Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 7, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 7, 1873 Page 8
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8 FOREIGN. Tho American Exhibitors Want tin Vienna Commissioners In vestigated. Carlist Agents to Be Expelled from Switzerland. Sir Charles Dilko Pavers a Redis tribution of the British Par liament, The Khan of Kliiva Sues for Peace villi Russia. RUSSIA. Bt. Petersburg, May o.— Tho Khan of Khiva has soot an Ambassador to Busaian Post No. 1, at tho mouth of tho Bivor Japartos, with au thority to accept any terms Kauffman, the Bus* cian commander, may proscribe. Gen. Kauff man has nob soon iho men, as they wont to tho fort by a different routo from that by which tho Russlona are advancing. Thoy did not encounter tho column, consequently there is no change In tho plan yet, nor a cessation of operations. It appears that tho Khan is disposed to givo ample guarantee for tho future. Khirghoso, with this intelli gence, have boon scut from Post No. 1 to overtake iho column from that place, and moot tho column from Tashkoud. Tho Khan’s disposition to como to terms will therefore bo known' by Kauffman by May 1. A favorable termination of tlio ex pedition may bo looked for by iho end of May. Tho Khan is acting, it is reported, on English advice, and has liberated and sent to Post No. 1 twenty-one Russians hitherto hold as slaves in his dominions. Some of them have died since their arrival, from tho horriblo treatment thoy received while in slavery. It is supposed that tho Kahn hopes to sootn, tho Russian temper, but it is a mistake on his part to furnish just now this terribly exciting illustration of barbar ism and cruelty. Other Russians are known to bo still hi slavery at Orenburg. Tho column was moving from Emba to Kungrad by land and water, though very much embarrassed by oxces elvo snow. It has probably reached its destina tion by this time. Tho Khan thus treats with iho Russians at his gales, and has no right to expect bettor tonus than if tho city was actually taken. GREAT BRITAIN. London, May 0. —In tho Honso of Commons, to-night, Sir Charles Dilko moved a resolution that, m tho opinion of tho House, it is desirable to rodross tho inequalities iu tho distribution of political power In tbo United Kingdom. 110 complained that tbo legitimate influence of large and important towns was swamped by small and decaying boroughs, in which tho power of a single individual was paramount over tho constituency. Ho continued at groat length, pointing out tho existing anomalies in representation, and concluded by declaring that “timo tinkering” bad gone by, and complete and thorough re vision was tho only remedy. George Anderson, member for Glasgow, sec onded tho motion. Ho showed that England was entitled to 400 instead of 403 members of Parliament, Ireland to 89 instead of 105, and Scotland to 76 instead of GO. There were eight constituencies, with an aggregate of 1,840 voters, which had tho same representation as eight others with 239,000 voters. It was impossible to delay a redistribution much longer. Thomas Collins opposed tho motion because no method of redistribution was sot forth. Ho argued that tho counties already had tho advan tage of tho boroughs. Ho opposed representa tion based on population, because it would re sult in giving further power to a class already in an unfair minority. Tbo truo representation was not ono of numbers but of tbo various ele ments, interests, and classes of tbo community. Mr. Gladstone acknowledged the force of tbo reasons on which tho motion was based, but eaid ho was uunblo to support it. 110 admitted that bo was iu favor of a redistribution of scats in Ireland, but even that was not urgent. Tbo subject was full of difficulties, and it was idle to approach it unless members woro prepared to deal with details. This was tho last year of tbo present Parliament, and there wna no timo to consider a question of such importance. More over, ho believed tho public did not demand such & measure at present. George Dixon spoke in favor of tbo motion. Ho contrasted tbo cases of Birmingham, Liver pool. and Mancbestoi 1 with tboso of several neighboring villages, showing tbo glaring in-, equality which existed iu their respective repre sentation. Sir Howland Blonnorhassot also supported tho motion, and Asshoton and others spoke against A division of tho House was finallv'reached, nn.l 4 tho motion was rejected by tho following vote : For tho motion, 77 5 against, 258 : ma jority against, 191. Ton minutes after tho result was announced the House was counted out. London, May 7.—T110 Viscount of Chelsea, Conservative candidate, has boon elected to Xhvr liamont from Bath, to fill tho scat made vacant by tho death of Sir William Tito. CANADA. Sjjfctal Dispatch to The Chicago Tribunt. Ottawa, Ont., May 6. —The House of Com mons rose at an*oarly hour this morning, after an exciting day’s work. A bill was introduced for tho object of establishing a lino of mail steamers from tho St. Lawrence to tho West Indies. When tho Pacific Railway Committee met to lake evidence, yesterday, Sir John A. Mac Donald mado application for tho Committee to adjourn till July, to allow tho return to Can ada of Sir George Cartier, Mr. Abbott, and Sir Hugh Allen, tbo parties implicated. • Mr. Huntington opposed delay, as it would bo improper to postpone because one or two indi viduals of a number charged were absent. After discussion, tho Committee decided that it was advisable to adjourn till July 2; also, that in the opinion of tho Committee tho proceedings should be secretly conducted. Tho House will to-day be asked to adopt this report. The names of witnesses summoned include members of tho Government, Directors of the Pacific Railway, and others. A caucus of tho Opposition is called to con sider tho proposals of tho Committee. In tho House, Mr. Blake moved his resolu tions, declaring, m substance, that, in tho future, the territorial rights of Canada should not ho parted with without tho consent of Parliament, as in tho case of tho Bt. Lawrence, and that means should bo taken to obtain by negotiation the free navigation of tbo Columbia River. The Hon. Mr. Tapper followed, and concluded by moving an amendment declaring that it was not for tho advantage of Canada to reopen a discus sion of matters settled by the Treaty of Wash ington. Mr. Mackenzie, tho loader of tho Op position, made a tolling speech, and moved an amendment, simply assorting tho Canadian right of claiming that equivalent concessions should be secured for Canada when the occasion existed. Mr. Mackenzie’s amendment was lost—yeas. 65: nays, 90. * * * Tho Premier of Prince Edward Island is hour ly expected in connection with the confederation of that province with Canada. Tho Now Bruns wick ir embers have telegraphed an address to Sir Hastings Doylo on his retirement from ofilco. Montreal,, May G.—lt lo positively affirmed hero by informed parties that Hir Hugh Allan has entirely failed iu negotiating tho Canada Pacific Railway loan. Eight ocean steamers aro now in port, six of these from Liverpool. Toronto, May o.—Tho fooling is strong hero against tho proposal to make tho investigation before tho Pacific Railway secret. Referring to tho matter, tho Globe concludes a long article as follows: “If tho House of Commons can per mib its committees to shut out tho light of day from their proceedings, it cannot divert public attention from its own, and at no moment haa tho need for a Jealous watch over tiro actions of tholr representatives by those who elected thorn been moro pressing than at tho present crisis." SPAIN. Madrid, May 6.