Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 14, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 14, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. Application for Increased Ali mony—Unhappy Wives. ' Suit for Freight on Coni from Oswego to Chicago. Bankruptcy Insurance Accounts—Tlio Criminal Court—ld alters lu Bank rnploy. Tho Courts Condensed—Fullerton v. Chlokoring —Tlmyop v. Odell. In tho cnee of Alexander N. Full orton v. John W. Obickoring and a hostof other defendants, in which complainant asks for foreclosure of a, mortgage on Lots 0,10,21, 22, 23, 20, 23, 20, 51, 62, 53, 54, 63, 04, 05, 70, 70, 77, 78, 82, 83, 84,.85,. 88, 89, 01, 02, 03, 07, and 100 in Block 1 and 2, lu Illinois A Michigan Canal Trustees’ Subdivision of See. 7, T. 89, N. B. 14, E. of Bp. m. Two of the defendants yesterday filed an affidavit, which hereafter appears. Tho original owner of tbo. property, William A. Shepard, sold it, on 12th November, 1855, to John W. Ohlokoring and Ben jamin F. James for SO,OOO, taking ono note for $1,600 and seven notes for S6OO each, secured by a mortgage on the property; which note’ for SI,BOO, and throe notes for- SOOO each, with tlio eald mortgage, Shepard, on tho 81st January,lßs7, transferred to complainant. The affidavit, which is signed by Marion Blanchard, and 8. M. Wil lard, sots forth that on tho 18th of December, 18G8, they purchased of John W. Ohlokoring all bis right and title to tho land mentioned in com plainant’s bill, and ( on tho 18th of May, 1860, BenjaminF. Joncs'sold them alibis title to iho somo, and thereby became owners of Lois 0, 21,' 22, 2C; 28, 52, 63, 64, G5, 78, 82, and 07; that as' such purchases they, about tho Ist of January. 1870, exhibited in said case their supplemental and cross bill, complainant's demurrer to which was sustained, whereupon they petitioned to be come and became parties defendant to tbo same, ami tho case came on for hearing, and was par tially beard, when it appearing from the testl raony- that complainant had disposed of hta Interest in tho subject matter of tho suit, on iho suggestion of iho. Court that m> decree for complainant could bo rendered, as tho - caso then stood, a postponement of tho case waa obtained. Defendants urge in this affidavit thst Ohlokoring & Jameo, tho mortgagees of tho property, have paid largo amounts upon tho mortgage debt, and complainant has for a money consideration'released several lots, worth $5,000, neither tho value of which nor (no amount re ceived by him, or tho amount pold by Obickoring A James, has boon credited by him. upon said ’ mortgage indebtedness ; that Shepard convoyed to Cuidcoriiig A James, aud they hold the prop erty toMy as Trustees, to convoy tho same to ' mum-/ contract purchasers .who had pmviiftyod 'all eaid lots and made payments on their respective purchases prior to tho time Shepard acquired his title thereto, and somo.of such purchasers have paid up in full aud have received, and all of them two entitled to receive, conveyances of their re spective lots free and discharged of said mort gage, ou payment of tho purchase price thereof, aud (hat the agreement between Shepard and Cbickoring A James at tho time of making such mortgage was such that tbo making there of created no lion whatever on tho land therein mentioned; that complainant;, at tho time ho took said mortgage, had notice of said purchase and know that said mortgage coaid not bo en forced os against tbo prior purchases, and that Shepard relied for hta money solely on tho notes of Cbickoring A James, part of which hod boon paid and canceled. Boro tho case rests. AJTUOATION POE JSCIUSASED AMMONY. In tho divorce suit of June E. v. Benjamin Eytuor. complainant gives notico tbfit she will apply for increased temporary alimony, to onablo Lor to procure a suitable. dwelling. Complain* ant was burned out of Louse and Lome at the time of tho groat Aro/aud since them lias been living in a wooden shanty,such as wore provided for the,use of those who could not afford to rent more habitable quarters. While she and her children, during tho rigors of last winter, wore combating the cold in their shell, her husband was enjoying* his share of the pro Ate of the lake vessel Capo Hem, of which ho is part owner, not to mention S9OO a season, which ho gets for commanding tho vessel. With a view of equal izing the Eystor family matters, end save Lor children from freezing, ns they aid last winter, she mokes hor.prn«ouc application. , suit ron vnEiaiiT. Asa Wilcox and others, of Three-Mile Bay, State of Now York, owners of tho schooner American, yesterday filed a libel against tho cargo of Lehigh lump cool recently discharged from that vessel. It is alleged in tho libel that tbo schooner was chartered at Oswego to carry a cargo of coal to Chicago, in November last, shipped by A. G. Cook, and consigned to Bhodos & Bradlov, at a freight of 82.75 per ton, includ ing tbo woll&nd Canal tolls, and consignee to pay expenses of discharging in port of unload ing. After getting to sea. the vessel met with ice and tempestuous weather, and on tho 29th November, put book to - port, prudence dictating no other course, and tho marine Insurance ex piring next day. Tho schooner wintered at Sar nia, Canada, and sailed thenco early this spring, duly arrived, and delivered the coal to tho con signees,' who accepted it, but refused to pay tbo freight, amounting to $1,875, for which cult is now brought, loss cosh paid on account. BANKRUPT INSURANCE ACCOUNTS. In tho matter of tho Germania Insurance Com pany an account of roceipts’and expenditures was yesterday filed with tho Bogistor. A balance is brought 'on from last March of $15,855.58, and tho receipts since that period have amounted to $3,100, making a total of $18,055.68. The ex penditure has been t to Bosontbal & Fence, attorney’s fees, $2,000 ; dividends, $2,100 ; ex penses, $lB5 ; total, $4,285, leaving a balance to carry on of $14,670.68. Tho balance in hand, up to the end of) March, earned no interest, and no interest will bo corned on the balance now in hand. The accounts of tho Merchants* Insurance Company wore also filed, by Mr. 80110, the As signee, who has Leon unwell, and unable to per form this duty before. Tho balance brought for ward was $84,631.29, and receipts brought tho total for tho month up to $92,407.28. Of this sum, $32,106.14 has been paid out for creditors' dividends, ami other expenses reduce the availa ble balance to $50,850.21, on which no interest will bo received. THAYER V. ODELL. Tho chancery suit, 6. C. Thayer v. Albert O* Odell, reported at some length in this column at the time of its commencement, has boon dis missed by Judge Gory, for want of equity. In this case, it appears that , Odell em ployed tlio Thayers to act as his agents for tbo purchase of land for subdividing. Tho speculation having turned out favorably, affairs were being wound up, when Thayer claimed $1,500, balance duo him, to which Odell alleged an offset of the same amount, being the difference between the price at which Thayer had purchased tho land, ana the price at which bo sold it to Odell, the latter claiming that Thayer was merely his agent, and had no right to buy and sell for his Individual profit. Odell brought suit against Thayer for an accounting, and Thayer brought suit against Odell for the balance claimed. It was tho latter suit that waa dismissed, the complainant having his