Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 14, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 14, 1873 Page 8
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8 FOREIGN. Conspiracy in Madrid for the Over throw of Hie Spanish Republic. The Pope Too Feeble to Re ceive Visitors Yes terday. SPAIN, Madrid, May 13.—A Carllst conspiracy for tho overthrow of tho, Republic has beon dis covered In thin city. Throe of tho conspirators have boon arrested. Bonor Bagasta has disappeared from Madrid. ITALY. Roux, May 13.—Tho Popo was very fooblo yesterday. Ho bad a fainting-fit, which lasted an hour. To-day his condition is rather worse, showing excessive exbaxstion. This is his eighty-first birthday. His Holiness was unablo to give audience to tho deputations which callod at tho Vatican to tender their congratulations. AUSTRIA. Berlin, May 18.—Tho Bourses of tho principal cities of Germany are extremely depressed in consequence of tho panic in Vienna. Tho Gov ernment, with a view to tholr relief, will intro duce a measure into tho Diet applying Prussia’s share of tho war contribution to purchase of hills and public securities to advances for tbo accommodation of merchants and to tho redemp tion of tbo debt for railway works. Vienna, May IS.—Tho operation of tho Bank act has boon suspended. GREAT BRITAIN. London, May 13. —Tbo Lov. Thomas Robin son, tbo eminent English divino, Canon of Rochester, and author of several theological works, is dead. Ho was 82 years old. SWITZERLAND. Geneva, May 13.—Mmo, Do Loyson, wife of Pero Hyacinth©, baa givon birth to a boy. WEST INDIES. Havana, May 12.—A steamer arrived to-day, with 1,000 Carliat prisoners from Spate, to rein force tho army boro. An official telegram from Porto Principe re porta that the Loon Battalion recently bad a fight with tho insurgents, and that tho Cuban General, Ignacio Agramonto, was killed, and his bodv brought to Porto Principe. Qon. Sangaila is also reported killed. Sonor Mondivo, a collector for tho Oionfnogos Railroad, while on hia way to make a deposit in bank, was robbed of $20,000 by a thief who snatched tho package containing tho money from bis bonds and escaped. Tho insurgents attacked a train on the Porto Principe Railroad and killed tho Commander of Molina Fort, two Captains, and a number of soldiers. CANADA. Special Dievatch to The Chicago Tribune. . Toronto, Ont., May 18.—A dispatch to tho Globe from Fort Garry states that the officer atat to tho interior some weeks ago, to inves tigate tho Indian situation, returned and report everything in the most satisfactory state, with out tho slightest cause of apprehension of diffi culties. The grand Union Railway Station in this city is nearly complete, tho office being already oc cupied, and tracks being now laid inside the bulling. It will be formally opened shortly. Panshon, the Wetfiyan orator, gives bis fare well lecture to-night, before leaving for Groat Britain. Montreal. May 18.— Tho Government con-‘ tractor is making two basins for shippers, each 800 feet long by 150 foot wide, and 18 feet deep, to bo finished by tho middle of August. A thousand-dollar turnout from & livery stable bos not boon returned, and it Is behoved that it basbeeu appropriated by a designing thief. ' Inducements aro offered to sorvant-glrla to go to Manitoba; Desertions from eoa-going vessels .are fre quent. Ninety-four burials last week. Ottawa, May IS.—ln tho House, last evening, Mackenzie, leader of tho Opposition, moved a resolution to tho effect that no shareholder in the Paoiflo Railway Company should bo eligible for election to tho House. Ho argued In favor of isolating it from political infiaoncos, and showed tho House bow twouty or thirty share holders in that body could dictate their own terms and command the situation. The Hon. Dr. Tuppor admitted tho force of the argument, but considered that thoro would he insuperable difficulties in tho way. ■E. B. Wood referred to tbo Central Pacific hallway and Credit Mobilier scandals as showing how Senators and members of Congress had a direct Interest in using thoir Influence, though not actually shareholders, to tho advantage of tho railway, and argued in favor of tho motion. The motion was lost by 23 majority. Sir John'A. Macdonald, Premier, was laatnigbt arrested and brought to tho bar of tbo House, whore, after tho reading of an affidavit, ho was released from custody. His offense was that of absenting himself without permission. Prince Edward’s Island negotiations oro to ho concluded to-day. Tho embarrassing question of tho Now Bruns wick School law is likely to bo brought up shortly. Parliament has fixed tbo date for tho assem bling each year ou tbo Ist of February. Sporting- matters* Nem. York, May 13.—Henry Coulter, of Pitts burgh, failing to secure au admission into tho raco between Ellis Ward and John Biglin, chal lenges the winner to row him a five-mile raco for 91,000 a side, at either Pittsburgh or Sprint field, giving or taking suitable expenses. Ho has deposited S2OO. Lexington, Ky., May 18.—Tho races hero to day wero well attended, tho track in fair condi tion, and tho weather fine. First raco, mile heats, all ages, purse $250: McGrath's Jury Thomas 1 War Jig..., Reynolds’ CUrlaa.. ’. Brennan's Flight,.., Gibson's Uartland... Harper’s Pintlna, Time—l:4s; 1:40^, In Urn second heat, after passing tbo quarter polo, War Jig foil, throwing his rider with groat violence, breaking ids collar bone and oao rib. Tho boy will probably recover. Second race, i}i miles for all agos; purse, $160: Richards' MaJ, Macon, Reynolds’ Elsie Grlnsload’s Eclair Time—2:l2*£, Baltimore, May 13.—8050-boll: BaUhnoroa, 11; Mutuals, 7. Special Dispatch to Ths ChUago Tribune. Tonowxo, Ont., May 13.--The grand National Lacrosse match is to come off in this city on tho Queen's birthday, May 24. Tho boat Indian players in tho Dominion are to bo present at tho contest for the prize, and tho boat clubs of Can adians aro to slrivo for tho championship of the Dominion. Tho host Indian clubs aro tho Caughnawagas and 6t. Regia. Tho best whites aro the Shamrocks of Montreal and tho Toronto Olub. Tho grounds aro the best in tho Province, —a field 190 yards long and 100 yards wide. A great gathering is expected. Nabitville, Tonn., May 18.—Tho first day of tho Nashville spring races is considered unu sually fine. Tho weather was propitious and at tendance good. Pooling was lively. Tho track is thought to bo slow. Tho Belmont stake for throe-yoar olds, milo heat, resulted as follows: * JTonnie Malone, Joo Johnson... Alice Mltchol.. Moselle.,, Nashville, Time—l:47; 1:47*,'; l:49tf. Second raco, inilo hoata, Aba Delation Piirao. $800; 1 Quartermaster.., Frank Hampton, Mariposa Young Harry, Boswell Port Leonard, Tlme^i:is£'l WAX*; IMX\ Vsi(&. ««i * ? aa , won by.a length; tho aoo* ond, a length and a half; tho third, both horsoa ran lockoiTa ll around: and tho fourth was won by half a length. Both favoritoa wore boaton. The tabor Question* »Nzw Tons, May 13.—The hat and cap makers horoabout are organizing for an effort to secure better wages than $D or $0 per woes of sixteen houra a day. The journeymen tailors in the wholesale man ufacturing branch of the trade, who make from $8 to $lO a week, working sixteen and seventeen hours a day. are organizing with the hope of im proving their condition. HonMhoer* from Massachusetts wont to work to-day for tho Avonuo Railway Company at $3 per day ana board. Tho poiico protoot thorn agalnat onliclpatod difficulty from tho strikers. PnoviDEMoß, R. I May 10.