—Owing to tho doorcase of Carlisle in tho North, Oon. Nnuvillas will accept tho Ministry of War, oud remain in Madrid. Tho inhabitants of tho Canary Islands have aont an address to tho Government, renewing their assurances of loyalty and denying tho ox istonco of a fooling in favor of a separation. An American man-of-war has arrived at Bar celona. Batonnb, May fl.—Ex-Mmietors Echogaray and Martos, and Oon. Caballero do Rodashavo arrived hero. Gen. EUs has re-entered Navarre and ABtmmed tlio supremo command of tho Oarllat forces lu tliat provlnco. v ~, AUSTRIA. *r? NA ’ —The American exhibitors at 1 * 1 ? 8 * on> t o K°^ or Uio honorary commissioners ami eovoral of tho suppondod Cotnmißßionorfl, hold an informal mooting yes terday, at which a searching inquiry was de manded into all tho charges made against tho suspended Commißßionors. Tho now Commis sioners Buggoßtcd tho holding of another moot ing at an early day, at which they could promise that Mr. John Jay, tho United Stales minister, and Baron Schwarz, tho Dlrcctor-Gon erjd°f the Exhibition, would bo prcaont, iho American exhibitors have gone to work in an active manner to arrange their department, and secure a proper exhibition of their goods. "ho United Stales frigate Congress and a transport, with goods oo hoard for tho Exhibi tion, have arrived at Trieste. SWITZERLAND. Geneva, May o.—Tho Federal Council baa leaned an order forbidding tho residence of the puchoßß of Madrid in Switzerland, and instruct ing tho police authorities to oxpol all Oariiat agents from tho country. GERMANY. Berlin, May G,— Tho Gorman Parliament baa ordered the coinage of two-mark pieces, not withstanding the strenuous opposition of Minis ter 'Dolbruck. FRANCE. Paris, May C,—Tho idea of a formal procla mation at an early day, of tho Conservative Re public, as a permanent form of government in Franco, absorbs public attention, and is gaining ground everywhere. . GREECE. Athens, May 6.—The Government of Greece has resolved to abolish its legations in forolgu countries, except at Constantinople. ITALY. Rome, May o.— Tho Chamber of Deputies has commenced a debate on tbo Religious Corpora tion biU. 1 WASHINGTON. Diepatch to The Chicago Tribune • ARMY REGULATIONS. Washington, D. 0., May G.—Tho revised army regulations, prepared by tbo Secretary of War In accordance with an act of Congress, wore not re ported from tbo Military Committee until tbo let of March, too late for Congress to act on tbonn though they were sent to tho House by Secretary Belknap about tbo middle of February. Among tho regulations of tbo revised code is one pro viding that no graduate of tbo Military Academy shall bo appointed to a staff corps or department until ho shall have served at least two years with troops in tbo lino of the army. Another paragraph reads: “No officer shall bo commissioned in tbo staff who has not for at loast one year previous boon on duty with troops.” It is understood that tboso provisions aro intended to break up tbo system of favor itism, by which graduates fresh from West Point are sometimes assigned (a positions on tho stall of Generals. TUB NEW YORK CENTRAL CASE. Nothing was beard at*tbo Rovouuo Bureau to day from Collector Bailey relative to tho antici pated offer of compromise by tho Now York Central Railroad Company : but in view of tho fact tbat a postponement of tbo salo was agreed to by tbo Collector, in tbo face of positive in struction from tbo Commissioner to press with determination tbo prosecution of tbo Company, it is believed tbo terms of compromise offered wore in tbo main satisfactory to tbo Government. Tho amount claimed by the United States is $400,000, exclusive of costs of suits, etc., of which sum loss than $50,000 have boon ro&bzod from sales of locomotives, otc. NEW YORK POLITICS. Capt. Buxtou, Doorkeeper of tho House of Representatives, has Just returned irora Now York, whither bo wont to accompany tbo re mains of James Brooks. Ho reports that there is a very lively contest among tho politicians over Brooks' successor in Congress. Tho friends of B. S. Cox aro quito confident of tboir ability to secure tbo nomination for him, but tboro is a disposition among all tbo candidates opposed to Cox to unite tboir forces in case bo should np fioar too strong for any ono of thorn to defeat lim. One of tho charges alroadystartod against Cox is that ho organized tbo Credit Mobilier Committee out of material hostile to Brooks, with a viow to ruin him. Cox was colled by Speaker Blaiuo to tbo Chair, mid appointed tbo Committee, but it is not behoved that bo had any special designs on Brooks. At all events, tho circulation of such a story iu Brooks’ dis trict and among his constituents, with whom ho was popular, and as many of whom regard his death as being hastened by tho Credit Mobilier business, is calculated to damage Cox’s chances. TUE ST. FETERSBDRQ MISSION. Tho vacancy in tno mission to St. Petersburg, created by tho death of James L. Orr, is already attracting parties hero, who aro waiting patiently for tho return of tho President to present thou* own claims or thoso of their friends. It is said that Judge Bingham, of Ohio, stands first upon tlio President’s list of men who aro to ho appointed to a first-class foreign mission upon tho occurrence of a vacan cy. It has heretofore boon urged against Bing ham that Ohio had already a first-class appointment in Schonck, but it seems to ho generally undorstoood in ofil cial circles here that Bchouck intends to resign and come homo to bo a candidate for tho United States Senate. At any rate, Bing ham's friends will not fail to calltho President’s attention to tho opportunity now presented to provide for him. Bingham was promised tho mission to Japan ; but it is thought ho would prefer a more civilized country. l7'o the Associated Press.} SUSPENDED. Washington. May o.—James Lindsey, Pen sion Agent at St. Louis, has boon suspended for irregularities, and A. E. Stone of St. Lopis, ap pointed to succeed him. CONGRESSIONAL EXCURSION. Over 200 Congressmen have accepted tho in vitations to participate in tho excursion planned by tho St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, which is to loavo that city on tho 16th inst. lor Texas. Tho Treasury to-day paid $28,723 to tho Gov ernor of Michigan, on account of 6 per cent of tho not proceeds of tho public lands lying within tbo limits of tho State, for tho purpose of education or public roads, and improvement. GREENBACKS. Legal-tenders outstanding, $357,317,180. GOVERNMENT SUITS AGAINST THE UNION PACIFIC. Messrs. Perry and Ashton, together with Joucks, of Rhode Island, lately associated with them as counsel for tho Government, having ob tained tho necessary information from tho books of tho Union Pacific Railroad Company and Credit Mobilior, have substantially completed a hill in equity against these organizations, to bo filed in accordance with tho act of tho late ses sion of Congress. Ashton to-day submitted to Attorney-General Williams tho draft of tho pa per. It haa not yet boon determined whore the suit shall bo brought, but Philadelphia and Bos ton are mentioned in that connection. DEAD LETTERS. Last month thoro woro 386,11-1 dead letters received at tho Dead Letter Ofilco. Of this number, 20,176 woro hold for postage. THE NEW SLOOPS. The Navy Department will, to-morrow, issue proposals for supplying machinery for tho eight sloops-of-war authorized to ho built by tho last Congress. municipal Election^ Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, South Bend, Ind., May o.