Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 7, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 7, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME SB. ■WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. WOW WISE raws co. 280 Stntc-st., omoAGO, ILL. :anoli of Hartford Company. Manufacturers of tho ONLY PERFECT WIRE MATTRESS. Tho public are invited to call atourOffloo ond boo. BY COMPARISON, whoroin the so-called improvement, olaimod by another party, consists, TUB Hartford Wire Mattress is the Best Bed. in the fori!- T or_Balo_br the Fumlturo trade everywhere. FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK. SECURITY FROM LOSS BY ROBBERY. FIRE. OR ACCIDENT. THR FIDELITY Savings Bank AND Safe Depository, In tbolr now Fire-Proof Building, 143, 145 & 147 Eandolph-st., Receive for safe keeping In (Loir GREAT FIRE AND BUROLAR-PUOOF SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS (among the boat in the world, bavin* coat over ono hundred thousand dollar*). Coupon Bonda, Socuritloa, Family Piute, Coin, Dooda, Wills, and Valuables of every do- BC Afao, Ol ront Safes In tbolr Vaulta at from 810 to 8W a year, according to size. ... . . Trusts of ovory bind rooolvcd and executed. Interest Allowed on Savings Deposits. JOHW O. HAINES. Prdaldent. XO RENT/ OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Room 1 Nevada Block. For Bent. Comer Store, and two connected with Hotel, In Briggs House, corner of Fifth-av. and Rnndolph*et. Apply to PHASE A ADAMS. 81 Bryan Block. REAL ESTATE. ACRE PROPERTY POE S-A-Xjß. 20 Aores within four miles of Court House. 11 Acres adjoining Woodlawn, which can be retailed at largo prodt. WING & FARLIH, 85 East Washington-st., Rodm4. FOR BALE, A VERY EB3IRABLE CORNER on North Eoarborn-st., south of Division. S. S. QHBBLBY, 22 Nizon’s Building/., HiililiiM Pari BnllfllnE Co., Office 163 MONROEST., Room 4, Kent's Building. Hooses and Lots for sale on easy terms. FRANK P. HAWKINS. Agent. STOCKHOLDERS* MEETINGS. STOCK-UOLDERS’ AM UAL MEETING or TUB Lake Sliore & MlcMgan Sonliera Hallway Co. Office of Toe Lake Shore d Michigan Sodtheek) ' Railway company, } Cleveland. 0., March 27, 1878. ) The annual meeting of the Stockholders of this Com* pany, for tho election of Directors for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of other Important business, will bo hold at the office of (ho Company, In tbo city of Cleveland, 6., on Wednesday, 7th Day of May next, between the hours of 11 o’clock in tho forenoon and 8 o'clock In tbo afternoon of that day. The transfer books of the Company will bo closed at the close of business, ontboßtb day of April next, and will re-open on tho morning of the 6th day of May noxt. GEORGE H. KLY. Secretary. OFFICE ODF CMcio,MMiJ& Pacific RAILROAD COMPANY. April 28. 1073. The annual mooting of the Stockholders of the Chicago, Rook Island d Paollio Uallroad Company, for the election of Directors, pursuant to law. and the transaction of such other business as may come before them, will bo bold at the office of the Company, in the City of Chicago, on Wednesday, the 4th day of Juno next, at 11 o'clock a. m. JOHN IT. TItAOY, President. F. H. TOWS, Secretary. Joliet & CMcap Railroad Company. SECRETARY'S OFFICE. OUIOAQO, May 3, 1879. The Stockholders of the Joliet A Chicago Railroad Company are hereby notified that tho annual meeting of said Company, for tho election of Directors and transac tion of other business, will bo hold at tho office of tho Chicago A Alton R. It. Co., on Wednesday tho 14th Inst., at 10 o'clock a. m. ■ W. M. LARRABBE, 800. Stockholders’ Meeting. NoUee is hereby given that tho annual meeting of the Stockholders of Chicago Houtb Branch Dook Company, for the election of Directors of said Company, will bo held at the office of said Company, No. 623 Wabaen*av., in tho CHj of Chicago, at 10 a. u., A. D. Secretary of Chicago South Branch Dock Company. BUSINESS CHANCE. To Capitalists. Parties In Chicago desiring a sale, respectable, and standard business that will pay from 100 to UOO per cent profit will please address V 8. J. HOGOHON, 63 oortland«»t.. Now York City. _ PERFUMERY." PUT f ULLMAM PALACE OAR BOUQUET on your Hand ergUlfli. Wfat (P)i£aoxr M<xMs REMOVALS. Removal. TUB BABCOCK MAOTFACTOBIHIi CO., (tale (fortiiweslem Pin Eiiiite a), Manufacturers of Improved Sslf-Actli Fire iimtns, Havo removed their General Office and Salesroom to 81 & 83 WASfIIN6TON-ST., Corner of Dearborn. Tie Balicock Maimfactnruig Company. Fish-House Removal E. E. BKOMILOW’S Commission anil Inspection Boise REMOVED TO GRAND TRUNK ‘WAREHOUSE, north end of WaUs-at. Bridge. tsr OFFICE—No. 10 North Wolls-at., Bpsnoor’s Blook. E=6.E33MCO'V^.Ij. A. W. HITCHCOCK, MERCHANT