-Moak of tho cot ton mills in Woonaoolcot started operations this morning, with more or leas of tholr former oper atives. affording those who wished to work an opportunity to do 00, Thoro was. no troublo from tho strikers.. New York. May 13.— Thb bosshofsoshoorsof Brooklyn mot this evening, and resolved to ac cept tho demands of tho men on a strike, rosorv ing, however, tho right to employ any workmen thoyohooßo. Tho moa on a strike refused to return to work unless all tho old hands aro token back. Tho employers separated without dooid lugon this point. . Tho polloo of Brooklyn to-night arrested four Groonpolnt rowdies on'a charge of being tho parties who committed tho assault which result ed in tho death of Mr. Englohart. WASHINGTON. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, VAN DDREN’s SUCCESSOR. Washington, May 13. —Tho appointment of Jackson Schultz as Commissioner to Vienna is regarded as a triumph of Secretary Flab over Qon. Van Buron. Tho latter, it is understood, will return to tho United Stales, and publish his sido of tho story. Tho Bootatary of State charges that Van Buron is to blamo for all tho troublo that hoa occurred at Vienna, whilo Van Baron’s friends hold that tho fault Hob with tho Boorotary of Btato. Van Buron’s story will bo awaited with interest. It is said that ho will ontor Into details, and . show that, from tho beginning, ho was opposed by Fish, who throw every obstacle in his way to prevent tho Commission from being a success. It is un derstood that Mr. Schultz will namo his own as sistants, and that all tho old Commissioners will bo discharged. THE RUSSIAN MISSION. It is sold that tho appointment of Judgo Plor ropont as Minister to Russia, is violently op posed by .Senator Oonkling, and that it was moao by tho President without consultation with Oonkling. It will bo romomborod that some time ago. whon tho President proposed to ap- Solnt Tiorropont Secretary or State, Conk ng signified to tho President that if his namo was sent to tbo • Bonato he would not bo confirmed. Fiorropont Is suspected of having boon opposed to tho elec tion of Oonkling to tho Bonato. It Is behoved, however, that tbo President will insist upon tho appointment of Fiorropont. Tho latter, it in said, will accept the appointment, and will soil at an early date for St. Petersburg!). REVENUE COLLECTIONS. Including to-day, thoro has boon collected from internal revenue during tho ton collection dava of this month, $5,00U,000, which is slightly iu excess of the estimates made by officials in the llovonuo Bureau at tho beginning of tho present month. INVESTIGATION. Tho Secretary of tho Interior is now examin ing the evidence in tho case of tho Survoyor- Oonoral of California, against whom charges of a curious nature have been preferred, including the embezzlement of money amounting in tho aggregate to about SBO,OOO. THE PRESIDENT loft boro this evening to attend tho army re union in Connecticut. Ho. is expected boro the 20th Inst., and will probably shortly thereafter take bis long-talkod-of trip to Virginia and other Southern States. NEW BANK, Tho Comptroller of tho Currency to-day au thorized tho People’s National Bank, of Helena, Montana, to commence business, with a capital of SIOO,OOO. [7b the Associated Press.] VAN RUUBN’S SUCCESSOR. Washington, May 18.—Tho President this morning appointed Jackson 8. Schultz, of Now York, Commissioner to represent tho United States at tho Vienna Exposition, vice Qon. Van Buron, suspended. THE LATE JUDGE ORB. Information has boon received by the Depart ment of State that tho body of tho late Judge Orr, Minister to St. Petersburg, Russia, will bo sent to this country, via Hamburg, in charge of his son, ou the opening of navigation. A DISPUTED LAND TRACT. Tho Secretary of tho Interior to-day decided that the Bt. Vincent extension of tho St. Paul & Pacific, Railroad Company is entitled to tho lands in controversy between the Company and tho Northern Pacific Railroad Company, at tho point whore said roads intersect each other, near Glyndon, Minn. presentation. To-morrow will bo presented to the Mount Vernon Association, at Mount Vernon, tho colo brated picture of Qon. Washington before York town, by tho late Rembrandt Poalo. Mrs. Rosa bella Underwood, his daughter, will make the presentation. Tho Regents of tho Association will hold a business mooting hero on Thursday. MILITARY ORDER. Commodore Donalaon has boon detached from tho command of tho Naval Station at Mound City, 111., and placed on waiting orders. .REVENUE APPOINTMENT. John Brookorhas been appointed Collector of Internal Revenue for tho Fourth Arkansas Dis trict. „ LEGAL TENDERS outstanding, $357,021,855. NEW YORK. Stolcos Not Yet Rcsentonccd—Tho Now Poßtal Cards--miscellaneous Local matters* Special Dispatch to The Chieaqo Tribune. Nfiw York, May 13.—A convention of He brews, composed of delegates from all tho States, assembled hero this evening, tho emigra tion from Boumanla being one (of tho questions considered. Tho majority favored practical measures to encourage immigration to America. Tho. sinking of tho Bollovno Hospital boat Hopo at Holicato by collision with a Norwalk, Conn., YCBsef took plaoo during a violent thun der-storm. No blnmo attaches to tho pilot of tbo lattor steamer, as it was impossible for him to see her until too late. Four of tho six men on the Hopo wero drowned. [To the Associated Press.] New, York, May 18.—Stokes was not roaeo.- tencod to-day, and bis counsel says the question whether ho will bo roaontonced before Disease goes to tho Court of Appeals is yet unsettled. Tho indictment against George Francis Train is to stand, and an early day will ho fixed for tho trial. .1 1 .9 din. .3 dls. A 9 The postal authorities of this city have or dered 600,000 postal cards, of which 275,000 ar rived to-day. Thoir sale began at 11 o'clock, and during tho succeeding throe hours 200,000 wore disposed of. They wore chiefly purchased in largo quantities, for advertising purposes, a single firm taking 20,000. 8. L. M. Barlow and George Grouch, tho latter formerly in tho employ of Jay Gould, quarreled during an Interview at Barlow's office to-day, when Harlow ordered Crouch to loavo tho room, calling him a miserable tale-bearing adventurer, and seized him to show him tho door. Crouch plied his oano vigorously ou Barlow’s shoulders, when they clinched an fell, Barlow on top, in which condition they remained until separated. Neither was much hurt la person. Ex-Judgo Piorropont has not yot boon ofiloial ,lynotiflodof his appointment as Minister to Russia. It Is boliovod that ho will accept. Judge Fanchor to-day denied an application for an order postponing the sale of a portion of William M, Tweed’s property which Is to take place in a few days to satisfy a mortgage of $300,000. Tho Geographical Society is to give a recep tion to tho ‘‘ Polaris” survivors, Tho ease of Maria L. Mason, against Honry A. Oram, involving $1,000,000 worth of property near Central Park, was decided to-day, the title of Oram being sustained. Tho matter has been in litigation siuco 1830. Oou. Dwon has consented to remain as Vice- President of tho Erie Hallway till Juno next. An agent of tho Children's Society loaves Now York this evening, having in ohargo a party numbering seventy persons, composed of noth sexes and ail ages. Their regular place of desti nation is lowa, but situations havo boon pro cured for some in Kansas and Missouri. .14 6 .3 11 .4 6 4 .6 3 8 .3 8 3 Tho steamer Amorlcus, while passing through IToU Gate to-day. camo in collision with the steamer Hope, which rims between Blackwell's Inland and Hart Island, cutting bor in two. Four men wore drowned from tho Hope. The Ameri cas BUHtainod very little damage. Jane Armstrong and daughter, charged with tho murder of Karla jO. Day, at Newark, N. J., woro honorably discharged this afternoon. There was no evidence that they bad suylblog to do With tho death of tho girl. .3101 .13 0 3 ,8 8 3 .8 4 4 .4 dla, Tltroo Persons Killed by the Fall of a IBay-LoKt Nkw Tons, May 10.