Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 16, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 16, 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAL ESTATE. ftROR SALE—LOT, NORTUWRBT FULTON AND BT. ■-V Jnhu’s.placc. ono block from Union Park, 00x120; will robdlvldojbulldors can buy without down payment; <l6opqr foot. Twontlek«lon*«onTaylor-at. and Wcslorn-av. (living kooiu*abn»o;4B,WO»mlift6tW)o. * ", • _ Southeast coraof Wabaah-av, and Twenly-tilnlh-it.. Xou.o and lot, JOJfxIPJ, 10 room*, SIB,OOO. , l%4,Wabasb-i»v., t-story Iramo and lot. SSkIOOI $7,600. ■ 60 North Carpcntcr-sl,, imuao and Jm, Hkxßr,. 17 1 brooms S4,WX) cash: runts lor ijitoos a decided bargain. • . 40 HonororM., brick hou«o, 2-atnry and- basement, •well front, 10 rooms, cast front; complete In all of |i« wp)>nlmmrnvt; gopd, frame -barn, lia.t-W, Dovlrablo aoiubborhood, house now; host bargain nn the market. ' J. IV. IIICDENIIKKU,* • Room 4, W Kaal MatUauu*ai» ■ frOR HALK—GOOD : LOTH ON THE FOLLOWING btaln. Ilurnalde, Bnttorfluld, Arnold. (Jarl* Bsldi, Hanover, Itutlor, Wallace, Hummer, -Winter, Mur* wy, andUalatod; also on Wentworth. Shuttled, Portlaud gnd Htowart*av«;. also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, JTwonty-alxtb, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, UJwonty-ninth. Karl/*Thirtieth, Haven, Tulity.flnt.ThlT* ly-second, I Thirty-third, Thlrty.flflh, Thtrty.smh, Thirty* •ovouth, Fontaine, anuThirfy-olghth-ata. • Title perfect. Warranty doeda. A very email payment down, flvo year’* lima, ©percent Interest. .Noagoncy business. Apply to* Bwoor. AlllltßT CRANK, 878 Wahnih-av.- X' prorod property to toll, and would lovlio any parties wishing to titirohaso (0 call and inrosllgatu before buying. O. R. OUIFKIN, 133 Madisoa at.i corner Clark. IB OR BALR-ONK AND A HALF STORY FRAME JL’ cottage, including lot on Th|rty*snoond*st., Justokat ol Waliaoo. Small payment duvmtbalancoln monthly payments; 8 years’ Umo, Water on prntulsoa mid onn wonlonttooara. Apply to FRED. P, FISIIKR, 148 La* Bnllo-gt., basement. ■ ■ • IiTOII BAI.IE—MY LATH lIKSIunNOK, NO. 2M W«*Tcn*a»M brick, U rnnnis, all modern Improve* *nonla;wanuodhyatoamthtlckbarn.--TUU !» avorydo* elrablo place, and will bo aold on favorable terms, limno diatopossesaion. Carpets llttod to rooms sold with tho boßso. Apply at my office, No. 1W Washlngiotxst., or presont pashlOnoe. IJ.T3 Warren-nv., oomor. lloboy st. OKOROR SCOVILLK. _* . * lIOR SALE—OR LEASE—AT A BARGAIN, 100 tootcomorof Van BuVen nnd Hhernian-atfl.; south front. Inquire 135 Bomh Ulnrk-ac. In bank. XIOR SALK—GREATEST BARGAIN ON BF-CORD JL' neat cottage, picket fence, two lino lots; vtkJFourth-it., next to corner Oakley; today, oasy terms. rR. Q, OOODWILLIB, 183 West Madlson-st. IHOR BALE-0 NEW BTONE-FRONT HOUSES ON ’ blocks woqt of Union Park, very cheap;, will bo ready for occupation Ist May. Apply to If. FOW LKR, 163 Hast Wmblngton-st.' ' For salb-tur bust and cheapest lots on West Side, fronting on Division, Loavltt, andShober. att., noar Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lots 184 foot (loop, with sidewalks and oily water. Prico, 4WO. SIOO, - and SI,UM. Terms, ono.tnird eaah. Warrantou coos'and abstracts of tlUo. *A roduollnn on flratcash payment*. Urooulrcd. to thoso who build this spring, in* onlroof F. ARNOLD AGO., Grconobaum's Bank, No. 70 gUtlve-v. FOH SALB—LOTS, $-W0 AND 8600, EASY TERMS. Lota inside of thooldolty limit*, noar street can and emnlbaslino: blab ground! Utlo perfect. Call ami lot Oa tnkqjuu to soo them, A, O. STOREY A BON, 14S South Olark-st., Room 8, and 287 Mllwaukoo-av. 1710R SALK CHEAP -OCTAGON-FRONT BUIOK J residence. 3 atorloa and basement. Id rooms, lot 29 {oot front: excellent locations West Side} 59,600. HEN IYWALLER, JR., EOEsst Washlngton-st., Room 4. ■pOR SALK—IJtf STORY COTTAOB AND LOT, CON- X vonlonttoMadlaon-st. cars, i? 3,500; cottage and lot, jUntterfiold-st., noar Egan-av., S‘J,UCO, HENRY WAL LER, JR., 86 East Wosliington-st., Room 4. t?OIl SALE-LOT 71x76 FEIIT ON THIRTY-FOURTH* X at., oast of alloy, south front, very cheap. CURTIS * KELLOGG, Rooms 4 and 0, Central Union Block. OR SALE-LOTS BKTWBKN NORTHWESTERN Car Shops and Central Park, inside eltyllmits, S6OO each; easy tonns. I’XIINNBY & LOMBARD, 163 La 6allQ.aU ■ "IJIOR BALE—STORK, WITH HOUSK OVER IT, ON West Mndlsun-st.. lot2lxl2stonlloy{ price. 58,606. 61,500 cash, balanoo long tiuo. J. B. GOULD, 119 Xloarborn-at. TCIOR SALK—SO ACRES ON RIVERSIDE BOULK- X 1 rard, between "Sturgis farm and Atwood’s;” good location for a atopplng-placo on tho drlvo. Wo are au thorized to sell this property under the market. W. D. KEKFOOT A CO., W East Wantiington-st. . FOR SALK-46* FEET NORTHWEST CORNER OF lu(Unna-av„ and Forty-ninlU-al.. cheap. 10 or 6 acres, southeast cumor of Ashlauu-av. and Forty plnth-st. Very cheap. 1 will sell tho abovo described property, with little cash, balanoo at the end of live years at low rata of interest. NELSON TAOMASSON, Room 6. Honoro Block. For balk-lots slaughtered for' oasii- Lots on Hamllton-av., mmrMonroe-st., only $1,876, to-day. R. O. UOODWILLIE, 183 WostSiadtaonst. IIOR BALE—RESIDENCE LOTS ON PAULINA at. and Honnltnno.nv., South of easy. E. O. WALLER, 89 East WaslUugton-at. 1?OU SALE-LOTS FOR MANUFACTURING PUR ■ Dososln tho district south of Twonly-scound-st., having unoqualod dock facilities and track connections with all railroads entering tho city. Manufaoturarsabout solcotlng now sites will do well to call and examine. Terms reasonable. S. J. WALKER, t8 East Washing ton-st. • For sale-m acres adjoining tub stock Yards, having both rlvor and railroad facilities. Well adapted tor packing houses or subdivision. This proper ty is odored at a bargain, and will advsneo rapidly in vitluo. W. D. KEKFUOT A CO., 90 East Washing ton-st. TROR SALE—COTTAOB WITH ‘ FINISHED BASE- X moot, BU6 Thlrty-tblrd-st., 7 good rooms. This la a bargain. Inquire on promises. For balk-to builders and contractors l have 100 foot a short distance from Court*llouso, which I will soil or lease on lung time; will sell without any oaah oayment, if wauled: will furnUh 20 per cuut of tho cost of Improvemont. Address Q bjt. Tribune olllce. iROR SALB—AN EXCELLENT FRAME HOUSE ON 1 Robor-st., between Jackson and Van Buruu. twelve rooms, ail modern Improvemonte, unlnoumborod: lot 86 foot, oast from. Price $6,600, ono-fnurth ctah, balance 2, and 8 years, 8 per cent. BLANCHARD BROTH RS, 103 LaSalltfst. IDOU BALD-UV 3. r. rmiiHOii, it. jj'r-AIOUJRN- U it.. Room 6: Aero property at and noar tbo parks and mulovardaof tho South, Wost, and North Divisions, la tewlaotlromato/Waorai. ... . , An elegant marblo uont residence, oaat front, very desirable, cast of Stato-st. and south of Fourteenth, Prlco very low If taken this week, or will exchange for good improved or unimproved Chicago or suburban prop* 'erly. An clegAOC rosidonco In Btooklyn, Now York: fcouso tirat-claaa : good stable and cnrrtngo-houso; ground largo and well improved; will assume Inoumbrauco on proparty bate it desired. • IBOR SALE—BUY, HUY, BUY—S2,BOO WILL TAKE IT ) —Now briok cottage and lot, 9usßuttcr<lold-st.; If so cured to-day, easy tonus. R. O. UOUDWILLIE, 133 West Mftdiaun-st. For sale-cheap—to close estate of Granville Kimball, deceased, bouao 625 Wabnsh-av., B-story and basement, largo brick barn, with lot 110 foot front, full depth to an alloy. P. A, BROWN AD. HOU* TON, Real Estate Agents. Room fl and 7,160 Doarbora-st. I pOR SALE-NEW BRICK DWELLING ON VAN ' burou-n., oast of Robey, complete In every respect; caq bo bad at a bargain If taken at unco; go and look at it. MEAD A COE, 163 LaSallo-st. ‘ For »ale-25 feet on van buren-st., east of Boyne, at @2OO uudor tho market value. MEAD A COB, 153 LaSallo-st. VOR SALE-125 IT. ON WEST RANDOLPH-ST.. X’ oast of Sueldon-at. t would exchange for improved oast of Ashlnntl-ar. 25 ft. ou Jacksou-at., oastoi Centro-av. . 7b it. ou PaullnA-st., north of Vanßuron.' ■ MEAD A COB., ISSLaSallo-st. FOR SALE-76 FEET, WABASH-AV., NEAT TIUR ty-fourth-st., cast front: only $2,500 cash, balance lime. at. $l4O a foot, fur this week only. HENRY L. HILL, IG-I LuSallo-st.. basement. ITOR SALE—SO FEET, MIOHTOAN-AV., NEAR } Tbirty-nlztb-st., oast front, atsl6safootfront; part time. HENRY L. iIILL, 161 LaSaUfl-st., basement. JPOR BALE —LOT ON WEST IIAURISON-ST., ’ north front, between Oakley and Wcstora-avs. P.A, RUWN A D. HORTON, 150 Dnarborn-st. BALE-TWO-BTORY HOUBE, CONTAINING ’ 13 rooms, with lot 50x180, oast front, on Pratrlo-av., in Urat-clasa neighborhood: house is furnished complete; frill sell with or without furniture; good barn, etc. P. A. BROWN AD. HORTON, 150Doarborn-st. FOR BALE-8 NEW 5-ROOM COTTAGES AT PARK drove: price, SI,OOO, on monthly payments of $25. RHODES it CLARKE. 