Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 10, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 10, 1873 Page 7
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MARK'S PROTEST. A Smart Trick of tlie/Wily Com missioner Frustrated* Messrs. JTason and lYriglit Too Sharp for tlio Bridgeport Fox, A very stormy discussion between Commis- Bionors Wright and Mason on tho ono side, and Commissioner Sheridan on tho other, occupied yesterday. Tho cause of the discussion was tho action of Commissioner Sheridan in , handing In his protest against the adoption of the order - given by Superintendent Washburn on the liquor ■' question. ‘ * ’ The two Commissioners took the, ground that Mr. Sheridan had no right or authority to place upon the records any protest, without submitting It to the Board for inspection.' They claimed that tho protest was surreptitiously placed upon the records, and' that Us tendency was incendiary, and calculated to encourage the officers to neglect their duty. They claimed ’that they had tho right to see everything that went on the records before it was placed there. .Commissioner Sheridan emphatically dis- ~ , avowed any intention to act surreptitiously; that • his language was his own; that ho had already offered hia protest to tho Board verbally, and* that they wore therefore cognizant of tho spirit Of the protest.* •■ ■ ■ . Commissioner Mason said that there the mat-, ter ended. There the verbal protest ended. But when he offered a written protect, then the Board had a right to see it and decide whether its tend ency was proper. . a Commissioner Shendan insisted that the order was an emanation from the Mayor's office, and the actioii of the Commissioners*was malignant. Commissioner Wright denied'that the order had emanated from tho Mayor's office. Commissioner Mason said that if a war, a riot, or a'disturbance of any kind followed upon the tisc of these words, ho would hold Commissioner Sheridan personally responsible for it, and would make oath of it. Commissioner Sheridan said a time was com ing when bis would bo vindicated. The Commissioners could not apply the gag to him. ' Commissioner Mason thought the language of the protest was dangerous in the extreme, and- Unworthy of any num,at tho head of a depart ment. Ever einoe last Monday ho had felt that Bheridan bad endeavored to-throttle him. Commissioner Sheridan said tho. Commission ers could not deny him the x>rivilego of making ft protest. ' • - . Commissioner Mason said he might make any protest ho choec, but it must bo done lu respect ful language. Commissioner Sheridan was surprised at tho result .of his * 4 innocent” protest. Ho did. not suppose it would excite a ruffio. Commissioner Mason said ho did not quite ac cept that for gospel. , and again the question came tip. Com missioner Sheridan inquired whether the protest of the Board claimed that hiaproteot was surrep titiously recorded. ' Commissioner Wright said that, as the Board were allowed to put their construction ou hi* protest, he might pat his own on that. • Commissioner Masoil said that he had pat that protetit in,‘ and not to tho Board. Commissioner Sheridan said the other mem tiers were not present at tho time, and the fact that he was going to protest was-made known to Col. Wright the evening beforo- Commisaionor Mason—“ And tbd matter was •.of bo much importance that it could not wait a day!’* . .r. . : The Board adopted the following resolution, Which was adopted—yeas, 2;. cay, I—Sheridan; Jlctolvetl, That the protest entered by one of the Commissioners of this Board ic the records of the proceedings of the 3d day of May* 1873,-was so entered without being first presented to the Board, and that . vet disapprove of the language used in said protest os Incendiary in character, as tending to incite the force ■to disobey the orders of the Board, _ and unreflecting ffiHwnw to resist the police In the discharge of their Buties. It is therefore ordered, that hereafter no pro test shall be entered on tiio records unless the same be submitted in writing to apd be permitted by a majority Tote of this Board. • Commissioner Sheridan read a part of Uis OTiiteix protest. * . Commissioner Mason said that if Shondan would write out a plain atateoent of facta as to (bow ho had discussed the question, how ho had •written out his protest, how he had given it to ij)r. Ward, thinking there was no harm in it, he Would agree to let it go on the record. ■: CoL Wright—“ And if von do that, I’ll sign; it, itoo.” Commissioner Sheridan—'' You can’t ‘ get me to make an apology, gentlemen ; "yon can’t do .that.” Commissioner Mason said that Mr. Sheridan Was hbo the Scotch woman in hia way of fight ing. He was pnmmoling away with a pair- of tongs and crying murder.. . Commissioner Sheridan said he had the right to offer a protest. Commissioner Mason — 1 please?" Commissioner Sheridan — 1 the mildest in the world.” Commissioner Mason—“ln the country you came from many a man was hanged for leas in cendiarvlangnage than that.’.’ Commissioner Sheridan—“ Tea, andl left that country to escape being hanged.” The Commissioners resumed their good hu tnor, and talked pleasantly until Mr. Sheridan’s counter-protest slionld bo written ont. But they waited in vain, for Mark pnt on his coat and. new hat, and wept ont, preferring to prime his pop gun afler mature deliberation. There will be another row this morning over the 11 o’clock order. ‘‘.Expansion in the Drug Trade. Somo [recent examinations of a few .of tlio moat important articles in the drag-trade show a surprising facility and extent of adulteration. Among other features of dishonesty in this - line ia the mixing of olive-oil with lard-oil or cotton seed oil, which is very commonly done. The ar ticle of rhubarb-root is also a matter of fre quent fraud. The . common China rhubarb is given a coating of Turkey rhubarb-duet, and then sold for Turkey, rhubarb, the latter being • four times the -r*f ce 0 f the-former. Large quantities of adulterate*.medicines,are imported directly, such as blue-pill withone-third 'the proper proportion of mercury.; Quinine is .also imported adulterated- with sahcm.._ gala cine itself is eometimee used as a medicine, « C( i then maybe sophisticated by Bomething,elsc Cream tartar is combined with marble-dust or ■ [ground alum, and all the powdered drags are easily mixed with cheaper material. A few • staples are beyond this system of deception, such as camphor, licorice, etc.,* but this liat, is a • email one. Essential oils offer a great scope for fraud, and but few experts can detect it. Blasting: by Electricity. The Aberdeen Free Press says that an experi ment was made with-eleotricity os a means of thine blasting charges in the quarries at Kem nav Scotland. A huge breast of rock; calculat ed'to weigh about 2,000 tone, was bored in'elov en places? charged, and fired almost simultane ■ouslv by a current of 4 electricity from a battery •which was under the care of an electrician. The We mass was atartod with htUo noise from the report, but with a rumbling like that of distant thunder. A second blasting was fired the next Bay, and though the ground was covered with enow and a heavy snow-storm was falling, wires extendil.S9o feel in length being laid, and a Sr?cnt of electricity put on, in an instant a, tro mendcous explosion was heard, which shook Se mound like an earthquake. . Great masses STJmita were nrheaved m the air, and about E OooTom were diiplaced. It is the largest blast Which had ever hien witnessed in those qnames, affected by meats of. electricity applied by a new Apparatus most ingeniously constructed. A \alaable Antiseptic* 1L Jaoqur-2 has presented to the Jrench Academy of Sciences a paper containing, the Spence brims collected m regard to the viriuo of borax as an antiseptic. The sub-borate of ammonia too, . according, to the results.' of this chemist's .experiments, is of marked importance in* the vprld of eciencf Agolnlion of 5 parts of ooraxin 100 of wa er is represented'as preventing the putre-. fact!