Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 12, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 12, 1873 Page 7
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THE KANSAS BUTCHERY, A Farm Planted with Corpses—Elßlit Bodies Already Discovered* f-Voin tht Kama* City US met, May 0. What follows in its facts may road like tho re cital of somo horrible dream, wherein nightmare mirrors upon tho distempered brain a countless number or monstrous and unnatural things,.yob Vrhab is sob down in tho narrallvo ’is as truo as tho sun. ~ i From tho information furnished to us last Jrlgbt by n gentleman just from tho aoono of tho butchery. and from dispatches and accounts al ready published, wo aro enabled to glvo a tolera bly detailed account of iho monstrous series of murders up to (Into. ' Tho hoglnuing of tho end camo abonb in this wise: On tho oth of March, Dr. William 11. York, tho brother of that other York, famous now for hls penetration of iho' guilty secrets of Pomeroy and Ills betrayal in Iho supreme mo ment of tho Senatorial crisis of : tho trusts con fided to hW kooplng—loft Fort Scott, on horse back, for his homo in Independence; Kan. Ho did not como homo. His friends watched and waited for him, his family prayed and prayed for bim, .the talk of tho town dealt day after day with him. Expectation at last deepened into downright earnestness about him, until on tho C°9tli of March tho Lawrence Tribune gave a riof account of tho mysterious disappearance.- All at ouco thoronftor all tho papers in tho Stato took up tho tnlo of his journey, of Ids non arrival, of tho fears of foul play, and of all tho little details and circumstances that might go to show that ho had boon murdered. Tho most thorough search known to finite skill was at onoo commenced. 'His . neighbors ■ turned out on masse. His brother. Col. A. M. York, rested jioltbop by day nor night In Ids labors, but fol lowed what Boomed to him a trail with tho tenac ity of an Indian and tho dovotiou of a saint, luvord wore dragged, spots At for-an ambush wore probod foot by foot, lonesome places wore quested as . a keen hound scontH a trail that is cold, tho route ho was supposed to havo follow ed had scouts upon it from city to city. Tho tracks «of his- horso oven wero attempted to bo identi fied, but oil to no purpose. Not a shadow of evidence rested anywhere lossy that Dr. York had boon murdered—not a sign anywhere told how ho camo to ids death, if -death indeed had overtaken him unawares. Ho was traced to Cherry valo; but no farther. Thoro tho trail was no longer a trail, but a myth, a mystery, nn onlg ma neither tho unwearied patience or friends, nor tho sacrificing devotion of a hrothor, could solvo. Chcrryvftlo is ft email town on tho Loavon . worth, Lnwrouco & Galveston Kcllroad, and 1b in Lnbotto County, about fifty miles from tho southliuootlhoState.’Totho uoulliof Chor xyvalo, homo two miles or loss, stands a frame lioueo, having in front a largo room whoro tho meals wore served, and in roar a sleeping room . furnished with two bods and oomo soant-addi * tional fumituro besides. William aud Thomas Baudot lived In this Imuflo • with their wives. To tho right of tho dwolling-bouao was nn out-houso, and in tho roar was on enclosed garden of possibly two acres. . -. Tho search seemed to end suddenly at Ohorry *valo. Suspicion, if over entertained, foil upon no ono. xhoro woro various surmises, codjoc .luroa, aud expressions of opinion ; but for tho lifo of any man ho could not say what had bo* como of l>r. York. . Ono day early in April, sorao mon from Chorryvalo rodo over to tho Bonder. House—a .tavern too, it was, whore entertainment was furnished to travelers—to inquire concerning Dr. York, and to loam, if possible, some tidings of bia fate. They learned nothing, however. Nouo of tbo Bonders had soon him, nor hoard of him, nor his mysterious disappearance, nor m»y --# thing that pertained to him. Very well, the aueu said, ana thoy rodo back again as fully,in formed oh botoro. Wm. Bonder, the oldest of tho brothers, had a ■wife who wan a Spiritualist. The balance of tho ' Bonders called her a medium, the neighbors a Bbo-dovil. She was 43, with iron-gray hair ragged at tho ends and thin over tho tomploa. Hot eyes were stool-gray and Bard. Tho light that enrao from thorn was einifitor and forbidding. She bad not a single prepossessing feature. Her form, angular and tall, seemed to lift itself up when tbo spiritual influences took possession of it, afid to bocomo not only gigantic in height, but supernatural as •well. At times sbo dealt in Incantations and tho boiling of herbs and roots that had charms nnd spoils about them. Her will wan indomita ble. All tho household feared her, dreaded her, obeyed her. and, as tho soqual proves, did tbo devil's work for her beyond all tho atrocious devil’s work over done In Kansan. It would soom as if tho visit of tho Oborryvalo party alarmed tbo Bonders. William Bonder, now that tbo tcrriblo secrets bavo como to light, and now that the shallow graves have given up tboir ghastly and mutilated occupants, can bo joraomboroa- os having acted very strangely. fTwico ho bad como into Chorryvalo, and had Boon noticed, upon tho occasion of each visit, to toiler upon the 'outside of crowds, seemingly laving no business, but cagorly intent all tao v limo ia Intoning to everything-that was said; Time, went slowly by, and a man riding in ono day from tho prairio saw no smoko arising from Bonder’s chimney. Tho windows wore down, tho doors, woro closed, there was' no sign of lifo anywhere. These evidences of emigration did not oven iutorost him. So ' absolute was tho etupor over tho disappearance of Dr. York that an awakoniug had to depend upon an absolute discovery. This roan, howovor, In riding by a pen to tho loft of tho house saw a dead calf in tho lot, and upon further invostigalion, and with tho pracaical oyoa of a practical farmer, used to guessing tho weight of live stock upon tno hoof, be know that the calf had died of starvation. Thou tho truth camo, as an overflow comoo often to a Kansas crook, all of a suddou and overwhelming. Such a death suggested flight, flight moaut guilt, and tho nature of tho guilt was surely murder. Ho galloped into Oherry -valo and related what ho had scon. Tho town aroused itsolf. A party was organized instantly and set out for tho Bonder mansion. Then it liras remembered that about two weeks before *lll3—say somowhoro near tbo 241h of April— William Bonder bud sold to some persons either in or near Chorryvalo a watch, somo clothing of iv fluo character, two mules, aud, perhaps, a shot-gun or two and some pistols. How did ho como by tbeso ? If tho dead - could apoak, tho question might be roadily answered. - • Tho party from Oherryvalo arrived at tbo house directly upon tho Oaago Mission road, having tho out-house in the roar aud to tho ; couth of it. In tho rear, as wo have said, was a garden. This, at first, was not examined. Tho front room of the house was next.carefully searched, every crack aud crevice bolug minutely looked into, nnd subjected to tho application of rods ana lovers to soo if tho flooring was oilbor hollow or loose. Nothing came of it all. No blood spots appeared. Thu floor was solid; tho walls woro solid. If there were dead men about thoy woro not in tho front room. Thoh camo tho buck room. Tho bods woro romoved. In his flight tho oldoc Bonder had loft everything untouched* Not even tho doors woro locked, though such had boon tho reputation of tho sho-dovu that tho promises stood as safe from intrusion as if pro tected by a devil in reality. After tbo bods had |ioen removed, ono of tho party noticed a slight depression in tho floor, which, upon closer examination, revealed a trap-door upon hinges. This was immediately lifted up. and in tho gloom a pit outlined itsolf, forbidding, cavern ous, unknown. Lights wore procured, and eomo of tho men descended. Thoy found thom ■Bolvoii in an abyns shaped like a well, eomo sir loot deep, and about flvo foot in diameter. .Hero and there little damp places could bo soon .us if water bad como up from tho bottom or been poured down from above. Thoy groped libout over these splotches and hold up a hand ful to tho light. Tho ooze smeared itself over their palms and dribbled through tboir fingers, ift was blood—thick, fotld, clammy, sticking, blood—that thoy had found groping there in tho void—tbo blood, jiorhaps, of somo poor, bolatcd traveler who ind laid himself down to dream of homo and lunch ed, and who had died while dreaming of liia loved ones. TUo party had provided thom uolvos with a long, sharp rod of iron which thoy drove into tho ground m every direction at tho ’ bottom of the pit. but nothing further rewarded tho search, aud they camo away to examine the garden in tho rear of tno houso. After boring, cr prodding, as it woro, for nearly an hour, tho rod was driven down Into a spot, and when It was withdrawn something that looked like matter adhered to tho point. Shovels woro at once sot to work, and In a few moments a corpse was un covered. It had boon burind upon Us face. Tho t flesh had dropped away from the logs.* There .