Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 7, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 7, 1873 Page 6
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6 MONEY AND COMMERCE. MONETARY, Tuesday Evenino, May 0. Tho gradual progress of finances toward an •aslor and more healthful condition, not only In tho local money market, hut In tho Bnsiorn cit ies, is apparent frdra dny to day. Tho supply of money iu tho open market In this city Is larger than it was a week ago, oud borrowers who fur nish prime collaterals got what they want with out dlflloiiUy. Tho opening of lako navigation in making an Increase iu tho volumo of Western produce shipped to tho East, and In return lb causes a movement of money from tho East to tho West. New York exchange has dropped from COo per SI,OOO premium ton days ago, (o COo per SI,OOO discount at present. A very llttlo more decline will cause a flow of currency from Now York to this city. Tho movement of currency from hero to the country is gradually increasing, and indicates a more active marketing of crops, which will make an increase of business in alt departments of trade. THE STATE LAW FOB DARKS, There aro now throe bills before tho Legisla ture of this State for tho regulation of savings banks and other hanks organized under charters of the State of Illinois. Of those, there is but ono that moots tho exigencies of tho case, viz : tho ono introduced in tho Bonato Fob. 17, by Mr. Starno. This provides for quarterly aUtomouU to ho published in some daily paper, showing in detail tho assets and liabilities of tho hank according to eight specific requirements embodied in tho bill. This statement must ho sworn to by two of tho officers, besides two of tho Directors, of tho hank, Tho bill makes it tho duty of the Auditor of State to examine, or appoint somo trustworthy person to examine, tho actual condition of each bank, and m&ko a full aud accurate report in writing as often as once in four months, this re port to be filed in tho Auditor’s otfico. When ever it shall appear from such examination that any bank is In an unsound condition, it is mado tho duty of tho Auditor to publish tho report. The bill provides that in case tho officers of banks shall refuse to giro tho Examiner access to their books, or to furnish him all needful in formation relative to tho condition of tho assets and liabilities of tho bank, the Attorney-General shall commence a suit against tho hank in any court of competent jurisdiction to compel them to comply with the law. This hill is compact, comprehensive, and stringent. There is only ono point on which it seems too exacting, viz: tho one requiring ex aminations at least once in four months. This might bo modified so as to require at least ono examination in a year, aud as many additional ones during tho year as the Auditor shall doom required by tho oxi fenclos In tho case of any ono particular bank, f tho banks publish quarterly statements show ing in detail tho exact amount of each kind of bonds and other securities they have on hand, and tho exact amount of every class of their lia bilities, and this statement is sworn to by two officers of tho hank in addition to two of tho Directors, it will go far toward putting tho en tire business of banking under State charters on a sounder basis. Tho business publio are full as competent to judgo of tho soundness of a bank aa tho Auditor or any body olso. Tho groat point is to know that tho statements pub lished aro true exhibits of tho real condition of tho bonks. Tho provision of Mr. Starno’s bill that two of tho Directors of the bank, besides two of its officers, shall ho required to swear to tho correctness of tho statement, is calculated to mako at least two of the Directors of each bank take moro interest in its management than bon been tho custom of tho “promiuout citi zens” who loud their names to help establish savings and other hanks, and yet never know anything of tho management of their affairs. Another “Bank bill,” providing for quarterly etatomonts and for examinations once a year by the Auditor of St&to or somo person appointed by him, was introduced iu tho Senate by Mr. Mc- Grath and recommitted to tho Committee on Banks, on April 7. But Mr. McGrath's bill omits tho oignt specifications of tho assets and liabilities to which tho banks aro obliged to answer in Mr. Stdruo's bill; it also omits any provision for officers or Directors making oath to tho correctness ot tho published statements, and Is altogether so vaguo in its provisions that oven if it became a law it would afford no additional protection to depositors against rottenness iu tho banks. TUB NEW 6 PER CENTS. Tho Treasury Department has now sent throe Installments of the new 5 per cent bonds to Europe, embracing au aggregate of about $40,000,000, and hau recently got out $14,000,000 more, which it 1b expected will bo marketed in this country. There is, however, no definite re- Sort aa to the progress of tbo negotiation of tho onds sent to Europe, and tho fact that no now calls are made for 6-20 bonds of 1802 to bo re deemed is interpreted in some quarters as un favorable to the expectations of both tho Treas ury and the Syndicate. Tho only batch of bonds now colled” for redemption is tho $60,000,000 of 1862s to bo redeemed Juno 1. LOCAL STOCK AND BOND 3LAHKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston «L Kean quoto os fob lows this afternoon: iluvfnn. Selling. 6*200 of ’62 115 126# 5- of ’O4 115# 110# 6- ’65 117# 117# 6-20s of ’65, Jan. and July 117# 118 6-20 a of ’67, Jan. and July 119 # 119# 6-20 a of *6B, Jan. and July 117?{ 118 KMOs 113# 113# V, 8. 6b (now lisuo) 7 114 # 114# Gold and Gold Coupon 117# Gold Exchange • 117# Btorllng Exchange 108#@lu9# Northern Pacific Gold 7-30 a lot) & jut. Chicago City 7s 09# k int. Conk County 7a 09# k int, Illinois, County and Township 10a. 02(295 .... REAL ESTATE. Tho following instruments wore filed for roc* ord on Tuesday, May G: err? rnopxivTT, North Market at, 69 ft nof Hinsdale at, o /, 25x100 ft, dated April 10 ; consideration, $3,670. East 22 ft of Sub-lot 18, of partition of Lot 11, In Block 7, KockwoU’fl Addition, dated April 16; consid eration, $4,000. West Washington st, between Oakley and Leavitt eta, Sf, Lot 67, dated March 3; consideration, $6,000. Lot 3, of Lota 4 to 6, In Block 62, Sec. 7, 39,14, dated Hay 1; consideration, $8,500. Lakoav, 183 ft n of Thirty-aovonlh at, w f, 60 ft to railroad, dated Ax>rll 28; consideration, $7,000. Snell at, o of and near West Chicago av, o /, 21 ft to •Boy, dated Jan. 7; consideration, $1,050. Snell at, a of and near West Chicago av, e f, 24 ft to Alley, dated Jan. 7; consideration, $1,050. Emerald av, between Thirty-eighth and Thirty ninth sts, wf,24ft to alley, dated May 0: considera tion, $725. West Randolph st, between Union and Besplalnea sts, a f, 20x90 it. dated April 8; consideration, $4,000. Lot 8, In Block 8, Consul's second addition, dated Hay 6; consideration, SOSO, E # of Lots 29 and 80, of Bub-Lot 1 of Stinson’s n part of Lot 6, Block 25, Sec. 29, 39, 14, dated May 6; consideration, $450. Lot 87 to Lots 39 to 87, in Block 31, Seo. 7, 39,14, dated April 20 ; consideration, $1,655, Lot 49, in Kaylor’a s # of Block 40, of a w # 800 21, 89, 14, dated May 6; consideration, $1,500, Lot 48, in same, dated May 6 j consideration, S6OO. Adams st, between Ashland av and Latlln st, s f, Lota 23 and 24, dated April 30 ; consideration, $20,000. Park av, near n e corner of Oakley st, s f, 40 ft to al ley, dated April 25 ; consideration, $3,000, Lot 25 of Bub-Lot 2of n part of Lot 0, In Block 25, 800. 29, 89, 14, dated May 0 ; consideration, $750. Thirty-second st, so corner of Wallace st, n f, 14 87-100zl09ft, dated March 18; consideration SI,OOO. West Tyler st, 199 ft w of Latlin st, s f, 25x161 9-10 ft, dated April U: consideration, $2,600. 25x161 0-10 ft- adjoining tbo above, dated April 0 ; consideration, $2,690. West Indiana st, near’s o cor of Robey st, n f, 25x 93# ft, dated May 0; consideration, $2,300. Lots 89 and 89, in o# Block 1, of e#nwy 800. 