Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 11, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 11, 1873 Page 14
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14 TO REHT--EOOMS. »mO RENT—COTTAGE OF SIX ROOMS. I£6 WAL ! X nut-str; also cotta*? and good leas® fox' sale or ox ♦change. ELA & PARSER, 154 Washlngton-st., Boom 25. jmo RENT—A t PLEASANT FUR?USIIKI>. FRONT X alcove room, for gentleman only. at 227 West Wash-, rlos'ton-sL *' ' "• ■ \ Jrno RENT—A-.PLEASANT .FURNISHED ROOM, • X -low Indiana-dr., corner Twenty-thlcd-fetC ' : «rnO KENT— BED-ROOM. £65 SOUTH -DEARBORN • X st., between Thirtieth and Thirty-first, one block • fron t StnU-strect cars. Quiet family, with too children. ißcard furuithed ITYeqnircd. . ■ qiO RENT—AN ELEGANTLY. FURNISHED FRONT . L -room, for one nr two persons, toutheast-corner. East •Tan Baron and Frcnklln-ste., first jlonr. . TO RENT-FRONT SLEEPING-ROOM FOR ONE or two gents. • Refaronces required. 712 Stato-sl. , JpO. RENT—FURNISHED. ROOMS;-ALSO,' 2 PAK i X lors. furnished or nufumkbod; alco, fonmhed base .tncnUllonso has all - mod am bopruvements. .-No* 12 TO RENT—CHEAP—A WELL-FURNISHED FRONT parlor erd bod-room, with closet, wither witoout board. No. 975 Wost Aladisoa-al., terminus of street xailroad. T‘ O RENT—26O>a - WARREN-AV,, FURNISHED rooms dor gentlemen. - quiet, - comfortable, and- ro gpectsblo, aTvrious sires and prlccsi ■ ; , - ♦ TO RENT-FIRST FLOOR OF NO. 630 BURNSIDR sU, between Thirty-second end Thirty-third-sts., five >ooma. TpO RENT—FI\ T E ROOMS AT 661 FULTON-ST., sls X a month, and board man and wife; basement. • 1 rmR^^OO'MSTEN - X alahed oruafurniabod, 659 State-st., up »:alr». . fipO RENT—SUITE OF TOUR FRONT ROOMS. Ji with-two closets, water end *rs, in marble front Imild -tng 638 West Lako-st. Apply on the - TO -KENT—STOKES. OFFICES, &c. TO RENT—BY W. H. SAMPSON ft CO.; REALEB - Agency, 144 LaSallo-st.. Oiisßlock: . - STORES, AND OFFICES, AND LUFTS... Second flour, letfStato-st-, size - 22x120, "with elevator; $1,200 per year. -■ •- ■' • 72s Siato-st., store nod rooms above.’’ . Basement I<3 South Clark-at., 20x55, suitable for -a ra toon; $1,500 por year. ■ Upper floors of building 185 and ISLWabash-av., 60x170. ■Basement, 44x120, northwest comer SUto and Madi sou-sts. . New four-story and basement xnarblo front building, 171 and 173 East Laliost. Now fooi-story and basement marble front building, 11 jmdl3EastLako-st. .. _ ’ .. - Very cholco offices lalho Dore Building, northwest cor ner oi State and Madison-ste.; building is heatod with ateam. has passenger elevator Ac. . Three upper flours bf tbe French Building, southwest t corner of Madlson-st. and 3'ifth-av., 47x80., btoroTSLost Van Eurcu-st., and second floor. Good basement 375 andT73 East Adams-st. • • Lofta C 6 East Lako-tl., third and fourth floors; 51.200 Store, basement, and fourth floor of Si East Washing;* second,third, and fourth floors, Oxl®. Second and third floors, COxIOO, northwest corher btate •and llsrrisoo-Bts;' * - * Basc;nput iy2SonthClar!c-€t.. !Sx9o.- • - ; •- - 1 Xlxrgo list of offices and store* for rent la all parts of 'lie ci:y. to' TV. n. - SAMPSON *OO.. ‘ , 144 Otis Block. -fpO REKT—STORES AKD J. t>2 and 54 Lako-st. - ■ ..z • - - '.ssand SS Luke>-at,;■ I l *-South Clark at.. .20x80. • , _ ■ , 19.t, 197, -Sol, £O9 ana 211 Sculh Cl&fk-st, Kentucky Bio ck. 7fltnd72 East Baadolpli-4L . i'.'.L' 45 East Van Buiea-sU , , 171 West Van.Barozpat. • * ± f ‘ IS9 and 140 ’Yabaah-ar., duels or double. ■ ,/ r . . 544 Wabaah-av.; entire buiidiac. • = * f 80 and S3 Adama-st. s. . .. •. , 819 and 945 Sooth Stato-st. ‘ . ' / Odices in Keener, Speed’s, Kentucky and McCormick blocks t also atr117.129 and 130,165 South Clsrk-str ’ • ( Apply to J.M. MARSHALL £ CO., lloal Estate Broker*. Fwaehineton-sts. r • :t . ly sril O BENT-ELEGANT SXOIUBI£9 WEST JktADISOX • J. eL, ncarHaJsted, 25x£5. ■ . :c . Store West Maeie-on-st. . r SUmjfi "8 and 73 South Halsted-et. , near Madiaoru • Store 19? Vest Madison-fU ■ ' ’ Elegant clorc comer Carpenter and Madison-ats. .. . . • ‘ El'-gsTit store 223' West iladisoa-st. . - : Elegant stores 337; 341. and 843 West Madlaon-it. Sunes 113,115, and 13" Lake-st. ‘ " I>. COJdS A SOX; House Agents, 168 TTost Madlson-st. tniO RENT-STABLE CAPABLE OF HOLDING 40 i X to 50 horses* da Doaplaines-st.. oppbelto the hay-mar- Gallon, oraddreas, T.F. ROONEY, 65SouthClin ♦lon-st,. - ' •- ‘ ■ T‘ O RENT-SUITE OR OFFICES. CONVENIENTLY arranged, with vaoh, etc. Apply on premises. Room 163 East Washington-st. •' (rpO RENT—A HANDSOME STORE-IN BRICK fi- building in Rockford, 111.; centre of business. 82x20; Mry-gocdr, clothing, or boot and shoe burincMipreferred; U*WKi per year.' Xtidress ANTON' SOHICKRR, Rock ford, IU. ' . ' ' ' • ImO RENT-VERY ELEGANT FIVE-STORY STONE f X fronV building. being erected-on Madison-jrt., near lrifth-av., with sterna elevator. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON* CO.. 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Block. • • JTSO RENT-SECOND FLOOR, ISO STATE-ST., SIZE X £2xl2u. Rent. a year, with elevator. Anplyto TTM. H. SAMPSON A GO., 144 LaSaile st., Otis Block. mO RENT—VERY DESIRABLE BRICK STORK X and basement, 229 West Madison-st., rize 80x1 CO, for merly occupied by- Carson, Pirio & Co. ; Anply to WM; pi. SAMPSON & CO.. Dloek. rpO RENT—'nvO BARNS AND LARGE YARD; X Aloo, one small and woH-lighted basement,; one brick Btoro and basement, with rnito of Brooms.- Apply on tno g)remises to E. F. jTTO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE STORE 337 WEST ! I Madlsnn-st., with plate glass front. Apply, to W. H. •6AMPSON A CO., 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. vTUb RENT—STORES AND BASEMENTS NOS.. 119, t -Xl2l. 123. 12R, 127 State-st., mcar Rightccnth-st._; rent SM per month. Apply to WM. H- SAMPSON & >CO., 144 LaSalla-st., Otis Block. . . % • *TTO BENT—STORE ON MILWAUKEE-AV.' STORE ■ i. on West Kinrie-et., also a cottage; Apply at <O4 .Treat Randfdph-st., npstairs. , • ifro Kkirr—hotel on the coknee of fifth lav. and Adams-st., containing Go rooms, including Jfculh room, water closets, laundry, hot'and cold water. (Apply to owuor on iqepremises. • • <• TO RENT-DESK-BOOMRENTi 84 LA 6 ALLE-ST ROBERT GREER* - • -v. • • - !. T” O KENT—THE STORE NO. 03 SOUTH HALSTED st.. and basement. Inquire of F. A, QUIN LAN, Room S Major-Block, 143 f.n3AUo*at.,-or ofthe owner, SIS WeitLake-st. 31. QUINLAN. 1 - . brpo BENT—WELL LIGHTED OFFICES. FINISHED ml. In goodAylc, at 47 .LaSaUe-st-, between Lake and (Randolph, corner of tho-nllor. Prices range from $lO to }630. Apply to WM. 11. CONDON, Boom 2. 47 LaSalie-st. IrrO RENT-STABLE WITH ACCOMMODATION '_L' for four horso*. on Michigan av., noar.Eightcenlh-st. [Apply Roe m.24, 156 East Waahiagton-st, .-■* FpO RENT—A''LARGE CORNER BASEMENT. COR -1 ner North Clark cod Ontario-cts. Inquire or J. 8. [PURPLE, at Clarendon House. . trpO RENT-TO A YOUNG LAWYER. DESK-ROOM, <JL cr p&ri-of a small office. In Otis Building, southwest (corner State and. Madiaon-sm. Call from 9. to 10. SEWELL CLARK. Tpo RENT-DESK-BOOM IN. BASEMENT 151 JLA :X Salle-st.- H. N. LORD, 151 LsSallc-st. HX) HKvT—HALF OF A NICE BRICK STORE IN A j-L nret-cla« neighborhood... Andress,' stating kind' of ♦ business, T 67; Trihnae office. : . ‘. irpO RENT—MARBLE-FRONT STORE. ONEDWELL iX ing, new: Opera Hall, comer basement for barber shop. N. 8. GROW, Ell Madison-st. . » ’ frpo RENT-BARN AT 545 WEST MONEOE-ST. AP i i. ply on the jmcmisc*. . ' - • Iff id BENT—A STABLE , OONTAINIKa. THREE ' X . stalls acd hay-loft, wiih.walcr, at 473 West Madison-: Ur. Inquire iu cigar store, on nresnisez. . , IrpS^RENT—ONE DF.SK-UOOSL ROOM 5,: SODTH \ X ear*, comer Clark and Madison-sts. teIORENT—MARBLE-FRONT• STORE AND BASS, •’ L meet. No. C3i West Lako-st., near Paulina: fitjt-rato location ior any kind of business; sizo 25x75 feet: rent cheap to a good tenant. Apply to J.- D. WEBER; on mrennsev Room S, dr 279 Park-ar. , ;: rno-BENT—HALF- OS'- STORE 142 SOUTH HAL • X ; first-class location for-a hair store or Yankee kiotion». ... . , • ----- 1 • ITiO RENT—A TWO-STORY HOUSE, 8 ROOMS, NO. L 121 1 ,- near • Adams-st. • - Apply at ■ 147 JWds'Usm-BV. - ; ~ ; . * fO BEfT—STORB-AKD FIXTURES. . W SHOETO-, fnO RK.VT—KTOE STORE, SHELVES, COUNTERS, il. ice-Uox. • Chospcent.' A 'good point for fhe jmicery, uu the corner of Indiana-av. end Thirty-nmtb-H.{ ■Call at the place., -' ' --' ■; T rfORRNT-a14EW.STOREON-THE SOUTHSIDE- X lao be?t location in the city for a dry goods Htore.'-For JiarLlc.uTara apply t6‘ HAICNA, BARRETT 4 CO., 8 and •30 Dcarboni-sc.' .■> • • . fjio KKrrr-IJiE BASEMENT OF NO. I£B.SOUTH X Clsrk-st.: .Inquire at Room 2,.onprcmiscs. niolU£NT-i3LARGE X ' Clark-ft;,‘between•Jladlsonimd la «;ulru at Reom 2, on promises. . ' * ' tpo P.RST-STOIIE. « FEET DEEP WITHAGOOD J. cellar. £O7 South Halsi-od-et.; Inquire at £*js, rno X Ipimire in rear of 4S4South Halsted-et. frr\o RENT—THE POUR UPPER FLOORS TN'THE X eletjan- rm.rble-frtmt building, 1M and 1*,7 WabasUr #»v.j nize, £oxl7o. Apply to W. H. SA-MPSON «£ CO., HI Oda Block. ■ •.»:.«!■■: \ • - ' *1" pO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE STORE, SIZE 24X75, J. inniarble-frotitbujldiQg, uorttoestcorner of Lake cuid Uoioa.«t«. - Itoat, $75 a-monthr Anjrty -to W. H, gAMPSON & CO., 144 LaStOlo-Bt., Oils Rfacfc. i • . rrO RKNT—CORNER ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, J? 40x36, in Orpheus Hall Itaitdinxv > comer Lake and Pooria-sts., well lighted and ventilated. ■ suitable* Inr tocictyor light manufacturing pnrpoius.-W.IL PHARE/ ri&iorßlock, 143LaSaIle»st. .