• was no colliu, no winding shoot, no prepara tion for tho grave, nothing upon tlio body but an old shirt, torn in places and •thick with damp and decay. Tho corpse -was tenderly disinterred, and laid upon Uu back in tho full light of tho soft April mm. Ono look of horror into tho ghastly face, foator- Imt nnd swollen, and a dozen voices cried out in terror: 4 * My God, It Is Dr. York J” Aud it wan. Ho had boon buried ia a shallow hole, with scarcely two foot of dirt over him. Had ho boon murdered, and how ? Thoyoxamincd him closely. Upon tho hack of bin head and to tho left, and obliquely from his right ear, alorrlblo blow had boon given with a hammer. Iho skull had boon driven into tho brain, and from tlio battered and broken crevices adult stream of blood had oozed, • plastering hid hair with a kind of dummy panto and running down upon his shoulders. Strong men turned away from ilio sickening eight with a’shudder* .Others wept. Bomo ovon him to leave, tho garden and remain away from the shambles of tho butchers. *. , . „ It noomfid ao if tho wluda carried tho tidings to Ohorryvalo. In nu hour all the town was at tho scono of tho discovery. A coffin was pro cured for Dr. York's body, ami hlo brother, ut terly overwhelmed, sat by tho ghastly remains no ouo upon whom tho hand of death had boon laid. He could nob bo comforted. But'tho horrible work woo not yet completed. Tho iron rod was ogalu put in requisition,* until six moro graves woro discovered, live, of which each contained a corpse, and tho sixth, contain ing two, an old mail ana a little girl. Bomo woro in tho last stages of decomposition, and others,, not as fur gone, might have boon identified if any among the crowd had known them in life. 'The scono was horrible beyond description. Tho daylight fled' from tho prairies. but tho search wont on with unabated vigor. A fascina tion impossible to define, - hold tho spectators to tho Bpot. Tho spirit of murder was thoro, and it kept them in spite of the night and tho horror of the surroundings. Tho orowd Increased instead of diminishing. Coffins woro provided for all. and again was tho search renewed. It was past midnight when ■ our informant left, but throe moro gravos had boon discoverod, each supposed to contain a corpse, although they, had not boon opened. The whole country is aroused. Cour iers and telegrams have been scut in every di rection with descriptions of tho Bonders, and it is not thought possible that they can escape. With tho crowd at tho grave was a man named Brockman who was supposed to know something about tho murders. Furious men laid hold upon him at onco and strung him up to a beam In tho houso. His contortions woro fearful. His oyos started from their cook ots, and a livid huo camo to his face that was ap- E ailing. Death was within roach of him when o-was out down. (< OonfOßsl Confess!” they yelled; but ho said nothing. Again ho was jerked from his foot, and again was the strong tody convulsed with tho death throes. Again resuscitated, ho once moro refused to open his mouth. Ho did not appetir to understand what was wanted of him. Tito yelling crowd, tho mu tilated and butchered dead, tho dickering and twirling torches sputtering iu tho night wind, tho stern, sot faces of his executioners, all, nil passed before him as a dreadful phantasma goria which dazed him and struok him speech less. . For tho- third time ’they swung him up, and then his heart could not bo folt to beat, and thoro was no’pulso at his wrists. “Ho is dead,” they said. But ho'woo not dead. Tho night air revived him at last, and ho was per mitted to stagger away iu tho darkness -as ono who was drunken or deranged. Six butchered human beings woro brought forth from their bloody graves, and throe others aro yet to bo uncovered. It is thought that moro graves will yot bo discovered. Tho pit under tho trap door was made to receive the body when Hint struck down by tho miutloror’s hammer. AIL tho skulls woro crushed m, and all at nearly the sarao place. Ouo of tho corpses was so horribly mutilated as to mako tho sox ovon a matter of doubt. Tho littlo girl was probably 8 years of ago, and hod long, sunny hair, and somo traces of beauty on a countenance that was not yot entirely disfigured by decay. Ono arm was broken. Tho breast bone had boon driven iu. Tho right knoo had been wrenched from its socket, and the log doubled up under tho body. Nothing liko this sickening series of crimes has over boon recorded la tho wholo history of tho oouutry. X'ooplo for huudrods of miles aro docking into Ohonyvolo, and ouormous rewards aro to bo offered for tho arrest of tho murderers. It is supposed that they have been following their horrlblo work for years. Blunder is tho accepted cause. Dr. York, it is said, had a largo sum of money on his per son. and that ho stopped at tho houso either to feed his horso or got a drink of water. While halting foroilher, ho was dealt tho blow which killed him in au instant. Every ono who know him liked him. None of tho other corpses have boon idontliiod. Wo bavo dispatched a special reporter to tho scono, who will soud us other and fuller particulars of the diabolical butchery.' Latest—Midnight—' Tho following special dis- Eaicli, received at midnight, gives somo further orriblo particulars: ’ CnEunsvALE, Kan., May 8,11:30 p. m. Bovon more bodies bavo boon taken up, be sides that of Dr. York, with throe graves yob untouched. Six of theso havo boon identified! H. Lonpcbos and child, oightoou months old* •was identified by his father-in-law, Tho body of W. P. McCarthy hhs also boon Identified. Ho was bom in 1812, and served during tho war in Company D, Ono hundred aud Twenty third Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Bomo men from Howard County ■ identified tho body nf tv Drown., tie naa a silver ring on the little finger of bis loft band, with tbo initials of bis name en graved thereon. Tho body of John Geary was identified by bio wifo from Howard County, whoso terrible grief over tho mutilated remains of her husband was hoari-roiiding. All had boon killed by blows on tho back of tbo Load with a hammer. Tho throats of all had boon cub oxcopt that of tho little girl. Tho whole ground will bo dug up to find more graves. Tho excitement is in creasing hourly. Somo suspected parties will bo arrested to-night. Tho whole country Is aroused, and tho good nnmo of iho State is en listed in tho determination to soouro tlio murder ers if thoy bavo to bo followed to tbo ends of tbo earth. Tho econo at tho graves surpasses everything in- horror that could bo possibly im agined. A COSTLY GOVERNMENT. £normons Estimates of tlio Controller of tlio District of ColutuliUu ITatAfnff/on (Jnrtt C) Dupatch to the Kctv York Herald, Tho Controller of tho District has sent to tho Legislature his estimates for tho expenses of tbo various branches of tho District Government for tho noxb fiscal year, and their magnitude lias staggered oven tho staunchest supporters of tho “King.” Tho estimates for tho salaries of per manent officers alone amount to tbo enormous sum of $548,590.70, and this docs not Include tho pay of tho Governor, Secretary, four members of tho -Board of Public Works, flvo members of tho Board of Health, and olovon members of tho Legislative Gounod, whose cal ories amount in tbo aggregate to $82,1)84, and aro paid out of tho Umtod States Treasury, nor docs it include $28,005.45 asked for to pay tho salaries of tho temporary clerks, nor Iho salaries paid by tho Board of Public Works, which, for tho year ending Juno 80, 1872, amounted to $171,018. Tho noxt item is for'advertising, $87,101.00, aud this also does not include that for iho Board of Public Works, which costs more than that of any other department of tho Government. For contingent expenses tho Legislature is asked to appropriate $207,000.43 ; for special aud miscel laneous expenses,- $1,107,09-4.74, and for perma nent improvomonto, such as now school-houses, engine-houses, &0., $180,540. Tho total of ap- Sropriatlona required by tbis little territory of 31,000 people is $2,224,007.40. ~ A careful examination of tho estimates sub mitted proves that not ono oont is asked for to pay for 1 tho operations of tlio Board of Public Works during tho noxt yoar, nor to pay to that branch of tho District Government tho $252,000 which Mr. Shepherd says is duo on tho four million loan, and which ho always counts among bis “available assets.” Beside tbis, tho Board having already expended ovory dollar that tho ' District has ovor appropriated for its uso, tho engineer iu ebargo or tho street improvements reports that thoro will bo “ required to com plete tho District’s proportion work begun, $144,804.92.” It will thus bo soon that, in addi tion to the Controller’s estimates, tho Board of Public Works will ask for at least $090,304.03, besides a further sum sufficient to pay tho sal aries of its subordinate officers, tho coot of re pairs, Ac. T*}o GoMblp oC ISomc* From a LdUr by Taylor to tho Re\o York Sfibune, Tho Popo BtlU turns tho hoy of tho Vatican upon himself, and refuses to bo considered an anything else than a prisoner. Ho iu visited almost daily both by Catholic and Protestant strangers, among whom there is more than tho usual proportion of American ladles. To all these ho complains of his treatment, and some* limes prophesies a speedy and splendid triumph. One rumor states, however, that ho is very tired of his isolation, and would gladly ho reconciled with tho Italian Government, if it could ho done with dignity. I cannot cuoss how much truth thoro may Go in this, but there aro some strange and yot true stories in circulation, That tho son rUicclotti) of Garibaldi and tho daughter of Car* uinal Antonolli should have fallen desperately in love with each other, is a conjunction widen would hardly have occurred to a novelist; yet it is a still more extraordinary circumstance tint aomo of tho Cardinal's money should have Leon used to support a violent democratic Journal in Itomo. * Simrgooiii Hr. Spurgeon 1b a roan of an odd eloquence. If ho were louti bincoro, it would bo hnpodulblo not to liken him to tho gentle Ohadband, uo nnotuouolv pioturoaquo it) he at timed. Ou Eaator Tuesday tnoro was ’a groat butchers’ tea party at the Tabernacle—a party which did away with 1,160 pounds of meat, 1,000 weight of bread and cako, and a river of tea. Mr. Bpiirgoou preached to tho aanombly a sermon having m It a number of plowing ana approprUlo.alluolona— tritE CHICAGO - DAILY TRIBUNE •' MONDAY* 'MAY 12, 1873; ono of which, for Instance, was the declaration that 41 If anybody conld make a rocking-horse ’go' sixteen miles an hour it was a butcher, to which rqflued olorioal jest ho added tho advice to the johiiu of tho trade, to tnko a llttlo moro pains not to drive over paSßongorn. 