80, 39,14, dated April 12 ; consideration, SI,OOO. lllnman at, 325 it o of Wood st, nf, 25x135 ft, dated April 35; consideration, S9OO. West Lake st, 249 ft w of Lalnbeor st, st, 24x118 ft, dated April 6; consideration, $1,320. Burling st, near a w car of Beldon av, of, Lota 47 and 48, dated April 25; consideration, $2,250. Lots 19 ami 20, In Block 3, of Millard and Becker’s e#e#ofnw# Bee. 26, 89, 13, dated May 6; con sideration, $875. Flournoy at, near aw cor of noynest, nf, Lots, Bated April 29; consideration, $1,025. Lot 0, adjoining the above, dated April 29; consid eration, $1,025. Cornell st, bet Holt and Rose nts, a f, 25 ft to alley, dated May o; consideration. SI,OOO, Lot 37, in Block 3, Holalein, dated April 15: consider ation, $460. * Dashlel at, n of and near Thlriy.aevenih at, e t, 24 ft to alley, dated April 30; consideration, SOOO. Milwaukee av. s oof and near West Erie at, a o t, Lot 3, with Lot 12 In rear, oa Sangamon at. dated May 1: consideration, $16,000, * North Clark st, a w corner of Erie at, e f, 100#zl20 81-100 ft, dated April 20 s consideration, $44,000. Michigan av, i»0 ft a of Twenty-fifth at, e f, 60x177 ft, dated April 20; consideration, $17,600, Lot 14 of Lot 12, in Block 64, Uinxle’a Addition, dat ed April 29; consideration, $3,500. Sedgwick at, near s w corner of Hobble et, ef, Lot 10, dated May 0 ; consideration, $3,100. west Madison st, 40 ft w of Jsflsraon at, n f, 20x60 ih ftthiiuiidittgfc jima Um 6a fisailtUuUw I Mis. Lot 44, In Block 11. of w yin w % Buc, 18, 39, 14, dated April 33; consideration, SO9O. Mnrgmt st, near a o cor of Taylor nt, w f, 25 ft to alloy, with buildings, dated April IB; consideration, $9,100. Augusta r(, oof Ashland ov, of, Lot 70, dated May 3; consideration, $1,300, uonvn or oitv i.iMtxn. Buh-Lot 3, of Lot 1. In Block 3, of Bavin’ ct al,, e ooifof so % See 20, 40, 14, dated April 13; conoid erntiun, SBOO. Lola 1 and 2, In Block 5. of Baxter's s w ,V of a o % Bcc 20, 40, 14, dated May 3; consideration, $1,700. SOUTH OP CITY LIMITS, Semple at. s w corner of Fifty-ninth flt, of, 697 3-10 x x 365 0-10 ft, tinted May 2 ; consideration, $10,090. Union av, bet Cottage Grove nv niul Langley et, sf, 30x30 ft, dated April 33 ; consideration, $3,000. Union nv, bet Cottage Grove av nod Langley at, s f, 30x200 ft, dated April 33 ; consideration, $3,000. Lot 13, In Block 1 of Bavin’ Block 3, In Lyman ot nt. Subdivision Innvff of 800 11, 38,14, dated Fob. 24; consideration, $1,375. Lola 35 to 42, In Block 1 of Travor’s n w % n w V of no kf 800 8, 38, 14, dated April 21; cousdorallon, 15,000. _ IMERCIAL. Tuesday Evekiko, May 0. rare tho receipts and shipments [•tides of produce in Chicago twenty-four hours, and for tho ,o one year ago: Tho following wc of the loading ari during the past ti corresponding date HKOCIPTS. SHIPMENTS. 1873. 1873. 1673. 1873. Flour, 6,607 0,746 0,003 0,832 ■Wheat, bu 88,230 35,160 83,184 7,349 Corn bu 09,015 130,185 100,039 07,890 Oats, bu 45,430 32,990 33,734 0,830 Rye, bu 3,631 1,005 Barley, bu 2,350 2,000 2,601 6,417 Ones seed, lbs 89,030 40,680 39,350 28,700 Flax socil, lbs 21,000 Broom corn, lbs 40,930 Cured meats, 1b5.... 23,000 149,030 438,312 679,004 Beef, brls 18 CO Fork, brls 149 248 873 Lard, lb 93,030 121,850 22,000 37,300 Tallow, tbs 60,250 80,380 02,900 23,300 Butter, lbs 88,050 33,900 1,100 Dressed hogs, No.. 9 Live hogs, No 7,917 7,258 11,078 8,002 Catllo, No 3,914 1,689 1,040 1,900 Sheep, No 112 330 719 Hides, lbs 110,845 64,7.10 84,000 75,194 Hlghwinos, brls.... 133 273 03 218 Wool, Iba 107,980 05,380; 3,980 22,020 Potatoes, bu. 11,718 7,570 0.404 1,718 Lumber, m ft, 8,359 7,835 2,231 1,083 Shingles, m 2,387 8,5881 1,417 003 Lath, m. 197 430} 193 04 Halt, brla 6,987 3,338| 2,011 1,498 Withdrawn from atoro yesterday for city con sumption: 1,095 bu wheat; 562 bu com; 1,013 hu oats; 042 bu ryo; 741 bu barley. Tho following grain has boon inspected into etoro this morning, up to 10 o’clock: 54 cars wheat; 90 cars corn; 10,300 bu rejected do, by canal; 19 cars oats; 2,000 bu No. 2 do, by canal; S oars ryo; 2 cars barley. Total (108 cars), 80,- 000 bu. Tho loading produce markets wore rather moro actlvo to-day, with littlo of tho decline in grain which many contemplated would follow tho ad vent of lino weather. Perhaps tho reaflon for this is, that few operators aro satisfied that it will continue. Wo have had so much bad weather thus far, that a general apprehension is felt that our present fino ekioa are too bright to last. Tho shipping movement was slow for tho season. Tho situation of tho dry goods market was nominally unchanged. TUoro was considerable activity in tho demand from tho local retailors, and tho noar-by trade, but there was no par ticular urgency in tho demand from any aourco, ond values wore again quoted steady and uni form. Groceries mot with moro inquiry, tho • pleasant weather of tho past two days lending to stimulate tho demand. Prices ruled firm for most articles in tho list; candles boing tho only notable exception. Coffees and sugars aro strong, tbo tondonoyof tho former being upward. There was only a moderate movement m butter, tho inquiry, as for somo time past, coming al most wholly from local consumers, and prices wore again weak and declining. 801 l butter was neglected at2l@2Go, while strictly choice packed was slow at 80@330. No now features were de veloped In tho bagging market, drain bags are in some. request, and rulo steady at 370 for Stark ; 85b for Ludlow ; for Lewiston, and at for American, Cbboso remains inactive. Goal was dull and unsettled. Nothing now was noted in tho market for canned goods, a steady, moderate business boing done at former quota tions. Fish continue in good demand, and aro firm. George’s cod advanced 250 per 100 lbs, or to $0.75@7.00. Fruits aro moving slowly at easy | prices. Among to-day's changes we note #o de cline In prunes and currants, and ft in South ern apples. Tho hay, hide, and leather markets ruled quiet. Pig iron, tobacco, and wood wore without change. Oils and paints were quoted fairly active and firm. I Dealers coutinuoto report a fairly active trade I at the lumber yards, all clear lumber remaining firm. There was a good inquiry at tbo docks I this morning on country account, but, owing to light offerings, a quiet day was passed. The market is firm at tho advance noted yesterday. There was moro doing in brick, lime, cement, oto., though trade is still far from being active, and quotations are without material change, Metals and tinners’ stock wore quiet and steady. Iron and steel in tolerably fair request at the given rates. Naval stores wore fairly active at unchanged prices. Broom corn was in fair re quest, and tho better grades are very firm. Hops wore inactive. There was a moderate inquiry for wool from Western manu facturers at tbo quoted prices. Seeds wore quiet and without especial change, excepting clover, which was in light request and a trifle lower. The demand for green fruits was fair. Oranges and lemons aro advancing in sympathy with tho Eastern markets; choice apples aro also in re quest and firm, being scarce. Good pcochblow potatoes sold readily, but common lots wore slow. There was a moderate local inquiry for poultry at about yesterday’s prices. * Eggs were m good request at ll@l2c. Lake freights wore quiet and unchanged. Sail > rates to Buffalo wore quoted at o(S>o}fo on corn, and 9%@100 on wheat. Do to Kingston, 140 on corn and 150 on wheat. Through rates to Now York aro 450 per 100 tbs, and to Boston 500 per 100 lbs. A total of D charters was reported, in cluding 1 yesterday afternoon, which will carry out 05,000 hu wheat, and 08,000 bu corn. Higbwlnos were in good demand, and only light supply, at tho advance noted yesterday. Sales wore reported of 150 brla at 6So per gallon. Provisions wore more active, but weak. As usual, tbo point d'appui was moss pork, which dropped 750 per brl, including 250 yesterday af ternoon, but recovered slightly afterwards. Tho probable cause of tho weakness yesterday and to day was tho discovery that tlioro is a groat deal moro pork hero than had boon counted on. Wo have about 68,000 brls on hand, of tho specula tivo'grado, in place of 25,000 to 80,000 brls, as somo Lad thought. Tho sharp advance was a consequence of supposed scarcity, which would make it difficult for the shorts to till in; and tho occasion boing removed, the effect ceased. Lard is also in larger stock than was supposed, and was dull to-day at the inside quotations of yes . terday, though tho relative price of lard to other E redacts is acknowledged to ho low, ns gauged y the average of past years. Moots wore dull and unchanged. The stocks hero aro small, but they are reported to bo much larger thau usual at some other points, and there is a prospect that the summer packing will bo sufficient to moot any consumptive demand, both for moats and lard, as hogs are now coming la freely. Tho market closed at tho following range of prices: Moss pork, cash ox seller May, $ 17.20@17.25; do seller Juno, $17.85 @17.40 j do seller July, $17.C5@17.70; lard, cash or seller May, $8.80@8.87X 5 do seller Juno. so.o7X@'*U.