Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 12, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 12, 1873 Page 8
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8 ALL FOR LOVE. Two Arc Company, but Three Are Not. A Young Man Shoots His Inconstant lady-Lovo. Tho comparative qulot which has existed in Criminal matters during tho past two wooku was broken yesterday by an attempted murder and a serious stabbing affray. Tbo latior possesses nothing now or startling, but tho former boing on affair wherein a jealous lovor sought to enatoh from tho arms of his rival tho woman they both loved, taking her lifo, presents a ‘ phazo of human character which is hardly capablo of intelligent solu tion, slnco lovers generally doslro to oaro very tenderly for tbo objects of thoir loves. But tbo anomlay has at intervals trans pired of a lovor shooting his long-cherished ono, ■bocauso (and oftentimes in bor wisdom) she be came faithless to him and preferred another, and aftor committing tbo glorious deed, run ning off to bldo, and Chicago yesterday produced just such an auamoly. Tbo parties to tbo affair aro Annio Keenan a young and yory pretty girl, of 17 summers, twoyoungmon, named James Brady and John Buoluoy. Tim scone of THE BHOOTIHQ I was tho bouse of tho fathor of tbo girl, on Win ter street, Just west of tbo Transit House, at tbo Stock Yards. About sovon months have passed away slnco Brady, who is a carpenter by profession, but who,' it is said, does not handle tho tools of his trado very much, first mot Aunlo Keenan. With him It was lovo at first eight, aud, unlike hearts that aro easily impressed, bis affection grow as their knowledge of each other was extended. Miss Annio POSSESSED MANY (HURSTS, and charmed twice their number whenever sbo appeared in company. It is always disagreeable io bo in love with a popular girl. No young fol low ovor folk tho situation other than vexatious. So it has boon with James Brody. Old shoos and case woro not component parts of his nature when Miss Annio smiled for somo ono olso. At aucb timos a monster, whoso raiment is com monly supposed to ho green in oolor, would pub anger iu his heart, dovilish purposes in Ins mind, and FIRE IN TUB EYES: and as Annio did receive attention from others and would not Unfit tho clrclo of her associa tion, so that she would bo over walking around James Brody, this young man has boon, during the past seven months, a roost unhappy and wretched being. It is said that ho has threat ened to commit suicide, which would certainly have been a much braver and moro manly deed than that which ho attempted to accomplish last night. IE IT IS TRUE that lovo prompts such deeds as James Brody commuted last night, thon tho idea that lovo is tho most selfish or passions is sustained, and tho loss of lovo wo havo tho bettor wo shall do. DQADY HAS ENDURED very much, U is said, os Annie has boon a great coquette. But they have mode some progress. James has persisted and Annie resisted, but the former won for somo thno. Indeed, she par tially consented to bo his wife, but James spoiled all that by demanding that she receive no attention from anybody olso It was on this ecoro that tho shooting was done. Tho strong est rival bos boon a young man named Buckley. It was known to Brady that Buckley wont out yesterday afternoon with Annie. This so exasperated him that ho resolved it should not bo repeated. Accordingly, yesterday evening, about 0 o’clock, ho wont to tho house of his once prospective father-in-law, and, without knock ing, burst into tbo parlor. On a sofa sat tbo two that bad raised tho devilish purpose In his mind. Glancing furtively around, bo asked Miss Annie if she was out walking in tho afternoon WITH THAT MAN, pointing to Buckley. Annie said she was. brmly then asked her which of them she thought most of. Tho girl promptly answered that Buckley was her favorite. Whereupon Brady quickly drew a revolver from his breast and fired two shots at her. both of which took effect In the vicinity of tho heart. Tbo girl fell in tho arras of her acknowledged lover, cold and insen sible. Brady did not say a word, hat rushed out of tho house. He, however, did not at ONCE GO AWAY, but lingered around a few minutes. When asked what ho was going to do, ho replied that ho did right, and would surrender himself to-day. At no ©curly hour ihlo tUu gUX WUtS Very low and not expected to live. She is only about 17 years old, and is spoken of as a respectable and amiable girl. It is believed that Brady has left tho city. Ho is a heavy-set man, with swarthy complexion and black whiskers on his olun, and is gruff in his manner and speech. THOSE SPIKED QUADKANGULAES. How a Frightful Tragedy May Ho Prevented* Whether it will happen within a week, or a month, or oven a year, no ouo can toll, bat there is no doubt that some day or other either Judge Booth’s or Judgo Dorter’s Courts, or both, will be the scone of a sanguinary, oviscoratory tragedy, followed by a Coroner’s inquest. In tho floor of each room is a largo skylight round which is raised an iron guard,- about throe foot high, from tho top rail of which hustle, at regular two-inch intervals, sharp-pointed spikes, tho tout ensem ble of tho thing reminding ono of tho more hor rible pictures in Fox’s Book of Martyrs, and sug gesting tho terrors of tho Grand Inquisition. To muko certain of a fatal accident as soon as pos sible, tho cocoa-nut matting is ingeniously torn Into shreds, which catch the foot of the unwary and jerk him towards tho formidable chcvcux do friso. Already some minor accidents have re sulted thorofrom. One day last winter a juror slipped in close proximity to tho skylight, and, to savo himself from falling through and hurt ing tho clerKs below, ho, witii laudable solf-abuo gation, clutched spasmodically at the spikes, two of which wont through his hand, while a third ran up his thumb, severing tho sinew, and per manently disabling it. Later on, on intoxicated citizen foil prone npon tho spikes; but it was winter-time, and Ins three overcoats, two pea-jackets, and a multiplicity of vests and underclothing saved him from impale ment, and tho struggling mass was hoisted from danger by tho znimito-clork and tho bailiff. Still later and still sadder, a Times reporter hod his pocket ripped open by an ovil-tntoutionod spike, and tbo floor was instantly strewn with choice extracts from tho facetiae columns of third-class Beaky Mountain weeklies, with which ho was about to got up impromptu flashes of wit and merriment, with tho more prurient details of no torious divorce cases, and a commutation ticket issued by a southerly Fourth avenue eating house. Ladles’ mantles have boon ruined by the hundred, while every day ono or more of the spikes ore found to bo adorned with wav ing strips of varl-colorod cloth, ripped from tho flying tails of hurrying lawyers’ over coats. Take thorn altogether, thoso spiked quad xanctilara ore very dangerous institutions, and ought to be abolished, and tho Judges in whoso courts they are placed should not treat them with indifference, for the most upright Judgo in tho world is not proof against an occasional fall, aud anybody protending to ho a judgo must con foss that to have a tumble