110 likewise prayed with his audlonoo 1 of 1,200 butchers, boldly In voking 41 a dlvlno blessing on tho shambles.” Further ovon than this ho carried tho idon of tho fitness of things, ami gratified his tasto for local Coloring by causing tho 1,200 to sing Iho hymn, 44 Thoro ia» Fountain Filled with Wood.” Tho whole performance certainly sooras very queer, but it may nave had a moro instant effect upon tho congregation than a moro sacrod-socming sorvieo would bavo had. THE FARMERS’ MOVEMENT. TTwonty-third Judicial District of Il- linois* At iho Farmers’ Convention at Gontralla, 111., May 8, which nominated J. Berry Johnson for Ciroult Judge of tho Twenty-third Judicial Dis trict, tho following resolutions woro adopted: Wiieukab, Tho agricultural interests of tbo country havd heretofore been held to bo of secondary Impor tance, while party organization and personal nggrau dlzombnt bavo been deemed worthy of our entiro devo tion; and Whereas, Wealthy corporations and Individuals aro now, and have been, wielding such Influcncnln politics as tq nearly overshadow the legitimate authority of Iho Government and people: therefore limtetd. That there la au Irrepressible conflict now agitating (ho country, between tbo monopolists and tbo industrial interests oi tho country: that tbo time has now come for the agricultural claesca to aeacct their rights and enforce their views through tbo ballot-box. Jleßolced, That ell corporations under this Govern ment should bo subject to loglslatlvo control. JtceoivetL That tbo question of railroad tariffs now ngllnUnu the people of tWnrmd nlhor atatos, involves Issues or the gravest character, and should bo settled on prlnclplco of soundest law and strictest Justice to all parties concerned. Jkenh'cil, That neither tbo General Assembly nor Congress have any legal right to code or transfer Irre trievably tbo admlnliitratlvo functions of tbo Govern ment. Ilesitived, That until tboso principles aro recognized os binding by all departments of tho Government, wo will not ccaso to press their consideration upon the public.- Jicsolved. .That 44 Equal nights to All and Special Privileges to Noue,” shall bo our motto. Tho Contralia Sentinel comments upon, tho Convention ns follows: Tins action of tbo Convention was not entirely har monious, owing to a deep Impression cu Iho minds of many formers that tho dirty finger-marks of political wire-pulling wero plainly discerned in (ho action of thu Convention. Thoro appeared to bo a strong suspicion that tbo Convention bad been “ manipulated” in tbo Interest-of a particular person, and tbo remark was frequently mado on tbo sircots, before tho Convention assembled, that Mr. Johnson bad a sure thing. It is Indeed unfortunate, in this primary movement of tbo formers for a redress of their grievances', which nro really intolerable, and mast bo removed, that tho unt and-dry process and slate-making should bavo so readily been developed. Tbo object of the Convention waa to choose a candidate on bis own merits. It is thought by many of our farmers and farmers’ clubs to bavo culminated In being n machine for regicturing a nomination dictated by n clique. Whether (his im fircsolon Is right or wrong, It proves that ono slop at coat has been made which does not lend to tbo front. filnscatino County, lowa* Tho Control Comrolttoo of iho Muscatine County Industrial Convention, has issued tho following address s To the Laboring People of Joioa: When Government becomes a burden to tbo people Instead of being tboir protection, and public officers use tboir snored trusts for pcraonal and corrupt ends, It In tho imperative duty of every good citizen to tako tv aland for Reform, America (a now repenting (bo history of other Re publics, They all have been placed iu llko positions of danger, and when taved It Uas always been by tbo heroism aud patriotism of tho bold yeomanry of tbo land. When under similar perils tbo Itomon Beanie saw tbo victorious enemy approaching tbo gatos of Home, and from tbo dissensions of tbo various factions In tho city, tho demoralization of tbo army, and corruption ox tho principal citizens, no earthly hope of safety scorned loft to Homo, as a Inst resort it was decided to appoint a Dictator aud vest in bis bands, for tbo time, tbo absolute control of tho government. It wo* a serious question whom to clotbo with such unlimited powers. Long they con sulted on a course fraught with such mo montoua consequences. Tlio veto was Anally taken. It was decided to place tbo imperial ncoptro la tlio bands of a poor bid fanner. When tbo deputies of tho Senate arrived ot bis abode to invest him with tho robes of office, they found him ploughing in tbo field,, bis wifo driving tbo oxen. It proved a fortunate eboleo for tbo Itoman Republic, for in a short timo Cincinnati!* burled tlio snomy from tho Homan terri tories, reconciled tbo factious at tho Capital, aud ro turned to bis farm, laden with honor, but an poor as when bo left it. Is there not a lesson In ibis simple Incident of history, preguaut with moaning .to us? llavo wo not a in our orru loved lown, in whom wo can piacn mir conOdunm, who will drive our onomlon before blm, and restore harmony and good government within our own borders 7 If wo look for safety nml reform it moot bo to tho Industrial classes, and not to (boso who cat, drink, and wear, but labor not. Tbeso latter can bavo no nymna tby with tbo grievous burdens now laid upon our In duslry, Aud after a long and caroful deliberation wo bavo resolved upon on organization of tlio industrial Interests of tbo State, and wo cordially iuvlloull who sympathize with tbo movement to co-oporato with us. Wo fool that under no circumstances can wo trust tho old political parties, uo nutter what platforms they adopt. Platforms aro llko tho Clvll-Servlco Reform system, beautiful in theory, bub uover intended for practical uso. Prom being often deceived wo'bavo bo como distrustful. Wo must act for ourselves if wo would bavo reform. Drothcr Farmers I Wo look - ©specially to you to move In thia matter, You oro tho great producing power of tho country, and all other industrial inter eats sympathize with yours, Yvukmui, you /cel bow gallium la tbo yoke of tho monopolists. You realize* that you • can put no further confidence in those who bavo ko barely betrayed your Interests, Woßtmdlhie Appeal, Greoliug, to you lu all tbo counties of this Btato, trusting lu your patriotism, and relying upon, your honor to anslst lu redeeming our State, and purifying Its councils and legislation. Tho only remedy within our reach la the ballot-box. *• Uy that wo conquer.” Hut wo must act promptly. Our Muscatine County Delegate Convention la called for iho last Saturday in May, when wo expect to uora- . luato delegates to to a State Convention of thoao who' will participate In tho movement. Farmers 1 Lotus bo on our guard against those who will attempt to betray our cause nud action by political strategy, or by tho viler agency of defamation. Nothing will bo thought too low by tho party . organa and politicians to accomplish our humiliation. Dut these means will not succeed. Some of tbo moat earnest men in tho coun try, irrespective of parly, are engaged with us, and aro determined to cstablluh the rights of tho people. We must have a party baaed on honesty and purity—one that fathers wIU not bo afraid to bring their sous into, - lest they become corrupted—a party that like 1 “ Some lull clifT that roars its noble form. f Swells from the vale, nnd midway cleaves tho storm. Though round Its base tho circling clouds am spread. Eternal sunshine settles on its head.” Wo appeal to all the laboring interests of tbo Stato ‘ to co-opernto with uh. Ouriutcrcats in this movement aro identical. By what other means can wo secure our rights nnd privileges ns citizens. It la in vain to think wo are a free people, while crushed down with taxa tion, and corruption reigning ovor us. With ovory blessing a kind Providence could bestow—ono of the Uncut aud richest farming countries that (bo suu theds his genial rays upon —an amplo demand for all our productions—ono of tho moat luxuriant crops in store over gathered in tlio West—yet before nil these Idossingii wo find our aelvea on the verge of ruin, with no known or alleged cause of uxcueo for our situation than tho corrupt practices of the politicians, who bavo used us year after year for their own personal gain, and who havo inaugurated a course of extravagance and pro fligacy, whoso affects aro overshadowing tho laud with crime and Infamy. Let us net. Address, for conference, .Tom? T. Ouitlut, Choi. Co, Central Com, Or, SAinjEC SrmtETT, Soo’y. UusoaTiTtis, lowa, May 7,1873, BOARDING AND DODGING. West Side. A 7 SOUTH OURTIS-ST., DBTWRRN WASHING *X I ton and Madison.