Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 14, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 14, 1873 Page 5
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ANOTHER MURDER. \ Death of a Man from Iho Effects of a Wound Received Noaly a v Month Ago. Ho Was Struck on tho Hoad with a Bottle, and His Skull Praoturod. A Bwodo, named John Wlokstrom, who is sup posed to have boon' tho victim of. a tragedy, died at the County Hospital on Monday afternoon, from a fracture of tho skull. Tho man was re ceived at tho hospital, lost Saturday afternoon, in company with a-man named--Poto Nelson, Jboth- men having boon brought thoro Ini an express-wagon, from tho Scandinavian boarding liouse No. 102 North' Wells street. Wick otrom did not appear. to bo suffering very seriously from tbo wound in his head, and tbo Warden therefore did not question him as to how It was received.. Bub soon after tho Bwodo was put to bod, and boforo tbo wound had boon examined, ho grow unconscious, and remained oo until Monday afternoon, whon ho died. Dur ing tho time ho was in tho hospital ho remained insensible, except* that ho appeared to .suffer acute pain. .Upon examining tho wound it was found to consist of a fraoturo.of tho skull, which oxtondod from tho top of tho head almost to tho baso. Tho skin had boon partially sowed up ovor tbo fraoturo, ns tho result of which mortifi cation bad set in. Tho fraoturo had also healed on tho odgos, but minute splinters of tho bono actually penotratod tho brain. From what can bo ascertained, the man had lived, had oven walked and talked, and conducted himself very muoh as other men do, for throe weeks with his head in this condition. Tho man died without giving ony information which would indicate how tho wound was received. But tho man who was brought in with him Booms to havo opened tho way to tiio solution of tbo mystery. In conversation with a reporter of Tm Trib une, yesterday morning, ho said that Wlokstrom and ho bad been boarding for eomo timo at Carlson’s boardlng-houso, No. 102 North Wells Ltroot; At the same house was a Swede named John Miller. On tho night of April 20, which was Saturday night, a uanco was hold at tho lioueo. Ho did not participate in the dauco, being confined to bed at tho timo. Tho next morning ho saw Wickstrom in bod, and was told that Mil ler had stabbed him in tho head, in a fight, tbo bightprovious. Joseph Carlson, tho proprietor of the board ing-house, was also interviewed. His story Is substantially ns follows : On tho night of April 20. a dance was given at tho house, which was attended by Miller and Wlokstrom, at which liquor was freely drank. When thoy retired, which woe about 12 o’clock, both men woro con siderably under tho influence of the liquor. About half-past 12 Carlson hoard a eouftle In tho hall on tho second floor, adjoining his room, and, putting on his clothes, wont out to aoowhai caused it. Ho fouud Wickstrom prostrated on tbo floor, near tho head of the stairs, in a pool of blood. Ho answorod whon askod what was tho. matter, hut was uuahlo to get-up without assistance. Carlson called - Wickstrom’s room-mate, a man namod Ragman, to help him carry tho wounded man to hia bod. lie soon after revived, and said that Miller and bo had boon fighting, and that Millor had struck him with a botllo. Miller, who roomed on tho first floor of tho house, had rotirod to his apart ment after executing his bloody work. Carlson saw him at an early hour tho next morning, and. upon mooting bun, Millor said, <( Did I ovor steal anything from this house ? Wickstrom said I wva a thief, and that’s why I hit him.” Soon after bo wont out of tho roar door of tho bouse, and, according to Carlson’s statement, has not been soon since. About 10 o’clock tho next morning* (which was Sunday) Wlokstrom arose and came down stairs. He said ho wanted to see a doctor, as his hood hurt him. Carlson gave him tho address of a Dr. Foss, whoso office is at No. Cl East Chi cago avenue, and tho wounded map walked un assisted to tho place. A reporter called on Dr. Foss yesterday afternoon. lie said that Wlokstrom called at his office on Suuday morn ing, the 27tb of April, and said that ho had boon out on the head with abottlo. Tho physician examined tho wound, and, ao bo coys, found a long, gaping gash in tho back part of the head. Ho stated that he was unable to find any frocturo of tho skull, or any depressions, and, therefore, stitched tho wound up. Ho declares that ho examined tho gash very oarofully, but saw no fracture. If this statement bo true, tho mystery darkens, and It is yet to bo unraveled as to whore and when tho frocturo was made. Tho mauhad no money, and Foss told him ho would treat him no longer, and suggested that ho go to the County. Hospi tal. Tho next morning tho physician received a note from Carlson requesting him to moke a call at Ilia house to see tho. woundod man. Foss did not go, however.- for a reason wnui, ho Baid ho believed was a good ow, viz., Wiokstono had no money and ai**«vld go to tho hospital. Tho only °V * ftVol ° statement, that tho skull of the dead man was, ua at that time, £s, what seems to bo a fact, *-„ t ho Uvcd for two weeks after receiving the wou..j. ftn( j during most of tho Umo, according to Caribw'y mont, was not only strong enough to warn talk, but was rational.* • About four days after the fight, Dr. Askbrlus. whoso office is at the corner of Division ana Market streets, was called to attend Wick strom, for erysipelas. At least this is his statement, lie says ho did not closely examine tho wound in tho hoad, as tho man did not scorn to be suffering much from it. Wickstrom, dur ing all this time, would say very little about tbo fight with Miller, aud did not wish tho latter ar rested. Dr. Emmons hold a post-mortem examination on Wickstrom’s remain yesterday morning. Ho decided that death had resulted from a fracture of tho skull. There was much inflammation about tho wound. Coroner Stephens will hold an inquest to-day. but it is probable that the mystery will remain as it is. THE CITY IN BRIEF, There are two more dogs to-day, which makes ISO iu the city. Both tho now additions are from Calumet. Tho Church of tho'Messiah will hold a socia ble this evening at tho residence of lira. W. U. Derby, No. GOG Michigan avenue. That cannibalism is practised In Chicago ap pears from a sign in a lager boor saloon just west of tho Van Buren street bridge, “ Hot supo ” •very day at 11 o’clock. Tho Union College Alumni of tho Northwest will hold their annual mooting at tho Sherman House next Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock. Now that Arcade court, running from LaSalle to Clark street is finished, tho entrance to tho Custom-House will bo through tho Arepdo in stead of through tho Republic Life Building. Tho ticket ofilco of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Hallway, which sinco tho firo bos been in tho West Bide Sherman House, will to-day bo removed back to tho old location, No. C 5 South Clark street, comer of Randolph. Old prices are being resumed. Flags floated forth yesterday boaring tho inspiring legend 44 Lager boor, U cents." Our Tuutonics can now buy two tunics for what they previously paid for ouo Tho attention of Capt. Lull ia directed to the daily violation of iho fast driving ordinance in Ashland avenue, south of Monroo street. Every afternoon two or three drivers are out in trotting sulkies, speeding green horses in a manner alike dangerous and illegal. Templar Lodge No. 440, I. 0. 