° ? do seller July. $9.85@9.37^ r . Sweet pickled hams quoted at 10@12c. Dry salted meats quotable at for shoulders; 8%@90 for short ribs; and o@9>go for short clear. Boxed shoulders. CK@7o. English meats, for short ribs; for short clear. Bacon is quot ed at 7s|o for shoulders, 10>£o for clear riba. 10%0 for shore clear, and 18@14}£o for haras, all pacltod. Mesa beef, $9.00@9.25; extra moss do, $10.00@10.25; beef hams, $28.00@29.50. City tallow, 7%@60; grease quotable at 6j/@o }io. Halos were reported of 100 brla moss pom seller tho month at $17.26 ; 600 brla do seller Juno at $17.60 ; 6QQ brla do at $17.60 ; 2,250 brla do at $17.40 ; 600 brls do at $17.85 ; 600 brls do at $17.80; 760 brla do at $17.26 ; 250 brls do nt $17.20 ; 250 brls do, Holler July, at $17.76 ; 1,600 brls do at $17.70 ; 1,600 brla do at $17.60 ; 760 tos lard, seller June, at $9.10 ; 60 tcslard, spring rendered, at BJtfo ; 100 tes do, loose, at 6o : 60,- 000 lbs shoulders atC%o ; 10,000 U>s light bacon hams, canvassed, at 160 ; 40.000 lbs do. heavy, ot lie ; 600 brls city tallow at %o ; 6G pkga yellow grease at 6^o. Flour was moro active and unchanged. There waa only ft light local demand, and bat one pur chase of a round lob for shipment; but direct orders were rather more numerous, and the stronger feeling in wheat enabled holders to avoid tho concessions which somo of them made yesterday, especially as a fair demand was re ported In Now York. Bales were reported of 25 urla white winter extras at $0.00; 275 brl« do on private terms; 100 brls spring extras at ’ 800 brls do at $0.50; 60 brls do at $0.00; 1,800 i brls do on private terms; 60 brls rye flour ot , f*4V >WMi do (l.iiV. X«W. li.WB lulu. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY. MAY 7, 1873. Also, GOO brio corn moat nt $2.00. Tho following wore tho quotations nt tho oiosoi Fair to choice while winter extras $ 3,60 @10,60 Rod winter extra* 7.00 @8.60 Good to choice aprlug extras, 0.00 @ 0.7S Low to medium 4.75 @5.75 Minnesotan (patent) 8.00 @ll.OO Good to fanoy Minnesota 0.50 @ 8.00 Spring ouporflnoa 3.90 ® 4,76 Ryu Hour 4,15 0 4.40 Bran 11,60 @12,00 Wheal was more active, and strong at about lo advance, tho ostensible reason for which was a slight increase in prices of sumo descriptions in Liverpool, reported early. There was much moro doing in cash wheat than usual, and tho margin between seller this mouth and seller Juno varied widely, being sometimes 10, and at others 1%0. It was thought by some that the two prin cipal long operators wore glad of tho opportunity to unload liberally, and that they had a good deal to do with creating tho demand. Now York was quoted firmer, hub tho bulk of our trading was done before tho receipt of tho first dis patches from that city. There was still no Incli nation to trado for delivery farther ahead than next month, both buyers and sellers preferring to wait till something moro doflnito is known in regard to tho coming crop. It is noteworthy that there is now very little demand for oboico wheat. No. 1 spring was practically unsalable to-day, and bagged wheat has declined some 10a per bu during tho past few days, with no corre sponding reduction in the lower grades. Oboico wheat is wanted, and tho manufacturers of stand ard brauds of flour are always willing to pay a good prico for it It they are euro of being ablo to obtain it. There is no doubt that an extensive order de mand would spring up hero for Minnesota wheat, if buyers could depend upon receiving what they pay for. In this respect there is room improvement In our inspection, which would do much toward making the now regime popular with the trado. Seller June opened at $1.20%, advanced to $1.27%, declined to $1.20%, rose to $1.27.% and closed al $1.20% Boiler tho month, or regular No. 2 spring, sola at $1.24%®1.20%, closing at $1.25% Strictly fresh receipts closed at $1.25% Boiler last half of May sold at $1.25%(®i.20% No. 8 spring was quiet at $1.1G%@1.1G%, closing firm at sl.lO t aud re jected spriug closed firm at 990. Cash sales wore reported of 4.400 bu No. 2 spring at $1.20% 7.400 bu do at $1.20 ; 10,400 bu do at $1.25% ; 45.000 bu do at $1.25%* 5,000 bu do at 26%; 00,000 bu do at $1.26% ; 55,000 bu do at $1.25 ; 2,800 ha No. 8 spring at $1.10% ; 8,000 bu defat $1.10: 2,800 bu do at 1.16%; 400 bu do at $1.16% : 800 hu rejected spring nt 990 ; 800 bu do at 98%0. Total, 201,400 hu. Corn was loss active, and unchanged on cash lota, while about %o lower on options for de livery after this month, The market was weak early, partly as a consequence of continued flno weather; but holders gradually grow Armor in their views, and then a bettor demand sprung up, which caused an improvement in prices, though Now York was quoted easier. There was a fair demand for shipment, especially for re jected,, which sold freely nt yesterday’s out side quotations. The short interest filled in moderately, but there was little buying ahead, though a great many operators feel that it is scarcely safe to bo short at present quotations, notwithstanding tho fair prospect of being able to got in all tho seed required in May, which is plenty -soon enough for corn. Seller June opened at 400, advanced to 40% c, declined to 39% c, rose to 400, aud closed firm at that figure. Seller the mouth sold nt 87%@880, closing at 87% c, and strictly fresh receipts of No. 2 closed at 88% c. Boiler July sold at 41%@420, and seller August at 43(®43%0: Gash sales wore re ported of 0,400 bu No. 2at 88%o; 2.800 bu do at 83%o; 7,200 bu do at 38%o; 30,000 bu do nt 38o; 45.000 bu do at 37%0; 27,400 hu do at 87%): 20.400 bu rejected at 04%o; 11,600 hu do at 34%0; 10,800 bu do at 3C%c afloat; 2.500 bu do hv sample at 30o; 800 hu ears at 03c. Total, 170.400 bu. Oats were irregular, and averaged fully lower, but wore rather moro active than yester day. The market was weakened early by free offerings of round lots for cash, rondo apparently for the express purpose of breaking down prices. Cash lots wore offered at one time at while the lowest point touched by seller the month was 30%0. The market subsequently advanced to 810, and closed at 80% c, with strictly fresh receipts hold at 81|<jO. Seller Juno sold at 82£jj@33o, and seller July at 83%@83%c, bo thcloa iug at the outside. Cash sales wore reported of S.GOObuatSlko; 30,000 bu at 81o; 20,000 bu at 30% c; 15,100 bu at 30^(0; 10,000 bu at COO bu rejected at 350. Total, 80,800 bu. Bye was quiet and steady at the ruling price of several days past. Sales wore limited to 80 bu No. 2 nt There is very little of any other *rado hero, and none has boon offered for two or .liroo weeks except No. 2. Barley was quiet and Arm at the advance re cently noted. There is not much apparent de mand,, but a quiet outward movement, which. with light receipts, is slowly diminishing our not largo stocks in store. Hence holders are not anxious to sell. No. 2 is quoted at 73££<3>8So ; No. 3 at C3@oßo, and rejected at 40@49e, the in side for Book Island receipts. Cash sales were reported of 6,000 bu No. 2 at 740 ; 5,000 bu do at \ 4,000 bu do (short receipts) at 730 ; 400 bu rejected at 4S)o. Total, 14,400 bu. The following are the footings of the official report of grain in store in this ’city on the even ing of Saturday last, and at corresponding dates * WHEAT. HavSf Apnl 29, May A, 1873. 