TAILOR, BEMOVED TO 125 Monroe-st,, near Clark. Choice lino of good* for men*! wear. ' _ REMOVAL. S. B. BURGER & 00., DEALERS IN ZBBliyr Worsted, EmMileries, &c,, HAVE REMOVED FROM 258 to 240 West Madison street, Botwoon Sangamon and Peoria. J. E, LOCKWOOD & R. B. BACON HAVE REMOVED TO 04 Washington-st., Room 18. LOCKWOOD <SB BAOON 1 , Attorney and Ooun»qlIofB-ai-Law. % FINANCIAL. ASSIGNED ESTATE OF THE Bnterorise Insorance Goiaw. Tho second dividend (forty-tbrco per cent) awarded by the Auditor, will bo paid by THE PHILADELPHIA TRUST, SAFE DEPOSIT AND INSURANCE COM-. PANY, Assignee!, at tholr Office) No. 431 Choetnut-st. A form of rooolpt will bo sent to each creditor whoso address is known to tho Assignees. I. L. ERRINOER, Vloo President. CHARLES H, BROWER. R. PARKER PIEROB. PIERCE & BROWER, BROKERS, 93 MA33ISOKT-ST. Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Govern ment and Western Soouritios. Illinois 10 per cent Registered Coupon Bonds. Liar Insurance Com Inpursuanoo of a decree of the Superior Court of Cook County, all persons haring claims against this Company aro notified to appear before Frank Dennison, Itsn., Alas* ter in Chancery, at his Office, Rooms Noa. 67 and 68 Bryan Block,, In Chicago, and prove their claims. Tho undersigned will attona at said place on tho 10th, 12th, 18th, 14lb, and 16th days n! May Inst., at 3 o'clock in tho aftomoon of eaoh day. Claims not proven will not narticlnate in tho first dividend. __ p y GEORGE CHANDLER, Roceivor. Bhtifeldt A Pall, Attorneys. TO LOAN. $3, 800 for one year, on first-olses preferred. A R3 LaSalle-st. DUMBER. HENRY N. HOLDEN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of HARDWOOD LUMBER. Also, Mahogany, Roaowood, Florida Oodar, Veneers, &o. Particular attention paid to Ailing bills for any kind of Hardwood or Fancy Dumber. OFFICE AND YARD—Ho. 211 South MaiM-st, PROPOSALS. THE CAICASIED SEMI And Mining Companr of Louisiana Invites proposals for the oonstracUon of a abaft In Cal* oaslou Parish, Stats of Louisiana., ..... The object of said shaft la to reach a deposit of sulphur, about four hundred and forty (110) foot below the surface of the ground. The nature of the soil, and thickness of atratas aro as follows : , , First—l6o feet of clay containing sand, Second—l7o foot c f quick sand. Third—llo foot of Calcareous or lime stone, and next the sulphur bod, which Is about one hundred and ton (110) feat thick. The Company will exhibit apian and specifications to contractors lor said shaft, and has on the spot iron rings, extraction engines and tools, Imported from Buropo, with the view Glueing the Kind A Ohandrou system, also a steam saw-mill, abundance of Umber, necessary build* Ings. etc., etc., etc. * The work will be done ander the supervision of the Bn* sincere! the Company. . _ Proposals will be received up to the Ist of July, 1878. Address V. A. BELAUMB, Secretary. B)i Carondolet-st., Now Orleans. ARTESIAN WELL MEN. In compliance with instructions from tho City Council of tho oity of Denver, Colorado, proposals, and so mark* ed, will bo received by mo for the sinking of an Artesian Wall to tho depth of 9,000 foot, providing flowing water Is not obtained at a lose depth, Tho Well to bo six Inches in diameter, and cased. Twonty*flvo per cent tabu paid Whoa each four hundred feat Is sunk, and tho balance when tbo contract Is completed (all to be paid In curren cy), Bidders must state tho rato per each ono hundred foot, and bo prepared to give sufficient bonds to Insure the faithful prosecution of the work. Tho right is re served to reject any or all bids. Work to cummcncoby July!, W. J. BARKER, Chairman Oommlttoo on Water for Irrigation, Denver, Colorado. HAIR LUXURIANT, UP On top ofyonr headls a bald spot. Try MANN’S HAIR LUXURIANT. CHINA. CROCKERY. Ac. AT RETAIL. Plain Band and Decorate! CHINA. IMITATION CHINA, At about half dost of French 0 ! hina, BOHEMIAN GLASSWARE, i LAVA & PARIAN GOODS,' SILVER-PLATED GOOES, CUTLERY, WAITERS, *&C. Cheaper than at any other Store, AT F. & E. JAEGERS, 73 WABASH-AV. , A.T RETAIL. men, CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, Silver-Platefl Goofls, TABLE CUTLERY,&o MLEY&TYERELL 274,276 & 278 Wateh-av., COBWEB VAN BtTRBN-BT. WE ARE BBX,X.XIsrC3- Wle China Dinner Sets, 141 Pcs,, for $35.00. White China Tea Sets, 56 Fes,, for 6.50. In fact, wo are closing oufc our entire Wholesale Stool:, at Retail, AT WHOLE SALE PRICES, in order to make room for an elegant Retail Stock for Spring Trade. < Scott&Oyingtonßrosi 219 West Madison-st. INSURANCE. Phoenix Ins. Co., OF HARTFORD, CONN. Phoenix Ins. Co., OP ST. LOUIS, tRBOSAOVBID TO 149 & 151 Madison-st. JAMES AYAB3, JB„ Agent. SEWING MACHINES. WILLOOI & GIBBS SEW