Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 16 Mayıs 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 16 Mayıs 1873 Page 8
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WASHINGTON. Outline of the Bill in Equity Against the Credit Moblllcr. What the Snydioato Party are Doing In Europe. Dispatch to The Chicago IW6un*. A PREDICTION. , Washington, May 15.—Tho Administration brgan boro this morning . Is considerably troubled about tho Congressional Convention which Is sitting In St. Louis. A short time ago It deprecated the movement, on tho ground that It was of a sectional character, and consequently ihould bo discouraged. Now it remarks as follows: . ' This 81. Louis convention is, if wo aro not mistaken, Ibo Initial point in a now departure upon which par- Uea will rise and fall, which will draw Into it tho Whole Industrial forces of tho country in a straggle against tho railroad corporations. Alabama's indebtedness. Gov. Lewis and Treasurer Bingham, of Ala bama, passed through this city to-day, on route home from Now York, whore thoy have boon making arrangements for paying tho interest on the bonded debt of the State, and con summating tbo salo of tho Alabama ACliattanooga Railroad. The June interest will bo promptly paid, but grave doubts aro expressed as to tbo ability of tho Stato to moot tno July interest. The parties who purchased tbo Alabama & Chattanooga Railroad, under an act of tho into General Assembly, have failed to moot their engagements. THE EUROPEAN SYNDICATE has already boon served with enough now 6 per 'cent bonds to meet their first $60,000,000 subscrip tion to tho $800,000,000, but another lot of bonus Will probably bo sent to Europe in a few days in order to famish a larger stoolc of thoso denomi nations most In demand. This will not involve another call from tho Syndicate at present, and tho probability is that no now call will bo made for somo time to come. About $12,000,000 of the $50,000,00b will be takon in this country. Tho Syndicate will, on tho Ist of Juno, pay for tho greater portion of tho $50,000,000 bonds al ready taken in 5-20 bonds of 18G2, and ibo re mainder in gold. It is understood that a party of clerks will leave hero to-morrow, and sad from Now York on Saturday, with a batch of $8,000,000 more new bonds for tho Syndicate; tut this foot, If it shall turn out to be such, is carefully concealed by tho Treasury authorities. TUB NEW YORK CENTRAL. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue ro tolvCd to-dny from Collector Bailey, at Albany, a certificate of deposit for $480,000, covering pay ment of tho scrip dividend tax duo from the Now York Central Railroad Company. This amount la exclusive of nearly $50,000 obtained from loco motives seized and sold prior to tho recent olTer of compromise, 'which resulted In tho above pay* ment» made under protest. It is expected that Iho company will immediately commence suit against Collector Bailey, who retires from his office on tho 20th Inst., for the recovery of tho whole amount, notwithstanding tho decision of judge Woodruff, of Now York, which was sus tained by the Supreme Court of tho United States. WESTERN NATIONAL BANKS. As an indication of the prosperity and Increase In the West and Northwest, is tho fact that quite » number of National Banks, especially in tbo tun oiler cities, have from time to time applied to tho Comptroller of tho Currency for permission to increase their capital. As tho matter now elands, additional circulation con be given. Tho last bonk which made application of this sort is the First National, of Santa Fo, Now Mexico, which wants to increase its capital from $150,- 000 to $200,000. THE BOOS BURLOINEB. George W. Sohlodo, who was committed to jail about ton days ago, charged with larceny of books from tho Congressional Library, was re leased to-day on bis own recognizance, and will await the action of tho Grand Jury next month. roSTAL AGENT ARRESTED. W. Archer, of Virginia, Postal Route Agent between Macon and Brunswick, Ga., was arrest ed in this city to-day by a special agent of tbo Post-Office Department, charged with robbing the moils of $328 in money-order funds, and other registered letters containing small sums belonging to private parties. Archer was taken South to-night, lie does not admit tho theft, but offers to pay tbo amount olaimod if the authentic* will lot him off. [2b the Associated Prett, 1 LEGAL-TENDERS. "Washington, May 16. —Legal-tenders out standing, $356,880,470. POSTAL MATTERS. The Third Assistant Postmaster-General to day sent a requisition on tho manufacturers for 8,245,000 postal-cords. Tho Post-Office to-day issued an advertise ment soliciting proposals for one year’s supply of post-office and registered package envelopes. Estimated quantity of tho former, 8,000,000 j of tho latter, 4,000,000. SUITS AGAINST TOE CREDIT MOBILER. The bill in equity prepared by counsel of the United States against tbo Union Pacific Railroad Company and Credit Mobllior, to bo filed in the United States Court at Hartford| proceeds on the ground that the original subscriptions to tho Company wore never actually and really paid, and that tbo receipt for payment was tho result of fraud and fiction. The suit is, therefore, to compel those who subscribed to pay tho amounts severalty credited to them, and to account for the bonds, stocks, and moneys aud other prop erty widen they received as profits, to wbioh they were not entitled. The Credit Mobilier is not a party to ibe suit as n corporation, (but as individuals, the management of tho Union Pacific and Credit Mobllior being essentially in tbo bands of the same parties, who divided tbo proceeds of their joint scheme. Tho Government seeks to restore the affairs of tho Company to tho condition con templated by tbo laws of Congress authorizing and assisting in tho construction of tho rood, so that not only innocent stockholders may bo pro tected and secured, but the Company strength ened In order that it may discharge its obliga tions to tho Government by tho payment into the Treasury of 5 per cent of tho receipts of tho rood os a fund with which, in connection with tho amounts withhold by tho Government for transportation, to repay tho interest advanced by tho United States, and ultimately tho princi pal of tho bonds. NORTHERN TAOIFIO RAILROAD—SCIENTIFIC BUR* VET. Tho Secretary of War has appointed tho fol lowing scientific gentlemen to accompany tho Survey on tho Northern Pacific Railroad, under command of Col. Stanley, which is to start out anew from Fort Rico on the 15th of Juno : Prof, liledy, paleontologist, of the Pennsylvania Uni versity ; Prof. Loo Lcsquoroux, geologist, Col umbus, O.: Prof. Lionel R. Notlor, mineralo gist, Now York; Prof. James A. Alien, zoologist, Cambridge, Mass.;Wm. R. Pywell,photographer, Washington; Edward Knopioy, artist, Cam bridge, Mass.; Prof. Thomas O. Porter, botanist; Prof. Henry O. Chapman, volunteer assistant paleontologist, and 0. W. Bennett, general as sistant to the members of tho scientific corps. THE INDIAN CONTRACTS. Tho published statement that complaint in re gard to the recent awards for Indian supplies la Now York City bad assumed such gravity as to be brought by Secretary Delano to the attention of the President, and that tho President had ordered tho execution of tho contracts to bo suspended, ponding investigation, is denied on official authority. Secretary Delano Bays the facts aro that eomo bidders having claimed that awards should bo mado to them, ho referred those complaints to tho Commissioner of Indian Affairs for report, which has not vet been prepared, but will,when mode,ho carefully exam ined by the Boorotary. It is now known, how ever, that tho published statement as to tho amount of difference between tho bids accepted and those of tho complaining parties aro exag gerated, and tho reports that Secretary Delano boa brought tho matter to tho uotico of the President, and that tho President has given any orders in the premises, is a fiction. PROPOSED REUNION. Soldiers who served in tho war against Mexico purpose holding a national convention, in this city, on Jan. 16, 1874, to prepare a joint me morial to Congress for a pension to tho survivors of the Mexican war, at tho same rate allowed by act granting pensions to tho soldiers and Bailors of the war of 1812: also to adopt measures look ing to a national brotherhood of tho survivors, and a general assemblage on tho occasion of tho centennial anniversary of tho Nation’s birthday, at Philadelphia, July 4,1870. American Hall way master mechanics* Ausottlation* Baltimore, May 16.