Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 12, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 12, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE monetary. m .. . OATDnt)AT EyrfHHO, May 10. Tho notable ,foaturo in tho local money mar bet this week was tho sudden turn in Now Yoilc exchange from COo pop 81,000 discount, at tho beginning of tho woolc, to COo por SI,OOO pre mium and upward, to-day. This has boon consod mainly by an incroouod demand ■ from other points in tho'Woat for‘Now York funds. Con siderable amounts of currency have boon re ceived hero In tho laot few days from St. .Louis and other Western cities, with orders to remit exchange. This indicates small shipments of products to tho East. Tho aggregate shipments ' from this city aro pretty fair yot, tho shipments of hogs and cattlo being still very largo, but of grain they aro light yet. Tho supply of money in this market is good, and approved borrowers find no difficulty In getting wbat thoy wont at . tho banks. In tho open market flrst-claos paper soils pretty readi ly at 12 por cent, though in nomo instances 15 lias boon paid. Thoro is some movement of curronoy to tho groin-raising districts, but it io noa largo. The advance hi tho rate of discount by tho Bank of England from 4U per cent to 5 per cent, and the consequent rlso in the prico of gold in Now York from to 118*r to-day was not entirely unexpected. Tho diflioulty of negotiating American securities in Europe to which wo referred at considerable length a fow days ago, is only ono feature of a lack of confidence among European capitalists . , by tho immonß ° amount of securities of all thoro now from all parts of tho world. Tho failure of several American corpo rations to pay their interest during tho post year boa boon tbo moans of creating oddltlonaV dis trust in regard to American enterprises, but to some extent tho lack of confidence applies to all. and tho Vienna failure, noticed in our tele graphic columns yesterday, has undoubtedly In creased tbo fooling. J The clearings of tbo Chicago banks for tho week wore: Date , Monday.... Tuesday.... "Wednesday. Thursday.., Friday,...., Saturday... Tolol. »23,110,328.57 *3,200,501,01 Corresponding week lost * 1 >'“ r $20,701,100.87 $2,245,303.50 A now bank, to bo called tho Illinois Trust & cavings Brink, bus boon organized, and will open sor business In tbo latter part of this month. Xho capital Is $500,000, and tho stock has boon taken by some of our wealthiest and best-known bankers and business men. Tho following quotations of local Blocks aro furnished by Messrs. Uammond * Gags: PI nil National Bank m' Third National Bank 333 r-n National Dank 337 340 Union National Dank 330 Commercial National Dank..,. 340 343 Merchants’ National Dauk.. 333 German National Bank 333 1 336 Manufacturers’National 8ank......... 100 lio S?. m National Bank 120 123 City National Bank 245 Cook County National 8ank.,,.,,,.,.,. 100 ini National Bank of Illinois,; 312 National Bunk of Commerce.. 104 Cklw'go City Hallway ico irn Hallway lt»3 t™. North Division Hallway 03 100, Pullman Palace Car 332 ite Lima Watch Company 303 itn • 5,..? 0 Ow-Ught ami Coke Company. 105 103 Chamber of Commerce.. 03 071* Traders’lub. Co . m Sales—ss,ooo Chicago City Halley at ICO. »i rrv, l c » 6 ? 0 Weßt division Hallway at 185. $4,500 Cook County National Bank at 100. Mofisro. Lunl, Proutou it Kean quote as fol lows this afternoon; MO. of-03 C*2osof »«54 11^5 6.20a0f »U3 ...inillllS . • ?fe ®"2oa of |os f Jan. - and July 118 118 v of ’O7, Jan.-and July 120 '' 1 i«ov 6-20apf ’OB, Jon, and July 117’f 118 1 ' 10-lOa ................ 11 |l i n’i* U. S. 6a (now laauo) **,ll4*f US'* Gold and Gold Coupons 117K 118 Gold Exchange A Sterling Exchange,,, , .... 108V<A109‘4' Northern Paciflo Gold 7-309 100 .tint Chicago .City 7s - * cook county 7aKtlnV Illlnoifl County and Township 10a.* ' - . LAND WAItUANXS, IfiO’a not war 1812,,.;. 170 J2o’b not war 1813 ’123 Agricultural College land ecrlp • ... ~ I-ATEST, n n .T.K 01 ™' M /\ y 10 *-~}loacy was easy at oto7 ou calJ, with exceptions at 4 mul C, ' Srcriing-was stronger. Late lu the day tho leading wmkere, apprehensive of trouble oa the Continent r v JJJcod tlio rptca t° for ,Mxty .days, and IWjl Gold was active and higher, advancing to 1183/. and closing at libx,. Loans 4to G for earning. Clcarlnm 161,000,000, The ARdslanlJTrcaßurcr disbursed $230,000 i! “o7GOOUO 101[DX ° U accouut of tho Interest to ilato the wee? mCUta Cl ° HOd Btrongot tho Wghwt price of State bonds wore steady, Tlio advices from Vicuna relative to n panic on the i Chs ffl ße ffuvo a weak touo to the market, and “S? 0 ' n u BC V lug V loYOmoi,t waa Inaugurated. A mu ff® 1 decline in prices of from to per cent was SSftr dosing weak .about Iho low- Tlila afteruoon the Ocrra reports, from the other r*|«l ot Frankfort, Berlin, aud A Bier ling, 108;i:®103^. „ OOVrUHMI Coupons, ’81...; 121 u 6-20b of 'C'2 lISV Coupouß, ’CI 115 V Coupons, ’CS H7V Coupons, 'w (now).. .118$ mna were huyera of gold on 10, that a doprcsalon existed Lmslerdam. SNT DONE*. Coupouß, ’O7. I20»v Coupone, »(58 llrtV/- Wow 5s nr,' 1040 a ~.115‘i ... . STATE Mlrbouriß yav TeuuoEacoa, Tyuncsaeca, now 813* Virginias, new ...CO UOND9, Virginias, old 43 North Carolines, 01d.,2.1 North Oaroliuaa, now. lß W. U. Tot 853? Qulcltallvcr 39 Adama Express 05W yells Fargo., sojtf American Express... 67 if United Stales Ex.... 73^* Pacific Mall 63 New York Central...loo K Erie eg Eric pfd * 73 Harlem I‘iO Harlem pfd 128 Michigan Central.... 103 C. 4: P 81V Northwestern SO* Northwestern pfd„.. 80 Hock Island,. ..,....io3»f N. J. Central mi Bt.Paul J.. CO# Straulpfd... . 73tf. Wabash cosf Wabash pfd 83 Fort Wayne....- 03 Terra Haute 15 ' Torro Haute pfd 40 Chicago ti Alton 110 Chicago As Alton pfd. til Ohio At Mississippi.. 43 0.,0.&0 88 Q 100 JjiKo Shore oijr - Indiana Central...... 33>r Illinois Central 115 Union Paciflo juv Central Paciflo bondfl.lOSlif Union Pacific bond.. 8G;/ Dol.Lack* & Wcstoru.lOfi Hartford Ac Erie,.3 REAL ESTATE. Tho pant week baa boon a dull ono in tbo real oalato buflinoas. This ia partly tbo- rosult .of tbo usual and nooeaanry reaction from tbo apoo ulotivo fovor of a few wooka ago, nnd partly tbo oifect of tbo diemal woatbor and muddy roads, which bavo provoutod pooplo from gating out to tbo auburba to look at that claao of property. With bettor roada and fairer okloa tbo prospect will undoubtedly improve. Tbo volume of recorded trauaforo last wook amount* od to nearly 92,000,000, and obowa tbo groat ac tivity wbicb prevailed tliroo or four weoka ago an it takoa at loaat that long to examine tllloa and arrange tbo dolalla of tbo transfers. It ia probable that a month bonco tbo volumo of recorded will ehow a marked decrooßo as tbo ro sult of tho prooont dccreaao of business. Tboao temporary lluctuatioua in tbo volumo of buai nooa from wook to wook ond month to month aro not of very groat iraporlanco as oonnoctod with tho value of roaieatoto, comparing ono year with another, when it io romoraborod that Chicago and tbo West aro continually experiencing au in flux of mou and money. 