—A hay-loft oyer the sta bles at Nos. 44 and 40 Hubert street, foil to-day, burying in the wreck and killing James N. Man ning, the proprietor of tho stables, Jacob Van Agio, freight agent on board tlio Champion steamer, plying between thin city and Catskill, and John N. Kumar, a stableman, and seriously Injuring Patrick Bums. Tho loft had in It 600 bushels of outs and a largo quantity of hay. The . body of Moaning, whoa extricated, presented a THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBtJNE t WEDNESDAY, MAY 14/1873. ’ shocking appearance. Hof had, evidently, boort smothered to death. KUmar was tho father of UiaohUdron. SPRINGFIELD. Hoy Run Over nna itlllod—Correction •—Presentation—Xlio Contest In tho Second Judicial Division* Special Dispatch to The Chicago TVibune, . Bpiunofikld, May 13.—A Bad accident occur red in this city yesterday, which resulted fatally to-day., A littlo son of Thomas Howoy, attempt ed to got on tho passenger train leaving this city yesterday, whllo it was In motion. Ills foot slipped from tho platform, and ho was thrown .under tho train, tho wheels passing over and crushing ono log and arm. Amputation was rp-, sorted to, but Was of no avail. A report has gained circulation that an appro priation was made in aid of tho. State Board of Agriculture, and to correct this tho Bccrotaiy of tho Board publishes tho following card: Springfield, May 8,1673. In your paper of yesterday 1 notice among the Hat of appropriations made at tho sesaSon of the Legisla ture Just cloned an item of $13,000 on account of tho Blato Board of Agriculture. This is an error. Not a dollar was bo voted ao far m I am able to ascertain. Bo hind enough (o giro the Board the benefit of this correction. Very truly yoursj ■ (Signed) •• Mr. Edwin Browno, Manager of tho Katie Put nam Troupe, was tho recipient to-day of a hand some gold-headed cane from Lodgo 14, Knights of Pythias. At a former visit to this city. Mr. Brown gave a performance, tho proceeds of ■vbJch bo generously gave to tho aforesoldLodgo, thon in its infancy, and In nood of assistance! and this act is intended to testify tho apprecia tion of tho members of tho Lodgo for tho kindly aid so suitably rendered by Mr. Browno. Mayor Hay, of this oity, was prostrated a few days ago with an attack similar in character to apoplexy. Ho is now recovering. It scorns, from Indications in tho Booond Divi sion, that Hon. John’ Schofield, who was tho unanimous ohoico of tho convention which mot to nominate a candidate for Supremo Judgo to fill tho position made vaoaut by .the resignation of Justice Thornton, is to havo opposition from tho farmers, ostensibly, but really eomo irrocon oilablos, who disappointed In not getting tho nomination, aro seeking to nso tho fanners’ movoment to further their own selfish ends. Among thoso spoken of aro Oon. Rlnakor, of Macoupin County; Judgo Bryan, of Marion, and Judgo Oanby, of Richland. It is not anticipated that tho opposition will amount to muob. DIXON. Recovery of Rmllcs~Wlio taro Still OliHslngn Burying tho Bcad—Tlio Injured. Dixon, 111,. May 18.— Tho bodies of Frank Hamilton ana Miss Potersborgor wore recovered yesterday afternoon, near Sterling. Tho body of Lizzie Mackey was found in the eddy below tho Sterling dam this morning. Tho funeral of Mr. Hamilton takes place this afternoon, under tho direction of tho Odd Fol lows, of which order ho was an honored and prominent member. , Mr. Potersborgor took tho remains of bla daughter, a girl of 10 years, to Chicago this morning, to ho buried according to tho ntos of tho Jewish Church. His wife, who was lost at the same time, was taken to Chicago lost wook. Two more bodies aro known to bo miss ing—Mrs. O. Konluor and a child of Mrs. Hen dricks. All of tho injnrod are doing well, except the .oldest daughter of E. B. Baker, whoso case is still critical. Dixon, 111., May 13. —Tho two missing bodies of Mrs. Koutnor and tho child of Mrs. Hendricks have just boon recovered. This includes all that are known to ho lost. SAN FRANCISCO. Arrival of the Body of Gen* Can by* San Francisco, May 18.—Tho steamer John F. Stephens arrived from Portland this morning with the body of Qon. Oanby, which was re ceived by a detachment of tho National Guard of California, and will ho in elate at the army headquarters for two days. Mrs. Cauby arrived on tho samo steamer. Qon. Canby’s body starts East on Thursday. Mrs. Oanby is particularly desirous that no do-. tnonplrations ho marto nn tm. route. Ban Francisco. May 18.—Tho British steamer Altoona arrived this morning from Hong Kong, with 1,000 Chinese on board. THE CENTRALIA JUDICIAL CONVENTION. , Centralia, IU., May 10,1873. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune : Sir: In The Tribune of May 9 appears an editorial in roforonco to tho Farmers' Convention hold in this city on tbo Bth mat., which roads as follows: When the Farmers* Convention at Centralis, yester day, was about to make its nomination for Judge of tho Twenty-third Judicial Circuit, candidates were In formed that they wore to bo subjected to a preliminary examination. Upon thia announcement, Meean. Watts and Stokes, of the candidates, withdrew, ground that they would answer no questlonn upon matters tocomo before thorn for Judicial dodilou, Mr, J. Terry Johnson, of Randolph, was then nomin ated. Permit mo to stato that thoro Is not a word of truth in that part of your roforonco to tho pro* coodinga applying 11 to a preliminary examina tion,” and assigning that as a cause for tho with drawal of Messrs. Watts and Stokes. Tho facts are, that a committee of ihroo members of tho Farmers' Central Association was appointed at a meeting of said Association held some weeks since, to propound questions to candidates. This Committee, howovor, as a committee, sub mitted no report to tho nominating Convention of questions propounded, or of answers received if any; and, in foot, as a committee, no ques tions wore submitted to any of tho ‘ candidates, and no 1 ‘ announcement ” was made by or through the officers or delegates of thoConvontlon in ref erence thereto. If you glean tho remarks mode thereon from tho report of your reporter, per mit mo to say that your reporter, after the Con vention adjourned, was mot on the street by Amos Watts. Esq., and that your reporter laid his note-book opened, on the fence, and com menced writing, apparently os dictated by .Mr. Watts. Tbo Committee to arrange questions for can didates did not propose to submit such questions as would compromise the integrity of auy candi date, or “ upon matters to como before tuera for judicial decision; 1 ' otherwise Mr. Watts would not have unaaawored tho questions propounded