lACHHES, Removed from 573 Wabasb-nv. to 39 SOUTH CLARK-ST., Near Sherman Rouse, where tboao popular Family and Light Manufacturing Sewing Machines can bo obtained; also, Noodles, Thread and Attachments. Machines ro* paired as usual. Agents wanted in overy County la this State. C, W. SHERWOOD, Generol Agent. GENERAL NOTIGES* OFFICE OF THE CM of tie Coimly Caarl OF COOK COUNTY, Chicago, HI,, May 6, 1673. By a rosolnllon adopted by tho Board of Commissioner* of Cook County this day, tho several persons who aot<Al a* Judges of tho oloetlOD of Nor. 5, 1673, in tholr respective Precincts la the City of Chicago, were appointed Judge* of Election for tho election of Circuit Judges, to be hold on the 3d day of Juno next. Said Judges of Election aro requested to call at this Office on or before Monday next and obtain the Registry Books. * JOSEPH POLLAK, County Olork. HUMBOLDT PARK Eesidenoe Association. The Members of the TIUMBOLDT PARK RESI DENCE ASSOCIATION aro hereby Invited to a General Meeting of the Shareholders on THURSDAY, May 8, at 8 p m., In their office in Groonobxuro’s Building, No. 78 Fifth-av., Room 4. The presence of every member la solicited. QUARLES PROEDSTINO, Boorotary. NOTICE. All BUbsoribora to and parties intorontod in tho FEMALE SEMINARY at WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, Are requested to moot at tho ofUooofQ. A. CHAMBERS & CO., No. 4 Honoro Block, on THURSDAY, May 8, at 2 o’clock p. m. By order of Oommlttoo. RATS Expelled from Basements Private Houses. No poison used. Charge, $lO. Address B 61, Tribune ottloo. LOTTERY. $75,000 117 OASII POn sl, OMAHA LOTTERY! To ornot the Nobraeka Utate Orphan Asylum, to bo drawn In public May 1878- Positively. Tlckpls SI curb, or Hlx lor 85. Tickets sent by Express C. O, U., If doidrud. t Cash Ptlto, 815,0110 l 1 Cash Prize. 8*!Q»OOOi I 0«;h Prize, 815,1 (KH). Wu will send acortlilcate of 20 IlcUutn on ro cuiiitnf 810, and tho balance, 810 morn. to ho deduct ed from the Prises after the drawing. For balance of Prizes scud for Circular. Endorsed by his Excellency, Gnv. W. II- James, and tho beat business men of tho Htale. AOBNTK WANTED. Address mate, auivh Mauwcor| Qaiftha. Nvlt,. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1873. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. TRUE TIME! Wo havo tho exclusive sale In Chicago of the celebrated Chas. XI. Jncot nv “Patok, Phlllipiio & Co.” Watches, and keep a largo assortment of other' reliable For eign Watches, direct from tho manufacturers. “WALTHAM,” “HOWARD,” “ELGIN” WATCHES, Of every stylo'of movement made, jin either Silver or Gold Cases. Wo have noold stock, and do not advertise to-sell "Watekes at cost, but do soli mem at LOWER prices than any other house in the West. \ Anothen large assortment of Gold Chains j ust opened. N. lffli & CO., , Estate and Monroe-sta.. /AT COST! I will sell my whole stock of WATCHES, CHAIM'S, JEWELRY, land SILVER-PLATED WARE, ! J&*S? COST! |Eor the next twenty days, prepara tory to removal to my ELEGANT NEW STORE, adjoining the Wa bash-av. front of Palmer’s Grand Hotel. A. H. MILLER, 176 State-st. anfl 42 Vest Maflison-st. OIL MlfH At Auction, TO-- IO B"ST BUTTERS & CO., 55 & 57 South Canal-st. POSITIVE SALE. “MORNING AFTER THE BAIL” BY GALVAN. This Suporb Painting is on exhibition with Mr. Bodo’s Collection, Wabash-av. and Twenty-second-st., and will bo sold on Thursday Night, Bth inst. STOVES. RANGES. &c. EATHMFB STOVES Arfi favorably known all over tbo United States. Among tbo most popular patterns is tbo FEARLESS COOKING STOVE, For Hard Coal. Soft Coal, or Wood, with Low Enameled Reservoir, or with Pines for Heating Water for Dath Rooms, oto. Wo also manufacture a largo variety of GOOD CHEAP STOVES, Using tbo same quality of Iron as in the Fearless, which om bo bought as low as an inferior Stove. FOR SALE TO THE TRADE ONLY, BY RATHBONE, SARD & CO, 38 &> 40 Lake-st. Abovo Stoves are forsale at retail by tho prominent deal STOVES AND RANGES, (ONION WASHING MACHINES, AMERICAN MANGLES, PACKER'S ICE CREAM FREEZERS KEDZIE’S WATER FILTERERS, REFRIGERATORS & ICE BOXES, HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. T~> ATT. lr r l OJSr - tSS 00., 80 S 82 HANDOXiFH-ST., noqr Btato. STOVE. THE EJNEST EVER MADE I SOMETHING ENHBELY NEW I Una nioro Good Features Than Any Ollier! An Examination Will Convince Yon I Manufactured by Swntt, Qtilmby «i Pony, Troy N. Y. Bold Wholesale) and llotan by JOHN D. MACLEAN & 00,, 335 STATE-ST. PslnillToolMs And auill Pens, AT WIIOtUSAT.It AND DETAIL. CDLYKR, PA&E, Ml & CO., 118 & 130 Momoo-st. Masonic. fipoal.l communication of Dinner Lodge. No. 371. F, A A. 11.. will bo bold Dll. (Wodiio.dijr) pvonlng. In Orion. t.l il.ll, .Ur, m. It, G. iIOWHEII. Hw'r. AND PAINTINGS. ora in tho city and country. TOR SALE. MEETINGS. LOUISIANA. Exciting Nows from tho Seat of War in St. Martin’s Parish. Tho Kellogg Forces, from Now Or leans, Moot with Stubborn Resistance. The Negroes Organizing to Op pose the Tax-Resisters, New Orleans Without a Police Force to Guard tho City. Kellogg Finds a Pretext for Calling Upon the National Troops. New Idewa, La., May C—ll *. m.