Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 14, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 14, 1873 Page 7
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fer CITY HEAL ESTATE, real estate A’ . Uraker. Room S Fnllot'a Building, 160 Dearborn-st. t Mlchlaan-ar., near Forty-nrst-st., <([ foot. SIOO. South Park boulsrard, near Thirty-slxth-sU. 131 foot. . Booth Park Ixmlaracd, near Forty-fir«t-it.> lOOtIW foftt, ®hoap» east front. . . ... : . * Cottage Qroro-sr,, north of Thlrty-n!olh*st., S3 foot. . Oottago Drovo-av., northwest corner Forty-mth-st., 100 x' |7O: a tlno business corners rlpo to Improro: cheap. . Wabusb-ar., northwest corner Fifty-fourth-st., 170 foot} ebesp. * ') Wobash-ar., north'of nity.olghlh-st., oaot front, 80 feat. I’ralrle-ay., noarFlftloth-st., TSor iMfset. ' Rlato-st., near Thlrty-llrst-st., twoß6-foofclot*. Stalo-st.. noarTblrty-flnit-at,, 8-story now, frame house (itoro) with lot} cheap. . • ■ - Routh Park-ar., 8-sipry framehouse, 80,000. . Doarhom-at., near Van Duron. 28 foot, very cheap. J. UHNIIY WEIL, 160 Doarborn-sf., R"?«}A .. , . - Fuller’s Building. FOP. BALY.-HY P. O. VIFUIdfraTRKiVL ESTATE IMDM.born.t.j Ko™lß., ITonso and lot oh Tblrd-ar., near Polk-st. House and lot oh same, near Taylor-at. House and cottage nod alots ous*mo, near TwoKOi-st. Oottago and lot on Mlcblgan.av.,noar Iwqnly-fourlh at. , House and lot on'Pfftlrlo-or., botwosn -Twontr-fourUi and Twonty-flfth-sls.: rory desirable residence j SIB,OOO. = House and lot on Burnslde-sh. near Twenty-seventh. Cottage and lot on same, wear Thirtieth. Oottago and lot on same on ournor north of Thirty. near Wabash-ar. • COfootonWnbash-ar., nearThlcly-ltfih-st. 86footonHrynnt-plnco, noarVlncennot-«r. 60 foot on Bnrnaldo-st., noar Tlilrtgci^bfh. VjVDIt SALK-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING i‘ streets t State, Burnside. Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, llanovor, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mmj ray, and Hoisted; also on Wentworth. BburtlolT, Portland art! Stewart-ovs; also on Alrxando*, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixtb, Twenty-seventh, ftbth.’NapoWpn, Twonty-nlnth. Earl. Thirtieth, Ifavon.'Thlity-flrat. Tbit ly-sccond. Thlrty-tblrd, Thlrty-flfth, ThUty-aixth, Thlrly seventh, Fontaine, ami Thlrty-elghth-sts. Tltlo ponoct. Warranty deeds. A very email payment down, live yqa r a <imo,'6 percent Interest. No agency busluow. Apply to owner, ALBERT ORANR, 6TC Wabash-av, OR SALE-I HAVE" A LARGE LIST OP UNlM .proved property to sell, and wonld invito any parties wishing to purchase to call and inrostlKato boforo buying. U. PTtHtIFFIN, 188 Madlson-st., corner Clark. 171QR BALK—ONE' AND A HALF STORY FRAME years’ time, Water on nwmlMa and con vonlonl to oars. Apply to jIILD. I’. iIBIUSUi U8 w* Salle-st., baaomnut. IPOR SALB-MY LATE RESIDENCE, NO. 260 * Warren-av., brick, 14 rooms, all modem improve niunlo: wanned by steam; brick bam, This is nvqtydo ilrablo plftoo, and will bo Bold on favorable terms. Imino* dlato possession. Carpets fitted to-rooms aold with tho bouse. Apply at my oHlcq, No. 1M Washlngton-st., or present residence, 2.13 Warren-av., corner . Roboy-st. GEORGE SCOVU.LE. FOR BALE—OR LEASE—AT A BARGAIN, lOJ footoornorof Van litircn nnd bhommn-ats.s south grout. Inqulro 135 South Clark-a* lit bank. 3nORBALE-8 NEW STONE-FRONT HOUSES ON 1 l’ftrk-av., IJrf blocks west of Union Park, Tory cheap; will bo ready for occupation Ist May, Apply to R. FOi* - X,EU, 163 East Wasbingion-st. IPOR SALE—THE BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON ' WostSldo, fronting on Division, Loavltt, and Shobor- Bta., near Wicker Park, Good neighborhoods lots 121 feet doop, with sidewalks and city water. Price, S6OO, S7OO. and SI,OW. Terms, ono*wilrd cash. Warrantee cods and abstracts of title. A reduction on first cash ccymontsU required, to those who build this spring, in* qulto of F. ARNOLD A CO., Qruanobaum’s Rank, No. 7d Flfth-av. . ■ ~ ‘ POU SALE-LOTS, S4OO AND SSOO, EASY TERMS. Lots Inside of the old city limit*, near street cars and omnibus lino; high ground; tltlo jmrfoot. Call and lot ustskoyoa tosoo them. A. Q, RIOKhY A bON, 145 South Clark-st., Room B, nnd2B7Mllwttukoo-ar. For sale— cheap -octaqon.front brick residence, 3 stories and- basement, 10rooms, 10t29 foot front: ozoellont location; WestSldo: $9,500. HEN RY WALLER, JR,, 80 East Woshlngton-st., Room 4. 771 OR SALE—Dd STORY COTTAGE AND LOT, CON d? vonlont to Afadlson-st. oars, $8,800; collage and lot, (tultertlnld-st., near Kgan-av., $2,000. HENRY WAL LER, JR., 60 East Wnsblngton-at., Room 4. : JROUSALIJ—OR EXCHANGE—A DESIRABLE LOT 'J? on Mlchlgan-av., nortlio! Jackson-attagnodohanco Sor anyone wishing to buy something cheap; lob 40x180. C. N. BE.MENi*, 163 LatiaUo-st. • IPOB SALE—MIOHIGAN-AV., 83X175, EAST FRONT, ' south Twcuts-elghth-st. \ cheap. Michlgan.av., 82i9J, oast front, north Twenty-eighth. Mlchlgan-av., 89x190, oast front, north Twouti-dgUth. Mloblgan-ar., 50x160,;wost front, between Hfty-slxth snd Flfty-seventh-sti.; bargain. 40 acres In Section 31, 88, 14; on envy terms. By THOM AS A. HILL, 121 Doatborn-st. THOR BALE-NEW COTTAGE AND LOT, NEAR X' borso-cars. at only 61,650; on very easy payunonte. Chnap at $2,000. BLEBS, WHITNEY A CO., 140 La- Balio-st. * .7710R SALE-NO, 1675 STATE-ST., $4.6C0, FOR 10- 'JD ronm_cotUgo and lot 25z185, worth $5,600. HESS, A GO.» 148 LaS&Uo-at. OR SALE-671 FULTON-ST.. C ROOMS; LOT 25X 100; price $3,700; rents for Bss per month. Apply to H. 11. SAMFaOw A CO., Otis Block. fjTIOR 9ALH—4i nnOWN-ST., BETWEEN TAYLOR X} and Twelfth, cottago with basoraent, 13 rooms; lot ExlOO: $3,000. Apply toWM. U. SAMPSON A CO., lULaßouo-gt., OUs Block. . &OR SALE—VE*RY DESIRAIUJI COTTAGE HOUSE T 6*3 Fultou-st., 9 rooms; lot 25x100; rents for S,’>9por month. For saloat a bargain; $6,000. Apply to Wal. 11. BAMPSON A CO., 141 LaSallo at.. Otu Block. TJIOR SALE—AT HALF PRICE, 160X165, BLOCK 8, X? Irving Park; sidewalks, water, oto.; dlionant for gash, or ST,OCO dovn, balance to suit; must soil this week; vrontotfor. JOHN LING, 76 South Canal-st. •TflOR SALE—MODERN HOUSES ON THE SOUTH ■£ Side avenues. O. V. FRITSOH A CO., 81 and 83 Boath Clark-st. • fITIOR SALE—CHEAP—NEW MARBLE FRONT IX homos on A Vest Van Baron-st. O. V. FRITSCH A <lO., 81 and 83 South Clark-st. 2 no RENT-MARBLE FRONT HOUSE ON WABASH* I av. noarT»«jnty-tblrdgt, O. V. FRITSOH & CO., 1 and 83 South Curk-at. . fJjIOB BALE—AT 1. GRKVT BARGAIN, 60XK0 Ft. X on Pralrio-av., near F»rty-slxth*»t. Thia la Tory lebolco property, and u taken immediately will bo sold at S> groat bargain. GEO. A. WIEBY, Id LaSallo-st., PaaoMODt. . fIPOB SALE—AT A GREAT lARGAIN, CGXICQ ET GKO. A. 3SMERY, 161 LaSalle-st., basement.. a 808 SALE—FOR 61,200 OAbIX, FOR ONE WEEK only, a 6-room cottage and lot on korth Robey-at.; a groat bargain. Apply to . GIBSON A UOSAIKR. 110 East Randolph-st. . * -T?°k R BALE-AT A GREAT DARGATNJii'QR CASH, JJ houao and lot on Pralric-av., near Twunty-fourth-st. 1/n on btanton-av., oast front, near Thlrty-slxMi-st Lot on Mlchlgan-ftv., near Thirty-sixih-st. Sororsl lota in tvlmhall's SubdlvUlim, near Central Park. Mils n m 9EANSFQUD, No. 167 East Aladlsoo-at. ■’ * • - It|ROR 1 t |ROR SALE-LOT 7U75 FEET ON THIRTY-FOURTH. JL’ at.. cast of alley, south front, very cheap. CUBITS Kt KELLOGG, Rooms 4 and 6, Central Union Block. } at., cast front. ISAAC B. BILLER, No.ißNorth .Ada-st. ffpOß SALE —OR EXCHANGE HOUSE AND X largo lot, 294 Park*av. Apply at 168 Stato-st. O. W. BTEVENS. BALE-SPLENDID OCTAGON MARDLE X house. Pralrio-av., onlys6oodown; longtime. Mar* tile house West Van Buron-nt., $10,000; small payment down. S. WEARS. Owner, 200 LaSalle-st* •T7OR SALE-I WILL BELL TWO FRAME COT- X tagos nu Doarbom*st., botwoon Thirty.eocund and Thlrly'tblrd-std,. by poymont of s3oolu band; balance tnnninly. Quarterly, or yearly* payments, and on time to guit purchaser, at 8 per cent interest.. inquire or address XIKO. I*. TREADWAY, No. .141 LoSalio-et., Major Zilock. TTIOR SALE-BY HENRY P. GEORGE, REAL E3- X 1 tato Agent, 83 Clark'St., oppoKlto Court Houso: £0 feet, Mlchlgan-av., comer Fourtoenth-et. 100 foot, Wabaau-ar., corner Twcuty-fourlh-st. 11-0 foot, Wabash-av., comer Thlrty-firat-st. 1(0 feet, Mlchhnn-av., corner Thlrty-iocond-sL 2( 0 foot, GramTboulorurd, corner of Thirty*aixtu-st. Iwifoet, Evaus-av., comer Forty-thlrd-st. 2(10 foot, at Park entrance of Grand boulevard. 50 feet, Oakwood boolovard, near Cottage Grove. X late Agent. 83 Clark-st., opposlto Court House: t 8 lota comer Twenty-sovunth and Qaribaldl-sts., SI,COO each. (.ot on Twenty-slxth*st>, near Portland-ar., $1,260. Lot on Tiv-.'nty-fiftb-tt., near "ii’allaco, $950; 7»touFounh*at., ncarLtncoln, S3OO. Lot on Frank/ort-at., near Robey, SSOO. T.tUR SALE—A FINE BOULEVARD (CORNER AT X 1 a bargain; a o corner of Qrand and Oakwood Houle* -Yards, 162x153 feet to nn 18-ft ullcy. This lot, being on the corner of two boulevards, cannot fall to prove a safe and lucrative investment. Please look at it. J. BSAIAS WARREN, IB Chamber of Commerce. JPOR SALE-NEAT BASEMENT COTTAGE, WITH lot, in the grove south of city limits, ou monthly pay* sneots, only $3.600. HENRY P. QEQItOE, 63 Clark-st. T?OROALB-AT ASAORIFIOETWO LOTS SOUTH JP of and near Dostor Park it takou to-day. S. W. KROFF, Room 14 Major Block. .TPOR BALE-EIGHT LOTS NEAR TWELFTH-ST. ’X and Southwostorn-av., Inside old city limits, less than ty the aero; this is a great bargain. HAIR A 00.,R00m -Si Bryan Block. one-half cash. wilt- buy a brick liouio and lot on South flldaj only two-thlrda i value. Address H 70, Tribuno office. !CIOR BALE—NICE FRAME HOUSE AND 83' FOOT u* lot No. 187 BtftUtoo*ar.i noarThlrty-sevontU-at.,grovo jot, at $4,800; very cheap. Inquire oa prcmUqa. 