Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 12, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 12, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. law for Common Carriers and mar ried Women. The Question of Damages by the Forfeiture of a Lease. More Partnership Injunctions—Enjoin ing a Husband. Bankruptcy Matters—Opinions Pub lished—Tho Courts Condensed. An interesting and important case, involving tho law as to the rights and duties of carriers upon our inland waters, has boon tried in tho Circuit Court before His Honor Judge Booth, aud a verdict rendered on Saturday. Tho ease was Dora Knapp against tho Union Steam boat Company and arose out tho loss of certain goods of tho plaintiff, which wore shipped by her at Mauoh Chunk, Penn., her former residence, about September 19, 1371, consigned to John Knapp, No. 895 Canton street, Chicago, Tho goods wore shipped by tho Lehigh -Valley Rail road Company, who agreed with plain tiff to send . the goods to Cblicago wa tho same route tho _ plaintiff came, . viz: Tho Pennsylvania Central and tho Pitts burgh and Fort Wayne Roads, and that she would receive her goods at tho same depot at which sho would arrive in Chlcogo. Tho goods, however, without her knowledge; were shipped by a different route, viz.: by railroad to Buffalo, and from thence by the propeller Roanoke, of tho Union Steamboat Company, to Chicago, whore they arrived on tho 20th of September, 1871, and wore burned In the warehouse of the' defendant (a frame building connected with tho Company’s dock on South Water street, fronting on tho river) in tho groat Chicago firo of October 9,1871. On tho trial, tho defendant proved that on tho arrival of Uio goods at Chi cago they mailed u written notv. 0 thereof to ‘“John Knapp, Chicago, Ills,/' without, giving tho street or number oT his residence, which ad dress tho defendant claimed, corresponded with ‘ tho marks on tho goods. Tho notice thus coot never reached tho consignee, bub was returned to tiro Company through tho mall, “not delivered.” No other notice of the arrival of tho goods was sent, and nono was received by tho consignee. Tho plaintiff is a married wo man, baring boon married in Pennsylvania sev eral years ago. A portion of tho goods wore owned by hor before marriage, aud tho remain der purchased slues her marriage with hor own oarulugs. Upon theso facts tho following ques tions of law arose: First j Could plaintiff, being a married woman, recover for tho loop of tho goods, or must tho notion bo brought- Gy tho husband ? Tho etntuto of Pennsylvania, as to tho rights of married .women, passed iu 1843, was shown to bo m sub stance the same as tho married woman's act of this State adopted in 1801. Upon tills tho Court hold that as to all tho goods, oxcopt those pur chased with her oarnuigo after marriage, eho was entitled to maintain tho action, but that those purchased with .her earnings after tho marriage. became by tho common *law tho property of tho husband, tho statute of Pennsylvania, In force at tho time not having changed tho common law as to tho wife’s earn ings, and under this ruling her .husband was hold to bo a competent witness for her under our statute. ■ Second: Must a-carricrr by water givo tho con signee notice of the arrival of goods ? Third : If so, was the notice.sent by the Com pany (If tho consignment mark included tho street and number of tho consignee, or reason able diligence could h&vo discovered the same) sufficient to discharge tho carrier’s liability ? The Court substantially charged tho jury that a carrier ny water must givo notice of tho arrival of goods; and that the notice must follow tho consignment-mark as given by tho consignor, or a reasonable excuse for not being able to give each notico must bo furnished before its liability oaa bo discharged. Tho jury gave a verdict for tho plaintiff, and assessed her damages at $853.18. Frank .1. Crawford and Adolph Moses for the plaintiff, and Ra© & Mitchell for the defendant. SAUAQESFOn LEASE FORFEITED B7 BANKRUPTCY. . A petition for review was, on Saturday, filed In tho United States Circuit Court by M. D. ‘ Wells & Co. in tho matter of Farnsworth, Brown & Co., bankrupts, as to tho decision of tho Dis trict Court on their petition to-have damages for the forfeiture of tho lease of tho promises occu- Eiod of them by the bankrupts of proceedings in ankrupty assessed, and ascertained, and to prove the same against tho estate ; alleging for cause tho following errors : In not directing, In accordance with See. 10 of tho Bankrupt Taw, the assessment of iho dam ages alleged in said petition to have boon sus tained, and which woro not controverted or de nied by the Assignee. In not directing in somo manner - tho assess ment of tho damages alleged to have boon sus tained by the petitioners as unliquidated dam ages arising out of a contract or promise of said bankrupts ond for which said Ibankrupts wore liable. Tho petitioners claimed tho sum of $12,000, tho rent being SIO,OOO per annum. UNHAPFI PARTNERS. Tbo end of copartnership quarrels Is not yot. In tbo Supremo Court, David Boed, of the firm of Bocd it Dawson, stone-work contractors, files a bill against James Dawson. Complainant and Dawson, entered into a verbal contract of co partnership, and have carried on business for some time very successfully, complainant sup plying tbo bulk of tbo capital and defendant tbo brains. Tho bill alleges that defendant baa boon in & state of constant intoxication for some tlmo past, and has, while nndor tho influence of liquor indulged in such unbusinesslike freaks, as making the workmen drunk, promising them ex traordinary increases of wages, compromising good debts at ridiculously low figures, soiling houses at prices that must havo delighted tho purchaser, and committing a number of other foolish acts which have led complainant to file tbo present bill. Ho asks for a dissolution of tbo copartnership, and for a Bccoivor to take tho estate of tbo firm in band, and bos obtained a temporary injunction from Judge Porter re straining tho defendant from collecting tbo moneys of tho firm and from compromising any claims it may have against parties, more espe cially a note of H. McCormick of $8,600. William Doselez, of tbo firm of Goutsock & Doseloz, sculptors, also seeks to free himself from tbo trammels of a troublesome partner, and files his bill in tbo Circuit Court against Edward Goutsock. He charges defendant with conspir ing against him to defraud him of bis Just naif of tbo profits of tbo business; wherefore he asks that the copartnership maybe dissolved and de fendant brought to answer, in a Court of Chan cery, tho charges complainant will bring against him, and, to secaro the future revenue of tbo firm, has obtained Judge Porter’s Injunction restraining him from collecting any more moneys of the firm. J BANKRUPTOV MATTERS. Order of dismissal was entered, on Saturday, in tho matter of O. H. Scanlon, objections to be filed in ten days. In tho matter of Baridtt & Sutton, the order of dismissal was mode absolute. The Clerk was directed to pay Marshal's fees, amounting to $1(50, in the matter of John X Marshall. George W. Campbell, Assignee, was directed to pay It. E. Jenkins $250.50, attorneys' fees and disbursements, on iho estate of N&tban Foster, ob al. In tho matter of O. 6. Noyes ot al., the As signee was directed to pay petitioner’s attorneys 3200.50. OPINIONS PUBLISHED. Tho Legal JVcioa lias the following opinions, In addition to those already published, in advance, in The Thiedne : Tho opinion of the Supreme Court of this State bj Thornton, J., holding that the ticket* of (he Chicago Industrial College and Homo Festival, of which Thom, an & 00, were agents, when taken In connection with tho ndvcrtleomente, constituted a lottery. Tho opinion of the Supreme Court of JlHnoli, deliv ered by Lawrence J,, construing (be net ISe l end of 1600 amendatory (hereof, in relation to (he peualtit* to ho recovered of railroad oompanlc* for failing (.