Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 8 Mayıs 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 8 Mayıs 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAL ESTATE.’ lilOR BALE—BY T. B. BOYD, 180 WEST WASII ' ln*lon-st. s „ , . S9O per foot-On Wabash-ar., 100 foot south of Thirty «lghth-it.,76x175 foot. oast front j want all cash dowu, ox. cont $1,700, which U duo In onu year. SIO,OOCMWxI2fi foot, with 0-room S-story dwelling, good *mUh, on Washington am! Hovno-sts. SO,OOO-li-room9slorr dwelling, lot 21t125 tn alloy, on Oroon-st,, between Washington and Randolph: $3,000 down; possession to-day. SB,OOO-SI,OOO down-19-room9-stonrnowliouße, lot Sox Mo, south front, onVaußuron-st., noarlloyne: cars la front. ... , $3,800-23x125 foot, anuth front, on Van Buron-st.. near Ilounro; s6oodown, balance 1, 3, 8, and 4yoars, ate par 14-room 3-story and basement brick dwelling, with 80x120 foollot, onOroon-st., near Monroe: want an ollor. 81,600 oaih—lß-room 3-story dwelling, lease runs 7 years, tlOuporynar; no assessments or revaluation: ouureon. it., near Van Buron: roata for $76 nor month. > S2OO-Ono cottage, to bo moved, on Groonand Ran dolph-sta. ■ . . , _ . _ To exchange—s4,ooo 60-aoro farm at Downer's Grove, Bear depot; waht«l,ooooash; 20 miles from city, onO., . AQ. K. R. . , S4O per acro-60acroi In Thornton, near,depot. ■ • tIORBALE-BYW.iI. PHARE, 143 LASALLE-ST., JJ Major lliook, first door: . Q 8-acro blocks fronting Stony Island boulevard and Rlghty-iovonth-st. 6 acres fronting boulevard, 1, 83, 14. 4o acres, I. 37,43. 70 acres, 8. 87. 13. 4 10-acro blocks, 18. 89, 14. §0 acres, 8\ 39, VI. 120 aoros, 13, 87, 14. • 40 aoros, I. 37, 14. 80 aoros, SO, 87, 14. , • 5 houses, matbls front, on Park-av., between wood -and Llticoln-sts. 3-stury and brick basement house, In good order, on In dlana-av., noar Tblrty-flfth^st.; $6,600. • V,; S-storyand brick basement on Voniou-av., Tblrty-fiflk- It., easy, terms, $7,000. Marble front bouse in Kills Park, strictly first-class In all its appointments; - A desirable business tot northwest corner of Flflb-av. and Monroo-st., cheap and on casy torms. FOLLOWING Jj streets: Htatp, Uurnsldo. Buttorflold,-Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Bummer, Winter, Mur ray, and Halstodv-also on Wentworth, BhurtlelT, Portland ami Btowart-avs; also on Alexander, Twonly-fourlu, Twonty-sUtb, Twonty-sovontb, Twonty-olphth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth, Karl, Thirtieth, Haven. Thlity-flrau flilr. ty-aocond. Thirty-third. Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth. Thirty, seventh, Fontaine, anuThlrty-olghth-sls. TUlu porloct. Warranty doods. A very email payment down, five year e time, 0 per cunt Interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANK. 873 Wabnsb-av. Uioil RALR-AT A GREAT BARGAIN, LOTS ON JO Westorn-av., Lexington, Polk. Taylor, and Camp boll-sta. Parties wishing to build, no money required down: also & now homos containing it) rooms onob, S6OO •cosh, balance on torroi to suit. Innnlro on promisee of ■QBO. OADWELL, of at 138 South Olark-st.. In bank. For sale-one and a half story frame oottago, Including lot on Thlrty-socond-st., just cast of Wallapo. Small payment down; balance In monthly parmonts; sroars' tltno. Wafor on promises and con venient (4 cars. Apply to FRED. P, FISHER, 143 La* Ballo-st., basement. TTtOR BALE—THE BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON JD WostSldo, fronting on Division, Loavltt, anti Shobor* ita,, near Wlokor Park. Good neighborhood; lots 121 tfoet doop, with uldowalka and city water. Prioo,. S6OO. 5700, ami *I,OOO. Terra*, oiio-thlrd cash. Warrantee oous and abstract* of title. A. redaction on first cash ©aynionts If required, to tlioio who build this spring. In* .qntroof F. ARNOLD AGO., Oreonobaum’u Rank, No. .6 Fllth-av. TJtOR BALK-OR EXUH ANaE-OIIFAP-5 LOTS ON J? Fcrty-olghth-st., withinQblocks cnr-shops; good horse and buggy taken iuparl payment. 40 acres In doc. 4. UD, |3; honso and lot taxon In part payment. 200 feel each on Slowon and Vlnconnos-avs.; so cheap you erupt help buy* In*. Oilloo hours, Bi3oa. m. and B. L. HON* ORB, lP3Dharbom»Bt. SROR SALB-OR TO RENT—FURNISHED—THU ? dwelling No. 1C? Oalmnet-av., north of Twcnty*fourtb*i ■U ; parlor, dining-room and kitchen, on first floors good' basement with laundry, -do.; ownor going away Juno 1, but can give possession any time. Amur on tho promise*, SrtoU. F. GUYTON, IB andSl, Bowen’s Hock. ' For sale-the"south house op the new marble front block, southeast corner North Dearborn and Maplo-eta.: 3 stories and basement, finished In best Snannor, F. O. TAYLOR, 210 East Wasbington-st. : fOR BALE-691 WABABH*AV.—3-STORY AND basement marble front bouse, with lot; price, $2(5,* ; terms easy: for sale fnr a few days only. Apply tow. SAMPSON A 00., Real Estate Agonoy, 144 LaS&llo* Otis Block. *jBOR HALE-VERY OHOIOB LOT, ONLY $2,600. A’ Jaok*on-st., near corner Wood. Oanal tlmo swill bo ‘ ranood oitor tiila nook. R. Q, GOODWILLIK, 133 fMt Madisoa»st. OR SALE-LAST CHANCE TO BUY CHEAP LOTS —Going off fast. Twenty lota on .Sherman, Wallace, and Wlntorata., no&r Union Stock Yards, for salolow;. easy terms. Inquire every morning from Bto 10 o'clock at tho Stock Yard Exchange* pOll SALR-AT A BARGAIN—LOT BOXIC6, ON I? Polk-st., 250 feet cast of Ashiand-av,: cno-hnlf cash, i’rlco, $76 perfoot. Apply toW.U. SAMPSON A CO., it LaSttUo-st., Otis Block. TTtOR BALE-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, OOT- U? tagos on Dayton-st., near Wobstor-av. Inquire on toromUos of SCOTT A GAGE. TTtORSALR—HOUSES AND LOTS-TWO OCTAGON 'JD atouo fronts, two stories and basement, wit hall modern Improvements, 00 Indiana-av., between Twenty-ninth Thlrtloth-ata. Inquire on IJpOR SALE—6 NEW STONR-FRONT HOUSES ON ■JD I'ark-av., blocks wost of Uzrian Park, vorychonn; ‘will bo roady for oeonpatlon Ist May. Apply to R. FOW LER, IG2 East Wasbington-st* 7\OR SALE-DYE. O. COLE AGO., 138 LASALLI L' st.: Dlvtsion-st., near Larrabeo, lot 85x110, sloo* Southwostom-av., one lot at Taylor-st. 3?OR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, 1,000 FEET S? on State and Wabaah*av., near Englewood, only sl3 Scr foot. Call quick. L-A. GILBERT A CO., 2W La- Ballo-st. ! IBOR SALE—RIVER FRONTAGE, 350x346 FKftT ON L' tho North Branch of tho Oblcngo River, and on tho Uhloago A Pacific Railroad, suitable for a manufacturing justness. BRYAN LATHROP, 13 Exchange Building. [7IOR SALE-FINE LOTS ON WEST MADIBON-ST., L' California av., and Barry Point-road., on easy terms, by WM. HANSDROUOH, 181 LaSalle-st. . &0R SALII-AT A BARGAIN. THE HANDY COT. a? tago. lot, and now barn, No. 806 Thlrty-thlrd-st.; contains v good rooms, closets, and water; must bo sold Ehtswoek. Inquire on promises. '|POR SALE-8 LOTS NEAR TWELFTH-ST., uL 1 Wcstcm-ar., and Soulliwei(ora-ar., $625 per lot. This Is loss than by tno aero: Isa dooldod bargain. HAIR A CO., Room 20. Bryan Block. IJT'OR SALE-WARREN-AV., NEAR UNION PARK, X'* two-story and baaomont hrlok house. Hi rooms, mod ern improvements. SNYDER A LEG, 14 NUon Build ing, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo-sts. OR SALE-81 VINCENNES-AV.—2-STORY AND basomont marble front bouu>, 10 rooms; lot 20x125; liouso completely furnished with new furniture; price, ieiiso and furniture, $15,000. Apply to "W. U. SAMP* EON A CO.. 141 LaSalio-at., Otis Block. a?OR SAL 12—LOT60x160 ON ASHLANDAV.. NEAR , llarrlion-st. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast aornor Mnnroo and LaSallo-sts. ifron SALE—BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, TWO 'X' story and basement, 13 rooms, on West Adams-st., ooar Contro-av. SNYDER A LICK. 11 Nixon Building, cnrthoftst corner Mtioroo and Laanllo-sta. •TpOR SALE-NEW COTTAGE AND LOT ON VER* X' mont-av., four blocks west of Archcr-av.; double parlors, three bed-rooms, kitchen, pantry, and closets. **rioo $2, (XX), S2OO down, balance 1, 2, and 8 years at 8 per cont. J. fi. GOULD, 119 Dearborn-st. For sale-new cottage and lot on tjiir* ty-tirst-st., 4 blocks west of Arobor-av.; 4 rooms, par lor. kitchen, 2bod-rooms, pantry; prioo $1,200, s2co, balance 1, 2, and Byears at 8 per cent. J. S. GOULD, 119 Dearborn-at. ICTOR SALE-5 ACRES, CORNER FORTY-THIBD- X st. and Vinconnrs-av.: 812,000 per Ocre. Apply to W. S. SAMPSON A CO.,, Otis Block. For salk-a beautiful residence lot, south front, on Twenty-elghth-st. near Wabash-av, Uall before purchasing elsewhere, SIDNEY THOMAS. 99 Doarbom-st. . •pOR SALE—LOTS NRAU MILV7AUKKE-AV,, AND lA* In block oornorThirty-alntU-«t. and Wontwortb-ar.! 6650 to $660 each, oa Jong time; no payment required down If Improved. J. 0. STARR, 66 West Randolpb-st. .TpOR.SALE-TWO GOOD. FULL SI STORY" M. t«KO«, 7 rooms, gas, bard and soft water, mantels, into. Very near borao andatoam cam, South Side near paklaud (Fortlotli-at.,) $3,600, S6OO a year. ULRICH ± BOND, 67 Doarbom-st. 3F a?OR SALE—BARGAIN—THE BEST BARGAIN IN J. 1 tho market. A Droxol-a?. Boulevard lot at an Im. Knoneo iworilico; Tory near horao and utoam oars': must lio ■old. Parties bavins cash inquire of ULRIOII i BOND. 67 Dearborn at. niOU SALE—I6I MICHIGAN-AV.—R-STORY AND L basement marbln front house: lot 22, with barn: price. 517,600. W. 11. SAMPSON 4 CO. - , RealEstalo Vgoacy, Hf-LaSalle-st., Otis Clock. SPOR SALK-8200 DOWN-ELEGANT COTTAGE . and lot 690 Erlo-st; long time; monthly payments: possession Immediately. R. G. QOODWLLLIE, 133 West Modlsoust. Ivor'salis-84u a foot under market price, Jl 1 4UxlbO, to 2u-foot alley, Kltis-av., north of Thlrty- Dfnlh st., very near horse and steam oars. Also, houses Pi lota at Oakland, Kenwood, nod Hyde Park, from 000 to 860,000. ULRICH 4 HON’D, W Dearborn-st. OR RALE—KIxIBOPRAIRIIC AV., NEARTWKNTY oight!