Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 15, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 15, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. . Wt-dhmoav Evxniko,- Hay 14. Tho demand for money in tho local market Is fcotivo, hut approved borroworo got it without much difficulty. Deposits at tho hanks keep up Well, and orb nearly as high now as at any iimo In tho last throe months, but tho loans of tho banks aro also high, and in vlow of tho fact that the National Bunks have boon oxpootinga call for a statement for somo time past, thoro is loss disposition on tholr part to expand than ; there Would bo otherwise. Now York exchange re mains steady at about par; for sales between banks. ' ( ■ Tho movements of currency in any direction, woro insignlAcant to-day. Thoro woro I somo considerable amounts sent to Milwaukee yester day, but tho demand seems to havo boon only op|smodio. THE VIENNA PANIC. It Is difficult to say what Is tho extent or slg filAoanco of tho ponlo on tho Vienna Bourao, hut tho fact that several of tho Government hankers subscribed 13,000,000 florins and tbo Austrian Minister of Finance pledged tbo Government for 8,000,000 florins moio (equivalent to over SO,- 000,000), to bo put Into a pool to sustain tho valuo 1 of * speculative stooks by temporary loons on ibom os collaterals, shows thoro was some grave emergency and danger of a collapse that would havo canoed immense losses and distress. As a final measure, tho Government has expressed its intention of modifying tho Austrian National Bank met. bo os to permit moro latitude in tho loans of tho National Bank on collaterals of Blocks. Through tho relations of Vioqna with Frankfort, Frankfort with London, and tho lattor with Now York, the market for starling exchange in Now York was affected by iho Vienna panic. Qor . man bonkers In Now York, who havo largo ac commodations from thoir correspondents in Frankfort, anticipating a calling in of those, be came anxious to strengthen tholr European ac counts, and have boon largo buyers of. sterling exchange. This, together with tho ndvauco in tho rate of discount by tho Bank of England last Saturday, has caused'a largo advance in tbo Snco of sterling exchange, which is quoted to ay at 108% for CO-day bills, ana 110 for eight. An advance of % per cent moro in tho price of oxohnngo would justify tho ship ment or gold from Now York to London, and it seems not improbable that this may bo ono of tbo results of tbo uusottlomont of confidence in Europe, viz: that foreign capital will bo called homo, and that tbo specie payments will cause an advance in tbo price of gold and a closer money market in Now York. On tbo other hand, it Is argued by some, that if confidence in Aus trian securities and stocks causes capital to shun investment in them, it will create moro demand for American securities. However this may bo, ! money continues easy vet In Now York. In tbo week up to May 10, bank deposits Increased over $6,000,000, and money is offered at 7 per cent. mPBOVEMENTB ON TUB OIIAND THUNK. . Tho Grand Trunk Kailway Company havo re cently mode arrangements for groat improve ments in tho elUdonoy of their lino as a through freight route from tho 'West to tho East, ami have negotiated a loan of $10,000,000, which amount has boon secured and placed to their credit. This money is to bo expended during the current year for tho following purposes j First— Narrowing tho gauge of tho entire lino to 4 feet 8# Inches, to make It accord with tho standard' American Range on this continent, Second—To my steel rails over tho wholo extent of tho line, instead of Iron. Third— To fully complotolhoballasting of the Uno. ‘ Fourth —To lay In about 40 mllea of additional sidings at varioaspolnts to accommodate tho increasing tralhc. - 'Fifth—Xo provide such facilities In (ho way of .extra station accommodation as may bo necessary at tho different points on iho lino, ' " Sixth—To largely increase tho existing rolling stock. Seventh—To built a largo and commodious passen ger atatlon nt Montreal end a groin elevator of tho capacity of 300,000 bushels at Sarnia, and, generally, to put tho entire system of tho Grand Trank Hallway in a first-class condition, both as regards its roadway and rolling stock in every respect. Tho Company has ordered the construction of .600 now box freight-cars, 200 platform cars, and 100 stock cars, all to ho finished by Oct. 1. The lines owned and leased by tho Company make an aggregate of 1,877 miles, of', which 419 miles aro leased, thus leaving 958 miles in tho owner ship of tne Company.. Tho aggregate capital stock and bonded debts of tbo Company woro $101,374,080, oral tbo rate of $105,000 per mile of tho road owned. Tho addition of the SIO,OOO. 000 just negotiated will make tho capital ana debts stand in the ratio of $115,100 per milo of tbo 968 miles of road owned.. LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MARKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston & Kean quoto as fol lows this afternoon: Lairing. ...,116ft ....117 ....U7*f ....129 y t ....118 ....113?i ....iuv ... .117); 6>2oaof ’62. 6-20eof’04, 6-20aof ’OS. 6-208 of ’OS, Jan. and July. 118' 6-20b of ’67, Jan. and July. 120,'f B-20s of 'CB, Jon. and July. 118W ,10-408 iu slj. 8.6 a (new Ipsue) IH# Sold ami Gold Coupons.,.. 117^' Gold Exchange 118 Sterling Exchange 108ft<gU0‘ Korthorn Pacific Gold 7-308........ .... 100 It In I. Chicago City 7a oil# * lut. Coolc County 7s 09# & int. Illinois County and Township 10s. 92(503 .... REAL ESTATE. Tbo following Instruments woro filed for rec ord on Wednesday, May 14: . - cm rnoPEHTY. Hull st, nof and near Eugenio at, of, 25x73 ft, dated April 20; consideration, (900. Indiana av, bet Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth sis, w ■f, Lots 19 and 20, with other outside-property, dated May 10; consideration, SIB,OOO. Und#lnnw#of so # Sec. 1, 39, 13 foxcopto 100 ft), dated May 20,1873; consideration, (76,313. Slate st, 171 ft n of Twelfth st, w f, uud # of 80x105 ' ft, dated Nov. 29,1672; consideration, (00,000. Und # of tho above, with improvements, dated Jan. 8; 'consideration, $22,000, North place, 35x80 ft, being Sub-lot 44, of Lot 1, Block 21, Bhofllold’s Addition, dated Deo. 10, 1872; con sideration,-(1,000. ■ Eraeroldav, bet Thirty-sixth and Thirty-seventh sis, e f, 24 ft to alloy, dated May 28,1873; consideration, $550. Danla ar, 73 ft s of Thompson at, e f, 60x120 ft, dated Fob. 1; consideration, (900. Illinois st, noar no cor of Hush st, af, undivided # of 40x100 ft, dated May 0 ; consideration, (5,000. Wesson st, bet Elm and Hobble sts, w f, SOxICO ft, dated May 14 ; cons'ldorntion, (000. Cosslt st, 162fts of Grand av, of, 25x1266-10ft, dated Jan, 20; consideration, $550. Seymour at, n Grand ay, wf, 35x126 0-10 ft, dated March 6 ; consideration, (560, 25x120 0-10 ft adjoining tho above, dated Jan. 3; con •lderatlon, (650. Lot on private park, 170 ft e of Tinconnoa av, and on p w cor of Tblrty-olgbth st, of. 18?<xC0 ft, with build ing. dated April 16 ; consideration, $7,000. , undivided # of Lots 21 to 26, In Block 4of Pock’s Subdivision, In so # 800 11,39,13, dated May 13: con sideration, $4,200. Tho promises No, 671 West Washington, st, dated April 16 ; consideration, (12,600. West Washington at, bet Western av and Oakley st. n f, 24 ft to alloy, dated May 13 ; consideration, (0 000 Monroe at, bet Aberdeen and Morgan ets. e f, Lot 63 dated March 15; consideration, SB,BOO. Larrabeost, 198 ft s of Blackhawk st, ef, 49 vft running to end of lot, dated May 12; consideration $5,000. * North Hoynost, near so cor of Ewing place, w f, Lots US and 30. dated April 10; cousidoratiou, (1,000 Lot 84, adjoining tho above, dated April 10: consid eration. (976. 1 ’ Napoleon at, between Butler and Hanover, n f, Lots 0 and 10, dated May 2,1872; consideration, (1,600. Harding av, a w cor of West Indiana st, of. 25x125K ft, dated May 10; consideration, $740. Groeu st, 100 ft n of Washington, of, 25x125 ft dated May 3: consideration. (2,U00, ’ McGrath Bt, s w corner of lloboy at, n f, 100x132 ft. dated Feb. 28; consideration, (0,600. * Lot Bln Wilson’s n w of Block 33, Sec. 7. 39.14 dated May 0; consideration, (4,600. ’ 7, In same, dated Fob, 2d ; consideration, (4.600 * v l n .°i ? n . d «•»*■ Thirty-ninth stV wf 133x141 ft, dated Oct, 1, 1873; consideration, (13.200 Lot3o, In Smith’s Block?, ofsoAfSeo. 20 30 14 dated May 14 { consideration, (1,325. ’ 1 ' MOUTH OF OITV LIMITS, Seminary av. s w cor of Dunning st, e f, 80#xl20 ft, with building, dated April 17: consideration SIO,OOO, - ’ Dunning st, n a cor of Seminary av, a f, 60x133# ft, dated May 13; consideration, (3,206. Melrose at, 676# ft e of Dummy Road, nf, 01#xlC7 ft, dated May 18; consideration, (4,200. Same as tbe above, dated Aug. 10, 1873; considera tion, (3,280, oil «... . soern op onr limits, %9* *** In Block 4. of Price’s nw# of n S3W0 fle °* 14, dated May 12; consideration, . I' 0 , 1 ," 1 ,0 " ni > "lillnej’B Lot 1, odv s4*ooo e °’ dated Fob. 21; consideration, and •ui’V.'l E j2 Ck .l' Subdivision In Lola 34 •nd 35, s«0. 