*. ring u boll or sound a whistle m required by eald ocl>. in this case tho declaration contained. lU counts, and, had tho proof sustained the declaration under tbs law of 1847, tho amount recovered would have been |65,» 750, one*half of which would have gone to the in* former. ENJOINING A HUSBAND. Sarah A. Goodwin tiled her bill, on Saturday, In tho Circuit Court, and obtained an injunction restraining her husband, who deserted her and took to dunking two years after marriage, from soiling tho west % of Lot 6 in Block Q3 in South Branch addition to Obioogo. Defendant is obliged to nay complainant a weekly alimony of SO, which tno fears no wishes to ovoid by telling said property and leaving the State. TUB OODIiTS CONDENSED. In tbo Circuit Oourt, 0. F. and Frederick Happol file & prcDoipo In aaßumpalt, against Charles Sovory, alias A.'E. Pock, for 0505.70, and aak for a writ of attachment against defend ant, (dating that. Sovory got possession of goods from thorn ny moans of fraudulent representa tions, and that Iho has disposed of his property with tho view of t dofraudlng. hla creditors, and has opened upastoro at Kb. 11. East Klnzlo street;, whore ho io doing business under the assumed name of A. E. Peak, and also that ho Is about to remote his goods from tho State of Illinois. ' Richard W. Cross, agent of A. Rood St Bans, piano dealers, the Circuit Court or Caroline A. Newcomb and her' husband John, that they are retaining illegally a SSSO piano, property of complainants, who sock bo replevin the same. • Edward E. Oiddlngs, of tho firm of Dillon & Oiddlngs, asks, in tho Circuit Court, for a writ of attachment agalusl Henry Dillon, of tho town of Qrinnell, lowa, who owes them tho sum of $570.75. . ... i - ■ ■ . William Russell files a praecipe In assumpsit In tho Superior Court against George W.Bohwon borgor and IV M. Atkinson, who compose tho “ Chicago Spring Works,** for $3,000, ana asks for a writ of attachment against thorn, ns ho believes they are about to 1 fraudulently conceal ’• and dis pose of their property. Tho Hickey contempt case, so often, sot for trial and postponed, the particulars of which have so often boon printed, will bo' tried next Saturday, If Judge, counsel, and witnesses can make It convenient to attend. The case was commenced before' Judge Booth, and must bo ended before him. . , Scarcely any business was transacted In any of tho courts, In consequence of tho adjournment of Judges to moot tho bar in the Law Institute, In honor of the memory of tho late Chief Justice Chaso. NEW SUIJ3. Tub Utfirrn States Oiucuit Court.— Robert B. Jenkins,. Assignee of Peter M. Livingstons v. J, Llob cosldu St Co.; assumpsit. $1,600. Tub Circuit Court.—A.fiOD— Appeal. 0,900 In re alleged Insanity of Donats. Deary, 0,901—0. F. Hap pel and Frederick Happcl v. Charles Savory, alias A. E. rock : assumpsit, $505.70. 6,902—A. Reed & Sons v. Caroline A. and John Newcomb; affidavit for re plevin. 6,oo3—Dillon ft Oiddlngs v. Honry Dillon ; petition for writ of attachment. 6,004 N. S. Grow v. A. Z. .7. Andrews ; distress for rent, (COO. 6,003 J.IV. titokca v. John Thorn; affidavit for replevin. 0,000, 0,007, 6,003— Appeals. , Tun Summon Court.—43,327—Peter F. Hopkins for uso of Moses W. Powell v. William Fitz gerald and ’William Mariga; garnishment, 1233.08. 43,328—David Rood v. James Dawson; petition for dissolution of copartnership, and In junction. 43,339—D. Wenzo v. J. Darthellno Jc Sons; assumpsit, (2,600. 43.330—Catherine v. John Williams; divorce on ground or cruelly and druukouncss. 43,331 —Lcou O. Welch r, Edward A. Filkins; assumpsit, (1,000. 43,332—Thomas D. Cochran, executor o( the cnlato of tho- late Edmund Carroll, v. Annie Oar roll, Catherine Floy, Mary Connell, Edmund 'Maloney, David and' Daniel Carroll; petition for;authority to sell real estate under, the will of. late Edmund Carroll. 43,033—Andrew J. Galloway v. 1 Ifeoiatnln, Alice, and Margaret DJiwortb ; petition to establish and conform title to tho oast 13 feel of Lot 36, and tbo west 10 feet of Lot 38, of C. FoUtvnsbcc’a Sub division of Block 67 of Cannl Trustees' Subdivision of 800. 7, Township 33, North Range 14, cast of third principal meridian. *43,33l—William Russell ▼. F. M. Atkinson and George Schocnbergcr; assumpsit, (3,060. 43,833—William Doncz v. Edward Oantlnk ; petition to dissolve partnership and for Injunction. 43,836 Henry Rosenberg v. Gustav and Edward Burkhardt aud. John Flcny; assumpsit, (COO. 43,337—Aar0n P. Downs v. Francos M., widow. Mary A., William T. IL, Frank Hawkins, Ira H., Edward W., and Frances Griffon;' petition to establish title under bunk record act to piece of loud commencing at N. W. comer of S. E. V' of Bco 11, In T. 09. N. R.;i3, B. of 3 P. M, thence run ning E. 6 64*100 chains, thence 8.18 27-100 chains to the centre of a road loading to Chicago, thence along: centre of sold road 6 64-100 chains to W. lino of said J< See., thcuco along said line of eatd K Soo. 17 80-100 ’chains to place of beginning; all in tho - County of: Cook. 43,338— Henry 0. Storey v. Emily Phillips ct' al.; bill to foreclose trust deed on Lot 36 In Block 2of O. H. Walker's .Subdivision of part of tho N. CO acres of W. Of N, W. of Bee. 64, T. S3, N. B. 14 E. ofOP.M/ ’ OUR WATER HIGHWAYS, Address by tho ISon. William J. JTlc- Alpine Uelorcthe Kcw York Chamber of Commerce. Fro fit the F*\r York’ Tima, Hay D. The Hou. William .1. McAlpino delivered an address at tho Cooper Union, lost evening, at tho Invitation of tho Chamber of Commerce, on “The Water Transportation of tho State of Now York, and Its Bearings Upon tho Commercial: Prosperity of tho City/’ Tnb following are tho material points : Ho said: In every country tho number, extent, and condition of the roads and ctmale, furnish, If not tho only criterion, at least a very good one of tho civilization of its people and tho power of Us Govern ment. Tho field of tho present inquiry is a broad ono, embracing tho extent of tho trade between tho food-producing inte rior and tho consuming and exporting sections of tho Atlantic slope—tho existing channels by which this trade is conducted—their capacity, and the cost of transport thereon, what im provements aud enlargements may bo advanta geously made; what new channels may bo pro fitably opened to moot tho existing and future demands of tbo trade between these sections, and lesson the cost" of transportation, and how these Improvements and now works may bo rendered conducive to tho interests of tho mer chants nnd citizens of Now York. Tho ter ritory, tbo trade of which is now to bo consid ered, is tho basin of tho Groat Lakes and of tho Upper Mississippi. This area contains one-third of tho population of tho Republic, produces an annual cereal crop of 900,000,000 bushels, and with tho products of pastoral agriculture gives an annual tonnage for oxport from that region of $10,000,000 or 812,000,000 a year. That portion of tho territory referred to .embraces tho ton Northwestern States and Western Canada ; and wo shall soon have to add to It tbo metalliferous districts of tho mountains and of tho Pacific States, with a portion of tho trade of tho Indies. Seventy years ago this region contained only scattered forts and