Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 16, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 16, 1873 Page 1
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f VOLUME ao. WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. MATTRESSES,' FOB $lB OB $lO, :'?? And you will have a Bed for a lifetime, lnxnrioiis, Noiseless, and DesiraWe. SUPERIOR TO All OTHERS. The 0. 8. Government hovo now in. use ebout 2,500 of our WIBJ3 BEDS, and wo ere now ilUincr an order for 500 mote.' Ouier PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS havoabout 1,400 in use. WOVEN .WIRE MATTRESS 00., 280 STATE-ST.. Olilcngo. IU. JEWELRY. #»• AT COST! I will soil my whole stock of WATCHES, CHAIN'S, JEWELRY, and SILVER-PLATED WARE, cost 2 For the next twenty days, prepara tory to removal to my ELEGANT NEW STORE, 183,185 and 187 Wa haah-av. A. H. MILLER, 176 Statc-st. and 42 West Maflison-sl . FINANCIAL. WALKER, ANDREWS & CO, Id •Wall-st., N. T. cfisooof. f 10 Place Vendomo, PARIS. Travelers’ Credits Issued, both In STERLING, on UNION BANE OF LONDON, • And in francs on PAMS, UNDER THE SAME LETTER. Circular KTotos, OfXlO, X2O, and £6O on the . UNION BANK OF LONDON. Commercial Credits: Eiclango on London & Pans. Stock*, Bonds, and Gold bought and void on oommli* lion. Hallway Loam negotiated. mTATtT.TLq H. BROWER. R- PARKER PIERCE. PIERCE & BROWER, BROKERS, os ivr a Tr»xao3sr-s i ag. Loool Stocks, Oommeroial Paper. Govern ment and Wostom Soourlttes. Illinois 10 per-cent -Registered Coupon Bonds. • ■ MONEY TO LOAN On first-class Oily Property. $1(600, $3,000, $3,000.1n band. MEAD 4 COE, ' 163 LaSalle-st. tor sale. Eyelets ii Mi Mies, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CDIVER, PASS, SOWS & CO., 118 & 120 Monroc-st. BLANK BOOKS u i CO.'S, Ho. 102 Knit Mudiaon-.t. FENCES. 6,000 foot oboloo designs of Combination Fences for aalo cheap. Samples can be seen at my office, 165 fiast Wash tngtoa-st. F. A. DOOLITTLE. Agent Union Ponce Co. “SPORT I” Floe Treat-Rods, Files, oto., and fishing-tackle in otcry ■ BraMh - u,a "“SaarßWafcTd.. Drawing Instruments, The largest stock in this city, at M. POLAOHKK'S, Optician, 76 Madlsonst., next to MoViokor's. Mathematical INSTBtTMENTS AT J. O. LANOGUTH'fI. Optician. MState-st., betwoon Washington and Randolph. PROPOSALS. To Builders aM Contractors. SEALED PROPOSALS will bo received until tho 26th day of Alar, 1873, at 1:30 p. m., by tho Board of Commit* ■loaeraof Cook County, for any portion or all of the ma terial now contained in (be building* and fence* on tho Reform School ground* at Hydo Park (with the exception of the dwelling-home oa the northwest comer of Forty tbird-at. and Hyde Park-ar.), consisting of brick*. Jolita, lumber, window*, door*, groen-houtae, glass, fencing, post*, etc. The building* to be takon down and tho material re moved within thirty days after tho contract for the sale thereof 1* executed. The right to reject any or all hide received 1* reserved. Proposal* most be inclosed in a sealed envelope, in dorsed ‘‘Proposal* (for tho various kinds of material named)/' and deposited with, tho County Clerk, ad. dressed io The Board of Commissioners of Cook County. OEOUQB M. BOQUK, CARTER H. HARRISON, 11. M. SINGER, TUOS. LONF.RO AN, JOHN H. OLOUOII, Committee on Finance Board of Commissioners of Cook County. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. OFFICE OF GMcaaMlsMMi EAUiEOAD COMPANY. April 35, 1879. Tbs annual itiootingnf tho Stockholder* of the Chicago, Rook Island A Pacific Railroad Company, for Cho election sf Dlrecl ors, pursuant to law. and the transaction of such other business as may coma before them, will bo held at Iba ©files of the Company, iu the City of Chicago, on Wednesday, tho4lhdayof .lunenoiL at U o’clock a. m. " ' JOHN V. TiUOy. Fr.iU.nt, F. n. TOWS, Booretary. . Stockholders’ Meeting, Notlee la hereby given that the annual meeting of the ntnekholdors of Chicago South Branch Dock Company, for thealaolion of Director*of aald Oomuany, will be hjfe »t the office of said Company, No. 623 Wibash-av., in the fVvgl 0hi0..., «» 10 *• m.. D. ,B ”fil.r.l*rr o I Ohlo.Bo South Br.n.ii Hook Uouipu/. - MUSICAL. GEflffl ff. WOOD t CB.'S PARLOR ORGANS. , Theio romaiktblfl Initrnraentahßvo created innoliln tercet and onthußlaam among musician* by roaion ol tnelf BEAUTIFUL QUALITY OF TONBt THOROUGH CONSTRUCTION. bleoant designs and finish* And the extraordinary musical effect* to bo obtained from tliolr COMBINATION SOLO STOPS. vSx^uSyANTcuSflUnI”^MtS 1 ”^MtS?not« PIANO (of oxqnulte tone, wmoh will never roaulro ■ toning). Those organe have aoanlrod s TO 7 America ami Europe, ami all interested in music axe In vited tooxamlno them at the watorooma, Nos, 66 and 68 Adams-st., : between State and Dearborn, OKIOAQO. All lotora of music are invited to examine them. Olr enlara containing music sent postpaid to anyadoroß»^_^ COD IjlV£R> OIL. WILLSON’S CARBOLATED COD LIVER OIL la a Specific and Radical Caro for CONSUMPTION Alb SOEOrniOira DISEASES. Remember the name. “ Wlllson’e CAtbolalcd Cod Llv-r Oil.” It cornea in largo wedge-shaped bottloa, bearing tne Inventor’* signature, and la acid by the boat Droggwu. Prepared by J* H, Willson, 30 Platt-stti H, T» For aala by all Druggist*. _ REMOVALS. BEMOTAL. ANDREW BROWN, WHOLESALE DEALER IN Beef, Pork, Lard, SMOKED BEEF, HAMS, Tongues, Tripe, & Kg’s Feet, TO OLD LOCATION, 101 South Water-st., Chicago. Packing noußO, B. W. cornor Eighteenth and Grove-ita, REMOVAL. The PITTSBURGH, FT. "WAYNE and PENNSYLVANIA Railroad Companies will, on Wednesday, May 14, remove their TICKET OF FICE from 43 West Madison-st. to 05 SOUTH CLARK-ST., corner of Randolph, the OLD CORNER ooou pled "by thorn previous to the Bits Fire. W. C. CLBLAND, Asst. G. F. Agt. RB3VEO'V-A.X J . 