11ETAIL suors on almost nil the principal thoroughfares nro in demand. In tho general determination of prop, orty-owners to rebuild in a stylo worthy of tho future of tho city it is not an 111-natured criti cism to say that wo have too many “palatial stores" with 80, 10, or 50 feet of -plate-glass front, and not enough oompaot shops of 10 to i f0 „ r ,° Ill “ B<1 at rentals proportionate to thoir size. Tho demand for this class of shops is not Madison o * B llko T ''<mly-eooond and West streets ?n^hJM!!,® 11 Kroolor ln tho nowly-bullt stroots in tho business centre of tho city, whore rentals to correspond to tho location wmdd hS easily obtained Jor 10-foot shops, when oo« a l staras." DOt ia obtal “°‘ l '"ribs “paffl There la, however, a groat demand for shops In all tho secondary centres of trade, such os the Junctions of Madison and iialstod, Dluo Island and Hoisted, Lake street west oiDuionPark Iwenty-Booond and Wabash, Douglas ploco oud Cottage Groyo, oto., oto. Now clusters of simps »ro also being formed in various parts of the city, canning grout increase In tho valuo of tho property, and concentrating trade to a womlor fnl extent. It la only four or ilvo years since built tho block of DhopH on tho corn °r of Michigan ovomto and Twou* at for what wAa ft ’ but tlio 'street lino bocorao a fronao lo 2o ß nnrnnn? l,a hl " bllllllhl R 8 liavo pniil nimit. l ° 20 1101 °° nt por “ nuum on Bio Invost- on Hi° otbor linncl tco And (hit In eomo l ' 1 ; 0 ; 110 .? 118 Bun Won li very largo ro rn!nmini ll i'r otoroß n »d shops, lasnltlng from tho gravitation of corlnin clamion of Imainoon buck to tho coiilto of tho city, from which thby woro driven hy tho flro. This In ihn cmo with all thouo on Wubanh avomio, between narrlßim andJJVashlngtoii otrootn. ami also tho pnrtu of West Randolph and Washington streets J"?# ftncl on Canal, between llandolph ami Madison, wo hoar of one otoro on Went ,?. T* 1 between Canal and Clinton which last year routed for SI,BOO per annum which In now empty and offered for sßoo—a de cline of CO per cent. VT . ... BAUW OP nEfIIDEKCES. Notwithstanding tho largo demand for dwell ings to rent, wo do not find that thoro aro many fifties of any class of residences. Those who aro desirous of becoming tho owners of cottages generally buy lots and build for themselves. occupy bettor houses, costing from SB,OOO to SIO,OOO each, nro using {heir cap ital In trade, and, as a rule, prefer to rent. Tho ownership of such houses Is, therefore, loft mainly to salaried and professional men in all clues, though,- perhaps, loss so In this than in others. Wealthy bankers, merchants, ami capi tAliflls of couvso own their bonnes, but this la a limited class in any city, and tho majority prefer comfort l ° BUlt olr owu jOQa °* tuot °and Mr. A. J. Avorcll recently sold ono of tho raar blo-front throe-story residences on tbo oast aide of Michigan avomio, north of tho Burlington crossing, for $15,000. H Tho thlrty-llvo foot, oast front, on Calumet avenue, which wo mentioned last week ns hav ing been sold to Mr. W. 11. Mitcholl, of Alton, to bo occup cd with o $30,000 residence for him is just south of Twentieth street, and not south of Twenty-second, ns tho typos made us say. J. O. McCord & Co. have recently sold two two-story and basement marble swell-fronts, on £ n, !Sl°? ftyoww. near Ellis Park, located on lota 21xlJ0 foot, for $12,000 each. Thoro aro olovon rooms in each dwelling, supplied with hot and cold wntor, nmrblo mantels, and all tho modern conveniences. Tho sumo parties are perfecting plans for ton more similar dwellings In tho same locality on tho comer of Thirty-eighth street and Vincennes avenno. Five two-story and basement marble-front dwellings are being orooted on tbo corner of Langley and Thirty-eighth streets. Plans arq prepared for throe two-story and basement marble fronts on tho northeast comer of Ellis Farit. Clfarinpn, Jialanees, $4,582,021.40 $354,101.75 4,020.00(3.89 471,043,22 3,070,059.59 310,408.41 8,788,603.73 ' 488,705.18 3,087,13.1.37 337,053.72 0,058,038,53 371,720.24 A largo boll for tho uno of tho “Landmark Maaonio Lodge,” with elorea underneath, will very probably bo built soon 'on tho corner of 1 and Cottage Qrovo avonuoa by Qeo. W. Hoffman. J. 11. Hubbard will orocl immediately six two- Blory and baaoraont octagon brick fronts on Vln cennos avonno, Just north of Egan avonuo. Mr. P. JJ. Gardner sold to Jacob Boidlor a two atory bride, Mansard roof, and stoao basement, J™** fronting 197)f fcot on Sangamon street, 250 feet on Jackson street, and 197K feet on Morgan street; consideration, $80,090. The building ia 5-1x72 foot, and was erected several years ago. It Ims all tho modem improvements, Mr. Boidlor purchasedit for his residence, giv ing SIO,OOO in cash, and a lot 320x100 foot cor nor west Washington and Morgan streets, on which thoro ia a two-story brick houao 40x00 feet, all valued at SIO,OOO. n. F. Culver sold one two-aiory nnd basement Srfon’n °* South May atroot; consideration, $9,000. . , 1 Among other sales by various persons wo note; One two-atory aud basement brick on Twonty iirth atroot, between Wabash and Michigan ave nues, lot 23x116 fcot; consideration, $8,250. One tuoistory frame on Michigan avonuo, bo nnd Thirty-second street, lot 25x160 foot; consideration, $3,000. Mil basement brick, No. ICO West Randolph street; consideration, $7,500. House and lot, No. • 810 West Tyler street: consideration. $1,500. . • Honso and lot, No. 2GO South Paulina street: consideration, $5,000. ’ Pour lots on west Washington street, oast of $7°500 ° a * aatora Byroad j consideration, Ten lots 25x125 each, In Judd A Wilson's Subdi- VJsiOD, in Hoc. 33, 80, 14; consideration, SIO,OOO. borty foot on Wabash avenue, corner Portv ''Vin ff ,a Subdivision; considera tion. $1,625. Ninety feet on Twenty-second street, corner Central Park avenue, in Lawndale; considera tion, $32.60 per foot. One hundred aud twenty-five feet on Ran s2o 591) Sheldon; cousidoratiou, ftnd rco on Sangamon street, near Washington; consideration, $16,000. sununuAK lands. Among other largosales by tho acre, wo hoar of nn oightv-acro tract at Harlem at SI,OOO per aero, A largo part of tho consideration, how ever, was m other property. J. O. McCord & Co. have purchased of W. W. Crocker 28W aoros in tho southeast if of the northeast Hof Sac. 33, 40,13, on tbo Chicago & J. aoillo Railroad, about 3 miloa west of tho city linutaj consideration, 51.600 per novo. A railroad station wdl-bo mudo on tills property, and aovoral now bouaoa.wili aoou bo oroclod by UoOord & Fivo acres corner of California avonuo and Tay lor atroot 5 coucidoration, $<22,500. Six acres in School Soction,-Bec. 10, 1% miles west of Central Park on Harrison street: con sideration, $833 per aero. M. N. Lord sold 11 58.100 acres, Lot 1 in Wil son. Hoald«t StoDbinga’ Subdivision, fronting oast on Sodtb Pork and west on Indiana avenue, and aouth of Fifty-ninth street 5 consideration. $05,000. • • Forty acres in See. 6, 38, 13, on the lino of the Ogdon Canal, and one mile oast of llivoraido • consideration, SIO,OOO. One acre on Harrison street, between tho 0., D. &V. llallroad and California avenue: consul alion, $5,000. * Eighty acres, being tho E. U of tho S. E. M of Sec. 23, 83’ 13, four miles southeast of Brighton: consideration, $-100 per aero. * Forty acres in tho 8. W. of tho N. E. V 800.11, 88,13, 1W miles southwest of Brighton s3O oohT h °* ro^or roa< *» consideration, j Twenty acres adjoining tho ahovo in tho aamo section 5 consideration, SIB,OOO. At a mooting last Thursday afternoon, called i?fi. h0 * p - u s p^°^f advanoin B tUo educational interests of Washington Heights, tho snbaorip tiops to. this object wore Increased to $83,000. it is understood that those subscriptions will bo binding when SIOO,OOO have boon secured, and it ta believed tho amount will soon bo raised, * M “ th "; fc work on a building for “ Tho Ladies’ College” will soon begin. Satuudat Evening, May 10. Tho following wore tho receipts and shipments of the leading articles of produce in Chicago during the past twenty-four hours, and for tho corresponding date one year ago: HEQUIPTfI. SHIPMENTS. 2 ®l sil-iTl® ?i( FKo 0 i d ibl. b i::: : . : B ° : ™| Broom corn, 1b5.... jV.OM I"".* M “*3OO Beof^r]?' 