trading posts—now it has ono third of tho population of tbe Nation. Tbo States of Pennsylvania and Virginia, ns well as the Canadas, havo eagerly, entered tho field of competition in tho vast trade of tbo in terior, and havo constructed immense works to secure theirportions of It, whileoorporoto enter prise has built groat lines of railways to'pen etrate tho interior, and to tap tbdir natural navi gable water linos. NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL ROUTES. Thoso natural linos areas follows First— The chain of great lakes and the St, Lawrence, bifurcating to Quebec, and by Lake Champlain and tho Hudson to Now York. Second— I Tbo Ohio Blvor, ond by portages over tho mountains to tbo Susquehanna, Chesapeake, and James. Third— Tbo Mississippi and Us navigable' tributaries, terminating on iho Gulf of Mexico. Each of those (except tbo last) have boon im proved by artificial works. Tbo groat trank railways extend from all of tbo important Interior centres of trado to tho Atlantic: Ffrsi—Through tho Canadas, to Quoboo and Portland. Second— Through this State, by two lines, to Now Vork and Boston. Third— Through Pennsylvania to Philadel phia. QFourtft— I Through Maryland to Baltimore; and, Fifth —Through tho Southern States to all thoir Atlantia and Gulf ports. In regard io the rival linos, Mr. MoAlpino said : First— l That tho winter rigors of tho Canadian outlet to tho Atlantic—Us intricate navigation and fogs—are seriously to its disadvantage. Second— That tbo Jong route by the Missis sippi, though cheap, carries Western products too far out of the great line of trade; and Its torrid climate is soinjurious to many of these products that that route is also loss advantageous. Third—' That the elevation of the water port ages which Pennsylvania and Virginia havo to overcome are so much more costly than ours: >Dd, ' Fourf/i—While tbo railway linos above desig nated, including any that can be made, involve a cost of transport so much exceeding that of tho improved and projected canals,-connecting, by the shortest portages, tho interior water lines of the West with tbo tlaal waters of the Atlantic, that we oau, as we have always heretofore done, offer to the Western producer, tho cheapest and best route to the seaboard. THE CANALS. It Is difficult to realize the importance of the Erie Canal, which now convoys one*fourth of the whole of the exports of that vast interior region, and as much of It during its elx months of uninterrupted navigation as all of the trunk railways together during the earns time. In tho busy canal seasons more than ISO boats come daily to tide-water, and tho Now York Central Itallroad traffic rarely exceeds thirty trains per day. The great canal traffic it not appreciated until some stoppage occurs, and then a delay of twenty-four hours will aocummnlatn hundreds of boats—>enougb to ffl) tho track of the Now York Central naif way from Albany to Utica. All of the Now York roads could not transport ono-balf, and tho eutlro capacity of all tho roads to the sea-board in their present condition would bo insufficient to convey tbo whole of it. Half tho merchants of New York, connected di rectly or indirectly with tWs canal traffic, would bo bankrupted, and their rivals In Port land, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore would bo correspondingly benefited. Whatever may be said or done, the cheapest lino of trans port will carry the coarse agricultural products, and where they Are sold there will be tbo do* THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY, Soelts of merchandise awaiting purchase; with loprocooda of tho saloof thoooproducts. The Edo O&nal has. until recently, brought tho trade of tho West to Now Yont,;imd, tor many years; has furnished tho cheapest lino of transport ; but It baa how' reached a point whore the railways have .become formidable competi tors for oven its own legitimate business, com bining, as thby do, greater certainty and celeri ty of movement, with charges (during tho sea son of navigation) but 111110 higher than those of tho cnnal.' Tho cause which has produced this diversion of business from (bo canals to tho rail ways Is mainly duo to the fact that tho latter is updor Individual management, while the for mer Is controlled by politicians." The railway companies oall Into their service men of tho highest order of ability, skill, expo? rionco, and business tact, each for his most ap propriate place. Contrast those with tho quail; licatlons of our canal ofllcors. If .one of tho best-paying railways In tho country was entrust ed :o ouch management/ Us rivals in business would eoud It Into bankruptcy In five years. rnorosho iMrnovKURNTB. Three years -hence, the Welland Canal en largement will bo completed, and vessels of 1,200 tons will bo able to come from tho extrem ity of tho lakes, and discharge Into canol-boata at Oswego, materially cheapening the coot of transportation to New York. lb.will thus bo soon that tho'Erlo Canal and Us enlargement to Buffalo, while It has performed Us functions and secured the Western trad? In Now York City, can no longer be used as a competitor of tho Canadian route to Montreal. Tuo largo pro pollers on long voyages can carry freight for 9 mills per ton per mile,,with a speed of ton miles an hour oh the lake, eight on tho rivers, and throe on tho canals, exclusive of tho time occu pied la passing tho locks, each of which may be considered an equal to a mile of extra distance. With ships of 1,200 tons on Lake Ontario, and only 160 miles from tido-wator at Montreal, the enlarged Erie Canal from Oswego will hardly bo ablo 16 successfully compote. The ship-canal from Oswego to tho Hudson,. by which such ships could go to Now York, becomes Indispensa ble, Tho other project is to convoy such ships from the Bt. Lawrence River, 10 miles west of Montreal, to Lake Champlain by a.ehip-canal of 85 miles and no locks, and from tho lake to tho Hudson by a similar canal with a few locks, and thence by a slack-water navigation to tido-wator on tho Hudson. An expenditure of $15,000,000 will accomplish this object, end permit vessels . of over 1,000 tons cargo to come from tho centre of tho continent, and discharge Into ocean ves sels without breaking bulk until they roach Now York. Tho Umo required by these routes, nnd allow* ing for tho extra timoin locking, Is eight days ■ botwoon Chicago aud Quebec or (by Lake; Champlain) to Now York, ami flftoou days by. tho Erie Canal, which may bo reduced to ton days when steam Is successfully introduced. : The introduction of steam, efficient manage- 1 moot, and low lolls will onaulo tho Erlo Canal to increase Its capacity from Buffalo, for through freight, and carry the- local- tonnage naturally belonging to It, to tho extent altogether of 4,000,000 tons per annum. Tho Welland Canal, as now built, la capable of carrying an oqual amount, say 4,000,000 tons, and if a considerable portion of this is delivered at Oswego, it will iin croaoo the capacity of tho Erlo by a million of .tons. Tho railways, as now built, hovo carried from tho basin of tho lakes to tide-water,, 4.000,- 000 of tons, and may bo tracked to givo them twice the capacity. Tho Welland, St. Lawrence,. and Champlain routo will bo almost unlimited in ■ capacity, and may bo considered as equal to from .10,000,000 to 20,000,000 of tons. . Tho Kanawha Canal, if knilt upon its present dimensions, would bo equal to 2,000,000. and, if properly en larged, to 5,000,000 of tons. CAPACITY FOB TRANSPORTATION, Wo now have an existing capacity of irons- Sort botwoon tho interior nnd the Atlantic sea card