6EOEGE O. MOBGAN, Consulting. Civil, and Hydraulic Engineer, and Gen eral Agent N. W. Gaa and Water Pipe Co., has roraovod to Major Dlook, corner LaSalle and Madt*OD»sta. 3MC. Attorney and Counsellor at Law, has removed hlalavr office to 81 anaKl Sooth Olark-st., opposite the old Oourt-Htmsg;. STOVES. RANGES. &c. BARSTOW'SBRICK SETRANGES, RICHMOND DOUBLE AND SINGLE OVEN PALACE RANGES, ARLINGTON PORTABLE RANGES, REFRIGERATORS & ICE BOXES, REGISTERS AND VENTILATORS. BAKGSBKOS., COB. STATE & VAN BUBEN-ST3. Geo. 1. lops & lessiier, PLAIN ond PRINTED WRAPPING PAPER, 151 Michigan-av, PROFESSIONAL. E. 6. DALTON. M. D. 6. E. DALTON, M. D. Office now open for the treatment of 0A.35T085.5, TXTTv<i;OB.S, And kindred diseases. No knife- No blood. Little or no pain. Treatment edentlflo and successful. Tested by over 30 years' practice. HENRY N. HOLDEN, 'Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kind* of HARDWOOD LUMBER, Also, Mahogany, Bosowood, Florida Oodar, Veneers, &o. Particular attention paid to filling bills for any kind of Hardwood or Fancy Lumbar. OITICE AM YABD-Kd. 211 SOflth Market-81. PUT PULLMAN PALACE OAR BOUQUET on your Hand, kerchief. _ _ , Oriental Lodge. No. S3, A, F. and A. M. Regular cor munlcalion this (Friday) evening, »t 1% o’clock, for imi nose , and work on the K. A. liogree. By ordor of tl Master. K. N. TUCKER, Secretary. Union Park Lodge. A. F.andA. M., will bold a lodge of instructin'! this (Vrid»y) evening, at the Lodge Par lor*. Ousely Hall, and wort on the M. M. degree on Bel* urd., ««W. a /«U .lt.ud.ue. w M- I. O. O. P. %SSSt£'SrS? ,l, "c)U b llL£BrsSKNb: b.rlb. ; Have now opened n store in Now York, ex clusively for 1I io sale of goods of their j - own monuf hoturo, consisting of Dress Silks,' Black, Colored, and 1 Striped Cros Grains. Parasol Silli.s, lu all shades and : ’irldths. i Mai ■ccUlucs'nnxl Florentines. Foullards, a’ll colors and grades/ . lior Hat, Cap, .-and Par Linings, i and Millinery PKfjiosos. BlnrJc and Colored Oros Grain Lilhbons. ■, Sash .Ribbons and Bolts, r . Machine Twist nnd Sewing Silk. Trams, Organzlnes, and ■ Fine Patent Spun. Silks, for Silk Mixture Woolens. PAPER. LUMBER. PERFUMERY. MEETINGS. niltHOlliC. Masonic. SILKS. CHEMIT BROTHERS, Silk 1 ffa nufacturera, Mills at Hart! Sard. l and Bouth Manchester, 1 Oqnnbotlout, ©A.XjCE ISROOMO, 477 8R0C )ME-ST., N. Y. Partloalar attention will bo paid to orders lorony upeolalkixvdsofSilk used by manu facturers, oitborin woven fabrics or silk in tho skoin or on spools. TO RENT* For Rent. “ : MT BLOCK.” 1 That mo st elegant of all the Buildings in the New C Jhioogo, ia now completed, and for rent, AB A WHOLE, or subdivided to suit a number of tenants. Said Building has a besomed t 102 foot front by 138 in depth, with six: full stories, 82 by 120, situated on Washic gton-st., within throe blocks of four > teen of the largest Banks in the city, and ■ withm four hundred foot of the ‘Wonder of tbo'W'orld. as Dry Goods men (Field, Loiter & : Co,), and two hundred feet of the ** largest and s aost elegant ” and successful Millinery Estab ilishment in the country (D. B. Fisk & Oo.V with two Elevators, and equipped up to modi )rn times. Inquire at the Building, or at 5*87 Miohigan-av„ or address Box 103, .Post.Offloo. N. P. WILDER. TO 3EtLES3S3"T« SPACIOUS COVERED DOCK, 14:1x102 on the River, AT THE HWC-AJDXSOISr-ST. BBXDGB i In the Itoor of Central Union Block, f (Forms Easy. Apply to , WM. H. SAMPSON & OO. t 144 LaSaße«nt., Otis Block. BUSINESS CHANCES. rmom pose For Sale. The present Tromont House, comer Oon gnosa-st. and Mioblgan-nv., 62x122 feet, with boating and cooking apparatus. Is in perfect order. It has the finest location in the city for a family hotel, and as it is now offered at much loss than cost, it cannot fail to prove a moat productive investment. Title perfoot. IMa the best bargain otthe kind ever offered in this market. J, EBAIAB WARREN, {Solo and exclusive agent), 18 Chamber of Commerce. REAL ESTATE. JACOB C. MAGILL. HEAL ESTATE, 81 & 83 CLARK-ST. Acres, 3E3Coi3LS©iS, Lots. We bare a long list of aoro property, dwellings, and lots. Acres to exchange for residences: also realdonoos foi acres. Beo list Inior sale column of Times. ATTENTION I The bone railway will ran to North-ar., on Milwau* koe-ar., this summer. NEW SUBDIVISION For sale. Great bargains in business and residence lota fronting on MUwaukco-av,, North-ar., Wood. Girard, and Elk Grovo-sts. Street pavement and all other Ira* movements on MUwaukoo-av. paid by the present owner. For further particulars and qq Corner of Madison and Dearborn-sts. Hili Pail Bali Co, Office 169 MONROE-BT., Room 4, Kent's Building. Houses and Lota for sale on easy terms. FRANK P. HAWKINS. Agent. BUSINESS CARDS* CARRIAGES. It. M. STIVERS, 01 144, 146,148,160 aid 152 Fast TUrty-Ont-st., 3XTETW YORK, Is manufactarlng, and has throo largo show room*, eaual to 400 foot long by 25 feet wide, tUloawUb a «nlon<i)a as sorted stock nt Top aud Light IloadWagoua, Dog Carta, Four and Sir- Scat Phaeton*, Ladles’ Pony 1 baoton*, Rookaways.Ao. Parties In Chicago, by calling on O. M, CLARK. No*. 