Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 13, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 13, 1873 Page 5
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THE COUNCIL. The Nomination of Sergeant Lull as Captain Couflrmcd—22 to 11. A New Ordinance to Provide for tlio Inspection of Rendering- Tanks. The Police Commissioners’ Power in the 'Matter of Removal nnd Appoint ment to ho Investigated. Proposed Suspension of Business on Decoration-Day, Street and Sower Improvements —V arious Petitions. A regular meeting of tho Council was hold yesterday evening, Aid. Woodman In tbo chair. Present, Aid. Bowen, Biobardson, Dixon, War ren, MoQonnlss, Oooy, Sldwoll, Btono, Pickering, Tracey, Schmitz, Ouliorton, dowry, Powell, O'Brien, Bond, Clark, Kohoo, Heath, Minor, Sherwood, Mooro, Cleveland, Quirk, McGrath, Eokhardt, Stout, Mabr, Longacbor, Scbaffnor, Cannon, Ogdon, Woodman, Corcoran. HENDEniNO-TAHK3. • Tho Mayor sent in a communication stating thal tho Into explosion of a rendering-tank at Bchccnomann'a bad induced him to have prepared an amendment to tho revised ordinances, provid ing for tho Inspection of such tanks, the passage of which ho recommended. • • Tbo ordinance mokoo it the duty of tbo In spector of Boilers to examino all such tanks, and makes all provinious applicable to tho in spection of steam-boilers applicable to them. Tlio subject was referred to tho Committee on Judiciary. WEPT RIDE POLICE COUHT. Tlio Mayor nominated John Amhorg, Deputy Olork of tbo West Bide Court, to fill the vacancy caused by tho resignation of Adam L. Amhorg. It was referred to the Committee on Polico. LINCOLN PAUK. Tbo Mayor also transmitted tho report of tho Lincoln Park Commissioners, already_published. It was referred to tbo Finance Committee. PETITIONS. Petitions wore presented and referred for opening Milwaukee avouuo 5 for permission to erect a nathing-bouso at tho foot ot Twenty-first street; for opening Franklin street, north of Di vision j for water, pipe, and sidewalk on Doan street, from Wood to Paulina: for a sower on Noble street, from Milwaukee avonuo to Division street; for a sidewalk on Cottage place; for tbo improvement of Archer avenue, from Ualatod street to tho Mouth Branch bridge; for tho renewal of tbo rigid of tho Chicago Plato and Bar Company to lay a track across Thirty-first street. oilmens. Tlio Board of Public Works wa? ordered to prepare an ordinance for paving Archer avenue, from Hoisted street to Month Branch; for paving Wabash avonuo, from Lake to Harrison streets; to advertise for bids for erecting an engine house at the corner of Harrison stroot and Paci fic avonuo; to report ordinances for sidewalks on Itoborto street, from Chicago avonuo to Erio, tho w«st side of Wood, from Twenty-second to Bluo Island avonuo; and on both sides of Lin coln and Robey, from Nineteenth to Blue Island avenue: to build main sowers on Fiunoll, McLaughlin, ami Arnold e'.roola and Wentworth avonuo. An order directing the Board to include In tboir annual estimates q sum sulficiont to build & cower in Hoisted street from Archer avenue to Thirty-fifth street, the property-owners there desiring to have the street paved, was referred to the Committee ou Streets and Alloy*, 8. B, monrs and duties op the police hoard. Aid. Cullerton offered a resolution, which was adopted, directing the Corporation Counsel to report what rights and duties of the Police Board wore abrogated, or put iu abeyance, by the act known as the Mayor’s bill, and whether the Mayor and Council were authorized to promoto a sergeant to a Captaincy, notwithstanding the charter and amendments thereto. Aid. CuilovtoQ, in offering it, expressed ibo opinion that tbo members of tbo Board of Police Woro receiving very laruo tsalorloa •, if all jxjwor bad boon taken from them, tboy were loft with nothing to do. DECORATION DAY. Aid. Sebaffnor offered a resolution, which was adopted, that all tbo city offices shall bo closed on the 80th inst., and that ibo Mayor issue a proclamation, requesting that all places of busi ness be closed on that day. STREET IMPROVEMENTS. Tbo Board of Publio Works submitted ordi nances for cindering and filling tbo alloy in tbb south half of Block 3, Sampson & Green's Ad dition, curbing and filling Franklin, from Van Buron to Harrison, planking tbo alloy between Stato and Dearborn, from xwonty-sovontb to Twenty-ninth, which wore passed. Tbo Committee on Streets and Alloys, North Division, reported on ibo subject of opening North Franklin street, recommending that no action bo takon on tbo matter. Tbo wbolo thing was filed. Tbo ordinance in regard to changing tbo grade at tbo intersection of Canal and Sixteenth streets, was passed. Tbo Board submitted an estimate of $22,970 for work necessary to bo dono on tbo approaches to Lako street bridge, and asked it bo added to their annual estimates. It was referred to tbo Finance Committee. Tbo Board, in reply to a resolution of inquiry as to the builders of tbo viaducts which nave boon constructed in Chicago, reported that eight wore tbo Keystone," ono tbo Detroit Briago Company, ono Fox & Howard, and ono F. E. Conua. Nino aro of iron, and two of wood. ENGINE LOT. The order directing tbo Comptroller to adver tise for a lot for an engine-house on Indiana street, botwoon Noblo street and Ashland avenue, was passed. The report of tbo Committee on Flro and Wa ter to tbo effect that tbo Madison street polico station is a very poor ono, but that it would bo unwise to exchange for tbo lot at tbo corner of Green and Washington streets, since it would bo expensive and was opposed by tbo residents on Washington street, was concurred in. Tbo report of ibo same Committee adverse to locating an engine houso near tbo corner of Lin coln and Erie streets, was also concurred in. SERGEANT LULL. Tho report of tho Polico Committee, recom mending tbo confirmation of Sergeant LuL* was takon up. Aid. Heath moved bo bo confirmed. Aid. Cullorton called attoution to tho resolu tion which Lad boon adopted calling upon tho Corporation Counsel for information on the sub ject. Aid. McGrath and Longacbor favored a delay of a week, to boo where tho authority to appoint lay. If tho Mayor and Council appointed police men and firemen, the sooner tho Com missioners wore rid of tho bettor. Aid. McGrath had no ebargo to make against Borgt. Lull, but ho was nominated to an important office, and no man should be appoint ed on whoso character there was tho slightest stain. Ho bad mado up his mind to veto against a confirmation, ana that from tho pur est motives. Thoro was no one ho wanted ap- Sointed, but he believed, though tho Mayor was oubtleaa sincere, there wore men of superior ability and honesty in tho ranks of tho patrol men. Aid. McQenniss said that ibo Police Board In dorsed Lull's nomination. Ho attached no im portance to tho charges against him. Aid. Bchaffnor sold many charges had boon made to him, against Sergeant Lull, but somo of them made by persons who declined to allow their names to bo used. Ho had investigated some of ibo allegations, and found several un founded. Ho had never himself been the prose cutor or persecutor of Sergeant Lull, but simply doing his duty. Ho had no preferences for any one. AU tho charges against Lull had boon dis proved, except two, whero ho could not give names. Ho could not, Uowovor, voto for confir mation. Aid. Pickering said tho Committee found nothing against Lull. Everything obowod ho was tho right man. A voto was then taken, resulting,—yeas, 22 ; nays, 11as follows ; Fcas—liowen. Richardson, Dixon. McQonnUi, Cooy, Bldwell, Stone, Pickering, Tracey, Cullorton, dowry, Powell, O’Drlon. Clark, Heath, Miner, Sherwood, Moore, Cleveland, Quirk, Ogden, and Woodman—33. 