of 9,000,000 tons, nnd the moans of increas ing it (o 18,000,000 by Improvements, and to 80,000,000 tons annually by constructing now Hues. Those Western surpluses, which tho ex isting channels through tuo United States can not convoy, will seek tho St. Lawrence routo, and ho forwarded to our great foreign food-cus tomer, Great Britain, and with tho loss of this trade Now York will also lose tho sale of tho goods which such Western products will pur chase. Wo have soon that tho present produc tion of that groat West, whoso trade belongs to you Now-Yorkors, is now nearly twice as groat as tho capacity of tho existing'channels of transport. But it follow's that when such channels are overcrowded, tho charges for transport are correspondingly increased. At Chicago, Milwaukee, and Buffalo, tho receipts and shipments by water are from two to five times ns groat as by railway, aud at Albany and Now York ore nearly ton times os much. Now York is the depot for tho manufacturing, min ing, and commercial population of tho northern Atlantic seabord, consuming twice ns much of such articles as are exported, nnd therefore tho great entrepot is naturally at Now York. It is claimed by the Canadian authorities that the food imported from tho West into Now England can bo delivered by the Bt. Lawrence on routo and tho Gulf nnd const vessels cheaper than by tho Now York canals. Whether this shall bo dono by tho President’s proposed now water routo from tho Ohio southeastward, or by the Kanawha Canal to Norforlk, or by Lake Cham plain or Oswego Ship Canal routes,remains to bo determined. The Federal Government, as the conservator of the interests of all our people, is called upon to restrain tho present enormous di version of trade into the Canadian markets. TELEGRAPHIC ABSORPTION, Proposed Control of the Pacific nml Atlantic I))’ the Western Union* From tho Few Vork Tribune, Mau 0. For flomo time past Iho ofSlcinla of the Western Union Telegraph Company have been consider ing tho advisability of securing the control of the Hues of. Pacific and Atlantic Telegraph, with a view to increasing thoir present facilities and preventing unprofitable competition. . Matters, however, bad not appeared favorable to a union of Interests until tbo election at Pittsburgh, Pa., on Tuesday, of a now Board of Directors favora ble to a harmonious arrangement between tho , two companies. A committee of conference with tbo western Union Company has boon ap pointed by iho now Directors, and a meeting of the representatives of both companies will prob ably bo bold at an early date to consider tho sub ject of transferring tbo control of tho Pacific and Atlantic to tbo Western Union. It is understood • that tho basis of tho proposed arrangement is to bo tbo transfer of a portion of tho shares bold in reserve by the Western Union for a controlling number of shares in tbo Pacific and Atlantic at a rate to bo agreed upon, tho Western Union shares being worth much more than tbo Pacific and Atlantic. The capital stock of tbo latter Company Is $2,000,000. It has a lino from Now York to Philadelphia and Baltimore. From each .of those points linos nm west to Pittsburgh, thonco to Columbus, Ohio. From Columbus a lino runs to Cincinnati, Louisvlllo, Nashville, Mom- Shis, and Now Orleans, and another west to In ianapolls and St. Louis. Another Hao runs from Columbus to Chicago. From St. Louis a lino ex tends up tho Mississippi Bivor to St. Paul, con necting at Dubuque with a line to Chicago, With tho erection of tho Western Union Tele graph building will bo Introduced now and im proved modes of local telegraph communication. President Orton for some time post has boon considering tho subject of tbo obstruction to telegraphing caused by tbo disarrangement of tho numerous wires auovo tbo surface of tho ground and the boat means of overcoming tho samo. He therefore instructed tbo officials of the Western Union Telegraph Company who wont abroad on a tour of Inspection .and con ference with engineers and electricians to study the pneumatic system of communication and tbo wonting of tbo telegraph wires underground. Upon the presentation of tbo report of those gentlemen and tho completion of the now build ing, experiment* will bo made, and If practicable, wires will bo placed under ground and a system of pneumatic tubes be established. It is ex pected that this will obviate much of tbo trouble which now arises from tho disarrangement of wires by storms and from other causes, while by (be latter arrangement messages from tho numerous sub-stations In the city, now requiring as much for transmission to the main omco on Broadway as from tbo latter place to Chicago, will be placed In boxes and dispatched Instan taneously to tbo general office. Wonders of tlio SuaDcpOii, The notbor darkness, so far from beluga life less waste, teems almost everywhere with crea tures not only more fantastic, but larger, than tbolr shallow-water cousins ( and the paddlor about rock-pools and tldo-sanda at water ing places will . learn from that far away at .sea are found soa-monstors far bigger, aa well as far uglier and far more beautiful than were over transferred to an aquarium. To give two instances, fbo Csprella, 11 the phantom-shrimp," which may bo found on aoa-woed, sitting upright lilts e monkey, holding on by his bind claws, and, with ghasUygrlmacos,mesmerizing all passere-by with bis fore-claws, situ iu.llko guise upon sponges a mile or two deep in the darkness— there, however, not a quarter of an inch buUthroo inches long; and tho Nymphons—sea-spiders who crawl from under stones, and who, having no body to speak of, carry their stomach, for econ omy of space, packed in long branches up tbo inside of eneb leg—are found in the depths of the Arctic bea, not holf-an-inoh, but two feet in diamotor. NEW YORK. Xwccd’i Trial—Tl»o Goodrich [flyhory •-Tho PlnrUot Saving* Bank—A»i Cmbozzlor Arrested—Spoclo Ship monta—Tlio Atlantic. - Ilnnk—Jay Gould and narrlit—Tho Gambler*-- PlkscollnnooUs Local Nows. ■Spfflfal Dupatch to The Chicago Trihunt. j New York, May 10.—Thoao claiming to know continue to qzpoeo; tho unaoundnoss of tho At lantic Bank, charging, that (bo Directors',, and dCDooro' notes wore discounted without good se curity. Among ibd assets la a noto for $30,000, drawn by tho President' of tho Bank, J. E. Southworth, which was discounted eome weeks ago, Some mining stock deposited ae security la also described as valueless, A similar noto, drawn by another Director, and Indorsed by tho has boon 'discovered among (ho assets. Among tho assets marked doubtful la another note for SB,OOO, drawn by A. B. Chap well, tho Notary of tho'bank, add it la said this baa been running under frequent ronowald for two years.. Frosh liabilities, to a-largo amount, have boon presented to" tho bonk, and It is not surprising, therefore, that tho uomp trollcr oftho Currency telegraphed Mr. Strong, tllb Rdoolvolfi'foVblddnig him to mako any divi dend until tho indebtedness of the concern was fully and certainly ascertained. Tula la Jay GoukVo testimony to-day In re gard to Marnn’s oseaUUi “I tm engaged In' railroads and steamboats i on April 29 1. Waa In Dolmonlco’o, on William street \ It was 1 near 1. o’clock \ 1 was sitting* at a table , with- Oebora . and Moore; wo woro', at luncht Martin came to mo and asked whyl had not answered his lottora t I replied, 1 when ho struck mo a violent blow with Ids fist | it stunned mo for a moment \ my faoo bled a good deal j when ho struck mo, ho'said, 'D a, you. tako that s' there was a crowd present, andi ho thou walked away.” Oroßa-ozamlnod—Hove