151 LaSallo-at. FOR SALE-LOTS ON PKAIRIK-AV., NORTH OF Thirty-tifth-st., at S9O per foot; also, on lndlana-av., ncar'l'hlrly-rtfth-sl., at sluOporfoot. J. H. KEELER, 145 Clark-at., ooruor Madison. F"OR SALE-WB OFFER FOB A FEW DAYS only tho following bargains In North Side properly: 21x150, North Ciark-st., near Elm, oaat front, S2OO por foot. ivxlll ft,'north front. Oak-st., noar Rush, 8125 por ft. 66x90 ft, west front, Doarborn-at., near Huron, $l9O per fool. oast front,.cm LaSallo-at., SIBO por foot. 81x150 ft, Dayton-st., noar Wcbstcr-av., $1,500. • B. V. CLARK i CO., Room 4, 122 ÜBallo-st. pOR SALE-ONLY 8500-HURRY, YOU WILL LOSE JU It—House, 9 rooms, and barn, and all fences, noar Madison and Abcrdcon-sts., to bo removed humodiatciy. U. U. GUCDWILLIE, 133 West fltadUoo-st. TJIOH SALE—SPLENDID LOT CORNER INDIANA. JL 1 av. andThlrtloth-sl., on longtime, cheap. Three tots, iuit anntb of Block Yards, near lialatod-at., at loss than land Is worth by the aero. HENRY P. GEORGE, tJUlark-ut. _ IAOU SAI.E - ELEGANT MARBLE HOUSES, ’ Pralrlo-av, $19,000. loug time, SUW down. Mlchigan-av.. SIB,OOO, lung time, SI,OOO down. Indlan.vav., $11,600, s2,ooodown. West Van liurou-Bt., SIO,OOO, $2,600 down. LUls Park, $12,t00, jrf down, long time. B. ME.UtB, lUX) LaHcllo-st. "TtOR SALB-A NEW TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT i’ brick bouse, with all modern Improvements, lot 26x liT). on itullana-av.; can give Inimcdlato pssscasUm; ufior od cheap; terms easy. P. A. BROWN & D. HORTON, Real Estate Agents, 160 Desrboro-ot. POU BALE—TO INVESTORS AND BUILDERS. Tho choicest and most available residence lets, south of and adjoining the city Unfits, fronting ou South Park and Oakwood Boulevards, anil on Vincennes and Egan avs. Will bo sold in lota to suit, at low prices and on vury liberal tonus. • Title perfect. J. EBAIAB WARREN, 18 Chamber ol Oorouioroa. T7IOR SALE-THE PRESENT “TUEMONT HOUSE," J? corner Congress-st. and M!cbigan-av.,C2x122 foot, with boating and cooking apparatus. lain perfect order. It has the finest location hi tbo oily for a family hotel, and. as it Is now offered at much loss than cost, it cannot fall to prove a (nonproductive Investment. -.Title porfuot. It Ls (ho best bargain of tho kind over ulforod in this mar ket. J. ESAIAH WARREN, sole and exclusive agent, 18 Chamber of Commerce. filOH RALE-WHO TAKES IT? CHOICE LOT ON J.' Folton-at.. near Lonvilt: $1,600. if taken to-day. It. G. GOODWILLIE, l&i West Madisou st. TTIOE 6ALR-BY REES, PEIRCE A CO., 09 DEAR- J} buru-st.t 1xi129, Kuo, 10. T. £B, R. 11, adjoining the Fort Wayne Hallway, and haring u froutago of upwards of I,’AM feet on tho bmlovurd, I TOE HALE-100 IT. ON MICHIGAN-AV., NEAR Forly-uocundut.; >,( cash and balanoo In 9 years, at 8 par cent; on oligablu building lot ou very easy tonns, la Jood neighborhood, with elduwalki, uto. 8. Is. GROSS, toon: 16 Major Block, 115 3 TIDE SALIC-A FINE 2-BTOIIY FRAME HOUSE, * barn, oto., on Wafifingtou-st., near J«ftvltl; lotOOx 325. A very nice ciilugo 017 rooms, with clusots, oto., on Walnut-st., near Leavitt; lolhuifitf; $1,600; wo ofior this fur a few days only; a vury good investment. HILL A BLISS. 91 Dearborn-st. ■ftiOß BALE—ON fi AND 10 YEARS' TIME, CHOICE J} boulevard and Hyde Park property: alio, West Side ju-oporly, cheap. JOblAli 11, BISbELL, 16 Bryan ijiOß BALK—2O ACRES ON FULLBRTON-AV., JUST I* uoslof tho new railroad (Milwaukee A St. PauD. D, iVILLIAMS, 126 South Olack-at., Room 11. I~TiOU H \LE—6 ACRES CORNISH FOIITY-SKVENTK. I at. ond Wostorn.qy. MEAD 4 COE, 169 LaSallo-st. -sWNrt*LC?fS J< ‘on DoKalb-et.. noir hmitliwcatuin-av.; nealtt tut Urii- R- S. OtiOOWlLLlii, 199 WaiV iUdUon-aL CITY REAL ESTATE. TROR SALK-OHOIOR tiOT, CANAL TIME-JACK* X' son-at,, near cornor Wood 1 south front 1 Slim 1 only J3.600} this woak. it. O. übuDWlLLlu. West Msdlson-st. SUBURBAN BEAL ESTATE. TjIQR SALE-CHOICE SUBURBAN I.OTS ON THE IL I Milwaukee Hallway, .six mllna dlalatit, anil twonly minutes’ rlil«, In Clybuurn'M Addillnn In Ilavonawoud. Theialol* are laid oul 50x152 toot on Wj foot atteola, and will be aold'upon easy linn*, at from $llOO In S7UI per tot. Tho facilities for scoom to ami from ttiu oily—tin* doilr - ability of the land—li being high and thoroughly drained —tb« proximity tn fint-alaia Improvements, cliurcho*; ichoola, anil society, commend tbla property 01 the beat at Uia price now In UlO market. , Comparison challenged! TIIO altonUon of tho Indus* trloua—tlio thrifty— tbo cautious—la called to those lota as altos (or homesteads nr Inroilmonta. • • > Call, for a printed abstract and plot, upon , ROBERT. GREER. 8-1 Laßallo*st.. Room 3. FOR .BALK—RKAUTIPUI. HOMl‘5 AT UYUR Park,' near lake and dopol, largo grounds, olforodnt a bargain; terms oasy. House and lot tWxliJO, noar hotel and Ilydo Park depot, oast front, good barn, gas In house, fflttl,OtX). Borcral homes at liyUo Park, lor H l.uoo to SIO,OOO, and choice loU at Kgondalai ULItIUU A ROND. ' ' ; > e7Dnatborn-»t. TROR HALK-C6 ACRES AT WABIHNOTON A 1 HolgliU, ( cnvcrn(l with treos, near depot, divided by Prospoot*av;, oltored at a bargain, subdivided Into lots. Hororal loti SAxl2s, oast of- Htony Island boulevard, laud, terms oaiy, noar Bovonty-Urat and Bovoty* Movoral lota In Westfall's Subdivision, offered at a bar* ShTnoMB at 81, WO per aero, west of^Ooniotl.^^^ • * ' 87 Dearberu-st. TPOR SALE-ACRE PIIOPItTTY-75 ACRES ON ‘.P West Madlson-at., near Austin. AUKLL A iIOTOII ,KISS. HD Laßallo-Rt.. Room<3. ■" For sale aorrs-twbnty acres, ten acres, flvo sore*or acres, suburban,. s3WporaorotflnoUllablulaml, on lino of now railroad to. no laid this Reason. Will dmiblo In value before Doccm bor. -ABELL A HOTCHKISS, I<3 LaSollo-st., Room 43. TBOR SALIJ-a# LOTS. ALL OR PART ON ABH- X'land-av.. north of FlUy-llfth-st. Boulevard, at a bar* gain for half cash. Address 8 Kl, Tribune ullioo, TCIOR BALE-e.AOUK LOTB-A SUBDIVISION OF X' aWO'Scrofatm, welt tmurovod, good, dryuralrloßoll; adjoining Hobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad, 83 mllna from Chicago; SBS per acre, payable monthly. J..EARLE, owner. 01800 days. I’rldayaud Monday, Room 8, base* mont 153 Monroo-st. . .THOR BALE-40 ACRES OF EXCELLENT LAND JO adjoining Blue Island, liujnlro of IS. F. McOLIN* TOOK, 1 illualaland. 111. ■ ■ .» * For SALit—at a~baroain-by golden a FRESH WATERS, 83 South Olark*at., Room Irts 40 acres In 800. H, 88, 18. 40 acres In See. 15,,RP, 13. macros la Hoc. 22, 89,13. 10 aorcs In 800,17, M, 11. • 6 acres In Sec. 10, 83,13. 3 acres in Soo. 1, mV 13. ’ Fou balk-80 acres in sec. n. 37,13, in town of worth: 80 acres In Soo. 25. 88, la, in town of Lyons, by WILLIAM PRICE, mMadlson-tit., Room 6. FOR SALK—AUSTIN-ELEGANT LOTS ON THE rid go, on jrravolod and soworod attest. Only a loir loft. U. E. CItAFTS, MLaSallo-gt. FOR BALK-WEST FORTY-KIGUTILST., DEPOT at 0. A N. W. oar-shops. lota and blocks on easy tonus and help to build. O. K. GRAFTS, For sale—choice building lots on small monthly payments: also acre property.for subdivision, between IllvoriUlo and Hinsdalo, on 0., IRAQ. R. 11., by LyMAN A DODGE. Boa! Estate and General Inaur aoco Agents, l44Laßalla-st. - • ■ For balk-fine residences in uydic park, from s7,ooUto $40,006 ;al»o, fins building lots in host locations. Will tako parties wishing to buy to look at property on short notice. H. L. UNDIiIIWOOD, 09 Madl son-st. For balr-two-story house and largk barn, lot 46x101, suitable for residence orstoro; Park. Side, noar Cornell. Call at Room 16, 70 East FOR SALE-CAPITALISTS. ATTENTION—FIFTY five acres, centrally located noar depot, west of (rack, high ground with trees, subdivided Into 141 lots: offered at a groat bargain forontiro property. Will anil 20 acres west of Prospcct-av., or 85 aoros oast of track. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Dcarborn-si. F~ OR SALE—AT HINSDALE, SCO Oil 400 FEKT WITH- In a block of tho donor, fronting park; a choice lot for a residence; froQuont trains and cheap taro. It. C, MO« KEY, 77 For bale-at Washington heights, stork and house of 8 rooms, lot 60x176, on Maln-at.; a bar. gain. House of 4 rooms, now, noar crossing. House of 6 rooms, now, easy terms. Aero property and lots in ail parts of tho town. Call, ana go down and see them. W. W. WATSON, 202 Laßftllo-tt. FOR BALE-AT ENGLEWOOD-WK ARE PRK pared to furnish money and build to order 86, 40, or 60 bouses upon our lands, in tho most improved part of this growing suburb. HULBURD A CO., 209 LaSnllo-st. For balk-buy, whilk you can. 6or io acres on Fifty-flftn-it. Boulevard, near Halstod-st. HULBURD A CO., SOBLaSallo-st. For salk-at enqlkwood. $2,800, cottage and lot, ono-fuurtb cash, balanoo 436 per month; saro jour rent and secure this at onco. HULBURD A CO., 268 LaSallo-st. . FOR SALE-OHKAP-AORK PROPERTY AT WASH ington Heights; them Is money in It. J. U. KEEL ER, 146 Clatk-st., comor Madison. FOR SALK-FIVE ACRES. SOUTH OF AND near Brighton, nullable for linmodlato subdivision. HENRY P. GEORGE, 89 Olark-st: FOR SALK-10 ACRES AT RIVER FOIIF-“r, if mile wost of Oak Park, 3 blocks from depot a track N.W. R. R. J. W. UEDENBKEG, Room 4 99 East MadUon-st. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. For sale-a luxurious country in Michigan, of 1,600 acres, with lake, residences, foun tains, mills, etc., fitted up lor a retired gentleman of for tune and leisure. Valup, $160,000. ““ ,1 ,rnlt tjnn »< Now brick roiidonoo, 16 rooms, at iiigmauu iu.k, $14,000. Marble-front revldonco, 15 rooms, on University place, (worth $15,000), SVJ.OOO. Stock and dairy farm of 240 acres noar Elgin, 111., $10,606. Neat dwelling at Highland Park, very low, $4,000. Call from 3 to 4 p. m., at Room 29 Tribune Building. For sale-dr. henshall’s charming res. Idonoo at Oconomovtoc, Wla., knowu as tiunnybrook, on Lake Fowler, Tudor, Gothic brick house, 40x40 it., 10 rooms ;ail modern Improvements; brick stable and car riage house; all necessary outbuildings; eight acres. Ap ply to l)r. <l. A. IIENSILALL, Ocouomowoc, Wis. Refer to (Jon. Anson Stager, S. D. Klmbark, Esq., 11. H. Shu fcldt., Esq., Chicago REAL ESTATE WANTED. *TXTANTED—ACRES 1 ACRES’ ACRES l-WK HAVE T» constant inquires for aero property : can mako quick sales at good prices. JACOB 0. SIAGILL, til and ti3 South Clark-at. WANTED -HOUSE .AND LOT, OU VACANT ground, on West Side. Will give some cash or as* sumo Incumbrance, balance in cheap nCro property south of city, TRUESDELL A BROWN, 176 West Madiaon-at. TITANTED—BUILDING LOTS IN TIIENORTII DI IT vision: also on South titato-st. JACOB O. MAUILL, 61 and 63 Cliwk-st. WANTED-TO BUY BY A CASH CUSTOMER, A 2-story frame or brick honeo mi tho South bide, south to Thlrty-soeond-st.; prlco, SIO,OOO. Apply toW. H. SAMPSON A CO.. 144 LaSallu-st.