remedy ut common law. BANKRUPTCY MATTERS. James Parsons yesterday petitioned the court for costs and expenses, in the estate of Foter Adler, amounting to $2Ol, and was allowed $l7O. In compliance with the petition of the As signee of the estate of George Hauallon, leave was given to sell certain property, therein named, subject to all encumbrances. Adjudications wore entered in the matter of A. M. Ferris, returnable before Hibbard on tho 18th prox.; and O. J. Snoll, returnable before Hibbard on tbe same date. Benort of tho sale of property of the bank rupt Louis Mendelssohn, in tho County of De- Kalb, was yesterday made and confirmed, and orders as to tho distribution of the proceeds woro also given. TWO WIVES. JanoE. Jilaon fl\o« a bill la tho Supremo Court against Amos 13. Jilson, in which she adds another pago to tho poudoroua toluuio of man's perfidy. On the 6th day of June last she was lawfully married to defendant, and has since that time treated him aa an affeotlonato wife, until, a few days since, she round that ho had an* other wife in the city, when sho left his bed and board, and brought the present action, in whieh fho asks that tho perfidious Amos bo brought bofuro tbo Court and made to answer the charges she will bring against him? and that tbe pre tended marriage may bo sot aside, and she may ..gain assume her maiden name of Jauo E. Now burn. AN BNOLEWOOD LAND CASE. In Judge FatffoU’. C'ouit tlio day iu ocou plod in hearing Iho arguments of counsel In tho Cftsoiof M. M. Took© v. Samuel Kimball. Tbla In a milt brought by plaintiff tocomnol defendant to conroy to Him certain 60 acres or laud near to and south of Englewood, which bo bargained for with defendant in February, 1809, for SBO,OOO. Tho property,Jo how worth $76,000. Defendant claims Inal plaintiff boo not performed hie con tract. and that In oobsoquonco ho ie not bound to convoy tho real ootato t while plaintiff instate that ho has done bo, but that it any lapse, onu bo charged to him it was occasioned by tho nct of defendant In refusing to make him a deed for tbo property, THE Om.MIHAfc OODJIT. ■ In tbo Criminal Court, tho Grand Jury yester day returned two true blllB tj aud retired to con sider further presentments. A back-yora quarrel took up tho attention of Judge Tree. John Hazel onllod John Wheeler's wife an opprobrious name, for more remarkable for force and brevity than for elegance or chas tity, and breathed an audible doubt, in presence of a back yard full of neighbors, that Wheeler was the paternal relative of tho blx little Wheel era who fed at his dally board. Fooling natu rally annoyed at -such Vila Insinuations, Wheeler cut him with a -knife, lotting free a considerable quantity of Hazel's life-blood, yet not enough to place Ins Ufo la danger. The Jury, disregarding, iho Intensely provoking nature of Hazel’s remarks,- which must have been almost as cutting as Wheeler's knife, fined him SSO and coats. As is usual-in such cases, tho court was crowded with tho tamale partisans of plaintiff and defendant, nod it was only by dint of tbo greatest (act ana energy that Sheriff Bradley kept. down their ex citement when any particularly, interesting pna eago of arms occurred between lawyer and wit ness. • .A true bill waa found’ against Philip Brown, •tho colored barber, for murder, and hla trial will ;tako place early next week, if possible, . • \THE COURTS CONDENSED. The case of Louis Wondnogol and Adolph Hp hoff v. Tho Chicago A lowa waa tried in Judge Boolh’s Court yesterday. This was an action In assumpsit, in which plaintiffs sought to recover tho aura or $3,000. The liability auod on nrooo from plaintiffs having built for defendants dur ing December, 1871, and tbo spring following, throe water-tanks of iho value of $1,620. de fendant declining to pay on tho ground that tho tanks wore of poor material and bod workman ship, looking badly at the start, and since, and losing their Loops in a most exasperating man ner. The case wont to the Jury at 5, who, by agreement, wore allowed to deliver a sealed ver dict. . la Judge Bogota’. Court, tho case of J. B. Bchllohtor v. Northwestern Publishing Company was commenced. This ia an action in. which plaintiff • sought to recover $2,500 on a plea of assumpsit. Plaintiff was ono of tho original Btockholdore of tho Company, and to help it along-he put considerable money in It. The Company wont under, and this action is brought to roach those subscribers who have not paid up their liability as stockholders. A small appeal case was beard In Judge Jame son's Court, O. H, BonnlcU presiding. It was on action brought by ono Grace to recover about 880 for painting done for defendants. Tho jury heard tno evidence, and retired to deliver a sealed verdict by agreement. Tho case of Shepherd vv Cutter came up before Judgo Gary yesterday. This ia an action brought by plaintiff to provo specific lion upon a portion of a Judgment recovered by defendant lu an ac tion in tho Superior Court, eomo throe or four years ago, against ono Wilder; Tho hearing of tho case was continued. lu tho .case of Flint v. Elmondsy. tried in Judge Booth’s Court, on Monday, tho jury yes terday returned a verdict in favor of tho defend ant. Edward J. Collins filed a precipe in a plea of assumpsit in iho Superior Court, against James. H. Howe, laying damages at $2,000. Judgo Wood, of Iroquois. County, tbo now Judgo to temporarily sit in the Superior Court, will conimouco tbo coll of.Calondar No. 2 in the Superior Court on tho 20lh lust., instead of tho first Monday in Juno, os before reported. NEW SUITS. Tub United States Dibtiuot Court.—Ms Wilcox etal. v. 500 tona of LclUgU coal, cargo of schooner American. Jor freight, $775. Joseph A, Payoon, As signee of ihe Republic Insurance Company, v. Novlns; garnishee process against the National Dank of Com merce. - - .. Tub JiLson; divorce, 011 ground of bigamy. 4(1,35(5 —Sophia v. George F, Moltor ; divorce, on ground of cruelty, 43,357—Appeal. 43,338—Edward 8. Collins v.' James u. Uowo ; assumpsit, $2,000, 43,350— Appeal. The Cinouix Oounr.—o,o2o— People v. Mercantile Insurance Company *, hllU 0,021,2,3— Appeals, 6,034 —E. N. Brow v. rarmelce, and v. Cage as garnishee of Patrick Reilly; garnishment, $l7B. 0,025. o, 7 Appeals. 6,923— Henry B. Kimball v. Uoury Brown, assumpsit, SSOO, 6,020,0,030-I—Appeals. 