—Tho American Railway Master Mechanics' Association reassembled this morning. The Committee on Machinery for Re moving Snow from Tracks reported In favor of protecting exposed points by planting trees and erecting sheds. The report was died. . The Committee on the boat form and propor tion of axles for oars and looomotives, and also whether there is anything to bo gained by the qm of compound axles and loose wheels* ro ported, tvflklng to bo continued, with au thority to co-oporato with tho Oommltloo appointed on tho flame subject by tho Mantor Oar-Builders’ Association, which was granted. A resolution proposed by tho Committee that It Is,tbo 80D80 of this Convention that no practical advantages will result from loose wheels or com pound axles In ordinary railway service, was adopted. f l’ho Oommltloo on machinery and appliances for removing wrecks and erecting bridges, re ported, recommending that strong linos, good blocks, jaoks.aud hand tools bo kept In tool-oars. Ordered printed. Qon. D. I). Smith, Supervising Inspector of general and steam vessels in tho United States, was Introduced by tho President. Ho said ho would Inform tho Convention, as a matter of Im portance to thorn, that Congress bad appropri ated SIOO,OOO for the purpose of experimenting to discover tho oauso of boiler Ex periments will probably bo made during tho months of September, October, and Novem ber next, at Pittsburgh or Oinclncinnl. and Sandy Hook, N. J. An effort would bo made to find tho causo of explosions, and In this matter Master Mechanics who navigato tho land woro as much interested fts thoso who navigato tho sea. On their visit to Washington to-morrow ho would ho pleased to see any or all tho delegates at tho Treasury De partment. (Applause.) Two committees of live each wero appointed to attend tho experiments. Tho Oommltloo on Steel Tiros made a report which led to somo discussion. Tho report was filed. The Committee on Mechanical Laboratory re quested that tho Prosideutand Vice-President bo added oz-ofllclo to tho Committee, ami tho appro priation of a sum not exceeding SSOO for tho purchase of a dyuametor ana other instru ments. ' Tho following officers wero elected for tho en suing year : 11. M. Britton, of Cincinnati, Presi dent ; N. E. Chapman, of Cleveland, First Vice- President ; W. A. Robinson of Hamilton, Can ada, Second Vice-President; J. A. Botcbol, of of Cincinnati, Secretary; 8. J. Hayes, of Chi cago, Treasurer. Adjourned until evening. At tho evening session, tbo Committee on Premiums submitted a report awarding tbo first premium of $76 to E. Noyol, of tbo Kansas Pa cific Railroad, for a design of apparatus for sup plying locomotives with water, and a second-pre mium of SSO-to Frank B. Philbrook, of Maine, for a design of apparatus for removing snow. The report was adopted. Chicago was selected as tho place for holding the next annual mooting. Mr. Fomoy, of tho Jtailroad Oazctlc, road a paper treating of a proposed instrument for test ing tho motion of side valves. Tho Committee on Subjects submitted a report embracing a largo number of subjects connected with rail roading, such as narrow-gauge roads, weight and classes of rolling-stock, consumption of fuel per mile, standard axles, etc., for consideration at tho next mooting of tho Association. President Britton dollvorod a short address, and tho Convention adjourned sino die. Tho next mooting is to bo held in Chicago on tho second Wednesday in May. ST. LOUIS. Tho True State of Facta About tho Congressional Conference——Tho Southern Excursion. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune , St. Lotus, May 16. —After a day of confusion and festivity, it has boon definitely arranged that tho Congressional party and other invites shall leave at 7:45 a. m. to-morrow, on tho Atlantic & Pacific Lino, for Springfield, whore they will take supper, and whatever reception the citizens think proper to afford, and spend tho night; dinner at Yionta, on Saturday. Prom Yloutat tho party will proceed by tho Missouri & Kansas Pacific, through tho Indian Territory to Denison, whore they will arrive Saturday night. Galves ton will bo reached on Monday. Thence their Journey is uncertain. Some will return and others will go to Now Orleans, and farther than that point no definite arrangement has boon made various interests having come into con flict unexpectedly. A mooting, attended by some Senators and Representatives, and citizens, was hold this morning for the purpose of passing certain reso lutions, as tboso of tho Congressional Conven tion. The mooting being convened in tho latter name, the resolutions woro passed; but your correspondent assorts that there was no organiza tion as a Congressional Convention or oven of a formal gathering of representatives in any shape, and inquiry of several loading ropresout tivos, made with tbo view of ascertaining in what light they regarded tbo meeting, elicited confirmation of that view from them. They au thorize tho statement that tho representatives, as such, neither organized nor passed resolu tions, except informally to acknowledge the un bounded hospitality of tho fit. Louis Merchants' Exchange Committee. Tho resolutions may 'possibly bo telegraphed over the country under the false pretence of having tho approval of tbo Congressional Convention, and it is proper that tbo rodder should understand what Uioy really amount to. They aro oa follows : Resolved, That wo regard tho completion of tho James River and Kanawha Canal, tho cherished scheme of Us author, Qcorgo Washington, connecting as it will tho waters of tho Atlantic with tho groat Mia sleßipl Valley, as worthy tho prompt and a profound consideration of Congress, and that wo cannot too warmly express our admiration for tho Stato of Vir ginia in surrendering her interest, twelve millions of dollars, in this improvement in order that tbo same may bo dedicated to tho people of tho whole country to insure them cheap rates of transportation by water lino to tho Atlantic Coast, Resolved, That we recommend to Congress tbo con sideration of tho Atlantic and Great Western Canal, believing It to bo an enterprise of national interest, and which, when completed will bo of a vaiuo com mensurate with its coat. JUeolced, That tho Fox and Wisconsin Rivers Ira- Srovotncnt has already bocomo a national work, and i deserving of tho continued recognition of Congress. Whilst thoso resolutions woro really paesod by tho Merchants’ Exchange mooting, yot, owing to tho confusion under which the mooting