Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 8, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 8, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. A Saloon-Keeper’s Bondsmen Sued by a Drunkard’s Wife. Important Railway Decisions—Tom While Gels a Supersedeas. Bankruptcy and Criminal Items- Tho Courts in Brief. In tho Superior Court, W. H. Sessions, advo cate, has filed a prccipo oil bohalf of tho People ox rol. Charlotte Fallaou v. James Harris, John Lomas, and Michael Evans, from whom sho seeks to obtain SB,OOO for tbo ruination of her husband. Tho short of tho story is, that Har ris is a saloon-keeper, dispensing liquors at No. 248 West Kiuzlo street, and John Lomas and Michael Evans aro his sureties. Charlotte's husband, she alleges, has been, through tho se duction of Harris’ saloon boon brought from tho high eatato of a well-to-do bricklayer to tho degraded condition of a common drunkard, squandering all tho money ho can succeed in obtaining, treating his wife and children in a brutal manner, aud| one by one, removing nil articles of pawnablo value from tho house. So low has Fnlloon sunk that oven Banyan, tho other day, fined a saloon-keeper ’s2s for selling him ono drink. With a view of making tho sa loon-koopor who has fattened on tho causo of her husband’s degradation make her somo faint reparation, sho has brought ,tho present action, trusting that in tho following excerpt from tho Liconqo not may Do found tho ground for relief from tho saloon-koopor’s oppression: No person shall bo granted a Uceuno to sellorgtvo sway Intoxicating liquors without Diet giving a bond. • • • which shall ruu In tho oamo of tbo people or (ho Slate of Illinois, and bo in tbo penal sum of £I,OOO, conditioned that they will pay all damages to any per son or persons which moy bo inflicted upon them, either In person or property or means of support. • There are hold in this city some 8,000 licenses, each of which is issued upon a SB,OOO bond, signed by two good securities, so that for wlvos who suffer from tho vogariea of drunken hus bands, whoso peculiarities are traceable to saloon-keepers’ wiles, there is laid up a neat little fund of $9,000,000 from which to recover consolatory damages. BUTEESEDEAB GRANTED IN THE TOST WHITE CASE. In tho case of Thomas White, who was sen tenced to ono year in tho Penitentiary by a “ polled” Jury, which had tho evening beforo found him innocent, tho prisoner’s counsel, Mra Folkor, has succeeded in obtaining from‘Judgo McAllister a writ of supersedeas. Tho points upon which it is hoped to sot aside tho second thought verdict of the variable Jury aro, that tho ■verdict of tho jury which thoy brought in in tho first place, of not guilty, is tho real ono ; that tho jury had no right to render any other; and that tho Court erred in allowing tho State’s At torney to poll tho Jury and in sending them back to reconsider their verdict after thoy had sep arated and gone to their homes; that tho Jury did not find tho value of tho property alleged to havo been stolon. This last point is, perhaps, the moat serious of tho lot, as it is essential In a verdict in a trial for larceny for tho jury to spoo ls tho value of tho stolon goods. Tho present case had so many features of a burglary in it that tho error into which the jury. foU was a very natural ono. INTERESTING RAILWAY DECISIONS. In tho case of Josiah Bissoll v. Tho Chicago & Michigan Lnko Bhoro Railroad Company, tho jury found for plaintiff with $414.28 damages.* with tho special finding that thoro waanot a apo dal contract precisely liko either of tho apodal contracts sot out in plaintiff’s declaration. Dur ing tho trial, tho Judge decided upon two points which will bo very interesting to both railroad companies and their customers. Ono was, that a company having fiiodo a contract to transport freight, is bound to deliver It, and cannot mako an extra charge for unloading it from tho cars, and if they compel the consignee to pay such charge bo can recover it. * Also, that when a railroad company has made ft contract to carry a quantity of freight at a cer tain rate, and subsequently charge a liighor rate, and refuse to carry at tho rate contracted for, the party can recover damages, not only for the freight actually carried, but for tbo whole freight which tho company contracted to carry. The yerdict of tho jury displeased both parties to tho Suit, and each moved for a new trial. now TDK CHINKS COUNT UP. Martin Jones y. Jacob Phillip Noidhoffcr was tho first case in Judge Roger’s Court yester day'morning, in which plaintiff brought to re cover on plow, of assumpsit tho sum of $1,600, alleged balance of a current account. Said ac count was produced in Court, a formidable 40- page document, recording tho various purchases mode by plaintiff from defendant. Those wore all of edibles and drinkables. Tho first item in tho account was “0 dozen of rolls, 48 cents.” entered on tho 12th of September, 1870; tho last, 1 Rye, 8 cents,” on tho Bth October, 1871. During those 18 months tho number of u ryes ” consumed by defendant, according to tho ac count, amounted to sorao 2.4C0, which at 8 cents apiece, wholesale prices evidently being allowed, foots np $190.80. Of rolls, tho account showed a consumption of somo 1,840 dozen, footing up ,n v^ u °? 147 -. 20 ? of toast, 736 dozen slices, val ue, $73.00; pics, cakes of the cream and coffeo kind, made np the balance of the account. All the circumstances being carefully weighed by tbe jury, they found for plaintiff, and assessed the damages to bo paid by the thirsty and vora cious defendant at $838.40. Tr’Uq_OWNED THE FUItKITDIIE ? Charles E. Ferguson brings suit in the Circuit Court against Pina Hallott, Julia O’Rourke, sev oral other female dofondonts, Martin Best, H.B. Galpin, and CalvinDo Wolf, Complainant avora that on the 15th of February ouo William R. Hinsdale, who was possessed of' certain furni ture at No. 1G and 18 Eldridgo court, on which wore hold two chattel mortgages, sold tho same to complainant subject to said liens; that the “ortgaßca wore foreclosed on tho 4th of April, 1873, when complainant authorized one Galpm to dispose of the balance of the effects remain ing after sale to pay said mortgages, which Gal pin did along with one Martin Best, nottimr therefor $679.43: that Galpin and Best, or one of them, hold such proceeds of tho sale and de cline to give them to complainant; that a num bor of female defendants brought suit in Calvin Bo Wolf's Court against Pina Hallott, who was previously