Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 15, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 15, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 5M5. GIFT ENTERPRISE. LIBRARY GIFT CONCERT, $500,000 In Bank to Poy Gifts. 10,000 CASH CUFTB PAID IN FULL. SIOO,OOO for Only Ten Dollars. Enough of tho 100.000 tlckols Issued for tho Third Grand Gift Concert, In Ala of tho Public Library of Kentucky, bating been sold to Insure a fnll drawing, and tho wish hating been unltonally expressed that tho 10.000 oath gifts offered should bo drawn in full and paid In full with* out any sealing down, as horotoforo, tbs Management, wllb the concurrence of the Trustees, determined to allow until July. 8 for the sale of tho remnant of tickets loft on band.; Tho concert and distribution at first admitted for April Bwaathereforeposlponod to Tuesday. July 8,1878, on which day. andnootnnr, thoy will posltlrcly and uuo. onltoeally take place In Public Library Ua)l, LonUtUle, At this grand concert the following cash gifts will be distributed by lot and paid In full to the ticket-holders who draw them: _ _■ ■ list of gifts. One Grand Cash Gift, - - 8100,000 One Gmml€nah Gift, - One Grand Can i Gilt, - . .. BO.tKH) Ono Grand Can i Gill, ... 20.000 One Grand Cas i Gm; . . . 10,000 One Grand Can » Gift. - A,(hhi Gash G Ita of 81,000 cadi, 2|iooQ Caaji G fie of 600 “ 2f1,Q00 JCaali G its of 4(10 44 lli'OOQ Caeh G On of 300 44 00,000 mmi 1i: iii Total, 10.000 Gina, nil Gnah, - 8500.000 The money to pay all those gifts In full Is now upon do poslt.ln the Farmers’ and Drovers' Bank of Louisville, and •et aside for that purpose, and can only bo used for that gurjioto, as will bo soon by tbo following certificate of tho ‘ Omos orFantoKUß' and Dnovrsns’ Baw«,) Louiavn.t,s, Ky.. April 7, 1878. ) This Is to certify that there Is In tho Farmer*’ and Drov ers' Bank to the credit of tho Third Grand Gift Concert, for tbo benefit of the Public- Library of Kentucky, five hundred thousand dollars, which has boon set apart by tho Managers to pay tbo gifts In full, and will behold by the Dank and paid oat for thli purpose, and this purpose only. n. 8. VKBOH. Cashier. The party, therefore, who bolds tbo tlckot drawing tbo capital gift will got *IOO,OOO lit greenbacks, and so of tho 860,000 gift, tho $25,000, tbo S2O. ON, the SIO,OOO, the $6,1)00, and all tho othor gifts, 10,000 in nnmbor, amount ing to $600.000. .. .. Tbo remnant of unsold Uckota will bo furnished to those who first apply (orders accompanied tjio money always having preference over agents),the following prices: Whole tickets. $10; halv~. Jit andanartors, s3Jft Eleven whole tickets.w for S6OO, US for SI,OOO, and 676 for $5,000- ho discount on loss than SIOO worth of tickets at a timo, Tho concert and distribution of gifts will begin at 6 o'clock on Tuesday morning, July 8, in Fubllo Library Hall, and tho following will bo tho order of proceedings: First—Muilo by orchestral band. Second—Placing of tags (oue for each tlckot sold) In largo whool. Third- Placing of gifts in small whool. Fourth—Muile by or chestral band. Fifth—Explanatory remarks by Presi dent. Sixth—Drawing of first half of gifts. Seventh— Muslo by orohostrnlband. Eighth—Drawing of last half of gifts; Ninth—Placing of largo whool with tags in tho hands of Committee appointed by audience. Tenth- Grand orchestral concert. '"twuu U1 bUtIBk 141 b. Tbs mtulo on this grnnd occasion will bo tho boat that can bo procured, and tho gontlomon who count and place tho tag* and gifts In too wheels, and superintend tho drawing and keep tho record of tho drawn nurabora, will bo ohoaon from tho boat known and moat truatworty olti tons of tho State. All will bo ao conducted aa to bo a per* feet guaranty aglanat complaint from any Just aonroo. Absent ticket-holders will find tholr interests aa offoctu* ally protected as if they had boon pononallyprosont at tho drawing. Tho payment of gifts will begin on Saturday, July 13, at 9 o’clock a. m. Tickets drawing gifta rouat bo presented at Room No. 4, Public Library Building, whore oaah chocks upon the Farmers' and Drovers’ Bank of LooiaTllle, or alght drafts npon tho Fourth National Bank of Now York, at tho option of tho holder, will bo given for tho tickets, AH BlfUnot callsd for In six months from the drawing w Ll_b° turned over to tho Public Library fond. For full particulars aond for circulars, and for ticket* send your money direct to headquarters at Loulsrilia, Ky., to tho following address: . TIIOH. E. lIItAMIiF.TTE, Agent Public library of Kentucky, COD LIVER OIL. WILLQOISr^S CARBOLATED COD LIVER OIL la a Specific and Radical Goto for CONSUMPTION MD SOEOPUIOTJS DISEASES, -Remember the name, “Willson's Carbnlsted Ood Liver Oil. 11 It come# In large wedge-shaped bottles, bearing the Inventor* signature, and la sold by the best Druggists. Prepared by J. H, 'Willson, 30 Platt-st., H.Y. _For gala by nil Druggists. LAKE NAVIGATION. GOODRICH’S STRAUSS For Racine, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, etc., daily. Sundays excopted, 9a. m. Saturday Excur sion Boat for Milwaukee, etc., do’n't leave un til 8 p. m. For Grand Mayen, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Spring Lake, Frnitport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 7 p. m, For St. Joseph and Benton Harbor, Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, 11 p. m, For Green Bay, Menominee, Oconto, and intcr mediate ports, tri-weekly. 