was or ganized, several representatives have boon in duced to look upou thorn as giving formal ex pression of tho opinions of tho supposed Con vention. There never was a mooting so muddled and so dangerously constituted. It was announced tho preceding day as tho last meeting of tho Con gressional Convention, and is everywhere spoken of as such, and whilst the Committee was care ful to have tho report in tho papers hero road that tho Merchants' Exchange had determined on those resolutions rolativo to proposed na tional works of great importance to bo incor porated with thoso previously presented, yet they aro so mixed up with tho proceedings of the so-called Convention that any ono reading the report, and all thoso outsiders who havo hoard tho matter discussed, cannot take them to mean anything else than that tho Convention has already pledged itself to tho approval of the gigantic works fit. Louis proposes to make Con gress carry out. Tho names of upward of a hundred Congress men and others ore enrolled for the Southern excursion. Fivo or six Senators, whoso names it is not possible to ascertain to-night, are also of tho party. Tho citizens' excursion was largely attended, tho steamer Groat Republic being crammed. Tho only particular in which tho trip differed from other junketings of tho kind Is tho fact that tho rush for tho luuoh-room began before tho steamer cast off moorings and aid not end until she was alongside tho wharf again, and that almost every bottle of champagne on board was consumed. A banquet to tbo Congressional party was given at 8 o'clock, and was proving a rather noisy affair. Tho speeches, like all the speeches that havo boon made during the Convention, aro remarkable only for their general eloquence, and tho conspicuous absence of anything like a pledge to sustain tho projects now beginning gradually to develop. Sporting* ITluttom. Nashville, Tonn., May 15.—1n tho first race, to-day, for green 8-yoar olds, six started. Linck'a Hotel stake, mile heats. Jack Frost 1 3 l Frank Hannibal,.... 3 X *3 Horry Todd 4 4 a Hod Fox die. Jocko* Trumps dla. Alice McFaU 3 3 dii, Time, 1:18, 1:43#« Second race, mile heats, club purse of $250. Nevada Oapt. Hutchison, Time, 1:40, V, Third roco for S2OO, mile and a half dash. Arizona.... Oarriuetou Port Leonard Time, 3:44tf, Tho attendance throughout tho week has boon larger than there over before. A groat many ladles have boon present. Boston, May 15.—Base ball: Bostons. 8 s At lontics, of Brooklyn, 2. Washington, 1). C„ May 16.—Base ball: Washingtons, 12 ; Mutuals, 8. Ocean Steamship ivowi. Liverpool. May 16.—Steamships City of Now York, Columbia, aud Australia, from Now York have arrived out. RELIGIOUS. Itiootitiff of tho Presbyterian General Assembly at Xlnltlmoro* , , Special Dispatch to Ths Chicago Tribune. BAbTiMOUE, Md., May. 15.—At tho opening of tho Assembly 876 delegates woio present, among whom woro Drs. Edlo and Ooldorwood, from tho United Presbyterian Church, Scotland; Judge Alison, Philadelphia} Howard Crosby, Philip Bohooff, William E. Dodge, Now York; S. O. Brown, President of Hamilton College; E. D. Mansfield, Cincinnati; Horace Maynard, Con gressman from Tennessee. Bovs. Thompson and Walker aro tho only Chicago Commissioners that have yet arrived. , Tho order of oxorolsos announced yesterday, was followed without deviation. Thoro was really no contest for tho ofiloo of Moderator, ow ing to tho absonco of Dr. Darling, of Albany, who was detained by the sudden and alarming. Illness of ids wife. Had ho boon present ho would havo received a largo vote, and possibly boon elected. Dr. Crosby, tbo successful candidate, is Chan cellor of tuo Now York University, and a man honored and beloved by tho Church at largo. On assuming tho Chair ho showed familiarity with tho duties of tho position, and formidable lung-power, sneaking quite too loud for the com fort of tho audience. Tho important action of tho day was takon on tho report of tho Committee of Arrangements, which recommended a curtailment of tho timo allotted to Boards'and Committees, and tho re turn of J tho Assembly to the discharge of Us le gitimate duties. In accordance with this plan, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of next week woro reserved for foreign and homo missions respectively. Horotoforo, each of thoso onuses hou boon granted an entire even ing to present its claims. The proposed clmngo met a fierce opposition, bat was ably advocated by Dr. Backus, of Baltimore, and was finally agreed to. Tho intention is that Boards and Permanent Commissioners shall havo recourse to tbo re ligious pross and Presbyterian Board of Publica tion, and bo allowed to fllo tbo necessary papers and exhibits for printing. At tbo communion tills evening. Dr. S. J; Nlccolls. tho retiring Moderator, presided. Dr. Walworth, of San jFranoisco,-and Dr. Eolle. of Cleveland, assisted. Tho bread was administer ed by twelve Elders, and tbo wino by twenty four more, among whom woro Messrs. Dodge, Maynard, Mansfield, and others as well known. [To the A s sod a ted Baltimore, May 10.—Tho eighty-fifth annual mooting of tho General Assembly of tho Presby terian Church of tho United States convened in this city this morning, in tho Central Church, After opening prayers, in which Rev. Dr. Ells, of Cleveland, participated, tho Assembly listened to a sermon by Samuol J. Nicolls, of St. Louis, Moderator, and then commenced to ballot for Moderator of tho present General Assembly. Tho following gontlomon wero placed in nom ination t Revs. Howard Crosby, Now York city ; James Ells, Cleveland: E. B. Walsworth, San Francisco ; Horriok Johnson, Philadelphia; and E. R. Geary, Oregon. Dr. Johnson rose, and, aftor stating that Philadelphia was honored with the Moderator two years ago, withdrew his name. Tho vote for Moderator stood as follows : Dr. Crosby, 254 ; Dr, Ells, 02 ; Dr. Walsworth, 14; Dr. Geary, 19. Tbo Clerk announced that Dr. Crosby hod re ceived a majority of all tho votes cast. Dr. Herrick Johnson, of Philadelphia, and R. R. Booth, of Now York, woro appointed a committee to notify Dr. Crosby of his election, and to conduct him to tho chair. Tho retiring Moderator, Dr. Nichols, received Dr. Crosby, as ho advanced to tho oiiair, and addressed him briefly as to his duties, and in stalled him as Moderator. Dr. Crosby, in appropriate terms, addressed tbo Assembly, accepting tho office. The Revs. William E. Moore, of Ohio, J. D. Krum, of Now York. Samuel Conn, of Indiana, and J. R. Miller, of Philadelphia, woro chosen Secretaries. Throe hundred and delegates ausworod to roll-cnll. Tho Committee of Arrangements recommend ed that tbo Assembly bold morning sessions daily from 0 a. m. till 2:80 p. m., and evening sessions daily from 8 to 10 p. in., with tho ex ception of Friday and Saturday of tho present week, and Thursday aud Saturday of next week. Adopted. Tho Assembly then adjourned till 8 p. m., when tho communion will bo administered. Among tho delegates present to-day wore Hon. Horace F. Maynard, of Tennessee. General Assembly of ¥»«•«»• *>y«or»an VlmrcU South. Little Rook, Ark., May 15. —Tho Qonoral As sembly ot tbo Presbyterian Ohurohof the United States mot iu this city to-day, at 11 o'clock, and was opened with a sermon by tho Bov. T. R. Welch, Moderator of the last Assembly. Tho reverend gentleman took as his text, ‘‘But ye shall receive power; after that tho Holy Qhost iu come upon you, and yo shall bo witness unto mo both iu Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and unto tho uttermost part of tho earth.” Acts, 18. Tho