1873. 1872. No. 3 winter .... •••• . ..• No. I spring 7,CM 1,449 81,107 No. 3 5pring.............1,523,324 1,041,081 1,100,033 No. 3 spring 317,810 003,010 46,624 No. 1 hard spring 2,010 2,333 , .... No. 2 hard spring 46,700 65,173 .... Rejected spring, 28,047 40,168 91,030 No grade spring 435 30 .... .1,826,669 2,049,448 1,219,244 COBH. Total ....... 8,533 3,533 ....... 801 301 White Yellow.. N0.1..... No. 2 Rsjoctod No 2 kiln deled, No grade New No. 2 .6,860,332 6,713,311 4,099,262 OATS. Total. . 2,517 2,517 3,630 .1,663,373 1,669,730 099,644 . 64,484 63,497 88,351 No. 1 No. 2 Bojected. No grade. .1,020,373 1,729,734 082,050 nxz. Total, 6,273 6,674 86,350 282,189 293,763 147,203 1,048 1,645 1,293 N0.1,... No. 2.... Uejoolod. ... 269,107 289,981 BAULKY. Total. 111,097 131,870 259,976 10,191 18,745 88,097 21,470 26,767 7,851 No. 2.... No. 3.... llojcctcd, 148,738 177,377 204,824 Total. Total, 0,735,229 bn. This shows a decrease of 222,789 bu wheat, 105,870 bu o&ta, 874 bu rye, 28,019 bu barley, aud au Incroaap of 127,021 bu corn. Total dooroaso, 220,031 bu, besides tbo gram that was afioat in tho harbor. Tho Produce Exchange Weekly gives tho fol lowing as tho foreign exports of provisions ffom Now York for tho week ended April 20, 1873, and tho distribution of same: Lard, lb*. 837,6 ft 73,029 68,000 Liverpool. London... Glasgow, llTltiol,. Newcastle. Hamburg., Hroiuon..., Antwerp,. Oofllo llsrooluna. Genoa .736,601 100,279 864,273 'slaioft VVo«t Indies., li. N. A. Col. H. Guliina.... Venezuela.... 3,849,461 6,897,031 3,677,440 6,313,070 0,077,662 8.033.376 I 3,316 .8,807 11,476 i 11,660 9,933 .|i, ml B,Blo’ 6,416' 9,114! 3,2931 4,261 2.776 Total Previous week.... Week April 16.... SVuok April 8 'Week April 1 “Week April SO. '72. Anil butter. 40,029 tbs ; grease, 328,122 tbs: steorlno. 115,8(3 lbs. Ami from Nor. 1 to April 39, Inclusive, for four years: 1873-73. 1971-73. 1870-71. 1689-70. Park, brl» 113,009 BVH 81,119 (ToSl Ueof, lirl>, (os ttJ,799 59,371 1tW,(«.'.9 44.676 Lard, lb* 116.2K*.trW 101,576,769 ((.131.637 19.393 769 lUcon, 239,237,374 139,20*974 40.18d.778 31 851 401 Jlutter, 1,893,1)99 3,604,830 1,007.019 710 801 CUoeso, 1b5.... !rt,fl'*d,(Jßß 7,614,861) IMH49U 9,775 399 Tallow, 36.191,306 39,460,734 11,7(1.609 13 880 713 LATEST. In tho afternoon wheat was active, and ad vanced 10. No. 2 spring sold at $1.25k@1.2GK seller tho month, and $1.27#@1.27)fj sollor Juno, tho lattor option closing at tho outaldo. Oorn wan active and IfjO higlier. No. 2 wan quiet at S3 sellor tho month, and Hold at 40>£@10>£o uellor Juno, closing at tho outuido. In provia iono sales include 200,000 lbs of ehouldora at fliso seller Juno? 250 brla mosß pork at $17.70 Holier July, and $17.50 wau hid eellor June. Quo char tor was taken for corn to Kingston at Ho, ca pacity 22,000 hu. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Tuesday Evening, May 6, ALCOHOL—Was In good demand and firm at $1,70 Ol.Hl. iWUOiI OOmfcJlM Mitt «kiw UtISKWdM, maud and firm; inside green la higher and atriotly choice green hurl would soil readily nt o)tfO7c, but It Is vcryccarco. Wo now quote: No, 1 hurl, 6Jf070 per lb: No. 1 stock braid, No. 2 do, 404;4o; No. 8 uo, 803%o; Inside green, 4@4 1 tfo; do rod lip, 3@40; do pale and rod, 203^0, ■ BCANB AND PEAS—Continue to moot with a mod erate Inquiry. Choice beam aro Arm. Common grades aro plenty. Wo again quote: Choice hand picked navies, $3.5503.60; do mediums, $3.4002.45: inferior grades, $1.3503.00; green poaa (in brio), $1.40 @1.05: yellow do (in bags) $1.25. BUILDING MATERIALS—A alight Improvement in trado la noticed, and should tho weather continue favorable an active demand is anticipated. Tlioro was no change iu prices, which are an follown: Stucco, $3.60 @2.76; Now York stucco, canting, $8.7504.00; su perfine do, $3.6004,00; Portland cement. $7,000 8.00 per brl; Rusoudalo cement, $3.2503.60; Uti ca, Louisville, and Akron cement, $2.00 per brl: marble dual, $3.2503.60 ; lime in bulk, OOcQlt.oO: lima (brla), $1.25 per brl; white sand, per brl. $1.75 0.00; plastering hair, tier bu, 40050 a ; lire brick, nor 1,000, $40.00000.00; building brick (common), $8.5000.60 ; sower brick, $12.00013,00; country brick, $13.00, delivered: old brick, $0.0000.50; Bt, Louis hydraullo pressed, $45.00, del.; Milwaukee pressed, $33.60, del.; do common, $14,00; Racine pressed, $30.00, del.; do common, $14.00; Hillsdale, $35.00, del.: Indi ana pressed, $23.00031.00; do common, $13.00 ; fire clay, per brl, $3.00, or SIO.OO per ton. The following is tho list of prices per box of 60 feet for domestic win dow glass, from which a reduction of 46 and 6 per coni is made to dealers: 7xlo to Bxlo, 6x14 to 10x16, 12x18 to 10x30. 18x23 to 18x30. 20x28 to 24x30, 83x60 to 40x60. BAGGING—Tho prices of goods In this lino re main unchanged. Business Is quiet, as Is usually the case at this season. Wo repeat our quotatlono of a week ago, as follows: Stark, 87o; Ludlow, 360; Lewis ton, 34%0; American, 33x0; Amoskoag, 32tfo; Otter Crook, 340; burlap bags. 4 and 6 bu, 20032 c; gun nies, single, 17018o: double, '38029 c; wool sacks, 67K0. BUTTER—During the past week there has been a further decline in prices or this staple, Tho receipts have not been unusually largo for tho senoon, but so limited has been the demand that stocks have steadily accumulated and prices are " off” 2®30 all around. Roll butter 1s now unsalable at any fair prico. Follow ing aro tho quotations; Common lo cholco roll, 210 250; strictly choice dairy, packed, 80033 c; medium to good, 34030 c! Inferior to common, 19033 c, CHEESE—Very little trading was done In this mar ket during tho week, orders being few and restricted to small lots to moot Immediate requirements. There Is no fine cheese to be had at present, either old or now. The following prices aro nominal: Now Ybrk factory, 160100; Ohio factory, 13014 c; Western factory, 130 14c. COOPERAGE—Occasionally light sales are mado to packers, but tho general market in quiet. Coopers* stock Is scarce and firm. Wo quote : Pork barrels, $1.2501,35; lard tierces, $1.6001.70; whisky barrels, $1.9002,10; flour barrels, 60065 c; pork staves, rough, $17.00020.90; do bucked or sawed, $30.00035.00; tierce staves, rough, $20.00025.00; do bucked or sawed, $26.00028,00; whtsky staves, rough, $24.000 38.00 ; do, hacked, $30.00033.00; flour slaves, $9,00011.00 ; clrclo flour heading, 708opor sot: flour hoop poles, $14,000 15.00 pcr v m; pork and tierce poles, $30.00035,00 per m, COAL—The coal trade continues dull, with prices un changed. Tho tendency Is to lower prices. Wo quote: Lehigh, lump, $13.60013.00; prepared, $12.60013,00; Lackawanna, $13.00 ; Erie, SIO.OO ; Briar 11111, $10.00; Walnut 11111. $10.00; Btosnburg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, $9.00; Hocking Valley, $9.00; Indiana caimel coat, $10.00; Indiana block, $9.00; Kirkland grate, $9.00; Minims, $6.00; Wilmington, $5.00. DRUGS AND CHESUCALS—Continue to meet with a fair inquiry. lodine and gum opium are higher, otherwise there was no change In prices. Wo quote: Acid, oltrlc, Ib $ 1.75 0 1.80 Acid, oxalic, Ib.. 33 0 35 Acid, tartaric, powdered, 1b......... 65 0 70 Ammonia, curb, lb 25 @ SO Asafcotlda, lb Cf> @ 75 Axle-grease, Bldwoll’s, doz 1.60 0 1.65 Beans, Tauqna, lb 1.35 @ 1.40 Borax, ref., 1b....... 35 @ 37 Blue-vltrolf, lb 15 @ 18 Bromo-chloralum, pte., doz. 4.00 Corrosive sublimate 1.40 0 1.45 Cream tartar, pure, Ib ‘45 @ CO Cochineal, Hoad., 1b,... 90 @ 1,00 Chloroform, lb 1.40 @ 1.60 Glycerine. lib bulk, lb 35 @ 40 : Gum Arabic, picked.. 60 0 70 ] Gum Arabic, sorts 28 @ 00 ] Gum camphor, 1b..... 45 0 CO ] Gura opium, lb 8.25 0 B.CO ] Gum shellac, lb 65 0 *6O J Glue, white, lb 45 © 60 ] lodine, lb 0.25 0 0.76 Lye, cone, c&so 8.25 0 .... Morphia, snlph., oz 6.25 0 6.60 I Oil, bergamot, Sand., lb 0 6.60 J Oil,castor, ga1..... 