*. •> TOO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE STORE 837 WEST A Madison-st.. with plate glass front. -Rcntreasonabie.- y.pply to W. H. SAMPSON A CO.,, Oil* rpO RENT—A NICE OFFICE IN BASEMENT 75 1 South'Clark-strrsuitablo far surveyor*-or real estate men. Inquired7sSouthClark-rt. ypO RENT—SECOND, THIRD, , AND FOURTH, JL floors, "with power nad elevator;’ I© 'Clark-st.; near SMadiasn. Apply at SOHTVEJZER’S.Coifqd-Housg. ':: •*:. rrO RENT-CHEAP— -ISjAKD X rear of No. 21 South Clark-st-b Apply to SPENCER: H. PECK, 195 Wabaih-av., cor. Adams-ht/ • *• •, TO RENT—ON REASONABLE TERMS, AN EETS*; tnnt brick. Lboxn. For -particulars apply or address gtiOlndiana-av. i ; 1 • ixhO RENT-STORE IN HAuILIN BROS.* BUILD*. X ing, £9 South'i; opposita l old CoorC-Hddfe, .together withl large basement. in same, under U olty’a Billiard Hall, suitable for wholesale or mannfae* unrlag business. :Appbr to. HENRY. R. GEORGE, T»oomsll)andl2,'B7and£2Cl£ , Hc- I *r, - 1 *. • ' '■ , JTO RENT-A BRICK. LIVERY STABLE; NO/192 X Twrnty-escoad-st.; it is new, and will holdSQhorsss;. fin rrlcndld locaGon. Incrake of BROCKMAN & SKIN* onpremises, or \VJL BKJNNER,-13 North'Mor ~ ' -• - • - ~ ypO IfeNT—OFFICE, SECOND FLOOR, AND LOFTS X over 121 and 123 South •Water-tft; - Apply on second aioor. . _ • ... ... i rilO RENT—THIRD. FOURTH, AXD FIFTH STO- X riestscparat-*ly or together) of Ix 2 fitate-stv orerthe Ameriraa Oloek Company’s store; 1 dimension?, J 26x110. ■Steam Dealing aad_frejght elovator._E,.S, PIKE, with •Jf.MataohA.Co. ■ > . • jflO RENT—'ELEGANT OFFICES AND 1 ROOMS ON , X thlrdjstoiy of building on northeast corner of Stato Wnd Monroe-stsi,-' singly- or ea suite; steam heating. /Fourth and fifth’stories of same building will be -finished ?to suit the party leasing.' Apply to.E. 8. PIKE, at N. |2latsoiS«k UQ?K •- - .'r’-- » ■fpO KF.NT—PLICASANT OFFICK, OR DESK ROOM X Ja.faraLhed'oGCe', Inquire at Room iSOtis Block. .. TO STOBgS.:QgFICES t Szo. TO i KRXT~! j£SoiferSO»V». * SUITABLE 'rOH light manufacturing busiu ossein• O’ Callaghan’s '.Bnildjag, No. a South Clark-st. - • o r '" rno rrnt-a good brick barn in rear of’ ’/X v ♦ 51u Vi abash-av. Inquire at Sf{B VTabaab-av. TO SENT—PAUT OP BASEMENT OFFICE. NO. 121' ■ •• ♦ . • • • • 1 3’ tcTrent—a desk; room, at no. - 175 olark l’ stv, corner Mouroe.-' Office No. 9;pleasaiit oifico; good light; terms very low; desirable location. ■ - rro RENT—A VERY DESIRABLE OFFICE IN X, Kent's ßuihllDg, 3 door* from LaSaU6-at.,- upon fav orable terms. HENRY W. CIIIP3IAN, 153 ilonroo-st., •RcoruS. ‘ ■ nVo WITH 4 ROOMS. NO. 242 SOUTH X‘' Clintbn-st. .... , . TO RENT —STQRK ON TWENTY-SECOND:ST;, i •near Wabash-av. Inquire of O. F. RliillCK, Room 1 14, 17d J£ast Adams-st. • ' mo RENT-ABASEMENT 80 STATES T.: LIGHT AND ■-X dry, with vault, - suitable for any-nice business. Aim otEcoonsecond door over6sand67South Wator-sfc. ' , r\MY RENT-TWO STORES ON OLYBOURN-AV.— •JL One with four rooms inrear: 'other with counter and _sbciving; S2O. A. T, GALT, 77 Dearborn-st., Room'll. Mb UEfcT —AN ELEGANT LA RGB' 6TbnEr .'X IrpLmdid light, suitable fur any business; a bargain 4<>a good tenant. Apply on premises, 77 Dcarborn-at., south of Randolph. • •' ■ TO RENT—DESK-ROOM CHEAP IN ONE OF THE finest offices in the city. Room A Tribune office. : TO RENT-A GOOD BARN, SUITABLE FOR A pair of hornes and carriage. Apply at No. 80 Ccntro av., between Adams end Jackson-sta. • TjfOß SALB-OR KEOHANGE-FOR IN\SIT)E REAL X l, ©state, on© pair fin© bay horses together with elegant - . _ top buggy, double and single harness, robo®, Ac« I roust TO .RENT—FIRST-CLASS OFFICES. NORTHWEST i dispose of them by the IMb, a* 1 Icaro tbocity-then for comer of and SCUiOKSSKJi, I Eumno: will B i.o . blrcciu. Thoj an bo coon ill rper of basement. 210 LaSallc-at. 1 695 Wabaab-ar. . i?OR SALE-A VERY LIGHT X 1 4-whooJod dog cart for ono or two horses, at BROWN’S Stables, cor.'Douglaa-plaeo and Cottage Grove-av;, or 100 Dearbom-st. -• •' * • • -' ' mo REST—A • 6-BOOM BASEMKNT; - LOCATION JL suitable lor day boirdioror manufacturing purpose*. Apply on premises. 125 South Oliaton-st. . - - T" O REST-A GOOD STORE. 527 BTATE-ST., corner of Hariaon-court, Suitable for dry goods, groceries, hardware, clothing, otc. TO RENT—A LARGE STORK AND BASEMENT ON nourilarkot; GILBERT A GIA'INS, 63 La- Sallorst. - - -- ■ TO RENT—STORE 20x?5 FEET NO. 193 WASHINO ton-st,: al»o double store 40xS51n same, brown stpno building. Thcee stores are splendidly light od. have a 25 foot alloy directly In rear; fire-proof vaults, and bavo finished basements, which may bo rented with thorn or not, at 6 leisure of tenant. . Apply dirotly to owner, Room 5, No. i 3 Washlngton-st. ■ mo RENT-OFFICES, SINGLE OR EN SUITE. WITH X fire-proof vaults; only one flight stairs; first-class,in all respects. Apply toowner, RoomS, same building, No. 193 Bast Washing ton-st. | rnoRENT-BASEMENT 40x85 FEET, NOS. 195 AND X 197 Waahlugten-st, : has wide alley directly in roar, fire-proof vault, sidewalk lights, and finished throughout. Apply at Room S, same building. ; • TO RENT—A STALL IN A GOOD BARN. REAR OF 169 West Adams-sb. Inquire at Singer office, 216 South - . - WANTED —TO RENT. TX7 - ANT KD—TO RENT—STORE AND EASEMENT Vl on South Side bpr a substantial business ,ann, suit* able fora general. jobbing'trade. Nothin* faccrnceded In finish or rcnt;*wouKl lilro It between Stato and LaSalle, on Monroe, Adams, or Jackson, or on op near South .Water-sts, Persons baring, or about to build such; will hear of & good permanent tenant by-addressing, with particulars, Ac., TB3, Tribune ofilco. TS7 ANTED—TO-RENT—BARN,- WITH ROOM FOR IT 10hor»e« ando orfcwagons, Iced. Ao., eastof Aber deen rvud North of Harrlson-st. Address F. J. RUTH, S5 andS7 South Canal-st. TTTANTKD-TO RENT-HOUSES-WE HAVE NU TT morons applications foi bouses from good tenants, JACOB C. iIAGILL, 81 and 83 South Ol&rk-Bt. . ■ - WANTED— TO RENT—9 ITNFURNTIHED SLEEP ing rooms by a gentleman (in block preferred);rent not to exceed sl6. Address T 69, Tribune office. -. ; '' TXT'ANTED—TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOM BY A •VV steady young man (out all day) whore there are no children or lodgers; eta to terms. Address Tll, Tribane office. . ‘ , . • ■'i VT'ANTED —TO RENT—A SMALL FURNISHED Vl house, with stables,nearThlrtloth-at, and Michigan av. T. M. JORDAN, 80 AVashington-at. ■ -• ■ , TirANTED—TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE FOR VV juiamcrj’no children: must bo good location; no objection to suburbs. Address, stating location, terms, etc., M, ilaulton House. 1 nrANTED-TO RENT —A FURNISHED HOUSE VV suitable fora family of three adults,'cn South Side, Tweaty-sixTh-st. Address, stating terms and location, E., B. A 00.116, Eastßlazie-st. ■ ■\X7 ANTED-TO RENT—TWO GOOD-SIZED ROOMS, VV unfurnished, for two quiet ladies;east of State-st.; and north of Twenty-second. . . ' '~i ;;*P. WANTED— TO RENT—BY A SMALL FAMILY, without children, a cottage with 6or 7 -rooms, Ri a coed neighborhood. Address, with lowest price, JH N, US South Water-st. : - * ' ■ TTTANTED-TO RENT-BY A - MAN AND WIFE, •■VV. without children. Sor 4 rooms for light house keep ing, in a respectable neighborhood on the North Side, south of Division-ati Address T Cl, Tribune office." . •• TIT ANTED-TO RENT-A HOUSE WITHOUT A VV • basoment,-«ultablo for a family of eight persons, situated on any of tho avenues eatfi of Wabash-av., and between Sixteenth and Twonty-alxth-ats. Address B 71, Tribune office. - -' TXTANTED-TO RENT-A 6 OR7-BOOMED HOUSE, VV on North Side preferred. Address, stating terms, T 92, Tribune ©office. ■ - ; TIT ANTED—TO RENT-A -ROOM, AND SUNDAY YV- board, or room without board; for a seamstress ; must bn South nidpj references exchanged; Address O 11, 66 Tribune Boiiding. ■ 1 • • ;>• • ~ VXf ANTED—TO RENT-BY SINGIaE GENTLEMAN, ■VI funuened or unfurnished room-between Eldridge ccnrt and Sixlecnth-st., coat .of State, Address,(J 29, Tribune office. . . • : . . W'" ANTED-TO RENT—AN UNFURNISHED ROOM without board, bra lady encaged from home during the day, in a respectable private nouse, and where a par* lor stove can bo used. Address WW, • 113 North Wood* st., stating rent ami size of room; references exchanged. TWANTED-TO RENT—A GRAIN ELEVATOR IN t i Chicago or on the. Illinois Central Railroad. Ad dress T 99, Tribune office. ... WANTED-TO REKT-BY A FAMILY OF FOUR TT adults, thelowerpartof house, betweenEighteenth s'and-Twepty-sixth-st., east “of Slate. First-class city references'. State price and location. Address 04, Tri bune Office. W~ ANTED-TO RENT—A FLOOR OF FOUR OR six rooms, South Side, uorthof Thirtiolb-st.prompt paying tenant, with references. C 25, Tribune otfice. W ANTED-TO RENT-A SMALL COTTAGE IN A pleassnflocation by n family without children. Ad dress, stating rtnt, do., C 62, Tribune office. W ANTED-TO RENT-COTTAGE OR ROOMS ON .North or West Side, in good neighborhood; Ameri cans; no children. Address, with terms and location, TS9, Tribune office, W ANTED-TO RENT—IMMEDIATELY, BY A party of two, or throe, or-Sve.geatlemcn, famished rooms, with or without board; south of Chicago-av. on North Side, and north of Twenty-second, and oast of State-st. on South Side; a central location in a .private family preferred; references exchanged. Address, giving all particulars, S 61, Tribunootfice. WANTED— TO RENT-FOUR GENTLESIEN WILL pay $25 to $35 per month for largo double room, fur nished, on South Side, north of Twonty-fifth-st.; house with yard preferred. Address T 81. Tribune office. TU - ANTED-TO RENT-BY A YOUNG LADY, A V V pleasant room with Sunday board in a private fam ily. Address T 32, Tribune office. - \TT ANTED—TO RENT-TWO FURNISHED BOOMS .Vi for housekeeping, or one room for ram and wife, with board for wife. Address O B.JTribuao office.,;.. i \\f ANTED—TO RENT-BY A YOU> r G 31ARKIED t T couple, 3or 4 rooms for housekeeping, In vicinity of Mrdfsen and Cartls-sls.; best of reference. AddrossCß j r , 1523WestMadlson-st. . • ■ : • t WAKTED-TO RENT-TWO OB THREE ROOMS, near thorpnghfaro, in tho neighborhood of Halated st. or Wahasn-ar., not-to exceed sls. Address B 2, Tribune office. - ' ..... WANTED-TO RENT-FROM 2 TO 4 ROOMS, FOR Vv light housekoeping. fora family of two, within 8 or 4 squares of 112 West Madison-st. Inquire at Room 2. T\fANTED—TO RENT-12 OR li'ROOMS IN SO3IE >V :building in burnt distrlct, eUhsr North or South Side. Address-V9, Tribunooffico.