79 and fil fllztoonth-al.. can sec samples, aH 0 " 1 *"- ° rd sf.t h .!°H^«M%T. re Yr"' J. M. W. JONES, stationer, Printer, and BlaiK 800 l MiMlittww, Nos. 104 and 106 Madison-st, J*. n BO °' r AN “ M D-rb U m.t. nnwiAno. GENERAL NOTICES. ‘ HOTIOB. tl Th l . *lwnovftWlH Oftu.a but lltllo delay .inth. delivery susSssm?* tddHaud 285 South Olhituu-at. ¥ M ATKINSON, President apt! Hupurintemleut. NOTICE. Mr. W. B. TCWNE is no longer In our employ. ALLEN, CORYELL & GO. 11,,15, 1178. CHICAGO, FRIDAY, MAY 16, 1873. FOREIGN. The Vienna Exposition Building Injur ed by Storm. Loss of Life by Inundation In Bosnia. Prince Eduard Island to Join thoCarta dian Confederation. ■ Report of Another Victory Gained by the Spanish Carlisle. AUSTRIA. , Viekka, May 16.—Tho stormy weather which lias prevailed boro for a week past culminated yesterday, in’a galo of extraordinary violence. In tho afternoon a gust of wind broko in tbo glass of tho western front of tho exhibition pudding. Bomo visitors woro struck by falling 1 fragments and injured. Torrents of rain poured ‘through tho openings, and a largo quantity of goods was damaged. Tho Prater is saturated with water, and tho grounds around tho oxhibi- <■ tlon are a morass of mud. Tho number of visit ors for tho post fow days has boon small, and is decreasing. Those that como aro mostly from foreign countries. Pew "Viennese are soon. - Tho protracted panic on the Bourse disheart ens citizens. . • ; Vienna, May 15.—Edward Follow was married ’ to-day to a sister of Mr. Jay, Minister from tho 'United States. .Tho ceremony took placo at tho American Embassy, in tho presence of the Gor man Ambassador and lady, and othor distin guished guests. • ■ SPAIN. Madmd, May 15.—A diopatch from Barcelona, at midnight, Bays tbo city was in a etato of groat excitement, owing to information that tho Carl isle, under SabaUs, bad captured Mataro, fifteen miloß distant, and seized tho Custom-House, and wore levying contributions. Troops were hurry ing to Mataro. Pabis, May 16.—Tho Carlfet General, Dorro garay, in his official report of tho battle at Eraul, May 6, claims a decisive victory for his forces. Ho states that tbo Republicans lost 112 killed and 800 wounded, and 80 taken prisoners, and tho Oarlists bad 18 killed and 87 wounded. FRANCE. Pams, May 16,—1t is rumored that tho Legiti mists and Orloanlsts have combined in a move ment for tho overthrow of President Thiers, and that they havo sent Bochofonconld to. Vienna to ask Count do Chambord to authorize tbo Legiti mists to nominate tho Duko d* Aamalo for Presi dent in place of Thiers. BRITISH INDIA. London, May 16.—Tho cablo between Madrid, and Penang is interrupted. Telegraphic com munication with Penang, Singapore, and Aus tralia must for tho present bo made via Japan and China, through tho Russian and Siberian route. RUSSIA. St. Petbbsdubo, May 15.—Reports from Khiva represent that tho Khan is greatly alarmed at tho approach of tho Russian columns, and has ordered a lew on masse of tho able-bodied malo population to resist the invasion. Odessa, May 16.—A panic has extended to tho boursohoro. All business is stopped, and dis counts have risen to 0 per cent. AUSTRIA. Vienna, May 16.—An inundation of tbo Turk ish Province of Bosnia has caused tho loss of many lives and a groat destruction of property. ITAL,Y V . % Bomb, May 15.—The Pop 6is 'much hotter to day. CANADA. Special Dispatch to The Chicago -Tribune* Ottawa, May 15.—The salaries of members of the Government havo been placed at 87,000, with the exception of the Premier, who will re ceive SB,OOO. This remains to bo ratified by Parliament. Last night the Government was defeated by a majority of thirty-six votes, on their policy on the Vow Brunswick School bill. This is larger than any majority obtained this session by the Government. Coffin, M. P. of Shllborns, N. 8.. is to succeed Mr. Howe in the Cabinet, the latter having been sworn in as Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Sco- A. J. Smith, of Westmoreland, will succeed to the Lieutenant-Governorship of Now Brunswick. Toronto, May 15.—A largo number of Gor man immigrants passed through hero, last night, en route to the United States. Toronto. May 16.—The Dominion Govern ment has finally arranged the terms of union with Prince Edward’s Island. The delegates and Parliament will bo asked to ratify them be fore prorogation. Ottawa, May IB.—Correspondence has been brought to the attention of the House of Com mons, implicating Sir Hugh Allan in the charges in connection with the Canada Pacific Bailroad. It la represented that letters wore discovered which passed between Sir Hugh Allan and his associates, and which show that the former se cured the Pacific Bailroad contract from the Gov ernment by expending various sums of money, amounting in the' aggregate to §360,000, in car rying elections. The House to-day ordered the immediate reassembling of the Special Commit tee of Investigation into the affairs of the Pacific Bailroad, to receive aud consider the correspond ence. THE INDIANS. Freaent Position of the iTlodoc Band •nGoni Davis’ Programme* New York, May 15. —A lava-bod dispatdi of the 13th says Gens. Davis and Qillom, in cross ing Tulo Lake on the previous evening, during a heavy gale, bad a narrow escape from diowniug, their boat becoming unmanageable. The present force of the command of Gon. Davis