27 OR fIAI.IC—WO-STORY HOUSE AND LARGE I* barn, 10t45x!61, suitable for rtisidonco or store ; Park* Side, near Comoll. Cull at Room 18, 7U East Madhon-st. THOR RALE—STATK-ST., NEAR TWENTY-FIFTH, •11. Aiin nor foot. Centro-at., near Lincoln Park, $135 por foot. PHILIP MYRUS & CO.. 18 Major Block. THOR BALE-SPLENDID BUILDING LOTS ON UP Wostern-av.. Onkloy and FJournoy-sta., aouih from f STfadlson at.. just outside of tho tiro limit* 5 small payment ' down and long times tho vorr host lota ottering furtbo S?l"oi from poor iuWIN A. RICE A CO., 1C lUn dol|ih-»t. . TTiOR CORNER WELLS AND COURT. X* Place; will sell otmap for big cash payment. KERB, HAVISOrt A ‘WELCH, H3 LaSallc-st. I.OOR SALE-STORE, WITH HOUSE OVER IT. ON ,1* We.t Maiil«on-«t.. lotSHHS to .llori litloo. Sb.tlO. cash, balaaco long tlmo. J. B. GOULD, HJ .iDuarborn-lt. 'pbirsTLE-PARK-AV.. NEAR WOODST., NO. .!> 1 113, 1-sturj frame house, brick (oundatlou, 10 rooms; •ttarfl. and lot AlzlbS. BNYDKR * ■l,*' <t>n 11 nildlng. northeast corner Monroo and I.aHallo-ati. moll HALE-OR EXOHANOB—FOB A LOT ON X North Hide oast of Clark-at., liouso and lot 168 North :Doarhoro-*t. Inquire onpromlsoa. TVIOB SALK—A RARE OHANOB-M.SM WILL BUY I* a good now IK-story liouso and 30x125 foot lot, eait of Woftorn-av.; only t3200 down, balance 100011111 pay- Sr WiIIPPLE A OiIARKbON, 133 South <jlark»ftt. TnOlt HAf.E—MONTHLY PAYMBNTH-SKVBRAL il duo cottages on easy monthly payments. AOA \v. * cUaJHCE, 12s LaSallo st., llrst doer. fIALU— IOAORKHOPTHB MOST DHSIRAHI.E TjiOii j j nito ahoro. north of Lincoln Sark? B. i. UB& >W M *' ot 111 **' -FolUUUW«ii' JfEBT, MAWSON.ST.. I'UONT i. Uk n nut* « n.-i, Kjno park ImprovomuuU la frout i. mosKXw 16>J ajurillook. ~~ „ u ., ,>'~fiiTnlu>B~bN mvjwfimis IJOUU?. CITY rnon avknud phoi’KUtt—tub X' futnro Mfoauway. '* • • <>a , ' , 8. W, coro<*rTlU^j* , .\,i»t-«t.i fMt. ?>. 13. eornsr Thirty*! urth-a!., 038*178 foot. 1 latwoonThlrtrfourti amiTUmy-llf(li-Ma.,t00xl8O font. N. W. corner Thlrtyjmh-«t., 60*170 fcot. , North of Twenty-ol*Mij-*t., ea»t front, Sfi*l<ofoot. North of yonr*' loaao), fniliOfoot. Uotnocn PorUom anti yorijr-anl-Bt., cast front SfixliO *°h!'k. ootnot nflf-ailU-iti c*it front,' 80*170 /cot. 1 Hnntn of i‘lfty*»lxtb.»t., 110*170 foot. Near FonrUJonth*«i, oa*t/ront, 60*170 foot. A A North ofThlnj-nlr ih-iU, mat from, foot. /' . J. KBATAH WAUHKN, • ” 19 Oh&inV»t of Commerce. FOR HAI.E-Wsiss CORNER MAUIBON«P. AND lil»hon-oDTir», which wo will »01l cnonpor t\um *ny* thing In tho neighborhood. KERR, DAVXtiUN A Ita Lfjftllo-at. '■ I'noHnAUMjiimTTEifr on pr/uRTh-av., nbab ’ ThlrUsUut. 60x178 foct ol lndlana»ar M near TliJrUolh-at. SOxilSl foot c.i Ml«li!c*n*av., noar Thlrtlolh»*t.- Must lio •nUI, iind la now oiforoi! cheap for a row days. Apply to KBUIypAVISOW A WCMJILHS Laßallo at. (808 SAUS-lOT SO FEET FRONT ON MIOjfIOAN- J.' «r., near rhirty-flocond-at. SNYDER A i>EE. U Nixon ImHulnc, nonhoaat oornorMooroonnaLaSano-ata. F" - OB~SAI.H-! BTOUV AND BASEMENT lioUSU. brown alrtio front, 18 roomi. Parkjnr.. corner of J«aTi(t-ac. BNTDKU it T. 88,' U Nixon Builillnir, north* oait oornor of Atonroo and IwiSallo-sta. ' • liion SALE-W TEARS’ LEASH OF LOT ON WA- J? basb-nv., n«rth of KldrWgo-oonrK lot 40x170 teot with , good hou»o atil. barn (homo No. 4611). Terms of lease . "cry low find *n rovamatlon* during entire lorm, with , privilege ofputobaso embodied la tho lease. Piioo for Icmo moderate, it !• Uio ouly loato of (bo kind In mar ket. ' J» ESAIXS'WAuREN, IB Ohambor of Commerce, rnoil BALE~ CLARK-ST., SHXXHB FEET, M FEET , 1* north of Vin Burcn-st., carat front, adjoining brick •toro. Onnlohad ataromnrkablo bargain If takon to day, Tazoa for 1879 paid. Also special tax for stroot pavlng. Icm 4s«aro any customer that Ibis is tho Tory cheapest builnoin lot I know of. Tltlo unquestionable. J. E9AIAB WARREN, 16 Chamber of Oommorco. OR BALE-AN EXCELLENT FRAME HOUSE ON Uoboy-flt., between Jackson and Van Huron, twelve rooms, all modern improvements, unincumbered! lot 80 foot, cast front, Price SC,COO, ono-fourth cash, balance J, 3, and 8 yean, 8 par eont. BLANCHARD DRUTH ERS, 163 LsSnllo-Bt. • 7rd'ic"a Ai;U-J7IWS3»onY"TIOUBK. .CONTAIN. J» lug lit rooms, with lot 60x180, east front, on Prairie av., in ilnt-olasa nobihborlmod; nnuso la furnlsbod oom ploloi will sell with or without furniture; good baru, etc. R. A. DROWN AD. HORTON, Real EsUio Agonte, 160 Doarbnm-at. . ■ FOU SALK-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS.’ S NEW houses, containing 10 rooms oacb, with iiu-foot lot, situated near Ootlogo Grovo-nv. lino of street-ears, In Kod neighborhood; imaiodluto posiosslon can bo given. ic*o are very desirable houses, and olTorod cheap. P. A. UROWN A D. UORTON, Real Batata AgonU. ICO Dcatborrt-st. TIOR SALE—BY-GOODRIDGR. A. STORES, REAL X' Estate Agents, Washington nnd Dosplalnos-sts.i homo of 17 rooms, with lot, on North' Oarpontor-st., near Fulton, SI,OOO, This property Is & docidod bargain. Tltlo perfect. . . Ip OR BALE—SO ACRES ADJOINING THR BTOOK ‘ Yards, having both rlvor and railroad facilities. W°H adaplodlorpnokmghousosor subdivision. Thin proper ty jsollsrod nt a bargain, and will advance rapidly in valno. W. D. KeKfoOT A 00., 90 East Washing-- ton-st. 1 FOR SALE—SIO,OOO—I6OXI2S FEET TO ALLEY, 10* room, 2*stoi7 bnuso, south fronton Waohlogtou-at., poor lloyno, T. B. liOxD, ISO Wost Wsahington-st. ; FOR SALE—SIB EACH: 100 LOTS 26X125 FEET, near now harbor In Colnmot; tltlo perfect 5 lota dry, T. B. BOYD, 180 Wost Waohlnglon-st. For sale-on prairie-ay., north op thir ty-flfth-st., lot 25x126 tonly s9u nor foot, If sold Im mediately. J. 1 H. KEBLEIf. 14a Clark-st., corner Madison. . Ip OR BALE—BARGAIN, NICE BRICK HOUSE AND } lot, No. 53 Rhodcs-av., uoxt to comer Thlrty-sco ond-st. Inquire on the promises of F. LAWLER, or of HESS, WHITNEY A CQ„ 116 LnSallo-st. "ITIOR BALE—SI,BOO—HOUSE OF-18 ROOMS, RENTS X 1 for $76, lonso 7 years at SIOO, on Greon-st., near Van Huron. T. B. BOYD, 160 West >Vaihingtoii-st. ■ TPOR. SALE—BY H. O. MOREY, 77 CLARK-ST.—B X 1 lotsooSoatbvrostorn-av., near llarrbon-st. _lolpts on Flournoy-st., castof Leavltt-st. • COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. For salr-or exchange-one of the best stock farms in Illinois containing 960 acres, nllundur cultivation, 600 acres in timothy:farm is woll improved, largo orchard, tioo house, oatUo barns, SIX) acres under fence, corn-cribs for 18,000 bushels. Foe term* apply to JOHN STILLWELL Ohatswortb, 111. For bale-two beautiful 40-aore tracts of fruit-lands in Southern Illinois, worth $26 per aero oath. Or will exchange for 2 lota outho North or West bides. Address L9fl. Trlbuno oflico. REAL ESTATE WANTED. TTTANTED—ACRES 1 ACRES* ACRES 1-WE HAVE \f constant inquires for aero property: can innko quick rales at good prices. JACOB O. MAQILL, 81 and S3 South Ol&rk-st. ■UTANTED-HOUSE- AND LOT, OR ?T ground, on West Sldo. Will give some cash or nt sumo Inoumbrnncc. balance in cheap aoro property south of city. TRUBSDBLL A BROWN, 176 West Madleon-st. WANTED— BUILDING LOTS IN THE NORTH Di vision ; also on Sooth Stated. JACOB O. MAQILL. 61 and 83 Clark-st, TIT ANTED—REAL ESTATE, ON ONE OF THE AV if onuos oast of Stato-st, on State south of Sixtieth or Bevcnttoth-its; ellhlr by the acre or subdivided. Must bo a bargain. Address T. BRAUN, oornor Cloak and Xlarrlsoo-sts. TVTANTED-A WELLIMPROVED FARM OF 40 VT to 120 acres, within 75 mllos of Chicago, near depot, fora customer who has unimproved city or »nbut-. ban lota to nlvo In exchange. O. L. MANN A K. A. CONODON. Itooro IB Major Dlock, 146LaHaUo-»t. WANTED-A HOUSE WITH MODERN IMPROVE moots, worth from $6,000 to $6, too; oast of Stato-ot. and north 01 Thlrty-sooond. J. HENRY WEIL, 150 Dear born-st., Room 6. TAfANTED—NINE RESIDENCES IN THE SOUTH VV Division of the city, two to bo worth not loss than f 25,000 oaoli, and aoron varying la price from 43,000 to 20,000 each, 8. W. KROFF, Boom 14, Major Block. WANTED-VAOANT LOT. SOUTH OP MADISON, VV wcatot Croon, north of Van Huron, and oast of Ash* Innd-av. Inquire of 11. O, ROCKWELL, K) Clark-st., Room 23. ■ TV ANTED—TO LEASE FOB 10 YEARS ORMOUE. V V - a lot to build a dwelling houao on In good neighbor* hood: sooth of Van Huron and oast of Leavitt. Address P -1, Tribune oglcc,_atatlng loealtty and prico.por foot. HOUSES AND CARRIAGES. A FINE CARRIAGE WILL BE SOLD ON FRIDAY '.A. morning at Slade’s Carriago Rooms, No. 223 Woat Washington-at. It was built by Baldwin, of Now York, and cost $3,800. It Is tho handsomest carriage In Ohlca* go. Go and too It. FINE BLACK MAKE AND GELDING FOB aalo at 181 West Lako-st. A FINE ASSORTMENT OP CARRIAGES, PHAE* (ous, buggies, etc., of moat approved stylos, at low prices. 837 Stnto-st. P. L. SMITH, * GREAT VARIETY OF FINE ROCKAWAYS, A harouohas, phaetons, top and open buggies, just ro* cclvcd at 37 ami 89 South Ullnton-st. 11. B.IIILL. ■ A“ ””LtTTIIE WOULD SEEM COMING TO US TO BUY horses. It Is because wo deal fairly with both buyer and seller: can’t keep half a supply for tho trade; any amount of customers; bring in your horses. 261 and 263 Btatc-ot. BRADLEY A WILLS. Auction every Wednesday and batur* day of boraos, carriages, wagons, harness, and good stabling for horses. Money advanced on goods. JOHN MORTON, Auctioneer, 421 Stato-at. A RELIABLE PERSON WISHES TO BUY A basket phaeton, pony, harness, etc.;sloodown, hal* unco ns agreed. Address for 8 daysX 89. Tribune olllco. F‘”OU SALE - LIGHT AND HEAVY EXPRESS und delivery wagons of all kinds; also, one second hand ciproaa wagon, at 261 South Caual-tt. 7BOR SALE-ONE OB BOTH OF A PAIR OF GOOD 'X?