stopped half way by a thiakly-upikod iron-railing, would bo apt to bo followed by disagreeable results, somewhat simi lar to thoso experienced by tho suicidal disciples of hari-kari. THE CITY IN BRIEF. Yesterday afternoon, during the absence of tho occupant, tho room of O. E. McDougall, on Third avenue, near Harrison street, was broken into, and @IOO worth of clothing purloined. Yesterday morning, tho dead body of a young female haoo was found near the Four-Mile House, in a pile of rubbish, which had been de posited thoro during last week. Tho Coroner will investigate tho caso to-day. Tho ninth annual meeting of the Illinois Dental Society will occur at Hook Island, com mencing on Tuesday, at 10 o'clock. At 3 o'clock ?, n t i l .9,"ftme day thoro will ho a joint meeting of the Illinois and lowa Societies for the discussion of subjects. Groat excitement was produced at tho entrance of Green a Garden lost evening by the onset of a gang of youthful radians upon a harmless pea nut vender. A mob of not less than 200 lawless boys and young men collected in loss than two minutea and drove respectable people from tho street. There was no policeman iu sight. On Wednesday evening the Went Hide Mutual Amateur Bane-Ball Club organized for the ensu ing season. Tho playing nino -will bo i B. Dennis Captain and first base; J. Dennis, pitcher; W* Bf'iuk, catcher j It. Johnston, shortstop; M. llal pm, second baso; J.lUloy, third baso; J. Wilson loft field; J, ratentoau,otptro (Ipld; O.Bartlett', right Hold. Oommunlcfttlonn addressed to 11. D. Jennings, Secretary, will receive prompt ntlon tion. Tho fair to bo given by tho Hoy. Father Camp bell, at Burlington Hall, during tho week, will commence this evening. The fair dames of Hydo Park have pfornisod to bo present, and will aid in Booming/ by their smiles, importuni ties, and winning ways generally, tlio powerful dollars of iholr patrons. Headers of Tub TninCNK will remember tho shooting of a burglar at Newtown, Long Island, on April 5. Before ho died tho desperado re fused to give his name, but it la subsequently found to havo boon Jalm Murphy. It is Haiti that in a robbery committed in this oily, five or six months ago. ono of his band was shot, and, believing that no was dying, betrayed bis asso ciates. Murphy was familiar with every variety of crlmo forbidden'in tho decaloguo, and his death is a blessing tb law-abiding persons. Ho loaves a wlfo and two children in Wisconsin. Aurora has had a sensation. Last Friday a young follow named Edward Olanoy, aged 17, induced a young girl aged 10. named Lizzie Lolsollo, to mu away With him, to that Mecca of runaway girls, this very city of Chicago. Tho two had boon cultivating a tender relation for somo time, and as tho parents of both woro op {josod to tho thing, it is supposed that thoyoamo loro to consummate it and make it ovorlnstiug. Tho fathor of tho girl is in tho city searching for hot, and If this paragraph should do road by her, she will bo informed that ho is reconciled to tho match, and will gladly receive thorn both to his homo. SERIOUS STARRING AFFRAY. Unprovoked Assault by a Party of Houglm* Yesterday morning, at 2 o'clock, a party of roughs assaulted ibroo young men, named Fetor, Patrick, and Frank Dolan, on Centro avenue, near Rebecca, and, In tho soufilo which ensued, tho lattor was seriously slabbed iu tho right side. Tho following accoimt of tho affair was related to a Thiudne reporter by tho wounded man, last evening: About X o'clock tho Dolan party wont into Fuorlong’s saloon, on Coutro street, near Catherine, to got a drink. While standing at tho bar, a rough-looking follow bantered Frank Dolan to sing. Frank, being a warbler of somo local dis tinction. sustained hla reputation by accepting tho banter. Tho crowd became very merry, ana did not separate for somo time. ■ Tho Dolun party woro tho first to go out. Aftor leaving tho saloon, thoy crossed ovor to tho opposite side of tbo street, whoro thoy woro shortly joined by tbo other party. Frank Dolan, tho wounded man, started oast ou Contro ave nue, whoa bo was requested to como back by tbo roughs, and ronow tho singing. Ho rofusod, aud walked ou, and wad shortly afterward joined by his companions. Tho rough, followed thorn, and at Hobocca street made an assault on thorn. In tho scufilo, which lasted somo time, Frank Dolan was stabbed throe times in the right eido and once In tho forehead. His assailant at onco ran ofT t and tho others woro more than matched by bis companions. The In jured man was carried to bis homo, No. 141 John son street, and attended by Dr. Hoot, who was subsequently dismissed and Dr. McKay called in. Tho wounds aco vary serious, but it is believed will not prove fatal. Bergt. O’Donnell, with his usual promptness, wont in pursuit of tho assassins, as soon as ho received word of tho affair. From tho descrip tion of thorn, ho arrested throo well-known roughs, named Mike Kelley, Robert Riley, aud Peter Yoro. Tho two former havo boon em ployed in tbo Inter~Ocean office. Yesterday morning Peter Doldu identified Hiloy as ono of tho assaulting party, and, us Hiloy ana Yoro woro found together, secreted iu a barn. H is believed tho right parlies havo been caugm. At a late hour lust night Dolan, who is a single man, was easy, and believed to bo improving. OBITUAHY. ITlrs» Iffnrrlot ityan JFovvlcr. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Evanston, 111., May 11.—Mrs. Harriot Byan Fowler, the mother of Dr. Charles H. Fowler, President of tho Northwestern University, Mrs* Jennie Willing, of Bockford, and Dr. 11, B. Fow ler, of Chicago, died at the residence of tho former, to-day, at 3 o’clock p. m., luhor72d year. Tho deceased was a lady of lino qualities and of an irreproachable character. She has boon a resident of this State for many years, early in life having moved with her hus band to the West and settled in Kendall County. AitllUUgtl UUl* I'UBtUOUCo 1U Btanclon harj been short, yet she loaves many friends, auditor death has cast a shadow over tho community. Services will take place at tho residence of President Charles H. Fowler, corner of Chicago avenue and University place, to-morrow, tho 12th instant, at 2 o’clock p. m. Tbo remains will ho convoyed to tho family bnrial-pjaco, near Newark, Kendall County, 111., whore they will bo interred with the customary rites. MARCELLOS 11. SMITH. Tho recent decease of Marcellua B. Smith, Esq., au old and prominent citizen of Chicago, seems to deserve more than a passing notice. Mr. Smith was ono of tho early pioneers, having come to this, city in 1837, and settled, with his brothers, about eleven miles northwest, on tho beautiful ridgo upon which tho Village of Nor wood is located. A few years afterward ho en gaged in tho mercantile business, in which bo continued for a quarter of a century, retiring with a competence, and devoting tho latter years of his life to tho encouragement of education and tho pursuit of intellectual investigation, lie was at his country rosidonco in Woodstock, McHenry County, when ho was stricken with tho disease (apoplexy') which terminated his earthly career, lie was for many years ouo of tho Trus tees and Treasurer of Douglas University. Ho was a man of spotless integrity, of dignified presence, and of gonial disposition, and, in the refinement and elevation of his character, truly earned 44 tho grand old name of gentleman.’ Ho was buried on Monday, tho sth of May. in tho quiet cemetery of Norwood, within a low rods of tho spot whore ho entered upon the groat responsibilities of tho work of his life nearly forty years ago,—a work so nobly roundoff, though so sadly closed. DEAD BODY FOUND IN THE RIVER. At 5 o'clock yesterday morning Charles Thal storn, a tender at tho BnndolpU street bridge, observed tho dead body of a man floating in tbo river near tho oast hank. Ho at once informed Officer Thomas Condon of tho discovery, and, with his assistance, tho body was pulled but of tho water. It was much decomposed, and had evidently boon in tho water some weeks. Tho dross was that of a respectable man, and con sisted of light striped pantaloons, n dark vest, and a brown coat. There was a tuft of sandy hair at tho chin. Besides 81.80 in currency, there was found in ouo of tho pockets of his vest a card, npon ouo side of which was written 44 T. Cahill, No. 125 East Van Duron street,” ami on tho other 44 Mr. Dilson, No. 107 Morgan.” No marks of violence wore found on tho body, which was taken to the Morgue to await' tho action of tho Coroner. JUBILEE NOTES. Tbo official announcement of tho Jubilo Man agement speaks for itself in another column too fully to need comments. Yesterday letters woro received from Gov. Carpenter, of lowa, and other distinguislidd invited guests, expressing full sympathy with tho approaching occasion. PERSONAL. Daniel Mackay, of Liverpool, is at tho Gardner Houso. Dr. John W. ‘Whoolor, of Dover, N. 11., la a< tho Bhorman House. Qov. Morris and tho Hon. Mr. Howard, from Manitoba, aro at tho Bhormnn House. Lucca loft tho Gardner House, yesterday, for Milwaukee. Kellogg loaves to-morrow. Tho Hon. J. O. Plain, Speaker of (ho National House of KopreuenlaUvou, is at tho Sherman House. Justice Gamble and son, of Williamsport, Pa., aro at tho Sherman House. Thu Judge is a largo owner of real estate in this city. Con Mogulro, of St. Louis; Hohort Head, Now York; E. 11. Froomnn, Hoston: Henry F. Smith, Now York; John R. Holmes, St. Lculh; Alfred Joel, Now Jersey, aro at tho Gardner Houso, Stunmor Sunk* St. Louis, May 12,—Tho steamer Friendship, with threo barges in tow, struck tho bridge at Hannibal, Mo., yesterday, and was so badly wrecked that after lloatlng about 200 yards sho sunk. No lives lost. Tho ISoroo Tiller* Latent Dodgo* Cincinnati, May 11.—On Friday, at Wnpo konolo, at tho Inst&noo of Ooorgo W. Hood, of Butler County, John Lawler was arrested and THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY, MAY 12, 1«<73, brought to Hamilton on a charge of ..horso-Moal- Ingr and barn-burning. .‘Ho aoknoWlbdgoa his guilt, hits mode of operation being to pick up old iVorllilofls hOraoa grazing ou the commons, stool good horses fromharns at night, put old horses in their places, sot the bam on lire, and loavo. About a dozen bams have been burned In Butler County In this way in tho last six months. Mr. Hood detected tho triok by examining tho shoos of tho horses and tracing thorn to old .broken* down homos, that had boon put In tho barn and burned. Ho had lost by thoft six horses, and tho satno number of old ones had hcou put in his ham, and tho bam was then burned. THE INDIAN CONTRACTS. Strange Awnrilii l»y ilio Imtlnn Com* inlniinn»A]lcir(!‘(l I’nrtlallty ami t’a« vorltlnm* From the AViif I’orJt film, Map fl. Tho awards of contracts for Indian supplies woro nmdo on Saturday last. Tho bids wore closed on tho 20th of April, and the intervening lime is supposed to havo been taken np in tho oaroful examination of the various bids and tho responsibility of tho bidders. The Commis sion consisted of Mr, E. I*. Smith, CommlßHionor of Indian Affairs; Mr. O. H. BUnvrt, Mr. Robert Campbell, Mr. John V. Fnrwoll, and Mr. W. 13. Dodge, tho wholo Commissiou being under tho supervision of Mr. B. H. Cowan, Assistant Sec retary of tho Interior. To Ihono woro added, Mr, Felix H. Bnmot and Mr. Nathan Bishop, Commissioners of Contracts for tbo Delivery of Supplies to tlio Indians. Tho competition for those contracts was yory spirited. Tho ontiro amount of contracts was ovor SI,GUO,OOO, to eocuro which ihoto was natu rally something of a scramble., Bidders woro S resent iu person, or by agonts. from Nevada, obraska, Kansas, and most of tbo Territories. These men bad traveled from 1,600 to 2,600 miles each in order to soouro contractu, and every ono of them brought with him tho moans for giving ample and most satisfactory security for tho per formance of whatever contract ho might under take. Tho supplies to bo furnished consist mainly of hoof (on tho hoof), bacon, flour, colTooo, brown sugar, soap, salt, saloratus, ana plug tobacco. Thero are thirteen agencies to bo supplied, which require supplies differing in quantity ac cording to tho number of Indians claimed to bo under tho immediate obnrgo of each. For in stance, tho Wbotstono, Grand River, and Hod Cloud Agencies, tho throo largest under tho In dian Bureau, require each 5,000,000 pounds gross weight of beef caitlo, ou tho hoof ;. 800,000 pounds bacon, clear slues, or. 26,000 pounds par month; 1,200,000 pounds XX flour, or 100,000 pounds per month; 100,000 pounds coffee, green; 200,000 pounds host brown sugar; 12,000 pounds plug tobacco, iu boxes; 26,000 pounds best brown soap, in boxes ; 6,000 pounds saloratus, in boxes. . On tho othor hand tbo Blackfeot Agency calls for only 8,000 pounds of coffee (green); 12,000 pounds host brown sugar; 0,000 pounds best brown soap, in boxes ; 9,000 pounds salt, fine, in barrels; 3,000 pounds plug tobacco, in boxes. Tiioro woto also bids for transportation, as tho articles are to bo delivered at certain central points, and thence transported to tbo several outlying agencies. Tho competition among tho 'Western men for beef on tho hoof and transportation is always particularly lively, for tho reason that those two items fall more immediately within their special dealings. But there is never any lack of rivalry in every branch of tho business. When the Commissioners mot to open their bids it was found that there wore no loss than 161 propositions. A number of persons had, however, bid on more than one article, so tho number of diltoront bidders was probably about GO. After a week of consultation, in which it is charged,' there was a great deal of ‘‘ addition and division’* done, and a groat deal of “ bl lonco ” promised, tho awards wore mado public, and tho Commission instantly dissolved ana sepa rated, in order it would seem to out oil all chance of appeal or remonstrance on tho part of certain ones who doomed themselves wronged by tho awards. Certain influential men from tho far West, who came hero with tbo moans .to guaran tee by tho most unquestionable money bonds their ability to carry out any contract they might nmko, do not hesitate to boldly charge glaring partiality and favoritism in tho giving out of the various contracts. They say that not only was tho grossest pref erence shown to certain friends of tho Commis sioners in cases whore tho bids wore tied as to amount, by invariably giving them