0. P., will bo reinstated by P. i>. M. Ellis, this evening, at tbo ball, on the southwest corner of Washington and DosplalnoH streets. All brothers are cor dially invited to bo present. Mllco Kelly, Itobort Boiloy. and Peter Yore, who were arrested for stabbing Prank Dolan last Sunday night, wore arraigned before Justice Bcully vohtoruay morning, bulyln consequence of the Inability of the wounded man to appear, tbo examination was continued ton days. Do lan is behoved to bo out of danger. Tho monthly examination of female teachers for tho oily schools will bo hold on Friday at 0 o’clock at the Normal School building, on Mon roo street near Hv.lutod. Teachers of experi ence are still wonted. It was once supposed by those old pettifoggers tho Homans that “ex perience touches/' No wonder to&ohers of ex perience are in demand. If among the well-paid and work-abhorring employes of the Board of Public Works there is a sidewalk inspector, lot him got n day off and draw an extra day's pay, and then Inspect tho sidewalk near No. 891 Archer avenue before pome other officer breaks hie leg. Thlo Ia what a correspondent wants, and tho demand Booms reasonable. r Ablanpbomons correspondent wishes to state that Goorgo Winchester, while crushing char coal at tho Swansea Silver Smelting Works, No. 61 South Jefferson street, was injured by two cog-wheels which crushed his arm. For tho benefit of tho blasphemous person, wo would etato (hat if ho'must ourso, ho ought to do so grammatically. D d, and not d m, Is tho pollto eymbol for tho word “ damned.” At tho annual election of officers of tho Union Catholic Library Association, tho following woro' elected s President, Washington Hosing; First Vico-Prcsldent, T. Dronau ; Second Vico- President, Wm. 11. Condon; Corresponding Boorotary, D. S. Daly ; Financial Secretary, M. F. Scannoll; Recording Secretary. E. Eaglo ; Troasuror, U. T. Murray. Board of Managers— W. J. Onahan, Thos. Lawler, R. J. Brass, w. A. Arahorg, Richard Cannon, J. 0. Carroll. To prevent any rooro elopements from tho Brown School, tho girls oro now restricted in thoir promenade at recess to tho sidewalks on oho front of tho school, between Wood and Paulina streets. Hero thoy take thoir constitu tionals, guarded at ono end of tho boat by tho watchful Principal, at tho other by the vigilant janitor. Tho effect has boon to nbato tho shameful spectacle, formerly presented there at recess, of a dozen youug men with dyed mous taches,-and as many old lechers* with bald heads, airing themselves, shoving against aiid exchanging winks with the pupils. • Tho Joint High Commission appointed by tho Government and the Mayor, to appraise tho Old Brldowoll and Post-Offico lots, mot yesterday af ternoon in Judge - ■ Drummond’s ’ chambers. Judge Drummond presided; Thoro' wore also £ resent Hon. Thomas Horno, Judge Rogors.E'. Sheldon, Eoq.j and lion. N. B. Judd. Tho object of tho mooting was to examine witnesses in order to enable them to complete thoir report. Thoy will doubtless bo ready with it boforo tho end of tho woolc. A Scotchman named .John MoDougal, from B&ltimoro, yesterday wont into tho saloon No. 18 North Canal street, and was induced to w&gor bis gold watch, worth S6O, and sls in currency, In tho American hazard gamo. Ho was quietly beaten out of both, and tho property holug tho sum total of bis wealth, ho was a most disconso late man when ho roportod his loss at tho Union Street' Station. A detective wout with him to tho snloou, but tho birds had flown, and tho sa loon-koopor professed to bo entirely ignorant of tho fact that such a gamo had been played in bis establishment. On Monday evening Officer Oudmoro dis covered eighteen boxes of cigars piled up against a,wall on tho first floor of a vacant building on the southeast corner of Clark and Water streets. Tho circumstances led to tho belief that they would bo called for boforo morning, and, con cealing himself, tho officer kept faithful watoh until half-past 11 o'clock, when ho was rewarded by seeing two men cautiously enter tho building. Cudmoro caught one, and the other escaped. The arrested party gave tho name of George Mc- Kean, and was before Banyon yesterday morning on tho charge of larceny. Tho examination was, however, continued until tho 14th. In a letter from a correspondent, published in yesterday’s Tbiduhe, it was stated that the Ben ders, tho fiends who havo boon murdering no many people in Kansas, fonnorly lived in Hyde Park, near this city, and loft there a year ago. Inquiry of old residents of Uydo Park, yester day, failed to elicit any information regarding thorn. No one recollected such a family, and, if they ever lived in Hyde Park, their homo must have boon in the Holland settlement, near Burn side station. Tho brisk breeze from tbo north which began blowing so suddenly on Monday, was ushered in by a olond of almost phenomenal peculiarity of appearauco. First a long, narrow silver band lay against the northern sky. This rapidly mounted, increasing in size, until it was half way overhead, when it stretched clear across the sky from oast to west, a bright, snowy front, with on inky, ominous background. Not au other cloud was visible at tho time,' but this sil very sky-bolt, which, when just overtopping tbo city, lot loose an exhilarating north wind, to bang about shutters and blinds, and suggest to parties about to retire tho propriety of au additional blanket, and one, just one, more "night-cap.” Talking of tho execution in this State on Fri day next reminds one of the sang froid once displayed by a Hoosior reporter named Elijah Halford, but familiarly known as Ligo. Ho it was that asked a criminal on tho drop to ."wiggle his little lingers as long as ho was alive and * conscious.” so that tbo report ers could form some idea of how a man felt after ho was turned off. One would naturally think that so promising a journalist would have made his mark in his pro fession. With what surprise, therefore, does ouo loam that ho gradually sank from the proud rank of police reporter on an Indianapolis paper to tbo menial position of managing editor of Hr. Scammou's organ. Tho Hotted States engineer who has charge of the improvements of tho harbors on Lako Michi gan opened a number of proposals yesterday at his office. No. 151 Lake street. Among tho bids was ouo for extending the* Chicago breakwater, and another for ' making an addition to tho pier at Calumet. .At tho latter place SIO,OOO will bo expended this year, and when tho work is completed there will bo a good channel eleven or twelve foot deep. Tho breakwater at this city is to bo extended 800 feet during this season, making it, when this in completed, 3,000 feet long. Only 950 footwill thed remain to make it 1,000 feet long, as originally designed. About $90,000 will bo expended. Tho contracts lot last year will not expire until tho Ist of August, and woihu now being done under them. Within thirty days the now the awards will bo made some time Unu -wnnk—will commence op erations, and push forwaio. work M rapi £L «s posmblo. 