in temporary possession of said effects, and got judgments against her amount ing to about $600; that Galpin and Best wore summoned as garnishees in said suits and judgments were rendered against thorn; that they decline to pay complainant tho money, stating they do not know to whom it belongs : therefore, to clear up the matter, complainant aahs that tho defendants may bo summoned and examined in a court of equity. ■ DANKBUPTOX MATTEBS. In the matter of Ferdinand S. Winslow, a bankrupt, on tho petition of Bobort E. Jenkins, Assignee, ho eras ordered to soil a family car- cash b UBB;r bel o n S‘ng to tho oatato for in tho matter of Hi E. Hibbard, a bankrupt, on the petition of R. E. Jenkins, Assignee, tho Court ordered an injunction to issue, restraining one John Howard from withdrawing from tho Fidelity Savings Bank a sum of $1,200, which ho received from said bankrupt, subsequently to his mlng a petition In bankiuptoy, aud deposited in that bank, and to restrain tho bank from allow ing the money to bo withdrawn. Tho $1,200 was part of $1,600 received by the bankrupt from George P. Gore & Co., on the 20th of No vember, 1872. OBIMTHAL OOUBT ITEMS. In the case of People ox rol. Lewis v. Waito in which relator sues for tho School Trusteeship of Hydo Park, tho Court issued a rule ordering defeudont to show cause why an information should not be filed returnable on tho 17th May, 1878. Michael Scanell, who was convicted on Tues day, was sentenced by Judge Tree yesterday morning. J John Baker pleaded guilty to stealing twonty x?Uf pairs of shoes from the Michigan Southern Itoilroad, and was sent to jail for fifteen days. A nolle prosequi was entered in tho case of George Sddatz, who was impleaded with Bukor. James L. Coo was tried on a charge of selling mortgaged property, and found not guilty. Eli Montgomery and Charles B. Wilson bring an notion In auaumpßit agaluat W. N. Brower to recover 43,600 for commls.lona on tboaaleof tbo pronnses Nos. 11 13 16, and 17 South Canal street, sold /or 4120,000 by authority at do/eud ant. JUDGE rOBTEB’S CODHT—HEAVY DEFAULTS, In tho caso of Harding v. the Globo Insurance Company in Judge Porter's Court, tho demurrer of defendant to plaintiff’s amendment of tbo second count of tho declaration was sustained Tho following cases wout by default in Judge Porter’s Court, viz.: Strauss v. Hawson, dam ages $104.76; Dano v. Stewart, damages $113.- 20; Oppeuhoimor v. Townsend, damages $168.- iO; paity y. Marshall, damages $64.20; Fuller 7. Peabody, damages $104.20; WlltoHs v. Gillon pio, damages $2,024.02 ; Ludlngton v. Potornou, damages @237.10; Weber r. Hobs.' damages $050.10 ; Harrison v. A. L. Insurance Company, damages $2,103.85; Johnson r. I’ahlman, duni: agon $lBO.Ol l Hoover v. Blatberwiok, damages $1,012.18; Strieker v. Strieker A Co., damages $2,833.03 ; Byrne v. Filklns, damages $097.20; Knowles t. Adams, damages $325.70; Coul v, Pratt, damages $570.82; Fitzgerald T. Baker; damages $1,422.20. the counts condensed. A Mrs. Reinhart, who, together with her hus band, keens a saloon next door to the West Hide police station, appeared in Judge Rogers’Court yesterday, to prosoouto ono 1. llnlsch. In aa action to recover damages for slander, ilalsoh, in nn evil moment, allowed his tdmnftf to got the bettor of him and called Mrs. Reinhart a name which never failed to excite the lasting ire of a respectable woman. Roiuhurt advised his spouse to resort to the law for satisfaetion, rather than seek it in the vigor of his right arm. and the consequence was, that Haisuh expiated his offense yesterday momlug by receiving at the hands of the Jury au adverse verdict, carry ing damages against him for SSOO. Frederick Nolsbn, administrator of the ostato of L. J. Larson, brings suit in the Superior Court against the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, in a plea of trespass on the case, to recover the amount of $5,000 damages for tho loss of his son, while on his way from Gottouborg, Sweden, to Chicago. As is not uncommon on tho Grand Trunk, a collision occurred between a freight and nn emigrant train, by which young Larson loot his life. Stephen H. Brown is managing the o&so for plaintiff. In tho caso of Barker v. Pyko, a partnership wrangle, which has been dragging its slow and uninteresting length along in Judge Farwoll’s Court, His Honor referred tho causo to Grant Goodrich, Master in Chancery, to take proofs, and to stuto an account between the parties liti gant, and that lack of tho partners render to the Master an account under oath, and that they also, if required, attend before bim to bo exam ined as witnesses, or bo eross-oxaminod as to such account, all ncceasarybooks to bo produced; In tbo Superior Court, E. J. Dodge ot al. bring action against J. O. Short, In assumpsit, for si,qoo. 1 Gcorgo J. Gilbert ot Al. bring a suit against James Uounorsheotß and A. P. Ollngman, on a confession of Judgment of $5,007.80. John W. Doan dies a bill in chancery in tho Circuit Court against Thomas M. and Julia Doan for tho partition of Lot 20 in 800. G, 7, 88. N. R. U E. of 3 P. M. Joseph 8. Tuckoy sues Charles French, in the Circuit Court, in assumpsit, for SI,OOO. Franklin S. IdoU files a procipo m the Circuit Court against J. C. McCord, for trespass on tho ease; damages, SI,OOO. Charles 3). Wilson and Eli Montgomery bring suit, in assumpsit, against W. W. Bruuor for $3,000 damages. James Mitchell. files in tho Circuit Court a precipe, in assumpsit, against John L. BUfoglo for SI,OOO. Anna Thodo sues Christina Loschor in tho' Circuit Court, in assumpsit; damages. $3,000. In tho Circuit Court, Qavina Olsen sues Michael McQiun for trospas%ou tho case; dam ages. $5,000. John McCafforysuos tho Chicago Paving Com pany, in tho Circuit Court, on a Coufoseiou of ; udgmont of $3,070. NSW SUITS, r Tin: Strranron Coubx.—43,3o3—Tho People of the State of Illinois v. James Harris, John Lomas, ami Michael Evans; debt, $3,000. 43,304 E. J. Douro et el. v. J. O. Short; assumpsit, SI,OOO. 43,305—George J. Gilbert et ah v. James Heunersheets and A. P. Olingman; confession of Judgment, $5,007.30. 43,308 —Frederick Nelson, administrator of the estate of Lars J. Larson, v. Tho Grand Trank Railroad Com pany-trespass on the case, $3,000. 49,307—Th0 Chi cago Water and Gas Pipe Company v. The Western News Company; debt, $813.13. 43,303—A. P. Van Toryl v. J. F. Forsyth and Williams; assumpsit, SSOO, Tub Oincuir Counx.—o,B39—Sarah E. Cominly v. J. E. Gross; bill ftfr injunction; o,B4o—John W. Dean v. Thomas M« and Julia Doan; petition for partition of Lot 0, of subdivision of Lot 20, In 800. 