| Otis Block, WANTED-A LOT ON WEST SIDE, INSIDE OR near llro limits; also, houioo and lots to sell far tho owners. B. SMITH, 188 Madlson-st., Room 4. TXT ANTED—FOR A CUSTOMER, A LOT AND IT house of 6nr Brooms on South or West Side: small payment down, balance monthly. MRS. B. M. HANS FORD, IG7 East Madlson-st. WANTED-TO BUY A HOUSE AND LOT IN GOOD location; worth from $4,00U to $6,00U; terms, SI,OOO oashtlmlanco Irving Park lots at their value. Address B dU,_Tftbuau oliice. FINANCIAL. POR SALE—S2,OOO TO $3,000, ADJUSTED CLAIMS against tho Lamarlmurauco Company. Address X 63, Tribune olfleo. IpOU SALE—AT A LIBERAL DISCOUNT, A CLAIM ' against tho Fourth National Bank tor $5,676, for monoy deposited; now la suit; no defense, either la law or equity. Inquire at olOco, 60 Bryan Block, 170 LaSallo-at. Money loaned on city real estate, in sums to suits also or houses on leased ground. B. GROSSMAN. Room 13. 178Stato-aU ILfONRY ADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAN IVi oQtao; lute Jacobs A 00., on diamonds, watohos, and other valuables. 177 Olarx-st., corner of Monroo, Room 6. TO LOAN-MONEY IN BUMS, SI,OOO OU MORE on city real estate or improved Illinois farms. B. L. PEASE, 79 West Mndlsoo-st. rpo LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS. X houses on loosed lots, furnlturo, and othor good col laterals. JAS. B. STOREY, 81 cud 80 LaSallo-st., Room 86. rro XX)AN—S3,OOO ON IMPROVED city proper- X ty, South Side preferred. PUINNBY A LOMBARD, 163 LaSallo-st. TO LOAN-$6,600 (IN HAND)-UPON STRICTLY first-class Improved central property. OUUIN B. SMITH, Room 4, Tribune Building. WE HAVE FUNDS ON HAND. TO LOAN ON REAL estate. Wo buy and Bollroalostato.oomniorclalpapor. bonds, stocks, local securities, and do a gunoral financial business. J, 0, MoCOItD A CO., 102 Doarborn-it., Port* land WE HAVE $20,000 TO LOAN ON INSIDE CITY Vt property nt Interest 10 per cent semi-annually. WISNKIt A TALLMAN, 183 Wont Madlaon-st. ANTED—TO LOAN—S4,OOO ON UNIMPROVED property worth $12,000; will pay 10 and 6 oouuuls ■lons. Address L 2, Tribune otlico. <f»Q fWIM TO I-OAN-ON first-class real JpO.vtJW estate security, for throe or fivoyears, at 19 per cent Interest, This ainoaut will not bo divided. BRYAN LATIIItOP, 12 Exohangoßuilding. Dll t\ nnA to loan at 10 per cent on in. iJIiu.UUU tide property. Good applications for largo sums wanted. A. S. PALMER, OR., 04 Washing ton-st. el Q nnn ioper cent school bonds-fou »3Pix£».UV/VJ sals. Application for tho above bonds of SI,OOO each, with coupons lor lutorost, payable semi-annu ally at tho Merchants' Havings Loan and Trust Company In Chicago, will bo received by tho Hohool Dlrootura of Gonova, Kano County. HI, Address O. B. DODSON. President mi £ Aft A WANTED FOR BIX MONTHS, AT 10 por oont nor annum; unquestioned paper with first-class local slocks as collateral. Address O 74, Tribune olhco. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-everywhbre, immkdi atuly. Howitt llutlng, polishing, and band-iron com bined; patented 1873. Mules any length; cliunpost and most perfect Iron; selling fast. Room 19,179 East Wad- Uon-sl. Agents wanted-everywhere, $lO a day oftslty made, nud SSU watch given to agents soiling $lO9 worth of goods that pay 309 nor cent profit no capital. Samples free. MERRILL A CO., 26 WeslLake-il. A GENTS WANTKD-100 GOOD CANVASSERS IM immediately to soil now and staple, good a at rot nll and wholesale. Particulars from U. JL LININGTUN, 177 KaatMsdlsoo-st., Room 10. Chicago. Agents wanted-to bklk our new hut tun-Uolo Cutter and Needle-Threading Thimble, Agents clear S2O per day. 69 East .Mndlaun-st., Room 6. GENTS WANTED-TO BOOK AGENTS-NOW ready, new and additional Inducements. Now way of running subscription hooks. Agents soiling thousands, Moro agents, nislo and fornalo, wanted. Address Union Publishing Company, 836 Wsbash-av., Chicago. Agents wanted-to know' that ohab. Hook, wholesale dealer In hooka aadprlzo packages, baa ratußvad u> ua East (julnoj-it. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, MAY J<s, 1873. BOARDING AND LODGING. Went Side, ,11 and 18 south green-st.-nicely furnish* J.X •od rooms,* single or double, with first-class board ( also, day board.- • •,* ■ . . (|! , 1. • • »9;i lIiaUOP.OODIIT, SKOOND DOOKrnOM MAD &}L ison-sl.—Ono. largo room,';forr.gootlomatl ’and ortwo gentlemen, with flrat-olasi board; also, ono, oroom; good table; doMrable looallon. OwAt,NU'IVH T ..•I ULOOIC NORTH OP UNION OuPark—A pleasant front rtxlm with llrat-claav board to gnntloiuuu and ytl/o, or single gentleman; ©o'clock din* A A SOUTH MonOAN-aT.—A ffltW VISUV NIOB ■x x roomi with hoard,, utar Washlugton-at. Ono or two day boardora can bo accommodated with Jlrat-olaaa tnoalt, h‘j pnANOicR-BT,, nnsT Fiobn-imiiNisiiKD yt> front room, and board, -for one or two gentlemen, In a good (lorman family; reforonooa oxohungau. Of’ AHHLAND.AV.. OORNICR MONROK-BT.-ONR d\J or two elegantly furnlshedroonutorootwlthboarri. m SOUTH BANOAMONST.-PLICASANT FUR* nlahod room with board, soluble for geutlomaa 1 fcua wife, or two Roatlnmon; barn to rant. , 9H7A, iiai.f a block from Ai\J 115' car.—To rant with heard, two nnfnrnlihod' roonisj onq furnished for married or single gonllomou, or ladloa, wlthroferonco.' • OIR Ftn.TON.ST., OOUNKU OV rltOltlA-TO £jX\J rent, a fumlaucd room vtlth 01l modern bnprovo moiita, with good board to man ami wife, ortuo gontlo* rooh.- i 1 > ‘ • \ 90fl WBST WAHHINGTON-ST.-AN ICLKOANT a/Oy ly-ftirnlslmd front room, with board.' Prloo roa iftnablc. Day boarders aocorntnodatod. ' OftO WEST HARRISON*ST.—NICE FRONT ROOM, OU At with Hrst-olsss board; private family. QQA WEST RANDOLPH.ST.-BOARD IN A PRI* OvU Tato family, with nlooly-furalshod slngloroom, for single gontloinau. : ■-1 1 . , A9 n WEST VAN BURRN-BT., CORNER OF XAtU Throop—Very pleasant -ologantly furolshod room* with first-olas*^Board, lu brick houso. mudornlm. piovomcnis. l A few day boarders. ' ,J . 6AD WEST WABHINOTON-ST.-BOARD AND .L'U room with largo closet, snltablo for gontloman' and hl» wife; modern Improvomonts; private family. •' fiQQ WEST ADAMS.BT, TWO OR THRER UOO rooms, on suite or single. South front ami mod. ora oonvoalonoos* . 1 m.- /. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUITE OF ROOMS to rent with board (o a gent and rvifo In a private family, on Woit Washington'st*. noar Oaklor; only first* class pnrttoa neodadciross*. Oti, Tribunoomee. i-.-ii • Elegantly furnished bed and sitting room, with Hrst-plasS board In an English family for gentleman and wife, ortwo single gontlomon, on West Blds.'nearUnlon'Pnrk. S blocks from oars. Terms roa* sonablo. Address O 44, Tribune office. * TOHNBTONK HOUSE, 114 AND 118 WEST MAD- O tson-at;—Everything fint-claas; terms $3 per day; table boardJ£6 per week. IX/EStTiIDE, 9 MINUTES FROM STREET C|AJtH— tt ' Two gonta wanted to board, In a rospootablo family of four; good table, no hksht ; terms moderate, bat prompt,. Address MO, Tribune oflico. 1 . South Sitlo- . S EIOirTEKNTn.ST.; NEAR THE LARK—PUR nlihod or unfurnlihod room, irlth board, sultabto lor gentleman and wife; location pleasant. : A QHUBCARD-COURT—NEW BOARDING-HOUSR| *±D llnt-olass board.'wlth rooms, @1 to $6.60 per week, with oso of plauo; day board. sl. IQ C T WENT Y-NINTH-ST.-ROOMS, BN;SUITE IQl) or single. Bit o’clock dinners. . QQC MIOlflG AN-AV. LARGE HANDSOMELY 400 furnished second-storr front room, overlooking tho lake, with board; also room lor slnglo gontlomao. A A n NICELY FURNISHED i room with first-class board. A Q/f WABASH-AV.—NICK ROOMS, SINGLE OR tku Jb on suite, with ftrst-olau board; also day board. A good bam to rent cheap, - rno WABASH-AV. PERSONS DESIRING A vJUO pleasant and quiet homo will find elegantly fur ni*hcd rooms with board at abovo number. Also day boarders aooommodatod at modornto prices. Table first class. References exchanged. COO WABASH-AV.—A SUITE OP FRONT ROOMS, 004 with closets, hot and cold water, Ac. Also, other desirable rooms, with board. £OO WABASH-AV.—TWO GENTLEMEN AND OuO wives, or slnglo gentlemen, may obtain iloslrablo ami newly furnished rooms, with excellent board 5 house hnn modern Improvements. References required. 000 WABASH-AV.—A HANDSOME FRONT UUt/ room; a}«n slnglo room; with tlrst-olass tablo board; also. 10day umtraora accommodated. ■. ■ finQ WABASII-AV.-2 FRONT ROOMS, WITH DUu flrst-olass board, in elegantmsrblo house. Two day boarders nooummodatod. rjnA M~ICHIQAN.AV.-A DESIRABLE SUITE OP I I tt furnished frontrooms to rent with board; also, one other furnished room, suitable for goutloman and vrifo, nr two siuglo goutloman, two doors south Twenty socond-st. T AROE FRONT ROOM. OR 8 ROOM? ON SECOND JU tloor uufurnisbod, oioopt carpets, to rent with board. Vinccnnes-uv., near Douglas-placo;modern huuso. Ad dress R A, Carrier 49. Norili Side. OnQ BEDQWIOK-ST., 9 BLOCKS SOUTH OP DI 4UO vhlon-at. Nluely-furoUhod rooms, nlry nud plcauant, with board, for slnglo mon, at $6 a week. Giro us a call and soo for yoursolvoa. . BOARD WANTED. IJOARD-A NICELY-FURNISHED ROOM, WITH J3 board. In a private family, for one or two young gen. tlcmcn; location convoaiont to Archer-av. cars or llai sted-st. ’bus lino. Address, stating terms, location, oto., etc., O 40, Tribune oltico. ' B'oard-by two young mrn, with stable room for horse and buggy, on Green, Peoria, or San gamon-st., south of Madison, Private family preferred. Address C £9, Tribune otfico, T^oAnn"'awn T - oni«tNG." Git LODUIMi, Hi'A BOARD-AND private family. Ad dress ED WARfrHflfauLTZ, C South Sholdon-ftt. • BOARD— BY A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, A SUITE of tront rooms, with board, located near Twenty-joe ond-st., whoro lliorO aro low. or no other boarders. Ad dress 131 Twonty-sooond-st. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. Ames Alexander—please call bou your horse and wagon, which was in possession of Frank Banders,_and pay charges. FREDERICK FULLER. AS OUR REMARKS IN YESTERDAY’S TRIBUNE niado su many af the follows squeal who poddlo horses ou the street, wo take Rail back, as a man Just informs uh ho sold one a yoarago in this way, nod was ns souud as any horse, except a slight lameness la tho off hind log, and a vary little bit wind-broken, and positively swears ho bo was not stolen. BRADLEY A WILLS, Bales Stables, 301 and 263 Stato-at. » • A FINE ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES, PllAK tons, buggies, ole., of most approved stylos, at tow prices.- 827 Stttto-bt. P. L. SMITH. A GREAT VARIETY OP FINK. ROOKAWAYS, barouches, phaetons, top and open buggies. Just re ceived at 27 ana 29 South Cllntou-st. U. B. HILL. A SPLENDID FAMILY MARK; WEIGHS ABOUT 1.100: perfectly sound: not afraid of cars. Address C 87, Trlbuuo nlEco. - ■ - TJETWEEN 8 AND 0 O’CLOCK THIS MORNING will receive two .car-loads of fresh 0100 huraoe. At noon will load out some tit) head that aro sold, which will; make room for others who waul their stock disposed of. On baud one pair of A No. 1 mules. BRADLEY A WIIXS, 261 onu263Stato-st. •• .. ■ _ FOR SALE-THIS CELEBRATED FRENCH STALL- Ion Lion Heart, just Imported from Canada. Hols a dappled gray, stands 16 hands high, weighs about 1,350 pounds; he Is a good stylo of a bone, and la to bo seen at UROSSMAN'S livery stable, near Union Park. Any person wanting such a horse had bettor soo him atonoo, as ha is only going to remain in tho oltyafuw days. F~ OR SALE-LIGHT AND HEAVY EXPRESS and delivery wagons of nit kinds; also, ana scoond band express wagon, at 261 South Canal-st. FOR SALE—S42S WILL BUY A MATCHED. STYL lab pair of carriage horses.. JAB, B. STOREY, andefl.LaSnllo-st., Room 25. . FOR SALE-TWO DRAFT HORSES. TWO , EX- Praia horses, one buggy horao: would oxobango latter (or smaller horse, weighing from SOOtoOM Ihs. Aunty at coalolhco, 188 South Canal-st. . TBOR SALE-TWO BUSINESS RIGS, TEN NEW X* .buggies,one ooupoerookaway, double and single har ness, some business horses, etc. WHEELER & COOK, corner Mlchlgan-av. and Monroo-at. TBOR SALE—CHEAP—ONE LIGHT DOQ-OART, AL- J.' most now, made by Brewster; ono phroton, top over baok boat; ono extension top ph(Dtno;ono light rookaway; throe sots of single haruoss. Can bo scon at Wron'a now stable, comer of Twonty-alith-st. aud Cottage Grovo-av. TROR SALK-TWO TOP AND ONE OPEN BUGGY, X 1 ono sot single harness, all cheap. OSCAR FIELD, 42 and 44 Gongruas-st. WOR SALE—A FINK ASSORTMENT OP OLAR- X* uncos, landaus, phaetons, buggies, omnibuses, and several, second-hand carriages. A. B. CLARK A OC., 402 and 40-1 West MadUon-st-. WOR BALE—SIX VERY STYLISH FAST STEP i 1 ping gentleman's driving horsos, among thorn a pair ofdapplu grays. Will b# sold cheap. or oxobangod (or othor horsoa. Anyone buying for the Eastern market would findßtothelr advantage to call end too thorn at No. IQO WostMonroo-at. For balb-a young, coal black mare, sound, kind, and free from any blemish whatever; half-sister to ono of the bast mares in tbo West; has no record against her. Can haul two men la a buggy as fast as they want logo. JOHN BLISS, Ootmoroowoo, Wls. TTORBE WANTED-ANY ONE HAVING A GOOD •O. sound horse not over 8 years old, suitable fur an ex press wagon. to sell at a bargain oan find a purchaser by applying at 1H West ltaodolph-it. • IJASTURAOE—FINE PASTURAGE AND ABUN JL dsnooof water, near city. O. 11. BECKWITH A BQNB, South Water and Doaruoro-sU, PIIJrTY, LIGHT TEAM FOR SALK, JUT BLACK. Lady can drive them: not afraid ofoara; splendidly matched. Address O 81, Tribune office. WANTED-A good man to DRIVE an EX IT press; one well acquainted with tbo city. Inquire 231 State-st., before 8.110 a. m.' WANTED-A GOOD WORK TEAM, HARNESS. TT nod wagon as lint payment ou a nice cottage and lot on South Side. HOLMES A RICH, 18 Exchange Building. WANTUD-TO BUY A GOOD SECOND-HAND spring truck that will carry about fifty hundred j one with patent wheels preferred. Will give a liberal price for a good quo. Address QBl. Tribune oHico. ■UTANTED-TO PURCHASE A GOOD BUGGY ii horso undharnoss cheap fur cash, or will tradu a coed South Side lot or first-alias Jewelry. 198 North Wuod-sL ' anted-good sized horses and mares, at I'attlcU 1 * Livery Stables, 782 and 781 Michigan’ sv. E. PATRICK. BUILDING MATERIAL. Iron SALE —1,000,000 COMMON BRICK. 600,000 ' proiHod; button: prices. M. D. FLEUHERTY, Room 19. 188 East Madlaon-st. FOR SALE-20 M INDIANA FRONT lIUIOK. su perior quality; also 80 m oemmoo. ii. A. OONODON, Id Mshir lilnuk. STRAYED OR STOLEN. STRAYED-OR STOLEN FROM 60 LIBEUTY-ST.. a dark brown roaro: a while spot on the fureboadand allff in the fore foot. Reward for return to above. STUAYED-A HMALL RED COW, GIVING MILKI horua turiiint L hrandod on right hip; liberal re ward given. WARREN SPRINGER, 29 Wurth Clinton. TO LEASE. IPO LEASE-DOCK LOT IM FRET ON RIVER, J. jiut mirth i>t T;ranly.soc(ind-»l. bridge, and now oc cupied by Daniel Bogle a. h coal yard. Apply In base- Bjuah Dorthooat oornor of Madltoa and Daatbaru tU. ' TORENT-*HO^^^ fVVVVVWWMA/W^rfWNOVVWVVWWVVVvV^A^fVW^ mO RENT-DY WM. II.,SAMPSON A CO., REAL X Estate and Bdnllng Agonoy, HI,, Oils, Bloflkt t-'f . 183 R«beeea«t., baar Ifalstdd, 10 rooms Bud water; rent 846 pec month. . * ■ ■ Upper port of brick house on .MAy-st.’, hoar Madison, 8 minus amt balh-room ; sMpefm«inlli. • -* '•* . Cottage (fit NnrlhCurtla-st,, Brooms, $B.l per month. 488 West JPor*it<* 3-story and basement brink houio, 13. room*. •* •' ' -i 74.8 West Tylorat.. It rooma, ■ New. homo. on.M&dlaon>at,f near Leavitt, -14 rooms, Sl.MWjrtoryßftr, ' "■ 401 Wcsbiyior-sU, brick homo, 10 rooms, S7B month. Apply to . WM« lIVtt^MFaONAOO.,-141 XnSalle-ati, ft\o {iOODETdOK & Bf6iCKS,.UOUBii ! X Agent*, Washington and Dosploinos-sta. 17 ■ . Nn. WUiuoa-at., collage, B‘rootus, tn nioo order, ros- 1 lonshlo root to responsible party; 11 ' No. .IBP North,, brlokhonso, ,13 rooms, SOO. No? .'L.JVobuoca-iL, house, 11 rooms, $43. Houses and rooms In rat ions location!. , Houses rented and rtmts collected. 1 ■ TO KHNT—HOUBKH IN* GOOD LOCATIONS. 10 |obeepgV>^oodtenants. * TA^OU MAOILL, 81 And rpO RUNT—TWO • STO R Y AND EASEMENT BRICK X Ikiuhuh Nos. 2, 4, 5, 8, 1(1, and IB Jolinson-plooe,-miar vmoonnos-av., 9 rooms oaeh; toot reasonable. Apply to WM. H. BAMjFHOW A 00., 144 LaSAllo st., Otis Block. n>o UENT-J.STOIIY AND uabkMt.nt niumc X bourns Nos. 48, 47, and 49, lo rcoms 010I1; modern Improvements; rent reasonable. Apply toWM. 11. BAMPBON A 00.,*U1 Laßalle-st., Otis Block. . rro nRNT-jiouates a,, an, a and so .thirty-, hotween Lake ahu ICIUS'Avs., south front, ,9>stonr frame, 10 rooms, good ropalpjroaioaabldtout. N. B. WELLS, lWDaatbon>»st. - , ■ ... ■ • rno RRNT-NO. 27 TWENTY-WFIII-3T-, AT SI.MO X per annum t marble front house, 1.1 rooms, bath. Ac., handsomely finished, And very dmdrnldo. .will bo rout ml (o May i, 1874, nr will soil. FRED. L. FAKiC A 00., ■ .'m m ■ .. / 1 r RENT—ON TWRNTY-FOURTH-RT., TO A amaU private faintly, a lurnlsbod brick roildonco; &casaisliiit glvon tlio-Rili, to a ruipunilblo party only, or particulars call at 62 Thlrtltith‘Sl. Furnace, and all mcHlaru oduvunlimcos.i. .. ; .■■■ ’ 1 [■ - • flib *ItENT—OR FOR BALE-GOOD lIOUBK3 ON X Adamsnnd Jnckson*sts., oast of Oomorula-av. (lake water.) Inquire Ufll J&qkiun-at.- •, nio RENT NEW * O-RODM HOUSE. JN FINE X : ordor; good neighborhood: 825. 0. W DEAN, 13J r'*•. •- * > : -n ■: rpO. RENT-9 STORY HOUSE, 47? HURBARD-ST., X : of Brooms, with largo cardan, bolng. vomplote’y ro* paired?* W.* WALLER,-N0.9,' RX Stato-st. TO RENT-762 MIOIIIOAN-AV., 3-STORY 1 Ingofliroomsiftiraltaro torantsagoodlboatlonfor finl-class boarding. R. C; OARRAHUANiy-Woodrulf mo : RENT-NO. FH ELLIS-AV.—3-3TORY AND, X;bftsomont stonq-front; water and gas; bath-room, and ▼rry near horse and etonm oars. Throo good hnnws at IHdu-ParV, near ntcum-oars. Inquire of ULIUCII A BOND, ; , ■ mo RENT-A NEW BRICK HOUSE, ALL MODERN X Improvements, on Thlriy-slxth-st., noar Two now houses,-Nos. 933 and DM Woxt Mnaroo-si. Houuo of 17 rooms, all furnished, Park>av. ( corner, Roboy*st. Brlok house, • No. 72'. 13 rooms. No. IIAN Mlchlgan.av., 0 rooms. BNYDKu A LEE, 16 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaHallo-st. T" 0 RK^'—MXRBLE FRONT'HbUBE ON WABASH. av. ncarTwonty-thlrd-st. O. V. FRITBCU A CO., 81 and 83 South Oiatlc-»t. • • ■ * ■ rpo RENT-HOTEL CONTAINING 61 ROOMS OVER X 826 and 823 South Olark-st. • also a store and basement. 8. It. HAVEN, Room 10.124 feouth niO RENT-NEW AND IN COMPLETE ORDER, X stone-front and modem ImproTemonts, 11 rooms, 604 and 606 Monroo-st.. English basomout. Throe stories and collar. 11 rooms, 100 Wood-st. Ten rooms and good barn at lit Abordoon-at. - Nino rooms 659 Monroo-st,' For terms call at 618 Monroo-st, ■■ . i., ' •., TO- RENT—THREE-STORY AND ' BASEMENT stono front reildence, 71 Rueh-st., 13 rooms, modem Improvomonls. ApplytoWM. il. SAMPSON A CO., 14-1 Laßallo-st., Otis Block. ' ’ ■ '• ; TO RENT—269 OALUMET-AV., TWO STORIES, 6 rooms each. 1 Suitable for two small families. mo nuN'r-Two sTonv framh house, with X brick basement* on Langloy-av., near Thirty-elghth st. Completely furnished.- Root $1,200 a year. Apply to WM. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSallo-st., QtlsDlock. TO RENT—S26 PER MONTH, STORE AND FOUR rooms. J-36 per month, house on Langloy-av: new. Jls per month, 10-room house ono block from oars. ?30por mouth, storoand4 rooms, corner. By W. W. ATSON, 363 LsSalle-st. . ■ .. . mo RENT—3-STORY, BASEMENT, AND SUB-CEL- X lar marble front bouse, all niodorn Improvements, In cluding furnace, No. 830 west Washlngton-sU Apply at No. 85« West Randolph-st. for tonus. . flic RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT DWELLING. XlO rooms, with stable, on Rebocca-st., near Bine Island er. horse care: price, S6O per month: owner desires to board with parties, GIBSON A HOSMUIL HO East Ran* dolph-at. , .