Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 14, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 14, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. TurnDAV Evf.uiho, May Tho local money market continues piled With loanable funds, and approved bor rowers got what they want without muoh diffi culty; New York exchange continues steady at •bout 250 per SI,OOO prouilura for Bales between banks. . ■„ Tho moTomont of ourrenoy In any direction to or from this city has boon light for a week past;* tut to-day there was a considerable increase In tbo country orders, and some' considerable amounts Wore sent out, the largest ones going' to Milwaukee, whore the ourrenoy la probably, required for distribution In tho oodntiy to aid In' tho marketing of wheat. Tho failure of a prominent speculator In grain io-day occurred under circumstances which Illus trate in a Tory romarkahlo manner tho extremely artificial character of tho prices of grain as ma nipulated In this market. • The falling operator was “abort" 1,600,000 bushels of wheat for May and Juno delivery, which ho dbld some weeks ago ot prices which, compared with tho prices at tho Instant of his failure, would mako a loss of over SIOO,OOO. In tho contest between tho .bulls on one sldo and tho boors on tho other, of which this failure is only one.of tbo Incidents, It is of courso under stood that, lu a moral point of view, neither side baa anything to brag of. But there is another aspect of tho case which has somo interest in tho fact that tho operations of the falling party wore made lu strict accordance with tho natural tendency of prices, and but for tho groat weight of capital thrown in tho opposite scale to coun teract this natural tendency, ho would have boon successful; In other words, prices would havo declined as ho believed they would. ‘ Statistics that are perfectly reliable enow that the quanti ty of wheat now afloat for Groat Britain, whore the market price for tho world is fixed, is nearly throe times as groat as it was •t this time last year, this great increase coming mainly from California and Australia. Tho in crease in tho exportable surplus of wheat out of tho 1872 crop of wheat in California alono, Is equal to an increase of 60 per oout in tho export able surplus of wheat from tho United States this year, compared with tho crop and exports of 1871 and 1872. Notwithstanding those foots, and tho addition al ones that thoro was not a short crop of wheat in any considerable source of supply in the world in 1872, and that in tho wheat-raising dis trict northwest of this city there is still a larger amount of wheat than usual to come for ward yet, it appears that local, capital was able to make an advance of near 10 cents per bushel in this market during tho past month or six weeks. That this rise was made in defiance of what was evidently the natural coarse of prices, must have been ap parent to every one who endeavored to And out by statistics tho prospects for the future. Con ceding that, in the case of tho failure in ques tion, it was simply a gambling operation, the fact to bo eliminated from tho whole speculative contest is, that tho manipulation of prices in this marker can tompoarily defeat and counteract their natural tendency, so that every legitimate buyer and seller is obliged also to bo a specula tor, or at least to govern his movements more by those of tho speculators than by any facta In connection with the laws of supply and demand. Those laws, however, do assort their supremacy in tho end, and tho * whole community is visited with tho penalty of thoir violation by tho speculators. An instance of this occurred last summer, when the various comers in grain in this market sustained piicos r.t a fictitious range so much above the general price in tho European markets that for some months it would,not pay to ship wheat or corn from bore. Tho result was that, during tho most of the summer, when tho grain should have boon going forward freely at cheap freights, the lake fleet of vessels had very littlq to do. But in tho fall tho graiu came In an avalanche. Vessel-freights went up to extravagant figures, and tho winter dosed upon on enormous stock of grain in tho West, and tho endeavor to market some of this surplus by. roll in the winter was one of the causes of tho extravagant railroad freights tba have continued with but little abatement over since. THU CAPITAL AND “ WATER ” PEB MLE OF THE GREAT TRUNK LINKS. It is of ton claimed by the railroads that their not profits do not pay oven tbo best managed roads in tbo most populous Slates over 8, and at the most 10, por cunt on tbo capital invested in them, but the fact is thatlbo not profits of many of tbo groat trunk lines, between tbo Bast and tbo West aro that por cent on double tbo actual coat of tbo roads and rolling-stock. It is a pretty well established fact that the aver age cost of building now railroads, evon in tbo . populous States oast of Chicago, does not ex ceed $26,000 to .£BO,OOO por milo, including east of right-of-way, depots, car-shops, oto., and that tbo highest cost of tbo most complete equip ments of rolling stock is not In excess of SIO,OOO per milo. Tho Chicago <fc Alton Bead, though not east of Chicago, will at least afford a fair ex ample of thehigbesblogitimate cost of a railroad between two great cities. Tbo total amount of capital stock and bonds of -this road ore a little over SIO,OOO por milo, while tho capital stock and bonded debts of nearly all tbo great trunk linos from boro eastward will average probably $60,000 por milo, as will bo soon by tho follow ing : .LAKE snono A MiamaAST SOUTHERN. Capital stock. $50,000,000 Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Block 413,000 Funded debt* of main and branch lines 20,495,000 In addition to the foregoing, wo Him w. i n tt». to the Now York Tribune, a statement of tho capital and funded debts of tho following a™ great trank lines into Now York City: 0 NEW TORS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Capitol stock $29,600,000 S'ondod debt 12,000,000 Total. length of mala lino Length of owned branches, Total Double trade, Including Bldings 463 Capital per mile (501 miloa) $06,000 HUDSON BIYEB lUILUOAD. Capital stock. Funded debt. Total. Xeogtb of main line length of owned branches, T0ta1...., ...; Double track. Including sidings, Capital pet rnllo (160 miles) Capital stock, Funded debt. Floating debt. Total. Length of main 1ine....... Length of owned branches. Total Double track, including sidings, Capital per mile (773 miles).... NEW VOBE A OSWEGO MIDLAND. This Company is now endeavoring to get legal authority to make a very large addition to Us capital stock to complete 63 miles of rood: Capitalatick. . 110000000 Sel ' t :, ao ’ iaJw»;ooo floating debt, mostly secured by morlaaco ’ boudi (Match 1,1H73> .. q.qsc.OOO Xo which will have to bo added diaoount on tbcea bonda qqq Total, The length of the main line from Oaweco fo Middle? town 1b 24d milea. Of this distance 185 mile® at® lu operation, and It Is eafo to assume that It will coat at least $4,000,000 to complete tho remaining 63 miles ami to equip the rood properly when completed, making a total capital of $30,500,000. ! 8 length of main Uno from Oewego to Middletown miles * 2 j 8 length of owned branches, mi1e5.,,,.,*,,1*. m Total,miles..., geo Double track. Including sidings, miles bq Weight of rail, main line, pounds,.., 57 Capital per mllo (303 miles) $83,000 MRW 3KUSSX LUnnattD tUILWAY, Capital stock $5,100,000 First mortgage 8,000,000 Second mortgage 1,500 000 T0ta1,... $9 000 000 Length of road from Unlonvllla to a' point 4 milt* west of Jersey Olty (these last 4 miles, lha most ex pensive portion, aro to be built by the Midland TorroN nsl Company), 70 miles. Capital per mile, $131,000. Single track road, dsasea by the New York Voswego UJ aland llallroad Company, • Tho total amount ot capital .took anti debts per mile of tlio roods maybe recapitulated aa rollons: Lake Bhoro,tJan. 1, 1873, capital and funded debt per mile * n j 2( j Erie, capital per mile. 1807 qq'qoq Hudson Biver. capital per mile, 1807 Kju!oqq New York Centra', capital per mile. 1807. oo!ooo N. Y. k 0, Midland, capital per mile, 1673 GS.oao Now Jersey Midland; capital pox olio, 1979 a..* 1*17,000 LOCAL STOCK AND DON!) MARKET. Messrs. Lunt, Proatou & Koati quote as fol lows this afternoon* MDaof B-20* of HU, 5.90 a of W. 5.20 a of *55, Jin, ami July na llfiS 6*208 of *O7, Jan, ami July 120 isov 6*2oaof *OB, Jan. and July 118 iirv HMDs 113«r 114 U, U, B» (novr 1m«o> : 114 114 V Gold ana Gold Coupons . 