10, T. 88 N, It., 14 E. of 3 P. M. 6,B4l—Charles Wonthe and Charles Mocssinger v, John Myers; petition to supply record. 6.B42—Joseph 8, Tuckoy v, Charles French; assump sit. SI,OOO. o,B43—Charles E. Ferguson r. PlnaHal lott, Julia Slats, Mary Darvoz, Mary Henley, Mary Ilourk, Julia Slonohon, Martin Beat, IL D. Gslpin, and Calvin DeWolf; bill. o,B44—Delos W. Eldred v. Lot O. Whltford; confession of judgment, SIOO. 6.64s—Franklin 8.1(loll v. ,8, J. McCord; trespass on tho case, SI,OOO. 6.B4o—WlUiam Barnett v. Charles D. Whylonj assumpclt, sls. 0,847—L0t O. Whltford for use of Delos W. Eldred ▼. James Allan ; affidavit for ’ornlshoo process. o,B49—Charles B. Wilson andEU Montgomery v. W, W. Bruner; assnmpalt, $3,600. 6,B49—James Mitchell v. John L. Sbrozlo; assumpsit, . SI,OOO. 6,Bso—Anna Thedo v. Christiana Loacher asßumpalt, $3,000. 6,Bsl—Gavins Olson v. Micbae McGinn; trespass on tho case, $5,000. 0,852 —John McCaffery v. Chicago Paving Company;; confession of Judgment, $3,070. AT LAST. Tlio Days of Uliko HlcDonald’s Im munity from Arrest Ended—llls Don Raided and tho Proprietor Arrested by Captain Dull, Sorgt. Lull, who Is Acting-Captain of tho Union Stroot Station until French’s successor has boon confirmed by tho Common Council, has already commenced war upon tho gamblers. Knowing their haunts and their habits, bo quiet ly raided one of tho dens of the notorious Miko McDonald yesterday afternoon. Tho squad of men detailed to make tho raid found themselves opposed by double-locked doors, which tho oc cupants of tho roomdcclined to open when called upon to do so. That amounted to nothing, for tho doors wore soon broken open, and Mike Mc- Donald and a large number of his friends captured. There were not enough policemen to guard each man sepa orately, and each officer had to look after two gamblers. McDonald, when he found himself at last under arrest, after suc cessfully buying immunity from this humiliation for more than five years, was desperate, and, as the officer in charge led nlm and a companion to the station, suddenly broke away and ran. The officer hastily thrust bis other charge into tho hands of a citizen, and pursued tho uying gam bler down Madison street, where the fugitive sought refuge in Whyland’s restaurant. Tho officer caught him, and, to make auro of him this time, slipped a convenient pair of “come alongs ” over his wrist, and thus dragged him, doubly humiliated, to tho polico station, where tho successful rogue was locked up in a coll for safety. Tho remainder of tho crowd soon found themselves in similar quarters, and blasphemed their Creator and tho day when I’ronch “ resigned.” It will bo an excellent thing for tho fraternity if they have daily causo of a similar nature to indulge in profanity. St. Louis la an excellent town for gamblers. Tho only trouble about it is that it is too near Chi cago. However, as tho gamblers aro going to “run Washburn out in throo months,” they might just remove there for change of air until tho “ throo months ”nro out. They will novor return if they do. THE WAY TO DO IT. Ono of tho most effective ways of breaking up tho gambling-houses is to arrest those suave fellows who act in tho capacity of decoys, and whoso business it is to rope-in tho inexperienced and unsuspecting. Gamblers do not Hvo off of each other. If they did they would not often bo molested, for they would speedily ruin them selves. Their profits arise from groenios, who aro decoyed into their dens by tho ropers who loiter about the hotels and other public places seeking whom they may devour. Superintend ent Washburn seems to appreciate this fact, and has commenced a war, which, he says, shall be a war of extermination upon the wretches. Although six have only boon arrested so far, yet they have already begun to migrate from tho city. On Tuesday night five of these vultures, among tho number “ Califor nia Joe," a notorious bunko mau. left town for Earts unknown. Yesterday rooming three Well* nown “guys,” Frank Fisk, James Lewis, and Frank Boarls, were fined SIOO each by Justice Scully. Fisk, fortunately, could not pay his fine, and was sent to tuo Bridewell. Lewis bogged off, promising that ho would at ouco leave town. Justice Scully limited his stay in Chicago to 6 o’clock last evening. Soarla took an appeal, a dodge he has frequently resorted to. lie will bo roarrostod at once, ami tlmt pun ishment repeated till ho leaves the city. Aud this is tho way tho gamblers aro driving Mr. Washburn out of town. Delinquent City Taxes. Orrt CoLLKCToa’a Oman, , Room l, Cixr Hall, Oiiioaoo, May 0, 1873,—'Tho Common Council having flx«d the date at which the delinquent llata for city taxes of 1872 aro to bo returned to the County Collec tor for judgment ami ealo at the 20tb day of tbla month, It will be uemaaryto close this ©nice a few days previous, for the purpoee of completing nuld Übta, which aro unusually largo Lhli year. Tux-payors wishing to aavo coeU should avail themselves of the abort time loft to pay. ' < Obouo* Ton Hollxn, City Collector. ‘'Englishmen, Take Notice. Rout beef, with Yorkshire pudding, cooked In the old English alyle; alap, English plum-pudding, for dinner to-dav, at Anderson's European Hotel Restau. ra*t, Noi. U9..wa U* JP#aI4QA utrwt. Tim UHLtiAUO UAIL V Tit lit LINE: THURSDAY, I\TAY 8, 1873. THE LAST SQUEAK. The Personal Liberty League Falls to P|CCC3. It Follows the Example of the Tern' perance Bureau. Boport of Its Booth hy tho Exocu- tlvo Committee. An effort was made to ■ got a mooting of tho Personal Liberty Longue, yesterday afternoon, nt Orpheus Hall, but either on account of the weather, or, as was suggested by one of those present, since the League was regarded as Ineffi cient and useless, there was no quorum present, nud no business was done, that being postponed to a mooting to bo hold some time next week. A report which had boon prepared by the Execu tive Committee was road, though not acted upon. The report Is substantially as follows s Apri 20, 1872, the League had 1,415 members ; May, 1870, it had . 