10, 88, u, dated Hay a j conalrtoratlou, Lot iUi Mullen’a Lola 37 and 29, In Dobbln'a n u a UoV&OOO* ' “• “> conSd?^ Ix)t 1, In Block 8 in Wilson Heald ami HiAhhinn’a n ° 8 ’ Lot 4, in Block 8, «atno, dated April 20; contidoro tlon, $0,310. ... - . WV.RT Of OITT Z.nilTß. u .*.° 55- * n llltK k Int J.cobn 1 Block J, oliki 014 800. 80, <0,13, dated May 13} comldciallon, $4,200.' COMMERCIAL. Wednebdat Evrhxho, May 14, Tho following wore tho receipts and shipments of tho loading articles of. produce In Chicago during tho post twonty-four hours, and for tho corresponding dato ono year ago t i EKOEIPTS. SHIPMENTS, 1873.’ 1873, 18*”?, 1872; S, M,r l 8,104 0,411 "IkBTO Sil-n i,n U 10,800 265,368 16,788 n?*aS m 4hlM 131,305 172,014 405,700 Ofttn, bu 25,840 18,450 110,380 80,041 Hyo. bu. 1 044 0,600 * 780 8,065 Darloy, bu 2 200 1 850 0,048 .. ... GmBB Hood, lbs 41 ecu 40,300 Flax seed, lbs 1180 ...... 1 200 .. Broom corn, 1b5.... 14,000 U,2«0 04 714 11,302 Cured moala, 1b*.... 70,830 833,000 603 780 216 253 Hoof, brls n ’jo ’rog Pork, brla ia Jg Tallow, lbs 19,720 10,600 44,700 ...... Butter, lbs 46,210 36,400 1,700 7,000 Lroaaod boga, No.. ...... ..... I 1 Llvo bogs, No 14,008 8,114 7*,W5 * 8.013 Cattle, No 4,0.'16 4,800 3 100 1 820 Bboop,No filfl ono. 20 ...... H dea, Iba 00,900 102,030 08,518 08,100 lligbwinofl, brU.... 485 20li 213 325 Wool, Iba 162,720 77,100. 231,000 44,070 Potatooe, bu 0,110 7,822 0,220 450 Lumber, mft 3,041 4,277 2.817 1.182 Shingles, m 1,040 I,Boo| 1,306 1 645 m 70 105 170 103 Salt, brla 0,870[ 1,330 1,010 Withdrawn from storo yesterday for city consumption: 8,011 bu com; 6,910 bu oats; 12-iburyo} 2,434‘bu barley. Tho following grain has boon inspected Into Btorothis morning up to 10 o’clock; 81 cars wheat; 69 cars corn5 6,000 bu No. 2 do, and 6,800 ba rojootod do, by canal; 10 oars oats; 7,000 ba rejected do by canal; 2cararyo; 1 oar barley. Total (125 oars),; 98,000 bn. Thoro Is ono foot that seems to Lave boon for gotten by tbo gentlemen in the country who aro complaining so loudly abont iho working of tho Inspection law in regard to corn. It may bo poor consolation to recall it, but tho fact should, not bo lost sight of, that tho law was a country measure, passed at tho demand of tho country as against tho city. It is popularly supposed to bo a law that was passed by tho representatives of tbo farming community for tho purpose of pro tecting that community against tho tricks prac tised upon tho Board of Trade. Wo aro far from claiming that tbo Board of Trado Is immaculate, either ns a whole, or in its Individual membership ; neither da wo forgot that there woro inspection difficulties under ibo Board of Trado rogimo. But It is equally true that tho system of inspection under tho direction of tho Board of Trade was so framed os to avoid many of tho snags now encountered, as it is that tho Board of Trado is not responsible for tho present trouble. It is probable that tho In spectors aro doing thoir duty, as wo aro satisfied that they try hard to do it, uudor tho law ; but whether this bo so or not, thoro is neither sense nor plausibility in tho outcry against Chicago as tho causo of tho trouble. Tho responsibility, whether for praise or blamo, rests entirely with tbo State, and espe cially with that portion of Us country .represen tatives who determined to give neither Chicago nor tho Board of Trado a volco in tho matter. The failure of John Watson, yesterday,was tho subloct of much comment in commercial circles to-aay, and his course was generally condemned. It seems that most of his May wheat was sulci at $1.20@1.22, and was unfilled on tho Ist ult.,, when tho market was 4@Go per bu against him.- Ho hold on, hoping for a decline, which would probably have occurred but for tho unexpected woakour.g in freights by lake. A great many of those who' hold Ids contracts omitted to call margins, be lieving him to bo perfectly good 5 but a few of tboso grow nervous yesterday, and “called” only to find no response except in tbo negative. Tbo moro conservative members of tho Board aro disgusted at tho fact that a man like John Watson should dip in so heavily; and somo of them said that such things should not bo al lowed. But there is really no remedy other than in tho calling of margins on all options. Trading cannot bo limited in any other way, and this is a remedy which each man can apply for himself. It is not strange that accounts from tho coun try should vary very widely in regard to crop prospects. In some places tho laud is soggy, while in others it is in good condition, and tho work of planting has progressed well. The principal effect of tho rams will probably bo to make tho com area larger than it otherwise .would havo been, as lb xswoll known that tbo chief thing to bo feared in regard to com in Juno floods oncTlato frosts; and late planted com can bo counted on to yield well much moro certainly than other grain. Selling. 116); 116); 117% THE MARKETS. ,Tho loading produce markets wore not quite eo active to-day, and wore loss steady. Tlioro was considerable excitement, and some strength early, principally owing to bad weather, but things generally weakened' in the latter half of the session of tho Board of Trade, with quite a heavy fooling in some departments—the result of a reaction from the excited tone noted for two or throe days past. The weather continues to bo very awkward, but its effects have boon already discounted, and a groat many operators are waiting for tho turn, not fooling disposed to operate further in the present direction. Thoro was only fair activity in tho dry goods trade, and prices wore steady and unchanged. At tho late reduction in colored and bloocuod cottons tho market p osonts a firm tone, and indeed tho only weakness noticeable Is confined to unseasonable fabrics and unpopular brands. Groceries wore moving with rather more freedom than on yesterday or Monday, and prices wore again well sustained all around. Sugars aro Clod higher in Now York, and aro* h trifle or hero in sympatby.though ourdoalorado not anticipiato any marked advance. Coffees remain strong, while spices, rioo, soaps, and starch rule steady. There is a dull, heavy feeling in the tea market, and present indications favor an early decline in prices. Tho butter market was quiet at weak and irregular prices. • Tho receipts, though not remarkably largo for tho season, con siderably exceed current requirements, and a steady augmentation of stocks is witnessed. Chooso was dull and weak at tbo late decline. No changes were reported In the fish, canned goods, and dried fruit markets. Hay .was in bettor request, and former rates woro well sustained. In tho hide market comparatively llltlo trading was done, and prices woro unsettled l and vari able. Oils mot with a liberal inquiry at 1 200 for carbon; at $1.00@1.05 for linseed: at 750f0r extra lard, and at GOo for turpentine. Nothing now was noted In connection with tho tobacco, pig-iron, paints, and wood markets. Lumber continues to meet with a fair and steadily improving demand, Thoro wrfb no par ticular change in prices, though in lumber atloat a firmer feeling was developed. Building materials woro unchanged; tho trade is light at tho quoted prices. Metals, iron, and nails wore moderately aotlvo at about the same rates, though nails aro rather unsettled. Wool, hops, ana broom-corn aro unchanged. Seeds woro in light request at about yesterday’s range of prices. I’otaloos woro in good demand for homo consumption and shipment; choice poachblows being mostly wanted. Oroon fruits wore active and firm. Poultry mot with a good inquiry on local account, and, owing to light of ferings, ruled higher. Eggs wero also in good request and firm at 13@13>£. Highwiuos woro rather loss active ; but steady at tbo recent advance. Sales Woro reported of IDO brls at per gallon. Lako freights woro loss active, and rather dull at tbo Inside rates of yesterday; though it is well known that several vessels have boon sent out of tho grain trade to carry lumber and ore, their owners not being satisfied to accept present grain rates. • To Buffalo sail rates wore quoted at on com, and Oo on wheat; and to Kingston or Oswego, carriers asked 130 on wheat and 180 on conn Through ratos cannot bo quoted; some say they aro weak, and others claim that they aro firm at 450 per 100 lbs to Now York, and DOo to Boston. A total of 0 char ters was reported from this port, which will cany out 18,000 bu wheat, 100,000 bn corn and 20.000 bu oats. Provisions woro quiet. Mesa pork waa