--- . • ■ - ■ \ST - ANTED—TO LEASE—6 TO 20 ACRES. NEAR -Ft.» Chicago; also, some 16taIn city limits. Address S 10, Tribune office. -' ■ ■ . - HORSES AND CARRIAGES. -A NT MAN IN THIS CITY, OR ANY OTHER,. WHO .ix;' wishes to sell his horses immediately, atr t heir real value, will find plenty.-of buyers, >’with tho tin and no grumbling. Have purchasers for stock worth from SSO to SIO,CCO; or.'in otberwbrds, can sell and have tho trade - for any description of ahorse or team‘at its real value. We do business on the square, and -no deception, and arc reaping a rich reward; are. doing more in this .line-thon was evor dreamed of in.this city. It is exclusively sale.. Also an immense dofaand«for«jcond-hand bnggics; light wagons, and harness. And this is ail done at 261 and 263 SIAte‘sL', : T)y_BRADLEY4 WILLS- t . .. y/..-, .'>■- t j Accommodation for fifteen more board inzbocses. at tha Nortbirostcrn SUblcs, 26fland2a2 Mlchi£an*st'.£ ucarßuah. ; Good care and attention, ? i A' sir MAN WHO HAS A REAL NICE DAUGHTER or a gpod do>c oaeht' to, buy. them, a nieo pony. .Wo hivo a beauty at 2al and' £63 Stalo-st. BRADLEY & WILLS.: v . . • . V Auction , .every Wednesday and satur day of hordes, carriages, wagons, harness, and c«Jod slabllng fbrhocies. Muncy,advanced on goods. JOHN. MORTON, Auctioneer, 421 States*. ■ A FULL STOCK OF THE CELEBRATED CHICAGO boslnea* andDaytdn’dhllTery wagens; also top and optm bntjsri(;3: r.onii«rC'prftseatatlons at this house, MiL LAR £ PARSONS, 155 West pAURIAGES-JUMP-SEATBUGGIES. PHAETONS, VJ etc., said at Eastern factory prices, at 10 and 12 West Randolph-eL H. J. EDWARDS. . . v « , eOiLE TO 341 WABASH*AY., IFYOU WANT A .good now or second-hand carriage, or buggy, road 1 wagon, or open and top delivery wagon. j..... . FOR- SALE-CHEAP, ONE PAIR MARE MULES, - ... sound, and good workers, 7 years old, 'Weight 1,250' poendfi each, at iho Northwestern Stables, 260 and 262 Michigan-et. • •; FOR SALE-HORSE. BUGGY, AND UARNESSTa’ ’ gotd bmlaeal rig. J, W. FERNALD,'comer rfal stod and Tweifth?ata;. / ■ * TPOR SALE-GOOD BLACK MARE. USED TO Tffwi X 1 city/chcap. FUIES,.HQ West • , Foils ale—horse andcuggy.' : inquire of •jJ.-.G; FINLAY 4 CO., 66 Boat Lake iu : : : i : FOR SAIjE-CUEAP-AN TSXPRES3 RIG. ' IN qnlrrfto-day in rear of 270 West Harrisoa-st. TnOR. S ALE-CIISA.P-ONE SECOND-HAND PA i? Tent-wheel business buggy. Coil and esatnino.. No.- 203 Sobor-st., near tialstcd. Family carriages,’ uucgiks, phaetons, ■ rocknwsy3,'froni.tho'best maker*.in the country, 1 at reasonable prices, .at 253 and 355 'West Randolph-st. O. L. BR.VDLKY.. . . ■ ; • c-' ' FOB SALE—X BASKET PEAETONJ ONLY 3125/ .* nearly new. • Apply Ooatrc-av. stables, nearAna-st, T7SOR SALE-THREE TOP BUGGIES. BUTXiITTLK ,JP used, two light road wagons,! two-sealed top carriage, iffrollnhterprer?, one with top, cno democrat wagon.- at HATHAWAYS. COOStatc-st. ' TPOR X* u'’w , , hor2Baadhiracss.'souad andktaX E. ROG :KRS,-I<7£ast.M*dlspa-st., Room 9. ; T?OR SALE-CELEBRATED TROTTING COB SUIT* lJ} able lor lady’s phaeton, apdls roally fist, Bound, and’ Jafraid.of nothing. Pair,of buggy Teams, yet black,, and Igbpd'gogrs. $135 will buy tingle.mare, imfocUy gentle, •and can trot in 3V/; also Durham cow, with call 2 frocks ’ jold. G,GRIFFITHS, Bara2eSCalnmet-av. .. ..., WANT OF USE, HORSE, BUGGY, X, and'hamess. Horsoabay, good, sire, young, kind, ana sound, and a good stepper. Baggy, with . shifting, top, medium light, nearly now, all first-class. Inquire at. 53 -West Wabbiagion-it,, or at my residence, Cc 9 West Monroo*«t. c- THE CHICAGO DAILY .TRIBUNE:. SUNDAY, MAY 11, 1873. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. iALETOHER. LAZEAR &l OIIKNKV, MAMUFAC* X 1 ' turen ufhrat-claia buggies. Factory corpov Sadg wick and jJiviflloa-fltß., salesroom 325 Stnto-st. We base cm band a tine assortment and. will sell at .very low.prices. I'bo'r SALE-OR WILL TRADE for-suburban . lots, horse, buggy, and harness. Apply to J. D. LONG, £9 Dearborn-su . flOlt SALE-CHEAP-A STYLISH BASKET PHAE ton, but very liillo used. Inquire of J. N. WITHER ELL, 150 Dearbom-st. • FOR SALTS—2 .TROTTERS, WITH RECORD:. AC commodatinn for & few good horses, and sale fur them. ANTHONY, 17 Sixteenth*!. . . V • V ... )R SALE-HORSE, BUCQV, AM) harness for $250; also, 2 driving horses. 609 West Madison-st. FOR SALE-ONE PAIR MATCHED TONIES AND baymaro, pound, gentle, and fast, top buggy and har ness. FINLEY AGO.. IS7 Clark-st. i ' -nt ■JROR SALB-AT-A BARGAIN-A PAIR OB KICK T .driving hordes, two or three single coachaoddrlvug, horses, topbugjy, single and double harness, 70. »• wc Monroo-st. . .- ‘. '■ . • ~ - i 771 OR SALE-A BAT HORSE, SEVEN VHARSOI.p X’ wciKhs Kl) lti«. sound, kind and tras, BKO. 1 hu«u. $75; 2 bugfiio3, 837 each; 1 baracas,. $lO. 10 banga mon-st. : •' ." - TTIOB SALK-A COMFORTABLE CARRIAGE, SUIT- X able for one or two horses, cheap for. cash. Inquire at6C6 Wabash-av.' - ~ > TTIOR SALE-ONE NEW LIGHT PEDDLER’S WAG- X on, for two horsos; also, one second-hand , express wagon, cboap, at 263 South Cansl-st. 1 FOR SALK—A 7-YISAR OLD MARK SUITABLE for - buggy use; also, a coal wagon. Either for sale -cheap at 116 Mfller-at. ‘ • For sale~3 black horses, 6 and 7 years old, sound arid kind in every form. Will take single baggy in wart payment. Gall at 545 South Halatod-sU, BUTCHERS. - TpOR SALE—A FIHST-OLARS DRIVING HORSE, J? 15 hands high, color dark brown, bttndsomp, stylish, and 'fast, and perfectly sound, thoroughly broke to tlio city, and not afraid of anything; an unusually desirable road or business horse. Inquire at 206 East Lake-st. For sale-mules, a large, flne pair, and a fine pair of ’ carnoge-borfos, bays, 16 hands-high, long-taflyd, and 2 trotters. W. J. NEELY, Ottawa,'-111. FORSALE-CHKAP-SOUND HORSE, ABOUT 17 bands; weight, about 1,800. Inquire'at 128 tiouth Haletcd-st., Sunday or-Monday. ■ , / • TTfOU SALE—A GOOD SECOND-HAND .CONCORD JD buggy-; price, S3O. 181 South Groon-s t. 1 - ‘ : FOR r SALE-TWO LARGE DRAFT’ HORSES. Ap ply at SPRINGER’S Iron Yard, 21 North CHnton-st. F~ OR SALETgpVv-HOibSE. BUGGY. AND HAR nosa. .Qall at HO A ROMAN’S Stable. 15 Mouroe-st. Port, sJaLB 'LIGHT. .AJTO HEAVY EXPRESS and delivering wagons of all kinds, at 559 Sonth Canal. T’ HE“CELEBRXfED STALLION ETHAN ALLEN! ■Jr., .will stand at 431 Statc-;hu • ; FOR SALE-ONK PAIR OF HEAVY MULES WITH •or without-horneas and wagon. Inquire at Buttcr flcld-at. WALKER. ■>= ■ FOR SALB—CHEAP—BTYLISFI, top boggy. first-class in every particular, and but lit tle worn. Call Tuesday at 17 South Canal-st» : For saee-a no. i grocery rig.' inquire Bt 813 West Lako-it. - ' ~ OR SALE—SEVERAL GOOD EECdND-UAND buggies; also, tenta’ driving wagons, -at Garden City Carriage FOR SALE— AHORSEj KIND AND WELL-BROKEN* to saddle and harness;., phaeton top baggy, nearly new, with harness, for S3SU. Apply at 49 South Ada-st. in •the afternoon. 1 ■ ■ * EOS SALB-OR-EXCHANGE-AK OPEN BUGGY or busings* wagon. made by Millar «k Paxrons: now, within a year; also, g»-od single batmens, either orhothat a bargain. ~ face them at 111 • Madisoo-st.. BIRNEx HAND. • • :■ • • 1 • -• *• T7IOR SALE-TWO GOOD HORSES, BUGGIES,AND X 1 harness, together or senaratc, or a carriage team, at 823 Michlgan-5%V • • ] . ’ ~ '• •' . ' (?R SALE-TOP BUGGY, HORSE, AND .HAR nees; horse suitable (or a lady. Handsomest mare In the city, 7 years old; htdycaa drive. A lartre bay coupe or carriage horse. A fast colt.’ 1 A nico business horse. Bam, 1060 Wahaah-nr. •• • * • ~ • First-class harness of every descrip tion.-at unusually low prices, for cash only. J. A. ISLE, 469 State-st. • ~ : F" OR SALE, A GOOD TEAM QF HORSES. HAR nrss and sand wagon, at No. 130,Wcst Indiana-at. jnCED TROTTING MARE •X 1 „showing forty or-better.,. A decided bargain; other property taken in part pay. Address T 67,1 rilmne office. H'OBSis^AOTBir TO PASTTJBB AT DOWSER'S Gropo. Addrtyta FRED .if. WOODS. Dpwnoj.fl Grove, Ul, Kofor to 11. G. Prraors, Union ftodonal Epnij; C. IL Morse, Fairbanks, Morse *t (Jo. ; L. L. Grcenlaaf, Chicago. ■ • H" OKSKS PASTURED BY.THE WEEK OR.SEA b in. hr V. FREDENHAGES, fanner imd breeder .of carrinice find road hnr-er. - P. O- rjMrt*-*: : Up" :I '\ r Grove,-’ IH, Referto Ueo.l ,%’Son-, 9(1, S3, and M Vanßu ren-st’., orR. Lancaster, s*6Michigan-avy •• T R. BROOKIIAX. H3O •hVEN'TY-SECOND-ST., t) • has for sale or exchange, new ana sccona-hsml open and top-bnggios, phaeton?, business wagon«. side spring Concords; a few good hurte«, single and double harness: also oao span of largo mules. ■ Horses, carriages, and buggies to let. • , - . . -• - > Mare and colt-for sale or trade, in bam rear of 39 Illlnois-st. PRICE, S2OO-A 4-YEAR OLD C 01.7. HAMBUv tonian stock, buggy, and harness. SW Fostor-s;;, off Harrison. : mO GOOD 3-SPUING WAGON FOB 1 horso; also, wanted for cash, a light delivery wagon. 