1,011, 404 having withdrawn. Of those, 528 never paid anything, 164 paid for four months, 271 for six, 110 for seven, sixty nine for eight, llfty-four for nine, ton for ton, and one for twelve. There seemed to bo an im pression that thousands of dollars had boon paid in monthly duos, end it of ton was asked where the money had gone to., If the 628 delinquents had paid up for ten months, $5,280 would have boon received;,if all the other members had paid for ton full months the League would have boon richer by $8,870. In fact, only $4,000 had been collected since the organization of the League. If all had paid, the officers of the Loagud would have booh able to exorcise some power and influence, but the neg ligence of the members in that respect bait weakened if not neutralized their efforts. The League bad defended twouty-ono suits through its attorney, which cost about $2,000. Printing, office rent, salaries, campaign expenses, cost or collecting duos, oto., also consumed much money. . < The Baleen-Hoopers* Union could draw a voiV profitable lesson from the League,—that is, that energy and perseverance wore never to boox poctedfrom the members of the Association; that mistrust and look of harmony would soon reveal themselves, and that an organization which had for its object the opdn defiance 6t an' ex isting law, , owing to the heavy expenses to which the members weald necessarily bo put, contained within Itself, oven at the moment of its birth, the seeds of speedy decay. Since their whole existence, perhaps, depended on the re sult of the November election, the formation of new organizations in addition to the year-old Liberty League, wad merely weakening the latter, and giving over victory to the Temper ance people. r The Executive Committee regrets to state that many of the brewers and wholesale dealers, who ought to protect the saloon-keepers who really i act os their agents, have withdrawn from thO Association. Their names are as follows i Allstron & Co., Ashennan & Co., Buohman & Behmidt, F. Binz. W. Battorman, Bruce <t. Op., Vol. Blatz, Cavanaugh «t Bedlo, JoW- Clark «fc Co., William Dodge. Evans «fc Hickey, Esmay, Simmons & Co., Franz Falk, J.' Froibor. Fortune Brothers, Gromraes & Fraon kol, Hnbacek & Co., Junker & Lonzon, Earglod* or & Co,, Kraefft, 800110 & Co., Laporto & ifojk. M. T. Morse, Northwestern Distilling Company! Plainer & Co., M. M. Smith & Brother. Th! Sponglo, Scuraidt & Glade, and Bonne Brothers. In spite of this diminution In numbers, the League is determined, if only throe or four hun dred ore loft. to remain in existence till fall, to try whether it is not able to break down that in famous ring of Tomperonzlora, and win back for all citizens that personal freedom which Is so curod to them by the Constitution of the United States, and is only occaslon olly stolon from the slumbering people by a little clique. A general mooting of tbo active members of the League must bo held hereafter to fix the conditions on which mem bers who have once withdrawn, can bo roadmit tod. That this regaining of personal liberty, and the throwing off of an oppressive and unjust yoke, which a contemptible minority of fanatics had imposed on the people., cannot bo obtained through dissensions, wookheartodnoss, selfish ness, and unwillingness to make little sacrifices, but only by firm union, and it was therefore the first duty of the Committee, to warn the mom bora that not merely saloon-keepers, and least of all the Gorman saloon-keepers. Could gain the sympathy of all law-loving citizens, by open disregard and violations of an existing law, hut they must hold firm to the principles or the League, and thus assure the more general favor of the public. It had boon charged that the Leoguo did noth ing for its members. They must remember that it was organized to defend its members from tbo btato iomporanco law, and at a time when noth ing had boon said of enforcing the Sunday Liquor law, and consequently did not enter into consideration. Afterwards it was resolved at a Boueral meeting that an assessment of $lO should bo imposed on each member to pay fines imposed fjr keeping open Sunday, but that ac tion was afterwards rescinded. Certainly the officers were not to blame. The recon sideration .was undoubtedly wise. Many believed if they paid, oven irregularly, they had secured immunity against open violation of the law. But the League was founded on the law and there it must stand. Perhaps they michl have done something if they had all kept their saloons open at the outset, and thereby given the Mayor effectual support at the time the tem perance people wore assailing him. They had postponed the favorable movement by not being united. Wore they united now* after the ill manner in which they had boon treated ? They wore not, and would not bo till absolute neces sity forced them to it. What they had brought on themselves by their lack of harmony or inac tivity at the last election, they must now en dure with patience. That was all they could do, and the now Veroin could not help them. They should stand together, strengthen the League, and so work for it that all interested iu personal liberty might join hands with them, in order, with power cour age, and persistence, to fight victoriously against the common enemy. J The Committee conclude by urging the mem bers to' Strengthen the League, and prepare in earnest for the groat and serious contest in No vember. The League had made preparations for it, as far as possible, and had Joined the State League, which covered all Illinois, of which the President of the Chicago organizes Uou, Mr. Aronhoimor, was Vice-President. THE CITI IN BRIEF. A solid brick business block is rising on tho west side of Market street, at Lake street bridge. Tho work of repaving Clark street is progress ing with rapidity, and tho car tracks aro being relaid at grade. The Times, yesterday, gave a life-like illustra tion of Heoly Slough by its special artist. Until this feat, everybody believed Hoaly Slough was without a parallel. Tho out shows it has ouo. State street, from Adams southward, on tho west side of tho street, is springing up into buck balloon structures unworthy that choice locality, but made necessary by tho fact that the real estate is tied up for minor heir*. For tho consideration of $120,000, Hamilton M, Walrath yesterday transferred to Messrs. Boro, Bowen «k Bass, a lot 200 by 100 feet, sit uate at tho southeast comer of Fifth avonuo and Jackson street. Tho Board of Public Works yesterday Issued the following building penults: A. Schtho aubort, two-story brick building, 61x60, on Mitchell street; T. A. Jackson, stouo, 00x70, No. 681 State street. * Jailor Foltz will give tho following citizens of Chicago an excursion to Joliob this morning j BaldySheffer, 2 years: George Banders, James Wilson, Tlioo. Acontitus, Ed. Costello, and Stephen Scanlon, 1 year; Ohas. Watson, Thos. MoDormot, Ohas. Edwards, 