Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 15, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 15, 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAL ESTATE. liion SALE-BY J. HENRY WEIL, REAL ESTATE J; Broker* Room 5 Fuller's Building, ICO Doarborn-st. t Mlcliigan-aT., near Forty-tlmt-fit., 40 foot, SIOO,. ... South Park boulevard, near Thlr, 131 foot. South Park uouldvatd, near Forly-llrat-st,, 100x160 (cot, - cheap { cast front. Cottage Grovo-a?., north of, B3 feet. “ ■ Cottn-to Omvoav., northwest oomor Forlydiuh-Ht., looz 170; b lino business corner} rlpo to Improve: cheap. northwest, corner Flfty-fourth-st., IJO foot. Wnlm«l)-ftr., north of Flfly-olghth-nt., BO foot. Pralrlo-nv., near Fi(ilfllh-at.', IDor IDOfcuk Htato-st.,, two 2ft.foot loti, . nenrThlrty-flrtt-st., a-atorynow (ramo house (etoro) with lot; cheap. Bouih Park-av., fl-st’ory fmmobonso, SR,OOO. Dcarborn-at., noar Van Uuron, Bft (cot, Tory cheap. 'jfHJIJ SALE—LOT, NOIITIIWKBT IfULTnN AND ST. X’ Jnlm’i.plftce, one .block from Union Park, 00x120; will subdivide; builder® can buy without down payment; stftO por foot, Two brick atorcß on Taylor-at; and Western-av.; living rooms nhovo; $6,000 and $6,000, . SoutliDftnt corner Wabash-ar. And, liouio and lot, 83)£xt6a, 10 rooms, SIB,OOO. ■ : ' ' 4 1264 Wabaan-av., 2-story frame and lot, 35x100, $7,600. B0 North Carpontor-at., hnuso and lot. 54j4x126, 17 roomss4,ooo oaah; rents for $000; a decided bargain. 49 llouoro-it., brlok home, 2-itory nnd basement, swell front* 10 rooms, oast front;complete la all of its appointments; good frame bam, $U,600. .Desirable neighborhood, house now; boat, bargain on the market. .1. W? IIUDKNUEHO, «_ Room 4, DO East TCTOIt RALE-GOOD IX)T8 ON THE FOLLOWING X' streets s Stain, Rurntldo, lluttorflold, Arnold, Oarl tftldl, Hanover, Bailor, Wallace, Huramor, Winter, Mur ray. nnd Uslstod; alsoon Wonlworlb, BhurtlolT, Portland .and Stowart.avs; also on Alexander, Twonly-fourtb, Twonly.stxtb, 'i'wonty.aoTontb, Tvronty-etghlli, Napoleon, iTwonty.nlnth, Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, Tmity.flrit, Tldr* -/•second. Tlnrty.llilrd, Tlilrty«tl(th, Tldrty.slxth, Thirty* aoTonth, Fontalno, ana Thirly>oißli(h.Bte. Tltlu parfoot. Warranty floods. A Tory, small payment down, flvoyoar'a itlmo, 6 por cent Interest. Nongonoy buslnosl. Apply to owner, ALBERT OUANB, 873 Wabasb-av. For salb-1 have a large list of unim provod property to soli, and wonhl Invito any parties Wishing tounmliaso to coll and Invostlgato before buying, j. B. QRIFI-TN, 133Madlsoo-st., corner Clark. ,TpOR SALE-ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME JP cottage, including lot on, just oast ot Wallace. Small payment down; balance in monthly cavmontt! 6 years* time. Water on prcmlsoa nnd con vonlcntlo cftt*. Apply to FRED. P.l-TSIIBU, 148 La* Ballo-at., baaoment. ■ ■ OR SALE—MY LATE RKSIDENOK, NO. 2UJ Wamn-sv., brick, H .rooms all modem Improro* monlB! warmed by steam ;briok barn. This la a very do* : alrablo plftco, and will bo sold on favorablo terms. Immo dlntn nouMilOQ. Carpets fitted lo_rooiUS■ sold with the 1 Louse Apply at my office, No. 1M ashlngUin-et., or POR BALE—OR LEASE—AT A BARGAIN, 100 foctcomornf Van Utiren and Bhermau-ata.} south front. loQulro 185 South Clark-at* In bank. 1' BORBALE—B NEW STONE-FRONT HOUSES ON t Park-av., l)i blocks west of Union 1 ark, Tory cheap. tvlU boroady for occupation Ist May. Apply to K. FOW LER, 163 Vast Washlngtonit. , . TWOR SALK—THE BEST AND.OHKAPEBT LOTS OH H Woit Sldo, fronting on Dl»iMon,L:avltt, and Shobor iti., nenr wfoknr Park. Good neighborhoods lota 131 foot drt*P, with sidewalks and city water. Price, 4GOO, RTCKVnaci «I,UOO. Terms,. ono-thlrd, cash, \\ arrantoo §3inud«Wtraola of title. A reduction on first cash SnJrtiont: if required, to thoao who build this spring. In • Krfro o( ARNOLD * CO., Groonflbaum’a Bank, No. 70 yuth-av. ,' . - ,• *l7lOll SALE-LOTS, S4OO AND ®6W, EASY TRRMfL I 1 Lots inaldo of tho old city limits, noar streetcars and omnlbusilno; high, ground; Wlo iwrfpot. Call and lot nstnkoyou to boo thorn. A. O. OTIOREY A SON, 145 South Clark-st., Room 8. and 287 Mllwnukco-aT. TTIOR SALE CHEAP-OCTAGON-FRONT BRICK 3‘ rosldonco, 3 stories and basement, 10 rooms, lot 29 foot front; ozaollont location s West Sldo; S9,6JW. HEN RY WALLER, JR., eflßastWaßblagtoo-st., Room 4. tiTORSALE—IWSTORY COTTAGE £ND LOT, CON JL 1 vontent to Madlson-st. cars, *3,500; fane and lot, Butterllnlj-st., near Kgnn-av., $3,000. ‘HENRY WAL LER, JR., 86 East Washlngton-st., Room 4. ffl'OJt BALE-AT HALF PRICE, 160X165, BLOCK 8, 1? Irving Park; sidewalks, water, cto.; disoouut for cash, or til, WO down, balance to cult; must sell this week; want oftor, JOHN LINO, 76 South Oanwl-st. I nbil SALE-MODERN HOUSES ON TUB ROUTH * Sldo avenues. O. V. I'RITSOHA CO., 81 aud 83 South Clark-st. IJtOR SAXE—CHEAP—NEW MARBLE FRONT X bouses on Wost Van Buron-st. O. V. FRITSUiI k CO., aiandbO South Clark-st. I BOR SALE-GREATEST BARGAIN ON RECORD -1 $2,000 will buy small nest cottage, plokot fence, two fino lot 4; If taken to-day, easy terms, R. U. GOOD WILLIE, 183 West Madlson-st. tiOR SALE-LOT 71x76 FEET ON TIIIRTY-FOURTH. A' st., onst of alloy, south front, very cheap. CURTIS A KELLOGG, Rooms 4 and 0, Control Union Block. THOR SALE-I WILL SELL TWO FRAME COT- J? tagos on Doarbom-st., botwoon Thirty-second and Tbirty-tblrd-sts.. by payment of s6ooin baud; balance monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments, nud on tlmoto suit purchaser, at 8 per cent Interest. Inquire or address yEO. P. TREADWAY, No. 141 LnSalio-st., Major look. IBOR SALE-A FINE BOULEVARD (.CORNER AT ' a bargain; so corner of Grand and Oakwood Boule vards, 162*160 foot to an 18-ft alloy. This lor, being on thn corner of two boulevards, cannot fall to prove a safe and lucrntlvo Investment. Plcaso look at ft. J. ESAIAS WARREN, Is Chamber of Commerce. For sale—eight lots NEAR TWELFTH-ST. and Southwostorn-av., Jasido old city limits. loss than by tboaoro; this is a groat bargain. HAIR A CO., Room B6 Bryan JUock. *|TtORSALE —$Q,OOO, ONE-HALF CASH, WILLBUY X* a brick house ana on South Side; only two-thirds Its value. Address t» 79, Tribuno office. TBOR SALE—ICTS BETWEEN NORTHWESTERN X Gar Shops and Contra! Park, Inside city limits, S'JOO each; easy ("ms. PHINNUY A LUSIBARD, 163 La- Ballo-sL TTtORITtIiR— NICE FKAhin iioubts AND 83-FOOT X IntNo. 187 Slanton-av., near Thlrty-Bovcnm-sc.,giu»o Jot, >6 84,900; very cheap. Inquire on premises. SALE-STORE, WITH HOUSE OVER IT, ON ’ West Madlion-at., 10t24x126 to alloy; price, $5,500, 161,500 cash, balance lone time. J. o. GOULD, 113 L)oarbora-st. For sale-hurry, buy. buy, buy-52,300- Now brick cottago and lot. 905Buttorficld-st.: If so cured today, easy terms. R. G. GOOD WILLIE, 133 West Madlson-st. For salk-park-av., near wood-st., no. 113, 1-storyframu house, bricS foundation, 10 rooms: barn, aud lot 61x123. SNYDER A LEE, 11 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSnllo-ats. For bale or exchange-fob a lot on North Side cast of Olnrk-at., house and lot 168 North Doarbormt. Inquire on premises. In’Oß RALE-20 ACRES ON RIVERSIDE BOULH , Turd, Lot noun “Sturgis farm and Atwood’s;" good location for a stonplng'plaouou the drive. Wo urn au thorized to noil tufa ptonorty under the market. W. D. KEiU'OOT d: CO., IK) East Wasblngton-at. FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN,I49 CMLUMET-AV., 2-story and hnsoniont brick liouso, and lot 25xltj5. ’ln quire of DREW & NEWBURY, Rooms bandil, Bryan Block. FOR SALK-80 FT ON TILP NORTHEAST CORNER of Randolph and Pooria-sts., with Improvement:!. This property Is bringing in a good income, and wilt ba sold übunu, and on oasy terms. Inquire of DREW A NEWBURY, Rooms Baud 9, Bryan Block. P~’ OIVSALE-WHO TAKES IT? WHO TAKES IT?- Choice lot <>u Fulton-at., near Loavltt; $1,600, If taken to-d;vy. R. Q, GOODWILLUf, 133 West Mad- Doa-st. FOR SALE— FEET NORTHWEST CORNER OP lmll:ma-av., and Forty-nlntb-st., cheap, 10 or 6 acres, southeast corner of Ashlana-av. and Forty binth-st. Very cheap. 1 will soli tboobovo described property, with little cash, balance nt the end of live years ct low rate of interest. NKLSQN TAOMABSON, Room 6. Ilonoro Block. EOU SALE ELEGANT OCTAGON MARBLE bouses: ' ' Frairlo-av., 818.000, only 8500 down. Aliublgan-av., $16,000, only sl,lh.U down. Indisna-BT.; $11,500, only S3,OCU dawn. West Van Bnron-fit.. SIO,OOO, only 83,500 down. Ellis Park, $13,600, ii down, long limo. S. MEARS, 200 LaSallo-at. FOR SALE-25 LOTS. ALL OR PART ON ASH lnnd-av., north of Flfty-rifth-st. Boulevard, at a bar gain for half cash. Address S 63, Tribune ollice. For sale-residence lots on paulina at. and Ilcrmltago-av.. South of Hnrrison-st.Tcrm# Busy. E. U» WALLER, B8 East Washington-fit. PORSAIJf— ONLYSCOO—IIURRY, HURRY, HURRY —House, 9 rooms, and barn, near Madison and Abor doon-sts., to bo removed Immediately. R. G, GOOD WILLIE,-133 West Madlson-st. For sale-lots for manufacturing puu potosln the district south of Twonty-aeeond-st., having unoqualod dock facilities and track connections with nil railroads entering tho city. Manufacturers about soluotlug now sites will do well to call and examine. Terms reasonable. H. J. WALKER, 88 East Washing ton-st; FORBALE-OR EXCHANGE-NORTH OLARK-ST., Ulxlsl>i foot, east front, on North Olark-st.. near Bohlllor-st. F. J. WEIDINGEU A CO., Real Estato Agent*, Room 61, Metropolitan Block, northwest corner Randolph and LaSallo-sts. 17\ OR BALK-LOTS SLAUGHTERED TOR OABH ' Lota on Hamllton-ar.. near Monrou-at., only $1,400, If taken at onco. R. G. uOQDWLLLIE, 133 West Mad lson-st. •pOR SALE—SEDOWICK-BT., LOT 25X120 FEET, JJ oastfront, on Sedgwlck-st., noarChSoagu-av. F, J, •WEIDINQEK A (JO., Ileal Estate Agents, Room 