1 J Tiu Building Committee of tho Bo&ra County Comnußslouera continued yoatorday their investigation of tho alleged “ brick . and atone stealing” from tho ruins of the old Court- House. It will probably bo remembered that tho Times accused Commissioner Ashton of taking brick and stone from the ruins to build his house. Tho Wines, ns it invariably does, mis represented tho developments made at tho pre vious session of tho Committee, ami, as appeared yesterday, deliberately Uod about Ashton and . Mr. Dixon, tho contractor. Commissioner Ashton proved to the satis faction of tho Committee that ho had not taken a brick or a stone from the county’s building, and that ho had purchased several thousand bricks of Mr. Dixon, who owned tbo ‘ property, ho having bought tho ruins of the city’s portion. Hr. Dixon also showed that I\p waa guiltless of any of tho crimes charged by the Times, Tho Committee decided to report' to tho Board that they had investigated tho matter, and wore una ble to ascertain that any material, except that used in tho construction of county biuldings, had boon taken from tho ruins. Richard £. Lathrop and wife, of lUclno, spent two hours in tbo colls at iho Control Police Sta tion. Lathrop, ■who has boon employed by tbo Western Union Railroad Company, was divorced thirteen years ago from his llrst wife. Since that timo sho has repeatedly endeavored to in duce him to marry her again. Ho has refused, and a fortnight ago married Mrs. Charlotte Palmer, of lluuino, m tide city. The ceremony was performed at the Western Avenue Metho dist Church. Mrs. Lathrop No, 1, furious at not being married again, pursued the party to Chit cago, and yesterday obtained a warrant for their apprehension on tbo charge of adultery, su)>- posing that they were cohabiting unlawfully. They woro arrested by Detective Lackey at No. 990 West Monroe street, tho residence of Mr. Lafayotto Varney, and, taken to tho. police station. A reporter Intor viowoa them in tho coll. Latlirop ia a pre possessing man, but declined to give any in formation, hoping thereby to escape notice in tbo paper. Ho is about 00 years -of ago. Mrs. Lathrop No. 2 was formerly employed by B. L. Brand as assistant in his photographic establish ment, since which time she has started one for herself in Racine. Sho is a bright little woman about SO years of ago, and quite good looking. She was communicative and had no hesitation in presenting tho facts, but does not give her predecessor a very good character. Sho was married about nino years ago, and obtained a divorce from her husband on tho ground of drunkenness and cruelty. They woro bailed out by Justice Bauyon, and will bo tried to-day. PIGEON-SHOOTING IN HYDE PARK. A pigeon-shooting match for a stake of SIOO occurred at Hyde Park yesterday, between J. P. Robertson, who claims to bo tho champion pigeon-shooter of Scotland, aud Dr. D. U. Brass. of this city. Each man shot at twenty five birds, single rises, hut tho number of yards lu rise and boundary have not boon given. Tho following is tho score: 8ren5....1 1111111X10111101 11 1 10000—10 llobort'n.ollllllollllllllllooollll—2l J, P. Robertson and F. Robertson followed in a match for $lO a side, ntlou birds ouch, with tho following result: ~l 11111101 0-8 ..1 ,0 I 1 1 1 1 1 0 0-7 J.P. Robertson. F. Robertson... E. Price, Baldwin, and Dr. Bross shot for $lO a side at ton birds oaob, aud they killed ulno, eight, and seven respectively.. Aa the hotting lu tho Brusu-Uobortaoty match Tim dnttAtiO DAILY TItIBUNU; WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1873. wan at tho rato of S7O to $26 on tho former, and os considerable money changed hands, an effort will bo mndo to arrange for another match bo* tween them. Tho Doctor's backers do not fool particularly jubilant ovor tho defeat of thoir favorite, ana thoy are anxious to got ovou If po ssiblo. PERSONAL Col. J. B. Cahill, Quinoy, is at tho Sherman. Commodore Rogers, U. S*. N., is at tho Sher man. Hon. W. P. B. Bangor, Washington, is at tho Sherman, - Hon. Philotua Sawyer, Wisconsin, is at tho Sherman. Bovorly R. Kolm, Esq.. General Passenger Agent or tho Kansas Pacillo Railroad, is in tho city. lion. Isaac N. Arnold arid family loft tho city yesterday for Now York, whoro thoy will tako steamer for Europe. Q. A. Barnes, of Kentucky, will apeak at Ows ley’s Hall on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings. A. 11. Burley. Esq., tho affable Ol£y Comp troller,' has exhibited- his appreciation of tho natural advantages of living under on effete dos-* potimn by removing his household gods to Hydo Park. : Aid. Cleveland calls a mooting of tho Commit tee on Licenses for to-day; Aid', dowry wants tho Committee on Markets for. tho same day; and Aid. 0. T. Bowen would liko to see tho Com mittee on Wharves and Public Grounds <m Sat urday aftomoou. • ■ Tho Rev. James A. Bolloa,, of Cleveland, Is called to St. Luke’s Church, Buffalo. Judge Swayho, of tho Drifted States Supremo Court, is holding a term of court at Olovoland, O.’,—Judge Charles - T. Sherman being under oonsuro of tho Bar. Lord Campbell, younger son of tho Buko of Argylo, has taken a tho banklug-houoo of Coutts & Co., Loudon; all appointments in that bank being positions of high honor. Thomas W. Knox, who wont abroad lost wook, thinks of stayiug two years, ami returning by another round-the-world journey tho East, India, Japan, China, Eastern ■ Siberia, and . California. Ho has another book on his mind. E. Clark, Jr., who has boon Gonoral and Local Freight Agent ot tho Now York Central Railroad at Buffalo since 1807. ban boon appointed Gen eral Western Freight Agent of the Company. Some wog on ronto to tho Paciflo coast gave his namo ns Ucnry Ward Beecher, and crowds beyond Carlin. oven to Ban Francisco, collected at tho depots to got sight of the Brooklyn cler gyman. It wasn’t bo. Tho Bov. R. W. Travis, of Decatur, 111., states that a local preacher in that city was. in answer to prayer, instantly and thoroughly cured of a disease in his ayes that had waxed worse and worse for sixteen years, until, having tried all remedies in vain, it was about to result in total blindness. Tho doctors gave him no hope, when ho carried tho matter to Ood in earnest prayer, and in one moment was fully and permanently restored. The most remarkable part of tho story is found in those words of Brother Travis: “To save tho feelings of tho family 1 withhold both the name and location.” THE BENEVOLENT FIREMEN. There was a largo attendance at tho annual mooting of tho Firomen'u Benevolent Associa tion which was held last evening over tho TUs- Worth Engine house, No. 19 Dearborn street. A report of tho proceedings of tho Board of Trus tees during tho last fiscal year was submitted by tho Secretary. It showed that roliof bad boon extended to tho following members -and families of deceased members of tho Fire Deportment: John Belly, Valentino Rois, G. Lager, A. Kruger, Peter Stark, Mrs. P. Powers, David Miller, Mrs. J. T. Edwards, Mrs. J. Hall, Henry Mcßride, Mrs. J. Schlossovan, T. Melvin, John P. Flous, Mrs. J. M. Johnstone, D. Flint, T. Borny. G. W. Hannis, Martin Loyoo, orphans of G. Suonvin, W. H. Hoisington, J. Weller, P. T. Swolno, Mrs. Gruor, J. 0. Bparr, and A. King. During tho year six lots in Calvary Cemetery have boon pre sented to tbo Association. The Secretary thou made some well ohoson remarks on the pros perity of tho Society, and congratulated tho So ciety on tho occupancy of tho now hall. The Treasurers annual statement is as fol lows: Loins. Orders paid—llolicf.... Expenses. toui : Cash on band, Mny 1,1872 .$J„021.87 Ecccipta—Principal (1,835.25 Interest 2,028.35 Life Members. 6.CO— 8,889.00 Total. Overdraft. 80nd5.... Loans Accrued interest. Safe Total assets. Cemetery lota and monumonl not Included in assets. Tlio election uf four Trjibtoos for five years was then proceeded with. It was .a moat tedious Srocooding, and terminated with, tbo election of '. N. Holden, if, W. Shay, Gooqgo W. Honnifl, and E. P. Wood. \ A vote.of thanke waa voted to the Treasurer, “ for hia able and honest xuauaj'omont of tho fnnds. A mooting of tho Ti-ustoeu was called for next night. for tbo purpose of organizing the., Hoard. Xt- I then, adjourned, I 11 What nro tbo Spriii,, <, fvlos p,» ( Thla question ia now aekod every day, ou“ . .