Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 7, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 7, 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAL ESTATE. FOB BAI.B—ON Tllß AVENUES SOUTUj 50 f(,. Wabaah-av., near Thirty-thlrd-st. 60 ft., Wabash-at., near Tlilrty-rmutb-at. 100 ft., Wahaili*ar., noavTlilrty.llfth-st. Siß ft., Wahaih-ar., 60 ft., Wabaih-av., oornor Thlrty-elghtb-st. 60 ft., Waba.h-ar,, near 6, 60 ft., Wabash-av,, near 75 ft., Wabaab-ar., cornor Forty-aUtb-at. * &T>o ft., Wabash-ar., conifer Kftrty-ietcntl>.at. irra (t. t Wabash-av., DuarFlfly-flrst-nt, 05 ft., Miublgan-aT., 63 ft., Wtchlgan-aT., 60 ft., Michigan-av. near Tlilrly-tlrtl-it. So(t., Mlulilgan-av., cornerTlilrty-Ifnirtli-at. 140 ft., iMlolilgan-a»., ,26ft.. Mlchlgan-av,, near Thirty-aiivonlh-st. 160 ft., Mlomgan.av., corner Thlrty-sovonihit. 7fi ft., Mlcblgon-av., noar Thlrty-nlghtli-it. ,41 ll.j Mlchigan-av., nparForly-ttrst-it. 100 ft., Mlchlgan-av., noar Forty-second-it. looft., Miohlgan-av., noarForty-foutih-st. , 260 ft,, MUlilgan-av., corner, 200 ft., Mldhigan.av., ItOO ft., Mlchlgan-av., corner l-infoth-at. 100 ft., Mtohigan-av,, SS ft., Indiana-av., 26 ft., Indlana-av., near 000 ft., Indiana-av., corner I'orty-lifth-it. f*Oft., Indiana-av., noar Forty-aUth-at. 100 ft., Indlnna-av., noar, 100 ft., Indlana-av., oornor rurly-aovonlh-st. looit., Incllana-ny., 47 ft., Indiana-av., coruor lorly-ninth-at. £OO ft., Imlianu-av., 35 It., Pralric-av., noarThlrly-tlrst-st. 72 ft., Pralrlo-nv., 25 ft., Pmlrlo-av., noar Thlrty-iifth-st. 60 ft., I’rntrlo-ar., 60(1 ft., Pralrto-av,, corner Kift., Pralrln-nv,, near l'orty-ionrlh-it, Bro ft., Pratrio-av., corner Forty-tifih «t. la) ft., Prairle-av., corner Forty-liilh-al. 100 ft., Pratrio-nv., corner Forty-sUth-st. tOft., Pralrtn-ftT., nearFoTly.smh-st. . 100 ft., Ptnirlo-av., corner Forfy.ntnth*it. 60 ft., Prairio.av., near Flffloth-at. 160 ft., Vinoomica-av., ooniorOakwoodhonlovaru. 175 ft., Vlitocnnoß-av., coruor Tblrty-uinth-iit. 40 ft., Vinoonnoi-av., GEO. A. HMKIIY. . 1(51 LaSnllo-st , basement. __ IpOU BALE—OUANI> BOULBVATID, BETWEEN ‘ Thirty-seventh and Flfty-Hrst-sta.. 701 foot. Oakwood boulovnrd, between Grand boulevard and via* connes-av., MO foot. • . Vlnoonnoa*av., between cUyllmlla and park, P7n foot. • Wabaah*av. .between Thirty-ilm and FiUy-lixaVits. 02S * C Miohlgan-av., botwoon Twenty-fifth and Fifty-fourth* **dalutnot.av., between Thlrly*foorth gnd Fifty-fourth* ■U„ 150 foot. Indiana-av.,, W> foot. Pralrie-av,, four corners Flfty-thlrd-st.. 1W foot. Facing Boiith Park, oornora Fifty-Third and Fifty, fourth-ats, COO foot. For an investment or improvement, this list comprises tbo meet beautiful and attraotiro residence property aouth. It will ho sold in lots to r,ult purchasers, and on oaay terms. The attention of bnlldors is especially cnllod to this property, and also those looking tho vory host property for investment or for future Improvement. Kothihg superior to Itenn bo found anywhere. Asfpr the Dark and boulevard property, ill* tbo * crump " of first, citti property, ana cannot fail to advance largely and rapidly beyond prosontiwicoa. . , „ J. H3AIAS WAltltEN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. T?OU SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING X' atroota: State, Burnside, Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, \Mallapo, Summer, Winter, Mur ray. and Ualsfcd; also on Woniuorth. ShurtlofT, Portland ana Stowart-avs; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, Twontysolghth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth, Bari, Thirtieth, llavem Tldily-first, Ihir ty-socond. Thirty-third. Thhty-filtli, Thirty-sixth, Thirty aeronlh, Fontaine, ami Thlrty-oighth-sts. Title porlcct. Warranty deeds. A very Bnmll payment down, five year'# time, tJ per cunt interest. No agency bußlnou. Apply to owner, ALBERT CItANB. 873 Wabaab-av. foil SALE—INDIANA-AV., NEAR EIGHTEENTH ot., 2-story double bouse, all modern Improvements, 1)0x163; $2J,000. indiana-av., near Thlrly-flwt-ft., 2-story and basement brick house, wltb/uniliuro; $15,000. Humsoy-nt., No. 229, oottftto, 0 rooms, lot25x100; $3,100. West Adams-st,, No. &7, S-atory brick, IU rooms; SIO,OOO, Also, a number of other desirable residences. E. N, BEMBNT, 163 LaSalle-st. Forj rale-brick cottage and LOT. 905 Butterfiohi-at., between Thirly-sovuntU and Thlr ty-olghlb, $3,0W1; lone time: S3OO down. Poasoaalon Im mediately. R. O. OOODWILLIE, 133 West Madiaon-st. JIIOR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, LOTS ON * Western-av., Lexington, Folk, Taylpr, and Camp. oli-Bta. Parties wishing to build, no money required down; also 6 now homes containing 10 rooms each, S6OO c*sh, balance on terms to suit. Inquire on promises of OKU. OADWELL, or atlßs South Ciark-st., In bank. IPOR SALE-QR liXOU ANGE-FOR A HOUSE AND ' Jot worth about $6,000 and about $3,000 In cash, bal ance on Umo, an elegant roildenco on Loavitt-st., near Madison, lot 100 by HO, fine garden, with abrubbory and fruit; nlaco worth $10j0U). EHDNi-.Y L. UNDERWOOD, QOMacusou-at. 1“j10R SALE-ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME } cottago, luoludlng loton Thlrty-aooond-at,, Juatoaafi of Wallace. Small payment donn; balanuo In monthly jpaymenla; Gyears' tirnu. Water ou prdrolsea and con vonlont to oars. Apply to FRED. P. FISHER, 148 La- Sallo-at., basement. ?BOU SALE—MONTHLY. S2OO DOWN-COT ■ tngc. 7 ruuiits, and lot, f.SKI Lrlo-st., near Lincoln, 3,000. It. O. GUODWILLIE, 133 Woat MadUen-st. TJtQU SALK—THE WEST AND OHRAPEST LOTS ON JD West Side, fronting on Division, Leavitt, and Shobor* lti„ near Wicker Park. Good neighborhood ( lota 1124 foot deep, with sldowalka.and city tyator. Price, S6(W, 8700, and SI,OOO. Terms, ono-thlrd cash. Warrantee Booub and abstracts of title.' A redaction on Unleash payment: If ronuirod. to those who build this airing. In • mitre of F. ARNOLD Jt 00., Groeuobaum’a Hank, No. 73 PlUlvav. BUY CHEAP LOTS _ —Going off fast. Twenty lotton Sherman, Wallace, anil Wlntor-aia., near Union Stock Yard*, for salolovr; easy tonus. Inq.ilro every morning from Bto 10 o’clock at the Stock Yard feaehango. rtTIOR SALE-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, COT- X 1 tagos on Dayton-fit. i Dour Wobator-av. Inquire an promises of SOOtT 4 GAQK. • [CI OR 8 ADR—IIOU SE9 AND LOTS-TVTO OCTAGON UD atono fronts, t\yo atnrica and basement, with all modern Improvements, on Indiana-*?,, between Twenty-ninth toaThirtloth-Bta. Innuiro onpremlaqa, BALE-TWO GOOD, FULLS 2-STORY COT- X* tagoe, 7 rooms, gaa, hard and soft water, mantels, etc. very near horso and etoam care, South Side near Oakland (Fnrtioth-st.,) $8,600, S6OO a year. ULHIOiI A IIOND. 8i Dearborn-st, f|7tOß SALE—BARGAIN—THE BUST BARGAIN IN X* tho market. A Drdxol-av. Boulovrrd lot ot an Ira dense aacrltlco; Tory near horso and steam oars: must bo Bold. Parties having cash inquire of ULRICH i BOND. 87 Doatborn st. irtOß SaLE-s4l) a foot under market price, X? •10x160, to 20«fuot alloy, Ellii-av., uortli of Thirty- Dln(h-at., very near honu* and steam cars. Also, houses and lota nt Oakland, Kenwood, and Hyde Park, from $3.000 to $50,000. ULRICH A BOND. 87 Doarborn-st. "OR SALK—BOTTOSI PRICEB-31.5C0 TO-DAY, neat cottage and lot, 788 Fnurth*st., next to cornor Oakley, tfBOO down. 11. O. GOODWILLIE, 183 West Wadlaon-bt. J7U)R BALE—AT A BAORIFIOE-A NICE BRICK 1 house and lot on South Side, which 1 must soli; $6,000, cash, will buy it. Address OWNER, Tribune praue. OR BALK-BY THE OWNER, NICK HOUSE AND lot on West Side, near street ears. Call 130 Clark-at., Room 3. • V.ldil SALE-5 NEW STON'H-FIIONT lIOUSHS O.N x 1 Park-nv., \)i blocks west ofUnlcmPark, very cheap will bo ready fur occupation Ist May. Apply to R. FOW LER, I POR SALE—I32xI7S FEET ON WABASH-AV.. NEAR ., sl6 per foot; also 75 foot on Btatc-st., KarFirty-aevcntu-st., sls nor foot. MATSON HILI* )al Eatato OlHco, 108 and 110 Dearborn-st. T7OR BALK-BY E. O. COLE A CO.. ll» LASALLE JU . st.t Divlsion-et., near Ijvrraboo, lot 25x110, SIOO. Bouthwostorn-av., one lot atTaylorst. IPOR’sALfZaT A GREAT BARGAIN. 1,000 FEET / on State and Wabash.av., near Englewood, only sl3 por foot, C&ll quick. L. A. GILBERT A CO.. 80d La. COTTAORJAND LOT, 118 ' Qulnn*st.,ui.'ar Archor.av. oars, and Afain-st: only S3OO down. It. U. GOODWILLIE, iXtWest AladUon-st. l IP(»)U SALE-RIVER FRONTAGE, S*iqi3lfl FEET ON X' tho North Branch of tbo Chicago River, and on tho Chicago A Pacific Railroad, suitable for a manufacturing business, BRYAN LATHROP, 12 Exchange Bulldi*. Ti'Oß SALK-ON WASHING'TON.ST., NEAR PAIL J' Una, lino rewldonco lot 44x135, at loss than cost. J. EL KEELER, 146 Clark-at.. cornor Madison. I’ POU SALE-TOIfLOSE OUT'MY'SUBDiVISION ON ; tho North Side, next street to Llnooln-av. cars, I otfer cheap amt ou good terms: 4UU footonFullorfon-ar., south front; 7 lots ou Sheltlclil-av. j 11 lots ou Sominary-ar.; 6 ols on Montana-st.; 3 lots on Duning-st. By the owner, A. PICK, h3 sUohigan*st., corner Doarborn. TfiOß SALE-GREAT BARGAIN IP SOLD TO-MOR. X? mw, 2-5x125 feet on Warren-av., just outside of tiro limits.. Will soil it for S3OO below its value. Apply at6o Blue Islantl-av. RALK-FINh LOTS ON WEST MADISON ST., X' California sv., and Barry Pclnt-road., ou easy tonns, by WM. HANriBROUUIi. 131 LaSnlis-t. TTOR BALE-STATE-BT., NEAR TWENTY-FIFTH, X 1 $14(1 nor fout: (Joniro-st., near Lincoln Park, $lB5 por foot. PHILIP MYKRU A CO.. 19 Alajor Block. TTtOR SALE—SOUTH SIDE RESIDENCE LOTS, X* boulevard fronts, northwest and northoasbooruers South Park-av. and, 50x185 foot. Boule vard fronts between Thlriy-alxth and, 6OiHofcot. Also, lots on South Park and Calumot-ave., between Thirty-fourth and Thlrty-llflh.