>-st.. 83iO; 82x170 Michigan-av., and Twenty aigbih-st.. #lo,CW);6lots U. H, Harrison’s Addition, ftfcW. B. F. HEAD, 128 Clark-st. * f?OR BALE-OHEAP-OOTAGON-FRONT RRICK fIU rosldonco, 3 stories and baaomunt. 10 rooms, lot 29 foot front: excellent location; West Bide; 39.6D0. HENRY WALLER. JR., 86 East Washington, Room 4. rl?OU BALE-BY PETER SIII.MP, 1774 STATE-ST., X 1 corner Egan av.. 60 fool on Stuto-Bt., near Thirty •ovonth-sl,; 890 nor loot; 22 foot on Wontworlh-av,, only ■760 (house and lot on Burnsldo-st., $2,400; and ono for 8H,6Q0, for this week only. jfclOß RALE—BUSINESS LOT, ONLY S9O PER FOOT, U. 1 on Dlvlilon*it., 10 fool west of Lnrraboo. Will he ad vanced aftor this week, R. Q. GOOD WILLIE, 183 West ATadlaon-st. tlOß'flALC—26xl36 ON WENTWORTH-AV., EAST UU front, between Twenty-ninth and Thlrtleth-sts. J. 11, {KEELER, 116 Oark-st., ooruor Madison. T?OR SALE - Lbtß"FßOlir^lcr 7 RASY A . tortus; Inside of tho old city limits, noar street cars and omnibus lino; high ground: title perfect. Call and lot ns take you to sou them. A. O STOREY A HON, 116 (louth Olark-st., Room 6, and 2*7 Mllwaukoo-av. T?OH BALE-ffl;bTO DAY, FINE LO ; iVFOU!mTsf!7 ft V'J kI oy: Ort•/ 1 0 i-ma : r!I* OOU nt for cash. U. O. GQQDWILUE, 133 Weal Mndison-st. IrOH SALE-BOTTOM PRiailS-$1,600 TO-DAY, • . lot, 783 Fuurth-st., next tn corner ffadUu’i fat° Utmn * IL °* aoaD ' v^L LIE. 133 West t?OU SALR-nmaK COTTAGE AND LOT, W5 tT v.V ut^ r !IV, 1 ; H,, » between Ttiirly.seventh and Thirty* Bighth, SJ,LUO; long time: *3OO down. Possession Imino -133 West MadUoa-al. ¥pqn BALE-STATE-ST.~Hf7AUaiITEUED-62X160 fpon HALIt—ON WASHISUTOnTstI AND WAIT I’ ron ijv.i oornor ul 0.1110ni1..., lu .plon.Uil n.ii- Souco lulj. ohufli. 1.. INUl.lSDlitf, 18J ÜbullQ .t.. Room 17, Bryan Block. f7l OU HALK-ii'OUKE" AND LOT ON TWENTY* JL’ cighth-st.. neat WaUarm,. oath, balance «n easy lonna: price $1,600. TUUESPELL A BKoWN. 110 WestMadlson-st. * fnoil HA LB—76 FEET ON WAHASH-AV., NEAR ’ Thlriy-hfth-»t., cast front; fnll depth: huixll cash payment, ami balance Jnuycars. 11. L. HILL, 161 La* Palle-st., basement. TTtQK fIAi.E—’>STORY FRAME HOUSE. B~itOOMH| X 1 nn Imllana av,, near Twouty-sucomt-st. Price, s3,hxj; pn leased ground, 4yoara’ lease. Apply to W. 11. SAMP SON A CO., HlLaaallo-st., OtUlllocV. feoTtllALK-HIX NEW“COTTAOES AND X.OTS P near Furty-sovonth-st.and Wenlworth-av.; small pay piont down, baianoo lu monthly psyniunts; or will ex change for unimproved property. Apply to F, R, WIL' PUN, 77 South (Jlark-it,. Lorn u to i o'clock. CITY REAL ESTATE. SALE—GRAND BOULEVARD. BETWEEN JU Thlrty-icvonlhnnd Flffy.first-sts.. 791 foot. Oakwood boulevard, botwooa Gratia boulevard and Via oennos-av., 080 foot. . ' . ■ ■ Vlnconncs-av.; botwoen city limits and park, 975 foot; Wabash-ar.,betweenThirty-first and Flfty-lirst-its. WB foot. Mlchlgan-av., botwooa Twenty-fifth and Fifly-fourlh »(•,, 376 feet, Oahunot-av., botwoen Tblr(y*fourLb and Flfty-fourth ■ta., IWI (sat, Indlana-av., comer Fltiy-thlrd-st., IRS foot. Pralrt»-av., four enrnora Flfty-lhlrd-al., POO foot. Ftolng Booth Park, ooruora FKty-Thltd and Fifty, foiirlh'ila, 600 foot. For an Inveitmont or Improvement, lisle Hit oomprlica tho moat beautiful and attractive realdonoo prnporiy south. It will bo sold In lots to suit purchasers, and on oaay tortus. Tho attention of builders Is especially called to this property, and also those Booking tho very best property for Investment or for future Improvement. Nothing superior to Itcan bo fnttud anywhore. Asfor tho park and boulevard nronorty, It ia the "oromo" of first olaas properly, nod cannot fall to advanoo largely amt rapidly beyond present prices. J. KSAIAB WARKKN, 19 Chamber of Commerce. T7IQR BALB-10 LOTS ON KOAN-AV., CORNER X? Hlowart. SA feet on Langloy-ar., between Forty-second and Forty, thlrd-sls. ■ • 135x168, corner Forty-olghth-it; and Kenwond-court. 160 foot on Konwooil-court, between Forty-sovonth and Forty-eightb-sUi.. within one block of Kenwood station. 40x160. KlmWlt-av., between Fl/ty-slxth and Fifty sevenlh-sU. 60v16U, on Indlana-av,, botwoen Fifty-third and Fifty. fouHh-sts. lo iota on Weitorn-av., near T.augliton-st. 80 lots on Laughton and Marvln-ma., near Weilorn-av. lota on Second and itrlo stsr, botwojn lloubon and 80il70on Mlchlgan-av., with first-classbouso. 28x110, with 3-story frame house,on Fourlh-av., botwoen Harrison nnd Polk-aia. 10 lots on Ecnn-av.,' corner Stownrt. 80x121 on Indlana-av.. between Thirty-third and Thirty fourth-ala. WING A FAULIN, 83 East Wnshlngtonst., Room 4. ' • • • ■ FOR SALK —BY MATSON HILL, 108 AND 110 Dcarbom-st., bnsemont olttoo In Kondali Building: INDIANA-AV.—B3xl6o foot, botwoon HUtooulh .and Elghtuenth-sta.: S2BO per foot. Tills Is tho best bargain in tho market. PRAHIIIi-AV.—£6xl26 foot, oast front, near Thlrty-soo ond-at. OOLFAX-AV,—IUxIGO foot, northoast corner of Thirty fourth-st.: S9O pop foot. MIOHIGAN.AV.-Mxieo foot, botwoon Fifty-sixth and Flfty-sovonth-sU.; S6O per foot. For sale-house, ia rooms, no. 101 a west Adams-st., with 128 foot ground, shade troo;, oto.; at a decided bargain for a few days. 11. C. MOREY, 77 Olsrk-st. ! • • • • FOB SALK—2-STORY AND BRICK UASBMBNTi , house on West Jackaon-st., near Oontro-av,, furnace, range. Ao.: lot 25x165 foot to a 40-foot alloy. BNYDKR A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo-sta. Fob bale-on west harrison-st*. one aero, will subdivide Into eight lots, each 27W foot front by 183 foot doop. BRYAN LATHROP, 12 Exchange 1) gliding. [ OB SALE—IIB FEET ON NOimi OLiRIC-ST., near Division. 160 foot on North Doarborn-st., comer North-av. > • as foot on North Dearborn-sU, corner Indiana. 120 foot on West Randolph's!*, corner Morgan. M foot on Morgan-st*. south of Randolph. 70 foot on the Uroon Bay Road. fit) lots in Florae's Addition to Holstein. 72 lots at Ulvnr Forest. 80 minutes' ride by rail. BRYAN LATHROP, 12 Exchange llulldlng. TJIOR SALE—A WELL-BUILT HOUSE AND LEASE,! I? sultablofortwofamUlosj will nay £opoP cent on tho Invest moat amt agqod homo boaldottnoar Union Park, on Washlngton*av. - Toms easy. Gall on GBO.'M. SLOAN, I loom 27, Roapor Block. > For salb-hurlbut-bt*. near Lincoln Park, two-story framo honso, brlek basement.' nine; rooms, modern Improvements! lot Mxl 36; SNYDER Aj LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and! LaB&llo-sts. . • ; t ORBALE-BY WM. ANDREWS, 162 LaSALLB st., Room 16: Monroe-sL, near Wastorn-av., 3-story and b&somont brick, 10rooms; bum; 96.000. Warron-av., near Oakley, same m above, $5,250. • Washlngtqn-st., near Robey, elegant 2-story'and base ment. modern improvements; tooxohango for acres., Irving Pack, 2-atdry and basement brlok, 10 rooms,now, <6.600*. SI,OOO gash. For bale-elegant briok house bast of Union Park, lot 60x30), $30,000; easy terms. ' 10 acres at South Englewood depot, 80 per cent lose than other property; 81,100 por aero. Cottage honso at Irving Park, $2,000; Just what tho house cost; monthly payments; bargain. AVERY, MILLER A RIODON, FOR BALE-B.BTORY MARBLE FRONT HOUSE, on Indlaua*ar. f near TwonfT-flrst-st.; lot 36x1D0: s3l, - 0(49 SAMPSON A DO., 144 LaSallo-sU, Otis Block. • • , POR BALE—COTTAGE AND LEASE OD9 WASH* lugfoo-av.; loose, SBO pot year; S4OO. H. 0. MOREY, 77 Olark-st. IBOR BALE-CHOIOB PROPERTY ON-ADA6IS-BT. i? and CampholLav., at a bargain. Throo-story brick homo on Tlilrty-first-st. 100x200 foot, with good honso, at Highland Park: easy terras, 100 foot on Noblo-at. H.P. OALDWELL, Room 18, Bryan Block. FOR BALE - PRAIRIE, MIOHIO AN-AVS.-ONB ' elegant, well-built, octagon, marblo-front house; only SI,OOO down; live years’ timo. B. MEARB, owner, FOR SALE-COTTAGE, LOT, AND BARN, 43 WlN obostor-av. Apply on promises. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. For sale-a flour and custom mill with 11 acres of land, including mill pond, situated SS ratios southeast of Madison. Wis. 5 siso of mlll-bouso, 80x40 ft., throo stories In height, containing throo run of stone, driven by a 48 Inch Dayton wheel, with head of water from 6to 7 foot on a never falling stream. Also, hog-pons and steamer house, all In good order. Prlco, S6,DU); will takopnrt payment, in real estate. For par* tlculnra apply at 39fl Blue lal&nd-av. , FOR SALE 6OO ACRES GOOD TIMBER land can bo had cheap near Shawanaw, Wl*., for monoy. a business, or suburban property, by addressing OWNER. F 2. Tribuuo oflicn. ” KEAX, ESTATE WANTED. TXT’ANTKD—A GOOD IMPROVED FARM. WORTH n from SI2,(XX) to $15,000 for some of tho choicest su burhan property round Chicago. LINGLE A HARLOW, 125 Dearborn-st. ■MTANTED-TO BUY AT a BARGAIN, BRICK IT house, with lot 25 ft. front, In tbo Kontli Division I outhtu Twenty-ttUU-st., on Wabash, Michigan, Prairie, orlndlsna-avs.: prioo from $12,00« to $18,900. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON A GO., 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. TSTANTED—TO BUY—A LOT. WITH OR WITH. IT out house, on North Sldo. north of North, av,: can Kart cash, balance In monthly installments. Address Tribune ollico. WANTED— ONE ACRE OF LAND FOR A KBSI. donee, within an hour's rldo of Chicago. Address A 97, Tribune office, stating price and terms, aud giving doflorijitloa of property. T\rANTED—LOTS 1 LOTS I LOTS!—WE hAVG A YY cash customer for good building lots. JACOB O.MA GILL, 81 and 83 South : WANTED-A 6 OR C-ROOM COTTAGE. ON WEST YY Side. Address, with lowest prioo and location. VAN, 180 South Oannl-st. •\yANTED-AORE3 1 ACRES’ ACRES !