7 p. m. FINANCIAL. Ml MU Si, Bankers, First National Rani Building, soiHmst corner of State and WasMutoa-sts., CMcago, Dealers in Gold and Silver Bullion, Bar, Leaf, Sheet, and Granulated Form for me chanical purposes. Deposits received in either currency or coin, subject to obook without notice. Six per cent interest allowed on all daily balances. Checks upon us pass through the Clearing- House, as if drawn upon any city bank. Interest credited, and aooounts-ourrent rendered monthly. Coin and Currency Drafts on New York. LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, BAMEJE3HS. SOUTH BIDE, I WEST BIDE, 157 anil 159 Lasalle-sL iCor. Dalsltd & EaaMpli-sts. Banking in all its branches. Foreign Exchange and Travelers* Credits, MONEY TO LOAN. Do flrat-olaaa local atooka. Good commercial paper ranted. WM. P. WATSON A 00., Stock and Noto Broken, 106 Glark-at. LOCAL STOCKS. ForBalo: Chicago Oily Railway, North Division Rail way, and National Bank Blocks, Wanted: Pullman Palace Oar stock and Rlgin Watch. WM. P. WATSON A CO., Stock and Note Brokers, 105 Olark-afc, ZDXGK Attorneys everywhere, and collect the elatma of Wholesale Merchants and others In any part of the Country. No Attorney's fees In suits: no charges until collections are made. FUASIBU'S MBROANTILK COLLECTION AGENCY. 148 Madlion st. MEETINGS. Masonic. Regular convocation of Union Park Ohaptor, No. 148, S. A, M., at their hall, corner Madison and ftobey-sta., ils (Thursday) ovuning, for business and work. ' W. if. THWING, M. E. Higl: Priest. Mnaoiiic, Waubaasla Lodge, No. 160, moots this (Tbnrsdsy) evening, at 7/4 o'clock. In Oriental Hail, 121 LaHallo-it., lor work on the F. O. Degree, visiting brethren cordially triad. B, order o(lb. W. M. #T< JQmt CARRIAGES. BREWSTER & GO., OP BEOOME-ST., | WABEKOOMS, Fifth-av,, cor, Fourteenth-st'., NEW "STOHJK. Elegant Carriages, In ill the fashionable varieties, from original designs of our own and the best styles of Faria and London, exquis itely finished In all BUk-Ballns, French Morocco, and the finest Broadcloths. Special attention Is called to the (act that oroiy Carriage offered In our Warerooma la the pro* duotlonof our well known BUOOiUC'ST, FACTO- ItY» and equal, in every roapoct, to those built to the order of the moat rained customer. , In 'addition to our stock of the LADDER vehicles, wo offer a complete assortment of ROAD WAGONS; with and without tops, IN ALL WRIGHTS, for PLEASURE DREVING.OR SPEEDING, embracing in their construe tion tbevarlons Improvements Introduced by os during tbo past fifteen years, and which bavo made the “BREWSTER WAGON” -The Standard for Quality. OUR PRIDES BEING FIXED AND UNIFORM TO ALL, orders by mall bavo equal advantages with those placed In person. ■ . To prevent confusion, the public will ploaio remember that we are not connected with a Joint Btook Company of Carriage Dealers now seeking to share our reputation by adopting a firm name similar to our own. BREWSTER & CO.. OF BROOME-ST, Warerooma, rifth-av., oor. Fonttoenth-st. REAL ESTATE. To Manufacturers We have a few very desirable sites for manufacturing purposes, in the district south of Tweuty-seoond-st., each lot having dock frontage and track connections with all railroads entering the city. To those about soleotingnew sites,unoaualedadvan tages are offered. Gall and examine plats and visit tho property. S. J. WALKER, T&DDTT CHOUGH. Is to be near the 160 feet of ground on Miohigan-av. which we offer for sale; situate on the west side of the street between Twenty-llfth and Twenty-slxth-sts. Six fine dwell ings could be built on this lot and sold within six months. A. J. GALLOWAY & SOW., S. W. cor. State & Madison-sts, Residence at Morris, Dl. The residence of Beacon Moses Bross, at Morris, 3117, isTor**%lfl oik orpy terms, The garden is largo, and Ailed with a ohoioo va riety of fruit from the nurseries of Elwanger & Barry, Rochester, N. 7. It is a most de sirable home. For particulars, inquire of J, B. BAVIBSON and M. K. KELLER, Esqs., Morris, or of WM. BROSS, Chicago. Uni Pari Bali ft, Office 153 MONROE-ST., Boom 4, Kent's BtUldlng. Houses and Lot* for sale on easy torn*. FRANK P. HAWKINS, Agent. GENERAL NO TICES. KTOTXOE!. The CHICAGO SPRING WORKS will occupy, by Ist oijanenoxt, the cow buildings now being erootoa for them at Melrose. The Bomoral will eauao bat little delay la the delivery ex orders on hand, for wbloh wo ask the Indulgence of oar customers, Our office, until further notice, will bo at the old stand 235 South OUnton-st. F. M. ATKINSON, President and Superintendent. NOTICE I GANGER IS NOT INCURABLE. Our treatment ha* boon sucooiifally need for twenty year*. Hundred* of cue* cured. Little or no coin uro duced. No loos of blood. * pur office (branch of Philadelphia Belloruo In*tlta(e) will bo opened on Friday, 16tb Instant, at 770 Wabaib-ar. ■ t)RB. B. Q. A O. E. DALTON. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. COPARTNFBSHIP. WILLIAM LOFT baa this day cold out his Interest In, and ha* withdrawn from, tho firm of LOFT, BURNHAM A 00., In the Planlng-Mltl and Lumber Baainoaa, cor* narof Tbroop endTwonty-seoond-it*., and la succeeded by WILLIAM STEVENS. Hereafter the business will be carried on In the firm same ofWILOU, STEVENS A CO. Chicago, May 14,1773. Edwin P. Wilcs, William Stevens, Jouh. P. Bubnuam, William Loft, Retiring Partner. WANTED. Railroad OUlcitils. A gentleman who has bad aorernl years' practical experience In a railway offlee, desires a situation In a rail road, freight, or ticket office; la a rapid penman, an ex cellent correspondent, and fully understands the settle ment of all railroad claims and account*; can give good' references, and file bonds, If necessary; woula prefer a situation In the city, but hare no serious objeotion to Soing out of the city. Any railroad or other corporation oilring tho service* of a responsible and capable man, will pleoae address atonoe, 0. O. NEAL, Chicago, Ilf. SlTtr-A-TIOISr •W-AJSTTEID Eight years experience u Bookkeeper and Cashier; reference* unquestionable. WiU work alx month* for nothing In any capacity la • bank. Address L 78, Trlb* poo office. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. OFFICE OF CMcap, Rock Island & Pacific RAILROAD COMPANY. April 35, 1873. The annual mooting of the Stockholder* of the Chicago, Rook Island A Paoltlo Railroad Company, for the oleollon of Director*, purauant to law. and the transaction of such other bailnoßs aa may come before thorn, will be bold at the office of tho Company. In the City of Chicago, on Wednoaday, the 4th day of June next, at 11 o'clock a. m. „ „ JOIIM P. TIUoY, Preildeat. P. 11. TOWS, BeonUrr. Stockholders’ Meeting. NoticeUberehyctrenthat tho annual meeting of the Stockholder* of Chicago South Branch Dock Company, for the election of Directors of aald Company, will bo held at tba office of said Company, No. 623 wabasn*av., In the City of Chicago, at 10 a. m,, Wednesday, June 4. A. D. 1873. £. O. MAHOft, Scoretary of Chicago Bonth Branch Dock Company. CLOTHES WRINGER. THE “PROVIDENCE” CLOTHES WRINGER Has the Moulton Roll, Motal Journal Casings, Adjustable Currod Clamp, Double Spiral Goar. Lookatllbuforebuy* Ing an Inferior article. 8. 11. AK. Y. MOOHIC, 68 Lake«»t. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. The partnership of F. Bartholoinae A Co. was dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. J. B. Milter withdrawing from the bnalooss. The undersigned will carry on tho business under the name and style of Bartbotomao A Reeling, with the reeonrcoa and liabilities of the old firm. F. lIARTIIOLOMAK.I V BAtCMiMa ( Ohloago. SILKS. CHENEY BROTHERS, Silk Manufacturers, Mills at Hartford and South Manchester, Connecticut, s-ax/bsiro oiuis. 4778R00ME-ST.,N.Y. Have now opened a store in Now York, ex clusively for the sale of goods of their own manufacture, consisting of Dross Silks, Black, Colored, and Striped Gros Grains. Parasol Silks, in all shades and widths. Marcel lines and Florentines. Foulards, all colors and grades, for Hat, Cap, and Fur linings, , and Millinery Purposes. Black and i Colored Gros Grain Ribbons. Sash Ribbons and Bolts. Machine Twist and Sowing Silk. Trams, Organzincs, and Fine Patent Spun Silks, for Silk 1 Mixture ’Woolens, Particular attention will bo paid to ordora lor any special kinds of Silk used by menu faoturors, either in woven fabrics or silk in tho skein or on spools. TO RENT. For Rent. “MY BLOCK” That most elegant of all the Buildings in the New Chicago, is now completed, and Tor rent, AS A WHOLE, or subdivided to suit a number of tenants. Said Building has a basement' 102 feet front by 138 in depth, with six frill stories, 82 by 120, situated on Washington-st., within throe blocks of four teen of tho largest Banks In tho city, and within four hundred feet of tho Wondor of the World, asßry Goods men (Field, Loiter & Oo.), and two hundred foot of tho ** largest and most elegant 1 * and BuooossiVil Millinery Establishment in tho country (B. B. Fisk & Oo.). with two Elevators, and equipped up to modem times. Inquire at the Building, or at 287 Miohigan-av., or address Box 103, Post Offloo. N. P. WILDER. REMOVALS. BBMOYAL, J. S. THOIPSOM & CO., PRINTERS, HAVE BEMOVBD TO 158 & 160 South Olark-st. REMOVAL. The PITTSBURGH, FT. WAYNE and PENNSYLVANIA Railroad Companies will, on Wednesday, May 14, remove their TICKET OF FICE from 43 West Madison-st. to |6B SOUTH CL ARK-ST., corner of Randolph, the OLD CORNER occu pied by them previous to the Big Fire. W. 0. CLELAND, Asst. G. P. Agt. KEMOVAL CHAS. SCHOBER & GO., PROPRIETORS 7 CMcago Lithographing Co., TO LAKESIDE BUILDING-, CORNER ADAMS AND OI.ARK-STB. Xi- ■wxrnsriDDßitxß, Merchant Tailor, Has ItemoYcil to 12C Fifth-av„ second floor. CHROMOS, &o. THEODORE GOWDT, Clrois,Enomis, Mirrors, PICTURE FRAMES, ETC. PICTURES FRAMED TO ORDER. 167 South Olark-st., Chicago. FOR SALE. USAGE BOARDS, Chess and Checker-Men, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT CULVER, PACE, HOYffi & CO.’S, 118 and 120 Monroo-at. FENCES. 6,000 feet choice dealgna of Oomhinatlon Fence* (nr aale cheap. Sample* can be aeon at my office, 166 Kaat Wash* Ington-at. F. A. DOOLITTLE. Agent Union Fence 00. LUMBER. HENRY N. HOLDEN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of HARDWOOD LUMBER. Also, Mahogany, Rosewood, Florida Oodar, Vonoers, &o. Particular attention paid to filling bills for any kind of Hardwood or Fancy Lumber. OFFICE AND YARD-No. 211 Soullt Martel-st. WINDOW SCREENS. Wire Screens, FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS, At Iho oldest establishment in the bualoou. o*. W- x>- KBLXsB-sr Sc BRO., B8 Madiaon-dt., Tribune Building. BUSINESS CARDS. cr. irujsngz&fsi,, PREMIUM BOOT AND 81IOK MAKER. 7 WDearborn *t. ouuiana 806 We,t U»adolphil. CHICAGO, THUHSDAYi MAY J5, 1873. THE MINE DISASTER. Additional Details of the Nora , Scotia Calamity. Frequent and Terrific ‘Explosions on ; Tuesday and Wednesday. Stones and Debris Thrown One Eun- Eundred Feet Into the Air. The Number Killed Now Esti ; mated at Seventy-five. Saddening Scones in tlic Vicinity of the Mine, Special Dispatch to TH Chicago Tribune. Halifax, May 14.—The ‘ mine at Westvllle is still burning fearfully. Volumes of dense smoko and flames are Issuing from the elopes and shafts.- No hopes arc entertained of saving any more lives, Thoro is a scarcity of water In tbo neighborhood, but every effort is being mado by mon from tho Drummond Colliery, and volun teers from all other mines to dam up every avail able stream of water, from which trenches aro being dug loading to tho slopes and shafts, with tho intention of lotting tho water into the mlno. Managers of the neighboring .mines aro on tho ground, and, with their mon, aro doing all that men eon do. Tho flro company near Now Glas -Bow with thoir engine aro at work trying to save 10 buildings on tho surface, which are now throated by flames from tho slopes. . ' At this writing tho flro is still ragingmoro fear fully than ever, and tho air is fiilodwith donso black smoko. It la a fearful calamity. Tho exact number of persons lost is not yot known. Tho econo at tho mlno is heartrending, with re lations mourning for those lost. Tbo canao of tho flro was on explosion of gas from a blast fired by coal-cutters in ono of the boards. Tho flro communicated with tho gas in other parts of the mlno: oud immediately caused the first fearful explosion', which out off all escape from the workmen. Tho men had only resumed work after a strike. Halifax, N. 8., May 14.