117 V ll?v Gold Exchange.....,; - 7. 117 V Slarllng Exchange .... 10B?£®110' Northern Pacific Gold 7*303...,.,.. .... 100 &tnt Chicago Oily 7 DO,V k Inf. Code County 7b OO'tf&lnl. Ill&ioisCounty and Township 10s. 02ff103 .... REAL ESTATE. Tho following Inatrnmonts wore filed for rec ord on Tuesday, May 10 j , . oxtt rnorsiiTT. ■ . ; Pralrlo ov, n.of and near Twenty-sixth si, of, 31x 190 ft, dated May 1; consideration, $7,025. Park ar, bol Pago and Paulina sis, nf, 21# ft to alloy; alio May st, bot Washington and Madison, wf, 40x115 ft, dated April X; consideration, $20,000. Lote 18 and 10, In Block 18, of w # a w # Bco 18, CO, 14, dated April 38; consideration, 13,000. I/O 114, In Block 3, of Monroe’s o#aw# of sw # 800 31,40,14, dated May 13; consideration, SOSO. ' Ifll 7 f of Lola 10 and 18. In Block C, &o„ In United Btatos Bank Addition, dated April 1; consideration, $1,350, . ' i • Lot 82, in Rowley’s part of n # Block 81, w of rail road, In Beo. 88,80,14, dated March 8; consideration, SB,OOO. »LoMoyno st, bet IToyno and Leavitt sts, s f, Lot 10. dated May 13; consideration, S9OO, IT #of Lot 20, in Block 13, of sV of so & 800. 20, 89.14, with Improvements, dated May 12; considers tioo, $1,248. Lot 10, In Block 12, Brand’s Addition, dated May 12; consideration, $1,160, Samuel it, 100 ft s of Olarlnda at, wt, 35x128 ft, dated May 13; consideration, SI,OOO, Danla ov, 310 ft sof North av, wf, 35x120 ft, dated May 13; consideration, $550. ■ * ‘West Ohio at, near so cor of Leavitt at, nf, Lot 30 and e # of Lot 31, dated May 13; consideration, $1,013. ’ West Adams st.w of and near Ashland ar, nf, Lots 88 and 89. dated May 6 ; conaldoratloo, $9,750. Good si, bot Aberdeen and Sholto sts, n f, Lot 84, dated May 13; consideration, SSOO. Catherine st, bot Wood and Paulina sts, n f, Lot 15, with Improvements, dated May 10; consideration, SI,OOO. Bcsplafncs st, sof and near Sobor at, w f, 23#x100 ft, dated March 30, 1872; consideration, $1,590. Wallace st, north of and near Thirty-eighth st, of, 34 ft to alloy, dated April 22 ; consideration, S7OO. North LaSalle at, bot XUlnols and Indiana, ef, 35x80 ft, dated May 8; consideration, $7,000, ' • Wabaah bt, bet Thirty-fifth and Thirty-seventh eta, wf, undivided # of 80x103# ft, dated May 12 ; con sideration, $5,509. The premises No. 246 Fulton st, dated May 12; con sideration, $4,800. Peoria st, bot Lako and Randolph, wf, 25 ft to alloy, dated May 1: consideration, $5,000. 23 ft adjoining the above, dated May 1; considera tion, $3,000. Lots 12 and 13, In Block 8, of w # of n w # t 800 8, 89.14, dated June 24, 1872; consideration. SI,BOO. Lots 10 and 17, in same, dated June 24, 1872; con sideration, SI,BOO. Forouor at, west of and near Daisied st, nf, 35 ft to alloy, dated April 28 ; consideration, SI,BOO. ' Carpenter st, bet Wost Washington and Madison sts, Wf, 40x125 ft. dated April 23 ; consideration, $5,000. Lot 32, In Block 17, Seo 19, SO, 14, dated April 1; consideration, SBSO. Wost Washington st, no oor Wood st, sf. Lot 7, and W4oft of Lot 8, dated April 16; consideration, SIO,OOO. ’ The premises No. 390 Michigan av, dated April 16 ; consideration, $25,000. Monroe sL s w corner of LaSalle at, nf, 50x455/ ft, dated Nov. 29.1672; consideration, $45,000. Lota 334 and 230 in Bowen’s Lots 12 to 10 In Block 6. In Ashland Second Addition, with buildings, dated Jan. 8; consideration, $20,000. Thirteen lots, In Block 62, Soo. 19, 89, 14, dated Nov. 29, 1873; consideration, $13,000. Lots 18 t022, in Block 4, of so# Seo. 20, 39,14, dated Nov, 29,1872; consideration, $5,000, Lot 75 In Block 02, Soo. 19, 80, 14, datod March 35; consideration, $3,600. Erie at, 38 ft e of North State st, n f, 33x100 ft, dated >Nov. 39,1871 ; consideration, $3,300. Lots 86 and 40 to 43, In Block 10 of so # Soo. 20, 89, 14, dated Nov. 29.1872; consideration, $15,000. undivided # of Blocks 1, 2, 8, 4, and 7 in Clifford’s Addition. In 800. 1,39,13, dated Nor. 29,1872; consid eration, $82,600. Lot 33 In Shormanto Block 9, of o # of w # of a o V fleo. 23, 89,14, dated May 13: consideration, $1,400.' Lot 23, la same, dated May 13; consideration. $1,400. West Madison st, between Western av and Oalrioy at, sf,24ft to alley, dated Feb. 14; consideration, $4,200. NORTH OF CITY LIMITS. Lot 80. In Block 6, of Baxter's e vr }i of a o v of 6cc. 30, 40,14, dated April 3; consldoratlou, $490. - south or city limits. Nicholas av, n w cor Bixty-Drot st, of, 141)4x123 ft, dated April 10; conalderatlon, $3,251. 1710110148 ar, n w corner of Slxiy.fl.rHt fit, of, 100x125 ft, dated May 12; consideration, $2,500. Lota 75 to 79, of Saurbry & Gms* Block 28, Seo 10, 38,14, dated Match 20; consideration; SI,OSO, Lot 70 and a 8 ft of Lot 77, in .same block, dated May 12: consideration,sl,ooo. Lola 15 and 18. in Block fl, Esandalo, dated Nor. 29, 1872 5 consideration, $8,975. . Indiana ar, 100 ft nof PJfty-fonrthet, wf, 60x160 ft, dated May 10; consideration, $2,250. Ashland av, 118 ft a of Fiftieth at, ef, ft, dated Juno 7,1872; consideration, SI,OOO. ’ Forty seventh fit, IBS ft eof Aberdeen at, n f, 48x 125 ft, dated May 12; consideration. SI,OOO. Fifty-eighth et, a o cor of llalstod at, 10 acres, dated May 12; conaidoratiou, $26,000. Lot 17, in Block 8, of rharo'a o of See 12, 38,13, dated May 10; conalderatlon, S2OO. COMMERCIAL. The following wore the receipts and shipments of tho loading articles of produce in Chicago during the past twenty-four hours, and for tho corresponding date one year ago: Flour, brl« 0,460 3,412 9,301 5,331 Wheat, bu 80,210 14,250 222,709 9,830 Corn, bu. 33,216 134,400 63,803 297,813 Oats, bu 42,020 23,010 68,656 73.493 Rye. bu 2,222 1,600 12,703 Harley, bu 800 2,795 410 760 Gnu eeod, He 77,830 14,610 13,663 70,106 Flaxseed, 1b5.6,370 1,600 Broom corn, 1ha..,, 6,700 l,goo 42,810 87,080 Cured roeata, 1ba.,.. 6,800 216,170 167,083 740,402 Beef, brli 140 Pork, brls 60 200 ...... Lard, lbs 19,600 6,920 220,000 67,103 tba 81,000 16,300 67,090 20,930 JUreaaea i j 1 ' •■■■ B.™ "o'.iisi 'voo •'V.sra sS.op,no:::;;;::.-. . 8 -™> *•“> ■i’V"" *MO3 62,000 82,850 120,340 S&W 08 ' brlß - : 05 333 151 68 ‘ n "^ n 34,680 6,300 49,060 Potatoes, bu........ 0,002 a tno *855 Lumber,m Xt...... 7,105 8,437 a',o4? a,oao Shingles, 3,240 3,734 1,600 2.109 Lath, m.... 653 C 53 148 ’ 135 Salt, brie 11,882 8,760 2,219 2,205 l orr for city wJ >u corn j .$10,600,000 JUiUa, aos .$10,000,000 . 0,400,000 [ Withdrawn from store yesterday i< I consumption: 2,110 bu wheat; 1,185 bt j 6,662 bu oats; 633 bu rye; 078 bubarloy. The following grain has boon inspected into etorothia morning up to ,10 o’clock: 23cars wheat; CO cars corn; 6,000 bu No. 2 do, and 4,000 bu rejected do, by canal; Dears oats; 8,500 bu No. 2 do by canal; 2 cars ryo. Total (103 cars) ; 65,000 bu. Tho charges of tho St. Louis Democrat against our Board of Trade are singularly illustrative of tbo fact that St. Louis capitalists do a great-deal of business through commission men here, and that no less than four prominent St. Louis firms have recently removed to this city for tho ex press purpose of transacting such business for Si. Louis principals. One would think such men would not come horo if they thought our Board ofTrodotobo a paradise of sharpers; unless they were sharpers themselves—and even the Democrat would scarcely dare to mako that charge. The inspection of canal corn is still the sub ject ,of loud complaint. Without expressing any opinion as to whether or not those com plaints bo well founded, wo wish to call attention to the fsot that winter shelled corn is generally more or lossdamp, and that this fact was so fully recognized that when thoßoard of Trade controll ed tbo inspection, the corn of tho now crop was always inspected ns “new” till near the open ing ol navigation, and sometimes after that date; being admitted to bo too damp to pass muster as No. 2. We do not see how tho Inspectors can refuse to pass damp com aa rejected, under the present law; and if grain bo not dry enough to store without danger ol healing In ordinary sum mer weather, it ought not to ho inspected as No. 7,?? n 7 «*® ro ia 00 UHe in Attempting Nn L ll £ f u of da , n *P Grain being called ™ ui U ma ke it as good aa dry grain, and no committee can make it so. Of course, If dry crambo called damp tho owner is wronged, and I for|auoh wrongs it; is thought a remedy will bo supplied lathe appointment of the committee which will soon come into ofliclal existence under tho new law. .