51, Metropolitan Block, northwest comer Randolph and La* Sallo-ats. . IHOR BALE-FittST-OLAB3 NEW TWO-STORY . bouse and largo barn noar Oakland Station and Cot tage Grove street-ears; will take notes well secured aa part payment: price, 43,000. Call on owner, J. L. JdoKEKVKU, 133 Lanallo-st., Room 16. or any evening B7 Uolverslty-plaoe. - • For salr-by mrh. b. m. ransford, ui East Madlsou-st., now lionao and luton Woat Side; wonldoxchangolorSouthSidoproporty and pay ditfor* cuco in cash. IpOR SALE-LOT 6U FEET FRONT ON MICHIGAN -1 av., near Thlrty-aocond-at. SNYDER A LICK, 14 Nixon Building, northeast cornorMonrou and LaSallo-sts. TROR SALE—2-STORY AND BASEMENT IIOUSIL 1? brown stone front, 13 rooms, Park-av., corner of LoavltUt. SNYDER & LEE. 14 Nixon Building, north* oast corner of Monroe and Laoallo-sts. FOR BALK-W YEARS* LEASE OF LOT ON WA bash-av., north of Kldrldge oourt, Jot4oxl7o loot with good house and barn (house No. 4811). Terms of Icaeo very low and no revaluations during entire term, with privilege of purchaio embodied la tho lease. Price fur. lease moderate. It is the only leaso of tho kind in mar ket. J. ESAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber ol Commerce. FOR BALB-OLARK-BT., 24**X103 FEET, 60 FEET north oi Van lluron-st., carat front, adjoining brick store. Can bo had at a remarkable bargain If taxon to day. Taxes for 1872 paid. Also special (ax for street pavit/g. lean assure any customer that this isthevory cheapest business lot 1 know of. Tide unquestionable. J. ESAIAS WARREN, la Chamber of Commerce. For sale-eo acres adjoining the stock Yarde, having both river and railroad facilitloa. Well adapted tor packing bousoaor eubdlilslim. This proper ly la ollored at o bargain, and will advance rapidly In value. W. D. KEUbOOT A CO., Vt) East Weshiog ton-vt. FOR SALE—BARGAIN, NICE BRICK HOUSE AND lot, No. 63 Rhodcs-av., next to comer Thirty-sec mid-st. Inquire on tho promises of F. LAWLER, or of HESS, WHITNEY A CO., 148 LaSallc-st. T,iOR SJ LE—COTTAGE WITH FINISHED BASE JJ ment,Bod Thirty-thtrd-st., 7 good rooms. This la a bargain. Inquire on promises. TpoU RALK-TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS— I' 1 havu 100 foot a short distance from Court-House, which I will sell or lease on lone time: will soli without anyjjash payment, if wanted: will furnish 20 per cent of thoVist of improvement. Address Q Ift, Tribune otlloe. CONVENIENT TO MILWAIJ- X 1 kes-av. cars: also, corner Thirty nlnth-st, and Wont worth-av.. w560 to each i long time: no payment down If Improved. J. O. hTAIUI. W West, susuiifi An real estate. 131011 RALE-CmOIOB SUBURBAN LOTS ON TUB ‘ Mllnaukooßsllway,six mtlos dlitsnt. and twenty mlnuUs’rldo, InClybonrn’s Addition to Rarenswood. Thoio lota aro laid out 60x163 eel on B0 feat alroola, and will bn Bold upon ea»y terms, a from 860uti»t$JtO per Jot, .The facilities fot abcOi'h to am from the olfy-lbe deilr BbllUyofUiolimi-itbehiß big i and thoroughly drained —the proximity to first-class mprnremente, ohim-bos, tchiKilf, and society, cimimoml this property at the bait at Iho price now In tiro market, . , Comparison challenged! The Attention of tho Indus, (rloiii-tho Guilty—the cuuttoui-li called to thoio lots as situs for tiomeiloads or Invoitmente. Oall; for a printed Abut net and plot, upon .. , ROBERT QUEER. 84 LsSallo-rt., Room 2. For halk-at englrwood-neab normal School, depot, andpark, otnorolbanmuallywell, built houio, and lot 185x50; bouao contains R rooms, bath room, oto; monthly payments If doilrod. T. MAPLE 4 OU., Room 9, 166 LaSatio-Bt. 7(1011 SALH-d-AORK LOTS-A SUBDIVISION OF X* ft ftOO-aora farm, Well Improved, good, dry prairie 801 l { adjoining Hobart, on Port Wayne Railroad, 83 mtlos from Chicago! sßspor acre, payable slomonthly. J. BAULK, owner, iOiUco days, Friday and Monday, Room 8, base* went 168 Monroo*at. • ■ J-jIOR HALE—4O ACRES OP EXCELLENT LAND * adjoining Bine Island, Inquire of 11. F. McULIN* OOK. Rluo Island. HI. . For haltc-at a uauoain-ry golden a FREHHWATKRS, 83South Clurk-st., Room 10s 40aorosln8co. 11, fW, 11). 40 acres In Soo. Ift, tW, 18. ■lOftorO* In Hoc. S3, 89,13. lOnoros in Hoe. 17, !M, 11. flaordßlnSco. 16, 89, 10. . aacroslnSoo. 1, 89, 18. ■DIOR SALK-80 ACRES IN SEO. 6, 87, 13, IN TOWN f Ilf worth! 80 noroa In Hoc. 2ft, 88, W, In town of Lyons, by WILLIAM PRICE, IKI Maiflson-ot., Room 6. IHOR BALE—AUSTIN—ELEGANT LOTS ON THIS ' rldne.' on graveled and lowered street. Only a fow loft. U. E. OftALTS.Jj liftHaHo-st. ■ FOR SALE-WEST roUTV-KIOUTII RT., DEPOT At C. A N. W. oar-Blioiw, lota nnd bluoks on easy torma and help to build. 0. B. CRAFTS, 61 bnSnllo-st. Lion SAI.K-OHOIOI! mjh.DINO LOTS ON SMALL X 1 monthly pftymcntß!nUonfropropoftyforaubdlTls!<in, between Hbmrsldo and lilnsdaK>, on C., B. A (J. R. U., by LYMAN A DODdiC, Real Kslalo And General lusur* auoo Agents, 144 LnSallo-st. THOR SAITIC-OHOIdE RESIDENCE LOTS AT HYDE 1? Park, near depot nnd groat South Park; only $360, on monthly payments of $10; n great bargain. Afiulota’on Tnlrty-olulmi-st., nrarStowarl-nv., fors7ooeacli. A.B. MoOHBSNEY 4 CO., 133, Room 7! 1 i,iOTnm,n=Lm-8 AT~nAAvTncnKK~< J* wostof two biookt from station, at a groat bargain j 820(1 to SSSO; payments, $lO munUify. A. B. AfoOIIKaWKY A CO.. 183 Alndison-st., Room 7. • FOR BALE—PICUSONS LOOKING FOR AN IN voslmont In cheap property that will pay largely, if It docs not double within ono roar, should call'on A. B, McUIIESNKY 4 CO., No. 133 East, Room 7, who will toll this week n largo number of lota nt Hydo Park; near depot and Groat South Park. Also at Haw* thorao depot, ono mllo west of Lawndale. Price, S2OO to S3SD, monthly paymonteot $lO. Bocuroa homo at onco. For bale-is acres on harry point road, adjoining city limit*. SNYDER.t LUU.II Nixon Building, northeast corner of Monroo ami LaSallo-sts, For sale—fine residences in hydkpark, fn>m $7,000 to *40,000; also, flno building lota In boat locations. Will take parties wishing to buy to look at property on abort notice. 8. L. UNDItRWOUD, 09 Madl- Bun-at. , FOR SALE-4260 CASH, NEW HOUSE AT WASH- Ington Heights. Prloo, $1,600: balance easy. SIOO cash, 4-room bouao at Washington Heights. Prloo, 81,600; near crossing; balanobmonthly. * - By W. W. WATSON, 203 LaSallo-st. For bale-two-story house and large barn, lot 45x101, suitable for rosldoncn or atom; Park- Side, near Cornell. Call at Room Hi, 70 East Mndlaun-at. TTIOR SALE—AT AUSTIN-28 LOTS, 25X180 FEET JD each, fronting on Madison and Monroo-ats., only 20 mlnutoa’rldo, faro 7# cents, 14 tralnsdally; longtime ami easy payments to parties who will build Immediately, F. J. WKIDINGEUA CO., llonl Estato Agents. Room 61 Metropolitan Block, northwest vornor Randolph and LaSnllo-stn. ■ ‘ T7lOll RALE-LOTS IN SOUTH ENGLEWOOD-THE JD “ Original Plat;” donotbuyln Additions ’’atßouth Englewood;" easy terms. HENRY W. BROOKS. Boom 4 Empire Block, 129 and 130 LaSallo-st. FOR HALE-SOUTH ENGLEWOOD. - !! LOTS NEAR Depot, at loss than aero prloos; must bo sold. LIN GLE A DARLOW, 125 Dearboru st. FOR SALE-CAPITALISTS, ATTENTION—FIFTY fivo seres, centrally located near depot, west of track, high ground with trees, subdivided Into 141 lots; ollorod at a groat bargain forontlro property. Will sell 20 acres west of Prospoot-av., or 05 aoroa oast of track. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Dearborn-st. For sale-at a bargain-by golden a FRESH WATERS, 83 South Clark-st., Room 16 s 40 acres In Section 11, Ba, 18. 4U acres in Section 16,39, 13. 10acres In Section 22, 39, 13. lOaorcs In Section 17,39, 14. 6 acres In Section 16, 89, 13. 3 ncros In Scollop 4, 89, ID. F)R SALE-A SPLENDID LOT ON VINCENNES av.. corner of Flflloth-st. This superb lot, adjacent to tbo South Park, haa an oast front on Vlnconnos-av. of 168 foot, and a north frontage or depth of 330 foot. It Is high and beautiful: titlo parfaot; will bo sold cheap if taken tills week. A more absolutely safe Investment, and ono that Is certain to yield a larger proiit,lt would bo diffi cult to find, either In tho vicinity of South Park, or ony wtaoro olio. j. ESAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Com tnorco. FOR SALE—73 ACRES 17 MILES FROM CHICAGO Depot, land htgh and covered with trees, good house, barn.otc., everything In porfootorder, mile from rail road station, only $13,000; easy terms. There Is not so beautiful a place near Chicago, nor anything so cheap In tho way of aero property. J. ESAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. FOR SALE—IO ACRES ON N. W. RAILROAD. Oalona Division, 10 miles from Conrt-llouso, and near station, at sl, WO per aoio. Address B 6J, Tribuno office. FOR SALE-LAKE FOREST RESIDENCE PRO perty, cottage, and lots, 41, 600 to $2,600. Residences, $7,(100 to $26,C00. Residence altos, S3OO to 1,600 portiere. Thoao looking homes should visit this beautiful enbnrb, which, with Its uoautiful location, schools of high grade, elegant private mv>.»ndo and residences, olTor« m- • dn.—.uii to those a nomrs and odu* oatioual advantagoa. CANFIELD it MATTEBON, 60 LaSallo-st. SALK—ENGLEWOOD—HOUSES AND LOTS, i’ Also vacant lota near depot, church, aud school; pared streets. Austin— Lots near depot, on best street. Ruck Island Carahops—vacant lots. Rnvonswood—2U acres, well located; anoints. Lake View—Lot, cornerlvanhoo and Halatcd-sts. Hyde Park—iiots on Kimhnrk-av. and Grovn-st. CANFIELD ii MATTBSON, tk) LaSallo-at. COUNT RY REAL ESTATE. For sale-or exchange-one op the best stock larmn in Illinois containing 9GO acres, all under cultivation, (4XI acres In timothy: (arm is well improved, largo orchard, lino house, oiutlo bams, 2CO acres under fence, oorn-criba for 18,G0u bushels, For terms apply’ to JOHN STILLWELL. Ohatsworth, Til, REAL ESTATE WANTED. \VANTED—ACRES I ACRES’ ACRES I—WE HAVE Vi constant Inquires for aero property : can mako quick sales at good prices. JACOB O. AIAGILL, 61 and 83 South Glark-at. WANTED-HOUSE AND LOT, OR VACANT Vi ground, on West Side. Wlllglvo some cash or as sunio Incumbrance, balance In cheap aero property south of oily. TRUKSDELL A BROWN, 176 West Mndlaon-st. WANTED— BUILDING LOTS IN THE NORTH*DI*. vision; also on South btaloat. JACOB 0. MAQILL, 81 and 83 Olark-st.’ WANTED-A HOUSE WITH MODERN IMPROVE incuts, worth from >{5,000 to ifcfi.WXl, east of Stnto-at. nml north of Thirty-second. J. HENRY WEIL, 160 Dear bern-st., Room 6. WANTED— NINE RESIDENCES IN THE SOUTH Division of tboclty, two to ho worth not less than 826,000 each, and seven varying in price from $2,000 to $20,Q00 oaoli. 8. W. KROX'T', Room 14, Major Block. WANTED-REAL ESTATE-IP THE OWNERS of real estate in Worth Township and tho Western part of Lako Township wish to sell their land they can find a purchasorby addressing L 6, Tribune oflico, WANTED—ABOUT 60 FEET FRONT ON AVENUE Vi running south, near Flfty-tiftb-st, Addrois, with doecriptiou, stating lowest pries and terms, X 87, Tribune cilice. • HORSES AND CARRIAGES. ANY MAN WHO WILL BUY A HORSE FROM those follows that poddlu them around tho city ought to bo stuck, as they generally are, with u stolon or un sound one. There is a place lu this city where you can buy a horse for wbat ho really Is; will bo guaranteed, and money rofuudcd tho moment ho proves nut to bo as repre sented. This Place Is 281 and 203 Stftto-et., sale stables of BRADLEY A WILLS.; A FINIS ASSORTMENT OP CARRIAGES, PllAE toim, buggies, otc., of most approved stylos, at low prices. tfJ7 Stato-st. P. L. SMITH. A GREAT VARIETY OF FINE ROOKAWAYS, . barouches, phaeton?, top and open buggies, just ro eelved at 27.aptl 23 South Ullnton-st. H. B. IIILL. EOU SALE—BARGAINS—ONE DARK-BAY ROAD- Bier, half-sister to Lady Dooly and Lancet, raised in California; perfectly sound and very promising; Ono palrd-ycar old mares, sound, nnd'excellent travelers, $250. Tho host road-wagon in the State. SICO. Bobdou bio harness, light, S6O. Rear of 427 Wabash-av» FOR SALE-4425 will buy a MATCHED, styl lah pair of carriage horses. JAS. B. STOREY. Blaodß3LaSsllQ-at., R00m25. IHOK SALK—CHEAP—ONE LIQHTDOQ-OART, AL ’ moat now, made by Brewster; ono phmtaa, top over back seat; ono extension top pbroton; ono tight ruckaway; throe sots of slnglo harness. Con bo soon at Wron'a uovr etablo, cotnorof Twonty-alxth-st. pud Cottage Grovu-av. For sale-a good horse, also wagon and liarnosa, at4'Jo Stata-at. *fjH)R BALE-ONE ORTHOTII OF A PAIR OF GOOD X’ horses; will work single or double. Apply at 57 West Lakaßt.,npstaltß. IHOR SALB-A TWO-BEATED SHIFTING-SKAT, 1 standing-top rockaway: in good order, nowly-palntod; will ho sold low. Apply to BLAISOELL & ALDRIDGE, 41 Pacllio-av. For balk-or exchange for inside real estate or approved paper, ono pair of lino buy horses, together with elegant top buggy, double and elnglo bar nots, robes. etc. Must dispose of thuin this wook as owner leaves for Europe than, will glvo a bargain. Can bo ■ooo lu roar ol 528 Wabnsh-av. THOU SALE-A FINK ASSORTMENT OF OLAR X’ nnooß, landaus. pbaotona, buggies, omnlhuseß, and aovoral second-hand carriages. A. li. CLARK A CO., 403 and 401 West Madlson-sl. For sale-six very stylish fast step ping gentleman's driving horses, among thorn a pair ofdaputugrays. Will be soul cheap, or exchanged for other nurses. Anyone buying for the Eastern market would find it to thoir advantage to call and sue them at No. IPO West Monroo-st. For sale-a young, coal black mark, sound, kind, amlfrco from any blemish whatever; half-lister io ono of the host mares in tho West; has no record against her. Can haul two men in a buggy ns fast aa theyvrant to go. JOHN BLISS, Oconomowoo, Wls. TO EXCHANGE-FIRST-RATE FAMILY HORSE for pair of email horsoa suitable for work on fruit farm. EDWARDS, 137 Laßallo-st., Room 0. WANTED -A SPAN OF GOOD HOUSES, llAU usis, and wagon. In exchange for a choice suburban lot. HOLMES A RICH, 18 Exchange Building. WANTKD-OOOb SIZED HOUSES AND MARKS, at Patrick's livery Stables, 782 and 781 Michigan* av. K. PATRICK. STRAYED OB STOLEN. OTRAYKD OR STOLEN—A WHITE HULL-DOG, O heavy built, black nose, oaracut, and a loatheralrap around Ida nook. A reward for hla return to 410 Blue, INSTRUCTION. QITUATION W'AHTKD—AN ENGLISH LADY, p thoroughly conversant with the French language, and hsvlngtbo bast of references, desiresn poilUtm either of oompsnlun or teacher in a family for the summer. A com fortable homo iho principal object. AddrsisL's, Chicago. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRHitJNE: THURSDAY,! 1 1 BOARDING AND LODGING. V. Woit Sldo* . V 6 SOUTH PEOntA.BT,*-liUnNr3HKD ROOMS TO ront;to gentlemen ,or gentlemen and wires, with uoard; pleasant locality, do. 1 1 Q NORTH HANOAMON-ST.—LADIES AND GEN- J w . tlomou oau bo acoommod&tod with furnUhod rooms and board; ' 90 NORTH SANGAMON-ST.—PLEASANT ROOM, Renta ****’ ou cluiot{ good locality; gent.and wife, or AC WALNUT-Sr:. t BLOCK NORTH OP UNION U Park—A pleasant front room with first-rliM board to gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen; 0 o’clock Ulo- AA ml iBOUTII MORGAN-ST.-A PEW PLEASANT and nicely furnished rooms with board. 000 or two day bosrdors can bo accommodated. OA BISHOP-OOURT, SECOND DOOR PROM MAD *d~j: Ijon-st.—Ono largo room, suitable for gentleman atm wife, or two single gentlemen, with llrst-olaii board; also, mate wanted (or gentleman, Day boarders wanted. 5 A ROUTII BANOAMON-ST., FIRST lIOUBR x north of Madison—Nico room and board for two Eonw In private family; now brick bouse, largo oiosota, ot and cold water, Ac, 77 SOUTH •SANQAMON-ST., three DOORS •.? . from AUdiaoa—A nloo Lod-room, with good board, .suitable fur two nontlomon. , QA WEST VAN - ACCOMMODATION V v firr a fow rospootable boardort In an KugUib family, whoro there aro fow boarders kept. 1 ■ . ■ on SOUTH MORQAN4IT.. NEAR MADISON—! JJcJ , Furnlihod rooms, with board, anllsblo for fsmb lies or nlngio gentlemen; houso flfit-olass/wUUtdcdoni Improvomonts. 177 : WEST WABUINGTON-ST. PLEASANT XI It won furnished rooms, suitable for gentloiuau nnd wlfo or single ctmllomon, with doiirablo board; houso modorn, location central. ■. . i Olft FULTON.ST., CORNER OF PKOUIA-TO AfXU rent, a furniihodroom with all modorn Improve ments, with good beard tomuuand wife, or two gonlio* men. r QOQ WEST WASHINGTON.BT. CORNER MAY— -0«w0 Fumtihod rooms wltti good board, saltnblo for gontlomon and wife or single gentlemen. QOQ i WEST WASHINGTON-ST—VERY DEfIUU 000 nblo rooms, furnished and unfurnished, with first* •u— board t roforonooa required. . i QQQ' WOT KANDOtPH-nr.— ijUCJ unfurnished roam# with board for famllios or •logic gentlemen. !_ Aon. WEST VAN BUREN-ST., CORNER OF *XArU Throon—Very pleasant- elegantly fumfshod rooms will! lltsl-olos*hoard, inbriok house, modem lm< proyomonls. A fow day boarders. A KO WEST- WAfIHINQTON-BT., CORNER OF \LO£i Bholdon—With board, a very desirable eulto of front rooms on second floor, furnished or untarnished. Also, a pleasant rooms for two single gentlemen. Kf\ft WEST WASHINOTON-BT.-A NICK SUITE UvU of rooms,' with lirat-olaai board; day board 46 for week; nlaoronm-mstofor another gentleman; loco* lon No. l, near Union Park. CXft WEST WABHINOTON.BT BOARD AND cf'x'U room with largo closet, suitable for gentleman and his wlto; modern ImproTomonta; private family. fiOQ WEST ADAMS-ST.-TO RENT, A LARGE front and sldo room, furnished or untarnished; bath and gas; alio a largo barn. ftOK WESTMADIBON-BT.—FURNISHED.ROOM. UvU with largo olosot, BUltnblo for gontloraan and SI to, or two gentlemen,' with good board;- very resnona lo to parties llkoly to bo permanent. Dinner at C# o’clock. mo GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A FRONT SUITE OP X rooms, with board, in a small family, wost.of-Hoyno •t., odd block from Madlson-st. oars,; low to right par* Uo3. • Address O 78, Trlbnno 01800. WEST BIDE, 3 MINUTES FROM STEAM OARS- Two gents wanted to board. In a respectable family of four; good table, no hash; tonus moderate, but prompt. Address M 9, Tribuno office. v South Sldo. 8 PARK-ROW—FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, with hoard. MKLDUIDGE COURT-DESIRABLE ROOMS; superior day board. Prices reasonable. By on ex perienced caterer. *1 ft AND 18 ELDRIDOB-OOURT—FURNISHED AND J.U unfurnlshod family suites with board. References required. /IQHUBBARD-COURT-NKW BOARDING-HOUSE; TtO first-class board, with memo* $4 to $5.60 per wook, with uso of piano; day board, $4. *l*lo COTTAGE GROVB-AV.—HANDSOME ROOMS XX with board, for nlca famlllos; good table board. Cailnnd see. , ■ 11Q AND 120 THIRD-AV.-TO RENT, WITH ii(J board, sovoralnlco rooms, sultablofor man and wife, or single men; also first-class day board. IQf SOUTH PARK-AV.-A LARaEr"PIiB AS ANT iuz furnished room, on sooond floor, with board, for gontloman and wife, or two gentlemen, with references. lAQ SOUTH PARK-AV.-A GENTLEMAN AND X XU wlfo, or two single gentlemen, can havo room and bod room with good board, at sl3 por wook.. TOn ADAMS STy .SOUTH SIDE, CORNER OP iOU Adams and Flfth-av., Boom 14, up two flights of stalra—Good day-board for gentlemen and ladles, and a fow lodgers. O r*A MICIIIOAN-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS TO &U X~ rent, with board. OQC —LARGE HANDSOMELY /iGU funilahod second-story front room, overlooking tho lake, with board; also room for single gentleman. /fen MIOHIOAN-AV.-A PLEASANT KOOJI, FUR xt/X ntsliod, with board, for two. House all.tnodorn Jmprovomonts. Fnmllioa accommodated with table board.• ■ A OzL WAR ASH-A V.