* process in meats for a conaiderable time: flea l dipped in • the mixture and then dried re «Btß tue usual processes decompo -don. For dissecting rooms* the : taxi dermist, andthose engaged .n preparing cabinet specimens of. aninal tissues, M. Jacqnoz’s method is consMerec important, as being economical,, and in no waydangerous, or ..Uablo to iuvolyp, painful accidents, notunfre quent v;ith arsenic, which is so n'uca employed in embalming and in securing matomical prepar rations against vermin. powa Legislature*Waylllanipalatcfl» An amusing instance of legislative manipula tion is related by the Hartfo'd Courant. It oc *fjurred several years ago, in connection with the pardon of Hart Allen, a Ney York burglar, trho had been sentenced :o a ten year term in the State Prison. A reioution for his release was before the House, bit it stood a very precarious chance of passage, oerng to the opposition of the Republicans. Itert’s brother had manage* znent of tho matter,aid he arranged to have it called, op at an oxsiing session when there should be a thin att<rdance; but it so happened that on tho evening let down for it,* the Repub licans fonued a majrity of those present; The smart brother, therefore, hit upon a very in genious device to ndme the opposition. Tho evening was very wain, and there wore* frequent calls at tho ice tank*. Selecting tho tank on tho majority side of iba douse, he dropped in a Jmwerful emetic, vhich had tho desired effect, first ono thirsty ftopuliican took his ice-water, and very shortly felt tncomfortablo and loft; then another foflojve/, md another, and so on, till the House jiromisidto bo almost entirely de serted on ono side. * ?fae rascally* game workeu veil, and it probably saved tho resolution and gavo Mart Allen hisLerty. When a vote was taken, concurrent actin was secured only by the smallest margin. .: T?OB SALE-CHOICE ffBURBAN LOTS ON THE B Milwaukee Railway, lx mUos distant, and twenty minutes’ ride, la Clybourn Addition to Ravcnswood. lots arc laid out 6052 feot on 80 feet street*, and will be sold opon easy tent, at from SSOO to S7(XJ per lot. The facilities for accc&a> and from tho city—tho desir ability of tho land—it bcir high and thoroughly drained —the proximity to schools, and society, contend this property as the best at the price now in the nnkol. Comparison challenge! Tho attention of tho Indus trious—the thrifty—the citious—ls called to these lota aa aites for homesteads or izoitmenta. Call, for a printed nbst*ct and plot, upon ROBERT GEER. &i LaSaHo-st.. Room 3. For sale-at a spdial bargain, the very choicest 100 acres a Washington Heights, thickly wooded and beautifully shxtod on the hlghoct part of tho ridgo; buyers of aoroproorty will d» well to giro this tract particular attention HENRY E, MARBLE, Room 6, 79 Doarborn-st. FOR SALE—AT EffIiHWOOD—WB ARE PRiC pared to furnish moto and buQd 30, 40 or 50 houses to order upon our lands, I diomost improved part of this growing suburb. HiTltlTltD A CO., juß LaSalle-sf. FOR SALK—BUY miLB YOU CAN—IO 'ACRES on Fifty-fifth-st. Boulevard, mar Ha Is Usd. BUL BURP A CO., 208 Laaio-st. ' FOR SALE—A BIGpARQAIN—2OACRES AT EN glewood. HULB’KD A CO.. 203LaSallo-st. - FOR SALE—AT XfGLKWOOD—QIOICE GROVE nrouertyin 60 o 100 foot lots on Mciilcan, Wabash and Indiaua-avs. JJJLBURD A CO., 108 LaSalle-st. OR SALK-AOIS PROPERTY-PARTIES SEEK- Ini: investment dll do well to look tt an especially good bargain 1 can Her. O. «J. STOUOIx, 72 and 74 Doarbum-st., maiifi**or» RAVENSWOOD-A DESIRABLE dwelling bonsai Brooms; good brick cellar; furnace; bard and soft wat**; lot U2xla3 foet. ornamented with frnltaud shade toos; a comfortable norm, and it will bo sold at a-bargatr only SUM) cash roqutod. Apply to ROBERT GRP*ff. M LaSalle-st., Roum2. fpbfl SALF-AT SOUTH LAWN. FINE HIGH Jo ' lots !>alf ,cre * or blocks;dlstanco 4!minutcs by HU n«i»C.'K, rates. Several hundred acres of trer are being sot; SO houses wll soon bo orcct- A<i A timed number of lots will be riven to parties who will bo<i- YOUNG A ROWLEY, Room 3. No. 152 Uearborn-f- [ ' KEIT ON GREEN _T wo*»d.v., between Furty-oifbtta ant Forty-ninth-sts. Very eas*pajiaHUtis to party who will juild. SNYDER A LKK 1 Nixon Building, nor.hoast corner Slooroo and LaSaho-ta. ; TjTOR*ALE—OR EXCHANGE—A COMFORTABLE J} uase, bara.'ond 7M acresof land at Barrington, 3U juUesrem Chicago: 7 trains a day. There is a largo amopt of frnitand shrubbery <u tho place. O. B.GRU j’lp}l33 Madison-st., corner Olirk. t —CR SALE—KENWOOD-THE CHOICEST TOO feet on the shore, one block from depot; S9O per front to*.. STORRS A WARE, 94 Washlngton-st. VIOR SALE—AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, 6, 10, OR P 15 acres, at a bargain Must be sold before the 15th if May. TiIUESDIHJU BROWN. 175 West Madison. For salb-40 acies of excellent land adjoining Blue Xelajd. Inquire of K. F. McOLLN TOCK, Blue Island, 111 FOR SALE-CHOICE RESIDENCE LOTS IN OS borne’s Addition UHawUiorn, on C. B. & Q. R. K-. only I# miles from cirjUmtcs; aro most desirably situated noar Ogdon-av., gravcod drivo-way from the city tho en tire distance. Will b sold In monthly payments from S:XWtoS3OU. JOHN C. OSBORNE, No. 133 EaatMadi son-st.. Room 7» . OR BALE—2 ACRES IN WIriTFORD’S SUBDl vision, in Sec. 86, 3, 14; $1,600 per acre. ABELL & HOTCHKISS, 43 Otißlock, LaSallo and Madiaon-sts. EOR SALE-5 AORS GOOD DRY LAND, HIGH state ol cultlvalm, 32ml!us from Chicago, on Fort Wayne Railroad, atlobart; price $55 per acre, payable Bll> per month. Otfid days, Friday and Monday 9 to 3. j. EARLE, owner, x>om 3, basement la 3 Monroo-st. For sale-in ajstin-we have for sale Bomo of the bosiota in this pleasant suburb. CAN* FIELD * MATTEQN, 60 LaSatlo-et. OR SALE-EJGLEWOOD-DESIRABLE LOTS on couvoniont to depot, school, «nii church, and in j neighborhood that is being rapidly improved. CANFLLD A MATTESON, 60 LaSalle-st. 1?OR BALE-UTIE PARK ROAD, NEAR FORTY i Hfth-st., IOoA I feet. CANFIEIID A MATTESON, 60 LaSallo-st. ' THOR SALE-HOE PARK-80 FEET ON GROVE ±i at.: 100 feeton Umbark-av. CANFIELD A MATTE SON, 60 LaSalle-st ‘ For sale-cous up. out of this wet, and got a lot on a hill at Hinsdale. Several left, with houses and withou. O. J. STOUGH, 72 and 74 Doar bora-st., main Bor. I7)QR SALE-HGHWOOD—FIRST STATION THIS } side 1-wVf Foost; same trains, with mure command ing position: (annotation, ISoonts. Now bonnes, from SSCJ to §4,001 small or no payments down; s*l<o to 8600 yearly, i»chdlng Interest. 4,11 of the lots are cov ered with tiiwod shade trees. Either of houses' Would rent for mor* ti*n I ask for them in Chicago, no nearer centre of budne* by horse cars than those are by steam. ASHLEY fIEAIS, 3oq LaSalle-st.; residence, Highwood. OR SAIE-LAfE FOREST RESIDENCE PROP orty—'Jhose seckLc homes should visit this beautiful suburb, which, with fa social advantages, schools of high grade, eteguot retldciceg and grounds, beautiful and healthy location, botel-acd churche*. otfers unusual in ducements to those during suburban homos. CAN FIELD. A MATTESON.6(j LaSalle-st. For sale-at a Urgain-by golden a FRESIIWATERS, Eitouth Clark-st., Room 16: 4i acres in Sec. 11, 3S, -13. acres in See. 10, 2i», 13. ;o acres in Sec. 22, 39, 13. Lacres in Sec. 17, 3s. 14. 6 acres in Sec. 15, 39. Sucres in See. 1, 39. 13. •“ In any language you • u Tlie language was FOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE-ONE OF THE BEST residences In the City of MadLya. Wls. Fine Largo, grounds, well covered with an abujdance of fruit and shrubbery; noar the shore of the lake Will bo sold very low for cash oroxchangodforcity or s«barban property. G. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Madisoa-st., OR SALE-A FLOUR AND CUSTOM MILL, 'with 11 acres of land. Including mill »ond, situated 25 miles southeast of Madison, Wia.; size ov mill-house, 80x40 fu, three stories in holgtt, containing run c ( 'stone; driven by a 48 inch Dayton wheel, win head of water from 6to 7 feet on a never failing stream. Also, hog-pons snd steamer house, all iu good order. T .**ico, £6 ft.o; will take part payment In real estate, lor p, r . ttculars apply at Bluolslsad^aT^_^^ —i<M^M^^^M^^ Wantisd-ownbrs of houses AND LOTS, OR vacant lots, who can offer bargains, will do woli to seem. H. OSBORN A SON, 128 South Olark-ec. -nrANTED-WE WANT TWO OF THE BEST RESI* Yf donco lota on the North Side. U. OSBORN A SON, 128 South Clark-st. , • TTT ANTED—ONE ACRE .OF LAND FOR A RESI- W denoe, within an hour's ride of Chicago. Address A 97. Tribune office, staling trice and terms. TTPANTED—2O RESIDENCES IN THE WEST DIVI VV aion of tho city for customer*, varying in price from $2,000 to $20,000 each. S. W. KROFI, Room 14, Major Block. ; _J ; WANTED-SITE FOR MANUFACTURING y FOUR or tiro acres In or contiguous to city. Must bo convenient receiving and sUnping faclUtiesfor freight m bulk-and by package. Address CHARLES iObll.K, Gardner Housed - GILL, 81 and 83 Sooth Clark-gt. WTANTED—A GOOD RESIDENCE, "WORTH FROM Wjtkm to 320,000. wm pay. part purchase mnnor ttortwAg. and part cash. Address J. X*. 72 Doar^. rn . B t. ■ _ _ WAKTEj._ ACR EB! ACHES’ ACRES !-WE HAVE constant Jnnulrcs for aero property : can maxe quick aaloe at n «ood prices. JACOB C. 31A0ILL, 81 and t3 South ClarkXt.-- For sale—a few singer and grover a Baker late family sewing machines in complete order* at half cost- 523 InAlanr-et., betwogp Rush and Pino. Grover 4 baker’s sewing-machines-gen oral office, 150 Statc-rt.; branch office. 