'Warren, Schmitz, Keboe, McOratb, Eckbardt, Btout, Slabr, Laugaobor, Bcbaffnor, Cannon, and Cor coran—ll. Tbo ordinance fixing tho time of lighting and extinguishing tho street lamps, being tho some table as that adopted in other years, was recom mitted. WIDENING THE RIVER. The ordinance to buv tho laud necaaaarj to widen tlio South Branch near Twelfth street, was passed. ‘’ ” EOAUD OP HEALTH. : The Judiciary Committee recommended the confirmation or A. N. Waterman as member of the Board of Health. It was laid over. The same Committee reported favorably on an ordinance to prevent cutting sods and trees, and, It was laid ovor. The same Committee recommended the pas sage of the ordinance to prevent cruelty to animals, without amending It by regulating the number of persons who shall ride on street ecu's. Tho matter was laid ovor. BALAIUCS. Aid MoGrath offered tho following, which was adopted. ** Jtesoh'til, That (bo Commutes on Finance bo, and they are hereby Instructed to submit in separate amounts, tho salary of each and every city officer and employe, except Afdermeu, in their report on tho ap propriation ordinance, whon such report and ordi nance are submitted to thla Council for Ita considera tion. Tho Council then adjourned. MEDICAL BRUTES. A Platter That Should no Investigated. If medical students must out np dead paupers to find out ho* to carvo tho living, without kill ing them, it is no moro than right they should perform tho operation without shocking tho sensibilities of pooplo by exposing aU tho horri fying phases of tbo work. A medical student who will willfully scatter a choppod-up man along a public highway, exposing tho mutilated remains to pooplo of rofluod tastes, is a bruto and a Modoc. That there aro medical students in this city to whom thoso remarks properly apply, .Is shown by a discovery which was made on West Lake street, on Banday morning, near tho Four-Milo House. Pooplo In that vicinity woro at that timo horriflod by Boo ing human Loads, trunks, logs, and arms floating in tho ditches in front of their houses, half-con coalod under tho slimy wator. Two heads, ap parently thoso of middle-aged men, floated sluo by eldo in ono place, and near Mr. Carpenter's residence, tho mutilated remains of a child woro found. Tho manner In which tho bodies woro cut up plainly indicated that they had boon in a dissecting-room. And ibis fact was subotan tlatod still lator In tho day by tbo finding of somo dlssootlng-hooks Imbedded in tho flesh of a log. Upon Investigating tho matter, it was learned that, at an early hour last Thurs day morning, a man, named Barrett, found a barrel, which appeared to bo filled with some thing, lying in a ditch near tho Four-Milo Houso. Ho permitted It to remain undisturbed until Sat urday evening, whon, impelled by curiosity, ho opened it. On tbo top was a layer of bloody rags, and beneath it tho mutilatod remains of two mon and two small children. Horrified and frightened, ho dumped tbo contents into tho ditch and ran homo. Tho solution of tbo matter is that somo medical students, being either too poor to have them burled, or, what Is moro prob able, brutalized by familiarity with dead car casses, bad taken that way to put out of tbo way tho romaiuo of tbeir subjects. Yesterday tbo re mains woro gathered together and takon to tbo Morguo, and Coroner Stephens has been re quested to bold tfn inquest. An investigation of the matter should bo instituted and tbo offenders punished. PERSONAL. Dr. 0. Lester, of Molino*lU.j is at tho Matte sou House. Tho Hon. 0. N. Griggs, of Now York, is at tho Sherman House. Gen. John 0. Dalton, of Boston, is at tho Sher man House. Dr. E. S. Cowlor, of Springfield, Is at tho Sher man Houso. Gon. M. V. Wiseman, of Now York, Is at tbo Mattosou Houso. Gon. P. B. Plckins, of Now York, is at the Shorm&u Houso. Tbo Hon. A. Conroo, of Milwaukee, is at tbo Sherman House. Hon. T. 0. Howe, of Green Bay, Wis., is at (ho Sherman House. Hon. Horace Bubleo, United States Minister to Switzerland, is at the Sherman House. 0. Oti, Esq., General Purchasing Agent of the Illinois Central Railroad, is at the Maltosou House. Hon. Charles O. Williams, Jancsvillo, Wis., is at tho Bhcrman House. Hon. Goorgo Hood, of Manitowoc, la at tbo Bbormau House. Mosers. Clem Stndobakor and J. M. Stude baker, wagon-makors, of South Bend, aro at tbo Gardner. John L. Freeman, of Cleveland, 0., General Baggage Agent of tbo Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Builroad, is at tbo Mattoson House. Dr. T, 0. Sacboo, a former resident of this city, has returned to Chica go, with tbo intention of making It bis homo. Him many friends will bo glad of bis resolve, and will kill tbo fatted calf for him. , Mr. Henry Weaver, who has boon known for tbo pout five years as a popular and efficient clerk at the Mansion House, Buffalo, has recently become connected with tbo Gault House office,ln this city. Tbo following wore at tbo Gault House yester day : Louis B. Parsons. St. Louis ; B. Bardwcll, Plainfield ; W. H. Bold, Hamilton, Ontario ; J. 0. Sboonmaker, Kansas City; F. Caldwell, Now York ; 0. H, Louies, Boston ; J. Bood and lady, Philadelphia. The following wore at tbo Gardner Houso yes terday : W. L. Temoo, Cleveland; James A. Dwight, Bockford ; H. B. Shuman, Toledo ; Ed. H. Parker, Omaha; H. A. Gardner, Detroit; Pb. W. Schneider, St. Louis ; 0. Wright Kirby, Now York. Tbo following wero the distinguished arrivals at tbo East Bide Briggs House yesterday: 0. F. Churchill, Cbonoa; F. 0. Hills, Sioux City, Iowa; Hugh Bose, Plymouth, Ind.; Dr. J. H. Brooks, Dca Moines, lowa ; B. K. Berry, San Francisco; Jeff Durly, Hennepin; D. P, King, Austin, Texas ;T. B. Sage, Salt Lake City: H, W. Pago, Fitchburg, Maas. Tbo following wero at tbo Sherman House yes terday: Theodore Iloemer, Ban Francisco; H. 8. Hosmor, Buffalo ; B. J. Bennett, New York ; G. S. Appleton, Burlington, Vt.s B. B. Porter, Wilmington, Dol.; S. C. Strong, Ti'oy.N. Y.; H. E. Parsons, Ashtabula, 0.: Thos. Darwin, St. Louis; Joseph Nowoy, England. Bishop Andrews baa at last decided to make Dcs Moines bis homo. Ex-Minister Motley still resides in Holland, engaged in literary pursuits. Madame LoYort will give a senes of readings at tbo watering-places next summer. Mortimer M. Jackson, Unitod States Consul at Liverpool, is homo on a furlough. His residence is at Mineral Point, Wla, M. Charrington has retired from a wealthy firm of Loudon brewers and become a zealous supporter of toototailsm. Col. James Latta, of Philadelphia, has been appointed Adjutant-General of - Pennsylvania, vice A. L. ItussoU, resigned, to take effect Juno 1. Benjamin Evans, Superintendent of the Re form School at Wostboro, Mass., whence so many boys stampeded, tho other day, has re signed. Gen. Frank Gardner, 0. 