1.40 0 1.75 Oil. lemon, Sanderson’s 0 6.C0 Fatness, chlor,, lb 60 @ C 5 Potassium, cyan, fused, lb 85 @ .... Potassium, iod., lb 7.25 0 7.75 Potash, Babbitt’s, esse.... 0,00 @ .... Quinine, sulpb., oz S.CO @ 2,65 I Bod prccip., lb 1.60 0 1.G5 ‘ Boot ipecac, powd,, tb 1.75 @ 2,00 Rootrhol, E. 1., powd., ft 1.60 0 1.75 Sal opsom, lb 4XO 0 < Silver, nit., cryst., oz 1.15 0 1.20 Soap, caatilo, gen., tb 12 @ 13 Sulphur, lb 6 0 EGGS—Wore In fair demand at 11012 c. Sales in* i elude 10 hrls (in out straw) at 12o; 855 cases at 120 ; ■ 1,600 doz at 11X©1 600 doz at lie. FEATHERS—The receipts wore a trifle larger, but the demand continues good, and the quoted prices are fully sustained. Chicken feathers are steady at 008 c. Wo repeat: Prime to choico live geese at 78076 c, from first bauds; Jobbing prices, 780850 for assorted feath ers ; mixed feathers. 40065 c; chicken, 608 c. FlSH—Trade bos been fairly active throughout the Saet week, and prices remain firm oil around, eorgo’s codfish have advanced 250 per 100 lbs, with which exception the quot&lloua are the same as on the dato of our lost weekly review. No. 1 whltoQsh, X brl, $7.00: No. 3 do, $0.75: No. 1 shore mack erel, H brl, $11.00011.25; No. 1 bay, $9,000 9.25; No. 2 bay mackerel. X brl, $7.2507.60: No. 1 shore kits, $1.8501.90; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $6.0000.26; George’s codfish, $6.7607.00; Labra dor herring, split, brls, $9.0009.60; do X brl, $4.75 05.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $3.0008.60; do X fori, $4.2504.60; box herring No. 1, 31033 c; box herring, scaled, 420460; Columbia lUver salmon, X brls, $10.00010.25. FRUITS AND NUTS—The demand has improved ■omo within the past half dozen days, but the move? meut is still fur from being active, and a weak feeling prevails. Ourranta, prunes, and Southern apples are <* oil ” a little, and some other lines are tending lower. Nuts also are weaker. Wo quote: For eign—Dates, B@9o ; figs, drums, 110l4o; figs, hqx, 14<4016X°: Turkey prunes, 9^@10o; raisins, $2.65 03.75; Zanto currants, 7XOBX©. Doitxsno —Alden apples, 18020 c; Michigan do, 607o; Western do, 60 6o; Southern do, 405 c: po&ohcs, pared, 17010 c; peach es, halves, 60OX©! d°» mixed, 4X07X0; blackberries, 900X0 I raspberries, 40041 c: pitted cherries,23o24c. Ktrrs— Filberts, 14016 c; almonds, Torragona, 210 230; Naples walnuts, 240260; Brazils, 11012 a; pe cans, 110l3Xc; African peanuts, 6X@7o ; Wilming ton peanuts, 7080 5 Tennessee peanuts, 4x®6c. OUEEN FRDlTß—Choice apples were in bettor re quest and a trifle higher. Oranges have also advanced, and both lemons and orangoa are very firm, owing to the advance in New York. Following are the quota tions: Apples, common to fair, $1.0002.76; good to choice, $8.0004.00 per brl from store; cranberries (cultivated) at $8.00013.00 per brl; lemons at $9,500 7.00 per box ; Palermo oranges, $5.0000.00; Messina do, $6.0000.6007.60. Pineapples, $5.00 per doz. Ba nanas, $3,0007,00 per buneb. GROCERIES—'The pleasant weather of the past few days has stimulated trade in this department, and a belter, firmer tone seems to pervade the market. Un der an increased demand, and in sympathy with the Eastern market, sugars have advanced a >f c, and cof fees are stronger, for the same reason. Rico, splcca, and soaps are also firm. Candles are aX° lower. Wo now quote: Bi Gann Bona—'TXoßX©. Coffees—Mocha, 32(3 33c; O. G. Java, 97028o; Java, No. 2, 26020X01 fancy Rio, 24094 X©; choice do, 28X023X0. prime Bio, 2JXO23XCS good do, 22X '0230; common do, 21X021X0; roasting do, 10X0 2l)X c t Singapore, 23X024c; Costa Rico, fancy, 24X0 24’*o; do, prime,23Xo24c; Maracaibo, 23023X°. Oaxm.ES—btar, fnu weight, 20020 X 0] stearin©, full weight, 16016 Xc; do short weight, 14014 X©. Rio*;—Patna, 8X08X0; Rangoon, 7Xoßo{ Caro lina, BX02o: Louisiana, 80BX©. fluoxns—Patent cut loaf, 13X(*13X° 5 crushed, powdered, and granulated, 13X012X0; A, staudard, 11X011X0; do No. 3,11X011X0; B. 11X0HXC; ex tra O,IIOIIXO ; ONo. 9, 10XQ10XO ; yellow O,IOX 0iOXo; choico brown, 10X010X0; prime do, OXO 10c; fair do, 9X09X0; choico molasses sugar, 10 01OXo; fair do, 9X09X0 J New Orleans sugar, choice, lO01OXo; do prime. OXO9/«o; do fair, 90 9X° t common, 808X0. dvnui’s—Diamond drips, $1.3)01.36 ; silver drips extra fluo, 720750 ; good sugar-house syrup, 46@480 ; extra do, 60®650; New Orleans molasses, choice, 83 0850 ;do prime. 750 80c ;do common, Cs@7oc; Porto Rico molasses, choke, C 80650 ; common molasses, 83 Q4oo. Baleratus—Common to best. 0010 c. Shoes—Allspice, 17013 c ; cloves, 97038 c ; cassia, 83040 c; pepper, 23X024X0; nutmegs, $1.2501.30; giugor, pure, 28030 c; do No, 1,2O023o; do No, 2,16 0100. oOAFß—French mottled, 6XOOX°S German mottled, 7X07X0 J Golden West, 60CX© • 'White Lily, 6XO Cvo; white Rose, 6XOOX©J brown Windsor, 4XO 4xo ; palm, CO6Xo; Bavon Imperial. 6XOOX O * BrAßou—Glose, 9,X010c; corn, 0011 c; laundry, 00 7c; common, BXOO°. HAY—There has been a marked Increase in Iho sup ply of this staple, and with no corresponding Increase in the demand much of the advance established last week has been lost. Pressed prairie keeps well up, but other descriptions are 60c052,00 per ton low er. The demand is chiefly of a local character. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: On Trace—Timothy, bettor pressed, $16.00017.00; timothy, loose pressed, $16,000 15.60; prairie, pressed, $12.00018.00, On Wagon— Timothy, loose, $10.00018.00 ; prairie, loose, $14,000 17.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.50, accord ing to distance. < HIDKH—The hide trade has ruled extremely dull during the week under review, and prices have eased otf X 0 xo. Very few Eastern orders have been placed, and In the absence of any considerable local demand stocks are steadily “ piling up," The Shot ami Leather Jteparter says of the New York market: “The hide market of this city continues quiet for aU descriptions of hides, and prices are largely sustained by shipments

to Europe of the refuse of our domestic stock, in foreign hides there Is loss doing than lu the other de partments, but our quotations aru sustained, especially In the hue of Africans. The week’s sales comprise 600 dry bison bides at 9®9X©. sud 2.000 green salted Western ox and cow hides at 110120.” Wo quote: - Green city butchers’, 7o; green cured light, 110UX©; do heavy, JO01OX©; partjourod, lOglOXo; green calf, 16o; veal kip, lie; dry calf. 2floj dry kip, 230; dry salted, 1701Hu; dry flint. 20021 c; loug-halrod kip, llXo; deacon skins, 4O06Oo; grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price, i , ufiffesttw anlfli M nmiuiM Hsw wa 184,034 Bacon, lb*. Tallou, Ibt. 8,019,431 4(13,416 492,0(8 60.000 409, WO (H’ooo 186,811 ’865,’W7 760,668 6(8,070 618,193 740,791 20*666 M.790 67,‘093 2.723 36,'665 8,768 'id.'sS 1,167,865 1,334,103 835,019 Ml,Ml 715,304 1,081,020 6,741,671 H. 691,661 9.139,101 9,873,466 13,948,639 6.164.867 then a small mIo la made to brewers on time, but the general market In Inactive, and denier* do nol look for any donldcd change until the Reason for Rummer brew ing commences. Wo qtiolo : Prime to choice Western at USr^tSo; common to fair, MOS'iOc, IIU)N AND BTJiEL—Dealers report a fair trade at the annexed prices: ir0n............ 4 Ilorso-shoo iron..* d I’lato Iron, common tank o,tf (<s7 rate* RtißNln Iron 20®210 V lb Uußßla Iron, No. 1 olaluod,, 180 lb Norway iron, 0 ® V lb Norway unit rods Utf (tflOo 39 lb German plow iiteol 11 <sl3o 3? tb ICuglleh cant plow etcol 13 V Ih American tool nlcel ...17(glfta 3? lb CJlirnme toolnlcel ....Id 020 rales English tool ntcol 21# <423 rales Kngllßli nprlng ntcol 11 (312,V0 tb LEATIIEII—UunIueBB continues nulct, with little or no variation In jirlccs. Stocks nro light, nmt dealers are eaklug ami obtaining full rates, Wo quota: JIUMLOdIt. .$ 89(4 41 Bfi<4 its 41(4 43 60<4 i.iu 8304 1.30 2R(4 no 39(14 37 23(4 27 20(4 33 1.20(4 1.40 1.10(4 1.35 30© 05 97(4 80 83(4 37 80(4 83 City harne55........... Country harness. , Lino, efty, V lb Kip, $ ib Kip, veals City upper, No. J, V ft. City upper, No. 3, V ft. Country upper, No. 1... Collar, 7$ it Calf, city Calf, country.. Rough upper, standard, Rough upper damaged, Buffalo slaughter solo,, “B. A.” solo tnrnt Vouhh QmW'j. tlrennth. 