known Martin for several years } ho prosecuted suits against mo j ono was settled \ know him to bo a lawyer, and recognized him at onco ; ho did not ony.that bo wished to speak to mo about tho Alton caso ; I sat at tho end of tho table noxi to tho wall, with my faoo towards Broad street i .first saw Morrin'e bead close to mo t ho did hot place his elbow on the tnblo and speak to, mo in a low tono; ho did not say that ho did not want to croato a disturbance, and wish mo to ap-' point a time to moot him in tbo Alien caso; ho said ho had called several times at tbo office, but could not soo mo about tho Allen caso: ho spoke In a loud voloo; did nob slap mo with tho baok of Ids hand, but with hie doubled fist. . * Joseph J; Marrln, sworn: ■ Am a lawyer \ bavo boon practising twelve or thirteen years. Raw l Gould on tho day ho Btaton,' and olappod his .face. I approached Gould In n'gontlenmmy way, and, when! did so, I shut myoolf. off from tbo other gentlemen. I put my elbow on the table, and hie oar was toward mo. I Raid In a low tono that I wished him to appoint an interview with mo in regard to tho Allen cneo. He said ho did not owo Alton anything. I nSkod him to fulfill nie honorable pledges. Ho replied that ho would not bo troubled in that way. I asked why ho did not reply to ray loltorfl. Ho said ho got plenty of letters, and if ho had had anything to eay bo would haVo written. I replied that my client wrs anxious to have tho caso Bottled. Ho had no timo, and could' not bo bothered about tho, matter. 1 thon, with tbo bock of my hand, slapped him in tho faco. It was not with my donbiod first.' I thon turned* to thoao pres ent, and said:. “ Thisman, has not fulfilled his honorable pledges," and walked out'. No ono approached mo threateningly, or put a finger on mo- ... .1 1 . . 1 ■ I To the Attoeiatcd Frew.] New York. May 10.— Tho Dlstrlct-Atiornoy hoa Bonrod notices on the counsel for Wm. M. Tweed that his caso would bo onllod for trial on Monday next. This Is the famous case in which tho jury, disagreed some mouths ago. Tho conned for Tweed met 10-day to consult and to prepare for his defense. One reason for tho action of the District-Attorney is the failure of tho bill In the Legislature to extend tho time In which cases of tbo nature of Tweed's become outlawed. Jamos, alias “Pop." Tighe has been arrested In this city on information . connecting blm with tho murder of Charles W. Goodrich in Brooklyn. . Henry It, Conkling, the absconding Secretary of tho Market Savings Bank, has relumed to tho city, under a promise of immunity from prose cution, to testify in. tho ponding railroad suit. Ho says - that ■ George 801 l is tho man who accompanied him to Canada, and robbed bim of 83,000. Ho expressed surprise at finding Van Name, tho President of the bank, in prison, and announced his determination to effect' bis re lease. ■ William H. Knight, baggage-master of tho Midland «V Oswego Railroad Company, whbab ■ Bcondcd with a considerable amount of the Com pany's funds . and d .young married woman of Washington, has been arrested at Harris burg, Pa.' Mavrin, the lawyer, who slapped Jay Gould in tho face, was to-day fined 82 and bound ic 81,000 to keep tho peace.

Specie shipments to-day reached 8313.000. Edwin C.'Garcia, Consul-General of Uruguay, arrested in a civil suit to recover about 812,000, ban boon released on bail. - - Tho Comptroller of tho Currency has ordered that ik» dividends bo made by tho Atlautic Sank until the liabilities wore fully ascertolncd.' It is stated that a note for $30,000 was found among the assets of ,tho bank, drawn by Southworth tho President, arid discounted 'a few weeks ago. Somo mining stock deposited as soonrity is said to bo worthless.. A similar note drawn by a Direc tor and endorsed by the President has boon also found, and tho collateral deposited worthless. Among the alleged doubtful assets is a nolo for SB,OOO drawn by tho Notary of tho hank, and said to bo running under renewals for several years. . Andrew McClelland, a loading policy dealer, convicted a few days ago in Brooklyn, and said to have been a partner of Nicholas Duryoa,. killed somo months sinco by bis rival, Simmons,, was to-day sentenced to one year in the Pouilou tiaty and to pay a flno of SI,OOO, Henry Watterson, of the Louisville Courier- Journal , and for Europe to-day in tho steamship Oceanic. A largo number of friends . accompanied Mr. Watterson to the steamer. A. J. Ballard and family and John Churchill, of Louisville, wore also passengers In tho samo steamer. \V. N. Hnldoman,, of tho Louisville.pburfer* Journal, has boon in tho city for tho past week attending to the business and looking after tho interests of tho Western Associated Press. A largo party loft this city this evening to nt tond tho funeral bf Oakes Amos at North Easton, to-morrow. Among them aro tho Directors and 'officers of the Now Orleans, Mobile & Texas llatlroad Company, of which Mr. Amos was a Director and heavy stock and bondholder. The Liberal Club had a meeting to-night, in commemoration of tho lifo and public services of the Ut6 John Btuart Mill. Troops for tho West* fit. Louis, May 10. —Ton companies of the Fourth United States Infantry, about 600 strong, under command of 001. Flint, arrived boro last night from Little Bock, Ark., and loft by tho Missouri Pacific Railroad for Omaha. Col. Flint is ordered to report to Qon. Ord. at Omaha, but. it is supposed that his command is destined for tho Moaoo country. Murderer Sentenced* Mattoon, 111., May.lO.—The Jury this morn ing returned a verdict of guilty against David H. Drake, of Zanesville, 0., lor the murder of Mary Easier, near Paradise. 111., on tbo 4th of March last, and sentenced him to the Penitentiary for life. J. M. Oassary, of Etna, 111., Indicted by the Grand Jury as an accomplice, was cleared. Plilola and Coffoo* HiomiOND, Va„ May 10.— A duel took place last evening Just beyond the oltv limits, between John D. Mordocal and Page McCarthy. Doth were wounded—Mordooal fatally. Tho seconds have boon arrested. The difficulty occurred about a lady. pitirder and Mufeldo* Philadelphia, Pa., May 10.—Perry While, re siding in a tenement-house, 4CO Now Market street, sot are to his house this evening, cut tho throat of au unknown woman, and afterward bin own throat. Both died, Tho flames wore soon extinguished. JVolnble Divorce* Boston, May 10.—The Dispatch says i In tho Superior Court, this forenoon, Judge Colt ordered a decree of divorce absolute, in tho caso of Senator Charles Bumuor vs. Alico M. Sum ner, on the ground of five years* desertion. Tlio Olxou Disaster* Dixon, 111.. May 10.—Tho remains of Miss Nixon were round about two miles down tbo river this morning about 8 o’clock. Tlao Labor Question* New York, May 10.—Tbo Brooklyn gasmen failing to got nu advance to (3.76 a day, and n guarantee of Us payment for a year, quit , work' to-day, Gormans nayo been already employed to tauc the plaoo of tho strikers. Cleveland, May 10.