$10,400,000 J/rto. , 1611 .$109,000 .$05,000,000 33,400,000 8,600,000 .$51,000,000 ittte*. ~..'.385 .$60,000 TUB UABKBTB. Tho leading produce markets wore stronger to-day, and some of them were excited as well as higher, principally under the prospect of being able to ship our grain Eaut at lower freight rates, while Eastern markets were generally strong. This caused a good shipping movement, and called out speculative buyers. The flue weather bad no effect in depressing prices. The demand for dry goods was reasonably ac .Uye, local as weAfea Ulterior dealers ordering freely, and. At tins late revision In prices,.. the. market exhibits a Arm, healthy.tone, .’Groceries wore moving to a moderate extent only, and word not nubjoctod to any appreciable change in -values. Coffees wore la good demand, •spoon* laUvoly, ns well an for consumption, and holders Wore firm in their views at the advanced prices established yesterday. Sugars are moving more freely, without improvement in prices, the large supply operating to prevent an advance. Prices of this staple are now lower than at any previous period within tho past ten years, and there Is a largely increased consumption in consequence. The deliveries for bonsmhption, shioo Jan. 1, at tho four principal sugar ports, amount to 100, COO tone, against 180,800 during the corre sponding period last year, 174,000 In 1871, and 1*14,000 m 1870, Tons woro weok,and nnsottlod. lllco, spices, and soaps ruled steady.. There was a fair demand for butter, tho comparatively low S rices now prevalent having attracted the atton* 1 on of buyers, and prices were steadier, at 9® 20c for Inferior to medium, and at' 24@800 for. good to strictly choice. No now features woro noted In tho choose or oannod goods markets, tho demand continuing light at former Quota tions. Coal was nnsottlod, and tending lower. Tim arrivals by lake continue largo.- Hay was in bettor request, without change In prices- Hides were extremely dull, and a general reduction in prices waa made. Buyers seem loth to take hold, even at tho relatively low rates now prevalent, ana .there arc indications of a further decline. There woro free sellers at o>£o for heavy green salted, and at l(%o for light do. There were no changes in tho oil, pig iron, tohacod, and wood markets. Dried fruits were moving to a fair ex tent at previous quotations. A fair business was transacted at (ho lumber yards to-day at about yesterday’s range of prices. Trade on tho docks was rather quiet; there was quite an inquiry, but the offerings were restrict ed to a few cargoes. Building materials remain quiet and unchanged. Iron, steel, and nails are In fair demand, tho.ratos for tho two former ar ticles being unchanged, but nails are weak and irregular. Metals and tinners* stock are moot ing with a light but Increasing demand. Tlnplato is rather weak,, in sympathy with tho Eastern markets, owing to a desire by iiomo importers to realize. Naval stores woro fairly active and steady. Wool and broom com wore in tolerably fair demand, the former among Western manu facturers only, goods woro more active than yesterday, at about tho same range of prices. Qreon fruits are unchanged. Oranges, lemons, and choice apples continue scarce and firm. Poultry was in light supply, and a trifle higher. Eggs were active and Arm at 18@19^o. llighwlnos were more active, and quito Arm at the recent advance, with sales of 250 brl at 89|£o per gallon. Holders generally talked about m siatlug on 000 till near tho close, as several oth er markets woro quoted stronger, in sympathy with tho rise in corn ; but they wore unable to obtain the advance, though there woro free buy ers at and tho market closed strong at that flguro. Xako freights woro' moro' active, but again weak, declining o from the published rates. of yesterday, though there la now reason to be lieve that the quotations wero higher than tho facts. Buffalo rates by sail woro s^@6o for com, and o@C)£o for wheat, closing at the in side. Wheat to Kingston or Oswogo was quoted at 180, com to do at 12c. A total of 14 charters was reported (including some last even ing) which will carry ont 151,000 bu wheat, and 800,000 bu com. There sCems to bo some dan ger; that tho unnatural strength in lake freights, experienced a few weeks ago, will bo followed by a depression to an equally unnatural 1 low point, which will not permit living profits. Tho effects of this would be-almost equally disas trous as the other extreme, and one of the effects would bo a withdrawal of vessels from the grain trade, which would cause aghit hoio. and a depression in prices. “ Live and lot llvo ” is a good motto for both carriers and shippers, as well as tho rest of tho world. Buying. Stilton, • 1I5;< •lift.** in# Through freights, by lake and rail, are quoted unchanged by agents, at 450 per 100 lbs to Now York; but there is a very general Impression that they are weak. Provisions were in fair demand, and firm under light offerings. Mods pork was C@loo per brl higher, with a fair aggregate of transactions for this part of the year. Lard was in good demand for next raoutlra delivery, and 6@7>£o per 100 Ihg higher, there being ocarcoly any offered at the advance, Moata were quiet and unchanged. There is now loss disposition, to sell any descrip tion of product than last week; na the weak holders have enld out; and most of the stock now hero is boliovod to have worked • round Into strong hands. Thd market dosed at tho following range of prices *. Mess pork, cash or seller May, $10.85® 10.00; do seller Juno, $17.00(3)17.05; do seller July. 917.60@17.65; doholler Auguot, $17.87W@ 18.00; lard, cash or seller May, SO.IO ; do seller Juno, $0.0009.2 do seller July, summer lartf, $3,00; do without packages, $3.01). Sweet plcklcaharas quoted at 10®ll££o. Dry salt ed moats quotable at o>tf(g)C££o for shoul ders ; B>£@nJq% for short rlos; and BJY® 8%0 for short dear. Boxed Shoulders, o& @o%o. English meats, for short' ribs; o®D>£o for short dean Bacon Is quoted at 7§£o for shoulders, 10c for dear ribs, for ■ abort dear, ond ' 18®14>£o for bams, all packed. Mess beef, $0.00@9.25: extra moss do, $10.00(5)10.25; beef haras, $23.00@29.50. City tallow, 7%@30; grease quotable at Sales wore reported of 3,250 brls moss pork, seller Juno, at $17.00; 2,750 brls do, seller July, at $17.50; 600 brls do, seller August, at SIB.OO ; 1,000 brls do at $17.87# 250 tea lard, seller Juno, at $9.20; 200,000 lbs short riba, seller June, at 8#o; 100,000 lbs short dear at 8)io. Flour was in fair demand, and rather more active than yesterday. There was only a mod erate Inquiry for ohtpment, but a bettor local demand, the lower grades being most wanted by all classes of buyers. Prices were firm; there was some talk early abont an advance In quota tions, owing to the greater strength in wheat j but, so far as known, holders were contented to realize at previous figures. Bran wan lower. Bales were reported of 76 brls white winter ex tras at $8.25; 100 brls do at $7.60; 450 brls do on private terms; 100 brls spring extras (Har vest Home) at sy.l2# ; 100 brls do at 90.65; 800 .brls uo at -90.50; 800 brls do (Alma) at $6.00; 1,250 brls do on private terms ;64 brls spring Buperflnes at $4.25 ; 00 brls do at $4.12#. Total, 2,810 brls. Also 80 tone bran at 910.60 on track. The following were the quotations at tho cloaCt Tair to choice white winter extrasa.BO 011.00 Red winter extra* 7.00 @t.SO Good to choice oprlug extra 5............ fl.lo « 7.00 i*»r» to medium. 4.75 (£5.75 Tuesday Evening, May 13, EEOEIPXB. SHIPMENTS. 1872. 1873. Mltmcsolas (patent} 8.00 Good to fancy Minneiot* .» 6.00 ® 8.00 Spring Buperfluea....» 