—Tho Me tropolitans took quiot possession of St. Martins villo ou Sunday noon. That night two Metropolitan scouts woro dan* goroualy wounded in the suburbs of that town, one of whom has sinco died. Skirmishing has boon constant since. A conference between the loaders of tho contending forces was hold yes terday. The Metropolitans wanted to know which of tho officers they woro about to instal woro objectionable, and what they wanted. Tho Bosisters replied that tho men woro satisfactory if commissioned by Goy. McEnory; that tho citi zens only wanted tho Metropolitans to loavo the town and not interfere with their local affairs. Tho women and children aro still in town. Kellogg's Judge, iu company with his District Attorney and Congressman Dartoll, have gouo to St. Martinsville to opon court to-day. The citizens’ force la variously estimated at from 200 to 400 men, with two pieces of artillery. Tho report is, this morning, that tho Kolloggltoa aro organizing tho negroes; consequently, the entire population aro watchful, but no gonorol engagement has yet occurred. Business is generally suspended. New Orleans, May o.—-Nows from St. Martin and adjoining parishes creates much excitement iu tho city. It is understood that a movement is on foot to solzo tho polico stations while tho Metropolitans aro in tho interior. Political complications aro increasing. Tho Boelstors claim that they aro daily gaining strength, whiio tho Kolloggitos avor that al opposition Is disappearing. New Obleans, May O.—A largo mooting was hold this afternoon tit tho Olay statue, Canal street, addressed by Qon. Hugh J. Campbell and others. Tho object of tho mooting was to in dorse tho action of tho people of St. Martins. Another batch of fifty Metropolitans, it is stated, leave this evening to’ roiuforco St. Mar tinsvillo. Tho evening papers report that Kollogg offers $260 Stato warrants as bounty for Metropolitans to go to tho country. Tho commaudor of the Metropolitans at St. Martinsville appeals to Kollogg for mounted forco to assist thorn. Reinforcements for tho Metropolitans loft this morning for St. Martinsville. New Orleans, May o.—No Metropolitans aro on their boats to-night, those in tho city being concentrated about tho stations. It is under stood that thoso who refuse to take rifles aro al lowed to quit. Several of tho forco have de clared that they would not toko up arms against tho pooplo of tho Btato. Mudgo’s gun-store was broken into by a mob to-night, and almost its eutiro contents carried off. No policemen wore present to protect tho property. It is understood that an arrangement has Leon made between tho Federal officials and Kellogg by wbicb, under tho plea of enforcing civil processes against Col. Doßlauo and other load ing tax-resistors, tho United States troops go to morrow to tho roliof of tho Metropolitans at St. Martinsville. Do Clanc reports to Qov. McEnory that ho holds tho Metropolitans in check. No general engagement had occurred at last accounts. New Orleans, May G.—There is oxcitomon all over tho parish, and tho pooplo aro deter mined to resist. Forty Metropolitans arrived hero to-day, and they aro closely watched by tho citizens. It is said any overt act on their part will bo promptly resisted. Contrary to ordinary usago.tho citizens fraternize with tho Metropoli tans, hut aro fully determined. There aro no ne groes on tho streets. Tho town is seemingly quiet, but all are on tho alert. Franklin, La., 10:25 p. m, MayO.—'Tho Latest information from St. Martinsville indicates that a fight will probably tako place early to-morrow morning. About twonty-nvo well-mounted and well-armed men left hero sinco night-fall, for the “Roisters”' Headquarters, near St. Martins ville. Groat excitement prevails. Tho telegraph office hero is thronged with anxious men. . New Iberia, May G, 9:55 p.m.—The situation at Bt. Martinsville is unchanged. There was heavy firing on tho picket-lino this afternoon. The citizens ftro driving tho Kellogg pickets in. No casualties aro reported. A batt'o may tako place at any moment. It is reported that Kellogg’s army- holds tho bridge crossing tbo Bayou Techo, preventing an attack from the roar. New Orleans, May C—ll p. m.