972 -Wabasfc av. Persons having old Grover A Baker sewing-machines are invited to cal! and see the new improvements, and bear something tc their advantage- SINGER OFFICE OF A. J. MELOHERT, 215 SOUTH Halsted-et. Machines sold on monthly payments, and rented.. Open evenings. —^ HEELER i WILSON - SEWING MACHINES, the new improved sold or rented on easy monthly payments. BURNHAM 4 FLANNERY, City Agents, office, 838 Wes; Madiaon-st.; will remote about Mayl, 1673. to 155 Stato-st For sale-a fine safe, nearly new. Call at 78 West Washington-st., corner Jefferson. FOR SALE-OPERA-TWO RESERVED .SEATS (Orchestra Chain) for matinee this afternoon. Boom J, 164 Madison-st. - - FOB SALE-LOW, OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR AL most anything convertible Into cash, a judgment in Circuit Court ox County, 111. Address T 100, Tribune office. ' ■ I7IQR SALE—TWO 22 FEET DRY GOODS COUN ' ten, black walnut tops. Apply at 49J South- Hal eted-st. ? TPOB SALB-TWO GOOD STANDING DESKS AND J; stools, partition, pigeon-hole case, and other office furniture.. Apply to ROBERT GREER, 61 L&Salle-st., Room 2. • . * : - STRAYED OR STOLEN-FROM POND 4 SOPER’S, corner Twenty-second and Loomla-eU., a brown and white spotted horse, lame in left forward log. A liberal reward will bo paid for return of same. STRAYED-FROM THE STABLE OF UNDER slgnod a sorrel horso, with white stripe on forehead, not well fod. Anybody returning the horse will be liber lllr reworded byJACOB POThS, 5a Eonth Csnsl at. , QTOLEN—HORSE AND* BUGGY, ON THE BTH O Inst., in front of our office, a cheinut mare, weight about 9& pounds, white bind legs, whitish face, little weak-kneed, harness plain blac<; also, top buggy, ziewly Tarnished, three Iron bow-sockots. and one wooden bow, Salle-st. TTIOR SALE-ONENNEtW t J. J* piano; cost $500: will sell for $450. -J. B. STOREY, 84 and 86 LaSallo-st., Room S5. , TJIANOS FOR SALE AND TO RENT; THE JL Smith American organ, with two bants of keys, tlx* tocn stops, and f«ur complex seta of roods, at 2*9 East Eandolph-st. by.J. PRESTON. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. . COUNTRY KEXL ESTATE. REAL estate wanted. SEWING machines. FOB. SALE. STRAYED OR STOLEN. MUSICAL. THE CHICAGO DULY TRIBUNE PS MAY 10, igtS. ’. CITY REAL ESTATE. TpOR BAl»i£—LOT NORTHWEST CORNER FULTON J* «ud St. John’s-plsce, ono block from Onion Park, 90x130; will subdivide; builders can buy without down payment; $l5O per foot. Two stores, brick, and living rooms above, corner Tay lor and Western-av.. $6,000 and $5,0u0: forms easy. 'Northeast corner lot and bouse, 50x125, Lake and San garaon-sts.; lung time: bouse 13 rooms. Southeast corner Wabash-av. and Twenty-ninth-st., 2. story frame bouse, ’ and lot 33%z153 to 16-foot alley; barn; billiard-room, arbor, grapery, summor-bouse, 10rooms: $13,000. bis brick bouses, swell-fronts, Adams and Seeloy-av., to bo finished Ang. 1, $8,500 to SIO,OOO, long time; can bo Internally arranged to suit purchaser. House and lot 13 Abcrdeuu-st.; tonus easy; 10 rooms* 34x120. 1254 Wabash-av.. 2-story frame, and lot 25x190; $7,600. House and lot 463 West Jackaon-st., south front! lot 25z 120, 2-story frame, 9 rooms, $6,000; terms easy. 80 NoHh Carpenter-st., bouse and lot to alley, 17 rooms, $5,500; rents for S9JU per annum; a decided bar gain: terms very easy. 49 tfunoro-st., brick hnnse, 2-itory and basement, swell, front, lo rooms oast front, and complete In all its appoints nionts; good frame barn; $y,5U): very cheap, anddesira bla .neighborhood. J. W. IIEDENBKRG. ' 99 Hast Madison-st., Room 4. For sale-id lots on egan-av., corner Stewart. 25 feet on Langley-av., between Forty-second and Foxty thlrd-sta. 125x156, cornerForty-elghtli-st. and Kenwood-court. 150 foot on Kenwnod-couri, between Forty-seventh and Forty-elghth-sts.. within one tilock r>t Kenwood station. 49x160, Kimbark-av., between Fifty-sixth and Fifty acventh-sts. SOvISO, on Indiana-av., between Fifty-third and Fifty fourth-sts. » 10 lots on Wcstem-av., near T.anghten-st, 20 lots on Laughton and Marvin-sts., near Western-av. Idiots on Second and firie-sta., between Ronbon and Noble. 60x170 on Mleblgan-av., with first-class honvo. 25x110, with 3-story frame house, on Fourth-ay., between Harrison and Polk-vts. 10 lota on Egan-av., comer Stewart. 50x124 on Indlana-av., between Thirty-third and Thlrly fourtb-sta. WING A FARLIN, 85 East Washington-st., Room 4. FOR SALK—BY TV. H. PHARE, 113 LASALLE-ST., Major Block, first floor: 3 5-acro blocks fronting Stony Island boulevard and Eighly-sorenth-sl.' 5 acres fronting boulevard, 1, 83,14. 40 acres, 1, 37, 13. 70 acres, 6, 37, 13. * 410-acro blocks, 18, 38, 14, 80 acres. 30. 38, 14. 120 acres,l2, 37, 14. 40 acres, 1, 37. 14. 80 acres, 29, 37. 14. 5 bouses, marblo front, on Ferk-ar., between Wood and Lincoln-sls. 2-story and brick basement house. In good order, on In dlana-av.. noarThirty-fiftb-st.; $6,500. 2-story and brick basement on vernon-av., Thirty-flftk bL, easy terms. $7,000. Marblo front booso In Kills Park, strictly first-class in all its appointment. A desirable business lot northwest corner of Fifth-ay. and Monroe-st., choap and on easy terms, F“ OR SALE-147 ACRES AT WOLF LAKE, ABOUT 3 miles from South Chicago: SI(W per aero. 37 acres in Section 3,39, 13; $1,250 por acre. 40 acres southwest of northeast 34, 40, 13; $1,600 per acre, M in good city or suburban property. 6 acres in 15, 39, 13. on Barry Point-road; SIO.IXO. 15 acres in sontnoastM 36, 3b, 14: SBSO por acre. 440 acres in Lake County, Ind., Smiles from county seat, at $5 por acre. House, with 5o foot ground, on Michigan-ay., north of Twonty-cighth-st.; $20,000. Brick booso, very dcvirable, onPralrlo-av., lot 50x180, near Twonty-sixth-st.; $26,000. Stono front house on Calumot-av., near Twenty-.thlrd st.; $30,000. Can bo paid in annual $3,500 payments. WM. GARNETT A CO., > 153 Monroe-st., Room 2. For sale-by b. w. Thomas, m monroe at,, Prairlo-av., near Twenty-firat-it., 40x178 foot; a very choice residence lot. : FOR SALE—63XI9O FEET PRAIEIE-AV. ANI> Twenty-olgbth-st., $10,600, X cash. 200 feet corner Prairlo-av. and TiUrty-tevonth-st.. SIOO. S5 foet Mlohi gan-av. andTwenty-oightb-st., SIO,OOO. B. F, BEAD, 126 Clark-st. ' Fbil SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING streets: State, Burnside. Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur ray, and Halstod; also on Wentworth, Shurtleff, Portland and Stewart-av*; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon. Twenty-ninth, Earl, Thirtieth, Haven. Tfiiity-tirst. Thir ty-second, Thirty-third. Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh, Fontaine, and Thirty-elgbth-sta. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down; five year’s time, 6 per cent Interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, S72Wabasb-av. For sale-fifth-av., near jackson-st./s? feot. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 LaSallo-st. For sale-at a great bargain, lots on Wostern-av., Lexington, Polk. Taylor, and Camp bcll-Bts. Parties wishing to build, no money required down: alsosnew homos containing 10 rooms each, .SSOO cash, balance on terms to suit. Inquire on promises of GEO. CADWKLL, or at 135 South Clark-st.; In bank. FOR SALE-ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME cottage, including lot on Tblrty-second-st., just east of Wallace. Small payment down; balance in monthly payments: syears' timo. Water on promises and con venient to can. Apply to FRED. P. FISHER, 143 La- Sallo-st., basement. For sale-the best and cheapest lots on West Side, fronting on Division, Leavitt, and Shober sts., near-Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lots 124 feet deep, with sidewalks and city water. Price. £6OO, £7OO. and £I,OOO. Terms, one-third cash. Warrantee dooos and abstracts of title. A redaction on first cash payment: if required, to those who build this spring. In * quire of F. ARNOLD A CO., Grocncb&um’s Bank, No. 76 Flfth-av. ' TTIOR SALE-IMPROVED CORNER ON WEST RAN- J} dolpb-st., paving a good Interest on investment. CANFIELD A MAJTESON, 60 LaSallc-st. For- sale-or to rent furnished—the dwelling No. 163 Calumet-av., north of Twenty-fourth st. Parlor, dining-room, and kitchen on first tloor; good basement, with Unndry, etc. Owner going away Juno 1, but can give possession at any time. Apply on premises, ortoß. F. GUYTON, 19 and 21 Randofpb-st., Bowen's Block. • For sale-the south house of the new marble front block, southeast corner North Dearborn and Maplo-sts.; 3 stories and basement, finished in best manner. F. C. TAYLOR, 210 East Washlngton-et. ITIOU SALK-694 WABASH-AV.-3-STORY AND ; basement marble front house, with lot; price, $26,- 000; terms easy; for sale for a few days only. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON AGO., Real Estate Agency, 144 LaSallo st., Otis Block. . FORSALE-HOUSES AND LOTS-TWO OCTAGON stone fronts, two stories and basement, with all modem improvements, on lndiana-av., between Twenty-ninth and Tfairtieth-sts. Inquire on promises. •TOOR SALK-5 NEW STONE-FRONT HOUSES ON X 1 Park*av., Unblocks west of Union Park, very cheap; will bo ready for occupation lit May* '-Apply to It* FOW LER; 162 East Waahington»st. . FORSAUi-ATA great bargain, loco feet on State and Wabash-av., near Englewood, only Sl3 per foot. Call quick. LA. GILBERT A CO., 200 La- Ballo-st. TTIOR SALE—SHERM AN-ST., 25 FEET OPPOSITE J.* Michigan Southern depot. CANFIELD A MATTE SON, CO LaSalle-st, . FOR SALE-AT - A SACRIFICE-A NICE BRICK houso nod lot on South Side, which I must sell; £6.000, X cosh, will buy it. Address OWNER, Tribune office. TTIOR SALE-BEAUTIFUL LOT, SOUTH FRONT, ON J? Twenty-elghth-sU, near Wabash-av. Call before pur chasing elsewhere- SIDNEYTHOMAS, 79Dearboro-st. TUOR SALE-FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON Me- JP Henry-dE, near North Rolling Mills. Cheap andcaey terms. Room b, 77 West Madlson-st., up-stolrs. FOR SALE-CHEAP-OCTAGON-FRONT BRICK residence. 