«ts., 50 aud 26f00t fronts by 140. J. M« TYLER, 11U Doarborn-st. "IltOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, TUI? HANDY COT JU tago. lot, and now barn, No, lt96Thirly-thJrd-at.: contains 7 good rooms, closets, and water; must bo sold tUla week, inquire on promises. TPOR SAliß—s6o9 TO-DAY, FINE LOT, FOURTH-BT., X 60 ft west of Oakley; eaaf terms. It. Q. GOOD WILL 18, 133 West Madlson-st. TTIOR BALIt—ELEGANT STONE FRONT ON INDI- X* snaar,, $13,609; 2-sloty, brick haiomunt cottage on Unlnn-av., cheap, and terms easy. Uallatonoo, M. N, LOUD, 161 LaHnllo-st. tTIOR 8 ALE—N EAR L Y NEW COTTA OR, 7 ROOMS, X barn, and lot 40 foot front, on lluhbard-st., near Leavitt: good location. Only $3,360; easy terms. 11, WHIPPLE d CO.. 76 South Canal-st. I‘?OR HALE-8 LOTS NEAR TWKLFTH-RT., • Woateru-av., and Southwestcrn-av., $625 por lot. This Is Icia than by tlio aero: Is a decided bargain. HAIR d CO.i Room 36, Bryan Pluck. TilOR BALE—COTTAGE, 0 ROOMS AND LOT. J? ShoUo-at., $2,600; down. House of 8 rooms ami lot, flholU>-st.; routed for $43 por month, $9,000; Xf down. R. KENNEDY, 146 Clark-st., Houma 28 and 97. InOR BALE A NEAT’ BASEMENT COTTAGE ’ house with bay window and all modern Improve ments, with lot 26x126 feet, situated on X.lnculn-st.. near Jackson. This la au excellent location and very cheap. Price $4,600. 61. MA.UGIIAN, 21 Reaper Block, uurtu oaat corner of Clark and Wasbhigton-ata, TDOU BALE-A LARUE HOUSE WITH LOT 80X125 i? feet on West Lnko st,, near Robey. Price $5,990, Rasy tonus. 61. 6!AUGI(AN, 21 Reaper Block, north east corner of Clark and Wasnlngton-sU. Irion BALE - SEVERAL FINK HOUSES ON WA. fj basb-av., ranging from $6,000 U> $29,000. HILL A BLISS, 91 Dearborn-st, I Sou BALE—CHEAP—LOTS NEAR CORNER OF ' Kcdzlo av. and llarrlson-at. ;$000; If cash, balance I and 3 years. JACOB O. 61 AC ILL, 81 and 83 Clark-st. For halk-or rent-one elegant mar bio heusu. Prairie or Mlchlguu-nv, j 'only S6OO dowu; 1 years' time. H. 61EARH, owner, 200 Latiallo-st. 1“lTOR BALK-VEUV, OIIICAP AND DESIRABLE ' lota, fronting on Humboldt Park. JACOB O, 61A OILL, 81 and 83 (Jlork-at. TfOR SALE-WARUEN-AV.. NEAR UNION PARK, X; iwu-slory and basement brick house. 19 rooms, mod «u lMlita"om«nt«. BNVUEII * J.KK, M Ml.ou liulld. log, northeast corner Monroe and Laballe-sts. I n'oiTHALE-LOT60x150 ON AHIILAND-AV., NEAR f llarrlsonal. SNYDER* LEE, W Nlwu Building, * northeast anrner Monroe and LabaHe-ata. rpojt SALB-BKIOK pWBtMNU tIOUaB. TWO. 1? story and basement, 13 room#, on Wost Adama-st., near Couße-av. SnMkU A LEE, 14 NUoo BiOldlog, ooroor ilo&roo aqu LaoallO’iu* CITY REAIi ESTATE. FOU€M>U-nY F. O. VtEUr.tNO, RRAL ESTATE E 'fiiT* .VA l ol l5"M; 1. 1 nr -111 01. obamto for Son Mi Hldo uropnrtr. 2ft foot on Wolla*at., noar Mlobltfan. , ro foot on Wamm-ar., Hour IoO«vUt-»t.. b. f. • M foot on name, corner Oakloy-at., a.I. to font on Wultaahav., near Thirl»-.nnb-it..e. f. liO foot on Thlrd*av., between Twelfth aim I-onrloonln **a.i foot on Mnnroo*it., balwcon Slate and Clark. 4ft Inal on aamb, near Ijiftam. Imi foot on Mloulcan-ftT., near Monroo-n. lift foot on najiolaon IMilco, corner HuMnr-«t. to fool on Twontr-nlnth*Bt.. cottinr liulier. ti) (colon Hurniido-st,. noarTblrVy-elgblb. 25 foot on Ilryant-st.. nonr Vlnoonhos av., b. i. ImI’UOVRI). A bnslnets property, centrally located, nt $125,000. Hmißoand lot on'nilrd-nv., near I’olk-at. llmißO and tot on Mlohlnan-av., near T wonty-fourth-tl. Ilmtto and Ini on Indlana-aT.. near Twenty.«iitb*al. Hontoand lot on Bnrnaldo-at., near Twonly-Bovonlli. "Will bo Bold cheap If taken toon. Cottane and lot nn wune, near Thirtieth. . . lloneoand lot on Pralrlo*av., botwoen Twenty-fourth ana Twenty-fifth-eta., o. f. Very dantrablo. * F. C. VIBRLTNO, ISO I)oftrborn»wt. r UJR SALE-10 LOTS ON KQAN-AV., CORNER 1 Stewart. _ . . .. S5 foot on Lanaloy-av., between Forty-aocond ana rorty* ,liird.sla. , „ . . 125x160, comor Forlr-elahth-flt. am! Konwood-oourU • Isd loot on Konwood-court, between Foriy.aoronlli ana Forty-elghth-sta., within ono block of Kenwood aliiihm. 40x160, KUnbark-a?., between Fifty-alith dhd 1-rny >C6iM«H,on Indiana*?., botwocn Fifty-third and Fifty four h-stn.. _ . . . 10 otaonWoifom-ar., noarLauß 2d (its on Latielilnn and Marvln-ata., near western*?.. ,10 nls on Second and Krlo-slo., botwoju Reuben aud 60x1*7(1 on Mtohlaan-n?., with flrst-clnas houso. 35x110, with 3-siory frnmo houso,on Fourth*?., botwocn HanUon and Polk'tiU. in lota on Esau*?., comor Stewart. Will2l on Intllana-AT.. between Thirty-third and Thirty* fourlh-ata. WINO A FAULIN, 85 East Waalilnatuu-Bt., Room 4. | F' OR SALE-UV LINGLB A DARLOW, 125 DEAR ■born-at. _ IMPROVED. Two 2-story and basement linusoa on T.ancloy-at., comer Forly-second, SB,SCO and $3,600 each! S6OO cash, S3,OCOIn 6 years, balance to suit. . . . Pour 2-story cottages at Hyde Park, near Oakwood do* pot, $3,200 ouch: SOOO cash, Fmlnnco long Unto, UNIMPROVED. 43 feet on Mlohigan-av., near Monroo-st. Must bo cold. Want an offer. 10 lots on Wontworth-av., between Forty-seventh and Forty-cighth'Sl. 11 lot* at South Bnglcwood, at acre prices 5 great bar gain. TpOR SALE-AT A BAUUAIN-fiO AGUES IN IS. X JL 1 cl n. o. if 800. 10, E8,13. SO noroi In o. X of s. 0. it Sea. 35, 30, 1.1. Tu acres in n. 0. if of s. W.i« Hoc. 66. 8!», 1(1, canal front. 30 aoros in 0. Xof >• if Soo. 85, 80, 13, largo canal front. Also desirable building lots near tho Brighton Silver Smelting Works, Cotton Mill, and United Stales Brick yard, ranging In price from S2OO to S6OO. on easy terms. Apply to JOSEPH PONNBIiaDItnGER, Agent lor Adam Kmith A bon. Southwest corner Slate and Washlngton-st*., or at north east corner Archer and Weatorn-avs. 7AOR SALE —BY MATSON HILL, 108 AND 110 X* Dcarhorn at.t basement office in Kendall Building: INDIANA-AV.—B3xl6o feet, between Sixteenth and Elghtcenth-sla. j S2BO per foot. Tbla la the best bargain in tho mnrknt. PRAIRIK-AV.—23x125 foot, oast front, near Tblrty-soo- OOLPaX-AV.—lllxl6o foot, northeast corner of Thirty fo«rtb-it.j SOO nor foot., , .. . MICHIGAN-AY.—6oxl6o foot, between Fifty-sixth and Flfty-ioronth-sts.; S6O per foot. For sale-house. w rooms, no. 1013 west Adams-at., with 126 foot ground, shade trees, elo.; at a decided bargain for a few days. H. O. MOREY, 77 OR J. F. PIERSON, 134 DEARBORN at., Room 6: _ „ 60x126 feet on Forty-flrst-at., near Cottage Orovo-aT.; Will sbll halflf desired, SO acres on Forty-Bovoolh-st., west of wostorn-ar.: will soil 10 acres If preferred. , 46x190 feet on Monroo-Bt., just wAt of LaSalle, atabar n&Vo foot on LoSallo-st., next north of the Marine Bank; good office location. WilMon Tblrd-qv., Juatsonth of Van Bnrcn-Bt. *TtOR SALE—CHEAP LOTS NEAR DEPOT OF GUI X’ cago & Pacific Railroad and Mllwaukoo-ar. Also oa Asnlor.Bt., near Llncoln-aU jxils on Fbuxln-at-, near Llnooln st. jx>ta on Twcnty-sixth-at., west of Btato-at. Lola on Twonly-flfth-at., west of Stata-at. Jxita on Koiauth-aU. west of Wontwortb-ay. 11. L. HILL, 164 LaSalle-at., basement. T?OR SALE-FINK LOTS—DECIDE QUIOK-DE- X; Kalb-at., near Lexington, Q930; Nswberry-av., near TwoUtb-at., QLSOOj Itobuy-st.. near Soulhwcaturn Plank mad. sl,m It. d. QQODWILLIB, 183 Woat Stadlaon. FOR SALE-LOT ON FIRST-ST., BAST OF RODEY at a sacrifice; $650 cash, one year on balance. For anyone desiring a ohoao lot in a good neighborhood this Is a bargain. Address A 66, Trlbuno office. For sale—3-story and briok basement house on West Jnokaoa-at.*, near Contre-av., furnace, range. Ac. t tot 2SxICS foot to a 40-foot alley. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Mouroa and La3allo-sta. JjtOß SALE—BY BOYD 4 WISNBR, 65 DEARBORN. Chicago.av,, near Loavltt-at., lota S9OO. Fourth-at,, near Wood, iota SI,COO. Clayton*Bt., noarWoatorn-av., lota $760. noar Woatorn-ay., lots $760. For, on easy payments, 12- rooip 2-alorjr house, now, lotUixl2i; south front, on Van Duron, OMtol Koyne, in llral-olaaa order and noigh hnrhood; stmt cats pus tho door. T. D. BOYD, 160 West Washlngton-at. FOR BALE-60 i'RET, MIOHIQAN-AV., NEAR . Thlrty-ilxth-at., for imall cash puyniont to party wishing to build. H. L. HILL, 1M LoSallo-at., base tnout. For sale-on west iiarrison.rt., one sore, will subdivide Into eight, lota, each 27M foot front, by 163 foot deep. BRYAN LATHUOP, 13 Exchange Building* I“pOR SALK-118 FEET ON NORTH CLARK-ST., ’ near Division. 150 foot on North Doarborn-st., corner North-ar. 25 foot on North Doarborn-st., corner Indiana, 13d foot on Wont Raudolph-st.. corner Morgan. P0 foot on Morcan-st., south of Randolph. 70 loot on tlio Green nay Horn). 50 lota In Plcrco's Addition to llolstoln. 72 lota at Ulvor Forest. 80 mlnutee' rldo by mil. BRYAN LATHUOP, mtxohaneo Building* FOR BALK-BOULEVARD PROPERTY NEAR Halslod, 6or lOaoros. UULBURD A CO.. SOS La- Sallc-st. * TAOU SALE—A WELL-RUILT~~HOUSE AND LEASE, J? suitable for two families; will nay SOpOr cont on the Investment and a good homo besides :nuar Union Park, on Wasblngton-nv. Terms easy. Call ou GEO. SI. SLOAN, Room 27. Reaper Block. EOR SALE—BI2,OOO WILL BUY A NEW MARBLE, front houso: contains modern Improvements; location unnqualcd. fronting Ellis Park. Apply lo 11. J. GOOD. RICH, 1125 Dearboru-st. F~ otTsale-a NEW 0-ROOM house near asu lond-av. and Van Buren-st. cars; $3,600; co*y terms; Immediate possession. JACOB O. 51AG1LL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. ______________ •ITtOR BALK-A NEW COTTAGE, WITH LOT 24x116t J} double parlors, tbroo bedrooms, closet, kitchen, and pantry; noar tho horso oars and steam cars. Price, 62,000; ®3OO cash, balance long time. J. S. GOULD, 119 Dearborn-st. JPOR SALE—A 7-ROOM COTTAGE, IN GOOD CON ’ dltlon, on Pralrlo-av. sjto bo romovod wllliia 10 days. ROWN A HORTON, 150 Doarborn-st. I“?IOR SALE-NORTHWEST CORNER COTTAGE . Grovo-av. and Forty-tlltb-st.