8 ’ ba “" 61,020 le2 *' J f 343,040 700,100 Fork' brls.‘||“‘*| 3 « "'oni T^nn'J lß )f.a . o < 2 -*° 24,700 58,000 iinV<«7* ir 30,405 11,480 31,400 ..... “reS'ell’h’oßs.-No;: ““'"J * 7 ’ 735 10 - 100 11 ‘1 as 1 60 « «!* °S : §B Lumber, in « aV‘« j’w £»“::: 2 “ >:« 3;?8 Withdrawn from store on Friday for city eon sumption i 8,751 hu wheat, 6,297 Ira corn I 206 boosts, I,lßßbn ryo, 3,671 bubarley. Withdrawn for do during the past week i 2,815 hu wheat 10,015 bu corn, 27,170 bu oats,’4,723buX 11,831 bu barley. ’ ou Ibo following grain haa boon inspected Into otoro this morning up lo 10 o’clock i 21 cara wheat, 08 cara corn, 0,000 bit No. a do, and 6 000 bn rejected do, by canal, 20 earn oata, 0,000 bn do by canal, 0 earn rye. Total (U8 oaral 70,000 bu. ’ Tbo following wore tbo rocoipta and ahipmonta of broadatnlfa and clock at tbla point during tbo COMMERCIAL. liiiii (Jlili;AGO DAILY TRinUJVlj]: MONDAY, MAY ] woolc ending with thin morning, and fOr corre sponding weeks oudlilg as dated t ' 41 ncCKirtrt, ft™,- i,,i. WM. 1071. 187 a/ EL"| •jf'” <l,Oll <0,083 03,<70 S;r. u ',,,' 1 <71,08(1 <07,<00 011,00f i3 ' Br '“; 20 W “Will SStt-si::;;;;;;:;:; SS&: «;*» Oaltlo, No 15,250 33,587 10.010 wt , fllllPMSHTfl. * | * * «*o,fi(in nn,704 22,800* n\ „ I.H U f1W,028 50,035 07,855 Oaiu f Isu .1,103,403 1,30jf,71V 7^095' !jy®f b, { * 0,007 4 3,070 12?0M Barley,lm... ». 28,434 01,283 33 382 nlmi'T' N ° 6, *°™ W 014 ’4O 700 ®i! ’ ** * 13 ' 093 17,379 12*013 The St. Loula Democrat, of Friday last, treats Ub readers to a ranee of misrepresentation about Uio way In which business is conducted on our Board of Trade, that ia about on a par with’ tho fiendish ntory, olao sent out from St. Bonis not long slnco, to the effect that Chicago was over run with flumiUpox, How much tho writer knows of the subject may bo Inferred from tho statement of his sample caao, tho alleged .facte of which are detailed very circumstantially; th 6 trajißnotlon la said to bo in wheat, buyer «funo, while tho tnith Is that ecarcoly ono In ton thous and of tho trades made on tho floor of our Exi change Is on buyer's option. It Is pretty goni orally understood that theso St. Louis sfatoi raoutß about Chioago tiro moro falsehoods, otnmg together with tho malicious purpose of frighton- Ing that Imfllnoso to St. Louis which.lior mer chants will not attempt to win by honorable en terprise, It Is not worth wbllo to reproduce tho ohargoa made in tho article referred to, and wo should not ovon notico them but for tho ma licious falsehood contained in its concluding paragraph, ns follows: • “ wo mint no reader of tho Democrat will Im ogino wo aro endeavoring to slander Chicago.' ” 0 onl y bplplng Tub Cuioaqo Tbidone and the Chicago Times denounce tho rogues who ato doilv playing just such pranks as wo *havo de scribed nbovo. Chicago.commission merchants • aro trading on tho capital of their customers, and oftonor swindle thorn than treat them fairly ami Chicago groin elevator owners bedevil tho Inspectors to such an oxlont os.waa never equal- * od anywhere on tho faco of tho earth. ■ Those aro’ tho charges mado and substantlafod by loading Chioago papers." Tim MMIKETS. * j Tlio loading prodnco mnrliola worn modornloly notivo to-day, nnd most of tlioso In grain noro firm nt (ho rocont advance, offing to continued, bad weather, with a fair shipping deniand. Moat: of them weakened, however, towards tho cloao,, when tlio clouds began to grow thinner, without clearing away. Tho shipping record of the past l wool!, aa shown by tho above ilgnros, is a satis factory though quiet one, and tho, receipts far from being largo. Outsmo business has ' boon moderately delayed by tho.storra, nnd tho effect In tho country is doaoribod aa really disastrous over a very largo section. In tho dry gooda market fowobangos nnd nono • of Importance wore notod. Local retailors woro ordering a littlo raoro freely than on tho two or ; throo procoding days, but tho aggregate distribu tion was not noticeably larger. Prices.woro! quoted steady and uniform for moat goods 1 Groceries were again quiet with no material ' variation in prices. Tho loading staples wore moving fairly nnd wore hold with firmness, but tho general market was dull nnd lacked strength. No quotable changes woro notod. Canned goods remain quiet, nnd most articles aro soiling at a- concession.• Corn' and tomatoes nlono woro Ann. In tho chooao mnr- Kot there was tho same condition of things as noted for a number of days past, viz.: a limited demand nt irregular prices. Coal was in light request. On Monday tho price of Lackawanna will bo reduced to $11) por ton. Tho receipts by lako continue liberal, and tho market ia unset tled .arid tending lower. No now features woro developed in tho llah market, tho demand con tinuing llrm at fair prices. Dried fruits ruled quiet and easy, but without quotable obnugo. 1 hero was but littlo doing in tho bay market, and prices of timothy' woro about 500 per ton lower, buyers refusing to nav over $15.00(3)16.50 forprossed, on track. Prairie was easy, but not materially lower. Hides re main dull and weak. Leather was quiet and llrm. No changes wore noted in prices of oils. Carbon, linseed, turpentine, and wlmlo woro firm, while lard alouo was weak. Pig-iron paints, tobacco, and wood woro steady at former quotations. The lumber'markot was more active at’about ; Friday’s range of prices. , Building matoriols woro quiet and unchanged. Tho metals, iron and nails woro in moderate demand, former prices being. continued for everything except nails, winch are a shilling off, or at $5.25 rates as a basis. Tho decline is duo to local competition; Naval stores woro fairly active and steady. There is quite an active inquiry for old wool from Western mills. Prices aro without particular change, except that thoy nro, if auytliing, rather weak. Ihoro is nb Eastern demand, nnd it is eaul that wool is being sold’ at higher figures in this market than in Boston. Hops wero un changed. Broom com was in.fair request, and tho market is firm for all superior grades, Seeds woro quiet and unchanged. Oraugos and lemons woro in active demand, and firm. Choice apples are higher, being very scarce. Other green fruits wore unchanged. Choice poachblow pota toes sold readily at 45(5)600, but common de scriptions woro slow. Poultry and eggs mot with an active local inquiry, and, tho offerings being limited, prices woro higher. Lake freights wero raoro active at Uc decline towards tho close of tho session, tho shippers taking hold but slowly till that decline was con ceded by carriers. Corn to Buffalo was taken early atJo, and later at Wheat to Buffalo was early quoted at but closed nom iuftlly at 70. For wheat to Kingston 180 was bid, while Uo was asked for vessels to load to-day, and 13Xc for Monday—there being %o addi tional storage duo in tho meantime: 18 Vo was accented, and tho market closed nominally at 13 @lßxo. A total of 18 charters was reported, which will carry out 140,000 bu wheat, 116.006 bu corn, and 50,000 bu oats-. Through rates wore quoted unchanged. Highwinoa woro more aotlro at tho outside price of Friday, under a good speculative do mand, which is felt also in Now York, as evi denced by the tone ol to-day’s quotations in that • ty ’ra« our mavkot closed firm, with holders ask ing 00c per gallon, and nominal buyers at BOXO. , Bales woro reported of 200 brla at SOXo. 1 Provisions woro dull and irregular. There was a fair demand for moss pork for July, at tho outside quotation of yesterday afternoon : but thin was satisfied before tho cloao, and tho option ;fouofi, Iherowasno demand for delivery in any other month, aud oub or two lots woro sold for Juno at near tho inside figures