tho contracts in full, instead of dividing them between tho two, as fairness ami justice required ; bat tho charge is boldly made, aud is supported by fig ures, that in several instances tbo lowest bidders wore entirely ignored, and their bids thrown out, while tho awards wore made at a much higher figure to tho friends of tho immaculate Indian liiug. And this was done in a purely arbitrary manner, no pretence being made that the lowest bidders wore not perfectly responsi ble, no exception whatever being taken to their indorsors, but tho thing being simply carried with a high hand, and all reasons fur the action refused. A gentleman from Omaha, states that bo put in a Did to furnish 10,000,000 pounds of boor on tho hoof at $2.72 por hundred; his bid was thrown out, and tho contract awarded to a epoc olal friond of ono of tho Board at 32.72 W. Only a dilToronco of half a oont a pound, it is true, but then half a cont a pound on 10,000,000 is $50,- 000, which somebody divides, and somebody olso has to pay. No protonco was mado that tho lowest bidder was not able to abide by his con* tract. Indeed, ho was prepared to give security on his various hide to tho amount af half a mill ion of dollars, but aa ho evidently didn’t under stand 44 division.*' ho was counted out. In another instance xnauy thousands of Founds of bacon woro awarded to tho favorod rioud of ouo of tho Board at 10X cents a pound, to bo delivered at Kansas City, when another bidder offered to deliver it at tho Bod Cloud Agency, whore it was wonted, for 12 cents a pouod. Now this bacon has to bo transported from Kansas City to Cheyenne GOO miles by rail, then 130 miles by wagon to Bod Cloud, tbo trans portation costing 2|sconta a pound, besides tbo “ shrinkage,** which is a trifle over 6 por cont. Thin is a loss of 15,000 pounds of bacon, which, at 18 cents, its value at Bed Cloud, is $105,000, which makes another nice little sum to divide. Tho lowest bidder hod agreed to deliver the ba con at Bod Cloud, full weight, for precisely the same price that Undo Barn’s economical Com missioners pay their friond and favorite, and then have 15,000 pounds 44 shrinkage.” A well known contractor from Leavenworth offered to dollvor beef on tho hoof at any or all of tho agencies at an average price of $2.45. but his bids woro unceremoniously shut out, ana the contract awarded to others at from to $2.7C)£. Yet ho was able to justify in tho amount of a million of dollars, aud to furnish any security that might ho required that ho would fulfill bis bargain. At tho rooms of tho Commissioners there wore last Saturday between forty and fifty bidders who, although tboy had offered to take tho con tracts for less money than those who actually secured them, woro shut out of tho gamo entirely. Many of thoso woro men who had traveled many thousands of miles to got those contracts, which they can execute hotter than any others because of their knowledge of tho business and tho country. ‘Those mou assort that tho favoritism has boon so barefaced and palpable that they anticipate no difllculty in having tho wholo thing ripped up, and tho contractu again thrown open to tho lowest bidders. Accordingly a largo aologation of those who woro so unceromoniously ignored by tho Commissioners, having collectod full otutomoiits of factu and figures, started on Mon day mght for Washington to lay tho matter be fore Secretary Delano. Their array of figiu'OH is so strong that any honest Boorotary must bo con vinced that there has been unfair dealing some where. If Delano belongs to that class ho will redress whatever wrong has been done, and savo to tho United titatos tons and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars. Iho DcslTXolncu Valley itailroad Case* From the VeaMoitiea (Iowa) Slay 0, Tho ease of tho foreclosure of tho second mort gage bonds of the DosMoinos Valley Hoad, to bo tried at tho approaching special term of tho Polk County Circuit Court, probably involves a larger amount of monoy than any othor cause ever before sot for trial in an lowa court. Tho second mortgage bonds are for @4,600,000. They are secured by a first mortgage on tho road from DosMoinos to Fort Dodgo, ami by a second mortgage on tho road from DosMoinos to Keokuk. Tho suit Is brought by tho Trnstocs of tho owners of tho bonds, Messrs. Oillman & Oowdry, of Now York. Tho latter, wo boliovo, is President of tho road. Messrs. Catch, Wright & Huimolts represent tho plaintiffs, and Grant & Smith, of Davenport, assisted by Wm. M. Evarts, of flow York, represent the first mortgage bondholders, who auk for the foreclosure or their mortgage at tho same lime. Tins first mortgage amounts to @2,310,000. Each of the mortgages bears interest at tho rato of 8 nor cent, and is due—principal and in terest—wlionavor tho Company fail to pay the interest. None of the interest has ovor been paid. In addition to tho two classes of bondholders above named, the Illinois Telegraph Company; tho Dos Moines River Navigation Company ; Flynn, Maroy <k Company, woro made defend ants in the original sou. There are also several othor.croditors that may yot ho included at thoir own request,'„ ■; j t Tho aggregate amount of.Judgments and claims against tho railroad company, outside or tho mortgages; represented In tho lotion for fore closure, Is obout $125,000. Ono of tho dolioato points to bo dooldod at tho hearing of tho causo, ;Wlll bo tho position those claims will occupy in tho distribution of tho > proceeds of tho sale; At first glanoo It would seem that tho mortgage. 1 would bo sufilniont to hold all tho money, only tho road should ho sold for moro than enough to satisfy them—of which' there Is no prospect. But homo of tho claims aro said to ho iu tho na ture of n mechanic's Hon, aud still others of somo other character that might reasonably ho doomed a. bar' to thoir, refusal, nil of which, aside from tho vast monetary Issues Imolvod, will mnko tho case full of intercut. . In still another way will tho canno excite atten tion. It Is said, that tho real contestants aro tho . first '• and second bond mortgage holders—rono desiring to havo tho road sold In order thol thoy may hid it in and operate It; tho others being equally de sirous to havo tho present status remain un changed—they being already In possession. It Is also sold that tho wretohod condition of tho road, tho Inconvenient ami unprofitable running tlmo now In use, and,the look of propor connec tions with other roads, Is a part of a schomo to so depreciate tho value of tho property that It can bo bought for loss than its real worth. : Tho trustees for tho first mortgage bondhold ers arc Luther G. Clark and Henry A. Barling, tho lattor taking tho place of Qon. B. R. Gurus at tho tlmo of that gentleman's death. FASHIONS. How They Change Acrosn ilio Con* tlnout* 2b the Editor of the Few York QrapMe: , Lot mo give you tho changes of fashion from Now Yorkio Omaha, ns 1 make tho trip from tho metropolis to tho Westj JVcto York, Monday Morning.