0 years. Ihoraas Welsh, on Tuesday night, most brutally boat his wife Katherine. Hho com plained to Sorgt. Hood, who promptly arrested Ihoraas, and Justice Biuiyon yostorduy morning sent him to tho Bridewell, because ho could nob pay a Hue of SIOO. Work on tbo Lake Frout Park is progressing, and it is receiving a vast amount of filling ma terial from tho streets. Mount Carter is to bo leveled, aud tho whole surface smoothed. Tho lako and mountain stylo of lay-out has boou given up. Theodora West, while walking along L'aShllo street, near tho northwest corner of Adams, foil a victim to tho carelessness of soiuo ooal-hoaver or othor Ignorant porson t who had left a coal hole uncovered. Ho fell into tho trap and wag very seriously Injured, Internally as well as ex ternally. Ho was taken tq his homo, and is being attended by a physician, who thinks bla rooovory possible la a few days. ’ Mr. Boylngton will have the plan of tho Lake- Shore Exposition Building In readiness for Mon day next. It will bo of Iron and glass, and an highly ornamental structure, to occupy tbo lake front from Monros to Van Huron street, sotting back twonty-flvo foot from Michigan avonuo. If tho gontlo organ-grlndor who serenaded Tub Tjudune olTlco last evening only know that tho child of Sunny Italy, and tho maimed gen tleman In decayed uniform can earn $lO a day In St, Louis, how soon ho would obtain a pass over tho Alton & St. Louis lino. At a lalo hour on Tuesday night tho body of an unknown man was found in tho North Branch, near tho North Chicago Boiling-Mills, It had evidently boon in tho water a long tlmo, and was so decayed na to ho unrecognizable. It was taken to tho Morguo, and tho Coroner noti fied. Tho horso community wore startled, on Tues day night, by tho spectacle of two atoeds -lying In a moribund condition on Michigan avonuo, ono it Harrison, tho other at Fourteenth street. Tho opizoot, It Is said, has loft many animals subject to sudden death from exposure or over work. About noon yesterday, a man named August Olonuy foil from a scaffold, at the northeast cor ner of Clark and Illinois street, and was badly injured. His left arm and log woro fractured In sovoial places. Ho was takou to his homo, No. IX Mohawk street, and attended by Doctors Farlco and Case. Tlio Christian Union Lyceum Is a consolida tion of two literary societies belonging to tho Union. Tho members of tbo now Society will moot at No. 114 Madison street, thla evening, to elect ofllcors and transact other business. A full attendance of members of both tho old organ izations is desired. Tho Presbyterian Church at Maywood, Just completed, will bo dedicated this evening at 7i16 o’clock, several Chicago clergymen officiating. Friends in tho city can roach Maywood by tak ing tho 6soo or G:3O train from tho Wells street depot, Mid return at 10 o’clock by a special train. The Evening Mail moved Its editorial rooms yesterday from tho West Side to No. 123 Fifth avenue, and this morning tho counting-room will follbw. Tho Mail'la how on an oven footing with tho Journal so far aa locality la concerned, and as its reading matter is more sprightly, Its nows more reliable, its tone more healthy, is nobody’s organ, and is far more enterprising, as success ful a future is predicted for it as any evening paper deserves. Let its neighbor imitate the rising star of local Journalism. Laporto, Ind., was struck hbd hilled by the Hyde Park train about 1 o’clock p. m. yesterday, on tho track of tho Illinois Cen tral Railroad, between South Park and Woodlawn stations. Ho. was walking on tho irook at tho time, and attempted to pass between a freight train going south and tho Hyde Park train going north. An inrfhest was hold at tho depot at Hyde Park by Justice Home. Noblamo attaches to the employes of tho train, as they did all they could to prevent tho accident. The body lies at Oakwoods Cemetery waiting word from hia rela tives. Owing to th 6 bad weather, the gentlemen own ing fast horses dfd not numerously avail them selves of tho privilege afforded by tho South Park Commissioners—that of driving without restriction every Wednesday afternoon between 2 and 7 o’clock. A few rattling roadsters wore oh hand, but not Chough to make things inter esting. The new arrangement promises to be come quite popular It bos a remarkable effect upon the ln»os in increasing their speed. A wag, who. drove a span which had never achieved anything below 4:59, thus accosted one of tho policemen on duty at the lower end of the boulevard: 11 Can I drive my team boro at a throe-minute gait ?" “ Cer tainly, sir j certainly; of course you can, to day,” was tho prompt and smiling response of the officer. “Thank you," said tho gentleman as ho tightened up the reins; " I'm glad to know It, for they’ve never been able to boat llvo minutes heretofore:" tHE TANK EXPLOSION. The cause of tho fatal tank explosion In Sohoenomann & Co.’s packing-house, Bridge port, on Tuesday evening, has not yet been as certained. A jury of inquest, composed of in telligent business men, was impaneled by tho Coroner yesterday, after about two hours’ search for the right material, and then tho bodies of tho victims of tho terrible accident wore viewed. This occupied tho time until after 4 o’clock. It was then too late to transact, any further busi ness, aud an adjournment was had until half past 9 o’clock this morning, when the jury will reassemble at the police station on Deoring 'street and hoar tho testimony. Several wit nesses, among them the City Boiler Inspector, Mr. Shorwin, and Mr. Turner, packers, and other gentlemen who are supposed to know something about boilers, tanka, steam, and such things, have boon summoned to appear. Coroner Stephens scorns determined to give the matter a thorough examination, and, if possible, fix tho responsibility of tho disaster whore it rightfully belongs. OCEAN NAVIGATION. FOE. ETJEOPE. ihaiuie ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS, Will sail from Now York as follows; CITY OF BALTIMORE Thursday, Mayß. 3 P. M CITY OF May IP. 3 P. M CITY OF 8R15T0L..,., Thursday, May 16 ha M CITY OF BROOKLYN,... SatQKuJy, May n, 10 a! Mi And Moh succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 46, North River. * Cabin Passage, 885 and 8100 Gold. Steerage, to British P-ftrU SBO.OO Currency. Steerage, to German Porte 85.00 Currency. Steerage, to Bremen or Scandinavian SiQUTDkAPraVVrarruiSVraVoV.' Curr ° aoi ’' PBANCIS 0. BROWN, General Western Agent, 86 South Market-st., Chicago. MfiMl USE. Sailing from Now York for Queens town and Liverpool ovory Satur day, and for London direct every fortnight. Cal Passage SBO, S9O, and SIOO Cmrency. Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas* congers should make odrty application for berths. STEERAGE. ®29.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool. Queenstown. Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London. $31.00 currency. * v Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandlna. vlan points at low ratea. The Steamships of this line an tho largest in tho trade. Drafts on Groat Britain, Ireland, ami Dio Continent. WILLIAM MACALISTER, ~ .. . , Oon’l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Randolpb-sts. (opposite new Sherman House), Chicago. OUNARD MAIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 1840. Steam Between Hew York, Boston, and Liverpool FROM NEW YORK: ..May 101 Algeria May 17 Russia o.MaySl | Java.. And from Boston every Tuesday. 43ablu PQisago, 880, 8100 and 8130, Gold. Excursion Ticket* at Reduced Rates. Stoorago Passaae, S3O currency. Passengers and freight booked to and from all parts of Europe at lowest rates. oiglttDraftsouGreat Itritnln. Ireland, and llie Continent. P. IX. UU VISIINET, Uon’l Woal’n Agent. N. >V. cor. Clark and JlandolpU-sts. Abyssinia. Batavia... Calabria.. Hailing twice a nook from Navy York, and carrying paa. aongors to all narfa of Groat Britain. Ireland, Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean. Cabin from <66: Hteer* age, British and Irish Doris east, S3O; west, $33. Conti* Mental portaaamouotherreguiarUnoi. All payable in U. h. currency. Apply for fml information at the Com. K i V n S*ft 7 Uuirling (Jresu, Nsvr Vork, ami N. Is. sr J Avails aad Madison sta., Chicago, HBNDgrtBON BROTHERS, Agents. STATE LIKE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. •raw am- J.wo tons .Wednesday, May 7, t0n5...,. Wednesday, Juno 4. ÜBC. « Ur °“ ,W ' "• V ' AMUSEMENTS. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MONDAY, MAY 12, FIRST WEEK Off Mr. Josh Hart’s coMi,mAT,oN ’'«» Comique Combination havo never appeared in this oily, Tho eorformaDoo will bo under tho solo direction of i>®«uriu»nso win ITATIR. JOSH HABT. Tt?« 0 «n ,r ? in. 11 * 0 .will hn pronnted every week. 111 bo onaotod by STARS, who have beenae* SlBlE? MoYIOKER’S THEATRE. MAX MARETZEK... ............DIRECTOR m-Kelte Italian Opera. Friday Evening, Piny O, 1873, LAST WIGHT 03? THE OPERA. DOU Ca-10-cr^VINnKTi:. SBB fArlv/n A Snliono li . massetto Luco “- *“ d “uAme om°'- GREAT CHICAGO SHOW. The Procession GREAT CHICAGO SHOW ■Will form at tho corner of Weal Washington and Do«- plalnos-sts., THURSDAY MORNING, May 8, at 8 o’clock; will proceed from thonco. west to Elizabeth, thonco south to Madison, thonoo west to Throop, thonco south to Adams, thonco oast to Dcaplalnes, thonoo north to Madison, thonco cast to Canal, thonco north to Lake, thonco east to Wabash-av,, thonoo south to Twonty-»oo ond-st., thonoo west to Stato, tothoplaco of exhibition. HOOLEY'S THEATRE. BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. SSSSar K.ZSSESLS ! NEW SCENERY—Long Island Sound! (Now.) Dug- UojffilhK&h aS?- , U °° U ° and In prop.ra- MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. • SHOUTS OP APPLAUSE GREET THE KITTY BLANCHARD BURLESQUE COMPANY, In tho splendid Shakaporoan Burlesque, BAD DICKEY. Matinee Saturday Afternoon* Saturday next, first appearance of MoKEB RANKIN, No Inoroaso In prices. AMPHITHEATRE. (Formerly Nixon’s.) MOMDAY, May 6, every evening during tho week and Saturday Matinee, tho WONDBK OF WONDERS VAKEK, THE GREAT DECAPITATOE. AIKEFS THEATRE. LAST PERFORMANCES OF MRS- JVA.S, OATES Anil Her Comic Opera Company. THIS EVENING, PRIMA DONNA OP A FIGHT, Also, tho Comedietta, entitled AN ALARMING SACRIFICE. NT™b orro ,V (*>lday)-BENEFIT OF MRS. JAB. A. OATHS. Matinee on Saturday at 35$ o’clock. Monday, Mayl3-SAN FRANOIIiCO MINSTRELS. AOADEMY OF MUSIC. JOHN K. MORTIMER, AND ’ An o>c3Lcl Triol^, With tbo selected coot, a Groat HU. Tho house con vulsed with laughter. Entertainment to commence with a favorite farce. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. SATURDAY NEXT, Afternoon and Evening, COSPLIIENTARY BENEFIT Tendered to the Management RjTßomo of our loading citizens, Look out for a splendid MARTIEE’S HALL. PROMENADE, MUSIC, & SUPPER, At Martino’s Hall, on Ada-st.. for tho BENEFIT OF ALL-SAINTS’ EPISCOPAL 011UUCII, THURSDAY EVENING, Mny 8, 1873. Tickets, Including suppor, for gentleman, sl., Including supper, for lady ami gentleman, 83. TO BENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. "With and without Vaults. English Tile Eioors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Room 1 Nevada Block. BUSINESS CARD. 0. H. LAWRENCE & 00., PROVISION AND PRODUCE OMMISSION MERCHANTS, WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Providence, It. 1., Builder, of the .May U .May 31 •May £8 HAEEIS-OOELISS ENGINE, With Harris' PaUmted ImprovomonU. Bond for Circu- DISSOLUTION NOTICE! DISSOLUTION, The partnership linrotoforaoxlfltlnß under the firm namo of Gerber, Wilson * Co,, Is tula day dissolved. Gerber A Jarrot l will contlnno tho knslnoss at tho old aland, and are alono authorized to sottlo all eluims for and oKalnst tho sa d hrxu. JOHNL. UKIIBUR. Chicago, May 6. 1873. IC. M. JABUKTT. DISSOL UTIOIN. Tho firm of Becker A Konsell is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Tim business of tho lato Unit will bo pnntluued by P. BKCKKII A CO., atS96>s ami £97 tioutli C ark-st., who will pay all debts of tho late Jinn, and who alone aro outltorlzod to collect all account# duo the aaU atollrm. l». BKUICKU, Chicago. MayC.lB7.L A. !■’. KOPafcLL. DISSOLUTION. Tho firm of W. W, Walker A Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. ludobtoduess to tho ilrm can b« paid toclthcr. H. It. WABKHIir . Chicago. Mar 1. 1673. W. W. WAUClcft. SALVE. All Right Huivo lor Uiirnst llollsi CORNS! U cent. . 1)01. Dll. BTlsrHl'NH, 121, OF THIS THE CMS DEPARTMENT ftSSX??Af U »5 ot i. b 5 being’com- IhoMUro world* '^ rono Golobrltloa famoos throughout TWO IADY EQUESTRIENNES I JAMES ROBINSON, TUB OUAMI'rON BIDEB OP THB WORLD, and his talented sons. Clarence and Rugene Robinson, The Child Wonders. No Pad or Saddle Introdnoed. Tn Artist a Bareback Equestrian. , Jj l W d l Uo ?. to which the following Spoclsl Features are the chief salient polnla of tho GREAT SHOW, not In* traduced by any other Exhibitions: ’ THE ROYAL JAPANESE TROUPE! THE FAIEYPAQEAHT OF OENEEEELLA, Or tho Uttlo Glass Slipper. A MINIATURE OIROUS composed of ’ 30 Beautiful Children and 40 Shet land Ponies I NOVELTY AND' MERIT. biUon ° BTo&tcst of aU “mlom iQTenUons, at each oxhl. Prof. Judson’s FLYING SHIP OF THE AIR Will Ijo in operation. nmn A.jn o «i r i°rf(il luro l la bo ““'S’ ln GREAT Two performances dally. at 2 and 7»tf p. m. Admission, 60 centi. Children. 