5179% West Madisoa-st. ~ TO RRNT-BRTOK• STABLE, -6 STALLS;. NEWLY fitted ap, rear 503 Wabasa-av. Inquire on tho premises WANTED— A SECOND-HAND BUGGY IN EX chaugu fora gold watch, sewing-machine, nice ring, or cash. Stand 85 LaSallo-st., Booth ‘25. WANTED-A LIGHT EXPRESS WAGON.. PAY IN furnace work. Call Monday at 33 NortU.fitatc-et. WANTED-A GOOD BUGGY HORSK THAT A lady can drive In exchange for a 5 year old colh war ranted sound; has been need ne a saddle horse, and oc casionally In a boggy.- Apply at 137 Stute-st., third tloor. ANTED—A'ROOD TEAM-HORSES. HARNESS and wagon—(n exchange for choice suburban lot, HOLMES 4K.ICH, 18 Exchango Building. TTTE WILL SELL BUGGY WITH LEATHER TOf Vt and set of harness, all only used about one month, cosUngTJC.-'O, for $225 cash: can be Peen at our store, cor. Lake and Doarborn-sfcs. VAN SCIIAACE; STEVEN* SON A REID. * ... < WHO IS IN WANT OF A HEAVY WAGON AND ..a set of harness ? Also, a single express harness; all complete and nearly new; to be sold Monday fdreaoon to tho met man that shows fair play, at 5208 Sampson-st. TITANTED TO PURCHASE, A GOOD PHAETON II - with top, or whole rig ; must bo a bargain for «y«K Address 31. jX, south-west comer Tweaty-rcoond-st. aod lndiana-av.<.up-stairs, or call between 2 and 8 o'clock, p. m. .* • • C* WANTED-A GOOD TEAM, HORSES, HARNESS, and wagon, in exchange for a choice suburban lot. HOLMES & RICH,’IB Exchange Building. 'XKf ANTED-TO PURCHASE—A PIIAF.TON; ONE .»» that has bech used & little, will amwer. Address, with terms,, JC H, 23Exchango Building. ' W” ANTED—S.VDLE HORSE OR PONY, MUST BE .sound and cheap, at 95 Blao Island*av. ANT ED—A GOODHORSE STO 6 YEARS OLD » T and business buggy. Persons haring cuclk willing to’ sell at sacrlhcc, apply at MAG ELL 4 HALL, 74 Mar kot-st. <' - WANTED-ONE HEAVY WAGON; 4-INCH SKEIN* Apply on Monday to W: SPRINGER, 22'Nurth Clin ton-flt. ' WANTED-A GOOD SECOITD-HAND SINGLE harness, ono that has boon bat little used. Address 0 99, Tribune office. , ’ --'I» ■ U 1 WANTED— A BUGGY, TWO-SEATED. WITH OR without top; sccond.hand prererrud, li in' fair con dition and cheap. A. IL ANDREWS 4 00.,‘lCd to 170 Statt>st.:(, '• • , ' •> • x. WAKTED-TO EDRCHASE HEAVY SPAN TRUCK »t • hursos: mares preferred. Inquire No. X River-st. WM. liOYl'. . ■r- .- TITANTED—A LIGHT 3-SPRING DELIVERY WAG- Vr goo, cheap for-cosh. Call with rig at 1068 and 1070 Stato-st. .■ «• FOR CASH-A FAST HORSE. W either pacor or Uottsr; no fancy prices. Address T6. Tribune mice. - •• ' . ’ . Z.OST* LOST-A YOUNG SORREL MARE. WITHLRATH-* crhalter on: was-Irtatseennu Chicago-av., wpqtof Wc?tqru-av. 'A liberal reward will bo paid for her return to3o7NbrthPanlhii, or 231 East "Waahingtoa-st, J. G SMYTIL. _ . ■“ Lost-on Wednesday—black, curly new xopadland.bitch, with' jylilfo spot-on breast.. Will pny liberal reward by returning to~i2l South TLJstod-st. LOST-A POCKET-BOOK, CONTAINING ABOUT ~853 or 861 V Finder will bo liberally rewarded by liv ing tho Bams at Tribune office for DENIS McQAItTHY' 1 ., T OST—A SPOTTED COACH DpG, FOR WHICH A Jj' liberal reward wlßbe given. Apply, or address, 903 Wabash-av, • . ■- ' ; J . . r , . T OST—A LARGE DOG, BLACJC AND lJ Bpodklod leg*, hair very thick, answers'to tho nJimo of .Rover. -Adiberal reward will bo pald’on his return to 1167 Indiana-av. , ; . : 1- LOST-A SMALL’ BLACK 1 MARK * WITH "WHITE star on nose. Finder will bo rewarded by returning same to 95 North •Wolle-st., ba?orooat>- ,: .. .-.k -.. .• T OST—FROM IN FP.ONT OF,OLD POST OFFIOE-t JJ SIOO—A chestnut-sorrel horse,' five yearsold; weight about 1,000 A top buggy, yacht body,: brown lining,! patent wheels,'lron rod through seat. Above reward will bo paid/ 1 W.C: STRICKLEU, No. 7 ’Market-sti,- Room 4? Lost - Saturday afternoon, between; Hal?tcd-st. and.the rlverj r a blnck and-tan slut, about Dyoara old, 'and ' weighs about 7 lha. • Any ano reluming bor to No. 66 Honore-sf., ‘or pending worth to T. W., ADAMS, Traders’ National Bank, will bo rewarded. , r ost-at atken’s theatre, a lady’s long -XJ Ottanian scarf. Plcaad Icavo’at 1067 Wabash-av, and t rccoivo-liberalreward. - . .. LOST-fSla ,IUiW.VRD-POOKETBOOK -CONTAIN ing and bquiu.receipts with the owner’s ncmeon, thorn. will receive tho above rcwArd by leaving. It corner Wells and Pcaraon-st*., in grocery store. .”*• ty-lourth-Bts., In tho vicinity of.G*lumot and MicU- Igaa-avs., IholcWcr parf-o! a gold ear-ring, with throe’ pendants, ball, and leaf. Finder suitably rewarded by ; esving same at Newspaper Union otSce, 111 Moncoe-sf.’ ' * STRAYED OR STOLEN. IQTRAYED—FROM 25 WALLACR-ST. A BROWN; .kJ hoxso, abgUUy anoe-sprnag,white'ring oh one hind' Any person Jindlng tho sa-ua and.returning it to ,20-l Milwaukog-av. will bo rewarded for troubla.. , . ' SiPt AYE t S T pLEN-FR0ft1,.23 SPRUCE-ST*.. *uw We i on Laflm, a bay horsq cblt, I year oldl QTOLEN—FROM -M V JJE3K. A /ILRTXFIED CORY •O of an abstract to t* its and .77, Block lu AjkUd * A suitable reward for-tho Wi for tho isnenk-tbiof that stole U.. R. UAYf°l« Ma4l *on-st-,Lnom I. .. , QXOLEN—HORSE AND. BUGGY.'"os. Oinat.. in front of our otlice, a chestnut mare, weight ;about 950 inmnds, while bind logt whitish face,- little> ,weak-kuooo. harness plain black; also top buggy, newly; varnished, throe IronLow-suckcta» snd one wo<jaoD bow,. patent wheels, A liberal rrwardjviU im paid for rntnra .of same to undersigned, TEALIi A FISHER: H3 La** fiallo-st. ■■ . !•’ • BO ARISING AND LODGING. West Side. ■ ’ " Q OENTRE-AV,—A PLEASANT SIDE AND BACK U room to real with board. ... < • UCENTRE-AV. ! , 1 furnished front room with alcove; day boarders accommodated. ... _ • U "NORTH MORGAN-ST. —3 ROOMS TO RENT to gentlemen with board. *1 6 NORTH CAKPENTER-RT. A PRIVATE family desires a few single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wires.* - •TQ NORTH CURTIR-BT.—FURNISHED ROOM TO XO rent, wßhboard; also, m boarders wanted. To south WASHINGTON.— XO ’ Nicolyfamished rooms with first-class board. Also dayboard.’ , /• ~ V *1 C NORTH OURTIS-ST.—A PLEASANT HOME Xt/ and good board for two gentlemen. Price reason* able. References exchanged. . ■ C}A ABERDEEN-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS WITH Zi*± board forgcatloinan and lady, or for twogonts. 0,1 BISHOP-COURT, SECOND DOOR FROM MAD •Zitt; ison-et.—One largo room, with first-class‘board; also, mate-wanted for lady;-also, 1 for gent; references; good table; desirable location." OA BISHOP-COURT-3 UNFURNISHED FRONT 0.-ro'rtna (orent, with board; one a nice front parlor, suitable for gentleman and wifo or single gentlemen; also one furnished room; • ' OA ABERDEEN-ST.—A LARGE FRONT ROOM. Ov/ furnished,'with or without' board; also, 2 single rooms. . . ■_ A O SOUTH IXALSTKD-ST,—FURNISHED ROO t MS, Tu with board; also; day boarders wanted.. A Q SOUTH OARPENTER-ST., NEAR MADISON— ttO Pleasant famished front room and largo closet hot and cold water, with iirst-class board; also two or three iday boarders wanted; terms reasonable. ,|Q SOUTH CAHPENTER-ST.-FURNISHED AND X.O unfurnished .rooms with board. A few table boarders can bo accommodated. (Don’t call oa Sunday.) ZA SOUTH SANGAMON-ST. - FIRST HOUSE north of Madlson*st., board with furnished room for two gents ; private houso: all modem improvements; references required. Apply Monday. £A NORTH PEORLV-BT.-A FEW BOARDERS AO VU. cominodated in private family; terms low. C A NORTH SANOAMON-ST.-GENTLEMEN CAN UU find a good roeidouco and splendid board in a pri vate family; comer of Puitoa-st., in the first story. ' CO SOUTH GREEN-ST.-TWO OR THREE MEN OO can bo accommodated with good room and board. A C PAKK-AV.-FURNTSHED HOOM with board Ut/ for one or two gentlemen. ' • rtC) WALNUT-ST,—PLEASANT FRONT ROOM iXi with board for gentleman'and wife. Rooms for single gcnlltMaon. Day boarders accommodated. ,7y : rjC) SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-3 . VERY NICELY I £ furnished front rourus to rent, with board, to 4 gen tlemen; also day boarders accommodated. • f rr£ SOUTH LINCOLN-ST.—SUITE OF FUHNIBH -4 «_) edor unfurnished rooms with board; also a low day boarders ocn bo aocommodated. rtn SOUTH SANG AM ON-ST., THREE DOORS - 4 I , from Madison—A nico bed-room with good board .for two gentlemen. ■ • . - ■ OAWEST VAN BURF.N-ST.-FOUR RESPECTABLE O \J yonngmen to board with an English iamily.. 0,1 SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-FOKNWHED FRONT .Oil: parlor and siaallor room to rent, with board. ; Qjr SOUTH MORGANST.. NEAR MADISON.— OO Largo fund.-hed room, with board, suitable for gentleman and wife or three single gentlemen; booso hrst-clacs, with modern improvements. Q7 SOUTH HOYNE-ST.—WANTED—A GENTLE- Of imm and wife-to board in a-privato family; refer* cuccg required.- . * - . QQ SOUTH SANGAMON-ST A PLEASANT PUB- Ot J nlshod room, with board ~ ■ A/> ASULAND-AV.. CORNER MONROE-ST.—TWO U Vl) elegantly furnished rooms, with board. QQ CENTRE-AY. - BOARD - A NICELY FUR .tJU - dished, cast front, room, for gentleman and wife or two .gentlemen."in a small family; bouso all modern improvoiafdta: - -j A A SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-GOOD BOARD, ,‘_LUD with, pleasant rooms.. - _ GENTLEMAN CAN OB XXU- tain good board and room. Terms $6 per week. To A ABEUDEEN-ST. ONE UNFURNISHED lO l front parlor, with board.for man and wifo; private family; good table board; £6O per month. i Q,< waruln-av.. CORNER WOOD-ST.-NICE XO*dt accommodation for emo young gent, Day board ers wanted. Table first-class- . "j OK SOUTH PKORIA-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS JLOt-/ suits or single, with first-class board. . 1 bft WALNCT-ST., 3 BLOCKS WEST OF UNION • Park—A suite of unfurnished-rooma/wlth parlpr anti use of bath-rooa* with*board; Randolph-sU - cars within one.block* 'i, ' . • OX WALNUT-ST-, *8 BLOCKS WEST OF UNION XOO Perk— Twouniandshedrooms, usoof bath-bixm, vrith board for three.,for S2O; aUo, an unfurnished parlor, with board for tvrp, forsll. ■ *. MONRO'E-ST—A NICE SUITE OF UN XO I ’furnished room*, with or without board. Also two gentlemen cau be accommodated wkU good board. , l ‘3cTNORTIFWOOD^ST., NEAR UNION PARK— XOO Well furnished sitting and with gi*d board,* in .aa‘English family, for two gcutlitocn; bath room. hot and cola water, and bam if daalrod for horse