to him by a subordinate Farmers 1 Club of Clin ton County, all of which ho did reply to. I cer tainly presume that you have no disposition to create au erroneous impression. Very respect fully, B. P. Tuns. SCALDED. A dispatch received at Folico Headquarters last night, from <tbo Dooring Street Staton, stated that throo men, named Philip Murphy, John Harnett, and Charles Dailey, had been seriously scalded, at iho Bridgeport Steel Works, early in the owning, in what manner was not stated. Tho rtvo former wore, it is boliovod, fatally buruoh Nothing further could bo re ceived. THEY ARE VAGRANTS. Those splendid raids which Oapfc. Hickey's mon executed lost week and the week previous did very much toward clearing out the gamblers on t)o South Bide. Still mauy, and, indeed, soixo of tho loaders, returned to their native heath, and in quiet and secreted places resumed tholr games, preferring to pay the fines rather than close tholr dons. If the punish ment in court i was os severe as they generally .emorionce when molested outside, tho ilk would sQon bo run out. Yester day Oapt. Hickey oud Ida Sergeants resorted to a now dodge, which, if sustained by Bauyon, J., will do more to rid tho city of gamblers than anything else that can ho done. It was to arrest gamblers for vagrancy. Yesterday evening A. fi. Parker, T. J. Hankins, Hyman Pollock, Charles Martin. Homy Smith, and John Brown wore booked at tho Armory Station under this charge, and will have an examination this morning. CITY ITEMS. About 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Mrs. EmmaWorner. of No. UOl West Madison etroot, was accidentally shot in the right shoulder, by her son, a hoy 14 years of ago. He supposed it to bo unloaded and snapped tho hammer, when it went off. Tho wounded lady was attended bv Doctors Carr and Park. * Frank Howo, a young man 91 years of age, loft his homo at Seneca, 111., last Wednesday, to come to Chicago, to have bis eyes troatod by Dr. Holmes. On Friday ho called on the oculist, bat has‘hoi since boon heard ofi lie bad in bis possession SIOO and a valuable watch. Hlq father, Mr. Jacob Howe, has searched the: city, but can get no blue to nlm. Any Information concerning him may bo loft at tbo Oonirol Polled Station. ■ 1 1 1 An obstinate Johuo. named William Noble, oc casioned a general blockade of vehicles and, a largo crowd of pobplo, at tbo comer of Madison ana LtSallo streets, yesterday afternoon. Tho affair Illustrated the extreme impropriety of per mitting omnibuses to run over streets which are occupied by street-car tracks* Tbo oauso of tho difficulty was a simple disagreement between tho lord-liko John and tho driver of a street-ear as to which should stop his vehicle first. Both stopped, of course. A special polico officer of tho West BMo Company triod to settle matters by taking tho offending Jehu to tho Armory,' biit Jehu would not bo taken. Officer . MeUabo. however, of tho oity force, soon appeared, and did what tho special could not do, vary speedily. Mr, McCormick In Explanation* From the Springfield {III.) Journal . A fow days ago, the Journal published a lottor from an "Association of tho Patrons of Hus bandry,” in Minnesota, to O. H, McCormick & Bro., of Chicago, in reference to tbo sales of reaping-machines directly to tbo farmers, with out the intervention of agonts; and tho reply of Messrs. McCormick, in which they very curtly said they did nasinoes that way, and much more to tho saino effect. Wo remarked that such a slap in tho faco was rather suggestive, coming from tho Chairman of tbo Btato Central Committoo of tbo Domo oratio party, which was Inst now affecting to be vory anxious for the rights of tho dear farmers. Mr. C. H. McCormick sonde ns a lottor in ex planation of tho unfortunate correspondence, which, of course, wo publish with pleasure t A.M. Garland. in 02 Sqrldok Btiiext, OmcAno, May 7,1873, To the Editor of the Springfield Journal: Smt My answer to tho arttolo In your Journal, beaded 11 The Patrons of Husbandry and Mr. McCor mick,” la this: Ho far from “tho Chair man bf tbo State Central Committee for Illi nois" having bad any connection with tbo letter signed (by my office-correspondent) O, U. McCormick A Dro., dated April 1, and addressed to my agent in Minnesota, “M. T. Oration, Esq." to which you refer, and take exceptions, politically and otherwise,—and which has been copied Into several Western papers,—l have to nay that I had no knowl edge whatever of tho writing of tho eald omce-lottor until by some moans it found Us way into tho publlo proas a month later, though not written nor intoudod for publication; nor am I accustomed, of couno, to having such correspondence between agents, on impor ,tant subjects, published without my knowledge. When it is proposed to dispense with our Belling agents, and to aubstituto for them agents appointed by “ Patrons. of Husbandry," or anybody else, that is simply absurd; but while wo aro compelled to use agents in making by far the greater portion of our sales throughout tbo groat Northwest, on time, it Is as obviously the right of every farmer, or set of farmers, to employ agents to purchase foe them; and It could not bo otherwise than our' pleasure, directly, or through our agents, to sell to farmers' agents. And, when wo are approached by the Patrons' agents, as we have recently been, with propositions for tho fiurcbase of our machines for cash on delivery, and a considerable numbers, wo shall, of course, bo pleased to moot them, as wo have so written, liberally,—for nobody needs money more than we, in the very heavy outlay wo have bad to Incur, not only in tho ereoUon of our now and ex tensive works, but also of very costly offices and other buildiuga in the centre of tbo city. And wo will also be prepared and disposed to dcol directly at our dly office, or indirectly through our agents, with farmers or their agents, on time, provid ed, of coursoj that satisfactory responsibility for pay ment bo assured to us. An this acorns to covor tho principles of trado In volved In this whole matter, as well as to express our disposition of accommodation In the premise*, the' Eubllcatlon of It In your journal, and br others who avo copied the Minnesota letter referred to, will' oblige. Respectfully yours, 0. IX McCormick. An Exciting' Time in Dubuque* Dubuque, Hay 13.—A lively fight occurred this afternoon over tho attempted opening of tho Grand View avonuo, a new street. A majori ty of tho property-holders hod sold tho city tho right of way, but a few property-holders wore dissatisfied, claiming, that tho City Council had no right to condemn tho right of way over their' property, and- determined to contest tho opening of tho street. Tho Council anticipated trouble, and, wishing to avert it if possible,' procured a gang of fifty laborers, armed with spades, axes, and picks, and, under command of tho Oity Marshal and Stroot Commissioner, pro levol tho obstructions in tho shape of fences, Ao. Disregarding tho throats of tho owners of tho property, tho Sheriff was sum moned, and sorvod writs oUujunotion restrain ing thorn in their proceedings. Firearms woro Ireoly and both parties finally dis persed, determined to cw«„t tho matter m tho courts. These proceedings caused coußiamnmu excitement, ana a strong fooling is expressed on both sides. Dridgo Incendiaries at Work*

Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Vincennes, Ind., May 13. —Two bridges near Brownsville, on tbo Cairo A Vincennes Railroad, wore fired by incendiaries, and a lob of timber plied on the track by some scoundrels as yet un known, for tbo purpose of ditching the freight train south, bub the engineer, seeing the light from tho burning bridge, slopped the train to avoid tho danger. Fifteen feet of one bridge was consumed. Tho other was extinguished by a farmer before much'damage was done. Incen diaries also burned throe box cars at Browns ville last nigbt. No detention to trains. ITlardorod for Ills money’s Topeha, Kan., May 13.—A Mr. Ohaplon, lato of California, wbo had recently taken a homestead on Frairio Bog Crook, four miles bolow Norton villo, was found on Saturday by his neighbors, who visited the premises, brutally murdered, his body being pierced with bullets, stabbed with a knife, and tbo hood pounded with rooks. Uo bad at different times and places incautiously displayed about $1,600 in gold coin, and it is supposed that he was murdered for his money. No oluo to the perpetrators of tho deed. Ocean Steamship Nows* Queenstown, May 13.—Arrived—Stoamor Cel tic, from New York. Fabtiieb Point, Canada, May 13.—Arrived— Steamship Manitoba, from Glasgow. New ions, May 13.—Arrived—Steamships City of Brooklyn, City of Bristol, Canada, and Wyoming, all from Liverpool. Appointment Rocommondodi DesMoines, lowa, May 18.—At a meeting of lawyers in attendance upon tho United States Courts, here to-night, resolutions wero adopted naming and indorsing Justice Samuel F. Miller as a fit person to succeed Chief Justice Chase, and asking tho President to ap point him. A jjoaToxrtvoxtU mystery. Leavenworth, Kan., May 13.—1n tho attlo of an old unoccupied house, last occupied by ne groes, human bones, teeth, aud finger-nails with nosh attached, and evident marks of burning, have been discovered. Tbo authorities ore in vestigating. Ohio Constitutional Convention. Columbus. Ohio, May 13.— I Tho Conatilutional Convention tills nftomoon offootoU a permanent organization by electing M. B. Waite, of Toledo. President, on tho fifth ballot, and Dudley M. Bhodos, of Delaware, Secretary. 'James B. Wil bur, of Cleveland, was chosen Borgeaut-at-Ama. Montreal, May 13.—Tho steamer Bomand struck on a rock in tho Laohino rapids last even ing. One hundred and fifty passengers wore on board, all of whom were landed safely. Tho vessel is a total wreck. fllcLaughlin Not Wanted in Detroit* Detroit, Mioh., May 13.—Tho police have boon notified.that McLaughlin, driven in dis grace from Chicago, has arrived hero, and are on tuo lookout for him. Now York Dry Goods Market* New York, May 13.—There was ad Improved Job bing trade, will: a fair demand for general dry goods but manufacturing agcnla were quiet, and are receiv ing few freak orders. Floe brown and ntamiard sheol luga firm In price, but light-browns irregular. Medium apd fine bleached ehlrllngs in fair rc- Jiueel. but irregular, In Jobbers'hands; ticks and chov ot stripes in demand and steady; rolled Jaconets brisk; prints and ginghams nnfet; woolens for the fall trade are takon more freely from first hands by clothing manufacturers, hut light-weights aro dull. Black molmir lustres auu Chambraya aro lu demand. Other foreign goods dull, and prices nominal. MOTT—WOOD—In this city, on Monday evening, May 19, by thn iter. Obarins Edward Cheney, I). D,, Hector ol Christ Church, Albert M. Molt, of Hampton, lowa, aodnlia L-, daughter of Dr. UeorgO U. Wood, of Chi. St. Louis and Now Orleans papers please copy. RANDOLPH-On May 11. at No. 496 Warren avenue, Benedict Randolph, aged w, of disease of the kidneys, LUKAOHKK—On May 11. at No. 41 Burling street, Mary Lukachok, aged 40, of amaU-pox. OIIABR-Oo May H. at No. 113 Johnson street, Emily Chase, aged 46, of inllammatlon of the llvur. OAV-Ou Mar 11, at No. IC9 West Indiana street, Ellon Oay, aged 38, of paralysis. OUMANN—On May 13, at No. 163 Larrabeo street, QhrUUne Onnann, aged », of Inllammatlon of tho pelvis. OBBHNAUF—On May 13, at No. 143 Rurosoy street, XueUeOhornauf, aged S3, of typhoid pneumonia. WALKER-Oa May 19, at the fimaU-Pox Hospital, Daniel walker, aged 13, Stcnmor Wrecked* MARRIAGES. DEATHS. TO lIENT—HOUSES. TO RENT—HOUSES—BY 3. M. MARSHALL A 00., Ronmii 0 nnd 10, Reaper IBook t , M7Twcnty-fourth-lt., 4rdom», sid. SV3 South Olark-at., un-slalni ftW, . 436 South Clark-at., SM. 836 South Park-sv., 11 rooms, SCO. . 147 Furoit-ar., up-slatra, 6 roomi, 823. 136 Damtlai-plaoo, ft no. S<4 Wahnih-av., entirebuilding, fll9Carroll*st., o toome, S6O. 863 Warron-av., 10 room* and barn, ft7oi IBM Pralrle-ar., 6 room*. *3O. 6(5,1 Rmilh dark'll., up-italra, 845. Apply to J. W. MARSHALL A 00., Ilonl Bilato Agents, Roomi B and 10, norlhoait corner Clark and Wnahluglon-sls. riio HRNT-BT DODDRIDGE A stokes. house X Agent*, Washington and Dciplainoa-aln. i Homo No. 133 fimilli Oroon-01., SOroorai, to loaio for 8 year* only to rcapomlhlo party. Homo West Monrno-at.. 16 roomi, furniture for iale» Cottage 7 rooms, No. 818 WalmiUat., S4O. Bllno rooms, 81 South Grcen-it., uonr Madison, $40., Ollier houioa'and stores In various loonllum. Houses and stores routed aod ronta cntlootnd. rilO RENT-DB4 MIOHIOAN-AV.—HROOMS, NEW- X hr papered and painted, fully fumlihod, or to rent tin* furnished, orforsalo. WM. J. BARNEY, No. 163 Bast Rnndolph-at. - TO, RENT —HOUSES IN OOOD LOCATIONS; tenants. JACOB 0. MAUILL, Bland T’O RENT—2.BTORY AND BASEMENT MARBLR. front reildcnnq. 11 rooms, 1026 Wahaih-av. Inquire of FKRD. W. PKUK, Room 8, Nixon’s Building. ■ rno RKNT-NKW HOUSE A LI, COM PLETK H7 WAR 1 X ron-av. Just west old. K, R. R.; modem Improve ments, must desirable homo, and oboaposb rent west of Wostorn-av. Inquire on promises. rilO RENT—FURNISH ED lIOUBR, WITH ALLMOI X orn improvement*. 10 rooms, handsomely furnished near Kills Park, for tho summer, to first-elaM tenant liiqulro of owner, atl6lßa»idolpb-st., Room 4. rilo RENT-HOUSE 19 NORTH.PKOUtA-ST., BEING JL put In thorough repair. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A BATES, Room 0 Mjtjor Block; Fipo KBNT-OOTTAaK 691 lIUTTERFip.t.D.ST., 5 X rooms, besides pantry and elosots, recently rolitiod throughout. Rent, $25 per month In advance. Call on M. H. MORRIB, 13 ami 16 North Canal st. mo RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X houses Nos. 9, 4, 0, 8,10, and 19 Johnson-plaoo, near Vlncoonos.av.,o rooms each: rent reasonable. Apply to WM. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSalle-st., Oils block. TO RENT—MTORY HOUSE, 477 HUDBARD-ST., of 8 room*, with largo garden, bales repaired; rent, 836. W. WALLER, No. 2, 836 SUto-sU mo BENT—VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE ON BAN- X gamon-st., near Washington, 11 rooms;rent 850 par month s turntture for sale, about SBOO. Apply to WJd. iL HAMPHON A CO., 144 LaSallo-at., Otla Block. TO RENT—9-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICE bouton Noa. 46, 47. and 40 Langloy-at., 10 moms each; modern Improvements; rent reasonable. Apply toWM. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 141 LaSallo-at., Ollißlock. TORRNT-A NEW COTTAGE OF SIX ROOMS No. 46 ArUslan-av., s3sporraonlh. Apply (or two days on premises. alO RENT-HOUSES 24, 26. 