speaker was listened to with undivided attention during tbo delivery of tbo sermon, and closed with tho prayerful appeal: “ May tho bloused Comforter preside over all our delibera tions, and abide in all our hearts as thospirlt of wisdom and understanding, tho spirit oP’oouncil and might, tbo spirit of knowledge and tho fear of the Lord.” After tho connoa tho Assembly was constituted with prayer by tho Moderator. The permanent clerk reported that tho follow ing commissioners had appeared and bad been enrolled: Synod of Alabama—Edward Fay, J. M. Mo- Loan, Joseph Hardio, James Homorvillo, and J. K. Spence. Synod of Arkansas—J. R. Welch, D. X)., J. P. Alton. Samuel Williamson, D. D., and Charles Chester. Synod of Georgia—W. J. Keith, N. A.’Candlor, J. Cleveland, 11. D. Smith, D. L. Raker, A. D. Hagen, James S. White, and J. W. Montgomery. Synod of Kentucky—ll. Morrison, J. A. Dick son, J. S. Forman, W. L. Nourso, W. W. Qoorgo, J. W. Pugb.P. O. Turpin, R. K. Smoot, J. A. McOboll, and R. H. Konnard. Synod of Memphis—F. Patton, Daniel McFar land, F. H. Bowman, W. D. Somers, E. 0. David son, George A. Russell, W. Alloson, Alexander Poniard, and Robert M. Patton. Synod of Mississippi—S. S. Brown, A. J. Led dol, A. F. Young, W. F. Bartlett, J. M. Newton, XL M. Smith, D. D., A. R. Banks, J. H. Stroud, A. P. Smith, and Dr. J. M. Henson. Synod of Nashville—J. H. Martin, J. W. Ver horn, Joseph Park, W. M. Anderson, 11. H. Bonks, W. M. Perkins, F. A. Thompson, and A. Thompson. Synod of North Carolina—Neill McKay, D. D. j A. I). McLean, J. G. Alexander, J. H. Wolborno, L. C. Vasa, R. J. Hickson, A. F. Dickson. Synod of South Carolina—P. Garrison, W. H. Adams, E. H. Burst, P. H. Rood, S. P. Boozer, and H. W. Loland. Synod of Texas—B. Frazer, J. S. Booser, A. McDonald, J. W. Bhivo, J. S. Mooro, and R. M. Laughridgo. Synod of Virginia—J. D. Thomas, D. 0. Dana, 0. N. Campbell, L. J. Rothoook, W. Brown, D. D.; W. J. Pnco. J. Calhoun, D. Blair, W. B, Morton, F. N. Whalloy, Q. L. Teyburn, and J. 6. Songster. Tbo Stated Clerk announced that ho had road information of tho organization of tbo Presby tery of Tuscumbia, by tho Synod of Memphis, and that tbo commissioners from said Presbytery bad boon enrolled. Tho Assembly then proceeded to tbo election of officers, llov. H. M. Smith, D. D., of tho Presbytery of Now Orleans, Rev. N. McKay, D. D., of tho Presbytery of Fayetteville, Rev. P. H. Bowman, of tho Presbytery of Memphis, llov. James Park, of tho Presbytery of Knox ville. and llov. A. F. Dixon, of the Presbytery of Wilmington, woro nominated. Tho second ballot resulted in tho choice of Dr. Smith, by tho following vote; llov. 11. M. Smith, 43, T. H. Bowman, 84. The Hoy. Dr. Welsh, on resigning his Chair to his successor, said: “It gives mo groat plea sure to welcome you to tho Moderator’s chair, and also in tho namo of tho people of my charge to welcome you to our city of Boses, aud to the hospitalities of our homos. May God’s blessing bo upon you, and tho body over which you pro- Bide? 1 On taking tho Chair Dr. Smith said, “ I have, dear brethren, a deep sense of the honor con ferred upon mo, and trust that your judgment of my fitness for tho high position to which you havo called mo may prove more correct than my own. I Hhall roly upon your courtesy to aid mo in tho discharge of tho duties which will devolve upon mo.” Tho Bov. R. 11. Smoot was then nominated and elected Temporary Clerk. On motion, it was resolved that tho session of the Assembly begin at 0 a, m. eaoh day, and end at 1 p. in., until further ordered. Tho Assembly thou adjourned until to-morrow at 0 o'clock. Closed with prayer by tho Rev. 11. M. Hoboon. Church o( tho United Brethren. Dayton, 0., May 16.—The Gouoral Confer ence of the United Brethren Church convened in this city to-day, and will remain in session two weeks. A largo number of delegates are in attendance. Boy. M. Griffith opened the meet* Ing with prayer. Bishop Olosebronnor preached the opening permon, when ho concluded, ho called the mooting to order, and at once pro* t 6eodod with the .regular business. Several ro- Sorts wore road, all of which show the Various ranches of mlesions In • Sunday-schools, print* Ing establishments, seminaries, to bo in a prosperous condition. Xiie Episcopalians—Clodion ol a Hilltop# Boston, May 15.— Tho Episcopal Convention to-day balloted for a Bishop of Massachusetts. In tho first ballot tho clergy oast 00 votes, and tho laity 88.. The clergy gave Dr. Henry 0. Pot ter, of Now York, 29 1 Dr. James DoKovon, of Baolno, Wis., 28 ; Dr. Benjamin Paddock, 10 ; tho remainder eoattoring. Tho laity gave Do Kovon 80. Potter 25, Paddock —. In accordance with positive Instructions, tho name of tho Bov. Dr, Potter was withdrawn. The clergy again bal loted, with tho following result: Paddock, 41; DoKovon. 84. On the second ballot by tho laity, Paddock received 41 and DoKovon 04 of tho 82 votes oast. Tho name of Dr. Dlx, who had received a very small vote, was hero with drawn, After a warm discussion of tho merits of Dr. DoKovon, the Convention adjourned till 4 In tho afternoon. . On tho Convention reassembling, the merits . of the two prominent candidates wore warmly discussed, the only objection to Dr. DoKovon being his avowed belief in tho personal presence of Omist In the olomentsof tho Holy Sacrament, and the Convention proceeded to a third ballot, electing Dr. Paddock by tho following vote,— clerical votes, 07: Benjamin H. Paddock, of Brooklyn, N. Y., 52: DoKovon, 40} Smith, 2 : Leeds, 1: E. A. Hoffman, of Pennsylvania, and O. H. Hall, Brooklyn, 1 each; lay vote, 80: Paddock, 46 ; DoKovon, 82 ; Burgess and Biz, 1 each. NEW YORK. Tho Tribune on tho Approaching: Ohl : cago Jubilee—Letters from Commis sioner Van Huron—Miscellaneous Local Items. Special DUpatch to Tho Chicago Tribunt. New Yoke, May 15.— I The Tribune says edito rially of tho approaching Jublloo in Chicago •. “ Tho groat miracle of a metropolis rising out of tho prairie in tho life of a single generation Im presses us,, of coarse, as strongly as it does tho rest of mankind, and in oar secret hearts wo are Immensely proud of tho career of the lusty young city on tho shoro of Lako Michigan, * and per haps a little envious, too, of its strength, its en terprise, and Us ingenuity. Tho Jubilee will certainly bo a hearty popular demonstration, and quite as groat a curiosity in its way as tho lako tunnel, or ovdn tho Garden City itself.'' Tho suspension of a prominent dry goods jobbing house in West Broadway is reported this afternoon; .Also rumors of serious trouble with two firms of atbbk brokers who havb boon carry ing a largo amount of Western railway shares. Tho liabilities of tho dry goods house are said to bo over $1,000,000. Alexander T. Stewart, who has boon so very ill that it was believed lie could net recover, is now so much bettor that ho is oat and attending to his business as usual. Ho has determined, however,to ho moro careful of himself in future, as ids physicians havo told him he must work less if no would Uvo. . The celebration to-day of tho colored citizens of tho anniversary of the passage of the Civil Bights bill was quite imposing, and attracted much attention. Their parade was well man aged, and addresses wore able and appropriate. ITo the Associated Press,} New Your, May 16.—Tho Times to-morrow will publish lottors from Gon. Van Huron, re cently removed as Chief Commissioner to tho Vienna Exposition, addressed to President Grant and Secretary Fish. Ho says: “ For ten months I. have spared no exertion or oxpenso to make our exhibition a success, and am utterly un conscious of doing or authorizing to bo done a single wrong or unworthy thing, and that tho