—looxl7o, a splendid oomor, Wabash-av.. cast front north of Flfty-olgbth*st. ;80i1W). 2-story now frame building (store) with lot on Stale st., noar Thirty-tirst; $7,000; roots for S9OO. 3-ilory frame bouse with lot on South Park-av., noar Twenty-ninth el. ;$5,000. J. HENRY WEIL, For sale-140 ft. miouioan-av., corner Eda-st. Tills property now ollorod on easy tunas. 11. L. HILL, 16-1 Lanalfe-st., basement, POR SALE-390 PER FOOT ON WABASH-AV., just couth of Tblrty.olghth'Rt,, oast front; 3 lots, Qsx 175 foot; must bo sold this week. Ono-third cash; bal ancooasy. T. I). BOYD, 180 West Washlngton-st. TPOR SALE—3-STORY HOUSE, AND DARN. WITH X 1 lot 48x124 foot, on Halstod-st., convenient to Lincoln av. cars; a bargain. BOYD A WISNER, 85 Dear* born-st, TPOU SALE—HURLBUT-BT., NEAR LINCOLN X} Park, twu-fltory framo houso, brick basement, nlnu rooms, modern Improvements; Jot 3(1x126, SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, uortlionst corner Monroe aud LaSsllo-sts. IpOR SALE-NEW BRICK HOUSE AND LOT, ' with marble mantels and all umdorn Improvemonte. now carpets, furnace, range, and sas-flzturoe. a real gum of a home, for $8,500: cheap at $10,000; South Bide. Also, marble front and 30-foot lot near Union Park, same Slice. Do not buy elsewhere until you have teen those argalns. HESS. WHITING A GO., 14fl COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. ■tfOU SALE-A HANDSOME LITTLE COUNTRY X 1 goat, all completely furnished; plenty of shade and fruit: cloto to station; will take part in trade. LARKIN A JENKB. 14S Laßallo-«t. For bale-a flour and custom mill with 11 acresollaml. Including mill pond, situated 25 miles southeast of Aladliou, Wla.: size of mill-house, 99x40 ft,, three stories In height, containing throe run of atone, driven by a 48 Inch Dayton wheel, with head of water from oto 7 foot on a never falling stream. Also, hog-pons And stoamor house, all In good ordor. Price, *66.000; will take part payment la olty proporty. Por par* Honiara apply at 396 Blue Xsland-nv. REAX. ESTATE WANTED. WANTED-PROPERTY ON GF.NTRE-AV.. NEAR Blue Island. Property on Furty-rtrsl-at., between Langley and Vlnceunoa-ava. By 61. ARENSIiERQ, 160 LaHallo-at.i basement. ■WANTEU-8, 10, OR 15 ACRES BETWEEN FOR IT ty-seventh and Buventy-fourtb-sta., east of State. F. O. VIEULtNU, ISd Doarboruat.. Room 16. WANTED-FOU A CUSTOMER, A COTTAGE OP 7 or 8 rooms, with lot, on North Hid}, worth $3,000 to e-t.tXK). DROWN d HORTON. Real Eatato Agents, 160 Dearborn-st. W" ANTKD-FIIOM THE OWNERS FOR INVEST, incut and to subdivide, some desirable noroa and va cant lots. LAWRENCE A MOFFETT, 181 East Madl const. WANTED-ONE ACRE OF LAND FOR A RESL donee, within an hour’s ride of Chicago. Address A 97. Tribune otllco, stating price and terms, and giving description of property. . WANTICD-LOTS! LOTS 1 LOTHI-WH ItAVK A >T caslicuitoiuorfur good building lots. JACOB U. MA GI LL, 81 and 83 South "ANTED —ACRES I ACRES’ ACRES l-WE HAVE constant inquires fur aura property s can make quick sales at good prices. JACOB C. MAGILL, 81 nod South Clnrh-et. SEWING MACHINES. f\ ROVER i BAKER’S SEWING-MACHINES—GEN* VjT oral oftico, 160 Stato-sl.; branch oillou, 973 Wabash av. Porsous having old Grover A Baker aewlng-maohlnos are Invited to call and boo the now Improvements, and hoar something totholr advantage. S~ TNakR OFFIOK OF A. J. 6IKLOHEHT, 316 SOUTH HatsUid-it. Machines sold uu uiomhly paynytate, and rented. Open evenings. Y \\fANTED—SEWING MACHINE, A HOWE, FOR T V the shoe tratio; state price and description. Address M 70, Tribune ollieu. WHEELER A WILSON SEWING MACHINES, >T the new Improved sold or rented on easy muntlil/ payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, uihco, Ms West AUdJ»on-«t. 1 ,wlil remove about iiayl, 1871. loWflUtMt. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1873. SUBURBAN BEAL ESTATE. Inon SALR-RY KfIRLItR, PLATT A CO., 147 RAN* ? rtolph-st., ovey Fidelity Banks _ „ 148 sores In 800. 811 Anil fa, T. 41, R. 0, 0. 4 P. R. R. BO aoroa In Hoo, IA, IW, lu. 100 Borca in 800. lf>, JW, 18. 80 sores In Bee. 14, JW, la. ... _ 80 AoroH In Hoo, 88, 48, 13, Lake Rhoro, 0. AN. W. R. R.. At Hlgblnml Park. , llmmosnnd lota at Highland Park, Lake Side, ana IsvAtiston, delightful anil now. Houses and lota In Ilydo Park. pil'V PUUPr.RTY. Houses and lota in All parts o/ tlio city, very eligible, ami on vory «n»y toons. . ... >0(1 lots lu N, T, Wright's Subdivision, near Humboldt I’nrk. Cheap Jots In Holstein, Rhoffleld’a nnd other additions. l.i>lson Madison. Monroo. Adams, Jackson, nnd >%ash* Inglon-sts., and Warren nnd Pnrk-avs. cm the West Side} Bud qu Michigan, CaUunot, Indians, Prnlrlo, Wabash, and other avenues on Uouth Hide. For balo by KKKI.HU, PLATT A 00., 147 Rnndolph-flt., over Mdolity Hank. IPOR RAI.iI—BV O. 0. TIIAYBR A 00., 163 HAST . MsdUon*st. , . WASHINGTON HISIGHTS. MO acres a w if See 13, 87, 111, rldgo and grove. ISO acres n \v >4; See 84, 87, 13, ridgo and grove. Iwj nuros In 800 23, 87, 111. 2uo uoros In Nee S3, U7, lu. 60 acres In 800 27,37, IH, 40 uoros lu Beo BA, 87, 10, rldga nnd gmro. 40 auros lu BocSTt, 87, IH, rhlao and grove. Blocks 4and3, in Kruegers subdivision, In no,HI of 800 30, 87, 14. Tito abovo tracts are well located, are la tbo vicinity of railroads nnd Improvements. They are very desirably, andwlllbosolUiit prices nnd terms that will certainly eummnod tlio attention of buyers. Tfpbu HALii-niariwooD, first station tuts X’ «ldo I.ako Forest 5 8«mo trains, with moro command. In* position; commutation, 18 cent*. Now houses, from sivw)tusl,o(Al: small or no payments down: $176 to ft6oo yearly, Including Interest. AU of tho lot* nra coverall wlthnno old Bhndo troes. Kilhur of house* would rent for mor* than 1 ask for tlinm In Chicago. as far .out by norso cars a* those nrn byslosm. Jfi. AbIILUV: MlsAUb, aoU Lsbollo-sl. lloMdouoo, lllghwond. iTTOn BALK - UYDR PAHIC - COMFORTABLE X 1 house, nml lot 60x161), near depot and boulevard, Largo liouro and grounds, near lake and depot, 125x200 foot, offered at u bargain. Flue locution, with Rood bouao and bam, near lake shore and hotel, 60x160, SIO,OOO. I’lno building lulu at Egaudalo, and near depot, in Ilydo 11 * ULIUOII A BOND, 97 Doarborn-st. 7non SALE—GOOD, FULL-BIZED LOffToNITAL J’ r.tod, Murray, Union, liosplalnes, and Wallaoe-ate., between Fifty-third and Fifty-fourth. only 1 block north of tho raTlllon parkway, which la to bo Hulshod from tho park to HaUtod-st. tuts season. Theso lots must bn* prove greatly in value as soon as this chain of beautiful drives ore completed. Tho lots are for solo at very low Srlco* and on easy terms, monthly payment* or othccwUo. ‘nil warranty deed, and printed abstractof tltlofurnished with each lot. I*. H. PUTNAM, Transit Itouao, ownor, orPOTWIN A UOUUY, AgoaU, lib Franklln-st. WOR fi AI, K—ACHE-PROPERTY AT A DAROAIN, Jj fnr subdivision. Also. choice residence property. ALFRED L. SEWELL A CO.. Real Estate Dealers, 169 LaHallu-st., Ohiuago, ami at K>aae>on. 7710U HALE—IO, 16, OH 20 ACRES AT ENGLE- X' wood, on easy terms, HILL A BLISS, 04 JJoar bom-81. For sale-io on2o acres on iiiohkstridoic In Washington Heights, YOUNG i ROWLEY, Room U, Ng.163 Dcarbofo et. lAOR BALB-I0 LOTS AT LAWNDALE CHEAP; Jj lots on Wallace and Tblrty-llflh-sta., $1,000: lots ou Walloon and FlfClolh-sU., $460 and two lots em West Monroo-Bt., a bargain; 10 lots on Hubbs-at., and Thirty-fifth. HiLl A BUSS. 1M Dearborn-st. FOR 8A LK—CHEAP LOIR AT HOUTfI bnolb wogd:s2oo; H cash, balance I and 2yean. JACOB O. MAO ILL, bland 83 Ciark-st. I’pOß BALK—OR WOULD EXCHANGE FOR OTHER ; property, several One lots situated un Tumnkliis-plaop, between Fifty-third an Fltly-hlth-sls., Ilyd* Park, OEO. U. ROZET, Real Batata office, 163 Laßllla-at. Tiibn balb-partTks WISHING REAL HAH JL’ sains In Bubnrhan aero property can must with Buch. Apply to HENRY J. GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-st. F" "OR SALE—Ib ACRES ON TUB CORNER OP FlFTY flral-81. and Oonlro-av,. having a front of 1,800 foot on a sewered street; will sellosores; this property is well situated, and can W bought below the terms caay. TDOS. A. HILL, 123 Dearborn-st. FOR SALE—OIIOIOB SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE Milwaukee Railway, six miles distant, and twenty niinntca’ ride, in Clyboum'e Addition to Ravonawood. Those lot* are laid out 60x163 feet on B0 foot streets, and will bo Bold upon easy terms, at from S6OO to s7tt) per lot. The facilities for access to and from tho city—tbo dealt ability of tho laud—lt being high and thoroughly drained —the proximity to flrat-olasa Improveroonta, churches, schools, and boolotr, commend this property as tho boat at tho price now In the market. . .. . . Cump&cUou challenged I Tho attention of tholndno' trioua—the thrifty—the cautious—is called to those lota aa sites for homesteads or iuvoalments. Call, fora printed abstract and plot, anon ROBERT GREER, &1 LaSallo-ht., Room 3. IpOR SALE-40 HOUSES AT ENGLEWOOD; GOT ' tagea and 3-story. . 