98. AND 80 THIRTY . sovontb-st., between Lake and Ellls-avi., south front, 9-etoiy frame, 10 room*, good repair; reasonable rent. B. K. WELLS, 188 Doarborn-st. TO RENT—A HOUSE OF 9 ROOMS. CARPETS ami gas-llxturcs for sale. Inquire at 81 Twonty-lourthr at. alO RENT-HOUSE 291 PARK-AV., LARGE LOT 90 . footsahado trees, ahruba, oto. Apply at 168Stato-at.; O. W. STEVENS. niO RENT—TWO NEW HOUSES,* 8 ROOMS, OOR. X Forty-third and Langloy-ata. Ap,ily to FRED. IK. SMITH, 124 Clnrk-Bt. TO RENT—TWO-STORY DWELLING NO. 8 NORTH Ada-at., gas, water, 7 rooms. OMAR BUSUNELL, ISO Doatborn-at., Rooms 11 and 12. mO RENT-2 NEW 10-ROOM HOUSES, WITH X bams, hot and cold water, bath-ron.n, Ao., 883 and 984 West Monroo-st,, S9O per month. U. W. BROWN, 63 Lnko-st, TO RENT—2-BTORY FRAME DWELLING, 400 WEST Van Bnrun-st., nowly littod up, S4O por month. PHILIP MYERS A CO., UMajor Block. T" O RENT-LARGE HOUSE AND GROUNDS ON Lako Shore, south of ami near Oakland Station, city limits. S. L. UNDERWOOD, JO Madlsou-st. 110 RENT—NO. 27 TWENTY-FIPTH-ST-, AT $1,600 . por annum: marble front house, 13 rooms, bath. Ao., handsomely furnished, and very desirable. Will bo rout ed tn May 1. 1874. or will sell. FRED. L. FAKE A GO., 88 Wdslilagtoa-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, FIRST-CLASS IN every rospoet, on Ashland-av.; largo lot. Address O E R, basement 77 Olark-at. * TO RENT-S-STORY, BASEMENT, AND SUB-GEL- Isrmnrblo front house, all modern improvements, In cluding furnaco, No. 330 West Washlngtoa-sU Apply at No. B6? West Randolph-st. for terms. TO RKNT-BRIOK HOUSE OF 10ROOMS, ON WAlfc ren-av., near Oakley-st. Rout, S6O. J. R. AN DREWS. Pllio 8, Kendall Block. nno RENT—MIOOM COTTAGE ON BEYMOUR-ST. X Apply at 81 Worth Poorla-at. rnd r'bnt-a brick house op in rooms, with X hot and cold bath*, northeast corner Ihroop and Van Buron-sts.lnquire at 130 Throop-at., In forenoon. -25 WADASITaV.--li6uSE, THlß toon rooms, first-rate location for boarding-house, or to rent rooms. Also, two-story frame house, 13 rooms, larßO wrounds. rent cheap, aonttiwoßt corner Calumnt-av. ,n S Twonty-nlxtlMt. BIIOWN & iIUETON, lloora. 8 and 7190 Doarborn-st. TO RENT-OHEAP-NOW VACANT, BOARDINO house No. 101 Stowartv-a., corner Barhor-st., oppo elto Ft, A Ft. W, enrlno and round-house! room for 40 boarders. O. MuDONNULL, 171 East Ualdsou-st., Room 9. TO RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT, 10 ROOMS, barn tn roar, near bus and street car linos, WostSldo. ajßanV.n&r” l,< " nl -U=nt f lfi rno RENT—TWO NEW 11-ROOM, STONE-FRONT, X first-class dwellings, 6GI and 600 Monroe-st. 11-roum English basement. ICO wood-st. 10-remn house, with good barn, 114 Aberdeoa-st. 0-room, 659 Monroo-st. For tonus, call at 618 Monroo-st. mO KENT—ON TWRNTV-FOURTH-ST., TO A X email private* family, a famished brick residence; poeacEslnn given tho 15ih, to a responsible party only. For particulars call at 62 TblrllotU-at. Fumaoo, and all modern convontoncca. • Suburban. TO IUSNT-A FINE LARGE HOUSE AND LOT AT Gionooo, near tho lake shore, IB miles from Chicago, 4 minutes* walk from depot; situation high and healthful; schools, ohuroh; neighborhood and surroundings delight* ful; oars to Chicago bribe year low; will sell cheap. In quire of F. W. NEWIIAXL, corner Lake and Oanal-sts. TO RENT-IN EVANSTON, FOR THE SUMMER only, a pleasant house of 9 rooms, partially furnished: oonvemontlyarrangod with bath*room, laundry, uto., and accessible to station; rent reasonable; first-class rofor onco roqalred. Q 8, caro Carrier 29. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES, &o. TO RENT-DESK ROOM, WITH USE OF VAULT, at Room 20, Tribune Building. TO RENT-THREE LOFTS, 60X165 EACH. AT NO. 81 Mlohlgan-ar. Will bo lot at any pries to a rospon* Bible tenant. TO RENT-STORE 20x85 FEET NO. 193 WASHING ton-st, s alio double atoro 40x85 in flame, brown atone building. These otorcaaro splendidly lighted, bare a 25 foot alloy directly In rear; fire-proof vaults, and have flnlihcd basements, which may bo rented with them or not, at f (ensure of tenant. Apply dlrotly to owner, Room 6, No. Xi Waahlngton-at. rpO RENT—OFFICES,BINGLBOR EN SUITE, WITH X fire-proof vaults; only one flight atatra; first-class la all roapcoU. Apply toownor, Room 6, samo building, No. 193 Kaat Waahlngton-at. rpO RENT-ABASEMENT 40x85 FEET, NOS. 195 AND X 197 Wasbfngton-st. j boa wldo alloy directly In roar, fire-proof vault, sidewalk lights, and linlahod throughout. Apply at Room 6, samo building. rilo RENT—A HANDSOME STORE IN BRICK X building In Rockford, HI.; centre of business. 82x20; dry-goods, clothing, or boot and shoo business preferred: jfiOO ijor year. Address ANTON SCUICKEB, Rook- rpq, RENT-SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH X floors, with power and elevator, 148 Olark-et., near Madlsou. Apply at SOHWEIZEIPS Coffee-House. TO RENT—FIRST-CLASS OFFICES, NORTHWEST corner of LaSalle and Adams-sts. U. 6011L0ESSER, basement, 210 LaSallo-st. TO RENT—WELL-LIGHTED OFFICES AND TWO lofts, 20x115, on Stnto-st.. opposite Palmer Hotel; cheap. Inquire Room 4, 178 otato-sL TO RENT—BHIOK BARN IN REAR OF &I 2 WA* basb-av., near Klghtoonth-st. Inonlro of O. D. POPE, 23 Chamber of Oommeroo Building. TO RENT—SECOND FLOOR, BEST LOCATION IN tho city, on State-st., elegantly furnished, for cloak, ladles furnishing, or millinery; splendid work-rooms In connection, also 20x100 foot; ront. Including carpets, show oases, shelving, counters, etc., all now, $225 per month. Address LIOO, Tribune oflico. r RENT—HALF A LARGE STORE AND BASE moot, one of tbo best stands on Mouth Wator-sU only responsible parties need answer, with full parllou lars, business, etc. O 67, Tribune otflea. s TO RENT—A PART OF A BARBERSHOP FOR A olgar stand; rent cheap. Inquire corner Washington aimlla 1 • tod-■ la. rpO UKNT—DOUBLE PARLORS, TO A DENTIST: X also front and buck sulto together or single, furoiahvd or unfurnished. EM Wabaah-av. Call at 13 tn., or 6p. m. TO RENT—DESK*ROOM AT 175 OLAUK-ST,. COR. nor Monroe, oltico No. 9 j terms very low j good light; entrance from both streets. a"iO RENT—OFFICES, SINGLE AND IN SUITES. . at $lO to S3O each, at 47 LaSalle-nf., corner of alley, near Randolph, Apply to WM. 11. CONDON, 47 LaSallo at., Room 3. fpO RENT—THE STORE tu KINZIE-ST.t REAR X entrance from WolU-st. depot. Apply on too prom- I 80S. ■ TO RENT-CHEAP, OFFICE WITH VAULT AT 103 Washlngton-nt., Room 83. TO RENT—ROOMS. rpo RENT-373 MIOHIOAN-AV., NICELY FUR- X nlihod rooms suitable for gentleman aud wife, or two , gentlemen} also barn to root. T* 0 RKNT-3SPLENDID ROOMS, UNFURNISHED, In s first-class brick house, with all modern Improve monts. Roforoiicos required. Inquire at 710 West Mon roost. TO RENT-FIVE ROOMS, THE UPPER PART OF house No. 61 South Oroea-st. Inquire on premises. TO RENT-TWO PLEASANT ROOMS; ALSO, barn, at 140 South Sangamou-st. T' ”6” irENf-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH GAS AND cloiiils, at No. D 43 State-st. T* O RENT—A NICE AIRY ROOM WITH CLOSET attached, suitable for two gentlemen, at 110 South Greoo-st. Private family. rpO RENT—A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, UNFUR- X nlshod: will not bo lot for housekeeping; also a good barn. Apply at 1-ti Warren-av. riio UIENT—TWO FURKISIIRD HOOMBI ONE AT X sßu and tho other at $lO per month. Day board at $7 ptrwuak. No. WJ West Van Baren-st. fpO HENT-NBWLY-FUUN'ISIIKD”ROOMB, SINGLE X or ou suite, for gentlemen only. 131 South Ciark-et., Room 11. Transients accommodated. niO RENT—HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED ROOMS. X Transients accommodated. Apply at Room 49, 10 and 13 Madlson-st., near Mlohlgan-ar. rpO RKNT-HLEQANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS AT 1 MU Blato-it. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, wTtH CLOSETS, X gas, and privilege of bath; two unfurnished parlors and front basuuontat479 Wabosh-av. rp6 RENT—A PLEASANT 'FRONT PARLOR BED- X room at sl6; close to oars; 07 South Ureon-st. TO RENT—IN THOMPSON'S BLOCK, A SUITE OF 6 rooms; gas, water, and watur-oloaeU, suitable for housekeeping, 336 West Madlson-st, WILLIAM IL TUOU M 1U) Wwt UuUwu-w, OOMS, TO BENT—I i pjkst olabs anb 1 Olrwintlr famlfhod: room;, Ihr tlm do;, Jimk, or month, can loouro thorn at williams Bloou# M South Doarhorn-it. • I rro nuNT-UNFURNißiinrv I’Afr.qiis and pap- X mom on unite to jiontlom*.- and Apply on promises, 146 Twenty-firs t-st., nt ar Wabaah-af. fjho RENT—THREE ROOMh'.VT A REASONABLE X price, with all tho eonmnlonoi* for hnusekormlng In ono of tho host locations on HoulhlHdo to married oouplo. who will board owner In'part payi-om. Address V 86, Tribune office. filO RENT—AN ELEGANTLY nUNIfIIIKD ROOM X forgonllnmanand lady) aUonnfnmUhod room sml a ■mall . furnished' room for alnglo cftitlomnn. Ua* and bath-room in tho honso. Ingnlro at la* West Indlana-at. • tTROR FRONT X parlor and bod-room on nulto, In IHit-olasi ordor, In pleasant locality, convenient to Btaso, rirent and atoam cars. Apply at Andoraon’a Htoam Lounnnr. ntato-at,, eortior Kldtldgo-ftotlrt, or on thopromliosHOr i’ralrlo-ar., corner Thlrty-ilrat-st. 1 : rpO RENT—HANDSOME PRIVATE FAM XHr: flrst-olaaslocation;tonono but KriPoUiaparties. Addroßß, Id confldonoo, 0 60, Tribune offne. TO R*KNT-HANDfIOMBLY FURNIfHRD SLEEP- Ing-room at 81 North Poorla-st. fPO RENT—TWO PLEASANT ROOMS. WITH OR X without board) foforonoosozohatißcd. S4B Fultou-at., hoar Morgari. . fro RENT— A FUIINIfInED FUON? ROOM WITH X or without board. £6B West Raadolth*at._ \ _ WiiMißnr!ri/yooM toone X or two single gentlemen, or man and wJo. Call at 114 South Orcon-st. _____ to RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED PARLORS TO . man and wife, at 638 West Washingtcn-Bt. TO RENT—TWO OR THREE PLEASANT FRONT rooms, without board, at 422 Wo«t Ja«k«on»»t. mO RENT-A BASEMENT TO A COUPLE WHO X would board one or room persons, or to a flrst-elaei dressmaker. 884Wabaah-ar. T" O RENT—AffELEOANT FLOOR AT FB WABASH* dr.; S3B per month. ■ a 10 RENT-<G3 WEST WABHINGTON BT., CORNER . of tiboldon, Tory desirable stiito of front rooms on sec ond floor, furnished or untarnished. Also pleasant room for two single gontlomon. . . _ mO RENT-PLEASANT ROOUTS FOR Huunn- X keeping, In brick honso No. 988 Most Monroo-st. Wo* tor and waste-pipes In kitchen. Potsosslon at onoo. TO RENT—A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT room, two windows, suitable for two gonta, ataalWa* hasb-RT., comer Oongroas-Bt. Apply at store, 891 South State-at. TO RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED room, with or without board; bath-room, bet and cold water, Ac. 49 South Oarpontor-st. TORBNT-AT <25 MA.Y-BT., fl ROOMS, PANTRY, and closet, with water, gifi a month: C room*. 83 North Ruokor-at., S9O a month. Apply at 467 West TwolUh-st. mO RENT-GOOD TENANT WANTED TOR THE X upper part of Nd. 68 Ilonnrn-sl.. 6 rooms. In nlooor* dor. Rent. S3O por month. Call at nouso or address S 61, Tribune oliloo. TO RENT—A NIOBLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM with elusot and gat, sultabln for tho gentlemen. Hof eroncoa exchanged. Apply at 108 Wabash-av. mo RENT—9 ROOMS IN STONE FRONT BUILD- X Ing, 146 East Monroo-nt., now anb-rontod at SO por oont over ront asked. To secure rooms furniture must be purchased. Call at Room SI. • TO RENT-ROOMS FURNISHED OR UNFURNISH od, single efron Biilto, or would ront part of house to gentleman and wife without chlldrod. 431 West Van Bu reu-st. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED— TO RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM OR would purchase furniture and aaanmo loose; must bd in public block, centrally located. Address L 01, Trilmna otfico. WANTED— TO RENT—4 ROOMS FOR HOUSE keeping, West Side; rent. S2O. Refer to 817 West Madison-st. T\TXNTED-TO RKNT-FOR 1 OR 3 YEARS, A TT briok house orbrlokbasement, with Bor 10 rooms; West Side: no children. Give fall description, with res. Bonublo price. Address E 21, Tribune olnco. WANTED-TO RENT-PERMANENTLY, FIVE or bU rooms and closets, for housekeeping, within a radios of ouomllo from LaSallo-st. tunnel. Address,- slatlug price and particulars, 76 North Wolls-st., Room 3. FOREMAN. WANTED-TO RENT—3 OR A ROOMS SUITABLE for housekeeping, fornannnd wife, no children, within 10 ralnntes r walk of Madison and Ilalstod-els. State location and rent, W. IIUTUHINSON. IClark-st., Room 8. WANTED-TO RENT-A FXXJOR OF FIVE OR six rooms, suitable for housekeeping, oast of State and north of Thirtloth-st.; references exchanged. BBs, Tribune ofllco- WANTED-TO RENT-BY A GENTLEMAN AND lady, a siilto of frout rooms, located near Twonty socond-st.. hi, a private family or nearly so. Address JACOB NKWMAN, 134 Twenty-sccond-st. MACHINERY. COMBINED PLANER AND MATCHERS; FaRUAR aurfacors; rosawlngmachlnos; saw arbors.. W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPENCER* 373 and 376 South Ca nal' St. ■ ENOINB-LATHES-OVER FIFTY IN STOCKS AND ninro on tho way from the East; any pno wanting an ongino latho had host soo us. WT A. JAMK9, ROUIIB a Spencer, 376 south canai-st. FOR SALE-UNBEED OR COTTON HEED OIL Machinery. • Twelve upright presses, of flvo cakes each, with hydraulic pumps of oullablo capacity to work tamo. Two pain of tne largest and most approved Mnl* lor stones over brought to this country, with scales, tanks, trucks, eto. ( all complete nud oapahlo of turn* log outO.OCOgallonspor day. For sale upon reasonable terms. For further particulars, addreas Bos 198, Now York P. O. TRON PLANERS. NEW AND SECOND HAND; X bolt-cuttore: drills; leather bolting. W. A. JAMES, ROQUE A SPENCER, 278 Booth Cnnal-at. SECONU-HAND POUTABLB ENGINES, ONE 8, ono 10-botao power, for oalo cheap. W. A. JAMES, KOOIIE A SPENOEII. STATIONARY ENGINES, ALL SIZES, WITH boilers, for aalo by W. A. JAMES, ROCHE * SPENCER. 275 Booth Canal-st. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-malb and female, to eoll tho cheapest and boat chromoa. Good agents can make $5 a day. JR. R. LANDON, Agent, 88 Markot-st. Agents wanted-uewitt fluting, polish tag and band-iron combined. Flutes any length Boiling fast. Good pay. Hoorn 18, 179 Kaat Madbou-st. Agents wantbd-male and female, in olty and country. Articles now; sell fast; good pay. Room 16, 179 East Madlson-st. Agents wantkd-ioo good canvassers im mediately to sell now and staple goods at retail and wholesale. Particulars froo. 0. M. LLN'INGTON, 177 East Madlsoo-st., Room 10. Chicago. Agents wanted-everywheur, sio a day easily mado, and S2O watch givon to agents soiling SIOO worth or 4 gooda that payflOO per cont on smalt capital. Samples froc. MERRILL A 00., 25 West Lako-st. Agents wanted-to srlk our new but tCQ'llolo Cutter and Noodlo-Throading Thlmblo, Agents clear S3O per clay. 99 Eaat Madlson-st., Room 6. Agents wanted-to book agents-now ready, now and additional Inducements. Now way of running subscription books. Agents selling thousands. More agents, male and fomalo, wanted. Address Union Publishing Company, 336 Wabash-av., Chicago. Agents wanted-to know that oiias. Hock, wholesale dealer In books and prlto packages, has removad to 163 East Qulncy-st. ; CLAIRVOYANTS. Dn. MATItKW AND MADAM MAYNARD. IlU3l ness ami Medical Mediums, 105 West Madlaun-st* Madame paiur, the wonderful gypsey, lo a; m. toOp. ni. (Sundays excepted). Ladles only. Foo 60 cents. 