—This city decided about onoyear ago to uavowator-works, audio thia oud appointed a Corammisslon of Avo members, coualßting mainly of Councilmou, to put them lu. Tho Commission, iu part, recently contract ed with the Holly Company tor the works. In tho meantime several systems presented them solves, but tho intercut centres down to tho •Jlolly and standpipe system, and tho papers wero Ailed with communications, which grow quite personal, and “ ring " combinations woro charged. Public meetings wero hold and partiaana for each grow bitter in denunciations of tho other. Friendships have for the time been sev ered and generally much ill-feeling has boon en gendered, and for tho purpose of getting an ex- Jirosslon of tho poonlo at tho city election to tay, candidates for Councilman, advocating tho “ standpipe” woro put up in each ward. Tho “ Holly mou M woro contented with running two prominent members of tho Committee for ro olcetion. Tim result la that tho election to-day haa called out tho largest vote over polled In tho city, electing all tho 44 standpipe ” men by largo majorities. Indianapolis, Ind., May o.—Tho ©lection in thia city, to-day. for city oAicora, passed oil quietly. Tho poll was light and tho rcault olouo. Pull returns cannot bo hud hoforo midnight. Indianapolis, Ind., May 11.— Tho following re turns have boon received from citioa whore mu nicipal elections woro hold to-day: Lafayette. Ind.—Tho entire Democratic tick at la elected. Tho Council la A Democrats to 2 lie publicams. Throe tickets in tho Held,—Demo cratic. llopublican, and Tomperanco. Richmond, lad.—Democrats clout Mayor and THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1873. Assessor: Republicans oloct Treasurer, Olorlc, ami Marshal. Council a lio, Brazil, Ind.—Tho Issues wore temperance ami antl-tomporanco, without regard to old party linos, Tho nutl-tomporanco tlclcoi was success ful. S/iffcfrti Dhpntch to The Chicago Tribune, LaPoute, Ind.. May O.—A Liberal-Democratic victory for LaPorto. Wo oloct tho Mayor, Treasurer. Marshal, Clerk, Assessor, and a ma jority in tho Common Council. A largo gain over previous years. Indianapolis. Ind., Slay o.— James L. Mitch ell, Democrat, for Mayor, in this city, iu elected by 300 to 000 majority. Tho balance of the ticket is Republican by small majorities. Tho Council will stand tho samo as last year—ll llo publicans to 7 Democrats. Terre Haute, Ind., May 0.— I Tho election In this city to-day, was a triangular contest, there being a strong workingmen’s ticket in tho field iu addition to tho tickets of tho two old parties. Although tho returns nro not all in, it is con sidered certain that tho entire Republican ticket is elected. Tho Republicans carry two of the now Councilmon, tho Democrats ono and tho work ingmen two. Tho live Councilmon holding over are all Republicans. Louisville, Kv. May o.—ln tho Now Albany, Ind., city election to-day, John B. Winatandloy, regular Democratic nominee for Mayor, was de feated by T. Q. Knnklo. independent Democrat. The rest of tho regular Democratic ticket is elected. FIRES. Almost Entire Destruction of tho lluuiiioss Portion pf jiionroo, La.*« Los*, 8,’100,000 Other Fires. New Orleans, May o.—At Trenton, La., at 2 o’clock this morning, a firo broko out in Jethro Moore’s drug store, spreading rapidly in all di rections, and soon destroyed tho entire business portion of Iho'town, except tho establishments of B. Hirsoh and Picard ‘,t Spiro. Total loss, $300,000. Insurance, $150,000, mostly in Now Orleans offices. Tho a followhig aro tbo losses and insurance of tbo principal sufferers; Hoad & McLain, loss, $55,000; insurance, $85,000; T. O. Standifor it Co., loss, $50,000 ; insurance. $25,000 ; Trenton Warehouse Company, loss. $35,000; no insur ance} Flournoy A Mills, loss, $25,000; insur ance, $11,000; Morphy & Milos, loss, $31,000; insurance. SIB,OOO ; Maxoy & Blocker, loss, $18,000; insurance, $12,500; Bond it Guthrie, loss, $18,000; insurance, $9,600; M.B. Kidd, loss, SIB,OOO ; Insurance, $9,800. 11. Moyer, loss, $25,000; insurance, $12,000. O. B. Register, loss, $12,000; insurance, $7,000. T. Dreyfus, Joss, $1,800; insurance, $2,800. Wheaton it Earhart, loss, $3,800; insurance, $1,500. M. H. Parker, loss, §4,400; insurance, $2,000. 11. DoFroos, loss, $3,500 ; Insurance, $1,500; J. H. Noulo, loss, $4,500; insurance, $2,G00. Louisi ana Farmer printing oftlco, loss, $2,700; in surance, $1,500. Jethro Mooro, loss, SB,OOO ; insurance, $3,000. R. J. Soule, loss, $1,800: insurance, SSOO. Tho origin of tho llro is unknown. Tho flames spread with such rapidity that tho salvage amounts to little or nothing. Tho $25,000 loss of tho Tronton Warehouse Company will fail upon planters In tho neighborhood of Tronton, whoso supplies wore stored in the building. Tlio business men hold a meeting to-day to decide upon a course of action. Detroit, Mich., May G.—A firo at Winona early this morning burned Van Aistiuo's meat market, Lobory’s store, and McKnigbt’s brick block. Loss, $13,000 ; insurance, $1,400. Tbo work of an incendiary. Special J)sem(ch to The Chicago Tribune. Rockford, 111., May 6.—At 8 o’clock this morning, tbo bam of Giles O. Hora, a wealthy farmer, Jiving 0 miles from this city, was dis covered in flames. It, with its contents of bay, farming tools, five bead of valuable horses, aiid •1,000 bushels of oats, was destroyed. Tbo loss will bo about $1,500 ;no insurance, Tbo flro is bolioved to bo tbo work of an incendiary, as Mr. Hara says bo has not bad a lantern or light of any kina in bis bam for over six weeks. This afternoon a flro' was discovered Issuing from tho residence of tho Hon. Anson S. Miller, in this city. Tbo engines wero promptly on haml. Tho flames woro not arrested until tho kitchen and dining-rooms woro destroyed and considerable damage dono to parlors and fur niture. The loss will bo about SI,OOO. partially covered by insurance. Tho origin of tho flro is not known, as tho family woro all absent at tho timo. This is tho Arst flro that has occurred in this city for many months. Special JM'epaOh (o The Chicago Tribune. Detroit, May 0. —A dispatch from Wcnona says a firo broke out early this morning in Van Alstyno’a market, and that, with Logroy’s store and McKnight’s brick block, was burned. Loss, $13,000 *, Insurance, $1,500. l&ailrotul IVcu’Ni Sr. Louis, May s.—Tho bill granting sixteen sections of land to tbo St. Louis, Tox&b «k Mex ican Gulf Railroad, running from Sabine City, tbo beat harbor in Texas. on tho Gulf of Mexico, to Clarkavillo, near Hod River, has passed tho lower House oT tho Texas Legislature, and will doubtlcuu pass the Senate; also, tho bill grant ing the Texas & Pacific and the Trans-Continen tal Hallway further time for tho completion of their road to Forth Worth. Tho Companies aro renuirod to complete their road to Sherman and Dallas the present year, and receive lauds in lieu of money subsidies. Maj. Shollonbargor, Assistant Chief Engineer of tho Cnmargo Branch of tho Missouri, Kansas & Texas Hallway, has just returned to Denison from Gainesville, near Hod Hivor, and has re ceived instructions to locate at once for the con tracting of 10 miles of the lino from Denison. This branch road will run through Waco, Austin, and Han Antonio. Toledo, May C.—A mooting of citizens was hold at tho Chamber of Gommoroo to-night to consider tho question of making direct connec tion with the Chicago & Canada Southern Rail way by tho building of a branch rood from this city to Morouci, Mich. A committee was ap pointed to tako tho matter in charge. St. Allans, Vt., May 6. —The Legislative Committee to investigate tho charges against tho Trustees of the Vermont Central Railroad adjourned for several weeks. Tho counsel for tho Trustees said ho desired to loavo the testi mony with tho Committee without argument. There is no ovidonco to show that any im proper inllttonces had been brought to hoarupon tho Legislature. Tho result of tho investiga tion is looked upon as a complete vindication of all concerned. Duhuqoe, May 6.