is not considered sufficient to make a suc cessful attack upon-the Modocs fh tholr now stronghold, but the General will endeavor to hold tnom where they now aro and await rein forcements with mortars that are hurrying for ward, and aro expected in two days*. . . The troops ore suffering from ~uu& ,^ va ;? r * Willow Oxook Is the noarout stream, but tbo Mo docs aro between it and the troops. Tho Modoca havo tuolr families with thorn, and It la thoiwtUt thoy will notaook tolonvo tholr present pooltiott until they have made provision for the safety of tholr women and children. Tholr loss in tho fight of Saturday was two braves killed, a largo part of tholr horses, am munition, and clothing captured, and about two tons of provisions destroyed. The Modocs en tered tho fight stripped to tholr brooch-clouts, but could not resist the Warm Springs Indians, who trotted Into tho fight and ran the Modocs past tholr plunder, retaking it ali. Commission to tho Slonx Indians* Washington, Hay 15.—A commission has been appointed to meet tho Sioux Indians and obtain a reversion to the Government of certain por tions of kbolr reservations in Nebraska, In order that the lauds may bo made accessible to home stead pre-emption. The Indian Bureau to-day received a letter from tho Agent of (ho Clioyouuos at tho North Fork. Canadian River, Indian Territory, report ing that it has boon definitely ascertained that tbo murder of tho four surveyors of Darling’s party was perpetrated by a small party of young Cheyennes belonging to Dull Boar’s faction, who ore regarded as outlaws evou by their own tribe. Tbo throe young men who fired tho shots, one of whom was a son-in-law of Bull Boar, have been identified, and tho Commissioner of Indian Affairs has to-day taken the proper stops to se cure their orrost and bring thorn to puufshmont. Pastoral Installation* Cincinnati, May 16.—Interesting and unusual services took place to-night at tho First Presby terian Church, on tbo occasion of the Installa tion of the Bov, George B. Beecher os pastor. This in tbp pioneer church of Cincinnati, organ- Izod In 1700, and the first rude church in Cincinnati was built partly on tho ground occupied by tho prosont odifleo, on the north sldo of Fourth, near Main street. Tlio congregation has had ton paalorn, Inclml-' ing tho ono installed to-night. Tlio Bov. Joshua L.'Wllson liold tho position of pastor tho longest tlmo, and upon tho arrival of Dr. Lyman Booohor, grandfather of tho prosont pastor, preferred charges • of heresy against Booohor; also opposed *on tho same ground tho ordination of Ooorgo Beecher, father of tho pastor installed to-night, Henry Ward Boochor, who resided at Walnut Illlla dur ing those times, preached tho installation ser mon to-night. Tho crowd commenced gathering hfc C, and at 7, half an hour boforo tho service, tho house was filled to repletion, and tho crowd from tho door to tho street was bo donso that hr groHß and ogress woro utterly impossible. Out siders woro so importunate, and pushed and awayod about tho door, breaking glass, murmur ing, and creating such confusion, that, after announcing his subject, Mr. Booohor sat down and waited about leu minutes for tho confusion to bo quieted. His lost was from I. Corinthians, 1., 23 and 24, com moncing !“ I preach Christ crucified.” It was expected by. many persons that ho would alludo to tho early relations of tho Church, and tho movements In which h!s father participated boro, but tf’c ofl minutes devoted to his discourse con tained not tho barest allusion to cither. Tlio larger part of tho evangelical ministers of the city woro present. WALL STREET. Kovloxv of tho Stock, Gobi, and .Produce JTlurkcls. Special Diepatth to The Chicago Tribune, New York, May 15.—Tbo failure of tho Bank of England to advance Us rates of discount, which had boon anticipated, had Us Influouoo on Wall street early In tho day, gold becoming weaker, and stocks firmer. Tho announcement in tbo afternoon, that tbo Bank of England had lost bullion, caused an advance in ' gold and a gonoral reaction in stocks from tho highest quo-, tatlona of tho morning. Dullness characterized tbo market late in tbo afternoon, and gonoral in difference was folt in financial circles during tbo morning. MONfcf. easy at 6@7, with a docllno to 4 In tho af ternoon, late dealings boing at 5@G par cent. To. loading bankers offerings woro very largo. THE FOUEIQN EXCHANGES woro strong on moderate transactions. Actual business ot 108% loss % for prlmo bankers' sixty days* sterling; 108% loss 1-10 for good bankers; 100%@110 for good-to prime sight bills, and 110% for cable transfer. GOLD was lower in the morning, and higher in tho af ternoon,- from 117% to .117%. Carrying rales wore G, 6, 7, and 1 per cent. GOVERNMENT BONDS wore firm at the close. Dealings wore largest in/ 1881 a, which sold at 121%@121% for coupon; and 118(5)118% for registered. Tho Gorman bankore wore buyers of 1881s, 1807s, and old 1805s, those Issues being very strong at full prices. STOCKS. There was quite a change In tho temper of) stock speculation during tho early part of tho, day as compared with yesterday, tho course of prices having boon steadily upward until some time alter tho conclusion of the first Board. At tho commencement of business tho market was weak, but then tbo decline was speedily re covered. Tho advance from tho lowest prices of tho morning ranged from % to 2% per