* horses; will work elnglo or double. Apply atbl West Lako st., up-stairs. - TTIOB SALK—A TWO-SBATED SHIFTING-SEAT, X? stendlng-toprookaway; In good order, nowly.jislntod; wilt he sold low. Apply to BLAJSDELL & ALDRUiOE, 41 Paclßc-av. . FOR SALE—THE BEST HORSE IN THE CITY for a lady or business driver; top buggy and harness; a Imltar; a Gentleman's drivorsn fast colt; and a busi ness driver. Barn roar of IC6O Wabash-av. For sale-or exchange for inside real estate or approved paper, ono pair of lino bay nurses, tugatUer with elegant lop buggy, double and. single har ness, robe*, oto. Must dispose of thorn this week as ownor leaves for Europe then. Will give a bargain. Can bo toon in rear of 589 Wabash-av. FOR SALE—HORSE AND TOP-BUGGY, DOTH lirst-o)&si:wouldtakoa good gold watch In part pay* piont. Address LOi, Tribune oihco. IBOR S A LK—B ABO AIN B—ON H DARK-DAY ROAD ). Bier, half-sister to LadyDoolr and Lancet, raison In California; porfcoily sound and very promising* .One pair C-ycar old marcs, sound, and excellent travelers, $263. Tho best road-wagon in the State. $160.. Sul dou ble harness, Ught, sou. Gooput'e Stables, roar of 427 Wabasb-av. . For sale—a pink assortment op olar cncos, landaus. phaetons, bugglqs, oranlbmos, imd •oferal second-hand unnlagos. A. ii. CLARK. A GO., 402 and 401 West Madison-at. TiIAMILY CARRIAGES, BUGGIES. PHAETONS, I’ rockaways, from tho boat makers In tun country, at reasonable prices, at CMandßs6 WostKandolph-st. O. L. BRADLEY. I?Ij;rOUER, LAZEAR A CHENEY, MANUFAO 1‘ turoraof tlret-olasa buggloa. Factory corner hodg. wick and Dlvlslon-sts., salesroom 825 Stato-at. Wo have on band a lioo assortment and wilt sell at vory low prices. OOD PASTURE FOR HORSES AND CATTLE at the well-known 480-acro pasturo-housoof JOHN A. BROUNSTKIN, on tho North Branch, Utf ndloa west of Gracolaod; part uoarlly timbered, securing shade and never-falling water. Crippled horioa will bo attended by a practical veterinary, free, and night.. Leave orders at 155 Wost, or at HOFFMAN'S Livery Stable, 13 North Ollnloa-st, Herrs# will bo taken out free of charge. JR. BROOKMAN, 1W TWENTY-HECOND-ST.. • has fur a&lo or exchange, now and tecoud-htud open and top-buggies, phnotoni, buslooia wagons, side spring Concords: n few good homos, single and double bartiL-sB; also ono spaa oflargo muU-a. Horses, carriages, and btigglos to lot. lirANTKD—HORSE,TOP-BUGGY, AND HARNESS, Vi together orsoparate, must bo bargains fur cash, or would \o»n money on a Rood tig fee Us use. Apply or ad dross Room Hit, Parker House, ooroor misted and Madl aon-sta. WANTED-TO BUY-A GOOD, GENTLE HORSE and bugK/tnbo used about our office: want It at a bargain. J, M. MARSHALL A CO., Real Estate Bro hors, ST Clatk-tl. WANTED-TWENTY GOOD GREY HORSES im mediately. Apply to ADAM FURUPAUGH. Foro paugh's circus. _ _ STRAYED OR STOLEN. QTRAYRD-A SHALL lUSD COW. OWING UIIK; p any Information given to owner of tho iamo will ltd liberally rewarded, I'lllbO ADAiIU, WSouth Market* Bt.» or it Hodgwlok*co»rt, OTUAYEDOHBTOI.UN-P»OMTI!KfJU«aOR.IUKU, p Dr. ti. P. Hodges, No. 817 North Ohirk-st., Chlcace, May 13, ono dark bay roaxs, 7 year* old, aUuut- U Banda high, weight m pounds s aUoa top buggy, high straight reach, yacht bo*, painted black, with a brown Htflpot run ning gear brownish rod 5 daahhoarcl broken at tho lower rightnund corner{ whlp-holdor gonoj nlsu liarnsss sliver* uUted, but much worn, no orunpor. iho hors® hltohod to tholntggy was taken /mm in front of Iho above i»um* bor. A liberal reward will bo paid for Information which will load to recovery of the above named properly. QTItAYUD-OH WmilN-ONk BMAI.I. TlUhf OV p maroa (ono black and onabav). tojolliorwitha Hcht spring wagon, sign on. 11, lIAItiNUDY, sower builder i&Uanal-at. TIUG CHICAGO DAILY SUBURBAN BEAU ESTATE. ¥q oiir^noif •JL 1 Chlesgo and Llnoom-ats., a largo and ologam hnusp, 17 rooms, boaidoa tlio bath-rooma and closets} largo grounds, ; Comoro! Jndionand KooboX’M-Hm a lino 3-« tory brick house, 14 rooms, largo collar, bath-room, (owor, oto„o»o.‘ Cnrnar of Whojler and Rooncy-ars., a largo and hcautl* ful'J-slory brlrkhooso, 10 room*, bay window, observato ry, oto. Tho ftlioro hmijos arc now. olotranf, and complete, ar ranged for both gas and water. ... Alio, sorrr*l iiioo now frame honses, with trick collars, from a to 10 room* oaoh, jttitflnUhed, aftor model plans, and auarrangod for gas and water. • . ,Flne, beautiful lots, near the depot shd to tho laha •noroiulte.' Those lots, amrounflea u they nro by moat, okoollout ImproTsmonto. aro anro to liars a largo advanca. Comp now, and select lor yoor future homos. Wo aro so A CO.. ISC Dearhorn-st. liionI iion sale—choice suburban lots on titd Milwaukee Hallway, six tnilos distant, and twouly, minutes' ride, In Olybourn’s Addition to Xvavcnsurood. These Infs arc laid out COxlSS’ sot on 80 (pot streets, and will bo sold upon easy terms, a from 8600 to 97M) par tat. Tho facilities for accost to am from tlio city—the dosir ability of tlio land—lt bolnff blab and thoroughly drained —tbo proximity to flnt-olsas mprtmimoiila, cluiroltos, schools, and society, commondlhl* property as tbo best, at tbo price now in tlio market. Comparison challenged J Tho attention of tbo Indus*; trloua—tlio thrifty—tbo cautious—ls called to those lots as silos for homesteads or Investments. i Call, foraprlntod abstract and plot, upon ROBERT QUEER. 8i LaHallo-Bt., Room!!. FOU SALE—TWENTY AGUES AT ENGLEWOOD ripe for subdivision. and at von’much of a bargain. ■4O acres adjoining South Lynno; cheap. _ ID aons on FUty-THib-st. boulevard. near ITnlstod. v SO or 4u acres on Arcbor-av., corner Forly-covonlb-st. •• - 10 or 30 Boras on Dlvoricy-av., near Milwaukee. , 40 or 80 acres near Rogers Pack. 80 acres In near Depot. HENRY L. HILL, 164LaHallo-et., bnsomont. fOR SALE-TWO SPLENDID LOTS. 60x170 EACH, on Ashland-av. at Ravouswood; uloo grevoseboap if sold Immediately. J. N. CHILLS, 175 LaSallo-st., Room 18- TROR SALE—FOR SUBDIVISION, 14R ACRES IN JJ Oook Oounty, on tho Chicago A PaolUo Railroad; depot located on tho land: just olferod, and at half Its value. OIUSON A FOR - SALK—AT ENGLEWOOD—NEAR NORMAL ' School, depot, and park, a maro than usually well built house, andiofcl2Bx6o; house containsß roomr. bntb romn,eto> monthly payments if dealrod. T. MAPLU A CO., Room 3, 1&6 LaSalle-at. UAOR SALK—ONE OR THREE ACRES AT ENGLE JJ wood. - Nice property and ohoap. ' UNDERWOOD & COMPS, Room ■ FOR BALK—AT 'KORWdbb—lo LOTS ONE BLOCK fromdopoljat Austin 14 lots In Rrltlgca’.SubdlvlST ion i at Kavonawood, 3 lota corner of Loland and Palmer ■ts., at pricoo below tho market. JOHN S. HUOIIANi AN. R9 LaSallo-st., Roomfi. ; FOR SALE-6-AORE lotb-a subdivision of nftOO-aorofotra, well improved, good, drypralrlo soils adjoining Hobart, on Fort Woyno Railroad, 82 miles from Ghloaga*, SBO pee act«K payable $lO monthly. J. EARLE; owner. 1 Odloo days, Friday and Monday, Room 3, base* moot 153 Moorco-st. , OiTSALEIXORH PROPERTY—PARTIES SEEK* Ins Investment will do woll to look nt nu especially good bargain I can odor. O. J, BTOUOII, 72 and 74 Dearborn-st., main door,' •. _ ■ TBOR. SAXE-10 ACRES OF EXCELLENT LAND A* adjoining Ohm Island, Inquire of E, F. McOLIN TOPIC, Rtuo Island. 111. ~ For salk-at a baroain-by golden * FRESUWATERS, 83South Olark-at., Room 1U: ' ■4O acres In See. 11, 3S, 18. 40 neres in See. 15, C 9, 19. > la acres la See, 32, 00, 12. 10 acres in boo, 17, SO, 11. 6 acres In 800.18, 39, 18.'• 3 acres In See. 1,110,18. fOR BALE-AT RAYENSWOOD—A ’DESIRABLE dwelling house of 8 rooms; good brlok collar; furnace; bard and soft water; lot 142x162 feet, ornamented ’ with fruit and shade trees; a comfortable homo, and it will bo told at a bargain; only SI,OOO cash required. Apply to ROBERTOIUCISR, 84LaSallo-st,, Rooms. TBORSALE-FINE RESIDENCE AT HYDEPARK. X* with lot 12.>x200, and barn t furnace, gas; house well, finished; near depot and lako; $10,500. lOOiltO foot and house, near lako and Hyde Park Hotel; offered at a 'bargain. ' Beautifully located building sites at Egandalo, im proved with lino ornamental trees, near terminus of Drozd Boulevard, and Just oast of park. ilouso and lot at Hyde Park, near depot. €8x165; $6,000. ULRICH A BOND, 87 DearboVo-st. FOR SALE-DR. IIENSnALL’S CHARMING Re£‘ Idenoo at Ooonomowoo, Wls., known as Sunnybrook, on Lake Ibwlor, Tudor, Gothic bclok homo, 40x40 It., 18 rooms 5 all modern Improvements; brlok stable unclear rlagohousot all necessary outbuildings;eight cores. Ap ply to Dr. J. A. HENbHAIJ,, Ooonomowoo, Wls, Haler to Gon. Anson Stager, S. D. Klmbark, Esq., H. 11. Shu foldt., Esq., Chicago THOR SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD—S2.BOO—COTTAGE X 1 and lot; ono-fourth cash, balance S3O per month. Savo your rent and secure this at onco. liULBURD & CQ..2CB LaSalle-st. THOR SALB-AT ENGLEWOOD —TWO HOUSES, X 1 $3,260, $1,6C0; finely located, two blacks from depot. HULBURD A CO., 208Lfealtc-st. THOU SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD—WR ARE PRE X’ pared to furnish money ana build to order 80, 40, or 50 bouses upon our lands la tho most Improved part of this growing suburb; sfl dally dully passenger trains; comma-' taUon, s4&pflryoar. HuLBUKD A CO., 2uß LflSallo-at. FOR BALE-80 ACRES IN BEO. 6, 37, 13. IN TOWN of worth: 80 acres In See. 25, 38, 12, In town of Lyons, by WILLIAM FRICK, 183 Madlsoo-st.. Room 6. For salb-austin-elkoant lots on the rldco, on graveled and sewered street. Only a few left. O. E. GRAFTS, MLnSallo st. ’ FOR SALE-WEST FORTY-EIGHTH ST., DEPOT at O. A N. W. car-shops, lots and blocks on oasy torms and help to build. O. E. For sale—at f.nolewood, ohoicf, grove property, on Wabash, Michigan, and Imllnim-avs., near South P&ik, and only 3U minutes by atoam-cats. HULBURD A CO., 208 LoSnllo-st. For an Investment, nothing salor; for a rosidonco, noth ing better on tho South Sldo. Wo invito parties looking for avenue property to osntulno tho above. Tltlo abso lutely porfoot. HULBURD A CO., 208 LaSallo-st. F“ OB BALE—M AYWOOD, NICK FRAME HOUSE, and 78 ft of land, for only $4,000: on very easy pay. nienlH. or- discount fur cash; worth $6,000.' liKSS, WHITNEY A CO., HO LaSallo-et. EIOB sale-choice building LOTS on small monthly payments: also aero property for subdivision, between Itlvereldo and Hinsdale, on 0., 11. A Q. It. It., by LYMAN d DODGE, Heal Estate and General Insur* anco Agents. - : c ■- FOB SALE-CHOICE RESIDENCE LOTS AT HYDE Park, near depot and groat South Park; only $360, on monthly paymonts of $10; a groat bargain. Also lots nu Thlrty-ulchth-sl., nearbtowart-av., for *7ooeach. A.H. McUHE&NKY A CO., 183, Room 7. IBOR BALE-SOUTH ENGLEWOOD, 2& ACRESFOB ’ $3,0W1 cash if taken this week. Ownor, W Washing* ton-at., Room 2. 