—NICE ROOMS. SINGLE OR Tlt/x on suite, with firit-olaaa board; also day board. A good b&rn to rent cheap, A 00 SOUTH DEARBORN (BURNSIDE).ST., NEAR. \LUu *n«umy-mmu—a. nico, cheerful family hotel, with excellent tablo and surprisingly low prices; a {rout room to gentleman and wife, sl3 . CAQ WARASII-AV. - PERSONS DESIRING A tJUO pleasant and quiet homo will find elegantly fur* nhhed rooms with board at aboro number. Alto day boarders accommodated at moderate prices. Table drat* class. References exchanged. nkl WABASH-AV. - NICE. LARGE SQUARE 1 til room, with closet, to gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, with lirut-cla&a tablo. OivT WA'IIABiI7AV~ncr6M'TURNISIIED OR UN OU < furnished with hoard. 700 WABABU-AV.—ONE VERY DESIRABLE I U tJroom to rent with hoard; furnished orunfurnlshod. QQ7 INDIANA-AV.-A few boarders can 00l now bo accommodated with pleasant roams and good board;would like also two or throo tablo boarders: uso of barn, If desired. AIRS. SIBLEY. Q77 INDIANA-AV., CORNER OF TWENTY t? 1 I. firal-st.—A largo front room, famished or uufor niihod,_toront,_wlth urst-claesboard. • 1’ ’ AROB FRONT ROOM, OR 3 ROOMS ON SECOND J lloor unfurnished, except carpets, to rout with board. Vinccimos-av., ucarDouglaa-placo; modern house. Ad dross It A, Carrier 48. ' SANDS"HOUSE-H6 AND 119 FIFTH-AV.—PEUMA nont board at roasonabto rates. Trnuslont, $2 per day; day board $6 per week. • . North Side. 1 Of» NORTH DKARBORN-ST.—NICE PARLOR J-tiU aud bedroom on first tloor, unfurnished uxeept carpets, nullable for two or four gentlemen or gentleman ana lady, with flrat-claea tablo board. References ex Country. TTVANSTON-OAN FURNISH LARGE FRONT XU room, 17 foot square, with good hoard, for gent lo nian and wife. Residence only two' squares from donut. Address A O, .Box 1960, Evanston. Miscollonoons, T7ILEGANT ROOMS, WITH FIRST-GLASS BOARD. .I2J Nice nnitblo homo near business: 1 o'clock dinner. Two day boarders accommodated. Address U 96, Trlh uno olllco. BOARD WANTED. BOARD-A YOUNG COUPLE DESIRE FlßST class board, and unfurnished room, on thu South Hldo; can bring unexceptionable references, and will pay 8100 per mouth. Address L 64. Tribune olllco. Board-fob gentleman, wipe, AND CHILD 7 years old; private family preferred; West Side, with in a tnllo of Csnal-st., and south of Madison; want good accommodation*, ono largo and onosmall room, aud good, Bubhtanllnl fund.' Address, with prloo, which must bo reasonable, LBS, Tribune olllco. WANTED-TO RENT-TWO OR THREE FDR (dulled rorms for light housekeeping; West Side, south of Mndlbou st., and east n( Union Park. Address, giving prloo and location, L &J, Tribune ollico. BOARD-WITH GERMAN WIDOW FOR ORNTLE man and wlfo; furuUhed or unfurnUbed rooms, bath, 010., where there aro uo other boarders, botwoou Halstod st. and Union Park, Madison and Van Huron. Address wtlb (nil particular* Z K, care F. O. Llghto A 00., piano nnd organ dealers, 174 and 176 Btato-ot. B~" <SaiTD— WANTED—GOOD HOARD AND ROOMS for self, wife, and two cliildrou at ciico; not oast of Mnrgan-ei. nor Wont of Ashland-av. Address or apply to GEO. W. A. BIDDLE, 274 East Mndlion-»t. T)OAUD—AND LODGING BY THREE YOUNG Jj men, on or near West Twolfth-st. Addroas IT W, caro Carrier No. 72. BOARD-FOR KELP AND WIFE, PLEASANT, well furnished room, with lint-class table, near Twoulf-encomlat., oast ol State. Address, with tonus, 010., Ay. Room 14,166 Washlngton-st. Eoard-by a single gentleman in a Btrlolly private family on tho South or West Bide; host of reference!. Address O 84. Tribune ollioo. MISCELLANEOUS. A MECHANICAL ENGINEER, RECENTLY AR- Jl. rived Innn Europe, In possession of a tirst-class do algo of a stoam engine governor superior to any ono now lu uho, Quito unknown lu tho United Statoa, which can bo easily secured by U. 8. patent, wlshoa to soil this design or tako & partner for tho manufacture of the article. Address, fur conference, H 83, Tribune office. A GENTLEMAN HAVING A NEATLY-FURNfs'II XLod front room desires a roommate; rent $lO. 867 West Madlaon-st., up-stalra. ■ CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending alottor to I. GBLUKR. Loan Office, bst State-st. ?1 KNUINE BANNOCKBURN TWERDH, ALL COL VX ors, mado to order In suits lor $33. At GRANGER'S, 128 South Clark-st., up stairs. GLOVE AND MITTEN DIRS—MANUFACTURED by \VM. SEVERIN, 832 North Carpontor-st., Chico gu. 111. T YMAN A DODGE ARE AGENTS FOR TUB AORL JJ cultural V ire Insurance Company, Watertown, N. V. Otlico, 141 LsSallo-st. * PARTIES OWNING LOTS AND WISHING TO build can secure the services of a responsible man, good draughtsman, and thoroughly practical mechanic, capable of carrying on tho whole work; best of city refer uncos. Address X 3, Tribune nilloe. W~ ANTED-A SECOND-HAND LAUD PRESS. AD dress O 60, Tribune otlloe. " WANTUD-MKN WITH HOME CAPITAL TO COR respond, with a view to manufacturing agricultural implements, or to starting any .legitimate manufacturing business in this place; native lumber plenty and cheap; railroad communloalluc lu all directions, and a tint-class ninrkotatourdoorsia No. 1 point fur a starch factory. Address GKURQK A. HAILEY, Corresponding Secreta ry Olonwood Manufacturers’Association,Glcuwood, lowa. Wanted-poutralts to paint or piloto. graphs to color in oil; also any klud of artlitlo work. Drawing on wood, Ac. Address A. 11. DOUGLAS, P. O. ifoxace, City. _ TAT ANTED—FIRST-CLASS TICKET TO BT, LOUIS VY via 1. O. U. It, __ Address Fift, Tribune otlloo. WANTKD-INTKLLfdENT MEN FOR U. B. ARMY, at W North Caual-at. ! TO BENT-HOUSES. Tpaa E^mian?a 63fimitliOltrk-t. !.'■ rpO RENT-a-BTORY AND lUREMRNT MARBLE* X front reiMohce, 11 rooms, 10M Wabsih-av, lofiuireof FKRH.>. PECK, Room 8, Nixon’s Building. T" O RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, WITH ALL MOD orn linnrovomenls. It) rooms, handsomely furnished, near Bills Park, for tho summer, to first-clan tenant, luaulre bf owner, atlM Randolph-*!.; Itoom4. , p! . •: TO RENT-HOUSE 19 NORTH PEORpTST.: BEING put in thorough repair. WIIIXTLESBY; BUNNELL 4 BA I’ES, .Room 0 MsJor-Blook. i . TOiRiiNT-TWO-BTORy AND BASEMENT BRICK houses Nos. 9, 4. 8, 0,10, and 13 Johnspn-plaoe, near yipoomtoa-ar., Droomsoaoh; root roatonable. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON 4 GO., HI LaSalle*!;, Otis HIPoV. 1 10 RKNT-2-STpRY AND BASEMENT BRIOK . lioueosNoi. 46, 47, aad49 Ltngloy-i6., l0room«onoh| inodorn Improvemonleirontreasnnoblo. Apply toWM.. If. SAMPSON 4 CO., 144 Laasllo-9t.,08s Block. TO RENT-HOUSES SI, W. 29, AND 80 THIRTY* Bovonlh'it., between Lakn'nnd Bllls-ava.', south front,. S story frame, 10 rooms, good repair; toaeonablo rent. S. K. ■ ' ,■ ■ ■ TO RENT—HOUSE 391 PARK-AV., LARGE LOTiW fecit shade trees, shrubs, oto. , Apply,at 168 Btsto-et., W. bTKVBNS. , . mo nr.NT-i.AHQi; house and qnouNDS ON X ladco Shore, fioutti of and near Oakland Station, .city Umtte, ». L. UNDERWOOD. 89 MadUoil it. (110 RENT—NO. 27 TWENTY-PHTTII-ST-, AT $1,600 X por annum! marble front house, 13 nwini. baib. Ac., hnndnnmoly flnlsliod, and vary doslrablo. ,Wlll bp rout ed to May I, 1874, or will noli. FRED. L. FAKU 4 CO., 83 Washlngton«st. 110 ‘ RENT-ON TWKNTY-FOUUTII-BT., TO A . small prlvalo family, a tarnished bvlpk reetdonco; SOHSOflsiiiu given tho Iftrh,. to a roiponMl»lo party only. r ur partlouLtru oall nt Furnace, and all modorn conyonloncoßT •• • ■ STONE 2STORY AND BASK mont, 670 West Adatrie-st. Nuw and lu gn(*d order, gne, water, and furnace, at S7O per month, inuulro at. ‘671 West Adame-st. , , > • . . TO RENT-a-STORY, BASEMENT. AND bUB-OHL- X lar marble front house, all modern improvomonts. In. ojudltig fnrnnco, No. 330 West Wa»hlnglou-et. • Apply at No. 35LWost Ran'dolph-at. for terms.* rno RENT—OR FOR .BALE—GOOD-'HOUSKO ON X Adams and Jackßon-sls., cast of OallforDla-av. (Inko water.) Inquire 1091 Jackson-st. ■ ■ fDoltftNT—A BRIbK jtoUSO OF 10 ROOMS. HOT X and cold bath, No. 13J Throop-st., S6O por month. Inqulro at 130 Tiiroop-st;. la forenoon.' • ’ • • TO ifIJNT-A 2-STORY HOUSE, 8 IIOOM3, NO. 121 Wostorn-av, near Adnm-st. Apply to 147 West* TO RENT-826 PER MONTH, HOUSE G ROOMS, onLangloy-av. ■ 125 per month, now house at Elmhurst. • 46 per month, 10-room house, 183 Rebcooa-ftt. : 16 per month, 4-room houso oornor Wrong nnd Mala. 36popmonUi, storoanddrooms.' . , 33 per month, storo and 4 rooms, oornor. ■ . Allclosotocars, with good-lots, by.W. W. WATSON, 903 Laßallo-st. TO RENT-NEW 6-ROOM HOUSE, IN FINE ordor; good neighborhood; 825. 0. W LEAN, 153 South (Jlark-st., Room 16. • . . .. TO UKNT-6-ROOM COTTAGE NEAR ROHKY AND ■ Poik-sts.; ottlo floored. Inquire of D, LEONARD. TO RENT—2-STORY HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, NO. 658 West Washington-lit. D. LEONARD, 133 LaSullo-st. r RENT-NO. 11031N DIA NA- AV., good ordon will rent low to o good parly. TUOB A. HILL, 123 Donrborn-st. . . - rno RENT—2-STORY HOUSE, 477 IIUBBARU-ST., X. ofßroorus, with largo garden, being completely ru paired. W. WALLER, No. 3, 828 StaUi-at. . , THO RENT-752 MIOHIGAN-AV., 3-STORY DWELL- X Ing of 14 rooms; furnlturo to rent: a seed location for first-class boarding. R. O. OARRABRANT, Woodruff Hotel. liO RENT—2-STORY DWELLING, NO. 8 NORTH Ada-nt., gas. water, 7 rooms. OMARUITSIINELL, ICO Doarbora-st., Rooms 11 and 12. ■ . ' f mo RENT-NORTH SIDE, NEAR CARS, UPPER X part of cottage,43o; lowor, *816; houio over storo, $18; all Grooms. A. T. GALT, 77 Dearborn-st., Room 11. TO RENT—A FURNISHED HOUSE ON WABASH avu or will soil tho furnlturo low for cash. J. H, GOULD, 119 Doarborn.Bt. Mb RENT-NO, 191 ELLIS-AV.