—Bay board $4 per week; also bMu to rents room for 6 boraoa. 79 SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-a VERY MIORI.Y I £J fumiNliod front rooms to rent, with board, to4goa tlmnon; also day boarders accommodated. SOUTH HALSTRD-ST-ONB FURNIBHKD .i/xUrooin with hoard; suitable for lady ami »ontloman. OOQ WKBT WASHINGTONST.. COU. OP MAY— O-jO Aicovu sulta. liirnltbnrt or un/iinilthnd. with good board j also otbar furnlcliud rooms fur gonUomon and wive*or single gunnumon. QQO AVKST WASIIINOTONST.-ALCOVIi HUlTli, OOi/ with board; roforonoos ronulrecl. . JOHNSTONR lIOUBIS, 114 AND 115 WKST MAD lsi>ii-»t.~Kvorytlmia fint-olai*; tcrme par day: tablo board $6 per w«al». Sonth Side- Q/rTWRNTY.FIFTH.HT.-KUCOANTROOMS, FUR. OU nlahodnuduulmulihod, with board; roforouooaox- Changed, Vl It 1011TE RNTII• OT, DESIRABLE ROOMS, ±J. soluble for gcntlumon with wlvoa, or single gcntlo cion, nllli goodbuard, at reanouablo rates, A b HUiIUAUD~o'6uUT-NKWU6*AUT)INO.UOUSR| XtJ rtrit-olais board, with ruouia, till to i»&,60 yor nook, with mo of piano; day board, >M»~. Q A T\Vi£NTY-BKOOND-BT.—FRONT ROOM TO o:ir rent, with board, suitable for two gontlcmoa; aUo day boarders wanted. 7b/f WAUABH.AV.-NIOK KOOMB, SINdhK OH .tt/'X en lull®, with flril-oluis board; ulia day board. A goad bArn_t_o.mnt choap. .. _ . BOARD WANTED. 730ARD—WITH SMALL FURNISHED ROOM, BY J) a ruspoctabloyoung lady, omployod during tlio day; limit bo convenient to btnduoso portion of tno city. Ad* draiit L at_ahng location and price, Till, Tribune nlllco. LOST* LOST-IJIO REWARD—FOOKETIIOOIC CONTAIN log SBS and aonia receipts with tbo owner's mini uu thorn. The tlador will rucoUo the above reward by leaving It cuinnr Wells and roaraon-sts.. tn «n>curyturo. • CLAIRVOYANTS. DU. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNAUP, IJUSI uuu uud Medical Modiuui. l(i£ WcU MadUoasl. CITY REAL ESTATE* Jpou B ALE-fIT ATE-BT.-TO YEARS LEASE OB SBX ! ' 44 ffiof, (3 foot north of Randolph-it., oaat front, nrmtof lonso, 91,800‘por year for two roars from Jut March, and $1(800 per year for balaneo of tomv no ro appraiuU. Parly walla on tbrso'sldM, n (atlasof 19 ,Inchesof spseo, and of 88.000 in aipooso. at least. Tula extraordinary (ease can 1 ho handiomely Improved for sp,ooo, an«l bo rented without difficulty ao an to pay 90 par coat not or more on tho Uttlo capital required. Bonus rouhlrod, 89,(W0. Thoro la fto - spot la Chicago that will yluld ao largo a rolum upon - ao little money, and nhlah must of necessity sot bailor and bottorovenr year, i Thoro la no Icaia Ilko It anywhere, nor any vacant property .for ealo north of Midlmn-it,, on Stat«-tno grandest thoroughfare In tblscliy. perhaps in this country. • Such on opportunity as this Isbal seldom proienled. : _____ il. EBAIAB WAItUUN, la chamber of Oommerco. '■r.lofrHApC}.¥TOliV“¥RASflt HOUSE, kxoei.- X 1 lantccUors, bath-room, Ao., barn (or two horses ood one cow.Ml or IMxISO factor Rrounrt.oast front, on Indiana nr., iamb of Twomy-thlrd-at. EDWARD W. JONES, A CO., 64 and fid LaSalle-st., Room 23. ■ , I'pOH BALE-WABASII-AV.. "w»H3 FERTON W\- ' baab-av.. north of Thlrty-mtb-at.. Douglas Flaco. SNYDER 4LUK. No. 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast corner Monroo and Laßallo-ate< ■ *l3lOll BAI.K-A LARGE NUMBER OF THE VERY Jj oliolcoat lota, aoiith of and adjoining tho city limits, at low prices and mi very easy terms. The attention of thoso Intending to build la especially called to tills elegant prop party,- fronting'on Egan- and Vlnoounos-ava., and on Bouth Park and Grand honieTanla* ' ■T. hSaIAB WARREN, .18, Chamber of Oommerco. OR SAI.B-I HAVE A LAUOIt 14ST Off UNlM proved properly to soil, and would Invite any parties wishing to puronaso to call and tnvoatlgato before buying. O. B. GRIFFIN. 183 Madlson-at., oornof Clark. lilOU SALK—A GOOD INVESTMENT—THAT VAL -1 unhlo lot, with a gqod .brick homo and. throe small framehouses, nt tho Junction of Archor-ay, and McGregor and Sangor-ets. W.T. .TONES. Bn.. £O2 LaSallo-st. IPOR SALE-NO CASH DOWN IF. PURCHASER ■ . builds—liOta near Drexol Boulevard. also on Warren* a»„ just outside Are limits. J. H. BISSELL, 43 Bryan Block. . - ■ - ■ " . ', F’ OR SALE-ONE ANDA HALVrSTORY FRAME cottage, Including lot on Tlllrty-socantbst,, just oast oLWallnco. Small payment do»vnj balance la monthly payments! 6 yeahi' time. Water on promises and oon- TOiilent to cars. Apply to FRED. P. FltiilUß, 143 La- Ballo-at., baaomont. • - - Ip OR HALK-NO CASH DOWN WHERE PARTY ' builds—pood lots on Wnrron-av., Just outside of flro limits. J. H. BIBSELL. 45 Bryan Block. For hat.e-a cosy cottage home, lot and barn^43 Wlucboator-av. Apply.onpromlecs. •HIOR BALE-HOUSE AND LOT ON INDIANA ST., X' near Dillcr; oboan, $1,500; easy terms. W. lr. PHARE, Major Block, 143 LaSallo-at. - . F*~s SALE-MONTHLY PAYMENTS—FIUST-OLABB now house and lot*, a bargain tor all or half cash*, bouflo 3-story, 8 rooms, and alcove, gas. water, cistern, barn for 8 horses and o carralgo, Situated In ’ that dollght fulcrovo and high land an Forty-llrst-st., bolwocn the Boulovarag; tho street Is to bo macadamised and other nlao improved this eoasou. Call oa owner, »T. L. Mc- KEEVJcR, 133 LaSallo-st., Room 10. Any oronlugatfi? Unlvonliy place. .. . i- fifon HALE—MY LATE RESIDENCE, NO, 2CO X' Warron-ay., brlok, 14 romin. ali jnortera improve nionlss warmed by steam; brick barn. This* Is a very do* slrnblnplaon, and will bo sold on fatorable lerms. linmo* dinto posßossiou. Carpels rooms, sold with tbo hmißo. Apply a( ray office, No,, or present roßlaonoo, StM l Worron-av., corner ,' OEOUQK SCOVILLE, ;. .;'i f . • I-pOR SALE—OH LEASE-AT A • BARGAIN, 100 * footcoruernf Van Huron ondSbennaa-itß.} south front. Inquire 135 Souili Olark-st. in bank. IPOH SALE-1 WILT. SELL OH TRADE ONE OR ’ fivofirst-olns# buildings, stono fronts, modern lm-. Srovomonto. situated on Pnrk-nv,, between Wood nnd ’ago-ata., for unimproved proporty or building material. Inquire aimy otllco, 173.Moimw.Bt. o.l*. MqKAY. ■ TpOR BALB-A NEW .HOUSE, AND LOT, EAST X 1 front, on Rurnsido-et., bolwutra Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth, No. 810. FOR SALE-8 NEW STONR-FRONT HOUSES ON Park-nv., 1H blocks west of Union Park, very cheap; will bo ready for occupation Ist May. Apply to K. FOW* LER, l(2Enit*Washingtpn-Bt. IpOH BALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING * streets: Stale, Burnside, Buttorflold, Arnold, Gnrl bildl, Hanorsr, uotlcr, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Wufr ray, and llaieted; also on Wentworth, SburtlolT, Portland ami Stowart-avs; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, Twonty-olphth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth; Karl, Thirtieth, Slaton, Tmity-firiv Thir ty-second.'Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty suvonth, Fontaine, and Thlrty-olghth-stl. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small payment dowu, ll»o year’s time. 6 per cent interest, No agency husiuoss. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 873 Wabash-av. InOR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, LOTS ON ■ Western-av., Lexington, Polk. Taylor, and Oamp bolJ-sla. Parties wishing to buUd, no money required dovni: aleo 6 now homos containing 10 rooms each, SBOO canh. balance cm terms to suit. Inquire on promises of OKU. OADWKLL, or at 135 South Clark-st., In bank. JpOR SALE- WABASH- AV„ NEAR .TWENTY- J thlrd-st., 2 story, and basement brlok houses, 13 iroonis. lot 22x125 foot. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon ‘Building, northeast oornor Monroo and LaSsllo-sts. FOR BALE-THE BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON WostShlo, fronting on Division, Leavitt, and Sbohor eta., near Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lota 124 foot doop, with sidewalks and city water. Prloo, SCOO, 9SW. nnn 81,WX). Terms, ono-Vnlrd cash. Warrantoo deoda and abstracts of title. A reduction on first cash .psynicnt;i(ro(mlrod, to those who build this spring. In* qulro of F. ARNOLD dCO., Grocnobnum'a Bank, No. 7C Flfth*av. TO LEASE-LOTS FOR BUILDING ON NORTH Statc-iit,. I.lucoln-ar,, Menomluno-st., aud Mlebi gan-av. S« MeAUS, owuor, 2uo Laballo-sL . F’ “OR SALE-A FYrsT OLASS FARM OK 20 AGUES, 15 milus from Chicago. Call at 713 West Washington st, and get full description. F— OH SALE-AORK-P'ROPJvRTY AT A BARGAIN. for subdivision. Also, choice residence property, ALFRED L. SEWELL A CO.. Real Estate Dealers, 189 X-aSallo-gt., Ohtnogo. amt Kvanston. ijIOUHALU-LOT 118X175 FEET ON MADISON-ST.. X’ botwenu Oukloy and Wostom-ava. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSalle ata, ' FOUSALE-ATA CHEAT BARGAIN, 1,000 FEET un State and Wabasb-av., none Englewood, only sl3 nor fool. Call quick. L. A. GILBERT A GO., 2W La- Sallo-st. FOP. SALR-5K AGUES NEAR DOCOI.AS PARK and Douglas Park Boulevard, subdivided luto 19 lota. Ono of the cliolcout pioces n( aero property la thoolty. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixoa Building, sorllicaat corner Monroo and Lasallo-ds. • _• F'Ofl’ SALE-FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON Me- Honry-st., nonr North Rolling Mills. Cboapaudoaay forms. Room B, 77 Wost Mftdbon-st., up-aUlrs. X*nOU SALE—HOUSE AND LOT ON TWENTY -1 oighth-st., near Wallace, 8250 cash. balance on gany terms: price $1,600. TRUEUDELL A BROWN. 17s WcatMudison-at. . For sale-on monthly payments, cot tages on Dayton-st., near Wohstor-av. Inquire on premises ot SCOTT A (JAPE. FOR SALK—ONLY SIO,COO-NEW HOUSE, BTONK front, two-story and basement. 6 mnrblo mantels, 14 rooms, botaud cold water, lot22slSO to alloy, situated on Park-av.. near Union Park. Loss than cost. . Inquire at G. P. MORAY'S office. 173 East Monroo-st., near La- Sallo-st. .* • • TjtOU.SALE-TWaSTORY FRAME HOUSE,.BRICK X' basemont, ou Wost Jaokaon-st.,' near Oontro-av.: turn&co, range, oto; lot 25x165 foot tea 40-foot alloy. A unjoin. SSxDEII A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, north cant corner of Monroo and LaSallo-ats..