cent. Towards midday tho market fell oft a little, hut before 1 o'clock became strong, and wont up to fcho host prices made. After 2 o'clock a general weakness set in, while later a steadier fooling prevailed again. Tbo widest changes wore in Pacific Mail and Harlem, tho volume of business in tho former, though largo, having; boon less important than yesterday. ■ Erie occu pied a loss prominent position, partially owing, to the narrow fluctuations in London. STOCK EXCHANGE SEATS. Seats at tho Stock Exchange Lave declined again. . A little whil6 ago, on tho adoption of tbo life insurance system, giving the widow or heirs of tho deceased broker SIO,OOO cash, tho money being raised by pro rata assessment, tbo price of seats ran up to $8,500, but so many members havo died tho past month, making tho assess ments so frequent on tho surviving members, and business has become so dull, that tho quota-, tion has fallen to $6,000, at which scats are now*, offered. ' l BBEADSTUFFS. Shipping brands of flour stronger. Low grades and family brands are firm, with a fair inquiry at the opening. At the cloao the market for all grades is fairly active and firmer. The soles uro 20.000 brls at §6.16@G.50 for superfine State and. Western; $7.20@7.50 for extra State; §7.15@ 7;35 for Western shipping extra; §7.25(5)7.50 for extra round-hoop Ohio shipping; §7.70@8.40 for trade and family brands; §8.00@12.00 for com mon to choice extra Bt. Louis. PROVISIONS. Tho market for oil descriptions of pock is ex tremely dull. Stock is freely offered at §IB.OO without buyers, and we could not Icam of a. single transaction either for future delivery or spot. Prime moss Is nominal at §17.00@17.50, and extra moss at §1*1.60. Lard—Western steam Is more active and quiet; a number of transac tions are reported which are largely lor Juno delivery at 0 9-16@9K0; spot is moderate at 8%0 ; city held at Do, and very little, doing. Cut moats arc iuoctivo, and all dcsoriptkma are dull. Dry sailed shoulders are hold at o%@7>£c, boxed; city pickled shoulders sold at 7%c. Bolllos ore without demand, and hold at 10Vo in bulk aud boxed, according to weight. Hams ore dull, and without decided change in price. Smoked moats are placed in small lots, at B%@oo for shoulders, and 13% @lso for bams. Bacon is hold at 05i@9%0 for Jong clear. A small lot of city sold at 100. Short is hold at D%c. Dressed hogs aro unchanged and hold at for* heavy and light weights. Beef is without decided change, and vo»y dull for all descriptions. METEOROLOGICAL. Signal Service Bureau Reports and Prognostications* Chicago, May 15—10:18 p, m. Tho following reports have boon received from the places mentioned below : ' tV((i(io)i. Wind. Weather, ~ 8uffa10....... .7, 207w"T0 N. E. f gentle. Cloudy. Cairo. 29.83 61 K,E„ gentle. Clear. Chicago 29.93 12 N„ fresh. Fair. Cincinnati 29.83 60 N., hriak. Fair. Cleveland 29.89 49 N., fresh. Fair. Cheyenne 29.81 40 E., fresh. Light rain. Davenport 30.00 60 N. E., fresh. Clear. Denver 29.88 60 E., gentle. Fair. Detroit... 29.93 40 N. E., freah. Cloudy. Duluth 30.12 OH Calm. Clear. Eacaniba 60.02 43 E.. fresh. Fair. Fort Carry 20.88 61 8. E., gentle. Cloudy. Keokuk 29.90 62 N. E., fresh. Clear. EaCroBBO 30.01 69 E., gonllo. Fair. Marquette 30.04 34 E.,rouUo. Clear. Mllwaukto 30.02 40 Calm. Fair. Omaha 129.98 61 X., gentle. Cloudy. Pembina 129.96 62 E„ brisk. Fair. Bt. Paul 29.93 62 Culm. Clear. Toledo 129.92 60 N. E., fresh. Clearing. PROBABILITIES. Washington, Way 15.—For the Gulf and South Athmtio States, and Tennessee, north westerly and southwesterly winds. Slowly in creasing pressure, partly cloudy weather, and ritlu in South Atlautio States will prevail. For tho Northwest and upper lakes, aud thonoo to Ohio and tho Lower MißßOuriValloy,northoaster ly and northerly winds, increasing cloudiness, with occasional rain. For tho lower lakes and Middle States northeasterly and southeasterly winds, higher temperature, increasing cloudi ness. and occasional rain in Virginia. For New England and Canada, northerly and southwest-* orly wiuds, warmer, partly cloudy aud clear weather. Tho Ilomouoixitlis* Special n(»\)a(ch to Tho Chicago Tribune. Desmoineh, la., May 15.—Tbo Btato Homeo pathic Society, in session to-day, appointed a committee on securing recognition of homeopathy in tbo Btato University. Reports wore road from various conmlt toos, which woro of an interesting character. Speeches woro made by the retiring officers,after wnlch tho now officers wore appointed, and tho buHinoHS of the session was closed up, to moot at Fairfield in May next. Tbo session Ims been unusually interesting and tho attendance largo. Itoportod Capture of tho Jloiidor I’am« Bt. Louis, May 15.—A report was brought to Kansas City, yesterday, by a citizen of Oborokee County, that tho Bonder family, tbo Kansas as sassins, wore captured yesterday, thirteen miles north of Pallas, Texas. THE MINE DISASTER. Facts Brought Out by the Ooroner’a Jury. The Calamity Attributed, to the Use of Gunpowder in Blasting. Halifax, N. 8., May 1 IB.—A gentleman ro turned from tho burning colliery says relays of mon have boon at work sinco yesterday filling up tho slopes and air-shafts with clay. Tho fire still burns ns fiercely as ovor. Ho wont within a fow foot of. tho mouth of tho shaft, from wmoh bluo sulphurous flames woro ascending twenty or.thirty foot. Tho roar from tho burning roino was something torrifto. Denso volumes of smoko continue to como from tho sev eral air-shafts. No adequate idea , can bo formed of tho torrlblo disaster. Tho com puted loss of property Is enormous, but ’ is nothing In comparison with tho loss of Ufa. Ail tho wood-work in tho mino is burned, and experienced minors say it is ono mass of burning rnlna nolow. 