-WE HAVE IY constant Inquires for aero property: can ntuko quick sales at good prices. JACOB O. 11AGILL, 81 and 83 Smith TO EXCHANGE. TO EXCHANGE—3,4OO FEET ON THE BLUFF. AND within GOO foot of Morgan Park, and near tho Military ' School and proposed $13,000 church, with sidewalk from depot; streets and trees, oto. Will take a good Improved farm. jeiotant SUty-first-at.. Englewood, for small cottage. 83 lota at South Lynne lor improved farm. 100 lots,, 1 block from Boulevard—for good residence. 60 lots southwest of Brighton, and near Boulevard, for unproved farm. All tho above aro good property, nod wilt bo exchanged at fair prices. LINOLE 4 DARLOW, 125 Doarbom-st. TO EXCHANGE—PROPERTY AT IRVING PARK for good unlmprorod lowa lands. A good horso and buggy wanted. 1). S. INGHAM, (X South Doaplalno»»st. r EXCHANGE-5 LOTS ON ADAMB-9T., EAST o( Koboy, for a brick residence. 11. 0. AIOREY, 77 Olark-Bt. TO HXOIIANGK-A FINE 7-ACRE TRACT FQR good residence In roo<l location, oltlicr West or North Side. Will pa; Bomo cash. Address W 7, Tribune 01800. TO KXOHANGE-FOR CITY PROPERTY, A FRUIT farm, 120 acres, 11,000 troos: will pay its cost In 8 years j Incumbrances assumed upon Improved property: price. 814,000. Addroaa Box 18. South Pass. 111. TO EXCHANGE—THE OWNER OF A LARGE plantation of 8,800 acres on tho Apalachicola River, Florida, which has various advantages for shipping, mer chandizing, or its valuable timber, would desire to oi change tho samo for a business or near-by properly. Par ties desirous can have all particulars by addressing MAR QUANT, F 3, Tribune oinco. TO EXCHANGE—WE HAVE SOME DESIRABLE city business property to exchange for a farm or a reel donco. KERR, DAVISON 4 WELCH. 142 LaSallo st. TO EXCHANGE-HOUSE AND LOT; ALSO R0 acres of nice land; also Inside city lots. L, 11. WHIT NEY, 140 LaSaHo-st., basement. TO EXCHANGE-TWO LOTS ON SOUTH CANAL st., noar Harrison: will exchange for houso and lot or flood farm within 60 miles of Chicago; also eomo choice ots on .Stalest. to exchange for improved city property. L. A. GILBERT A C 0..&8 LaSallo-st. WANTIID— TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRY goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, hoots •ud shoes, and furniture. 8 farms in Mason County, lit., all under a good state of cultivation, noar market and railroad—one farm of 116 acres, ono of 311 acre*, and one of 1116 aero*. Also a flue now dwelling house and 3 lota in the City of Poorla, 111., with all modern Improvement*. Tho titles are perfect. All worth $60,000 cash. Will trade part or all. Address Box 1113, Poorla. HI. SEWING MACHINES. SALE—A FEW SINGER AND OROVRU A X’ ilakor lato family lowing machines lu compluto order, at half cost. 828 inalanr-st., between Rush and PJno. P ROVER A IIAKKR*SBBWINb"MAOIUNEB-GEN. VJ eral otlice, 160 Stato-st. j branch ultlou, 973 Wabash* ar. Persons having old Grover A Baker sowing-machines are Invited to call and boo tho now Improvements, and hear something to their advantago. SINGER OFFIOR OP A. J. MELOHEUT. 215 SOUTH Halstod-st. Machines sold ou monthly payments, and ronto£. _Opon evenings. ybii CAN BUY ALMOST ANY OF THE FIRST* X class sowing machines at our agoncy for ono-half the price charged at tho regular agencies. All tho leading machines on hand. A, M. PERCY A CO., SIS West Madlson-st. WIUCKLKH 4 WILSON HEWINO MACH INKS, the new improved sold or rented ou easy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agent', oßioo, 833 West Madliou-st.; will remora about May 1, 1&73. to 165 Stalest FOR SALE. FOR HALE-A FIRST-CLASS TICKET TO KANSAS City; ohuap. Address M9l Tribune office. tSoiT‘s’aLls-AT "60 PER CENT - iTISCOUNT A Jl pass for Nebraska City via Burlington A Red Oak Junction. Apply at bO Uearborn-st Fill SALE-1 DROP LEVER ROAI.E, 2,fAOLRH., IN perfect order. lii<;uiru of J. 11, SMITII, 18 South Olark-st. ■ , litOll SALK—OIIKAP—PUFFER RODA-WATEH AP- X' paratus, in use 8 months. No. 2(1 Markot-sl.,second lloor. FOUND. IpOUND-A WHIP, ON WABAHII-AV., WHICH X' the owner can have by proving properly and nsyiug for this advertisement, Room 15. ifu ii*»t THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MAY 8, l*t3 SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. Jj7QR O. THAYER A 00„ 188 BAST . * WABHINGTON mtIOUTS. 160 sores swH Heo 18. 37, 13, ridge and grove. JM kotos n w.H Bee 24, 37, 13, rldgo and grove. HiO aoros In 800 53, 37, 13. SCO aoros In Hoe 23, 117, 13. 80 aoros in 800 37, 37, 13. 4(1 ucros in 800 88, 37, 13, ridge and grove. 40 aoros In heoUA, 87. 13, rldgo and grove. Blocks land 2, in Kruegers stihdlvlslon, In no)i of 8.-0 3U, 37, 14. The above tracts are well located, are In (ho vicinity of railroads and Improvements. They are very desirable, and will bo eold at prloos nnd terms that will certainly command tho attention of buyers. IjiOß SALK ~ HYDE PARK - OOMFOUTARLU X ' house, ami lot 60x180, noor depot and boulevard, $7.6 W. ’ Largo house and grounds, near lake and depot, 126x200 foot, olfored at a bargain. Flno location, with good house nnd bato, noar lako sboruand hotel, 60x180, $10,00). . , . . - Flue building lota at Egaudalo, and near depot, In Hydo Park. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Doatborn-sl. I BOH SALE—GOOD, FUU.-SfZED LOTS“ON H*AL . sled. Murray, Union, Desplalnes, aud Wnllaco-sU., botwoen Flity-thlrd and Fltty-fonrth, only 1 block north of the Pavilion parkway, which la to bo finished from tho park to Hnlslod-at. this season. These lota must im prove greatly In value as soon aa this chain of beautiful drives are completed. Tho lota are fur sale at very low Sricos and on oasytonns, monthly payments or otherwise, 'nil warranty deed, and printed abstract of title furnished wllb each lot. P. U. PUTNAM. Transit House; owner, or PUT WIN A CORBY, Agouts, lit! Franklln-st. }POR SALE-AT ENOLRWOOD-WR ARK PRIE -1 pared to furnish money and build DO, 40 or 60 houses to order upon our lands. In tho most Improved part of this growing suburb. IIULBUHD A CO-, 203 LuSaUo at. , FOR BALK—BUY WHILE YOU GAN-10 ACRES on Flfty-tlfth-st. Boulevard,. near Ualalod. HUL ■BURP A GO.. 2t« LaSallo-st. . 1* pOR BALK—A DIG RAUOAIN-20 ACRES AT EN- I gluwood. HULHURD A CO., 208 LaSallo-st. IBOU SALK-AT RNOLEWOOD-OHOIOK OUOVK X* nrnporlyin 60 or loufoot lots on Mtchlgau, Wabash and InUlaha-avs. HULUORI) A CO.. 208 Laßallo-st. For property-parties skkk- Ing Invostmoiit will dowull to look nt an ospoolnlly E ood bargain I can niter. O. p. UTOUUIi, 72 and 74 >oarborn-Bt.. main floor. FOB SALH-inGHWOOD-FIRST STATION this: sldo Lako Forest: same trains, with moro command* Ing position; commutation, 13 cents. Now homos, from SUXJ to $4,000, iniall or no payments-down: $175 to BCOO yearly, including Interest. All of tho lolsoro cov ered with tinoold shade trees. Either of houses would rent for moro than I nek for thorn in Chicago, no nearer centre of business by horse oars than theso nto by ntoam. ABIILKY MIiARS, gOOLaSallo-et.; roildonco, Hlgbwood. 7?OR BALK r AT NORMAL PARK NEAR THE A' school and depot. 2 neat, cosy houses, 8 rooms each, balb room, oto., lots 60x126; cheap and easy tonus. T. MAPLE AOO., Room 3, Ba6Binootl6s LaSallc-H. For bale-60 acres adjoining south lynn, offered at a lower prlco than anything In tho market. H. L. HILL, 161 LaSallo-at., Basomont. TIOR BALE-LOTS NEAR DEPOT OF CHICAGO * 1' Pacific Railroad and Mllwaukoo-av. S3OO and $400; perfoottitle;abstract to every purchaser. HENRY L. HILL. 164 LaSallo-st., Basement* T?OR SALE-SAT RAVKNSWOOD ID ACRES ONi JL 1 Llocoln*av., streets graded; at Norwood Park, >4 block, 1 block from depot: at Austin, Illota In Bridges]: Subdivision; at North Rolling Mills and 'Archor-road, 6; lots; at Oowmanvlllo, 20 acres in Hoc. 11, 40, 18, vor/ do- . slrablo to sabdlvldo. JOHN 8. BUCHANAN,, Room 6. 169 LaßallQ.sU Fob sale-lots inevamston io feet. fliont bf 160 doop, for S3OO oaoh 5 terms, H cash, balance I, 2, and 3 years, or In 910 monthly payments. Como and soo them. ROBERT COMMONS, 142 LsSallo st. POE B4LB-10 ACRES OUTER CORNER OP PtPTY flrflt-st- and Oontro-ov.. having a front 011,800 foot on a soworod street; will soil6acres; this property is well] sltnatod*.And can be bought below tho market; terms • easy. THUS. A. HILL, 183 Poaruorn-st. ' or rXIE-at ravenswoqd-a desirarle dwolllhg honso of 8 rooms; good brick collar; furnace 5 hard and soft water; lot 142*162 foot, ornamented with • fmltand shado trees; a comfortable home, audit will bo sold at a bargain; only SI,OOO cash required. Apply to ROBERT GREER, 81 LaSallo-st., Room 2. TjIOR SALE—S BLOCKS OP 2W ApRES EACH: JD soli blocks singly If dwdrod, This property Is west Of MbrganPark, Washington Heights, and on Morgan* •v., near Johnaon-av.. A and will probably double In ’valne In sU months. ABELL A HOTCHKISS, 43 Otis Block. OR BALE—II LOTS AT SOUTH KNQLBWOOD, very cheap. Lot on Harrison*«(., near Robey, at a do* cldod bargain. H. J. ARNOLD, >» East Madlson«Bt« For salb-at south lawn, fine high lots, half acroa or blocks; dls(aneo 46 minutes by 1111* noU O* U. R.; commutation rates. Buvural hundred acres of'trees aro being sot; 20 bousos will soon bo oraot* vod. A limited pnmbor of lots will bo given to partloa who will build. YOUNG A ROWLEY, Room 3, No. 163 Dcarborn-st. For balr-at a special bargain, the very choicest 100 acres at Washington Heights, thickly wooded and beautifully situated on tlio bighoat part of tho ridgo: buyemof aoroproportr will do well to give this trnotparticular atlondou. HENRY E. MAHULE, Room 6, 79 Doarborn-st. For sale-at Washington heights, e, loToii 16 acres, at a bargain. Must bo sold boforo tho 16th of May. TItUESUKLL A DROWN. 