person who assorts or intimates tbatl ever re ceived, asked, been* promised, or received a single cent or any consideration oi advantage whatever, either directly or indirectly from any appointment or concession by reason of my position, or in any way connected with this exhi bition, is a cowardly knave and liar. _ The ac cursed malignity and unhallowed ambition and vanity of John Jay have for months boon em ployed to destroy mo and my commission that bo might obtain some notoriety himself.” Tho let ters, of which tho foregoing is tho pith, are ac companied hr a sworn statement to the same offcot. SPRINGFIELD. Bid* for Furnishing tUo Heating Ap paratus, JCiIL., v« »uv atutc- Mousc—Attempted WiCc-iUurdcr. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune . Springfield, 111., May 16. —Tlio State-House Oommisaionora moot today to open tbo propo sals for boating tbo n6w Capitol building and for roofing tbo same. Tbo bids aro: Stoam hooting, Baker, Smith & Co., Now York, $105,- 0C0; John Davis & Co., Chicago, $105,076; Orono Brothers’ Manufacturing Company, Chi cago, $03,550; A. L. Ido, Springfield, $01,500. Metallic Roofing—M. A. Thayer, Chicago, zino, $35,000 ; Gerard & Gateau, Chicago, zlno, $33,095 ; Gerard &, Gateau, Chicago, galvanized iron, $35,095 ; Henson Robinson, Springfield; zlno, $50,632.20 : Henson Robinson, Springfield, galvanized iron, $54,831; A. Knisely & Co.. Chi cago, zlno. $37,000; A; Knisely & Co.; Chicago; galvanized iron, $40,000; John E. Oxley Co., zino, $32,084.20 ; John E. Oxley & Co., gal vanized iron, $34,023.20. The Commissioners will not make tho award for several days, Mrs. Barrow, daughter of Dr. Phillips, of this city, was taken to Missouri a few days since upon a requisition from tho Governor of Mis souri, on a charge preferred by her divorced husband, Mr. Barrows, of infanticide. On an Investigation of tbo charge, tbe lady was com pletely and fully exonerated from tho charge, which proved to have been made out of molico. • Failing in bis'base design, he resolved to. toko hor life, and to this end ho stole into the dining-room, whore tho, lady was at dinner, drew a revolver, aimed deliberately, and fired. A gentleman sitting near him saw his movements in time to throw up tho weapon, and thus fortunately saved hor life. The assassin was at once arrested and lodged in jail to await trial. Tho ladr returned to this. city to hor friends. DETROIT. Last of tiro Belief Fand—Bollborate murder. Eepeial Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Detroit, Mich., May 16.—Tho State Relief Committee has closed tho accounts and handed a small balance of funds to tho Governor to be disposed of as he thinks proper. The whole amount raised for tho relief of tho sufferers by tho Michigan fires of 1872 was $256,209. In Windsor, this afternoon, two formers, liv ing as next neighbors, had a quarrel, when Thomas Trombly wont to his house, loaded his gun, returned to tho houso of his opponent, Hobort Losporance, and shot him dead. He then took four guns, some ammunition, and pro visions, and took a canoo, and was, when last seen, making for tho western shore of Lako St. Clair. CEDAR RAPIDS. Fatally Bnrnod-Tlio ITlasiim mystery. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Cedar Ratios, la., May 16.—Near Lisbon, la., wliilo tho wife of Wm. MoCammatt was boiling soap hor clothing caught fire, and she being alone with hor children, was unable to quench tho flames until hor clothing was literally burned off. Her husband, who was working In tho field, heard hor ecropm, hut could not roach hor In time to render any assistance. In Mrs. Mo- Cammatt’s efforts to subdue tho fire the straw in the yard caught fire, which communicated to the stables, which wore also destroyed, together with oats, corn, and other articles. Mrs. Mo- Camraatt was still alive at last accounts, but cannot possibly livo. No further developments in the Maslna mur der caso, and no oluo to tho perpetrators. The Coroners jury adjourned until Saturday, in hopes of something turning up. Telegraphic Brevities Joseph 11. Dugan, who was Indicted In 1860 for the murder of Loola Moyer, iu Bt. Louis, and escaped from jail, woe arrested there on Wednesday. The Common Council of Janesville, Wls.. has granted only fourteen licenses for the sale of quor for the ensuing year, out of iwonty-ilvo applications. Last year twenty-six licenses wore granted. James A. Coe, the Boston forger, has boon committed In default of $400,01)0 bail. It is thought bis operations will exceed $200,000. though only $27,000 is specifically charged against him. At SprlugviU?, lowa, Wednesday night, Mrs. J. V, Bishop died very suddenly from tho effoots of a dose of strychnine administered by hornolf. Bho bad,been in the habit of taking it for medic inal purposes, and, it !a supposed, took an over dose. She loayos plxchildrcn. Tlio lowa State Denial Association yesterday elected tho following officers i President, Dr. J. T. Abbott, of Manchester; Vice-President, Dr. Ti A. Hallott, of Dcs Molnosj Bocordlng Secre tory and Treasurer, Dr. E. V. Eaton, of Anna tnosa { Corresponding Secretary, Dr. E. T. Blgby ofTiptoni Standing Committees wore appoint ed. Tho Convention adjourns to-day. ■ MADISON. Tho St. Croix Land-Grant Snrrondor od—Judicial Election Koturns. Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune, Madison, Wls., May IB.— An, oflloinl notifica tion from the Milwaukee & St. Paul Ballway Company of Us unwillingness to accept tho St. Croix & Superior land-grant was received by Gov. Washburn to-day r dated at Milwaukee yesterday, and signed by President Mitchell. It contains about 760 words, but really only bno idea. Tho reason assigned for refusing to accept tho grant is, that so groat a doubt rested of tho State's title to the land in question that it la doomed impossible to obtain moans to complete tho rood. It Is agreed that tho act of Congress granting lands for building a railroad from St. Croix Bivor to Lake Superior' expired In 1809, that Congress refused to renew tho grant or extend the time for building roads, and that whllo Judge Miller, In tho United States Circuit Court for Minnosota.hold that tho legal title to tho lands were in tho State of Wis consin till otherwise determined by a decree of court or act of Congress, that decision had boon appealed from to tho United States Supreme Court; but tho Company is Informed that tho Secretary of tho interior , and Attorney-General do not regard Judgo Mil ler’s decision sound. This appeal and ihoso views, it is claimed, wero not known till After the adjournment of tho Legislature. Tho appeal, however, was announced in tho puulio prints, and referred to in Gov. Washburno's annual message, when ho also stated that tho ■■ Supremo Court hod made a decision in regard to tho Ohorokoo lands, involving a similar question on a liko matter, and it was also published on tho Gov ernor's authority that the Attorney-General had declined .to render an opinion as to tho State's titlo to tho land, . because tho o&so was trying before tho United States Supremo Court. All tho facto on which tho dec lination of tho grant is based should havo boon known to tho Company when its managers woro making such dosporato efforts to secure tho grant last winter. Tho action of tho Company, and its flimsy excuse, therefore, are calling down upon it tho bitter exclamations of somo who woro its warmest friends last winter. It is not likely