1 'jjha causes that lod to tho disaster aro not, OB ’ stated, owing to tbo strike of the minors, but to powder having boon permitted to boused in onu of tho bods worked by a minor named Robert McLeod, who insisted upon Rising it unless ho received higher rates for cutting without it. At tho Inquest, yesterday, several important facts came out in evidence, which show reckless ness or carelessness in tho work of supervision in dangerous parts of tho mine. Tho first wit ness, Thomas Lowtliior. testified that tho mino was carefully attended during tho tlmo tho minors wore out on a strike, so that there could have boon no accumulation of gas when tho miners returned to tho works on Teusday. The second witness, James Dunstou, who was in tho mino when tbo fire occurred, testified that ho found nothing unusual iu tho mino when ho descended. When tho word was passed that tho mino was onfiro. all hands wore requested to go and put It out. Those who refused to assist wore ordered to leave, as by remaining they would only impede the progress of tho others. Had the men obeyed tho ordor when it was found possible to stop tho fire, there would have boon. plenty of time to gqt it out. Tho same level had been on fire be fore. A man was always stationed .hi tho cabin to give tho minors information os to tho condition of thoir places, and to warn thorn of danger. Those regulations wore at tended to, as wore also tho furnaces for venti lating the same levels. Alexander Larimer was next called. Tho gist of his evidence was in tho statement that if the powdor bad not boon used by the McLeod pit it -would have been all right to-day. "When ho heard tbo alarm given ho went to tho pumping pit, having beard cries for help, and assisted John Bonnoli to tho surface. Adam Larimer testified that bo was in tbo mine when the flro took place. When the ox plosion occurred ho made Ida way out as fast as possible. When ho got to the slope ho found it obstructed with boxes and rubbish. There wore over thirty men lying down at this point, ail evidently injured, as they wore groaning. Borne wore as if they could neither move nor spook. Larimer was obliged to atop and crawl over their bodice. in order to mako Ida way out of the alopo. On the way up ho fouud aevoral men. who wore lying down, crying and groaning, but unable to help theraaolves. Ho waa the last man alive oat of. tbo pit, and was helped out by Ida brother. Passed a man dead on the top landing. Andrew McLeod, brother of Ilobert McLeod, testified that ho was in the lord cutting coal whore the fire took place. They always worked their place with sulphur. Can't say ho found much gas in the ford. Always used powder. Fired two abets, and waa prepar ing to fire a third when ho discovered that the ford was on fire. Endeavored to put it out .by ordinary mcaue, with wot bags, but, after work ing for over fifteen minutes, and the lire gaining "on.them,.colled for .assistance, and- two men came. Was exhausted, ami made for the alopo. All of thou wont out to tho landing, shutting the door behind, them. Joo Richardson then came down and directed the men to got at tbo fire, but bo 'soon returned and gave directions for all tho men and horses to come out. Witness then started for tbo opening, and had scarcely reached tho mouth of tho slope when the mine exploded, throwing him out ou the bank. There were some men he- Rind him and one before him. Tho Inspector of Minos,- Fool, Bold witness’ testimony relating to tiring of allots bad tho moat important bearing on the cause of tho dis aster. It won evident that tho first and second allots bad a decided effect, and blew down tbo coal there. Tbo third shot, bowovor, was only blown out-shot. It oponod a crack in tho bench, which than became a reservoir of accumulating gas. Tho lattor immediately ignited, and set lire to tho coal which burned with groat rapidity, engendering intense boat and smoko, making it almost impossible for the men to put out the flames. ; At 8 o'clock tho inquest was adjourned to meet to-day at II o'clock. Bobort McLeod, wbo fired tho shot which evi dently caused tho disaster, is too ill to attoad the inquiry. Tho minora appear to attribute tho direct cause of the calamity to tho refusal of tho manager to give an extra price to McLeod for getting out coal iu his ward, thereby enabling him to dis pense with tho use of powder. If tho uso of powder, as stated, was prohibited In that ward, was tho duty of some one to boo that tho regulations wore strictly enforced. To give some idea of tho extout of tho explosion from the Bovoral air-shafts, It may bo stated of an. old ono close to the minor’s residence, and distant from tho mines some 600 or 700 yards, ' that huge pieces of timber were driven through it up* into the air, some falling on the roofs of liouass and crashing through them. It was truly heartrending to pass through tho square of buildings where tho families of tbo lost minors reside. Tho window-blinds are drawn, and tho poor widows of mon whoso charred remains are far down in the burning sepulchre mourn incessantly and piteously the loss of thoso who havo Wan so suddenly takon from thorn. As you pass cioeo to tbo saddened homos of thoso families, you can hour them sobbing and crying. 