„,>. ore , docs the inquirer find a more satlsfaclory answer than, at Nos. 320 and 323 State street. Mr. Nutting makes It I a particular feature of Ulb business to give to the pco -810 of Chicago the very latest Broadway styles, when, icy first appear in New York City. His efforts In this direction havo certainly been rewarded by tbo public appreciation, as bis prosperous busi ness bo well attests. On bis counters are found Bulls of all grades and fabric,- adapted to every service, A good, all-wool bUslness suit, well cut and made, can bo bought forsU. Tho now Btyle Saint Bernard coat, with pants and vest to match, at sl3 and S2O a suit, ami fiao goods in suits ami spring overcoats equal in style and quality to custom gar ments at price from 20 to 25 per'cent under tbo tailors. A. J. nutting, Fiue clothier for men, youth, hoys, niid children, hob. 320 Aud 323 State street. VTUo Buys a Piano P Wo bavoßOjflo now plaqos that have been rented from three to «lx months. Also a fow that have had (ho outside* cases some what injured in moving. These will bo sold at tho very lowest prices—from S3OO to S3OO. A splendid opportunity ta purchase a. good, durable Inntrumuut, ao every piano will bo warranted to glvo satisfaction or money refunded. Qall and see them at our now plnco of •business fineat piano xoareroom&fa the world. Koed’o TVtuplo of Music, Corner Dearborn and Vuu Durcn streets. Improved Property on Long Credit. Your attention h* called to tho card of Goo. P. Tucad tray, under the head of real estate for sale. Ho offers for sale, on long: time, at S per cent Interest, with small amount in hand, two cottages on South Dearborn street, hint south of Thirty-second street. The prop erty la In good repair,- and Is very valuable, No bettor chance for the purchase of a homestead has ever been offered. Ilia ofllco Is Now 111 LaSalle street. Seasonable Good Things, The name of A. Booth, at No. 121 Michigan a vcnuoi suggests all kinds of good thluga. lie has mow a healthy consignment of choice products of Oalhtarnla, where snow in May Is unheard of, and open cars; can not bo put on during winter weather. Hu has Ce Jlfor nla asparagus, cherries, peas, gooseberries, si crlng chlckena, cauliflowers, and salmon. It souuui;|llko summer, and tastes a groat deal better. To tho Ladles. In onr notice of Mudauio Gary’s aliening of her new aud elegant millinery and dressmaking establishment, at No. 800 Wabash avenue, the data of the opening was unintentionally omitted. Tho opening Is to occur on' Thursday, and tho ladles of tho Bimth Division should not fall to pay her a visit. Miss 11. Brewer, and not Miss Brawnier, as tho uugallant typos made it, Is asso ciated with Mudamo Gary, uud there her many frluudu will And her. To bo Continued. The reduction lu prices of furniture at Potter, King A Oo.’s, Nos. 381, 280, uud 283 Wabash avenue. Black. walnut marble-lop chamber suits for SCO. Wilt or town (Muss*) JLIro Ntdfclc Mar- led. Wateutowm, Mass., May 13.—Beef Cattle—Ro celpu, 1,147 head; prices of Western stows not varl ed essentially from last week’s rates. . Halos of choice at tlU.00Ql0.B0; extra. $0.25(39.75 ; flrst quality, 18.00® B.SU; second, $U.00Q0.78 ; third, $5.00(35.60. BuiiEi* ami> Laui's—Receipts, I,DM bead;, very little life lu tlm market; sales in lots at s3.oogf|i.6o each ; extra, bpriug lambs, JOfcjPio, . •; • Yral” qAtYM—(JQ'Jo, Tumdat Etrktko, May 13. Several dealers from tho country wore on tho mar ket, but there \ru very llttlo business transacted, owing toOio exceedingly Unlit offorings. L Tho wind bah been unfavorable for a day or two for vesicle to got In. but quite a number have gone out, and It Is probable that lumber will bo plenty enough noon. Tho market Is In about th 6 same condition as It has been, though, owing to tho light offerings and'ln creased demand, a bettor feollng exists Just * now, but prices are very low, In foot op low that.the lumbermen are losing heavily on all coarse grades, and the re ceipt* thus far have boon mostly of .these qualities of lumber. TlUs foot also has a tendency to ro* ■ duco tho receipts. Joists and scantling are now selling at $10.00310.33, and It la understood that a cargo waa sold a few days ago. below tlioso figures. Strips and boards at $10.33010.00 for'common to choice; lath at $3.50®2.75; shingles, $3.00®,1.35 ; No. Ido $1.35. AH the higher grades of lumber are very firm, and aro likely to bo so throughout tho season. ' Those grades are in active demand at the East, and as .soon; as the summer rates of rail freights are estab lished, large shipments will bo made, Bhlmnonts are now being made by lake direct from the mills. In-the afternoon several vessels arrived, and the market waa more active at about the same range of Bales wore reported of • cargoes sebrs Jessie Phillips, from Manistee, 143 m boards and strips at $13.00; S m 3-in. mixed at *10.25: Evening Star, from Manistee, 40 m small lumber at $13.00 ; 130 m Joists and scantling at $10.35 s schr Joses, from Muskegon, 100 ra strips and boards at $13.50 : 13 m Joists aud ocanlllng at SIO,OO : 15 m lath ut $3.50 s sebr Madison, from Gold en, 30 ro pleco stuff at SIO.OO ; 45 ra boards . and Strips at $12,00: prop Odonlo, from Dopuo, 400 m ordinary “A” shingles at $3.00. 1 Maniitoo. *3.0003.23 ; LudiDgton, $3.00; Martegon, 12.50 ; Oconto. $.1.7504.00; Menominee, $3.0003.25; TentwAter, $2,7503.00; White Lako, $3.76 ; drond Haven, $2.50, XT TITB TXnon. Tho common grades continue to movo wUhconsld orablo freedom, ITlccs uro easy, though without further change. All choice lumber Is Arm. Ilardwood Is good demand, and steady. Following aro tho quota tions ; First c1ear......; $52.00 @55.00 Second clear, 1 Inch to 2 inch,. 47,00 @50.00 Third clear, 1 Inch.... 98.00 @40.00 Third clear, thick 45.00 First and second clear flooring,togeth er, rough 40,00 <3*2,00 First and second clear siding,, to gether 23.00 @2}.00 Common siding....... 20.00 @22.00 Common flooring, dressed, i1rat,.,... 31.00 @30.00 Common flooring, dressed,second.... 20.00 @32.00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 inches and upward..;. 97.00 @40.00 A clock boards 97.00 @40.00 Bstock b0ard5........ 28.00 @30.00 vostock boards.... 10.00 @20.00 Common boards 13.00 @15.00 Joist, scantling, email timber, etc., .10 fool nml nmlop 13.00 @14.00 XVmclna.... 18,00 @14.00 Joist and scantling, 18 to 24 foot 16,00 @20.00 Pickets, equaro 14.00 @16.00 Pickets, flat 13.00. @15.00 - Codar posts, spilt ; .. 14.00 @IB.OO Cedarpoats, r0und...... 17.00 @26.00 Lath 8.00 @ 3.25 Lath, on track... 3.75 @B.OO No. 1 sawod shlnglea., 1.50. @ 2.00 Aor Star 8.60 @3.75 • Shingles on track.; 3.13#® 3.25 No. 1 5awed.........'. 1.25 (<£ 1.60 Three dollars per car to be added .when transferred, which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—rive shingles to ho two Inches In- thick* ness. Length—Sixteen Inches. Black-Walnut Counters, $100.000160.00; clear, $05.00076,00; common, $(0.00060.00; cull, $30,003 tf5.00; flooring, $60.00000.00. Asb—Clear, $30,000(0.00; common, $20.00(326.00; oil), $12.00@18,00 : flooring, $30.00040.00. Oak—Clear, $30,000(0.00 ; common, $20.00035.00; enll, $12,00®18.00. Hickory—Clear, $35,000(5.00; common, $35.00® 35.00 ; cull, $13.00018.00. Maple—Clear, $30.000(0.00; common, $20.00030.00; cull, $10.00016.00. Butternut—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $25,000 35.00. Oborry—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $25,000 35.00; cull, $13.00018.00. ■Whitewood—Clear, $30,000(0.00; common, $30.00 030.00; cull, $10.00010.00. Wagon Stock—Hickory axlea, per set, $1.0001.60; wagon poles, each, (50560; box boards, $35,000(0.00, ‘ MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH, Now Vork Financial News. New Yonu, May 13.—Financial altalrs dull. Money In' good demand early at 7 i»cr coni, but during Iho afternoon, under largo offerings, declined to 3 per cent, with late dealings at 4@5 per cent. Sterling dull at I08.K®108& for CO days, and 109K9 ICS j{ for sight. Gold alternately weak and Arm, ranging from 117# to 117#, closing at U7#(3U7#. Loans Cto 1-32. Clearings, $31,000,000. Treasury disbursements, of produce for tbo week, nearly $8,000,000, <3ovcrumeutß dull tod etca blato bonds dull and stead, Stocks .dull and weak. Erl of Ihujhjor© list, owing »«ti ranging as follows : 61#, C' 3f ail was next in point of lu M#,62#, &2#. Western Ui 0., O. k I. 0., MXI 33, 81#, 66*f, 65#, Now York Centra Laku Bliorc, 00#, IX)#, 00?,' 42#, 42#. Itock Island, 10B? Panama, 113,112,113#, 112< 31#, 81#. Ilarlom, lM# ket closed weak,‘.with a do» OOVXUNME Coupons, *Bl 121# s>2os of ’O2 115# Coupons, *M .;... ..11C# Coupons, ’65 ........117# Coupons, ’CS (now). ..118# STATE Missourla 05 TonneaseoH, old 81# Tenuesßoes, now... ...81# Virginias, now ..10 8TO( $ 700.00 .$3,465.16 . 074.01 4,430.47 .|5 # 139.47 4.894.4J $215.00