that any other company will accept tho grant Under the conditions widen tho Milwaukee ompany had In tho law which must govern the disposition of tho grant, and there is considers* bio talk of an extra session of tho Legislature. Tho ofllcial returns of tho voto for Supremo Judgo is published, giving Orsamua Colo 127,770, to 1,725 for all others. THE 11 O’CLOCK ORDINANCE# How It Was Obeyed. As stated elsewhere, the 11 o’clock ordinance wont into offset last night. Tho saloon-keepers soomed everywhere aware of this faat, and closed their ealoons promptly at tho hour. Thoro wore no violations of tho ordinance eo far as reported by tho police, . and saloon keepers scorn willing to obey tho law. They say, however, that a day of retribution is coming, whon tho high-handed morality which first produced tho Sunday law and now puts into oporatiou an ordinance by which tho saloons avo compelled to closo at 11 o’clock will ho nut down. But until that tirpo comes they will obey tho law. Tho offoot upon tho streets was apparent In tho perfect quietude which reigned oven at 12 o’clock. Midnight hummers wore seldom mot with. Tho polico need to watch closely tho business of tho many Italian restau rants, all of vwhich are furnished with a bar. Those places, under tho guise of eating-houses, are in offcot no bettor than tho ordinary saloons. To-morrow night may witness a loss strict ob servance of tho law. BURGLARY. About 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon the bouse of Mr. Alonzo Ililutiugton, No. 81G Indiana avo was entered by suoak-tmovos. Tho rooms of tho Rev. C. 0, Parsons wore visueu. ana about SIOO worth of jewelry and clothing taken. 'Several other rooms' wore also inspected, and about the same amount taken. MISCELLANEOUS. '• Tho Preabytoriau University of Kentucky iato bo located at Anchorage. A camel and an elephant, belonging to a circus, wore tied to a treo near Fishldll Landing, tho other day, when the express train came along. Tho camol fainted away, but tho elephant started off with tho treo. Michigan saloons aro fitted up with “ whir ligigs, n contrivances by which tho customer gets his drink without seeing tho seller. As tho lat ter cannot readily bo convicted where they aro used, tbo Legislature bits made the owner of tho building responsible. —There is a good doal In tho remark tho Buffalo Express—' “lt Is all very well to talk about tho dignity of tbo United States; but tho truth Is, Indiana are a good doal Uko humblo boos, and tbe man that stands on his dignity with a nest of bumblo bees is a fool.” .—A woman’s rights paper (La Donna ) is pub lished at Venice, and is edited by Mile. Bcccarl. In a lato number it is stated that an application to tbo Italian Government to admit women to the great universities' of Turin and Romo was met with this reply: There is no need of a law to permit women to enter tho colleges, siuco there is no law which prohibits their doing so.” Upon tills hint tho Italian girls have acted, and four of them are now attending a course of phi losophy in Romo. —A Kansas paper indulges in what looks very liko a practical suggestion about tbo treatment of tho noble but troublesome rod znau. Briefly it is this: When you once got him on a reserva tion, fafco away his horse. y * Without bis horse,” says this Kansas oracle, “ a plains Indian has lost his manhood; and what courage ho may have had on a fleet pony very promptly oozes out of him when ho takes to tho ground, wears moccasins, makes long marches, and gets his toes sore. In such plight ho will not waudor far from tho Government rations.” —ln Judgo Knight’s court in St. Louis, tho other day (as the St. Louis Times relates), nu merous divorce suits had boon tried, and, after patiently listening for several hours. His Honor became disgusted and summarily ordered an ad journment. Tho same thing once happened in the Massachusetts Supremo Court. That sound but eccentric old Judge, Metcalf, bad been hear ing divorce cases all day. In the course of tho afternoon ho began to grow fretful aud snappish, until ho astonished everybody by exclaiming: “I think that wo have done enough of this dirty work for ouo day. Mr. Crier, adjourn tho court until to-morrow morning at 0 o’clock.” And it was accordingly adjourned. —That is a singular view which is taken by a Baltimore lawyer of a mania for poisoning, Ho thinks that when a man or woman poisons a human being without doleotion t in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred tho poisoner becomes insane. His reasoning is that ouo successful crimo of this sort begets such a sense of power and of ability to remove at will ovory human obstacle, so blunting, at tbo same timo, tbo sym- E ethics, 11 that in nearly ovory caso tho mind ecomos warped, and tho poisoner Is ready with tho deadly draught to avongo tho most trifling disrespect or wrong.” Lot those who think of poisoning anybody take yarning. —A most susceptible young gentleman was Frank Chandler, late o: Mo. First of all, ho fell in lovo with Lis father’s young house keeper and secretly married hor. But upon tho avowal of this union old Mr. Chandler declared, wo don’t know by what authority, that ho did not approve of it; and so tho wife wont home to hor family. But it is of no uso to waste sympathy upon young Chandler, for ho straightway foil in lovo with another lady, and wanted to marry hor before the divorce proceedings wore finished. To this the old gentleman naturally objected, which so discouraged tho youth that ho took a groat doso of laudanum and is no longor in flesh. The father is one of tho wealthiest fanners of that region. —'Woman ns a voter is an accomplished fact In England. Every woman who occupies a dwelling in any city or town of England, Ireland, Wales, or Scotland, has a voice for Alderman, and town officers in general. Under Mr. Forster’s now act, in England widows and spinsters who pay rateshavo votes in tho election of School Boards. In Iroland, ovory woman who pays any sum os poor-rate has a vote In tho election of poor guardians. It la said that the women exorcise those rights heartily, aud hi many oases where saloon keepers represented tho wards of cities in municipal position they wero signally defeated by the votes of tho women. In London, as is well J|rs» Garrett Anderson, M. D., is ono of-the most useful mombom of iho School Board, and the same is Into of Miss Becker, of Mhnohoslor. Tho right of suffrage seems to have boon conferred on tlho pnnoiplo that whore wdraen pay a tox for any object they shall have iho right to d volco in tho 'disposition of tho funds. A Family Foml»A Woman (UIA Foil* Itlcn Sli.ota From the IlilUboro (Mo.) Democrat. . For oomo weeks past a foud has existed bo* iwoon tho members of the family of Lem. Wide* man, of Big Blvor township. The family seems to have boon about evenly divided against Itself, iho old man and his sons-in-law on 0116 side, and tho old lady and her sons on iho other. What first disturbed the pleasant relations that exist ed for so long between tho old folks, wo do not know, and in fact do not oaro to, know. At any rate, they separated, tho old lady and her sons retaining possession of tho farm. Mr. Widoman rented or gave tho farm to his two sona-ln-law, Alfred Williams and Dick Boyal, and then a strife began for tho possession of tho farm, or, as tho Modoca would say, tho lava hods. Tho first regular engagement occurred about two weeks ago, hut tho only weapons used at that time wore hoop-polos, ana nobody was very seri ously hurt. Tho party that got worsted in this engagement