1?OR SALE-LOTS AT HAWTHORNS ONE MILK ? west of Lawndale, two blocks from station, at a great bargain; s2oo to S2SU; payments, $lO monthly. A. B. McCHKSNBY A CO., 133 Madlsun-at., Room 7. TilOR SALE-$25 CASH, AND $8 PER MONTH. X. 1 will buy a nlco lot at Maywood; S2O tier month will buyonoln Chicago, near homo cars, HESS, WHIT NEY A CO. • IpOR SALE-ELEGANT TWO-STORV HOUSES IN } South Kvanstou, on easy terms. Apply at TILLOT BON BROS.. 272 and 274 Statc-at. J~nOU SALK-80 COTTAGES AND TWO-STORY ’ homo* In Englewood, on easy terms. Apply at TIL QTBON HUGS!. 372 and 27-1 Stato-st. SALE-PERSONS LOOKING FOR AN IN- Jj vestment lu cheap property that will pay largely, if it does not double within ono year, should call on A. B. deCHESNKY A CO., No. 183 East Madlaon*at., Room 7. whu will sell this week a largo number of lots at Hydo Park, hoar depot and Groat South Park. Also at Haw thorne depot, one mllo west of Lawndale, Price, S2OO to $350, monthly payments of SUI. Socurua home at once. • F"oifSALE-$2,E00 WILL BUY A FINE HOUSE and ono aero of land with nhumlanco of fruit, In nloasant villaco, ouly 60 minutes rldo from Chicago: ft U a doelclod bargain. WHIPPLE & CLARKSON*, 133 South CJark-sL 7710R SALK-SOUTH ENOLEWOOD-11 LOTS NEAR X' depot at loss than aero prices. LINQLE & DABLOW, 125Doatbom-st. InOR SALE—I 3 ACRES ON BARRY POINT ROAD, * adjoining city limits. SNYDER »t LEE. 14 Nliou Building, nmthoaat corner of Monroe and Laballo-»t». For salb-wasuington heights, adjoin. ing Morgan Park, In, 20, or 40 acres, port grove. No bettor property on tho Itidgo. Will tako good city prop erty as tint payment on part of tho above. Flvouorouon Sprinp-st., near tho proposed Fomnlo College. Also, gnivo ami prairie lot" at tbo old dummy emsiing nl lahi year's priced. Go with m» any day and too tho land. ASA W. OLARKE. 123 LuSoMe-st.. first tie or. TO EXCHANOU. rpO EXCHANGE-MOO FEET ON THE BLUFF, X Washington Heights, and-wlthln 600 feet of Morgiiu Park, and naar tho Military School and proposed $12,w0 church, with aidewalk from depot; streets and trees, oto. Will taka a good Improved farm. lt HloUatßlify-Mrit-st., Englewood, tor small cottage. 83 lots at South Lyuna for improved farm. 130 lots, Forty-ruvouth-st., ono block from boolovard, °w)olßßouthwost’of Brighton, and near boulevard, for Improved farm. . _ • „ . , , . 5 lots on Btowart-av. and Forty-sovonth-st. for land or small farm. . ..... . All Uio above are good properly, and will be oxcb&ngod at fair priuca, LINGLE A DARLOW, 123 Dearborn-st. TO EXCHANGE—HOUSE AND LOT FOR VACANT Iota: aleo. WJ acres of land; alio, farm for Iota: 6.TCO worth of Wafer lota. L. U. WHITNEY, l« Lsfcallo at., hasamout. ' rno EXCHANGE-IRON-GLAD ELEVATOR WITH X engine, auitnblo for grain business or storage, at Ashton, on tlio Northwestern Railroad In good order. Also fmo farm at Shroplor station, in Rook County, Wl». 5 good buildings, one mile from station: foraubur ban or tnsldo property. JOHN H. BUOUANAN, 168, Room 6. TO EXCHANGE—FOR DRY GOODS, TOWN LOTS in an enterprising manufacturing town. Address L 01, Tribune office. . THO KXOHANOE-ORFOR SALE—A FIRST-CLASS X homo frontlngoait on Mlclilgau-av., near Twenty; nlath-st, { will take rtO or 75 fret on a corner as part of purchase money. HENRY U. YOUNG, Real Kotato and Uouso Agent,it9andl&lMadiaou-iU, basement. TO EXOHANGE (fiO-AORE FARM ’ WELL IM proved, in lllluols. near railroad, tor suburban lots. T. li. BOYD. R0 West Wn»hlngtnu-9t. r EXCHANGE—TWO NEW AND DESIRABLE bouses, unincumbered, 11 and 18 rooms oaoh, on Wost Side, for Improved and ualmprovcd property In good looslltr on South Side; will pay dlltoronoo. iu cash. FRANCIS W. COREY A CO., lU7 CJark-st., Motliodlst Church Block. ■\\rANTED~TOTRADE FOR A BTOOK OF DRY ’ Vi goods, notions, oiothtog. furnlihing goods, boots aoilsbous, uud furnlluro, 8 farms In Wason County, 111., all under a good slnto of cultivation, near market and railroad— quo farm of 116 acres, ono of Stlncros, and ono of 825 acres. Also a lino now dwelling homo and 3 lots In tho City otPoorla, 11).. with all modern Improvements. Tho Ullos aro perfect. All worth s£■!>,UOO cash. Will trade part orall. Address Box Hl3. Peoria. 111. MUSICAL. A PIANO VOU HRNT-45 A MONTH, OR sll EOU throe mouths-or will soil oliuap. Bt aid Oalumot-av. T>KMOVAT, OP PIANO HOOMB TO 374 BTATB*ST., it near Van Huron. Planus to rent and fnr sale, tuned and repaired; alsostorod. SVM. It. PUOBSKU. SITUATION WANTKD-IIY“ OKOANIfiT, COMPB* tent to play concerted pieces and direct a (|uartotlo or chorus choir; pusitluu by a gontlomnn who has IA years' eiporleuoo In Uiu Uast, Address H 13, Tribune olllee. DIVORCES. UIVOROIJS-LnOALT.Y OBTAINED—FEE AFTER rtocroo. Scandal aToldod. Nlng/aan' braotUo in the coorU of Chicago, Addmi F, O, Jw* W37. BOARDING AND LODGING, Sonth Sldo -8" PARK-ROW—rUUNJSHBD ROOMS TO RENT; .withboard. ' ' * 1 1 ; Ivf RLDBIDOR COURT—DHBIRARLR ROOMS) JLM; mtperlor day board. Prieos rossonahlo. • Breakfast 6:8(1 to 8:00 a. m., dinner 13 to 1 supper fl to 7. Hyatt eipcHeoced caterer, i 1 ' ... 1 n AND 18 KLURIDOK-OOORT—FURNISHED AND 4-U unfurnished family suites with | board. <!UforonOes required. . A QUURBARD-OOURT—NEW BOARD IN(MlOUBF.l xO flrst-elsss board, with rooms, 94 to S6.R) por wook, ’wiibnse ofplsno}dayboard, <4. 1 16 (JqTTAaß<}iioVn-Ar.-rfAihlspMKiioo.Ma J.IZ/witu board, for nloo famllloa | goon table board. Call and see. : 1 • •- _ 1 - 11Q AND 1M TllmD.iV.-Jr6 MOT. ■vtlffi X.LO boar«l,, several nloo soonis, suitable for man and . wlfo » or single.ieon; also rtrst-claas day board. •, . . m SOUTH PARK-AV.-A LARGJCT PLEASANT furnisboAroom, on locona Ceor, with board, for gentleman ami wlfo, or*two gontlomon,'with reforoncos. QQO MIOniOAN.AV.-A LAROK SUITE OF ZiOJj front rooms on second floor to rent with board. “ OQK MIOUIOAN-AV.-LARGE HANDSOMELY £QO. 'furnished sooond-story front room, -overlooking the lake, with board; also room fur ft single gentleman. A Qrt COTTAOB OROVB-AV. - FURNISHED ‘fcoU rooms for gonta and wives, with good board; singlo gentlemen; also table board. /lb, wahabu-aV.-two, iiakdsoiiiely’run. nlsbod rooms, with or without board; also room for four flrat-olass table boarder*. ■• ■ • 1 A 0,4 WAHASri.AV.-NIOE ROOSTS. SINGLE OR ‘fclltb oneulte, with flrat-oiasa board; also day board. Agoodhamtotontohoap, 1 : ■ ; : /TOO WABASII-AV.-A HUITE-pF HANDSOME Ooaj front rooms, with cloaote,. hot and cold water, i Also, a woll-fumlshed room suitable for two gouta. Ta bio hoarders acoommodatod. ■ • 1 -rrr/r WABASH-AV.,' CORNER TWELFTH—; 0(0 lArgoand very pleasant rooms, with ttrtt-oloae! board. A fow day-boardora taken. ■ nnn WAUABU-AV.-A FEW QKNTLKMKN UtIO boarders wnnled; pleasant rooms; private family. Reforonocseiclisttged. rrCl WABASH-AV.—LARGE SQUARE ROOM FOR tOX gontleman and wlfo or two gonilumon, with flrst olass table; also, rooms for sin gle goDllctnim. ‘ ■ ON WABASH-AV., JUST SOUTH OF HIGH ■ (eonth-at —Rooms, furnished or unfurnUhod, with Rrst-olass board, to gontlomon and tholr wives or single gontlomon. Address S 72, Tiibuoo ofllca. SANIIS HOUSE—II 6 AND lUFIVTH-AV.—PFRMA uent board at roasonabla rates.' Transient, $3 por day; day board 86 per week. ■ . West Sitta, IQ SOUTH GREEN-ST.—NIOELY FURNISHED XD rooms, with tlnt-cJaaj hoard. A A SOUTH MORQAN-BT’.—A TEW VERY DE9IRA* ttTt bio on;! pleasant rooms, with board; ono ur two day boarders can bo ncooimnbdatod. - . . ; Rn NORTH |PEORIA*BT.—SEVERAL BOARDERS UU aooomraodatod in prlvato family at 84.60 por wock. no SOUTH MOROAN-BT.-TWO NICELY FUR- J A nlabod front rooms to ront with board to 4 gontlo men; olso day boarders accommodated. . '■ QK . SOUTH MORQAN ST.. NEAR MADISON.— Pel. Furnished rooms, with-board, suitable lor fnml* Ilosor.slnglo gentlemen; hoaso hrst-olass, with modern Improvements. . QO SOUTH BANOAMON-ST.-A PLEASANT FUR* OtJ nUhod room to ront, with board. ‘ m ABERDEEN-BT., CORNER JACKSON—FUIU Cf i. nishod or unfurnished rooms, with or without board. Also nloo bam to ront. . ■ • • IOC SOUTH PEORIA-ST,—FURNISHED ROOMS IQO aultoorslnglo, with llrat-olaas board. • 1/1Q SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—ROOMS FOR 4 OKN* IxQ tlomon, wlthbonrdiday boardoraaocoinmodaiod., 179 -WEST WABHINGTON-BT. -PLEASANT X i Zi front room furnished, to ront with board, nulta bio for gentleman and wifo or two gontlomon. Also back parlor to rent. ■ ' ■ m .WEST WASHINQTON-ST. - ELEGANTLY fumlshod rooms, with iisst class board. Refer encpstognlrod. • - ion, AIUMSSt, SOUTH SIDE, CORNER OP ! JLOU Adams and Flfth-av., Room 14, ut> two lUghta of. stairs—Good day-board for gontlomon and ladios, and a , low lodgers. ■ , OnQ WEST WASIIINGTON-BT.—A PLEASANT, £i\J O noatly.furnlsbod front parlor to rent, with board, to gentlemen, or gentleman ana wifo. no a WEST MONROE-ST.—PLEASANT FURNISH od room suitable for gentleman and wife or two single gontlomon, to ront with board, In a privato family. QOQ WEST WASUINQTON-BT. CORNER MAY— Furnished alcove room; also otbor rooms with good board, aoitablo for gontlomon and wife or single gontlomon. •_ j CA C* WEST WASIIINOTON.BT--BOARD AND room with largo closet, suitable for gontloman