-8-STORY AND X basomont stnno-front; water and gas; hath-room, and very near borso and steam oars. Throo good hoiisos at TO RENT—A NEW BRICK HOUSE, ALL MODERN Improvements, on Thlrty-slxth-nt., noar Mlchigan-av. Two now bouses, Nos. 982 and 931 West Monroo-st. liouso of 17 rooms, all furnlahod, l’ark-av., corner Roboy-st. Briok house, No. 73 Uonoro-sfc.. 13 roomn. No. 1022 Michigan-*?,, 9 rooms. SNYDER & LEE, 15 NUon Building, northeast oornor Monroo and LaSailo-st. rpO RENT-MARBLE FRONT UOUSKON WABABH- X av. near Tvronty-third-st. O. V. FRITSCH A CO., 61 and 88 South Clark-at. . TO RENT-HOTEL CONTAINING 64 ROOMS OVER R2G and 329 South Clark-nt.: also a atom and basement. 8. It. HAVEN, Room 10, 134 South Olark-st. r RENT—HOUSE. R ROOMS. $35; CENTRAL; with or without roforonco j smalt amount of furniture fur sale; bargain. 131 Doarborn-st., Room 10. ‘ Snlmrlmu* TO RF.NT-OR FOR BALE—AT OAK PARK, A small cottago nearly furnished, an aero of ground, and choice fruit trees. ItonL $35 per month, inqulro 1165 Indlaua-av. TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE IN HIGHLAND Park; 10 rooms, o good bant, \H acres land, fruit trees, shrubbery, and roren minutes* walk from depot. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast oornor Monroo ond LaSallo.Bts. TO RENT—ROOMS. TO HUNT—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OAB AND closets, nt No. M 3 Stato-at. - TO RENT—A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, UNFOR nlshcd: will not bo lot for housekeeping; also a good barn. Apply at llkl Warron-av. . • rpo RENT—IN THOMPSON’S BLOCK, A SUITE OF X U rooms; gas, water, and water-closets, suitable for housekeeping, 235 West Madison-st. WILLIAM H. THOMPSON, 228 West Madlaon-st. rpo RENT—THOSE DESIRING FIRST-CLASS AND X elegantly furnished rooms, by tbo day, week, or month, cun scouro them at Williams Block, 86 South Doarborn-st. T~ O RENT—A BASEMENT TO A COUPLE WHO would board one or moro persons, or to a first-class droeamakor. 884 Wobash-av. Call at 13 m., or6p. m. T6 : RKNT-ANIeLKG ANT FLOOR AT U76 WABASH- ay L ; $35 por month. ■ • 1 ' rpO RENT-PLEASANT ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X keeping. In brick house No. UoB West Muaroo-st. Wo* ter and waato-pipca in kitchen.Possession at once. rpO RENT—A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT X room, two,windows, suitable for two gents, at:ui Wa bash-av., corner Congress-su Apply at store, 331 South Btato-st. - TO RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED room, with or without board; bath-room, hot and cold water, Ac. 49 South Oarpontor-st. • r RENT—AT MQ. 19 ELDRIDQE COURT, TWO parlors, furnished or unfurnished; alsol largo fur nished room. ■ rpO RENT-ROOMS ON SMITII-ST., ONE ULOOK X west of Union Park, for bousokcoplng, sls, $lO, and S3O a month. O. E. HOLMES, G9 South Cliuton-st. fpo'nßNT— F URNISIIEimT if EOP'UO'OJIS; ALSO, X. slnglo rooms: will furnish gas and koop rooms In or der. Wabash-av., between - Twuuiy-tblrd and Twoutyfourth-sta. TO RENT—A LARGE, WELL FURNISHED ROOM, suitable for two; also, a single room, In brick houso, ■ with modern Improvumoota. 411 west Madison-st. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOITOENTLE- X men only. 545 West Madlson-st., corucr Sangamon. r fIiCNT—AT 81.1 WEST MONROE-ST., BETWEEN Morgan and Aberdeen, a nicely furnished room, with out board. fpcT RENT —SIX SUITES OF (6) ROOMS NOW X .ready, suitable for small families, without children, wudiimr to koop liotihuunun economical scale; they aro centrally located, and will ho rented to uouo who cannot giro tho best of references. Also several stores and base ments on Dearborn and North Wolls-sts. E. F. ADAMS, corner Madison and Stato-sta. rpo RENT—HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED ROOMS, X single or on suite, tor goutlmnou only. Itll South Clark, opposite tho Arcade, Room 11, rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH PRIVIL- X of bath; two unfurnished parlors, suitable for Doctor or Dentist. Front basement at 473 Wabasb-av. TO RENT-A LARGE FRONT ROOM AND SMALL one, suitable for throo or four gentlemen.. Apply SsO SuUth Halstcd-st., third floor. T" b rknt-a'private family will rent a largo front room with . alcove, furnished, to two gentleman; location opposite Union Park; house has every convenience. Address X Bd, Trlbuno office. fiio KENT-TWO PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, X partly furnished, suitable for two gentlemen, or gen tleman and wife; price, $33 pur month, wllhout board. SO7 West Jnckaon-at.i between Morgan and Abordecu-at. rho RENT-6 ROOMS, CLOSET, PANTRY. AND X water; rout, $25 pur month to a email family. &61 Contro-av. rilO RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED PARLORS, X suitable fur business purposes or otherwise. If do* aired: also, other rooms :good reference required. lituulro at No. 7611 Wabash-av. a tO RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, . single or ou suite, to responsible parties, at 6C*J Stale, TO RENT-A NICE FURNTsUEDFRONT PARLOR for ono or two gentlemen; also, a nloo furnished filccplng-room; SB. 1M West Wnahlngton-at. nto'UENT-SHS, -6 NICE ROOMS: GAS, WATER, X oto.,'on, between Washington and Ran* dulnh. T. 11. BOYD. ISO West Washlngton-st. WANTED—*TO RENT. IITAKTED-TO RENT—‘I ROOMS FOR HOUSE. >V keeping, West Sldo; rent, S3O. Refer to 817 West Madlson-st. \\rANTED—TO RENT-FOR I OH 3 YEARS, A Y r brink bouue or brick basement, with Bor 10 rooms; West bide: no children. Give full description, with roa. •unable price. Address E 21, Tribune olhoc. W* ANTED-TO RENT-AFLOOROFTiVEOR SIX romiiH, suitable fur housekeeping, east of State and north of Thlrtioth-sta.; references exchanged. X 6, Tribunes otllco. MUSICAL. A GOOD BUESTANTIAL, SWEET TONE, ROSE wnod piano-forte worth $175, for sale at $W H taken at once. No. 7 Hast IT .WILL PAY YOU TO LOOK AT THE PIANOS X that J. 11. WOLCOTT Is selling for SB6O cash; you can't make $l&0 easier. 251 Fark-ar. SITUATION WANTED—UY ORGANIST, COMPE tent to play concerted pieces and direct a ipmrtetlo or chorus choir; position by a gentleman wbn has 15 years' experience In tho East, Address H 13. Tribune ollioo. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—A VERY VALUA hie gold watch aud chain fora piano of standard manufacture: will give cash boot-money Iu exchange fur a flm-olsBH instrument. Address Xl, Tribune oftioe. FOR SALE. 1?OU SALE—AT A UAUUAINt-COUNTKU, SHELV • oases, shovr oases, and one Indian figure, at 875 North-av, Indll BALE—COUNTER, BHELVINGS, INDIAN figure, andloaseofaclgar-storolatho best location on bnuth Stalo-at. U. J. NOOKIN, 76 South Dear born-st. POR SALE-A LARGE SODA OU ROOT REEK A fountain, cheap; also lot of lou gsllou kegs. Inquire it42l Wabash-av. POU BALE-A LARGE SIZE SAFE, FOUOAHUjOH X 1 will ox ohtugo for real estate. 121 Laßallo-st., Boom 7. iikx y id,'[im. i lb kIENI-STOKES.'oiTIOEis, &o. TflO RRNTiiRTORR 90* M PERT NO. IDQ WARNING- X ton-SUpalaodoublostorq <OxW In samo, brnwn atono bnjldlhit. Tho»o ilordi arosplemlldly lighted, lmroa2Ti foot alloy directly In reart flrrf.proot and have tlnhhnd baiomentsi which may bo rented with thorn or not, at pleasure of tenant. Apply dliotly to orthor, Hoorn 6, No. lt>3 Wnhlngton-at. • imo lUtST-OI'FIOKS.Rmai.KOIIKHSUITit, WITH X firo-proofvaullasomjtono IIIrIiL alalrsjdrAt-ohM In a3I? , K\V* tooirnor, IloumS, aamo building, No, • rfi Ollli NT-BAS KM ISNT 4CHWPEI4T, NOR. lt» AND 'X 197 Washlngton-at. i lias wide alloy directly In roar, flrft-nrodf Vaull,’sidewalk llublt, and tlnUhod throughout. *tmo Imiidtnff.. TO RIINT-A HANDSOME STORE IN BRICK building la Rockford, III.; Centro of business, 82»2t1i dry-goods, clothing, nr boot and shoe Itmlnos* nrofnrrodt J6OO ptjr y° ar< AddroiB, ANTON HCIUCJKIiit, Rook- fno / RBNT-SKOOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH ■atetettss Mte OFFICES, NORTHWEST ■ X comer of LaSalle and Adams-ats. 11. BUHLUKBSEU, baiomonti alOLaaallo*«t 1 _ . ■ fp6TiWli*-BRiok BARN IN RRAR OF in VTA :X ba*h-ar., near. EiKlilooiilh-al. ■ Inquire of 0. D. POPE, 23 Oliambor of Oommorco Building. fpb REN'D-HALIT A LARGE BTOUE AND BASK- X ’ inoht, one of tbo boat elands on Hmitb Wntor-at.} only rftsnonslblo parties need answer, with full pardon-, fare, bnalnoaa, 010. O 87, Trlbuno omen. T" O RENT—DOUBLE PARLOUS, TO A DENTI.STi aIM front nnd back tjiUo together or Mnglo, furnished or nnlurnlihoU. 681 Wnbaah-av. Call at 13 in., or Op. m. fllO RENT—DESK-ROOM AT 176 OLAHK-ST., COIT X norMcmroo, otllcoNo. 0( tortnayory lows goodlight; ontxanoo from both streets. lid .RRNT-TIIB RTORIS 91 KINZIR-BT.s HEAR ■ entrance from Wolls-at. dopot, Apply on tbo prom- TO RENT-SUITE OP 8 FINB OFFICES, WITH 3 lanro oloenta, vault, olo.; vary cheap. Apply on prom .laps, Room 23, 163 Waablnglon-st. , fTO RENT-DOCK PROPERTV EMPIRE Bf-TP, X Twdlfth-st. Inquire of P. 801IUTTLER. 