6,032—J0hn Kcllo v. John Clark and A, Drlukcrhoff; application to restore Judgment. (s.923—Appeal. JJumt accords-* 74—L. Blum v. A. Bannon ot a!,; petition W establish and confirm tlllo to N. X ot 8. E. X (to. ho taken off tho north side, la tho fornvjlL a parallelogram being Bole 17,18,19, and 20, In Henry Smith’s Subdivision of B. E. X and B. X of ». E * X o< See. 30, T. 42, Range 10, B. of 3, P. M. fICJIE LAMENTED “NEWS.” Gen. Camowm and Others Examined cut to the Defunct “Now»”«A Clr«*. culatlon Averaging 7JJO Copies Per Day».Afloctlng state of ETiuancea and Prospects. Tho examination of Oon. Cameron and others in tbo matter of tho Chicogo News Printing Company, yesterday, took place before Bogistor Hubbard. Gen. Cameron, tho President of tho Company, and editor of tho defunct News, gave lengthy evidence as to tho management of tho paper, tending to show that, almost from tho beginning, affairs (ell into confusion, and continued so on long as, tho concern lasted* Ho was examined closely as to tho notice to quit tho promises occupied by them on West Washington street, in consequence of non-payment of rent. Tho notice was served on the date on its face, and the Company agreed to vacate tho premises. He had an interview with tho owner of tho building after tho notice had been received, and a settlement was talked of on tbo basis that tho Company wonld keep out of bankruptcy. On that understanding Colo seemed disposed to act leniently, and said ho would accept the paper then offered. Thon fol lowed a lengthy examination as to tho mortgage to McCormick, full details of which havo already appeared in these columns. Ho was examined as to tho 'accounts and circulation, and said that it was generally understood in tho ofllce that Hr. Btouo was not keeping his accounts straight. Witness was asked to speak plainer, and say out what ho bad to say against Stone. Was ho dishonest? Bid the officers of tho Company know anything against him ? • Tho General did not give more definite Infor mation than ho had already done. He did nob propose to speak any plainer unless legally advised that ho must do so. Hr. Stone was called and examined on several ■ detailed matters of account with respect to tho bona fide circulation of tho paper, as to which some questions had arisen; ho sold it might av erage' 750 copies per day. Ho could not swear to the largest circulation over reached, because ho was never able to keep track of tho agents. They would bring in thirty or forty names, and tho papers would bo sent out for a fortnight or a month, and when tho bills wore for warded for collection they would, nearly ail of them, refuse to nay, saying they had not ordered the paper, ana would not pay for it. In this way tho canvassers managed always to keep 400 or 600 papers ahead of him per day. Ho described the impossibility of bis over knowing what tho circulation really was, under such circumstances, and concluded] by saying that, whilst It could hardly at any time have exceeded 2,000, it would probably not exceed the daily average already stated—namely, 760. Mr. Tuloy woe examined. Ho commenced by giving evidence on tho notice to quit tho prem ises. He said ho was a Director. Notice to quit was served noon the Company, being handed by Cameron to the Directors witnm ono week after Us date. Tbo matter was discussed by tho Di rectors, who decided to accept tho notice. Tho Company was thon bankrupt. Was requested to take possession of tho notlco-to-nult document, and kept it. Had an interview with Colo. Tho Directors'were trying to get notes from stock holders to settle. The Directors know of this claim. Colo oamo to tho office of witness, who told him wh&t had boon done in tho matter of getting notes, etc., and said that the Directors wanted to settle all claims. Showed him tho notice, and said tho Company did not want tho basement, and spoke of tbo mortgage, and said that tho mortgagees would take tho property for their claims. Told him the Company wonted tho upper rooms until March 1, and that mortgagees wore Inpoßseauion, and had been so for some time t that the Company would give up tho base ment, and keep tho upper rooms until Harch 1. Told him that as soon as tho Compony got notes enough they would get) them cashed and pay him, and wanted a statement made out on this basis. Colo Drought a statement made out according to the terms of this arrangement and agree ment. Tho witness was examined fully as to this and other transactions, and gave tho fullest information In U(s power. After some farther evidence of an unimpor tant character, the examination way adjourned. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1H73. i MANSLAUGHTER. Anton Artlor, tlio Boy "Who Killed Bin Brother, Tried fi>r . ■ ‘ Murder. Tho, Jury Find , a Verdict of ECan ■ slaughter, and Under Ago. ' ’ A nturdor case; tried at the Criminal Court .yoatirday, In' which' ono Anton Adler was • charged' with killing his brother about two months since, occasioned Bb.littlo excitement in iho opart audlenoo and occupied, so Uttlo • tlmp that,..wore lt.not.for. tho natural outbursts <jf, grief on the part of tho relations of tho boy murderer and his own foarfully-appotbnt re morse/ a spectator might think tho oaao on trial Was ono of potty larceny or mild assault/ -Tho full particulars of [the tragedy of .which this trial was tho closing scene occurred about two months, since, and wore fully detailed In Tub Thicune at the time | still the main points of the cad’ affair may bo* briefly mnnihartaod. Tho prisoner,' Anton Adler, lived with his family at: Holland Settlement, Calumet. Bio father had married a; second lime, when Anton and hla brother wore but 1 - infante, and the Step-mother ‘has treated them .over' elnoe as , her, own children, Blowing, perhaps, a proforouco for tho prisoner,'‘which 1 may have boon tho underlying causa, of: tho .fratricidal fray to bo narrated. .One day, while prisoner . and h!a. brother wore making uriok together; a dificußsUm • aroae with regard to the Step-mother. The deceased char acterized her aa a “ boast and a carrion,’’ aud (ho quarrel was continued at homo. Words ran 'high • the deceased struck the prisoner,' who re taliated by drawing a clasp-knife and plunging it twico’into his brother’s shoulder, penetrating tho lung arid causing a hemorrhage, from whiou ho died. Tlio case waa act for trial yesterday, but It waa not known tbat It would como up; iho State's Attorney'having beau informed that a plea of guilty would bo entered, and that the proceed ings would bo merely formal. Consequently tho court-waa almost deserted >when tho boy was' brought up, , Tho first testimony taken was that of Dr. Em-, mono, who said: I examined iho body of Henry Adler. X found a-wound on (ho loft shoulder which passed down and cut an artery. 1 found a second wound onllio right side; just below tho nipple, between the fourth, and fifth ribs. The , wound on tho left shoulder woo Just below; it: woo what caused death. I think somo sharp in strument, such as a knife, with good-sized blade, would have caused tho wound* v Mary Adler, step-mother of the defendant, was next oxamlnodi Bh6 said: My husband’s name is John Adler. My son’s fiaiho that was killed was Homy Adlov. I saw him hurt; ho had a wound in uls loft shoulder. On the even ing of the day it happened, they wont to tho station, and bought a Vest and nock-tio.. Tbo youngest was Anton, who Is tho defendant; tho other waa Homy, the ono Who waa hurtup-stoira. I asked Anton, what ho hod done, and ho told me, I asked Henry what Anton had done; and ho called mo a bad name, and dald it was- none of my business. Henry scolded mo, and Anton told him to stmt up his month.. Henry hit Au tou in tho face. 1 did nob see anything in his hand. Thou they got to fighting. Henry’ called out bo bad lost hta arm. Hta father thou carao in. I did not eoo a knifo in’ Anton’s hand. Henry fainted, and fell in his father’s arms. Bo lived obout ten minutes. My husband did not see tbo fight. No ono was present but. tho two boys and myself. Ho said nothing about it; tbat is, tho defendant said nothing. The younger said ho had ruined hta brother. He wont up stairs and prayed, and asked his father and mother to join. 1 did not see tho knifo until the innuoat. Anton was arrested by Knippora, a constable, at Calumet. The father Of tho deceased was called, but he was so affected that it was concluded not to ex amine him. After one or two attempts to un derstand tbo interpreter, Henry Pilgrim, ho 'buret into tears, and cried oq though his heart would break. Tbo old man seemed woll high crazy. !