■ TO RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OP FIFTH av. and Adams-st,, containing 65 rooms, including bathroom, water closets, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on the promises. mo RENT-HOUSE NO. 16 ORHBN-ST., NEAR X Washinglon-st.. 11 rooms and garrot: gas and water. Inquire at 17 South Oroou-st., or at STEIN, HIRSH A CO.'S, 19 West Randolph-st. mo RENT-COTTAGE HOUSE. FURNISHED OR X unfurnished, on Langloy-av. Inquiro of D. LITTLE, United States Hotel, Cottage Orovu-av. and Thirty lirct-kt. Snburban* TO RENT—A FINE LARGE HOUSE AND LOT AT Glcucoo, near the lako ohnro, 18 miles from Chicago, 4 minutes', walk from depot; situation high and healthful; schools, church; neighborhood aud surroundings delight ful; cars to Ohicngf) by the year lutv; will soil cheap. in quire of F. W. NuWItALL, corner Lake and Canal-sts. TO RENT-THROUGH THE SUMMER, A PLGAB - homo, neatly furnished, lu Geneva, with car riage. horse, stable, small fruits, oto. Inquire, for par ticulars, of O. PATTEN, Esq., Geneva, Kano Co., lU, TO RBNT-l‘UltWlßHKir"noua»nN HIGHLAND Park; 10 rooms, a- good barn, IMacres land, fruit tract, shrubbery, nod seven mlnutei* walk from donut. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSallo-sts. . ■ TO BENT--ROOMS. TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH GAS AND closets, at No. MSStato-st. TO RENT—A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT room, .two windows, suitable fur two coats, nt 334 Wa* bash-av., corner Oongress-st. Apply at store, ffiU South Htato-st. fTO RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X room, with or without board; bath-room, hot and cold water, Ac. 1 43 South Carpootor-st. ffO RENT—FURNISHKD SUITE OP ROOMS; ALSO, X single rooniaj will lurulah gas and keep rooms in or der. 1063;$ Wabash-ay., between Twouti-third and Twontyleufth*Bta. . ■ rjlO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLE- X moo only. 845 Weat Madtson-at., corner Sangamon, rno RENT-ROOMS SUITABLE FOR UOUSKKkEP- X ing for a small family. Call at 1U South Groon-sl. TO RENT-TWO LARGE ROOMS OVRR-LOOKING tho 'lakes elegantly furnished. Apply, with rofor 'ouccs, atSattOblcsgo-av., oaetot Oiark-st. rpo ItRNT— SEVERAIj ELHQANT ROOMS AND A X brick barn, on reasonable terms to parties with refer onco. Apply or address 990 Indlana-av. ■ . . TO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. APPLY nt -IS Hubbard-court, or of BATES,’ 849 M South State. TO RENT-ELEGANT ROOMS, EN SUITE ; OR ■ single, in marblo front, 707 Wabash-ay.; furnished or unfurnished, with attendance. ' TO .RENT-FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR AND bedroom; board convenient: oars pass tho door. 789 West Lflkc-st. Roforoaooi required. 1 TO RENT—PART OP FURNIBKD HOUSE TO . gentleman and wile for light housekeeping; or second story front suite, to gentleman sad wife, without board. Inqulro at 77 Twenty-fonetb-et, , TO RENT-SINGLE FRONT BED-ROOM, FUR i nlshod, without board, S4S South Greon-st., loft band boll; roforoncos required. TO RENT—9 ROOMS IN NEWHOUSBs WATER, gas, bath, do.; reasonable to a suitable family. In qulru on promises 607 South Doarboro, cearThlrty-lirst-st. TO RENT-A BKGOND-STORY BACK ROOM finely furnished, 749 Mlchlgan-av. TO RKNT-THB UPPER PART 0F223 WEST RAN dolph-st; Brooms, closots. and pantry.* TO RENT-FURNISHED BOOMS—FRONT PARLOR and eido room, at 84 Sooth Morgan-st., with or without hoard. TO RENT-3 HANDSOME UNFURNISHED PAR. lurs to manaud wife, without hoard, at 63d Wost Wash. Ington-st. .: ■ . • TO RENT-A FEW FURNISHED ROOMS; sl2, sl6, S2O, and $25, 40 East Uarrlsou-ut,, opposite Post* OtHco. TO RENT-6 NICK ROOMS, PANTRY, AND OLOS* ots, with water; just oaloimlnedi two doors fromstrooc oars. Apply on promises, 193 South Wood-st. mO RENT —FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED X suiteot front-rooms; also, one largo room, forgunllo men only. 170 South Bangaroon-at. • rpO RENT-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFUR. X nlthed, on sulto or single, with or without board, at No. BO Ahordooiyit. nio rkiJt-those desiring mrst-olass and X elegantly furnished rooms, by tbo day, week, or month, cun tocuro them at williams Block, 85 South Doarbom-iit. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED-TO RENT-TWO OR THREE FUR. nlshed terms fur light housekeepings Woat Side, south of Madlsoo-st., sod oast of union Park. Address, giving price and location, L 80, Trlbuuo ottloo. WANTED—TO RENT—A FURNISHED OR UN > ( furnished room, with use of, by a tingle Jroutleuiau; South tilde, botweun Eighteenth ana Twouty nurth-sts., east of State jflprl rate family preferred. Ad. H63, Tribune office. , WANTED-TO RENT—3OR 8 ROOMSFOR HOUSE, konplng, South or West Sido, aud within 16 or 20 minutes' rldo of Court-Houso; will pay from 410 to sl6 per mouth. Address p 86, Trlbuno olhoo. T\TANTED-TO RENT-AT ONOK-A COTTAGE, vr houio of 7or 8 rooms (and barn. If posilblel.oa or about TblrllotU-st.. oast of Htato. 000 .Mr, BILVA, of Clarke, Layton A 00., 120 LaSallo-st. WANTED-TO UKNT-A FURNISHED (OR PART TT ly) house of 10 to 16 rooms by a caroful tenant, tha owners to board with family for rant or part of same. (West Side.) Address, stating location and terms, L 7, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-UY AN AMERICAN FA MI TT lyof throe, neat cottage or lower part of house, In good location. !« mllos from Washlngtou and Wabash av. Address II D, 837 Wabash-av. FOR SALE. FOHSALE-AT REASONABLE PRICKS, ORRTl tied copies of original abstracts from United States down In Uobortion'sTsubdlvTslon Lower South Park. Uni versity Subdivision al Douglas Place, Halo’s Subdivision in Margaret Johnson's Subdivision, Bhorman i Ayiot' BuudWTslun. aud Uaual Trustee'* Subdivision 33, 88, U in bholdoa A Parker’s, the Archer, O. I!. Walker's, United States bank Addition, aud Sherman's Subdivisions, all In SW, Bk, 14; and Hopkins' Subdivision 8, BH, 14. You can aavo money by giv ng mo a call. OiUilN U. SMITH. KooniJjJl rlbuuo Building. FOR BALK-WIRK CLOTH, WHOLESALE AND retail. WM. AA. W. WHEELER. pOR SALE—A LARGE QUANTITY OF RUBBER li and leather bolting and hose (new), alless than half, prloo. PHIL. F, BOANLAN, No. 836 West Washing, ton-st. FOR SALK-A LARGE BIZE SAFE, FOROARfI;OR will exchange for real ostalo. 123 LaHalln-st.. Room 7. CLAIRVOYANTS. DR. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, BUBl oiwa tad Madicftl Medium*. 106 Waat MadUon-st, T O RENT—STOKES. OFFICES, &o. mo rknt-ry ooodridoe * stokes, house XI Agonta, corner Washington and Dosulainca-sta.: fltoro Ho. 03 Wost f MadUun-st., cheap to roapotulbto Store*Nos. 80. IQ, Hland SBSouth Canal-it., with base mant, also,'2d, flu and'4th Honrs, will rontsoparnlo. * ‘ Floe room* over the Prairie State Bank, corner Wash. suitable for Italia or Lodges. mb' flimo, AND fourth XI lloors, with nower nnd ojevotcr, 148 Olark-st., near wAdl>6».-. Apply at MOIIWKiZKIVd Cniroo-llouso. mOJIRNT--FIRST.or,AH3 OFFICES, NORTHWEST , Xborngrmf LaSalle and Adams-sU; it. BUHLOEBBEII, bakemout, 310 LaSitllu-*t. 2 (10 RENT-HALF A LARGE STORK AND RASE- L mont, onoof tlio bast stands on Houfh Wnt/ir-st. 5 ujy responsible parties need Answer, with full parllou- Inr*, buninois, oto. O C 7, Trlliuuo olllco. _____ To iiufrr-niiSK-nnoM at f-s'cji.MiK-sT,. con. I nor Afonroo, oUlcuNo. H; toms vary low; good light; entrance from both aliooin. . T~ O HUNT—THE STORE 01 KINZIK-ST.; REAR i entrance from wolle-st. depot. Apply on tlio prom* Isos. v '■ • ' T*"b RENT—DOOIC PROPERTY EMPIRE KLIP, Inquire of P. HCHUTTLHR, 4ft West Mnnroo-st. . mo-RENT—STORE AND LIVING ROOMS 172 COT. X tnaoOroro Av., and llxturus for sale; rout $25 per month. • • •_ T~b RENT-A HALL 85x178, WITH PLATE GLASS 1 front, corner West Madlion and OurtU aU., sultablo fftrllliraryopart gallery; would divide Into offices. A splonUld clisnco fora llrst-olaasdentist. Imiulreß27 Woit WadUen-st., Up-stMr*. UHK OF VAULT AND X private oonsiiUailou room, at sl6 par month. Room 4, Tribune UulldlUß. 