9.00 « 0.00 Rto f100r........ 4.19 @4.40 Bran 10.90 ®ll.OO Wheat was active and irregular, advancing 2o per bu from tbo . highest price of yesterday, chough the top uoioh \vno not sustained. Liver pool was early quoted higher, and, Now York was afterwards reported stronger, while it was ascer tained that largo quantities wore bought yester day for shipment, a foot not known when wo made up our record of that day's trading. To these influences wore added the other facts of light receipts and a largo short interest for this mouth, as well as a full one for next. The last was the most cogent of the lot. Wo stated in this morning’s issue that one party alone was known to'he short on 050,000 bu for May, and to-day it was ascertained that his total shortage is not far from 1,600,000 bu. This, with the shipping demand caused by lower freights, has brought cash wheat up to the prico of seller Juno, ond made that option advance to-day, under rather liberal bids from the short Interest, who grow nervous at the prospect. This con tinued up to about 1 o'clock, when it suddenly subsided on the announcement that the said short operator had failed—to put up mors margins when called upon. It was generally understood that the parties who hold his promises to dplirer weroprotccted up to about $1.28, so that the undivided losses will not he so heavy as under some other cases of “lying down." Of course, S rices dropped when the news was received, ellor Juno, or cash No. 2 spring, opened at $1.29%, advanced to $1.80)/, declined to SI.BO, rose to $1.31%, and fell to $1.30% at tbo close, with liltlo discrimination in favor of fresh re ceipts. Sollot tho month closed at about $1.80)1, Seller July was inactive. No. 1 spring was quiet at $1.80%; No. 8 spring at $1.21%, and rejected do was nominal at SI.OO asked. Cash sales woro reported of 2,400 bu No. 1 spring at $1.36%: 10,000 bu No. 2 spring at $1.31%,* 5,000 ha do at $1.81%; 5,000 bu do at $1.31% : 10,000 bu do at $1.31; 15,000 bu do at $1.80%; 44,800 bn do at $1.80% j 10,000 bu do at ©1.80%} 78,800 bu do • at $1.30% ; 5,000 bu dqat $1.80%: 10,000 bit do at sl.Bok ; 16.000 bu do at $1.80; 8,400 bu No. 3 spring at $1.21%: 000 bu by sample at $1,33: 600 bu do at $1.82. Total. 213,800 lm. Com was octive and fully lo higher, tho mar ket being an excited one during the greater part of the session, in sympathy with wheat, and partially because of a decline in freights, which, with light receipts, was sufficient to render nugatory tho effect of the announcement that com was heavy aud lower In Now York. There was a moderate shipping demand, but the bulk of tho trading was in the filling of shorts for next month, though there was much mere done than usual iu buying for investment in the far ther feature. A considerable part of the demand for June was believed to bo on account of parties In the country who had sold to arrive iu that mouth, but preferred to sell farther ahead, par tially moved thereto by tho fear that their corn would inspect rejected if sent in early, while It would be more likely to pass as No. 2 If sent in later to tho year, miVVintAUU Seller Juno opened at 42X0» declined to 421/0, dvanood to 430. and weakened to 42j/o at the ol6so, on receipt of tho laloet Now York advices. Boiler July soldat-44£/(g)46)/o, and seller Au gust at 45ji(@40>tfo, both elOßififf >at the fnftlde. Boiler tho month sold : at 41M@41Ko, closing at Strictly fresh receipts closed at'42c. 1 Eo-' Joclod was quiet at 400. Cash oaloa wore report ed of 1.600 im No. 3at’42Kos 8.800 bu do at 42kh $ 10, COO bn do at 420 \ 10.000 bu do at4lJ/o{ 00,000. bu do at 419/0 i 80,000 bu do at 4I%o; 60,000 bu do at 41l?o \ 05.000 bn do at 41%0 \ 15,- 000 bu do at 41j/o1 10.000 bn do at 41%0 }, 0,400 bu rejected rttlOo. Total, 242,400 bm • ; Oats wore,active /and {fflfplo higher, In sym pathy with wheat and corn, but closed easier, in'sympathy with those markets, at the inside pHcoa of tho session.' Tho principal demand was for seller Juno; which sold at Seller July sold at ■00(a)8flKo, and regular, or eollor the month, at Gash aalos wore reported of 7,800 bu (p&rt canal receipts) at 84o } 1,800 bu at 839/ c : 87,400 bu at 83i/o { 6,000 bu at 83%0 : 10,000 bu at 89#o ; 1,600 bn rejected at 810. Total, 63,800 bu. ■ Eye was quiet and steady at tho quotations Of several days past, with little offering, and moat holders firm at outside figures. - Gash sales wore limited to 400 bu No. 2at 700, and 8,200 hu do at Coke. >. . Barley was almost inactive, but nominally firm at previous quotations. There will probably bo very little doing in barley for several weeks to come.' IV o quote the market at 74@830 for No. .3 j for No. 8 ? and 4C@500 for rejected; tho inside for Book Island receipts, and the out side In other houses. Cash sales wore reported of 600 bn No. Bat GBo, and 8,000 bu by sample at 65c!, • The following arc the footings of tho official report of grain in sloro in this city on th 6 even ing of Saturday last, and at corresponding dalest wheat. ■ • { , Mai/10, ifrttf 9, Jfay 11, • t . 1873. 1873. 1874. No,-a winter...;'.....'.... ...; No.l aprlng 8.945 7,003 60,930 No.’3 spring 073,503.1,673,324 1,001,23,3 No, 1 ,3 eprlng .176,563. 317,810 40,012 No.;i hard spring 9,043 3,045 No. 12 hard spring..; 34,613 ... .40,700 . Rejected spring . 32,803 38,047 ■ ■ 83,007 No grade spring..; .. .701 433 .... ......1,218,200 1,830,069 1,181,801 COON, ,Total 'White. . 43,834 ... 45,039 40,033 100,807. v 322,670. . Yellow. N0.1.. .6,003,035 Mo. a. 'iaoliio .. 'xiiU?* '116.033 ~ 3,553 , . .8,533 Rejected....... NoiWla dried. No grade... NoifNo, %. ■ Total 6,409,803 6,830,333 ,276,003 1 ' . OATS. JT0.'1...; ..2,617.. ..3,617. 3,636 No. ; 2 1,5(12,786. .1,563,373 684,711 Rajcoled .70,441... .61,481 42,278 No grade .... .1,635,717.1,020,373 730,625 Total. N0.1.w. ... 233,228 ..232,189 142,047 . 1,645 1,645 1,519 No. 2.... Rejected. 290,947 389,107 180,725 Total 88,704.' 111,097 160,602 11,530 • 16,191 88,229 19,137 21,470 8,223 No. 3..,. No. 3.... Rejected. . T0ta1.... 119,437 146,758 197,114 . Total, 8,704,103 . bu. Tula ia a decrease of 008.309 bu wboat; 850,530 bn c0m;*20,321 bu barley; and an increase of 15,374 bn bats, and 1,840 bu rye. Total decrease, 071,080 bu. conn INSPECTION. I boo yon havo published the letter from Chief Inspector Harper, or ratborbia interpretation of the Inapoction lavs as given in bis letter to tho Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners, in which be flays 5 44 My earnest endeavor is to correctly underutand tbo Inflection laws, and to bo ad minister fhbm as will render equal and exact Justice to tho chipper, tbo carrier, and to tho best interest of tbo trade of this city, and to tbo producing Bociionu at largo.!’- Now, this ia just exactly what .wo complain of. -I; aa a person who lives in a producing section,' and wbooemls grain to your city, want it inspected on its merits. IJot as Mr. Harper says bo has done, faking Into con sideration while Inspecting—l. The intoroola of tbo ablppor, who may oond it to Buffalo, Now. York,'or Liverpool. 2. The iuloroatu of tbo bar rier who may freight jt for tho abipper. Nor should that which ho classes 8, the iutorccta of your city,bo considered while bo is passing judg ment upon a boat-load ot corn that may ho owned by Romo person living in one of tbo 41 producing sections at largo.” Mr. Harper, ‘ in hia letter to the CommiHalonors, cites tbo cane: A boat-loud. of com amounts to 6.000 or 0,000 bushels, which is equal to fifteen car-loade* and, if ho niioulil iiud-ouo~ fifteenth of that boat-load not reasonably clean, bo ia bound to grade it rejected, not taking into consideration tbo fact that, in loading a* boat by any of the many elevators along tho lino of tbo is impossible to prevent dirt .from ac cumulating in tbo batches of tbo boat. Ho can stop outside tho lottor of tho law to consider tho interest of tho shipper, tho carrier, and what ho terms tbo interests of tho City of Chicago (which I think ho must have misnamed, they being really those of tbo elevator*)).; but whoa asked by. one. who lives ia a producing dis trict to consider that three-fonrtbe of the dirt in a boat-load of com is necessarily accumulated in the hatches of tho boat which ho is inspecting, his reply is, “I dm complying strictly with the law governing the inspection, and I have no dis cretionary power.” So tho case stands thus : Ho endeavors to administer the Inspection laws to the best interest of tbo shipper, tbo carrier, and the elevators, but when asked to consider the in terest of one living m a producing section bo replies, " I have no discretionary power.”. • One "Who Lives in a PuoDDoiNa Section, LATEST. In the afternoon, wheat was active and firmer. No, 3 sold at eollor the month, and sl.3ok'@l.3oXo aeUor Juno, both options closing at the inbido. Corn was In fair demand at 41 @41% seller the month, and,42@429£0 seller Juno, the. latter closing at Also, 44>£@44X°. seller July. Other grain and pro visions were Inaotivo. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Tubsd.m *?