8. A., tbo defender of Port Hudson, died, April 29. at Lafayette. Ala., aged CO. Ho was born in Mew York, graduated at West Point, appointed in tho army in 1813, and resigned (brevet Captain) in 1881 to join tho forces in rebellion. Tho Brooklyn papers aro full of letters from people urging Henry Ward Boechor to deny tho terrible stories rumored about him. Beecher says ho will deny nothing, that ho does not read tho papers, aud that ho cares nothing for what anybody says. Tho Luke of Edinburgh has gone to Mice to pay his addresses to the Emperor of Russia's daughter, and a marriage between the young couple will, no doubt, bo arranged. Tho Princess of Wales la sister-in-law of the Ozarowitz's, and tho Ozarowitz and his Princess aro coming over In Juno on a friendly visit to tho Prince of Wales at Marlborough House. The English royal family is also connected with tho Imperial family of Russia by other tics of marriage, the Princess Royal (Grown Princess of Prussia) being married to a first cousin of tho Emperor Alexander, and the Princess Alice to his nephew. Just Opened. A few camel's hair shawls, very cheap; 1,000 dozen Lefousio celebrated French kid gloveo, which wo will sell at $1.23 per pair. Also a largo lino of luco saquea, point overdresses, oto,, at hut little above half tho regular prices. Also over 1,000 pieces of black and colored ureas ailks at a reduction of 25 percent from S rices a . year ago. Large lino of ladles* underwear, ver 600 cases of assorted spring dry goods now open ing. Buyers who caro to save their money should give ua a call before purchasing elsewhere. C. W. ft E. Psrdrldge ft Co., Nos. 118,120, 122 and 121 State street, paar Madison atreftb. *Esm crocA-Wo ii> trainiJrafc 'TamaMSfc; M&t 'm,. if&&. BISHOP HARRIS* Ilia Rccoptlonbjr lllslUtatliodlat ilroth* pen linat CVening* Tho Methodist churches of the city wore well represented at a reception given Bishop Harris, in tho Wabash Avenue M. E.. Church, corner of Fourteenth street, last evening. Nearly COD ladles and gentlemen,' embracing nearly all tlio prominent members of tho denomination, wore present. They assembled in the lecture-room, which was tastefully decorated with flowers, and, after an - hour spent In conversation, wore called to Order by Arthur Edwards, Esq., who nominated Dr. Dauby for Chairman. Mr. J. W. Waughop, of Trinity Church, was introduced, and’, delivered tlio address of wel come. Ho said when tho representatives of tho Methodist Church assembled in Brooklyn a year ago, all Walcbod with Interest to see who would bo selected to bo Qonoral Superintend ent. It was well known that several wore to bo addod to tbo Board of Bishops. When action was taken, and tbo result became known, a thrill of gratification spread throughout Illi nois ; and whon, later, it was announced that, in locating tho Bishops, it was determined that tho Bov. Thomas L. Harris, tho famous Mis sionary Boorotary, was to mako his homo in Chicago, tho fact occasioned general rejoicing among tho Methodists of tho city. [Applause.] To-night, on behalf of tho laymonof tho city [turning to Bishop Harris] ho was commissioned to extend to him a most, heartfelt wolcomo. They welcomed him ns a frlond, as a Christian, and as a minister of tho Gospel, more especially, to a homo in Chicago. Tho interests of tho section with which ho would bo identified wore so vast and developing so rapidly that his pres ence hero would bo of groat Importance to tho Churcb. They bad folt this all tbo time —that they wanted in their midst a General Superin tendent. Although bo tarrlod with thorn but a short time, yet whon on his perilous journey to tho East, ho . would bo followed every atop by tbeir prayers. Whon ho return ed with his- family, as all hoped ho might, ho would ho welcomed to their altars, their hearts, and their homos. [Applause.] Tho Bishop, a benevolent-looking gentleman with a countenance continually lighted up with a smile, in reply, said that tho friends would not expect him to mako a formal address upon such an occasion, ns ho had not been admonished that ho was to sneak. No one was moro surprised than himself a year ago whon wo was cuoson Bishop. Ho had second oholco In selecting a homo, , and was . glad whoa Chicago was not selected, because ho wanted to como boro. [Applause.] Ho regretted that ho had not boon able to como before. Tbo Gonoral Conference had assigned him somo epoclllo duties foreign to tbo otilco of General Superintendent, and thoso had engrossed all his timo. Ho had not dono os bord work during any summer before for a long timo. At tbo mooting of tho Bishops in tho fall, ho was appointed to visit tho foreign missions. This would provent his fulfilling the duties of his office for eighteen months or two years and settling down in any plaoo. His family bad gono to Germany, and ho would moot thorn at Frankfort-on-tho-Main, and bring them homo with him on bisrotnrn to Chicago. [Applause.] Ho could not but fcol gratified at tho cordial rocoption accorded him, and ho re turned his sincere thanks for it. Ho wont away with rfo evil forebodings; bo expected to como back: dying abroad was not in bis programme. [Applause.] When order was restored, Mr. It. F. Quool stopped forward, and, in a neat speech, pre sented the Bov. J. W. Waugh with eovoral astro nomical aids as a testimonial of tho esteem and love of his friends. Dr. Waugh returns to India with tho Bishop. He has served ton years tboro among tho heathen, and tbo instruments—an orrery, a tellurian, and a celestial globe,—will assist him in imparting to thorn a knowledge of tho oarth and tho solar system. He received tho articles in an appropriate manner, promising to uso thorn to tho best of bis ability. The assemblage tbon partook of a lunch, pre pared by tbo ladies of tbo Wabash Avouuo Church, and passed tho remainder of the even ing in talking, and listening to sacred music. THE CITY IN BRIEF, The clerks in the County Treasurer’s office ore busy preparing the registers for the forthcoming Juno elections.. The attention of tho Academy of Sciences, at its next mooting, will bo occupied by paying a tribute to tho memory of John Stuart Mill. Tbo Board of Public Works yesterday awarded tbo contract for curbing, filling, and paving tbo approaches to ibo Canal street