1“lO RENT-VERY DKSIRAHLIC STORE, NO., M West Madhon-st., suitable for dry goods; also 4 rooms to bo rnntod with or without tlio sturo. Apply to WM. 11. BAAIPSON A CO., VU LaSaUtt-si., OtU Rluck. TO RENT-GOOD STpUE, 337 WEST MADISON* at., with nlftto glass front; roiuonable rent. Apply lo WM. U. BA3APBON A CO., M Ü, Qtla^luck. a ~ls RENT-FLOUR AND FKEI)~3TORH, Cl 4 COT , togo Grovo-av., corner Do»claB»plnoo, • riio RENT—VERY DESIRABLE BRICK BTORIS, X 829 Woab MadlHon-sl., formerly occupied by Carson, I'lriaAOo. Apply to WM. U. UAMI’bON A CO., 141 LnSallo-sl.,- Otls lllock,' • ~ ~ ~ ■ ' 'fil’d RENT—RLEOANT STORE SOUTHEAST COU ■ X not of Clark and Monron-sts. Apply to WM. 11. SAMPSON A 1 CO., 114 LaHalle-st.. Otis lilook. rfio RtONT—IOOX2(W, ON NORTH HALSTEDBT., X 1 eolith of Addison, running through Ito the dummy read. For sale at a great bargain. Apply to WM. U. SAMPSON A CO., ill Latjallo-st., Otis Hlook. r“RENT-LARCJE LOFTS OVER, CORNER OF Lake and Mnrkot-sta,. In Garrett Building. Apply to 0. LUNT, Room 8, Methodist Church Block. nib RENT—A STOUR, WITH A GOOD CELLAR, 48 X I'oot Houtb HaUtcd-st- Ingiilroat 205. MACHINERY. A LOT OF FIRST-CLASS MAOHINISRY FOR SALK. Xx Ono 20-lnch Jnllio, uUh chucks,' face plates and email tools, complete; ono email oncino lathe, complete, Amos luoko: ouo 8-luch siting ouginu lathe; two hand lathes: ono 6-foot Iron planor, ono iron shear, 4 feet caiincUysono,rolling mill; ono pit* lathu'head, and a variety ut chucks, drills, oto. Apply to W. H. KINO, at the Control WarohuUao, southwest oernur Rush and Klntfo-stJ. • ■ • PLANER AND MATCHERS; FARRAR V* surfsoors; resawing machines; saw arbors. W. A. JAMES, ROCHE & SPUNUlfill, 373 and 375 South On pal-st. T^NGINE-LATHES—OVER FIFTY IN STOCKS AND Xu more on tho way from the East; any ono wauling tin engine latho had boat boo lie- W. A. JAMES, RUCHE A SPENCER, 276 Soutn Caual-st, . . For balk—linseed or cotton reed oil Machinery. Twelve upright presses, of flvo cakes each, with hydraulic pumps of sultoblo capacity to work Rmo. Two pairs of the largest and most approved Mul r stones over brought to tills country, with scales, tanks, trucks, etc., all complete and capable of turn ing oufcß.OOOcallonspar day. For salo upon reasonable terms. For turthor particulars, address Box 13d. Noir York P. O. IRON PLANERS. NEW AND SECOND HAND; bolt-euttors; drills: leather bolting. W. A. JAMES, KOOIIE A SPENCER, 276 South Oaual-at. QECOND-HAND PORTABLE ENGINES, ONE 8, O ono 10-horse power, for salo choap. W. A. JAM&B* ROCHE A SPENCER. OTATIONARY ENGINES, ALL SIZES. WITH p boilers, for salo by W. A. JAMES, ROCHE A 6PENUER, 276 South Canal-st. BUSINESS CHANCES. A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A BATH-ROOM OR trunk business. Apply to Pekin Tea Company, 376 Btato-st. A BILLIARD HALL ON PUBLIC THOROUGH lSWWYrillfj;§aalKolS'Ch“Pfor.C“h* J * M * Bindery for sale-or to rent-location 10a miles from Chicago. Inquire of CULVER, PAGE, IIOYNEACO., 118 amUSO Monroo-st. Boot and shoe store for balk by j. k. Kimball, KODcarbora-st. Small aoloot slock at in ventory : easy terms. Also splendid grobory store. Other good openings. Call and InVostigsto. TpOR SALTS—DR. SAPP’S ELECTRO-THERMAL X 1 Bath Curo, at Olovolaud, Ohio. 11l boalth the reason A splendid opportunity. Business well cs- T HAVE A NEW IMPROVEMENT IN BURNING ICER- X oseno oil for cooking purposes; it does not coat over >£ cent por hour; it is perfectly safe, and 1 will guarantee to eookamo&I, broil steak, make colfoo, as quick as any ■tovo, atono-tonlh lho oust. Parties with capital can mako a fortune by establishing themselves in any city. Can bo soon in practical unqratlou. Call, or address itoom sa Uuliu* 1 ilutoi, Doaruorust., between Madison and Alnurou. ONE-THIRD INTEREST IN ONE OF THE BEST water-power llouring-mllls In Nebraska for salo to a §ood miller: well located, and doing a very profitable usinoss. Capital required, $7,500. D. HARRY HAM MER. Attorney, 186 and 188 flladlson-st. QALOON AND FIXTURES, NORTHWEST CORNER O Klnr.lo nnd Ada-sla., fur salo. Inqulro oa promises. P.DUNDON. QALOON AND FIXTURES, KB WEST TWELFTH MINS*’ r aa * o ' Inqulro oa promises. 0. P. CUM* STOCK, LEASE, AND FIXTURES OF A FlßST olasi inllllnoiy store, or ozohango for house and lot. SUA South Halatod-tt. . T" HE MOST CENTRALLY SITUATED HOTEL IN tho city, now doing a largo and profitable business, will bo sold lor Srt.lKW, half cash, balance to suit. M. 0. BALDWIN & CO.. SI and £6 LaSalio-st., Room 31. THE BEST MERCHANTS’ LUNOII AND DINING room, with sample-room attached, in Chicago, fur aalo (dining dally2oo t0223); la ottered at a bargain, or tua compotont party who can take charge, would rather soil an Interest. present owner being engaged in other bust nosa. Address D, cara Cook, Coburn A Co., Cbloago. TO A PARTY HAVING 82,003 OR $3 000 AN Op portunity is oilcrcd to purchase a light manufacturing business, with a trade already established. Two or throo good commission ngoucloa for well known goods may bo Bad with tho above. Address X 70, Tribune olllcu. QQAft WILL BUY A FIRST-CLASS ICE-CREAM «2PPUU nnd oyster saloon, Including bar, Honors, all stock oa band, fixtures, seven marble-tup tables, etc.: cheap rout, with tense from ono to llvo years. Inqulro of T. liDUUQOIN, northwest corner Washington and Clark tfs., Coart-Uoaao Square, or at plaoo, No, 61 Mllwau* 00-av. ... TO EXCHANGE. TO EXCHANGE—HOUSE AND LOT ON VAN Buron-it. for Inside property and cash; <l6xloo on May st., near Twenty-second, with buildings, for house and lot; ICO acres and .320 acres In Kansas for aero property near city, or will place 820 aoros as a part paymout on homo yni lot. HILL & BUBS, 01 Dnatnuto-st. TO EXCHANGE—TO CARPENTERS AND BUlLD ora—Wanted—materials furnished and building com- Elotod and to ozehaugo for tho same Eastern improved uslnois property valued at S23,OUU; a liberal exchange will bo-made with building contractors. Address S 67, Tribune ollico. T‘ O EXCHANGE— FEET ON LOOMIB-ST., near Madison, to ozohango for a farm. By D, COLE & SON, Real Estate Agents, 188 Wost Madlson-st. TO EXCHANGE-HOUSE AND LOT, OR INSIDE lots, for suburban lota; will assume incumbrance. B. SMITH, ISB Madisoo st., Room 4. TO EXOHANOE-OR FOUHALK-AT MAYWOOD . Now house, with 10 lots; groat bargain, ottbor for casnortrado. Kuhns’ Hotel, Colorado. \\J ANTED—TO EXCHANGE A FIRST-CLASS GOLD Y Y watch and chain for n horse and harness, or will pay cash.. Address U 41, Tribune ollico. ’ WANTED-TO EXCHANGE $2,000 WORTH OP first-class watches and Jewelry and somo good South Bide lolsvaluod at $3,000, and pat lu S'.’.dOO cash, for a stock of goods of any description, snitabla for shipment to Colorado. Address 0 44, Tribune ollico. lIfANTED-TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRY vV good*, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots and shoes, and furniture, 8 farms in Mason County, 111.. all under a good state of cultivation, near market and railroad—one farm of 116 acres, one of 244 aoros. nnd ono of 535 aoros. Also a lino now dwelling house and 3 lota In fho City of Poorla, 111., with alt modern improvements. The titles are perfect. All worth $63,000 cash. Will trade part or all. Address Box 4412, Ponds. HI. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNERSHIP— NORTON REDMOND FROM THIS dato oensoo to do business tmdur firm narno of RED MOND A 00. J. U, Rudtnond will contlnuo tbo com mission business under same nemo. PARTNER WANTED—(AN ACTIVE YOUNG OR middle-aged man) in a wholesale hardware house,with js cash capital of twenty-five to fort}'thousaad dollars, in an old-usUbllshod house. Good references required. Address ll.caro Jaa. 11. Story, Not. SI and 86 LaSallo-st., Room 25, Chicago, 111. PARTNER WANTED—IN A FIRST CLASS MEAT X aud vogotablo market; one that understands the business with a small capital proforred. 08 Wosiorn-ay. PARTNER WANTED—A GENTLEMAN WITH from 430,000 to sst>,ooo to loin tbo advertiser, who bag a like amount now Invasion In a good, well estab lished, and Tory pralltahlo cash paying business, Ad dress X 80, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-WITH 41.000 TO $2,000 X cash, to enlarge a musical business. Address 77 North Olark-st. PARTNER WANTBD—IN A LONG ESTABLISHED X wholesale liquor business, for a business man. with about 88, two. This la a good chance. Address V IH, Tribune ottloo. PARTNER WANTED-A MAN WITH A HMAI.L capital to Join me In ono of the best paying butluasses In this city, Inqulroat 2U East Madleou-st. PARTNER WANTED—WITH 81,0005 BUSINESS X well established; pays wall { have more than one can do', must bo a good business man, and toady lor business at oaoe. 127 Simili (Jlark’st., Room 119. MUSICAL. IjiOß BALK-ONE FIRST-CLASS PIANO, VERY - cheap, or will exchange for a good four or slx-auatud carriage. Address O 86, Tribune office. WANTED— TO EX Oil AN U E-A "V KU Y VALUA bIo gold watob and chain for a piano of standard manufacture: will glva cash bout-monoy In exchange for a first-class Instrument. Address XI. Tribune mliuu. DIVORCES. DIVORCES OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ALL LAW business attundod to. Roam 3. 817 South Clark-st. DIVORCES— LEGALLY QHTAINED-FEE AFTER doareo. Scandal avoidod. Niue years' practice In the courts of Chicago. Address P. O. Ilm 1037. REWARD. pUWARD-iIP THE THIEF WHO STOLE MY XV pocket-book at the circus, Wednesday, >Oll return UlloUßbU 111 be tuay keep the money. WANTED—MALE HELIP. Dooltlcooporn, GlorkM, EtoP 1 TyANTMI>~A YOONO MAN 16 OR IS YEARS OB* l t.i with good mforoncenßn to character, ioniako, mnisoii generally usoiul; one who has boon omplojrcdila TutMtitriicerTnroforrort. Address. In hand writing of at)- p]loMi(, «KOri(Jlc ROSSTLY, 47 \v OBRMANIiUY” hJIIV^K/ii ,n o,lllnQ * ,c; North Wolla-it. L, RUAUN* 1 Trncton. • • UPIIOLBTBUKnS. APTLY TO TT (JOI/HV A WIRTH, 2!fl anti 201 Htata-st. WANTED-lHlisT-lIATE MAOHfNIHTfI, LATHE »* ami vho baudn; good warm and steady employment &?«*«'» »o noud apply. MKHr 4 HpimrON lltdN WORKS, manufacturer of Houston Water Wheel. Paper Machinery, oto., Xlololt. WANTJCD—IU FIUBT-OLABB UPHOLSTERERS, y 1 At SAMPSON, GILBERT 4 UU„ 8&T ami 209 Wahash-av. • „ ■\AfANTKD—HOTEL STEWARD! ONB WHO UN IT derstntids tbo businoHS. Call Friday morning at otlioo of Lako Forest Hufol Company. TW LnHalls-st. , WANTED A FIRST-CLASS SEWED ROOT* T t makor, lo go to tbo botutlful City of Winona, Minn. High wage* and constant employment. Call, fur a few days, nlJuljiuUon Ilcmtn, corner Madison and Dosulalnoa tin. R. OAVKNAN. Jit. \\T ANTED—COAT, VEST. AN6 PANT-M AKKR9; TT steady omplnymont and good wages l nnnh but tbo need apply. Impiicouf T, F. PHILLIPS,' W Mfldi acm-al. .. .. • , WANTED-A SINGLE MAN AS GOOD GERMAN i and English job compositor, for steady situation in country newspaper olltco. FRANKLIN COMPANY, 160 South Clark-st., fourth floor, between 11 and 8 o'clock, WANTED— A ROY WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER atands feeding cylinder proas. Apply between II and 8. at FRANKLIN COMPANY, 16U South Clark-st,, fourth floor. W” ' ANTED—ONE GOOD CABINETMAKER AND two good walnut fumltaro liulshors.' Apply at 213 Monroo-ftt. . WANTED— A RAKER WHO UNDERSTANDS making rolls and buna: no other need Apply. At tbo People's Bakery, ifli South Dosplainos-at. WANTJCD-INIIIA INK WORKERS, AT. NO. 170 Vf West Madiaou-at. WANTED— THREE PAINTERS AND TWO GOOD mago hands at 146 Forest-ay. TXT ANTED—A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS WORKED IT ot tinning, at 64 South Morkut-st. ■ . . . ■, WANTED-A. FIRBT-DLABB DRABS POLISHER. Nono but tlioio who thoroughly understand (heir business need apply. DANE, WESTLAKE 4 COVERT, 228 Lako-st. • WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS nORSE-SHORR. TO it whom steady employment and good wages will bo given; railroad faro will also bo paid to Ruck Island. Ap ply at onco by letter lo WALTER DANRER, -Kook Island, HI. ' ■ ' WANT JJ D—TII RE E FIRST CLASS PANTS M.