• . ALCOHOL—Was In demand wia»u»dyat *1.7091.84 for 0* por cent proof. BROOM CORN— *- hotter grade# Is ac u™ -mi >iuiia firm. Common corn remains d«& rthcat: No. 1 hurl, 6*<Q7c per lb; No. i stock braid, 605>f0; No, 3do No, 3 do, 3@3*{o: inside grooo, 3# @4o; do rod tip, O04o; do pals and rod. 2@2#c. BEANS AND PEAS—Tho demand for beans la im proving, choice hand-picked varieties being mostly wanted. Tho offerings of common lots are liberal, and they nro alow of sale. Peas wore in moderate request. We repeat: Choice hand-picked navies, $2.5003.00; do mediums. $3.40(32.45: Inferior grades, $1.2602.00; green peas (in brlaT, $1.40@U60: yellow do (in nags,) $1.25.. BUILDING MATERIALS—Wore In moderate re quest, It la probable that cement will decline beforo long, now that' navigation is resumed. Tho receipts, so far, by lake, have been light. Pressed -brick la dull, wo quote; Stucco, $2.5002.75; Nov York etucco, casting, $3.7504.00 ; super hue do, $9.6004.00; Portland cement, $8,600 7,C0 par brl? Rosenaale cement, $3,2503,60; Uti ca, Louisville, and Akron, content, $3.00 per brl; marble dust, $3.2603.60; Umo In bulk, 85c@$1.00; lime (brls), $1.26 por brl; vrhilo eaud, per bri,*sl.7s @,00; plastering hair, por bu, 40050 c ; flro brick, por 1,000, $40.000 90.00; building brick (common), $8.0000.00 ; sewer brick, $13.00013.00; country brick, $12.00, delivered; St. Louts hydraulic pressed, $45.00, del.: Milwaukee pressed, $33.60, del.; do common, $14.00: Racine pressed, $30.00,' del.; do common, $14.00: Hillsdale, $35.00, del.; Indiana pressed, $33.00 034.00;' do common, $13.00 ; ‘ Excelsior pressed, No. 1 and 3, $20.00030.00 del.; fire clay, per brl. $3.00, or SIO.OO per ton. The following Is the list of prices per box of GO feet for .domestic window glass, from which,a reduction of 45 and 8 percent la made to dealers: . • first Voublo ; qualify, ttruiath. 7xlo to 8x10...... ,7...:........ 0.7« 0.00 axu to ions ja.oo 12x18 to 16x20 .. 0.05 10.00 18x22 to 11.00 10.00 20x28t024i30........ 10.00 • 21.00 30x00 to 40xC0 .. <5.00 BAGGING-—ln this market nothing has occurred to disturb tho quiet that baa so long prevailed, nml values have not boon subjected to any appreciable change. Grain bags are not held with a remarkable degree of firmness, owing to tho depressed oondltlou of the map* ket (or tho raw material, but dealers anticipate an im proved demand, and hope to austaln present prices. We quote: btark, 87o; Ludlow, 05c; Lewiston, 34>fo; American. 82 Wo; Amoakesg, 32tfo; Otter Creek, 04c; burlap bags, 1 and 6 bu, 20©220} gunnies, single, 17© 18o: do double, 28®20o; wool sacks, 63W o. BCTTCR-TUls market has been dull sud languid throughout tho past week, though, lu comparison with the previous week, the volume of sales exhibits some Increase, shippers having operated with a Ultlo more

freedom. A further docflns in prices has boensnf. fared, tho fact that slocks were steadily accumulating making holders anxious to realize, and, In bona of stimulating trade, concessions have been made from day to day, amounting to B®to per lb. Choice yellow dairy, tn neat packages, commands poadf sale, hut other descriptions are to o greater or Jess extonl nog. tested, llecolphi thus far have not besu large for Um season, and widow they Increase there wIU uot proba bly bo a further material decline at present: Strictly choice dairy,-packed, 28®80e; medium to good, 20© 245; Inferiortusommon,B®lßf, i . OUJUifiH—Old eheeae of mirehantebls quality baa eullitdy disappeared from themirrkot, and, m no con eldereblo quantity Of prime now has yet made Heap poarance, the quotations, ai will be seen, have boon lowered IQ3o all around. Axis Invariably the caae at this oeaaon of the year, the demand ts small, buyers not caring to invest extensively in goods manufactured during April and lbs first half of May. peelers are carrying very little stock, though they manage to keep anoupfy pp tpShfl tO PWA iM WStltf Of their n0 quote?- Now York factory. new, 14@16e; Ohio factory, ndw, 190J3#0; .Western fnctorr, now, 12013 WO.; ... CuAL—The principal event of interest uolca In con nection with this market slnco' our fait weekly report wan the decline, on Monday of $2.00 per ton in the Srico of Lackawanna, Other varieties remain without ooldpd. change, though the general market In freak and unsettled, with an unmistakable down ward tendency, Following are the quotations! Lehigh, lump, $12.00; prepared, $12.00; Lackn wanna. $10.00; Erie, $10.00; Briar Hill, $10.00; WMunt IIIU. $10.00? lllotalmrg, SIO.OO j Cherry Mine, 10.00; Hoeklug Valley, $0.00; Indiana caunel coal, $10,00; Indiana block, $0.00; Klcklaud crate, ftQ.OO: Mlnonk, $8.00; Wilmington, ffi.oo. COOI’EIIAQE Was quiet and unchanged. We Repeat i Fork barrels, 11.2501.33: lard tlorccs, ft.oo @1.70} whisky,-barrels, sU>o@2.lo; flour barrels, 60®C50; porkstavea, rough. $17.00020.00; do buck ed or.aawod, $20.00025.00*, .tierce tiaras, rough, $20,00025.00; do bnckod or sawed, $25.00028,00; VhUky stares, rough, $24.00028.00; do, bufcked, $30.00033,00; flour staves, f9.00@ll.00; circle flour heading, 7080 per sot; flour hoop poles, SU,OO @15.00 per m; pork and tierce poles, $30.00035.00 pen ro. , DRUG 8 AND OHEMIOA.LB—Iodine has advanced, owing to an advauco abroad. Uorchanta report a tol erably fair trade. Wo quote: Acid, citric, 1b.....* $1.75 0 1.80 Add, oxalio. 1b........ 83 0, .85 Acid, tartaric, powdered, tb......... 85 0 70 Ammonia, earn; Tb.'...; 25 Q 80 Asafcetldn, Jb.... C 5 0 75 Axle-grease, DldwelPs, d0z,...,... 1.50 0 1.53 Deans, Tnuqna, lb 1.35 ® 1.40 Dorax, ref,, lb 83 0 87 Dlue-vitrolv tb 16 0 13 Dromn-chlondum, pts., doz. 4.00 Oorreirtto sublimate 1.40 @ 1.4$ dream tartar, pure, lb 40 0 60 Cochineal, Hond., lb 00 0 1.00 -Chloroform, lb 1.40 0 1.50 Glycerine, ID) bulk, Q> OS ' 0 40 Cum Arable, picked 60 0 70 Omh Arable, aorta 38 0 SO Gum camphor. lb 45 0 60 Gum opium, 1b... 8.35 0 8.60 Gum shellac, lb 63 0 60 Ohio, white, lb 45 0 65 lodine, lb 0.60 0 10.00 Lye, cone, ca5e......... 8.25 0 .... Morphia, sulnh., 02 5.60 0 6,75 Oil, bergamot, Sand., tb . 0 0.50 Oil, castor, gal. 1.40 1.73 Oil. lemon, Sanderaon’a 0 0.60 Polasaa, cUlor,, lb 60 0 63 Potaaalnm, cyan, fused, lb 85 0 .... Potassium, 10d.,1b 7.60 0 8.00 Potash, Babbitt's, case 0.00 0 .... Quinine, aulph., oz 9.C0 0 9,65 llcdproclp., lb I.CO 0 1.05 Rdotlpeoao, powd,, lb 1.76 0 3.00 Root rhol, E. 1., powd., lb 1.50 0 1.7S Bill opsom, 1b..... 4#o 0 Silrer, nit., cryat., oz 1.16 0 1.20 Boan. caalllo, goo., lb .. 19 0 18 Sulphur, lb 8 0 EGGS—Wore in good demand on localacoount. Offing to fair receipts prices wore a trifle easier than last evening. Bales were made at 13013)40, .with a few early At X4o. Sales Include 135 cases at llljj'o; 600 doz and 15 cases at 13c. FEATHERS—Prime lire geese are hardly os Arm aa they have been, because (lie receipts, though light, are Increasing. Other feathers are unchanged. Wo quote: Prime to choice live geese at 7307C0. from flrst handsJ Jobbing prices, 78083 c for assorted feathers ; mixed feathers, 40QC50; chicken, OQBc, FISH—The fish trade continues satisfactorily active both on local and Interior account, and firmness still prevails In all departments, There is no surplus slock cither of lake or salt-water fish, andprcscntprlces will, no doubt, be sustained for some time to come. The only change reported aloes our last review was an advance of 600 per H brl In No. - 3 mackerel. Wo quote: No. X wbitefish, M brl, $7.00; No. 3 do, $0.76; No. 1 shore mackerel, ii brl. $11.00011.23! No. 1 bay, $9,0000.23; No. 2 mackerel, J4 brl, f7.75Q8.00: No. X shore, kits, $1.8501.00; bank codfish, per 100 lbs. $0.0000.26; George's codfish, $0.7607.00; Labrador herring, split, brie,; $9,0009.50; do H brl, $4i7505.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $8.0008.60; do K brl, $4,250 4.SQ; box herring No. 1, 31Q33; box herring, scaled, 42016 c; Columbia River salmon, >4 brie, $10.00010,25. FRUITS AND NUTS—There has been some slight Improvement in tbo demand dtirlqg the past few days, but It has uot resulted in any hardening, of prices ; on tbo contrary, there is an easier ' feeling in Imported varieties, while some descriptions are quotably lower, among (hem raisins, currants, and prunes: Fobkioh—Dates, 800 c- figs, drums, 11Q X4o; figs, box, U’4OIQKo» Tarueyprimcs, OKQXOo;. raisins, $2.C0®9.70: Xante curraujs, Do mestic—Aldea Applet*, 18020 c: Michigan do, CQ7o; Western do, 6QOe; Southern do, 4Q50; poaches, paicd, XTQIOc; poaches, halves, CQO,S°{ do. mixed, 4-V®s;4c ; blackberries, 8, J *@9’jO; raspborrlcs.lOQ 4lu; pilled cherries,22o24c. Nuts—Filberts, 14015 c; almonds, Tetragons, 21023 c; Naples walnuts, 24023 c; Rrasßs; lO»/011,Vo; pecans, 11@12.J4c; African pov nuts; C;4Q7c; Wilmington peanuts, 7080; Tennesoeo’ poamitn, 4J4O(»c. GREEN FRUITS—The demand.for oranges and Ibrnons la active, and they are very firm. Messina, oranges are scarce here and East, ami an advance la probable. Choice 'apples are In lighter slock, and very ' firm, Pineapples are lower. We quote : Ap ples, common to fair, $1.0003.76; good to choice, sß.oo'5 j.OO per hrl from etora; cranberries (culti vated) at $3.00019.00 per brl; lemons at $7.00® 7.50 per box ; Palermo oranges, $5.0000.00; Messina do, $6.6007.60. Pineapples, $4.0004.50 per doz. Ran anas, $3.0007.00 per bunch. 