6.75 9.00 .. 8.10 32.00 ~ 9.35 10.00 .. 11,00 10.00 .. 13.00 21.00 Kip 7CO I.JO Harness .. 40® 45 French calf, Jodot , .... 65.00090.00 French calf, Lomolno 60.00000.00 French calf, 24 to 30 lbs 1.060 3.50 French kip. CO to 100 Ibo 1.1054 I.CR METALS AND TINNERS' STOCK—Tho demand Is moderate and prices steady, as given below: Tin Plats—lC, 10x14. $16.50; do, 12x12. SIO.OO : do, 14x20, $10.60; do. roofing, JO, $16.00; do, 20x20, $31.00. Pio Tin—Largo. 42c; small, 430: bar. 440. Bucbt Zino—Full casks, lie; half casks, lltf011#c; loss quantity, lltfo; slab, 9c. Biiert Iron—wo. 24, 0;fo rates. Galvanized Iron— No. 10@'!0, ISc; No. 22@24, ICo; No. 25020,170; No. 27,18 c; No. 28,.200. A discount of Iffper cent is made from the list. Cor per—Copper bottoms, 45048o; braziers, over 12 Uis, 470; tinned copper, 430. Wire— 2 to C, Be ; 0, 8, and 0,10 c; 10 to 11, llo ; 12, lltfo; 13 and 14,12«fo; 15 and IS, Ho; 17, ISo; 18, 10c; 19,19 c; 20, 20o; full bundle, 16 per cent dis count; fence wire. 7,Vo7*£c, NAILS—Wore in fair request, and easy at tho fol lowing rates: 10®60d, per keg, $5.50 rates; 8d do, $5,75; Cd do, $6.00; 4d do, $6.25; 3d do, $7.00; 9d do, fine, $8,60; 2d do, $8.75; clinch, s7,o7tf ; uytfo off to tbo trade. NAVAL STORES—Wore active and firm. Wo re peat : Manilla rope, lb sis Ql9 Sisal rope, V lb . 10 0 17 Hemp sash cord, 20 0 23 Marline, 9lb 20 « 22 Tarred rope, lb 10 0 17 Oakum, V bale 6.00 00.60 Pitch, brl 0.00 07.00 Tar, V brl 6.60 00.00 OlLS—Prices aro firm for nearly everything in the list, hut especially so far linseed and lard alia, both of which aro tending higher. Tho changes niuco our last review wore confined to nn advance of a in carbon, and a decline of So In turpentine. Wo now quote: Carbon, 2O02Otfo; extra lard 0i1,77c; No. 1, 1 720; No. 2, C7c; linseed, raw, 07o; do boiled, $1.02 ; wbalo, 88o; sperm, $2.0002.10; noatsfoot oil. strictly pure, $1.10; do extra. 950; doNo.l, 60c; bank oil, 70c; straits, 760; elephant oil, 0So; lurpeptlne, C10G2o; naphtha, C 3 gravity, 20021 c; naphtha, com mon, 170180. PAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTY—Trade was more acltvo during tbo past two or three days, and os a rule tho market is firmer, though nominally prices aro un changed. Wo repeat our list an follows : Strlcllypuro,. Fancy brands, Genuine VclUo Montague. American Masury’s railroad colors... Palace car colors in cans.. Rocln.Ho ochro English Yen. r0d...., English orange mineral.... Pittsburgh orangomineral, English red lend American red lend English Vermillion, per lb. Hcarlet Vermillion Paris white Whiting.. In bulk, In bladders. PIG IRON Dealers jjreport a steady, moderate movement at the following quotations : Scotch (according to brand) $62,00067.00 Tuscarawas 61.00 Massillon Cl .00 Lako Superior Chicago etoiio coal.. Missouri stone coal, POULTRY—Was In moderate demand. Turkova aro quotable at 150100, chickens at $3.5004,00, ducks at $3.00, Chickens aro plenty. Wo noto aaloa of 4 coops turkeys at 16c; 1 coop ducks at $3,00; Scoops extra chickous at $4.25; 0 coops do at $4.00; 8 coops at $3.75 ; 3 coops do at $3,60. POTATOES—Choice lots mot with a fair inquiry, while common wore plenty and dull. Demurrage has been paid in some instances. Bales Include X car choico peachblows at 48c * 1 car do at 470 5 2 cars at 46c, delivered; 3 cars at 46c; 1 car at 40o; X car mixed at 26c; 1 car do at 20c—all on track. RAGS AND METALS—Aro in bettor supply, but sell steady at the following prices : Mixed cotton rags, 3X®3Xc; country do, 3®3Xc: mixed wool do, IXO IX©; mixed rope, 4@4X©s mixed copper, 23024 c 5 brass, 14@16o; heavy lead, 6XI tea lend, BXc; zinc, 4c; machinery castings, etc., IJ*© , stove plate, IX© » No. 1 wrought iron, IJ«OIX C * BASH, DOORS, AND BUNDS—Were In moderate request at previous prices. A discount of 16020 per cent is made from the list rates. SALT—Was Id fair request at tha following prices: Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $2.00; ordinary coarao, $2.00 : coarse Diamond 0, $2.25 ; ground solar, $2.25 ; dairy, without bags, $3.60; dairy, with bags, $4.25@ 4.50; Ashton dairy, per sack, $5.60; ground alum, $2.25®2.40: Turk’s island, $2.00. SEEDS—There was rather more doing in clover, prices being a trifle lower. Other seeds wore quiet and unchanged. Timothy is quoted at $3.90@4.00, with $4,25 asked for choice; Hungarian at $1.60; millet, $1.15. TVa note sates of 8 bags timothy at $4.00: 20 bags at $9.00; 63 bags clover at $5.00; 20 fair do at $1.75; 18 bags cholCo Hungarian at $1.60; 76 bags choice millet at $1.15. TEAS—-Are quid and easy. Following are tlio ruling prlcon: Young Hyson, common to fair, 6OQ6O0; do good, C8@760 do choice to extra fine, $1.00®1.10 ; common to flue old Uyeon, 75c® $1.00; common Im perial, 60® 660; good to choice do 80c@$1.10; fine to good gunpowder, 70c@$1.10; choice, $1.1501.20; extra, $10601.46; choice to extra loaf Japan, 00c@$l.00; fair to good do, 70®80o; common do 42®450; colored natu ral loaf Japan, 55@650; common to flue Oolong, 35® 45c; good, 63®G60; choice to oxlra, 85e@$1.00. TOBACCO—No quotable changes have taken place In the tobacco market. Tho demand continues steadily fair at the prices given below: Cnawino—Fine Out—Extra. 73@050j choice, 66® 760; common, 65®60c; poor, 40050 c, I’—Natural leaf, 75®80o; half bright, 60®70o; black, sound, 43®650. Smoking—Extra, 03@350; medium, 30032 c; com mon stems. 27029 c, WOOD—Is is more active and nlcady-at tho follow ing range: Beech, $10.00; maple, $11.00; hickory, $13.00; slabs, $7.60, delivered. WOOL—Trading Is confined entirely to the wants of Western wills. The quotations below are for old wool. The now clip Is beginning to arrive, and it la thought that prkea will bo from 3®60 lower than tho annexed quotations. Tho present values for old wool aro sus tained by tho Western demand. There is no Inquiry from tho East, and the markets there are lower than ours. We quote Tub, washed, extra medium Tub, washed, common to fair Common dingy Fleece, washed, XX, light Fleece, washed, X, light Fleece, washed, XAXX, dingy......., Fleece, washed, medium light Fleece, washed, medium dingy...... Fleece, unwashed, Xi-XX, in good cot Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium, Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy Super, pulled Extra, pulled Burry wool s@loo less. RAILROAD FREIGHTS—Aro ac noxed rates: Now York Boston Philadelphia and Baltimore, Pittsburgh Albany..... Buffalo Cleveland Washington Wheeling, W.Va Wilmington, Del Alexandria Norfolk, Va Wilmington, N, O Bavann&U, Oa CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Tuesday Evehino, M»y 0. Tho receipts of live stock since Saturday bavo boeu as follows Monday. Tuesday, Tola! (MU 17,417 619 Hamo limn last wook.. 19,395 30,107 1,538 ■\Veolc before last 0,007 10,30$ 1,097 Bhlpmouta wore oa follows t C.tM. Hojs. Sheep, Monday 1,040 11,073 . .... CATTLE—Tho light recocts and tho slightly Improved tone of advices from tho East induced a somewhat more conihlont fooling among ship pers, and tho inquiry for tho holtor grades of cattle was more active than on any day of last wook. The effect of tho increased demand was visible in tho greater firmness with which the offwiutw iwt UvU. soUeu meitUx wUvs, i 4-10® 4 fi-10 rates C 4 0 B*lo rat( 1.250 1.45 WHITS LOAD, $11.00@11.60 9.00@10.80 14.60 11.60@12.00 ooLons, .9.60010,60012.60 PUTTY. BXO3XO 68.00060.00 67.00 67.00058.00, UMMo 1d1t10u....a0Q320 ' 27(.j300 it tho an. , 9 g B "a o o SFS rsa a 2 ’S' SS P'S Chicago to Cnhfc. Uoga. Shew. O,‘JM 7,017 119 , 3,600 0,000 700 and in not & few instances obtaining, 10@16o ad vance over tho lowest point reached last week. In butchers' stuff and stookora, there was no per contlblo improvement olthor in tho demand or in prices. On tho contrary, tho condition of tho market for tho former was loss satisfactory to sellers than for some time past, tho supply or tho descriptions