viaduct, at Six teenth street, to Bo Golyor & Hubbard. There will bo a meeting of tbo Decoration Committees’ at the Gardner Houso | this even ing. All members are requested to bo present without further notice. The corner stone of the now Church oftho Messiah will bo laid this afternoon at 3 o'clock, corner of Michigan avenue and Twonty-tbird street. Bov. Bouort Collycr, Bov. 0. W. Woudto, and tbo pastor will tako part in tbo services. A pigeon match will tako plaoo ibis afternoon at Woodlawn, Hyde Park, botwoon J. P. Bobort son, and Dr. 0. H. Brass, for SSO a eido, tbo loser to pay for tbo birds; twenty-five birds each, to trap and handle birds for each other. At tbo inquest on tbo body of Minnie Esln stadt, tbo little child who was killed on Satur day afternoon, by boing run over on Blue Island avenue, by Clark & McCoy’s baking wagon, a verdict of accidental death was rendered. A public mooting of Garden City Division, Sons of Temperance, will bo bold this evening, corner of Bandolpb and Clinton streets, to boar T. M. Van Court rolato bis grievances at ibo Washingtonian Homo, —and why be loft it. Tbo Managers are not invited. At tbo inquest on tbo body of Edward Sinclair, who died suddenly at No. 130 East Harrison street, on Sunday, a verdict of death, from alcoholic poisoning was rendered, which prob ably moans that tbo deceased bad boon addicted to strong drinu. Tbo alarm of flro from Box 205, at half-past 11 o'clock last night, was caused by the discovery of flames in a two-story frame house, No. 320 Hub bard street, owned by a Mrs. Sullivan, and un occupied. Tbo firo is supposed to bavo bad its origin in incendiarism. Loss, SSOO ; insurance unknown. . Tbo Committee on Streets and Alloys of tbo North Division mot yesterday and considered tbo remonstrance of property-owners against the opening of Franklin street. It was decided to recommend to tho Council that tbo proposed improvement bo not made, as tbo people wero unable to moot tho espouse. An inquest was bold yesterday on tbo body which was found in tbo river on Sunday morn ing at ibo Bandolpb street bridge. Miss Ella Moyniban, of No. 153 West Jackson street, iden tified tbo body as that of her brother, Andrew Moynigrvn, who has been missing since April 20. A verdict of accidental drowning was rendered. A number of property-owners who favor the extension of Milwaukee avenue, aud tho further improvement of that thoroughfare by viaducts, called on the Mayor yesterday, and talked tho matter over with him for somo time. Mo definite conclusion was reached, and another meeting, which will bo attended by His Honor and tbo members of tho Board of Public 'Works, will bo hold in the office of the latter body on Thursday afternoon at half-past 2 o'clock. A mooting of tho Drickraakors' Association was hold yesterday afternoon, at which it was re ported that tho outlook for the trade during tho coming summer was extremely unfavorable. It was decided not to reduce tho wages of em ployes at present, but to modify them so that ouo Hot of haudu shall receive more and another loss. Tho proposition to jiay workmen but once a month was discussed, aud laid on tho table. Tho Committee on Furniture, charged with tho fit ting of tho Association's hall, was granted more time at Its own request, and tho mooting ad journed. A painful accident occurred yesterday after noon at 2 o'clock at Bwaudou’u Hoofing Works, Mo. 182 South Jefferson street. An employe named George Myndod, who resides at Mo. 182 Third avenue, had his right arm torn off close to tho shoulder hy iv crusher, while attempting to manipulate a piece of galvanized irou. He was carried to MoUheuey’a drug atoco, on tho corner of Clinton and Madison streets, and attended by Dra. McOhonuy and Young. It is believed that he will die. Myndod is a single man, and a ma chinist by trade. On Bunday afternoon, two li(Uo hoys, aged respectively U and 10 years, named Willie Carl ana Willie Bhultz, wlnlo playing iu tho rear of tho former's homo, Mo. 1091 Milwaukee avenue, fell into an open vault and both woro drowned, before assistance could bo given. They had boon missing from their homos two hours before they woro discovered. It is supposed that they woro attempting to cross over a board which they had placed over tho vault, when it turned and precipitated them into tho water. The Coroner will hold an inquest to-day. The stockholders of tho Sterling Bank have decided to change tho name of thobauk to that of tho “ Illinois Trust and Bavinara Bank," In croAeo tho capital to $1)00,000, and movo to Ohl caro. Thoro 1b n bank known ab tho ** Illinois Trust Company ami Savlngß Batik "at Prince* ton, with a branch olfico in thlo city, now at tho Blmo Ravings Bank, No. 105 Clark street. Tho act under which tho change was inado by llio Sterling Bank stockholders provides name shall bo assumed similar to that of any other corporation organized under the laws of this Slato without tho consent of such corpora tion. Tho Princeton Bank protests. Tho Stato printers who are paid for tho work of publishing tho laws passed by tho LogialAlurb appear to have affixed a comfortable stool' to their control. They nro required by law to print and distribute tho recently enacted laws. They have so far complied with this as to sot up tho volume, but before printing them for public dis* tribuilou are sending round circulars promising to any person who shall enclose $1.50, a copy of tho laws. Thus while the Slate pays tho com position hills, the printers got up a private vol ume for sale before printing them, for public service. As many of tho acts wore passed with an emergency clause, tho delay Is a serious loss to tho State. Needed; An investigation. 815,000 Worth of Jewelry Stolen* lioouESTEn, N. Y., May 12.—Joseph Ormsby, of tho firm of Ormsby & Co., manufacturing jewelers, this morning lost bis carpet-bag, con taining $15,000 worth of iowolnr, diamonds, ole. The bag was in tbo custody of the proprietors of the Chborno Hotel, and was delivered to tho thief by a clerk through mistake. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now York financial Nows, New York, May 13.