2 stories and basement. 10 rooms, lot 29 feet front: osccllont location; West Side; 5*9,500; HENRY WALLER. JR., 86 East Washington, Room 4. ROB SALE-HOUSE AND LOT ON TWJENTY /- «i c hth-st*. near Wallace, $250 cash, balance on easy tenak^ pricl> §i fG (W. TRUiSDELL A BROWN, 175 West M-dUon-et. _____ I?OR Sa -E-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, COT .. tages noar Webster-av. Inquire on premises of oCCr»r a GAGE. For sale-m. bble , FRO nt house on in dlana-av.. ni;a. i’ w ,. ll tj e th-!'t. f with brick ham and all tnndorn improromc,.,. MATSON HILL, Koal Ka tato Office, 108 and UP D*a<K nrn .Ht. 1? 0R _.? AL , E ON INDIANA-AV., X' north of Eighteenth's!. . Tory great bargain. MATSON HILL, B FOR SALE WEST WASHRftyrQN-ST., NEAR Paulina. 2-story and basement s*on. front bonne, U rooms, brick barn, everything compile. SNYDER. A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast cor Mr ° Moaroe and LaSallo-sls. ■ - FOR SALE-FOKEST.AV.-60 FEET FK£vf—on Fores t*av. near Thlrty-socond-at.; will sell 'ythoat an? money down to parties who will bulla immeai* <l i_ SNYDER A LEE, No. 14 Nlxon’a Building, corner of Monroe and La-Salls-sts. For sale-two choice lots on warren. at., soar Staoton-ar.. 24x124 each, cheap for cash. Apply-to WM. SAMPSON 4 00.; 144 LaSalle-it., QUa Block. ] —OB SALE—DREXKI/-AV.. NEAR FORTY-FIRST at 2-story frame bouse and barn, lot 50x180. SNV DER*4 LEE, 14 Nixon's Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSallo-sts. FOB SALE—A WELL-BUILT HOUSE AND LEASE, suitable for two families; will w 20por cent on the Investment and a good homo beside.- noar Union Park, ori Washington*..- Terms e ? aJf - Call on GKO. M. BLOAN. Room 27, Reaper Block. —OR sale-ob lease-at a BARGAIN, 100 feet corner of Van Boron and Shctman-ato.; south front. Inquire 135 South Clark-st. In bank. OR SALE-BY PETER SHIMP. 1774 ETATE-ST., comer Egao av*: W feet on Sute-st., aw Thirty eoventh 399 f00t:25 feet on Wentworth, onfj«7sC; “omo .id lot on Baraaldo-st,, 82,<00. »nd ono fot 81,60 c, for this week only. _ CHI SALE—6 rNEW BRICK HOUSES. 2-BTORS and basement; octagon fronts and all modern improve ments, 810,500 and $12,600, on easy terms. Inquire on promisee or at 28 North Joflerson-st. TTIORSALK-NORTHWEST OORNER VANBUREN i?' st. and Contro-av., 120 feet. CANFIELD 4 MAT TESON. 60 LaSalle-st. _ -i-inn gAT.Tt—-FIFTH RESIDENCE ON PARK-AV., F P nekr Aarttt-at. CANFIELD 4 MATTESON, M La- Balle-st. • • __ ; —OR SALE-CLARK-ST., 64 FEET. SOUTHEAST corner of Chestnut. CANFIELD 4 kIATTESON, 60 LaSallast. —OR SALE—ONLT 810, SCO-NEW HOUSE. STONE front, two-Btory nnd b«emenV 5 marble mantoliu H rooms hot and cold water, lot MilSOto alloy, situated on Union Part. Loss than coat. Inaulro at iicKAY*S odioe, 173 Eaat Monroe-at., near La- Sallo-at. i For sale-i will sell or trade one or five flSwhiss buildings, stone fronts, modem Im ■ nitrated on Park-ar., between Wood and ior property or bnlldlnc mMcrlnl. Tnn’Sm it my iffleo. 173 Monroo-sl. C. P. MCKAY. T-inn SALE—WE OFFER FOR FIVE DAYS A DE- F°Sdod bfrgsim M loot on W'sahlngtoa-st., outof PirV- cash, balance 1 and 3 years. ’WHIPPLE 4 ‘CLARKSON, 183 South Clark-at. 1710 R SALE—I WILL SELL TWOERAME COT- F S B csonT)asrborn-st.. hotween nirty-seeond snd Thlr*v.ihird-*ta.. by payment of SSOO In hand, balance sSHSSrJSSri'-te! Block. • J —- TTinR o * T.P OR MARBLE F 1 only 8500 down. 5 year.- Urns. 8; MKARS, Owner. 200 LaSalle-st. . ■nrtp q. r t?• a wbw HOUSE Af»D tiOT, EAST F°lron® Thlrtj-MMattl and Thirty*eitfbth, No. 910» * - - ■•■ inn DiTp at a DECIDED BARGAIN—OX OR- F°cifr A d L s U n^SQfSiVorth Dlrialonl no.two etorr house, 9 am lot «3,<00. o. xx. KEELER, Clark-gt., corner 3UAlso~. FOR SALE—UM FRAIRIE-AV., LOT £OXIBO feet* eaet front, irtth good barn; poMossimi at once. Itta bargain if taken at cace ; also 3 acre* on CITY BEAL ESTATE. For sale— by lkvtc wing 4 co., 96 dbab bonx-st.: . House and lot, Tblrfy-first-st., nearWabaah.aT» • House and jot, Colfar-av.. near Thlrty-second-st. House and lot, 1/9 WalnuUst., near Lincoln House and lot, Washlngton-st., near Ada. House and lot, Adams-at., near Woatcra-ar. Bouse and lot, Jackson-st., near Westem-ar. • 300x200, with bouse, at Highland Park. ' 50x150 on Langley-av. and Forty-aecond-at, 100x150 on Noble-av.; cheap. FOR SALE—GREAT baroai.v-elegaiA OCTA gnn marble front bouses near Ellis Park. J c \lr- COUD A 00.. 109 Dearfaom-st. * . For sale-4 pine brick residences (2 mar bio fronts), all modern Improvements; best bargains in the market if taken at once.- £. A. CONGDON Boom 18 Major Block, 143 LaSalle-st. ’ FOR SALE-125 FEET ON RANDOLPH-ST., BAST of tbenark; would exchange for improvednrooertr. MEAD A’COE, 153 LaSall»-gt. p property. TO BENT—HOUSES. TO RENT-FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE 43 CENTRE* av.; possession given immediately; also throe good of fice rooms 32a West Madiaon-st. Apply to Dr. N. S. BARNES, 328 West Room 27 TO RENT—B-ROOM HOUSE, COMPLETELY FUR nibbed, with foodem improvements, near Twenty sacond-sU, or tho bouse may be rented and furniture bought cheap.‘ For particulars inquire at 27 Cottage Grovo-av. . TO -RBTN—FURNISHED RESIDENCE AT HlOH land Park; rent, $960. Addross Room 29, Trlbnno Build tug* T~O RENT—HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS, cheap to good tenants. JACOB C. MAG ILL. 81 and 83 South Clara-st. T’ O UKNT-3M MICHIOAN-AN.. 14 ROOMS, NEW- Iy papered and painted, fully famished, or to rent un fumlvliun, or for solo. WM, J. BARNEY, No. IS3 East Raodolpb-vt, TO RENT—A SPLENDID PLACE, 982 SOUTH IV.arborn-st., comer Thirty-ninth-st., 6 rooms, pan try. clobots, 4c. Room in barn lor horse. Inquire of J. w. GOULD, np-staira. • TO IRENT—FURNISHED COTTAGE NO. 19 WlL lard-plaoe. IU rooms. Apply at No. la (noxt door). TO RENT-DWELLING NO. 91 THIRTY-THIRD at., II rooms, farnacn, bam.SGU, by A. J. SAWYER, 154 LsSaUe-st,,. or GEORGE F. HARDING, 151 Monroe. mo RENT-A SEVEN-ROOM COTTAGE, NEW, X with closota and pantry, near Twonty-nlntb-st. In quire at 4L9 Bnttertield-st. W. CASPER. T'o RENT-TWO-STORY HOUSE OF 9 ROOMS 414 West Madison-st. W./WALLER Room 2, 32d.btato-at. a*' house noTib laflin^stT . Fine neighborhood; convonlentandpleasant. Apply on promises. . - mo RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE- X front rosidunco, II rooms, 1026 Wabaah-av. Inquire of FERD. W, PECK, Room 8, Nixon’s Building. T~ 6“ RENT-122""DURLEY-BT.. LOWER PART OF tho houso. basTrooros, etc, YOUNG A ROWLEY, Room 3, 152 Dcarborn-sL. rn’6 RENT- NEAT 6-ROOM COTTAGE IN ENGLE- Xwood, near depot. $25 per month. Inquire of ABBOTT A OLIVER, Room & No. 153 Monroe-st. TO RENT-HOUSE ON SOUTH HOYNE-ST.*, NEAR Adams. 340; also, on West Washiugton-st., 335. GEORGE i>. PEASE, 79 West Madison-st. mo RENT-THIRTEEN-ROOM HO'USE, MODERN X Improvements, partly furnished If desired, on West Washington-st., near Oakley. Apply at Boom 8, 77 West Madison-at., np-stalrs. * TO RENT—TWO-STORY HOUSE. 19 PIERCE-ST., near Desplaincs, 11 rooms. Apply to W. J. ONAHAN, 58 Central Union Block. TO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE, 1248, Prairio-av., 10 rooms, house in perfect order: rent, S4O per montn. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON a CO., Real Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. ' ' TO RENT—VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, COM pletely furnished, 3-story and basement brick, 10 rooms and bath-room; all modern Improvements: also barn; No. 121 Twcnty-first-st. Apply to W. H. SAMP SON A CO., Real Estate and Renting Agdncy, U4 La- Sallo-st., Otis Block. TO RENT—ROOMS. TO BENT-FURNISHED ROOMS EN SUITE OR single; also two largo nnfornUbed parlors, with all modem improvements, in marble front house No. 12 Eldridge court. Also large dining-room, or wholo base ment. . TO RENT—BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED SUITES of rooms In marble block, overlooking Lako. No, 29 Twenty-fiftb-st. Inquire of PALMER A COLT, 91 Wash ington-at. • TO RENT-A FRONT. AND BACK PARLOR FUR nlshed for two or three gentlemen, without board. Address N 19, Tribune offico. • TO RENT-IN THOMPSON’S BLOCK, A SUITE OF 6 rooms ; cos. water, and water-closets, suitable for housekeeping, 235 West Madlaon-st. WILLIAM U. THOMPSON. 229 West Madison-st. mo RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT PAR- X lor, for one or two gentlemen; everything new. 87 South Grecn-st. . TO RENT—THOSE DESIRING FIRST-LASS AND elegantly furnished rooms, by the day, week, or month, can secure them at Williams Block, 85 South Dearborn-st, TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, 245 WEST MAB iaon-tt., near Sangamon. Also, some splendid un furnished rooms in suites or single? by D. COLE A SON, House Renting Agents, 188 West Madison-st. . -- TO RENT-LARGE FRONT ROOM. ON ELLIS-AV. between Thirty-eighth and Thlrty-ninth-sta.; also barn In rear of bonse. Apply at 81 Michjgan-av. TO RENT-TWO-STORY FRAME DWELLING. 8 North Ada-st., 7 rooms. OMAR BUSUNELL, 130 Dearborn-st., Rooms 11 and 12. TO RENT-NICE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT brick house, Johnson place; only $55 per month- J. O. McCORD A CO., 109 Dcarborn-st. TO RENT—SIX ROOMS IN FIRST STORY, IN complete order, and good bam for three horses and