4 houses, 3-fltory, at South Evanatun. TILLOTSON JiUOS., 372 and 271 Bfato-st. FOR SALE-LOTS AND ACRE PROPERTY AT Northwoatorn car-abopa: 60 acres of tho finest land Joining tho car property; tho beat bargain by alt odds to bo had In that vicinity; also So lota on Chloago-av. and, near Humboldt Park, and 40 lots fronting on Fullerton nnd'Klmblo-ava.: no cash down from tboao that will build. LARKIN A JKNKS, Uf» LnSallo st. For salb—lots in isvanston. kuim ft., x^or S3OO onch. Terms, U cash, and halanco Id 1, 2, and 6 Tears, or In $lO raontlily payment#. Como and aoo thorn. RUBBRT COMMONS, 14J FOR BALK-160X163 FEET, BLOCK 8, IRVING I’arli. Half prlco If Bold this week, or oxenango lor cottogo and lot lu city. __ Also Id blocks, 3>tS acres each, Washington Heights. One or all at SB3O per aero; a U. WHIFFLE 4 Cu., 76 South Canal-nt. TT'OR SALE—DR, HKNSHALL’S CHARMING RES- Jj idonoo at Ooonomowoc, wis., known na buunybrook, on Lake Fowler, Tudor, Gothic brick houeo, 40x40 ft,, 111 rooms; nil modern liMpruro»mmt»; brick atnWo and car* rlngo hnuao; ail necessary outbuildings; eight acres. Ap. ii]y to Dr, J. A. HENSHALL. Oconomowoc, Wla. Rotor to Goa. Anson Btagor, B. D. Klmbutk, Ew., 11, U. fihu foldt., Esq., Chicago. For salk-savk your rent-sooo cash and monthly payments buys a beautiful, new. fUrnotn houso and 6o fool corner lot closo In station and Normal School, Englewood, only iw mUinta*’ rldo, plenty of tralnc day and night. STORKS & WARE, Id Washlngton-st., Room 16. I?ORSALE-VERY TINE LOTS NEAR STATION J} at Etiglowood at *|3so to SIWIr title perfect; abstract furnished each cuxtomur. Those lets arc decidedly cheap. G. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Madlson-st., cornor Clark, I'nOH SALK-40 ACRES OF EXCELLENT LAND ■ adjoining Blue Island. Inquire of E. F. McULIN TOOK, Blau Island, 111. FOR BALE-9 LOTS AT PARK HIDE. N KARST A* tlon; tines on them: SUzIC3: oastuf Stony Islandav.; cheap. Alsu tots in Ulrich A Bond’s subdivision ou huv. cnty-tlfth it.j past of Stony Island Boulevard l cheap, ULRICH A BOND. 87 Dcarborn-at. TAOR SALE—Jf>2 LOTS AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD, JC price 6250 each. Will soil 4 choice lots for SI,OOO, payable 8250 cash, ami tho hnluncu at tho ood of 4 years at 6 por cont, with the privilege of paring at any time before maturity in sums of and upwards. Complete abstracts furnished oaob purchaser. MATSON HILL, Real Kata to Otllco, 108 and 110 Dearboru-st. I' nbR SALE—ENGLEWOOD—WA BA 811-AV., ONE . .block from station, cast front, all grovo, 105x1*0. Thoro Is no liner residence properly In or around Chicago. Tho location will suit the moat fastidious. a» It Is only a short distance to tho South Park; 28 passenger trains each way daily; commutation $45 pur year. UULBURD A CO., 208 LuSalle-st. ■ ITIOR SALE—ENGLEWOOD—2O ACRES ON HAL X’ otod-st. at a decided bargain. HULBUICD & CO., F* OR SALE—ENGLEWOOD—S3,BOO HOUSE AND lot, centrally locatod, cash andSßOu month until paid tor. HULuUUP A C 6., 2u3 LaSallo-it. THOR BALR-dnOIOE RESIDENCE LOTS IN OS JL 1 borne’s Addltlou to Hawthorn, on C. B. 4Q. It. It., only W t miles from city limits ;aro most desirably situated near Ogdoh-ar., graveled drive-way from tlio city tho en tire distance. Will bo sold hi monthly payments from S2OO to S3OO. JOHN O. OSBORNE, No. 133 EastMadl son-st.. Room 7. For BAi.K-in austin-io acres at a bar gniu. Also2oaorus on Lnko-tt. on easy terms: the best thing on tho market. W. H. WOODBURY. 8t) Wasltiug. toq-at., Room 0. For BALE-r. acres good dry land, high state of cultivation, 33 miles from Chicago, on Fort Wayne Railroad, nt Hobart; price, SBS por acre, payablo SUI per month. OUlmi days, brlday aud Mondays to 8. J. LAULE, owner, Boom 3, basumout 153 Muacoo-at, le^o'biV4o AdneTon~o. ba q.r.r., X 1 noar Hawthorne, Very dosimblo for an Investment. J. H. KEELER, 145 Qlack-at., cornor Madinon. IPOirsTxlJi—AT IUVER - PARK—WE WILL SKLIj A t* Itinltorl (juantlty of our bust property by tho block at prices that snow a certain profit either to holdorrutal). BAYiiES A WALKER, 149 LaSaUo-Bt. TP OR SALK—AT A BARGAIN—BY GOLDEN A X 1 FRESHWATGRB, KlSouUi Clark-st., Room 1G:; 40 aorns in Heu. 11, HI. 40 ncroi In Hoc. 16, IC. 13. 1M oci v-x In Kao. 22, 83, 13. 10 tores In Hoc. 17, 88, 14. 0 acres in Hoc. 10, 81*, 13. 2 acres In Hoc.*t4S,_|3. FINANCIAL. A NY PARTIES HAYING MORTGAGE OR OTHER J\. Bocurltlua, or unincumbered, Improved or unim- f moved lands In tills State, oithcc In city or country. can oarn of a safe and permanent Investment (that will bear a thorough Investigation) yielding from 9u to BO pov ocut protit, with nominal risk and llrstolass parties mr asso ciates, by addressing INVESTMENT! earo P. O. Box 49. olty. ■ 17IUU BALE—S6OO, FIRST MORTGAGE ON NEW X’ house mid two lots In the city; buyer can have 1.1 pur coni pur annum; security Is thu very bust, A.G. STOREY A SON, 146 Olarx-at., Room th 1 NSURANOHOX.AIMB BOUGHT IN ALL BANKRUPT X companies. Cumo and see mo before selling. H. 8. DIETRICH, 77 West Madlson-at., up stairs. Loans on secured notes, collaterals, houses on leased lots, do., do. L. R. CARSWELL, 149 East Madlson-st. VIONEYIfADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAN ivX otlioo; lute Jaoobn A Co., on diamonds, watuhos, mid other valuables. 177 Clark-at., corner of Monroe, Room 6. ri LOAN-AMOUNTS OF ftl.nOO OR MORE ON city real asUto or Impruvod Illinois farms. B. L. PEASE, 79 West AladUon-st. r LOAN—S9,6OO ON CITY REAL ESTATE IN sunisoffl6Uo or upwards. Af. MAUOIIAN. No. 21 Reaper Block, northeast corner Clark and Washing toa-spi. T‘~ 6 LOAN—SI,OOO, SI,OOO—REPAHATE BUMS ON long time: stttw on short time. Hoouvod paper bought. A. H. PALMER, JR., Rooms 10 end 17, 91 Waalilngton-st. C*o onn TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. W. 61. HOWLAND, 165 Waahhigtou-st., Room 2L C*fh nnn PURCHASE MONEY PAPER HE •DXv/.UUW ouredon Chicago rent estate, (oraiiypart thereof In sums of nut lain than $NlO), lor sale at ut'alr discount. AddrotaJ 71, Ttlhuno otUoo. MUSICAL. FOR BALK-A SPLENDID ORGAN,-6 OCTAVES. 19 stops, Juat tho’thing fur a church; a bargain. 711 ftlonruuat. TAOU HALE-FIRST-OLAHa CONOERTTNA CUKAP, X 1 or will otohangu fur baby carriage. 179 East Madison, Room 16. iiE.MOVAL OF PIANO ROOMS TO 274 STATE-ST., J V nc;ir Vnulluron. Pianos to rent mid fur sale. Rout- Jng e specially. WM. It. PROSSER. HOUSEHOI-D coons. riOOK STOVE AND REFRIGERATOR FOR HALE I j very cheap at 760 West M’nshlngton st; stove has com plete furniture, and Is of approved pattern, OUS lfl I OLD - FU R NIT UR K FOR SALE, CHEAP for cosh. CalUt6l3FuUou-H. BOARDING AND DODGING. Wont Side* o a msnop.oouiiT-oNie lamb wnT.L-run. :t nidliod room, with flmt-olawi board, for aontloman ami wifu or alngloaontlomonj also, room forßuiKlogott* Homan. 2,1 AHICUDRItN ST. r-ri.RAHANT. BUITIC OV .1: rooms, unlumlßhoa, mIIq bond. A\»o, loom lot goutlomnn. nn AIIKIIDKENST.-HI.KOANTI.Y.I.UHNIBIIBD Zi\J rooms: board and everything first-class, homo like, and elyllsh, Inlargo marble front; oholoo of room* oflnbo engaged. A a NORTH GREEN-ST.-GOOD HOARD, AIRY *XD rooms: tonus $4.50 liar week. Apply for four days. &'Ti*routii moroan-st., between madison ti: nn«l Monroo— Nlooly-fumlahml front parlor, and also slnglo room, to rent, with or without board. no diCNTUE-AV. - HOARD FOR GENTLEMAN UtJ and wlfo or two gents, In a small family \ room nloo ly furnished, cast front. bath-room oil, hoi and odd water: lablobestnmrlcptaffords; references ozebanßod. Tni South bangamon-ht.-a furnished iUi room and board lor two gentlemen la a private tumlly. - 1 A A CORNER OF WAHREN-AV. AND WOOD- X'xU at.— A (nrnlsbod front room. In a pleasant loca tion, with llreboiass board for two Romlomou, or gentle, man and wlfo. 1 X/O —Two goutlomon can got good room and board with a widow. bob WEST WAHIUNOTON-HT. —FURNISHED with board, suitable far gentleman and wlfo or two tingle gontlomon. OfVn WEST WASniNOTON-ST—TWO OR TURKU pleasant unfurnished rooms, connootod, to rent, with board. oTTf WEST WASHINOTON-ST.—FHLST-OLABS qXt: rooms to rent, with board, suitable for families; also day boarders.Uotoronoo ronulrod. OOQ WEST WASHINOTON-ST., CORNER MAY- O/iD Furnished rooms to lot, with tlrat-olass board. 00/1 WEST WABIIINGTON-BT.-VKRY DESHtA OOO bio rooms, with first-class boartL ijQr WEST RANDOLPH.BT. ONE LARGE 000 room to rent, nicely furnished, with board, for man and wife or two single gentlemen. QQQ WEST M ADISON-ST.—B LADIES CAN RK 000 aocotnmodeled with board. c,(p WEST WASHINOTON-ST.—BOARD AND OtO ‘room with large closet for gentleman and wlfo, lu private family; modern Improvements. PHA WEST ADAMS-ST.—ROARDI I AND TWO DUt: elegant front satins on second floor, furnished and unfurnished. Single rooms for gentleman; also, bam to rent. >rQQ WEST MADIBON-ST. —BOARD, WITH NICE UOO aulto of unfurnished front rooms for man and wlfo for SSS por month, or will furnish If desired. JOHNSTONE HOUSE, 114 AND 116 WEST MAD* lion-st.—Everything first-classt terms $9 por day; tablo hoard $5 por week. TIIIS OTTAWA MOUSE, 843 SOUTH HALSTED st.—A large, now 8-« lory building; recently fitted up (or hotel purposes, will niton on Monday, May C, fortho accommodation of tho public, Hoard by tho week froin 84 to *6; by tho day. 81. CUAULUH \V. MONROE. South Side* t A ELDRIDOECOURT—TWO SUITES OP DOOMS, JLU nicely furnished. to root, with board, or tho whole floor to* family o( adults | nlao a pleasant front parlor, partly furnished. ' n a KtmUDQK.aOURT - DESIRABLE ROOMS. furnished or unfurnished. A I day-board. Prlcoa reasonable. A Q HUnpAUD COURT-NEW BOARDING-HOUSE; l xO first-class board, with room, $4 to $5.50 por week, with uso of piano; day-board, $4. 100 COTTAGE OROVE-AV., JUNCTION OP X££ Calumot—A large front room, handsomely fur nlshod, with board: pleasant summer location; uno shade and croquet grounds \ house llrst-olaia. 1 PLQ LaRALLEST., PJFTH FLOOR. VIA RLBVA JL<Jt7 tor—Down-town goats will find good, gontoel board; by wook. $&; commutation tlokota, at moaU. $6. 1 DEARBORN-BT., ROOM 8-A BUSINESS MAN XOJj or capitalist can find a qulot homo, all the con veniences, by nailing or addrasslng as above. A m MIOIIIQAN-AV.—A PLEASANT ROOM FUR trt/i. nlshod, with hoard, fur gentleman and wife ora gentlemen; hot and cold water; families accommodated with tahlo board. A CiA WABASH-AV—NIOB ROOMS. SINGLE OR Jb on suite, with flrst-olasa board; also day board. A good bam to rent cheap. Pr OWABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ALCOVE ROOM