... ; $ 3,000.00 .$48,916.98 W.U.TcI ...100 Western Uni0n...,... 80?£ Quicksilver 38,^ • Adams Express 95 £ Weils Fargo 80,^ American Express... C7iC United States Ex.... 73> a ' Pacific Mai1....;.... 62# New York Central., .100, 1 ; :Er10...... 00 Erie pfd 72 Harlem.. ...120 Harlem pfd... .127 Michigan Central... .104 O. & V 89 Northwestern 80 Northwestern pfd.... 85*tf Bock Island 103# V, -I, Central ...104 fit. Pau... 65 X Livebpool, May 13—11 o. m.- vionr. 27s Cd. Winter wheat, 12s 2d; spring, Ha2dol2a uuj 12sId: club; 12s Ud. Corn, 27s Cd. * Pork, C9a. Lard, 40a Cd; Receipts for three days, 82.000 quarters, 1,040 American. LivunrooL, May 13—1 p. m:—Unchanged. Livbkfool, May 13—2 p, m.—Breadstuffa firmer ; spring wheat. Us 2d012a3d; white, 12s 2d ; club, 12s 4dol2sCd. Pork, 68s. , London, May 13—6 p. m.—Consols, 93#©93# for Biouey; 93#@93# on account; C-209, ’65,91 %; do ’O7, S3«; ; 10-Jofl, 88#; now 6s, 89# ; Eric, 47#. The demand for accommodation at the Bank of Eng ,lm J to-day was heavy at the bank rato of discount. T'horntoof discount for throe mouths' bills la open market is 1-10 below the bank rate. The rato for mosey at the Stock Exchange on governments is 1# lower Uiau the bank rates. Turpentine, 88s Cd. - v Pabis, May 19.—Routes, 6if 65a. Litjuifool, May 18—Evening,—Colton qulot and steady; middling uplands, B#d; Orleans, 9,!,' d; sales 12.000 bales; speculation and export, 3,000: American, '7.000; May and Juno shlpmouta from New Orleans, SHU.; April aud May, 8 16-10®9d: April aud May from Savannah and Charleston, H#u; May delivery, Bavaunah or Charleston, B#d; July and August do, B#d. Breadstuffa firmer; California white wheat, average, 12s 2d ; club, 12s 43012s 6d : red spring, 11s 2a@ 12s 3d; rod winter, 12s 2d. Flour, 27s Cd. Corn, 27s Qd. Peas, 395, Pork, 08s. Cheese, 70s 6d. Spirits petroleum, 10s. Cumberland middles, 88s 3d. Shipments of cotton from Bombay since the last re port, 3,000 boles,' Yams and fabrics in Manchester qulot and un changed. Anxweup, May 13.—Refined petroleum, 40s Cd. Buffalo, May 13.— Cattle— Receipts to-day, In cluding 145 cars to arrive, 4,471. Total for the week, 6,324. Market slow ot #o#o odvauco on last wsok’sg closing prices. Quality of stock good. The bulk ofr arrivals are through consignments. About 850 were* disposed of. Sales; 492 Illinois steers av 1.090 to 1,316165, at $5.87#06.35; 20 Ohio steers uv 1,077 lbs, at 6o; 66 lowa steers av 1,201 to 1,268 lbs, at $6,250 0.60; 39 Michigan steers av 1,074 to 1,085 lbs. at $6.00; 45 Missouri steers av 1.321 Its, at $6.60 { 20 Illinois •tuckers av 091 lbs, at $5.80; 70 Jowa blockers av 070 lbs, at $5,4005,80. ’ « . , , .. Biiucf and Lambs—To-day, 800. Total for the week, 3.600. Market opened #o#o advance on last week’s closing prlcee. Bales, 866 Ohio clipped stoop, 84 to 97 lbs, at $5.8000.50. Hons—Receipts for the week, 13,800. Market dull at last week's closing rates. Bales, 109 Illinois bogs. 207 lbs, at $5.65; 603 Ohio hogs, 178 lbs, at |5.60 r*4 stockjaegs, 91 tbs, at $6.12#. Pittsburgh Oil Market* Pntrssuuoii, May 13.—Crude petroleum dull and droop*ug; $2.50 per brl at Parker's ; 6«<M*r gal here. Refined dull at 19#Ql9#o, delivered iu Philadelphia, aud 10<aU6#o on cars here. NEW YORK. Hew Voas, May 13.-Cotioh-DuU; mlddllttg[ Up land, RH/o. Hales: Tor future, 7,100 bales, May, 18 7-lflo: June, 18 7-Ifliai* 0-lCc j July, 18 0-JB® 18 11-ltki; August, 18JiQ18tfo; September, 17>,0, October, 17Vo. , BuKAUsxurrs—Flour a shade firmer on low grades, Which am in light supply; receipts, 10,000 brw: super fine Western *nd State, $5,76Q0.40; common to good. 1C.7CQ7.40; good to choice, 17.45Q8.a6 ; while wheat extra, I8.M@10.60; extra Ohio, f«.W)o lo £p l 81- Louis,. |7.60Q12.a0, Rye flour firm at »4.SKQfI.OO. Corn meal .uulot. - Wheat qulat; receipts, 70,000 but Up. 8 Chicago iprfogi Ho. 4 Northwest LUMBER. mioirri. iiaudwood. idy. iy. lo was the moat prominent 1m Uutituatlooo in Loudon, S2, CO. Pacino utercet, ranging ut 63)/, 62, ulon. 80*,', K’i, 80Jf, 02. Bt. Paul. SGjg, 65tf, al, 100*,', lOOtf, lOOJi, 100>i. ' OO'J. Chios, 42, iv, losjii 109’j, loo;;, ioav. H£. Union Pacific, 31V,31V 120 V, 120. The mar wnwaru tendency, ENT UOND3. Oonpoua, *O7. 120, 1 / Coupons, ’09.. 118, V Mow 5a 114 V KMOi 1 na;s Currency Ca 115»i Downs. | Virginias, old ..43 i North Ciirolinas, 01d..23 I North Carolina#, now. 10 Ht Paul pfd 72jtf Wabash 09 Wabash pfd 84 Fort Wayuo 93 Torre Haute 16 TorreQuutopfd...«. 40 Chicago & Alton 109# Chicago k Alton pfd. 109 Ohld & Mississippi.. 42# 0., O. k 0 88# C.,8, 4c Q.- 109 Lake Share 90# Indiana Central 32 Illinois Central .115 Union Pacific ; 31)4* Central Pacific brmds.lo2# Union Pacific bonds. 80 Bel. Lack, ft Woalcru.lo3# Hartford & Erie..... 3 Foreign jffarKets. Buffalo lilvo Stock Market. Tito Produce Market*# imlDg, lUBTftI.C9; No. 9 Minnesota spring, $1,060 1,(16, Ryodml; Western, and Canada In bom), 97c0 SI.OO. Barley dull; Canada Wont, $1.13. Malt dull. Corn heavy and loner; receipts, 80,000 bu ; non mixed Western, 070680. Oats heavy and lower; receipts, 67.000 bu j: new mixed Western, 800610; white West ern, 630660: black Western, 490600, Enas—ln fair request and unchanged. HAT and Hors—Unchanged, Groceries—Coffee steady; Rio, 17>401O»4o. Sugar active and strong; fair to good refining, 71408,*4 c. Molasses unchanged, lllce steady at 7»f08t40. ruTnOLßuU—Crude, 7JVo; refined, last half May, —Pork firmer; round lots now mens, SIB.OO S Job lota, $18.25018.60. Beef steady and uu oliangod, Out meals quiet and unchanged. Lard weak; Western steam, 9M®9 7-10o; kettle, O)|o9*4c. Homo and OuhiiHß Quiet and unchanged. • ’ CINCINNATI. OnfOiNNATT, 0., May 10.—Cotton—Quiet at 18*£o, Breadstuffa—Flour very firm at $7.7008.00, Wheat firm at $1.7801.75. .Com Ann at 600. Ilyofirmat 830. Oats dull, at 430180. Barley firm. Groceries—Firm. Oils—Firm. Enos— Steady. Butter—Dull and lower at 300390. Cheese—Steady. Provisions—Qulot and steady. Fork held at $17.60 snot: sales at $17.60 buyer May. Lard dull; held, steam, atß*4o: kettle,' D&o. Bulk meals quiet and steady: shobldors, OJ£o6*4o; sales at 7o buyer Juno; olbar nb sides, 8)£08»io 5 9 *4O bid buyer Juno; 9*40 bid buyer August 5 clear bold at Oc. Bacon cnelor and more active: shoulders, 7*£o; clear rib sides, o >fc, with sates of small lota clear at o>£@9)4c. , ..Wuibet—Firm at 87c. , MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, May 13.—Breadstuff#—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat in fair demand and firm; No.lMilwaukeo,sl.4o; N0,5d0,51.33. Oats In fair demand and firm ; No. 3, Corn steady; No. 3 mixed, 430. Byeactlvo and advanced; No. 1, C9)40. Barley steady; No. 3 spring, 88c. FnEianrs—To Buffalo, 80; to Oswego, 13>4e. Receipts—Flour, 0.000 brls; wheat, 05,000 bu. : SiiirUENTa—Flour, 13,000 brls; wheat, 109,000 bu. NASHVILLE. Nashville, May IB.