and his wifo; modern Improvements; private family. AOQ WEST ADAMS-ST.-l VERY LARGE ROOM, Ui£o unfurnished, except now Brussels carpet | homo modem; accommodations No. 1- . . , . TOUNSTONE HOUSE, 1H AND 116 WEST MAD -0 Isoa-st.—Everything first-class; tonus 63 per day; table board $6 por week. • North' Side* 1 Oft NORTH DEARBORN-ST.—NICE PARLOR XZj\J and bedroom on first iloor, tinluralshod except ' carnete. suitable for two ur four gentlemen nr goutiomaa end lady, with tirsUulata table board. Rofotouuea ex changed. AT MAYWOOD. IS gantly furnished «*"••• wu and single- SARAH h. BOARD WANTED. BOARD-WITH GERMAN WIDOW FOR OENTLE muuand wifo; furnished or unfurnished rooms, bath, ole. (When) there arc no other boarders, between U&tsled st. nud Union Park, Madison aud Van Huron. Address nidi full particulars 7, K, care F. C. LlgUto A Co., piano and organ dealers, 17-1 and 176 Stato-at. B* OARD-TWO YOUNG MEN 'WANT A GOOD room and board nt moderate mice, either North or Booth Side, sooth of Ohlcago-av. and north of Twenty, second-st.; stato locality ami terms. LW, Tribune ollico. BOARU-1 DESIRE BOARD FOR SELF AND WIFE with a family who keep tin other boarders; tho location and neighborhood must be brat-clans s tho best of refer ences oiobongod. Address, stating terms in confidence, T L 3, Tribune ollico. ■ ' Board— ah accomplished pianist wishes to ozohnnau her service for countiy board, or for room onftmtbßldo Piano furnlaboJ, References exchanged. Address S 93, Tribune oQico. i»0 \UD - NICELY FURNISHED ROOM AND J> hoard fora gentleman in private family, with fow or no either hoarders. .Address S!MJ, Tribuuo onion. MISO£I*IiAK£OUS. TAETEOTIVB AGENCY—ANY'PARTY DESIRING U tho services of adotectlroof ton year#' experience, with any roforcooo roquirod, address C 76, Tribuuo ollico. CFKNUINK BANNOCKBURN TWEEDS. ALL COL t ora, made to order In aulta for $36. At GRANGER'S, lilfl South Olark-st., up-stalrs. : • 1 Glove and aiitten dies-manufactured by WAI. SEVERIN', 332 North Oarpontor-at., Chlca go. 111. , ■ • Lyman adodob are agents for the agui cultural Firo Immrauoo Company, Watertown, N. Y. Ollico, IH LaSsllo-st. • TITANTED-TO PUROHABE ABOUT 1,000 FKET.T FT ralllorsldo track, curved or straight. AddressL 03, Trlbuno omco. TAT - ANTED—MEN WITH - BOMB CAPITAL TO COR- Y V respond, with a view,to manufacturing agricultural implements, or to starting any legitimate manafacturlug business In this place; native lumber plenty and cheap; railroad communication in all directions,' and a tlrst-class marketatourdoors:a No. 1 point for a starch factory. Address GEORGE A. BAILEY, Correspondlng-Roefota. ryGlenwood Mnuutaciurora 1 Association,Olouwood,lowa. WANTED— TO PURCHASE,' ANVTL- AND BK’£ lows, atStf West Twelfth-st. . WANTKD-A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN wlshos a baby to nurse. 147 Kwlng-st., up ttalra. SEWING MACHINES. Grover a b akiuvb sbwino-m aouines-gen. oral otlloo, 150 Stato-«t. j branch ollioe, 972 Waboah av. Forsoos having old Grover A Baker sowing-machines aro invited to call and uoo tho now iaprovomouts, and hoar BomoUiing to their advantage. OINOER SEWING MAOUINES-WEST SIDE OF. O lioo of NIOUULS A PEARSON, Hi South Ualstod-st.- Machines sold or routed ou'easy monthly payments, and sowing given when repaired. ‘ SINGER SEWING MACHINES—NORTH SIDE OF dee, No. 184 North Clark-st., ooruor Ohio. Machines sold or rented on easy monthly payments; open evenings. FIIIIE NEW FLORENCE SEWING UAOHINE-WB -L special attention to recant improvements made In tho Florence, also to tho now and elegant styles of cases : odoed to tn>r list. To moot tho views ol those preferring a maublno foiMling tho work away from tho operator, wo • havo made Nos. »« and 14, which ouinbluo tho desirable features to bo found in machines made by othurs. with all thn pofluUar oxoolloncios of tho Florence, WM. 11. SHARP A GO., General Agents, 254 StaU-st., Chicago. WHEELER A WILSON BBWINO MACHINES, tho now improved sold or ranted on easy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, office, 338 Went Madiaon-at.: will rsmove about Moyl,. 1873. to 155 State-st FOR SALS. •RIOR BALB-AT A BARGAIN—COUNTER. BHELV- J? lues, glass cases, show cases, and ono Indian Dguro, at 076 North-av. *l7lOll BALK-COUNTER. BHELVINQB. INDIAN JL 1 . flgnro, andleasoofaofgar-storolatho boat location on South Btato-st. B. J. NOOJUN, 76 South Dear born-st. TAON SALK—ONE OF THE BEST BERTHS ON ONE X! of tlio tiuoat steamships on tho ocean, sailing from Now York to Liverpool May 81, for sale to a gentleman. Apply at Room 47 Bryan Block, Laßallo-at., Immedi ately. • iSou. HAi.ii-fflo Iron-hound iuut uaiibuls, J? at No. W East Indiana-st. TTIOR SALE-OHEAP-ALMOST GIVEN AWAY IF X’ called for immediately, house, barn, and funoo, to bo removed. <6Ann-st. • IBOR SALE—TO 815 MOVED, 8-ROOM. Itf-STORY X 1 cottage, S2OO. on Qrcou and Raudolpn-sls. T. B. BOYD, ISO West Washlngton-at. TPOR BALE-TWO T'-hOOTMETAL SHOW-CASKS, X 1 one preiorlptinn case, one set countur drug-scales. HKILAND A UANNBY. 118 PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED-LADY, TO AOT AS CASH- X ler, in a genteel and respectable business, with a cap ital of from a 3,000 to $3,000. wtiloU will mako a (actnno in ilvo years. For an interview and particulars address B 70, Tribune offloc. PARTNER WANTED—TO TAKE HALF INTEU- X ost with mo In real estate business. T. 11. BOVD, 130 West Washlngton-st. PARTNER WANTED—ACTIVE, WITH S3OO, TO take the plsoo uf silent partner. Rare chance. 178 West. Washlngton-st.. Room 4. PARTNER WANTED-1N A FIRST CLASS MEAT X and vegetable market: ouo that understands tho business with a small cnidtal preferred. 68 Wotiorn-av. PARTNER WANTED-A STEADY MAN, AO- X (jualntrd with forging Iron and stool, having $6W> or BtoO, lu lake an Interest lu a business just starting, hav ing contract work for psrtlos In this oily. A good olianoo for the right kind uf a man. References required, Ad dress Lll, 267 West Alooroe-st. •rtAUTNim 'WANTKD-WITII $1,000; BUSINESS X well established; pays well; havo moro than one can do; must bo a good business man, and ready for busluois atones, 187 tJguih CUuk-st,, JloomW, WANTED—BIALE HELP. ' 1 BdoitkooDor*, Clorlcn, Etc. < TirANTItD—A BOOKKEEPER WHO GAN DEVOTE VV part or nil bit tltno j salary moderate. Address L Po,‘ Tribnno ofilco. • ; • • WANTED-A IMRST-OLAB3 CITY SALESMAN AT H’UTABOV A GO.. 1M Part lUndolph-st., np- stairs. TGirANTKD—A' SALESMAN OF GOOD ADDRESS Vr to soli clothing: must have satisfactory roforenoos. Apply At Nos. ami 823 BUto-ai. WANTED-A CLERK IN A 11ANK1N tLOFFIC IL "YY' Address, rrlta references, 0 70, Tribune office. Traaon. WANinn-j nr.AOKSMiTiia to travel wmi OR^PaE/gft* I** 1 ** c * roUß * A W ,I J r immediately to ADAM 1 ■VTrANTEb-OAnAIH.'r.MAkKUS, IN REAR OF 091 , VV puUon.Bt., In the Alley. ' WAWTBD A GOOD DARBBR, IMMEDIATELY, W atW3 South Ilolitcd-st. vx7*a”nted-eidiit ifpnoLs’ritßEHH. apply to W UOLUY A WIRTB, CM and 291 Htnlo-st. TVANTKD-TI2N PAINTERS. • APPLY AT D 72 WA VY basb-av., or At Burdick House, southwest corner of Adiuns-st. ana Wobasb-av. ‘ WANTKD-A VOUNO MAN TO LUAUN THU PItO VV tographloartpngood obaaoo. Gall At SMITH'S Gallery, C 8 west llaudolpb-st. yyANTED-0 PLUMBERS ATO39 WBST MADISON- ANTED—FIRST-RATE MACHINISTS, LATHE : Vr and vise bands; good wages and steady employment, for good otnady workmens no otltors need apply. MER RILL A HOUSTON IKON WORKS, manufacturers of Houston Wator Wbool, Paper Machinery, elo., Bololt, Wla. TITANTUD—IO , FIRST-CLASS UPHOLSTERERS. , •VV Immediately, At SAMPSON, GILBERT <fe GO., SW7 and_B69_ Wahaab*nr, ■ • TP"ANTED—A GOOD PLUMBER TO GO INTO' . VV . the country. Apply to OUAGIN BROS. A CO., • 143 and 143 Lnkc-et. . * FINE HARNESS-MAKERS. 