Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 11, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 11, 1873 Page 3
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BEAR RIVER. fts Surroundings—Soda Springs— Old Crater--Phantom Springs—; Great Altitude, , ’ Pioneer Wanderers—-Camas—A Dry Individual —Bales -of Furs. Elopement—The Wife’s Talac-—ln ti inn routings—Moimtaln-Cavcs. V - From Our Own Correspondent. * 1 Soda Spßckgb, Idaho, May 1,1973. a One of the finest streams in the United States, ‘ or the Territories belonging thereto, is Boar ; Biver. It rises in the Uintah Mountains, tray-- oses a great extent of country,--going north' Into Idaho, - where-. it ; makes a big bchd,T-and erentnaliy discharges its waters in • the Great Salt Lake. Near the Big Bend ‘ a large Uko, called Bear Bake, and arouhdthis shcot of water arc several flouriohiug Mormon settle ments and villages/ . . / ." / THE XATTEB-DAT SAINTS ‘V ' ; w ■ • jppear 'to have taken a great fancy. to this stream}vand have taken upnmedi of the inning land,.which is susceptible of irrigation,, on'which they raise some fine crops. They havq j likewise built several meeting-houses in the tlement, and installed their Bishops over them; for, be it known, they have an ample supply of Bishops, and almost every hamlet cam Of. one of them. -.These Bishops belong to the hard-fisted yeomanry, and u axo' none of your etnek-up cusses,” as -a' gain/ feob'ngly remarked while, ho was describing'them to me. Some of them “can turn a horse-shoe .as well as any man in the mountains,” and make an anvil ring again with their ponderous blows. They load in the meet ings cf the Church people, where they pour out their eloquence like blasts from a Kent bugle, end settle disputes between the chosen of Utah. The Mormons need some peacemakers,- for they are quite peppery in their natures, and revile each other roundly whenever they think them selves aggrieved. ' '•'* v - _ L - AT SODA SPItINGS '’ " "• ; tbero aro two villages, moderately; well peof plod. These springs have been famous . for jeany a year, and hero in old times the moun taineers loved to . assemble- to quaff their vatera. They -are also known as, Deer Springs, ilrom their foaming propensities, and i fancied' resemblance, in tasto to small-* fcecr. Somp of the springs contain considerable iron, being known, in. consequence, as chalybc atesy Others are sparkling soda, and pleasant to the palate. I never could see why it was nec essary to make so much fuss over them, nor why a man yas bound to drink so much of the water as to nearly cause him to burst. But people in the mountains think yon doTiot show a just ap preciation of 'them*' unless you have drank enough to - make* yourself almost 'down sick. /One of my friends drank as much as ho could, when a well-meaning settler pressed him to take another tin-cupful. Turning, - in ;his wrath, ho exclaimed, “Look a here, stranger, I ain't no. d—d ciakl ."What do yon take,mo for, any how?”- '■ ' ' ’ - ‘ Above the bend of Bear Elver, way out on tho plain, is the perfect CUAXEB OF AN OLD VOLCANO, the fires from which have been long*since ex tinct, and the smoke gone forever. It is a circle, the sides within and'without sloping down with absolute regularity, and forming an immense arena. For countless ages it has thus slept, its huge rocky sides being gray with the mist of centuries; and its hoary crest grim and broken by the storms of fire, wind, rain, and snow, that have beat npch'it. Great clinkers cumoer up {he plain, and masses of obsidian, or volcanic glass, glitter amid tho ruins. Crags of lava; porous and warped, are heaped up here and there, doing homage to the towering rim, and adding to the scene of desolation and ruin. • The whole landscape is sere, and scorched, and blackened, ts it was left when the huge fmhaces beneath poured out their overwhelming waves of liquid fire, and blasted tho earth. From this place on ward to the Snake Biver plain, theio* is a vast extent of country which has been literally destroyed by a volcano, more dreadful and extensive than any ever known. ..No man can conceive of Its extent, dor take in its fearful devastation. Those who have seen only green landscapes and fertile valleys, cannot appreciate this fearful scene. It is like one of those, dreadful pictures of tho surface of the moon; .with all its yawning abysses and frightful cav erns. • , Some of the springs have thrown out an - im mense deal of stuff, which has, in many places,' formed very considerable hillocks. Hero, too, 1 are. . DOT SPBTN'GS, - . ’ pnd the Indiana come in to them to enjo j.thcm- Belrea. There is one place at Soda Springs where steam comes puffing out at regular inter-; vals, like that from a ’scape-pipe, which is con ridered a .great curiosity. Taken as a whole, it is a singular scene, and, at one spot near by, the earth is said to quake and shake sometimes so Mto send cattle and Indians flying-in terror ■ across the country. Subterranean noises are llso heard, and the' red men believe an evil spirit has the control of everything hereabout. Old trappers tell some wonderful stories of what Ihevhavo seen and heard in this locality, and more half believe the whole to be really and truly under the dominion of' enchantment. It is refreshing, in thih materialistic age, to find something that savors of romance, and, after a tn«p been in. this region, he more than half ; believes the stories himself. '' Thft Pacific Railroad crosses Bear River. , . ; AT EVANSTON A2fD AT COUnOi’E, • '* ! both of which are handsome, growing towns. -I believe their duo wholly to the rail road, and they are creditable alike to thepeoplo and the road. ■ In passing over this countrymen are apt to judge that Sue crops can bo 10120?!, as the soil is Very rich. Rut the trouble is, the : . •; * SEASONS ABE TOO SHORT, the cool weather strangling the growth of every thing except the most hardy plants. This is the peat drawback to agriculture. in the .Rocky Mountain region, and no amount of care and labor can overcome it. An altitude of 5,000 -to 7,000 feet above the sea-level. has a depressing Influence upon vegetation. When fanners come here, they must take this fact into consideration. Md all the reports of- Surveyor-Generals and Geologists cannot change it. In some of the ffalleya, farmers, do pretty well as they get good trices tor their products; but Jack Frost, is al ways lying in wait, and, when all things look fair toa bid fair, he steps in and blasts the crops. r There is an old road leading from the forks of preen River to the Bear River YaUey,-which has Jeen in use for many years. It foliows somo old Indian trail, and is well worn, and good in set pied weather. : This road was used br.tbojiunt etaand trappers of former days, and, when the jnjloring parties were sent out in 1842, Jo and Waoldl cere was the - StETITAELE IMMIOEAST FROM MISSOURI, • •raveling along with and children, wag ons .and cows, on his way to the FarAYcafc. It fa strange indeed to think what chance ■ these took among tho hostile Indians, arid with perfect'nonchalance they traveled across jns continent,* -Tho old demon of* change, pp- to possess them, and even now it is quit® Summon to see them traveling to and fro during «e summer-time,. and living, it would appear, ®no settled home. They are never so happy H. when slowly moving along the * roads *nich; cross’'tho continent. fishing herb;- ttotieg - there; . but satisfied with* tho which each day brings.. forth; can be ho more-aimless life , than this, Jet it is a happy one, apparently, and contenfc- is the one thing to be desired. They stroll “ton the Missouri River to Oregon; fcj to Southern California; thcuccto Texas and Indian TerritoryVand thence back; and so Wj ma-ol the chapter. '■ • ' ; A favorite aiticle of ludroa food is . • .. TUB CAMAS ROOT," rf Jrilu hyacintho, which is found oh most of tho {Urns on the western slope of thc Rocky Moun ghs.‘ltisshapcd like autm3oh : arid is about a hickory-nut. .The p*art. be&ra..a flower. The root id dug in the months * June and j’uly. AVhon eateu raw # has a «WMant,,mncilzLgaiDXia taste, and, when boiled, Sables tLo common potato. Tho Indian way Preparing it for preservation is to dig*- a pri-j it with flat stones, on Which’ a lire is 'When sufficiently heated, the stones are , swept clean,'and the roots heaped upon them, the whole being covered with clean grans ; dirt |ia then piled thereon. Tims it is left for several' days, -when the pit la opened, cud tbo^ | white roots are, - found , thovouglily cook-'' ied, and converted- into • a dark bine - -mass as thick as glue and as sweetaa molasses.. < The mass in. made into; large cakes bymashing ,and prcßphig, then placed in the sun and dried* , until thq calces look like largo phigkof lobaccd. ■ In this state it will keep for years.' I ate somei ;of it, which had betfn' propt-rly cooked in tliq lodge of Tindoy, Cl4ti,ol the Bannocks.