— Tho Chief of Police of this city is organizing a force of Iwuty men to MAY 12, 1873. bo sent to tho Mahoning Yalloy, to preserve order amt prevent depredations by minora who have boon Idle in oonooquonoo of a etrlko for the past font months- Boston, May 10,—Tho coopers horoaboutß pro* pooo to etriko on Monday, unless tho employers agroo to soli only in future home-made barrolsat homo rates. HOMEOPATHY. Tlio Convention at Ann Arbor« ITlich. Special Corrttpondence of The Chicago Tribune* Akh Aiinon, Mich., May 8,1878. On assembling this morning, Drs. T. F. Tom* oroy, of Detroit | I. N. Eldrldgo, of Flint; and A. f. Sawyer, of Monroe, wore chosen a Oom mlttoo to notify tlio candidates of tholr election* and tho Ilogouts of tho nomination of this Con vention. Drs. 8. B. Thayer, of Oattlo Crook j 0. D. Doobo, of Chicago} and F. Woodruff, of Ann Arbor, woro selected a Commlttco to Oil any' vacancies that might occur in tho list of noml-; nooH} and it wne understood that they would havo power to present candidates to the ilogouts. should any of tho Allopathic Fneulty reslgn. Uis understood that tno Ilogouts intoudto< carry out tho law, and thus throw tho rospousl ily of any injury to tho University upon tho Log* lulaturo. Some of your moro daring Chicago physicians called upon members-of tho present Medical Faculty. I learned that they woro received with courtesy, and a freo discussion was had ns to tho i effects of this movement. Tho members of (lie Faculty feared It would Injure tho Medical De partment, but thought tho two branches of tho Faculty might easily harmonize. As to tho fu ture course of tho Faculty, they themselves were undecided. It Is believed that tbo older mem bers, who have witnessed tbo remarkable change In modical practice during tho past twenty years, wilt not vacate their Chairs j while the general impression is, that some of tho younger men, who aro looking forward to promotion in tho “ regular” ranks, may resign, assuming tho role of martyrs. .In any ovent, tho Homeopathists declare themselves really, and ablo’to select -unexceptionable candidates for any of tbo Chairs that become vacant. From the list of candidates presented for thoso two Chairs, and from tho superior calibre of this convention, I bollovo tboy would not bavo tho slightest diffi culty. AUor tho usual vote of thauka. tho con vention adjourned, well pleased with tho result of its labors. Many of tho delegates accepted an Invitation of Dr. and Mrs. T. F. Pomeroy, of Detroit. Those of your renders who remember Mrs. P. when presiding with graoo and dignity in a mansion an Michigan avenue can realize the sumptuous entertainment awaiting them. WASHINGTON, THE SUPREME DEKCU. Washington, May 10.—Since lUo return of tho President, it is ascertained that no appointment of Chief Justice will bo made until after tho mooting of Congress noxt winter. This will civo ample time for oil aspirants to present tholr claims. , POSTMASTERS. The commissions of the following Postmasters wore signed to-day by the Prcmdouts John Mahino, at Muscatine, Iowa; Itobort 0. Kirk* bead, Greenfield, O.j John M. Barror, Hills* borough. 0.; J. 0. Starkweather. Oconomowoo, Wis.; Cuarlos Frans, Kenosha. Wis.; Fred. H. Cpnant, Black Hawk, Ool.; Jolm H. Cameron, Ottawa, 111.; Thomas 11. Foulds, Cincinnati, 0. ADMIRAL WINSLOW. . The attending physician of Admiral Winslow does not apprehend any serious results from bis recent attack of paralysis. FIRES, Destruction of Property in Various linens* Whitefield, N- 11., May 10.—Brown A Co. lost by fire to-aay $1,900 worth of lumber; in surance small. St. Lours, May 10.— Tho extensive rolling mill of McDonald A Bro., m tho river bank between Douchonquotte and Barton streets, was nearly destroyed by fire about noon to-day. Tho build ings woio of wood, covered nearly a block, and burned with great rapidity. Tho loss is esti mated at about $75,000. Tho insurance is said to bo only SIO,OOO. Names not ascertained. Champlain, N. Y., May G.—A fire oroko out in a largo tenement house on lUvor street, in this village, at 1 o'clock, ibis afternoon, extending to tho now school-house, Methodist .Church and parsonage belonging to tbosamo. Loss, $15,000. At one tunc it was feared that the whole busi ness portion of tbo village would bo consumed. Cairo, Way 10.—A dispatch from Grand Tower confirms tbo rumored burning of tho tow-boat Win. Cowan. Her barges wore eat loose and saved, but the steamer is a total loss. Tho origin of the fire is not clear. THE KANSAS HORROR, Wholesale Arr<st of Parties Inipll- cnu*() in the (Sender Murders, Kansas City, Mar 10.—The Cherry Yale ex citement is still atfover boat. The Times has specials to-night nhich give the following ad ditional particular : A force of about one hundred men cro at the grounds of tho slaughter, which is now being plow ed over again, though no moro graves havo boon'round. The Beach family, of La douo, seven miles from the slaughter, consist ing of the old man and wife, and son and wife, and Stephenson, John Harness and wife, and Thomas Tyke, wife, and iaughter. have boon arrested, A. M. King, a traveling district preacher, has boon airostod at Parsons, and a notorious murdoer, ouco pardoned from tho Penitentiary, named Major Munford, and a womai with him, were arrested at Fort Bcott. Dstootivcs aro still ont, but’rumors are so contradictory that no reliance is to bo placed in them. Che Bonder house and furniture is being domolkhod by the visitors, who are carrying away portions of it as relics. UacUward Tendomlcs lu Medical Reform* A communication has raontly appeared in the Manchester (Eng.) JSxaniner, from a smoker who “ has road with interest tho various letters which have appeared In tiat journal on tho to bacco question." 'ibis gentleman, it scorns, never know a day’s loalth until ho took tosmok tug. Up to tho ngoof 20 ho never -smoked, but ho was always shkly, and. during the winker months was much troubled with affections of the chest. Fortunatoy for him, at that ago, on tho ' recommendation, jo alleges, of no loss an au thority than Prof. Hnxloy. ho “ began tho use of ' mild tobacco." mil from that day forward ho has enjoyed good health; Is no longer troubled with bis cough in winto*, nor, although ho is of deli cate constitution, has his memory or sight been in any way impaired ly the now course. A short time ago, bowoior, "he foolishly gave up tho habit of smoking," for tho sake of experiment, and denied himself tho nee of tobacco for two or throe weeks. The consequences wore most serious. All Us old symptoms tetnruod. and Uvs cough became again so exceedingly violent that it nearly turned to bronchitis. On resuming his pipe, the affection immediately subsided, and bo now smokes from a souse ol duty, 11 medicinally, and as a preventive." Telegraph lo Brevities* • Two persons escaped from the Jail at Ironton, 0., on Priday night. The Hon. James Wilson, of lowa, has ar ranged for tho competitive examination of can didates for an appointment to his West Point cadetship on May 13, at lowa City. The United States steamer Canandaigua sailed from Key West for Now Orleans yesterday to convoy Minister Pouter to Vera Cruz, whence ho will proceed to tho City of Mexico. An affray occurred in Pike Oounty, 111., a day or two since, between two young men named Kemp and McDonald, resulting In the latter re ceiving a mortal wound in the nock, inflicted by Kemp with a knife. New York Central llallrond Tax* Alhany, N. Y. May 10.—On Tuesday next tho Now' York Central itailroad Company will pay. under protest, to Collector Dailey, (ha (100,006 tax claimed by tho Government, and Immediately commence proceedings for Us recovery. The Kuusns Prois, Atchison, Kan., May 10.