I “toll SALK—LOTS, S4OO AND-S3OO, EASY TERMS. 1 J-etta Inside of tbo old city limits, near street cats and omnibus lino; high ground: llttu perfect. Call and lot ns takoyou to see them. A- G. STOREY A BON. 145 South Olark-Bt., Room 8, and 297 Mllwaukuo-sv. FOU RALE—BY Cl. P. BAY. 582 NORTH CLARK; s3,ooo—House and lease. No. I Rucker and Kliulo-sts. ssoo—l lots, 25x100 foot, iiillorton-av., West Side. s2,ooo—Choice 60-aoro farm, adjoining Crystal Lake. t 4,400—HnitbO, barn, and IB acres, byDmton Ktatlon, 10,000—acres, Calumctßlvoraod HaUtod-gt. . TilOR SALE—CHEAP-OCTAGON-FRONT BRICK A' rerddonoo, 3 stories and basemont, ji>rooms, lot2a font front s excellent location: West Side; $0,500. HEN RY WALLER, JR.. 96 East Waahlngtou-st., Room 4. 171 OR SALE—IM STORY COTTAGE AND LOT, CON JP vonlent to Madison-nk. cars, $3,900: oollnno and lot, Eultorfleld-st., near Rgan-av., s£ofr.‘ HENRY WAL ER, JR., 86 East WosbhigUm-st., Room 4. IJVOTI SALK—NO MONEY DOWN TO PARTIES ■ building Immediately—l33xl2o foot comor Oontro-av. and Tylcr-st.; 120 foot corner Vlncannos and Egan-ava. This Is choice property; will pny a handsome margin to buyer; owner going to Colorado reason for soiling. By owner, E. N. HAGRRTY, 133 Ulark-st., Room 16. . I BOR HALE—6OXI34 FEET. BAST FRONT, ON 1 Hurlbut-st., f>o foot from Centra. A good horso and buggy will bo taken as tbo first payment, SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Mouroo and LaSalbvets. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. 770R salb-or exohanok-one of the best X' stock farms In Illinois containing (ICO acres, all under cultivation, 600 noros In timothy: farm Is well Improved, largo orchard, tluo house, cattle barns, 200 aenja under fence, corn-erlbs for 18,000 bushels. For tonus apply to JOHN STILLWELL. Ohatwwortb. 111. * IHOK HALE—BEAUTIFUL OCTAGON MARBLE 1 homo oil Miohigan-av., only SSOO down. lona time. B. MEARS, owner, REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED-TO DUV-A COTTAGE AND LOT. nlcoly located, near the city, worth about $3,600; to bn paid lor io monthly payments, Addtuts 0 83, Tribune ulliue, TJrANTED-TO POROIIASK-A IIOUSB AND LOT, vr neighborhood Thirtloth-it. and Mlohlgan-av., atnot over ffs.ono casb: possession wanted la August. Address CTJ, Tribune oWco. ,TirANTRD..BffISFOR MANUFACTURING: FOUR YY or Uvo scroa In or contiguous to city. Must bo convenient rocolvlng and shinning laollitios for freight In Intlk ami by package. -Address CHARLES FOSTER, Gardner-House. . • WANTED— LOTS 1 LOTS I LOTBI-WR hAVB A cash oußtomor lor good building lots. JACOB O. MA GILL, bl and £1 South Oiark-st. lATANTIiD-A GOOD RESIDENCE, WORTH FROM I f SKI.UOO to $23,000. Will pay pari purehasn mnnoy mortgagee, sud pack cash. Address J. L. MANNING. VUDoarborn-st. YiTANTED—ACRES t ACRES' ACRES I—WE HAVE YY constant Inquires for aern property s can make quick sales at good prices. JACOB O, MAUILL, 81 and £1 South Clark-at. WANTED - HOUSE AND LOT. OR VACANT ground, on West Side. Will give some cash or as* sumo Incumbrance,balance In cheap aero property south ot city. TRUESDELL A BROWN, 176 West Madlaonst. WANTED— HOUSE AND LOT ON SOUTH BIDE, east of ntatoat,. on street with sewerage; urioo. $6,000 or sii,oW. EDWARD W. JONES A CO., 81 ami bd LaSalle-st., Room S3. WANTED-A GOOD TWO-STORY FRAMEHOUSE or comfortable story and a halt ooltugo on the West Bide, not wait ot Paulina-st., or vu tho South Side not south of Thlrtlolh-st. Price not to oicuud $6,003, and must be a bargain. Party will pay $3,000 cash ns ttmt pay liiHot. Owner* will please apply to WM. 11. SAMPSON AGO., HI LaSallo-st., Otis Block. W’ ANTKD-IIOUSE AND LOT NORTH OF TWKN t/-nlntli-sl. and east of Siata, worth iU.DOO to $12,0W). W.lf. .PHARE, Major lllnok, 143 LaHalle at. MUSICAL. For salb-a 7-octavh piano,vosn, maker, Boston: overstrung. round corners, stool, and cover fop $176, ftt PRUSSEII'n, 274 Htato sl, plAfio'S FOR SALE AND TO RENT; THE .L Smith American organ, with two banks of keys, six teen stopi, aud four cmnploto sots of nods, utliWFast lUudolpU-at.,Jjjr J. PRESTON. Yj KMOVAL OF PIANO*RaOMS TO 374 STATIS-riT., Jv near Van Huron. Pianos la rent and for sale, tuned and repaired; also stored. WM. B. PROSSER, fpHE NICIIdr.BON ORGAN IS uYiTA ILKD AT THE X manufactory, 83 Eaak ludlaua-il, Price $53 to ! StTBURBATf'REAL ESTATE. EOII BALE-OHOIOE SUBURBAN LOTS ON TUB ; Milwaukee Railway, six nillca distant, And twenty minutes* ride,,ln Clybonm’s Addition to Ravonawood. ■ Those IflUare Uld.out M*l63 fool, on flo feet streets, And will be sold upon easy terms, at from S6OO to 97(H) por lot. The facilities for access to and from tbo city—tin* doilr • ability of the )and-)t bolus blah And thoroughly drained —Ujo proximity to nrst-olass Improromoiitn, olmrchoa, schools, and society, commend this property as tho beat il tho prloo now In tho market. . Comparison challenged I Thoallontlnn of the Indus frloua-the Ihrlfiy-tho caullous-ls called to thorn lota as •lies for homesteads or Investment*.. Call, fur Aprlntodabstract and plot, noon i ngBBUT QIIIIRU. filUHallo-at., Roomfl. tpon SALE-SEVERAL FINIS PIKOES OF ACRE X* broporlyon tho lino of tbo Burlington AQulnoy Rail road, lalargooramalUractoto suit* near stations, and suitable for subdlrlilon. Tbroo nowS-Rtory frame houses on llarrlßnn-Bt.,botwoon Ifnyne and I«0A7lU-B(At ' TwoS-itoryand basomonlbrlck houses, with 75 foot of sround,5 round, on Booth Sangamon-al., botwoon Adams aud nckson-its. 10 largo lota on Ogoon-av., oast of Douglas Park, a lolaon Chlongo av.. between Lincoln and. Roboy-ste. 50 foot botwoon Franklin and Wolls-sto., south front. £OO foot lino manufacturing property on Jaokann-st., oast of llalstcd'Bt. O. H. HUBBARD, Jn„ lia Waahlngton-st. TPOU BALE-ACRE PROPERTY-PARTIES BRKK- X 1 Ing Investment will do well to look at an especially good bargain I can offer. O. J. BTOUQH, 72 and 74 Dearborn-si., main floor. : WOil ' ACRES OF EXCELLENT LAND X 1 adjoining Blue Island. ■ Inquire of E. F. McULIN TOOIC, Blue Island, HI. foOR SALK-ft ACRES GOOD DRY LAND, HIGH JJ . slato of Cultivation, 33 Itillos from Chiongo, on Fort "Wayneßailroad, at Huharti price BRS por aero, payable Stupor months Office days, Friday and Monday 8 to a. . EARLE, owner. Room 8, basement 153 Munrue-at. TilOR BALC-OOME UP. .OUT OF THE WET, AND JJ gel a lot on a hill at lllnsdolo. Several loft, with housoa and without. 0.-J. BTOUQH, 72 and 74 Doar* born-ct., main lloor. • ' I NOR BALE-AT A BARGAIN—BY GOLDEN A } . ITRRHIIWATERS, 83youth Ulark-st., Room IB: 40 acres In 800. 11, UK, ID. 40 acres In Hoc. 15, ft*. 111. 1U acres In 800. 22, 39, 13. 10 acres In Sou. 17, .'IS, 14. C acres In 800, 15, 89, 13. a acres In Hoe. 1,39,13. FOR BALE-ACRE PROPERTY— BARGAINS IN 13 and iO-acro tracts, chiefly anti lb of the city, ■ Hyde Park, choice residence properly, improved and unimproved, In this attractive suburb. CIIAUE A ABELL, 134 Doarborn-et. rnoTt sale—i will offer, at a bargain, is X 1 bouses and collages of from 6to 10 rooms, hi Kvana tun,. North Evauatun, and Qloucoc, at lower Urvucb than any prtrly can soil for who dona net deal nxolnslvoly In bis own property; you Umt want housoa come direut to me and savo tho commission; ono-llfth down ami balance in monthly or yearly payment* will buy ahmnotloto in any of tho placea named at wholesale (irlcoa: lumber luuilahnd thoso who will bnlbl; none need apply who have nut a lit tle money. C. E. BROWNE, Grover's or 153 Monroo-Bt., Room 2. TPOU BALE-7 10-AORE BLUOICS IN SOUTH X' Chicago, tfWJO norncro, 40 acres In Hoc. 11, 86. 13, easy hums. . 40 nrtrea in See. 24, IW 13, easy tom*. £9 Io;h in Lawndale, tmO. B. A Q. U. R., 6 rclloi from (ho city. ~ ' ~ E. N. DEMENT, 133 LaSallo-at. SpOR BALE-HIGHWOOD-FIRST STATION THIS ' lewo lako Finest; *smo Inina, with muro command ing position; oommntnUon, 13 coots. Now houses, from S&CU to 34.U00, small or no payment! down; 8176 to *6OO yearly, including interest. All of tho lota aro savored with lino old slmdo trees. Either of houses would rent for more than I ask for them In Chicago, no neater conlro o! business by homo-cars than tbcio aro by steam. High* wood is acknowludgud by all whoooMt to ba thoHm-st naUiraleltnatlomm tho lake-shore. Consult your own tn (crest, and go and sou proporty, nod boo what bonuliful Srbporty It ?«. K. ASHLEY MEARS, 200 LaSallo-at. :aeldonco, Illghwood. TROR SALE-DR. IIRNSHALL’S OUARMINU RES X’. Idonoo at Ooonnreowoo, Wis,, known as Sunaybrook, on Lako Fowler, Tudor, Gothic brlok house, 40x40 (t., 16 rooms; all modern Iniprovomoiiln; brick stable end car riage house: all necessary outbuildings: eight acres. Ap ply to Dr. J. A. HENSllALL.Ooomminwoc, Win. Refer loGen. Anson Stager, S. i>. Kimbark. Eaj., 11. 