—Tho fire at tho Drummond colliery continues, but is slowly abating. All tho openings aro being filled up, and a stream of water has been turned into an air sba'ft lately worked. Tho list of killed, as far as known, comprises twenty-six mon leaving wives and familols, and twenty-two single mon. Tho total number killed will probably roach seventy-five. Tho wounded number six, of whom two aro fatally injured. Tho men who havo escaped with great diffi culty from the slope report that on their way up they passed bodies of their comrades, who had probably become stupefied by smoko since tho explosion. Of tho four mon wbo volunteered to go down tho shaft shortly before tho ecoond explosion, throo wore killed. Several violent explosions took placo last night. One was perceptibly felt four miloa dis tant. Tho inquest waa commenced yesterday, and adjourned until this evening, ' Wmttille, Plctou Co,, N..8„- May 14.—From 10 o’clock lost night until -daylight this morning tho firo at the Drummond coluory ragod with intense fury, gathoriug volume aud violence oaohmoment. The sky lathe vicinity of tho calamity woe illuminated with flames issuing from the air-shaft to tho height of nearly ono hundred foot. All through tho night thoro woro explosions at intervals. Those wero pre coded by a rumbling noise resembling thunder. Tho weary watchers who remained around the pit’s mouth and air-shaft, and labored to subdue tho flames woro obliged to sock shelter in tho adjoining wood, os tho stono, debris, etc., wore thrown from tho pit’s mouth at each explosion wore being scattered around in all directions, and threatened instant destruction or injury to every ono within reach. About 2 o’clock this afternoon, those explosions woro followed by one which, for torrifio violence and destruc tive force, dwarfed all tho rest. Ail the ' wooden works in and around tho mala slope woro (instantly destroyed. Stones, wood, and burning embers wore driven higa into tho air, smoko, flame, and terrible noises accompanying tho explosion, Sthe beholder a vivid idea of a volcanic do. The earth for miles around was shaken with tho violence of tho explosion. Laborers aro now engaged in filling up tho shafts with clay, and hopes aro entertained that thq worst daugor is over, unless another ex plosion takes plado. Tho scenes ia and around tho villages are saddening. Wostvillo and the villages at tho Drummond colliery aro in mourning. Tho shops are closed, and mon and women wander about in groups, their saddened countenances betokening tho tho groat grief that has befallen them. No pen can correctly picture tho harrowing scenes of yester day, when tho torriblo truth waa convoyed to tho mourning wives, Bisters, and frieiida of those who woro suddenly hurled into eter nity. The utmost excitement pre vailed, and for hours it was impossible to ascertain who were or who woro not in tho mine. Women, many of whom bad husbands, brothers, and sons working in tho colliery, mado tho air dismal with thoir crying. One ofthe rescuing party, killed by tho explosion yesterday, was driven into tho air a distance of a hundred feet, and foil into tho wood near by, where his dead body was picked up this morning. About forty-five of tho mon lost woro married, all of whom leave families to mourn their sod fate. Nearly every family here lost some rela tion or friend by tuts torriblo calamity. There aro many reasons to account for tho dis aster, hut the diroot canse ia attributable to the stoppage of work at 'the mines and rapid ac cumulation of gas. Whether 'proper caro and precaution were exercised, during tho stoppage, in looking after tho mino, aro foots which will be determined upon official inquiry. At 4:30 p. m. there was no change in the con dition of tho fire. Tho flames are Btillissuing from tho shaft, and tho opinion prevails that thoro will bo more heavy explosions. Later—Apprehensions of another explosion have subsided. The Coroner’s inquest has been adjourned un til! to-morrow forenoon. Testimony was elicited this afternoon, which points' to some mismanagement in permitting tho miners to use powder for blasting in tbo upper . level where the ilro first broko out, thus endangering the Uvea of those who woro at work in tho lovols below. Tho Inspector of Hines, however, who attended the inquest, thinks the direct cause was in not exercising proper precautions in firing shots in tho bench. Tho first two were merely blown out, causing fissures in tho body of tho coal, whoro the gas accumulated. When the third shot was fired, the coal ignited and all attempts then to quench tho flames were unavailing. The number known to bavo been killed now reaches fifty-nine. Uallroad Nows* Augusta. Ga., May 14.—A convention was held hero to-day in tho interest of a railroad from Chicago to the Atlantic, via Augusta, as an air-lino road. Tho Augusta Exchange held a meeting, and adopted resolutions to the effect that tho construction of a grand trunk lino rail way from Chicago via Knoxville, Tenn., to Au gusta, Ga., was an absolute necessity required y the incro&so of freight and travel between

tho Western and Atlantic States. Mr. Ray monds, President of tho Indianapolis, Delphi it Chicago Railroad, made a speech in favor of direct rail connection with Chicago. Dubuque, May 14.—Forty-five miles of the Wisconsin Valley Railroad, running from Tomoh to Grand Rapids, will ho completed tho 20th of this mouth. Tho Homeopaths* Columbus. 0., May 14.—At tho afternoon ses sion of tho State Homeopathic Society, a resolu tion was adopted congratulating the homeo vuktbio obvaJaians of UUUiteaa. (US- Utah* sjppal itilM triumph In favor of equal rights. In behalf of homeopathy and liberality, and indorsing the action they have already taken. . Dr. Banders, of Cleveland, road a paper on obstetrics. Drs. 8. It. ilookwlth, of Cincinnati, and T. P. Wilsdn and N. Schneider, of Cleveland; wore ap- Eointod dologatos to the American Institute, ologntca wore also appointed to State societies. Springfield was selected as the place for the next mooting,- after which the Society adjourned. - Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Desmoihes, lowa, May 14.