—Tho Kansas Edi torial Association moots boro on the 20th. The City Council has tendered the hospitality of the city, and will entertain the members during their stay boro. On the 21st tho Association will start on an excursion to Lincoln, Nob. OHROMO. Another New Ohromo. THE lORTO CALL A beautiful mbnrhan picture of a very roiy ebook and brlglit-eyodlltllo girl making au cutly visit tu tbo Plotiur Garden given to each ctiatoinorby Tbo Croat Atlantic ami Fnolflo Tea Co,, 118 Wait \Ya»blDjjtua-»t. aud IBS Tncuty-eecond-it. AP.ITJSEMENTB. ; NOW OPEN. Tlie World’s West Exiitioii! CORNER OF WEST MADISON & ELIZABETH® POBEPATOH’S G-RAWD Menageries, Museums, Oii’ous. LAMEST MEHAQBKIE3 ON EARTH, Grand New Museum lUngtiiflccnt Circus. A Dally Bannnot of Pleasure ami Instruction. Beau tlcsofArt. Womlora of Science. Marvels of Mechan ism. Triumphs of Skill. Wonderful Riders. Skillful Acrobats. Matchless Gymnasts. Beautiful Horses. Performing Animals. Tho World’s latest, Greatest, and Finest Amusement Enterprise. Doom opon at I and 7 o'clock p. tn. Admission 50 coats. Children umlur 10 years, £5 corns. ADAM I’OUBPAUOII. Proprietor. AIKEN’S THEATRE. TO NIGHT. Every Evening and Saturday Matinee. BIRCH. WAMBOLD, and BACKUS' Original and only Sail Francisco MINSTRELS. From tho St. James Theatre, Now York. THE MOST TALENTED ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD. REDUCED SCALE OF PRICES! Orchestra am] Orchestra Cirolo ~75 cents. First Balcony 60 •* Second Balcony ~...83 41 Matlnoo tickets 50 and 23 ** MYERS’OPERA HOUSE. KITTY BLANCHARD BUJUJVESQUE OOniPANY. OAAND ATTRACTION THIS WEEK—Monday even lag, May 12. BAD DIOKEY. NEW SONGS. NEW FAOKS. NRW DANOEB. First annoaranoo of Miss KATIE MAYHEW. iIcKKK RANKIN ovory ulght In ft favorite farce. MATINEE, Wednesday and Saturday. HOOLEY’S THEATRE, BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. MONDAY, May t{L‘ during tho wook and at tho Mati nees. GREA.T SuOuEbb of Bartley Campbell's last and best creation, “ RISKS” Which lias crowded (bo Theatre from Parquetto to Dome. NEW SCENERY—Long Island Round 1 Dugluyo Cot taco! The Varooy Villa Illotninatod 1 . . In preparation, "Through Fire," " Magnolia," and " Tho Gontlo Bavano." , . . • MoYIOKEB'S THEATRE. Engagement of tho brllliantand favorite aotor, EDD’wxosr Monday and Tuesday evenings, May 13 and 18, Chariot Selby’s delightful Romance, entitled The MarWe Heart; or the Sculptor's Dream. u“& Duclullo,,! EDWIN ADAMS WEDNESDAY—WiId Oats. FRlDAY—Benefltof Kd win Adams. SATURDAY—Edwin Adame Matlnoo. In Rehearsal-'' BNQQU ARDBWP* AMPHITHEATRE. (Formerly Nixon's.) Every Cronins and WONDERFUL • vamee:., The Oreal Dceanltator And Electrician Extraordinary. Tho Lndloi of Chicago are respectfully notified that ar rangement* have boon mono with 11. IT. Howard, Jeweler, 2M West, Mndlson-et., for tbo reserving of lonis, where will nlao bo on exhibition Vanok’a Presents from the Crowned Hoads of Europe and Aela. Child* Brothers, TunibowlonlcouUta, will appear ovary evening. OCEAN NAVIGATION. STATE LIKE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BIIL FAST AND LONDONDERRY. Tbesa elegant now steamers trill sail from SlaCo Line Pier. Fhllon Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y, asnifollws: PENNSYLVANIA, 3,600 tons...Wednesday, May 7, GEORGIA, 3,6ootons,,,,,...Wednesday, June 4.. VIRGINIA, 9,600 t0n5.,.., ..Wednesday. Juno 18. Fortnightly thoreaftor. AUSTIN BALDWIN A 00.. •• • Agents, 72 Broadway, N. V. Steerage office, 4S Broadway, N. V. Balling twice a wools from New York, and carrying pas; nengors to all parts ol Great Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, and tun Mediterranean, Cabin from $66; Steer* ago, British and Irish ports out, S2O; west. Conti aontal ports same as other rcgularunos. All payable in U. 8. currency. Apply for full Information at tho Com pany's offices. No. 7 RowllngOroon. Now York, and N. IC. corner LaSalle and Madlson-sta., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS. Agents. GUMED MML LINE. BST-AJBLXSTfCBID 1840, Steam Between New York, Boston, and Liverpool. FROM NEW YORK: May 101 A1geria......... May 171 Russia May 211 Java And Croat Boston ovary Tuesday. Cabin Paesuffo* S80» 8100 nod 8180, (Sold Recursion Tickets nt Reduced Rates. Steerage Passage, S3O currency, Passengers and freight booked to and from all parts of Europe nt lowest rates. SlghtDrallson Great Britain, Ireland, and IhoContinent. P. 11. DU VKUNKT, Oon'i Wsrt'# Agent. N. . our. Clark and KauUolpli-ats. AbyMlnla, Batavia... Calabria.. ALLAN LINE Montreal Ocean Sleaisli Co. First-class Steamships, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, running on the Shortest Sea Itontcs between EUROPE AND AMERICA RATES OF PASSAGE: CABIN as low as by any other FIRST-CLASS LINES. Return tickets at great reduction. BTEKUAUE Tlcxuts eUbor to or from Europe, alio at lowest rates, and through to points In tbo 'West lower than by other linos. KATES OF FREIGHT: Tariff arranged on all classes Merchandise from Liver* pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chicago, For other Information, or frolghtcontrocte, apply atlbe Company’s Office, 73 and 74 Laanllo st. ALLAN A OO. t Agents. DIVIDEND NOTICE. Mci No, 2, Teutonia Insurance Co. Cleveland, 0., April 26, 1873. Notice la hereby given (bat, by order of the Probata Court, a dividend of fivo (0) per coot, payable on and after May B, 1b73. at thu National City Bank of Cleveland, Has boon declared to tbo creditor* of tbo Teutonia Insur ance) Company of Cleveland, who have proved their claims according to law. Dividend orders can bo had on application to JOHN F. WHITKLAW, Assignee Teutonia Insurance Co. SCALES. I'A IK BAN KS’ |rTl . STANDAUD I, SCALES OPALLSIHKB. FAIEBAIJKB,MOEBB SCO Ul AND 118 LAKIt-ST. GENERAL NOTICE. NOTICE Is hereby given that application has been made to iha Atlantic and Paetho Telegraph Company for Iho rcltsuo «l tho following certificate* of stock, the original# having bren lost, mislaid, or destroyed! Feb. !M, UtiD, No. 799: 16 shares, Icb. 21. IMS, Wo. 83, 26 .h. m , JOHN ORBRAIt BAU.HOAD TIME TABLE. Imm.m departure of trains, Spring: Arrangement. n*ruNATlcm or Rkfedenob Mamra.—t Saturday o*. copied. • Sunday oicoplort. 1 Monday excepted. I Ar* rive Sunday at 8 :00 a, m. (Dally. MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Depot, fair nf -Lake tl . and foal of Trteutyaeeond‘St Mall (via main and air 1in0)...... Day Exproiu Jackson Accommodation. Atlantia Express Night Express INDIANAPOMH VIA I'EHU HOAD, Mail Night Express ohaud rapidr aku pkntwatpr. Morning Express Night Expros ii’knuy" (lem CHICAGO & ALTON R Chicago, Allan ct SI, Louie Throu, (fin, ) new thatl route from Chieag < Depot, Wnt Side, near Madison,st St. Louie A Springfield Express, via Main Lino. . Kansas Oily I'ftftl Express, via -- Jacksonville. 111,, and Louhl* nnn. M 0........... Wononn, Locnn, Waahlnglon H.x press (Western Division.) Joliet it Dwight Aceumo'datlon. St. Louis A Springfield Lightning Express, via Main Lino, and also via Jacksonville Division Kansas Oily Express, via Jack* oonvlllo, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jefferson Oily Eipr0ai..,,........ Poorla, Keokuk A llurVn Kx UDnlly. via Main Lino, and dnll Jacksonville Division. It Daily, v except Monday, via Jacksonville 1 CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE A Of. PAUL M Union Depot, earner Madison and Cnnat-iti.i 37 Weil Mn.llton-st. and at Depot, Leave, Arrive. Milwaukee. St. Paul A Mlnneap. . nllsDay Express *9:ooa. m. J7:20f1. m. Milwaukee A Pralrlo du Ohlcn Mall and Express.. *4:30 p. m. '11:20 a. m. Milwaukee. St, Paul A Mluncsp oils Night Express. tflrOOp. m. »6:00 p. m. CHICAGO, BURLINGIOrTI OUINCY RAILROAD. Depals~Foot gf and Canal and Sixtemlh.its, 1 iekst offices in Briggs House, A ’a, AM Clork~*l,, and at depots. Leave. Arrive, Mall * 7:45 a. m. * 4.16 p. re. Ottawa and Slreatur Passenger.. 7:45 a. ra. 8:00 p.m. Dubuque mid Sioux City Exp.... * 9:10 a. pi- * 2:18 p. m.