—Cotton—Dull and drooping; lower grades in excessive supply; low middling, 10>fc. Breadrtuffs—Flour demand light: holders firm at $9.0009.80. Wheat demand light; holders firm at SI.OO, sacked and delivered. Corn In fair demand and firm at 65c,' Oats quiet,and unchanged at 45c. Barley in fair demand and firm at 900. Provisions—Bulk moats steady; sides, 7J40 5 clear Mb sides, 9)40 5 clear, 10c. Baoon quiet and unchang ed. Wiiiskt—Slcody nt93o, Hat—Bull but unchanged. TOLEDO. Toledo, May 13.—Breadstuff#—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat dull and a shade lower; No. 8. while Wabash, $1.87; extra white Michigan, $3.00; No. 1 do, $1.00; No. 3 do. $1.70; amber Michigan, spot. 11.77 k - ; seller Juno, $1.79 ; seller July. $1.74 ; No. 3 red, $1.78; No. 3 do, seller May, SI.OO. Corn lo lower; high mixed, opot, 47*40; seller May, 48*4 c; seller June, 48o; seller July, 490; seller August, COo : low’ mixed,' 470; no grade, Oats dull but unchanged.’ Freights—Dull but udehanged, Rkoeipts—Flour, 1,000 brls; wheat, 11,000 ba; corn, 4.000 bu; oats, 6,000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 3,000 brls; wheat, 33,000 bu; corn, 31,000 bu; oats, 700 bu. ST. LOUIS. Bt. Louis, May 18,—Bbeadstofpb—Flour quiet and weak, only an order trade doing. Wheat In fair do- ■ maud, and on advance In No. 3 Chicago spring; No. 3 red fall,$1.6001.01; N0..3 rod winter, SI.BO. Corn active and unchanged; No. 3 mixed,' 38*40 on track; 89®39» # '0 luclovator; 45®47)40 sacked. Oats active and advanced; No. 2, 3i)40 on trank; 85)4®300 in •levator; 890 sacked. Barley—Nothing doing. Rye steady ot 890 for prime. Wiiiskt—Btc idy at 90c. Provisions—Pork nominal at $17.60. Dry salted meats nominally unchanged. Bacon dull, with only a Jobbing and order trade. Lard nominal. Hoas-Qulot at $4.0005.10. Cattle—Quiet; Inferior to common, 2®3)4c; fat beeves, 405*40. 1 Receipts—Flour, 3,000 brls; wheat, 8,000 bu; corn, 17.000 bu; oats, 10,000 bu rye, 14,000 bu; barley, 1,090 bu; hogs. 650; cattle, 307. BUFFALO. Buffalo, May 18.—Flour steady. Wheat dull; sales No. S Milwaukee at $1,60 in cur lots. Corn dull; sales of cargo at 400 afloat In harbor; 510 for car lots in store. Oats hold ut 450. Barley dull; sales of car Western at 85c. Seeds steady. CLEVELAND. Cleveland, May 13.—Breadstuff#—Flour steady, some brands higher. Wheat dull; No. 1 red hold at SI.BO, $1.70 bid; No. 2 nominal at $1,6601.07. Cum and oats steady and unchanged. Petroleum—Quiet and unchanged. LOUISVILLE. Louisville, May 13.— Bagging—Quiet but firm at 13>{0160, os to quality and terms. Cotton—Bull; low middling, 170. Brbadstuffb—Flout quiet but Arm for high grades; extra family, $8.50; No. 1 ot $8.00; fancy, $9.00. Wheat nominal; nono coming forward. Corn firm at 65066 c, Including sacks. Oats Arm ot 40048 c, in cluding Backs, Ryo steady at 80c on arrival. Provisions—Moss pork unchanged; $17.60018.00. Bacon—Shoulders, 8c; clear rib, O»401Oc; clear sides, 10®10kc, packed. Bulk meats—Loose shoulders, 7c; riba, Oo; aides, O.Vc. Hams—Plain, ,13013*4 ; sugar otircd fancy, 14016 c. Lard—ln Uurccs, O>4019o; kvga, 10*40110; prime steam, 0c; small lot on orders advance. . Wxiibjci—Steady at 880. NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, May 13.—Breadstuff#—Cora Armor; mixed, C40&5O; white, 60®58c. Oats firmer, at 470 480. _ .... . Provisions— Bacon quiet and Armor At 10c, 10>|C. and 10^c.Xard quid and firmer: kettle tierce, Oo; refined, Oj^o; keg kottlo, 10, l f o ; refined, 10#c. Wiiibkt—Hold higher at 92®95c. Olliers unchanged. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, May 13, t-Breadstuffg— Flour qulot and unchanged. Wheat active: red, $1,9501.98; am ber, $2.02; white spring, $1.05. Kyo held at 03c. Com active; yellow, 64006 c; mixed Western, 26c, Oata active; white, 61@520; mixed. 45(949c. Petiiolkum— Crude, 14c; refined, lO^c. Wuibut—o4o. BALTIMORE. Baltiuoub, May 13,—Flour firm and in good de mand ; Western superfine, $1.7500.00; extra. 30.250 7.50; family, $3.00(29.50. Wheat active and firm; Western rod, f1.8001.90 ; amber, $1.9502.00. Corn ■toady; Western mixed, 04c. Oats active and firm : Western mixed, QOo; do white, 62063 c. Bye quiet and steady. I’novjsiows—Quiet; mesa pork, $18.00018.60. Ba con in fair jobbing demand ; shoulders, 8^o; rib •Idea, • Butikr—Western firm and unchanged. • Wmaitx—Nominal at 94@94>tfo. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED May 13. i Schr A. Mosher, Cleveland, 626 tons coal. : BclirClty of Green Bay, Cleveland, 076 tons lime stone. Bark Cleveland, Menominee, 190 m lumber, 60 m lath. Schr Minnesota, Menominee, 176 m lumber. Schr Thomas Mott, Buffalo, 419 tons coal. Schr Jack Ohadlor, Buffalo, 1,050 tons coal. Schr Marlon Eagan, Buffalo, 401 tons coal. Bebr Daniel O. Fort, CI7 tons coni. Hebr Jessie Phillips, Mnnietco, 180 m lumber. Schr Ivor Lawson, Mdflkogon, no m lumber. Glad Tidings, Muskegon, ICO m lumber. , Schr Utrrouth Ohio, Muskegon, 130 m lumber. Bebr Lizzie Douk, fit. Joseph, 65 m lumber. BchrMaJ. N. H. Ferry, White Lake, 4,800 ties. Scow 1C Hewlett, Wldto Lake, 170 m lumbar. Prop Annie Laura, Muskegon, 216 ra lumber. Schr Golden West, Buffalo. 767 tons coal. Prop W, T. Graves, Buffalo, light. Bebr Guido, Bt. Joseph, 46 m lumber. Prop Oconto, Green Bay, 100 tons pig Iron, QOO ta shingles. Stmr Sheboygan, Milwaukee, CO brls fish, 0 halos wool, 10 bdls bides, 250 pkgs fish. Stmr Corona, Bt. Joseph, 43 brls fish, and sundries. Prop Charles Riotz, Manistco, 160 m lumber, 200 m lath. Btmr Aunio Young, Erie, 280 brls sugar, and sundries. Bark Onondaga, Buffalo, 888 tons coal. Prop G. J. Trucsdcli, Marquette, 113 tons Iron oro, 70 tons stoue, 2 tons sheet copper, aud sundries. Stmr Cleveland, Ogduusburgh, sundries. Scow L. Ludiugtou, North Bay, 1,400 telegraph polea, 1,000 pouts, Schr Lumberman, Black Creek, 140 m lumber. Schr O. It. Johnson, Saugatuck, 120 in lumber, Bohr Trinidad, Oswego, 600 tons coal. Scow Green Bay, Racine, 3,650 telegraph polos, 1,000 cedar posts. Scow Flora, Saugatuck. 80 m lumber. \ scow Granger, Bt. Paul's Pier, 65 m lumber. 'Bark Ogarlta, Buffalo, 950 tons coal. . Vuark Favorite, Erie, 600 toua coal. Schr L. Van Yalkenburgh, Erlo, 720 tons coal. Schr Dick Bummers, Erie, COO tons coal. Bark E. O, L„* Menominee, 200 m lumber, Bebr E. X*. Blake, Muskegon, 100 m lumber. Bohr Petrol, Muskegon, 160 m lumber. Stmr Alpeua, Muskegon, 291 pkg« sundries. Stmr Sneed, Muskegou, 100 m lumber. Btmr M. Stalker, Cleveland 490 tons coal. Stmr Topsy. Muakegou, 160 m lumber. Btmr N. Smith, South Haven, 45 m lumber, Btmr R. B. King, Saugatuck, 80 m lumber, CLEARED /May 13. Btmr Alpena, Muskegon, eumlrlea. Bchr America, Kluge ton. 18,000 bu wheat. Prop W. T, Graves, Buffalo, 66,000 bu onto. Bchr Teoumseh, Goderich, 13,267 bu wheat. Schr O. 8. Austin, Buffalo, 9,040 hu wheat. Bchr T. J. King, Buffalo, 2,900 bu corn, prop Badger State, Buffalo, 16,273 bu wheat, 15,281 bu oats. Bchr D. B. Dobbins, Buffalo, 30,000 hu corn. i Bchr W. J. Buster, Kingston, 16,629 bu wheat. Bebr John Magee, Kingston, 17,056 bu wheat. Prop M. Groh, Manistee, sundries, Bchr Yankee, Erie, 18,695 hu corn. Prop Peerless, Hancock, 331 sacks feed, 3,000 btt oats, 423 pkge merchandise. Schr Jessie Phillips, Manistco, 60 tons hay, 1,000 bu oats. Prop Oconto, Green Bay, 160 brls Hour, 7 brls oil, and uuudrlos. Btmr Sheboygan, Sheboygan, 883 pkgs sundries. Bchr J. Bigler, Port Colboruo, 32,009 bu wheat. Prop Minnie Young, Eric, 1.600 brls Ilnur. Prop Russell, Buffalo, 38,000 bu wheat, 8,423 brls Hour, 70 bales broom corn. Prop James Platt, Buffalo, 21.450 1m wheat. Prop B. W. Blanchard, Buffalo, 10,000 bu wheat, 80,000 I bu oats, 600 brls Hour. If Bchr Orient, Ktugstou, 18,020 hu wheat. V Schr M, Fillmore, Kingston. 