45 Woat Monroo-st. rpO RENT-STORE AND LIVING ROOMS 172 COT- X 'tago Qroro-av., and fixtures for solo: rent $25 per monlli. fTO RENT-STORK 11 AND 13 MARKKTST., IN X Garrett UiUlillng,-40x03. •• Also, larg» Inti* over cor ner Lsko ami Markm-aU. Apply to O. LUNT, Room 8, Molhodlst Church Block. rno RENT—A HALL 2.1*176, WITH PLATE GLASS X front,’corner West Madison ami OurtlS-ats., auttabio for library or art. gallory t would divide into office*. A splendid cbancofora first-class doutlsb. Inquire 827 West Mndinon-st., up-Btalrs. , 1 mo RENT-STORE ON DRARBORN-ST., BE- Xttvoon Washington and Randolph-sts. $3,603 per year. J. H. COULD, lilt Ucnrborn-st. T~ OiRENT—A N ELEGANT LARGE STORE, 81'LEN cii'J light, Miilnblo for any business; liavo no iibo for It, Mill tout It übcup. Apply on premises, No. 77 Doar mrn-Bt. MACHINERY. A LOT OF FIRST-CLASS MACHINERY FOR SALE. U\. Ono SO-iuoh lal ho, Whcolor innlco, with chucks, fnco plates and small tools. Complete; ono small engine latho, complete, Amoa mako: ono B-lnoh awing rngino latho; two hand lathes; uno 6-luot Iron planor, Lincoln mako; ? no iron shear, 4 foot capacity; ono rolling mill; ono pit atlio bond, ami r variety of chucks, drills, oto. Apply to W. H. KINO, at. tho Contrnl Warehouse, southwest Corner Rush and Kinafo-sta. COMBINED PLANER AND MATCHERS; FARRAR surfacorssrosatrlng machines; saw arbors. W. A. JAMES, ROOUE.A SPENCER, 273 and 275 South C&- nal-st. BNGINK-LATHKS-OVER FIFTY IN STOCKS AND utora on tho way from thoEastt any ono wanting an engine latho had bostsoo its. W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPENCER, 875 South Canal-st. For sale-linsred or cotton seed oil Machinery. Twelve upright presses, of fire cakes each, with hydraulic pumps o! suitable capacity to work same. Two pairs of the largest and moat approved Mul ler stones over brought to this country, with scales, tanks, trucks, etc., all complete and capable of turn-, lag out 3.0P0 gallons per day. For sale upon reasonable terms. For further particulars, address Box 128, Now York 1», O. fOR HALE-TWO BOILERS, TWO FLUES. EACH ' with steam* drum, safety-valve, mud drum, mo front gratobnrs, Loo’s patent stoam gauge, leather belt, 24 Indies by 10 foot; will trade for lumber., 899 West van Bnron-at. TRON PLANERS, NEW AND SECOND HAND; JL bolt-outtors; drills: leather bolting. W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A SPENCER, 27S South Cannl-st. CECOND-UAND PORTABLE ENGINES, ONE 8. i?OOaffl?». for : ,al0 ° hoaPt W * A< JAMRB> STATIONARY ENGINES, ALL SIZER. WITH p boilers, for sale by W. A. JAMES, KOOHE A SPENCER, 276 South Canal-st. BUSINESS CHANCES. AN INTEREST IN A MANUFACTURING Busi ness that profits aro largo for salo cheap It takou at once, as other business oalla mo oast; nono butthoao moaning to purchase need apply. Address O 79, Trlbuuo olllco. • A FIRST-CLASS BAKERY FOR SALE, WITH TWO largo ovens, and oslablisbod trade. Address LSI, Tribune oQloo, A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A BATH-ROOM OR trunk business. Apply to Pokia Tea Company, 876 State-st. A NY PERSON HAVING S4OO TO INVEST CAN BUY OX a saloon, fixtures and leaso. Ono of tho boat oor- Dora In town. Apply at 65 Blue Island-av, pLRRKWANTED IN A PERMANENT BUSINESS, whu has $2,000 cash to loan his employer; salary, 82, OOOpor annum. Security given for tbo loan. Address L 83, Tribune ofllco. • 111 AVE A NEW IMPROVEMENT IN BURNING KKR oseno oil for cooking purposes i It does not cost over M cout por liour; it is porfootly safe, and I will guarantee to cook a meal, broil steak, make coffee, ns quick aa any stove, at ono-Umth tho cost. Parties with capital can tnnko a' fortune by establishing themselves in any city. Can bo- soon in. practical operation. Call, or address WETILBRILL A CO., Room 21 Kuhn’s Hotel, Dearborn st., botwooa Madison and Monroo. SALOON FOR SALE IN A GOOD PART OP THE olty, Toryehonp for cosh; a splendid obaaco. Call at 187 Twenty-second-st. SALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSE FOR SALE. .A good paying saloon and boarding-house, fall of good paying boarders, will bo sold on reasonable terms. Inquire at No. eu7 South Olark-at. TWO OR THREE GOOD PATENTS FOR SALE. Money in thomjcomoandsoo, Patents wanted. 110 Dosrboni-st., Room 5. The most centrally situated hotel in tho city, now doing a largo and profitable business, will bo sold for SC,OOO, half cash, balauoo to suit. M. O. BALDWIN X C 0.,-81 and M Laa&llo-st., Room 24. oonn WILL BUY A LARGE CASH BUSINESS, Otiuu capable of being widely extended. This Is a fine opportunity for an aotlvo man with a delivery team. MlWestLako-nt. j 70 EXCHANGE. TO EXCHANGE—2,4OO FEET ON THE BLUFF. Washington Heights, and within COO foot of Morgan Park, and near tho Military School and proposed SI9,UCO church, with sidewalk from depot; streets and trees, oto. Will take a good improved farm. ' IS lots at hlxty-llrst-st., Englewood, for small oottago. 100 lots, Furly-sovonth-at.,. one block from boulevard, for good residence. ■ COlots southwest of Brighton, and near boulevard, for Improved farm. 6 lota on Stowart-av, and Forty-sovonlh-st. for land or small farm. All tho ahovo aro good properly, and will bo exchanged at fair prices. LINGLE >t DARLOW, ISC Doarborn-st. rpo EXCHANGE— rwo NEW AND DESIRABLE X. bouses, uulncumborod, 11 and 13 rooms ouch, on West Side, for Improved and unimproved property In good locality on South Side: will pay dlilorcneo In cash. FRANCIS W. COREY A CO., lu? Olark-at., Mothodlat Church Block. rpO EXCHANGE— TWO POLISHED MARBLE- X fronts ou West Van Buren-st.; 90 fact on East Mon roo-st. ; 904x330between Fifty-second andFffty-third-sts.; 150 foot on corner, two buildings, paying lOperceut; 187 foot on Shenuan, between Harrison and Polk; 10 acres with good houso; 40 acres In now subdivision, only slSopor acre. Sumo good bargains. ENOS TURNER, 99 East Madison, 130 South Doarborn-st. , rpO EXCHANGE-TO CARPENTERS AND BUILD- X ors—Wantod-maturlcds furnished and building com- Elated and to exchange for tho same Easternlmprovod uslnuss property valued at $90,000; a liberal uxolmugo will ho made with building contractors. Address Sb 7, Tcibuno uiUco. rpo KXCIiANGE—STOCK OF HARDWARE, WELL ,X located and doing fair trade, to oxehtngo for city or suburban roal estate and cash in equal parts, or would take all in well located North Sldo properly. Address Lbß, Trtbunq cilice. rpO EXCHANGE—FEET ON LOOMIS-ST.. X near Madison, to oxchai’BO for a farm. HyU. OOLE A HUN, Heal Emato Agents, 188 West Madlaon-st. T\TANTEi)—TO TRADR FOR A STOCK OF DRY VY goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots and shoes, and furniture, 8 farms la Mason County, 111., all major n good slato of cultivation, nnar market and railroad-one farm of 115 acres, onoof "11 acres, nnd ono of'J3T> acres. Also a lino now dwelling house And Hints la iho City of Peoria, 111., with all modern Improvements. Thu tides nro porfoot. All worth $50,000 cash. Will trndo part oral). Address Rot 1113, Peoria, 111. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—IN A FIRST CLASS MEAT aud vegetable market: ono that understands tho huslnusa with a small capital proforrod. 68 Wostorn-av. PARTNER WAN'i'kD—l WANT A SMART EUSI- X ness man with S3OO to take a bnlMnlorest In a good thing. Look at this. 70 East Madlsou-st., Uoomstfsud 7. O. A GO. PARTNERSHIP—NORTON REDMOND FROM THIS X drtlo ocuuus to do business under linn nmuu of RED. MOND & CO. Jr U. Redmond will continue tho com* mission business under samo name. PARTNER WANTBD-IN ONE OP THE REST laying newspaper* In Indiana. Tho only real estate fiftpor in the Statu, ■ Itonsons for wanting partner, adver ting patronage too large for ouu man to attend to. Thu paper tins now a circulation of from 8,000 to 10,000* A splendid opening for a man that oan furnish good refer* oncos, and that Is a good solicitor aud writer. Liberal terms given. Address, for further particulars, .1, A. DVNEH, Real Estate Gazette, IS Vlrglnla-av., Indianap olis, lud. PAR'I NEU W A NT 15 D —WITU FROM $5,000 TO $7,100 In the coal trade business, established 13 years. Ad dress 861, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—IN A WELL PAYING MANU' factoring business, with about $3,000. Sucmlty given for tho investment. Address L 73, Tribune ollioo. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $3.f00 IN PARTNER shIp with ono having a valuable contract and tho Itraolical business experience to carry it to a successful ssuu, who, with the aid of a general business knowledge aud abovo amount oould make a very respectable annual Income fur tho ilrm. Tho business commands tho rcsiiuot and approbation of all clauses of tho community. Address PARTNER, P. O. Hoi3ft). PARTNER WANTED-WITH $1,000; lIIISINESS X i well established; pays well; have more than onu onu do; must he u good business man, nnd ready for business at once. 137 South Clark-st., Room 88._ DIVORCES. Divorgesoutained for causes, all law business atteudod to. Room 8, W7 South Glark-st. DIVOROES-LEUALLY OIiTAINED-FKE AFTER daoroo. Scandal avoided. Nlns ysars 1 prautlco in the courts of Amlotgo. Address I*. O. ilox_lto7. CLAIRVOYANTS. DR. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, RUSL sen aud Medical Mediums, 135 West Madlaoa at. WANTED—MALE HELP. Booltltoopor*. Glnricn, Eto« ' T\f ANTED —UV A PHILADELPHIA' HOSIERY, V T notion, ami whllo goods jobbing-house—A UrsUolMi iMvnllnji salesman acquainted with tho business, ft ml having ancstablishcdtradn.' Address, stating amount and locntl'in of tndo, oiporlunoe, ole., COX, SMITH & CO., Philadelphia. WANTED-A CLERK IN A RANKING-OFFIOE. with references,JU 76, Tribune office. • WANTED—BOOKKEEPER WHOTHOROUamAT TT understands tho grocery buitnoia, and Is willing to mnjco himself generally useful, Address with ruforoucon and salary expected, L tti, Tribune office. WANTKD-AIIbokiCKKPKU ABOUT 20 YEARS' nf Ago) must bo aoinirnlo, mid bilng Quod references. Address 8 87, Trllmuo office. ■ ■ Trntlna. T\TANTRD-a BLACKSMITHS TO TRAVEL WITH FOREl ,r \[j(J clro,,a ‘ Apply Immediately to ADAM WANTED-KIOnT UPHOLSTERERS. APPLY TO VV COLUY A WlitTa, 2 IQ and 201 Htato-at. : ,\yANTED—FIIIST-RATIfi MACHINISTS, LATHE tt and vise hands; good wagea and’Btoadyomploymnnt' for good stonily workmen; no othora nood apply. MER RILL A HOUSTON IRON WORKS, mamilaoturcn of iluußton Water Wheel* Paper Machinery, ole., Rololt, Wla. WANTED—IO FJRST-QLAHS UPHOLSTERERS, VV Immcdfatoly, at SAMPSON, GILBERT A CO., 267 and 269 Wabaah-av. . , .; WANTED-HOTKL STEWARD; ONE WHO UN IT domtands the business. Call Friday morning at office of Jstko I'orost Hotel Company, WO LaSallu-st,. ■\\TANTiCD A I'TUHT-CLAHS HEW ED ROOT > y maker, to go to thu beautiful City of Winona, Minn. High wages and constant employment. Call, for a fuw days, fit,Johnston House, cornerMadUonandDosplalnos* ate. U. 0 A YEN AN, JR. • 1 : WANTED-A FIUHT-OLAHS OARRIAGE-PAINT