OtO and single room; alio, largo unfurnished: room to rent, with board; roferoneo roquirod. f»AA WARABU-AV.—ELEGANT ROOMS, WITH OUy first-class board. Day boarders accommodated. TTrjd WABASU-AV.-A LARGE. HANDSOMELY 0«/ur furnished room, with board. Accommodations first-class. Jtoforooce roquirod. QIO MICHIOAN-AV.-LARGE OVER VjX£ back parlor, well furnished, with good board, ■ultablo for gontloman and wlfo or two or throo gentle men. nnl WABARH-AV.—FURNISHED OR UNFUR- O 1 X nlshod rooms to rent, with board, to gentleman and wlfo or alnglo gentleman. A few tabio boarders dotlrod. SOUTHWEST COItNER OP WABASU-AV. AND Twonty-thlrd-st.— Board for gentleman and wlfo; also, accommodations for a fow goutlomou. Oontool location. f|iWO FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE OR JEN JL suite, to runt, with board ;-also, singlo room unfur nished, oioopt carpets; now house: all modern Improve ments ; but very fow hoarders; convenient to street-oars; west of llaUtod-at., noarMadUon. Address A 73, Tiib one ollioo. Country. T?VANBTON-4 LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS TO ilironl with board, also ono unturnlshod. Terms 88 pot week whom room Is furnished, 87 por week when parlies furnish their own room. House large and pleasantly sit uated on lake shore. Refer to O, A. WLLAUD, oftico of KvontngMMl. MBS. M. W. PERRY. Evanston. HI. BOARD WANTED. "HOARD—BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITH Jj Infant, two unfurnished rooms and board In vicinity of Union Park. South of Lake and cast of lloyno pre ferred. 51 C 3. Tribune uliloo. SELF, WIFE, AND CHILDREN. C J j and a years old, lu suburbs, within half an hour’s rido of Chicago. Address CASHIER, (jarrior No. 8. ISOARD-A BINGI.B ROOM WlTtf BOARD BY A J3 gentleman, In private family, or whoro thnro are fow other hoarders: location on either Wabash, Michigan, or lodlHO.vnVH. Address A 7-1, Trlhm»a HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AS WE HAVE AT PRESENT AN ELEGANT As sortment of borecs, trotter*, mndstors. couch tennis, express, and work horses, low and high prices; cun suit the oldest man; ovory horse guarantetxi as represented, and positively no deception, BRADLEY A WILLS, 261 and SC3 ftlalo-tt. Auction op houses, buggies and ear ness oven Sntuidny. Good burses lu demand; no charge If not sold. 42 Uarroon uourt, A 'NO. Imb FOR SALE-HORSE, BUGGY, AND harness mil bo sold cheap for cash. Can bo aeon at 113 Wool Madison, or roar of 16 pud 17 Harmon-ooort. OARIOAQEB“JUMP'BKATBUGQIES, PHAETONS. uto.i sold at Eastern factory prices, ntlOand 12 West Ramliilpbst. 11. J. EDWARDS. rpoß SALE-FOUR HEAVY DRAUGHT HOUSES, X 1 weighingover I,4oolbseach: also, two or throe lino driving horses. A. ROBERTS A BRO., 870 and 872 West M ad Ivm-et. 1"nOR SALK-40 WORK AND DRIVING HORSES 1 for salu cheap, at Omaha Stables, 167 Mlchlgan-av. M. O. WILBUR 4 BRO FOR SALE-ONE NEW LIGHT TWOHOR3K PED let’s wagon, made for country; also one second-hand express wngun, cheap, at 203 South Canal-at. For sale-light and heavy express and dollvory wagons of all kinds, at2fi*J South Canal-at. InOR SALE—BUGGY-MARK, 0 YEARS OLD, ' thoroughly hrokou to tbu city and suitable for a lady’s or doctor’s use. Also, a thoroughbred Durham cow, with 2-wooka’ old calf; extra good milker. Also, a Scotch Tolllo cow, a good milker, and a year old calf; aultablofui brooding purposes. Call Immediately, at 988 Indlitna-av., oornur Twentloth-st. TTIOR SALE-TWO PONIES? TROT.IH FOUR MIN- J} nU>s, gontlo In single or doublu harness: also sot of double harness to suit. Apply at 291 West Madison-at. IPLETOIIEH, LAZISAU A ORKNEY ARE MANUFAO ’ luring lino llm-olasn buggies, business and road wa cons, oto., and sell them at lowest possible cash prices. Factory corner Sedgwick and Dlvisiou-sts.; salesroom 825 Slato-at. FOR SALE-AT CHNTUU-AV. STABLKb, 872 WEST Mndlson-st,, 1 Lnwtonoa 4 Purdos top buggy, nearly now. 1 set single nnruesi, doublo-stltched, hand-sowed, 1 wolf rubp, I Malacca whip, 1 lady’s sldosaddlo. lAOR SALK—A LARGE STOCK OF FIRST-GLASS JL’ carriages ami buggies just received at Nua. 37 and 29 South Cliuton-st., near Washington. H. B. HILL. , IjTOB SALE-ONE HEAVY LUMBER WAGON, ONE single lumber wagon, ouu sot double harness. Can bo seen at No. 60 Twouty-fourtli-st. T WANT A GOOD HORSE THAT Ift NOT AFRAID X of locomotives, to drive before a light buggy lorn couiilo of months; will pay Its board for uso; boat refer. duoo as to responsibility. Apply to J. J. BROWNS’ Stn blus, 140 Woit Mndlsim-at. ROOKAWAY, PHAETONS, SLIDE SISATS. TOP, nod open buggies la groat variety, at 827 Stato-st. [ low prices. P. L. SMITH. \\T ANTED-A GOOD SECOND HAND. ONE-HORBB TT express wugou. Addroaa 0. HOLMES, comer West Twonty-aocond and Udlqd->U. WANTED-A LIGHT DELIVERY WAGON AND > > harness, ealtablo for laundry. Call at roar 278 West Madlacn-at. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTKD—WITU FROM «W,OOO TO X AIB.CuO to Join tho advertiser Is buying out a first class hardware establishment, in which bo haa had aoveral years'oxporioneo, the present ownora Intending to rettro from the business. None hut those meaning bualnuss need apply. For particulars and referenced, addroaa HARDWARE, Drawor2,Bl2. Quincy, IS. PARTNER WANTED—TO TAKE AN INTEREST X In tho stock and trade, or real estate, of a No. 1 mer chant mill. Address WILLIAMS A FURMAN, Laclede, Linn Couuiy, Mu. PARTNER WANTED-IN A SEWING MACHINE X busiucHS well established uud doing a profitable busi ness, to take tho place of a retiring partner. Call or ad dross 41-MVest Mudlsomst. PARTNER WANTED—WITH SI,OOO-BUBINEBB X well established; pays well; have more than one can do; must bo a good business man, and ready for business otuuoo. Address A 71, Tribune odioo. PARTNER WAN'n:D-OAI»AULE AND RELIABLE, X with SI,&K), to lako.ohargu of u first-olass leglllmato business; profits largo; quick returns; nu risk; SI6U a month ami half profits. Address 11 83, Tribune olllco. PARTNiVIMVANTE IN A BUSINESS X that will pay double that amount per month. Ad dress A Ul, Trlbuua ottlco, staling whore Interview can bo bad. PARTNER WANTED—I WANT A LIVE. KNF.It- X gotto man (u taka half Interest in tho best business in the city. Must have from *3OO to S6OO ready cash. O, A CO., 70 East Madlson-at., Room & IJAUTNER WANTED—IN THE BIGGEST THING X In tho United Htulos (manufacturing). Every body No limit to sale. HU Doorburnst., Room o. P’ AUTNER WANTED—WITH tfiU)7IKK) TO $20,000 oath. Business thoroughly ualahUstiud and paying in) nor cunt dividends annually. Fur particulars addroaa M cl, Tribune olllco. PARTNER WANTEU-FOR A GOOD AND NEW X patent folding rookorj from SI,OOO to $2,000 needed ; a fortune unn ho mado In a short time; excellent opportu nity; good references required. Inquire at 71W West Mad tion-st. P ARTNER WANTED—WITH S2,(WOTO $6,000 OAHU X In a manufacturing buihmis. Profits will orcood capital invested tenfold within (Imonths. Address B 81, Tribune otlios. WANTED—MADE HELP. Booidcooporn, Clnrlcs, Etc< TCTANTItn—TIIK HBRVIOBB OK A ATKAD7 MAN Vr as bookkeeper, tbnokoopor, and collector in a man' mifaoturlnff businessj (o anyone having $1,600 or $51,000 to loan proprietor* for 4 or 6 tumtUia, to bo used In tUo busl ncii, anttsfaetory wages will bn paid 5 references and no* ■Mimy satisfactory, M IW, Trlbuuu nlllnu. TVAtfTJiD-A OOMPRTKNT' naokICRUPICa AND Vi corrosjiomlmit. MualunduntamlUnnunii. A (food, roltabln man, with undoubted rrforonccn, cad uccuro a desirable, Btaadjf *UuaUon. Only men who cun prove suf ficient practical experience, will address A 70, Tribune oDlco, TITANTKD-A PARTY WITH ®2ooTOsftno CAN Rl2- Tr ouro a good ami permanent situation In a grocery •tore. (Jail A WATfION A ELLIS' Soulhwostorn*av., two doors south of Harrison, from 10 to 1. Trnrtos, TXTANTED-BY O. HAWLEY A 00.. MCGREGOR, Tf lowa, two flrst-ebiss trimmers at once. \ir ANTED-TI! 11KI? WOOD MACHINE HANDS; Vf ono for tononor, ouo for uprlgblsbnpor, one for throo-sldo tnouldor. Six cabinet-makers, accustomed to ear work ana ofuco lurnlluro. Nonn lint competent, stonily men nood apply, at F, IC. (JANDA A CO.’S Oar Works, corner ithio isiand-av. and llobey-st. WANTED— AN INGENIOUS MROUANIO, WHO can work In wood or inotal, to mamifaalnro a toy by tbo jdeco or by tho day’s work. Apply to ALFRED JAAtES, southwest coroor of Clark ana Aladlson-sta. \\rANTKD~A GOOD OAK ft I) AKER. ONE"THAT 11 boa worked In this oily proforrod, at 7(U West Lako st WANTED-PAINTERS AND OAI.SOMINERB VV highest wages to good men. PAGE A TERRELL, 680 Weal Van Buron-st. ' ANTED—COTTON-MILT. HELP AT JONES* villo, Mich.*, an overseer for 80 Whltln looms on plain outton shootings. Nairn but nnmn of steady habits and experience that can bring good rocummeiiilntlona bond apply. Also, mule spinners, weavers, and all ex perienced cotton-mill bull) can find stonily employment at good wages. Applyat 137 Stato-st., bolwoon Hand 10 ft. uu* or 6 and op, m. H. D, HASKELL A GO. WANTED— PAINTERS AND CALCIMINERH, AT 7 o’clock to morrow morning, BYRNE A PRYOR, 8b Markot-st. . WANTED -AN EXPERIENCED CHICAGO salesman, for Wisconsin and Minnesota, to rap resent us In connection with his present business. Our trade mostly established. WHITTLESEY A PETERS. WANTED— GARDENER: MAN WISLL-AOQUAINT od with flowers, can keep tho ground to good order, and Is also woll-nooualnted with raising vegetables, sober, and steady. ALLAN PINKERTON, 1»1 and U<3 Fifth. WANTED- PAPER HANGERS, AT 889 WEST Lako-st. P. CULLIN. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CARVER, AT 47 La* fiallo-st. P. S. CONDON. . WANTED— IMMEDIATELY. A GOOD MECHAN loal draughtsman of practical knowledge, by WM. 11. LOTZ, 185 and 157 East Washlngtoa-st., up-ntairs. - A FIRST-CLASS custom coat hand; noitu but good workmen need ap* ply. ENGEL A CO,, KondallTlllo, lad* WANTED— A GOOD WAOONMAKEU AND A good blacksmith at 243 West Twolfth-st. DAY, FIRST-CLASS PAINTERS, YY at CM West Monroost. DRAPER A MBICRD. WANTED— 0 CARRIAGE PAINTERS, ot 781 STATE at. MAYOR A O'URIEN. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—POUR QOOU LATH cm, at Ml Wo»t Madlaon-st. 11. MEATII. WANTEU-HPINNER3 AND BURNISHERS, AT 814 Htato-st. TXT ANTED—A JOB COMPOSITOR AT $W PER VY week. Franklin Co., ICO South Olark-st., fourth WANTBD-ONB OAUUIAOB PAINTER AND ONIS VV carpenter, to go ton miles In tho country. Apply at 813 Stato-at., near Adams. TATANTKD—GOOD PAINTERS, AT 431 BUTTER* YV flold-at., near Twcnty-savonth. Como early to work to-day. TXfANTED-A FIRST-CLASS PAPER-HANGER AT ii onoo. Apply at 839 West Washlngton-st, J. T. ATKINSON A CO. WANTED -CARPENTER TO BUILD STORE front. Call at roar 878 West Mnolson-st. "fi/ANTED—A GOOD BRASS-FINISH EU, USED TO VV all kinds of brass-work. Also, a Rood boy that has worked at tho business. Apply to D. HUMPHREYS, 83 North Jefferson, corner Lako-st., Chicago. TIT - ANTED—A MAN WHO HAS WORKED ON Vi cabinotwork to tit npln ft furniture store, Empire Parlor Bodetoad 00., 853 West Madlson-st. Employment Agencies, WANTED— MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, and State, to soil our now buttun-bolo cutter and ccedle-throadlag thimble. Agents (hat wish ths goods will save money and time by buying diroot of thomanu footuron, at W Bast Madlion st., Room B. •utanted-immediately, coo men for rail- VT roads, saw mills, and farms. For particulars apply to CHRISTIAN &BINU, No. ISontUClark. orlUl South Cnnal-st. W‘ ANTP.D-25 TRACKLAYERS, AND V» MEN TO work on gravel train: good wages. Call at 274 South Wator-st.. near Lako-st. bridge. E. P. SHAW & 00. Coaohmon. Teamsters, tto. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN TO DRIVE A lIfEAT wagon and lake oaro of horses; and also make him self useful around tho market: ono acquainted with Mto neighborhood preferred. 817 West Madlaon-st. T\TAKTED-A STRONG HOY TO~lsufVl2 DKLTV VY ery wagon: must come well recominondod. MID DLETON'S LAUNDRY, 160 Tweuty-soctmd-st. aud 14 Adania. ■ Miboollnnoons. TITANTED—PRESIDENT LINCOLN WAS RR > I pontodly solicited to glvo a sketch of his life, and bo finally did, on throo pieces of paper, in his olfioo. 1 have Ihc exact fno simile of those papers, In his own hand writing, tosllliod to by Sumner. Trumbull, and Davis. It la ttio only autobiography of Mr. Lincoln. Tiijd is spread on a sheet 21x37 Inches, with a fine likeness of him In the centre. Thu moat Interesting remembrance wo havoofblm. Mailed, oral my ollioo, sl.Weach, or fine polished black walnut frame. 3,'j Inches, gilt, clear glass, with autograph fitted, Bft; packed for shipping, 86.80. I will have city and country closely canvassed. Agents will pay full amount for samplo, and have commission de ducted on samplo when they order throe more copies at agents l rates. Terms furnished with sample. First enmo, first served. JASIEBP. SCOTT, 113 Stato-at. WANTED— A BOY TO CLERK IN A STORE AND drlvo a horse occasionally. Boat of rofaroaco re- Quirod. Address M 81, Tribune ofllco. . WANTED-A WAITER AT SNOAD A KENDALL’S restaurant, 160 East Waahlngtoq-Bt. WANTED— BY A JOBBING BOOT AND SHOE house In Boston, n imloiroan with nn established Western trade. Address Box 2173, Boston Post-Glbca,- Mans. WANTED— A GOOD BOY TO WORK IN A BOOK store from 7in the morning till 8 la the evening; must luivo the host of roforonoiis: wages, $25 nor month. CHAPIN BROTHERS. 314 East Madlson aL WANTED— MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNT VI and Stato, to sell our now button-horn cutter and ncedlo-throudlng thlmblo. Agents that wish the good* will save money and time by buying direct of the menu facturora, at D 9 East Madlaon at., Boom B. WANTUD-A YOUNG MAN AS COLLECTORAKb assistant In office work; must bo well acquainted with the city and havo undoubted reforencoi. Address A 73, Tribune otUoo. WANTED— PARTIU3 WITH SMALL CAPITAL, who want toynuka money fust. Cull at U9 Dearborn st., Room 6. Good patents wanted. WANTED— 6 SMART MEN. Wlfli SMALL CASH capital, to soil goods well Known In tho city; sl2 to SBO a nook easily mado in tbu city, and SBO to sl*l in the country. Double samples seat for 250. A. RAY, 25 West Lakc-st., Chicago. TSTANTED—EXPERIENCED CANVASSERS FOR II the improved Howe Sowing Machine. Liberal and lormanont inducomauts to tirst-claes men and women. BODooiboru-et. WANTED— OANVASSBUS. GOOD PAY} ARTL cloa now; work perfect and needed In ovory lam* lly; soil at eight. 179 East Madlaon-st., Room 15. WANTED IMMEDIATELY A FIRST-GLASS salesman. A liberal percentage will bo paid to the right mao; references required. Address M 68, Tribune otncfl. , , \VANTBD-8 GOOD BOYS TO FINISH CHAIRS. IT Steady work. 211 East Monroo-st. TXTANTED-A FEW SMART, INDUSTRIOUS BOYS VV for light work at Phumlx Brush Works, 47 and 40 Oongr»a»-st. “ • ANTED—A BOY, AT NO. 4M WEST MADISON- WANTED— A GOOD MAN TO WORK IN STABLE. M. O. WILBUR 4 00., 167 Mlchlgan-av. TirANTED-GOOD, ACTIVE MEN, READY FOR VV business, to call on JONES & CO., 71 South Canal* st. j )|3O to $ 10 a wook easily otosrod. MISCELLANEOUS. /SOLONY-ALL WHO WANT TO GO WEST OAN \J do so with the Army and Navy Colony at trilling ex pense. Wo leave on Thursday evening; host ohonoo yet otlorod. 11. B. STEVEN S. 169 Madison, Room 8. CASH PAID FOR OLD BROKEN, ALSO GOOD, watches, jewelry, old gold, silver, Cto-urms, and all goods of value at 203 East Madlson-at. CASH PAID POII OABT-OPF OtOTUINQ AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending a letter to I. GELDEII, Loan Oliloo, &4 Stalo-st. EQUIPMENTS COMPLETE FOR MOVING HOUSE JJi hold goods, furnlturo, plato glass, marble, stocks of goods, ole. Orders loft ut Room 11. Metropolitan Block, or at delivery olllco, M.0.K.U., la frtdont depot, wlii moot with luimodiato attention. AIoMUKTHY A BRO. FLBNTV’E a OUIIUAN, MERCHANT TAILORS, have removed to thoir old corner of Klntlo and Wella-st. GROCKP.IES AND FIXTURES FOR SALE AT loss than wholesale prices, at 85 North LaHallo-at. Call soon. f-l ENUINIE BANNOOKIIOnN TWEKDB, ALL 001- U" ora, mado to order In aulta fur $36. At GRANGER’S, isa South Olark-it., upstairs. T WANT AN INTEREST IN HOME ESTABLISHED X business. Will Invest $',1,000 or $3,000. Adclcou BUS, Tribune olllco. INVENTORS. CALL AT STONER'S INVENTORS’ X Bureau. STONER A CO., Patent BulloUots and Ne gotiators, 126 Clark'it., Rooms from 72 to 70 and 40 to 61. N' ■*OTT6e-j6ilN CAMPBELL A GO.. WOOD AND Coal OHico. IHJi South Huiatod at. JOHN CAMP DELL, R. M. HOUGH, O. H. HOUGH. PURCHASERS SEEKING INVESTMENTS IN X business, manufacturing, dock, residence, or (su burban properly, are Invited to examine lisle at XHIUD 1,. FAKE A CO.’S., Washingtonst. WANTED-TO PURCHASE—A SALOON Li cense. Addroaa, for 6 days, M Cl) Trlbuua uttico. ANTKD-TOuVTTirr^ or black-ana tan dog; to weigh loia than 12 pounds. Address M6L Trlbuua olllco, WANTISD-PARf lEiTWITH HOME CAPITAL AND T T desiring business to call at 111 East Aladlsoa-st., 2d Hoar. WANTKD-A YOUNG WIDOW WANTING TO GO U to houtokunping would llko to moot some genilom&n who would loan a small amount nf money | can give secu rity on furniture. Address M_7o, Trlbmiootllce. \\TANTED- 2d MORE LIVE MEN WITH RNAP, T T fur light work and good pay. I7d West Washington at., up-slalrs. V\rANTHD-A PHYHIOIAN IN REOULAU PRAO 1T tlcu to sharo a down town olllco with another regular It !>9, Trthvme ('then. TO LEASE* fpO LEASE-DOCK PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH X Branch, near Twonly-sououd-st., 100 ft. on the rfvur by 220 ft. toO. AA.R. U. Apply to HENRY P. IbllAM, ollicaof latum A Ltnouln, Portland Blaek. mo LEASIVuOOK LOT ”lW FEET ON RIVER, X Just north of Twonty-second-it. bridge, and now oc cupied by Daniel lioylufts a coal-yard. Apply In base moat, uorthsast garner of Madison and Dearboru-aU. WANTEIJ—FEMALE KEEP. X)omnntioN< •nrANTRD-A good emir. TO no ORNKHAL »•, housework in A amnU fmnlly; ÜbnrM worm will bo pßid. Apply for two ilaya, Mo Hovontoouth-at. W" ANTISD—aToIUL TO DO OKNKUAL HOUSE. work In_a ffttnlly of 2. Apply At 281 Walnut-al. __ ANTKD-FrriBT.OLASS COOK AT"k> NOUTII Sholdoti-nt, W ANT ICD—GOOD, (JO.MPKTKNT GIRLS TO DO BOUOinlnmiAOvinTb. *291 V/arron-av. W“ ANTKD-A ItRSPKCTADf»R YOUNG GIRL FOR llffht houaowork. Cnll At l! 12 Fulton-it. \\rANTi;i)-“ATH JCLDIUDOR OOURT, A GOOD it Rtrl to walton (able, anddouonoral iiousoirork. Good pny. \V’ ANT,!D -A GIIIL FOR ORNRItAL lIOUHR- Vr work, to go to Uvanston* ApplyatSSOWo»tVan Huron-st. WANTED— A STEADY GIRL FOR (3KNKHAL housework; must bo n (rood onok and not afraid lo work; liberal wages. Apply at I<o*l Wubnsli-ay. V r ANTED—A GERMAN 6 1 III* TO DO GENERAL >T housowork; good references required. Applyatß23 Indlnnn-av., noarSUteonth-at. WANTKD-A GOOD. RELIABLE GIRL. TO DO general housework; must bo a good washer and iroiior. No Irlaluiood apply. 45 Rindi-st., no«r Jaillnna. Aimuir3niiirro in small family. 