\K ore ami . two lino coat. makor*: none but practical workmen nood apply. W. ROBERTS, Merchant Tailor, 165 Twcnty-acooiul-at. . ■ - T\TANTED—TAILORS; GRANGER WANTS LMMU TT dlatojy coat, pants, nod rest makers; must bo ilret olaas hands; none other need apply at 128 and lift) Olark-st. WANTEb-OARRUGfi-BLAOKSMITiI HELPER. 871 Atohor-av; WAITED— HOY WHO UNDERSTANDS TYPE sotting, at Room 40, IMWashlngton-st., at 10 o’clock to-day. . • . • T\T ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED TENT-MAKER, tt who understands making tontfl and wagon-covers: steady work. Apply atGovurumontGoudsDopat, llUand 1?7 East Lako-st. WANTED— MAN COOK AT INTERNATIONAL Restaurant. 83 fltnto-at. *yy ANTED—PLUMBER, AT 149 AROIIER-AV. W ANTED—A GOOD BARBER AT 787 WABASH VY av. THOMAS BRADY. T\TANTKD-A FIRST-CLASS BLACKSMITH FOR tt jobbing and repairs on boggles and light wagons. Inquire at 7U9 West Madlson-at., between 7 and 8 a. m. WANTED ~ MATTREBB-MAKER. APPLY TO IIILUER, JENKINS A FAXON. 107 Stato-st. \V ANTKD - GOOD joiners at manning a TT liALLS, onrpontors, on alloy rear of Indlaua-st.. PIT Clark. WANTED-A STRAW HAT AND BONNET PRESS or. Apply this morning at J. O. STRAIN A CO.’S Straw list and Bonnot liloacuory, Ssoß(Bto*st. ■Uf ANTED—SEVERAL FIRST-CLASS MACHINISTS tt at Card's .Machine Shop, Ashland-av., little south of Twonty-aecund-st. Coachmen. Teamsters. flic. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COACHMAN WHO would bo willing to make himself generally useful. Address P, O. Ib>x2>il. WANTED-A MAN OR A BOY TO TAKE GARB OF a horso; wages, sl3 a month. Apply at 1181 Wa baslwiv. WANTED - A BOY TO DRIVE HORSE AND make blinsolf generally Useful: (hat can read and write. No loafers need apply. kW South Btato-it., WXL - Employment Agencies. WANTED— 600 MEN TO WORK ON RAILROADS, farms, saw-mills, tic-choppers, stuuo quarries, Ac. For transportation and particulars, apply to CHRISTIAN & BIND, No. I South Clark, or lot South Canal-st. Misoollanoons. Tl/*ANTED—A NEW YORK IMPORTING AND ir jobbing wlnoand liquor bouse, well and favorably known tor many yean, souk tbo services pi an active young man ns salesman for the Northwest. With ono who has a safe and woll-oatablUhcd troclo among druggists and grocers, n liberal arrangement will bo made, rtiobottof references of post services will bo required. Address IMPORTER, Poat-Ollico Box4Bol. NewVork. : TITANTED-MENTN' EVERY TOWN, COUNTY, VY and State, to soil our now button-holo cutter ana noodlo-thrsadlng thlmblo. Agents that wish the goods will snvo money and tlmo by buying dlrcot of tbo manu facturort. at 98 East Madlson-at., Room 6. ■ WANTED— A MAN IN KVKIIV TOWN IN Till? United States. Gnu make $1(1 to S3O por nook. Send 2S couu for particular* or for sample oullit. Ad dress A. ALEXANDER, I*. O. Box 210, MnrrUon, 111. WANTED— TWO EXPERIENCED FARM UANDsT O. If. BEOKWmi. 116 South Wator-»t. \\rANTED-A SIAN TO GO TO THE SUBURBS T r (or tho tuinmcr; German or English: one who undor- Btnmls IhucAroof liorsosund c<iwh, and can work la a vegetable gAulon; nnm h&vo good references. Hoom 19, Slnjor Block, coroor Mndiann and W’ ANTED—A COLOREDBUY ATBARI3ER SHOP, 61 West Randolph -st. TIfANTED-fi OU 10 YOUNG MEN FOR THE CITY, YY nudono for each town In tlio country, tosoll Prof. Henry's nou-orplosiro for keresouo oil. *8 a day easily made on $3 to $lO capital, A. It AY, 2a West Lake-»t. WAKTED-MEN OUT OP EMPLOYMENT TO call and Investigate a business paying S3U to $lO a week, easy. JONlib A CO,, 71 South Ganal-st. WANTED— A NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING SO. Heitor, one capable of writing business notices pro forrod. To tho right party a liberal arrangement will bo made. Address U (£. Tribune oilico. T\TANTKD—CANVASSERS AND OTHERS OUT OP ii work, men and women. Rare Inducements to make money. 176 West Waahlußton«at. > Raoml. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS WHITE WAITERS (male) at tho Gault House, Madlson-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS ORDER AND DINNER iY cook;highest wages paid; alio a dish-washer and scrub girl. ApplyatSiUarrisou-st., noarSlcto, SMITH’S Oyster House. WANTED— AGENTS AND CANVASSERS TO CALL at 160 Stale st.. nacond lloor. ana oxnmlno tha now Perkins’ Eureka KuQlor, for gathering rultllug, making Bounces. and trimming underwear. It is adapted to all tbo loading sowing machines, aud is acknowledged by operators to bo the only perfect miller over Invented. O. (f. CHASE, General Agont for tha United States, 160 fitate-st. WANTED— 1 CARRIAGE-WASHER AND 2 GOOD hostlers, at Whoolor A Cuuk’a stable, corner Mich WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. X\r ANTED TWO SWEDE GIRLS TO GO INTO YY the country; one as cook and the other ns second girl. Will pay $6 per week to a good oook. Apply at 1261 M Indlana-av., ' WANTED-QOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- Y Y work; small family. 103 Vlnconnoa-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL if bousuwork in small privato family. Apply at JNo. 13 Abordoon-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK, WASH. AND Iron for a small family. Apply at 898 Allchlgsn-av. WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND YY iron; also a girl to do second work, at 115 Ualumot-sv. WANTED -GIRLTO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK. VV ApplyatfiOTMlohfgtn-av. S WANTKD-01R L~TO~DO GENERAL HOUSE- Vi work In a email family. 668 West W’ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO PO _ GEN YY oral housework la a family of throe, no children: good references; a good Catholic desirable. Apply at 613 Mlchlgamav. WANTED— A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN AS housekeeper fora widower. 203 North Urean-st. WANTED -AN EXPERIENCED NURSE-GIRL, one who la a good uoAmatroaa; English or Scotch nr®, furred. Apply, between 10 a. jd. and ay. m., at 1023 W&* Lash-av. WANTHD-A SWEDE, GERMAN, OH ENGLISH girl for general housework, to go to Washington Uolgliia. Apply at 202 LaHflllu-st. ■ WANTED— A GOOD GIUL TO HELP IN THE kitchen. 93 Ashlaud-av. \\T ANTED—SERVANT GIRL; MUST DU A GOOD Y? cook, washer, and ironor; throo In family, inquire at X Dluo IsUmbav., southwest corner Harrliun-st. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL houaowork in a amall family. Itk) South Morjjan-at. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS CH AM BIjIIMAIDS, FINE Jronori, buudle washer, and aorub-uirla; none but girls with good references need apply; boat of wage*. Call Friday, Saturday, and Monday, between 10 aud 1 o’clock, at tho Grand Paclilu Hotel, corner Clark and Jaekaoa-ata., Room 411. \\TANTED-A QIHL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK YY In a privato family of two persona. A goodplaco for a good glrltuo others wanted. Call, with your refer* ODcet, at 7IU West Jackion-it., corner of lloyno. WANTICD-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE YY work fur small family, at 1406 Wabash-ay, Bout wages given. •UrANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL Yr himaowork in a amall private family. Apply at 125 WANTED-AT £B6 ILLINOI3-ST., SECOND DOOR from Kuibst., a good girl to cook, wash, aud Iron. WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK, nt liis North FrnnkliU'St.: upstairs. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK nt h!i South Poorla-st. • WANTKD-AT IS SOUTHFIIOKIA-ST„ 0181, TO >1 do general bouacwork. W’ ANTED-GIRL TO DO SECOND WORK AND sowlug. _Apply »t 145 Twenty-firatjit. WANTED-AT 664 WAIJAKH-AV., A COMPETENT > I girl to do kltuhon work. Uuforouuos required. TITAN TED—A GIRL FROM 12 TOT 4. TO HELP IT take cure of baby. Apply at 267 Huooud-at. s \\f ANTE! j-A/rniE IRV‘INQ HOUSE.“U3WAIUBU -1T av., one pastry cook and two laundry gtrla. .< MUUuoi’s. "TYfANTED-THUKE FIKST-CLABS MILLINERS, YY one to go to the country; good wages. Apply to D. D. FIBKiUO., Wabash.ay, aud YVoablnatoa st, wn-e.j ! WANTED—FEMALE HELP. i 'r* SoAmstronien* <•■ V, >"• »*;•; 'XtTANTED-BIiWING TO DO HRXVY -W sowing. HMSB A TORRY, 171 Randolph-st., man. faOtnrors ofdeformity apparatus. • • • • - TtfANTCI)-20 NO VV oilier* nood Apply. WKIIBKU 4 IIARKIN, No. 109 Clark-st, . Nnraos. '• WANTED— A GOOD WET NURBK. INQtJIiIBOP IC. 0. LONG, MarJmi Rank, corner of LaHallo and Lakn-sls. . Laundrossos. . .-, TffANTKD-TWO SIItRT.IRONBItS, Ttft) TiADIRB* Yf clothes Irouors, ouowaslior, at Broadway laundry, 963State-st. . i • XATANTED-A FinaT-OLARB LAUNDRESS IN A t¥ private boarding house; best of wages, Apply at 60 East Lako-st., aocouil Hoon < ■ • \ 1 Employitiont Aroiiolob. ; ;;i 1 TSfANTED—OOOD GIRLS FOR PRIVATE FAMI., . .VVlloo, Swedes, Norwegians, llanos, and Onrmaoaj cooks, mmo girls, gouoral housework, at Mra. DUBKK’S Intolllgunco UUicu. WJ Mllwaukoo-av. ; : , ( WANTED COOKS, LAUNDRY GIRLS, AND girls fnrgnnerai housework. Uioat Western Rust-' no*» Exchange, ill Union-st., comer Washington.' . WANTKD-OOOD CJOOKH/WAfHIRU“AND IRON ora; also Oormaii, Swoilo, or Norwegian girls for gnn. - Oral housework in private fomlllos. MISS BARTON'S Intelligence Oltlco, 083 Htato-st. Mlsoollnnoona. 