—Negotiations have finally boon closed for tho settlement of tho claim of George W. Mitchell and Maurice Brown against tho lowa Pacific Railroad for construction work, on which an execution for sale was issued from tho District Court, to tako olToct on Jho 29th of April. Tho amount of their claim exceeds $-16,000, and has boon settled by tho transfer of real estate. Sporting Matters* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, May 6. —A trot took place on tho Fleetwood Park to-day for a nurse of SIOO for horses that never boat 2;10. ’The entries woro J. llarbock’o 0. h. m. Saratoga; Isaac Baldwin’s b. m. Belle of Orange; mid Peter Mnnoo’e g. m. Crazy Jane. It was a one-sided affair. Saratoga, which was tho favorite, winning easily in throe straight boats. The race was important, however, from the fact that it was tho first to tost the dispute between tho Trainers’ & Drivers’ Association and tho National Trotting Association. Baldwin, tbo driver of Bello of Orange, and John L. Doty, driver of Saratoga, being members of tho former Asso ciation, refused to drive. This action was greet ed with cheers by tbo assemblage. Manoo, who is not a member, was roundly hissed. New York. May 6.—A* game of base-ball, to day, at Elizabeth, between tho Baltimoros and Rosolutos, resulted iu a victory for tho former by a score of 7 to 3. Tho Labor Question* New York, May o.—ln consequence of tho mou iu tho blacksmith shops of tho Eighth Avonuo Railroad Company threatening to strike for higher wages, they woro all discharged last evening* and this morning non-socioty men woro substituted. Thia action gave groat offense to those discharged, and a largo force of police aro now at tho shuns to prevent tho execution of threats to wreck them and assault tho mou at work. New York, May o.—ln consequence of tho discharge of tho fiorso-ahoors in tho omploy of tho Eighth Avonuo Railroad, tho horso-shoors of tho Sixth Avonuo Railroad struck this after noon. Their places have boon filled by nou socioty men. SDonvy l.osi nt .Sea* Boston. May o.—Tim ship- Tennyson, from Calcutta for Boston, which is reported as having foundered at son, had on board a cargo of pn£ duoo valued at $225,000, largely insured in Bos ton offices. Tho vessel and freight-money was valued ut SIIO,OOO, making tho total loss $-195,000. Ocean Stuniiisblx) Nows* Liverpool. May (s.— Tho steamships City of Loudon and Kooln, from Now York, ami Polyne sian, from Portland, arrived out. Queenstown, May G.— Arrived, the steamship Partins, from Now York. METEOROLOGICAL. Slffiml Service Ilcport* nna Prognostication*. OinoAdo, May o—p, m. Tho following reports have been received from tbo places mentioned below: Station, liar . Thr P'lml. Weather, Breckinridge.... 29.01 64 Cnlm. Light rain. Buffalo 30,2(1 iC, H. B„ fresh, Fair. Cairo 20,70 CO N. K„ gentle. Light rain, Chicago 20.00 62 N. E„ fresh. Cloudy, Cincinnati 20.0.1 04 H. R„ fresh. Light rata. Cleveland 30.11 60 N. 12., light, Fair, Cheyenne 20.08 37 N., light. Fair. Davenport 20.02 02 N. 12., fresh. Cloudy, Denver 30.00 46 Oahu. Clear, Detroit 30.13 63 I l ’., fresh, Light rain,* Duluth 30.05 42 N„ gentle. Clear. Keokuk 20.84 02 H,, fresh. Light rain, LaCrosso .. 29*.«7 03 N.E., fresh. Pair, Marquette 30.18 62 8.12., gentle. Clear. Milwaukee 30.00 44 N, K„ fresh. Cloudy, Omaha 20.8G 01 Calm, Fair. Ht. Paul 20.01 03 8. U., fresh. Clear. Toledo 30.10 04 N., brisk. Cloudy. Yankton 20.86 66 8. w„ gentle. Cloudy. PROBABILITIES. Washington, May o.—For tho Gulf and South Atlantic States, aim tlionco to tho Ohio Valley, northeasterly and easterly winds, falling barom eter, cloudy weather and rain, clearing In Texas and Louisiana to-morrow. For tho Northwest and Upper Lakes, and thouco to tho Ohio and Lower Missouri Valleys, northeasterly winds, falling barometer, clouuy weather and rain. For tbo Lower Lakes, northeasterly winds, partly and increasingly cloudy weather. For tbo Middle States, northwesterly winds, high barom eter, falling by evening, partly cloudy weather, with occasional rain in Virginia. For Now Eng-> land and Canada, generally dear weather in tho afternoon, with increasing cloudiness and north east winds. Cautionary signals are ordered for Savannah, Charleston. Wilmington, Norfolk, Capo May, Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Grand Haven. New Orleans, May G.—Rain fell for twelve hours, ending at Ga. m. According to an ac count of L. Frigorio, 8 fl-10 inches foil. A record of surveys at tho City Hall shows G}£ inches for eleven hours. During tlio storm, last night, tho schooner Gertrude Howes was struck by lightning. One man was killed, and one serious ly Injured. Now Yorlc LiCglulaturo* Albany, May O.—A "local prohibition bill," not excepting eider or lager, has passed tbo Senate. Albany. May o.—ln view of tbo doubts ex pressed that Mayor llavomoyor, of Now York, may havo been legislated out of office by the charter, tlio Senate to-night adopted au amend ment confirming him In office until Dee. 31,1871. Ilufffalo Livestock Market*. Buffalo, May C.-—Receipts. to-day, Including 103 care reported lo arrive, 1,819 head; total for tbo week, 0,018 head. Tho market, on account of the unfavorable uowfl from the East and heavy losses sustained by tho shippers last week, la much depressed. "Nearly all tho regular buyers aro holding off for concessions, which tho owners and holders feel unwilling to yield, consid ering tho prices paid wont for their slock. Trade with a few exceptions, Is confined to supplying the wants of local butchers. Tho prices of such sales oa made wore 3£®-Mc off from last week’s closing rates. About 700 head wero disposed of. gales : 584 Illinois steers, nv 1,064 to 1,371 lbs, at |S.CS@G.2S ; 30 Illinois cows, av 1,103 to 1,180 11h, atf-1.75; 38 Texas steers, av 1,0C7 to 1,095 16s, at $5.40@3.50; 35 Michigan stocsore, av 818 to 9261b5, atss.oo®S.2s;2ollUuois6tockerß, av 995 lbs, at $6.50. Sheep and Lamds—Receipts to-day, GOO; total for tho week, 4,800, Market not yet fairly opened. Uoos—Receipts to-day, 700; total for tho week thus far. 15,100. Tho market opened slow at $5.3005.50, with called lots a shade higher. Sales yesterday: 2,000 Illinois hogs, 217 lbs, $3.yy@5.60. Sates to-day: 120 Illinois hogs, 217 lbs, at $5.45; 200 Indiana bogs, 259 lbs, at $5.60. Boston lilvc> >Stock Market* Wateutowm, Mass., May O.—Bbevks—Receipts, 093, In consequence of tho largo receipts, tho butchers bought slowly, and were only willing to purchase at a largo discount from last week’s prices—from yo to y, o live weight. Bales of choice at $19.00010.50; extra, $9.2509.75; first quality, $8.0908.60; second, SO,OOO 7.25; third, $5.0005.50, Sheep and Lamds—Receipts, 2.269. Trade dull on poor grades, which aro not wanted, at ya decline, while really good Hocks aro selling at full rates. A fuw spring lambo sold at $10.00012.09 per head. MARRIAGES. BIRD-MAYLAN-May 3, hy tho Rov. R. J. Lang ridge, John W. Bird and Ilunrlotta Maylan, both of Chi sago. VtT Californian papers please copy. DEATHS. KURKINS—In this city, at his Into residence, 144 Sods wlck-Bt., John Korrlus, aged 47 roars. Funeral Thursday, May 8, by tho oars to Calvary Ceme tery. CARTER—'Tho funeral services of tho lato James Car* tor will bo hold at (ho Cathedral of 88. Peter and Paul, corner of West Washington and Peoria streets, this (Wednesday) oftornoon, at 3 o'clock. HUNT—In Chicago, May 6, 1673, of congestion chills, H. N. Hunt. Funeral from R3l First street, to-day, at 11:30 o'clock, thence to Rose Hill, by cars. Friends aro Invited. Bißf Watertown amt Rochester, N. V., papers please ;opy. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES, &o. a 10 RENT-A HANDSOME STORE IN BRICK . building In Rockford, 111.; centre of business, 82*20; dry-goods, clothing, or boot and shoe business preferred: SSOO per year. Address ANTON SOlilCKEll, Rock* ford, 111. T”'o RENT-BARN IN REAR OF HOUSE 169 WEST Adams-st. Apply at 76 SouthSangamou-st. TO RENT—OFFICE AND DESK ROOM, CHEAP, in 11ns building, No, 210 LaSallo-st., corner Adams. E. E. RYAN ICO. ' rpo RENT-SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH X floors, with powor and olovalor, 1-18 Ulark-sU, near