—Tbo European financial situa tion continues to bo actively discussed. Au Improve ment is reported at Vienna, sufficient relief relief having been received to prevent a further panic In speculative fancies, but money Is worth 10013 per cent In open market on now securities, which have boon manufactured extensively of late. The Bank of Hamburg baa raided tho rate of interest to CoO#o, which is followed by rumors of a panto on tbo Bourse there. In Frankfort and Amsterdam tboro is leas ap prehension of trouble, though tho feeling is unsettled, Tho London market is quiet at a shade easier rates for consols and American securities, and a decline In Erlo to 47#, with a recovery to 48, and some improvement in console at the close. Hero money was easy during tho morning at CO7, but firmer in tbo afternoon, the closing rate being 7, gold. Sterling ruled quiet and steady at 108#®103# for CO days, and 109#@UO far sight. Gold was active, declining under considerable sales of tong gold from 110# to 117#, closing at 117#© 117#. Loans 6 per cent to 1-33. Clearings, $101,000,000, Treasury disbursements, $234,700. Customs receipts, $410,000. Governments quiet but firm. State bonds dull and steady. Slocks opened strong, and, except Erie, 101 per cent ahovo Saturday's closing rates. A further ad vance was roado In early dealings, but before the First Board the toue of speculation .changed, and a down* ward movement was recorded. After the call, there was a partial recovery, succeeded by a second decline. A steadier feeling followed, but after tho second call prices once more were drooping, and foil to the lowest point of tho day. After 3 o'clock tho decline was checked, and, though tho market was feverish, tho whole list closed considerably above the lowest figures. There were largo sales of Erie. on. foreign account, during tho day. Tho extreme fall in stocks during tho day was 1021 per cent, with a partial recovery before the close. Btorllng exchange, 108101081, OOVSUNMENT BONDS. Coupons, *O7 1201 Coupons, *08.... 1181 Hew 6s 115 10-40S 1U Currency 6a 1161 BONDS. Virginias, old 40 North Carolina*, 01d.,27,1 North Oarollnas, new.l 6 Coupons, *Bl 1211 6-208 of 'O2 110 Coupons, 'fit..... ..110 Coupons, 'OS 1171

Coupons, 'O3 (now).. .1181 . STATS Missouri 031 Tennessee*,, old 811 Tennessean, now 811 Virginias, now 50 St Paul pfd 731 Wabash 091 Wabash pfd 83 Fort Wayno 03 Terro Haute 16 Terrollautopfd..... 40 Chicago A Alton 110 Chicago A Alton pfd,llo Ohio A Mississippi.. 421 0„ O. A 0 80 0..8. A Q 109 Lake Shore 001 Indiana Central 321 Illinois Central 116 Union Pacific 311 Central Pacific bonds.lo2l Union Pacific bond.. 851 Bel. Lack. A Wostcru.lo3 ; Hartford A Eric 3 W. U. Tel 801 Quicksilver 37 Adams Express 051 Wells Fargo 81 American Express... 671 United Stales Ex.... 731 I'aclflo Mail 621 New York Central... 1001 Erie 611 Erie pfd 73 Harlem 1201 Harlem pfd ...127 Michigan Central... .1041 O. & P 891 Northwestern... 80 Northwestern pfd..,. 861 Rock Island 1081 N. J. Centra 1.....,..105 Bt. Paul 601 Market** Foreign Liverpool, May 19—11 a, m.— Flour, 27s Cd. Winter wheat, 12s 2d; spring, lls2d@l2s 2d; while, 12a Id; dub, 12s 3d. Corn, 2?a Od. Pork, 70s. Lard, 40s. Liverpool, May 12—3:30 p. m.—Breadstuff* quiet. Corn, 27a Od. Pork, COs. Lard, 40s Od. London, May 32—5 p. m.—Amount of bullion with drawn from the, Bank of England on balance to-day, £6,000. London, May 12—5 p. m.—Consols, 03*; for money; 93.V on account; 6-20 a, ’OS, 01/;; do ’O7, 93,}; ; 10-40s, 88?; ; now Bs. 89V 5 Brie, 48. Linseed oil, 03s Be. - • Tuniontlne, 30s. FiUNKroiiT, May 10.—6-20s of 1862, 05*,'. Paris, May o.—Koutes, B4f 40c. . Liverpool, May 12. Cotton quiet and steady ; middling uplands, 8j;d; middling Orleans, OVd; sales 12,000 bales; American, 7,000; speculation and export, 20,000: May delivery, Savannah and Charleston, BVd; Juno do. 8?; d : July and August do, 8;; d; sales up lands deliverable July and August, 8?; d. Breadstuff* quiet; red winter wheat, 12s@12s2d. Corn, 27s Od. Beef, 80s. Cheese, 71b. Lard, 40b 9d." Pork, C9e, Cumberland middles, 80s Od. Antwerp, May 12.—Refined petroleum, 40XL New York Live Stock Market* New Yore, May 12.— Debyes— Yesterday and to* day 319 cars, or 6,010 bead, making a total of 8.250 for the week, against 9,680 last week. The quality was fair, ranging from common to prime, with a few car loans of extra and fancy steers. The market was moderately active, at an advance from Friday of Xo not. The offerings wore all sold before noon. Ex cluding a few fancy steers, which retailed at 13*«@llc, the extreme range for native steers was 10;{@13,<<c. with the bulk of the sties at cars Texans, fat bulls, Live weight. Sales Include: IS care Illinois steers, 6# to 8 cwt, ll<£@l3Xfo; 11 cars do, OX to 7X cwt, 11WQ 12Xc; 18 cars do, oJtf to 7X cwt, lIX@X2Xo » 8 cars do, 7 to 7M cwt, ll^Ql'Jj^c; 6 cars do, 7 cwt, cars do, 0 cwt, lie; 4 cars do, OX cwt, UXc; 6 cars do, o>4@7>f cwt, ll>j@l2jvc; 9 cars do, OX cwt, 12o; a cars do. 8 cwt, 12X@13Xc? 14 cars do, 7X cwt, 12Xc; 6 cars do, OX cwt, llXo; 2 cars Missouri, OX cwt, 13 @l4c; 0 cars do,7X cwt. 12o; 8 cars Missouri, 8X cwt, ll©ric: 0 cars Kansas steers, 1,950 lbs average, $0,63 per 100 lbs; live weight; 0 cars Texans, OX cwt, 10Xc; 11 cars do, 6# to 0 cwt, 10X@llc, and 0 cars do,o cwt, lie. Dressed Beef—" Was doing a little better to-day in Washington market, and the commonest to beet ruled at o@llo. Sheep—For the week, 16.788, against 11,088 last week ; to-day, 4,700, and trade brisk at C@7Xc for sheared sheep, andß@BXc for good to fancy unshorn. A lot of 070 Texas sheep sold at 6c, such as one week ago were not wanted at 4Xc. Sales Include: 2 cars sheared Ohio, av 03 lbs. at 7Xo; 3 care, av 88 lbs, at OXc ; 1 car, av 80 lbs, at 7o: I car unshorn Ohio, av 104 lbs, at 8X« : 1 car unshorn Illinois, av 05 lbs, at BX<3. Spring Lambs—Dull at 12@150. lloos—To-day, 13,200, making 44,000 for the week, against 41,000 lost week. Live in demand at 6X@6Xc ; city dressed steady at 7X@7Xc. Now York Dry Good* market* New Yore, May 12.—The commission bouses wero quiet to-day, except the agents for woolens who more active with the clothing trade. There was a fair Jobbing trade, mostly in cotton goods. The market for brown and bleached cottons is steady in Arab hands, hut Jobbers’ prices continue Irregular, and In buyers' favor. Colored cottons are firm. Oottonades are in fair request. Rolled Jacconets rule active at BXc. Prints, ginghams, oud dress goods are quiet. Heavy fancy caeslmercea and overcoatings are la hotter demand, but light weights rule dull. Foreign goods are quiet, with grenadines selling very low. Philadelphia JUlve Stock market* Philadelphia, May 13.—Cattle—Dull; sales, 2,000 extra Pennsylvania and Western steers at $7.75® 8.00; fair to good, $6.6007.00 : common, $5.0036,00. Sheep—ln fair demand : sales, 10,000 at $7.0008.00 for wooled, and SO.OO for clipped. Zloos Unchanged, with safes of 6,000 at $8.0008.60. Pittsburgh Oil market* Pittsburgh, May 12.—The petroleum market la quiet and unchanged, with sales of 2 barges of crudo hero at per gallon ; refined, ICXOIOX O 00 cal'® here, and delivered. 'rho Produce markets* NEW YORK. New Yore, May 13.