—Sovoral gun stores were broken open by tbo mob to-mght and robbed of their contents. Tho excitement in this city is subsiding sinco it Is currently re ported that Gon. Emory has consented to send a company of Federal troops to protect tho Motro- Solltans, who seem to bo in danger. At t. Martinsvillo the Resistors seem to have them in oloso quarters. Nrw Orleans, May 6.—A number of citizens have signed tho following : To the Honorable Grand Jury of the Parish of Or leans : The respectful representation of tho under signed citizens and tax-payors of Now Orleans is herewith submitted, to-wit: That a grievous injury and wrong Is being done to tho petitioners by certain persons who are il legally arming tho police forco into an army, contrary to tho Constitution of tho United States, which, in Sec. 10, Article 1, expressly prohibits tho keeping of troops by any State, in language as follows: “No State shall, without the consent of Congress, lay any duty of tonn age, hoop troops or ships of war In times of peace.” Wo further represent that the action of the parties ogalust whom wo lay this bill of com plaint, to say more expressly, on William H. Kellogg, aided and abetted by other certain Police Commissioners, whoso names to us are now unknown, is calculated to put this State iuto a condition of rebellion against tho UnitodStates, and to damage and imperil the peace aud safety of your petitioners. Wo further respectfully represent that our taxes aro Immensely increased by Uiis soldiering of the police, who are sup posed to bo charged as police ofllcors to guard the city in its righto of person and property. Wo complain that wo are thus deprived of police, and have imposed upon us soldiers manufactured out of police ofllcors. Wo further respectfully represent that tho Met ropolitan police forco, as brigaded, embodies every element of a regular army, as a standing army, subject to tho absolute aud exclusive con trol and command of tho Governor, and that they may bo sent, and aro being uk this time sent, to other parts of tho Stale, armed with rifles and cannon, to ovorawo and shook down the people of the State. Wo further respectfully represents that tho dispatching of tho hostile expedition from tho city against our follow-oltizons in other parishes has a tendency to ftiyay ou opposite sides tho city aud tho oouu try. and begets on the part of the country a rancorous and bitter fooling against tbo city, all to our damage and tbo Injury of our remaining business and prosperity, and there fore wo respectfully request your honorable body to tako the whole case into caroful consid eration, and report upon tho samo to tbo honors oblo-Flrst District Court for snob action as tho Court may boo At to diroot, or your own mature judgment may judge to bo suitable In tbo prom ises, and your petitioners will over pray, etc. WAfIuiNOTON, May o.— Senator West and P. B. Plnobbaok, who havo just arrived from Now Or leans, bad a long conversation with tbo Attor ney-General on Louisiana affairs. No official intelligence has boon received from St. Martinsville. Notwithstanding tbo state ments of resistance to tho tax collections, those parlies report that the collections so far are largor than those of last year. CINCINNATI. Inmigurntlon of tlio Great Musical Festival—Tho Opening’ Concert a De cided Success—Programme for tho Week* Special Dispatch to The Chicago JVibtmc, Cincinnati, 0., May o.—Tbo great May festi val was inaugurated with an opening concert, ibis evening, at Exposition ’ Hall, under tbo direction of Theodore Thomas, and will continue daring tbo remainder of the week, with both afternoon and evening concerts, closing on Saturday with an open air concert and social picnic. Tbo programme for tbo evening was as follows: /Vraf—nandol’B "Detllngon To Doom,” with Mrs. Smith, Mlbb Cary, aud Meanra. Varloy «uu Whitney for tho quartette, ana solos with full chorus, organ, aud orchestra. Second— Doothovon’a Fifth Symphony. IVkfrtf— I Tho Mozart concert aria No. 3, by Ur. Varloy, Fourth— I "The noavona aro Telling," from tho " Creation.” Tho audionco, including poiformers, numbered nearly 0,000 pooplo. Tho tompornturo was at midsumihor boat, and In tbo balcony tho boat was so oppressive that many had to loavo. Promptly at half-past 7 Mr. Thomas took tho stand, and was welcomed with applause, - which ho acknowledged with a hasty how, and proceeded at onco to his work. Tho doors woro then closed by his own arrangement, and nono worAadmltted till tho oloso of the second num ber of tho To Deum. About ton minutes’ rest was thou taken, during which timo tho crowd booamo seated, aud tho performance of tho To Doum wont without interruption to its oloso. tho wholo work hoing given without cutting. Tho greatest success in tho To Doum was tho third