11. Shu feldt., Esq., Chicago. TilOR SALE—AT RAVENS WOOD—A DESIRABLE X 1 dwelling house of 6 rooms; good brick collar; Itirnnce; hard and soft water; lot 142x183 foot, ornamented with fruit nnd sbado trees; a comfortable homo, nnd it will bn sold at a bargain] ouly 81,000 oasli required, Apply to ROBERT GREER, 84 LaSallo st., Room L TROR SALE—IO AGUES AT RIVER FOREST. H X 1 ’ mllo west of Oak Park, on track of N. W. Ry., two blocks from depot; all roady for snbdirlaion. J. W. HEDRNBKRO, Room 4. 09 East Madtson-at. POR SALK-NORTH KVANSTON-TIIR BEST AND cheapest lots In tho town. 0. L. JKNKS, 146 La- Snllo-st. TTIOR SALE-6 7-10 ACRES ON SHERIDAN-AV. X* (Sovonty-nlnLh-st.), near Auburn Station, ou C.. R. I. AP. R. R. ; beautiful location ; can ho divided Into CO handsome lots; also. 6-ncroblock at South Englewood, 1 block from the station, on Halsted-st. EDWARD W. JONES A CO L , 81 and 80 LaSallo-st., Room 23. TDOR SALE—AT EXTREMELY LOW PRICKS— X 1 Bovoral blocks near Vinconocs-road Stallun at Wash ington Heights. lean give any parlies not nhln to buy largo tracts an opportunity to purchase single blocks, at tho ssmo price tho property Is worth by tho lUO acres; 10 dally trains* Q. B. GRIFFIN, 133 MadJsoa-st., corner Clark. FOR SALE-FIVE AND TEN YEARS TIME— Cholro Hyde Park property. West Side residence property choap. .7. If. BIHSELL. 45 Bryan Block. FINANCIAL. T OANSON PURCUASB-MONEY NOTES, HOUSES .Unn leased lot* and approved collaterals. L. It. OARS WELL, 149 East ■\fONRYli ADVANCED AT LASSEN’S LOAN irl ofiico; late Jacobs A Go., on diamonds, wntohos, aud other valuables. 177 Glark-su, corner of Monroo, Room 6. VfONEY TO LOAN-1 HAVE MONEY TO LOAN 111 upon real oilato security In sums not loss than SIO.IXAI. DAVID FALKS. 44 Portland Block. rpO LOAN-3 SUMS: 85.000, $7,000, AND SIO,OOO ON X roftloaUto. T. A. JACKSON, 680 Stato-st. r LOAN—AMOUNTS OP SI,OOO OR MORE ON ciiy real citato or improved Illinois farms. B. L. PEASE, 79 Weal Msdlaog-at. WE HAVE FUNDS ON HAND, TO LOAN ON REAL oatato. Wo buy And (toll paper, bonds, stocks, local securities, and do a general financial business. J, O. McCORD A CO., 103 Donrborn-st., Port* land Blook, . ■ <SO 9/in TO I.OAN ON OITY REAL ESTATE. HOWLAND, ICS Washington at.. Room 24. d*Q HAH TO LOAN-AT ID PER CENT INTER «IpO«\f\J\J od. ou ftrat-claas real estate Hncmlly. This sum will not bo divided. BRYAN LATIIUOP, 12 Ex change Building. QQ nnn to LOAN, AT 10 PER GENT INTEREST, yO.Uuu ou first-class real oatato security. This amount will not bo.divided. BRYAN LATIIUOP, U Exchange Building. _ HORSES AND CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES— TUM P-SE AT BUGGIES, PHAETONS, 010., sold at Eastern factory prices, at 10 and 12 Went Randolpb-st. H.J. EDWARDS. Family carriages, buggies. phaetons, rookawayti. from thy best niaknrs In the country, at reasonable prices, at 253 ami 955 Wost Ramlolph-sl. G. L. BRADLEY. TTIOR SALE-A BASKET PHAETON, ONLY $125, Jl} noarly now. Apply Oontro-av. stable*, nearAnn-at. IBLKTOHER, LAZEAU A . CHENEY, MANUFAO- X' turors of llmt-oldsa buggies. Factory corner Sodg. wick and Dlvlslon-sts., salesroom 825 Stnto-Bt. Wo linro on band a fine aeeortmout and will cull at very low prices. L’OR SALIC—MULES, A LARGE. FINE PAHITAND X 1 a lino pair of cArriago-horeos, bays, 16 bauds high, long-tailed, and 2 trottora, W; J. NEELY, Ottawa, 111. F~ OR SALK—CHEAP—STYLISH, SQUARE BOX top buggy, first-class In ovory particular, and but lit tie worn. Call Tuesday at 17 South Oanat-at. . IBOR SALE-A HOUSE; KIND AND WELL-BROKEN ! to snddlo and harness; .phaeton top buggy, nearly new, with harness, for $350. Apply at 46 South Ada-st. la the afternoon. JR. BUOOKMAN. fIW TWENTY-SEOOND-ST.. • has fur tale or ozobaugo, now and second-hand open ond top-buggies, phaotoai, business wagons, sldo tprlng Concords; a fow good horses, single and double bannisßiftlsoonoopan of largo mules. Horses, oarriagos, MACHINERY. rtOMBINED PLANER AND .MATCHERS; FaRRAR V 7 surfacera: resawing machines: saw arbors. W. A. JAMES. ROCHE A SPENCER, 373 and 375 SouthCa onl-st. ’ 1 FIFTY IN STOCKS AND Jlf more ou (ho way from tho East; any one wanting mi engine Jatho iiad bostsoo us. W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPENCER, 375 South Canal-at. TIION PLANERS, NEW AND SECOND HAND; X bolt-cutters; drills; loather bolting. W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPENCER, 375 South Oanat-st. QKCOND-HAND POStAULB ENGINES. ONR 8. O ono 10-horso power, for sale cheap. W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPENOEIt. (STATIONARY ENGINES, ALL SIZES, WITH p Imllnrs, for sale by W. A, JAMES, ROOUE & SPENCER. 276 South Canal-st. AGENTS WANTED. AGENTS WANTED-GOOD CANVASSERS ARK J\. making SIU to $lB a day with my goods; every nrllelo Hour. Partleularefroo. O. M. LINING* TON, 177 iCaat Madtsoo-st., Room Hi, Chicago, AGENTS WANTED—MALE . AND FEMALE, TO JL soil Iheohoapoit and beet chromoa. Good agents oau make $5 a day. It. R. LANDON, Agent. M Markot-st. AGENTS WANTED—MEN AND WOMEN. S2O , J r .V. c , ll r nl«pntoalL $lO a day protit. Samples free. MERRILL a CO., 2j WostLako-ut. AGENTS WANTED—TO SELL OUR NKW RUT, Ji. ton-11010 Cutter and Needlo-Threading Thimble, Agents oloqr S2O per day. S3 Boat, Ituomfi, A GENTS WANTHD-UKWITT FLUTING, POLISH XXIng and handlroii combined! llutoa nny lengtli; sell. log fast s good pay. Room 16. 170 East Madhuu-at. TO LEASE. rpO LKASE-DOOK. AT RRIDOEPOUT—RAILROAD X facilities, Immeuilato possession. Apply to E. URAI NAUD, Room 28 Rryau Block. rno LEASE-DOOR PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH •I. Branch, noarTwonty-second-Bt., I(X) ft. on tho river by aiH) ft. to O. AA.R. R. Apply to HENRY I*. IbllAU. olliouof Ittlmm A i.iuoulu, IWtlnnd Block. f|U) LEASE—DOG 1C :I.OT 150 FEET ON RIVER, X , Just north nf Twenty•uecoud-sl, bridge, and now «c --onplod by Daniel Bogie ns a oiml-yard. Apply In base, mem, northeast corner of Madison and Doarboru uls, mo LKABIS—O HEAP—IOO FT. OF DOCK FRONT; X ono of tho best locations on North Brauoh fora ooal or wood yard. limnlm at 113 Kt»g«lmry-»t. DIVORCES. DIVORCES— LEGALLY OHTAIKED-FKE AFTER decree. Hoaudal avoided. Nlnoyoars* practice la the court! of Chicago. Address I*. O. lies 1037, 'I'kiyoRCES OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ALL LAW JJ biißlnoM attended tp.__Room 3, M 7 South CUrk-st. BUILDING MATERIAL. Foil fUI.K-HUIUHNCI MATI!IlIAI.;i-WK IUVB on hand cop ug. doors, window caps. Bills, flouring tile, and olUor actlliolal stone whluii will bo sold ohoap, to close nut old stock. Apply at HUnio Worxu. foul North nv.i * rouw'xii fjIAKUN UP-A SORREL MARE. THE OWNER X can have her by proving her and paying ohin-gus, at the l'lfth-av. htabli's, eoruur Tarloc-at. and Ftlth-av. UEOUUB EAGER A lIUO., VtimSn* WANTED—MALE HELP. Bookkeeper*. Clerk*. Etc. WANTED-BY A PHILADELPHIA HOSIERY, T » notion, and whlto Roods jobbing-homo— A llrst-cloas traveling snlonman acquainted wltn (ho business, and haring on catalillsliod trado. Address, stating nmnnnt «nn iDonMnn nf trade, experience, oto., COX, SMITH A 00., Philadelphia. . - u :■ 1 • \\f ANTED—A YOUNG MAN THAT UNDERSTANDS T i mushing furniture. to ftot u salesman and bn mo* fnl nbout Btoro. Apply Ml Stato-it. K. OOLSTEIN. >1 Trndofl.' ■' Ty'ANTRD—COTTON-MILL- HELP AT JONES • r villo, Midi, tan ovorssor fur BO WlilHa looms on plain cotton shootings, Nodo but a man of steady bnblta aud oiportonoft that oan bring good rcdommondatious need apply. Also, mule spinners, weavers, and-allnx porloncod cotton-mill help uan Hud (toady einploymnnt at good wngoo. Apply at 137 fitnto-st., Jiotwoon 9 and Ida. in., orßand 6p. 111. H. D. UABKIfiI.L A 00. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO LEARN THE PHO tngraphto ark) a nood ohanoo.-i (Jailat SMITH'S Gallery, as Wontltnndolph-»t. ■’ WANTED— TWO GOOD COAT-MAKERS: GOOD wagos and cnnstantomployniontauaranleou. Apply to J. 11. lIARUUN,_O3B Arrhur-av. ‘ ■ WArTTIcD-TINSAri riL WOTMAKER. HARNESS- Tf luaWor, nnd blackamltb, tudart biiHlnosa at High wood: splendid opportunity. E. ASHLEY MEAIIS, 20d La.Snlloet. WANTED—OALOIAUNEII3: COME PREPARED tt In work Monday morning to the oornor ol LaSalle and Monroo-ate.. Bryant Block. ' WantTsd-imm'rdiately, several rnißT clann cont.iuakorai steady employment. Coll at onon at ENGEL A LIViNOSTONIPS, cornor Clark and Van Hurou-stH, ' Employment Agencies, TXfANTKD—BOO MEN TO RAILROADS, VV farms, saw ihIIIh, tla-chopporr, Mono mmrrlos.Ac. For transportation nnd particulate, opply to CHRISTIAN A lIINU. No. 1 South Clark, or lUI South Uanul-st. WANTED-TEN GOOD SAWMILL HANDS TO loavo to-day; wagon, S3O per month; froo faro. Call 271 South Wftlor-Bt. BIIAWACO. ' WANTKD-TO LKAVBTUIB DAY, 200 LABORERS for Michigan Northwestern Railroad; wagtm, per day: 100 for tbo Canada Southern; all frno taro. Apply at gf.ii East itandolpii.flt.,Limißlock.. ~o» V. RNULL, Agimt. Mlnoollnnooris, ■\xrANTED-A imiOUT, INTELLIGENT ROY TO lV lenru telegraphing (tuition froo), and attend a cigar nnd nows store. Salary, SIO pnr month (111 ho luaniß, ond S2O thoroafter. MuKt coino rncuinmondod. Apply (o Cigar and Nows Stand of Kuhns’ ilotol, pear bui n*at. ■ . • . WANTED-A GOOD RELIABLE BUSINESS MAN wltn can control largo cimnlgiunonta or largo East ern ordora for gmiu, coo inako pennnnonl arrangomonln with a conimlaskm houso doing a largo business, who would bo willing to allow a liberal cammisifou on nil mini noss Influenced, no long as Iha ong.ixnmnnt contlmios; uiupicstionablo roformiooa giron anil toipdrod, Addrona 1 n own haudwrltingwltli ro/orouco. T2!l t Trlbuiio nlllco. iyirANTED— CANVASSERS, OITYAND COUNTRY: V.V good pay; nowarliulcs; eotl fait to tholadlos) 17'J Eoat MadlaoD'-st., Room 16. WANTEP-A FOREMAN WHO UNDKRSTNDS the rag nnd paper bushiest). Inquire in tho rag shop, No. lu Tnylor ut., ooarSlato; wages. EVERY CITY AND town In tlio Wont: tBIO a day guaranteed. Samples frno. A, M. RICHARDSON. Htf Bast Madlaon-st. \\J ANTED —Tlllß FORENOON, ONE QRNTLKMAN • T ly canvasser; a good position. BRADLEY A 00.. 