Madison. Apply at SOllWßlttEll'B Colfeo House. TO RENT—A WEST SIDE BASEMENT FOR DIN* lug-rooms or manufacturing pnrposos. Call at 125 South Cllntoa-st. or on D. STONER, 125 CUrk-st. TO RENT-LAUNDRY OF TUB ST. CHARLES Holol, 46 South Dosplaloes-st. 5 TO RENT-TO A PHYSICIAN, PART OF A FUR nlshod ofllco on tho comer of Stato and Madlaoa-ats. Address DENTIST, Tribune office. TO RENT-STORE AND DWELLING ON CORNER of Carroll and Llncoin-sts, completed on Juno 1, 1873; a good location for drug-store. Inquire of OUAS. 11. BAItNUM, No. 7 South Canal-st., Room No. 6. TO RENT- STORE, WITH DWELLING ROOMS AT tachod; price, S2O por month: reference required. Apply at 30!) North Wplla at. CO RENT—LARGE STORE Ml WEST RANDOLPH* st., comer May: and 9 rooms In good order at 66 West ladlson-st. N. F. MERRILL A CO., 13 Otis Block. pO RENT-SUITE OP OFFICES, CONVENIENTLY L arranged, with vault, oto. Apply on premises. Room 3,163 Hast WaslUngton-st. * TO RENT—NICE, LIGHT STORE. NO. 970 NORTH darkest., near Wobitor-av., suitable for boot and shoo business, with 7 good living rooms above. Rent. SSO por month. W. 1). ItBRFOOT A CO., 90 East Washing* ton-st. a 10 RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF FIFTH* bv. and Adams-st., containing 65 rooms, including bath room, water closets, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on tho promises* TO RENT—AN ELEGANT LARGE STORE, GOOD light, suitable for any business; low root to a good tenant. Apply ou promises. 77 Dearborn-st. TO RENT-A STORE WITH A GOOD CELLAR, 207 _South HttUted at. Inquire at 108 South llalstod-st. fp (f RENT—THE STORE X st.. 2-story and basement. Inquire of F. A. OUIN* LAN, Room 3 Major Block, 113 LaSallo-at., or of tho owner. 815 WostLako-at. Jif. QUINLAN. TO EXCHANGE jlpll EXOHANOE-OR HALE-6,000 AGUES OP high, rolling twirls lands In tho Statu of lowa. Thoso mas aro located aloug tlio lino of railroads, splendidly daptod for grain or Block. Wo will soil lu t)t>anlltios to Jit ami give ton yearn’ credit, or exchange for Chicago ronortyor merchandise. LAWRENCE Jc MOFFETT, 11 East Madhon-st, rpo EXCHANGE-25 FRET ON FIFTH-AV.. NEAR X Harrison, for productive city property. Ono of (hu tinoat corner buildings on ono of (ho ave nues; lot lOOxlbO; $38,1)0U to $40,000 property taken In trade. House on South Hnlstud-st. for $6,000, paying SI,BOO rent, for two South Side residence*: balance paid in cash, by M. ARENBBERG, ICO LaSallc-sl., basement. TO EXCHANGE—A RPLENDH) FARM OF 160 aorua of laud, well Improved, in Loo County, 111., for Chicago property: will pay $4,000 or $6,000 cash diner unco. R. KENNEDY, Real Estate Agent, 145 Olark st., Rooms 2d and 27. fpb EXCHANGE-HOUSE AND LOT MICHIGAN- X av., for unlnoumhorod lots. IBjorft sums at Igtwu dale, unlnoumhorod, fur house and lot worth $16,000; will Rsanmo luoumbrancoH. 82(1 aero farm lu Kansas for farm near city, HILL A BLISS, 91 Doarbornst. rpo "exchange-have "houses for acres. X Aero* fur houses, merchandise, Ao. Superior largo farms for bmdnebit, buslnosi property orscatiorod, s2t),- 000 to $160,008. b. W. SKA A CO., 161 Momoe-st. Mb EXCHANGE-HOUSE *NO, 03tl FULTON-ST., X two stories and tlrst-ol&ss, with curnor lot 25x117 feet; will sell on liberal terms or exchange for vacant lulu. Ad dress X 26, Tribune ollioo. rpo 15X011ANG 15—W15 HAVE SOME DESIRABLE X oily business property to exchange for a farm or n real doncor_KEUß, DAVISON A WELCH, J43 1-nHnllo'St. fpO RXOiiAN(IE-TWO LOTS"on' SOiITIi’UANAL- X at., near Harrison; will exchange fur house and tot or flood farm within 6U mlloi of Chicago; also comu choice uts on Statu Bi. to uselmiigo for improved city property. L. A. UILIIKRT A CO., L»Sallo-Bt._ rpo lixtJHANtl id-A HOOD TWO-STORY HOUSE, X on West Hido-gnud location-fur vacant lui, near Union Park baptist Church. U. M. ROUGHER A UU„ 13 Otis Block. \\T A*NTIiD—TO EXGHANGE-A GOOD EXPRESS T T wagon fora Buuuml-hnnd buggy; must bo a good one. Address M 22, Tilbtmo ollico. _ WANTED-TUTRADE FORA STOCK OF DRY 11 goods, notions. olelldng, furnishing good*, hoots and blioub, and furniture, 3 farms In Maaon (Tumity. 111,, all under a good state of cultivatioit. near market and railroad—one farm u( 116 auras, onnof Sllaoros. and ono nl 336 acres, Alsu a tine new dwelling house and 2 loin hi tho Oily of Peoria, 111,, with all modern Improvements. Tile titles are perfect. All worth,sW,UW cash. Will trade part orall. Address Bus 1443. Poorln. 111. CLAIRVOYANTS. DR. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, BUliT uosi ami UotUcal Medium*, 18) Woit MftdUou-it. TO RENT—HOUSES. rro nRNT-pWRr.MNns-.iiy j. m. maiihiialla Ilinok' o** 0 ** ll ° ft 1,,8ta10 Kuoms 0 and 10, Reaper IW7 Twnnty-fourthst. I'M aiul -): is South Olarlc-nt. 2.H Vourth-av. *’ ll3nrtclW'.’.'i South Pnrk-ar.' 117 Vorost-ar, 135 Doughis-plaCo. till Wabash-ar. 81i Mlchigan-av. . RIB Uftrro(|*Bf. 863 Wnrrmi-av. RW I’ialrloav. J. m. marshait, aoo., No. 07 South Olark-il, rpOURNT-VIH3T.CLASS »ASnMI2NT~OFFIOK ON J-, BUrJck dwelling No. 73 Ilonoro-Bt. (Woit Side), lirootm, with modern liiifno»omoniß. 1 A 2-atorjr dwclllng-houso, barn in roar, on Warrcn-ar.. newly pniutml, with furniture for sale. * W, I'*. imiCWSTKR, 101 l.nSalln-at., basement. rpo RKNT-25'1 dAi.iJMJ-.T.AVv, two htoiuksTTS a. rooms; can bo divided fur two nice, small families: coat nrt>om * or two or tl,ro ° l,olßoß °t a small additional rpO UKNT-3 BTOUY OOTTAGK, 1(1 ROOMS, SUITA -1)1 «iii r i lwo WH 09 1 ? ix r OO " 18 ,n B'itorjr homot Viii/ 'I ,U,, s*'uM l r. i . f ,loß l rod ‘ Apply to JAOOII O. MA UILL, 81 riic imtJT-o houses os oali/met-aV. and riioM^! , llSSVirwT.°.K.' oa,on “ l,to tml - mioWN To HUNT-HOUHR, FURNISHED COMPLETE, with piano, It) rooms, In thorough uritor. Tory convo* mont, nobnsomout, bath and watorclosot; for ii month* or longer; Allohlgan-av., south of Twnuty-sUlh-Bt. In. julrool AaBII * BUAI-tlsy, Huom 6, Oil,B£S 00° nor LaSalle and ’ rpORENT-HOURE OjTWKRT WASHINOTON-ST ‘ J. s<l6; house on Hoyno-at,, (pf-Os Cottage, 7 rooms, nonr ioWost SlUl“on^t. ,eU S< '’ UKU “ UI;U - T°„E N , T -; ,1J WABASII.Ay.. BlllClt HOUSE, FUH- X nishcd. Apply at 171 Madiaon-st., Hoorn 17. fpO ItKNT-A HOUSE ON SO UTI[ PAUK-AV.. X near iwouty-niuth-nt., 10 rooms and olosols, wllfi nrlck uaßgmout and mudurn Improvements, Apply at 256 Cottage Grovc-av. ' a.OK,|.VT- K r 5S TA N D SIiO OND FI.OOHS IIOUHB X South HftiißnniQn Bt. Apply on promises. rp‘6*HENT—FIRBT-CLASS R K SIDENOI273OI-:*NTHE- X av.; possession given immediately; also throe good of. J nAVmffl%SV Vo . s i. »!“»•“? “i. Awly to Ur. N. S. HARNES, 8.8 Wnst Madlson-st., Room 3. rpo RENT—3-STORY, BASEMENT AND BUB-OEL- X lar marble.front house, ail modoru improvement*. In* No. R3O West Wnslilngton-st. Apply at No. 857 West Ratidolph-st. fur terms. rpO RENT—HOUSES—NO. 'M, 20, 23 AND .TO ON X Thlrty-seventh-st., between Lako and Kilh-avs,; In Rood repair, at toasonahlo rout. S. li. WELLS, 18S JJimtborn-st, * T‘o RENT-NICE 4-ROOM HOUSE, ?20: R-ROOM h«)U8o, $255 good neighborhood. 