number, "To tho Cherubim and Seraphim,” which was taken in oxaot timo ana with wonder ful precision. In most of tho other numbers Mr. Thomas’ tempos woro very rapid, so much so that in tho closing quortotto Miss Cary was somewhat disconcerted, and evon Whitnoy was moro than onoo behind tho boat, while tho organist was put to his wits’ ends in some of tho highly-figured numbers. Tho chorus, however, made its attacks superbly, especially in tho figured numbers, and developed remarkable purity of vole© and unanimity of singing, tho whole soprano aldo carrying Itself along rather than waiting to bo lod by a fow voices as is usually tbo oaso of choruses of tholr' size. Tho altos in concerted plocos woro tho weakest, but in tholr solos developed superb metal and steady work. Aftgy tho To Doom, a half hour was devoted to promonado and refreshments in tho largo ana ologantly-doooratod side halls, after which, at tbo sound of tho boll, tho audionco was re seated, and Boothovon’s Fifth Symphony was {;ivon m superb stylo, tho andante being special y good. Tho audionco mado a desperate effort to got an oncoro, but Thomas was 1 inflexi ble. and would not yield. Mr. Varloy mado a very decided hit with his Mozart solo, aud the concert closed with tho Haydn chorus, about half-past 10, and in tho midst of a drench ing rain. Tho concert is pronounced on all sides to bo a groat success, and a very auspicious open ing of tho festival, although there Is a furi ous discussion going on among tho Gormans as to Thomas* tempos. Owing to Mr. Thomas* well-known aversion to show or nolso of any kind, thoro is no apparent local oxcitomont hero. Tbo popular enthusiasm has not been wdrkcd up with parados, proces sions, blowing of trumpets, flaming announce ments, bolls, anvils, or artillery. A fow flags aro flying, but boyond this and tho somewhat crowded condition of the hotels, thoro aro no signs of a festival. Tho festival will stand or fall purely on its musical merits. It Is Intended os tho pionoor of annual festivals in tho future in tho great West ern cities, and, although there is muon classical music in tho programme for what is Intended to ho a popular festival, and a largo proportion of it now, some of tho numbers never having boon given boforo in this country, still Mr. Thomas has acted upon t,ho correct theory, that pooplo can onjoy, and evon understand, classical musio if it is performed as it should bo, and that tho only reason why classical music has not boon popularized is because it has been so mercilessly murdered hitherto. Tho programmes for tho week aro tho best that liavo over boon offered in tho West, if not in this country. They include tho actual masterpieces of Boolhovon, Mendels sohn, Mozart, Handel, Gluck. Schumann, Schu bert, Haydn, .Liszt, and Wagnor. Tho princi pal numbers for tho week aro tho Dot tiugon To Doum and Doothoveu’s. Fifth Symphony, on this evening’s programme; several scones from Gluck’s "Orpheustho Coriolanus Overture, and Schumann’s, Symphony in O for Wednesday evening 5 tho "Osis and Osiris ” from tho " Magic Fluto Schumann a “Gipsy Life,’ 1 and tho Ninth Symphony of Boolhovon, with tho second part chorus, Mrs. Smith, Miss Cary, Mr, Varloy, and Mr. Rudolph, Senior, in tho quartette for Thursday evening; tho Vorspiol to Wagner’s i.‘ Moistorsrongor ”j Sohu hort’a Twenty-third Psalm j Liszt’s "Tasso, and Mendolsachu’a “ Walpurgls Night ” for Fri day evening. , In addition to those numbers, tho matlnoo programmes present a very attractive selection of oratorio solos ’ and choruses, and movements from symphonies, interspersed with operatic arias, marches, and danco musio. The Sundny-Scliool Work* Philadelphia, May o.—Tho Forty-ninth an niversary of tho American Sunday-School Union was celebrated to-night at tho Academy of Music. Tho following is tho summary of mis sionary work for forty-nine years; Schools organized in destitute settlements, about C 2,000; children gathered in over 2,050,000} persons engaged as teachers, 415,000. The forty-ninth annual report shows that tho re ceipts on account of missionary operations of tho society, Including legacies, amounted to $8,551,399 } expenditures. §8,945,853. Tho re sults are as follows : Schools organized, 996 ; teacher in them. 6,884; scholars in them, 89,- 935 ; schools visited and aided, 2.886; teachers in them, 19,5G1; scholars in thorn. 1G5,0G4; Bibles and testaments distributed, 9,426. OTlio Producers’ and Consumers’ Con* volition* New Yomt, May G.