—Cottok—Dull, strongly in buyers’favor; middling upland, lOtfc. Bales: Futures, 19,000, as follows : May, 18tfo ; Juno. 18#318Ko ; July, 18,U018fto; August, 18 7-1601811-lOo; Septom bor, 17>*o. DREAUSTUrrs—FIour steady; receipts, 12,000 brls; auperiluo Western and State, $5.6636.35; common to good $6.5037.40; good to choice, $7.4538.36; white wheat extra, $8.50010.50; extra Ohio, $0.00010.60 ? Bt. Louis, $7.60012.60, Rye flour fair request; $4,253 0,00, the latter for choice. Corn meat unchanged. Wheat a shade Armor, fairly active; receipts, 73,000 bu; rejected spring, $1.65 ; N0.3 spring. $1,5401.57 ; No. 2 Milwaukee. $1,6831.70; do first half Juno, $1.02; No. 1 Milwaukee, first half June, SI.OO. Rye, barley, and malt unchanged. Coru dull, declining: receipts, 84,000 bu; new mixed Western, C7o 5 old do, 08c. Oats active, firm t receipts, 60,000 bu ; now mixed Western, 61353 c; white Western, 600 ; hlaok Western, 61061>tfo. Eoas—Steady; Western, 15@l6tfo; Pcnniylvanla, 16W016O; Jersey, 1O01O)|C. Hay—Firm ; prime, $1.3001.60 ; good, $1.1501.25. Hops—Unchanged. • • • ■ Qrooebies—Coffee strong; Rio, 17i(3lOV 0 ' Sugar active and strong, at 8 1-1000 Vq t reaulug quoted at Molaaaes unchanged. Rice steady at 7XO fluo, Petroleum—lnactive; crude, 8/f390; refined, QOo, Turpentine—A shade firmer, at 510. Total Btooe or Grain In Warehouse May 10: Wheat, bu 122,000 Corn, bn 363,000 Oats, bu 399,000 11*0, bu ••«••• 80,000 Barley, bn 370,000 Malt, bu 168,000 Peas, bu......; 1*65 Provisions—Pork a shade Armor ; now mens, $18.00; seller Juno, SIB.OO, Beef steady; plain mess, $9.00© 11,7* • extra, $13.00013.00; beef harm dull at $38.00 f 133.00 ; tierce beef dull; prime, $30.00033,00 J In la, $33.00039.00. Cut moats Arm ! shoulders*. 7#o ; middies steadier; long clear, 9#o9J;a; short, o#c. Lard steady; Western steam, i)#o9#c J kettle,9#c. Butter —Lower ; new Stale, 3C028O; Western, 37© 30c. Cheese—Firm at 130tOtfc. Whisky—Fairly active and firmer; 09V** NEW ORLEANS. New Orphans, May 13.—Breadstuff#—Hour dull; family. $9.00010.00. Corn firm 01C5097c. Oats ad vanced to 4So, Bran—Dull nt 70c, Hay—Dull; prime, $35,50 ; choice, $30.00037.00. Provisions—Pork dull, offering at SIB.OO. Dry sailed moats quiet nt 7#®Bc, Oo and o#p. Bsoo,n dull at B#c, lOe, and 10#o, Hnms dull nt 14#0li#o. Lara quiet; refined tierce, 9#c ; keg, lO#oU)#c. Gnocnnrcs—Sugar dull; fully fair, B#o, Molasses, nothing doing. Coffee firmer at 18030 c. Whiskey—Dull at 00093 c. Cotton—Firm; sales 3,500 hales good ordinary nt 16#o; low middling, lfl#c; middling*, dung Orleans, 18#o: receipts, 0,037 bales; exports. Liverpool, 6,835 ; stock, 145,149. BALTIMORR. Baltimore, May 19.—Flour find* but unchanged. Wheat steady and unchanged. Com steady; mixed Western, 04c. Oats firm and in good demand; West ern mixed, 60c: do white, 63064 c. Ryo firm at 05c® $1.03. Hat—Active and firm; Western, $37.00030,00, Provisions—Dull and heavy. Moss pork nominal at $18.00018.60; bulk moats dull; shoulders 7#c; rib sides, 8#0B#c: clear rib sides, o#c, Bacon in fate Jobbing demand—shoulders,|H#c@B#n; rib sides, 9# 010 c; clear ribs, 10.V©l0#c; sugar-cured bams, 140lflc. Lard dull nt 9#o9#. ' Butter—Weotorn firmer. Receipts light; good choice tub, 38090 c. , Whisky—Firmer and scarce, 94094#c. OSWEGO. Oswego, May 13,—Wheat quiet and unchanged. Corn dull; Western, COc. Barley bold at SI,OO fur upland. Canada oats dull; Stale, 46c, PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, May 19.—Breadstuff*—Flour-un changed. Wheat quiet; Western rod, $1.9301.97 ; amber, $1.9803.00: while, $2.0803.10. Bye declined, S3o. Corn in fair demand; yellow, 640; mixed, 63# @o4c. Oats steady.; white, 61052 c; mixed, 47060 c. Provisions—Dull; mess pork, $18.60. Lard, 0# ©loc. Petroleum—Dull; crude, 14#o; refined, 20c, Whisky—Steady ; Western iron, 04c. BUFFALO. Buffalo, May 12. Flour steady, Wheat Inactive ; No. 2 Milwaukee Club bold nt $1,60 ; iblcs of 7,600 bu White Toledo at $1.85. Corn dull; 60c bid for No. 2; sales of car lots at 620. Oata, rye, and barley ncglocl od. Seeds quiet, CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, 0., May 12.—Breadstuffr— Flour firm at $7.7608.00. ‘Wheat flrra at $1.73(31.75. Corn firm at 400. Ryo firm at 63c. Oats dull at 42®48c. Barley firm. • rnoviaiONfi—Opened quiet, but closed stronger; mess nominal at $17.50. Lard quiet, but firm; steam, 9c, offerings light; keltic, jobbing sales, 91c. Bulk meals steady and firm ; shoulders, 01o; clear nb sides, 81o; clear, 9c. Bacou steady; shoulders, Tie; clear riu sides, 91 o; clear, Ole, Jobbing sales. Whisky—Firm at 88c. MEMPHIS. Msmphis, May 12.—Cotton—Bull aud low; mid dling, 17c; receipts. 1,770 bales; shipments, 3,810 bales; stock, 33,045 bales. BnEADßTorrfl—Flour dull and a shade lower. Com meal actlvo at $2.65. Com in fair demand and firm at 00c. Oats quiet at 44(3450. Hat—Quiet at $10.00(820.00. Bran—Scarce at $15.00. I'iioviaioNs—Bacon dull and lower; shoulders, 81c; ■ldes, 100101, Lard dull and drooping at 910101 c, MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, May 12.—BnEADSTurrs—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat in fair demand and firm; No. 1 Milwaukee, $1,371; No. 2 do, $1.30. Oats scarco and firm; No. 2, S2lo. Com steady; No. 2 mixed, 4210. Ilyo steady; No. 1, 681 c, Barley in fair demand aud firm; No. 2 spring, 89c, Fbeiohts— To Buffalo, 8c; to Oswego, 131 c. Receipts— Flour, 6,000 brln ; wheat, 00,000 bu. Shipments— Flour, 3,000 brls; wheat, 100,000 bu. ST. LOUIS. St. Louis, May 12.—BnEADSTUirs—Flour steady and unchanged. Wheat—Spring quiet; strictly prime to choice soft, $1.32(81.37; winter lower; No. 2 rod winter, $1.7701,70. Corn a shade lower; No. 2 mixed, 300391 c, in elevator, cash ; 411 c seller June. Oats steady at opening ; No. 2, 3503510, in elevator; 370 880 sacked ; closing lower to sell. Barley steady ; No. 2 spring, 85090 c. Rye—Demand light; holders firm ; No. 2, CUc. Whisky—Finn at 00c, Pbovibions—Pork dull; small lots at $17.60. Dry salted meals nominal, Bacou slow, hut rather hotter feeling; cash lots at 71c, Bc, 01c, 91c; clear sides, 10c, last half of Juno; lO.Vfo fur July. Lard nominal. Hogs—Lower at $4.6035.00. Cattle—Dull; inferior to common, 2Q3tfc; fat boevoß, 40J5&C, .LOUISVILLE. Louisville, Miiy 12.— Diieadstcjtr— Flour quiet; extra tnmily, $0.50; No, 1 at $8.00; fancy, 19.00. Wheat nominal; nouo coming In. Corn firm at CO® 60c, Including sacks. Oats scarce and higher, in sacks, at 46@48c. llyo firm at 800 on arrival. Hay—Dull; small lota choice timothy selling at $10.00(320.00. Provisions— Mess pork lower at $17.80®18.00. Ba con lower; shoulders, 8c; rib, 0X@10o; clear sides, 30@10.Vc packed. Hams unchanged; plain, 13013^0; sugar-cured fancy, 14®lflc. Bulk moats uuclmngod ; shoulders, 7c; dear rib, Co; dear sides, OVc; all loose. Lard unchanged; choico loaf tierces, OX® 19c; keg, lOX'SUc; prime steam, 9c. Wiiiflux— Firm at 88@69c. CLEVELAND. Cleveland, May 12.— Breadstuff!— Flour steady and unchanged, "Wheat firm; No. 1 red, SI.SO; No. 2 do, 51.6G@i1.67. Corn very Arm and better. Gate steady and unchanged. Petroleum—Steady and unchanged. DETROIT. Detroit, May 12.— Breadstuffs— Flour quiet and unchanged. "Wheatsteady; extra, $3.02; No. 1, $1.03 @1.01; amber, $1.70. Corn steady; No. 1, file. Oats in good demand at full prices; 420. Freight— BXc to Oswego. TOLEDO. Toledo. May 12.