cr. N. BERGERON, Kankakoo, 111. WANTED-0 FIRST-CLASS STRIPERS AND I it lottoror, to work on passenger cars. Apply at 101 North Unlim st. TSTANTED—A FIRST-CLASS COOK, A JIAN WHO Yr understands both moat and pastry cooking. Inaulro at Room 10, No. 84 audtiftLa Hallo-at. ; WANTED - KLEDTROTYPER; WHO UNDKR- T» - stands battery work; good sniary to ilrat-oloss man; no ollior wanted. Inquire at tfl NorthPoorla-at. . ' WANTED—A HOUSE PAINTER: A GOOD STAGE VV | hand, FRANK K. GHOUT. CaWostMamsoost. W‘ANTEp-A BOOTMAKER FOR SEWED AND VV pegged work, Hteady work If tho mau is steady, at 723 OoUngo Grovo-av. WANTKD— A GOOD LOCKSMITH AT 146 STATE WANTED-GOOD CARPENTERS AT Oil ARCHER av.; none but good bauds nood apply, ' ’ WANTED— COAT, VEST, AND PANT-MAKERS; steady employment and good wagea: nonobuttlio best need apply. Inquire of T. F, PHILLIPS, 13 Madl. ■on-st. WANTED - CABINET-MAKERS (FIRST-CLASS i» workmen) at factory northwest oornor Sangamon and Pratt-ata. R. T. IIAAIURUOK. . Coachmen. Teamsters. &o. TXT ANTED—GERMAN BOY OF 17 TO DRIVE FOR A TV sturo; musthavoroforonoos. Apply UU# morning, 0 o’clock, barn, 110 South Peoria-at. Employment Agencies. TyANTED-600 men TO WORK ON RAILROADS. YT ’ farms, saw-mills, Uo-choppors, stono quarries. Ac. For transportation and particulars, apply to CHRISTIAN A BING, No. 1 South Clark, or 101 South Oanal-st. WANTED-RAILROAD, SAWMILL AND FARM » T bands, high wagon, company par t entirely froo faro. Apply to SMITH it CO., 210 South Wator-at., Room 1. Miscellaneous TXTANTED—A ‘' NEW YORK IMPORTING AND IT • jobbingwlnoand lienor house, wetland favorably known for many yean, sock tho cervices of on active young Dianas salesman for tho Northwest. Wlthono who has a safe aud wolNostabllshcd (ratio among druggists and gruoan, a liberal arrangement will bo nmdo. Tuo best of reforenoosof past sorvicoswill bo required. Address IMPORTER, Vost-Olßco Box 4891, Now York. TXTANTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, ' VY and State, to sell our now button-hole cutter and noodle-threading thimble. Agents that wish tho goods will save money and time by buying direct of the tuanu* faoturers, at P9 East Madlaon-st., Itoom C. WANTUD-A GOOD BOY. 14 Oil IB YEARS OLD, wbooan bring good references, Call at 810 South Stato-st. German preferred. ' WANTED— SIXEKPERIKNOED MALE WAITERS, at KHno'a Hotel, corner Clark audLnko-ata. WANTED-8 OR 10 YOUNG MEN FOR THE OTTV, andono for each town in the country, tosoll Prof. Henry's nou-ozpinatvo for korotcao oli. «Sa day easily madu on $8 to slu capital. A. RAY, 25 West Luko-st. WANTED— A WATTE H, FOR DINNERS ONLY, AT BENNETT'S, roar of S3 South Water-st. TV ANTKD-TWO EXPERIENCED BELL-BOYS AT YT Kuhna* European Hotel (colored). WANTED— CANVASSERS AND OTHERS OUT OP work, men and women. Como and sou us. Rare Inducements to make tuouoy. 178 West Washlngton-st., Room 4. WANTED— 10 GOOD ACTIVE MEN READY FOR business to call on or address JONES & CO., 71 South Cauat-at.; 30 to l£-H) a week sure money. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. TXTANTED—TWO GIRLS IN SMALL FAMILY; ONE V V for gonoral housework; and ono fur uurao. Apply St 102 South Lincolu-st. WANTUD-A SWEDISH OR GERMAN GIRL FOR general bousowork; small family. No. 036 Wabaab. WANTKD-A COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK, YY Iron, and wash. Apply at H South Oarpoutor-st. WANTED— At QIUL AT 137 BROWN-ST., TO DO goaoral housework. . WANTED-A GIEL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK In family of four persons, at 1113 Mlehlgnn-av. \\TANTED TWO SWEDE GIRLS TO GO INTO Tv tbo country; ono as cook and tbo otbor as second girl. Will pay $5 per week to a good cook. Apply at l3sljtf Indiana-av. TXTANTED-ONB GOOD DINING-ROOM GIRL; IT wagass4. Also a elrl to do laundry work; oomo this morning, booth Side llbiiao, 1121 Stato-st. T\TANTED—LAUNDRESS, AND GIRL TO TAKE 1 1 care of baby and help erouud tbo houso, atfctil Stato-st. T\T A NTED-A good COOK, WASHER AND IRON TV or at 26 lndlaua-av., corner of Tblrtcoutb-Bt. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND Iron. ApplyctSb* Slxtconth-st. WANTED— 16,'tf ABERDEEN-ST., COLORED GIRL for second work. TATANTED-GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE YV work; tmall family. 103 Vlnoonnos-av. WANTED-A KITCHEN GIRL AND TWO DlNlNG cuum girls. Apply at Anchor Ootfoo Room, south* wost corner West Lake and Deaplalnc*-*ta. _• WANTED— IMMEDIATELY, TWO FIRST-RATE laundry girls, at Woods' Hotel, 895 Stato-st. Liberal wage* paid, •\XTANTKD-AT TUB IRVING HOUSE, 113 WA TV . baab-av., ono yard mao, ono dining-room girl, ono chamber girl. . WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN girl to do regular housework la a small private fain ily. Apply at 159 Park-av. - WANTED-AT 835 MIOHIOAN-AV., TWO GOOD TV girls for general housework. Apply on Thursday morning. WANTED-A COMPETENT QIRLTO DO GENER i al housework at 155 Souib Saugamon-st. ■WANTED—AT393 WEST JACKSON-ST., A COM- Yl potent girl to do general honsowork. • . WANTED-A GERMAN OR'SWEDE GIRL, 14 OR lb years old, to tako caro of baby at 519 Monroo-st. ANTED—A Y\~MI to do tbo general work for a family of threo. Apply 0t856 Wost Madlion-st. immediately. WANTED— AT H7i PRAIRIE-AV,—A GOOD GIRL to do kltcbon-work. WANTED-GOOD GIRL FOR KITCHEN WORK, at 74 West Vanlluron-Bt. T\T. ANTED-A GIRL TO DO TUB WORK OP A VY small prlvato family: to a good smart girl I will pay tbo best of wages. Apply at 974 Bluo Imnd-av., lu grocery store. WANTED— FOR JOHNSTONE IIOUBE-A GOOD woman cuok; also, a good washwoman,. aud ono for ironing. ; Corner Doaplalnoa and Mndlson-sts. Milliners. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS MILLINER TO GO IN Vt (ho country; good wages and desirable situation to right party. Apply to KEITH BROS. Sonmutrossos, WANTED— A GOOD GIRL FOR SEWING BY band and nmchino. Address la person, lUOO Stato-st. \jir ANTED—SEWING WOMAN TO”DO -HEAVY 1 1 sowing. BLISS A TORRY, 171 lUndolpb-at., man faotururu til deformity apparatus. Nnrsoa. WAKTED-A GOOD WET NURSE. INQUIRE OP E. O.LONG, Marino Bank, corner of LuSallo aud Lako-sts. . WANTED— A GOOD ENGLISH OR AMERICAN nuKO-glrl at2J3 Qutanu-at. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—A WET-NURSE AT 453 Mloblgan-av. Lanndrossoo. WANTED - PARTIES TO DO PIRST-OLARS laundry work on now shlrta: highest prioo paid fur first-class work. BROWN, PRIOR A FISK, comer ot Mouroo-st. and Wabnab-av. ANTED*—*OOOI) KIIIRT-IRONRRB, AT THE Lakeside laundry, K1 and 65 Bomb Onnal-at. WANficb-Two 666b wash-girls, at the laundry 33 West Adaum-at., this morning; also, ono errand boy; como prepared to work etoady. Kxuploymunt Agencies. WANTED-25 GIRLS FOR HOTELS, RRBTAU rants, and private families. Inquire at new Intelli gence Oltlco, No. H9 North Hllaols-sl., between Clark and LaSalle, opposite Boston Dye House. •\XrANTED A GOOD PASTRY-COOK; ALSO, VV girl* lor nil kinds of housework, In city and country. Mrs.- THOMPSON, .idol Slatu-st. AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED-EVERYWHERE, 1M.M15- JV dluioly—Hewitt liming, polishing,and band Iron onto blnod; patented, 1873; llutoa any length; übespast and most perfect iron; new aud aolllng last. liKKnst Mad- Uun-«L . • A GENTS WANTEU-MALE AND FEMALE, TO JV sell tbeohoapeit and bostoliromo*. G»od agents can mnku $6 a day. 11. R. LANDON, Agent, 143 Markut-at. A uKNWwSfTMu-idbaodb canVassehs~im*- -A.modlatoly to sell now and ataplo good* at retail and wholesale. Particulars free. 0. M. LININQTON, 177 East Madlson-at., Room HI, Chicago. ■ A GENTS WANTICD-TU BKLK OUR NEW BUT .ii.ton-Holo Cutter and Noodle-Threading Thimble, Agents cloar_s‘.soporday. 03 East Madiion-at., Room B. AGENTS WANTED—TO BOOK AGENTS-NOW J\. ready, now and additional indiicoraonts. Now way of running subaurlpUun books. Agents culling thousands. More agent*, mate and female, wanted. Address Union Publishing Company, 1135 Wab*»h-av., Chicago. "A GENTS WANinai-EVERYWiriiRIC, slll A DAY J\ easily made, and $33 watch glvca to agents selling $ 103 worth of goods that pay SOU par cent on small caplUi. hamulus froo. MERRILL A CO., 26 West Lako-st. A GENTS WANTKD-TO KNOW THAT OHAB. Ai, Hook, wholesale dealer in bucks and prise packages, bai removed to U>il East Quiaoy-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—MATE. ! i BooldcooDors, Olorloi, &o. CITUATION WANTED-AS TRAVELING AORNT Q for a grocery, ton. nr tobacco house, or shipping oTork, assistant bookkeeper andeollsolor; good rof«r onco«.' Andreas J A, 181 Hontli Lcavltt-at.- - CffUAfiON WANTKD—IN A RESPONSIBLE REAL O estate office, by A man of 8 years* experience In Olllria* go; reference If required. Address V 14, Trlbuno office* CITUATION WANTED —'A COMPETENT BOOK- O keeper bin tiro leisure hours-each day. Address V •80, Tribuna office,' . • - : S” ituatFon wanted-in any capacity. dy a sober, young working man (HcandlnaTlan), of good English education, and onpablo of bookkeeping t goou roforoaoo, Addrowr EO, Trlbuno office. SITUATION WANTED-AS DRUG CLERK, WOULD •pi-nfor a country town: avoars* oxporlonoongood referenda. Address DRUGS, 237 Nowborry-av. SITUATION WANTED-AS ASSISTANT ROOK*' Jtocqmr, atmodorato salary, Address, for 3 days. L 70, Trlbuno office. , SITUATION WANTED—RY A YOUNG. MAN: A competent doable-entry bookkeepers three years’ city •xpoiloDoo with a communion hotuo: good roforoncca given. Address X 4, Trlbuno office. SITUATION WANTED-ASROOKKKEPER, HALES p man, or other aotlvopoaUion with ahouao doing largo business. either wholesale or retail; moderate naliny only axpcelodS oau bring to hoar ton years’ acnualatanoo In oily and country, and beat of city testimonials. Addrosa N », Trlbuno office. ■■ • SITUATION WANTED-RY A MAN OI LARGE 1 experience la railroad and carriage gnoda and sap- , Elies: tools of different kinds, and hardware; who hoa eon buyer for a large houso East, acquainted with East ern tnanufaoiurora and business bouses la Now York-a ■ position as purchasing agont, or buyer* Address 003, 1 Trlbuno office.