■ All that could be understood was, that his present wife was bis second; that ho bad married her whoa tho defendant was about a year and a half old, and tbat tho latter was now under 18 years of ago. Mr. Van Boron addressed the Court on behalf of tho defendant. Stato Attorney Hood said that ho hod not been previously awaro of the, fact that tho boy was under ago. Under tho civcumetaucco, ho sup posed there was no need to carry tho oaso any further. Tho Court thon directed tho jury to find a ver dict for manslaughter and underage, which was done, and tho aofoudaut wag removed, cobbing violently, Tho trial throughout was exceedingly touch ing, tbo grief of -tho parties being or tho moat poignant character. As an ofTlclal of tho court said, tho ladseoms to havo broken hiu heart after tbo brother ho killed in hot blood. Sentence was deferred. ’ DECODATION DAY# meeting of Clio Committee of Arrange ment* East Evening—Communica tion from tu© President ol tho Board of Education—Tlio Programme De cided on# A general meeting of tho Decoration Commit tee was hold at the Gardner House last evening. About fifty ladloaand gentlemen, wore, present. Gon. Chottlaln was called to the Chair. On motion of CoL Bchaffnor, the following wore added to the General Committee, and dis tributed among tho sub-committees t Frank Sohwoinfurth, Lorenz Hattorn, Fritz Ffersdorf, Clemons, Kirchnor, Jacob Stotzler, Arthur Erbe.' Col. Bchaffnor called tbo attention of thomoot- Ing to tho action of tho Common Council in pass ing a resolution directing tho closing of public offices on Decoration Day, and requesting the Mayor to issue a proclamation to tho citizens. Tho following communication was read: John McArthur, R. AT, Hough, amt John Davis, Com • tnttlee, ,*«?.: Gentlemen: Tours of tbo oth instant, requesting that tbo public schools be closed on Decoration Day, la received. All teachers and scholars who doslro to par ticipate lo the ceremonies of that day will bo excused for that purpose. Tours, &e,,. W. U. Eino, President Board of Education. Col. Schalfnor said ho could not understand tho reason why all the schools could not boolosod on Decoration Day. Tho children would loam something oven by tho holiday. Tho following invitation was road by tho Sec retary i All organisations, military and civic, are invited to participate in tho ceremonies on Decoration Day. They will assemble, at a point to be’ hereafter designated, at 11 a. m., when places will bo assigned them la tho procession. They will report tholr intentions to Oapt. John M. Qetman, Secretory, on or before tho 21th Inst., giving the name of their organi zation, and, as near os practicable, tholr numerical strength; also, what cemetery they intend to visit. Oakwood Oemotcrv is not included in this invitation. John Maximum, Grand. Marshal. The Oommlttoo on Programme submittnd tbo 'following, which was adopted, and the Commit too continued: JtouhiU Cemetery—' Train, will leave Northwestern depot at 1 o’clock, arriving at lloaohiU at 11:80. Pro cession to decorate graves, headed by tbo G, A. B, Prayer by Prof, David Swing. Vocal music, ‘'Na tional Hymn." Opening address by Gov. Beveridge. Music by Apollo Musical Club. Addrosa by Odd. John A. Logan. Vocal music. Address by Bov. L. T, Cham berlain. Poem by Brock MoVickor. Music, Address by 0. B, Beach. BcuodicUmi by Bov. E. T. Good speed, Calvary Cemetery, —Train starts at 1 p. m., and ar rives at I:3S p. m. Procession beaded by tbo Mulligan Zouaves, Irish Rifles, and Mulligan Guards. Prayer and opening address by the Rev. Dr. Butler. Muslo, Address by Prof, Dyon. Music. Address by Col. Thomas E. Lonorgsn. Music, Address by John F. Flnocty, Muslo. Benediction. Train leaves at 4 p. m, (Jractland Cemetery, Carriages leave at Id m. Prayer by tho Bov. A. E. KUtrodgo. Vocal muslo, “National Hymn.” Opening address by Gen. A. L. Ohottlalu., Muslo, baud. Address by A. 0. Xleslng. Vocal muslo. Poem by Jeremiah Mahoney. Muslo, band. Address and benediction by Dr. Hartman. Oafctcootl Cemetery. —Train loaves at 8 p, m., and ar rives at 8:86. Procession to docorato forms at 3:40. Prayer by (ho Bov. Mr. Johnson. Music. Addrosa by E. B, Williams. Music. Address by Col. 11, 8. Tbomp* son. Muslo. Poem by Prof. Perkins. Music. Ad dress by Edward A. Small. Music by school children. Benediction. Train loaves at o:3d. Tho Oommlttoo on Transportation submitted tbo following report t Parties desiring to go to Rouohlll and Calvary for the purpose of decorating can take tbo 8 a. in. train at tho Milwaukee depot. The special (ruin will leave ut Ip. in., sharp, for Roiohlll and Calvary, arriving ut Boc hin at 1:30 aud at Calvary at 1:85. Wilt leave Calvary, to return, at 8 p.m.; arrive at RosoUiU at 8:15; leave ItosebtU for Chicago at 8:46; or, if agreeable, and duo wotlceof tbs same bo given to the railroad company, the train win loave Calvary to nlwa at 8 f. a., aud EouobUl at 4, arriving In Chicago at 5. Tho Commutes Is of the opinion that this arrange mont should ho selected, ou the people going to Calvary will ho afforded all tho tlmu necessary fur that ccmttucy, besides accommodating those who have amjdotimo to participate Lu the ceremonlos at Rose The Oommlttoo la also desirous being as economical u possible. and respectfully etato that on no occasion will carriages bo furnished for Invltod guctle, an every dollar should be expended In decorating tbo soldiers* graves. . . ( -Suitable arrangements have been made for the -Dacorkltag. Commutes In vlilt OraceUml In a four homo omnibus, subject to tbo orders of said Com muted. ’ ' Fare from and to Roeo Hill and Calvary, M conts, 10 All parties purchasing tickets.’ OlbonrDo full faro will 'bo charged.; Tickets cad be .bad' as heretofore an nounced. r . • • ~ \ > i'. ■ 1 Thoboport Was add. ori molionj tho Committee was instructed to mtiko arrangements with tbo railroad company for tho latosl lime in the report.’ ~ „ •It was stated that the Committee’ on Decora tions was obliged to modify its arrangements. Evergreens had not boon procured hi tbo city, as reported,'ntid'a Committee had boon sent Into the country to got thoni. An additional appro-' , priation of S6OO would bo, needed, and the Com mittee wanted more time. A plan frtr tho l decoration of 1 tho entrance to Bose Bill Cemetery was presented. It was agreed that tbo entrance of: all comotorioa should bo decorated tis'ihttchaapoeßlblo; " ’*• '■ 'On motion, SOOO was appropriated to tho -Com mittee on Decorations. • Tho Oommlttoo on Music reported tbat a band and quartette club hod-boon - engaged for oftoh cemetery, and that in addition the Apollo Musical Chib would attend Bose Bill.. Tlio ladles bbloujringto tho several Decoration .Committees wore requested to moot at tho rosi doato of Mrs. Henry Sayrti. No. 825 Indiana avo inuoi at 2 p, m.; on next Friday, to complete ‘ar rangements for docoratlpg graves*, . - The meeting thou adjourned.. THE BOSTWICK SUITS. Fight Jntcsnmod In tho Oroat tand Shit; -BoAtwicli'ct al« v. Mklnucr ctal«—• Motion VcstcrcTny Artnicrt to Dismus tlio Complainant’s Amended xiiii~» Tho Progress utadc-Arcuiid Taken by (ho Dcfondan(M»l{ox>iy of Mr* 1 lioboy* ' i Yesterday morning, argument was hoard be fore Judge Gary, on tho following motion, in Boatwlckv, Skinner: , And now come the defendants, Robert S. Wilson and Samuel