-kuti* found it by no means unwholesome. It tasted; liko licence to inc, and was--both • plearanl arid. ;qulritl6uß.~ The,root?; when boilccl in water,' jyield.a very good molasses, which ia highly 1 prized. ' * ‘ .* ■’ j :. I met.a.. . ... V.-'*..' ■QUEEH 60P.T OF A CHAUACTICE [this morning, who appeared bent pu giving his: ! imaresEioasnponalmflaiall.subjects. Ho had evidently been toUing more ardqnt epiritslaat ' night than was absolutely good for him, and was. very thirstyindeed. Ho avouched that he wue ■ “ as dry as a tall cedar !ii This mayhavc 'been true, though'his system Joonketl as u i had been kcut prettv well soaked ter a ••long time. In fad ■he looked 1 heard anohi darkey say about the. women..; . - A, : , / » «ifc wimmeu, n *aid ho, “w no dcbil; dftfe • heads is rank pizon to'daro bodior.” . . ... • If this man’s head wasu.t ‘rank pizou, to I his bodv, lam greatly mistaken. 4 ; ■ ‘ • He has been traveling a great .dcal.dnripg the past has visited inuiv places in tins monutaiU-region. He beliefs there is a largb , 1 amount of. , . .. ■ . -,. - - . . jt-i.. - > • BriUEO*'- ■ near the bend of tho Bear lUver, which belonged to a successful gold-hunter from Moutntqii-; The gold-npncrwan on Ina way to tho/States/and for ’ eomb" reason ’ had burled his gold*. lie had. ’ been followed by a gang of jobbers' from Mon ! taim, and,’after "the gold was .doucicaied iu the , earth, he was murueicd in cold blood, —the rob bers supposing the gold was about his person,* : dr in jua saddle-bags. The Secret died .with tluA ; man, if, in fact, there is any truth at all in the; ’story. ..... ' • . b* * , ... - lu former times, this .was the favorite wmter : ing-place of tlio trappers and hunters, who foui<d an abundance of wood here, plenty, .of fish, and , . fiomeiimee’bull’alo. It isnecessary, during cold 1 , wlnlcr-woutheivlo get into-thick brush or woods, bo aa to .bo. shielded from the cold and winds.* ' No better place for tins purpose could have been ; aclocledj’.ahd in addition, there.wore' • ’ / GOOD m.UTING-OIIOUNDS- ■ • nearly. An old Luster, informed, mo* that, in’ oiio winter, he killed 100 door aud ,11 bcara,* be sides taking a largo number of beaver, mink,- andmarteu. . Bales upon bales of- Eking were put Vrp in. Ibis region, and a very lucrative, ouci-: ness'was ‘carried on. The skins, when baled;- were carried on pack-horses to ' the Eastward,, and eventually found tboir wayto that .Paradise of the trappers. St, Louis. It was a long, dan gerous, and tedious journey* and cue fraught with much hardship. , , ... 'Since the discovery of the Western country, - , THE SIOCX INDIANS have been a terror. to all whito people,' The. confederate bands have always beeu at war, and; rd-duy they are as powerful as ever. In passing, tiirougb tboir.cotmtry, tbojxappotff.wcro in con-' giant danger. .. Tho name of this tribe among* the Indians means “Cut-Throats,”.and no one 1 will deny their right to the appellation. ; • Years ago, a party of hunters came in to this place to winter, and, upon their arrival, found, a'band of Indians hero, among whom was a squaw who had formerly been . ■ . , .. THE WIFE OF ONE OF TJIE UUN'TEKS. r Her aforetime husband' asked her tb come back and share his lodge. During his absence, however, eho 'had manic;!, an Indian- but, as bo had two other wives, it. was supposed that tho loss of this one. could inako no great difference. Tho trapper pressed his amt; but the-squaw was afraid to go, al though perfectly; willing to dp so. Finally, one night the .trapper brought up to her lodgo -twq horses, ready saddled, and told her that now or never she must make her escape from her Indian husband. She hesitated a short time, but tho prospect of a good homo', and the finery the trap per would be able to give her, overcame all her scruples, and, mounting one of the horses, away, they went galloping over hilLaud dale, toward the trading-post on Snake lUver, •"«’ ■ The Indian soon discovered his loss, and, seiz ing a horse, was quickly on tho trail following the'fugitives. It was cold; there was con* siderablo; snow upon tho ground; and the pursued- and pursuer pushed forward as if life depended upon - it. Neither of them bad anything to* eat, but this’made no differ ence, and, after adengthy ride, tho trapper and squaw.readied the" .post. Not long afterward the Indian came up. and, discovering bis wife/ drew down his xillo to shoot her ; but the trap per was too quick for. him, and covered him with his' rifio before the other was ready, and la tho meantime the squaw escaped. A parley ensued when tho Indian stated his grievance infnil, andvowed vengeance. - The- trapper arr gped with him for some time,— telling him that tho squaw had been his "wife before she married him (tho Indian), and that‘he had the better claim lb her ; moreover, ho OFFEILED THE INDIAN TITHEE PONTES £f ho would relinquish all right and claim to her. This seemed a fair way of settling the matter, and, after some dclav, tlfo red-shin accepted the proposal, and went back to . Boar Kivcr with his horseflesh, thinking it was much better to have three good poises than ono bad wife. The trap per also returned soon' afterward, and all parties appeared to be perfectly satisfied. They lived together in peace and amity,; though the squaw gave herself a great mahy airs whenever she met the squaws belonging to ficr Indian husband. In tiib.mohntains/tho marital rules afo not ob served with great rigor, nor*are they strongly in sisted upon. Thirty tho bend of tho nver, among the mountains; there are some remarkable caves, . which have been used by tho aborigines for many years. There are great numbers of pictures and hieroglyphics on the walls, which may, * or. may not, have-' a peculiar meaning. I saw ono buffalo-skin which was covered with . TAEfTIKGS MADE RZ DtDIAJT, ’ representing the maaeacro of soldiers that oc curred near Fort Phil-Kearney several years ago, and-have always regretted that X did not take a copv of it for preservation, in order to show hqw far* tlie ! of. painting has progressed among tho • savages. The horses were rude, and had much the appearance of grass hoppers. while .the Indiana themselves'looked as angular and stiff as if they had been made put. of . a lot of saw-bucks.' The bodies were shaped like hour-glasses, a lino served for a neck, and a. circle for tho bead, , in-which ,evea, nose, and mouth were rudely drawn. The legs and arms were obtuso angles; on which fingers and toes-wore spread out nko a fan. ' The bows and arrows.wpro well enough, though it would have troubled a savant to have found out what they were'intended to represent. As to the sol diers, they looked ghastly enough. Of course thero ' was the" usual amount of dirt, feathers, and,. vermilion. on tho, yic-r tnro, 'besides a - peculiar ■ kind of white paint, 'or- chalk, daubed over - it' ' here and there. The savages esteemed this a miracle of art, and would have considered a picture by Benkens'as avoir small affair in comparison with it., This was the most studied and elaborate painting I ever saw'made by an Indian, and was certainly, a great curiosity, if nothing more. In the cave there are remains of old piles of stone, which may have been used in their mystic rites and mummeries, and bunches of mountain mahogany and manzauita-wood, that must have been brought from a long distance. The only people near by are certain poor Indiana who are outcasts even among their own race, and are called . . ‘‘jies or the aioraiAEJ. They are shy and timid, and almost as inac cessible as tho mountain-sheep themselves; _ In fact, none are ever met with except by accident, and’then they appear the most cowardlynnd friendless of mortals. The mountaineers have great pity for them, and usually give them'some thing to cat; but they aro rarely seen, anc. no amount'of coaxing can induce them to ‘.visit either-tho camps of the whites or Indians. .They Dave little or mo property, and seem but one remove from the animals. They live in the forests, high up on the mountain-sides, and are tb-day as wild as their, ancestors were centuries rA>‘ their 'arrow-heads and axes being made of jiiut. • • - - .k Aloeiuh.