4 p. m.—Two or throe witnesses woro examin ed at tho inquost this afternoon, whoso evidence wont to show that most of tho mon were in the elqpo, endeavoring to got out when tho explosion took place. This foot was further corroborated by a number of powder cannons which tho minora carry coming out of tho mouth of tho slaw with tho second explosion. John Lorimer, who formerly worked in tho mine on tho lovol bolow tho one worked by Mc- Leod, testifies as to tho dangerous character of the room, from tbo constant accumulation of gas, and was obliged to quit work because the powder could not no used in it. This ended tho toAlmony. Lateh—Tho jury has returned tho following vojdiot: 41 Wo find that tho miners came to thilr death on tho 18th lust, by an explosion of gas in the Drummond colliery, caused by de rangement of tho ventilation of tbo mine, aris ing from*ftro in Bobort McLeod's ward." They say considerable care was exhibited iu tho man agement of tho men, but express tboir regret tbit powdor was permitted to be used in tho ward worked by Bobort MoLood. A fund for tho roliof of tho distressed widows and orphans will bo raised. Belief moot ings will bo hold this evening In Now Glasgow aul Westvillo. Halifax, May IB—Evening.—Considerable fire is still Issuing from tho slopes, although two workmen aro laboring strenuously to smother It. During the forenoon immense columns of black smoko issued from tho air-shaft at intervals according us tho slopes bccamo choked up. Tho mine is rapidly filling up with water, which loads lo tho hopo that tho conflagration nos spent its * U, i!ho remains of Dunn and Burns woro Interred tins afternoon In tho village cemetery. Both being Odd Fellows, there was a largo turn-out of brethren. Interesting Insurance Case* / Dea Moineb, May 15.—1n the United States 'Circuit Court to-uay, hi tho caao of Hattie 3). Tisdale va, The Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company, tho Jury returned for plaintiff. Tho plaintiff's husband’s life was iuaurod in the Mutual Benefit when ho disappeared mysteriouely in Chicago, in 1807. Suit was brought to re cover tho amount of tho policy, defendant claim ping that Tisdale's dlaiq>vofronoo was no NUMBER 270. proof of death. Letters .of administra tion had boon taken out,’ and ibq Court to-day decided that such letters, wore evidences of Tisdale's death, and ao in structed the jury. Defense could not prove that ho Mas not dead. The case baa excited groat Interest and boon long contested. tHE SCAFFOLD; Nixon* tlio Now YorlViflurdorer* to 0o liaiigoilM'X'ho to Bo Cxocutod at Mount n irroll To-Day- Execution at Iffoxrl yr»wn* N» J« New Your, May 16.—TH General Term of the • Supreme Court in tbo cfl Nixon, the mur-< doror, has denied him ano rial or stay of pro ceedings. This action i a toys Nixon's last obanco, and bo will bang c js ’jriday. Nixon soomod to bo una’vj ibd by the Intel!!- ' conoo that tbo Supremo Ci i refused tlio mo tion of bis counsel. Ho c! * sssod a wish to seo ; Ids children, and when they were brought ho was completely overcome, and the scone at tbo mooting is described as one of the most jminfaV' tbo keepers over witnessed. Nixon’s wife and 1 Meter will remain with him until a late hour to night. Alt. Oauholl, Carroll County, 111., Mpv 15.—... Tbo gallows In Carroll County Jail boro for tbo hanging of Joseph O’Neil, tlio murderer of Rex- - ford. In Whiteside County,' Is now ready for Us ; victim. Ho vrill bo strung, •. Sheriff Snttou presiding. Ho and his brother attempted to dig their way out of Jail a few nights ago, but failed. Ho will probably make a confession of his crime, his guilt being beyond donbt or question. but will try to exculpate his brother Tom, who has boon sentenced to (be Penitentiary as an accomplice. Special Dtepatch to The CMcaqo Tribuiie, New Yoke, Bley IB.—Tbo details of tbo execu tion of Luslgnani, to-day, at Morristown, are as » follows: Lusigimnl was singbig loudly whoa * tho Sheriff entered, and said, “ Kill mo quick.” ■ His arms wore pinioned, and the noose laid ' round bis nock, very soon after tbo doatli pro cession loft tbo corridor and passed into tbo vos- ' tibulo. Hero the instrument of death was first 1 soon by tbo convict, but not a muscle in bis fact* quivered, though bis gait was rather unsteady. Stilt tbo priests, who wore In full' vestment, bold him up. Ho was dressed in a black alpaca suit, aua bold in bis hands a - crucifix and rosary. The priest repeated tbo - . Litany of tbo Saints to tho convict, and be an swered in a loud voice. If was now 1G minutes past XI o’clock. Tbo procession descended tbo stops, loadiug to tbo yard, and it stood under thb gallows. Father Yassallo led Luslgnani under tbo rope, while bo told him to repeat certain forms of prayor. The prisoner, howavon became restless and paid little hood to tbo priest's admonitions, for bo must have heboid iu the 200 people gathered in tho yard, somebody whom ho know. His bead kept moving from side to side, but finally th 6 priest's advice prevailed, and he . became moro quiet. The hangman’s rope was found to bo too ■ abort, and tho noose could not bo hooked tp tbo rope. An old soap-box wos put under tho rope, and up sprang Luslgnani a if ho was about to perform some acrobatic