and - T nfi AND 111 NORTH HALSTED-ST.-WS HAVE XOc/ twhlargo sqnaro rooms adjoining, fronting the street, farahhctl or without furniture, with board; also a few single ri*oms for gunttemen, to lot,’with board. Tbs building is new and newly furuiahod. : - -j Tn ’SOUTH HALSTED-ST—ONE FURNISHED with board; suitable for lady and gentleman; T | p ‘NORTH- HAXSTKD-ST.-IF YOU WANT XXO good board by the day or week go to 143 North UahUnl-st- • :■ •' . ' • T /( O” SOUTH PEORIA-ST.-ROOMS AND BOARD XttO for four gentleman; table boarders accomno- dated. T £ri -SOUTH S ANO AMON-ST.-PLEASAN’T*-F-UR- X»XX nished room, with board, lor man ami wife, or two single gjutlcmon.. Also, bom to rout, . 170 ••WEST/ -WASHINGTOXTst. - PLEASANT X I front rucm furnished, - to ront with board, suita bly for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. ICC WEST WASHINGTON-ST.'—EIGHT BOARD- X I O 'era accommodated with first-class board; also .day boarders wanted.. m'WKST WASHiNGTON-ST. - PLEASANT rooms famished or untarnished with desirable board; bouse modem, location control. A few day beard, ora accommodated. - ij__ 17 Q NORTH HALSTED-ST.—4 BOARDERS * CAN XI O bo accommodated. Apply to-day. . 170 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—ELEGANTLY X I \) furnished rooms with lirst-clasa board; references ■rognlrod invariably. TQI SOUTH -MOROAN-ST.-A NICELY FUR XOX aished front room, with board, for two young men. Torn* very reasonable to the right parties. : TQJ . WEST EWINO-ST,'—4 RESPECTABLE MEN XO*db can get board and nico room where there are no other boarders for s6per week. , * IQ A‘ WESTMADISON-ST.-FURNISHEDROOMS Xt/TC -to rent,-with orwithoutboard; also day boarders accommodated. , ‘ ' z ~ - ~ OHO SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—A HANDSOME ROOM. Ju\j A furnished, with board; also room for a young lady. nno- WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A WELL FUR 'AUO nlahed front rooia,*with board, to gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen. „** - o*l £ HALSTED-ST -A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN £x<J be aceommodatod with day board.: . • • Ol Ct FULTON-ST., CORNER PEORIA ONE nico tarnished front room, with excellent board; hot and chid ’water and bath-room; brick boose. » 999 WEST MONKOE-ST.-3 FRONT ROOMS DDsnlto of single: also day boarders accommo dated with first-class board, with modern improvements. Also tw6 story brick houqo to rent. OOQ WEST MONROE-ST BOARD AND FUR /j£kJ ni«bcd room for gent and wife, or single gentle men. Crick boase; modern improvements; good location. nbl SEBOR-ST.-BOARDERS WISHING ACOM- fortablo honse. can find it as above. OQO WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A FRONT ROOM k-OOfor elnglo gentleman,.with board. ■ - C)QQ SOUTH GBEEN-ST.—TO RENT—FURNISHED wOOrooms, with board. Please conic and test the fare. OTi ‘ MONROE-ST.-AN UNFURNISHED Jj'iz { front room, with or without board. • CjA o WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—TWO YOUNG MEN O can bo accommodated with board and lodging in a private family; alaon fow day boarders. ; oTq FULTON-ST.—PLEASANT UNFURNISHED /Xu rooms, with board, in private family, at reason able rales; references exchanged. 0-71 WEST JACKSON-RT.— A VERY PLEASANT /i IX front suite of urCurnishod rooms; also nice quiet board if desirable. Mark this amt ouno and see them. . On O HALSTED-ST.-NICELY FURNISHED ROOM. AtjJu , board, and everything first-class; home-like and pleasant'three-story houses choice of rooms can bo en- ' ] ~ \ ~ ■ 00/\ WEST MONROE-ST. —TO RENT —TWO £i*Jy) pleasant front roirnf, furnished or unfurnished,: suitable lor gentleman andwlfc, or two gentlemen, with board'. ' ‘ - oi-yf“WESTWASKINGTON-ST.-PARTIES want Oi*x fns rooms on salto with board can apply as above. 00/2 WEST VAN BUREN-ST.—FURNISHED .OR O^jO.unfurnished roams, with first-class board. Also day boarders wanted. ; r *. *•- ■ * - ■' QOQ WEST • VAN BUREN-ST.-ONE VERT pleasant front room to rent, with, board, for gcaUcmauand.wlfoor.Blnglo gentleman. -Cara pass tbo door. .. .. ... QOQ WEST WASHiNGTON-ST., COR, OP MAY— Alcove suite, furnished or unfurnished, with good board; also other furnished, rooms for gentlemen• and wives or single gentlemen. - ; ■ r QQ9 WEST WASHINGTON-ST. ALCOVE SUITE, OOiJ with board; refereooea required. : QOr WEST.ADAMS-ST.-A NICE FRONT PAR- 1 OOti lor for rent, with board; also single room, * OQC*' WEST LAK22-ST. -FURNISHED ROOMS, OOU _withboard, fur-gentlcmcn, • QQP WEST DESTR OOU able rooms, famished and unfurnished, with first class board; references required;, " Q (9 WEST WASUINGTON-ST.-TORRNT, WITH board, parlor nnd tfirecploasant large rooms,are new and newly furnished; table home-liko and good. ' QA A WEST "WASHINGTON-ST. ONE LARCH OxT room for gentleman and wife, or four gentlemen. Al«o r ono small r**om for two gentlemen,,with noard. Q/( Ci WEST FINE OtQ .ycoma, ylth first-class board. T .1, , . QCr WEST JACKSON-ST.—FINE LARGE SOUTH Oti i . Irani room; auiiablc for gent and wife, or 3 gents, with good board.'.. . ... .* • - Q7£ WEST RAKDOLPIT-ST. GOOD BOARD; O 1,0 'nicerooms, famished or-anfumished; modern improvementii.* ‘ ■' .... - OQ7 WEST MADISON-ST—LARGE FURNISHED OQ I , front riKun, with board,, suitable for gentleman and true or two single gentlemen. QQQ WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-ELEGANT ROOMS,* wy »7 with board, rultahlo for gen-lemnn and slngto ggatlemea. - Honso has all moderp convonioncos. t • A OiR WEST VAN BURBS-ST.. CORNER THROOP jrpv t ■ I s P°» r d. very pleasant and elegantly’ furVushod rooms in briok heuse, modem improvements “ Day borders wanted. _ i, AiASt ) W - IVASHINGTON-ST.—ROOMS FDR- 1 itO nu-hed and nnfumlshod to rent, with board. Also, a stabJo to runt. . .-j r . ...... t AKO vrsvr ’ WASHINGTON-ST.. CORNER OF ; ~£OJJ Sheldon-st. Handsome suite of front rooms, with board. , .■„ ~ ; ]AdQ WEST LAKE-ST., -NEAR UNION- PARK— iUv Two front suites tornislied-orunfurniahod. with' board*-Terms reasonable. ' ... .. BOARDING ANp LODGING. "West Side—Continued. A rjn VAN BUREN, CORNER OP LOOMIS-ST.— tt 1 U Ouuortultoof neatly fumishodroomswithorwllh out board In private family. _ ’ • cne, WEST WASHINGTON-ST... OPPOSITE VuU Union Park—Two. suites rooms, furnished or un furnished, with good board; local!oa convenient; terms reasonable. • • . . CAQ WASHINGTON-AV., TWO BLOCKS FROM tJU A Union Park—To rent, with board, furnished or un furnished : rooms, single or in suite, to gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen. Honsa has all' modem cos* -veniences. . . .. ’* C.j A WEST WASHINGTON-ST. —BOARD AND Ot1:Q room with largo closot in private family; modem improvements; call Monday. • .'pin A WEST LAKE-ST., OPPOSITE UNION PARK O I TT —Two gentlemen can bo accommodated with day board In a private family. : >. ■ .•» ; CQQ WEST ADAMS-ST., SUITE OF FURNISHED tJcfO or unfurnished rooms, and one single room, with board for gent and wifo: private family, first-class table; and all modem conveniences. Also, brick stable. Terms reasonable. - • 1 AA/VWEST ADAMS-ST.-TWO NICE SUITES'OF DvU rooms, fumiahedor unfurnished, with board, suitable for gents and their wives; carpets allnow;c7Cry 'thing first-class; references given and required. AAJ_ ADAMS-ST.. ONE BLOCK WEST OF UNION Ulr'X Park.—Two desirable front suites of rooms, with board. Also bam to rent. A A 7 WEST MADISON-ST. A PLEASANT FRONT UU I parlor to root, with board. •. . AOfl WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—NICELY FUR \jXj\j nished front room, with board; bouso modem Im provements. . AOQ WEST ADAMS-ST.—ONE LARGE ROOM, U. 60 unfurnished except carpet, with board; fino grounds connected; accommodations No. 1. . , .. AOQ MADISON-ST.—GOOD BOARD-AND OOM- U.£o fortablo rooms to be had, for $5 parwock.- AOQ WEST ADAMS-ST.-TO RENT-SUITES OF front rooms, fomlahod or unfurnished, with board. > AQQ WEST ADAMS-ST.—SUITE OF TWO OR UOO three roonis to rent, with board; house new, with .modem conveniences. ~ Location, otc., first-class. AQ;f WEST MONROE-ST., NEAR ABHLAND-AV. UOtfc —An olcgantsuite of rooms for gentleman and and wifo with board; table first-lass; houso now, all modem conveniences and splednid location. AQQ WEST MADISON-ST.—BOARD, WITH NICE UOO front parlor and bedroom off. unfurnished, for man and wifo, at $55 per month; will famish if dostrod. AAO WEST MADISON-ST.—WANTED A GEN UOkJ tloman and wife, or twft single gentlemen, to board sad occupy a neatly furnishod front parlor; no other boarders. -' • ■ nOCk WRST MONROE-ST.-LOWEB FRONT PAR UUv lor. furnished; also upper rooms, fumishedand nufurnlshcn, with board; a lew day boarders accommo dated. • ' •7 C\Ct WEST MONROK-A VERY NICE -ERONT I UO room, nowly furnished, suitable for one or two young men, with good board at reasonable rates. rrrr l SOUTH MAY-ST.; LUMBER DISTRICT, NEAR 1 UXTwen»y-second—Two nleo unfurnished rooms,’with board,- for gentleman and wife; also board for single gen tloman at $6 por week. j ■ ' f • * QQO WEST MONRO E-ST.