made some violent threats, and tho other party, in order to secure his own life, had his belligerent hrothor-in-law arrested on a peace warrant. Tho trial was had at Hillsboro, last week, and resulted in tho acquittal, by iho Jury, of tho prisoner. The next regular engagement occurred last Saturday at tho office of 'Squire Found, on Big Blvor, whither ono side had taken tho other to hoye matters settled by law. While tho Consta ble was off on tho hunt of a jury, tho belliger ents kept up a war of words, until finally ono of them got worked up to iho fighting point, when, drawing a pistol, ho proceeded to empty Us con tents ac the opposition. In tho Crowd wore throe six-barreled pistols, which wore all emptied In a short space of time. ' Tho casualties, as far as wo have boon able to learn, woroi Old Mrs. Widoman, shot in tho arm. a pretty had wound; James Widoman in tho log, flosu wound, not serious: Alfred Will iams, In the side, a severe wound, hut not such as to disable him: Frank Widoman, struck on tho head with a oluW not known how badly ho is hurt yot; Dick Royal, supposed to have received a hallin hls.hlp, hut his business has “laidroll ing" since, auu tho officers, have not boon ahlo to got him, and Isbam Williams, a bystander, shot in tho head ; tho hall entered the temple and passed round aud made its exit at the hack of tho oar. Social Science Association. Boston, Hoy 16.—-Dr. Edward Jarvis road a Sapor before the Social Bcionco Asaoolotlon, to ay, on tbo influence of box on crimo. Ho drow from statistics tbo deduction tbat whilo crimes of malos woro against persona and property,' in two instances out of tbreo tho crimes of females woro sonsual, and against tbomsolvos in the ratio of 70 nor coat. D. A, Wasson's history of tbo Intornationnlo, which was also read, did not stub two members Of tho organization who woro present, and E. M. Chamberlain was permitted to road an au thorized pamphlet iil dofonco of tho pocloty. A Desperado Killed.' From the Denison (Texas) Setes. Tuesday morning, tbo Otn iust., a Ohlckaflaw Indian named Harrison Jimpson was shot' and killed noarPorryvillo. in tho ChorobcoNntion, by tho Deputy Sheriff who hod Him in charge under an order from tho Obiof of tho Cbickasawo. Jimpson was a bad man and a desperate charac ter. Ho is said to have been at tbo Load of a band of desperadoes, and bad killed eight or nine men, among them a man named Hall, another desperate character. After killing Hall bo out off his head with a grubbing boo and kicked the head about as a football. Tito New York Canals. Buffalo, May 15.—Business ou tho canal was fairly opened to*dfty< About thirty boats cleared, laden with grain, staves, and lumber. Fifty or sixty boats will clear to-morrow. A largo fleet of seventy or more vessels Is hourly eipootod to ar rive by lake. Albany, May 15.—Tho canals woro opened to navigation to-day, and ninety boats cleared. A break 125 feet long occurred in the.Erie at Waterford. MARRIAGES. HAHIII3—YOUNG—In this city. Mu ID, 1873, »t tlia rcsldonco of the bride's father, by tho Itov. Mr. Hnydor, Mr. Arthur Harris and Miss Nellie Young, both ol Chi “/SoSWOItTII-KWIPT-In tills oil,, on Thureilu oven- Ing, May 16. by the Rev. Ohaa. Edtvu. Cheney, D. D. t John C. lluMworth and Emma W. Hwllt. ' HAYKa-INOUAUAM Ur ‘hr. D'Crfn.Jr fs ?sXVra' n tf- DEATHS. BANKS—On tbo 15th Inst.i Mary J; Farrell, wife of Hollis Banks, In the S4th year of hop ago. , Tho funeral will tako place ori I'rldny, 16th ln«t., at 10 o'clock a. m., from bar lato rcsldonoo, No, 81 Illlnoia-st., by carriages to Calvary Oomotary. friends of the family aro invited. CHAFFEE—May 14, at tho residence of her mother, Mrs. L. 8. Roberts, 823 Wabash-av,, Airs. Alien E. Chaf fee, wife of Olaranoo L. Chaffee, of motro peritonitis, aged 23 years and 2 months. BENSON—On tho 14th Inst., Isabella and Jolla, twin daughters of John and tho lato Isabella Benson. Funeral, Friday, 16th, at 2 o'clock, from 83 Whltlng-st. X3T Toronto (Cat.) papers please copy. ADAMS-At St. Louis, on May 13, 1673, Ralph Adams, formerly of (his city. Funeral will tako placo from tho rosldoneo of his father, Joseph Adams, at South Evanston, to Rosohlll Como (cry, Saturday morning, May 17, at ll o’clock. AUCTION SALES. By GEO* P. GORE & CO., 23, 21, and 20 East Randolph-*!. AT AUCTION AT 9 O'CLOCK. Crockery and Glassware. 12 crates W, O. Ware. 100 toilet sots(W. G.) SOO sols oups and saucers. 80 packages glass ware. AT 10 OOLOOK. Household Furniture. Carpets and stoves, parlor and chamber fur niture, wardrobes, marble-top bureaus and com modes, bedsteads, sofas, • lounges, moat sates, chain, reckon, mattresses, 100-chcsts, 76 wal nut and oak extension tables (In white), 13 walnut chamber sets (In white), 6 walnut (now) chamber sols, with dressing case (In white), 100 spring beds, AT 11 O'CLOCK. 100 buggies and harnesses. On Saturday, May 17, at 0 o'clock. GKO. I*. PORE A CO.. Auotlonoon. WANTED—MALE HELP. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL VV housework* Como prepared to work. 212 Twenty flfih-at. MISCELLANEOUS. /COLONY-MORE MEN AND TEAMS WANTED TO \J lo&vo for Southern Dakota Monday: favorable oppor tunity for nil wishing froo homes. Jl. li. STEVENS. Soorotary. 169 Madlsoa-at., Room 11. CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND mtsoollancous goods of any kind, by Bonding a lottor to I. OELDEU. Loan Oflleo, 864 SUto-sh Detective aoengy-any party desiring tba services of a detective of tcu years’ experience, with a 117 reference required, address 0 76, Tribune oillco. Glove and MITTEN DlES—manufactured by WM. SEVERIN', 333 North Carpenter-st., Chios.. go, 111. Lyman a dodge are agents for the aori cultural Fire Inauraneo Company, Watertown, N. Y. OiHoo, HI LaSalle-st. RS. BALKHAM’S OFFICE, 885 WABASH-AV., good help of ovory nationality. Will supply help in city or country at short notice. TO INVALIDS—I CURE CONSUMPTION IN THE first and second stages, alee bronchitis, asthma, and nasal catarrh by tho agency of oxygenized air, medicated vapors,' and atomized ilulds. Tho worst eases of catarrh cured la ouo month. Wrlto or soud for pamphlet on above diseases. 1 looms at Kuhns* Hotel, Doarborn-st., Ohlca* go. M. PHILLIPS, M. I>. WANTED-MEN WITH SOME CAPITAL TO COR > T rospoud, with a view to manufacturing agricultural Implements, or to storting any legitimate manafnoturlng business In this place; native lumber plenty and aheap; railroad communication In all directions, and a first-class markotatourcloors;a No. 1 point fur a starch factory. Address GEORGE A. BAILEY, Corresponding Boarota ry Qlonwood Manufnotntoro 1 Asaoclatloii, Glonwood.lowa. 7\TAN'r2D -i’o' PURCHASE A GOOD COUNTRY TT business, with stock of goods, not exceeding srt,Uoo; not particular to county or State. Address O 44, Tribune office, WANTED— A STOCK OF DRY GOODS, WORTH *II),UK), for cash and real estate. 1. ALSOHULEHA CO., Room 23, Major Blook. TATANTED —EI 6 IIT OR TEN CAST-IRON STALL VV frames, Immodlatoly. Apply to or address OSCAR FIELD, 43 and 44 Oongreas-st. SEWING MACHINES. Grover a baker’s sewing-machines—oen oral office, 1M) Stnte-st.; branch oilioo, 1)73 Wabash* av. Persons having old Graver A Baker sowiiig-maolilnos are Invited to call and sco tho now Improvements, and hoar sumethliig to their advantage. SINUER HEWING MACHINES-WEBT SIDE OP* flue of NiyllOLS A PEARSON, 141 South Halstud-st. Maohlnoa mild or rented on easy monthly payments, and sowing given when required. S' INGI2U SEWING M ACHINES—NORTH BIDE OF llee, No. 131 Nurth Clark-st., oemur Ohio. Machines sold or rented uu easy monthly payments; open ovetiitigs. rnilK NEW floren'ok sewing maouine-wu X call special attention to recent linpruroiu juts made in tho Florence, also to tho now and elegant stylos of casus added to our lUt. To moot tho views of those preferring a machine feeding tho work away tram tho operator, we have mado Nus. 11l and 14, which oumbino the desirablo features to bo found in maobiuua mado by >thurs, with all tho peculiar excellencies of tho Florence. WM. H. SHARP A CO., Qouoral Agents, 284 State-st., Chicago. \m*KRLBR A WILSON SEWING MACHINES, IT > tho Ur‘vti.u>i?