37,106 ■HOPS—There wa.i no'change to note. Tho market In quiet and nominal. We quote: Prime to choice Western, 31045 c; common to fair; W03O?. GROCERIES—'Thoro wao n nomowhot larger dlntri buiion of staple and lancy groceries, than during last week or tho preceding 01:0, but there, was after, all a lock of animation in trade, and, with a few exceptions, the quotations have boon only indifferently sustained. Coffees and spicca are tho only articles on tho list for which the market has shown unequivocal firmness. The formerhas bocu tho subject of eomo speculative inquiry as we)] ah a good consumptive demand, and the upward movement of prices in New York was fol lowed by a advance, hero. Sugars are meeting with a liberal and Increasing demand; but, under full stocks,prices remain unimproved. Wo quote; Bi Card. Soda—7*foß)Xr; Cor>'£E3—Mocha, 32)4033)4c; 0. Q. Jam, 27028 c; Java, No. 3, fancy Bio: 24)4024*4cf choice do, 23*4®24c: prime Bio, 23)4033*4c; good do, 233 common do, 21*4092 c: roasting do, 2OVO Singapore, 23J4034)4c: Costaßico, fancy, 24)4 035o; do, prime, 240'i1)40; Maracaibo, . Oandwis—star, full weight, 20020)4c ; stearin?, full weight, 150IG^o; do short weight, lifeline. Bios—Patna, Rangoon,- 7>^<^9o; Caro- Una, 8,V®0o; Louisiana, 808)4c. flooAßs—Patent cut loaf, 13*{313,Vc;- ernahed, powdered, and granulated, 15(312*40; A, standard, HKQIIiC«; do No. 0. 11311*40 ; B. 11011*0 j ex tra 0, 10*®tlc ; GNo. 3, 10*©10*o ; yellow 0,10)4 010*0; choice brown) 10*4®10)£c ; prime do, o*4o li»o; fair do, OVQyjtfo; choice molasses sugar, 10 «10,\fo; fair do, 0*409)40 ; Now Orleans engar, choice, I0@10*4c; do prime, 0*400*0 ; do fair, 00 o*4e ; common. 808)4o. titnbps—Diamond drips, $1,3101.33; silver drips extra line, 72®760; good sugar-house syrup, 45®4flc: extra do, 6O055o; Now Orleans molasses, ohQl'K-.-Ti 0B5o; do prime. 75030 c; do common. 52 Rico molasses, choice, 65(SMo: *«* molasses, 33 'rw —to best. 8010 c. lt^?J^ 17@18o; 'cloves, 37038o; cassis, popper, 33*024*0; nutmegs, $1.2501.30:' ginger, pure, 28030 c; do ho, 1, 3O0Mo; d0N0.2,16 019 c. Soaps— French mottled, 6*06*40; German mottled, 7*407}<0 ♦ Golden West, 600)40; White Lily, 0)40 0*fo; White Rose, 6*oOXc ; brown' Windsor, 4*® 4)4c; palm, 606*0 *, Savon Imperial, C*@tJ),£c. SrAßon—Gloss, O,V0lOo; corn, 0® lie; laundry, 00 7o; common, 5*060. HAY—Within the past few days the demand has « picked up ” a little,—several liberal purchases haring been raado for Lake Superior and the lumber regions,— which has enabled holders to sustain prices not withstanding tho increased supply! Pressed prairie may bo quoted Arm, but other descriptions are tend ing lower; We quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, as follows, can to contain 20,000 lbs; On Traci—Timothy, beater pressed, $15X0010.60 ; tim othy, loose pressed, $14.60015.60; prairie pressed, $13.00013.00. ON Wagon—Timothy, loose, SIO,OOO 18.00; prairie, loose, $14.0017.00. For delivery of • pressed. $1.0001.60, according to distance, HIDES—The past week has witnessed a marked de cline In prices of hides, the depreciation'being fully *4olo on all detcrlpUonu. The hides now coming for ward are poorer than at any other season of the year, and tanners will not handle them save at low figures. Thorp tiro few buyers In the market, and as stocks are steadily piling up, a further reduction aeema immi nent • Green city butchers*, 7o; green cured light, 10* c; do heavy, B*c; part cured, 9@9Vo; green calf, 1601514 c; veal kip, 12)>>01<to; dry calf, 240; dry kip, 21e; dry salted, 16017 c; dry flint, 100 20c; long haired kip, 10)40 ; deacon' oklns, 40055 c; grubby, scored, cut, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price, IRON AND STliEli—Merchants report a fair busi ness at the rates given below t iron 4 4-100 4 8-10 rates Horse-ahoo Iron 0 0 0 6-10 rates Plato iron, common tan*. 1 GX ($7 rates Russia Iron, v/rv.WJ'J ••••>•• 20@210 rates Hut ala iron, No. 1 stained 18c lb Norway Iron..' 0 @ V lb Norway null r0d5,.... U# tAIOo VH> German plow steel .11 Qltto V lb English cask plow stool 13 (£13,V0 lb American tool steel.... 17# ®UBo Vtb Chrome t001itf01..... 18 (S3O V lb Engllrti tool sled 21>£ (g‘23 rates English spring ite01..'........ ...11 (*ai3,Vo rates LEATHER—A steady, moderate demand exists for domestic and Imported stock, mid prices rule firm and uniform. W« repeat our quotations uf a week ago, as follows t HEULOOIt, Oily harness...- t 89© <1 Oduutry harness ,80© 33 Line, city, lb 41© 43 Kip lb CO© 1.10 Kip. veals., 65© 1.20 City upper, No. 1, V ft...... 28© 80 City upper, No; ft 95© 27 Country upper, No. 1 25© 37 Collar, f? ft 20© 93 Calf, city J. 20©1.40 Calf.couutry I.lo© 1.25 Hough upper,standard,...a 30Q 85 Hough upper damaged. 27© 80 Buffalo slaughter solo, S3© 87 “B. A. 1 * sol 80© 82 Calf . Kip HlUllOdS, French calf, Jodot 65.00^00.00 French calf, Lemolne C0.000j80.00 French calf. 24 to 30 ft 1.05© 2.50 French kip, 60 to 100 lbs I.lo© 1,66 mSTALfI AND TIKNBEIS’ UTOOK-Trwlo Is quid, though improving under tho infiueuce of more pleasant weather. Tin plate is rather weak, owing to a weak market Cast, caused by large importations uud a desire to realize by some Importers. Other articles aro un changed, Wa quote: Tim Flats—lo,lozl4.sis.oo; do, 19x19, «16.5 D: do, 14x20. 116.08; do, roofing, XO, $14,C0; do, 20x28, >30.00. : Pio Tm— Largo, 42c; small, 430 j bar, 440, Snntr Ztwo—Full casks, ! llo; hall cask*; less quantity, 11 Vo; slab, 00. Bhkkt Inow— no, 34, o#o rates. • . OALrawiisr.n Iron— No. 18020, 16o; No. 23(324, Ifioi No. 23020,170 { No. 27,18o; No. 28,200. A discount of 15, per cent!* made from tho list, ' Oorran—Copper bottoms, 4l048o; braziers, over 13 fts, 470{ tinned ooppcr, 430. ( - -i Wins—2toe,Bc; 0, 8, and 0,10o; 10to 12, llo; 12, 10c; 10, lOo; 30, 30o! full bundle, IS per ooui dis count • fonco wire, 7#o t by .car load,7#c. NAILS—Woro in good request, The markotlsnn settled and rather weak, crying to a similar feollim. East. lOQCOd aro quoloblo at $5,1505,37# with 12# off. Wo quote: 100000, per keg, $5,25 ratos; 8d do, 45.50; fld do, $5.75; 4d do, $0.12#; 8d do, $8.70; Od do, line, $8.25; 2d do, sfl,Ro; clinch, $7.63#, NAVAL STORES—'Wore In fair demand, tlio annex* prices being fully maintained,(an follows: Manilla repo, V lb, 1H(A70o; slant rope, V lb, iftaiTo; hemp eanhcord,Nlb,2Qo23o: marline, lb, 20(3220; tairod rope, lb, 10(3lio; oakum,M bale, $5.0005.60; pitch, V bri, $0,0007.00; tar, V brl, $5,5000,00 OlLS—Since our laat weekly review a fair amount of trading has been done in tills department, both tho local and the interior demands having been moro lib eral than during last week or tho previous one. Prices have been somewhat unsettled, lard, carbon, and tur poutiao declining a trifle, whtln Unsood haa advanced 20, Wo now quote: Carbon, 20o; extra lard oil, 75c: No, 1, 70oNo. 2,050; llnnoedraw, $1.00; do boiled, $1.05: whale, fljjo; sperm, $2.0002.10; noatsfoolQ oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, 950; do No. 1,60 c; bank oil, 70o; straits, 76c; elephant oil, 05o: turpentine, 80b; naphtha, 00 gravity, 20031 c; naphtha, common, 17®lBc. PAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTY—Business la fair at about former rates, orders being filled at the prices given bolow: wmra lead. Strictly pure../. Toney brands.. Gcbutno Yotlle Montague..... American Masury’s railroad colors... Palace car colors in cans.. Rochelle ochre.. English Ven. red English orange mineral,.., Pittsburgh orange minora], English red lead. American rod lead English vennllllon, per ft. Scarlet vormilllon Paris whi1e....... Whiting.. la bulk.,. BXO3^O In bladders... o PIG-IRON—Tho pjg-lron trado Is etUl quiet and pri coa remain steady ana unchanged. Wo quote. Scotch (according to brand) {03.00007.00 Tuscarawaa 01,00 Massillon 01,00 Lake Superior ' 68.00® 00.00 Chicago atone coal 67.00 Missouri stone c0a1....................... 