- ! " A TERRIBLE RUNAWAY. / An accident bf a voryilistroEsiag character,oo mirrcd ycstdrday afternoon at 3 o’clock, on Blue Tsi.nd avenue. While fire wngino Ko. 7 : was working in front of Us house-on Bine Island avenue, the horses of the bakery .wagon belong ing to the store of Claik i' McCoy, No. 27 Bine Island' avenue. ' took fright, and/” suddenly whirling around,' rnahed madly on ta.-Oip sidewalk ’ai --tho’. » “{gf ■street • As- 'they’ .Strack; the - walk, U.O wagon overturned, throwing, .put the dnvor, and bMiy bruising him. But the worst ortto affajr is vet to ho told. , The horses hcingloK to theia eefves, ran -On i down the sidewalk. ■ Th“f gone but: half ahlock when they overtook Sir, Sharles Eisehtra-it,-. of No. io. Price placo. who was walking in . tho. .same direction the horses weregoing.- Ho hoard them coming, bat too late, for no - him barely time to lock, mound,when the furious animals wore upon .him. His chil dren were a little behind him, and, before he THE CHICAGO DAILY-TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, MAY 11, 1873. could rescue ' tlrm. th«* horses and the over turned wage-u had j>as /;d over them, leaving .them pro*-Irate and bleeding oa iho v. alk. Tbjjy |were'picked up and carried to the drug etore No. *ls Blue Inland avoupe, of them, r.u' Interesting l.ttlo boy, 5 yearn cld, expiree! m ,a. few minutes - after being.brought Hrs. iMuthia* and Hart’attended the other .childish, one of which is older and the other yonder ;than the dead bov, Thcv were found to bo very painfully but, it is hoped, not eoijnubly'injured. They were removed, with their little dead broth :cr \Ut tlie Lome cf their dulracicd parents widen dhev bad left bat a short time .before so joyous : nud happy. -Before the horses wore caught, one iof-Mtcm was badly injured .in' the lego, and' the wagon was completely demolished. ' - - TiißJpiTY Vi IMII3P. ; ’ 'The Public “Works -employes drew their un learned dollaxs'yeitciday,. .. ! 'Poalat-carJ inviiatjcnH to a reading byßcrbank , aro t-he'Jatcsfc EviiOstoninu r.ovolty.-'-: ; ' Letters for a certain Alderman should not. bo: addresred 1 “ Aid, SchatTncr, present,” because ; ho never ia,'when wanted. ‘V . : >a A mooting o'f the rdulligan. Zcv&vcs will .bo fl held atAheir hall, corner of If aisled and Adonis slroctß, : at 2 o’clock this alccmcon.' ’ A‘.- The Ellsworth 5 Zouaves r ill meet to-raorrpw, evening, at their.. br.},l t corner of, rif<h nveuuo’ ; and Madison street, to make aiTr.ugemcnfu for jaiiothertloiico. - ■ • / Tliero are* two more dejra in the city to-day, according to the City Clerk’s record. This makes il-lS Of- all age*, sAxei*, ;u«l-conditions. Bravo, • Mi*. Suporintoudcnt WafilibpiA. The- adjourned meeting of tho now Temper ance Society, organized a week ago to-day, beheld this afternoon, r.t Crispin 1:a1i,.-No. 77- Bearbonr street. 1 Seven .now saloon licences were issued by the Citv Olqi'k ycfHord-iy. Thi* shown how the Suu-r daj* liquor ordinance is regarded by” the gentle--' men outside “ the profession. 15 bur who are _ do-;- airing to get In, ■.-••-i ■\Vfcon anybody aalis, "What,news, is round the; Citw-llall? the invariable reply is, 44 All quiet on ThoT'otomac.” /Thia ia' how the otiicc-Uoldcra, hustoiu* the belief that- limy arc still putting, dOwiV"* 1 the'’greatest rebellion the world, ever' aaw/h - A meeting of Trucsdoll Lodge,- No,, 71,/1. O.;; Cx. T., v.T.I bo held to-morrow evening In the- Lipcoln Bark Church,'corner of .fcoplria aud Mo-„ hawk streets, for the’purpose of iaslalUng cently elected officers. ■ - For once tho-Korlh and South Divisions will be unable to carr> at cadi other. Tho Commit tees on Streets and Alleys of both divisions are to meet on Monday- “ for very important busi ness,” which mcanalobbying against the Ylilwau keo & St. Paul llailroad ordinance. . The racmbdfß of tho former West Side Chris tian Union dramatic class, and all others who - are desirous of joining with a view : to prolonging tho class through the summer, aro.roqpcstcd to meet at the new rooms,-Iso. Hi East Madison street, on Tuesday evening. Y'estcrday morning a man named John Francis, keeper of an Archer road saloon, was before ; United States Commissioner Iloyne on . a charge of Selling liquor and tobacco without a license. He was hold to appear at the next term of tho District Court in SSOO bonds. . ' Tho Council Finance Committee, yesterday afternoon, commenced work upon tho budget for the ensuing year. This business generally occu pies a month. Aid. Bond will therefore bo gone for two weeks, as his presence is desired. Brother Reynolds, who says that he is not in “high duggon er road,” without assigning any reason why ho should be, announces that another of those comic meetings, in the interests of Tho People, will bo held this' afternoon at Ko. l‘J9 LaSalle street. P. H. Tansoy will deliver a lecture this ovcn-> ing iii tho Academy of Music, on “ The Priest, the Philanthropist, and tho Patriot.” The lec-, turo is given iu behalf of 'a monument to bo erected to tho R6v, Father Conway, of Headford,- Ireland.' . - < Those who feel an interest in the proper ob scrbauce.of the 250 th anniversary .of the ccttls mont of Portsmouth, X. IT., and who. desire to, return there nlid Da present at the celebration on’ the Fourth of July, are requested to meat at the ofaco of C.’ WI Stevens, No. State street, .ou Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. , Fifty barrels of resin were stolen from the Lake- side clicmlcai.Compauy's works, Bridgeport, dur ing the early nail of last week* The last loud was seen* going off on Mouday morning r.t 4 o'clock, fn a bride wagon, the owner of which was polite enough to bid good-morning (o. the man who was supposed to bo watching tho property. . The fair to be given by tbe Itcv. Father Carapl beShat Burlington Hall, during the'week, will commence on Monday evening-. The fair dapios of liydo Park have promised to to present, and will aid in seeming by their smiles, importuni ties, and winning ways generally, the powerful dollars of their patrons. . A German named Herman Schultz, was yes terday arrested by Olliccr Laughlin, lor having sevefelvslabbed John Quinn, of No. 18-lbouth Jefferson street, iu a fight last Tuesday. The wouuds were inflicted with a* and were made on the head and left arm.I'* 1 '* Quinn is not fatally hurt. To support the popular illusion that tho Board of Public Work's earn their salary, • they allow tho reporters .to stato that the contract for the mosonryof tlio Chicago Avenue Police Station was .awarded to Anton . Kink, for $10,800; tho contract for the superstructure of tho Canal Streot-Viadnct to Messrs." Fcx & Howard, for $37,200; the.frescoing of tho water-works to Schubert&Konig, for SMS. / William Ortman, an old man, aged 63 years, was struck in tbe breast, on Thursday afternoon, bv a piece of flying timber, in the cutlery factory of Beiiben A Simons. Ho lingered until Friday night, when death ended his sufferings. . Depu ty Coroner Pilgrim held an inquest yesterday at his late residence, Ko. 251 Clayton street; at which a verdict of accidental death was ren dered. Ho leaves a wifo and three children, - all of whom arc married. • ‘. Corporation Counsel Tniey is preparing, an amendment to the lire ordinance, providing that no building shall have ■ a shingle-roof. - The amendment also provides that no woodon-shed shall be'huilt more than ten feet wide or sixteen feet long. Ho also proposes to allow thoiri to ho built closed and annexed to buildings, as this would'idvG relief to property-owners as .well as lessen the danger of fire. Tho founder of that remarkable myth known as ‘‘ Green’s Garden ” has been * fishing around tie Far West for Modocs., While those sharks wore indulging in a ijavory meal in other waters, a number of dirty Fi-utes bit at his hook, and he lahded them. So painted them like Modocs, and intends to bring them here to exhibit. Mean while, ho is drilling them at Greeley, Col. He can’t palm of minnows for sharks in Chicago. ' -A joint meeting of the Committees on Finance Programme, and Music, appointed, at the .gen eral gathering of those who favor the proper ob servance of Decoration Day, was hold, at the Bhennau-Honso, yesterday, for tho purpose of arranging the order of exercises at