— Ab wo rldo up Fifth avoimo, wo notlco our “ thoroughbred " young ladies with thoir last Paris stylos—wo moan "swell” young ladles, of oouruo. Our oyos follow tho Fifth avenue procession of Worth’s drosses. • ‘What do wo soo ? Look at tho “ swell” young lady with tho Worth toilet. Thoro io a complete ahsonco of fiannlors. Bustles cease io exist, and tho young ady wraps tho folds of bor skirts tightly around her hips to show tbo. human formbonoalh tho woolou drapery. Tho fashionable Now York girl is to-day is a draped statue—tbo bottom of the skirt bugging tho feet. Her hack is ns straight as a board, her shoulders havo erected thom bolvos, and she stands proudly—a Diana. Tho extra 170 yards of cloth which used to moko up our Now.. York hollo’s pannier, wattoau, and polonaise havo gono West: but untold yards of muslin havo gono up about bor nock, whole it breaks ontin gigantio while ruffles—ruffles which would havo mado Queen Elizabeth sigh—ruffles starched stiff and cutting tho oars. Tlio ruffles look like Immense side boards to keep tho hood from sleeping over. Tho 170 yards of dross havo gono into a nock ruffle. How could a young lady carry cloth enough for pannier and a Queen Elizabeth raffle tuo ? Ono had to givo way, so panniers wont out. Backs became suddenly straight. Cropkod shoulders oroctod themselves. Bustles went down, aud ruffles shot up liko a rookot. With the coming of mfhos and the going of

Eanniors. wo see other changes. The hat rails ack on iho hood. A little while ago hats came over the forehead—sometimes away over the “hang-tailed ” hair to the eyes. Gradually, dur ing tho winter, they have crept up to tho crown of the bead—then hack, back, till wo see them looking like sailors 1 hats, with tho brim cocked up all around, and there they hang to tho back of the hood by two strings, with artificials dang ling from behind. Have yon scon a little boy in tho country with a straw hat lied on, standing in the wind ? That’s tho way our “ swell ” young ladies look on Fifth avonuo. In a word, 1 sco hats off, ruffles four inches high, panniers down, shoul ders back, hook straight, and a big umbrella dangling to sido ; kid boots laced : four-button ed gloves, lavender; oar-rings, yellow Etruscan; walk, a swagger from one side to tho other, like a sailor; hair parted on one sido ; bust natural; dross sago green, trimmed with same t hair low behind and high in front, no curls. Girls wild on rediugotes. CHICAGO. Chicago, Tuesday. —Tho cars move on. Faah ion changes so ! Young ladies begin to como on tho train with email panniers* Backs begin to bond and shoulders stoop forward. Newspapers rustic whon young ladv sits down. Itufflod col lars only two inches high and sailors’ glnzo-top hats on tho book of tho hood ahaugo to Tyrolean hats with foathorM. They begin to got on tho top of tho head. Bido-halr partings disappear, and front-hair in frizzes. Gloves (lilac) lose ono button. Chicago young lady looks at u hooploss, straight-backed, scoop-bonnotod, uocK-rnfflod old lady from Oregon, and can uoo tho difference botwoou her and a Fifth avouuo young lady on tho train. Thoy both look eo old-fashioned. Sovonty-two yards iu a Chicago girl’s dress—color hluo, thrond-laco trimmings. Bailor’s sido swagger , kangaroo liip flop commences. Kid boots, tipped with patent leather—buttoned. Block-hair higher and front hair lower. Ono ourl behind. Earrings, dia mond eolitaros. Rediugotes disappearing. DOCK ISLAND. ;• Rock /aland, Wednesday.— Wonderful! Pan niers very largo. Chicago Tiincg < Tuiddneo, and Davenport democrat in largo quantities. Dross 08 yards—green, cotton-velvet trimming. Hoop skirts commence. Bustles first scon. Elizabethian collars one inch wide. Gloves, 2-buttonod—straw-colored, Tyrolean hut ana feather on top of bead changes to Jaunty turban hat, tipping forward—bird on it. Hoses and ponzios, with velvet strings. Busts larger. Shoes elilny morocco—laced. Hair frizzled very low on tho forehead. Two curls behind. Ear rings diamond clusters. Shoulders bent very much forward. Hands dangle a little in front. Umbrellas disappear, and' parasols commence. No vestige of sailor’s swagger, but kangaroo fiip-flap in full feather. Boamgolos cease. OMAHA. Omaha , Thursday. —Bovolatlon I Panniers, t eaUeaus, and polonaise immense I Bustles gigantic. Store-room for Alia Californians, Salt Lako Ifo'ahls. and Minneapolis Tribunes. Ouo hundred and thirty-eight yards in a drees— blue or yellow, trimmed with black cotton laoo. Back hair very high, with throo curls. Earrings French gilt (made in Maiden Lane]). Gloves, 1-bnttou kids—lemon-colored, embroidered with black. Parasols small. Morocco boots changed to fanner's Batin—elastic sides. Hat, felt tur ban. trimmed with blue ribbon—rod bird’s wing on it. Hoops, skirts very largo. Elizabethian collar disappears. CONCLUSION, Now York and Omaha have changed places. The “swell" Omaha girl of to-day drosses about as our “swell ” girls used to dross. Onco wo bad panniers bad; now thoy’ro oilliolod with thorn. They wont like tho epizootic—wont like the kan garoo, ilip-flop—wont os tho polonaise rodin gotoa aro going now. Our Miso-Thompson-girl of-tho-ponod has emigrated, and we’ve got a now draped statue right from Paris, wo aro ftroud of her erect shoulders, proud of her swel ing chest, proud of her assorting womanhood. Wo are glad to change tho cringing coryphee for tho prouder statue of Diana. MayO. Eli P£HiciNa» I'lio Suicide of Lord Dolutvarr* London {April 20) Corretpondenco of the Few York Tunes, A vory painful impression Ims boon produced by tho suicido of Lord Dolawarr, Ho wont down to Cambridge on Monday uight, sat up all night at tho inn, reading and walking up and down tho room, wont out curly next morning and drowned himself in tho Cam. Ho loft two letters on tho table, addressed to Mr. Harradino, steward of ouo of his estates, to whom ho had already tele graphed to moot him at Cambridge. Ono ran aa follows s IlAmtAniKE: My body will bo found Jn the river, at (bo nearest point from the hull Hotel, after turning to tbo left from tho dam. Helawabb. Tho second ran thus: Hauiudinb : 1 have beon (bo caueo of tho death of Miea Annie Nolbercote, who bad boon living under my (irotootiou. I could not survive (hie, nor would the aw allow it, ee 1 shall bo found in tho rim. Send word to liarlngflold that I eball not bo there. At tho inquest tho doctor who had attended Miss Notborcoto, at Lord Delawarr's request— ho had no previous acquaintance with tbo latter —from last September to her death on April 0, stated that she died from syncope, resulting from irritation of tho stomach. Tho irritation scorned to proceed from tho uso of stimulants; she was a hard drinker, and Lord Dolawarr was afraid to givo her money lost she should spend it in this way. His Lordship seemed vory fond of hor and exceedingly attentive to hor. After her death ho was much agitated, and said ho fearod sho had not hod suflioiont nourishment. Tho doctor assured him that thoro was no ground for this opinion. Tho jury returned a vordlot of temporary insanity. Lord Dolawarr woe a man of vory regular business-like hab its. He had been in the army, had served with distinction in Lidia, and risen to tho rank of Major-General. Ho was about 00 years of ago. Ho was unmarried, and his younger brother, a clergyman, succeeds to tho}titlo. Fart of his property consists of Knolo Park, ono of tho unost historical parka and mansions in the country. :, A CURIOUS