40 .yy ANTED CARPENTERS. SM MIOHIQAN-BT. WANTED A ’BUS PAINTER. AT/ M 3 WEST TwelflU-at. « - WANTED-WAGON-MAKKU, AT ,003 BLUE ISL VT 1 • nnd-av.; atoady work. .. • ' WANTED-9 JOB TINNERS, AND 1 GOOD OOR 'VV nice hand. MAYPOLE BROS.. 2M Smith Joffor- BDd-at. . • 1 - ■ 1 ; W~ ANTED—2 GOOD OALOIMINEUS, GOOD WAGES to bmt-olaaa men. Call this morning at 103 Park-iiv- WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS WORKED at tinning. Address, stating ago and oxporlonco, S 71, Tribune olucQ. ■ ■ • . ■■. WANTED-A GOOD BLACKSMITH AND HELPER YY at Card’s machluu shop, on Aabland-av., o. lllUo south of UVOnly-socond-fit. . Conchmon. Teamsters. &o, ' ' T\TANTED—A BOY. ABOUT 16 YEARSOFAOR, .TT nuouktomodto too oaroof -bonus, Inquire at ftS West lodlana-at. . . Employment Afionoiou. TFTANTED—WHITE’ JIAN’ FOR BUTLER; FIRST. VV class reference required, Apply at Mrs. BATES' Ollioo, 10 Feck-court. • WANTED-RAILROAD LABORERS: ALSO BAW YV mill hands, at 46 West Ramiolph-st., .Room 1. WANTED-WO MEN TO WORK ON'RAILROADS, farms, sawmills, tle-cboupora, stone quarries, die. For transportation and particulars, apply to CHRISTIAN A BING, No. 1 South Clark, or 101 huutn.Uanal-Bt. Mis o ell a-aoons. TffANTED—A NEW YORK IMPORTING AND YY Jobbing wine and liquor housfi.woll and favorably known for many years,sock tbo services of nnaativo young man as salosmau for tbo Northwest. With cue who has a safe and woll-oatabllshod trade among druggists nod grooors, a liberal arrangoment will bo made, duo boat of references of past services will bo required. Address IMPORTER, Post-011100 Box 4EOI, Now York. WANTED-A LAD 10 OR 19 YEARS OLD, ONE not afraid of work. J. L- STRANAUAN, 121 North Balatod-st., In baaoment. WANTED-A SMART MAN TO SOLICIT ADVER. . tlsoma&ts In tbo city. .Address K 21, Tribune office, and say wlionaiidwburoyuucanbo found. ■MTANTED-AT tub finch hotel and board* it ing house, two good manors who understand the business; and can run business good. Tbo best pay in Chicago given to thoso who aro competent. Apply at oacoatWl SouthOlark-tt.t atF. ADS. WANTED —TWO FIRST-CLASS ADVERTISE* YY moot solicitors. Apply at Room SO Lakealdo Build- In gjjtoUmornlug. . . WANTED-A YOUNG MAN. 14 TO 17 YEARS OLD, YY to loam to keep books andmako hluwolf generally useful; must bo willing to work cheap. Address luowa Jiandwrlllng, stating salary expected, L9B, Trlbuno of- nrANTED-A COLORED BOY, WITH THE BEST YY of reference, from 19 to 18 years old, to take enro of hono and carriage, and malto himself generally useful • about tho houso. 1110 North LaSallo-st. WANTED-PAOKER; ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS tile wall paper business preferred. Apply to HILOER, JENKINS & FAXON, H)7 Stato-st. WANTED— 8 OR 10 YOUNG MEN FOR THE CITY, and one for each town In tho country, to soil Prof. Henry’siinn-oiploslvo for korosouo oil. ..96 a day easily made on 63 to ®lo capltnl, A. RAY, 26 West Lnko-st. 1 WANTED— THIS FORENOON. ONE OENTLE mnnty canvasser, a good position, DRADLUY A CO. 7?3 Uarroil-st. ■ • ■ iXVr-ANTISD-MBN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY. Tv «ud «>«*iiaur new buttoirhulo cuttur and ocoulo-tbrciidlns (lilmbi*. • Attni, «!,»» cijq yumi, will rave money and fiino by buying dirrot of tho manu faoturors, at 03 Knit Madlaon-sU, Room 6. HfANTED DELIVERY OR MARKET BOY. 61 TT Eldrldgo-oourt. MAN TO TAKE AND DE tt llvor orders In a retail grocery store; atato where lust employed and salary expected. Address ti 92, Tribune ollico. WANTED— A MAN TO WORK IN THE TURKISH hatha; 374 Wrvbash-nv. TXT ANTED—PARTIES WITH SMALT. CAPITAL, T Y who wish to mako u fortune quick, call on STONE ,A SKINNER, 119 Poarboro-Bt., Room 6. Patonta wanted. WANTED— TWO STEADY. RELIABLE MEN. TO act as night-porters In a drst-class hotel. Apply, by letter, to B til. Tribune otHoo. • WANTED— BELL-BOY AT TUB ORIENT HOTEL, comer Statu and Vanßurou-sts. WANTED-A GOOD MAN AS PORTER AT BUBO KY A MILAN'S Restaurant, 107 aud 109 East Mad- Vi/"ANTED—A SMART BOY, FROM J3 TO M YEARS VV of ago, to attend bar. Apply to O. H. SCANLON, 223 West Itaudolph-at. ■ ■ . X \ rANTED—TWO SMART CANVASSERS IN A V i -Jlcht, profitable business, wiifviho rlalf. Apply to FRANiU. ORR, Photographer, 90 North Clark-at. . \frANTBD-A “TRAVELING SALESMAN IN THE iVV hardware lino wishing to add lohliliitavery aalahlo article, may,call or,address AVAL it A. W. WHEELER, 818 Statc-at. • ' BUSINESS CHANCES. A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A BATH-ROOM; J\. uuuo In tho neighborhood; success Is certain, 'Apply to Pekin Tea Company, 37tLSiato-st. . A STYLISH BAKERY AND RESTAURANT FOR lii. salo-very choapfoUln running order, in tho boat business location of tho city, with rooms up-sfalrs for 80 boarders: rent low. Address S tip, Tribuuo offico. HALL.' IN GOOD LOCALITY, DO 2\. Inc fino business, for salo oraxchango. Call at 623 Wost Madlsun-st., evening. A RARE OPPORTUNITY OFFERED TO CABINET. xLmaUore and lurnllnro-dealers to purchase Hitchcock's patent oxtunslon-tablo slides. Call and oxaralno them and other valuable patents tho exhibition rooms, of North western Inventors* Exchange, 43 and 41, No. 127 Clark-at. "T”g6OD BARBER SHOP WITII THREE CHAIRS Jxfor tale. A good place and cheap rent. Call on CUAB. BUCKLER. No. BCP Fifth-tv. •Thy PERSON HAViNG 8400 TO INVEST CAN BUY JY a saloon, dxturos and lease, pm of tho best cor ners in town. Apply at 65 Blue Island-av. IiiISTOLABS MARKET ON THE WEST BIDE for ealo. For particulars address E 6, Tribune ollico. ARUER SHOP FOR SALE, CHEAP. ON WEST Lako-st., No, 179, near lUhted. Choyirom. Apply atsbop, or at owner’* residence. UUAS. STUBU, No. 13 Hubbard-st, 1 AR STAND TO RENT IN RESTAURANT. GOOD J ohanco to right party. Addrosa SlO, Tribune 01800. RUG’ si'ORE FOR TALE; EASY TERMS; MUST bo sold within one week; 15 per cent oil In voice; part cash, balance oily teal citato or time. MCPHER SON A CO., Iff!, Room 25. ■TFDEN'S WEST BIDK BARBER SHOPJIFOR SALE JCi cbosp. Apply at either of tho nowplscea, loti Clark at., or Mattosou iiouso. • n ROOBIiV FOR BAIJ2-THK OLDEST AND BEST \JTfamily grooeryontho South Side, betweenTwouty-soc and-st. and Hydo Park. Uuslima WM.OW a year. Hus a tin* lot of paying customers. No bonus asked. Parties aro gt'iuit into the manufacturing businsas. Address GRO uIiUB, «ajp P. O. Carrier No. 45. • VIEW YORK-LEABW AND FURNITURE OF A i.i tlrst-olsss Broadway hotel for sals, Address B 11, Station D, Now York. NEWS DEPOTAND TOBACCO erconn. 116 NORTH Markut-st., doing gaud busldoas, v>t solo. INTEREST IN ONIS &T THE BEST \J. wator-power dourlng-mllls in NobraskA for tala to » good,miller! wall located ami doing a v&* profitable builnous. Capital required, *7,600. J>. HAaRY UAM« MEK,>ttornoy, iMamUBHManUou-st. Saloon for bale in a good part <Tf tub oily, Tory cheap for cosh; a splendid chacco, (Jail atl37Twonty-Boc«iudat. . . - , Saloon and boarding-house for SJlr; A good paying aaloon and luiardlng-luiusn. Jai a f food paying boaruots, util bo sold un taasouablo ttkm. nqulro at No. 607 South Olark-st, v Tub best merchants’ i.unou and dinihC mom, with aamplo-rooiu attaubod, lu Chicago, for Ann (dining dally 200 t0323) ; la olforcd at a bargain, or tua competent party who can take ehargo, would rather veil an tntorost, present owner being engaged Jn other busi ness. Address D, oato Cook, Coburn A Co., Chicago. nRIIIC MOST CENTRALLY SITUATED HOTEL' IK X tho city, now doing a largo and prolltablo business, will bo sold tor 86,000, half cash. balance to suit. M. O. BALDWIN 4 CO.i 81 andStf Laaallo-it., Room fll. fiVllß I r HAJIMAOY OFTHH LATE DEOEAHEU O. X M. Von Hchllcban, located at 010 Wabash-av,, for sale. AUGUSTA VON SOHLIRBEN, Administratrix. rilliK MOST CENTRALLY SITUATED HOTEL IN X tho titty, now doing a large and prolltablo business, will bo sold (or sß,tK\t. nail cash, balance to suit. M. G. BALDWIN 4 CO., bj and 8d LaSalle-at., Room 4. filO THE RIGHT PARTY. WHO CAN COMMAND X $6,000, 1 now olfor Inducements seldom mot with ; 300 nor cent profit: (ready cash sales, aud secured by tho United States Government. Call or address Boom 22, Kuhn's llulul. Dearborn and Madisun-sts., Chicago. COHO WIi.CBUV^LAROR~UAHH~BU«INESa pMiWI/ capable of being widely oztuudod. This I* n turn opportunity fur an aattvumau having a delivery team. auiWestliiiko-st. TO LEASE. fPO I.EASK-H3*HO ON FULTON-ST., BETWEEN J-, couth front. ISAAO It. DlLUtlt. No. 61 North Ada-at, fpQ LBABR-DOOK. ATBUIDOKPORT—RAILROAD X, facilities, immediate possession. Apply to IJ. Bit AI NAUD, Room 26 ilryau Block, fpO LEASE-DOCK JI.OT 1W FEET ON RIVER, A lust north of 'Twenty-scoond-it. bridge, and now no copied by Daniel Bogle as a coal-yard. Apply la base giopt, nertbeagt corner ef MadUon aud Dearborn its. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domontioii. WANTED-A GIRL FOR ORNBRALIIOUSKWORK ‘i In faintly of four persona, at 7ML West Jnoknm-st. T\TANTED—IMM KDIATELY, AT WOOD'S HOTEL? TT Bittmato-st., twoflrat-r&lolaundry, and two No, 1 chamber girls. FIRST-CLASS SECOND GIRL FOR TT obamborwork and to wait on tablo, COO Went Wash* Inglon-st, • - •< 1 ' TATANTED—A STEADY GIRL FOR GENERAL .Vr housework, nt itH West Harrieou-st,' Como pro* patodtostny, WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL IN A SMALL FAM' JT Hr. to holpdo general houseworks wages, S2.M, No._£Bs Fulton-tt. TXT'ANTBD—A - FIUBTOLARS COOK, WASHER, TT and frnnor; also, ft second girls references required. UUMiohlgnn.DT. ' • ' \\T ANTE D-COOK FOR PRIVATE FAMILY; OITY TT rofcrcncos required. 22H Mlohlgan-av. WANTKU-A GIRL WHO 18 A FIRHT-OLABB VV cook, wnahor, and Ironers to suob & girl good wages will bo paid. Apply at 03 Myrlok-av. WANTED—A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIUL FOR Vi goueral housowotk. Call at 018 North LnSullo-sl., with roforonco. WANTED-A GIRL TO TAKE OARK OF TWO IT chUdroa. Inquireß3l Throop-et. ■ WANTKD-A YOUNG GIRL TO ASSIST IN THE VV care of two children, up-staln work, and sowing. Apply at 67 Warren »av. WANTED-A GIRL AT NORTHEAST COR. TY ter aud Paullna-sls., must bo a good cook, washer, ■ and Ironorseood wages. WANTKn_ra~A SMALT. FAMIf.Y, A YOUNG •Vf woman to do general housework; will bo treated as onoof tho family; must bo willing to. leave tlio city. If satisfactory a permanent situation; roforonco expected If required, Call or address EDWARD BUUOKB, W Uarri son»s{., nt?ar State. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO THE WORK TT ' of a small family and assist la sowing. 