the. foiit cemeteries where soldiers are huned. It cided to give the matter further consideration, and have the programmes ready for publication on Wednesday morning. , , ■ The Chicago Christian Union has united its two branches in a central building at No. lid East Madison street, which will bo formally dedicated to-morrow evening. The dedicatory exorcises will Bo followed By addresses from the Her. Dr. 4. Bartlett, the Bov. Arthur Brooks, the Bor. Eobcrt Coliver, tho Eev. H. N. Bowers, the Bov. C D." Noble' the Bor. K. L. Collier, the Bev. Dr. Eydor, Prof. Siring, the Hon. V. r m. F. Cdolbangh, tho Hoh. C. C. Bonncy. the' Hon. D. A. Gage, and others.' Music trill bo furnished by a popu lar of tho city. Miko McDonald, William Allen, and twelve others wore again before Justice Scnlly yester day morning fin-keeping, and being inmates of, a gambling house. Lawyer Trade appoared-to pettifog tho case for; tho gamblers. After some skirmishing, the crowd decided that Justice Yaa’t Woud, who in times past has befriended them, would do! more for thpm than Justice Scully. When tho cases came np oeforo Vau t Woud, Acting-Captain Lull, also indulged m a little skirmishing, and ■ asked. lor a. continu ance, which was granted, and the cases set for tho loth inst. , , , i r.i c a gozen admirers- of Col. Ellsworth met at tho Sherman House yesterday, and agreed to circulate papers for subscriptions to a monu ment to be raised over his grave, near Monhan icavillo, If. V. Mr. Fernando. Jones, presided, and Col. E. B. Bruco was the Secretary. Tho for mer gentleman is the Chicago member of a sub scription committee appointed at Meonanicsvillo, file homo'' of ,KUf TTortii’fl father, .and hao .been raqufißtfcd to render finch abeietanceaa he can toirard raising a’portion of the SI,OOO uecessaiy to complete tho'monument Over the brave young Eoidlira remains.' ’ " ' ’' -• Ori Friday morning an incoming freight train -on the Galena Eoad ran Off the track near'the viUago’of Austin, and the locomotive and sev eral cars’ were badly wrecked. ■ The escape of the cijgiucer and fireman, neither of whom were injured, was remarkable in tho ( extreme. The acridont is said to have been paused by a switch };a\i;ig-lecn. left open by the man in charge of th;j ccu?-li\:ction train at the round-hou.-'o, who us considered one of the most reliable men in the employ of the Company. ; of. Aho society called, for,short, the “ L'vU'-d .J-ncj of Brin 80-icvoleut Society,” met at their hall; corner West .Twelfth and Halstod bisects, on PVidav. evening, for the - porpoLC of eh“’' : .ng r»fii-.?crs 'for the ensiling year, with the following rcnnlf : Preridcnt, Bedmond Sheri dan ;• Vme-Prccidrn te, Jlichacl Qriflln * and Thomas “ rJcKhery; Bccohling Secretary, .TuitajS E. Ballon; Financial Secretary, 2d. J). ißoblcy; .Corresponding Secretary, -X. H. O’CoUr.or'; 'X’roftSincr, M. •B. Prindeville. The aniipttnccir.out would have been made yeslerdiiv, but ihu printer*: hod ndt fxnio to,’“ cct .up” tlie full name of tlio organization. * : .3iT««#srsi : sP A gre!d & Golbcck havo projected a iacdatcrmnr-;sal (Vjhcuic. ’ .They intend import ing from the musical centres of Europe an. ■oichowtra to be locally attached'to Chicago,’ and to Le in character and ability, equal to any orchestra, including that of Theodore Thomas, that • has ever delighted the -musi cal car of- Chicago, ,1b is to ho an institution of which Chicago can bo proud, and oEs'cl the Common Council and the sowerago of thy Yfcut Division. The projectors will issue shares of c 100 to the amount of i?5D,009, 25 per cent of the stock to be paid in by the middle of Juiio; '• The orchestra will bo sufficiently drilled to famish the most exquisite attractions' at the forthcoming Exposition, and to give weekly con certo, proiuonaob concerts, and etbenviso sup ply a want long felu The scheme has already Lean indorsed by many of our loading citizens. A bank robbery is a crime which has not .been committed in Chicago for some time. Such 'workindeedhna been almostabandoneddalargo citiort, and is generally perpetrated in villages, i where iron doors, ‘combination locks, and spe cial watchmen have not yet been introduced. Bui au attempt was an early hour yes terday morning upon the vaults of the Union Trust Company, at .the comer of fc Ualated and Twelfth streets. Ingress was obtained to the bank-room by. sawing out the panels of the rear door. The door of the vault, however, was not eo'cxsUy cut through. The face of it shows that a desperate, though somewhat bungling, effort, was'made to open it. There ‘were several holes drilled in it around the lock, and the marks of a cold-chieel are visible around the edges. Although a light was homing near tho vault all night, the attempt was not discov ered until the janitor of tho bauk entered it, about 9 o’clock yesterday morning.. Thera ia no the' thieves,--who are evidently not ex perts in bank-robbing. * A mooting ol the Common Council Committee on Judiciary, was held yesterday forenoon at 10 o’clock. Aid. W. H. Richardson in tho chair. Aa stated m The Tribune, yesterday morning, the principal business of tho Committee was the con-; hldenitiou of the nomination of Col. A. N. Water- • man as Board of Health Commissioner.. The Committee unanimously recommended bis con firmation. The Committee further decided - t to report in favor of passing-an ordinance to prevent tho cutting mid destroying trees, sods, and ths like. The' proposed amend meut to the ordinance /or the preven tion of cnielfcy ; lo animals, prayed for by tho Humane .Society, making it unlawful for any street-railroad company to carry in one car more persons than can be seated, was taken up. The Committee promptly decided to recommend that it be not passed, as tho cruelty was not felt by the equine animal as -much os by the poor hu man. The gentlemen who took this very proper view of tho case were Aid. Itichardson, Bond, and Pickering. The other members of tne Com mittee were just thinking “ what a boro it is to' have to get out of bed, anyway.*?’ PERSONAL. D. X. Johnson,' Now York, . is'at tho Sherman. E. D. Worcester, Albany, is at tho Ganiner. J. C.' Smith, buffalo, is at tho Gardner. Dr. A. G. YIcDilL Plover, Wia.j is at tho Sher man. i,. . Henry iDpp, Buffalo, is at tbe Sherman. l>r. J. i*. Garxiab, New York, is at the Sher man. ; ‘ /:;• Gen, B>R. Cowan, Assistant Secretary of the Interior, ia in the city. James Mason. Charles.Collis, Cleveland, are at the Gardner. - 'The Hon. C. H. Waterman ia at tho West Side Briggs House. , Edgar MY Johneon, Cincinnati, left tho. Sher man lor homo yesterday. Tho Hon. Horace F. Clarke, Augustus Schell, W. D. Bishop, Mew York, are at tho Gardner., Tho Hon. I. If. Jonos, of Oliio, breakfasted at the West Side Briggs House yesterday. . Little children on Milwaukee avenue make mud effigies of Dr. Bauch, and stand them on their little heads. Henrv B. Pavue. A. Stono, Jr., J: 11. Dever eaux, Charles Paine, Cleveland, are at the Gardner. “ Maj. Thomas P. Russell left tho "West Side Briggs House, last evening, for his homo. Mr. Weston, General Traveling Agent of the Kansas Pacific Railway, arrived in town last evening, and is elating at Burke’s European Hotel. / - ' ; John Bi Niles, Laporto, Ind.; George B. Gates, Buffalo; Charles Willis,New York; 'Addison Hills; Cleveland,‘are at tho Gardner. Aid. Tracey has not yet drawn his'back pay as Alderman, because tho’Legislaturo has not pro vided for this little exhibition of patriotism. . A party of Now York Central and Michigan Central Railroad officials were in Chicago yester day. They are on their way to San Francisco. Rcy. Walter Moore, Rector of the Episcopal Chußch of Georgetown, Col., is spending a few days with his friends in this city. Govf. Hendricks, of Indiana, and Beveridge, of Illinois, have signified their intention of visiting Chicago during tho week of tho Jubilee. . "'Among the arrivals at tho Gardner House, yesterday following: H. R. Payson,* now .York;.H. and wife, London; H. H. Hawkins and wife, Detroit; J/F. Wood man, and wife, Ban Francisco; Fred. L. Map tin, Now York. . Prof. A- P. Burbank will give readings under the auspices of Aqua Pura Lodge No. 670,1. O. G. T.; at its hall, corner of West Lake and Sey mour stipe ts, to-morrow evening* . The members of tho Board of Trade have con tributed $1,200 for the relief of the family of tho unfortunate suicide. Mona. Do Bcllay. The widow aud'children have gone to Geneaoo, HI., where they will hereafter reside. . When Mr.W. H. Smith and friend .took the Mayor.into a corner of his office yesterday, hack man and teamsters, together with reporters, im mediately concluded that it was another .“mass meeting of the Humane Society.” ' It is a cheerful and refreshing sight wit ness tho innocent efforts being'mado Dixon to secure the office of Acting Mayor dur ing Mr.,ModUls expected absence in Europe. Brother-in-law Wurrdn assists him, and gives tone to his application.