176 Wost Mad Don. F6il SALE-3 ACRES IN WIIftTOUD'S SUBDI* vision. In Hoc. Bd, AS. 14; SLSOd per aero. A BELL A HOTCHKISS, 43 Oils Block, LaSalle and Madlson-ata. FOR SALE-WASniNOtON HEIGHTS—2S ACRES adjacent to and cast of Morgan Park; two stations on It; a bargain. ABELL A HOTCHKISS, 43 Oils Block, LaSallo and Madlson-stw. FOR SALE—LOTS IN SOUTH ENGLEWOOD. THE "Original Plat;" do nut buy In additions "at South Kuglowoua;’ 1 easy terms. HICNIIY W, BROOKS A CO., Room 4 Empire Block, 129 and 190 LaSallo-st. 77011 SALE—CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE J,' Alilwaukoo Railway, six ndlcs distant, and twenty minutes' rldo, inUlybonrn’n Addition to Ravonawood. 'Thnso lota aro laid uul 69x163 foot on 69 foot streets, and will bo sold upon easy terms, at from SSOO to S7(O por lot. •Tho facilities for access to and from tho city—tho dur ability of tho land—lt being high and thoroughly drained —tho proximity to tmt-ulasa Improvements, ohnrohca, schools, tmd society, commend this property as tho bout attho prlco now in tho market. Comparison challenged! Tho attention of tho indus trious—tho thrifty—tho cautious—ls called to those lota as sites for homesteads or Investments. Cali, for a printed abstract ami plot, upon ROBERT, GREEK. 81 LaSalle-st., Room 3. SALE—6 AND 10 YEARS’ TIME—FINE HYDE X 1 Park and Boulevard property; also lota uu West Mdo. J. U. RISSELL, 46 liryan Block.’ tBOiiSALE-AT NORTH EVANSTON, NEAR DE. X 1 pot, church, and echout-bouso, one huuso with lot sux!6ofoot, ono house with lot to suit purchaser; thoco houses aro both within throe minutes’ walk of tho dupot, bavo well and clatorn, Ao. Special advantages offered to parties who desire lots to (mild on. Apply to 11. B. ABBOTT, at North Evanston depot, who will show tho property, or to It. M. KIDDER, ICS West Ramlulpli-st. FOR SALE-SAVE YOUR RENT—SCtO CASH AND monthly payments buys a beautiful, now, 8-room homo and 60 foot corner lot c!mo to station iind Normal School, Englewood, only SO inluutcs' ride, plenty of trains day and night. STORKS A WARE, 94 Waublngtou-st., Room 15. For sale-40 aches of excellent land adjoining Blue Island. Inquire of E. F. McOLIN TOOK, Blue Island, 111. POR SALE-9 LOTS AT PARK SIDE, NEARSTA tIon; trees on them: 50x163: oast of Stony Island av.; cheap. Also lots in Ulrich A Bond’s subdivision on Sov. enty-llffh-st., east of Stouy Island Boulevard; cheap. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Doarbom-st. ‘ * ITtOR SALE-163 LOTS AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD, 1 price $250 each. Will sell 4 choice lots for $|,(XK>, Sayaulo $250 cash, and the balance at tbo end of 4 years at per cont, with tho privilege of paying at any time boforo maturity In sums of SSO and upwards. Complete abstracts furnished each purchaser. MATSON HILL, Real Estato Otfico, 108 and 110 Doarbom-st. FOR SALE—CHOICE RESIDENCE LOTS IN OS bomo's Addition to Hawthorn, on O. U. 4 Q. R. R. t only miles from city limits; aro most desirably situated soar Ogdon-av., graveled drive-way from tho oily tho on tiro distance, will ba sold in monthly payments from $290 to SBOO. JOHN O. OSBORNE, No. 133 EastMadl sou-st., Room 7. For salk-in austin-4o acres at a rah. Kaltu Also SOncros on Lakout. nn easy terms: tho best thing on tlio market. W. 11. WOODBURY, W Washlng tou-st., Room 6. A* state of cultivation, 32 mllos from Chicago/ on Port Wayne Railroad, nt Hobart: price, SBS per aero, payable SIO nor month. OtDoo days, 1-rlday and Monday p to U. . EARLE, owner, Room 3, basement 153 Monroo-st. I7IOR SALE—2O ACRES ON 0., B, 4Q. It. It., NEAR X' Hawthorn: 2 acres on Ohlcsgo-ar., near Qrand-av, J. 11. KEELER, 146 South Clark-st. For bai.e-at a raroain-by-golden a FRESHWATERS, 83 South Clark-st., Room ld:l 40 acres In Roc. 11, 88, 18. 40 acres in Sec. 16, HO, 13. 10 acres in Moo, 22, 39, to. 10 nores in Hoc. 17, 38, 11. 0 acres in 800. 16, H'1,13. SacrcslnSuo. 1, 39. 13. FINANCIAL. TNSURANOROLA7MSBOUOIITINALLHANKRUPT 1 companies. Como and soo mo before selling. H. S. DIETRICH, 77 West Madiaoo-st., np-stalrs. T OANS ON SECURED NOTES. COLLATERALS, JJ homos on leased lots, 40., 4c. L. R. CARSWELL, 149 East Madlson-st. TVfONEYjf ADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAN ILL office; lato Jacobs 4 Co., on diamonds, watches, and other valuables. 177 Glark-st., corner of Monroe, Room 6, TIfONEYTO LOAN ON CHICAGO REAL ESTATE, i-»l collaterals, houses on loasod ground, etc. 11. P. CALDWELL, Room 18. Bryan Block. Money to loan on household furniture, houses on loasod land, and good oollatoral security, at Room 6. No. 145 South Clark-st. K. WINNK. rpo LOAN-AMOUNTS OF SI,OOO OR MORE ON X olty real estate or improved Illinois farms. B. L. PEASE, 79 West Madlson-st. WANTED— $6,000, FOR 6 YEARS, ON »\h,m worth of real estate. LINULE ADAULOW. 126 D.mrborn-st. WANTED—TO BORROW S6OO, FOR ONE YEAR, it on city roal oatato. Address O, Tribune ollicu. Cfl r;nn AND SI,OOO OAK!! IN HAND TO LOAN. JPX.OUU ABBOTT A OLIVER, Room 8, No. 168 Muuroo-st. Cl 9 onn TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. jPZ.ZUU W. M. HOWLAND, 166 Washlngton-st., Room 24. n nnn PURCHASE money paper he. «3>XU.UwI/ cureuon Chicago real estate, (oranypart thereof In sums of not leas than $600), fur aalo at a lair discount. Addroas J 71, Tribune n/lloe. (fcOA nnn TO LOAN at ONCE on good in* uuu side real estate, at 10 jwr cant and small commission, In sums from s|,ooo to $6,000. 80,600 on short time. Q. S. LACEY, 119 Dearboru-si. BUILDING MATERIAL. T?OR RED PRESSED BRICK SUE HODGMAN X 1 BROS., manufacturers, southeast ooruor LaSalle and SladUon-sts., Room 21 Major Block. TPOII SALK-600,0(W COMMON BRICK; 200,000 X pruned. M. D. FLAIU2UTV, Room 18, 183 East Madlson-st. POK BALK-TO CONTRACTORS-! WILL FUJl pish estimates for Trouts of Buena Vista stone at ex tremely low figures; estimates for monumental work lu Scotch granite (to stono-outtors only). Vermont marble in blocks or unwed. Tiling in any size-and cjuallty,. J* 11, HMITII,JB South Olark-st. ™OR""‘HALK—MIhMOO BRICK, HOME ON THE X* ground; balance hero within two weeks. J, 11. SMITH, 18 South Ulark-st. Tji6u~fiALK—I.UMRKR—ABOUT W.IKO FEET OF X 1 joists, Bxl2, 13 and H foot icing, Alsu bO i<|iutui tim ber, IdilO, 13 and 11 foot. Also be sifiiarn timber, 19* Id, 1 fuultong. Alsu 09 pieces, 6x6, 13 and M feet, etc., tor o.ish, or will exchange lor roal estate.’ Alsu soma build ing brick. Apply to F. B. WILSON, 17 South Olark-st., from r? to 2, TO BENTr-HOUSES. r RENT—BY B. O. COLE A. CO., 188 LA- Rallo-st. % ... ..... Jlamllton-av.. SO sod S3, new bricks, It rooms, S6O. Adams-st., 001, and 99.7, 3-story frames, S4O; 8 rooms, nowly papered and painted. Adams-st., third house, south front, west of Western av., S4B. ... van Duron-st., 768, eottage, 6 room*. North Peorla-st., 144, cottage, 6 rooms, $37.80. llubbaru-it., 433 and 4Sjl>4, 2-story,-8 rooms,. cheap J will rent thorn In tenements if desired. - Thlrd-av., 117, 13 rooms, S7A ; TO RENT-HOUSE, FURNIfiIIED COMPLETE, with piano, 10 roams, In thorough tmlor. very conve nient, nouasomokt, bath and walur-uluiet{ fur B months or longer: MJchlann-ay., south of Twcaty-slxth-st. Id quire of 11A8II A HIIAPLEY, Room 6, Otis Block, cor ner LaSalle and Madloou-st. niO RENT—HOUSE ON WEST WABHINOTON-BT M X S3B: homo on Huyno-it.. *6O; Cottage, 7 rooms, near Hoyno and Van Buron-sta, S4U. OEOROIt D. PEABK. 73 West Mndlson-st. rnENT-HWiIt.LINO NO. 138 WALNUT BT., 10 rooms, convenient and in good repair: good baru. Apply on thopremlsos. • a TO RENT—FIRST-OLA 88 RKHIDRNOK 48 CENTRE . av. ( possession given Immediately: also throo good of fice rooms 529 West MadUon st. Apply to Dr. N. 8. UARNEB, 82» West Msdlson-st., Room 8. ■ i TO RKNT—HOUSES—NO. 21. 30, 28 AND 80 ON Tlilrty-sovonlh-st., botwoen Igiko and Kllls-avs. | In apodrepalr. at reasonable rent. B. K. -WKLLB, 188 Doarborn-st. - hlO RENT-NICE 4-ROOM HOUSE, »20s fI.ROOM X bouse, S2B: good nolghborliood. O, W. r DKAN, 1M South Clark st.. Room 16. • • i mo" nKNt-a.nooM house, completely fuu-‘ X nlahod, with modem Improvomonts, hoar Twenty eocond-st., or tha bouse may bo rontod-and furniture bought cheap. For particulars Inquire at 27 Cottage Orovc-av. . • T*~7) RENT— FRAMK HOUSE CORNER OF Twelfth-st. and Indlann-av. For terms, apply toll. M.-CURTIS, 107 KastTnclfth-st. : . ... . \ fltO RKTN-FURNIBHKD RESIDKNOR AT HIGH- X land Park; rent, $360. Address Room .29, Tribune Building.- . frb RKNT —HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS., X cheap to good tenants. JACOB C. MAOILL, 81 and 63 South Olark-st. 1 T“ 6 RENT-391 MIOHIOAN-AN., 14 ROOMS, NEW-’ ly nnpored And painted, fully furnished, or to rootun ■furnlanoa, or forsalo. WM.J. BARNEY, No. 163 East Raudolph-st. fro RENT—A NEW BRICK HOUSE, ENGLISH X basement, and two stories, with all modern Improve-, monte, opposite Lincoln Park. Innnlro of N. BISKN UORTH. 164 Kast Randolph-st., or.W. 11. SAAIPSON A CO., 144 LaSalltut, TO RENT-LARGE 8-HTORY AND BASEMENT stone front, No. 191 BlUs-av., furnace, bath-room, water, and gas; very near horse and ateam can. •' < Also throe good homo* at Hyde Park, soar, trains; cheap. ULRIOII A BOND, 87 Dcarborn-st. 110 RENT-207 TWENTY-81XTH BT., C-ROOM COT.; . logo, 8 closets, pantry and water; S2B a month. Apply to w7v AN O. LINDA, 112 Doarborn-st., Rootnß. fpO NJOE ROOMS;'.WASH- X Ingtnn-st., nearstroot-oXrs. Nice neighborhood. L. H. wIUYNKY, Hi Caßal\o-at., basomant.. • . TO RUNT—A BrI.KNDFD PLACE, 083 SOUTH Doarbom-st., corner Thirty-nlnth-sl., 6 rooms, pan* try, closets. Ac. Room Id barn lor bone. Inquire of J. W. QQULI), up stairs. ’ mo lIENT-A brick house OF 10 ROOMS, HOT -X and cold baths and gasllxturoa, northeast comer Throop and Van lluroo-sl*. In quire i\t 180 Tbroop st. : mo RENT-VERY DESIRABLE. COTTAQB, 669 X Wasblngton-av.. 8 rooms, gas, and water, S6O per month. Apply to W. U. BAMP6ON A 00., 141 LaSalle. St., Otis Block. - • • ■ - ■ - TO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE BRTOK HOUSE,; 048 West Adams-st,. 10 rooms and furnace, rent SCO Ber month. W. H. SAMPSON 4 00., 144 Laßallo sl., tta Block. . , . ! fT\O RENT-VERY ELEGANT RESIDENCE, NO. 71 X Rush-et,; S-itory and basement atone-front bouse; la rooms; modom Improvements; root SI,BOO per year,; Apply to W. U. SAMPSON A GO., 144,.Otls 310 RUNT-NO. 8 NORTH ADA-BT., TWO.STORT . homo, cast front, 7 rooms. OMAR BUSHNELL, 130. oarborn-st.,Room* 11 and 13. • ’ • j . fjpO - RENT—BOARDINO-HO'USB, V ROOMS, ON X Adams-st. osst of Halstod, s6fi; about SQoO worth furniture for sale. R. Q. QOODWILLIE, 133 West Mad