usually sought after by local butchers being much more liberal. Tho average quality of tho offerings was considerably below that of last week or tho preceding one, tho number of smooth, well matured steers being noticeably small. Tho highest figure paid was $6.76. by Isaac Waixol for 60 bead, averaging 1,805 ins. A fow droves wore disposed of at $6.50@6.C6, but most of tho day’s business was done at ®-I.oo([}}s.U7K. Calves wore in liberal simply and sold lower, sales mak ing at $8.00@6.26 for poor to oboico. Tho larg est sale of bcof-cattio reported in this market during tho present season was effected to-day by lt..Btrahora & Co., they selling 226 good Kansas steers, averaging 1,107 lbs. at $6.40. Among other notable sates wove 101 good Texas steers, averaging 1.104 lbs, at $4.70, by Gregory, Stra der A Co., 11l oboico stoors, averaging 1,018 tbs, at $6.05, and 00 bead, averaging 1,203 lbs, at U6.37X. . Tho following is from tho Kansas City CaUlo Trail i Mr. Baggett, an old stock-dealer of Bell County, Informs ua that 60.000 flno heofcattlo and 30,000 stock cattle have passed through that county this spring, on their way to Kansas. Ho has started about 0,000 head himself, and has 1,600 to bring to this point this fall to fill a contract with parlies who will slaughter and pack beef at Denison. Tho market closed firm. , QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,450 fts and upwards $5.8000.10 Oliolco Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed a year . to fi year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,450 Ujß 5.8005.70 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 6,1035.35 Medium (trades—Steers in fair flesh, aver nfjlntfl.lOO to 1,250 lbs 4.8005.00 l>ul«Uera’ Gtock—Common to fair steers, aid good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 3.7505.00 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, In docent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,060 lbs 3,7505.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, hollers, stags, bulls, andacallawag Blears.,, 3.0004.00 Catllo—Texas, Northern wintered 4,0004.50 Cattle—Corn-fed Texas..... 4.0506,00. CATTLE SALES, .Vo. 226 good Kansas steers.... 80good steers 11 stock steers 80 roughlsh steers 85 stock steers..... 18 Texas steers 12 butchers’ steers 14 mixed butchers' stuff. 17 good atoora.. SO cows.. 101 Texas steers 13 good steers 17 butchers' stock 47 fat pony steers 64 medium steers 34 medium steers 13 medium steers. 13 medium steers. 53g00d steers,.... 32 medium steers. (14 medium steers. 32 stockora 67 good steers.....'. 41 butchers’ steers. 90 good steers 34 butchers’ steers, 111 choice steers.,.. 80 medium steers., C 3 choice steers..., 30 medium steers., 17 good steers 69 choice steers..., 10 cows 13 5t0ck0r5........ 19 cows 10 Blockers 770 8.50 14 Texas c0w5..... 610 8.05 20 calves... 104 3.00 13 calves 137 8.60 HOGS—Thoro was no decided chance to note in connection with the hog market. Fair activ ity characterized tbo demand from the opening of trade to the close, and prices wore steady at about former quotations, or at $‘i.00@5.15 for poor to medium, and ot $5.20(5)5.85 for good to choice. Fow sold under $5.10, and not many over $5.25. The pons are well cleared, and tho market closed steady at the abovo range of {trices. Among tho transactions were tho lol owing: '3O4X© noo SALKfI. .Vo. Av. Price. | SO 103 (5.2 ft 37 180 6.23 72 SCO 6.20 |63 160 6.25 107 230 6.20 278 109 6.20 |123 103 6.30 61 101 6.20 1123 100 6.20 40 189 6.20 43 290 6.10 GO 211 6.20 I 62 201 6.20 40 274 6.20 100 223 6.20 fio, Av. Price. \ 63 201 $5.20 173 240 6.25 57 221 6.15 65 181 6.15 61 216 6.16 40 295 6.25 80 201 6.16 63 200 6.12# 119 189 6.12# 47 300 6.20 66 221 6.25 10 218 6.20 60 183 6.30 61 211 6.20 110 211 6.30 60 259 6.06 SHEEP—The sheep trade was quiet, at $3.60 @4,75 for common to choice shorn, and at $4.25 @6.60 for common to choice unshorn. Lambs are quotable at $2.25@4.00 per head, according to quality. CHIpACO DRY GOODS MARKET. Tcxsdat Evkhiko, May 6. With the jobbing trade the past week may bo classed among tho quietest of tho present season. The absence of the usual animation ia attributed to the rainy and unseasonable weath er prevalent during the greater part of tho week. ana as dealers confidently look for o revival of trade as soon as tho weather becomes settled, tho temporary “lull” has not unfavorably affected prices to any appreciable extent. There is a fair degree of firmness in all departments of tbo market, so far at least as seasonable fab rics are concerned, add if tbo summer’s business proves to ho as continuously good as it now Premises, there will bo no largo surplus of any no of goods, and tho general market may bo expected to maintain its present firm and healthy tone. While stocks, as compared with their condition six weeks or a month ago, aro considerably reduced In size, they havo not boon allowed to deteriorate, tho assortment being quite as complete, and their general attractive ness In no way diminished. Tho carpet trade, despite tho uapropitious character of tho weather, hao boon active throughout tho week, both city and out-of-town buyers ordering free ly, and the aggregate distribution was largo oven for this season of tho year. In prices no changes have taken place, tho quotations of a week ago being firmly adhered to all around. Stocks mo liberal, ond embrace some unusually attractive patterns both in Brussels and ingrains. Tho Journal of Commerce says of tho Now York market: This market has lacked animation, and tbo business of tbo week has boon comparatively small, both in tho Bjo and piece goods departments. From first tho demand for oven tbo most staple produc tions has been almost entirely restricted to current trade requirements, and tbo sales wero consequently moderate in tbo oggrounto amount. Tbo largo Jobbiug firms have been engaged in tbo distributions of assort ed Blocks to tbo Interior, although their traffic bnu been imu'h loan spirited than was expected at this stage of the season, and tbo bmullor class of dealers complain ed of tbo general slackness of trado. QUOTATIONS. brown cottons. Atlantic A, 4-4 13#o Atlantic 11, 4-4 13 Atlantic I), 4-4 13 Atlantic P, 4-4 11 Indian Hoad, 4-4....111# Indian Head. 3-4..,.11# BtarkA, 4-4 13# Nashville, 33 in 13 Nashville, 30 in 11 Cn 111 SJ? S 5 •? *3.9 N5-! PINS DJ Nashua E, 40* in 16 o Nashua It, 33-ln 14 Nashua O, 33-lu 13 Popperell E, 40.1U...14# Popperoll It, 30-1n...13 Peppered O, 33-1n...12 Popperoll N, 30-lu.. .11 MerrlmaoW. Plnk...l3#c Merrlmao D. Fancy. .11# Cocheco Fancy 12 Diiuuoll Fancy 11# Itichmond Fancy....ll# American Fancy.....11 Hprague Fancy 11 Gloucester 11 mxo ~U o ~u ~u OOUaM Namnkcagiftttoonß.,lo o Poi[uot salteeau 15 Lacouln lUtf Honfrew., Lancaster Bates.... Garner Flat, Washington 6 | High color*, 1 cent extra. ULKAaHtr Lonsdale cambric... Lyman, do ~33 Now York UiUa .31 Wamsutla 30 Pride of the West.. ..20 Langdon, QU 10 Fruit of the Loom., .I7tf Lonsdale,,., ...,,.,.10>i llill IB# Auburn, A. Minnehaha, 4-4......95 o Minnehaha, 7*8......30 Amoekoag, AOA 90 Amoskoag, A...,....34 Amoikoag, D 31 Amoskoag, 0 10 /wstim, SiuuxuU . York Blue. Atnonheak, Columbian, OU a, AX A., Otffl, DU... otlfl, 00... —. . . emu Minnehaha, 0-3 23V0 I Amoakong, 6-3 io' AmoHkcajf, 3-3 iq | UncoßVille, A 14 OAUPKT SUindnrd white 37«tfo I Kofkfoni, aaa as Icapor City 34 j OAIXPE' ifii imlry . Drlgtit’a.. Croiflloy’a, 1.46 Thrti l&rtford, ox( Hartford, Irai)']..., 1.46 i In/jt Smith's,3o Hartford extra 1.20 Hartford med 1.05 Belgrade 83 Ho Common p1ain..23#<3270 | „ „ , Mall English cocoa, b05t....850 American common.. ..fide American heat. 7so Hod and wh. ch'k 4-4 . .350 Hod and wh. ch’k 6-4. ,40c Spool thread, grain bags, off 10 days. Domestics, coltonadca, K< cent off 30, a per cent off 10 Hegular department gooc cent off 30, 0 per cent off 10 Tuesday. May 5, Thero was n good Inquiry for lymbcr this and, the receipts being Inadequate, a firmer feeling was developed. Prices ruled strong at $ 10.25 for joist* and scantling, and $11.00010.00 for common to good boards; A shingles at $3.25, and No. lat $1.25. Cater In the day quite a number of vessels arrived, and » tolerably fair business was transacted. Agents loole for liberal receipts for the next few days. The ache Mott, with the first cargo of lumber from Oconto, ar rived this evening. Quito a number of vessels bavo already left for the Green Pay ports for lumber. Wo again quote: Good to choice strips and boards at $16.00310.00; select boards at $20.00022.00; fair to good boards and strips at $12.00014.00; Joists and scantling nt $10.23; common boards nod strips at tIQ.6UOU.CO; l&th at $2.60@2.75; shingles at $3.25; da No. 1 st $1.35. A v. Price, ~1,107 $5.40 . .1,274 5.55 . 