Rowe, by Montgomery ft Waterman, their so licitors, and more to strike from the flics the Instru ment called “ amended bill, 11 on tho following grounds, respectively s . • ■ . . First— I That tbo clauses next hereinafter specified and therein' contained • hro irrelevant, immaterial, argu mentative. and Insufllciont ndditlonn to .the, original bill, and do sot mend tho saro'o, hut they tend to pro duce confusion and unnecessary , expense and delay, to-wlt,: “ Aml'thoeo plaintiffs further charge and In sist that canceling sola inventory and appraisement of said personal estate was Illegal, fraudulent,, and void,- and that tho sale of said real cslalo of said John Boot .wick, deceased, by said protruded administrator, for tho payment of the debts of the. deceased, while tho personal estate remained' unexhausted. Is null and .void, and passed no title to said land Whatsover.” , , , . “But tho said petition did not show to the said .County Court in any mannbr that there was no persoual estate of tbo said deceased, so. far- as ho could discover tho. same, and said protended administrator Old not make, any aacount of tho persoual estate of said deceased, so fat os ho 9oald'discover tho same, and did not in any manner account for tbo personal estate of tho sold deceased Ihen'ln bis hands and within his knowl edge within (ho State of Illinois," . And ' these plaintiffs further state and charge tho truth to bo,tbati(appearcd.totho;Bald County Court at tho lime of and before maklug tho order of solo of real estate next hereinafter described by tbo record of said court, and by tho papers then ond,there presented to the court by the sold pretended odmlnblrator, that there was personal estate of tbo said deceased within this State and within tho knowledge of tho said pro tended administrator, of which ho did not mnko an account in manner and form as required by law." ... 1 “ And these plaintiffs further charge and insist that the , said petition, by reason of the sold foots, all which appear from, tho record there of, as well os i by reason of other causes appearing upon the sold record of ; the said County Court, was null and void,'and the said order for tho gale of said lamia vraa.-wholly without jurisdic tion, and void." .... “And these plaintiffs further state and charge that, At tho time of and before tho making of tho sola order of solo of said real estate, Itappcarcatotho said County Court'that ‘ there was personal estate of said deceased.within this State suffi cient to pay all of tho said claims duo from . tho estate of the sold deceased, for which further reason theso plaintiffs further insist that said order of solo of said real estate was and is void.” Second—That so much of said amended bill oa states

that “And these plaintiffs further show to tho court that before tho confirmation of said sale, and before said report of said solo was made,, and before said ealo was made,. said Downing, as said protended . administrator,! ... made a ■ deed’ purporting to - convoy , sold -9. W. Af of wUi section 14 to said Cornell for tho consideration of SSO, under and by virtue of said order of sold snlo raado as aforesaid by said County Court," is defec tively pleaded, In omitting to stale tho date of snid deed, and tbo time when it was made; that such state ment is a more repetition of a part of the original bill,' which was argued on demurrer, ami .was -hold by this Court to bo defectively pleaded. Thirds That tho oolu supposed-amended'bill docs noldlstlnauish, tho supposed amendments from tho original bill, nor docs it make any disposition of those parts of tho original bill, which are nob repeated in said BUppoßedomomlnicnts. Fourths That the supposed ; amendments respective ly do not mend the original bill. Mr. John Borden, counsel lor' Busby and others, opened tho argument in support of tho motion, substantially, urging that (hero woro important omissions m tho amendment, of facts which woro contained in thd‘ original hill, that militated stronglyagnlnstthoplamtilt’s case, and that tho plaintiff ought to bo bound by. and hold to all the facts and' admissions which were con tained in the original bill material to the matter in controversy; and that the proposed amend ments did not stdto specifically ana in detail tho grounds upon which tho plaintiffs sought to at tack tho foreclosure of tho mortgage of Mark Skinner to Bostwiok. Ho urged tlio Court to di rect that the amendments bo stricken from tbo file.! ' ■ .... . ..... . . Sir. Boboy answered, contending for the suf ficiency of the' amendments,, that they wore in accordance with the usual practice and usage of the court; that - there was no .uniformity f oily established as to'method of amendment, but that ho was within tho mlo as prescribed by tbo Engllsk practice. . Ho opposed tho motion. The Court tbon adjourned until 2 o'clock; and, upon reassembling, it was agreed to con tinue the case until Friday, when His Honor ex pected tohavo time to hoar It through to tbo oud. OUB PUBLIC SCHOOLS. mooting of tlio Board of Education Last Evening. ■ Tho Board of Education met yesterday even ing, . President King in tho Chair. Present : Messrs. Bunyan, Bichborg, Wells, ; Wilco, Bishop, Stone, Brassing, '(Hoggin, Sheldon, Calkins, Hos* ing, Bonflold, Hambloton. Tbo Building and Supply Agent report od that, during tho winter aud spring, boilers la tho va rious schools had boon Inspected, and wore gen erally in very good condition. Repairs wore made whore needed. A communication requesting the closing of tho schools on Decoration Day, - was received. It was ordered that as in other years all teachers and scholars desirous of attending tho ceremo nies should be allowed leave of absence. Mr. Wilco * offered a resolution, which was adopted, directing the Committee on School Fund Property to wait on all tho delinquent les sees of school lands, and ascertain tbo terms on which a settlement can bo made with them. Tho Committee on Buildings and Grounds recommended tho construction of a primary building, costing $30,000, on one of the frac tional lots on Third avenue, near Twelfth street. Tho report was concurred in. Tho Committee on School Fund Property re ported, recommending that tho 80 acres in (ho southwest quarter of Section 11 bo sold for $350.60 nor aero, that being the largest amount offered therefor. Tho Committee also reported that tho largest bid for the 101 acres near tho Sharpshooters’ Park was SIOO an acre. which they do not consider sufficient. They therefore recommended that it bo again offered for sale, through an agent, at a minimum price of $250 per acre. The report was concurred In. The Committee on Buildings and Granada waa authorized to put a drain from the Carpen ter atreot school to the main sewer. The report of. the Committee on Toxt-Dooka was made tho apooial order for next week. Mr. Hamhloton, who la about to visit Europe, obtained leave of obaonoe till fall. The Superintendent reported he had purchased eighteen copies of Ohanibero' Encyclopedia, aud thirty of Thomas’ Biographical Dictionary. Tho Board adjourned. Card from the Rev. T. C. Workman. The Bov. T, 0. Workman, late of Eureka, 111., has Introduced himself to tho citizens of La fayette, Ind.. In tho following cardi “Mrs. Mary Workman, who woe charged with the murder of Elizabeth Hedges, waa released by a grand Jury of twenty-four men, on a vote of nineteen to five, after a three days’ investigation. The verdict of tho Coroner’s Jury,upon which sbo was committed to jail, nay based principally on the testimony of one man, part of which : was Impeached by tho corroborating of seven other witnesses. The Coroner's Jury, under tho exciting circumstances, wore swayed by tho official character and stand ing of the wltnosaee upon whose testimony thay baaed their verdict, But when the grand Jury camo, underlets oxciting to ox amiuetestimony,. thov aaw.clearly the mistake made by tbo Jury or tho lunusst j and, lo use their own language, ‘kicked It out.' Tho time hnsnotyot come for a detailed statement of aU tlio fnots In tho case, but they will bo forthcom ing In duo tlmo. 1 Lot patience Imvo bor por foot work,’ and a mistaken public shall luiow tho truth.” JUBILEE NOTES# IHoro plvtlnffutshodGuoiti Announced to Arrive €tov« Wnvhburn Will ■ comon'i'hoCKizem’ Inception Gom- miuoo .or rifty. Tlio Jubilee Committee Imvo received a letter from Gilmore, foreshadowing features that vrlU add to hie fnmo tu tho approaching monster con certs in this city. 110 will : bring with him a strong array of mnsionl talent from tho East, in cluding tho world-ronoumod Avbuoklo. .. . Gov. Washburn, of Wisconsin, boa , accepted tho invitation to bo present in Chicago during tho week and moot his brother Executives of Illiilolu, Indiana, lowa,, Michigan, Minnesota, and Missoni I !,' tho Btatoa 11 contagious,” as Mrs. Partington would nay. to our own, a phrase likely to bo deserved since to enable tho North west to dco Chicago during' Jubilee week, tho railroads have given cheap excursion rates tbpt tho people may oorao by thou sands and ‘pay . their dollar to hear Gilmore In a greatest gathering tho Northwest has ‘over soon, this coining first week in Juno. .Tlio.presonco assured of a multitude of distin guished guests in tho city during the gala week boa made necessary tho appointment of tho fol lowing commlttoo of fifty citizens, to moot tho Governors of (ho Northwest and other notables. , and do tho honors of tho occasion, ns a . . CITIZENS* KEOSmON COJISIITTEE. Hon;'Vr*ro. F. Ooollwvugb, Hon. M. V%, Fuller, OUnuncoy T, U >wou, K. A. Hierro, George W. Gage, • N. K. Falrbank, • MaVshall Field, O. F. Culver, Fred J. Gould. Gon. F. T. Sherman; "W.K.KIxod, , FlilUp Wadsworth, J, McGregor Adams, Perry 11. Smith, H. 31. Uouoro,- Henry Greonobauza, 11. D. Oolvtu, A. C. Fargo, Geo. M, Pullman, Albert I’liTlraart,' John Alston, Qon, McArthur, - Hon. Joseph Mcdill, 0. 0. X*. Holden, O. N. Holden, Philip Conley, Col. Jns. 11. Bowen, Charles L. AYilaou, lion, Ik G. Caulfield, A. 0. Hosing, J. Irving Pearce, Dr. V. 0, Unrlbut, I. N. Hardin, Dr. D. L. Smith, Hon. John 0. Coro, Co). John 1». Hancock, P. 0. Maynard, J. T. Clarkson, Hon. J. M. Jewell, lion. L, D. Boone, Hon. 0. M. Gray, Qon. A. 0. McClurg, Gen. Anson Stager, I). Blakely, James E. Tyler, W. W. Boyington, Hon. N. B. Judd, 001. 0. G. Hammond, 11. O.Mcldrum, Hon. J. Y. Scammon, Tho work of fitting the (Treat pasaonger-houßo for Ua forty thousand will bo executed by A. Oronnls, and commenced to-morrow, In order that the extemporized coliseum may bo ready for rehearsals next week.' The full programmes of tho week, and the .pmsical programmes for the respective concert occasions will bo ready by Monday next. The entire musical public of tho Northwest seem to bo generally co-operating with Goo. W. Lyon, tho. Musical Superintendent., Letters by hun dreds aro received daily from all ports of tho • country, with proffers of aid. THE OJJANI) JIAX.Ii. Tho grand Jubilee Ball has not a tremendous tide toward tho modlstfcs, nnd whatever our vis itors abroad may bring ns of • stylo, our homo people, whoso old clothes wore nil burned at tho time of tho lire, or given away since that time, aro not to bo outshone. OCEAN NAVIGATION. CUHAED MAIL LINE. O lß4k Steam Between New York, Boston, and Liverpool FROM NEW YORK: May 17) lluvda a yßll Cuba............ And from Boston oroiy Tuesday, CabinFmianßC, SBotSlooandSl3o, Gold ' Steorago Passage. S3O currency. Passenger* and freight booked to and fronn»U parts of Ruropo at lowest raw*, bight Drafita on Great Britain, Ireland, and tho Continent. P. 11. DU VEIINET,' Qou’l Woat’n Agent. N. W. cor. Clark and Itandolpti-sts. Dnl&Tln., Oalnbrla. Pacttila.. ALLAN LINE Satrsil Mil StasM fe Firat-cte Sfonmsliips, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, running on tlio Shortest Sea Routes between. EUROPE AND AMERICA RATESOFPASSAOR: CABIN a» low ns by nny other FIRST-CLASSLINKS. Return tickntc nt prcnt reduction, STEERAGE Ticket* either to or from Enropo. also at lowest rate*. and through to point* in the West lower than by other lines, _ RATES OP FREIGHT: Tariff Arranged on all olaiaea Morcbandlso from Liter pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chicago. . For olhor Information, or freight contracts, apply at the Company's Office, 73 and 71 Laßnllo-at. ALLAN A 00., Agenta. Sallln.T twico a wook fewn Now York, and carrying pas sengers to all parts of ti»at Britain. Ireland, Ootitlnental tturonn, And the Medittrranean. Cabin from $66; Steer age, Jirlfiih and Irish pjrts east, 930; west, #32. OonH nonUl porta samo as oiler regnlarllnes. All paramo in U. S. currency. Applyfor full informnfioa at tuo Com pany’s office*. No. 7 liorllngGroon, Nor; York, and N. K. corner LaSalle nnd Madson-sts., Chicago. HENDERSON' BROTHERS. Agents. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND jJLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, BEL FAST AID LONDONDERRY. Thoso elegant now (learners will sail fmm Stato Ltno Pier. Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y, asasfollwt: PENNSYLVANIA, I,MX)tons Wednesday, May 7. GEORGIA, 2.600 tots ...Wednesday, Juns4. VIRGINIA. iUOOtcaa.,,.,. Wednesday, .Tone 18. Fortnightly Uioroaftcr. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO., Agents. 73 Broadway, N, Y. Steerage office, 40Broadway. K. V. * T O RENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rout in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of. business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Room 1 Nevada Block. hotel; ASTRAL HOTEL, MaMsL, Mm Madison aui Wasiipn, CHICAGO. new house 200 HOOJIB. BPIiTtffDIB TABLE. TASSBNQBR ELEVATOR. FINE BILLIARD HALL. First-nlasa in every roapoofc. Tho boot houso iuAmorloft for S&2.SO PER. DA"ST. THOS. KENDRICK & CO., Proprlotora. DIVIDEND NOTICE. HIM No, 2, Teutonia insurance Co. OLBVELAND. 0., Auras*, 1073. Not»«U hereby glvau that, by order of tbo Probata CJouK. s dividend of flto (6) per e«nt, payable on and after May 8. 1813, at tho National City Bank of Olovolaud, bM boon declared to the creditor* of tho Teutonia Iniur. &iC9 Company of Cleveland, who have proved their etalmfl according to law. Dividend ordora can ho had on apiUlcatloo to JOHN K. WlllTKfjAW, Aaelgnew TiinloiiU JiminmoO Co. GENERAL NOTICE. Musicians' Union. Special meeting, TIIUUBDAY, Muylß,' ou* Important builacae, Jl» JJUHOI.W, I'mldout, AMUSEMENTS. ; NOW OPEN. Tie World’s Greatest Min! OOItNRU OP WEST MADISON & ELIZABETH-STS. EOBEPAUGH’B GRAND Menageries, Museums, Circus, ■ LAMES!HEHA3ERIE3 ON EAlim Grnml Now Museums. ■ Mngiiiflco'nt’Cinm A.Dally Banquet of Pleasure' and Instruction. 