ison-st : • ■ t ■ mO RENT—BRIOK COTTAGE 006 BUTTERFIELD- X st., 6rooms, SB6; cottage 690 Erlo-st., 7rooms, S3O; cottage 768 Fourth-st., 4 rooms, S2O. R. U. QOODwXIr LIB, 188 West Madlson-at. ■ nHo RENT-HOUSE, 16 ROOMS, NEAR CENTRE- X av.. for two families; water, gas, and barn, 830 and 838. it. Q. GOOD WILLIE, l&West AladUonst, . ■ rno RENT-SIX FINE ROOMS AND BATH-ROOM, X all In nice order, for 985. Apply to R. RANDALL, 16 Sllvor-st., or R. KENNEDY, 143 Clark-st., Rooms So and 37. T'O RENT-SIX ROOMS IN 3-STORY, SS9 CALUMET av.. vorynloasnnk for small housekeeping. J. T. ALLEN, 108 Twonty-sccond-st. ■ npo nENT-ndUSK JS4 P ARK. AV., 860 PER MONTH. X Apply at 168 Stato-st. 0. W. STEVENS. TORENT-JHE UPPER PART OP HOUSE NO. 605 North Clark-st,, containing six rooms, gas, and water. . • . T~6 RENT-COTTAGE OF 8 SMALL ROOMS, S2O; olsoSnnall rooms, 810. C 23 West VanDuron-st. TO RENT—OR FOR SALE, NEW HOUSE ON JACK, son ond Adama-sta., oust of Oallfomln-av., cheap and oa easy terms. Inqulro at 1091 Jackson-ot. fpO RUNT—THE 4-STORY BRIOK HOUSE AND X store 124 South Fronklia-st,, near corner Madisou, in the Fluid A Loiter Block. Inquire of M. Huffman, at above premises. • Suburban. rpO RENT—AT UINSDALE-A HOUSE WITH X largo rooms, nlcoly furnished, furnace, chnmlelier*, oto.j grounds lugood condition. D.L.A G. W. PERRY, 160 LaSallc-st. n O BRNT-WINNRTRA- NEW HOUSE, LARGE, X lino lot. near laku shore, 8 rooms, collar. K. M. GRAVES, Wlnnotka. . ■ rpO RENT—NIOELY-PINISUED HOUSE, 9 ROOMS, X alcovo and basement, nn Bomon-Av. ,noar street null steam can; Oakland elation. J. L. McKEEVEB, 133 LuSullo-Bt., Hoorn 16. . riiO RENT-NEAT fi-ROOM COTTAGE IN GNQLE- X wood, near depot; if i?s por month. Inquire of All- BOTr A OLIVER, Room 3No. 153 Monroc-st. Vpo RENT—AT SOUTH,EVANSTON. AN ELEGANT X brick bouse, with 17 rooms, besides bath-room and closets: largo grounds. Alio a 2-story (with collar undi'r tho ontlro houso) frumo linuso, with lo rooms. WA RUKN. KEICNKY A CO., 18 C D.urborn at. TO RENT-ROOMS. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS KN SUITE OH X slnglo; nlsu two largo unfurnished parlors, with all modern Improvements, in nmrblo front houso No. 13 Eldrldgo court. Also largo dining-room, or whole base* ment. TO KENT—BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED SUITES of rooms iu marblo block, overlooking Iciko. No. 23 Twonty-flftU-st. Inquire of PALMER A COLT, Bi Wash- Ington-st. rRENT-A FRONT AND BACK PARLOR FUR. ntshod fur two or throe gontlumun, without board. Addjega N 18, Tribuno olQco. TO RENT—IN THOMPSON’S BLOCK, A SUITE OP 6 rooms j gas, water, and wator-closots, nullnblo for houßokooplng, 235 Wont Madlson-sl. WILLIAM 11. THOMPSON, 329 Wont Madlton-st. 110 RENT-NO. II HONORE-ST., SECOND DOOR south of Madison, largo elegantly furnished front room, with all modern improvements, for gentleman and vrifo. TO RENT-OPLEASANTROOMS, WITH OR WITH outboard. Second floor, 135 Twonty-aocomt-st. rpO RKNT-A LARGE FURNISHED BACK- ROOM, •X with olosot, suitable for two gontlomou, at (S3 Abor doon-st. fpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOM TO ONE OR TWO X gcnllomon. Inquire at CMWnbash-av. fDO RENT— PAUT OF 319 SOUTH X Pnrk-av., with all modern inprovomonta, to a small fil'd RENT-BEAUTIFUL ALCOVE ROOSI IN NEW X oolngon front 33 Park-av.; also room adjoining, and ono email room; firo and gas with privilege of bain; oil unfurnished, to ront single or on suito; private family. References given and required. Apply on promises after 11 o’clock. TO RENT—A FRONT ROOM WITH ALCOVE AND octagon, overlooking Uio lako; furnished handsomely; suitable for gontlemnn and wife, or singlo parties. First class parlies need only apply, 888 Chlcngo-av, rro RENT—7 ROOMS ON FIRST FLOOR, 220 BEDO. X wluk-st., near Elm. Somo furnlturo to ront or for salo with rooms. Apply on second floor. TO RENT—T WONIOE FRONT ROOMS, UNFUR nUhad, with or without board at 167 TuirUetb-st., pgarludlana-av. TO RENT-PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS, 147 South UaUtod-st,; also at 378 West Madison. Moder ate roots. rpO RENT-A SUITE OP FRONT ROOMS AND X double parlors, furnished or unfurnished; also, ftir> nlflhcd lodging room. | Apply at 834 West Randolph*#!., up.atalis. TO RENT-FOUR OR SIX PLEASANT ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping, with private family, 131 Twoutymlnih-Ht. ItO RENT—TO NEAT AND QUIET OENTLKBIEN, frosh-paporod rooms, kopt porfootly clean, Fowlodg* ert. 113 South Poorla'st. O RENT-FURNISHED ROOMSrLARGB AND single, at 84 South Morgan-st., with or without board. TO RUNT—6 ROOMS FIRST FLOOR. GAS, WA. tor, bath; 8 roomi on second floor. Ml South Hal etod-at. TO RENT—TWO UNFUItNISIIftD BOOMS. Sit. TO goutloman or lady, or two gentlemen, corner Halitod and Washlngton-st. T. D. BOYD, IbQ West Washington. rpO RENT—UANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, A olnglo or on suite; transients accommodated. Apply at Room 43, 13, near Mloblgan-av. TO RENT—A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, ‘WITH or without small room adjoining, furnished or uufur* Dished. A good location lor a dental or other office. Ap* ply at 447 North Qlark-st., corner Division. fTO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOM. SUITA- X bla for two single gontloinon, at 818 West Monroo-st., between Morgan and Aberdeen. * TORENT-ELEOANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR gentlemen aud tholr wives or single gentlemen, aIU-b Wabash-av. Kepi by the owner. 1 tO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUITE of rooms, with or without hoard, at 188 South Hal •tod'll. Mb RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS; ALSO, 1 one aulto of uufurulshod parlors, all newly papered, with modern ommmbmmw. 4m Wabnili-av. CLAIRVOYANTS. DR. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, Busi ness and Modlcal Mediums, 109 Woit Madame parTis, the wonderful gypsy. 10 a. m. tub p. m., Sundays excepted. Ladles only. Foe, 50c. *209 Weal Madiion-st., Room 45. DIVORCES. T^IVOIIOEH—LEGALLY ORTAINKD—FEE AFTER U decruo. Scandal avoided, Niue years’ practice In the courts of Chicago, Address P. O. Bos 1037. Divorces obtained for causes, all law busluosa attended to. Room 8, 847 South Clarkst. PERSONAL. PERHONAL-THE FAMILY THAT MOVED FROM No. 7 Saugamun st. please send address to WP, Trlbuno uffiua. pEUSONAX-fIUTLIFFE; CALL AT TRIBUNE OF* TO RENT-STORES. OFFZOES, &o. rnnNT-on lease for salh-a a-story and basement honso, well located, and adapted for Ice-cream parlor* and lino restaurant, on Wabash**?. Id. gnlro at FOLEY'S, 67 South Clnrk-st! TO HANDSOME STORK IN RRIOK building In Rockford, 111. 5 contra of business, 82i2t»{ dry.goods, clothing, or boot and shoo bnslnessproforrod 1 poo iier year. Address ANTON BUIUGKER, Rook* rifcTRENT-DAUN IN REAR OF HOUSE ICD WKST X Adams-sU Apply at 76 South Sangamon-st. mo RENT— OFPi6I{~AND" DRHIC~IIbbMToTfKAi»7 Xln^fl^n^bn^d£ng 1( _No, 310 LaHallo-st,, oornor Adams. TO RENT—SECOND, THIRD, AN!) FOURTH floors, with power And olsvator, 148 Clark-st., near Madison. Apply atBOUWKIZEH'S CoiTeo House. • TO RRNT-kXOBLTiKNT'PLAdK FORaTh AIR OH Notion atoro; S3O per month. Ml Wont fIK) RENT—FIRBT-OLABB OFFICES ON~ FIRST X floor Nison's Building, for a low days only. Inquire at Room B, Nixon’s Building. rro RENT-TWO DESK ROOMS AT 175 CLARK. X at., oornor Monroo, otßcoNo. Ui good light; pcloos very low. * TO RENT—STORK ON MILWAUKRRAV., BTORR on West Kintlo-st., also a cottages Apply nt Kil Wost, up-stalrs. TO RENT-STORK AND DWELLING ON CORNER of Carroll and Lloooln-sts, completed on June 1, 1873; a (rood Inoatlon for drng-storo, Inquire of OKAS. 11. BAuNUM. No. 7 South Canal-st., Room No. 6. : rpO RENT—SUITE OP OFFICES, CONVENIENTLY , X nrraugod.wllh vault, oto. Apply on promises, Room 23, IfiS East washington-st. OFFICE, CD FLOOR, WELL X lighted, on Doarborn-st.. near Washington, at $lO per month. LOUIS LLOYD X CO., Admllslng Agency, 91 Denrhorn-st.l T"'o RENT—DESIRABLE FRONT ROOM ON nooond and third lloors, with or without power, in building 63 and 65 South Oanal-st.. Apply to F. U. WKLUH, 112 LnSallost. TO RENT—HOTEL ON TUB CORNER OP FIFTH ar. and Adams-st., containing 05 rooms, Including bathroom, water closets, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to ownoron tba promises. ■ 1 mO RENT—WELIrLIOIITED LOFTS AND OFFICES X on Hlnto-st,, opposite Palmer's Hotel, cheap. In* quiro at Room 4, 178 Htato-st. ■ TO "RENT—THE LARGE BROONDBTORY OP NO. 843 East Madlson-st., cheap. Inquire ULRICH X ROND, 87 Dearborn-si. mo RENT-A STORE SUITABLE FOR MOST ANY -,X business, with rooms to livo-ln, $35 per mouth. Ap> 1 ply at 605 North 01ark*st. * TO RENT—A DOCK-FROM MAY 1, ON NORTH. bridge. Apply to R, CHESTER, Lamp Manufacturer, N. 4 'Wont Lake-st, mo RENT-AN ELKOANT LARGE STORE, GOOD X light, suitable for any hmdnoss; low rout to a good tenant.: Apply on promises, 77 Doarborn-st. ■ ■ niO RENT-TUB STORE NO. P3 SOUTH UALSTF.D- X *t.. 2-story and basement. Inquire of F. A. QUIN* LAN, Room 3 Major Block, 118 LnSallo-st., or of the owner. 