26 conta. MONDAY, MAY 12, AND NOT UNTIL THEN. 9 Tiff Great Forejaili Slow. . 1,000 MEN AND HORSES. Five Mammoth Tents. TWO ENORMOUS MENAGERIES, A Double Circus and Two Magnificent Mu will exhibit at Chicago ONB WEEK ONLY, ao follows: WEST SIDB-Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 12,13,14 and 15, corner Madison and Eliza both-stR.; and SOUTH BIDE, corner State and Twonty-socond-sts., two days only. Pnday and Saturday, May 16 and 17, after noon and evening:. 800 tuturo announce ments, programmes, &o. Wait For It. MANHOOD, WOMANHOOD, AND NERVOUS PUBLISHED BY THE PEABODY MEDICAL INSTITUTE, Dr» G. W. WARItEN« Gongultlmr Physician* Medical A‘notcled<7tf/or Everybody?' Tuo Million Caplet THE SCIENCE OP LIFE, or Self Preservation. A Medical Treatise on the Canto and Caro of Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decline In Man. Norvons and Pbysl. oal Debility, and Hypochondria. This la Indeed a book for every man. Price only sl. 886 pages, bound In elotb. A BOOK FOR EVERY WOMAN, Entitled SEXUAL PHYSIOLOGY OF WOMAN, AND HER DISEASES; or. Woman Treated Physiologically andPathologloally from Infancy to Old Ago, with Elegant Illustrative Engravings. 850 pages, bound in beautiful French olotb. Prioo S3. DR. WARREN may bo oonaultod as above at all boon of tho day upon of the above-mentioned diseases His great experience, attained by a apodal practice of twenty yeara in hospitals, the army, and In Europe, qual ify him for assuring patients a speedy and permanent cure in all aoxual and delicate complaints. .Ferry man ami woman uAo reads (hit notice thould pot tut then rafuable and MoretUng books, __Conjiitrni(nljuturanee and ratlleal reUtif, NEW ORLEANS. T,A. DiyM No. 2, Tentonia Insurance Co. Cleveland, 0., April 26, 1878. Notice Is hereby given that, by order of the Probata Court, a dividend-of five (6) per cent, payable on and after May 8, 1873, at tho National City Bank of Cleveland, has boon declared to the creditors of the Teutonia laaur* ance Company of Cleveland, who have proved their claims according to law. Dividend orders can bo had on application to JOHN F. WHITKLAW, • Assignee Teutonia Insurance Co, NOTICE le hereby given that anplleation has boon made to tho A »h!« # if i * Tolegraph Company for the reissue of the following aertllloaloa of stock, the originals having boon lost, mislaid, or destroyed: £°b. Jil, lfld», No. 7W: W shares. Fob, 'M, 189!), No. 69; «A sharua. - JOHN ORERAn. CURRENCY. $5 Packages 03? MOTIONAL CIIBBEICr FOR HALE AT TRIBUNE OFFICE. CIRCUS AND MENAGERIE. THE GEEAT CHICAGO SHOW. MAY 8, 9, AND 10, omoAGo, For 3 Days Only Cor. Twenty-second & State-sts. Tteday, Friday, id Saturday MAY 8, O, & 10. THE GREAT ClCAtfO SHOW MUSEUM, iiin&Cin AMERICA’S EXPOSITION OF WONDEKS I Tho Monster Organization of tho Nineteenth Century I ~A MYBTIO CITY OF CANVAS Is required to exhlbt this model, novel, meritorious exhibition of tho age, Tie ieiwle Bejartment ropleto with wondrous specimens of Zoology. A MUSEUM of Animate and Inanimate Nature. Led by the Peerless MISS KATIE STOKES. Among tho Equestrians will bo found In their Marrolous Performances. NEW PUBLICATIONS. DISEASES, Wo. 107 South Clark Street, CHICAGO. A BOOK FOR EVERY SIAN. DIVIDEND NOTICE. GENERAL NOTICE. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAM Spring 1 Arrangement. Explanation or Rrfrrenor Marks.—t Saturday «g. flpptoo. • Sunday excepted. 1 Monday excepted. | Ar. rive SundayatßjOOa, jn, i Dally, 1 MICHIGAN CENTRAL S GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Depot, foot <*/ Lake, el .mid fool rtf' Tieentg-iieond-it Ticket njflce, 76 Oifiat-it., corner qf itadhon. Mall {via mala and air lino) Dai Express Jackson Accommodation Atlantic Express, Night Express via PERU road!' Ni*ht I*l*** ORAND JIAI’IDH AND PKNTWATETI. SWV Night -Express..,.. UKNUY Gem CHICAGO & ALTON I Chicago, Alton cfc Louie Throi Uh.) nets ihort route from Chtcac Depot, h'ett Aide, near Madlton*t 81. I/mlsA Springfield Express, via Main Lino Kansas City Fast Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and Loulil. ana, Mo ’ Wenona, Laeon, Washington Ex* Western Joliet & Dwight Acoorao’dalhm. Ht. Louis A Springfield Lightning Express, via Main Lino, and also via Jacksonville Division .- a “in Express, via Jack sonvillo, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jofiorson Clly Express...... Pooria, Keokuk A Dnri’n kx oxcoptßlond*y, yla JftcltßonTlllD DltUlod, mu * CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & SI Uhion Depot, corner 3ladhon nnrf MUwanhee. 81. Paul & Mlnnoap , oils Day Express MUwjiuheo A Prairie du Chlen Moll and Express CHICAGO. BURLINGTON 6 ( Depott—lbot of Lake-el., Indian, ainl CUmW am/ Sixteenth-lie. Dome, Atf. 69 Clarksl., and ate Ottawa anti Strcator Passenger..* S^s%arfesa-i:;;;: Aurora Passenger..., Aurora Passenger. Aurora Passenger (Sunday) Dubuque A Stour OUy Exp Pacitlo Night Express.... Downer’s Orore Accommodation Downers Grose Accommodation ILLINOIS CENTRAL i Depot foot rf Lake*!. and foot of Office, 76 Canul-tt., corns Bt. Louts Express..., Bt Louutoat Lino CslroMnU..,., Oairo Express **** ’** Bpringtlcld Express * | ” Springfield Express Dubuque A Sioux Olty Kx Dubuque A Sioux Oity E* ! ..Ojlnjju* Passenger. Hyde Par k and Oak Woods ! Hyde Park and Oak Wood Hyde Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Wood Hydo Park and Oak Wood Hyde Pork and Oak Woods Hyde Parkand Oak W00d5...... |}ydo Park and Oak Woods... .. Hyde Park and Oak Woods * tQo Batutttay Uilg train will ho ruu to QbZj CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILRI Ticket office, 31 MVr >l Ma-llton-tt. PaelfloFastLlue Dubuquo Dav K*. via blinton..] P&ciilo Night Express Dubuque Night Ex. rla UUntou. Preoport A Dubuque Express.... Freeport 4 Dubuque Express., Milwaukee Mall Milwaukee Express Ml waukoo Passenger. | Milwaukee Passenger (daily),.,. Green Bay Express... bt. Paul Express Green Uav Express Bt. Paul Express ’ CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & k Depot, corner of IlarrUon qiid Shi PACIFIC RAI Jtl’St, Omaha, LoaTenw’lhA Atchison Ex Peru Accommodation Night Uxprcia LoftToaworth A AtchUon Express LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD^ Depot, corner Harrison anti Shtrman-tU. Ticket oMeet norlhteett corner Clark and and toulhuJl comer Canal and Jfadieon-ett, Mali, via Air Lino and Main Lino • 6:IOaIm. •*9:20 p. m. Bpacial Now York Lxprcu, via H Air • 9-ooa m • 0 wHW 1 ]? E *Pro»*. Tl* Air Lino.. 6:15 p. ra. S.T2 t i?? preß# * Lino.... *t9:oop. m. ElkPartAccoinmodailon • «:40p. m. •? South Chicago Accommodation.. 