*34 ~iH or rented on easy monthly payments. BUR-IIUAI A FLANNERY, City Agents, oflioo 188 State-st, ’ * AUCTION SALES. ißy WM. A, BTJOTERS & CO. The Finest Carriage I3ST OKCXOA.O'O- A FRENCH CHARIOT, lined In Blob OHmioo Satin, mnild In tho boat manner by Baldwin, of NeW' York, and cost $3,000. A BOSTON ROCKAWAY, flrat-cl«Ba work. A BOSTON FAMUjY OAURYAI.T,, BOH tCJAHT, with Loalbor Shifting Top, Flattens , ' Polo, and Shaft*. HELD AS COLLATERAL, WILL BB BOLD •A.O? -A-XTOTIOISr., To nay advance# and charge*, on FRIDAY MORNING. May 1(1. at 10 o'clnok, at Htado’a Carriage Room, No. 33) >V..t A £, BVTTBng A 00m AmUmmot . AtTOTIOIf SAliffl cw PtrH.KriTTTH,E, Linen, China, Glaia, Paintings, of a 13-roomed hoase, all now within tho last#!* months, no tho promises, No. SSO East Van lluron.sfc., on FRIDAY, May at 9)4 o clock, without tho allghiostroaorvo. . ■ WM. A. BUTTURB A CO., Auctioneers. •utters & Co.’s Saturday Sale OF Household Furniture, On SATURDAY, May 17, at 10 o'olook, at 56 sod 67 South Oanat-at. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.,.Anetloneora. CREDIT SALE. May SiO, SI and ««. THE ENTIRE - FURNITUEE OP THE TREMONT HOUSE, AT AUCTION, Br WM. A BUTTBIIfI A 00., on. (ho promises, eorne* of Mlchlgan-ar, and Congress-st., thosslo commencing' TUESDAY 1 MORNING. Afa/SO. at 10 o’olook, In the LA. pIBB* PARLOR, disposing of tho flno Iloaovrooolnlalil Suite, In Oroen and Crimson Plush, Marblo-top Tables, massive Mantel Mirror, D. w, and Gold Oornloo, Lac 9* Curtains, Lambrequins, Pianoforte, Velvet Carnot. Rich Gilt Chandeliers) all the furoltaro of tho OBNTb’ PAIU LOR; thence to tho SLEEPING BOOMS, . Rleh Black Walnut and Gold and Black Walnat Cham* nor Seta, .Parlor Suita, Lounges, Easy Chairs, Ladles* Dressing Cates, M. T. Tables, 0. B. Chain, Bedsteads, Btiroans, Laco Curtains. Lambrequins and Cornices, Hair Mattresses ami Feather Pillows of best quality. Bod Borings, Rheala, Blankets, Spreads, Kugllsh Body and. Tapestry Carnots, rich Mantel and other Minors, Qaa. Obamlcliors, Stoves, Pipes, oto. Thonoo to tbo DINING- ROOM. __All the French China, Out Glass, GobloU, Wines* Hooks, Silver-Plated Table Cutlery. Castors, Spoons.. Porks. Butter Dishes, Tablo Linen, B. W. Dlning-Ta* blcs, Chairs, oto. KITCHEN FURNITURE. Tables, Copper Saucepans, Broilers, Boilers, Rang* add all the utensils for cooking. LAUNDRY. .Steam Boiler, latest Improved machinery for washing, wringing and mangling. BILLIARD BOOM, 4Billiard Tablos, complete; Chairs, Sottoos, Chanda* llors, Bar, Bar Fixtures, oto. OFFICE FURNITURE. Table. Desks, Ami-Cnalrs, Settees, Safes, Mirrors, Chandeliers, Regulator, oto. • TERMS OF SALE. 81,000 and under, canto; over SI,OOO. and nndor $3,000, 4 months; over $3,000, and under $6,000, 6 and 9 months; over $6,000, 12 ami IS mouths. All notes bearing 8 per cent Interest per annum, with approved security. DEPOSITS. sufficient amount to secure tho prompt settlement of S will bo required from EVERY PUHuIIASLit. * FOR INSPECTION. The Houso Will bv open on Saturday and Monday before .tho salo. HOTEL FOB RENT. Tho Mtotoigan-av. part with 75 rooms, and Congees* Hall with 60 rooms, will bo rented separately or together at a low rent. . _ , . _ JOIH* B. DRAKE, Proprietor. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO.* Auot’ra. By ELISON & FOSTER. Friday Morning, May 16, TiABGKB ASSORTMENT HonsflMi Furniture, _A_T -A-XTCTIOISr, FRIDAY MORNING, May 16. at 9H o’clock, at «a Salesroom, 87 f qstbß. Auctioneers. HOUSE AM LOT. With Elegant Grounds, NO. -681 HUBBARD-ST., At Auction, On Saturday Morning, May 24, at 10 o’clock. House two-atory frame, with brick basement; lot 10i loot front on Hubbard-at., by 317 foetdaop onWood-st. j. Grounds fitted op In splendid stylo. This property hat been occupied for several years past by Frantz Arnold, Esq. TERMS OF SALE CASH. TITLE PERFECT. For Information regarding the property apply to WILL* till ANDREWS, Room No. 16, 152 Laßallo-st. ELISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. By TAYLOR & HARRISON. IMMENSE SALE OP New ana tai-MMnre, Carnets, k BATUEDAY MOHOTNG, AT Q 1-3 O’CLOCK, Splendid lino of second-hand Carpets, Chamber and Parlor Sots, Desks, Chromes, Engravings Crockery, Glassware. Toilet Sots, Cutlery, Plated Ware, ,t-c„ Ac., ic. By TAYLOR ± HARRISON, Auctlonoor., 31 and S3 South Canal-st. IMPORTANT SALE OP HI Class. Oil Pitta At No. 189 West Madlson-st., Commencing Saturday, May 17, at 21*2 and 7 1-2 o’clock p. m. ThU collection embraces many fino works by noted and reliable artists, such as O. W. Knapp, B. Wentworth, IGuiliminet, B. Fenwick, Wm. Collins, H. Muller, O, Jacobson, B. Eugene, Hy. Boeao, A. Whito, R. Shoner, w. W. Boyle, li. Donnoutz, And otl Artists. Paintings on oxbl ' 18, and until tlma of salo, with catalo TA" ther Celebrated. ilbltion Friday, May 3gllCß. IYLOR A N HARRIS! TWO MILLION DOLLARS. GKEAT CLOSING OUT. TRUSTEES’ SALE REMAND PERSONALPROPERTY Belonging to the CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On WeJnesilay, He 18lli day of Jane, 1873. By tho articles of tho association of said Company, It la firovldcd that all tho properly Iti tho hands of tho Trustees u tho month of June, Itnß, must bo sold at auction foi cash, to close tho trust. The realty is centrally located lathe CITY OF CHI* OAOO, and Is valued at $1,300,000, and composed largely of river and canal froutago, docked end ready for Itnmedf ate use. Also, a largo number of vacant lots In tho Imme diate vicinity of tho docks, all well adapted foe business purposes. The title to this propsrty Is unquestioned, having been bold and owned by tho Association for twenty years. Tho personal property consists of notes bearing 7 pet cont Interest, bavins from ono to five years to run, an ! amounting to obout $700,000. Those notes wore received for deferred payments on land bought from the Company by tho makers thereof, and their pnymont Is seonrod by mortgage on the same. TERMS OF SALE, CASH. The personal property will bo ready for trausfor and delivery immediately after the sale. Purchasers of realty will be required to make a deposit on the day of salool 10 percent on the amount of their purchase, the balauoo to no paid within thirty days, or as soon after tho sale as doodaosn bo made and delivered. MAHLON D. OGDEN, L. 8. BEECHER. GEORGE WATSON, Chicago, March 13, 1873. Trustees. 11. B. lloquk, Secretary. Ottloo with Ogdon, Sheldon A Co., Room SI, No, 173 La« Ballo-»t. FOUND. IBOUND-ON THE 6TH INST., ON SHOLTO-ST.. X* near Twolfth—A pocket-book with a small amount ol money and an oarring, which tho ownor can havo by prov* tng property and paying (or this advertisement. Call at 838 Woxt Pelk-st. DOST. Lost-on Monday, the htk inbt., be* tween Tblrty-sovouth-at. and Cblcago-av., a roll ol drawings for a house, marked “ 11.0. Howe, Architect.** The finder will bo rewarded for returning tlio ssmo to 11. G. HOWE, with W. W. lleyington, No. 87 Washing* tou-sl. )N, Auctioneers.

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