816 WestLake-st. M. QUINLAN. BOARDING. AND DODGING. West Side. 90ENTRE.AV.-A FRONT SINGLE BED ROOM; also other rooms to rent with board. 9ft ABEUDEISN.ST.—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED 4\J moms; board and everything flrst-clbss, homelike, and stylish, In large marble-front; cbolcoof rooms can bo engaged; bouse being fitted. AO SOUTH OARPBNTER-ST.—FURNISHED AND untarnished rooms with good table board. Good relorenoos preferred. ■ ' ■ • Q1 ABERDEEN-ST., CORNER JAOKSON, ONE a/X block of Van Buren-st. ears.—Pleasant rooms with good board, for gentleman and wife or single gon* tlemon. ; 1 (W WEST ADAWS-ST.—FOUR OR FIVE BOARD XU I ers can bo accommodated with good board at ssa week. . i Af\ CORNER OP WARHEN-AV. AND WOOD XXU * st.—A furnished front room, In a pleasant I oca* lion, with first-class board for two gentlemen, or gentle mau and wife. "I CC CUNTRE-AV.—UNFURNISHED PARLOR AND XOO suite of rooms, with board. Terms ro&souablo. Also, room for single gentlemen. OAO SOUTH PEORIA-ST.-WANTED A YOUNG ju\JU lady to take a very pleasant room in connection with a middle-aged lady of respectability. Price very low. 000 WEST MONROE-BT.—TWO FRONT ROOMS on suite, for gentleman and wife or two or throe gentlemen with first-class board; modern Improvements. Also two-story brlok barn to rent. 9 Art WEST MONROE-ST.-A SUITE OF UNFUR juit % nlshod room*to rent, with or without board. OTb PLK A SANT UNFUIT nlshsd rooms, with board, for two or throo per. sons at reasonable rates In a private family. References. Q9Q WEST WASIIINOTON-ST. CORNER MAY— O £O Furnished rooms with first-class board to gontlo* men and wives or single gentlemen. QQ9 WEST WASHINOTON-ST.—ALCOVE SUITE, with board; references required. ■ QQQ WEST MADISON-ST.-3 LADIES OAN BE OOP accommodated with board. AOfK WEST VAN BUREN-ST. —BEAUTIFUL *±4U rooms to ront ia a brlok house, with modem lm- to parties wUhing first-class accutnmuda ons; rofotoncoa roipilrod. ftftd WEST ADAMS-ST.—BOARD AND TWO Uvli elegant front suites oa second flour, furnished and unfurnished. Single rooms for gentleman; also, barn to ront. ft9Q WEST ADAMS-ST.-TO RENTWITII BOARD. \)£(D a suite of front rooms, fur gontioniiAi and wtfo; also nuo or twu sioglo gentlemen; oono but first-class par ties need apply. JOHNSTONE HOUSE, 1U AND ltd-WEST MAD. isos-st.—Everything first-class; terms $3 per day; tablo board $6 por wook. South. Side. MELDRIDOE-COURT DESIRABLE ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished. A 1 day-board. Prices roaaon&Ulo. 17 ELDRIDQIt-COURT ONE LARGE UNFUR. X I niabcil front room, sad and water. Furnished rooms, on suito and single. A QHUHUAUD-COURT-NEW BOARDING-HOUSE; tlrO first-class board, with room, $1 to $5.50 por wook, with moot piano; day-board, >64. 1,(1 TIIIRD-AV.—GOOD BOARD AND FIRST- X o.*X class room oan bo bad. nn*r miohT6an-av.-laror WKLL-KURNISII. 400 cd room wltb board for gentleman and-wife, or two or three gentlemen. , Q1 Q SOUTiI OLARK-ST.-SIX GENTLEMEN OAN OXO got board by day or wook. First-class board. Q7O — NICELY FURNISHED O 1 4 ftont suito and otbor rooms, with first-class board. Day hoarders accommodated. QA n MICHIOAN-AV. A SUITE OF NEWLY. Ot/Ufurnisbod front rooms to rout, with board, tmltablo for gentleman and wlfo or slnglo gontlomou. Apply to UUs FORSYTH. V A Q/l WABABH-AV.—NICE ROOMS, SINGLE OR Tt/X ou suite, with first-class board; also day board. A good barn to rent cheap, H7~CWAnXsIIXV.,COR. TWELFTII-ST.-SUITES O I O of elegant rooms for pontluimiu and wires, or 6 or 8 singlo gontlemnn. A few day boarders taken. ftd/l WABASII-AV.-A LARGE, HANDSOMELY? Uv x (urnliliod room, with board. Accommodations first-class, itoforonoo required. 77 ,4 MIOHIOAN-AV.—FURNISHED ROOM, WITH I I board, suitable for gontlemnn and wife or two slnglo gouts; also a single room; 3 doors south of Twenty* socund-st. Q7*l WABASII-AV.—TWO LARGE ROOMS, FUR- Oil nlsbod or unfurnished, with firat-clues board, A few tablo boarders desired. QQA INDIANA-AV., NEAR EIGHTEENTII-ST.— OOU A lino furnished front suito. Also parlor, unfur nished except carpot and curtains, with first-class tablo board. Q97 STATE-ST,, NEAR FIELD A LIETKR'S RE- U4 I tall—Finely furnished front rooms; ouo nice room for two young ladles, with board. 199 ft WABASII-AV. -A FEW GENTLEMEN 1.440 with highest references can obtain first-class board. Houso contains all modem improvements. Southwest corner of wabasii-av. and Twonty-thlrd-st.—Hoard for gentleman and wife; also, accommodations for nfow gentlemen. Genteel locatlou. North Side. 1 9A NOIITHOBAUBORN.ST.-NKW AND NICELY IXiU furnished or unfurnished rooms; sullsblo for goo- Uemun or (adloi, wltb first-class board. This In ono of tho must desirable locations iu the city, bolng within oaay walking distance of tho business portion of thu Houth Bide, References oxohangod, A ALLE-ST.-KLEQANT ALCOVE tOU suito with llut-olasi board. Terms reasonable. Country. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN OAN FIND FIRST* olass accommodations lu a private family at River side. Address M 26. Tribune oltiuo. BOARD WANTED. ■ROARD—PLEASANTLY SITUATED FURNISHED J_) rooms with good board (separata or on suite; lor gentlemen or lady nod gentleman; modern improve, monlo, private family, soar Jollorson Park. Andress M 82, Trlbuno otlico. BOARD-BYA GENTLEMAN, WIFE. AND DAUOH- Ior; parlor and two bedrooms communicating, fur nished or unfurnished. with board In a private family; near Union Park. Adaroii, stating location and toms, M 87, Tribune office. . ■R OARD-ON THE WEST SIDE, IN A PRIVATE D family, fur two gentleman. Address M ilf, Trlbuno office; Board-two young wen Wfsii to obtain board In an American or English family whom them aro no other boarder#; must bo wltbln lb minutes' walk of tbo Chicago Plow Company'# works, corner of Arohor-ar. and Wallaco-st. Addrote JAMES ALLEN, cam Chicago Plow Company. BOARD-AND ROOM FOR TWO GENTLEMEN east ol Ktato-st.. between Eighteenth and Twenty olghth-stß. Address 11. B. BROWN, 7e2 South Clark'#!. B— OARP—AND~ROOM FOirTWO wUtiln 15 mlnutea' walk of Tribune uiiiro. Address. stating location and price, U 6. Tnbunu mbco. MACHINERY. COMBINED PLANER AND MATCHERS; FaRUAR surface™; resawing machines; saw arbors. W. A. JAMES, UOOUU A SPENCER, 378 and 375 South Ca nalat. TjtNQINULATHES-OVHR FIFTY IN STOCKS AND JJJ mom ou tho way from the Knit; any emu wanting an engine Utho had boat boo us, W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPENCER, 375 South Uaual-st. For sale-one upright engine, about id horse.power, In perfect order. Imiulre at otHoo of WESTERN HANK NOTE ENGRAVING COMPANY, Southeast corner Clark and Lakes!#. For halk-a htationahy engine, B*ie, in good order. Apply at 132 Mlehigan-sl., corner ol La- Salle. IRON PLANERS, NEW AND SECOND HAND; .1 bnlt-outtnri; drill*! leather bolting. W. A. JAMES, ROUHEjA HPENUER, 374Huutb Uanat-at. pIIINi’ERS INTENDING TO START HuOKIIIND- X lug, or bookbinders to start printing, will find it advan tageous to correspond with J Sal, lltll'outi*'*i., or (huso who have already started botln QEOONU-UAND PORTABLE ENGINES, ONE 8, p one W-horse power, for Bale cheap. W. A. JAMES, ROGUE A SPENCER, STATIONARY ENGINES, ALL SIZES, WITH boilers, for sale by W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPENCER, 275 South Canul-sl. WANTED-A Nll \V~ bu~BECONLMIANU FOOT- Tr lathe. Givedescriptionaud price. AddressMKl, Ttlhuaooffiee. WANTED—MALE HELP. Baoldtooporn, Clarln, Eta. WAHTRD--BY A I’lllT.AliELmiA HOSlltnY, Tt notion, and whllo goods Jobblng-houso—A first-class traveling salesman acquainted with tlio business, ana having an established trade. Address, stating amount ami location of trade, oiporionoo, oto., COX, SMITH A CO., Philadelphia. \\T ANTJSD—BY ONE OF TUB LARGEST RETAIL • * clothing houses In (ho city, a first-class salonmau; Qolsrnomos need apply. Address,giving ago, nationality, oxporlonco, and rofaroncoi alio where lasi employed, ana what wages ospoofod, MBit, Trlbone office. WANTED-SALEBMEN TO HELL GROCERIES AT wholesale by sathplat llbnrnl forms given. Address, with 26 oonU for terras, P. F. WILSON, 117 Prospoot-st. Ojavolnnd, O. . • * WANTED— A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER AND correspondent. Must unilorstaud Gorman. .A good, tollable roan, with undoubted rofnronoos, can aocuro a desirable situation. Only moil who can provn aultlolont practical oiporionoo, will address A 70. Tribune oitlco. - Tyatfoa, WANTED-BY G. HAWLEY A 00„ MCGREGOR, it lowa, two first-class trimmers at once. WANTED— GARDENER;~MAN WEiTL-ACQUATNT od with flowers, con koop the ground in good order, and la also woll.ncqunlntod with raising vegetables, sobor, andstoady. ALLAN PINKERTON, 191 and IW Flfth- TIT ANTED—!I CARRIAGE PAINTERS, ot 731STATE-. W at. ILAYDK A O'BRIEN. •\ITANTHD-0 FIRST-OLASa PAINTERS FOR IN tt aide work, at 109 Twon|y-tblrd-at. Bhooraakgra need not apply. MILLIKEN. WANTED-PAINTPJI FOR COUNTRY JOB. MEET n mo this morning at 10 o'clock, southwest corner of Randolph and Ilalalcd-sla. A. J. SMITH. WANTED— TWO HARNESS-MAKERS AT 105 South OUutoQ-st. IRA 11. TUBBS. WANTED-tMMEDIATKLY-A GOOD OARRTAGR. V ; trimmer. Steady job. Apply to W. J, HARRIS, Joliet, 111. WANTED—TINSMITH, BOOT-MAKER, HARNESS tt maker and blacksmith, to start business at High* wood. Splendid opportunity. K. ABULCY MEARB, 200 LaSnllo-st. . , WANTED PAINTERS AND ■ OALOIMINERS*,' TT hlgliast wages paid to good men. 812 West Lako-at. WANTED-THREE PLUMBERS AT NO. 633 WEST TT Lako-st.' TyANTKD-TWO FIROT-Or.ASS JOURNIiY.MHN TT boot and ahoc-makora by THOMAS BURKE, High, land Park, 111. TITANTED—CARPENTERS—SIX OR EIGHT TRIM. it ninrs. None but first-class. Apply Immediately to A. M. PRATT, N. W, cornor Mlchlgan-av. aud Twenty thlrd-et. WANTED-A MAN TO BUILD ABOUT 120 FEET YY of lonco near Bishop-court; posts 6 foot opart and sot 8M foot In ground. Address, with tonne, B Cl, Trib une ofuco. WLNTED-A FIRST-CLASS FEEDER FOB GOR-' doajii'flsg. Apply to BRIGHT SIDE CO., 8 West Madlson-st. WANTED— GORDON FEEDERS AT PRINTERS’ Kiohapgo, No. 7 Tribune Building. J. W. DEAN. WANTED-A JOURNEYMAN BUTCHER OR TT butebor boy to work In market. Como recommend ed. to-morrow, to 371 Cnthorluo-at,, near Centre-ay.. WANTED-fl CARPENTERS, THIS MORNING. » T Apply nt~ 86 West Madlson-st., In basement. ‘YyANTED-OARPENTERS. 