18,278 bu wheat. 1 Schr Monetary, Kingston, 18.607 hu wheat. \ Bohr West Bide, Kingston. 18,200 )m wheat. \ Bohr G, D. Russell, Buffalo, 60,000 hu whoa#. ■ Prop Oily of Traverse, Traverse City, Udbrla pork, ICP I brls lard, 13 head cattle, 20 head sh<HU>» *bd sun-, ‘'dries. i Bohr Ivor Lawson, Muskegon, 25 w brick, and sunV,l • -dries, . * ‘ . K Bark Cleveland, Menominee, 21 pkgs sundries, Bchr Cortez, Kingston, 17,8001 m wheat. Bark 0. K. Minn, Buffalo, 03,1C0 Im coru, VESSELS PASSED DETROIT. Drmorr, Midi., May 13.—PArwEh' Bdtvtf—Props Oily of Concord,-Gordon Campbell, William Cowio, Toledo, Knlabroux, Mills and barges, FOiefit City ami barges, Allegheny ami hnrgcfl ; barks Beside Ourwlck, William Sturgis; ochrn William Homo. Southampton, Trowbridge, Hungarian, H, Wells, Bertha Barnes, Oroßlhwallo, Wilcox, OommerfO. Goorgo Stool, City of Manitowoc, Howland, Kimball, Atalanta, Korclus, Kor man, Idaho, Cuyahoga, Perry, Hmmah, Jura, Peoria. Passed Up—PrniiS Java, Plill Sheridan; bark Thurs ton ; sohr Montpelier.' Wind—North went. Dkthoit, Mich., May 13,—Evening—PABann Bowk —Props Sanilac, India; hnvka M. Merritt, Bummer, Oioml, Bunny Side, Cambridge, Acorn; si’lirn Oak Loaf, Wm. Homo, Typho, Ogdon, Mlunlo Williams, Tumor, Mlunlo Mueller, Bronson, Jamoa Ooucb, Hack ley, Cavlluitford, James Garrett, Molviim. Emma Mayen, L, F, Gale, Advance, Boody, Monitor No. 2, P. B. Locko, Milan, Cooper, Win. flhufo, L. M. Mason. Thomas Qowen, Norlhom Bello, Board of Trade, George Sherman, Monos Gage, Ilohorla, JoimioGraham, o rollon, Jennie llumball, J. Itumball, Groton, Thomas Qungli, Evnlino. . Paused Up—Props Henry Howard, Mondota J scht Sandomon. Wind—West. ILLINOIS RIVER AND CANAL NEWS. Special Diapatrh to The Chicago Tribune, LaSam.r, May 13.—’The steamer Grafton arrived from St. Louis this morning, lowing tho canal-boats Leonard, Banner, and Col. Taylor, with plg-lron for Chicago. Tho W. T. Ilockwood, with Kingston coal, for Chicago, and Gold Hod. light, destination un known, having dropped tho Hercules at Mcrodonha, Polar Star at lloardstown, Genovolvo at Peoria, Deer Park at OhlUlcotho, and Champion at Lncon, all light, from St. Louts, and departed light for St. Louis this afternoon. , ' Tho steamer Baker arrived from St. Louis this after noon with tho canal-boats Asia, loaded with. pig-iron for Joliet, Muntmik with corn for Chicago, ami ono lee-barge for LaSalle, having dropped three at Peru. Blvcr slowly falling, ■ . .The Banner, Col. Taylor, and J. D. Leonard, all loaded with pig iron for Chicago. Tho W. P. Ilock wood, with Kingston, coal for Chicago; Asia and Blrigo, with pig iron for Joliet, and Mnutauk, with com for Chicago, all passed Into tho Canal, and tho Ontario, loaded with hard coal slack for LaSalle, passed out. Canal CoLtKornn’s Office, Chicago. May 13—1 p. m.—AnniVKD—B. h T., Lomont, 89 yds atono ; Me- Phoraon, Lemont, (19 yds Rtono ; I’.osuue, Lomont, 85 yds atono; Henrietta Walker, Lomont, 70 yds atono, 40 hrls llmo; Planet, Baugatuck, 85 ydi) atono; Augusta, Lomont, 89 yds atono; Goorgo Judd, Lemont, 03 yds slouo; 11, L. Pcaslco, Lomont, 09 yds stone; Mary Walter, Lomont. 89 yds atono; U. 8. Carpenter, Sag, 89 yds atone; Col, Martin, Lemont, 09 yds atono. Prop Mohawk Bello, Knnkakoo Feeder, light; Messenger, Kaukukco Feeder, light; Sligo, Wil low, Springs, 65 tons loo; Eclipse,- Lemont, 45 yda atono. Cleared—Bollo Franco, 83,708 ft lumber. Canal Co lleotor's Okwob, Chicago, May 13—9 ).• in.— AnniVKU— Leviathan, LaSalle, 108 tons coal; 'forth American, 0,000 bu corn. Cleared—Mohawk Bollo,' Wilmington, 47,000 ft lumber; Mctifluugcr, Wilmington, 78,000 ft lumber; Progress, LaSalle, 81,883 ft lumber. LAKE FREIGHTS, Bates aro lower, quotable at s)£c for corn, and C® Oku on wheat by Ball lußuffalo, wheat rates closing at the inside. To Kingston—Score Arabia, Trinidad, and E. Bates, wheat at 13c. To Port Oolboruo—Scbr Pride of America, wheat on: private terms ; prop Van derbilt, wheat through to New York ; prop Cleveland, corn .to Boston, 280. To Buffalo—D, P. Dobbins, C. E. NlniH, Kclderhouse, and Empire State, corn at Go, (last evening); L, Hannah, corn on private terms ; schrs Onandago, Bissoll, and two others not named, com at Goderich—Scbr Boa Bird, at Sc, MISCELLANEOUS. Bailors’ wages, $1.7603.00 nor day. —The sehr Blake, lumber-laden, lost her main boom and gaffc lu the squall last night. The bark Advance also chtjio lu minus her Jlbboom.' —The scbr Potomac has arrived at Oolllngwood. Tho Captain telegraphs that the bay Is full of Ico. —The lino now tug launched on Saturday last at tho chip-yard of Messrs. Doolittle b Oloott, for tho Vessel Owners’ Towing Company, has been named tho Edward P. Ferry, 'Mr. Ferry is a prominent citizen of Grand Haven, Mich., and a member of the lumber bouse of Messrs. Ferry k Bros., of Chicago, and largely Interested In vessel property; also, one of the leading stockholders of tho Towing Company. —Tho bark D. A, Van Vulkcnburg hat been sold by the Winslows to Welsh, French At Co., of Milwaukee, or tho Apostle Isle (Lake Superior) atone Company, for H0,000.’ —The sebrs Pamlico, Mocking Bird, and American Union aro in Buffalo. —Jonah Richards’now tug was launched at Mani towoo on the 3d lust. Sho Is namod tho Willlo Rich ards. —Tho Blmr Seneca, which early in tho spring struck a auag tud ouuk lu Bear Creek, still lies Im bedded in the mud whoro sho went down. It has been Anally determined to apply the screws, and in this manner bring her to tho surface. —Mr, E. P. Ferry hao bought thoprop Messenger for $30,900, Sho will ply in future between Whitehall and Chicago, —Tho now schooner-barge Bosnio Smith will carry, It is thought, 1,400 tons of Iron ore. —Tho rlvor-lugsat Detroit aro giving ovory possible dispatch to tho transfer of tho Chicago fleet through to Lako Erie, six and eight vessels not unfrequcutly posalug this way. —last Saturday, a collision occurred off Band Beach, between the tug M. L. Mills and tho bark Uuu dllla, while tho former was oudoavorlug to take tho latter in tow. Tho tug commenced at ouce to sink. Tho tug Quaylocatno to her assistance, but the Mills soon sunk in about fifteen fathoms of water. She will bo raised immediately. Tho Uuadilla was not injured. —Tho schr Capo Horn, which sunk ou Friday night off Long Point from a collision with tho prop Java,was owned by Capt. Bon. Eyater, who commanded her, and Mr. Atwater, of Chicago. Tho owners lately refused an offer of SIO,OOO for tho vessel. Sho hailed from Port Huron, ami tho half Interest of Capt. Eyster was Insured for $5,000 ill the Phamlx. —A now schooner built for Capt. Thompson at She boygan, and christened tho Arenas), was launched on tho 3d lust. Her •measurement is 120 feet keel, 2G feet beam, and 9 feet hold. Sho Is intended for the lumber trade. —Tho time fixed for the opening of the canals this year. May 16, is lutor than that of any previous season for tho past twonly-nlx years. Tlio dates of latent rec ord in past years were: May 13 last year, May 10 iu 1870 ami 1873. May 4in 1367. and May 1 lu 1860, 1883. 