—The fourth annu al meeting of the Society of Homeopathic Phys oinnsof lowa assembled In this city to-day, with a largo attendance. A number of now members wore admitted. The following officers wore olootod for tho ensuing yean President, G, H. Blair, of Fairfield. First Vice-President, A. 0. Hunter. DosMolnos 5 Second Vice-Presi dent. T. A. Bonburn, Now Providence. Secreta ry, G. H. Patchon, of Burlington. The after noon was devoted to discussion. The Society adjourned till to-morrow. Latest Reports from the Force in Pur- The Savages Reported to Have Secured Another Stronghold. San Fuancisoo, May 14.—A dispatch from tho lava-bods to-day, says 875 soldiers and Warm Spring Indians aro scouring tbo lava-bods' and surrounding country. Tho total troops in tho field aro twenty ofllcors and 480 raon. Lava-Beds Camp, South op Tule Lake, May 13—10 a. m., via Ybera, May 14.—Sinco Gon. Davis assumed command of the Modoc expedi tion in person, ton daye ago, only one conflict, that of Saturday, has occurred!, though tho move ment of which this last affair was a feature is still progressing, and several bodies of troops aro now hunting an ongagomout. Gon. Davis found tho soldiers disheartened by tho disasters of tho campaign, aud had to resort to many devices to arouao their lagging enthusiasm and increase their efficiency. He began his work with a will and earnestness that won for him tho sympathy aud friendship of tho officers and privates, inspiring them with confi dence. Ho studied tho situation carefully, util ized tho experience of bis predecessors, and gavo tho wearied soldiers time to recuperate from tho fatiguo and mental excitement inciden tal to tho rough fights in tho lava-bods. Ho sent out scouting parties, had tho men disciplined in Indian dodges, and now has his first grand movement for operations. It is his intention to harass the Modocs, keep thorn stirring from Slace to place, and aubduo them. Tho men say ley fool that ho moaus business. Lava Beds, May 10—11 p. m.—Lieut. Bacon, of Troop K, First Cavalry, wbo has arrived in camp with a detachment, having boon on es cort duty between hero and Oapt, Jack’s old stronghold, brings a report from liout. Chapin, commanding tho latter camp, that his pickets heard firing in tho direction taken by Col. Mason’s command in tho present scout after tho Indiana. It is generally supposed an engage ment has occurred, ° b Camp Booth of Tule Lake, Lava Beds, May 18—C a. m.—Part of tho mon of thin camp, if not tho entire force, will ho moved to Boylo Camp, on tho peninsula of Tulo Lako, within tho next two wooks. This camping-ground Is very un healthy in summer. Already the rattlesnakes and scorpions aro familiar with tho interior of tho tents, and making unsocial visits during the nights. Nows will probably bo received from Col. Mason’s force to-day. Every one la anxious to hoar the'result of tho present scout. San Francisco, May 14.—A dispatch from Yroka, to-night, says tho Modoca have another rooky fortress, which they aro making still stronger. Tho troops will not attack before re inforcements arrive. Tho position Is about 20 miles south of tho last stronghold. C. Burgess had seen Bogus Charley on tho Upper Klamath. Ho has not yot been captured. XXo said ho know nothing about tho contemplated massacre of tho Commissioners; that there wore thirty Modocs loft, who would fight till the last man was killed. LATER. Bevonty-flvo mon will bo retained in camp to guard tho stores till reinforcements come. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Washington, May 14.—Tho Commissioner of Indian Affairs regards tho occasional predictions of a general Indian war as wholly unworrautod, for tho reason that tho Indiaua aro not united, as aro civilized communities, but ore divided in to small bands, each of which ia an independent organization, haviug no rotations whatever with othor tribes. In fact, oven when not at war with each othor, thoy aro seldom on friendly terms. Their sympathy is limited to tho mombors of thoir tribe, and therefore tho Commissioner believes that tho hostility of tho Modocs will havo no effect whatever on other tribes, excepting, possibly, tho Snako Indians, with whom tho Modoca have somewhat affiliated in tho past. Tho fact that tho Warm Spring In dians aro tho allies of our troops in tho war against tho Modoca ia one illustration of the indifference of tho Indiana to tho trials and tribulations of a neighboring tribe. Slsriial Service Bureau Reports and l*rog-iu»ticatloni. Chicago, May 14—10:18 p. m. The following reports have boon received from the places moutioued below: Station, | Bar. Thr Wind, Wether. ‘ Breckinridge ....120.88 44 8. W., freah. Fair. Buffalo 20.85 41 W. gentle. Clear. Cairo 20.50 63 N. E., fresh. Light rain. Chicago 20.85 41 N. brink. Light rale. Cincinnati 20.79 55 N. E., freah. Fair. Cleveland 20.88 44 N., gentle. Fair. Cheyenne 29.77 4« 8. E., freah. Light rain. Davenport 20.87 48 N. E., gentle. Fair. Detroit 29.89 41 N.. freah.. Fair. Duluth 20.95 43 N.E., gentle. Fair. Tort Garry 29.82 43 Calm. Fair, Keokuk 29.78 46 N. E. f brisk. Cloudy. LaCroaao 29.04 44 8., fresh. Cloudy. Milwaukee 90.04 40 N., freah. Cloudy. 2 nu . h * 20.83 48 N. E.. freah. Light rain. Pembina 29.88 47 N., light. Cloudy, Bt. Paul 29.87 47 W„ gentle. Fair. lolodo 11112 i :... 29.87 49 N. E., freah. Cloudy. PHOBABILITIES. Washington, D. 0., Moy 14.—For tho Gulf and South Atlantic States and Tennessee, a ris ing temperature, southeasterly to southwesterly winds, cloudy weather, aud rain, clearing to* morrow In tho Western Gulf. For tho North wodtom and Upper Lakes, and thonoo to Missouri and Kentucky, northeasterly winds, cold* oload v, and rainy weather. For the Lower Lakes ana Middle States, northeasterly and southeasterly winds, rising tompoaoture, oloudy weather, and rain. For Now England and Cana da, northwesterly to northeasterly winds, low temperature aud partly oloudy weather. Now Yorlc lioffialaturo. Albany, May 14.