12;00 m. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. POaeenger Depot at P., C. ctSI. Louie Depot, comer of Ca. nulatid Ain*(«.j|#. * ’ v IVeiuht and Ticket office 163 Woehingdon-tt. EvnuavtlTe PinSBURCH, FOR I WAYNE St CHICAGO RAILROAD. pay Erprese..... Pacific Express rast Liao Mall .......... Valparaiso Accommodation. * U:oofi. m. 1 {5:10 p, m. I f9:oop. m. t' * 4:55 a. m. • * 8:lUp. in. * CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. _ „ . . (OPEN TO nOSELLE.) Depot comer HaUled ami Xorth Jiraneh-eie. General office 16 .Metropolitan Jtlock, corner Randolph and LaSalle^te. Rosollo Accommodation lUver Park Accommodation. River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. From the Great Central Jtallroad Depot, foot of Lake-if. for through Kcftela and tleipinj-ear berthe apply at Ticket office, 75 Chnaf-rl., comer .Vadiioni 120 iraiAinptan-el., alto foot of risenty’teeond‘tt, Leave Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Cincinnati * 8:00 a. m. 5 8:00 p. ra. * 4:3(1 p. m. $ 3:50 a. tn. * 9:30 p. ra. } 9:15 a. ra. Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman sleepers on night train*. TENTS. TENTS For sale cheap j 600 Wall, House, and Hold Tents, com- Eloto, mostly now, and in flrst-class order, suitable for .migration, families going Wost.Oolonlzation Societies. Railroad building Parties, Lumbermen, Fishermen, Hunters, Btato Fairs,Oamp-Mootlngi, Ac. Juitrecelvcd, and with other kinds of Quartermaster and Ordnance otorei, to be sold cheap. COfi. O. LIPPINCOTT, Government Goods Depot, 106 and 197 East Lako-at., Chicago, ill. COAL AND WOOD. C. H. DYER & CO., Corner Wabash-av. and MadUon-st., dealers In all kind* of Fuel. Illinois Coal per ton, delivered, 80; Kirkland Grato Coal (best Indiana) per ton, delivered, 89.60; Wa bash Coal (Indiana Bituminous) per ton, delivered, 86.60. Hard Coal and Wood of all kinds always on hand. MEDICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, id* SUto-st., Chicago. Ill* well known by all readers of tho papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow Is the oldest established physician in Chicago, Science end experience have made Dr. B. the most re nowned SPECIALIST of the age. honored by the press, esteemed of tho highest medical attainments by all (ho medical Institutes of tho day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF HIS LIFE In porfecllmr remedies that will euro positively all oases of UIIROnIO AND SPECIAL DISEASES In both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladles and gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL. Address all loiters, with stamps, to Dr. O. BIOBLOW. No. <iH SUto-st. Dr. Kean, NO CUBE! NO PAYI! 300 South Clnrk-at., Chioago, May be confidentially consulted, personally or by mall. Iron of charge, mi all chronlo or nervous diseases. DR. J. KEAN la tho only pliysiclan in the otty who war rants cures or uu pay. Oftlco hours from oa. m. to 8 p.m. ■a?<o - WKrs3E3Kri>, „ 183 SOUTH OLAHK-BT,, Continues to cure all Chronic, Nervous, and Urinary Dlsetsos of both sexes, and may bo ooimduutially con. i*? Ait.,P u ™oii<illy or by mall, free of charge. Female dllHcuUles treated with safety and success. HU Medical IroaUso to ladles and gentlemen seut free. 33 3E5. . STOWE, OoDfldontlalPhyalolaDj 113 W.Madlaon-flt., Chicago,lll,. (A regular graduate lu modloliio) cures all chronlo and I 'tineclal Diseases,* 1 of both aeies, at reasonable prices. Medlolneafuruislied. Nomorouryused. Consultation free, persimaljyorby mall. Cures guaranteed. All ‘‘fomalodlf* Acuities 11 treated with aafatr and aucctsa. Olroulansfrae. 3 Arrive, Lease, * 6:30 a in. * 8:45 p. m. 1 9:00 a. m. • 8:00 p. m. i 3:35 p. tn. tl(J;2oa. nt. i 6:15p, m. 4 B:(Wa. m. [■*9:oo p.m. r*6:Boa. m. *.G:!Wa. m. *B:4sn. m. 19:10 p.m. *fl:3oam. 9,00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. 19:10 p. m. *6:00 a. m. 0. WENTWORTH, ioral Passenger Agent. RAILROAD. ugh Line, and Louitiana NUeimiCK,,. tfnfoa it, bridge, l-eave. Arrive. * 0:16 a. m. * 8:10 p. m. * 9:16 a. m. ! <JOp. ra. * 4:10 p. m. 1 8:10 p. m. ' I:l0p. tn. * 8:40 a. m. 79:00 p, m. 79:00 p. m. 1i9;00 p. m. • 0:00 r. m. 117:30 p. m. 117:30 a. ra. U7:30 a. m. * 8:10 p. m. T. PAUL. RAILWAY. Canat-its.; Ticket Office ulnl Depot, Leave, Arrive, •9:00 a. m. *7:2oa. ra. '<;3op, m. 'JIdOa. m. If - 0:00p. m. 1*6:00 p. m. 3UINCY RAILROAD. s- 2Pv an< * fHxteenth-rt,, Ticket offices <» Bright tepole. Leave, Arrive. « * 7:45 a. m. . 7:45 a. tn. * 9:10 a. m. *10:1)0 a, in. * 8:15n, m. * 4:30 p. m. " 1:45 p. m. * 5:30 p. ra. . i.oop. m. 19:»<0 p. m. rllrtWp. m. •11:00 a. m. * 6:15 p. m. * 4.16 p. m. 8:00 p. mu * 3:18 p. m<! * 3:15 p. tn. * B:oop..m| * 9:56 a. u. * B:16a, m. * 8:55 a. m. 9:55 a. tnj 1 7:00 a. tu. | 6:00 a. raj * 6:60 p. m. *7:18 a. m. RAILROAD. ' T\centustcon sr of AlniUeo, id-*/. Ticket leave. Arrive, •7:30 a. m. t 8:15p, m. * 7:30 a. m. t 8:16 p. m. * 7:30 a, m. r 8:l6p. m. * 9:15 a, m. t 0:00 p. tn. . 6:15 p. m. * 0:10 a. tn. * 7:10 a. m. 5 9:00 a, m. |t2:lo p. m. * 3:00 p. m. * 4:30 p. tn. , 6:16 p. m. 1 6:10 p. tn. *ll:00p. tn. * 9:00 p. m. * 7:65 a. tn. * 9:00 p, tn. * 7:55 a. m. * 9;00p. tn. * 7:55 a. in. . 3:00 p. m. . 7:00 a. m. * 9:00 a, tn. * 6:49 a. ra. * 7:48 a. m. * 8:40 a. m. * 9:00 a. m. 410:30 a. m. j 1:45 p. raj * 6:20 p. ra. * 6:55 p. ra. 7:35 p. m. impalgn. IOAD. Arrive. •|0:15 a. m. 10:15 a, m. f 10:15 I>, m. 10:15 p, tn. *9:15 a. m. • 9:15 p. m. • 8:00 a. m. * a. m. •6:00 p. m. fill :00 p. m. 9:40 a. tn. H0:10 a. m. * 9:00 p; m. 19:30 p. m. * 3:45 p. w 8:45 p. m $6:30 a. m . 8:30 a. in * 2:00 p, m * 7:00 a. m *10:15 a. m * 4:00 p. in * 7:40 p. m 4 6:00 a. tn * 7:15 p.m 0.00 p. m * 6:20 a. tn t 6:80 a. ui ULROAO. Ticket Leave. Arrive, M():15 a. m. * 8:00 p. ra. tl0:00 p. m. ilQ:00 p.m. • 3:45 p. m. • 9:30 a. in. t 7:00 a. in. I 7:00 a. in. Leave, Arrive. 8:00 p. m 8:00 a. m 16:30 a. m, 10:10 a. xa. 1:60 p. tn Arrive, Leave, A<arr. : 7:30 p. m. i 6:30 a. m. •'8:00 a. m. 1 6:10 p. m. 1 8:50 a. in. Leave. Arrive. 6:00 a.ra. 9:10 a.m. 6:15 a.m. 10:51 a.m. B:ittlp.ra.

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