67.00058,00 POULTRY—Was In fair request and higher, owing to light offerings. Turkeys ,arc quoted nt 3So, and chlckom at $4.0005,23, Sales include 1 coop chickens at $5.00; 3 coops do at $4.75 ; Scoops do at (1.60; 1 coop turkeys nt 160. POTATOES—Peaehblow potatoes sell readily at'4s® 620 bn track; mixed lota are slow. Now potatoes are quoted at $5.5007,00 per brl, Sales embrace 1 car oliolco pcacbblowa at C2c; 3 cars do at Mo; 1 car at 48o; mixed at 45c. all on track; a cars pcacliblowa at Wot 1 car mixed at 43c, all delivered. SEEDS—There was more trading than yesterday, though the demand Is limited to small orders. Timothy was steadier at $3.80(34.10, the latter price for fancy seed. Clover sold at $4X004.80: Hungarian at $1,300 1.45 ; choice la hold at $1.60; millet at OOCOM6. Sales were reported of 10 b«ga timothy nt $4.10; 203 bags prime at $4.00; 11 bags at $3.60; 48 bags good clover at $4.80:4 bags at $4.75 ; 4 bags ats4.oo; 15 bags choice Hungarian at $1.60 : 36 nags at $1.45 ; 10 biga at $1.40; SO bags at $1.36; 0 bags at $1.30. • BALT—Was In moderate request at the annexed prices : Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $3.00; ordinary coarse, $3,00; coarse Diamond 0, $3.25; ground solar, r $3.23; dairy, without bags, $3.50; dairy, with bags, 54.5004.75; Ashton . dairy, per tnck, $5.60; ground alum, $3.3003.40; Turk’s Island, $2.00. TEAS—A decline of 3@50 in low grades of young and old Hyson has taken place during the week, and therein an coaler fooling,in ah grades, the weakness being duo to largo stocks and the lower prices preva lent in Now York, Wo quote: Young Hyson, common to fair, 450550; do good, 00070 c; do choice to extra fine; $1.0001.10; common to fine old Hynon, 70005 a; common imperial, OO0G5o: good to choice do, 80c® $1.10; lino to good gunpowder, 70c® $1.10; choice. $1.15 01.30; extra, $1.3601.45; choice to extra loaf Japan, OOc0$l.OO; fair to good do, 70080 c; common do 430 450; colored natural leaf Japan, 56005 c; common to flno Oolong, 35@160; good, 65005 c; choice to extra, SSctftal.oO, TOBACCO—Has mot with a moderate demand at steady prices, Following are the quotations; Oukwiko—Fine Cut—Extra. 75085o; choice, 05® '73 c; common, 55Q600; poor, 40®B0o. Plug—"Nulural loaf, 78@80o; half bright, 80®70o; black, sound, 45055 c. Bmosiko—Choice, 33®35c; medium, 80032 c; com mon stems. 37029 c. WOOD—Blabs have declined SI.OO per cord during the past week, but prices of cord-wood remain un changed. Tua demand la active at the following prices: Beech, $10.00; maple, $11.00; hickory, $12.00; Blatie, $5.00, delivered. VEGETABLES—Wore In fair supply and moderate request. Mobile cucumbers sold at $2.00 per dox. An nexed are the prices current: Orcon peas, $2.6003.00 per bu; string beans, $3.0004.00 per bu ; cucumbers, $1.0C®2.00 per doz; now onions, SB.OO per brl; spinach, $2.6003.00 per brl; ndtelico, 25®500; squash, lQ,'<o per 15asparagus, white, 76c®51.00: do green, $1,250 1.60; pie plant, IMO3o per lb; lettuce, 350500 per doz; cabbage, $3.00 per doz. ~ WOOL—There has been no particular change In the condition of this market during the past week. Western mills are buying quite freely, and stocks are becoming reduced. Prices aro easy, but without quotable change. New wool is beginning to arrive from Missouri. Fol lowing are the quotations for old wool Tub, washed, extra medium.. Tub, washed, common to fair, Common dingy Flooco, washed, X&XX, light Fleece, washed, X&XX, dingy Fleece* wafhed, medium light Fleece, washed, medium dingy...... Fleece, unwashed, X4XX, in good coi Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium. Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dlngj Super, pulled ICxtra, pulled Burry wool 6AlOq ioas. RAILROAD FREIGHT! jubjolned rates: Chicago to Now Y0rk..... ............ Boston ■Philadelphia and Baltimore. Pittsburgh.... Albany Buffalo.. Cleveland!.,. Washington Wheeling, W.Vo. Wilmington, Del Alexandria Norfolk, Va Wilmington, N. 0 Savannah, Ga CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Tuerdat Evbj>r?o, May 33, Tbo rorolpta of live stock siaco Saturday bayo been os follows: Monday,. Tuesday. Total Same timo last week. Week before 1a5t..... Shipments were u follows . Cattle, Hcoa. sheep. Monday 2,808 6,700 170 OATXLK—The fact that tbo largo receipts of yester day worn followed to-day by fully 4,000 head led to the exercise of greater caution on tbo part of buyers; and at the same tlrao tended to weaken the views of coders, and the buoyant feeling developed yesterday gave way to one of depression, curing the opening hours very few transfers were effected, buyers naming a reduo tton of oa the only condition upon which they would consent to invest. Later In the day—holders evincing!a more “yielding” disposition—there was a marked Improvement In the demand, and tbo aggre gate of tbo day’s sales mado a very fair showing. The offerings were unexceptionable in point of quality, tbo average being fully as good os ou any previous day of the season. There was a no ticeablo ’ absence of much of that scallnwog stock usually comprising so prominent a portion of tho supply,.and wo And comparatively few sales to havo been made below $1,75, while tho bulk of tbo transfers were at $5,00@5.70. Tho extreme rango was $8,500 6.35, Gregory, Strader Si Co. obtaining tho outside quotation for a car-load averaging 1,680 lbs. City butchers bought liberally at $4.00(30.00 for medium to extra cowv and poor to fairish steers. The Inquiry for stookora continues good, and quite equal to tbo supply, at $3,7505.00,—the, outaldq for prime lots of from 1,010 to 1,080 lbs average. Veal calves were plenty at $3.0005.25. How milch cowh sold at $30,000 45,00 per bead, according to quality. Tbo market closed steady at aboul Saturday's prices, or at an Xo decline from yesterday's quotations. QUOTATIOKS, Extra—Graded sleors averaging 1,150 lbs and upwards.... $0.0000.35 Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 8 year to 5 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,160 lbs 5,7006.00 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 !t>s 5.1605.60 Medium Grades—Hteors In flosb, aver agi»R I>loo to 1,390 lbs 4.8006.00 Butchers’ Btcik—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,1001b5,...,.. 4.0001,73 Block Cattle—Common cattle, in decent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs 8,7505.00 Inferior— Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, and scallawag aloers 8.0008.75 Cattle—Texas. Northern wintered 4.00(^1.60 Cattle—Corn-fed 4.80'd6.18 ci ttuc Banns, 1.25 a itiS 75© 1.10 40© 45 m . 19 extra stacs '.I US good steers,. * 10 good steers ............... 10 good steers 17 good eteers 38 good stoors 13 extra steers 84 extra aloera 19 stock alecra,.., ll>butchers* 5t0ck,,,,,,.; 29 good sloom’.. ............ 1,205 5.80 15 stock steers 1,038 4.00 Ifrgood steers..., ~,,1,045 6.15 10 good steers...... 1,020 6.50 34 ohnlcosleors 1,183 8.75 105t0ck0ca.,..,.,.......,,,,,,,...,,.,' 030 4.02# BOfatotccrn...; 1,043 ‘ 8.00 47 choice 5teer5,.......................1,402 8.67# 40 good sleets. J,3!l ' 8,30 05 good steers 1,213 B/,0 07 ; Toxnn steers 059 4.75 61 good steers 1,282 6.C3# 04 Texas steers....; 1,104 0,15 .60 Texas steers 3,102 4.87# 83' good; .1,307 0.00 108 Texas 5teer5........................X,1M 6.00# 94 Texas steers 1 017 4.00 60 good steers ...1,233 6.00 01 choice steers 1,285 6.80 10slocksrs.... 000-. 4.00 10 Texas cattle * 810 4.00 28 extra steers ...1,400 8.25' .02 steers, ................1,372 8.12# 14 extra steers * 1,400 8.10 16 stock 5teer5................... 62(1 4.05 18 stock 5teer5..,,........ 1,001 4.85 CO good steers. *•.. .1,178 6.40 . no&B-As tbs supply and demand keep pretty even. Ir.balanced prices aro running along with but littlo fluctuation. Although the margin between this and the Eastern markets!* by no means large, it is sufll clenl to claim tho attention of buyers, and so. long aa the receipts are kept down to their present moderate fwoportiona it is not probable that values will material, y depreciate. Tho 11,000 head on sale Unlay wero •bout all disposed of, tho boat being taken at $5,300 6.40, while tho poorer torts sold at $5.0006.20. Most of the transfers woro effected at $5.2000,30. The mar. ket closed steady at $8.0005,16 for inferior to common coarse mixed; at $5.2006.26 for medium, and and at $5.8006,40 for good to oholco,. .. 1 ' nod SALKS. Ao, Av. Price. .Vo. Av. Price, Ko, Art, PHodi 68 213 $5.25 85 252' $6.25 87 2(8 $5.30 61 282. 