- ■ • ■ i j ■ CITUATION WANTED-RY A MAN 88 YEARS OF O' ago, sneaking French; acquainted with Canadian trade; could aotaabookkeeper or saloamausnoobjcolioa to the country, or would travel; city roforonoos; salary arranged after trial. Addroaa L 87, Tribune SITUATION WANTED-RY A COMPETENT AND oxporlonood dmir olork, who speaks English and Cor- 1 man,! AddressQllitKUUH, Trlbunoolllco. ' Trnclon. p miller and sfono-drotßor. who can give Tory boat of references. Address F 83, Tribune olllco. • , , Ooaolunon* Tonmstorg. &o,' SITUATION WANTHD-A8 OOAOUMAN IN PRl vato family by a young man; never has boon accus tomed to drink, and understands tho cato of horses and carriages woll;wouldbo willing and ready at anyoall.. 8 711, Tribune olllco. CITUATION WANTED-IN A FIRST-OLASS PAM p ily, ns coachman, by an Englishman -accustomed to tho care of line carriages, horses, and harness. Highest city references. Addroaa R, caro of J. O. Strain A Co'.. 230 Stato-st. 1 . SITUATION WANTED-TO DRIVE FOR PRIVATE family, bra first-class groom and driver (German), !?, b , 0 J,'i?.4, 1n^ 8 v t . rlou . ,^. K 9 ,oron v cos Siroa. Address J. P. RUNOER, 247 Worth Ciark-st, SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG BIAN TO take oaro of horses, in a private family: has worked two yours with last employer. 8.74, Trlbono office. • QITUATION. WANTED—AS COACHMAN, OR IN A' O storo, byaroipoctablo man (Scandinavian), well ac quainted with tho oily, and woli tocommondod. Address L6O, Tribune olHco. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN MARRIED O man as a coachman and gardener, la well posted In tho business, and can bring tho very best of references. Please call or address 260 West Madison-st., in tho cigar store. - .; Miscellaneous. QITUATION WANTED—AB‘ COMMERCIAL TRAV- V-3 oler* A first-class traveling ‘salesman, with best of oltr references and a largo aoauslutanoa with druggists and hardware dealers in Indiana, Illinois, aud lowa, is open to an engagement, oithor on commission or on a sal* ary.' Address B 78, Trlbuno otllco/ , ■ ; , • QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH VO man, Just arrived. In a gootloraan’a garden or nursery: would not object to look after a homo. Apply at SIS South Dearborn-st. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A PARTY HAYING 1 0 years' experience as buyer and manager of a retail dry goods bnslnosa in Now York City. Address for 8 days, L 6. ■Trlbuno oUloo. , QITUATION WANTED—BY A BOY OP 17 IN ORO.' O eery or market, to help and deliver orders. Address 610 Weal iladlson-st., up stairs, H. W. KETKUN, in caronf J. W. BEEBE. . • SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. QITUATION WANTED—IN A FAMILY TO ASSIST O in sowing and second work. Apply at basement of 07 Warron*fcv. SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do chamber work and sowing in a small family. Call or address 851 South JclTuraon-st. SITUATION WANTED-FOR SECOND WORK AND sowing In a private family. 193 Fulton-»t. SITUATION WANTED-BY" GOOD COMPETENT girl, to do second work in a private family. Apply at 113 Maxwoll-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DO Bcoond work or general housework, Ploaso call at 233' Twcnty-thlrd-at., up stairs. ■ QITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRLTO DO SECOND VJ work In a private family; no objection to caro of children. Apply, for 3 days, at present employer's, 143 Calumot-av. QITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL Oto cook, wash, and iron. In a private family. Best of references given. Address S 81, Tribune uthco. • QITUATION WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE O Protostunt girl, to do gonoral housework or cooking In a prlvato family. No. 6 Ilopo-st., near Blue Island-av. QITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- O work and couking In private family. Apply at 167 South HaUted-st. - - gITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIRL fur second work lu private family, or for chamber work prlvato boarding houso. Good references. Apply at 4IH West Harrison-st. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO SISTERS, IN O - a prlvato family; ono as cook, tbo otbor as nano or second girl. I‘lcno call at 131 South Olinton-et. SiTUATION'WANTHD-IN A FIRST-CLASS PAM lly by an Englluh girl; would take tbo oaro of a child; Is active with a noodle; would not objout to travel. Ad dress A li C, 7J SUorman-st. Nurses. QITUATION WANTED BY A GOOD HEAI/THY k? woman, as wot uurso. Apply at loco Stato-st., up stair*. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN, AS A nurse in a family which goes to Europe: spooks both languages woll. 'I bo boat of city reference* given. ■ Ad dross MRS. O. 8., grocery store, at 137 West Lako-st. Honsokoouors. SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER; Ho tel preferred; has had years of experience; unques tionabla roforoocos given. Address, for tbroo days, 0 49, Tribune cilice. Employment Agencies, QITUATIONB WANTED—BY SOME OF THE BEST Ocooks and chambermaid* In tbo city, on tho lakos. Cap tains, ifyouglvo our office ono trial you will always con tinue to patronize us. Satisfaction guaranteed. Hotels, restaurants, laundries, boarding ana prlvato houses, aro Invited to glvo us a call, a* wo work to tbo interest of each and every one. Wo furnish Hrst-class female help, with references, to all branches of business. AIRS. POTTER can bo found at No. 6 Wost Madiaon-st. W. A. REDDY, Brunch Office, 196 Wost Monroo-st, -Star Employment Office. , . * Miscellaneous. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY OF Ex perience In fancy dry goods fitoro, bakery, confection ory, or in otllcoasaspylst. Address for 8 days, J MF, 173 Oologno-Bt. • ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE-AGED BNO* IIsU lady to tako care invalid lady or do plain Rowing '• best of reference given, if required. Addrosa 8 B, 2; Blrch-st., West Side. * FINANCIAL. ■VfONEY LOANED ON CITY REAL ESTATE, IN jL>X sums to suit; also on houses on leased ground. B. GROSSMAN. Room 18, 178 Stato-st. MONEY IN HAND TO LOAN ON COLLATERALS, or short timo paper bought. Address 0 80. Tribune office.. - TtfONEYTO LOAN-ON CHICAGO HEAL ESTATE 1U for Bor 6 years. AYRES A EOFF, 74 East Wash lugton-st. . . . 1 ■ TtyfONEY ADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAN iVJL otlloo; Into Jacobs A Co., on dlamondß, watches, and other valuables. 177 Olack-st., corner of Monroe, Room 5. IDEAL ESTATE AND COMMERCIAL PAPER lu purchased. . CANFIELD A MATTESON, CO La- Sallo-et. ' ■ TO LOAN-MONEY IN SUMS, SI,OOO OR MORB on city real estate or Improved Illinois farms. B. L. 1 PEASE. 70 West Afadtson-Bt. TO LOAN—3 SUMS: $5,000. $7,000, AND SIO,OOO ON tottlMtAte. T. A. JACKSON, tcOS'.ftto-st. TO LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, bouses ou Icaaud lota, furniture, ami other good col* laterals. JAB. 13. STOREY, SI aud fcO LaSMlo-st., Room 25. . TO LOAN—S3,OOO ON IMPROVED CITY PROPER ty, South hide preferred. PIIINNEY 4 LOMBARD, 163 LnSallo-st. WE HAVKFUNDS ONIIAND, TO LOAN ON REAL citato. Wo buy and sell roalostato, commercial paper, bonds, stocks, local securities, and do a general llnanoinl business. J, O. McCORD 4 CO., ICU Doarborn-st., Port* land Block. $Q non TO LOAN FOR TURKU YEARS. a.UUu Wanted, $15,000 on a mortgage well aj* cured, duo in 3 yonre, bringing 0 nor oout tcml-unuual in toioat._H.J3. MOREY, 77 Clark st. _ (£9 ftHH TO LOAN IN SMALL SUMS, SHORT ipi/iUUU (tmo: scoured paper bought. A. S. PA*.- 61 Kit, Jr., fH Washlngton-at,, Rooms 1U und 17. 0;Q nnVV TO LOAN-ON FIRST-CLASS URAL ipOiUUw estate security, for throe or five years, at 13 nor cent interest. This amount will not bo divided. BRYAN LATHUOP, 13 Exchange Building. ofo AA/) 10 PER CENT SCHOOL BONDS-FOR sale. Application for the above bimeiti nf $1,003 oaob, with coupons for interest, payable acmi-annu* ally at tho Merchants’ Savings Loan and Trust Company In Chicago, will bo received by the School Dlreclnra of Geneva, Kano County, 111, Address 0. B. DODSON, President. ' LOST. T OST-A BUT OF TIIAOINOS OK OUT-STONB Jj ( of tt.o dvTollliiK** TIL flmli'r will confer. favor and bo paid for his trouble by leaving them at omen of LEHMAN BILLINGS. Call corner Weil Polk and Bliiworth-sts., orF. 4 K. BAUMAN, ArcblteoU. nortb woit corner LaSalle and Usndelph-Bta. TO ST—IF -IWrTKUNK .WHICH WAS TAKEN 1 1 /rum the ball of the boarding-house corner of Harrl* Bon-st. and Tbird-av., on Saturday evening. U roturnod, orlnformatlon given wboro it can bo found, noQucillooj will boaikod, ’ 1 t 08T—RUSSIA LEATHER POOKETBOOK. CON JJ talulng about $23, nud photographer's chuck in own* er's name. Liberal reward if 101 l with RHODES 4 BRADLEY, 1M EastJVashlngum-it. • . • ; ■ LOBT-RAN AWAY FROM THE CORNER OF FOR ty-menth-st. and Weaiworlli-uv., n small bay maro; throe white feet; bad on at tbo time blind bridle and but* cldklo. The tinder will ploaso address MAX UEO- WitiN. Rock Island oar-shops. A soluble reward will bo paid. T OST—ON MONDAY, THE Ill'll INST., BE: AJ* twflonTblrty-iuvonlh st. ami Oblcago-av., a roll of drawings for a home, marked •• H. Q. Howe, Architect.” The Under will bo rewarded for returning the samotoll. O. HOWE, with W, W. Boyington, No. ei Waibing; ton-at. (61 A REWARD—LOHT—A POCKET-BOOK CON. «PAv talulng ,S(U and aomo photos, The llndgr vrill pluaso leave the samo al li 7 Liborty-it., bear Ualstodt owuoc'auaaelubook, ’ ■ t T 7

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