—At the Producers’ and Con sumers’ Convention, to-day, several questions wore asked relative as to who should bo admitted as members, when tho President stated that it was not tho intention to exoludo any ono. All should bo freo to express themselves, and were invited to do so. It waa also stated that the Conven tion had not mot in the interest of froe trade, protection, or spooio payments, but simply in roforonco to cheap transportation, and chat nothing outside that subject would bo open for discussion. Obituary* New York, MayO.—Qou. Jose Antonio Paez, ox-President of Venezuela, died here this morn ing. agod 81. New Youk, May o.—John Bomoyn Droadhood died in this city to-day. Ho was tho author of tho “ History of the Htato of Now York,” and hold the position ot Naval Ofiioor at this port for four years. London. May (}.—Tho Earl of Zetland died to day, aged 78 years. The KiUto lllttliop Motivatin'* New Yoke, May G.—Tho service over tho body of tho Into Bishop Mollvaluo took place this afternoon In Bt. Paul’s Church. The box con taining tho casket with tbo body was placed in tho aisle'of tho church midway between the pulpit and ohaucol. It was draped with mack velvet and almost covered with floral devices. At the appointed hour, Bn. m., a largo dongrogatlon filled the body of tho church, and shortly before half-past 0, (ho procession of ofllototlng clergymen Advanced r i NUMBER 261. iho alnlo, headed by Bishop Potter, fof Now k, reading tbo opening sentences of the sor \< las ho walked* Following him woro Bishop Sp. lb, of Kentucky ; Bishop Loo, of Delaware, vQ-io daughter married a son of Bishop Moti ve* -3 j Bishop Armlloao. of Wisconsin ; Bishop Ls bjohn, of Long island, and Bishop Auer, lag oonsocrated Bishop of Africa. They wore foS- red by tbo Committee of Arrangements, oos 'Ulng of representatives of all tbo parishes in th city and Brooklyn. Tho organ Intoned a diif i after which tho burial service, as laid down In tho llubrio, was road up to tho lesson, which, for tho occasion was First Thcssalonlnns, iv., Ift to #l. Tho hymn, "Nearer, My God, to Thoo,” was then rendered In beauti ful timo by tho choir, after which tho benediction closed tho ceremonies. Tho burial sorvico was road by Bishop Smith, tho anthem by Dr. Morgan, of St. Thomas, tho les son by Dr. Dlx of Trinity, tho hymn - by Dr. Pot ter of Grace, and tho collect by Dr. Bchonokof St. Ann’s Church, Brooklyn. Bishop Smith pro nounced tho benediction. Tho chlof mourners woro Oharloa Mollvaiuo and wife, John F. Jlowson, son-in-law, and Mrs. John E. Parsons, niece of ttyo late Bishop. At tho conclusion of tho sorviooa Mr. Dopuystor, in a fow woll-chosen words, gave tho remains in chargo to tho Ohio Commit too, who will escort them to Cincinnati. Tho Rev. Mr. Yocum and Mr. T. O. Odlomo, after consultation with friends of tho family, stated that tho funorat services in Cincinnati will tako place as heretofore announced, at Christ Church, on Friday morning, May 0, at 11 o’clock. NEW YORK. Special DUpatch to The Chicago Tribun*. New York, May o.—lt Is thought on tho street that James 8. Adams, who swindled tbo West St. Louis Savings Bank yesterday out of SB,OOO by moans of a chock forged in the namo of E. D. Randolph & Co., is in fact James B. Austin, of this city, charged with having ‘ swindled tho Continental Bank out of $25,000 and John B. Murray out of $12,000 by moans of forged certificates of Fort’Wayne stock, part of which was in tho namo of E. D. Randolph it Co. Shortly after it was announced that stay of proceedings in Nixon's case was denied, his counsel called at tho Tombs to communicate tho nows to tho condemned man. Nixon was sitting .outside his* coll door smoking, and arose as his counsel ontorod. “Any nows?” ho asked with an anxious, nervous look. His counsel replied that ho was sorry to have to inform him that no stay of proceedings could bo granted. “ Well, I suppose Xmuat bo resigned; lt T s pretty hard, though,” said Nixon, as ho returned to his chair. His counsel assured him ho would xcoko still further efforts m his behalf. During tho trial of Bloakley fox tbo murder of his niece to-day, DV. Noalis was called to testify to tho condition of tho prisoner. While ho was on the stand Bloakley became very excited and exclaimed “ You must tell tho truth and shame tho devil.” Dr. Noalis said ho had given Bloakley some whisky as a stimulant before his coming to court. Tbo District Attorney stated that ho saw him take some liquid during tho recess. Tho Doctor then examined Bloakley, and found him to bo intoxicated. A number of English bankers with their fami lies and party of friends loft Now York to-day by tbo Erie Railway in the palace-car Avon for San Francisco, accompanied by Mr. Pullman. During the ring-times, m M. Tweed pur chased some property in tbo upper part of the, State, which no leased to tho city for tho pur pose of oreoting now receiving reservoirs. Comp* trollor Green has