iu moderate demand early, at yesterday’s prices, though live hogs woro plenty and lower, but weakened about 100 porbrl towards tbo close. Lard opened a shade easier, with a seemingly fair inquiry at tho dooliuo, but fell off when Now SfH vr , ua quoted woak, and closed fully 100 per 100 tbs lower,with very llltlo offered at tho deoliuo. Moats wero Inactive, and nominally a slnulo firmer on middles, which are in small stock. Thoro Is now very little speculation in provisions, former trades being nearly air equalized, with not much disposi tion to am further into tho future The market closed at tho following raugo of prices : Moss pork, cash or seller May, sio 80® 10.00; do seller Juno, $10.00@17.00 \ do sollor July. $17.40@17.46} do Boiler August, $17.76@ 17.00} lord, oash'or Roller May, $8.05; do'sellor Juno, $9.00@9.05j do aollor July, $9.25(|p9.J)0; Biimmor lard. $0.00; do •without packages, SO.OO/ Sweet pioklodhama quoted allo@ll%o. .Dry Bait ed meals quotable *nt o%@o%O'foi f shoul dorB} 8%®3%d ior ehort, riho { and ( B%® Do for abort oloar. Boxed shoulders,: o%' @5%0. English -moats, o%@Oo for ‘ short riba; 0(o)0%o for short clear. Bacon Is quoted at 7%0 for-shoulders; 100 for clear ribs, lOW'o for short olpor, and 10@14%0 for boms, all Sacked. Mens hoof, $9.00@9.30; extra mesa do, 10.00@10.25} beef bams, >528.00@29.60.1 City tallow, 7%@80; grease quotable at 6%(§)f19£0. Bales woro reported of 4.000 brls moss; pork, seller July, at $17.50} 350 tea lard, seller I Juno, at $9.05: 1,500 tes do at $9.00; 1,000 tea. do, seller July, at $0.25. ; ‘ Flour was stronger, hut not active. The ihar kot opened with-a good demand, principally for spring suporllnos, and the lower grades of spring extras, for shipment ; hut those wore in light supply, tbo stocks having boon considerably de pleted by the liberal sales of tbopnst fow (lays, though flour is now striving more freely. Hold ers generally advanced their views somewhat, in sympathy with the strength in wheat hero and of flour in Now York, and then buyers hold book, seeming to bo limited to former quotations. Bran was quiet and steady. Boles woro reported of 80 brls white winter extras (Crystal) at so.oo} 100* brls do on private terms; 800 brls spring extras (part Athlete) at $7.00 ; 100 brla do at $0,75 t 200 brls do at $0.87% 1 810 brls at $0.25; 100 brls do at SO.OO } COO brls do (low) at $6.25} 800 brls do on private terms } 200 urls rye flour (Beloit City) at $4.40. Total. 3,820 brls } also. 20 tons .bran at $10.50 on track. Tbo following wore tbo quotations at tbo close: ' , Fair to choice white wmtor extras......s 8.60 ■ @ll,oo’ Hod winter extra 7.00 i ® 8.60 Good to choice spring extras 0,10 0 7.00, Low to medium 4.78 @ 5.78 Mlnncsotas (patent) 8.001 @ll.OO Good to fancy Minnesota -5.60 10 8.00 Spring euporflnea 8.00 @ 6.00 Ilye flour 4,16 @ 4.40 Bran '. 10.60 011.00 Wheat was notiro and irregular, averaging about lo higher then yesterday, but was 8o higher at ono.timo than tbo closing quotation of' last'evening. Liverpool was quoted stronger,, and Now York, was also reported strong, while our eUipmoute are very liberal. The fast fact bo<! moat Influence on prices, coupled with the. failure reported yesterday, whlali made it noooa sary for »*groat many operators to buy.tho wheat they bad expected to recoivo from John Watson. It is probable that most of those trades woro covered to-day, and comparatively -little else was done;, banco ' cousldora blo fluctuations in prices, os the .local varied every minute or two in that part of tho session which la usually tho steadiest. Tho stooks of No. 2 spring wheat in store-hero this' morning cannot much exceed 500,000 ba ; which is scarcely half, tho Quantity of May shorts out to bo covered on tho Watson deals, while a' good deni of that was undoubtedly not at command. It may strange that tho market did not advance moro' under tho circumstances, the widest preference for May over Juno boipg l%c, whilo tho usual difference was only 10. There was little doing for shipment, as tho short interest monopolized tho cash' offerings of No. 2. Seller Juno opened at $1.81%, advanced to $1.8394’, foil to sl.Bl, and closed at $1.81%. Sober tho year sold at $1.10@1,17, closing at the In side. Boiler the month, or cash No. 2 spring,, sold at sl.Bl?£@l.S4, closing at $1,82%. No. 1 spring was nominal. No. 8 spring was 2@3%0 higher, at $1.28@1.24, closing with $1.28 bid. {(ejected was active ai $1.05%@1.05%. Cash sales wore reported of 1,600 bu No. 2 spring at $1.3-1%; 7,400 bu doat $1.84} 10,000 bu do at: $1.83%; 43,200 bu doat $1.38%; 18,600 bu do at $1.88#; 10,000 bu do at $1.38; 15,000 bu do at $1.82%; 10,000 bu do at $1.82%; ,15.000 bu do at 01.82% : 40.000 bu doat $1.32%;)10,000 bu do at $1.82 ; 800 bu No. 8 spring at $1.24; C,400 bu do at $1.23%; 0,600 budoat $1.23; 800 bu rejected spring at $1.0524; 400 bu do at $1.05%; 409 bu by sample at $1.40; 400 budoat SI.BB. Total, 190,600 bu. Com was active and • irregular, averaging %o higher than yesterday, though reported auU and heavy in Now York. Tho trading was principally speculative and for next month, though tho moro deferred options received a fair amount of' attention, buyers being incited by tbo fact of continued bad weather. - There was loss inquiry; for spot corn, though some was taken for ship ment: but the light receipts, and liberal exports reported, mode cash lots relatively firm. Tho inquiry was principally mndo before 11 o’clock, after that tho edge of do-- mand had boon, taken off: ana-' after 13 o'clock thoro was considerable pressure to sell, tbo buying orders not having absorbed tho offerings. Seller Juno opened at 42%0, advanced to 48)4c, and declined to 42% c at the close. Sel ler July sold at 45@45%0, closing at 45%0; and seller August at 40@470, closing, at 46%0. Sel ler tho month, or regular No. 3, sold -at 41)4® 41240. closing nt 41%o; strictly fresh receipts closed at 420 bid. Gash sales woro reported of 7,200 bu No. 2 at 42%0 s 9,600 bu do at 42% c : 8,800 bu do at 420: 86.000 bu do at 4194 c; 25,000 bu do at 41%o; 40,000 bu do at 41%o; 5,000 bu do at 41)4° • 11,200 bu rejected at 4Uo; 11,200 bu by sample at 420 afloat. : Total,-204,000 bu. Oats wore dull and weak. Tho market opened apparently Arm at' yesterday’s medium prices, but soon fell off when quoted dull la Now York, and declined %o per bu. Seller tbo month or regular, sold at 33@33%0; seller Juno at 84@ 8124 c j and seller July at 36%@30%c; all closing at tho inside. Strictly freon receipts closed at 83%0. Bojectod was nominal at 810, being In somo demand, with no offerings. Cash sales woro reported of 1,800 bu at 83%o; 11,200 bu at 83% c; 15,000 bu at 83%o; 25,000 bu at 0334 c: 10,000 bu at 83o: 7,000 rojootod at 32%0, free on board cars. Total 70,000 bu. Bye was in moderate demand, and Arm at tbo quotation which has ruled for. several days past; at which all offerings mot with ready sale. The transactions woro limited to 1,000 liu No. 2 at 69% c, and 100 bu by sample at ,70c. - Barley was lifeless, not a single solo being re ported. lu tbo absence of transactions wo quote tho market unchanged at 78@650 for No. 2; Gs@ 6‘JoforNo. 8; and 45@500 for rejected; tho in sido for Bock Island receipts, ana the outside in other houses. conn oh Tins Illinois oehthal bailhoad. Tho President of tho Illinois Control llailroad Company has naked for and obtained reports from tho different stations along that lino of road, giving tho amount of corn orlbbod at tho several stations. Tho following aro tho re plies : Homewood, none; Matlcnon, nono; lUchlon, 8,000, and 60,000 In fanners* hands; Mouce, 18,000; Pootouc, 25,000; Mautcno, CO.OCO, and 30,000 shelled audio ele vator; Kankakee, 20,000; Obebauflo, 90,000; Clifton, 75.000, and 160,000 contracted for: Aslikum, 68,000: Danfort, 80,000; Oilman, 60,000, ana 60,000 contracted; Ouarga, 00,000, and 130,000 bought to bo delivered; Spring Creak, (none); Uulkloy, 80,000. and 80,000 lo farmer’s hands; Loda, 168,000. and 20,000 contracted and not delivered: Paxton, 300,000; Ludlow, 35,000; Ilautoul. 80,000; ThomaHboro, 76.000; Champaign, 100.- 000; Tolono. 101,000, not Including elevator; Areola, 13.000, with largo amount In country; Malloon, none, but any quantity In tho country; totol, 1,623,000 bu. LATEST. In tbo nftornoon.wheat was fairly active and Advanced No. 2 spring closed at 81.82&; seller tho month--sold at-sl,Bl%(gH,B2sel ler Juno, tho latter option closing,at $1.32. Com wan In fair demand nnd higher,. closing firm at 41%(5)420 cash or sollor tbo month, ana 42%0 seller Juno. Alho 4D#'o and sollor July and August. Other grain and provisions woro inactive. Ono charter was reported for com to Buffalo at Dj^o. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. WfcDNKKDAT EVENIMO, May 14. ALCOHOL—Was In demand at former prices. 