1862, 1861,1810, 1818, ami 1817. Iu tlio yearn 1851 uad 1836 the canals opened April 1. —The Cleveland Transportation' Company is tho name of a new lino just organized at Cleveland, with a capital of (1,000,000. Tlio intention Is to do a general . freighting business on the lakes, making a specially of the iron oro trado between Marquette and Cleveland. The olllcora aro Solah Chamberlin, President j John OntUwaile, Vicc-Proiidout; Georgo W. Chapin, Secre tary and Treasury; M. A. Hunua, General Manager. Tho names of tho vessels aro: Steamers, Vienna and Geneva; anil. Vcron ami Genoa. SPECIAL NOTICES. Purgation and Prostration. Lot oa rojoloo that tbo absurd aud paradoxical Idea the* sick people could be restored to health and strong violent cathartic treatment has been pretty Bcp**' al, * f ol * nloded. II there aro still to bo found any- 10 * 11 ” 1 a °B* mstlsts who believe such practice, tho M onor t ‘ lolr ® an ” of Ufo are run out the bettor it will bo for thoic patients. A more rational mode of dealing ' vUH human ailments •a iM.UBMt.t.d no*.. J°»™ »B°. ">>»'> IIo “ tolt " ‘ miters wore introduced, and that powerful veg oUblp Inrigorant began its triumphant progross to uni* voraal popularity. Tho world now understands tho im portance of strengthening, refreshing, and regulating, as well as purging, tho disordered system, and is aware that all tlioso processes go ou together under the fourfold operation of tho Standard Restorative of the ago. Pre pare tbo system for tho debilitating heat of summer with . this vitalizing specific. m | - — r- ———- ■■ ™ DRESS GOODS. EAMLINj HALE AND COMPANY •will open, tins morning, _ a lino of Summer Dress Fabrics at Auction Prices, also, now and clioico styles in Prints. MADISON AND FEANKLIN-STS. BUSINESS CARDS. 0. E LAWRENCE & 00, PROVISION AND'PRODUOK (COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ANNOUNCEMENT. An adieu will bo opomid at 770 Wabaib-av. nn trlilay IStliiiuit.. fur thu treatment of Cancers auu other tm earn#, by Dra. B. O. i U. K. DALTON. . J'rof. 11. U. KLIN IC. M. l»,, Principal of dolphla .Holloruo Inatfluto (of wbtoh udloo l» • branch), may bo consulted at abo?o addrc## for pno wouk. Nolmlfou.od. Hut UtUo or no pain. Hundwdi of caaaa cured. Trualmont toiled by twenty year# i>raotloo. mu Wabash a*- Masonic. NEW OUTRANK. LA. GENERAL NOTICE. MEETINGS. DRY GOODS. CARSON, PIBIE & CO. Retail Department. W. MADISON AND PEORIA-STS. In order to inaugurate busi ness in their spacious and ele gant new premises, offer the following INTERESTING FRIGES. ' largo now assortment of Dress Goods on the cheap centre-tables at 18, 20, and 23 cts., some of thorn reduced from 50 cts, yd. Lot of yard wide Cashmeres, now sladca, 371-2 cts. Choice shades In Alpacas, Poplin Alpacas and . Itosctiii Cloths at 37 1-2 cts, yard. A very handsome Lino: of nil-wool Cretonnes, ■ Elegant Shades, nt 55 els. Itegular price'Bs cts. ■ • All Silk and Wool Epinglincs and Velours, in thonewest colors,at76 eta, really.worth $1.25. ; . Lyons Itoll Poplins, ns bright mid handsome , ns Irish Poplins, 75,85 and SI.OO yard, worth from SI.OO to $1.75. ■ Pirns’ host Irish Poplins, tinder value. ' Black Grenadines, best qualities, very cheap. Striped Grenadines, from 15 els. upward. 1 Good Japanese Silks from 40 els. yd.' up. Black ground Stripe Silks, all silk, 03 cts. Colored Stripe Silks sl, a bargain. Elegant quality Stripe Spring Silks, sl.lO. $1.75 quality Spring Silks for $1.20. Cheapest prices in tho city guaranteed on nil grades Black Silks, from tlio lowest to the richest. Blnckall-Bllk Groa Grains sl, sl,lO, $1.20. flicker qualities Lyons Black Gros Grains, $1.30, $1.50, $1.75 and $2, the clnaicst goods i In (lie market. - ' ■ Will soli “Bonnets," “Qninets," "ronsons," and oilier best makes In tiro finest and qualities of Black Gros Grains and' do Boies", from 76 cts. to SI.OO per yard Wow market prices.- ; Attractive display Lace Shawls and Sacqncs., bought under regular value, , Special Bargains in Woolen Cloths and Cassi mores for Mon's and Boys’Wear. •' • ■ , Having in our new store fine light, spacious accommodations, central location, and low rent, we propose to make prices that shall draw trade from all parts of the city and country. EXPRESS AND AGENCY COMPANY AMERICAN AGENCY IN EUROPE. The Express-anil Agency Company, of Loion, Capital, £150,000 Sterling. Incorporated under English Law, for tho special purpose of promoting tho interests ol Americans traveling in Europe, and of do ing a General Agency business between Groat Britain and the United States, offers the following advantages to Travelers and Tourists: 1. It publishes a Newspaper—tho American Travelers' Circular, containing latest cable'nows, Ac., to moot each steamship at Queenstown. 3. It registers and publishes tho whereabouts of travolora. 8. It has commodious reading-rooms In London, with a post-office attached, which' constitute American headquarters; also, offices In Paris and Vienna. 4. It receives, pays duties ou, stores, Insures, and for wards, travelers* property of all kinds. 5. It provides safe depositories for money and valuables. 6. It secures steamship and railroad tickets In advance. 7. It receives, delivers, and forwards totters and parcels to and from any part of tho world. 8. Ic assists thoso who doslro to msko purchases of onj klod of goods, thus preventing imposition. 9. It executes commissions of ovory dooorlption for rest* dents and travelers in the United States and Great Britain. of Aanoclation, Sec. H f also provides (hat tho Company may “ act aa agonta in tho negotiation of loans, and pur chase and sale of bonds and other securities.” For further information' call at, or address the' Chicago Agency, 73 Washington-st, Portland Block JAMBS H. DOWXiAND, Agents PROPOSALS. To Billers wd cmMciora. SPALBI> PROPOSALS will ho received nntll tho 2C»b day of May-*tl:3o p. in., by the Board of Commls slonara f'O oo * County, for any portion or all of the ma t-pi., now contained in tho buildings and fencca on the Moform School grounds at Hyde Park (with tho oxooptloo - of tho dwolllag-honso da' tho northwest corn'or'pf Forty thlrd-«t. and IlydoPark-av.), oohslstlngof bricks, joists, lumber, windows, doors, green-houses, glass,.lancing, posts, oto. Tho building*.to bo taken down and tho material re* moved within thirty days after tho contract for tho sals thereof Is executed. The right to reject any or all bids received Is reserved. Proposals must bo Inclosed In a sealed onvolopo, In dorsed “Proposal* (for tho variou* kind* of material namod),” and deposited with tho County Clerk, ad. dtcsßod to Tho Board of Commissioners of Ootjk County. GEORGE M. BOQUE, CARTER.II. HARRISON, 11. M, SINGER, -TIIOS. LONKRGAN, JOHN H. CLOUGH, Committee on Finance Board of OommUslonora of Cook County. _ LAKE NAVIGATION. GOODRICH’S STEAMERS For Racine, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, Oh. in. Saturday Excur sion Boat for Milwaukee, etc., do’u't leave un til 8 p. m. For Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Spring Lake, Pruitport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays oxceptcd, 7 p. in, For St. Joseph and Renton Harbor, Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, 11 p. ra. For Green Bay, Menominee, Oconto, and inter incdlate ports, tri-weekly. 7 p. m. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. omcß of Clbp,M Mil & Pact RAILROAD COMPANY. 35, 197.1. Tho annual mootlngof the StookholdaM Hock Island 4 l»aolflo Uallroad OVT.!\ o( Director., purauant to wU lie hold at other bu.lnoM as mar come noforotlinm. uno mat »h. offico of the '“f UoffikV m. Wodnoaday, the 4tU t,tty JiV"°.'7 tiIaOY, TfOaldont. K. H. TOWS, Secretary. ■ Stockholders’ Meeting. rtloetlon of Director* of .aid Domjtany, will bo bold luhe omcold",aid Company, No. p Waba.W, Intbo Sily u| Chicago, at li» a. m„ A. D. of Ohicaao South Itranob Dock Ooinnaoy.- _ COAE. Coal E,educed. Wo sett Lackawanna at $10; Briar Hill, Kirkland Qrato, WnbaoU and IlUnola Coal, and all klnda ofWooiUU ratoi, Wabaili-av. and Mudlaon-»t. i

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