31 Cottage Orovo-av., near Twonty*socoud-9t. ■ COMPETENT GIRL TO DO ; VV. general housework. ’Apply atonco nt 1140 Wa* bnah-av. • ■ - ’ ,• . WANTKD-A ORUMAN, SWEDE. OH NORWB. -VV glan girl, to cook, Wash and iron, la private family. Call at ?4oMloUlitan*ay > YITANTRD—BKCOND GIRL AT BCD MIOIIIGAN-AV. '.ll Wages per week. GOOD COOK, WASHER AND YY Ironorj tlio highest wages paid to a competent girl. Apply M-Ashland-av. -| . . WANTEDA— A FIRST-OLASS LAUNDRESS. Also, kltchon girl, t‘6 AsUlandrav. j_ ■nTANTED-A GOOD SMART GIRL FOR GENERAL VV bOiisowork, Gorman. Norwegian, or, Swede. Good wages. 88A West Motwoo-si. YXTANTED-A GERMAN, SWEDE, OR NORWE -Yr plan girl to do general housework In o email family, 617 Wonash-ar. ■ > WANTED-A OmL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work In a email fatally. Uftll at -18 South May-st. "WrANTED—A SUPERIOR COOK, PASTRY' AND TT moat, for o llrst-claas nrivato boarding-house. Dost wages paid. Apply- ailS-iWarreu-av., corner Wood-at- WANTED— A COOK TOR A BOARDING-HOUSE, at 723 West Lakoet. WANTED— A GOOD COOK, WUO WILL DO QRN. oral housework and tnako horsolf useful lu A email private family. Call, with roforoncoa, at 700 West Jaok lOU-lt. ■ i wanted-in a small family, a good girl it to conk, wash, and Iron. 83Twooty-thlrd-at. WANTED— GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN GIRL to cook, wash, and Iron. Call at 477 Fulton-at., corner Union Park-plaoo. WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS SWEDE OR NORWE glan girl, to do general housework in a small fami ly; rctenmqoa roquirod. Apply at 67 Thlrd-av. WANTED— A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND inner in a private family where two girls are kept. Apply at 44 South May-st., botwooa Washington and Hadrion-sta; WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL IIOUBE- work in a small family. Call at 259 Thtrty-flfth-st. ■UTANTED-85 GIRLS FOR GENERAL HOUSE- Yr work; Gorman, Norwegian, and Sweden. Apply at 60 Sborman-st., opposite Rock Isjand Depot. ■ WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN girl to do general housework at 43 North Ashland-av* WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK AND TAKE charge of kitchen. Call immediately at 871 Wabash- ■\\7*ANTED-TffO DINING ROOM GIRLS. APPLY ¥V ot the Anchor Col Too Rooms, southwest corner West Lake and Desplatnos-sts. ' TtrANTKD—A GOOD, HONEST GERMAN OR NOR VV wogian girl for general housework, at 463 West Uar rlson st.; wages, fell por week. 'TirANTBD—6 FIUST-OLAB3 WAITERS AT THE VV • Gault House, .botwooa Clinton and Oanal-sts., at' ANTED-AVEGETABLE COOK. AND KITCHEN ‘girl at the Ogdou House; ooroo ready for work. Ap ply to the hood cook. W' ANTED-A-COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GEN oral housework In o private family; or Scan dinavian preferred; wagus Q4. Apply aa Si North Our tl6-St. ■ WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE YY work. Apply at ICIB Indlana-av. WANTED-A GOOD PLAIN COOK AT 876 WEST Menroo-at., noarContro-av. ■ WANTED-A HOUSE GIRL AT NO. 211 NORTH VV Htato-st. . WANTED-A GOOD GIRL OR MIDDLE-AGED woman for gonuml housework. Apply (MO West Lako-ot. Soninßtrossos. WANTED FIRST-CLASS SHIRT-MAKERS, Wheeler A Wilson machine; none others need apply. BROWN, PRIOHAFiSK, Wabash-av. and Monroo-st. WANTED— AT 691 NORTH FRANKLTN-ST., A seamstress, ono who understands cutting and lilting, to do family sowing. WANTBU-IMMEDIATBLIf-AT 834 WABASH. VY av., o good sowing girl for dressmaking and button* boles j blbo J apprentices. . - ANTED—A DRESSMAKER, AT 147 BUNKER-' ■\ITANTKD—2O7 COTTAGE GROVE-AV., ONE GOOD V.Y bonnotddockor; also, good straw-sowers. Apply In roar, 207 Cottage Grovu-av. ' 1 Y\r'ANTED-WHEKLER 4 WILSON SEWING MA* V r chine operator, must understand dress-making. Ap ply at HdjQafumot-av. , Nursor?. WANTED-A GOOD WET NURSE. INQUIRE OP K. C. LONG, Marino Bank, corner of LaSallo and Lako-sla. ; ' WANTED-NURSE GIRL AT 69 NORTH SUEL don-at. , WANTED-A NURSE GIRL. INQUIRE AT COT* > Y tage house, lilt Mtcbigan-av., In the morning. \VANTED—A WET NURSE AT NO. 88 PINE-ST. YY fur child' 4 months old. No other children. Employment Agencies. TIT ANTED—23 GIRLS FOR HOTELS, RESTAU- Ir rants, and private families. Inquire at new Intolll* gonco Office, No. 145 North lllinols-st., between Clark and LaSallo, opposite Boston Dye llouso. WANTED- SIRS. BALICAM, B£s WABASH-AV., wants 60 roliablo girls of every nationality to' fill tho beet of situations. , , ■ . , WANTED— COOKS, WAITERS, AND IRONERB for ttrst-clasa private families. Mlsa BARTON’S Intoliigcnoo Offioe, 6&i Stato-st. Entrance on Eigh* tounth-at. Miscellaneous, WANTED-LADIES AS COPYISTS. MUST WRITE ,Y> plainly and rapidly. Coma prepared to work. Ap ply at thu office of "Our Fireside Friend," 100 SU* toenlh-st; ; • PINANCIAIi. Any parties having mortgage on other securities, or unincumbered, improved or uulm* proved lands In thla Bit to, either In city or country, can lonru of a safo and permanent Invoalraont (that will boar atbprongh investigation) yielding from 80 to 30 nor cant profit, with nominal risk and ilrst-olass parties for asso elates, by addrosalng INVESTMENT, caro I*. O. Box 19. CAPITALISTS HAVING MONEY IN HAND TO loan, on abort or long time, with firetolaaa securi ties, can loam ot safe Investment* and liberal interest, with division of commissions, by addressing S 94, Tribune office. T CANS NEGOTIATED—36OO TO SI,OOO, 8 TO 12 J_i months, and $3,000 for 80 days, orwlll purchase real ■estatemortgagee: also, loans on collaterals or houses on loasohold. >v. QTTAWAY, 79 Deatborn-st. Money to loan on houses on leased lots, end other coed collaterals; good patents want* ed. ■ STONE 4 SKINNER, 119 Dcatborn-st.. Room 6. TVAONBYTO LOAN-ON CHICAGO REAL ESTATE JVI-for aorßyotrs. AYRES 4 EOFF, 74 East Wash* ington-st. • Money advanced at lasskn’s loan office; luto Jaoulm 4 Co., on diamonds, watches, and other valuables. 117 OlarVit., corner ot Monroe, Room 5. IVTONEY LOANED ON CITY REAL ESTATE, IN iVisumsto suit; alsoon houses oa leasedgrounu. 8., GROSSMAN, Room 21,178 Btato-st. _ TVfONEY TO LOAN-ON HOUSEHOLD FURNI -IVI turo, bouses on loasod ground, and goon collaterals At No. 1-16 South Olark-st., Room 6. K. WINNE. TV TONEY TO LOAN-AT 10 PUR CENT, 8 OH 6 J.VI years, in sums from SI,OOO to SIO,OOO, on first-class real estate. Short llmopapor nogot Jattid. Liberal ad vance os leasehold property. Q. B. LACEY, 119 Dear* born-st. rno LOAN-8 SUMS: 86.000. i real estate. T. A. JAOKBON, B£OState-sl. . TO LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, houses on leased lets, furniture, and other pood col laterals. JAB. B. STOREY, ,(U and 60 LaSallo-st., ‘Room 25. ' rno LOAN—SIO,OOO ON IMPROVED Oil UNIM- J. proved city properly. MATSON HILL, 108 and 110. Dearboro-sL- WeTiavefundsonhand, toloanonrkal estate. We buy and sell rent estate, commercial paper, bond*, stocks, local securities, and do a general financial Wufu. J, 6. McCOItD A CO., 109 Dearbotu-sl., Port* land Blent. m . property worth sl3, WW; will pay 10 and 6 commls slops. Address L 9, Tribuno office. ton n ™ HAND TO LOAN FOR OEM YEAR ON tPOUU good security. B. F. HEAD, 12i] Olurk-st. > TQIOAN ONAHHORTTIME. SECURED CHJUUnntos bought., A, B. PALMKItiJJI., Rooms Id and 17, PI Washlngtun-st. (t*! enn 'lO LOAN—ON CHICAGO OR COOK «S>J.,oUU County real estate. HUTCHINSON 4 LUFF, Room gii Tribuno Building. C*Q Ann TO LOAN-ON KIUBT-OLAB3 REAL t~pO.VJ\J\J citato security, for throe or five years, at Id nor cent Interest. Tills amount will nut bo divided. BRYANJiATimOP.ja Exobaugojlulldlng. cii O AAA iopeuoent HGHOOL BONDB-FOR sale. Application for tbo abovu bonds of sl.{XWcach. with coupons for interest, payable eeml-nnnu ally at the Morohsuta* Savings Loan and Trust Company in Chicago. will be received by the School Dlreoiors nf Genova, KauaCoimly, 111. Address O, B. DODSON, President. PERSONAI.. IJIHISONAL-MEET ME ATRAMR PLAICE TUUR3- 1 day, May \5, A unlock. POCKUTIUKHC. • REWARD. c*l a ruwahd-lost-a yellow and white »J>Lu bull slut, blind lo oao eye. Return to M Prleu plaet. SITUATIONS WANTED—MAUB. BooWioodots. Clorlm. &o. SITUATION WANTED-Afl TRAVELING AGENT for a grocery, lea. or tobacco ho-w*. or shipping clerk, assistant bookkeeper and good , infer ences. Addrosi JA, 181 South Lcavltt-st. n QITUATION WANTED-IN ANT. CAPACITY, D either in wholesale or. rotall businessor offleo, hr* saber working nun (Scandinavian) of good American odu* cation, Including bookkeeping In single and double entry} good reference. Address7S6, Tribune olHco, QITUATION WANTED—BY A~YO*UNO At AN OF O education and capability, Juat from Now York, In any business, aa cashier or olork, or In any other capacity :hw a thorough knowledge of lire Insurance, Address JSv, Tribune iillloo. . ' QITUATION WANTKD-AN EXPERIENCED BOOK- Q hooper and good penman desires oronlng employment} terms mnu ora to. Add was 0 06, Tribune otneo. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED and-castable man, as bookkeeper, In or outof city? lUfll-clnflS roforoncos. Address N. 11., Look Box 229, Jackson, Mich. ■ ■ SITUATION WANTED—BY AN AOTIVifi BUHL Q ness man. In a competent bookkeeper, correspond ent, salesman, oto. The Itost of city tofoconoea clvnn. Address V lH Tribuno olllco, or WILL SINCLAIR, UU. Hcbjloiiso, Chicago., , ' . .. j SITUATION WANTED—IIV AN EXPERIENCED O young man, In a general houio-furnlshlng-gootis storo, or In fumlluro, carrot, hardware, or crockery-storo. Good reference. Address USB, 20l West Washington* at, . . QITUATION WANTED—AS CLERK IN ANY.KIND Oof huslnnss, wholesale preferred, by n young well oducat* ,od Dane. Ho talks 4 languages perfectly.Wages no account l as a permanent place; best of roforoncos given, II roqulr* od. Address 0 77, Trlbunooffloa. ' • ■ ■ • SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN 91 years old, to travel fora wholesale bouse} roferoner given. AddrossLW, Tribune ollioo. _ , t QITUATION WANTED—IN SOME. WHOLES ALB O’ bouses can do anything from shipping clerk to book keeper; olghtycars’experience, aim best of roforoncos, Address Sfs, Tribune olllco. SITUATION WANTED-A THOROUGH, COMPE. lout bookkeeper desires nsltuntlon; will accept mod* orato salary for ojKmnancnt situation.. References lint* class. AddrogtfFM.i'iVlbunuollico. ’ 3 Tmtlon* » QITUATION WANTKD-BY A-YOUNG. MAN, 31 O years of sko, to learn tho carpentering, Joining, and mechanical trade. Ploaso address O 11, No. SAiilwan* kco-av. ! SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG PRAOTI* caiman, vary well acquainted with cabinetwork In nil Itabmuohos, either ns foromou In tho shop, or as super? inlondoat of outsldo work. Address A. 8., Tribune ollieo. SITUATION WANTED—IN PHOTOGRAPH GAL lon* as retoucher of negatives. Address E SO, Trlb* uno olllco. S ituation wasted-fob a young jian wild p has bad 3 years' experience In a printing office. Good reference. AddrosaLStVTiibunoottloO. . -.v SITUATION WANTED—AB WATCHMAKER. CAN give good references If required, Address S WL, ot rail at UH Dearborns!. - • SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIBBT-OLABS miller and atotie-dronsor. who can giro Tory boat ol roteroncoa. Addrosa F9B, Tribune ollico, Ooaohmon. &o. SITUATION WANTED—A SWEDISH* COAOHMAN desires a placo in ad American family; ono that' tindoratands to take earo ot bones; references given* Addrosa 70 Illlnols-at. " SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SWEDE. TO tako caro of horses. Address O 05, Tribune, offlco.-’i SITUATION WANTED—HY ■ A YOUNG MAN, AS coaolunon |ln a private family, who thoroughly un derstands the onro of hones, and is a.good driver. Ad. dross 8 77,’ Ttlbouo office. • > JDSisoollanooas. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG NORWE- O ginu man who thoroughly undoratanda gardening; will l&Uo a place cither with gardener or lu private lamlly. Addcou OF, 774 Wabasn-av M for 8 days. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY GRADUATE OF THE Pblladolphla College of Pharmacy. S 98, Tribuna, office, - QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO'MAN Afl O collector, buyer, or general outside business; mat tbproughly acquainted with the city, and can furnish an unlimited number of ilrat-olass city references, Addrosa O 7(1, Tribune offics. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SCANDINAVIAN. .37 - years of ago. in a private family, or any other kind' of work; bo la Trilling and sober, and well recommended. Ploaao address Lw, Tribune office. ' . SITUATIONS WANTED-BY MAN AND WIFE; ho is a No. 1 ooaohmau; she as cook or laundress; best olty roforonoea. Address H 78. Tribune office. ’ Situations wantbd-by an American man and woman (friends) from tbo East; man to tako caro of and drlvo horses, cither publto or private) can milk, work in garden, assist in store, understands the stove business j woman is & good plain cook, bread and biscuit-' maker \would do the work for a small family, lesa wash ing and Ironing; both will make themselves useful and; accommodating ton liberal and pleasant party In city ot country. Please address, for throe days, 8 66, Tribune office. . ~ .. .. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN A- O private family; Is. a good driver, and understands taking core of horsoa and working about tho house. Qood< references. Please call or address for two days, up-stairs 280 West Lake-fit. J. JOHNSON. ■; QITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE-AOED O gentleman In any capacity whore ho can make himself useful; is a good business man, not afraid of work: can; 'furnish best of references. Address 8 69. Tribune ollico., QITUATION WANTED—FOR A BOY OF GOOD ED-‘ O ueatlon, living with tits parents. In a mercantile hauso . or commercial eihca. Atlcfrnes_AUSTlN, Tribune offico. • SITXJATXONS WANTEib—FEMALE , Oomostios. QITUATION WANTED—IN A FAMILY TO ASSIST O in sowing and second work. Apply at basement of 67, Warren-av. . '(SITUATION WANTED—BY TWO FIRST-CLASS Q girls, In private family; oqo n second girl, tho other as cook, Ploaso call at lu2 Maxwoll-st. Unoxcoptlooablo roforoucos can bo had. . ■ • QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O girl, to do chamber work and sowing In a small family. Call or address 351 South Jeffemon-st. - :■ QITtJATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE O girl, whols willing to work, to do general housework In a small family, or oliamiiorwork in a rospcotablo board* tng-houio. Please call at No. 12 Llberty-st., In tho roar. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK, - In a private family, or where thoro are afow boarders. - MISS BARTON'S jutolligonoo Office, 863 BUtost., ea* i franco on Elghtcenth-st. ... SITUATION WANTED-POR SECOND WORK AND sowing In a prlrato family. 193 FultoD»st. QITUATION WANTED-BY GOOD COMPETENT p glr|. to do soooud work la & private family. Apply at 113 fllaiwoll-st. ■ ■ SITUATION WANTED-BV GOOD SWEDISH girl la tho country to wash,' Iron, and tako oaro of chlldron, or do general work. Apply at 266 Ohiengo-qy. QITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL O as lapndross In a private family or private boarding* honao on South Side. References from present place. Address S 95, Tribune otßco. • ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG AMERICAN , girl, as child's nurso and to do plain sawing or second ' work; is honest and willing. Call, for two days, at 110 • Mftrwoll-«t., between Btownrt-av. and Oanal-st QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE i O lady In private family, to do second work, or ns nurse. Please call at 129 Sooond-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O woman not lone from England, aa cook in a private family; CauatS3 orovo-st., west side Cblcago-av. QITUATION WANTF.D-TO DO OENERAXi HOUSE- O worki Apply at 298 Oontro-av. Situations wanted-by two sisters, in * a private family: one la used to tako caro of chlldron. 131 South (Jllntoa-st. - ■ Situation wanted-by a respectable .girl. In first-class family, to do second work. - Gall at No. 63Eldridgo-court. . - . QITUATION3 WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS O as cook and second girl lu a respectable private family; boat of tofotoncos. Addcoas for 3 days, E 83, Tribune office. • ■ _ SITUATION WANTED-BY TWO SISTERS, IK ONE family; ono for second-work, tho othergoncralhouso* work or diaiuc-coem and second wurk v ln a private board ing-house. Rest of city roforencas. Apply at No. 8 Fourtoonth-at. Seamstresses- SITUATION WANTED-FOR A NO. I I*4W* dross, In private family, first-class. Apply for all kinds of help atlfiW State-st.. MRS. ROOT. Nurses. QITUATION WANTED-TO TRAVEL WITH A O family or company going to Europe, as name for in* valid, dry nurse, or to tako oaro of child. Address L 4, ■ Trlbuno QtUoo. ■ Lauiulrosaoa. SITUATION WANTED FOR A FIRST-CLASS lauudry-womau: can give satisfactory references; also, a girl to go to Evanston. 885 Wabaah-av. Situations two girls, to run O Wheeler 4 Wilson's, Howe's, or Ringer's machines. • Plain sowing, shirts,; or In sHop. Address F 97, Tribuno OtllciJ. , MinooU(inotm«. SITUATION WAKTKD-BY A YOUNG LADY IN A fancy dry goods store, or in a cigar store, address CJ 63. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-DY A YOUNO GIRL, AS clerk In a store j bakery or confectionery preferred; can giro good reference. Call at 181 Curtls-at. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE girl as dork in a photograph gallery, or restaurant; can furnish the best of references if roiiulrcd.' Call or ad dress' 13,' MAO, 109 Maxwell-st. , QITUATION WANTBD-RY a COMPETENT' PER c Q son os nurse to take care ot a baby, or as housekeeper. Address F it, 764 West Lako-st., up-stain. S“ ITUATION WANTED-BV A YOUNO WOMAN to goas children's nurse and sowing girl. Apply nt T OBT-RAN AWAY-FROM THE CORNER OF FOR. Jj ly-anvonth-st, ami Wimtwnrlh-av., n small bay mare; three white fool; Had on at the time blind bridle and nur. cloglo. Thu finder will pleaso address MAX HKQ. WHIN, Reck Island oar-shops, A suitable" reward will bo patu. • ■ Side. Reward will bo given for return to 146 Stati st. CENTRAL UAi£ road, l(ydo Park train, on tho lihh hist., a rod ru mm leather bag. Finder will please loavo at otUoo of ‘-u# Chicago (Jity Railway, southwest corner State *»•*" kna dotph-sta. ■ " ■ T OST-A RED-LEATHER POCKET-BOOK CON. JJ tattling about S2O. A liberal reward paid if roW-oprt to owner, 567 Wabaah-av. ", *,' T OST-A LARUE RED COW; WHITE ON UDUEtti J J horns grew together. 1 Liberal reward for return to ‘136 Uastlnus-st. . T OST-MAY 11, MINK COLLAR; HUBPOSEiTtO J J.bu.lost between Thlrty-ilfth andThlny-elghth-sta. \N 111 ploaau return H to F. VOLOIN, 1733 Huto-at.! or loavo word whore it can bo had. t CHT-TWO BOXES OF PRINTED ENVELOPES JJand a package oonUlnlng lottor-hoads. cards, and olectrotynu outs of B. J. Wheeler's Twin Nomlo fto*o. wore misdelivered. Parties In possession of the same will on ficUvortug the article* to 8. J. WHEEL* EU, 818 Htato-st., or to GILBERT O. WHEELER. Orient House, comer VanUurcnau j Btato-sts. MIHSINU-A YOUNG LADY. iIELAINKSTANSpiC lljoara old. lift her homo Monday, about 6 o’olook a! m.; wbro a white rtrosswUli an overskirt, white with black stripe, green feathers and green roaos labor hat; black hair ami black eyos. Any iurunnallon of her whoroaboutt will bo thankfully received by her desolated Patents A.< BTANBON, roarof7d3ladUma-av, » , atoa«. a.- 7

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