• The Right Rev. Bishop William L. Harris, LL.D., will preach in the Wabash Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Four teenth street and Wahaah avenue, at 10^o’clock this forenoon. The Rev. J. W; Waugh, D. D., who will sail with tho BishopfroiuSan Francisco for India, on the Ist of June, will speak in tho evening oa “India and Christian Missions.” Among the arrivals at the Rherinan yesterday were tho following: J. D. Shearer and wife; Philadelphia; W. R. French, Laramie; H. J. Rogers. Wyoming; E. D. Litchfield, England ; Dr. James H. Wheeler, Now Hampshire; •T. F. McDonald and wife. Binghamton. N. Y.; P. P. Duncan. Indianapolis ; G. L. Bcoker, St. Paul ; J. E, Fletcher. 6t. Louis; A. M, Redman, Boston'; F. B. Fisko, Now York.” " The following officers of Lifo-Eoat Lodge Ko. 1,000, I, O. G. T., were installed on Tuesday evening last: William Hopper, W. 0. T.; 8. J. Hopper, W. V. T.; Guv Acheson, R. S.; E. Har* den, A. B. 8.; Ed Holler, W. F. S.; E. Short, W. T.: J. Elliott, W. 31.; A. Merritt, L. M.;' M. Lewis, W. G.; J; Spauton, W. S.; 0. Haynes, W. Chaplain; M. A, Hopper, B. H. S.;'M. Boy ington, L. H. S. . . , Prof. Vaaoh, 'the wonderful illuflionut and prcgtidigltatour, has drawn largo audiences at NixonV Amphitheatre during the past we eh, and his extraordinary, performances have excited a degree,of. wonderment and interest beyond that winch has attended any similar entertainment for rears in Chicago; : Arrangements hare-been made for the especial accommodation of ladies, for whom tho beet seatsih the house are re served. As a sleight of band performer and scientific exponent of the art of opticalillttsion, the equal of Prof. Tanek ■ has rarely, If ever, been seen in our city.' * ‘ * Luring the present lullin' the lecture business, it is understood that Mesere. Carpenter tfc' Sheir con are making arrangements with distinguish ed geutlemcaJor,tho-xoming/reason. Among those talked of are B. p. Reynolds, Capt.. Jack, and Mark Sheridan. Negotiations are still pend ing with Aid. Dixon and a leading jurist at the South Side Police Court, but as nothing definite is likely to result from this last source, the Jus tice's name is withhold. * , , Bishop Harris, of the Methodist Church, ar rived in tho city yesterday. He will preach in the Wabash Avenue Church this morning. On Monday ho will havo a reception in the church, and on Wednesday depart for Yokohama, Japan,. via San Francisco. Ho will subsequently visit tho various missions of tho Chinese Empire, Syria, Florence, Home, and Bulgaria, and meet, his family in Fianlifort-on-the-Main. ; BUSINESS CHANCES. A LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR SALE, IN THE CITY '-!xx>i Louisiana," Pike Co., Missouri, 317 miles above St. Loui*. cn t he Misrt'sippl River, with all the ncce*aary ar rangements for the pork bunness, smoko-houso, etc., vdtn throe acres of preund attached. This la a rare chance for any party desirous of going Into tho pork and provision business, as tho sarroundm* country Is well stocked with hogs, and a ready market for tho salo of the product either In St. Louis if Chicago, For farther particulars, apply to GILBERT Pr.YOH A CO., Provision Brokers, No. 156 East Washlagton-st. • ' ' _• A WELL-STOCKED DRUG-STORE. ON THE WEST -Tx Side, for sale; fixtures nearly new; cheap rent; a bargain. Address TP7, Tribune office, A PARTY HAVING £5.010 CAN JOIN THE AD varther In tho manufacture and salo of an article used In every family and secured bytho Unltod States Government. Call or address Room 2-1, KUHNS’-Hotel, Drarbornst. ‘ BUSINESS AND A VAL uablo patent article, staple, for o&Ie cheap; reaeon for selling, lack of capital to do business. Call or address 733: West Kinxic-et. A LIGHT MANUFACTURING BUSINESS, PAY ing well, enllablo for a lady or gent and lady for sale. Call at326aiato-at., Room 3, np stairs. . - AN OLD ESTABLISHED AND NEWLY FITTED Anp dining-room for salo cheap at 574 South Statc-et, A WELL-KNOWN BILLIARD AND SAMPLE room on tho West Side, doing a - epl-ndid business, will be sold cheap. • Address T 65, Tribune office. - A FIRST-CL ASS CARPENTER AND JOBBING shop, doing a first-class bnilnoto ou tho South Side for salo. Terms low, aa tho parties havo a contract in the burnt district. Addrans 0 60, Tribune office. A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A BATH-ROOM; none in the neighborhood; success is certain. Pekin Tea Company, 376 Stato-st. * . A GRAND BUSINESS CHANCE FOE A YOUNG mao to engage In tho cisnr and tobacco business, on Btafo-af., near lue Potter Palmer Hotel. Inquire at No. 190Stato-et. . :• A GRAND CHANCE FOR A PARTY THAT WANTS to start in tho mail confectionery business, in one of• the host locations In tho city. For information inquire at No. ISO Stale st. . ■ A RARE BUSINESS CHANCE—A CIGAR STORE doing good business, well stocked and nowly fitted np. Satisfactory reasons /riven for selling'. - Rent only $5 per month; moat be sold this week. Inquire at3so \Vabash-nv. , * _ A TWO-THIRDS INTEREST IN A MILL. ESTAB llshcd manufacturing business, for sale by OAUBERT A GROSS, 162 Woshingfon-st., Rooms 16 and 17. Every thing firsl-claas and in tho best repair; has a large coun try trade; price 828,000. Would* take acre property as part payment. • Any parties having mortgage or other, securities, or unincumbered, improved or unlm firovod lands £n this State, either In city or coantnr, can oarn of a eafo and permanent investment (that will bear a thorough investigation) yielding from 80 to GO dot cent profit, with nominal risk and firat-claas parties for asso ciates, by addressing IN VESTMENT, caroP. O. Box 49. A WELL ESTABLISHED, NICE PAYING Busi ness for sale, or would exchange for small farm.' Satisfactory reason for soiling. Address Tl3, Tribune office, for fivo days. - A GOOD PAYING RESTAURANT OPPOSITE DE pot for sale on cheap terms; fixtures all complete. Address 89 South Canal-st,, basement. < A SPLENDID CHANCE FOR SOMEONE TO START business with little money—Five rooms to rent and small lot of furniture for sale: uhargaln given in both, near Madison-st. bridge. Address H, Tribune office. A BAKERY ANI> CONFECTIONERY STORE. DO |ng a good business, in best location Is tho city, for tile. Price, $1,200. Address T 40, Tribune office. Boarding :house for sale cheap, filled with boarders, everything in good order. Call or ad dress 198 West Lake-st- . • ■DOARDING HOUSE FOR BALE-A SPLENDID Jj opportunity for any person wishing to go Into the busi ness. Reason for selling, wishing to retire from the busi ness. For particulars call from 9toll a. m., or 2t04 p. m., this week, at 229 East Van Boren-st, Boarding house for salk-in good gen tral location, on West Side a splendid chance for the right parties; reason for selling, is failing health. For particulars address M 69, Tribune office. Business man wantnd to open in wiscon sin or Missouri the manufactore of an articlo of builders* hardware already soiling at largo profits in Chi cago. If you have 85C0 or $5,000, and want a legitimate business that pays, call and see sample at Builders* Ex change, 133 LaSallo-st. Inquiro.for DAVENPORT* CONFECTIONERY AND NEWS DEPOT FOB SALE • and store to rent. 393 West Lako-gt. ~ Dressmaking business for sale cheap. In a desirable location. Address E 27, Tribune office. Drug store for sale very cheap if taken thiawock; sickness causo. Address C 13, Tribune First-class fixtures and fine stock of groceries for sale, at 532 Hubbard-st., comer Paulina,, at very low figures. • • For sale-or exchange fob horses-the following rights to use tho best carpot-beatlngand brushing machines over Aurora, Bloomington, Galesburg, Peoria, Quincy, and Springfield. _>V ill sou very cheap. Apply to Boston Carpot Cleaning Company, 44 and-45 West Adams-st. • G 1 HOCERY. LEASE, AND FIXTURES FOB SALE, I with or without slock. of the .loro No, 1005 Stole-, t,, now occupied by P. GILLESPIE; possession May 15. Grocery store, with stock and fix tares, toresio. 