85>i North Wells st., Chicago. WANTED— Mfl MEN WITH $lO AND UPWARDS TO Invest In real estate. 178Htftto-st., Room 12 LOST. LOST-A LIGHT BAY HORSE, BLACK LEGS, A little white on tljp loft ehonldor, about 16 bands high; no shoos. A liberal reward will bn paid for his return to 63 Soprtrlor-st. PATRICK LOOBY. T OST OB BTOLEH-HLACK LEATHER BILL. J J book, containing a itmall anm of mono?, a note partly elgnecr, and lomo papors of no valuo to anyono oxcopt tho owner. Anrono returning tbo nmo to UC4 South Hal. ated-Bt, Trill ho liberally rewarded. Lost-a pooketbook containing a small aumof money and papers of no value buttothoir owner. ..Any ono finding tho same may keep tho tnonoy If they will return tho nockothook and papers to BOWMAN A JONES, 223 East Klnzio-st. Lost-on Saturday afternoon, a gold bracelet, with tho lady’anarao engraved thoroou. Tho finder will bo rewarded by rotumlng it to tho Intor-Oooan olHco, or Off West Lake-sl. T OST-SUNDAY, TWO ENVELOPES, CONTAIN JJ Ing a llfo Inaurnnco policy, tax receipts, andotbnr papers of no valno except to tbo owner. The finder will ploato leave at 105 Maduon-at. LOST-YESTERDAY, ABOUT BP, M., BOY, ABOUT Byears old; golden hair, bluo eyes; had on when loat a black and rod woolen waist, water-proof pants, a patch on ono knoo; straw hat. and button ahoos. Any ono giving information at 201 Lulton-at. will bo rewarded. LOST-TIIE PERSON WHO TOOK THE OARPET bag from Pullman palaco oar at Wolls-at. depot, about 6 o’clock Monday p. m., will receive double its Tamo, and no ouosflons naked, by returning It Immedi ately to GEORGE BLACK, Depot Master. O. AN. W. Railway, Wolla-at. depot. ORT—YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, IN A UNION Park and Twonty-aooond-at. car, a portmannalo con taining money and a bank chock to order of Sophlo 11. Porry. Tbo finder will bo liberally rewarded by leaving tho aamo at tbo office of D. L. A G. W. PERRY, 1M La Ballo-st. AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED—GOOD CANVASSERS ARK oX making $lO to sl3 a day with tny goods: every artlclo la m staple as flour. Particulars free. O. M. LINING TON, 177 East Madlson-st., Room 10, Chicago, Agents wanted-to sell our new button- Hole Cutter aud Noodle-Threading Thimble. Agonta clear s2(l par day. 99 East Madtsoa-st., Room B. Agents wanted-to sell the champion fluting and smoothing Iron: tho host ono roado. CHAMPION FLUTING-lUON COMPANY, 41 Thlrdav. Agents wanted-for the city and ooun try, for goods of ready and largo profits. A. M. RICHARDSON, HO East Madison-st., Room 15, for merly at 170K South Halstod-st. A gents wanted-malk and female, to J\. solicit subscriptions for THE LADY’S FRIEND; good cash commissions paid. Call at 563 Wabash-av. Also a good advertising agent wanted. Agents wanted-to sell our new but ton-Holo Cutter and Noodlo-Tbreading Thimble. Agents clear S2O per day. 99 East Madlson-st., Room fi. Agents wanted-for übwitt’s fluting, polishing, and band*lron flutes, any lougth; 8 Irons in one. Room 16, 179 Bast Madlson-st. Agents wanted-everywhere, male and female, to sell throe nowsowing-maoblno attachments just out. Itoom 16, 179 East Madlson-st. Agents wantkd-male and female, for Bovoral fnet-solling articles that pay $lO to S2O a day In city or country. Business pormanoat and legitimate. Samples to country free, MERRILL A CO., 25 West Lako-st. BUILDING MATERIAL. FOU BALE-ABOUT 100 FEET OF GLASS PARTI, tion: also, some matched flooring. Apply to RATH* HONK. SARD ± CO.. 33 and-10 Lako-at. For sale-a large stock, all sizes and lengths, 3-Inch joists ami all kinds of finishing turn, bor, atw. 8. BABCOCK'S lumber-yard, 400 Lumbor st., near south oad Oansl-st. T UMBER FOR BALE —ABOUT 80,000 FEET OF JLj Joist, 3i12, 13 and 14 foot; also £0 square timber 10x1(1, 13 foot; also 100 pieces lUilO, 4 foot; also 80 pieces 6x6, 13 foot; and other lumber, all noil seasoned, will bo sold cheap for cash or real estate. Apply to F. R. WILSON, 77 Olark-at., from 12 to 1 o’clock. rpo CONTRACTORS AND STONE-CUTTERS; IOF- X for, nt auarrr prices, MUiourl rod granite In blocks, sawed, or polished. ~ . Ohio River froo-itono (Buena Vista) In block* or sawed. Vermont marble, In blocks or sawod. Alio, tlloof Ver« moot marble or slate. J. H. SMITH, 48 South Clark-st» QAAM MORE OF SOUTH HAVEN BRICK FOR OUU sale, toarrlva within ton days. J. 11. SMITH, 48SouthOlnrk-et. CLAIRVOYANTS. DR. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, THE wonderful baslnois and medical mediums, tell you anything yon wish to know. Cures seminal weakness nnd all chronic diseases or no pity. 106 West Madlson-et., up stairs. AUCTION SALES. By GEO. P. GOHE & CO., S3, 31, nnd2oß, OUR REGULAR TUESDAY SALE Will bo a vory attractive ono, and will in clude Dry Goods, Hats and Gaps, Misses’ & Child's Pique Suits, Shawls, Gents' Lisle Thread & British Hosiery, A large line of Eibhons, and Silk, Gingham, & Linen Parasols, Andi at 11 a. m., 100 rolls ASS’D CARPETS TUESDAY, May O, at OM n. m. GEO. P. GORE A CO., Bopts,SlioGS,&Sliiers AT AUCTION, BY CATALOGUE, On Wednesday, May 7, at 0 1-2 a. m, As the loaion advances our comipnnra nroproulng for mono/, and wa shall CLOSE OUT COO OASES'OF VERY DESIRABLE GOODS. „„ c O. P. GORE A CO., Si l . 31 and SO Kait By GEO. P. GORE & GO. 229 West Lake-st., oor. Carpenter. VERY DESIRABLE FURNITURE, being tho entire contents of a tUlrtoouToora bouse, will bo sold at auction, on WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, at 10 a. ro., prompt. Thoabuvo comprises everything necessary to the fur* nishlng of a complete homo. 0. P. CORK A CO.. Auctioneers. 74 TWENTY-SECOHD-ST., NEAR IMAM-AY. .A.'r AUCTION, On THURSDAY, MAY 8, at 10 o’olook, FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE, Parlor and Chamber Sots, Easy Obaira, Mar blo-Top Bureaus, Dodutoads, Mattresses, Marble-Top Tables, Marble-Top Commodes, Mirrors, Ext. Tables, What-Nots, Brussel and Wool Carpets, China, Silver and Glass ware. 2 Cook (stoves, 3 lao Chests. * Q.JP^aORBJCJ3C.. Auot’ro, By havens & co„ Aucllonoora, 63 South Canal*!. WILL SELL Wednesday, May 7, at 9 a. m., 150 Half-chests of Tea, Stook of Hardware and Tinware. Al*o, Furulturo of two largo Boardlng-llouica, com' prlilug everything In tbo houtokooplugllno. Saturday, May 10, at O a, in., HBQULAB BUnNITUBB BADE 11/ HAVENS too., A u ell oneqrß| 63 South Ca nslat. AUCTION. JOHN MORTON, long and favorably known at (he corner of Market and Waimugtonalo., baa resumed busl noitaaa horse dealer, and will tell at auction, at tho aboru place, a* follow*! iußidty* and irldaya. Twelfth, ■t., near UaUled. AUCTION SALES. Central Hall, Wabaah-av. and Twonty.Booond-at, Talnal forte of Art AT AUCTION. ELIBON A FOSTER would respectfully call the alien* tlon of art-lover* to a now and valuable collection of PAINTINGS AND WORKS OP ART, Oolloetodi during (ho paat year by CHARLES RODE, uiq., of Brooklyn, Now York, now on oihihltlon at OBNTBAXj HALL, Corner Wabash-ar, and Twonty*iooond-it., commencing on Monday, May 8, 1873. This oollooUon comprises choice SIS»UP oJnf Ihobaat l’oroljm and American BohooU, and known ArU.ta® 8011141 ’ 0 ploturM of 1118 following well* wa, sasssssss upAssat p.xsr; Jl.W.'ilt Francois Mualn, H. V&nSobrn, ,7. 0. Wlgjrins, Tho whole to be sold BY AUCTION, • WEDNESDAY A3STD.TI Afternoons knd Evenings, May 7 and 0, gad o’clock. ELISOW A FOSTEI ELEGANT FURNITURE, 1 AT THE Mlb-FM Dwelg, 384 - Wabash-av. - 384 -A.T AtrOTION, On TUESDAY MORNING, May 6, at 10 o'clock, Consisting of very rioli Parlor Furniture* Morblo-top Chamber Sots, Marblo-top Ta bles, Easy Chairs, Elegant Velvet Parlo Carpets, Body and Tapestry Brussols Oar pots, Dining-room Furniture, Kitchen Fur niture, Bods and Bedding, Beal Laoe Cur tains, Crockery, Table Ware, Glassware, and everything pertaining to housekeeping. Solo absolute. EDISON & FOSTER, 383 West Eandol GENTEEL FHPJITUEE •A-T A-TJCTIOISr, On Thursday Morning, May 8, at 10 o'clock, and Wool