230 MIOHIQAN-ST. WANTED—IMMEDIATELY,. GOOD CUTTERS; . lmt competent men need apply, atll. A. KOHN A BROS., 10, 12, and 14 Lako-st. , ; TITANTED—TAILORS. SEVERAL GOOD COAT T T and pant makers, for custom work, to go to tbo country, about 100 miles srom Chicago, Inquire this fore noon, botwoon 10 and I o’clock at CO and 63 Wabash-ar. WANTED-TWO MEN-UAT-VUESSttft AND HAT blookor. Chicago Straw Works. E.J. TURNER. 68 and 70 HUtost. . * "WANTED-A CYLINDER PRESS-FEEDER—NONE TT but an experienced nnnd need apply. OITA WAY, : BROWN A COLBERT, 7 and 9 South Jelforson-st. WANTED— 10 GOOD CARPENTERS, TO-MORROW morning at 7 o’clock, at 01 Butlor-st. WANTED— A ROASTING COOK. INQUIRE OP Hoad Cook at Anderson's European Hotel, 143 Modi somst/ WANTED-A GOOD STEAM FITTER, AT 159 ERIE at.; ono that thoroughly understands tbo business. WANTED-3 CABINETMAKERS WITH BENCH os. Apply at SAMPSON, QUiDERT 4 CO.’S fur niture rooms, 207 and 269 Wabash-ar. WANTED A FIRST-CLASS JOB PRINTER. BASSETT, BUSH 4 MITCHELL, 13 and 14 LaSaUo at. employment Agencies. TirANTLD-MEN. IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, Ti aud State, to soil our now buttuu-holo outtor bad needle-threading thimble. Agents that wish tbo goods will »avo mono? and timo by buying direct of tbomauu fnoturera, at 99 Kant Madlson-st., Room 6. WANTED— 100 RAILROAD LABORERS FOR Wis consin, $2.20 per day, free faro; 10 .farm hands; 60 wood choppers. ANGEL 4 OOAK.ER 21 West Ran dolph-st. TITANTED-500 RAILROAD LABORERS; WAGES, TT 82.0(1 per day; 23 saw ndll hands; froo faro. Apply at 259 East ,Llndlll(juk, Rouui4.C. v. SNELL, propriotor. . WANTED— 25 TRACKLAYERS, AND 100 MEN TO work on gravel train; good wages. Call at 374 Sonth Wster-st.. near Lnko-wt. bridge. E. F. SHAW 4 CO. TV ANTED—SOO MEN FOR RAILROADS, SAW YT mill*, and farms. For particulars apply to CHRIS TIAN 4 BING, No. 1 South Clark, or 101 South Canabst. Cbaohmon. Teamsters. &o. WANTED-A MAN TO TAKE CARE OF HORSES and garden, and make hlmsolf generally useful on a suburban residence: Englishman or Scotchman preferred. Apply to THE PESUTIUO COMPANY, North Pier. Misoollanooußi WANTED-BY A JOBBING BOOT AND SHOE house in Boston, a salesman with an catablisbod Woßtorn trade. Address Box 2173, Boston Poat-Offico, Mass. \\T ANTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY. 11 and Stale, to soli our now button-hole cutter and needle-threading thimble. Agents that wish tho goods will save mono/ and tlmo by buying direct ol tho manu faoturora, atgOEnstMadlson-et., ItooiuD. WANTED-ONE OR TWO BOYS TO DISTRIBUTE circulars. Call at 160 West Washington-st. WANTED— A BRIGHT STEADY ACTIVE BOY. good penman, quick and correct at figure*: good memory aa bill clerk in a wholesale grocery bouse. Ad dress in own hand-writing with rofcruacoa M 37. Trlbuua office. W~ANTKD-OANVABSERS IN EVERY OITY AND town in the West: SIU n day guaranteed. Samples froo. A. M. RICHARDSON, lid East Aladlsoo-st, WANTED— A GOOD RELIABLE MAN TO OAN vass Lake County lor map. FROST ± MoLEN NAN, City Survoyors, Room 30, Morrison Block. WANTED-A FEW‘SMART MEN TO SELL GOODS in tho city; $3 to $8 easily made per day. Gail, or send2s conta for sample. A. ItAY/26 West Lako-at. WANTED- 20 MORE LIVE MEN WITH SNAP, for light work and good pay. 178 West Washington at., up-stairs. TITANTED—CANVASSERS. GOOD PAY; ARTI YY dies now; work perfect and needed In every fom lly; sell at sight. 170 East Madlaonst., Room 16. WANTKD-80 EXPERIENCED WHITE WAITERS. Call at 82 Shorman-at., botweon 8 and 11 a. m. WANTED— A BOY TO TAKE OARB OF ONE boreo, and w/uh buggy, and roako himself useful about the homo. Wages sls per month. Inquire at Cit izens' Bank, corner Madison and LaSalle-sts. WANTED— INTELLIGENT MEN FOR UNITED States army, at 32 North Canal-st. . WANTED-A MAN THAT UNDERSTANDS VEGE table gardening and care ol horses. HOLMES HOPE, 62 East Van liuron-st, WANTED-A SMART, INTELLIGENT BOY IN AN offico; wages $3 per weak. 39 East Madlsou-st., Room 6. TIT ANTED—GOOD ACTIVE MEN, READY FOR YY business, to call or address JONES A CO., 71 South Canal-st.; .s3o to 8-10 a wook easily cleared. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. TTfANTED-A GOOD GIRLFOROBNBRAL HOUSE -1 T work In a amall family: good wages will bo paid for tho right kind. Apply at 102 South Liuoolu-st. T\rANTED—A GERMAN, SWEDE, OR NORWE- Y? ginn girl for general housework. Apply at office of Wllloox AOlbbs Honlug.Machlnos, 80 South Clark-st. g Tit iTtc ”od ok .“wash, and iron, tho other for second work; releroucos re quired. 53 South Carpontor-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL, SCANDINAVIAN OR German. to do general housework In a email private family. Apply ut3B West Randolph-st., In the millinery ■tore. WANTED— A G GUM AN GIRL WHO CAN SPEAK Gaulish and understands second work to mo to Wash* Inglon Heights /or tho auuimor. Call at Room 19 Major Rlook, Comoro! Madison and LaSallo-sts. WANTED-A COMPETENT NURSE GIRL, NOT it loss than 16 yean of ago, to go out of the city for the ■nnrnior; must giro good ro/orencos. Call at 47 South ’ WANTED-A GERMAN OIRL TO COOK, WASH, and Iron In a private family, (house cleaning done); a competent person can And a good placo at -131 West Jaouflun-81. j rofurenooi required. XVANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK Tr and uno for second work and to take oaro of baby. Apply, with references, at 79 Vlnoennos-av. TX/’ANTED—A GOOD GIRL OR MIDDLE-AGED I T woman to assist In doing tho general homework for a family of 6, and be treated ua one of the family. Apply at P-9 Campliollav., northwest corner of VanUurenat. WANTED-A GOOD GIHLFOU GENERAL HOUSE* work In a small family. Apply at 107 Thlrtlolh-it. WANTED -IMMEDIATELY-A GOOD COOICj washer, and irouer, and who la not afraid to work; good wages, and small lamlly; must como well rocum moadou. 6J booth Sangamon-st., second door from Mad* Ismi-st, WANTED-A GIRL IN A SMALL FAMILY TO Yt awlst lu gonoral housework and sowing. Call for 3 days at No. 9, JSlghuumth-st. XV" ANTED—A GIRL TO DO (JENUR AL”I fo US 16. TI work in a private family at 121 ti.mth Hoyne-si., one block imd a hall south ot Mudtsuu. ' WANTED-A FRENCH GIRL IN A SMALL PRI* vato family whoroa tlrst girl Is kept. Apuly at BJB West Monroo-st. ' WANTED— IMMEDIATELY, A GIRL OR MlbDLft aged woman for general housework j must he a good oook and Irunor. and not afraid of work; highest waai* paid to tho right porson; no Irish need apply. No. lift West Tylor-st., near Robey. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work. Apply ftl7JJl_Weil Jackson-st. WANTED-A FIRST-RATE "OQOk CAN FIND A good situation at 226 West Munroo-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL. GERMAN OR SWEDE, if for guneral hmiscwurk In a small American family offeur. InqulruAM WabnsU.av., hi jewolry store, WANTED-A GIRL THAT UNDERSTANDS COOK- Ingund Is willing to make herself gonurally useful. 1 To such a amid situation Is ollured, with excellent wages. Apply at 426 West Van Ilnrcn-st. WANTED-A GOOD COOK AND 3GIRLB FORGEN oraI housework: wages $6. Apply at 43 Hubbard court. WANTEU-AT HILVEIt-ST., NEAR HARRI son, acompulcnt girl fur general housework; prl vato family; wages $4, XVANTED-ONK OIIAMEEUMAID, ONE DININO- Ii room girl, umi ditli wusher, r.iiJ :\ girl for work In tho pantry, in tho lUihimt Kiting House, Coulralla. Good wagus and a good home for girts. Apply to MRS. MEIUHAN, 03 Kail Uxrrlioa-st. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics—Continued. WANTED— AT 588 WABASH-AV., A GIRL TO DO dining-room work; ouo thatli willing to make bar* aolf generally uaoful TVANTKfj-AYbUNaomr*, NOT UNDER 14, TO tt taboonre of a baby and help with light work, at 510 Wost'Monroo-st. '*, , ; i • •, , j \VrANTED--A GOOD DISH-WASHER. AT CON- Tf UnontaUlqtel, ooninrState-st. and Klurldgo-court. WANTED— A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND Irnnor, In a email family. Apply, alter 11 o'clock, at No. 17 lllshop-court, noar Union Park. WANTSD-TWb BOTUJd OIIU.H, ONB KITJIBN girl, at Parkor House, corner "Madison and Hal •tod-eta. WANTED-A COOK IN A PRIVATE DOARDINO Vr hmigQ. Apply 118 Third av. W ANTED—A NEAT, STEADY OIUL FOR OBN TT.,®ral houseworksone that understands how to work and Is willing j no of here need apply 5 wages- llboral.