| Pacific Fast Line... MOdWa. m. * 8:13 p. ra. Galesburg Passenger * 3:16 p. m. * 8:00 p. raj Mendotn A Ottawa Passongor... * 4:20 p. tn. * 9:55 a. m. Aurora Passongor....... * 1:4:> p. m. * 8:16 a. in. AuroraTassongor * 5:30 p. in. * 8:53 a. in* Aurora Passongor {Sunday) 1,00 p.m. 9:53». m.j Dubuqno A Sioux City Bxp; t 9:00 p. in. 1 a. m. PaciHo Night Kapr055........... Tll.fWp. ni. 1 6:00 a. Downer’aGroro Accommodation *11:00 a. m. * 8:60 p. in. ' Downor’a Provo Aocommodatloa * 6:16 p. m. * 7:18 a. tn. ; ILLINOIS CENTRAL fTAILROAO. Depot Sod of l*ikrtt. anitjam nf Tirentu-second'it. ticket Qjt’ce, "6 t'unnl *l., cornrr of JTadifan. I.tnve. Arrive, St. fxmls Express...... • 7:8o«. ra. • O^miTm. St. IjOnisFasl Lino... t 8;15p. in. ' 7:56 a. re. Cairo Mall • 7:30 a. ra. • 0:OUn« m. Cairo Uxpreis.,.. t H:lsp. ni. • 7:55 a. m. Springfield • 7,:30 a. in. • 9:00 p. m. Springfield Express tß:lf.p, ra. ' 7:55 n. m. Dubuque A Sioux City Kx * 9:15 a. m. m. Dnbuqoe ABlonxOlty Er t9;oop. m. '7:00 a. m. ••Oilinan Paiaongor • 5:15 p. m. • 9:Wi«. cn. Hyde Parkaud Oak Woods * C;10n. m. • 6:48 a. in. rlydoPtTkand Oak Woods * 7 ;U»a. m. * 7:45 a. w. Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... } IhtXU. m. ■ S:4oa. in. Ilydo Park and Oak Woods {l2:lup, m. * 9:00 a. m. Hyde Park and Oak Woods 4 3;00p. m. HOuTOa. m. Hydo Park amt Oak Woods * 4:‘Jop. ro. ) 1:45 p. iuj Ilydo Parkand Oak Woods • p. m. 's:2op.m. Hyde Park and Oak Wooils • 6;10p. m. * C;ssp. m, Hyde Park and Oak Woods.. *1I:00p. m. * 7:35 p. m. "On Saturdays this train will be run to Champaign. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Tirfttl ojHie, M IVc.o Madhnnu.' • Leave, Arrive. PaclflcFastLlnn... *lo:t3‘a. ril. • 3:46 p. ui. Dulmquo Day K.x, via Cllntou.... 10:16 a. m. 3:45 p. tu. Paolfio NUhl Express,.,,, flOJftp, m. JO JO a. m. Dubuquo Night Ex. via Oilmen., li): 16 p.m. 0:30 a. in, Freeport A Dubuque Express * 9:15 a. m. *2:00 p. m. I* roeport A Dubuquo Express * 9:15 p. tn. * 7:00 a. m. Milwaukee AfalL; * 8:00 a. in. *10:10 ». m. Milwaukee Express * 9:30 a. m. * 4:OUp. m. Milwaukee Passenger.. * 5:(xl p. ni. * 7:40 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger (daliy-) $ll:00p. m. {s:iX)a. ra. flrenti Bay Rxprosa 9:40 a. m. • 7:U> p. m. Bt,. Paul Kinross *10:10 a. ro. O.uu p. nt. Oroetl Bay * 9 iOO p. m. • 6:20 a. iu. bl. Paul lixpross t9;3op. m. t6JOa. m. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, cornet of Harriton and Shrrman-t(i, Tichat office, .13 MaiUion'tt, Omaha.Leavoriw’tbAAtchlsonE* •lOtifia. m. Peru Accommodation * &;UOp. m. Night Express.. t!0:00p. m. Loavomvortb A Atchison Kiproaa tTUiOU p. in. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN Rl Depot, comer Harrison and Sherman-ite, 71 i noriAimt corner Clark and /fandolpA-i(«,. ai < corner Canal and MadUon-tlt, Mall, via Air Line nod Main Lino Special New York Express, da Air Una I Atlantic Express, via Air Line.. Night Express, via Main Lino.... Elkhart Accommodation, South Chicago Accommodation.. ■ CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Pamnycr Depot at P., C. ifi St. Louie Depot, comer <3j Ca , nal rnirf /fin»fr-«l», Freight and ticket ofiee 163 TTaiMng-ton-cf. Mall * 7;4u a. m. * 1:40 p. m. Kvausdllo »t Torre Hauto Ex.... * 7:00 p. in. 7 7:30 a. m. PITTSBURGH. FORI WAINE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express Pacific Express... Fast Line Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. fOPKH TO ROBKLLE.) Depot earner ITalsteri nud Aorlh Jlraneh-ult. Central otfici 16 JMropotflaw lltock, earner Randolph and LnSatlr-tis. Roselle Accommodation. River Park Accommodation, River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. •From I7i« Great frnlral 2tallroad Jiepot, fool for. through tUktti and eleeplnj-rar berth! am offlrt, 75 Canat-it., comer JHadiion; Lio J|«i atio/ootctf TuentU’tecond’U, .May 14 .May 31 .May 2S Loam Chicago. Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Cincinnati Only Mno running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Bauman eleeponi on night trains. BUSINESS CARDS. 0. H. LAWRENCE & 00., PROVISION AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NEW ORLEANS. LA. MEDICAL CARDS. COBURN Medical Institute, I7S »nd 177 Sooth Clark.el., corner Monroe, Chicago, founded and oonduotod by Dr. J. C. Coburn, for (lie treatment and onro of all forms nf chronic and special diseases In both Boxes. This Institute la unquestionably the moat scientific in tbta country tor the trouinioni of dlaoaaee. Dr. Coburn la a regular graduate oi im.dicnn», and baa throo diplomas from tbo boat college* In tin* world, and baa had more oxnoricuco In (he treatmsn tof private diseases than any physician In Chicago. imini; men who require a physician novot fall to hud spst-dy ro lief and a permanent onro at the bandaol Dr. Coburn. Bend twostuupsfor his books on malo and fomalo dtieaso - to any address, to aoalod envelopes. Address lutluia, Dr. J. C. COBURN, 176 and 177 South Olark sf,, Chicago. 111. All confidential. Office hours: 9a.m. toB p. m. j HumUy, 3 to 4 p. m. DE. 0. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4W Stale st., Chicago, Ills noil known by all readers of tbo papers, that Dr. 0, Bigelow Is tbo oldest established physician In Chicago, Science and experience bavu made Dr. D. lap moat re nownod SPECIALIST of tho ago. honored by tho nre**. esteemed of tho Idgbost medical aibilninOJds by all in* medical institutes of tbo day, having devoted IWLN I t YEARS OF 1118 LIFE 1» |wrfC?jßW A°i!'iSil«pin i'* l r l euro positively all cases of OIHIONIO AND SPECIAL DIHKASEB In both sexes. crnm inip ihuioiiq CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARAIE PARLOUS for ladles and gentlemen. Gall. CORHI.bI ONDKNOIfi CONFIDENTIAL. Address all loiters, with stamps, W Dr. 0. BIGELOW, No. <6l Btato st. So paym Dr. Kean, 300 South Olark-st,, Chicago, May bo confidentially consulted, personally or by mall. Iren of charge, on all olmmlo or nervous diseases. DR. J. KEAN is tho only physician In tho city who war* rants euros or no pay. Office hours from 9a. in. toßn.m» DR. A. G. OLIN, IKlflouth, Chicago, the longest engaged and most sneccvslnl Bpoclallst In the treatmont of all private, chronic, and nervous diseases In both sexes. Bond Iwo stamps for Modloal Troaliso. Full Information. Con sultation free. Correspondence confidential. Hoparat* rooms for Udlu# and guntlemau. Board, aUendauco, oto PEBSOEIPTION BEBE 3 Arrive. Leave. * «:15p. ra. • 8:00 p. ra. tlO;2on. m. { H;iio a. in. }'6:Boft. m. * fi:3o o in, • 0:00 a, m. 5 3:3 a p, in. 4 fi:l6p. m. l*0:Cl)p. in. • 5:30 n. in. tDilO p. nt. •BH'ip. ra. *6:30 a m. 9,00n. m. iHilQp. in. 8:00 p. id. *0:00 a. m, 0. WKNTV toral Paseoni HORTII. jer Agent. RAILROAD. ugh Line, ar tola Karuns it. bridge. nd Louisiana City, Union Arrive. Leave. * 0:15 a. m. * 8:10 p. m. 6:10 p. in. * 9:13 a. ra. * 4:IOp. m. * 4:10 p. ra. * 6:IOp. m. * 9:40 a. ro. !J7:Wp. m. 119:00 p. rn. YR:00 p. m. H9;oo p. m. * U;tX) r. m. M7:flna. ra. m :30 a. ra. » 8:10 p. rn. lly orcopt.H.i via Main Llm Division, laturJay, via m, and doily. HILWAY. Ticket Office Arrive, B;<sp. m, 9:30 a. ra. 7:1X1 a. in. 7 :IW a; m. AILROAD. VeAsl ojieet, fid soufAweJl Arrive, £car«< 9:20 p. m. * 6:40 a. m. • 9:00 a. in< 6:12 p. in. *79:1)0p. in. * 3:40 p, ra. 13:00 m. 8:00 p. m. 6:00 a. in. 16:30 a. in. 10:10 a. ra. 1:60 p. m. Leave, Arrive, ! 7:30 p. m. i 6:30 a. m. (•'SiOOa- m. ’ 6:10 p. m. 1 8:60 a. W. 9:00 a. in. 7 (S:tU p, in. 4 ‘9l)op. m. r 4:62 a. in. * B:4U p. m. * 6:00 a. m. 9:10 a.m. 6:16 n.m. 10:21 a. ra. 3:3 Up.m. 7:21 p.m. THROUGH I of laht-al. iply at Ticket t*hington'*t,f 4 fl:00 p. in. | B:50a. m, } 5:15 a. a. • B:UU a. m. • 4s2op. tn. • 11{3U p. n».

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