of yesterday .Lard opened out with a show of strength at a alight - advance in sympathy with Pork, but closed weak. Moats wore (lull and weak, though hog receipts woro smaller, with a corresponding firmness m quotations. Holders of olldoaorip wo®B. of products seem more anxious to realize within the past few days than heretofore, but especially in pork, the stock of which is much larger than had boon counted on, and it is grow ing more nnd more a speculative article. | with a less and loss consumptive demand Iho market closed at the following range 4 r r^V n McBB , Pork, cash or solfor May, do seller Juno, $10(»0i3) 40.05 ? do seller July, $10.95(3)17.00: lard, cash w Qollor May, $8.85@8.9() 5 do seller Juuo, $9.00(3) 9.05; do seller July. 69.20@9.25; summer lari $8.40; do without packages, $7.90. Sweet pickled hams quoted at 10@llXo. Dry salt od *neats quotable at for shoul ders ; BX@oo% for short riba; and 8 8%0 for short clear. Boxod shoulders, Off , B^@B Ko for short ribs; o@9Xo for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7%0 for shoulders, 100 for clear ribs, 10 Vo for short clear, and 13@14W0 for haraa/aU packed. Moss beef, 89.00@9.25; extra mess do $10.00(3)10.25; hoof bams, $28.00(3)29.50. City tallow, 7%@80; grease quotable at 6>Y@o9£o. Bales were reported of 250 brls moes pork seller Juno at $10.05; 1,500 brls do at $10.60 1 2,500 brls do seller July at $17.00: 250 brls do at $10.05; 115 tos lard nt $8.90; 250 tea do seller Juno at $9.05; 750 tea do at 80.02K 1 250 tes do nt $0.00; 260 tea do seller July at $0.25; 20,000 Ihs shoulders (light) at Csfo:Do.- 000 tbs short ribs at BXO. • M * ’ Tho Daily Commercial Report gives tho fol lowing as the shipments of provisions from this point for tho week ending Slay 8, 1870, and sinoo Nov. 1, 1872; also comparative figures s i’or/v, X<irJ, Jlumt Uhoultl'rt iliddlei. Irlt, let. let, lit.- lbs, * W'k odg May. 8. 1,658 m J. 714 610,000 870,100 Hamowook 72... 8,001 5,055 1,361 1,401400 1,647 410 Mnco Nov. l/73. IM.UH 161,164 69,030 87.760 414 147 815 716 bainoelino , 7f»72. 83.131 148,950 61,600 28,710 881 01 iffigls .Tho ahipmonla In detail were on follows: Shoulder*, 40 bxa; ehort rib, 74 bxa: abort clear, 37 bias ong clear, 81 biaj long rib, 7i bxa; Cumberhmda. V& bin : Strolfordß, Sofl bxa; HtaffordaWre, bxa : South Htarfordfiblro, 143 bxa ; long luma, 301 bxa: 11 Inning, jjfwif MO b«j IrUh cut, 43 bxa j ■ bacon, 40 Itxa : Staflordsblro bams, 17 bxa- dear backs, 18 bxa; bellica 184 bxa; tallow, 388 brla; shoulder*. 137 tea, 33 Cfl'f l»o«! proYliloua, IBBbia ; beef, 814 brla, ' Tho following wo reports to and estimates by tbo Secretary or tho Pork Packers’ Association of the number of hoga packed at tho points named during tho monlhs of March and April 1 Chicago 77,703 Milwaukee i.. 10 000 ludlftuapolla 74,300 Keokuk, (cal.) * im'ooo Ht. Loufa «0,000 KanaaaOUy.' I a’soo Olachmatl 30,000 1 Total Hour was rather mon re octiyo than yesterday, boltlg hi demand,o’li shipping account, 2if f0 « b ?M a KOO'l inquiry for nil grades, but rriucipaUjrfoa Bprlng'oxttoa. Tli6 hmrkbt wnV a i» 9 £r v , auco noted yesterday, in oymnatltV EriM,^°Vpi^ 0 i r c i. ttn a Jn' coiiroquonoo of qiglifc , ? l ; movement or tho pnetwoolc* had, already dlmlnlahod the atfflortraouts hero bo muoli that: many salorf both yesterday and fejJjy LY oro "‘ necessarilymado .to arrive, •SJ«; •,Cash.;,: solos', wore, to.' E?frt°? n« 0 w Wlb' winter extras oil prl * i° *1 brls, spring extras (Lookport inn^i 67*25 1> 200 brlß do 100 brla do at { 600 brie do at £0.05 } loij tnnLa 0 W ? V * 5,80 I °» B0 ° t rlß d° on ' private torma ; 00 brla spring oupornnoa at $4.00 ; 60 . 100 brls O*o‘- flOiir' on private ilimi nn°/ a) i D,i mi brl0 ; „*V» 00 tono bran at . & i •: s|s „ '"boat averaged ifo lower Hum oh Friday, link was strong, In consequence of a good demand, which was generally considered to bo duo to tho b il d wc ' u , l ! or - ■-n may bo thot this was the’primal,canao that gave birth " (side 8 L m to tho secondary cause of a good shipping inJ &y° n 0 “' I l4d , i “n account, which oaus6d cash wheat fregular) T to sell n|.pno limonp to tho St?*L soilorJnno. and neatly %o higher than Swil h i° “I 1 ' shipments of wheat havo °I?1 lbo Jt al > aomo 1.100.M0 hu having U f th ! n tbo ,P° st * wo weeks, and tlio Btooka at Eastern points are roproßontod to bo quite low. Filin, with tho fears widely .entertained t.!L l . h 5> Com i oro P wIU , fluffor severely from oxooss erf moisture, 'ls undoubtedly stimulating iwfr 03 w bro , thron again to toko hold, os' they havo shipped ont most of tho wheat that 1 •twohoen moved from Ohioago by water this season. Tills caused tho short interest to’ •?, u , !l ult ? freely, under tho prospect of a small dMtlol? ° tor ° °“ wblob to ®»ko Port month’s f 8 “"“Qt oxpeot othor than light; receipts this month nnd next; ospeolallyif Iho bad wonthor nltould coutlnuo. Hoidora of cash wheat aro quite stroug.ln tholr views, nnd soorn **?,'' * s°«W»t W Price; w’hllo there is bettor disposition to buy oollor tho month as hnyora doubt tho ability of tho soUora H«n x if ‘1 ho not in bond now SoilorJnno openodnt 81.23 If, declined to 81.23 X ei ;? % foU and close lSl ■J, 1 ’ 2 ?#! .S°- V lO ycarsoid at 81.10; eoUor tho ■ month sold at, ind rogu lar No. 2spring, at 81.2a@1.28X, both closing at motflnm prices, . with little little or no dlserlmination in favor of fresh ro colpts ; No. 1 spring was qulot at $1,301/ . No 3 .spring closed flm st 81.2& K. and rolo&ll do at 81.06. Cash sales wore roporlod of 400 bn No. 1 I>2oo 1 > 200 bnNo - 2 BPcing (lianl) fat nrm ’ i 3,0 0° do (bard) at 101,013) bn do at 81.28!/: 40,000 bn do al M, ® ro bn do at at 81.23 jOGOO bu No. S spring at 81.21; 8,800 bn do at 81.20’^; 8,000 bu do at 81.20; dod bu n^i’ s f^i-S^o 400 bu hysßmplo at 81.87; 8,200 hu do at 81.80. Total, 270,000 bn. uom was moro aotivo, and advanced 9fo, bo- Ing really the loading market to-day, ns it tirow oil a groat many operators whooro usually found in tho wheat crowd. Advieoe from tho Southern direction indioato that tho 'recent rain baa dono S a U m°i°t fban wno generally supposed, dnd will delay operations in tho Holds for at least ton days, oven if there should bo no moro of it. uiuior those oiroumstoncos thoro was a fair num ber of country ordoro in to boy, which tended to advance prices. Tho groat foatnro of interest was, bowovor. tho fack that tboro was an oxtoh 2'f. n 8 °' margins by tho longs, much of which was on parties who wore not too ready to respond, and found it oasioat to oioeo out thoir deals, oven at a losa. This produced local activity in options, while thoro was also a bettor Inquiry for cash lots, n fair proportion of ob |cb woe supposed to bo for shipment, ns tho cP CC . “° il ' r °igbt3_,offer a boiler clmnco' ii D Bb *PP ors ’ Tho receipts coutinno' l|£iVf“ t 2?„°? aßon - “? dlt is gouorally thought that they will bo ovon loss next wook, none home sent forward oxcopt tbat.alroady untlor onlora to i S °i lt> , r .'l l ! UQ tbo loading option; It JP?? 1 ° d ' 4 Wo, advanced to 12c, docllnoii to IVBC, whon tho wonthor showed some faint st|ms °' Clearing up, closing nt bid. Solior ss&xHv 1 aud seller August n;t tholatlor closing at 45}/o. Solior tho month sold at 39>£(S)d0o, closing at 3UJ fc. Strictly i fresh receipts Closed firm at was again strong, closing with sollora nt 89</o. Cash salos worn rsportod of 15,200 bu No. 2 nt ; 5,000 bu do at dOXo; 0,200 bu do nt loffl’nh i ,00 i 0 b ? d ° at 400 i « 000bu do ntOOKo; }sdSS°n bbad o , d 0 fiS?K c ' 45 ' o( ’® bn do at Sofia a ß |Snn 0 i bU i d ° ' 'i ooo bu rejected at 88J/0; 8,800 bu do at SBWo ; 2,000 hu do at 38o; 2(loO ;bu by sample at SOo. 'i’olal, 201,800 hn. jn wo (° ■ ‘ess active . demand, hut eteadv |Ond firm at a shade above the nvorago prices or