CATASTROPHE, Vliroolrikn Successively Denccndi Into fi fyimc-Kilu* un«t are Overpowered by Noxious fiiwon-’i'wo oi 'A'hoiu iDunil* , Jfoilon, Pa, {May 8), Dhmloh to' the Xcte York .1 IltraM, ■ Tho story of a moot melancholy and terrible, catastrophe comes from Nazareth, Lohlgh Coun ty, by which two loading citizens met their death in a horrible manner. A ilmo-kiln . belonging. to ono of them, named Llchtomvalluor, had become choked, and on Monday evening last ho, with a* neighbor named llaldoman, mounted tho kiln, and with a long iron rod forced a hole down through tho ilmo. When tho passage was made a jet of. sulphurous gas rush ed upward, and Llohlouwalloor was over powered by its fumes before ho could got away. Ills companion, to his horror, eaw him pitch head flrot into the kiln. Supposing ho had lost hisbalanco, llaldoman rushed to tno snot where Lichtonwallnor bad stood, to reader film aid in fitting out. Thoro was a largo quantity of Umo n tho Uilu, and Mr. llaldoman, seeing bis com panion lying upon it, bout forward and actually succeeded in gotiiog hold of him. As lie raised up, the sulphurous fumes struck llaldoman in tho faco, ami ho instantly lost consciousness, and foil after Mr. liichtomvallnor into tho kiln. Theodora Walters, a man living on tho Bath road, was driving by at tho time llaldoman ran up to tho top of tho kiln. Attracted by his actions, .Walters started up to boo what was tho matter. Before ho reached tho top ho saw ITaldonmu fall into tho pit. Walloro mode all Imsto, and, adzing a ladder that was. noar tho kihi, ran to tho top and loworod it down to whoro tho men wore lying. Booing that they both wore unconscious, ho ran down tho ladder, and, seiz ing tho body of Lichtonwallnor, started up with it. Before no readied tho top ho, too, was over- f lowered by tho noxious vapor, and foil back nto tho kiln. Fortunately some parties work ing noar had soon Walleiu go down Into tho kiln, and, surmising that something was wrong, procoodcd thither. They reached tho lop just as Wallers, In his noble effort to rescue tho bodies of the two un fortunate man, had fallen down uncon scious, Ono of tho now comers, without an in stant's delay, rushed down tho ladder, and, seiz ing tho body of Walters,.succeeded in reaching tbo top with it, but not without fooling tho effects of tho gas. Walters was laid on the ground, and a boy dispatched for a doctor. His rescuer, after getting a broatli of fresh air, again ricked his life to bring out tho otbor bodies. Ho rescued thorn both, by which time Walters had boon restored to consciousness. Lichteuwalluor and llaldoman. howovor, wore dead. • Both Walters and tho man who roßoood him aro reported as suffering severely from tho ef fects of tho suffocating gas. BLOOMINGTON. Suicide—Mooting of the Stnto Mctlicol Society. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune . Bloomington, 111., May 11. —At Danvore, near this city, on last Friday night, a Gorman named John Foltman committed suicide by taking lutor nally a quantity of a liulmout proscribed for. rheumatism, from which ho has for oomo timo boon suffering. Cause, tired of life and wife. The City Council and Board of Education of this city, in conjunction with the County Medi cal Society, have arranged an excellent pro gramme for the entertainment of the members of the State Medical Society, which is to con vene hero on the 20th and 21st. * THE MODOCS. They Decide \Upou a Change of Dane. KBan Francisco, May IL—A dispatch received from Vrokn to-night, says William Hathaway* army packer. loft.Oon. Davis’ headquarters yes terday morning, and arrived hero Inst night. Ho brings tho latest nows from tho camp, having started twelve hours after tho regular courier. Donald McKay. Tho Warm Spring scouts found tho Modocs in tho lava beds, four milos south of thoir old stronghold, near tho foot of Snow Mountain, whoro they aro strongly entrenched. Fatnl AffrnjH iu Memphis* Memphis, Tonu., May 11.— Last night ohoutlO o’clock, Tom Curloy and Goorgo Ragan, both col ored, had an altercation nt the corner of Avery ilnd Elliott streets about a woman, whon tho for mer ahofa* tho latter, indicting a mortal wound. Curloy escaped. Tills afternoon Joo Hawkins and Bill Johnson, two uotorious negro desperadoes, had a fight in Gayoso street, in a locality known as “Hell’s Half Aero,” about a woman. - Johnson drmv'a piatol and shot Hawkins through tho broust. Hawkins drew a largo knife, ond springing on Johnson, stabbed him throe times and thou foil back a corpse. Johnson was convoyed to the statiou houso iu a dying condition. Tho Gcntoimlnl Commission* Philadelphia, Pa., May 10.—Ex-Gov. Hawley wsb to-day ro-olocted President, and Campbell, of Indiana, Secretary, of the Centennial Com mission. The Commission this afternoon elected the following Executive Committee: Daniel J. Morrill, Pennsylvania; Goo. H. Corliss, BUodo Island; JamesT.Earle,Maryland; John Lynch, Louisiana; John O; Stevens, Now Jersey; Walter W. Wood, Virginia; Alfred T. Goshoru, Oliio; Oco. B. Loriug, Massachusetts; Bichard 0. McCormick, Arizona; Lewis W. Smith, Georgia; Cbas. H. Marshall, Now York: W. H. Parsons, Texas, and Alex. It. Botolor, West Virginia. The Soarcli for tho murderous Bcmlcrn. Bt. Louis, May 11.—'Thos. Biros, & detective of Kansas, arrived boro yesterday on tho trail of tho Bondor family, upon whoso promises so many bodies of murdered men have recently l boon found. Ho has the authority of Gov. Os born. of Kansas, to hunt tho assassins down, re gardless of expense. Chief McDonough, of this city, will render all assistance possible. Already information has boon received of parties hero who haro told moro about tho murders than they ought to know as innocent people. American Evangelical Alliance* PiTTSDonou, Pa., May 11.— Tho Pittsburgh branch of the American Evangelical Alliance celebrated its third anniversary in Christ Metho dist Church in this city, this evening. Tho Hon. Felix It. Brunot presided, and interesting speeches worodolivoredbyDr.Schopp,Dr. Porsch lug, ,ond tho Hon. J. 11. W. Stuclcorbrcg. Tho congregation was very Jlargo, and tho.groatoat interest was manifested. Tlio Chicago Jubilee* Des Moines, lowa, May 11.—UIs Excel lency, Gov. Carnonlur, has received and ac knowledged an invitation of tho Committee of Arrangements to bo present in Chicago during tho Jubilco week, tho first week in Juno, and will make ono of tho numbor lowa will send to tbo festivities commemorating tho groat rebuilding. Fail of a BSiilliliiig* PsTEnftWJiui, Va„ May 10.—Tho upper floor of Davis Roper «t Co.'s store, au iron-front build ing, brolio through to-day under tho pressure of SOU barrels of Hour. Sovoral persons wore se riously Injured, including 11. O. Davis, W. T. Hubbard, ami Mr. Allen. A number of others woro slightly hurt. Loss by tho acciclout, @17,000. Tho Labor Clucstiom New Yoitu, May 11.— Tho strike of tho gasmen in lirooklyn continues, hut the Company has ob tained a largo number of experienced men from Jersey City, and from tho Metropolitan Gas Company, Now York, and assort that tho Brook lyn works will bo in full operation to-morrow. Fatally Stabbed* Columbus. 