two carnages, for.sls. J. T. ALLEN, IGS Twenty* eococd-st.. ' r* RENT-TWO PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, without board. Price S3O per month, 807 West Jack son-st. • ’ TO RENT-524 WABASH-AV.—LARGE ELEGANT rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board. • TO RENT-FOUR PLEASANT ROOMS, TWO OLOS cts, and pantry. Inquire at 513 Second-st. rpO RENT-NICE ROOMS. FURNISHED OR UN- J. fnrnlshcd, with or without board. Inquire at 876 West Randolph-st. »■ TO RENT PLEASANTLY-FURNISHED FRONT rooms, in strictly private fsmlly. 446 Jackson-st. lo cation first-class; terms reasonable. TO RENT—S72 MICHIGAN-AV. HANDSOMEL- YfnrnIsbed rooms, single or cn suite, suitable for gen tlemen or gentlemen and their wires. - mo RENT-A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS AND X double parlors, furnished or unfurnished ; also, fur nished lodging room. Apply at 331 West Randolph-st. TO RENT-FRONT ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UN furnished, in marble front, 797 Wabash-av; Attend ance furnished. First-class table board next door, rino brick stable, five stalls to rent. To RENT-IN BRICK BLOCK CORNER OF RAN dolpb and Carpontcr-sts,, in suites of 6 rooms eaco, S3O and $35 per month; suitableiforbouso-keepplng. Ap ply to \V. H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSalfo-st., Otis Block. • TO RENT—STOKES. OFFICES, &c. TO RENT-SUITE OF OFFICES. CONVENIENTLY arranged, with vault, etc. Apply on premises. Room 33,163 East Washington -st. TO RKNT-A .HANDSOME STORE IN BRICK bnildingln Rockford, 111.; controof business. 82x20; dry-goods, clothing, or boot and shoo business preferred; ssco per .year. Address ANTON SOHICKER, Rock ford, 111. ' TO RENT-BASEMENT, CORNER HALSTED AND O’Bricnst.; best location In the city for a good barber shop. -Apply at49o South Halsted-st. TO RENT-TWO BARNS AND LARGE YARD. Also one small and well-ligbtcd basement; one brick store and basement, with sol to of 6 rooms. Apply on the premises to B. F. BOSLEY. O RENT—SECOND," THIRD, AND FOURTH floors, -with power and elevator,l4B Clsrk-*U, near Madison. Apply at SCHWEIZER’S Coffee House. mo RENT-TWO DESK ROOMS AT 175 CLARK- X si., corner Monroe, office No. 9; good light, prices very low. • * mO RENT-VERY ELEGANT FIVE-STORY STONE 1 front building, being erected on Mj-dlion-sU ne.r FUtb-a,., wild steam elevator. Apo r to WM. U. SAMPSON 4 CO.. 144 LnSalle-rt.. Otb Blocb. r l v Q RENT—SECOND FLOOR, 160 ST AT E-ST., SIZE X Sdjofl Tinnt A 1 200 a soar. with elevator. Apply to WSI. ilVSpknN ACO ?144 LaSalle .t., OtlaKoclc. TO KENa_ V ERV DESIRABLE BRICK STORE and baaemj.. as West Madl.on-!t., ‘l* o merly occup sd & Carson Plrlo A Co. A poly to WM. H. SAMPSON A Oo. r> i& , Otis Block. TO RENT-TWO b»RNS AND LARGE Jl»u. Also, oae email and vruj.lighted basement; one nncic store and basement, with an>« of 6 room*. Apply on too premises to E. F. BOSLEY, n? Weal Waahlngton-»t. TO RUNT—VERT DESIRABLE STORE 337 WEST Ma(ll»on-»t. t _wlth platogl&M front. Apply to W. xl- SAMPSON A CO.. ifi LaSallo-et., Oti3 Clock. TO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE BASEMENT 1.3 South Clerk-st., nlzo 20x66, 81,100 Apply lo W. H. SAMPSON 4 CO., K4 LaStUe-et.. Q»« Black. TO RENT-STORES AND BASEMENTS• NOS. 119, 121. 123, 125, 127 SUto-Bt., near- KisbWonth-ft/j rent only 866 per month. Apply to tEM- H. SAMPSON 4 CO.. U4 LaS&lle-et., OUa Block. ' TO RENT—STORE9ISST ATE-ST., 26x10, OPPOSITE Field. Loiter 4 Co. Aleo, Itore oo TVeoty-lonrtll.Bt.. nojr State; roaxonable to rood parties. oNY* LKr s 14 Nixon Building, nortbeut corner Moaroo cad LeS&fcQ.gta.. . . TO RXNT-AN ELEGANT LARGE STORE GOOD; light; suitable forany business. Apply on preiaUa*, No. 7v Dearhorn-et. ' fTO RENT-STORE ON MILWADKEE-AV.. STORE X on West Kinrie-st., also a cottage. Apply at tu* West Randolph*!., op stairs. . TO RENT-DESIRABLE FRONT ROOM ON ■oeond and third floors, with or without power, in building 63 and 65 South Consi st. Applr to F. O. WELCH, 112 LaSalle it. - TO RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORSER OF FftTH av, and Adams-st., containing C 5 rooms, - Including bath room, water closets, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on the premises. _ ~ O RENT—DESK-ROOM TO RENT, M LaSALLE-ST ROBERT GREER. 1 . fpO RENT—THE STORE NO. 93 SpUTOUAtoTED -1 at., 2-story and basement. Inoulro ol \F. A. QJTIN LAN, fcoom 2 Major Block, 1« LaSallo-et., or of ‘bo owner, 615 West Lako-st. M. QUINLAN. - INSTRUCTION. * YOUNG MAN, WHO MAJXMP® rt'shM to A and who will derole his whole Urn. ft studs, .tshes to obtain print. InstrncUon in arithmetic “d urauimar alsothe rudiments of Latin and Greek. AddrcM. wun particulars, E. E. SMITH, care ol J. J. Grotty, etiu West Wrlgbt-at.. two days. ~ ; S?.Sr r ?;»»twp|“ M KNEELAND. Secretary. Boston. TO LEASE. mo LEASE-DOCK AT BRIDGEPORT—RAILROAD i facilities, immediate possession. Apply to E. BKAI NARD, Room 28 Bryan Block. . mo LEASE-DOCK PROPERTY SOUTH 1 Branch, near Twontj-aecund-at, ISO Soy ? p rsHAlf 230 ft. to dAA-R. K. Apply to HENRY P. ISHAM, OSCO Of Tffbam A LlHOolh. POTUWId Block. BOARDING AND LODGING. Sonth Side *|7 ELDRIDQE-CODRT ONE LARGE UNFUR XI nisbod front room, gas and water. Furnished rooms, eg suite arid single. ; • /f Q HUBBARD-COURT—NEW BOARDING-HOUSE; TU first-claw board, with rooms, 84 to $5.50 per week. with nse of piano; day board, $4. ACO WABABH-AV.—BOARD AND PLEASANT ttut) rooms, famished ornot, three minutes* walk of Post-Office. AQA_ WABASH-AV.-NICE ROOMS, SINGLE OR \tt7 tfc en suite, with first-class board; also day board, A good bam to rent cheap. 7CI WABASU-AV.—A LARGE SQUARE. ROOM, IV-t with first-class tablo, for two gentlemen. • Also, room for single gentleman. Q97WABABH-AV.,BETWEENTWENTIETH AND t/Xr I Twenty-firat-sta.—Elegantly furnished front and rear parlor, ensnito or single, with all modem improve ments. Also, nice front room and bed room on second floor. ■JAC7 INDIANA-AV., CORNER TWENTY-THIRD- X.\JO I st.—A nicely furnished front room to rent with board, suitable for two. SOUTHWEST CORNER OF WABASH-AV. AND Twentr-tbird-st.—Board for gentleman and wife; also, accommodations for a low gentlemen. Genteel location. Sands house, lie and hb fifth-av.—perma nont board at reasonable rates. Day board, 85 par weak; transient, $2 per day. PRAIRIE-AV.— A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WANT log a good room and board In a small family may td dress X &, Ttlboae offioo. T West Side. CM SOUTH MORGAN-ST., NEAR MADISON-FtTR- Ott nlshed front parlor and 2 single rooms to rent, with or without board. 19 K WALNUTST., 3 BLOCKS WEST OF UNION JLOtJ Park—A snito of nnfnrnlabcd rooms, with parlor, and use of bath-room, with board; Bandolph-sc. ears within one block. *IQ/1 WEST MADISON-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS Xt/ttlo rent, with or without board; also day-board for gentlemen or ladies'. ... OQO WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—ALCOVE SUITE, OOZi .with board; references required. • Q7ft WEST RANDOLPH-ST. GOOD BOARD; OIO' nico rooms, furnished or unfurnished; modem improvements. . * Iso WEST WASHINOTON-ST.. CORNER OP xuJ Shcldon-st. Handsome suite of front rooms, with board. Ann west ADAMS-ST.-TWO NICE SUITES OF UUu rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board, BDltablo for gents and their wives; carpets all now; every thing hrat-class; references given and required. JOHNSTONE HOUSE, 114 AND 116 WEST MAD itton-st.—Everything flnt-claas; terms $3 per day; table board 35 per week. BOARD WANTED. Board-suburban-for a small family. for the summer, with In 15 miles of Chicago. Address T3, Tribune office. Board —for a gentleman and wife? bouse must bo pleasantly located, on the West Side, with good, pleasant, well-furnished rooms and good board. Address, stating terms, F. L LOHING, U6' West Madison-st. . EOARD-ONB LARGE UNFURNISHED ROOM suitable for gentleman and wife, with board; also room for single gentleman: private family preferred. State terms. GILLETTE, 153 Monroe-st. BOARD-NORTH SIDE-BEDROOM WITHBOARD for man and wife. Clean and plain, for which £6O per month will bo paid. Address 874. Tribune otlico. FINANCIAL, TNSURANCECLAIMSBOUGHTIN ALLBANKRUPT X companies. Como and soo me before selling. H. C. DIETRICH, 77 West Madison-st., np-stalrs. Money to loan on real estate and other good securities. LEVI WING A CO., 9d Doar born-si. Money to loan-on household fuhni tnro, houses on leased groundr and good collateral, at No. 146 South Claxk-st., Room 5. K. WINNE. • Money to loan on city real-estate, g. S. HUBBARD. JB., 168 Washlngton-st. \fONEYi'ADVANCED AT LASSEN’S LOAN i»X office; lato Jacobs A Co., on diamonds, watches, and other valuables. 177 Clark-st., corner of Monroe, Hoorn 5. SUMS: 35.000, 87.000, AND 310,000-ON real estate. T. A. JACKSON, 680 State-sU TO LOAN-AMOUNTS OF 31,000 OR MORE ON city real estate or improved Illinois farms. B. L. PEASE, 79 West Madison-st. • WANTED-TO BORROW—S2,OOO FOR 6 YEARS ON improved city property: first mortgage and ample aocuritv. Address X. 100, Tribune office. WE CAN MAKE SEVERAL 85.0U) LOANS, ALSO 32,000, 32,500, and 33,000, on Chicago real estate. AYRES A EOiF, 74 Washington-st., basement Portland Block. • - cn aha on long time; good applioa- OX.UUU tlons wanted for larger loans; s4,short time, small amounts: good mortgage paper bought. A. B. PALMER. Jit., Rooms 16ana 17, 94 Washicgtoo-st. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED-TO RENT—BY A LIBRARY ASSOCIA- Uon, a room about 40x80, not higher than the third story, ana situated in the business portion of thoetty. Ad dress XYZ, Tribune offico.* stating tonus, etc. TIT'ANTED—TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT VV on Sonth Side by a substantial business firm, suit able for a general jobbing trade! Nothing fancy needed in finish or rent; would like it betwoouStalo and LaSalle, on Monroe, Adams, or Jackson, or on.or near Sooth Wator-sts. Persons having, or about to build such, will hear of a good permanent tenant by addressing, with particulars, Ac., T 83, Tribune office. •• WANTED-TO RENT—A NICE COTTAGE OF 5 or 6 rooms, in good repair and in good location, or n good tenement of the tame number of rooms, by a prompt paying tenant. Address HD, 837 Wabash-av. TT7ANTED—TO RENT—BY TWO YOUNG MEN. A »r nicely furnished room, within one block of T»enty socond-st. and Wsbosh-sv. Address T93, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-BARN, WITH ROOM FOR ID horse* and Sor 6 wagons, feed, Ac,, cant of Aber« deon and North of Harrison-st. Address F. J, RUTH, 65 and 67 South Canal-st. TXT ANTED—'TO RENT—A HOUSE OF BOR 9 ROOMS Tv In good neighborhood. Family small. Address, stating price and locality, V 96, Tribune ollico. WANTED-TO RENT—HOUSES—WE HAVE Nu merous applications fot houses from good tenants. JACOB C. MaGILL. 81 and >3 South Clark-nt. MISCEEIiANEOES. CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by Bonding a lector to L GELDEK, Loan Office, 664 St*to-st. ' ELENTYB & CURRAN, MERCHANT TAILORS, bavo removed to their old corner of Klnzlo and Wells-st. - Genuine Bannockburn tweeds*all col ors, made to order in suits for $35. At G&ANQER’S, 128 South Clark-at., up-stairs. . . TNVENTORS, .CALL AT STONER’S INVENTORS’ X Bureau. STONER «t CO., Patent Solicitors and Ne gotiators, 125 Clark-at., Rooms from 73 to 76and49t054. MORTAGEE’S SALE-MARKET FIXTURES-EN tire fixtures, Implements, and furniture of a meat and vegetable market, in Burlington Hall, Saturday, May 10, at Ilia, m. MARTIN-BEST. PURCHASERS SEEKING INVESTMENTS IN business, manufacturing, dock, residence, or su burban property, are Invited to examine Hats at FRED L. FAKE A CO.’S., 83 Washicgtonst. T>EMOVAL-DR. MARY H. THOMPSON HAS Xb changed her office to 338 WostWaehlngton-st. . Office hours the same. WANTED— SOMR PERSON TO TAKE AWAY about 500 yards of building sand with some black dirt. CaUSOSWestHarrlsoo-gt., corner Gold. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED-WITH $2,000, TO ATTEND to a branch bouse in St. Paul; business already estab lished, and a splendid chance for a respectable man to got into a good wholesale business. Address M 26 Tribune office, for 10 days. PARTNER WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CUTTER and tailor. withgl.OOOormoro. to take an interest in a clothing business (Including bats, caps, furnishing goods, Aar), well established, and doing a good paying a good opening to increase the business by adding more stock and merchant tailoring; in one of the beat manufacturing towu» in Illinois. For particulars address, giving references, B a, TrUanae office. PARTNER W ANTED-WITII «|.ooo-BUSINEaS well established: pays well;-have than one can do: must bo a good business man, and roan? business at once. 127 Sooth Clark-st., Room3b._ __ dress confidentially in foil 8 100, Tribono office. ARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE AN INTEREST IN l isten inllll eil.aordln.rj indocement to a pem,n of expcrlcnco and Bcmo cash, or other capital. Addreaa Box 47. r. O. —— LOST. Lost or stolen—sioo reward—on last sun day afternoon, Mis# Ranghllde Nan either lott or was robbed. In Union Park, of a porlmonnale wmlaltiing two notes of fIOO each, against Mr. John Solcelatad, ono Sotoof 81Maealnat Mr. P. N. Heiberg, 8303 in corrency, prescriptions from Dr. Qolne, three gold rings, and a W. D, stroot-car ticket*. Payment of Iho notes has been •topped. The above reward will be given, and noqnca tiona asked, if the property 1# returned to 182 North San gamoo-at. I i evening, anewsnltol clothe*; a liberal rewardpala by leaving aame at STINSON'S corner Stale and Modi- Bon-aU. • —OST-A YOUNG SORREL MAKE. WITH LEA.TH er baiter on; was last seen on Chicago-av., west of Westcrn-sv. A liberal toward will bo paid for hor return to3G7 North Paulina, or 201 East Wa*hlngtoa-»t. J.Q. BMYTH. 1 ' ' OKBEwaud-lost-a black-and.ta.v doo. with a strap on; answers to tho name Fannie.’ Tpe above reward will bo paid to aoy ooe who will return tho ■«mn to 52 Rlvor-aU.* corner South Water. HARMON, MESSF.R A CO. * ‘ MACHINERY. COMBINED) PLANER AND MATCHERS; FARRAR enr facers: resawing machines; saw arbors. W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPENCER. 273 aod 275 South Ca nal-ft. - ENOINE-LATHBS-OVER FIFTY IN STOCKS AND more on the way from tho East; any one wanting an engine lathe had best aoena. W. A. JAMES, BOCUB A SPENCER, 276SontnCacal-st.' • «. TRON PLANERS. NEW AND SECOND HAND; X bolt-cuttera * drtlia; leather bolting. W, A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPONGER, 275 Sooth Consist. SECOND-HAND PORTABLE ENGINES, ONE 8. ROcli 9 c^ea P* A. J AMES, QTAIIONARY ENGINES, AIX SIZES. WITH U boiler*,-for sale by W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPENCER. 2T. Sonth Canal-at. DIVORCES. DIVORCES— LEGAL*.Y OBTAINED-FEE AFTER decree. Scandal Nine years'practice in the court* of Chicago. Address P. O. Box lo3f. Divorces obtained for causes, all law business attended to. Room 3. 347 Sonth Clsrk-at. PERSONAL. TNFORMATION WANTED-OP THE WHERE- Xabonti of my brother, Charles W. Smith, who was in Chicago in August, 1372. Any person sending informa tion will bo liberally rewarded by addressing A. H. SMITH, caroF. Smith A Co.» S3 South Main it.. SL Lendl, Mo. WANTED—MALK HELP. Bookkeepers. Clerics, Etc. TTT ANTED —BY A PHILADELPHIA HOSIERY n notion, and white goods jobbing-house—Afirst-clais traveling salesman acquainted with the bnslneei, and baring an established trade. Address; stating amount and location of trade, experience, etc., COX, SMITH A CO., Philadelphia. • . "OTANTED—A NO. 1 GERMAN DRY GOODS SALES -11 man and trimmer. Address, with references and experience, Carrier No. 83, City. - WANTED A TRAVELING SALESMAN Ac quainted with tho hardware trade. Addro«« w Tribune office. . - * WANTEDTa CASUircR; MUST BE A GOOD PEN it man. and como with good recommendations; no others need apply. Inquire at shoe store, US West Madl WANTED— BOY ABOUT IS YEARS OLD IN AN office as general clerk and assistant bookkeeper; mnst write well; state salary expected. AddressMlß, Trlbuno office. •• - • TU*ANTED— AN ENTRY CLERK. APPLY IN PER •T f son this day. SAMMONS, CLARK & CO., tnanu-’ facturcrs of frames, monldiogs, and mirrors, and Jobbers of chromos, engravings, Ac., 197 and 199 South Clin* ton-st. Trades. WANTED-A good woodturner, who can turn Jl. C. and Badger bod-posts, table-legs. etc. Applyatonce, inperson or by letter, to J. F. ATKIN SON, Appleton, wls. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS FINISHER IN THE Advocate Steam Printing-House and Blank Book Manufactory, Racine, Wis.; a married .manpreferred. Inquire of MAUDKH' LUSE A CO., Chicago Type Foun dry, or address A. C. BANDFORD, Racine, Wls. WANTED-A MAN TO WORK BY. THE DAY TO do calcimlniog and painting. Apply at 155 Filth av.. Room 8., WANTED— A GOOD CARPET LAYER; WAGES, .*2.50 per day for a man that understands laying and fitting. Stcadyworkfortherlgbtman. Apply at Boston Carpct-Cloamng Company, 44 and 46 West Adams-st. ~ T\IANTED—THREE OR FOUR GOOD PAINTERS n. at 93 EastHarrisou-st., ready for work at 7 o’clock. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS BARBER AT THE Orient Hotel Hairdressing anti Bathing Rooms. WANTED-A GOOD TINNER TO GO INTO THE Yf country. Apply to CRAUXN BROS. A CO.. H5 Lake-st. WANTED— TINSMITH, BOOTMAKER, HARNESS maker and blacksmith to start holiness at High* wood. Splendid opportunity. E. ASHLEY MEAKS, 2WJ LaSalle-at. . XXrANTED-2 MEN HAT PRESSBRS AND. BLOCK era. Youngman called Thursday morning call again, Chicago Straw works, 6a and 70 Stato-at. “ ' WANTED— A GOOD CARVER ON BLACK WAL nut mouldings, Inquire of O. BRACUVOGEL, £6l Wabaah-av. \\TANTED-A GOOD ASSISTANT COOK IN RES IT taorant. 