0. W. DEAN, 133 eouth Clark si., Room li]. fpO RENT-BEAUTIFUL OOTTAGR, 450 WEST IN. X dlntm-st. Also dwelling, 411 Madlaoa-st. W. WAL LER, No. 8, 820 Slalo-sl. TO RENT-TWO-STORY iIOUSET 477 HUBBARD. «StvT W . l U l .J ur K® K nri, ui»; win bo repaired; rent, $35. w. waller, n u . », «so sinto-at. T” O liICNT-a-ROOM HOUSrer COMPLETELY FUll ulshod, with modern Improvements, near Twenty- Booond-Bt., or tim house may Lo rented nnd ftmilturo bought cheap. 1-ur particulars Inquiry at 37 Cottage Grovo-ar, Tq RENT-A 2-STORY HOUSE. 8 ROOMS, NO. 121 Westorn-av., near Adama-at. Apply on tho nromisoj. or at 147 Wostoru-av. TO RUNT—FRAME HOUSE CORNER OF lwolfth-st. and lmliana-av. For tonus, apply to H. AL CURTIS, 107 East Tvvolflh-st. rrq RETN—FURNISHED RESIDENCE AT HIGH- X land Pork; rent, 4960. Address Room 29, Tribune Building, rpo RENT —HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS, X cheap to good tenants. JACOB O. MAQILL, 81 and 83 South Olark-at. TO RENT—DO NOT PAY A HIGH RENT UNTIL you hAvo Boca tho collage slid Jot wo have for StI.AW— -83.10 cash, bnlonco monthly. HESS, WHITING 4 CO.. 146 LnSallo-st. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. 1103 INDIANA-AV.j GOOD house, con bo rented low. TUOS. A. HILL, 123 Dearborn-at. rrq rent-or for sale-a first-class mar- X hJo front house, with all modern* Jmproromcnls, oa Indlaim-ftv., noarThirtoouth-st. 11. F. ELDRED A CO., 153 Muuroo-st. mo rent-neat cottage 441 second-st., 0 X.rooms, only $25 per month. Apply at No. 390 West Lako-st. mO RENT-831 MIOIHGAN-AN., 14 ROOMS, NEW- X ly papered and painted, fully furnished, or to rout tm furnished, or for sale. WM. J. BAUNEx, No. 163 East Randolph-st. • rp6 RENT-A NEW BRICK HOUSE, ENGLISH X basement, and two stories, with nil modern Improve ments, opposite Lincoln I'niK. Inquire of N. KISKN DORTH, 164 East llandolph-Bt., or W. 11. SAMPSON 4 COo 144 Ln Solicit, TO RENT—*SO AND 763 MIOHIOAN-AV., 2 DWELL logs cf 14 rooms each: can bo connected: a good loca tion for lirst-ciass boarding. R. C. UAURiUIItAN'T, Woodruff Hotel. ritO RENT-NO. 8 NORTH ADA-ST., TWO-STORY X house, oast front, 7 rooms. OMAR BUBIINELL, 139 Donrboru-st., Rooms ll and 13. mO RENT-A NICE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick house, 10 rooms, all modem Improvements, at Juhnson-plaoo, north of Tbirty-olghth-st., $55 per month. J. C. McCURD A CO.. 109 Pearboru-Bt. rpo RENT—LARGE &STOHY AND BASEMENT X stono front, No. 191 Ellls-av., fumaco, bath-room, water, and gas; very near horse nnd Btonm ears. Also throe good houses at Hydo Park, near trains: cheap. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Dearborn-st. rpo RENT—MICHIGAN AND PUAIIUE-AVS., ELE- X gant marble house. 4 stores nnd a tenements, Wont wortu-av.; cheap. 8. MEARS, 200 LaSullo-st. TO RENT B2O COTTAGE, « ROOMS AND closets, good order; water in house: lu*u WcslJack* eon-Bt., to small, careful family. tRUESDBLL A BROWN, 175 West Madteon-st. fpO RENT-NEAT FRAME COTTAGE, CONTAIN- X lug 7 rooms, in good order, gas, water, otc., No. 50 Warren-av., only one-half block went of Union Park. Kent, SBO. W. D. KKRFOOX A CO., ft) East Wash- Ington-st. rpo RENT-DWELLING NO. 13d WALNUT-ST., 20 JL rooms, convenientaud lu good repair; good barn. Apply on the promises, fp'6 RENT—OR FOR SALK, ON EASY PAYMENTS— X Flvo uow lu-ronm brick houses, South Side; rout; SSO. B. F. HEAD. 126Clark-st. TO RuYJT—NICE STONE FRONT. lI.ROOM houses, at tho corner of Monroo and Wood-sts. Also 100 and 106 Wood-st., each 11 rooms. For tunua call at 618 Monroc-st. W. D. BABBITT. rpO RENT-GOOD H-ROOMIIOUSE AND .MODERN X Improvements, with barn, at 1U Abordoun-st.; 9* room house at 659 Monroo-st.; 7-room house Ki Paulina at. Cull at 618 Monroo-st. W. D. BABBITT. TO RENT-SIX NICK PLEASANT ROOMS, PAN* try, and closets, with water, just cnleUulnod, two doors from street ears. 193 South Wood-st. Suburban. TO RENT—A FINE LARGE HOUSE AND LOT AT Qloncoo, near tho lako shuro, 18 miles from Chicago, 4 minutes' walk from depot; situation high and healthful; schools, church; neighborhood aud surroundings delight* ful; oars to Chicago by tho year low; will sell elioap. lu* quire of F. W. NEWIIALL, corner Lake and Oanal-sts. rpO RENT-TWO GOOD HOUSES AT HYDE PARK, X ue&r depot, at SSO per month. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Doarborn-st. TO RENT—ROOMS, TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS EN SUITE OR single; also two largo unfurnished parlors, with nil modern Improvements, in marble front house No. 12 Eldrldgo court. Also largo dining-room, or whole base ment. , TO RENT—ELEGANTLY-FURNISHED ROOMS, BY tho day, week, or month, In WUllama' Block, No. 87 Dcarborn-st.; charges reasonable. H3O~RENT-BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED SUITES X of rooms lu marble block, overlooking lake. No, 29 Twonty-lifth-st. Inquire of PALMER A COLT, 91 S\ash lugtou-st. a" ioIIENT-A FRONT AND BACK PARLOR FUR nishod fur two or throe gentlemen, without board. Address N 18, Tribune olUco. TO RENT-IN THOMPSON'S BLOCK, A SUITE OP 6 rooms ; gas, water, and water-closets, suitable for housckuuplng, 235 West MadUon-at, WILLIAM U. THOMPSON, 229 West MadUon st. rpO RENT A NICELY FURNISHED LARGE X front room at 867 West Madlsou-st., up stairs. Suita* bio for two slnglu gonllomon. Prleo s2l pur month. TO RENT-NO. it HONORE-ST., SECOND DOOR south of Madison, largo elegantly furnished front room, with nil modern improvements, for gentleman aud wife. fp6 RENT—ROOM—323 WEST VAN IUJIU2N-ST., X lino front room, without board, to two gentlemen, furnished or unfurnished. fro lUSNT-3 PLEASANT UOOMS, WITH OR WITH- X out board. Second iloor, 135 Twenty-second-st. fpO RENT—TO A SMALL FAMILY—I NIUE ROOMS X with closets, alcove ami kitchen; $26 tier mouth; WO WnshlngtoiHiv., 3 blocks from Union Park. fpORKNT-A FINELY FURNISHED AND PLEAS- X nut mom on Michigan-av., just south of Twonty-lirat -6t.» woßtaldo. Address M 23, Tribune ollico. fpb RENT— FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X rooms, with or without board; bath room, hoi and coldwator; at 007 Wabush-av. rpO RENT- A FRONT ROOM WITH ALCOVE X and octagon, overlooking tho lake; furnished hand somely; suitable for gonl lonian ami wife,or blnglo parties. First-class parties need only apply, fog Uhleago-av. fpb RENT—ROOMS-U7 WEST VAN BUUEN-BT., X two largo fr«>dt mums, first Iloor; also front room sec ond Hour; furnished with conveniences lor housekeeping, If desired. fpb RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ALCOVE-ROOM X to gentlemen only, at No. 227 West Wushiugton-st. rpQ - RENT— WITH X or without beard. riJO 11EN'f^A' V Hw'nTchfLJNFURNISHED ROOMS X fur families, with beard, at tho Parker House, corner of Hoisted and Mud Dun. Also table boarders accommo dated tlrst-class at $b pur week. fpO RENT—RESPECTABLE PARTIES DESIROUS X of renting a front alcove room, with largo proas and bath -room attached, may anply at 041 Wabash-av,, two doors north of Woodruff Huuso; uo other boarders or ledgers. fpb UKNT-NO. 123 OURLF.Y.ST., SEVEN ROOMS, X utu. YOUNG A ROWLEY, Room 3. No. 163 Dour- Imrn-Ht. fpu RENT-RENT $35: HFJJOND FLOOR 261 BURN- J. sldunl.; new brlok, u nice rooms, closets, pantries, and waler-clubot, complete for housokooplug; also 8 rooms. rpo RENT-PLEAHANTLY SITUATED FURNISHED 1 rooms (separate or on suite) forgontlumcn or lady and amitloman: modern Improvements, private family', near otfersun Park. Address M 82, Tribnno uttlco. __ fpo BENT—HANDSOMELY ''FURNISHED ROOMS. 1. HlnuliMir on mule; transients accommodated, Rouui 43, 12 Mndluomst,, near Miohlgan-av. . rpl) RENT—NORTH BIDE, NEAR OARS. UPPER I part of cottage, S2O: lower, $10; house ovor store, $lB, all ((rooms. A.T. GALT, 77 Doarborn-at., RuomTl. _ Mill UENT-NIOELY FURNISHED’ FRONT ROOM; I nUu, unforulahud oornor room, ut 177 (Jlark-st,, north nnat cm m r Monniti. Innulru at Room !16. STRAYED OR STOLEN. UTUAVICD -FROM JOB. SMITH'S, GUOOEUYMAN. O uoriinr Wright and HUty-llrst-sta,, ono mudinm red now. shmt horns, luir worn from tho mirk; any one giv ing Information nr returning said oow will bo liberally re warded. JUS. SMITH. 