209 Wuat Madlson-st.. itoom 45. AUCTION SALES. By EXiISON & FOSTEIt. CONTINUED SALE valitable AT AUCTION, Weflnesflay Mernoon and Eveniiif, ILay 14, at 2 1-2 and 7 1-2 o'clock, At Store 948 Wabash-av., Cor. Twonty-flrst-st., under tho Woodruff Hotel. Thla is the POSITIVE CLOSING SALE of this valuable collection, comprising many Elegant Paintings of the best Foreign and American Schools, and contains representa tive Pictures of the following well known Artists :■ Mo Eerreio. van starKenlinrg, E, D. Lewis. . ZacK Nolerman, Jacques Cataham, w, l, soiling, Olio Erteman, fait lieozcr, Hanv Yoimg, Louis Rolilic, U. Sns, A. Van Willis, Francois Husln, H, van seiion, 1. c, Wiggins, E. Castan, I'rof. A. Doil, Van seveulour, L, ininpe, Van LocKlmrsl, r. Etsciiiiijs, B, Volts, Van Laraumiun, 11, Lot, AnUcrg, E. Morris, . ■ Those valuable paintings will posi tively bo closed on Wednesday af ternoon and evening. May 14. Tho collection will ho on exhibition Monday and Tuesday, from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m., and until time of sale. ELISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. ■ CHROMO. Another Now Chrome. THE MORNING GALL A beautiful suburban picture of a yonr may ohoek and brlghl.oyoJ llttlo girl malting an early vudt to tho I'lowor Uardon given to each customer by Tho Great Atlantic and PaolSo Tea Go.) 119 West WaaWtuioml. aud IBdTwouty-eoooud-et. AUCTION SAEES. By WM, A. BUTTERS & CO. ITALIM MARBLE STATUARY, Mantel Ornaments, &d. ■A.T AXJCTXO3NT, ' This Afternoon, May 14, AT 9 O’CLOCK, AT 55 AN£> 57 SOUTH CANAU-ST, WM. A. BUTTBBS & 00., j Auctioneers, FINE NEW TOP BUGGIES, OPEN WAaONS, Phaetons, Democrat and Express Wagons Donlilo and Single Harness;- AT AUCTION, At 25 and 31 "West ‘Washington-st., Wednesday Morning, at 10 o’clock, WM. A* BUTTERS A CO, Auctioneers. ON WEDNESDAY, MAT 14,,. TRADE SALE OP fie. Granite and Yellow fare. ASSORTED GLASS, TABLE CUTLERY, HARDWARE. WINDOW, GLASS, AO., On Wecncsday, Hay 14, at 10 o'olocV, 55 ART* 57 SOUTH CANAX-ST*. WM. A. BUTTERS A 00.. .Auctioneers. ON THURSDAY, MAY 18, Uttizr GhOCXDS, Eoady-Mado Clothing, Straw Goods, Carpeting, Boots and Shoes, &0., at ATTOTibixr, Sn THURSDAY, MajlG, et 9M o'clock, at 95 and 61 outhCansl-st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneers. The Finest Carriage I3ST CHICAGO. A FRENCH CHARIOT, lined In Rloh Crimson Satin, mado In tho best manner by Baldwin, of Now York, and oont 82,800. A BOSTON HOC IC AW AY. first-claw work. A BOSTON FAMILY OAUBYALL. DOG OAHT. with Leather Shifting Top, Platfbna Polo, and Shafts. HELD AS COLLATERAL, WILL BE SOLD .A.T To pay advances and charges, on FRIDAY MORNINO,! May 16. at 10 o’clock, atStado’a Carriage Room, No. West Washing tou-st. .• WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE OF 35* TCJ DEt IKT X TtTR33, Linen, China, Olaas, Paintings, of a 13-roomcd house, alt new w«hln tho last six months, on Iho premises, No. 223 East Van Uuron-st., on FRIDAY, May 16, atOJtf o'clock-« without tho slightest rosorvo. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers. CREDIT BADE, May SO, S1 and SS. THE ENTIRE FURNITURE OF THE TREMONT HOUSE. at Xl* xni. A BUTTERS & CO., on the premises, corner of Mlchlgan-ay. and Oongross-st., the sale commencing TUESDAY MORNING, May 20. at.lo o'clock, In tho LA DIES’ PARLOR, disposing of the fine Rosewoodl Inlal£ Sulto, In Grocn and Crimson Plush, rtassfvo Mantel Mirror, B. W. and fltld Ctorrioo. Lac®. Curtains, Lambrequins, Carnot. Rich. Giit Chandeliers: alltbo furniture of tin GENTS PAB» LOR; tlioncototho * SLEEPING ROOMS, Rich Black Walnut aud Gold and Black Walnut Ohtun~ bor Kota, Parlor Suits. Lounges, Eaar Chairs. Ladler Dressing Oases, M. T. Tables, 0. S. Chairs, Bedsteads,. Bureaus, Laco Curtains, Lambrequins and Cornices, Hair Mattresses and Feather Pillows olb**t Quality, Boa. Springs. Shoots, Blanket*, Spreads, English Bodjr and. Tapestry Carnots, rich Maniol audJlhor Mirrors, Gas, Chandeliers, BtoToa, Pipes, Thcnoo to tho DINING- ROOM. All tho French Chin/, Cat Glass, Goblets, Wint*. Hooka, Silver-Plated /able Forks. Batter Dishes,, Tfthlo Linen, B. W. Clning-r*- blcs, Chairs, oto. KITCHEN’ FUUNITUBE, Tablet, Copper Jaucopans, Broilers, Boilorc, Haac»*' and all tno utenalA for cooking. EAUNDRY. Steam Bollir, latest Improrod machinery for washing*’ wringing oni mangling. BILLIARD ROOM. 4 Billiard Tables, complete} Chairs,. Sottcca, Obauda- Hors, Bar, Bar Fixtures, oto. OFFICE FURNITURE. Table, Desks, Arm-Chairs, Bettoos, Safes, Mirrors, Chandeliers, Regulator, oto. TERMS OF SALE. SI,OOO and under, cash { over sl,ooo;aad under 4 months: over $3,1X10, and under $6,000, 6ando 7”? s6,l*. 15 »mt 1.1 moutlis. All note, bc.rlu, 8 I cent interest per annum, with approrod security. DEPOSITS. A sufficient Amount to eccuro tho °* blllu will bo required from EVERY 1 URCIIAbLB* FOB INSPECTION. The lloubo will be open cm Saturday and Monday bofora tbo sale. HOTEL FOB BENT. Tho MlchlKan-nv. rinrt Kith 1i room,. ,“ n „ d . Halt with 60 rooms, rill bo rented separately or together,. “ “ low ““*■ JOHN B. DRAKE, Proprietor, war. A. BUTTERS & OO..Auqt'rjl. . By GEO. X*. GOEE & CO., S3, SI, and 2G Ilamlolplwt, CATALOGUE AUCTION SALE On "Wednesday, May 14, at 0 1-2 a. m. . When GEO. P. GOEE & 00., 22, 24 and 2G Kandolph-st., WILL CLOSE OUT 500 CASES Men’s, Women's, aiGMM's Leather ai Sene BOOTS, SHOES & SLIPPERS, Of superior make and quality. By I'AYtOB & HABKISON. LAUGH AND ATTRACTIVE SALE OP Dr? Goods, ClotMi, Etc., THIS MORNING, at BM o’clock. Dross Silk*, Draw Goods, Gingham*, 811k Bcnrfa, Shawls. 6-1 Oaaaitnoroa and Diagonals, D. aiklT. Oaeslmorca, Soya’ Bulls, Hats ami Caps, ftmbroldorlos, Lacs Saoquus and Bbawla; fall lino of Notions, Ao.j I’Jatad Ware and Cutlery; Paraaola, Trimmed Hats, A0..A0. TAYLOR 4 HARRISON. Auctioneer*. Carriages, Phaetons, Open Buggies and Wagons, And 40 Sets Single Harness, AT AUCTION, THURSDAY, Ms, 16, St 10 o'clock. TAYLOR A HARRISON. Auctioneer,, 81 and 3S South Canal-et. By HOBGJES & CO. EXTENSIVE AUCTION SALE OF FURNITURE, By ardor of It. IC. KAPKN. Chattel Mortgage Sale ol 1U halt yarda of Kngliah Volret, 150 yanla B. Body Bruseola. 200 of Throe-Ply and lugrala OarpoU; also, a largo lot of Marblo-tnn Chamber Bote, Parloi Hultea, Pining and Kitchen 1-urnltura; largo Jot Crock* ory, China. Platod Ware, and Cutlery; aUo, tho cutlro contents of No. 48 Hamllton-a?., at our Warorooma, 011 Woat Lako-at., beyond Union Park, thla (Wednesday) rooming, at 10 a. in. . nODQES A CO., AuoUonoora. noun from Auhltind-oT. By EDWIN A. MICE & CO. Tho solo of Furniture advertised to tnko plaoo this day at 220 East Van Buron-st. is unavoidably post* ponod. EDWIN A. RICE & CO., Auctioneers. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Underwriters’ Sale. On WodM«a«y, Mu 14, «t »,SO o'clock, .181 and 84 h! "ui tUo entire wholoßolo .took at Peter Siollli, dniuftKod by the tote (ire on Wo.bln«tmi..t.: iTlboliud?t»HK ' * U ' lout ("rlUobSooUt A largo lot of Imalory, nolVma. hardware, cutlery, genta* furnUhlng gooda, boota »ud ibnui, Ac. Balela oouUnuo from day to day until tfiomxtroatooktacloiod out. PETKU AuoUorow.

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