95 South Halfltcd-at. Employment Agencies', TXT ANTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY. Tf and State, to soil our now button-hofo cotter and noodle-threading thimble. Agents that wish the goods! will save money and time by buying direct of the manu facturers, at &5 East Madiaonftfr., Room 6. WANTED-GOOD GIRLS FOR PRIVATE FAM illes, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, and Gormans v cooks, nurae-clrli,general housework,at MRS.DUSKE'S Intelligence Office, No.feOMUwaukee-av. Parties wishing to obtain such can do so by applying aa above. Coachmen. Teamsters. &c. TTTANTED—AN UNMARRIED MAN TO TAKE if caro of horses and garden, and bo useful generally on a suburban residence. Apply at 14 HastCtijcago-av. • WANTED— GERMAN BOY OF 17 TO DRIVE TOR a storo; must have references. Apply between Sand 6 this afternoon at ham 119 South Foorla-st. Miscellaneous. WANTED-MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, and State, to soil our now button-hofo cutter and needle-threading thimble. Agents that wish the goods will save mono/ and Una by buying direct of the'manu facturers, at 99 East Madiaon-st., Room 5. . WANTED— A BRIGHT-STEADY ACTIVE BOY, goodponman, quick and correct at figures; good memory os bill clerk in a wholesale grocery house. Ad dress to own hand-writing with references M 37, Tribuno offico. ... - WANTED— CANVASSERS IN EVERY CITY.AND . town In the West: $lO a day guaranteed. Samples free. A. U. RICiIAUDSON, 146 East Madison-st, - WANTED-MAN AND HIS WIFE TO GO 20 MILES into the country; man to work on farm, etc., woman, to do washing. Ironing, etc.; want those who fully under stand such work.and without children preferred; place id on railroad, to healthy location; good bouse for them to occupy. Inquire of BLISS A BROWN. 82 Lake-et. WANTED-AT THE AVENUE HOOS E-TWO POR ten for hotel corner Wabasb-ar. and Twenty sccond-st.; also colored waiters. - WANTED WHITE WAITERS AT THE INTER • national Dining Rooms, Si Stato-at. WANTED— LIVE CANVASSERS TO SEND FOR circular, or call on me promptly from Bto 9,12 to 2, Sto 6. JAMES P. SCOTT, 142 Stato-st. WANTED-A GOOD TRUSTWORTHY MAN TO work round gentleman's place. Good wages given. Apply to WM. DESMOND, Florist, 755 Cottage Grovo-av. T\7 ANTED-CANVASSERS. GOOD PAY; ARTI- S' r clesnow; sell at sight; work perfect, andwantedin every family. Room 15, ITS East Madison-st, WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS NEWSPAPER AD vertUtng solicitor, one thoroughly acquainted in Chi cago, for special work, at H9Dearborn-st., Rooms 1 and 2. ■XV*ANTED—A STRONG, SMART YOUTH, 13 TO 15 V? ye&rs aid. to tend bar. Apply to CHARLES H. SCANLON, 223 West Kandolph-at. WANTED— 10 GOOD, ACTIVE MEN TO ENGAGE in a good paying legitimate business. Call and in vestigate. JONES A CO.. 71 South Can&l-st. WANTED— EXPERIENCED CHICAGO BALES mon for Ohio, Wis., and Minn., to represent us la connection with tbeir present business: our trade mostly established. WHITTLESEY A PETERS, 129 LaSalle-st. WANTED-A WAITER AT SNOAD A KENDEJL’fI Restaurant. Apply at 150 East Washington-at. T\TANTED-23 ACTIVE MEN. WITH $3 TO $5; YY steady work, hig pay. Call to-day. Be ready to work Monday. 178 West Waahington-st., up-atalrs. T*r ANTED—NINE FIRST-CLASS COLORED WAI- V r ten this day at OGDEN HOUSE, corner of Frank lin and Waahingtou-sts. References required. W A ‘ NTEt) - A PORTER, one familiar with Yr packing glassware. 314 and.3lß Stato-st. ' WANTED—TEMAIiE HELP. Domestics. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL TO COOK, WASH, and Iron in a private’family, (house cleaning done); a competent person can find a good place at 481 ‘West Jacksou-st.; references required. • WANTED— IMMEDIATELY, A GIRL- FOR GEN oral housework, at 64 Langley-st. Wages $4. , WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL: A PERSON THAT can cook, wash, and Iron, will receive good wages atß23lndiana-av., near Slrtocnth-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK IN A PRIVATE family, whore there are four servants; must come well recommended from former employers: no ladies wanted. Appl/to Mrs. WIL H. THOMPSON, 43 South Sangamon-st. - WTANTED-TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS, ONE TO Yr cook, wash, and iron, and ono to do second work, at 712 Mlchlgan-av. WANTED-A GIRL FOR WASHING DISHES AND YV kitchen work in a boarding-house, at?s3 Wabash-av. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY, AT 333 WEST WASH ington-st., a competent cook. Also a laundress. anteKagirl to do housework!n~prl vate family: none bat those who can give good refer ence need apply. 135 Park-av. • WANTED-A GOOD COOK AND SERVANT GIRL at 607 North Clark-st. WANTED —A GIRL TO DO THE WASHING, ironing, and chamber work of a family boarding. Apply at 965 Indiana-av. • • - WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK AND IRONER immediately; good reference reqnireo. Apply this day, at 386 Michlgan-av. . . WANTED A STEADY GIRL FOR GENERAL housework, wages $4. at 1406 Wabash-av.; also, a young girl to take care of children. WANTED-A SUPERIOR COOK, PASTRY AND moat, for a strictly first-class boarding-house. Ap ply, with references, at Room 33,"0n third floor, Otis Block, southwest comer Madison and LsSalle-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK. WASH, AND iron for a family of three; German or Swede pre ferred. Call at 1025 Wabash-av. - WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work; German, Norwegian, or Swede, Apply at 429 Micbigan-av. TJJANTED-AT 519 WEST MONROE-ST., A GER- Tzn or Norwegian girl, to do general hdusework; aiso, a gn. Hont U or 16 years old, to take charge of baby, OIRI, TO DO GE.V --c private family. A German or Scandinavian preferred. ftt 2l j&rth Ourtisst. WANTED— A COM PET ENT \^r> T mnnA uoitqp work. Call after 11 o’clock at fiklg gO g HOUSE- WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS GIRL TO ‘ „„ R al homework for a very small family. Arplrv^. 1 *! Warrcn-av. xvo ANTED-FIRSTCLASS COOK AND SECOND girl in private family. None bat Swede or Nor wegian need apply, with reference. 667 Micblganav. Employment Agencies. WANTED-DANES. NORWEGIANS. SWEDES, and German girls for goneral boaaework: alio 4 good cooks for private lamUlea. and 2 for boardlngboasoe. Apply at 27 West Racdolph-iL, lllco k Jackson's Block, Booms 3 and 4. ' Seamstresses Wanted-two machine girls to do sew- lac on tine p*ot|._^K6jVggt_Cb|eaj[o^aT 1^ _ i HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AS WE HAVE A SLASHING TRADE AT PRESENT for hones of over; grade and *tylo, adrlsa parties bar* lug any to sell to oomo In early, as we have plenty buyers that mn*t bare hone* to-day, aod_ will pay their real valuo* 961 and 2QStato-*t., bfeAULEY A WILLS, Garriages-jumpseat buggies. phaetons. etc., sold at Eft«<*ru factory prices, at 10 and 12 West Raodolph-Bt. H. J. EDWARDS. ~ Fob sale-seveeal good second-hand buffgle«;.Rleo, «*m:s r driTlcg wagons, at Oardoa City Carriage Works, 7al sod 7?3 3tate-»t. Oh SALE—4O WORK AND DRIVING HORSES for sale ohoap, at Omaha Stables, ISt Michlganar. M. C. WILBUR A BRO. FORBALE— A LARGE STOCK. OF carriagesand buggies fast received ai S ot uffj* aad * South Cunton-st., near Waihtogton. li. B. Hii-i* TTIOR SALE-CHEAP; A ' i? eound an dklnd; not afraid of cars. Also otwo-nor<e farm wagon, cheap, at 45 South Ann-st. no SALE—A HORSE: KLVDANDWELL-BROKEN _.Ss» the afternoon, . ’ T T, , nonolCMAlt. U*J XWEMY-SECONDST.. J, &. cbf& . finf cU« pair of nmlM. la* pounds; good workers. .. ANTED—A SECOND-HAND BOGGY IN. EX fhango for a gold watch, sowing-machine, nice, ring, or cash. J- B. STOBEVT. and g> Laaalle-»t.. Roam ij. BUILDING MATERIAL. GOOD MERCHANTA bio brick delivered on Fnlton-st., near Union. Ap ply at 613 Went POUND. Taken up-a B*r horse, the owner can hate oy calling at P, O. A B. CO.'S Stable, Twen tT.n»athaod Stato-ata. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALB^ Bookkeepers. Clerks. &o QmiATION WANTED—AS CLERK P , n^f,T?waro *tcre; good city reference ® joct; willing to work. Addr*.« PR)* s3 Burnside-st. employers. Address p*** Tnbaao office. OITUATION w-»VfTED-TO DRUGGISTS—A GRAD O nate of College Pharmacy, with refer* ence. «ra* a position; syear*' retail experience; will go West. • Address JEFFERSON, Brigs* House, Canal and MsdUou-ata. SITUATION WANTED—"WITH A GOOD MaNU factoring nnn; havo 8 years’ ozperioaco as bookkeeper and cashier, where 300 roea were employed; A 1 rotor, ences. N ICO. Trlbuno office. SITUATION WANTED—BYYOUNGMAN. 8 YEARS* experience, a position as clerk or assistant bookkoop or;roference given. Address EMERSON, Briggs House. .Canaland Madison-its. . .* _ SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN OF experience as bookkeeper, clerk, or timekeeper, or to take charge oi a coal or lime office: the best cltr reference given. Address for throe days to J3, 57 Fourth-st. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WHO IS a competent bookkeeper; -wishas a situation ss bcok-% keeper qr assistant. Address T 91, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A-SCANDINAVIAN, have bad some experience os drygoods salesman. Ad dress X 9k, .Trlbuno office. . . Trades. Situation wanted-be a good tinner in the country: will work at steady fob for moderate wages. Address JR 3, No. 117 Mllwaukee-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD PRACTICAL O tlmmlth ;good reference given, if required. Address THOMAS MCGRATH. Morris, lil.