Carpets. Fine Parlor Furniture. Mar Wo-Tcpohambor g<dihL&llrror, Oil Painting*, Dining- Bodm and Kitchen flHßhre, Elegant China and Gilt Sod of 163 pieces, dinner, and tea not. Mat tresses, do., Ao. Plano. • A FOSTER, Auotlonoors. By TVM. A»UTTEKS & CO. SECC|fD GRAND JLIEVT? SJOLIEJ OF THE American Art Gallery, OF NEW YORK. An extremely CHOICE COLLECTION of! PINE OIL PAINTINGS, By Celebrated Artists of the Modem School, will bo sold by WM. A, BUTTERS & CO., At their Salesrooms, 55 & 57 South Cuunl-st., On Wednesday and May, lay 7 and H Sale at 2>* and p. m.’eaoh day. This oolleotion will embrace the works off well and most favorably-known Artiste* Among thorn aro those of Ohas. A. Bomors, J. J. Xiang, A. Mario, Paul LaOroix, Eug’o Taylouro, W. O. A. Freiohs, O. Auolii, Howard Hill, Belanohi, ’ J. Libmon, B. IT. Carvalho, O. Williams, G. Jerome, G. Poster, Gilbert Manning, Rosonburg, G. G. Hdntwick, Oregon Wilson, Deßuol, XT. Bush. Bauman, Also. PICTURES. FINE PASTEL AND OHRYSTAL MEDALLIONS. The Paintings are tastefully mounted in fine Gold Lear Frames, and will bo sold to gether. The Pictures will be on exhibition, free, with description catalogue, on and after Tuesday, 6tn. On Wednesday, May 7. Pino Me"* '"•m Buggies; n ’-oW-i- Si ie ■’■nri-tr. Democrat, and Express Wagons, Phaetons; iiuub. and i tumess; AT WEDNESDAY. May 7, at 10 o'clock. , , WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers. On Thursday, May 8. DIRTY" GOODS, Heady-made Clothing, Straw Goods, Carpeting, Boots, Shoes, etc., AT AUCTION, on THURSDAY. Mo, 8, «t 9Si o’oloofc, at 65 and 67 South Oanal-it. . „ . ~ WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneers. By TAYLOR & HARRISON. •A-TJCTTOUST SALE OP Elegant Furniture, &o. * At 717 Wait Waihlngton-it., TUESDAY MORNING, May 6, at 10 o'clock, too entire content# of above dwell ing, constating of Splendid Parlor Furniture, upholstered In Flush and 811k Elegant Brussels nnd Wool Carpets, nearly now, Magnificent Side Board, Marblo-Top Chamber Sots. Dining-Eoom Furniture, Kitchen Stove and Utensils, Eloh Marblo-Top Tables. Spring Beds and Bedding, China and Glassware, Plated ware, &0., &0., Stc, All but little used and Ant-class goods in every roipeot*' Also at same rlaoo, Ono Fine Milch Cow. By TAYLOR d HARRISON, Aactloneera. SPECIAL SALE OF GROCERY, HARDWARE & PLATED WARE, On Tuesday Morning, May 0, at 10 O'Clock, AT 31 & 33 SOUTH OMAL-ST. 10 Orate* W. O. Crockery, 13 Haiku W. O. Crockery, •1 Caaka 0. 0. Warn, in open lota to thoTrado. Also (took of HARDWARE and TINWARE. consist ing of AXES. lIATOIIKTS, TIN BASINS, JAPANNED WAKE, OUTTLKRY, An., Ao. TAYLOU A HARRISON, Auctioneer*. 81 and 83 South CanaVst. Beenlar Wednesflay’sSale orDryGools, Clouting, to. Wednesday, May 7, at o'clock. Full Lino 6*4 Cat* ■traeres and Diagonals, lino of Dross Goods, Data oail Caps, largo Involoo Jonolry, Plated Ware, Ao. By TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneers. 81 and 83 South Oanal-st, By BRUSH, SON & CO. AT PHIVATB RESIDENCE, 'Rear of 77 South Halsted-st, TUESDAY, May 6, at 10a. m., will bo told, without re serve, a general aesortmout of FURNITURE, Parlor Suita, Marblo-top Tablet, Bruisola and Ingrala Carpet*, hofaa, Lounge*, ObamborSota, Bed*, Bedding, Laos Curtain*, Dining-room and KUcbon Furniture. BRUSH, SON AGO., Auctioneers, By HODGES & CO. Elegant Furniture at (ho large briok dwelling, 600 West WuHlaiig;tou-st|« Two doora from Ashland>av., -A.T A.TJOTIO3ST, On TUESDAY morning, May 6, at 10 o'clock, oomlatlng of one elegaut roiowuod 7-ootavo piano, parlor, chamber, dining, and kitobon furniture; carpel*, bedding, crock ery, (dataware, Ao., Ao., and everything porlalulngto bomekoeplng. Rale positive, and without reserve. N. 8.-Avm aell the eatlro coutouU of 617 Woat L«ke-«(, tbia (Monday) morning, at 10 a. m. UODQES A 00., Auctioneers, without reserve, IUHSDAY, commencing at 9 SR. Anetloncora. 1 Auotioneora. 111-St.

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