—Tho Assembly has rejected tho Usury hill. Albany, May 14.—Tho Legislature to-day elected James W. Booth Regent of tho Univer sity. in place of Oswald Ottondorfor, resigned. The Champlain Ship Canal bill passed the As sembly to-day. Albany, May 14.—Tho Usury bill come up for llual passage to-day, and was defeated by a largo majority. Oakoa Amos’ AVill. Boston. May 14.—Oakes Ames made a will while in Washington last winter, which has been presented for probate by his two sons. L. M. Ordway, Moses Billon, and Philetus Sawyer are witnesses to tho instrumout, and their presence is required to cany out tho provisions of regis try. No details will bo given until tho will is probated. Tho amount devised is largo, but tho property Is so invested that its value cannot at present bo known. The Brio Gnnnl* Buffalo. N. Y., May 14.—Tho Erie Canal is lu navigable order, and numerous boats, laden with freight, are awaiting tho opening to-mor row to clear. Water wilfbo turned ou to-night, and the canal business will open brisk. Obituary. New Yobk, Moy 14.—'Thoron R. Strong, a prominent member of tho New York City liar, died this morning at his residence in this city, wnhl7Q, THE, INDIANS. suit of the Slodocs. METEOROLOGICAL. FOREIGN. Progress of (he Russian Campaign in Khiva. Account of the Recent Carlist 1 Victory in Navarre. SPAIN, Herald Special. London, May 14.—The battle at Puolto do Eraui, near Stella, In Navarro, May 6, was tho most important light, and was a complete victory for Dorrogaray. Four days previously tho Oarllst troops wore surprised at Pina Oorrada by a Gov ernment column and retreated with the greatest procopltatlon -towards tho moun tains. Other Government forces co-operat ing; Joined in pursuit. Thus five columns, encouraged by ' the Oarllst flight, • pursued them with . such 'energy that Dorrogaray during sixty hours could glvo hla oommand but tvrolVo hours rest. On tbo fourth day tho Ca leb s troops' wore completely broken : down, but tho Government troops wore loft far behind, excepting one column under 001. Novarra, com posed of regular troops with a battery, .of ar tillery. Dorrogaray contrived to turn suddenly; probably to deliver a blow to cripple this force. Ho' consequently formed a lino of battlo at Puonta Erault, on rango of low hills, partly, covered with scrub oaks and ohapparal. Ho had about 8,000 men in position. His cen tre. was commanded by Lizairaga, : tbo loft by Elio, and right by Dorrogaray. Tho Government troops, on coming up, occu pied high ground, which gave their artillery command or the Carllst position and tho swoop of ground between. Tho Carlisle had. no artil lery. Tho skirmishers .of tho Government troops felt tho Carllst lines for some hours. At 8 o’clock in the afternoon tho Government troops ad vanced, handsomely supported by a fire from their battery, which, although not very destruc tive, made tho Carlisle, whohavean exaggerated respect for cannon, very uneasy, oven while do ing little harm. When tho Government ad vance first came within range, Lizarraga’s men opened from the ohapparal bushes an exceedingly destructive fire, which staggered the line and broke tbo advance force, and compelled them to relinquish part of tho ground already gained; but tho troops preserved perfect order, and tho skirmish lino kept tho follows in tbo ohapparal busy. When tho battle was raging at this point, Elio, who overlapped ’ the Government right, mode bis way through tho ohapparal, thus get ting well on tho fiank of tho forces. In tne front Lizarraga peppered away to some pur pose, keeping Ills men mostly un der cover. Tho fight continued on thoso terms, tho dxchango of muskotry fire for tho playing of tho Government battery, for nearly an hour, both sides having quite a number of men wounded. Meanwhile, Dorro garay was preparing for an effective stroke. His ody of chosen cavalry, composed ontiroly of young gontlemon of Catholic families, mostly oadots of tbo Basque nobility, commanded by tbo Marquis Valdospina, wore put hi position. There was some trouble in getting the force In position to charge the battery. Finally, at 4 o'clock, tho cavalry was ready. 001. Rodas’ battalion was also prepared to advance with tho bayonet against tbo Government left tho same battalion that charged so splendidly at tho battlo near Vich. Tbo signal was given for a simultaneous obargo and advance along tho wholo line, which in a tromonduous lioltor-skoUor obargo of cavalry ou tho most dif ficult ground, and an obstinate but short hand to-hand combat between Eoda’s men and tbo Government troops. Tho latter broke and fled in complete rout in ovory direction, to tho moun tains and valleys, to got away from the cavalry. Valdospina baa a bayonot thrust in his arm. A number of tbo cavalry wore killed, and two Captains wore wounded. Tbo cavalrycapturcd one cannon, carriage, and cais son. They bad two others, but it was impossi ble to got the guns away by the mountain path before night, when they woro compelled to re tire. They also captured four chief officers of tbo Republicans and sixty-four subaltern officers and private. Tho Carhst loss in killed and wounded was 160. Tho other Herald correspondent was either killed or taken prisoner. His horse camo rider less into bivouac at night. Madrid. May 14.—1n0 Ministers havo agreed upon an electoral bill for Cuba, to be submitted to the Cortes. It provides for tho enfranchise ment of merchants and artisans who pay taxes to tho amount of 76 pesetas, members of the learned profession, and officials. All voters must bo 25 years of ago. Gen. Nouvilas. tbo Minister of War, now in Navarro, demands reinforcements. Madrid, May 14.—Voting throughout Spain on Saturday and Sunday last, for Deputies to the Constituent Cortes, resulted in the election of 810 Ministerial Federalists: SO extreme Radi cals; 8 Internationalists; 10 Independent Re publicans, and 80 Monarchists. RUSSIA. London, May 14.