6.30 Q1 021 4.00 63 324 6.38 107 , 248 6.30 04 312 4.02# CO 202 6.28 40 218 6,30 47. 289 6.20 48 220 6.38 •48 200 8.25 161 258 6.25 S3 220 6.15 108 240 6,30 68 215 6.18 DO 377* 6.20 60 208 6.25 112 197 6.20 *9 279 6.25 ■ 60 218 6.25 62 241 6.30 CO 253 6,35 64 371 6.20 CO 827 6.1S 63 . 332 6.30 CO 368 6.20 61 804 6.20 104 313 6.20 SHEEP—'Very little business was transacted in this department of the market—not from any lade of de mand, but from an absence of stock with which to operate, the Eastern supply amounting to only about COO bead. Local and Eastern buyers wore In attendance during the forenoon, but finding no stock of any con sequence they withdrew. Values aro, of courjo, nom inal. Wa quote poor to common at $3.2503.75; medium at $3,8504.00, and good to choice at $4.2504.75. ......$11.00011.69 ..... 9.00010.50 14.60 11.60013.00 COLORS. .0.60010.50013.60 . Tussdat Evektko, May 18. The first half of the week under review was rainy and unfavorable to nn active trade movement, and business In all departments of the market was dull, but the ploaeant weather of the past few days has greatly stimulated' the demand, and tho aggro* gate of sales shows a respectable Increase over that of last week, or tho preceding one. The Inquiry, though embracing nearly all unce of goods, has boon mainly centered in staple colored and leached cottons, which, ot the late reduction, are con* sldorcd a good Investment. Tho demand for carpets continues uninterruptedly good, and as stocks are well worked down, the market maintains tho firm tone that has characterized it for a month met. Prices rango substantially the same as on tho data of onr last re view. Among the rocont changes in dry goods quota tions we note a decline la Cocheco, Dnnncll, and Richmond fancy prints; a &o decline in Naumseag, Pequot, and Laconia corset Jeans,a wo In Slater’s and Manvjllo’s paper cambrics, and a %o fa Waiuautta and Fruit of the Loom bleached cottons. Tho Now York Dry Goodt Reporter eays of tho foreign dry goods trade: “ The Besson la past and tbo spring business tony bo counted as over, as far uj looking at sales la a profita ble light, and while prices are unsatisfactory and havo been all through the year, thoae realised upon tho many odds and ends of a season’s stock cannot bo any Improvement upon what has boon done. Many styles of dross-goods arc now open that it would not do to carry over on account of stylo and colors, and they will have to bo sold very low, and the longer It Is do* forred the worse will be the result. Neither tho high cost of goods In Europe or tho high premium on gold hero have been able to give any life to tho market, am) holders will have to labor and find themselves for tho balance of the - 'season, as they havo generally dono since tho opening of tho year.” Atlantic A, 4-4 13#o Atlantic H, 4-4 13 Atlantic D, 4-4 13 Atlantic P, 4-4 11 Indian Head, 4-4....13# Indian Head, 3-4....11# Stark A, 4-4.........13* Nsshrillo, 80 in 13 Nashville, 00 in II TINE D 1 Nashua 8,,40-In 16 o Nashua B, 30-ln 14 Nashua O, 33-In 13 Peppcroll E, 40-1U...14# Poppcroll It, 30-1n...13 Pepperell 0,33-1n... 13 Pepporcll N,30-in... 11 MorrimaoW. Pink.,.l3j<o Morrimao D. Fancy. .11# Cochcco Fancy.!....ll# DunneU Fancy......11 Richmond Fancy....ll American Fancy.....11 Bprague Fancy 11 Gloucester 11 Renfrew., Lancaster Rates...; OOSSXT Namnkeag Batteoas, ,15tfo I Poquot sattcena 14jf Laconia...... 13 | id1ti0n....300320 ulsaohei Lonsdale cambric...23KC Lyman, do 22 Now York Mllla 21 Warasutta.,' I0)tf Prida of th0WM*....20 Langdoo, ail 10 vrultof tb0L00m..,17 t Lonsdale l Androscoggin, mu....... ••• JW Auburn, * 10 Jontini Ivo at tho mo od >« »• 5!8- IM m !&?, a £* H*- Mi vmnehnbn, 4-4 35 o Minnehaha, 7-8 30 Amoskeag, AOA 30 Amoekeag, A 24 Araoflkeog, Amortcag, C 10 Amoakcag, D 17 dzh: 25 o | CO 65 65 85 York Blue. Amoekeak. Columbian, OUu.AXA., Oils. 88... Otis, 00... .23* .20* .a?* I otrx: Mionoliaha, C-3....,.23*0 ( Amoakoag, 0-3 10 I Amoskcag, 3-3 18 ( Uncaflvillc, A 14 ) OATirZT Standard white 37#0 I Ilockfurd, GGG 35 Reaper City ...31 ' | OAltPB' Tagettry . Thru Cattle , JToqs, Sheep. B, 157 8,701 875 4,100 10,500 600 Brlght’fl... Crowley's. Hartford, extra...,51.62)4 I Hartford, Imp'!.,.. 1.15 Jnm Smith’* tapestry f 1,3 d Hartford extra....... 1.20 Hartford mod;, 1.05 Belgrade .85 10,201 075 25,233 8,031 20,137 1,638 , 0.257 . 0,370 ,18,825 Common p1ain..22#Q270 Twilled and ox. p1’n.,.,340 Mat inn. English cocoa, beat....Wo China matting 4-4 SOo Axaorlcan common.. . .Cso China matting 5-4 Sso American best. 750 China matting 6-4 400 Rod and wh, ch’lc 4-4 ~350 Rod and wU. ch’k 6-4 ..460 Rod and wb. chic 6-4. .40c thumb. Spool thread, groin bags, etc., SO dayo, or 1 per oanl off 10 days. Domestics, coftonados, Kentucky Jeans, etc., 1 per cent off SO, 2 per cent off 10 days. Regular department goods, 4 per cent off 60,0 per cent off SO, 6 per cent off 10 days. Lmxs Fauna, N, Y„ May 10.—Tlio market this week has been active, with brisk sales and good prices. The delivery was large for tho season, segregating foe all descriptions of cheese, about 8.600 boxes. Farm dairies still lack moat, being badly skimmed, and prices ranged, according to quality, from 0013 c, a fa* extra lota going at 13#c. There was an improvement in factories, tho previous shipments having cleared off moat of tho worst “ skims.” Still the quantity of gon uiuo whole-milk cheese was comparatively light. W < give quotations of leading transactions, from which it willbe seen that prices hero ranged at a good figure for (he quality offered: Herkimer Oouuty Union, ll?/o ; Danube Cold Spring, Ho• I. D, Ivsa, ISo; 6tem Church Ho; St. Johuarillc, ISk'o ; Ljttlo Falls Con tral, hohn Centre, 10>^o; Bethel, 13Vo; Herkimer County Central, llitfo; Drockett’s Bridge, HMo I Fulton. H.Vo ; Herkimer, 14,V0; Cold Brook, White Creel;, !s\£o ; Fairfield Association, 15Vo; Old Fuir; IXasseudowu, 164(0 ; Control Valley, 160 • Mauuolat Turnpike, ISVc i Nflwville, HVo 5 BraallM Bucb, Ho; North Fairfield, 13c; Countrymen, 15 vo I* Norway, ISo; George Laduo, 14o; Paine’s Hollow. l#Vo 5 Newport, ISo ; Norway Association, UVo : Cook & Ives, ISo; Maubslm, HVo; Bottville. 130.' Tho top price on May 7 hut year was only 18Wo, and this year, as will be seen from our quotations, isvo was reached, which carries rates 2o above last year for tho corresponding week. Tho shipments fur tho week hut year wore less, being only about 8,000 boxes. Dutlor this week baa fallcu off la price, the r&tca paid rauglng from 800 to 87c, At the Herkimer village market (he delivery was mostly from farm dalrlee, and sales of such were made at 8o (o 13c, and 130 to Ho forfauoy lots. Factories sold at from to ISVo, At tho Utica market about 1,000 boxes of choose were offered, 800 of which wore sold at prices ranging from HVo to ISo. Bnow banka aro still visible on tho Horklmer County tho wifi da are cool and paw, end gross slurtil Av. FYftt. .1.800 |0.13V .1,354 6.35 .1,113 6.13 V ~1,3.13 6.45 .1,313 6.55 .1,300 ' 6.60 .1,080 0.85 .1,847 0.00 ~ 007 4.75 ~1,016 4.60 THE CHICAGO DRYGOODS MARKET. QUOTATIONS. mOWN COTTONS. Great Falls B, 4-4...13 o Cabot A, 4-4 13# Cabot 1V,4-4........12 Lawrence, L L, 4-4. .11# Agawam F, 4-4 10 Shawmut, LL 11 Swift 111ver....' 0# Hosier, 4-4.... 10 Utica 0 9 ibowhb. Dwight Star, 4-4.... U Continental C.......H* Lawronco D Newmarket A 11*4 Afauacbueetti B MaanachnseUa Portsmouth P Qjf >nWTB. _ Garner Fancy 11 9 Amoakeag Fancy....lo Mourning,.....ll to 11# Shirting 10 toll Mallory Fink-..:..;..13 Mallory Purple 11# Manchester; 11# Wamautta Fancy...* 8 JBAMfI. omoi ,U o I 44 Amoakeag Glasgow... Hartford JTXKB. I Rockport. 12)10 Columbian . ..ll£ I Indian Orchard 12 mice. OAMBI Slater’s Paper - 9 4 Manvillo Paper 0 Garnar Flat 8 o Washington 8 High colon, 1 cout extra COTTONS, BlackstoßG, AA 14,. Cabot Dwight Star. ~-f "* Worn '■social, L lI,V Groan 0 lOtf ■lo* Grcoa, O. Methuen, AA........23 q. Willow Brook, No. 1.24 Portland, AAA 25 York, 83-lnob ,25 York, 3(Much 21 Pacific ..15 .Swift Hirer 13# UMB. Warren, AXA........23#a Warren, BB 20# Warren. 00 17# Haymaker 14. Boston 13# WliUtanton, A 10 o WbiftoutoQ. C 12# American, 6-3 11 American, 3-3 13 \PAnr, Continents! 3U>^< Coo nivo, colored,.. .37# ITOfdB. Jlrusfds. I HlgKinn., I llnxbury fPly, Lowell $1.40 'Smiths & Sanfordn. 1.45 rains. Lowell extra Lowell superfine. Common wool. Union mv. SHorklmor County I>nlry Market* .14 O .12tf . 1.02)4 .$1.20 ... 1.05 .053760 .60(4000

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