'Bo'an (foaoiAct. Wonders of Soinnoo. Marvels of Meehan* tsra. Triumphs of Skill. Wonderful llidora. Skillful Aorobata. Matchless. Gymnasts. Beautiful Horse*. Performing Animal*. •• Tbo World’* Latest, Greatest, and Plnopt Amusement KntorprUo. , . i Doom open at 1 nnd 7 o’clock n. m. Admission 60 cent*. Ohlldrod under 10 years, 35 cent*. - . ADAM FOKKPAUOII, Proprloior. To accommodate tbo cast numbers of people who desire to attend, three entertainments will bo siren on uozt Saturday, corner Ttvonty*scoond and Stato-uta,, at 10. at at 3, and at 7 o'clock. After leaving Chicago, .(ho GREAT FOREPAUOH SIIQWB will exhibit In all tbo principal towns la tbo STATE OP MICHIGAN. LOOK OUT FOB IT. AIKEN’S THEATRE. TO NIGHT. Erorr Evening and Saturday Matinee. Bmon, WAMUOLD, Md BACKUS’ Original and only San Francisco aVCIKTSTRELS. From tho St. Jamos Theatre, Now York. THE MOST TALENTED ORDANIZATIOH IN TEE WORLD. t REDUCED SCALE OF PRIORS: Onmeslra and Orchestra Circle..... 15cents, First Balcony , M •• Bceond Balcony , 85 ** Matinee tickets 6(1 and 25 ** MoTICKER’S THEATRE. TUB POPULAR ACTOR Br>"wiasr Wednesday and Thursday Evenings. May 14 and 16, O’Keelo’s Sparkling Comedy of ROVER. Friday, Donofltof Edwin Adams, when ho will appear for tho ilrst time In this city In “THE INCONSTANT." Next week—ENOCH AUDEN. HOOLEY'S THEATRE. BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. MONDAY, May 12. durlngtho week and .attho Matl* neev. GREAT SUCCESS of Bartley Campbell’s last and best croatloo, cc TZ> Which baa crowded the Theatre from Parquotto to Dome. NEW .SCENERY—Long Island Sound !• Dnglnyn tagol Tho Varney Villa Illnmtnatod] In preparation, "Through Fire," ‘‘Magnolia, l ’ and ” Tbo Oontle Savago." .Mny 21 .May 28 .Jimo 4 MYERS’OPERA HOUSE. KITTY BLANGHAED BUKIiESQUIS COMPANY. GRAND ATTRACTION TUTS WEEK—Wednesday evening, May 14, XJIOK^T'. NEW aONfiS. NEW FACES. NKW DANCES. MoKER RANKIN every night In n favorite farce. MAIINbk, Wednesday and Saturday. DOHA nod BLACK-EYED SE*U*BAN. . AMPHITHEATRE. (Formerly Nixon’s.) Every Evonfng and S ot nrdUnco. WONDERFUL ATJj&j JtA., Tho Owat Deoapltator and Electrician Extraordinary. Tho Ladles of Chicago are respecifully notified that ar> rangomeuts have boon mado wlthli. 11. Howard, Jeweler, 258 West Madlson-st., for tho reserving of seats, whore will also be on exhibition Vaook’s Presents from the Crowned Hoads of Ltiropoand Asia. Childs Brothers, Tumbowioaioonists, will appear every evening. POSTPONEMENT OF THE Entertainment for tlie Half Orphan Afljlnm, On account of tbo measles having made Ita appearance among the children. Duo notlcewiH bo given whoa tho Lnlcrialninont Is to take place. Parties having Hokote win plenso retain them as they will bo received at the door. MILLINERY. MILLINER? AT WEBSTER’S, 241 West Madison-st, CHOICE STYLES, CLOSE PRICES, PROMPT ATTENTION. JTJST OPENED—A LARGE LINE OP ELEGANT . Imported Flowers. MEDICAL CARDS. COBURN Medical Institute, 175 and 177 South ClarV*at., corner Monroe, Chicago, founded auil conducted hy Dr. J. O. Coburn, for two treatment ami euro of all forma of chronlo and special diseases in both aoxoa. This Institute U unquestionably the most eclontlflo la this country for tho treatment of disease*. Dr. Cabura la a regular graduate of medicine, and has throe diplomas from the host college* lit tho world, and baa hacf more experience in tho troatinen tof private diseases than any physician In Chicago. Young men who require* physician never falllo Hod apoody re lief and a permanent euro at tho hands or Dr. Coburn. Send two stamps for his books on male and female disease« to any addnrns, In sealed rwolopoa. Address letters, Dr. J. O. COUUUN, 17Sand 177 Smith Olack-st... Chicago. IU. All confidential. OlQcu hours: Ua. m, to Bp. nt.; Sunday, S to 4 p. to. ; DE. 0. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4frl Btato-st,, Chicago, 111# well known by all reader# of ttio papers, that Dr. 0. Bigelow Is the oldest established physician In Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. it. the moat ro. Downed SPECIALIST of tUo age, honored by tho press, esteomed of tho highest medical attainment# by nil tho medical institutes of The day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OP UIS LIVE In perfecting remedies that will enro positively all oases of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL U mNBULTATIoV'KihB. SKPAUATR PART/)US for ladies and gentlemen. Call. (JOHRESPONDKNCIS CONFIDENTIAL, Address all tatters, with stamps, to Dr. 0. UK) BLOW. No. 461 biato-at. SDSt, MONROE. 2J7 ands79 South Clark-st., cur. Van Huron: Tho most successful physician in tho city In the treatment of Cliron* le and (JunllO'Urlnary Diseases, of bgtli sexes. All lo tuslo diseases treated with safety and success. Jlnbuor goods on hand. Cures guaranteed. Correspondence unDlldonllsl. Bond stamps for ladles’ Circular and “Eureka" Pamphlet. Address DR. MONROE, 277 and 270 South Olark-at., cor. Von Huron, Chicago, 111. nopa®l Dr. Kean, 300 South Clark-st., Chicago, Msyb® confidentially consulted, personally or by road, Ireo of charge, on all chronic or nervous disease*.. I>U. J. KK AN is too only physician in the city who war rants cures or no pay. Oflice Lunrs fromtfa. in. toßp.m. DR. A. GK OLIN, 183 South Clark .at., Chicago, the lougrst engaged and most successful Specialist lu the treatment of all private, - ehmatc, anduorvuusdiseases in hath sexes.- Bond two stamps for Medical Treatise. Full Information. Con sultation frou.' Correspondence confidential. Separate . rooms fur ladles and goutlemon. Hoard, attendance, oto PRESCRIPTION FREE For the spoody euro of Nervous Debility, iltarly Decay, and (ho whole train of gloomy attendants, Loss of Memo* rf, Energy. Ac. Any druggist has tho luaredleaU. Ad clrun Uli. iIU.TON 4 00.* OlQDinuU, Olilo. NEW PUBLICATIONS. 15,000 Copies Sold! OF DITSON * CO.'S UNKQUALED as IF STUUSS, Containing nil (ho boot Stratus Waltzes, Polkas, Mazur* k«s, Galops, Quadrilles, do. 250 pages* Price, $3.60. Tliia extraordinary collection of Stratus* boat muslo ha* achieved n groat biiccu**, nnd edition nflor odlUon lias been issued to fill (bo popular and steadily lurr'.'nnlnß demand; 15,000 copies add since November Inat testify to U* popularity. Among Uh are tbo " Uluo ' Danube," "1,001 Malits," "Man* Julian," "wine, Women, and ; __ Boiur, w "New "VirMiijn. GEMS GEMS n « Bolls,"and M oIU- __ op er waltzes; op - STRAUSS STRAUSS thff Track" nitlnh ; " One Ifonrt, One boul," Mfir.ur!ia;ond2ootlioreholoe , Polka*.Maznrkas.Ouadrlllon./.c. Piloo, In hoard covers; $3 in eUitli; tftinglH. Also. putpublished: "fStriuiHH IJnncnlUiiftlcfor Violin find Plnno." ilpliir n oollcoilun c.f the host Strauss MiiMo.flftoclWolynrrftnßod forlMnnoaodVlolln. Price. 01. Sold by nil Book and Mu*ic Dealers.' Published oy OUVEE MTBON &. 00,, DBAS, H, MTSON it CO., BOSTON- 711 B'dway, Now York, LYON & HEALY, Chicago. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVE MB DEM Spring Arrangement. • I?XPt,AHATIOKorIIErEnRNOEIII copied. - • Smiday excepted, tSt rire bunday atß;Wa. m. 4 Dally. MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT » Depot , font qf Mtt At . and fc Ticket oJ!!ee, 75 Canat-et., cci Mall (via mala and air lino) Pajr Exprosa •Ikokaon Accommodation... Atlantic Express,.., Night Express.. INDIANAPOLIS VIA PDUD HOAD. Ma 11...* ; ; Night Express OTUND DAMPS AND PKNTWATEIt. Morning Express Night Express.. CHICAGO & ALTON RAILROAD. Chicago, Alton <ft St, foul* Through Line, and Louisians, (Jfo.) nMr »;,ori Chicago to Knneaadtg. Union Depot, llVtf .Siile, near Madlevn-tl. bridge. , Leave. Arrive. 