—A dispatch from Calcutta, yesterday, says the Russian expeditionary force has occupied Oarghorj, a village of Khiva. The same dispatch reports that Abdool Rahman has boon summoned to Bt. Petersburg. St. Petersburg, May 14. —Dispatches from Kasalinsk bring intelligence that detachments and rocounoitoring parties from the Russian ex pedition report that the Khivans ore throwing up introuchmonts at Elytch and Dun Kara. They are also sending out a vanguard to meet the Russians at Minbulak. There has been an engagement atlgda be tween the Russians and Turcomans, in which the latter were defeated. Twenty-two of the Turcomans wore killed, and 1,000 of their cam els captured by the Russians. CANADA. Special Dispatch to The Chicago TYibune, Ottawa, May 14. Senator Burnham was buried at Coburg yesterday with Masonic honors. One hundred and fifty carriages were in pro cession. It is supposed that the Hon. George Alexander, of Woodstock, will be appointed as his successor In tbo Senate. The Prince Edward’s Island negotiations re main in statu quo, the Government fearing to run tbo risk of .granting the terms demanded. The Government's Election bill bos fallen dirougn. Toronto, May 14.—The term of the Lieuten ant-Governor of Ontario has expired, and the names of the Uou. John Carling and Mr. John Crawford are mentioned as probable candidates for the position. CUBA. Havana, May IS.—A dispatch from Peurto Principe states that the body of the insurgent Geu. Ignacio Agramoute arrived at that place, and has been fully identified. The body was buried to-day. The report of the death of Gen. Sanginli is pronounced untrue. The engagement in which Gen. Agramonte was killed occurred at Jimagsapa. The insurgents numbered 800, and their loss is reported by the the Spaniards at 60 killed. The Spaniards and Cubans consider Agramonto’s death a severe blow to the revolutionary cause. FRANCE. Paths, May 14.— 1t is reported that M. Goulard has informed Thiers that ho has resolved to re sign the Ministry of tho Interior, unless M. Jules Simon, Minister of Public Instruction, retires. Paris. May 14. —Tho Soir this afternoon says M. Goulard and M. Jules Simon have tendered their resignations to M. Tillers, because it is in compatible with their views for thorn to servo in tho same Cabinet. London, May 14. —Dradlaugb has arrived in Paris on route for Madrid, with an address from tho English Republicans to tho Spaniards. lie Is to moot at the railway station M. Qambetto, who is about to proceed to LI Moges to make a speech, and tho two Republican leaders will Journey southward together. Illinois Xllvor and Oaunl Nows* tfyMiaf Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune* Laßall*. May 14.—Tho canal propeller Storm arrived from St. Louis to-day, loaded with pig iron. and towing tho canal-boats Milwaukee, light, from Peoria, and the Cataract, from Hennepin, loaded with corn, aud all passed into the canal for Chicago. The Rockwell barge, Ka O inti r«najr«ul al n> was UiwaA rot/* >» ~ H ' 1 ■ r. ' 1 NUMBER 269. . i ,-vliaSallo shaft to be loaded with coal for l:‘ *ibago. Thostoamor Baker departed light to cow one bargo of Ico from Fern to St. Louie, one bound - for Now Orleans, and two from Kingston for Bt. Louie. ‘ Nothing paseod out of tho oaual. Tho river slowly falling. THE FARMERS* MOVEMENT. Jnflgo f.awronco Indorsed by the ■ Oaloslmrg Farmers’Club* GAiiEßDuno. Hl., May 14.—At a special moot ing of tho Galesburg Farmers 1 Club, held this afternoon, tho following resolutions were unani mously adopted: Reeolved, That In tbo opinion of tho Galesburg Far mers’Club, tho true aims and objects of (bo farmers* movement will bo attained by the election of Judge Lawrdnco for Supremo Judge at tho coming judicial election. Reeolved, That wo know him to ho an Incorruptible man, of superior learning, ami in legal ability ami. ex perience second to no other Jurist in tbo State. Resolved, That if thcro is auy ono object that should receive tho earnest support of tho farmers it is the semiring of honest and competent men for posilioos of public trust and honor. iftsoh'ttf, That wo look upon tbo Princeton Conven tion as a political caucus, a gross fraud upon the farmers, and as not representing tho wishes of thi farmers of this District. , Resolved, That wc, as farmers and friends of equal Justice to all, aim lomako thin principle our rule ol £ctl6n,-L-Uio repudiation oi-01l aecUooal questions of allHnds.,. , " - r I Special THtpafch to The Chicago Tribune. • Watbeka; 111,, Hay 14.—1n response to thi united call of tuo Chairmen of the Republican, Liberal, and Democratic Central Committees, a mass convention wan hold in tills place to-day, to nominate delegates to tho Judicial Conven tion to bo held at Gilman, on Friday, the 16tb Instant. Tho disposition of the Convention was to act in harmony with tho fanners, and the fol lowing resolution was unanimously adopted: 1 JitMlmU That knowing tho Hon. N. J. Plllibury, ol Llvingeton Couulv, to bo In thorough sympathy with tho raoes of bin follow-cUlzona on tho question of mo* nopollee. and especially railroad monopolies, wo do re spectfully urgo that ho bo nominated by the Oilman Convention on tho 10th hint., an a candidate for Circuit Judge.. W. 11. Mann, of Oilman, presided. At, a regular mooting of Cereal Grange, No. 85, Patrons of Husbandry, bold in Hastings, Minn., May 8, tbo following resolutions wore adopted: JtMolved, That this Grange Is in favor of all legal measures to regulate the rates of freight of the ar ticles produced and consumed by the farming com munity, upon the groat linos of transportation of the country; upon a basis equally Just to tho people and tho corporations. lltiolvcdf That railroads are either nubile Institu tions, or they are not. If they are public Institution* they are-amenable to the control of the laws of tho State; if they are not, then acquisition by them of right of way, and other seizures of private property' for private uses are Illegal and void. livtolvcd. That the railroads are noceasory to the people and tho people to the railroads ; and that It is not the policy of either to permit tho Impoverishment of the