1 BUSINESS CHANCES. A LARGE POIuThoUSE FOR PALE, m tiiroi&y JV. of Louisiana, PlkoCo., Missouri, 117 miloa above St. Louis, on tho Ml8Bla«lppl River, with nilthonocoßaarynr rangomonta for tho pork hmlncßß, anmko-Jiouao, otc., with throunorcß of ground attached. This li a raroolisnoo for any party dcalroua of going into tho pork and provision Imsfnosfl, aa tho liirroundlng country la well ntookod with hogs, and a ready mftrket for tho anlo of tho product either in lit, Louis or Chicago. For further particulars, apply to OILIIKIIT PRYOR A CO., Provision Urokon, do. l’-o_Kaat Wnslilngton-at. A GOOD MAN WHO MEANS BUSINESS, WITH , ft(XH» to 81,000 caah, la nn established retail cash trade, staple goods, ona lino. Can divide sls lo S2O profit dally. No particulars by lotlor; interview by appoint* nmnt, lloforoncoa exchanged. Address M 72, Tribune oflico. A RESTAURANT Foil HALE—FIRST-OLASH, DO- Inggood hus/fto™: satisfactory reasons for enlltag; cash or approved Boourlty. Call ou McIIENRY, 43 Har inon-cuurt. A GOOD MANUFACTURING BUSINESS FOU Bale, no competition, tho only thing of tho kind In Chicago. Inmilro of HNIITII A BUIIDSALL, West Twonty-eecond-Bt., hotwoou Tliroop and Loomis. A HARK CHANOK - A DRUG STORK, KSTAfl ushed Bovon years, ip a thriving town of 1,000 Inhab itants, now doing a good business, for sale. Stock about 92,f>C0. Balob. ftt>, 000 per annum. Will soli or rout store building. Inmilro ot JOHN MoKINNKY, Sturgeon Bay, Dorp Co., Wla. A CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING BUSINESS FOR sale or exchange for real estate or patent right. D. STONER, Patent Solicitor and Negotiator, 123 South CJark-st. A DRUG STOUR IN A GOOD LOCATION, IN THE city, for brlo. Will bo Bold at a very low figure, lu* quite at 370 Olybourn-av., near North*av. A FIRST-CLASS SALOON, ON TUB SOUTH SIDE, for Bain. Doing* good business; la perfect running order. Will bo sold cheap for cash. Address F 100, Tribune ortico. . TSOARDING HOUSE FOU BALI!, A SPLENDID OP XI portunlly for any poreun wishing to go Into tho busl ness. Reason for soiling, • wishing to retire from tho busi ness, lor particulars call from ft to 11 a. m., or 3to 4p. tn.. this wook, at 220 East Vonlturon-st. TT'OR SUITABLE FOR A LADY 1 , i.‘ fully established and paying; email amount of caali required, liutnodtatopossossioii. Address M 80, Trlb*' anooflloo. Tjtdll SALE—THE FURNITURE OF A FIRST-CLASS X 1 family boardlng-houso on West Side, near Union Park, llnuio for rent ami in good repair. W. F. BREWSTER, 1W LaSallost., basement. ■ TT'OR HALE—A HALF INTEREST IN A WELL ES- X* t&bllahod hardware business that will boar a olobo In vpatlgiUlon. Capital roqulrcd-89,000 or SIO,OOO. AddrOU D 26, Tribune olilco. Flour mill for sale of 4 run op stone, tlno water powop, and In ovory particular a complete mill, on Michigan Central Railroad, In tho boat whoaldli trjet of tho suto. For particulars call on KEELER, ILATT ACO., 147 Rnndolph-Bt., ovor Fidelity Bank. STORE, STOCK, AND LOT 34X100, IN A VA good location, doing a cash business of $73 per day, *ttlo; cash required, 84, UO. Apply lo W. W. WAT bON 1 202 LaSallo-at. T.T ART) WARE STORE FOR BALE IN A FLOURISH. XX lute town 2fi miles from Chicago; Bales last year 3*JO,000; ntook will Invoice about 49,000; no competition, only hardware store In the lima: a splendid chance. Xu quire of MCDONALD BROS., 189 Lakost. Half interest in a large furniture factory for sale. Doing a largo business. One of the firm going In other business. If taken at once, cau bo had at a groat bargain. T. B. Bo YD, 180 West Wash. ington-st. T HAVE GOT A FORTUNE, AND I REQUIRE A X person who baa a capital of sltl,ooo to join mo in manufacturing; (o fiio right person Inducements are of fered never before mot with in Chicago; It is a monopoly secured by the U. S. Government.QL'or further particulars address 866, Tribune olDce. ID ARE BUSINESS CHANCE—IN ORDER THAT I At may devote more time to banking, 1 oiler for sale or rcntmystoro-roonj, SCitiO, two stories high, dwelling ad* Joining. Splendid collar under the whole, with good warehouse, bam, and other outbuildings convenient. Have built up within the last fifteen years a largo and prompt-paying trade; havo tlio oldest and boat business corner in town; surrounded by one of the best farming comtmyiltlos in the State; and to a live man, who means business, will odor a good bargain and on reasonable terms. H. D. ALFRED,Tin., Cambridge, 111. SALOON FOR BALE, WITH FIXTURES AND FUR nlturo. for $1,200 cash; year lease, largo bouse; In quire at Odl South Clark-at. CALOON AND RESTAURANT FIXTURES FOR O sale cheap if taken immediately. Apply at IQ.West Randolpb-st. SALOON AND RESTAURANT FOR SALE CHEAP if token immediately, or will take a married man in as partner. Apply at 210 Mllwaukoo-ar. rpo RENT—OR LEASE FOR SALE-A 8-STORY X and basement bouse, well located, and adapted for ico-cream parlors and tine restaurant, on Wabaab-av. In quire at FOLEY'S, 87 South CTark-st. rro PARTIES SEEKING [BUSINESS WE HAVE X for sale drug, hardware, and grocery stores. Grocery South Side, corner store, good trade. All at MoPHEII SON A CQ.'S Agency, 184 Waabington-st., Room 25. Clinn WILL PURCHASE A GOOD CITY BUSI •PiUu ness, with SSCti worth of goods, Karo chance. Room 29, 125 South Clark-at. . Ol £C/"l WILL BUY A LARGE CASH BUSINESS, tpXOWif taken to-day. The owner, having otherbusi ness, will soil cheap. Inquire at2T<3 West Lake-st. Cjprnn TO SBOO WILL BUY A NO. 1 SALOON, ON tptH/v/ Madison-st.. near Clark. Kent very low. Ad dress M 27, Tribune oQico, enn nnn 18 required of a party to •PXWcV-MJV/ Join the subscriber in one of the greatest enterprises in the West; it is a monopoly, largo cash orders on band. A fortune can bo realized, and security given for the investment. Address It 60, Tribune i.lliuo. WANTED—TO BENT. WANTED— TO RENT—A FLOOR OF6 OR 6 ROOMS suitable for housekeeping, South Side, north of Thir tlolh-st. References exchanged. Address M 29, Tribune olllco. . WANTED-TO RENT—BY AN AMERICAN FAM ily, 4or 5 rooms, suitable for housekeeping, West Ride; rent $lB to S3O; good rcfioronces. Address A 76, Tribuno ollico. WANTED-TO RENT—A COTTAGE OR ROOMS on the North or West Ride, In good neighborhood. Americans, no children, best of care. Address, with terms and location, A SO, Tribune office, WWATED-TO RENT-A HOURB CONTAINING four rooms or more, within fi blocks of corner of Twenty-fourth and Stato-sts. Address 1063 and 1070 Stato-st. WANTED-TO RENT-A SMALL COTTAGE ON IT North Sido. with throo or four rooms, or two or three rooms suitable for housekeeping, unfurnished. Ad dross, stating forms and location, J 110, ShoriiPs office. WANTED-TO RBNT-ONTHE SOUTH SIDE, A Yv email cottage or part of a house, furnished or un furnished, suitable for housekeeping (or two persons. Call on or address M» STRAUSS,No. 11 LaSallo-st. WANTISD— TO RENT-FOR ACUSTOMER. A FUR ulsbcd bouse, suitable for first.class boarders: South or West Side. \V. F. BREWSTER, 151 LaSalle* at., boaoraont. WANTED-TO RENT—AT ONCE, 4OR 6 GOOD rooms, near business portion of the city. Address R. A 11.. Tribune ollico. WANTED —TO RENT FOUR ROOMS FOR housekeeping on West Side, rent not to oxcood S2O. Apply at 617 West Madtson-et. •\ATANTED-TO RENT-A GOOD HOUSE, WITH 13 Vt to 14 rooms In good order, and a good barn for throe horses and carriage; near Union Park preferred. Call or address H. FOWLER, 163 East