-A SUITE OF FRONT room", furnished, with board, to gentleman and wife: small private family; references required. - A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OCCUPYING A PLEAS ant front room, first floor, on Warrea-av., near Hoyne-at., wishes on agreeable roommate. Address P.O. Box 2D2. A FAMILY OF THREE OR POUR ADULTS CAN obtain pleasantly-situated unfurnished rooms, with board, in* a private family, on thu South Side, east of Stalest., ,20 ruinates' walk from Madlson-sU, on very reasonable terms. Address T 74, Tribune office. TOHNSTONE HOUSE, 114 AND 116 WEST 3IAD *} ison-st.—Everything first-class; terms $3 por day; table board $5 por week. ST. CIURLFS HOTEL, DE3PLAINES-ST., COR ncr per day; board and room s? to $lO perweok; beataooocunodatlonsat thls.bonao. TWO. BLOCKS EAST OP UNION PARK-VERY pleasant parlor and bedroom on first iFtor, unfur nished, except csrpots. Address W W S,. Carrier 17, city. . - ' ' . TEN DAY-BOARDERS CAN BE ACCOMMODAT od nt 814 West Washlngtoo-st.- . ' TT'ICINITT OF JEFFERSON PARK-LADY AND V Kon'loT.ien, or tbroo gentlemen, can bo accommodated wilu board and ploa-ant, large, front rooms; modem im provements; private family- El, Tribune office. .• . : South. Side^ Q ELDRIDGR-COURT ROOMS TO RENT. ;EN O suite or sincle, for families or single gcntlomon, with first-class board;reference reqaired. . • ' NEAR COTTAGE GROVE AND boulevard*. -Niro front rooms to rent furnished or ua fomhihed. with or wlthcat board. '' — NICELY-FURNISHED XU rooms, single or on suite, with board, for gentleman and wile or single gents. • ' ■ ' * 1 O SIXT BENTS - ST., BETWEEN INDIANA AND Pra!rio*avs.— A nice faraDhcd front room, with first class board. MELDRIDGE COURT—DESIRABLE ROOMS, famished or onfurnlsbod. Day boarders acccmmo dated. Prices reasonable. Breakfast to Sr3o s. m,, dinner 12 to 1 £O, sapper 6to 7. By an experienced cater- -1 n AND 18 ELDRIDGE-COUP.T-A FEW VERY XU dwlrablo family suites, furnished or unfurnished, to rent, with board; references required- • ’ ELDRIDGE-COURT - ONE LARGE UNFUR nished front room, gas and water. Furnished rooms, ea suite and single- ; *1 Q CONGRKSS-RT.—WILL BE OPENED AS FIRST- Xt/ class boarding-hnnao on the loth fast. ' cyo TWENTY-FIFTH-ST. -PAL AC R ■ PLACE, haadaomo rooms with board; location fine,near the lake, with croquet grounds. . •' ~ ~ 9 A OAK-AV., ‘NEAR DOUGLAS-PLACE-CON voaicnj to steam and horse-cara—Famished or on* furnished, one largo pleasant room on drat floor; also front’chamber. Q - TWK.NTr-FUTH-ST.-ELEGANT ROOMS, FUR -O*J nlshed anduhfamished, with board; references c&r changed.’ - • A~\ EIGUTEENTH-ST. —.DESIRABLE ROOMS/ j”X nuUablo for gentlemen with wires, or single gentle men, with good board, at reasonable rates. ,J Q HUBB ARD-COURT—NEW BOARDING-ROUSE; trO first-class board, with rooms, $4 to $3.50 per week, with nso of piano; day board, $4. ' ~ A C COTTA GB-PLACE.' BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST TCtX and Thirty-second-sts.—l large chamber and 1 sin gle room, with board.' Pleasant location for the summer, half a block from steam or street cam. rjn TWENTY-FOURTH-ST.-HANDSOMELY FUR- I \J nlshed room .with alcove and 2 largo closets; also, single room for gentlemen, with first-class board.. . , Q r~ rWENTT^SECOND-STJ—PRONT _ ROOM TO Ott rent, with board, saitablo for two gentlemen; also day boarders wonted. . Q A SIXTEENT H-ST.-TO RENT, ONE FURNISH t7*X ed room with board. LAO THIRD-AV.-JUST OPENED, A. FIRST- X\J boarding-hooso, nowly furoishod throughout. Boarders wanted by the day and week. . ‘ • 1 11Q AND 120 THIRD-AV.—A FEW GENTEEL I IQ be ardors wanted.,' *ll Q COTTAGE QROVE-AV., JUNCTION CALTJ-' XXO mot—A room largo enough for two, pleasant, fur; nlahed; good’table board. J *JI Q EIGHTEKNTH-ST.—TWO GENTLEMEN CAN i I*l bo accommodated with good rooms and board; also two day boarders; references reqairod. . - m COTTAGE GROVE-AV., JUNCTION OF OAt umot—A largo front room, furnish od, with board.. Honso first-claps; pleasant summer location; fine shade and croquet grounds. • • t *1 9ft TWENTY-FIRST-ST.. BETWEEN WABASH XaliO and Mlchlgan-avs.—Finely-famished room and alcove to rent, with board in a private family. . mTraENTY-NINTH-ST.— ROOMS FURNISHED and unfurnished, with board. ■ ~ . *1 QpTDOUGLAS-PLACE. CORNER STANTON-AV. XOO -Furnished and onfumisbod rooms to rent, with board for mon and their wives or single men; pleasantly, located, - TOO THIRD-AV.-AFEW BOARDERS CAN £E J.OO accommodated with first-class board; terms from* $5 to’t£6 per week; bath-room, hot and cold water through - house. ** ICI TWKNTY-FIRST-ST. —TO RENT, WITH XUX board, back parlor, UDfurnished, except carpet.' One furnished room for two gontlomon.' m CALUMET-AV,—A PLEASANT FURNISHED front room with partial board. References. ‘ ’* OAQ TWENTy-FIFTH-ST., EAST OF STATE-A AiUi/ few gontlomon can havoplcasantfurnUhedrooms’ and good board; also a taw can have day board. 264: JUAN ' AV ' -KOOiIS TO KENT, WITIT 9Q7 miohigan-av.-an elegant front pah-, g-fO I -lor on first floor,.with beard. for gent and-wife: also a pleasant room on second floor for some, or two gen*- tlemcn. .• Q1 A MICHIGAN-AV. A PLEASANT £OOM,. OXU rmitablo for two goats, with board. Call daring the week.' ■ • * * Of Q MICHIGAN-AVI—TO RENT-FURNISHED O-LOroom with board; suitable for gentleman and wife. oVfo MTCfriGAN'-AV.-A LARGE BACK ROOM 000 to rent, with liratr-clasa board. Q£Q .WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED OR UNFURL ODc7 nished rooms to rent, with first-class board; day boarders accommodated. / QQrr WABASIL AY.-ANUMBEROF DAYBOARD f OO l.ors wanted. Pleasant location. . -- QQI - WABASH-AV.-ONE GOOD-SIZED ROOM. Oyi large closet, suitable for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, with orvwithoat board. - . ■ MICHIGAN-AV.—A SUITE OF FURNISHED. O*JO front rooms to rent, with board, suitable fora* lady or single gentlemen. Applyto ilisa QQQ MICHIGAN-AV.-A FRONT ROOM; ALSO, Ot/..y ainglo room, wither withont-board. ' ' - ;nb- WABASH-AV.-4 UNFURNISHED BOOMS/ Tt-LO • 2 back and 2 front, to rent, with bath-room; also, furnished rooms; with or without hoard. * . . A A n WABASH-AV.-ONE DOUBLE AND- ONE u/li. |'• etnglo room, with good board.' ~ * AC Q WABASH-AV.—BOItKU AND PLEASANT tctiO -looms, famished or not.-throc/ minutes’ walk of l Post-Office. ■ ■ A Ct -7 ONE FRONT ALCOVE ttD 1 ‘room; also one back pailor and two square rooms,' with board or without, furnished or unfurnished, i ~ ' . /( 7£ WABASH-AV.-A SUITE OF ROOMS UN tfc| O .furnished with board. ~ * • • ~ y a m MICHIGAN-AV.-A LARGE ROOM,'FURr tr,7i nlsbod, with board,'for gentleman and wlfo or two gentleman, at moderate terms; bouse all modern Im provements. "■ . . • ' „/ /jn i WABASH-AV.—NICE ROOMS. SINGLE OR Trott en suite, with first-class board; also day board,. A good barn to ront cheap.' .' *_ rnp WABASH-AV.—A LARGE FRONT ROOM? OUD on first floor, also desirable slnglb rooms, with, board; references repaired.; . pThrr WASHINGTON-AV;—MARBLE-FRONT r Ov/i bouse, two blocks north ofUnlon Park, board and' fnmlahed room for gectlsman and wife; also room fora* single gentleman, with all modem conveniences. . ■- ~, ; SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS'. t)OAi with roodorn Improvomoats. Also other desirable' rooma with board. - . r -•■■■;; t > pr.4 Q WABASH-AV. NICELY FURNISHED’ OTO -rnoai; also, large unfurnished room, to rent' with board. Reference reqotrod. • ...... . Z£A_ WABASH-AV. CHOICE ROOMS FOR/ wdir famiUosorsinglogentlnmca, with board. House' all mod am iraprovemsats. Day boarders Hofsr- : oncea exchanged. •; *: BO ARDEN Gr ANDEODGINS. South Sido-r-Contmnod. PJ7C WABASH-AT., COR. TWELPTH-ST.-VERT ylu largo and pleasant suites and' einglo rooms, with firat-claaa board. A tew day boarders taken. *• (ZQrr WABASH-AV. BOOMS TO RENT. FUR OO niahed or nnfumLihsd, with board; good day boartL COX- WABASH-AV. BOARD WITH ROOMS OU .t famished or unfanilsbed;. fiinglo or onsuito. Terms moderate. , £HQ WABARH-AV.-HAVING CHANGED HANDS UuO and undergone thorough renovation, is now ready for the accommodation of parties desiring rooms, fur nished or unfurnished, en suite, or single. -, Superior ta-, bio board a specialty. None but first-class parties desired. AHQ .WABASH-AV,—ONE FRONT.SUITE, NICE UUt7 ly furnished, for gentleman and-wife or single gentlemen, with lirat-clasaßoard; day-boarders occommo- CKA/7 - MIOHIGAN-AV.r-A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN Ul| find pleasant rooms with board. : ACM WABASH-AV.-LARGE FURNISHED ROOM UvT for two persons with board. nACI michigan-av. —handsomely -fur i ttU nJsbodand unfurnished rooms to rent, cn suite or single, with board; table boarders accommodated; ref eroneo given and required. Call Monday. 1 7 J 7 MICHIGAN-AV -PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH I j: I board, can bo obtained: also a few day. boarders accommodated; references exchanged. .7C A^l ROOMS, EN I till suite or single, furnished or unfurnished, with board, to strictly respectabloparties. .... rjCl WABASH-AV.-A LARGE SQUARE ROOM, I UJ. with first-class tablo,* for two gcntlcmoff. 'Also, room for single gentleman. - . ’ ' 7C A MICHIGAN-AV. FURNISHED ALCOVE I OjC ■ room, very ‘ desirable, second floor, front;' also single rooms; references roqnlrod. - -■> - 77 A MICHIGAN-AV.—FURNISHED ROOM TO I lx root with board, suitable for two persons; also,, ono slnglo room. Two doors south of Twenty-second-st. 70 A WABASH-AV.—A FURNISHED ROOM WITH l *J O board fora oouplo of gentlemen. • QfH WABASH-AV. PLEASANT FURNISHED OUx rooms to root, with or without board; references exchanged. '- - ■ ~ - QTO' MICHIGAN-AV. LARGE BACKROOM. well furnished or unfurnished, good board, -mo parlor and plauo, bath-room on same floor;, also gentle man to share expenses of large pleasant front room. QO/j WABASH-AV.