Friday. Tho opcenlativo advaneo, duo to bad wonthor, was effected a little earlier in oats than m corn, and was simply sustained by tho lower ing skios to-day. Sailor tho month, or rogulnr BTT/c’ s °id at 31%@320; solior Juno nt B%@ 83Xo; andseUor Juivat all oiOßfng nf nav inßi ??' i Btl ? ol ‘y fr “sb receipts closed firm ?>SoS7 ' i 4 ;™ 11 ? 0 68 wore reported of 1,800 bu s- 22 ihbi 1,800 hu nt S2Ko; 000 bn at 829/o • lf’af?/ bU i™'!'? > ID.WW bu at S2o; 26,000“hh rsjsctod nt 80j/o; 1 800 bu at L°." mPl ° “ S 31 °' ei ° b “ a ° Bye was quiet nnd firm nt yesterday’s advance. Tho doolinoln freights is bolioved to havo brought several shipping orders horo, but generally at Sn^ a i b °m W U }°, mar^ o i> 00 tbot Iboy cannot bo hF‘? d i°i' a b4l “B mdifforent about soiling, in rocolptß, n°t largo stooke, nuil nn tn i“?nni in w rn ß Cash salos wore limited to-day B°oob bn do at Pdg ° ’ rCC ° irtß;) 70 °’ and was dull and''inactive till noar tho tbo ™, boln ff sovorol small .lota on tho apparent buyers, except at Priooß BO far below former quotations tbit tho o S ar( lod a3 informal. Thou « °lr w S ro a °M d nt a doclino of l@2o 2 » tbo lower grades woro 1 “r 01, to A Wo quote tho market as closing at 74(g»830 for No. 2; G5@700 forNo.B; and 47@500 for rejected; tho iuaido for Book laland rooeipta, and tho outside in other bouses. Cash sales woro reported of 1,000 bu No. 21 af 83o; 400 bu do at 81o; ‘ I.COO bd do at 750j 1,000 bu do at 740. Total, b,2do bu. . T LATEST. ■ la tuo afternoon whoat was quiet, and Armor: nominal at oollor tho mouth and 28^®1 - 2 , «ollor Juno, closing at -su.2B?'j. Comwaa-in fair request and Armor* v at . BoUe r Juno, closing R £ Olhor atcda and provisions woro ?nr«i aUt f ♦ ul i? I S n P Q “. was roportod ; for wboat to Buffalo ot 8o ; capacity, 40,000 bu. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. ATrnTTAT W . Saturday Evening, May 10. l.^r°?°p^rSUro™ r r ° auMUn ‘“>'™ “‘M-TOa 11EAN8 AND PEAS—About tho average demand ■ ft 0 P 10 " b i ln PJ 0 “°«Uy maintained. Wo ro peat: Choice hand-picked navies, $3.8002.65 :do mo dluras, $2.4002.50; inferior grades, $1,2502.0(1: green 0! d 0 <iu iS i > ho butter market continues weak and unsettled, and wo drop onr quotations 1020 oil around. Receipts uro not larger than usual at tills period, but. In tho absence of anything llko'acUvily Jn tho demand, aollors arc uuablo to prevent a steady no numulnllou, and ovou lower prices aro looked for Wo nuolo; Common to choice roll, 18®24o; alricllycholce dairy, packed, 28©31o: medium to good, 230250 2 in ferior to common, o®2oo, * 1 BAGGING—A quiet feeling still prevails in this mar ket, and prices remain steady on previously quoted >\o repeat our list, as follows: Blark, S7o : Ludlow! S?» BowUlon, 84tf 0; American, 32^c; AmoskenH 83‘$o; Otter Crock, 340: burlap bags, 4 and 5 bu. 200 220; gunnies, single, 17©28o; do double, 38020 a* wool sacks, OTtfc. VJ * DROOM CORN—Contlnocs fairly active, tho higher quaUUoa being firm. Wo repeat quotations: No 1 liurj/ 6Jtf®7o per lb; No, 1 stock braid. CoCw"o* No. 3d0,404W0; No, 3 do, 80ytfoj lusliJo green 1 @4 Wo; do rootlp, 3040j «So pale and red, Q(ai“Wo * BbILDINO fiATlillfALsluma “Sa 1 «„i„V er w iQ m ? derato . r °auoat. Pressed brick ta quiet. Wo again quote : Stucco, $2.5002 75 • New York stucco, casting, $3,7504.00 • sunorl Ron ,*J* 6 0@4.00 ! Portland cement,’ $7,000 8.00 per brl; llosondale cement, $3.2503.50; Utf. ca, Louisville, and Akron cement, $2.00 per brl* morble dust, $3.2303.50 jllmo In bulk, OOcQSl.oo * lime {brlß),si.Qs per brl; while Baud, per brl. $1.75 0.00 ; plastering hnlr, per bu, 40050 c : flro brick per 1,000, $40.00020.00; building brick (common)' 80W . or brick,‘sl3,oool3.oo i uomitSß? 1 VD l ei » k°, u * 8 byclraullo prtfuacd7f4s,Oo! ?S*rL. M « wa . ukeo l iroaae d, $32.00, del.; do common $14.00; Racine.pressed, $30.00, del.; do common $14,00; Hillsdale, $‘25.00. del. { Indiana pressed $22 mi “° «W.OO ; lire da?; ?{? brl! $?00 .or SIO.OO per ton. Tho following la the 1 Rot 0/prices per hot of 60 feet for domcatlo window glass, from whlcli a seduction of 45 and 0 per cent la made 0 rtnt Double 7XIO to Bxlo ; ?'"& ***?& Bxl4lo 10x16 8.10 lo’oo 12x18 to 10x20 (pa inYjX 18x32 to IBxW u.oo i«oo 30x28 t034x30...... 13.(j0 i'S 80x00to40x00 .*..- JJ’JS ' OiIIIEBE--Tbo situation of this market was without Important change. Uusluou Is dull, and will probably so continue until there Is decided Improvement lu the quality of the cheese, that now oil'erlug LeUnr mostly of i?y Wo quote: New York factor. IBQlflo; Ohio factory, 18@U«j Western factory, id 12, 1873. & 'MUT; te-isf; k/ >0.00; Hocking Valby, fu.ooi* Inffi; 3 “Sit* ]li“it M°?wnmii s *% : rn tumi Brlt<v w -“' ! Uorcce, $1.W@1.70; whisky barrels, st,Co(V?i2,lo t flour barrels, BO®55o; pork slaves, rough, |I?.00020 OOr do bucked or- sawed, $30.00025.005 Uorco staS rough, $20.00(335,00} do bucked or sawod. £25 oo^ i °^ a H*!U, flour “laves, so7oo®ii.oo • circle 7®flO per BStj flOUf hoop poICH, SM,f)O m t pork and Uoroo polos, s3o.od®osioo «,. l i C !° S r Xl f ll J° ,nfl,,cnco of an active demand ftJJd moderate offerings, prices wore strong at 12013 a. Bales Include 2,0D0 doz and 350 cases at 13kfo »i onn dor. and 31 brls at J2o. * • 1,2 • FBATIIBU3—Prime feathers are in request at full ■former prices. Other grades ore unchanged. The offerings ore very light. Wo quote: Prime to choice ia££?°l oftt7lJ ® 7flo » from Aral hands; Jobbing prices, • 78@B5ofor ossorlod feathers } mixed feathers, 400505 c: . !« cn » °@ Be » halos Include 4 sacks prime live geese at 7uo, ° n,»!?I r rl Vcr ?, 111 , a « mnn| l “I unchanged tirlcw, : 1 IJniSS'J't r " U .“ B , Btco, JX “" a flrnl > toll > for •““» »"J SS”! 51 iaorip lon.. woroimat our qnolallorm ufyoa !“'• » 7 -<K>! No. 5 do, tejr,j m "'“'torol, a fcrt, 111.00a11.5S j No. 1 bay.' *9.00(31).05: No. 3 bay mackerel, ijf bri, $7,35(37.50: No 1 R °dliab, nor 100 11,»| fd.00@0.25j Qoorgo'n codflah, 5d.7C(37,00; Labra "l’uta ljr L’" S3.UOOn.Mj <IoK brL $1.75, ji?fer0 8 .5& 420,,5 “ ! ■&«: NUTS—No haportont ohango took place lu this market. A fair amount of trading was done in currants, prunes, figs, and raisins, nut ether varie ties were dull. Prices were generally easy, Wo quote* X'onrjQH—Dates, 8®0c; flgs, drums, UQlio: fl/m.. : Turk oypvuucs, OjtfQlOo; raisins .$37(15, @2.75; Zanlo currants, 7;f@B,Vc. Domksiio—Aldcn apples, 18<3300j Michigan do, C(fi7o; Western do, 500 c j Bouthorn do, 4®50; peaches, pared, 17@10o; poach- S"» CSo>6o; do, mixed, 4,mw c ; blackberries, B,\@9,tf o; raspberries,4o@«c; pitted cherries,22o2lc. ni U ? 0 7T H@lsc; ohuouds, Terrnfioua, 210 N^or Imi V 24 Urflzll ". lO'tfOllVo; cans, HQl3>tfo; African peanuts, gt o?,Jl??.9 Hl peanuts, 4>f(Soo. i GItLLN IIIUITS~-Oraußoo and lemons are In ac- : mn»V 0 « fc » an J l « rn, *i °hplco apples ore quite scarce fjl4 higher, but there Is a fair supply of common lots, which are slow of oalo. Gooseberries were sold at 430t auti ,4., fo 'V cases of Mluubwlppl strawborrlcs, In bad condition, nt 20®250 per quart. Wo nuoto: An *l'Slra5 0 rS ,I, Z l ' > , { ?"> i nooi to eboleo, $3.0004,50 per brl from store; cranberries fcullil 7cn int. tin‘^W 12,00 ror brl * lomona at $7.00® l'!rl?™^L ld iS vmo oronces, $5.0000.00; Messina do, $0.C0® 7 .50, Pineapples, $4,00® 5.00 per doz. Ban anas, $3.0()®7.00 per bunch. u ,w ‘ wrttoZ * o^2. I,rko , t 18 q l dot and P ricM aro nominally 1^ rlmo hops have boon sold In Wisconsin to country brewers at 430. Wo quote: Prime to Ch o innV C mpil’ W 4 * 5 . 