77a Onrrolbst. •. WANTED— MEN TN EVERY .TOWN. COUNTY, nnrt biato, to sell nnr now bullon-hoio cutler and noedlo-throadlng thimble. Agoata that- wish ibu goods will «avo money and Hum by buying direct of the nmnu facturors, at 99 East Mndlsoii-m,, Room 5. WANTED— 2d ACTIVE MEN WITH J?5 OAPIIAL; big pay; light work. 178 West WashlUßton-st., up- Btalm. WANTED-IO GOOD. ACTIVE MEN TO I'. NO AGE la a good-paying, logltlmatu business. Call and lu vmtlgato. JONES A CO., 71 South Cnnal-Bt. ■ "WANTED—SEVERAL MEN FOR THE OOTV, TO VV noil an acticlo well known , that paya well. A. RAY, 2Ti Wont LakO-nt. WANTED—FEMAIiE HELP. DomoutioH* WANTED-A GIRL FROM 16 TO 17 YEARS TO holp In n small family. 26 Slnoontli-st. WtNTKD-AT &18WABA8II-AV.. A COMPETENT dining room girl. Como prepared to aUy. WANTED-AT 619 MONROEST,, A GERMAN OR Bwodofflrl, for general housework; also a girl 14 or ]R yoflvs, to take charge of baby. TXTANTED-AT H34 PRAIRIE AV., TO COOK, f f waoh and iron, la a private family; Scandinavian preferred. ' WANTED— A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERA I. HOUSE* work, at 47 South !lalslod.-at. Wages liberal. W"~ ANTED—A GOOD COOK ANDTHREfToTULR for geuoral housework; wages $5. Apply at 43 Hub bard-court. TVrANTRD-A COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK, Vr wash, and iron. Apply at ouco at AO Twenty fourth-st. SonmstTOMOßi WANTED-TWO MACHINE GIRLS FOR COATS and throe girls for hand work. TV FIRST-OLASS^"HiIinT'MAICKRIi7Nb ; VV otlioro need apply. .WEUUUU A liARICIN.bO West MadUuu-st. WANTED— FOE DRESSMAKING, 1 GOOD HAND, Apply at 810 tloul.h Clark-st. IVZilUnors. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS MILLINER. INQUIRE VV M, 48J South llfllstcd-nt. ___ __ Employment Agonoios* tvakted-26 girls for hotels, restau. it ranis, and private families. Inquire at now Intclll* gcnco Ortleo, No. 149 North llllnols-st,, between Clark and LaSalle, opposite lioston Dyo House. Mtaoollanonns. "WANTED—3 PRACTICAL WEAVERS (WOMEN) • f V oa powor looms. "A. U. GARFIELD & CO., 233 find 841 Lake-st. ■\*rANTKD-IMMEDIATKLY-SCUUB OIRLB AND Vr dish-washers at St. Julian Restaurant, Nob. island 153 Dcarboru-st. BUSINESS CHANCES. A LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR SALE, IN THE CITY J.\. o( Louisian*. PlkoCo., Missouri, 117 milos above St. J-ouls, on tiio Mississippi River, with all (bo nocossaryar rnnuctnonls for (bo pork business, smoko-house, cto., with throo acres of ground attached. Thin la a rare chance for any party desirous of going Into tbo pork and provision business, aa tbo surrounding country 1b well stocked with hogs, and a ready market for the «alo of tbo product oUbor lu St. Louis or Chicago. For further particulars, apply to GILBERT PRYOR & CO., Provision Brokers, No. 1M Last Waabington-Bt. , ; A PARTY HAVING ffS.POO CAN JOIN THE AD. vortlaer iu tho manufacture and eaio of no arllolo used In every family and encurod by tbo United States Guvoromont. Call or address Room 84, KUHNS* Hotel, Dnarburn-st. Grocery for salk-thk oldest and rust family grocarynntbo Soulb Side, between Twonty-sac oml-sl. Atm Hyda Park. Bindtioss $6(1,00(1 a year. Has a lino lot of paying customers. No bonus asked. Parlies aro Suing Into tbo manufacturing business. Address ORU- Fits, core P. Q. Carrier Nn. 45. Hotel on prominent thorougfark that . pnvs from $1)00 to $80(1 per month for sale. Price, $8,000; half cash. M. O. BALDWIN A GO., 81 andbd LuSailo-st., Room 3-1. SALOON FORSALB IN A GOOD PART OF THE city, vary cheap for cash; a splendid ohauco. Coll atJ37 *1 wenty-sepopd et. fIUIK BEST BARBER SHOP FOR SALE, WITH X gents’ furnishing goods and cigarstore, with three and a half yours’ lease: established blx years. For par- Honiara address T 69, Tribune otfico. TO EXCHANGE. TO E J IC HA N O l£—A NICE RESIDENCE AT IRVING Park worth $8,500 to trado for North Sldo unimproved Vr itS C ttoroß adjoining Norwood Park to trado for well- Improved buamesa property; will pay some cash or as oumo lueiunbranco.. • ‘ A. LTMBERO A CO., 173 Washington-st., corner Fif th-av., Room 8. fjlO EXCUANGE-MAYWOOD-GOOD ROUSE AND X Idiots. Sumo cashand dry goods or land; moan bind ness. Kubna 1 European Hotel. COLORADO rro exohange-we have several good X pieces of improved property on onr bonks that wo will exchange for other property. D. COLE A SON, Roul- Eatato Dealers, 188 West MadUon-st. A STOCK OF DRY tt goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots andsboss, and (urnituro, 8 farms in Mason County, Hi., all outturn good state ot cultivation, near market and railroad—one farm ofU5 acres, ouoof Sllnoros, and one of SW acres. Also a tine notv dwelling bouse ana 2 lots la tho City of Peoria, 111., with all modem Improvements. The titles nro perfect. Ail worth $50,000 cash. Will trade part ornll. Address Box 1-143, Pouria, 18. nib proprrty-a pink X brick lumao In Jersey City, worth $15,000. DARKER AWAIT, Ift) Doarboru-ut. rno exchange-two lots on south oanal- X st., near Harridan ; will exchange for lioujo find lot or f;oad farm witbla ft) miles of Chicago; also tunio cliuloo ula ou Ktato-Bt. to exchange for Improved city property. h. A. GILBERT A CO.. 2inl LaSalle-m. MISCELLANEOUS. Any one having a diamond on watch in pawn can lind u cash buyer by addressing O oi3, Trlb uue nffleo. 0" ASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING and inUouUancous goods of any Kind, by bonding n letter to I. HELPER, Loan ClUee. ft?4Htato-st. CASH I’AID FOR LADIES* AND GENTS* OAST OFF clothing; old gold and silver, and ovory description of parsons! valuables. Address AUUAIIAM WILKINS' Money Loan 011100, 762 titato-st, botwoou Fourteenth aud Flltuonth-std. IJLKNTYE A CURRAN, MERCHANT TAILORS. .1* have removed to tbolr old corner of Kiazlo ami Wolls-st. __ irVKNUINK BANNOCKBURN TWEEDS, ALL COL* \Jt ors, made to urdorln suits for $35. At GRANGER'S, V.’H South UUrk-st., up stairs. Glove and mitten dies-manufactured ’ hr WM. HE VEIUN, U32 North Curpuuter«st.| Chica go, 111. W‘ ANTED-BTORAUR. FOR luo TO Rod BARRELS lubricating oil. near I’., 1< t. W. A O. It. R. preferred Address P A U. 77 OUrk-st/ Wanted-tearVs to go with thearmV and Navy Colony, Wudnesday. Good wagoi, pbmtyot work, free homo* to nil, lino healthy cllmato, rich soli, lleitcbanco over mlorod. H, U. STEVENS, JO9 Madlsou-at., Roma 3. W MURRAY. THE CELEBRATED STEEL DIB « Htuker, lUt CKtk-al., U Irtalu FOH SALE. 17'OU HALE-LOW, OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR AL* .* most dnytldng convertible into cash, u judeinoaUn Circuit Court ol Coles Counly, 111. Address TIM, Trl buna otfloe. _ ijlbllHAI.K-li'mST-CI.ASa TIOKCTTOST. LOUIsi J’ prlou ,’7. Amilynt 1117 Wet it. PERSONAE. T fTFIJUMATIOfT iwmei) 16V TUB WHERE. lubout. ol my lirotlior, Üb.rlu. \V< Smjlli, who ''■* 1“ Olilouuu Id August, 1873. Any person eaudlni; lufonnn tlon will bo liberally rewarded by addressing A, 11. SMITH, caro F. Smith A Co., 23 South Main at., Hi. Louis, Mu. INFORMATION WANTKD-OIfGEOHW^ J innu liumuanvlllo, Canada, Addtct) GkURGi, HUH* KINS, 201 North Wclli-st. SITUATIONS WANTED--MAIIE. Bookkeepers, Clorkn. <to. QITUATION wanteu-by a young man. 21 D yean old t hud 8 yoara’exporlonoo In tho retail drug builnoM ; Rood knowledge of bookkeeping. Address 03, Ttlbunoofflco. • • - • SITUATION WANTED—AS TRAVELING AGENT for a grocery, (oft, or tobacco homo, or shipping clnrk, Asslalant bookkeeper and collector; good refer onsoa. Address JA, HI South Loavltt-st. QITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER IN A O Jobbing house] boat of rcfonncaa as to character and ability oan bo glrou. AddroaiT 01, Trlbuiio OIHOO. : SITUATION WANTED- A POSITION IN A WO. i nnmnilialonhouno'.onn command good trade In south wost lowa and nurthwoal Missouri: a homo that bandies grain nod country produce preferred, And a boueo that parly can work Into an Interest; (mat of reference filvon and required, Addroea "M," St. do. Mo. ■ Trndns. QITUATION WANTEU-BY A YOUNG MAN, AS A O plfttn printor: 6 years' experience*; boat of roforouocis.. AddrflaaT6l, Trtbuao office. ; •• Goaohniou. Tonmstora. &o» CITUATIONS.WANTKD-UY MAN AND WIFR. HR Oln tlrat-olass coachman} alio ns cook or tauudrons. Boat cttyrofiirnncw. Address 0 100, Tribune office. - Minoollanooni. QITUATION WANTEU-BY A YOUNG MAN IN O lumlior builuoau; no objection to go to tbo country. Rrfotenoeaalvon. Addroan Kfl, Trlbunuaffieo. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domostios. QITUATION WANTED—AS REOOND-OIRL, OR O nurso-glrl ami sowing. Call Monday nnd Tuesday-, at l72lJdtng(KJrovcav. Reforonoon given. . S“ ITUATION WANTED—TO DO SECOND-WORK IN a private family by a young girl who thoroughly under stands It. Call, oraildroaa, aUI7J Cottage Grovo-av., In thoroar. , , . Nnrnos. QITUATION WANTED—BY AN ENGLISH WOMAN O asmiraofor ouo or two children; oatr make*-tbolr clnUdug; no objoollua to travollog. Addroaa B. • . ■ • " • ' Employmout Agouoios, Situations \\ v XNTRD-aw wahash-av., few doom south ot Podl-Olttco—Mra.Balkam tu nttundanno to (nrnhh good holp. If muro convonlont, orders oau bo loft at my residence, 118 Woat Adama-st. Situations wanted -at the soandina; vlnn-Gorntan Inlollhtonoo Odlco—For llrst-claas ear vnut girls, hi Chlcngoaml tlio country, hi holds, roatau rnntH, liiundrlcfi, boardlng-ltouaua and private liuuschj don't fall logivuusa call, and rnmomhoroiirnumltor la 80 Mllwaukoii-av. Mffl. DUHKU’H Intnlllgonco (HUOO. TO RENT—HOUSES. fro RENT—COTTAGE Of SIX ROOMS, IBG WAL- X uiit-«t. ; also collnito and goad loasg for oalo-or ex change. eLa A PARKER, Ifii Wnshiugtnn-st.,jßoora 15. in o' KENT—A liAnGinsc)UßLEnUlCiniul;HlCOli' X 4U rooms, etillablo for furnished mums or boarding* houno, In flrst-olasa locality; rent moderate, Address a 49, Tribune office. ’ T” O RENT-No. 191 ELLIS-A V.-3-STO UY AND hasnmonl stone front; wnlur and gas; bath room, and Tory near horso and steam oars, ,’i hroo good bouitea at Jlydo Park. near slomn cars... Inquire of ULIUUU A RON D,jMDosrboru-Bt. ' ‘ rpd RENT-- HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS, X cheap lo good tenants. JACOB O. MACJILL, 81 ana 83 South Olark-st.. : . fpo RF.NT—A SPLENDID PLACE, 982 SOUTH X Doarborn-st., corner Thlrly-rtlalh-sl., 6 rootnn, pan try. donuts. Ac. Room In baru for Uuteo. Inquire of J, W. GOULD, up-stain*. TO KENT—2-STORY AND iIABEMENT MAIIULK front rosldoucq, 11 rooms, 1028 Wabash-ov. Inquire of FEUD. W. I’KOK, Room 8, Niian'B Building; rro RENT—TIIIRTEKN-IUHIAI HOUSE," MOUF.UN X Improvements, parity furnished It dnsirod. on Wont Washlngton-st., uoar Oakley. Apply at Room 8, 77 West Madlson-st., up-stalrs. . ■ riio RENT—VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, COM. X plctely fiirnlshud, 2-nlory and basement brick, ft) rooms and bath-room; nil modern Impruvomonls; also barn; Wo, 121. Tnunly-fitsl-at. Apply to W. 11. SAMP. RON A CO.. Real Estato and Renting Agency, 141 Lv Sallu-at., Utia Block. Mb RENT-NEW HOUSE ALT.COMPLETE M 7 WAR* X ron-av. just west of O, JC. R. It. ; modern Improve ments, most desirable houso, and cheapest rentwostof Wustom-av. Inquire on promises. TO RENT—A NICE H-BTOIIy" HOUSE, IU UOOMHT X modern Improvomoate, etc.. No. ltr92 Walmsh-ar., neat Twonly-fourth-sl. Inquire at Room 'll lirynn Ulock. T"0 RENT—A PIRBT-OLABS B-STORY AND RNO llsh baaemout brick duelling, with all modem luw proTorannts. No. 8 South Shuldoa-al.. bolwacn West Washington and Randolph, fronting Union Park. rno RENT—IO-ROOM COTTAOK, 6 ROOMS *ON X eacMloor; ulcoly-furulsbod; furniture for sido; neat Lincoln Park. For particulars apply to HAVENS A CO., Auettoueore, 63 South Cnnal-gl. < fliO RENT-A FIRST-CLASS COTTAOK. 481 SECOND*. X et., comer Robey. Rent, $26. Inquire of I*. 11. HENRY, 339 Woat Madlson-st. ‘ rinO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE, WITH ALL MOD. X orfi Improvements. 10 rooms, Imndsntnoly (untlslird, near Ellis Park, for the summer, to flnl-elasa luumiu with boat of roforoncoti. Rent, 4100 par mouiu. luqulro of owner, at 181 lUndolpb-at., Room 4. ■ ■ ■ Snlmrlirm. TO RENT-A FINE LARUE HOUSE AND LOT AT Gioncoo. nuartliolako shore, 18 tullos from Gtilcago, 4 minutes' walk from depot: situation high ami healthful; schools, church; neighborhood and ournmndlngsdelight ful ; cars lo Chicago by tho year low; will sell cheap. In quire of F. W. NEWHALL, corner Lakoand Oanol-sm. To' huiiT--woodf.AWH, xidvrdn ndau Tina Station, furnished or unfurnished. GRACE A ADELL. 181 Donrhorn-at. to rent—rooms. mo RENT-TWO GOOD ROOMS. FURNISHED OU J. untarnished to gcntlomoa without board, lot Ellls-av. • ' fpO RENT—THREE LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS, JL on aullo-or single, for gentlemen only. 12 South pangarooast. ■ . rno RENT—IN RRIOK BLOCK CORNER OF RAN- X detail and Oarpoatqr*«Ui„ la suites of C rooms each, • 830 and $35 nor mouth: mltabJo (or houso-kooppltig. Ap ply to W. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 11l LaSallo-it., CUU lifock. . * . - fpO RKNT-SBI MIOHIOAN-AV.-I4 ROOMS, NJCWZ X iy papered and painted, fully furnished, or to ronl nn furnished. orforsalu. WM. J.BAIINEV, No. 103 East Uaodolph-st. , fpO UENT-NIOELY FURNISHED ROOMS AT 10C2VJ X Wabash-av., between Twenty-third and Twenty foaxth-flls. T’O RENT-ROOM FOR TWO GENTLEMEN, GOOD neighborhood, second floor, gaa and water. Ml Wos( Jackson-st. fTO RENT—IN THOMPSON’S BLOCK, A SUITE OF 1. 6 rooms; gas. water, and water-closets, sultablo for bousekouiiluff, 2.15 West Madlsoii-st. WILLIAM li, THOMPSON, 225» Wont Madlion-sU T”' O RENT—A SUITE OF FRONT RUOMS, FURNISH. - cd, first door, on euito or sluglo. No. 151 Rich, toonth-at. fflO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH GAS AND X closets, newly painted and poporod. 643 Btato-st. TO RENT—AN~ ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOM forgoutininauand lady; also unfurnished room and a Biiialt furnished room fur single gontlmncu. Gas and bath-mem in tho bonne. Inquire at 19i) Wnat Iridlana-st. TO KENT—STORES. OmCES, &c, TO RENT-SUITE OF OFFICES, CONVENIENTLY arranged, with vault, etc, Applyou premises. Room 23, 163 East Washington-st. . THO RENT—A HANDSOME STORE IN BRICK X building in Rockford, 111.; contro of business, 83x£0; dry-goods, clothing, or boot and shoo buslnosa preferred: f d 4lf y “ r ’ Address ALTON BUUICKKR, Rook* fpO RENT-STORES AND BASEMENTS NOS. IIP, XUI, 123, 123, 127 SUto-st., near Kigbtoouth-xt.; rent only SSO per month. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., Ui LaSallo-bt., Otis Block. ■ T~ O RENT-VERY DESIRABLE STORE, SIZE2SX7S, In marble-front building, northwest corner of Lako and Unlon-stß. Rout, $75 a month. Apply to W. 11, SAMPSON A 00., H4 LaSallo-st., OtU Block. TO RENT-CORNER ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR,' 40x20, In Orpheus Hall Building, comer Lnko anil Poorla-ste., well lighted and ventilated, nailable fee society or light manufacturing purposes. W. if. PHARE, Motor Block. 113 LaSallo-st. . fpO RENT-SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH X floors, with powor and elevator, 148 Clark-st.. near Madison. Apply ntSOUWBIZIiIVU CoUce-llunsq. TO HENT—FIURT-OLARS OFFICES, NORTHWEST corner of LaSalle nod Adaras-flti. R. BUHLOESSEB, basement, aiULaSaUo-at. , 110 RENT-A GOOD STORK. K7 STATE-ST., corner of llarmon-onurt. Suitable for dry goods, groceries,hardware, clot hing, etc. "WAHTED—TO RENT. WANTKD-TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT on South Hido by a substantial buninon* firm, suit* •bio fur a general jobbing trado. Nothing fancy needed Id tlnl»h or root: would like U between Stato and LaSalle, on Monroe, Adams, or Jackson, or on or near South Wator-Bts. Person* Loving, or about to build suob, will boar of • good permanent tenant by Addressing, with particulars, do., TH3, Tribune ottloo. WANTED— TO RENT-BARN, WITH ROOM FOR ID horses and snr C wagons, food. Ac., oast of Abor (loan nnd North of Harrlsuu-st. Addroas F. J. RUTH, 65 aud 87 South Cauabat. WANTED-TO liENT-HOUSES-WR HAVE Nu merous applications foi houses from good toanula, JACOB 0. MAGILL. HI andHJ South Clark-at. SEWING MACHINES. Grover a baker’s skwino-maohines-gen. oral ntlioo, 160 Stato-st.; branch ottioe, 074 Wabash* av, Persons having old Grover A U&ker sowlng-machlnaii are invited to call and soo the now improvements, and boar somotblng to their advantage. QINOKU SEWING MAOHINEB-WEST SIDE OF* p tlce of N101101.3 A PEARSON, 141 South llatiturt st. Machines sold or rented on easy monthly payments, amt sowing given when required. SINGER SEWING' MAClilNllS-NORTH SIDE OF. 1100, No. 131 North Clark-st., corner Ohio. Machines sold or rented on easy monthly payments;open oveniuga. millTnEW FLO 1 tKNnIiTSKWIN G ifAOiIINK-Wff 1 call special attention u> recent Improvomonto made iu tho Florence, also to the now and elegant stiles of cases added to out W. To moot the views of thoae preferring a machine fnodlmrtlm work away from tho operator, wo havomadoNos. 13 and 14, which combine tho doslrnblo features to ha found lu machines made by olliurs, ullh all tin* peculiar oxet'Uonelea of the Huvcueo. WM. U. SHARP A GO., General Agents, 254 Slato-sL, Chicago. isrHKKLKR V"WILSON SEWING MAOIUNEST VY tho new Improved sold or rentod on easy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY. City Ap'ntf otifee, 3SB West Madlson-at.; will remove about May 1, 1873. to I&6 Stato-st PARTNERS •WANTED. .WANTED—A FIRST CLASS CUTTER J. aud tailor, with SI,QUO or more, to lake an Interest in a clothing business (Including hats, oajn, furnishing goods. AuJi well established, and doing n good pa) lug trade, a good opening to Inaroaio tho business by adding inure stuck and merchant tailoring; In ouo of ißt> boos manufuaturlng towns In llllnoia. Fur particulars address, giving references, B X, Trlbuuo olhco. IJAUTNEU WANTED—TO* TAKE AN INTEREST J. lu a woolen mill; extraordinary laduoomenls tua per* son of experience andsomo cosh, or other capital. Addrasa I*. O. Hoi 47. . liARTNICR IV ANT If T>—Wl Til” Ql.UdO: lUBiIHKKS. X well o.iablishod; payswoll, havn moio Ilian nne caa do; must bo a good bum nuns man. and ready for busiueut Hence. liß SouthGUik-il., JloouiW. 7

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