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, jc two largo rooms en suite; will bo rented very reasonably to • parties who will furnish; references re quired. - " ~.. ; QQA PRAIRIE-AV.—TO RENT WITH BOARD— OOU Famished rooms, on sal to or singly;'also rooms for single gootlotuea. ■ . •• ■- •■' - -■»- anrr WABA6H-AV,—ONE FURNISHED AND;ONH OD i unfurnished front alcove room, with board ; very desirable house, modern Improvements, private family.' Q7l W ABASH-AV.—CHANOED HA NDS-BOARD. OfXwith or wllhont rooms,’to first-class parties; 6 o’clock dinner. QQA INDIANA-AV., NEAREIGHTEKN'TH-ST.— OOU • A fine furnished front suite; also parlor partly fomiabod; use of bath, etc. rfirst-clars table board. QQ7 INDIANA-AV. - TWO. GENTLEMEN AND OO I tholr wives, or single gentlemen, who trill; come together, can now bo accommodated with pleasant rooms and tint-close board: use of'barn; if desired. MRS.' SIBLEY.- ’ '' A 07 WABASH-AV., BETWEEN TWENTIETH AND UJj I Tvrcnty-first-sts.—Elegantly furnlshqd front and rear parlor, onsulto or single, with all modem improve ments. Also/, nice front room and bod-room on second floor. • - • •, ■ ' lAIC VABASH-AV.-iN ELEGANTLY FUR JLUiO nishort front alcove and a very handsome lame room, with hot and cold water, closets, etc.,, suitable; for two or three young men, with board; terms reasonable; two day boarders desired. • . , ' ■ " - lAI Q WABASH-AV.-PLEASANT ROOM TO BE XU XO had.with board. , ' -•„ ' ■ Vn O AWABASiI-AV.—2 BURNISHED ROOMS TO tent, with board; modem Improvements; salt: able for two gentlemen and wfvoa, or • four single gmtle mon ; thn oor four table boarders desired-. - ; 1 ADA WABASH-AV. PRIVATE BOARDING xUOu . stable for fifteen horses, d* •• 1 AQA WABASH-AV.-TO BENT, 1 'LARGEROOM XUOU and one largo front parlor, on-suite, on. tint floor, with first-class board. Day boarders wanted; also private boarding stable. ■ • « • •• • ■ T ACQ WABASH-AV.-AFEW GENTLEMEN AND XUOO. their wives can find board .and pleasant rooms; also, a few single gentlemen. References required. - -1 (\~r7 INDIANA-AV., CORNERT7VENTYTHIRD. XUO I st.—A nicely furnished front room to rent with, board, tollable for two. •• .. - - ;r. - ; PRAIRIB-AV.—A FINK SUITE OF FRONT XXUU rooms, with first-class board, tor a gentleman and wifo. References exchanged/ ' - - - 11 OQ IKDfANA-AV.-'-TO REST WITH BOARD; XX—iO pleesantroom for twp gpmJemen, alstr-single room; day boarders accommodated: noon dinners. • ' - ' 1 067 INDIAN-A-AV.-LAKOF. front AI.COVJI X-l/D I room, ■ furnished, with good board, for man and wifo-wflhout children.* , • ■ . '• 1 077 STATE-ST. —4 OR 5 GENTLEMEN CAN BE j_Jj 1 I aecommedatcd with good board and rooms at $5 per week; also, 1 largo front room to rent. ■ • 1 rAA INDIANA-AV.-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS XU U U vrifo can bo accommodated - with board in a pri family, with a large front roeaV/witlr alCororalso, use of barn for borao. \ A PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDING ON WABASH av., near Twclfth-st., will rent with tirst-qlass board. 1 lour rooms and parlors on first floor, newly fur nisbea, Rrasacls carpets, etc. House has all modern im provements. Only parties "With goodreferencesand who will pxyfor first-class accommodations need address V 93, Tribune office. . A NICE LARGE ROOM TO KENT, WITH BOARD; also small room in brick bouse, on South Side; fur nished complete .private family- Address S9, .Tribano Office. • ■ ■ * ' * • A SUITE OF THREE ROOMS, FRONTING ON Michignn-ar., to let, with first-class board; private table. If preferred. Apply at BKldrldgo-conrt. r - r* YOUNG LADY ENGAGED DURING THE DAY JX can find a pleasant home ia private family, north of Eightcenth-st, and cast of Wabash-ar., South Side. Ad dross 91, Trifanao office.* ■ , C’ ALUMBT-AV., NEAR TWENTY-TJIIRD-ST.— Choicodocation, cosy homo.- rooms and board for two ounplcs. Family small. Address C 13, Tribune office. PRAIRIE-AV.— A SINGLE GENTLEMAN .WANT ing a good room and board in.'a small family may ad dress X 95, Tribnnsoffice.■; •• •■ • ■ ■’ >■ PARLORS AND OTHER ROOMS, FURNISHED OR unfurnished, on Michigan-av., near Twenty'-second bL, to rant, -with board. Address T 72, Tribnao office. PARLOR AND BEDROOM EN SUITE, AND FIRST . clw board, on Mlchigan-av., jsonth of Sixteen th-st-.; also a front bedroom for a gentleman and wife, dr two single gentlemen* Address T 35, Tribane office, . SOUTHEAST CORNER INDIANA-AV. ANDTWEN ty-first-st.— A very fine front room, unfurnished, to rent, with board; a few day boarders can be accomo dated. . • - - ■ •' SOUTHWEST CORNER OF WABASH-AV. AND Twentv-thlrd-st.—Board for gentleman and wife; also, ■ accommodations for a'few gentlemen; .Genteel location.. STANDS HOUSE, 116 AND ÜB.FriTH-AV.-P£RMA nent’bop.rd at reasonable rates. Day board, $5 per week; transient, $2 per day. - . . . TXy’ABASH-AV., BETWEEN TWENTY-THIRD AND, IT Twonty-fourth-ets.—Suite of largo front rooms, fur nished or ijnfnrnLshod,*witli board; also largo east room. • Address T 85, Tribune office. . ■ ■ . . North Side. A O CAS3-ST.. 3 BLOCKS FROM STATE - STREET bridge—Pleasant rooms, with good board, for ladles and gentlemen. Terms reasonable.- Day-boarders ac- v oemodated. - • ' : • ' ’ A A CASS-ST.-NEW AND PLEASANT ROOMS TO Tc X rent, furnished or unfurnished, with first-class board. ♦ . . - • ' . *| Oft NORTH DEARBOUN-ST.-NEW and nickly JL,3jO furnished or unfurnished rooms, suitable for gen tlemen or ladies, with first-class board. This is one of tho most desirable locations in tbs city, being within easy walkiogdlst&nco of tho business portion of tbo Soath' Sldo. ilefeferncDS exchanged." j 107 NORTH-CLARK-ST.-FURNISHED’ BOOMS X-i( I -to rent with board.,. „ ‘ . 017 ILLINOTS-ST., & BLOCKS FROM ST AT EJ-SR, jUi.l bridge—Table board for a couple of gentlemen; terms $3 per week. . • OTn ILLTNOIS-ST.-NICELY FURNISHED FRONT Z/1.0 room, with board, snitablo for two gentlemen.' ' j OQQ HURON-ST. ONE FRONT'SUITE ELE AOO gantly furnished; also, 000 1 largo roonr suitable for gentleman and wifo or two young men. in a private family, within ten-minntes’ walk from ‘ Conrt-Honse. House has modern improvements. ’ • OOP ILCINOIS-ST.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, in suites or single, suitable fora family or einglo gentlemen, all modern improvements. References px changod. '■ '■ o*o EAST INDIANA-ST.—NICELY-FURNISHED; OO jLi front room with first-class, board for two gentle- 3rrc* OTTIOAQO-AV.*—-PLEASAKT LOCATION, I D convenient (obualness-larjfo unfurnished front room with first-class board. Newly furnished soora fur ono or two gentlemen. House modern. . ‘QQQ NOIiTUOLABE-.ST.-4 FURNISHED ORUN ! 000 furnished bedrooms with board. • ' A OH NORTH LA-SALLE-ST.-ELEOANT ALCOVE ttOU* suite, with. first-class board, la private family. Reforoncoa oipoctcd. . " ■ \\r - Countrjr. Accommodations for:six-, two center,* mon and tUdr wives andtworsicglo gentleman pre ferred; pleasant summer location; nice grounds; refer ences required. - Address' Box SC; -Hinsdale, • DnPago: Connty, ill. ... - 7 A. EEW.SINGLB GENTLEMEN CAN FIND FIUST-t class accommodations in a private family at River side, Address M 28, Tribune office. ■■■ • . rtOOB BOARD AND PLEASANT FURNISHED OR V 7 unfurnished rooms for a small family, or a few single persons can bo obtained reasonably at Maywood. Address B, Box IV May wood. 111. _• TWO FURNISHED ROOMS WITH BOARD, BATH room and closet, to a gefitlsman and wife in a private ■family at Lake View.' Reforencesrequired. Address C 2,, ,Tribune office. • r * ' . Udiscollanooiio. A. GENTLEMAN HAVING’A FURNISHED TRONT pirloron Wcst Side.. vruuld Uketo.UsTps occopyil \rith him, anti take boardiaasm©hooao. Ad dress 1525, Tribun*? office., OSaORXWOUNFDIINISHKDKOOMS’TO RENT, with board, to gentleman and wite. overlooking lake. good location, convenient to caw and bps; private family; honio’■'comforw; term* teaacraablo.* ' Address T-W Tribnnnoffice.- " • ' ’, CLAIRVOYANTS. J BANGS CHILDREN HOLD public SEANCES AX . thbir reslctanoo, 227 South Morg,tri-st., on Monday, and i’rldayevenings of eaolrweek, commenc ing at 8 o’clock. ■ , ». . ■ - - '. •- - - (IHIOAGO MAGNETIC CURB, -705 J-Rnbiio circle every Sunday cveningy iy t o'clock. - Ad~ ! mission &0 cent*. • • - • ; Dr: MATHEW AND- MADAM MAYNARD, CUSl ness and Medical Mediants,- IDS-Wast Madisoa-sU f RS. A. G. WOOD, MRS- L. I.QVER-; In?, on Clairvoyant and physician, 2S - Weat Madison-at. “ * vt. - ■ ■>- - ■-> ■ ■••• - AfRS, A. CROOKER, CLAIRVOYANT- AJ7D MAG •JTL* nstlc physician, removed to her now ana comma* dfoas'rooms, 297 West Randolph-st; accommodations. lor patient* at reasonable prices. - r\rns. E. M. TEED, PHYSICAL AND TEST ME-' lit dium, jOC West Madlscn-st. ' Soanco this ovoamg. - Mrs. o. m. gale, magnetic and homeo pathio Phjsiclan, No. 139 YhittLav. • • * VrRS. DR. ‘ TATIT3I, NORTH HALSTED-ST.. 8, ’lll- door* from Miltrankee-aT. ‘ 'BOARD WANTED. “O O ARD^-SUBURBAN—FOR A. SMAlTfamE?' J > lortim summer, within 13 raucs ol Chicago T3. Tribyao office.. “ • f aans *. Board-north side-bkdroum wmnmaßn foe man and wife-. Clean and plain. for which mouth vrill be paid. Address B 7-1, Trituno office-^ BOARD-WITH pleasant room, IN GOODIE cation, by a single gentleman. . Address. terms, etcol9. Tribune office/ Board -and pleasant, weli^fbrnijtrvK front room for my wife, In a private family, olher boardcrs/onR-mthSid*', east of State-s?.; will tW* $!0 to. sl3 per week for right accommcKiailonsjwiirhl away most of the time myself; first-class references- In answers Monday, and they roust be explicit or no taken.