04 per cent proof is quoted nl $1.70®1.84. BUOOM-COltN—The condition of tbo market Is substantially tbo same. Good-corn Is fairly aetivo, scarce, and Arm. 'while common slock Is steady and In small request, Wo repeat: No. 1 burl CJtf@7o per lt>; No. X stock braid, o@6#o; No, ado 3>f0405 No. 0 do, a@3^c: Inaldo green, a,V@4o jdo rod tip, 304o; do polo and rod, 203V0. BUTTEU—A fooling of ■weakness still pervades tbo butter market, buyers insisting upon concessions, and holders generally responding, as the demand is not suf. flclont to prevent a steady accumulation, which just at this time, sellers nro especially desirous to provout. Shippers aro operating sparingly. Wo quote: Strict ly choice dairy, packed, 250200 ; modluin to good, 20 @230 ; luferlor to common, 0018 c. BAQQINQ—No new features wore developed In con nection with tho bagging market. Business continues quiet and prices romalmj(e.vly and uniform. Wo repeat our list as follows; Stark. Wo: Ludlow, Sso ; Lewiston, 84>tfo J American, 89^0; Amoakeag, a2>tfo ; Otter Greek Mo; burlap bags, 4 and 6 bu, 200220; gunnies, single, 17018 c; do double. 2802Oo; wool sacks, C3Vo. BEANS AND PEAS—Tho demand .is moderate at the prices quoted below: Choice hand-picked navies, $2,6002,00; do mediums, $2.4002.43; Inferior grades $1.2302.00; groon pens (la brio), $1.4001.60: yellow do (In bags), $1.26, BUILDING MATERIALS—Trnrto as a rule Is dull, though thoro Is a moderate Inquiry for common brick! lime, and cement. Cement was erroneously ro jiorled weak yesterday; nearly aU kinds aro held steadily at present quotations. Umo and common brick are easy. Wo quote i Btncoo, $9.6002.75: Now lork stucco, casting, $3.7804,00 : super do * . $?.6004.00 | Portland cement! 10.500 7.80 per brl; Boscnualo cement, $3.2503.60; Uti ca, Louisville, and Akron cement, $9.00 per brl: marble dust, $3.2503.60; Umo In bulk, 85c0$l.OO; lan nn Hf */’ ? l !7 5 JJ° r brl • whlt ® !>« brl. $1,75 ualr. por bu, 40Q500 ; flro brick, In m/kHwii . • Building brick (common), a «wer brick, $19.00013.00 ; country brick! V? ,00 »,^ e U7ored ; Bt. Louis hydraulic pressed, $46.00, if, e M Milwaukee pressed, $32.60, del.: do common,- Haclus pressed, $30.00, del.; do common, » Hillsdale, $25.00, del.; Indiana proased, $29,00 0J4.OO; do common, $12,00 ; Excefelpr pressed, No. 1 and 3, $20.00030,00 del, \ firs clay, brl, $3.00, or SIO.OO per ton. TJio following In tho Hal of prices per box of 60 foet for domestic window gltm, from which' a reduction of 40 and 6 per coat Is made to dealers: ■, , ' ■ ■ Quality. ilHnnth. TxlOto 8x10....*,;,,, 0.70 . ■ ; 0.00 Bxll to 10x15 8.10 ( • I‘J.OO 12x18 to 10x20 0.23 ; 10.00 18x22 to 18x30..... 11,00 , ’ 10.00 20x28 to 24x30:. lU.OO’ 21.00 86x00 to 40x00 45.00 ''lOnEESFl—The cheese market fihown no Improve* mout in Its general featured, the demand continuing small and prices rullng woaK and unsettled. Agradu ol Increase In tho supply Is i\oled, and tho tendency of prices is still downward, Wo quote: Now York faclo ern factory, now, . .GOAL—Prices continue weak and unsettled, but were without quotable change. Tho arrivals continue large. Wo repeat our-list: Lehigh, lump, $12.00; prepared,' $12.00; Lackawanna, $10.00; ErJo, SIO.OO ! Briar HUI, $10.00; Walnut Ulll, $10.00; Blosshnrg, ;<10.00; Cherry Mine, $9.00:■ Ilocklftg Valley,: $0.00; Indiana cauuel coal, $10.00; Indlona block,' $9.00; Kirkland grate, $0.00; Mlnonk,, $8.00; Wilmington, 10.00. • ■' i • COOPERAGE—There wan no change under this head, trade Is quiet and prices are unchanged, os follows : Pork barrels, $1.2501.36 ; lard tierces, SI.OO 01.70! whisky barrels, $1.0002.10; flour barrels, 8O065o; pork staves, rough, $17.00020,00; do buck ed or sawed, $20.00023.00; tierce • slaves, .rough, $20.00025.00; do bucked .or sawed, $26.000 28.00; whisky stares, rough, $24.00028.00; do, bucked, <30.00033.00; flour staves, $9,00011.00; circle flour heading, ,7080. per. sot; flour h6op poles. $14.00 015.00 per mj pork and Uorco poles, $30.00035,00 per m. EGGS—Were In fair local request and Arm at 180 18)40. antes ihcludo 1,600 doa and 240 cases at 13Xo; 1,800 doz at 130. • • FEATHERS—Were salable at tho fall ontsldo prices. Receipts are light. Wo quote: Prime to choice llvo geeSo at 78®7G0, from first bands; Jobbing prices, 780 - 850 for assorted feathers; mixed feathers,' 40005 c; chicken, 6®Bo, ■ • ■ FISH—A good business was doing In this market, and prices were ogaln firm nil around. Wo quote; No. 1 whlloOsb, v bth $7.00; No. 2 do, $0.76; No. 1 shore mackerel, x brl, $11.00011.26; No. 1 bay,59.0000.25; No. 3 mackerel, X brl. (7.7606.00; No. 1 shore kits, $1.8501.00; bank codfish, per 100 lbs. $0.0000.25; George's codfish, $6.7607.00 ; Labrador herring, split, brls,. $0.0000.60; .do X brl. $4.7606.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $8.0008.60; do X brl, $4,260 4.60; box herring No. 1, 31033; .box herring; scaled, 420460; Columbia River Salmon, X brls, $10.00010.20. FRUITS AND NUTS—Remain quiet, with the ex ception of prunes, currants and figs, which are in lib eral demand. /Prices, remain easy for all Imported varieties, and for most domestics. Following are tho! ? notations: FonnaH—Dates, 800 c; figs, drums, 11@ 4o; figs, box, 14X016X0: Turkoyprnncs,'O&olOo; raisins, $3.0002.70: Zanlo currants, 7X<3BXc. Do mkstlo—Alden applet,’ 18030 c; Michigan do, O07o; .Western do, 60Oo; .Soutiiem do,. 4@50; peaches, .pared, 170iOo; pooches, halves, ■ OSOjrfo; do, mixed, 4X05)40; blackberries, 8X00X0; raspberries, 400 41o; pitted cherries,22o24c. Nuts—FllberW, 14016 c; almonds. Terrogona, 31033o; Naples walnuts, 94025 c; .Brazils,lOj4oU)4o; pecans, ll013Xo; African pea nuts, 6X@7o; Wilmington peanuts, 708o; Touneeseo peanuts. 4 <4OCo, GROCERIES—Not a single how feature was develop ed iu connection with this i nrkot. Tho trade move ment exhibits a gradual Improvement, and for most articles enumerated in tho hat prices aro now-fairly firm. Increasing activity,ln tho demand for sugars Is noted, and. 015 in Now York a slight advance has Just taken place, ft is by no means Improbable that prices here may take an upward, though no very considera ble advance is looked for. Ooffcos aro strong. Wo repeat our quotations of yesterday: Bi Gann. Bona— 1 7X08XC. . . Oornsxa—Mooho, 32X033X<J; 0.. O. Java, 27@380; Java, No. 3, 20020X0J fancy Rio, 24V@24)40; choice do. 23X®240; prime 1110,23X@23X0? good do, 230 S3Xc; common do, 91?4@220; roasting d0,.20X0 21Xe; Singapore, 23X024X05 CostaHico. fancy, 24>4 025o; do, prime, 240‘iiXo: Maracaibo, 23X023*/c. ’ OxnnpKs—tolar, full weight, 20020X05 stearino, full weight, 1C016XO; do short weight, 14014X0. Rios—Pains, BXOBXO 5 Rangoon, 7X®Bo: Oaro- Una, 8X@8o; Louisians, 808Xo. , Buoaw*—Patent out loaf, 13X013X©; crushed, • powdered* and granulated, 12®12X0; A, standard, 11X011X0: do No. 2,11011X0; B. 11011X0! ex tra 0,1OX0Ilo; ONo, 3, 10X@10;£o; yellow O,IOX @lOXq; choice brown, 10X®10X° 5 prime do, OXO 10c; fair do, 'OX®9X O S choice molasses sugar, 10 01OXo; fair do, OXO9XO 1 Now Orleans sugar, choice, lOOIOXo :-do prime, OX®OXc; do fair, 00 OXo: common, 808X0. • • ■ Stbupo—Diamond drips, $1.3301.35 ; silver drips extra fine, 720760; good sugar-house syrup, 45®48c ; extra do, 60@65c; Now Orleans molasses, choice, B3 0S5o; do prime. 7C@80o; do common, 65@70c ; Porto Itlcomolaeses, choice, 63005 c; common molasses, 32 ®4oc. BALEnATca— beat. o®loe, < SriOES— Allspice, 17@18o ; cloves, 3T@390 ; casnla, 88040 c; pepper. 23*tf@24Vo; nutmegs,>sl,2s®!.3o; ginger, pure, 28®30o; do No. 1, 20@260} do No. 2,10 0190, j . 1 mottled! 0#®0^o; Gorman mottled, 7**®7«e; Golden West, 60Ojtfc; While Lily, OV® While Rose, brown Windsor, 4X® 4#c; palm, C®oJtfo; Savon Imperial, Btakou—Gloss, 9>.f@loo; Corn, OQllo; laundry, 6® 7o; common, 6VOCo. GREEN FRUITS—AII -choice fruit Is scarce nnd firm. Strawberries from Kentucky sold at SI.OO per quart; gooseberries aro quiet ot 25c. Ajw plcs, common to fair, $1.0003.76; good to choice, $3.0005.00 per brl from store; cranberries (culti vated) ‘ at $8.00012,00 per brl; lemons at $7.00® 7.50 per box; Palermo oranges, $5.0006.00 ; Metslua do, $0.6007.60. Pineapples, $4.0004.50 perdoz. Ban anna, $3.0007.00 per bunch. llOPß—Were quiet amt nominally unchanged, quo table at 350460 for good to prime, and 25030 c for com mon to fair. HAYr—Prices, though again weak, wore not subject ed to any material decline. During the past few days liberal purchases have boon made for shtymont up the lake, and this has relieved tho market to somo extent: but tho demand Is not sufficient to prevent an accumulation, and tho tendency is downward: Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: On Track—Timothy, heater pressed, $16.60010.60 ; tim othy, loose pressed, $14.60016.60; prairie pressed, $12.00013.00, On Wagon—Timothy, loose, SIO,OOO 18,00; prairie, loose, $14.0017.