412Mllwa-keo-av, Hotel on prominent thorougfare that pays from to SSOO per ropath for ealo. Prico. $8,000; ualf ca«h. M. (J. BALDWIN & CO., 81 and So LaSalle-af., Room S4. . HARDWARE STORK FOR SALE IN A flourish- Ing town 25 miles from Chicago. bales last year 23U.00U; stock will larelcoaboat $9,000. No competi tion. only hardware store in tho town; a splendid chance. Inquire of MCDONALD BROS „ IS9 Lake-at. T HAVE TWO MEAT MARKETS AND WILL SELL X ono of thorn. Rare chance for a practical man. Ad - droas LRJ, care Carrier No. 62. Lease and furniture of a hotel and railroad eatlng-honso at a railroad crossing for salo; six passenger trains daily; forty noll-farnfshed rooms; dolnga splendid transient business. To tho right party this is a chanco seldom met with. For particulars, apply to E. L. BARBER, northeast corner of state and Twenty ninth-sta, ~ it Teat market-sub will but fixtures. ItX tools, ice-hoofle, and chest; doing a good cash trade; cheap rent; In" good location; reason giren for selling; immediate possession.' Address O 20, Tribune offioo. ; * Meat market for sale, with lease,• doing a good cash business on the West Side. Aj>- ply at 120 Miuer-st., near Taylor. Notion and confectionery store fob sale, in city of 10,000 Inhabitants, Northern Indiana; splendid chance. McbIIERSON A CO., 163 Waahlngton •t.. R00m25. . ’ ~ . XTOTION STORE AND NEW’S DEPOT FOR SALE IN at 67 Not th Market-st. Call to-day. ' SALOON FOR SALE. ON ACCOUNT OF SICKNESS; will bo sold cheap for cosh If applied for this week. ZiS}s South Clark-et. . SALOON FOR SALE IN A GOOD PART OF THE city, very cheap for cash; a splendid chance, Cali at 13? Twenty-BOCOPd-at. ■ - . __ CJALOON AND RESTAURANT FIXTURES FOR O sale- Apply at 39 West Randolph-st. STOCK, LEASE, AND FIXTURES FOR SALE OF A first-class millinery store. 205 South Halated-st. Saloon and boarding-house for sale. The fixtures and license of a good-paying sijoonand faoarding-hooso, with two yean lease, and only 860 rent, with accommodation for forty boarders, and is fan of rood-paying boarders; will bo sold pa reasonablo tarms; good reason for soiling. Inquire at 10? South Clark-st. STOCK OF GENTLEMEN AND LADIES’ FURj* -nibbing good* on ono of the best comers on tho West Side for safe; must sell on account of .Illness and gologto Europe. Store, with 4 rooms, to rent. Also, household furniture, stores, bedding, carpets, etc. Thlslsag«>d chance for a man with a small capital- to mako money. Address, with fnU name, Cl 4, Tribone offleo. SENEN-CAN MILK ROUTE FOR. SALE—OR, KS chaoge for lot. Apply No. 12 Peroh-st. near and Fulton. Monday. 1 OAMRLE AND DINING ROOMS FOR SALE CHEAP, O splendidlocation; good reasons for selling, inquire 143 South Dearbom-st. (basement), _____ - - - QALOON FOR SALE ON ACCOUNT OF THE AB- D .onoo of ono of tho hrm and .loluie!. of the other. Said Sloon moat bo aold by Tneada,. Inquire 306 South Hal sted-at. ; mHE BEST LEGITIMATE X business In Chicago for sale. Apply at BEAD T KY’S BANK. 38 Exchange Place. • . mHE NATIONAL HOTEL . R . BP £?J E B JOB Caoal-st. rplll? aT.PINE TOOLEN MILLS. FOB BALK. 1 cheap; located at Connell Hill Station, M '•>» UUsola Central Railroad, 6 mlloe from Galena, now in 1 nil nnj»r&tion both stcAm and water poorer; admir»bly adapt* T?or SUwnR wn, «■£ blanket., aUo olot£a. Apply to JQILS E. COBVVXTH, Galena, Ml. mHE PHARMACY OF THE LATE DECEASED fe. X M Voa Scblieben, Inc*to<l ml.l APOPSTA VON SCHLIF.BE>', Admtntotralrii. rfIHE GREAT JUBILEE IS AT HAND, THE CHEAT I summer meeting at Doitcr Park in Jalj, the «ull muiter ono at tho same place In September, ana the treat fntor-State Exposition In October, and I bare for sale the beat located restaurant new, complete,,wd ncrfect'la all regards, with a big and ante paying trade, cause for aelHng. more business loan owner can attend to. ■A W™ “rßdlys. with real name, stating where inter- Tiew can be had, V 8, Tribune ofleo. ; HE TWEtFTH-ST. ’BUS COMPANIT Ot'FER ♦h«!r route, with good brick barn, and 40 good bones, with 'buses for sale ;.also blacksmith shop* wood shop, 4 now 'has** neatly finished. Reason for soying, slcfcacss. Apply to W. A. RUSSELL, VZ West Two f th-st. mo a, p. 4V.E. r. Co. I. dssiro to make arrangements for th® co P*°^? l> U on SaSrial to bo rumored la making a slip, wtU ofler to bridnnaker* who may with to arrange Sim of brick on tbeir gnmnd epecUl nisbing cheap fuel, both wood and coal. to partly iM ested. Information will be giron by A. O. JONES, l&M West Randolph-*** mo PARTIES HAVING SMALL OR LARGE OAPI- X°talTwe offer InducomenU rarely met with la business rrmlce money faat. 119 Dearborn. Room o. The best barber shop, for sale, with ffßttta* furnishing goods sod cigar store, with three .nd fSif Tears* lesio; established six years. For par address T 59, Tribune office. E HAVE A DRUG STORE FOR SALETHATIS DSTiog second to oojxo ln thejcity. McPHERSON A CO., fg washlngtoa-st., Roomg. ... -i-rrOOD AND COAL TARD FOR SALE; SPLENDro *VV location: doing a good trade; ccal-sbeds, and new S-ton scales, with or without horse and cart. Apply at 30 Bine Island-ar. - .. ON MILWAUKEBfAV., WITH 5) I UU. billiards or without; rety desirable location, feiou—Stationery, cigars, tobacco, on Twemy-second*st. larSctUsreby B. J.NQOKIN, 75 South Dearborn-st. fenn WILL BUY AN~INTEREST Li A. FTRST qU U ■ class saloon, Madlson-ft., near Clark. Call at . SNACK'S, 506 State**. ... BUSINESS CHANCES. Ann CASH FOB ONE OF THE BEST PAYIKG vJ.*UUU And best located retail storoc lathe city,' Ba«r purfng from $9 to sl2 par day'can bo Increased to (15 or (Soy small addition to stock. This is a chance seldom offered to get into a good steady" respectable par* ing business ; most be sold Immediately if ■at all, aa the owner baa a chance to go into wholesale posiness. Apply or address B. JAIT, 899 West Randolph**!. from Bto 9 a. m. or Ito3 p. m., or stale interriew can be had. ' ' . Gfl AAA HALF-INTEREST IN A. NICE MANU OJ-«UUU .factoring basineu and property; articles staple and ready demand. Call at 170 South Fooria-st., bo torn 10a. m. and after -I p. m. • C*l A AAA TO $15,000 WILL BUY AN INTEREST «i)XU,vUI/ In a safe, legitiuiAtemanttfacturlngbasi. n-js. Article staple, foruseof eyrryhonsehold: demand unlimited; investment will net 200 per cent. Mast be a reliable and competent business man, to fill office depart ment as cashier and correspondent ;aalary liberal.. None need apply unless can famish most satlslaetory refer ences and cash. Address, with real name, appointing interview, C 4. Tribune office. ~ ' TO EXCHANGE. rpO UXCHASOR-NfsETY BE3FRABLK LOTS AT A Wasmisfrion Heights and fonr on Egan-av. for mer chandise, jewelry, of henaa anddot; title and property first-clas*. Address X 93. Tribune office.. TO EXCHANGE—I OR 9 GOOD YOUNG HORSES for cigars, liquors or a light express wagon. Inquire 81 East Polk-at. r EXCHANGE—FOR SUBURBAN OR INSIDE property, a fine farm; good buildings, one mile from Shropicr Station, on tho N. W. R. R. Also, an. iron-clad elevator, withongino, in good order and suita ble for storage and grain business, at Ashton, LI., on the N. W. R. It! JOHN 8. BUCHANAN, Room 6, 159 La- Salle-st. . mO EXCHANGE-COTTAGE AND LOT FOB CHEAP 1 lots. GEO. W. REED A CO., Hi LaSalle-st., basement. ", " ' TO EXCHANGE-CARPENTERING OR CUSTOM tailoring for horse, wagon, carpeting, furniture,or dry goods. Shop 23 Twenty-olghth-st. ‘ , 1 . TO EHCHANGE—A NICE RESIDENCE AT IRVING Park worth £5,-500 to trade for North Side unimproved proyorty. lie acres adjoining Norwood Park to trade for well improved business property; will pay soma cash or as some incumbrance. - . . . ; AUMBEBG4CO., 172 Washlngton-st., corner Fifth-ay., Room 3. TO EXCHANGE—A BRICK HOUSE OF 13 ROOMS for a nice cottage Of 6or 7 rooms. Address T4, Trib une office. fpO EXCHANGE—ONE SPLENDID, NEW, FIRST- X class piano for a good bone and buggy* Norwood lots for a good farm and houso on lessen lot on the Sonth Side. C 31, Tribune office. ; , rpo" EXCHANGE-A 2-RTORY HOUSE NO, 936 X Fultoa-at., with corner lot, 25 by 117 feet, for city lots or farm. Address Tl9, Tribune office. mo EXCHANGE-A PLACE ON THE APPALACHI JL.coIa River of 2,800 acrev with valuable timber. Also, 600 acres of timber land near Green Bay, Wls., for bosi* ness, morohandlse, ox suburban property; would enter* tain baying business.' Address T 37, Tribune office, ' TO EXOHANGE-AT COUNCIL BLUFFS. IOWA,, house (store and dwelling), and lot, centrally located, and good easiness property.. Will exchange lor city or suburban real-estate. The-locatlon at this point of tfao Pacific Railroad will cause a rapid advance in this prop orty. Address T 44, Tribune office. rpO EXCHANGE—WE HAVE SEVERAL GOOD i. pieces of Improved property on ear books that we will exchange for otherproperty. /D. COLE A SON, Real- Estate Dealers, 188 West Madlsoo-st. TO EXCHANGE—UNIMPBONED LAND IN CEN* tral Illinois at less than its cash value, for clothing and men’s famishing goods. E. A., PERRY, 147 Clark-st. TO EXCHANGE—FOR CITY PHOPEBTT A'LARGE bouse and 3-acre'lot at Hinsdale: price $9,000; no In cumbrance ; will pay difference. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 Madlson-st., Room t. TO EXCHANGE—A FINE FARM OP 160 ACRES highly improved in Lee County, 111. Farm ot 200 acres In Leo County, 111. ... Farm of 160 acres in Marion County, DL, adjoining vil lage of Fcotono. Farm of 272 acres In Lake County. HI. First-class farms in all counties of the State. R. KENNEDY, Real Estate Agent, 145 Clark-st., 800m526and27,. ; . - TO EXCHANGE—A 1 PAPER, DUB IN 82 DAYS, •or first-class office or household fordltare, or horse and buggy. Address T 63, Tribune officer. • ■ • • TO EXCHANGE—BY W. J. D AVIS.J46 MADISON et., farms in lowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, lar£e and small. Houses, lots, and merchandise. TO EXCHANGE-FINE RESIDENCE IN RlVEß .side (the finest suburb about Chicago), worth $12,000, subject to mortgage of $4; 000, for sale or to exchange for unimproved property. , Lot 100x250; street handsomely pa red,, sidewalk, and sewer. Gas, water, marble mantels, etc., in hoars. M J, 13 Tribune Baildlng. mo EXCHANGE-TWO LOTS IN BBADISH ADDT- X lion to Riverside, near proposed r&ilroad,.to exchange for nice parlor furniture, or pier glass, or piano. JM, 18 Tribune Building. ~ TTTANTED—TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRY TT goods, notions, clothing, famishing goods* boats and shoes, and fntnienro. 3 faros in Mason Countyr HI-, all under a good state of cultivation, near market and railroad —one farm of 115 acres, one of 344 acres, and one of 335 acres. Also a fine now dwelling house and Slots in the City of Peoria, HI., with all- modem improvements. Tho titles are- perfect. All worth $50,000 cash. Will trade part or all. Address Box 1443, Peoria. HL TIT ANTED—TO EXCHANGK-A SPLENDID HOW- V V ard gold watch and chain, for a good horse, harness, and open or top buggy. Apply Monday to W. RICH ARDSON, 138andl3o rrankHn-ft. • TSTANTED-TO EXCHANGE—3S FIRST-CLASS it sewing machines, for bouse or real estate, unincum bered. A. M. LESLIE, 446 Wabash-av. T\ r ANTED—TO EXCHANGE—FIRST-CLASS IM TT proved residence property, near centre of Chicago, worth $30,000 clear, and paying good rental, for similar or good rental property in Detroit, Mich., or some thriv ing Eastern city. None but owners need reply. Address, T7l, Tribune office* , ■ ; WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—BRICK-WORK FOR Vr au-yw'or second-hand’top buggy. .Address V 22, Tribnnooffice. . •, • WANTED— TO EXCHANGE-GOOD SUBURBAN lot for furniture and sooond-naiid safe. Adross O 88, - Tribune office. ■ • WANTED— TO EXCHANGE—OAEPETER-WOBK for suit of elotbes. W. 8. 8., In shop In rear of 303 West Monroo-st.. Call Monday.* • T\rANTED—TO TRADE SOSIE LOTS AT WASH VV ington Heigh to for nice hone and boggy. Address O 31, Tribune office. WANTED-TWO GOOD OUTSTOE LOTS FOR A first-class piano. N. E. DAVISS, 123 Clark-st*, l A >ot bare chance-wanted to exchange a J\ Choice selection of groceries, long lease of suburban lot or saloon stand. Call 760 Ashlaad-av., W. D. FOR EXCHANGE-FIRST-CLASS BRICK STORES on West Madlson-st. for desirable acre property; 840.000 over incumbrance. . , _ . . Tnlcteen-room brick bouse on West Monroe-st. for in side or suburban unimproved; 37,000 over incumbrance. ABELL 4 HOTCHKISS, 142 LaSaUdst., Room 43. LOT TO EXCHANGE FOR a HORSE AND Ex press. Inquire for 3 days to HENRY LAN GIG IS, corner Van Baron and Stevens-sts. ~ T o^^s^ b E u- r S?^ KDI w A w D c G A¥I^ M l CO., Room 29, Major Block. TO EXCHANGE—A SPLENDID CUSTOM MILL (grist) in a fins wheat country, making a net profit ox 86,000 per annum after paying ail vrith the horses, wagons, 4c.; cash value, 834,000; delightfully situated on a lake'. The real-estate consist* of stone mill, all new machinery, fino residence, engineer’s and muler’i bouses, barns, and 6 acres of land. Will exchange for any good country business and stock, hotel, 40. y in any good climate. 111-health the only cause of selling; Col orado preferred. Address O 44, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE—I,2BO ACRES OF GOOD MISSOURI land for city or enborban property, or for merchan dise. PIBBLE d LA.BELLE, 255 3<mth Haletod-et. To exchakgb-youb choice of an OPEN OB top buggy, phaeton, or business-wagon, oat of one of the largest hrst-class repositories In town, for first-class fnniltnro and curtain goods. - Cll Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE—A HOUSE AND THREE LOTS, each 66x133 foot. In Northern loaner, A great bargain. InQulro of A. J. SPRATT, 12H State-at. mOKXCHAKGE-FOB CITY PRgPMXy-AFINE X brick honao in Jono/ City, worth $15,000. BARKER AWAIT, 150 Dearhorn-at. ■ mo EXCHNGE A MAGNIFICENT DIAMOND JL rlnc for » city rondo bnegy. or fine furniture llttlo u»od. King U worth $«0. Addreas TH* Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-FOB A STOCK OF DKY GOODS amounting to *IO,OOO. M«h and real citato, J. ir.UGHULSB A-CO.. 800m38, -Majorßlock. T' O EXCHANGK-A FINE 7-ACRE TRACT FQR goodreiidonco in good location. eithorWoit orliorth Side. IflU pay aomo caak. Addroaa TV 7, Tribune office. • o EXCHANGE—TWO LOTS OH SOUTH CANAL .tf, near Hatrleon: will «ich»n»o for honw »nd lot ot wood farm within 60 nmoe of Chlcaco; nlao «omo cnolco fota on Stnte-st. to evchadiro for Improved oily property. L. A. GILBERT A CO., 206 LaSallo-at. mo EXCHANQE-A GOOD LOT ON SOUTH SIDE i Talo«8800, for a good rig, phaeton, boggy, Pab* of tone., and harneai. Will paj caah difference. C«. Tribona office, . o EXCHANGE—A FIKE GOLD EIGHT-PAT Vatci with chain,.an Elgin wat*h *ome gnlendld jewelry, a musical bo*, and other property, to* gather with two iote on FUty-firat-*t. *HSC£I<I<AN£OUS' a diamond orwatohin A pawn *«n find ft cash buyer by addressing 0 86, Trib* one office. - _ FAMILY LEAVING THE CITY FOR THE SUM; mere an find a married couple with no children and tbablgbeat references, who wtmld Uko care ol tho honao for the nee of a part of it* Addreea 8 68, Tribune office. - A GESTMMAN FROM THE BAST DESIKKS TO Grind Central Hotel. . • —ASH PAID FOB OAST-OFF CLOTHING AND nlscollineont good* of any kind* by sending »letter to I* OELDER* Loan Office* 86* Sute-rt. - CLOTHES-WRINOERS REPAIRED. SEND YODB addreu. and they trlU bo called for and returned free of Koroltj Bobber Fw 00.. 183 Bait wa»hiagten»€t> ; —OLOKY—AiIi WHO WANT FREE HOMES NEAR _jkrAK*itTsr!&srs\ Sfsa&sast: Boom 3* • Cash paid fob ladies- and dents'oast of*- clothina; old gold and diver, and every dwcnpuoa «£ personal valoable*. Address ABRAHAM TtfILKSSS Money Lean Office, 763 SUto-aU betireea Foartoenth and tHtoenth-iiU, ' SABLES J., BISHOP. PROFESSIONAL AC countant and expert bookkeeper, office eetabluhod fl roar*, now at Boom 60, 87 B. AKELY, » WEST MADXSON-ST., CUBES acute or chronic diseases without calomel or other noxlon* drugs. IXO» HORROR OP BRIDGE DISASTER I ' 138 Sooth reward; UPWARD—LOST—A BLACK-AND-TARDOG S2O aruwering to thenatno of ** ansa will receive the reward by bringing .the same to MISS LlßfilE, 5U State-ft* .... - . BUSCEEZiANEOUS. Glove akd mitten dub-m aktjfa«jt uhed brWJI. SETEBIIf, 533 North CarpOTtor-Bt, Cnlca go, XU. ~ - HOW MUCH AM. L OFFERED FOS THB 4 raze TU«TimntAn dpllun f Address -B . office.' _ T WANT EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT DR. JOHN 1 PHILLIPS has a eery large assortment of Brazilian Pobblo spectacles for talc, which ho suits by inspection to the eye. Don’t forget tho placo, 120 Fourtir-ar., Opti cian and Oculist, a few dears from Harrison-at. INSURANCE—A PHYSICIAN WITH CONSIDERA -1 ble experience la life examinations, wishes desk-room la an Insuranco office, and to make etamlnationa for the company. * Address T 60, Trlbnno office. MRS. L. LOWRY, m. D., physician and accoucheur,* - No. 1221 Wabash-ar. Comfortable, quiet rooms, provided with competent nurses, for women during confinement. , Madame p. bourniq UE’a french embroi dorios and stamping establishment removed to 601 South State-st, Ladies, before. purchasing your, hats and-bonneta, go lOWEBB'S Millinery, BfiOStUMt, and examine bis stock and styles. He sells better goods for less money than can bo bought in the oitjy ’ OLD BOOKS—CASH PAIDFOR NEW AND OLD books la any quantity. Call oraddress CHAPIN BROS., 214 and 216 EastMadlson-st. _____ Propos als are wanted from masons and JT carpenters, to erect a building 48x80 foot. _ The plan* and specifications can bo seen at my place. No. 21 West Laka-st. after Monday next. CHAa. McLAUGHLIN. 