0., May 12. —During an altercation yesterday between four carpenters, Henry Bush was slabbed, it is feared, fatally, by Francis M. Owens, aged 10 years. Owens was supplied with money to make his escape after tho cutting, but was arrested twenty-four miles north of this city last night. Helawabk. Tulvgmplilc Urovilics. Tho lucky man who drew tho @IO,OOO prlzo in tho Milwaukee Market Association Gift Enter prise, is J. P. L. Lnudor, of St. Louis, Notifi cation to this effect was received on Saturday. A gang of thieves accompanying •Foropaugh’s circus robbed a safe and tho cash-drawers of llvo or six parsons, at lUolunoud, Ind.. on Saturday, getting about @I,OOO. Ouo of tho gang was arrested in tbo act of picking a gam watch ; another wntoh was found on his person. Tho property was identified, and (ho thief is in Jail. Cincinnati, May O.—A man whoso name is supposed to be Paul Birch committed suicldo this morning by jumping Into tho nvor from tho suspension bridge, a distance of sixty-four feet. A BBorolc Olrl. From the JioantvUlt {lnti.) Journal, On Monday, a little girl named Lizzie Boulnad, who resides In Woodlawn, 111., was walking upon tho track of tho St. Louis & Boathoaatorn Kail- way going toward Roaches, tho noxfc station bo yoml Woodlawu. Upon passing oroimd n onrvo, aho aiacoTorod ft pllouf brtlßlrtxpmr Iho' tract,' which who commoucod to romovo. Whlloromoy ihg'tho brush, - ebo dlncoVorod ft lip concealed bb noaih, ono oncl wedged under ono mil and tho oth er* onuupon tho other rail. Sbo made ahoroio ef fort to romovo tho t!6, bnt had not Biifllfliont strength. Just thou oho hoard' tho train that loft boro on Monday morning coming around tho curve, SUo rati back on Uto track waving her parasol to warn tho engineer of danger. Tho signal was aeon, the air-brakes applied, ;and tho onaliio reversed, but tho train was not fully stopped until it struck tho, tio, but aViiti so littlo .momentum as to do no damage. It.was mani fest somo flood had planned to throw a train from tho track, which might have proved suc cessful and disastrous had not (his horolo girl removed tho brush and given timely warning to tUo r engineer. Tho little heroine wttfl taken up by ‘Conductor W. R. Craw and carried freo to Roaches, and wo Imvo no doubt tho railroad bompany will toward her liberally for hot thoughtfulness and her effort to savo the train. Robbing Iho ITIalHi From tho Hook Island {III.) A rywr, May 10. A young man about 1U years of ago, named Thomas P. Sargent, was yculorday arroslod by a special agent of tho Post-Ofllco Department for robbing iho mail. Ho la a non of Porter Sargent, an excellent man of about 70 years of ago, who was. some four years ago. at Iho instance of 13. R. Woshbumo, unpointed Postal Clerk on tbo Western Union Railroad, his route being be tween this city and Raclno. Wis. Latterly, on account of his ago and feoulo health, his eon Thomas has boon nsalntlnghhuin distributinghis malls, in Iho morning, going, up as far os Water town and returning on tho freight. While his father’s back was toward hhn,lio baa, several times, managed to steal registered letters, ahd has, at last, 'been caught. Tho amount Is not largo, and ho has turned out his diamond ring, valued at s<l2o, and a watch valued at SIOO, which will soil for enough to repay those who bavo boon robbed. As soon as bm father learn ed that ho wa» suspected ho made him confess everything, and do it in writing. Uo was then taken before United States CommissionerE. D. Bwoonoy, of this city, who hold him to boil in SBOO, lu default of which ho delivered him to tho Sheriff, and bo (Saturday, 10th) In Jail, awaiting Urn return ,of lift father from Racine to-night, to aoo what can bo douo about ball. If bail cannot bo furnished ho will bo cent to Chicago to await his trial in tho United States Court. Tho penalty for his crime is not less than ono nor more than five years in tbo Penitentiary. His father was for many years Postmaster at Savannah. Carroll County, Illinois. No ono blames anybody but tho boy; and his parents and relatives have tho sympathy of everybody. Tho boy woo not in tho habit of drinking a drop of stimulants of any laud, nor can wo learn that ho had any habits of dissipation except smoking. His fault seems to havo boon in gambling, in which ho was, of course, fleeced, and resorted to robbery to keep up bis position among tho young men. Suicides* Weekly Review of the Albany XAvo Stock Hlarkot, Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. . Albany, N. Y., Mny 11.—Delves—Tho general fea tures of this week’s market have been so favorable ns in a groat measure to compensate dealers fur tho losses of last week. Tho market haa ruled fairly active, ami 'tho attendance throughout good, with largo attend ance of local buyers and butchers, Thomarket opened ousnlclonsly ou Thursday at tho ruling prices of last week. Sales amounted to over 800 head ou Friday. Tho attendance from Now York and tho East was large, besides a goodly number of local buyers. After a little bidding off by buyers, tho market became ac tive, and tho cates mndo woro at prices probably a full Xo higher, llvo weight, than on Friday of last week. Buying was quite rapid. Sates 1,500 head yesterday. Notwithstanding tho unfavorable weather, tho market ruled active. Botwoou 0 and 7 ‘o’clock n. m, over 30 car loads were disposed of. Tho market continued active. Tho Rales of. tho day wore 2.000 head. Ou .Saturday night 7 car linda remained in tho yards unsold, and these were all disposed of this morning. Today’s receipts, CO car loads, including 1 car of Stale. Tho average quality this week is about tho same as last receipts, comprUliig mostly light and medium weights, with a scarcity of extra. There is marked scarcity of cattle iu Buffalo aud Now York. In consequence tho market closed Arm at tfo $7 lb advance over tho main .ruling of last week. Tho highest, price ohiniuod was7&c, but tho main ruling was front BA,(30;<o $ lb. Miloii Cows—Hccclpla this week, 3 car loada of flood average quality, most of which were token by ocnl buyers and dairymen, for tho supply of river counties, at from $45.00(205.00 t? head. The demand is active at a alight advance • over tho prices of loot week. ' . Slitter and Lambs. Receipts slightly in ad vauco- of last weok, -of average quality. Tho market opened at da advance of }i to jtfo por lb. A slight falling oft In tho demand was ex perienced during the latter part dftho week, and tho market -dewed firm nt tho opening prices. Tqxns sheep are coming forward and avo being taken byvbuy ers readily.. . Them. la a, marked scarcity of shorn sheep. Wo quote Stole and Western snoop at spring lain!