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.60, according to distance. HIDES—Tho situation of this market was un changed in any important particular. Tha boars are fUU vigorously at work, ana are hopeful of being ablo o force a still further decline: hut tho diminished re ceipts that will bo likely to follow the late “break,” and tho fact that there was no legitimate cause for at' least, a portion of tho late reduction, ,it is thought will operate to chock the down ward course of tho market. Wo quote: Green city batchers', 7o; green cured light* 10&®10#o; do heavy, OJK0OWO: part cured, 00'JWc; green calf, 16®lo)tfo; veal kip, 1314013 c; dry calf, 240; dry kip, 21o; dry salted, 16©i70; dry flint, 19© 20o; long haired kip, lOJrfc; deacon skins, 40055 c; grubby, scored, out. or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. - IHON AND STEEL— I There was no change to note. A fair, steady demand exists at thorotes quoted below; iron i 4-10© 4 8-10 rates Horse-shoe iron Plato iron, common tank. Bussla iron Bussla iron, No. 1 stained, Norway Iron Norway nail rods German plow stool English cast plow 5t001.... American tool stool . 180 . y lb . 0 ® OJtfo Vlb . Utf 010 c Vlb .11 . @l2o tflb .12 y lb .17tf ®lßo- Vlb .18 (£2O y lb Chrome tool steel, English tool Blccl 21*tf 023 , rates English spring steel....; 11 rates - LEATHER-—'There was some littlo improvement in the demand, but otherwise the market was without visible change. Vo quote: CUy harness Country harness....... Lino, city, 3} 1b.... Kip, lb Kip, veals City upper, No, 1,3? ft. City upper, No. 2, ft. Country upper. No. 1... Collar, 3) ft Calf,city, Calf, country Hough upper, standard. Hough upper damaged, Buffalo slaughter solo,, "B. A." solo ... CaV 1.250 1.45 Kip 76@ 1.10 Uarneno ; 400 15 French calf. Jodofc 65.00@00.00 French calf, Lomolno 60.00080.00 French calf, 24 to 30 lbs 1.050 2.60 French kip, 60 to 100 lbs 1.100 1,05 METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—Continue to meet with a moderate Inquiry at tho prices given bolow: Tik Plate—lo,loxll, $15,00 j do, 12x12, $16.00: do, 11x20, $10.00; do, roofing, 10, $11.60: do. 20x28, *BOiOO. - ' Tia Tin—Largo, 12o; small, 13o: bar. lie. Burst Zino—Fall casks, Ho; half casks, loss quantity, live; slab, 00. Sheet Ikon—No. 21, 0)4o rates. Galvanized InoK—No. 10020,15o; No. 22021.10 c; No. 23020,170; No. 27,18o: No. 28, 200. A discount of 16 per cent is mado from the list, OornEn—Copper bottoms, 43048 a; braziers, over 12 lbs, 470; tinned copper, 480. Wins—2to 5, 8c; 0,8,andO.lOo; 10toll,llo; 12, 11)40; 18and 11,12)4o; 16and 10, lie; 17,16 c; 18, 10c; 10,10 c; 20, 20o; full bundle, 16 per cent dis count s fence wire, 7#o; by car load, 7#c. NAVAL STORES—Were In fair demand at tho fol lowing prices : Manilla rope, lb. 18010 a; sisal rope, V lb, 16017 a; hemp sash lb, 20023 c; marline, « lb, 200220; tarred rope, $ n>, 10017 c: oakum, 9 halo, 15.0000.60; pitch, V hrl, $0.0007.00: tar. 79 bri, $5.6000.00 * ’ NAiLS—Were in good demand at tho annexed rates. Tho market Is rather weak. Wo quota: 100 00d, per keg, $5.2505.37)4 rates; 8d do. $6.5006.0234 : 6d do, $5.7606.8734; la do, $0.123400.25: 8d do. $0.7600.8734 J3d do, fine, $8.2508.37>4; 2d do, $8.60 08.02)4 • clinch. $7.02)407.76; isjtfo off for 100 keg lots. OlLS—Carbon, lard, aud turpentine wore easy, while linseed, whale, and other descriptions were steady and generally firm. There was a fair inquiry from local and interior customers, at tho annexed quotations: Carbon, I9)4®20o; extra lard oil, 760: No. 1, 70o; No. 2,08o; linseed, raw, $1.00; do boiled, $1.05; whalo, 880; sperm, $2.0003.10: neatsfoot oil, strictly pure, $1,10; do extra, 05c: 00 No, 1, BOo; bank oil, 70c; straits, 760; elephant oil, 930: turpentine, fiOo: nap tha, 63 gravity, 20021 c: naphtha, common, 17010 c. PIU-iRON—Was quoted unchanged In prices. Only a moderate amount of trading was done at tho quota-. Uous given below: Scotch (according to brand), $62.00 067,00; Tuscarawas. $61.00; Massillon, SOI.OO 5 Lake Superior, $08.00000.00; Chicago stouc coal* $37.00; Missouri stoue coal, $37.00068,00, POULTRY—Was active am! higher. The offerings are light. Turkeys sold nt 17018 c cihlokona at (5,000 6.60. A coop of spring chickens sold at SO.OO ; also at

$5.00. Wo note sura of 6 coops turkeya at 16o; 1 coops do at 17o; 30 coons chickens at $5.00: 8 coons do at $6,255 2 coops at $6.60; 1 coop spring do at $6.00; 1 coop do at $6.00. rOTATOFth-There waa a good Inquiry for home consumption met shipment, choice poacliblows being montlywnnlod. Mixed lout nro dull. Now potatoes from Now Orleans fcro o(Toted at $7.0008.00 per brl. Bales Include 1 car pcnshhlows at ROo; 1 ear do at 480 on I rack ; 1 car at R2O • i car at ROo delivered. BALT— I The demand In restricted to ntnall loin, prices ranging about tho nimo ao they have done fot nemo Hmo pant, an follows } Onondaga 'and Sagi naw, flno, $2.00j ordinary coarse, $2.00 i coarse Din mond O, $2.25! ground solar, $2.25; dairy, without baps, $3.60; dairy, with bags, $4.6004.7(5; Ashton dairy, pot Bark, $5,60 { ground alum, $2.3002.40; Turk’s Island, $2.00, . ■ , BABII, DOqllß, AND'BLTND9-Thcro was no chnngoi The demand Is fair nt former prices.; A dis count of from 16®30 por cent Is mado from Iho Hut rates. SEEDS—Were quiet and unchanged. Tlmolby Is In light supply, ami choice Is very scarce, quotable at $3.7604.00 5 clover sold ot $4.6504.75; $5.00 lathe ask ing price for choice; Hungarian at $1 JO® 1.33 for com mon to good; millet was In request nt $1.0501.10; flax about $1.0002.00. Sales wore reported of 0 bogs timothy nt $4.00; 36 bags ats3,no; U bags at $3,80; 7 bags common at $3,76; 7bngu good clover at $4,76; 0 bags fair do at 4.65; 20 bags good Hungarian nt $1.35 ; 60 bags fair do at $1.30; 31 bngaatsl.lo; 20 bags prime millet nt $1.10; 107 bags ond 1 car at $1.05, TEAS—Wore In light request, and tho market was weak. No quotable changes wore noted, hut■ orders were freely filled ot a concession from the an nexed prices: Young Hyson, common to fair, 48 ®650; do good, 6O07Oo; do choice to extra fine, $1.0001,10; common to fine old Hyson,' 70005 c 5 common Imperial, CO0C6o; good to cliolco do, BOco $1.10; fluo to good gunj»owaor,7Ocosl.lO; choice, $1.15 @1.20 s extra, $1.3601.45; choice to extra loaf Japan, OOc0|l.OO; fair to good do, 70080 c; common do 420 450; colored natural loaf Japan, 550O5o; common to fine Oolong, 85046 a; good, 660C50; choice to extra. 86c051.00. ’ ' * TOBACCO—Was steady nt the prices given below: UnxwiMO—Fine Cut—Extra, 76085o; choice, 650 750; common, 66060 c; poor, 40@B0o, Plug—Notursllenf, 7608Oo; half bright, 60©760; black, sound, 46066 c. , Smoking—Choice, 33035 c; medium, 00032 c; com mon stems, 27020 c. ‘ WOOD—Was active and steady at former rates. Wo continue to quote: Beech, $10.00; maple. $11.00; hickory, $12.00; slabs, $6,00, delivered. VEGETABLES—Tho demand Is light at tho figures f'lvon bolow: Green peas, $2.6003.00 per bu; string icons, $3.0004.00 nor bu; cucumbers, $1.0001.60 per doz; now onions, SB,OO per brl; do, por doz, 25@400; spinach, $2.0003.00 por brl: radishes, 25®600; squash, 12Xo per lt>; asparagus, while, 76c@51,00 ; do green, $1.2501.60; pie plant, IXO3o per lt>; lollUCo, 3COCOo per doz; cabbage, $3.00 per doz. > WOOL—Was In moderate demand at the-following range of prices: Tub; wanned, extra medium . ..moobo Tub, washed, common to fair.... .460520 Common dingy .460470 Fleece, washed,X&XX, light. 430460 Fleece, washed, XfeXX, dingy.... ...'.400440 Flecoo, washed, medium light 43@450 Fleece, washed, medium dingy.............’,..370420 Fleece, unwashed, XAXX,In good condition... .30032 a Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium ,30@350 Fleece, unwoahed, coarse, and dingy 27@30e Super, pulled ; ,38@430 Extra, pulled .880440 . Burry wool 60100 lees. * . CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. • WednesdayEvusnito, May 14. The receipts of Hvo stock blqco Saturday linvo keen as follows: Monday.... Tuesday.... Wednesday, Total Same time last week......... Week before last Shipments were as follows Monday. Tuesday, Total. CATTLE— I The weakness noticeable in the market yesterday was even more apparent to-day, prices being unmistakably in buyer’s favor for all grades, though not quotably lower except for good to extra steers, which wore “ off ” about }*c as compared with yester day’s prices, or Vo lower than Monday. Tho present depression must bo wholly attributed to the continued heavy receipts, aa telegrams from. tboEnst have thus far during tho week been favorable to tho shipping in terest, while tho quality of tho offerings has been such as to give little cause for complaint, fair to choice smooth woll-Cattcd steers of from 1,000 to 1,400 lbs av erage comprising the major portion. At tho close of trade yesterday not fewer -than 3,000 cattle remained In the yards unsold. To this number fully 4,600 woro added to-day, swelling tho supply on solo to somewhere In tho neighborhood of 8,000. This largo supply placed sellers at a disadvantage, and (hoy found .it up-uill work to dispose of their stock bavu at uurc muuorntlvo prices. Early in tho day tmdo was ex tremely slow; hut between tho hours of 10 and 3 a largo number of transfers woro effected, tho low prices having stimulated the demand. There were a number of very Gnu droves on sale, tho most nolablo of which embraced 112 lowa steers, fed Ju Vermont County. They woro consigned to Nicola A Adderas, and by them sold to Kelson Morris at SO.OO. Taking into considera tion tho weight of tho cattle—they averaged 1,360 lbs. tho price realized was an extreme one. The range of tho market was®G.l2ttf, with tho bulk of tho transfers at $4.76@6.C0. Butchers’ stuff continues in moderate supply, and was salable at about former rates. Stock steers also sold welt up to yesterday’s prices, ns there were comparatively few desirable loia on sale. Calves were plenty, and slow of sale at $9,00 @5,25. Tho market closed heavy. QUpTATIONB. Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,450 lbs ami upwards $6.8500,10 Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 3 year to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,460 lbs 5.0005.75 Good Hooves—Well-fattened, finely steers, averaging 1,200t0 1,300 1b5.....'... 6.1606.60 Medium Grades—Hlcura'ln fair flesh, aver aging 1.100 to 1,250 lbs 4.8006.00 Butchers’ Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, far city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0004.76 Stock Cattle—Comnum cattle, in docent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs 3,7506.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, and ocnllawag steers 3.0003.76 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered 4.0004.50 Cattlo— Oom-fod Texas 4.6005,16 84 good ctccrs... 63 Texas steers.. 45 extra otcors... 48 extra steers... 11 stookers 81 good steers... 10 choice streets. 12 good steers... 74 choice steers. 16 choice steers. 10 stock steers... 16 oxen 1C extra steers... 84 good steers... 112 oxtra steers,.. 34 good steers... 17 good steers... .10 good steers.,. 77 choice steers., 33 good steers... 15 good steers... 40 good steers... 63 good steers... 17 good steers... 60 good steers... 45 good steers... 61 good steers... 48 good steers... 60 choice steers.. 64 good steers... 80 good sleors... 63 choice steers.. 73 oxtra steers... 13 cow 10 stock steers... 28 stock steers... 0 @ 0 8-10 rates 6# @7 • rates 20®210 rates ..$ 89® 11 .. Med 88 . 110 13 ~ coed 1.10 . 860 1.20 .. 28(£ 80 .. 250 27 . 250 27 .. 200 23 . 1.200 1.10 . 1.100 1.23 . 300 85 . 270 SO . 830 87 . 300 82 HOGS—Tho market was largely overstocked, oud prices look a tumble to tho extent of 15©20opor 100 lbs, going to $1.8006.20, at which range they weak. Opening sales were effected at not more than 10c off, hut by mid-day, when the character,of tho sup ply became known, they had receded another 6010 c, and during tho afternoon sales drogge'd heavily at 11,8004.00 for poor to common; at $5.0003.05 for medium,, aud $6.1006.20 for good to extra. Less than half tho supply was disposed of, and there Is a proba bility of a further reduction to-morrow. Jio, Av. Price, 61 219 $5.20 10* 213 5.20 75 107 6.12, VGI 178 fi.lo 231 205 5.00 CO 108 6.10 ' 51 257 6.00 51) 170 6.00 73 102 6.10 70 181 6.10 101 250 6.26 00 18* 6.10 55 202 6.15 131 100 6.16 60 200 6.20 07 23* 6.00 28 200 6.10 6* 2*l . 6.20 183 , 212 6.15 68 221 6.10 111 217 6.20 03 180 6.00 70 137 *.76 103 183 6.20 GO 210 6.10 131 100 6.00 G* 208 6.20 5* 261 C.lOtf 65 205 6.10 25 237 6.20 112 200 6.10 GO 130 6.10 100 20* 8.13# 05 201 0.15 BllEEl’—'Wore n good demand. and prices- wore Arm tmcl higher. Thu supply was light, and tho com petition between buyers forced up prices a strong 260 per 100 lbs. Wo quote poor to common at $'J.25®3.75 • medium at f*.00@4,2j, and good to choice at N.CO& 6.25. WCONKRDAY EVENING, MflV U. TUo market was active, ull cargoes soiling readily on arrival, and quite a number havo been sold to arrive. There la a decided improvement in the tone of tho market, particularly for good Joists, scantling, boards, and strips. Wo quote: Good to choice strips and boards at sU.fio@l7.oo; common to fair do nt $11.00(319.00: joists and scantling nt $10.12**010.25. Lath at *2.50. B hinglcs “A.” Sa.OU@S.CS ; do No. 1 at $1.26. Thu following snlos woro reported: Cargoes nclirs Pilot, from Muskegon, 127 m boards ands trips at SU.SS: 7 m lath at $2,60; Z. G, Blmmouds, from Manistee, 110 m Joists and scantling at $10.25; E. Day, from Ludiugton, 120 m joists and scantling at slo.l2>* ; Marlon Dixon, front WhitoLako, 70 m coarse mixed ot SIO.OO ; J. A. Merrill, from Manistee, ItiO m Joists and scantling at $10.23 ; O. M. Mill, from Manistee, TO in timber nt $12.00. 120 m Joists and scantling at $10.25; Clipper Oily, from Lndington; 60 m boards and strips at $ll.OO, 66 m Joists and scantling at $10,25; Emma, from Ludiugton, 55 m strips and boards ut $ll.OO, 65 m joists and scaulhug at $10.25 ; Sea Star, from Ludiugton, 80 m Joists at $10.26. 0 m Inch at $11.00; Warner, from Uu&kugou, 72 m strips and boards nt $16.60, 8 m Nor way do at $19.00, 16 ra lath at $2,60; Msg. noils, from Muskegon, 00 m strips and 31 m boards at $17.00; Mystic, from Muskegon, 165 m strips and boards at $10.o0; Herald, from Muskegon 85 m lumber, 20 to 50 ft, at $12.00; 01m boards and strips at $14.60; Moss, from Manistee, 200 m Joists and scantling at $10.25 ; Bardlnio, from Maulsteo. 125 m Joists and scauUiua at $10.25; LUtlo JJohe, from Cattle. JToc*. Sheep. 6,107 8,704 370 4,035 14,618 016 4,800- 18,000 I,COO .14,803 ' 41,873 3,031 .•8,049 37,005 1,407 .10,058 42,877 ' 2,094 Cattle, How. Sheep. -2,808 • 6,700 170 .3,093 7,155 5,061 13,045 Av. Price, .1,187 $5.35 .1,160 1.36 .1,163 5.85 .1,360 6.87)4 . -860 4.87)4 .1,210 6.56 .1,057 6.90 .1,327 6.60 .1,343 6.65 .1,170 6.60 .1,028 4.76 .1,616 ' 6,00 .1,175 6.00 .1,191 6.30 .1,350 C.OO .1,163 6.50 .1,200 6.60 .1,165 6.37)4 .1,812 6.60 .1,170 6.35 .1,215 6.25 .1,170 6.20 .1,292 6.65 .1,222 5.60 .1,181 6.10 .1,253 6,50 .1,235 6.60 .1,189 6.10 .1,314 6.02)4 .1,264 6.60 .1,265 6.45 ,1,338 6.02)4 .1,139 0.12)4 . 974 3.00 . 900 4.85 . 601 1.00 Xo. Av. J*rice. 18 234 $6.16 *Yo, Av, Price, 10 200 $6.20 LUMBER. Muskegon. 110 m piece stuff, 20 ft nml over, nt $11,75, and 1R and under, 110.25 ; DO in lalU at $2.50; Gertrude, from Ooldon, 75 m ptoco stuff at $10,25; 13. 11. Blake, from Muskegon, 175 m boards and strips at sll.o2'i, 00 m lath nt 12.50 : 8,500 pickets at $10.00; Dorn, finngrtluck. 30' m basswood nt $18.50. 10 m whliowood at $20.00, 10 jn ash and hickory at |22.00 p Simmons, Muskegon, 200 m boards at $15.60;- Boeder, 114 m common inch (some. Nor* way) 'nt SIO.OOI ■ Wlsohoeter, Muskegon, 140 m'-strips and boards, ;ito- arrive, at. $16,60; 'Mystic, from Muskegon, ICO m.incb and 1 Vf (to arrive) at $15.75; R. Simmons, to arrive from Muskegon, 200 m boards nt SIO.OO ; Naomi, - from Ludldgton,, 141 m joists and ocautUng at $10.25." I • pnrranTß, ■ Lumber freights aro weak, In sympathy with grain freights, and many of tho grain vessels are no* offer* cd for lumber on Iho return trip from below. Oconto freights are variously quoted at $3.71504.35} largo vessels have been taken at tho inside rato: light draft craft at $t.00©4,12>(; and $4.25. was paid recently, though SI.OO is now about the outside price. Monomi nco in also weak at $3.00. ,Wo quote: Manistee, $3.00 <33.25 ; Lmllugton, $3.00; Muskegon, $2.50; Oconto, $3.7604.00 ; ■ Menominee, $3.00; ; I’cntwrtlcr, 512.76Q 3.00; white Lake, ,$2.75 ; Grand Haven, $2.60. ’ ATTIIB XAHUH. Continued activity Is noticed at tho yards, tho trade being principally in tho common grades of building material. Prices are without variation, aa follows: First clear $52.00 @56.00 Second clear, 1 Inch to 3 inch 47,00 .@50,00 • Third clear, 1 inch 38.00 @40.00 Third clear, thick. -45.00. First and second clear flooring,logoth- i er,' rough 40.00 @42,00 First and second clear elding, to gether 33.00 • @24.00 Common siding 20.00 @22.00 Common flooring, dressed, first 34,00 @30.00 Common flooring, dressed,second.,.. 20.00 @32.00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 inches and upward 37.00 @40.00 A stock boards 87.00 ,@40.00 B stock boards 20.00 @30.00 O stock boards .10.00 @20.00 Common boards 13.00 @15.00 Joist, scantling, small Umber, etc., 10 foot and under ia.oo @14.00 Fencing 13.00 @14.00 Joist and scantling, 18 to 24 foot 15.00 @20.00 Pickets,square 14.00 @15.00 Pickets, flat 13.00 ' @15.00 Cedar posts, split 14.00 @IB.OO Cedar posts, round 17.00 1 @25.00 I*‘h 3.00 @8.25 Lath, on track 2.75 ' @ 3.00 No. 1 sawed shinglcsl 1.60' @2.00 Aor Star.; vv 3.50 @ 3.75 Bumßlca on track.,.., 3.l2J<f@ 8.25 Wft. 1 nnwivl . jne » i rq Throe dollarsipercar ColioaMdctt'wnau Uounfciica, Vfhlch charge follows tho shingles. • , Thickness—Five shingles to bo two inches in thick ness. Length—Sixteen inches. , . itAimwoon. “ Counters, $100.00@160.00 i ■ clear. 