15 EMOVAL—DR. B. W. DAT. DENTAL ROOMS, it 68 Madiaon-at., comer ol .State, over Back A Ray nor's, ,• ■. > . T) KMOVAL—THE ALBANY LAUNDRY 'WILL RB XL move Monday, May 12. to 575 South State-st., and Mr. HENRY will specially pay attention to ladies* white dresses, laces, and lace curtains. REMOVAL— DR, .MARY H. THOMPSON HAS changed Ler office to 339 West Washington***. Office hours the sune, • * * THBPKOPLE’S STORE* 673 STATE-ST., NEAR Twelfth—Milliner goods of all kinds, trimmed bats, patterns, dress and cloak-making, etc. • • -■ TO CONTRACTORS-WE WISH TO CONTRACT lor the faying oil mile of sidewalk, P. A. AS. 8, PAUL, 178 Dearborn-st. . ~ TO BULL&EKS—WE WISH TO CONTRACT FOB tho bnilding of a three-story brick store and dwelling; will giro a lot on South Cansl-st. in part payment. tno balance In cash. E. F. ADAMS A CO., comer Madison and Stato-sta. ■ mO CONTRACTORS. BUILDERS, AND OTHERS— X T. OHAMBERLiN. Accountant, from, England, having been for a long time desirous to obtain a roally good, simple, and correct system of book-keeping espec ially adapted to builders, can througly recommend his system. Nine years’ exyorionce. Details, (L W5 Wa i bash-ay. _• ' *ITTANTED—TO SEE PARTIES DESIROUS OF OB- T V talning homes In one of the beat locations on South Side, 30 minutes from centre ol city. Payments mads a» easy a* roots. Also choice building lots on same tonus, by NOBLE & RICHMOND, Room 3, Tribune Building. WANTED-BTORAOE. FOB 100 TO a» BARRELS W lubricating oil. near P., Ft. W. i C. B. B. preferred 'Address P A D, 77 Clark-st. . WANTED-TO BUY—A SECOND-HAND WALNUT itsnd*nn desk. 9 feet long, and mnat bo In good or* der. State pries to Wil.rH. SHARP A CO., Gsn. AgU sewing machines, 254 State-st. WANTED— A COMPLETE FILE OF TBB “OHL cago Times ” since the fire. Address T 66, Tribune office. 1 ~ ' - ' ' WANTED— A. SECOND-HAND INDIAN, FULL size, male or female (no Modocs need apply), at cL gar .store, 16 South Dearbocn-st. W' ANTED—TO BUY-A. COTTAGE AND LOT, nicely located, near the city, worth about §2,500; to be paid for in monthly payments. Address C 3% Tribune office. - • IT7ANTED—TO PURCHASE-A HOUSE AND LOT. VV neighborhood Thirtielh-st. and Miohigaa-av., at not over S9,UJO cash: possession wanted in August. Address 0 72, Tribune office. * TIT ANTED—GENT AND WIFE TO JOIN A SMALL T T family in housekeeping near Twent y-second-st-; I have an 8-room house, well tarnished, and will make fair ' arrangements, with the right parties, for a comfortable home. Address C 47, Tribune office. titanted-some person to take away VY about 500 yards of building sand with some black dirt. Callat3oß West Harrisoa-st., comer Gold. : rrraynm PORTABLE PLATFORM * SCALE* VV second band, in good order. Address SCALES, 53 LaSalle-st. - ’ WANTED-TO photograpuers-a second hindleni. 81W boi and stand • also tbroo or four bo»d-mti po.W chrlrr. 010. Adiraa O 17, Tuibimo office. • ; ''' - ' TITAN FED—GRAINING AND MARBLING, TO THE VY trade. EDYE A POCQOK, 146 North LaSalle-st. TXTANTED—TO PURCHASE—A BUSINESS IN CHL 133 North Wood-tt., eiw. ' ANTED-A GOOD WATCH W. SPRING ER, 22 North Clinton-st. ; WANTED— TO BUY FOB CASH A SMALL JOB OF fice. Address O 40, Tribune office. VXTANTED—LADIES TO BRING THEIR COMB VY logs to have them mado up at the Euronean hair store. Beal hair switches, all colors, only $3; styles of make stylish suits. At the BROWN S Fmpori"”*, 326 Btate-at. • . _ WANXED-TO BUY-A HOUSE ON TH| Northwest Side, to move. Address L. NELKB d CO.', 284 Mjlwankee-ar. ; ; "TATANTED—I,OOO LADIES TO HAYE, CWAKS* VY polonaise. aod dresses cut and fitted at 60 cents eacfaTW a French cutter and fitter, at 326 State et./between Vau Barca and Harrison-ats., up-stalrs. "ATOH TO BE GIVEN AWAY-FOR INFORMA Uon see advertisement under Instruction. ANTED-TO BUY COTTAGE ON LEASED LOT. W. RRKD * CO., 144 SaSalle-st., base- meat. ANTED —OWNERS OF AOREOR BUSINESS property, who wish to sell at ft bargain for caah, Ad dff»>o So,, Tribuneoffice. _ ent righto 'who wish to dispose of their territory without delay, to call at 119 Pearborn-at., Room 5. ANTED-TcTpUBOHASE-A TICKET OR PASS to Sen ‘Francisco or any point West. . Address V 93, Tribune office. farm, one-fmrd less than value, and some well secured notes. Address C 37. Tribune office. a NTPD —AN ITALIAN GREYHOUND OB dog, to weigh less than 13 pounds. Address 8 45, Tribune office. . ' TXT ANTED—COLONIZATION SOCIETIES, YOUNG W men going West. Indian fighters, Modoc scalping- POT, wand f97 EastLake-st. FOR SALE. 171 OR SALE—LOW, OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR Ap*. r most anything convertible Into cash, a ° Circuit Court of Coles County, XU. Address TIOO, Tri bune office. - TpOB BAiB-TWO CfOOD STANDING DEST« AJD jSLssSf- ip^R»T ho &sa‘M d £Sa^: Boom 2- I—ifiT? CAPIt aT A BATtfIATN. IF TAKEN AT F'onco, two billiard tables, nearlj oietoand In mimlne order. Cull on STAPLES, IAS- SrINQ A GO., at IS Sooth Haiated-tt., or 135 South Cl&rk-st. j- THOR SAXE TWO FIRST-CLASS ICE-BOXES ■AND’ Nos. 198 to 910 South M«rkot-st. 4 n, „ I S(j53f tlon *** qolrod, call »t No. 210 Green-rt. P. A. HOGAN. T-inn rat V A KIEST-OLASS SAFE, CHEAP FOB F SKO/ AfV to RB%a. Temple ot Malic, comer Dearborn and Vagi!oren-ata. TPOR SALE —CHEAP— SEVERAL MWXD-EtTO J* ■odft'W»t«r apparatus by N. ABetw» sX AppmtM. » Mcond floor. OR SA.LF—CHEAP—A GOOD AWJUBU a Jrr. trtd«. it9s3Bt«te-«t. ’ (OR COAOH-DOOX Apply »1 Ko. 85 Chapln-flt. Hit. BUKO —np g*t ff-TWQ POINTERS OF ENO» lih brtafl«od3 months and CaUoaorad^c» TTAKRVQQMAforJS. Union StarTtlno Prdght Office, 'ornerVan Boren and Canal-ata. ijIOB 6AM-SECOOT-HAOT MICROSCOPES, H from 200 to 1,000 dlaxnetort, at Pr. JOHN PmL» TTPS* ■ OoddAOand Oculist. Don’tiorgetthapUrti 120 SiS., alfl'doon wnthtof EsnUoa-rt. SpecUdw •nitcd b/ tmpectlon to tbe ere. M*dtoon*»t. t Boom 1. •poKSAIM'O BE 3IOVED—ONE-STORY A JP half cottage, 6 room*, on Groen BMdIUaaeWMM. Prtco, SI2OO, If taken at once. T. B. BOXD, l at west Wssbington-st. TTIOHRALE-A COTTA.GF.. 16X20 rEET. iTUOE, jQ glop. Apply at 186 EnglUb-gt., near Cgntro-ar. •CIOS BALE-8560-NEAT ON ONTAWO. J> near Pine-st., to be removed, lx wanted, it. v*. GOOD WILLIE, 133 Weet Madison-st. T7IOR sale-military equipments, new Lake-rt. • . • ' ~ ~ ' de&ou&ett, 170 State-tt» lOR SALE-ONE DROP LSTEB SCALE, tSOOOw. J. H..BMITH. <8 South ClaA-at. T71014 SALE—A BOTBM DIAMOND SEU ;yW X SI.MO to gold, and to good »•=.-- IGr «— H At beary diacoant. Adore is O«* j naua TjlOR BALE—AT H QFTKEia VAI-U^ Jb dnwHnfn gJ^kbSS, SSS. ■ ▼ery cbespjor aih. Address v s h, 108 SALE-TICKET ™™OKUCiIB±P. APPL ' at JIktU»oQ Hoom. Boom r<p. I®- „„„ _. T „ -TWg np VAN’S PATE.TT LAOSPRY Mwb. .cen « thnX.ko.ld. Ltemdry, 63 and 65 Sogth C*n*l-«e. T, nu iii i.r-PHOTOGKAPHIO CAR; _A. GREAT i» «*» v no i e^°s bl i, o^ er I ®?°* od - Addljlo H- iIORGAJf. gSonth PwriA-jt. rnbß SALK-CH3AP— NEW bODA fUUSTADf. AT Jv I?** South St&to-sf. - WOB SALE-HANDSOME SILVEH.PLATED SHOW jHca.e,9 fnt long. Applj at St. Jamea Dlntog-Kooma, corner Weetilagma end aUte-itt. OR SALE—ONE DIBBOLD NO. 7 : donbla door aald* "W. A. EWING, Bwixxg Block, Worth Clark-at, ' • - TIOK"SALB-TWO NSW MILCH COWS.- APP IS. J? at 88 Whiting-»l» - . •• TpOR SALE-BARBER’S CHAIRS. SUBROBS. FIX- X 1 tore*.'and all apparatns pertaining to PetlUoziißro.’a barber thnp, lata of 36i Wabaab-a*. SnuTfcbiu DWtus- It>t to a arat-claas barber shop. Call -at P£TILU)N JSM, t comer Mlehlgan-ar. and lVeaty-aecoad»«s. - ' FOB BALE-OR EXCHANGE—TREES—A . SI.3X ante, calling for trees of any description, to bo de livered la Chicago at wholesale current- rates, from a splendid nursery, will trade for anything or sail cheap for .cash, aHdroas C 44, Tribune office. FOR- SALE—LEASE. OF HOUSE, AND FURNI - thaboasovcontalns 11 rooms, U centrally 10-cated. -cated. well and rent low. Address V 89, Trib naeomce..' - TT'ORBALE—MY PRESENT LAUNDRY FIXTURES X.. at I have >to enlarge. "WILSON'S Grand Central .Laundry,£37aad299State-sh ,‘. y 3