Washlngton-st. WANTED-TO RENT-HOUSES-WB HAVE Nu merous applications for houses from good tenants, JACOB O. MAOII.L. HI and K3 South Olnrk-at. INSTRUCTION. German kindergarten, west side. its Knuth Morgan-st.. corner Jackson. Messrs, BUR MESTKIt A MARTENS. FOUND. FOUND-IN WAUASII-AV. STAGE, ON MONDAY evening, an opera-glass, which owner can have by calling at lU7 and Id) Lako-st. AUCTION SALES. By GKO. I*. GOBE & CO., 23, 31, aud2flßandylph-#t, Boots, Siloes,&Sliers AT AUCTION, BY CATALOGUE, On 'Wednesday, May 7, at 0 1-2 a, m, As tho season advances nur consignors are pressing for money, and wo shall CLOSE OUT COO CASES OF VERY DESIRABLE GOODS. „ „ t G. P. GORE AGO.. 23, SI and 20 East Uaudulpu-at. By GEO. P. GOKE & CO. 200 West Xiako-st., oor. Corpontor. VERY DESIRABLE FURNITURE, bolng tlio entire contents of a thirteen-room house, will ho sold at auction, on WEDNESDAY, WAY 7, at 10 a. in., prompt. Thoahovo comprises everything necessary to tba fur nishing of a complete homo, O. I*. OORR A CO.. Auctioneers. U NEAR INDIANA-AY. j±rr -a.xjOTioisr, On THURSDAY, MAY 8, at 10 o’oloolc, FIRST-GLASS FURNITURE, Parlor and Chamber Botu, Easy Ohaira, Mar blo-Top Duronua, Dodatoada, Mattroasos, Marblo-Top Tables, Marblo-Top Oommodos, Mirrora, Ext. Tables, What-Nots, Braasol and Wool Carnots, Chinn, Silver aadOlass ware, 2 Cook Stoves, 3 100 Chests. O.P. OOItE & CO., Auot’ra. By HAVI3NS & CO., Auctlonoora, G3 South Canal-st. REGULAR WEDNESDAY’S SALE. CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, CUTLERY. &c., * AT 0 A.M. ' 1 FURNITURE, CARPETS, BEDDING, k, AT 10 A. M. ' 150 HALF CHESTS AND CADDIES OF TEAS, AT 8 I*. M. ' AUCTION SA.XjB. 400 OENTEE-AV,, corner Blue Island-av, FANCY AND STAPLE Dry G-Oods, Notions,&o M TO CLOSE THE BUSINESS, SATURDAY, May 10, at 2 p. m. HAVENS A CO., Auctioneers. 83 South Canslit. AUCTION SALES. By WM. A. BUTTERS & CO. SECOND GRAND AET S-A-IjIHS OF TIIR American Art Gallery. OF NEW YOBK. An oxtromoly OHOIOB COLLECTION of FINE OIL PAINTINGS, By Oolobratod Artists of tho Modem School* will bo sold by WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., At thoir Salesrooms, 55 & 57 South Cauul-st. 9 On Wednesday and May. May 1 and 8, Sale at 2# and 7M p. m, oaoh day. This collection will embrace tho works of well and most favorably-known Artists. Among thorn aro those of dbas. A. Somers, J. J. Xiang. A. Mario. Paul LaOrolx, Eug’o Taylouro, W. O. A. Frolohfl., O, Anolli, Howard Hill, Bolauohi, J. Llbmon, B. N. Carvalho, O. ‘Williams, G. Joromo, Q. Foster, Gilbert Manning, Zlosonburg, S. Q. Hontwlok, Oregon Wuson, aßuol, W. Bush. Bauman, Also, PIOTtTKES, PINE PASTEL AND OHB.YSTAL MEDALLIONS. • Tho Paintings are tastoftilly mounted in fine Gold Loaf Frames, and will bo sold to gether. Tho Pictures will bo on exhibition, free, with dosoriptioit catalogue, on and after Tuesday, Oth. On Wednesday, May 7, Pine How Top Buggies; Trotting, Sido Spring, Democrat, and Express Wagons, Phaetons; Double and Single Harness; AT AUCTION, at 25 and 31 West Waabington-st., oik WEDNESDAY. May 7, at 10 o’clock. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Aactloneorfl. On Thursday, May 8, A large line of Cnstom-inade cihlng, spring styles.' A large line of Latest Style Parasols. A large line of Men’s and Boys’ Hats and Gaps. AlargellneofStraw.Goods, A large line of Saratoga and older Trunks. Also. Gouts*. Women's and OTbsob* Hos* lory. Glovos, Furnishing Goods, Oassimores. Boots, Shoes, Notions, &p. WAI. A. BUTTERS k CO., On Thursday, May 8. idir/st a-ooiDS, Eoady-mndo Clothing, Straw Goods, Carpeting, Boots, Shoos, oto., AT AUCTION, on THURSDAY, May 8, at W o'clock.’ at 65 and 67 boulli Caual-st. WM. A. BUTTERS k CO.. Auctioneers. By BLISOJf & JFOSTJEK, Central Hall, Wabash-av. and Twonty-oooond-st. YalnaWe Works of Art AT AUCTION. ELISON £ FOSTER would respect fully call the atUafr (fen of art-lovora to a now and valuable collection of PAINTINGS AND WORKS OP ART, Collected during the past roar by CHARLES Esq., of Brooklyn, Now York, now on exhibition at aBUNmR-AXj hall. Corner W«bii«h-ar. And Twonty-sooond-st., commencing on Monday, May 6,1873. This collection comprises obolos examples of the best Foreign and American Schools, and' contains representative pictures of the following well knovm Artists: Ofoiie Ferre re, Vnn Starkonberg, R. D. Lewis, Each Notorman, JacquesCnrabaln, W. L. Koatag, Otto Knlonmu, Carl Hooker, Harry Young, Louis Robbo, G. Sue, A. Van Willis, I raticols Musln, H. Van Sobon, • J. 0. Wiggins, K. Caalan, Prof. A. Doll, Van Sovordonk, L. Laropo, Van Lookhurst, Tho whole to bo sc WEDNESDj Jld BY AUCTION, A.Y AND T] Afternoons and Evoi and 7# o’clock, 3nlDg9, May 7 And 8, ELISON A FOSTEI 383 West Eandolph-st. GEKTEEL FUENITURE •A.T 1 On Thursday Morning, May 8, at 10 o'clock, Brussels and Wool Carpets, fine Parlor Furniture, Mar blo-Top Chamber Seta. Mirror, Oil Paintings, Dining'' Room and Kftcheo Furniture, Elegant China and OUtSok of 163 pieces, being breakfast, dinner, and tea sot. Mat* tresses, Ac., do. Also one (31$.octavo Gilbert A Co. PlanoV KLISON A FOSTER, Auctioneer. Chattel Mortgage Sale HoiiselolfFiiniitiirß, •A.T .A.TJOTIOISr, On Friday Morning, May 9, at 10 o’clock, 4 At our Salesroom, 87 Horkot'Bt, By order of JAS. B. STOREY. • ELTSON A FOSTER. Auctioneers. By EDWIN A. KICE & CO. (M Auction Sale aM Carnival’of Music, At tho Conservatory of Music, 038 Indiana-av,, comer, of Twontioth-at,, Thursday, May 8, at 3 o’clock p. m. Tho property of Prof. GOLDBEOK, who leaves fot Europe In a fovr days, consisting of one beautiful OBCtmoiac okgaw, Pour Magnificent Pianos. Aim, Intel ELKOANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, one Durham Cow and young Calf, one lino blooded Scotch Cow and yearling IJolfer; also, one Lady’s English Sido- Haddlo. very stylish and ijulto now, Ac., Ao. Tho Organ has only been put un throe months, Is vary powerful ancf sweet-toned. onu of the boat over turned out by 1(6 mak. era (the Justly-celebrated Johnson A Co., of WustlleUl* Mans.), cost $3,500. Tho Pianos are : One Orchestral Grand, llnllet A Davis, cost $1,600. Otto Parlor Grand, HeckAOo., cent SI,OOO. Two Sriuaro Grand, Kimball, each SSOO. Used loss than three months. Good musicians will bft present and entertain those in attendance by a display of the merits of the Instruments. Thu Furniture is nlmust now, anil rich, consisting of Parlor ami Chamber Buts, Dining-room Furniture, Book case. Carpets, Plano Covers ami Stools, Lounges, Easy Chairs, !2U Sot toes, Ao., Ao. This is one of thu grandest chances over offered In Obfc» cage. Bale pmdtlvn and without rosurvo. EDWIN A. RICE A CO., Auctlononrs, Qfllros, 147Hamlnlph-ct. By TAYJLOK & lIAIUUSON. Itogulnr Wcdnesiluy’a Snlo of IS, CLOTHING, M, EBY [iflODl THIS MORNING, at Oltf o’clock. Full lino of (W Eng lish Casslmorun And Diagonals; lino of Black Lac* SucqucH and Shawls: largo In voice .Imvolry amt Plated Ware: lino of Hats ami Cups. Dross Quods, Lioous, lloa* lory, Ildkfn., Tuwola, Ao.. Ao. By TAYLOR A UAURIBON, Auctioneers, AUCTION SALE OP Carriages & Harness, THURSDAY, May 8, at 10 o’olook. TAYLOR A UAUUmON. Auctioneers. By BItUSII, SON & CO. 6 A LIS OF UNCLMIffiB FREIGHT, AND <3001)8 IN HTOUI2. Wo will soil to pay charges, in Raymond's Warohomo,* 836 and 237 Mlchigan-st., North Hide, ouo block from NUtu-at. bridge, THURSDAY, May 8. a» 10a. m., a geo. oral assortment of Household Goods. Uodstoads, Bureaus. Commodes, Chairs, Carpels, Mattresses, Btovos. am* almost everything used fu houeokoomug; alßO.ajnt o| Uuol.lMd »^‘“huusfi. 0 BON* * A col; A«fio™i,‘., tolv UUUDU, PU*l UadUon-it, Ithout reserve, TUESDAY, commencing at S SR. Aactlonoers.

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