85,00 ; flooring, $50.00@C0.()0. w Abli—Clear, $30.00010.00; common, $20.00025.00 • cull, $12.00(318.00 ; fluorJug, $30.00040.00. ' Oak—Clear. $30.00040.00; common, $20.00023.00: cull, $12.00018.00, ° ’ ' Hickory—Clear, $35.00045.00; common, $25.00® 05.00; CUIL $12.00@18.00. . Maple—Clear,s3o.ooo4o.oo; common, $20.00030.00; cull, $10.00015.00. ’ Clear, $50.00@C0,00; common, $25,000 Cherry—Clear, $50.00000.00: common. $25,000 85.00: cull, f12.00@18.00. Whltowood—Clear, $30.00@40.00; common, $20.00 @30.00; cull, $10.00015.00. Wagon Stock—Ulclrory axles, per ect, $1.0001.60; wagon polca, each, 450550; bos boards, $35.00040.00. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED Miy 14. Slmr lilantstco, Manitowoc, 200 brie flour, 400 bu wheat, 4 brla higbwlnes. • 6chr J. B. Merrill, Manistee, 200 m lumber. I'rop Dunbar, Kluakegon, 160 m lumber. Schr Herald, Muskegon, 160 m lumber, 30 m lath. BchrO. J. Boeder, Muakcgon, 120 m lumber. ■ Schr Fashion, Muskegon, 145 m lumber, 16 m lath. Schr Paulino, Muskegon, 100 m lumber, 80 m htb, Schr Joses, Muskegon, 120 m lumber, 15 m lath. Schr Ida, Muskegon, 170 m lumber, 60 m lath. Schr Mary, Muskegon, 160 m lumber. Schr Eliza Day, Ludiugton, 120 m lumber. Schr Emma. Lmlingtou, 100 m lumber. Scow Hercules. Charlton, 25 eda bark. Schrß, J, Bklumorc. I’cutwatcr, 100 m lumber. Scow South Side, Wuito Lake, 133 m lumber. Scow Bowcna, White Lake; 40 m lumber, 700 m ehln glcs. • ’ Schr J. Hibbard, White Lake, 00 m lumber. Schr Madison, Michigan City, 70 m lumber. Schr Lone Star, Muuomiuco, 235 m lumber. Scltr Athenian, Cleveland, 525 tons coni. Schr Amoskcag, Detroit, 2 m lumber, CO m lath. Brig Starlight, Qvcon Bay, 260 m lumber. Schr Unclno, Muskcgou, 140 lumber. Schr Kate Lyons, Muskegon, 200 m lumber. Schr E. O. Gray, Muskegon, 110 m lumber. Schr Regulator, Muekegou, 120 m lumber, 20 m lath. Schr Bouse Simmons, Muskegon, 200 m lumber. Schr Cornelia, Menominee,'2ls m lumber, 10 m lath. Schr Evening Star, Manistee, 160 m lumber. Schr llarmonia, White Luke, 75 m lumber. Scow Ida Bloom, Muskcgou, 73 in lumber. I Schr Harriet Aun, Muskcgou, 85 m lumber. Prop East. Pcnetrdlns, 2,804 brls salt, 23 pkgs salt. Prop Vnnucrbllt. Bagnio, 45 brls sugar, and sundries. Plop Roanoke, BulFalo, 175 pkgs tin. Schr Mystic, Muskegon, 160 m lumber. Schr Wnrrcu, Muskegon, 75 m lumber. SchrlHlot, Muakcgou, 115 m.lumber. Schr Magnolia, Muskegon, 115 m lumber. Barge Comet, Muskegon, 120 m lumber, 130 m lath. Schr Westchester, Muskcgou, 140 m lumber, 25 m lath. Bargo Contest, Muskegon, 260 m lumber. • Schr Little Bell, Muskegon, 110 m lumber, 20 m lath. Schr Z. O.'Sinnnous, Manistee, 140 m lumber. Brig J. M. Hill, Manistee, 100 m lumber. Schr Gertrude, Goldou Mills, 70 m lumber. Brig Eldorado, Menominee, 475 m lumber. Brig Tyson, Menominee, 360 m lumber. Schr O. Shaw, Curies Pier, 40 cords wood. Schr Annie Tomhio, Olaykauka, 780 m shingles. Scow Magnolia, South Haven, 05 cords wood. Burk 11. Crocker, Pensaukoo, 27 m lumber. Schr Clipper City, LudUigtou, 130 m lumber. Scow Sea Bird, Ludlngtou, 00 m lumber. Scow Marion Dixon, White Lake, 65 m lumber. Schr Presto, Grand Haven, 160 m lumber. Schr Driver, Taylor’s Pier, 2.500 posts, 50 cords wood* CLEARED .....May 14. Schr Gertrude, Pentwater, 7 brla pork, 3 tons feed. Prop Ira Chaffee, Sangatuck. 25 tons Iron 75 ska wheat. Schr Lliilo Parsons, Kingston, 17,000 bu wheat. Schr Pelican, Buffalo, 54,000 bu corn. •Bark H. Bisscll, Buffalo; 35,180 bu com. Schr Paulino, Muskcgou, light. Scow South Side, White Hail, 7 brls beef. Stmr Manitowoc, Manitowoc; 10 brls sugar, 0 brls hlghwinca, Sclir J. Puraous, Kingston, 19,200 bu wheat. Bchr St. Lawrence, Port Oolbomo, 20,640 bit con. Bobr O. M. Horn], Kingston, 20,300 bu wheat. Sebr L. Hanna, Buffalo, 44.660 bu corn. Prig N, M. Standard, Buffalo, 18,300 bu wheat. Parle Two Fannies, Buffalo, 27,104 bu wheat. Sebr J. U. Morrill, Manistee, 1 brl and 1 box tobacco. Sebr Eliza Bay, Ludlugton, 600 bu oats. Prop Cleveland, Ogdensburg, 10,016 bu corn, 69 boles broom corn, Sebr Sea Bird, Goderich 18,000 bu corn, LAKE FREIGHTS. Groin froigMa ore quoted at 6*tf@Co for com and C® 7c fur wheat, tho outside bolug the asking rates, Char ters were: Schrs J. N. roster, Amaranth, Itusalan, 8. P. Ely, Florettu, Kingfisher, and City ofGrcen Bay, com to Buffalo, at OJtfo; Queen of tho X<akcs, wheat to Kingston or Port Colborno, at 120 or Ocs prop Chicago, com through to Poston; propeller, not named, oats at Sc to Buffalo; schr T. 8. Molt, oats (part cargo) to Marquette on private terms; tho lark Zack Chandler was taken for wheat from Jllhrauii-o to Buffalo at 7c. In tho afternoon tho sohr Golden West was taken for com to Buffalo at MISCELLANEOUS. Bailors wages are quoted at $1.7fi®2.00 per day. —Tho Cautnln of tho eohr G. It. Huberts, which came in to-day, picked up tv boat upset about GO miles from Grand liavcu, in which ho found a.desk, dock, and several other articles ; also, small sum. of money. The boat belonged to tho barge City of Erie, which, as wo understand it, was being towed, with' one or two others, to this port by the prop Gen. Paine. Tho Paine was disabled and put hack to Grand Haven. The barges continued on, but tbo Erie baa since gone back, as a telegram has siuco been received to that effect. The other barges are expected lu soon. No ouo was In the boat, or missing, as far as known. —There Is considerable complaint about tbo state of things on tho South Branch; It is said- that, beside the big Jam lost week; one occurred yesterday and another to-day, at tho railroad bridges, and, in fact, it is spoken of as a dally occurrence. This may bo the result of the recent change of harbor .masters, and there are those who would like to have tho matter re considered, as tho present state of things is a serious interruption to tho business cf that portion of tho river. —Tho echr niggle & Jones baa passed Port Huron on her way to Menominee for lumber for Chicago. —The number of tugs which will bo engaged In Buffalo harbor this season will bo not has than forty* seven. —The prop Chamberlain got off tho shore near Mackinaw, on the PJth, without assletanco or damage. —The schr John lUo. which has been ashore at South Bay since last fall, camo into Oswego Friday night in tow of tho tug Crusader. —Tho props Michigan and Prairie Stato are lying at tho Northern Transportation Company’s dock, out of commission. —Tho owners of an Oshkosh tug, whoso sparks act flro to a saw-mill, have been mulcted in $0,030 damages by an Intelligent Jury. —lt is said that iron oro is scarce at Escanaba, and vessels going there to load arc detained. Tho reason assigned is that there Is too much mud at tho mines to admit of shipments by rail. —'When tho schr Eliza Usher, last Monday, was 15 miles from Oswego, her cargo of lumber took nro from sparks from tho stovo, and 13,000 feet had to bo.throwu overboard before tho llamos could be subdued. —Efforts oro being made to savo tho Capo Horn. Tho tug X’erow dragged her into 10 feet of water, about lx miles from shore, 4 miles above Long Point Ugbt. liur sails und some of tho running gear have been re covered. —On ond after this date there wilt bo rango lights shownol Cedar Point. In entering tho harbor mari ners will ateor tho same us heretofore until they pass thoronge, then they will open tho outer range light for the inner for steering os heretofore, untli tbo two lights como Into range : keep this range until the Bal timore k Ohio depot bears south by oast, then haul up for port.