— Dreadstuffb— Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat dull and a shade lower; amber Michigan, spot, $1.78; seller May, $1.78 x ; seller June, $1.70 X; No. 2 amber Illinois, $1.63 ; No. X red. $1.84@1.81W ; No. 2d0,51.78X » do seller June. SI.BO. Corn dull and lower; high mixed, spot, and seller May, seller August, 60Xo;low mixed. 18c ; yellow, ID# o ' Oats steady; No. 2, spot, 12c; seller Juno, 13>fo. Freights— Dull; Buffalo, IQl^c; Oawcgo, 7X@Bc. Receipts— Flour, 1,000 hrla ; wheat, 12,000 bu; corn, 18.000 bu ; oats, 3,000 bu. shipments— Flour, 600 brls; wheat, 17,000 hu; corn 21.000 hu ; oats, 1,000 bu. VoNWola Paused Detroit* Detroit, Mich., May 12,—Down—Prop Dean Rich mond, Comet, Nebraska, Banks, Peusaukoe, James King, Lafrinior, Red White and Blue, Winona ; schrs San Jacinto, Camancho David Stewart, Emerald. Rich ard Winslow, Mary Battle. Southwest, Uuobard, Davidson, St. Lawieuco, Gold Hunter. Dp—Props Rocket, Oswcg&tcblo, Chicago; aebri Harriet Ross, A. Ford, Edward Blake, Cleveland, Port- Idnd. Wind—Southwest. Detroit, Mich., May 12.—Down— Props Concord, Dubuque ; bark L. O. Woodruff; schrs Bay State, Harrison, Ostrich, Midnight, Kate llincbraan, D. R. Martin, Enterprise, Rainbow, Painesvlllo.Lako Forest, Nellie Haddington, Surprise, Ellsworth, Gifford, iEtns, Wilbor. "Up—Propo Meteor, Moore and barges; bark Prince of Wales; schrs Oliver Culver, Snow-Drop, Wind—South. Illinois ISlver and Canal News* ■Sueciaf Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, LaSalle, lU., May 12.—The Andrew Jackson passed out of the canal, loaded with lumber, flour, salt, and groceries for I*Sallo, and the Peru passed out oftho canal, and dropped down to Peru, No other move ment on the river. Sixteen feet and ten Inches of water on the mttcreill of Lock 16. Canal Office, Chicago, May 12.—Arrived— Georgia, Seneca, 0,400 Im coru; J. Bnrehard, 3.08a110, 4,ooolmcorn,3,soobuoats; OracleGriswold, Miuooka, 6,800 bu coru; Contest, Morris, 6,600 bu corn; Oeu. Sherman, Soneca, 4,000 bu corn; Orion, Marseilles, 7,000 bu oats; T. tlyburn, LaSalle, 6,000 bu corn. Cleared—lrwin, Joliet, 35,009 ft lumber, 80 m shingles; prop Whale. Ottawa, 233 brla salt, LaSalle, 100 brls salt, Ottawa, 60 brla salt, Morris, 10 brla lime; Phccnlx, Lockport, 70,554 ft lumber; Elizabeth, Lock port, 70,300 ft lumber, 1,200 Iba merchandise; Ameri can Star, Joliet, 81,742 ft lumber; Atlantic, Morris, 41,473 ft lumber ; Cayuga, Lockport, 60,233 ft lumber. SPECIAL NOTICES. Schonck’s Mandrake Pills. Those villi are composed exclusively of vegetable In gredients, and although they entirely supersede the use nf mercury, do not leave any, of its Injurious ollocl*. They act directly upon the liver, and are a valuable reme dy In ait cases of derangement resulting frutn a dlior* dorod state or that organ. Liver Complaint. Bilious Dliordors, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers, Ac., Ac,, all succumb to the free use of hchonck’sUan /Irake I'lll*. For aale hyalldrugglits anddoalera. GENERAL NOTICES. To tlie Ming Denartmeut of tlie Forges TMoot tlie Horltet: Wo with to announce to the Puddloru’ Helpers, Union men, and others, that Urn PuildleiV Helpers nf (ho North Chicago Rolling Mill are on u atrlko. Men of turn om ploymont contemplating coming this way will duwoll by consulting ttio above ilonu. Tub Helpers’ Union op garden City Forge,} No. 2, 111., May 13, 1579. J s7*MUwaukeo, Indians, and Plttahurgh papers ptoaso cot>y. NOTICE Is hereby given that application has boon made to the Atlantic and PaclHo Telegraph Company for the retime of the following osrtllicaius of alouk, ilm originals having heou tail, mislaid, or deitroyud : Feb. *2-1, No. 799: 15 share*. Fob. 2i, 1869, No. 68; S& shares, JOHN OREUAR. BARLOW’S INDIGO BLUE Is the oheapoat and best article In the market for BLUE ING CLOTHES, The gonuluohaaboth Barlow’s and Wlltberget’e names on the label, and is putunat Wllthorger’s Drug Store, No. 833 Norm S*coDa-*t., Philadelphia. D. S. WILTUEUUER. Proprietor. %3T For sale hr Grocers and Druggists. ROCK RIVER PAPER COMPANY’S BUILDING PAPER GiTJHSTXOJSTS. Why uso Building Paper P What does it cost P Whoro is tho saving ? How shall wo uso it P Is it much usedP Is there any difference between There is a great difference. Our your Sheathing Paper and tho Sheathing is made compact and. Woolen Sheathing Felt? solid; is impervious to wind and frost, whilo tho Woolen Sheath ing Felt is spongy and porous. More than half its weight is aoal tar. i How ban wo learn further partiou- By calling on or writing the Rook larsP River Paper Company, 140 Late st., for samples and circulars. DRESS FABRICS. HAMM, HALE & COMPANY ■will open, tliis morning, a line of Summer Dress Fabrics at Auction Prices, also, new and choice styles in Prints. MADISON AND FEAMLIN-STS. OCEAN NAVIGATION. UTill LIE. Sailing from. New York for Queens town and Liverpool every Satur day, and for London direct every fortnight. Cali Passage SBO, S9O, anti SIOO Currency. Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas sengers should moke early application for berths. STEERAGE, 829.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool. Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, orLomlon, 831.00 currency. Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian points allow rates. The Steamships of this lino are tho largest In tho trade. Droits on Groat Britain, Ireland, and tno Continent. WILLIAM MAOALISTER, . Oon’l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Raudolpb-ats. (opposite now Sherman House), Chicago. 6VNAED MAIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 1Q4;0, Steam Between New York, Boston, and Liverpool FROM NEW YORK: Mar 101 Algeria . .......May 17 Uiml* May 24 ] Java And from Boston every Tuesday. Cabin Pastmuc, SBO, SlOOnml SI3O, Gold. Excursion Tickets at Reduced Rates. Steerage Passage. 830 currency. Passengers and freight bonked to and from all parts of Europo at lowest rates. Sight Drafts on Cl rest Britain. Ireland, and tho Continent. P. 11. DU VERNET, Gou’l Wost'n Agent. N. \\. cor. Clark and Itandofpb-sls. Abyssinia, Batavia, Calabria.. Sailing twice a nook from Now York, and carrying pas sengors to all part* of Groat Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean. Cabin (rom $bS; Steer* ago, British and Irish porta oaat, *3O; weal, $32. Conti* nuntal porta same as ollior regnlarliuoa. All payable la U. S. currency. Apply for lull information at tho Com* pany's offices, No. 7 HovrllngOrocn, Now York, aadN, K. corner LaSalle and Madlionits., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agonts. FOR EUROPE. INMAN LINE EOYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will sail from Now York as follows: CITY OF BRISTOL Thursday, May 16, » A. if. CITY OF BROOKLYN, Saturday, May 17, 10A. M, CITY OF WASHINGTON.. ..Thursday. May S3, 2 P. M. CITY OP ANTWERP Saturday, May 21. 