1 , ■IX7*ANTED—A DINING-ROOM GIRL AND 1 WATT TT ' oral Clark’s European Hotel, corner LaSalle and RoillU Walor-Ble. ■ . ; WANTED— KITOIIBN 'GIRLS AT ANDERSON’S Euruponii llutol, HgMadhoiyst.,. i SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. . i Boolclc(iop«rs. Clorlcs. <feo. ’ QITUATJON WANTED—AB TRAVELING AGENT 0 lor a grooary, lua. or tobacco house, or shipping clerk, oasislant bdokkooper and oolloctor; good tefer«. OHCQ3. Address J A, lei So>ith‘Loavltt-at. ■ ~ ITUATIO*N WANTKD-IN A RESPONSIBLE REAL ' oalato otlico, by n man of 8 roars' oxporinneo in Oblca go t toferonco if rottuivod- Addrooa V 11/Trlbuno olllco. SITUATION WANTED—AS DRUG OLKUK, WOULD prefer a country town: 8 years' oipsrloaco: good roforonco. AddrossDßUOS, gJI Nowborry-ftT. SITUATION WANTED—BV A MAM M VBARB OF 1 ago. apoaklog French; ooaualntod with Canadian trade; canidaotaabookkeeper or nalotman;noobjocllon to tho country, or would frarol; ell y roforoucos; salary arranged after trial. Address L 67, Trlbuno oßioc. QITUATION WANTED—RV A YOUNG MAN OH O energy and business abilities, speaking and writing English. Gorman, and French, a* an assistant bookkeep er, talesman, clerk, collector, city or traveling agent. Quod city references given. Address O. K., 00North Clark-st., first floor. • SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WHO 13 A competent bookkeeper anti a good penman wlibos a situation. Address Y PI, Tribune office. • SITUATION. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN -'ll years old, la a retail or wholesalo aforo. Best city rofotonoos given. DRUGGIST, 11 Eldrldgo-coart. SITUATION WANTED-A RELIABLE MAN, WHO writes a good hand, Is quick and correct at figures, ox-, porioncod In bookkeeping, Ac., desires employment; will go Tory cheap. Address B 63, Tribune olllco. . S~” ITU3tK)N WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO has had six years' experience in the jobbing, drygoods. Importing, and commission business in Now York ana Philadelphia. Oauglvo the host of roforouoos. Address Y 99, Tribune office. , CITUATION -wantbd-by a man as ship- O plag-clork; hMhndoxporltinoo, and can giro good references. 'Address Y 08, Tribune oflloo. • • SITUATION WANTED-BV A YOUNG MAN O temperate habits, good addrou, and business capaci ty, as clerk or salesman; has bad over throe years’ oxporl- • onoo as bookkeeper: Is not afraid ol work; and no objoo tlnu to goiug out of the city. Address Y 100, Tribune olllco. CITUATION WANTED—WITH A WHOLESALE 1 O . bouse, by an onorgelio young man, competent double entry bookkeeper; well acquainted In the city: good city references given. Will work low for a first-class bouse. Address X 78, Tribune oflico. SITU ATIOrTWANTED-BY A COMPETENT PRY goods or clothing salesman: speaks Scandinavian, English, and some German. Boat of references lor ability and character. Address X 81, Trlbunoofßco. CITUATION WAKTKD-BY A COMPETENT BOOK g>k.cfiror cojroipondont. Apply to U. M. DUPEE 4 Trades. CITUATION WANTED-BY A BOSTON CUSTOM* Q cutter, In Illinois, lowa. Minnesota, or Wisconsin! will buy an Interest lu a good paying trade. T. F. PHIL LIPS, 10 and laaiadlßon-st., Chicago. SITUATION WANTED -- BY FIRST-GLASS MA ohino and engine forger; have had g years’ experience as foreman lu a largo shop. Address Y 93, Tribune office. Coachmen, Teamster*. &o. CITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN IN PRI. k? vote family by a young roan; never has boon accus tomed to drink, and understands tbo caro of horses and earriagoa well; would bo willing and ready at anyealL 8 78, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN MARRIED O man as a coaobmon and gardunur. Is well posted In tlie business, and can bring the vary best of references. Please call or address 260 West Madiaon-st., In tbo cigar •tore. CITUATION - WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, Lj Dane, as ooaohtnan in ft prlvato family, who thorough ' mo\To ulmsoif generally uaeiTTu* office. ■ OITOATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MARRIED k) man (Gorman) as coaobman: best of city references given. Address S 66, Tribune oflloo. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COACHMAN, WHO understands to take caro of horses, and is willing to maka blnißolf useful. Ploaao address X 82, Tribune office. UliaoeUnnoeas. CITUATION WANTED—AS COMMERCIAL TRAV, kJ oler. A lirat-clasa traveling salesman, ultti best of oltT roforoncoa and a larno scrinaimaiioo with druffalit* and hardwsro dealers in Indiana, Illinois, and lowa, is opon to an ooxAiromcDt. either on commission or on a saU ary. Address S 75, Tribune odico. gITUATION W ANTED-DY 7 .i A* t £D~IiY A YOUNG MAN,pA.NR, ■Jinaprlvato family, or any other kind of work tho U very uoll recommended. Addroan Y ft}, Trlbuno othco. &ITUATION WANTED—AS ADVANCE AGENT OR treasurer of o lirat-olaas Show. Traveling Trouno, or traveling Physician, by a rorm well pot tod in tho geogra phy of tho. country. Can furnish boat of reference fon business Qualification!, sobriety. Ao.j_also 8600 cash. If noooasary, Address, for ID days. P. O, Box 1-U, Bellevue. lowa. eiTUATIOIT WANTED-BY A BOY, 17 YEARS Q old; can give best of rororence. Address S 86, Trlb. Uno office. SITUATION WANTBD-DY A YOUNG MAN AS O watchman. Can come well recommended. Address a W, Tribuno office. QITUATION WAKTHD-BY A RESPECTABLE MAN" O in any capacity where bo can make himself useful; has hod considerable experience In moroantllo business, Bostof roforonooi. Salary not so much an object *s % steady.plaoo. Address 00, Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. SITUATION WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE K? Protestant girl, to do general housework or cooking la a privato family. No. 6 liope-st., near Blue Island-av. §' ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS ’nurse or second girl. Call at 611 West ostof reference given. QITUATION WANTED-DY A FIRST-CLASS WO- Oman as meat and pastry cook, In a hotel. Call or ad dross No. 127 Fourth-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GER inanglr), to do general house or second work. Apply, 167 Qlybourn-ftv. • • SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GOOD GIRLS, ono as second girl, and the other as cook, in a smalt {rlvato family; can give reference from their last place. ’lease call foe throe days at 849 South May-sU SITUATION WANTED"— BY A COMPETENT young girl, to take caro of children- and do up stairs work; best of roforonosa given. Address O 62, Tribuno office. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT O second girl, in a respectable family; references riven. Call for two days, £O6 Illinola-at. SITUATION .WANTED—A YOUNG GIRL OF 16 . wishes a place; is able and willing to work;' can como well recommended. Can bo soon at her parents* No. 663 South Jotforson-st. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY AN INTELLIGENT. ,glr) to do general housework in a private family.' Apply at 372 WustCathorine-st. . . •. SITUATION WANTED-BY RESPECTABLE OIrE O lu a small private family, to doguuoral housowu/Vj e .n bo aeon at 206Drown-st. Please call 3 days; \V’,3U s<da preferred. - , Nurses. OITUATION WANTUD—BV ’ A WOMAN, AS A p nurao in a fam ly which Kooa to Europe; anoaka both languntrna wo J. The boat of city reference* ulvon. Adi dress MRS. U. 8., grorory atonj, at 137 West Lakoat. SITUATION WANTED - AN UXPEUIENUECk p inonUi yniirao cftiibociugaßeaby addressing op op. plying at 336 Oarroll-st. . , * v ‘ Vi Sofirastroßßfin. QTTUATION WANTED-AS -BKAMBTRE3B IN A Ppmato family aud to aabiat In light houaowork. AnpjV at proaopt employers, 1231 * p * OITUATION WANTKD-LADIES WHO WISH A >• seamstress to como to limit bouses tocu? and fit all articles of clothing will please addroai, stating whoro 1 can call and aoa them, for ono wook. Y 97, Tribuna olUce. SITUATION WANTED —DY A DRESSMAKER} work by day or wook 5 terms reasonable: can glvogooti reference in lilting aud trimming. Gall opaddroislSS Honsokoocovn. SITUATION WANTED-HVAN AMERICAN LADY, ashouiokooporln a privato or publiu house; years 0) ospcrloncs qualities uio for tho position; beatof reference. Apply or addroßß, for throo days, 2cl Twoaty-aUth-at. Employment Agencies. SITUATIONS WANTED—AT THE STAR EMPLOY* monlolhco, No. h Woat Madlson-st., forHOhluamon, 1 aa cigar uirtKor ami I as cook or waiter In privato family or hoardlnc-hoUBo; can apeak English 5 just arrived from ban Iranotscu, Miscellaneous. OITUATION WANTED—HOUSK-OLEANINQ DONH Ohy tho day or Job, on abort notice. Imiuiru at No. 107 Foiirtocmh at., up-stalra. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. For salk-oheap for cash, or exohanqb for desirable suburban real estate, household furni ture, Including parlor sols, carpets, and one first-class piano, all neatly now. and tu oxoullant condition. Inaulra at ottico of JULIUS lIAUER A CO.. 890-si’d Wabash-ay* TOOU BALE-GOMPLRTK FURNISHING OF A DB« J' slrablu iimrblo front houso on Weil Wasblngton-st t furniture, carpet*, Ac., all now; will dispute of same cheap fur cash, purchaser (0 auumo lease o( house to Mai 1.H74. Reason for soiling, leaving for Europe, Address Y OJ. Tt ilnim) otlloo. PERSONAL. INFORMATION WANTED-OP OHARLESTRIK ikamp. aged 10 years, light oomploilqn, Iqmo In loft log, 011 which ho ha« au Iron supporter; was droned In obeofi clothes. Anyone giving Information of tho boy to his n£ tt, i ■ a, P» )lo JOHN FELD* KAMP, 84-Wuat Randolph-*!, SHEOFP. LATE OP Mo -i- Ur ?i t . o £** t ’t . tu A ’ THOMPSON'S tailoring room*, iSlSoiUuClatk'Bt., over Urevntet'i, 7

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