-1(08 Wabash av.,_noap Thlrty-llratet. WANTED— A GOOD BWEDK. DANE, OR NOR wcglan girl do, nonornl homework in a small American family. PEKIN TEA COMPANY, 87d Rtalo. Wantedla girl for general TiouseT work, for family of throo. Liberal wsgoe will bo paid. Apply at WiDonrborn-st., below Twenty-nlnth-st. Employment Agonolos. WANTp-SfrUATIpNB OBTAINED AT MRS. it A. L. MALKAM’H Employment Bureau, W5 Wa uaßh-aT.i good help for hotels, restaurant*, boarding, houses, prlvato families, for oity or country: also, cooks and chambermaids for the lakes. 885 Wabash-av. \V ANTED—CAPABLE COOKS, DINING-ROOM TT and house girls for the best of families and. boarding homos. AIRS. WHITTAKER, 205 Ohlcngo-ar. • - - WANTED-BWEDE, NORWEGIAN. DANE, AND *», Gorman girls tor general housework; also two cooks and one laundress. Apply at I*7 Weat Randolph-st., Rloo A Jackson's Block, Rooms Bind 4, . T\TANTED—ATTIIE STAR EMPLOYMENT OFFICE T T , —200 girls with references and not afraid of work foe pmato (amilios In city and country; also girls for hotels, restaurants, laundries, and boarding houses: No. & West Madlsou-st.; branch office 125 West Munroo. , , Milliners. wanted-a GOOD Mir,liner TO GO IN THE M country. Apply to GAGE BROS A 00., IU7 Wa b&ah-av. WA NTED—IMMEDIATELY—A GOOD MILLINER. Inquire at 647 SonntßtroßSon. WANTED-M FIRST-CLASS SHIRTMAKERS, AT It WILSON BROS., 73 WostWaahlngton-at. ) WANTED-A, SEAMSTRESS WITH SEWING MA< •TT chine, for light sowing, atonoo. 26 Abordoon-at, Wanted-good.buttonuole-makersTnd fimshora for while shirts: Uio work oan bu done ot homo. TOMLINSON 4 SNIDER, 160 Btato-it. WA N T E~D-TWK NT Y - FIV it GOOD DITeSSMAK orsatMANDEL BROTHERS. State andHarrison- Wantbd~youno“lady to give instruo tlpns dp sowing machine; moat fully understand run ning shuttle machine. Apply at office of, Wilson Sowing Machine Co.. 378 West Madlson-st; WANTED-SO. STRAW BRAID SEWERS. COME ready-to work. E. J. TURNER Chicago Straw Works,,6Band7oStato-st. . TITANTED LMMEDIATELY A FIRST-CLASS tt operator, with machine, to work at 'dross-making. and tl;o host uood apply at N0.,M3 Nurses- WANTRD-A GOOD. HEALTHY WKTNURSE FOR TT a child 5 mouth* old. Apply, boforo 10 a. m.orat noon, at Dr. R. N. FOSTER'S, 481 West Madlson-st. Housekeepers. wAN T ED —HOUSEKEEPER MIDDLE-AGED TT American woman, with child, to do thu work of a °° ‘ ltrnl - Am,r *° “• "• Miscellaneous, T\TANTED-TWO DINING-ROOM GIRLS TO WATT TT unontablostna restaurant a hours caoh day. Annlr at 426 Wost Van Buron-st. WANTBD-8 PRAOTiOAt WEAVERS (w6MBN) TT on powor-looras. A Q GARFIELD 4 CO - .. 239 and 341 Lako-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE.’ Bookkeepers. Clerks. &o. QITUATION WANTED-AS CLERK OR PORTER O in hardware store; good city references. Salary no ob» loot; willing to work. Address FE M, 282 Burnsldc-at. QITUATION WANTED-ANY RELIABLE FIRM O wanting a man who has A No. 1 roferoooosas a thor ough accountant and orory way rollabto, address M 90. Trlbuno otllco. QITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER OR O salesman in a grain or produce commission house or other wholesale bouse, whoro faithful services can bo ap- Broclatcd. Can bring a largo olty and country aoqualn uico, and u&tUfactory olty roforonoos. Address W6, Trlbuno otQco. Coa,olunon, Teamsters. &o. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG DANE AS coachman. Address N. CHRISTENSEN, Hotel Denmark, 9 aod 11 Mllwankoo-ay. QITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS O coachman and gnrdonor; host of city roferonoos given. Address J M, S Twoaty-alitn-Bt. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG BDANDINAVI an man, who understands taking oaroof horses, wants a situation as coachman In or near tbo olty. Address M 76, Tribune otllco. . SITUATIONS WANTED-BY MAN AND WIPE. HoaaNo. 1 ooaoliraan; shoos cook or lauudross. Bast olty roforonoo. Address B 20, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS MAN (Dano), as coachman, or to work in a store or whole sale house. Address M 61, Tribono offico. Situations wanted-in the oity or coun* try. with private famlllos preferred, by two young men (Dnno). They know all about horses and aro willing to work for reasonable wages. Address A 77, Tribune office. SITUUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OP sober and steady habits, as coachman in a private family; understands the driving and taking oaro ol horses. Address V 98, Tribune office. SITUATION :WANTED—AS COAOHMAN, BY A mau ol 16 years' experience: well acquainted with tho city. Address, for 8 days, ÜB, Tribune office. xtfißoollnxiootXß. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O man ot good business habits, in a wholesale store, ts collector, light porter, or watchman: tho best city refer onco and security given. Address INDUSTRY, Tribune offico. QITUATION WANTED-BY A NORWEGIAN O well acquainted with tho wholesale and warehouse business: speaks English and is well posted about town. Plcaao address M 73. Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics* QITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL. IN A PRT- O rate family,to do general housework; the South Bido proforrod. Please call at 351 Catborlne-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL. IN A PRI- O vato family, to do second work; tho South Side pre ferred.Please call at 861 Cathorino-st. SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE girl just from the country, agod 15 years; oity refer ences and security (or integrity; no boarding parties need apply. Address ADA, 867 Ulybourn-ar., until Saturday next. QITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GIRL IN O a private family. Please call at 8U BudJan-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL AS A O nurse or would do llisbt second work. Apply Thura day morning at 43d West Van Buroo. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY YOUNG woman, as first-class laundress, 000k, washer, and ironor, or second work, in a small private family with no children. South Bidu proforrod. Is a good plain cook. Please address M 93, Tribune offico, Thursday apd Friday. SITUATION WANTED-AB SECOND GIRL OR nurse girl; Is willing to travel. Ruforenco given. Call at 252 DurnslJo-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD RELIABLE O Protestant girl as cook. No objection to a boarding honse. Best of oity xoforonoos. Call at No. 70 North Sangamon-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO OIRLB-ONE TO cook, wash, and iron, the other tek do second work. Apply ot 16 llopo-st., olf Blue Island-av. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MARRIED O man as collector, or in sumo busiuosa where bo can have steady employment. Best of roforoncos given. Ad drees K, 983 Fulton-st. • SITUATIONS WANTED-TWO GIRLS WANT A SlT uatlou together to cook, wash, andiron, and do see* ond work. Apply 191 Ooolidge-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls, as dining-room or chambermaids. 210 West Randolph-st. SITTATION WANTED-IN A NICE FAMILY, TO do light second work and bow; understand! sowing machines. Otll for two days at present place, lit Mlohl gan-ay, QITUATION WANTED—AS SECOND GIRL IN A Qnrlvate family; is a good sowor and operator. Gall at 179 Uutterllold-at., near T wcnty.socund-st. Employment Agencies. Situations wanted-at the star employ menl oflloo—lor Borne of tho boat working girts hi Obi. cago, (not Intending to llattor them), In hotels, res* lauranta, laundries, boarding and private bouses; don’t fail to give ue an early call, and remember our number is 6 West Madlaoq.u.; branch oitico hie West Monroe. Soamatromos* QITUATION WANTED-AH PERMANENT BEAM* Ostros* in a family, or a hotel. Tim best of reference* given. Address for three days Va, Tribune olHco. Honaokoouor®* QITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER BY O an experienced American woman. In hulol or gentle* man’s family. Address A, 800 Nortb-av. Miscellaneous. QITUATION WANTED-BY A Itnai'EOTApLß O youtig lady, oi copyUt s can write a first-class hand. Address, for two days, 125 West Jackion-at. QITU ATION WANTKU—A'HKS PK()TA 11 Lit WOM Alf O wlflbos to go to Europe with a family as dry-nurse or servant \ speaks both languages well, and eon furnish good recommendations. Pleaso oddross MRS. 0. 8., grocery •loro at 187 West LaVo-sK QITUATION WANTED-RY A LADY TO WRITE O hi an ottico, or as prool-reudor, oashlor and saleslady. Unexceptionable references given. Address U4, Tribune S" Ti’UATION WANTED-RY A LADY, AH GUTTER, sovoral yours' experience, host of city toforonoo* given. Address CUTTER. Trlhnno oftlco. AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED-TO KELL THE CHAMPION rih A'iV.'JK.! 4 ?. l ) •mouthing Iron; the host nno mado. OH AM V I UN FLUT INO.IRON COMPANY, 41 Tltlrd-av. A QKNTH WANTED—TOIiKLL OUR NEW RUT* A ton-11010 Cutter and Nuodlu-TUresdlug Thimble, Agents clear S2O per day. 99 East Madlson-st.. Roomfl. A GENTS" WANTKD-OANVAB3INO AGENTS IN Jx. overy school district in tho Uultsd States, to sell Ohmcr's Adjustable Stilts. Address A. J. OIiMER, Hamilton, Ohio. A GENTS VVANTKD-S2O WATCH FREE TO ALL ii agents. Samples 25u; worth 60c. Call or send early, MERRILL A CO.. 25 West Lako-sL "a G ENTS WANTisb-iIEWETT FLUTING, POLISH. Jx. lug nmiimiul him combined. Fmlos any length. Homo county ag>melos open. 179 hast Madlson-st. AGENTU WANTED-TO KNOW .THAT OHA3. Hock, wholesale dealer In books and priio package!, has remuivd to No. 152 East Qulncsy-sV. 7

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