other; and that it Is clearly the only of the roads, by the lowest possible living rates of travel and freights, to encourage agriculture and facilitate the growth of tho country, and that when tho roads do not follow this liberal policy it is tbe duty of the Legisla ture to constrain them to it. Jietolved, That wo recognize tho great fact, for the bulky productions of agriculture water transportation has groat superiority over laud transportation ; and wo are In favor of tho largest liberality on the part of Congress for tbe Improvement and development of the great lines of water communication between the Mis sissippi Valley and the Atlantic, either southward by way of tho Mississippi and tho Gulf, or eastward by way of the groat lakes and tho fit. Lawrence Elver. Jteeolvcd, That wo would suggest to our associate granges in this State that they give formal expression to their views on these questions, and thus concentrate public opinion In favor of such measures as will in crease tho prosperity of the farmers of Minnesota. ARCTIC VOYAGERS. Valuable memoranda Licit by tho JLato Capt* Xflall—Aid. to .lie Sent to tlio I’olarl* Grew* New Your, May 14.—1n Juno, 1872, just be fore embarking on bia voyage of exploration, Oapt. 0. F. Hall deposited with Leggett & Storm, hotol-koopors in this oity. a package marked “C. F, Uall, caro of Mr, Henry Oiinnoll.” It was to bo kept in their safe, with directions that, if anything happened to him, it was to bo delivered to Mr. Gunnell. The instructions of ' Copt. Hall wore carried out Inst Monday, and on opening tho package Mr. Orinuell found it con tained three hooka, comprieing valua ble memoranda in tho form of a jour nal kept by Oapt. Hall when on tho King William's Land expedi tion in Bcarch of Sir John Franklin. There are also notes of various Arctic explorations, from which he contemplated a boolc. The journal contains much important information relative to the Arctic regions, known only to Capt. Hall. _ Washington, May 14.—Tho Secretary of the ,Navy has received a telegram from Consul Mal loy, at St. Johns, stating that tho crow of the Polaris want money, and also asking whether ho should advance funds on account of tho Es quimaux and crow on tho sick-list. Tho Secre tary promptly replied, directing tho Consul to afford the requisite assistance, and to draw on him for money. Tho United States steamer Frolic will leave Now York to-morrow for St. Johns, but, owing to heavy ice in that harbor, may not bo able to got the crew of tho Polaris on board as soon as desired. Special Diepatch to The Chicago Tribune, Washington. May 14. —The opinion expressed in certain quarters, that the steamer Polaris was not seaworthy, especially not adapted for service in the Arctic seas, Is flatly contradicted at the Navy Department. She wan ilttod up at the Navy Yard boro, under the special supervision of the Ohief of tuo Bureau of Construction, and the Secretary of the Navy gavo orders that noth ing should ho loft undone to make her in every way capable for her voyage. There is considerable mystery about the man ner in which the Polaris parted with that part of her crow that has arrived at St. Johns, and the Secrotanr of the Navy is anxious to loam the true story. For this purpose ho has requested the survivors to report to him in person Loro. It is possible that some now facts will bo elicited. It ta not boliovod here that the story already pub lished is the correct one. LOUISIANA. Taxoßcsislors Arrested *■ Kellogg Again Interviewed. New Orleans, May 14. —The Metropolitans returned from St. Martinsville, Now Iberia. The following were arrested by tbo United States Marshal on affidavit of V. Martino!, colored, charging thorn with intimidating certain citizens of African decent, and on other charges which are left blank: Col. Alcibiadoa Do Blanc, Gen. Alexander Deolouot, Gabriel Fournot, Hursvillo Fournet, Zachary Fournot, Paul Fournot, Paul Dcclonet, Laasolluo Bryant. Allred Piacliloi, and Eugoua Dmlxuiid. They leave to-morrow (Thursday) with the United States Deputy Marshal, all in escort of United States troops, and will arrive in Now Or leans on Friday evening, and appear before the United States Commissioner on Saturday. It is reported that United States troops now in St. Martinsville will remain there several months. The Now Orleans’ J’icayune interview with Kellogg closes as follows: Reporter—Do you believe the Republican par ty represents a majority of the voters of this State ? Kellogg—Unquestionably. Indeed I am fully convinced they possess at least 20,000 majority, if permitted to enjoy an honest expression of their views through the ballot. Reporter—Why do you deny it to the people, and would you aud your Associates favor, under any circumstances, a now election. Kellogg— When the contest was being prose cuted last winter several members of the Fusion Legislature having ascertained that no objec tion would be interposed by mo to a now elec tion. conducted under such authority as would Insure its fairness, desired me to re fuse my assent to it. They wore opposed to a now election then, because I suppose they thought Ur. MoEnory would be recognized as Governor ; and that they would thus gain con trol of the State. If ray personal feelings only worooousultod, I do not desire to ho Governor of Louisans; but, believing that 1 was legally elected, it is my duty to continue to oxoroise the functions of Ohlof Magistrate of the State until the party that elected mo shall decide or Congress determine to havo a now election. In such an ovout their decision will bo promptly accepted and cheerfully acquiesced in by mo. In expressing this opinion I can, of course, give only my own views, and not those of my associates. Cincinnati Failure* Cincinnati, 0., May 14.—0. G. Burt & Co., bankers and brokers, of this city, made an as signment to-day to W. P. Hulbert, for the bene fit of their creditors. The failure is said to bo I**trw)v Ut T-tw'Vw/wVI. cJ K«i« Varfe.

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