feat. Tho noose could now ho fastened to tbo rope, Father Yassallo gave tbo convict the absolu tion, ana loft him, bat .the Sheriffs assistants worn still working at the noose to bring It into proper position, while tbo convict kept on repeating his “ Our Father " in Italian. Suddenly ho oxciiuincd: “Bio no afraid to die. My wife go ahead; I after;” and, calling for the Sheriff, bode him good-bye. Tbo black cap wae drawn over his face, and, at precisely nineteen minutes past XI, tbo lover was touched. An offi cer knocked tbo soap-box from under tho con vict, the body sprang into tbo air, audoaxne down like a lump of lead. At first tboro was no per ceptible motion, but soon tbo logs be gan to • work np and down, and tbo arms mado«l a - motion .as . if to grasp tho rope. For 7K minutes did tbo wretch suffer tho agonies of asphyxia, for the knot hod slipped under tho ohm, aad tho neck , of the man was not broken. Two minutes after the springing of tho lover, tho pulse boat XBO. , At minutes it boat 120; at 6 minutes, XOS, r while at 7% minutes It ceased altogether, and . New Jersey Justice was satisfied. Among tho r spectators was a well dressed man. with a boy 7 [ years old, forwhom ho secured a front place, so . that the child might not lose anything of the ro . pulslvo sight. [ .Morristown, N. J., May Xs.—Luslgnani was i banged,at 11:21. Ho died quiet easily. Lusig [ nnnfwas hanged for tho murder of his alleged [ wife, whom he found cohabiting with another • Italian. Lost night was passed in a somewhat i restless manner. In the morning, however, bo • was in full health. He ate a healthy breakfast and conversed freely with visitors, expressing himself not afraid to die. As soon as the body hod boon oat down the priest of Morristown asked to have possession of it, but was told that tho doctors must first certify tho cause of death. Father Vossollo strenuously objected, and (old the jail physician that ho would prosecute him if he touched the body. This having no effect ho declared that the priests would not receive tho body if cut or mutilated, and that it oould not bo buried in tho ' Catholic Cemetery. Tho body now lies in the cell awaiting burial, and, if not claimed, will be buried by tho county author* ides. , Tho body was takon in tho afternoon in a hoarse to tbo rocoiving-vonltof Evergreen Cem etery, but waarofueoa admission by tho Superin tendent, and hod to bo brought book to this city. It is now on ico awaiting further or ders by tho authorities. Tho priests still refuse to rccoivo it on account of its not having boon delivered to thorn immedi ately after tho hanging, and before the post mortem, tho total of which consisted in a slight opening at tbo back of tho nock. It is under stood that a promise was made Lusignoni that ho should bo laid iu burying-groand, and a grave bad really been dug for mm. The matter creates much excitement hero. OTTAWA. Commission Men Protest Against Al« leged Unfair Inspection of Oraln In Chicago* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Ottawa, HI., May 15.—Tho grain and commis sion mon at tbo several points along tbo Illinois & Michigan Canal, from Joliot to Peru, bod a mooting hero to-day to tako action relative to tho apparent or real unjust mode of inspecting com in Chicago. JThey resolved to ship hereaf ter by tbo Joliet Cut-off, as they havo boon doing for several days. Tho Bock Island Bollroad fur nishes immense trains of cars, all of which find more grain than thoy can carry away at tho sev eral points. Ono firm hero has shipped 100 car loads during tho past fow days. Tuoro Is much fooling iu tho matter, and no grain will bo soot from any of theso points until there is soma modification of tho grip of tho ring at Chicago. LA SALLE, Ilivor and Canal Itenm—lVo Quorum* Laaalle, HI., May IQ.—No arrival or dopar tnro by tUo rivor. Tho Danube pasoed out of tho canal loaded with fonco posts, for LaSalle, and Rockwell Largo No. 2 passed in loaded with coal, as tho first Installment of 80,000 tons to bo delivered in Chicago during the present season of canal navigation by**tho Northern Illinois Coal <!b Iron Company, whoso mines are in this city. There wore not enough of tho Directors of tho Lafayette, LaSalle & Clinton llailroad Company for a quorum at thoir mooting this of* teruoon, and thoy adjourned to moot again in this city on Tuesday, the 20th instant. Judicial Nomination in U»o Peoria Circuit* Sptcial Dhpateh fo TAe CMcana 3H6«n«. Peodza, 111., May 15.—At tho I’rtnceville Farmers' Convention to-day to nominate candi date for Circuit Judge, Jomos W. Cochran, of X’ooria, was chosen without a groat deal of opposition. Ho was elected by the Peoria County delegation, as Stork County refused to vote, in consequence of their resolution to make no nomination os an organization being tabled. Tho following reso lution, expressive of tho sense of the meeting, won adopted: Jte«olvea, That tho farmers' conventions of our coun ties oro not politics! in their character, hut united without roapect to old party Issues, to support such men only for oflloo aa wu believe to be competent, hon est, and upright, and In sympathy with ttiepreesut great movement of the farmers of the Northwest to secure reasonable and Juat rates of transportation of thoir products to the seaboard, and relief from railroads and speculative combinations and monopolies,

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