0; I corn ? oa to 23@30c. OROOLItIES—In ibis department of trade only a “SJ "f J°. V UBiDCBa Wfto trousactod, ond values were not subjected o any nrououuced change. Firmness char u?.f n=f,»l l r° “".u 1 .(. or coffees, sugars, and spices; hut, aside from this, the prevalent feeling was not nar tlcularly buoyant. Wo quote as follows: P Bi Card. Bo»a—7*i®B>fc. Ooppeeh—Mocha, 82®330; O. G, Java. 27028 a • 2<J ® 2C i^ o » fancy Itio, 2i®24ko; choice «%^ 023 ’ iOJ srimo7l5 rimo7l good do, 22’? c Ai« comnion „»?» 21>tfQ2IJXo: roasting do, 20® t ? Bap °f°' Costa hloo, fancy, 341f® J^^ prll . no ' 2 fVs @2 i° * Maracaibo, w ® eo: Oaro - Brauu-niUnt'cut loitf, ia>;<ail3«os cmshcd, IrfjSffft'" ll ? umivic: jC otamlard lUf@ll**o; do Ko, 2,8, lltauko* ox! moi'flJ O V' , f c 'i ONo * 2 4 yellow O,’lo>f ®lo>tfo; choice brown, b JY® «?(li/ a r J l ?' ; choice molasses augar, W S!S^°i ; ni^o r ,/ 0 ' Now Orleans sugar, choice, lOQlQtfo; do prime, O^QO/io: do fair. 0® Ojtfo: common, B(3BJtfc. ». v» silver drips °*;i a no ',?“^? 3 ° Lffootl migar-bouso syrup, 45@480 ; extra do, 00@55u: Now Orleans molasses, cbolco. sd ®85o; do prlrao. 75@80o; do common, 05@700 ; Porto «ico molasses, choice, 65©C50 ; common molasses. 33 @4oc. ' Baleiiatus—Common to best. o®loo, Al, BPlce, 17@I8o j cloves, 87@330 ; cassia. 88Q40o ; popper, 23»£(g211.{'0 { nutmegs, $1.25Q1.30: pure, 28®300 ; do No. 1,20®250: do No! 2. id 17iJS£3~ Fr £ n !'f IHk'.OXSOXoj Germanmottled, IW®7Ko : GolJonWcßr, 6@o,Wc; W'hlto Lily, O,W® Whilei Hose, OifSHtfo j brown Windsor .w® v£° I pnlm, C@o,*sc; Savon Inipcrii’l, Cw@o^c. ■ Staroh—Gloss, 9K@loc; corn, 0®llo; laundry, c® ,7c; common, —' U AY—Tim market fop timothy hay was again dull and weak, wlilloprairlo was In fair request and steady Tim supply was liberal, and moro than equal to tiro demand. Wo qoulo wholesale prices paid by dealers, as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: Oh Thaoe—Timothy ii^MnW 1 ' $15,C0@10.60 | timothy, loose pressed .SH.CO@ 15.60 ;prolrio pressed, J12.00® 13.00. OhWaqoh -f‘' n o b r , loose, $10.00018.00; praido, loose, $14.00® to distance dcUvory of pressed, SI.OOQI,CO, according HIDES—'Wero In light request only, anil wore again quoted cany. Wo malm no change in our list: Green city butchers’,7o; green cured light, HQllifoj do lS. Vy ’ ?“ rt c .'i rci1 ' gniu coif, 10c; vcol klj) lie: dry coif, 20c! dry him 220; dry tolled, 17@18c; dry flint, 20@2Io; long-Llrcii kin, I :^ c L deacon Bk *ns. 40®00o; grubby, ccorod, cut, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. 1 IRON AND STEEL—Merchants reported a mod- I erntely actlvo trade at tho annexed rates s iron Uorso-eboo iron.. Plato Iron, common tank. Russia iron Kusaia iron, No, 1 stained lb Norway Iron ... 9 <a owe Mlb Norway util roda Otf ®loo |i b German plowßtsul «120 « ib EuglUh cast plow steel ! .12 @l2 Vo »lb American tool steel ;i7tf @IBO gj b Chrome tool steel 4....18 w ib English tool steel ,”..2IV «£3 r Jtca LEATHER—A quiet feeling prevailed in this market, and prices wore steady, as previously quoted: ’ JIBMLOCa, City harness Country harness Lfne, city, y lb Kip, y lb Kip, veals City upper, No. I, ft. City upper, No. 2, ft. Country upper, No. 1... Collar, y it Calf, city Calf, country Bough upper, standard. Bough upper damaged. BulfaloTuaughtcr sole,. "B. A,” 601e...,i,..,.. SSf ’• 1.25® 1.45 • iV 1 ’ • 750 1.10 llunioan ■ \ 5 FroncU calf. Jodot.. C3.00@00.00 Krencb calf, Lcmolno CO.OO08O.Ol) Fronoh calf, 24 to 30 lbs i wja 2 DO Frenchkip, CO to 100 lbs i 2 ics i METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK-Wore lu moder ate demand, on local and Interior account, at tho an nexed prices : Tin Plate—lo,loxll, $1B.C0; do, 12x12, $15.60: do. |3(fo(s ’ do * roofing, 10, $14.50; do, 20x29, Pio Tin—Largo. 42c; email, 43fi: bar, die. Sheet Zino—Fullcasks, lie: haucatku.llVtaiivr* leas quantity, 11 Wo; Blab, Oe. •tiu****'* Shert luon—No. 24, Cjtfo mien. Galvanized Iron—No. 10020, i«o ; No. £2024. iflo • No, 25020,170; No, 27,18o; Jfo. 28, 20e, A discount of 15 per cent is undo from the list. Copper— Copper bottoms, 45048 c; brozlora, over 12 lbs. 470; tinned copper, 4Ho. Wire— 3tos,Bc; 0,8, audO, 10o; lOtoIl.llo; 12, lljtfo; 13 and 14, l2^o; 1C and 10, 14c; 17,15 c: 19 lflc;12,19o; 20, 20o; full bundle, 15 per cent dla . count; fence wire, 7>tf@7>Xo. NAILS—Were iu fair request, at a reduction of 13Wc allround. Now quotable at $5.23 rates. Wo quote: 10®C0d, perlieg, $5.25 rates; 8d do, $5.50 ; Od do, $5.75: 4d do, $O.l'JJ<; 3d do, $0.76 ; 3d do, fine, $8.23; 2d do! $9.60: cilucli. s7.o2>tf. ' * 1 1. STORES—Were fairly active and nlendy, at tho following prices : Manilla rope, y lb, 18®10o j slnal roi», %) lb, 10017 c; hemp each cord, 59 lb. 20023 c: wnr lino. W lb, aoiaaao ; larred rope, v lb, lfics l 7S: olkum, brl'wMsoS) 0 ' 50 ® r Koll > w 1)rl . «0.0°®7.00i tar. tj OILS—Wero comparatively steady, there being no quotable chango lu any description, rollowlntr nro tho prlcw current: Carbon, 20@30.K0s extra hrd «i m. i 1' JPnf t linseed raw, WO. do boiled, $1.03; ■whale, fl8o; sperm, $3.00(74 2.10; noatsfoot oil, strictly pnro, $1.10; do extra 0.>o; do No. 1, 80o; bank oil, 70o; ctralti, 750: ol opbant oil, 05c; turponlluo, flic: naphtha. 03 Grav ity, 30@2lo; naphtha. common, 17@18c. H X*IG IKON—'Wo continue to quote: MassUlon II .*.‘,‘ll .* .* T 11 * moo Lwko Superior. C8.00@Co!(K) Chicago stone coal 67 00 Missouri stono coal * 67.00«58 oo rOULTHY—IVaa scarce and in good local requestat a higher range of prices. gates inoludo 3 coops lur «ior«i Jn o; i. lcoop do st Iflo: a coops chickens at $4.35@1.80; 11 coops at $4.00: i coop at $3,70. POTATOES—-Choice injachulows (told readily ot 4S(a 800 on track, and 60@fi5o deliverod. Common lota wore dull. Sales comprise 1 car choice poaohblews at 620 : 2 cars do at BOo; l oar at 490; 1 car at 48o: l car at 470; all on track; 1 oar do at 800 ; l car at 640 • 1 car a BOo; car common at 460, delivered. BALT—Wm in modorato demand at the prices given below: Onondaga and Saginaw, flue, $3.00: ordinary coarse, $2.00: coarse DWluond 0. *235 • ground sohw, $3.26: dairy, without bags, $3.60 ; dairy! with bags, $4.n0(54,75; Ashton dairy, per sack. $5 oo • ground alum, $2.8tH«t2.40; Turk's Island, $2.00. ’ BAUU, DOOIIS, AND liLINDB.—Wwo quiet and /romZ C u;.«li taM ' m ‘ ° r 15(5,J0 «” »« nl •■■”«»« mirket was quiet for all descriptions. The timothy trade for the season Is now about over. ««PP jr ls ««W ( and prices range from $3.75 to, “. ro#,md unchanged, quotable at Kt7K«*nn^W ri u U i Wfta flr,u $1.40(31.90, and millet at Sales wore reported of 44 bags in v^iV«^. a 5.? 4 . ,0 ° 5 6 hogs at $3,00; 33bag ap rlmo mlllot at sl*lo M b ° B, ‘ Utm ß»rl*n at $1.40; 80 bugs TEAS-—Wore quiet and stoadyat former quotations s *, a u“? Hyson, common to fair, 48@58o; do good. i to extra hue, $1.00@U0; o!( j Hyson. 7U@0Bo; common Im perial, COQOBo; good to oholoedo, 80c(3$l,l0j fine to BOOil gunpowder, 70c®,1.10 ! Choice, fI.IMI.JO •, -fl Cliolco to extra loaf Japsn,ooo®fl,(>i), f™,. to good do, 70®R0o: common do 32®150 i colored noli! I AI . ~ rI V'V!’JSP,' fommon-to,lino.oolong, 83® * mAifX'ltiHl" 5 " ; , dl0 ‘ c 0 <« °*lrs,’ T M.9 I ™£‘ !0 -7l t ° 1 ”5. ln * unchanged. Wo iiuolo) llSr.™nti?o3?o;-''“ 9 " ,O; “* brlßht - *&» monXmS.ldlSoS' 83 ®” 0 ’ mMUum ’ com ' WOOD-OonilnltM active and atcady nt Iho followlno Blabm W.OMo)lvcrod ' ‘ n ° P '°' * U ’?° * Wclmry - calc, Imt without quotnhlo oliango, Tho following quotations aro for nil wool: 8 “towing lul), washed, oslrn medium,' Tub, washed, common tofair " ’iiSS Common dingy F ooco, washed, X&XX, J1nhf......*!!*.! F ecco, washed, X*XX, dingy...... i occo, wnsiicd, niodiumUflht:::.. S2tK Fleoco, washed, medium dliiDy. gcoco,unwashed, X&XX.lugoodcondjttVm.'iiSS Ffcoco, unwashed, coarso to modi urn..... * Extra* imUon.’