- Address T 15, Tribune office. - ■DOARD-ONE LARGE UNFURNISHED ROqT? JJ suitable for gentleman and wife, with board* alia room for- single gentleman; private family preferred State.terms. Address T 83, Tribune office.- •• Bo.vrd-i WILL FURNISH A- COTTAGE PAY half rent lor my board. Address TlO. Tribune office.. BOARD— AND LODGING BY A YOUNG gentle! mail in a strictly private family. ■ Addreas Cl 3, una office. TJOARD—IN APIUVATS FAMILY ON WEST SIDE,' JLj vicinity of Asbland-av., by a young roan: can fnnuih unexceptionable references. JOHN 0. WILSON, Trib une offico. - ♦ - • ' . , BOARD-AND ONE LARGE UNFURNISHED room, in a private family, for gentleman and wife,- near Union or Jefferson Park. Address, stating price, Q 9, Tribune office. • - BOARD-BY TWO YOUNG LADIES. EMPLOYED daring the day, in a private family or boardlng-honse j terms reasonable. PJcaso address 0 16, Tribune office. BoTKD-fN A PRIVATE FAMILY IN EXCHANGB for a first-class piano, now. References exchanged. Address C 5, Tribune office. ■DOARD-IN. A PRIVATE FAMILY* BY A GEN- X) and two daughters, oast of Morgaa-st., na&s Madison. -Terms moderate.- Address H, Tribano office, two days. - BOARD— BY A MAN AND WIFE WITH A FAMILY who keep no other boarders; none others need answer. Location must bo in first-class neighborhood. Address,, stating term*, etc., F SS, Tribane offioo. TSOARD—A SINGLE GENT WANTS Tto.rgn ? D' Location between South Halsted and Aberdeen, andVanßurca and iladlsouWit*.; price not above $23 permouth;—Address H, 173 West Madison-st.; refer ences exchanged. BOARD— BY-A'GENTLEMAN AND HIS MOTHER, in a strictly private family, where a good table ail tho comforts of a refined homo can be enjoyed. Loca tion oast of Stare, botwacn Eighteenth and Twentr-fifth sts.; references exchanged. Address O 59. Tribans office Board-by a young man in A PRIVATE FAM- Uy where there are few or no other boarders; refer ences furnished.- Addre«a 0 32. Tribune office, . BOARD-A FRENCH LADY. WHO HAS SOMfJ pupils, woald like a home in a family where teaching tho French language would bo compensation tor board. Good references given. Address T 35, Tribune office. : Board-fob a young girl who is occu pied daring the day, in a private,family in vicinity of Twenty-second-«t.. Terms must bo reasonable. ..Address 0-16, Tribune office. • . , private family by gentleman, for his .wife where -there ard aro no other boarders.' Address C 48, Tribune office. ' 1 ’ ' BOARD-BY A MAN AND HIS WIFE-A GOOD rcanoctablo boarding-house on the South Side. Board sl3 or sl4 a week. Address O 50, Tribano office. . Board-one large room, or a suite of rooms unfurnished, with good board, for gentleman end wife, within It blocks of. Indiana-av. and Twenty fifth-at. Address T 43, Tribano otSco. ■ T>OARD-EY A YOUNG LADY IN A PRIVATE Jj. family, .South Side, cast of. Stato-st. Address far? days, C, 2*o ahfl 272 Wabash-av, References exchanged. BOARD-WANTED-A HOSfB OK TWO OR THREH furnished rooms (on suite preferred), with board, (la private family preferred) in good ncighborhlod, within U minutes’ walk of Raadolph-st.- bridge, by a gentleman, wife and brother; comfort rather than style; nest refer ences given and required. Address, stating price (moder ate), T43 Tribune office. . . Board— west- side—with -breakfast anb lea. by a young aian, private family preferred. Ad d ress by letter with terms and particulars, S M M, £0 and £2 Adams-st. , - • Board - two young gentlemen desire two elegantly-furnished rooms, with breakfast and < o’clock dinner, - in a first-class private family, where thcri are no other bosr Jen, References exchanged. W'lU ba permanent; if pleasantly located. Address, with refer, once, T S3, .Tribune office. ' * SMALL FURNISHED ROOM, BS a respectable young lady, employed during the dayf must be convenient to business portion of the city. Ad*, dress, statiug location and price, T 31, Tribune piece. ■ • T>OARD A SINGLE GENTLEMAN DESIRES Jl> .board and room a private family: moderate price. Give location and terms. Address SB, Tribune office. Boards on west side, for i, persons,, ' fn exchange for lota inside boulevards. 'Address Box 47, P. O. - ■■ - T>OARD-Br TWO TOHSG RADIES, ONE BOOjJ i) with board la private family preferred, between Van Bnreh and Raadolph-sts., oast of Carpenter. Address S 46, Tribune office. - . . • ' ’ Board- with some private family bv a' -young man in nice part of city; trill pay liberally foi thongbt place. Address 891, Tribune office. '- . A BOARJD-rON SOUTH SIDE IN PRIVATE FAMILY, for man and wife; can’t nay over sl3 por week; .refer-, onces exchanged.. Address jC 97, Tribano office.. BOARD-FIRST-CLASS BOARD AND ACCOMMD datlons for a gentleman,’ wife, two children and ser vant; two largo and nicely furnished rooms required j - SdnthSldc, east of State and north of .Twonty-fourth-st. Address X 92, Tribune office. ■ . ’ BOARD —PERMANENT BOARD and GOOD rooms for two; also; single room immediately. Ad dress, staring terms and location, 534. Tribune office. : I>OARD—ROOM OR BOARD. WOULD PREFER IJ' to give lessons and use of piano in exchange. Ad-; dresaT49. Tribunoollieo. - ! SEWENG MACHINES. SALE-A FEW SINGER AND GROVER A i? Baker late family sewing moclrap* in complete-order, at half cost. 23d Indianr-st., between Rush and Pine. ; GROVER,* BAKER'S SE WING-MACHINES-GEN-’, 150 State-su; branch office, 973 Wabash-* ay. Persons baring old Grover A Baker sewing-machine* aro invited to call and see tbo now improvements, and hoar something to their advantage. QEAMSTRESSES THAT OPERATE THE WHEELER O * Wilson machine, pleaso send yoor addroas*to tbe* salesrooms,' 155 Scato-st. . BURNHAM * FLANNERY, City Agents. - - - • SINGER SEWING MAC HINES-WEST SIDE OF. dee of NICHOLS * PEARSON," 141 South Halated-st. Machines soldor rented on easy monthly payments, and sowing giveo-when repaired. - - - SINGER SEWING MACHINES—NORTH SIDE Of fice, No, 134 North Clark-at., corner Ohio. Machinei, ■ sold or rented on easy monthly payments; open evenings. SINGEROETICE OF A. J. MELCHERT. 315 SOUTH' Halated-et. . Machines sold on monthly payments, and rented. Open evenings. ■ SEWING MACHINES FOR SAXE CHEAP FOB cash—2 Finkel *Xyon sewing machines; nearly new, E. ROGERS, 177 Eaat-Mad Ison- at., Boom 9. THE i\EW FLORENCE SEWEtto MACUINB-’.VB call special attention to recent improvements made ia tho Florence, also to the now and elegant styles of "cases added to oar list. To meet the views of those* preferring a machine feeding tho work away from the operator, wa have made Nos. 13 and 1-1, which combine .the desirable features to be found ia machines made by others, with ail tho ■peculiar" excellencies'of tho Florence. wM. U. SHARP* CO., General Agents, £54 Stato-st., Chicago." HEELER * WILSON, SINGER, HOWE.GROVER* A Baker’and all klndsof first-class cewlng-maChlaei ■old on monthly payment at 50 per cent loss than agency. A. W. PERCY A CO., Agents, 213 West Madl- Bon-st. - • W" HEELER & WILSON. SEWING MACHINES. -the new -'ironroved sold-or rented oa easy monthly payments. BURNHAM & FLANNERY, City Agenjy office. 533 West Madison-sU; will remove'about 3layl*- 1573, to 153 State-st , *■ k nn for choice of ten sewing ma 'cbmcs; Florence and other • firsboiasj' make* in good running order; a 150.4 machinasj OOst S9O. For sale at <35. -B. ,MAU^Y,.<3^ HonthHauted-si, up-staira. ' PERSONAL. "INFORMATION WASTED -<)F THE WHERE- Xubcula of my brother, Charles W. SsUth. who m in Chicago in August, 13T2. An/ person sending Inlmmv tion will bo liberally addroralae A. 11. SMITH, coroF. Smith Co.. 23 South Main-St., be, Xoois. Mo. . - ; '• PERSONAIr-GRANGER, OF CLARK-ST.. WHY don’t you answer my.advertisement, offering yon $5, SCO for those lots ? . "7 ' ' ■ PERSONA X-LTTTLE BOY LEAVES FOR, TUB far West, night uf 12.. ~ - - PERSONAL— Mo., FORMERLY 209, I HAVE SENT several notes rno answer. Send present address, or call upon father. 13 and M. '* * • , ■ ’ - TJERSONAL-YOURS RECEIVED -FRIDAY P. M.; X" Writ© again soon. Want to see yon. KEY, - PBRSOSAL-GESTLEMAK AT HOOLEY’S OS; Wednesday, who recozaizsd lady as Miss Ward, p.ea»o. send her address tuC Id, Tribnoe office. . . . >l^ ERSON-iE-lIKS. MARY HALE, UW 41 Vinton’s, West Washlngton*st., last, yon will hear, from an old friend by addressing 0 73, Tnbnne office, ■- <y T)PBSOWAL-AVILL SOME HOSOBABLEGESTLE., Jl man of middle ago assists re fined and worthy laaj t®. ( place herself in & position which will bo self-sustaining. Address V 4, Tribnao office. : • TJERSOXA L-WTLL M—Y PLEASE SEYD AJK Jl drcsstoM. L. andobllgcrthe same. Address. is 8,. Tribune office. . EK.SONAL-B. E. TTEITE TOB, IS SOUTH HAt iled-st.-' ' ~ . ' . * - • INFORMATION WANTED-LIZZIE GOONAN, X lired at 22U DcfCoven-st. boforo the fire, la reonwtod corns to her mother, at 15 Coolidgo-st, wbolslnnMdp her. - . ' • - —* INFORMATION WANTED-OFjWTIiIAM Caj i DON, B^liaimawngh,-XAtUn, Any information rotrardmjf him wiH bo thankfully calved by BPRKS. 2J7 llabbard-sU cr^ico. rmVO YOXTXG GENTLEMitNWDULBBK^LEAS^ _L to coircspondvrithAnoqaMnunborof yoror wi th a view Co rofttrimony. AdtlrogwTjU^TnDOP^^^^ BUILDING HATESIAL- bom-Rt,, Room 13. TTiOR SALE—A LOT OF OLD BRICK- J. F* Ji TON A GO., 80 and £3 Raadolph-at. ■pOR SALE—M»,OOO BEST. CHICAGO BRICK, A-l Jj East .Waghfegton-at. • - ' ' South C!ark-«t. ' '4B Sooth Clark-tt. ,Clart-it«- '■poa SALE—IOO,OOO K ED PRESSED m btjiold. * Room S4, ilijor Block, #oathea»t comer Sillo oadMadlJoxi**t*.-‘ WOK SALE-BUILDING IP-on hand-coping, doore,.windw cap^ ani other »tono fo<a; to elo«d oat old itocfc. Apply at Stone woh* Iforth-at, t ~