brought suit against him to recover this laud, alleging that tho purchaso money was stolon from tho city treasury. It has boon ascertained that Twood uas since sold tho property to a person whoso namo it is impossible to.learu. _ THE INDIANS. noport of tho Indian CommUolonora —Tho Pence Policy Sustained—* Proposed Now 'X’rcaty with tho Do« Icotu Skoux* New Yoiik, May o. — Tbo Board of Indian Com missioners unanimously adopted a report yester day on the President's Indian policy. Aftor speaking of the causes which led to the revolt of the Modocs, as often previously published, tho Commissioners, alluding to tho assassination of Gen. Oanby and Peace Commissioner Thomas, eay: “A treachery so base admits of no palliation, nor can any punishments motoa out to tho perpetrators of tho crime bo too severe.” Tho-Modoc war (it is held), however, cannot bo charged against tho Presi dent’s ponce policy : and it is also affirmed that “ tho misdeeds of individual Indians or bands should not bo charged against tho innocence or upon tho race. Tho rod man has no friends to toll his side of tho story, and no degree of ex aggeration or falsehood is too gross to bo ‘ un hesitatingly accepted by tho public mind against him.” Tho report says: “It has never boon the expectation of the friends of tbolndiau policy that it would, in tho short period of a few years, civilize tho savago tribes, nor could it bo expected to briug the rod man in three years to become as free from crime as tho whites. It is the opponents of tho policy who expect the Indian to bo more free from criminality than tho people of our most civilized communities. Pout years of trial have proved tho peace policy to be a success, and, with tho exception of tho contest with a few bands of Apaches and the present unhappy struggle with a handful of Modoo bravos, tho country has boon saved from Indian wars. Christian denominations are invited to co-operate, and then the most inveterate ludian hatora will hardly venture to complain of tho policy or Us results.” Mt Washington, May G.—A commission will shortly ho sent to negotiate with tho Sioux and other Indians on a reservation In Southwestern Dakota, for a modification of the treaty of 1863, so aa to withdraw*from tho Indians thoprivuogo of hunting outside their reservations. Tho Com mission will consist of three or four persons, and tho Board of Indian Commissioners will proba bly name tho Chairman. OaKov Ames Very 111* Boston, May o.—Oakes Amos was attacked by paralysis at 5 o’clock last evening, at his residence in North Easton, Mass., and remains unconscious. His symptoms are dangerous in tho extreme. Amos has not attended to business since Tuesday last, but was at bis office on Wednesday, when ho was advised to go homo for rest. His mwsioian has but slight hopes of his recovery. His sys tem haa boon weakened by a kidney trouble of five years’ existence tbat threatened to termi nate in Bright’s disease. Amos is 09 years of ago. Boston, May o.—Oakes Amos’ condition was unchanged at 10.30 p. in. Noutu Easton, Mass., May 6 —Midnight.— There is no improvement in Mr. Amos’ condi tion. Ho is gradually failing. Tornado at Now Orleans* New Ouleaw), May 6.—At S this morning, . tornado struck Lauux’a place, about 10 miles bo* low Point a la Hache, blowing down Lanux t kitchen, tbo Catbolio Church, and all tho cabins surrounding it 5 destroying all thoir contents, and killing ono young man and wounding several other persons, ino stables wore also blown down, killing the stock. Tho tornado extended across tho river, blowing down a house and killing a negro. A Mystery Partially Solved* XjAWbenob. Kan., May C.— The dead body ot William York, brother of Senator York, who figured so extensively in *ko Pomeroy bribery matters last winter, whoso myste rious disappearance some weeks ago caused so much excitement, has boon found buried on tho claim of a man named Bonder, 0 mlloa north of Chorryvalo Tho ro mains boor marks of violence. Other dead bodies wore round under Boudor’fl house. pacific Coast Items* San Fuanoisoo, May 6.—A dispatch from Yre ka says tho Modocs are supposed to occupy the position hold at tho time of tbo massacre of Thomas’ command. There will possibly bo no movement of troops till tho arrivaljbf tho Fourth Infantry from Arkansas. ; Llout. Harris’ condition is precarious. Capt. Hizois of Oregon, has raised ft company of thirty volunteers to protect tho settlors of Southern Oregon. Fire at Sea* Queenstown, May 6.— A vessel whioh arrived hero to-day reports that in latitude 23:87 nonh, longitude 41 west, sho passed a largo American ship on fire, apparently abandoned} name not ascertained.

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