—i'amltwAu \l(gUter, __ . . —The Ontonagon Miner says: There Is now 10 fcot of water on the bar. As soon os the rapid current which Is now running subsides, the dredges will bo act to work anddredgoout a _ channel wide enough and deep enough for any of tho boats that oomo on to Lake Superior to enter our harbor, ; —Late advices from Duluth aro, that by a recent shift of wind the 100 had disappeared from that locality and none was visible an far as could bo seen. The work of.gcltlng off (ho Sweetheart was progressing slowly. An effort was made to pull her off the beach, which won at first unsuccessful. In trying to roll her over, her mainmast wan sprung. ; —On tho extrema southeast end of South Fox Island a lighthouse tower rises from n dwelling, which serves ss a guide to tho chipping through tho passage between South-Pox and North-Mnnitou- Inland*. From tbs light n hank extends south about, ten tailoe, which la from ono to two miles wide, Tho soundings are from four to six end eight fathoms. To the cant, south and west of tho bapk there Is from twenty la thirty fathoms of water. Close to the blink there are (wo small shoals, hearing respectively from tho light south by west five miles, with 13 feet, and BouUi-uilf.vest seven miles and throo-clgblbs, with 10 font. —Tho ico has moved away from (ho docks at Mar quette, so (hat ships in tho harbor aro being loaded without difficulty. - —Tho Port Huron Times publishes a list of vessels now In commission, that wore built on-tho St. Clslr River. Tho aggregate of tonnng«, tho number of vessels and estimated value of tho ntmo la as follows: No, of atonm and nail crafts built la Port Huron In commission Present estimated value of 5ame......... No. of steam and sail crafts btUt in Marino City in commission.,, Present estimated va1ue....... of* steam and sail craft tullt In Algouao in commission Present estimated value No, of steam and sail crafts built in Vicksburg..., Present estimated value No. of steam and sail- crafts built in 81. Clair Present estimated value., i :. Total No. and value of boat* tmllt on St. Clair River 167 $2,318,000 Totaltonnago at Port Huron... 14,131 Total tonnageat Marino City • 25,012 Total tonnage at A1g0na0.,.,. 3,603 Totaltonnago atVlcitßlmrg ; 1,018 Total tonnage at St. C1air......... 1,340 Total on St, Clair River, RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND: DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. Spring Arrangement. Explanation op Hepkiirnoi! Mahkb.—t SntnnJftyoi. peptoJ. * Sunday oxooptod. | At- MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Jj'Po't font cj/ tt , and foot of Ticrntyseeaiui-it Ticket office, 76 Canal-tt,, comer of Matllton, Ltave, _ Arrive, JJ*Pftj*“illUco) * 6:30. m. fS'pTra^ I—press • i);(Kio. m. • 8:00 p. m. Accommodation t 8;IBp. in. «0:20 a. m. w xprosß * k Oslfi p* m. I 0:00 a. m, Mfnht Express . t*9:oon. m. t , 6 i 3oa. m INJ)IANAi*OUa VIA PERU BOAD. 1 - * NiUtifiVpTOM:::::::::::*.*.:::::::: Ymop 2* '*'&i 2* OUAHD BAnns AHl> PENXWATEB. IJaUp * m - BJoaw * O.Ma.m. ,8:00 p.m. flight KxproM \ t0;10n. in. *6:00 a. m, HENRY O.WENTWORTIU ‘ General Pouongor Agent, CHICAGO & ALTON RAILROAD. ; %>u(t through Line, nnri Coufjfina (J/b, )neiothort route from Chfcagoto KantatCilu. Union Dejust, U est&tde, near iladison-it. bridge. U ” on Lease, ~ Arrive. ' St. Zxnafs A Springfield Express, ' ' via Main I4uo • 0:16 a. m. • B*lo n.m Kamos Ciiy Fast Express, via * Jacksonville, 111,, aud Loulsi * 9: ““- m -' 8;I0 ‘’-”-' press iWestcm Division.) ■ 4:top. m. • 8:l0p. m.' u? Aconmo’dallon. • 4:10 p. m. • 9:40 a. m. St. Louis & Springfield Lightning v Express, via Main Lino, and also via JacicsonvlUo Division U9:oop. m. 117:30n.m. Kansas Oily Express, via Jnok> 1 Lnal " l#nft * Mo “ m. 117:30 a. m. Jefferson Olty Kxptcsi, %9;00p. m. UTtfOa. in. looria, Kookuk AliurPq Ex • 9:00 p. m. • 8:10 p. In Lino, and dally except Saturday, via Jacksonville Division. iiDallv, via Main Line, aud daily oxcopt Monday, via Jacksonville Division. - ' CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & Sf. PAUL RAILWAY. Vnion Depot, corner .VniUeon and CannUsls.; Ticket ones _ 37 11‘eU Jtadiion-it. and at Depot, , Leave. Arrive, Milv«nkoo, St. Paul A Mlnnoap- J An •flrOOa. m. t7:2oa. m. .. ?Aco * Prairie du Obion MMhnd Express »4:30o. m. *ll:2oa.m» S>. P*ul * Mlnnoap : oilsNldit Express t9:oop.m. * CHIC/ho. BURLINGTOrT& OUINCY RAILROAD. Depots—Toot nf Latent., Indiana*™,, ami Sixleenth-sl.. and Canal ltn ,t Slxtcenth-sls. Ticket oßiecs in JJrfewj House, Ao. w Clarkst,, am', at depots. . ; Leave. Arrive, •\f. R R ViV**’> •7:45 a.m. • 4.16 p.m. Ol airaaad StrcaGj- Paas'ingor.. 7:15 a. m. B:Uop.m« Uulmauo«nd h | oiiic;ii,jj x 1,..., ■ Oillla. m. • 2:18 p. P.olllal'a.tLlnii„., "loaMa. m. • 3:l. r ip. ra. C.tiloaburßPasHonßo? s « j-Up, m , • 8 ;00p. mj Mcudota A Ottawa Pi*songor... • 4£ou. m. * 9:55 a. mi Aurora Passenger .. • i*«p. m. • 8:15 a. ra. Aurora Aurora Passongor (SurnHy) 1.00 n.m. 0:56 a, m 3 Dubiiauo .t Sloiix City Ex,. +9:iJop. 2. t 7:00 a. 2. Paclllo Night +11:00 p. m. :5:00 a. raj Downer's Grove Accommodvdon a. m. # Bssop. m. Dotvnara Grovo Accommodation ■ 6:15 p. m. • 7:18 a. m. ILLINOIS UENTRU. i Depot fool of La fee ‘H. and foot a. f ; Olfice, 75 CamW-U., conhi RAILROAD. Ticcntu-ieeom ip i)/’ Jfadlior Rt. Louis Express... Ht. Louts Fast Lino. . *7:3oa. in. . t*:lsp. m. . * 7«oa. m. . 18:13 p. in. . ; 7:tta. m. , tß:l.'p. in. • 9:13 a. m. + 9:(X)p. in. • 5:15 p. m. • 6:li)a, m. ■ 7:10 a. m. i 9:(X)a. m. {12:10 p. m; • 3:00 p, m. • 4:30 p. m. • B:15 p. m. • 6:l0p. m. Ml:Wp. tn. Cairo Mail, Cairo Itinruu,, SprlnßiloldExprois pprinßliold Express Dunuqno A Sioux City Ex. Dobuiiuo A Sioux City Ex., “Oilman Passonffor..,...., Hyde Park and Oak Woods, llydo Park ami Oak Woods, llydo Park and Oak Woods, llydo Park and Oak Woods, llydo Park and Oak Woods, llydo Park and Oak Woods, llydo Parkand Oak Woods, .llydo Park and Oak Woods, iiydo Park ami Oak Woods, ■On Saturdays this train will In CHICAGO & NORTHWEST ' ' Ticket ajice, at 11 'eat leron to Cbat TERN nAI’Jil Madhoii'*t, ' Pacific Fast Line..... Dubuque Bar I-lx. via Clinton.., Eacllio Nivht Express übuquo Night Ex. via Clinton. Freeport A Dubnciuo Express..., Freeport A Uubmiuo Express., Milwaukee Mali Milwaukee Express.. Milwaukee Passenger Milwaukee Passenger (daily).... Green Pay Express BU Paul Express Green Pa/ Express St. Paul Express *10:15 a. in; lU:15 a. in. tlO:IRp. m. 10:15 p. in'. * 9:15 a. m. * 9:15 p. m. * 8:00 a. m. * 9:30 a. in. * 6:00 p. nu 511 :Uop. u. 9:40 a. m. *10:19 a. m. * 9:90 p. m. 19 JO p. nr. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & . D(Vol, corner tff HarrUon 'find Shi 33 tr<«( Madito PACIFIC RA Leave, • | *1(1:15 a. m. 1 * 5:00 I>. m. ' +lO tuo p. m. \ i Tl0:00p. in. ; Omaha, Loavenw’thAAtchlsonEx Pent Accommodation Night Kxpvos? ,•..,*!!! Leavenworth Atchison Express LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SO Depot, corner Harrison and She norlhuesl corner Clark and Ham comer Canal and MadUoiusle, lUTHERN RAILROAD. mnan-Kf. Ticket offices, ulolphsti,, and southuest Mall, via Air Lino and Main Lino * tjnoclnl Now York Kinross, via Air Lino * Atlantic Kinross, via Air Lino.. NJubtKzimAi, via Mala Llue.... * H UlkliartAooommodatlou ' South Chicago Accommodation. 6:40 a. m. • • 9:00 a. iq. # 6:15 p, in. p. m. *1 • 8:40 p. m. *1 :a:Qoin. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. IXtatenger Depot at P., C. I b St. Zouit Depot, comer of €»• noluml Kintte-eU, • - Fiet.'iht and Ticket office IG3 iroa/ilnj-lon^f. Mail • 7:(0a. in.l* iHOp. m. Evansville A Torro llauto Ex.... * 7rtMp. io.ll 7:30 a. m. PITTSDURGH. FORI WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express Facillc Kxpross Fast !4u0..... Mall Valparaiso Accommodation, • 0:00 a. til. 1 {f>:lo p. in. 4 I'oKXip. m. t' • 4:55 a. m. * • 8:40 p. in. 4 CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO 110SELLR.) . Depot comer HaUtni and A'urth Ilraneh-ifi, General qtffc# IG Metropolitan Jtlock, eorntr Randolph und LttSalU.iis, Roselle Accommodation. Itlvur Park AcomiumxlaUon. Hirer Puik Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. JVom (Ad Great Central Haiiroad JJejiot, foot (if Lake-ft, J'nr throw;/) tickets and sieejdnj-ear berthi apply at Tiektt tyflee, 76 (Mnai-tt,, earner Madison; 190 )tushliij/ton-it,; alsoSootflf' I' . .1* 8:00 a. m. t R.-OUp. m. . * 4:"0 p. m. } 3:Ma. tu. ,|* 0:30 p. m. { 9:16 a. m. Leave OhicsKO . Arrive at ImllaunpolU...... Arrive at Oiucimiatt «ilno running Saturday night train to Cincinnati, nan alee|ien» on night traliid. HOTEL, HTML im, MarM-sL, between Maillson anil faslipi, OHIOAQO, NEW HOUSE. 200 DOOMS. SPLENDID TABLE. PASSENGER ELBVATOH. BINE BILLIARD HALL. Birat-olasa in ovary roanoot. Tho boat houea in AinonoA for SB.BO P33H. DAY. thos. kendriok & oo„ ProprUtoyi, C 3 ■ $ 810,000 71 I 1,242,300 , 150,800 78,000 CO, 500 44,070 ut-it. rtcirf ’n. Leave, • 9:00 p. m. » 7:55 a. ra. • 9:00 p. m. • 7:55 a. ni. • 9:00 p. m. • 7:55 a. m. • 2:00 p. m. • 7:00*. in. • 9:00*. m. • 6:49*. in. • 7:45 a. m. • 8:10 a. in. • 9:00 a. m. 510:90 a. in. I 1:45 p. mj • 5:20 p.m. • 6:55 p. m. • 7:35 p. in. impalgu. lOAD. Lta re. drrire. * 3:15 p. m. 8:45 ji. in. £6:30 a. in. 6:110 a. in. * 2:00 p. in. * 7:00 a. m. *10:15 a. m. * 4 :C0 p. m. * 7:4(1 p. in, 5 6:00 a. in. * 7:15 p. m. 6.00 p. m« * 6:20 a. m. t 6:50 n. in. ILROAD. ticket office t Arrive, 8:45 p. in. ■Ji’iOa. m. 7 :00 a. m. 7:00 a m. Leave, Arrive, 9:20 p. m. 8 KM p. m. 8:00 ft. in. 16:30 a. m. 10:10 a. in. 1:00 p. m. Leave, Arrive. Arrive. Zettte, : 7:3 Up. m-, r <3:00 a. ic. r'bioo*. Mr 1 6:li)p. m. 1 b;Wu. m. Arrive. Leave. 6:00 a.m. 9:10 a.m. U:lsa,ju. lU;, 8:60 p.m. 7:111 p.m.

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