.''* 380430 Hurry wool CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. lloviotv lor tlio AVcolc Kiiiiv,,- day Evoniiiff, may 10.* ■ ~r' SATunoAT Evening, May in Tlio receipts of Uvo otook during tho week have been aa follows t Monday. Tuesday,...., Wodnojday... Thurnday..., Friday.,.,i,, Saturday Total Last wook Week before last. Shipments wore os follows Monday..,, Tuesday..., Wednesday. Thursday,. Friday YMlingVof 7 m r ® co *pt®» the past week ling witnessed onlv "}|Bbt Imjirovcmont ju tbo tone of tbo market for this class of stock, a dull feeling permeating tbo market '«»«« to tbo cloue, While prices have boon B,lßtatn cd for al * Braden, thoro has been no partic ular firmness In any, and, all thlugo considered It baa & “n? n . Mltafll s ' v<,cl£ f °P WMlcrn Bblppors! their profits in no luatanco being yory considerable wbilo perhaps lu a majority of eases they have mo£ with actual losses. At tbo close, however tbo market wears a rather better look. Yesterday’s and to-day’s ccoboard iudlcuto » bcallblor coin lV,‘Jn I 11 ?™’ “ nd , uul ° M tb ° "nulling week ft 1 • 'o o lergo incrcano X y< thcro oro BUl, »tauUal reasons for ?£f,tt nß ti“ oro remunerativeprices. Tbo offerings, though hardly as good as those of last week or tbo uroi vious one, wore fully up to theavorage of formcr yJaS ?1. i l s° rr ?BP°nainfir period, and wore mainly suited to tbo requirmonta of tbo trade. Slock steers are still la good,roqucflt. oud sell steadily at $3.76@4.38 for com- J 0 * B *°\ e era. ra 8 In ff from 700 to 000 lbs, f?d nonf, ,Co^C,CO fop R oo<l to prlino droves of from 000 ft? average. Tbo supply of real calves has ox !^, ede “ • i 1 0 demand, and prices are lower In conso nuonco, closing rates being $3.00®4.00 for poor to mo rna,ißUd for good to choice. JSTii ft 7 tb ? ro waß . mo . r .° Uf ® ln tado Uian on tbo preceding days of tbo week, and the pro valent leollng was sensibly firmer. Thoro was a very porcopUblo Increase In tbo demand for shin, meat, and most of tbo offerings (Including tbo stall ,' fcro disposed of. Sales wero reported at&l.BO @4.70 fo? poor to good butchers* stuff s at $3.7503.00 for stpekers} and at $4,76@0.12# for common to extra shipping hooves. The market closed firm. _ , , QUOTATIONS, i.xlra—Graded steers ovoraglug 1,450 lbs and upwards ; $0 000025 Oholco Bcovos—Fine, fat, well formed 3 year jpr old aloora, averaging 1,300 to 1,450 lbs k fto/aa 7* Good Bcovcs—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 Jhs 5,1506.85 Medium Grades—Steers In fair flesh, nver aging 1.100 to 1,250 lbs ; 4.8006.00 Butchers Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.00®4.75 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, In docent flesh, averaging 700-to 1,080 lbs 3.7605 00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, bolfors, stags, bulls, and scabawag slocra 3.00@3.75 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered 4.0004.50 Cattle—Gorn-icd Texas...., 4.5005 00 BOGS—A steady, fair business has been doing *Jn this department, at prices not varying materially from thoao current on tho closing days of last week, tbo bulk °!> i having been effected within tho range of ?m.10@8.2.). In comparlßoo with last week’s supply, the receipts hare been light, a falling off of some 20.1 000 being noted, but for this season of tho year tho ar rivals were largo, and fully equaled tho demand. Tn.^°’? a 7’. *abr activity provailod, Now York, Boston. Philadelphia, Cleveland, Canada, and local buyers opo ratlng with considerable freedom, and the market Ann at $.».00@6.20 for poor to medium, and at $5.2505.35 for good to choice. Tho following transactions fairly reflect tho market: ■ UUlt nAULH) A.V, Price . IVO. At. Price.\2io, Av. Price . 100 283 $3.20 30 180 $5.10 55 215 $3.25 47 213 5.40 70 233 5.33 43 220 C.20 57 220 6.03 60 101 6.20 (13 183 D.2S 57 210 5.23 50 239 5.30 71 223 5.20 C 7 100 6,15 60 230 5.25 43 170 5.131/ 65 223 5.30 57 230 5.00 53 223 ' 6.25^ 03 183 ' 6.30 01 100 6.25 58 100 5.30 03 100 6,35 CO 100 • 5.15 60 219 5.25 03 224 5.20 170 179 5.25 112 230 6.30 61 270 5.20 71 180 6.35 73 183 5.25 Cj 184 6.20 111 217 6.25 04 204 5.20 00 225 6,12)4 67 253 6.30 53 198 6.27 V SHEEP—TIio receipts have been light, but quite sufllclont tojncot the demand, and prices have ruled steady nt J3.00i31.00 for Inferior to common, and at $4.23®5.00 Tor good to really choice mutton qualities. Lambs sell at $2,50®4.60 per head, as to quality. 4 4-100 4 8-10 rates 0 @ G 8-10 rates CJtf @7 rates 20@210 rat# Saturday Evening, May 30. The lumber market was more active to-day, Tho offerings were not largo, but fair. Prices are without particular chaugo, joists and scantling selling at SIO.OO 0310.25, and common boards at $10.00012.00. An In ferior quality of lath sold nt 52.35; good lath sell at $2.50®2.76. Shingles nt $3.00®3.25 ; No. I do, $1.23, Cargo schr Paulino, from Muskegon, 68 m joints and scantling nt $10.00; 64 m common boards and strips nt $11.00; 20 m lath nt $3.50. City of Erie, from Grand Haven, 190 m boards and strips atsl4.oo; J, Dean, Jr from Grand Haven, 10 m A shingles at $3.23; 10 m No. Ido at $1.23; J. A.’ Travis, from Muskegon, 65 m common boards and strips at $11.50; o'm Joists nnd 1 scantling ut SIO.OO ;10 m lath at $2.50; O. F. Allen, from Grand Haven, 1,141 m A shingles at $3.00; 137 m ordinary m lath : at $2 .‘.15; Hub hard, from While Lake, 00 m course mixed at $10.00: schr Dresden, from Frankfort, 90 m Joists and scant- Huge at $10.25; schr Menominee, from Manistee, 225 m Joists nnd scantling at $19.25 ; schr Raleigh, from Manistee, 140 m joists and scantling at $10.25 ; schr Cecelia, from Manistee. 180 m Joists and scantling (largely Joists) at SIO.OO ; Eliza Day, from Ludington 100 m joists and scantling ut $10.00; Falcon, from Ludington; 08 m Joists and scantling at $10.03, .$ 320 41 . 80® 83 . 41® 43 . CO® 1,10 . 83® 1,20 . 23® 80 . 25® 27 . 25® 27 . 20® 23 . 1.20® 1.40 . I.lo® 1.25 so® . as . 27® SO 83® 37 80® 32 • lumber freights. Manistee, $3.00®3.25 ; Ludlngtou, $3.00; Muskegon. $2.60 ; Oconto, $1.00@4.25 ; Menominee, $3.00®3.25 ; Peutwalcr, $2.76®3.00 { White Lake, $2.75; Orand Haven, $2,50. AT THE YARDS, The market was more active, tho inquiry being chlolly confined to tho common, grades of .building lumber. Prices arc unchanged. Hard wood was in moderate demand and steady. We quote: First clear. $52.00 @55.00 Second clear, 1 Inch to 2 Inch. 47.00 @SO 00 Third clear, 1 Inch 38.00 @40.00 Third clear, thick 45,00 First and second clear fioorlng,togeth er. rough 40.00 @12,00 Hrat and second clear aiding, to gether , 23.00 @24.00 Common siding 20.00 @22.00 Common flooring, ’dressed, first 34.00 @30.00 Common flooring, dressed, second.... 29.00 @3200 Wogou-box boards, selected, 14 inches and upward 07.00 @40.00 A slock boards 37.00 @40.00 H stock boards 28.00 @30.00 0 stock boards 18.00 @22.00 Common boards 14.50 @1550 Joist, scantling, small timber, etc., 10 * fcotandunder 13.00 @14.00 Femdng 13.00 g uoo Joist and Bcautllug, 18 to 24 feet HJ.OO @20.00 1 loke s, square 14.00 @15.00 llckots, f1at...... @15.00 Cedar posts, split 14,00 @R*.OO Cedar posts, round 17.00 @25,00 - Lath......... 0.23 @3.50 Lath,on track...,. 