79 Twonty-llfth-et. TX/ANTI'D—A RESPEOTARLE OIUL TO TAKE ¥t care of a young baby. Apply at SMITH’S Oyster House, 62 HarrUonsf., ooar Slato-st. WANTRU-A o6oir~o66k'i WASHER, AND Inuiur. Apply at. 1082 Pralrlo-av. \\TANTIsb—IMMEDIATELY, A GIRL OR MIDDLE VT Aged woman lor general fiousuwnrk ; a pood cook, and no washing to do; good wages paid. Apply at 710 West Tylor-st., bnt. Robey and llo>un« ANTED —A OIUL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work, ut 78 South Haugamoa-st. T\ f~A NTED—aTg GO D OIRL IN SMALL PRIVATE T ) family. No Irish wanted. No. 867 Wabash-av., near Eighteen! b-st. TYTANTfIb—TWO GOOD GIRLS: ONE FOR COOK, it tho othor for second work, Must bo first-class girls, nnubrluß rocommcndatlomi. 1100 Pralrloav. TIT AN TED TT work, nnd a second girl. 683 West Monreo sl. WANTED - a oo6d""c6ok, wXsifßn. ’AND Ironer. The right person can haro a steady plnco and good wages. Apply at 956 Indlana-nv. W“ ~ ANTICD—A GiniT~FOU GENERAL HOUSE work. Apply ot 808 Mlolilgan-av. TTTANTKD-A GERMAN. SWEDE, OR NORWR. Vt glau girl for general housework; ono that under stands her business can havo first-class wages. Apply at 87 Twonty-Hfth-st. TVTANTED—IN A SMALL FAMILY AT EVANSTON it a good girl for gonornl houßowock. For particulars apply at UPS Prnlrlo-av., city. WfAKTEiT-lIY"A~SMALL FAMILY TWO GOOD VT girls who can giro roforoncos. Apply at 1068 ludl ana-ar., near Twonty-thlrd-Bt. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY AT 103 KLLIS-AV, o girl to do general housework. WANTiiD-ONI! DiniNO UOOjt GfUI, AND ONE chambermaid at No. 18 Eldrldgo-court. Como ready to go to work. WANTED-AN ACTIVE, TIDY OIRL TO DO SEC nnd work In private boarding-house. 333 West Washhigton«nt. WANTED— A FIUBT.OX.AIj3 OIIAMDKUMAID. Call for 3 days at 7ft East,, Room 10, on* trance Myor’s Opera.House. WANtUD-FIirST.OLA.SS COOK; ONE THAT CAN como well recommended. Apply at 828 West Wash T\TANtED-A FIKBT-OLAHS PASTRY COOK AT / Y the Adams llouso, comer Clark and Uarrlaen-sts. (JRAVES A ttTRONO. W/" ANTED—A GOOD COOK. AND DINING-ROOM tV girl, allOOWest Washington-at. WTANTED-ATHOROUGULY COMPF-TENT COOK, YY and a laundress Immediately, at 761 Mlohlgan-av. WTANTED-BY AN ENOLIHH LADY WHO LIVES YY in tho suburbs, a respectable girl to cook, wash, andiron. Apply at Anchor Lino ottico. comer LaSalle and Madlson-sta., between hours of 9 and 11 a. m. WANTED-AGIRI.FOUGENEUAT.UOUSRWORK. Apply, with roforcuoog, 0t207 West Washlngton-st. WANTED-A SWEDE WOMAN TO WASH AND Iron two days each week; boat wages. Apply at 76 Twonly-slxth-st., this day. V\fANTKb-A~ GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL YY housework. Apply at 810 South Morgan-st. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* work at lltfl Wabash-av,; private family. ■ WANTED-A GOOD COOK, AT 24 BIBUOP- court, second door from Maclhon-at. ■\XTANTED—AT inirUAIRIK-AV., A GOOD, HELL ’ YY able girl, to do cooking, washing, and ironing. Good references required. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL. CALL EARLY AT (503 Wabaah»av» WANTED-AT IB WEST ADAMS-ST., A FIRST* VV class laundress; tho best wages paid. Also, a girl to help In tho kitchen. T\TANTED—A GOOD,” COMPETENT GIRL FOR YY general hoosowork; good wages and small family. 7id West WashlngUm-st. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GEN YY oral housework iu a family of threo. Apply at 833 West Indlann-st. WANTED-A GOOD OIRLFORORNERAL HOUSE, work in a small family; good wages will bo paid for tho right kind. Apply at 1(U South Llucoln-st. *\\/-ANTED-A COMPETENT OIULTO DO UOUSE- Y Y work In a small family without children; must como Woll-roconnuonded. Apply at 201 Lako-st. Employment Agencies. T\FANTED—SITUATIONS OBTAINED AT MRS. YY A. L. BALICAM'S Employment Bureau, 883 Wa* baeb*av.; good help fur hotels, restaurants, boarding* houses, private families, forclty or country: also, cooks and chambermaids for the lakes, 85*5 Wahash-nv. WANTED— 2 GOOD GIRLS FOR GENERAL housework logo to Englewood, good pay; 1 laun. dross to go to Lako Forest; also, good glrla tor (tenoral housework (or city. Apply at thoFomnlo Help Employ ment Bureau, 07 West Randolph st., Rico & Jackson IBook, Rooms 8 and 4, old rooms o! Ladles' Aid Society. TSTANTED - W GOOD GIRLS FOR HOTELS’, •» Imardtnc-hnujo*. and private l&mUlos, at MRS. office, 1000 StAto-st. WANTED—GIRLS FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, VY nt 63 bmlth-st., roar uf 660 West Madison. WANTED-GOOD GIRLS FOR PRIVATE FAMl lies, Swedes, Norwegians, Dunes, and Germans; conks, nurse girls, general housework. Now Intolliconco 011100 at MRS. DuSKK’S, RO MUwaukoo-av. Parties wishing to obtain such can do so by applying nn above. Milliners. T\rANTED-A GOOD MILLINER TO GO A FEW 11 miles In tho country; situation tivst-clasa aod good ■alary. Apply immediately to D. U. FISK A CO. Sonxnfltroßsos. WANTED— SIX FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKERS, with sowing machines. Apply to MRS. NIBLO, Ci! West Mndlsou-st. \\TANTED—W FIRST-CLASS HIIIRTMAKERB, AT >Y WILSON BROS.. 73WcstWaahlngton-at. TOrANTED - IMMEDIATELY, A FIRST-CLASS YV drecamakor; a lady possessing good taste, and a thoroughly competent cutter ami titter, accustomed to tho boot efty trade, can secure a permanent situation and and liberal compensation, by addressing U 67, Tribune ollioo. W* ANTED-YOUNO WOMAN WHO UNDER stands running sowing-machine. Apply 153 Stato-st. AND DRESS VV uißkeca. UOTOUKIN PALMER, IS7 and 183 Slate-st. W" ANTED—FIRST-OLABS SUIUT-IRONSRS. AP ply at Homo Laundry, MI and 633 Statu-st. NuTHOft. WANTED-A NURSE GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF ono child, Call at 168 Thlrd av. Laundrossoo* WANTED-3 FIRST-CLASS WASHERWOMEN AT ANDERSON'S Steam Laundry, Stato-st. and Eld rldgocourt. Honsokoopora. TTFANTED—AN ABLE AND COMPETENT WOMAN Y r to act as housekeeper and do the general housework fora family of throa; good wages given. Apply at first bousefioulti nldo Woodland Park, near corner Douglas place and Pottage Grovo-av. O. ;E. WISWALL. • MisooUiuiooun. *TirANTED—T WO EXPERIENCED SALES LADIES Yt for curspt and underwear dopartmonU. 11, U. LIO DOWELL, fill South ITalstud-st. TITANTED—FIRST-CLASS GOAT, PANTS. AND Tr vostlronor; also, 1 ladles’clothes tronor, at UEast Adams-st. •A frANTED—3 PRACTICAL WEAVERS (WOMEN) VV on power-looms. A G GARFIELD £ CO., 239 and 811 Lako-at. MACHINERY. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP SECOND-HAND boilora and ongluoß. Two second-hand tubular boilers. OU b. n., all complete with trimmings ready (or uso. Olioai) far cash. Apply at Chicago Steam Xiollor Work*. tH Micblgan-st. COMBINED PLANER AND MATOHEUS] PaHUAU surfacors; rosawingraachlnos: saw arbors. W. A. JAMES, ROGUE A SPENOEU, 278 and 876 South Oa- ENQINKLATIIEH-OVKR FIFrV IN STOCKS AND nioro <m tho way from the East: any one wanting nil ouglno latho had hostsco us. W. A. JAMES, ROUiIE A SPENCER, 876 South Oanal-at. TBOR BALE-ONE UPRIGHT ENGINE, ABOUT 10 J. 1 horse-power, iu perfect orrior. Impiiro at office of WESTERN RANK NOTE ENGRAVING COMPANY, Southeast corner Clark and Lnkn-als, TJIQR RALE—A STATIONARY ENGINE, 8»I6. IN X' good order. Apply at lift Mlchlgan-st., corner ol La- Hnllo, _ T RON PLANERS. NEW AND SECOND HANDi .1. bplt-outters; drills: leather belting. W. A. JAMES, ROGUE A SPENCER. 876 South Oauul-st. QEOOND-HAND PORTABLE ENGINES, ONE 8, p one 10-hnrso pnwnr, for sale ohoap. W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPKNOtm. STATIONARY ENGINES, ALL 817.85, WITH p boilors, fur snlo by W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A Sl* KNOW K. 876 Bo u thOsnrd -BU * \\TANTED-A NEW OR SECOND-HAND FOOT it latlio. Give description and price. Address MW, Trlbuim olliuo. AGENTS WANTED. AGENTS WANTED—TO SELL THIS CHAMPION J\. noting and smoothing iron; tho tout onu made. UHAMPION PLUTING.IRGN COMPANY, 41 Third nv. ’A GENTS WANTED—TO SELL OUR NEW BUT JV tou-11010 Cullur uud Noudlo-Tbruadlng Thlmblu. Agents clear S2O pur day. I*o East MiuUion-nt.jJloom 6._ GENTS WANTED—HEWKTTFLUTING, POLlSH jVlngnnd band iron combined. Flutes any length. Homo uuuuty ngoiiclea opeu. Good puy. 171) hast Madl »ou-*t. . A GENTS WANTED—SIIO-WATCH FREE „T() JV agents selling SUItJ worth of nur goods at a prmtt of SI 00. Humpies worth sl:sont for Wc. MERRILL A L)., 26 West r^vkf-st PERSONAL. PKRKONAL-MRH. ’JAMES 0. TATE, LATE OF Canada, ploauuudJrossFLUßLNUhilATE, Trtbuno office. P“' ERSONAL-PONIEH, MUST HICK YOU THURS day, at Jim’s plttcs', very pirlloulor. Jf auylhiug happens so you cao't come, thru com* Friday, SITUATIONS WAWTED-MAEE. Booltlcooporo, Olorlcn. &o* SITUATION WANTED—AS SALESMAN IN A D7IY. Roodantnret aomAlynsrs' oiporloiioos boat of refer ences. Address MW. Tribune omco. SITUATION WANTUO-A8 SALESMAN IN A clothing or bomlb’ fnrnlihlngeiprc, by a competent man; bout of S*~ ITUATION wXnTKU—AS* lioOICKKISIMSIi, UY A competent, reliable; experienced mnn.who can fur. nlah boat of city roforoiioo. Acldroafl M fiA, Tribune ollico. S~ 1 tuatTon Tv an fk» -1 n a drug storr, iiV a Hcivmllnavlan, who lim boon 7 years In the luulnntr. ami who understand* Homo German ami Uußlfjli i will work for a amnll salary. Apply ot drug aloro, to North Bangamnn>ot. S" SITUATION WAHTKD-TIY A YOUNO MAN, AS O oolloctor, *o., In n timiklnsr* whnlomlo, or grain coin mUfllon iKiueo; Imvo bail ozimrianco In tbo hntlnoss; roN oronao llr*tol:i*B. Atldrosi J1 M, Trlbuno ollioo. SITUATION WNTr.irr"iiYA“yoUNo MAN. llttlo business cijjujk-nco, as talesman In agents' furnishing, book, nr clolblntf ntuto. (looil roforoacoi given. Address W. A. ADAMH, CUy j*. O. SITUATION WANTED-. AH TRAVELING GROCERY O wnlogmim. Host of references. F 1, Tribune olfico. SITUATION WANTED AH ASSISTANT BOOK, p keeper, entry dork, or onmo position ot trust, ,Vmci not bo much an ohloctaa acnnncolo workup, lloieronoos lirH-da**. AdurosaN 9, Tribuneotfioo. SITUATION WANTED—AS SALESMAN OR CLERK in name wholesale house. by a young man aged 2U| writes a pood hand nnd quick at figures. Good refer oqoob. M 76, Trlbuno ofTico. CHANGE TO PROVE that 1 cm koop or straighten auy net pi books: A No. 1 references; oyears’ oiporlonco. Address M 62, Tribuna olfico. SITUATION WANTED—IJY A YOUNO MAN, AS bookkeeper; is sorfootly oompotont to toko onllro charge of a sot of books; tlln host of roforoncos as to char acter and Ability: bas just loft a well-known firm who hnva retired from business. Address M 63, Trlbuno offioo. S' ITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG MAN WHO can tnlkimd road English, Gonnan, French, and llol* landlsh languages, wlnhi-s a plnco in an oflico, or store, op some other kind. Can oomo well recommended. Ad dross A 78, Trlbuno otfleo. SITUATION WANTED —A COMPETENT DRUG and proscription dork, who speaks English and Got* mau, dcstros a eltuatlun. Address A 75, Tribune olfleo. Tracies. ' SITUATION WANTED—IIY A YOUNO LAND scape painter, used to fresco work; steady employ ment proforrod. Address 11 64, Tribune office. Conclimon v Toain,3tors. &o« SITUATION WANTED—UY A STEADY YOUNO man to drive toam or work with horses; can lulus good references. Addrooß M P6, Trlbuno 011100. S’ ITUATION WANTED —TO TAKE OARIS Ofl horsoa In a private family. Address M 66, Trlbuns 011100. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN (DANK) Ons coachman in a private family. Is well acquainted with taking care of horses. Can give good reference. B 60, Tribune olHco. SITUATION WANTED-HY a NO. I TEAMSTER. O Call or address M. SMITH, 6 South Poorla-st. Situation wanteu-as coachman in a pur. O vale family, by a young mao who Is steady, sober, and acquainted in tbo olty. Address M 74, Trlhuoo office. SITUATION WANTKD-A8 COACHMAN IN A private family. Aridross M 41, Trlbuno odlco. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN. BY A young man: ho understands tho care of hones, and Is willing to make himself generally useful. Address M t‘2, Tribune oflico. SITUATION WANTED -BY A YOUNO MArf (Dane), ns coachman in a private family; (a a good driver, and understands taking care of horses; willing to workj Address M 83, Tribune olHco. QITUATIONB WANTED—BY MAN AND WIFE. Olio as No. 1 coachman: sho as cook or laundress. Best city reference. Address B SO, Tribune 01800. MisooUnnoonsi QITUATION WANTED-OP TRUST-BT A YOUNO O man of respootahto family; speaks English, French. Gorman, and tho Scandinavian languages; writes a good band, is quick at llguros. Rent of references; also, seen, rity given. Address A 66, Trlbuno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY BA RESPECTABLE man of good business habits, m a wholesale store, at collector, light porter, or watchman; tho boat city refer* once and security given. Address INDUSTRY, Trlbuns OttiCO. SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY YOUNO man as flromnn In hotel or niachlao shop. Address B &t, Trlbuno olHco. SITUATION WANTKD-ON A FARM BY A MID. dlo-agod American, who understands gardening, care stock, oto; Address W 118, 783 South Ual»tsd-«t. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNO GERMAN, KDU* oatad and speaking English, desires a situation lo an American family to make himself useful la tho bouse, barn, garden, or otherwise; reference given. Usl, Trib une ollico. SITUATION WANTED—A POSITION IN A NO. I commission hous'o; can command good trado In south* west lowa and northwest Missouri; a house that handles grain nud country produce preferred, and a house that party can work into an interest: boot of reference given and required. Address ‘* M, n Bt. Jo, Mo. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAS (Scandinavian), ho Is good tempered and sober, and has the best recommendation lor nearly 3 years' work from bln last employer. Ploaso address B 85, Trlbuno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN TO O loam tho real estate or grocery business; reference given If required. Address B 62.Tribune oflico. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN NORWEGIAN well acquainted with tho wholesale and warehouse business: spoaka English and l« well posted about town. Please address M 73, Tribune olßoe. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, IN A O private family; lives with hU patents. Cali at 165 East Harrlson*st. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A BOY 17 YEARS OLD. Address M 81, Trlbuno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SOBER, INDUS, ■trloua man of middle-age, who can tako hold of «!• most anything In' the lino of work: understands m». olitnory thoroughly. Address M 77, Tribune olllce. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO SCOTCHMEN, in any lino of business; both bandy men. Ad dress M 80, Tribono office. ‘ QITUATION WANTED-BY' A YOUNG 80ANDZ- O navlan and bfa wife. Tho man Is a good coachman aud gardener, amt tho woman can do any kind of bous»« work. Best of recommendations. No objections to tho country. Address M Bfi, Trlbuoo ofHco* SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O Protestant person os chambermaid in a rcapoctablo Protestant family. Apply by Inttor or person to M. JOHNSON. 62tl Woat Slateontu-flt. SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK, WASHER AND ironar, by a nloo girl. Apply at 821) Throop-st. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls; oao as cook and one as second sir). The best ol roloronco. Address or apply at 725 South Unloo-gt. S~ ITUATION WANTED —BY A VERY RESPECT. abio girl as second maid. Apply at onoo at 89 O’Brien st.» np statra. QITUATION WANTED—IN A SMALL FAMILY, TO O do general housework or, by a competent American girl; West Sido preferred. Apply 236 Abor. docn-st. QITUATION WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE O young girl, to do sooond-work and tako caro of child, ron. if required, in a respectable private family. Call a) 229 Twoaty.tlfst-st., In tho roar. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL, TO DO SEOt ond.vrorkor gonoral housework, in a small family/ goood roferonees. Apply at 173 South Dosplaloosst. QITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, O by a young girl, to do kitohomwork; reference given. Apply, to-day, at Itß Hubbard-si. SITUATION WANTED-BY TWO RKSPEOTADLU O girls to work together In a nice private family: one ag kltohon und tho other aa Boennd girl. Call Wednesday forenoon at 1665 Stato-st., MISS PATCH'S office. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls aa chambermaids or dining-room girls. PJoasj call ataiO West SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman as cook in a private family; can assist in washing and ironing. Call or address Btk> South UaU ated-st., down emits. SITUATION WANTED-DY TWO GIIILS, ONE IN ttio country, tho other In (ho city, to do general house, work. Apply at iOd Woat Erlo st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, O to do second-work in a prlvatb family. Apply to 21y Wentwortli-av., for two days. QITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS O cook, moat and pastry, female, city or country. Ap* ply at 120 Maxwoll-at., near Canal. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS to do aooond work and sowing la private family; South Sido preferred. IH3 Duttorllold-at. fturaos. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED nurse to tako care of a baby, or do light work. Apply at 304 Ueutro-av. Employment Agencies. OITUATIONH WANTED-FOR A NORWEGIAN pwoman with child 3 wooka old. as wot nurse. Also good girls for nil kinds of work. GREAT WESTERN BUSb NESS EXCHANGE, corner Union and M ashingtoa-sts. SoamstrossoQ. SITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS p dresamokor; oau furnish a sowing machine and the bast of coffctaaaos. Address M 83, Tribune oQlco. Housekeepers. SITUATION WANED—AS HOUSEKEEPER BY A competent Protestant unman in a private family. Bmt of reference. Pali at 45 Hubhard-conrt. LOST. T OHT—SSO REWARD—ON MONDAY MORNING, Jj about tto'clock, on North Glark-st., from Division U Mtohlgan-tl«., apockothook outmvlning AIM itt money, e lease, * receipt, and a promissory nolo of $250, signori hi W. Hoib, aud puynhle to Ilia order of undersigned, and I uarn herewith anybody to buy (ho annul. Tho honest Hud erwill receive above reward, F. WKOK, IK*6 Aslor st., near BohlUoi\ « LOST— $28 RKWAUD-A I'ACKACIE. OP HANK bills, containing $123, supposed to bo lost on Michl. gau-av., near tho iTurllnglon Itailread crossing, llu above reward will bo paid by leaving the money at 641 AiloblgHQ-av. T OST—FROM IIALPINEHT. AND BLUE ISLAND. ±J uv., Monday evening, nd-yuar old red ware. Jamo It right hind leg, weight about ink) lbs. r a U n o n tualhm ur rolurn to ol Cooledgo-st. E. WENDEL A CO. T W, 1873. A UNITED STATES IN- Jj tornal Rovonno saloon llceuso for 6 h'A North Market. tU Thu tinder will bo suitably rewarded by leaving th* same at the above number. T OST-A SMALL IHTaOK AND TAN SLUT*. AN. \j awursto (bo name of Gin. Any ana leaving nor of H3 South Sangamon-Bt. will bo rewarded. L’ OST-1N GOING FROM TWELFTH-ST. AND Wabasb-nr., to Dearborn and Statable., a bunob o> keys. A reward If luftat Mattosen House. I OST-A LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND 1)00, OHAItt Jj attached 5 littoral nivvnrd. t«tl West Rambdph-st, DIVORCES. BIVOUOES-I.miAU.V OIITAINKO-rKH AFI'KII doervn. Scandal avoided. la th( courts of Chicago. Address P. O. Box lUS7. oiitTvined FOR CAUSES, all LAM JJ l.ualnu.s nlliu-lod to. Room a. IH7 South Olsrk-st. FOR SALE. TP OR HALE—A SPLENDID GOLD WATCH. OIUIQ J.' nomnlor balance, English patent lever, 18-c*r«* goldchain;prloo, sWOs*bargain. Address WH, uuoollioa. 7

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