2 P. M. And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 45, North River. C'uhlti Passage* 883 and 8100 fluid. Steerage, to British Porte.. $50.00 Currency. Steerage, to German Ports 35.00 Currency. Steerage, to Bremen or Scandinavian Ports 88.00 Currency. SIGHT DRAFTS (or sale at low rates. FRANCIS C. BROWN, General Western Agent, 86 South Market-at., Chicago. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, BEL. FAST AND LONDONDERRY. Theta elegant now atoamora will tail from State Lino Pier. Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, N. V, an as follws: PENNSYLVANIA, 2.600 Uni Wednesday, May 7. GEORGIA, 3,600 tons Wednesday, June 4. VIRGINIA, 2,600 tons Wednesday, June 18. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. Agents, 72 Broadway, N. Y. Steerage office, 46 Broadway, N. V. TENTS. TENTS Forsalseheap; MOWall, House, and ITotol> mostly now. and Its timl-clasi order, aultablolor migration, Fsmilioa going West, Colonization Socloliov, Railroad Building Parties, Lumbermen, Fishermen, Hunters, State Fairs, Camp-Mootings, Ao, Juat received, and with other kinds of Quartermaster and Ordnance Stores, to bo sold cheap. COL. O. LIPPINCOTT, Government Coeds Depot, IPS and 197 Bast Lake>at., Chicago, 111. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership heretofore existing between John P. Roth and John Q. Finlay, under tho Hrm name of J. Q. FINLAY A CO., U this day dissolved. The business will bo conducted In the future by my Agout, U. P. Kelt, who alone Is authorised to aettlo hue. luoss of J. G. Finlay A Co. Chicago, May 13. 1878. JOHN V. ROTH. BUSINESS GAKDS. 0. H. LAWRENCE & 00, PROVISION AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NKW OItLEANHi LA. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Providence, R. 1., Builder of tho HARRIS-00RLISS ENGINE, With Harris' PaUnUd Improvement!* Head for Circu lar*. BUILDING PAPER, IPA-TEnSIT ANSWBBS. For health, comfort, and economy. Ton to twenty dollars will cover or« dinary sized houses. In fuol. More in ono winter than oostofpapor. Under siding, shingles, slate, floors, ond carpets. Wo are running three mills night and) day, turning out ton to fifteen tons every twenty-four hours, and selling, in every State and Territory in tho Union. OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. : English Tile Floors through out the Building. 1 Elevator running during all business hours. These, Offices are not equaled in the city. ’ The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW. Boom 1 Nevada Block. LAKE NAVIGATION. GOODEM’S STEAMERS For Rndno, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 9a. in. Saturday Excur sion lioal Tor Milwaukee, etc., do'n’t leave un til 8 p. in. For Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Spring lake, Fruitport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 7 p. in, For St. Joseph and Benton Harbor, Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, Up, m.. For Green Bay, Menominee, Oconto, and infer mediate ports, tri-weekly. 7 P. mi _ STOCKHOLDERS* MEETINGS. OEPICB OF GMcnp.Rock Islimfl & Pacific RAILROAD COMPANY. Tho annual mootlngof tho Stockholders Rook Island A Pacific Railroad Company, for tho election of Directors, pursuant to law, and tho transaction of such other business as may como before thorn, will beboldab* tho oflioo of the Company, lu tho City of Chicago, on Wednesday, tho 4th day of Juno nett, at II o’clock a. m. ■a. „ „ . JOHN r * TliAOy, President. f. If. TOWS, Ssorstsry. Joliet & Chicago Railroad Company. . secretary's ofeiob. CmoAGo, May 3, 1979. Tho Stockholders of tho Joliet A Chicago Railroad Company arc hereby notified that the annual said Company, for the election of Director* and transact tlon of other builnen, wilt bo bald at tha offlco.of tho Chicago 4 Alton U. R. Co., on WadDelda7tbol4tbin•t. k , at 10 o’clock a. m. W. M. LARRABBB, 6eo. .May 14 ..May 31 .May 28 Stockholders’ Meeting* Notice It hereby given that tbo annual mooting of th» Stockholders of Chicago South Branch Dock Company,, fur tbo oloctlon of Directors of said Company, will be held' at tho otQco of Bald Company, No. 623 wabasn-ar., In th» City of Chicago, at 10 a. m., Wednesday, .Tuoo 4, A. D., 1873. U. Q..MAHON, • GETTYSBURG WATER. GETTYSBURG KATALYSINE WATER. Tho United States Dispensatory, the authorized record; of our Materia Medics, olaaaoa this water with the most* renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Springs of Europe. lt> far excels any other known In Its self-preserving proper-, ties. It doos not deteriorate by bottling and keeping, la bus never boon claimed for any other mineral water th* power te dissolve tbo urates, or so-called olialk formations in the body or on tho limbs and - joint#. This the Oottys. burg Katafyalno Water has dona in hundreds of Instances.. Gout, Uhoumatlsm, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Gtavol, Dls> botes, Kidney and Urinary Diseases generally have all; yielded to Its influence. It has restored Muscular Power to tbo paralytic, cured Abdominal Droosy, and healthy action to the Torpid Liver. It has eurtdf Chronlo Diarrhoea, Piles, Constipation, Asthma, Ca< tarrb, Diseases of tho Skin, General Debility and Nor*, sous Prostration from Mental and Physical Excess* os. All these by tho bottled water. It Is a, powerful antidote for Excessive Kstlng or Drinking? It oorrocts tho Stomach, promotes Digestion, and ro*f liovoi tho Head almost Immediately. Pamphlets contain*, lug a history of thoHprlng, reports from eminent PhysU clans and medical writers, marvelous and well-attested euros, and testimonials from distinguished citizens, wily ho furnished end sent by mail on application to WHITNEY BROS.. Gen’lAo’te. 227 South Front-st., Philadelphia, Fa, Gettysburg Spring Co. For sale by VAN KUIIAAOK, STEVENSON 4 REID. BUCK A HAYNKR, nml druggists generally. _ DIVIDEND NOTICE. MM 1, 2, Teutonia Insurance Co. Cleveland, 0., April 28, 1873, ' Notice U hereby given that, by order of tho Probata Court, & dividend o( tlvo (u) por cent, payable on and alter May 8, 1873, at tho National City Bank of Cleveland,, bat boon declared to tho creditors of the Teutonia Iniur> anco Company of Cleveland, who bare proved their claims according to lair. Dividend ordon can bo had on application to JOHN F. WIUTBLAW, Assignee Tentonia IntnraoceQo. Another Now Chromo. THE MORNING GALL. A beautiful suburban picture of a very rosy cheek and brlglii-eyod Mule girl making an early visit to too r lower Garden given to oacb customer by Tbo Groat Atlantic and Pacific Tea Oo. ( 118 West Washlngton-st. and 188 Twcpty-sooond-st. Coal Reduced. Wo soli Lackawanna at Kirkland Qrato, Wobaßh and nilnolo Ooal fc and all kinds of and Madtaon»Bt. -Jte* FAIRBANKS’ ipTl STANDARD 8 SCALES HJ.r..,. * I OP ALL SIZES. FAIRBANKS, MORSE &0O 111 AND 118 LAKB.BT. K DENNISON’S PATENT ■ SHIPPING TAGS. Over 300 million* have been used wtthln tbo Cempauiesuse then). Hold by i’rlulprii and Stationer* Bverywljey«s IO BENT. CHROMO, COAL* SCALES. SHIPPING TAGS.

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