** nt 10®10),{o per lb. DEATHS. SMITH—May 11. F. 15,, eon of J. L. ami EOlio Smith, of this city, aged 15 nooks. Ttio funeral will lako place at 10 a. m. from M Harrison st., near State. All frlouda of tho family oro respectfully iuvitod, ■ , 15l8I5N6TALDT-On tho 10th Inst., Mhmio, bolovod daughter u! laadoro and ttatah Uleouataldt, agou&yoan. Oh, little odd, how much wo mhw you, Vos, iniasyou, such a time as this. You no’er mom will oomo to pa and ma; you No'erwlU Klvo ub your morning kiss*, You loft ns with a painful thrnat, lint from dust you oaroo, thonoo return you moat. RUDOLPH—On Sunday, May 11. at 2 o’clock p. ra,, Bunudfot Rudolph, aged 05 years andl month. Funeral to tako placo on Tuesday, May 13. at 1 o'clock ii. in.. fromroelihmcoNo, 4W Warron-av. Relatives and irlondu nro Invited to attend. "WARNER—On Sunday, May 11, ntNo. 4M Btate-st., ol typhuld fever, Augusta Warner, aged 23 yours. Funeral from the rwlclcnco on Tuesday. AUCTION SALES. By EIjISON & FOSTER. CONTINUED SALE VALUABLE AT AUCTION, Weinesflay Afternoon and Eveninn, May 14, at 2 1-2 ami 7 1-2 o'clock, At Store 948 Wabasli-av., Cor. Twenty-flrs't-st., under tho Woodruff Hotel This is the POSITIVE CLOSING SALE of this valuable collection, comprising many Elegant Paintings of tho host Foreign and American Schools, and contains representa tive Pictures of tho following woll known Artists: Clclle Ferrate, Van EtarKenSnrir, I. d. lewis. zaeK Noteintan, James ciunbuui, w. i. soman, Olio Erdeman, Carl lector, Harry Young', Louts Bonne, • if. sue, A, Van Willis, Francois Music, 11. Van seftn, J. c. Wiggins, 1. Caslan, Frol, A. Ml, . Van SsvenloiiK, ■ 1, Lamps, Van Locklmrst, F. itsctaps, B. volts, van Lampninm, H. Lot. Amtes, E, Morris, Those valuable paintings will posi tively bo closed on Wednesday af ternoon and evening. May 14. The collectionwillbe on exhibition Monday and Tuesday, from 0 a. m. to 10 p. in., and until time of sale. BLISON & POSTER, Auctioneers. brushes:iß/crPT sale. The Entire Block of ALFONSE I.« MANUEL .A.*r On TUESDAY MORNING, Mar IS, at 10 o'clock, at our Salesroom, 87 Markot'-at., Consisting of largo lot of CLOTHS, OAHSIMERKB, COATINGS, SUITINGS, TAILORS' TRIMMINGS, ETC., ETC. AI.RO, AT BAMH TIMM, FULL LINK GRNT'H FURNISHING GOODS, RADIKS' LINEN SUITS, CUFFS, COLLARS, LACKS, RimiONS, UNDERWEAR, BOWS, RUF. FLING, ETC, By order ufR. H. JENKINS, Assignee. KLIBON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. 5,000 Doz. Perfumery Or Tuesday Moniins, May 13, at 10 o'clock, AT OUR SALESROOM, 87 M-AJRKEIX-SX. Balo poalUvo and without reserve. KLIBON A FOSTER. Aoctionoori. AUCTION SALES. By WM. A. BUTI’EUS & CO> ItfflM MAEBLS ■ \ STATUARY. Large Hall Vases, Groups, . ’ Statuettes and Urns, i Alabaster Statuettes, Agate, Bardiglio, and Siena Vases; Roman, Etruscan, & Grecian Vases, Card Receivers, etc., -AT A.TJOXIO3NT, On TUESDAY MOlfflia, May 13, at 10 tftflr, BV WM. A. BUTTRR3 A CO., At 55 and 57 South Oanal-st. This collection Is a very fine one. It will bo on exhibition on MON DAY, and tho morning of tho sole. LaclioH aro invited to examine tho many beautiful works of art. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. FINE NEW TOP BUGGIES, opbm "W-A-Ocasrs, Phaetons, Democrat and Extras Wagons, Double had Single Harness, AT AUCTION, At 25 and 01 West Washington-st., Wednesday Morning, at 10 o'clock, wm. a. nurmis a oo„ Auotlnaoora. ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, TRADE SALE OF lute. Granite and Yellow fare, ASSORTED GLAS3, TAR MS CUTLERY, HARDWARE, WINDOW, CLASS. AO., ' On ’Wcnneßciay', Hay 14, at 10 o’clock, 55 AKD 57 SOUTH CANAL-ST. WM. A. PUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneers. ON THURSDAY, MAY 15, IDIR/TT GrOOZDS, Hoady-Mado Clothing, Straw Goods, Carpeting, Boots and Shoos, &0., AT -A.TJCTIOIC, On TIimiSDAV, Mny IS, nt 8* o'clock, tit 65 and 67 South Canal-st. •WM, A. BUTTERS & 00., Auctioneers. CREDIT SALE, May SO, ~1 and THE ENTIEETfDRNITUEE OF THE TREMONT HOUSE, A.OD A.TJOTTIOIS'. By WM. A BUTTERS A CO., on tho promises, comer of Miehlgan-av. and Cougross-st., tho sale eotuimmoloe TUESDAY MOKNINO. May 20. at 10 o’clock, In tho LA DIES* PARLOR, disposing of the fine Rosewood Inlaid Suite, in Orouu and Crimson Plush, Marblo-top Tables, massive Moutel Mirror, B. W. and Geld Cortuco. Lac» Curtains, Lambrequins, Plana Forte. Velvet Oarpot.luctx UiltUbuudollnra: all the furniture of the GENTS* PAR LOR; thonoo to the SLEEPING ROOMS, Rich Block Walnut and Gold and Black Walnut Cham ber. Hots, Parlor Suits. Lounges, Easy Choirs, Ladloa*' Dressing Oases, M. T. Tables, U. 8. Chairs, Bods tends. Bureaus, Lace Curtains, Lambrequins aud Cornices. Hair Mattresses and Foal nor Pillows o! host quality, Doq ■ Hprlngs, Shoots, Blankets, Spreads, English Body and Tapuatry Carpets, rich Mantel and other Mirrors, Gov Chandeliers,, Pipes, eta. Thonoo to tho ItbriNG ROOM. Ail tho Frtfneh China, Out Glass, Goblets, Wlao*. Hocks, SUvcr-Plalod Table Cutlery, Castors, Spoons,. Forks.’ Butter Utahos, Table Lluoo, B. W. Dming-Ta blos, Chairs, etc. KITCHEN FURNITURE, Tables, Coppor Saucepans, Broilers, Boilers, Range, and all tho utensils for cooking. LAUNDRY. Stoam Boiler, latest improved machinery for washing,.' wringing and mangling. BILLIARD ROOM. A Billiard Tables, complete; Chairs, Settees, Ohanoo* llora, Bar, Bar Fixturoe, eto. OFFICE FURNITURE. Table. Desks, Arm-Chairs, Solteos, Safes, Mirrors, Chandeliers, Regulator, etc. TERMS OP SALE, sl,Cooand under, cash; over SI,COO, and under $9,000, 4 tumults; over S3,OG(J, and under £5,000, 6 and 9 mouths; ovorSO.IXX), 12 ami 15 mouths. All notes bearing 0 per cunt Interest per annum, with approved security. DEPOSITS. A snlßciont amount to accnro tho prompt ■ottloraoot of bills will bo requited from EVERY PURCHASER. FOR INSPECTION. The Ilouao will bv open on Saturday and Monday before tho salo. HOTEL FOR RENT. Tho Mlohlgan-av. part with 75 rooms, and Congress Hall with 50 rooms, will bo rented separately or together, at a low rout. _ _ , . JOHN B. DRAKE, Proprietor. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO.. Auot'ra. By GEO. P. GORE & CO., 23, 21, and 26Randolph-Bt« OP Dry Goods, Notions, Hats and Caps, Hosiery, Gloves, &c., &o. LADIES’ SPRING SHAWLS, in groat variety. Gents’, lindion*. and Children's Underwear. Xiadios* and Miosoh* Soaaldo Hats, and au invoice of JAPANESE PANS. On TUESDAY, May 13,1873, at 0 1-2 a. m. At 11 o’clock same morning special sale of 50 Rolls ln« grain Capets, by tho niece only. GEO. P. GORE & CO., Auctlouooors, 22. 34, 2d CATALOGUE AUCTION SALE On'Wednesday,May 14, at 91-2 a. m. Whoa GEO. B, GOEE & 00., 23, 24 and 2(> RaudoJph-st,, will close onr 500- OJLSIBiB . Men’s, Women’s, aiCtl’s Leallier ami Serge BOOTS, SHOES & SLIPPERS, Of aupef lor make and quality. By HAVENS & CO., Auctioneers, 63 South Causl-et. Mammoth Bird Sale, Monday, May 12, at 10 o’clock a.m, Tremendous Slaughter I 400 OENTRE-AY.) near Blao Islond-avi That elegant stock of DR.Y <3-OOX>S, d!o. y d)o, y To bo closed out without reserve Monday Afternoon and livening, at a and 7k p. m., by HAVENS d CO., Auctioneers. ME! ME! FIRE! Underwriters’ Sale. On Wednesday, MiyH, at 0:50 o'oluok, at 01 ami M Woat WashlugtiiU'St.. the onllro vrholosalo stock of Potor fiinllli, damaged by the Into tiro on Washington-*!., will bo closed out at auction, without reserve, for tho benottt of thn Underwriters. A largo lot of hosiery, notions, hardware, cutlery, gents' (urnlthiug goods, boots and shoos, do. Salo to oomlnuo from day to day until the entire stock » closed out. PETER SMITH. Auctioneer-^ SHIPPING TAGS. M DENNISON'S IJATBNT1 J ATBNT SHIPPING TAGS. Over 200 millions have boon used within tho hast 10 years, wUhout oonu'Ulnt of loss thu tag becoming detached. All ilipreaa Compaulo* use thorn. Sola by rrintvm uml Sluiloncr. Everywhere,

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