087 4.05 .1,303 C.15 ..1,003 4.75 002 4.37)tf ..1,238 4.25 ,J,120 4.00 ~1,303 0.60 ~ 007 8.87)4 ~1,184 4.70 ..1,312 6.12)4 ~1,112 d.60 ..1,050 6.12)4 ~1,170 6.00 ..1,160 6.00 ..1,090 4.75 Cargo barge Wyoming, from Grand Haven, GO'm ft mixed lumber at $12.00, 87 m lath at $2,70, 800 m A, shingles at $3.25, 100 m No. 1 do at $1,25,1 m Oat pickets at $11.00; schr Kate Lyons, from Muskegon. 200 m ft boards and strips at $15.00. 37ra lath at $2.75; bark Bauboru, from Maulatco, tn ft lumber at $12.50, 135 m ft Joists and scantling at $10.25; schr Magic, from Nonhoto, 80 m ft strips aud boards at $12.75; scow Marlon Dixon, from South Haven, 70 mft corn* mon lumber at $11,37)4; Freights to Manistee are 2So higher, owing chiefly la the fact that large-sized and light draft vessels, which, are few, are wanted for that point. Vessels are iu good demand, and freights are firm, as given below: Manistee, $0.00(3 3,25; Lmllnglon, $3.00; Muskegon, $2.60; Oconto, $4.00; Menomlucc, $3.23@3.60; PenU wator, $2.75; White Lake, $2.75; Grand Haven, $2.25® 2.50; Saugatuck, $2.60. .1,300 5.12)4 .1,389 6.65 .1,238 5.00 .1,210 6.15 .1,029 4.50 Another satisfactory day was passed at the yards. Tliore was a fair Inquiry on both local and Interior ac count, with prices steady for all good grades. Com mon Is without quotable change. Wo again quote: First clear. .$52.00@55.00 .1,203 6.80 .1,218 4.00 .1,293 6.37)4 .1,080 4.60 .1,318 6.C5 .1,214 6.00 .1,353 5.62)4 .1,303 6.15 .1,310 6.80 .1,303 6.76 . 732 3.50 . 607 4.00 . 934 B.CO Second clear, 1 Inch to 2 inch 47.00@50.00 Third clear, 1 inch 33,00010.00 Third clear, thick 46.00 First and second clear flooring, together, rough 40,00012.00 First and eecond clear siding, together... 23.00@21.00 Common siding,. 20.00@22.00 Common flooring, dressed, fir5t.......... 34.00@3f1.00 Common flooring, dressed, second • 29.00032.00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 inches aud upward... 37.00@40.0Q A stock boards..... 37.00@10.00 Dstock boards,.... 29.00@80.00 Oslock boards..... 18.00@22.00 Common boards 14.80@15.50 Joist. scantUng, smalt timber, etc., 10 foot aud under. 14.00@15.00 Fencing..... 14,00@16,00 Joist aud scantling, 18 to 24 feet 10.00@22.00 Pickets, square 14.00@16.0Q Pickets, flat 13.00@16.00 Cedar posts, split.... 14.00@18.00 Cedar posts, round 17.00@26.09 Lath....... 3.50@ 3.7S Lath, on track 3.00 No. 1 sawed shingles 1.50@2.00 A or Star 3.50@3.7S Shingles on track... 3.25@3.CQ No. 1 sawed 1.25@1.5d Three dollars per car to bo added when transferred* which charge follows tbe shingles. Thlckueas—Five shingles to bo two inches in thick* UOB3. Length—Sixteen Inches. | No. Av. Price. 44 183 $5.19 111 815 4.50 117 213 6.20 100 «800 4.60 48 178 6.16 48 200 6.20 61 101 6.30 83 176 6.30 61 221 6.15 131 109 6.15 1118 180 C.20 I 46 327 6.30 I 66 106 6.25 48 823 4.00 ) 60 219 6.30 Black-Walnut Counters, $100.000160.00; clear** $05.00075,00; .common, $10.00050.00; cull, $30,000 85.00 ; flooring, $50.00060.00. Aalt—Clear. $30.00010.00; common, $20.00035.00; cull, $13.00018.00; flooring, $30.00010.00. Oak—Clear, (30.00010.00; common, $20.00035.00 } cull, $12.00018.00. Hickory—Clear, $35.00045,00; common, $35,000 85.00; cull, $13.00016.00. Maplo—Clear, $30.00010.00; common, $20,06030.00; cull, $10.00015.00. Butternut—Clear, $50.00060.00; common, $33,000 35.00, Cherry—Clear, $50.00@GOi)0; common, $25.00@ 85.00 : cull, f12.00@18.00. WbUowood—Clear, fa0.00@40.00; common, $20.0(1 @80.00: cull, $10.00015.00. 'Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, per eet, $1.00@1.60 ; wagon poles, each, 16@550 ; box boards, $35.00010.00. fiEfls orm&uss, Containing all tho boat Strauss Waltzes, Polkas, Mazur kas, Galops, Quadrilles, Ac. 250 pages. Price, $2.60. This extraordinary collection of Strauea’bost music baa achieved a groat success, and edition after edition has been issued to fill tbo popular and steadily increasing demand; 16,000 copies sold since November last testify to its. popularity* Among its ’‘Geras" are tbo ’‘Blue Danube," “Loot Nights," “Man. battan," “Wine, Women, and Bong," “Now "Vicuna." GEMS GEMS ■>» ""V;".??™” 11 ’" ■„, STRAUSS pXWaI.rSTRA.TTSS tho Track" Galop; “One Heart, OnoSoul," Mazurka; aud 20 other choice Polkas, Mazurkas, Quadrilles, Ac. Price, $3.60 In board covers: $3 In cloth: $4 in gilt. Also, just published: “ Strauss Uaiico Music ttirt liilln unn Plano.” lining a collodion of tho host Strums Music, offootlvolynrrangod for Plano andVlolln. Price. sl. Bold by all Book aud Music Dealers. Published!)? OLIVES DITSON & CO,, OHAB, H. DITSON & CO., BOSTO3NT- 711 B’dway, Now York. LYON & HEALY, Chicago. Tbo Arm of Wright Brothers dissolved partnership April 1,1873, by mutual consent. All outstanding debts aud unsettled claims will bo adjusted with tbo undersigned. A. J. WIUGUT, At Wrlgbt’s Livery Stable, 1854. 18-73, Groat Falls E, 4-4...13 o Cabot A, 4-4 12# Cabot W, 4-4 12 Lawrence. LL, 4-4,.11# Agawam F, 4-4 10 Shawnmt, LL .11 : Hwift Itlvcr 0# Hosier, 4-4 10 Utica 0 0 mm win ) Dwight Star, 4-4..,, 14#o Continental 0.......14# Lawrence D. 14# Newmarket A .11# Massachusetts DU..ll# Massachusetts E.,.,10# Portsmouth P B# UNTB. A. J. WEIGHT has moved into his now Stablos, just erootod at Nos. 13, 15 and 17 Quinoy-st., ono of tho most oomploto Livery promises in tho Northwest. His old friends and patrons for ninotoon years, and tho public in general, will find him prepared to ill! all orders with Garner Fancy ..11 o Amotkeag Fancy....lo Mourning 11 to U# Hhlrtlug 10# to 11# Mallory Pink........12 Mallory Purple 11# A NEW AND ELEGANT STOCK OF CAMIIAGES, Comprising some of tho I'inoat Teams and Turnouts in tho city. A. J. WEIGHT. Mnncbestor Wanuulta i'auoy, ifIAMS. lAmonkoag Olaagovr.. Hartford. r JEANH, I Ilockjiort 13)fo Columbian.,.. ......U# | Indian Orchard 13 .U o .1W .Mtf The copartnership heretofore existing between the no* derslgnod, under the firm name of 0. Strong <k 00., Is this day dlnolved by mutual eonaout, Cbarlea Strong con tlnuiug the business In bis own name. Blator’s Paper MauvlUo J/ayor COTTONS. Androscoggin, L.,..10tf0 Dlackstono, AA 14 Cabot 14^4 Dwight Star 15,'4 Western Product. ...13 Harris .....14 Cold Modal 13# Social, L 12 Qrecu, Q AOH $5 Packages o:p FBACTIONAI CIIIEM FOR SALK AT TBrBUHE OmCE. Methuen, AA 39 o Willow Brook, No. 1.34 Portland, AAA 35 York. 82-lnoh 35 York, 30-1n0b....»..,3l Paclllo 15 ,B«Ut JU1C1....U...UK OEM] .95 o| Warron, AXA 29^4 Warren, DB 20tf Warren. CO 17>tf Haymaker.......... .14 Bouton 1% Whltfonton, A 10 o Whltlonton, 0 19>* American, 0-3,......14 , American, 0-3....... 13 WAIIP. Continental 33>fo Uco lllvo, colored....B7tf JTINfIfJ, firnnseti. Higelns.. Uoxbury. e-Ply. I L0we11..., |MO | Smiths & Sanford*. 1,15 rnijw. Lowell extra $1.30, LOwcll superfine 1.05 Common wool 65®780 Union 60® GOo mp. I' Twilled and ox. pl’n,.. ,840 ling, China matting 4-4 300 China matting 3-4.,.. .350 China malting (1-4.....40 a Ucd and wh, cUTi 0-4 . .46a etc,, 30 days, or 1 per cenft. Kentucky Jeans, etc,, X per ) days, )dn, 4 per cent off 60,6 peg 0 days. LUMBER, X.UMUER PnKIOtITS. ITAItDU’OOD, NEW PUBLICATIONS. 15,000 Copies Sold! OP DITSON & CO.’S UNEQUALED DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. dissolution. OHAB. STRUNG, MAX FROHIilon. May 5. 1873. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. .SI.BO . 1.32*

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