- . _ Employment Agencies. Situations wanted at the.iSCandina vlan-German Intelligence Office—For nrst clsss sar vant girls, in Chicago and tho country, in hotels, restau rants, laundries, boarding-houses and private houses; don’t fail to give us a'call, and remember our number is 80 MUwaukee-av. Mrs. DUSKE'B Intelligence Office^ Coachmen. Toonutors. &c. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SWEDE, AS coachman; has good recommendations; U well posted In bis business. Apply at 2C9 North Wclls-et. OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS O coachman in a private family who thoroughly under stands tho caro of horses and kcuping carriages in order; also vegetable cordoning- English descant. Address for two days TlO, Tribnne office. r Miacellaneone* SITUATION WANTED—A YOONO GERMAN, EDIT cated and speaking English, desires a situation in aa American family to make himself, nseiol to the boaio, bam, garden, or otherwise; reference given. M £l, Tnb naa office. .... . . • QITUATION WANTED-BY AN ■ INTELLIGENT O boy; best [city reference given. Address PF, 434 Butterrield-st. SITUATION WANTED-FOR A BOY OF GOOD education for Up years— with hit parents, just from the East: in a mercantile bouso or commercial office. Address AUSTIN, Tribune offico, - • SITUATION WANTED-STEADY EMPLOYMENT by a man 21 years of ago; references: 7 years in one shoo house as packer ana shipper; able and willing to work. Address V 97, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MARRIED O man, as collector, or In some business wberoho can have steady employment; best of reference given. Ad dress E. • SITUATIONS WANTED—PEMALE Domestics. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL, IN A PRl ▼ate family,to do general housework; the South Side preferred. Please call at 354 Catherlae-st. * SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL IN A FAMILY on the North Side to do sewing and second work. Ap ply at 151 Lincolu-av.' - . • QOQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST., COR. OP MAY— O-uiO Alcove sulto, furnished or unfurnished, with good board; also other furnished rooms for gentlemen and wives or stogie gentlemen. • • • ■ Nurses. QITUATION WANTED-BY A NURSE WHO CAN O furnish the best of references. Apply at 2SB Calumet ar., between Tweoty-iiith and Twoaty-airth-sta.: SITUATION WANTED-BY A WET-NURSE. AP ply at 440 West Washlngtoo-st. Miscellaneous. SITUATION WANTED-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN wishes to go to Europe with a family aa dry-snrso or servant; speaks both languages well, and can furnish good recommendations. Please address MRS. O. 8., grocery store at 137 West Lake-st. J SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNO LADY AS copyist, or to do any kind of writing; references given if required. Address M 17. Tribuno office. BUSINESS CHANCES. A LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR SALE. IN THE CITY of Louisiana, Pike Co., Missouri, 117 miles above St, Louis, on the Mississippi River, with all the necessary ar rangements for the pork business, smoke-house, etc., .with three acres of ground attached. This is a rare cbanco for any party desirous of going Into the pork and provision business, aa the surrounding country Is well stocked with hogs, and a ready market for the sale of the product either in at. Louis or Chicago. For farther particulars, apply to GILBERT PRYOR A CO., Proven Brokers, No. 156 East Washlngtop-st. A FIRST-CLASS MEAT AND VEGETABLE MAR ket, on comer of two principal streets on tbo Wont Bide, for sale. Good vessel trade. Address M 34,- Trib une office. ' A WELL-KNOWN BILLIARD AND BAMPLE room on the West Bide, doing a splendid business, will be sold cheap. Address T55, Tribune office. A MAN WITH FROM SI,OOO TO SIO,OOO READY money, who wants to make money very faat. can learn of a chance by addressing, appointing Interview, T SI, Tribane office. Boarding house for splendid opportunity for any person wishing to go into the busi ness. Reason for selling, wishing to retiro from tfao busi ness. For particulars call from 9 toll a. m., or 3to 4p. m., this week, at 239 East Van Burcn-sL Boot andshoe, grocery, drug, andother stores for sale. Really good openings. Call and in vestigate. J. £. KIMBALL, 126 Doarbora-at. COFFEE AND CHOP-HOUSE. NO. 181 LASALLE st., near Monroe, forsale; doing a good business; cheap rent, and cheap price if sold to-day; owner going into the.cigar business.- Call at the place. FOR SALE-OB EXCHANGE FOR HORSES-THE following rights to uso the beat carpet-beating and brushing machines ever inronted: Aurora, Bloomington. Galesburg, Peoria, Quincy, and Springfield/ Will sell very cheap. Apply to Boston Carpet Cleaning Company, 44 and 46 West Adams-st., FIRST-CLASS TANNERY FOR BALE OR RENT at Princeton, Bnrcau 00., 111.; almost new, with en gine and all necessary machinery; 33 rats, color, bate, and lime wheels: sufficient limes, soaks, pools, etc, Starr . ifig.whael and all conveniences ior finishing. Everything la thorough repair. Fur particulars address PRINCE TON TANNING CO„ Prfitcoton, 111. GROCERY STORE. STOCK, AND LOT 34X100, IN A good location, dolnga cash business of s7sper day, forsale; cash required, $4,500. Apply to W, V/. WAT SON, 203 LaSaUe-st. • Grocery, lease, and fixtures for sale, with or without stock, of the store No. 10*5 Stale st., now occupied by P. GILLESPIE; possession May 15. Hotel on prominent thobouofare that pays from 8600 to SBOO per-month for sale. Price, $8,000; half cash. M. O. BALDWIN A GO., 84 and 86 LaSalle-at., Room 34. - Meat market for sale, with lease, doing a good cash basinenon the West Side. Ap ply at 120 Miller-st., near Taylor. _ SALOON FOR SALE. 05 ACCOUNT OP SICKNESS; will be sold cheap for cash If applied for this week. 83834 Sooth Clark-st. The alpine woolen mills, for sale, cheap; located at Council Hill Station, 111., on die Illinois Central Railroad, 5 miles from Galena, now in fall operation, both steam and water power; admirably adapt ed for making yarn, socks, and blankets, also cloths. Apply to JOHN E. CORWITH, Galena, HI. THE BEST BARBER SHOP FOB SALE, WITH gents’ famishing goods and cigar store, with three and a half years* lease; established six years. For par tlcnlara address T 59, Tribune office. . TO DRUGGISTS—FOR SALE—AN EXCELLENT drag stand, doing a splendid business, situated la a prosperous and growing city, 85 miles from Chicago. To a party with a capital of abont $5,000 a rare opportunity Is ottered. For e«rms, reasons for selling, Ac., apply to HANNA, BARRETT A CO., 6 and iODearbcm-at., Chicago. ' ' <2*o Aft WILL BUY A LARGE CASH BUSINESS, comer location. This is no every-day business chance. 233 West Lako-st. " CftKftftft CAPITAL-STOCK OF STATIONERY Oi.«A,UUU forsale, with G-yoar-lease of fine room, low rent; fine jobbing trade established in connection with manufacture of blank books, Ac., Ac. Would baa good stand for retailing. Stock Is. staples In office sta tionery, bought In Now York at jobbers’ best discounts. About $12,0X1 will buy, Want Dullness continued, here that 1 may supply future wants at home. Capital of Slate, splendid business point, sales $19,0G0 last 8 months; rare opportunity to got good will of a’good business for no thing. Reason for selling, too much bnslneiaon hand. Address by or telegram. GKO.' W. CRANE. Tope ka, Kansas. •' ; TO EXCHANGE. TOWN, StO.COO. GoodaoW*.- for reiidence In city worth about MANN J AE. A. CONOinvopert* tonn. O. L. rpo EXOIIANGE FOR CITY > '^ <»1- ijy- A 1 brick house to Jersey City, worth 8A FIN B AWAIT, 150 Desrborn-tt. : ■**** Tf> FXOHANGE—A “WELL IMPROVED HOME °iie*d farm la Central IlUnoU, for choice lowa land. Apply thU morning, Room 4, Metropolitan Block mo EXCHASOE-A STOCK .OF DH7 00003 sf;lf&Ktti.C(f. Boom28*ll»lorJloclc. mo VXOHASG&~A FINB 7-ACRS' TRACT FQR otiioe. Mb exohanok-wb have some desirable —A nvnHA.VOE-TWO LOTS ON SOUTH GANAL « mirßimion: will .icbing. fur itrawand lot or rood turn wltbln 60 mile* of Chlciso; alio .otno cbolu. ES on Sut. «. to ci Ohio re for Improrod oltj propsrtj. JL A . GILBERT 4 CO., 203 L»3llla-.t. goods, notions, clothing, fuml»hla»rtfOcds, boots and shoes, and furniture. 3 farms la Mason Connty, 111., all under a good state of cultivation, near market and railroad—one farm ofl!5 acres, one of 844 acres, and one cf 335 acres. Also a dne new dwelling home and 3 lots tn the City of Peoria, 111., with all modarn: Improvements. The title* are perfect. All worth $50,000 caan. Will trade part or ail. Address Bor 1442, Peoria. lU_. : AGENTS, wanted. A GENTS WANTED —GOOD CANVASSERS ARB JX m.king 81d to 313 a day wllb mir good. : artlelo is as staple as Bony. Particular* free, O. M. UMaO* TON, ifl East Madisoa-at», Room 10, Chicago. , L Agents wanted-to sell BcTT toa-Hole Cutter and Noodle-Threading Tnlmbla. AgenU clear $33 par day. $9 East Madiscn-st.. Room 5. A GENTS WANTED—HEWITT FLITTING, POLISH- J\, lag, and band-iron combined. Plata* any length. Good county ageaciee open. Room 15,179 Eaat Medusa. GENTS WANTED-TO ENOW THAT CHAS. Hock, wholesale dealer In books and prtie packages, has removed to 158 East HOUSEHOLD GOODS; THE HIGHES’fcASH PRICE PAID FOR HOL’SE bold good., CATPOU, ul g.aßTil:marcli.ndlMla largeor small quantities. Addr«a«7£ighleeata-»t. n 7

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