2.73 @3.00 No. 1 eawod shinglee 1.50 @ 2,00 A0r5tar......... 3.60 @ y.75 Shingles on track.,, 8.12M® 8 37J4 No. I sawed 1,25 @ li6o Three dollars per car to bo added when transferred, which charge follows tho shingles. Thloknoos—Five shingles to bo two inches In thick ness. I Length—Sixteen Inches, lIAUOWOOD, Black-Walnut Counters, J100.00@150.00: clear 105.00075.1)0; common, fl0.00@50.00: cull. 230 00,-a 05.00} flooring, $50.00@(i0.00. * ,VJ ' A A a h—Oloxir. f.iO.OO@IO.OU ; common, $20.00(325 00 • cult, fl2.OO01fl.OU; flooring, f3o.Do@io.oo • cuKlafooei’sSS' 011 ® 10 ' 00 ’ common ' *“'«'325.00 i 15 - 00 ' “ mraon ' w«® .S l S“»'if , ’"' i ‘ 0,1101 common, $20.00930,00 i ernu^r^^car » *50.00000,00; common, $23,000 8 5 S!”S. O &0H!M® CO - OOi C ° mm °” 1 ‘“• 00 ® aSIM'^uWo&JMr 3 ' 0,001 common ’ m °° Wagon Stock—Ulckory axles, nor sot, $1,00®1.50 • wagon poles, each, 45055 c 5 box boarda, fa3.00@lo.0o! Now Voric Dry Goods fflnrlcot. .urn**! 0BK * ? Ift f 10.—The trade movement was alow with the mannfaalurers agents, ami the jobbers dlstrl iibllon was light. The market for cotton goods re mained unchanged. Bleached shirtings are Arm in first hands but Irregular with the Jobbing, who offer concessions on some prominent brands. i'Jno brown sheetings are In good demand at current rates. Rolled jttcconou are moving briskly at reduced prices. Col* Cattle, ITorje. Sheep, 0,014 7,017 112 .. a, ’158 B,’JOO 700 .. 2,570 11,493 COT .. 3,743 10,000 828 .. 2,088 10,537 2,602 . 800 8,600 . . .15,482 60,208 4,290 .52.718 71,530 0,491 .20,001 20,070 1,088 Cattle, JTo'is, Sheep, .... 2,054 O,DCO LUMBER. Provisions—Heavy and weak. Mesa pork, $18.60® 19.00, Bacon In fair demand—Shoulders, B)jc@B)jc ; ribs and sides, 9?4®10c; clear sides, 10,V®I0)4or sugar-cured hams, 14®18c. Lard dull and nominal. IlDTTEn—Western firmer. Primo to choice, 20® •280 | choice grass, 30c. Whisky—Nominal, 90)4®92c, , OSWEGO. ■ Oswego, May 10.—Wheat quiet. Oorn—Western. Co®Co)4c. Barley quiet and unchanged. DETROIT. Detroit, May 10.—Breadstuffs—Flour quiet and 1 unchanged. Wheat inactive demand and advanced extra, $2.05; No. 1, $1.9501.03)4 ; .amber, $1.70@1.79 Oats in good demand nt full prices; Western, 40a* • Corn steady at 60a bid, 610 asked. ' Receipts—Flour, 2,000 brla; wheat, 3,000 bu: corn. 3,000 bn ; oatr, 3,000 bu. ’ * Shipments—Flour, 1,000 brls; wheat, 14,000 but corn,4oo bu. * Philadelphia, May 10.—Uueadbtutts— our dull and unchanged. Wheat firm; rod, $1.95. Rye un changed at 85c. Com, business small; yellow. C4oi mixed Wcßtem, 03!4®C4c. 9 Provisions—Quiet; mess pork, $10.00®19,50* Whisky—Dull at 030, NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans. May 10.—Breadstuffs—Corn quiet 1 mixed, 640; white, 55®570, Oats advanced to 440. Bran dull and lower ut 700. Hay—Dull; prime, $25,00; choice, $37.00. PnovieioNß—Pork dull ut SIB.OO. Dry salted meat* at 7Ja<*, and o@9)fo. Bacon drooping at B)4c, 10a ’ OnocEiuKS— Coffee higher at 7#o. Cotton—Active; sales 7,800 bales; receipts, 1,063 bales; oinorla for the Continent, 1,349 bales ; coast ife, Mea? Liverpool, 8,032 bales; atock. 14,037 bales. * „ BUFFALO. Doffalo, May 10.—Bueadstuffb—Wheat—No, a Milwaukee club held nt $1.62; buyers offer $1.60. Oorn —bales of 8 cars at 52®630. Oats—Sales of 700 bu Western at 45c. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in'the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. , These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. O. DOW, Boom 1 Nevada Bloch. nm'il C °m?rtwi« llro - ( i rm "f d M,,J - “ dl 7<>- rrinlc nils noodV -SSI.7 I woolono pro very dull, Foreign «8o week 2m to r&o/IM. f 1 ‘ nl ’ otl * io ‘ markets by TELEGRAPH, j TTornltyn JllarUotn. wbcnl, 37a fid. Winter olnb, las 3d. Corn ffi’oil 2d ® laj 2a > wWto. Hold) • Fork, 008. Lord, »o«. changed. 1 * 001 '’ blar 10 P* m.—Droadaluffs nn lord, 300 Bd. crossed tbo rato 7 of °di<Sml U v m5 f bin In per cent. un«ml a per coni. It la now 0 B*7 now 6», mif ; Uric, 33. 0 “'i ro Jf i UWOJ, bpo'l 30snd®*H>s ° f duty ’ oa bps lll cauaoa adocllno; Xnllmv 33, od. - ■ Jtoluicd petroleum, 13"f@U7d rAni" K MiS. T (i%-MOs of 1003,05'.'. : "--“ mills tint nl Off 30c. Iialeo: spoonlatlon^muiS! o ?nff-A 1 I'“’ Bhlimicnta from Now Orl?nni U o i* 0 <? d ' Aprll nnd May 07.. Cd. 00rn,27.0i\ La?i Z? “U 5123 - Rout, Anxivnnr, iley V- k'roduco IWnrltot,. SS I J S® , w,7^ i i'“ :r rSSiSS? £”SS^ n |g3-» 48,000 l»u; Vo , n«ni n r r. , 2.^ o<l demand: l.CO; car lota No mIMdMS waukoo,;nlrJct^nT^| fl2 i < ?^ l.o4; No. 9 MJU amber Western/ *2 05 UviPn%H lt i s ßher one! scarce; lower; Oanada/^i^jr;^® 1 1“*ot ami Ann. Barley colnta, 80,000 t # ‘ l0 * w flr ®" Com firmer; ro , old, afloat, COt/t «ili od Beaton), OTihoOkfa • mixed Woalorn! cm, 50063 c; wMtt^S, n °wmixed Wouu cm, 40@0l>/o. black West- J CBiOM . £aoß_Quiot and unSiSS. Woor^Daii. ; Orinoco, 270?3 C Texes, 17ii(d25„ . /JITO Californio, njgaoei BtmmS' w.» u owaelicd, 30033 * ptendy; centrifugal t®ovn. B ]!’ o J 7 - v * 10^c - «ogar Now Orleans, 680.700 iiiJn’oif ', MBUS unchanged: PnTnOLnu,U L Vw 0 r; So oSL*J 7 -"a® B Kc. ’ TunrnHTiNE— Dull el mi ’ “■'f u .K°i rellncd, 20c. prlnm^Stßoj 1 n S7 7 i ! I ' M ’ * 17,7S i <al» tn.(l3 bid. fn.fc Ltof, t „*,}, 7- «oUw Juno; bams (]tuct j tierce beef d,il? U rf..> ,d ‘ ,caa y 1 beef lower; nlclrfcd bem«, » obodo easier J long clear, 0 «0Ojo; ffiSi S ldle " » «bndo Itoslom steam, B Morans,iSii’ ?&•„ brm j BuTTEn—Dull hii4. S’/Wlic. 27@300 ; now State, 28@32/ * • 10 Western, wSSESasi g? l^ 6 » 4ll and American about nnloi°t/e ■ E,l glbb Buaale. Nalls gut™ ; Ju \ S 0 ;°;? 17 ; 00 ,.8 01 d. 7 “' „ • -' I bdi' an'il pri^ 1 sea^^ s T D '^,B-- :I?1 ” ~l^ SSS^|« clear nb uldcfl, * ealehMT?- r °X° • clear, aXQVr; £»acon qulc’t at^ 0 BC !L O . r J ?V°» *’& /«r ( Wu 18KV— Finn at 88c. ' , MEMPHIS. 10^~ Dem ‘ naral ’ ; "”4 price ndToccd, tIB.OOO Brak—Scarce and firm at $15.00. Xno visions—Bacon dull ami prices drnnnino $lO 50 ‘ Porl£ dnU oua Priect drooping at m „ TOLEDO. wifn^ ,tDo, i 30.—DiiBADSTurra— Eour steady, wheal a shade higher; No. 3 white Wihcah *i rx • o * 5 acllerJmo, *’ jn‘ 2d0,51.70. Corn a siaio higher; • 6(dlerMa y» We; seller *o° . * iiuV B ®fl epSo ldcmbor yellow, 60c; no anti, ll^n oata ?, flh ? do higher; No. 2, 420 . Michigan! Spot, 420 ; eoller Juno, 44c. B », Olovcu Sato—s4.«i). • EuniflllXS—Buffalo, 3’-tfQ4o • Ontrego, *IJ^(S6o. oofoSolm •' «S?"ioo hS “■ ! vhM ’ c ' ooA “ •• 'I^ffSTSESS? 1 ““"-‘■ ba; corn, _ ST. LOUIS. Sr. Loots, May 10.—BuEADSxurFS—Flour quleUnd unchanged; business light. Wheat dull W un -5^ E . * ““Plo lota.floft No. 3 Chicago spring. o* ? r o faU » f 1.00, Corn active and odvancl cd, No. 3 miEed, 39)4@40a c aBh, In elevator; 41 v® 42c for Juno. Oats active and advanced: No 2 cash, in elevator; SOtfo f or July. Barley and rye uu changed. Little doing. J Whisky— Higher at 900. p ? rk nominally lower: offered a $17.76. Dry salted meats, nothing done. Bacon opened dull and lower; sales clear sides at 9)/o: closed firmer with some Inquiry for future, but buyers did not moot acUors’vlews. Lardnomlnal Ilooa—Lower at $1.60(35.10. Cattle— Dull; for Inferior to common, 2®3)4c: fair to choice * * MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, May 10.—BanADSTUFis—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady: No. 1 Milwaukee. $1.87; No. 2, sl.C9),£. Oats in fair demand, and ad vanced ; No. 2, 32)<0. Corn In fair demand, and ad vanced; mixed, 42)40, Rye steady; No. 1. CflWc. Bnrloy atcady ; No. 2 spring, 80c. Freights— To Buffalo, 8#o; to Oswego, 14c. Receipts— Flour, 6,000 brla ; wheat, 70,000 bu. Shipments— Flour. 3,000 brls : wheat, 100.000 bu. ’ CLEVELAND. • Cleveland, May 10.— Bbkadstuffs— Wheat qtilcl but firm; hold at SI.BO for No. 1 red; SI.GB®I.C7 fus No; 3 do. Corn bettor; hold at 62@53c. Oats ttondv at 45e. . Petroleum— Standard white firm at ICtfo for car lots; Ohio State test, 24(324)40. BALTIMORE. Baltimore, May 10.—Flour firm and unchanged. ; Wheat steady; Western rod, $1.80@1.90; amber, $1.0.1 ®2.00. Corn firm ; mixed Western, 04e. Cute firm : Western mixed, 60o; white, 61®520. Rye firm, 95c® PHILADELPHIA. TO RENT,

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