81. Loots A Springfield Express, via 6!aln Lino, * 9:16 a. m. * R:lOp. m. Kansas City Fast Express, via Jacksonvlilp, 111,, atid Lonlsi arm. Mo. • 9:lfia. m. * 6:10 p.m. Wonona, l.aoott, Washington Ex* press (Western Division.) * 4:top. ra. 1 Bslop. m. . Joliet A Dwight Acoomo’clatlon. * 4:10 p. m. • 9:10 a. m. St. Louis A Springfield Lightning Express, via Main Lino, andalao via Jacksonville Division 119:00 p. m. 117:90 p.m. Kansas Oity Express, via Jack sonville, 111,, A Louisiana, Mo.. Hfl:oop.m. 117:80 a.m. JclTorson City Express.,, 1i9;00p. m. U7-.UOa. m. Pooria, Kooknk A Burl’n Bx • sLOOr.-m. *8«I0p. m • EDWIN ADAMS. Ilpally, via Main Lino, and dally except S< Jacksonville Division. & Dally, vfaMMn Uni except Monday, via Jacksonville Division. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL R/ Union Dej>ot, corner 3tadi*on onrf Canal-tie,; 87 Weet i/ndteomt. nrnlnt Depot, Leave,' Arrive. Milwaukee, St. Paul A Mlnnoap* ——* ollsDay Kxprra5................. *9:ooa. m. t7:2oa. m. Milwaukee A Prairie du Ohlon MnnnndExpress....... *4: Bop, m. *U:2Oa. m. Ml'wanVoe, St, Paul 4 Mlnncap* oils Night Express.; t9:oop. m. "flrOOp. m. CHICAGO. BURLINQTOir& QUINCY RAILROAD. Dtpote—l'hot of Lahe-tl., Indlana-av., and Sixteenth »<!,, ami Canal and Sixteenth'll*. Jieket office* in Jirigm Ilouet, A’c. 69 C/arfe-4(. t and atdepoti, .. liave. Arrive. Mall • 7:45 a. m. • 4.15 p. m. . OUawa and Stxoator Passenger.. 7:45 a. ro. 8:00 p. m. Dubuqueand SiouxOlty Exp.... • 9:10 a. m. • 9jlßp. m« Pacific-last Line... *l0:00a. m. • 3:15 p. ra. OftlOßbarePassenger, » 3:15 p. m. * B:00p. ml MendotaA Ottawa Passenger... • 4:20p, m. • 9:55 a. m. Aurora Passenger.... • 1;45p, m. • 8:15 a. ra. Aurora Passongor... • B:30p. m. • 8:55 a. m. Aurora Passenger (Sunday) I.UOp. m. 9:55 a. mj Dnbnauo A Slonx Oily Exp....,, + 9:COp, m. t 7-.00 a. m. Pacific Night Express..... +11:00 p. m. i fiv.toa. mj Downer's Ororo Accommodation 'll :00 a. m. * fiwOp. ro. Downers Gf&.-o Accommodation * 6:lSp, ra. • 7:18 o. m.- ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot of Lake-el. and. foot of Ticket office, 15 Cannl-et., corner of Maditan. * - Leave. Arrive. fouls Erpress M-MaTmT MbMpTniT St. Loulslast Uno t «:lsp. m. » 7*5 a. ra. Mall * 7:30 a. m. • 9 : oo p. m. ga J ro F*pr«« tß:lsp. m. • 7:55 a. ra. Springfield Express..;.. * 7:30 a. ra. • 9:00 p. ra. Springfield Express + 8:15p, m. * 7:55 a. ra. Dubnqne A Sioux City Ex • 9:15 a. m. • 8:00 p. m. Dubnquo A bloux City Ex + 9;POp. nrf • 7.-00 a. m. ••Oflnmn Passenger. • p : 15p. ra. * 9KWa. m. IlydeParkand Oak Woods • fi : ioa. m. • 6ri9a. m. HydeParkand Oak Woods • 7:10 a. ra. • 7:4Ra. m. il^ e £* r if * B ii^S oo 3 B J 9 -' ooa ' m * * ild # S* r h ftn lS*^X 00( J 8 $13:10 p. m. • 0.-OOa. m. Hyde Park and Oak Woods * 8:00 p. m. 110:30 a. nu Ilydo Park and Oak W00d5....... • 4:JUn. ra. I l*46n. mJ • WsS: S: * siaop.S. IW®£ ar r AQ^9, '!sJX oo< . u * 9dop. m. • 6:55 p. m. Hyde Park and Oak Wood m. m. "On Saturdays this train will bo run to Champaign. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket office, 81 Wat Maditon^f. Leave. Arrive. PaeiQeFost Un 0....» M 0:15 n, nT. • 8:16 p. ro. Dubnque Day Ex. via Clinton.... 10:Z5 a. m. 8:15 p. m, Paelfio Night Express. +10:16 p. m. J8;30 a. ro. Dubuque Night Ex. via Ollnton.. lu:lsp. ra. 6:30 a, ra. Freeport A Dutmqno Express • 9:15 a. m. • 2:00 p.m. fToeport A Dubuque Express * 9:15 p. m. • 7:00 a. tn. wfiUSSt!® aH * 8:00 a. m. *10:16 a. m. alitS v e ® • 9:30 a. m. * 4:00 p. ro. Milwaukee Passenger • fi : oop. m. • 7:40 ». m. UHsraukeo Passenger (dally) JUsOOp. m. 6 6:00 a. m. Green Bay 9:40 a. m. ‘ 7jlflp.m. Bt. Pant Express *loslfl a. m. 6.00 p. m. Green Bay • 9K»p. m. *BSOa. ro. St. Panl +9:30 p. ra. +6:60 a. ro. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, comer of JiarrUon and Shermanite, Ticket office, 33 HVri. I 'ladhonit. Zrnre, 1 Arrive, Omaha, Leavenw’th A Atchison Ea *10:15 a. m. * 8:45 p. ra. Peru Accommodation * 6:00 p. m. * 9:TOs. ra. Night Express 1 7:00 a, ro. Loavenwortb A Atchison Express +10:00 p. m. + 7:00 a. ro. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. corner JfarrUon and Sherman-stt. Ticket often, tiorlhutst corner Clark ami iJaiulolphati., anti loulMee* corner Canal and .tfaditon-tU, Mall, via Air Lino and Mala Lino * 6:40 a. m. * Special Now York Express, via Air Lino 9:00 a. m. * Atlantic Express, via Air Lino., 6:15 p. m, Kii{btExpress, via Main Lino.... *, *J UlkPartAcooimnoiiation • 3:10 p. m. *' South Chicago Accommodation.. 13;C0ra. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. rastenger Depot at I*., C. it SI. Louis Depot, corner qf Ca nal anti Kintle-tls, Freight and Ticket office IS3 iraj/iing-ion-si. Ma 11...... ................* 7:10 a. m. * 1 'to p. m, KvauhvlUe A Torro llauto Hx.... • 7:00 p. m. J 7:30 a, m. PITTSBUnCH. FOR i WAYNE & CHICAGO OfllUOfla Day tfrpross... «......... Paottlo Expre55............... Fast Lino Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. . (orr.x to roselu*..) Depot corner Hauled ami Ji'orlh Jlrtineh'Sh, General offle* 16 ilttraiwlltun Ulock, corner Randolph nmt laSalle-cl), Roselle Accommodation...., Kfvor Park Accommodation, lllvor Park Aocommodattoo. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS sT CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE, VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. JVom (its Great Central JtailrotKl JJepot, foot nf Zake-if, fur through ticket! anil ilttpinj.ear btrlht apply at jSektt offlte, 1$ ChnaM,, corner J/tuNeon,* 120 UWifwg(orw(.i atiojoatq/' 2\c»iity-nconJ-il, Leave Chicago... * K;o*la. in. 6;00p. m. Arrive at Indianapolis * 4:2np. m. 8:60 a, m. Arrive at Cincinnati * 9:30 p. m. 9:18 a. jn. Only line tunning Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman sleeper* on night trains. Insolvent Act of 1869. Canada, Province of Ontario, County of Wentworth; In tho County Court of (ho County of Wentworth: In tho matter of Thomas Thomson, trading under tho name, stylo, and firm of Thomas Thomson ACo., an tu« solvent. On the sixteenth day of Juno next, the undersigned will apply to the Judge of tho said Court for a discharge under tho said act. * Dated at tho city of Hamilton, In the County of Wont, worth, this tirat day of May, in tho year of our Lord u« thouiaml eight hundred aud soventy-throo. t, « TRUMAN THOMSON, lly Harry A Malone, his atluruuysad litem. payson’s sas naratus. Trade supplied hy r* i i ,i Fuller A Fuller. Oauvassert Crateata »iSSsS”,‘.r- 3 [RR QF: TRAINS. lUnnß.—t Saturday ox. fonday accepted. | At* WESTERN RAILROADS not q/' Tieenti/.iecanJ'U >r nergf Madison, ' T.rnve, Arrive. * Rtf Oft m. * J * 0:00 ft. id. * { } 0:35p, ni. ?1( 4 6:15 p. m. 4 f +*9:oop. ni. r 8:45 p. m. 8:00 p. m. 10:20 a. m. B;(VJa, m. I*o :80 a. m. • 6:30 a. m. +9:10 p.m. *Bl'ls p. in. •CsSUa m. 0,00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. •fflilOp.m. ~*fl:Coa. m. IXENRY O. WENTWORTH, ... General Passenger Agont. Rurday, via 3, and dally ULWAY. Ticket Office Leave, Arrive. 0:20 p. m. Stoo p. m. 8 ,•00 &. IZL 'i6;.Tdo. m. ‘10:10a. in. U6O p. to. Arrive, Leave, Leave. Arrive. • H:f»oa. ro. 1 VulOp. m. 5' t*9;oop. m. t' • 4:115 a. m. • • 11:40 p. m. * : 7:30 p. m. i 6-.& l*. m. a. m. ' 6 slop. ca. * 8:50 a. m. Leave. Arrive. B:flOa.m. 9:10a.m, 6:15 a.m. 1(1 :6t a.m. B:lkJp.m. 7:21 p.m. LEGAL, INDELIBLE INK,

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